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#659 - Dean Delray

2015-06-11 | 🔗
Dean Delray is a stand up comedian. He has his own podcast called "Let There Be Talk" available on iTunes & Stitcher. http://deandelray.com/
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now and just a great guy with a bunch of really cool stories any as a podcast called. Let there be talk, I wanted to have dean on for a while and We got him out today, so strap in buckle up, enjoy Dean, Delray checking out the job. Logan. Experience during my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day, buckers we're live before We even say anything. I have to do a favor for Arisha fear, ARI, should fear's new show his show. Rather, this is not happening on comedy central is starting a new season, starting season two and ARI really wants to get great stories from comma. That you guys all enjoy. So what arias jesting you do is, perhaps tweet him suggestions
also tweet, the comics that you would like to see form on his show everybody's got some fucking wacky story, just one story and if you've ever seen, this is not happening. It's it's stand up. Telling crazy stories about either things that have happened in them on the road or it during life. Or what have you It's just so slightly different form of stand up, so season. Two is about to begin and would like you to tweet at anybody that you would think would be don't harass anybody, don't twitter bomb people that sheds gross people that ask It twitter bomb Joe great way to never get on this podcast. It's annoying it's annoying as fuck. I don't like it, but not that what want to do to do is just get the word out about it and in tweet to him any that you would like to see on it. That would that would help as well right,
fox, the they'll Raley's German, hey man. What's up brother out, it's funny! You say that because, like I would see for like a year, people don't Joab dean on your podcast and, like that's the worst way, to get me on well not necessarily, if you told them to do it. That would be the worst way. No, you never would, but a lot of people did sub I in the eye. I watch you on the DOM Irrera podcast because of it, which is fucking hilarious. Seeing dollar airline live from laugh factory, first of all, DOMS great guy where is comic, but it's a fun podcast and you were really funny on that fucking show thanks Miss Rock and roll stories, God Dam dude, I mean you, you fucking you the comedy it through a really weird way, yeah, I came the long way. Twenty five years of the long way. Twenty five years of music yeah play music twenty five years with the funny thing is we're not as a kid. I wanted to do comedy, but there was no
It's doing comedy you know not like now, you can go to camp or you can do still without you know, good comedy camp for kids. That's a Tiffany was started. She had laugh factory comedy camp as like a thirteen yeah same with Melissa via Signor yeah and But when I was a kid yeah, I'm forty nine, so I grew up in the first couple, seasons of Saturday Night live, and I was like I want to be John Balushi. I gotta be him, but where can you be him except for six grade but well, there's open mic and stuff like that. Like would you would you start out where we live in when you were like? I grew up in the Bay area. You know and San Francisco there was much but I'm like you know, eighth grade, you don't know about that, there's no internet or anything right. So you had already gotten into music. I started playing music and then years just flew by because the neighbor, play music and- and I love
I love comedy in the seventies. It was the same year Cheech and Chong Carlin Richard their nails at ACDC Ted Nugent Van Halen. They were just the same to me one record on and then the other. While yeah. You said you live next to musicians. Is that we've got well people in my neighborhood, we all love to rock and they were like. Let's play let's play in bands, you now do you think of that? Wasn't around the you would have gotten the stand up early. Well, here's the thing doing standup was huge in San Francisco in the 80s man yeah we had bobcat, we had Bobby Slayton Robin Williams. The morning show with Kerry Snow and all those guys it was huge but just didn't know how to do it, and I was probably scared. Here? I thought dice and I was like I'm going to try comedy- and I did one time at this bar mcnears in pet aluma and I went in and I was just trying to be dice like a look at those tickets.
And I swear that it was silent as like. I don't like that fuck you and I thought this is how you do it right and man. I was tossed out of there, of course, yeah yeah there's an intangible and she got like dice. They can say like some of the most offensive schitt. First of all, As you know, him- and you know like the character- there's also there's something about the way he did it and like if you're young kid and you see it- you think you could go, do it to you, don't realize how stupid it sounds. It comes out of your mouth and you realize, like oh wait. A minute he's been doing this for a long time. Yeah. It's established, you know, but I saw dice in eighty eight at the store and she really, ways to hang at the store my buddy would like was dating the head waitress there and I play rock in Hollywood and then we'd go to the store 'cause. It was huge was that before or after he had become gigantic before because I remember seeing him and then I think, like a year later, he was on the Rodney thing and I was like that's that guy
I was telling you guys about, but he would do Monday nights and go on and and all the rockers would go the record. Got to see this guy man and you go down there and you come out of the bag. Look at this whole, hey back what the free this is not call you not getting beat up. This is where I think I was laughing at you know. Another guy would happen. What are you laughing at you Can I thank God I would get up and leave and then it was awesome man, you know, yeah call it mean. Dice are just two different diss there's there's and there's mean days and mean This will start picking on people in the audience and fucking just lay into dudes. Like one thousand and fifteen minutes, you see they like smile at first. I think that I'll eventually get tired of picking on me move on the next guy. No I'm not
I'm not done with you, yet you should go. Please be done with me. Fuck man, this game is here comedy show I didn't want to be a part of it. You know brutalized people, radical mcalary door was radical back then you know everybody is just flying around like coke in his 80s and there's rock bands and great comedy going on it's different, now that's a big thing is different. Now is coke comedians are not on coke again a lot of comics on Coke. That's all! We need there's a few that drink, but as far as like doing coke made A couple of them might do it may usually, but it's not like innocent thing, where they're all just getting blasted like you heard, Mark Marins Kinison stories, awesome the fuqing, the one doing coke for, like seventy eight hours and hallucinate ing for a year. He was hearing voices for a fucking year. He had voices.
Talking in his head for a year after that? That was the era man I mean I did Coke every. You know not every day, but like all the time you just did Coke but you did man, it was Rock Oak and- and you know- and it wasn't getting high. It was just about keep rolling. Let's keep it rolling man rock. You don't want to quit. Now you wanna go to bed let's go bowling, then the liquor store will be open, will hit that then we'll go to this party in the canyon. Oh god that's brutal, but it's fun. That's insane! It's gross I think about it. I wish I were, should sleep so much now, I'm like I know when you're young you'll put that sleep off just like I could stay. I've done that many times just stayed up and just figure out go to bed tonight. Yes, go to bed tonight write it out and then the last few hours of your day, you're just a zombie. Just it's were such pitches.
Need sleep. We don't get that sleep you're like working at like forty percent capacity, a you have to struggle with everything you do at home, where it's right like I. I get angry when I know it's like yeah man, I'm like fuck. This crowd remember, being young known thinking like it feeling feeling like after pulling an all nighter and thinking they're a difference between me then and me now, as I probably more aware of how I feel like shit now, I'm more aware of what my body actually requires when you're twenty years old and you do something like that, I don't think anything of it. You just go warm so tired. Yeah. The endurance is crazy. When you're young you just it's you can lay there when you hear your body working that when it's just going boom, you think about what you made it do. You've made all booze and drugs in you and you haven't eaten a couple days. That's gross! So how old were you when you got understand them? Forty four,
we've been doing it for five one slash two years exactly last week, two thousand six hundred spots fuckin' hustle dude. It was weird and this is a true story when I start thinking of doing comedy- all the guys who love during the 40s It's like you Okay, Tom Papa and I had I was really naive. Thinking like oh, it's not an age thing like rock you know right where a rockstar there's only a few guys that get to that Mick Jagger Level, where you can do whatever the and they're looked at is, like you know, old packers or whatever, but comedians aren't looked at his old comics. There looked at his comics because they are the most of the killers are in their 40s, the guys I laugh. Well, if you're seeking big something about your insight when you get into your forward
It is probably missing when you're in your 30s. So can you thirty can be really funny when you're in your 30s, but it's very rare that you find someone in their thirties. It has like the inside of a Louis C K. Like the the point of view, the unique perspective of a bar. You know it's like you. Do takes a lot of livin to get America. Yeah. If you got it, you have to travel or think yeah. You do we need to come to their own. You have to understand your own bullshit, to which a lot of times you don't yet when you're in your when you're in your thirties. Even if you're, really funny. You might have some funny points. You probably don't understand your own bullshit. Yet yeah you got it. It to yourself- and I I'm second I'm shady in some ways. Yeah and then you talk about onstage did you go to a or one of those things where you stand on a podium and make people laugh. That's a lot of guys start right yeah that would happen. Was I've drank and did Coke every night, but I sang every night and I had three guys in my bed. I was losing my voice
I go to the doctor and he goes. You can't drink Alka. It dries out your vocal cords you've got like what they call pre notes, which is calluses on your vocal cords, like a God or Steven Tyler or as Paul Stanley. You got to go in and get him laser it off. You won't be able to sing for six months so when you're making a living, in two days off, even with comedy that lately makes the machine crumble. So my guys are like hey you, you can't drink. You know we got, we got to eat and I That too, I was like alright, I gotta quit for a little bit and see what happens. Then after three weeks went by felt, fantastic and- and I just never looked She never got a laser. No What I did was he told me, two things quit drinking, don't talk all day and don't talk after gigs, and I just build for like three weeks and they slow a lot of Ricola Throat coat tea and
and the number one thing I did wrong, which people don't know was when you clear your throat, it's the worst thing you can do when you go and do that all the time I banged your vocal cords together and That'S- the worst thing you can do is maybe just have bechain spoken words about my vocal cords, don't mind rumbling a little bit. Butting heads your vocal cords, lift weights to get jacks running hills you, that was what made you quit drinking like Purdy Mouth, I hit a rock bottom radical, I mean I was getting pretty radical. I threw a beer in an AR guys face do you do that? What's in a in order? That's a rag radio. As far as raises a got a signed, you know record label owned, really yeah, so we're doing a showcase for was a simple artist in residence. Rapper representatives are represent. Artist relations, our relations
he threw a beer in his face. Yeah I was, we were doing a showcase and there's a bunch of record labels. Come down to see us they're all hot right. There we go on, they start leaving our managers like I don't know what the going on there all leaving and so he calls in the next day and they go well such as such said. He signed you guys yesterday at lunch, and so we left it was, scan, he did say can watch is on his own, so I saw about a month later I was pretty drunk at award show and I just had a beer and just right on his face and tough as I can. That's, probably not good. Thank you for the business later, though, when I see him later, it is like that's pretty pretty gangster really. He said it was getting so yeah. He knew it was like. That's like the g in our era. Rockers, you know the crazy fog, the guns n roses era will did you were you around for that yeah? Did you see then come up. I saw him come up big time. Yeah
I played in that whole scene. You know blood right man. That seems like one of the weirdest errors of Hollywood, because it seems like a rock and roll era, that nobody really saw. Comment like a late 80s yeah mean side of them and there's a few big bands from back then, but not necessarily big bands from LA you know. They were so much better than everybody else. You had them and Jane's addiction really does with that too, and they played gigs together and stuff. When you think of the two styles are totally different, but they're. Both the Recipes of the same danger, an whenever you have something really fucking dangerous. It's going to hit with kids 'cause. You know you're coming out of that Reagan era and everything is kind of shitty, and it's like comedy
is big in the 80s when it's bad people grab onto it and you had a long time of bad music. You know you had a bunch of like super glam spandex stuff, and then this thing comes in welcome to the jungle yeah, and it feels and the whole records good. That's why it made. It wasn't one two songs, yeah records, fantastic, but if you look at the original video for welcome to the jungle heat seized up here, he's on the borderline of that glam thing like somebody must have talked him into dress. Like that or he didn't know any better. Yet His hair was like Farrah Fawcett or some hair shit, yeah, rampage or anything that we could find yeah Dean Delray? This is Hunza. Pictures of me on there from the old days and family will find it I wanna see. Axel rose first is welcome to the jungle yeah because it changed then it
like bandanas and greasy hair in the heroin look. He went from the hair band, look to the heroin look now. You know I remember specifically seeing them. This was the turning point grinding out and the record came out. You know that record failed when it first came out people, No one's first single bombed really was firmly jungle. That was the first thing to bomb dudes liked it, but it wasn't, you know, took it away to. You sweet child. Is there yeah we'll get them photo and it is for me g slightly grungy, but you know what it is. It's like. You tried to be Grunge there yeah, you worked it it out like that's here, doesn't stick up out what No, no, no! That's hairspray! Unless you work in a chemical plant, you got it I think the man that is this error. When you look at this- and I always describe this to people- and you have tattoos- and I have tattoos and
the error of the eighties. When you add tattoos that meant you were never working a regular job at that time. Now you get your pulled way. You work at Starbucks wherever, but at that time that may No one was hiring except construction or landscaping. Yeah you weren't going to. Job. So that was a see I mean he has multiple giant tattoos too yeah
He just went out now have like sixteen year old, kids that have sleeves exactly side foods foods in fifth grade, I always say I don't think I got enough tattoos to work at chipotle in ladies, what's up with the inspirational quotes below the side boob, so that is becoming, that is the Fuckin' barb wire around the bicep of the twenty fifteen errors. The inspirational quote on your side, but it's the new tramp stamp right yeah. It's always like you know some fucking, Ralph, Waldo, Emerson, quote or or something biblical. It's never good. Like a Charles Bukowski thing, you know, like I'm a day, drinker right. That would be dope right. Here's another one is one of my favorite representations of Hollywood. God I love Bukowski. You know, that's why I like like Ber, I like you, I like
is that a dangerous and and I'm attracted to the edge. I just love that are you living on the edge funny Dean's now addicted to candy, though I want trash cans, full of candy rumors for you. So that's why I like to listen to your job, because so I I'm trying to get healthy for real. I quit caffeine. I don't see okay, I don't drink because I don't want to die. I work seven nights a week, man and healthy I do I don't ever eat fast food ever but you can do which is bad walled, ARI and I are trying to quit. So we cut one day out, I'm I'm up to two days now. Sometimes three years sugar can be really addictive. You know why it's brutal, why has he been do but since you were two, you start drugs, maybe when you're one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, but to your cereals loaded,
thanks for loading reflecting breads loaded, fuckin' broad right, the first day I quit smoking at eight six packs of mentos, and now I have at this you just canker sore in my mouth, so I can't from just eating too much candy and it hurts really bad. I don't know it's from that, though it could be for with you. It could be from a lot of stories like you do in the analyst must have observed. All your illness is well. I know this one, this one came from Toronto, you don't know where these sores are coming from on your face, so right, so we're going to Torano man should be there next month. I love Toronto me to write the dudes up there. That room- and they were talking about you and they're like what's the epicness, the comedy underground there yeah and they had the paint club yeah. They had a picture of in there and stuff in there. Like I've done a few times. It's so good that place is weird because
makes you realize you can get a second hand buzz Real Eazy. I used to think that, like second hand like getting high, second was bulshit. Not enough I can room now. When you go in that room, you can't even see the back of the room in the rooms only twenty feet deep. All the kids is when clouds one of the few places that actually made Doug Benson Green out, where he passed out in the middle of the lobby. Yeah- and I mean Tony tony- got off stage. He took off his shirt and went outside at all is spelled out now, my god. I was headline in in there and I do in an hour, and I don't smoke weed and might thirty And it's in my throat was like someone shaved it with sandpaper yeah and then I was completely loaded and I was up there like this kind of cool man. I don't even know where I'm at yeah they can hotbox any person in the world. I mean just the air in there thc filters, no real air in there. None! None, no, it's all pots
and now they're all doing great zombies, too, that's correct, I mean they are zombies, explained dab in. What's the difference between dab in its smoking weed they get this. This is the wax like the oil light, so I cash exactly, but it's even stronger. They say and then they've got this electrical fuckin' wand and they kind of but over it, and then they suck in this this you know like the word, it straight t, h c: there's no weeds. How does the the the the waiver of water over it with much exactly like smoking crack around and foil, but it's in a nice glass things. You think it's not a lot of video! Well yeah! It's hatchery thing like that. Yes doing exam, same thing, the this, guy, who was my he wasn't even agent. He
my it wasn't my agent. He was my managers friend who's, also an agent he lit some hash. You put hash on a like a a thumbtack. He put the piece of hash on the thumb tag lit it on fire, then put it under a glass Oh yeah and let it fill the glass up and they lifted glass on mode will go great. This guy is a drug addict. That's all I could think of was this. Guy was a drug addict yeah like if you just lit a joint like I was just I didn't. I had no idea what the fuck there is a cash, was back then and look at all the tools and they carry a full briefcase with them of all these, like posture like like ARI, and I were in Sacramento at the punchline, this guy goes come out to the car. He open his trunk and he had like a job Center going on here. So this guy's just hang on there and she's sort of working it while he yeah this. Is she, turning it she's pretty much burning it. But Joe now they have stayed the art things there, like an electric wand, and
red zone over it there's no fire. It's like electric. This is why pot heads of a bad name. They had exactly yeah he's guys waiting in line to get their block, brain's ability rated. I think I I I told you. This is Joe that I recently was in San Francisco, and there was one of these places across the street from the comedy club in me, Tiffany, Haddish and Tony cross the street to check out this dab place and it was like half the people were homeless. They were just sitting there spending their money. It's like Cisco anywhere, though yeah It was like being in a crack house, and it was just it looks like people are doing. Crack and people were passed out like it was a great house. It's not the same thing, because crack is like an elevated thing like you get whacked out right, but this is just zombied from weed yeah, yeah, they're, really zombie their job, talking about you're, looking at a guy two feet away and you're going to this guys, fucking dead.
Comedy for them for the night of the living dead places. There's a place in north Hollywood exists that spot where, where it's a dab bar and it's a comedy stage and me and Freddie Liars, yeah yeah, I mean Freddie okay hit and then we walked outside and makes you cough and meet me Freddie Coffer, like thirty, and we could even talk and then we had to go on stage. Nobody was paying attention. They were looking through you? They were like figuring out like talking to Jerry and idea. What is going one way to face down in to the stage in front of me and I'm like we get it check on this guy? No one cares about their doing dick jokes. It's amazing that pop really can't kill you like if you would thought that with these dab guys with some of these people that are that. Have these
Contraptions like these ridiculous vaporizers somewhere online. Some must have a king hit the wall like nobody. Nobody ever I felt like. I was dying on weed many times. Oh yeah, I smoke weed about five six. Seven years ago, I got back into weed big time before I started comedy and I was like whoa this is an eighty sweet. You know Like one hit my heart with this, it's definitely a totally different experience, but apparently this kind of weed was available right. If you are you check the I've been some scientists have done some studies on the different strains and like what the Pote potential potency Apparently there was some pretty fucking strong weed back in the day like Acapulco gold is call it. You could get ahold of some really strong weed, but The strongest weed today is stronger than that, and that weed was rare. So, like you know, like you get a hold of some today. But that's not
good, but most the week today is pretty fucking. Good is really rarely you would get like Quality California Weed back then I asked my uncle the same thing. I was like you know about it. He goes no. It was available. I had heard of it, but he's like he's like with every day and never saw it. I would I would cannabis CUP and you they take out there and you can vote on the weed and and and and once a year and then the winner is a big deal, because the winners seller, the seeds for big money yeah. I was a judge, the yeah exaggeration, in a line, so I was obliterated, I have no idea what anything tasted like white window number five give me a like a box like in it. Had. You know how they all those things that people do for vitamins where they have Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and it's all labeled on top and you pop up each They had one of those filled with weed and they give it to look good
talking like remembering what anything is the first three people you tried one every year, probably think it's like relationships like your friend like. Oh, this is my friends Shitman like they don't like check to see. If anybody and it's also just random, it's fuckin', totally random I love. Amsterdam does taste pretty good, like some of it has a different kind of flavor to it, but you know not enough that you had awarded anything. I'm a black hash guy. I love it more than anything that taste is great dash. Yeah, it's black hash, just black ashes like that oily black cash. It's made out of the oil and you can kind of pull it off with resin. Check out like a ball like a tarball, you peel a piece off. It's like taste, great man and it's a different high yeah. Well, it's when you're eating hash, especially if you're eating it. If you, even if you're smoking it you're getting a different, it's it's like a vaporizer high more than it's like a joint high yeah
better. Do you yeah 'cause? It's I think it's more mellow for me. You know it doesn't seem to. That man get your heart you're your pants. I was going up in my pants on. We, like, I feel there's no light below. I usually feel the opposite of filling of too much feeling going on all the different processes that are happening feel at all, but it does loosen up. The bowels now does get you where you want to take a job, which it scared when when was the last time you smoked weed five years ago right when I started comedy. I realized I had a quick because it was wiping out my short term memory I'd be on stage at bay. What's thanks. I couldn't remember why I could not remember what was next, but I can remember twenty years ago- and this was no party in back. Then the drinking was done. Oh yeah, stop drinking in ninety two, no coke. No,
since ninety two and that's all because of the throat yeah pretty much, and then I realized I gotta get my shit together. I burned it up hard Joe. I mean hard guys like Paul Stanley. Paul, never drank right now, those guys were clean dudes. But you know you can trash your voice. He he think Every night is like all right, yeah, you know that's all he ever does when he's talking he's like. I think it stop for some cool yeah. You know it's like he never stops. There right now must be brewing the neck. Way easier to sing. Now you got in ear monitors them there. I am in the middle, get the
thanks, we chat with the bullet boys, you ridiculous picture ohmygod and then on the left. That's me with Tracy Guns, from l dot, a guns. What are these guys look like now? They look the same possible fire up a photo. I think I have a photo like two days later of Elegans Tracy. Does a podcast with Maine There you go. There's us this Tracy on the left as the guy on the right from the bullet boys. They do not look the same well, I'm in they do not even remotely well. They got heads since good allies, shirt right, snakes, Steven Wright as to where Steven Wright and do you have the picture of you and actually so yeah yeah, that's that's on there. I do have a check of our tattoo on his chest. I wonder how much she really knows will take one of our there's a lot of p. For the Jaguar Tattoos didn't know a God dam thing about CHE Guevara. He just wanted to look cool. Find more old pictures of roses, really yeah
this year it stores the beginning. If you're in my Instagram the beginning of other. When it started my instagram feed. Very start? First started out: fine yeah he'll get it so you Did it for all those years you did music and then what made you decide to do like an open mic night? Well, I Amazon stop playing music. Basically because once the down loading came in the illegal downloading there. No money for a a mid level musician anymore. You know like when I music. You can play music for years and just be touring like the jam bands. You know, like kind of grateful, dead, blues, traveler, black Crowes, that kind of thing and make some money, selling cds and shirts, but once people grab the CD's, it was out like guide, we come home, we back. We have four hundred bucks. We've been out three months. Why yeah so that's cool for me, but
We got band members with wives. They're, like hey, he's, been gone for three months. You have no money, you know so I stop and I start working at Harley Harley Davidson's like as I guess I'll just do this, but when you been stage twenty five years. It starts to flock with year, like man, I got to be here at nine and then I gotta be here all day and we doing for Harley bikes sales yeah over in Van Nuys. I actually liked it, but it was it it's just so different from. Was it the death of a dream like that kind of a really fat? like that yeah I've felt pretty. I was really depressed and I was angry does this kind of like fuck these guys. You know you got a guy come in. You spend for five hours with him right on commission. And then they go somewhere else come over with their bike. Like man look, I bought one,
and they don't know that you're on commission, I guess, over there. They had they. They gave me a shirt and you're like fun right- no money today- you Know- it really is that's annoying see annoying thing about being a salesman right, it's brutal, but there's You can't or comedy, is a lot like sales. You know what I mean like, because your console trying to get stage time and with sales you're constantly hoping somebody says yes, yes, salesman is weird too, because you're kind of professional manipulator in a lot of well, it's horrible. I told her this I got. Sometimes you feel like a drug dealer, 'cause you're selling, something to somebody. That's probably there. Probably going to die on, you know what I mean like. What do you mean no, no, no, not a ride and you're. Just they're, like yeah, I'm only here like hey, you took the school right, oh yeah, yeah they're lying and they just they roll out
That guy has no idea he's on two wheels and he's going on to Van Nuys Boulevard right now. Is that one of the most brutal streets and I've been watching Sony ever since I got rear ended the other day. I've been watching so many people texting and their fucking car God dam folks, gotta stop doing that. It's brutal everybody thinks they can pull it off, and you see people doing this as their driving. Looking down looking up looking down looking out like fuck the amount of time you cover, while you're looking down going straight forward before you look up again, you're talking about sometimes two thousand and thirty feet bag at a time, and that's two thousand and thirty feet that you didn't hit the brakes and popped up in front of you and that's too late and boom old. Ladies flying through the air she just walked out in the traffic. Now man I mean, even even when you're
not texting, how many times did on on the one hundred and one or like well Fuqua. Should we get this war and now you're adding texting into it? I watched some lady with a kid in her car today. She was doing that thing that sometimes people. Driving and they it turns into like a sport like they try to like get front of the car to the left. It was a two lane road and she's trying to get in front of it was guide to my right and there was a guy that was in front of us. There was like a little bit a gap between me and him and she was trying to speed and get into that gap and right. When she was trying to speed someone else came into her lane they weren't paying attention. She had a kid in her car. And she a slam on the brake and go flying into the into the you know the zero, and I want to do it, and I watch her after she's, like touching the kids chest and in talking to I'm trying to console them 'cause it kid freaked out 'cause. She didn't need to do. Is no reason to do it and she
normal after that she's behind me the entire way I kept an eye on her, but I was like this is just like a game like she wanted to make that gap some girl. I was on Laurel Canyon. She came right up to me like right onto my Assen start flashing, her lights, like what the fuck is, this lady doing and then it tries to pass me and pushes me off side of the road as another car starts coming, then she slams on a break goes behind them like with a function like she, We tried to like sideswipe me, and then she gets ahead of me and kept on sling in our brakes and brake checking me so. Finally, by the way on periscope I finally per sailing up here. You wonder why she wanted to get past. You know it's like look at this guy. I have a dash mount, so it's just sitting there, but then we get to a stop light and I pull up next to roll down my window. What the fuck is your problem and said girl with
hair really short. It's just sitting there like that, and she takes off in front of me and it's brakes checks me, but the second light same thing or whatever Hey you you, as she rolls in the window. Give me the smirk like she's like like that, and then it turns white. Trace, aside slamming again run into and then killer yeah. It doesn't periscope like under license plates of murder. I got a letter, letting summary. I realize how easy it is to get information from a license plate. I had no idea well, it's a forty dollars, Google search. So what's your name she's really hot, though so, I'm trying to get the pass. She gets a Pepsi ads in Paris, so weak, Ok, you will live your life in torture and you will never learn it's true. She gets it from her bone structure gives her a pass like half, japanese half mexican combo. What is wrong with you wrong with you son,
yeah. Somebody a side swipe my car, the other day, seven thousand dollars worth of damage to what just parked in front of my street, and I had a dropcam and that that faces my front of my house, and so I caught I caught the person like driving by and it was so fast that I can even see any it was just like they had. The car behind me hit my car and was going is on hammered. Probably eighty miles an hour yeah, it was on this happens like once, every three months I'll drive down these little side streets on vanowen and vanowen had this car that someone obviously hit full speed in the rear. And it was parked on the side of the road, because people are texting while they're drunk or they fall sleep or something and those cars are parked at couple months, I'll see one just caved in on the side of the road- and you know someone just drove along and probably was like looking down at a booty call
did you see that one there passed out like a month ago she passed out in the middle of the highway and she just fell asleep like in a lane in the compass like pounding? the window is she won't wake up, and so he had to, I think, broke the window or something like that. I can't remember, but did she crash somewhere else, just stopped in the middle of the highway? Just took a nap. Cars were like full stop yeah. She parking is right here, and freeway cars movie just out on the wheel of that car, Tony speaking, use tracker had the only camera there is at all, ran along side the clock five track breaking that window to get. Driver to wake up and get her to what? Hazrat Hp Office, sure he's risking his life here. It's on a freeway, a woman has I guarantee you somewhere there's a dude that is like
I told you, I fucking told you not told you that picture is crazy. That's why we broke up she's, pretty cute dog, that's okay, honey, I remember watching tv and you I was out TMZ and they're, like Rock star she's in the nine cars in Hollywood is I I can choose I'm laughing and then I knew the guy. Who was a? Is this guy Casey from this been a man there like a kind of a punk metal band, but he we I guess he was drunk and he car that he backed up to try to get away and the front tires came off and he she's pressing the gas, in the car just drove right into all the other cars 'cause. He had no steering they added on film. Oh man, it's just unbelievable that you're expected to drive to bars and then figure out how to get home. That's ridiculous. The fact that
everywhere you look there handing out one of the most ridiculous drugs yeah. It happens to you. It is almost instantly take a shot of Jack Daniel's within ten minutes. By contrast, yeah house a bottle of wine legal, like that's like thought, five glasses of wine- that's a way beyond the legal limit for two people in a dinner an hour any I say this. I only had one and they say that yeah, if, if two people just sitting at a dinner table working one and it's a bottle and you've finish the bottle of you, both him yeah yeah, you can't drive no everywhere, you look, people are driving drunk everywhere, you look Saturday night, you know, go to a comedy, show any comedy show in those people sit there offered order, two hundred and thirty four drinks and they get out of there in the drive. Now it's like for cops must be like the easy. Seconds ever on Friday and Saturday shooting ducks in a barrel? They have. They have those new things that you for your Iphone. Now it's like a breathalyzer for your Iphone. Yes, so you can just sit there and just check every you know. This is our
be a steering wheel thing now: Steering wheel of their developed, it's going to know if you're drunk well, yeah, it was just see if you can find the story was just being handed around, this on social. Well, that's not going to be able to drive anywhere I'll, be stuck at Applebee's. You know it's going to be like man, it's going to be like the steroid test for the UFC, then go whoa hold up, everyone is doing just talking completely empty 'cause, no ones car starts, oh my god. It would make that legal limit go up, though. If that happened probably know they would not have a case of beer and t shot to fire, but They definitely would not with do is ever to be higher in their little brothers and sisters drive more out. Look at that that they that quiz on the right side does Bigfoot exist. That's the type of people that What is that? Why know that mountain news
God bless the poll results. Snow is seventy three percent. Eight point four percent is not sure, not sure does the ones that are tuned into Survivorman Bigfoot right now, no God it's less about the footage. No one really knows whether or not those before that's enough. For me, that's a no for me. I might look I can do in a monkey mask, but I'm telling you right. I love that Bigfoot Think's see the guys that they said they're, the ones that did that photo, and seventy two or whatever. Well Patterson, GIMP. Footage, does a guy named Bob Heronemus, he got guy who wore the bigfoot footage see this videos of him walking next to the actual footage of Bigfoot. We walked just like that. Fucking guy in the monkey suit yeah Jamie doing you showed it to us, you pull it down, it won't load.
Seeing how Thisis does leadership big foot? That's that is big for the actual foot, totally real. I don't hate, I'm not! I love! I love that I just I I grew up in the seventies. I love that that stepped Leonard Nimoy would delight in search of the I member he did them no was are going on. He actually did the full movies you can go. I went to the drive in and saw the no is arc one and the UFO one here. It is drunk driver detector. So how does this work. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately ten thousand people were killed by drunk drivers annually in the US, Loveless The long arm of the law is handcuffing. This young man and taking him to the slammer research. Developing two detected meshes for the driver, alcohol detection system, one method allows the car to analyze a driver's exhaled breath for alcohol content, see that's annoying
because I had a friend who got DUI and they made him, do that other kind of like a boy see that yeah it just it just smells your breath, message shines in infrared light and your finger tips and reads it. It was use alcohol limit of hope point. Oh, eight blood, alcohol content. As it Standard EAST nine right to one this one. When I was growing up pants, could I wonder, why they made it well money make money, I think that's what it is or do you think it's, because they realize that more people are actually crashing like that. There must be some scientific basis for the one to point. It there. I don't know, but it seems to me that you should be
but to go in and take a test like weed smokers, yeah well and be like well, I've been drinking twenty five years, so my limit should be high. True, no big problem with that is then you're going to push it even further. The guys who look like look, I did the legal limit. I do three shots. I can handle five compact and you'll just keep pushing it, but if you know that if you piss or you blow and eight your fuct yeah, then you're not going to get drunk now or if you do, you can't Are you about it? I used to do these help Mikes Joe, and this girl had the breathalyzer. On our car and she would pay nice to go out and breathing air ride, so she could drive home 'cause. She would be drunk like what are you doing so it looks like he's. Ninety eight march of ninety eight President Clinton called for the promotion of a national legal limit under which it would be ill, per se to operate a motor vehicle with the blood alcohol concentration of point? Oh eight or higher across the country, including federal property. Ma'am he's just trying to get people not paid to
right, thirty freak, as the last, the echo ones the ones like info can relate to the real presidential dicks I can't wait for me to be back in it was yeah, oh yeah, really really battling, so they did some this man I have the emails instead of people are just like they're. Looking. First of all, people were looking for a reason to not like her because she's a woman, let's just get that out of the way and the fact that she's a woman, that's also what Clinton and it's a Clinton versus the Bush. People are totally tired, as dynasty thing that's been going on for the past x amount of decades have really just going back and forth Bush to Bush. To Bush I mean the the idea of a JEB Bush being president after his brother fucked everything up and then his dad fucked everything up before that and if that's
option than the Clinton option and it's Hillary and help. You know Hillary is she's tied to a bunch of shady things that all right at that property stuff. You know the white water change from back in yeah that thing status, current saw, the Vince Foster think there's a lot of weird shit, but that's the case with anybody. That's involved in like high level politics like that there's. They got some shit on you before you ever even get in there. Otherwise you don't get in there think you can't be a politician to be clean, that's impossible no way you literally can't get to the highest level where you're running for prez unless you've been completely compromised by special interest groups, that's the only way, those cantrips Bangkok, contributions are critical and you have to sit down with those corporation owners and the ceos and they figure out what the fuck is going to go down like how how old laws are going, be structure? What influence is going to get them if person gets in our office, they don't they're, not ambiguous about it.
Maybe I can help you. If I get in give me one million dollars, maybe I can help you Doug Oh yeah, this guy is going to make relations more relaxed or figure out how to push things through or figure out? That's what Paul Xr. It's all money, now, absolutely the whole ball of wax when they talk about like the amount of I'm the guy actually spends campaigning and trying to raise money like as opposed to how much time they spend on actual work. It's astounding yeah campaign is all raising money. I think the whole thing is raising money and occasionally giving speeches. That's crazy right. It's just. Whoever gets the most money wins. Yeah. You would have to have some insane amount of money spent just to try, make it into those debates just to try to get into the Bates like commission for presidential debates is a privately owned corporation or private. Owned institution like you can't just get in the debate,
and say: hey, I'm Dean, Delray and I've got some pretty good ideas and I'd like to run for president. No, you have to you, have to get more than I believe, fifteen percent on five different polls and it's the polls that they choose like they can. They can cherry pick like say if you're a guy, Ross Perot type guy that might fuck things up for them, yeah they didn't I hate that when Ross Perot came around and he spent a shitload of his own money I tried to run for president and ruined all their plans so right away afterwards, they monkeyed with the numbers and change things made it even more difficult for an independent person to debate in the presidential elections. So to the average American there's only two choices. You see those two assholes on television. You have your republican debates and you have your democratic debates and then breaks down to those two guys, those the only two people running for president. As far as you know, that's it yeah! That's that's up broken system? Two hundred and forty nine. How old are you Jeff? Forty seven I'll, be forty eight in August?
Do you remember a good president? Yeah? Well, Clinton was good. People, like Clinton, still got caught great, getting a blowjob yeah Carter Carter sweetie at Carter. He smoke weed with what Elvis on the roof. That's cool here at the White House. That's what they say. I never heard that yeah it's one of those Fucking Rainbow BAR and grill family stories. Now I think it was like in an Elvis soldier. Let me from Motrhead he tell you ever played the spaghetti. One time I met Elvis HE city smoke weed with Jimmy Dean. Was it you that told me that the classic RON Jeremy story about the rainbow in his sleeping no never mind Personally, he has he's a narcoleptic, we're he just fawn German RON, Jeremy. I just saw it leave all the time and supposedly he was at the rainbow- and I forget who told me the story says that Looked over and Rahn just went right, spaghetti an was
I sleep in again, and I so maybe put him up and the air like spaghetti all over him and stuff here. It is oh! Well Willie, Nelson and Chip Carter Chip, ride together on the White House? Oh sees see how the story changes did, though. That's not how the story changes that boy. That's how that game of telephone telephone works right. It was like a chip Carter, Jimmy Carter son is it is, must be right, the one that ship Carter running. What's he doing, yeah member member Billy Bear His brother had Billy Beer, yeah Billy Carter was a mess and Clinton have a fucking mess of a brother too. I don't rent it. A mess of a brother cats class right, yeah, the message brother: ruins it for everybody. Any of the Willie Weed he's got his own weed now. Now everyone is everyone, skin diamond, has our own leaders just like four different strains named after me. I had one of them yeah this
You can't like whenever the Willie Nelson Weed is, he probably has nothing to do with it. Yeah it's just they're, paying him Jimmy Carr. Was one of the guys that I was being young and listening to talk, and I believe them sincere in a way that a lot of these guys- just don't some guys just they seem so phony Carter. Whether or not you agree with them or disagree with him, he seems seem sincere and then it always bugged me that The Republicans had negotiated to release the hostages, and I ran after Reagan was in office, so they had had made it part of the negotiation, to not release those people to make him look like a here right, but that that means that those people, stay prisoner longer, just for politics. Yeah, I mean the Republicans at the time should have been shunned. Just for that there's the point that out if they could prove it. That's if that was true
That is true that one of those seventy Carter on the Maroon five paying us when you do you remember those gas wars, Joe Green Day, without even plates, you could only buy gas every other day, whatever your last number and your license plate was because the the owner, the owner member, that was crazy out here, yeah we yeah we're you grow up. I was EAST Coast time all right. It wasn't California, I didn't even place. I thought it was across the nation, but you could only my gas on every other day. If, whatever your last number on your license plate was, you know. Slidecast wars makes no sense at all. What, if you just happen to run out of gas, so you could get that would do anything. It was during that whole. Well, that was when they started making those really economical cars. It was when they were trying to figure out the saudi oil situation, yeah they were trying when cars turn, it schitt
Any cars went from being these awesome beasts to these Dogshite cars dog should car in the 70s to the sixty 60s and 70s is the worst drop off of them of american cars. Ever it took us until, like the two thousand and four we were covered yeah like member the Mustang to all who uses should all those mustangs in the late seventies, early eighties. For so green plastic, not on sense. You go back to sixty nine Mach one just look at one of those and then look at what happened in the 80s like how did you guys fall so far off? I said: well, how did you do that? Is that crazy, because those mock ones are beautiful? Those old cars to this day to this you might not be the most ergonomic. They might not be the best, as far as like the wind resistance and all that shit, but as far as like the looks I dodge Super Bee. Seventy
we have selling it right now for my buddy, I sold it to him thirteen years ago now he's selling it he's had it forever Is there a listing for it we'll get it sold right now? Yes, list just email, me, D, Indo, railroad, don't please use cries yard. A soon now yeah, you almost did at least your email address. I think there's a picture of it on my instagram. That says be five blue and it's got to see the stripe and the crazy hood, and it's just when you look at as cars and think that you could walk into a car lot and seventy and go. Let me get that race car. Well, that's what they're doing today they are. I love the hellcat the all these today they way better. This is the first time where the new american cars, like that, the way they drive is so much better than the old ones, but still the old ones. They still look better
who's. Better! There's something about him like a sixty nine Camaro, there's something about it which is like you can't you can't beat it they got to have that classic. Muscle car, no, not that with the hideaway headlights, the before we had the tick tock gauges in the one dash and would staring whale right and the console, I have a console. Man at the cash register console an eight track player man, those cars- they just nailed it. They nailed it for between sixty five and it's tough, go after seven thousand three hundred and seventy three Cuda's are still badass. Seventy three. I think they still made a challenger in seventy three, but everything else is dogshite. That was the end, and the cars had largely lost their power. They already like butchering the power on them yet, but seventy It's, like God, is the last hurrah six thousand and ninety my car. I love the sixty nine Super bee with the four four six pack and the pistol grip shifter.
Yeah by the time seven year around Mustang already taken it down turn this Charlie started, look weird and then but the but the but by the time seven year old, around the Cuda. Just getting started, asking because the crew to suck before seventy. That was that sure I had the coup to the first one. We're wasn't and it was shorter and funky jump that Berra and make it longer they make a big body and it's killer, but the only other for three years. Can you imagine that the seventy to seventy three and then everything after that, it's gone. This sure Barracuda had like that was the last spark of the muscle car. That was the last remaining era and now sometimes you'll see want to go for one million bucks like a Hemi Cuda convertible Purple made three one more more in our now Jackson, more now, they're going for more. I know private collections that they sell. They have like this Rk Motors in Charlotte. They have this big website filled with them. They had one on sale.
The million is crazy numbers matching ones yeah. I love that chip. Man, I'll talk to Burr. For hours on cars with the nuts man, I'm I'm just like this one you know now said in the photo in the middle of the night, he'll be like now on this one, we'll Corvette had some good years after sixty nine. They, like the seventy that was done. Those those sting rays is still pretty bad. I love that car seventy threes last year and that wants to get rid of that steel. Bumper, it's out here now. Let's same thing, yeah. Seventy three was the last acceptable year for a muscle, car yeah, not weird, Is weird try to sell someone a seventy five muscle car good luck. I tell you what I do, but just hit away from a nobody wants it. I love the seventy. Eight Trans AM six point. Six that I mean. That's a true! That's true! That's true! That's the only car, though in the 70s, the Burt Reynolds is that website I bought. This is where I bought my corvette. Oh my god. Look at that six Ford Shelby Raptor the platform, Lord
Oh there you are sixty nine in the middle there, black mega that one there one hundred and nine thousand yeah see. I like, my car stock that I don't like when they're all chip cruised out. I don't care you. Get a new car for that those stock ones drive like shyt, though I know, but you just have it for the four hundred and twenty seven see that's what's see where it says pro touring, because pro touring cars would, that means they take an old muscle car and they put the most modern suspension on it. Like chip, Foose RO handle well, chip is more. Designer and chip does a lot of different modifications to cars. To make him look cool,
yoga that seventy Chevelle Super Sport is set at one hundred and forty nine convertible. They get that Cocker scroll down, look at seventy Chevelle convertible, or that makes my dick hard look at that fucking car piled on the restart. Oh, my god, look at the l88 hood. That's my favorite heard that fucking car can we see the interior like leaves overhead console. That's like a perfect combination, two of the wheels the wheels are like their modern wheels. Look at this that's vintage air. Now I got the radio is dope top look at the top of that. Look at that top will leak after date, I will kiss you stay there. No, no! It won't leak, because these are all new other replacement yeah. They do everything's new on these cars are wow That's yeah, looking to console with a four speed, unbelievable one hundred forty thousand
yeah, that's the fucking car right there. Look at that car just gives you a man bone. It gives me a boner not even for sex, though now now I got goosebumps just wanna. Try just drive around hard yeah. This was the last last couple years of the Chevelle to like the Chevelle was bad Assen, sixty seven and sixty eight. I just want valve covers yeah, that's yeah, it's an ls3, six point, two liter from Corvette. Just every single car right now, it's yeah you gotta, be an adult. You pulled out of the store with that man. I would just like it. If you see my corvette, no Corvette, scored in that what year, six thousand five hundred and sixty five pro touring ball. The entire suspensions redone done following conscience over silver, but send it down to Steve Strope Steve.
Hope is hot rod. In California and I had a mod changed things on. It proved the suspension The kind like that, one right there, the sixty four, oh yeah, exactly like mine, I am I dead at sixty five, so that when I was born in sixty six, I got a photo of it and then my mom in front of it to the best of our call center, the fat and you look at is cool. Also I'll bring that card store. Yes finished class done now. I love those. They were the black widow, the one on the left, the sixty four with the you go to that one. I love that car. I love that car there's such a brat cool designs right there they looked like they do. I mean look at that car corvette card with a car. How come they don't do that at all they do sort of Pull up. The two fifteen Corvette Z, six check this out because this right now is a new car. The corvette has created. That is,
as fast as their lot of cars that cost one million dollars? Yeah? Oh yeah, it's been a prime car. This is an insane car. I mean you probably have to spend one million dollars to beat it yeah. Let's go to the blue that's the defied, where I love that next one over right. There, the light burns you Did he say you don't have to like drinking actually looks pretty dope and the actual car itself in the little Swatch looks gross yeah yeah right, oh yeah, but pull up a video one of these 'cause. You want to see it in action. That's where it's ridiculous, like that. This is six hundred horsepower race. Car that you can buy straight from the factory. Is it? eighty thousand dollars yeah- I mean you- can get one stripped out for like eighty grand it'll bury like most really high end sports cars. It's it's insane. The the this is a. This is the race version you're. Looking at Jamie. This is the discussion about the the race, the actual race. Go to Youtube video.
And you can see a guy he's racing. One on Jordan's garage go to jail is Graj yeah. There you go right there because it will get us banned. Ok, we'll just watch it without showing it to the rest of the world, but these that are like that yeah. Well. This is the problem with this car, though, that bums me out is that there making this thing with an automatic, the old Z six in the zr1. The only way you could get it was it had to be a stick shift. Zr1 fucking man remember that one they made shifting or even a woman, a woman is exciting. They made five years ago. Zr1 it was blue with the glass top they only made like fifty of them, and that thing was insane. It was like the next level been around for a long time. Yeah they've made it for a long time, but it was only available in a stick. Jay Leno would never buy it in anything other than a stick. 'cause he's a fucking man, yeah
Jean Shirts, two thousand and fifteen. Look at him! Look it up right there change shirt. He's got one style of shirt that he allows himself. Ok, guys it's just as they are one it's pretty fast, so don't get it I don't give a if I get laid. Thank you guys feel comfortable. My sleeves rolled up because I work out at the at the garage. Do you notice once you stop it? Stop it? He v he got rid of that black dot. That was in the middle of his head that he will use, are freaking out. Anyone totally great you get older, but yeah I'm doing his show doing his show. Yeah was was supposed to already happened, but that dude Rear ended. Me he's got a so he's got a thirty. Six knuckle which is considered the best. Harley of all time. I watched footage of him last week, driving it ride. It originally never restored it. He found in a barn, didn't start it for like twenty years and
Look like that! Let's try that thing out and he started up and took her for a ride, and I lose my mind when I see it. Thirty six knuckle it's a one year, motorcycle wow. And he has it cv. Look at that real, quick! Let you leave it will hold on a second chance at heart, while we're still on it. This car is the nineteen six five, and while we're on this video for change this one thousand nine hundred and sixty five of twenty fifteen in this car, when all said and done and people look back in, like the golden era of muscle cars, they came back in a big way. The new mustangs have you seen the New Shelby, the twenty fifteen eleven Shelby three hundred and fifty the gt350? It's insane? It's a beautiful car.
They were doing the sound of it yesterday on Yahoo. They said it was the best exhaust note ever done an you listen, it needs to go. Listen to this car. This pull that up, Shelby, Gt350, two thousand and fifteen. It's incorrect might be sixteen 'cause, it's not it's not released it. Yet. Have you seen the twenty fifteen Sienna Toyota Sienna, no pull up the exam. Exhaust note heard it's yeah, it's great. They call it the greatest. Wouldn't be November. 17Th 'cause. He said it yeah it was yesterday. I'm like yeah yeah, try e r it always regulations America sent for was not able to make the g two fifty three scream at the top. Let's try that that was J. What is it so? exhaust sauce modes, you can change the the. Set here it, let's
Missus losers that so right now it's a little dragon this. So that's when you open up the if, if that is one the as a muscle man, that's when the greatest sounds muscle cars ever made for this and that dragon it's a dragon, that's glorious, all my God chorus sounds and get better than that. It's so
a great man, that's rock and roll, and a pretty sure they only make that one. Stick shift! Praise Allah, praise, Oden, praise Thor She can't be making that fucking thing in an automatic. Just stop learn how to drive a stick I've still not appreciate the fuck you're doing a lame answer. Yes or no is this I've never driven it. Sticking out is fun in bumper to bumper traffic bumper to bumper traffic sucks, no matter what you do, if you only going to have one car that you drive around an you, want total convenience, yes automatic, but if you want to be a fucking man, yeah, ok, get yourself a got, damn stick shift and you deal. His idea was that if a bomb hydrants stake in San Fran mad for you, just like Bob Dole's on the hills, use, learn your Steve Mcqueen a few times just drunk jumping hills- that's right! Hey! I was in ECHO Park last week days. They got here also over there I've never been three.
They say, are the tallest hills in California, above San Fran, even see down as like Holyshit. As on my bike as like this the scary as shit in ECHO Park, three hills, never been there ever. I just always find it hilarious. When you see those houses in San Francisco that literal Have to smushed up next to each other yeah, because they're both leaning sideways on this hill, trying to stay straight connected to each other and the only way to heal, is and then the the the the ball, bottom of the houses. It's like a triangle to wedge it into like when you look at the actual frame of the house and the way the you know. The foundation is wedged into the Will you like this is ridiculous to imagine building? That is crazy. It's like no, to buy these and they all sell, and then the other problem is if one of them catches on fire not done. It goes right through all the houses, because sucking Acyls are glued next to each other. Yeah absolutely have bad fires around San Francisco, some bad fire,
Alright, they got history of it. I mean that eighty nine earthquake the entire marina burned down to the ground, because that's was built. Landfill sand and then shift start the earth moon. And the house is sunken the gas lines. Cracked and the whole thing went up in flames I how long it took over a day to just put out the fire. The whole place was burning. The ground, eighty, nine agile! Would that look like act for CNN? and hold it like this at CNN. Back then they did. You think I watched it on tv bridge over and over when it drops down in the car falls. Yeah I watched live from from Boston. That's, I was like fuck. Before I moved here. I remember that quake. It felt like an actual. It wasn't a quake. Like whoa. This is a big one. It was more like way So I can't I was watching the eighty nine world Series there's giant say's first time ever, yeah like this, could be great babe, babe
bridge world series and I come not in the living room and the fucking floor is going is like whoa. What, then you realize, what's going on here, separated state bridge collapse? Put it scared me, as I do, that, should Israel right there look at that right there and then another lady drove off so the lady drove off the top yeah. She was on the top and then the thing dropped and she went down. I think the other piece crunch people below you know for cats. You know somewhere someone skimped on some fucking construction costs oh yeah right. That bridge is gone now, it's got! No down part is that's the first part Oh no, that's gone. Yeah, that's gone. The first part says suspended bridge in the new part at the new parts cool you seen. It show the new bridge. No, I don't think so. It's incredible attention. It's like super art, Deco
I lived in San Francisco. I lived there from age seven to eleven. I experienced the tiniest little baby earthquake where the windows rattled and I freaked out those little kids. There is a kid yeah from seven to eleven wow. That's right! What were your parents doing there? My dad was at my step dad when I was a kid was programmer and they want to be an architect. So we moved from New Jersey to California and lived in SF wow for those five years and um when I when I was here, I just you know I was always scared of it, but that one little one was just a little baby. One just left around the windows- and I remember when I was just his feeling of helplessness and weirdness and then I didn't experience an actual one, and even that was a baby one. Until ninety four or I was here after the big earthquake, I experienced some aftershocks. I was in this city apartment in North Hollywood and I remember the feeling you know those refrigerator boxes like someone,
buy refrigerator, and then the kids would play in the box on it. But you know how the box like it would it would just move like really weekly could push it back and forth. That's what the apartment felt like it felt like a refrigerator box. Like this is crazy 'cause. I was in North Hollywood, which isn't too far from Northridge. That was the epicenter right yeah and this chitty apartment that was and was just made out of fucking, hopes and dreams is sliding back and forth, and I've experience. But there are similar to that. Like five and a half five point four or something like that, but I've never experienced a real one. The real ones were supposed to be life. Changing. Do you see that movie? Yet I saw it yeah, I love the rock, but I'm not going to go life is precious that trying to limit my movie going to movies that don't suck This would say that that one about Brian Wilson, the beach boys, the beach boys it it's called love and mercy, and it's the kid from there there will be
and little Miss Sunshine, the guy that didn't talk on that movie. He is Brian Wilson, and it's the era of smile and pet sounds it's so cool smilin pets. Does it too pet sounds? Is the record that, Beatles said. Oh, my god, we gotta make Sargent peppers. They weren't you, 'cause it was like it was uh, a man genius basically heard all these sounds in his fucking head and made this record pet sounds beach boys after they're, like all we're. So when they get into this like dark, crazy, really one guy yeah. I never knew that yeah. They need to add the one guy. Well Brian Wilson, he loses his vision, yeah and the other guys were out on tour, and he was like you guys going on tour and I'll just make a Akron when you come back, you'll sing on it and he just made this fucking like secondary record of bird sounds and instruments, and and say
and it's really in saying what? What should we listen to like what song I'll? Let me see the tracklisting it's you know the all- I would do anything God only knows right there. That's that one right there, that's really the one they they set it right there, so you can see where to peppers. This is the beach boys. It's arguably when the top five albums of all time, yeah yeah, really yeah, it took acid and and he he starts taking acid Why have I never heard of this extra credible, Jeff, that's cool. It's yeah, weird yeah! You might not like this either.
Yeah, you tube, is probably not going to like this. Let's anyway sure those guys I'll get it. I gave you a copy of a church. Great man is sixty six uh, give me a copy. What do you living in the 80s? Give it to double cassette recorder, set dual doubletime tolerate high school area. High speed up should I can get it through the air on my phone, but I need you to give me something that I'm going to lose this download the whole album. What are we going to do with it? Once I get it? I haven't stuck afucking CD in my car in ages, so there is. This is a dvd for my kids. That's the only time I have hard disks anymore so that for my kids, I'm that guy. That needs the product that I feel like the man that ripping me off Gonna have the hardened product, the album, the do the used to roll joints and yeah people used to roll joints, and now these to separate the seeds yep, they are
have leaves that, were I look like acid paper and I can rolling you can rolling paper which expand James and John yeah big band, but record came of the giant when everybody world big one pounder joint, where they that's a layer, is great yeah. These have seeds, weed out God member. It would pop, Maybe smoking then go pop and they would stink, and you go fucking seeds, yeah man, you have to like sort it out like, I remember, guys, have to sort out he'd break and then you would be doing all the sorting before you rolled a joint policy to me through in your backyard, go well good luck! That's because I'm doing go anywhere right! Those are kinds of different. We that you would get seeds with and then it wasn't until like. I don't know when did they start having no seeds? I came along to weed late. I think it's pretty weird that has seeds. I always always mexican brick weed for me because they press it all together, and so it would come
in this project. You have stems and seeds and you break it apart and then you know roll it up, but once that Nick I like up in you, know cal when they started growing, that kill those cola buds. There was no seeds in that was just giant cola, buds and everybody is like whoa Indicas. Here the new weed will off people that have figured out was how to genetically like not engineer with like chemicals but splicing and using the what's was got. Those just got ahold of weed, that's when she got in all we needed was just enough comfortable space with feel like they're, going to go to jail. Just give him enough. So humble was like where a lot of that stuff came from half because, like the whole economy up there is based on. We I'll tell you said the MRO triangle, documentary on believe I haven't seen it, but I know a lot of people grow up there. Yeah me too, and it's like without that that, that whole area is gone yeah! That's what we
weird 'cause logging went away and a lot of those guys actually voted against legalization, which is really yeah right, 'cause they money, they would butcher the prices and if it was, it was easy. You know if it was easy to grow and nobody had to run any risk. Then it wouldn't be worth it air out of business. It's got fuckedup at his fact. They also voted against, like the one of the doctors that I've been to for recommendations. Prescriptions. He told me that, like he's, like quite choir, actually I know, doctors that are voting against legalization because they want to keep it medical 'cause. You got to keep going to the doctor every year and pay a fee. In order to get your license renewed almost like whoa, it's all money. Thinking that I go! That's fucked! I got money, I go. How does that make you feel he's like? Well, I feel like I have to adjust my business, but the right thing to do is to vote for legalization yeah, like that's what he says, he's going to immediately go out and vote no be on Doctor Phil the next day with that I
I want to get high yeah. It is to get right now. No, no! No! I can I'm almost like dude no way yeah. I know the navigation system anymore cycle. Well, I can run it through my my phone at school. Yes, I see the things on the new Harley commercials with the other navigation screen right. This is not like they have they have, but I feel like motorcycle should be a motorcycle and I feel like you, should see fuqing gauge cluster and that's it that's all I got you see. The phone ringing is Bluetooth into your motorcycle. My oh yeah kind of I get it. I get that that's convenient, but it just seems weird that in the helmet would have likes areas here. You just have a turned on like ten in your you're, just blasting, Zeppelin, are you seeing this heads up display that's going to go right into your, I and I'm that will gouge out your brain. That's a stupid one, there's a better one where it's up in here. It's just like right here,
and you don't see it you can see behind you too. That is a big rest that guys Kate. Take. Metal square inches from his idea that that stupid and knowing that he's going to be crashing that bike the great likelihood at least once in his life, have you had a bad crash ting it's so funny man. I always talk about people like this. Good things. I hate when you're riding the one that comes out and got you crashed yet which he did you don't want to relive it with a stranger yeah, like yeah. Let me just tell you about how bad I crashed I've been trying to forget it and the other one is. I had one of those tell you they had some year, they had and they didn't have it. You know how to sell it. You know wife had the kids just like those are the two things I hate, but no
I've never crashed after its poor bastards. Look at you. Look at you out there living the dream I used to live. The dream I used to be out there risking feeding off the adrenaline ticket chances cutting lanes by some friends for Canada from Alberta, and they had never been to California before and they didn't you're allowed to cut lanes, and so these people, drive the like what the is going on. These people are mania. So therefore I am by on the highway. They were freaking out because you can't do that in Canada. Yeah the only state is a religion. You believe it only state is real the only Fuckin' Stan they just Petrie past it like two weeks ago. That's so crazy! I can't believe it. It's such a bad law, so horrible, specially people texting. I get it for them. It's awesome, you're stuck on the four
everybody else is dead in your moving. That is awesome. I totally get it from their point of view, but from a safety point of view, how the fuck First of all, why do I have to wear a seat belt if this dude doesn't even have a fucking shell? On it he's on a bike jelly time, I have to have a seat belt, this fucking guy isn't even surrounded by anything. They just did a study for two There's straighten found out. Splitting lanes is safer than sitting in traffic because the textures crashing indigence. That's true! That's just like texting doesn't boom, they hit the guy on the bike and It's also not illegal to do it in shorts. Oh, that's the dumbest in fact, when you see people wouldn't a short sleeve shirt on or no sleeves and shorts. Are you like how come I have to wear seatbelts right? Tell you what you I want to Google man rides motorcycle thongs, it'll fuckin' may
throw up. I don't need. I see guys in thongs around LA riding scooters. So, just hoping you talk about them now, you're talking about them on a podcast, yeah. Well, look at the Facebook in here I get their funding feet. Your feet are bad, Google, it maybe get broken off, also yeah. When he crashed concrete, there barefoot bare feet equal concrete, at sixty barefoot plus concrete Jesus Christ. That's a mess, that's ugly! That's you never walk, right again, it's not going to the rainbow with your fucking God moment into the rainbow denoise makes me nervous like he says he drives his motorcycle to like San, Diego or Arizona and stuff like that. In that one, like recently, there was like that big storm. Full time, you're coming back driving through like rain. How do you
drive through that I can. I can you even see year and he hit one puddle. Wouldn't you just spin out? Well, I'm not stupid like, but I got caught as I write everywhere, I have no car. So I've done all my spots on motorcycles. So I go to San Diego I'm doing the weekend, and Saturday night, I usually leave Saturday night after the three day weekend a ride home, but it was raining. So I got to sleep and wake up the next day I wake up. It looks pretty clear: get on the bike, and as soon as I get out of San Diego by the checkpoint there it starts fucking pouring man, like I hadn't seen in L a years and I'm like well, this is it I got a windshield in now and I this I just got because it's one of those things where you're broke, so you go well. Do I spend money on a motel six here on the side of the highway or just try to make it, and I rolled Turkey
three hours and it's funny right when I get to Disneyland at totally stopped raining and by the time I was home, I was completely dry really yeah. It was like son out, and you know there's another forty minutes on the bike in the sun, even bad. Now it's not that bad, but it seems like that drive in the rain is probably really fucking hard to see right. It's hard to see in its super nerve wracking, because the trucks were spraying big spray. That's the trucks, the eighteen wheelers that are on the five there spray, big time you're like whoa, so you're just trying to go, wait for or out to the left for a moment. Yeah boy and the potential wiping out must be really fucking, keeping your your sensors on the edge huh brutal, Joe I'll. Tell you one time I had. I had to do this gig in Bakersfield like two years and and I was like, I can't cancel they won't ever booked me again and I rode up the five the grapevine I got to the top. It was snowing
no? No lights? No, oh! No! My thumb! My right thumb was frozen, to where I was like, get it anywhere, like my thumb was numb, it was like you for isn't bare handed. No, I got gloves, but you're going in and your hand is talked here so you're cool, but the phone was out like this. Now it's gone fuc. My right thumb is frozen man. I don't feel it's. I pull up in a truck stop and I was drinking hot chocolate I bought some kids mittens and put him underneath. My gloves, I put these mittens on and then my gloves and I get to the gig and there's like nine people there, nine people that have our gig rest, your life. I know I was like what the fudge I was so mad and then I I did fifteen this in turn around and rode home. Oh my god, fuck I also told me something I didn't know about when people flick cigarettes out there that it actually sometimes gets in the motorcycles like codes,
had one go down my shirt, I almost crash these people they flicked cigarettes, all day long, all day, long and I don't even care just boom. One! down my shirt and I was riding on a and I could get over 'cause. I was in traffic and I was like what the fight This is burning me on my chest. He just sinking like a man. I just put it out of your chest. I got over here. I did not put it out just talking man, Sps and ice cream people, man yeah, my buddy- got hit two dragon flies, fuqing we're going around turn joint. They were stacked on top of each other. We are riding like chp style next to each other. Alright, turn an I see him, his arm flies off his foot. Handlebar and he's like well in the bike. It
guys going down what happened. I thought he's having a heart attack. 'cause guys have heart attacks and strokes, and I look over in my rearview mirror. I've gone and he's pulled over his face is split open. His hot not from hitting these things that like ninety and they were two dragon flies that are like just like sandpaper, that hit him in the face and he's like dude, must die. Two dragon flies. Fuckin'. That's why you have to have goggles. I wear a full face. I don't fuck around. That's why some people don't they have those little skull caps on which pair of sunglasses, dumb, hey boo, I'm a rebel some people ride around with no helmets and other states. Also you get there so states yeah, you doing comedy in Arizona, everyones, riding round short soldier fuckes their seat belt law in Arizona plus plus motorcycles. How yeah? Oh man, Arizona, Zanetti State, it's one of those. It's like people, don't think of it. You think of it as
white people in, like you, think of it as like Arizona's Like golfers, or something like that, a lot of people. Think of it. As you know, Scotts Dale, Tucson or on Tempe, rather like a real nice too, but no part of Arizona is the wild fuqing. W guns guns anywhere did concealed carry like. I had friend, who has a lot of guns and he got pulled over in Arizona, and he had to tell the cop that has guns in the trunk and they got I was like well with you shooting a fucking, gun conversation that allowed just. Let me check real, quick and make sure everything is in order and everything was in order right. Man will take it easy enjoy your second amendment rights. If a compound knuckles and go about their business to gun nuts, who just met on the tarmac out there eating at a restaurant. Please check your gonna
an Arizona they have like a fuckin' wall had check your guns in you know some Wyatt Earp type shit. I know you got any guns, Phuc yeah, yeah. I've got a few of those. I love nine millimeters yeah, the gun, man, nine millimeters. Why do you like them just like the shape, the sound, the bullet, everything about it? Man, it's an it's, not too big, it's not too small. You know it just fires. As far as handguns go, it's very easy going to shoot. Yeah. I have a Glock nine Millimeter, it's like it shoots like it it doesn't like. There's no doesn't like, I have a folder, seven Millimeter, Remington, Ultra Mag, three hundred win, mag tubes, big kicking elephant killing, ones, but yeah, things in your shoulder like this is just such a difference between a rifle and uh and uh Pistol pistols like feels so small. I can feel like hunting with a rifle, like sometimes people hunt with pistols, your home of the when you hit something that things dead if you're hunting with a pistol- and you hit something like
I might survive the shooting Elk with a nine millimeter may run away, as there is little hooker guns. They keep in the brawl scene, yeah twenty two reviews, the average. I love the desert, Eagle fifty caliber ridiculous gun, however, will see the footage girl shooting the desert Eagle. That is so great boom right into her head to our girl, shooting and her Curtis are exploding. I guess you shooting, like they're the recalls like blown, but yeah I've seen a girl hit herself in the head that video this videos that late night you'll just get on and just start fucking laughing your head off the persons rude. Whoever gave that girl that gun. I know right what the fuck is going to happen. This is Canon in your hand. It's a canon. We shot one of those remember Brian, when we filmed my comedy special down in Tempe in two thousand, and five to the was it like the Phoenix gun?
I'm simply as a as a kind of place, gun, club yeah, we shut everything, machine guns, shot does eagles. Forty four magnum research on these ridiculous pistols. Yeah they throw your hand back. You literally can't hold straight straight. You can't and that comes out of it is yeah leave. I grew up in the Bay area and I just love dirty Harry I loved it. I loved those films and I just loved him just to cannon like you know, he represented a weird part of San Francisco and it was represent anywhere else in the world. Everybody about SAM's, Cisco thought about gay people yeah it was it SAM's, as he was gay people and hippies yeah, and also in wait a minute. What is this guy doing here? Yeah and he was a northern California guy I mean he was mayor of Carmel yeah. I know right now, yeah, I'm believe
well runs for mayor. Wins, marries the local newscaster. He did yeah. The actual logic was yeah. They recently got divorced as like all kinds of evil going on his evil. Going on yeah I mean you know or Clinton. I know money can't catch a break. Just eighty two my God, the secret was, he was gay. The whole time dirty harry was actually gay like I was overcompensating with these guys got his big black guy. That's what dirty Harry was really all about. It's all about him, fighting against his homosexual urgent, so I feel lucky it was a different sort of because, like SAM This call was never thought of as being like a crime fighting town. Not at all. You know you think in New York, New York as well. The cop shows, where yeah a movie like that in San Francisco yeah it was cool a guy that was in the first one he
Where is the sniper he's the? read from the warriors wires, come out and clean that God put a great soccer, tough gig for a dude to be that, like character, actor, psycho guy, he once you're psycho, Guide, fuckin' leading man roles are no longer available to you. You have a psycho, God take the psycho role, says it great. You know what I mean like I've done a few movies and I'm always like. When do I get to kill a guy? You know I always get killed it. You have a weird path in the comedy man. I think that's weird the weirdest path. I've never heard of being forty four years old and starting stand up. Yeah you had a must. You must have been fucking running you must have hit the ground running. I never stop you kind of had to because like if you're going to really do this, like not a lot of time for people to accept it. Yeah
if you're fifty three and the like, always been doing coming for eight years. People go all right yeah, but if you're fifty three just started joint room boy, yeah anyway to sixty before you're seven years in the room, It's pretty wild, you know, but I'll tell you what it saved my life Joe. I was pretty you know when you're forty for your friends are long gone, married with kids to the music. Yeah yeah yeah yeah that hawk music, at least walking away money, man, steam yeah. I know what you mean like in your hold out, like you, didn't get married, no family right right. Say you got a man. Do you wonder about that about family? Did you wonder what it was like now? I had one great girlfriend law. This curve because of rock and roll and she raised the bar too high was a bar. Thank
just I'm saying she was a great girlfriend like seven years after rock and roll yeah, just you know just rock just rocks and when it got away yeah she is the one that you check in with her. Every now and again I tried it. She doesn't have anything for Davies Symphony Hall two weeks ago in San Fran with Marin, and I was like come down. The shell and just nothing. There's, probably no man, but I know she got it. We friends now she doesn't. She never got married either. Maybe I raised her bar. Maybe you did and maybe see you just need to like get together with their. Maybe I've talked with a bow tie and a bouquet of flowers, hi, a wacky weather guy. You know what I yeah well, I do matter, though, is like I did some movies and stuff and she didn't go like you must be in famous I'm getting that you know what I mean she can do, that that was a whole was Beyonce really didn't get fame right out.
But a person- that's not, it did yeah and I really did maybe then she would you know, maybe then to like home. Yeah, ok, one more chance! do you sell us out for rock and roll again. What was it about? Rock and roll was just the the hours be on the road yeah. It's that it it's just like comedy. I could never have a girlfriend now it's I I I dedicate my We have like one hundred percent, I'm out seven nights a week. I don't miss a night. I can't wait get down unless they're in the biz and work, and then we can hang during the day yeah it's hard for people to when the the worst thing is when a guy's town, talented when he gets a girlfriend and she doesn't like the lifestyle and then he shifts I seen it. I've seen it happen too, and then you run it guys, ten years later, when them the girl, broken up and the one to try all over it's ugly, it's like dude, you missed, you missed the whole thing like you're, not a pro. Now a you. Try to you. Try you want
I'm a program. We had had a chance at one point in time, but now you're fucked yeah yeah. I never wanted to hear this. Are you going to go out again tonight. So I every night you know yeah the only especially at forty four Harding. You really gotta commit to get to hit the ground running. You can't take a few slow years and a half hours now kind of get back in no ' Hey man, once I started, I was like whoa. This is hard, was it scary, being forty four and like beginning a new chapter in your life. I thought it was exciting. It was. It was scary. As far I I loved it. I was like this is owing back onstage oshit and I'm doing this, but the survival mode is brutal. You know like it cost a fortune four thousand and forty nine. What am I going to live with nine dudes? You know?
hey my rents. Three could be like the older brother that gives advice to the young, crazy kids. This is not how you do Cada mean boys, you gotta, be careful. You can't intramuscular shoot without having alcohol on hand, don't know what the fuck you're doing. This isn't sterile yeah, you know it's just I just didn't think it was going to be. I was going to work this hard. Like you know, I was like oh fuck, I'm working hard. You know You think it would be easier to start. Did it look easy from the outside, like you seen, people crack jokes and I never thought it was going to be easy ever, but I didn't think it was going to grab main like it did. I thought so yeah I'll go down and try it and then I started doing it and it grabbed me and it took over my life in a good way, and I was like wow I mean I literally work all day everyday. I don't take a day What do you mean by all day everyday like what do I podcast five days a week? days a week while I grab guess one home and bank am
and then I am always auditioning. Then I write all day like from the yes, I listen to the sets and I take notes and then I go right now I'm co in Tom Green's tv show when he's on the road, I guess house so there's days off, None How did you, when did you start doing this Tom green thing? I love it? Is it he's doing it still out of his house right now, though he moved it. He got a warehouse in in the valley and took all that stuff and moved it to his house and it's about a month ago, and I've been doing it for about a month now and it's so great man cuz. It's a tv show and so he does it on a regular basis, so you have to guest host sort of like when Johnny Carson has gas. So sad tonight show same thing. He goes on the road and then he'll have a producer. Something's got three guys, yeah, never gather it's great and I've had some really cool gas. He said MIKE Beach who's been at
for thirty five years. He was on sons, anarchy for six seasons. He played to the black gang leader of grim, bastards, is us on er had him on Ed Madonna's, guitar player. They just left for tour money Pittman on and and then I had a guy for a show. I care again from young and the restless. I have different kinds aghast and it's cool, and then we take Skype, calls and and regular calls when I first did Tom shows like when the first time Brian and I had thought about doing something. And when he had that set up in his living room where it was like it was crazy. He had his own server room, with all these servers setup and these crazy fuckin' lines and we're trying to figure out like like Brian first of all, one of them for Brunswick. You don't need, this your actually, he was like his own AOL like what is going on here, yeah and
They were doing it with a company out of Denver, remember and the company. Denver wanted to do something with me and we talked about it, but I was like wait a minute. Exactly are you doing like uh? How are you doing this like this and that's where we start fucking around with Justin DOT Tv too, and we had thought about doing some other sort of streaming version of one of these things. But Tom Green had gone balls out from the jump It was a tv show in this house in this house. Members houses house was abandoned. Essentially he just had a kid. In a bedroom hit a giant. Room. Yet these wires, all throughout the middle of his house, he's fat cables. Were laid down everywhere yet to step over them, so overkill he's got all that stuff. I love Tom Green. Because he represents what I love is like you he's.
Self made. You know what I mean like he doesn't wait for people to come to him. He just does it since he's like sixteen. You know he had to show on public access in Canada. Then he lands on MTV. Then he starts doing his own show. You know he's like pre Jack Cason, ship well he's at his best to when he's doing his own thing, and when I think his his career experience like a lull, because he was doing a bunch of other people. He was doing movies doing and you start doing that. You get involved with all these different producers, different network people in different executives and different people of this different idea of how your things should go 'cause they're investing money in it and they have say they can green light things or things down can have a guy like that lender that kind of constraints, because you're never gonna get Tom Green yeah, you get the bring that showed up on MTV with Tom Green. That was doing that came
access. Show these just a maniac yeah. Just let that guy be that mania, totally totally he's gay and that's what he does and a lot of people they way they. Like I hear this a lot they go, I got no agent or manager. It's like yeah me either you just fucking. Go. Do it man this day age is less less important than it's ever been totally lesson there's ever been as changing on a daily basis on a daily basis you getting more and more of these social media apps. That's us bam, that's cool! That's yeah. That's a was we were sitting in this place where, like this is cool, this whole thing is pretty pretty dope. You could drink yeah those are taking calls. I was I love it. Yet all those pencils. I don't know why it's only God is sitting at dean. Delray, look at it now, man, it's crazy. Is it different? Oh yeah same place: he
he got aware how he moved all the stuff out of his house, because he is just like a can of these people in my house anymore right, so check out his set up now. It's unbelievable dhea is also been doing a lot of Paris, giving him an Andy Dick. I mean I Andy Dick, pretty much lives on periscope. Now it's really weird seeing them on, but we ran, I'm doing the other day of the comic store member periscoping loop, open each other. I was periscope and him periscope me but what I meant tonight is it the same? Set that you just move. To a warehouse, no order that check it out there. It is look so he's got fast forward a little bit. This is the exposed to be him.
Yeah, but look man. It's a story. Rick Griffin and ordered the straight up. Talk show inside of full warehouse. Here's here's the problem with that is the worst dumb way to sit down we're talking. So why are you above him yeah? You know Eric's taller than you know and second of all, why would why would you sit like that? Well, he said side ways. I that's that's so retarded yeah. I guess the way to talk. This is good. So I can love you look at me. You are right here, yeah they're, not person. People got mad at me when I had the special ergonomic chair yeah. It was like taller, so I got all these tweets. Let you and try to psychologically try to psychologically be above your gas where to more than you have to be above you'd? Look down upon you? Let him talk anyway. On top of that, his desk is yeah, he's very tall and on top
his desk is taller. That's odd approach, but that's how everybody always did it was that I'd ways desk the net Johnny Carson style desk. What would you do? Would you breading books? What's the desk What are you looking desk talk to people? You need a desk that seems retarded, but it's like you know. The guy was school teacher, something I mean, that's how we looked at it. A fucking desk, everyone. So unoriginal people are just such copycats that everybody Cray Ferguson, everybody Jimmy Kimmel, everybody just copies. The original Johnny Carson said, which is one of the worst formats. However, for communicating with people the only thing it does establish that one person is in control the situation, the guy behind the desk. That's the captain You will be right back. He could be right back quicker than it is like all Bunch of dudes sitting around circle with the check There is the same height and in the same style, and then it be a little weird as is dean the head. Why isn't Tom Green get
decide when they go. You know, yeah! That's why. I think Joan Rivers had it best you had in bed. Which is the most comfortable executives in each others. Eyes made touch some feet, yeah, I'm mad that I didn't get a chance to do that. Now. I'm glad that I really didn't get a chance to meet her either, but bummer was booked on that I was booked on that and something happened we cancelled or something someone cancelled. I don't remember the exact details, but she was an all time great God knows, I'm great falls it to the end. I mean just that what she had to put with when she decided to run show after Carson and he just bands her. She could easily just been buried. You know she was a Duche bag. You watch the documentary dick. He had a big deal that and he was a big dick dot to both things were different than man. You can't be that guy today. No, we would allow it. It would get out to you that kind of a con shitty people, but it's also back. Then you know we talked. This like with Howard, stern and radio guys is like back then,
we're all fighting over at time slot and that's kind of stupid? yeah time such a gun. Now it's people whenever their work and and listen and are working out or commuting or whatever well, because Dvrs and also with these one of things that Letterman kind of one of the reasons why he decided to step back was what show does it become mostly is like the show would get a certain views. Really would get a lot of use, would be the clips from the show that would go online and then to be able to access those whenever they want it, and that became a big thing and he was missing that like we're, not doing that. Like Jimmy Fallon, doing that most doing that we're not doing that anymore. They just realized that The whole genre was kind of passing his style by yeah, but like Marron was on last week and they made the quip. And stops masturbating because of drought 'cause, he masturbates the shower, and it was a huge clip on Youtube
here you instantly going to watch it. You know because they break it down into the meat of the interviews. The funny jokes! so you can watch the show kind of in. Like fifteen minutes yeah Thank that Louis C thing. Everything is great, and no one's happy The thing about technology that was on Conan an that became like this huge viral sensation, which was way bigger a hit than the actual episode itself, which you know, dot typing people watch don't anymore yeah, it's pretty low right, it's very low in comparison to like what the Johnny Carson Show. Be at one point in time. There's no show like that. Where everybody watch is the tonight show yeah, we learning million a night Carson, and then I guess when he signed off sixty million on the night he signed off when you got on the tonight, show back, then they made a star out of you like, There's no show like that anymore. That makes STAR, but if you became
regular. This tonight show he would sit on the couch next to Johnny. You were in in man, you made it. Who are royalty. Where you were adorned, you are knighted, Steven Wright. Changed. His world is was That's aspect the next day, because come back tomorrow, he came back, did another set the next day or whatever, but I I thought you said this to people all the time. It's been go to do Rogan, podcast or Marin or say the top five. Then it is to do a tonight show set now it is yeah, I go all over and people got mad. I heard you on such and such it's amazing and because people find those podcasts at different times. If the tv goes by and they didn't see it. They didn't see it, but every day somebody finds in episode I was on, play this a year from now that I just heard John Rogan Man and they discovered on their own time, frame
I have it set up the with the most access possible to. I don't have a subscription based some guys like you, can get. The first episode Merrin has that right, yeah the backlog first, fifty or for a or whatever, and then you let the backlogs. But I feel like Fsu's, like you yourself when you do that, I feel like the the with the real connection. Is: is the fact that it's all free right? That's a that's the easiest. You can get it whether it's true, Stitcher or through Youtube, more through you, stream or Vimeo, or whatever the it is just going to be able to get it as easily as possible, and then, if the like it just spreads. You know some of the the growth we're experiencing because of just word of mouth: we're up to million downloads from last month, wow twenty million in a month. Call madness. It's like an exponential fuckin' tsunami of madness. It's crazy! I call it. The it's like Metallica is the old school grassroots Metallica had a cassette tape like forty.
People got him Lars sent him to guys. I love Metallica semi tape. They copied those tapes, they sent him to their buddies, their buddies copy that tapes, they sent him in their bodies in a matter of five years, this probably two hundred thousand of those cassettes out grass. Tell me it's not ironic that Lars Ulrich was the youngest takedown Napster. After all, that Solarius, like word of mouth and the ability to spread your shift is what made them in the first place and then he's like he man. We want that money. We go with that money. Knappster should've used Trey, Parker and Matt Stone; instead they give which they made it Vhs tape as a little Christmas gift was like a two minute thing, and then that spread through Hollywood over like night- and I saw it- I saw it back down before they show that. Yes, I did, that was the Brian Boitano one. Oh, my god, it was got damn genius. Well, Brian Boitano do Alls, I'm saying is metal people. The way they spread stuff are like what pod comedy. Podcast people are it's great they're like man. Did you hear this show
The best things about comedy podcast is unlike what happened with Johnny Cash, and Joan Rivers. Podcasters support other podcasters. That seems to be across the board. I haven't seen any beef where podcast saying hey. If you do Adam Corolla show you can't do my show. No one does that. Now that was the model. That was the model. They all did it. They all did that, really they all fucked each other because of that, and because they were fighting over these time slots and everyone had this famine theory. Going on where, if you weren't number one below number one you were losing if you're in second place, he made less money and everyone's panicking. So the end, these politics are playing back and forth like that member. That move, these are actually know David Letterman in the late night wars and wolf. Doesn't NBC. Do that right now, like Fallon or somebody like that, if you do found, you can't do camera more I came all you can do for now. They probably have laws like that. You know they probably I mean some people could probably do whatever the they want, but they have. We have laws like that or on written.
Rules yeah, they give you a dinero, you go, I do 'em all and they go that's fine. We just want to narrow it's a stupid model. You have to be tuned in by one thousand one hundred o'clock. That's when it arts and it ends at one hundred and thirty. What why Just show it all the time. That have it available. Whenever anybody wants to watch it, then it will be better. It's like this all of like tuning in for something and waiting for it That's why I love Netflix Netflix. Takes a season and they go a season. Three of Orange is the new black. Is out good luck. All the up. So it's the whole season is on one fell swoop. They have bands watch which I like to do in a hotel somewhere on the road asked Jack. If you get a hold of a I can see reason you find out about it and you find out about it like after five cd seasons. Already done all. I did find a lot of game and thrones until I think the second season yeah. So I watched the whole full first season and then deep and when I caught up.
Sad, I know right 'cause, it's a week. That was me with breaking bad three seasons straight. I got the flu yeah. I want a brutal shadow. I took the flu, can stop dark, you're feeling shity like I watched all three and then I was like wait now. I gotta wait: fuck yeah. I think that that's the sure is there's not going to laugh. One day, thinking about the idea of tuning into a special time to watch a show like Watt premiere eight pm said they were your popcorn. Much just use it for hours. Uploading file upload it. So I can get it when ever on demand is the future. A hundred percent yeah love it. Everything else is stupid. It really is the idea of like tuning in I guess maybe new shows with that exception, because the end of the day you do I kind of find what the is going on the world death even though shows man they're getting trounced by like the young
works in all these like online shows they can do whatever they want. Well Twitter's for school, yeah, hello, yeah you find out who it is my news r. I p so we'll tag yeah, oh sure, yeah and just the thing when periscope does catch on more. It's going to be news, twitter, but video. So like something's happening in Washington, We could just turn to that exact, ST and go and there's four people on periscope right there we got four different camera, I Totale insert right now and that's what it's going to be like you, stream did a lot of that during the Ferguson Riots. A lot of streaming services that do that during the during Baltimore. All that kind of stuff is the future God Crisco pie mean that is definitely the future man. I was watching somebody last night for an hour. I had no idea who they were. They were just as miscellaneous person in Germany just watching them hanging. Twitch things that we were watching the twitch channel, which is all these people
playing video games and then you look at values well hold on guys got ten thousand people watching a play. A video games created arena filled with people who think about if you're performing in front of ten thousand people would be like holy fuck yeah. You reach ten thousand people with your words. That's crazy right guys, playing a video game. Did you? Where did you read that article Joe, which is really hit a big time as a comedian. If you have one thousand true fans, you can five is an artist. What is that? What you showing me? I was just showing that the other day on periscope at ten thousand live viewers at ten thousand people watching live yeah on periscope live at the same time. I don't know if it's all the same time, but it was ten thousand different people wow and I was just fucking with people and like web
great I'm sorry. What are you saying if you have one thousand true fans, yeah yeah, there's an article, a guy wrote uh. I read it online about two weeks ago and he said that if you as an artist have one thousand true fans, you could survive doing art, whatever form of art you do forever. Because he said the one thousand people. Would you think that sounds pretty easy? I'm trying to get one hundred right now is. This is an incredible article. If you read this, doesn't matter Well, we'll get to the end of it along the long tails of famously good. What ok just stop I'm reading Phuc In fact, the long tail is famously good news for two classes of people, a few lucky aggregators such as Amazon and Netflix, and six billion consumers of those two. I think it's ok. This is uh yeah, He said that, basically is. If you have one thousand fans that each
in about one hundred dollars a year on your meaning. They bought a dvd, you know or they bought a ticket a couple tickets. Or they watched your special right one hundred a year you got about one hundred thousand after everything, maybe five thousand and sixty you could survive awesome on that every year. The problem I have is the term true fan right. I got talking, I don't even like saying fans, people who, like you I say friend, I always I always I my friends, because we're if they're in the stuff I mean do we would be friends if you're doing good shitan people like your good shit and they keep supporting it and you have a commitment with them. It's kind of cool it's like you have customers, it's like If you are like a guy who made great shoes or something like that handmade shoes, you got a bunch of timbers it swear by the Dean Delray Shoe and they buy him whenever they can and it's like, if you're doing good
work in there. They appreciate good work. If you really can nail it and just lock it as a comic, it's a it's hard right. It makes you feel good, though, like I, like my podcast, I get emails at night man and they're like dude this stuff you're talking, out with music. No one likes it like me. I feel in your you know they would like. I can relate man and it's good. It feels good. Let there be talk to your because the mostly about rock and rollers has all kinds of it's all kinds of, but I really I have a lot of rock and rollers on, and people that I I loved in life that have do you know that influence may you know I try to seek him out, maybe a guy that built choppers. You know, like or a guy who's in amazing, motor builder or and then a comedian that blows my mind, then rocker and if you have The cool thing about what you're doing is you don't have to talk to body about what you do you don't After like sit down with some guys go dean. I think we're in the
wrong direction with this. What we want to do is, first of all, I want to dye your mustache grain, your mustache, the young kids. Today they can't relate yeah they. You know the tattoos are great, but maybe a lip ring yeah they're trying to like get you hip, now, maybe a teardrop tattoo, so little the core issue I like it did they give you and and man and and and and and those that did stand and burger, and I just don't is the guys you know if you like something, you know you figure it out like these guys are doing it man, you other doing it. And you figure out like what is my niche. I love music. Let's talk about rock, but I love com it is so we got guys on you know, being yourself being yourself that's the cool thing about podcasts, you can really truly be yourself 'cause. You know just
microphone or camera, or you don't even have a camera. You just do audio right, audio yeah, that's just never! there's never been a time where you could do that, there's never been a time we could have your own fucking radio show that's available instantly. If I drive home right now I can go into Itunes or go into the podcast app rather on my Iphone and I That's right Delray and it'll. Show me let there be talk boo, man, I'll just start streaming. It I'll put my foot down. I mean I see my phone down a seat at a red light. That red light. I picked up your podcast and I'm listening to it. Now. That's insane- or I could say it mean nothing you say: Dean, Delray and it'll look up in the search, it's amazing how accurate that thing. It's crazy little crazy! It's a weird time to be alive with ash it. I was lucky too that I figured out how to do it on my own. You know like I was. Brian, I would on the road with Brian last year, and this fucking guy
his off we're out on the road. How do you lie to America? Well, I mean when we when knows him way more than you do well, we were out on the road he was working his off yet the shows booked. Yet those tells Brooke via the car rental car yeah the flights, and we occurs in around I was like this is self made yeah now machine here, the desk, what you have to figure out a way to do your own thing in this day and age, because if you, if you do bring other people and especially in the beginning, you're going to have to give them a cut of almost thanks so like as you're Hassel and you're trying to put together the shows. Even a manager. Fifteen percent of that are an agent ten percent. Twenty five, has gone. Then you have to pay taxes anyway. This is when you're on the road with the maid does have a manager, and then they still get your ten percent. Like I I don't say who, but like I like got checks because I was on the road in their manager, took my took ten percent of my cut my.
Wait! That's not right! When you talking about him, a win, win, win, win, win, win win. Did you got you got robbed? I know you don't have a contract with someone they took. Ten percent of your check is this nothing. Somebody robbed. I know that's weird, but still working. Tell you that it's going to tell you we're going to get a certain amount and then they took him out. Brian opened up a can. Someone is robbing people bye, I was we're going by dean. Is because dean doesn't have a have a fake name, let's use a fake name rhymes, with it's gross. I was stealing money. You know it's! It's just weird! That managers do
this is like an engine you see, if he's not managing you like a manager, here's a damn! You got the person, the gig where's, your cut. Is the aging well. Well, here's the deal, though, which is what I'm saying as a manager of managers, a long term commitment. I've had the same manager since I was an open, my car and comedians, try to keep keeping manager for a long time and the agent is someone who works with you guys, but is not close as the manager the manager is supposed to be. The person that's like looking over your career and advisory position and like advising you that does not advising you go on periscope now. I really think it would help. Taking ten percent for what reason stoglin again, I guess you gotta get that money back dude I take great we're going to find that money at a great thing to get it back one way or another, I'm going to book a gig with this guy and then we're going to steal still at money. Jacob
young loves you man. I wanted to tell you that he still remembers that I'm his kids got to go down to the set of fear factor yeah. He never forgot he's like man. It was so great, like kids just lost their mind, they're in there, the guys eating eyeballs, you know five feet away and he loved it. Man he's a good guy, is a great. A really really talented singer tells us that one of my best friends, Israel, yeah man- I always wondered like why they didn't like take off like the those. What was that song can remember room, and this- and this wound one in line yeah. That is why I, like it hello this, so you know that they sold twenty six million records. I know but wow comedian keep making jams like that, like what happened. Well, when you have a record that big, it was huge that it's hard to come. You know, people who you want in ACDC Hats Shut, your mouth did that shift for decades. Right, let me come on
and yeah, I'm just saying it is hard, though, like some people, you know Example: deeds. Change the high school head, he's giving you that news love that right graduate. But not this way I do that that rock and roll voice love. You see my dance going. What is Oh my god. Oh my god, Holy shit stand up. So that they can see on the camera. Who did that man this guy? That's guy name, Nikko Hurtado he's only going to his California, absolutely yeah, he was. He worked on the Kat VON D that tv show a couple years, but he has his own place out in Grass Valley, and this guy is now
next level for portraits he's super talented for everything for every super fucking, talented, so good man, I went out there had sixteen hours that thing eight and eight that sucks, fifteen hour yeah, and this valujet. This rib cage is the worst place ever to get a tattoo. I memory started, I went hey, you might want to move to another spot for a few minutes, that's kind of tender and he's like yeah the whole thing's going to be like that. I was like but we're only ten minutes in and be ready to quit. Oh yeah, I would make it a bumblebee how much, how much harder is it than your arms? It's so it's like. I can't describe. It's! It's so bad it's so bad that I didn't get Angus on the other side, which was the original plan you push it out, probably do it, though. And we do. We should film periscope yeah right Actually we should have him do it here in the studio with Joey Diaz is getting sponsors on periscope. Now there can't
yeah 'cause. He does. He does the morning joint up in the morning. He lights up a joint and he starts dropping science and motivation indicate dog okay, you know whatever minutes when he gets up and smokes his first joint of the day. He brings people this ride with him called the morning joint, so he's going to get you could get a sponsor for your tattoo that'd be great right. They're not even pay for the tattoo man not that I really want to get the other side done. Huh yeah and I want to get the comedy store logo to really I do it's just we need a new logo. Little No! No! No! I love it. It's just a big deal to me, though you know what I mean my names on the wall and it was just like it was the big. Thing that ever happened to Maine and I played music tour. With everybody and then all kinds of ship that was neck
This is great. So you look at some other people around the wall. Tiling company this week that a boys one is a few folks on that one takes a black paint to set the other day and just good old half the names on the friend pad yeah. Because of the what the z cat you know like what is he and half of them, I don't think a real. I think literally people like came in their jury. Now, there's a few like a towing truck company on there like how's it totally ruins yeah show it to you. It's weird, that's pretty much it! It's a it's a big deal to me. The It's just like a from the ground up. I was forty four. I just stumbled on to that patio, like hey, I'm here to new comedy in there. It get the fuck outta here you know I had fitzsimmons on yesterday and we were talking about uh that book about the comedy store. What is it called love it? What is it called comma?
you don't know yeah, I'm making standing or what is it up? What's it called it's great man. I can't believe no ones made that movie but yeah what he was basically saying was that at those that what saying that at the description of what the was in. The 70s is exactly like. It was today like it was like comma. Hanging out in the back patio people going on stage there. It's amazing that place is kept that freaky vibe I did a dollar show last night the doorman show in the the belly room last night for such a good idea, show it to you, don't understand how happy it makes all the like the door, guys and stuff that work there 'cause they pretty much used to have two nights of open mic, and then they took it away. And is way better for for the people that work there 'cause. That was the only reason why these guys worked
yeah, so the doorman went up. Jeff Ross did some time. An I closed it out. I did one slash two. An hour and close, it out is all sold out. It's only a buck so cool right there in that room, and it says it says capacity. Fifty seven, I think they might be a little bit over head, know what they actually get in there, but it's probably about nine thousand four hundred and ninety nine are doing a show there. Next week we do with us if I'm Ok, warranties! Do my podcast next week yeah! So it's like June 17th uh we're doing a Wednesday night and I podcasting comedy show in there. If we had, you would be, the three of us would be insane and red bands on yeah Florentines on the 15th, so you're doing on the 17th and we're doing it o'clock, though, aren't the belly roll. If I can I'd love it, man, I'd, be so fun. New material show that
materials that they really are and then we're right after it? Ok I'll do it. I think it is I'm there then definitely gonna be so great. So I'm like Donkey Kong. That room is just so amazing magic right, that's true! I started in there man I just threw in a country that just died. It is special in there. He did that first record in there right in the arm. That's what I heard right. No yeah I think so, which one it's a very first, one that the one that just says dice yeah he did number to quick. Let's look it up, I'm looking it up right now to deal with voice not going to hang outside doing. What was the story that you told on Dahmer Errors podcast about Joe Walsh, Walsh, yeah, unbelievable story, Joe Walsh is first of all an absolute king like today is one of the nicest guys I've ever opened for he's
like so cool, you think it be Joe Walsh, like hey I'm in the eagles who the fuck are those who it was like that all, but we were eating again Trey and it comes in the dressing room- and he says, hey- don't eat that shit like what why, because I eat, What's in there man, you know it's just a shity deli tray, don't need it he's all. I got before and I was like. Oh really, and he goes yeah. Let me tell you he gets after He was out of the eagles. He had a real low spot where, it's part in Hardin, cancelling gigs all the time, so he cleaned up and imagine the manager said were book a tour, but if you can't one show all the shows will be gone so the first the tour he's backstage now. The deli tray after sound check in about a couple hours later gets mad food poisoning and he starts she alien and an inch.
Getting any psych. What am I gotta cancel the manager goes. You cancel this gig, the entire tourist going, so they got Kmart or whatever was open. They get. The rubber fishing waders. He how much time on the ones that go up to your titz, then, like we river, runs through it fly fishing yeah it gets. That stage and just starts going at it while shooting like every couple like every few minutes is all time no see my mind. You know any shifting into rubber window regulators, then he said mid show he didn't expect this, but the
heat from the lamp started burning. The diarrhea acids on his legs and was like I know I looked at Joe Walsh, weirdo wearing those 'cause. He wore weird shit, all the time, Akitio tonight shooting himself with wears on first for him, though, first minute I met him, that's the story, television. I hope it's true, it's so great man. It's amazing! What a great story! I love the Eagles man now, the Eagles Rocky Mountain high as well rocky Mountain way is one of my favorite songs. Ever I love that song. I love the one that he did. Shoes, bum, bum, Bum Bum
going to do to not the mama. You know he. He wrote that one on long run, it's great life's, been good to me. So far, great fuckin'. Sorry, now now now now it's also like one of those songs about a guy talking about, like you know what I'm just going to keep doing this yeah yeah yeah, I'm living retarded rock and roll life, I get arrested, I'm doing stupid ship. It lifes been good to me so far. My theme song man, yeah eagles, and all the legendary bands and that was the one that was featured in the big Lebowski covered, the dude, hey, Amanda Fuckin' eagles yeah? He did the Eagles. I remember being offended so I could hear the Eagles Hotel, California, the folk. Do you hate hotel, California? That record is so good, so much all their should victim of love by the Eagles documentary right. Victim of love is fucking bananas. That's great!
That's a serious fucking song desperado, those guys are legends man, just handfuls of songs yeah. They had some great writing too hotel. California is like one of the all time: great songs Yes, I love that in life in the fast lane, man does, and man have some some amazing amazing would songs, won the you guys didn't get along. They broke up and got back together again when they realize how much money was involved yeah. Maybe they did the Hells they said will get back together when hell freezes over and then in ninety six. I think it was called the hell freezes. Over till I was glad 'cause. I never got to see a man they opened. I saw him at the shoreline in the Bay area and they opened with hotel. California, can you even opening with hotel, California, man, you know you're in for a great concert you lying This is a great great one, man, great
I really like the long run record a lot of people, don't like it. It's the last one before they broke up it's just pure cocaine, but man it's good songs on it, I'm already gone yeah. Alright, already gone already great fucking song they had some jams did manage some? Those are some drive in songs too. You know, like I, mean your car in those come on, go yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I love that those guys they had three voices. That's with a great band. You got you got, you know, Glenn Frye, who cool hit on Miami vice member smuggler's blues. That's a great one, yeah Joe Walsh sings and then ' have Don Henley sings and then even the bass player sings that one. I can't tell you what song yeah, that's great man, great song, that's great song! Wow! That's right! That's illegal
to jam with so many hits get some of those that era Mander, so much good music out of that era. It's weird. How music comes in big waves like that? I guess comedy, does too yeah right now, it's a huge wave The biggest wave ever seen. Yeah guys, I think, is the biggest wave ever seen. We were talking about the uh at the store were like this, the golden era of comedy, and everybody agreed like at all, like Sarah, so I was onstage Kelowna's hanging out with Burke we we're in the backstage were talking about comedy today. Is bird just got back from like eighteen sold out shows I was in there was this. Is that show it was crazy amazing, but we're talking I will like is this? Has there ever been a better time for stand up in right now, and we were all like does not there's no better? I don't think there's ever a better time with like more like big name head diners and more young guys coming up like the store I've been store? I took a seven year but I started there in ninety four. I never saw a crop of hungry dead,
created new guys like now is like there was always like a few guys that were ok, and I would like find those guys try to help him out right. Grab him like look, you could stay alive. You gotta keep moving, you know, but now it's they have their own ecosystem. It's a totally different thing. There is way more power like that having that roast battle and all these different, like bonding shows that these bonding shows you know absolutely the Kerr creating a complete environment of art. Man yeah, you know it's like there's no around going. Sorry man, you look like this or that or you're too old or too young. It's like hey, we're all here, yeah and creating ness people that say that they're always the problem, that you're too young you're too old to this year to that you're too tall you're, too short you, those always wrong. They're always wrong because guys, like Joe ideas, just exist exactly they. Don't you can't ever script that you can't hope for that to walk through your door. You can't
turn a guy into that. Just that is This is the funniest guy. If is the funniest time for comedy. I think it is. I think, Joey Diaz funniest guys ever lived. I really do I don't think there's ever been any funnier I've seen Kenison live I've seen Hicks live, I seen these are Pryor live? It was already really late in life. No one is ever crushed in front of me like, like Joey Diaz, as he did. The comedy story did the or- and I had a post about it on Instagram, so he just broke the this was the same. People were falling out of their chairs, it was screen and people were screaming laughing screaming and the right thing, though, is that he has a guy like you who shouts it out that that's not like. Well, this is my world. You know like the old world where people would be like this is all Maine and I'm not letting anybody else in it said well, there's there's always a group of people back then when they had to be everybody had to be the best, one guy had to be the guy. Where was dice
can. The San was like is one guy. That was the best and he thought it was the best and then you would have guys around him, but those guys always sucked yeah. I that good somebody called in satellite comics. They weren't that good but like he is he's guy Alive NASA. This guy over and easy. I take with me on the road that's great, or I can, whenever he's not busy, but now it sucks 'cause. Everybody knows I can't take him with me anywhere he's always busy sells out ever he's, just crush Denver. Just came in like one tornado, he hadn't been there had been banned from that club forever. Wow, I'm headline in there at the end of the month, places first time ever. I love that place. Amazing! That's why I felt my last comedy special now, I'm at my comedy central special. I knew that when I went in there I was like this is the one where you did. Your special rocky Mountain High run yeah and then I go in there and after the first joke I drop in my heading. Oh I get it
yeah! That's like in rock cave hits. That people are on the stage that place is alive. It's electric to crazy little club, crazy, crazy, crazy little club, but this time. Manage is really unprecedented, were always comedians are supporting each other too. It's not like that whole back Stabby, Johnny, Carson type thing we were talking about before it used to be like that with comet. It's not like that anymore. Everybody's! It's like this is a great group of people supporting each other. Now I got lucky. I didn't come in in the 90s here, not even find a lot of people get ARI, came in the 90s yeah I'm just like there wasn't much of a I mean you know. It was after that 80s gold rush well I came in, I came in ninety four. That's when I arrive at the store was the worst time ever. Wow. Time when I came in when I first got there, it was the worst era for the store ever wow. There was you would go there on a Monday or Tuesday or when he would see dogs
wow. These guys were. There was terrable comedy going on a bunch of 'em and the guy ran. It was a fucking drunk Another thing was awesome as it was, it was pre Tommy. It was another guy ran it as well as fucking thing was a disaster. That's crazy! Yeah! Oh God, there was so many like leftovers that should have made it from the 80s but didn't and they fell apart. They're still doing the same Material do you know how you forget get a few of those guys. Occasionally, you'll see one of those guys today still has the same act for tonight's, like you'll, be at the haha or big it's crazy right here, like whoa this guy doesn't have. This is some old material, yeah yeah. Well, that was what got in the 90s, but there were guys from the 80s because there was a big wave in the 80s. Wave was like from like eighty early 80s to like late 80s and then it to die off into the 90s comedy clubs. Closing. The Boston scene collapsed, like all those even The improv shows kind of drifted away. There was
each of those shows for awhile, and then they slowly all faded away, and that was in the early 90s. That's what I came around clock with the leftover wow, there was so much bad comedy and there was a very few people. No one from my error that started off in ninety four that's around today, while at the commonest yeah, no one, knowing that I could think of. I can't have one guy who is with me back, then it was in like my state I was already headlining on the road and I had a television show, but really stickley. I learn how to do stand up at the store and that's badass. Realistically, That's where I learned had some jokes. I knew a little bit about comedy, but I learned I really learned it at the store that oh, are just effecting change
is all rules and it gets you ready when you're out on the radio. I seen this in the belly rooms the are compressed to a diamond. I love the Valley rooms like one slash, two of our at half the or it's like this, I think, is a 4i call it a comedy fortnite. We got stairs here in the fort. You know, and it just feels good you're. Looking at naked pictures. Yeah collapses, specially like those roast battle night, so I don't even like going up there. This is going to go in the kitchen yeah. I get paranoid like too many, but not enough people in here. It's great now at periscope, though 'cause all of us just like sit and watch it on periscope. Now it's got three feeds you gotta, be there, though dude you gotta, be there I'm going to judge in a couple weeks. I can't wait. You know. The problem with periscope is, though, that some people that are outside of it we're not going to get it and they're going to get angry like at the white
only table and all the racism and the black wave there's like called the negro way. They have the call yeah. My boy, Jeremiah Walken's, is in that yeah as white, though he's alone yeah yeah, it's a holding, is it's it's a magic place and at the end, kill tony is a big part of that too yeah. You guys doing the podcast out there and getting all these young people getting this one minute shot and it made Sarah Shara I like those those girls came out of that and now they've got careers. Now things are happening for that. Well, that's a good support group. You know when you have a podcast and other people in America are listening. They got man. I think I could try that you know. Well, I get these tweets all the time from people like you will see the show that will put together on the ice house or something like that
like. I live in the wrong place. Yeah, it's crazy! You guys have any shows there on a regular basis right now, all right, the other night it was. It was d as a rare, Bryan, Callen me and down to my tornado, hit that place, saying all those guys on their own, make me laugh so fucking hard man, you know like DOM Irara? I went on the road with him and man. I just laughed my ice off the whole time, onstage off stage eating whatever you know. It's just always great, like look at you again. If I don't want to be on the road with DOM, is so funny so cool and he's been in it forever. You know my worries me with his drinking, though that's the only thing I worry about DOM is he's getting older and he just he can't hit it hard every night yeah. Xanax and keep losing,
take some every night. It takes one every day, hello, but it he likes it yep, for whatever reason you know, I don't know he's great man, he's great need an addiction. I need to go back to cigarettes or something are you talking about? Why would you say that quit we just quit cigarettes for like four days? That's it like I need to go back to cigarettes as if it was a long time ago. Back in the day when I was working out Kelly's going to pop off 'cause you're, just like non stuff made a fort at it, I've copy stares at you stub your toe use as an excuse for this. I need a cigarette stub, my toe stuff, my new sneakers, this bull shiting, you single man, he just e you gonna, need to escape Then you got to be really careful about that, because you're doing something that's going to eventually give you an illness and most likely one
incurable ones like lung cancer, and if that happens, dude you Thinking like Johnny Carson was like Johnny Carson before he died, would just walk around the house with an oxygen mask. Go this fucking cigarettes yeah and that's all he would say: that's got damn cigarettes was fucking sick I create a man, it was brutal, but it's like I Brian I saw this guy was thirty. He used to hang This bar I'd go to all the time when they should be as a I'm gonna be coming here for the rest of my life, and I yeah oh you're here every day, and he goes now. I just got six months to live. He got lung cancer, but it was from asbestos or something, but he also smoked but I saw him whittle away in three months. He looked like mister burns from the Simpsons. He had the oxygen thing he came in and I was like I'm off these men and I got the funk off him yeah because he was just thirty and dead. Yeah Instead, now he died, instantly and that was like in ninety lung cancer is not cute.
It's gross and fun yeah, I mean addiction should go back. I said hello, I'm in a pill addiction, but it seems like xanax I just I just don't get. Why, like everyone, I know, is either an adderall or xanax they're having up or down in you. Talk to these people are like, oh, no, I only like downers or I only like uppers. Everyone, seems like there on something for some of the medications people were trying to self medicate yeah I'm trying to go there for clean route like just to see like my memory is fire right now I quit caffeine. My memory is incredible because you could yeah, there's all kind of just drink like ten com, he's a day. Then I'd be on stage and it just be like blurred, man,
like. Sometimes they get a twitch up here too much caffeine. You ever get that it's twitching here, while you're on stage is that what that's from caffeine or sleep deprivation man I get this twitch and it wouldn't stop and I've got damn it my eye. And then you guys are doctors yourself, diagnosing I'm getting canker sores from Mentos, and these guys did twitches from coffee for sure definitely from the coffee and optimally pokey did twenty five years. You were stuffing it through your fucking nose. Cattleman I've had some close calls on Coke really 'cause. I had the numb arm. You know
yeah marinara numb arm to tell it did a bit about it, but I was in Laurel Canyon. I remember there's just there. The first time ever really saw a pyramid. A coke, like people tried to do that, because the Scarface Brian DE go to parties. They they had a paramedic co wow again, so you want to how many people are stealing it like put in a while yeah. That's what I that's, what you think right, but but it like the people that are there they just like get this plenty of coke. You know how much is that cost, like a pyramid, account, probably be a key of coke. You know like how much it is like a car wreck, I'm a secure, I don't know back then what that's big, money like backed in an eight ball was three hundred and fifty three one slash two grams. Ok will just give me a guesstimate, let's say five thousand bucks. Ten thousand. What do you think about the amount of money that some people spend on parties just for like catering and sharing right having a bad play and fucking. I sculpture. Why not have a big giant, brick of coke?
yeah absolutely and it looked pretty impressive when you come in to get well, that's an actual pyramid, a coat, but if you got busted cops. Came they probably posture for distribution? That's prison! There! That's a key of blow yeah, you gotta, go we're having a party what party is now Smith yeah, but your walls party get out I went over and I just kind of scooped the pile off of it, and I, oh my god, like you know, you can't tell you're not working as this looks good here it is, and I blasted it and I swear to God about it a minute later. As a my arm was totally numb and I was like oh and knives problems. You know So do you think that it was cut with anything? Was it pure? It's just clean super coke. You know, you know, like real coke you're not used to doing something like super good coke. Did they get hated. You Khan, ambience, ambulance,
and he's like no way man that attract heat, gotta write it out. Dude and that's the same thing man was talking about when he ate too much Chinese write it out. You know and they're, like dude, eat too much what he ate too much chinese food once just like tons and like I guess from the salt
things solid shots, so weak you talking about doing coke and almost dying he's like too much egg foo young and I almost died. Nothing man totally same thing like if you eat, shitloads, of like salt in your body or like I've, had too much sugar in my fucking foot starts tingling. That ever happened to you. How do you guys know what is causing all these issues? Yeah was the ice cream sundae Gummy bears will eat like bags of a dude that was too much your body is held together with those gummy bears. Gummy bears the glue that keeps your organs functioning. That's the connections between the neurons in that issue. That's like! Maybe they told him, don't stop partying 'cause, you will die. They really tell him that they own that Mami documentary they're like well your bodies immune to it. Now it probably go in shock. If you didn't have it wo, You drink that much we drink
and there's a little powder zappos. Let me I don't know he's like seventy or something we can look that up when he was sick last year, pretty bad man from one. I guess just part like running your your body all forever. That's not only looks like now, though, now sixty nine recent image of lemmings like right, I would say: right there, the hat one the glasses. That's right there! That's him there with right. There you go the last week that works on face when you get those removed because he's let me from our head and give a he's great, the even with these giant gross things grown out of some of that gas like watch the documentary landing, it's crying see there. He is it is with this collection. He's got all those war, swords and stuff in his house. Where does he live? He lives up by the Rainbow
and the same apartment he's had for like thirty years, really yeah wow. What a madman! I love it right, just rock any still just hits the road and they just put a new record coming out this. He have any kids No, I don't think so. He was angry at two children. He was Hendrix, Rhody Jesus Christ. Isn't that crazy? What a maniac in the band called out. Haquin in the 60s is Lenny has lost a lot of weight, metal injection and click on that yeah scare. What this is health, I got sick, something was wrong man. It's the picture right there, yeah. Let me is looking out skinniest factors that guy on the left, who Jericho, yeah he's a wrestler yeah. How dare you when you're in a band? There is a man. Let me
Great sixty nine years old, still parties hard yeah animal. How much push anything yet even at sixty nine, tons if you're in Rainbow pussyfooting around Brian Brian, it's the same girls in shame. Porn girls are at the rainbow that are out there yet down his periscope. How dare you insult him like that, while on the podcast you rude menu? I was at this girls house the other day and some sixty five year old, guys sitting on the couch and I'm like. Why is that guy, I'm leaving? What is this? Why you went over house there's a guy just sitting on the couch yeah she's invited me back to her house with this girl. I'm hanging out these two girls, Paris coping and I'm like wait a second there's a sixty five year old man, creepily watching me and it's almost throw up. Who was he? I don't know he just some doctor's
is that the one that threw up there's two girls, one through upon you, hold on wait a minute hold on Jesus Christ. A doctor wanted you to play with these two girls. I think just wanted to watch us play together like all three of us just hanging out, so you two girls and the guy was just like what I can offer that he wasn't working out here is hanging out about this. Just doing did you talk to him at all I tried to, but it was weird so just like whatever I'll just these two girls are drunk right here, so I'll, just hang out with them and we're Paris coping in his house, I'm starting to think it was imagine if you get to that point where you are so Desperado is a sugar daddy that you tell girls. Look, I don't care if you bring guys back. Yes, I live here. I think what it would bring guys back. You do whatever you want
just. Let me hang out just let me jerking off in your mouth, everyone days, yeah, I ran out. That is awesome. You know it's pretty secure, who do what they have to do to get by in this world man, people hooking survivors living on the streets in Bangladesh right you, gotta, walk, barefoot, carry a basket on your head, if you're five year old. Do you get a house in the Hollywood hills and you want to get laid you're, not famous. What do you do you not? Let me from Motorhead you gotta, let these girls live in your house and bring home dudes fall fall. We can't stay, we need to bring home guys, bring them here. Mr out, others don't disturb me want to beat now yeah. I mean basically the the whole recipe of the Playboy Mansion, a lot of ways yeah. Well, there was a house and I looked out. There was one point time where I was thinking. I should play live in the Hollywood. Hills be easy to get to the store.
I get home quick, argue more work done I'll, be like I could live anywhere. I thought about it for a very short period time, like maybe a couple weeks- and I looked at this one house in the house that I looked at was really cool and this guy, this glass back window like his, her back was house was glass and he was a guy that invented Bell. Bottoms and this is a story behind this guy, and these called wild man is to show that it is when Eddie Bravo was Dj. Script Strip, club and Eddie used to work at the Strip Club in this guy was rich as fuck and he would come in and he would pay like a shitload of money to get these girls come back to his place. He would go to strip all throughout the valley. Go everywhere, wanted like a whole place to go during the day, and he would get these girls. And the story was that this guy was a straight laced guy, who smoked a lot of cigarettes and he went to the doctor and the doctor said: listen man you're going to die, you gotta stop smoking cigarettes going to die. Look if you need to smoke smoke.
We'd have a smoke pot. It's not, it doesn't give you cancer, so this guy starts smoking pot joints all day, Hong Kong changes, his life but you know I mean I don't want to work anymore. I have money, you know what I'm going to do, I'm going to just play guitar and I'm going to get hookah pop pop pop just play guitar and get hookers, but he apparently was really mean to them, which is sort of the opposite of what you expect from potheads while body expect gentle and help help. He's too call it like boot, camping them work boot camp, these girls who treat him like shit, who pay him a lot of money. Treating like shit and he got off on the fact that he was just gross old guy and he would get these hot young girls would do stuff. Well, this guy was selling his house, so I went to look at the house and I remember looking around and I was thinking well. This house is like really expensive and it's right there on the street, and then I remember thinking like this guy is like been bringing these hookers back to this place. So it's like a lot of people are probably going to think that this guy
is an asshole, I'm going to rob him or something like what, if I buy it, and they go looking for wild man like you know, I live here now, two weeks after I thought that he was killed in that house. He brought a girl home and uh a proud parent Lee. The girl brought guys with her and they fucking shot him in the neck. Boogie Nights style shot him in the neck and he bled out right in the front where I was walking. I'm looking around. Why, when I was looking around his house going this walking, I could get shot in this place. It was funny because I brought that up and the guy was selling the house. The real estate guy goes: don't worry, there's a state of the art system that has cameras everywhere and I go. You know that I going to show you going to do this The mass shootings yeah good luck that childish out with the fucking talking about when I said that the guy You know what the salesman like you, sell motorcycle just trying to sell this fucking Baddass Hollywood Hills House, but I bet they just fucking suck. That.
That, with a vacuum cleaned it up nice sold at beach within a week, those houses they go like yeah. I got up there, on Simpson ship. You ever read that book high concept, here's the producer that did all the blockbusters he invented. The blockbuster like right the jaw. So a top gun that race ones, but it days of thunder he was a lunatic he'd get streetwalkers what does mansion they had a fucking like a twenty foot fence all the way around and they would be like you're going to eat poo, and she like that why he just whiffed, coke and fucking went nuts high concept read the book. It's awesome, something hilarious about a guy on Coke, say you're going to eat poo yeah. This is like that language like for five year olds. That book is crazy. Hollywood, weird us back, then that's so fucked. They said that thing. That men want to hire women to get to do degrading. That's
beside the way. This is coming from the host of fear factor sold, but the idea that someone would that that's what they got off on to get off on taking someone desperately needs the money bringing them to make their own house with a live and sleep yeah. Your your haunting that place for these the memories of developments boot camping, those can't. Yes, we used to call what I wear. That was his his expression gadfly. Can he smoked a lot of it's during his life. He had that raspy cigarette voice yeah, but Jack Boot camp him. I remember when I met the guy felt really creeped out by like I wouldn't want to buy. Buy a house from an asshole. Now, just that alone. I wouldn't want to just not interested. Find some house now, as I think the asshole
yeah. I would stay in the house, man yeah, there's some creepy shit in the Hollywood hills that has gone down over the last one hundred years, an it's just kind of like those there's ghost up there. Man, if you didn't know that the guy was an asshole. That would be one thing and you took it over and like I'll turn it into my house. I have a nice party with my friends over this. Is my house now, hey House, I'm such no! No more boo, we're going to be nice to barbecues and hugs and a good time, and it will fucking swim together. Everyone's going to be nice here, no boot camp right, no more boot camp, I love, but if you are just you know, if you know that it was an asshole's house stuff to do stuff, but you'd have other choices, you know they want to buy
it's kind of like Joey Diaz is bathroom. You know, that's the most haunted is fuckedup place in the road imagine living in his place. I would, by Joey D's house in a heartbeat. Factoid is had a house that was for sale Ipad by just to make sure nobody else had it yeah. My buddy, my buddy's moved into Joey Diaz's apartment building over there yeah so no worse place. That place is crazy, crazy right, but it was still there. During the day when Ralphie lived across the hall from Doug Stanhope who lived right down from Joey and Joey was staying with Gavin. Oh my god. It's chaos how many corner that was a crazy comedy. Like compact house yeah,
they're in there now Lucas, the bartender at the store, Lou Natalie and then my other buddy Steve Henry. He moved, and so it's like comedy it's from across the from the game, see acts right, yeah yeah. How much does it cost even breath? Nine? Fifty it's it's good for the size for a one bedroom. It's like I'd, mock massive studio was separate kitchen and they, but you got a a garage and stay for Hollywood. That's pretty god! Damn good is known if one of those places be a good idea to do a podcast. To do two is so right now like thing about like how much you have to pay the ice house, you can get a the actual studio apartment. Where is your studio? My studio in a studio yeah me and a couple of comics were actually thinking about their building condos across the street. Eventually, they're tearing down the house of blues just yeah that's going down. I think three more months, it's closed right three more months, and so building condos there's a man. If you comment or like we should just bring all chip,
like three hundred a month or whatever and rent a place, we could always just crash there if we want to yeah one of those losers going to wind up living there and yeah yeah yeah getting high on campus? What up drugs? My god did, I'm never going to forget that you never forget it. My friend Larry, who used to live in the Hollywood hills had the most amazing view, I've ever seen in my life up there to this day, I've seen dope views of nature. Like nature views my favorite views, but nature views don't work at night at night. You just see dark mountain but Larry had a place at the top of Doheny and the view was like blade, runner it like it didn't seem real. I would lookout you like. I didn't know anybody got to see this like the view of all those lights from a certain height like I don't want to be too high up. You know,
Tiffany airplane looks pretty dope, but there's something about being at the top like that Doheny area, where you get this grid effect with this amazing. Light show at night we would just go. We would go out to his place. I would bring people by his house just to look at the view at night and we just gotta see this wow specially at clear night. After it rained all. My god was a amazing museums would fuck you up his same thing. Something he's got his right at the top. I Runyon three six thousand three hundred and sixty got cold century city. You got the Grove then over here. You have downtown, then behind him he has all the hills like running and everything. You know it's just with this like spill off infinity pool, and that would be one of those houses, though we would wonder about the boot camp and wandering around going. This health might be haunted, bring in some vegan, so big and say: oh yeah, you have to have like some sort of a yogi
Well, it's not in an infinity pool. That's a hooker bathroom drains, just pubic hair in condoms. It was an amazing pad. He said he bought it from the MTV money in the 80s and he still owns it. Man he rented out now, so we just rented out there and it should move real estate in Hollywood. Hills is a great investment at smart. Well, polished been smart was mine like that. It really is a smart move. He owns that place above well, he sold it to Scott yeah yeah right, the one right behind it has been handled. That's great that's a great if someone had that spot at the place. It's right. Top of the little hill Ask me to run it for awhile? He said and how she's like you, live and pick the good room and then pick like four guys that you want to live with it. You can you know it's a great idea. Yeah Comedy house like these to have a crystal total yeah exactly but
only worry was like the comics moving out every couple months ago. I can't make rent and then I'll send you this landlord. Instead of just a roommate and as yeah sounds like work yeah, you gotta blood money chase people down. Whenever you deal with broke dudes, it's always a disaster area which is exactly what you would deal with. You gotta you would wind up having your name on the condo could be older, guy they'd be like well just will pay. And then uh a man. You can just say My part out someone else. I bought the funking, nobody wants it. You know like you and then how about this you got rent. Why you being a dick man that we're Bros here like management, that's the best cat best come on man. You got money, you owe money, it's not! What's going on here! I don't get mad at me. You suck it's crazy man, it's the worst! The worst is when broke people no money, turn it around and get upset at you, yeah yeah. How about how about what you know
where we're living here. Yeah now I have to pay your part. You know it's just people just always look for some sort of an excuse to not have to contribute it's just when you're dealing with starving struggling artists. It's the same sort of mentality that makes people flick cigarettes out the window, not thinking about anybody but themselves Exactly exactly cigarette thing to manage something about poison, your I would cigarettes I've, always one like I was hanging out with a tally, the data and bring it up because I love him, but the smoke cigarette dropped on the ground stepped on. It left it there Matt and also to do you know that's littering like. Would you do that with a rapper? Would you do that was like a a but I can't blame arise growing up. You know with James Dean, stepping on the cigarette flinging. It used to always be like a thing that you mean cops, would do you
It it. Never it never got. I stated I let say seven there like, and then we went to boot camp. He won five grand. And put on the gloves my brother waiters, my favorite jealous as they're driving this Prius. Oh I'm, saving the environment. They flick a cigarette out of their fucking Prius dude. I've had a running tally on this show about people increases that I've seen through a cigarettes out the window. It's up to eight people, people in the Prius throw cigarette out the window yeah, it's like. Don't tell you driving that Prius for the environment and some money this is our cheap yeah. We know one of those things Daniel Cormier UFC Light Heavyweight Champ one, and he said it- costs like thirty bucks to fill up and it lasts.
Yeah I went to. I went to San Fran with another comic in it and we put like twenty six dollars in it. We were there I was like. Are you kidding? my motorcycle. I stopped three times they're great on gas, but their dog cars luebbers killed it for me, man, I've been in so many Prius lately that that driver has one the track home of cars That's what it is: it's a track home. They all the same It's going to get worse, mind, never leave the Arclight. You go. Look at the in previous is in here. How did you find your way? You want to go yeah, that's all it is. Is everybody had one of those wouldn't be so dangerous yeah? The problem is other people of trucks. You know when semis have a Prius here at the Prius get hit by a semi Christ. I got rear ended man. I started really reconsidering the type of automobile I drive like this. You know the Porsche took the hit, pretty good.
Designed german engineering as a crash beam in the back that absorbs the impact, but I didn't get hit that hard either. You know I mean you think about all these fucking idiots out there, like I told you about Vanowen Street in these caved in cars from assholes that are just texting or sleep or whatever the they're they're doing that's the problem with driving is the other people. With so many variables Let's see, have insurance either. Half these people on our roads. Don't even have licenses insurance, whatever yeah spirit of out there, man I'm on a motorcycle, and I just laugh like our outlook right out of God, show I'm writing the guy will look at me. He looked like this. He sees Maine put his blinker on it starts coming over. He doesn't give a Are you going to move so I start talking like hey man, I'm right here, hey and then now we won't look like. Oh, I don't hear you I'm coming over here. I need this lane and they just
They can believe that set they push of. You see the video the video of the guy in the Bmw. Then this guy in a motorcycle that has a gopro on his helmet because get off the fucking phone, stop the phone you're driving. So then the guy is Martha Road yeah. He hit some hits on purpose. Like there's a video of the kid like looking to his left licking his left of boom, he gets. Are you just doing, yeah, and this got picked him up he's like nine one one I've been here, you know it's. I should find. Whoever has that fucking Bmw be tough, probably should I expect it believe it Hardtail Man, what hunt piece of shit- that's a human on a vehicle easily could have been paralyzed easily could have been said easily could have been run over in the other direction. It's yeah yeah. No, he loses his job. He's got broke legs now and he loses house and everything from this fucking dick. That's like I gotta get
my job you wrote down was and what he was doing on purpose yeah. I did. I did it because that guide says autumn. Get off your phone yeah, he first the Hawks Adam. He has a get off your phone and then he pulls up and then they got sick. Armonk translate lux. Then it starts right and left. It looks like he's on. Do Santa Santa Monica off of lip area there and then from the car hit some yeah most likely. The kid did not have as a no, we don't well It doesn't have the fuckin' plate now. So he really doesn't know right now is to be a traffic camera or so yeah. Well, one would hope so, but traffic cameras probably most likely not going to get the this is in like seriously it's on Alan Allen! Kid keeps looking back. Cuz apparently he's like right on on Jesus
I just cut him off. It is got in front of them. Wow. This guy helps him up shouldn't help a guy out when he gets head. Like that, it might be fucked up, Here furious, when I saw visit visit, my crowd, and so that was in the car pulled over the car took the car took off. It was a black beamer. No wasn't black right here. Is it knows before that? It was. You can see it before it. You can see the color it before it before it right at the beginning, Yeah, so you have to be more on the left. Right yeah looks like kind of a grayish. I can't believe that guy did yeah? If you anybody knows who did that fucking find employees that guy needs to be in jail, such a can't
before you go, you got here. The storage, Gilby Clarke from guns and roses this hit on his motorcycle on Ventura Blvd about five years ago got hits and runs. Am two years after that, Gilby Hospital Free six months. Can't walk plates in his legs. Akane got him and ran it guys, party, two years later, he's telling the dude yeah man. I hate that, guy, a couple years ago, in a motorcycle, I just kept going man he's kind of drunk you guys really good yeah over on Ventura Blvd man, these bikers fucka man- I mean you know he. He I don't know him, I don't know what happened. The guy knew, Gilby call them, because I got the guy he's this party, two years later, they with the police over. It was the dude he told the story at a party.
This guy is not going to be able to. First of all, he has some damage on his car and hit the bike most likely got something on the side of his proxy just bumped the wheel, yeah, maybe yeah you might have bumped the wheel yet from behind but he's going to tell someone 'cause that's going to weigh on him. I hope so me to one account, but such a scary thing that someone could do that to a person just hit him with the car inspected, brutal, dude and then she was texting. He didn't realize he did it now. He knew he didn't look like he drove on that guys. Asking him where the guy kept looking like he's coming up on me see him he's going what the fuck you know well to things like don't start shit with someone, that's just on their phone He shouldn't have done that in the first place, not excusing, Dr Guy for hitting him in the car, but you know you never know what you're catching someone you might be catching someone of the converge of a nervous breakdown, their wife just broke up with that she cleaned out the bank account to fuqing. They got fired at work, their dog
boys in by the neighbor the who who knows- and you just you know folk. Do you get off your phone? What what yeah yeah you're catching someone at nine touch the button. Exactly don't do it be nice fox in this city is also filled with gang. All these people are getting your mind, probably murder. You know people out there packing or how many people out there just so angry and frustrated too yeah. I didn't get that role for Kim. It's everything I mean this twenty million people you're dealing with way too many human beings are dealing with all sorts of fucked Conomique problems and who knows what else and relationship ship, there's an episode of Radiolab them
two right now, where it talks about people that were going to kill somebody, they almost were going to kill something. How prevalent it is. This woman was talking about this ex boyfriend that she had. That was blackmailing her and said you can't if you have another boyfriend, I'm going to fucking, tell them and I'm going to send them sex tapes that we made together and was saying that I want to haunt you for the rest of your life, so she invited the guy over her house and she was cooking dinner form which is going to stab him wow and she had the knife in her hand, the guy ran away and they also like how close were you stabbed him? She was like sixty percent sixty percent of stabbing. She was thinking of this guy. Wasn't in my life I could be happy yeah, and so she was just going to stab him like she was so Monarchal about, and you gotta think how many people get that close yeah, but this is a normal person who got that close. They got that close, that's crazy, because then they
in the next five minutes your whole life changes and you go to prison. You know I would give her a free pass. I'll give her a pass. Guys account is trying to fucking say she could never have a boyfriend again he's going to send the 16th at ruining her life, apparently running to her vicious assehole. If you're, a woman man does the ship that you have to deal with, it's not that much different than I mean in a lot of ways that kind of bullying that kind of physical, frightening schitt, it's a lot like someone in a car hitting someone on a bike. It's like you can get away with it. You know you can get away with it. So you do. Are you thinking that moment? At least you can get away with it? That's the contest aspect of people victimizing other people when they get away with it like yeah blackmail- is the garbage of America, which is happening. Finally, and like that especially relationship violence, man, that's a cops always say it's the scariest thing for them and they had to show the mastic violence yeah. What you say about black guys. They somebody said man, blackmail, bro,
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