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#635 - Jim Norton

2015-04-16 | 🔗
Jim Norton is a stand-up comedian, radio personality, author, and actor. His latest special "Contextually Inadequate" debuts April 24 on Epix.
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the get experience my experience in broadcasting are broadcasting how does this work i think we are i think we are brothers in broadcasting like i think i'm going to talk about brothers and stand up and broadcasting broadcasting i do not know just signal low like does not only respect does that like when you're sent in something through the air broadcast lobbying forget there what this didn't exist from that term came up so this day by private have encompass this to a gas but broadcast for whatever reason them if it feels like you're sending like all wired signal like old schooling tv signal you did it did it read their debt coming off the radio tower clashing with m has been like when they first tvs came about and you sit your house and all this time span listen to the radio like an asshole and then finally they have this box you can sit in front of a news you get to see an actor
image it's moving around and you know the whole countries watching at the same time they fired acted too that the way we will react to holograms when there's like going a virtually like so you're alive action movie similarly you can be immersed in holograms eventually that's how they with way we look at how they pilot kittv because you ve just a whole family we just sit around a shitty black and white box you stare and holding elections are coming boring stuff but that must have been amazing like magic in your house will use the radio before that was magic where they could all sit around abroad can yeah hd well the war of the worlds member when that that story from i guess it was like free what year was that thirty it is in the thirties i guess was most arouse right when pursuing themselves yeah i think snobs attack that no evidence and they will kill themselves how i and others like one of those urban myth things
they showed how should i am disappointed in our committees i ask your nerves so said about that it sounds like one of those things that is be pretty hard to prove the anti go back there one thirty and find out who killed himself people can orson welles radio talk about people can be talk about that slow uncle yeah louis can brains beata believed the actor man was telling the truth the unified depressed amy like zawoiski adobe pray left a lot of money in the market crash wasn't over by thirty five i guess it was when moves the market crash is thirty five i know it was i think i want to say too early when he was twenty nine maybe thirty five was what was prohibition thirty three i'm not going to go on the twenty two don't forget his pork empires and the twenties i think that's all through prohibition i know what it ended up i feel i say it ended in thirty three and then marijuana became criminalized thirty five was it before that it does not know where it was legal before them but they didn't call it marijuana it was only this is
called marijuana after william randolph hearst printing these articles about black mexicans taking this new drug and raping women and they call it marijuana allow but i was a name for like a wild mexican tobacco that marijuana was these two called cannabis that's what it was it was hemp cannabis and they with their small cannabis and they would smoke hash and all that suffer the same plant there was real what they were after was hemp as commodity they were trying to make camp a commodity very difficult to take over for for paper and for cotton they did it made some new invention called a dictator and was going to be able to really easily process hemp fibre that's where i was came ok supposed again it's it's sketchy stuff it's all over the world guy an eagle song her mother her that i heard with part one spell of calidis is there
the call to learn that that's what i heard that egos documentary at war is a colleague tested rising up through the air we wondered what then name was there saying i think it's a name for pot warm smell of colleges he said all things also about show business are ella or whatever but tat i just meant that make sense that make sense though but by point being no point that deserves a long asked how ago people there so much little so much much much less information coming out them every day that just getting that signal from the radio must about big fuckin deal like well yeah granting around with a ball game that all just sit around look at a mighty just looking at a fucking radio hanging on the war the soap operas the radio soap operas they would do that weekly want far man all those guys did the fully worked with the paper is a fire crinkle crackle crinkle they had but they had comedies does and some others are really fucked called the listen to today to you
i think like you ve gotta le gig you're going to listen to one i'm old timer suspense radio programmes dont it's like a time machine of your tom papas come to pop up and we we do that he doesn't live at the village underground i think he doesn't hear and allay we'll give us all this do we want a front of alive audience there awesome and he's always gallagher weird theme christmas theme or thanksgiving and then you wanna reading it you getting real audience laughed and so great to act and i have to be off book just hold you fuckin script there to do in a play with a script in your hand allowance or does it live in front of it all italy he writes all the script changes you have but he's he's cool like will go through one rehearsal like that night and then you just you know i always changed have to make it sound like me and he doesn't care and there really fun to do is yet matt damon adullam why really famous friends kisses and bother them for photos actually actually see him as an equal he's a sweetheart that he is a good dude i really only hung out with them for the first time we did my podcast i'd like men
before like i said hi i think maybe at the most but no really talk to him before he came into the park a great guy he's funny and he's a weird guy like tom is one of those guys like he's clean but he fuckin murders on stay until autumn georgia clean guy updating art you stink so good bed he these evaluations sally like east totally clean he can bring from any audience and you can't even hate amelia users too funny guy world summit well that's just what they think of nothing wrong with it i think we all the especially you and i come up with a kind of got there is we in time we we pretty much start run the same time right like starting letty nineties yeah i started eighty eight sub item i come to new york i was ninety ninety one and you were just getting started to we're both can again started around the same time and there was like there's clean camps back then and dirty camps
and we were looked at as like did the dummies like are these guys are dirty as if any other just dirty and they look at what you're doing is like you would have less merit because even though killing guys killing just a second again his dick sought by a guy's weird stuff you know what people would have this light dismissal of it doesn't really exist anymore no i don't see it as march i don't you may i again huge amount of meal but my thing anymore but i dont i remember that clean and dirty and have always thought that they thought there much more valor and cleanliness and there's not well it censorship that's all it is like you tell me you don't have those thoughts are you still want for those thoughts on states that's ok you don't have to explore those thoughts on stage but to pretend that somehow or another there's something wrong with somebody else exploring those thoughts on state whatever the fuck they are they can't be handled in a clever and hilarious why everything can be
we will look at it like like there's a difference between just because you can be happy and clean do they hack you dirty guy sock just as much as hacking lane geyser in its you guys doing that i don't find it to be shocking we always no other guys up they're trying to be shot but sometimes someone just has an idea of what it's gonna be i give you here already common guy it's fuckin stupid then you'll see someone is dirty and like really clever and you go while i didn't even think of that option rights hope or ato and there is alive jasper for example some really filthy funny and every truly funny guy that all these people whether was actual who could be dirty whenever cardinalists or to kennison carl inner lenny bruce they were all filthy yet all these guys like all dirty comedy when you mention them instead just going oh yeah i'm an ass and i'm wrong they go well you're not him yes
furthermore the thing on pay so yeah they have to say that they can admit the wrong i sat down to god and open might night when i was an open microbes go tell me you can't swear you tell me you know you gotta stop swear because you never the tv and i really do kittv gigs if you swear not gonna get the tonight show you're not gonna not in agony letterman you gonna be stuck here only pigeonholes you just gotta be why those guys is bitter doing the road swearing and as i will buck innocent he's like what you know now cousin i go well how did he becomes a chemist right what about dies clare you not dies clay with this issue because the guys i think are really funny right what about prior would would have here listen to you and when told clicking here this is ridiculous like what do you like what do you like workers i like kennison prior and hicks and then in the car like those are what i think it's funny and you're telling me that i can't be like them can't do that style deaths ridiculous that's what i think of his comedy like you and i might have a different idea what you think of as com for you at my behind a young man in my be you know whatever filling the blame
from a and molly to necessary nowhere it could do you know everybody's got their own style that their into but the people would be a real adamant in the clean versus dirty camp i wanted exist anymore and i think the internet is sort of like dissolve those boundaries lie tv has got a harsher too it's like you you know you didn't have even and i can i d a cable but you didn't have channels like effects are all these hbo was only doing original programmable you're actually is watching comedy shows us said fuckin them all the time so we for them to do that but now you just like a data douche if you like i dont sometimes all work material out or take language additives like oh yeah i want to try to do this on tv so i gotta make sure my tinder bit is funny we want to do it on tv i want the punchline to be cut lips and i'm gonna do i take that out maybe i can go like on foot can i make a trolley kalis noise and make it that's what you're fucked up we have to start everything including it up but i've always hated euphemisms anyway like guys there was one
was one guy was talking malaga decker pussy and he would go her and he would how can you was all you like and close down like that was what he referred to so either sailor down but dont whistle that fuck it does not suit us that's stomach turning as bizarre is bizarre imagine you're talking to a man was just you and how many couldn't say pussy her unless he was talking about a girl that i am i like that i could see the idea confusion statistics is really powerful pussy you can actually whistle and unjust adjusted saying pussy muzzle just can suck aaron probably possible of girls can chew ping pong balls and stuff i stand by the joke or that bit rather but when he was in thailand and you to some crazy lady who shoots bananas out of her position i would the banana and then chop it up spitting it one piece at a time while about them apples about that clampdown stricken threats
vitali trolling when i was young i may vinyl january dollars to beg tat they might apply to scam on until they might have sliced it up in advance the way anybody shooting anything other vaginas pretty got impressive i think the way i've done it should fall out of a job is basically should stand up it s just fall out on the floor that pussy should works of you doing anything above that you impressive your pussy i was reading this article to this woman wrote i really wish i remember who she was but she was argue that size doesn't matter cause of a chick isn't lazy she can work are pussy muscles to the point where she could enjoy any dec that's true or not but she was like i'll tell you what she was doing she was loose vagina shaming he was doing she was shaming all these girls for not having the effort to also
while sending a signal out telling guys go typos he or she was also telling that guy she's been dating whose kok is small and she knows it small she was trying to make him feel better so she felt her whole philosophy around i'm not an idiot dating a guy with a little dick anomalies and so i can enjoy him to aids process easier to suck and he's pro you're really good at imposing oh my god yet each someone just tell me some girl just tell me a story yesterday we had dinner about a guy with a tiny like a micro cock and she opened her fingers about three inches why am i wasn't that long she was here and like how was it insists on this fuckin awful i couldn't feel my love the honesty i hate lemme go look i didn't matter worse it matters close it matters or some matters yeah this woman was talking about that too that we here's where size matters is that women want to feel stuffed yes stretched out she's i'd be achieve that feeling by tightening implicit muscles but i think you might have appoint their merry load
maybe two combination of all those things maybe there is no right answer maybe you know her pussy is ok and our boyfriends dick is ok it's a combination of all things are closer to write a nordic i maybe she really is loose vagina shaming that's a possibility to smart let all these bitches no ma policies down squeeze may i ask where you discreetly box i don't like a pussy that's too slugger like a bit of a sloppy do not lose a bit of a bit of a fuckin harsher you have you like actual lip some extra meat crazy like i'm trying not to fund may i talk so much about my sexual shit i'm trying to be a good boy again like i'm only we're days in chile no i'm trying to do paw i'm trying to dirty intrigue tax it's very like a boy i'm blocking so much ship by doing that it's almost like i feel connected to nobody always disconnected i don't
i feel like i'm i'm with another person for real like i'm just looking at them through a window so kind of wanting now can i know i'm blocking myself i know that by living this way this this constant fuckin obsession in his constant thing for money is blocking me from really living with people dad fascinating so the constant looking for prostitutes in the prostitute relationship blocks you from having honest relationships of people yet came into this is the first time i've ever travel without a computer i have two computers now i got a new or mac laughed most of this would be my good boy computer i've literally have nothing in there that i have i am ashamed of you open my work computer and there's not one dirty fuckin photo on it there's nothing that's beautiful just work you're good boy i'm trying and the other one
well you know fuckin irish here jack and i like to watch your expressible so when you would you do is break put like tape around it and if you break the seal then you know if you are you know you fucked seal it up seal it up like avant now can have it be like a symbol of his you're sobriety like too much stuff that i need to make any real photos on i gotta cleared off eventually but if you start looking stumpy the problem and i can't delete all my shit so actually an external hard drive that is fully coded in order to pass code i haven't a bank vault geometry to throw it all out yet but eventually i will allow me i would like to thank the bank why have you the bank via your blake papers in their stuff that's my word he's got a few dirty things on a permanent get rid of them and i want to know what's going to happen i haven't billet that my whole life i think i can't it's almost like there's time for i feel it just put it down to its ago you feel a bit
in its ethical donald i get off the plaintiff melina firstly i'm doing as texting dirty i'm trying to go though tell and fuck him for all this shit and lagoda erosion go to this one set something up so i have no the actual my manager or my friends here there's no real communication on thinking about what i'm gonna do after i got to end this fast i can go there like a ticket you're fuckin drug and a signal i just want to stop i'll tell you why i didn't seen recently i had seen in a show called them it was a scene with clive owen who is very brief seen and i think i ok in it you know but it was it was only five lines i was ready i was prepared and you my lines i showed up on time and i felt good about it but i didn't feel great and i ve i didn't feel a hundred percent connected during the scene and unlike i'm not why what am i so disconnected from i'm a fucking stared this guy like i can set i you know i can stand in front of people fucking do what i do there's no reason i cant do a few lines of this person and feel connected it wasn't me
that kind of intimidation it was i realise that even in my most comfortable when i'm prepared i am disconnected gutted dubbed gave it a comment gallagher you be a really good accurate gospel ever blocking you use something really i do agree with black and i've thought about that for years i mean every time i see stupid government atomic i still think about that i know that decoupling i mean things seem all the time but it's like that fucking the thing blocking when you feel like i'm just not there's nothing to do that makes me feel it on the part of this group while you should probably add something to your life yeah why do is probably add like a new thing to be obsessed with you know like take up a hobby sergeant when something that like not something big like that doesn't sort of have a real end goal but then that you enjoy participating in like some sort of a just to deal it yeah i get for some people's working out working out seems like china like if you do it
for that reason just like this my new addiction working out it seems like you unless you like really whole heartedly dive into it it seems that you're gonna get bored and just like lifting weights and yawning at the german less that's your thing and i think that's kind of gotta be done before the the benefits of the exercise of you really gonna get psycho about that but maybe a sport or a hobby or somethin i mean something like a game or even a marshall aren't or something something we're you're you're practising something that you enjoy i want to read more like billboard we had billboard recently in these flying helicopters now and i'm like this is what your friends are doing yeah like as a healthy guy bill got married is never a handkerchief sexually that i know but you can use it for you and he was always a pretty straight narrow guy any he marries a nice girl has and unlike why do you have no thing in your life like that
it is a normal thing like a guy wants to fire i got nothing but time right i guess fuck i'm done with the radio ten in the morning and i want to read more like i literally carried me more i get so fucking i'm so wired up living my phone right here its constant so i started reading a little bit more like i'm trying to shut my brain now let's go to flip phone as it already did i saw their by kid this too many violet leaders to me legit things i do with it like i send it a real text and i do like twitter and i do i built a check my email and play chess and all these things that are not deviant or piggish flip forward annoy me more than it would help me jeez zap what's that jesus you need something that overwhelms your phone that's used the absolute wholesome and in order to to you
jesus i pray of elected unblock it proved put all your fingerprints enter somebody's upgrade little bit our is up crazed phone samsung alias to bullshit that still an old fucking iphone wanna be fun but is it takes them asked me what if he could get a pocket camera i said yeah get an iphone and he's got this he's ignore i've got this new samsung alias deal almost a shitty iphone he's going back he will go back to her not to in this day and age got a manager you can ignore the new technology such ignoring your car because you drive too much you got it you gotta just balance so does this new shitty phone have apps show me no shit he found this is it you got some of the key pad evidence got all programs let me say some sort of like perhaps we are we talking about here this is a flip phone how does it oh wow oh how we're is a touch screen or all arrow and also goes
ben back because both ways how weird i remember this piece of shit this came like many i might have had one of these fuckin things i might have or if there are still in the stylus era what's wrong with him with his stylus on the note for of your trying that sam son no four oh my god the galaxy note it's fuckin amaze as it goes further than the iphone six now now the iphone it is a better phone is better can drug shan the absolute better the cameras better but the stylus on the note force pretty slick like you could circle and it has options you kid like you can copy pictures send them to you folder you could save them like with with the stylus save your online looking at something you could just scroll it with the styles and silas i'll take that photo
ok and then you could also like right notes on pictures and send them to people like this is you stupid he could draw dick and calm coming out of it and put it on some insufficient sentiment in seconds you could write like right on my stand up notes by hand i got they even save to ever note by hand it's kind of slick so i went to went to my notes i have sir notes in here that our there all done from from the galaxy note for so they're all done by hand ok so it's like my handwriting it's not just but it's my handwriting on a little you know computer don't you like i have no thank you i talk my notes into it i i know it's like just talking a joke idea to have a time miss spells it but it's so much easier and i finally do so many more ideas that way and prepare so much more for interviews in oh what i'm just reading a book and spitting notes and not just email to myself in plenum yeah i know it's mean in the d the software
now is so good at picking up your words it's incredible what am i something jim i dumb full rights jen norton sometimes you're always just can't so how stupid are you how many times have i said this you don't know that jim is j i am i have alexis that navigation feature that you spoke to you now to take me to one eighteen hollywood boulevard it's fuckin never right now i may never i make it so bad i mean i try to talk very clearly so that it understands me and it never gets it right i have to do with three four times and usually i want to pull over swallows i won't let you entertaining thinks you're a fucking baby you can't do i drive and shift to pull overstep your car and then you get internet address or you could use the voice feature voice features sucks a thousand decks its really bad yes the word brings out such a rage like heavy and not have this figure to bite the voice feature
your phone which is blue to attend to your ear car anyway is amazing the siri like sir you take me to marry chinese theatre in hollywood boulevard mansion these data would you like directions yes bohme you're on your way and it's really that good i'll say what's frustrating about siri though is when you're talking into it you need a wifi connection or whatever a good connection we you do a whole thing you know i feel i got you don't know what to do with my life and i find the whole fucking chapter and i look in that fucking cocksucker circle is still spending i really nothing has been said but users is waiting to find some way to grab the information so this tat we gotta just talk i will i found you can say like you can go comma period when we start to keep stopping in doing it so discrimination may y yeah what's really good for that notepad feature that what was called the wood the one's native to the iphone
i just know it i haven't knows what do you know what is theirs there's benefits to both plant forms i think android an iphone and i like both of em but what i about android is at its open and that like pretty anybody can create jobs for them and there's just so much more variety somebody in islamic and people use it and what are you doin like about iphone is out of like difficult to get europe approved for the app store but that's also why so many these things work so well you know like i think it's some waits die falls innovation in a small way everyone like you tethered to the apple maybe but they have such a pursuit of excellence totally seer from their point of view and all italy the end product is better right but i used to funds are used phone for like my home stuff my purse stuff and i use a samson galaxy s five which is its waterproof i like it alive
ban i am one of those i've never fall over there now i get a lot it's disallow good features too and i think the size is about the right to ask is this is like five and a half inches the other ones five and five inches threats he doesn't even know another new version that that's pry the same as the iphone six plus yeah the six the galaxy s six has just come out i think like in a week or so they gave him they gave us a bunch of we they give us phones galaxy and not bad phones but for me i'm just this is i think there's only one you can just go that's my phone like you and me i tribal platforms once again let me while if we had an if you had an android now is the only option when they first came out milk when the iphone came eubulus on my consciousness fucking them may yeah we're just so used to how good the iphones are now that it makes it difficult for almost everybody out but even the old life actually i see something of a small i found like where you from nineteen thirty fuckin phone italy the one you see that
haha shit like google is still but aluminum looking yanza she'll flash and a camera dog shit yeah steve jobs really bobby that was on purpose no flash fucking ass they made a dope phone i mean it the whole game that was only like two thousand seven hard to believe that pre two thousand seven we all existing without smartphones you think stuff the euro watch i watch a move in the eighties and start thinking date they have no right a dyed nineteen eighty nine or rather the person never made a cell phone call like they missed so much dying in eighty nine ninety ninety you watch a movie about you seem so primitive account everybody stay in touch without a fall you don't worry you are you think he's oh my god i can never get more advanced than this in five years and i am i gonna do show was i was out in the wilderness by myself do you remember on people in the fallen pink site from their home yeah when they weren't armies kept calling
yeah ring rang machine we neither party line to eat a party line as your rapporteur those know what's issue new jersey where i live there the kid and you get a call you the frost the upstairs people think it rang different for the nortons over the people upstairs so loudly you if you are quiet you can this like a pig and listen in and then you can listen to someone's conversation from upstairs and sometimes it go with him on the phone you ok but different if any new array shared alive why already i think it was called area i don't know the party lie i believe was called the party line but it was nothing like nine hundred numbers and did i just make it like ass expensive or just the only option probably at the again this is in the late seventy when i was in no ten plus nine years old so that's crazy yeah i don't remember that all experienced at them been on the east coast i was on the west coast back then i was in the west those from my age seven to ten where
i was living in san francisco holger i guess seven to eleven and levin forty seven to eleven in san francisco eleven and thirteen in florida and then boston so that they can have a party lines back then i don't know they had only just for poor people we want reform we have a lot of money i mean my diving out of work that point or whose work from trucking so maybe that was put some money saving thing we pretty poor baghdad we were on welfare drank powdered milk to hold dear how to block such rights not good now yeah it's also like very nerve racking when your kid and you know that it's down the powdered milk now and they know that like times really are tough it's it's a creepy feeling like war we gonna run out of food you know people would freak out of aid too much like you now being poor is very stressful to everybody and in comparison to the rest the world your right we talk
but this before in the show we have not you but the one sent everybody's that that term the one percent sob one percent ruining area to be one per cent globally the top one percent globally all you need to make his thirty four thousand noisier while yeah that's i wouldn't say if you made thirty four thousand year your poor but it's it's not rich it's it's certainly you're in trouble if you have a family if you make it there four thousand dollars a year and you have children of feed ok that's a lot of money i saw depends on where you live unity or single in new york or you know you they get thirty four grannie yet the very hard to find a comfortable living space in new york and have a good life they have you wanna get thirty four writs almost impossible i think so it's almost impossible just for your rent you rent might be thirty four grenadier jesus christ
for grant a year is only what is a little but one to grant a month that good luck good fuckin luck finding an apartment in new york for to grant a month fuckin luck jersey right before i can we get a crimson obediently like two thousand while the florentine and those fuckin lack malta we split and draw a rent between me heaven is draw further time and when you walk in video albeit with they did i get jim norton cribs and the oil producer reckon steed came to my apartment and i thought was a great play i had no idea what i'm fuckin cesspool i lived in and when you look there was there a picture on the wall when you moved it black mould then the auditing and bring that up it's a video or the volume but you you could see it for that's my old place this fucking you can zip in a little bill as we're walking up these steps here this is cliffs ip new jersey you guys this cliffside partner jersey upstairs about six miles from here you can see the river near the bluff side possible blackmailed on the wall and about
the corners ah my god that shit really bad for you i wonder if that contributed to my breathing problems too bad sleeper i guarantee you did but look it look at it leaking from fucking down from back picture behind the budget so that we do move the picture and i hope it right now i think we do move it it doesn't it's not is not good sue yeah they put that fucking two thousand graphic my god that's all black men yeah although you jim the up that's really for you man that's insane wise it behind that picture like i think if we had a very leaky living room when you does my room about florentines us we will you i had a we had a very leaky living room what you might see like we re coming it all the time we support like four or five gets in the living room and it would rain homer and it was clear that was that we are living in that was where i lived did
florentine suffer the same sort of cardiovascular problems i don't know you know like he had been jim had so much black molded his bedroom he dialogue is the roof zeke it's almost caving in jim had fucking tinfoil against the whole bottom third of his wall to stick to the black mouldy couldn't see whites but w i think cooper my breathing problems were i think part my breathing problems are the way i fuckin sexually edge have thought of that all that jerking of illegal actions are hold my breath on doing jerking off like your breathing fucked up i am i really think that that mess that might bio rhythms or whatever like why my sleep you fucked up your sleep by edging i think i do it's so much like right before bad if i do some good and a jerk off i can see them wired i think i've found oh my god y know that their black bolster devil we can have an effect on you tom like you said that in this house and the added demolish like half of his fuckin house
did you do to make it he was sick all the time we felt like shit all as you like just felt terrible is immune system is just fucked figure out what was up and any he did some tests and values is house was infected with black mould how long do you live like that i was ever three years maximum i don't know too good question out since two thousand or we're not you to you i don't know i don't know how much of a pain in the ass it was or how long it lasted or what but i know that it was an issue and another specifics but i know that he had to demolish like a large portion of his house it's a big deal they have to cut the windows out and cut the doors out and cut the walls out and then spray everything first fuckin mould shit he'll all the small now to make sure that kill all of it through every yeah super bad for you that stuff like all over your walls like tat guys were essentially walking through like a that was tainted by that fungus
you can you think i have trafficking deep breath once in awhile i i can now what did i feel it get sudden stopped me and i can't sleep like anthony at a greatly usage ethnical makes it a great way of describing anything in figure you have we'll get that last click and that's the breathless clicks and you the final full well yeah but this time i can't get to that full click it allowed on laying down and they have to prompt myself up on my right elbow i can take a deep breath turn on things or sit wrong inside whatever will you know you can you breathing exercises i'm not really an expert knees of fucked with them a little bit and i do a verse of them when i do the isolation tank sometimes or i'll take one minute breath in one minute breath out inside my inward breath for one may while and my outward breath for one minute requires a lot of discipline because you start panicking our panicking especially when you breathing it out because you
push out the whole breath in us from breathing n i want and i want to give her way boring two minute version of it that i literally a guy just like clean my sister get ready in alone i was the first is primarily about thirty seconds potable i'd start again by panicky but half what i tat life do a full minute are you really be would have exotic a deep breath and then like ten seconds into that nobody your full unfinished can't you get into its love so i give you look at the seven right now and that clock right there in the star authentic and just give yourself
you have a break and go supporting part i'm not really out but i am here i just stopped because your right to say a little people listen to me breathe and if they were be there be hoping i stopped just try folks just give it a try here in one once you get it down then the way i do it in isolation tags i do a sixty count account in my head while breeding slow looking hard it's hard to hold your breath from minute it seems like it shouldn't be seems like whether the guys that of the records able to both seven minutes some shit like that again the blind any all his breath wouldn't fourteen minute tiny there are some areas some world record breath there's like it if we add to that he might have ingested some oxygen before he dinners and play seventeen minutes well jes oxygen it helps i don't know but
count on me that tee with grants up is that what he did the other religious breathing on the official figures here will luckily wasn't a radio the issues are brought my would go to fuck is wrong with you table was that but that's it it's a good discipline for breath and there's all sorts of different brim yoga breeding called proteome on the bunch other different names they have for different styles a breathing but breath exercises i like you can exercise your lungs with a deep breathing exercises will you actually strengthen your lungs and you can condition your lungs and you can get used to breathing in a way like they have a type a bridge they call shambolic breath work where you can go into psychedelic states like real drug induce states with no drugs all from this with the call hall of something breathing hollow hollow tropic breathings at it i've never done it but aubrey my friend
he's done it a bunch times how long does take you to get that way i don't know it's good question submitted a thing to class in it and if someone could show how to do it my i can't breathe the shirt collar tropic breathing practice uses that uses breathing and other elements to positively or use that word allow act as to non ordinary states of consciousness it was developed by stanislav graph sesar to his ella de lsd base psychedelic therapy following the suppression of legal lsd use in the late nineteenth sixties oh that's interesting so he came up with that why what a fuckin genius that guy out of the fact he did a lot of acid before that helped albert but you do not know who is always one step away from just being out his fucking mind to take to depress entirely and eternal restless go at the acid probably told them how to teach people yeah you know that it's like listen man we're going away from a bet it's gonna be while people guess we'll talk about us but it can be a few years pike
two thousands when really people to say why exactly this stuff illegal again but until then you can do this i wonder if it's it's just like a lotta yo yo yo you stand up too fast if the breathing too fast you can't like this is how fuckin much as i don't sleep for shit i picked it up my dumbson bosnia for years but i we'll go to the gym nor a gap in my train or as we do on like literally saunders walking up the steps and tired really it's fucking awful now you you still have to sleep ravening issue i put i have so many mask somebody fans of semi masking cause i'm a stuff you know so i hate my fucking no so much you have no idea it always conjecture you gotta deviated cept em all young irish eggs a new hope it helped it but you know i mean now instead of being completely stopped all time is partially stopped most that it's much better formalities but i cant use them ass come close fell back which causes evan arizona should force obedience moved to arizona due to show dry air yeah that'll help downloading yeah i was recently in phoenix heartache i dont think i
it now is a good boy in phoenix you good boy i was a good boy no no hooking in phoenix i like phoenix it's a fucking town their wild ass people that's it the internet listing proud tell it doesn't get enough respect you have a good god downtime there weren't sap whether we can he hadn't half year he had a good weekend would involve cocaine and in part will your short and i don't know there was two girls filmmakers prostitution that that was he was arrested wasn't education in his room and girls like worldwide i guess he film them seconds they gonna fall and they want money but i wasn't going to set down in this war and sometimes when you you wanna girls like then she freaking out they want a few extra hundred and i'll leave you gotta do it
because you're paying you yeah it's shitty and is not part of the deal about young are they want i want ten thousand dollars that's different that's bullshit bullshit it's a bad business practice commandest around so maybe i'm confusing his story and i believe i am with mike tyson stork as he was arrested in phoenix cocaine wild but is a long time earlier this is this possible yeah paddlers if this policy area where any losses gig and could easily shoved the woman or whatever and what would but there is an obligation between eminem i've had that where you can feel good thanks for maybe other better send for you you're drunk you might be fuck you're not thinking right but you can feel about to go to a weird plays a lot of times you gotta back out and be calm and i mean to go on time we can't text dirty shit all i'm issue is threatening she didn't know i was the comedians issue is threatening to expose me for my daughter
fantasies and none of them were things that will be that very little slightly embarrassed human none of them were like her issues threatening to expose you wanted money what i kind of said to arm like first of all everyone i know knows i'm a pervert everyone that hears you on the radio gmos it was already other people that allow she didn't ya like you have no idea the person you're actually talking joy now some like do you have to do but you i just made us a fuckin of committed a felony through text you try to blackmail me for money a dope yes i like it we're going to go i wouldn't open somebody what am i gonna work attempting to library but i was even matter but i said the boy i said to a look why are we both talk tomorrow we have clear heads and we're not less not fight i wireless walk away i didn't say you fucking for some time you got this year was pointing feel on there but i said you gotta go people are not once in a while
well worn sap in that moment probably didn't do he will probably so angry like fuck you bet you'd fuck you and their arguing instead of realizing i got a gig and the cops are going to show up give her the out or i look i don't fight with you let's calm down right you want here's an extra three hundred we listen away made will talk to and doing and then she thinks you the more money coming in tomorrow we might actually be amenable to monitor not screaming right so what our i've do as transit blackmailed wrappers want to thirty thousand dollars in the lobby i've heard stories that while thirty thousand yeah yeah yeah i've heard of you trying to tell me that they like yeah you know has been wrappers whatever that fuckin get blackmail by girls figured out the lobby in the guise of our i come back up and they want money
why being wrappers a lot of pressure and peter comic nobody cares what the fuck you do being a rapporteur is going to be a mother fucker monster russia could there no meeting only trailing wise and stuff away and if their into the weird shale ye shall week days you can the eminent museum deprecate but that that whole act that whole site of psychology is harder for those guys because it seems weekdays enjoys you happy you and party with a fat ass girl in a car and i came for up and down the shit fuck you damn sorrowful newborn nowhere yeah that's a girl and not a catch fire until it only the lot of the bone marrow to boys at a given yeah it's might move yeah it's weird cultural it that's a culture of much more like one of the most macho forms of music ever young and waterways right more than rock because they don't want any ballads too but i would say it but he gave the data was shooting each had let the guys in rock were never knowing that in being a culture of their friends we shot right that's a difference they took it to a totally new place there
game and especially gangster rap mean they made like east coast west coast rivalries involve gunfight yeah that shit never existed for where was guy regained in rock and roll that was like openly like sugar night the really wasn't phil spectators closer kommeni wasn't a gangster just a fuckin cook in the hendricks manager hendricks had a manager that apparently according to a guy who was once more the roads are there are security guys whatever the fuck it was you just put out a book saying that he thinks that nor did the manager kill hendricks but he killed hendricks girlfriend too she then i guess your hendricks girlfriend was she fell or was pushed off of a roof and somehow like right after hendricks died and now the idea was that she committed suicide or she knew too much and she was killed i doubt that it i would guess knowing nothing other than what you just said and she allowed tenders to dyke issues for the cops to fund the drugs in the room so
it was one hundred die because he could have been saved if you just called the ambulance but she didn't magic probably see how much money you caught me you dumb fuck and throw off the roof if that's like forty patchy one iota throws i kill off the roof with pride that that could have been the case with the book was arguing that hendricks was leaving the manager and the manager had a stranglehold on hendricks for a bunch of stupid reasons and one of them was that he had faked kidnapping he had kidnap jimmy and then rescue jimmy had some people kidnapping and said look i rested you you're gonna be fine i talked to mom guys everything's gonna be ok and this is why this guy who wrote the book fight try i now jamie find it was really recent like within the last year or so sky wrote this book and it was really fascinating are heard and being interviewed or read it i remember which
it's pretty that pretty interesting the theories of the sky puts forth as an auditor alive now or did i think the managers dead too with a manager was a notorious criminal all like on and on doubted plea a bad naughty boy and they believe that he really did have jimi hendrix kidnapped and then stepped in to save him you now to let him now you know you better our loyalty to me i will keep you from all these bad doesn't want kidnap you and that's it that's a crazy tactic to kill to keep an artist and you stay yeah it's really brilliant i'm in vienna hendricks in your stable are you are you are you had a portal stops why thank you realize that i think you realized probably signed them before he really hit and then once he really had is i've always jesus christ i'm gonna get my hands on the greatest rock and roll guy ever so what this guy was san booker answered the man who save jimi hendrix from the mafia is that it
run run mob kidnapping and water skate mishap maybe i don't think that's just yeah just look up jimi hendrix manager killed him look up that and safely oh god sexist races history of us analogies look at that headline good god about rolling stone play they shit the bed gear did its amazed at how they get the fuck in boston bomber on the cover that that was disgusting and then this new thing will it not just they put him on the cover they put him on the cover looking q glamour shot glamour shot looking cute here is new book or yeah rock roadie right claims jeffrey told him he plied hendricks with pills and alcohol to kill him and claim the guitar as life insurance while wow
man i wonder if that i wonder if that hotel room is still there that hotels gone i know he took down the one that were bobby kennedy was killed the ambassador is gone they take to get up at a school their sunday order that hotel still stands split you said i was in london the niger means death went round to monica hotel room got a handful pills and stuffed and his mouth and poured a few bottles red wine deep into his windpipe wilt doesn't than that seen there would be like some sort of struggle the hendricks doing wouldn't when they relate it's on or somethin manager was eventually where that hendricks about the sack em he had recently taken my life insurance policy of two million dollars flats if that's true that wild wood jeffrey is the beneficiary will do a genuine worth much more him dead than alive jeffries quote is telling ride that son of a bitch going to leave me for the last time i lose everything i have it's all here say now we also hear this guy wants
look you want to make money guy's dead the guy can't defend himself right who the fuck meanwhile we just bread that roma about anyway that's how you do it but we did say allegedly allegedly i love saying to good word word protection a loss boy and want to throw that allegedly allegedly is always important it's a nice little buffer if the eu had allegedly i wonder about the web off the top of a salary for forget jones against oh my god the new johnson rethink too good fight to very good fight it some it's all about within our johnsing get ahold jones is jones is very good at using his reach better than anybody ever he's the very best utilizing reach and he's also very good at using techniques to keep people a bay he is strain arm all the time which is not good because you pokes guys in the army in the i occasionally so he's gonna make sure it does do that heap puts palm to the forehead fingers really pulled back
make sure that the figures are right is a legit technique that comes from my tie in my time here see a lot of that they push off let's kick push off elbow push off punch but there's lot of pushing off and there's you know because they're they're doing from then boxing whether utilizing all these other techniques are kicks in elbows knees and stuff so push off and then pushing into quenching all that is like a valid part of that style of striking and it's probably when the most effective striking johnson's really fuckin good at my time he's got a really good dutch kickboxing coaches guy henry hoofed who is the lead trainer the black zillions which is a floor debate group that has a lot of high level strikers come through time inspire trains their alister overriding was train there for a bit and they have a lot of like big name guys like me he holds guineas like a famous dutch guy who fights and glory and
a bunch of other guys come in through their this i go consarn ie like real real high level guys and so there train and this one spot so johnson is getting like soup or high level training and kickboxing i keep those pictures i am sparring with rico behoove in week over who is the glory heavyweight champion the world and kickboxing bad mother fucker just like super technical kick boxer so if johnson in their spar with that guy i daily basis he's getting some super high quality striking training and johnson has lisa power asia slackened strong do man he's a destroyer he's a destroyer his power is ridiculous and it's incredible that this guy started off his crew in the usa at once seventy and now is a tool five to five we just smashing people not only did he not lose power going up thirty five fucking pounds of competition not even body weight like zoological like hendricks i'll find a one seventy he'll get to a five easy enough
on time because it just gets fatty two out of work and wild pay and shared not ease and nutty texas guy but rum would get up to that in meat he's he's got to five pounds of fuckin meet on right so we went from one seventy the way cut to tool five comfortable way cut this smashing people trays needs unprecedented no one's ever done it before right i don't know it's a really gone up not just one way class but two way classes and been a legit threat to the world title where they fighting their fight in may that is may was a date twitter i guess yeah may twenty come on down i may go for that one man that's a good one go down country hang us tom the girl and dumb army should fear now tom skirt and twenty hints cliff and i are doing that car theatre our than i am jim ok yeah glad that the only thing i take off to do is to go see fight i take off for nothing else
yeah it's you only ha that's a hobby i've got to go to you have to watch that's my only leisure activity why toby bullock one of the finest times i ran vegas was the time when i didn't have a gig scheduled and it was you and me and red ban and bobby kelly and and anthony member we always he died young barbecue you're too right he was yet yes and we all want to see dies we ida dinner like manner we had a good looking meal in us who went down to the river error washed his show hung out with dies and dicers i happy to see us who had backstage were children the green room we had a great fucking times a lot of fun there was a great fucking time whose really funds when my first time ever in vegas was it also had time to sit like an audience marriages laugh yeah we're just lapham like idiots lie watch you but i went out there and i live and said i think you're told years the first comment i sat through a new year's like and i mean fucking years
and it was fun to watch it was really enjoy light i might have seen at the end of story and then i watched you and it made me laugh it was kind of funds to watch somewhere perform y know enlightened and just enjoy it like you citizen wants but why did the same to you and austin i told you that you kind of change my thinking about two things about the law of a sat and also about too many dick jokes because i would go goddamn i got too many fuckin dick jokes mad but i saw norton killed killed fifty minutes nonstop barrage of attach howland laugh at home and laughing and i remember thinking you know what i like that you just pound for fifty minutes hours like i gotta do at least in our ten maybe our twenty i think an hour's my magic number the angel an hour now about an hour that seems too like the magic number or people just guitar to listen to you so what i do is i
good guys on the road at me and the good guys do like at least a half an hour so either hinge level half an hour or if i have hinge live and secure that leads to a twenty minutes nice variety of looks and there i do like an hour and it's a great shout big pack together fast going to see a movie i'm so but with a kick ass ninety minute movie that's good yeah you don't give me a three hour movie man i don't need a lord of the rings fuckin i don't need to drag it that bitch out the one and a half hours is a good number so seeing you and you crush for fifty minutes ill i put it in my head i like you know and i really enjoyed that and as an audience member out really enjoy that thank you you know that it's like you just i go to i phaser i'm really filthy or i'm not as dirty it all depends on what i'm what's happening my life the ground single agrarian now dirtier because doing more dirty shit more stock to require special coming on friday twenty four july in manila and i'm
really happy with nobody waste instigated the ceta regulated project but i asked you really like this one and our morning but i'm already moving on i gotta drop all that fucking material and it's an hour of stuff that i no longer talk do you know that's really fun it's fun to do i scared scared every time i do at every turn may my act and start all over again i get scared but it's really fun what is it called actually inadequate yeah where they come from it was it was something about context that i really want to called context on included but i didn't like that is much and i just thought of like my greatest fear is to be inadequate like i feel sexually inadequate all the time conceptually nanogram afraid what i'm saying is meaningless so tied in a just felt right because its by two greatest fears so put made no longer special i hope it's good i know it's gonna be good i ll areas that i thank you but i like it like a all items you usually normally you in hindsight like all like somebody shot like a year later but
now miguel emily happy with this unhappy with the pace of it i'm happy with it i talk about cosby at all about anthony and fired you know just allotted sure did we know fell new that's that so important because one of the things happens accounts when they hold on their material too long they don't think like any more effect here of peter girls i do i have all forecasts solo arms as characters lounges me i got a freely is chip got fuck in one of them is that you're one is uncle paul that's a larry yeah knows you're just all me sob of cover it was collins i dig you to put yourself an album covers and i had this guy put me at all black sabbath records interesting every time you refresh the page is a different image of that's larry yeah that still exist all sabbaths records that is her larry s i do some more though is that picture from the last one was up you with the year when we had a nose operation yet is one of my many acne photos my fucking face even though the b i hate when it did does not owner in almaty
his record why not it's pretty cool man and it just gets me physical my my its jim norton de comedy syllogism i was but i can say is that for me at least doing who material is really important like at the end of a cycle like see yet a two year cycle for me it's like two years so maybe if i do especial every one year that it's too rushed that i'm holding the material enough i'm not giving my perspective chance enough to grow stage inside out i'll do way more than i need to in those two years and then i'll whittled down to what i really like when that time comes in our but then it forces me when i abandoned it star with new stuff my perspective is always refreshed i think as as purse your constant lagree evaluating things look there's a stand up a kind of have to bid you have to always be looking for what's funny about something what's interest and that changes material changes to you know and fans have
still i give up i get so it's amazing like how much feedback you get that is eggs exactly the opposite like we'll get one guy will tweet or right hey man fuckin nor in your stuff so topical doesn't hold up and then you then person will say fuck it with the training junction sex jokes it's like what up your mind motherfuckers what do you want i can't do it for you i can only do like what feels right and then i do a lot of topical stuff is aid interests me and beats a geek talk on the radio everyday that's what's on my mind when you fuckin reading the paper everyday you're talking about stuff everyday you're formulae opinions because you're talking about something long form for six minutes for ten minutes and then you just start getting it idea about it in an whom you create something yeah but the people are they really wacky hardcore fans they get upset if you talk about something on the radio and then that becomes a bit yeah good dog above own rule you worry new or do they don't know what they walk because they did the criticism is again fit
percent say this fifty percent say that i think is even more than fifty percent say they like being in the creative process like armand when you first brought it up but does the court this people it is looking to complain yeah no matter what you do is gonna be some people that it is looking to be upset and some people just why did your attention this is why you to notice that they do and i actually wrote about that when lindy western i had a debate about rape jokes afterwards ass she was like a lot of rape comments hope europe and killed and any no she was worthy bligh wow was all this scrape threats and i wrote some for actual jane which i'd i you know i didn't think they would legit rape threat there we ve been talking about drunk driving i said people were to fuck it run i hope you'll kill by drunk drivers things if you just want to be heard they want to say stop the worst thing they can say i'll be raped so much the worse the academic walk into a room unjust screaming rule out over the horror that we noticed no you wanted well you know a man is always gonna be people there just looking to get upset there's always gonna be people that are looking to piss people off elzevirs think they could push buttons and true
rules like anonymous trolls on line taken them into account as an actual legit threat you have no idea what you're doing with it might be a legit threat but at all be some thirteen year old kid whose dickhead i think the majority of them this is what i love when they criticized material or they criticise what you're doing we have been talking at open anthony and a lot of people he's not be told the truth like what what are you want me to say what you mean in the you not tell the truth the usual allotted the lot of these guys just want me to go on the radio and mother fuck opie and they think that would be an honest they they think that that's what i should do meanwhile there posting under anonymous names so you feel cowards you fuckin afraid nobody the sea we really are cowards sitting in your house demanding other people should that you would you have the moral courage to say your name go fuck yourself but they think that's what honesty is like that's what they were want anything if i dont give them that instead of realising maybe that's not where the truth lies for me they think i'm not being
you have a year evaluating the minds of retards lecturing lloyd and what it is really a better offer logic and reasoning diseases a bunch of people that are just kuntz matter what you do it if you really concentrate too much about what they're saying you're gonna u get crazy i guess you're taken in crazy input and theirs but our times for their right and wrong good my stand up or the thing they criticise i and this is why they annoy me it's like it's like hey dummies actually giving you guys credit when you're right i really meant it what i have said there are times when they say things that really smart and intuitive they fuckin now what am i should he habits or my verbal crutches or will they make a law a very valid points and then i'll read it theorize something about the radio show and think oh my god that i give you idiots way too much credit we'll see what you're saying the problem with what you say is they you're saying they as if like one collective unit that has a vote and they reside and there's a bunch of fuck heads out there there's a bunch of really cool people out there too and something
the really cool people they disagree with you and they have a good point and this is too way to do it where it's like you know i notice that he relies on this a bit too much it gets it gets a tad tiresome or it gets really tiresome they could even say gets really dynamism and maybe you don't like here and now it's things maybe that's what you need here but that there is a difference between them and someone is just a dummy who so gets the same amount of voice like you know what you're on twitter and summons reaching to you on twitter if you re the dummies words he got to you just like the smart guy the august there all they're all receiving you receiving although that data in your brain tissue decide like ok what kind of a person in my taking this advice from working a person my receiving this criticism from mozilla fuckin idiot or as is the person who just disagrees with me and theirs two different types of people out there when it comes to things that are conflict there's compute cool people that you can get involved with conflict
with where you work out each other's differences and then these cuts and dusty in art of anonymous internet interaction like you be anonymous is still not be a cut in that the things that would irritates me about that culture it's like mine a pub gmail the real jim norton a gmail is for people to contact me i'm not one have i ever got an email from somebody that was reasonable nasty audience you nasty or all ignore you but i've never gotten one that was your again guys not guilty because i'd medication fucking sold out with the eight paragraphs you know but if you send me an email goal of this what i like about the shower i thought you guys doing this too much i really do read it and i really do listen what you say a lot of times i don't agree with it and this comes right it's you back burma that irrational were somebody will be critical if just don't be a dick right like you can't say to me like you don't mean fuck it shows stinks report and all your comments and then you know
spawned may go say he can't take criticism since we cannot exactly being fuckin you'd have contacted me we are calling someone account does not the act of a friend you know you got a hit united writing me an email i just go look may i think you guys are disloyal too and a lot of loyalty yeah maybe it's like we're how much more loyal would you want me to beat anthony that i love anthony how can i express to you like that's not enough for them look at first like well you know you you're not does singular anthea i'm going to have any show and enact not enough why don't you say loves everything goes on to show what would you like me to do anthony and i are our fight with how we treat it like what do you want you sometimes i think that they just don't know what they want and i wish you would expressed to me what you want send me an email that makes sense on decayed and i really will read it and try to accommodate you like i do i do want the fuckin fans happy right they don't seem to get that is why i really do like you know
cannot meet everybody now don't charge for fucking photos you do the same thing i've seen you doing how much more what can i say to fans i appreciate what you do and i do appreciate your input then stan and like a fucking dumb just bucket i dont charge for anything most you don't buy things on the way out and i would thank you coming like what you wanna do suck your dick in the parking lot with canada is most people are cool yeah right so you're freaking out about a small percentage they just ignore actually i might even free dyke i'm not even a little hut now i'm doing this fuckin gasoline you re very grave man cough delicious and but it does heighten the out but i'm not even angry at the mid say some of them are really funny but in the mean ones are really funny dude is a guy give you a fucking you know more about the show than to be this dumb at this moment i know more about what we do and about our interactions with each other and to be it at a dope at this moment but i'm not even that mad at them it's like some of them just or hilarious
hence also so not realizing that you're just a person for some reason when you think that someone is being a famous comedian thinking to ban out there in new york aware of the fact they are at the moment your tweet an anthem and their tweeting back like that doesn't even seem real to read if you're an eighteen year can you live in cleveland and ear you get on your iphone any like fuck you you just bucket to you and then you like fuck you wouldn't anything you actually yeah wharton really tweet on me like did it doesn't even seen real i love you i love go going back at them and having fun with them in and i like some has been dick in knowing that they just can start fighting with other people etc and it's gonna fun why do enjoy go into people's two pages when they all day long are in legitimate fights like things i noticed this group that likes to call themselves social justice warriors or they get disparagingly further to as social justice worth as a bunch these people to follow
and some of them even i'm on a blocked list feebly them all i am too i think i know that list somebody sent me that you send out incendiary things in and in there and their weak cultural i dont want to rebuild sets me that means jokes smouch yeah jokes are bad for our culture but my point being i d like to go to their pages because some of them tire like timeline is them fighting with people like in these horrible like insult laden back in with conversations and there's that old expression that you go outside and you run into an asshole you we just ran into an asshole but you go outside and everybody you meet is an asshole it might be you're the common denominator that might be you i give you twitter feed is just constant complaining about everything in the world and then arguments with people that are disagree
view that end up in horrible insults like maybe it's you maybe just maybe you don't realize your transmitting a signal in that signal a super county and what you're getting back to see the country data you know you think it's the whole world the world socks look i'm getting rape threads and i'm getting always horrible harassment or maybe maybe that's what's maybe you send out a real shitty flag you fly a shitty flag and shit come back your way and people respond to it in initially way and they don't like it like if somebody insult you publicly and then you insult them back they get all the settling what you you pick it on me and it's like norton attacked blogger you you're a heckler you ve heckled me on line that mentioned we shall i see you basically what usually say legitimate like to walk up to go fuck you in your face and then
walk away without you saying anything what were you should you should do that your fans year let alone your families who do you no longer friends they are animals there really are good the third is that the things they tolerate me say i don't stay in denver easily and the biggest risk since i got was doing chip and uncle palm threatening nonetheless reminiscing about always find a young guy just talk about again remember when you is baby they they fuckin love knowing that i'm going to talk about molesting this man it's that care code as it allows you to do things that are totally unacceptable normally my favorite doing the work is nothing if i could do in care but uncle paul render all that stuff it saw use why so much like you to think it play in the bad guy like you can to explore that fuckin horrible side of like you would a story about like a fuckin priest or molester justin
that like uncle pork and step in and go in any direction it's a lot more fun because as a man you gotta go arts terrible that's wrong but that's not funny to say but it is to me how long is uncle bob and around four when he started uncle paw started is i've i've been to category four years relationships long before did mother radio into a nor my girlfriend and the huge larry many years ago there was roger davis or roger de and this is long before chip there was roger roger had a brother lester was burned in a fire and let you cause you got a whole time where all the airline left you was burned everywhere but his knees and his three where we were knickers to show off his legs was a whole thing and uncle roger uncle uncle larry and then emerge into chip who my girlfriend hated so much cheaper became the fuckin unclear which chip would embarrass people i did had literally before it overthrow duenna radio to i would be out with girl
friends and embarrassed them by doing that like we obviously making bad jokes were the cab often jan and inter governmental or i'll just go just shut the fuck up not finding me so happy this is where we drive jen brazen he'd be like a really nice day countless and the way to it from her and she would water like the salmon and chipped just goes how much is that i would ask the waiter like do you know how humiliating it is that people think i funds that people think i'm fucking this guy and her that's where they come from that visceral reaction was real like i was due whose doing one night did she go i would do i would do it unites edgar's one i don't do as much because edgar edgar's toward a tiny mouthy he's good woman nurse relax this thing but he had a brother eugene
hu jia was always telling her that like you know you need to get right with law and always tell us a garbage a whore oh my gosh figure is or is not worthy of crying crying but i would happen was my girlfriend at the time was now my best friend she backdrop of some years ago she hated eugene so much and i mean it wasn't even finding work we are doing and she wouldn't take her fingernails into my face my eyes into my face eugene shrill and criminal when it was it was such a visceral reaction from her as i stop doing eugene she caught me dirty texting other girl she fuck you i told you that i will tell you why i was listening to go i'm a fact which is growing i told you my dirty intriguing it was a girl i think i'll pay you five hundred baby
such an attitude i would say my conversations to jerk off to road and i had the wrong pointed a button and i fucking printed it dude i fucking printed it so she wakes be off one morning she goes jim wake up and i knew i was in trouble so he found these things as she knew i hadn't fuck the girl but i was a real strain on the relationship so as to why i swear to you as one of the ways of making immense to her i stopped eugene i shoulda eugene melancholia because you because i do a baby boy curriculum jelly who she like whose jelly i don't do jolly publicly to embarrass it's just a little boy but she thought he was really cute and uncle paul would always molest jelly slackened ship was so stupid chip italy's dropped jelly often uncle pause house now is a whole fuckin inner world so jeopardy likewise uncle profit good guys helping out she's so it she would drive a crazy source but it was
the fund way to be and she reacted so strongly so i said before only like i am animated them now and i'm in a point now with the why haven't introduce them we're working on it are you gonna do an actual show with these care pilots oh yeah because if the years of people telling me to do it what are you doing on i don't know yet but it's gonna be on something netflix i've not a billboard cartoon and they don't think they're interested and i don't want to i don't we're doing line somewhere i don't think i'll be auto monetize it live is situated pilot i have a second phase many episode where the audio is all taped already and i'm looking they call animatronics now which is the very basic animation it's a good story boarding that moves so it doesn't look like the characters but there votes did you showing you the motion they're gonna be in and where they are but i got it he chips face animated i have i
with the calculus second it's gettin to where i am happy with the yunkers again different levels automation ex expensive shit to grant a minute so both of these things are costumer twenty grand do total which is our does not that benefited investment and it's mine i fucking own it but you don t get the animation that's amazing it's like five grand a minute and it's like i'm i'm not funding that most so these are these are a fucking it's it's a beginning and or go from here to present our people respond to that they think it's funny and they like it they might go that's cool we want this we want that but i really i want to do something with it so i've got a lot of the characters in the first one second one i have a couple of the characters that i think people like it by literally did it was after years and years of people telling me to do this stuff but it's them it's fun i have on the roads is nothing i can listen to jim norton i really category as a kid always have like god these weird flag i would detached from gm norton and fantasize blake i had this little baby bis fantasy of me when i was five me jimmy robinson we're friends jimmy
robinson was a boy and a cape whose may use jim norton to keep a mean jimmy robinson hated jimmy norton there was this week separation like i don't know who i was i was just this guy and argos five or six in jimmy robinson was really cool and good looking and he was five or six in the u locally was made but here try circle and had a fucking cape illegal jim norton which fuckin shit so avoid this weird detachments i dont like listening to myself any more than anybody else does right now on coffee but i like watching i like saint uncle pollard chip related don't sound like me i'll go back and listen to fucking ship and i laughed like i've never heard of works out remember saying it damn it i remember doing it but i in those would you not fucking paying attention so in those moments you are really thinking like back yet it never thought through ever and i'll listen sometimes and remember it now listen to it like somebody was all yet now you knew you really are thinking in that does that mean
fine and put its fun to do and that's why i'm always interested like what i'm uncomfortable acting somewhere and i know the difference between standard clive owen with a bunch of people play doctors that's a real situation so just talking to my fuckin gonna die i'll fuckin friends on the radio and bob kelly's there you know no pressure with your buddies but it's so why is one so comfortable with it their zero planning at it and it's just maybe you're talking about whatever you think for five minutes and you know it has to be funding in order to move a story along why is that it's scary at all but this is so some thing is you know in interfering i think to kind of pray about that's the most fun i have is doing that shit so you can do in these characters like for a long time yet one into the radio over time they became a radio over time but they were they existed long before radio waves my personal life is to find a way to be this so many the what like my girlfriend was the best and i'll see you tonight she's fuck it awesome
for i never give it a name before but we i've talked about rooms jennifer carmody it she has a pod care she's really funny person and she is he's the one she fucked the characters like she fucked ship and china's hilarious and she fucks suddenly suddenly was one i never shortly suddenly was one who is just domini withdrawal orange and he would like the sight of her face in her neck and she hated suddenly i he's gonna retarded but he never made it to the radio something's don't translate they just things you doing your personal life tilbury what covered asked do you have in your brain how many people in there there was one point with jan and engendered reason she work and this animation with me because literally her and my manager jonathan club soda kenny have dealt with these people in their personal lives any of you have ever heard of a radio there was one point with jan there was just courses chip jelly and it was agamemnon camp and eugene melancthon i did kill off eugene there was uncle paul there
she remembered wash sheldon who is there was another one called this she kid who just a guy who can't talk like worthwhile but likely she taught oxygen zuzu sushi kid fuckin suddenly who jeweled a lot always go would you would you like a lilies it had no death to them and that's why didn't bring them to the radio they are only funny context truly in their relationship cause gin got them and i got them so there was no they would be one trick ponies on the radio we can only he just like jennifer and he would like liquor pussy bad or liquor thighs and which is grocer out so there was no way to translate that one night she fucked ship
applause in suddenly she's a chip was the worst flock was always maybe lashes uncle paul is probably the best of the three so while you're fucking there you're in these correct only that time is a goop she such if dick wants to chip came in one came in one time is a good and evil like pocket jedi call my barton like you ve provided in montreal abounded the festival she felt better she bluechip hues of buck choose all areas who was there there was fuckin not a one on one of these i called the gossip kid return even black don't do him anymore you just wanted what kind of some important he almost worked like and it was based on this before i ever saw fuckin they are more harold pernod when he did oz the guy in the wheelchair the black eye we kind of now raise that's what the gossip kid did he would just narrate
i do not even i heard uncle paul you are a bit second capacity it was like that and she made her laugh forgotten because one of the favourite we would do within our relationship ended years ago so i don't do the glass kit anymore but the glass of kid with some the characters god larry that's what i'm gonna do too i forgot about him until recently i started again so too friend of mine actually whose like that's fucking funny did he comes out on are on the right once in a while to just do it let go of people always him eagerly that bitch and that's the bats that that's that character but i haven't got until a great depth jimmy you dave you do podcast disbar yourself it is by yourself talking to different guests just you add a guest i don't know prepare the fuckin beautiful people hear me so much on the radio maybe if i didn't have radio harry
people get bored me i think that it is they wouldn't get bored of you how to purchase a guarantee you you would reach a lot of people and even if we did it once a week when we a bad idea to have something on the back burner with now that's gonna have with syria throw me they're doing well right now but the internet is a strange thing the internet's going in cars it's gonna have within the next decade within the next decade it's gonna be real hard to justify pain for satellite area because he's gonna be someone's gotta figure out programme so you could do that mimic satellite radio and they become native apps on your car whether we talked about before with its pandora when it and some new thing that we don't even know where they have that it europe now in your your car lot afford cars where you can download pod ass directly from re favorites save em so you can have liked like stations you can click on you can go to different part gas that all that stuff you know it's gonna be hard to compete with that like your right and i think you let the decade i think i think we live shorter than that before the cars have it now
definitely have a lesson decade but i mean like how much time to sears like i like serious i like it i like switch through the channels and listen and indifferent museum or listening to howard than listening to you guys and listenin to listen to what is run and run fast and this bunch of different things you can listen to there's a lot of different classic vinyl station to play cool music now ozzy boneyard my favorites session anywhere yeah yeah there's some great love what is it lost tracks what is that one does detracts iep track deep tracks is like real obscure song hopi likes that when a lot too i don t i think he promotional deeper meaning that i do i don't i don't listen i don't listen emotion the mysterious have ozzy boneyard occasionally carnation listen to what the seventy channel but like when you when you really think about it the did the benefit of the internet is a bunch does of the budget
one of the big ones is you can be anywhere you could be in a parking garage like it's really annoying when you listening to a good show and then you go into a tunnel and it stopped here because you're satellite can yet but with cellular keep connections you get a cellular connection way more places you can get a cell connection underground can get it in parking lot structures in a lot of different places that you can't get radio and also like what i was travelling to panic canyon yesterday and a fuckin sunny day and satellite was cut now really here just trees just the trees like there's areas two pangaea where you are you're driving through the canyon and there's just a canopy of trees overhead blocks out this history click yes yes sire we rushed back and let's promote jimmy's special that is on epochs real soon contractually inadequate april twenty fourth epics an epic says the same network that was airing deep web on may thirty four
which is our friend alex winter who is here yesterday or the day before yesterday and us epics is doing some fuckin cool shit and jimmy done one special on ethics are ready for this will be his second special on x i'm ready asked about tonight at the ice house is sold out sorry bitches and then the new ex gig that we have that's a big one is in new york that soul two that's at the but is it called cinema joint what is it the grand ballroom the grand volume ballroom and new york city so the eggs gig that i had that's available that actually has tickets available is the car theatre at em gm and that's on the twenty second so that sir and then we will be doing myself shows in town between now and then indefinitely calmly store and want to things we start doing the comic stores that
ellie room have you done the belly room you i think i have it i've done the maybe i have what they would be the one that are really the divergent yeah i guess humanly regional rome is the downstairs room seats about i guess like one fifty and the main room seats i think all full seats for honey people go down and then the belly room only seats like eighty or something that's a tiny ass room like if you want to stop people and they might get ninety and it's amazing i did it last night for this jeremiah watkins young kid out here has this show that east ducal under pussy where was i got podcast they did it but a lot of you didn't want to do it on a pike ass you want to do it on a regular show so they started as a pod gas and now maybe stopped be stopped by dirty gives does both but upon the spot what they call in someone the people yell out topics in your forced to make jokes or make fun of
our cool and everybody knows that's what it is so they know you might stumble little bare and why are we gonna have subjects that you draw manoeuvring awesome but you're forced in that situation we try to make comedy and i've come up with a bunch of bids because of it because we don't like three or four times now and you come up with like you know you might do fifteen minutes you might get three minutes out of it well while this actually potential hold their good topics girl fart saw gotta my waiters what did what's a really hard whether their throughout economics boy some awesome yelled out space travel economic space travel this but you're always i have like a little now who knows you might you might like in that moment like someone could give out economics and you have nothing or you could be in the right frame of mind at the right moment and you just have this idea and then you run within on stage and people start laugh unaware italy hysterically like oh there is something i even consider that but you're
forced into this like the forced to too broad you forced to figure out how to run river i forced to figure out how to swim each thrones the water he figured out i like it i didn't want similar that prevention as one resources cosette list settlers and there are some really hard weird things on there but that was kind of funding what they're just explore it and soon she go with it more you mind works and that that's really fun shit to do yeah it's fun it's a good way to start new material like just to get the beginnings of a new book or the idea of a new bit like yet have like trick yourself i thank our and i were talking about this once if you do too many gigs weed live your life enough absolutely right i sometimes you just leave too much too much gigs and not enough wife nothing illegal bird was saying that same thing actually burrow saying that in our sometimes he needs to do things that's why i think he got in the helicopter fly he actually was doing
did on helicopter flies decided by law fucking actually take some lessons in and in taking lessons he actually wanted joint well that's you know it's funny said because it is another part of me not want to be such a piece of shit anymore sexually because you you bet you feed on all the same thing and there's nothing new coming into my life there's going to input so there's stuff talk about on the radio which is topical and then does that the government is a whole life out there that you're not enjoying in living and i got my crying the blues i'm a good money i have a nice apart like i've been very lucky in comedy but it's just somebody fun things to do like just go out with someone somewhere without a goal of sexual whatever just you know go away for that i too little dumb town go shopping or just to some fuckin dumped shit that people do that's fun relaxing in a normal and normal human beings do not be not be edging it's fuckin hours dude i'm telling you it's fucked me up so it's like this it is like this weird on tk
double scared fiona get when i'm done to agree very scared like i'm expose you don't owe me like oh god he's married a fuckin hospice you'll find out and i talk that girl to jerkin we oughta give five hundred bamborough fucking husband shoot me declines out like you like that i do in a moment but as soon as you come boy you stop liking it you're going to be a kind of fun killed really african lord cumnor really brings you right back to reality isn't it fine though that part of being a funny guy like the way you are is is dependent upon compulsive behaviour and thoughts there's something about like these actual creation of a bit like the an improved line there is improv line a lot of that like impulsive thinks you're
if somebody or yell something or just think of something you say it even though if you thought through you might say will you tweet it which is why guys get in trouble you not i mean that it is a europe that impulsive thinking that this is the thing that makes you great is also think that what i say road you my favorite tweet so much and never die that woman who was workin for some people city farmers employed that she flew to assure you like on my way to africa hope and i'll get aids just kidding i'm like ella well and then she lands and its national fuckin scandal the end she lost our job i mean what are the odds that's anyone's guinea read that tweet and decide to go after you hear this they will ip let's get this publicist but what you are interesting sacco and it was a stupid thing to say but what she's probably saying is hey why people like itself sometimes it might even be a statement about how
unfair that only the black eyes i don't think she meant like fuck black people or do you think she did i don't know i think she's just trying to be funny maybe i think she is sought choose being funny going i hope i don't aids just kidding i'm white i think it has been an asshole just being i mean i mean that's all in a bad way lay a funny on it here being goofy in spain or that somebody comic would say i'm telling you i wouldn't say that absolutely lotta comics would say that the thing is the guy i've had a wider weird thing to be european i have a tweets in brutal radio shall obviously you know it frustrating and stupid but then i hear these guys who sent these tweet two to curb shillings daughter was kurt showing the pitcher and those are big red sox pitcher picea the bloody sock any tweets his daughter pitching college game so these anonymous these fuckin cowards they treat this stuff about it that's really nasty and some
he said might have been illegal because it was sexual software i don't know but they both were the data who they were they were both fired from their jobs or one was and i was happy did they get fired because i like them but i had a real dilemma because the emotional parties like good fuck these scumbags and then the part of me is you should firing people because they say dumb shit but then unlike ok say you're a doctor and you tweet i hate jews what do the hospital i have the right to go we don't want you working for us our jewish clientele would legitimately not feel comfortable having you operator like i just kind of in a quandary about it i don't know how you feel about me but now like the i've just such a he's like whatever you say you shouldn't get in trouble for i'm ended there is upheld here to speak but you shouldn't get fired for doing dumb jokes but what if you work save you working with a guy like say you're in an office and the guy shares the office is a small amount of people is like three or four people the office and as working and now together day in day out and why
of you you find out ascending really mean tweets to a baseball players daughter really a vicious shit for no reason adjusted asshole tonight oh the girl he just an asshole why the fuck would you want to work with jack right that's truth why can't you fire that guy because that guy's nagging to the environment of the office because this is an anomaly unhappy he fired again emotionally right but it but for the party contradicts that is growing year but yeah that was an obvious one hour at the guy was account but then the ones where people are just going for a joke like tat lady yes and then she gets fired so like who makes the determination like that's what dry we create i don't have to feel about like i we felt it loyal to my own point of view because i was so i was like fuck those guys i'm i'm telling myself by saying it but i mean like i don't know i'm could have had a bit of a dilemma with this one lately was she was interviewed with i forget what blog kinsman
why keep doing that letter my your major i do the same thing i saw to defend a fucking shall re trial no i do not have it in its this yardstick off the butter the bird in the coffee and she was talking about how it essentially uprooted your entire life actually landed in africa didn't even realise what was going on slap tino probably took a sleeping pill so long flyer woke up didn't even realise what she had caused and then she had our job and people hated her they would be bored having conversations about her on cnn they were cholera piece of shit it got ugly really ugly and she kind of went into hiding and then she got a gig somewhere else i don't merriwig is normal mention if i do did know it but she she recovered to recovering got back on track but she made a careless joke she thought she was being funny she thought you'd be silly and she didn't think that maybe we're gonna listen to it or read it and the entire and in what she's doing is different to what those guys say to church genetically but then
the thing where you know sports guys you like you said you think they're immune like people yes for the time at sports figures fucking drop daddy rod you saki fucking it's like felt like who's to say what's right and i'd that's right i'm kind of just what i ride i live in a world of saint john just kind of noise nuisance little you then i think the sports guys if they're saying something it's absolutely mean and vicious and nasty and you don't want i am representing your organization so of an organization of you have a team or if you have s p and it makes seems to me that people getting fired for saying mean shit where is it it gets problematic when it's a difference of opinion as now necessarily mean insulting thing or a negative thing but it's a philosophical difference of opinion something people say things and although it's not smart what they said what they said probably shouldn't
fired registers a grey area when it comes to some of these things will have had always honest i wish they say yet but they're not what happened the galley trevor noah does is tweet a few years ago and they go back and they know their jokes but they lie and they look at these hateful thing about jews he doesn't ease antechamber so they take that they norman for jobs and they spend them into this was hate speech and it's almost like because their such liars just to get a result that that's what using part comes into this if it was just the unilateral lanyard deludes their opinion because then me i'm not gonna listen anything you say if you say that is just like he had one joe she's ten times the woman that used to be so i guess you that now negotiated these fat shaming no he's making a joke yes and what what are you saying that someone is ten times the size these to be isn't fat i say that's pretty fuckin disappearance rural if they wait six pounds in one part of this idea of fat jamie's been drive me fucking crazy gets not unlike the phantom
by the way thank you very much about louis jury lui wanted to spit my face this morning when he saw dare he i know it fanny pack i have one for you if you want i either you genuine i haven't yours too yeah i like you good fanny pack i do as well process could get excited we're talking about a fat shaming yummy look man it's not cool to be mean to people is not cool like point someone out demeaned butts it not smart too just let it go either not smart too just not ever talk about someone's weight if you care about someone you should probably bring up the fact that their morbidly obese if you could bring it up and have they realise that there's other options out there and they change their their habits that's not that's not a silly fetching right we're all ignoring fat people or ignoring people that have eating problems we're gonna nor like a serious health problems that's that's that's
much of an addiction as what you're talking about about sexual or is the same sort of thing they get in there they get sweaty thinking about rings and hollows and cakes and workers in these two fuckin sheer joy of given into it brings a fuckin awesome naga be honest i have friends of a food food addictions and i've been around them when they they satisfy those addictions it's like your watch in lyons ie if the hardest hit the hardest of all food fuckin brutal many getting johnny would you have the right exists can i help you don't have to go to hookers reality but some of us do joe vetoes they are united you'll live if you don't get a hooker you'll live if you don't eat right have to eat so delay constantly dive the dancing in and out of this world that their addicted to very hard fuck you you can't not do at la maidens healthy i guess i did this girl once back in the day had a bit of a wait problem and she should i have discussed but at once where i was like i think that you u puts
much emphasis on this issue and it was a minor wait problem was she wasn't morbidly obese by anyone's definition but she did like would gain like old and pounds here twenty rise there and bother and what bother was that it would have sesar all day talk about which aid had a fat free methana ahead of this and ahead of that and it became like almost is like this this battle that shit it never win whose eyes crazy yo yo they could she just she knew that you weren't supposed to have eyes can she had to eat ice cream you know it and then the way she fixed it is yoga she started doing yoga any somehow or other balanced brain out and the effort of doing the yoke boasted her metabolism and she started eating really healthy because she got more conscious of her body be instead of
she'd should she did always exercise was always like pretty fit but she just would do like running or a little or to someone else but this got her into doing yoga and then she became like really obsessed with eating healthy foods and taking care of her body and dinner then she turned out great that's great yeah she figured it out with cool and some of the figures it out but but it was it was bizarre being in i've been next and like guy friends and have it but they just go in here while in gluttony but girls i'll do that kind of dance around it so their food addictions even here too because like my friends it s food addictions dough indulge in front of me you know a good school you guys want to go to fulfilling the blankets we'll get some spaghetti meatballs fuck yeah they sit down and they seem indulging like all fuckin tremendous you know they knew they shouldn't beating this barberini in anyway
to say something i do not want to be the wet nurse within its like youtube on forty six of my friends are therefore is that you can drop dead at this point oh yeah oh yeah you certainly can and have you know already what worried me when he was in here i was like jesus christ and i was telling him about healthy foods and you know yet the pill thing to the heroin thing to incite goddamn do you put a lot of sure in your heart along goddamn not longer it'll come along a few pounds access on recently yet we did it in florida and as the yugoslav then legume whenever it funny fuck you guys raising fucking funny he was so far on the park gas talking about sports gambling which he's got a thing for just as bad as you have a thing for set all really he fuckin loves gambling and he loves gambling and it's that same thing is that that impulsive shit that comics tend to get what it is like a lot of us get like we have real addiction problems the really funny ones for whatever reason like i know a lot of guys that of either sex
addiction or some sort of drug addiction or gambling addiction or some sort of addiction i gets a real common to know guys that have relationship addictions where their addiction is to be constantly in conflict in the relationships and they never straightening out and there scared to be alone and they elect scared scared to lose a cow and then they fight like cats and dogs knows i gotta get away from her and then they never do and then there's ease but would you do what you're doing is the same sort of crazy thing that a food person does wages back and forth and and four than that conflict becomes like what you are talking to with the sex will you never see yourself you never see life you look at it like you through a window you never right there you never totally present you're always involve in this inner battle and then interbank could be gambling it could be beaten off they could be going to hookers it could be doing drugs could be drinking whatever you're trying to not do becomes you think you could be food
don't to get away becomes a wrestling match that you're constantly engaged in all day and from i had about a bunch of em a bunch of vat is games that are much video games with plant pool agreeable man we're in old video games it was real bad like i would be sitting there how can a somebody and do like this is so much more boring and playing video game i want to go play a video game right now he wanted to get away and go play a video game and i'll just going to my office shut the door and just like finally put the headphones on and then i'll play and i realize like while this is like i'm in i'm doing i'm an attic tier of how long it took place while it what's a long create eight ten hours while really twelve sometimes only twelve do like six it six the morning easy alike fuelled with caffeine i'll show you how heart attack by these sodas i forget the the
but it made em they're really cool and some of our more blue solve them at hull opinion on some of them had like stream amounts caffeine in them and guyana and all these and they are like skulls and honest different weird archie labour and there was a supermarket north hollywood that used to sell them downstream from my apartment and i'll go and our by them by the fucking crate i would buy everything they had when they would get new shipments and even contacted the people that made the soft drink they had a warehouse in fact ass a cat come near warehouse and just by some kay is of your shit let's have like all sorts of different hot you're crazy but it was super calf and aided and i would drink this stuff and just play video games just all now how did you do for that's the shit no that's not it actually green apple opinion soda it looked a little bit like this from the upper left there's a bunch of different ones but they had like skulls and all kinds of weird yet all over the
the the labels how many years ago this isn't indeed how many how long did you do for i think i with video games altogether around two thousand i think i realized i start playing like every now and again in liked two thousands i would play like a little over here and then but i didn't i never never got into it seriously again and then i completely stopped platinum around two thousand to you look at the graphics now gallego yeah scared the southern its here's the thing about it if you're a gamer ungulate worried folks warm with you you pulled you do what you're right is nothing wrong playing video games are fun is how the problem is if you have some there's stuff that you want to do in your life you gotta know like what you like if i get addicted to jujitsu here's a perfect example i cant do jujitsu but an hour and a half a day you get exhausted you keep body just can't keep up keep doing it i get you there's a certain amount of ours and daddy gave role because you
straining your fuckin cardio huge you trying to survive are you trying to kill and you fuckin constantly moving in your time we tried to you a better your position and defend and after wyatt you done you kid like that with video games with video games of your addicted to it you fucking can play eight ten hours a day sought a problem of either caffeine in you and you gotta run the right kind of addictive game especially you have friends you're playing together we stay table land parties we together and link over computers together oh my god we'd be up for as people just where we i would go to houston have gigs in houston lot of guys would be from houston we meet in houston and weed up our computers together and we would play for flocking hours and hours and hours and we come day after day good elegant two or three day thing were it i'll get together just now the junk food ships mountain do whatever the fuck out of here
then you can get in your system it's too it's too fun it's a really fun thing you do you have it i play asteroids and i was a kid i was very addicted to regulate every abound i'm that of that ilk so i never got them as an adult yeah i think they can get there but as a form of entertainment their fuckin awesome and even better today than ever before why would you eggs i was one of the grand theft auto i'd like a little line whenever i tried playing laszlo this very laszlo came into open anthony and i kept by i play that whole month i backed into the fence times into fuck this i am such an uncoordinated twat that i just couldn't make it work thanks i little back on that i got thank god you back to the fore because i like i know that it would have been fun one to figure out how to use the controllers and a video game really they become like a part of the way you move like with quick every guy had like a script that he would run that he would load up like a profile script for the speed of your mouse for the shape of you care
dear for your name and you can upload it like you could have it is a text file on your computer and you upload it into the game and there like that would be like your speed of your mouse somebody like them to move really fast and people like the mouse to move really slow some people like an extended view like your appeal we could change i guess we could be there ninety or one twenty some guys spread it out they give you like a fish i lands and allow you to see more shit on your screen and some guys like that some guy didn't but it was this saying that it became like really specific so that you got soup used to the amount of movement that you would do with your fingers and how that calculated to move on screen in your brain sink up to it so then you don't you think about moving your fingers had just automatically happen and when you're playing eight ten hours a day day after day after day it becomes like really become sort major average became her and i usually planet computer preferred that joyce and i never come
can play on the computer left right kid this key this case as it could i couldn't get a while the reason is when you use a mouse a mouse and keyboard is the most accurate form of control or for video games so far ass you can get a lot done with one of those xbox controllers but you're never gonna the type of pinpoint accuracy in like a first person shooter personally i can with a mouse with a mouse could turn around and like look at a guy like theirs certain guys that would play that there's a kid is called fatality he's council vitality and the other the eye in i got number one and he is like a world champion quake player and when you would watch him play he would make these splits turns and shoot guys in the face that were falling off buildings like guys would like red jumping off a buildings and he would speak and in mid air they would explode and aegis had this this super tuned in sense of what the curse
was doing on a screen as he was moving and if you watch the really high level quake eyes when they were playing with these things are called they're called demos and they can make a demo and then they could uploaded demo and you can watch a match take place from their point of view right and you can see how how well they move in the game it was just like my god look we need the really high levels of the game its insanely adrenaline failed because you're goin down dark corridors people looking at you you're shooting it damn your health is deteriorating before your eyes you're running to try to get more health you're running try to get armor and new weapons and trying to conceal all the map and waiting for the new weapon a response you gotta get to this area within five seconds you have the time it all out your head you have to know the map inside and now it becomes an singly addictive and the the rush the actual rush that you would get from these games is incredible mates of adrenalin pumping heart beating three diminish
graphics sound you have headphones on you you here three dimensional sound like if you hear something to the right let me someone is to your right they are actually to your right in the game you run towards them and is these corridor yours and cable amazing it's an amazing in just one of em backing and the fence insane forget i can't do it was probably good for you gary go time lost years of my life play in those games to jean i enjoyed it try enjoyed it but i guarantee i lost years my life also coincided with a timer wasn't white writing many jokes incidentally i write yeah some tears if something becomes obsessive i wanted this about their own have more fun stuff in my life i do that's healthy and normal but i do want to get a dick is anything else i want to put down one addiction and i hope i can stay away for this one for what they have been keeping a running tallies first time i ever did that in tally financially really yes of how much spending on it's not a
it's not jerry is not a you know i've put his way in a year if i spent more than trolley jean sure i mean that one year that he talks fifty thousand dollars years i mean half an it's nothing but i've done more on their choice she money why not every year and not up to this point this year well if you can replace with something is now when your mama's utopia that message ryan left arm d feel said you can go to the gin and that was in two thousand three i put it on my second city mother made a very good point she said just go to the gym you can meet nice girls sinhalese the evening in shape and she was right i did but let me call it leaves the evening to right i don't know i forget what was called the fun it's yeah i remember she called it a money than helen but if you if you picked up a game like i hate to say it but even golf la golf becomes that you're it takes time guys do it for like a long hours in the day but it's also fund
you go with your bodies who go advice he could annoy you all day and you go not with vast plays basically every fuckin there ain't brown sleep well enough to pull it off my sleeps a vague issue lay really this is why get so frustrated and angry and self hating because i try to do the right thing i'll put the mask on big boy went got his tears over the three at me still can't do it claustrophobic i fucking finally fall asleep and then are our real the air is blowing up the side of the mass italy everything nothing sinks upright despite my best effort in it's almost like yours toward if you do the right thing the right thing i've done all the leg work and i'm still getting fucking dog shit results and it makes me nuts they make me so want to smash my face to a fuckin window because i've done there stuff and i still can't fall asleep and yours we back more maybe someone listen this can shed some light or help you out some turmoil probably not dug a bet
talked about this on the radio enough times where someone is export all the options with ye i have something called complex up near its central albania and its obstructive language falling sleep on the plane over i flew out here today just cape way alex homologies fuckin put a sock in my mouth who is like my fucking double tongue log back over my throat and then if it but if it's not that i have a mouth gordo is not the one you used to have one that does hold my jaw forward then its essential happier where my tongues blocking things my brain just girls don't breathe breathe the sba machine i have which have tried seep average ape happened bypass knowledge shit s is the combination that that this supposed to work with complex up is very very sort of machine like it really picks up your breathing and it works with you even i sleep with tat its thanks so when you put that thing on these can get a good night's sleep now now became cluster
close your is on your fear strikes me not from stuffy my doing noses stuffy fucking jimmy norton can't noses stuffy you make me so frustrated and you think that the nose thing how someone do thou juicy a big thing big thing i mean no i think so party we all crazy or our comics crazy he added lily come on get me here and there at physically it's the truth you know we yet yes i don't think there's things are both true i think we are all nuts and i do think that i just can't breathe what do you arm monitor your diet to keep your diet free of things across inflammation or anything probably all what's funny i have a feeling that certain things do it like wheat probably does it to me i know right sushi clearing jerk off things like even the fat anything milk oriented bothers me certain i can avoid that makes it easier i use a breeze right strip that help yell but i mean that plus them out of the mouth guard the one you
god i want to try to get but because i've central albania to it won't fix it health guard has changed my life a little bit because it don't keep my throat open so like lot of times i am probably choking far less often like that i you know i mean that i would be normally so i'll a lot but done for he's talking about this in the radio there really will be like one of them we'll be happening had their fight recently and they there actually quite was i missed that fight are heard oh be talking about it now you know what i heard you talking about be crying on the radio talking about miss the whole thing yet with anthony exits who share that opening o peddler did they not why was this how did ass he was told by how it was difficult work with him all these years and stuff with his girlfriend he went through a history of why this babylon just got to the point where i could tell on too those guys we're we're gonna go i could sense it
and i never said daniel you gonna battle be adobe what are you feeling like you see to that sweets that things at either one of them were saying would be misinterpreted it was just gonna happen so in open but if you think i twitter on the show that might be misinterpreted or even interpret right and get mad a combination of both to another snipping at each other and then when eight when opie went back at him the next day they kept her aunt really sets himself on the compound show all became back pissed off and i was in a weaker position because i'm like i'm not gonna sit here and just play devils having i forgot that needs to do that they need to do it together and it almost seemed unfair for me just sit there now argue with open like i'm anthony's mouthpiece run that you are i mean inside and said i want to do that there's a couple of points i clarified things i thought i had made a valid point about browsing so there and argue at all be overlooked that that's let him in a fucking do that shit i'm not a month a mug that codependent say let them fuck it but
got like a toy legit two people thought it might have been allayed by watch did happen and you know nobody wants to do that shit like that's embarrassing shit when you're in especially a fuckin audience like that nobody wants to zob fuck off how did he saw it wasn't it was in the earlier lily was a little fool mirror who knew more than down bad but he can caught himself and he didn't want it was that europe is a little betty i previously used over numbering nice stuff is remembering nice shit and i forget what else what was i say just arguments that we want to go down this road i don't remember you they're talking i breathing and about my fuckin while i go on this road adjoining about oh be bad mouthing that they they fought back and forth now but there was a reason i went down that road and maybe think of those guys and i remember what it was
the people is the on line does anybody know my legitimately just lost my place i was so it also knows there now on twitter year like what was i saying that may make it was reason i went down the road about them fighting about something that guy talked about it was something i said after all i thought of that one of them said god i don't know what to what i had known that we going down that road respond by thinking of something else mother fucker god dammit waiting for some time maybe there's a woman like you epps tweets laundering looking anything new information shops that matches you have two twin chip as a separate character the you tweet through human you're both have their own twitter of course its weight in faded to reassure the chip has a thousand followers chip is your fucking of forest let me see here now
jim nortons see how many and tragedy he's my apologies for storing like this i mean to go down that road someone who find it we're going corrected online but i want to know because it was a point i was making some of them ass he spoke ass i went on the show but i don't know what they went down the opium anything there was something i was thinking i'd literally just lost my place so tired i am not an hour you know me tell you something maybe i helped you you know what i really liked is that fuckin thing that you wrote about no trevor noah tal thank you that thing you're over time as in thank you that was really smart they really appropriate and exact your exactly right what the outrage was manufactured was its recreational outrage did they something a green light to be a dick about and they decided
be a dick about an you wrote a really well thought out piece about the tiger yeah i was just there was just the trevor no isn't the problem you are it's kind of hard sometimes like the good thing in writing as you have time to edit and you can get your thoughts in a row is just acting angrily here like you are only a flood of thoughts come norman leir explain this best like ie have a bunch of thought is do you want to get em all out like this but certainly they wanted to write about but i couldn't could you get blocked when afresh well i want to say norman leir said his europe is said dame years ago picture like a room it's on fire do we talk about this he say when you nobody he russia's for the door they get stuck but if every he walks out of the room one at a time everyone gets out and then you can section them off into people by height and people by color and couple them that's the waiters with thoughts almost like all this frustration i'll just talk it into this thing but that does not just get the fuck out wanted an i'm one of the time and then for me
something like that where there's so much you have so many feelings about it it's hard not to we try harder to be self righteous is committed you really try to do is to make your thoughts known we all fall into once in a while every person does it but it's it's hard you dont want took his that's a dick quality yet worlds theirs balancing act we are creating something like what tone my trying to set here what's the best way to go this thought outwards got the most impact how do i really feel about it verses what's the most painting version of it that i could say in out how much i twisted for just for humor how much are they fuck around with it in owns and its that's the beautiful thing about it is that it's all coming from your direction you can decide whether to take it and tweak it in so you're gonna of those little battles in your head about where to take things yeah i mean now but it's you with it i always rights to fund this away fans are great
that peace and i get people get mad at me why did you write one about aunt so first of loved ones about a month stager he's my special second about it and asked me to i don't call them and ass they just asked me i'm here they ve i've turn them on four things i didn't think i was called to write about a very dynamic and addressed so how does it go agree they say would you like to write something about trevor knowing your relationship with them if they do get right to me and say would you write something trevor or they ve written me robin died like would you like to write something i'm again about your worries us it not all because i loved her but i wasn't i just felt like so many people here eulogizing let people who are better qualified do i really didn't know or so joan rivers was like patrice you at a written something up worse they asked me to bring it to you have all away i just it was only like i didn't know well enough and i would have been talking about her but not from knowledgeable point of view as someone who interacted with jonah what i was a huge fan bomb out that i never got to meet her really wish i to meet her those that are supposed to do it
in bed with joan lawyer was a pod gas that there climb in bed with her and she would interview from bed ending i just left round joke grandmother out a loved have done it but for whatever reason scheduling wise it had to be moved around her and then obviously died fishermen's credible after the first time rivers flight coming i loved her so flight coming from west palm beach and i see john get on the plane and she's two seats in front of me and her assistant recognize me so we're getting on the plane she sitting there she's a look up and i said like a a comedian i just year just u awesomely i just think you right here thank you and until she still looked funny like i'm not in our shoes so i sat there a moment like that i'm terrible by the worst fun banter guy ever i still find that answer with anyone on elevators my actual laugh me
you walk angle i got boy this elevator sloan skill yes it is humorless conduct but it's not i just panic so sat down and in her assistant came over the peace of the new york times and he handed i don't want you looked at you needed something to read so she gave me at home repaper and i want to take a photo with on the critical photo after the play lead and she was here but not here so she walked me up top and she goes hop on and she had one of those loved us those things at these up through the airport with right and she gives me a ride on her fuck the thing we speed through the airport and then we too a photo not a good photo neither one of us but i mentioned not her to sign it from someone else and i had met or a couple of times after that said three fellows i think she remembered me and the last time i spoke to her i went to louis uk had on thanksgiving two years ago he had john was at his house he had felt your husband at his house and he invited me and i should hide her
while you went to a dinner party with philip seymour hoffman and joan reminded louis he case how yap in that's amazing store with is why louis so lui would tell a great story the sweat louis so incredible because he's unafraid lakes what's on ethnic apollos you're barbecue bobby kelly was so funny that day i panicked looking to philips you more halfpenny nice in a liner do myself you know but i'm not good and those moments bob kelly's be effective you're breaking policies the big funny ox you know shit talker willie guy just you know moments that really love bobby cause he's just he so good at funny in those men monsieur the ball breaker from boston that he is bodies a guy in those moments i of who the guy is who tries to alpha bob bob is bobby as is yorkshire carrier who would be slaughtered by workers bob's a guy who really doesn't back off from anybody that's why he's funny he's like someone tries to alpha him and be funny abide i dared any just you know
without work for him you don't be so i admired bobby that take as you so funny in front of folks who happen all these people and ellen bursting was there i'm just staring at her like usually anxious system was shooting the exodus to play the button the exorcist real yeah what a bizarre parliament knows the fucking weird is people awesome and it was making thanksgiving and john was helping him and i think nicht apollo told me that louis never done this that's why he's yet such courage because do something like that that's why you show works because he takes risks get out fuck and i'm samuel the shy see lie and it's gonna sit back until it's all in a row and everything's fucking organise a thanksgiving dinner portable who thanksgiving two years ago and philip shop with his kids and sounds amazed parker pose you is their holy fuck him by the way i'm at the cappuccino machine bobby and our turning a cappuccino and films you will happen comes over and i'm just like breaking cappuccino i'm so star struggling account and bob just being funny bob just being him in that more
she always able to be him and beef me and i was like fuckin so jealous of bob did he could be so funny there but anyway i'm john was there and we you i owe you said oliver i couldn t speak to choose their militia and switch you walked out on those pre or post meaner post all of those posts so she laughed i say goodbye miss rose i seen joan or through the issuing ok like literally had no recognition and i saw louie after that and i was a category hurt my feelings that she has no i'm not i'm not like that or on any comedian amount uncomfortable around comedians i'm not nerve run comedians i figure we all know each other in some way right but around her i was always like fucking head down s grandmother john kandian strode similarity another shot up ok sure i always had like that paying with john rivers i did won't hurt and not like make us she was just such a fucking icon it would lose say when you told me he was nice data smarting she hit member she's yoke is really so logical louise like you know
fucking an eighty year old woman you know that's how he is you know beauty could she had work done she's fucking eighty she doesn't know anybody like he's right even though she was still fucking totally sharp but she was an eighty year old woman at that time so of course you know maybe like the face it didn't ring as much of a bell as they should have which is also insanely famous for so many falcon yeah why she's probably day talking to people that want he's a yell day they want to talk to my pictures they want to this they want to that issue would you care remembered all this fifty fuck you then show business yeah everybody and that's how washington osborne i admit i see so many times and when he finally knew me like i knew a new area you anybody i knew a misery is like a high value look right how are you and it was like it was really the way i would greet joe rogan like you're just a body and i will
i have my fucking life is good joan i never had that within i wish i could she's one on but she was one of my longest running isles really loved her she was not and not just you don't eat with someone died already waxes poetic about both thought she was fucking great she's balls you eddie choose a very balls you a very brave she was braver than any of us could she never said she was sorry and sheets much to lose his far that you know i mean i i interviewed one time i what was his new henry bush into hughes johnny's old lawyer carson's old lawyer and you wrote a book reese i want how carson what if i let him the old lawyer write a book burning told all the old stories i asked without joan rivers and he had a very interesting backed up on our carson never would of he said you wouldn't had carson didn't think she would last too late like her she was a little too abrasive to be watched them like johnny was a smart fuckin guy but henry bush it was a relief what didn't need carson go bad honour than they have some sort of a falling out with johnny was apparently a cold my mother was really cold and boy did not the apple
far from the tree he would do this is what i and john at the sharp end our her husband edgar said should do our own talk show i believe it started and eleven are eleven thirty was up against johnny she did it because she was never considered for the department just host job as she was heard and she had a career but apparent they had hung out with johnny and not told him tat she and think if she had walked up to carson said johnny look i have this opportunity according to henry bushmen johnny's lawyer johnny would have which are well because he didn't think here you think she had though the longevity and late night just because of how she was and he might have been right look at carson was so easy breezy any had that fuckin way at last and joan show lasted a little bit but it didn't last per so i don't know but i guess he felt tat she had betrayed him and he never doktor again and i think she tried to call
once and he hung up on her and never she said she sent him a note when his son died his son drove off and died no response he was a cold motherfucker joining their when he was done with you he was done finished until it you drove off a cliff well by mistake i think was actually think this was his chris and i also that fucking wondering when johnny was eulogizing his son on night show fuckin fred the court of auditors eject producer given like this the rap sign like to move on because a commercial coming and i heard the carson never forgave him either ever allowed on the floor the tonight show again johnny banishment upstairs which again these are just you know third and fourth hand shitstorm let's say i'm anywhere absolutely repeated as gospel what you snobs this but the fact that you fuckin now those are true but the fact that you like almost like with tv people what are you thinking when this guy who is such
god on television is fucking eulogizing his son and rapid thinking that fucking pampers can't wait five minutes like what can i into the show if you let him go speaking and what's gonna happen show this one it does we been trying for a while this is good oh yeah we're doing often i loved you and i'm out here this is i love doing you and if you want to do in our love adam another but you knew i know for so many years so this is the most fun we ve known each other along fuckin time dude but you said we met but ninety ninety one ninety you're doing a quarter it i can't i don't i don't remember you're mike tyson joe thou scary it must have been when plugin might showed brad pitt was whether you like it you can talk you for second and you did the mike tyson impression you were on you funding of reanimated and a very powerful comic and i use that word a lot but that that was how you struck me early on you tremendous amount of fuckin force onstage and you know what i was up there make do in high energy fucking faggot
jimmy how you tell em like ebay i we go in i would like to thank your stuff you're funny you're very nice but it's interesting when you ve gone through a journey lay shot with someone when you been friends and your bowl start now here in our it's weird it's weird when you go back and look at all the time it's pass and how much each one of us of all grown it oh it's to see someone that you start out with being really successful to really site for your document yeah people liked in especially i love it i love you so you were one of the best comics working today i really believe that thank you very much and the best comics in the world you have remained genoa jim norton one of the best comics in a whirl needed get em on twitter jim norton on twitter you could fuckin email i'm he'll email you back have you not i bag the real jim norton gmail you could see the special april twenty fourth friday friday night april twenty fourth on ethics
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because i had been disputed well it be still good even for one person i'm enjoying it even if i was just doing this on my own i would never get anybody to just sit down and talk with me for hours at a time like this but if i did i would enjoy the fuck out of it as a job or as a gig or whatever the fuck you would call it is as a pursuit this podcast has been equal we as rewarding to me as it has to you folks i appreciate all the love and i've i send it all right back to thank you so much and see next week much love pickets yeah
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