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#631 - Josh Barnett

2015-03-27 | 🔗
Josh Barnett is an MMA fighter, currently fighting in the UFC Heavyweight division.
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Get out at risk alone. Are I s? L, oh Anne e, dot com, forts last Joe that's really dot com, Ford slashed, Joe aren't you fox Our guests today is the great Josh. Barnett Josh is very fascinating and intelligent guy he's a good friend I really enjoy talking to him and he is the youngest ever you have see heavyweight champion. On top of being a professional makes more, large fighter. He competes in submission wrestling match. Is he trains fighters and easy and all around philosopher and and deep thinker? So please without any further Ado welcome my friend Josh Barnett, willing experience ha, ladies and gentlemen, international man of Leisure and never
the youngest ever you have see heavy we champion Josh Barnett lays gentleman I highly strung. They carry the can take them from non aligned. Now because I'm laying on top of a right now, as you, Beggar, Orioles and and my feet, propped up on a and a lovely eighty unless some MIKE Tyson type character comes round. When did it twenty beyond that shit, I don't really see that admin swear The heavy division is weird lever, says a lot about drug testing came into play, you're not going to see eighteen year old roll up into the EU of Sea over two hundred some odd pounds and to start lane into people, Is it possible, though it we? What are those freak athletes that would normally make it into the NFL and he's got a dad? I've been a martial arts. Actors who live that kind of thing. I could see it but then again that Nepal is if you could make it into the NFL year. Almost you ok we take all that money now in play and Anna fell
and then, if I feel like the unified or I'll do that ride, like Herschel Walker did later. A crucial walker, didn't, although I mean he's a freak of freak of freaks and meaning Look at Herschel. He should being the kind of shape he is at his age yeah. He says he eats like a bowl of soup and a solid everyday generators bar something here. Some weird thing going on to, though he has multiple personality disorder. That's trauma, induced, maybe one of personalities each one. The other one doesn't know about the other ones, workin out all the time and is you're getting all your caloric needs from one guy in the other, guys do all the work and I'll do turkey off, then you have the one knew the does your taxes right could be useful thing. It would devil useful thing for your mind, you departmentalized, like that you can really pretend you don't jerk off and real pretend you don't eat you just
The ball is now in the soup and you fuckin Superman a barely even of words. Well fuck, a white powder already have chalk from limping lifting calories, laid it in those callouses for a man. What sort of a man me that's MIKE much anger blocks out the front yard all overturned MIKE lives. Despite my brain, you might did it I use unbelievers like forty eight forty nine is last fight in strike force. Any just looks like a fucking great God. It that's. a guy? That only would think science could make that well knew what I mean like their guys out there that like, I have a buddy Michael Hearn right he's forty. I don't know forty six somethin like that and he's a family friend from way back in the days from one EDA Redmond Washington originally he's friends of mine brother in law. He area we all know and not for a long time, ridiculous shape. He can get up to modern up to eighty five,
fairly lean, pull seven hundred pounds off the floor. A hundred pounds is ridiculous amount of strength, then, He can go ahead and shred down to forty four somethin because of two me too. To do some photos. You mister maybe a little here, I'm here for this suddenly company or that supplement company or guess thing here, and still in training do not or no six hundred four wraps squatting. Just look at IRAN. Do you know his whole thing? being a natural bodybuilder, his life and ease. But it's I wouldn't you couldn't there's nothing. You could say they could ever diminish his. What he's done because no it it's like there's nobody else out there. I don't care what you shoved animal, what you didn't shoving. You can't be that guy right he's just that sick, strong and he still looks like he's like thirty
So you this year when the genetic lottery, unless you have some sort of crazy, radical genetic engineering down the pipe which probably is going to happen, we lifetime- maybe, but here I just I'm doing no matter how much steroids they take their Didn't you never going to compete with some ridiculous freak athlete now MIKE is one of the most genetically give and hard working, of course to people I have ever seen. He asked as our world record for running through plate glass windows yet no city, those rights that will be, but I know you, you will end up all gear and how and they line up these play glass windows and this huge long line. This lie like a two to line or three lines. Little dominoes, none are now you each one. Is it's an individualist set up and he smashes to the first second keeps going. You know, and sometimes you run into bouchers you back. You just gotta keep drive. In my view. It is also not a black belt and Euro Jesus
cries on american gladiators. He. battle down battle, Dome battle, Dome trying to remember that battle domain, think lower american gladiators. It was meaner. People got hurt more running, everybody had a very obnoxious ostentatiously very gregarious character very over the top, and so he was MIKE Odell like the perfect greek God. Although Odell come on, that's a Greek, but there now you know who else was on there was gonna can remember they play in the NFL he's incredibly funny. Terry crews The crews on battle down was really. I was, I remember, and then there was another guy. You know Eric Paulson used to train them and Eric even did the psycho guy gimmick the Hannibal Lecter Deal and they had. Went on there, where you'd have to get a guy off this platform over the lines and
Eric uses murder everybody add event, and then why our guys who fights who is one of our CS. W do t actually went on to battle down at one point, J Martinez way back in the day and he wrecked all do that he saw. Aren't you got here you're onto the platform that give the push out wanted just fucked him. All up and they were so they hated him so bad because there are. another event? Where was football? Ask Ino Terry Crews and MIKE reduced practically take people's heads completely off their body. It was, it was really bad. I'm surprised when they re did they re did not this one, but the other one gladiators. Why didn't they take off? It seems like that would take off their whole. Coggan lay loudly the corona was one of the asked takers one channel was at which they eyes energy. See I think we are on the right to strike.
the right to strengthen us registry. Gibbeted. Still a reality show like those that seems like it would be an easy one to do like they do. You know that I bout is kind of similar, but no one kick. Your ass right now be below that maritime enjoy, or I don't know I don't know, I didn't actually continue as well. I figured while you know, has a little bit a distance in it and two seasons and NASH. It was done, but whenever we have like people that you have high I like you hire a Josh Barnett and you you to smash some dude whose competing, it's kind of weird! It's way is not you not really not competing against another person, you competing it's a hired guy who's designed so that if the guy gets hurt, someone gets hurt and, like you heard, em like I could be, pretty easy to sue the company that makes that show a gear and employ if you, if you know some dude my way around, that you and you fuckin clothes, lotteries paralyzed, Canada, waivers man, they fight those things and when you fight em, if
If a law suit is strong enough, it's got enough power behind it enough legal. Our behind it. One of that was, it are probably not throw its ratings. I think it was this ratings and they it's interesting when you think about what guys are capable of like physically with the maximizing your genetic potential like there's certain there's a certain level, the? U can get past as well. There is like whenever one such talks about like steroids and performance dancing, drugs and, what's what's fair, and what's not fair, the hundred one that's one hundred percent, not fair is nature. That's true! fair. It always was a bitch, don't you're, more murder. You world drown. You well set on fire and will also just let you show up the the proverbial gene pool has been passed in with me I'll, get it with stubby fingers, half a leg or like down syndrome like well good luck, because you have that works if you're an athlete, no matter what you do,
certain guys use. You know the Herschel walkers to certain types of dude that you are always can. I have that giant advantage and when you do Herschel was in fact he was out of really well versed. He had a good career, Anna fell, but he never was the guy more than anyone else. I mean here toy heap. He had some Here's or he would enjoy always knew he solid, but he Never was the top dude Really. I do know that now he was never the number one guy and often towards later on in his career he was usually the backup guy, the due to got brought in for all the all purpose, yardage or because personal- could run and catch and possibly other if it through the ball to him, he could not know he could throw passed down, fear he could probably play defensive and it is right and then they would do those an affair, off season competition, things right where they take all these different players on NBC or something, and they would all compete
as each other and little events throwing the football through through our hopes and after TAT, and sumo in the beach sand all these different stuff rattle of the network stars. I was there s a good thing that we have to combat just for any fell players, the NFL would do it and Herschel Walker one every single one of them. He was every time, but he was not the best run him back in the inner fell during his entire career. He was not the best full backing, but he could play full back running back quarterback you get fucked up either foggy able Jackson's out their crushing everybody discharge eating yards up boom is hip, goes out, or Steve Admin taken, intercept running back ninety some yards as a defence of tackling the end and boom is Guess blown out stuff like that. Now there's a walker he didn't get hurt.
as we are right. Yeah he's he's a specimen, but he never was like. I said he was never than number one guy right to see a thing. Finally about Germany, Horn, Jeremy Horn, said zero injury or a hundred and seventeen fighters. I think that's in saying I have no idea, he must be made out of conflicts a rubber maiden or whatever United bounces back out the calm Gummy, that's always been as nickname bright He just as suggested focuses only on technique in his numerous strong guy. He he's got a point and it's something that I have stressed a lot when we talk about fighting and that is so many guys have learned how be stronger and faster, with or without drugs, and learn how to defend certain positions and and and hit hard, but they don't. have a full, well rounded skill set. They ve all got these planets and no plan b in their plan B, sucks and their plants, he isn't even a thing- and then when they slow down a step.
they lose a little bit. They come up crossed a guy who's, either stronger ass. There is too little better striker two to go to Iraq to good at something will this Madeira other planet they start losing when they start losing they just nosedive. They lose for fight firefights these guys it would go. there might up boom boom boom boom boom boom turns a corner. They can sustain a career because they have no technique. They do not have the finesse the the touch, the feel they don't own it they never developed it. They. became really strong, really fast hit hard overwhelm out athlete. Thereupon, it would you call front runner, yes, the most part and watch, you know you you watches fights and how you old man is vice, can be so good and then its whoever first that I went through game whoever's Ay starts. First, wins a fight, it
when you look at em are made to its so few guys or what you called durable. You know it's very difficult to like like easy, like Steep Amy MRS Junior DOS Santos Sheriff one, those crazy fuck and five around wars did so few guy my second engage in those kind of wars and and and and and make it out of their ok yeah. That's true and honestly, you, especially as a heavyweight with all that power and strength. You go through that. What's the next gonna be like the next one and you next when and how many you really want to get involved and when you see a guy like Junior and seals wars it he had would Cain and Are you? Knowing you mean you? Ve got a long career, man you knowing like that told at a fight like that takes on your body, do you see diminished at all. You see him yellow down the step. He steps are junior steps lower he's not quite as durable. He doesn't react the same way to getting hit his. He used to
No, no and here's the thing someone might get on twitter Josh Barnett says it you're, not as good as used to be junior not an insult, I'm the it that what it saying is that. you're the. What are you have been through? What you have done through to yourself and training, and what your body is an isn't willing to accept or isn't two or is able to do just by the natural string of how things went in terms of your career. To this point, this is what it is. take what what would you have now and adapted its In the end, its really only it's up to you to them to decide whether or not what you're Do is gonna be successful if we could only if so set your mind that it can only be done one way, then, when that way is no longer what is best. For you to do is an athlete prepare to have the ship kicked out you now, if you're willing to adapt reapply.
the things you ve already done. Well add some new things in just do them a little differently make small changes while they now you can go ahead and you can have nineteen years of career instead of seven six. Whatever you know, I mean that doesn't meek that isn't it you could run out there and double egg everybody in the beginning. But now you can't do that anymore, but instead you are able to set your double egg up, makes people ray act, hit him on the way up or hit him and then get a body lock finish that way, how's that any fuckin! Worse than what you were doing before, just because you didn't do how used to, but still getting to where you wanna be to me as a success. it's it's interesting situation. Where you see, there's some guys still have like a single minded, pursuit of single minded skill set like they just want to wrestle and box. That says they never throw leg kicks they never and those guys are going to get their fuckin shit pushed in once they come over that that Maginot line. You don't know that gonna, be, but it's gonna happen and then they're gonna,
can nosedive they're gonna be washed up husbands, so it seems like in this day and age, especially you kind of like ok like it Certain divisions, like their certain divisions like say, if you want to fight flyaway, you better, be able do areas. Mighty messages, so goddamn good guys. I've got you better, be it would do everything and he's a rarity, most guy we're not going to him right, and I I've known DJ, since he was just a kid up at the gym was too small to really get me fight in a way class that he really belongs in and he trained diligent over even when he knew he wasn't gonna get fights. He was in the gym day after day, training and training and training training, hard training, easy training, Fass training, slow down, and doing what my hat need told him. He needed to do an that's. Why here the way he is now I train under Matt. I did the same thing I trained constantly I trained when Matt wasn't around when it was my own free,
I spent that going over what we but was working but wasn't working. Why was this working? Why wasn't this working? How can I make these better shadow boxing figuring things out altering in the things that matter would say why I need you to do. This I don't really understand. Why are what can you explain to me? Why? Because I need you to do this so that you can do this, create illicit this reaction, whatever I still don't get it, but what you want, where this is supposed to lead to I'll figure it out. I will play with it and play with it and play with it and play with it not talking about my cock, but in addition to the I will keep playing with it until it makes sense to me and then I can come back and now I can ask a question that has purpose to it. Instead of just I don't get it course, you don't get it you're not going to get it lots of things you just not going to get the first time until
You live in it till you rapid, rapid around you like a skin and understand it and then you might even make a decision to go. What you want me to accomplish with this. It isn't that effective for me to do it this way. But if I just make a little change to it because of the way I'm built because natural tendencies. What have you I can get that I can get what you want, and I can do it do what you want and to the weekend event in point. We can get there, but you can't understand that until you've take time to make that thing yours to fully understand and their something's. Some take technique The map that he showed me over the years that I can teach others. I can't pull off or the shit she's, not my move, I'm not really bill for it. He was built for it. May he made better, and the same was with Paulson. You know just sitting there in and taking all information in understanding, standing pulses backgrounds even more varied than that so he'll come at me,
hey, hey! Do this? That's really from left field? Ok, but there's a reason. figure it out a figure that out is that one more frustrating things about being ever may find it. When you try to talk to people who don't know fighting is there's so much complexity in so much technique involved and the person, outside, it seems to be like a brute sport involving strength and weight and it doesn't those things, but it's what the aliens does not We are we ve alarm issues and this fuckin building her eyes, call mall trying to get in. I had to fight my way to the front to the front door. But do you know, and a lot of people don't understand how many different techniques are involved and how much Emily variables are involved in training. I can't be too,
at the ignorance of the casual fan. It's not their job. To be that first, the fan, that does go that extra mile and learn about the history. Learn about why this technique would work These people are and where they come from and what this isn't? What that is that, seven amazing, am I right I appreciate that I don't begrudge the person that doesn't I don't like it when they say really ignorant mean spirited stuff. You know what I mean are there, but that's a different thing altogether that somebody trying to be a dick on purpose to try and cut somebody else down. That's a whole different animal, but just not understanding. It's okay I personally, when I get into something I do want to fully understand. That's just the kind of person not only to meet people that it into it. I mean that the casual person that is not aware of its it's a fascinating thing that so many are yellow, yet that that first
Is the you know what it could be anything and fight is while it is something that is available and exists within every human being. The abyss to fight. Everybody has a to fight. You ever seen. Brian fight. Obviously I didn't say fight well, it does. the ability starts fallen down there. I just tried to kiss you or something. Just make a really big onwards. You just want to leave out openly to want a punch time on this whole. Not your belt loosens offers offers shoes up to you. You look really good and winning is what's been the biggest change over your career because you you ve been around for you know. I think the first time I saw you fight was ninety six or eighty seven something something along those lines. What what what you're superbowl? When you fighting to hurrah? Ninety nine! Ninety, nine-
that's what was ninety nine was the tournament two thousand was then Severin and then thousand one was my first. You have C4 towards your first anime fight. He first ever made My first ever Emma Fight was probably Ninety. Ninety seven of January, I was on winter vacation from the Earth Montana, and I got a call from arrests and coach if because he knew I was training you knew I was into it and at the time he was actually doing Matt Humes website, and so he goes hey. Would you be interested in fighting sure all right, who Christian US advice, fund, Superbowl right yeah when eleven days? Ok, we'll go anywhere not when we need to be there, and I just
I trained with an old trading partner of mine, this guy Edwin Rumorosa. We used to do Kali and Thai boxing in self defence that knife fighting all kinds of shit right, but we're on fights at the time, but we did the best we could. I would run up the hill from Ballard two. Fifty ridge me, him, we would either go to the park and he would me do stuff like throw, on the bag? The big army duffel a gear that we had. throw that on I'd, hit. Typepad on an incline because it was fuckin hardest, right. So I haven't check up and I had a cross walk up this hill and kick these paths and then he would have me do stuff like we even have mats, and things like that, so I would just beyond the carpet. I just sit there and take a position. Be blindfold me in this fuckin jump. Me, your medical textbook, even die. Minorities is job only and I have to figure my way out or whatever was going on. I had to feel it I couldn't I couldn't tat? A slot b I had to figure out.
was going on and get to work needed to be, and then finnish. It's like some pink panther type shit, yeah how'd, you how bout item just come out of a lot of their than ever that endo Stick and take it wasn't far from it, but in the end it was about sharpening deem the mental aspect of it and just moonlight aright go out there and you're gonna. Destroy the sky, no matter what and I choked among conscious into minutes. What was it was about sort of like me up the training as your along trying to figure it out belatedly and have real glass. We had to make him out a Harbin you're bad gloves. We had to cut them out of the palm and cuts mouse off and there you go There is an ever maglev and then we didn't have. we'll trunks. We didn't have anything there was no I'm gonna get you get it. I went to a sporting goods store to get some of my other equipment there weren't any. This for fighting were ha
We need to target about it even most of the time. So my first by was ninety seven. Then I would fight guys whenever I could on me. Let's hear their whatever wooden leg out with dodgy store Dodo story back in college. I would just hey I see you, don't martial arts, that's pretty coy train while yeah. What are you all? I did? I'm american Campo up. That's great, would you think of you have see your watch at? I spoke about ass man. I love score. I some want to fight what we'll just double. will negotiate the rules, and I will just fight right here. Ok, back off you know no gloves, know nothin like let's go whom I picking up this dude from these costs shoot Nana, double picking them up sky and am booms Lamb in the share out of them, and we had this big cargo net. None!
because there is all these full courts bachelor like three or four full court, basketball courts that went perpendicular to this whole thing so either running up and down. On the other side, cargo has to keep balls from flying over into the cellar and honour the matted area, and also there was a climbing wall and some other little stops or keep the basketball stuff in the basketball area and in there like a little room that they had built for women's work out serves little cardio machines, little windows. They could look out across the mats and onto the basque law courts. People would stop lying basketball and hang on the cargo net thing, and you cheer and hot shit and what ever gets mad MAC. Sure that's beyond standards mean to men and women in a lot of people, but I rather sky. This big Dude slammed him, who am it turns over, and I
Oh my hooks in splatter, faced first on the mat, I'm just twelve, the six elbowing him in the back until it quits. You know just stuff like that, and you know best was always you'd see a guy talking to him by his bow. Toughie is hidden heavy bag downstairs and now would be the do not always like a man. I see you got some experience. You ever find before yeah sure what I want to fight. Ok, pow. That's where you get your training yeah, because I had at first by that goes. That was really cool, We want you to come back and fight again in the summer, and at this point I was just. dipshit who had showed up as I who the fuck is this guy and how old were you back to nineteen nineteen? In fact, this dude in line is talking to meet me, conversation on this new face around a charter. trains and AMC and ease of use. Already approached and he'd be been known, so just this kid from Montana. Then there
even though I am from Ballard Band is asked me already. Train I go out strain church basement, might the other day in whatever I train at the gym, Harrison's the conqueror out in and and Mozilla learners like oh ok, well, cooked, because everybody thinks I'm gonna get murdered, I'll fuck and draining church basements. What our committee, it is this guy, where they find this moron he's gonna get murdered. I can't believe even the guy sitting on my mom filming. It is cheering for ass kick his ass. The modern my mom's, like our common Mazanderan Isaac. I know I'm just I'm just playing around now. Chris Chris hurt him. What was
like your motivation backed, and do you think that did you think this you're gonna be a career or just enjoying yourself? Now I intended fully to this was a point there. I told the people that train with back. Jim Harrison's place, which is by the way that is put up or shut up, no bull shit. If you come in trying to be a big shot. You will get your fuckin teeth knocked out and you don't that's not the place be a tough guy and Jim Harrison's about as tough and his mean as they come yees ease. It was a big help towards. developing Lamb is a fighter who was at first as they have a kickboxing Champion NEWS Judo champion. He fought the barnacle karate back in the day like Chuck, Norris and all them. He was super was his trainer, this dude is legit and so we need good guys, come in a jam and made certain other stuff and act and pretty cocky and who we just take, turns a hey who's, gonna,
if the shit out of this guy tonight supple some out there. training and I said so, the junior instructor there I said war, Oh hey. My goal is by the time I'm twenty four I want to be in the I see, and it is this kind of chuckle negotiates by the time are twenty four you're gonna win the? U Fc they go! yeah crap. But oh you thought there was a career in this. From the very beginning, I watched the tapes in Japan. I saw you, I just thought with this, I don't know what kind of a living. One would make I a you could probably Dane yourself, but I knew that I would get can't you see the world and beat up its people. So that was your actual approach, like you from the very beginning, the beaten up these guys and best work, You were thinking. What does it just training where's my I'm a need to fight,
these guys are showing up with two hundred fifteen o records and all is crazy. Shit like I don't have to run and fifty I better get the five way behind let me start by young people what am I going to do when I re I fight the guy, that's got at least you know. Ninety five five. I should really write a book about all the shit. You are one of the main you really think about it. You are one of the real pioneers that there is already a round just a few years after the beginning of the. U have c, and you won t you have see. Title was five years after you, first are fighting Ninety seven it? Oh four, so that awful that you one Why do you think it was very sorry to arouse the new yeah two dozen too, because I've years does. I wasn't working for the you see when you want five or six years of training with three years of three or the rest. Two years. Judo, that's pretty crazy! Man has broken,
If you really stop and think about it, that is a really crazy path. You really should write a book them to go to that. I might be around, but I'd worry about all the people that would get thrown under the bus, not on purpose Jason's man, I've seen some shit. I've heard some shit around some shit. I prefer to keep that. On the day. That brings us to one of the things we worse, but talk about to show that we need to talk about John Wayne PAR was on a show and John Wayne PAR, who is a great guy. I love and death enjoy target Germany at one particular story that piss you off, and it was a story about training with you. I was before you made its horror in the new year show, and I was play it. And we'll get your reaction to it, because I know you really want to talk about the sapling he's gotta catch rising as a future. Dr soon hear funny story, chore intelligence out his say. I am
I meet CUB Swenson, come citizens coded unaware hanging out and in my first day Marit Paulsen. Soon there is my under the new guy. I know nothing, no, nothing! No one knows who I am and then pose ok might arise but gear on guys, ok, say just Barnett Despite this way, you point to me, and so we and move around in psychology, and then just we are now unlike out and there I mean boomable and I'm goin again. If there is a is this? A good good night is a big dude is a big data guardian in India in fear from alive just this type and light, and then we do too other two rounding a taxis, glove off any threat. Is it across the room he takes? A chimpanzee across the room. He packed his bag. He storms out and then they go into Tokyo? The next
A fine man ease Eve. Pride tournament artificially was against and then then a week passes and just loses his flight. I got a phone call from every person. About three or four days later. Once when I get back, I said on aid very high on, I just want to let you know that we blame you Josh's was because he was fine right till he spied you and then some kid that he never seen before only mean the spy and took away all confidence selling go to Japan. You he was amiss in no way. This is a true story. Juno's will, first of all how take this. Are they to take a guy like you? Were they dont? You now have it. I was an outrageous that you go in the gym psychology east by him being cut off their so that you defend that you fought in demand the new year show was the Minnetaki Nogueira fire right which tell us if I were you, those
very close fight and you actually had a leg, lock lockdown, was the second time I thought and now you're, like a nasty choke on. He managers barely escape. I picked him up and slander models had. I I whacked out, I'm a bit up up and down below, but he pretty, stalled me out. We try to me down most the fight and in the end they gave him the decision. In my opinion, what they wanted was a trilogy, so I think it was a bullshit decision, but final finish, a guy that the judges make a shady call a well, that's my fault, still not the judges, but that Neither here nor there right in this store, really piss you off so express herself, while for first all the you could say If this guy came in and I've made sure to go back through my mental rolodex about this because I'll be harnessed. I had a pretty vivid memory about training which Omri BAR because new, absolutely who he was when he showed up. I
He was not unknown all these people to Jim and not dimension pulse and it will make sure to introduce if somebody of notoriety came in. If you showed up right now, Joe that if people have been living in a cave, he would tie he would say this is your again. He d take window. He did this, and now you may offer he will he always make sure that everybody who shows up gets their due respect and his use properly to everybody job way par. I watch and fight at the sands before he came and trained with us. I washed and fight Muay Thai I'd in a finally time before I knew his wife was. De Rivera I'd seen her fight before. I knew all about John Wayne PAR. before he'd ever gone to our Jim. He shows up I'm gone. All fucked so fucking cool, and I made a point that come up to June. and tell him. I watched you fight it.
At the sands. I was there, I've seen you fight and all about you and I deliberately spent time training with John as much as I could as much as I could so Here's. The thing John, had a anime fight coming up against, Tony in twenty banal, so he's at our Jim to try and figure out this will ever Megan and I even put extra time into John trying to help him out trying to teach him about defending the down and try to be more defensive. His crap learn. We olives everybody there, was really kind and helpful to him, especially myself, and I
despite with him as many times as possible. Why was it Jim because he is such a good fighter, but at the same time you are smaller than me, so I'm not trying to win I'm just trying to learn about trade. take two fifty pounds and kick him and heard him and bust him up and make this a competence and about whose better? If anything, I would just play play play play playing. You know is striking. Is so unorthodox verses estate, a boxing rhythm and even you might consider sometimes a standard tie, boxing rhythm he punches on on on. We timing and we're we're timing, signatures and word rhythms and his elbows are super high, which normally people, if you like that shitty, but he makes it all work and he's got a great kid good reactions and good footwork. So we played a lot but there never any asking on my part there was there. I never shut my glow across the room, because this new guy just showed up and beat me up, like that's all fuckin bullshit one
you could say that maybe he's been pressing ahead too many times. Maybe he sees it as an opportunity to get some sort of fame. I guess he's gotta documentary out which. You know, I don't know what he's lying about that, but clearly this guy's delusional and even well, there's like that unwritten rule about training right even talk about it. Am I being said when we did spar there is at least, There is one time where I put him on the floor by accident: this time they write middle, kick against his right hand and adjust com, right and right in the right spot down to the floor egos and we laughed because we thought her- I go. I didn't throw that hard man. I was just that was just a fallacious that was really well placed, and we just what would we do? We figured out how to repeat it because we thought ha if, if one could land that pictures right be a great kicked and be grateful
they haven't ones arsenal, especially if you're not even trying to hurt anyone. They get hurt so bad that drug well in- and you know, I got a big big heavy leg. Now so I dont fault him for that. It's not It's not like we're trying to win. How many says largely spartan, fuck, six, seven, eight eight times whatever. He was therefore a good bit and then he disappeared, which I guess he took off to Thomas Dennys. I don't know why, but You know it's not like he was having to pay to be. It is doubly at the time, but you know to him a May. He got murdered on the feed and on the ground and not because he's a bad striker. It's because he didn't have the rhythm. Yet neither really the most stopping take down right there with the only reliable, the potential of the takedown distance, the clenched distance, which which doesn't end in all kinds of little
things that change the way. You pattern your shots. The way you would angle the way you would for work, so you know just industry tie boxing. scenario, of course, he's very relaxed, but with a may, with everything that comes with it is not so relaxed, which is no fault of his yea talked about not pursuing Mme, because he was such an expert in my tie and he didn't like the fact that like when he would do jujitsu wrestling around here, so so out of his element. It didn't didn't like beginner. What is that? What is that you know, but that's that's quitting that's what that is. Let them fuckin gotta wait I to begin with either. I promise you right He was by a timely started nets hard for people start over like taking a guy, knows the here's. The thing he but time he started Emma may. He was already good at one thing he got so used to being but one thing he couldn't stand to be a white belt again, while than a definite wasn't for you right, and I guess you don't like potentially learning you.
Language is or real, new books learning. That's fine you could stay in your little hole and you clearly Emily wasn't for him. Some people, though they get a little bit of success not little bit? Obviously he got a law. Amount of success? We need money. Do you think he made TAT box and very little for exactly so He probably thought anime was gonna, be a way to get more notoriety more money more whenever and then, when you realise that wasn't it, happen. The way you thought it was he quit, while see guys that have really decorated my tie careers in their struggle to make it in Emma may share zero. The about days, good example in is a guy's pretty successful. In a moment he was very successful but breed the good at my door. Yes in Armenia, world champion in my time, is that transition is. Is an easy if it was easier ready to do. That is true, and but, as far as kick my ass, it may never kick my ass. My entire life
weird and a you know it's even who so, where it is, I was a giant par fan. I meet the guy at my Jim and make a point not only help but to train with him to learn from him to have that experience to be there. Oh you know what am I going to get a chance to train John Wayne PAR again. I want to have, both Europe's large ass next to peace. all it could happen. Is it he's gonna go y know? happened elsewhere. Beside shut the fuck up. You know I mean not me all right now. There is a long way, but it's just dumb and then recently someone dug up the whole Hector Lombard stuff again. Why- and I thought that was done because we have a mutual friend through the Jim, and he says all you know Hector. You see sorry apologize for all the crap afford MIKE
school. You know we never had a problem with accuracy, stubby really and even the night that Hector called me out at better. I that the day before wagons, Hector how you doing man, I think you're gonna, do really great. You know about it still back in them. and then only to have him say all. I want to fight this guy report. What the fuck man he sat down at the way in which we ask of everyone is fight. Torrent is when it was the melody middle age every year we want to fight next, I want, if I judge Barnett, and what we want to fight me for what the fuck this the energy among people the wrong way he rough one feathers like I meant you don't like. Maybe I will. I will accept the eye: ruffle feathers our people the wrong way. My father, I will ruffle feathers, especially in the case that call things like I see it. I dont let bullshit sly and I Absolutely no! I do not suffer fools. So if you come to me with a bunch of just
stupid whatever. If you build your whole life, this whole constructor out who you are and what you do based on ally based on something for something bullshit, some I'm just I'm not going. except that and I'm not gonna respect you. If you don't have to be the best, you could be the worst. but if you're an honest person you're a real person, then I don't give a shit as now: I'm not really impressed by people that can try to portray being something that they aren't or make themselves into something that they aren't I'm more interested in people who, exactly who they are and that's fine and understanding that they have This is a strength and being able to grow and and be percent of integrity and being a person? That is true too, who they are and true to me. So will cause a lot of issues for folks, especially the fact is ideal in and entertainment Whether it be fighting or the acting or anything that I do, a lot of ass, bravado, alot of made up you know, machismo
posturing right so Hector the first time. So he says the reason that we had beef was because he broke my the first day aspiring and I, remember! I wanted, I hated him ever since then, and that's not fuck untrue. Either the first day he ever showed up a c s. W he'd come up from team class. You ain't, gonna, train there anymore, and I thank you still hasty Henderson what it an engine. I dont know that some whatever I don't. I never asked I just oh he He saw a man easy Jerky mine, whatever you know I didn't get into it, but now the first day, Human sparred was actually one of the best days we ever had with sparring because he got the ring. You wouldn't train a murder, everybody and I fuckin, hit victor roles. Ottoman took his knee and he's like holy shit. That's crazy! How did you do we're having a good time on tap and amount taken down whatever, but there's no animosity
we everybody's training in training in training and he's always ramping up now and then at some point I show up at practice late and airlines on the floor haggard as now no sir, I just through my should our quick, no hair, ass, no, nothing! No one's go and hard like I'm going to jump and is that women up merit tat, touch tap tap although we throw the biggest fuckin punch, he's got tries to knock me out starts my nose. Bleed is gone. What the fuck's, it's on four, like twenty minutes and I put a giant egg on the side of his head and Shin lamps since letters basely, had a fight always brought it out and with a boxing kickboxing imposed. Finally called call an end to it. That's fine and then later on, some pointy sparring, Mighty MO and Mighty MO drops and point and the guy. You know it applied at em. Fuck me you scared him. I scared and mighty Mozart. Man fuck you what I don't need this I'm here to help you out. I already got
x amount of card to how, whatever you know it, need this shit. I've already made money you're the one who's down here, trying to cross the rags, What are you gonna get out of this and so then things started getting a little worse, you started beating up on civilians, which is what I call like. People are not prose hand and we was spar and things like that here and there, but I was that would Hector he was always gonna go hard. You never had a light, not because he couldn't, but he would and you guys after he had gone hard for twenty minutes. He basically fought out for twenty minutes and I was down with it. I never I wasn't mattered, and so you are perfectly fine with sparring him after he was. He made it clear. Who he was gonna, be in the gym It's fine, I mean one time We had a grappling term and I drove him out with me. So we get all hang IRAN could be together. He came to this fight out and palm desert, or we had some guys fighting and I mean every year
part of everything with with part of the team. We knew that he was unstable, but we knew what to expect so Bob elude beat up on one time the jam because he'd, unlike at all, because he was he would beat up on four because Hector would take liberties or people very that Bob evaluation. Do that and but in the last time we sparred I get on top of woman. I am working over pretty go, but I'm not trying to kill a guy and he freaks out in his eye now I'm gonna going I'm tired man. Why is what what do you mean? You too? I do every day you go hard and trafficking people in the one day, You don't want to go hard, you say anything, but everybody's expect this was gonna be brought. And so he says on this one day I gotta problem beat him near within an inch of his life and, like I didn't do that, I know I didn't do that. Guided by pinned em
You know I was. I was leather and em, but not hurt in the guy, and he thought he was going to die or something like I'm not gonna demanded that the EU is just just training, and now it's like this thing you know you didn't, beat my ass in the gym urine. Of fighter, in fact, you're a better fighter than you even understand Hector Lombard. If his head was right would be and touchable. He is one of the most gifted strong fast at throw aside the factories Gub Popper steroids, then with a even with it. You can. You can find and hid his fuckin, his peers and give them all the same. Shit or different shit doesn't matter there how can a move, have the strength and the speed like Hector's Hector's unreal Hector should be undefeated. The Hector's ahead case
And that's why you know he'll, never fully ascended the top of the throne or really keep it if he can get there, because he as I understand what it is that he has as in how to use a best, but he is amazing. Don't get me wrong that do not Yeah he's a super athletes is no doubt about that. I never seen anybody rag doll, Jake Shields like you could do that you'll do round. You could do that anybody in his weight division here he. Now that could somebody have occurred Therefore, some something I'm not saying he's he's invincible I'm saying that what he possesses an Let us ism and skill set he's actually good leg, lockers you won't see a necessarily go for it, but he a good leg locker you have of it of him in no grabbing tournament, ivory, guys like a loud carrot. The he's got he's got even we're skills and he displace. But again you know you gotta be put it together, but
part of the beauty of Emma may? Is that it is weird thing, the AEGIS Ye Tat just be super athlete because there's other superpowers leads to you can't just be a technical guy causes other guys are technical too there's some the variables that's true and you could be the best athlete out there. I know I thought people that were bigger and stronger than me and faster I beaten them before and I wasn't because I went and I fought their their speed with my speed or or use my shrinking is there Frank. That was, I found a way to bypass, thinks more to put them in such a way that they wouldn't even apply strength or speed where they should. They don't even understand that that it still available to them issues it. They don't understand the position, understand what's going on there and even realise what what opportunities are. Therefore,
wasn't it almost impossible unless you spent decades and martial arts all almost impossible to have all the skills and all the knowledge at your disposal. Of course, such a deep pool of information to draw from it is. But you know if you want to have the biggest toolbox out there, then you have to spend the time to do it when the coaches are encouraging you and you ve, left practice Howdy, spend your time? Are you in video, not just on your part of which is watching videos on things for fun or not or to beat, or to take a look at something. Break it down and make it yours. and in a very highly technical aspect, or are you shadow boxing to make sure that work on keeping that job inside? Are you thinking about the things you ve been working on? Are you thinking about Every mentally drilling, like Gable, says a sitting there going through shy
after shot after shot set up after set up after set up in your head. Are you having a garbage straw, you come to ruin the signal right now hey, I'm alive, lying I restructure right now is that was that there was a silence, Papa Mozart. Ok, I'm in here that they're out there, like I got a fuckin hotspot, mother Fucker bring me crash in your recyclables. are you now? If you, if you were gonna, start someone spam goes I know you train with a bunch of young fighters now in a bunch young fighters. Right now. Gentlemen, Duke Marinas, your Victor Henry sure, am Amado. Schneider Anna and if you want star it save you. Gonna starts from scratch If you were going to develop programmes take athletes. It had never thought before.
never had any martial arts experience whatsoever and turn them into professional makes martial arts fighters. If you had a curriculum yeah as it were, how would you start that off? First, first things? First, what do you possess up top your brain exactly, If you don't have the type of mind that can be that debt stated that obsessive, that that can they can be easy go in and you need to be easy going and be completely unmovable when you need to be there that unchecked Anne and unfettered confidence would you develop that in a person's gives us something you either have a? U dont have, or is it something that you could develop? You can develop it, but it's truly believe that for the most part of something that you are born with the ability to do you, you give adversity right off the bat you give them struggles. You them things that well confuse them on purpose, you see what how do they deal with? That did I quit
they folded end. They throw fit about it to me they throw temper tantrum Oddy and because what you have to do too, to the end goal is really irrelevant getting. And what's important. So if, you had to fuckin. Do coffee runs for two weeks in a row. If that was all mean come on. What is that in the length of what your career would be a length of what your training with the coffee resolution? I am just once it had just once you go, get em coffee, yes, other fuckers are gonna help anybody I just made it out. I don't drink coffee, but if that was this to see them you why wanna go train, I wanna see what they do You think they're on that. In that case, you're dealing with people like ok, some people will come to the table with a certain amount of mental toughness, a certain amount of discipline. a man of the ability to overcome adversity and some people want in Europe.
I'll take the ones that will is. Is it possible to take someone who's almost essentially a blank slate athletics early and turn them in to someone who could understand. What's going on in their minds, I do believe in like mental trainee. Possible, but again they would have to exhibit those characteristics through and athletic. We know per se, but just through determination, standpoint. Just through It's like the reason why pressing Jim's back in the day, or even even currently, I spent in Japan especially an lines then- and they had try out, I had to go through a try out. I beat to providers my first. You fight, and I still have to go through a try out, I saw had sparring. I still had had, have a meeting with the coaches. Before could join AMS, he's fighting, because just
nothing! Just in being a good fighter, wasn't enough. They needed to see what is this guy made of Is he cultural is he is Have the mental capacity to to be in this environment and itself Kenny He be one of those people that what we instil in him we'll stick Without what I was kind of getting too is a way you could develop a mental curriculum because it seems like that is one of the biggest parts of of competing or the It is part of succeeding in a mad tripping over your own dick right, which a lot of it will do in all sorts of things in life, easy with Stanhope comedians. You see it musicians. You see with authors these people that just I can do the work or they fog or they don't fall. through where they take too much time off. Or what would you the mental aspect of success that the idea of finding a go figure. how to get to that goal, and then
avoiding anything the trips you up along the when the I don't know about building a curriculum. That's one size it's all everybody's little them, but of the difficulties at you do you name too, failing or trying to learn it. Some of these pussy yeah, but I put in a buttered baking. sometimes it is sometimes very tight and small. Sometimes you just now and then he said and Rocky well, here's the thing. Some of those things are ok failings. Ok! Failing is ok zones. You learn from some other Bryce motivators ever. What's not, ok is distractions not doing the work. Not there is a difference between not being successful because each
isn't learned yet is an is in. You haven't, develop the capability, maybe you're, just not quite strong enough. Quite that things like that things that you in time can be he learned and understood and grown from, and then there's shooting the bad by not putting the work in by having the wrong attitude by showing Trying to win all the time, letting your ego get in the way things like that, and that's what you want as a co. As a K Mart images of the coast was take that other recouping aspect out of it, because, as applies a life as Well, that's gonna have somebody else apprentice under them, as somebody that has the ability, still knowledge an understanding towards Somebody else wants to work towards that person. who needs to learn this stuff has to have the right head: mild, coach, Billy Robinson. You need to learn how to learn. That's a fuckin fact, and
so the cut one of them, the mentor jobs, is to try and help guide. This purse to teach them how to learn, because once they learn? Is that it's a stupid old analogy of give a man? A fish Healy today teach a man to fish help for a lifetime. It is fuckin that since one broken down to the smallest pieces. You have to learn how to fish and you learn how to fish doesn't matter. If I tell you Ok! Well, I want you to use your job to score. This guy's chin, you will figure. The way you need to use your job to score on that guy's chin. You will make the job you possessed the most affair the job you have ever known, because you understand you not a fish as it there get pissed off, because you don't like the fact that you didn't hit him every time more union your your gear unit, your focusing on Thank you too busy trying to win instead of trying to learn what you learn. Your way,
If we try to win all the time, you're gonna fail eventually does a big. That's a big problems. It's a Marcello Garcia talks about that. Alot says that you have to open yourself up in training and he can't worry about being tapped, nope, tab, tat is a part of the game, get tapped and just move on. Don't worry about it! That's right! It's what's most important as you open up your game and then in open. Instead of being like super defensive, never taken H always trying to win you. Don't you don't learn cause you? Don't you don't get tapped, but you don't know Jack share in there's, always those guys every Jim has got its almost impossible tab. It doesn't fuckin tab anybody right, that's true, and in what that's another thing, that as a mentor, the coach or whatever you want to call it that you have to look for is not the person is there's. Only the person is just fresh off. The boat latest fell off to turn a prop whatever just get into it. Trucks turn rocks at all one? That's almost coolly,
no, I mean, there's term proxy go through. Those few is all that I really know they're all about tournaments over there. I in turn turn into an amateur in. Is there one turn up track for the whole entire cat state of California? It's organic. Today's organic going to turn creates gluten free gluten. return Abuja. About eight mania. Blogger! You know, you're, the rising it shut, but that's what the gluten issue is. It's not like The real issue I believe with gluten is the gluten. Is all sugar like when you were not doc gluten, but Google containing products. If you have a lot of brave, you have a lot of past, not a shudder, and the real issue is shaggily seem carbs. That's the real issue at sea, to be in I've talked nutritious about, unlike while some people are more sensitive and some people among the people that are most sensitive. It usually because their peculiar interacting with
They are the ash. It's it's a! U know crystals and gluten, haven't they. They are the ones where they intolerance is within the combination. Not the person themselves again at the body is ok with gluten, but if you have crystals on at the same time, depending on what harmonies their vibrating at that gluten could be, a measure is very important, but are you a new groaning harmony? We she annoying goodness look there was an earth, is kind of a proposal that that the whole thing that gluten thing is like there's some to it, like you not really supposed to beat and bread all time now, really supposed Rien passed all time and you body some Obviously, some people have a hard time processing all kinds of different foods. Everybody's die, it's gonna be different to a person, but the one thing that will help everybody. Everybody listening to this heroes gluten France is cut off. fuckin sugar out, just caught a way back eat fruit. You want some sugar
Have a peach, have a pair it'll, make a giant difference or totally getting off, TAT were digressing, but but we're not because they are well learning right at learning through and one of the things even about the whole concept of this gluten stuff right: no, bread and pasta. How refineries Shit you're into like, if you have bread that was almost at least four find as possible by me, is gonna, be refined to some degree because you made it into fuckin bread but the least refined. As possible, like sprouted grains is different from cheese, ball, white bread, wonder bread type should solve sugar there. she's by white bread and I've been known to be unhealthy, comply with your little cheesy, but it's it's amusing. I love spread Brad. I like, like a z, keel brands like that I'm on my body doesn't seem to react to that bad at all, but it does tend to burn a little bit on initial touch for me, but that because I'm just so unholy, they tonic. That's the problem.
These ziobro. Now it just like six eyes glowing. I didn't know you were unholy and say tat all the above how long you been wholly thinks it's a day. I was born when I like to point out that our sign or simply a U child, as I began to cry the night I was born. I heard the moon turn a fire at. So you get these these new guys with their sprouted, Graham Bread, their leads, and you get them to a certain point right and then here's the real trouble they experience some success. They get the some point of understanding and of they feel like they know what their game is and they know where they can win. Getting that mother fucker. Out of that, all out of that show that's hard and that unfortunately, where a lot of time she's got Turner guy right, I'm done with you, but you have set your own limitation. At this point you have, you have created your own road blocks. And you don't even understand it- sort
like what you are talking about with John Wayne Parlor John Wayne Part not wanting to learn their rapid because he was so good at my tie. It already crossed the gulf and become an x and did want to become a beginner. Exactly John Wayne, lard decided he was gonna, be a failure in terms rattling Emma. He decided that it was a matter of whether he could be successful or he are, you know he can highly successful greatly successful, who knows, but he decided that he was gonna. Nobly good It is only one stage in this conversation with a guy wants about this guy who's in Emma Fighter name, his name, but he's a really good. Take boxer, gonna Emma may intervene, tapped out and guys, abolishes, doesn't have any talent for Jujitsu, and I said that's crazy, I guess not that it doesn't have a talent for judges who I go I'll. Tell you exactly what happened? I know those guys they are so good. A kid boxing day dawned wanna to do Jiu Jitsu cuz. If they do Jiu Jitsu or submission wrestling whatever the fuck it is there any it opt out and they don't like getting tapped out. So they spend a little time doing that as possible and as much time hidden the paths,
bag working on their strengths, not work on the weaknesses, no one likes to feel like their failing. You know it's a hard thing for people to do. to go back to sucking again in some way and I just started training coaxing corrupt. and now I want to my story- show him tomorrow is a junior world. championing the junior watch him and killed Shan he's taken. Third and fourth and the weight category Ciampi World championships. He is also the youngest sky to ever peace in the world open weight. a hundred eighty five pounds or so at the time, Eighteen years old or so, and he made it to the top thirty to tap and whatever he's fought like cloud someone in law somethin like that, while fuckin kid I know
They have a lot to offer. All martial arts have something to offer, and I have always thought that Kyoto was was a bad ass art and would be fun to do, and so what I do. I show up guess what I added will wipe out. I had to go by a strategy I had. I have to sit there and sit in the back of the lion with everybody else and be nobody in that's. Ok, because people, but I don't understand how can how come you're here with a white belt training, cod do forms, and because I like being wipe out I, like learning and in a way, is kind of like my yoga, because I can throw aside kick but you make me, do psychic from that, with their heels, to get justice a different way of doing it. I dont know these forms. I dont know some. these positions to do these sort of thing. So it makes my body stretch and adapt, and I'm doing
getting better learning more doesn't mean that I have to go out there and Sancho with my knees in and whatever in and give somebody across each of the neck each, but so are learning new movements s. So we did learn new movements you're here once you were saying that after you left here, you go a train of thought now: trains about four, about a couple years. I never done any of our training. Would it would you really love it? Do would allow a here's, the simplest wagon I can describe about think of savant as like the western boxing equivalent of kickboxing. You're more Floyd may, whether than you are you know, my examiners hearing and getting hit the ideas about is a touch a knock. It touched lots of foot using your lead, lag, led hand. Tons of footwear so it is not a lot of emphasis on power. Now I mean develop power and in and you have your kill, shot opportunities. But really it's about being scoring off.
Housing angling there, the great file Raymond Deckers versus Pinocchio, This italian, smart guy and that's fine I will then shares Jamie and Christ Pinocchio people are entitled to get the fuck you're watching the weight of an oil is due Ramon Deckers off Savant guy beat Ramon, decorous live around decker, like five and how he was he wilted. Now he was at least seven and a half. Saint John Wayne PAR, had just beat him up really bad practice and his confidence was shot, saw. Pinocchio beats deckers, but how he does it is by scoring more but being elusive and when you watch the two fighters and you can see it at all, Lorenzo out does not give a real boy saw Pinocchio, Bro its hand, you you don't even you watch debtors and deckers is full of power, tons of power and when he kicked You can see this just bone shattering type stuff. What I'm here
early nineties, Ramona Stone a prime, oh yeah. He Romania still knocking out ties over in Thailand, but the thing is Gear is almost never there to get hit. The other thing is: when he's taking me shots, he saw it moves with them, he always takes the power out of it, and there is quite a few times he kicks deckers legs out from underneath their Molly's trying to I trying to wind up on a real and tag them with a lotta shot with up top with the hands This is very interesting. visiting deckers is ours fighter them knock yard. Don't turn it into that kind of thing listeners it's about style right here. This is what came down to it was a guy using a different tactic against you know: he's not gonna match power. With this, do you could breyman? Deckers was just a destroyer too much power kicked in the dick there? Now there were in those shoes why they wherein the bought some sort of fuckin near wherever European leagues thing,
You know I mean this back in the day when Kickboxing was different everywhere you want in this is kickboxing. There's no clenched is no labels. No, unless you always know knees. What do you think about that like the glory rules, as opposed to for my tie, my ties Tennessee to get boring ash it. When I get in the clinch and they're this throwing side knee after side knee and no one's really landing anything of in they're hanging on each other, and I, and why they want people to be. at that mid range or long range, just tagging each other, because more exciting to the to the casual fans. I kind of get that from that perspective, but at like it as far as a study, is easy. They deny has Lee, lay hook, kick and then evaded his return located. At the same time it was barely. It was Magua acts calculate like a slap I'll foot. Slap inside law. High again just anywhere lot. Constantly look spinning off of his character and lighting away, Pinocchio. Also
beat your boss fought, and some matches to and lost. While so I mean it's just apply so hook you to the face. I love the the and seeing the speed one the things I like to use if ass. One teacher people is that you know how much do they. Likewise, my thirty forty pounds If you just got it up, there is fast and his quick and his can and is to the point as possible. If you score as clean as possible as quick, I don't need a throng of hard. I mean for is is Mass Times Velocity squared. So let's work on velocity, squared and not generate more more strengthened that movement, but just beat right so mean our Kyoto. style than my tie. Style will function as a tendency to kick try to really make kick the baseball bat apart to at times, but lay with
bought me if you can even watch him. The old american Kickboxing stuff back in the day in those guys were so adept at gone from foot to hand and foot and put the hand. Obviously it was tailored to the game. But if you thought you know, just watch guy Metzger. What's his arena, there is that that's a nice little kick led leg. High kick in this black and all of a sudden aromas on rollers gates, and it ain't even look like much here. You see in that. Sometimes today we are seeing more VA, karate style a match does a privy example with is no wind up is no step, for he throws the background. Kick what you just throws it right from there it is. Does that as well. You see two guys in front kicks taken people out as if that was never a legit technique. You don't I mean, there's a brazilian ways: a throw font kicked. You can throw a timescale, push kick you get all the time, window one where you Victor Webster has one of the nastiest push kicks ever and he'll fuck
who is out here and he steps in he rides into it, and then he hit you right in the hip and makes you sit on the floor as I fuck. Do. That sucks need stops right through your hip and then you got. Cannot they style? We pick it up in full. the punt, as Jim Garrison would say with the ball the foot and you get around that chin, the solar collectors. Ram area you turn it over like about likes to do and key, or even children as it to that Kicker knows kick the because Ikey Gary and punt it right into the liver and it's a ball. for how much surface area that, just at the end of a hammer ahead of the hammer hidden right into the point. There is a lot of old school tag window, guys that would throw round cakes, but they would throw in land the ball. The foot like affront kick sure there was a big thing. These do back in the day. at the airport in ways holds this camp every year. It's a big full
on their of multiple instructor teaching all this stuff, and always people come from all over his affiliates gems and they pile indoor Jim during our training time. So he integrates everyone together. And I always tell us, I go, don't stick the newbie Fucking Guph pause in there with me. If I gotta fight, up, and these user in here they're going erect like that's that's. This is my job to help. This dude have a good time at camp. I'm getting ready. Please don't do it right now, you ve just you can just take it easy. I'm like no they're, not gonna, go easy on me for one, because I mean and they want to either their excited scared or want to prove something so I don't want it. I don't want to deal with it, but if I have to burying them so That is the way it is so anyways wherein there were kickboxing that this kid and fucking turns it up. My god dammit so what do I do? I step up three left. I kick off the leg, but I turned over to hear the ball the floor. I just stabbed him.
in the jar with it, he stunts puts his hand up quit for the holidays. Done, since that, I'm done forget it was probably get ideas. Audibly was a good idea. I gotta concussion. Before I might have done whenever you like. That's my problem with tournaments I especially those kickboxing doing lies guy's going essentially knocked out their first fight they recover and now they they they get drop stand or fucked up, and then they have no twenty thirty minutes for everything. cool down and really hurt in the back in there and do it again. Yeah I area and is happiness. This conversation with somebody, the other day about I was The referee? Actually I go, you know we need turnover, back an enemy, and these thyself and they go well my tournaments, I got now. I know the fuckin stupid ruling where they say. Oh, you don't exceed five five men around and in a night that doesn't, if I'm fighting pro boxing, I'm out there for thirty six minutes,
you're telling me that fight or can't go thirty six minutes, if it was, if you gave me thirty six minutes, then you could go to fives and three five and a final and that, while there is guys, could barely get through one five now formal fuck good. Hopefully they get this. Kicked item. They fuckin figure out either a how to be able to go past a five or be this ain't, the score for you. I mean we're not supposed to make it. So when you're, a professional, everybody doesn't need to be able to compete when you're an amateur. I have some understanding. Everyone should be able to get in the ring with them, with a modest amount of training to go out there and do it, but not prose. Do you think they should bring back termites every combat sport in the world? turn a momentary everything and we love it We love the shit out of tournaments. Japan loves everything. Fighting in going to turn in so much they fuck and make them
the tv shown its battle and there's a piece of celery verses again, which is, I don't even know how you compare those tube or why you how you make em fight than even given little knives or anything, but first I feel training Unless other providers don't wanna do tournaments because they feel like save you, there's Forman tournament. You have a fight, not enough. Round. You win in ten seconds by knock out, and then they go two rounds and there's a draw, so they go to a third round as brutal their bang the fuck up and they have to fight you. The finals. You went through ten seconds- are fighting and they ve been. They get the fuck beat out of them and they're all banged up very fighter. I guess is that really what it is one of the drawings? What have you got fate or and your opponent, God was a wimp, William when his cattle at coffin and will it will guide us in the first round, and then you went off what, if what, if any hardier on sand and then the other guy gets
Vander, Ladys croak up, yet we but these so fuck, it I did I lay in the back I had I visa. I saw me and honestly that the biggest problem wasn't even the fighting. It was getting he'd exertion before even shorter for the tournament, because dead summer of Orange County and we had no air conditioning whatsoever, no breeze ways and that old, Jim and I started off doing ten minute rounds just going through name providers, owning m, Thou, sudden eight minutes, then six men? then, for then I can barely get a two minute round off without falling apart numbers come what the fuck is wrong with me and in people. Packing me with ice bags, between rounds and in between sessions and all of a sudden, my energy. We start to come back some
GA, while this is fucked but allow let's get over the heron, do it. So you were training and, as you are training you had no air conditioning in Germany in he Exhaust year is fuckin hundred degrees outside a time. That's fucked with your conditioning when you actually want to fight, because you never way able to push by the time I get harsh, but I mean there are things like when Nogueira mounted me right. I gave him my arm on purpose because I couldn't get em off amount, because I couldn't expend that kind. Energy just wasn't there, so, if you I know if he goes to try an army that shooting gonna happen. So this because of all the time that you spent in the gym under heat exhaustion, death So you know you were never able to do those ten minute rounds off long rounds in the jam, because just now I just got to What are you guys? Would fucking Airconditioning into Jim, not my Jim, that my decision on Dahlia Paulson Jim was its regime, but far higher another. I struggled to to get back into took me about until
sheer before. I really finally fuckin felt better again. I find mass till. I was still just. Struggling my my sin: ass much shot central nervous Korea might I'll just from from the hollow shell bad. Why? What about crock, Jim and Fuckin Detroit? They would crank up the heat. I hate those twenty that everybody is, is I'm more susceptible to it, I think than others I'm so White Viking like bright that, if you know a little bit uphold it, While we a dump me some good behaviour as some african due to narrow sparring with you, but some people don't take the the heat. while as others in some people do you know it's just a matter of fact and and here the thing, I got over there for my ass off. I was I said I could have been bout out Miller, ya, know: Procopius, can air he's gonna walk over into the final and everybody was going to make out? He had a really
fight with no Gara, that's acceptable. It will give him pass on that, but I wouldn't give me a pass fuck that so what'd I do they put ice bags, ironing was banged up, doctors came back, and I ve in some vitamins and hung it off the locker door, and I just laid on the ground if you agree with me in my ex growth, the time and arrogant, heroic hero, Yuki obey my foot, with me- and I just was there with them in the I've come their officials come back ago. So are you gonna fight the last night? My guess I am damn right. I am. Because that's what a man does and fought under a man doesn't tournament has what measure in a certain advantages I gotta tell you know I didn't show up to take second place. Right I showed up to take first, thereby trying and fuck it you know. But why do you think? That's better,
have a tournament like what is it about it just because the public anticipates having those lies. One plays out interesting to see how I mean collagen March madness for the biggest. as ever, and if it wasn't a tournament, people would not be as exciting ride, but that's a term over a long period of time and launch a games in a night. That's actually a perfect example. Why doesn't apply, but it just I just mean the concept tournaments and even doing tournaments over over time is still great too, but the one night tournament is see who comes out on top class. It's a great way to try and red establish orders. So you If what say you have a whole bunch, a pool I gotta full of all these guys and you don't know who really fits where boom they go, this one, I turn it bothers a winner. Someone was able to got it out, come out on top and come over, come out with all that dealing with all that adversity and then you look down the line like who did what and then
the guy who did the worse than the tournament. Let's say all of a sudden non tournaments thou, they start rack up. There and in this I call allow you know, look at that story that persons coming back from what we consider to be done, faster and now they're Phoenix rising from the ashes? such an opportunity to to exempt show human spirit to show overcoming adversity and edits instant trade off I think it's a great idea grappling Eddie. Bravo how the Eddie Bravo invitation the FBI last week and it was a tournament and was real. Excite watch watch guys make it the finals and watch guys. You know you see the brackets play out. I think it's great for grappling what I worry about it is with head injuries. I worry about. fighting the first round. Getting Bell Rang, haven't some internal bleeding, perhaps than fighting in the final idle. I dont think that the medical observation should be These should be overlooked. I think that's important but tat. I really think turn him so it would help bring some.
back down May but then here's the other thing. I think five around in a long enough. I greatly ten minute round at the very least, new green. Yes, I didn't see not yet over their guys having radically. Let's not even talk about how the ten point must system doesn't belong in a recital, terrible but I understand why they use a ten point because as to try and keep people honest, oh you can see that they scored the round that need there. No one's sittin, that's, as has been explained to me, but while they just borrowing, does it does its needed? You know he just I liked it in Japan where they exist. Look! Ok and Pancras it used to be to judge on the outside and the rough their judgments at the end, if they decide all threeam convened, he won. I see I disagree with that with using the rough, because I think a referee should, I think, that's a very singular job. I think the referees job should be making sure that I can. I can. I can see
argument yeah, I'm just saying how it used to be, but even still, no matter what the idea was in and back and pride, it was the other criteria. Map would sit ringside with a piece of paper, one and then another name and align down the middle for each side, he would sit there and he would put ash marks and each box and those hash mark meant something along those criteria, that were that were important, that he looked back and it would help Him remember how this fight went it's an excellent reverie a while yet well- and this is your accident judge rather about the so I agree with a more towards ass- I, but even still now you see guises gaming, a five minute round, stifle in doing this to an hour and then petering after the fuckin, the stool come back out did trying to run the same thing or went two out of three and then they walk out. Look at me. I put you anymore, really trying to kick their guys s. Why one have fun with that
What do you think about standards? Do these into stand up should be a part of Emma. May yes bio, but there has to be with in their living within amazing needs to be more attention to stalling. If you're not trying to finish your opponent and damage arm. Take em out you're stolen what think about if they do have rounds like say if you go a ten minute round and then in a time as your Europe, on top of the guy mountain, start right back with amount on the second round, that an interesting concept, but I like standing back upon the feet again, but why that gives a striker a big advantage. You need to be allotted fighter by. But if you worked so hard to get it out of the ground he didn't earned getting back up to his fee. Why should he be able to get back up his feet? Will that's a whole concept around the restart of the content and by Greece have you given a chance to get back up? That's true too. So, if you can five. The round one of them, if it ever, is that Dyer to you that you cannot afford to have, guy ever get back to his feet, by the round ending or by
escaping or their every step Europe for inactivity. One year fact is a fighter anyway. Here you have a huge deficit number two, you better finish him right, you better finnish- and that also goes so hey if you're the greatest grappling commissioner? I know we're on know, take downs we're getting your aspect. Will there's a few facts? there's that are really good at holding guys down, and think designing roared out, because I think it's important to know that a gag and hold you down like Ben aspirants by perfect example. Ben Astrand is such a good fuckin ressler that he gets a whole the guys and he puts them on their back and they can't get back up and, if necessary, for standing guy, giving a guy free shot to stand back because ass may may not be as active as you would like or might, but still the guy on the bottom wants to get up, but your hand right, but you get ten minutes to work. If I see- and I think honestly with ten minutes, I don't think asking would have his main decisions as he does, because, while
screen has kept a lot of people on their back. I've seen him work. A lot too give her submissions punching he's, not a power puncher. Would you how does either Dylan Buncher, but one f c allows them. Do need the head on a grand. I makes a big that's another thing I would do for, I think needs of. As Socrates stops. You know I am all for all that, but at the very least knees the head change things and a lot, especially for the grappling. But with ten minutes you wanna call back ass, and boring. I think in ten minutes he's got finishes yeah. I think that a lotta would have finishes, but there are things to change. That is when a referee standing over the top Goin action where action action, ok, get up, you're stalling, Your call, you know a guy stalling. You know one a guy's, not yeah, but I the guy stalling. If you can't get that guy off, you fuck you well, that's right, then that is at all, because the guy you are you're on the bottom, you're still outlining right. None else. I hear you that way, but we're talking about prize fighter.
entertainment, if you feel if it's the fight the you're talkin about that not for entertainment. No one wants to pay to see that you know what that is. That's catch rests and the eighteen hundreds. Pro rustling in nineteen hundred, where three hours plus of guy is trying to get an advantage and can't because so well versed of each other there. So tough there so scaled one guy getting stuck on the bottom. He can't get up, there's no real. as there is? No nothing there's! No, there goes, let's see without first falcons, but that died out. It didn't work if you look like say like what they are doing with the lead. Etsy, that's the worst case example trying to make an entertainment sure sure- and I am not suggesting that you just push you to do these two make Nay said: Anthea elaborated consular yeah they within seconds on the ground and stand back up the I stood a big country. He was of our last inside control, yarkand Camorra or would you called double risk Deborah Stock has now he
I don't know if you ve ever gonna get it, but he was in an advantageous position. He was working for a finnish. He shouldn't of instead up any, is an expert in that particular style of hiding he's a submission that he's around guy. He wasn't just laying on him. He was trying to submit our landscape and, of course, with anything you need even the sports. It's now we need better referees and we need our judges yeah net stoppage last week. they reverse- that didn't they reverse it. It's a neuron cannot when favours down there getting wallop on his shoulder and as they show me, somethin Maria one you couldn't see his thumbs up. I got it wrong. Second hand you can he's, not gonna. Ask you right now right. Let her go yeah. Let's go when a guy's hurtling the guys just hitting your gloves and arms, and then, if I get stop, that is very fast
It is this round with them, but I watch all these fights back. In the day I seen dues gettin shell shocked on top just just artillery dropped on em in surviving it. then reversing the fight dues all totally totally petered out. Iraq has no changes, are awaiting the interest taken. This shit out of a beer, it happened and broken car when that's a good example to, but no one wants to, let that happen anymore, so as to brutal war, not were fighting we're not doing Patty caked, while there's always that thing about trying to make it more appealing to the main stream. It'll be better for everybody when and India is not better for the people that are actually doing stuff we now for someone who get stuck in opposition and they only intention, We defend yourself. Well guess what there's some pussy Where were the guy's wailing on you? It's intelligent just cover up sure member taken Severn Samara kept palm striking
the stronger, the shots and seven wasn't you wouldn't palm striking because you not upon just because you want to breaks hand right, no gloves no wraps smacking tank, the tank he tries to get up, but I can't now. One of these motorists probably stop that fight. All united tells you defending yourself he's gonna go out he's getting his bell wrong, he's getting the shit kicked out of him. He just can't get up now here or Frank, talked about organ tank talked about. He said how nightmares get molested by minority rights and and take trying to get up, he was to use just get uncontrolled, couldn't get up. A seven didn't have the ability to really finish him either right. So it is what it is. That's what it is you need it I keep going, but I think that we stood up. What about? No, not that cases has seven, was incredibly active, is trying. He just didn't, really have the the the elderly at the end and here's another one rule on parts.
getting price in the ribs and am stop and cause yes he's out and yeah. Do you see him tapping now? Do you see him saying I want out no yeah I don't care. How much is getting points in the Fuckin ribs datum get points in the ribs. They stop that fight just to rescue everybody from how boring was because you, just on top of a punch you in the same spot, every slices we ve seen and who look at that Bruce. So it is bruised. This is a bridge the very bad written so sore tomorrow. His is a welcome boost bought, yes, real black and boost com, I gotta my maternal on Purple assembly. It could very well turn like orange greening guy. We can allow that does worms what if what if stand them up yes or stop the I'd altogether does not intelligent defence. There should not intelligent rough descended Finally, I say we gotta go man who the fuck, let you find you have seen where they need a lot of fighters. They have so many events, so oh, so so many events they gotta fill up
I is a using this too many. Yes, there are. By do you know they have a plan or what they're trying to accomplish- and this is what they see as the is the path doing so, you know what I think there should be a they should be in a league and Billy. I a grating should be a year of sea and a strike force. I agree if you did, I fight, should have one headliner, dude or one main card type guy and arrested just up and comers yeah. Why not mean and then that those guys will graduate to become a right wing key. Imagine if it use even even this. What if they're, what if they kept strike force- and you have c and say, strike force- went pride, stuff, and you have seen you have sea and then they had a superpower match every year and each year would switch one. This year's prize this pride world rules. here it you have see rules all God. I can hear it now. But the difference in that. If you can't fight,
and one of the other. If it is that dire to you as an athlete that you can only can you can only be successful in one arena you're, just not that good what another. Well, rounded, twelve percent, but I mean anything you can do and what you can do in the other really to have. We did see big differences chief guys fighting the cage in God s fighting in the ring that senator of it now you think, croak up was talking about a big of a different. It's was elbows on the ground was a big difference. That's that that every changes something but now I think that was it. Do you think, is the lack of preparation, popular right personally, don't have a perfect answer for that, but I don't believe it it was. That will obviously He did much better after that. Yes, he d better at figuring out a cage, the Ngos on the ground that defends yes. So it's probably a lack of the proper preparation. Maybe there's only a few places, views. If you really looked at young athletes today, they want to compete, never made easier, a dozen places in this country,
you could go and get a proper education as far as like being a real national anime fighters, even a dozen. You know why I can say: I've done all the research to say because every one way or the other I know that I am C c- has doubled, one of the best am seas. I mean mad Hume is about as knowledgeable as anybody's ever lived and looked in that human Eric pulse in a kind of cut from the Saint Cloud and that their lineage comes down from Karl Gotcha, from the shoot from say armor and for energy and A well rounded for me the ideas that can do everything? so there is bad, but I mean I don't know. I mean I imagine, projections could probably make you are come for us, AVI, yeah, maybe I mean I've, never trainer these people. I knew that I was very when I moved from my move from Match Jim to go train somewhere else,
it was really hard for me to find there very many people back then, and there I felt like I could go there and learn where I be the one dictating all the time All the time, I would be somewhere where I could learn and be trained. What made you decide to go from Seattle and then live in southern California? How can we not stay up there and train with man at the time this wasn't really feasible I didn't have the Spine partners and map really around that. So I was ending up having to do a lot of my own training because he was gonna. Prided judge you. He had a lot of stuff you on his plate and and and especially Like I said I had no spine partners, I had nothing. recent, he was my main dude and we would do a lot of training together arena as somewhat Jeff months end, but a lot of time on teaching Jeff and even teaching Reese either great guys- and I learned a lot from they were very, very very helpful, but I
have sparring partners and then as is that, while this isn't the to be. Seattle is my Barney. They replace in and the U S and want to have their place in the whole world. Energy, like amazing city, delight clouds. I like clouds. I like flash and I russian and Heroin altogether coffee, yet still pussy louse, namely what Don't worry that what the hell? Why were you see? I don't think he pussy stories are. What are you talking about? They just never clean it, they're just on bed sleeping crying and that's not and now the first Billina clean your pussy, you just about cases ten days of cleaning or they have a lot of probiotics stuff up their lake yogurt, send him cheese that they may from the farmers market there, the good it's actually important for women and not do that. Like do shit and stuff. That's like super badly, making these to promote that all time, girls out, they had to do it, my mom did it all the time. You know this because
as a kid. When are you what's the vacuum noise who opened up the Hoover, Damn gains, and now when I was a kid, I saw one of those empty bottles in the trash Canada used it to drink collate out, because I thought was a cool Barak has had. I, like that's cool straw thing. I believe my mammy on it. You never told me what it was until like years later, when he found out he thought it was even cooler. Your mom was what you're walking on the house to suck it on your mom douche bag. She was, I had arrived outside, see those power lines go climbed here. Have this lead paint sandwich right now, but it's true story. You know all that dashing and now all Adducing has now reversed it is come more hopeful frontal, where people where it now, if, like all the dragons and fuckin fertile ease and voleur on their shirts, has adieu,
other outside anyways terminal dues, external dish. But I one or two go somewhere, where one I knew there would be no issues in trying to find people to work out with, and so on. Still opinion the MECCA of Emma Man gesture and then a guy's ran for a guy like you, it's important have guys train heavy guys quality guys you need eat a whole lot of different kinds of guys gave. guys we're shave guys, don't share, I know it sure why not, but for you. It's really is important. Have heavy good guys right like for a guy, like you say if you workin out with a bunch like really good middleweight, sound good enough for it, Daniel what I tried to work on a fine just going against the guides Workin on pass him somebody's got or something like that. She's fine, more just That's a leg! Fine bud! need to have someone to push me. I need some to be able to match me with strength
I wait all that kind of stuff. and then Eric was also everything else that you could jump off from fighting as an entertainment, commodity and anything else. Acting. Does he bringing it up? Is that what you're trying to do now do is either a smart dude? Laugh you you think about your athlete career. You know you can't do this forever. Everybody's athletic window is a very small. ocean of their life. It's important, but you need did not just be the best I think you need to grow as a person, and you need to be able to is not about setting up plan b, it's about evolving as a person, about opening new doors and doing new things and growing and having new opportunities, and so I ve been thing. I've done commentary I'm doing Matera NEWS, your parent progressing on access right now and that's not new me: I've done I've never done progressing commentary bribed on tons of fight commentary did Commodore for private commentary
for some other events from pancreas, and that is, if cool do? There's no problem, even though, if you keep it why don't you? Do you see it as one of you do this one is well known that irony, so that's why commentary there, and then I got the steam a cigar movie come around absolution. It should be our relative. Sound you that sports teams are gone? I did not have to sports teams are gone. My balls are perfectly intact. I didn't have any fighting with him. I did scenes with them acting scenes and not really. He was in a scene where I'm in the background eyes, then again into a fight with it with his sidekick guy anyways. So I give that dude his hero moment by remand, who did a great job I've got another movies, become an out sometime this year, culture, Cancun, the San, Diego twins and Andy Film. It's fuckin completely insane.
how'd he bound sat between training or you, like leaning more towards that area. You haven't thought since it Travis Brown, I right yeah. I was last year, two thousand fourteen December damaging on on the plate. Right now, I'm hoping I some points to get a word on whether or not I'm fighting Roy Nelson. we have brought some brought up the idea of Roy me doing yeah. That's where that item, like ok, really and then rice not yet sounds cool, but we fight first pays better now as well, if you're well and I am willing- and he said, let's make it happen, well at baggage that that, if we hey we're gonna? Where willing to fight morality, step up and go them? You know it's legit and have there been conversations with Joseph ninety by imagine my managers, known with all that you have now. your manager was informed of all the stuff and hey go deal with that. Damn bragging to act how much I got I gotta hit acting class
you can be opposed to do in a meadow Morris with him, though now I'm out I was doing my remarks with anybody. I think I don't know I'll! Ever get a chance to finish the rubber match with Nogueira. and I can at least probably get him on the mat and that amours do you think I think so I mean I don't see why he wouldn't want to do it. Why are people would want to see that? But I've already got a bird of prey. You cyborg coming up. May ninth very interesting. That's very interesting, especially have tejus emitted dean. Lester does very huge dude submitting dean. Lester is a gigantic accomplishment had begun in sixteen years. That's amazing nonsense. The Clinton administration at anybody tat. Needless there and the way you got em with that choke me nuts, that is some old school shit. That's that's high school Saint Brandon there and
wrestling shoes on in them old school, spanned acts that are sexy, spandex man, Tiggle Paul the photo of judge born. I know what you did. You wear this charge, parlay the motives or eyes: livelihoods, less you'd, like your hair, catch fire, you vaginas for a fury of hormones did you? where this, I guess like in homage to pro wrestling, absolutely is in homage to my trainers. Billy, Robinson Carl Gotcha and also to air cassettes from his roots in Matt, but from my training I roots my heritage, my cats wrestling training and two Antonio anarchy Who is one of my trainers for professional wrestling? So I the towel around my neck, the robe, even though I took the robe off and ever that it's there was all all that the black boots. It's are all black. It's all oh Mars, and respect to my my cat dressing room,
my trainers. Well, it's a thing. It's important to highlight those routes to for the just. The lineage of Emma make a lot of folks that are on the outside are not aware that there are several differ branches of submission fighting in or not is Judo not just jujitsu, now right catch wrestling, some really LE jets emissions that are still used today. A lot of really great grab worse, but catch wrestling. Eventually of morphed into professional wrestling, and a lot of folks are not aware of the original aspect of catch resting. What you're talking about these three hour? matches and guys that would go to their due carnival matches were there, go role into town and wrestle anybody tell her own the bigger carnival in Brazil who the hell? the Gracie family at the time. The stout really he owned a carnival and he had professional and catch wrestling matches. I had a carnival whose
happen to calm and perform one of these cats wrestling matches, but the count coma. Mitchell or Meda. State in Brazil. Carlos he started training under them in judo and catch is where Now, all of a sudden, you have greatly jujitsu. So it's sort of branched off from a bunch of differ, sources not just from Judah but not catch wrestling is right because my head, I had been traveling the world competing in catch. matches and all that Kimura competing catch matches as well. even that the american arm Lock came from american wrestlers catch their Lou delivery. Background comes from catch tattoo euclidean hottam, he was a ressler. He was trained to do, show matches At the same time he train even back then, even if you did works, you ain't as issued. Are you trying to do that shit for real look at this beautiful Alfred?
Blanda mother Fucker comes out with a Roman. This is so old school of you look at this. Do this Umberto moors, yours had to like a kind of wherein luck, a costume. He I knew that people would be unfamiliar. They wouldn't understand it well we'll did understand a lot of people in the underground, especially we like, and though those socks are for reference to all my time spent in Japan and People I've train over there, but they know they ve paid laughed when I said I was going to wear shoes or, like all my God arena where choosing his dean lister all your status, business deal Messrs electronic specialist. Russia's provide lot extra attraction for whole. All they laugh about Happily, we unawares, are you still gonna do up into the day of the event you really unaware shoes? Yes, I go out there. I tat, Although shoes I gave such an advantage of fuck, are you kidding me
Now the shoes are not my detriment. There my disadvantage on then it was. You wait. was more than Dean Dean. Was I to forty nine I don't I don't. I was like two hundred and fifty five side, fifteen pounds on it. I hug I gave Dean a hug, the day of the lands while we didn't actually land, but I gave him a hug and my fingers had they go catch fingers and roll my grip into it to act. they get all the way around as a blame is also flock and thick he's a big fucker thick and vainly purple, You can help me on make robbing ground game. He has shown that this development about these days, demons massive guy when he far below. I was really shocked that he was like allowing almost Bob allude to lock up Darcy Autumn Bobby, lose a really good submission guy. He has his excellent and I d just sold highly getting out all that's yeah, I was shocked. I was shocked that he was allowing that, but it also look like he didn't
the gas to go a full twenty like in Baku at the end of the match, was in way better shape. John Dene was agreed carrying around all that muscle mass it eagerly Europe bigger guy from the key, might be to forty but allow those mexican supplements is a big difference. Shoe your two forty in his too for it I'm sorry, I don't know I mean I think avocado HANS us that stuff is does does wonders, I'm speaking of different subjects, but I'm on the green he sold skilled and talented too. I mean it's not just all. The extra must either strongest shit when our us alive and apparently his guys in him, Dean, Seti rustled a lotta big. Do it's a wrestled against guys for pressure from top it's just that. I was able to apply it that much better.
You think you're going to catch him with that. Choke was at something specifically, the you saw before the game plan well yet will require. A rigorous was at last got a tap him before that, and how are you happened with child? Exactly we shall we gonna choked by the way, who airports and get that far carrying works are a dandy beach. Yes, absolutely God, damn You know I remember first hearing about catch wrestling. Was it frank, Was he the one that would drop now? together would drop down. It was a small dude. The fuck was his name Goddamn I'm saying it s, hands ressler was that with a guy? Was that used to drop used to do like hangman's drops of vat? Is farmer burn from in Flanders earns farmer who is free to choose how they are some errands farmer yeah. He get hang himself and not here Africa's neck is pictures of it. Look up. Look up. Farmer burn catch wrestling image see if you find an image of this guy fucking hanging himself, its morbid looking
Look look at that fucking picture. The guy hung himself. That's how strong fucking neck was who would hang his? Ought Pope really good for dig decompression spot, I actually do a thing in my house where our journey offices where sunlight is a black they'll, though I have this sum. This thing that I bought a spinal decompression set up that hangs from adore. You put it on the during a bathroom door seconds. Bull screws, railways has an arm and then you ratcheted, like click, click and it like decompress. Your spine, like a nice stretch, Bryce Motherfucker. David David David carrying the too. I don't think that's what he said different tat that not just rip your door off. They do not really put your whole weight are you're sitting down. First of all, you do it in a chair. I say this thing. It's
growing you had here like gum, I know you're talkin about you know. Geronimo, might you know you're talkin about and its? I think if you can use it properly, it will it's a good, it's a good thing, spinal decompression is important. What he was doing was not yet no unnecessary. Exactly was this insane and in a catch cats rest, fuckin heart is shit disease like Brian now. That's not it see this out. To this thing, it's crazy! That's exactly what his face looks just like that when he does it today to see it stretches your neck, a little, but I ain't, gonna Johnny's driver around your job, not what I got out of her brow. I once oh god, I've pissed off so many women when I've said o a whatever, Above all, I dont worry your training, bra training like training, and yes, I see, and I mean
at eight eyes, get the evil look at it MIKE I dont mean, but you need have no tat, Amerika Bra, when you refrain what, call on those sports brass sports Francois. Now you get raining bra yet to be real. Smells ever is abroad that you train in design it is not a war in Iraq is a very different. Now know it will get you all kinds of heat, but when you get upset, if love, Are you running on what, if he's he can evolve? You said dear colleague, training, bright boy, It's all the guy go pick up. Your training cup my dicks growing. What used to where you been needs report and other places. You know, there's a very random questioners very specific agitated would using about us tie steel cups for grappling competitions, sure they're getting out, in a lotta grappling competitions because they provide extra leverage. They like a fulcrum point like a leverage point. Ok, and then everybody out a free ball, pre ball,
now. You just gotta, use that third hook after Dingus around there, and once you see it, bring brine on these flags as Ngos in the fucking willing or their ears at their here now I mean I'm here, I'm barely eleven and a half, so I wouldn't I really don't train with a cup don't know, because my leg, are so big that its it robs with bruising. Instead of my eyes, I person I have a thing I like to call combat cock. where everything just pull Saxon De Mello, those candidate knows better than to get fuckin. Hang out there. Hey. Are you doing? What's up high five, while you're dealers educated my dick a smart the shall and monks, I've known guise of lost a ball from that. Not me yeah, there's Brian fosters was, would previously have c is in training and in particular the balls last. Why was balls I could ever find it Dick just
but the results are denied their terrible worth going. Dick is always like we doing going on these areas. Dick is a key imagined decidedly alive. You, yes, I've seen like pictures, you ve been in the room. mother you know I am over. They just want to know, like a whole bottle of paint than you needed to dip in this railway. Guy see that thing there is a fuckin guy who is a scientist for Monsanto and was true, to say that do put off of my arm my Youtube, my rather my twitter feed. This is hilarious. Retweeted disk, this fuck Monsanto scientists is trying to say that this, pesticide was totally safe to drink, to stop its in round up and eagerly. think it nothing new toys or whatever so there's a video of a second area, and so is target, has done this does journals
the journalists who is a really you re. You drink your shore. I will drink it. Ok, we're gonna, get your glass and you drag it, but watch this GMO advocates as Montana Monsanto herbicides save to drink is behind many products, means might know at ports. Roundup retailer has got phosphate, is a chemical, that's it. Glide phosphate foresight watch this shit, deformities and children, growing countries, agricultural region, Monsanto, has denied any wrongdoing and that the product is safe and that's where doktor more concern. In my fancy, lobbyists sat down with french Cable Channel Canal plus more said you could drink an entire court of his products when a quarter to drink a whole court of you. If you want a drink, some we have some here, I'd be happy to actually not really but not real. I know very well that when the interviewer asked more to put his
many were his mouth was and during the week killer. Ok, those jewish, except in the interviews, FISH Sophia Picture where when and why did this it pleases, you have to do more harm than apparently was larger than a complete jerk enfranchise colored this, the one that was on my twitter feed. Maybe on more than one version of this, but the conversation lasted a little longer than that as fuck and that it is less tassel lying piece of shit. Amazing us like I would drink it. Ok, you want a drink. I know you are complete. Jerk curly, Jerry me corner that has a doctor. How fuckin stupid can you be? Will you go to school you're, a doctor, you get it. green and then you're smart enough, where you get hired by Monsanto you're, smart enough, where you do interviews and expect it to be an expert but you're so fuckin stupid you
something like all good drink it. I would try and get you a drink it. We have something to do with it or do you think he's just being a piece of shit and trying to lie yet Monsanto eating both? Did they go into a guy like we broke down the chemicals and is it over to actually be safe, like today expand that at all. It is a lot of those things like the real issue is prolonged exposure like do do as bone cancer and he got on cancer, because his family lived near golf course, and the golf course use a lot of pesticides infected the well water. All the kids in the neighborhood got cancer to like is next door. Neighbor got cancer. Is a duty lived across got cancer is so important to keep that grass, nice and Lasher. I dont think they knew, I think, there's a lot of carcinogens, not even given that that, back in the day in understand how potentially hazardous long term effects it is short term- could be easier than it really know how bad cigarettes were entirely at a point, but then came a point. They did no,
I mean cigarettes to blow me away the why'd. You add the shit and all the poisons. It's ok, your ear inhaling smoke which, as we all know, is bad. You can die from smoking relations, carcinogens or in their car fight. We oughta, do you have to add all the others could that's in it. There are shake and knowledge in areas like why you get more. Why don't you just just give em the fuckin leaf we are being fuckin tobacco to them smoke it and let him know what's gonna happen, but you don't have to help him. You don't have to fuckin rat poison to I try american spirits and compared to a like a Marlboro light. I don't huge difference in taste and everything but yeah it's they shouldn't do but I can explain to us so you say that american spirits tastes like shit and alarm process by american spirits last forever. Yummy you can have one cigarette takes like fifteen minutes and sharing of like to it. It's
two harsher thing. You wake up the next day you expecting up goobers in like it's really bad for you feeling body wise. Where am I I'd like you to smuggle pack pipes martyrs, I mean I've known Mean one: should use smells good. Does Morgana too, I don't seem to be we'll Bertrand Russell didn't live to be like fucking, nine Bee's knees smoke cigarettes everyday member smoke, tat that you'll find people anywhere willing to for the right amount of money fuckin, railroad, humanity! Ages will do me what about climate change for the past climate change, deniers, yeah, Those still find out whether getting paid so is always funny is theirs. Actually, you can go online and find all the senators and all that where's men that are all climate change in Irish.
You can find him all day. They ve listed all their names. What's judges that about the different doctors, their testify against marijuana, you find out there being paid by pharmaceutical companies this time again, experts have been co, opted by money, but we see it so clearly, like this fuckin guy, you can drink a whole court of it and you'll be fine. Ok, you drink it. Whenever you're a complete jerk, not that I wouldn't drink a whole court of and more pleasure and they say that safe right, when I watch- I I don't know, but I'm not can drink quarter the fact that if we did dude one throw up, I pure you would mean a quart of some press vaults powder. You can really are acquainted, Meanwhile, you could you poor court, you, Jim and the maximum amount of liquid you'd have to have to drink court of splendor about just a court of a quart of water with a appropriately dissolved solid of splendor within it out. It will only help him
and I know this is why? Because look, if you survived all the horrible encounters, you ve had your life up to this point Brian plant right. What's that got to do right, I mean you'd, probably cyclists, right dead in the eyes and still clearly eyelids fuck off. Yes, till the AIDS and sun it just fuckin. I can't deal with as this is one one level too yeah? I wonder if there's gonna come a time in our future work. he's kind of guys. These these guys were obviously bought and paid just don't exist. And how do you do that? Tell you sesame people accountable, and we don't want to seem to do that and then the people you would expect Woodman, them accountable right these that these checks and balances get put together too. While this is to police that MRS to put their all fucked up right, I mean how do you let the bank's just- rob you blind the other that whole I bore scandal, whether just fudging fixin numbers in and they go chase and they go well. We're gonna we're going
fine, you, twelve billion chase makes forty five billion a year, doesn't fuckin matter. You know what they did in Vietnam was they went. They grab all the people that all the bank There is an all that now that officials that fact Nobody, over with in terms of the banking system, make stuck on life and present an killed them. Now you have one extreme to the other, but nonetheless I mean What does what is worse? Will yeah there mean there's been many bankers have been caught, their doing thing like their laundering money for drug cartels, and that was one of the big ones that was recently expose that these guys we're laundering money for mexican drug cartels. They just get a big fat. Fine, You mean me why that was you like? If Brian was busted laundering, money for drivers
You be in jail for us, your fucking life, a hundred percent meditative holidays, fucking, neck drier and all as I was whirlpools, they get a car no he laundering. Now he knew he was really laneric. My guys, like I can do that. You too have an iron ironing board alternatives, our money out of super you trust the Brian is exactly sure what you try. So I just like fuckin with I'm going here and he never every time I've been on your podcast Brian's, often the coroner doing, don't even I wanna know right next to write in hiding and and last time I saw it was our buddy Ryan's. Was it at the last factor comedy some coffee, Serbia, so is that, why you ever fuckin You know me, why do you say how they are wanted? You coming out say something because nervous run you because you're, a man I am
I need you die in aid of the kind of pheromones it make. Other men will represent a man. I need you to help me with my ground game and my ground game is hopscotch, so easily we'll go from that to the second rubber band jump rope and we'll do forest whereafter. That's right! I got all the kids games down. Do you How do you am I supposed to meet anybody in this this terrible world. I mean come on mine dating You see I to the fore square court on my game now use I wonder whether you find the athletes this fund on that, but I do want to do fine. I just listen. I've just listen to a lot of just listen to a lot of Jethro to act along an hour. You weren't you I've met you and if you ever wanted to stand a comedy, I do and here's why it terror, eyes me Joe and Brian. At horrifies me bad. You're so wrong,
and exposed up there and I'm when I go on I fight. I can fight for myself. I do it all my My success is measured upon my end, how did I get my hand? Reason, and I get my memories. When you go out on that stage, people are ok. Make me laugh, Fucker Let's be funny, aren't you so right here I am or their like this I give a shit. I'm talking, Briar Avenue drank whatever some fuckin noise. After my left, I gotta be interesting. I gotta do something, that's to draw their attention and once I've drawn it and he to keep it. Ok, you got me what. Why should I pay attention is, there's, this necessity to two to be able to get a response. for them, which I understand from professional wrestling, because I've been on the ring- and I have listened to the crowd, I see what works and what does not work, and so I have an understanding. I feel
being around yourself and other I've. now we can talk about a lab. Live hung out with quite a few comedians been thereby days. There shows can allow warming up and do all this stuff in its four. But I look at it. I got. This is not just a crack and jokes making people laugh. And it is ok to bomb, because you're going to you're, always gonna fail, but it's just such a raw. personal experience to a degree to me just for ripening utterly frightening gauge doubly. Do then tonight dynamic that hard don't don't listen to him. I if you gonna, do it. You should plan it out. I agree f and least think about it and rights and stuffed. I listen to the things you ve said before about being a comedian from document free stuff and things that I've seen of you and I have a thing in here, my notebook. Ah my phone, nothing but bits.
So you thought about oh yeah, I've I think about it. I do go to an open mind. I dont. Do it at a regular show, is trying to get you to do what he shows told to do it now. You should go to a regular open MIKE night, like whether it restore wherever you know. Just five minutes or wherever they wouldn't you three minutes in three minutes or even human one minute and kill Tony we can here. I don't know, I don't know they they'll put and sometimes be honest, Joe the ship was that I want to say probably not good for the rest of what I'm trying to push dysentery would in what way. How would it hurt you? I I just really dark. Weird fucked up shit comes out of my mouth looked what did you mean? Example. Now one thousand you're gonna ask cited this thing
before Emma Roasted was anything right they wanted to do. They want to shoot. Sizzle sent it off this, they wanted to make a show actual show you do a panel and all this stuff so Adam and my god. Why am I forgetting about his name or now? Goddammit t Rex City, come on out, come my mom. Do this thing: aright, what is it? Ok I'll come sit around. You guys going to probably try and talk shit to me, and I want my past fuck with me and say steroids and whatever, but I don't give a fuk, so I come out and they have this green rooms up in the steel and Adam S monologue spots and many does it's the panel with a veto about what s going on in and remain, and we can. We can fuckin step off any direct me. One have fun he'll do a one on one where
He in the whoever their guest is of the weak. Well, we'll sit there and adamses Basin can fuck with the whole time. So I come in. I sit on this panel thing and are filling all this. So it's easier access to my left me this female meeting, I don't really know an atom and wages, it. Then we start talking. I d start saying shit. One. The female comedian immediately is really upset. Will we hadn t Rex cast up laugh and neither can Adam and then I keep picking on four can t Rex the whole time about his clothing line at every at every point, available. Then we go, we do the the sit down with me and Adam, and then I say hear from him- and I just Making a laugh and San really weird shit and completely on four loop and I just said the end of the day I got that was a lot of fun. This ever seen right now. Ours is good what were you saying now?
a lot of talk about now it was fine, I think, of what they thought. It was one at the time I thought I was twenty by, but I've seen a lot of fucked up things. You can say those things because their ear there's an accepted aspect that you are your role in the media in your Jerome talks about the empty talk, marijuana aliens and all kinds of stuff, and we accept that an your fear, gear and establish person within the the fence is that you have any are unknown commodity for those that are only casual Joe Rogan knowers from use radio, not I'm Second, the reactor. Now all that, but being before that the radio at Commited news, radio, news, Radiogram, fear factor all these are the things where people will see Hey Joe Rogan he's a comedian. May we see from the stand at maybe not, but we know him.
personality on television. So you know I'm fucking around, whereas with you they might just think you're a sale, Ramoth Athlete- and I'm supposed to be this and I'm supposed to me man, and so if I make off color jokes that are as I oh that's too far What happens when you retire from fighting? How many more years you will hold you now? Thirty, six, thirty, seven, thirty seven, how many more years you think you'll be competing. time does not on tell em because, like I said before, about that athletic window so jargon has no this whole part of his whole career to stand up very Stanhope, oriented and specific. And then boom he moves into movies and then maybe goes into politics, and the thing is that you can enter any kind of line you want, but those things are not incumbent on your physicality what they are easy to mine. It's your ability to you fighting physicality anything athletic wise you have so long to do it and that's it when that opportunity is passed,
you cannot do it anymore. Now, maybe could say: okay well, Joe went for the? U S national team type, one hour ago, two to win that then go on the world scene trials and go to the Olympics going to the Olympics It is a short opportunity in life once you get past that point where you can be competitive at that, that doesn't mean you can't you take know anymore would mean that you could do their tournaments, but trying to be the olympic champion type window so well that when that was gone, that opportunity pass me for me were now opportunity to four to be a successful high level fighter is gone. It's gone its. That's it so you just have to personally assess when you feel like you're buys not perform in the way you expected to exactly the right now right. Now I'm cool right now. I know I can do a lot better than my last fight for sure. What did you say to take so much time off between you? Last fight- and now I was an into my last fight me honest at in care,
I just wasn't up for it I trained, and I got to appoint this I come over this year I heard it out I who is this guy, I mean Travis Brown really outlets. Ok, if I beat him what does that do while he's a top five fighter? So what I get enough another guy and find another guy and find another guy entails aware. Where am I going with this? The grind, while trying to I'm not gonna, kill this work and ladder to prove that I deserve to fight for a title. I can fight for a title is one in any league anywhere any time fuckin. I'm a championship world champion level guy? I don't need to prove that I belong here fought Travis Browns all my career pages at a different name. At a different point in life that decision type a skill set the basically the same guy they'll be another Travis Brown, when Travis Brown Dumping, Travis Brown so will you try say that you, the only thing would get you up? Is a fight for a title, not necessarily, but just I gotta fight
makes sense to me. I gotta fight when I motivated to do so I'll, I'm not looking to try and say throw me in there with all these other fuckin do flaws. Just be each heads in until we try to prove that we belong here designed to signify legged than the final chapter of your athletic career them, because if, like a guy like Travis Brown, fewer coming up you relish the opportunity to fight a top five gusher, so because you just very established. You been run along time. I've learned that I dont need. I don't need it of myself in that way, when I, when I go to I I've, been Captain fighter for over a decade I've been top five for over a decade most of the time. So whether or not someone It's me wherever they rank me, it doesn't really matter. I can step in there and do the job and this next week, might be against Roy, which is fine, but after that, five days, we wait. If I can arboretum or whoever like. Let's go, I'm fuckin ready.
What did you feel that when you forefront mere yes, why, by Frank mere I was fuckin pomp, because for one I've been told that out here, always people. We think it's gonna be they'll. Ask me such a tough fight and Anne Frank Meares he's the Pisa best submission guy and or when I was in the EU of Sea and frankly, just come in I call this guy's a future he's the best he's gonna be the greatest and always here in all this stuff, about how Frank Mere is my ear? or better- and I'm just like this shit is over with This is not I'm going to show you the difference between us between him and me, So you were excited about him. That was a very important fight. Yes, now the travelers Brown wasn't didn't care. Well, that's kind of crazy that's why? I guess that's a personal thing write your own personal motivation, like the only person who could decide what fight you're up for fights are not. Are you that's true? Would
Would you be up for remains of the Africa only match with travellers, they hear the difference. If I fight Travis now I wouldn't want to fuck and take his hat off because he disrespect to me in the ring after the match. You did all this fuckin shit now do I fucking cut his throat, you did us dad. Why don't you do that to you? Do that all of them have do my thing. He did it to mock me, and I was that dude I've been nice to you and respectful to you from day one and then, the you go ahead. You going to get a when I make great this? Is your moment to say what you want to say and what you want to do is a triumph for can put me down after you win. Feel like by him doing this the thumb across the next thing tat. Apparently he was very dismissive of me in interviews in all this shit, no MIKE, while that's cool way this for your posts for Post Paul Post, all everything is post. Everything was post, and I don't find out about this shit until way after the fact acts he saw backstage come up shook his head and said: are you know this? Was your night me
I'll. Have you read in the a fuckin prick, especially after I win, but you know what a guy winds he feels like he's on top of the world you know what that's when you're going to say some shit like that. That's when you're gonna act out and then back What comes as they are? I call it that way. It's gonna be awesome. If we re mad not going to be the same dude. You fought that night. You have no idea, you really don't get it you were. You will get your ass amity because now you made me, you gave me a reason to want to kick your ass and what would be difference between the way you'd perform in this fight. The way before the first for luck for for one, I would make him pay for all the big takes. He makes all the time what mistakes here constantly within throw in the biggest shots that kid. as no stamina, because he will always go for the kill and everything he does now that makes him very dangerous to a heavyweight, especially because he's athletic and he's got some power. That's why Verdun took because he's missing with all his big shit. You can pick depart picked apart
departing, hung on a hung on a grab and separate and picked apart. Picked apart, I mean wise, verdammt beating you on the feet He broke his hand early in the first round, to that's one of the reasons why that was also involves I've just trying to laws trying to swing for the fences constantly yeah. That's. Why? asked in every one of his big fight, any fight, that's got any kind of distance to it. He's gassed. Why? Because that's type a fighter he is, did I mean I'm a bad fight not necessarily, I was a thousand it's just that to you. fuck and wild birds on July. I think he will never be a U S champion, because there is a finesse that he doesn't possess. Do you think that something can learn? I mean he's ago still sort of evolving as a fighter has him while he came, to Emma may fairly late is a basketball player, and what will I mean time will tell it's up to him really Can I get a personal thing with him? Well, but here I'm I'm being objective
and that is its up to him if you, ass to make those decisions. If you want to change game. If you want to add different aspects to it, I mean all fighters are the true or the text of their own design. The coaches can help admin Can can help him in one way and show him to strike under these concepts or maybe show the same things that he's been taught at Jackson's or someplace else, but said it different ways about it. It becomes more clear to him and I think Edmund is a good striking coach. I've seen him work withdrawn. I've seen and work with, with some of them, with the girls and before and I like what he has to teach I so don't believe that at Greg's that there wasn't that there was any lack of striking call- striking training- or I am not going to say. the admin striking training can be better than whatever was it was Jackson's. I'm gonna say it's different.
No it's good, but I am pretty sure that jacket is good too, and to make that change I mean only. He knows typically why he decided to change camps. But in my union, it's not it's not about being here or there it's about what he does TIM to effect his game. What what changes? He decides to make his own head the way he approaches is training and how he tries to tee. what he's learning and apply what he does already applied in different ways? You know that's what it comes down, I think Edmunds, given a more individualise attention really focusing on him bearing. Lastly, because only has a small, stable fighters, maybe but in the end coaches Lay the foundation big big they pointing in the right direction, but athletes take that information and they make the most of it. If
how much time in a day, can you spare with that coach only so much it's the time, you're not with them. That really makes a big difference. How do you take they gave you? How are you working on that when you're not in the gym? How are you thinking about? How are you breaking down your strengths and your weaknesses and in dealing with those? How are you then, coming back to the gym with that knowledge and then training the next day? How are you said in your mind, for training. That day, you know you could have the worst in the world, but if your job got better so what rights a success, does it does a bug you that fine like? If you, you know, you look back and the fact that you didn't get up for it and you had that result. Yes, of course it bugs me just as Travis by from losing his five verses Verdun, because he, an opportunity to fight for the title after that, I'm sure as away he saw it and he lost his opportunity. He may follow as we have his hand or you know any good
he can the river. Whatever it doesn't really matter what it was, we lost, we lost in these moments and as a fighter. You always should that's that's something that I know when I don't care. If I lost or not that's, when I should stop fight run, I cared I care that I lost I cared a lot more when I got disrespected over, which I felt was completely. You know, this area that to suck that was like, while, while why, why did you have to do that? So if you got you can't you have heart, I'm getting up for Travis. Why do you not have a hard time getting up for Roy Nelson because for one I've had some time to two just do other stuff and and get that fire wanting to get back in the ring to it. Looking at I'm looking at finding Roy fighting Roy are not look fighting Roy as I'm fine Roy, so I can prove that I can fight Joe Smith next so that I can fight whoever and then get a title shot. I'm not doing that. I'm fighting
because I'm fighting Roy, Meanwhile, in a fight, so you ever different mindset than you had before the traps for absolutely and with Roy he's around a very long time himself and so I've heard things here and there really When I was on a big rat, mine on Twitter, about people being ranked over him and what why why? so he's he's arguing with all these major list. They start adding mining and litter, putting my hand and I'm just like why do give a fuck about my only response was finding lost or how he thinks he's better than mere whatever. Who cares? My only response was, Who gives a shit? What other people think about you? Why are you even including me in this? It doesn't matter with any. These is trying to drum up fight at what I regard as a manner looks at list of attention. Opponents feels a match well with you, throw your name the max usually year at bridle Lorna and you know at the time I don't even think it was a new cease was now we go too far anyways. What
We knew you were coming over from strike force right who now everybody thought you were coming overflow network. The deal is when you are always at top level, guy right sub that someone that lot, turn fighters wanted to have as a potential your are name. You know Highmark marking, name it wasn't that long ago that anybody, restarted, actually calling me out, but most Micro, no one's ever said. I want to fight that guy to what he would you two older. I had a bad lost. My last match. You know me: they think that they see it's it's more worthwhile to do that. but even guys that have got wins over me, went to fuck and how to do it. So there is an ear, doesn't make sense, I don't blame him, I mean I don't. If I see a guy, if I have a fighter I can avoid having a fight. That's winnable butts gonna, be fuckin, really tough. I would try not to make that fight up, and I would try to get him a fight where it may be a more danger.
Fight, but much more skews in the way of once you get going. You can put him away, but you got watch out, because this guy can put you away verses. This guy's gonna make you fight and scratch and claw for every inch of every second of this fuckin match, whether he's winning areas losing he'll, never fucking quit menage, oh yeah, and, as you die welt, I break my hand and twenty seconds fighting cornea and I still hidden with it. You know what I mean and this is a time of fight the you think would be that car dogfight you and Roy now, while he's hard to put away is hard, and I must finish her job crisis fight without Austro room was crazy to watch I didn't say it takes to. The body saw work. Some work, no oust urges lay in whom he had kicked dumb. He hid
He kicked the shit out of his legs and Roy just keep tone for hours, just as it was like the incredible hawk he's got harrier angrier and sees eyes had crazy he's a while Motherfucker Roy. Now. To believe that he then restart striking train till two thousand nine. That's my star striking turnouts, natural, that's what he said, but he had a kung fu background to do really, yes, green, but what What is that look? He know he knew about thrown a punch. I saw him overhand right, a guy knock em out and Costa Rica ruin Costa Rica. Yet because drunk I would well we were hired. to go down there to provide protection for some discount it was not always go all border boat, ugly, rewriting two thousand seven. Eight o dog was a fuckin
interesting little scenario. Wasn't it it was. I was actually really like watching it behind their production in terms of setting up each. video fight, oh by the way, which is funny because my buddy Clint Doll did this thing called venom way back in the day. And anime may without legal in California with do they rented out a sound. I was a that allows them to your member, then appear Tell us has explained all sides onstage and shouting he higher. John Sally, Ann, Stephen Quadrilles, to be the announcers he's got. All these fight set up that they're all gonna film and one or two days and then they're gonna pre package it to go, sell it elsewhere? He hey set up roving cams hard cash he set up all this stuff? He had all people to show up as extra to just stand around, which I guess you're. There hang out too. They ordered pizzas for people to eat. Of that at one point, and they call this thing. A production
You know in terms of film yeah too felt some movie, so they have, as we will fight pretending that it was like acting, meanwhile, they were fighting for real yeah, but they just had it. Well, it's acting barring as actors or something yeah, they tried some wacky loophole and it worked ass, o dominion? Trouble though I don't think so. It's just that had never went nowhere to minors Sally was supposed to get it to the Fox people and I don't know what happened there- never never took off either way one. A lot of people got their start. There and nobody even knows it and to what they did is the way they filmed all the fighters. had all other biopsies backstory. They had MIKE. What's this MIKE Seal from New Mexico, who was a bank robber Mexico, and he got trouble for that and came mean. So these all stories about these guys- and so how bout are caught a whole
They use the same format Parsee, because Wanna do is it was predicted producing boat, are had venom from way back in the day and bases took the whole com set of how they would produce it and use it for boat. What are they would put on fights on the beach and closed, recognise hot chicks around best ring girls just about it? oh, my God by is a paper view. I carry They want, shows our daily on tv on tv they, so they shouted as a tv product. They would shoot all these fights over four days. and they would chop it up in a tv episodes and it will it looked relief. Who did you run out of money? They basically that there is a lot People involved in both dog that were bases is robbing the coffers, while the king leaps there. It is running a dry thinking, it was it's gonna, be a failure to get all you why you can and unjust
get over lead, they seduce billboards Calvin Ire presents both dogs would be how not fights lie on the wrong. You be him with like a bit, pursued on his face acknowledges buying the fights to look at it, you didn't make any sense message of vanity rose was definitely retarded that way, but but I was down there, he fought to Morrow Rinaldi knocked out with them I don't wanna Randal, he always good punch. I just don't think he was training it well. to him. I don't buy that Was he also used away like to twenty two fifteen? average mere grappling contest? Remember that what did it would happily mere was over fuckin way on rice scattered and got tired, why this outscore, but what happened? What what? What adroit it made him gain all that way and keep it on while he's getting in shape. That's what our stand think it's not what he did. It's what he never stop doing. You know, I don't I just don't know how you could be in enough shape. We can go three.
Five minute round and not lose their God. I don't have the fuel got that God has got be hidden here. work on that thing there maybe there's a little tapeworms in their usual engine inside that keeps him go and was a lot of padding I'll. Tell you that the eight those fuckin ouster over embodied cloning. We think that patent can make tat big it as it does just being. strong and tough hot. It will now be a good fight. Man. Let's see that fight, they sounded, I think it'll be entertained, even actually happened yet I think it well, but we have to see once more. We have paperwork and we have wedding Hank Wet works. Are we get the fuck out of here? Ash L, Barnett on Twitter av else, you wanna tell the fine people about four. We get the fuck up out. This bitch check me out on access fish prices. No I am not
Do it the way I want to do it. So I said a fat, that's not fast, not capable than I'm not gonna. Do what she's doing around do it away there's a lot of work and work. Do you should know this man? This is all you need, get a phone, so targeted uploaded online called the judge. Barnett part take it from there. I you know I did some good things on it, but it wasn't. There was a lot of stuff that they just wasn't it is to really be what it could be all things in their own time, my friend all things in their own time: Josh L bar net fuckers watch him Matamoras it'd be he may ninth mail may ninth really interesting against Cyborg Bradley sees us in la brave I've. Only seen it written on iraqi set at Rio, I've heard it that
he's an amazing jujitsu fighter, be a fantastic match. Josh might at least germinating alone for twenty Vancouver. Just went on sale that nations you could show next week, but Tom Cigarette Christina possess gain. Steve Adrian, a bunch of people at the company store and you ve got something in San Francisco and Sacramento seminar. San Francisco Sacramento next summer may in all these taken Zipcar, thus dickie a key or purple neural net. It's called suck it bitch, we're gonna, get the punchline maintaining and I am mad the car feeder Mandalay Bay or at the M Gm rather is that may, when the fuck is that, yes, it is. It's me twenty shit, what what data between one sided may twice when it may? Twenty second Lana promise a girl, may twenty second M Gm, the car Theatre with Tom, secure and tony Hinge who, my friends, that's it for this week? He soon bye, bye, big kiss! Thank you everybody
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