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2015-06-06 | 🔗
Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts "The Fighter & The Kid" podcast. http://bryancallen.com
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hello friends what's going on ladies and gentlemen i will be a lot ladies and gentlemen whoever's listen if you if you don't have gender specific pronouns you choose to use the they you folks folks folksy fuckers you're all fuckers i will be in las vegas on july tenth i'm at the coffee at at the empty em and i am with the great thomson girl and the great tony hinge cliff oh shit you heard me and the next day i do and after that is these chicago theater and that july twenty fourth and why twenty fourth the chicago theatre would be with tony hinge clever the next night is the of sea on fox in chicago so the podcast brought you by legal zoom of talked about legal zoom
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right down the job will gain experience my mother logan tell you can find it on twitter b why i'm sure someone is someone is confiscated be are i care how dare they and they probably fucked you have we done terrible things account i hate the name brian because i have to i say it's be our why isn't i just you know you need great so i spent my whole life going ex actually with a why it's a boring namely within which now i get a unique name dude i'm joe but is the most honest you ever you can't really mess with that name jail is so simple of sea be we're out of jail at starbucks zero send i'm goin to try and fuck with me to try to make me alone you have got a feminine energy
oh i'm j whither features here delicate features in your face that long i knows of delicate balance jobs at a girl or voyna guy roaming j o rogan girl this on regional my family's my grandmother's was josephine my grandfather's dame was joseph come my dad's name was joseph and my name is joseph fuckin apes bobo learnt the foregoing cage done my amazon is rose prefers amos dominic still normal manchuria michael my mother had a cool name but you didn't like it my mother was born there was a santa santa asunder didn't like it she hated she changed
susan as crazy as she would she when let anybody you know her name was a suntan tells a high school my friends mother was a hippie and she named him bellew kwan won t eager own lawless whom i didn't like glass cultural neighbour apple by what without even knowing that i will cite city one hundred percent she did but it was like you know this week issue a double what in a apple any worse than joe but it's just not i think the people that i have and i don't even know how to explain it and i'm going to get into a larger point about it have the strange reaction and is not a positive one whenever a celebrity in hollywood names their kids something really cool right leg it might be adorable those your neighbor yeah viagra kid named apple and they were really not realising what makes me more what annoys me more is that they are making the name of the kid about themselves not about the kid
i see what you think that's what bothers me about you i think you're probably onto something hitler you're onto you see sense the pretension yeah like when we it comes at just the right word its potential but it's also a little bit of spectacle its little been lagging hey logan i name my kid brooklyn animal and a rumour which cool names saying and maybe would do the same but i do feel like that again of course you're making a little bit about yourself you gonna name your kid maybe will the president namely kid something very different i don't know i think i'm being a little now you're iran is something no we don't like like fig energy people nobody likes like i'm a healer you know i mean you don't mean does like that vagueness that comes with but we do like we're talking about jago for this show started like we'd like p
bull that are really in yoga because they actually enjoy the benefits of the really there really kind of down to earth and centred designation but we're out yes but the ones who are faking that thing are fucking grow so their wearing it costume right becomes a character they ve taken over and again that something called affectation they're not doing it for the utility yoga like where you're working something out whether its peace of mind or getting more centred or whatever and getting healthier i think that some people actually where that cloak and become somewhat terrain call about it they they put on the the outfit the costume now are you ok now there to speak about being on the spiritual path and within that is always a little bit of a look at this these common cow these people who drink coffee and other stimuli
and obviously need me in a kind of what i think we reactor was listen to this conversation in your class was woman who was advising this man on what he should do with his diet and you're saying that meat is toxic susan and though the way she was doing like what he's it's fuckin protein and why but the way she was doing like what he's it's fuckin protein and water it's one of the most easily digestible things that people are good at what i love to do with people i don't know they mentioned toxins like you swore i'd always toxins what time will explore what are the toxins how'd you know interior sweat what are they you know we're toxins gets filtered you fucking liver okay and your killer in your blood you liver filters it out you're not getting toxins your body right so many times they did some foot thing when they put you in a foot bath waters around what yeah because the toxins in your pie and while they don't experiments on that which is it it reacts with the metal in the water to create with sodium asserted sodium compound and create rust
its rust so what is it they're putting on your feet they put like an urgently needed in their put your feet in there and then they have a lecture charge crop which the designated like a nail in electric charge toxins man and that brown stuff is coming out of your feet a lot of money that's what i'm trying to tell me that lead to their taking the toxins out of your body and after you do it you just feel amazing out god this is one of beautiful things but the internet is those people are you ok real friend then you google it and go now here's only studies and they show that you're retargeting there's a book that when a day they break that particular thing now that that that for putting your feet in the water turns brown toxins and so dumb but it's like here it is before ironed out thirty minutes treatment maize the same thing and take your feet out and put another compound in their turns brownish well look at that fucking bullshit look at that
the really trying to pretend that all that brown is coming out of your body if you have all that stuff in your body you fucking dying all right that's really bad everywhere socks it out of your body some rose to so much that gross fake shit out there that gross vague like healing psyche killers and zone here but even that even that is always if you actually scratch into it spent and now you know may i got a lot appeal to those people who love him and in the world to this day the one that we both know tat said do something it's about allowing ah please tell me more please tell me more about this text message we have to name names tell him more than just an interesting its height ivory has guys you listen to me or that person listens to your podcast ministers but yet some people
ten to decide that they i think it's very common especially and i am places for people to believe that they i found the answer i know conventional wisdom is is is europe but i actually have a roundabout way and then though play with words and i'll say is not about doing it's kind of about allowing i like you
i love that arms like i'll give you roll public cuts i may tell me more immediately i can talk about jobs pie class with sixty rise you deal with that all the time and you you'd i think and my biggest thing with the killer kind of crowd and some of them a great people of course unable to do some good of course but a lot of them are wearing it to bludgeon you with it or it's a piece of identity it's it's everything else is kind of guy gone well and they turn their own crisis into a sort of you know that they leave they found they're calling which also you're he also i don't buy i don't buy the ideas of people that are trying to build there is a trying to push things and trying to create these movements and trying to if they don't do something to push themselves like if i see you and you have a sloppy face and a big old double chan
and you ve got his hanging off your pants you greedily await your food as you're sitting around with all these people that are listening to you like you're a guy that's caught up in the grip of not taking care of your own wagon yes obama listen to you about how you describe how we're supposed to live life and how the peace energy flows through your shock rose and like what he would eat what exactly are you saying you just trying to get people listen to cassettes with kindness seems like wild cat seems like you just want to be a leader that's that's usually what it is they don't blow them they don't push themselves in i think unless you're involved in some adverse situation some situation will you have to encounter adversity and find out which are made of whatever you do whenever pursue if you doing why those what does crazy mutters those crazy race how does tat matter tough waters love that man you know what i love that cause they're again fucking pushed have to find out what their made out of you don't find that an cubicle you just fuckin don't rising there
crazy desire that people have to do triathlon must see if i can do it i want to do sub three hour marathon is like is fuckin desires to push yourself because we don't encounter enough mortality we don't encounter enough disease dont encounter enough sadness to make ourselves aware the special moment that you have when you achieve peace and i really we have a genetic memory of all those who are you do you know you're put in a world where you don't you not being too in a struggle is such a huge part of human experience in these and other thing about gurus those let me see somebody who talks a lot and i'm telling you the secrets and methodology and technology of life the price with that is that when you see but really accomplish something like john par or whenever review has generally power to tell me the secrets of fighting john wayne power look mango well you'd probably have to go to
for ten years and a lot of it is something you have to experience and practice not something i can tell you about i think anybody who has these a sharp profile who has really really cool ways of putting words together you should be a little where be aware a little bit of wears a good example you are what i would consider a master stand of comedian you but don't sanum calmly for more than a decade profession rural areas we know every time i see you killed with how to tell someone how to do stand up how the fuck would you even begin and imagine having the gall to tell someone how they should do stand and credible but the reality is life is kind of like stand up in a way in that you have to do it your way you know if you like wearing dresses and ball gags get and beat up i checked hoof
moses along with that contains you're not hurting anybody and if you are hurting them because they want you to hurt them you're in some weird situation who gives a fuck really who gives a fuck that mean that its so when some guy comes along its it's about allowing sometimes sometimes about being your car going for you fuck you fuck you and then you go to work in a big smile on your face you cause you will be laughing and jokingly completely in the nature of joking around all through your day or where shit mouthing people fuck my finger you that although their beauty i do it all the time just for amusement i amuse myself right i'll see myself in come on fuck phase com on five phase you can t you fuckin dummy you're fucking dummy never really mad guy a mocking cause it's fun do it makes a normal ordinary moment entertaining right eye so i think you're right
it is adding life is a lot like stand up in that sense we have different styles of living in old it's it's one of the cool things about life and i think everybody's person different personalities grab it towards different styles of living just autumn adequately organically sideways people gravitate towards jobs in other ways people just drawn i wanna be a comic book illustrator drawn do it or somebody bullet faculties of music it is always want to be musician my son i told you i won't do i watched him at his school play whoever and he's not even for and and it was so funny because all the kids would sing in their songs and doing their thing and my son he's on the sidelines p when his mouth open as wide as you possibly can can then he'd comes over and just jumps in his kids face then he decides i'll get natty are poles assured of an talks on stage he gets the teacher chasing them he realizes that he's this i think everything and he did
variation of that for all four songs and in my life this is crazy in this is bad and i was like listen all i know is i was exactly the same idle member being a good things paganini a bit of a struggle form who knows how to navigate but there's one thing for he's not a conformist he's very different and he sees the world very differently and heat rather be doing this thing over here and you know i can't i looked i was like i thought to myself i've always been the exact same way i've always been that way i always for to genetic i it to me because he so similar to me to the point where i remember doing that i remember gone this is basing i'm not gonna sing like the house i met are looking over i wasn't kindergarten i saw their mouths wide open and they were singing and as well that in belarussian and my mom came over and she said what what's wrong and i said i don't think we should be doing this and she said why and i said because we're not
good i knew tat i was very aware that is how bad we at singing and dancing it that's fine and i think my son felt same way he was a little embarrassed at the bad performance because there's nothing worse than saying i sixteen three and a half euros try sing song yeah the eta wait till there five before even go to those things for real six hundred can't do it you forget it it's chaos but its adorable people of watching her kids do things like the king has to be a star for a brief moment time strew yeah that's a weird thing too thing what is your answer this question with our development and be honest with you we are first reaction like your first got reaction if you ve had one when you saw the picture of risk jenner on vanity fair under the title comical
well i got it when i was bare hunting with a bow and suggest let's just pause for second that's when i it was the first one assented to mean that my wife said to me and i was like a fucking it was the first one to send it to mean that my wife said unto me and i was like a fucking we note my wife was first ingenuous second sorry dude she got but it was very close was basically both of them said to me and bear blood my clothes and we were stopping into this town to go on a dark to catch some while i in northern pike is my only as it gets the outcome planchet for real man shit you know i mean meat or don't eat me but if you are going to meet you really we have set a people hunting really can cause it's exciting and it takes its a huge discipline and the food is amazing the mean that you get from
wild game is so much better it also is the money that peat that parks make from hunting and and wildlife federation fishermen while preserve a great deal of habitat it would it preserves habitat for animals because putting than aiming at the conservation aspect of hunting is totally overlooked because people look at hunters like there's some evil person the kitchen with vividness really fucked up contradictory society where every day you're driving on the street you passing by gas station tat are filled with meets ex disgusting meet its ground up into some fuckin goofy hamburger and frozen microwave at all these all that shit does bein in beef vetoes they sell what is that that's murdered animals that were ground up and they come from three different countries sometimes ever killed six months ago how easily easily who knows how long which has been frozen for and nobody seems to its doesn't seem to phase anyone you know you
new supermarket your passing by just rose in rows of meat you every mcdonald's every job can the boxes meet me meat meat meat but worse were completely disconnected from by living in this i think cities are awesome by the way and no one i really start appreciate cities when you and i shall go on these trips when you and i went to maintain or even better recently leg is perfect example when we do that prince of wales show we went on fritz whales island we got reigned on every fuckin day for five days and we came to allay it was a man i love display so much the sun felt so good there is one of the basic message that ever gotten from they ran a message a a its joe hate you feel really great your fuckin amazing ira view to biofuel fuckin amazing man field you feel amazing plant you know what he's talk i felt like i was on drugs
coming back from that rainy miserable cold five days to come back to hell i felt like i was on drugs it was because i realized that like we first what we had a great time being rainy and miserable he's had a laugh and laugh and our it was moving when i saw stephen out at the end of that say in economists brian and jos comedy because being appear alone there's a profound sadness i feel i in that way to actually did you feel that libraries i feel so sad when i look out i've maybe i feel so alone or i feel like what it was would be like to live in such solitude and such since last time totally humbling it's totally humbling and i feel like i might be totally bullshitting here ok and mamma mamma admit that but i feel like when even if i'm in a beautiful park like setting feel gryphus park he's sitting up in there even if you face of a swathe of land where you iciest trees and sitting down there
still there feeling in the air of civilization and the feeling here civilization i dont know if it's wi fi signals a radio signals a television signals are cellular signals idle and i don't know if it's an actual physical thing i don't know if there's a feeling that you get we see can't tune into someone cell phone with your fuckin brain but are you aware round you some sort of weird don't for all sense all these signals around you all the time i dont know but i know that it feels totally different to be outside on a mountain in prince of wales there's a feeling in the air and there's this this first all this very humbling absolute undeniable realisation that not only are you not special but that this part of the world does not give a fuck about access has and will forget about you the moment you stop exists so insignificant so insane
you're so insignificant and i think a lot of my sadness came from feeling like that being on par with a tree next to me i'm that anonymous on that insignificant and there's nothing around here cares about me maybe that's neither centric way to look at it but it certainly was very real and felt that way and i just i don't know it's some i think you're supposed to experience that i think it keeps people in line i think there's two things that we fucked up on as it is a race or many things obviously but two things that we fucked up on it are rarely discussed and i think one of them is that we have almost a built in need to be around nature and when you around nature you get feelings from that from that experience that or are not there not described enough there are not exceeded ended upon and off and not endorsed and and
appreciated enough i think it's an integral part of being a person i think that when word spending all of our times in these hard surfaces straight lines these things we create i just do not think it's good for you i think it's your body not designed for it i think there's some reward systems that you get from being out in these solitary environments we certainly want what more of our history is very stimulus you think about the amount stimulus auditory and visual stimulus you deal with every day from just blinking lights all the things you our very recent ancestors were not ever exposed to that they say sometimes were exposed to more similar to day than some of our ancestors were their whole life in in terms of how predictable still expansive their lives were where you didn't venture you couldn't venture to
are you didn't do nothing about where we were especially in prince of wales on was that not even native americans would go up there in fact even animals would be like you to any appear we're gonna go down below so we were kind of true where no one in their right mind would ruin yellow fuckin mania mountain goat he's a fucking maniac legal gyp mania the long suffering mountain waiting claude where grisly than remember those by the first thing he told me i'd i'd get claude like right across chest like roger what the fuck are you talking about man if that happens you're most likely dead he's amazing yeah and if he feels differently nobody run over by a moose josie there besides edison moves goddamn fact moose charge them and got behind when fighting nailed him ass their not from animals to hear their issues it was the only sharia is down and wounded walked up on wounded moose and ran out i'm in his gun miss fired dude yad dude i mean that
death you could really easily starve to death if i if i had it was just watching the video i i did not have a sense of truly big they are when you see one in real life may have i had not seen what i dont think i had seen one before hunt them a maybe oh no i have one leg your kid i have for sure because i was with ari and we took pictures of him in alaska but was fee i hadn't seen one with the full antlers before it was summer and whose females and they were really really really big but the ones that we saw muy bc like fucking just think about shooting that things worked renault it wasn't easy to show nothing that it stops you yeah thanks fuck man did stood so goddamn big
the one i got was nine hundred pounds than one my friend ben o brien god was fourteen hundred past fourteen hundred pound fourteen hundred pounds i think hiding horsey outsource ways like eleven it was so big walked out into the road in front of us and it though the charge that you get that joanne only charge when you see one you like cheese us didn't even look real there about the same size are both these enormous bachelors right after they got done running and so there was eating like crazy star because even fucking for weeks and weeks and weeks and they walked out into middle a road and we slammed the breaks in a car you look at them like their body was bigger than the top of the tree was up to like the windshield area of the treaties there saying how big there by when we were talking about your first reaction caitlin yeah no no i'm going to go back now you are here the other thing i don't know
it is i think we are and i want this to be like i'm trying to be as objective about this is possible and try to be a sensitive about this possible but i think i think all this move towards the feminine and demonizing masculine behaviour and all of this appreciation for marginalized people is all it's all awesome i really think it's important i think people go to crazy with it and they attack people that would ordinarily be their allies but i think that all this is doing like the reason why this move towards acceptances is happening because i think we're a and i think that as or evolving as we realise that there really is no right or wrong we live in a bruce jenner wants to be a woman now who gives a fuck you should only by a woman i think this this is all a positive thing and it's all
towards some softer style of being a human being and it probably won't be within our lifetime but i think several life comes from now people are probably gonna be way kind on a regular basis than the all right now i think the way kinder today than they ve ever been before no doubt way more aware of things now live urban for easier to empathize because we have too much information to know how similar we are to say a white guys to a chinese person to a black presented just right neither do you rarely see somebody arguing that and this is why i think that divide comes in theirs there's an anti masculinity feet feeling and light that young men who were into things are jocks in meat heads and assholes and if you're in the spring words are marshall large or other that somehow another because
you embrace this it excites you and you enjoy it and you are surrounded with other people that also enjoy there must be something wrong with you you must be a mean person like just because your mask than you must be mean i reject outright i think it's reject does that also you must be insensitive and cruel i reject that is well outright it's not it's not true you can be met ask you wanna be very sensitive did i do this fucking thing for the u s yesterday where was a speech about the hall fame and jeff black getting in the hall of fame and jet black who's on libya gold medals greco beta alexander coralline in an greco roman whose this amazing guy and dumb i saw a cry i was like i have stop myself from crime and i was talking about this guy could be cancer one a gold medal and he used
really nice to me man like when i first started remember that same day jeff he was a great guy and like i'm a pitch dude while the time i cry at a my mom emotional about a lot of shit all the time and about movie or even some songs or get me i'll be in my car and solemnly me fuckin cry it doesnt mean because someone embraces masculine activities whether its martial arts or whether it some hunting or anything it doesn't mean that that person is gonna be homophobic it doesn't mean that person is going to be a negative person but this is push i think because of what's happening now with some with all this our societies movement towards civilization movement towards a much more now violent life although the awareness of rape man but you been a lot of rape goin on college when was young but i never fucking heard about it but
all your hearing about like on a constant basis is the amount of sexual violence it takes place in colleges and someday or saying there overreact understand but it's good like it's this trend of like ripping of nice ices voice with gas and recognising that what is in for years the style of life is it the style of live you live is a bite she'll be mad at you if you wear a dress no i should be mad at you if you rape people that wear dresses i should be mad at you if you beat people because you don't like the way they work what we're gonna do twitter today some train woman had a black eye and it was she made some tweed about it i forget her name i don't i don't know i don't follower i just i click on a link it i found it and punched her for being transgender persian fuck angry and back was our part gus entire unfettered kitten talked about getting being just because she walked by some
she'll team six commando and they had heard from behind but that that that's everyday reality inebriated in and very very short time ago i'm talkin about less than fifteen years ago time any of those derogatory words like fag faggot making fun of gay people was an acceptable prejudiced all those i said it because you'd just it we just made fun of people well how about like ego listen to like some old eddie murphy listen my eye oh my god yeah it's crazy it's like really like hate speech yeah meanwhile he likes resolute yes allegedly here they say well but you're tired about also is like matthew arnold who was this awesome sort of philosopher romantic and he said yes the united states is the and forgive me for that matter and almost positive yes united states is a very powerful country with a big
guns in a roaring stock market and in national football league but we're along the line if you embrace all of that you'll forget to be interesting and you have to remember as a country as a society that you must make place for the gentler spirits we are artists your court unquote weirdos desire for your dreamers fear wonders and and i think that's to our credit that that you know it does create more beauty it does create more diversity creates more interesting innovation when people who don't have the biggest muscles safe feel like they have a voice feel they have somewhere to go if they get beat up you have society where muscles and guns i e rome i e russia yeah well grown guns rule the roast and that most of the world but i've always geyser get beaten up in russia for being gay common shoes actually so any time
you most societies concern themselves almost exclusively with how to control their populations whether they do it through sheer force like russia does or whether they do it through religion like saudi arabia does those countries essentially practice a form of apartheid and what i mean by that is that fifty percent of the population at least to say nothing of the gay people and the differ people in the trends gender people those people are so marginalized and their wasted because their put in one place and there told to do just a couple of things that have been allowed by this male architecture this male scaffoldings been put in place and been there forever and it just style fools spirit it stifles ingenuity creativity and at most of all it stifles the truth and in that sense you know of course there's a place for these people in these societies have evolved and has a lot of great things
russian society in saudi society and everything else but that's an important aspect to keep in mind that's that's an important thing that's what i think this movement a positive thing boats about information you know these people have a voice now if you start thinking on them as people as postal i'd like transgender people never had a community before that mean what were how would they would have to find other transgender people and hang out with them a b very difficult to get that going on right now you meet on line have these forums of twitter things on those lines like what that level from any weird generally marginalized part of society can find a community now did you next worsen did this joker obligatory specialists and that goes for the internet yet a fetish it socks because you get ahead cartwright i'm the person you be at dinner and you like i am indignant about them torrent
his joke on there are these already done this out i would not arise because one of the bathroom organism vase just get you're kidding that's not true surgery defined it but my feeling the caitlin jonathan was only that i kind of cell alike there two things are going to my mind now this one is that i think that he was she was now looked like i've been a thirty five not sixty five i was good photoshop all you all the other thing is he underwent a twelve hour surgery to more feminists his face apparently up until now he preferred the feet the pronoun i dont know if he's saying she now i believe she is its miss jenner if you don't mind she so you fail thank you again and again i am by the way europe will your face and your tone i must piggy back because the thing i resent a little bit
there are not even allowed to think it's a little weird and a little strange i do find it a little weird lambs i've known him as bruce general i wish i had his body because i'd be no ridiculous no man now before jesus even before jurist you walk around mobutu disaster of development that is hardly a collect what's the whole thing's fallen imply can estrogen did give me a break how long you don't ever they apparently for a very long time really yes but how long i heard twenty years is twenty years crazy so he was do you realize that beautiful machine is putting on a layer of feminine fat and that's fine but i am i am i bad i'm not a bad version you know i support anybody i pretend him i protect anybody's right to do what they want that but i'm allowed to feel it's a little strange i'm gonna go call miss now but you gotta boob job burnt yet word i'm just think about he's got
is i feel for his kids i'm sure they are accepting or whatever but it's gotta be weird even and back said it is where i can't figure out myself you know how it is where it's definitely word and i did anything that you can't make fun of this bullshit you can't make fun of it you can you can make fun of everything you can make fun of sea can make fun of sex you can make fun of gender make fun of transgenic maize very thing don't say i can't make fun of it because as nuts nonsense then you're you're losing out of free speech and by the way the best way the best way to marginalize something is to not be allowed talk about it i could see you you choose and the thing you make it a sacred thing you don't make it a thing that you could talk about discuss so you don't even know if the thing that you're talking amount of its if its honest like what are we being honest about what is happening here because for every person who does everything in life it's weird theirs
to be people who love it and it's gonna be people that hate it but you don't know what it is until everybody sits down talks about it like wisest kid want so much for contention out he's an attention whore and we figured out we all discuss it when it comes to sexual things sexual aspects of behaviour then we get ultra super sensitive area we get really sensitive eat much more sensitive than anything else we do what are its behaviour whether its occupation when you get down to sexual and gender things people work well well well well well don't talk about that make fun of lawyers all you want we were probably gonna need lawyers but you can make all the dead lawyer jokes you fuck anyhow you can throw lawyers in the bottom of the ocean you could talk about gunning them all down the streets like dogs you could be a fuckin blogger if like the huffington post and you should see damn the lawyers we should gun them down like dogs and you could say that and no one
is gonna get angry you and no one's gonna march against you know is going to cause a liar has allowed called colossal irises take our shakespeare got now imagine if you said kill all the transgender people like whoa whoa what if a transgender dude sector dick and you found it about a new were really mad so you started a blog kill the trans genders i what the fuck man now people feeble freak out because when you want to kill somebody based on sex or gender if you have anger towards them because of sex or gender becomes very charge very chocolate i meant that i mentioned that there is a guy i'm acting class he is to dress and drag and very beautiful icing and was very elegant and i always dollars into good worry i soon he was he was an elegant man and wife
one day he goes tailored to me and i had done a scene and acting class and he said i was sex above i think so you better watch out anyway better watch out budgetary cannonballs my mouth he's a turn on me i was i was a boy but of all in a row i thought i thought about my pie cast to decent balls and mama oh that's a lot of that's ok that's impressive i heard my boy but though and become table you think those teeth for shores miles was very normal size by the way i took a look maybe like snaky stretched out ligaments or some shit here not being actually with data for a well well how i wasn't even i do but its theirs a weird charred like racial hate very similar away like theirs lot of charge to racial hate but the summary ain't gonna get away with like black people can see supranational
about why people only let it slide you know like i said i guess twitter some spanish guy sit in a journalist and like i'm happy when all white shows get cancelled am i could you imagine if someone said that about black shows you can't notes because i don't know why you should only large because it's over population but it's the point being it's like you know came velasquez has as brown pride shirt or brown eyes we have to avoid power picture he has more pride he has brown pride tat students chest if you had white pride tattoo don't you trust you would never be refined you have say it's interesting definite to explain yourself got mean i don't i think it's wrong because i think the sentiment behind it is right you know this men about it behind it is that like like why proud of having a white were everywhere relax swill i have sour actually
eggs and why you upset these browsers munchkin relax in our but it's it's it's a double standard it is absolutely double standard but is to correct one generously in this light things that's why things can't they can't be cut and dry can't be the same for everybody because it's just not the same now i wouldn't say that while i would imagine i think that when they when california couldn't pass that proposition on gay marriage along the opposition came from the black and brown communities because especially latina communities very religious what george appear to be a great joke about it a great joke about he's dead right that african americans voted like it was disproportionate amount voted against gay marriage but again that can be granted and religion the others fear
you know but it's so there's a lot of nonsense when it comes to that stuff i think all that's strike again that starting to dissolve the things started to dissolve and i think even like the backlash that people are getting for like a guess the you have sees a big one that's a big target here but that time like the anti violence aspect of it or anything else people enjoy that is very violent with its football or any other contacts sport there's a lot of people like really resistant and think that its detrimental to society and i think contrary i think it actually very good for it i worry more about when whenever you're trying to empower group of people very vocal in there with great energy sometimes when i worry about is and it happens all the time is you end up being somewhat tyrannical to another group people those people that might not understand what you're doing those people that have religious reservations
what you're doing or all whatever their reasons or just doesn't sit right with them or they think it's weird or they think it's unnatural i was talking with seventy seven year old man about this proves generating and he's a good man and he goes its on that we are celebrating the unnaturally that's what's he both not i'm not saying it is i'm just looking but what i'm saying about it is its it occurs enough right so that you oh it's not unnatural it's just an illusion it anyway i didn't get into it with him what i'm saying is that that everybody has their point of view and sometimes for example i think if you look at tv and stuff and i actually think we ve become very intolerant of male behaviour not just their traditional prototypical masculine behaviors but sexual behaviour as well so i think a lot of men are really afraid to sound even remotely like they like having sex a lot with different women even if their single could not be called a creep called scumbag we called up all these things
would that used to be something that was actually celebrated and if you look at tv alot of tv show specially mainstream tv if you guys are not show and he has i don't know god forbid he's got a girlfriend and another girlfriend for that does not but if he has five different women they sleeping with you don't see that often you just don't see so we know a lot of guys stress worry younger who were that kind of masculine ben that put up a lot of numbers you don't see i haven't seen too many of those characters on mainstream tv and if you do they are crucified they're just dirt bags and i think that's interesting i don't think that used the case is much i think that will allow them and are afraid to talk about sex the way women have for a long time what's the same thing because women have been more marginalized their sexuality is been more of something contained the if their slots there like kim could draw from that section a sitting shoes
very loose woman shoes they're running round all willy nilly having sex with a bunch of different gentlemen i mean it but that was celebrated like she was empowered because she was as cougar ass run around fuckin all these guys and secular dixon bathrooms doing but a dart dirty net naughty shit and it was great but if there was a show but a guy who that with a bunch of women and then thought less of the women after he was done with them you would go well a piece of shit i'm wants to watch the show so what a woman could do by dizzy getting done guys fuckin them and toss them aside no one cares virtually no backlash what whoever sound man but if a man as exacting behaviour he's piece of shit fascinate it is fascinating because with the woman were essentially watching like a superhero or watching a woman's turn the tables now she's the predator in a manner that pray yeah you go girl you get up and after they had done throw pluck and through
their phone away daily delete their text messages from your phone delete their number never calm again fuck him girl like she becomes this way if you know of a woman that too a man by car or amended at a woman by car will dig that guy is but again that's artificial that's that is not a natural that that's kind of a lie to that's gonna we're not those girls are built on earth there i'm saying they'll go in but when we were in that's when that's kind of like whence it is suggested that's how women really are all of all women you go what we were a lot more complicated matter and not really well i think if i had a friend done over by a girl came could tranche never call back out bless my dick laugh i would think it would be so funny i would talk to him about it every day i believe so she never college again medical judges w like you would be funny guys guys with loud enemy i have done it myself
the two main maybe three times one by a pretty famous woman and i was like i was like excuse me you don't want more tired of you turn your bullshit that's normal to order got tired of me in general in bed together to get back to the bruce generating caitlin whatever he's got himself cause she held her shit i don't even know how much is true and i was not true those listening to this radio shown there talking about how he underwent while our surgery changes face more families it i do not know if that is the truth or not but that's my taken might take out it is i think it's cute let us do whatever you want to do is not interesting to me well if you ran interesting isn't getting the is worthy arthur ash awarded the s peace for courage wild kind of courageous but
it's not like it's not a person has been seeking attention by any means necessary for a long time so i like we're not talking guy was our reality show for a long time in time now this is a reality though it's also it's like we're not being honest about the the gentleman in question because the woman in question so that's what i felt when i saw him on the cover vanity fair with that airbrush and everything i went more power to you if you want to do that but that feels a little bit like spectacle i mean what does he do you just lives this nonsense life on television i mean this is this is a guy that were celebrating like will only thing that's interesting is that he doesn't want to be a man anymore that's the interesting aspect everything outside of that has not interesting he lives this really bizarre i just can't imagine anybody who didn't need it want to live like that we have aeroscope up your ass on this weird show an ear you
out these false scenarios that are planned by producers so today we went try to figure was wrong to wash mission to fuck you did now the tsar is nonsense you know it's nonsense so this guy has been on this nonsense show for x amount of years just its what really bizarre way till i put yourself out their right and then he decides that as well in that becomes the most interesting aspect of him my way more interesting than anything that he had ever done before other than when the gold medal caslon me was a great athletes but like nobody cared i really want to pay attention to his daughter have but i want to draw attention to the mom and bruce generous like this poor sad character there was hanging the show that i was you stay was emasculated keys i love that created the did or don't you
what i want but he did but by the way thanks for forming a fine boy german drives all the way down in their sleep and opened both shows for me talk about a friend meanwhile that pit i i was watching i'd go onto an hour after you and i was like that is a hell of a bit of banks do that's better today and i knew so new and i for i wonder what are really turn into its current headline enjoy doing because got so much going on to madame i shall but help me to watch this right now that was on the table here show is excellent i wealth on really fun thanks everybody coming down so cool so back to the brutal i think i think if it encourages more people to do that if that's the real calling great great i know people are that dead change genders in their very happy that's toiling plan
totally possibly the biggest thing to us that apparently the suicide rate for kids who feel this way is very high lay according to christian back is its forty five percent something great man there this is hard it is hard to be normal person a hard to be a person like a normal way male in america whose not poor rice and oh like middle the rubber is very difficult for it so imagine being marge i mean imagine imagine what we're we're already there are just a group of people you ve never met who hate your guns actually some who would actually kill you will you can you can feel that if you want to certain neighborhoods we can go in there is a white man and you'll be a victim you'll be like an instant victim the target there's this parts of the world where that's absolutely true as parts of american shore with that's absolutely true but over
well namely you got into easy is far easier to fuck it so when you have an easy is fucked sometimes i think it's easy to take for granted someone who does not necessarily bruce jared inhabit easy because you watch one that shows that struggling weird you now but there's people in this world that are going through all sorts of pain for no fault of their own just born in a shitty household they just born with the wrong human beings guarding over them and raising them in communicating with them and their fuck from birth something that nobody wants to admit that that's also kind of always how i've looked at things where i was born on third base and told her on home you know that i'm away american mail in two thousand and fifty in get impatient and good luck and i gotta ridiculous shoreline shredded paid to make people laugh i may get paid make we will have an unhealthy
won't you also your wits attractive about people that they have a situation like that is it your appreciating you know when we talk to comics that wine about how many shows have to do or that they can't get the sitcom made or they can in a man's fuckin business not just talk fuckin agents have those conversations of people like you're exhausted lack of perspective your exhausting deca history book or newspaper also i think people are in this weird position actors are perpetually in this position and turn this position to a certain extent because they want to have sitcoms things along those lines you have to be chosen you have to be chosen you know you have to be chosen someone else to say i'm going to hire bryan callen for my show and they're going to make him a star whereas what's going on now for the first time ever his people are doing podcast that are turning them into
these people do you guys are famous from that fuckin podcast afraid fighter in the kid is a giant podcast yeah you're already famous before that in the shop is already famous for the usa but there is a coalescence theirs crazy energy behind you guys and now show that i see all the time that when i was of opening for you on your show when you're familiar colony special the audience was filled with those you're in the kid shirts crazy i saw how many us i know all the different models the hell the different ones you have and so i think what would a guy like you get to do that a lot of guys don't don't have that opportunity is you get to just be yourself you to be satisfied and you don't have to worry about the decisions of these other people that are trying to cast you or pre no deals to that's rather frustration seemed to come from those guys it's all about dealing with other people
that's what acting is all the time what acting as all the times getting chosen when you when you can become a sanction resources since what words or i may ass close ass the story if you could autonomous and you can get away from anybody else's opinions and ideas that you have to they have to throw them at the soup then you truly responsible for your own work we are truly responsible for whatever the fuck your actually doing then you have a totally different kind a connection to it psyche these guys like they get angry about the business through the business is changing a weird way i gave you really if you enjoy being a comic you really don't have to do anything else anymore i all that in the back in the day was just like boy hobart and keep this calmly thing a floating i get that sitcom that every one of you that's it gum it's all anybody wanted i know was the analogy holy grail we'll get mad when actors with fake it he'll actors have put together some bullshit fuckin generic act and you knew
that all they had was the seven minutes our faking to try to get sick and everybody will again and actors just an actor actor making it agreed this weird this these weird distinction but the guys up they're doing stand up with some stand up that he wrote but nope help is fake and i thank him for acting it's just for acting the end result will you'd get you know these people that would go up there and do that and you really could see that there are like tom hanks and punchline like acting leg stand but then it's like well who fuck should you be able to make who are you to make that distinction wash you'll be able to make some money for your money right so why new decide and he's not a real stana because he wanted to put together seven minutes used to tell me how to stand up i worked so hard and acting member how hard i being class sizes worked i would do scenes and i would cry and then i just know man is
it happened as i just when i got to taste a real stand up and then with the past guess and then i was like man i gotta go where i got a dr weir and sit on the set for how long would do five minutes of acting its if people saw how movies are made i think they have a lot less reference for the entire if brown saw how coal was pulled out a ground i think they're appreciated and water i agree go and violent that's ripe call call me i'm a cover people magazine i don't enjoy the process idleness the process and i don't enjoy some of the actors are met allowed access your course fuck but there's a lot there are a lot of fucking work like a brutal amount of work and communicating with them is very frustrating and stressed out all the time their their interests this we are always trying to get approved throw is trying to get castor was trying to get and you ve got to create a network that way you have you selling yourself and it's not easy
and you're selling yourself as being exactly like everybody else when there is like a hum that they all have the same freedom hum i try to stay on africa they are very because they want those jobs they want to be they want to be election and heather on political opinions lots of times it is absorbed this left wing ideology it still seems to be floating around hollywood it's a weird place ban so weird place and i think it's fuckin changing big way man and i use the internet by asking exchanging i think we're gonna look back i think we're in the middle of the storm and it was we quite right
eliza how significant some of them the changes in their eyes and it when when people are in an epoch when they're in and unchanging woman like people who were coming into the renaissance didn't know they were in the renaissance than call it the renaissance didn't know that there's something called the renaissance of their even in the dark ages before that so there can examples of that where this is the most important date they were unaware of that they weren't wherein the bronze age than them snow middle age you you're living your life and that those kinds of forces and trends and movements are more subtle than that yeah i think this one though is so crazy that it it could provide there's a lot about the nature of recognition meaningless recognizing when things are weird because i don't think we're reckon raising it nearly as much as it deserves what like why think that ie
can you still get used to things like if you go like justin wren the ufc fighters rounds podcast much time c does they fight for forgotten foundation that he created to go and build wells the pygmies and it goes down their abilities pygmies as well as just a great guy but though those folks who live there that is their life and that is what their use to just like when we were on that prince edward print whales island with that was our life for those five days that one of the reasons why when i came back here it felt so good to realise that this is feeling of sire faces very pleasurable this feeling of being round p oh and having in over the convenience of grocery stores in restaurants are good and in common clubs and that although the good aspects that a city provides it made me like acutely aware of that because
being in that environment that could be like you you adapt that people are super adaptive adaptive adaptive chrome adaptation active no is adaptive raft but people are really really adaptive we can change and we can morph and weaken and i think in some ways were not aware of what is happening it just becomes a normal life like text messages and photos and being able to cool things becomes normal but i think historians when they look back on the between nineteen ninety four and two thousand and fifteen we will see a tornado of information they will see an precedent it amount of data that's being passed back and forth to the point where the end at the very end of the line with two thousand fifteen more data gets done in like an hour then more data gets
pass by in twenty four hours then entire history of the human race just stop and think about that the entire history of the human race that's how much data we produce every day that meanwhile you dont you'd exercised over the movement of information and a lot of its not another by well those numbers are exactly correct might be like today's or one day whatever the fuck it is it's some insanely small amount of time that represents the entire world history of human rights in writing things doubt most of his bullshit most of his face messages text messages and tweets but the bottom line is its exchanges it might be nonsensical social exchanges that don't mean anything else oil w tee and might be bullshit might be instagram pictures of your ass and yoga pants and might be nonsense but in that nonsense there's an unprecedented amount of tweets that are leading people
check out articles that a leading people may be reform opinions are reconsider prisons you ve notions and then you'll start reading comments on other people agree or disagree and you start communicating with each other in an unprecedented sort of change is taking place one thing we know is it what is also know also applying it just happened while we're alive it's also humanizing love those experiences so so i think a lot it when you frame like for example is presenting when you frame it like people really do understand we found some is as listen now i always felt this way but the overwhelming evidence is anybody or most people who become transgender ago through gender race simon surgery look at how they always felt you ask them they always felt this way come right the way somebody was gay generally usually will say i've always been attracted to the same sex so when you when you frame that way and you see it and you see
person that you know is very real to you in enacting the way everybody else does it's hard not to empathize it's hard not to have compassion so that that in that sense information is nudging us all together all closer at least at least i think you're right we are becoming nicer more until we understand tat were becoming more aware of our of our similarities is opposed to differences we are focussing our differences i think the similarities what's with super important like the core the core process is how we treat each other that's like with super important and if we treat treating each other in a negative way simply because of something dear that we might have on the whole person shudder shouldn't be whether or not you should sleep with men like that's that's one of the best sounds like the or whether not like i'd retweeted something from mom the nineteen thirty's
believe it was where one was going to jail for being a lesbian it's crazy picture jane receiving a pull it up its it's on my my twitter feed somewhere not that far down it's from old picks archives so nineteen forty what is clear is a crime to be homosexual and this woman you know she's there there given our most shot for being a lesbian site just think about that that's not that law go man set was at seventy five years you will get a tolerable scary to think of man that doubt that's how how fucked up people can be an asshole if you look a bit we just it hasn't been that long it hasn't been that long since we ve got civilization now it's only been a few thousand year really mean that the civilization they have few thousand years ago two by the way you can keep it cavan even before ass asia robotics put the fuckin romans or the horrible shit you heard people
in war and that that's a really interesting point because the romans and the balls you know back then it was it was excuse me i have to say i'm stronger i own you oh and by the way slavery was the order of the day you took human beings as property always now a days which interesting is that when any country does something that's bad russia in ukraine it couldn't just say we're trying to annex territory they justify what they were doing under the present regime justifies what'd what they're doing on on on the idea that look we're just protecting our russian people there no matter who you're talking to no matter what country i can do no matter syria when their bombing the rebels whatever syria the assad regime will talk about the fact that they are protecting a lot of different communities in a very diverse country its sure it's etc and what i think is interesting is that with someone people watching anybody who
doing anything that could be considered violent yeah murderous bad in general must be justify long moral grounds it's no longer allowed to say we're fucked taken over your country because we're roman and romans a better that used to be all the excuse they needed we're romans we have a right to everything we can see it belongs to us because we are superior and everyone else is not so they can either die get out of the way or be our slave but that was the only way survived by them as if you were the stronger one with that attitude that was the added you're gonna counter like the wood the mongols when they found a new civilization like when they found the pope the first contact with them i was saying i were aware that you weren't aware but this is the great com
the great conrad's everything so you don't have to pay some fuckin tribute and bowed down or you're all dead that's it it's how goes and i was what they did they they believe they ruled over everything on the earth i didn't have a territory what territory what the whole thing they wanted the whole earth and that was the standard operational behaviour of like the clock sick marauders from a thousand demi that was the twelve hundreds it was like a thousand years for that were there really savages or two thousand years before that raises questions about what you whether this stuff is endemic to human beings like that they would do instead on chimps a lot of evidence they ve already seen but they have a lot of evidence even like from past chimps that you know different when they studied different areas and communities
a group of large a large group of males we'll come in and an overrun a smaller group males in isolated area and cologne beat a fuckin shit out of him kill em and come in and i the killer kids are we now have sex with the women very human behavior very typical and it used to be the idea that human beings were violent like that was because we didn't know any better and that it wasn't a natural impulse in fact when i naturally violence kids aren't so that's a learned behaviour promise you see that kind of behaviour in the animal world sheet among dolphins and you see it among chimps and you certainly see it in spades and indigenous cultures that have had very little contact with other cultures share information monocultures well does no civilization if you don't have an infrastructure of you don't have food coming anyway then you could
of struggle and when you have struggle you have danger when you have injure you have people that are going to take advantage of people that are weaker than them and you you have a breakdown of what we consider civilization mean and when you get into these really rural communities agree the further and further back in time more more prevalent that shit's gonna be that's the way he scarcely also changes the way you in your brain behaves of course who get comp competitive they get super dangerous i think that bore capable of amazing feats of kindness and and people awesome vieira and people are also on fucking believable evil
i give you look at that isis video i didn't watch it but it was described me of the jordanian pilot who has aroused fire they didn't slow more from different angles i mean they filmed it could they set it out they set up a shot and then they film this guy getting burned to death that that the fact that people are capable of that kind of cruelty to each other and at the same time there is self was people but are out there like just and ran whose living with the pygmies in the congo and is digging wells for them while they they i say human beings now there but that the book our inner ape heat the author says that we are a bipolar ape we're a bipolar capable of incredible cruelty incredible kindness incredible actually destruction incredible acts of beauty and that's the that is called the problem of humanity that is exactly what we are words were also in this constant state of struggle and i think one of the things that people are like the negative push
tal understand against masculine thinking and masculine behaviour is that we are moving towards this more aware more sensitive more or kind society and the fur the move away from those routes of the ancient barbarians the better off we're gonna be maybe maybe maybe but i would also suggest that male aggression and the letter you put in place
i'm clown my belt as i'm talking about this fucker round of male aggression that's like this why eyes they re tellers naturally tier hose i tell you boys you some barbara chair boys how many guys do that they pull up their boat nigger about thyssen sir listen here downright until you with lots of that amendment that amazement sonorously obsessed but i think masculine aggression has also given us so many of the goodies you wanna go through the list of heaps of fresh suppose in the middle of the winter time all the inventions that push us beyond our biology they takes it requires fires a little aggression i think sometimes and even god forbid i said competition ruthless com
petition that's hearings progressed problem with that is people going to lose and people don't like losing they think losing the bad feeling so they think of competition and competitive people has been negative okay so that's what that's my worry about the feminine zation quarter unquote of our society i think that we have to be very careful that we we dont for the positive aspects of what you'd call our original macho energy i think the problem is that it's not masculine energy that's a problem that people are upset about i think it's misconstrued i think the problem that we all have is with assholes that is the problem across the board whether its women or men when you see like these crimes easy radical feminist who attack speakers because they you know i want to support men's rights in divorce court and why the second reason is that really aggressive this is archetypal video of this soup
regressive feminist outside of this thing to in toronto she's get ready and she screaming people like what she wants in which doesn't want for men when they can shut the fuck up and an open ended she's telling people the honest shut the fuck up the people the let that exist like that then they become the problem is not like the idea that women deserve everything the men deserve and that we should have equal treatment by law the problem is assholes is assholes representing a point of view that i probably dont disagree with but i disagree with her i disagree with someone who is generalizing about an entire gender because that's ridiculous course or generalizing about a type of person that is in that gender like you can't everybody is entitled to art from zero and as soon as your prejudice whether your prejudice against white people whether your prejudice against men or with your prayer
just against gays or transgender whatever the fuck it is as soon as you stop treating that person as like an eel recall at them from a total even spot then he you're the asshole and i would suggest that you know we'd benefit also and enjoy a lot about life based on people who create things whose motives their motives may have been less than stellar sure a lot of people are driven by just pure ego domination greed and those things are not those things do not always create bad things factual outside they create in credible innovations better ways to do things you know so but what is what what's another word for innovation another word for innovation is destruction you're dead strewing how people used to do it when we came up with the combustion internal combustion and put it in a vehicle and turned into a car people that
made a lot of money making buggy whips one out of four business as i need your fuckin buggy whip car doesn't respond a buggy whips irresponsible ike rock oil which turned out to be oil so you know that's here keep my innovation is the is an aggressive competition thing it's connotation its destruction while we were in a way we deal with that all the time with businesses right on businesses start to get pressure in the marketplace from other outside businesses and deal with this is weird thing that happens with with commerce in how it becomes is discharged contest in some aspects of it we feel we need to save a debts yeah well that's wagging business right they go to the governments i don't want us fail will what's really to me as like actors there's people who got bailouts rightly who got bailouts all the banks almost all its acts etc with
other businesses they got bailouts as well or just banks a car the harare industry was pale that is well right turned out both cases by the way turn out to be a success stories to an extent really dave xl they made the money and while gm especially as made some amazing fuckin car by with respect to the fore didn't take any money they were doing well enough and i dont remember why yes trucks yeah so my word ford pickup trucks they did they sell a lot of fucking trucks to everyone you go we gotta like a hunting ranch you gotta cattle ranches they drivers fuck enough one fifth of dozens of bulletproof what bankrupt let us come to companies where their pension plans so you would retire they pay medical benefits fear our family for the rest of your life and you have ninety four abyssinia sour emmy here's the here's the pay off
what is that the money five and forty nine billion that so much they got keep my everybody five my billions a billion seconds is thirty three years roughly so that's what that's billion dollars you ever did not give him seconds had given him dollars emails and million so five in forty nine as i was having a forty nine billion in say in that i believe the bank's paid off that money that i'm sorry if i'm look at those number the most part they will pay off the government made a lot of money off idea really yes because they got interest so they made actually a lot more money no sham pay back what do they do with him they earn that they got from what happened that didn't pay back with interest and unknown and i mean the government was a government do that my really now that the people who pay the taxes do the aids it does things i build roads and things i guess maybe
you don't have to account for its most ridiculous system ever while we know that when you throw money just money at a problem like in baltimore i believe which is the worst school system in the country i think we spend federal dollars spend more money on per student is the third largest most amount of spending per student than any other town stately union that's kind of amazing and guess what you can't just throw money at a problem so so many of these issues that i'm kind of becoming fastened with her don't require more honey or it's not a democratic republican issue for example one prob biggest challenges we're gonna face is that there are a lot of people out there who don't fit to the twenty first century economy they don't have skill set that requires that so you can they do manual labor they do
minimum wage jobs you can raise them interim ways to fifteen hours now i guess what i took on a small business i know a lot of small business people there's too much i don't know but that's actually not the problem time you hear democrats republican stalking they say things like hey man you know do something about this income inequality you get rich and the poor get poor and we're accelerates whatever has their point of view now trickle down economics problem is in fact that it's really going on is technology is taking the place of lobbies unskilled jobs and we are going to have as technology grow exponentially robots and different forms of technique take over so many of the jobs that people have now bus drivers whenever autonomous vehicles when it's going to be but bus drivers will be out of business out of work
and there are so many examples of that what we have to start doing rather than worrying about redistributing wealth the most important is getting these people ready for the twenty first century economy is probably going to change all the time which means you gotta figure out how you gonna fit and to an economy that doesn't operate the way traditional economies work anymore there's just different needs different services things are always changing things are very trendy that's the biggest challenge and it's hard fuckin pill to swallow for someone who obey their entire families existence on horseshoe stand right also this damn engine thing comes long unknown he's a fucking horse to conquer the governments say a government bill me out and get me subsidies for the rest of my life because somebody has to pay for that and that's all of us so taxes get higher in that's what we have to be careful of i just really there is a place for government but you have to be careful
of saying hey the government's going to come in here and save the day it's a banquet way of thinking you got to evolve got to change you got to be honest be honest this is a this might be a skill that's no longer needed and robots going to change everything they are going to change everything and then when you get intelligent robots we have like these robots slaves robots arrogant do all you construction who are you can i have absolute precise measurement something's you'll have a robot this building houses like a like a human being built houses but robots robots walking upstairs gigantic bags cement with no strain in their back all manual labor jobs robots the eurozone robots comics guys think our jobs are safer at least our life we're lucky is not just that comics but also that you can't can't like fix that with a a robot a robot funny
they have done some random joke generators but that you know they lack that that part of the great bids the great bets it has a unique effective like gurgling interrogative mimic delbert or i was going to say yes absolutely sure we never joe ideas mitch hedberg actually does is absurd point of view was like really only effective i thank with his way of communicating with his his style delivery in how you gonna go figure that out with a computer you just not neck i figure out why it's peeling it some we're lucky shit being a person whose are getting our school now and thinking about jobs that used to it this is a short while ago that are nonsense now there nonsense jobs like how many people in the the era of you no ninety ninety five had
some sort of training in school education and technologically related things and technology creative potential by time they get out school everything they learn is irrelevant didn't have a promoter june to explain your problem i mean i'm i went to school to be like to work and recording studio right and at worst maybe workin a radio station they would say and this is kind of like what my education is continent to be able to control essentially radio show but there are no requested is for me to go workin did exist summa maybe five and allay this practicable more than that but any one that has been working there flashed fifteen years is still working there we're not hiring new young blood to comment as they need to work for the next fifteen years and i mean this is not that much of the demand and are not making media videos either you can do it at home you can and easier to have to have a decent credible systems right and niger
like a regular apple computer or even a windows computers fine dave girls movie called like sound city recent like that i believe came up here goes really good and kind of shows how that all happened over the last ten years yeah it's your your finding these houses for sales la houses have like recording studio built in them for sale but you don't need election there is a lot of those instances of technology the technology just doesn't wait for you just if you if you weren't computer programming pre ninety ninety what you gonna do what we need is to be made in our schools its anything techno actually related like banking on one thing over another like some adjust invited me to sub start up of some new multimedia social media sort of a thing like and i remember thinking good luck with this
a good luck i quite where would i investing in my time to try to go check out go to a speech and see like the unveiling of this thing like if it's good it'll get online hereabout that's it that's it did i get here behind anything before it's good i guess it is why it isn't who set who's to say certain things catch on certain things don't but yellow just catch yellow catch on a guy i had some academics come to me because i had listened avalon act there was a my pockets with all brian counter another one kid but and i i had some academics countries it listen we want to put together a convention and as something called evil com so a convention on evolution and we want to get all the great minds of evolution together and people and get together have a convention about evolution and with the idea that we can get that forty percent of americans or whoever it is you don't
evolution over on our side let's give them the evidence because this scientific community scientists bosnia but they don't very bad job commute allocating their message they don't do a good job communicating because what happens with academics and and people in the world is that get they become very insular and they become very incestuous and their only talking to each other not talking to people who are casting votes and anne who ultimately have a say in policy stuff well you know i learned from kevin photos on the park casio today who is a scientist and works a lot with gm foods gmo food yet and explaining what they really are one of things he was about to me when i was that he works for the public centrally he's a public scientist but when they were research something or come to some conclusions they publish emily's papers are journals he's journals are often hidden behind pay walls yes so and they lay the very people
paid to fund these studies don't really have access to them and there was a who went to jail is lacking in to guess university the eu they were either or charging him would like some serious crime zone errand schwartz things aren't schwartz that was easy to yeah he hacked into all these sort of academic papers that were not made public money made him yeah obey form they report on pay for the act and many public without the professors intellectual property they date that's their intellectual power they didn't give a say so universally makes money off that and he just gave him to everybody in and then they threatened them to make an example and it comes up why do you feel about that that seems here more than a year of sorts killed himself rather than face prosecutions questions about mit handling of the case persist scroll down
feel as though i think errand schwartz what you know if you if you have if somebody as intellectual property its act them paper on something and they can make money offered they should be allowed to make money off it and invites your property in somebody comes in and breaks in your password and just gives away for free that's that's not cool right that's what i did i don't know just but if you are public scientist and if you are working for a university that receives tax dollars from the community and you do this work network belong to everyone very requires everyone paid for it is our knock how're you public if you are you were getting money in your earning money from the money was put up by the public to pay for you mean me to come to define also we allow what we don't allow so in some ways he probably had a really good point the way when after it was caught theft right meaning
invaded someone's property which is the university to whether or not it should be their property that's debatable but the fact that he wasn't allowed into their servers and he got in there all we did was download sums so it's not malicious i think whatever crime they should have pointed at him would have been like nothing like a fine hey man you can't just break into people's catches hack into people servers that is fucked up so as you get some sort of fine for that but the idea of jail time i'm talking about five hundred dollar five thousand dollars supple that and put it on probation sid don't ever do is again man you can't can hack into people's but the idea this guy was under so much stress that he killed himself over releasing academic papers which clearly there's no models and why not heard in what i threatened with i think life imprisonment they they threaten housing terrible he's trying to release things that make people smarter
put more that out there and then leave you do the math legal we'll have to suffocate funded did it get funded by taxpayers why the fuck do you have to pay for it i have to pay for the results of these pub studies permit studies or wherever if some publishes something in a paper and it was funded by taxpayers should be available should be public library somewhere what did you get this guy talk about as far as gmos and a lot of misinformation they're right dear he was excited so long long podcast we did threefold hours and he was great he's a really really interesting guy and many people have some crazy misconceptions and they stick to them like glue what he said in the park as would explain in the park ass you see people arguing with online religious it there's a religion along a about it they don't stand what it means to modify these foods like these ideas a frank and foods these idea with dangerous and deadly it's something that people been doing forever it has been
in it he was explaining how they were splicing plants together and creating hybrids of plants and that they would take behind as soon require less pesticide i'd city so if someone who's talking about what has been done forever and like the difference being now there engineering certain things to turn on genes or turn off genes and people are concerned that this could be really dangerous and he was really honest about it and he's i guess i can see that the eu should be some concern and he was really honest about the whole idea of we are we don't exactly no this is gonna be safe forever body at every single turn every time but if you just look at the things we ve gone over the things that kill people right now like peanuts and brian has a fuckin hours you two penicillin my mother does to shoulder
if my mother from my mother it's one brazil not one shall die that's crazy so think of that imagine that was a drug that was a drug that was released by the pharmaceutical company with those numbers tolerated boy i don't think so i don't think so so if it's a common a tory plant or vegetable something that they ve created and it wax one person out of a hundred million should be ok i don't think it should but man it's of course it would have made this cover time astronaut kills aspen kills a number people out and the people of algeria now you're nobody in their right mind going to ban aspens rate drug and helps a lot of people with chronic pain to lotta people drink too much water and die from that every year three like anything is is that's not eating is toxic in a certain quantities rise effect but the
being about this is that people are worried about cancer because they worried about what they're doing these plants are not natural and that's how able to fight off these pesticides into legitimate concerns when you look into what actually going and actually being done i think most of the plants that were worried about comes of that stuff i think those are the ones that they feed animals and then you worried about ok now you're eating the animal that's eating this stuff that has round up shit on it like what is what's that what's goin on there it is light like we're talking about bear i give you eat a bare that's been eating blueberries supposed to be like the most delicious me in the world stephen our talks about this he had a an episode worry each other's bear in alaska and as is butchering the bear the bare feet has blue it's a blue hugh almost a purple hugh because of the blueberries things been eating what who's to say that if you are giving a fuckin cow or you
having some whatever animal some this round up shit then if you spraying it on vegetables to kill bugs and then vegetables get fed are you watching them before you give near cows how exactly treating them and make sure there's nothing in there there is something in there just like how the blueberry makes bear tastes different that's gotta do something to what you're eating it has got to it just gotta be affecting the flash do you take me into your body and there's a potential if you're eating toxic shit that is like that that that cow is eating some pesticides that's gonna be able to get into the mean so maybe it'll yogi lady was right wade merrily talks i mean look if you look at it that way should i can almost as a point of you're i'm free rein and geographical if indeed raw roundup is that bad if indeed it does get in the meat if indeed it does look kills what quantity to acquire effect
we i don't know see the yom there was one of the some shows where this guy had offered to drink round up he had set his totally safe enough to worry about it he was a drink it and the guy you drink and yellow i've got a glass here drink it and the guy goes well years being told jerk alien watch it goes
celerity another guy did drink atropos rabbis this let's let's do started from the beginning and give us a volume cause this is wonderful i love this but is leave that life or say in argentina is causing increases in cancer you can drink a whole court of it and it won't hurt you if you want to drink some we have some here i'd be happy to actually not not really but not real i know it wouldn't hurt me if you say so it s not stupid ok so you you you know but i know it is dangerous i know people try to commit suicide failed utterly irregularly tell the truth is not dangerous in humans no no not so you ready to drink one glass of now i'm not an idiot interview me about golden rice that's what i'm talking about ok then except in the interview was finished and services which is often hear hear all week drew nearer gonna have a moment you're a complete jerk you got married quickly didn't hear corset
if you dare me i'm gonna have to probably drink it more easily liar he's a liar the guy who were when they were thereof there sprang the trees eddie was california the aren't you for fruit flies over whatever and he started the meeting i he was the honour the company started many my drinking entire glass of it oh my god here and care he was so here's how dangerous it is ready guys go call glow gluck logging dantes gotta whenever bone and that was a famous way started that sort of like to prove to everybody that this product is not toxic ok but then how secure bugs riding bugs i don't know but i do know that attack usually attack the bug central nervous system or something or causes some one enzyme out i'll talk to you today would be turning into the fly exactly she's got really thick care strongly she just gets throws up stuff on his food and fox all the time just go blues
scary movies a great guy demagogic garbo is about seven eight is a giant huge fucking huge he's so talented man i love him jurassic park at all times and in possible dick well he's got an possible their common how big i hear its first ball there are two things that he has gone form and i know girl data them and i did it for about ten minutes and she said well you play the piano concert piano is that he's a concert pianist basically and he's got a donkey dick i thought i should of course i went world on i stop everything focused piano let's get it let's get dick immediately me i had a i'd ask she showed me or form she said it's as big as my form woe monster said and of course and i said you u slot bulgaria
who's gonna talk about at last there are definite lasted six six dogmatic piano playing riches shit as far as fuck if you watch the movie the fly you get an idea of how he fucks too gotta isa is a stud he's got an easy bone structure so i'd love him and jurassic park so am i or time favorite rules he's just great the most interesting innovation thereby satirist yes i do know that it was amazing cause you like twenty has had a very tiny part in any hall we need is an almost an extra goddess unique gaze abed mother fucker he's great as a scientist too because a scientist he s like all is unique works about the way describes things and processes things you totally believe intelligent enough to make you like in the fly it's a perfect example
do you imagine like a doll actor playing that roy like what he's woody's when he's took pitching it and his passion about it like that excitement like you really leave that you will use is always the girl created that that trans border does us of that kind of thing he does it tries things about it as he talks about i just where the same clothing autumn pivot of yes i'm aware think about the aware i believe it returns to his he's one of those guys we're wally's do it onstage or in a movie you you really believe forget that is jeff global even brief moments like is good enough that it just hypnotize as you too ending occupy fucking kicked ass not want yet my few those people out there what walk in his pride i wait evaded awake that's a name from the past don't say dunaway do chinatown watch chinatown which i had forgotten or move damn she could
act phenomenal movie jesus christ she was good so was he to me she's christ that's a good movie what's his name in the movie hankers member forget it i think it's chinatown fog she's my mother now she's my daughter she's my sister she's my daughter she's my sister member that where a slob jointly cut his nose slices no note you note for four ten points you know actually cut his nose no that was roman polanski really is the director why and sets a thirteen year old and raising living alone i think it didn't drug or somethin to she was on drugs and she was high and he sodomized her as well rise coups but did he drugs did he know i think she was doing the drugs and she had had said somebody else and she'd been there before but she's thirteen an argument with a bunch of fans of his own and i said look
it's fine i know that you're coming up with reasons why couldn't you should be let that you say five if it was your daughter if it was your thirteen year old thirteen just just what how would you that's not the point it is the brow hausa not the point the point is like well the only thing that could be not the point is is he that same guy now is he that same guy now or were you dealing with a guy who if maybe we know now rowan terrible ass he might be suffered one of the most insane things again ever happens for a the man said family killed his wife and cut his pregnant wives belly opener and smeared blood all over the wall i mean what would they did that was the tate labianca murders sharon's was roma polanski his wife
it's right because his baby at the time and his wife for the time being that has got to be a mind breaker now i'm not saying that would resort someone pedophilia but mean who knows what gone on that guy's mind or life at that point if he's not that guy anymore and that woman wherever she is if she's still alive forgives him i see him being able to lead a normal life i mean there's been enough he was also believe a concentration camp survivor or at least he had been in the holocaust in poland at a jew and had to flee he i think one of those two are members will also it's like look that guy's been some horrific horrific shit and it certainly doesn't justified or exonerate him rather from anything terrible but he's done but
at a certain point in time you got to go like what should be what should be done about something that happened twenty five years ago should you have to do time in jail has he slid thereas establish limitations for that very reason and to answer that question and the anomaly i would you know i'm saying yeah that's what statute of limitations exists because you not thought to be that person anymore i believe that's the the logic behind i believe that's at least port the partial lags behind that law was now one of the crazy things about like com max i contracts and leases and things along those lines like it's like agreeing that you're gonna be the same person to a certain extent like a man
which or more relevant even somebody on death row committed a crime he was eighteen the alleys forty five and is a very different person and when he was eighteen that was there a lot of examples of that votes why are you expected to be responsible for things that you did a teen over but under eighteen you become a juvenile and yet there is if it is to see a logical actually the reason for that is that these the frontal cortex of a teenager is not fully developed and that's the era of your brain you used to make decisions and so teenagers biologically to air from from around it's more positive and all especially boys young teenage boys of the worst and they say until their twenty five like does noon fully form like that they said they would you want to get rid of all crime just take off fourteen year old boys taken forty in the age of twenty one pelion imprison down
violent crime will they had a they had a study about the amount of violent crimes that are committed by people in that age range and its overwhelming is it a lot of it is a serious lack of perspective lack of understanding with the consequences of your actions are in these weird impulses tat teenagers have these weird ancient fuckin primate impulses that still list there's dinner i remember them brown i just got over two or three years ago yeah man it's it's not the evolving there they they only i don't know what he knew she was thirteen there a lot of issues but i'm at the end of the day if you have session a thirteen year old and she's drug up i don't know man you know you can't forgive you know it's a hundred percent crazy the other two factors though the holocaust thing and the weather investors are true do we fear that he had to flee the code is it gave you live in nicaragua get are you an end like not a crank i'll get us a bit gleaming unless you have the crack i'll get us i believe this is a good statistic
four million jews with their roughly over seven hundred years of in in poland there are huge part of the fabric of the academic world we're going to business fabric and by the end of that for years five years of four million five million jews there were about but less than fifty thousand left that often killed and crack i've ever most of the terrible concentration camps were in poland and if you live in that crack o ghetto during that time period it was the worst some of the worst i won the worse places to be in history the lou that during the age of five attended primary school for only a few weeks into all the jewish children were abruptly expelled gathers copy so fucking sky every year just tell you children go to school and walks your jews and they got than they were sent off sent off to contrast comes killed very quick latin
on the trains along with children over the age of twelve to wear white armbands with blue star of david imprinted for visual identification farc then again this doesn't exactly father taken away horrible horrible horrible shit yeah but still i come okay so what do you do with it i like that what do you do do you let him back in here obviously went through a bunch a horrendous shit deemed make em come back in here and go to jail but what do you do are you say hey you can come back and live in america where you have to go to jail for a year how many years you may go to jail for did i don't know i can't engineering collection twenty five years like what today he would say would be twenty five years at least right if someone did
to thirteen year old do you say twenty five years in jail if if he comes over here at so many years after the crime does he have to the same amount of time that he would have had to do if it was the nineteen seventy one whose convicted i dont think that came over used rather i dont think if he came over here now he would he would be thrown in jail worry but which by put questions would you be subjects the ideas and the laws of nineteen seventy that's interest or would you be subject the ideas in the laws of two thousand fifteen idea of your tried in absentia then you would be whom but i'm not sure yeah because i think though that probably the punishments probably married between then and now the way while the punishments also very of non circumstance of rape i have a specific you know they carry with them a penalty right that penalty is predicated upon the circumstances
and a lot of other things that wasn't always a case was it that will there's dead now talk of dancing natural law and and circumstantial also in a natural i would say whatever the case what you did was out of the or out of the nature of how humans is babby stole something there's no other reason there's no other circumstance doesn't matters are relevant you go to jail you killed somebody the fact of the matter is that its unnatural kill somebody you youtube you pay with your life modern societies realise that crimes are committed and i hope they will monitor the main it was always the question of the biggest cicero it goes back to the romans where it says look if you park your chariot here in this town well you're you're gonna get a fine oh but you know what where i live in carthage i can part my chair there and the guy knows very well here's a here's a morning don't do it again because now you're in rome but if you snap
baby out of a woman's arms and kill it or something terrible regardless the law will say in rome no you go to jail nobody carthage were allowed to do that or i'm from the mongolia tartar steps we do that fine that's fine you're still gonna pay with your life why because what you did falls under an natural act so no matter what your culture says that was an unnatural act and unnatural acts which would mean meaning they were outside the realm of human conduct and so you must pay a price regardless of where you're from including whether or not you knew that was right or wrong that's a very important aspect of law it something that is you know that people talk about all tat that's how you start drawing distinctions between crimes that are ex visible based on circumstance and crimes that job
like drug smuggling or how about more drug smuggling is one thing but there are crimes like all of us in most societies would suggest that if an adult had sex with a five year old river fuck it soon it's an unnatural crime and your you're gonna do you gonna do you see that the silk road creator got life in prison without the possibility of pearl now you see a sensation the silk road as in self cast out now the silk road is was a dark web there's the great documentary by alex winter what's it called the deep web and it's about the dark web it's about this the system that was created by the military and they were using it to buy and sell drugs and some people who bought those drugs died and day they overdosed these p
but that were using it we're not him wasn't ago created at the guy created just a portal for people to use it he created away for people to communicate and exchange drugs for money or for bitcoins or for whatever their invite yet another diego and turned out the aid and stole like hundreds of thousands of dollars in bitcoin and transferred into personal accounts and there's a lot of fucker involved and he went to jail and day just tried him and convicted him and the judge sentenced him to life in prison life for creating a website the appeals not successful he wills concurrently serve to life senses a twenty year sentence a fifteen year old son fish in your sentence and a five year sentence without parole for creating this technology the sort of secret a tunnel too late
if a created away for people to be able to buy and sell drugs illegal drugs was you working for a cartel or something no no he was working he thought he was working for good because he's a talented programmer and he figured out a way to let people buy things that they wanted to buy it was giving people the opportunity away to a non mislead or semi anonymously trade goods and funds methods that were deemed prohibited from them rise that they were unable to argue create a better defence form well i'll did you get a chance to manifest railroaded by the government in these cases they wanted to convict him you know they if they want to they can keep things out of evidence like the idea you get a totally fair trial is really sad it's it's not the case especially when it comes to drugs you know one tonne mccormick arrested
went to jail for growing medical marijuana legally under state laws they address them they arrested him and prosecuted him in a federal court when they get you in a federal court the fur thing they tell you as there is no such thing as medical marijuana you're not allowed to mention medical marijuana you can't use it as defence can bring it up like you could cause a mistrial you can get sanctioned by the court if you change the definitions if you bring up the food that its legal in your state since is not legal really it's irrelevant so they silence you from community getting the realities of this new wants situation they try to pretended black why you were selling drugs yes or no well yes but i was so illegally in a state of california as voted upon by the people of california there was a proposition that was passed medical marijuana was passed i was selling legally through this proposition a u they can't say that so he went to jail never in his defence city ever was he ever allowed even say he was growing it
legally in his state because federal charges tromp state lock federal government has two sides that dictators they just decide i don't give a fuck what you voted for the group of us we say fuck you and we say fuck about something there's never killed a single person ever amazing we weren't we're we're talking about all these different things that kill people were talking about salt killing people an aspirin killing people and how many people die from drinking too much water then though millions of people smoke we'd know one dies from it you just can't do it you can't do it you could die from water were quicker than you could die weird god damn it's stupid as fuck and the fact that people will go to jail for then have gone to jail for that is
stupid as fuck it's a matter of changing its i think the evidence is just too overwhelming it is it's an old login it's amazing how how slowly these things move when it comes to getting rid of the law because there's a kind of industry that grows up around enforcing that exactly a lot of money and enforcing lobbyists when it comes to prison guards groups that want to keep their jobs s privatized prisons does allow that is a lot of really issue with flat tax one why not just tax people a certain percentage is make a flat tax no big deal there are just too many vested interest in you know the how these tax code is so complicated you got a higher accounts
and you're gonna higher alot of people to help you with that self news that you think that's why people don't want a flat it's one of the reasons the pressure that the pressure is also said it just it people will have an incentive to keep the system the way it it's whilst also the fact that we are talking about before were you don't have to did i have to account for all the money that you give them that seems insane like could you imagine a new system of they try to start off for fresh today we just want x amount of money in a door about it we're just gonna run everything you show me where my money show everybody whether monument notes are compare notes you find out money is being spent on shit that we don't want at all right how you don't get to say right now i don't know what i'm taxpayer pricey half my money just think about you work for the government i would say that fifty percent of my day is spent working for someone else
are you so the government you spend a lot of money that money gets taxed everything you biogas taxed and on top of that the money itself gets tax a try much how much they really need what are you doing with what are they doing with a passing enforcing those laws and yassin there it takes to run a coercive body called the u s federal government you need that their homework literature and believes the libertarian believes that government should be treated like a necessary evil you need it for some things that's it that's the motto but you you you should treated so it's a necessary evil be will be aware that government always does two things it all we grows and its nature is coercive and equipment
other is not my idea but he i says governments business of intent not results there is an intention there's an intention to pass healthcare law it's gonna be twenty four hundred pages nobody will read it no one who voted in the law they're not gonna meet it is too complicated but it'll be twenty four hundred pages and actually more than that at the end of it and its intended to make health care more affordable for everybody who wouldn't want that i do take the patriot act it's the intention now let's see how it works in practice that's what you have to be aware of its not very effect
and more importantly we should all know that it's not the only answer there are other ways to engineer what we call equality of opportunity there are other ways you just have to be a little more creative and say let's tat people packs loretta court on quote whether by the rich and the poor it's always changing isn't it isn't it always moving some people start a bad jobs they work their way up make a lot of money you gotta be careful with when you talk about this stuff it's it's a changing definition and we are stuck in orthodoxy of thinking watson breakin the camp it was established along fuckin time ago when the world was different the world was way front when they start establishing income tax issues way different and windows they could get away with dictators type shit like that but if there was no tax system in place they distort taxing us taking money well well well well well well what the fuck man like if you were just paying state tat
is actually an income tax just sales tax that there's a way to make taxes really fair like guiding this should be a carbon tax and what i mean is it you spend a lot of money on you ve put a lot of carbon in the air and then pay your share so so in other words if you have a really big you want to buy a big truck with lots of power that's fine going to cost you a little more money you weren't you whatever whatever carbon you use whatever the dynamics we're gonna fossil fuel use can put out certain metric of of carbon near you could tax it that way you not accept that makes sense it also makes sense the idea that if you buy something like so if you buy nuke are you going to use the roads like you should like that you're benefiting from some other work that had to be done i had to be paid for so for every percentage of every car they should be something that goes to some higher if i think there s a way that makes sense that totally makes out yet i think a lot of texts mix
what doesn't make sense is that we don't get an accounting of it and that totally i mean the budget when you find out with a deficit is an talking about solidarity than mean trillions of you old trillions two fuckin who let emilio this question so when you you're paying for security whether you know not you're paying you're you're mine so scared when you retire at sixty five you'll be eligible to check every month where we get even if you read shallow mascot ass you do what you do good question but more importantly that's crazy you gonna get it one starts at sixty five rights the panel's bank what haven't indicted sixty four lambs our money well absolute exactly guess what what he found it doesn't get it what's what i understand it goes into the ether chosen was deals it where it is where's your so scared here when you die back into the till i believe and then were what happens there
maybe even paying into a tool for a long time we have to look no further than civil forfeiture laws look at those fuckin creepy things were they just pull you overnight ten thousand bucks on you to do so we can take it as we think you're selling drugs those obama way to buy a fucking car they get your money than you gotta fight for in court while you have to prove it big guy and they'll take your fuckin we spend it on shit for though it is the very thing is the biggest thing you have to watch out for it is gonna get busted they bought a margarita machine with the money that they see from some will summarize what a surprise the growth of the state what you mean by growth strategy more people are people people who are in this new power over you and when they have something written down they think they're allowed to enforce it is written down law look it's written right there given it doesn't make any sense and then you have to don't forget if you have a law an entire people enforce allow you must also have watchdogs yet have an agency that actually what is those people just like the gods have internal affairs
who watches the watch on this not watch so so so so the biggest questioning political philosophy is what the basic question political philosophy is who is governing the governor they're fucking profound now hey jamie look at that source to clearly which the where's the money go back you we'll have to wrap this bitch up thousands for seventy oh by the way around tonight before i forget your nose and big brown will kick my ass if she should our star shirts are dropping monday at seven p m we got these new awesome shirts that i wish i said i had a hand in designing but they rounded and there there's some of our best surety at seven o clock monday sevenpm their drop and further cadiz here's a reality if we should die before you begin to get your money check your family would get a payment in cash amounted to three point five cents on every dollar of wages you have earned after nineteen thirty six if for example
you should died aged sixty four and you had it earn twenty five dollars a week for ten years before that time you family would receive foreign and fifty five dollars that's not much as i think that's trying to say on the other hand it is an tile other hand on the other hand if you have not worked enough to get the regular monthly checks by time your sixty five you will get a lump sum or if you should die a family or estate would get a lump sum so universally i get one three point five hence on every hour of weight you earned they get three point five doll sense on every dollar of wages that you earned after nineteen thirty so is that three point five percent three point five cents on every dollar this report this is also from nineteen thirty six out g could have also changed since i'm gonna gives honest i wish it every day thing for those people that the world was flat there might be different and might be different there's now ask you to give
is that so security the idea of me who knows how much changed but the idea behind his great the other throw some money in that it's gonna help old people out when they can't work anymore sounds wonderful but they live in abject poverty and pay much pay so little i now and how else could you do it mean you enough money out there to pay everybody well i get sag pension i'll get some real money from my segmented enactments guanacos gilbert all this time and acting class paid off kids variety motherfucking tell whether why be our why tonight i gotta go other trafficked von isn't my mother fucker you do have a great time they last night bunch a crazy trucks birthday parties and shit
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