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#646 - Dr. Dan Engle & Aubrey Marcus

2015-05-11 | 🔗
Dr. Dan Engle, MD is a practicing psychiatrist, board certified in psychiatry and neurology. Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer.  Some of his writings and experiences can be found on his website, AubreyMarcus.com
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oh and an I t, use the code. Word Rogan in your safe ten percent off any and all supplements go there. Get you she to gather to do to get you to do a knowledge of the music producer, but another put together. Protest and on this episode, podcast, I am bringing in my friend Bree Marcus CEO of Honour and while my best my best he's an doctor Dan Engle and Dr Dan Engle is a very intelligent, very fascinating character, who does a lot of work with psychedelic medicines and particular for people who have addiction issues just a really brilliant guy in a very interesting guy to talk to, I really enjoy this podcast. So without any further ado, please welcome my brother
be Marcus and Doktor Dan angle? The job will gain experience, replied. Legislator, chime The big gong five foot, her big big answer noxious. It's you just gotta talk, did big ANG. If you going to have like a fucking Cirque du Soleil experience, bunch of dudes come out flipping with fire and do fucking juggle flame. Committee a good Coom attain. Yes, good comment by Doktor Dounia no book over. There did when I saw you guys. Note pads tired, so was gone. Why twenty seven
here's a school I get used to taken a doktor Dan angle appear with the Aubrey mother. Falcon Margaret. What I was in the house and we started sit down, talk shit shit we just got done doing two hundred and some fuckin degrees below zero cry of therapy sessions. Your first time ever in the full body, one all head immersion adds the real one right rio there. Now you can only get those in couple places right now. That's that's alto! we're gonna be what it is going to be. The differ. Being the other ones they poor. It's like an nitrogen Oliver scam like a frozen nitrogen sort of thing, but I can't breathe it. That's why you're head is above, but this would they do? Is they freeze the air instead and you go in there and assist fuckin ungodly, insanely called anywhere mouth like a surgeons mask over your face and
your mouse and gloves, and those rubber caught the zoning time. We allowed aware rubber crocs those Crockett clogged things and not feel like an asshole, but which experience with that. You know, I think, for me, a key part is getting that up half of my body in the in the tank and we haven't wanted on it. That's awesome for any kind of information. My legs, my knees, my you know my hips is really good, but then getting that like so this cold, getting in your eye, sockets in the cold, getting into your the temples of your head. If I found a really relaxing actually lot of people thing there's a lot of energy. I found it I deeply relaxing after yet out you early, relax, that's interesting. Everything was evident reaction to it. Robin was talking about that after it was over. He was saying that some people feel like it and endorphin crash at the end of the day I give this big
rush when you get out of there in the other day, you're very tired, which I found really weird cuz. I don't get that all I get out of there and I'm, like I feel fucking great, I'm addicted to that thing. I bet your first time doing it ever. Have you done this time, down the one that they haven't on Nope today is my debut. Would you guys do two and a half minutes like pussies? So what happened I mean to renew the whole time hours, at least for a long time yet three minutes in a few minutes. Outline three minutes back begins to greatly started to very addictive If it you had one near your house, man, you get addicted, it's more addictive than the one with your head above it for whatever reason: cuz it's something about like you survive it. You know and like there's like this weird like once you get out of there and that yes, it is because, as I said yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, you know, you start talking
floating around. The room who you know just you feel it you survived, you want to go back and do it again. There is a crucial element to it: this is something I accomplished reassure you that we get out of it. Then I want my system go into the survival mode like that last minute was a doktor like most been interesting. Knowing the functions of the body intimately yeah. I'm always curious about health recovery. The crucible experience put ourselves in these really extreme situations, and then that last minute the person was pretty much abuse a cake? The second one I was cold straight off and in that last minute I went in these involuntary shakes. I'm watch my body just jumper, like a little race gardens. I am both. Maybe I can just
work on tunas down of ASEAN in job, in doing whatever Egg Jimi Hendrix explained in the background and now and was working, and it was just like hyperdrive some just watching this thing going like trippy sources. Like a significant mind, body separation had no control over that experience, so where is being put in the crucible like that survival experiencing when I came out that I definitely felt us like. I had crossed some kind of threshold. Of an experience that I wouldn't had otherwise have you We're done the ice bath in all those those things really I'm until the thing with some water, those available, those rising above the more miserable right. I think they're more miserable, because your toes get to another level of frozen as well. Don't watch so whenever says, gets deep into your bones. Good, though, to you pop out of that, you actually feel warmer. I think
You come out of that for some real is like a numbness that happens. That makes you feel weirdly warm. Where is the cryo? You still feel a little cold when you we have gone in the Pacific Ocean in like January is to live out here, we ve got their hats. Chile, but you know Feeling like you, I really shouldn't be warm when you get outside its own, like seventy degree of outside, but you like air, had seventy feel so good there's something about. We discussing this about forcing the body to react, to the sauna doktor Rhonda Patrick wrote that really really fascinating paper on the effects of thought of sauna and she's up huge. Opponents of sauna and the the Rio that your body has to this extreme heat of the sauna. So your body compensates in some For that and then, when it realises just temporary situation, you get the benefit of compensation
Actually, being in some life threatening position or your body has to you, no fire up all these protection systems, yeah all kinds of things going on. You got the creation, the heat shock proteins. You got all of these biochemical process on plus just that general thing that the body needs body needs resistance in own needs, no germs. When Europe it needs the squeeze through the valuable canal and pick up all the glue when you're young they get a climate eyes. It needs in those work out when you're in olden and bigger things distress the muscles in these things distress the system. Across the board is just the way humans are built, we're not built for a cakewalk, yeah bird pills to deal with whatever the fuck we have to deal with, and if you, body deal with almost nothing. What you get is like a spoiled child that can't
though any sort of any any negative or any any any conflict and in a problems anything it's offline where it requires character, resolve you meet those people who grew up the wilderness and there like they can eat more foods than you can take in that they don't get sick is often there just more resilient. You know, like my friend Do you grew up in New Hampshire in outside what he can put his body through from just. Growing up in a farm with no running water and hardly any less, Christy and just kind of cruising around from a young age climb in mountains and skin down, even when he is freezing, I keychain deal. Shit in a different way than someone has just been but your code on Swedish make sure your scarf is. All I know is that differ level of savagery. That is actually allowed him to train harder for his support, and you know me better cause. His body was used to dealing with tough shit from an early age he addressed,
its fastening, because people in an armed guilty of it. We want to protect our children from adversity, adversities or builds character. So it's like You know you want you, kids to be safe, The only way to make I'm safe is deportment danger, everybody that I know that I'll be fine. There are due you gone through some horrific in there life I leave that. Do though he'll be fine weather, they can handle it and one of the ones that are far apart, they're the ones their mom wipe there ass. Until there are eleven years old fucked fact says: work humans are just a flawed. I mean we're gonna, designed in that sort of weird way. What were designed for this savage world. I mean this world is not its beautiful and I love it, but it's not easy and it was never intended to be easy. You know, and so were designed to have to learn from these and get stronger because of iron
Aren't we separate ourselves from the environment? The human ceases to be what it was originally designed to be which is being reacts to the pressures of its environment, you isolate it and then we don't have that resistance anymore. When we turn out like a blob where there was a spy study that I tweeted yesterday about that sort of it in direct relation that about young men today that are addicted to pornography and video games. They that they're going to this masculinity crisis. So this cycle, logical breakdown of young men are society today, because they're not going through any real adversity, they're not going to any real rights of passage, pushing themselves physically know what they're doing as they just beaten, often playing video games sick. This weird well, that they live in with a kind of like the symbiotic relationship with a college and an Xbox controller right yeah. What
is that what he thinks gonna happen without one hundred downstream? In effect Sarah Doktor there think. There's that study islands study you talking about, but it makes perfect sense. Ravin, like too divergent populations were some people are really seeking. These guns of experiences were able to stress their system, growth that grow their potential become their best cells, and you have and other people that, because they don't have a connection to what's happening than of a connection to purpose passion. Dr inspiration, they're, not men toward the not going to these. It's pastors and are going through any kind of support it exploration of themselves in the world there, just in finding ways to distract themselves in some kind of pleasure in the big craziness of it all So, in the midst of that you're, going to have this this massive widening between these two diverging populations, it so so
active on the video game, though, because you think you're improving yourself, because you have these characters that are their avatars, that are you to an actual real population of people who I Dennis I? U, as that character, and then the more work you put into that character, the more you improve it improves their skills. They get rich they get bad ass shit like the equivalent of rims that spending on their weapons, and then they get level. Forty fifty, sixty and then you really swing in a big dick out there. You know that big, so it's this seductive thing of they do feel like their improving, but they're not Actually, here, how do you actualized that in the world, where is it set the case, or is it Are we in some sort of a transitional period between in a physical, biological, carbon based cellular life and a digital life, because once if really do transition to a digital life, which is a lot of speculation from Lodge. Many scientists and people that are looking at the curve of learning and the exponential growth of
valjean. Unlike look, this is inevitable, we're not going to be physical being so that much longer Now is really pretty obvious: that we're going to eventually incorporate with machines and to the point where the concept of living virtual world, a world where you can just put on these headsets and go into the world of avatar and live out there. Tens. Unbelievably rich existence inside this artificially created world is going to be much more appealing unattractive. That's I think what that's what we're seeing with these kids you're playing call of duty or in these other games? It's so much better than going now and being a regular teenager with no job prospects, no skills, no, nothing. You need about you. Nothing particularly challenging in your life other than you. Feeding yourself in getting to bed on time. It's know there, but they go into this world in this field
bullets flying overhead and they're, all talking on headset trying to set up an ambush to go, get the enemy and that their data helicopters of wine over, and that's why more exciting its way, more fighting, and this is just the beginnings of this- this this digital world mean this. These are artificial realities that they the existent, but they did their so called early, artificial, that we don't think of them. That way, we think them as video game, but once it becomes something. That's indistinguishable wants something it's going on side. Your head, I mean how many years are we really away from something where you put it on and it has electrodes that react with various, various is in your brain, where they could stimuli. These areas and reproduce. Insane visual effects. Physical effects that the feeling of your foot on gravel as you're running down this beach, you feel it in you
how long before they can do that. It's not that far off its way, close then go on to another planet, its way closer than you know. Setting up a colony on the moon, pretty fucking close to doing this. This is decade away at most. It's a kind of a weird, exciting, but terrifying thought very terrifyingly. Now I mean it you you want to think you want to hold out and think are the real world will be better. I know it, they won't get the smells right. Academic, like their roles, the screws up that up to now, but that that's very Possum that eventually they can create virtual worlds. That will be pretty satisfying, but I don't know I just like. I want to hold out. Maybe it's just a desire, romantic desire. I want to hold out faith it doing something for real fur, in a feeling, you're real body underneath the maybe just even the knowledge that its four reels for it just seems like that would be better yeah. For now
but if a vague keep continues to improve and grow its, it seems like it's gonna, be like way more satisfying within that sounds like you're talkin about the matrix right so lacquered it? Then it really depends on whose the puppet master and what Agenda is to make is creating the majors and for one when I come for what reason yeah could the matrix be something that the user creates may could it be autonomous? Could it could the user decide will come experience and then what use can be? The king of the matrix use can begin. Fucking, all these women cut nobody's heads off, never lose a war means that what are we gonna do. Ellen what kind of talks about that like when you get total control of something it becomes boring? so, then you then you'd want to. Naturally
add an element of risk out in elements of uncertainty, because then it becomes exciting again. So, actually probably the progression will be. If you listen to that Alan Watts, inception video, the progression will be, you know you go in and you do that. You get to begin his car You have sex with a hundred thousand women. You re all these places. You win everything and then all of a sudden, you make it more difficult. So you dont know if you're gonna win. Then to make an exciting you dont know if you're gonna get laid again and then all of a sudden you re programme it back and realize holy shit life, Life was what I really wanted, all fine. It has all the uncertainty and challenge that makes this thing really fun. Otherwise, it's all fuckin, boring or We find out that life itself is actually just a virtual reality and that we have this time been living in this incredibly realistic simulation clog the programmer. I five gives a shit awesome, pretty good. They did a good job and that many said all their preposterous aspects that make you.
That's reality. The Chris Christie thing we were talking about today was in the news that he's he's spent some fucking ungodly amount of money that you know, if you don't know who Chris Christie is he's the. These, the governor of New Jersey S enormously morbidly overweight, gentlemen, who wants to run for president and so wants to make sure that people don't smoke marijuana, because marijuana is bad for you, massively over eating, which apparently is not that bad for you, but this is this is the big is, is it seems like it's not real. When you read this, he spent eighty two thousand dollars of tax payers. Money on food at any fell games You know how much it like food costs at a ball games, not much. It's like a dog was for a sausage. She has the it's insane how much money is spent
Zol taxpayer minuses why it so fucked up man, it's insane! It's it's hard to believe You know one thing that they will never get right in. One of these experiences, though, is like the true mystical experience. You know in this virtual reality. World go owing to sit and drink I'll ask a virtually is not going to be the same as sitting down hearing the eager rose, the sound in the jungle and drinking that in reality like
that dimension is so different than what I think could ever be programme. So at least, I think we got that when we can hold out for neighbouring well, that was what mechanic believed they were going to be able to date. He believed that the DM two experience was gonna be accessible to people to virtual reality. First, he said that most people not gonna be willing to take the leap of faith in it, takes to light the empty and take it into your lungs and visit the Spirit realm. He really thought that the way they were going to create it was someone who's going to figure out how to make a virtual reality version of a deity experience. Now is what- and he thought that if you did do that, you would actually contact the real de empty realm and you would actually do it to be a way that they
enter through that gate, obsolete and wait. He went too far. I went too far. Its own brother admits that we use amazingly an amazing barred and he had some incredible ideas because of that, but that was one of the big. While you can duplicate the visuals, but the creativity and the specificity of what the messages that come across a mean, it's not just random, it doesn't work for everybody. It's not like picking up a you know and astrology book work is gonna work for most people or whatever It's this specific information for you that comes out, and I think that that true connection with whatever that other place in your brain, is that other world you know the Astro World, whatever you want to call your vocabulary permits that that true access allows this kind of really unique message to come through that.
Just tailored for you and that's. Why so effective Yemen is where the weird and unique aspects of psychedelic experiences? It's almost like what you need at that time find you it's like you, like, almost like there's an assessment of your overall predicament and go look this why these things keep Goin on Jim shows what a doormat goddamned try cast her shouldn't chain, but it seems like they it it finds whatever whatever hole you ve got and then fails it in our youth. Shove this in that whole and now you're gonna get a sense what's wrong, when you gonna get a sort of a depiction or a picture of what
errors on your operating system are finds. It is that what you think it makes psychedelic research so appealing is that its tailoring like dealing in a specific solution for each individual from psyche psychiatric standpoint? It ya think they're couple a different opportunities. It it it presents which is bringing up to the surface. The very thing that we're ready to receive that we didn't realize was right there and also helps to rewrite the Neuro chemistry and reboot the nerve endocrine system till it you actual eyes, it move it forward into your life, so the second Alex now the whole resurgence of psychedelic research is is showing how well
they work for the very aspects that psychiatry is really. We get addiction, recovery, tremor resistant, depression, chronic severe ptsd, end of life transition issues, the all the areas psychiatry is really stuck at the Alex or are very good at and there's a wide breadth of the psychedelic, available right. Then we get really crafty in being able to recognise because of what this person's going through. What might be the best psychedelic to use for them in the right setting So in the right certain setting you get this opportunity to really actualize your best self to real is what you are looking at two face your shit to work through that and then to see the path of becoming even better. That's a doesn't really points, the drug addiction ones really at point. The end of life transition is another really good point and PTSD, even
traumatic stress saw. A man could be as horrific as war or as seemingly simple but another leech romantic is a break up. There. People they go through breakups, they think they're fucking life is over. They think it's over mean they think, like. I can't go on like this, like this loss is too much for my soul to bear, and then they ecstasy they got Amazon, Guy's, an asshole mobile wasn't even live with him of them first, but she was ruining my life. I didn't realize you really well my god, I'm sick of bitch bitch clinging to this, ridiculous idea, this woman is gonna, save me or this man was aiming you. We were talking just the other day about that the prevalence of suicide and young teenage girls in certain communities, particularly in native cultures, and theirs,
studies show that young adolescents, both girls and boys politically with girls, they have a significant resolution of anxiety. Its related to how they view themselves going through only one session of I was that's incredible man while So that's really new routes, we're talking about like rights of passage, those ceremonies. Those experiences really help people mature himself actual eyes. It would recognise who they really are and not have so much that's invested in and who they think that need to be in these relationships? They fall away like like this, this crazy thing that happens with internet bullying online and it just really shatters these young people, self esteem and the end of the chicken out, like that's too much
that just completely collapse there worldview and there's no aid that they cannot imagine themselves going through that a successful way. So it's better to check out they also can imagine that this bullying is horrible, as it is. If you get through it and in you, you gain perspective. Adele actually help you later in life like you will now. Have tools to deal with shitty human beings that you may perhaps run into and counter intuitively you'll greatly appreciate that people around you in a way that you might not appreciate them. People are now. I don't appreciate the son of a bitch. Is there Today is nagging you with the employees. Sunglasses go to Seattle or go to go to Fuckin Columbus Ohio in the winter, where every day is clear, howdy Gray, that Gray Sky winter thing the buffalo winter. Your been Buffeloni York mean if it's
winter and you don't get any clouds like what is happening. The sky, it's blue! It's supposed to be blow video! You just get used to that shit and when you do see the sun, it's a magical. Creature has come down to give you happiness in the form of vitamin d in warm warm feels like love, feels you scan were used to that, like all my God, so hot were used to that here, we ve been so effective at taking away all of the really challenging things and expecting not to have challenging things that I think, It's going to take intention to intentionally put those back through rituals through writes a passage through these terrifying scary, ordeals that you have to go through in order to get used to that paradigm again, That's I think, we're getting to the point now we're so good at removing the environmental ones. We're gonna have to go with intention to put him back, even back and scary times, they had intentions. To do that, you go to some try,
to live in the jungle, which is a hard ass place to live, and there still dick in their hands and of admits of bullets, in writing, RO still fashioning bungee words out of vines in mouldy, ropes and stuff and jumping off towers. To show their show their fearlessness, and even in our day we have everything easy. So we have nothing environmental and when doing anything else intentional, and this is definitely not to apply the law. It is in any way good now in its awful people that are I mean I don't, I always wonder what that is when you see like kids, that are shitty too kids, you know You see that, like the instinct that they have be shitty order. They see weakness in a poke at night. Push it it's not good, but even in bad things, the counter to those bad things you can somehow or another get benefit from it and that benefit will make a stronger. That's its really fast.
Like. We were talking about the sauna or talking about going through adversity and life. Like all these things, he seemed it seems to be almost a law that the universe has that the ebb and flow of things the push in the pool of things mean- I think, it's a fuckin another the coincidence of these bad by the fuckers keep coming out of Siberia. You now may look at all these rousillon provide in a cough You know these are these back there's that come another. The Soviet Union now and especially Siberia, either Falcon monsters in our coverlet These guys are monsters and their common Russia. Holy shit. Russia say develop a different kind of human being, because there dear surviving. All the time, and in surviving their growing one of the traditions there in Siberia,
is the go swim in the river in a lot of places. They go swim in the river every morning, like in military cadet, training historically like the siberian female cadets, would have to go in and jump in this freezing ass water every morning to help toughen them up. I mean they got that idea there and that's the healthy way to do it, obviously, bullying this really in Situ s, kind of a psychological attack. That's really hard to see and really hard to look at, as a stress like that, but yeah may build those things in your life. It's gonna make gonna be positive and that's what sports do for us. Exports are really sport in the military are really the only way that we have access to these really readily here and I gotta think differ bullies. Even the act of boiling is extremely damaging. Just do it domain, it only makes sense that it is right that you are causing all these bad feelings for these people
don't deserve that in doing do you use finding a weakness or finding a deficit in their strength and attacking at what you're doing it to yourself? You know in the truth, as the platinum rovard, say: yeah you're really doing it too. You living indifferent life and that's really difficult for the higher self conscious self to deal with, because you're hurting yourself in a very real way, you don't appreciate yourself, you know you don't appreciate who you are because you not respected, because you know you kind of a bitch fuckin with people that don't deserve it. But he knows it's. It's weird! It's a weird instinct that children have as having children and watch seeing it likes, sing it on the playground like seeing watching little boys push other little boys for no reason when watching how it goes down. It's a very bizarre, behavior or not, I've been struggling with recently, not struggling with adored or analyzing. His computer sense try to figure out what I do see it like what is what's that? Is there
evolutionary advantage to any of this is the reason why this exists, or is this just from the harsh days of old, where you're just trying to find a week, wolf and ticket the fuck out of the clan, because, if you don't know the pack won't be strong, you gotta get rid of all the judges do cower, wanna come near, you are you cowering you fuckin for Bulgaria, it that goddamn, tribe and cinema to the woods to die in their own. Do you know what I think there's it's awful, but I guess I got think that's why wolves you know and walls? Sense like some wolfed, it's gonna fall part under pressure. You fuckin policy. What we cannot move with you in earlier. You know you're tired, you bitch, don't get the fuck out of here and that's exactly why humans have had these rituals before you know these different rights such will they will. This person buckle under pressure. You know they fold when it comes to her, like up
can you walk up to our waters line and you wait in line for a goddamn our with them in and they get to the top of the waters are gonna. Do I can't do it? Let me down, I gotta, be fucking kidding. I waited an hour to go down this thing and I'm not even excited about it. Like that person, you gotta we'd that out early has what, if your honor, you know a life, and situation. They needed to know that if Duncan monsieur. You're talking about me, man stopped about me, I'm right here That's a nice was that was the old way. I think that's what we gotta bring back, but we can't do it in these, like an anonymous facebook, bullying cyber. It's too complicated a stress for the human brain to to handle, because
not equipped evolution airily to handle that kind of stress, and I think we should call each other to their courage and call each other to face these different things, but not in that way, not in the meanwhile not in a way like come on. Let's, let's go, let's see what we can do together here, do it in a different way, yeah it. The other thing about the idea of the cyber world, the idea of proworld is that the people that are playing you know fill in the blank halo or when he's crazy games, getting really good at it experiencing the character development that someone would have if they got really good at you know, whatever Jiu Jitsu or in a fill in the blank, make something incredibly difficult. Now, where you you see like when you meet someone who's, really truly great at something anything where they put it
incredible amount of hard work, and out of that, hard work has emerged, is truly unique talent that something is that something fascinating to watch like there's a quality to those people have that you don't get from cyber game players, and that's weird, I wonder what that is, because it's obviously difficult to get really good at a video game. It's obviously there's something rewarding about it because they love to do it. They love to kick other people's asses. Knows video games but I don't necessarily think it translates into that character. Development the real world like as in a personality? Sense? In fact, there's like a lot mean when you talk about people like cyber game players, one of the big characterizations, whether its fair or not, is that there really are
DE works rightly. Thus, the number one way you think of excellent applies. Video games all day out. Jesus Christ was his garlic to hang out with when you know, get him outside you know and that's you know, you're, seeing a different type of player now, like I know some people we work with, though, do Oh guy now like try to focus on that sue, starting to see a different type of that, but I do agree for sure With your initial point, and I think that the idea is that in a real consciousness, is Its home is in the body in people. Think of like minded consciousness in body is all separate, really well truly consciousness. When everything is she suck gender into one entity. It's a true presence of being right. Your physically embodying your consciousness, and when you're using your mind in your thumbs, it's almost like yours, operating yourself from a key element of consciousness, which is embodied consciousness so you're working on a level of mastery. That's really
very narrow in ass. A good point. That's a really good point. That must be what it is right. What what it must be is secured neglect in your body, because you're sitting on a couch all day and you fuckin back his hunched at the end of the day- mean honey. Video game players have fuckin horrible backs, gotta, be a lot right of your plane all day, hunched over a computer. You go and blind. You back was turned shit, go blind for Masturbation Gazette guidelines. Do that's why here, that's what Kellogg would tell Us Javert deal with anybody. I mean I know you worked with. People have addictions, have you ever working people and have like non non chemical Sanctions are non chemical in the traditional sense like Lang. Videogame addictions are gambling addictions. Oh yeah, yeah, I'm a fully with the organs, she called cross roads and that's an I began treatment centre. And were also building the first Psychedelic Research institute there when people
HU. I begin it rewrites, thinner, chemistry, reboots, that whole pathway. And that pathway is set up for addictive profile does it doesn't matter what the addiction is, its the same chemical pathway and, second, that addiction could be heroin, methamphetamine cocaine? It could be work, sex, video James whatever it's that same chemical path with its also associated with what checked sent me high com flow states, it's the dopamine near chemical pathway. So when you channel that focus that prime directive into a productive way that key an elucidate. The flow stating that flow states, essentially like your prime focus on the current experienced, the exclusion of everything else, that's just like any kind of addiction the mind can't rewrite. It can't move away from So the definition and addiction is essentially I'm getting
duck in these repetitive loops with something is the focus even in the midst of detrimental experience, you can't shift. You can't break that cycle. Oh it's doing something over and over and over. Even though you know that there is a bad consequence, so is an addiction essentially almost like a side effect of the process. The that's involved in us getting good at something, because I've always found that were in getting anything that I will become obsessed with thing that I really started wanting to get good at it be it starts to permeate. My life times at an uncomfortable way, where, going on there like we Bravo rise to talk what this whole time, jujitsu, that you would like this under operating system, that was always doing jujitsu that you you, you would be if you're, in a conversation with some day, they wanted to talk to you about. Well what the Democrats gotta do is
highlight the fact we ve created all these new jobs. You start thinking about choking people size thing like this boring as fuck constraining positions in my hand, on a non my ad, but the the money? What's going on behind the scenes, the operating system what's what's always on is Jujitsu and everybody. I know that is really good at you. Just two things like that. They all talk about how Jujitsu becomes almost like, like like a mantra norm in the background that it's like com currently going on in one of the benefits of that. Is that what you have this positive, really healthy? rewarding experience, that your obsessed with so your addicted by your dignity, something as super beneficial so that differential being that The positive outcome right verses, a negative outcome, so you could describe that positive outcome experience.
Might be an addiction because the mind so focused on in centrally flow state. You just keep me accessing that flow state use reactivating something that for whatever reason, the way it is engaging you are alive and your mind is negative. Like gambling annex, like people are gambling attics, they just want that action. All time so in that's one of that. That's one of the hardest addictions gambling ambling, because it's an intermittent reward, new, know what the outcome is gonna be for sometimes it's part positive, sometimes its negative learnt from the right perspective around negative. Because of the net loss in that's game, suffocation to videogame same thing, you Don T yet know what the outcomes gonna be so there's so much engagement heroin cocaine those kinds of. Since, as you generally know what you're gonna get so you can avoid those because
experience, do you know what it is? You know the negative repercussions of it. You can step back. Will it keeps it keeps people in they demonstrate components, are those addictions to write it up to you. Why heroin so hard to kick, and I became- has like seventy percent success rate up and people kick heroin after one treatment. That's pretty amazing! That's pretty fucking a man. I know of a good friend who has worked with him, was oxy cotton, but essentially the same drug rain and he went to work, went to Mexico took I've again checked it instantly in neurons, treatments hunted down there forever reason tat and in in the long term, predictor just to put them in context. The long term predicted Ongoing support, so people having like recovery, coaching somebody, twelve steps, but the recovering coaching I begin itself as an addiction interrupter. How does it what what's the the actual physical mechanisms that are going on
well the second elegant wide variety, but with I became particularly it has an effect. On the serotonin system, the dopamine system and opiate system, or the opium system, is one of the most complex interactions. Most of this academics operate on the serotonin system. Solely this evoking acts on multiple sums across multiple front, and so one of the reasons is particularly good. Fur heroin is because it has that unique profile, working on the opiate system would it seems to do who is it goes in and scrubbs opiate neurons completely clean of the residue. So when you look at the data people go through no or very little of the withdrawal symptoms. While writing? That's that's the big thing for people going through heroin on their own is to kick it because they're, just deathly afraid of the whip draw, that's gonna come so they just keep getting stuck in the cycle. So if you can
for them something held on the right set and setting that gives them. The opera unity to rewrite it with very little discomfort truck fair. Though this Humphrey? I will just make a press the horror of any kind of any kind of come down a few hours in India, forty hour bogus two hours and you guys need to come together and reach a consensus view or is it the minority is a book is thirty six, hours plus or minus. For me was forty hours. Both times pretty intense gain is the prime alkaloid, there's twelve or so premier includes an embargo which is the the plant route itself. I began is the synthesize extracted primary alkaloid. That's used is safe their window easier to doze easier to manage and it has a shorter half life. So it's usually about twelve hours.
Sounds all just twelve hours feels like here in our high voltage shed new puking in your spinning and there's a thousand pound pancake on you, just Misery Bingley. What do I have to do in my life tat? I never have to do a vulgar again, but it's also your examining, like for ozone, every aspect of sulphur, for me going through your book, I didn't have a I didn't, have a drug addiction. I was kickin, I wanted to know the sack of spiritual applications and I also was trained at on, because the clients that I kept interfacing with. I would do a lot of one on one work with clients, and I knew Berger I began was the right direction. For them, and they would ask me what's the experience like? as opposed to me saying. Well, I've heard it's like X, Y and Z, Anita we go in the lab, tried on four side. So I can speak about it. First person perspective, so I did he we'll get twice. And then, when I came on board with cross roads, they work I began the same kind of thing. I needed to experience what it was like
me. Actually, I began was more intense than he Bogan for most people see the way around, but vice to say when you know that you're you're most people go, through heroin are some kind, a really bad addiction there at a crossroads, and so hence the name in the centre. There crossroads where they have hit rock bottom They know their at that level. The desperation that if they don't make a signal, again shift, then some something really badly enabling they're gonna die there? completely annihilate their entire family, system whatever. So there come with some motivation. So when you, when you let them know that yeah the experience can be potentially difficult in a crossroads. It's the safest! I begin experiences you can have anywhere because it's in hospitals go environments right since you wanna right next to Angeles Hospital, there's doctors on cholera
door. There's nurses, on staff in the room you wearing a halt; Coulter monitor twenty four hour Uk Gmo iter, because people do die with a bogeyman, and I and usually it's because they were they weren't truthful, They were using something long like a box owner methadone when they came in, and you can be on along acting opiate. When you take a bogus bad news, you can on a short acting and then, when that washes out, you start you Bogor. I begin and if everything's clean on board, like they're not taken other drugs, not only in their second psychiatric medications, the allay the problem to people typically into, which is a very common, but it it has happened. Maybe one percent of the time people will have an arrhythmia or a hot heart beat irregularity because it drops your blood pressure and a job heart rate and if you're not wearing a monitoring, you not really paying attention. What happens, then? You can get in some trouble there. So when, if you have a crash gardens
It is fairly clinical setting than all those bases are covered. So six in that certain setting Agus extraordinarily safe, and you often it the people opportunity come through so when you look at I'd like from a western addiction, medicine perspective, what are the numbers? People go where the numbers of success rate people coming through an average rehabilitation setting like up and Malibu was numbers, like maybe fifteen percent, plus and is, depending on the setting fifteen percent verses sixty sixty five seventy percent, depending on the setting with the bogus I began, that's a four hundred fold increase and did it in Greece being many factors, the difference being There is actually some physiological changes of this drug is doing to your body and then also one inescapable fact of it is that these psychedelic experiences pretty much all of them have that in seeing transcendent moment. Where are you? Are you, whatever the word,
that you were living in before you took that drug. You are kind of basing your own experiences. I hears the range. Here's a speck of experiences in life from my dog died too. I got laid, you know worth of my child, this is the this is the wonderful. This is the awful and you part the doors to the psychedelic experience in its just like you stepped outside, like he thought the roof was the ceiling of the universe. He stepped out You realize! Oh, my god, it's infinite! You know it's like so, like the perspective change, because the experiences so and in so broad and so literally all encompassing. So you got those two things going on. You ve got, though the physiological changes and like I began, can do it, and then you ve got the actual experience itself, which is so transfer. And none of those things are available. Now, though, you gotta I'm saying,
elbow, but you know any any these I wanted. I was watching you know. Periscope! Is this new thing? The kids do why you kids watching one yesterday, just checking out different peoples feeds and was one from a rehab some place like a house where these guys all living together and reach. Delegation, and I might this is like a weird social support system that they're trying to they were talking about a great it is be drinking and you know, get my life in order, and I'm like this is, a very small shift, their they're doing to try cling onto the small shift and hang on Five low smoke and of blue air on the fire, how to get those embers to become a flame or you bump into lava beds, the other actions yeah. The thing about. Above all, these psychedelic experiences and I've done many of a variety of different durations from very short couple minutes to very long like like a bogus, and particularly with the plant medicine,
that's the seems to know how long it has like the half life for the medicine scene, to be something that's already calculate in your brain, and so you get messages depending on how long you have you know a lot of times. It's like a remarkable fact that I've noticed, but with a bogus, you have so much time that a bogus really takes its time in relentlessly showing you all of the steps that you took to lead. You two different situations that you are not happy with. I mean I remember when I did at the last time it took me why it is spent about five hours showing me the hypothetical possible scenarios that I could go with my life that wouldn't be beneficial that would be harmful to them, and it was like five hours that, whereas, like with I'll, ask you get, maybe you know half an hour that economic ok that's not realities. Is it like a bug
has so much time that it is really beats these things to death. So you don't even think about going down that road again more if something in something that's in Congress in your life, like a relationship you can wrestle with it. I wrestled in another a bug experience. I wrestled with. Relationship. I had four like eight hour and as they may be, this way be ignored. Not this way because of this and show me the rest, why my logic was flawed ago, and then I just back again draw another way. I can help not that way, because it is easy for got point able and just such a stern taskmaster when it comes to that in a has seeming infinite amount of time to just go through all of your rationalizations, all your justifications. It's like bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, is it showing it to you in a visual sense, a bogus a funny one because it's not as visual as the other ones, like the dm two experiences, particularly visual Bogart tends to be
fought based and when a vision needs to these. For me, when a vision needed to have a visual explanation, I get needed a visual q, it would come, but a lot of times is just directly thought. Based almost like. I was talking to a much smarter version: mice It was a really interesting way that interact Gaza visions were pretty mile. I would think the sensory deprivation tank would be. The ultimate well, that might be. That might be oh one, to work up to him. Prior to that, because I got the don't ask me to question like ok It s an experience. Where do I start step number one is float in just float by yourself, because the lobby revenue floated yet really look but their stuff, because interesting enough, it starts to promote our own, deemed he likes science we see what's in the default mode network now comes online, were able to look at more introspective analysis and see what was just behind the curtain that we didn't notice. Was there another comes onto
stage. We can rest assured that we can be with ad see what comes up, make sure that we're ok with the unknown that kind of sense of dissolving back into the void, and then you can start stacking therapies like doing something in the tank and so you're like near more entry level. Psychedelic would be India may didn t edible weed, marijuana as as the net kind of entry point and then beyond that, then you get into and suicide, and I would put not entry level point and beyond that, you get into the second level and that's more like the peyote, what you mustn't Pedro! I Alaska Yoga, and so it's it's nice to be able to know where people can start how to progress them through. That's a lot of the second Alec research is happening now is that is the correct screening to know who the experience is good for who it's not? for he put it your psychosis and mania, not good for people currently on
psychiatric medications, not good for as most of the medicines in psychiatric medications. Don't work well together in there's an energetic clash and you can have a real bad trip where you could have physiologically dangerous thing happen. So when we know we know, we ve got this whole arsenal to work with, and then it becomes. Alchemy, knowing which medicine to use at which person at which time and in which sequence, which order like which you're would your target symptoms? If you get symptoms are anxiety associated with chronic pain will great than it might be. Something like you bogus helpful, because a bogus really helpful for pay. Because its associated without opiate pathway and also lets prep with flotation and let's integrate with flotation, because flotation itself is also very good for pain, just flew just flotation by itself, you start stacking
copies and I've, seen clients and of how plans that done a series of seven to ten floats and all of a sudden, now they're off of all their opiates before with with Russia. Version of their underlying symptoms with theirs, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia and They do maintenance floats after that, so two to three week for like three or four and then you do booster floats like one month and some of the second Alex are kind of similar. When you go through a big experience, you have long period of integration and then maybe you do a booster shot. Now the whole psychedelic periods here in the states is, is under a there's a lot of energy moving, there's a lot of clinical trials. In really reputable centres like the Hopkins study would sell us Ivan massive that really put suicide and back on the map in the scientific community, because study was so well designed in the Alps,
were so amazing that you couldn't refuted ninety four percent of peace who were psychedelic. Lee naive had won the top five spiritual experience that it ever had and those, and in that experience lasted fourteen months out with no side effects, you're holy cow, that's pretty amazing, India may assist psychotherapy. Eighty three percent success. Free for curing chronic, severe PTSD. After only two to three sessions of India May supported psychotherapy. So it's not just taken a dry. And having your trip and all of a sudden you come at the other side resolved no. It's actually working with the trauma train therapist in a really supportive, safe environment, to work through that India may is so good at the DE armoury. That happens when people are traumatized and the data is just so an embargo with addictions and
suicide and even with addictions, there isn't there's just a recent pilot study. The came out. Eighty percent of people with chronic addiction to tobacco results after one time use of suicide and right So what so? Much like the next second best thing that, though allopathic medical commute we asked for that was in Nicaragua gum at like eighty, not like eight percent, success rate season with eight percent to eighty percent and oh by the way you just had a tree. Formative, mystical experience, yeah. That was the side effects those who talk or disappeared you'll, never forget that you'll tell people every time you to hear you talk to God, CEO exact, I just don't understand how its we we are here in Dane Age with the thousands of years of peoples in writing, books and all the it's. It's amazing to me that they ve been able to suppress some
most beautiful aspects of being a human being for so long, and it seems during our lifetime all this is emerging like some sort of a strange flower that refuse to be stuffed under the dirt. Is the pop the another, the buds just popping through the surface of the earth no matter how much pressure was put on it drop and you know rocks on it and stacking up shit and trying to hold it down with eyes and nonsense and pharmaceutical drugs and the lobbyists and all the pressure that they put to keep this stuff down. And then Johns Hopkins Study comes out and insight You can't really refute me, unlike some of the best minds in the world when it comes to these subjects and then all the work that maps is done and then system meeting and the internet itself. The internet solve mean just the over welcoming amount of positive experiences, anecdote
because they may be there. People describe online. It's it gives people this this community to draw from that. Doesn't exist in schools, it doesn't exist and in most people's neighborhoods doesn't exist, where in the world you normally do find information enough? Look if you, if you want to figure out how to fucking frame a house, there's a hundred guys, probably in your city, that can show you how to do and have you want to figure out how to contact Spirit Guide and remove yourself from an addiction that you have to pornography or to gambling on a good look. Good luck. It's a rude with job to some fuckin guy runs a church and maybe does good, working in one's temper sending your money once you are saying and talk about Jesus and signed up Korea, whenever the amethysts wand, in your ass back and haven't
no one? What's goin on the other way? There's lots of people will take advantage of that, of course, and this is this- is it certainly? I think they ve done did something in motion that now can't be stopped, but I think we're gonna have to be careful of. Is you know with everything theirs certain appoint we're medicine becomes poison and that that happens with every single psychedelic. You know where it crosses the threat where it's no longer beneficial and it's dangerous or the set, is wrong or the conflict is wrong and what can happen and in what we need to be careful of is that there were. There will be these bad incidents that come out just inevitable You know you hear about some of them from these been a pretty shady centres down south, go where people dive during. I was glad when that happens in You know on U S soil, which inevitably it will. You know, there's gonna, be this backlog, so they're gonna make one final push to try and you know to trial. Stop this out and we just after it
you know, really adhere to truth and and stay calm and try and put out his much good science is possible, because it's gonna be the last card that they can play. The numbers knows too high a problem. Those does the numbers of negative, the negative scenarios that their depicting this the numbers of positive or so overwhelming. There's no. Nothing is perfect, not another single thing that you do. You know there's people out there that they can eat fish and all you did you know they took the tryouts shellfish. The their throat closes up doesn't make sense, but it just works that way it doesn't mean we should pull the shrimp from all the markets. It's just there's going to be negatives cuz we just have so much. Biodiversity is so much difference of all the aspects that you were talking about. The could be problematic people with psychosis history of mental health issues and and drugs they've been taking for these mental health issues for long periods of time that have
all sorts of really weird things that brain chemistry the takes a long time to normalize from uses those numbers. I mean as long as we're rational and honest about it. The overwhelmingly positive aspects of these therapies are undeniable to their just to good than The consumer driven movement has pushed it into the limelight and you ve had people it kept the torch like rigged, Dublin, with mass and the next evolution of that now, with a few really different. Key organizations is to come up with a standard of a guideline for best practices and that's not to say that everybody has here. You know rock solid to these practices, but generally, what are the guidelines for practices? You should be screening clay, for these issues and if anybody has these issues than they shouldn't go into the experience, this should be the general setting of the right environment and This should be the ethical altruistic intention that people are coming to that.
Experience in facilitation that have that they're not doing it for profit and they're, not doing it at some charlatan that they have a background. They have a pedigree. So you just like the III check. What's their energy, what's their experience, the facilitation rule. What's your energy? What's your experience and do they have the ability to work as a spiritual e m t like if the shit, goes down. Did they know how to port pull the report if somebody's going through the midst near them, Let's have some really bad experience. Did they know how to talk him down Bring the medicine down even in a way so that the experience doesn't itself become traumatized would about food addiction. You know it's interesting cause. You were talking about the most difficult addiction to quit being gambling. Well, that's first behaviorally de behavioral, but as far as like Neuro Chemical addictions itself, sugars up there with heroin. In
Studies show that sugars even harder to kick than heroin in its That's also a little challenging it's kind of like an addiction to technology. Food addictions are tricky big. Now, you're gonna stop eating right does gonna bring up right so there's a more lenient, in a variety of addiction circles around moderation, even with alcohol, there's a movement in moderation where, like you know, the sponsor, where the person helping coach above when you go into sobriety, we'll go The bar and they'll have one drink and talk about what it's like to have one drink in the leave together, after only having like one or two drinks, without really reaching that point of significant detriment and be able to process that whole period so that You'Re- not you not trying to make this polarity statement like you went from this. You know crazy addiction to now, you can have any thing, and so, if your defined success as as being completely abstinent maybe you're, actually not appreciate the benefit of successive
steps along the way like if somebody has a heroine action in their not taken care of their family and they can hold a job and they go through some kind of recovery programme. Were now they're using something else, as may be a transition addiction, but there having a job now there better with their family and wife and kids, you there's view significant milestones in markers to where they have the they have improved their life. In my experience, it success because you're moving towards ongoing, improved benefit. I had Doktor Andrew Hill on the podcast, who has a similar sort of a treatment approach and one of things that he does is there. They will go to a bar with the patient and have the patient have a drink and talked and through it, and make sure that they are only having one drank and the dead. Now. This is the goal, should be normalcy, not dislike shaky damn than if it leaks birthing floods data time than ever,
changes in rags, you know you wanna, be you want to get to the point. We are so not addicted you're like everybody else. If someone cracks are really bottle of wine at dinner? You can say yeah sure you know, if you want do not like, ah I have that wine or be into the minibar bar, and that would be like that fuckin Denzil I should in movies, but isn't there a physical aspects to addiction and that have to be addressed with some people total, like some people really may be, should avoid alcohol almost entirely. Somebody, genetic predisposition towards hypersensitivity, the effects of alcohol. You see that with asian populations, population women then in the native american culture and population. They have never a weakness in a particular enzyme. The brakes, alcohol, out of all the androgynous and actually turns alcohol into acid Alba Haydn becomes, as they really toxic substance. Annie. You have long stream Dutch hence in ramifications in Europe. Chemical complexity,
You have a physiological predisposition towards now call being really bad for you you have the addiction near chemistry itself like we're talking about before and then you have everything underneath that which the psycho emotional saga spiritual implications like what is empty from that person's life. They did keeps them addicted to a substance that they're trying to fill, avoid or numb a pain. There's always these interplay of factors in it. Important to look at all of em and sue, whether its alcohol we're tongue before much sugar, sugars it oh what most addictive substances in its it's really difficult to get completely away from. You have to be really mindful about all this. There's that are added in fruit juice, fruit juice seems the. Yet, when you look at the sugar loaded massive and my experience going with I've again, is there I didn't appreciate that I had this long standing sugar addiction in and looking back
I've had that for a long time and even looking, further. I know now where it came from his eye. I just kind of like did this retrospective analysis, I was in and out of the hospital for the first two years, Gazette Recurrent Pneumonia. Those was six weeks early and in return ammonia. They paternal monasteries in which all on antibiotics in a completely script, screws up your gut flora and it predisposes. You do Candida long time down the road and candied if it feeds on sugar So after you knows, I was addicted I'll call for a while and kick that. Then I became addicted to pot for a while, and I click that and then it became addicted to work in kind of more monastic practices, meditation those sorts of things and lived in the jungle in these kind of, like extreme experiences with sugar, was always in the background and the one I went through it. I began I came out- and I have like zero charge on sugar. No zero. Could you recognize what it really because it shifted the Neuro Chemistry,
so without even knowing going in that there was this addiction there, because I would Wasn't registering consciously didn't sugar diction for somebody with with a week, metabolic load or maybe they're susceptible. They have adrenal fatigue their susceptible to hold on to wait. Maybe a shoe your dixons, a really bad thing, because now you can see that they ve got this metabolic syndrome and their living in a type two diabetes or what it might be for me was always kind of in the background, but it was always there. I gave a sweet to its insatiable by kick off. I go rampant right and so On the other side of, I became there's no charge on sugar. Now and I even know that was going to come out the other side. I descended up everybody feasting on sugar. This party, I was like a few days later and I had kind of like come. I was just I just can't looked at it and glanced away. I thought well, that's different,
I remember that there would be discharge before and and now there's nothing and so there isn't there there's a whole thing that happens with the dictum near acumen three. The might not necessarily and that's all physiological right can mean ultimately the at the end of the day, world energy were like ninety nine point: nine, nine, seven percent energy. This is just space, so we were actually these energetic beings in these all these implications around that, depending on your spiritual, philosophical beliefs, about what causes that to be the case Also, in this three d reality we have these monkey suits. You were wearing and sometimes cigars, just cigar Sophia candied over growth. It feeds on sugar, it's good to get rid of that. In order to release the sugar- and you have to do that- mindfully too, because candied buffers heavy metals we're talking about heavy metals before so when people go in these crimes No sugar diets, oftentimes the candied die off
and it releases this mass of toxic load on the system and that's why people feel shitty. It's not necessarily because indeed is going away. It's because of all the things that the candied released. She have to be mindful about how the hell you d toxin, step waste fashions and can get a load of complicated, but we can do it well. So that is a long way to say for me personally seeing this with other clients to see that same thing, but until I had the experience myself, I really wasn't putting it in first person perspective and in really appreciated the fact that, just by itself you, you can see this two of people coming off the streets on heroin just by itself. There is an neuro chemical, addictive rewrite a reboot in that system that helps people. That's why it's an addiction interrupted is a really good documentary call them. I begin rights of passage thing was then, maybe eight years ago or so
It's really well done, colleague, neurons to Nirvana, which was more recent. Also another really good one that talks about that addictive near chemical rewrite flotation does that to which is not as big, and you have to do it. On a floats, so win, then Neuro Chemical rewrite is, is happening in that interruption. Then you do with ongoing support of work and so like addiction, recovery, coaching like ok, what was underneath fat and through the experience you this mystical experience. Now you re framing so much of the childhood trauma the trauma and addiction arse extraordinarily interwoven, trauma ADHD. An addiction are extraordinarily interwoven, So we understand the neurological implications. The trauma implications, the Trans generational implications right. So if people have problems with their genetics asshole
now burgeoning field called neutral. Genomics did toxic genomics where you do these genetic profiles, and it shows you what you were ability to detox certain things arson when we're talking about heavy metals like we're too heavy metals, come from what it's like colleague, when people are exposed to the flu, the flues everywhere but some people express it because some people's immune system is weakened, they have a predisposition, so heavy metals are everywhere environmental toxicity everywhere. When you look at them, the feudal cord blood baby just born the average number of toxins in that fetal cord blood. Two hundred twenty average toxins right out the gate. Sixty of those are known carcinogens right out the gave you are Eddie Like born and were born into this toxic soup. So if we what our genetics are in Rome, I was talking about this in regards to Doktor on departure yeah because of the great podcast she did with TB. I- and she was talking about
predisposition towards Alzheimer's, these April II type for genetics. Well, if you put that genetic profile, on top of it traumatic brain injury. Now you just have increasing year all Samaras risk tenfold. Do you think People are hesitant to two to look sugar. The same way you're describing it because it doesn't have the like when you say that sugar is more addictive and some studies than Heroin People Gov, that's fucking bullshit, but it's because the effective sugar doesnt have a profound effect on the body that heroin does the actual effect, but I think people might confused with the addictive properties of it is. I know a lot of fuckin people at are addicted to sugar they don't want admit it, and they do. They want to pretend that it's just its nor moments where they take take a day off for sugar and they feel it. They did a great thing
hey you know, I mean I don't know if heroin junkies needed every day if they could take a couple of days off, but I've I've. Seen friends, I e Candia Drank soda and those motherfuckers they they. It calls them a call to that. My time is after every meal, after every meal they have to finish. It was something sweet. They have to have a dessert and I've I've kind. I felt myself go in and out of these modes where it's like. I want a piece of chocolate or something after almost every meal they have to be like whoa whoa. What is that they're here like why? Why am I so compelled to do that in the or stressed I am in the more I am doing things, kind of an auto pilot. The more I just do that without even thinking like the more if I've been in a recent menacingly if I've gone floating or if I've kept up with my meditation practice. Well, then, I can like stop and reflect and be like. Ok, here's this urge welling up inside me. Do I want
you say she ate it or do I want to know, deny it and you have more conscious control of it and then at that point you can really make a decision, but when just caught up in momentum and where such creatures of momentum that that's you have to Halt the momentum with what the native Americans would call the sacred silence, which is anything that brings you to a point of presence where you can really access free will and just gonna. Stop all this momentum that school, which is why the tank is so great that the ultimate nature meditation. I mean all of these things. I was reading this book, right now. Why, by Tom Brown, called awakening spirits, and he gives us really cool little fable that explains it so altered I'll. Tell them Oh here, so there's this guy lives in the woods with the wizard, and this wizard has a demon that can accomplish any task. So the guy wants to capture this wizard and get the demon cause. He wants your comp task, so he finds the wizard and meditation down by the stream throws
rope around cinches it tight and the wizard looks Adam says you ve come from my demon. Amity says of company and give it to me. I won't let you go says: that's fine I'll, give you the demon, but I have, Tell you, the demon will do anything you want, but you have to keep it busy. You don't keep it busy. It will go. Angry it'll grow hosta little seat to destroy. You said fine, fine, no matter what, whatever I'll, keep it busy funny stuff to do: Bridget said sure, if the demon will be waiting for you back to your house, so goes back to his house and there's a demon. It's a nice, humble servant says: what can I do for you master? It says I'll, go fetch me a cup of water and the demon goes out and comes right back with a couple water says it is done. Drinks the water. Says. What else would you have me do says I go make me a feast, go handsome game and make me a feast. So demon goes out and makes him a feast comes back it has done, and even before he could finish eating it. The day, in starts growing, more angry and bigger is what would you have me What would you have me do this,
building a new house. Ok, so the demon goes off, he gets a moment. Arrest demon comes back as it has done. The men looks up sure enough. There is the house built and he runs out of things he starts to. Panic runs out of things to do so he's in a freaking out. He runs back to where the wizard was whither. I can't I can't stop at that. I can't give the demon enough things to do and the wizard says you know with compassion, says: pull a hair from your head until the demon to straighten there is ok. I guess I'll try that so he runs back and at this point, that the demon is fully out of control, its destroying his house of destroying all the things that he loves about his house. So he pulls the hair from his head. Nieces straighten his hair, and so the demon gets the hairs on China
straighten it in the air goes back to curly tries to straighten it. The hair goes back to curly, try to straighten it. Hair goes back to curly and all the sudden the demon shrinks in size, and so in this fable the demon is our minds and our minds are constantly requiring Leah. What will you have me do? What would you have me? Do and many of these techniques that we use they like into the hair it's something that allows the mind gives it a moment of distraction gives it something to occupy. It puts it to sleep, so there we can use the mind, is a servant instead of our master, and so all of these things from meditation the floating to psychedelic. You know their hairs. Even nature itself is in its way a hare, because if you need nature to find that calm, that's you know. That's here you need the walk in the mountains, and some hairs are better than others. Obviously, The story of the airport,
Think whoever wrote that store need to go back for a second draft alike but their sand. I gotta catch it, put straight and hair out this work and think and build houses. It can straighten hair out. The goddamned demon has powers right, feel like it should told it. What I would like you to do- is shut the fuck up about concentrating on shut the fuck up and doing nothing. So I'd like you to do that, you ask your task is to do nothing if Tom Raffi listening? You need to rewrite you, that's what old shit written long time when people how curly hair believe we ought to dump shit. There ought no one the ark, no two of each animal, the fuck out of here the animals eat animals where they do not care about where they do when they asked about Eve the guy's made bad stories. I like that. That idea though, but it because it is kind of true that, like especially ambition in our ambition, can get out of control, it's like we were discussing earlier today about rich people
there is a certain amount of rich people that never feel like. You know what I've made plenty of money. I don't have to gouge in and FUCK over all the people that I do business wealth and try to rip off everyone who is you know whose working with me we could you can have some sort of a more more peaceful world mission trip with them. If you're less concerned about the money- and you brought a really interesting point- that's the only thing, they're keeping score in the only thing where they have like a number system or a look at what you could look up on the board. Like look we're making progress like it, we have a quantifiable progress report right bored and those things become it becomes a part of who you are as a human being how you interface with this reality and your self worth.
Your how you like the way you appreciate yourself and the way you feel by yourself. Your confidence is oftentimes based entirely and how those now moving and when those, when it's all just about business, you know about selling computers or over the fuck you're doing like in Steve jobs. I think completely lost the script We talk about a guy who got into this idea. Of creating computers and and and and figure out something that the fix the world through psychedelic. He got into a through LSD and these lsd experiences that he had he said were summoned most powerful experiences of his life. What did it led to We went to a guy's fuckin Nanos Workin twenty hours a day just making Peters all the time and trying to stop, competition and shut down, anyone that would oppose him and yelling at his employer screaming other maven for not working as hard as he worked like not recognising that they're, just individuals that are worth
from the market share that same sort of psychotic passion Yeah I mean I, I think, we're all raw hungry for more were insatiable creatures. We ought really require more air. We require more food, we require more water where, generally insatiable beings, and we require progress in a that's one of the things we require puzzles and problem is that there is a hunger inside ourselves that oftentimes. We don't know where this, where the mouth is defeated, and that's this. He note this true peace disk Alignment in reconciliation with our consciousness whatever higher self. That is called spirit caught whenever you want, I prefer to call it you're consciousness, and the problem is that it's really close to the other stomachs. But it's not it's a people try to feed it with accomplish with money and they feed it with relationships and status and all of these other things, but they're not actually nourishing what that
real hunger is, and that's the hunger to be what were capable of being on a true consciousness level and in a being napkin help make the lives of everyone else around us better. You know improve the quality of life for the earth and everybody around yeah, that's so hard to grasp. If you're, not in that mindset, it's so hard to to leave the momentum of your current mind set whether the current mindset that loves a gamble or the current mind, set love to stuff your fat face with cake whatever it is, those mindsets those patterns of behavior are incredibly difficult to escape from, and that's one reason why I wanted to ask you about food addictions cuz. It seems to me that it's got I don't. I don't really have a food addiction, but I would imagine that they're, probably one of the hardest to kick ass, everybody has to eat totally. You have to do so.
While you're eating you like the others, salary is good, but would be awesome fathom chocolate, ice came right now, what's whipped cream Charlie, you know those those those whole feeling Longing lustful sort of intense cravings that some people have towards food. I've seen friends that our food addictions that are that when they do yet that food like an outward maybe driving somewhere, we were hungry, we just landed in or on our way from the airport to get food when they get finally get that food. It's like a fuckin guys been holding his breath at the bottom of the ocean they can have. This ah it's like, like you just you just did something like you. You kept yourself
my precious for so long and when you, finally in the in the presence of it, you just gorging, we fucking forget to breathe you not breathing I've seen dies E. Were there not breathe? You not like taking abides me you're. Fine! Five minutes ago you were beating, your heart was beating. You are breathing you're walking your feet now. Suddenly, chicken Pox sub comes your way and you just stuffing into your fuckin more that's a weird addiction man too, weird addiction in that imbalance of massive necessity. In others just did its necessary to get it in me right now, even though it's not really yeah yeah food addiction this is one of the tricky ones and not everybody's gonna- do psychedelic right. So but the vast majority like not ever rising, to climb Everest and when you climb over this could have a map and a team a guide and all that stuff. Don't so there
there's an earthquake, re yeah, certain setting right sailing so would have what it means. You going to do well when you when you transition of something so ubiquitous. It's yours. Super helpful that motivation, because negatively easy journey. It supernova have a guidance plan in its super helpful, integrate that plan in space, in a stick to it, so sugar, there's a Jew J version is really well known. Author in the whole addiction realm critically in regards to sugar, she's got a pretty successful plan. Basically, it in entails stepping down, and transitioning from sugars that are really crappy to sugar sector better less of those sugars that are better to eventually on an extraordinarily or no sugar diet, sue gradually step that down, and outside of having a really good motivation. Sometimes people won't stay stay with it like all. This is just to heart, but if your motivation is like a while
just went to the doktor and I've got like you know. Ninety percent, stenosis on one of my heart arteries and I'm really hello stabbing on another heart attack Or and morbidly obese in some- and I just got that major self reflect about how my life's just horrible right now in this suicidal pressure and whenever it, whenever people's motivation is that crisis point can actually help people motivate them to a new trajectory. Since we often have you here with with anybody, go into an addiction particular with alcohol mixing they haven't hit rock bottom and once youve motivated in you, you ve come up with a plan. Whatever that plan is to be able to stick to. It is also important have ongoing support, especially if these are dangerous. Addictions, like my sister, committed suicide a year and a half ago after she relapsed on alcohol, and no one saw it coming and she shot and killed herself
and it was a really big shock and it really helped remind me of the importance of ongoing support and be consistently interfacing with conscious people in our family and supported tribe and our and sisters like really watching all for each other, checking in making sure there anything going on a deeper level. Having that honest inventory, is just playing on the surface in ignoring everything, that's in the background and in this life is precious So when we engage in a good way and were becoming our best self, then we have the opportunity really create massive and beneficial changing world and many people are or plan on, sir,
and we don't exactly even know how to get in touch with ourselves or what we want to do, or what our mission is here in life and so coming back to that whole addiction rewrite their steps, was very clear. Steps along the path in sugar is one of those that is because it so ubiquitous or like technology. I used to help promote a clinical. Turn it demands and sit and Sedona another place called the sanctuary in Sedona two different centres, but often times he will come for addiction recovery. And one of the trickiest ones we ever saw was this addiction to technology where there is pornography, we're just being on the internet for so long. Or whatever kind of addiction profile in the technology arena, because it's like sugar it so ubiquitous. It's not like you gonna just say no and I'm never. Gonna, do that again. So at that point it's it's even come by
That moderation planets even more helpful to have an ongoing support system in person and plays and recovery coach move. You through. Process, so sugars, one of those that, because it's a physiological function, the body does get used to it or caffeine. It does get used to it. So if people are jacked up on coffee, you transition a black t, need transition, a green tea and the transition to note caffeine really set somebody up for success versus angle. You're on coffee, then stop it cold Turkey and suffer fer. You know week to ten days, as you are gonna wanna. Do it that way, and it doesnt actually have to go that way. You can actually come up with a pretty successful plan. You have to be rock solid committed to it. We turn it about candied and got bacteria how much of a when, when you try to help them, get off that how much emphasis to put on probiotics massive massive, because there's gonna be a day off and that that die off net toxicity
there the candied is gonna release or Paris in like give you clearing parasite same thing. Super sites or another buffer? And we we have grown. We were talking about this before we ve, we ve own over generations, in traditional cultures, to bees, symbiotic with with parasites and hour I'm in my we live together. And you see these traditional cultures like that are very untouched by western food and by western marketing ban by western influence and when you Look at their micro biome. You look at their gut flora. They have the most rich and diverse, got flora and the ones that we usually have in like probiotics strains, are just a fraction of every body whose playing, and so you Are these massively complex and extraordinarily sophisticated gut probiotics populations that help us
metabolize and even produce a lot of them micro nutrients. It we need for our most vital living and when you get the long term ramifications of being able to reinforce in filtration, so there's a whole movement now around fecal transplants and being identify somebody's gotta, really healthy micro, biome or healthy, got flora there have healthy, neurological system. There just general vital. As a source for potential gut fecal transplant, and when you look at people who the opposite of that. Their long standing, irritable, bow syndrome were crones, does These are some kind, auto immune infection, There's a there's. There's a whole science around the using parasites is actually a beneficial step. Helmand, thick therapy. We actually receive hookworms Into the system and the hookworms kind of move, everything
else out and lower the inflammatory load and help to reach right, some of that auto immune cascade. So then once that auto immune cascade is rewritten, then you bring in the healthy probiotics, so there's the whole science to the good body and mind interface? It's where there is a really good book. I think lagging garrison called the second brain and its whole deem scientific look at the gut brain connection and how many of the Neuro transmitters and in what build the Neuro transmitters that actually star in the gut like most of the certain system comes from the gut, it doesn't come from. The brain is produced in the gut and its transported to the brain for activity, so people to talk about feeling like shed its because they are cut
There there full of shit out, so we need to start with the good he's, gonna maize and how much diet and what you take into your body has an effect on your mind itself. A really really truly is amazing, How much what you put in your body has an impact on how your brain functions and the fact that we never it taught that our bodies are essentially a biological ecosphere. Your bodies are essentially not one thing you're, but your. These are like a host of untold billions of little tiny microscopic lifeforms that exist and if in an unhealthy state utopian and unhealthy state, but if there and a healthy state you'll feel better the the studies that have gone on. Probiotics got content and the effect that it has on depression, massive
saying rat massively anxiety to anxiety right, you you'd like a healthy rat population aged anxious rat population. You take out their poop and you transplant it. You just turn them Having rats and anxious Ratzinger, anxious, rats, unhealthy rat low and offering us you for when their buttons to deny what right. I did actually external factors and like I was fine, they started mental round up. My ass man is not to do to put you put now, I wonder, and when the next fuckin you're gonna drop out, we have begun sophisticated yet and that being able to like measure leg, how rats feel we have about that people are press a button and freeze them in time, so they don't know or doing to them whether you know it's. It's an interesting thing. There's a study that was done on rats with cocaine, a very famous study, the difference in cocaine and
when in rats in that, if you give these rats, cocaine, they'll do cocaine till they die due to problems. That studies been brought up. Africa who was on the progress programme was that you're talking about rats in Fucking cage browsing data there. The cage itself is re part of the study and the follow up studies that showed that, when their put in a rat park, they're still given unlimited supply of cocaine so in isolation. Rats with unlimited supply of cocaine. In seventy five percent will be heavy users and a lotta lethality wind, same. Unlimited supply of cocaine is put in the setting of which called a rat park renown
like hanging about irregular round hookers, the rat ghetto softball gave it all around the red. Joggers got mouse racing misled and when you ve got all this rate stuff in stimulation around you, you just went from over. Seventy five have users to less than twenty five percent have eases and no leaf allergy right. So you, you, because of this social stimulation, so addiction is about connecting life. Is about connection right so that that ability to connect like a stimulating environment, the social knew you significantly drops the drug use. Even if you have the same amount and sinking, Portugal, when they legalised all drugs what I d criminalized
criminalize had seldom but yeah sorry right from when decriminalization happen, and they is shifted. All their money from the war on drugs into social infrastructure and started to boost social mail, you and start, to these stigmatize, the the addiction Norman turn that label like something's wrong with you like. Actually, let's talk what's going on in your social arena and how we can help that was complete re right, and drug use went down, lethal went down so we're. Recognizing, just more and more in these lighten we as these you know, monkeys, walk around these suits? We are built for connection and win. That's why you, nor are the first. Part of our whole discussion today, around people doing you know, thumb DES jockey in getting really absorbed into that whole game, location arena and the whole video gaming industry, I get concerned about
social developmental ramifications like what, what's that in end result and does the is. Is that beneficial for me no for the evolution of our species, so so two speakers agenda, end up being like Idiocracy, where generations down the road down the road we just get dumber and dumber, and then you know the president is a get really just let it be. It depends on time older. It depends on you know just how much addiction you have to whether crosses that threshold, because I played a lot of video games, that kind of stuff back. When I was a kid, but you know it was always the balance was I place and video games and then run around outside play. Basketball. Kick a ballroom, honoured, do whatever and by plane I mean it, find a good amount. There is days I play six eight hours a day.
Again, warrior final fantasy era these here, but as you put it in the game green scheme of things, you republican doing much more at let it right or local, but still it was just about. You know about balance, and I think again that same message. If we demonize video games are kids going, I thought you because they know that that's inherently now The problem the problem is, is identifying when something good like sex become something not good like addiction is sex That thing is even real. I mean I imagine it is totally yeah rocket attacks, addictions, extraordinarily authorization to wash your hands the riddle of addiction to everything. May there there's people that have addictions too: they they really get physically upset if they step on cracks in us. Walk right, there's more like an OECD, obsessive, compulsive disorder, kind of complex, but don't you think that there is some sort of an addiction property to that later, you're at what else you owe me, is another floor. Oh cities, another really difficult, one to to re, write and, interestingly enough, when you look at the studies
The anti agents in the psychedelic say come again to help re right the Neuro Chemistry, that's a bit more serotonin driven and not so much dopamine driven, there's some cross overlap, but more of an anxiety spectrum disorder verses in primary diction disorder, because those ritual lies behaviors happened to be done in order to arrest. Some underline compulsion and a need for perfection and need to have a corrective experience kind of underlining need, and so there's the energy around a deliberate different? But at the same time the intervention for success in recovery from that might be pretty similar because everybody's a little bit different. When you look at the data people that have significant anxiety. This actually came up with floating to two years ago, just in fine saint talked about flowed to at the flute conference. He was talking about the benefits of flotation, for
society and people with generalizing Zeitung sorter after ten floats, had significant reduction in their symptoms, like by the order of like thirty percent and people with obsessive, compulsive disorder, significant improvement in symptoms when We too are psychedelic experience like I was gone, so you got these again you really novel treatments in therapeutics send more honestly, more people are gonna floatin morphine than they're gonna do second Alex, but again it just becomes. Really wide array of our of our tool belt and knowing to meet people. Were the rat recommend the rights, the right approach for them at that time, oftentimes floating the gateway to do other things like clean up the diet clean up your social environment, war on track with your purpose in your passion is like when you driving your purpose in your passion. Then there's less bandwidth. It even has room to play with
other behaviors and other addictions. It might not be getting you to that point. Yeah. I've gotta think that momentum plays a huge factor in the lot of people's lives and their decisions, both good and bad. When people are on the the bender momentum, they're they're getting drunk every night and they're fucking up every night, it becomes their life, whereas the momentum of positivity Dat become through life when you are talking about expressions and sayings like one day at a time that the issues that I have with that I'm talking completely out of ignorance because I'm not an outlaw could never have been. But if I was, I would like to thank them. I can just get rid of it doesn't have to be one day at a time like this Why is it one day at a time when we tomorrow am be. Am I going fuck up like a by putting that out there that one day at a US just take this one day at a time, I'm sober one
The time has I'm for sober. But this is me: I learn from them. And I'm sober now, but the people that are in today Twelve step should the Mai only concern as they talk a lot like cross fitters. They talk like these ends and cross fitters, and people that I like really into being addicted to what their into their addicted sobriety, They start talking about it all the time they start like trying to encourage other people, even people there Don't have a problem with alcohol like other friends that guy mean, and then they see how a dragon listen. So this is a beer. I like beer from an have a beer. Men have done so. Ok, bye, I want to get up in the morning. I'm gonna run. You want to run with be pussy, you just sit in bed and say what at a time when we will have my coffee, my cigarettes, GSM, superfluity, that's anything they do, they get addicted, something else
becomes. An addiction to a new thing. Coffee and cigarettes is a big one without hawks, I mean I know so many fucking Alcoholic said you see them every day. They have a goddamn venting Starbucks in their hand, they they can't get off. That TED. It's just they just substitute it whatever it is that they were trying to fill with the booze they ve substituted it now with caffeine or with nicotine, or with whatever it becomes. And identifying part of their story. That's part of their identity and- and I one of the lower one of the lawyers and the problems with this is when you have this kind of ascetic principle. That's part of your identity. You think you're doing great things, but you really just focused entirely on yourself cycle I'm doing something great, I'm eating vision or what is that doing for the world? That's it something you're doing for yourself, fine good, but they act like it's this great burden
that. They bore for the rest of humanity, will not let it is having a kind of an argument for that, because the less carbon footprint less of it. Impact on the environment with no factory farming are no vested interest in so there's a modicum of there's a modicum of actual benefit, but in kind of aesthetic practice, whether it's not drinking or whether it's not eating meat or whether it's not not doing something not. Not engaging. In Saxony, talk to somebody who's celebrate and you find these in some yoga communities. I guess you know I've. I've not engaged in section in a month and they act like they're doing some great service for humanity. When really it's a selfish thing that doing fine. If you want to do that, any of these things are good. I'm not saying don't doom, but the lower is
because it's a struggle. You feel like you're, doing something great when really you just focused entirely on yourself. Well, there's also competition going on and there's comparing yourself to others, which is its a natural human instinct, its natural human instinct, to gauge your progress based on how you, how you, how you stack up with people, TAT S ranch with and very very few people like to do that in the negative sense. Like you don't like to look at that in a negative sense. You don't you like to look at in the positive sense. I give you eve. You ve turned vague in one of the things that people like to do so: they get really shitty, especially online, like online line. The ability to Lena Kate, with people with no social repercussions, no queues, interaction, no look at each other I'd. I theirs! this shitty nasty things that people say to each other through that and that this this vague in saying that so many people love to do where they are really fuckin. A
gray and nasty, and aggressive towards people who aren't vague in and towards people. Who enjoy me or towards people who hunt and they somehow another feel like their justice I'd in releasing this anger on you and because your cruelty to animals, like I saw some thing today or zone, was talking about. There's bears and Yellowstone Park there were chasing. Tourists should have video spray, crazy, video. These people were all on this, this this sub bridge and these black bears start chasing these people. It's really kind of fact, because quite a few people in this bridge They got on a bridge that, unfortunately, a mother and her cubs got on and the modest kind of Freaking Jason people off, and are so someone? You know someone was like man fuck. Those bears like somebody wrote that on twitter and then some other. I was like no fuck people
you know what people do to this world. If you compare what bear to this world, the blue Little League is angry, scribe about vision. Ism, unlike went from, bears being around people too better than you, because I'm a vague in and people sock but bears are awesome that bear will eat your dick off and not give a shit. You be screen if it's it's a living in nature as trying to keep its babies alive, which, by the way, if it runs into a male bear, the male bears can eat the baby. So please shut the fuck up with people are worse than bears. It's ridiculous. If bears had cars there, never get their oil changed, it would fuckin judge right right over babies, they wouldn't give a fuck. You get the idea. The idea that somehow or another you know you, you transcend? Did you know you or your need to consume animal protein, and so this has transformed trance.
Bird in your being somehow to this anger towards people that do consume animal protein? It's it's really shortsighted it does more harm than it does good, because there's some really good ideas that are attached to living a vegetarian life, really good ideas and when you're just talking about in regard to both of those groups, like you had the guy who was recovering from alcohol, now he was judging you for drinking beer and you got visions. Judging you free d me it's the same under under both of you. Is, is that seem projected bias? It set same judgment that what I'm doing right and what you're doing is wrong, and We do that we polarized the discussion enemy, some people good and some people bad as opposed Western medicine is done than to practice, medicine or not dramatic medicine of me or the Palestinians have been
to the Israelis are mean the the inherent conflicts that are, downstream that cause all the major discourse in the world is all about people judging one another and and belief giving in their bones at their position is right versus coming to the table and saying, let's connected, as I could conversation. Let me own is mine? So if I may recover alcohol and I'm judging you for your uncle and maybe it let me own the fact that I am actually envious of you, because I really love to have a beer for me because of my chemistry or my background or whatever, because of who I am and what I'm going through right now I mean having a beer is a bad thing. It would lead to a bad outcome. So many judge. You for yours, It doesn't really matter. You can put the mask on anyway. You want, but underlying that its people's own inherent ability to be real and o k with them. So
arms and judging each other as me. Bad or wrong. That's the that's! The polarizing conflict just a very good point: it's a very good point think of it speaks to what we're talking about earlier about competition and that this is the only arena where they're keeping score and that some people they're keeping score with their moral there, that the like the moral school like. I am a more moral, more ethical person of you because I choose to live my life in this way, even though I do all sorts of damage two people psyche by being shitty to them. Has it out the fact that they are not living the same moral left, and I do this is the sue that I've had with the court. Unquote social justice warriors of the world, the people but shame and attack people for having what they believe to be disparaging belief systems. Or the people that may be sexist or homophobic. Or what have you instead of instead of treating these ideas with Russia
a discourse and love they their aggressive and angry and they try to get people fired and they trust shame people for their ideas that doesn't work, you can't human beings on work like that, and you can't communicate like that, and what doing is essentially the same thing that we're talking about your now, keep score by shaming or by writing horrible things about these people. By attacking them. Will organizing groups of of like minded fuck heads to go out and attack these people and instead you just creating a competitive sort of antagonistic combative environment here now doing any good, you might you better yourself like we are, we went out there and got them, but that you like, and let's bring their full circle your term of bullying before, and we can see that stuff playground. You can actually see the
wiring in kid they're keeping score of toughness at that point in that becomes part of the thing that they're keeping score. But then you look, The real masters like many of these fighters that we know you transfer at a certain point. The mass whose transcend the idea of keeping score, and they just are. You know, like the bad as fighters are just tough we have to show that around a bow, to somebody or bullying Lagarde came the last case, it could act. Lamp exactly he'd ever seen. Only in and make up mean face is now to be shut up, everybody no mean face, he's, not keeping score and toughness any more. The game has transcended the game and say, with anybody in these in the morality sphere, if their attack. In people and what its just showing their you, no kind of mature nature in that game. In this kind of lack of Austria, that, because the true spiritual masses of people who really are the most morally impeccable people, they're not doing that shit, they tat they ve transcended, keeping score people. Health relationship in business. You know you see that, like a lawnmower,
SK, giving away all as patents and things I don't know, Personally, I can't bout cities perfect, but you start to see principles of hey, let's just share, there's enough to go around and they ve transcended this score, keeping mentality and that's true mastery. When you get to that level, rather than this really Pearl kind of game of such of ITALY and alighted at that point. Youtube you now like that the internal score keeper- I don't I'm not, king at you to get my own validation, swaddle needing aggressively try and sell. My approach, I don't need to prove to you that I am right and then get your feedback, so I feel better about myself. Actually we internalize over time, so we will have a kind of out the gate, because I ve been parenting. Your good genetic, sir, a whole host of other things, so we will develop overtime, thrown personal mass you'd, be able to walk in the world
that self confidence- the? U you re, you're already like you used the word, a lot which I appreciate, which is impeccability, were already walking an impeccable life. Wordy aligned with everything that we feel is is important for us to do in the world. We ve internalized that self referencing ability to be content, whether its content the tanker content across the discussion platform. I think you have to have varying disciplines in your life as well. I don't think concentrating on one thing for any longer: I'm other I've done it many times in my life. I don't think it's ultimately healthy. I think it's it's good short term to achieve great success in a small amount of time or relish a small amount of time, but I think that, ultimately, that is one of things I can trip you up. If your whole world say you know back to what we're saying. Look at the computer company, if you want to computer companies, your whole world is that computer company, I think,
ultimately very unhealthy. But if you have a computer company, and then you start getting into Judea to you, my we might relaxed Tibet Revere government, realise, like ok, there's a lot of different thing, second kind of like put this energy towards, and some of them actually enhance my human potential. They actually develop me as a human being and not getting so caught up in those numbers like there's a lot of people that will look at things is a really common thing to say like you, ll, see a guy bill gates matter via his money, I'll fuckin work at all costs, well, you'll never have as much like the type guy that becomes a bill gates is a fucking obsessed, dude, you you you, you have to have insane mindset towards progress and towards continuing to move the number come contain, to move that needle and
The only way you get to develop a company like Microsoft, you have to hire like minded folks and you have to all compete together as a team to try to achieve world dominance and something is lucrative is the computer market. So we way you you you don't get there by being like some casual. Do you, like you, know, likes to take a lot of time, often work on myself and do not know now you get up bill gates. Body look got goofy is fuck, do doesn't do dead, lifts looking bill. Gates has no submission defence taken aback immediately. Tabs did work. Why put all of his energy Creating this Microsoft, Monolithic Empire. That's is unstoppable. At this point and it's probably Remy sort of semi retired now, but I think I love than us do with age. You no end once you get ninety fucking billion dollars in the bank. There also comes this point. When I came and spend this, I got literally can't spend this, so I think that,
having varying disciplines. I do a lot of different things and I didn't always, but in doing a lot of different things, doing martial arts and playing pool in and doing meditation, giving the tag doing Stanhope UP comedy and doing pod CAS and by commentary and all these various things, none of who things have a lot of weight to me. There are very signals an important, but if one of them went away, I'd be fine, like of the? U S, he called me up to dance it, hey you can't do you have any more obliged. While I had a great time, thanks guys appreciate it, take care, and tat would be that there will be fine with me like. I have enough other things. I do diversified rightward fully live. If it was my whole life, it would be devastating Never your whole life, your life Your life and sometimes people forget that your life is your life, it's this girl man. She leaves me, I can't do it do you can do it trust me the
we'll get dumped and moved on what you're the one person who can't do it you get. Put out of bitch just go: fuck go to match dot com. I guarantee you gonna, get laid in a month, you're gonna, be so happy or free. You know you're on tinder like these are bad examples, but that's why you're swipe bright but but in vain of yourself in more than one thing: diversify your life if your life is completely revolving around one thing, but then there's other place where that is about advice like fighting, I think, like. I think you should have some few things you do outside of fighting. But if you get in agent, something like martial arts, like the amount of time that you have to do to compete in the meantime, the up to two? It is almost impossible to have any other sort of life. I think one of the key things is there's the development of skills which is important diversify, but you really developing your identity and as if you're so
identity is a fighter. What happens when you break your armors issues? I should then all the sudden you're in this huge depression, but, let's say you're a fighter in your also party identity. Is you know your family man and you're a good. You know you ever your good father and that big party of identity and you're a good fighter and you're. You know I too right are you like to paint and then I'll send you have multiple things of one thing leaves than you. Many other parts that really make your life give it purpose given meaning- and I think the problem can be inherent in any of these things You see parents whose sole life is the parenthood process. Their identity is their kid success. Their identity is father of and so mother of so and so, and so that becomes an issue as well diversifying your identity to the point where yet
although these are just things, but it's really you yourself that year, you know this being on this planet. You know that doesn't need attachment to actually anything at all there. Just all parts of your life things that you enjoy. You know that's the state of envy, their ability when they can take away any one thing, even your own physical ike, physical ability, something's very good to cultivate, I'm all about it. But if you have your soul, identity, wrapped up in that, and you get in some kind of accident. You're gonna have a fucking hell of a time. Because if all you look at yourself is your physical ability and you haven't debated anything else here, spiritual so, or your emotional next to other people. Are these other things it you putting all your eggs in one basket. It's a dangerous place to be because the universe, loves to go around and play gotcha on any type of thing that we have too much attachment to it's crazy how such a catch. Twenty two it's like in order to achieve great success, you have to
It has to literally become your world. You have to be obsessed with it. You have to like Everything that I've ever done. A I got really good at. I became completely obsessed with a world of live eating it breathing. It had no identity other than that, but that doesn't bounds you out as a human being. It's almost like Europe. He go to these sprint. And then you know when you get out a spring whom into stop. If recital I can't keep doing us anymore, and then you know you don't have to through that in order to realise that there does need to be some sort of diversification in your interests me home, besides she wrote about that in the book of five rings, one of the things that he he talked about that was really important. Was that A great fight or a great samurai, had also be a great philosopher, had also be a great artist had also like. There is a balance that had to be achieved where there was, never any ridiculous anger! There is no outbursts, tourists, no stupidity,
there's no foolhardiness in this was all balanced. Those is symbiotic relationship that you had to all of your emotions and all of your fears and all of your ideas and all of your expression in your art was also you're killing and all those things moved together and that without that balance, you you would miss something would go wrong. You would fail to see it in front of you. You would fail to Perry, you'd failed to counter and you will die in the battlefield, fewer identities to wrapped up in one things, you crave the success in a way in which you need it, because you Need that to support you in that in the second that you need something or crave something it belies an underlying fear that you're not gonna, get that and the minute you have fear that you I can get it you're, not gonna, be performing at your best ability. You know so in I heard a great poker player told me that you know his men to her at once.
World series of Poker said, you win the world series of poker when it is in a big deal. If you win the world series of poker, like you, ve just got to the point where you ve mastered that art to such a degree that you dont crave that to to form your identity are not afraid of not getting that assists like yeah. This is what I do, I'm one of the best in the world, and this is what's going to happen when we see how you can be stoked. But it's not this deep need, because any time you need something whether it's a girlfriend, whether it's something in your career You really need it to the point where, if you dont get it, you think you're gonna, freak out you're gonna, be too afraid action it is also very important transition for when you actually do achieve that thing. Now. What right like? Look at a guy like MIKE Tyson. In his prime mean he was the epitome dedication you now I remember that watch this video of MIKE Tyson describing is early morning runs that he could wake up later and run, but he got
little bit of an edge knowing that, as he was running his opponent sleeping and that Hugh work. I mean he was an impeccable condition when it was being trained by custom model. He was, he was living, the complete total existence of a man hell bent on becoming the world champion and then once it became the world champion, then he's by and tigers and smile ambitious and punch in people in bodega museums, fucking, mind right, because achieve this unstuck bubble this this this this status, this this peak of existence that he had longed for forever, but then, where the goals now what everyone every fight is a thirty second assault. Idomene those those 80s fights with Tyson, or he would just show up and look at people. They would melt the Bruce Seldon fights where you know he got dropped from a left of the demon connect like it. Just the go
seems like she and when you I think there is a lack of challenge, and is a lack of a gold, is no more mountain so now chaos and cocaine and women, and in and then eventually the wheels fall off the lack of balance mean that that is the warrior poet concept that we lost somewhere along the way we started celebrating its people and the extremes. You know in any EU celebrate that with extreme amount of money to you known, which is the alluring. Like a laser someone who can be really good at one thing: can it leave a lot of financial success, but they're not generally going to Cheve happiness, but that's not what's celebrated or measured, you know, but that used to be the norm. You know I think I've talked about it on on here before, like that in ancient Greece and Rome in ancient Japan and this idea of the Bushido in and this this way of cultivating many different skills and talents calligraphy along with swordsmanship philosophy,
along with holding the shield line, you know all of these different things. That's been kind of war the little bit along the way- and I think that's a huge part of bringing back embrace of what it is to be a man and for four weeks You know what it is to be a woman holding their own in a special magic in whatever field it is not just attractiveness, not just how good you look, not just how sex you are, but what other things that you can cultivate in a what? national intelligence, what other skills? Maybe it is on the more mask inside whatever, but rounding out the spectrum of everybody. I think, will really yield much much more positive results because, again, going back to this these tragedies, You see what bullying and all the suicide, so much is attached to. Their identity is attached to attractiveness and social status on these on these networks, where, if they were a great poet or a great painter, great basketball, great soccer player. You know there would be one element of truth that they could
always rely on, even when the world seemed to take away that in that state, good at multiple things, say they are good at caring for an animal and good. It's an good at soccer and good it in writing, and they attractive. I will you take away that one finger of attractiveness, cool. They still got these multiple areas, so I think that's a key thing. You know if you look at developmentally ideas to instil in young people is having multiple things that they can draw steam from. When everything looks like it's collapsing and say I can sorted you know. I think counter intuitively also the idea that bullying is just a natural part of of people growing up. I think it's, a natural part of people up to never learn how to fight. You know where you see very little bullying or very little tolerance of Boeing. Martial arts goals. It is very, is low, dad as one of the worst character traits a true. I shall address a true master can have you know like one of the EU you think you could do it say if you will to do to get to if you want to roll
with a guy like Marcello, Garcia, you're, not gonna, get hurt you just he's not gonna hurt you he'll tap, you you'll be forced into positions. We have to tap out, but that's not hurting you. That's he's. Gonna beat you at the game of jitsu. But as far as like harm you here, harm you, and as far as the way he treats, you he's the kind, Swedish guy, ever in one of the reasons why cause he's a true master at killing people with his bare hands, without actually harming people. It seems contradictory. I think the best way to that Boeing and school would be to me. Martial arts available to everyone and too explain to them, for this isn't about becoming a tough guy. It's about overcoming your own self, overcoming you, insecurities your own ego, which is a battle that is constant, it's like That is their expression about there's an expression about inspiration. Is that Inspiration is like bathing, it works, but it works for short periods. It.
That's why we recommended daily in, like you, can't bathe once a year ago to fuck did brave women dirty maybe it's the same thing with developing your mind, controlling your ego, controlling your fear, Ray rear, reassuring your anxieties and assessing the objective view or assessing an objective view of of your life and your perspective on the world, and I think it's very difficult do without some discipline without some sort of task oriented discipline and, in my opinion, one of the best one, is martial arts and it's one of the best for dealing with interpersonal conflict, because we want to pretend that no one's gonna fight the one I like, what we don't want, bullying, we don't want fighting. We don't want that in a school while you have it we have a union. Why haven't wonders? Why haven't you not addressing the underlying problem,
forms of what it means to be a person, especially what it means to be a developing man, growing and having all these thousands of years of instincts and dna ingrained in your your boy a logical system and then use to just ignore them and wonder why men gravitate towards toxic masculinity like video games and an fuckin watching the adventures. That's on toxic, it's a part of being a human like upon of being a human. The reason why we got here in two thousand fifteen- it's not because everybody did yoga and a tofu. It's because you were fuckin warriors and they fought off other warriors because we used to be rampaging tribe, of monkey people. Ok evolve pass that over millions of years to get to where we are now. But it's foolish to pretend that we're done it's fucking foolish, its food one so Harry. What is that That's monkey dna man of still, for
animal. There's animal in us we're not aliens with these large grey heads and unlike frail bodies, and we move things around what telepathy, maybe that's in our future, we're not there. And to pretend that were there now is ignored our biological system and in it, that's ensuring you can have the same issues over and over and over again. I think that some of the night people ever met had been Marshall Artist, and I really that if we taught that in in school from the I'm when children were little. So it's not some scary, free key thing that you have to enter into as an adult, but it's a part of a normal, every day, management of life programme, I think, be a lot better off a lot better if you would alleviate, allow that anxiety of physical altercation to it, wouldn't be some threat that everybody is holding over everybody's head too no would be much easier existence. I think I think you make a perfect point. Their cause. It's not ending at any time,
deny these natural instinct that you have you're gonna have a problem and then the other aspect is ok, let's placate them. I will that key of works a little bit, but really what should do as celebrate them and allow them to channel in positive ways in us, a break that urge to use your body in these strong, physical enough forms and martial arts as a great way to channel that Jujitsu, particularly because what you did to you can go a hundred percent against somebody and not typically not hurt them allowances, real contests wrestling was away that a lot of people did that for thousands of years as well, developing different resting styles. You see it in Africa. The Greco in style, Summa, whatever it's a way that people can exert force upon each other safely and celebrate the art form of that same with while- and I think there is a huge problem of that people just deny the fact that were set you're being that we better not teach successor, the kids might have sex. What the fuck you,
knocking abandoned in the core countries and cultures where they teach sex said younger, they have low routine pregnancy raids right in actually went more or pro social sexual engagements, because people are talking about it say the same thing about the psychedelic experience like the island, which is in a crowd favours by Aldous Huxley heat about the rights of passage ceremonies that includes most show medicine, which is probably Simon, that is done, in the group setting for kids as rights of passive going into their adulthood that support an stewardess by those that have already gone So, like your dodo, master working with in the early stages of martial arts, training or something its medicine positive and experienced working with kids, going to psychedelic altered states of consciousness, to be able to act, spanned their world view. So all these things were we repressed information?
sexuality, Anti eugenics, physical, engagement and each time we were repressed. Those things are going to come out anyway and they usually come out in these distorted destructive ways. Yes, set the bar with really good practices in all these areas: sexuality, physicality and spirituality, like really, if you nurturing somebody young? You gotta hit those areas in a really conscious way and not be scared of that is what we are like you said. We got fuckin hair on our bodies. Let's enjoy that. It's not gonna! Last forever, it's a cool time. Let's really enjoy this period. Whatever next comes next, but celebrate that in a positive way you know teach kids not This is what to do always wear a condom baba that but to be like I. This is what to do if you think you're about to come- and you really should would rather hold off a little longer like do not not just think about baseball, but there's like tantric practices that can help you
like different breathing techniques, again put that like action information, so kids like ok, calm down a little behind in this situation, may be. This can be instead of this short violinist, that leaves everybody feeling like was that you know teach him out make it a positive experience. They don't get all this baggage attached to these sexual encounters cause, I have encountered that alot people have had really caustic and damaging sexual encounters with people where it's like so much tension built up so much ignore. Around it, amen Something happens in its just short and violent. It's terrible like I was an awful, traumatic experience. Where you could we be like look we're all gonna have sex, it's cool, here's, some techniques. This is what's pleasure, this what's respectful. This is what safe these some techniques and help out celebrate that, just the same as you teach martial arts just the same as you would steward people through true spiritual spirituality, where they get in touch with that other thing, either inside themselves or in the other. You know Astral
in the light world, whatever you want to say steward them in positive ways through those main categories and it's a different fuckin world at them. There is also a lot of confusing and conflicting signals that are out there people expressing themselves in ways that aren't necessarily honest, but instead trying to their own anxieties or distort there's distort? their people's perception of reality too, to match up with with the way they are. And if I themselves- and we see this all the time with homophobic people who will talk very horribly about gay sex and then you find other actually gay. I mean this is it's so calm and like this mixed signals, wire, this confusion. Going on people that don't feel sexual attractive, don't feel awkward or or fee awkward rather and don't feel like there were there. What they want to defuse or deny or or are
demean the idea of us of the importance of sexual contact. I read this peace here they were sown was saying that there is no such thing as the urge for sex- I there there's no set. There's no sex drive factually this they're saying there is no sex drive, there's a drive to eat there. Drive to salute you have drunk, but if you don't have sex, you are fine work, and am I getting your fucking mind like what're you talking about? How do you think they got to be seven billion people in the world? We are has decided to fuck slows. Try this now. This EC goddamn crazy, DR there's numerous examples through every species of people risking their of animals risking their life to have sex. Why do these? Why do these animals and why do they fight to the death for like the seller the cow in the harem like, like you, don't do that because you just trying to survive. It's because there's an instinct to reproduce it's probably as strong as the
string to survive and in some cases relating it how about Elk they grow trees out of their fucking head. They get smash these trees into other elk. Stab each other, these trees have pointy ends. They don't grow blunt. They have in points on the end and have you ever seen Elk fight. They have holes all over their chest in their cape all over there back area where they jam their fuckin. These swords they grow every year, other head when it's time to fuck when it's time their urge is so strong that thereby grow swords other fuckin head and then, when you're done fucking they drop off. They fall off It's insane to think that there is not a sex drive, it's insane, but this was a whole article by some chick a dummy that has shitty hormone balance, never jogging, I'm sure and just debt feels completely unattractive sexually, so there
denial about the urgent need and whether or not it's a core component of life, because it so waited because you use x to sell jaguars and lipstick and fuckin buildings and in Kosovo a woman with her legs and long man with arab and African Calvin, Klein Commercial and all the sex x x, x x, you know there's people that just feel like I'm out of that game. That game does not apply to me. I'm here eaten doughnuts. Might my my my gut looks like a fuckin b bag chair and I'm not that guy or I'm not that girl, so they deny the existence of it and you, if you show a picture of yourself look and hot you're fat shaming, which is one of my all time, favorite of all the retard Social Justice Warrior sayings fat shaming. Like can't shame you if you're not fat about that, while the repression, creed,
these other things, like the reason why Americans you sex to sell everything is because sex has been so repress that we and ass. We crave it in some crazy, weird way if it was just a healthy nation ship with it, it would be like. Why is there really hot girl selling a cheeseburger right? It be funny and rival would laugh at it instead of being like Paris Milton with saw stripping down her face, was amazing. Those are way less effective for people to get laid Alla time, yeah fresher when people are married and their wives, gonna, dumpy and they're gonna dont be, and they just no one ever such as them and no one's attracted them, and then they see some chick with dark red light stick on and our breasts plumped up and cheese and some fuckin outfit and she said, burger king or sunlight dialect. Oh boy ever view liked what it is draws you to it, because it's available because it's it's outside of the realm of power,
Stability in your meagre existence, so they can, it's, it becomes. Currency becomes a huge selling point. You look at the amount of things that we sell with beautiful women. Media staggering of you just did a montage of all the different things that we try to sell with beautiful scantily, clad women. It's amazing I mean it's amazing. It's it's a really crazy yeah, I mean in a healthy relationship. I suppose it would be like in a you. It's not did not celebrate beauty women beautiful women are inherently going to be something that people are you enjoy seeing just like a great beautiful bouquet of flowers, and you have a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your table. You know, look at that new to our man. That's beautiful! That's a beautiful part of the world as a beautiful part of nature that exists in union, appreciate but not using that to manipulate and in some weird way and cause a reaction and then use
momentum and steer it in turn it you know, that's where it gets weird, but I think all the all too often people forget that other part, which is yes, is a beautiful part of the world. It's it's beautiful. To look at it be beautiful this malady beautiful in a variety of different ways. We can fully celebrate that, but just not manipulate that urge into something that's not helpful, but it's well those weird things where, when things are suppressed. They gain so much energy and so much power that there are almost on a wait a minute. This is like this this moment. The main energy behind them that, like the catholic priest that is forced into celibacy and now nobody trusts that fuck cause he's. Justice. This just barely hanging on clinging just clinging like a the cheese cloth holding back the ocean. You know just you know:
Oh you know, you know, you know it's not naturally knows not normal and that's why the the image or the depiction of the catholic priest has been some sex craze, pervert pedophile. Why it exists. It's completely totally unnatural to repress yourself sexually. It has nothing to do with homosexual people sailor, catholic priests are all really gay. That's where they go into priesthood, get gay and molesting kids are completely unrelated. That is now what's goin on what it what's going on. Is these poor fucking people have Oh sexual outlet- and that is totally on natural. It is the epitome of denying your physical existence is exactly right. About earlier the denial of the the the body as a biological organism that has existed for untold thanks. Of years the exact same state that you find yourself into debt and that existence is predicated on the need to breathe,
sexual desire and the fact that buying is making fucking sperm every day of the week. Ok, it's just counts We're doing it because it doesnt know that you're, a priest now I d just thinks it's a body. You know you you have to exist. As a human being under the confines of being a human being when you deny your humanity because it doesn't fit your idea, Oh you're a static or you're you're. You redeem Phyllis notions of what you should be more you're gonna run into problems on MES through the we should all aspire to greater heights, but indeed so you ve got a dress, the reality of what the fuck you are that's again, going back to the definition of consciousness. Consciousness is fully embodied in it not just sitting on a mountain. Only accessing your spiritual body. Its fully embodied its being a human in your body
bringing that home and bring him to the unity of that whole system. Together. That's you know, that's what it, what it really boils down to that's, what's going to lead the happiest. Most fulfilled life and make you someone Society can lean on like an anchor that creates these people there just the pillars, the leaders that the people who can be there when the shit it's the fan. You know I mean that's, that's who everybody should aspire to be an embodied being of consciousness, not just a consciousness being and not just a body bring an altogether, and this should be a bunch of us around. So it's normal amassing us like we ve got now, but I mean a bunch of humans at are like that around, so that we could all sort of feed off each other in imitate our atmosphere in a very positive way. I think you know there's a lot. People running through life that they don't have they went around them. Is living a wife that they would aspire to, and so is really hard to dream. It's really hard!
picture, an ideal existence, because your existence, a sort of its modeled out of what you see in your environment, in your environment is a lot of misery and bull shit and and just fusion and despair site. That was the who's. The the great author that made that quote, was Walden. It throw throw all men leave. Most men lead lives of silent desperation and that's thus the realities. Like most people, I mean he he's a man. He wrote about man, but most people, I think live lives of of along, for better silent desperation, just like this is it. This is, is this I'm doing what you get shot. You know like here in your cubicle, and you just want to grant lead that image. That famous video of a guy who's in his cubicle. We just starts punching his keyboard and they just
Ashes is computer, monitor, picks up and smashed on the ground. It was all caught by security We are seeing a video, it embodies You look alive to me because this guy has hit the point. Mash is the whole thing we need is to so many people like on that brink just right there, and so they know themselves. They none themselves without all or medicine answer television at all of these things to dampen these and make it make it possible, instead of just really looking at? What's the what let's go for that, I can win like. What's the win, what situation? Even if it's not normal, even if it's a little weird, even if it's on the fringe, like what's the wind for me, like fuck, what everybody else thinks in homage to forge a new way. Maybe that is being some crazy ice fisher and some desolate
laser. Maybe it's living in a non monogamous community, or maybe it whatever like. What's your wind go for the wind, like? Don't just accept? Ok, you know this is okay, this this lifetime. We derive, we made it through. You know just off the fuckin when Ya so far as Thompsons description of how to end life screeching sideways, with the wheels falling off like don't pull in peace, at the end of the life like you want to radiate, or overheating engines smoking everything perfect. You know another woman sue acorns she's on that show like below zero she's on the podcast she's, just fucking great great character. She's in inner fifties. She lives two hundred miles above the arctic circle in a place called Cavack Alaska and she loves it.
That's her, that's a reality that our reality went for the when she went for the wind and it's not my when it's your went off by way of example, they face is that european, but it's her white man, she's luck and loves it when she talks about it. She talks about it with like true love like she, she is enjoying it. She loved that it fits her personality. It fits her world view. She loves it she's in the midst. Ongoing crowd therapy the as yet this is pretty young is a weak trials therapy. The you know, she's not really do enough to interfere in Greece, because Europe is showing its down like ninety, but she does it for me longer so different. What were some of it when you are treating patients in the you know clinical pathology thing like what were some of the the patterns that you saw that were, you know, really
for some of the real challenges that people face. Like growing up, you know like what were the main themes that, where the hardest hardest to deal with and bring into healthy adult life trauma and disconnection disconnection from Lightwood Joe was saying in regard some mentorship you having a big brother, somebody in that role that they can aspire to be like that, could coach them through challenging situations and going through trauma, as traumas, so rampant it's also are our report. Adaptation and our internalization of trauma. Some people take that honours an identity that they ve been traumatized. They ve been abused in in because it's not discuss dates, fact shamed. It's not really dealt with above board, whether its people being traumatize sexually, because the the perpetrator of the person actually doing that
dramatic event. They weren't integrated in their own sexuality, so it came out in a perverse way or was the internalization of something that seemed mild, but because they didn't have the languages in their opportunity to connect with somebody that it it held and seated over time. I give you the animals in the wild when they get traumatized like if you were driving a car and you had a deer. The first that dears gonna do when it gets to the side of the road, is going shake it out. It's getting just. That semantically out of its body because trauma gets imprinted, to the systematic infrastructure like brandy was talking about to like the fashion trauma, gets fat and kids gets paid crammed into the body, it also gets trauma. Will change the genetic expression you actually see the DNA Genetic Code change its expression at the time of trauma and that can he recapitulated trans generationally
Who, from generation to generation to generation, I can still hold my parents, from my granddaughter dislike. Epigenetic phenomenon did Trans generational epigenetic phenomena rate, so so crews. It's so crazy, so we we are and that's what the native american stock of elegant are. Our actions right now do affects seven generations down the line because it takes that long to bleed it out of the genes unless you clear it and so trauma has a big hold that since of disconnection, because we group in these disenfranchised families I ve no mom and dad driving with little Johnny in the back and they hit the garage door opener driving Grudged or goes down like Little Johnny's gettin is so sure, engagement through computer games and through Twitter and Facebook, and texting, kids nowadays texting across from each other. It's crazy as opposed to having disengagement, texting, marches. Kids
the african grown adults. I can't tell you how many times have gone to dinner, with friends that are in the thirties and fortys, and five people table and everyone's during their phone right right, sir. Is that, since the connection and that gets capitulated and build, particularly because kids, sponges in their social knew. You is really developing its foundation when they're really young that way. So if it's, art so young than its solidifies over time until there is a massive internet of some new kind of thing, and so it's important for kids to be absurd, in nature its impact for them to have like the correct men, shoot mentorship about not shaming blaming Bree everything up to the surface and the whole way that we work with, for example, like the penal system. The whole judicial system is completely backwards. We were
the label, the perpetrator and the victim, and then the whole legal system is set up against that way. It's like this like warring. It's not about like it's not about a cooperative model. It's it's not about healing the VIC. Did the perpetrator, it's about rescuing the victims. Born in that victim mentality, not even about rescuing the victim. Just getting vindication getting revenge right, like I'm, gonna get paid for being a victim. In that perpetrators. Gonna go off somewhere. And not get rehabilitated. People don't typically better in prison and when Look like the whole chest downstream, effective that victim hood, they get article by getting the Simon, turns around man and wife couple in the eighties. They had some of the first early mind body studies that should the importance of what you think how it affects your boy
do they were? He was a oncologist and she was a research psychologist and there were four things it that no matter what level of cancer like stage or what type of answer, there were consistent measures that showed people getting better. And people getting worse in one of those that consistently show people getting worse was victimhood. They didn't build. That they had any empowerment to change their situation so inability to given receive love, resentment and low self, steam or self worth when he had all four of those you relate fucked, that's a crazy things connection between the immune system right and your perceptions of the environment. Right you perceptions. The word. Eleven right in you. She, which, should you too this morning some article n Well, being I think it was the perception They did this really interesting study of housekeepers and
housekeepers that piracy that were told that the activities that they were engaging with just cleaning the hotel rooms and they were told whenever they were doing cleaning fixing things that I thought they were told that that was healthy? There was a group was told that that was good exercise and another that wasn't told anything and after period of weeks. They do biologic physiological markers and showed that the the women that had idea that they re As I see more had less weight gain, she their weight started to redistribute. They had better blood pressure and hurry measures their whole physic. Ology shifted because of their belief. Not me, They change their activities at all. So when you, when you look at the other side of that equation. You had certain things that, because of the way you thought mean illness continued seed- that cancer profile, the two
things that consistently help people get better was their faith, thereby leave in a reason that this was happening or some level of empowerment. That think that they can utilise this. This experience for benefit like the housekeeper and visualization that you, actually visualize yourself becoming better, and they to show that with kids, kids are extraordinarily good. Visualizes, when you can You know, kids, that are maybe it's an oncology department like one of the pediatric hospitals when you and helped him visualize their immune system actually working against the cancer or overcoming something or you can project yourself into the future healed happy well and you engage with that and you feel into that. An EU project that into the future that perspective shifts the physiology, the Psycho Neuro. Immunological triad shifts towards healing. Just because of the power the mind is, while
disappear civil affect involved in being a housekeeper totally. Why wasn't? Just about being a housekeeper was about being athletic Lee engaged in what they were doing. They said that they told me Gruber housekeepers that that the exercise there are doing Mitt met the surgeon generals quota for a healthy exercise for an individual. They use like big terms like that method, shirt and generals quota. Then they told the other people now and then they watched the difference in the groups between and they are all clear, hotel rooms and says randomized and the people who felt that they were meeting this urgent generals requirement for exercise had all of these dramatic improvements in waiting. All these physiological marks. I mean it again: I'm crazy crazing duchess, we human beings and our minds are so far. Strange in the power of the mind is so immense and it feels like this has only been really discovered over the last hundred years,
even remotely and more so now than ever before. It's like an onion. Continually peeled like not me. I don't think there's a lotta layers here. Let's keep Goin back layer and layer and layer answers were slowly starting to unveil the power and the properties and in substance the a management system for this incredible engine that we have to construct our environment. Yet Joe Dispense just wrote a book geared the placebo. He's got all he's, got the great scientific background systems called you are the placebo Joe Dispenser dispense? Yes, a ton of articles in I was, I think I was talking about the I S. P ends IE, eight and He was a money sites. All of these examples of these placebo surgeries sham surgeries like Arthur Scarp, acne surgeries that they did where they did a placebo, need surgery and a real need surgery and found that the outcomes were identical and, in some cases,
People with a placebo need surgery where they basically cut the skin and sewed it back up. They had better customs than the people who had actual need surgery. I things you think, should not have a placebo backlog. You're gonna have need surgery is probably the important than you're gonna. Do that now you can actually cut this guy Tell somebody up. Surgery, went great and fell cover better than the people who actually got the surgery, and some case was not dude in that video. What the believed we now, forged in Then you know that was kind of like the leading edge. Two of his own mind body experiencing you know showed with the meeting of science and metaphysics and up until the ramp away, shame on you, what's your name hold on? What's going on We hear a thousand years old, a thousand year old Spirit. That is enough in this woman, and
talking nonsense. Everyone sees retarget scientists and you you organize this bitch, you organize this whole thing right was not with what the believed. We know that what Let me know was so goddamn confusing, because there are some really interesting stuff and though some really sound science and yet- and there is also some fuckin full lame rocketing horse shit project I'll whore ship flight, you couldn't get get out of here, that's kind the nature of our world right, like the skill of everything, is not being able to throw away all apples when worms and skill of our world is to be able to cut out worms effectively and then eat the fucking apple and also recognize it in human beings that you maybe like some aspects of them right. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about this guy that we know that is clearly and in some ways a weasel
he's weasel, ie and he's super ambitious new. Can trust him and he's not he's just not cool and he had a bunch of really bad interaction with other people that I know it came to me independently and said: look disguise a fuckin fraud, Scaresby but I know him to be also a very good Spencer of interesting information when I communicate with them Mikey he is really good. At dispensing this information, he gathers it he's like he's dedicated to it, and it is a lot of past quality qualities in that he actually enjoys. Do enjoys expressing himself in this way, but then the all the other stuff and makes it so hard to some people just write em off and am I I can't Malta can write em off totally, but unfortunately, an exercise rise.
Exercise in recognising like what how much these qualities are positive and how much of what he is just douche. I think I've seen that when I have dealt with different shamans and spiritual teachers, you know where people tend to want to put them on a pedestal, as is being this is perfect, being and then assume as they see something a little flawed alike, my God, my holy saviours his the Holy Severa things I know he's just not perfect, like everybody else, he still really good at this in this and just accept him for that and watch out for this law, this little shitty that he's like it's. Ok still trying to get laid exactly like people Pino, especially in that arena. They demand this Although this is not realistic tag, they did demand is intense perfection
You know that was one of the things that people will bring up the detractors of turns Mckenna. They always bring up the fact that he had some holes in science and medicine. Some of this stuff is bullshit. Maybe maybe- but you are- you can't listen to his hundred and hundreds and hundreds of available hours of lecturers that he had not be inspired by. If you have any psychedelic curiosity and you listen to this unbelievably freethinker, this guy who's, just like really willing to put himself out there. And some sort of a win, you don't maybe missed the mark occasionally by shooting a lot of fuckin arrows yeah, you know there's even more extreme examples like I've just recently found out what a crazy fuck, Carlos Costa, NATO, oh yeah, he was saying you yelling at people. He may have even convinced women, who even dating to at least developed, here when he died on our own, they might have committed suicide, who even knows a lot speculation as all the women he was dating, disappeared, when he died, so he was
possibly even a bad person like straight up, not a good person, but none the less. You know I'll put a quote, costs may out- and you know people watch out what you is a crazy fuck as I gap, but this thing makes sense. This little bit of philosophy still makes sense, still valuable, even if he was a crazy fuck in person like be able to cut out the worm and say admit, like yeah, a dude was not a fuckin good. Dude had some ideas that can be valuable when taken in applied, and you you get to that Your level up way faster cause you get to keep more gems, then than other people who are just discarding everything. It's like the G condo of life absorb what is useful, exactly exactly briskly nailed perfect in. Do you, shadow work? Should our work
which is often times what happens in psychedelic experience or even flotation. Would it mean by shadow work like like recognised within yourself ourselves? What's behind the curtain like being but to see those aspects of myself that I haven't fully integrated, fully accepted. Because it's only my project in judgment of somebody else has only a reflection of the shadow material that I have an integrated myself and usually it's us, the day. I project onto is that I'm so emotionally connected to or people that really, Piss me off in a particular way: that's relate. To my own shadow workin that in that other side of the coin, right that I haven't looked like the person saying, there's no such thing as a sex drive look at our shadow work. What's there what's buying or his unarmed man or woman, but either way, no one for her right. No one wants to start down, and I say you know what I owed doesn't talk about that general Lopez noses. The sex drive she's
an empire off of it right, Send this message this lot father. Thank you. Thank you, wanna go Thank you, your great conversation So to get in touch with you, your twitter. Doktor dangle doc Dan Angle, IE and G. L e right. He d r d and e en Gee l e and, of course, remark, as is Auburn Marcus, on Twitter, and anything else to say anybody in promote anybody they think of the logical stuff go, and I will follow us on the social channels will point the finger the moon bullshit remember don't concentrate only on the thing and you'll miss. I forget the boat variously all heavenly growing dangle? Thank you very much, sir. Yes, I couldn't let us see soon, but I
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