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#661 - Rutledge Wood

2015-06-17 | 🔗
Rutledge Wood is one of the hosts of Top Gear on History Channel. He also works as a reporter for NBCSports & NASCAR on NBC.
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And are Vancouver on September, eighteenth Calgary at September. Nineteen, all those all the information for all that is available at Joe Rogan DOT Net Ford, slashed tour, aright Rutledge Wood is my guess day. He is A very fine and enjoyable individual to be around eighty is also one of the hosts of the Euro. Say version of top gear. So without any further ado, please welcome Rutledge would we'll get experience. My lodgings drawn both its move and dislike that are just like that is. It is amazing that have yeoman argue show you know it's. One of the few shows where you take over like it's a real problem,
whenever you gotta show that iconic and top gear is iconic. As far kosher I mean the iconic car show, and then they did in Australia version, I ve done other. What? How many versions are there now Austro is first there. A german one, really german yeah they did suddenly with them once and then that kind of killed them. There is theirs we're still thing, there was a top gear Korea for like five minutes which may Not begun on they're the ones it dropped that Apache helicopter in the desert, everybody- was fine words that same year there is a new there's like Asea one Camaro chasing getting chased by an Apache help. After which is that we did in our first season and the same helicopter pilot and Copilot got to call to the blades. Get you close and caught up in it dropped him
They walked away the helicopters toast, but then, when you hear you start their certain things that happened, you start to look back at your life and going does that mean I could have also almost died when we did that twenty minutes from my house sees and wash or totally definitely saw. Luckily, that didn't have Apache helicopters are fucking, expensive, yeah shit. The government had all these helicopters lane around that they couldn't do anything with and the guy that that fool with us was getting skip Lamb and Hannah Bunch other pilots. Okay, we could do stuff, we tee What movies whatever say start this little group and the government gave them a bunch of surplus helicopters that they weren't do nothing with so they exist. To make him do different films and movies and call for these guys because they get to use the skills that they had an and get to do some co. Author, but again it's a real helicopter like it's a bad bitch Look after that they are worth millions, the ivy when it mean What is one of those work Janni find out what one fuckers are worth. We had not those that we have
helicopters? Are? We used unfair factor and a lot of times they were really close to each other. They have to fly staggered where the blades of one we're just above the aids of the other and their connected both of em connected by ropes to something that they are picking up a bus or some shit, one fuckin stupid, fifty two million dollars Jesus, fucking Christ, while oh my god I don't think there's any. Those on Amazon is what my gut tells me. There might be bay for sure. Six hundred and three percent more expensive than the average for its class. Will you ever close enough and they are doing it and you can feel like the washing from them that I soon you ve been in a helicopter? Yes, one of my least favorite things in life. I've we been honestly. I never fluent helicopter the entire time. We did fear factor. We we shot for six fucking years helicopters every other week. I never got on what's good for you, but I couldn't it was part like you. I would have to be ensured through right, Helicon Right, but
I've, been on I'm on vacation? I've done that the being island in Hawaii nor yet the volcanoes you ve done I've, not a. Once it was lovely dude, it's it's like literally take Ike. It takes my breath away just thinking about it, because it's the earth, leading out into the surface. The middle of nowhere warring into the water and creating the island. You watch the island be created like it's every day. It's like but more inches gets added to the big island and you get you could actually literally watch it happen, and that's that that's like next level stuff me while the whole time I'm in there? I'm thinking like this bitches they go down. Second, second takes off or when it lands is the worst part, because you can feel that when you feel that when push up against for me the pants cropping factor that makes it not fun. Let's also I've owned a lot of shit boxes and I'm sure you
also I've owned a lot of shit boxes and I'm sure you so you are aware of things breaking out here on the hours that noise tight. But if a wheel falls off you, I can pull for example. If a road or drops off, we make the news now my favorite, yeah, I think, there's a way they can kind of like Dilbert just started flying helicopters Yes, it's fuckin whole areas bit about it on his last Netflix special about flying helicopters, but he said that there are nearly as bad to crash is people think they are there's a way. You learn how to bring them down. That's what he asked our past. I will do it for you. I would probably if he ever invite Japan, I just don't know just meet you I'll go I'll. Just go for the story. School buddy Maoist taken flight lessons and I was in high school at a body wine and his his parents were wild guys. Family was his dad was a poacher.
His down like she while dear illegally, is a lot of weird shit in their family and that their teaching him on a very young age how to fly planes on what the fuck there and do the plane but begin for very sketchy family, but we're like second fifteen arena. Wayne, why do you fifteen? We shouldn't be flying ship, but we're flying little single engine playing one of those little or my best. Friends flies for delta, and I I tell him when you travel what you get it by like, if I here his name broadcast over the Pierre, I'm probably gonna get off the plane, because your own room enough times that just the idea, that he's in charges. So many people's lives. I still no four. There did you see the picture of the plain that ran into a bird up commercial
jet plain slammed into a bird in a cave in the entire front of the plane. No, he didn't say that's awesome that we put our native assuming airlines. Ok, everyone lived weak minded, it hid it perfect, but if hit the wing, I mean you look at what it did to the fore. The planet. You would hit just hurt me no six feet to the left six feet to the right. What are you look like a mother died or if that land and through the windshield amount to kill the pilot mean yet it looks hit. Nelega Canadian goes like one, those bright fuckin giant Dese, China Land in the Hudson, dig frankly like that story, those so there's place in Georgia near me, where we shot the same place with a helicopter, and they are the people to go and recover airplanes. Look at those there's the impact holy cow right just boom soft spot right in there when the plane went down the Hudson. These redneck deeds, Griffin. Georgia were sent up there to get the plain its flow
in the water right insurance companies pay them to go and recover these planes, and they have to be. They cut him up in a Mona, are on a train or flat, but or whatever, and so for Christmas, one of our executive producers for top gear. It was like shown me. Oh here's, some if I got from Ronnie my bodies back in Georgia, and it was a tiny all of Jack Daniels, that look like had mold growing on the outside, and it was one of the bottles that was in the plane that went down in the Hudson and these guys are covered it, and cs I Christmas keepsake to his friends, that's funny, while worth money. I would place Put that on Ebay. I mean they had the nth, there's like theirs. Or like fifties looking play in those other Alex knee. What like they landed that Ngos like all know that plane hit the water in Panama City, that goddamn, who just it's the most You couldn't have a more trite leg business less, maybe you're an undertaker. I don't I don't know, maybe Funeral service director, I'm not sure, but you have to base, could go pick up crap after billboard,
friends learned how to roll a helicopter? That's going down safely Patrick Swayze Crash Drunk was something that happened in Patrick Swayze. You before he died was. Boozing up flying around with cancer is not so with lie on for it just skin Howard and flying around when he had cancer for quite a while and was flying planes. I think crash one of a pretty sure crash. One of em and walked away it's hard core, and was it Harrison for that? Just landed one on a golf course: yeah, He crash landed somewhere Harrison for it Apparently he got pretty banged up though there was a real crash, live, so lazy, suspected of drunk flying in two thousand Three men are facing misdemeanor charges in connection with Patrick Swayze Emergency landing. Earlier this month the men are accused of failing to tell authorities about how they allegedly The act to remove alcoholic beverages from his crash plain he was dead
that man he's fucking dirty dancing, guy commodities, Roadhouse Sloan, we're the like Patrick Swayze. He would wear stuff and those movies that, like if our friends war we kind of make fun of gas, X, elected jack. I can dance. Only because you didn't know if you got to know after whilst our market on your hanging around with them. If you get you met, Patrick Swayze in you is like dancing, you'd like hey, that's, pretty cool, and then five minutes later bill. I D. Do sport, Sir just fuckin dance around you break off what what is your friends? You just happens. You hang around with that gonna Tuesday, you know Mikhail parishioner call for some shit like there is roadhouse road house How to it was our man plainly guitar the yeah. That guy, who is really good, he was really good, would have happened that killed, relay yeah died. I think it was in a car wreck. He wasn't driving sure, as you know,
There is not a joke against and while his eyes, I asked the same question that I was a really good musician. He was great that's right here. Forgot oozing, SAM Jeff. He live Healy Bank here. How did he die, find it for just can't get tomorrow they just Goes- was conveyed a break those who are phone with somebody else. You can Continue your law, that's the benefit when you're ever wouldn't have a podcast died of cancer underwent surgery, remove metallic tissue from both lungs, and that's what in Alabama, that's what we call a car wreck so about our categorize that IRAN, we're talking before the podcast and we're we're talking about massacres and we're talking about mustangs and Mustang people being weird like that, you're, not the only one is also show that we have experienced this except in high school. When I was in high school, my auto shop teacher was Mustang Fanatic,
The guy was not sure any had all these old shitty Mustang City like put back together again, and they are all like fuckin here students? Do the bondo on their all look at at sideways, like look at a fuckin ski slope right or just completely fucked up, but he was weird and aegis. It didn't look like any other cars is like I like mustangs or all he wanted any. Do you like heating, like the coup ones had like, like you know, shitty hub abs, like he, never he never like Denmark, nice and where they looked like like something would want she loved muscle cars, but in his mind there they were the jam, for I am. It was a mustang or nothing tat. I was his thing into quantified. I bet you told me that you have. You are kind of thing about building the car and it's maybe chauvelin, maybe a Mustang up. I think there's a lot of Look at the car world. Man there's there so many different pockets of people in the stuff like an eye
was never a big mustang. I I I dig. Am I get why people love them but, like? Let's pick the fox body right, that's the the seventy nine to ninety three and they made a few changes in their elected t, tops and a few other death. Those cars were dead, they're just shut therein. Vanilla ice is number one do rang. Doom did loomed with a rag downtown. May I add I dig them and that's what that car was like to me. It's a very great representation of sort of like a redneck mollet. Ladys early nice kind of style. More. I on my show us and transmission we had to take one. I found my buddies junk yard. I need an engine translation trying to make this a m c eagle cool right. I couldn't keep the we'll drive. It was like a jacked up ugly for by four. I couldn't keep it up. DR, and have any amount of power so that our let's make it real job, let's make it something cool! So I
screw sacrifice, this fox body in do people came out of the woodwork. Our know how active your odds are either you are but like sometimes when people try to get mad at you on Facebook it's so much fun here and you're like this cows so passed. He forgot that English is a language, because it's just a hail of words and, unlike you, driving all this one fox body rare and I made fun of him and then other people saw now like it. I mean why I just put back like there's no fox body. That's rare will inspire those pictures back up again and, let's all agree, that these should all be put in a pile and nuclear right is awful disgust. Cars are worse representation of american muscle cars. They ve ever been built a girl even she's, not enthusiastic. She's like this, I hate my boyfriend Chaz. I hate China's season ass. How he makes me get on top of a shitty firearms are and UNESCO. That's like an elects. Five point: oh my might have been a force owner. I don't look at the girl, the pinkies,
yeah, oh yeah. Look you totally one of her some boons farm. Look at you girl, like other redid back lights. They got crafty that with lights, yeah the euro tail the altogether having it was supposed to be a muscle, car and ahead for lug wheels. It was discussing, are Moran. My buddy Kevin Jason had one we were kids, he had a fact, No, I'm not saying you can't make I'm cool. I mean they're kind of cool they're kind of cool at school, but they're not cool compared to the sixties, mustangs and cool. Compare the new ones. The new ones are fucking bad. There dope in an really that they got. They got better than what was when the ESA. Ninety five: would it not be a total dark? I know I know codes and suffered by shouldn't. They got cooler right. If they did, they got together, they got, they were kind of decent and then in the two. Thousands like I had a two thousand ten shall be G2 five hundred bad bad ask. Are there was a vicious car
but it was in our live rear acts, all the handling properties weren't the best, but it wasn't about the car was about. It could go sideways anytime. You want her to where I was like did know anybody around. No, I would just oh sideways around corners mean it was so easy right just any time you wanted to just give it a juicy. Would just kick out the back for you and there's only is really only handful of cars that you feel like when you see someone on the road I n, you know some of those people, it's not that their messing with you there just not bright enough to know how to be a good driver. That's all cars. You would always see Adieu to Mustang I've had enough of your crap about a month, hammer and I go it's like I always like that of item four issues. Cars that people that love them. Are sometimes just they turned me off. The cart like I always wanted e forty six m three. Bmw writing that to me, for I could just such a great car out of the box, but then, when I would me a lot of people that would on em
we decide, I got really want. I don't know that about porsches? Do right, people voice that about Porsches Magnus walkers, changing that for me he s here right. How could that guy? How could you not love magnet for just as I had ass. Do that, just like solely likes well he's, also so enthusiastic about. That's contagious, loves those like sixty to seventy three and eyes a vision of some turbo now, some older turbo model sure all that he loves as nine thirty media bunch of those young and I think your buddies it shark works took him a newer one like a fourteen that he got to go beat around on and in some areas like, maybe the new ones aren't so bad, but while he knows now, while he had never experienced anything like the jetty too, so what Alex did my body from shark works, took a g t too from one says: to die and ten maybe tomorrow earlier, and he made it eight hundred horse power, and it is the fuckin scare
his car of ever driven in my life. It's fuckin terrifying, like my g D. Three has five hundred and eighteen horse power that has almost three hundred more horsepower somewhere in the eighth, It's mine, bogglingly Faz, it's a fucking time machine and he let Magnus drive it any said. Do with it, whatever you do, if it was your own car, so Magnus had it fuckin painted right there, but that's how come Alex's net, so cool Magnuson. They just they're both fanatics, so they they have this understanding with each other. So this is what he did to it. You can see there. He painted, I think it's please fuck Gulf combined with utilise asking us. I love a gold wheels on their first of all. Wills now aren't bad, but the orange and the bumpers like why it has a very like german duty, I'm kind of look to it. Dunks dunk shit. It's agree. It's such a beautiful design, though it doesn't need pull, fuckin, gray, stripes and an orange brighter, but what
virus on my car, but that the bottom line is driving it, though what a goddamn experience here is terrifying took it up: angels, crest. Oh yeah, that area and you can't drive it's too fast it every corner comes too quick give an unnatural in those cars that is when the or comes on. It is done manner how they ve tuned. Your foot is not a machine. Your foot is ok, let's do so all of a sudden. You think maybe I'll shoot this hill. Or is this not because you can't it's hard to dry that car control, no matter who you are Y know we thought, never been in a car that had too much power before where I drove it right always been. My boat is a fast like this shall be judged Five hundred recite five hundred fifty horsemen our pretty light car, like God, dammit things fast, ridiculously fast. The gdp super fast but that is in a different category. It's so it's
mind boggling, how much power it as and when it kicks hinges, pins you too that need it. Heart surgery, you, like I'm gonna die. This is this. Is this is physics you like that? I get it James Dean, I guess we may have taken. I feel rather on a highway apparently is even scarier. There are saying on the highway, you just don't feel compelled to let off the gas, and so you look down you're going two hundred and seventy miles an hour on the four or five like what the fuck am. I doing last season After we went to, we went to Germany, we drove on the neighbouring. Have even now. What is never green is like being inside of of a video game like to fit for folks, our car gigs. The nervous ring is the track that everyone talks about when talk about lap times like you have a car that can do seven minutes and thirty six tens or below, and the neighbouring you ve got a mother fucker its car dying mother Fucker listened with a record
just under seven minutes right now, so it's for the twelve minutes course right. It's fourteen! If you run the whole thing, but the twelve minute courses is I just under seven for some unbelievably fast thing when when we went there, they tanners got a friend over their right and empower Tana, Faust, who's, the you Adam for our entire. Yes, at a host of top gear, you out said say: hi Falaba do GOSH, he loves you, you guys it's! I! I love that comedy it's like one gigantic for turning sorority. That everyone likes everyone unless you that one a whole there's a few of them, we could go into that. Our I don't know for guys that need to be killed. Right, exact and climb in the body of the shitty old mustangs Newcomb from Urban has risen in the tanner. Retainers got a friend who, who is friends with the owner of the people it just bought it. So they closed the nerve arguing for us for three hours. We had the track ourselves. Do that's the most insane thing. I've ever done in my life, and I was in a twenty fourteen Correira ass for
I sought to non turbo all we'll drive and it's a little over three hundred horse power right. It's about four: is it maybe you're right. It's about foreign horsepower. You could kill yourself on that track and a? U go, maybe on a bicycle, honour, gonna go downhill. Every turn blind turn every hill is a blind hill. I hit one, two on the back stretch and then like on the way there. We were we're trying to hit the revel amateur on the autobahn, because people know how to drive on the interstate there's the most amazing thing they get the right hand lay than they stay there until it it is a left and then they learn how Fournier, unless, unlike anywhere California's the were. Oh, yes, everywhere have lived California, the worse when it comes to get another less land, research exit, they literally was slow down. I'm going fast enough here, going to patrol vessels. My fournier I've always lived in California. I don't know anything about smaller worlds,
because it kind of design the roads out here for a bunch of cars right, there's no like when I first came. On the first things I did. I drove down to his place called Hard Times Billiards in Belfast, California, saying a legendary pool, and I drove down there and I have take four for five get down those like look at this fucking road. Like seven lanes on each side like this is insane and Massachusetts where I grew up. There's nothing like that work. They didn't exist. There are like horse and buggy that somebody to convert a push, hard pavement, overseer potholes everywhere the roads out here, it's that this is like the best car culture in the world and the worst driving conditions for car people, certainly for traffic its onwards? I dont with three a m you guys can have traffic in the middle of nowhere dad Bompard a bumper for no real reason. The real reason is people fuck, and they maintains and then
they move out here. If they want to be famous come out here I mean don't you're wrong. If you go north, if you go south mean there are some great roads to drive, you yeah, but you it'll, take you six hours to go five miles to find them right. I'm I'm so nervous going anywhere here I was five. When its away and describe my pants about. If I could get her on time or not yet It's a nerve racking place if you wanna be punctual it not at all, but that dude that IRAN, let's leave, let's go to the nerve going. What was your time you? How fast it you get around? I did whatever I think I was under ten minutes for my first slap. Does goddamn good and they said that first time here the track. That's great you should, oh really get about that. You lose it in I'm worried you get closed, you edge. I, the kerosene, the coolest feeling
her head, because you dippy and in its it there's graffiti everywhere, right to say these huge parties out there were around the races and so you're, seeing all the stuff in the car just dips in, and your hollan ass as hard as you can, and energy future right out, the other side you keep going, and I just did it the care ourselves like a site like you must go and sideways like a bank. Yes, it's it's steep bank, they just kind of pops in other. Nowhere and you just get you can't just ride it there. It is. Are there it so it also surveys and the whole time I kept thinking. What am I doing? like how did this happen? How did you thought kid from Atlanta enough on the show and they handed me a car and the keys to the neighbouring too. German Porsche modern German Porsche. It was. It was and say, and they do the coolest part about that road and in that track. On days when there are races, it's a toll road, so you can pay thirty dollars and go take a lap really
their guys, like you, and I who were there, who either show up with the nine eleven rented one, whatever right so they're gonna havin fun. You still have to you blinkered. You can only pass on the left, which is hilarious to me, but there's all so like grandmothers and families in tourists on the track at the same time, whilst you going to do it, but people really one into we're standing there, we just wrapped up. In other words, if we got five minutes, I wanna watch some cars. You see this many Cooper come hauling ass around right, this just carving and a guy in a f for thirty. Four areas like I can keep on with this son of a bitch, and he pointed that out for thirty into the wall side and in drugget down past us now, because its toll road, they Do an accident investigation. The many he's gone. The many coopers checked, it's not gonna have anything to do with it right, but I think he still fell back to everybody that was on the track at that point, has to exit
his team shows up and they do it and acts investigation, because back as insurance would still be good on the track that mom because it was a tall road. That's a so! How fast can you go I have one. Eighty three and there's no steamer know you could just go and I was not the fastest car. We had what kind of fuckin insurance. So they have a hundred me it's because you heard of friends- and I took this new car to the track, and then I have paid a church, our guy, to drop on the side of the four or five second call the insurance company Tom. I don't know what happened right of sitting here, so I guess they just work. About her, but you can rent a race car there, either push or they have all these. I got a kind of import, smaller race cars. You can rent, says I rent a scar on the winter go for once you get a Nissan GDP. Are they have a road? the speed limit or on it. In till you get to raise courses and a g PS recognizes in Europe at a race course, that's awesome and it lets you just go fuckin crazy
Have you ever journal on such a great car for Thou invented one did you? Yes, I rented one in Austin Texas. If you go to it, hurts I think it hurts hurts, has some pretty ridiculous cars. You could sure. And if you want up, if you want to pay they let you run a GDP Isles like would so the whole we can as like. I was right. A ride everywhere. Do what I? It's a mean four for the shipwreck, our world. It's such a bargain gap that car it mean it they're getting more expensive. Now, there's somewhere around a hundred grand. Now they were like seven, nearly nine, I think was on the other. It came out of non yeah and it was like fully loaded, never keep adding a little bit longer there a little but over a hundred now, but the way they handle is like defies physics. It dry feel like like the GDP three those amazing, but it makes sense that card does not make sense because he's all sorts of electronics going on it's four wheel drive its through its very heavy, it's probably
eight or nine hundred pounds heavier than my JD, three thirty nine hundred pounds or something that I think I think is a fairly heavy car and that's like part of- strategy in some strange way, but it fuckin works that down the ungodly fast right, and it does happen and NGO its heart. Taylor doesn't like it because it takes so much. He feels like away from a driver that skill level right, but you and I are in fact not Tanner frau. Yes, I don't feel like I've. I feel the same way. One of my favorite,
besides of your show, was when he was racing with motorcycle around all these industrial bottle was that was seen or AIDS Corvo Sex, yes down along being, do now was not too when you can watch someone drift and entire cloverleaf Manon ramp yeah. I think the city log reach try to get mad at us afterwards realize they saw all the stripes it. We had done AMOS Parisian. Sorry, there mad, because his rubber on the road Alex Cool, that's pussies, I don't know whether deal every died. Fundamental was drift driven by great anyway, had like three degrees of of slip on it bad here. It is right here for the record. Will you just see how good a driver tanner is in this video, with especially their shitty dog shit, sauce the sea snails writing corvettes, who the fuck allow that there was such a glaring error on their part to make this increase
my car, I mean a ridiculously fast car and then give it these dog shit seats to Well, I I had a zero sick for about five minutes to do. It was awesome. It was again, I'm not a corvette guy, like you, wouldn't wouldn't see me get out of a car and think deck. I gotta back as our have like a gold chain not wearing jeans, your lower c sugar right or George George. If he will be very popular in Florida, where they do they do, it was atomic orange. I got it from my Frank Heaven in Chicago Gimme a killer deal on it and it was those cars at once. You drove want you got in that zero, six or seven atomic orange everything about corvettes change, cause that communism It was our car. It's just such it's a mean ass car, so fast so fast, so fun really well balanced to there cars are shockingly well balanced it just because it's plastic American waited the and the
Caesar dog shit. You just think like was a fuckin terrible car, but it's not a view if they just if someone took it somewhere and has had some really good buckets. Eads installed the ride, experience and then the steering wheel stocks it to their that cavalier areas. That was always my beef. You can get the same radio in the corvette that you couldn T S ten net. If not how that's supposed to work now, but they did fix that yeah. The amended savary is like the sea, succeed, six energy t r, illegitimate child and that's what they that's what they spit out. They even made it better than anybody anticipated like the news. Yo six is a mother fucker car me is a really incredible incredible car and that's just M listening, which Rene goodness there they listened and they even engineered it like way better than the other ones when the new that the million dollars corvette is a it car. It's a marvel of engineering. They really is,
it doesnt there's, not a car under half a million dollars even compares to it when you get there. Yo sex here and they failure stew, it yeah they finally figured out the seats are perfect, that everything is great and it tanners good. He dropped and his man ever tat, we would go do stuff and people Tail Equerry Latin, beat you just smile like he talk. Not only have you noticed outside my ass off of actually China. Let him beat me, I think people don't truly understand the amount of skill and knowledge that involved and driving a car like that area or when he too dad the duty to around downtown allay at ninety was out there down some sections downtown allay and he had a really reach model. Geeky too, which is stupendously fast car and he was driving it during the day, but is too hot because is Turbo charged in It just didn't really hurt, leads us getting crazy idea, so he took it, they mean it was pretty fast. Sure still not fast enough in that I, his
You know that's his dream car right. There he's gotta nine nine six year now at our boat yeah, he bought it from somebody had built it up. It had like seven in change horsepower at the wheels and the guide put a really clutching there thought he'd ruin the car tainer bought it drove it home from Roma. You got in Arizona change. A clutched took it out, it's called Bebe eyes, pussy, turnin and change a clutched, it a bunch. Little tuning on it six and change the wheels now and that sucker is so stupid fast and just ask Screamer will look how much better that looks in that disgusting. Magnus Walker Paint job, that's the same, Are you looking at the same car but Thou colleagues, pension and doesn't like some freak carbon makes, nothing better than the carbon fiber hoods. Pretty wicked and wine is just its
amazing car. I had a gto, a nineteen. Ninety six rather turbo, just like his the same one thousand three hundred and ninety six turbo, but mine was on the shit my broke down five times and almost cleared me off of We also know that it can say I mean gay in alike. Ass, like these too weird is break too much I make, whereas an odd louder. I went to quit. No, I said that only ever so that poor, but is butter. Is what it is it's in London, but that the car broke down five times a catastrophic failures like twice to shift linkage blue, where the the clutch. Like I gotta put in the clutch, I move the gear and there's just nothing that the gear shift just spinning around a circle. Nothing connected to one time, a blue at a red light and stuck it second gear, so just to really high, and I pulled out in second gear drove to the Porsche dealership and second gear, and I was a second time they fix. It smells like what in the fuck would
what's happening. Then they replaced. The engine wants something only engine that, even though the fuckers Megan weird noises now we're going to replace the entire engine, like ok, great good. Whatever fucking you're old car replaced the enterprise thing to the ground, and then they then the gas gauge broke on highway, have tank gasped. I did not have a half tank ass, he turned and in the left lane on the one on one near the Hollywood bowl, the mother Fucker ran out of gas man. Worse, the Erika, Xerox. There you are on the side of the road. Never knows you there's at well can't a little secret there's a I saw a good lookin food truck about, minutes from here, yeah we're gonna love for hands like always swing in there, and I caught just enough of the curb with the tired. When the time came off of it, the less noise or so loud that I was like ok give back in, let's go We can't stop. Here. I bought a car from Toyota, raising Lonely, Alexis Arcy, F beautiful car.
Not get out of that point because then I'm a guy right who I just now there's still need more of that. Your life turns out be carstone, especially if they like you that guy from top gear, hey, hey, is fucked up that car Diane Sawyer that curve one half it does nothing you can do about. It managed ride out. If you drive enough, you can hit a fuckin curve every now and again areas in downtown ally sideways around these regular streets, now g to sell cell in the tunnels. Yet Anita people don't appreciate it it takes to drive like that. Lay down. You really have to know when you come in when they go out that where the turn is when they hit the gas So much knowledge and experience, it goes in a driving a car with that and the consequences are death There's a lot. A grey area- and this is a real game- you're getting good you're driving a fuckin six hundred horse power car that waste the little but over three thousand pounds Have you ever gone and any other watched her done any drifting? No
I am sure it is the most itches vehicular shenanigans in one place right and that's. Why, like? I can do but my transition suck right mind feel like stole a car where Tanner like you could hold a couple You never move it because he's just so good man. It's like did when they come down a long beach or Erwin Day of I think it's it's guarantee can be a mall now or something but yeah finally date they they fought for years, but mantra watching what those guys informal adrift can do is the stuff. We did in parking lots in high school right, but now to sport,
oh god, I did allow that in high school because we had snow. So our drifting with snow created, like I learned how to drive from driving in snow, because that's when the ass and kicks out it's like. That's the skills, you need re, the same skills, it's why we pray for snow in the South Sea. That's no like five times in my life and I bought some of the cars from ten years on. We built a four by for school bus, those jacked up on forty four. The snow ploughed of yours, had a flame there on the roof. I I knew they were going to. Shit and cut it out because it can really accepted to the public right. Let me buy it I'll. Take you home get home to Georgia, so it's really has got yes got it tagged review that are taken daughters to school. We drive around for Halloween. Did you really need still has a snowplow on the front, as you can imagine like it snowed once and like the last ten years in Georgia, and we made the news because everybody got on the
you're state at the exact same time, seller, melted, snow at the fire blaster yet turns out. There was a seller under their does its area, and there will be a we left. A note, it'll be fine in May. That was in cariboo, maim at the old. The air force base its right there, ok and so there's Canada's just on the other side of that shot, and this one of those places where I think they call minute men where you had to be able to get from like where you were sleeping to an airplane in sixty seconds in case, like com, where's, my Russians right. So there's all these tunnels, underneath where we were shooting and we have all declared to be out there. It was us woe and then I bought the bus back, how much they so that you for I'd. I gotta go very good deal. It costs more to ship at home
There was a lot to ship. It like you have to put on a low boy because no track that delivers cars can get through. You know like thirteen or fourteen Clarence get across it. Treat. So when it's already at like twelve feet right, you have kind problem. Did you think of driving it for about five seconds? forty four it super. I can't imagine what the mileage would be like to be. Two hours ago and and there's a hundred ninety seven thousand miles on it and Tanner drawing didn't, kill it blew it now, Is the magic school bus on the side? I put a stereo in their it's really fun, but we gas it up, got it ready for it to snow in January, and we get rain at my house. It's so defeating the snow reduce snow driving, is just some of the best out their parking, lots and snow our debts. What dreams are made out? The abattoir learn how to drive in stone parking lot. It's it's just its best yak as your ear
So gentle the way you're goin sideways. It's like it doesn't like when you go sideways on concrete, feels very violent right, gig unpaid services. But if you guns in the snow as a rule, I remember us girlfriend had back in Boston. It took the car that I had to a parking lot once and for alike, and our all we did was like gun it, and then I'd slap on the e break. I turn that we a slap, the irregular spin around in circles we ve just laugh laughin, is found is that really does the car the cars? Fine, that's basically drifting is. Can you think of the minimum your car takes on concrete when you do that, right, other French and in everything that's Robin, but on snow you just you just glad, and there are ice driving school so now want tamer taught at one in Colorado four years so again the reasons he so good at what he does, but its basic you like a little road course. I have and they wait for
just now and then a pool of water on it and I said over and you take Bmw's out there and learn A handle a car in the ice like what a great idea is a great idea and apparently a really translates sure one of he's an hour almost got a motorcycle a long time ago, but I saw a bunch people crash I saw two crashes and a friend of mine saw somebody get hit some guy a red light, someone who's texting, hinders dude. Anyone fly into the air, and I was like tat factor. And my two friends I got her. They got hurt pretty bad, but I was thinking about getting one in my friend said he who rode all his life he said, get it or pike. Get a durable and learn how to drive in the dirt, because when when you that lose surface you get used to. It ass in kicking out on you and it becomes normal because natural, you don't panic. So I think it's a say thing would snow and ice and whirling public directly trans,
it's driving on the ice. I think so because it again it's all of that, you know it's the overseer, the unsure all the things that you would feel in a smooth, safe environment. You would feel you'd feel I guess drifting yeah, that's that's! a closer to each other. That's Turk up front videos version the rack there were these people are yet do I love this that this is my Mme frayed here at the record, as was it so he for he lives up in New Hampshire Freddy's from Sweden. I think, but both of those cars So those start out, Frederick Gaza at We'll drive sovereignty, see converted to rear, we'll drive? It's got it. For force on in their Turks. Car is a has a turbo super swap in it gigantic turbot, its So your voice is really seriously. I just love it's just the most fun you can have a car, but it just go and sideways. It's basically, these guys what they It was they have. These clipping points right and they try to get as close to the clipping point as they can. It has to do with their speed. Entry. The angle of the car right,
Get this huge e break that they ve got the the brakes big for the rear railways, as they are for the front because they ve gotta clutch, kick it Holy greater Poland and on the lever right. It's laying down, haven't block in other, can block Mustang ghetto she's amazing that four wheel drive moment. I gotta who again yes, the Junta in gas, but that's funny name for that. The junta answer specially drifting, those guys have to get as close to each other's, they can write, while still keeping the line trying to get it that decision making that fuckin thing arts it says that harm, and so the e break big part of being able to do that and our right. The way they are the car round so and drifting. Those guys have to get as close to each other's. They can write. Whilst keeping the line trying to get as close he's differently clipping points as they can. Slammed on the Ebro Right to make these turns in the way these guys happened. It too use the clutch at the same time, their use in the EU break to get it to slide without killing
everything and then they get back on a guy like VON Gettin, Junior, her dress and Mustang. He is full through the whole time and modulate just with the clutch like next level, stuff that I can't I can they do. I Levin things at one time I can add a twelfth, so one watching him go out there. Taylor has a tamer took a readable, besought verdicts rear, will drive and use LS seven from zero six. It's no its basic like this Chevy couple Informatics hundred horse power engine rang and then they tuna he's, got no nine to the wheels tailors new arc weight. Ninety the wheels and what kind of car than it looks like a Volkswagen Prescott it so, on the outside
so fuckin shitty Volkswagen come your car and the inside it as nine hundred horse power to the wheel. Yes, that's insane! It's bad ass, that's divorce, ridiculous! They never! In my life. I just wish Volkswagen would build something like a little bit like that. It would make that much cooler. Now, let me ask you this cause. Mustang people are so weird that that can block video right. What did they think about that car because he took was sixty five ya, think six firm, six six and they basically had to stretch it and make any kind of fit and they turn into a four wheel. Drive right. Did every free, the ones in fact, and I think I mean desire to cars that car the cover Highroad magazine, so it transcended like people like me that love import cars and in for it was. I know this, I'm just gonna trump everyone with this ridiculous car, so I think that's all those ones that can also Can you get away with stuff like that, because he's Campbell, You can block any gonna. Just like you have to dig
You can do what he wants to do because he made a worker yeah. That's that tanners sought, but a ridiculous human being right. Nine hundred horse power, the eight votes, you're? Not its analysis, so he's he's he's racing in Daytona. We can. He does at global rally. Cross series. Riches are alot of funds, basically him and canvas about ten other people wrecking the crew. Out of each other, there's not a single person out there. That knows how to pass besides Tanner that gets them really find a watch, but it's just its insanity. These cars are so I just don't understand why. Why would you that too an ugly car like I'm into? Why would need do that to a car? That's like a really cool car like why do as he sponsored because he sponsored by Volkswagen okay. So he raises surf in Jersey and then it's an world rather cross stuff with them, but the coolest part.
That he convinced him to let him do it. My camera, I love here because I have I have a silent ex be at home like the little box you on that the same people to build that car paddock is racing built this one and in my body, Johan, used to own it. It's converted to rear will drive. The back of the car thinks it's a mark for Supra like complete sub frame, just like tainer scar. And then it has to jazzy super swap in there with a sick speed, and you had a line lock afoot in. If you look up, if you look up DDT ex be you would find it but Papa Doc, ratio would have on five downright, namely Ottawa Super Guy like cooler. Nerd you'll ever me he's like that. Just he's like the doktor is like a mad scientist up there, but this Spain has a line lock. She can step on the brakes hold the button and it holds a firm breaks right. So then you revenue drop the clutch and it's a smoke, show atta have signed. It looks like a front. Will drive car. That's a lie
Is there a malaria really fun stuff out there? I read if you, if you make it to Atlanta, you gotta come driver, it's really fine. I get it, but the cars or ugly does that when a donor stand taken, these ugly hours in turn them into these amazing driving vehicles like wouldn't you want, invest that same amount of energy in assumption that looks great now. Well, that's it point Joe. I hadn't really thought about from that. For me, when I this car in supersede. Oh well, that's that's it cause for me I've, got three daughters right I can't I can't have a nine eleven because it's date, night car bright beyond, and afford on blood for ten for a second I could afford, and I love it I still can't haven't, because I just don't need just a car, for me and my wife. I don't want my girls to be able to come with me so that sire they can ride
they can have three car seats in their of NGO thousand miles, their tiny bit of various via because it's really it sounds great, had magnified denies custom exhaust rose here, rights, gonna, gray, growl too when the boost starts to bill. It's got this huge single turbo. I mean it's. It open back in your sheets for things like for twenty, five to the rear, wheels and cars very life. Maybe three thousand pounds: may we re they cut a lot of stuff out. Take a lead is rising safety wise. Why the best our lookin Brent! That's a lunchbox drive around a lunch boxes. We oughta her, but it's got airconditioning cause. I wanted my wife you ride in a with me, so I bought it out here took it to my friends at tea idea, how the guy check as it can you see, I get, looks like theirs. An adjacent vintage errors as company. It makes an old, hot rod right. So there was a troll panel for vintage air thing in there s a key check and ceiling. If we could make it have air conditioning
Look. I can't just gonna bolt up a supra Ac Compressor in charge. It you'll be fine, one. Forty, three, forty four and forty five horsepower anything that looks like insane. What company is vintage air so important because they made those old, hot rod livable right, because if you drove one is all hot rod, most of em didn't have any say, and if they did, it was a joke media. It was not like the swamp cooler of what you put underneath, but my wife actually right in stuff with me. That makes a big difference I understand, I do understand that makes the definite makes a big difference you doing before, you are hosting top gear, soda, found me found you like would say- is that I was you when a man and a woman they find each other. They found me. Will you not from from Youtube from a clip that somebody had loaded up there? I was travelling with each year in LA started with them in o five from a Craigslist dad, love, Craigslist real. The number one Craigslist fan
miss out on their lives. As National motors words, company was looking for a marketing guy. That could be an m c, and so I sent my stuff in annex one like terrible interviews, I'm not gonna get this job and then two weeks later that ok go down to Daytona, so you got the gig, so down Daytona, and I I like kind of new a little bit about NASCAR. You know, who petty and Wallace Earnhardt, but I know much else besides that, when school from our, hitting solves and I want to be around cars. I was always my plan, so started is like DJ for this. Speed sage. It we got all the races cells out here, Fontana twice a year. I was in all the other races and that a cab Let me do some on tv and they fire. Let me a year later, a man I think a year that oh seven John Schneider from the dukes, a hazard came to Atlanta Motor Speedway the grand marshal and they said hey. Would you do this little piece with this guy? He does kind of lighter side of raising the, as do somewhat
on a general Lee to borrow an we shot. This whole piece ran around on the generally in the whole time. I refuse to call him John out only refer to him. His bow and I get They make so bold daisy not your real cousin, that's an actress, Catherine Backer. They, I guess she was eurylochus like you guys ever. You know the dinner seem we are all and so he starts at the outwood. Good friends really enjoy and so some arrays fan who I dont know who loaded that clip on you too illegally as scheduled. Passing whose our executive user saw in our view, was here stone the UK at that point and was like this. Kid might be funny. He was everybody they been on tv for cars like the last ten years, and so this rate decree this part of my life is that this person who Dont, know hello.
This video up is the person that, like I feel like, is the reason I got talk here, because you have a fine up her. No, I don't know who it is good that the video got kicked off because it was copy written wagon aren. That person is gonna, find out that they that guy also out through the great vine, how to take him to a race. I want to say that I want to do something, but, like I don't have an agent I was in the phone book like I was a kid rather hustle and try to figure out how we can make this tv thing work. That's a great story thanks me! That's amazing! I love Craigslist. I guess you should they that's it, It's a little craigslist is like a little bit. Filthy, they get a little dirty budget. That's what human beings are all about, reckonings everything's get a little bit. It turns on it a little bit of hope. This little bit, Well, if there's a lot of weird men seeking women seeking Manzi. Seeking this. Big you man out beyond that? What is it missed? Connections? What's that
That is this section of Craigs S. Words like hey, saw you in the coffee shop. You ordered the lotta now I had them off and that some of the asked reading you if you're bored, airfare person that reason that we a dove that's that is joy. It is like people who seem to any Tom Hanks movies and believed that they just missed out on the one thing they saw her order that pumpkin spies, logger, I love pumpkins, buys lattes. I knew was her and I just I didn't have the car but now I do not need a finer, you have one you oughta you're gonna have to look at these because some of them are so. We forget the because Ukraine don't spend time like my friends are just pretty normal people. I don't spend time with people a genuinely just out of their mind crazy, an entire section for those people. We had a guy like down on fear factor once and he he met a girl, Attica believers at a concert and spoke to her briefly and wanted to win
factor because he knew that she was the one and he needed to find her again and he spent some insane amount of time and money going around the city and where I met her, putting up flyers and say put up all these I was the only way for that contact at him that warrant that girl. You know they were fucking with them and in he was expert determined what he had done it for like a couple of years and what they thought. It was funny when we first talked about having this guy and shall like he's gotTa story. You share store. So I heard the story. I got dude! Imagine your fucking sister magical, Your daughter imagines that was your girlfriend. That's not a great story. Grandmother gets a fucking maniac he's nuts and oh I'm, who knows like where he's gonna take it Raina. Who knows, if he's murder suicide, all you know it's in what? If she just what if he said to her like hey, can I get a napkin sure at what? If that was entire conversation was a very brief conversation. I forget nature of the conversation, both extremely brief, but I met
being really crept out. I am really crucial. Like when we had him on the show that there is a lot of there's a lot of decision making that went into getting on, though, show here that I didn't agree with right. You know, like a lot of people made out the showgirls like fuckin. Really you want to put this guy on tv. You are you're. My has agreed a crazy person like there is a god I almost got into a fistfight with like I had to restrain him and there was the same thing. It was a guy. He beat his girlfriend upon one one tv show through that. Our tv show an attack, some fuckin guy, the H one and then got my face and also cheese, fucking christ- and I How do the mug, why you putting these crazy fuck that you were crazy Fox on TV, I do understand this is like a responsible. This is done smart thing to do. What did the producer say to that? didn't give a fuck yeah right or China. They try to make money and the best way to make money is to have crazy people on tv and that's it. You know. My point of view was like I hosted
You know, and these people were come dangerous and you know you're on tops with him in shit in downtown O Aids, all its authority fuckin stories. I write his lot of weird shit. Did happen on those rooftops. You know some could push somebody's going to jump and weird like really. Nutty Fox, the Meda that show, but that guy that got the guy I was going to fight with in that guy. That was trying to find a girl those they stood out like Jesus Christ, because I in his eyes, whilst and to amend. There's nobody there right who was just missed of conscious. New suit, like a child build in a man's body who He was in a movie and thought now that he's just going to keep going? so he finds recommend as the show when you know a couple days in a hang around this guy, you get deeper and deeper anew. We really is in these croupier and creep here right, and weirder and weirder and uneven. The producers by the third day was like we made a mistake which it now this guy,
and we like. We only hope there ever right, my bad, we didn't like. We only hope we never finds a girl you know. Can I can I ask as out such a big fan, what What was news radio like because when I watch that show in and saw me one an amazing group of people yet to work with like that, when you look back on that time like how does that rank cause, you ve done a really cool, turns out. Well for sure it is it fuck me up it. Queered me off of us. It comes Ever really. Never do no should come because I've never really good it was so. It was so lucky and I had gotten to do a show before that for Fox. That was terrible because hard balls, a baseball sitcom, it wasn't hard, it wasn't horrible, because the creators it was one of those situations where really funny guys who wrote with Mary with children and their wrote for the Simpsons. Created a show, and then the show became once it went on television.
Get away from them and brought in some hacks and became it was grow so that our cancelled really quick. Someone from to news radio, which was the total opposite share. The guy running the shows a genius. The riders were fantastic that the scripts for insanely funny and the people are so talented and I had no acting experience. I had taken few acting lessons? Could they forced me to taken it when the game is big development? Deal no was all based on stand up and sudden amount in Hollywood and I'm totally feeling of fraud are totally failed. Don't belong in among the greatest sitcom of all time. Their museums madness, but it was. It was what greatest things about. It was that it never got any recognition, so no one ever gonna big, head, it never no one got famous from it was just write it weep. We survived every year and the one year that I thought that we We're going to get cancer was a year ago cancelled because I was I was like well didn't councils.
She'll Hartman, got murder right, we're probably not gonna get cancer right, but then it just didn't work it doesnt work with John loves is not that it. What did love? It's isn't funny this? It was. It was fucked it right, he was dead and now is that the whole thing was just you know even others. Andy Dick was still on the show and Vicki Louis, more attorney was still amazing and day folly is still lives like having filled dead, was always going to be sure a part of what was wrong. I just didn't work whose is it will in time with such a know. It was It really interesting landscape for tee, because there were a time there's also like. If we look back at the time. I don't remember a lot of other shows that I really liked and could sit there, because it was
such a good ensemble of so many people about different things. Where is normally there's like there's alpha mail and then there's two other sort of people. Ripened like tat was a fantastic makes of people. It was a weirdo group yams, a very weirdo group. None of us were all outliers, we're all weirdos, like even Phil, was a weirdo Dave, always wears Dad's Deanna takes the word ass humans, several walk the face, a planet. I was weird, I don't belong, no one belonged, you knows, but boy up, we all some weird bond because of that, though, we all felt like we didn't fit in. And so like when we would do agreed, have guessed stars, it would be like real actors. We believe you weren't going to see what this rather act. That is that we would have guessed stars and they would like talk actor talk like industry talk that is awaited actors talk. They pick up, this sort of acquired vernacular and one of them I say they when they someone, they never say, hey nice, to meet you I like you, did I do normal stuff, they say
good to see you because their hoping that they didn't mean Forget. You cuz, give a fuck about yourself. Has you concentrating on themselves wholly enter and and exclusively so to mitigate their what they do is they say good to see you, and so it becomes this thing that they all say when you so and they say good to see you in there an actor fuckin run David David top. Did this actor think chairs and they would like them. I did what I would call the devil's rag. Like the Hollywood reporter. I did read that shouldn't get angry God. How does he have a show God? How does she have a show and they would like that shit? Like would happen? will you have guessed stars jerry that and we would like, oh so, A weird combination of a bunch of people that we're just weirdos. There were just they didn't fit. The mould of labour standards said com and no one went on to do said. Come since none of us, I don't think so. You know well, no one did Vicki did wants little bit that didn't work out,
Stephen rule when undue amazing work in office space in use in he was fantastic in that Fuckin HBO. What is that the? each be. Oh uh booth document, The HBO show what the fuck is. This with some about liquor about a bootleg liquor sales. Boardwalk, ampler boardwalk temper. He was a man, using it raises a fuckin, brilliant actor. He was a one guy that wasn't himself on the show too. Like look, do they would do that the wacky, a shit about Lik, Andy and exaggerated Chirac is shit about me, an exaggerated, but Stephen Route like of human him he's nothing like Jimmy James Right, Jimmy James. Is this what wacky character that developed, but he's a brilliant, brilliant actor just to the bone. I listen to you one day and you are talking about the difference. I'm sorry, I can't read if it will stand up those watching you or or the park asked what you're talking about demonstrates. Not millions and actors and how
essentially actors have to get up every day and pretend to be someone else. I never really like. They don't know who they are worse comedians. I know who they are? They that's what they talk about. Even in my limited experience in that town I dont like I cannot ever have to wake up and one who to be. I can imagine what that's truly like two to dive in this. When so much that you essentially get paid to lose yourself each time and then have to move on to do it again, like that's a lot harder, whilst link that this data route, whose one guy, who did that on the show is he doesn't have any problems knowing who he is he's a really nice guy super easy to, like you to know, he's very well, warm and friendly Legatee Easy going Guy and he just loves the craft of creating a character its he has the most pure intention of any actor person I've ever met. I can his love is really of creating. You know that
The Bush Emmy character that you remember from that movie that you know that what Russell Crow Character They like foggy nailed it you like that if he just left of nailing a character of shares, just a master actor is a master at that and there's a dick, during those people and the people that just wanna be famous anywhere a famous as an actor. So there there's a lot of weirdness in that craft does, I m percentage of the people that want to do. It are massively damage people share, which is why they feel like they should be famous right. It's like they got fucked over when they were too. Dron or when there are, you know adolescence or whatever. The fuck happened to them. That led them to have his insatiable desire to be thought of a special and once they get it, that's when they become maniacs right, like everybody's heard, the story of the person, who's got their own sit com and they become maniacs chair I mean I've. I've met them
I've seen them and I'll talk to my head, and she was telling me about fuckin crazy. She went when she got sick you know she's, like I was fuckin crazy, completely crazy, like she'll. Do she would tell you- and she was a great and of comic my opinion, like one of the top ten greatest of all time. Represents in my as far as like evolutionary influential stand up. I thank her for her time. Like she's, a top ten sure and Djibouti went crazy. She then I'll go crazy, so seems totally chill now, thou and out of that just perspire I think it's that chat roulette Arnold that helped moment for her guy. He is raised everything you know why you married her, get the fuck, that's ridiculous. I just read like I feel like that's all those guys if you watch like twelve hours, just his life you'd be like shit yeah, I'm learnt it's great.
I, madam, I did their best transport shown whose eyes nice guy yeah, but you know he took his child He had a duty to do. Mad Roseanne did what he had to do didn't worse habits, Adrian Severin is my life will be. Ok. Can we go? We hang this painting MIKE probably. May the kids going about early like that? It's a different negotiation. I think when you're married, but like his was like you might have to marry Roseanne BAR to have a career right. That's it just I've, saying she's lovely, that's just a for a kind of negotiation for the record does yeah. He saw the soul I know what you're saying like you did. I get I gotta say you like you: will trade sex for hang up the payment cure you make during this house? Yet just what do I get it? I know it. That's a good move, but like everybody wins the activity there are new max. You love every ass happy he sold so buddy.
But he got out of it. He alive you can rely on your soul. Equity thing happens at that point. Eridu feeling, like those guidelines, be MRS Rose and devil. He has a very fucking steep price, it's on everything, number out here and let me she's a super talented woman, but she was three hundred pounds and d known did what he had to do. What you think I was is your husband on that show. John John Goodman yeah Amazing one of those guys I watch just I can't from from big. Auntie over other, where art thou to just anything he does his nose, people illegally. Bosky right that fucking care, the big basket it wasn't? Even should you not even jewish man, my god. It was Julie neutrality. We still have an assurance check. Some fucking role
shall we have a gun you pull out and someone violate bowling rules, body You forget about the rules for a fucking character, budgetary, his son, remained he's amazing, mangled chateau by three o clock with nail polish, like what do you cheer? I'm finished my coffee. There was just conviction of that. Being that crazy. What do you mean he just create well, first of all Cohen Brothers movies are my automated remotely says my allotted like when I saw Donald Trump was running for present the other day as we live in a cone brothers movie, its official there's a grisly, his fuckin Slav, this goofy slob is gonna run. His ego just porn out of his ears he ever met him. Now we're dude I'm sure we met him. We did some maintop care where we are trying to convince him to live pick. One of these cars that that we had each picked for a celebrity. We now know like halfway through its four down trump, any basic of his eye.
This guy looks gay he's looking at there is, I think this car, you look gay, so the gars probably forgot person, and it retainer too. I don't remember what kind of car he had picked the terek. Why? What did you say? What did you tell them? I'm trying to make fun of me then I look like this is what he does. I just I just want to four, and then he was I I'll take your was trying to be funny I think he was but he's one of them people that I dont think he can hear other people maybe he can read lips a tiny bit but like walks into the room- and all you do. Is you look at his hair man? You can have a very nothing an asteroid. Could next door and you'd still like man. What's Mama bear like how do you get up every day and you say yeah. This is the look. Will you What will we me out here you and him? What words me out is now he's gone, bald easy, I don't think so, I think he's just just.
Moves around in some weird way or doesn't want to cut it or its nature look, but it seems like there. Too much hair up there for him to be gone, bald, it's just We have been there and real life, so what is it? He rose in the rue de member, the hare spray that had long line here, follicle yeah, I don't know if it's like that's in their it's, not it's not a rug, its it's not only look it's just me. Can you can't take your eyes off of it? I just understand mean he can't think it looks good deeds a weird is New York doesn't actually like him that much nobody like some great. Originally he's a dick. It puts his face on everything, but he mused he so aggressive with his like dizziness, like our memory had this feud with with what the fuck's her name, who is it with God dammit with rose yodel? That's it yeah is viewed with rosy, o Donnell and he was on. You know, tvs like what we're roses losers. Basically, she's a loser right. Ok,
think about whose listening to this you're talking about a multimillion there, a movie star world, famous comedian, right and you're talking in a camera, is on you and it's broadcasting to the rest of the world and yours. This multi millionaire world famous comedian is in fact a loser. What're we write what the fuck am. I What am I if she's a loser? What standards are you have, and how do you feel about yourself right? You know like this just nonsense, thereby needs mushrooms and his life in a bad way the lady I get in a tent in the middle of the desert and eat a fuckin giant bag of mushrooms and really find out how the rest the world sees just silhouetted achelous. I think he needs a good two like a sears and pick out a wash drier. On Thursday night, like I think we re normal per, maybe just feel like what life is kind of like, but like, though those are the kind of people that I see in like his wife, Malea Malaria, malaria,
some of them whatever name is Larry him. That's what those girls that I would look at her and then look at him and think fish where you guys, I've ever had a conversation right now. You look at her. You look at him and you go. You know Tom. Arnold is heated. What you're doing we did it with a woman right. I see what you do and as I get you it's our, I pay. Look it's better that than working and Wendy's. If these your odds, that's true, would you want to give you a dying sums dick or get a lot of money? Do you hear the three dimensional Jesus Christ sign? You did well, I mean did well Donald. I gotta give you that we will be here If you're into that, it's not here anymore, Tens is that whose, in a hot checks the mouth shut out, there is a positive thing and for her, if you really under oh she's, not into that down she's, probably build up she, probably just so stays on a steady, oxy cotton drip throughout the entire
our day, just just stays mellow and weird liquor that gelatinous facial thing he's got going on There were thrilled the chancellor's roles and knew his neck colors really interesting about here. I'm telling you. I hope you don't mind him just. I hope not necessarily that you mean and budgets that you're in in your life you in in the same room and just test my theory. I honest, I could look away well the moment If I did mean I'm the moment, he gets dickie I go, I will grab your fucking head. Am, I will land and I will find out what's going on, you might want to shut the fuck up and got beat me up right security. I better get your hair before security gets here. A better get you fuckin here do just leave him this, I'm I dont understand in the later it isn't. My life are well aware that I don't have any patients for people like that is done. And having desire, I get. It I get a you know, that's the reason why so successful we don't get to be a soup,
fuckin billionaire real estate. Mobile was his name on every building, the Trump towers You don't get unless you have that sort of attitudes. I guess I understand stay their history. Up there once for the fronts and now open a little like many bar His face was on the vodka. For me? I was like this feels like too much brow. Hey, I got out and draw a line somewhere. He faces or you just go for it coming to scale. For if you just keep going like the further and deeper you go into the crazy egos swimming pool items like warmer water is like it gets better, a savage heads of Morgan. We like the Walt Disney of total douche bag real estate resources that water- I was it it felt like Disneyworld I couldn't escape his face- is get stakes. Trump stakes. Look above that do I thought
those are made from manatees in species are polar bear stakes, yeah right when they did so about the fucking icebergs melting? They shoot him in the fuckin head cut him up dragged out of New York, things ever had a hot aircraft. Unhurt going, I m sure he has I mean the like, all bullshit aside, like the gotta he'd, went fairly bankrupt and then build they re back up again good for him and me he really did he had a point in our lifetime where he like basically was worth what were worth You know where down like almost nothing and then just shot right back up to be in that guy again, there's like one way gray thought kite can go to them historically need to wait a couple days before I go and then reads like: ok, Germany, millionaire many thinking never stopped being a millionaire. I think, but it got down
like a million, but he might have had a lot of debt to forget what the entire story was, but it was, there was a lower the ride in one of those magazines, Esquire or New Yorkers like that and They are essentially saying that what he's doing right now is pretending that is rich and that, if you look like the amount of debt that he had but He knew how to get rich forming a guy like that knows what the fuck he's doing juice and I always wondered like: do you like to be a Michael George Don't you have to be kind of crazy? You know that goddamn good basketball and b that fucking deal making son of a bitch, don't you have to be a real asshole? I think you have to trade in by ok. Look at he could this network was nine billion. We fear is close to four billion four point: one billion to be exact, but this is this is recently now right this yesterday yeah, but this is like look even if he's worth four billion or now, who is a fuck, he's a goddamn billionaire. You know he was
a while ago. One point in time I want to say, like maybe ten years ago, for maybe twenty suddenly found he hit a like a really really bad spot and there was an issue with him: wipe opening up golf. Forces like Seattle Course in Scotland, and this one guy was, fighting it and this one guy like he had land that was outside of the golf course and they wanted to buy him out and he wouldn't sell. It became this huge issue or you know, Donald Trump. This guy's a loser. You saw me his property in the guys. I don't give a fuck about hens, housing, man, half leave me alone, but it was. It was fascinating thing. It's like this. This is in pursuit of just ungodly welfare and that's what he does less his thing and now he's gonna run for It's weird man, I'm all about given lights on, but sometimes you watch as people they don't they don't know what you know there has to be this good balance of work and how
on DR enjoyment like if you're just doing stuff all the time- and you can't find any good I'm alive. You should probably just check up a little bit. I don't know dude me maybe does find good life. They asked me to be that's celebrity apprentice thing about it for a second, I would have in great man, I'm not into the man I just dont. Like those shows, I don't I don't. I don't like those fake scenarios work. Any of that. I just didn't seem appealing to me and it wasn't a fuck. Money wasn't enough money, whereas I've, but also I don't I don't enjoy those kind of everyone you dance with the stars. Are you know, fuck a chance? a chance in Hell, that's hard by the way, I did a partner visa zookeeper and I had to learn how to dance. Me and Leslie Bib. We we did this. This dancing where we have had to learn how dance for fuckin weeks, editing dance lessons is
In addition, there are like you should totally do dance with stars like fog now about I do it now. Chance and now assignment dance with the stars like dancing with there used to be stars like a long time ago day, then, with the internet sensation dancing with the people, you can't know who they are like dancing with the people who someone out there knows that third bachelor guy, stop there I don't know I don't have a nice, whereas whose from our dead those the people that are I'm proud like when I go to the supermarket? I see us weekly and I look at the cover. What I love is when I look at a cover. I don't know anybody, my good. I don't know who the fuck, These people Dominic is Matter Deborah who the fuck is Deborah, whose dominate runaway talking, but good. I'm glad I don't know, I'm glad that cultural loop, it straight
man, I'm not sure why I'm sure you think whether those I'm just not sure why people care about some of the people that we do did not really that we care it's that they broadcast people. This is what I have thought about this long and hard for a long time when you have something like television and something that is just a natural thing. The people come only turned on and they their individual I've children to share, and You know like if I want my kids chill for a second and just like sit down. I needed Sunday looked daddy- has to make a business call, so put on one episode of a show, what show you wanna watch and then they said they. Finally, zombie out right for that twenty minutes or twenty minutes and other shows on their jaws and they said there- I wanna drink, ok get a drink. Yours, you drank here's a chip. You want some chips, airs naturalistic, ok I'll be right over here. If you need me- and I know they're not going anywhere right but there's some- That happens when people watch tv they just lock in well
you get used to that thing being on, while you ouch, almost anything and that's how keeping up with the carnations Estonia, because people- sit down there and they watch they just sit there. I was going to buy this purse, but then I couldn't find it- and I was like- oh my god- is this knowing and I'm watching right. I'm watching it, albeit a hotel room when it comes on and if the editor, quick enough words, one scene to the neck. Seen once you ve been acting like it's not a ping pong mash, my eyeballs, for whatever reason I lock in, I know their names. I know I know their names. I know the wife. I look at the poor, Bruce Jenner best. Before. I became a woman, I know about all those people sure for no reason right, there's not a goddamn thing they ve ever said it has been interesting to me. It's not content things on equality. Writing it's not a day. They have these in there, there are engaging there. These amazing points there very unique individuals now there's none and that this now that right, like
shhh, I really loves called life below zero everything that show now I feel I can I've heard of that's all these crazy that live north of the arctic circle. Distance living. This is one woman that we had on the show ensue acorns and she lives too hundred falcon miles plus above the arctic circle. In this place, Where are you not about a permanent structure? So she has tents? Did she built up there and like these, these? These covered circular tanned right. It snows like a factors: wolves everywhere, she was attacked by a grizzly, bear ok, broken or hip in your skull broker lag. She went back she the bear and ate it? Ok, that's all and I'm interested and see what I mean because gangsters far she lives raise is crazy, but she's. Awesome she's really is really unique like when I had her on the show city in talking to work as she soap personable. You
her here yeah. She knows there are other places in the world, she could live. She likes it up there. She really does a finnish think. People we're just like living in Florida. They like it it like Florida, gratefully You know they decide come stay in here. If she loves it up there. She loves the solitude. She loves the fact that you has to rely on herself and budgets. She's a unique human, very unique perspective, she's very intelligent and very She's very strong and independent, and so that's a person than I wanna hear talk, sure she's, just a unique, don't get any of that from we went there and omega raises so annoying. The air conditioning was not working properly and those in my favorite shoes, and they hang you watching nonsense. But as one nonsense is on television. Certain amount of people What nonsense churn!
since in the environment of dating, is like always exciting to people whose hooking up with who is he gonna be with her? Was you gonna be there? Is she going to feel rejected, or is he and rejected where she can reject him, then he rejects her cry, my god. It's amazing their suffering. There's panic you're freaking out right now, because it came out that I, I guess, whoever the current batch red is- might have slept with a bunch of the Gatt. Please allow me I sex with a man. I will tell you why why man years, as you know, everybody on that shows up in choosing now it's not it's like water at one of our directors. On top of this guy Gary was. It was one of directors for the first couple of seasons: bachelors tattoo, there's a vault with footage. Every there's a camera everywhere right and we feed these people ton of alcohol and hardly any food. There's verge video of everybody. Humping like the real just a whole closet,
full of weird videos of these people who cannot find out who Caitlin sleeps with an surprise. Motivation. Now I dont want to find out click that fuckin tab. You shut that tab off. I don't want to ever see that again that out of my life, Jamie, you may, You may want to clear the girl s journey to juggle clear your history, Jamie fatter, there's enough, I can't do it. I won't. I miss the days of remember- the real world on MTV ass. I people's first are sort of look like. I guess it we'll just sit around and drink all day. They might get into fight about something seemingly important. Well, just as a bit of history, the guy who produce a real word world was the producer fear factor. My kids no, that MAC units Gregor boy that he saw some years ago, the force of people into drinking come fear factor was at his ideas. It from shore shares. My donkey chose his idea. He let you ask me, I told you should do it, who might should now?
We'll drink commies laugh and why they're gonna? Do it? Don't do it? Don't do it I only want to turn the show, because I was just against like why would you ve, actually horses anus somewhat beyond the watch it either? I watched maybe three times entire fuckin one hundred forty eight episodes. I enjoyed seven, the physical things that people have to be like I'd, get. Why those were we who and I dont know what like Lake Ya'Ll used for some stuck hysteric, mostly boy, that's suckered, looked at looked cold. They look rough some days. I mean this. How cold is again we're living in California to share its down at the fifth is almost three degrees in their waters, like seventy five degrees. I have it out with you, ve seen one snake on a stranger. I just felt like this. Is me man why so use do like fucked up things. Involvement in like like
I'm just so used to it. I'm sorry, I just unfair. Like one time my wife, she went to the gym and she had we grasp juice right after Jim she threw up in her car. Couldn't help it using the high when she threw up in a council she's like oh my a genuine clean and ultra began again a clean. It don't give a shit, the only there to meet throw up to me was nothing. I saw throb every day we lose. Really every day I was at work is either someone throwing up or someone thinking there are gonna throb once a week for sure saw three or four people throw up every week really prepared. Pairing, you forbade apparent to sort of yeah unfazed divers everything else out given their well. You know what was one thing there really was shocking to me: wasn't that it wasn't? rose at all like when it's your babies, shit right and you're clean it out a diaper in your wiping, her and cleaner. It's not grows at all. You just feel like all this portal thing. I got a helper
and help her out of your own when it's your uncle a wedding. You like this guy's gonna problems. Actually this weirdo drunk bastard shit grabbed his hands again, look and savage I wonder, how did you get the little ones or seventy five? Seventy five, and I mean you ve, seen like Doc. Mc Steffens Aouda course Dogma extensions to watch all temp collar, doktor mix, stuffing that Dr Mccoy crazy, what you know they think it's funny now they like to watch shows they already know and other languages and slow and laugh and like bubble, guppies French, that's the way he had our place in the car. That's sing and fed will the abbeys collegians you make individual, because you have daughters to write people in all alike, yet not fantastic people listening now look here. I Jamie. No kid! No girlfriend! Look at you, get some kids man, it is a ride, We now have a doorway implant. Do we the beauty? Kid say the that you
you know, are wrong, but you're not sure how to help them understand that publicly sometimes are incorrect right. We stopped on the we drove back from Chicago. Last week we stopped in it in a town called our cola, think it was in Illinois moment, Indian, it's up with an eye. It's the home of the guy that created the raggedy Andy Doll and age. So happens, there was a parade an agony and Andy per SE and kids here, there's prayed in its it's like cat. Nip too to children's day just go: oh my god. We have to see this parade and we are just trying to get them out of the car to stretch electronic ok great will see the prayed. Big woman comes up on a golf cart in sheets. This high school girl, ok, plugging the speakers in this girl gets out with a boom box thy. Disk man into three speakers. And plugs it in with an orange extension cord- and my wife turned to me- and she says, is: do you think that's the music ass it honey we just got. Is this as an exit off the interstate, so close
and then suddenly raised a parade has begun. My are for your old millions on my shoulders, Elsie. Our seven year old standing, my wife's holding the baby, and so they start in the first group is about six women dresses, raggedy Ann and in one weird dude wearing stripe socks and how to tee this man buys fairly same hey. Do you not before now sub like it just stand over here with the other twelve of us watching this parade, which is all of hundred yards long. That acts- that's that's way towards, like thirty yards or so the six The six women go by then there's about five high school girls dresses, raggedy Ann. They walk by India, There's the eight girls from local high school flag, core! That's the end! higher parade, it takes maybe a minute and a half and then- see the several said is that real loud, all of tat. Is there and then merely the four year old says: that's the one a parade. I've ever seen
and she's not wrong. I didn't know how to tell her. Like you sit there, you like our aid, how do you do this? It merely that? very sweet, but very honest. Let's just go its food, let's get out of here, I tried village- sometimes one could say stuff, you just don't know how to be like you're, not wrong socially. We shouldn't say that out loud what they need, experience that, though they need to know that not everything is the Disneyland parade right, not everything is snow, white and cast a frozen, and all the time You see a disneyland like that. I, like that, sometimes the middle, the country, its dog shit, it's just terrible fuckin parade. It's a terrible, terrible, raggedy Ann parade. Have you ever taken the drive from Elliot a Vegas yeah, you know those there's all those weird towns that you stop along the way? If you hear adventurer stow each again by Israelis or a great town, Harrison to some of the really odd ones as well
was one that was about an hour so outside a Vegas. I was with a couple. Bodies were driving down to go as long time ago to go, see some kickboxing amount K. One of that was in Vegas, and so we said well, let's stop over earned sea will go good grab some drinkers on my back. So what we Poland, this town and they had a wild West show, and I was like we are going is fucking. While we do so, we got out may have like a fig gunfight. And the whole thing and like disease Shitty fake houses that will act in others, military how's, I'd say of the frightened there's nothing behind it like saloon right bank in our heads got out and they have this whole act and all we could talk about the whole weekend was that Fuckin shitty while West show that we stopped just randomly completely randomly pull off the road? drove a mile pulled in paid arms, they get out of our car smoking weed got in and went to see this ridiculous wild West show that was done.
Let us are weakened and not at the time, but name. The highlight of a weak Iraq is all we can we're just making fun of this fucking. While we show that we saw in their total commitment right. That's the part like what you see it and there's like wider box out. It's not a guy who's kind of wider uppish. This son of a bitch believe if he is wider, grew that mustache let the right poor bastard, they just meant like the people to believe in the do the reenactments yeah, I know this just in the best way that's a reenactments! Where you know it's a lie in the first place like a reenactment have liked, time you saw Bigfoot Haste, have this fuckin show on this I find network. When I was on my my show with own Joe Rogan questions. Everything was on the network. They have. This supernatural show that should have just been the liars, our right, as it was just a bunch of liars, and why
almost these people that said that they were trapped in a house in Maine while werewolves were outside and Is he going over this whole thing and they elect you mind than they had like the reenactments of them like looking out the window and drive their trap them. Whilst not know, the glass is superfluous and easy to break uranos. You looking out windows, the werewolves there. Protected inside its work in house when he's killing machines here, what does it can't figure out how to break the glass and get it the media delicious portions inside right, fucker, That's not how that works. Really the cylinder werewolves little there's one in your lobby genuinely frightened me Imagine my darlin, unlike use the doorbell, no evil, that's over! or one it's really easy guys. I haven't way that much smack of real wheels. If that was aware, while it's going through your window, Skinner Terror part everybody in the room, but it's you. It that those reenactments you know they're they're, they're cheesy in the first place, but
it's a lie. When you know it's a line and as hunter guys are the best deal like us, guess I don't pay, watching that show cracks. We up some around sure nice and some of them really believe, but I've. Why did you do? look at each other with that funny like because we ve got a bunch of those guys on it, not Gostar guys, but Craig Foot Hunter Guy, that a few of those on the show once it make. This ask watch call oh yeah. We know that that guy's, a bad rouble, shouting nonsense. Now that no one has ever like we're quarterstaff squash, where you know it's like, if you Coyote sound, you know what a coyote sounds like right. You can hear coyotes, they have recordings, you dont know what a fuckin big foot like knows guessing because it's made up because it's not a real which yell out into the holler, the Yale out in that case
in her, not those they lack the guys in Albania a couple years ago that had they said they had won in deep freezer doc. I had already hoax something just a few years before that yeah hoax did a few years before that he said well that almost vague this winter, decent burial is done through our God here. We go communities for her normal witness season, freezes the werewolf wonder: where will you please play some of this fuckin stupid shit it's a joke and questions everything in the corner. Legates. These people reacting. Is this this What the inside of the house would have looked like. Yes, this is the reenactment account froze, had. This weirder currently remains plan. At the same time had a during dream is a kid that I saw lumberjack outside my house, whose, in a red and black flannel like When Biggie used aware how can we had red eyes? Like a name? I would see him outside the house now thought like that dude could get in right, but I was just a dream.
I didn't believe he was actually outside their scroll back to that guy talking about, thing was outside larger hearted now just proves very expose was drunk dropped. His keys looks like, and I felt very long. Do you have to have a mustache to have a really crazy story, or is that sometimes just an added bonus? Listen this power normal witness season. Three, they mean two other seasons, Shilly Shallying, he sees it I'll say it. He's right there, Osama daydream natural areas. I'd say Odin pants. This thing was breathing. This is recreation, call time honest quest
Is it possible this guy had glaucoma and it just the neighbor? Had a black lab, it's possible. This guy's been sniffing paint, since he was three years old and he's got three brain cells inside his head, they're bouncing around off the walls he's an idiot. We can't proud sentences. Now he's goin down. Did they re created this? They actually made a show around an obvious lie and recreated it. I feel bad. He left his keys out there. I wonder if they're still there, when I see things when I first started doing the Sci Fi Show they were worried that the show is going to be just totally debunking thing. And I said Norman approach- everything with a complete open mind. I just want to find out what what what are these alien implants people keep saying that they, and in their bodies. What are you know what our crops circles, what our only thing there? The problem is once you start looking at, you realize you're dealing with the same type of human being over and over and over.
He dealing with these routes, really socially awkward, delusional, bad liars right and that's a whole industry. This whole issue, three of making shows around stories of these socially awkward bad liars. I met one guy within three minutes of meetings and I am not exaggerating. He told me that he saw Bigfoot that he saw a bullet proof wolf. That appeared out amiss. And that he knew a spot where he could regularly summon ufos, they would come, and these orbs would show up and they would start moving around you and then and we're looking each other. It was like. I can't believe we drove out to talk this fucking guy shot. Is he by any chance unemployed? This guy actually ran his own Are you see about? Is a guy like that? Have a job though, like don't you feel it all. His time would be taken up by believing nonsense. Mighty lived in flow
or somewhere like shit. I love that Florida like what's the craziest placed this country floored its everybody's craziest, put it so well in the south. It really is its the best. That's like we're illegal would whatever happened. Him move to Florida. Why? My friend, Jim Lauren teams on the pod, Cassio downhill, Deanna, Comic, love him in here. He moved Florida. Was a kid. He said as one who went there on vacation, everybody got laid is like shit or just he goes move down here, because you realize in Florida. Girls would just fuck like thing fees were crazy, two totally different kind of human being the ear interacting with I love it It was his reasoning, that's exactly what is resale brilliant in peer. Well, if you live in New Jersey, it's hard to get laid in Europe guy, come and of New Jersey, fuckin to grind, isn't as grind because all the big hair, like it's just a work, so I work with another fund.
Real housewives New Jersey. Once when I was getting its based on brilliant jails, does a real achievement? is the one lady who literally her fucking hair, starts an inch above her eyebrows like her His eyebrows. Insulator her she's a monkey she's. Actually, some kind of monkey and dig let this lady live with people and she wound up ashes in jail now for totally. Without her husband, husbands, an ape he'll get her husband guerrilla, like some shave down a gorilla, big fat, italian guerrilla? And that's that's jersey, You know what I almost miss was the MTV show Jersey Shore. That was that watching that train wreck. Catherine, was you have to admit like when it the situation, yes was like that. I've got a labour gave me not those that want those momentary, thought. Kids. I can't wait to table this wonder. Why did it not stand the air? That's! What's confuse green question
other children can somehow Polly D like I don't know what he seems very charming one and not like him, by a kind of do, because he just fears pump, unlike James, I think he's just do they just that's what he loves her idea, but smoky seems for everyone now seems bananas, Jersey, the video, the one were sniffing, a punch in the five year. Cows, hard and watch was harder. I've been evident in one fight, my life, and it was all. With one of my best friends and six grade. My buddy Richard Davis, punched me repeatedly in the face. Why I wish we were mad about something right and it was like I'll meet you after school. Oh well, is like trying to like tackle him in trying to it. I dont know what I don't know what I was doing. I had never been five before my fate was so swollen. I told my mom that I had had an accident on my bicycle. Looks I didn't want to tell her you remember Richard from up the street the crap out of me. Did you
Richard stay friends that we friends now you're guy like? That was a time when you can just get in a fight like logos, vocs how easy that guy punched her like teaches you fuckin bit bomb just in the face. I wasn't. No leg worry that she was gonna hit him. She never knife. She. Threatening him. It wasn't like self defense who, just like he does indeed one or talk anymore, so we just knuckle there right now face her hat flew off areas Don't say that back with about Gophna Billina, This allows us to school teacher to watch now boom yeah and he didn't the job. Of course he does. I think he actually had some Mme finds. No. He didn't yeah. He just punch during the What was about the way that the human body scraper good friends, I know but like what is it that they made you get in to wit way that come into your life? Where did him? Oh Mamsie, here, Nike, ninety seven, so first workin for them. I did the post fight interviews and I can only say
Was it something like that and you seen it and kind of dug it in time and those guys hey, Lavoisier, Dinah, real Yeah I worked at the sea before Dana. I only I quit and then Dana hired me. Ok, I did it back during the dark ages when was banned from able right and it was like it was in video store in the face of death, I'll Well, you see it remember. I don't watch management were saying. Well, that's where you would find that you have seen videos who assist it was a freak show and I, my most of my life. I've been involved, martial arts when Tom was a little kid pure. So for me, it was like show or that event was like the first time they had figured out a way to get different styles, to compete against each other and for me as a martial arts, as it was entirely fascinating, because I always wondered like what would happen fuck Karate Guy five Judo guy or what have you sure and so the yes. He was the first time some dinner at ever done. It put it together. Sums are huge
and of it and they needed someone? Do their interviews? Does that after the fight interviews- and they literally didn't give me any instruction. No advice they put a microphone in my hand, and they said okay We are going to come to you in three minutes to talk about the fights this is live on paper view. I mean no one in brief me, and what I mean I say no one, it give me any advice. I mean then set a fuckin thing right. They turned the camera on me and they said. Okay, you live, and I didn't. I was like this an amazing event, but Babar we got this guy's gonna fight that guy and the implications are above all and this in those above above his escape trains, jujitsu and and that's it it's an offence ass. The event I can't wait back to you guys did and also what the fuck am I doing, Let me do this ray. I this is ridiculous. Like the postman interviews, no advice. No one tell me how to do it now. Just let me in their fight, was over. I had to come up with the questions I would ask home. It was very bizarre. Very bizarre.
Very, very, very strange gig and I did it for about two years and like all little puddle hub hyperplasia flying into we, casinos and in the south This is where they allowed him to have it right and I quit, which is too much just weird, and so I stopped for a couple years in the Yossi got purchased by Zoof Irishman, Dana came into it Nokia forty two brothers I just became a fan, and I was hanging out with Dana and gain, and I became friends and we would go to dinner and I ll just start sandal. Won't you have this clarified that guy I go about this unity, this guy point Japan, like India, about this guy. You know about that and you start talking on bottles. Shit is, I do I do commentaries and excellent work. I want to come. Drink the lights and have a good time and back there was watching rise. Like is like it was like was asked me do the sea today, right as I do you see that was like doing porn like that, literally what it was like you wanna fuck on film. I know so much money,
I think they're gonna be ok. Ok, you just have to be like you know, to be in vain. Than it was like detrimental for Ukraine, but you know, is on news. Radiobes doing you have say really yeah they are flying, mean he's weird places like us, the ninety seven so yeah deal use, radio started ninety four so nor ninety four ninety five solely to three years. And then I was doing that. Never like what the fuck are you doing there regular Eureka. There was thinking about bad for my career because, like with filming, would be over on Friday in our we'd be done, filming are gonna fuck em, Lane Flight Alabama watch dudes get continent. Head right up the road ass you When I can Santa Barbara for the weak area, exactly they were dead, fuckin plays you're in Montgomery Civic Center. They go to some music nobody really enjoyed. I get pretend that nobody enjoyed, and I will come back and talk about you know some crazy event. Was somebody get their teeth
into the third row. It was. It was very strange I enter. I got to do that, Toyota. Priscilla we raise with Kane Velasquez draw his great came. Kane is like a gentle right. We ve got a total sweetheart total teddy Bear, but he could rip your house down like he like he's a visually to me, as I racket Ralph. He could just come in gotten interstate and What it is about agreeing around them, but the first couple days. I am going Moses see you don't kill me by like the Inn, Second wake us like: what's up UNESCO take care of this Europe. I don't know why. I started its yourself. Others who are talking. Crap became counselling, and there was one time I don't. I dont know if he actually touch me or he just got real close and I Did I shut down just what sort of limp museum Abby necessarily know. Why did that every time I see him now still like? What's old man? Did she divided?
we don't know. Was it just not. It was rough. Bearing a beat up, beat up They got strangled also watching Garlic Kane who is been, except from one finally got knocked out by junior dos Santos in the first round, the one fight, but he went into that with a torn knee ligament like he was pretty busted up going into that fine, and he got caught with a huge part from a real stating knock out: puncher ianu dos Santos so that fight that loss was a tough loss, but there is a lot of reasons. Economy since then came back and dominated Junior and rematch, and you know he's like in my opinion, he's one of the all time. All time creates told it to see him fight for breezy overdoing for peace. Overdone was fucking him up, standing and Fabrizio is like one of them two jitsu artist ever to compete. Nemo may multiple time world champion and Kane was actually forced into taken Fabrizio down and it took for Greece to the ground for basic common again
he tapped him out no way was crazy. What they thought of Mexico's in writing. I saw a king was down their training for for. I don't know why it means who argues in the middle of nowhere in Mexico training, while he was only there for two weeks really end. Somebody I dont, don't know where it was with. Somebody put it up on my message: there's some sort of a formula of like altitude like that. If here, if you competed altitude, you have to be there for x amount of days depending upon how high the altitude is is x amount of days. You have to be there in order to acclimate. Ok for Mexico City, it's like twenty six days Oh wow and cane only got their two weeks before he had not acclimated at all and he wasn't ready sure end. The outset is ruthless: five. Seventy seven eight hundred feet above sea level and people don't know like out I've gotten altitude signals on top gear before it's it's ridiculous. May you just can't your body just does
know how to function like wearing the tightest belt on every party or body catches. Weirdos, it's real bad. You see, I put a picture on Instagram on and off. He sought, but there's an instagram picture than I put up that I took my were landing. This is real, that's how bad looseness. Ah, as they say, Mexico say that Mexico City that's landing in Mexico City seat. On the big Scandia I mean I was whole leaf fuckin shit. That is it, Was I got down there? I can smell it, you smell and in the air, and you get a headache right, look right away because you see there's no fucking air cause you're at seventy five hundred feet above zero and whatever air that you have is fill with car exhaust and those traffic lights or a joke. No one starts exercises its Ivan, a suggestion to select a day for a government, GIG Street cemetery, yeah pretty red right through now but he was paying attention. Everything's gridlock, when you hit rush hour, everything's grit,
There is no non gridlock in all sometimes get Ella gridlock adjure. Some selfish asshole decides that, even though the lightest turn ready, so they made that left her write any its blocked and people Hong Kong's, like looking ahead like he does notice you in Mexico, that's just what they do right tissues too many people and some even their fault, is right. Did it's just out of control is too many people I saw people, pull out into intersections and it's like a kamikaze maneuver right. Traffic going and they just go cliffs go. There is pull out if you have to slam the breaks it just decide now, you're right, you're right, you just have to make each have make your way just go for it, and so like trap. It was going in this guy like creeping in front a cart and you see people hit in the brakes than he would recognise yet a little bit. Right openings, a car link, the hen like an watching it was given me, a headache goes it. This is crazy, is a crazy way to live. There's like forty million people or something like that.
Much larger than l, much larger, much larger two thousand feet above Denver and polluted as fuck madness, how's, the food, great people or grey two. That's the interesting thing there very, very noisy other super super friendly. I get it digits. Easy going even further. The giant s city. It's not like New York thing right, sometimes in New York. I love New York. I love that I believe it. I love the fact extremely great restaurants, some stuff to do it's like since a crazy pack packet of energy, but abrasive nature of some of the people really gets to me. I like The t S in New York, you gotta cannon airport is like some of the is fucking people. I've ever met at its ETA at an airport there or just in the world. They just happened. Be it therefore that it's like it's
just then attitude or things because you're so many human beings jammed into this place of people like they lose and appreciation for each other yeah, which you know if you grew up in a small town. If you ever been in a small town, the one thing that people People look at your. They say hi when they act industry and wave the kind of appreciate your answers, not we're not we're each other. I think ensue he's like New York does is to me goddamn people's most in next to each other and in a way to that's why I've already got some angry on the road sure we world where over well meet. Other death and went on valuable was too many of us. EL! I d me is just New York with with more cars that people can drive versus taxis it when you're in New York, I'm always astounded, did it say like everyone is simultaneously upset that their there. But they will tell you it is the greatest city in the world, but there are like display sucks, really yeah, but I love God. Never leave with the Damas FUCK and people in the world are the ones that are they. They act like there's something special Keyser from New York. Sure
I gave listen, I'm from New York. I can handle myself of like what you not a fight cause you're from a spy, right, I really is. Are you telling me road, you wrote a small bus hook to other bus as they call the subway so suddenly actually like so I can handle myself you nowadays right, I'm from New York, knowing No, I don't know what you're saying surged other we're trying to rent a rental car. It's really that doesn't apply here. Ok, you're toughness, a New York it's like their from now, I was not like did my time overseas so then the Bronx amend New York. I live in a city, I'm a big city, Queen box We were looking at real stated, the digestive guph, and there was a tiny ass, shitty little apartment on the West side, and it was five hundred thousand dollars and like this is offensive rights of one bedroom, shitty you'll apartment. Did you say how many square feet it was who looked like it was less than a thousand square feet and its of a million dollars. We think about
many years. It would take the average person a working every fucking day, all day long, eight hours a day plus commuting right and then tax is taken out of it. To scrape up enough money to buy this shit back allows is very good. Impossible is based, we have. The weird thing is like were when we were shootin it Lawson transmission. There was two different producers. About houses in it where we live not to live there? but to buy eminent rent them out because they can at least my a little money and grow some equity in something there, because out here like if people don't know, did a dump this house you can find out here- is still like a million put like it. Unless you live in palm down smoking track everyday, which, if you're watching from falling down you smoke, crack, I'm not singling you out, I'm just making a suggestion. I have a friend just moved upon. The cash is it for me. I'm bored dogs is for pitfalls and she needed to
little space, should now showing me the place it accepted or dogs, and it wasn't very much my should make a lot of money shoot Palmdale this awful. So far out there and it so it if you, if they said you can move to surface of the sun. It's what living in Palmdale psych? It's the hottest place on earth and Africa and as from their whose after man, because I gather that alley like I think you should know that it is, I think I'll beat up some woman on stage or no gas arms yeah right leg, keep fuckin crack some moment on stage was onstage. She came up behind him. Any you punish her in the face. And dropped her gypsy that I didn't I'm not. I don't wanna magazine like I'm a fan of afro man. I just know that he's from Palmdale we filmed almost every car seen from fear factor in palmdale like willow springs. There's someone! I can now be closed down subside roads. There's some side roads out. The desert is another Joshua Trees, Coyotes and Shetland, and we had these giant.
A ten mile stretches row that they allow us to close down, though it is a far greater disco, for this is the video gas. This is exactly why the hell you showed second, video chicken and passionate, fails. Now what I see people now everyone says we measure until I try to be nice. Man seekers runs from tough, but yeah got behind them and she was like just drunk and being silly at a show and just thought it was cute clown on stage with them and he punched her in the face and knocked her out cold. She fell back cracked, her head and he was fucked up. I was on stage and in New Hampshire at a NASCAR raise once I was telling you like. I thanks cannot show. I have great in all of a sudden. I turn in there was a woman right here and I'm not saying I got em out of stock or anything like that, thank goodness, but if you ve ever had people precariously. I was standing on like an eight foot tall platform. Yes, I dont
where she came from and no one saw her and then she was just there in my face and a little bit drunk indefinite from New Hampshire. If you ve had those moments which are real fighter flight moment where the choir you Why are you right here in my face and you're drunk and she knew my name in. Your account feels weird was we're that someone would not think that you would freak out by right behind you, I also of glasses and real limited peripheral. So it's not like you can sneak up on me in the room that wherein my wife was sometimes stare at me. In the car to see how long it takes me to notice and then shall give up? because I'm not gonna see you over there. I guess I'm not gonna notice, tough, gay with me this a lot of weirdos out there The thing? Is you never know when you hear about that, guy that shot down there Diane Backfire on stage in, like you never know others might be wrong is the wrong time. So I can understand that he'd be freaked out this one's on stage, but a cursory glance at her
Let you understand our there's, no reason to give women a concussion missed a crazy drunk lady and I don't need a fuckin Molly whopper in the face Jesus Christ ardently- and I bet that security there too. If you could, could probably had another main other plan of action, but all thy, if they didn't have security, shootin, never got onstage. Ah, fair point: you mean what The security got high because they were listening to a song, because I got high like that. Song is basically like. I was going to do all of the things I need to do like pay, the rides for the bills. I was going to do some stuff and then he got high. Maybe Maybe security, I don't know anything, can happen. Is necessarily to speculate on Monday morning. Quarterback failure, riffraff weapons and security is unstable and how we tackle oh Jesus Christ, I let's give, let's God level, my God is through that guy, in the crowd riffraff, the White Wrapper
to give him some credit for making it on world star hip hop. Is he white he? What are you ve not seem, rather? Is that a woman the tackles the taps him? I think its offensive. What's show that again, because it's that the power double that this dude lands is quite empress watch the guy tab. Some way, this blue, oh gosh, that guy probably died, look I'll just throw him in the crowd to August rash. Don't they have any liability whatsoever after you fuckin a three hundred pound giant human being tackling you like that. So riffraff. I've never heard of this fellow before Gosh has drivers is related to the woman from cocaine that was the head of the dead end ablaze EPA. Do perhaps how career easy is that amazing, you ever see the movie so man that was our eighties. You know what I love about. This super progressive people are soaring. Take her side. The tide has turned and are starting to say that race. Is just a social construct and ivory
all these articles about how she ran circles around Matt Lauer on the today show all super progressive, left wing people who approach and gender are now turning to accept trans racial they're, not How can a round I never saw that come and she is running with it she's running with it. I love it and one of the things that she said is identified as black, so she's been line dad like the cigar shanks, I wish Cosmo Dad his black eyes pretence real debt write. Your parents are from Montana the widest foggy up. Their white is fine, but she has just what she checked out or college application right. We'll do it's amazing atmospheric? Why does she and to Howard University ensued. Howard university because sued for them for discrimination, big issues, white, so she's in the lawsuit she saying that she's white she's. I will then, identified as white flour identifies black now.
While we live in a crazy time. Donald Trump Gonna be president: no one's black, no one's. Why you, whatever the fuck you wanna be? You can be anything you want. We haven't fantasy land miracle, He paid fifty dollars to cheer for him a president. No really is it true that he offered actors fifty dollars cheer for him you can't say, is not a businessman. Is a video of employees hair back to reveal that Israel here? We also know that in no way, unless its work, say I love that your fans are. That other interactive did there on the ball good for, so someone must have challenged him on his hair, and so he pulls his hair back, look see, falconer. He just likes you. To a basic human, just moved his bangs, which Starlight Israel's roads, but he showed is lucky showed his line in the air.
It just has a wacky fuckin thing without a Don king thing, honor, that's fucking here, man, ok, weird, there's a lotta hairspray, an errand, it's obviously thinning, but now it's another for there is nothing wrong with those new hair. You talk no ball. Guy aid looks great on. Thank you very much. I have always said if I lose, I want to look like a clown. I might go like this diet, but I think when you get to be like goddamn, king or adopt Gaga doll. Tromp that sort of his look like they commit. And then they start thinking that that's their lucky look right. There, you kind of have to have you here. Sticking of the air or nobody's gonna knows Don king. I have king, also NED Corn rose areas. I get the fuck out of here man, you can have cornered, ok, you're Don King shits, persisted the air Patrol Doll, If you'd him ways at Lake was Maison, I did it for the: U S, it was fuckin amazing. I D seen some stuff. He doesn't look you talk first of
He has an answer. Any question right. You ask him a question that the pontificating upon the universal connection that we all share most of like I would ask him a question bring it up to women's rights who go to work here. Allows, is: go to not yours like a women's rights and gay rights and and it was really strange. It was very strange, as I could just talk an aid changes, subjects in mid sentencing keeps going I'm going to go, and so you ask him: and you sit every ten minutes like an ice. I can imagine being a fuckin fighter who has some issues that my car to come to your office and I'm a probably have a hard time talking already right mean not not everybody's is eloquent. Is that fuckin guy? you sit in his office. You know, maybe your regular due to just does not of praise shit that good citizens question. He goes on it's fuckin, ten minute diatribe about you, know Rosa Parks and women's rights, AIDS and in a minorities and the white man, and it just keeps going
keeps going on and on and on- and I was like you, you would confuse the fucking people brought it up to him. Iconic call them on your baffling near baffling. Speaker is weird, though, just knowing that first volume across a guy from a guy, killed a couple, people one of the aims that stop to go to death for gambling debt, and one of my big He got off on the other when he did some time for like one of them was like and slaughter and the other one was like you justifiable homicide, or something like that. She that's that's a real stuff Cleveland Right, Z from when Ohio in the Fuckin House dog king, is about but an interesting guy nonetheless fascinating due to talk to covered in diamonds by the way covered diamond STAR of David and cross covering both. Side just in case just in case and He told me that laid the diamonds are girls, press friend, that's why we're diamonds, diamonds and uns rings diamonds on his chains, like
you find yourself when you're onto were allowed to actually make it back to hotel room laid on Saturday night that lock up, as the only show on television that just great lock I saw this- shows a channel especially go and ask erases why they're always on Saturday night, and I feel like what, if like one of these Do you like one wrong car on the interstate away from dismay like a normal person and then just snapped, and now I'm watching them in a federal pen like those too Kay so that you do that, got out your hearing about the Todos escaped from New York. I learned challenge laid yesterday that the reason that chick helped him was cause, they told her. They were gonna, kill her husband, She wanted her husband dead. So that's why she was helping him get out because they said they would go kill. Her husband I mean my next door is or they hooking up there are, because I was soon they have too. There's got to be some sort of weird love triangle. Right will partly the younger guy. The word is he had a giant hog. How does that come
This is, of course, whether one's gonna want to know. If you look at the girl, she's, quite the ugly duckling and you know you figure well she's inside prison. She probably gets to talk and these guys pry lonely. Make friends slowly, but surely the guy works is when shoulders Haug. Son She wants her husband S. Let me ask you a question of justice to gas talkin. You ever hey, there's a prison. Breaking your first thought, as I wonder how big this guy's downstairs never round. When a woman's involve, though the woman get out. What would he have to offer the fuckin giant snake? Maybe ray dancer managers, salaries and offer a new a lot about poetry, yeah. You look at her she's, a sad and on Campton, neglected Ali above just hurl bodies is too tragedy. You know, like John Mayer, land bodies in wonderland about her. It is kind of wonderland, wonder how the hearts keeps beaten shows it climbed to the top
fuckin tower. Were they shoot? Prisoners is job off face first, the basketball court. Now it keeps you go and honey well hope, and this can shoot my husband and give me some giant dick what's amazing, that they haven't caught them yet right and that there are still out there. What are those guys do probably their learning, french and Walkin in Canada So the answer I would do thousand. State New York. I would thank the best way like Canada. If you gotta go back there, there very divorce. From american culture and a lot of ways in a very strange way like Toronto, not like terrain like we understand their mayors crackhead. They know about our presidents. You know We we like whenever I go to Toronto. It seems like I'm in America she's the Pieper nicer. It's very similar to America, but Montreal is not materials. Are there international feeling, city and the outside
I'd of Montreal like come back like that whole area, the french speaking area they have plainly different stars, of singers that you ve never heard of that are huge that place stadiums they have committed. And that a lot of steel like English jokes, they would translate this into French and they would go on tour throughout the french speaking areas and and do their their comedy routines and they have like a whole different world. They speak French. They like a lot of them, is exclusively speak French and a lot of the areas like you have to have French on the signs of the buildings. Like you, don't you, Montreal EC everything's in French. I given Kentucky Fried chicken. Then I've KFC its Pfc, its Palais, fried again in hours, Pelias shock and FAO. John do well. There's no way you learn French announced their lovely people against five broken out of prison. You would think that that would be the moved. You you go up there,
learn French and gets a little labor it on tape. Peak rank of updating. Ever as ETA stone. When you ve escaped from prison, I bet you could learn in prison and I bet if the guy was learn. French there was a mother, Fucker is probably learning so you also escaped Quebec. He's talking is new girlfriend. Who hates her husband using Hey wants. You rose at a stone me, some French, in Tommy will get out of here husband or walk manner, something yeah we'll meet in in french speaking How much did you really learn from others? Rosetta stone things don't mean to really learn. A language seems like it's a long process. It does seem that way. Do you know anything deny speaking? I don't know a tiny bit spanish took two years dose on you. I took two years of Italian. I dont know a word of it anymore and not said not that's a nice language now, my just understand it at all
I didnt pay attention, I'm in trouble with this language. There were speaking early enough enough hurdles, their speaking English. The term we would? We would be amiss if I talk to you and didn't talk about the german Clarkson tragedy. Oh sure, because the real top gear original, topped here rather in England, which Jeremy San Richard may, and James Man's James, United, Richard Hamel Hamilton, Hammond Hammond COM hamster air swam, hilarious. Folks, third they're nice work together and does it back to follow right mean it's a long. Show the on for decades, the most poppy international show, I think, isn't it yeah they said it was the most viewed show in the world when you look debt, I guess CBS Sunday morning did an awesome. Can it now a sixty minutes? I'm sorry, six amidst starting rather based downloads, both legal and illegal
and then how many shows how many countries show airs and like are top gear? U S! Ears like a hundred countries. Theirs was in like a hundred and seventy three at a big huge. Then you can't hinted to before about what you know it's a big activists. We knew when we got ours that we couldn't pretend to be the theme Does we were never going to do that? We have to be our three guys and we need. There's like this is the kind of core group we com. Uk fanboys and they got really upset that we were doing an american version because they felt like they were the only ones that new about the UK show now realizing how many people around the world saw. They felt like I've got this special like unicorn no knows about, I'm super awesome it turns out. We were just take king there, the kind of our nation of it in its three people in car shrine. We're gonna go, do our own thing, we weeds and with some of the same kind of fundamental ideas, did everything different. We didn't like our producers would come up with crazy things
to do, but we didn't know about like we just when they want to watch a skirmish right, go out fund, but what's happened now they announced today. I think Chris is Chris Evans, so the guy's name this is a good morning host or their shower dj, some popular guy. He's gonna, be the new host of top gear UK they will re launch in kind of free. I'm not saying oh reformat. I sure he's gonna have to people with him, but have we rebirth. So James may not go beyond mere erects Richard Hammers Agamemnon direct were. I think that two of them said. We will stand with carts, and this is our group. This is what top gear is to us. So when everything went down and I've never met carts and have only met when, in our paths really great guy, I think
the things where he had done in so much trouble before over the things he had said, which is also like its work is that's the same reason: people watch him yeah. You know it's like when comedians get in trouble for being funny. You're but that's what you wanted, so I'm not making kind of excuse for that. But I think it's a real bomber. What happened in Vienna by has bad days, but when he flipped out foot out on this producer, who was a great guy? I've met him before and what happened. Currently they'd have like a long day, and there are some sort of dispute skews me about dinner or whether something should be cold. There was cold cuts and stuff like stake or something I wasn't there and no one talks about it in our lab group everyone's very since because I don't know whether overnight that which grew up our show, because a worldwide brain is it's very important too to everybody, that's part of it, and so I think I think he just
had a real bad evening, and he took it out on somebody in that customers job and so did he be the guy up, as though didn't think so punched him enough. He beat him up. That's it doesn't seem like. When you watch had shown you washed our guys like this fund. Loving right, hilarious dude, I just Our time seen him beaten somebody up the other, I don't know I mean I just read. The same: suffer by us did that there are some sort of verbal altercation and then a physical altercation. I know what that means. I know it's a bummer for everybody that was involved This is certainly not something that mean he obvious whose very upset, the shame that happen, as was approved this area by us. It just was the one that things have happened, some homes in euros it sucks for every single person involved so why they fired. I think, because all the things he had been in trouble for four before that
Are they retarded then understand? What's going on in? There is a reason why the shows popular and its, because that guy is a very unique and bizarre character right. That is the main reason that shows progress. German clerks varying Richard Hamon is great and James Maize, gray, but on their own, starving to death. Let's be honest, it's it's it's an aroma of rude its heads, it's a good It is an ensemble, but german Clarkson is defining one an initiative to heart and soul. Like you, he wrote a ton of the different. You know look at him. He from journalists, side, you know right so much about stuff, they do and a Porsche people hate him there's a lot of people show from the main factors that don't like him, which is finally because People wouldn't want alone US cars because things that they had done well, the Chrysler like member. They are those three cars who drove costs. Mca Chrysler didn't want to give them right challenger, so they buy so they black, wherein was a producer, had to pay for your pay them back in the software like the bachelor is how things like that. That will happen
Richard Hand was actually very funny, I'm just fuckin around saying that they would both starve to death there good together, but their better with him. I guess a threesome. Are they going to try to launch a new show, the three of them? The council? What I heard they have to The name is not important right and so right now they're doing a they would go into these can alive. Show events have never done one here. They want to do with us in a kind of a combo thing, and then we never know I really moved on it, but they were cause. Can block was helping him out in South Africa this week they d like six, shows they're, calling it like barks in him and may live or some because I can't use the name. That's alert top gear live right. So I hope, though, keep doing some find a girl funny, guys yeah their great together, happens, gotta we must ask who scene has got some he's, got some killer toys he's a helicopter guy too. He lives in a castle, I'm sure how much money they make of touch. I think they did not think they did pretty. Well,
maybe they got just hair more than we have says the guy with two other jobs. Yet they they he lives way out far somewhere, which I think is also. Why has a helicopter but humans got a bunch of kids shows. He produces real, yes, he's got my kind of his other thing and adult I dont know what may does the rest of the time. When there are will makes Youtube videos yeah, allow you to visit their lloyd and cooking body for delaying the recorder, yeah really town in musician, apparently, but those guys it's we got to do and they were launching our show over there. We got to go to this like a british television thing where they put us up in and they had this party like tat. You say so they try to make the most american themed evening. They could so there's glass, coke bottles on every table. In Jack Daniels in there
the girls they had girls and like Daisy, Deuce cowboy boots in american flag bandanas on, and they had like a holster with Jack Daniels and shot glasses. That's where I was vows in time, as I find time to enter, I think the single at the time- and I'm a pretty good wing man is my way allows me. Sorry can just be an idiot claim that rabbits autonomy, psychic hazards, there's ten or vast over there. You know get a couple culpable metals from Ex games, I don't know they cannot exclaimed, leaving here, metals. Well, last It's like a Casio g shock. They dipped in Google. Chrome. That's not true! I don't. I don't know that for sure I have experience in taking over show that was a beloved show, because I took over the man show for couple. You re like stand up. We got tortured like right out You have rightly so and a lot of ways. It was kind of a disaster. The shove wasn't what we want.
To be on the following week: I've fucked over because we came in under false pretences. They can't told us that there are gonna make us. Why Show you have nudity will bear it out, swear will be it out. We want to get sued were crazy and then right when we started doing it, JANET Jackson, polar nipples, the supervisory J T slept. The plan is now amazing that that generated this to this day and age. Just hurts my brain Everybody gets so upset that they saw nibble on television right, I quite join the show, but it doesn't make any sense like it was a man's nipple. No one would care, but its Jackson, level she's out, while man like it's still Just nipple Stephen Tyler showed is never on that. Probably every time they did have time show exactly. What's the big deal I mean is because it's a female, it's a sexual thing, poor, just interrelate, headset I don't even know thou happen yours as Ike pulled it off. He pulled the nipple, a polar closer. He knew what the fuck is going on here
but how weird is it that a nipple is like for a woman? It's like super tab, for a dude. Is nothing no problem in its range will ARI. My friend irish fear lives New York City during the summer time and he takes a shirt off every day. The weak swaps ELM Street was shirt off because they have laws in New York. You're allowed to do that, but because they have laws like that: it they have, they can't sexually discriminate, so women are allowed to take their shirts off too so women. Walk down the street topless, and occasionally they do and there's like this name cow girl. You haven't naked cowboy rouse him for Halloween one year or you really. I was as tough as tough costume. It was called that year were built slightly dick We his answer me in a naked cowboy, well built fella he's a strong businessmen to it is makes a lot of money. Is it but he soon, this woman, she was do an exact same act, chooses the naked capitalist topless. There is the naked cowgirl
good for us. This is a different one. I think I think, is more than one naked cargo for her, but she s step its desire that the deal because in Manhattan like you, too, I'm pretty sure the law is that a woman can walk down. The street naked were weather. About! Rather, you can't have you vagina, but you can have your nipples because matter just one we will fuckin. Strange, the great law there for them. You know, there's some equality, yeah topless, all around, I say, go for it when I just never it wasn't never comes under the authority of clothes, preposterous. You don't know where I'm gonna give a fuck is, as you know, Rubbia Dick on anybody or get weird. Who cares sons, our guns out there. If you're fucking you kid freaks out yet explained on yet some talk in that little guy, hey, look body as some people freaks. Weird shit, they want you to look at their deck. Ok, you don't have to look at it. Then I can force here it some
your parents again. Take you to the worst raggedy Andy parade you'll ever see, and you need not shout that afterwards exactly the sum checks. Amounts are sometimes shook its word. Also, foots, not real, and that, ladies, not black she's, why be identified? black sea, just wearing a lot of the man who used to be a man. He wanted the Catalan in the Olympics and he had children and undecided he's a woman, fats and now we have to calm Caitlin, hey smoking. If the item exactly right. Is it actually denaturing thing when you have to win when you have to make sure by those arise, got a right to be happy, but ever it does not have a right to be completely out of their minds and somewhere. We will find that line. I you, as I say you do, have a right to be completely out of mind crazy, as long as it does not interfere with someone else's happiness
say if you're neighbour and you completely out of your mind, crazy and you like, stick in fireworks up your ass and doing cartwheels. But you live in a dry area and you could potentially start fires right then This is a logical and drastic Adela dry. Then you you're, you're craziness is interfering with people's health and safety. So I would say that I know that I can't he can't be that crazy, that's to create alike, go in fireworks, totally cool list. Is this? Is this a burn, sensitive area, not cool power, we were in this is California. We have drought known on right now, and you know what I found out that's really interesting, they're paying p in California to take out their lawns and putting what they call hard scape. They give you money and you put like rocks and cactuses riot in any grass
can vacuum? You have seen that the plastic turf I've drove down the street you the day and there was a sign up from a for a company that does a continent. Hearts gave us of their quality, gaelic tax rebates and what not for two? I think they actually give you money. I think that they find out about. Because I mean you're interested. You don't think about it. Now you haven't, the grass and bushes more. You know what I'm fuckin passed by it Pepperdine whenever the ones Malibu, never nice, that is a God. Damn enormous long, you'll kill watering for Jesus, it's big religious! College rolled down that held before, have you and it's fun for top gear. No ethical issues fine, with my family out now issued our vehicle virtual. How that is that follows lot of fog in water. He ought to use on that. Go nice grass! If their listening kudos while Europe be taxed, you cannot be taxed not being taxed on the rebate, which can range as much as three thousand dollars Oh, she get a free three grand
no planning enforcing they just won't tax. You on the three grand, though. There are now I like now, because you get a rebound, you get a rebate, you get money, can't be tax on the money, I think is only so. We shall rebates received by homeowners, replacing along with job tar. Landscaping will not be counted as income that isn't exactly how much surprised, depending on how much land have rights stomach sense. But though the thing that's fucked is golf courses mean that that is, I get the Elect Play Golf Alex, poor. I understand I get your get addictions, but your addiction is using a lot of fucking water and apparent in some middle eastern countries they play a version of God of on oiled sand. Really you have sand and they put some sort of oil on the sand and the way the ball reacts is very similar to the way a ball would react on grass saving. It find that some was just explain that to me the other day, never bothered! Look it up.
Sounds like a great idea. Well except allows assholes like those davits, those big shots. Grass to go flying through the air and the right, then what then was illnesses is. Is it ok disgusting, better placed to wear a lot of white colors? Weird? Why? Where do golf blue stones? What does it say? Slang. Greens used motor oil to make putting possible ha woe theirs, now been a lot of tracks that will you use, Odin Motor oil from other tractors and staff to put on top of gravel to. Basically I keep dust down, so it's like that idea, magnified, I guess, yeah. I think that just putting right is out there doing stuff. Gig tough, gig there, but I'm not gonna get a gulf, I'm never played it real. Never best part golf cart.
Yes, that's really like my dad when go play off. I would always go with them. Is kid because, as I can drive the governor, I mean when there's a water like waterhole, the now take his own ball finer and to swim with all stick and try to many balls? I could I have a friend of mine who has a ranch in council and he has golf courses drives. Golf cart, surrounds Rancey, let's little kids take the golf cart to and one is Darzac ten who's driving us round this fucking of course, it's Grange where the town I live, and you can have golf carts really yeah you must have been a little tiny play. I do that's cool. I grew up in this Peachtree City in Georgia at South Atlanta built on five golf courses- and I do get to any these little like miniature neighborhoods on a golf cart surgeon undermines a golf cart path there. So where am I I'll. Send you wanna go to dinner like we can just get on the golf cart. Why it's a little bit like the movie? The Truman show Ikey deftly feel like there's a bubble over it, but it's also a golf cart, such really fine, that's kind of cool and you can supermarkets. I built a golf cart.
You show, but it's a sixty nine Subaru, three hundred and sixty Van a micro car and a built it on a golf cart. Chassis got twenty horse, a single cylinder engine. The thing about golf gulfs courses is pesticides, and I know dude who got bone cancer and a lot of people in his neighborhood got bone cancer because the war water from the pesticides we outrigger contaminating the wells and like a lot of people in this neighborhood, augur cancer, that's that's pesticides, or that this is the term ass decide passed like each is poison was call it. Fuck. It is why calling and pesticides your poisoning bugs by tough Mean Roach is going to be half the Fuckin nuclear bombs, go off and you're killing them with some chemicals. That should in the grass and it gets through the grounds keeps into the water, and then people drink the water and they get sick as fuck right. Pesticides are just that's a creep,
thing that lube seems pretty obvious to us and pretty goddamn obvious. Yet we just go, but the people who live in the golf course or near the golf course didn't even think about it. They just let it into the well water work as electoral pretty decide where keep a pretty your key killin bugs kids? What, after right ski poisonous sprain its brutal yeah One of the pesticides has analysis, radio lab podcast the Are they figured out how to use points? gas in the concentration camps. They use. I can't be in a was originally developed as a pesticide, and so these they use this gas decline a had a particular Roma too. It tool anyone that was near and are handling, and there was very dangerous, so they did not. He's reengineer cycle on a and turn it, as I climbed being took out the smell and start using it as gas and concentration camps,
designed cycling. I buy a Jew now, a Jew. Who was one of the first guys to figure or the guy figure had uphold nitrogen out of the air. Like Malta, a big majority of the particles in the air, apparently or nitrogen and nitrogen is very difficult to get in four fertilizer stuff like that, is very difficult to acquire but necessary in order to grow plants and so This guy for Hopper Fritz Hopper figured out how to Poland. The air and use it for free wiser and apparently that method that he developed in nine nineteen point ten or some shit like we're one! That method is, he'll being used today, unlike half of the food that people in the world is fertilized from this hopper method, same guy develops, icon b like on a least I feel like, if they ever need till I go in front a congress in talk about that
the delegation of marijuana. I think we could take a video clip of that last forty five seconds. If you telling me that story and then by people backward, He can remember all that and Sweden. We should problem. We just let it go. That's crazy, that's a kind of ass. It you relax and listen to this issue that I was to hear. Why are they have Dan history? Pod casts a love. Those I just thought: I'd love fascinating information? I love any information, makes me what the fuck write. Anything like that, you know part does not fuck with your memory. It fox of your memory about shit. You were just talking about, I dont mean like I generally that was that's about what you just lay down was brilliant. What would you do? You're? The guy also was that one of the first people that use gas in warfare- and he uses like I think, was or even gas, he used it on the English and the Canadians. If it was english and the Canadians they use it on, but he was being, he was.
He they thought of him. The United States dressing them is a war criminal. At the same time, they are using his fertilisation methods. It's easy of going one or the other right like it was a very, very complex guy he's very complex guy. Wasn't a good guy, but he wasn't mean used like he was brilliant and a lot of ways Did the radio lab podcast when interested, it's called the bad show and it about a lot of people. They did a lot of really awful things and it's one of the many stories but a bit on his work, war. One kick lately sure because of our Dan Carlin get this podcast called hardcore history, and does he has his whole Old WAR, one series that's going on right now, just put the final things. A file episode out. It's fuckin amazing, is so crazy that World WAR one was to sit up for me. Of war that I never really thought about. Monsieur looked into it and I just been
really getting into it. Late lay because these podcast, but so yeah pot, doesn't really fucked your memory. I just me, That was what you lay down and the There's a lot of layers too then- and I just thought, as I was just sit here thing- that's really impressive. Habit of you asked me about something about ten minutes ago about what the fuck we're tax rules of origin, ten seconds ago, Hocker one zero, whatever I think I'll turn my dad, and I just can't remember things really yet my day at will like that, my friend, that's a pilot Martin. My dad is met Martin myself, met because he's introducing himself each time as a new tat. Thirty times like TAT. That's that's. Martin, two major yeah. The teacher right now he's a pilot he's always been a pile of your data. Burmese martens has good to see you. Then I'll know my dad had as an actor need to focus our brains stuff. This is this, is it
as the cognitive enhancing supplements really for memory. I was underlined, placebo tested. I wasn't kin when us every Lou. I really enjoyed like watching you, answer him in the stuff that you're into I can dig because you don't you're, very honest about who you are she don't like? There's? U dont split hairs about I care this stuff? Is cool and learn more about it, and you ask people you have genuine interest in feedback and suffer yeah, that's what I dig are so many people that are like they did wouldn't want to say that I had a Coca COLA classic at lunch today, because someone's gonna tell em there's a corn serpent bright. We live a neck like a weird thing, but well. If you really feel that way, I feel like you shouldn't: have cocoa classic really noticed. Did you do what you want to do and if you have if there's any repercussions this probably something you shouldn't have done the first place and you should learn from them. I think so many people go through life like trying to project. Something, instead of just being who they are and working on, what the negative aspects of whoever they have
design themselves to being ass at a working on that they just put up this fuckin fake facade, that's to labour intensive I have no desire to do that. Just pretend you're someone who does not seem to me, like I'm glad I condemn effort, lotta work and for what would you get out of it like look at Charlie Sheen? Ok, that guy's a junkie ok he's a junkie and he loves whores and everybody knows it and they love em like some fucking figure, but it's because he's like hey, I like this what rocks and I pay girls to suck my dick tonight isn't like I love them. He so refreshing is. Is that amazing that a guy can be on a network? Fuckin television show like a squeaky, clean CBS. Show I too two and a half men and do these interviews about doing smokin, Roxanne and paying girls to leave you don't panda of sexually. You pay him to leave and everybody I guess I love em hashtag
being very hashtag tiger blow your good meal. I saw that all over the internet when that, when that all went down any you know, look did the reader. Reality of who we was. What was a pretty need? Look like he's a hundred years old, his fucking face fallen all right. He looks really bad like there's, there's some some of the videos that he did like right after he got kicked off that show and he did like weird pod castile videos were is like staring into the camera ITALY people buying. He looks like he's sweaty deaf right. You know It was becoming fucking mind. Still, people love the fact that he was being who he really is. I think so much of what you see like we see Tom Cruise job, on overwintering couch saying how much he's in love I'm in love him. I love him. I love the women the audience and everybody else like bullshitting, people should enable amused, doing bullshit it so just deal with right, like the bachelor.
Pino. My back and tell me it's Raining Tom Cruise, I'm used to it. Amateur put up with it, but only has top gun was a great move. Exactly Psych were shocked that girl fucked a bunch, a handsome guys that she got drunk with Ray when a girl is good for you, young lady. You got your rocks off. I hope you suck Lotta Delicious dicks, and how gale time like flintstone style? we'll have a different world back then you could say again. Had not aid. It was totally different. Now, how would the thing I'm still puzzled by right now is that I got I put a picture on instead, about like a picture or some friends or whatever in the amount of people that will go out of their way to say nasty staff to strangers output, a picture up of friends at I'm hanging what in somewhat I'll, go after someone in the picture and unlike one, how much is your life suck that you need to go attack a stranger? Virtually It's just not
It seems to me that Internet Kuntz they they fall into several categories, but the most egregious. Are you tube and Instagram yeah like twitter, at least my twitter feed is surprisingly polite and nice, genuine unkind and friendly idea. Emmy people I was a native people who deal with internet. I deal with nice p or ninety nine point nine percent of the time, it's almost all nice people- casually a twat Wilson it through, the outer the net find a way into my twitter feebly is blocked in the new done with it yeah, but Instagram good luck trying to block those for answers, and they all have. If you go their accounts there, all locked right there like if you're a very be critical high factors, let me be critical of years there's a couple times. I always think because for me, it's not that different Friday
the Middle school and people like Amre. This cannot go Shockey Oslo, where'd middle school to like that. Not much has changed the wizard and male school as well. The world's more accepting this area, the exact same person but good for you. It's like lunchroom bullying, but on this virtual level. So I guess what I would stand up for myself then so sometimes I watch people and I will get a lot anymore, but like going when they said I was on top gear or when I started being on TV for NASCAR, then you would see those people come out of the woodwork in itself did is funny videos for NASCAR grown NBC, with identical, Patrick and Kevin are all these people and someone who we like you suck your fat, you stupid and that's fine, not I dont mind, but I, I would say ninety five percent of the time I at least like to know if it's something funny than our laugh and just move on. But if someone aware like they They really want to go after our back. Ok, laboriously Elisa get your profile, and if I can tell they don't know any better you just commuter marilla. I feel like they know better every
once in a while, just just leaned back a tiny bit and this guy one day when, after me about something stupid- and he told me stupid. I was in fact an ugly. I shouldn't have a job, and whenever I looked at this picture is profound: Twit and it was a picture with him and his daughter going Canoeing and so I said, was aiming to hope. No one ever says your daughter at school You just said make, as I know that I feel bad for you to hear that an he. You would have thought cost his mother. He came after me, so hard core at that. How dear you look at my picture and How dare you try to? How dare you make me public right liars? but we're all public view on the internet. You fuck your public right, it's a thing and it was like. I was made me I'll. Just be an honest, ok about golden rule. This sucker, like don't say, mean stuff to people. If you don't want, you say: fascinate do people have said means to me and I retweet m. That's it just redoubtable, unlike fucking, bullshit, you're, an ass, secure friends, I'm no known- and all I did was
between what you put out there. This is you and I let everyone. No. This is you. This is U shared. Use is shared. You units are being a we do have a bigger platform. You, of course I do fuck face. That's how you know I am you. Are that simple logic right? Don't stick your hand occasion didn't want to get a bit braves. That's what's gonna happen, I'm gonna retweet you and then everyone is gonna. All these other people that are bored looking for some asshole. To shit on bright, I get home attired taken shit from their boss. Their fuckin wife is an asshole, their kids suck, and there has to be to climb up your yeah and plant bomb writer happy, It is exactly, but I think because of the same reasons why people were bullying people in middle school, where you don't see nearly as much when you become an adult here things, because it's a new thing should I think that this cyber crime occasion is, is untested. We have to figure it out
we don't know what the fuck we're doing all the normal shit involved in communication. Like so bocuse in knowing and first of all someone ceptin you as a person and want to have a conversation with there's a lot of these people? They you're communicate with the online that you would never accept as communication, partners in real life right, you'll meet them, be grossly like makes a deck, and you just like stop talking to underwrite or stop visiting his place of business or or whatever, but because they just get to you without any you don't have to accept the euro, have to choose the right to pick you is you pick your friends of Europe eyes. Person and you'll have a better life. If you do that, you don't pick your friends, you just like. Let anybody in your life, you develop a series of fuckin incurable disasters over and over and over again that you never really recover from any live your life basin, the momentum of a bunch of asshole right who aren't thinking straight, then that's a lot people. I have friends like lived a life like that you're just one
fuckin disaster after another fuckin disaster, and if you get caught up in the house chain that is their life to drag you into the cycle and you'll get fuckin tossed out the oceans our or you you choose? but in the online world you don't get to choose rights of yours. Out there and what they're doing by blocking you they think now, while just get You can't even get me back and then so they put their little fuckin will locked profile on Instagram and assist guarantee their accounts. Like anybody who has a lock profile to talk shit, the IDA I just block them immediately. I don't even think twice, I don't. I don't want to hurt if they think like gave like there's a writer NASCAR, the blocked me- and I was laughing right, a writer here and you just one other thing for it. For some reason, this guy decided the day I showed up. He hated me, but I laugh because I thought that means used I wanted to know what you thought, but I never wanted to know what you thought, because I didn't care then, and I didn't care now, but the fact that he went to that effort. It me
We giggle a with, if some stranger says, you're stupid and bought me like I'm. So sorry must have thought. I was gonna want to learn more about you after you insulted way. What wider could seriously get to know you and not take your great guy that exact using to my thank you there friendly guy like what why? Why did he decided Euro Dick great question? What was it This is a modest. What's his name by the way. No clearly now, there's a guy now, there's out one guy, Where is this one guy? There was an ask. Our writer can't be too many big other way. There's a bunch there's a bunch. It's a is a great honour, safeguarded right with grounds napkins known. Not anymore. They I think most of them have a brother typewriter, think his brother right this one we'd go on like serious and say terrible things about me. How much you dislike me There is really nice me at the track and shows bigger.
And I say this misleading boiling factor was six lobby. He was big, sounds loader. He's Jean Marie mother, Fucker he's gone, you dead. He died of a heart attack. The poor fellow I had a he a windbreaker that he would take when you went de Chile, dogs, woe and that was kind. When I found out so when I worked with, like you know, he puts on like a tarp to eat dogs as like, I can't this guerrilla war. His stuff is worse than anything I got going on in my life. If you need for either really loves his clothes or knows he's a slob and just gave in Ngos a second lot Uh loathing is involved in people being mean people, because they want you to feel the way they feel tat at least a little bit. You know that a reach out like that committee, She would people online Alec really mean to people, and then you go and look at their their twitter feed and light you'll find Some like suicidal shit and re use is miserable yeah there's a lot of that is a lot. People out there that are hurting. I think that the model of life that the majority
if people are living in civilised since in civilization the civil civilized world, when you're, involving offices and jobs, that you don't really want and places that really wanna go too, but you have to like what you're doing for a living. You enjoy You obviously have a real passion for cars and timing. Great time, that's the ideal life for everybody that's what everybody really wants, but does not allowing people get You sure small amount of people they get to be you two seats, So I could not even one people talk about it. In percentage sent, even though, one percent that are doing what they want to do. Anything Donald Trump is: don't you want to do that? Fuckin goofy prick wants They presently one ration ones we loved, who is paying p Will the cheer at presidential announcement fry he's as diseases in ego? Is too big ego? You know, that's not you just on that path and that's the path that is using to try to validate himself sure, but
If you are not living a life that you enjoy, your you gonna. Have this fucking feeling all the time of God? Dammit like why can't I beyond top gear, or why can I do this or why can I be the Vulcan you have seen commentator or why can I be the president, or why can I do this and pluck and check that's a lot of people man's all day. Is this guy right, fuckin, corvette and fuck? That guy is Ferrari FUCK? This guy is big thousand Cameroon is hot wife and flow came with his fucking kids that don't suck that's it. Managed through its its. And most of us were the victims of shitty childhoods and people who had kids did know what the fuck they were doing and they prohibit site. It's like magic, getting pro and measure the IDA. A computer program in your peep computer was Grand by someone like me who doesn't know jack shit about computers right
not a type, my name in the fuckin. Do you know my password and how to get my gmail what's going on in the fuckin services? Well, I don't know so I'm an idiot I had a programme, my own computer, be a disaster, be crashing every five. That's a human being is essentially like a gigantic. Biological computer will surely complex when we know and thereby in engineering by morons, millions and millions of morons, their raising kids and following them up and then it's our job as the kids who got factor disorder decipher what the fuck our parents did wrong to us here and try to make it through life, with as much happiness as we possibly can to our heart stopped beating and that's a car, like puzzle. Everybody makes it through and figures that fuckin thing out and those of the people on Instagram would locked accounts. Silly dogs with wind breakers on and smile to your face, shame on you and your fuckin computer, and
Syria, satellite radio or whatever they do. This is hard it's hard to be nice. Man tarred target like yourself forget about like another people, especially like other people, at a successful hosting top gear that handsome Tanner Faust in that beautiful, Adam Ferrara in tat. I was saying you know like if, if Peter your life sucks. If it's not what you want you, you know you, we ve all been there, but I think on people forget sometimes that you can change that like we did. Reality that we're fine through this gigantic marble and space. It will cannibal your mind, but the fact you can cup everyday and do what you want to do or not do what you want to do like that's pretty awesome like at these things the factors near this didn't happen by accident, I think sometimes people forget that, like if there's something out there that you want you can have to physically, something about. You know that's one thing that when people come after me that I I I love her fine I'll I wanna make people's day better. You know that for me,
I was either going to try to go back to school, be some sort of teacher like a high school council, because combine and stuff like that breaks. My heart, like. I can't believe that happens in its because those kids didn't have the parents at. I did who, when they got fun of the parents weren't there say you're fired. There's nothing wrong with you. There's something wrong with those people that they don't have enough com and who they are, that they're gonna take it out on everybody else, and so I thought all either do that or material get on tv make as many people smiles? I can't, but its cause. Do something about it like it. I just sometimes breaks my heart that their people that aren't we the persons. I want some better. Why think of on a people feel trapped in their existence because they sort of live their life on momentum, and they got kind of stock. In this trap, there are in high school and they go to college and a good student loans and they somehow get out and they don't have a job in trying to find a job, and then they take.
Every job they can get. They still have debt and then they have a family and then they have mouse to feed and they feel fucking trapped and super frustrated sure they see a guy like you is put in a nine hundred horse power engine assai on running around like fuckin crazy person on television and they get mad because you look at your sweet guy of a big smile on your face. You you haven't a great time and for people We are not having a good time. One of the most punishing things is watching. Someone lived their life better. It's like Billig we're talking about drifting like how good Tanner is addressed fuckin car, when he dresses like is an artist right. It's like he's moving. A ballet dancers, told if I was drift I'm sure I do away where I've only not adrift. Ok, let's just pretend I did. I took some drifting lessons today share. I not DR, that a guarantee of look like a client clunky forehead Paris and am gonna are doing a good job and the drifting or rhyming are doing anything or bowling or fuckin playing darts. Like life, there's gonna, be that are better at the new right. Ok
you can either learn. What are they doing differently and try to play that, your own life, you can just shit autumn You know you're easier to shed a lot easier to send. To try to learn, sets a lot easier to shit in sometimes you shouldn't on people in your correct Sometimes you shouldn't on people- and you know you you realize you are watching some bloated or some retreat ridiculous version of it. Ops, singer that record companies eternal stuff down your face, and you know it's horseshit right and he in a New York you correct and comparing them tell you know whatever filling the blank Lou reader Mick Jagger, whatever the fuck it is they really Pritchett your correct, but allow times will you re doing just pigeon air LAO Times you just trying to figure out. Why you're not happy you no use in someone on television in the movies or just on the cover of a magazine. Europe you're angry, because it's not you
because, for whatever reason you got down a bad path and you got stuck in this fuckin shitty existence. It seems to have no exit door, and you know what I do see: a lock up instagram account and start shit no way craft around stranger. You lead you are you. Are you fucking, shitty fucking host you bad person, you little just Barton in your fuckin office, churns sniff in your own farts and keep typing in horrible people out there I don't mean to make you think I have a ton of those issues there might have an area like the bed you do? The more you gonna have doesn't know get round it, but I think it's a temporary stop. I really do I think we're about maybe, a decade or to away from no one ever having secrets ever from everyone, understanding everyone's motivation being re people's minds. I think worse, we're getting closer
and closer to each other in some ridiculous way through technology teacher and that's what's going on with these people that you would have never chosen to communicate with reach out and fuck with you. You know whether through Twitter Facebook or whatever. I think that we're gonna come too point in time where and not too far, away from now. What we're gonna share thought in some sort of a weird way. It's not can be simple as like real something on red, it or you know Facebook or Instagram. It's going to be way more complex. It's gonna be were we're gonna. Have you seen that thing that they did where they didn't pyramid, where they they hook these people up to some sort of a brain, detecting device and blended electrodes on their head, and they they sent words through the internet across the world like in continuously these people. On the other side, the world received these words and knew what the person was saying. Like brain to brain communication,
something I have not in that's crazy. It's not man until I'm not talk, I dont totally understand how they did it. I think they can only with crude words right now, like yes, no you now you suck like those kind of thoughts, because I think you identify in your head. What that word means an you you commit to that thought. And then they can transmit that thought. Pull up that study because I don't understand, is by an area think it turn that word in a binary code of some kind transmitted though one zero on off to you, and then you know what those a couple things they had in it solely for, if I, so they knew what it was because of the binary. But I shower hello or sunlight. The child, hello. Goodbye the agencies are later fly to the concourse song about the
binary solo. Do you think that's what it was an anomaly and I love those New Zealand or my favour: the New Zealand, the nice plant, gentle people, so sweet spot, but their trend. I kinda coms get four, over there, he asked allows money and a turnip important export them to the United States, deport him rather that's a weird situation that mega upload situation, because he didn't t know you never even been to America and they're trying to bring him to America for some alleged crimes against these alleged movie. Companies were. Beware uploading videos right, it's very, very complex, but it's also like I would like to know what percentage of that site was being used for that what percentage was being used for people? Just uploading thing does uploading things understand how he was or people paying like subscription I don't know either either sometimes when people make a lot of money or likelihood of that just happen. Ok, a company in Barcelona called STAR Lab, described transmitting.
What words like Chow encoded as binary digits, bitch the brains of individuals on different continents, both sides, both Please use a similar set up the sea, the centre of the message, war and e electro, and so photography cap that captured electrical signals generated by his cortex while he thought about moving his hands or feet Signals were then sent over the internet to computer that translated them into jolts, delivered to recipient recipe. Brain using a magnetic coil and star Labs case recipient perceived a flash of light diverse, you wash in case the magnetic pulse, caused an involuntary twitch of the wrist over a touch pad to shoot a rocket into a computer game. Woe sealer we're getting to this weird place in technology and the the ability that we have to manoeuvre. Technology, the I would do to manipulate matter and information. That's it's gonna make
haters online gonna, be it's gonna, be ridiculous, as is of a temporary pit, stop like an adolescent stage in the communication that were enjoying and it's it's what it is. If you look back at watch, came a throne, send a raven, elliptical fuckin raven, time message to his leg. You know that looks like the only way you can get a message to somebody right. That is ridiculous. Now and I think these ideas of texts and tweets and all that stuff, it will be ridiculous in the future because it will just have something. That's far more satisfying Far more direct you'll understand, sarcasm. You can understand. When someone fuck, you ve got a text from someone you like. Are you fucking with me? As is carefully Madame ears, you fucking with me right and then you have to say you come with me and I totally totally not serious we're just joking around and sometimes they are serious, but d Artagnan they're, not serious. You gotta be able to feel that rail that you're saying that we could wake up one day, and I would like our be thinking. We should get coffee and you'll be thing, that's great or using a shall be ass with coffee,
No, you don't even know about butter invitation and new tropics, neutral, pics new. True, as close up you doubt. His memory is that it I have from undermining Parker Clicker means doing something with those tis a bunch of different tropics it'll help with memory, but we ve done to double blind placebo, controlled tests at on it with the Boston Institute of Memory, boss, incentive, remember, and they can you not remember the name of the centre that uncertainty we ve got work left to do. Important to make up. Gee. That's out of me. I give you like names and remember heels names MIKE Bob TIM. This important like that that do you know I love the, but when something important to me, I've never fucking. At it. Right like like what I do like you have see, commentary and us are talking about past fight of notes. Does on.
No, the ultra soldiers from my head? I just remember fights Guthrie, remember, probably call like fifteen hundred professional fights least, and I just remember, rolodex it's in our all them. Sometimes I have to research or go back, but I remember most of them most of the big ones, most important ones, about a member's a weird thing? Man? You know I went to this thing other day. My daughter had this dance recital and she had been the same place two years before and had only been there once and as I was walking as equivalent oh yeah, we also my brain, went Yale and me pull us files up ray. You gotta go over here and I was like thinking as I was walking how we're disease that my brain pulling these files up now. Because if it wasn't for this recital that I had to go do I would never remember Russia but for whatever reason your brain can. Like reach back and find those files and pull them out when necessary for now, it'll keep em for, like it's like sort of like tweet
where I saw a said. You direct message into a twitter cleans out after six months react and linking you'll need to say more trying to save. This was an important topic this out of here. You know, I think, that's also going to be one of the things it gets resolved with, technology. I think the way we memorize things now is like really crude sure and doesn't work that good. I think digging it we're going to build a record things too that. You see directly to some sort of medium like whether it s the card where the fuck it is. And you're going to be able to share experiences with someone else you gonna bitten. Your wife is like hey. I was today like why? Won't you fuckin limit bitch, the card in line and she's like oh, my god, I just jump to Fuckin school bus over the top of a bridge. Fines are shooting out of it tat, so it did it work today, whereas forgive They were coming, it's gonna, be crazy, yeah, we're gonna, but you know that it's really Bahman me out and what
above me out as an automotive enthusiasts as you are as Well- is self driving cars, so so Well it isn't. It is. I think we need it. Cuz. I think a lot of assholes drive like shit. The man is going to be a bummer when you can't just go for a ride up the fucking angels Crest. Way and is blah blah just to have fun just go dry in a overall the window down and feel it just or is it p small. It will make driving for people like us even better, because no one, No one else like if, if all the people that sucker driving or an autonomous car here in we're just in the left lane in fast cars, won't be better yeah. Maybe if you have to like every ten or frau guy is allowed to drive whatever the fuck. You often fright, because he has such areas like attends right, because on Monday. Three Plymouth UK
there's no way you could make a computer big enough to drive that thing yourself? Do you think will ever get to a point where you not a lot of drivers cars? I guess bleared laws in California like one of the reasons why people like older cars, because you have two small hell, yeah yeah, but look at Mexico City that fuckin picture that showed. You drive That's what happens when you? Let people not small their cars or you have too many cars and we want that site, we draw the line, and it is only a certain amount of nineteen sixty nine shells that are available in the world right now and you get a fine one of those in order to have a nineteen sixty nine shovel. That's it didn't make him anymore totally, and if you want to build a new nineteen, sixty nine travail. Well guess what best that's gotta get smog does not only the same, but I think that you know there's good and that in this bad you know you know it's not cycle and it seems like if you ve been drinking. It's a genius idea. It's perfect right. Yeah me off at home, part recycling garage. That sounds awesome, but imagine if you're in that self driving car
safe and sound, and some dick wad in a fuckin Mustang has gone. Who again around a corner, is due to stand in word out at the start. Like me, smashes India, you, you know that like will. Everybody should be in these fuckin traveller scars goddamn, it didn't crash when School Garza has been some cut information that the Google cars have actually crashed, so they're not than uproar. Forget there not, but they ve probably crashed a lot less than the people that work for Google right to share them now see. That's that's a stand out. Learn there's just as you go to the laptop doesn't mean you go to the Camry Dude Agri Tom Tom but for how they should be nowhere. Do again, I was going out what's finds out as I come from these desire three hour. How I feel, like I just gave here, flew by man thanks for having thanks for being, I'm really appreciated, I enjoy show, and when can people watch on history channel? Yes, we just re in our seas and lost in translation or go back to work. It looks like in the summer on top gear
take a while to make them hope we will do more lost in translation. Angered. See me every week in on in B C, in July, for our NASCAR cover. What does your twitter handle? Its Rutledge would are utility g began to forty laser German, we'll be back tomorrow with hypnotist Vinnie Sherman demand Joe showing was tell me about his hidden ties me a material that shit works, see guys much love thanks. Buddy thinkers thanks are, but if a tune into pocket and thanks to our sponsors thanks to raise loan, go to prison dot com forts last Joe and check it out thanks also to stamps dot com go to stamps dot com entering the code word JRE for your no risk trial, plus one hundred and ten dollars bonus offer, which includes a digital scale and up to fifty five dollars in free postage. Thanks to ten gotta, Rogan, DOT, ting dot com, save yourself. Fifty bucks offer
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