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2015-04-23 | 🔗
Remi Warren is a hunter, adventurer, and videographer. His new show "Apex Predator" is on the Sportsman Channel and available at http://apexpredator.tv
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code word rogan and you will save ten percent off any and all supplements that's oh and an i t use the code word rogan ma i guess today is my friend remy warren remy was on about a year and a half ago and he was talking about the showed he was working on putting together could talk about on the air now to real show it's called apex pay it's a really cool concept i let him explain it he's a great guy and intelligent guy and an awesome spokesperson when it comes to hunting that he's a perfect no hunter professional guide outside of that is a very intelligent very well spoken guy and really really shoots down a lot of these stereotypical idea and exhort caricature that people have when it comes to hunting i've talk too much about him genuine please without any further ado welcome remy warren logan
experience o k we're live remy war and how are you fella pretty get has occurred on a watch you show last night oda jaeger and i am i watched it again today the shows called apex predator it's on thursday nights on sportsmen channel eight p m and the impetus is show that last time he came in with dan dodi we kind of talked about it off the record i would like in the wind there was not really have a network for yet we filmed like the pilot episode and now it's it's a real deal now then how do you actually on tat we ass a real show has coolants divide that half of it is you planted out you work and actually comes together and you have a real television show it's pretty exciting so i've been having pretty pumped about it this is something that i've been thinking about for years and then you know we came it was quite a while europe
over a year ago you're something like it i'm here and now it's finally come to fruition and people can look at what i ve been talking about the last tough it takes a long time to make something fucking happen man is this hurry up and wait game buddy my body was in the army and he's like a war is just hurry up and wait like that's television more very open way while it's a jaded individual took command get to kill and folks the show is what you're doing on the show is your essentially emulating a lot of tactics that various predator use and you using these tactics to get close and figure out how to hunt animals the one i saw last night was the buffalo want us where you put a coyote outfit on crawling up to these buffalo and it's kind of fascinating that they
don't run necessarily from coyoats or wolves they're just sort of walk towards them time the kyoto the walls would actually attack them they were running that that's when they were moving on them you exactly because it the way the way wolves hunt is they have to get the animals running first thing tomorrow night episode really see that when we look at the way wolf son but the reason that the wolf has to get the buffalo running is the wash essentially classed by the bison so much large yourself the bisons say we're gonna stand here and fight then it can kill the wolf in its it's the car benefit analysis for the wolf to attack that bison standing there isn't great enough the wolves will actually get around the basin and try to instigate him to run as if the though by make the mistake of running then they can hunters pack they can wear down once they get moving and then they attack from the back in their safer
and their more successful so the bison know this if they run or they're gonna be in trouble but when human hundred comes along using perimeter weapons or whatever the human hundred means that animal standstill in order to kill so in the basin sees a human it runs because that's how it it stays safe so the point of this show is really dissecting away nature does things and you look like every animal so specialised does something really well and everything into a certain niche and as a human looking nature we look at and go what can we learn like humans are an amazing species in what i've come to realise as we do i did a lot of techniques and tactics that a certain animal specialised or does really well and use it for ourselves to become this this essential top predator so looking at this the planes indians we looked at it a george
when painting were spread affairs painting there's delicacy when using a painting jamie it's really famous banning it's really cool colorado yellow two planes indians sneaking up on it bison underneath these white wolf skins and i'd seen that i've always thought those awesome picture how dispels named john scotland see i t lion andrea yes so he paints a picture of what supposedly what he saw but you never really if this is the largest rapes as from the eighteen hundreds yeah i mean this pretty old photo painting it was kind of a gamble whether not just out of bullshit side of what he was going to filling out west in painting what he saw or heard you see and so i voice i wonder if that's really true but when you dissected obviously does this in indian sitting around saw that huh water there does bison aren't running well
throw similar skins on her back and see what happens in it is attacking like through the showy devout fight that now that's it top left corner there knows as pulitzer up why it's crazy that they really did that they must have i mean if it makes perfect sense if you're sitting there in sea the coroner between the wars in the basin and you come to its logical conclusion that if we act like a wolf the bicycle stay there and rice and there were backed out two million god and its on that episode steve you know he's device and expert yeah and just how many bison where that use tie me that these define the bison by giant clouds from their breath it may like huge clouds why that's what stephen timely wow millions millions bison boat
no there's a guy named dan flores that's a good friend of steve's as well and he is a real buys and expertise written a very controversial paper what have to the bison he's saying is he compares beyond applaud guess soon susie's done with his book hopefully by some time in the summer and what his what his paper is basically saying is that they were the planes indians once they had figured out how to ride horses and shoot from horses we are already on the way to wiping out the buffalo and the reason why the buffalo were in such high numbers was because that so many people so many native americans had died from smallpox and if you go back before the smallpox up they make the people that arrived in north america like the dutch when they had made an accounting of all the different animals they talked about turkey and and elk and bear
no mention whatsoever of buffalo and were visiting all these same areas that two hundred years later had millions of buffalo but during that two hundred years ninety percent of the native americans had been wiped out by smallpox and that means they were apparently like probably the number one predator of these bison i am probably only really shitty job of explaining this makes sense i mean they do things like like the buffalo jumps where just driving herds of vice and off a cliff cliffs apparently the wolves with feet and legs are just be did i mean you couldn't take all that me then if you got a small village year taking what you can use their be dead bison everywhere and the wolves would coming gorge on him i guess there's an account where there is war so for food they just lying there in excess just while gorged and they were just hang around next to the native americans well where the buffalo jumped yeah
yet their native americans were down there too with the wolves known i think i don't know if they would move on in a certain point the meets gonna go bad it just keep eating and eating and eating farc apparently all skin making gorge i guess hungary like a wolf that's really hungry the random railways advocate billy i read something like twenty twenty five pounds in a sitting in they can process that meet in two hours so those who see nights in east timor five pounds of meat processing imagine you a twenty five pound turkey argument supermarkets picture but twenty five tom turkey and you ate yourself and there's never been a while bigger than a human being right of the biggest wolf ever is pilot to underpass right so we're talking about a hundred fifty pound wolf we're just as of a normal man can eat twenty five fucking pounds of and go through it and
two hours that's insane crazy that's insane competitive eating and its finest their bite power is also freaky i didn't know ricky your vase told me and i was like this guy's got it wrong he said that a wolf has a bite that's five times more powerful than a pitiful and my cargo thou be true it's true i can't fucking believe it but it's true i mean they're not that you look like people's always muscles ads and are known for their bite nothing compared wolf wolf can go right through an auction bone crazy fuck that's that's one of the inspiring wolves are actually the inspiration for meat even think of the show i just i'm pretty fascinated by wars but one day i was out hunting elk in kind of in montana and i
this one born is the first time i ever saw wharf in the wild and browse really close to us because before you really saw a lot of wars and then i do it's actually go little video of it and then i go and do my hunt and then the wolf happened beat chasing he's sick hunting same group of elk and was a lone wolf yahoos by itself and i was actually telling i did steve's podcast steve renewal of the other day in telling him the similar to the same story and at every i've seen four times i've seen wolves take down and milk and wild they ve all been by himself why i've never seen a pack attack i've only seen loan rules is gonna be a man
using watch tat goes so it's cool i mean they're so fat you see like though you see the elk running and it's almost like the wolf is it can like it could almost run between his legs back it's going back and forth the august be lining in that war is enforcing does much faster much faster so how do they take it out they by its back legs grab him string bidest back like any working sink its teeth and mostly go further and do they try to take it down on one shot or to try to wound it and then eventually get it i think it's whatever they can grab and half the time and in the it i've seen him be the most successful as they run the elk into dead for because the walking or under and over the logs up and down back and forth in the elk struggles that use all its energy kind of gets wrapped while so the wolves can a funnel them into areas where they know there be more sensible like it seems like i've always
catch em on the downhill like running down a canyon in the bottom of a canyon seems to be where i think about it you like in the bottom of a can there's lots along things down that's gotta be an amazing thing to see happen live because it so rare dear able to be there i mean you might see a wolf you might see now but the sea a wolf killin elk to be at that when were you did matt of you were there not that was going go down and they are nature exactly we were i was blood trailing my my friends wife's she showed his ball with a bow last year and we're sitting there trying to find this health and here comes as cow running with a wolf hot on its tail and obsolete sweet logic go down and my body like else that you didn't know what i mean is right in our face is like right there just kind of yells and spooks there were often is required to do he just eat at noon is like i don't like now you just gonna kick up hunt more would have been called the police
would have seen it right we were seventy five yards it was right there open like in this burn it was amazing got there edible i have so mixed feelings on wolves one thing one part of me thanks amazing i love and fastening but pardon me like this reintroduction of them into the united states is just i just don't think it really planned out very well in their numbers are staggering now oh yeah it's well talk about the american model conservation there's checks and balances and goes with game animals and non game so when you re in decent animal into an area that it hasn't maybe never been that area word spin so long that has been in there they have to be managed as well otherwise the whole ecosystem comes out of balance why bosses video about the yellowstone by wolves in you
stone was talking about the impact that walls of having yellowstone all these other animals adders thriving because the introduction of the wolves and its kind interesting it's kind of interesting but though the rio of those animals is their predators you not talking about any other kind of animal you talk about a predator it's like if you have a large amount of elk in an area a large amount of dear me this to comply we different animal than having a large amount of wolves and when your managing these types of animals emotions rather than objective logic that's when things get weird because you go lotta people their version of conservation never would include hunting a wolf but if you get through and thousands of wolves in a state i you you have to hunt them because then they start attacking livestock where i was up in pc where i shot that moves there was the guy that i hunted with his
neighbor had a cow had taken out by war in the middle of the winter i cold and there was not not much for them to eat they said fuck it was just do this they took out a cow going out here in your house in your hearing you lookin out there's twi walls is ripping apart when your cows like fuck man you don't say you're out what an easy meal is too i think it's hard for them to go back to chasing moose yeah will they have no limit on the amount of wolves you can shoot up there you can chew dismays you want i dont think they can ever hurt the population but so stance when you go up where is everybody who lives in a city owe it to yourself at some point your life to go out into actual real wilderness because there these people that have these opinions on animals that are completely based on some narnia like idea of what natures like like they ve never
so i've been out there elegant real wilderness like days in packing go days and where you go oh god damn like i just i didn't get it i didn't i didn't know you're not out there i think the other other assumption is people think that the real wild is what they would see in a national park its zoo version while this when you go out into a place like he owes me see outside of any kind of park like that two completely different world and you don't see as many animals it's tough life out there even i'm not that the boundary of the park makes it more animals but it set up those animals or a climate ties the scene humans they dont have their say natural senses so if you go out your place that they aren't climate
i've seen humans it's a tough go it's it's not as easy as people think was not only not easy there's a weird silence to it out there like there's an eerie indifference that you get one of the things that we are we went to a prince of wales stephen overtook us hunting dear dear which we struck out but its is an amazingly remote place like you dance you know you didn't see a single falcon person other than ass the entire time we're there and you just it doesn't give a fuck about you few fall and break your leg and die there so what just our part of this whole thing we're everything's gonna go bears there others dear there there's all sorts of interesting wildlife but it doesn't give a fuck about you is i think people i understand that a real like in it what we really
rationalized are really like got it into your brain this is reality and until you actually go into the woods then with a real woods not yellowstone not central park the real woods or a different it is an that's when you can understand if use even i have encountered walls in the wilds of seeing what they ve done we talked about last pike s i took some photos of his moose calf that we come pond that had been killed probably the night before was connection but i have encountered them in real life but the people that i know that have overcome leader for an opinion and the people that live in cities that think that you'd have to be an asshole to shoot a wolf yeah well yarn around it it's so far removed i mean you can only almost can make an accurate assumption what it's like you know you also chemic inaccurate assumption that you'd have to be a person that hates animals to shoot the wolf that's that's the men
judgment aspect of of wild life especially when it comes to predators is lost on a lot of people and it's one of the reasons why california doesn't have mountain line seasons but like mount line attacks in california steadily gone up now lines sightings think it's we gone up and the kind of play with fire because there's like there's a lot of them here now they don't get hunted you know that's what i wonder what what the futures gonna look like in a place in the long future because mt lions if you look at african cats there a very dangerous but mount lions are a shire version of the species and i think it's because they ve there in the predatory realm they weren't always they weren't at the top there is in california california there used to be grizzly bears or some sort of species of brown coastal grizzly bear and then humans hunting and
so you had mount lions that had to be afraid of things now there in a world where they dont have any predators and nothing's chasing them at what point i mean maybe it's a hundred years down there i mean it's a thousand years down the road at what point do they essentially become in different temperament of cat me similar to the ones in africa where they have to or south america south america yeah or they don't have predators that's a good point you gotta keep those bet you scared this family that we went to their farm to hunt turkey's two weeks ago and done lost all their sheep every single one of em in northern california olive growing allows all of them to mount lines they have so many cats up there they see them like in the day just hang out like farc we have an accurate account of how many they have no it's pretty rare to see him when he if you start singing outline in the daytime than there's a lot of outlets or huge
super luckier i saw one in manas pseudo which is like a writ suburb of santa barbara i was driving down like a residential road and i saw this thing pots and farther road i thought i was a child at first sides tale of woe that's a fuckin mountain line and in this like suburban neighbourhood just like a regular restaurant to get a state or a good dollars a good dog that catch slip and i think i got i must replace montana i think i have some kind of strange mountain line breeding programme going on because ever here at the same time you just lie in tracks all near the cab and all over the place that started to write when i hear the europe first came here and talk to you it has been continuing and i dont know what it is but front of mind sir chasing lions around there he said you'd be surprised how many cats living in this area than six or seven within a few miles
or too crazy to hone ranch which is about an hour plus from here is a great huntings body of pigs and area rocky mountain l they have one trail camera on this pond and they found sixteen different mountain lines ass trail camera that's pretty crazy it's a huge ranch the biggest ranch in california is two hundred and seventy thousand acres and they have just a large supply wild pigs wild pigs are all over the place it's going to bread and butter for their everything program yeah yeah when we were we saw it william last summer when i went i grill recently we're bow hunting we saw fifty bags and we see a lot of the time before that were seen hundreds of them does hundreds of pigs all over the place the unit getting one first time yes second time now ethical bargaining or not pretty good yeah it's delicious
it's very different very different then i got wild turkey and surprise and how much it tastes like turkey especially the breast ass good but its turkey's turkey but ye wild pork and this is gonna work or different thing going on depends on the pig lit the pig you get because if you buy pork if you shoot a bore it takes a lot within a souring like pregnant sound may be right but i in new zealand we get quite a few pigs and discuss showed me this tactic
where were you skinny you get your knife sharp and make your initial cuts many dulls the chip on me on the concrete and so many scene it because when it is he'll skin in the skin closer to that essentially closer to the skin and keep all the fat on the pork which normally if you just kind of skin it off take the hide off all the fats removed but he said if you leave that fat on it gives it a lot more flavour different flavour has really good i did it knows is pretty exception what's the difference in the flavor did you describe it it's more like regular porco say do you know joe sultanas so kind of a famous for mars get some real unique ideas about farming and he was a guess on podcast well and what he does is here let's his pigs kind of run wild he said so a large electric fence anymore that electric france all over the place so these pigs the way they ie is they route they eat
he corns and they eat they eat like a normal pig would there's plenty of food in the forest but they keep them intact in a certain area where that with his portable electric fence so they just moving defence so the pigs will you know root out this area in a forage and this one area and then though kind of move them to another spot and the lead them forward in that area and so these pigs have a dark meet like a wild boar is get its good its it isn't like domestic report but i i almost prefer it we if you try if next time you get when trade elite cook of old with the skin on askin really with a skin aren't we just use burn the start big firing is more unjust shaving hair off via and then cook with the skin on all bone it out first and you can stuff stuff the ham with i don't know some kind of stuffing whatever you want really and put it in the oven roast in the oven you don't eat the skin are seeing people do that with domestic peg socio do those those big hole pig
so yeah colleagues let us we re doing that for bodies bachelor party but leading the fire enough sir all your camping by this lake and i brought this big pig and a more excited about it gets out now we all have raw peg so he fired at the girls in and made the best out of the situation but everything's clothes everything to smell like pork aft was it a while pegre was enables accidents any figure i wish you would have been a wild dig you while you have to worry less about trick analysis right with the domestic pigs are actually lowering the temperature the good cook domestic pig now that the recommendation they ve gotta down aren't forty degrees see i've i've heard that the trick noses comes from them eating rodents so technically they could get i mean there could be mice as they would eat feed mice and getting with
green and everything i can still get strychnos us government i wouldn't quote me on that but i didn't have a definite heard that alot live watch my chickens i've domestic chickens and i've watched them eat of miles away they found a mouse in the chicken house they fucked up man was wild just cause usually register but villages pack in they'll you know they get real happy if they find a snail like that but they found that mouse and they just stop that little fucker went to town they went to town they were fighting over there but there are alternative part he see their raptor past no he said for funding the dinosaurs because on apex yes i i wanted to look at me i'm just fascinated by birds in the way they waited movement especially predatory birds lot of we'll think of birds is seed eating bird bath animals most birds of mediators well there's a lot of smaller species but there are a lot of carnivorous birds
and the way they hunt like the great blue hair and we didn't episode that will become an up your shortly the things got a spear tat to attend what other local what other animal you can there's videos of great coherence spearing these gophers loan believe i wanna see somebody get old poet polarity jamie there were sphere their face about pelicans pelican a super duper s net thereby have a built in net yeah man i rented a house in now malibu for a few months and want us getting some fixed in my kitchen and the house like right on the water it was really fuckin cool zodiac breakfast every morning i essentially like you'd look out from the kitchen table and just nothin but water and that watch these people can dive in in unwatched swarms of birds when they find in a fish feeding
it's a while to be around them little blue hair on spears a gopher so what is it just chillun wait for deposits het up visit oh there's like that's it just walked over that catch anything they speared it at raising the stab at madame whether it is your face is another one year a weapon built in your face catching spears that the bigger fischler spear other ones they grab but these gophers they definitely if we go for it i saw an eagle for the first time i guess it was two years ago now in alaska went up their salmon fishing i never seen needle in the wild see needles core but when you see one of the wild starting on this issue this is not what i think it is area this this is like some killer some flying killer has jean luc
really has knives and its fingers floating around look less snatch and just fuck up coal i am just check back over like there's you birds while kitchen gophers dinosaurs they look like it their critical yet birds a fascinating man have you ever seen the videos of the harpy eagles in south america area near who harpy those killing monkeys and slots flying off for these laws there apparently the biggest eagle right the hard being like listening biggest where well i'm not sure i believe they are i think so either way there fucking enormous and so they did they said nature doc many of these guys were setting up a camera on the harpy eagles nest and they had a chance here goes want look at this poor slaughter he lit a shit
thank you ellipses life in slow motion get ripped out of a tree waning and put on that geo oh god scarcely worth shit deal it is to be a slav as crazy it's amazing that they can fly with an animal that size to ease to look out swoops in pitch now it's really cheating you know i was like as i honey a cow and a pen the critical it is really cool but it's it's that's an eagle mean that's what we think of when we think of a bird of prey he added the quintessential bird of prey doing this apex predator show a ghetto
get up close and personal with lot animals that i just think pretty bad ass sure did one was a golden eagle episode and went with this lady gesture and like three billiton centre raptor the rockies and she's got all kinds crazy raptors and there's some a golden eagle and a ball legal and the same enclosure area we gotta take the golden eagle out in check it out the golden eel is an impressive i'm it's quite a bit bigger than the body is enormous poorer in their native to colorado in the raw out miasm they're probably the most widely distributed eagle in north america and all the way through mexico there an era a crazy yeah i've seen some videos of them killing wolves when only as the mongolia the mongolian guys bizarre they ve train these eagles to hunt wolves words pretty crazy yet it is an enormous bird in its really crazy to think that at one point
but they were even larger they had much much larger birds of prey in north amerika look at a pace on that thing ambrose eyeballs apparently that's what studying their eyesight and they can spot medium sized pray from up the two miles away two miles is not and i mean that's it one of the things it just so much fascinates me about animals especially is they have capabilities that is almost hard with all our technology to even replicate if you really think about it there's a lot of weird stuff on this planet dolphin using sonar and eagles being able to see two miles away or i m just a lot of crazy things in nature that is taken as years here's to replicate some kind of machine or contraption where we can even compared to an end cases we have an income close like the smell that a bloodhound can pick exactly smelling things that have been their ages
we don't have any idea is like we don't have any idea how to make a piece of equipment that can smell cycling in it in the distance the way dog can when dogs are let me i would just love to wonder i would love to experience what are the ex would it what's going on inside their nose when they when they catch assent what is that what are they catch us nowhere bird walked it's crazy there they say that the comparison is with skunk spray because with skunk spray a person can pick up parts per million in a way that you can't with any other spray with any smell rather like when you driving illustrate that this is area near my house and as i'm dry having on my way home i smell sconces one spot all the time and they probably walk away from me right but i smell them so cool
like a roll down the window like you could slow there right there needs like every year ago probably could be or could be there while there definitely not right there they're probably has locked away from me there's nothing else that i could think of that small that you could smell blocks away ass crazy they say that that's kind of like a dog but way better they they know where it is down just go fuck what is that they go it's over there it's over their dude likening it's illegal make make em smell dude socks and then i don't know he's over there and they can change ass down just like you could smell skunk they could smell a person like that's fucking crazy so ethics have you been opening it not yet one of the things i always tell people is especially the embryo cunning most the elk that we end up killing a tribute to civilian first and people that job
alchemy would never pick up on it but i'm hunting with my nose almost as much as i'm using any other tactic real oh yeah and all i always keep later in my pocket and as soon as i pick up the scent flip the later on and see which way the winds going because you'll catch it but if the wind blows first split second or swirls you smell in you can get right in and like i can distinguish the difference between the smell of and elk and where no expense you can actually smell it in elks urinate right here where there's a wallow and there's a difference smell between that and the smell of an animal salt of my clients i'll say i smell inadequate physical animal be ready it's it's within x amount of disk and just through practice you can you can decide for those things what is is there a way to describe it was a small sewed ice smells are the hardest thing
client described by an annex knows a lot like a beef cattle but there's a different a different note to it and the smell of on say a boar alive animal its is a weird it almost smells hot i dont know how to no but you can you can smell the difference its stronger and it just smells different huh yeah i don't i don't know like it the very end of the sent you can you can pick it up as their smell very based on whether or not there in the rot yeah does well the intensity of their snow varies that a cow a cow oak will smell different when she's in heat or during the rat same with meal there you'll smell me there is well well i know when we hunted mule dear renault stars don't touch the torso gland because that gland
if you get down on you or you get it on your especially to get on the army it justice fox up everything here but that smell like smells like must the dear walk yeah functions your dear farc aid we're gonna meet before no not that i of i did have one meal do that i shot during the right with my recurved bow and it was not as good as other dear is probably one of the worst tasting dear so maybe i did somehow ha i thought i was eating this taste they smell usually is terrain ass usual this value taste grace awesome but that must it could have been that or just get been hiding what is it doing a shovel has been the most surprising thing when you
analyzing all these different animals in their hunting tactics i think the most surprising thing is she means have a natural innate ability hunting ability that is very comparable to animals that have to hunt to survive and i say it like we one of the one of the things that really brought this to light was one of our last episodes season we look at the river otter river world a mammal that hans underwater we're mammals can we hunt underwater and pre much from the desert so water is people are in the water but i think of it is something that people of train their whole lives to do or whatever be efficient free diving so i go to florida unkindest untried uncover how humans compared it mammals underwater turns out we have the same guy reflexes in other things
other mammals the underwater and we anybody off the street can initiate these these reflexes thing that our troubles are might we of his mental threshold that we have to get over but once we get were that within two hours i was able to hold my breath for over four minutes whatcha crate once all the mental you're really good shape now but this is the guy that i did this free diving course in the guy is like we could take if if everyone could just block mental things out of their mind privilege the average person off the street could easily hold their breath for three minutes and if you could completely clear your mind pretty much everyone could hold their breath forty five minutes that's insane is crazy so it's just a panic the freaking out you're gonna breathing calibrated idea but there
this mammalian dive reflects in it it restricts your capillary slows your heart rate automatically yours your spleen releases more red blood cells see your body consumes less oxygen the exact same thing that happens in whales dolphins otters so we're just boring with these prided took these things at other male other predators have and it kind of really comes out in this tv show that as one of the things i really want to do this because looking at talking about it you say what what are you doing if the answer it sounds completely ridiculous especially to it like me that made most my life hunting so you're ok will what am i doing here and i'm trying to dissect nature and c is hunt really something that natural for humans to do are meant to be hunters are born to be hunters and obviously there's a big learning curve in it but
there we are very similar these other animals that are born predators what the only makes sense that if buffalo have a natural instinct to avoid by people hominids i've seen ok they get shot we killed and they know that wolves come around ok don't run stay put and will fuck these wolves i get almost seems like all this information just gets passed on somehow another through genetics and that's it of these animals managed to be here will win make sense that if we ve got to do that fifteen the way we got here by eating everything that we could eat up till now including every animal that we can figure out how to hunt and all those skills and all those abilities especially the idea your spleen starts releasing extra red blood me dr under water to allow you to stay solely one reason stay under water is the tube to hide from something or to kill some things said yes crazy while that's pretty wild
so what did you do when you were you when you did that you release spear something it so we are then i went we went out into the gulf of mexico and in spirits and greater amber jack and diving down pretty deep and it was to the awesome political color was allotted to stay down why movement so static berthold you're doing four minute breath holds and in when i got up from those he feels this kind of euphoric centrally while you get up any people black out at the top they forget to take a breath because at that point you get to a certain point green you get up and you like i'm your out at europe really out of breath it's a mental thing it's a horrible feeling i can but it is a mental thing is you realize your body doesn't it tells you needs oxygen but essentially doesn't does at some point but and there's people little hold your their breath for twelve minutes twelve mass what didn't that that do david
wainwright he did something where he took like oxygen in he did something some service sneaky trick where he breathed in pure oxygen held it in and how his breath like seventeen minutes or someone yeah this is it before he did that stunt this is the same thing that you went through to prepare for aurelia say went through free dive for four years do name egon anywhere his brothers with a guy named ensign anyways famous emma may fighter and inaction fatima may himself at egon was a world champion free diver hold his breath like seven minutes crazy live why the lovely would you holding them breath underwater waters was one of the strengthened conditioning programs it do they would move rocks underwater japan had it on one of his on one of the countdown chose to one of his big fight
dive underwater and lift up a big rock and then move iraq underwater and dropping come back up angle down moved again drop in like a four year i've heard through the grapevine that a lot of athletes are doing these breath holds before competitions because there are naturally there there naturally creating more red cells performance enhancing brothels why not make sense that makes sense if if if you're saying that the spleen releases it when you're on water probably is releasing a cause you're holding your breath fracture system can we the new doping the idea you gonna hurt you refer you i've been reading endeavouring but there's a lot of there's a lot of athletes they're doing these initiating these natural responses to enhance their performance yeah that's it that one of the big ones and i've been really getting into over the last few months or years so actually is cryogenic therapy we go into this
amber this tuna fifty degrees below zero you put a surge mask on your mouse on gloves of underwear on annual socks and like rubber crocs so that you your foot doesn't touch the bottom cause you will the frost by aiming you touch he'll get frostbite instead and as things too and fifty degrees below zero for three minutes and you get out and you feel fucking fantastic when you get out you fellows good job over the building just oh you just everything just feel so good once you because your body thinks gonna die but he pulls always delighted to you and your internal organs and when you mount they actually do a temperature test the surface your skin and the surface of my skin is usually somewhere around thirty thirty to thirty five degrees it's like he gets really cold and then immediately your blood rushes back to all your extremities and the anti inflammatory response a spectacular so people ever pretty significant injuries
that's right is like even people that are like close border line and needing like hip replacement they ve been able to put it off by doing this cry of therapy and mitigate almost all the pain that's pretty cool outlets because it's funny that the mammalian die reflex response when your face it's cold water it starts to initiate that's closing those capillaries and it's probably a very similar process is going on a fair trial they may make sense i stay cold showers like real hard core cold shower and lived in boston there's a guy named bob kafir relevant ice to do type window and he was like a he was a senior student use like ahead of me who's a black bow before i was whose way and whose his fuckin madman he's asleep the jammed train all day long you don't seem training but he was also into like forcing himself to do things they didn't like due to be uncomfortable in money who's in mid january he would take cold showers and it was fucking called take it
thirty three degree water is like just barely cold enough to not be frozen in the pipes and he would turn that shit on any would take a shower there has breathed in their life i'm a retrial do it a few times but it's like you kid that's the thing that free riders like you got no breath like can agree that it should actually be being cold makes sense but why can't i breathe i guess is probably the same sort of response it is critical that we think that maybe taking a really cold shower before you perform before you do anything athletic would yeah but that you as well i think so there's a lotta it's a lot of things that nature can teach us in our bodies just do by themselves what was the moon the motivation to do this show this is a very different than solo hunter which is how i found out about you which is really cool show
still round you if you guys want to catch some episodes in that show you would go out by yourself just sharing cameras and really fast south and i'm in are still doing that show really plan on changing anything with that because i still my bread and butter is going out hunting it's what i love but i wanted to get a little bit deeper and do something different and buy something different i wanted it also do something that looks at hunting in any person watching the show whether their hunter not can look at this ngo you know what if something here there's something that shows me that human
are meant to be hunters if in an if i can make one person think that ok well maybe maybe hunting isn't so bad then for me that's that's a bonus because it's something that i love i don't wanna see hunting away because if if i did then that's that's my passion that's what i'm all about so if all the sudden disappeared wasn't loud or whatever people to understand it there for me i feel like i don't know what i will do is really possible though i don't care i know myself you know it could be you never really now because not guaranteed theirs like mountain lion hunting is allowed in california and makes no sense ecologically or whatever of people's emotions get involved with manage or whatever it just seems ange california such an extreme example of people who don't have experience with wild life for making those choices or a deafening don't have experience with hunting it hold department of
fish and game out here isn't fish and game its fish and wildlife and the few stay it has a distinction in the way of labels itself but the the other reason is i prefer finally my i've made my living hunting and there's always been this idea for me of kind of taking it deeper and in this show i actually look something every time i do one of these is ridiculous as that this might be or whatever were trying to do seem ridiculous to me sometimes at first and then i go through this steps and i really learned something and if i can learn something i've been doing this forever then i feel like other people watching can learn something other hunters other people in general you are no doubt i think just the hunting itself is is a learning experience its there's somebody bad ideas that people have or are just bad concern
misconceptions about hunting and a lot of it comes down to look at hunting or people look a hunting a lot of times that would they the negative aspects of like trophy hunting trophy hunting seemed kind of grows to people like there recently i was at lady was laying down next to a giraffe yes that's really it's just or taste poor management poor thinking you keep going on around forever like why would you lie down next to a jury smiling you know the whole thing is is very strange and the real fuck up about it is that if it puts out this image that confuses the real issue at hand which is this was a large non breeding mail that they were going to take
anyway this was the day hurdy deemed through their conservation efforts efforts they were going to take this this giraffe out and that they were going to is it defeat these villagers so her paying money to go and shoot this thing actually helps all these villagers gives them food than they take money they can apply the money to you know whatever making wells whatever the eu to do with the money that they get from mom from hunters paying to hunt these animals there's a benefit because then animal was gonna be around much longer anyway hearst being in and go but but then when you put it on he spoke in your smile and ensure the results so far confusing like to everybody else because you were you're an asshole you just shot a fuckin giraffe each giraffes you know like note known you not like going over there to feed family by shooting giraffes and then find out while you actually kenny drafts and actually drafts taste like a lotta differ
animals there related to their like meat gathered their essentially a crazy necked antelopes right now with their family their original mean antelopes a delicious but giraffes are so nice the zoo in our has been my last special about giraffes being the only animal i don't feel bad there at the zoo is they wake up than there like another day with no lions and they just wander around like having a great old time we're so called and the giraffes or nice did they let babies freedom my daughter was too i was holding her up in my arms and she's got her little tiny little baby endowed with a peace a lettuce and the giraffe comes over rhapsodes tongue run let us and takes it she's laugh in their so confident zoo in giraffes behaviour adela babies freedom bridges create in while though giraffes can be like a bull giraffe can be pretty dangerous animal because it probably because their size but if you i've seen giraffes fighting
their necks lamb and did you look i got up and whip their head into each other but there you know ever i think people seem to like our draft really would be really easy to kill their so big i get this i was working in south africa and on this place there's a few giraffes there and they would get this disease from tax and so the guy would hire these professional hunters like myself and whenever to shoot like inoculate the giraffes with these paint balls fill with lay mccall douse sir drenches its kills parasites so it's a painful guns you have to get closer than you would with a bow sneak up on these drafts the dress for the hardest thing on the place to inoculate real out because
they can see you coming forever and they were skittish they just because they wanted these draft to survive and through the grass it actually getting killed by power lines that are few giraffes our line there's a big windstorm and two giraffes boom that the lines came down and cook them whole how it happened or what just weapon in the wind and killed both of em woe but so that the guy was really sat on inoculate dousing these giraffes so i went out there i am aware i got a lot i would there is a lot of other animals in this area and it just weren't accustomed to the text there because they might have been from another region and they can do this on these giant don't you know you can't preserves and ask if you gonna photos safari in south africa or whatever its central leaders
this is where say they bring in animals and maybe that animal was an indigenous to that region but they swapped with this game reserve area over here to kind of integrate breeding in and keep the populations existing and so you bringing the giraffe to this portion of africa that maybe has an address for who who knows how long and then the chicks there will kill me these diseases from jack so the but there's a lot of other animals like that to use or go out at night or whatever and try to shoot these animal antelope with peoples that would naturally i killed a text and i never saw the drafts at night i don't know why maybe it is weird you think you should find whom i thank you how to show that a retreat maybe they're laying down me that's why i didn't find him i don't know i can figure that out but they were the hardest things tissue and cell therein is drowned paint bawling drafts is one of the hardest things are ready to do those why
wild game preserves in africa boy that is a goddamn conundrum and if there's any ever anything that stirred up the the sort of the horrible feelings anti hunters have its those game preserves you just go there and just kill these animals and it's such a catch twenty two because these anna there's a lot of them were bordering on being extinct just a couple of decades ago and now their populations are thriving but the vast majority of them are in these high fence game operations it's real weird or even in the places in art hunting where they just your photos safaris or what have you you get so you bring in pick a species coolidge way koodoo so you bring including to this place where it could be two hundred thousand acres in peace
we're gonna come and take pictures of these animals well if there's no hunting there even with the lions and other things that they have their the crew to pop one of these populations may explode make cannot sustain themselves they have to manage these areas too so alive i'm they do game captures or they may allow some hunting that the people taking photos don't even about but whenever you have these populations is just the same is managing animals in the state of montana just on a smaller scale you know you have a limited amount of food supply you have x amount animals these population is growing at this rate the predators only take care of this much therefore excess has to be taken care of and some of those excess animals are animals are used to be near extinction and now if you dont manage emerald though all die off of wherever there at sucrose
it's it's so crazy also that this is a giant booming economy in africa now area and in all that it's it's it's a business malta levels to because the landowner now owns the meat so then he'll yourselves me or give it to people living there were there you have you go over the africa to hunt you can't really bring them back kenya canada new zealand again how the new zealand they don't have anything that we don't have she can't you can bring me the new zealand where you can bring me out of new zealand alto so you have to worry about funky new lower playing over have anything us crazy funny a bowl of it on my friends is a professional hunter in south africa and a lot of people didn't want to go to africa after they heard the bull well from africa such a large continent from where he is toward the above is is further away then
in georgia why not the americans together demands a hamburger and evil salaries shit you know where they all got aids then the monkeys yeah we don't realize how big it is weak we did an image on the park ass recently we we pulled up there's an image of acts the continent how enormous it is and how many other continents you good stuff inside of africa it's so shocking when you when you realize how big it really is goes on a map there it is right there china united states india steering europe and a bunch of other shit in there too i mean alvis stuffed in their the uk everything stuffed in their gm as crazy as not ethical picture is vertical
picture is a goddamn huge treatment are huge continent rather than the other thing is africa we will they get of his like united states africa fucking continent man at a different facets and people in problems and solutions and its huge spot of controversy now for hunting and this this whole time for hunting thing rinaldo wrote a great piece about it they ve there billy he wrote it amazing piece about this woman as these girls that are getting involved in hunting and it's like become a career for a lot of them they look real pretty and they go over there shoot animals imposed with them and other pro there's gonna be a sign of the anti hundreds attire facebooks and death threats and it's like it's almost like a dance that everybody but would you what about it which i thought was really fascinating like i think a lot of this sexism out for sure for sure right yeah you deal with is pretty blonde who goes were there and shoots all these animals have it was a fat old guy from denmark
number to fuck you wouldn't and storm in that guy's facebook page people find it is fully shall lie and like when you asshole without b where it ends is because it yet because its women in and is much as its the same people it's kind of hypocritical way to look at it too because the they go oh it's a lot of the people that are doing this maybe it's me being hypocritical as well but other people do it probably look at em is women and go if it's a man it's different because hunting a man sport may see these pretty girls doing it may if there are out of place or something whereas hunters don't you think i like a woman hunting alice great while you know is too i think it's also that their attractive white women with blonde hair examples you think
all these evil thoughts of racism and cruelty and just this monster area in women that are shooting animals and posing when a big stupid white and teeth smiles it is it is a form of sex it i feel like now on the flip side someone privileges i mean it's if you wanted to jump in the spotlight go shoot yourself a line and where cheerleader i'm actually planning on doing that next week the anthrax predator cheerleader our could have my palm palms and go out and jason why doesn't you need to do you need to take over the transgender hunting markets it's it's right it's right if you became the first like openly transgender hunting or at least trends cross try strasbourg not transparent
do you think he's dead porn outer scalpel in removing balls on this volume with the endocrine systems thereby seen hills and heels do you want my electorate solar hunters in order to get these stiletto letters really pump through this adventure now many gay hunters are too knows something that we we ve gotten into wherefore we're trying to ascribe like the average hunter and i said well how many people no like a lot of hunters tend to live right wing and maybe that's because of gun ride sword second amendment ideas or just because it's like sort of it traditional in oh god guns drills yeah efficient grilling only i'm going to us but they tend
legal like eyes i would say but the majority i would say as pilot more than sixty percent or right wing yeah and probably say that but how many of them are gay i don't know do you know any gay heart idea do ah egg i know few them that are actually guides like professional and agreement are they open not no i mean did you tell your hey man may i dont want to share a tent with makes our fuck that's now i mean there i don't really know you just know that their guy just doesn't come up yeah i think in this day and age then i have seen needs to be discussed in depth but i think the homosexuality it's more if you really do care in less
you're dealing with some extremely aggressive individual that's like annoying with his gayness like just won't take no for an answer which i have seen i have seen i know a comedian like daddy's fuckin brutal way a brutal anymore is an older gentlemen i believes the calm down but back on a day like may ten fifteen years ago how to deal with and one either drunken bar now montreal as i dude you gotta get the fuck away from me like you gotta stop sues brutal like trying to try to get this other due to come upstairs and then he said what about you my come on man get out air like just disprove like you we realise what it's like to be a woman have some i'm not a piece of meat you staring eyes up here fucking assholes tab looking at my non functional breasts with any started then he started insult you in your kind of like will mean what's wrong with me here to put start playing my enemies nicer wanting and now i just
in this day and age is good is gonna come appoint time where the person that is homophobic or racist or in any other prejudice that person is going to be a very rare vat aware and like despised right now it's there's plenty of people that you can hang out with that its share in your racism or share in your homophobia think because the internet because people kind of understanding people little bit better and motivations oliver better that's gonna be less and less i think if more gay hunters were around i think that would help so you gave us a lot great waiting a fabulous furs fabulous furs and some others a touchy one though even people who like to eat meat have a hard time furs for research they are false until i saw the same ideas of trophy hunting like your your attorney and animal into an object even people it here we have a problem of furs or the firs or leather
i guess but the netherlands is your eating the animal underneath it look at where these fuckin conversely foods nest single vague and you need is a leather nobody would give me a hard time about these be fine leather belt no one can you crazy leather interior in your car moon is a fog but if you say that you eat an animal this not on the average everyday menu in our fears one of those we are due to do go squirrel hon how are you piece of shit i haven't you shoot a squirrel what would i was now a term he uses charismatic mega fauna like bears bears are big one people think of yogi bubu in all these different animals it's the arrogant we given human personalities too to non humans yeah three attached to them a bullwinkle never caught em nobody gives a fuck me shoot a move they really don't care
rocky because of the squirrel squirrel his boots cross acute they left i d like the most acceptable road and ever i don't think there's can a big noisy rats aerial i've eaten cairo cooperate a squirrel real i'm married and squirrels why you never even tried it out not that i wouldn't but in my where i grew up squirrels is denise squirrels will you go you're tired at the same place i got my squirrel from manila day eight some squirrels again are you not now hey i feel like i shouldn't go through my life without eating score i ain't a pigeon the other day we're pigeons on our roof and there is crappy oversight shot at the palace why it's me i ll areas i felt feeling
when you when you utilizing the oak get kind of it for myself justifies the aka oh yeah eyes is like i've now if i trapper ratan raj like me right because it is something that lets you really hungry i was in new york city last week and they had pigeon on the menu at a restaurant we call it squab nope it was pidgin it just a pigeon will it see that's some animals get weird others like a weird stipulation with them where it it's not a tasty edible latin button young if you put dove there don't hunters love doves pigeons are taboo hunters love does but issued the dove on a menu and regular restaurant the average person not hunter would lead to peace it's the p spurt of love that's the of has the twig in its here is that the love bird was the swallow that's another love that's the last burlesque area as the dirty bird that's i forget
the pigeons were actually brought to north america as a food source when you look at pigeons that are in new york and are flying over the buildings and shit all over the place those pigeons were initially brought over as a food source they are non native animals may grandma raised pigeons for food one soul than those that was there you're pigeon farmers scrub sale sales squab salesman if that's crazy i'd seen it it you see it in few chinese restaurants squab salad and other things but they have to call while the uncle if you called agent does that's why i was amazed is new york city restaurant but they're just cities on some next level culinary type shit day and i mean that's so like that's locally sourced man that's a catch him yeah i can see that it's from my jungle the jungle of my rooftop apartment
yeah there's a lot of em if you want to serve pigeons in new york that's like you get a sustainable sort of an environment in their farewell to day lots of garbage probably not good for you they used to say that lobster was like a poor persons food in new york like way back in the day these do people wanted lobsters they would get them directly from the river they get them right these river and they would poem and they would serve them in bars and they like poor people food or preserve awkward cockroaches will they literally are erect spiders if you have an analogy to shellfish you all seven algae to roses we found that alan fear factor that's pretty crazy people that we're alert the shellfish we gave them roaches near their throats dark season oak there eating yeah yeah yeah there's a shower here
suggesting that we too can believe that no one knew that like they do it ask people what are your allergies and they said shellfish ok encroach same fucking thing man you made it ain't gonna like an electric shock resist guy got real close whistling was mouth or as a windpipe was closing down the geek do when someone's dying for meeting cockroach do you view conflict should talk still you scared the hell i'm stuck it happened there was much later after that they had eaten the cockroach they ve gone back to the hotel and that's when the reactions are kicking in it instantaneous reaction so i don't know maybe they have less strong reaction from eating the cockroach they do for meaning shellfish or if that's how their their reaction normally is says levels of our jeez riah people boylike acutely i got my friend gary he can come out of my house because i have cats the opens my daughter study literally can even breathe air inside my house but my wife's allergic cat
and she was just fine she's has to wash her hands if data sure they liquor they get their dead the cats have to be clean and bade them but my friend arrogant and locking the door so i guess it's like there's levels have it put that on cockroaches it's a game animals that are people are allergic tools or any animal have you ever heard of a person mean allergic like venison or some point now i know an unkind i'm allergic to antelope in a certain way agreement skinning the blood when it drives hives itchy some people to get that only antelope degenerated checked ha no but i mean cookie it also loving me so i don't know but if i talk to other people it happens to you if you had a sailing what does your all time favorite meet solely restricted due to one meet for the rescue life so tough probably elk eyes just something about out it's delicious and healthy and stood really get such a man
just take animal to have only seen a few of them in the wild but every time i see images is in its fun animal i mean it's a horrid animal to hunt people dont really but that the payoffs amazing because it's pretty large and some of the best meet around i really i keep coming back to milk is the best it's very very delicious its its enormous animal it was the biggest argue overshot body what body was this year on me my brother drew tags on southwest of fog neck island up in alaska and we shot these elk they mine no joke crawley wade fourteen hundred pounds hold it was now this is for people like most elk or about four hundred pounds like rocky mountain no average younger ball i think there was a wyoming did a study in its around therefore
millions of pounds is the average elk wait this was a very large animal and the fish and game department unalaska sends out a thing saying these elk or about the size of moose and yes this elk was as big were bigger than any moose i've ever pact out taken apart it was it was a brutal experience to say the least does you carry it oh yeah we had to pack them thing is crazy we lower back to start throw me my brother we both shot we both shot bulls mine was quite a bit larger body wise and my brothers but eight days of just street toil hundred plus pound path eight days are just carrying me i guess we firmly a documentary style show on this it's not anything yet but
in may recorded all are our trip in documentary fashion and recorded on his gps are elevation because we camped on this one like me to climb up this big mountain down the next one we shot these elk always away and it was a hate point i'm so both numbers always misrepresented some trying to think here is something like sixty man hours of packing between two us there our inner thirty hours just straight carrying wholly fire it was indeed it was i got an i got really sick on that trip and i think it might have been partially due to its being physically
done just roy destroyed it was it was when the most physical trips overhead but who is probably one of the best trips over and we came back with six hundred pounds of boned out meat and get this we put the me up any trickery had to do cash is i mean this is a multiple day or deal so doing these catches and this island has some of the largest brown bears in the world and we got them up in this one spruces highs we could get him probably fourteen fifteen feet up and two of the hind quarters in our cash got eaten by bear spyware and they say these bears don't climb trees i don't necessarily believe that i think that they can get up a tree in some fashion because i dont think it was a sixty
i know i wouldn't have been sixteen for bear but somehow this bear got the meat out of this cash and so we came back with six hundred pounds of meat minus two hind quarters how is she s aim and the high court you're bound out or no yet bona no bones just meet while higher per meat we took a picture where we got the poignant take too plain trips to get the meat out just acts of meat so how far you travelling i guess the crow flies i love saying by as the crow flies the five miles as a crucial but you're going up and down it's ok a bit more from camp the summit is twenty five hundred feet from our camp vertical up so is five thousand each five now in some in one in my brothers we had to go even overtook ranges like that so just one ship bag is ten thousand vert far just we documented the whole thing is is ridiculous
and so i got sick and i dont know if was from drinking water but sometimes the gestation period of a lot of things you pick up i did drink out of one dream that my brother didn't and might have been below and elk wallow anyways i get sick and it happens to be the night we had an insane walk back we got back it things one in the morning and we could have been carried out but the thought was we set up a base camp and if you baby out you carry you upon your back but then you still have to get all the meat back it was in our minds easier to just two extra effort if we had to come out white and then we would have room to carry meat so we would have to cure your gear and other things right and with the bears as well and in these bears are everywhere three of electric bear fence around our base camp woe and the night we come back and i just got super sick is gale force when seventy how her wings and am and you're just try not you're trying to hold
throwing up the coming out both ends essential in cigarettes the worst time ever so you probably had jarred yourself i dont think it was a jerk i just some no baby food point something but it had to have been back to we will in some way because i had one of those zika z pack ray and biota things in a just so happened to throw it in i normally do it it was a lucky deal excite took it out of my carry on threaten thing i've it's been my kit for ever and i've never had to use it and that helped i don't know how i would have done it was i was able to still take that and kind of kill off whatever was going on and unfinished packing so you're talking about third plus hours of just packing lead in carrying an each pack you will more than a hundred
right on your back yeah yeah man i was at my brother's my brothers and really unshaven he's a bigger guy than me so curious seamount wait for me it is my little brother i can't you wait then we hope he doesn't listening i was hurt i didn't know i gotta from it is like a competition too silly who breaks for exactly who could deal with the hardship better exactly and he's diving if i'm in i'm ever in a wilderness hard situation that's the guy i want my corner he's just an awesome dude in because of it it ended up being one of the cruellest tripped over an hour hiking the thing we do is like walking working hard all we do is talk about how few calories array
memorize the amount of calories in every mountain house who think those are thing is mounting household meals freeze dried meals meals and when you're over exerting unjust eating freeze dried meals nothing is better fresh alex take over the fire i was hanging out with this photographer one moose hunting guy sam and he was talking about this trip that he had went on where they had not brought enough food and everyone on the trip had lost like thirty pounds twenty pounds lately so much weight when i first thirty guiding every year i lose twenty or thirty pounds while less starving starving essentially starvation essentially new force your body to keep going eating or fat and muscle it doesn't take much the duke you there's you almost come to a point when you're working so hard that you is equally key just get sick of eating almost you they need some better hire you just need brings
some butter specifically high that disastrous fat realistically young people i can't lose weight may i can't leave way you're not try and view if just just as well do given us tenzin packs throw fuckin rocket cameron haines does and i love a mountain keeps its a hundred and thirty pounds rock and his passports one of the ways he prepares for elk season he puts a rock and back any hikes mountains i saw he did us on facebook or something you did austin marathon for guy it is like body bill their status to run like that is semyon human really their mother fucker works hard earlier he doesn't he lives illustrates every day seven days a week ago how many days you work out every area you never take it there isn't a days off he's pushes it means always hurt is always sore he's always like aching barely get bed has drink coffee take aspirin hot shower start run and to raise exists gulf just through certain people man they just
a lot of amr hunters like renault is one of those guys just fuckin tough just they have this mental toughness the ability to endure discomfort that the average person just doesn't i think it's accentuated by this life or death struggle that you you experience on a day to day basis when you're hunting in conakry portman why certain aches and pains and hunger and thirst and cold aegis block that shit out and keep going or the which persons wallows in that stuff but you know you have you have to you come into this you have to do these certain things where your tasked with some it's probably a lot harder than the average person thinks he can you but you once you ve done it once meant it's a lot of this stuff's mental and that's the apec spread your show that i've been doing comes back to a lot of shit mental yeah it's so many things
a lot is mentally with the almost everything with almost like you know tat to syria and abuse an example but everybody says like how bad tattoos heard i fell asleep lillian tattooed like it does heard it hurts a little but it's not it doesn't hurt like someone kicking you in the head doesn't hurt like someone trying to choke you're fucking neck off it doesn't it doesn't hurt like a lot of things hurt like they really hurt that's this is discomfort and there's a difference between discomfort and real pain and what you can endure like you a lot of time people start focusing on the discomfort and like it anyway to dig it starts it becomes like their entire focus comes this pain instead of doing the task blocking out whatever discomfort ye have dealing with it and yet throwing thing going on i sometimes that that alaska while we're doing right would you ever do this again
everyone is over we were so excited we just want to do it again because we heard the holes like his last time you get hurt for a week just punished in its and it's like this cool experience where you push yourself to these limits and then you feel awesome afterwards will after it's done after down the middle the toil you like god is not one but you get oh you get back to camp that night we we flew in a few beers crackers can a beer after in the middle of nowhere yeah yeah let's do this again renault has a whole way of describing it that he said he learned from one of his buddies is that there are different kinds of fun there's the kind of fun that's fun why you're doing it but it's not fun later right and is fond that's not fun why you're doing but afterwards
have amazing fun memories and its awesome it's weird i i've i noticed in in you you know i don't know if you experienced this yet but for me i ve done it a lot oh i almost like to punish myself in some i like it to be hard i like to be a challenge so i will actually created to be adjusted new zealand where i was humming these these fallow dear and at any given time for the first few days i could he shouted dear well if hunt it alot of you'll know realise as hunters is not always the gold they just go shoot something it's part of the experience and so for me i just kept passing of animals because the experience what right until the last day when i was supposed to leave early and i ain't of arms can be hunting for two hours and bring any water may and putting all day in going don't even know how far eighteen miles may be and i didn't bring any food
media water and i'm hurt and shooting a dear it last light and and now was to me is awesome expense they made the trip and made that memory the hardship made the memory and something that i as a hunter that non hunter dont really maybe understand is like having these antlers around when the meets long gone i can look at that i remember the hardship in the journey in the adventure in these other things about the experience and the meat was a bright product that these are the memories it i like you look at that moose and you think of something and politely different than i do you remember how it went down you remember you know maybe this struggle or carrying the meat back gore whatever so i've may ever a rack in my house it sitting upon them the wise out when on the mantel not one without when i had to work real hard for so i looked at it and i think it reminds me constantly of what
enter when you say that the experience wasn't right would it what do you mean by like i feel something it just wasn't a challenge i it was i would have been shooting in animal not if the adventure there the challenge wasn't there it just wasn't the right time i wondered keep going given until it so happened it's weird but for me huntings about the adventure and everything behind it and so as well as obviously getting meat but there comes a point where enough ok i didn't get a dear this week will maybe i'll i'll get my next week i'm not gonna starve to death i've got a freezer with meat but i also want to keep the freezer for rob but so it comes your point for me where it's about other things as well the experience the adventure the meat all combining into this if it's too easy i just don't like it
i don't know it it'll come it'll happen you for me it happened i start out when i was younger i never want to stop hunting i liked the experience of being out there so much so i would do it a lot of people call trophy hunting a mere quoting that because it means something different to me or i would look for a bigger dear because i wanted to keep honey make more of a challenge for myself as you see what i'm saying so instead of like some people they want a bigger dear so they could say hey i gotta one ninety barkan right one andy engine look it's on you know and they lived the measure everything and look at his tiny look our biggest for you it was just it's a more difficult pursuit right just a dip difficult pursuit where it keeps me in the field longer because if i shoot that first first erased
i would be the type of guy that goes out if i've got ten days on i want huntington days i don't want to shoot something on the first day even if i end up getting something the last i was the last day that i would have shot the first day i want to spend those ten days out hunting on the opposite should therefore marries manners i'd love this say they can't it up turner look look good poem it up starting in earnest but i've been hunting is long i think when you been hunting as long as you have also you kind of appreciate what you appreciate after the fact do you have a real deep standing of what it means to you whereas too it's all pretty new environment doing it for three not even three years now so it's like crazy we're shoot attacking us cool going to shoot this i'm a need that in its fun enjoy it i love you know i'd a deterrent
i don't know if i do that again i'm i mean it's not that i didn't like it but what i didn't like about the turkey as you work all day and you know several days in a row to get a turkey and you can it's like a meal is there a meal for electromagnetic family they can be made the whole turkey that's right it's not that big innovative checker huntings begging you might work each worker checker what is it it's a partridge it looks there from the middle east they are needed but they re released into the mountain there always they living cliffs and there is a really hard animal to hunt and you may go out in only shoot one bird in height my friend put his little track my run thing on and where i can we get back to the truck after triggering i'm pretty tired twenty two miles you're walking from the sun up the sun down in state where it is well we got one bird between the three of us is it's just it's where i grew up that was a thing
do but its honeymoon lunch now but it's more you're out there you workin hard for it so if you get when you get when you shoot six of them then you re really feel like you bush something how much is one like as far as the amount of meat you gonna one like two quail awhile so like six ounces eight ounces maybe maybe not even while far as i am but i dont but when it it's just the pursuit of it is well see right you get into and then in and then the more you failed the hearty when it try to succeed so the next time you got you wanna go further and hunt harder and try to get shoot better that's interesting so it becomes so hunting isn't just about out requiring meat
hunting is also about the challenge of the pursuit of the animal neighing being the hunter varying the predator out there too to outsmart or out hunt fi their natural instincts figure out to avoid the wind blowing in their nose figuring how to approach in the right way and to make it even more difficult going after the big ones are smarter than had been alive longer making it more difficult task and making the appreciation of the accomplishment much better yan the harder something is the more skill you need the more you honed your abilities in the end and i have always said the hearty work for something better case if you ask me what the best these l because you work hard for now himalayan tar and new zealand i think they're delicious it's a goat that lives in the mountains but you work your ass
for it and when you sit down to eat it you appreciate it is just a different feeling what is it tastes like a goat alot of people doesn't always like go chasing venison round is canada is kinda marbled fat in the in the meat which is different mount mountain goods that is where they have a while coat to pull up the image of a himalayan tar i call the guerrilla groups t hr of energy age areas or teach air either way that's a while looking animal aware forgot chewbacca might i like they're back looks like a grisly arrived guerrilla got these silver stripes down the back and then they ve got a lions mean on the front knowing it a thing what a wild learning down there are only one my favorite favorite so strange and that's a very difficult on right can be friends even do it that's like for me i want to walk up from the bottom up
could take helicopter to the top people in new zealand really look at a fuckin face those illegal baboon or some crazy wild lookin half lion and they have a red meat that's just like venison while now some people they fly up on a helicopter they shoot these things than they what fly back down now what elevations your climbing when you deal with these things four thousand five thousand feet maybe while andrea three to five three to six and saw weird rocky slip free terrain very precarious i watched the europe so the solo hunter when you went after these things area was it when i did it get one to deny fails one you didn't get why oh yeah yeah you go i mean just the the adventuring getting up their staff the fund in the first place the thugs a pounding the next door
damn off demo building a robot it seems like those those those trip very strange to because staying in one of those weird cabins that they have set up there for people that can just take it just use them a town they want and go up there and hang outlaws havin some cuts yeah that's pretty cool that many people to go hunting up did they have those things are there from other here now nearing lot of its most the ones i stand for ice climbing zella hunting the glaciers they're all ice clamour hunts agree base out before you really nice claiming that's really popular pursuit arena
but this must surely have huts yeah because well yeah because it's tough terrain and if that's your sport these groups like build these huts whose historical significance to some to their put in for calling expeditions penguin animals are running rampant there because their online natives is incomplete saga about i like to talk about new zealand because it's a place that i've i've come to light for a lot of reasons but when you talk about conservation there is completely different than we think of it here it it's almost i it's a different world maybe it's really hard to explain to people that don't understand it because the animals aren't technically spokespeople but we want them there and they can't get rid of him so there's a completely different them in place there they don't have any tags you don't have to have a license you just going highlights not yet where you have to have this thing in online for free but things might change who knows it as it is right now
yeah uses to open a zero sum movement to try to change it unregulated i think it looks like there might be not necessarily just not that they want less animal shot because a lot of people there would want em all gone if they could i mean they poison animals the government sheets about a helicopter there's lots gotta have two causes so many uno predators and no one no knucklehead want bring wolves over there i think back in back during which i think was world war two they propose to bring outlines because it's it's the woman who swallowed the fly probably swallow eyes and swallow frog they were they found out is so they bring in rabbits and then they bring in ferrets to kill the rabbits and weasels only find out that the rabbits and the furniture and killings endangered flight with birds there a lot easier to kill and four have it and so the non nato's eat the native plants and kill off the native
did you find the did you read that study they did recently on dear and dear eating birds know that it's in credibly common for dear to eat birds and not only will dear eat birds like go find nesting birds and they'll eat them they'll find ground nesting birds daily checks but they also found they did they they had these books they were caught in a net and must their surprise mature deer were walking up to these birds and weaken the nan just eating i'm alive and that boy apparently are on the on the menu for dear dear here as ensure no one knew really really recent discovery it out i wonder if it would wear their more boxer dose or do they even i don't know james c report that article the because i got her a deer been eating birds for years they do need elaborately entity next especially that the feeling we need it when there
pregnant than the males needn't linen growing ramblers rate they pick up higher protein grass and other things it makes sense that nearly two burdening it a little more protein in there their eating their heads and legs of live seabirds checks as a way to get minerals they need to grow their antlers scientists believe it surprising addition to the red dears diet stems from mineral deficiencies in the vegetation eight while there's a bunch of different versions of this that there there's more than one study this sort of this is from two thousand this is not the one is one from much more recent s pretty crazy field cameras air ass if this is the most recent one this is the north american one it's crazy north dakota they set up nest cams over ass songbirds expected to see so allow the nestlings and eggs get eaten by ground squirrels foxes and badgers squirrels hit thirteen
nasty other meteors made a poor showing foxes and weasels only took one nest each you know what fearsome animal out did either of two sleek resourceful predators white tailed dear the aid living nestlings right out the nests and if you think that must be a mistake that the dear were chewing their way through some vegetation happened upon a mouthful bird think again up in canada a group of orphan knowledge is cisely followed just we're study adult birds are examined them closely researchers used missed nets these nets usually draped green trees are designed a trap birds or bad gently so that they can be collected studied and released when a herd of deer came by the dear walked up to the struggling birds and ate them alive right out the nets crazy after all it is wild man it is wild her a cow they found a cow you recently had chick why urban
eat meat with a not giving of nutrients in their diet that's interesting it is it is really fascinating i wonder it's amazing i wonder what other animals do things that we don't even know about half an opponent and anyway i'm sure there's a lot i'm sure you know i mean it's one of things they ve found over the last how many years is how many bears a baby bears and that this not just a matter of voice trying to keep their bloodline or trying to discourage up and coming males they just eat babies like that since their phones like when they get out of the high or the young when the den when there are done hibernating they a me lisi gaol cubs that's a quantum favorite things i've heard that i wonder i've heard also heard that they do that for breeding reasons as well because in the female cycle again radically yeah there's all sorts of speculation about
but we are when we were in last year when the guys we are with them seen a female eat its own baby louts really fucked the male had killed it and then the email finish off and i agree with them el came in and try to attack the female intact or cobb killer cobb started here come she chased him off and then she finished it this meissner that's hard that's one can harsh my mom reading me you're not a me anymore dead too harsh fuckin world throughout the world of nigeria as doing there ex brenner show one of the things it really kind of with surprise because we start out doing a tv thing and you have these ideas what should happen in that never frickin here
you ever things always go wronger or something but that's why i went to taken and look at it as a learning experience not silly come out with these pre eight preconceived ideas of what and it happened i want it acted as animal in the wild learn from it and then see what its life would be like and one of the things that i've come to the consumer you know there's a lot of these animals that we see as being super efficient and oh they easily surviving too hard knocks life it's not as easy a lotta animals scrounge and or hunting all day every day into the night just to get enough food
sustain themselves and then there's other animals that it is easier but for the most part i learn that these animals at hunt daily it's not as easy as you might think you always see the highlight real the lion catching the gazelle but it's pretty hard even for the alliance to catch the gazelle it's a pretty interesting ff and then we got is humans and so like essentially is a lot easier for us to hunt and catch things than it is for these these natural predators or animals i can imagine we have guns yeah exactly what that's the archery thing too right that's one of the reasons why people enjoy archery because it is much more difficult challenge we have to figure out how to get between twenty and fifty yards
proximity and yet there the child is it just goes back to the challenge of what makes it hard and why you do i mean there's people that only bo hunters people it both on an rifle hunt there's people that don't traditional bovine and it's all based on the challenge and the experience for them as well as a lot of ideals as far as ok well i'm a beau hunter in future gun that's too easy for me but for me i i do whatever kind of hunting because i saw a hunting yeah there's a lot of people that have there's like a purity involve like shooting something with a bow because it's much more difficult and shooting something with a rifle seen em cut with that but sometimes for me as theirs hunter i don't like when hunters against centred if you're on your own turkey's you shoot it with her right rifle and then will the traditional dues like you're not undergo issued with a calm
renders guy out there were no she is gone you guys need grappling with your hands some others are you gotta catch him with your teeth scale it's it's already much align community i ran into jim shockey at this thing is and has always been a here am i am i talking about because it came on your podcast and listen to that and i thought i was an awesome ma awesome
guess again so well spoken here i love dagon talk about anything you like it makes sense to me but yeah i was kind of talking to him about a few things and this is in furies like don't fuck it up you know like don't be against hunters meaning in them that makes sense because really it's all hunting that we ve all got the same desire to go out and harvest army and hunt and be out in the wild what's the matter if you doing it with a bow or on publicly under land or with a spear with a gun i mean it's all then results the same as that debt animal when he tried to make it more difficult for himself to make the challenge though his challenge is uses muzzle odors right all the time even in regular rifle seas and use the muzzle loading resilience one shot exactly in that that's for me at me on hunting with a rifle than i may try to find something that's bigger or packing doing
in its further or who knows what i do i just to make it more richer in their sometimes were obviously the only intention is i'm looking for meat and i need that meat now but for the most part ii either way you're still out there hunting he although what brings me act your buffalo show because the buffalo show was a particularly trying one for you because you snuck up on this buffalo you guy a good shot with your bow by the although still lie out there so fuckin tough and it shall big in you there's a lot of things that i would have been different but also i couldn't have done different in the might sometimes you you have to do it happens
moment and make a decision in for me i didn't want to shoot a buffalo bedded down bison bedded down but some things went wrong during the filming of the camera guy was in the wrong place and if that basing got up sir walking off we won't be able to film it inside i made the decision to shoot with my bow in that particular instance and had to live with that decision and guy shot it where it would have been good but it just the boat in penetrate our enough knows nothing i mean equipment
sauce right everything was right is just one of those deals where a quarter inch left or right maybe would mean difference it shoulder and just how the next day it was still live in and for me and there's guys it could maybe watch that epson go oh you're bow hunting in you shot in the end with if he had seen him given way spoiler but yeah i end shooting with a rifle the next day and for me it it wasn't about bo hunting nor rifle hunting or being purist in this former or following through because the the natives who did that tactic would have only use primitive weaponry waiting for me in that moment is about putting that by sit down and eat nuts as hunters we know has seen animals suffer side or the other
thing so i didn't really matter what i shot it with me and i just want to do my job to make things right then how to be a hard feeling to know that this animals wounded you have to go to sleep and i couldn't sleep there and there is raining we i think we got back to the tense it
one thirty in the morning later had been just dumping rain we lost the bloody trail you know urges and i also want to keep pushing it because at some point you think ok will in its not smart detract night the only reason we're tracking and night was because the rain was coming and manages there is good blood and then we lost the blood trailing decide to come back the next day in and luckily things turned out but when i came away from that trip there's a lot of things but when i do a television show how to make things are not necessarily need to show people that i'm pow my chest and be the greatest show my failures as well not think that was a failure whatever but even in solo hunters or other things relapses or don't get anything there's a lot of running shoes won't show that but for me it's a real its hunting and i've missed things with my bow of miss things with my
i've messed up but i keep doing it and i think if i just edited things how i'm always is always perfect then i'm scared of lying to myself there i think if there was a very few hunting shows out there maybe that would be acceptable by to try to make like the most exciting version of hunting possible but i think it's really important portray for what it really is what it really is a difficult pursuit even for an expert higher like yourself it doesn't always work things long and an you now and then and then it also has the gravity of the situation you know we come upon them a basin and shooting with a rifle bison drops and that episode in particular i had quite a few people that weren't hunters at all but watching the series and they said that is like there is no warning devices died me there like i felt sad as yeah that's the point like you go
through the you felt the emotions of a hunter i don't usually feel sad but to talk about it and i see that the path of a hunters humbling path in a really is in tat moment you watch that your bone this by suggests is now dead and you go you have a feeling of rio and then there is also the feeling of on thankful for this basin and now it's providing me with all this me and that is what it is to be a hunter you go through arrange our emotions and how many times you ve done it then life begets life and now now the spice and is no longer an animal is a source of meat and i'm an eu that throughout the year that's the real big differ switching someone who's been involved in the taking of the life whether you are far and that kills your own cows or whether a hunter that goes out since the me there's a there's a much deeper our understanding of what you're actually eating i don't think it's necessarily healthy that we can just go to issue and by state it is now i think it's weird
it just gives you a massive disconnect and that's where all the self righteousness for people weren leather eating me and getting angry people for hunting that's where it all comes from its i guess it's a sickness it's like there's a disconnect like a complete totalled disconnect what you're doing by eating amber here you hired a supermarket hit man to go out there and killed fuck and animals and packaging job seeking be completely insulated from the the life or death struggle and then you're getting upset at other people like the idea of a me eating person who whereas leather being upset at hunting is one of the the great bizarre hypocrisy of our culture it doesn't really make sense and i i can't
me i've seen the eye of a respect for my food and indifferent way that someone in animals now food is not an animal but for me meat is always an animal is always food i respect it in that way and when it becomes meat than it it becomes something different to me but still an animal i think it's kinda weird story but i had a horse that we use to pack out things and whatever in a breaking a silly and we had to shoot it and so i didn't want to do it because he is like you have this attachment to this animal and then my other guy didn't wanna do it either but one of the guys use the horses we talked him in a guy like you need to put this horse down the shop horse i still felt like ok this is now we do and so i dont know why but i cut backs takes out in eight the horse
it is like you worry me like that is discussed that is sick but for me it was like ok well now serves the utility a purpose it's now for it's no longer wasted otherwise you'd be wasting things guinea bacteria is going to eat it or predators or road in served scavengers someone's going to eat it should new and i've i've had horse before i headed in montreal is a place called joe beef they i've had whore tatar i've had raw horse and the horses loins were they they cooked like the backdrop and cooked they they cooked up like a stake was delicious now you even their enemy in the end its meat announced but i mean obviously mediators pat what oh seko but for me it was more out of respecting the coca leaves the circle of life some people are not going to understand that we are but that's ok this year
and help everybody understand things that make sense to me it's me it's makes sense because it's good meet its healthy for you very common eden urea others it's one the weird this is i believe a lot of the horse they buy in canada comes from the it states but we can't sell it states yeah i hadn't in iceland in those horses are absolutely other time i had it i can remember further reasons we can actually get horse reminders will try we served horse rectum unfair factor once and it was yeah people were writers so angry i believe is boiled whose very chewing disgusting people were so angry as a horse yachting boats a high or to a lot of folks like if we start servant dog tongue pierre you assholes you sure serving dog tongue that's our pet in our so how do people their horses even more intimately involved in their life and a dog
they write it yeah oh and like that horse worked it carried it carried elk for me is on the hunt which is kind of a weird i mean maybe it was very clear it's a weird philosophy armies in animal that you associate with its whereby think it's i think we might turn out like i didn't really now but i felt weird about it but then when you cooked it up and it became is like ok yards i'm glad did it if i do it again but i thought it in their moment felt right how much of the media of course the backdrop that argues was pretty here that while there is other animals out there that we also need it but it would be impossible to rest out when you were we were in a bare area where the arusha had a bears ate it was in god really
yeah i went back how long i would beg like three days later is premature toast la we're gonna bears blackberries bruce eagles word they eat a lot there's probably when i got there there's lot eagles on it that's crazy eagles eat a lot i'm sure know out others may the common of animals coyoats eels bears amazing how quick nature can eat something like that a horse was a horse thousand pounds or something more big ass animal gets devoured in a few days you days is yeah that's why we're here also talk about like finding dead animals in the woods i give rarely if you find bones he ate erin pole animals rarely finally a dead man online good luck you live your whole life
never never see a dead man i've only found one real a dead one where was in a river which round laughing high water either swimming across or some have you ever seen that picture of a mountain i am an a mountain goat that apparently got into it scrap and they both fell off the mounted on the highway dad was it cheaper ago may was big aren't you now i'm thinking about i think you're right it is your picture something like this whole series of pictures there at pictures of them actually fighting dollar dad their bald debt there they are banned there both dead on the road is a crazy picture i think that that is why the horns yeah went out because the what when they fall along as air pressure flows through pops
we're only look look at the top would go up a little bit like that horn like where it where it came off his weird bloody stump with worn popped off on end it off a cliff get hit by snow go down to know it died of the cliff look he's got a mouthful of fur he d with a mouthful further fuckin monster like these in his mouth as he's dead oh well we're broken legs and shit only the far far he was crazy stumbling upon that is a cool thing to see that canada i don't know how to nobody classic glacier national park was at that same wanting while it's amazing it so cool so
dumbly upon things like that just seeing the seeing the wheel you especially having seen wolves actually take out and elk pretty cool so we're different animals you emily i know this week is wolf yes arise weekly so the first episode the alligator strained to grab pig very high without worrying about that that's that's so the first episode we waited the navigator learned from the alligator and my goal was to learn from yogurt but i was trying to grab the wild boar barehanded and you gotta watch that ever it's pretty cool that sounds like the most ridiculous idea area but the tasks you were both regions combining you i wasn't saws forefinger did you out he's euro i learn only tell me that's gonna drive people to the site of experts that tv
tax protodyne tv if they go there they can actually stream the entire season right up the ones that have been aired yet or nearly so what happens you can if you buy the season day the air when the air live on tv you also get it access to an online ok so so every thursday at eight p m east probably nothing is right after shares eight thirty p m east
play the trailer jamie let's play the trailer every animal has adapted to survive as humans we have learned from those adaptation to become better hunters were the planets top predator but we didn't get here alone nature itself was our teachers i'm remi warren i'm going to study animals in their environment learn what makes them successful and challenged myself is nearly impossible hunt giving me roster
only obtained from experience i plan to immersed myself in nature and hung like a new that's cool fuckin trailer dude tat those guys zero point zero they know what they're doing so the thing about is we started doing it i mean i hate corny things and every time we think of it so we get this can either be the courtiers dumbest thing ever or it could be amazing and the fact that we can take something and be real about it not have to create drama another things and make it educate we can still learn and do something that nobody else has really tried in and make it not ridiculous to me is a way what is also doing it on a sportsman channel you could actually do the whole show right you can actually do it
the way you want to do it they're not gonna fuck with you were a view doing this on filling them i name and other cable channel they would give you a hard time they just dared not used to hunting they would try to turn into some bullshit reality show predetermine endings that we try to predetermine beats in an intimation they kept people go there's an offer that first that alligator episode we get charged by pegana commission locations grab it intact but really the egg is reduced as bear handing everything and i left it out of the episode because for two reasons one dan was filming his on either side of bush and so he just didn't actually get that charge on film but the other part was i caught it in a way that wasn't about the learning aspect of
the alligator right so you just an incidental it just happened i just get charged tackled this pig how'd you tackle it i had grabbed a pine the neck and then through it down grumbling pig wasn't very biggest luckily hundred grounds fifty pounds so i don't even us seventy five still cannot see the small be little book i hear some such harsh jihad mouth open and the thing was honorary we put up you can see the figures we put it on our youtube channel i could see the video game we i put that on the youtube to how we should show our own what's the youtube channel apex predator hurry remy warrior apex brighter tv apex prayer tv so nor honor me run our social meares linked to envy
pig so why are they charge you did you just don't know just how to fight terrorism it just fuckers i think that pig charge i think that pig had been cut by human before dogs recently i think you ve been let go again i'll buy dog tags it it looked like had been so i think it was just already passed enough enough you fucks that's what you like but you know i think pigs will do that from time to time these kind of one charge if they feel like it's funny because that's not that's where we re create something then dodi dad this is a recreation the gravel while wars everything's a or by the way and if the female who knows i think it wild pig at the store but can you wild boar so weird in a kind of stupid as little by little likely that
charged you is funny is leaning while industry it looks at me in there was no lag times bam on me like that while yeah that's probably a piglet have been fucked with so would you there's one of don't go but i tied it up with i had some p court does the whole goals are trying to grab the boar posing a kill one and or a pig it could be sought to make some real drawing endangers think listening instantly charging i mean there was any miss second wheeled around became right at me so the way we wanted to try to bite and try to buy your leg gator anything is just had mouth open you come in and i just jump down
he had abandoned its lack of its neck and then i'm gonna go pick pick him bite its own button so if you get both of its back legs it can't buy chip it's kind of hard to get both iraqis ain't just kind of getting his back legs getting behind it and then throwing it down putting any on it in tying it hog tying while when you let him go now really foggy i'd let it go it was we intervene god you there is a will there is likely there's like a tree stand near by and so damn gets the trees then all untie its entire think it it's hangar the tree going i declare trieste enery letter while it is joshua little pay ira's honour these strolls off show those eyes while is pretty cool have you ever been charged by anything else in the wild
not seriously i mean nothing that term nothing a life threatening really say have had elk like wounded elk come pretty close to kidnap me that those just because we must step up their just trying to figure out a way to get back to their here if they have made put their heads down and run i antlers first exactly so wasn't like a chart is different yet antlers that the fuckin antlers on l in saying how nature engineered and elk that that they fall off and grow back career mannion really quite if you can harness that growing potential i think it's way that's why they put staggering alot of performance enhancing things the magic powers while velvet dear antlers spray is human growth hormone enhance her right know of works
but i know that a lot of people were get into that like allow football players which i personally now you can't you it's illegal t use in the end if not illegal to use but linking the nfl brilliant will as ok yeah i think so that's return as guiding again at placed for the in the unifil my future a month ago and use idea we can use the staggering that's all areas since steroids they have a weird whole though the whole relationship that football has two steroids is it somewhere away the what the u have sea has the stars with the usa is more aggressively pursuing and i think the the nfl if you look at football players from the nineteen sixties look at football players for two thousand fifteen you like ok what the fuck happened what happened did did humans evolve did here become much larger like what happened
this certainly like advancements in franklin conditioning programmes understanding recovery and how to enhance growth and always different things but there is also steroids is no goddamn david out it supplements do make a big difference i address you know anything even vitamins and things are the other but it besides these fuckers these to be one nineteen other three thirty five oh my god different game those well oh yeah duff i mean that's the guy on the nineteen twenty seven not wearing how much truth of sixty four sixty seven they i was still to forty five and nineteen fifty seven that goes unnatural to alan page natural to forty five big dude yeah that's a big fucker that's that's that's a real to forty five whereas this guy from two thousand six three hundred and thirty five pounds
these guys are these guys and phenomenal shaped though the guy that took out his news just and tuck in debt is a big duke but just strong naturally i wouldn't want to stand i am against the guy rip you ass a ridiculous job crazy running each other giant do it's running at each other colliding billina is i guess just getting a car wreck a daily for your job just run do another guy it's just as big well they're starting to realize now the overall effect of all these car rex and it's not pretty and it's interesting because as is class action lawsuit against vienna found is all these different people that are saying they're gonna darts suing and all these different players that play for years and years nears that are now debilitated adjusting their brains have come to toast you see the real sports peace on the denied in scary thrill iter fine because the data have all sorts of like very predictable patterns that
just follow in their traumatic brain injury in power of ness violent outbursts memory loss and they d essentially become a totally different human being and saw because the brain is and that they the damage takes really ten years to fully manifest of they get a mass concussion the real deal i just like ten years down the line that sets insidious imagining that probably for any for contact sport am amazed real issue real issue and emma for sure guys are starting to talk about it now but how mitigated by not sparring is hard trying to worm spar less and concentrate more strength conditioning drills drills skill skill base drills for fighting cousins old days and some some kind still do it this way they will just go to war three four days a week they were just glove up and beat the fuck out of each other that's so they got better and that's how they learned stir some some benefit to that
mean becomes normal too much like we're talking about earlier about the mental aspect of just being tough enough to deal with in situations and not you know not freaking out and not being overwhelmed by your your thoughts like oh my god i'm suffering yeah that's that similar martial arts to like one of the sanction jujitsu is always you gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable because jujitsu like the sometimes people panic tap that is getting a bad situation it just hurts and i just can't taken they tap where they really don't tat was just pain so do not endanger getting an arm broken you not in danger of being put to sleep you just uterus and pains to deal with that and recognise its only sensation i imagine two once you get to a certain threshold you know i handled this last time nothing bad happened yup said it
and you can keep moving on you can like there's also borders there's like borders when it comes to joints things you shouldn't fight off because like you have to realise as you get older especially you realize ok the reason why i dont want to tap here be is because of my ego but if i do tab then i don't have to the hospital in surgery and my fucking elbow but if i dont tap i'm going to get my elbow ripped apart and then they're gonna have to reconstruct it is a done this before so i just and then finally get does the cool thing about you jitsu as you can just tap most of the time that's the case this occasional injuries but occasional injuries of you do any kind of sport will you trying really hard to do something we even tag football is theirs hard core injuries with tag football the moat i read somewhere that most the highest rate of sports injuries
from running soccer is a big one ac elles acl reconstructions for socrates like one of the biggest methods or reasons why people tear their ligaments her knees billig throw kick their planted dig they kick in their foot doesn't move in a body torques is top pop it those guesser that's one of those things there in pretty good shape by may cause you're running is for running with what i started doing this the gallagher sock i'm not very good at soccer winter but running up and down hills with soccer ball generally you gotta control the boss on your decent and things you you're actually working a lot harder says we do for training started that so even on the decent you of their control the ball you have run out of it or something he outrageous i try to control like slowed down ha otherwise you're chasing a ball you know you hunt like you probably not like what hundred easier some crazy idea it's been a little bit less not of new more tv things and other stuff but yes
even though all that you still have to train for hunting yeah yeah that's a new after that's a big one that i think is a massive misconception the public's they think of hunters is being these fat guy to drink beer and go out and shoot animals and laugh about it you don't realize i those guys like you like you were talking about this last time you here you have this insane veto to max than they when they studied you for that predator show for your predator shasta they are they did your view to max and you like you liked some elite indifference athlete territory and is correct in and that is crazy because essentially i've been trained for that but it's just by hunting i am training for that it is an indirect sport you're out there every day grinding an up and down mountains in working hard it's it's a hard now i mean if you're sitting in a tree stand all the time it's different right but hunting to me is something different and maybe
whenever something with as one of the fun episodes of solar hunter was you up in a tree stan honey dear you like a socks i hate this away to a dvd for this well that's with doing apex predator ivory as my biggest mental thing is patience i have happy i can all hike all day every day for dears doesn't mean i love it but tell me to sit down for an hour i go crazy i would not do well in prison we probably just get your you're probably design like over all these years of pursuing spot and stark hunting and going after elk especial it's your specialty ryan's elk had some mountain climbing and so much hiking up hills and people don't realize how difficult that is if you don't do it so if you don't do that
i thought pack on your back you don't realize how goddamn heavy everything is your lungs or would give out exactly like my my legs were fine i got the first trip i ever did montana who went to the there is all this up and down in that slippery shakes my legs refined but my lungs relax dude he could prepare it is for this i didn't know i had no idea tat you would be this hard i mean you're you're working hard innovation with weight on your back all the time and for me like me site i'm not real big guy but i can carry a lot of weight for a long ways i mean i would say body it become a fund do i gotta comparison body weight to body weight carry something up the mountain because that's what i do all the time i carry animals out from money my job is premature human meal we must develop like really great course stability to because it's all about balancing that heavy weight
on your back and then walking with it and you you have to stay tight like every can ouch over it getting getting you stood the wait like say just you used to that kind of pressure and pain in your eyes get through human beings are very adaptable resist its amount like going on and on and i have friends that don't work out in one of the most hilarious things over was taken when my friends who was a comedian who doesn't work out to the gym and work out like it just a fairly easy work out and watch them just below and gray and look like he was dying and heaving and coffee and hang onto the did the work every time you needed in between sets was hilarious it's like you realize like this guides here's what does what he looks like when it's never been pushed yeah allow it to live for thirty five years on booze and and shady food and then you take him too jim i want to get in shape cork among bringing to the germans please don't killing a put you through a vote
the normal marginal work out nothing crazy no hill sprints no clean and jerks no dead lifts nothing nutty i just want to get you do in some pusher bear crawls a couple chin absent does do see the body reacting but if he had just done it does nothing exceptional about a person's body you can do pushups and snore normal stuff you just have to do it but if you did it to do one out one set of day we're how making can do five ok do five today tomorrow tried to five again was to this for week just do that for a week and then at the end of the week let's work up to six whisky crazy charlie six today and if you just do that for six months guesswork de twenty genotypes doesn't seem like it works that way but it really does just gonna put in the numbers and with guy like you you're putting in the numbers for your hunting in your ways did it's a part of your normal like every time i go
i can with renault ices laughter fuckin mountain goat i can't keep up with them and you know he's just doing and every day he doesn't get tired like you behaving in health and no matter how good a shape you think you are in downloading it gets you prepared for doing that is doing that that's that's exactly because i've i've taken out and hunted with a few professional athletes these guys are human specimens of the highest degree like may physically and then they hiking with me absolutely please don't get like now i train for this is what i do run health or whatever you put me if i'm gonna go bench presley human present is not going to happen but where are the heavy pack on my back and undertake forever that's a good way of putting it he'll fit you fit for what you do what do you what do you use for like a pack was your equipment when you like when you pack out me what kind of pact i use either an internal framer external frame
what company do you use i just start using a kifaru pack pretty good it's actually used when a long time ago when they first start icicle farc of argo i m a are you can keep up its it looks like keefer gallagher rhino simple are either use that are for an external frame i've been using outdoorsman one willing outdoorsman outdoorsman stockholm lab yeah that's what renault is at an end they ve designed these packs
primarily for guys like you that are gonna do what you did in alaska yet we're gonna walk hours and hours and hours with giant slabs of meat on your back and that's yes special gear for a special task as it puts the weight on you on your ships in your sanctum gets yes rate above your tailbone there because you don't want the wait one above your hips you get for mobility can move but can distribute the way through the frame tier to your hips and yet you can put some serious wait somebody's packs and go i mean no joke i've i've pact out a whole elk myself in one trip before one trip out on my instagram of this one this dude we took every piece in the ribs everything like boned out and i've got a pack loaded with me and then i'm dragging too cautious tightened up this little is vertical guys
in that regard her anything you're much when i showed up but i don't get on you said that's if you're using a short usa is like a mile and a half so just said fuck this is due on one job and back news two miles uphill for i'd say half a mile some like that and then the rest was downhill sophia and when you did that alaska trip like how long did it to recover there's you drive that's a whole elk bailey basically here i made of it when i took their picture might ahead some of it out at the top already i can't remember it's love farc and where or how long did it take you to recover from that that alaska trip i mean i recover pretty quick as during the days i mean when eight sit down i cover i mean i guess afterwards me and my brother gorged like two bears a fresh chill
we got back to kodak and we ate at this pizza place it is probably the best military in my life i don't wait a year will just have to wait for the weakest my god is made world is many calories as we could we were under urgent gorgeous innate in neat and slept the whole next day so its aid dave sod recovery so crazy at such a wild experience that that cardiac island man was a subject that television show that was really controversial because it had james hatfield from metallica was the narrow you know that that yeah how's bear hunting there it was a great wealth filled with fuckers i've heard it air sounds in the bushes and the commission can work the same bears out at every commercial brings which you see whereas then they commercial
and then some see g bear like from kabila's big game hundred videogame there was it was so bad was like there's one scene with these guys we're stuck in this bare and goes about to pull the trigger on his bow and then they cut to commercial and then they come back and then all suddenly got has never jacket and his packs not there at like is in the same scene but did he take his power or you re in acting as did you forget he wore a jacket there was a lot of fun gary man there was and then i took this due to work on the set and he was explained to me how much factory was going on that and many more such as i'm dying mother creating drawn and at length but yeah there's i was watching some other alaska show and there's supposed to be about like wolf has come and eat our cows and we're gonna go kill this wolf and then there's the wolf and then the gag it's off the horse and shoots the will and
being a hunter i mean you can immediately spot bullshit they instantly athos the wolf on and it is this what they had been shot days i mean the thing had rigour mortal eyes are sunk in india look like aims folded out in the freezer meal i rather laughing so i guess i suppose they tied it on the horse and is just a step toward us going to give us a stupor they pretended shrouded tupid there was one episode of the last frontier than i watch where they were fishing i just really badly acted thing we like to bear this pair i hear bear i'd start freaking out we gotta get out of here the bears commentary is looking right over there and you look over there there is eating a full laid salmon they fillet of the meat off the salmon inlets i clearly caught it like you can't get a slice
is totally obviously on the store they lay this work in full laid salmon out there the bones in the head and everything they laid out there for the bear to eat so the bare would like a close link it film it their pretending it's coming after them look like you do watch your show now now you got me you can watch it one thing is really cool about your show in ramallah by the same way as does jim shockey that uncharted show that he has amazing isn't i'm busy little show it's more like it's more like a cultural exploration shell than and even his hunting show i mean he goes places and eventually shoots in animal but he's unlike the weird spots on earth really dangerous war torn areas and he's ball hunting a fuckin goat or something that's that's that's where it comes into the the adventure aspect of it is welcome as so many aspects to hunting the benefit is the meat but while you're getting your meat you get these rich experiences
can't get any other way will you get a deeper understanding of life itself in in the sense of actual bias logical life on earth you got a deal understanding not just experiencing it from a video or reading an article about it but from actually in there in the environment where these things live you get it the other thing is you can be a part of nature not just a watch her nature not survive the under even doing the apex predators show i'm looking at the way animal lives and in trying to see how humans compare and then go do it and doing it part is completely different from the watching it part i can watch the great blue heron do something in theirs it the heron episode obviously there's some things at a ridiculous like i decide to go into a river wearing stilts simply trying to make entertaining television but an anniversary is asking to be one of those things are like the filet sam
i shall now that's the last thing i want so i look there the great blue heron bird birdwatching fur majorian first part like watching the way these animals do something and by watching my thought i understood it and then i went in it in a similar fashion where i am now putting myself experience of dealing with it like water refraction deep water clarity trying sneaking in and beyond the elevator platform and the experience of do it i learn something about that bird that i would never learned otherwise and it was like this light on moment where i thought okay even in these in mrs sommer ridiculous things i'm learning something that i can't learn by observing i have to learn by doing now are you using a bower spear spear a spear and light fraction of milan standard with boning you have to issue
in the water like maybe six inches below where you think these fishes yes so it it d it varies on water clarity angle of the sun depth of the fish and there is some it's at some point i realized the fish were so deep that the spear wouldn't even really reach them with enough force for peace duration so how did it was that account how much penetration in selling for deep he's doing steeps us like three feet so three vive so by the time the spear view throw the spear by tom it gets down the first stage of their ghost they see a common area who did you get it tommy i euler yes boiler don't do it get you know where you can find their effects better dad tv s that's what i hear i hear it apex predator don t more more tyres in by the season for forty nine nine years or so
channel every thursday my dvr has four of the coyotes episodes on for some reason some widely yankees it he's got all kinds airing ternata things like a couple times on thursday coz its eastern and pacific which i wasn't smirnov to figure that out to me had itself in that respect i gonna if plays a date over here it over there sir how many of these things have you done six episodes things you going continue to more observe did you really determine that is people's involvement in viewing viewers ship and other things which i think it's this is show that i've seen play shows in this issue that i want to watch nuts i want to make a show that i want to watch and so this is where we attempted to users show that i want to watch so it's got one viewer me and if i do there s not enough i'll get you like it but you know billy babo react like it as well
i enjoyed it i mean i've only seen the one the kyoto with a buffalo episode but i really enjoyed it i think is a really well done show like all the zero point zero shows their graves they do anthony board and show they do the mediator show that this is a great company they just know how to do it they do array production nay they can take a concept that seems out there and just one wishes you you have to watch to understand i could talk about it but if you really want to see if you like now you have to watch it i think guys like you are really important in the world of hunting because year this year what you represent is what doesn't fit these guys have this stereotypical idea of what a hunter is the stereotype idea what a hunter is a person does know any hunters they want to think of them as he's loud mouth drunken dummies you don't really care these public type characters
and renewal flies in the face of that as does jim shockey as do you think it's it's really important people don't throw out the baby with the bathwater because this those people are repulsive yeah the people who would mean the assholes it like laugh and mock these animals as their shooting people were drugs are going out there in an irresponsible use of funds arms and weapons ye re i agree with you as much as anybody that's listening someone who disperse dish specks the lives of their taking you know and and and does it in this really repulsive way there i am a great i am with you if you're in anti hunter because of those people i would probably if they were all like that i would be like that too but that's not what hunting has been expanded as has been explained to me as i experience from gaza ryan callaghan from guys like you from
the people out there that i run into that are real hunters have been very respect for very fascinated by it intrigue com currently curious as to the nature of these animals and super respectful of the live these animals that they take you know i think too it is because for a long time people i think there's a lot of hunters they have very similar views to myself and for a long time they just haven't had a surly the ability of the pulpit to show that there's other people out there like that executive when i first started i've always want to get in hunting television and when i first started trying to break into it i got a criticism that i what
there is a business model is that bubba hunter guy and i wasn't that guy he now and so that the person and tell me what if you really want to do this then you need to do whatever and i was on a hunt and shot a deer and it was like i was told that i need to celebrate in summit extravagant fist pumping type way and i i did it for that moment and i immediately regret i felt horrible i felt like this isn't me and if this is what it is unwilling to do this and i got it was like in that right there told me if this is that industry in this is that i don't want to be a part of this but then i thought was in others probably other people out there like me that if they had the chance to do it how just be myself
and into it and they will recognise that and may be changed the whole the whole way things are going and that's my goal i mean it be awesome to be a part of the people that change the way people see hunters because i think there is the ability to make that change because there is a lot i was out there that respect nature respect the animal see it as a whale life and not just as some crazy bubble guy out there who in hollerin fist pomp and induce thing in not respecting the what have that the lack of appreciation for the life tat you just taken and also the the lack of understanding of the complexities of the whole situation is also one of the disturbing things about the whole quorum called bubba thing like gum that does show that you put on like we're going good and we got a good and you are like the failings yassum because there's there's don't get me wrong there
nothing wrongs being cited right because and it's a different kind of excitement it's in excitement where you're excited for it's hard to explain the type of exciting because it it's i took an animal but i'm excited because of that challenge in what it represents jimmy like it it went through this is not always a solemn moment but it's an excitement in this very deep moment where you did take the life of an animal and you need to respect that and for me i always have unexpectedly our journey to get to that point and so for me to smile behind an animal to me means it's not just right you something now being with a big animal that you shot you're very happy it all worked out well smiling but people do they think you ve gotta be somber you ve just killed you ve just taken a life or why
if you respect the life if you're happy that it all worked out well you're you're you're you're be with your accomplishment your hard work paid off lightwood can't you smile is disrespectful the life you ve taken to smile does the life any less significant if you dont smile or do smile doesn't change anything but what i think you will you bring to the table and what in our guys like shaggy or renault i bring to the table is a level of of intellectual capability a level of the ability to communicate really complex situations to the average person doesn't ever get involved with taking the life of an animal to fruit communicate that away where someone can be listen this path gas is one thing that i get from people that listened to the park gas it hunters on they go and i never had this opinion of hunting until i listen to these guys in these podcast we had this really negative really stereotypical view
what a hunter is and now kind of understand it and i've gotten like guys on my message board there's guys on my message board that have evolved over the time they ve been there where they were their years ago and they had this idea like all hunters are assholes and then time went on the kind of been exposed to all these different people and all these differ conversations they realize o were we're just involved in this weird culture that has this this part monopolization of various aspects of living the big one is where you get your food from so there's people that are criticised people to do it themselves this what better way the fur the animal to die than by hunter there really is no better way if you shoot a deer or an elk and that animal is dead within seconds that is the most peaceful way its ever gonna die they mean pure way you ever gonna call me it's so much
less struggle and less less but suffer ring then being domesticated animals its rays to be slaughtered it so much then being killed by a predator out the wildest gonna slowly eat you asshole first you know i mean there's is no better way if you really truly love animals you ve gotta toto account a few undeniable truth one is at populations need to be controlled and they are controlled natural way with predators when we live in those environments you have to pick a team if you're gonna say team people will then you gonna have to control the predators as well and you have to go the game animals because look tried living in upstate new york where you came and drive down the road without slamming into a suicidal dear me endeavours places where they have to control the populations of dear so badly they have taken pennsylvania then we will have a season whose parts of pennsylvania or you can just go and just shoot dear
the time and he's like suburban areas they didn't episode of bone collector on it is these guys got up in a tree stand the summer that is fuckin shootin dear left and right they're everywhere because their deep four run an enormous gettin dear ticks people getting well i'm disease because of it this theirs lot more to war conning is and to what what it wrapper and so the people that are involved in it then the barber image and there's the thing that always makes me laugh is the let's say i will just released more predators to control like fear although animal population neutral like make it but or humans like before shoe they are the what did i say it was fine before we got here and i was left when is when we got here you mean why people who has a is a wasp be out of the compromise before we got here before people came across the land like humans and animals have been especially an archive on any kind have been
coexisting for a very long time in humans have been a prime hunter of these animals as well as our predator in the natural food chain the animals we didn't hunt no longer exists i haven't seen a t rex and long time we ran around for they exert that's the arguments do you know if you want to really bring it back to the old days a submarine dinosaurs exactly like we would how much main arguments with how human beings brains developed is too large size is because of hunting because as fisticuffs methods that we need to employ to make sure that we kept eating food it in one of the things that like looking at a peck spreader really kind looks like humans and animals and and we how we have adapted and learn from nature if you if we were out there ok will ya brains it all comes back to we have
every animal out there can possibly beat us in a certain way or whatever his specialised certainly but it comes back to our brains we can figure out how to do what they do best and that's what the show explores how we figure out how to do it they do best and see how we compare to it and a lot of times we may not compare in in a certain way it comes back to using our brains and figure out a way to make up for those adaptation it ain't episodes this year you did the coyote the wolf alligator one of the examples in algeria golden eagle yes always the cairo and was looking at that catalan painting but using high skin in effect so the coat the wolf the golden eagle the great blue hair and the river otter and the american alligator and if you
one you're done with all this what are your next ideas we ve got i want to do so even it's called apex predator but sometimes titles of shows me recently because i will also look at every aspect of nature not just predators because i think there's a lot of other animals that can teach thing so were reconsidering humans is an apex predator how did we get to this point learning from nature as well as these changes we ve made so one thing i would like to do is look at camels the way they carry water humans are camel can carry water in humans are one of the only predators can carry water see think of that as an advantage in how we compared to a camel like how much water came a howling making go stages of dehydration i'd like to explore that and in hung in a desert situation for an animal that necessarily not i won't be hunting for camels and trust me i'd that's not only when you didn't but another desert
out or something and in very eric climate what else there is some i'd really like to look at the way mount lions there there so quite when they walk and so these you look at the sinhalese episodes you just see it as a thirty minute episode summaries episode i've train for months to repair to do this episode the wolf episode ammunition training running doing a lot of things to prepare myself to be able to attempt to run and helped him and one these episodes that we had slated then idea i was training force mounting up said where i compare how mount lines like the amount of noise they make when they walk is very little i've had him swap pass me never heard a thing was measure colored measure how loud amount line is when is walking and then us with their boots on us with their bare feet and then so and then going do a hunt barefoot and so for months i was training to hard my feet and get him tough enough where i could go in the desert and hunt
oh barefoot we ended of not doing that episodes of four months after caught me here but just this is obviously a failure toughening like these and we have to do that all over again but there is that's one of em and we ve got a lot getting crazy ideas there's a lot lot a cool animals out there that i'd like to explore how we have did you get your feet i can walk for awhile and not worry about it but we just got thickly calloused and yet there are italian journalist i think what i've noticed is more of a century thing your feet don't necessarily get thou much tougher use learning to feel the ground we have seen that dude from dual survivor the walks everywhere barefoot he's such a goofball it's like one of those shows where you know these guys like for sure that some fucker gone on the show for sure but this guy it where's no shoes like you that this is
idea that you know to really truly survive you gonna have to go without choose because occasionally you find yourself no shoes and be fact as you feed or soft so he doesn't want to be in that situation says feeders there always hard it does toughen your feet i did i before i did i do like a lot of research some there's some key he's out there that are all about this like new shoe thing and there's deeds that talk about dry like a fake say in the law on your foot seek you can't go into place as you know like no she's no shortness service they got all these like tricks of making like a wrote a pair accord fake c and also people notice that you barefoot and how do i get into it and start by going on varying terrain and actually had to spend while is trying to from my feet i spent some time in places like cruising down downtown away you're skid row barefoot that is a good way to think of a disease of that's exactly glass and all kinds
the mediterranean near skid row when the cops polio over we do need an i'm training for our hunting challenge of fuck get another exact that's all you gotta do is so there's that we ve got a lot of a lot of them slate a lot of different animals i want to look at trapdoor spider they are called me trap door spite outdoor spider what are they it's a spider that hides and then when something comes by jumps out real fasting grabs it so one to build some kind of hobble in weight in it and try to grab a deer something comes all kinds of fun stuff like that when you grab the dear we tried going to try to kill it like with a knife or something or i think on those type of episodes i probably let it go i have the opportunity to let it go in and i me linda
the guy just like how much do you communicate with people that are critics of honey i don't communicate with very many people ever voice out to stuff you mean like in my day to day i d ever have issues with people that have problems with honey don't that's one of them things about hunting that i think is kind of weird is theirs there's not a lot of community sean there's like the converted like preacher the choir and then there's these other people that have these misconstrued ideas misconceptions about what honey as and they don't seem one of them i do not see me at another talk that often i've seen were now i have conversations with people there were cut anti hunters night i guess you know actually in my day to day i do have a lot it conversational people it aren't hunters but there are also people that are close to me
and then yeah like family members that are hunters years funny as my brother's girlfriend comes from a family that not hunters like she's the typical yogi type that would never consider hunting she didn't like eating very much gave me and now this year she went and got a hunter safety is going ahead elk were because i think when you really sit down and think about it if talking to somebody that like myself arena peoples it how are or like minded to me there's a lot of things that we can pull from that if you just actually had a real conversation take out all the bullshit of the area even on both sides i call like the hunting propaganda and the non hunter propaganda things that your tone he thinker when are you actually have a real conversation about it sense printing make sense it makes sense and also the it sounds bizarre and contradictory but its very spiritual there's something it sounds
i don't know it's no you're taking alive i get all the arguments i understand the arguments but telling you there's something there's something even psychedelic about going into their world and hunting them dipping your toe into the the while the true wild there's something like this andrea dissolving about that it it changes the way i looked at the whole world it really did like the first time on when deer hunting that one of the crazy things about it was looking at this dear look locking eyes with this thing in the wild and understanding the rules that we have my role as a predator that his role was trying to get the fuck away from me and then making its life and killing anemia nose like this is a spiritual experience a deeply spiritual parents in a weird way that i didn't anticipate i anticipated a being maybe somber and
i would have to get over the sadness of it all and then i might now you want to do it again maybe i'll just become vegetarian those real considerations that i had but after the event i felt like what so there's something that most folks are missing about this experience and i think it's because it's been read very poorly represented in our culture by media by these but the the stereotypical bubba type by all these different did different this is of information and of sort of filter down to the average urban civilization inhabitant they did we don't we we don't have a connection to it so basing our opinions on it is based on stereotypes on on these immediate depictions of what a hunter is yeah it's so those kind of false ideas but then when you if you actually get to talk to someone but is also losing you talk about it we talk
and we're sitting here talking about it until you go through that experience you necessarily dont know what it feels like what it means what it means to you my mom's stepped at it come grandpa he is lost fishing big out like loves nature hiking other things went hunting shot a bird felt really sad never went hunting but i was his experience so everybody has a dip maybe experiences in a different way but you really don't know until you jump in india that experience the talk to someone who had similar experiences dear shouted dear and the dearest moaning when i was on the ground mugabe's crazy noises and never one hunting again right yeah it just depends on maybe year your experience but also i think it depends on how your reason for going up get if you earn have never hunted before and you say to yourself i would like to go hunting because i like
the eat less meat that i don't working from be more involved in that process if you went out and said i have a gun that maybe one day like tat in my house only things that i've killed even before you even killed anything you go without mindset and then it becomes a utility thing it becomes like a part of your process for your life and i think it affects you differently because you there's a reason for us there is like i'm i'm i'm eating animals anyways i'm killing animals anyway i'm eyes will be part of the process are you killing them with your credit card and your money to be else that maybe you're not seeing it but it's happening it's not going to
happen in its handling as a direct result of your choices that something that we convened we try to distance ourselves from here so you can be part of that process then it's not something emmi is aids is a different experience it really is very hard to explain but i think we we sit here for how long explain it would take asia is it's very hard for people involved to that ass aren't contrast rates me and i don't know what i get a lot of a lot of people want social media whatever that have listened like found me through your podcast or whatever and a lot of them have
jumped into hunting and there is still a lot of them they're trying to figure out how to do it not say the main question i get asked is is how i get into her how how would someone get into it really i mean the first in getting the hunter safety new legal requirements because once you have that the new barriers to entry or slowly getting less and less and then really just getting hooked up with somebody that handsomely thus through hunting conservation organizations i think there's a big step up and gilded summaries event because i thought there's a lot of conservation organizations that you can join say wild sheep foundation or elsewhere nation and you go out on these projects and do something for while i builder guzzler recede in area its burnt do all these things are conservation efforts that are done by hunters any meat other people because hunters if you if you meet him in the flesh or probably really willing to help you out if you
like i really want to get into the city gotta find the right type a guy to or woman or whatever to get into that these ways to have somebody like a mental this place where a hunted moose i should tell me what this guy he's awesome big country outfitters dot see a ties in northern bc my cockroaches a guy who is the main guide is gonna gods air as well that that work with them but i hear as that with people than ever hunted before you take issue the whole deal take you through the whole economy turning to you how to shoot explaining to you you know how to breathe when you pull the trigger how do you know wait wait shot place man aiming to know how to the whole deal he'll take you through the whole day stocking hunting butchering the whole deal and his is about as real a guy is you can get to i love that dude he's fucking awesome had a great time with them
and he's one of the few outfitters that i know that that welcomes people have never had any hunting experience whatsoever and he has some disasters stories because of the happy people panic and a freak out and that those are my favorite people to guide the because they don't come in with an expectation and of something that this year i mean there hundreds of it have just expectations and i'm not ok with and so get people bitter are looking for a new experience they there for the experience like people that go in with the expectation of a certain size animal we are or like you know i think that the or the like they they pay for a hunt i don't sell animal i'm i'm out very saw in a hunting experience i take you hunting and so you and animal does just gives you huntings mean you're going to kill something yeah not possible no it's not no one here there aren t they have your new and you there for the experience you're learning something where he kills him you're not obviously you wanted shoot something that's the end goal that's the result but it's so much more than that
it is it is so much more than i do hope these conversations do help i think they do i think that i think that people learn from them and i think that where's we're doing our part to express what we ve learned with for you it's your whole life for me it's just over the last four years but it's it's not what people think it is if you're tired of these conversations go fuck yourself i'm tired you know no one with a pig's predator dot tv apex predators on sportsmen channel thursday night at eight o clock on both coasts remy warren on twitter r e m i instagram and instanter remy worn at when we want your gear awesome dude man really appreciate having yon then fund is awesome any time and we had a hunt one day let's go l cunning in montana with some bows let's do it reset it ok we'll set up right now would you set it up affairs did i love you oh i'll be back tonight at eight o clock with aubrey degree anti aging specialist
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