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#629 - Andrew Hill, PhD

2015-03-25 | 🔗
Andrew Hill, PhD, is a lecturer, scientist, explorer, and also the lead neuroscientist at TruBrain.
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What we, what we know about the individual ingredients and the double blind placebos studies that I has funded on the efficacy of our brain new tropics are a very fascinating. And a new field of study of understanding and the lot. People are really high on them, including my guest today go to our comments, oh and an eye to use the code, Word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements my guess, here today is Doctor Andrew Hill, and he was a very cool, dude talk to very interesting guys. A lot going on with that gentleman he's you talk as you talk to realize it. You realize a lotta layers and that cat, and he is a neuroscientist scientists electorate, you see allay Annie clinician affiliated with through brain. True brain is a young, a type of neutral, big drink that his company cells and he's also with the alternatives, Brain Institute. These the tube
please that specialise in new chop, neutral pigs and bio feedback techniques really interesting, fuckin guy. So please, ladies and gentlemen, strap in for a doctor Andrew Hill Logan Shakespeare I am not sure of play him before you. Talk to somebody is a good idea, seems jarring seems like a sudden. I gasped like talk it down, so it becomes our conversation again. So there was a virgin. Right, you are a neuroscientist. I ain't after cognitive neuroscience: would that not affect the way your brain absolutely hearing sort of in a call to actions, will change how you then reacting fucks with Urania absolutely does something. Yet we were taught
the Doktor Andrew Hill is on the podcast today and we were talking before the podcast started. I didn't want to talk to you anymore when you get in here and sit down because you, you said something really fascinating, that you take people who may have problems with substances and you, instead of getting them to abstain, you get them to use numbers, possibly which is an alien concept in this day and age yeah I mean this is not terribly common in substance abuse, uniform treatment world as a few companies do it, and one of them is here in LOS Angeles alternatives, and we will take people that might have an issue with alcohol at say and the only only option is not abstinence for our programme. We have moderation, options, controlled, used options, harm reduction system, come in and say you know, look I consider myself alcoholic, but I want to start drinking again. Or you know, I'm someone who has been absent for a long time and struggles with craving struggles with you no choice,
whenever I slip, I slipped big help me figure out how to not be that guy to use responsibly not use, so we don't necessarily, so you must be a moderate user or he must abstain. We asked clients what they want to do and then help them figure how to get there for many of them. They come to us because we do offer a moderation, modern alcohol use approach, That is why it seems pretty novel. Is is it is pretty nobly. One of our principles- Doktor Mark Kern, has been doing addiction work with moderation focus for about thirty years in alliance. It's not seal the newest thing ever, but its newer than, of course, which has been around for pushing hundred years now, yeah AA people seem to think that that's the only way to go. Do you have to do the twelve step step program and have to call everybody ever wrong? Do you have to pray to Jesus? You have to help drink a lot of coffee and smoke cigarettes Yang mortem- it must be- must be here I mean you know the biggest difference for alternatives approach
harm reduction moderation approach compared to an in my perspective, is that a lot of the approaches disempowering. You must give up control surrender surrender and I think that there's another option out there, that architect and more control, more pilots, figure out your queues over drinking, what's figure out? What happens in a wide you get to five or six or seven drinks? What happens on drink to mean are the triggers for like going home in autumn, be driving into that liquor, store parking lot. You always passed by. So we help people figure out all the different triggers in Cuba that are driving their out of control use and what control use might look like for them. You know what sort of appropriate mindful drinking might look like for them in if its alcohol people spend the first month with us, abstaining anyways, just reset tolerance cause to get a moderation. You'll have to be good at abstinence, so the goal of may not be. And always in aren't alcohol programme? But everyone take
went off- research, their tolerance get some so clear. Head gets their sleep fixed Nobody other things besides the alcohol interventions in therapy and bio feedback and mindfulness and there's another whole team approach, but then agenda folks decide they want to. We go to a bar with them sit down. On the other, a drink we can Eliza and they have their first train. Can we get brutalized every do drink with them? I'm not at this. No no later, I don't think we go to the bars with our clients that there's a legal issue drinking with them like when we got a bar with them. We buy lunch and thereby the alcohol to allow you can't even by we don't provide the drug I'll call you of course, so do they drink by themselves, sometimes melodic clients. That work with carry around little butter lies in their pocket that several times a day, ping them and ask him to blow and get a little the camera snapshot, and it is them and a gps location
and so we too are aware they are who they are and what their blood alcohol is, and you know, unlike most other treatment programmes, if you blow dirty breath, Eliza, it's usually like you're out here without it's like right. So he drank what was I like. I see you got this blood the high level of drinks is that was at two ok, interesting how, over what timeframe? How does it feel and we get people to every structured way, analyze alcohol is instead of being sort of momentum based behaviour, the the there's a certain amount of like pull that something has drawn attracted the leg and in an energy to something is forbidden yet and that that is very problematic for people letter attics. I've seen it first hand many times where people just have this overwhelming desire to do with they're not supposed to do almost because it's like the pressure of abstaining is just overwhelming. It's like
that that issue o always a cloud hovering over them. The also that are forbidden, become attractive and conversation about them get shut down a little bit when things that sort of Putney little isolated bulwarks of dangerous and forbidden right so hard to talk about no problematic alcohol use. If any alcohol use is considered, problematic, yeah become one of those things where it Everyone has this very rigid idea of what an alcoholic is supposed to do and if you bring up something like we're proposing or what you actually not propose, but you enact and treatment That's gotta receive a lot of criticism. It does, and you know we get long term sort of twelve step type. Saying you're, gonna kill people, people economic problems, the thing
Here we ve got some research in our centre in folk self, select, absent, tracker moderation track, and the self selection appears to be what drives success, not which track your on, so that people then a further goals We help them reach those goals, but if you're only goals are she only allowable path. As you must be abstinent, then you aren't taught these skills about how to drink a little bit. You know so well people who are on abstinent only sort of treatment programmes have slips, they have big slips. They just say: ok, I'm off the track, who just pounded There's that there's a discounting really I screwed up ones might as well just go for it and is also the piece about skills we had. They don't know how to drink two or three or four drinks. If all they do is abstain. Now announce the common thought on genetics and addiction is that certain people have just a predisposition for alcoholism for drug addiction.
Is that a fact yeah there's an opium receptor in the brain? I forgive them. You were the cap, one of the operator sectors in the brain. There's one genetic sort of flavour, you can have we're alcohols extra, rewarding weren't, disdain If you love that sensation, you love the feeling a little more than the average person might so, but is it just that? Is it just? They love it? More Well, it's more awarding and therefore learning is reinforced, mean rewarding, meaning that, but what you find a petard ever interesting or yummy. If you find things extra yummy, then you're behaviour is modified. To get more of that thing, you know right, but the way. I've always thought of it. I dont have a genetic predisposition to alcohol and of have friends who do and there's this weird thing that and so then, when you see them drink where they they go gerbil eyes. You know what no one's there, their sharp guys, you're gonna. Meanwhile, you look anatomy like where are you man in there? I guess
literally don't see them anymore. While these talks are probably not thoroughly into a hard core drinking lifestyle right. This is not their first big slip. Long time? This is sort of that go to the bar after work. Every day or garden, liquor store and grab a half bottle of wine every day this is mean a reinforced behaviour, I don't think even someone with those genes would have sort of a check out or some lack of sudden self control their first drink after obtaining for awhile, it's the baby hey you're, all sort of slippery slope that we get on that caused the problem. Folks, at how external rewarding effect from alcohol pulled down that slipped faster, but it's still not be known. Predetermine do not can become an hour Pollack, just because you have a more rewarding effect from alcohol or something else see I was always confuse. I didn't think that it was a reward issue. I thought and bit is based entirely on just talking to people's them. No researcher
but I was thought it was just something happens to them where they cannot help themselves. That's it is that just the common way of stressing it because of the twelve step treatment ram ideal. I think partially there's this idea. Well, your parents over alcohol. There now accept that your perilous, but a lot of that powerlessness or I can't control my behavior is be because of these serve over learning, that comes were behaviors, no longer choice, Thomas Automatic, because you ve gotten so rewarded so many times from that behaviour that then it behaviour becomes reinforced. I mean it addiction is this way, but all addiction is just learning is not some special form of learning it just learning.
So what you're talking about as people have learned to lose control? So there's that, like there's the common, miss the thought about native Americans, the common discussion when people talk about native Americans and alcohol is that they didn't have an alcohol nor diet. We introduce a tomb with the Europeans rush hour introduced to them, and then they became almost instantly addicted because they did not have the genetic predisposition to process it yeah, that's easy ass. I think it's partially bs, I think more about you know if you lock a bunch of people on a small plot of non, mobile land and Duncan many mechanisms for advance men take rather power and then given the drug to abuse their views it all these studies, showing that, if you give us a rat unfettered access to drugs and alcohol, its therein It's the lever until it dies right. That's actually not through if you give a rat access to cocaine or alcohol LE pen alcohol, but something really rewarding evil.
Only self administer the drug in the intense answer starve to death for the reward when the environment is an interesting and when the environment impoverished. If there's of your rat toys and lots of other cute rat hanging out there much less interested in being cocaine, attics or whatever it is. It's only the absent of stimulating enriched environments to these sort of automatic behaviors take over. So I would argue at least partially. The native american I'll call connection is because these are just people who are disenfranchise systematically and then given an escape a year, I had a discussion recently with Doktor Chris Rhine and one of the thing he's the author of sex at dawn very interesting book, but one thinks it he brought up is the varmint itself did they do these studies, studies on rats there in a cage yeah through an occasion for lesson lights and there's people in lab coats or hovering over them rights about is unnatural. You can get an any escape that they could probably seek erupted too. To try to
made a gate. The stress at their undergo mean, is completely unnatural environments. Aren't you giving them cocaine out in the wild right? If you dig, they probably Wouldn't go after yeah, I mean mean if you put some toys near cage, they stop alpha, ministering to the same degree rush, not as interested in me, addictions out the goal. The reward isn't necessary the goal when things are interesting novel when you can explore your environments, rights of their brains. Program to seek out food to seek out sacks and seek out shelter and when all those things are screwed up, because there is completely natural environment, they didn't know what to do next. Let me in and this this is not just rat in humans- are given this. Well, if you're an alcohol like if you're drinker, problem, drinker you're always gonna, be a problem, drinker is the prevailing wisdom which, so isn't true, something like ninety. Ninety five percent of people that our problem drinkers learn to not be problem drinkers with. No
programmes, with no intervention, no therapy its learn to get control over their drinking. Do you think that that that's really interesting point? It's a really interesting point when you think about people that look forward to happy hour. Look for To that drink after work and how many boring jobs of turn people in alcoholics, because, while their at work all day, they just constantly Eating away at their natural reward systems, just got something getting something in here exert an boredom and lack of ability to tolerate boredom or tolerate uncomfortable notions of which in boredom can be. One is often the biggest driver for problematic substitutes bored boredom or our age? That's why dude drunk when they're married. Well, it's probably one of the reasons is big one right That is amazing, that you know, and it's that
story has always been that story of the tests with them. The rats and cocaine has been just sort of repeated ad oh yeah, sure disappoint where everybody repeated and until Chris Ryan brought it up that where I I never really thought about it. I just said: cocaine, just super addictive, and then he D brought it up that we like tat. Of course, there are no fucking Kay each right? You know what they're all stressed out, freaked out, no wonder whether doom blow yeah exactly right, an inner and things like cocaine, math, the psycho Stimulant class, a drugs they affected, nurture and MR primarily called dopamine and open is the reward signals interests aliens appetitive me know, when you see a hot girl, good dopamine bump, when you eat an ice cream sandwich, get dopamine pump and fuel line of blow, you get a dopamine bump and a second one from the direct in a cocaine effect in the dopamine system. So the stimulant class is so. If so, because it's pleasurable end because it directly modifies the dope means sort of system. So you know
Until I was a double reward, if you will You apply the same sort of treatment, protocol with cocaine, that you do without a doubt? No, you know there's a bunch of reasons why, for things that are sort of drugs of abuse, like cocaine math, you know we would probably ass folks to abstain or encourage them to. But there are some other. Drugs, you can't abstained from me. No someone's, unlike drugs for pain, Medikit, pay management or psychiatric drugs. They need to take for whatever reason we would do more harm reduction approach for drugs prescribed drugs that had been but jugs abuse, but for recreational drug abuse like cocaine. We note that there is legal and ethical issues with offering moderate cocaine is, would have cocaine, was Lee Then we would, then you like hell. It's only animals, for instance a sort of right and that edge of being legal or not, and we would offer cannabis moderation if someone was legally using cannabis. You know
If we were in Colorado or Washington, state will be offering cannabis as an equal, moderate player, so to speak with alcohol opera. What does that concern you? That's! The only reason why you don't use cocaine in that way is that its illegal well I think a lot of people can get in trouble with cocaine in a way aren't gonna, get in trouble with we'd, so I think the bar for risk verses harm verses in it. What words were potentially that that the cost of failure is much higher for some, these heavier drugs right, so we'll never get off like a heroine moderation programme, but he's alcohol equally ban for look at statistics of abuse and the health consequences. Alcohol to rank right up there with heroin. There are more alcohol abusers as our in their our heroine abusers and people don't know abuse heroin from like an aged twelve to age. Eighty right at high levels in we people care. Abuse alcohol, their whole lives at high level,
and survive somehow or being to manage. That's not gonna, be the case with cocaine heroin or be no major opiates or stimulants. Now, when you talk about opiates, of course, in this country today, you you consider pills, because this is the new form of tribulation. Have you ever seen that the Documentary League Oxy Cotton Express have not it is a really fascinating peace if they did and it actually helped alter the law in Florida cause forties to have us. Do you your where the whole situation floored after they had pain management centres? For folks? I don't know, and these pains met, pay management centres were essentially one stop heroin shops yeah. They give to employ form, but you would go there. There would be a doctor right there and is a doctor. My backs all fucked up, I will you need paying bills and then you would go literally you'd exit his door and go to. The next
and that was run by the same company and it was a pain, management facilities, pharmacy and he'd go in there and all they had was pills and you just go and buy oxy cons, and there was all these people waiting outside Vanguard did the show on it, and it was amazing. It was amazing because they they followed people who are hooked on it. They followed people that we're going hopping from clinic to clinic, and it was just rampant Florida had some on guard. The percentage of people that were prescribed oxy, cotton now, of course, elders are also mean for two half the state is elders and pain. Management is much more common paint of adamant in the medical sort of spaces more common when Europe seventy eighty years old? There is, when you're thirty or for its very important, say elders, you say age and not Mormons,
Yes, yes, not not, not the choir of twelve, whatever no light like people sixty sixty five, it up is what I consider elders. I have some friends or mormon we're over their house and some elders came over and you were in their twenties yeah there they were. This is elder John. This is elder. Wilson get the fuck out of here, I'm Laconia elder I have a body whose is a jack, Mormon, elapsed, Mormon and he's a scene of fifty I've you'll guy with dread, lockdown was ankles and me no musician and he left the Mormon Church, but he was an elder and is like early twentieth before he sort of decide it wasn't for him. He could use some heroin camp got him off that early Mary. So you think tat, if my or people had heroin. You would see health consequences of far worse than what they are of alcohol. I do yeah, I think I think, would be hard for people. Who abuse high levels of opiates with other life falling apart very quickly, and this instrument
people get into alcohol and go downhill, very facts and other people can alcohol and never have a problem with it. Even drinking high levels, Concerns me about those pills. More than anything else is I've had friends, it have problems with anything else and they got on pain, pills and then ELM, including others a family member that I have just got got injured at work, got on pills for his back and then gone really come story. It's bizarre. It's like something steals who they are yet once you're dictatorial, you no pain. Medication in other doctors will give it to you for ever so at some point, you're getting off the pay medication prescriptions, but you might still be addicted, so you seek street, oh, and that's a minister or the standard story there, so there an age that they can't scratch anymore and they just becomes overwhelming after that in is a lot of that the same things or the psychological pool of something that's forbidden or something that you're not supposed to do or is it there is a physical component to there is definitely a visit.
We're component to addictions, but you know that draw symptoms and knee additionally to things its dependence and tolerance and the tolerance you can get for some drugs very quickly The dependence might not show up the same way for everybody, but other folks may have dependence mean withdrawal symptoms from low amounts. Heroin is fairly addicting their withdrawal from heroines brutal. I believe the physiological addiction of nicotine might be greater than heroin, but the withdrawals not as bad so the physical withdraw. The actual aches of your body, crawl heart described, doktor crawl, heart the name of his book, but these, but on the podcast before
Members booked him doesn't matter is unpleasant. He said it was like having a bad flew. He said it's yes, direct its very override. It as far as the amount of pain you go through with a fluke sucks, it does cassock, but every one looks at it. If, like it's this horrible bone aching like I've, never done so. I don't. I don't know I've never done heroin. So I'm just guessing will think about what the up system does endogenous they naturally in your body. It helps you not feel pain. It helps, reduce painted inflammation so if you been abusing with Supra physiological Levels mass of opiates and then you withdraw them, your pain, reduction sister is overly sort of sensitized, and then you feel things as painful that were not considered painful before
So I think that a lot of that withdrawal is sort of resetting the opiate. The endogenous pain management system, interesting, so there's, probably all sorts of weird little aches and pains you are already have you just completely unaware of, and then they wearing Lee become obvious, which is what happens when you get the flu and you if you worked out that before you feel like crap and muscles are extra. Eighty because now, there's inflammation and you spasms, I think all it probably happens to when you're withdrawing from the massive opiates now, when you get a guy like rush limbo who famously was taking such like ninety pills a day, something I remember what the number was, but it was off the charts where he had his housekeeper would go out biomass. Often. How does it happen like? How does one keep ramping up? Well, I mean, I think,
He asked me resourceful- and I think mentioned earlier- people in a clinic hopping or doktor hopping and we naturally common sort of way people abuse, pain, meds. Is they multiple people to prescribe and sounds like you know, rush may have had his friends and family means helping to develop his habit. When you're taking lots of different things, though, there's an added risk nets of withhold, Polly Pharmacy or interactions between your drugs and alive painkillers, alot of major tranquilizers are very significant drugs at suppress. The cardio asked system, the respiratory system- and so you combine different types of drugs being given from different doctors who are aware of the different drugs at you're being given, then you can get into a life threatening side effects very quickly for some people, that was the big issue in Florida was of they didn't have a database of Seattle recently. So you could go to one doktor, get your prescription, another right demonstrate to another doktor and the couldn't share information. So you'd never know hey this guy
It has prescription, he's gone, crazy, he's, gettin pills links and you know to some extent those little pharmacy slash prescription shops there. My me of you know the cannabis culture. We have. In most states now worthy. No, you can walk into a little mom and pop sort of corruption centre. Where you, maybe you see a doctor, maybe see their nurse practitioner you pay or forty box. You walk out with a car, you go next door and you put your card down, walk out with your we'd. You know nowadays you go online and you say I'd like this strain delivered at my door at this time and it shows up at your door. With a smile and only in a little mint in two very different sort of way to deal with drugs. Then the gate keeper of the physician, whose carefully touching to your full use spectrum and managing your life managing your health with some good perspective on you when we have these known, as you mentioned in the short time, we have ten minutes doctor or something, and it's a prescription out the door. Yet will the cannabis one is kind of a joke,
because although there are people know people that use it for health reasons, the vast majority are juke in the system. They just like hey. You got a headache and well you know I'm Report Strasse stress as one of the biggest deck detriment to health. A cortisol arises: Europe Hippocampus dies and sells fall apart in your body, heels less faster. You learn less well: you're frontal, Lobe, that's down stress is a big problem, so I know I would argue that even the recreational cannabis users, whose regained the system are getting the stress reduction benefits from a typically oh, no I would agree with you more certainly. I also think that life itself is a disease. You need drugged. Treat life itself and maybe desirable difficulty it just ridiculous whether the pressures of the average ninety five existence plus traffic commute
calls ram way is overwhelming down. I don't believe that our bodies are designed for this, and I say that any means that you can, without completely destroying your body and mitigating whatever pressures and stresses you're under I'm, offering me nothing. Aspirin should be legal. I am a big fan of almost everything being league sure it. I think that some folks are gonna have a much harder time with certain substances than others and that individual variability as part of the other genetics, your show up with its also things like you're, you're, environment, but you see, used how you use why you use your using because you want to feel comfortable or euphoric or have some good time or watch a movie and extra interesting are using it shut down the pain and boredom at your life Brazzaville? very dramatically different ways of using substances and Are you using it to mitigate the effects of trauma, especially young Roma, from your childhood is one
things that people don't consider when they talk in disparaging weighs about people being attics. They dont consider the fact that this person might have been wired in a certain way because of traumatic experiences, they had whether developing whether my was developing. I see that all these represent the YAP media. I do brain mapping kiwi g and we look it sort of functional patterns and brains and try to tied together to people's behaviour and things are struggling with, and I often say in people that are struggling with alcohol sort of a sensitive issue in a hot spot in the back of the brain and area called the poster, singular cortex, which is to some extent involved with such sensitive nation to threat, noticing danger and these that at that bought shows up at over activity shows up. When people have experienced fairly significant trauma. Two pretty common reason. People are using drugs and alcohol is your way to mitigate dinosaur, awaited, diminish the effects of oh sure, yeah, there's multiple ways. It's a short answer. I do a lot of neuro feedback or bile feedback on brainwaves, so
measure that, like excess, beta excess, fast activity back there, it's not a stock levels always fluctuating moment to moment and whenever trends in the right direction goes down, you make something happened, I player a spaceship fly, Repack meets and dots, but she weight in the wrong direction minute later in the pachmann stops and then the brain fluctuating the right direction. The pachmann continues. The brain starts to go cool input. Whenever I'm doing one thing, and so does more of that one thing. Trains down trains up certain patterns, the brain to change regulatory modes wow. So what's the mechanism of this like what causing yeah well, its basic learning a mean when you were a baby flop at around trying to learn how to walk there is of random activity. Making your limbs move or semi random unit is trying random Your brain, just gonna, say at random pulses to see what happened, and suddenly you put your arms down on the ground. You push yourself up and you could see more you receiving a further distance. Your brain went all cool.
Remember this pattern of muscle activity, because this one gets meta, see more staff in and explore the environment and it wasn't like some magical, your brain when ok contract the left, bicep and then in the left, forearm just gonna randomly until it produces the desired effect, which is oh, I'm sort crawling now and then the brow, does more of the thing that let it get more input avoid danger get pleasure whenever the learning reinforces are the same thing: happens when you're sitting from about feedback machine, try make a spaceship fly or a car race run it. Check with your brain. You wanted to stop, and so whenever the the cargo slows down and Peters out next to the race course cause your brain got distracted or tents. The brain doesn't like the lack of input. And it starts to go: hey, wait, where's my where's my input and it tries to figure out o controlling this environment out in the world. Therefore, I should do more of acts less of why it's it's It's actually non cognitive process believe or not european you morsel of letting it happened, work
MR mentally, are shaping conditioning the brain and certain direction and they are. There are certain triggers. There could potentially bring you back to the negative state that you were in because of the trauma. I got the things that people have to avoid once they go through this process to keep from for by feedback, not not generally. The nerve feedback about you by process is typically changing the brain and changing it permanently permanently. It's kind of like. If you know it, we're limping cause you're left knee was off when you went to do six months, if they for physical therapy from then on your walking with appropriate gate and you're, always practising the new muscles and coordination and things so nervy back isn't permanent for everything. Does an act disease process going on like schizophrenia or HIV or something. Then the problem is able to read use can re emerge, but if you're not like the h d or migraines, or sleep issues or anxiety or trauma o c d or PTSD, or you know these things all do
appear to change and change in a largely permanent way for most people wow. That's amazing! That's incredible! one is this process like save you take some years how traumatic, childhood and issues with abuse? in substance abuse because of that, and then they enter into some sort of retreat and like this help along over says the most of my clients start off with some a training programme, its agenda, the jam. If you're the gym once every so often doesn't do much, so I asked my clients to come in two or three times a week for about thirty seconds total and that, enough. Thirty sessions is enough. Typically to me One and a half to two standard deviations of change. Pretty big change so can take our dramatically ADHD person and given can roll over their attention management. It can reregulate sleep, eliminate, migraines, so third sessions is my answer to that question of how long does it take thirty cents that seems really small. You know three four times a week. You might get it done in. You know six seven, eight weeks, that's that,
switching to eliminate we're adhd or anxiety that credible. Now. What is ADHD? Wouldn't? What exactly? Is it because you hear people saying that it doesn't exist. You hear people saying that has just some they diagnosed children, so they can give the medication this in truth to that and this truth to the to the people say it doesn't exist. I think that, as a pie, apology me as a strictly a mental illness, it doesn't will exist. I think I think what we have is a natural spectrum, continuum of attention, management resources and some us can notice everything in the environment and turn our attention and to be wide. Focused me pulled off by all novelty and other folks we're gonna being heads down. And sustained attention. You know ten thousand years ago, we needed hunters who could like see little by Little Tiger hiding in the corner or the hard. We read very hard to spot piece of fruit hiding under the leaf who could notice all little environmental queues
also need folks who sit behind the village and like we'd the plants all day long. So I think that this natural sort of reinforced or of human range human attention regulation, where some folks have more Well, seeking more wide focus and other for have more narrow or sustained attention, so we They adhd the that the diagnostic criteria in general in mental health is really about, What's going on it's about, what's going on and does it interfere with your life? So You can be really hyperactive, really spacey really checked out really hard to talk to, but if you're successful wouldn't call it a pathology. I would even call it ADHD and to call it ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The deficit is, implies, you have less attention than average, but although ADHD people they can sit in play video games without stopping for twenty hours straight, that's not a deficit of
pension that an excess of typical attention to some extent. So, actually, managing your attention in ways that are appropriate to the Duma, and the environment. If your classroom teacher, once you sit still for forty five minutes, and you can't, then it's a problem, it becomes a problem because of the classroom. Doesn't it and if you re out of someone who has issue with attention when it comes to things that are not into, but yet they can focus extremely while on something you they're fascinated by and then that benefits them into comes successfully at out. If you error in a negative environment as far as teaching error school and they try to get you to become this person whose, just like everybody else, then it becomes something they want to medicate you write anything could be an ETA getting away medicating away, something that makes a unique and could actually benefit you in your life. Absolutely and there are benefits for having in a more abstract, thawed and more novelty seeking and be able to integrate in abstract concepts specially for artists, especially for
as a special people that aren't, you know like I'm, I'm, for instance, horrible at math. I cannot do math and my head, I'm discount collect, but I'm verbally about as good as it gets and so you know I was always so do now. Rewarded by being in math, glasses and really rewarded being in a language or minimum. When our english class, the artist ADHD kid thrives, in a one tenth of their high school classes, potentially if its dramatic adhd. But you know I would say that most people don't have dramatic attention regulation issues. They have minor attention regulation issues that can be changed dimension that ADHD people can be fascinated with it. Things and really pay attention. The prefrontal cortex the most most almost interior part of the brain in the most human part month, part the developed. The latest is the executive of the brain, the ceo
and a lot of how it does its job is by telling the rest the brain. No, don't turn your head look at this other thing. Don't you know grab that woman don't eat that food you know it's. No, no! No! No! No! It's a lot of the pfc does in aid HD. The pfc is often under active Carter. See. I was asleep at the wheel and so other parts of the brain oversight. The sensory systems is a pretty bird fly by turns your head before. You know it because the The EU is not telling you not to This is why ADHD folks tend to really pursue activities that are dangerous. You know, skydiving motorcycle writing, taking drugs risky sex because anything risk ye challenging dangerous lights up the pier see and Willie turns it on and activate in a way that most ADHD people don't experience more
the time. This is why we have an eighty eighty kid: they train parents to yell at them to create the conflict that then produces a more active prefrontal cortex. They train parents to yell without even knowing, if they did they, they train people around them to create conflict with that because being Yeldo being punished being engaged aggressively lights up the prefrontal cortex, so they do behaviour or they engage in behaviour that will cause people to yell at them subconsciously to get the reward of having a feeling alive, a feeling on were well that's freaky. Now, when you you're dealing with people, have such an incredible amount of variation in the very in between human beings and personalities and encouraged, sticking them in a classroom. You're, forcing them to adhere to some sort of a pie,
Graham, that was designed by someone, has never gonna meet them, and it's the same for everyone to cross the Sunday out on core something something along those lines. How damaging is that for someone's education, and it seems to me that, like I just that sort of pressure to conform. Yes, gonna, be met with resistance. Yeah. Course it well and the more unusual the you are, the hard it will be to conform, but I would say, for most people, you're still getting basic skills even in these sort of homogenized programme, and is some benefit from just dealing with this the marginalization of dealing with the bordering the curriculum their forcing upon you just get into some sort of stress management benefits, I mean I certainly people management. You can't teach every visual kid one on one.
And so there has to be an accommodation or compromise somewhere for doing classroom in a public school abroad. Teaching, I think, TAT, knowledge is changing that I think the massively online courses that are mostly free these days, that's most adults taking those indignant taken away. Those, but I think that will change how we teach children long term it will allow, more individualised. If you take the so traditional public school common core system on one end of the spectrum- and you look at something, but the opposite. Like Montessori schools, Montessori is all about finding the thing the kid is interested in and in full, in all their learning down that one avenue of interest, I love the idea. Now, but Montessori also lumps all these ages together and get a lot of weird social shit goes on when you have a twelve year old with a six year old, yeah yeah, it's ain't! No, but that also look more. I mean I'm not
for that. We need to segregate ages. I know we create cohort of facts. People experience specific things because of the groups. There are lumped end with that's Lamar fishing. In a couple of years ago, we had a six year old, a twelve year old, a sixteen year old in the same classroom, and they probably all, learn from each other. Even they didn't know it right, but aren't they on different levels? A six year old in a twelve year old, are gonna, be learning maybe but six years old I was learning like most sixteen year old. We're super genius dude! Well, you know hey thanks, but but the point is that even within all bunch a six year olds in a class of what is that, like third great or something we ve got some that are functioning several years below their level in some their function, many years above their level, the first intelligent tests were we age norm test. They said you don't hear your functioning,
hair to your chronological age. Where's your mental age, and that was the first round of intelligent, says that were created is all about age. Gino developmental age versus chronological age, which would seem to me that it would be incredibly Dave, I'm not that aware of the monetary system other than friends of have kids in it that have come but I would think that the the very ability would be so large that if you have a classroom of twenty thirty kids, how you gonna pay attention to each kids needs you gonna have to multiple teachers. You do an Montessori, you tend to have smaller classroom sizes with with more teachers, teachers, AIDS, Montessori assistance. You know in a public school I have one teacher for thirty, five kids, if you're lucky, if you locked and in a Montessori programme, with twenty five or thirty kid, you probably have four five adults in the room now doing what you know about the mind and the development of the mind is the current state of education, public education, this country is that one or more for us
things you have to those that are not really. I mean people learn so many different ways, and I also think that learning stops when you're out of school. So I think that the role of public education should be to do as much as possible for as many people as possible, but The people at either of the extremes are never going to be well served, people that are struggling or people that are ants are never can be well served by. You know general public education, while it's this sort of one to thirty five one to forty, rarely that was the point. Why is it one to thirty five one to forty and why does it receives such poor funding and why do teachers receive little respect? I mean I'm a teacher, I teach it, you see allay and we have paid adequately as a lecture haulage. It's a collar. But even at that level you know the pay is not all that dramatically amazing, I feel like I'm like. Maybe your buying that we shall be paying people shaping our young people's minds. A lot and transferring their roles. Yeah should be a huge honour. Yeah Weed
have that we don't tend to have a lot of traditional mechanisms left in our sort of modern western culture. We don't look at your coming of age or differences. We women have an obvious coming of age. Thing that have between like nine and thirteen is a physiological chain. So it's obvious boys don't have that and so you know thousands ago we had thirteen years old, we were Mina made man, some ritual meet on them in a hunted, a boar who knows I'm gonna tattoo, Nowadays, people go from being children to adults without any clear stage without the sort of social reinforces of where you what your life means in terms of the community in terms your family. So I think that's unfortunate, to function Libya planet with seven billion people. That's a topic this from brought up on the show many many times, because I'm a big, a big fan of in a big proponent, of engaging in difficult activities to understand yourself, and I think that coming of age ritual
ass. They it at the very least signified to a child like now. I am this year in martial arts. You get belts, and you know when you achieve your bluebell, there's this moment when you get that valuable. Why, I am a blue belt now and it doesn't seem like it should be much, but I remember when I was doing jujitsu and I went from a white built to a bluebells coming bluebell, but meanwhile exact same nothing itching, but when the recognised as different and in an inch in historical, cultural sort of coming of age rituals, the young person is good. Advice by all the men in the village, all the women, the village. They pick a new name. Sometimes they go through like an ordeal. I mean the ordeal I think that's what you're talking about do. The ordeal is should not be underestimated. I uttereth we haven't met before so I have a history as a not a charm and I've done a lot of ecstatic work around. What does that mean staff, pushing yourself hard until your reality changes
merci idiotic, that sort of guy who a fine communism defined as in, ordinary realities that we all have and if you push yourself, hard enough. Through any mechanism you can think of eventually your reality breaks? You have other insight, other knowledge, other ways of understanding the world, and so for me, it's things like no dance, all night, long or drumming or other other things as well, but the ideas push yourself until you get out of your own way until your Monkey mind breaks down until you leave that before and so ass, a showman you would lead people in these dance. Marathons or just do it myself, member on the west african drummer as well, so I'm off and I mean means aye aye, I drum for dance classes. I drum for people dancing all night long on fire until they today flop underground speaking in turn, the idea is to give yourself a chance. So
can change your reality, so you're. Looking at this, though, from the point of view of a neuroscientist scientists set of a crazy, Happy we'll have a crazy hippy before I was a neuroscientist. Can but I have about as much as you do and so have a lot of every possible when I see your forums? Well, you know it's all its all about exactly like flowers and now don't tell them truck and all chaotic and really here. But you know I I grew up like on these caused as a hard nosed near EAST coaster, and I did this fund this world of being in a sort of Sharm and if you will, I'm also motorcyclists, so I have a red cross country into a long road trips buddy. I also put a nice treasured on and go and do so to you, you walk in and out of many were there at its import, to do that. Do not hold any identity to rigorously what does your and you have I began, I don't
enough about. It is the short answer. I think it's interesting intrigued by it and I think for folks that are struggling with certain types of drug addiction. Nine have some clear and had gone through that particular thing and say that there are no, there were impressed by it or they forgot something out of it. I just don't have enough in a real clear first hand, experience Dunham among people that have done it. I've never done it either, but the amount of people that have done it that have had addiction issues. I have gone through it and its wiped out. Dixon Issues is pre stag, but you know that isn't only true IVO gain. That's true of things like I was mushrooms, ketamine, electric convulsive shock therapy. Really these things and this is a hypothesis I'm a theory. I have that. All of these things act this in a similar way on the brain to reset to cause a systemic wide. So to flip the switch you no easy, he is still used for medication resistant depression. That's one of the few things that works. If drugs don't work for you
You tee will lift your depression so academy. You know one zapping, you when sedating you, but I think they're really going after server reset deep in the brain in some way, so this transformative experience being completely. Alien to normal states of consciousness is enough to give you this new new blanks, or at least as our starting point- or at least you know, maybe it could be sort of hermetic. It could be a stress or your body reacts to with healing almost anything that affects depression, that list approach, and does so by raising Neuro Trophic factor and Hippocampus hippocampus involved with memory formation, also exploring the environments and his companion beady enough brain derived, Neuro Trophic factors that growth hormone or growth factor in the brain, anything that lives depression raises big enough final common pathway. If you will of anti depressants knots
tone not door in a dopamine Amene Narbonne not exercise, does matter What you say, you're antidepressant, drug or mechanism is how it actually works. Downstream is big enough. That's fast, a dumb, really grab. You brought up really glad you brought up the, suppression, depression, because I don't. I don't suffer from depression of had many close friends who do and I ve always been concerned or confused or key areas as to what causes it is it in our mental issue? Is it a biological issue? Is it a combination of the two, because I've had friends whose lives were not going well their career wasn't going well their romantic life wasn't going well and they were corner court depressed right. Then their career turned around the romantic life turned around and they were no longer depressed death. Its I've always wondered how much of this idea that we have of someone being sick right. It is based on the input that you're getting from Europe.
Parliament, whether or not you getting positive feedback of urine love. You feel great, you know you with someone you care to be with. If you have a job, its awesome, you cited gonna work. All these things are good you're, you're, you're you're doing well. You know have to worry about your bills, your inner of rewarding relationship. Will you feel, supported and loved? You don't have this feeling all the time of being lonely or being left out. How much of that is it environmental? How much That is just your brain is lacking a certain amount of pills and how many people were medicated because their invite Man is shit yeah, so instead of giving you the impetus to change and alter your environment to benefit you you're instead, given appeal that makes our environment tolerable yeah, it's complex question: there's a few things to think about. One is things like depression or anxiety? Aren't always bad.
The other is often a good reason to be sad or good reason to be tents. You know if your spouse dies, you're gonna be depressed. You know you have an exaggeration outside cause for depression and you lose your job you. You know your bank accounts empty. There of good reasons to be stressed, into have sort of Negative. Emotional reactions to those things anxiety the same way, if you being chased by a tiger, you better be anxious. You better run when someone's life becomes less stressful, you're right some people become not depressed anymore and that's. I would consider that like a low key former depression, if, if they just get a little bit depressed or depressed because of you know life things, all the diagnose diagnostic criteria for depression suggest that you need to have all these symptoms for many weeks, according to two or three weeks, met across more than one domain of your life, so it sucks
we're being sad for a few weeks because of a bad thing that happened to you. It's. What happens with how your emotional regulation gets chain By that are turned into a problem, so there are many of you. Their lives, get better. They get new job, they have things pick up and they don't become non depressed. They stayed press, they stay, maybe just an hedonic. The can't experienced joy for something rougher from from their life. Or they experience in a more subtle swings of mood than than full blown depression, but depression, can last, even in the face of your life being awesome How long has it been that we ve diagnosed this idea of depression? I mean for them long time how long the coming decade overall, certainly means your history. More than that, I would, I would say that major depression amendment them a monetary sure when, when it crept into the dsm that the whole
shove. Diagnosis is a very thorny issue. Anyways, the Ds M was not really develop the diagnostic and statistical manual, which is what psychologists and psychiatrists used for noses was really developed to help a diagnoses. It was developed to help with insurance companies it telling the Burma you know the beam I for you and me would say, were overweight, if not obese, because we're pretty beefy guys, but I'm not obese. At a hundred eighty pounds right, you know but if I was, if my body fat was higher muscle mass was lower, I would be and the same things too diagnoses. It was really a tool used to figure out what to pay on insurance. To some extent, and so at a population level, if it had a thousand people, the Bee am would would work pretty well for most of them and the same is true of the DSM. It works pretty well at a population level. Jill down to the individual. Sometimes their symptoms don't fit the dsl or the how long they had
items for or the course of their disease isn't really fully fit and I'll just say: oh, you don't get all the criteria. Therefore, I can give you a diagnosis: no, they pick whatever's closest since you, insurance company can pay for their therapy, and so you can maybe get the drugs that they want to give you such a pretty vague to diagnosis is not as precise a field as a non psychologist might might think. I love that you use that term disease because that's what I wanted to bring out, because that's what it's, which referred to as impression zis, pressure. Is a disease and you hear it all the time and I, you hear it oftentimes in commercial that are selling drugs, and that really concerns me because I'm like will you might we giving someone the green light to take a pill and it takes The power from them takes away the power to change your life to alter your life for the better, because you ve got this. Well scenario: in your life, horrible situation, circumstances! What
where their leading you to feel like shit all the time and someone's going to launch in Hey man, you don't need to get a better job. You're depress right, and you know as a disease it I think it is a disease because it not at ease is a disk easier, not at ease sure sure I think it can become a using become entrenched and become stuck in that mode and that's when it's a big problem, one of your brain activity. If you look at depressed brains, I brought it up a hundred oppress brains into my clinic and did brain mapping. E g on them? What I? fine and most of them is in symmetry in the frontal lobes. Many people who are depressed haven't overactive right, frontal, lobe, an underactive. This bias of left side being more active than right is typical: glass, half empty approach, the world explore environments, when the right is more active than the left you withdraw shut down. You wanna do anything,
is a brain signature often present in major depression of left right bias that goes in the opposite direction. You you measure the Dalai Lama could be. Strong left biased was but about bullshit zero part. That's bullshit! You find out what that is on him. Ddt did, do you think is foolish. I think I'm not by robes a heart. Now, ok right right, working first, the chicken or the egg, though, when it comes to this right, left brain thing really good, What year I have no idea. I've never track someone through being non depressed into depressed as they come and see me once their depress, so could be a predisposition, your brain, a little bit like this and a little bit you know, oriented towards becoming a depressed and then stress oars mount Jane to the same way? Genes only account for about thirty percent of our experience and so Eighty percent of our experiences. How environment interacts with us, and the same is if anything else, it's cognitive, psychological! You may have a say
tendency towards a depressed brain, you're right front dominance, but unless you become Saki or things really build, or you feel unsafe or unmet run in a fad or something else you might ever develop. The depression patterns that really even have you ever monitored people pre and post depression? Oh sure, I'm one who is recovered from it and one of the wood. What are the changes that you observe? Amid all the time you see that the aid symmetry reverse go back to the sort of normal are typical brain patterns. Yeah, it happens all the time we not A person with depression has frontal asymmetries, but it's happens, often enough that I believe it when I see it in the brain maps as a sign of our new brain. Apps without doing clinical histories. First cuz, I don't want to be biased, so I'll sit you down, and you know record its lines and then after I have the data, say: ok, I'm seeing this patterns in some countries. Materials noticed this thing here. The litter suggests, and many people to come into my clinic- have some depression when they see this patent is a true for you.
And are you should get a yeah how'd you know, or anxiety, this patterns for those patterns rate each or trauma, and OECD or PTSD, and so on. To unpack what I looking at based on their symptoms and then confirm get them to confirm what I'm guessing so now I want to do a brain scan before we do not interested. I won't find what the fuck is wrong with Asia when it get in come down to Beverly Hills and will look here. How undertake takes under an hour in if we and we can do apply imposed a to condition map for you. If you wanted me, like, I told you clean off of caffeine, or you know something else. Marijuana Rwanda have to be around may I say, looking face: no, probably illegal half smile, the eye Algeria. So, if, if you want to you, know, come in one day without having smoked up, get a brain man asking to be and then smoke up, another brain map and I'll show you how your brain changes,
here's something interesting, the brain mapping. As the assessment process. We often do the Neuro feedback with training process, nor a feedback seems to reset tolerance to cannabis in a few days, Neuro Feedback, meaning by feedback on brainwaves vile. Back on brainwaves, meaning what has meaning a training are down specifically making your brain, make more beta and less data, which is an attempt to have focused com, state and boot. How would you do that? So I stick, sticking to the top, your head, a measure, the amount of what's a data and fate as a brain way, though it goes up. You're distracted, impulsive, checked out when it goes down your focused, and it's got actual moment to moment, you're, making a static amount of this brainwave or making you know you're, environmentally internal environment demands and so on, it tends to trend down Maybe I'll have you play when you're podcast or the volume swell the volume your partners would go up whenever you're take us down, maybe
data goes back up, the volume drops and so you're bring us hey, wait. I wish list so that you know interesting guy and, for several the over half an hour. You might have several hundred of these. Resuming a feedback of rewards, and that can be something. Audio video can be a spaceship plying. Doesn't to matter how we were warned the brain when training. Just we oak. The rewards to some parameter, that's changing in your brain and by just stimulating various areas on the scout. Just measuring areas. Just measuring area stimulate the stimulus that, though the feedback is actually coming in your eyes and ears music. Video animations. But then you know your brain trends adrift in the wrong direction. The game stops, the music stops. The podcast audio drops whatever it is. Your you're you're, playing with on the computer, and it causes your mind to want to get it back, your brain Europe that its lower level in your mind, the other work. Ok will define the difference with the two of them
is what you are aware of. I would say, and then- and this is a more core low level- I mean this. This process of Bio feedback was discovered. The late sixties on cats, cats in a tourist, bad instruction, followers right, fuckers right, so you're never gonna. This is not a cognitive process. Cats didn't try to make, in this case, Catgut a drop of milk whenever their brain It's an up in one direction: milk him out of dropper, and I learned over time to produce more of this brainwave. They gave them the milk dropper fast, six months that this this one experiment that doctor berries term and did not late sixties. Six months later, he pulled him. The cats out of his subject, pool to do a rocket fuel exposure. Experiment, NASS had said: hey, look our astronauts or gangway sick there. Nah she s how dangerous as the scene of hydrogen stuff or using as rocket fuel. Could you please suppose, a bunch of animals to see how much it takes to kill them or or what the dose response it is in so Doktor Starman at you, see Alain late sixties, exposing
and increasing levels of rocket fuel was and found that little bit, you know they panted little more. They stumbled a little. I cried and then, Caesar Coma death. This nice Lenny, you know what increasing dose, except of cats, he was using a certain subset like six of thirty or something refused to have seizures and the whole occur of unstable brain was pushed to the right, couldn't figure out. Why till he realized. I wait a minute. I use these same six cats and approves experiment to increase their brainwaves in this, One brainwave that that I thought was a nice target to go after it turns out that brainwave is the anti seizure brainwave when you train it up. You have decreased dramatically, decreased seizure, tabling the brain, and you he found this in others. Brainwave was sort of mega stable in encouraging brain activity. And his lab manager the time was a medication, uncontrolled epileptic having like TAT
of seizures a month which is basically a death sentence. Your your brain will mean a swiss cheese, overtime and you'll have major major long term problems, and she demanded he built her eye by feedback machine to train up this brainwave and over the next year or two, it's in training and after a couple years she went off all Madame seizure, free wow, that's crazy. At that time. Berries, Germans funding was toppled. Really he part here emitted, a joint paper to epilepsy the journal and suddenly his government funding all vanished. So the conspiracy theorist ideas start to mount when you think about the late, sixties and big John companies not wanting a non drug intervention for epilepsy out there? Now? What is the protocol and stuff today mean how many people are using this kind of treatment with epilepsy, much you're actually out among epilepsy ecologist. I've had a few folks them through my centre who seizures and I've reduce them. But sure the numbers of apple of tall, it is out there using it.
The numbers are Neuro feedback providers just as a hand, waving gas. Let's say just ten thousand in the: U S: theres, many more, of course throughout the world like a big conferences, theirs in two thousand and fifteen people at the trade pressure. Trade shows for this stuff. In just two of them a figure extrapolate at least ten thousand practitioners in, in the? U S, in fact just down the street here and within hills, some of them the the giant and feel the authors of these were founded. The field soon after sermon made. This discovery the authors, the info launched or of the field of neural feedback for clinicians. They built software hardware for many years for clinic to use without it is unbelievable. The idea that they would pull funding just because he's come up with something that takes away the money and who knows that's actually what happened, but it took a good story that there's this potential. You know sort of big brother, big farmer, election- and this has not been
the pale this is. This is very possible. You know one when neurotic I started getting really big a lot of what it was first use force ADHD. It serve the magic bullet, frayed hd. You know how the twenty our solution for ADHD, when this is starting to really be used. Maybe fifteen twin years ago a cup of the big drug companies were paying so it is to go to Chad meetings. The the ADHD support Group meetings. And say no nervy, but doesn't work. They are being paid by the drug companies to go- and we know anti shill for fur antenna feedback, while we ve that's a day with marijuana? We find that today, with pharmaceutical companies paying people to talk sadly in and not just that, but testify about them of aspects of cannabis and you find out there being paid by pharmaceutical companies. Hundreds thousands of dollars, yam it what wended money getting so deep into nunneley medicine. The politics may move when you- and I were kids. This wasn't like this was it I don't
That was the attention as a tender. They are whereas aware or maybe just wasn't transparent, what our away information you know being we were wasn't really there in the seventies ways now rights while all the Nixon studies didn't Nixon funded a bunch? The next item illustration funded a bunch of us. Is trying to find the negative aspects of cannabis names on sale positively. Not just failed found, so many positive things. They had a very weak, Without today I mean today still have resources, horrible story, horrible video of- the head of the d, I haven't conversation with someone in Congress or the guy is breaking down to our saying. What is worse is cannabis as bad as math and she's like well. There of bad and they're, both bad ok. What is worse, what it has negative, more negative health risks. Is it cannabis
Or is it math here and she was, she won't do it. She won't do it because it's an ideology. She's got a very specific pattern of thinking in being the cheese supposed to engage in and she won't very. She and there's not a fortune is not a lot of good research out their medium and putting our cannabis study with my lead, tuckett alternatives and we're going through literature of you to figure out what the state of the literature is and look at me in a brain activity. Some licked, my questions are things that were: how long is it active in your brain and where the brain changes that cannabis produces and willingness in the seventies and someone in the eighties and little footnote and methodology say: okay, though, in the thc concentration concentration and the studies, two percent to half percent two point: one percent: whenever and now As you know, the stopping delivered to your door from the collective is twenty percent. Twenty three percent, twenty five percent. So animals has gotten ten times as strong since our parents were, you know. Well, that's all just dirt weed
there was a study that they did recently. They said that they got a hold of marijuana from the nineteen Sixtys and Seventys and under the variation, was between two to five and four shitty we but his eyes. Fifteen percent called aka POGO, go right, sure sense Amelia arise with the old timers as to call the good hind, but that's the cause, but so that that It means that the good we'd of today and the great we'd of them are pressing equipment. But what a great we today is ex level share and in all the scientists and the average no squares in the least sixty didn't have access to the actual who gold have they? Not the scientists We are all. The studies were done. A low potency compared to today loom Potency weight, so I'm not sure why they didn't have access to it, but they're all using to three percent their prey worried about the man What is scared of you know giving them the good we'd? Yeah? Probably they didn't know anybody, but
today, you dealing with these botanist that are going deep and man heard as many as thirty thirty five sad, never sailor. I mean how much I'd want. That's all too much here. Thirty five too much of the oil boy you fuckin head off. Now, that's just some crazy we'd. These guys, put together. Thirty percent a lot I will have given it to people that are from out of town and they dont function well, now. Did it hit some in a very strange, it's funny to watch the likely do during your pack. Isn't gonna cruel have done it. Not crawl, didn't ask for it now they want to see what's up but the Yom. The real issue is really that it's just. What are you used to yeah I mean, if you are used to this thirty four percent to see you know you take one head in your good right. It's like alcohol, mean as alcohol. This is stronger alcohol, a problem not really. We know that whisky is stronger than wine. You know. We know that so you drink a large glass of wine. You're fine, don't drink a large glass of whisky right,
but it's harder to you know it's rather too easily get into trouble with whiskey and beer shore, because The momentum has in a faster consequences, yes divergent so. I want to do the same, and I mentioned that I eliminate tolerance to marijuana in. In the first week of training, people's torrent is gone, just gone and I work of people that are often again M professional. I know what I'm doing Ok, we're gonna just be really care, not on an I'm good. I've been smoking for twenty five years. How does this tolerance get minimized? I'm not sure, what the mechanism is. I know there are real effect. We will come back the next day, like a man I smoked up, and I like stared at the ceiling all night. I couldn't get a cow option. I couldn't I was Drooling during dinner been talk to my wife. What did you do to me? It's like the four it's like, given a giant blunt to a high school. Kid is never seen. We'd know automata multiple on the Dose effect Why does a deal with the effects of it from eating it?
as well as smoking it or is it only smoking? It must be this. It must be both avid actually rigorously examine the differences, but must be off. I would wonder Is that the difference in eating? It is very dramatically different, because you know what it's processed by the every year, but it still th CMU. Eventually the brain is still getting a similar this actually knots eleven rails, Roxy Metabolites, needs ruins process by deliver its producing this new substance, its final langmore cycle active antiques, I know it lasts a lot longer. I don't enjoy eating it. Scientist last longer, two totally different drugs your liver produces this, this metabolites, eleven hydroxyl metabolites and it's so much a potent which is why, when people eat cookies daily, think their dying right shows you're gonna get so it doesn t it you see- I'm sure you ve probably heard of this, hilarious nine one. One call where these cops had stolen we'd from these kids and made brownies with it,
when they eat the brownies, and they call nine one one and there, like times going by really slow, I think we're dead you never hurt. You know it's hilarious, gathered use pulled up Jamie kids. Everyone should hear this so fuckin stupid. It just shows you. The cops are just people and the idea that you could be give these people is Israel's nine one. One call targets filed against a police officer, Minister confiscated marijuana from suspects and then making it in brownie. Keenest wife were full, they ain't overdose, stand called nine listen, I think, I'm having an overdose, my way marijuana that they had been in it. If we have no, I think what I did. I have no. We may brownie and I pay for that-
you're, going by really really really really well nigh responsible use right there. I will this new that day I die. Fuckin dummy well, that's that's the problem with eating it most people are unaware me. Even you are not aware that down eating it. Does its process called the one pass when it goes through. You look at first basket yeah sure, let's blow your brain out, the back your head- and you know one of the one of the tricks to bring somebody down whose over italian Ibuprofen, really I propose seems to take the edge off of we'd, suddenly tropics, but Ibuprofen specifically seems to reduce the memory impairment you get when you smoke dad
fascinating the memory and pretty short term memory impairment and potentially long term learning memory is well. What about the actual feeling of being hide? Is an unmitigated tiny bit can take the edge off like I've had friends it of you know. Oh my god. I'm die. I've done too much of it in three cookies. Whatever one hears my profit and toilets later, ok, thank you. Would you like eight hundred milligrams could like four hundred and four india- and I hear this new trend and in college students studying with tuna milligrams by a profound and above him, because I can why they do not affect the memory formation. I'm glad you are that up, because a big problem, because today is Adam, got huge problem. Now you what's going on with that because that seems to me I've never done after all, but from the people that I've talked to that have and understand it. It's a stimulant like affair, close to amphetamines, very close to math, very close to me lower dose and play different molecule, but but very very close to a strict classroom stimulant my good friend the lake.
Robert General, whose hilarious Stanhope comedian a great guy, a bunch of health issues himself and dumb. He accidentally took well once and he had taken the wrong medication. I don't know what who's it was. I don't remember the remember story, but remember he called his doctor aptly said: hey this after all, like in my fact, has yet hard issues, and the doktor said no you're gonna be fine, just just write it out, you gonna be fine, but no obviously don't take it again, but I didn t know if anything goes horribly wrong call me, but I think you're gonna be fine and he said he just cleaned house and organised is notes, so they took all comedy notes and just went over them. He said I couldn't believe how organise I want He was so motivated to get things done that push stimulants does happen. This is why students abuse it, but that pushed doesn't continue. If you take it every day. Ok right so it. You're chasing the dragon and the euphoria mean you're your friend
had some euphoria, probably Mamma to that goes, synergy used to the drug? when he was an interest in doing and again he just accidentally did it please I gotta get so much work done and I've. I've heard that before, like my friend Eddie, My friend Eddie Bravo dated a few gauss who had problems with stimulants, and I said you would always tell you go over their house. It be fuckin, spotless, it, doesn't should always be clean. Their part there, constantly be cleaner. What is it about stimulants that make you wanna? Get things done? Well, doping, it is the primary neurotransmitter boost to buy stimulants and dope mean? Is the reward signals the salient this is interesting, but this is innovating, so you get a motivation you find even boring tasks interesting wow, so you would wish
to do things. I'm clean your! How? Because you want to do something because you want engage with your environment, explore reshuffle play around with your environment now for kids, this chasing the dragon thing with college. It's gotta be a giant issued right. You pop in these bills and at first it's and a fitting you and then slowly. That starts to wear out so you're taking more and a lot of kids aren't ADHD on dramatically and they're, taking stimulants off label other peoples in a black market prescriptions and you know there are some consequences to second stimulants. There are some negative consequences if you're not managing them in the absolute right, where you should, including things like cardiovascular side, effects in habit formation and appetite supply and in all these things can cause major issues from college students or some of the least tell people anyways the other side deprived mean like crap that are now too like live their lives adults, yet they have no structure that their parents used to give them, and so on
These problems, you throw a stimulant into the mix and they find it can be super productive on it, and you find kids that are now drug seeking or in trying to get diagnoses. They can get rocks yeah. We had this young girl, who was an in turn on fear factor back in the day, and shoes nice and you would never think of hers. Being someone had had a problem with the drugs but boy you, bring up after all round earn like doing her eyes would light. I like shit like two will like white stars for pupils and she black, who has outlined the cocaine response right that might ok, that's that's the it's. The it's. The reward into the dopamine hit makes you go. Yes, that's most interesting thing I ever heard of, was watching her and this guy, as other guy used to work there and they had a conversation and he's like tat while you knowledge is take after all, she likes you gotta have a role at all like in they do. There was one like you watching someone like trends,
common the ring yeah, I guess yeah she has dope muttered drugs or the are, in my opinion, some of the most dangerous things we have because they hide Jack learning because they really get in the way and is not just that it's pleasurable and that reinforcing its supply verbal and opening its boosted to super physiological level. So how ironic that hijacks learning when you're using it to help learned but you're, not really learning right? You just studying yeah, some of us, like a stimulant, do seem to improve learning. I think we're Ritalin isn't that class, the ruins of our atypical second stimulant, a metal fettered, eight, not a typical like outer or something, and it did emphysema seems to improve long term potential nation, or at least at least backed it in some way. That is not negative, would about provisional and new vigil does or other drama huge. I hate them really yeah. I I took my daffodil private
Joe Myself, off label for attention and just about died from it were ended up in the hospital head to toe hives, was closing up wow. I ever heard that we had a massive systemic reaction to an people that Habitant problems and I grew up in ADHD. People have attention whose have dramatically increased side effects from that class of drugs. Privilege only vigil daffodil army daffodils I've taken at seven nothing nothing's happening me at all, but I'd take a hundred fifty milligrams hundred hundred every morning and in for two weeks, while its prescribes take every day I mean when you prescribe tick everyday attacks, both to be also you were given a prescription for. I suppose you just next now I mean it was an experiment because I'd like second stimulants, I said paying grossness. This is just before lunch tribute, which was one of the reasons I did it so like two and a half years ago, and I ended up
in the EU are you see allay literally head to toe hives? I couldn't I couldn't wives miserable, if not three and a half weeks, what they do, but they set eventually was. It was called era theme de for minor and there's a major form, that's called even Johnson Syndrome, and that's what your skin peels Why do so? I'd Eli luckily didn't have that major version, but I was still incredibly miserable and in my lungs, were you know having major issues. I I I just about died from Avenue Herod, many people that are terrified of that stuff, but they could figure out a reason. Why in yours is the first real legitimate boost brain estimate and history as a colleague on the master, neurotransmitter and all the other Neuro transmitters can be modulated by its racist. When you raised openly racist, been re serotonin and for the history in the brain has and caused a body system in over sensation, reaction or something so this is not uncommon. If you look at the old, like from the review paper, Zelman Avenue
find that all of the studies on people ADHD having credibly dramatically increased side effects compared to non ADHD. People so you shouldn't use, you know, but after the great, if your asleep narcolepsy person or somebody's in sleep, wake shift disorders are things but unless actually needed to modify your sleep. It's not great for attention. I mean I, I got some mild attention benefits from it. The first couple of weeks, just nothing compared to second stimulus it's nothing compared to nurse feedback or even like me. Attention. Mindfulness, can change your brain and shore up attention resources. I want you to Morrow and this in a moment, but what? What is the difference between new vigil and provisional? Yes, mode ass, an elder that the first product has been provincials. The is the brand name is is a mix of left and right hand molecules, you're, making organic chemistry things are so naturally developed and suited to mirror image. Molecules in most chemical synthesis
until there's an l and an art form of thee, but avenue in me. It in their mixed in the monotonous product in then in arm daffodil, which is new vigil. It's only one half it's the it's there hand molecules. Are so the arm molecule radically in two billion in Org in brain chemistry. One of the molecules psychoactive than one. Is much much less so and or causes side effects. So out of the modern drugs we use an owl or our form only in and get ready other half the molecule mud avenue Both the owl Andy are further them You are psychoactive, the Our form is a little more psychoactive intends to have a more and stimulate type feeling so I'm subjective, taken both subjectively been often ill, is interesting and has to buy modal peak where you get one hump six hours in another hump twelve hours in ARM and often ill? Has this
sort of sick told the sixteen our window activity, but it's only one peak of activity because the only one molecule so in regular been familiar. Your your metabolizing two different substances, if you well having slightly different effects from them and the arm enough in ITALY, one half of the molecule of the mix of molecules you I've only try new vigil. I haven't tried providential, but have I've done it many times when I'm tired so so nervous approach, it'll be a little bit less stimulating and you may have an additional affectionate that are not news. Edgeler, provisional prow, prose them So Elinor new visual the generic name for new vigil is Armand Avenue are after which the latter are. You can think of it. That way for the right hand molecule so that lets them more discreet threat, if, if your side effects but stronger in some ways, moral in effect where, where proper, privilege or more daffodil is there is the re, seem a mix of the left and right hand molecules
and when you started having your side effects. Was this a cumulative effect? Did you ve? Yes, right away, the no. No. No it took about twelve thirteen days in before like, I woke up my hands were kind of puffy and itchy and by the end that day there was a deep, deep soreness and allow parts of my body and, like the Bob's, my feet and my palms were like sensitive in itchy. And I didn't take any more and the next day I woke up like with pressure or a carrier massive hive. So you knew that it was most likely related to that. We have no allergies to any medications. I've never experienced anything else like that. I've never had hives in my life and not someone who gets genome know hay fever So I had no idea, but the only thing added in to my sort of regimen right at the same I'm at the end of this two weeks. I also at the flu and as part of its life plea that the immune sort of a surge of gain, the flu, erected in some way with
estimates surge from the provincial and the two things together? Worse or a perfect storm of my body? Haiti itself. You know Why? But I am not a fan, and I also think that the gains the possible gains attention cognition focus from but half an hour or minor. That dramatic Amene Colleen forms effigy pc, much stronger support cognition than but avenue it. Why found that to be the case? I found calling to be much better as far as memory, retention and execution and things on those lines, but as far as being a we get less wakeful promoting wakefulness an cognition are not necessarily the same rang. Yes, I grew so you know wakefulness. If that's your issue because of narcolepsy your work night shift their me maybe a reason Europe, your much at five
a jet fighter or an airline pilot, no commercial own part we're up for many hours, seen having their main on shore. There's there's a reason it might make sense, but not if you buy a hacker, he's trying to get more out your school work or more audio high powered business day out. Think there's really any benefit or any good. And to take them off and compared to what else is out there. You know do those taken in everyday four, eight nine years and whose wacky is fuck, that might have had something to do with it. Maybe yeah just ends. Chicken and an near not been forthcoming about taking in either. For those weird things, one can keep on the De L Tim Ferris, you wrote a book for our body or him he didn't we Let's talk about it in his book because he was worried that people would start taken it like candy and they and they are, to some extent, discussion. Silicon Valley Valley, yet asking to bring that. I mean on data protection in the afternoon and they're all by Probate Africa. I think I'm, the only guy out there in the backing spaces like this stuff is sought it this stuff is, is: is minimally effective it down.
Juris. And unless your and our collective, it's just not for you, while, coincidentally you're the only one qualified actually discussed the real mechanisms of the compounds in the attic our aim yeah me, and we don't know what medicinal really does the brain this and theories. We think it boosts brain history and we think it sort of flesh is the erection system, the hypothalamus, to make you wakeful, but let's also very worried about this shit Camus. Now this isn't camp. What is this tobacco. This nobody's wacky, rape, pipes, thing that the kids are smoking. I see these interesting, so vaporize effort, everybody smoking tobacco out of these wacky, I'm not a fan of tobacco. I was a cigarette smoker for a few years. You were it maybe like five years or six year along owes us my probably quit about twelve or thirteen years ago. So I think I smoke from like you know, college
years after the nicotine, dough nicotine as a drug yeah, does have some sort of a benefit or some sort of promotion of cognitive functions. It. It's glutamate, receptors its effects, learning in some ways we think, as I feel, cold interceptors. We think it's absolutely affecting learning in some way, but nicotine of courses fairly addictive bright and nicotine is also carcinogenic all by itself, all by itself, even though its it has so much better and much less- are carcinogenic than like tobacco growing tobacco, but naked and even by itself how some carcinogenic properties, but you see the carcinogenic effects or the people that have an issue with cigarette smoking, its far more likely to cause cancer that it is people that are using like selling cigars, as they are getting the dosages. Yes, I would. It is young people that have cigars, and what would you have oral cancers zeal to smoke have long cancers, but
the numbers and on cigar smoking, is what I understand with when it would have read as its fairly uncommon for but who are regular cigar smokers to get mouth cancer? You might have to be one of those Yankee. Do you know, George? and type character. Right always carry went around the armature, a traumatic you're right. I just think that is a class lake. You know: what's the what's, the benefit is minimal again some were some some some benefits to learning cognition, but you can get those same benefits by getting a good night's sleep really or by you know. Meditating your friends at a writers that are cigarette smokers and they say there's nothing like it like Tony Hinge cliff. He just can't get off this, That's when he's writing like he wrote for the Justin Bieber Roast recently and he said when he's in a writers room in haste,
its firing the cigarettes, the ideas you start flower sure and you Know- is that state pennant learning, that's what he always rights could be right. Also, you know the saint we set for alcohol. How many writers would say alcohol is their muse. Allow me, in this, like like, but the Steinbeck Disease rhyming way, where this is, this is really a mean, and is it true that are no? Yes, you can get your of out of your way you can get some. You know some some chemicals support and start being creative, but is it really need help regenerative new ideas or is it just helping? You not be stressed, or is it simply that you ve associated being creative withdrawing y know, marijuana, there's no doubt to elevate different data. Given my ears, they just don't exist other than in rare, want estate, and they might be good ideas they are about when you're, so they sound great when yours my god. I just discovered everything and then letting you like what the hell was. I thinking that doesn't this satellite, the lights on his account
also, you try to like red what I wrote down. You'll ice have a joke about it. Go than a rota rashly roads is down the unicorns a donkey from the future. I wrote that down on paper, The fuck is wrong with me like this shows you like that, doesn't make any sense. When I was I was like this is where it is money. If your audience, I even- hi they like were a unicorn donkey from the future, doesn't make any sense that really that's ridiculous. There's something that happens when you do smoke marijuana that does excite the creative aspect of of consciousness. Sure whatever Whatever that isn't in a we don't know about, we take and dont know everything. Cannabis is doing. It's not simply one country, Each sea or the eleven form. For me, no liver format, there's like seven hundred different cycle ACT
compounds in the burning plant right and they did. They differ depending on the strain dramatically. Sometimes Emerald city than indigo are not the same plant. They came from very different sort of genetic tree, if you are sure one being the south. American variety is one being what one of an intensely tropical climate yeah and they have throwing said. I had a real benefits and you know so I mean that we know, and I'm kind of excited by what's happening with the medical recreational cannabis in this country, because we're finally doing some other research were finally look. Into constituent components. Are the There can have annoyed Bianti Hc, we're gonna. I'm in the endocrine Albania, we have a canal Benoit system built in there's a nerd transfer. Called a nanda another central role for bliss. That hits are and though Kanab Annoyed systems. Amanda? That's what this Nanda word for Tee Alice was fastened.
And we have. You know we found the cart. We found the receptor in the body before we found the the lie again. The binding compound in the body. But we knew that this thing in this receptor in the body existed and cannabis bound to it and so this receptor did this. Was this developed from the human body growing up or solving with the use of this this plant, that's right, inherently- are part of our system. I think it's a highly part of our system. I mean you, know, Evolution is Tenzin tends to reinvent the same thing and then the concern. Biological constructs molecules. Organ systems across species so like in a mouse has a heart, so does a human. They all have endogenous. You know Kanab Annoyed systems, whether we have to at least two categories of economic aid systems. One is immune and one is bliss.
And we know an exaggerated plant that affects the bliss system. Your cannabis acclamation affects the other, can ebonite system machinations and urge that boost european system, and is it work to boost your ministers too. I think it does he I'm alive. I certainly have taken it if, if you take it, when you just starting to get sick, it can shut down an illness. In my experience really yeah, I always wondered whether or not those legit, I think it is. I don't think it's as dramatic as your avionics or anything, but I do think there some there's something there, but in others this this plants, purple cornflower economic plan is a Kanab annoyed, ineffectual, Kanab annoyed system? That's how it affects our immune system. That's amazing, about cds and cds in relationship to cancer, which is something that is being researched quite a bit. Lately yeah, I not up on all the research, some of their first papers of the past couple of decades, Raul, CBC passivity and reducing information, reducing cancer killing cancer cells. I've seen a few people
recently that say, be non cd compounds. Also, do that and do it better Nancy by TH? He has as anti cancer properties and do it better than see It may hear cds being good for information joint pain things along those lines. The paper I read had th see also working and all those other aspects as well, while so the collation of the c b d might just be because people are trying to avoid teaching trot, avoid psychoactive, yeah, Kissimmee D. The radioactive its non psychoactive fact: the ratio of stability Hc affects how psychoactive something is so too much. B d and you Archeo high after pot, even in the presence of TH, see counteracted cataract each other. Exactly seven inbuilt check Is it a frustrating to the other stuff which probably could have been figured out a long time ago were legal? There little frustrating. But I look at you know. If you go back, you know: honey
years ago. Technology was nowhere compared to where it is right now I sort of see us on the of the exponential curve. The hockey stick of acceleration now so Would it have been nice if, fifty years ago we were getting to the stuff shore, but it does. On a global timescale doesn't really bother me that its happening now verses last decade. What does bother me that is happening now. What bothers me suppression that exists, then they used to exist. The same suppression that caused this. This reluctance of pharmaceutical companies to accept this treatment of epilepsy. They didn't involve drugs that they settle. The initial anti cannabis movement was textiles right and textiles and paper? Actually they didn't want the flax or the the the five
coming in and supplanting the cotton industry in the fuel industries and thing it was directly connected to the production and creation of a machine called a decoder. Gator decor to cater to declare to cater was the first time the developed, a system of processing, helpful It involves slavery, are hard manual labor. The reason why cotton took such a foothold is because they came up with the cotton gin when rely Whitney. I came up with a cotton gin. Cotton became much more viable than cannabis than hemp right fibres of hamper far stronger, are superior paper in cloth, its way tougher, absolutely ten, in hundreds of some canvas. Canvas comes from the word cannabis can It was originally a hemp product. Interesting are more far more durable, far more durable for pan the original Levi's were made out a canvas resolved cannabis, interesting as all hemp based until that mother fucker that they made that
book or are they made their? The movie refer? That is now wasn't that it was. It was a way of men. First, they Orson Welles, move right now, in Kenya, but there was all about this one asshole great, William, Randolph, first own hearst enterprise, is he owned in all the newspapers he owned and he's? Had this man ass, a stranglehold on information, and he was a motherfucker and this guy came out with idea of first of all, there in Cahoots with Harry an slinger and They decided to call it marijuana, which wasn't a name for it before Marijuana was the name for a wild mexican tobacco plants using wasn't even cannabis. So when Congress was outlawing marijuana, they did exactly understand that they were outlying hemp as a textile and as a commodity interesting. So then you had to get like attack stamp in order to grow hampered.
And do you know they needed for world war two? So they started this campaign. Hemp for victory and hemp for victory was this. Famous video the day that Jack hair was James Inertia, GM free, Marijuana activist found video to sort of eggs, a sort of a stab what he had been saying all along like look. This is something that we had grown and used as a culture. For thousands of years of human beings is its was a huge part of Minos would but George W our George Herbert Bush there was with his parish, it was made of when he pursued to safety in world war. Two, it was but the sales that Colombia sailed on was made out of their own made out a hemp rents they're all of it rope and when They decided to demonize it the way they did it was to go after racism. They said this marijuana plant was making blacks and MAX rains. Rape, white women right everybody wants,
increasing the albino fear, uncertainty in doubt and marketing Zeman sort of a bit player back then, and nowadays you kids hard to get information on anything. Without you know a decent agreed understand what the knowing, where the noises, sure I from but is in a lot of ways, it's very similar to what you're saying about taking away this non drug option of treating epilepsy yeah. It's like realize it's! Ok, there's money to be made with this one solution new solution is no money to be made with. Let's attack it, yeah that's what they did. Ya mean. There's people making CD or Serbian only strains of cannabis purely for uplift epileptics now than they suppress seizures. I mean you'd want to give a five. Kid, a joint! You know they're already pretty stoned is a five year old right but see Beata, CD and suppress epileptic activity. Nowhere is that Minetta charge issue, giving a kid cannabis, but
I don't see any ethical or problematic use even with if you're using it as an anti apple, Abdullah, epileptic intervention. Why have direct experience of a very good friend of mine who has a child who has extreme epileptic seizures? He give he gives a kid. Medical cannabis now moved stay words LEO Move, do eyewash stay any gives this kid, a very small amount every day and there's no long. No longer any seizure is kid was having multiple seizures a day. He was well he's also got is on the autism. Spectrums also get lick, seems pretty severe social issues, which were integrated substantially once you started. Interest is interesting, but this also to other connections to got back Syria. Yes, a bunch of inflammation. Issues, diet and things that change that for four kids who suffer from these things at the outset. Totally really understand right and we may never occurs every individual, though indifferent to means but autism, specific It's not really one thing, it's more like the autism, the
you think consistent across them as the social deficit, but you can have a high functioning ass. Orders individual with fino superior cognitive skills, credible abilities, but still some deficits and other and its sole there so concerned with is opening up. The doorway to this of that even non psychoactive versions of these plants are really great, like camp when we have a huge issue with that at on it. My supplement company, because we sell protein hemp protein very bile available, yet we have to get it from Canada right because we can't you you, you can't you sort can grow it with this This law, just change like last week that it can now soongoora commercial him has soared. You would no more it sort of half. It sort of has, but it's got a lotta resistance. It's gotta a lot of resistance in terms of how it
owing to react. How the federal government going to react to it if a Republican gets an office in two thousand sixty, that's also one. Things about medical marijuana like they did recently soften their stance considerably on medical marijuana, but politics is like one thing: one job Bush mother fucker to get an office in things. Really weird, but as a right now we have to get our stuff from Canada and surely would love. To buy it from America from where farmers, and but also its use, should be something that people could it's a plant rights, its red, It does not showing anybody in its plan should be really that simple research. Only. What I know is is it you're. Twenty people saw aspirin was invented today, have asked Ozma today, ass will be rescheduled substance, controlled substance, We would write another side effects. It can kill you sure.
And not only that there's a lot of medications that they prescribe, especially for people that have heart disease. Aspirin can just know that shit written by aspirin is an amazing, amazing, anti inflammatory, absolute anything else. It's ITALY's initially from a natural way. Bark yeah, so you can you get it in a natural form, stills it available to you and you ve, gotten forest, and you know the inner bark of a white. What Audrey, that's all an issue it in an you'll, get to see the solar cell gas area wow. And how would you know how much bark to chew idle The dosages are an issue when it would have seen, I think, you'll absorb it and get pain relief whatever. So it's only when you swallow it that it becomes an issue, no I'd. I think its being absorbed through the Mercosur, but I don't think you're gonna get concentrated doses the way to an tab some aspirin! Yes, I mean so you can overdose on the tablets. Can overdose on chewing the bark you probably can, but you'd have to be an ass financial and invite tastes like ass, not mean it's
a very bitter substances had it nobody ever find out. That gives you a relief from a headache and are now probably some Euro Druid bring tee something in a couple of years ago. Yet So it's an interesting thing that that's been around for so long and there, sir, and sort of like very subtly, swept under the rug, the health benefits of aspirin, sure sure. In in the cardiac medicine, there's still this focus of giving people the heart risks or heart cardiac recent heart attack. You know prophylactic doses of aspen every day to reduce the strain on the blood. Stolen live also put heard. People say that after you get to a certain age, issues is take aspirin aid to everyday anyway, just to mitigate the natural reaction, the your body has information or or the clotting its northern clotting, and I think in a parameter is a better drug. For that long term than aspirin has other benefits.
That's interesting. I want to bring those up. This different new tropics, like press, a term that the different Ras atoms, what would your favorite ones when it comes to new tropics and what it right but causes you to prefer those You know, I'm the one of the scientists, a true brain, so I hope and true rain is that you have already heard the air we breathe, Butscha enjoying Tropic drink We have drinks and capsule form and the drinks sort of our the first tomorrow little little. Many drinks Zia. Three different course. He has written relish blue and orange one. It was well once calf, which one should sound it that it's, the blue or the grain you don't know forget louder shipment, I now, while we keep iterating and changing its citizens, that this is the latest flavour we never come up with. Forgiveness is caffeine, free the blue one in which the green ones calf needed them and the Orange One is the boost. So the balloon- the green ones of parameters based with within city, be calling to see regional Granger, the greater the greens, the candidate and one has any milligrams caffeine, not a huge.
And then the Orange One is Oxy Ras attempt based aid. Oh there s not a lot. Now. That's like a cup of coffee, though It took four rounds cup of coffee drip, coffee! Isn't it Dahlberg, are we considering that, because of like how jacked up Starbucks is historic? Boxes of anti is two hundred milligrams of having more than that ITALY Amelia here yet fiend somewhere between seventy five and a hundred and fifty milligrams for every eight ounces of drip, poor one espresso shot so takes three Russia shots to equal, like them out of coffee in the twelve on strip. Coffee right does, people think that is pressing, much stronger and the doktor he rose, the less caffeine. You haven't been right, so I think this misconception right. People think arguing that dark, Rosa you're, fucked up a french us is up to a third less caffeine than a light rest. We got their dream for hundred and fifty milligrams from twenty from is at Starbucks. Forget about it
Ok. So when one eighty one eighty is a short that's what I was thinking of. So between a short, a tall. All tolls or middle right in and grow fucking hate all these foreign words, god dammit, don't call it a Grundy caught a medium, while this does lots reasons a boycott these guys now, That is where our elder Starbucks and Santo join together to file suit against Vermont for mandating labelling of Gmos. Wives, start by Monsanto. They have GM. Ok, no. They won't they don't want to be mandated to label when and in what way fish. Is there an issue with Gmos? With that there's an immediate, demonic, k s knee jerk yeah, people don't understand that every fuckin tomato you bite a grocery stores, genetic going? There's no such thing as a non gmo cow, there's no these things and non gmo you're of corn. If you,
eating ears of corn. That shit has been Manuel horns but heavily modified it. We recently in the past, intend twenty years, but we ve been GM owing cattle with selective breeding for thousands of years right, but isn't there a difference, between selective breeding and splicing in non native genetics, which they have done to increase, probably a different resistance to air and pesticide around up that freaks people out nightly so rang, orderly, absolutely isn't one of those things were not an either or their sisters. There's benefits to genetically modified orphans toward advantage, but there is also cause greed and end also when people don't want to address the actual, we'll health concerns of their creations. Yeah. People are worried about that's, while in Brazil, as a country filed suit against model one year, a virus. Brazilian farmers dig but Joe. Together and file this gigantic suit with innocent the informers that they have this
the huge issue where they they d, get leased out. These seeds, and then they therein dad they want of twinning suicide, the yeah yeah. I heard that our resolution audits staggering, have you the old sharecroppers model. Where you you know the land sell, the sea, sell the tools and now, you must work for me for the next sixty years to make back your money and Monsanto is the one who is profiting off of it and just a distant. What's this Monsanto Latte El Starbucks to serve only organic non gmo milk. True sir Bucks is a member of the grocery Manufacture Association, which outlines, or mine, GMO labeling requirements, false Starbucks S, horses with Monsanto daily fooled? How dare you know? I was a boy ere, you doctor Hill Dare you you're one of those guys just eat shit. You fight. Starbucks is not a part of me. Santos, GMO lawsuit! This is from star wars to stop food labeling
Well now we know that as from two thousand fourteen sir, how dare you Renato recently that seem legit flows at in the onion Seemly it was written in English. Right was on the internet to fuck, that's that's the bar, some people in some people. Well, there's a lot of demean. There's websites. Now that would just right stories. They don't even pretend that the writing, something that is enough, like it's not even funny. Yeah like it's, the dinner try to make it seem like a parity. They re just there to until I to fire, while they just click bait click paid is a huge issue across the board, it's a huge issue with sites even- and I agree with a lot of progressive sites that do it. They they rightly really inflammatory titles, and then you read it like. I can't stand NATO and and your blue. What happened next thing. I know I'm not even go there now leave me alone, one of whom was about peanut butter and jelly being racist, and I was like cut off what the fuck is this and so, of course
everybody's tweeting in retraining, and, if you actually read into it. It's like, I think, some editor just jazzed up. Idea. Meals, a day and peanut butter and jelly and enjoy what where this way three meals a day come from what is the idea and then someone actually put in the other byline. Is it in fact, racists like on what the fuck and in everybody's they're saying, three meals a day as racist, and then you start tweed its click bay. They occupy the US in this is this a mad rush to get people to read your shit in doing so. You ve sacrificed all credibility behind and you can be inflammatory about peanuts without being stupid. Of me, peanuts are somewhat dangerous in people's health potential No one- and I read about Peanuts- has said that it wasn't always there. In that one of the real concerns about peanut allergies. Is that keeping kids from peanuts when their very young, because you're worried about analogies could in fact be causing penal ouch,
there was a recently a study that found them doing a manipulation, got bacteria. They could eliminate peanut allergies in mice really yeah, so it seems to be some corps in a functional gut thing. It's gone awry to produce, peanut allergies and in these individuals doesn't know about which means that the caffeine one that's the worst one. That's that's a relaunch. The most bitter of all three caffeine is pretty bitter molecule. Oh it is you hesitate to absolute. Yet I try. Dick Aphesis, calf coffin, you will tell it tastes. The differences of bitterness under the cabinet yeah, there's like a milder sort of attack. What you think about it, you ever try that copy walk that not try to being that comes from a civics, but yeah I mean I have a problem paying seventy bucks for cup of coffee first of all, but I have not yet tried the copiously whack. You have got a bag of it once Why Bonnie dumb at a place
was really smooth. If you haven't heard, What is it? There's an animal civic that is like some topic We saw this, but I think it's in a cat family and they eat coffee beans and then shit them out and the farmers want to waste these coffee being so they would literally pick them out of that, now the civic and put it into another roasted, and it somehow another stomach acids do say: entreat adjusted silly, really smooth out the enzymes, but does it affect the caffeine content? I dont know- I don't know my guess- is the roasting is really where that matters the most, because to bring the oil is out of the being to the surface and carmelites them are oxidize into produce the the flavor you looking for some, I guess in along Euro, so that the more the caffeine goes down in non roasted coffee beans have some sort of antioxidant effect as while Riyadh agreeing coffee, we anything the clause which the word chloral effort with the compound is the abbot. There's made the accidents in mean,
green brown. Whatever coffee you have westerners get more antioxidants from coffee. I think that all other sources combined us incredible. We drink a huge amount of coffee, but there's a lot of benefits and I'm a big fan of the coffee. But it gets demonize does not feature. Does a minute understand, there's some drawbacks. Coffee would not be considered a strict neutral back me. My my definition for the word new Tropic is improving cognition supporting output with no appreciable side. Effects of coffee does not fit. Doesn't doesn't reason that that bar, but do I use it, salute limit. I wake up in the morning to much blood my caffeine streaming a race for the poor over and make one first thing. Well, you know I'd love it as a ritual s like one of those things. Just love a warm cup of coffee morning. It's like it feels like This is a nice way to relax your way into the absolute ritual piece of it should not be limited to really big part of it. For me, to give you a chance to me mindful. When folks lend my office for Kubi jeez. I asked him to abstain from coffee that day or t whenever,
and then, when their done I hand them handcrafted cup of coffee. That I've made for the handcrafted is one of my least favoured expression. Israeli yup, brilliant piss is it is it redundant? Is the swallows senses, handcrafted, burger, We want our serve high handed cacti make I make the coffee for my clients were there when their done their brain meant that the doctor brings you a cup of coffee, because it's me give some good coffee. Might my secret stash workers, concavity, I use a mix of small origin. Organic batches. I haven't delivered me from a couple of and places in the country yeah. So is the place up in Portland Oregon that ships me my little. You know stash others, nice, ok, Call the eye of a bunch different favorites likely coffees, do have a different flavour profile, oh yeah, sure, to some interesting ones out there. You know, I'm the Skype peer Giuliani, Giuliano
Leanna Gmail he's a coffee, expert men. He told me that all coffee originates from Ethiopia, all of it initially that great narrow part of the world? It were a grew initially yeah and that from there they start taking it all these different parts of the world were like Aragon, Rebecca Erbakan, said Rebecca, Rebecca beans. Aids, would they tickets as Saudi Arabia. They took it all these different parts of South American and then this growing in all these different places, but we always get think of Veal Colombia, ass being like we're. Dude one Valdez lives, his grandfather, awesome coffee. I I actually prefer african coffees to South American. Typically, you know little more complexity, darker flavors in them. Typically, will you, brought me some ethiopian coffee, the tasted like lemons, really interesting it was, he doesn't drink it. What's with any cream or anything in it. So just black coffee- and it had this
really lemonade taste to really good, interesting, really good and really unusual are wall and there's a bunch of different weird flavour like corners, one of my favorites from Hawaii church. Why has some really interesting flavors negro? Look what is causing this stuff? It's just altitude out into the water we rolling in the soil in cuban cigars, right, very distinct flavour, which we can now legally bring back into the country. Finally have a hundred bucks for a year from now. That's gonna be widened, I'm sure yeah, I'm sure it will very likely officially going go now. If your part in education group teaching people should all time Vega part of an education- and you haven't, you on this programme- is educational for the folks, listening sort of income who's, the SAM you wanna Cuba, which we far didn't do it struggling. Old cars. You have down there to get there all these nineteen fifty cars from before the embargo. They actually have you'll get new cars western cars anyway since then, but
it's sort of like a real knock on consumers, because they do a great job, these cars, these cars or an amazing shaven, theirs image that I saw recently on line of all these people driving these, like nineteen fifties, early nineteenth sick he, cars and their beautiful should really well kept, as I doubt it fastening like we have this idea that cars we have to get a new car every year than new cars or We have a new model every year, either the new cars have to have a substantial prove men in all areas of performance, breaking and gadgets and honest different jazz, but they also know like up a modern car today would not last fifty years on an island is true too many too many complex These too many smaller electronics fall apart the reason you they have fifty scars and Cuba's, because you can re manufacture and replace those parts and keep them running yeah a way that you would not be able to make a prettier? Sir? You know some modern feel injected thing said Finally, a previous anything that has batteries- that's that's a huge Issues that living
My on the battery all that stuff wears out, cadmium yeah, that's one thing that people are taken into consideration when they think about the fact that their driving some eco friendly vehicle wounds, eco friendly for right here right, not necessarily eco friendly for its being pulled out a grand. I saw Assad article. I think it was inflammatory more than real, but it pointed out that the ownership cost and the impact and vital impact of a pre s, verses, Hummer, we're quiver and a priest. One hundred thousand mile lifespan and is always really expensive mind battery component to go into it, where a hammer has three hundred thousand mile lifespan and it's just an old fashioned, you know traditionally engineered car right, so there's theirs. Sort of this ingenuous those who the fuck drives a hammer for three thousand, but hopefully Anna and enough. You dig into the math some of it is a bit biases and work all that well, but it's not simply too
because you drive a car that is electric only you know it's not the only benefit on you know you not buying gas is not the only benefit of having a hybrid would be amazing, though, to see what would happen if you took every car in LOS Angeles and replaced it with an electric car. First of all, there be people with dead batteries everywhere, it would be asshole forgot to charge the calm blocking the road ass it because you just you, don't have the acts. Charging takes too long Lieber late for work. They don't have that half an hour to get that fifty percent charge would have fanatics, but the sky would look it might I mean the the air quality has improved pretty much every year since Reagan, Adela right, like the Reagan, was the peak of the horrible smog. I've tell folks that go back to visit the northeast rum from that oh yeah. I would argue that make jokes, but only small, its equal sexy, not that bad there's the qualities pretty dark. Good, especially where I live in west I'll AIDS. Will you get the wave from the ocean air. Yet,
it's pretty good. It did the smog in my first moved ally into doesn't five hours. I rode cross country motorcycle and I was coming down the salmon a valley and this layer of black and aren't sludge that drove down into you know even that happening less and less. I think so. I think the the sort of southern California smog trope is really overblown these days. Well, small laws that they put in place and the smoke screens have to wear your car through their prey. Substantial they are doing a good job, so it makes it very difficult for you to take cars post, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five pre one thousand nine hundred and seventy five they're exempt supposed one thousand nine hundred and seventy five cars like there's a lot of them that have a huge issue. Getting smog I have my were when its post operative diesel sorts exempt, stinky fat random, spoil. Are you one of those guys I've? A couple of vehicles? Ones are veggie oil, diesel and ones more like a river of a traditional gas cartoon now we say, runs on vegetable oil. Where do you get your rest boy?
I haven't been driving too much so nowhere recently, but I have a friend from Inglewood who had a small company he delivers. It would delay You know gallons of UNICEF reclaimed waste vegetable oil he's clean yeah, they take it. I had a party might have converted. He bought an old Mercedes. Yell diesel knows the best ones to convert any converted to kitchen oil and he would get it from restaurants. Yap either Kitchener exactly now, these days in twenty years that we could do that these days, those entire companies that relationships with the japanese, chinese restaurants to do and to resell it as a commercial company but vocation smiles to get with one eye was cars. I mean I'm. I was getting more than thirty miles. A with diesel, still has an immediate early eighties car, and I think I lose one mile per gallon and budget oil. So Instead, I, like thirty, you delay twenty nine rise, gas, thirty one to thirty or something and is in a large vehicle you're talking about three hundred Cd Mercedes, thirty, five hundred pound vehicle being
Heavy Tudor Mercedes, but still a big one, very heavy thirty. Five hundred isn't really having compared our modern car shore really We think a car, always eighteen to twenty five hundred. I guess that's crazy, no you'd! That's like a really really light sports car, like nineteen seventy Porsche with everything stripped out with no radio? No, he! If that is not enough. That's true! I had a hundred pounds. I had a early eighties automobile delta. Eighty the old man yacht and not. There was only forty two hundred pounds that doesn't make sense. Either. Are you sure because I have an nine eleven, a Porsche nine, eleven JD three hour ass, witches delighted model there make three thousand pounds. Ok and it's very light- is extremely light. Green day day is as carbon fiber seeds they strip out all the
deadening insight is one thousand possible NOM Hunter percent positive, I'm actually pretty deep in this world of lightening cars, like they drill into foot, pedal regimented acquire lighter writer drill into the handle the door like to take it. Evolution and nineteen seventy two nine eleven gets a tie he called oh yeah, nice, our then nine eleven of today, if you're lucky You get one goes those down to two thousand two hundred pounds. If you really a fucking psycho, you can get it down to like me can be eighteen hundred, but you have to use carbon fiber offenders, fiberglass fenders things along those lines. You you really cop, there's a lot of that. No comfort at all times,
I would like my Mercedes a much more than what ways, but it's a heavy car. It's nice not a light. Loki tiny caught work could be thirty five hundred pounds, but I mean like a Bmw M three, for instance, which is a sporty. Can I have a ever many cooper? Modern one? That's you know, that's a smoke lightweight, that's very little, but an m three, which is not a big cars. Thirty nine hundred pounds. I am surprised, most people are the most people the closure lighted and they really are like gay preferences. Dodge challenge She knew not challengers. Looking about forty five hundred per hectare, damage yoga it doesn't look like it would, no doubt be eight engines metal frames, interest all that jazz people be surprising. How have you shit, as I gotta have? Lexus acts as you ve known as big. That's like six thousand pounds. I forgot my guy fat, so maybe we're gonna have you again to that. Has as we both more things onto these vehicles with trying to make
a lot more cars out of aluminum. Now, like four it is done manage released a new truck with a aluminum frame right. Yes, they done that with their F one, fifty in they reduced by more than seven hundred pounds. I was a steel before us, the average, but its amazed because the new aluminum set their using are just as strong, if not stronger, in some ways than steel in L a and their substantially lighter is really incredible benefits. Forest, like gas mileage in all those things here that the way to construct a missile but different, but so far no detriment. The new range rovers doing the same thing: new Ranger, overs cut somewhere between six and seven pounds from their cars as well interesting while you know, because of the dismantling of the weight of the embassy, its second thirty miles the gallant on diesel. Easels way more efficient right. Well, it's it's compression. The compression doesn't unexploded, feel it burns and release the gases said Zadok is on explosive decompression, so it
much more efficient. Neil young has like a ranch in northern California. We grows his own plants, can make Rosamond a bio diesel and powers his own vehicles or his own diesel creation closed loop. Then amazing. I love it is. Is it Amazing guy he's the best he's a fascinating He had some weird project. He was doing now that everybody is good luck with that he was trying to some super expensive, mp3 player that recreated the sound of of vinyl or as close to it as pie, some guy and he had. I go fund mere kicks. Or some shit like that people, I want first of all no one's given Neil young money? It's not avenant. Did your riches fuck thousand Agar ranch in Northern California, making your own diesel. Are you spend your money right?
right so like thou is problematic, but it was also a day the shape of this thing it was like you know those tobler Rony would have heroes. Chocolate bars, that's what it looked like like a pyramid shape, but long you now and a poet. Up Jamie as a fucking disaster, meaner, one anywhere and right. Nobody was shit about it, but the idea behind it was to create a richer, sound. That sort of emulates the actual, recording your No recording writer of the Mp3S reproduces without the the Lawsy sort of compression d ass to take this compressed sound and converted into something that has like more damn more richness. So he has a new thing they just announced to hear it is the pony. This resolution see out, looks like a chocolate bar that Moldova, weird fuckin, shaped thing Zimbabwe vinyl thanks cherry now I was buying a fucking thing, Neil Young. How dare you dare you waste your time? Eugene, that's gonna, like a Nintendo sometime game controllers.
It's very odd. Looking device ended I got trumped recently because Sony just released some new version. Of our walk man. It's much thicker, it's heavy looks like a cell phone looks almost like an Iphone, but it's only four. Be threes, and his Sony version is just much much it's much more powerful as far as its ability to much more problems than your phone rather more powerful and millions creation can we could get away from thanks here. Mindfulness octagon, mindful would it? What do you mean by mindfulness when you say mindfulness? That's why those terms that like people go on religious freedom, spiritual now practicing mindfulness its. I love,
as far as a thought, but I don't like all the baggage, that's he asked and I think that most people who aren't doing it don't know what it is, and I say the known Toby meditation practices be good for you and I get the response. I can never shot my mind. Will that isn't the point of meditating you know the point of going to the gym is not to be strong points. A lift waits like this is an exercise. Meditation is a practice you do and you might get to a quiet or mind, but the practice is not I'd in your mind, right so to ensure question? Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment in a specific way on purpose No sound simple it as it is
It's not really simple in practice. Is it for most folks it is. It actually is, while this does maven types of meditation or that the classic meditations Appositeness Martha met. These are all fairly similar in that you pick something some anchor to hold your attention on and then simply you notice. When you have drifted since you have a mind, it will draft it'll get you know size dream remember, wish plan. We notice you holding that attention focused that anchor you release would ever it is. You got directed by and bring your attention back to the anchor and that's the rap of meditation. That's it I'm supposed to thinking about this sound or my watching my breath or shitless into one Nino note or something in a music player. Oh I've gotten distracted, let it go not now back the focus again: and again and again and at the entirety of most classic meditation, is noticing. When you distracted. You left your anchor of your attention. Put down the distraction, go back to the anchor.
So it is not a loss when you get distracted now, he's got a loss. You won't get distracted. You probably are alive. You know, if you have a mind, it will get distracted, that's what they do You know your mind pays attention to your and your distractions, your wishes, your fantasies, your memories, administering all these things, if you, if you're able to sit and shut your mind off, you probably don't have one. So when people talk about the difficulty, did they have meditation you think they're probably get to that step, and they are guy gender and they ate their their basic, saying, I'm not any good at it. Instead of saying well being good at it or not, is not the point, the point doing it. You know you went to the german I'm tired in too much a bench presses. Were you good at it? Well, maybe maybe I can be a personal records thing, but going verses not going as what matters. Not you know. Critiquing, sincerely every little bit of what you do. Some people are terrified of silence
terrified of silence and just being sitting alone, doing nothing that they know they would rather climb a fuckin mountain in their underwear than just sit alone in a room by the letter sent by themselves. Just think, ok, I'll leave you here for three hours. You can't talk, I swear, breathe it in three hours in a scary, to write me. If you tell people here's how you should meditate and now they're gonna meditation classic a bit, etc, they had to sit there for an hour and a half. That's a big ask initially So I often tell folks twenty minutes. You know I never. Even that can be a big ask for some folks. I say you know. Takeovers five minutes into a concentration practice The very narrow focus like watch the sensation of air crossing of upper lip as potential that tickled That's very narrow, tight special focus and do that for five minutes by the end of the time. Your mind, probably a little more stable, and do what I call it. Awareness are insight, practice watch more rhythmic things like your breath, rise and fall, or the sound of traffic going by the road or something
and we see a mine- is more stable, high, so well. Less random things popping up in your mind. After doing some concentration practice. This letter, feels less busy lesser the monkey mine chatter, it's still there, but it's a little less insistent. When you ve done some concentration, practice mean concentrating on anything sort of re direct, your attention CAN resources and what you're thinking about and if what you are thinking about is simply attending focusing for its own sake. Then you build those resources and build more strength and resources, in focusing and so then later on, when you're walking around the world, you have more just mind. You have some space between your thoughts, you less autumn. Fifthly, reactive, you haven't got somebody often traffic and you know pick em. The bird these, all things that happen as a consequence of developing more resources. So what on the cushion or wherever you happen to meditate translate to less reactivity, more sustained focus, better attack
share and better sleep, less anxiety, less anger, but you are practising all those things. Those things come from having more stable attention, were stable executive function. I sort of feel like a lot of people operate on momentum. They kind of that momentum. Often times is like nipping at their heels, and they can never rest. It's like them. Aunt em of all their past genes and thought and the things they have to deal with in their life, their bills that responsibilities all that as a sort of pushing usurer and when but a bad director head is still spinning, are young and stop thinking. I gotta key amendment my mind us our mind off Elvis background noise starts to rise. To arouse sure meditation is something quite absent. Leave. It will help you choose how you react and mean that the Fraser uses intention verses momentum. You learn to chew,
and to act versus react and to be accurate place of choice and control instead of always genome ray ling based on your environment? Do you use sensory deprivation tanks I have. I have not might be funded. Do we know concern us ecstatic somatic you have you have. I have not. I do not know about you slip, tanks now never have not our floating, that's crazy, nine right I've never never ended up in one really have been interested in it. Whenever quite happy. How does a guy like you not get into that, seems right? You guys aren't try everything. I mean there's all kinds of things that I've gotten into you, but that's the motherfucker. I can't believe you tried that I have had. One of my basement for the past fifteen years. Thirteen inequality, body temperature apps themselves cut off their yeah. While I started doing it in the early two thousands I am. I went to a place and tried it out for the first time now sort Madam Mina bread, had seen the altered states movie got excited about a red John Lilies book. The deep self and dumb
If you ve never done it, it's it's meditation times a hundred sure, because you don't feel your body, like literally detached from my odd right right once you become relax enough to eat do the same. Meditation practices concentrate numb by countries with my breath, and so I do in with the good out with the bath and I do it over a long period of time like I like to do. One minute breath Did you one minute in and one minute very difficult. Now, hours allotted discipline, cars, alot of discipline, not just exhale your air straight away, but in doing so it that's like the base. That's that's. I build my and then anything after that is easy. The focus on the the breath takes away from freaking about the fact you floating around this tank- and you don't feel your body- in the absence of sensory perceptual. You don't really not getting anything in there you getting a little bit of movement. Sometimes your body old, develop like itches caught my face.
In its really dont do not eating it bit by a fuckin mosquito. You just freaking out it's random sensory, your brains, freaking out, because it's not getting any inputs search, creating poems this. Lot away, as you can sort of trick the rain into producing input like that, even without Nina climbing into afloat tank. The simplest tack for that is probably some called Ganz felt classes. Ticket Poland cut in half trim the edges. They aren't sharp essentially make a pair goggles. We are covering each eye with the ping pong half ping pong ball, and sit and look through the white balls at at a white wall that you're protecting light onto the sum indirect light, keep your eyes open to stare. At the end, I too, these curves spaces. You can't resolve distance, you can't resolve a flat surface and after a few minutes you start elucidating interest same thing. You expired, I'm showing you have some some hallucinate.
When your visions, when you're deepen you're in your flow tat, DNA yea, certainly do the same exact thing. It's triggered within moment, sometimes or some people a few minutes anyways with gowns failed because the eyes being open and trying to look but not seen any surface thrice similar phenomena about two years. Gee. I bet it is the difference being that in the flow tank, one of the benefits of it is the fact that it is in the absence of sensory, Deborah sensory input. It seems, like your brain, has way more resources, so it seems like Paul bomb seem to be easier to fix up it seemed solutions can be more parent. You just have a better. Understanding of things. You ain't. I think why haven't gotten into flow tanks and because I have other you know, ecstatic me excited meeting taking you out of ordinary reality? I have other techniques that work really well for me, and then I I tend to use intellect like rhythmic movement until your mind shifts. Right and then for technology assisted stuff. I mean I I run in your feedback center. I can put you in a state in half an hour. We know with wires on your head,
and so I want to dial in a specific state. I will die Alina specific state for myself. Is a massive benefits that tango really love you to experience in and hear what year. Your thoughts on in our shared was its I'll send down to the float lab in Venice user to asylum, color city yeah that flow lab as the spot, and I mean this guy crash- is created these taxes at the most advanced, I was fond of a friend. Actually I've heard of him, sir, the eyes of master when it comes to that he's really, when when the entire float world was building. These flimsy plastic luxuries. I remember those things he came up with this giant steel, walled, structured, losing a meat, locker, ok, his earth, are more insulated. They retain heat better the linings or far thicker uses the same line as the use they may coy ponds and everything he built to the tenth degree. Yet Some checking it out. Maybe some way we can you underwater your heads, I'd immersed, isn't now
it's under half water bodies floating right. So if you're lying on your back your water and energy, but you had the under water so were wet electorate? Would you couldn't you develop some both electors where you tat an electrode scalp scalp, all over the scalp different it? Could you probably took it to the frontal area where it wouldn't give you didn't wouldn't beach? Anything with e g is to compare your results to any existing literature. You have to record the same spot. The same distribution of spots would be a way to do it inside some sort of divers cap there might be yeah exactly there a few? There are few ways that this might be accomplished. Cause I've seen age is done on actual divers like on scuba iris so they're, probably our ways of lake electorate that can get where the arrogance of seal against the scalp with colonial. You know gels and about to see what happens to brains under that means altered state I would love to see you try it, and once you do, some tests on it crash is also developing, so
sort of a weird video component to his tanks, where he as engineer these screens- to have the lowest amount of light emission that you can possibly have still seeing the image. So these images cause you're in complete silence, complete darkness. I mean you, u dont, there's no light and there at all, Having this incredibly minimal amount of light on the screens. You can see that the images, but you don't see the television. I don't see that screen itself he believes in the absence of sensory input. We are your brain having more resources, you can taken information better. She can learn quicker but I mean I think it's probably very likely less distraction like and also you can do things if you did things from first person perspective. If you had videos of people learning things from first person perspective Sink up in your minding interesting must happen. Amira neurons in some way. What's this
theoretical at this point? I don't exactly achieved it me he's he's. I know he's got the tank set up right now with this this video. Maybe you could This means that we need to do is as out about feedback component to where we are seeing is contingent on your brain moving. In specific direction, ineffectually could mean it if the flow tanks you into this receptive state and deep state quickly and sounds like it is with by feedback. You could probably you know like credibly powerfully, just move people Cross State shall, let's see, only atmosphere that I know of the urban environment, where your body is literally untutored from your mind. It's it's did you don't feel anything else? You feel like a fly, no just floating through the union, any there's a weird Luzhin of motion that you get when you are in that thing, when you, U floating, for, while you feel like you're flying like a village, a flying forward, interesting you're, moving this feeling of Movement
can you feel gravity when our own orbit, you totally floating, because the fact that there's a thousand pounds of salt water, water being. Ninety three point: five degrees re slower. Ninety for some people, floating. You re buoyant you not feeling in the water becomes your air. The air becomes. Your skin is all one thing in years, no more input need us call the animals at all. It's at a lot to hear more about you don't stand. You haven't fucked with tat yet does that seems like something right of your howling? It does actually I'd it's probably a functioning. I am open one guy, without too many things Ganem I've. I lived about law different lives are different. Career sounds like it raises Sherman wacky test right man I mean I started grad school age, thirty, five, Did you really? You know had other careers before that one of the Kurds Let's see, I worked impatient psychiatric prices for many years. I must inform the that was kind of crazy. The most, why
hospital. The state of Massachusetts arises doing five. Ten fifteen restrained to shift when I first got there while and after year, I took over train people had to do restrains. That's why I left him went now I was really into Cuba back then, and that's not safe management, safer. They are not getting hurt when people are thrown punches, basically and I took over training the restraint team and after another year we were down to like one of months to summit. Was the expectations resetting on the patients in the hospital you know conflict was. Was there I'd like often times people discuss that when they talk about police violence that much of the violence they get involved in doubt be mitigated if they had a better way of communication. Carnival. Absolutely so did that I, my first jobs were working on farms and a little farming town in the northeast pick berries
I was a baker and cater for a few years. I worked in residential homes with retarded in print multi, disabled adults, workin, high tech for several years, working the middle way database company for a few years worked for Europe. That guy worked from MRI, Imaging Centre, doing prediction of depression: relapse based on brain changes to their methods. You know so really a pretty bad hi tech, human services and then now and of combining the two. How much work to do with people that have encountered traumatic, brain injuries. I'm more than I thought I would be. You know Neuro feedback It is largely tuning circuits that exist Entebbe eyes, dramatic increase. My brain injuries are often different architecture. The brain has been physically traumatized, some tv, I people. I can make real quick change than one client right now she came to see me. She was having some tremors
opposite side from the head. Injury should lungs, loving passivity, which the priest anything when you had injured. Impulsivity a weird was yeah. It's pretty dramatic, often for had injuries And you know: she's a finishing her thirty sessions. She's no got off all format, children into anti convulsing, not any any anti in passivity mad in those four statement. So your brain, very very quickly or in the direction. I was hoping it word in it. It should just did what I asked it to my decline last year, who came to see me? I just couldn't get his brain moving. There is too much going on so I see what you mean by could get his brain like I couldn't get his frequencies to train up or down enough. I couldn't get his symptoms. The shaft he was Gill, get worn out at noon every day and he was really impulsive and all this dinner TB I stuff psychic. I've worked in the past decade with about seven or eight,
he be. I people- and you know three of them were dramatic responders and a couple were tough in a tough movers cause of this guy that you couldn't get him to move. What did you want to are, you know, we're he ended up going overseas to teach English easily sort of Europe an end to the times that I had him because he was going to the next job, which is overseas, Sally had him for like six or eight weeks or something so had I had him. I would aside look stop building you, which is. Why do I don't make result, doesn't happen very often, but I soon we start building you and then just keep training in those keep trying different things and to find something that works for your specific brain. And so, from the pressure of them dynamic, financial yeah. Exactly so, I sign people up like a thirty second package, which cost some money in a cost but lower for K and Ninety percent or more people, their brains, do exactly what I ask a nurse in there be happy with results does insurance cover? That sometimes depends.
You know alternatives, which is why do on your feedback is not a provider for an insurance. So if you gotta pee pee our something we can often submit against it for partial reimbursement or things action, side alternative. We actually are getting pretty good coverage. These days, Doktor Jaffee in current just got the centre certified as an outpatient, partial aspiration, deeper amplify. That's it that's the non twelfth up. In writing. We have there, since German, that you'd were getting results with the will was issue had some sort of a concussion massive yeah car accident, and he and he We want coma for many weeks, laws to be chunk of his brain, the front and so had mass and passivity cause. The frontal lobe again is you're inhibitor. It's like is for drinking sexual things all leave eating. It was sort of like acquired ADHD acquired it in his mid forties. Because of this head injury, we had no Sir control. Cemetery, no inappropriate! You know
and then he would have worn out by one o clock every day noon. One o clock he despises done, which is really common and tv. I just do not having any mental stamina. And so for him it was: let's get your sleep better. Could you wasn't seeping? Well, let's make your data and you better and let it you less impulsive with goals and those things all moved, but they moved. You know a fraction what I really wanted them to and most people meant the reason why it was so frustrating says, but for most people nor a feedback is sort of you know it's. My silver bullet I can do lots of things with it. I expect that nine or more than nine or ten people will. Just you know the brains will do what I ask of you if they're dramatically imperative profoundly self dimming autistics people with major PTSD or major alcoholism, or a lot of really come and present In these days is out. People have been on meds for decades in their working, and I can't sleep but the stolen mass amounts of sediment sitting and andean type things all kinds of. What are your thoughts on those?
The short answer is: there's no such thing as a sleeping met now of these sleep. Drugs make you sleep. They all are hypnotic stake. They put you in a trance like state, the sedate you'd into a hypnosis or hypnotic state, and then, if your tie, Third and the normal sleep reflexes there it takes over and you fall asleep, but it didn't put you in a sleep state. Put you in hypnotic state, which is very different than asleep state. I have some friends of real problems those things they have to take him all the time or they do take him all the time they think they have taken. They dont work after taking them for a while, so people come to see me say: I've been taking shape, no drugs fer, you know ten twenty years and I haven't slept, in ten years, and so I start trading up their frequencies that cause deeper sleep at night. I'd more relaxation in this, so asleep architecture is maintained by specific frequencies in the brain spindle until train those up make them stronger, so able to fall asleep more easily stay asleep more easily.
Wake up more refreshed, so I have a friend in he takes two a day: yeah thanks to those fuckin Ambien things at night, he scares get out of my everyone's always worries going to wake up, wonder what would you do that? I would say you know how comfortable are you no reducing your ambien and usually the answer? Is I can't so? Ok, let me look out. If ok, let's forget, am gas junkie. Let's go, I mean Abbe, junkie, sprawling, junkies, small Let's, let's go with someone who just has a problem. Sleep into thing takes Thailand, all pm Ray, I would just our training them. You do a brain mouth, a brain assessment figure out which patterns are driving their sleeping and usually at some of the patterns, evolving too much beta activity towards the middle and back of the head. Sometimes it's the same patterns that are producing some anxiety formations and saw find these patterns and then just start training and a decrease amounts of beta increased amount of alpha or fail to bring those slower brainwaves up, maybe training
seeps bundles, which is what keeps you deeply asleep once you fall asleep at prevent you from coming woken up all the outside stimuli, the mood you train this with with Bob Feedback in a measure. Because you're making all brain waves all the time to sleep, people off and don't know right now: you're, making Delta Theta alpha beta, gamma and other brain waves. We haven't named you're, making all of them all are the ones we have named it. We have identified them either the identified that we haven't. We named them. You know the in in order of of disk very alpha was the first one is the first greek letter, but Alpha's to about ten hurts test cycles per second There is at least two or three waves slower than alpha that we discovered later so in order from slow too fast. Its delta phaedr, alpha beta, gamma and gamma traditionally stops at forty hurts forty seconds per second the brain? We go up to about two or even three hundred cycles per second while, but we menacing. Given those functional, you know, bans different names beyond gamma, so does it by owed the zoo?
biodiversity. Does everybody have the same sort of frequency? Everybody has the same functional frequencies, but you know you might have more alpha that I do you know, as it as a baseline. In so what I'm doing the brain maps, this is really a question within the brain maps. I'll take baselines us have similar eyes closed for five minutes record your eyes, closed, resting state and the little court eyes open, resting state, the brains very different eyes, open and eyes closed very different, typically and so I'll. Take that baseline data and compared to a normative database with thousands of brains in it and get heat maps picture maps. Out of that but tell me how different you are, then the population statistically how much of that varies based on intention based on not much at all acuity your brain map, is stable year after year after year after year, barring maturation, medication or head injury went about sleep, if someone is really sleep deprived, there are some differences in the queue e g, but if there are little
little bit vagaries and sleep here and they are don't actually affect. The the sleep is much more important, like caffeine status psycho stimulant status. Those things are much bigger deal. What I'm doing brain recordings that then how rested european folks him and having not slept it's not very valid reading or having been drunk the night before it's not a valid reed but if someone just like, I get seven hours, not nine hours on your problem you know, and then statistically we say: ok, you know. What's your brain has x amount of alpha? Were there eyes, open up it's too much major spacey too. Data means or impulsive too much Baden. The ban. Might mean you're, anxious in our different asymmetry in the front. Maybe repressed and saucy, five tendencies patterns. I draw some hours line the sand in more than one and a half their deviations. I consider clinically relevant or problematic. Maybe, and then we sent about all these patterns. That rise to that. We know outlier level and try to figure out
We know this. One can mean this such refer. You, oh, it is a great believe that one this can mean this this there's this or this wasn't true. Ok, what's a normal, very feel its move on so he's not diagnostic tests, the mortar prognostic rum guessing about what might be true but the pattern. The brain mapping patterns don't fit into nice diagnostic bound I saw you know. I might see that I'm really dramatic ADHD pattern. The person report somewhat mild attention problems, but me. No, if there's a dramatic outlier three for steering deviations out of range chances are very good. That thing is causing you. Some trouble in some way I would like to do this, but I'm worried that it might find out I'm way more fucked up. Then. I think I am we'll everyone's a little bit like that. You know and we all brains are different. What about the Dalai Lama he's pretty fucked up to? He has got that stupid Robin didn't. You would deal a major health crisis recently. If you dare to say that I have a friend who had some experience with them, and so these cuff Porsche
I have a friend who grew up with him actually and dig up together and in a monastery and that's where he doesn't say much about him, but it, but is that he's also tibetan guy? So these breaches rights the weird way to live your life. As the reincarnation of a God, had neither a spiritual leader, yeah, it's Asia. I think Steve cigars. Why those two calling him then? He gained some sort of reincarnation stamp duty as an he'd, o master, sure I actually able to initially was trained by the guy. That was his first teacher and that teacher I do not like teaches through pain and intimidation rule. I am not terribly impressed with cigars Kido. How dare you I know its immediate he's income kick my ass now, but You know- and I keep a person I haven't done in a few years, but I'm not that impressed with cigars lineage or his onscreen kido, while how route No, I don't. I'm such a jerk tenant believe things. Why
I understand that you too, that my some sure you'd know more than made me look school for them. People around sure looks like you have to cooperate and doesn't go. They will work. I think if you shot a double autumn and got a grip on your hands, is gone for ride the aids. It's you know most of a kid. I was learning to recognise forthcoming, even not being in the way of it right creep up on him. Slalom punch him in the face you not like running Adam, hand over you re right right, you re right exactly, although you know you can you know the angle of the helps in the eyes meekin sort of men Lot of acute, like a lot of martial artists, is, is very having the footwork so yea, step to one side and pivot around and by the time they ve swung there this their overbalance. Now you can go to knock em over you but if you take an anti devil, I D, one wrestler good luck,
but one of those guys against us and say, or some of the people the pinnacle of you know and I'd love to see that this new kick my ass yeah, but against the Basque? I you bring your best guy. I don't get there. There actually were in the seventies, several videotaped multi multi, martial arts competitions expositions between whose sense the founder and several other principles of martial arts. Can you watch online? You can't really light was so he says, guy named o sight, o o sends a oh and then, factories and say he has a name that member, but whose his nose O Centre in Cuba Woody. Male, but videos are one specific look at his exposition video, like the seventies, that sort of the big one that shows him. You know knocking people love without touching them and things you now until a crazy, a little but like like not not his friends like you know the karate master from Japan getting knocked over and thing without touching You that worked
knowing on what you know about the mine, probably because he gave a subtle q that made them prepare to move in one way and then switched it, and you know they ve or essentially using their mind against them over balancing them. You know you believe that really, you think that a guy can knock a guy over with his mind, just by giving a subtle well known, yet like like shifting your way to the person talking, you shift their weight and then and the movie out of the way the person falls over doesn't work. There's only gonna work on someone who doesn't know how to fight a hundred percent, while you should somebody's videos there right now with you. Ok, because would save you pull up eggs. I have of vast extensive variants in watching bullshit. Firstly, martial arts, bullshit and a lot it comes from these retreat
no Marshall artists who claim to be able to write, anticipate in use peoples or whatever very those claims being made by us and say that any doesn't claim that he has some ancient lineage. That in a cook, came down for the mountain he created at from touchy and more some sort forms everything else into modern art. Not an ancient art will do some there's some martial arts that are very in the ancient martial arts at a very effective and actual hand. Competition like Judo, for I sense, very effective, jujitsu. Of course, a rude of the killer. Recently unbarred Marshall, like, like you, did me a kid who is a Jujitsu Judith Jujitsu, its category but a softer than Judah crazy redistribution of Energy Marshall. Yet take someone's energy use it against them. The issue is the german Sosenza. So this is someone coming occurs, is terrible. Show me something good as a Scottish. What the fuck is that,
has running a norm, so this is a thing with all these. These goddamn demonstrations that guy's willingly corroborate well yeah. I mean look at that: hit he's practice in the technique and running technique. You either cooperate or your arm breaks with this isn't even cooperating. Discuss, throwing himself on the grounds of silly This guy's running towards him and letting this guy clothes lineup commander does never happen. The guy's a standing there this would now. Her. Work against a train fighter, never In a million years you get a and c. Delay division, one wrestler he's issued on this guy, and this guy's gonna be on his head in seconds. It just doesn't work. This is mean. Does what I'm looking looking at rights while you're here, people practicing techniques, not a multi disciplinary, the multi? What should he look for exposition
then there was in Japan mate? Maybe an exhibition or acts position exhibition exhibition, not exposition. Exhibition. Tell me one of those looks And I think, if you put your judo or karate and you'll also find it cause, it was a multi, martial arts meeting the seventies there's a lot of factory when it comes to martial arts and a lot of people they did trapped and all this fucker. You have made a lot of people that a very intelligent people at swear. Send say, is the guy that has the answers draw this task and I just have I've seen too much. I know how much of it is based on Pre, predetermined ideas that you have a vast persons abilities. Make no claims about. You know my senses, you I've learned from being you know from on high stare at a motorcycle. I crashed it when flying through the air.
And was standing on my feet. Watching the bike. Spin away because I was doing Kido so much, Sure that's balance in you can visit blot videos of guys getting this of great video of a guy getting rearing it was on a biking flip through the lens on his feet and adjust bay. I was thrown. I landed on my shoulder on that on a street on tar and was standing up watching the bike sped away with one little tiny tear my shoulder, because I took the force of being thrown where I had my body had been trained, warm deafening saying that learning how to fall as in a huge scale to have. You want to write a motorcycle and fall down learning how to falls a big part Ball judo engineer to accede in a lot of different martial arts, but this motherfuckers nonstop at anybody, fuck em down, tell you right now that old do was close line technique This is hard to see with that kind of shit. Adult eminent rates also hard, if not also hearted typical part. You know from from here
If you are in the in the dowager watching the footwork, he might mean perceive a little bit differently, not you someone who is not a nine year old guy with a with it with a polite student right. You know that there are different right. That's why I want to see some real shit. I've never seen it of every single one of those I mean I've seen some judo demonstrations were. There is one that we played recently was amazing, there's his old Judah, but the way he moved was lodged I mean I understood that what he was doing was effective, based on my knowledge of the human body or movement. Does not that's under watch some cool
operation there and what I run into this guy's punches. These guys, forearms, gonna, think Jamie. Now, ok, that's interesting! A turkish ressler verses and I keep our guy. Ok, let's say frizzle rustle of cities about sixty and who knows it is really a wrestler takes him down like that Mount exactly. As an I'm saying, TAT, some had not choke. That's what I thought now see this again gazing and tried again. Here goes Grab some frozen the ground again grab some girls, the ground, yeah. That's what I expected exactly see. This is what happens in real life. This is what have and does our bar. This is a guy's. Not even good at iron bars needs a left leg over the face. That's that's reality. The shit doesn't work, and this is a
therefore, to practise it looks cool, but it's like, as far as like advocacy and actual grappling against schoolyard nothing, but the goal is not skilled grappling. The goal is to learn how force works when you're bodies flying through the air right and when you summons punching in the face. I learn how that forests coming out to be safe. The goal, not to strike many. I kido places don't even teach much in the way of attacks with our guy wasn't striking that guy just grab them right, but I'm saying it's not a meagre you conflict art. It is let's work on playing around with forces that are moving between us together. I totally insane think it was initially developed to disarm people with a weapon when come out you a weapon to use the energy of that weapon to take it away from them. I just think as far an actual martial arts. It's one of the least effective in real practice. I mean it But then the goal is not necessarily face to face combat enough you, you can pick others
things that are more military and are trying to kill the with a ghost. Kill the goals, not killing or meeting force with forced the goals, keeping people safe, Reiner Kido! That's why we grab my God is to kill you tell your opponent as quickly as possible. That's why they call them that's. Why I brought a wrestling because wrestling the goals and kill you either wrestling. The goal is to point out to you: well, the guy all is to control control your body, which it would be probably the most effective way to avoid getting hurt. If you had someone coming out you, if you can control by they can hardly sure, but controlling yourself is probably that a higher focus I keep out of sight. I think you're fuckin viands ombu jumbo value. They they got you, maybe they do. Maybe I'm in I've been doctrine it, but this is still a long history of that stuff. For its like a part of people's map of the world. Have you model of the world of what's effective and wants not effective- and
The Gallagher there's a lot of people. I don't like the idea of mixed martial arts, because it's not in many ways is not traditional, martial arts and some of the sum of the positive benefits of traditional martial arts of sort of been cast aside in favour of Mohawk tat too, averages right, but the reality is a lot of the ideas that powered those. Traditional. Martial arts beliefs are bullshit and we thought they were real fur. Long time- and it was only one way to find out their realistic analysis, competition and in competition, you find that the reality is most of stuff doesn't work, but but you that's that's all competition? I mean I've been attacked in bars, investment ground, in a bar and before they know it, I'm standing next to them. And they are not interested in talking anymore because their rest, as you know, in pain or there on the ground, or you know that that's happened I've used this stuff in real world environment, not get some like me. No,
professional, rescuers coming out may begin some asshole in a bar right. You know it's it's very valid as very useful. Ok, what that means to me as it works great as long as a guy doesn't know what the fuck is doing Well, we know Jersey, Marshall, artists, isn't gonna walk around trying to kick people's asses, that's what an unskilled asshole does the urban? It's not that's, not the Let that's not necessarily the true Good one into someone was an asshole whose skilled and just they have issues they have. They know they can to have emotional issues, there's a lot of people that are skilled fighters, that golden pick fight death and if you We have I Kido, and they have that you're gonna get fucked up. No chemical engage with their fight to step aside when NATO and also these or drinking beer in the bar there get there there there drunk and you're in the margin is out, but I don't get it can with alcohol you're assuming they do. The
think I'm so little about they. Martial arts will work on train killers and Kido. Just doesn't hooker. It's just. I don't want to shatter beliefs, but this is an important subject to me because it something that I went through my entire adult life and as a young man. I went to the broad spectrum of what to believe. And what not again, then I have no doubt or let us not a competitive, martial arts and it doesn't work that way, rustling off or a crab, Magua or karate. You know or judo I'm ok with being not a as practical as those I still think, there's incredible benefit in, learning to use your body and keep yourself safe in a crisis environment withers this benefit and gymnastics. There's others benefit in a lot of different things that I would look one of the best dislike platforms, for going into Jujitsu with were recently finding is break dancing these break
answering guys with there's a whole team of em from tenth plan Jujitsu that started out as break dancers, and these guys have these incredible athletic ability because they learned how to support themselves on one hand, handstand and spin around. They can manipulate their bodies in these incredible unique ways, and these guys me you'd, never think of brake dance. Being a Marshall art, but one wants these I learned basic positions there, so good at them. Khazar. So that the same is true and I kinda you take somebody's learn that and put them in a more in a hard form. They're gonna have skills that d, Then you have to fight and they would get knocked out sure, moving around your centre. Moving from a strong ploys agree. But we re now, certainly I just would buy, would be real concern in this is one the reasons why I am so adamant about this
very nervous about people getting inaccurate ideas on their head and I've seen it and action to mean. We too have guys when I was my competition days, they would come to the gym that had come from some crazy, kung FU martial arts where they had is distorted. Corruption, a reality and they would spar with people who actually knew how to fight, and they would get knocked out horrible watch because they had Deanna ahead of who they were right and then in practice it just didn't well, but I, like you too, centre, has an idea of themselves other sparring fighter, Now they have the idea of themselves as how well they would be able to keep silent way from them. Yeah. If somebody grabs in recommending that we just saw Gatt hack old over and over again very easily shared with it. I wouldn't let thy tackle me. I wouldn't have been there. Would you mean you and have been
He would have come at me what a step to one side and does not bear to think that I wanted to do that, no cause he was. He was trying for specific technique. He disliked grab my arm and I'll I'll. Do the technical thinking of so. Do you think that if you were in a matted room with someone who's, a train grapple you'd be able to keep them away from you for long that guy yeah yeah, maybe not much longer. You can try that a lot of people have ideas new head of what is possible, but you gotta, put at an end I am also a heavily train in restraining people, how so the media restraint, people and so hospitals for several years. That was my crazy people. Looking out and rowing shares, Siena six foot, five through interpol people and I can restart, them alone, oftener, with one other person why things can we really interesting to talk to you about a specifically is what is going on in the mindset of someone who is engaging in conflict cause one of
most important aspects of any physical altercation is being keep your wits about. You know violence, conflict, cod, is of huge surge in adrenaline cortisol, which stress hormone, and it shuts down the connections between the the executive, the ceo of the brain and the other the brain. We should have a dual track brain mind almost we have top down region, Susan Bottom up resources, says Automatic that happened like, I can't look at the picture behind what seeing it at bottom up its automatic and then this top down how I interpret what I'm saying how it aside to feel about it and bought a top down versus bottom up. A lot of the bottom up stop in crisis and violence is what takes over the top down ability for your your intent. And your perceptions, your mom
winter moment perspective on your brain or on your reality that goes away in a crisis and the pfc, the prefrontal cortex shut down or its connections between the pfc and arrest, the brain get shut down a little bit and you go into automatic deal the crisis mode. I wish we could monitor that in competitive, martial arts contests, because I've seen it time and time again where people are professionals and there of have a long experience of competition, but they get to the big event where its the World championship, fighting a contender, the main event, big show and they freeze total. I see you see the nerves was it, you ve got a lot it up, and you know your eyes to be in college offence, her eye fenced a lot in weapons and most the time it's pretty cheap left hand, an advantage and fancying often- and so I was pretty nice, pretty good him at at my school. I was one of the better people, but then you gotta these big events and the adrenaline kicks in this up. You know spectators and cry.
It's a very different environment. I can state dependent learning where you learn, skills and one set of contexts and if the context change too much, the skills may not be there. So these fighters who get the big event haven't practiced in the big event room or with enough noise or enough flooding or enough. You know caring about the fight ran to the fore. Where they can bring the same resources online. They learned life, musicians that machine us musicians can't playlists are stoned because that's the only way they ve ever played music bright state, dependent learning. So that's that's it. That's always overblown are quite dramatic effect, as we think it is. You see withstand of comedy to see some pot. Sometimes people can work well, small crowds, very little pressure and then, if you put in front of a large crowd there literally see them constrict, yeah. Some of that this that the sweet spot or use due to living
there's the there's. The stress response curbed, in inverted view that Turkey's dodging curve and a little bit of stress its of stress, verses performance unto axes. A little bit of stress, means better performance, a little more stress, better performance, little more stress, performance, plateaus, little more stress performance degree. And this can be like stress oars like I'm stressed out or just physiological arousal heart beating, you know getting ready to do something. A little bit of this stuff is a lot of it is not good and if you're, not you still existing, not used to performing in a mode on the far end of that curve, your performance is God, yeah seems like there's a wall that they hit this unexpected yeah, and then they dis get this I didn't think this wall was gonna, be air. Now what will they used to performing somewhere in the top of the curve where their stressed out enough or their or physiologically aroused enough to perform? Very? Very well. But a little more stress reaction times, down judgments down again,
it s. Memory learning all these things are apparent in that sense, do you think there's anything that you could do that would help athletes compete under massive amounts of pressure? Oh yeah, I do actually the sleep spend all that we can turn up called S. Emma sensory motor rhythm enough in the brain seems to improve athletic performance at you, thought and golfers we're trying to get in the zone. In the way it most feedback is as non voluntary, operant shaping, but with golfers. You follow them on the golf course with a laptop. Brain, goes in an area that today the tea up and get ready to instruct them all, and then they wait until the computer makes a noise and tells me ok, you're now, and then they release and hit the ball so they're they're, trying to associate being in the feeling of being in the zone with performing within delivering the Gulf pulse of the club swing or something is one of those things is very difficult to replicate, because a lot of times being in the zone means almost like geared an ear in that Zen state right
this is why your training, the brain to go there again and again and again and to know it and you giving audit an audio q. So you start to recognise up that tone means zone. That's what it feels like right now, ok, and if Europe, enforced, that association of you, if you pointing out that state and sing up there, it is there's your brains in that state. You get sort of more able to access. It is now arm to replicate when you have a guy there with a laptop, it seems like affordable for four golfing it as their several sports in performance, oriented nerve feedback approaches these days, and they are somewhat similar in reducing the fresh, responds, increasing attention to keep you in that sweet spot. To some extent, YO would be fascinating if you monitored the brain waves of fighters leader, right up to the moment you got in, they got into the cage and then take the equipment off of them. Let em compete and then find out where the winners were on they stepped in and where the losers work, that might work on the brain are sometimes changes states very very quickly, and so it is because
the lead up to an event. You probably would get relevant data, but you're right you're, take their equipment off when you actually physically moving around, especially if you're going to hit just me. My muscles are also electrical and so any muscle movement cause a burst of noise which swamps the brain measurements. So you would get a lot of noise even if their warming up wouldn't really work, yeah pretty much so have to kind of measure them like in stillness, as they were about to step into the cage, and I would take too much time might not. The main depends on what your measuring. Why do assessments to full head of the Aegean jailed caps and things, but you can stick a single wire and your club in someone's had a measure each a hollow in the thirty seconds that might be worth studying measure for a thirty second baseline or something yeah. Nano know enough about it, but I would think that be some interesting data that you would get based on. It would be really fascinating, profound on look at this hour,
the winners were in this zone and all the losers we're in this area yea, it probably find increased fast. Alpha sort of flow stayed in a lot of beta, but not a lot of very fast bade us a focus, but not exactly very low amount of slow brainwaves like dealt in faded, which happen when you're dreaming or creed and ever checked out. So my guess is, as in the performance, would be correlated with better access to flow states and focused states unless presence of anxiety states, industry It is so much to learn when it comes to the human mind. Is such a fascinating subject conversation because most people they have no idea. What's going on below the surface like we have this unbelievably powerful supercomputer, that's running a reality and we don't have a clue as to how to operate and most complicated machine. We know about three pounds but more
connections in the brain, then there are stars in the galaxy yeah when Did this infinite monkey cage with Brine Cox recently, and they were talking about how much more complex a frog is in the universe? Yeah, I'm done yet again. Each radically. The human brain can store more bits of information than there are atoms in the universe, now we just all the information, but we're never gonna run out of storage space of it, and this is a bit of a cheat but the the rubric for that is you take a number of neurons. You have say a hundred billion we have more but a hundred billion, and you think what the connect they can make with other neurons. So had a billion tied, two hundred billion neurons Let's ignore recurrent connections and was ignored, connections from one neuron to multiple, which does absolutely happens. It's actually the rule versus the exception, and let's ignore fact that gleeful cells, which are also brain cells, are also mutational with just take the neurons in just take the nurse. Cons connected to all the neurons so number,
and raised to the power of the number of neurons, so how to Billy the power of a hundred billion that now is larger than the estimate of atoms in the universe. Jesus Christ, so, you can store more bits of information than there are bits of information that in saying we should end with that perfect to put the ultimate mine fuck latest, while you're welcome. Thank very much man is so amazing. Amazing conversations Maryland really fascinating your stuff, the people of your interested, is called true brain. This is the new Tropic Bland. The three different ones Are they had won with caffeine, which you said taste the least good, and it was pretty good and you're centre is called alternative, authorise brain institute. We can get access to both the websites, alternatives, be h, dot com which is behavioral health, and then rain t argue brain dot com really really fast,
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