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#665 - Neal Brennan

2015-06-25 | 🔗
Neal Brennan is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, director and producer. He is known for co-creating and co-writing "Chappelle's Show" with Dave Chappelle.
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pal moshe kasher and he's just fucking all around cool guy and he's going to talk to us some really interesting things that have been going through so without any further ado please welcome my man mister neal brennan turn over broadcast check it out the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast my name all day oh shit we're live neal brennan in the middle tweeting what you doing i'm using my samsung galaxy all the gas as second auto says beautiful phone hi thanks made your voice is so commercial thanks very much you want stage of the night in the belly room and we were in the green room like his voice is so commercial sounds like that god damn car shall never be able to separate this now i know i shouldn't say that commercial just say that series of commercials only those fucking things you've done you know what i don't know probably thirty
jesus i just do sessions and then they do whatever they want at least you do other shit man if you were just doing that and then he became the verizon guy you know can you hear me now but that the guys fucked fucked the jail a dell that guys how about the girl the insurance girl so zooey name they keep making though she is fucked once he's done though but she's probably did killing by this point hopefully but is it worth it baby what price but that guy from that fuck commercial that always gets in the accidents and falls down and gets hurt you know that handsome gentleman they can swim in a lot of shit he's in movies too he's always in movies he was in john wick he's been work was good right fuck you i've heard it's good i just haven't watched it i mean it's no like brilliant like super creative undeniable work of art but it's funny
as far as like really wild crazy entertainment it's just it's like crazy action signal the craziest as the guy who directed it was a fight coordinator apparently so this had ideas for like the ideas he'd never given people i think and so he's like so we just saved it he basically saying back he must every word for then and then unleashed it it does not work with writers like you're a writer does not work with writers sometimes like if you see like like special like writers are writing for someone else like a monologue or something like that i know what you're getting at no i mean like look i don't there's certain jokes that like if i'm writing for like rock or something it's usually for like the bt awards so it's not like i would have done that my i would have done that topical joke about usher in my life like
is there a model it's like right pretty disposable but yeah i know i have now on the table on snl that sucked as writers they became cast members and all of a sudden they had a lot of good idea they just stored amal like squirrels just like totally sandbag because comics are like in her we kind of self obsessed you know and the idea of like waiting selflessly for someone else and making them much better i was talking to somebody about this yesterday the fact that we it's accepted thing in comedy that it's just the accepted caste system that rock is basically saying like hey i'm funnier than you and i'm hosting shelf so fucking give me jokes he's kind of base that with the world saying i don't i don't think it's that explicit there is at the same time there's something flattering about the fact that like one of the best comics wonder if it's a great but i saw this is something about like you come here and rub my back
i gotta go other mma fighter come rub my back you're not in this fight i'm ranked higher than you so come rub my back just like ok you can pay to see all that think of it that way at all i think of it is first of all honestly i don't either i know you don't it's very intelligent for him smart way to do it and a lot of people don't do it that way they don't bring it up to help them and they're they're working kind of suffer yeah you know like he's pretty smart in that way that he's like looking at objectively there's others young people around if i bring them in it will make my already strong act even do it for his act he'll do it for tv shows yeah model and so it's not the other thing with rock is it's generally you write stuff form and send it to him so that he can be confident in his shit so like ok my shit is better than this like which is fine well you just need like a giant mound of shit to top away at and then you find like where the gems are if you only have like a few like pretty decent
you trying to build the mop that's wave yeah way less effective than a enormous catalog of ideas need to try to present us one yeah that's a rock always says he's like i like i i the comedy writers around the way rappers have gold chains like that's all he said his money you know i mean like if he's gonna he's not gonna have you naked by chains like i'll just to have a writer right for vulcan buy movie with that small yeah well that's why he's chris rock he's got a you know his effective strategy for optimizing all of his shows and all the sets and all you know you know stuff you want the thing that i was when you were saying about having other people come in and look i find that a lot of guys comedian wise when you get to the theater level um it's basically all your audiences are henpecked all of your audiences are predisposed to like you
do you ever and what i found is a lot of people when they go to theaters their act either plateaus or gets worse do you find do you ever specifically go to rooms where they they don't know you're coming so you a better redone shit yeah i do a lot of sets during the day like regular sets at the improv or the or were there to their c of one add variety of people i do a lot of those i think those are important i think sets at the store important period 'cause it's a fucking jaded group down there it's beautiful and magical but it's jaded yeah so the hardest belly room might as well be doing stand up for one person one hundred percent of people we're right in front of the worst part of william is there's people to the right that could just charge the right there it all right is there and that you yeah well it's also they have the you know it it's great though like what we're all we're saying you know about the thing like the worst part of it but even the
worst part about it is magic is that room is fucking magic man that belly room if you get something to work in that belly room what we're talking about this last night that there belly room in the ice house and the ice house is maybe the best club ever it's got the rep and having done it's like the easiest class easiest yeah well it's just it up perfect yeah the ceiling is low everyone stuffed in there it's very contagious laughter is great acoustics all wood everywhere the laughter we we had a verbal rates and it's got whatever the for fifty years of com turned into the walls see all this club in the country it's older than fifty years old isn't it i think yeah well i think i think it is things like fifty five years old or something like that but it's the it's essentially the oldest comedy club on earth because the oldest clubs for comedy were america is the oldest one in america this is the oldest longest running club ever so this or super rare place but it's way easier than like
or or especially the belly room different kind louis was saying an interview like when he does it when he's in la hell go he'll do like an alternative show then i'll do the improv for the laugh factory and then hold to the store and it's like if it works he's like everything will workout alternative room some stuff will work at the improv and one thing will work at the store and the one thing that works with the story keeps that smart yeah but you need all of those 'cause when i was just doing the store only i think my axe suffered a little bit i think where does it go i think it's hard to see what is the psychographic in the store you think they because i still couldn't tell you having been working there six seven years i still can tell you like the psychology of that kind of part of the of the average of the audience's collective unconscious kind of thing well it first of all let me just say this it's way better now this
second my second run at the store from two thousand and seven on i wasn't there so i started up again december to fourteen it's way better it's just better better club the young guys coming up or better there's a better vibe the audiences are better when i is there in the early 2000s man i was a war zone it was all it was all timers right i mean it was all commons world but it was also the audience was just like monsters there's a lot month like rapey dumb hackley drunky nokere control at all they have real crowd control now they'll kick people out of their retarded yeah they didn't used to do that they'll kick people out there they say eight thing yeah you have to say you have to say fuck it any of these clubs like no we're good ass fucking get him out there not going to say more than one they can get him out they kick the guy out at the ice house last night he started like earlier this one bit he would kept yelling the same thing out while the bit was going on i figured only in oregon and then we got to the end of the bit
and he still yelling out the thing i'm like i heard you you fuck but he good nos talk about that thing on your part as if we're not having this conversation yeah show yet he keeps going like all christ and then when the back just come over to take him away they are you serious i was helping what do you think they just picked you yeah they randomly pick the guy decided to fuck with them that's what i said the other day woman who was yelling i go do you go to katy perry concerts sit at the at the bottom of the station just sing along with her shut the fuck up like i don't need your help they didn't book the show and go those four guys and then hopefully someone will come and tackle them about katy perry concert if you go and sit there and sing along with her it's probably she came here yeah but if it you're trying to if you're at the foot of the stage doing it it's probably the worst if you were saying don't sing that song yes chris
you have another song with your bare was telling maine the name drop was saying that the biggest issue it is shows now girls running to the foot of the stage turning their back to him and taking a selfie oh no he said he has security to like stop it so like if i didn't stop it there behind the people every shot and it's hugely to there's a thing guarding at the thing you're looking at yeah well you find distracting when you look on to the crowd and you see like ten phones up to have photos of you yeah or taking a selfie or take aperture who's your room in new britain children killing it hashtag killing hastak winning hashtag tiger blood we know so many so many people want to pictures now that hannibal burress did some weird thing at one of his shows where they have some new technology it's like a pouch and they give you this pouch claw
and when you're inside the club the pouch doesn't open yeah so you can't get to your phone so if you phone rings of you feel like you must answer you have to leave the venue and then the past will open i guess it works on some sort of like frequency like if your past about look at one of those electronic dog collars you know those things so it's something like that but man the reaction to it was like fuck you i was reading all the reaction although you ideally okay i tweeted it yeah you know because i i saw the starlings can interesting i wonder how people feel about this not that i would i meant it just feel like the strikes effect is in effect you know the streisand effect effect the the what that is by barbara stry they found her how they put our house on line like the you know if someone took a photo of it and like this were barbra streisand's houses and so she you know was offended she made this big deal and she's like you take my house down the snap and because she put so much effort into fight
the fact that her house was down way more people knew about her house one hundred and they all attacked and went after her i think if you tell people you can't bring your cell phone to my show then they start where all the yeah they put no pro on or you know they'll film from a fucking one of those uh glasses that has the legs in this way if you had that at the shell ida guy google glasses a good laugh factory and i go dude i can't yeah i don't know if you're taping right so just you're just being a dick right because i you know i'm it's all i can think about now is just do with a visor yeah in my peripheral vision and he might be he could be periscope again now can you just from google glass i don't know i think google might even be dead do periscope this show i do paris things but no not the show how come you want where i want to tweet about this by the way where should people go the show yeah tweeted okay
go to mine night retreat if you need to do to to that's now hold on a moment to stop around get it over with a cigarette cases to taxes joseph justin no no no no no no i got on it i got it i got to get a good yours you are a commercial actor i know for a cell phone company and you're addicted to alpha snake is interesting heating the tail around you alright retweeting why aren't you periscoping neil right the there love so the way i love it i love it it's out of range is a haunting you right now that's out of range know sometimes it haunts me i put my phone over there but boy did there's something important happening now in the world of the four wheel drive conversions are you know the thing with the the cellphone thanks was telling me when you go again another this is my name drop when you go to drake's house
girls come over he makes everyone turn their cell phones and really smart because i don't want to take a picture of course and it's just like now you can't deal so he make some like put it in a bucket or so yeah i don't know the specifics of it but could move chevrolet volt smart safe that is what is why is the table in the vault that's where your phone goes what but everybody put their foot do you want to say you want to say again yeah no no phones no phones baby how we're going to take selfie drake drake i got it well you have to have if you're like one of those big time baller rapper characters and trying to keep everything on the dl or at least keep as much of your private life private as possible you gotta take like some serious precautionary steps yeah i've heard of guys like having prenups or not prenups but this loan disclosure i mean not everybody but like that's a common
thing like i've heard things like you can't even be in the bedroom with person until you sign in india wow well if you're worried about a fake rape accusation that's the way to deal with one hundred percent but then the girl could say well i was like thinking we're going to make out and as soon as i signed it he just start raping yeah yeah and then it's like well but you said you wouldn't say will look here honey i'm in a tough spot because you said yeah you just uh they assume like once i sign this not like all bets are off but i think they just assume no man i would think that yeah i guess if you're michael jordan though yeah what united mean like what do you do you have to well those guys you're worth as much money as a guy like michael jordan you become not just a human be but an opportunity yeah like your own multinational corporation walking around
unemployment most with a hard on slip and fall accidents and charge you oh absolutely completely one hundred percent right you've got to think that that is he's target in that sense whereas if you're worth that kind of money people look at you and they go look if i see this mother fucker for one hundred million dollars if things go badly i get five yeah i mean like you give me half one million dollars just to shut the fuck up yet and then boom you're out the door with a half one million dollars and you know nothing really even happen to you and there's a bunch of people that do that over and over and over and over and over michael jordan probably get every day your enemy yeah between the corporation and the just every like theirs yeah while not yeah a three about this one guy who was involved i figure with the case but it turned out that he i had sued like dozens and dozens of people for like he's a professor lawsuit or
lawsuit claim and whatever the it is some shit this he just does that it goes from one to the next tries to figure out how to make some money and sues this guy and then sues that guy for fraud and this guy for front like that's a creepy creepy abuse there's a music company like that that just will go after the slightest in fraction and yeah it's like the there like they're known in the music industry they will sue you like commodore music or some shit and they'll just go after fucking the slightest it kind of sounds like this it holds people up and people to settle well every now and then when one does get through like that song that was like blurred lines yeah let marvin gaye mean dad exactly like how the fuck did
we do not know that people are going to see that i think there's so much copying in the music business that i think they were just like it's just kind of like someone so sounds just like fucking that song you know when i was listening there was i was listening to a podcast the camera but it was the other day but they were playing bob dylan songs that were stolen that dylan stole watch 'cause it he was doing all folk songs so it was all sort of public domain but he was taking other peoples melodies and then making them changing the lyrics and those became hits for him we yeah it was it was blew my mind you go bob dylan involve people just like that you know the poet laureate of the mostly century yeah just as much as anybody else yeah george harrison got sued for two different song
this was my avatar was that one of them if they were both hits one was like i'd like to teach the world to saying i think he did have one that the i think coke did before him and then he did something that sounded like an lost that i believe i could be wrong but i like to buy the world a coke yeah that was before i liked teach the world to say no uh no it's the same time oh i don't know what george harrisons was but i know that he lost too lawsuits but to thin lines one after all the different lawsuits and all the different people that have been sued for stealing lines in songs or stealing melodies you would think that they wouldn't think that they could pull that off yeah i was surprised they want to be honest with him yeah i was surprised i want 'cause it's you can the case is different enough really not the same let's play about not the same tempo ok maybe i was wrong maybe i'm wrong maybe need to it
no they did another one they tried to go after him for another marvin gaye song oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that one is like much more shaky than this one but for elza creative guy so it's not like they're dealing with some hack and he wrote the whole thing is it possible that throws it a little bit of a hack low anything's possible anything is anything on i mean yeah he's a may i mean yeah he's a mom's everyone's a little bit of a hack i guess but like bob dylan's a little bit of a hack precisely none of us are safe none of us if bill cosby's rape and what chance to the rest of us have the biggest shock that you've ever heard and one years of no you know why 'cause i met him twenty years ago and he was a fucking dick and when his show started the sitcom i was like i don't like that guy promise you as a ten year old i was like i don't like that guy just a fucking egomaniac i knew from the i mean i'm rarely that right about something
do i not like someone and they turned out to be like a serial rapist my usually these kind of a dick but had to because i was like at the telling so for you ever made met him you had this you that you'd made yes figured it out didn't like never like the sitcom thought i was crazy really yeah when i went to college edge nyu there was an essay in some english lit book say expl meaning what the four look for the show was which was the kids have an original idea uh original design original idea and then bill cosby spends the episode chopping them down and it was like yeah that's exactly what every episode was and i hated it just as a kid i'm like fuck this guy fucking like let him have a bug but should let ruby or whatever the rudy have a fucking letter get a pet
or whatever whatever you want so you met him yeah how long after the show that you made him i met him in nineteen ninety three at the arsenio hall show the original really this do we know each other then yeah it was right i mean we had seen it but it was like after the doorman moved out here and i went to ann woman who works at the arsenio and through dave and whatever so she was like whenever there's so many cool launches like come and meet sums up so madam and he was talking about slavery and he was like it was main him and two black dudes and he goes he bill cosby goes and then the dutch man came and pointed at me and i was like
i'm not dutch it was like you know close enough but the fact that he would point me 'cause you're not you know i'm not what are the awesome fucking dutch and the fact that he just like pointed at main ann was any president like wildly smug guy wildly smug yeah huh like you know guy but not as he's one of those guys will talk and then say in other words four times like now you're making the same point for him and like i got it the first time brian to impress themselves yeah and in my experience at yes my like release among people like god damn it like you what what what what we do doing here we are wrestling we having a conversation like we'll be doing well they're not you're not there yeah you don't it doesn't matter who they're talking to you're just a warm you're just like a if they're the predator you're just like red moon like you're just the thing that they're talking at yeah
and the heat signature yeah your your any walking he said they just like in a a well that to me was the only thing that made sense about this is like how could someone drug somebody like that and i thought about it i was like i bet if you have lived decade after decade of people just kissing pass and everyone around you is like some weird form of a yes man like you have a whole industry behind you like when he's on the show like think about has all the production assistance and the producers and the executive producers and the cameraman and the sound guys in the make up people and everyone is just mister cosby and that's your existence and you
on stage in front of that crowd and you're making this show he's a fucking killer comedian he's a fucking kill i don't like the guy and i'm saying he's a killer and do you think that you just develop this sort of like really distorted psychotic view of yourself in relationship to the rest of the world i don't think so because he's the first famous person that i think he had the pathology before he famous the idea that i've never heard of a famous person like oh yeah so my shit now is i got to the drug bitch is an raping when there asleep level like that's not a level it's not like a known cell right so i think so the thing that he had i in some ways i don't feel bad for him but what do you do you know any sexual desire you have your eventually going to do you can quell it for four nights so you see only
you have that what do you do kind creeper design like there was this american life about guy who was a pad a fight he was nineteen he was a pad of file one of the had sexual feelings for like ten twelve year old boys hadn't acted on it and it's like what do i do jeez what do you do that's like it when people go sell and sell like product prostitutes whatever it's like a transvestite whatever it's like poor him like in some ways it's like you're going to your dick makes you do awful shit so i believe he had that before before he was famous or anything because i don't think it's yeah i wonder if that part is that this was a more commonly accepted practice 'cause he had a bit that used to do about spanish yeah yeah yeah i wonder if like people didn't think that it was that big of a deal or as big of a deal as they think of now like maybe people did think of hitting someone the mickey that's the stuff
get a cute little name for it whereas now it's like drug rape yeah yeah to me that spanish fly argument was that just sounded like one of those back in the day but it's like remember speak and spell it's like one of those for regeneration but yeah i think way more like there is i was reading about the guy one of the girls who lived it q happens house and he offered her a quaalude and said back in the old days they used to call these leg openers earth eye openers and it's just like i believe it i believe that these compounds yeah it's like you have women even thirty years ago didn't have a lot of rights likes sexual harassment i don't think the for six restaurants it was still if i'm at the earliest it was late so
in this it's amazing how much things have changed how quickly things have changed we were reading yesterday on the podcast was it yesterday day before yesterday this speech by lincoln when he was debating like one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight to debating the rights of black people and even lincoln back then was saying that he didn't think that they should be allowed to serve on juries or vote or intermarry with white like that it was like well like that's not that long ago man he thought were four slash of a person like you're not putting your not there not three slash five but you're not fat fat theater and you know the argument is well listen you have to put it in the context like his time during his time this is revolution yeah that was progressive who's incredibly progressive yeah not that long ago now how long is going off that's not even one hundred years ago what school is that period were living in an hour you can get rights i mean this shit is like the gay rights movement
the trans mean that i've never seen a moment like this then get traction right vote might demand things amazing yeah they're starting a game marriage all over the country jeff popping up pop yeah it's it's a because it was stupid anyway but well first of all let's be honest marriage is pretty stupid and this coming from merry person yeah the idea of like you going to sign a contract some of based on romance like you know i get it i get that you'd want it you want some sort of security but if your game you can't even make people yeah can't even get pregnant unless you guys figure out how you have to get a surrogate or utah you about you know maybe friends there also lesbians that want a kid like okay we'll have to kids you give me one and also looked at the i don't yet have you work it out they're going to be your kids but yeah but that yeah wasn't about that it was about like you also couldn't visit your write a letter in the hospital you couldn't you couldn't get insurance writes all that stuff now look
even if you don't want to get married it's it's a quality you know you want to be able to do you want to in law that says you can't a man can't marry another man that he loves that's gross and stupid and the fact that that was men to like really recently yeah and the argument because it ain't writing well that's not a art it ain't right it's not a legal argument still being go these guys are running for republican office there's there's it's still happening today yeah you know mean ricksantorum was just talking about a recently all these dummies what is that guy ted cruz yeah that fucking he doesn't believe in it was just lose like you fucking there's enough people that cling to that stupid the they're still on their side for now they like the last fucking confederate flag holdouts and is it is there or is there not
something in the bible about because they i've heard yeah men are not supposed to lie down with men this abomination so says but says who is it you're you're dealing about multiple translations of a failed but was rita's years ago only more than two thousand years ago the oldest versions of the bible that we know of today are the dead sea scrolls and the sea scrolls the only bible only version the bible that's in aramaic and when they try to translate it the stories are similar but different is all sorts of jackie in the dead sea scrolls that like is in in any of the other books on the other hand religious tax and then you did the oldest version the bibles all in ancient hebrew who speaks sing you to translate that to latin and they translated that to greek and a lot of shit missing in the in the process when they wrote ancient hebrew to ain't hebrew letters and numbers were interchangeable like words had numerical value to them like there's number so the letter a was also the number one yeah
does it mean anything that was such a different contacts is indifferent there's a different meaning to everything there is like the word god and the word love they the same numerical value and numer values are actually important in when you're saying a sentence you know you say a sentence there's tone there's sarcasm there so you can see yes in it that's why texting is hard to exactly yeah are you mad at me on their home and around you know sometimes you will know i'm at it yeah but it in ancient hebrew apparently with hard for us to put it in perspective a kind of understand the way they communicated but when they wrote things down there inherent numerical quality to the census they had like some it was the sentence had numbers
to it and i don't think we're in there are fifty arguments against why the bible israel and there's one pro argument which is i like it yeah makes me feel good that's the only army can give well the idea that god would write one book a long time ago tell one dude and and go off to manage grasshopper populations make sure her hands happened like where have you been and how come you don't tell us again yeah understand there's thirty different versions of this wouldn't you want to carry it up yeah you're a deck at this point like if you made a quote like if there is a virtual issue that came up you know and you made a quote and then a bunch of people took that quote and butchered it and twisted it up fifteen different ways to sunday and you are aware of it wouldn't you want to correct when you want to come back no hold
didn't say you have to eat babies that are the color of orange that is not what i said like you guys are you guys fucked the whole thing up but not this god guy yeah he's like i told you i told you yeah i told you once i'm not i'm not gonna tell you what these people that are lying about what you said you gotta figure out yeah it's not my fault not my problem is not my game bro yeah and now it's there's do you believe in god i don't not believe i you know i think of your super arrogant say i don't believe in god i've seen so many things on psychedelic drugs that don't make any sense at all how why would i ever be so cocky is to think that i have the whole framework of the universe spelled out it's purely speculation even for scientists like for scientists and scientists are studying the very nature sure of matter itself down to subatomic particles and quasars and supernovas and gas clouds and all these different things they're studying at the end of the day
all they are really truly aware of is what they can perceive with their own senses in this existence they don't know what happens when you die they don't know if it's just a game way to another new completely different kind of experience they don't know and the idea that it's not that it's just death and it's black it's darkness where did you come from in the first place why are you even here while you even here is a conscious entity like why is the idea of you you thinking about you that is a real thing and what purpose does it serve and why is it why does it exist and is it possible that this whole thing it's just a long process sort of like a seed goes into the ground water gets on that seed this seed sprouts pops through the ground becomes tree the tree gives fruit the fruit drops fruit that fruit goes into
ground becomes new trees animals eat those trees were nutrients for the next generator apart of this weird crazy ecosystem and the ecosystem that is that his crew dated a human being with all their creativity and self awareness and all their ability to reflect and change and this crazy desire for innovation like to have the newest greatest shit the biggest coolest thing the fastest thing the smartest thing the most advanced thing were constantly searching for this new or better product it would seem to ok that all of that is a part of some almost inescapable process of change change an improvement and change it seems like the whole thing is always changing right like a cloud form homes or rather a planet forms out of clouds and dust and all kinds of shit and eventually turns into a planet eventually acquire
is water eventually has an atmosphere and then life comes out of in that life spreads out into other planets and all of its seems to be this constant state of either improvement or death improvement and death improvement in death an to say that it's not building thord something like how the fuck do you know how do you know i mean we literally might be building twords heaven and if human beings with all of our our interest in trans rights and gay rights and being progressive i really contemplate this a lot i think about this all day i wonder if what we're doing by this movement that you say with some of its exaggerated in ridiculous and some some of the people that are involved in our ultimate like a really shitty people that attached themselves to an interesting idea but the truth and it seems to be inescapable and the trend technological innovation as well as a trend of social awareness they might if you extrapolate look at where they're going like one thousand
first one hundred thousand years now it might reach a point of really like a technologically created heaven it is totally possible a technologically created having yeah rated by human beings created by whatever the fuels a human being we what we look at it as us like human beings we did it what is what is the with what is a human being i mean there's a bunch of different instincts and a bunch of different does tires that are sort of sewn into the existence of being a person and their index several inexorable to have them if you're living in the jungle you have them if you live in the city you i mean people just have this weird inescapable desire to do a bunch of core things well maybe those core things are very in horton keen gredients towards creating technology and towards cri being aware nishan connection of ideas and information from entity to entity until the entire thing thinks is one the entire thing thinks is one and has massive technological capabilities
and literally can escape the very dimension that is currently trapped in the dimension that it thinks is all that there is this is all that there is 'cause i can knock on it with my knuckle i'm going to put it on a scale and i could run a tape measure by tell you exactly how long it is so that's what is real but that's not even once real that's what's real right now that you can experience and we might be apart of one continual never ending cycle that uh ultimately leads to god yeah yeah possible that's the thing i don't find an air again to say you don't to say i don't believe i don't think so either i don't think i think it's arrogant to say you know there's no go yeah i don't think anyone knows there's no gun but see i don't believe in god ok well i don't believe in god either but i don't not believe in god right o god i don't know i've met some crazy shit in psychedelic trips you know i've a couple examples if you can well
things that knew everything that i've ever done everything that i've ever said and who i was exactly down to the core thing things entities that i can see right through you now what are those entities a trip or this yeah on anyway this is like yes tracey this you meet this guy and he knows everything well you're you're not meeting a guy you're meeting like a geometric pattern right that is like you can't the what you especially dm teach trips you can't really isolate with something looks like 'cause it only looks like that for the briefest of mo yeah and then it changes it looks like something else in the changes and as you think about what it is it alters and it's almost like some bizarre lesson in perception and and your own definitions of the world around you that you are in some way by the way you interface with the world changing the very nature of the world itself and this is like some weird lesson that they try to teach you while you're while you're involved in these trips
like they trying to explain to you there's it's not do you have a bad attitude or not just anybody has a bad attitude it's not just that you but which that you get tide up in the momentum of those bad attitudes and the mistake it's caused by those bad attitudes in the energy that's put out and the ripple effect of all that energy and how is it how it goes out into the rest of the population and how it comes back to you and you get trapped like a god damn spider web and it explains it to you literally the way that you interface with the world change the world changes your world changes the people that in your world but also changes how those people interact with other people in the world this is very freaky fucking bizarre thing to have that be told to you by jest like giant like jesters who have like multi dimensional heads it's like spin around on it and give me the finger and yeah but i would say that's just your own it's just your own consciousness he manifested as a person
it may be or an entity or a wall or whatever it's totally possible we don't know what your own consciousness really means yeah mean first of all look hue and being is not an individual every human being is a host of a number obel i mean like litter an uncountable number of bugs like the amount of parasites and amount of different bacteria they say there's more e coli in a persons body than there have ever been people ever so think of that this is what just stop and think about and you need that if that's not in your body you're fucked something think about shit like the fact that we even know what e coli is like science is fucking like the last seven thousand and eighty years just like what yeah what how do so even the fuck did you get what i had brought in cox on the professor who's brilliant guy who were it's earn he works at the large hydron collider and he was trying to explain you know searching for the had drawn
they like searching for the higgs boson particle and have into the conversation like where what how did you get it i did you find this out who would do you do you know we're just uh one hundred years away from a guy making fire with steel in flint that's the only way they made fire clink clink clink that's how they had to make fire and you guys have figured this out what the fuck man yeah it's an unbelievable it's really hard to yeah very very very hard to read what are they what are they going out with the higgs bosan by the lunch when i'm trying to think what will that lead to well they're trying to recreate nice they have apparently recreated the can missions milliseconds after the big bang and prove that there is this one particle that was theoretical up until recently and they've met edit they're pretty like ninety nine point nine percent sure that they've isolated this particle and mash
but along the way they've also they've also identified a bunch of other other shit they weren't sure if it was real real or created some things that they that were just theoretical one is the stuff called clark quark glue one quark gluon plasma that's insanely heavy like if a bowling ball full this stuff would be heavier than the world like they've about how to isolate that and it's also the same sort of thing it's something that exists like milliseconds after the big bang it's like a part of very creation of the universe itself so there won't necessarily be like and if this is true then we all get the floating skate words to the floating skateboard yesterday was like did you can unbelievable but pull up with how long it took me to get used to it though i'm like oh great there's a floating skateboard and i like and you just go back to your dumb life you're not like oh fuck we gotta get it by using uh yeah
it'll be totally normal yeah i mean a are is fucking insane if you did i have a car and so he gave you a car is this it let this creates a real rideable hover board okay so here's a guy with a skateboard and he gets off any stamps on it says there is no such thing is impossible and he's got this it's smoking i don't like the smoke i think that's a that's an after effect and i think it's stupid i thought the best part is sad but in this case it's never going to smoke it's just a matter of figuring out how so stand on this now lexus hover that showing anymore than that that's the tease you fucks that's it you gotta see this new rx though this thing what is it just kidding i'm a big fan of the lexus is yeah japanese engineering it's a little slight different than the german engineering all of it's pretty fucking bad ass though see you in the four hundred damn what did you have like the four hundred x that one
the lexus yeah no i have a i have a sv the lx five hundred and seventy or the four hundred start they are fucking amazing like driving a living room yeah to just move this fuck yeah itself float it just floats down the highway yeah they make amazing automobiles if you think about the fact that the automobile is only been around for a little over one hundred still in the amount of innovation that's happened with that yeah and that's when it's in that and retarded by other industries like it should be further along well i think what is tesla shit like this elon musk character getting involved that guy making an s u v now that's gonna be all electric please make it a two door also is making a bunch of but the fact the bigger thing that he did was he he'd like for he basically gave a balls patents yeah just let's make it good let's make this act in actual thing well he's like a real live twenty stark type character yeah he's got that new thing
for the wall to new battery system for solar this is yeah 'cause you can't get the thing that i didn't realize that solar is you can't get you can't get it at night unless you store it and you can't it's really really hard to store well the time you have the solar rooms like there was a cabin and then a friend of mine has in colorado and she's got these like solar batteries hooked up to the cabin an you know it's like a room ya gotta go on the the battery room see what's going on in the batteries were dead it was up yeah it was a real problem the guy who stand the camels like what the you own them lights in a stupid were camping here yeah it just wasn't working correctly both is he on my thing elon musk's is very small it's not that big it's like half about this high like having a table like a small coffee table and put on the wall
can put on the wall yeah yeah that's what it's for powerwall yeah see how it's up there mounts to the wall it's cool to home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels or when utility rates are low and power your home in the evening and also for defies your home against power outages by providing a backup electricity supply yeah well that's the that's the i have a vault i was going to get a tesla and i got the chevy because someone pointed out what if there's a power outage yep that'll do it yeah the vault takes both right in the deal yeah the vault take stuff i can go to gas when the revolution comes i can that's a smart move right now you got your feet in both worlds i got a little bit about joe do you when you put it up with gas does it charge the battery no it basically you get forty miles of electric just pure electric
and then once you that's pretty stupid i'm be honest what do you mean not enough the average person drives thirty six months but what those extra four miles you go to get a sandwich hasbro switch over to use it drip against it doesn't ass so more casts out oh you're talking about when the revolution comes success yeah i don't know what to say you i have a power wall you gotta have one elon musk yeah but even then it's probably although now if you have the solar well solar is only going to work as long as the fucking weather says exactly the same if have solar and you live in a place that columbus oh in the winter good luck fuck face yeah you're not going to get much power unless they develop some sort of new shit but if your skies are gray like where i grew up in boston the winter is all grey everything is gray your not going to input maybe those new ones actually i feel like they're better they gotta be getting better with like over cash it but it's not like being out in the desert
springs madam shit like that we could just power the whole world from it yeah hopefully that will happen in the next fifteen twenty years was amazing when you look at la the one resource that we have in abundance of sunshine i mean that is the and our research really nothing with it very little yeah because we don't have to and yeah because the dwp has a full the monopoly are you worried about the water yes yeah me too how could you not be like i don't know what going to happen well we're not going to have much water yeah that's going to happen so you think that that's new normal thing now i think it like essentially where where a giant desert city and they're going to actually admitting what were like now yeah well we're other city that had intermittent rainfall intermittent rain but the reason while it was created in the first place as a hollywood as a movie production places because it was so consistent with is whether that's the here with that means you live in a place that sucks i mean it's good wait for the sun but it's yeah it's not good for life well yet we're now
suppose be here yeah it's not it's not and have it as you do a lot of shit unless you like we're going to re route the colorados this is like dude maybe we just just stay near the colorado river well what's interesting is with climate change one of the things keeping an eye on is what happens to seattle's weather 'cause i have a buddy we just moved up to seattle theory about that yeah and he fucking said this winter was amazing he's like do it barely rained it wasn't that cloudy it was wonderful and he was coming from brooklyn i think seattle poor well in seattle become la an vancouver become san francisco to don't like the way you think yeah i think that's in like fifty years you probably dead right you're probably dead right i'm a big five at about getting property in vancouver a bunch like i'm really really done very very very expensive real estate in vancouver yes but a lot beautiful asian girls
oh shit someone is thinking ahead someone did a recon well there great canadians first of all canadian girls just remember that children can they're more fun yeah there yes i've found they've been less a jaded there less i don't know the hottest girls i have a better pants with hot asian hot canadian girls than i do without american girls like the high these girls have dated generally were in really yeah you think they're less worry about looks at more than just worried about i think they're just more they actually like care if you're recent colon and decent well their whole cultures are so different because it we come from this marauding over the world sort of mentality that the united states does you know in the united states as this leader of the world go fuck yourself america learn free toby keith
don't they don't have that up in canada they don't have any of that a lot of times i think like the military industrial complex is just because we have the bombs it's like what we got the bombs like we got the avocados we gotta make some fucking guacamole man like we fucking paid for the bombs fucking use these things will talk about a cycle that's the big cycle it's like you can't not extract that the people that are making bombs and the people that are involved in the military they can't not do that if they see well they're not going to stop too much money they're not going to and we just have to stop giving it to him fuck what do you make of think of like well that things like lost jobs 'cause that's a non argument to me last job as for the military industrial yeah looks like way we ain't got away we're gonna man i got eight thousand people in my district and all that is like well ham do some else same thing with coal they say that about call industry they said about horseshoes yeah basically yeah basically like well what about the blacksmiths yeah you put in a lot
is blacksmith fancy car well that's the other thing is when kim theaters in robots take over there it will be blue collar people breaking into factories to beat up the robots probably they really have no going with and they'll start which i believe is the is the definition of a with a light is our p that were so anti yes robot that they beat them up they beat jeans up wasn't that really was looking for was not you're in the wrong wrong yeah that was that during the industrial age right look this have any bands of english workers who destroyed machinery special cotton and woolen mills as they believe with threatening their jobs in one thousand eight hundred and eleven one thousand eight hundred and sixty that will be that will be a he i believe
that will be a huge thing yeah it's like but stanhope's the ever her sales bit about like didn't where the like it's only five percent unemployment it's like shouldn't we be going for a hundred percent unemployment like don't we all just not want to wear like why are we going toward fucking dumb work thing when we could just one we all figure it out we none of us have to work because people have associated working with making money and making money with staying alive and the only way you can contribute is if you work and the other way you can get money to stay alive as if you were in this the one thing that everybody is worried about right please is about not being able to tell that pay their bills and starving to death having a chill go hungry and i thought what if we we live like the places that we know we just all over the world places all over the world were children go hungry well there's also that protestant work ethic thing where it's like it's next to godliness it becomes one two god smiled
like when the man work like that's a huge tenant well don't you think that that's one of those those tenants that those existed because they the back trying to stay in still this idea of yeah i have to stay alive and so it's good to to work hard it's nobody wants to and farm and plow the fields but if you don't do it welcome fucking yes so let's make it a religious ethic that make it a super important god really likes it when you plow god loves we plant seeds so the seed go do it yeah loves it is it even possible to have with that be possible to have one hundred percent unemployment meaning i could society society based on bartering and trading in in this all work the people like to do what about that what if you're a dennis do you enjoy doing dentistry your do you want a hundred percent and appointment like when i have all these clients i enjoy fixing their teeth what's the fuck robots bro i went to move fast and they got robots though but you don't go to school but
yeah you didn't go to school you didn't have to have people that are like car enthusiest that fix cars what about people that make clothes really into designing clothes as you got a link you still do it but i the idea that you have to do it to survive i think it's just an i don't disagree with him like that you'd want someone in this robots someone have to make the robots right that's work but yeah at some point someone's going to work in the robots even if there's robots making robots someone has to service the arowana mean like so someone is going to have to work and then that is going to want shit for the work he did it just becomes a bartering society it doesn't seem like it's ever possible to go to one hundred percent but you might be able to get down to like ten percent plus robots yeah if you get down to ten percent working now any percent that's employing sense by like blank blank plus robots yeah so once we get robots in the mix everything changes you don't need a whole lot of people to run the robot because you get robots that fix
robots in the robots to fix a robot to fix the robots who watch is the watch i just want that's robot the robot i mean you would have to make sure that also that the people that did do all the work we're so they that you kept a steady supply them and kept them educated because you didn't and then we ran out of people that knew how to fix the robots and then we're just amblin like we have to re learn how to fix robots i couldn't there was a book i think it was a white noise stand but it talked about like i couldn't fucking fix o'clock i couldn't fix i can fix the light i can fix any that if something like if i was the last guy like i couldn't fix yet yeah yeah at all we don't have a whole bit about that about dumb people like not realizing the dumb
that by a lot of smart things that other people figured out then one day the power goes out and like what do you do when the power goes out what i usually do is i sit around wait yeah i figured someone's fixing that shit and then that person is but that person is dead and no one would know what happened and then the other i joke was if i left you alone alone in the woods with a hatchet how long for you could send me an email when how long would it take nobody knows how to make a computer nobody knows how to build engine who it does have a forged metal yeah hold it pulled out of the ground turn into a cab i can start a fire you know to me i couldn't i mean i i would literally if i started a fire it will be based on i saw on survivor i swear to god i think i could start a fire if i had the right stuff but you have to make sure you have the right stuff and it wouldn't be easy it's not easy at all but you'd have to have rope and a stick
yeah yeah it's like that sort of thing that they do it becomes a bow and then like it's i don't know when to let go go over to the thing to the well you know whatever it is a grand on a show called life below zero and this do doesn't bring matches with them because he doesn't want to rely on matches because what about you like what if i run out of matches yeah what if i rely a liar so this mouthpiece that he puts in and then he has a stick put see if there's a of it his name is glenn pull up glenn and from life below zero makes a fire on you tube and he puts this bit is this piece in his mouth and the peace like clamps down on the top of the stick so that he could use the bow with two hands it really get a lot of friction so as the bow that's wrapped around the string of the bow is wrapped around the stick and he's going right to left right to left right left right
and as long as it's been the friction starts you see little small yeah he's pushing like dry can tender in there and then he gets like a little ball of fire and then he built it up how long do i have you see it you know if we don't see it it doesn't know it doesn't make too much like carrying around in your mouth make sure it has to be online which is not online they should be fired here we go so this guy this is how he does it all the time gives them from falling through i don't use the headlamp 'cause what happens if i run out of headlamps true forty waist filming this mouth pieces made out of caribou antlers this cats live so gangster up there so he holds his antler piece in his mouth and map string around this watch i does is pretty wild so is pulling right left right right left and watch a quick it works wow is that
it's incredible and he has this fire starting paying any re uses it over and over again because the more he does it his teeth are ruined we should point out yeah i see the fart but not terrible antlers which was trying to and so then he re uses that the little thin plate of wood that he has underneath three is that over and over again so it's sort of black and charred which makes it a little bit more flammable not amazing that's awesome sounds one makes a fire and you saw how quick it was yeah but joe can you run a joke nope yeah perfect perfect he's not to over much have a mug sketch nope see how it goes look at you yeah i think you could do that trunks man do would do a strong seven bro how would you rate for chris rock strongest man hit you well he's you jim oak great you could pick up a big stone ball you done you know what else can do the
a tractor yeah your human tractor face yeah with the jokes yeah go here tarzan do you like seven one of the crowd up yeah your warm the crowd up for at midnight do brody's job enjoy it eight one he yelled he yelled out eight eighteen till i die last night stage in the fucking place broke out into applause he was at the ice house last night he was hilarious he's very funny but the yelling out eighteen till i die in the places where it has yeah
great they know they know what to expect from brody stevens i like that he's like car rental thank him so people of like really like camel those kind of guys like of people who really appreciate brody amanda baker out but bob zach galifianakis too yeah big big fan made a big deal bottom it's it's really it's nice to see him getting he still doesn't get the attention it deserves i want to do something where we do it in conjunction with the comedy store and we home brody's late night sets just film a gang of them find the jam find that yeah one jam and take that and turn into a common special yeah 'cause that's easy to do yeah because some of those shows that he does those late night shows there just fucking magical math magical shows like variance by it yeah just not off the fucking charts weird
yep you know the the the the narratives the crates in the audience with the various people these around with yeah all completely i live as opposed to those fake ad lib guys you know fake ad lib guys i know this like haven't caught anyone you know what i mean are there some that we know okay yeah there's a lot not that much anymore because people getting hip to it but there used to be bunch of guys who every night would pretend look at this guy he's thinking fans yeah well he's right well and your room but i say the same thing every night everybody is like oh my god so brilliant yeah but it's really an act it's like an act that pretends to be an ad libbed act yeah i would agree with that this mother function again how dare they make sixty one grand a year how dare they feel lucky yeah so tell me about this fucking thing that you just did right for anybody who doesn't know
what can mean is tell them i don't know the whole narrative blasphemous one of the times of here we talk about five htp yeah there was a long time ago yeah i got you into and that's how when we started creating new mood yes so i'd taken five is i basically had depression most of my adult life probably my whole life and and we need to depression like right now i'm talked you were hanging out with him find were lafayette in every single right now you're great yeah when is it slip in it eight here's the thing it's not it was never suicidal is was never it was just like kind of like the best i could feel what i could feel was adrenaline an ego no i but it was never like joy happiness sort of you know like the more fuzzy or stuff so couldn't feel it just didn't happen no joy no happiness
really again but not miserable okay but let me do this while this is going on and great things would happen yeah like you had some great things happening first one of the co creators spell show which is in my opinion the greatest sketch comedy the world's ever known so that was a great thing during that time what was your joy there was ego ego and there is a drain on but there was never he'd never felt like my brain would like talk me out of it they would talk me out of why i should be i i should enjoy it that makes sense like it would talk me out of it just like well yeah but you you had a partner and you get in the middle of the so okay so your brain would tell you well you know you're doing well but let's be honest you're doing it because of dave's pound you know even though you're writing is really great would it be so great if yes give me from
family time hundreds are the show the show would still i would say yes you know what i'm saying yeah hundreds no disrespect to skip it so that that's when i knew i needed to go on anti depressants as i'd souls a script in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and i was on phone with an agent who was saying that two studios were bidding for it and i was driving up labrea crying on the phone with the guy and tears running down my face i'm like this isn't right wow so you are crying because you're still felt like shit yeah i felt like shit yeah i just felt like yeah and part of the shit was like i can't even fucking enjoy this right in a main like just like i wish i could feel this shit right so your t here's were like tears of like god damn it
i can't even feel this like why even do this shit if you're not and that's what i would get out of his ego then like like adrenaline from being in a cool situation or do and some cool or whatever even killing on stage like for example people when i know certain people get off stage when for instance chris rock to bring him up again when he gets off stage he is the nicest he's so fucking jacked off the crowd so just like high on adrenaline and like just good feeling and basically like like like just good like fucking i don't think they are escaping me but like serotonin shit like that it's yeah domain santa is just fucking flying i would never feel it i feel like i just fuck murdered but i would never be like 'cause i'm there was no i wouldn't
enjoy it in you know it i wouldn't enjoy it i would not enjoy it but it's like it was fire like i might not i might as well not done that but it didn't mean one time talked about about getting upstate sometimes you just want to take them i can throw it down it's like well fucking that didn't even help so so i've taken anti depressants for since i was crying on the prius in nineteen ninety nine so so i took them and i took zoloft at first work great really work and i remember telling chappelle i think i said i go i now know why people dance like how is how i knew like oh this works 'cause i understand the feeling that
it would make you want to dance or just like that sort of collective do you want a vieve belong to work so so did that took a lot probably work for ten years nine hundred and ten years you know with very effect but after a while it just stopped working now when it stopped working or when i would try to go off it my i would get like a tension in my fucking temple that literally couldn't like a knot in my temple like if it needed to get saged it would just form and that's how we knew like i'm fucking depressed again it would just form and what was when you said it wasn't working so what was this show it started working in beginning it was great and then
there is a term for it and i always forget it but it's like that it just stopped it's like in africa c one long term efficacy just taylor's increases yeah and that is specific to zoloft now it's all them all of 'em you can be all of 'em so then i switched to a and then probably the last four or five years i've switched a bunch because all the ones i tried had some right effect what is the feeling though that you have on them is it like a feeling of you like more energy do you have a little more enthusiastic sure have more you have like more generosity of spirit that makes sense like just like you want you're less of like a hater because you're not you don't feel so depleted yourself that you can actually be like oh that's good man it's fun awesome what's hard for people to be happy for other people if they're not happy about yes i was at it's very hard to you know
it's mean 'cause they're in a good mood yeah you don't like other people don't deserve happiness you can't get it yeah why the fuck do you get it so like any troll it's like you just see it's 'cause you're unhappy man it's alright like i get it just don't take my sick this isn't your failure right but that's how it feels because you can't do it you can't even get not not only can you do stand or whatever the thing they're mad at you for they can't even feel what they imagine you feel from doing it right so try to bunch the test for five years they would work but there always some side effects nausea when i was like gaining weight and i wasn't eating i was gaining weight yeah so weird a shit like that and then the last one was uh nausea and my dick was in a coma like literally i took fucking boner drug
and niagara didn't work but how like dead like literally it's like like put the fucking the what the clear in nothing wow yeah so you had to get off that immediately yeah yeah what's more important happiness or bone well what was interesting is it was it was it was interesting for the month the few months that i had it to not have to worry about boners boners pursuing girls or bug in ten the texting and and tendering all that shit just like i don't give a shit wow now when they seem like nice people now what is it does it does it somehow another deplete your testosterone does it i don't know why that the thing about answer to present this they don't know why they work they know that they work they had theories about why they work like the i was on a class of
antidepressants ssris which are shorter if serotonin reuptake inhibitor which means it's basically a double negative reuptake inhibitor it's basically when you when when the certain goes out usually it gets collected quickly but if you take this to it leaves the serotonin out in your brain longer i believe sarah reuptake inhibitor yet so it gets it inhibits reuptake so like hey stay out hey run around a little bit you know what i mean serotonin so if you take that if you take the drug i think if i if i didn't take the drug it would be i don't know my brain would collect it super quick i'm of the mind that i don't have enough serotonin to begin with like i just i feel like i have a serotonin deficiency naturally but whatever so so i'm so my dick was like in a coma and i was throwing up
like pretty regularly like three days a week why i just be driving and gola oh i'm going to throw up an throw up and then be fine so essentia lee with these drugs are trying to somehow another re engineer your nuro chemical makeup yeah yeah i mean you're trying to help it basically i think you can re engineer it i'll get to the reengineering right but i don't i think with the drugs you just go like its base a bandaid the space is just like a re route i go over there it's never like your your vacant synapses are in different place you know it's like but it's amazing that they're doing this and they're not exactly sure as you say how they work yeah yeah they really don't they have to series obviously no that ssris eyes they selectively re up to whatever fucking but they
i don't know exactly they don't even know if it's in your bra pain or if it's in your stomach there's a new thing there was an article in the atlantic two days ago saying a lot of first of all you're all of like all those chemicals we do not like certain awesome it's mostly in your stomach which people on now so they are basically saying like they're they're they're gone they're looking in people's feces and they think that the amount of chemicals error or combinations you have in your stomach can affect mode one yeah well that that's what the concept behind probiotics affected yeah mood are sent by the way i i was getting a bunch of colds and i starting probiotics and haven't got one to die harm i almost never get sick yeah i drink khumbu check every day yeah i have the gt is kombucha the kind that you have to have an id to show it there's more than one slash two of one percent about all
it is a tiny tower you have to drink like thirty of 'em to catch the bus get from one beer but it's worth it yeah but it's it's just stupid laws but the probiotic effect of it's from the fermentation of his live cultures it's because the alcohol yeah but it's so good for you man yeah it's been like crazy change my life yeah like traveling used to make me sick it was always getting sick i don't get sick anymore if i do get sick it's very quick it's in and out so turn around yeah i would highly recommend it because of your travel all the time on a comic on the road like you immune system takes a fuckin even in first class jail it does even in first class the road coach the other day for the first time in a long time people were touching me i don't sit in the house like why you touching your legs touching my leg where you get it's actually something comforting about that everybody just
each other he's sitting there in your you know that your arms to touch the guy next to you and everybody except that we all this is the world we're living in a casual hours mean why isn't bad as long as everyone's arms touching everyone down yeah i'm cool and as long as no one gets greedy with those long as everyone's like friendly with the space you know you that you don't man spread and bop into the other guys side and you know but also hygiene that's a big one huge because if you're touching people and they stink yeah that's fucking brutal i've had that how long is the flight those two flights capitalism to vegas or something else to canada i fucked up and i still just don't remove my flight takes off it took off at a certain time and i had it written that i'm i was supposed to get up i had reversed so instead of thinking that i was supposed to get up at nine hundred o'clock play
the flight was at nine hundred o'clock and i was like oh no like i thought the flight was like eleven and i i gotta think in the future i think you should just go based on what time the flight leave i also don't leave it up to the airline what time you should wake up what was just such a boneheaded move is that too many different things going on and i wrote it down somewhere yeah and it is incorrectly wrote it down yeah but up anyway point being i had switched the flies blah blah and i was and like it's kind of like the only time where people ever touch people that they don't know except jujitsu class maybe you know when you're trying to other yeah mass transit yeah mass mass especially tokyo rather yeah the dog literally have guys whose jobs are to shove people yeah deeper and deeper into those boxes yeah they're made to make six figures done that i think people get depressed some people get depressed from a lack of human con act absolutely that one second so okay so i was just like
like the last one was like i'm so sick of fucking taking 'cause the thing with anti depressant pills is that you don't it's a complete guessing it what's going to work for you 'cause the one i was taking that was making my dick fall asleep and make me throw up was supposed to have the lowest side effect profile of all yeah but i've had ones that had more they were supposed to do worship and they didn't so so i'm so sick of this so i just started looking up other shit to do and the big one that i that kept coming up that i saw was cada mean so i was like that's interesting i don't like i didn't really i know is it like a party drug but i don't really know that much about it it's a very weird party dress yeah yeah i haven't done like what the would you ever take that around people but so so i there's a guy in santa monica dr stephen
man dell and that's a picture me getting the your let me talk about this growing on the i don't know i mean i think i can yeah okay i mean the guy's name he mentioned i don't mind if you don't so so he you got it he was an anesthesiologist who basically but with a regimen for that's for depression is it by the way he's not the only one like there's there's probably hundreds in america right now they're doing this yeah with cada mean wow especially if you're going to read it or any like the any of the boards like and and kind of like antidepressant boards or whatever there's people that didn't and there's another one called t m s which is the other one is making a comeback is just the the this next one the actual song yeah pre they were doing it wrong apparently
there's a way to do it now like you just they were the the and the amperage was too high so confront it really because you're you're you what if you could get a little bit yeah exactly you don't want to relive yeah precisely so you little some steam it yeah you can put on a you be thrown a guy yeah you web so that's that's made a comeback in there's a transcranial magnetic nation where they just basically shoot magnets that your brain and but that's five days a week for five weeks home ahead of me cat is the treatment is you do six sessions in two weeks so it's monday wednesday friday of two weeks and i did it last week and week
so first i go in and again i don't know if i could research it all i knew that was what then you when you go and you have basically when you do can i mean you have like a out of body sort of experience being like give a dissociative experience of which seems pretty vague side so he hooks iv up and and within fifteen seconds i was like gone like at first you just get sleepy and then i was in the trip that you're talking about thing to meds great geometric shapes all cut the thing about tripping then i forgot is how good the transitions are is like it will go from geometric shapes to like a bears face to just like just crazy for forty five minutes and then you come out of it and
read slowly come out of it and you were like noise cancelling headphones i'm just in a doctor's office like in a weird not even with like those like 1970s doctors offices that you see an ally like this sort of issue the elevator and whatever so when i came out of the first one i was like it was rough 'cause i i didn't know i was going to trip like that and be i had been i didn't get a ton of sleep the night before and so i was flown that day it was just kind of groggy and i felt really shitty and it took me like i was like after i was done i probably laid in the bed there for like an hour so i was like i can't do shit right now like i can't i could barely stand so the first it was rough and that i still felt shitty that night i was like i don't think i'm going to do it again like that was too rough and
then i woke up tuesday morning and felt great i was like oh i'm gonna get to do it again so great like i felt clear here's the one of the ways my depression manifested itself was like i felt my head felt heavy and i felt like i had like i had like a lead weight on my forehead you that's the way i felt when i did ecstasy the day after the day after yeah i felt it was felt amazing when i did that and that's what it is because it depletes yeah yeah all the serotonin is going and that's basically what people with depression a lot of times are like every day is just like a headwind it's not it's just like fucking could this be a little bit easier like i'm not asking for a miracle in just like i'm just
of having to walk into the wind all the time right right a little bit up hill indolence all right so i did it again that wednesday and every time i did it that the the other thing that they the one of the ways that they kind of gauge it is do you do like a inventory a questionnaire like a twenty five question questionnaire like how do you feel about your future and like it's like not good fine neutral whatever each one has a point value they added up if it's like in the teens high teens or 20s that means you're depressed if you're in the under you know the low teens you're good whatever and i think mine went from low 20s too like single digits in the two weeks wow and
the only downside and i can't get it like perfectly clear read because i'm quitting the s all right when the the the one that the dick killer i'm quitting that at the same so i'm just like that i'm sorry having withdrawal from that and the way manifesting itself for a couple weeks was i just felt like shit i just felt like i had the flu but not coughing or sneezing just like run when you wean yourself off of ssris is there a protocol for doing that this paper that's all you can do when they say taper like you have like do you get smaller pill yes d you just click click boom that's right and you take less of them yeah you just you you go i was on twenty went to one thousand and twenty five now i'm at zero and how long you been at zero i don't know i think three or i think four weeks so how do you feel right now i feel i feel better every day from that from the assets effect
has gotten better every day i feel like i don't feel nauseous i not not he's just like i don't feel like she the only way it's kinda manifesting so now it's like one my eyes is a little feels like i have something in it does the game got it it is yeah so one of my eyes feels a little gay so she was there's no other word for it so i just put eye drops that's it any food and can be on the eyeball bought the item gets relate because i've looked it up yeah yeah there's like there's you know as a sorry i withdraw if you just google that ma'am i ball issues yeah it's like you would be a little cloudy huh some but usually last like three weeks some people i've seen guys on reddit there were like i've fucking had this for six months geez which would make me crazy i think yeah how could you not be so let me ask you this so you
take it the first time and how many days afterwards you feel great you said two one one day next day feel like shit after it's over felt like the app who's over felt like basically went home and just laid in my on my couch did you feel like physically worn out like well i just felt like i guess like i had a high fever you know that feeling off like i can't do shit was it possible that it was the stress of the experience because you didn't yet it possibly yeah because you ever had anastasia you know come out of it its field that's my least favorite feeling in the world that's basically what it was that feeling of like like i'm guy could throw up i'm not gonna so it could be a
each of issues do you have the same feeling every time you did it yeah basically aka but i would need to take a nap yeah because basically the when i did it don the wednesday i took a nap and did a spot that night yeah am i ran into that right we talked about it was at the improv maybe my ran into the store and he told me the last treatment that day yet but that was friday yeah it's like less than a week ago yeah it's different time that and that friday because is i had done it enough what i found was interesting was every session would take me longer to go into the trip mean like my body was getting used to it was building up like a tolerance for it
the cat i mean i am how long is like it's all ivy yes i be based the first time like i said twenty seconds and the last time was probably for five minutes yeah and he was upping the dose i think wow so well i ran into after the first time you did it and i ran into you i think friday was after the last time you did it and unfortunately we didn't have a chance to talk much until now so i couldn't get an objective sense of how you yeah what was interesting was like friday of the first week i had it might have been friday or so
but there was a thing that was happening on stage where i was like for like months i felt shitty you know when you feel shitty you can't kill that hard like there's a basically a cap i had a cap on my set for months and it was making me fucking crazy 'cause i was like it's not me like it's my it's a this fucking ass depression be it's the ssr eyes and now it's the ssr eyes and the academy but i on the friday or saturday i fucking murdered in the main room which you know is like octave but it was because i was clear you know i mean like i was finally like oh i know the audience with wouldn't feel a sludge enis to me there was real like you know more of just like a laser focus on point yeah yeah man i've had nice rump tired that is the worst god damn feeling when you're exhausted and trying to come up with energi to go on stage when you're physically at body physically exhausted so you were
kind of battling that a lot and so and then you're taking his fucking effects writing to like being dip press like i've written i think i've got basically an hour but it's uh like two years like it wasn't like i'm not like you where i can take a couple of months and just come with the newer bernie these guys like it further i think it would take me longer than six months anyway but it was an part of it i wanted to like i'm my fucking brain isn't working because i run out of options in terms as as our eyes and so also that's a primary focus of your minds like how the do i get happy yeah he tried a million different medication yes all these different ideas yeah and like it's just frustrating so okay so you you do it the first time and then the next day you feel great you're still on the ssris but your window i was done i mean i we are done now what you have with drawing and offer them because like this is something that's a big issue with i fosca like noah said that like i'm twenty juncea
i hasta are you okay we have time to analyze our eyes it yeah take i'll ask a guild die right well it's very day here's the ssris are dangerous with ayawaska with dimethyltryptamine with in mushrooms are very closely related to dimethyltryptamine there's people that mushrooms and they also are taken ssr eyes and i've heard that that's kind of funky too i'm trying to think if i've ever friend ari was on ssr eyes i think and he was taking mushrooms so i think i've done that maybe was on i'm kind of i think i've met in us is our only you know what i know for a fact are you did ask his doctor and told them and apparently the type of many patient he was on was fine with mushrooms that i think i did it once or twice on ssr is fine um which really dangerous apparently is if you take a prescription maoi inhibitor and then take mushrooms or you take ayawaska then it's super fucking day i think ma out ma io inhibitors have a big profile which like don't take
of the ship yeah that has more that's on more warnings the most things yeah i i i believe i've read this i'm i'm like ninety percent sure about this most people i did read it it was it this guy karl heart would be a great cast yet have them are they a lotta guys awesome said that most people that died of heroin overdoses are drunk like the most of the overdoses are because they combine it with alcohol that makes sense yeah he was on o'reilly the other day and i texted him i was like how the fuck do you do that yeah you talk for five seconds even touching you and then he caught away from him for a breaking news report on the lady getting arraigned and upstate new york for help in the prisoners escape yeah you know and in the there's a panel this him in a bunch of the people are all talking about drugs need barely got a chance to talk it's also like what good does that should do that's what i always wonder like when they go hey you want to come on a panel on cnn i'm like now
to change any minds an is also shitty way a community exactly this is the way to communicate yes this is the best way in woodland hills in an office park in a shitty office park this is the way to do it right under lighting so you so you go and you do it the first time the day afterwards you still feel clear in the way i would compare the trip itself like lsd without the speed but with a lot of visuals though all visuals all visual the mckenna described academy never done academy in the way mckenna and john lilly was a huge pioneer of cat a minha got john always got invent the isolation tank great one of his things at least like to do is shoot cat ameen in a must truly intramuscularly catch shove it right into his fucking months i think that's why
did i mean i guess he did i necia but the intramuscular is a slower release in apparent last for hours and he would bang wack himself and climbing at attack we can be gone for a fucking days zuma rounds crazy and mckenna described it like he this is very interesting way of describing psychedelics he believed weather now is to correct it but he believed that every psychedelic utah you're experiencing not just your trip but the trip of all the peep whoever tripped on that psychedelic so when you taking mushrooms you're not just ticks the mushroom and seeing the mushroom as it has interface with countless human beings alter our humanity all the different people have taken the mushrooms and had these beautiful experiences you experience those experiences as well yeah but i i don't i don't disagree i don't agree with that 'cause i can't but it seems like yeah it's possible but he said about cada mean was he felt like adami is a new drug and he saw it felt like when he
cada mean that he was in a giant office building that was empty like a vacant office building he's like he would walk around and there was no one there he would like look around there's cubicles there was like it's there's this big open spaces but there was no one in the room yes it is just devoid of the of experience that you have when you take other sorts of psychedelics did i was in the things that i remember it one of the things i remember it was like getting i would start on me and then just pull out wide like for lack of a better example like google maps in my head it was more like grand theft auto and like where i am there's the i'm in santa monica and i just go there is california there's whatever like i was aware of we sort of your whole experience people that i went to high school with people that so now like just every woman
order there if not actually but sort of you know i think about him and then it was like i was in the matrix is too simplistic but did you see the new uh land of the lost the whole there's just a weird black void scene mmhm like the it's like basically a black void with like a tron floor this was like but it was it what there was tron floor like the the way it was a white sort of it was more of a disco floor accident of white this was i don't have the disco floor but i did have the sort of black void and then ship would form out of that and it was sort of let the like it was like the phil lighting is gone would be green so like the way your walls read it would be great yeah it was i'm back up
the trip was pleasant never like i've never freaked out i never did you experience entities does anything that we were communicating with you there was all just shapes yeah it was all shapes so was just you shapes an feelings like shapes an like i would think of stuff and when you say you would think of stuff was the stuff that you would think of related to depression was it related yeah because all right fat i'm trying to do right you know i mean so like what kind of stuff was going to your head while you're having sex just like about like love and like the time went into hulk music on into for anytime someone such that time i did the float lab thing right made me get a dog because i flo labs and i floated and i was in middle like i gotta you gotta love something and i got it up the dog have
the bane of my existence i don't get that dog is bit more people talking thank you for sending me those old lady so so so yeah i thought about live just think about it but it wasn't that much it was it was more yeah i thought about like what if there's an earthquake also like fucking if you're if you're tripping on like cada mean you're gone i my eyes are closed i couldn't open them like i wouldn't physically been able to open them i was like what if there's a fucking earthquake but then i just don't ask me fucking wow what a weird thing to focus on so you try to say they would just come into my it would just come into my like don't you get that when you're on weed though sometimes i don't do we know that's right we uh we will let you consider all the possible fuck oops that could go wrong even the earthquake i was like then get demolished tell you die everybody is going to die it felt like more of like
it was the it was gonna be like the san andreas and and the rock would not know what they what they think about that when it comes to psychedelic experiences like it's your the the thing about psychedelic experiences it's universal is the eagle dissolving properties of it and they think that a lot of this would that feeling is when you're trying to you know try to think about the things that go wrong it's almost here ego not wanting to let go so ok you need me and what if an earthquake happens or what if you know what something's something is happening right now what if someone is breaking your car would have paranoia and the fear that the survival instinct is a part of the ego felt like i was backstage in my brain that makes sense like i was seeing the machinations i was feel it but i'd also like see the see like how it got there
so you can see the wiring yeah that's what i always feel like when i do when i did alice day of my when i when i did the catering i was like out feels like you're like my brain i feel like i'm like getting a store of my brain so what's supposed to be the mechanism for repair or for fifth another thing that they don't really know they don't know but it i can tell you that it worked like 'cause i felt i felt better every day but it has to do with the ssr is for sure but i also feel like the thing that's been i've been noticing is and this is such a weird symptom of improvement i've been laugh sing at my own jokes more which sound like with fucking else horny go manic no i'm just enjoying the idea as like an independent thing
right like i'm having fun like me in this person are playing for like about it like we're just fucking around like like so that to me is a symptom of feeling better and i also physically feel better wow so the first one makes you feel better is there an increase every time you do it two through six he didn't tell me i'm betting there was you mean increase in dosage i manage now yeah yeah yeah for sure 'cause i'd feel it would take me longer to get the trip and then the hangover would be way less like i think last friday i didn't take a nap wow in fact i know it in take a nap 'cause i got it at four hundred and i had like an eight hundred and fifteen so i did i was tripping from four hundred and fifteen to five hundred and then figured out how to go and had a good set wow
yeah so is this something that you're going to have to repeat or is it supposed to be like you walk it out and point the the how long it lasts is is you know very he said it could be few weeks could be a few months he did tell me he said this will these are the things they'll make a lot of our diet exercise obvious sleep he said to sleep with the son like let the wake up early if you can like and another doctor tell me that like more their tone is produced early in the day then then late so for the jobs are you awake early to rise yeah that's basically like that's better for your mental health keeps a man healthy wealthy arise so bad so yeah it's like going to bed we're trying to wake up at seven hundred or eight but how you gonna go to bed early your comic i haven't yet that's not going to work right just going to be tired all the time now but i can go to bed there weeks there days during the week i go to bed at midnight
mine i do feel like there's ideas that are available to you when you wake up early in the morning that aren't available to you at at any other time that day i guess sometimes i force myself to get up early in the morning just to sit down right because i think that sometimes i force myself awake week like i set my alarm for six and then i'll get up and i'll sit in front of at six hundred and thirty am all cloudy i'd then somewhere around like six hundred and twenty or six hundred and forty five six hundred and twenty minutes later i start getting ideas and then they start coming out and it is like this is like initial wake up and then the coffee hits in and his initial wake up ideas that i think are almost diff because they're really connected to the sleep world you were just sleeping just a small amount of time ago yeah and you can't you don't have defenses at that point you can't be like that stupid yeah well that's one of the reasons why people like right like right really silly shit late at night the news radio writers they didn't even start working until like two hundred o'clock in the morning i think that was mostly paul yeah just pollen is poli
news 20s and it was also a method to his madness yeah like paul knew what he was doing and they would write this silly as shit the barely awake they're just like laughing and kay yeah i'd always heard that that show they just play video games that's mostly with the writers they got me addicted they got they had they had a local area network set up with computers playing quake on them and i'll go there and we'd all play real time against each other and talk shit and laugh and thought oh my god was so addictive i like being up that's the thing i don't like getting up but i like being up right getting up is the hard part forcing yourself to get up out of that you know what i have a thing on my phone that's really funny and like it's either for you or not it's called it's an app called i can't wake up right it's an alarm clock it goes off it like plays music or whatever timer virus whatever in order to turn it off you have to basically enter a code
so it's like a twenty five or thirty character code caps numbers lowercase takes fifty five seconds and by time you're done you like up oh my god you doing that next to a girl dating girl she doesn't have to get up there should be so mad at you marking he just got out of the bad around yeah yeah that's it it's i can't it's really funny and it works i have no problem getting up i don't like it but i do it yeah but i've i grew up getting up and every day 'cause i had a paper route from i was like seven teen till i was like twenty one maybe even twenty two kept it till so i get i'm used as like just get up get up you know just get up yet the other so diet exercise get on with the sun and a man was interesting was that fair talk therapy for
giving with there be i got so sick of talking i was like i need a physical care like i know what the problems are i i did this numbingly feel better like the i it's a sir it's a physical issue i can i promise you and that's pretty much been established right i mean it's pretty much missed ablish that there are a large majority of people or a large number of people that have depression there is a there's a depleted amount of serotonin yeah well yes that's tablet yes as far as i'm concerned established but they really know and there are certain therapies cbt cognitive behavioral therapy that works really well for people know what i'll do when you do that i don't know because i've done it now when you're gay
do you get measured like do they measure serotonin they take your blood they have they don't have it they don't have a measurement for it whoa yeah look it up but i don't i've googled it and there's 'cause i've been like how the fuck approve this but they can't have serotonin syndrome right where you're taking five htp and an ssri any gives you too much serotonin can really with you yeah so how do they know it's given too much so i think by the symptoms seems like it seems weird that they don't have a way of measuring what you levels are because you can name is the level of dopamine i don't think so whoa the brain is so combo they know like nothing they know nothing about it because it's impossible there's no but you know i mean it's like you can look at a hard most of that's physical this is like blood the thing the liquid goes then then it comes out it's mechanical words
the brain is not mechanical well one of the things that you brought up was karl heart doctor carl hart and there's a lot of really brilliant people today that are trying to get people to understand addictions and what are the root cause of addiction and gabor matei had some interesting stuff to say about that the movie the culture high and one of the the main issues are talking about is that a lot of these people that are addicted that deal with addictions or people that are depressed and people that have like these moments their life to trying to get over the hump they're dealing with childhood abuse or they're dealing with childhood stress yeah i had a lot of that was tell me i p t s day yeah a lot of there with a minute well you had even have the easiest childhood now i think it's partially like all right my dad never hit me but he's to beat the on my brothers and i was like three so i think that must have been like yeah dramatic hot for how could not be
yeah how could it not be you know i mean i can't imagine that i can't even imagine that was shitty just a shitty way to and then like there's so many kids you don't get like the enough nutrients basically yeah so and they say like a lot of that a lot of serotonin levels are based on that early shit it could only it only makes sense yeah it only makes sense that your brain is pro graham based on the experiences that it has to deal with and that if you're dealing with like like one things they say about extremely violent neighborhoods kids that grow up in violent like michael irvin was telling me this the kids that grow up and violent families and around violence they literally from the womb the mother and she's dealing with high cortisol levels yes stress level an adrenaline yes the mother's programming the child yeah i'm from the time it's in so everybody to be more reactive to explode
my feeling out yet quarters all in an early age in philly killed serotonin sh you know i mean i could be making that up but it sounds right so would you categorize what you doing by having these experiences with cat a like a rewiring do you think you so that's why you're saying you're going think i'm crazy but there been times in the last week where i can feel my brain physically moving but like adjusting dealing maybe less like certain amount of energy was inside that area i don't know well that's the thing about the room fucking knows what it is like they know about like dendrites and fucking and nerve endings all that shit but they don't know about they don't really know they just no chemicals and the and the synapses that but they don't know exactly how they interact even so i felt my brain is felt different for
and my sleep has been all over the place one night i couldn't i woke up at six hundred and couldn't get back to sleep like and then another day i sleep till like eleven in the morning and eleven and twelve like late so it's been all over the place which let's you know like there's an adjustment going on do you get sun in your bedroom yeah you don't sleep with curtains now closed when the sun comes in you wake no that's about it right now we supposed that goes to that waking up so and the other thing the other symptoms that i feel like it's better as i've been writing more like fucking thank god thank you not just writing more but being more productive with your writing yeah being more productive with it struck me as a guy would be lazy not right now but but like you know i'm not i'm not
if i'm an idea i'd still right right i'm not one of these people like that it is something funny about the sky like that figured out like it's that's kinda never how it's been for me i drive i write entries i like right like blog entries are essays and i extract for any ideas for that's what i've been doing i feel like if i sit down and just try to write joke joke jokes it's not my style is not the most effective way like i create a lot of like pulp not to tell about fucking tell me about it but i have accepted that as a part of the so just like mining yeah like you don't just tap into mountain and go oh look it's all goals like notes gold mixed in with rock and bullshit and you gotta find it and again some people are just better at distilling their shit or their shit comes to the more distilled but don't you think though that for me least almost all of it sucks until i bring it to the stage
like almost i i have to find out what it really is i have to blink push it out in front of people i got this new bit that i worked out last night for the first time ever i died house and as i was working and i was like finally i know 'cause i didn't know i before i was like is here something in this way i don't know if there's anything in this that's the thing about coming you're never sure yeah you never jerk so i don't i literally go on with this and i don't know what i i if you ask for the bet i lose money a right and ride sometimes this is like a tag line as the funniest that gets the huge laughing like oh alright throw it still set it yeah still taking the credit i'll take the car didn't think it was where i thought do you think that that attitude that thinking about the credit like what we're talking about before and that was the boost that you got was you would get ego and you would get adrenaline you wouldn't get the joy do you think that
is detrimental to concentrate on the credit do you think that it's better to achieve like against a yeah well that's the thing of like the thing i've said on here before which when we did the shell we wouldn't tell people who wrote what 'cause it was like it's none of your business 'cause you're just going to use it to judge the person to write it who didn't come up with it so so yeah i don't alright whatever i'm with a group of people all of 'em writing in a room my feeling is jen see how it works with me is i don't pitch anything for awhile up front and i'm like dude you fucking him and then by the end i've either caught up or beat most of the people like because i i just want to contribute the united mean like just i just want to contribute to the right so but the idea i don't get too i want to hold my own but i'm not like i'm going to fuckin vanquish these mother fuckers 'cause it's it's comedy
it's like it's silly and like how you come up with it has come so communal that it's well in that sense but i'm talking about the sense of actually writing things for you for you on stage not in the writers room we write for it's a comment like that we're talking about you coming with the tagline out of nowhere and go well i'll take it i still want credit for that now yeah i mean i'm kind of i'm joking about it in that i guess it's like the ego it's just like i didn't know that was thing like guy who invents that happens a lot with pharmaceuticals actually they think it for high blood pressure and then it ends up being for depression or yeah exactly so it's like oh cool but i don't know when the credit thing i don't get too hung up with i'm like glad that i came up with it i'm like you where there's such you know chaff like just fucking nothing and then it's it's nice is when you have a thought or like a long held idea about something and then eight years later you come with a joke for it yeah for me
also sometimes i find puzzle pieces and there like little islands and also and click connect click together and they have a bridge and then they become awesome like i know where oh my god you puzzle fucker buddy come on over now you're exciting now you're part of a little little continent yes not an island anymore after a while if you have enough bits in your act if you have like five or six ideas or a or whatever then you can just end up pulling up those eight more than like i gotta come with two more just like the eight get longer with this little puzzle pieces now after doing the six treatments do you anticipate this big unlike a quarterly thing that you do to just keep your brain charges in this state told me that there's a guy who does once a month whether he feels like he needs it or not by the way i should say it's six hundred dollars a treatment jesus yeah it's a lot of money
so you are but by the way they were like it's three thousand five hundred dollars i was like i'll give you name your fucking price if it's going to work i'll give you half my life saving i don't give a fuck like it's none shit means anything if i'm not happy not only that as an artist as someone who's more productive if you're happy it's worth a shit load of money yeah that's one hundred percent sure and also more productive when your brains properly how long is this gentleman been doing this i'm didn't ask but he has one goosen anesthesiologist that bike trail he was in anesthesiologist and in the by the way it's also it's approved by the fda that's what's so crazy the first thing i said when i came out of the trip i go i can't
leave the fda approved at how did they know what i 'cause it works it's like he said it's like seventy to eighty percent of people that works with depression with with persistent depression like persistent kind of mildly untreatable depression what if people aren't depressed what about a guy like me i don't know i don't know it could take a monkey in which you fucking neurology there logan i mean it might i don't think it'll fucks me up i don't think it will fuck you up anymore than dm here and flip me over my alaska or anything going to do ayawaska and then the more i read about it was like just like what's my really throwing up for hours and fighting diarrhea and then it also seems like nebulous in terms of that would happen and i've only done dmt i've done the pure extract which is what
i ask is a slow release version of dmt ok so what happens is with dmt they get it down to this freebase form which is essentially they process it down to the raw crystals and you smoke then you get pure dmt or the way rick strassman did it or did rick strassman finally we rescheduled his health is doing much better and he'll be here are hunk august i think is going to be here in august but he wrote a great book called dm the spirit molecule it's basically made a documentary right yeah i hosted the documentary it's in my queue joe will go watch they say i'm beautiful but the it was it means connected to ricks work but it was a lot of other experts and dennis mccanna on a lot of different people interviewed talking about the drug but what he found he had this is all fda approved well and they did these trials out of the university of new mexico where they gave people intravenous dmt which is just like they're doing
yes can i mean we have you know boom right into this the blood stream and a long term effect just like your work experience yet it's like a forty five minute trip yeah as opposed to dmt which is like fifty we've seen you smoke it rather was like fifteen minutes so the ayawaska what they've done is figured out a way to have d m t and mao inhibitor and natural mao inhibitor okay because is monoamine oxidase which is ma oh dissolves dmt in the gut so if you try to take it orally your body just breaks it down and one of the reasons for that is that dmt exists in so many different plants that it was just orally act move on its own you get high everything you know sally will you be tripping your balls off it would be about it just you would be freaking out your knee or transmitter levels would go through the fucking roof every time you eat vegetables so the they figured out how to do it with you know the in a in a hospital setting just like sort of what your doctor's office setting yeah like what you're doing and they had you know
really really really profound results with it to the point where it's really really life changing shit for the people that were a part of it yeah 'cause it's just like a fucking it's like having a it's like you know when you see boxer working with like a weighted vest take the vest oh so that's what you feel like after you get out of there you took the best off and he took the vest off more and more every time you get it yeah and so the six one after the six ones over and describe what it's like the next day after the initial bear smaller hang over now because of smaller hang over and just general and i was taking that like i said the the scores would go down the on the it's called the back questionnaire sentient and and i just feel like i like my dog more i mean it's just the dumbest shit but it's like i right more i laugh my own jokes for i like my aug more the
other thing that he said which i'm going to mention of the things that will make it la longer diet health exercise talk therapy and a a close personal connection that's what he said close person yeah with someone with someone yeah with the love yeah so d i e q i'm on the street i'm out on the streets look at looking for love in all the wrong places i'm looking for a candidate trying to make this make this fucking make this academy last girl now what are you doing for extra as kettlebells in trouble okay which i always do i am sam but it's a you know sit in that like it when it's just a you tube kettlebell exercise regimen yeah it's hard to motivate yourself she go take a class i don't the thing is i don't have a hard time like when i got my treadmill my accounts like
ask me you're never going to use it my clients get it and everything i was like i'm irish catholic i'm fucking going to use it trust me like i will we like no you fucking you mother fuck you will take the shit like that questioning your will say he because he's an asshole like fuck he did that when he invested in that tick that laugh stub website that does the tickets for the comedy clubs i invested in it four five six years ago and it's like man i don't think it's the i quadrupled my money and it was like by the way my dad's a lawyer like i'm not a rube my dad worked was a tax lawyer like i'm not like very wait any when i invested in a restaurant recently like yeah you can sit at the corner table mike i'm not doing it to sit at the
fucking corner table i'm doing it 'cause i think it's a good invest you need a new account and he sounds like a negative nancy here with that dick so if i had an account like that i'd be like listen fuck face he's trying to to be cautious was trying to him fuck him cautious people are great but not that cautious where you're getting cost about a fucking treadmill you micro manager just let him by that red metal yeah let the kid have some fun but the could ever fucking exercise equipment yeah i use it all the time and kettlebell same thing you feel like a a noticeable change when you have a good work out you feel like elevated now i have yet to get that idea yeah now at this point i just right because i just wasn't because i felt she needed access for like for two weeks now i'm like fucking doing kettle bells and i'm like fuck afterwards just
'cause i haven't i'm out of shape basically right so i mean that like fuckin jesus so the three weeks where you are weaning yourself off of drugs the last couple of months i just haven't had time to do that shit and i haven't been home and shit so but now that i'm back on it i'm hoping i've never had a runners high you know anyone really going to run them like never going to run our time the fuck you talking about requires sarah tone i think you gotta go deep to get a runner side to you got to be exhausted yeah i think yeah i think it's uh i can't remember what the with the mechanism is why you get it it's like one of those things where your body thinks you're dumb my buddy cameron hanes just ran a fuckin twenty four hour run a mile track twenty four hours he did one hundred six laps he ran a one hundred and six miles in twenty four hours his leg swelled up twice their size feet or fucking bleeding
videos on his instagram of him then popping these blood volcanoes in his feet pop and squirts up in the air what did he do it for it to be an asshole so that everybody knows it if you run one hundred miles body hulked out afterward like i guess we're a hope now fuck it let's hope he pushes him well he's really into pushing himself you know like testing is meant mental toughness testing is his mental boundaries so you ran one hundred and six miles fucking psycho crazy is a professor bow hunter is a crazy got it was it is say no more he regularly throws one hundred and thirty five pound rock and his backpack and climbs up hills to simulate like what it's like the pack out meat when you're hunting 'cause you gotta his mountain hunters mountain hunting is incredibly difficult to do physic did you do it and then you did i've done a couple times but the climbing up the most shocking like how tired you get
like i'm in shape i work out all the time yeah a clown amount but he is a sign of holy yeah your if you're in if you're not doing that specifically like consulate climbing you get saw so he gets in and then you miss out on opportunities and he's a professional that's what he does so he does it he gets in shape litter before that and then along the way got addicted to getting in shape you know and then you get addicted to results and addicted to it came to noon the other thing i was going to mention was the sense taking the cada mean my recalls gotten better memory yeah 'cause that's the thing that is sort of unsung about depression it fucks your memory up like you can't recall words what makes sense because there is increased by upping your neurotransmitters when you take nutro pics that's one of the things that we found when we did that
blind placebo studies on at the boston center for memory with alpha brain was that one of the big markers that it increased in memory memory and even reaction time executive function all those things yeah you attaching to like or the opposite but you're to the depressing this like slow nessa's drag this weight yeah the other thing last night last two nights when i've been at clubs i remember everyone's name normally i'm like i don't think i know your name i couldn't tell you what it is like i could see their name next to their face one again just the weird thing that you don't think about and then when it happens like fucking ok good i thought my memory is fucked up if i could remember how i used to think of you when i first met you like way back at the boston comedy club you would never like jovi
you never like will like real happy ever you're always cool yeah we always we always were friendly with each other i can throw the ball around a little yeah but you know i'm saying but you're always like when i was a kid i was like that there was a picture of me as a baby uh one one and a half and i'm like literally staring at the picture like staring at the camera and goes and you've had that look on your face ever yeah you were always kind of stoic yeah it's not and the thing is it's like the other thing it sucks go your life going like i know there's something better i know there's some i don't want to be like this like i know that a is know if i wasn't like this life would be more enjoyable and like and i no it's not you know it's the thing with depression is a lot of people think it's just like you don't think it's like henry rollins said fucking
believe robin williams kill himself like well then you don't fucking understand depression dick it's not like getting one can't because you didn't even breathe right he's got that whole suck it up yeah it's too down pat yeah but i don't i can't subscribe that i dive known way too many people that have had like real problems with it and i think it can be adjusted with the behavior modifications the way you treat people the way you interface with people with exercise with i a little bit there's a lot going on but some people man it's not enough some people just are still fucking depressed yeah that's i've gone to therapy fucking ari said mushrooms helped him a yeah there's a lot of people say it like mushrooms they're trying to there it in this old cat ameen beau get yoba may be bogus i began again yeah but the extracts about
i all that shit there's a thing in in south america being costa rica it's like ego and i will retreat and you see their videos on this retreat thing you see a guy transforming a week and not fake you can see it in his carriage in his eyes like it's amazing so yeah i think some people just like you gotta fucking hard to a hard reset yeah hard restarts are great for phones and people yeah which brings me to the samsung galaxy s6 do the math it's simple this is greater than six so one the ads that need maybe my do pick up on that i did a little project but they don't i can't pick when they pick they should list i think they're popular though they do listen me sometimes are very popular but like the i think the ads are probably so i can't argue with well just
those ads on youtube just on the in the comments it's just it's apple samsung apple said fuck apple samsung you fuck you fuck buck it's like dude you got it this can't be that important well people get hung brand so hard you know i've had people that i've to that sale never buy a ford i'm a chevy guy you like what is wrong with you yeah like what you did how would i don't buy apple dude i'm a windows guy yes my own growth okay his christ it's what if all the sudden apple comes up with the greatest thing ever are you gonna stick to your 'cause they trick you and 'cause it's not about the product it has been about the product in advertising for two thousand and thirty years it's about the cultural meaning of the thing with especially big brands that's why like sneaker companies and chile at once they go south once there for losers good for yeah forget it good luck once we see one homeless guy wearing a
talking i'm talking to you and one the i would see and one like once you see a like and one had a day in the sun yeah but it's really two years yeah but then i'm mrs homeless guy i don't know its interest i'm sure it's interesting they fucked up their brand yeah what other answer you say are inexorable or an unfixable pony in the 80s ponies back though date now they try pro model shaky from there well there are some that are like kind of classic summer of european companies like i think nike owns converse and i think a d isn't poem converse all stars never stopped they never went away never did they they hung in there just the fact that it's not expensive n bad ass fucking just there in they're like stylish enough and neutral enough now they don't call out of it don't go on and on about it you know what i meant chucks all day so then there's like a bunch
other companies elect con new balance from not sure yeah will new balance some of our just for runners like right number just like sick connie yeah new balance would brooks apparently message always going to have a certain like shell tops or always going have a certain amount of class yeah my and now he's got like he's got the the the pro athlete angle yeah but they got like the and the face the like the super that one's been like cool the blankets where yeah the clean ones mind white the clue once i can't think of the name of it do you request in your rider a new pair of sneakers with every show that you did i do not like eddie griffin yes those are the what if that issue yeah and sneakers it's the white or on airforce one thank you very much the white airforce once they've like that's a perennial for them a yeah and the the other one is the the air it's got the first one of the bubble
member when he used to be timbaland's air max that is correct it used to be timberland's timbaland's with no laces amer i remember there joe what it but and there wasn't jovial ten more and it didn't work now in certain areas in that they never went out they never went in certain areas they'd never wanted like doc martens with the press why people that is correct doc martens there's a big part of the depressed yeah angry million yeah they want to be liverpool not talking to your parents that but my parents doing heroin uhhuh pretty much use i'll be on it marks if anyone needs me at doc martens are a weird one like if you wore a doc martens you basically look giving up on the rest of and they're not good looking they started like skinheads made them popular right they were like big in the skinhead community and they kind of took off from there is like a we share well the represent
like a certain aesthetic like person is just not following the norm you want yeah dark things yeah how yes yes save depends on your clothes like the john rotten fucking malcolm mclaren shit yeah please self up by your bootstraps is kevin kevin all these fucking weirdos around yeah yeah so so yeah i've got to say so far so good with academy like it's that's great to hear that you found something that's an actual solution that it least in this one run have people have have people had an issue similar the way you say that these ssris it they would work for a little while but they stopped working have people had an issue with ketamine mean really to think they've my feeling personally is like at a certain point i'll do something else but
but i don't think it's a matter of quitting i don't know what when i don't think it would be like yes it's r i thing is your eight chemicals leaving about right that's that withdrawal which creates like any drug withdrawal it's just your body's trying to compensate with this there's no i there's no can mean in me now to speak of i guess there's maybe ketamine create something in your brain that whatever so that's one of the weirdest things about some psychedelic trips as you feel like there's rewiring going on you feel that with dmt like they're working in your brain like you see them peripherally and you look at you going yeah i know like doing some shit off to the side that's what i mean it's like going backstage right here just like i'll fuck this is the go ahead guys how are you well you're i think you're seeing wait if correct me if i'm wrong but what you're seeing is like the roots of where your behaviors coming from when you're saying that you see their wiring under the board yeah
i just see more like the board the board itself not necessarily like childhood the lever do you see you're not getting much other very much now see you in the current state i don't i don't really see i was it was a pov uh pov from porn pov shot of me basically laying in the same position as it was on the bed which is just like you know sitting up in the bed so it's just me basically at one point it became like a little roller coaster like but a fun kind of smooth like water ride but it's just me kind of going through different things and some times it was just like white block you know just like you going into it with the mindset where you're trying to cure your depression or you trying to
eliminated or mitigated or yeah yeah i was like i'm just hopeful but why you're having these experiences while you're on the water slide is this a theme i thinking are you just it's just kind of nice a nice feeling and then it's time that would be like oh fuck i'm in santa monica i'm trying to treat depression wow and you would think that while you're in the middle of the trip wow and the other thing is you could hear the doctors sometimes say he'd be talked to but there's a nurse watching in the whole time a nurse she she super fucking hot stephanie listen she was cute she was she where pov came in hand it's got a corset on she was watching she just watch is you and i was like hey would you video tape me and she was like yeah and then i got him she's like you didn't do anything so in video tapes like which wasn't really point but you supposed to catch me while under so i'd say this is me
yeah a couple times on artistic direction fucking you know how they get got down there so yeah so there's a nurse watching and then there was they also use something for pain management if people have have chronic pain they can't get rid of they yeah academy history why am i coming for that alone makes the ninth same thing someone's going on at the not knowing why it's effective is very strange yeah and the dosage my understanding is the dosage is way less than people would take on the street and the fact that it's way less than people taking the st ann i was still fucking tripping my balls off is i don't know what happens on the street while the street once they're taking their snorting it or their smoking it right so maybe gets cut down by the body oh god imagine that's getting process by your stomach now
going through your organs and all that jazz you're just shooting it right into your blood you probably need way less so so yeah so you should look in the lily look and john lily because he really was a fucking nut for cada mean he became addicted to it oh that's interesting yeah well he apparently was can't imagine getting addicted to it 'cause it's pretty i know saturday filler to it like it's a day well god is into it as a club drug he got addicted to it and came out here um body mind took him out here to re how he's a fighter to come out to there's a place in thousand oaks it's are a rehab place that some that specializes or did specialized that does like early two thousand specializing can mean and i i'm dying from it he died from withdrawal or overdose drug overdose whatever kind of drug
does it was cad i mean or a challenge of other very hot so yeah with can i mean but he had a real kind of mean problem so can i mean like recreationally does karen i wouldn't know i wouldn't it was like you can't trip i wouldn't it's like would you want to do shrooms every day some people would but it's like everything else like you know should you be able to get a tattoo yeah of course some people want to tattoo every part of their body including their eyeballs ok well it's not me but as long as i can say i want to have a sleeve i can't stop some from turning his eyeballs into towed from the x men or whatever the fuck he's doing you guys name wasn't told right something like that frog the fox is name well very the froggy guy is a frog an expat what was he the guy with the fucking tail nightcrawler no there was no problem there was another guy that was like a toad whatever you know i'm saying you know
they can transmit west borland yeah can yeah i don't i i wouldn't i have would have no interest in doing that i would like to do it a little the everyone was that one that's a different one so that's not that's not the frog that's not the one i was talking about the bug is that that's the frog talking about the uh oh you're talking about somebody else get another guy who's up there the other guys the guy with that guy right there the guide to the left of that the other guy back yeah oh right yeah that's what he looks like right whatever yeah i couldn't imagine doing it everett was pleasant but it wasn't pleasant because the hangover is not like i hate that fucking feeling coming out of anesthesia like i added septum surgery an the guide take out enough shit but that's a whole other thing but when i came out of it um was in new york like
a nine years ago when i came out of it it was the fucking worst feeling coming out of anesthesia and i couldn't breathe was like can i please get the monitor i came really breathe and she was like we can't give you water since that thing where they like mister brown it's just like this jarring fucking thing they were trying to wake you up and i was like please and she's like and give you an ice cube she gave me an ice cube i hooked up a fuckin blood pellet that was like what if i hadn't ask for that shit like i could have dangerous so you had swallowed like a clot basically yeah breed a lot more yes on a like blood booger i have to i it was lying pictures on twitter after i got my deviated septum done when i was blowing out these fucking silver dollar size hunks of blood and yogurt got to meet the guy had taken a meet up yeah my guy was awesome he did a great job almost want to get again get it again alright i love it man that would come out of the fucking cada mean maybe i can double up having nose
nose breathing being able to breathe through my nest but i didn't get that sells like four thousand and thirty nine i think i had i still can't really breathe out of my nose yeah for me it's magic and imagine the kind of shape i'd be in if i had both nostrils i'm terrified fuck i can guide you guys came on and she has got to now filled with those of the bill well it's just nice to be able to breathe just be able to breathe out your nose with your mouth closed was a mouth breather most of my life yeah but apparently it's not an easy surgery and some people just it doesn't work right in them you know and so does it grow back that's the other thing i've heard you goes back to well well i've heard like it just repeats no i am as in okay my lawyer would have in years i got some amazing yeah they they trim your terminate so i think they're called those big bones in there and they also cut out a lot of calcified blood on main
yeah mine was all like there was like an x ray i guess i don't think you need anything and then he showed he did like the x ray and there was so much like order whatever it was turtle it was like it was like cinnamon bond to fit so i guess he took that out but he didn't take out enough shit they say that there's a large percentage of people that deal with block septums that's super common your nose is so fragile you waka on a door and also it's benton now you don't breathe right for the rest your life so you get an operation that i've heard whether it's joint out that like a lot of it has to do with inbreeding i really have i've heard the jewish people in irish people have fucked up noses from inbreeding really where did you read that in fucking unread it broke now where do you think i fucking read it well you know how fighters get cauliflower ear which is rough they get that with their nose as well
you got it with your nose the inside of your nose is soft tissue inside your nose bleeds and swells and fills with blood blood hardens and calcifies and there's no and you can get in there and scrape it out gotta get an operation you can't do anything for cauliflower yeah yeah they cut the cut the ear they flay it open and then they scrape out all calcification and it's just salvage it right falcao phaidon here yeah it's his blood the becomes calcified when blood leaks like when you have breaks in the blood vessels apparently and it's under the sea surface of the skin it swells up like fills up the blood and that blood ha jordans and becomes like calcium i someone i know was telling me that they woke up with vertigo and it turned out because a friend of hers had had it for months and they go yeah it turned out it was just a p
piece of dust in my inner ear so basically if you ever wake up with vertigo one of the ways you get rid of it is literally like trying to get water out of your head you're trying to just jar the dust or whatever it is like summer alt fucking laying on your side i swear to god there's like somersaults is one of the cures so if anyone wakes up with vertigo get to fuck isn't that your ears control your balance like somehow ears and your balance are connected and your nose in your taste buds are connected yeah yeah fuck is going on the human design where shit design in your balls on the outside yeah and every time and know god you come you can make a person yeah it's ridiculous it's too wild ridiculous trick trick this thanks yeah so so yeah tricks so
look man i'm happy to hear that you know this is really working for you yeah i'm still not think i'm still not hoping that i have pre maybe thirty more percent upside to go yet more room i think it with the s s r i stuff like one then completely i guess it's a it's yeah but i'm like it's more enjoyable from the pov then it was would you recommend this to other people how do you right now i mean i wouldn't you know recommending a medical treatment it's personal but if you feel like all i can tell you is i tried a bunch of shit and it's and it's the reason they do i mean there's another one called tms which is the the magnetic when there's chicago who does both at the same time jesus prices gaza man man the fuck you trying to do make a superman and he said yeah
so you're the doctor so do you yeah i think the i am yeah there's a bunch of and it's like if you're just sick of it i was just sick enough of it that i was like i don't name the price mmhm name the hardship because there's nothing i'm just second it well you know kudos to you for keeping keep searching the end the madison transfer to the transcranial matter the magnetic stimulation is covered by some insurance with magnets yes are you and yes and they don't know how it works but they got it and i was gonna show the other night by the way he was like a science show science slash comedy show like their panelists ever scientist panels over comics woman on the panel has she's involved in a magnet thing that increases people sex drive forever fucking checks yeah
shoot magnets annuar way hornier and i was like who do you think but i said something men needed right 'cause the judge fuck your life the ideas you give it to women like it's a spanish fly in magnet basically yes why check is asleep he put a fucking but then i had to get him back on its out joe there people online that was saying they can make it not that not the sex one but the transcranial want but well there's in all sorts of magnetic poles to ease depression wow yeah what does it say non invasive procedure not fight depression calls trans cranial magnetic stimulation or tms uses magnetic stimulate brain cells that control mood but they use that trans cranial stimulation for a lot of different shit right there was not magna next but electric they were they had these electrodes they were attaching to people's brains that help them learn shit quicker there's also
it's a weird little hacks that you can use that help stimuli little areas of the brain that they come put on radio lab there was a radio lab episode about this woman who went through a sniper school test you know where i heard that one see that one that one was a major reason that one that was amazing yeah did it and then she did the second time she's like everything was in slow motion yeah i feel felt like it only took five minutes and it was twenty minutes later eight a zone yeah like i am in the zone now yeah so it's amazing yeah i love this i love the there's so many people working on all these different ways to improve the way the brain functions and their kind of still in this infancy with it that fucking within adding pilsen i'm grateful just for the shit they've done so far it's like fucking thank you even for the pills that didn't like fucking at least trying yeah that's really cool i've never had depression issue i don't think think i'm missing think i might have when i was really young but i don't have it i definitely don't have it now but
i sympathize with it i know a lot of people who have had it and i know a lot of people have had it and they've come back and they're much better and arch fears one that's always point to which severely at one point in time and you know and now he's just amazing i'm always a happy as right now from one to think and a lot to do with its success had a lot to do that or he's like really successful now and you know he doesn't feel like he's on the outside anymore he's got he felt like a thing for awhile like that he wasn't being recognized he's been recognized by us you know all of our friends and like crowds would laugh at him but the industry doesn't take him seriously or he wasn't connect i had another brain thing over two days i think it was earlier this week where one day i was like fucking no one cares about you and the next day like it was a profession gripe warm legs in field and doing all that and then the next day i had the same thought and it was followed by like will then fight
united main like like yeah like yeah it was like then fucking do some about it where is the day before i was just like hopeless like that's the thing is like one of the depression things like learned helplessness is a sim and they think that was one of the things that like that was a behavioral thing where it's like you would have to buy when when mice couldn't when they realized they couldn't get out of a box they just stop trying but then there are certain guys they gave i think a chemical do that would keep that would just fight five until that but they but that was the thing of like ok like i wasn't getting a month ago they learned victim mentality is is that that's a groove that's like car in people and some people it's become so prominent yeah they they just auto they drop right into that and then their victim yeah and the search that and then the the use a litter arguing against the and also use it in arguments like to become a victim in the argument it's super comment and
it's it's so self defeating but so it's it's so a normal part of like really weak thinking yeah but having said that a lot of some of week thinking is as chemical problem is fucking diabetes you know i mean like exactly and also not everybody has the same exact fucking childhood and growing up experience so your your formative experiences that you're having with its shaping your personality what i percentage of them are completely out of your control and how arrogant is it to assume that everybody had the experiences that you had so you've gotten through them everybody else henry rollins needs to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and not fucking shoot themselves like robin williams that pussy can yeah i mean that's the crazy but that really would topple say it's like a a the depressions like its strength thing it's like if you don't mind mental fortitude i've got a pretty good track record like shit i've done and the same with robin williams
not easy he's done fucking right how many hours stand up he stole the right glove tie to stand up to be that good in just his recall a may like he's got a good brain so it's a it's not like a good at some things at least you know mark jordan who's a good friend of mine a doctor he's an expert and traumatic brain injury and recovery from traffic band jeff things he talked about you actually wrote a paper about this about people that have gone through very begin operations where they've been under anesthesia for long periods of time and have like open heart surgery that type of shit there's a law large percentage of that experience in pretty significant depression after it's over and they think it has to do with uh hormonal imbalances that occur after dramatic fives are that is yeah yeah that because some of but some people have like a kind of a seems like letterman had the opposite like he had sir
game is like a new man he was just appreciative and like that well that's too you know some people they go through these near let near death experiences and it wakes them up yeah i do realize hey this is almost over made it sound to be nice to people yeah maybe appreciate smell the flowers your fucking david letterman did you go out and hug some folks you know yeah that he started taking anti depressant did you really yeah he's it was on my own bombings pockets he talked about it like alec baldwin as a palace when had he had a podcast i don't know if it came back that guy's got golden pipes first of all so that's the way he talks a jewelry that what you're saying this is alec baldwin like it's a joy to listen to that part that's an easy hour ego yeah but enjoying a stranger fucking disc one is like don't pay attention to that part you're listening fucking golden but i'll take an eagle with pipes like that what if your papa razi would you hold a grudge i think that's what made him on public radio station in new york and they were like you can't be saying faggot and all that
i can't say i can't do it but yet so he was talking about an alex pot podcast and it was like he went on i'm shortly after that be i think it shingles to and miserable miserable and they're like going to like really and he said like what the analogy was please like it was just like it was like i'd climb the hair that i couldn't get it come through and now i could get the come through it or something i don't remember what the in it but some similar to that but he's kind of chubby and it doesn't really exercises and i bet he doesn't eat letterman no not talk about letterman letterman letterman talked about it i love podcasts baldwin is not an internet presence podcasts letter and also this post open heart surgery yeah that makes sense then i heard stories about him where he was united here he's where he wouldn't be happy with the monologue the bang as head against the wall yeah i heard that too i heard that from my friend who's is assistant yeah he fought
hated everything you did it's one of the reasons why he was the best yeah just the way it is yeah he would yeah the if there's a story in that in that late night book the late shift that i think it was in the book but peter sally had a big house in malibu and he was the exact producer of the tonight show and like an executive's around late night with david letterman he became one on the new one too but so he was sort of like letterman's go between for letter for johnny and he had a beautiful letter was like man i could never have a house like this and he goes you make ten times the money i make like you could totally and he's like really like it just never occured to him that things were good end he could do well hi another thing more i'm more apt to cry now as well in a good way not like like i saw inside out and cried home
which is like any good yes wait but but like do you feel more yeah yes yeah so far i'm happy for you get addicted and die i think it's awesome i'm happy for you yeah man and i appreciate you coming on here talking about no yeah i because it's because the thing with their with that it's very fertile people don't know it's very hard to find to get there but it's like people are too quick to go like have a fine you got a how much people realize and with anti depressant to shop and have a more keep looking for other shit i don't just go and then it can't do it so so yeah but i look forward to the
my laughter i look forward to hanging out with you know brand in europe that mother thanks but i appreciate it and to appreciate coming on a psa talking about this takes lot leverage yeah never neil mother burn and follow him on twitter and instagram and your website your website the over to dot com i don't write i don't know what's going on nothing i feel with like raccoons no one's websites anymore websites are public social media social media is taking it's too effective alright fargo will be back with pod cast number six hundred and sixty six on monday and who's the guest duncan trussell of course price dayton or or whoever you like alright alright love fuckers see soon bye bye big kiss ok friends thanks for tuning into the podcast thanks to our sponsors thanks to zip recruiter go to ziprecruiter dot com slash rogan and you can try ziprecruiter for free oh shit thanks to dollar shave club stopped
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