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#662 - Vinny Shoreman

2015-06-18 | 🔗
Vinny Shoreman is a mind coach and kickboxing & muay thai commentator and coach.
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a gentleman by the name of vinnie sherman and vienna i learned about very first while i had heard about vinnie from its time which was a one of the best kicks kickboxing organizations in the world and one point time and vinnie was the commentator on its showtime body go essentially does my job what i do for you have seen great great commentator on kickboxing very knowledgeable guy and then i heard about him from joe shilling joe shilling who is one of the top cake boxes in the world but on the podcast several times great guy is disciple of chinese a student of chinese as were he's a mental coach hypnotists in a mental coach and i decided to have also in macao was a top you see fighter also has used vinnie i decide added to why have a podcast with them and also get hypnotized by him so i get hypnotized by m today and it was pretty fuckin freaky is really weird
and i'm want to talk about it with him and even listen if you want to not tonia sons says very forceful of me without further ado vinnie sherman how would i laid german vinnie sherman hawaii body hello i'm finally good good pull out like a red up there we just did a hypnotist hypnosis session i will how it got hypnotic possession say secession doses yeah a set of stuff this training mine study and he is the man that joe shilling experience does some fantastic results doing this with you chose shilling who's the world champion take boxer belcour fighter goes been here before
and he told me about you and you and i went back and forth on twitter and email and then we finally got together today and did a hypnosis session and i'm here to tell you hypnosis is real it does you definitely go under to something tat you go to some weird dream state lala land how long was under four four and a half days value hundred honest about i'd say twenty minutes twenty minutes maybe sentiments that emanates you're gonna get lost in it too you know it seems like an it seemed like five no longer yeah it was like i remember the beginning part and then also knows over woe and there was some weird dream state stuff going on in the middle where you are talking about some things for us think about other shit but i was but it went
thinking about shows like while i'm in a weird state of mind right now one thing about these other things like a better get back on track about what vinnie sock napoleon i think it's funny because its i've done everything i do my clients and youtube experience i have experience and you put it right if it is where you know he's weird crises it works definitely works well there's different states that the brain operates and we all know that other states we stressed out states when you're super happy to state when you very focused estates endanger the states in you're in love and what we are now that these are weird place that your brain can go too weird frequencies are weird vibrations whatever you call it but to be able to why manipulate it like that to be able to puts one into a state like that or help them assist them getting into a stately
that's a very very unique skill yeah i mean all hopes hell hypnoses itself acknowledges anyway so you do it i just guide you into it you know you know give you ways of just go into technologies and natural stay alert we said it was i was talking area like you know you drive in and all of a sudden you end up you think shouted together i don't do that some rubbish driving well you know other things why are you just wait just seems televisions hypnosis musics hypnosis through different states unrolling difference all the so like a movie that just captures you and you don't you realize you're watching at you just caught totally captivated here inside
completely absorbed in the film that's almost like a hypnotic stay i definitely mean clapping for superman for instance we know so much like six exist watch in italy site a break in one's hearts out let us save mumble you know it's just a part and parcel of using your imagination to get you to a place where you want to change so button but that state that you achieve when you're when you hypnotize someone when you put someone is really relaxed place and you have them focus and very specific things and you get them to this weird stuff or your mind is drifts off into that dream land that's very different than
movie are very different and driving home your car it's it's it's pretty intense yet is egg throughout their all imaginative processes anyway and i would very much have processes but with hypnosis be focusing on the specific problem normally no he didn't you folks on a specific problem so least led into a defence it depends out decline as though always use hypnoses i am a mine cordial plus resolve as a hypnotist although hypnotherapy is part and parcel of why do class myself as a mine coaches is different facets to these different ways of leading people into various things and considerations about what they say especially using language will not solve our sink sort of thing doesn't make sense and then you might be enough to make sense of it and then unconsciously
conscious mind decipher certain captured the best results railway woods its fascinating to me because for the longest time mine coaches worst sort of unheard of in combat sports it was all was like it was a sign charlotte letter or you know my mark against you because you were so weak that you needed someone to figure out how to hypnotize you or how to talk you into being strong you needed a cut you should just be a fuckin man get out there and do it right like that attitude and a lot of people had meaningless i dealt with a fucking soft going your i see that america to yeah but they don't say with that to save the same company somewhat don't why did it got marcel now from the north yadda meaning it was yet he saw macho you know don't you know come with it blah blah i've seen more people are very very scale get beat by the roma
i'll say not in their own minds and then these can be at the very end can be very hard the reason i was gonna bring that up because i think that fighting in particular is probably the most difficult of all i was in endeavours outside of being a soldier in the most difficult of all chosen chosen an endeavour as far as chosen goals that you're trying to accomplish will you trying to accomplish as you try to use your body usual bones in your muscle to defeat other people who are also using their bones and muscle and that the techniques are all readily of laval there's no secrets anymore mean is a fuse seegars if you're really coaches you can get some tips but essentially everybody knows how to punch everybody knows how to kick in
you're just trying to figure out how to maximize your possibilities maximize your potential for victory and to not get your own way not happen not trip over europe fears and anxiety and that's where it's mine coach thing comes into play and that's where i think it's applicable not just fighting but also for just life in general because i think that for a lot of people success or failure a big part of it is predicated on how they view life and how they view themselves and how they approach each each thing each obstacle each each goal each endeavour that they they their attempting to tow solve orter to give their own expression too and i think that if it works on fighting it probably work on anything and if you can
at some one to a better place mentally where they can become more effective fighter and stay out of their own way in terms of anxiety in their fears like the react fighting is you're probably going to get hurt some point in time it is to this part of what you're doing here in the hurt business has the hurt game and somewhere along the line you're gonna get hit and your your hopefully going to hit the other person more they're going to hurt you but bad things happen to great fighters yet we ve all seen it yeah mean essays pompous everything you know fuck it makes not just about fires i mean i do what with fighting together come from late i background have been involved in a long time thirty years now it's
take the gates for hot fighting side as you know of course but fighting yourself as well as an opponent well astronomers geek honour as well as airing people scream you name or other people screaming for them older persons a kick your ass a difficult you after you off the kind of go with it you know and and control everything you do and enshrine impose what you ve got to do under the person you down it's in fear of their extra waits that you carry the ring or into the cage there that and in life meaning and again it's i'll just a life doubts and fears on top of the reality of the difficulty of what are you trying to do whatever you tried to those doubts and fears failing so i got a heavy weight vest that you're carrying on top of the burden return accomplished in the first place and for fighters it can be just smothering again it it i mean we ve we ve had many instances of guys
stage that either didn't fire or almost didn't fight because our having anxiety attacks they are freaking out at the moment was finally there and their mind was just running away from them just you're not there mom was trying to figure out a way out of this last week figure out a way out of this i will do go crazy here and the doktor or come over and how about you few heart publications and fall down you can't breathe and the doctors can rescue area rail no more fine ailed had to die to fund something will make us a male everyone's considered that i mean i i did the same author enough we see some ill cod and then you have to go in there but you know s eight about controlling fights a wooden lost in the change in rooms sometimes a of time you know you can be the more so ass you can be the more confident mother fucker on earth but if you're fighting anderson sylvan his prime and you're not that good you probably still get lit up yet and that's that's prob
when you get yourself lit up as bad as you could ask you what if he didn't do anything about maybe i was only so much the other is yonder is i mean everyone's gonna be a champion right that's a fact that is now it suits you know they don't throw these bout surrounded it you have seen the dough bbc boxing they don't just give you about been on this always but from from my point of view i like seeing people conquer share this view rarely debilitating whether they win lose all draw may sometimes irrespective it's the experience all of them saying i did love and then i thought what day when you know and and all that saw seven they can live with it some people lose and they did just never forget it can harm them for that yeah they define themselves that sets a real issue with human beings they define themselves whether past failures even though they ve
and from those mistakes they they always look at themselves as i caught on the guy who did this i'm the guy who showed his pants on the guy who now gone that car accident on the guy who showed a blatant gotta got fired from my job and you become instead of human being who has a lifelong just a judge string of experiences lot of you learn from and you're better because of instead of the state like the emotional sting of those failures to just hot people and its very calm with people that they get haunted that's why somebody bore haunted by high school by by grammar school in high school bully yet the being bullied like define them during their formative state and
i've known a lot of fighters who live carried chips on their shoulders dig deep into their forties from being bullied when they are in high school i funny story i'm when i lived in a place in england comical sailed on a big hale but i used to live on a scene the guy's live next door to me as more misunderstood me easter live that is well he was sixty something like that on a scene in the top of the road and he was still suffer odin was looking down upon the road like this he was looking again and it just stood there and i said what you do it and when they you guys down their front they used to bolivia school my from two go sixty sixty years of age still sir i'm waiting for them here he was waiting for them to go billy's name is anyway just stood there might from sudan la i i'd like to change but also change a sad think about ways alongside you know firms you know me so small ta mok calceolaria celebs always totally bumped into them equally avoided them in the store a shop so when i was a fool
two forty year easier as may be haunted maybe maybe more because before them in and i hate luck i just this always say such a real set did you like opened its it also seems to be bizarrely cruelly part of human nature come up of animal nature of the animals fuck with other animals yet they try to find the pecking order and it motivate the weak ones to be strong in motivates people stand up for themselves and that's where the boeing is a horrible thing but boeing is also the reason why a lot of great fighters exist guys like george saint pierre armies pretty open like the reason why he became a great fighter zeus tired of people fucking with them and he might not have or become the guy who he became if it wasn't for that pressure if it wasn't for those obstacles that were thrown in front of his face you know and that's it said a very it's it's it's unfortunate that it happens but objectively if you stepped back and look
just life itself it seems to be an inexorable part of our existence on this planet there's a poland a push and if there's no one pushing there's no polling and if there's no you know that i'm saying if this noise is no negative oftentimes the pie doesn't reached the same heights now it doesnt in a law cases but he's if you can cheaper or at least change some perspective on it right or a person this is why someone said to me once only what's real mine coach the were among the going to work with with awful lease i'm not gonna work do therapy so therapy so therapy regardless of fighters so always about them being knows about fight in the mind is scary might be something to do with the girl friend a loss of a family member whatever we know it goes but way back to solve
of people's journeys saw path people being either their thirty has a negative connotations loud people's minds because they connected to self indulgence i go you gonna go too far be every day and is wine in pitch about your life and yet and we ve met but that are doing in au revoir met there are just lock so for them it sort more about having the opportunity to use someone to talk about themselves it's an ego trip in a lot of ways instead of
trying to solve whatever of whatever influences the they don't have control over them as if they were a bishop get to know as a mine coach you get to know who will do carry on doing that behaviour that secondary gay some people do they behave it just for a guy injustice in oh get the selves why they want to get to get what i want to get it a kind of decipher from now i dont really i don't play that game i just give them in a really in just i'm kind of they can become a tough with it but you know if you want them to change if they dont want to change nothing can they write you now i don't know i don't love these dragged out long therapy sessions of and then there's a nurse in this happen in the up and we i try and get right to it right the right to the core of it and i am of course aware was trains train by geico column archives absolutely like yoda you know my teacher i was try our train that way
see us good success and knew how to do get involved with him a guy voltage colleen i started i once was stamina many years ago my geico keith maya and i was about time i'm alive in a bit of an idiot drinkin snoring dumbson powder etc being the best that could be under our seminar keith maya loved it felt great didn't know why just really started reading books with him dots away in dire and all sorts of things like none and then i got a lot of money to do of course with it with a company and the company was got what i found out about calling and that was it since then has become
friend and well i case just small super small boats interesting because you're mean pursued with this or your main focus with this is fighters so you're dealing with a very concentrated version of this kind of problem solving because the fact that the existence of so intense it so difficult psychological it so difficult emotionally and it's very difficult visit we as well there so many discipline and so to so many factors involved in being a successful fighter and you are involved in probably like the most the most concentrated form of dealing
with anxiety and problem solving in the bill ability see results to get us out of a thought of it like that i didn't because i've been around it so long i never really thought of it like i just do what i do what do you think about it like that person like save a guy's a banker or to know but insurance salesmen are simpler than they had a bunch of issues that are keeping them back being successful their chosen endeavour they did it you know their failure pro or con is only financial you now its relative to them it is relatively easy to them but i tend city of it the intensity of a guy going into battle it yourself about to go and trying to find coffin reasons why someone's gonna step in a rescue you from what is ultimately your entire focus for the last six to eight weeks you ready as one moment the moments here and you're ready to get the fuck out of their rights it is nothing like that in the world of no us rank
i suppose it's not like because i've been around it so long years been rounded my tie ourselves when it seemed so many really good fighters and jim i also reich imparts sharp plunged everything was sweet sparring was on point and then just to see these different i think of it like this i'm a really by making a really nice wedding cake and then when you gonna show it to the people are going to the wedding just fucking squash it must always look vote lights images just destroyed our own creation all the stuff of turning the gym maybe i better analogies you will you we'll that wedding cake out melt instantly hot lightyear stage which is really what it is past us when you have it in a regular room the lights aren't that hot yemen you it when you have some one in the jim and has a lot of pressure sparring the germ of course in others a lot of this great fighters you working with people we're very dangerous lot of expectation
an anxiety but it's nothing compared to an actual fight itself now there's one everything's wrapped up i mean especially like you said if people who have been bullied as well you have to consider who you are young consider everything about yourself you know going on that stage going into the lions den so to speak in the inner dictatorial sort of archetype of ill but am i see is is difficult these three tat makes it what really really well written techniques it work really well to get the person out of these negative states of mine is neither patterns to get them to get them because what can operating go away with a train of thought say bit begin magnifies and goes on and on gets bigger and bigger and bigger in the south or gets really intense so trip she walked completely and then over throw you make here
but you know a minimum of what you can actually achieve you know domain and you recently started working with my friend in mccall yet well yeah have whose another great you have seen finer he's very excited about the results very happy about the results he loves it yeah we were talking about a new cycle of mohammed percent sold are real you at first he said when he first i don't know if i will say but then you know once he really experienced daddy's like ok abominably donors from now on yes i really like him a call he's a real nice guy have not done that much really did you out with him after the last five years you work with them out of the hat i have only been actually doubt no question of no disrespect to have followed you see the hell did you i know i'm sorry i'll leave now but am punishment coffee first but i have to lie in english but he's like you know i think it was after his last loss he said he was feeling
everything's yeah yeah was at the guide a little stocky guiding just we're shots indiana i did say that since can we then it's just a sister by finding out who they are everyone's different and that is why i like to work with people once already seminars and overdue in some of the moment but light to what we people to find out what makes him take to find out what stimulation what does in oh my hold them up yeah definitely but emma calls lovely guy arena really like him and joe same thing saint gray and grow people same delia yeah and you work with ross pearson as well as in other groups have done what we felt fast and i was i did some stand up i used to teach my tie of that jim consulted my tie i just told him parson and not some kind of fella with israeli teach etc because mine coaching took over it
we are worried ross as well as another super guy so you're not i'm doing my training anymore you basically doing all micro stuff nurse commentary for your coward and fusion yeah and for folks you dont know vinnie used to do come true for its showtime which one of the bigger kickboxing events in the world for was bought out by glory and then now its glorious struggling bitten states unfortunately i dont know why it is to me i'm such a huge fan of it i think you know you watch a fight like simon marcus verses art and levin it's a fucking great fine i was watching this morning again and jim was amazing amazing fight here five rounds went to a draw me just fuckin war between to the very best cars in the world so exciting high level stuff i've never seen anyone trail i with my time america last year with a firm brian dobler from france on home i was what it was training their simon was treated jim i've never seen anyone trade like it
is she really now off what he looks like him again he does his firewood jokes holy shit what a fight that why what a fight yeah and yolanda knocking amount in the fourth and they went three rounds it was a draft three rounds and joe knocked about before this fuckin crazy quilt jostling itself please tell she is not the guy up holloway michael myers you knocked him down he's gay buckle eddies pays special and you are working with him before the fire was i work with them the first glory when he won it when you are too maria i asked him i asked him i met joe it's kind of i don't know a lobby honestly be job a bit of a chip on his shoulder and was bit angry and stuff domain you won't let me tell you this
come soya bean meal he yet he was and is a bit like that and i seen him at k one cause i'd k one in los angeles while ago i was talking to us a few miles by adam what you come across on the internet you much but a person in what you act of tat kind of stockholm within me from on facebook and then a concept aims at vienna join me to work with you and you went yeah sure cool and then we got on he so smart epics things up so quickly is so open stuff we ve done some really really cool stuff that's i kill experiment on joe if if that makes sense you know some things i
try i an addendum unease seem so what really well on him the word can you give us an example i couldn't you things you wanna expert rice really strange bay but it's like i do think about because some english at sir galahad they knight sir galahad you know the knights of the round table yeah you know our king arthur and showed it want to get injured because he was gonna fight i think you ve robert something or other he was foreign on glory and then it was gonna fight on ballots or against maltreatment of worker anyway to come out unscathed so we persuaded zone conscious mind too of armour likes ago out so i talked in hypnosis about the archetype of six of the knights of the round table and he will sir galahad not literally obviously but you know so we had army so he didn't caught so we come out more injured burn you know they words now not say it's gonna wait for everything allow get nino saw a bullet since two flights are inadequate
but it was just it was that i get in his mind sir launcelot in so that some of the way of things so do you think he was so worried about gettin engines right so that these that why was effective the mitigated the stress that he had of worried about getting injured and guidelines that can fuck you ran ass if you gotta run you're gonna get her that that getting hurt is in the back you're mine replaying over and over and over again yes indeed the deuce ones instantly am harrison was fighting cycled analogue calcium let our need for emma before and got stops in jamaica enjoying powerful against ballpark bore couple remark and limit been stopped in the fingers of four frowned with low kicks so we did him hypnoses to make him called hypnoses into regulators warrior kept this work is limbs have you ever seen him hard supervise incredible fire language
what's an empty house and all from bought competing with em what what we did was we did this it notions and when i was compensated on a show because it was fighting ottawa in round ford freaked me how really to be honest he looks at me and he looked straight in the argument warrior and then be share of on our went on and you afterwards i said you member say more reanimate no didn't remember it so it was that stock in his hat that was that well in office super got hit and had a bunch of oil and gas remember where you have no way of knowing how can i did i when i go on i mean how many times a fighter want to fight and then asked what happened yet does have because i feel that as a state as well as both russia that we saw em up but i put low state that non state agents that arise in the japanese how do you think you say state did mohammed ali talking
it went muhammad ali fault cleveland williams he was in that site kind of state you know what i say i readily finance all out you brought that always just wasn't he breathtaking i've played that fight on the spot gas at least three times a day it was in a state it was in this flow and that's before he went away for three years before they took away his ability to fight because he wouldn't fuck vietnam warrior and then he came back and was never the same again that cleaving williams fight me as i quintessential lagging it should watch let's just showed his is full potential but yeah he was in that sort of flow stand what together side you know it's delays these one fight ready for harold brazier only when i moved to light while away to remember many slit sometimes they would not do it by library slip slit and they just steps around him and put him on the awesome come on now ass we get you a skill you whittaker is one of those guys that people can forget about like
everyone wants taiwan who uses a shovel in some great fighters arise yes has not fight i say you and i think you want as well but he was one of those guys that for whatever reason people of kind of forgotten about him melter tail are people forgot about or to allow the sailor amount tale i should say this when melted sailor stick persano a spanner in i think you for an island awesome i know it was on they raise a verdict and lennox louis bill i cried i loved baldric tail it was like my everything it was i should say that should i know who has come out of the closet know nobody it was just i loved watching it makes fight we shall rise was just an overlap classic yeah world chavez changed him it was never the same after their fight now after got stopped in the twelve now me with like four seconds to girls he retired cities our blood is something swallowing his own blood from the mouth cuts but it was just is heartbreaking because after that he wishes
really never the same in our memory nourish destroys i noticed colorado yeah when enteroviruses bouncing off his feet in it and then terry means he terry now he's fine i'll tell them both it is trying to train in restraining glove can easily who is right libya able scientific now journeys love can you see it s raining weapon big do i love love galicia and if you watch the love can explain how we fight he always talks about how it feels to an emotion is about how we feels and everything you see him having any say in the back he seemed feeling the shop now so that it can see him every single part of them considering everything that doesnt apparently even beaks people up i think i had that cover live at last a love of left that jim because of economic love can remove it really shops in the body short years a monster cromwell who governs fifteen pounds heavier again that's that line
sorry i'm not saying it's not rumours spread it up spreading until you don't leave england anymore in liverpool avenue coverlet knocking on the door it was john perkins folly make me say it covers a monster is incredible and look what data banal yeah that was shocking pretty shocking to see bernard hopkins and fully defensive survival modem but the rounds while iphone ifor looked like it it let him off a bit in round southall thanks thanks dad i'm down i do know is very brute least is all my friends facebook serbia with something names but he is a form of slavery and but he seems to lie violence off in a scary guys are very very scary guy well he killed i and the ring one god died in one of his fides didn't seem to affect him at all a lot of times like raymond see me or a meal griffith is alot of fighters
he'll kill somebody environment quickened it has all the necessary environmental costs money and remember that air but if something happens to them after that were there never quite the same nigel then nodules them with the same or on that night interesting again and nigel mc clellan for yeah if you will listen to that at the end of it they said not your buns as the first person like to thank is poor mckenna favorites eyes and may make me believe myself on a mac nigel but about two so go and i do so that after mcloughlin you watch it was the first thing he said it lacks a funk poor mckenna for eight months eyes me like unbelievers because apparently a separation of his wife and his girlfriend not folks people lobby no it is a degree for talks too isn't there you know you're niger and mention not tonight you banks a massive fund mentioned said i go into mine coaching because partly because of how you know why
let me go out rang not collar ring that a first round and mc clellan was just a month and i'm a clown was in his prime and destroy your back then and there everyone was talking mama claw and eventually fighting roy jones junior year was the big supervised that was on the horizon sort of like you know people anticipating all the different fights right now for galofta anticipating possibly code oh if not coda maybe one day can our canal alvarez yeah that's a possibility and that's how they looking at him until the nigel gunfight looked like he was gonna kill nigel band is just beaten the fuck out of em but two things one the way could issue there is a big issue because john mc level was huge and whose cutting a lot await get down that we at last and i was back when and i'll be warrant doing it well they weren't i draining with ideas and particularly on boxing that
cutting mentality and wrestlings a totally different mentality cause you could wrestled dehydrated and although your performance will probably suffer you're not as concerned about head trauma and the head trauma that these guys get when their dehydrated is very very dangerous because the bleeding on the brain is just way more have a stating partly all the deaths that have ever occurred or almost all the des ever credit boxing have occurred outside of the heavyweight division and the reason being that those the guys that are cutting the weight and the heavyweights aren't but there's one guided got relief locked up on hbo like i want to take a year or two ago he fought that cuban kid was it eric perez that he fought that the guys name is i don't remember i'm not doing a good job but it was a rare instance of a heavyweight being like really badly can cost in a fine having bleeding on the brain having to get an operation who is a russian guy anyway
point being but it's the one cloaking device pretty great when they did they documentary on general mc clellan clause be no fun of german chloe's knocked out julian jackson not seen in trucks are thinking like seven rounds may being knocked him out like one or whatever but he sat on the second fight in the interview afterwards when i thought you the first time i had a headache for three weeks i a headache for three weeks after finding new ways and a good sign you know that is a good sign and all of the all of the document of miss thou cause i watched it though i remember cause i just can't from this dixon had us for not mention the never mention dolly was apparently they sparred really hard and all that pollution from crank i know you don't cry jim not only do they not play these two crank the temperature up here here
annual steward would crank up like a hundred degrees and the place was a guest sauna they could have no rap music any swear in as well and i believed in life when i learnt louis for oliver mccall they made oliver mccall wear white box in base as he felt it made a move quickly strange straying enabling believe me if out of here many stewardess an interesting guy because you so nice so personable ass nice was nice dead now sadly but he was such a nice guy and when it when a trainer is such a nice guy like that often times like it seems like the fighters want to fight harder for them like they want to win more like they have as more of like there's nothing worse than a fighter that has a contentious relationship with their trainer and then there's liking this some sort of animal
between two of em they leave they come back and you see a lot of that really trips alot of fighters up that those contentious relationships they have other trainers is i think a lot of times though we fight is sometimes may take that the position of a father figure you know or an elder brother or you know especially a father figure is alive like of come from and i'm not the best straw in life you know it's remains a lot of them come from place with no father yeah in davison gatt indeed you know so you know i always out my train is i locks up to them and wanted to place them as risest using is part and parcel of it really is and i think that's why garlic emmanuel steward was so successful not just because of his deep knowledge boxing's understanding of technique which all were certainly there but also just because he was such a great guy it was one when he fought when some lessons for sugar ray limit i remember reading
i am a manual steward and tomianus lock ourselves away for two weeks and just cried ass passion in hours that's passion in the house and ring may well it's time i remember i was only eleven were there any backed and whether any did anybody use a mental coach back then do you know of any things that when when did it start in combat sports i don't know i'm the only one in the world and not saying no no i don't know i just actually i've never
heard of anyone that's that does not speak scenes are seen sport psychologists and stuff another steve collins forty four wkrisha about signing on about boxes of boxing to go when steve collins for chris you bought it came in with their phones and are now in the ring and play with you backside because nigel bandit used a hypnotherapy pole mckenna to go from all that to be gentle mcloughlin and then you bank because it injured michael watson so badly that he had this at that stage collins is like this he won't know what he's heard because ok in such a state it won't no one is being in other main worry the pounds was going to take too much punishment yeah or whatever the whatever the game was will it work for colleagues because collins beak receevin twice we might have beat him anyway my appeal voice shenanigans isn't it it's it's mixed makes my games had said
the fragile psyche of a person that's about to go into armed combat like that it's really interesting is most people would think of them is fearless it just a tough as motherfuckers on the planet about a step and between those rope duke it out but meanwhile there's a press there balancing back and forth in this there is doubt and fear in all these different things that are playing on their mine using the mike tyson movie right yes the documentary yes that one thing that he did that speech where he described what it was like to walk into the ring and what he felt like unaware of these doubts until he got into the ring they went down into the ring he was a god yet you know they hit me have eased hypnotherapy didn't i did customer always hypnotherapy ahead on your show exotic no unaided of your guy said when he was speaking apologize remember and i wish i could remember remember remember where my lila sometimes but yeah he was talking so that custom
are you to use it use it will cost a model was certainly one of the first and most prominent to talk about psychology to a fighter and it was the main point of focus in like interviews about thyssen wearing talk about the things that the motto told him in domino in indonesia you know that the footage that they have of him you know there's many many different speeches that he gave to thyssen that were on recording and another one about fire then you know you were being a friend here like that's how you out those i tell you i really like a like forty roach of course froze already seems in light of this i really like gum images that were those over the moon like a little kid
like was whether it is a very nice guy is very nice very very very accommodating what virgil hunter if it's not virgil junta says is ask is got metaphors which learning stories in the eighth he says a lot cool things alike about life and i think if you ve got experience of life and can it you can convey in such a way that it helps us that's more policy i think yeah i mean and an move too you know from the female so the way she trained kirkland there you know it is probably very few trainers as ferocious in the world as that woman the training that used to have a guide to see the one not that the big oh yeah yeah right you wanna one replace knock cheek fuckin back she could that was check that christie martin avoided like she was on fire i go away from that have nothing to do with a wolf and theirs
a great video of an wolf driving a truck ants earn as some of you out of it with a heavy bag hang and firmness ate her glance backing doing is heavy backward up it's fuckin fell down anything when he fought canelo didn't have earned a claw but like that shot canelo way in which we are all well he didn't rightly train with her and he didn't have in his corner and you know she was actually still managing and tools as the whole thing was a mass that's unfortunate but you know i cannot comment on that too many yeah i mean girls and mother himself is dangerous and it deserves there is all that but he's like you don't think it's prince nosey mom it was amazing back in his day when he left london angle they had a really close relations from seven an old irish guide he has got lots of stories and meanwhile metaphors and blob law suit many left wing among which is ensure fields not far from it
really he wasn't aside right wasn't like thyssen and kevin rooney right they just seem to have a job we seem to know another system that works well look thyssen was incredible iphone gathered round will cover rooney was still a part of the custom motto legacy and now he had trained under the motto was well and they kind of carried over didn't have the same relationship with kevin rooney that he had with custom model where it was he wanted custom models happiness we want a custom modest love you want to monitor to find the declaration is an example of a figure mean the motto really literally was me took him in but again it comes back to work do and what you're focuses where it is really about mental states that mental state of wanting to please the father wanting to please this mentor wanting to this person that you love and care so much their opinion and there there i of you that it becomes
never get motivating factor is and that tapping into these factors tapping to whatever it is that allows you to achieve that amazing state of success less while i get my clients alike to get to normal clients retainer in every way because you get the best from a man he's a saying that lesson underpants percent support summits are so we not get in a hundred percent with them and then giving your hundred somebody never gonna get what you we know what you can really achieve it's like i liked to really get to know them to understand them wants you to client you always gonna be a client forever in our support system where again as the same let off colonies i you know like they get back to you on a regular basis and never keep out of touch with them because we always want them to you know if they need in a somewhat lady i don't mean to be needed but i like alike stating concept with him right willing success over bore you also develop its project
develop a relationship of this person that person becomes a project and so you who seem to get a great thrill out of other people becoming successful witches equality and dig quality that you need in order to be a mentor in order to be a coach and or to being the best coach are clearly the coach that gets person in german has a real deep investment in the student getting better i ice like i have a lot of i get a lot of praise of coaches mark markings mark camorra he's chose coach i was talking to justify time and then marks as you ve done a really good job
i really like i don't know i am i saw myself come across a bit i dunno go she by the slovak i really love a man just loved aware of fires i like people achieving a light people get another darkness and nowhere splicing either you know a domain and it's nothing more of a relief the not being you know what i'm saying just point the right direction see people to glow anything in on they get that eureka moment delightful moment where it does something wicked or the council really did think you could do that for me is priceless pay for it causes a job on it a priceless to me priceless will that's probably warrior drawn to it one that's why you're good at and that's all you got you gonna have to be that right in order to be good at that job but the worst thing you could ever be as a mentor is be jealousies success here student or to hope that your student doesn't do as well but we ve all seen that we ve all seen that from coaches sunday
mean everyone seems sought sabotage from coaches at dark shit yeah yeah it is that there is there is an element of there's an element of jealousy and they are whatever summits are urging in people in the line times like former competitors yeah you know you're not i think i don't worry you grew this but i think when it but a coach as being a fighter there's a transition from being still a fight it to a coach you know i've got a franco frankie audacious got a radical jimmy with ensuring manchester and see that with him now he was a fight a very good one and i could see the transition now of how east of being a coach he's like call these kids look up to him and you know like jordan watson's coach richard psmith he is the same and we got they saw of you can see the transition because they will fall
it is and then they become mentor and coaches thought that i like watching not less interested is an interesting metamorphosis yeah this and it is an important matter morpheus is too because if you always identify with being a fighter you never gonna be a great coach you have to accept this new stage of your life and embrace it the same way you embrace being a fighter yet to do it with a hundred per cent of your ability in your focus as hard for some people because it then it becomes not about them it becomes about them helping other p and some personalities and are really suited for the muslim well fires are about them amended this you know sir and all of them but certain amounts of it has to be about them because they are the ones that taken the wreck they're the ones it again the beat silently right go in the ring and take the take the shocks and take that take the pain you know the main so it's it is difficult for a person to transition molasses but the with a change of values as you get older eu values changing
you start to shift from value to value do like do you have a long term goals as far as like what you're trying to do with mental cochin yeah mean i would like to go into coaching people to be mine coaches
what i want i want a leak people i don't want bullshit is on our peoples passion is may you know we're gonna be doing that in two thousand sixteen mc collins got a thing now seventy what's a know about they can get me on the website benny showman dot com or facebook or whatever hypnoses page under can tell them about s got a new sort of a series of videos way go step by step to learn to be a mine coach from my my long term goal is just to jack just keep improving keep getting better myself cause a lover red and all its i'm a bomb quite boring merely to going on about it to people milan sam gullies well look out well might dull system with his diet you know i'd like to be that i'd like to get that to beat it d them the months ago to the go to die and not enough of a people
the same passion you know regardless of its fight in an all meaning people that just once we achieve or at least get something a little bit further if not ready for how many people you work with that are not fighters quite law yeah yeah quite a lot what's a common thing they come to you with the long overdue confident everything is confident ninety nine point nine percent of stuff it's confidence and then just yet confidence and people people companies always the same thing i d come in new york is away from home not aware confiscate skype or face time and they always took power they don't want us our first thing everyone's mouth talk but will they don't wanna we ask in what they do what they still talk what were they don't want so you have to change the direction of a thought pan because it is so focused on sites that rock and about the rock the rock the rock and you have to just move them where they want to go and then say now what you want i said a focus on that now why'd you wanna go now what you did what
ok we deal with eyed and in various ways time i thoroughly hypnosis whatever and then we may them towards why they want to go to soak when you're dealing with someone in their issues confidence yet what are the minute where it one of the factors water lighten the thing is that are holding people back or their common factors that you fine over and over again with people that keep them from being confident now they should the dishes to share look syndrome i call it this way have to be like sheliach i after like think show our calls yellow comes
we only have to think about and find out what really is going on in there that's it that's why so cool that's why so exciting is everyone's different and out they saw of in this thing that keeps him back or whatever the strange everyone's different is whether it be a population shit whether it be like said bullying whether it be parents whatever or current relationship or a quorum relationship we add that they that's that's toxic and they should be in it i dont tell them not to make his ict as ecologically not right equal growing up mouth psychological psychological not right into mike it's not good for the environment is not good for the environment alibi for these are surely violet language screaming and fighting with mrs but not just the let there be no whether for they figure out two thousand common know anyway you we ve met people that you think should we with bananas are here whatever you when i was young i used to try to talk to help those people to travel i tell them humane
mean their relationship you don't get a fact a figure that shit after sir he don't get no facts now everyone can we matter you her ham everybody so we so it is about the environment environment around in the it is equally sort of some way it's also many too arms whatever's holding them back as also with lead them to be in that relationship that toxic relationship in the first place yet unfortunately you have met people that their relationships is really essentially like carryover of their mother it's always so odd it's like they have friends who can't do anything unless they checking with their wives the astor wipe for every purchase if two ass to why before any decision anything they want to do that and say hey i want to go to the game with mike i can't say that you have to go and ask permission and see if it's ok and wood
be all right if anything is a people that it aren't even married but you are you but it because you travel and i trouble cause you know come intent on fusion and your collins stuff you if you had a girlfriend my mind seems cadmium alive amount in august we want that sort of where you go in who you with blah blah blah you're not gonna guenever canoe they can't work i've house for some of their brutal horrible horrible on both sides its brutal for the mass brutal for the woman and spirits brutal for the woman that's asking the man where you go and what are you doing what it would it sets a terrible mind state for her to be into a more about them and is about is more about them what they are going through their insecure is that they have done that myself i have done that myself you feel that yet well that's very difficult to to grow inside of a relationship it seems like you have to have your own shit together before you can attract someone with their shit together so
if you don't have you shit together you usually while now what's wind up with someone who also doesn't have their shit together and it's very difficult for the two of you together to work it out like attracts like yes so often times people like they really do have to break up in order to get on with their own life no it doesn't have to attend our only sales on tat we share that they work life balance for the next one and then it becomes a cyclic behaviour right in our next is difficult the weirdest one when you get involved with someone and then somewhere early in the relation they heard screaming at you you like well well what what fuck is going on here what is this is this what you do as boundaries isn't it you boundaries are a show and i feel not if he again over the last seven overstep the boundary enormous technical further back and then agenda not being you it is in its also patterns that people fall when two because life is very confusing and because life is very stressful and there's a lot going on they fall into these patterns of make
the same mistakes over and over again from one relationship to the next because there's comfort those patterns and you know you you recognize earlier because there aren't any real issues that we have only known each other for a short amount of time you're fuckin screaming at me nothing why you screaming at me you screw me because of some other share you ve got its trap you're not going to tell me that is an unconditional behaviour is an unconscious reaction to a situation that's not been resolved and they think it's normal it's normal discreet yanks maybe they grew up with people scream each other hitting each other whatever its ass well so yeah yeah then you tolerate than than an increase it gets worse yeah and the it's interesting how those sort of relationships can become you can trout in them you know both parties concerned because you just can't get out of them in europe dear constantly involved in conflict or the worst is conflict and resolution conflict unrest
lucian conflict resolution they get trapped in this high of of making up fighting and then making fighting and making up and meanwhile your life's going yeah you're losing lazy is tired time is time is something you just not gonna get back at you know we ve got us how rich you are i went to am a seminar by lady called dolores ask of no whiskey is part of the think all the servants of light which is an asset recall belief school servants of light yeah aided already now i know they states face ace cities it
recall a thing is not to do it may i did name it lacked over and they are to do that but some of the things she said you know some things in the summer said very relevant in oh she's talking about soaked tell a story about time saying that when she was an m d lived in jersey which is just as of england and they went in nineteen forty something over the germans were coming to evade and she had to evacuate so i got set will look you know you're not gonna knock me by your tv birthday we have to use all the money could be evacuated is going to go on living has wall which is now mean liverpool and he said what i'll do i'll give you a book with paper nor give you times everytime you write check your rights that you want to be with me in that time honoured that time all the time so when we think about how important time is we just don't get a law there are forty five hours twenty one yesterday here in my eyes no among died in
one was air february now august lusher bore me now your mom's that also madonna they say swearing porn money doing it i i think anyway it's everything yeah hundred percent its every is also very difficult to stop and take account of what's goin on your life and try to figure out whether or not it serving you to the best of its ability that is if time is serving of yours in your own life of your years though your focus and what you're doing your actions are serving your own existence vestibule or whether not your trapped in momentum sets off in the case of people tribe trapped in momentum could rob of your life and you won't even realize until it's too late rots isn't an eu that sixty year old guy on the hill he looked down at the guy's boeing and looking out the window with a blanket recollect past it cannot go again no you can't is no there's no second fellow the dice as the nazis
the wireless but it's also really hard to figure out if you're trapped in an environment with the people around you haven't figured it out and there are stuck some patterns maybe alcoholism and cigarettes and all the bullshit that's involved with whatever they ve got going on their life i am a drama whatever the fuck it is its environment as environment the shore in the patterns that you develop that's really hard for people to break out of the patterns that they grew up and yet it is and it is but it's pompous the job that you can say any more part and parcel of slid i say tat allows assigned five i did it because you're the weaker kept saying all the time the anagrams job that like is one that drives records like yeah i saw again like lack if you like i don't know like there's maybe i await alike shut the fuck up enough i catch mike else myself over like you are offering you knowing you know there's like you know
the worst is enormous and like that's a rapid yet without any rapids in england you dont get rapids you have read out from around here only way screwed up proper ones you like real web over there they wait airy phase out in such i am was hit pop you shall remember doggie fresh oh my goodness oki fresh in the island doggie of rice and that say we're brought began rob member rocks on bobbing our biggest comments on this good the greatest sicker alright the greatest that without a doubt the best the best ever did was indeed wasn't i was the motherfucker rather what did you think i don't want to be ready on saying how dare you big you smell there's a edna tat night the classical music you don't don't don't kick it the door waving for four i with five hidden law you have missed your why is there so robert i think should i think he is
my uncle toby maybe she's what have you ever someone that they should be doing something different if we ever told someone hey man you need two fuckin quit your job and rural star anything now now i've told people they shouldn't fight reeling because they're not good at it or because they take too much damage has a coaches the shit outta we know that he seen saint fucking of a four abundantly out of one fight and find a classic him and be class in england you can eat the head over and big glass like overstated nicely so you you told them they shouldn't fight because their coaches were shit now not culture its risk unites an early early risk and you know it but why
seldom nancy telling them to get a better coach you do you do inveterately he's pushed him in the right direction so that some people just i don't know somebody will shouldn't fight in never really put it together will you did what i do for you have see for it time for many other kickboxing fights and when you do that you do see people that kind of don't have a chance you see you see a bunch of issues that in our whatever it is that just there so far off where they need to be cautious and non must tv sometimes yeah and it s a contrast save able like is how did do it again you part i just did a good answer about i'm sorry by gum like miss me just trouble me more than almost anything until its
the things that i really like about emma may as opposed to boxing this box and guys will get tuneup violence what's that catch white thing about i don't get the cats way think catch way boxer emma may it's usually because someone got a last minute fight right end or short notice fight and they don't want to cut all the way i say if a guy fights and one fifty five or your glace anti bow he fights in one fifty five but he really walks around about one eighty five any cuts a lot of fuckin waiting so he has a process to cut that way and he asked it it's pretty scientific they gotta gonna stay with that processing and if they don't like benson henderson when he fought brendan thatch princeton henderson former you have see lightweight champion took a fight it seventy because it was a short notice fight stepped in and fought one seventy and the reason why father one seventy is because like this way we have to cut the weight and a really wouldn't we'll take a short notice fight at one fifty five just too hard to lose weight they have to do it
for a long period of time otherwise there significantly weakened if they get down to a certain you know ten fifteen pounds away and then they dehydrate themselves i'd get why you know and cuts off what daniel gale leaks adele yes why they may daniel gale white lie area cuts of scotland tat the middleweight tyler one sixty i didn't get ya know gandhi read to you how they agree to tat he was wanted before ass something like that i didn't get the lisbon strategy yet i understand extractions income is a business worms days well that's what you're way that he weighs who do the champion would it be away with you see walking around a light away lonely eyes a middle way right i don't know there's a big middle what may be called us thinking about fighting floyd and so he's working fighting lighter and be lighter guys and gilbert staircase is it ass a payday right in data is like one sixty beyond
i mean how is the champ at one sixty and also there's the glove can fight which is once sixty that he might be next in line four galofta nor have they decided is going to be code oversees tonight i think the big fight the big fight gaza adults do you think that catalan may well little sell things out i know but i think canal owen and costs always can our kyoto big big fight pottery conversing mexicans always make isn't that they don't like each other some stranger later so that that either i speak the same language and i'm gonna added a donor aid you think it with another council com it's hard to tell koto certainly has taken more beatings you know i think canal just got more weapons we hit
harder is scary fuck areas you know you know the marguerite oh father thing took a lot of kyoto has a fucked up fight when you find out his history of of loading up as is wraps as the place you to fight was hot yes the moment if i wasn't asia no wasn't it had real hard if i yes but glenn i shall margarita fight was fucked it when you find out that he most likely loaded up his gloves plaster was a sight to kick koto canelo winter to fight glove gives november at not ever officially booked who will see that phuc yea cotto canelo be a great fighter and a great fight rather in the winter fighting golovkin with the giant nobody wants to fight golovkin cuz only boxing fans know golovkin at every mexican on the planet knows who can know it you know a lot of spanish friends and boxing fans no collect canelo seem knockout rubio without left lines motherfucker did there is another factor he hit very hard but really for me
it highlights my appreciation for me where this technique may say what you want about him as a human being you seem to be no less than favourable human being but god as a boxer he's maggie ass bull admiring talent is magnificent annabelle he's magnificent i mean he's he's the best ever my opinion i'm i dont think is the most exciting ever i don't think he's the the most fan favorite but is the art of hitting and not getting hit who the fuck is better guy this conversation max kellerman about it was like sugary robertson so much better than him machinery robinson lost jake lamotta you tellin me floyd may whether would lose two jake lamotta i tell you out of your fucking mind i don't think so lamar would lay a glove autumn i think flow to be all over the fuckin place he beast up until eleven slipped into the right and proper that jab led right hands and tie them up and i just see him it's always date always can table where the way though is an evil had made right labile black people always cannot they always do that they always do that but i just think sugar ray
took a lot of it was an amazing fighter note but has a different era different mentality difference dial of fighting back then different knowledge database people knew more about the effects of fighting and evolves so yeah leaky always will always well yet that's one of the most exciting things about him and made today is that you're seeing these guys like desire rodrigo says he's young kids are coming up twenty three years of age and have so many falcon tools it's like you compare them two young people coming up ten fifteen years no there's no comparison in emma maids of much larger jump than boxing we ve got on a future life we ve got a couple of kids called last belied mohammed shariah to two moroccans he train moroccans vacant fight and morocco
jack i call it the radio lauder hurry but us such a flannel cycles of common saintly loads and most signs that can't you just stay out of it stop breakin people's legs and shit yeah yeah he's just be aiming self assembly not all the reason why so good those he's a fucking psycho it's part of the reason why so good is made a mechanic interrogatory about and has now might find make what my they d derogatory things i'm saying are positive the psycho stuff is reason why he so fucking good is the most exciting kick in the world and it was so aggressive have a look at your i only ask belie again in an anti american said kickboxing is kickboxing at a higher level now than it was twenty years ago much higher outside the miles they curious ninety aliases jurors nineteen yes now alas his eighteen curious eighty serene and less his ninety
only young kids why a lot about two hundred and advice and our thoughts he saw lying you know i'm a chair in the zone but on another hundred far joe so nice kids the so nice but get an in them rings and ages and then when they get out that treats like hey ghana hamburgers fries and very happy like no other people like celebrate in getting drunk out large chips why why worry keep away from pussy well if your mother's starts because it does what already any others super really really good kids you know it's just so fast good job and technique and everything will that's one of them perturbs me the monarch ever disturbs me the most about the about glory as like i just i see it that i see the level like nicky hold skins and now that the that the high level either has got into bucks an hour thing is
he's doing that goes about dollar we stood as well is going into a ball and always box the few times not really so you might become a box its name may and and always doing though and it's not really come in for a don't try to go into bucks an hour think tyrants doubling with a hazy so was well really holland is not really got many boxes will tyrant forest last five because it was recovering from his broken leg to get off from broken saki here wishes devastating it's really rare to do you see a high level kick boxer break his leg when those unusual but he remembering sign some years ago it show time in brussels he said that you want to fight dated hey
he said i want to fight david hale i wanted a box and i will find out behind you said that in david hey seems to me to be a really good fighter but a little too small to beat a guy like like lattimer klich goes this fuckin these giant geyser he carefully reach him now you know now is fine as legitimate as next file they gave tyrant fury i some fiori from from limp yeah seized a page to forty sky ever his tweets a funny it seems a warehouse makes i pass into the other chance the chance i hope so we hope so i don't know now what i thought was interesting above learn we're clear goes last phase of the referee was admonishing him for holding and he was taking uses it seems to take a point away from for holding that fact is whole game up his whole game like pop pop the right hand tie you up russie fight poverty and yes and i was like bob bob
grab him out and starts this whole game and assumes that goes away then is forced to stand with guys in trade exchange and you know he's been knocked out a few times i will do that against fury because fuel is bigger than she was actually bigger the out and i hope i open up your it with these four months stays the same areas mesa bright but does this nationalism if you take away that could not easy objective we do think you beat him nice noddies so that's a now say no but i could also exists lot amazement you know it was the last person knock him out was it curiously now someone knocked about after course anders right what was his name i remember at four o clock if now raise and place of work and a black eye american yet flood embraced the yes thank you lemme see four knocked about after core area it was like to knock out losses in a row
he got a minor issues on a aren't they that just consummate profession well that's another manual stuart success story ammonia stored figured out how to get him to box right i'll probably engineer that whole style that is developed to this just pop and grab style let none of her none of manual shoe to it left hookers you're all long john ryan's you're like kerns it wasn't really like big left her cousin and what about me alarmed and maccallum fight under mayo might macao the body snatcher may they famous left took donald current after the body and lift up may enable those who was he with his son was you with an issue that i believe was a crock guy i believe like catches yeah you're right cause he's a video is this a video of inspiring with macfarlane i would just like that's just buys classic that's just the slippery slope so amazing silajdzic mayonnaise eyes
yeah realize it really is an hour but it's also an hour with a very short amount of time you could pursue it in a very limited number of times in get hit and i think i shall as ashore existence that one thing these it disturb me most emma may maybe say ten fifteen years ago these guys really didn't have theirs i should say these guys some gems really didn't have the best most single striking coaches that her deep knowledge and understanding of striking so these guys would be beating the fuck out of each other just like this throwing bombs at each other in a jam you watch it and they weren't working on technique than war working that they weren't sparring to get better at the art of hitting and not getting hit images wailing on each other here and you know that was toughening them up in quotes air quotes and then they go into the german or go into the ring and fight and
they're carrying all the damage that they were accumulating in the sparring sessions and alive these guys now are kind of speaking up like jamie varner whose a former debbie's he champion top lightweight contender in the sea just recently retired and he's too about the amount of sparring that he didn't have fucked up it was also respond with much larger guys who sparring with ryan bade her fight to o five and he's funny fifty five and ryan invaders world class to afford so he's fighting guy fifty thousand pounds heavier than hammy sparring i'm in the german madness i still takes its word insiders and forget that kid you studies davy lost you say the names in brazil was it i know anyway dar until from east from just the same released on the same road is made lives in brazil now tarrinzeau east gordon
a south life very very good kid it's what watch out for his allow your talent now this is an amazing time for emma may in this is such a book it's such a young and blossoming sport there's some ended the level of striking slowly and steadily getting faster and faster and better and better it's it's really an amazing thing to watch the jitters getting better everything's getting better there's no compassion whatsoever mean i don't know what the difference between one thousand nine hundred and ninety three kickboxing was i'm going to know is if you watch like andy ho gore might bernardo there are very good but they're probably not ask is better hurry right but the difference between say fighters from you have see one and fighters today me you talk about a massive evolution of generations of every like a thousand years of growth so amazing was no comparison whatsoever that's kind is gatt steps is all learning very quickly
from mistakes are what people have done before learning very quickly and also accumulating techniques from other disciplines because alive the guy's a start out they really get it one thing either there really striking or the really good grappling does basically it but you're getting these guys today that our great at everything and that's just this is a small can play is the complete is fragmented wasn't infest usa starting with fragmented feebly jujitsu kickback smith was was he pats my first ones and as its name did the one the dots guy which runs black along the way but one of the time i signify box in irons lifetime twice he talk just don't orthodoxy yeah he was dangerous same trainers rebecca rowena calamities with glory now is the much make of glory he betrayed him
yeah he was an interesting guy early on in the beginning very very good time boxer but a good example the guy did not grapple and they would get take down the ground just smash egg got date by dutch kid wasn't let the elbow isn't yeah condemn it was his friend party remedy radko pardieu yeah ranco gotta men headlong took him to the ground and blasted is brains out with elbows mean he elbowed unlike for five times one based on level jackson in check i i had thought that yelling that's too much else must make that was important fight for people to realise uninjured is bullshit people really believe they're gonna a man can start to use karate chops on babble yeah the level incompatible that's also want reasons why performance enhancing drugs are so prevalent in them amaze cancer so many different things you have to work on that give europe boxer ok with you the way you do roadwork and then your do your boxing work they do
sparring or your pad workmen that's redo spar x amount of days per week the other days you're you're hitting paths and work in them doing a combination of a joint work in a one skill and i m a may you not even just working on boxing day comes a striking you got a train elbows you gotta trained kicks a train knees a train a different stance because you're worried about being taken down so we have to work on your sprawl yet organ you take down defence under hooks wizard step away from the how do you back up then you have to work on you jujitsu you have to work on sweeps you have to work on actual submissions and have to figure out what what how much i do again and you have to get fair as well exactly whose you gotta came to ask is you never see that guy attempted and never tend to the submission and all was you have see fights because is only so much you can do so it takes as damages beat him up you know instead of trying to lena learn all the chokes and all the eminem sri probably knows them but applying
when an actual fight situations homesite there's too much to learn at us up well when i went to when it so you see when ross person for coal miller and then i realized how dangerous these guys i thought shit i can do beacon get you on the floor but you'd neck not talking now is don't kill me yes basically don't break my arm don't write my leg don't kill here that's who speaks very aces reality nice real real combat isn't it certainly is that one of the reasons why i am amazed become so populars because it so difficult to go from that to like floyd may whether mrs pack ours not much happens like a lot move at which i loved i love that fight but
the reality of the variables like the different variables that exists in everyday work i can take you down i'll kick your legs a guy can do so many different things to catch a stand in front of him a shoulder role boxing clinch just so much more going on the clint is just the beginning i got to press you up against the cage and pull your ankles off monday or going to mount you use a face going to cut you off and there's gonna be a lot going on it's not nearly as simple to defend yourself as it isn't a boxing ring
trade agenda may dislike looking on they must be deserved about to get not bout the us about the most deserving stuff they have to go for it to get that can help to get what they want to get his get onto guys who lose the beat of fuckin murderers row you have to go through to get to any shot at the title six guys you have to go through today did anybody that's fighting for a title today far man you got around this desert goddamn massive group of content yours in every way classes are dangerous brass y got the right mindset yeah you ve got left their minds do you anticipate that this
until training thing is going to be a part of every fighters camp in the future he ventured bayer i think you should pay because you can get in i think they can mean shape the can we know the strengthened conditioning the right die in and then they threatened right the body to perform now what about applying that two kids what about applying that the kids in school not fighters just people and in school i'm especially in high school or in college where you are to go out into the world and so much of your success or failure is poor the kid on your attitude your mindset and how you how brain is is organised process an information yeah yeah i think i think a lot of it is just it's not really should be they so much stuff that you can do that states that can help people learn and taken information differently than just the cliche
rita that's what you're gonna do you know the main is money that money for is a that's why so interesting because these people are so many different types of people through its ways of thinking you know like we did earlier with the hack loud remember what we want to explain what that is how can i always have a slight self induced all hypnoses itself engaged i can always a self induced hypnosis thing where you you basically you find a spot on the wall that high than your eye line so you imagine that you looking through your middle of your eyebrows and what you did you focus on the spot on the wall and you just allow yourself to just imagine that you can see all the way to the left and all the way to the right you can imagine it can see really high above yourself and below yourself and then you can imagine that you can see three hundred and sixty degrees what it is opened you periphery open to peripheral vision so it gave to us
hypnotic stay and a slight welcome a more feeling of lamb wellness in a way a relaxing feeling and what we did was you were cards you told me to concentrate on that spot and then visualize magnets yeah that was that was different what what we did was we did hack allow first just kind of lead you into a hypnotic state and to get it's because you know you don't you don't go you say these things on the rapid inductions and i went on a course of rapid inductions where what is robbing duchesses color snap indulgence what they do is it's a slight you port is like a shock sissy shop necessity shock them on an egg then you go sleep or whatever and it puts them under very quickly you see can see on youtube and also so that all i can do them
a very showy techniques as well but i dont really dig them has a workload shocked induction silly boy you're my needs information you my needs young conscious need information so you can like these one where you shake hands with someone so when they go to shake your hot that your hand you break the pattern and make them look at their own hummed and then you say look at me look at that folk some confusion technique and then say spoke to enhance the hunter governor sleep and they go under just like that is why why do they go and are well below the fuck you do mohammed mob thou this is always that possibility hence melted what i've seen it don't i've done it with people but it's all i've done it when i've been in therapy with the klein already because insulting hypnotic language and undue various things and staff and just maneuver them into that state sought already
keep your walking up on the street in these cheap hypnosis an all out which is st hypnosis that is if you guys they say it notion of aragon vince lynch is very good does it do it like an shows on television i wasn't doing industry in vegas you making people's hans takes a walls and wives really i mean i don't see the good and spirits i ve never seen now i ended just as this tree hypnosis acting street magic eyes not stray hypnosis ha acetate make people forget the names of you know count and remove the number for single one two three five six seven eight nine eleven by its funds ouch by not doesnt will that wasn't interest you because what you are trying to do is improve people or help them through their lives right now look stupid well when i was a kid
first starting out doing stand up there was a guy in rhode island named frank santos and he was an r rated hypnotist in the up until that point i thought hypnosis is bullshit until i saw this guy over and over again many many many many many times he had a night once a week at stitches comedy club in boston so i saw him dozens and dozens of times and he would it the ties jai any new when people are under when there are bullshitting he would get guys look at how many go now in up this is not work any faking twont and it would take them off to stay he knew and people are under a new when they weren't but he could get a whole group of people maybe like bring ten people on stage and by the time he's done hip some six or seven of them would be totally under any haven't doing all kinds of ridiculous things like they thought they were having sex they come in their pants like grimly and amazing i mean i know for you you're thinking like this is in helping anyone what he wasn't to do that he was trying to put on a shows you now people uneasily
is it with you people pay to say they want to go on stage three well no problem i've done it before we part and parcel of women part and parcel of guys out over which they sat coffee lame the costly in the coffee the well anyway try telling sorry about love you this i don't i don't take thy just doesn't do anything wrong but how is it doing that because its they u ethical to him a therapist and they say you can't miss eyes may brand fuck off what did you come for rob you know what's the point in your piece out my pizza and i got comes out of it you come to get picnics hygiene i'll see ya
go along with it anyway you know and any and it helps if declines gotten issue they want to change then the more likely to change if they want to change with you you know but the big people it don't stay stages they want it to happen sooner than they dont mind looking daft asko but why did with you as we did the magna as well which was just largest stood way could he did a peripheral region than we just imagine that there was a magnet that could take negative energy from your body that dosage you use your imagination to take that negative energy out we do move is a weird stuff that what is happening there really because obviously the snow magnets in your mind thinking that negative energy is being pulled out of your body is just an adjustment of your attitude toward an adjustment of europe perceptions those who knows who knows but it will also knows it works very very well on its relaxing
and is it related at all to what frank santos used to do by getting an entire group of people think they're doing wacky shit in front of an audience legacy sea ice the installation of war is installation that's different you know there was no matter she sat and having sex an installation ready riding with eighty three you ve got it was having there are now of course what date yet laid on then they go on therefore that experienced right sacred for that space but you know so respective what they believe is a month is the anvil if you feel more relaxed right it's almost like a placebo indeed right so the a placebo effect or the mine perceiving this change and then adjusting your attitude accordingly that that's what it is it s about just re direction of thought redirection of focus but that was different than the hip
doses park as they hypnosis parvenu hypnotize me like i was deafening hypnotized like i definitely could stick to that could listen to your voice and i knew hearing your voice browsing this weird sort of dream state i was where of it but not aware again i'll give you took my pants off we'd have problem i would be able to walk up north fuck sky trample but you know an ugly china pollyanna wasn't back but i was and i wasn't it it's a weird stuff because you're not you're not totally there but your kind of their sovereign it is growing area you might you know you're not gonna do anything against devalues anyway really we're not gonna do anything else
annex on lighten up like the other hypnotherapy snores of mine coach or we didn't views we we we got you to focus on your thumb that thought so your thumb that thumbs disassociate itself something your phone said that some folks on that thumb and then you just get you focus on that and then there is still a structure like her as you want to free yourself for its four four it's got to do the one two three four in c c just like counting down as well not do or how we not but using numbers una bright tits cause us all of you your focus in alma focus in alma than or unconscious mighty folks and not that i'm talking to you with language that your unconscious mind recognises to be relaxed are you aware of all at all rather of rum like the concept of arguments
rain candidate but oozing out that we have a watch durham brown dare brown hypnotists wherein brown yes yes it is a hypnotist is an anti terrorism magician as well is fantastic yeah i had one called the experiments of it you can watch someone youtube i needed one tat stay shock stephen fry stephen fries like hey english comedian guy and a very partial very very very intelligent guy member of men civil super smart anais he got the certain guy they did a lot of elimination tat makes you know to see was most susceptible needs a certain guided gonna shoot stephen fry not with a real can obviously but just whether i don't know his interest in adult others a case where i was
what he has sought to night so many said definitely was on right now sisson repetitious saying that while is imprisoned so somehow so do you think it's possible me you you would know right probably more than ninety nine percent of the people on the planet i think it's if its again she deep level value you won't do it but what if your fairly shady but innocent darkness that's very right i mean if you find a guy who's not maybe never kill anybody but maybe he's done a few fucked up things and you can talk that guy in doing something like that through hypnosis yet passed like maybe because you're just essentially steering someone towards the crimes they ordinarily would have avoided what did you say d is again on the cheap and italian assistant took money off the cashier she got just put money on the register no
dishonour and durham brown player on television knowing that it is corrupted and cctv our sousa thief yes
if they were there and brown paid with paper so what did you got gets paper which is the same as data like dollar bills that's such a blank paper and is it is a confusion technique so he said don't communist on the scripts peace adam i just made into the town are just got off the train undertone or whether to go that way all that way because my friend said they have to get the terrain which must go that way that way or that way would you know the station is basic get the tracks has taken is fine and then when he's when he's they said you said we just take its fine tricky that confuses paves the way that way so mixed direction you thought is moving sons everywhere she think you what's this guy on about then he's saying take it is fine so when he's giving them money is like looking at local or by that and it just gives them paper under that still confused not for long because they soon come wrangling forget it really confused them to say take is fine take is fine so these worked
make an ice cream place when i was a kid they serve ice cream and hamburgers this place called newport creamery and i remember they had someone came in if they called a flimflam artist or someone would come in and they'll give you twenty dollars and they'd say can you give me ten of five and five one and then they would say ok ok actually can you give me a ten five five ones and four quarters now you know what give me to tens and then they would start to tens of five and fourteen and then all sudden you'd you'd have more twenty dollars that you'd be giving them for them and the manager closed the the register they went hold on a second what is going on here and they shut the register and they had like this sort of weird i moment with this guy who's trying to hustle this kid that was working the cash register was it was really fascinating
it was like a guy was a con man and i remember i was i was now i wasn't involved an alley wasn't it was working on the cash register brows close to it for you what i'm john but i remember watching the sky was go what is as something happening and then they had like a little meeting they explained when your work in the cash register you have to be careful people that start asking you for weird things asking you to enough
they start twisting your brain and confusing you in your memory gets all fucked up and trying to memorize what they're asking form before you know it you ve given someone thirty dollars for twenty dollars that someone did die what's a helpful coffee as on em like i came in anyone is franklin d owner said now you should opera is chain for his wife mentioned his wife's name sweaty quit saw on all right you and so i could not was it only walks out and then front combine isn't enough but paid for the repair of that we know bracelets and why don't you come in a talk to some of the bible and he works at buys you frank was sure to know frank was his wife's name whenever name was and then were not pay they said malta the reception ale go you is the money and if an else you know
there is still some may say so he gave you like a shitty change about is whether in the year twenty you know that's it that's a weird hustle that hustle of trying to confuse people but there must be patterns that day try to tap into the way people recognize eyes money or the way people count things as they try to disrupt and cause can you mention those words especially words can confuse people in ghent and send them off guard or we did a thing when we did the masters when your linguistic programming we did i think i'll quantum linguistics which is really interesting really cool nature laughed jesus is just makes does make no sense one of the best
which ponds i was and i always when i was when i was young i was always self sabotaging us ourselves sabotage and a guy called a corresponding did my masters with and i said it remains much needs a wash nest and i've got stick don't go near it cause you'll get stone but because it was you i always thought for any way i'll get stolen to see what happens or fight he's worth stupid the younger daft aren't you and he said what would happen if a pretended not to do it so what wouldn't happen if you pretended not to do it right and i was like la i didn't make sense nobody send your mind in it especially when you did not say that in my one wouldn't happen handed not to do so if you pretend i wondered what you're not still do it if you're pretending not to do it you're dead we haven't was who wouldn't happen and will you wouldn't gets makes a sort of wouldn't happen as you wouldn't gets done but what was good it gives it a sand did not so do it fast
stone thing in like not been helpful learn how to talk better mother fucker turkey greece but it's like situation way when you honeys it's not lying drops on uniting moroccans up on shelves able whenever it and in the end they cliche therapy thing and apparent therapy situation on its when its point to its gliding we'd language it works so smoothly do you pay attention at all to courts do you pay attend look i fascinated by people's ability to control people other people's minds and behave and i always wondered whether or not like we see like as the eu seen scientology documentary going clear outside watching her aside watch style spoken fascinating man i've i've watched it three times i can't look away i my watch again it's just a watch it's fuckin crazy enough to watch it
why i had experience of known at several people were scientologists but one of them was one of my neighbors and he and i had some weird exchange about his wife was going clears we needed fifty thousand hours were warm fifty fuckin grand well what's goin on issues like they're gonna do some ceremony in his wife will no longer be influenced by outside pressure or outside thoughts or any anybody's criticism or negativity no longer though no longer factor and they needed fifty grand for that knows what a fine but he fuckin look in his eyes he was tellin me like oranges have vitamin c m for him it was like pre straightforward obviously and i've always been fascinated like what
what the fuck is going on my friend my friend name aid impairs he wasn't scientology my re still as i don't think he is but he wants a flag which has to be said the base whether the scientologist have them the main place what they have and tom cruise is sister is named aid is sorry some crazy sisters child is named aid and after him wow so you it was into it i went i went to it i went to a couple of times years and years ago my crete mail about but i'm not i don't know if it whatever afloat about maybe it's not causing you any by unseen upcoming place i will do so i don't know about if i say i do agree with that as well if it's not hurting you and what do i give a fuck i agree with that as well until star watching these documentaries goble clearly turning some people at seventy hurting people breaking up families it sets is really fucked up to where they attack some people that that dissent or that leave or did
if the people that are on the show the document they're telling if they're telling the truth and that's debate do they know and people are talking about now there's some mind control going on there is some there's some absolute definite mind control going on there and i wonder is related in any way to have noticed that though the ability of these people have to manipulate these folks in the locker hitler speech my camp rather got hit let it in also people maybe a search for something to be influenced cannot remain so in some ways can evade lot easier you know so i can be there's gonna be susceptible people there is always gonna be susceptible people but is called like one ceilings jim jones speech or what when someone is having some sort of a call to speech
that similar in some way as it ass an investor night doesn't it rightly asked the resonate with with the paper with the person with the people i will say it notice what you say asked the resonate with what they believe in and you know what they pay they did flows the bow ass you know the main it could begin lot johnson like coldly doesn't it yeah caligula cold rating called reading here with psychics i'll say stuff like i'm cold reading in hiding but no no he's thousands of different means i'll get a script young eyes those trying to thin ice lazy talking to my eyes different colourings different i went to malta a couple years ago malta now it was road and grace anyway i digress undone we went over and that we got some by eve timeshare people and they d anyway nor was going on and on two man she said what do you do in english cinema psychic
yeah i kick throughout all right said you are not yet an accident near water scare maybe before he was ten i'm getting ten for some reason will you son she went right you're right scar one of innate yeah i've got scar on the left me i thought i thought it children you know you ve been really given you ve got some you know you ve got some limelight but you don't mind of a people and you and you ve got a lot of close friends you ve got you got a lot of friends with a certain amount close ones so everyone rest i would not like horoscope somewhere like clings on that and you know this is also a sign dixon peeps how while they newsday advised me crazy i have a friend who believes that shit who went to some basic man told me all about my grandmother my bid you know about grandmother that's how you shit you're no kind of i that doesn't make any sense i never understood it until
had this guiding who ban a check is yes had been check on the site i shall joe rogan questions everything he was brilliant and stunning and scary scary how good he is but also super honesty several tell you right now i don't i'm not ass i ain't gonna have any psych inability at all is all bullshit and i hate when people steal from people and robbed them what i'm doing is entertainment and it's a show and i have very specific techniques that are used to achieve this it that's why don't i can't think of anything else like us why don't fuck around when witnesses and do this right now no whilst he was not a game is he wasn't it hypnosis he was just pretending to be able to read your mind and be able to put it with us all but he was really really clear about it these are just techniques i am not really seeing anything that other field at sea and i have any special ability but the people that do claim that
china how it is an english but in california in particular you drive down the street you'll see of saint maur five of these fuckin psyche greediness chiropractors as low the cairo factors as alleys lowood cinema car bragging bullshit is that we are not saying is delighted that our practice and i see that our o a on the street in counterparts it'll save money in england lotta people think car practice of to its like a lotta reputable people think it's bullshit it's moving your neck rounds like clicking lunch killed yeah there will cost a lot of money to go the hunter fifty bucks names and was wasted around pop in your back but then some people say that there are certain things that chiropractors do that really are beneficial reflectively debt the ones i've i've been say a couple of times have been here open i think not
our i afterwards what there's one got used to work with a lot of fighters news would call a zone healer in his idea was that he was like sort of tricking your body into healing because he was sort of using the placebo fact telling you that use healing you buy popping you're you're knacker moving your body in a certain way but he really wasn't doing anything other than should a normal chiropractor lacking try not to pay attention that shit that's authorized me nuts because its deception and whether knots effective or not is debatable
deception can be effective riah and is not sort of part of what you know what the policy both accepted and that is why this is why i am against and in it now assisting rallies is not the point was trying to make is i don't fuck around with paypal right in other comforting for help the genuinely want you help me genuinely want to get what they want to get a new cap around the people right not that they pay you re looking for you to help them out i bought a fake as any new chief something together you know he's got alike but there's a lot of these locked shit and everything that went back there is a lot of those more shocking shafts and good ones you know me and is in there is also a lot there's a lot of manipulation and a lot of charlatans almost every line of work right but is that it's it's sort of
its relative to what we're talking about it's like what is your focus like what are you trying to achieve what are you trying to achieve as a coach as a coach you trying to help people and make them better what are you trying to achieve as whatever you do and as a sales person are you trying to sell people something as an actual great product like a really nice car design car if you enjoy cars you will enjoy this cars grey or selling them above fuckin shit box it's been tape together and skills all part the moment to get it out of the driveway you know what is ultimate goal you trying to help people you trying to have a beneficial mutually agreeable relationship or you try to read their paw we'll get money and fucking with them my amazing i'm fucking amazing like that i never in old like that success at jos hot joe showing on the success that money maclise out i don't go with me you know cause it's all about the client they do it i'll write the alike went in and i of course is the sums
of power on the back for myself by me but the run around a guy amazing because it is an entirely back or is it just in appreciation for the method precision of the method and appreciate you know doesn't stop shocking me how well it works at times you know about ninety nine point nine percent of the time i just a shark even now even now that i've been involved in it eight years now it's just that i was just right bubbles off you can sell it both of em stop you're around about how many years every window erful tight for photo i know i'm half an hour training as well training fight and i was and then i was training fires it got kind of board of it was the chief i wanted to fight it reached a level i was getting bored and i wasn't given him the attention i should do so i decided to stop law and then add a regular job anyway and then just die to get mine coaching and word of mouth like you got to know me
word of mouth in annex just spread from there and and it continues to do so as well as the whole amount a nasty compensate as well a common state from fusion and from yoko my tie shells and smash my ties well as in england she's got shows still data in after you g g fc in different things are still commentary lot for your carbon infusion and smash moist i understood as well by just love a client from american our labour market stupid a clock in the morning notice on skype but it's great there was a it our tenor fishermen are somewhat light up some low levels of it a genuinely pulls off looked like it with that's great i mean that's really what life is all about finding something that you really enjoy that you get that bus above in pursuing that and if you can make a living i say money if you can tell the animated by what you do while you were lucky that i found a bunch of different things that i really enjoy doing i just i guess i bet you gotta pull the abbot
assuming that the ability or the opportunity rather too have a conversation like this one guy like you sit down for hours totally uninterrupted is very rare to get this it's almost like the only way to get these kind of conversations is too this kind conversation will you know it's being broadcast otherwise we'd be checking our phone we'd be talk area you want a beer do does this fuckin guys annoying and this thing is how turning to me in part you wouldn't you know i wouldn't do that no less it but you know i mean like this this is the only way you have these intense one on one conversations is in a podcast form so a lot of ways this podcast is incredibly educational it's been like this like almost ago very varied university course on a bunch of different disciplines leirus
i appreciate you like you know you said about might mcmullen the left talking aligning the nano aunt ellen oh yeah i forgot about him and then i'm alike egotist will not to think i know everything you know it's not what i want is a lot of em i seen i could set a rapid induction costs and the guy was just like he was doing this hypnosis he's going to sleep and the civil dialogue on isn't have similar like that fuckin those bullshit kung guys like student i call on the ground i can do don't you think that's noses to what is going on paul shared by us but steady is suggesting what is happening with this ducas this breaks the steward still there on the ground attention to areas did the just daft outlay they are the under the hypnosis nod holler of zeal chancellor into do yeah this maybe it's a suggestion or maybe it's just that all that is there is a lot of way at paypal about an angel
you know you gonna say areas in you well i i i i kind of sweet stay in the meadow change trajectory of the rocky that would have got me and that is the our right like some people have big noses and some people idiots some people got grand some people yeah cycle genetics very there's not everybody can be einstein people you go and they follow the ground that one i've seen some videos of fate kung fu it's fuckin amazing i does this work dude and he was he's in this class and he had this this girl and he was moving her back and forth and back and forth like like like a comedy was a comedy but it was real in any you'd make her dance and shocker and that should fall to the ground and shoes the university innovation one other guys like gets students like a big bellied guy he's gay on and then she does this her heavy goods
give him and ask a lot was our right performance you use like flops on deck and loud flew in the ilo is probably mean some air at the moment in amerika we jordan watson data like it superstar i'm late i was watching it was and also his phone will there's a lot of that out there man does love fake confused found their less and less now than there was in ninety ninety three when you have seen came along it's one of the things that the us has done it's amazing is eradicate a lot of the book shit marshall arias there's a lot of fake practised there's out there and eddy bravo it's hilarious story of this fake kung fu teacher that he was taking lessons under it always kid he know any better and i was going to china to study under his master and he ready ran to the supermarket when the gospel serene china is how to fuck skill and they really scattered and taken conquered
making shit up like everything you was doing was just totally made up you know i do karate chop and people on top of the head and saying you kill them if you hit them correctly like but it's that that's mc though joe type fake martial arts stuff was really really really prevalent a few decades ago if i grew up with drunken must there and all them and all the roman shall knavish you no golden harvest but those are fond of watch to pretend you know you watch an old jackie chan moving fuckin crazy shit but the drunken must as the one the as bait animal they teach our hearings i'm seed swamis comedy though it seems funding every sphere still still stiller and i really like police story with jackie john the first one i was good wicked thou as equals
jackie but allow those movies had people believe in it there were people out there that had she in debt touch you know when when you why i just i mean to bring it back to what you do do do you think there's any of that that's hypnosis is there anything that's similar to like what i said frank santos used to be able to do i don't know is it i honestly have i dont know devotion that they have towards third send say or their authors adds bananas on me police wanting crazy they believe what is as others likelier can do lesson but how is a different than a guy thinks i watched a guy who thought he was having sex with madonna came his pants because frank santos put that in his head and he did that i watched it i didn't know he came in very scours good of an actor just wasn't embarrass you know what to do i kind of like slow dorothy sat in the quiet if he was
if you use a ham he would have been spent it was held as guy really bad at that particular i worry was it not particular in particular place aided believe you seen people with needles when they need to know the other needle feel hummed and they didn't feel a pint can do you can do that is an interesting one call pain paradigm which i'll talk to you about another time an anticipation next week views this army just eddies is all sorts of things it would argue that we who knows what the minds can move would only just
and i'm only if the postman of information really mean what really can we did what will he development that's an interesting where describe postmen and sought case my emma first ages and we just postman have information i like that i i just uh i'm really fascinated by the the full spectrum for lack of a better terms of possibilities of suggestion you can go from you no fake psychics in fake healers unlike my friend private an hour the communist or as they did you see we there we saw the woman was tried do the rocky healing on us it was less than he was gonna talk to you today numerous fourgette answers archibald thinks it's real but you we feel the energy raving election said per year per year left hand out has left answer more sensitive more susceptible yoga
so i have a hand up and she is like running her hand over the top and the item like not touching my hand but getting close to it how do you feel it anything now try i'm trying to be open minded but i don't feel anything but some people would be like ass i do feel that i think is what you want a belief nothing my believes like like people psychics knee go to see these sorrow cadres etc if they give people comfort and makes him pay people feel but you know right got more power to bright more power no they believe after time if they believe that this is right now and then if they believe it and it works and people happy doing it and will be met me might go but it's where's the line drawn drawn when you're taking money from them there's pests acres in the elderly plastic piss takers was caught you know taking the path
well ok you guys just talking with somewhere alchemists ammonia ok take in the past year on year but but more so than that someone who like is pretending to be feeling but their stealing money from your dinner the hearing you raised by our eyes like any one thousand margin of imminent have this road oil snake oil rise snake are all take this you'll definitely change what about how can the real placebo fact that's work it's really weird because like there are some placebos bows they have introduced to people and they ve told them it's a placebo and then the but the act of doing something the act of taking something actually has a more beneficial effect and not doing anything which is again the power of the mai like the possible effect is a real effect you give some something you tell them this is medicine this is going to fix
whenever ails you and it actually does work on a certain percentage statistically significant percentage of economic as well as i'm done on thrice the crystals share amulet sweat cycle outside people believe in people about iran and or even good laws are coin yeah my lucky quarter of dumbo isn't it with a feather lucky further rights you know any police can fly with the lucky further comes right like no rest sola thinks all down to your business all down of what you pour into intention of what one a belief for yourself you know it's weird that we have these mines that have such amazing potential but there's no fuckin real good guide book that anybody's handed and you sort of a supposed to figured out on your own or based on if you're lucky you have parents that have their shit together they sort of give you a rough outline of how he should live your life or live by example but we're not talking about like gold
fish or do swans or anything fuckin simple we're talking about human beings with complex languages in mathematics and culture society and laws and and in money and although the weirdness it comes with being a person good though it do so exciting without so you're learning ethics asylum from a bloodline of mail in and sherlock yes million homes they got like real estate but ass i just like that making i just like that like the mystery i do to like them because you yes i can see approach even alike as interesting and that's what kashmir can should go and in life i think when you find something interesting in india china s always by eta be interest interested instead of interesting yo yo yo shore mean that's one of the things that i appreciate most about being able to do this podcast castles and i'm constantly and consistently in
spired and curious moist learning this use you can't know everything it is not possible there is too much going on and to accept that then you just looking for stuff that you find stimulating and then fine more and more things that you find fascinating and despotic guesses me this really unique opportunity to talk to people like you or anybody it has some information that i'm not really aware of and proper massively on its beyond because i'm from hunters from liverpool non from newton gang opel and unjust in opening an errand and joseph so nice things emma causes nice things and i get to do salmanassar gets me people and i love it because of it but that's what life is all about really is finding something like that that you really enjoy doing in pursuing and then if you can god if you can make it
living doing that what are what a great way to be you know like people are like a man like people like i don't like everyone on his client gsm previous thing right no your desk have you had like people that are like shitty you're just not appreciate caliph systematic quickly data explain to them why you're not doing this and maybe give them like some yeah
to hope future yeah adjusts yeah just say will icon or and busy or just an almost often you know or and somewhat is often be honest with the aim not often bins what am i to happen i deserve this one guy saying it was one guy recently idea i've run in the team think some relation can't find a consortium alive in bad and just lie that our i noticed loathing runway at the start now that's too much work what you can't we just saw no sovereignty sinuous hustle but like on the docks triumphant alike the even out again in our people we didn't windpipe somebody origins and they went on to me
casey ceaseless goods then i'll just given that basel ii feel good about something yes have achieved something that other people didn't like the bride you have the ability to help people and the satisfaction that comes from other people benefiting from your effort is a very nice thing he ida alighted sin equestrian lady got dawn attains her at the minute cheese salve calashes somewhere in the states cheese they rarely while he just cheese transformation has been incredible and she's diana wallis students are so much better responses alight ready warm intuitive ride in bed and stuff like that is moving things our peoples why kicking out are so if people want to get a hold of you what is the best way your twitter handle is vinnie shore men what does it would have any shelter chosen on the reason call showtime is not perverted six i shall time as i used to be a common say for it
essential sexuality air was born a pervert the problem is not that number sign i got to change that i think a lot of great cars at sixty nine lundy element and you can get me on any showman dot com and also you can get me a facebook ism desire facebook or mine coaching page where there is tat some videos withdrawal techniques in all sorts of beautiful pleasure i really appreciate i read it again sometime player in california i'll be back very soon because liam harrison's fi in milan patent andy houses fighting romeo dams and i'm coming over within what is that in july the thirty first suffice all be over where's that taking place
i am not too sure it's in california is alarming counting really ok maybe i'll go to the fights life such as ultimately already great beautiful thank you ve been really appreciate very much in eight years i've friends we'll be back next week lots of great and entertaining guests not as entertaining is this mother fucker about we'll try the issue you german thank you you folks they should choose the and faint to our sponsors thanks to honour dotcom good oh an end i t use it code word rogan save ten percent any and all supplements thank you too audits dot com go to audible podcast dot com ford slash joe for a free audio book and thirty day trial today sign up at audible podcast dot com ford slam
joe and thanks also to trunk club true rank club dot com ford slash rogan oh there and your stylist your shopping the trunk even the shipping hunted percent free you gonna trunk club dot com ford slash rogan our friends thank you very much thank you for turning into the pot gas we'll be back next week with a lot of very cool guest including down dominic monaghan you might know him from lost but he is also a very fascinating character we got a lot of cool talk about lots of small podcast coming up so until then see you soon much love
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