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#667 - Kurt Metzger

2015-07-01 | 🔗
Kurt Metzger is a comedian, actor and writer.  He also has a podcast called "Race Wars" he co-hosts with comedian Sherrod Small available for download via iTunes.
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is larry stanhope comedian is names kurt masker i had the pleasure of meeting him several years back with orange fear were together up in most shrill kept back canada fuckin larry stewed very good guy very cool guy and very thoughtful and intelligent guy he has his own podcast is called a race wars check that out and check him out right now please welcome masker will gain experience we are here to live with the current president of the donnelly trumpet van club and he's gonna let us know about the campaign hopeful and exactly what's going to happen with mr trial once they become president curve i'm all
we shall present is gonna put you say is going to be the biggest economic turn around the promises he got from a besieged meant here but that is so and we assume donald trump he got fired were all for the old apprentice sharing show yes he got fired from the fire when ironic and for him is he says he's sue thou shall have the last laugh why he's doing them like they for they fire for he made a budget disparaging comments about mexicans about people crow the border and use it is all right you're talking like a like a rich guy with no sense whatsoever that he i love that alone just pull that lie there we ve just can't lie and hide it you gotta let it out but i'd ever blame like the corporation you know that has to fire whoever for a thing like that's what i expect to deal with the business you i mean like i would never have put that on them if i
from something i will to sue them after that seem fucking little creates i think he just sues anybody who gets in his way he's a fucking steamroller steamroller lawsuits doesn't win now i don't know he has a rock solid contract is what dmz said so while doing it so they re patterns they fired him from there and then mexico so that they won't put a woman in his beauty pageant over what does it mean universes out monsieur first so it's rough for a fuckin multibillion ere they have donald trump busy tonight is that our union as are like going crazy to mexico everyone's beating like relying trump plough that's hilarious yet they get madman i don't you know that's not lake i guess so many east coast is not like a thing i got to look at any strong feelings about immigration where you so i don't know how to like i am holding my shell you sure about a book
adios america right about like the illegals account and only really have any i will i would even if they come like why can't we go after their employers yeah why can't you watching occasion why can't you that's what's the thing about mexico and the and california is it mexico you could just drive to and a lot of people over from mexico to really even yet a good point a really isn't a place like down these coasts riots ever cuba right cuba's you know the miami thing you know miami in cuba right next door to each other's a lotta cubans did you i have friends or like i'm only as friends from my college this different pray tell me how cuba's a utopia that was it is if you like nineteen fifty to give us the i guess i'd like nobody's on inter to floating to cuba that i've ever had a little guy they have some good things
the ice seem to be like really nice people they have great sense of community and family have you ever better now but but i wish i could tell you why i may go but i'll take off here sorry folks it's actually a great book but new will you see down there for real is like these incredibly restored old nineteen fifties american cars oh yes that was less than they are getting cars all right look at all these cars this is cuba like this like i can finally fill my fifty's yeah me animals a call i dont know how they're doing this you know what that's really will i on he's or how they make sure that these bodies stay restored if there remains actually no modern or other doing that like some old car it took some old cars and then people will make new body parts for those old car larger read it all people jail fishing but look at this cuba is a few new cars and nanda one on the left hand side it there's a lot of this man
weird riah you said you go for sex tourism is a sharp metzger i don't know i don't know how long those fucking colleague who actually how long have they been using these old cars like tat is older than the embargo right the embargo i've been in the sixties drearily back again right now you don't say so these are really old cars like that upon top i think that's a fifty seven or fifty six chevy the blue one too middle rodya i'm pretty sure that's a fifties like a late fifties car at that actually executive morgan many many chair field tax the egg donato nano egg nineteen fifty two oldsmobile while so there are few like seed is fairly modern cars and backgrounds truck guess you see a lot of these old cars sky wild man
a time machine enough you go back there picturesque whoever though there are cool but the drunk driving them like driving a living room there retard it is time for the dumbest shaded ever around i think that fucking free artists stupid shape their commercial areas royal like that women want to fuck it it's the dumbest like the roads i haven't weird commercial search commercials almost always involve fucking went on there was a kid in the back seat broad and all the girls getting change now the brows and everything a flying on him and he just sitting there you don't i fucking eight those commercials for the same reason you'd read like a feminist blog hating that commercial public order for a different like i hated to bite they hated for a reason different than my reason right but i'm insulted by they hate it because it's objectified women it's all women are just there to be sexual
things and throw their braun your face while their driving difference really believes that that really changes you so much like the little extras extraneous shit that you look at leisure perceptions which bothers me as i resent the idea that i would just oh tat are ok i'll buy a four year old kids like that's to me that's all i think i was a dumb but i want to see any object you it's a worse objectification those fucking anna like top ten worst each body lists yes yes yes thirty four men misery net doesn't my girls like which which girl has the shooting his body i would never even look at a list like i always me like a burger commercials like nicer than you know unless someone on their that you used to think was hot then you might i'll see what how far the slide is gone like who you are young you might look the train wreck way by yet those things are for women but so it's that some women doesnt mean defiantly
who created characters for fiction and the idea you can create a cot you know you can't make a slot you can't make a girl whose all fucked up in the head will they they exist in life gray and if you mean in fiction your fiction doesn't necessarily have to represent anything other than what's in your head what's the way the story you trying to get out you don't have any obligation to use a certain amount of asians you don't have any obligation to use a certain amount of white people black people europe education is to make something cool up make it bloody ahead while is looked people away but entertainment like that that's a very vows religious that was our was jobs witness do like every fuckin thing i watched like smart leg smurfs was off limits for some fucking bullshit reason right when you watch the smurfs yeah me into so why really but there's no other some camonica thin with that is always fucking and then i remember this since it somebody came and gave a talk brother tucker his name was the travelling overseer was his title he would come in like gift
maximum cargoes and meetings like three nights a week so here is fucking talk about all this shit out like how e was bad because he because he healed the boy like yahoo who do we know is the only person who can heal like i might start believing unity is the real jesus that's the fear and the simpsons head rebellion against authority with boy and disrespect of like your elders so that here the mothers are not like my cheered watch i could hear them chattering after that like that with this shit is now it's like what is what's the representation is propaganda russia's just candy you know so we were talking about this before the podcast do you think that some like over lee upset peace people that what their due is almost like a form of like protecting lord
a form of fighting against blasphemy that memory goes leader really my charge i remember all of them like all well you something like every other jolly when that same behaviour lively hunt resent i think you're right you know is the exact same thing here only that was undermine them as long as you are trying to get me fired i don't get you say whatever you know but you want to criticise and not against criticism right right that's fine just to be fire just can we not do that part of it well that that is where you find out like exactly what kind of people what it would exactly train accomplish trying to engage and discourse with a reasonable person you're reasonable guy you'll have conversations at play but that's the thing they do want you instantly labelled as an unreasonable person who's not to be debated well you should never have to bring it up you should know the right thing is to do with it yet i seinfeld like where you know so i felt public resources seemed they re about how you somebody's allowed to
yeah that was not incite felled comes out and say well he's a relevant and an old man something which by the way that's like saying someone's fat good i'll see that different scenario hominem where i mean it's defusing his his argument and body saying is you know what josiah was saying was the college's to pc and i'll call you honorary foolish thing with his daughter of that these days there even though at the fort these words mean and what constitutes that right that's exactly right that's that i don't know the pc ruins comedy like people were funnier still funny it conic fox up audiences right so we both when i have the same goals when these pcb lay i think people are more sensitive to each other in all their ideas while by their systems are going to create that just going create fucking people that shut down it buzzwords so that's not helping design accomplishing anything it's also a game with is like there's a total that's being run one side people trying to catch you four things they can catch you with and i was just
like what happens with cops when you start given cops the ability to start right now tickets and you give them the ability to play this game and these games to try to get the bad guy right a year in your involving a game the game with them too and their game is to get offended roy find some shit to get offended and then they find it i got one i fuckin got one and they get that one they want to read that one out that want to publicly shaped like so that only data thrones should share that's what they're doing it's like talking to build collectors do me like watch please don't swear sir was actually help you if you got together like scumbag about somebody's wanting to language sir that's like that's just an easy out that's a grocer i like you i wish i could be reason we're so what we want is an argument that talks me out of my entrenched you understand so just if you going
you gave me do it all molly since you you are involved in something like that we're wars going i was almost run far you for something from there's this outbreak member sam rural there was like up is the great rage al gore twenty twelve discreet breach of works of art end like they do the last thing the eye so it was so sam rural he's ever joke but he was how the sexes one is making a million oh he's annexes bygone males major million comparable she kept using the inward i guess you know right so so we were horrible about that suggests whatever you throw it out but there is a whole thing about how fuckin terribly is so i thing with him where we said the person that wrote this article is not a real person kay and when she was suddenly invented to make some wait about free speech and i have a couple people on facebook say like out the jiggers up and so it spread pretty quick that she's not real ok and she got
furious from that so she went through my whole facebook and don't go on my facebook i can't say that enough to feel like i don't need you and it's not good and she she went through she went through every post you could find to just cut and paste shit the tax clearly only a collage out of it pretty awesome actually like it would recall you have this thing amy football is eighty five but i had to have like i'd like might have a call from producer and shit i never even created my job with any of this you know i mean like where i'm done because i didn't realize that would into my u dont
a day job well the fact that she's got the kind of time to do that to someone criticizes her or makes like a little mock why has bought a borderline purchases of mental illness like they should we committed for which i didn't know i wouldn't even made a joke liked about is like a beautiful mind for her but i did that if i knew she had i wouldn't done that's right she has unroll there so people with that that disorder i personalities where they take shit way harder than like regular phobia so you did it in response for this guy getting raked over there i was actually an ideology that he was getting attention at this stupid guy of offensive where's my thing then i got my way to get to the next level you create you so what was the word was the like the most heinous in fraction that you and your colleagues so much like oil in general that you shit lord
now that you know what that is called the disturbing online trail of kurt madagascar that's what it really does anyone like truth like off it's a real smear job driving i was shot how like smear it was well while you really measured but it still wherever i got out of forty likely even in the ever eternally get like bad but it's was unfair i keep him believe the amount of like like bullshit so it's breeders and do it stop this day i'll get random like people or angry at me as for to this day from that that's yes oh it's like a can affect you some something i know it's affected me somehow this bullshit fucking article only good ways anybody
it gets offended by you didn't want him in the first place anyway they can't see he can't lagree through dangle way what's going on here what is the whole story or they are mocking you and they said you weren't a real person like you were you are a parody account the eye and a you're angry allied soldiers as well as people put not fake accounts of her all over the place which i didn't tell anyone to do that by lay i repeatedly my fuckin stupid fans here as them enough not to like did involved in if you ask them to not get involved because it's not your say they were involved and i knew tat my fuckin but it's not you it's fine i wash my hands of you you may but she invites the because what she's doing is online this this is wholly open arena so fiance legs you friends like don't don't give our hearts are wiser comments section whereas
are you writing nonsense why did you leave accommodation you're gonna heavily edit the comments action and job i don't wanna like i would have she's like somebody would how to my show if it hadn't gone too that you re me like i don't want to really need to people get whether i can come on my guardian pica because i'm not into like i'm not trying to like what's it all about grace wars as we raised our small and we're going to serious pressing for four weeks like a trial by little sylvia i guess but we have like i always is all deal with its website we realise sound cloud nitrogen get her on the last one we had in culture managing editor adjustable cheese your carolyn castiglione comical joy eight life she it was a great deal is one of those ourselves a vulgar slam poetry contents really lamb polio two years he's a fucking
delivery of rape joke in poetry files now i missed it what is it girls duenna like each one says the ex line consciously and power like that they were hearse like knock knock whose their raped we re going to do what is this is it not fucking funny good track does not it's no it's a real thing it's like sleep if you up worthy that's what they love is like slam poetry right asylum worthy what is up worthy you ve never been no seriously it's on well you can't use most it seems familiar do whatever you dig like but he's like enough
where the title like this video of elephants getting married will blow your mind and then you see there like a little short clip or else it's like this this little transgendered girl explains at all saddle blew me away you know like those are all the headlines and not on facebook where it yeah hate that crap where it says something that you won't leave what happens next monday's now comes home from no no no no you don't understand brian this it's like super lefty what he said but this is look it's like my old religious jobs whereas literature but here's i want you know celebrate diversity dont squash it here's why the president is wrong like those kind of questions right or those candidates a little more thoughtful than idols i with them but there's like you know kirk metzger is evil in and a problem for america here's what's wrong with his comedy that's two specific now that is their misleading it's always light and get ready to heavens lying mean some of their title going go and hold it and put it back yet like all the
its neighbouring i looked at one today where it was but in this case girl upstairs with asperity probably a lot of parity sites attitude by now ok how seven things that have nothing to do with re perfectly illustrates the concept of consent large allow gonna purvis elsewhere but hope but how crazy is that of the first thing they go to his raped is a little bit of rape obsession going on i know it's awful heinous crime but god dammit up a lot yeah i don't do give hawaiian deserves to be raised more about it but i don't why i know there's is anything wrong with raising awareness but it seems to be there's like a massive focus on it all large eu law enforcement do their job whether you know you know those rape has backed up like that's fucking a big oblong with written jake's backed up yeah like they having checked them yeah like little job jamie but though the things you see now is this idea that just a little education is going to stop this and you can
kate men not to rape by not erebus that's what they do you're going to educate them out of that so that's why law enforcement was to take care that well i mean you have to tell my order rape i get it that's a bad thing to do i think italy for sure there's something about societies attitudes doing look was make it more will you this instead of teaching women how to avoid rape what's raise boys specifically not rape hey good luck with that then people to do that i like that pedophiles i like that they just come out you don't owe me well they definitely think to grow up in a certain households your household is fucked up and you're your dad is just a piece of shit lords women ensure you grow up with that but you know a change that with a cartoon this is an agreement with them up they like there's nothing you can do a lock them up but the only way to do it it makes it since at all would be to somehow or another rays at our kids you know you'd have to legal
you're an engineer that and that is not a small task by any stretch musician maybe we could breathe that out but i'm saying in the meantime while we're working on that with which absolutely should happen also watch back you know until that problems taking care of it like i should at the chain my bike up either by that you know it it stolen if i don't this is seven things that have nothing to do with re perfectly illustrates the contact with consent says one wants prohibition sure guy says sure power later i really like in this let's do something else and the guy put his hand on item no you said you'd watch the movie so you stay till it's done says it can affect them
there's no way i can read like he's reaping by forcing him is to watch a movie any guy that cares about whether or not you watch a movie is gonna fuck is waiting for the drugs to take or less double rape because double rabies movie raping you and real raping you he's a rape rape rapist please terrible thank you for letting me borrow your car no problem the next week what are you doing barring a car you said i could eventually for a week that guy's deserve a trophy first for the terrible announcing you can't take place would have wanted that's bullshit you said i could have at once so be able to have it all about her pussy i get car pussy and for we deduce fucking over a week so that china would get you think so so virile attain release i always say yes then are you really going to attaining by dirty my brain
there's just such a who's this message for exactly who is the message for you know it's dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar don't be re gentlemen are no more than with a fucking law and order commercial cast of law and order s view brain you don't know more sexual assault which is a good cause re stop it were were offered wall for that you're gonna do it among these guys it's for it ok so so then there's slogans no more which it is one thing a rapist understands the steward no so good work with that and then take the like they can't even speak did you ever see that it's all after some s view and they just go like ma the cuts in exile and is like now now and they could numerous gardens i can we stop to register sexual assault is hard to talk about it really is it really cast of law and order you don't reap show for sixteen years they can't bring it out now the whole shows rape and murder as is
hear me is fuckin shit here they make money for rape and murder on that ship that's all that shows about yet his poor for all people that's who watches that shit all thought they get all titillated by murder shows who's gonna see that and just coattails can go raven her rage if our idea slorc you got me fuck yeah they didn't help one person i bet not one single person course not then know that works tell people not do things well now i should be an environment the thing you work on if somebody guy right that they feel like they can report it like that's what should make yes that's dead whatever their attitude is to work on is the whole kilos everybody's got a report it would happens which some people want oh there is not going well but never kills thing was on disney drove me nuts one i want to show was wasted it's worse than murder so that's really helping a victim to tell them they are better off dead
that's very kind you i'll meet you understand so that's how people to report their re because they want to be known as someone that something worse than murder happen to write you know no one ever stopped any sort of crime by because of a slogan give a hoot don't pollute maybe you know maybe maybe only you could fight forest fire you know maybe you stop some people with world cards are ye i think that good work don't rape personal concluded i cut it out petros yeah thought this stop fucking kids here is off the boy was call what it is kids they serve like you we should make like really forceful adds pay it's not called for kick it still be a great just three were set up fucking kids that's all i care was kind of russia not you start to stop i know you get arise out of it you need a hobby
take it you know it was only one or two a year more massive you could find a cure the keepers mouse what a gem found one be no more of tat a file it's gotta be the life pedophiles going to be the most heinous prison define your mind trapped in you don't think that's orientation beer petrified literally have zero idea i would what i imagine is that like some people it's a free media and some people you know dave also too weird mental disorders and multiple person colleagues or even of the human brain does noise work right irish schizophrenia colleges to catch all for a bunch of shit you know it's not even i didn't realize how much psychology site algae like bash is the shit out of like psychiatry like bright do not really psychiatry he's got a lot of bullshit i didn't realize compared to medicine where it's not like they can't
early diagnosis for real to lotta guesswork did you know that while they are in talking to people that have taken antidepressants that's the glare egg the other day he was talking about the this one thing that a lot of people may not known i didn't know until i start talking neil brennan was on the other day he was talking about the this one that a lot of people may not know i didn't unknown to start talking to people to take them for to take as a surprise it they don't know why these things help people really don't now i know you know no one's gonna work on you and give you a bunch of different ones to try this one now this is work gimme another one that giving another one who i think we got it and then you got a thing i ordered dosages like it's now it's it's a weird doesn't sell ideal i read is i don't know why i read this so it could be just horseshit by young people supposing it suicidal and those yes he's has yeah because some of them for this could be wrong but it sounded interesting to me either
he'll this anxiety some of em you know you have a certain amount of anxiety in your in use internationally about ending your life you that just naturally there to keep me from doing that and when somebody's trunks they even you out so much we don't feel that fear so if you really thought out your suicide pretty well now you no longer have the fear of committing it home sea like it's no big deal you kill myself well tat was the argument for school shooters and things along those lines i used to believe that to fight it then i found out when people say like they're not all some some on annex it is all the same drug and it's like the very catch all that's ambrose using answer what i can say that that day they don't they don't feel anything like they might be they it doesn't bother that like everyone's olaf and the way she does it was she's like nothing bothered me like nothing like
monsieur curve of yours dunce into flames had ever zealous creeping so if you had a desire to kill someone for some reason wouldn't fuck with you the same way it would if you weren't on something so so you get someone who's probably hired wrong anyway for whatever reason trauma abuse genetics whatever the worries as someone could become like that cholera school shooting guy but he put some online that uncertain medications and the way it interacts with you're fucked up brain is it allows you to do heinous shit and now feel anything about it i don't know either i say i really is bought it that's just depends how much that is used in you because i thought they calmed down to four some people but they have a different effect on different bits like like medicines that they give people for adhd right
you took it you'd do diarrhoea happens when i do take it gave him two kids who have eighty eight apparently calms down range way they lay crash or something i don't fuck and get it you know it's just forget math man while at the same place slightly i learned that we give them hitler pills their lists by the way did you ever see a thing about his hit with a junkie wider history channel is all about his doctor feel good he added that they didn't even know back than before egg and mass is that it was like lighterman serves you get is vital shot of mass they probably item on energy may make sense of the lisi that's the fighter pilots apparently came of it will the kamikaze take it nay said the gig due to fly the planet ships and blow up tournaments human torpedoes
apparently they were using crystal meth during that's amazing they could be like sure that their guys like a god emperor to do that bomb really fog in turn idea around here let's not get out of it there is no god be that is when you the entire city evaporate one guy who who escaped from hiroshima and de nagasaki and the jobs that are now saki oh yeah that's a fucking crazy made it out of both of em i'm acumen jane after that you like you're never gonna believe what i can imagine what it must have been linked to see both of those cities nail was arguing that maybe they needed the need to draw two like dakota maybe just drop the one they definitely to drop on the actual argument i think we're talking about yesterday is
they might not need to draw up anything like the generally have already been trying to surrender marilla i am i yet i always i write gonna tangled do first i don't know if that's true you like also heard that we knew that the japanese we're gonna attack pearl harbor and we cannot happen we play the answer to this is always a saving competence dude i it's like could be i fucking or the illuminati highgate nos fourteen arguments all time vandam illuminati lookin out right now how do you feel a bit of them tat if they want me to draw triangles onshore before so until we have put in place for me illuminati be quite happy to serve so
they try to get you fired from the show and do it anymore but is on nobody so if they play she picked like issued mainly picked a famous do chicle made some happened but you pick some baino be fuckin has heard of do you think that's what they're doing just trying to get his actual go onto somebody else's shin brand his ally that right but you gotta wait forever because it's a good cause you get away with shitty behaviour and shitty interaction skills if someone's like i'm geared towards like other people like i will what's the whites be the liberal or conservative position and i'm identifies out so i'm just gonna go with that i really in time you think about it you know you're probably out just go with the liberal like that's just what it is it just knee jerk wherever one i think it's really interesting comparing it to religion comparing the mindset called meanwhile or religious minorities are the sails and have to be true right they just have specific things are suddenly a gospel that much be true and you must ignore all the fucking evidence
that's why you should do to nobly revolution right i would ignore the shit that's cause there's no way what i believe can be true unfamiliar with that like this this rolling stone article that came out where they were deceived by this woman who two been gang rape by was she set out to find how horrific by the way that's a real problem but you know that didn't get serve to well bye bye making an amazing i don't like the most outlandish storied i've ever heard but does it think she set out to find casually knew it to be true but but you power of which invites the device thing about it about colombia linda camp as rape like oh how come they the school gets to deal with it at all the only answer i heard was because convictions are hard to get in a court of law and that my the only way to like book i guess convict rape is but so what he gets expelled like that's it
if you that's a good of punishment they just get expelled from school so is that really what happens i didn't bring it to a criminal if somebody knows dull because i have no idea to this day why all these institutions church or whatever why is there anything where they handle it in house i thought we all knew by now well stations are handled out outside right like just makes more sense that's interesting that in i always knew that they were accusing people and they were expelling people and they were judging people whether or not it was based on all the evidence or whether or not they were correct in their assuming that this purse was guilty like this guy in the university of agenda colleagues really fucked over this now he suing right and but does the ok let's say he was guilty of that justice he got expelled from that you're fuckin say like how are you satisfied with that you're how could are you all have a really good he'll have to go to another different school
well what have you done to stop brave with that spelling people but this is what i'm talking about the room and get my stories confused i'm talking about the kid the kitten suing is the kid who the girl is water magisterial yeah he's doing suing from miss andrey that was i got views the other the other story doesn't really have a real man that was accused of anything right no not only talking about ok i have no fucking footnote sorry for any this but what i read was this girl part of this anti reprove ensure a crush on one of the guys in the anti group ok because the faint friends of her we're saying i don't know that you know we know something happened tissues hysterical but she had been making up this fake guy who is texting yet girls really supercool chauffeur disguised or as a guide to make the other boys think someone wanted her right
and then it ends up whether the guy that you heard george glass from the brady bunch basically she made up george glass right like what's her name the middle one on punch monica jam yeah she did a gm brady masters the older her fig boyfriend so there she comes it says george less raped me and all that shit and it was it was to get attention from this guy she's like we're check and just got into it and so because we are inclined to automatically believe they just like i don't know but it was bothering them and if checked and having them yes and this isn't it i recruit their like i don't know if jackie's lay told the truth you'd do i mean by was it you gotta look it up so i promise you i didn't dream it what is more to i just don't want any cuttin dry everything like if you do so he says you re the answer is we'll take it very seriously it's not believe
you don't believe it's like well let's really investigate this because that's an important thing to get to the bottom of and theirs how to be like really strong punishment for someone who uses false rape accusations mean that there has for my are there in place well they will come at all enlargement too they didn't the issue is let's you know that you had to say let's say you have you had to say you didn't get you don't you know the numbers for women who lie about rape that are used usually by feminist websites where they like only like two percent or something as of women with that's really bad number because that that's counting women who have gone to the police and recanted their accusation so you don't off those when they were being pressured to do that or it is that is an accurate measure of like a liars not gonna go do that and say i was lying about it so now don't you're fucking real victims and and also like lie more liars are getting away break as there is no religious look at what that with that one saying is who out of a hundred if you look if you get it right to proceed
two out of a hundred that's not good odds while the real nobody knows is the really answer saying if you had a law to make it a really stiff penalty formula about rape i always watch it with that because i want someone let's say women got pressured into saying she lied the get swept up under the floor under law like that do i mean by its own against the death penalty because i dont want one guy who didn't doing what i'm trying to say is under their numbers if you have twenty guys and each one of those guys had sex with five women two of them have been falsely accused of rape that's crazy i believe you those terrible it matter some fellow members work you fuck it is how the numbers workers we're talking about a hundred people ok if there's a hundred if there's a hundred dude or a hundred sexual cases right we're talking two percent to pursue of these rape cases are our falsely accused two percent
listen man i don't know enough to actually have a hundred rapes some are really not doing it right because like you'd have to have a hundred rapes value a hundred people think had a varies attitude reset and sexual account sweden's very suspiciously calculates aerial what's wrong with my dear but even then ok let's say if there is a hundred cases that are brought in front of the copse right out of a hundred of them too were totally bullshit that's a lot they probably get how many years so how many year you dealing with where people are being falsely accused and locked in a case is as big a deal as rape of course not of course nor is it way worse than what is getting falsely accused probably way on a penalty ribs than false accused rapes try way more right well lazo rabies way bigger issue than falsely accused rate but doesn't mean that falsely accused someone rapes ok it's not
adele who deserves a real fucking bravo what we try to under play it to try to make it out because on a big deal the people there really china's now i am most concerned with making sure that false re back positions are punished because surely you really highlight like exactly what the actual problem is that the real problem not wait we use be most concerned with that i think be most concerned with law enforcement of it by our army as he does cause i was you know wine for that statistic seems very high right one in one for of love judge women are apes housing same but there is now well known as in let me ask because ice in my personal life i know a lot people of both sexes who got sexually assaulted somehow like a lot do and you know why i could because i just hung around drug people a lot you know that's how you meet people who got flogging sexually assaulted where or it could be
the people that are in the bed circle like that are just lying about it and pretending that didn't happen to them so i don't know like it maybe it is that high is just there's no way to really tell well depends on what you consider sexual assault and they sometimes try to make it as broad as possible one of the to really not a robot dick to really things that day they try to do recently one of whom was in egypt as they were trying to pass some law that made it whereas if there's any deception involved that lead to someone having sexually than its rape i can't sell a big time producer anymore oh my god i can't tell when i'm doctor anymore you be array a rapist zone is if if that's the reason why the person right under false pretences if the lie was i dont have aids that i get it but other than that yeah that's yeah but we noted his merits like everybody makes it makes sex such a fucking big deal that's a real part of the problem is that
sex when everybody wants the idea of pleasure between people and party because we don't wear clothes out because we're close rather we cover everything up and then the ideally getting at sunday they're there get some we make it out to be such a big deal and we it becomes like this overwhelming thing that like a sort of like infects people's consciousness yeah we were fascinated by all aspects of it with its whether its rape or whether it abstinence or whether its inner monogamy or whether it be in a whore like we have obsessed obsessed with sex your wall as it does on my girlfriend put it they reached us like a very primal form of dominance and that's what ah what ago yeah does she saw it but as one legged my dog my poor fucking dog out like that's an animal fucking thing guides in mammals man yeah really is certainly is but
do you go away i think you're ever gonna stop at dealing with it really truly make sense you gotta figure out how to engineer better human beings all these only way so anyway but how the fuck do you do we re now it is gonna get kitten like hopefully don't think there's people survive that is why can't i get more civilised i think so too as long as everything he's gone and assuming its not a fortune you know med max thing that's what sandia with papers when and ass he sounded we highlight the earth guy as donors play the south dakota this do somethin beach club was actually good show but the dude that book me like the manager the club he drove us to mount rushmore out we're talking he was told me that he is building a bunker oil slicks dude like don't you already like live in a bunker called the south dakota ray and it's for jesus reasons not read on reasons jesus reason so he thinks that the second coming i really
israel is going do we talk about real i just i used to believe all that shit not to say the second coming right that in times and norm again and there's no where does it say you're going to be able to have a bunker in fucking lake bunker you're way out of it are you going to use the information the guy's provided you show your family would be the only ones to survive much like no it did see the internet is like the the voice of god really tells you about the impending return of files kills a surprise god wanted me to masturbate i'd much you know it's far too few of the second coming coming that means cottages gonna take you he's gonna take you up to heaven wannabe how he thinks you won't be taken maybe he thinks like you'll have to hear that that will probably have to hang out and you're having later have to fight these people that he's got imprisoned and bunker the duncan trestle met one of those days he went and visited this does bomb shelter bunker thing under the under
and somewhere he drove deep into it we do this site i show where he drove deep they have these down in their supplies array not like them the ban well if you believe the bible by the way it is not even the mountains will hide people so don't bother you bulger just read your fuckin but that i was a proper he wasn't jesus bang wild smarter you grew up jehovah's witnesses at other ones and i allowed use doctors that serve chris insiders i'm not even sure what extent there like that either by that's argos when it is now so what is jehovah's witnesses or one that not everybody doors right and what what was that no drama domain doin on is just fuck in you up and religion were yeah yeah you have to i do it so it's only be like i would always envy catholics gives the off the fucking do it right right they had like it's cool like like i had like be in it you know all the time
yeah he eventually primary goal is to be ready for the end most of the college catholic for can never go to church kick out michael corleone writing ever you know it or believe jesus forgives you confession talk about all those people good for you it's a good system i saw the hinge animals in a while for then forget did you parents grow up in it now my mom converted from catholic when she's a teenager and my dad my grandfather converted his family to my deserto my does like twelve your grandpa so the grandmother took the fire and the whole family including your dad when he was only twelve years old and so on you come with me but my dear i wanna call well my dear girl really like every bill planes were to refuse a foot small do so he was an engineer with the college and he was very anti war i guess there's something at the end of the war and he was like which was witnessed don't get involved in politics or a war
but we are you cannot be a christian and fight a war i don't like people think you can but you can't it's pretty clear about it oh really believe god gives a fuck about their country any it's it's so late in plain english well i mean it's and i remember my way it's like a very clear teaching that he has an approve any of the cotton countries he's gonna ruin all of them you just be them into low comes that's that's the extent of your obligation but you can't fight withdrawal bomb another christian for america how could that fucking over yeah if america was dropping bombs like hiroshima and nagasaki they had out of a couple of christians down there of course a day had you think god forgive you ve lake more than i could use if the whatever like you inclusion about your country so how did you buy on it i i started reading offers laws and ass loud just like didn't wanna do it you know i hereby in may avoid comes coolidge gerda
you will i was my home school somebody i'll do that in a right but i really would like to point out to my guy so wasn't that super restrictive for me so depends your parents were was it you going to school and talk and other kids sgi let you off the path of god no more it was i want to come knowledge puts our doors is year but now it is only the irony been reading my kind of sceptics are on my lunch but said the wizard by these magazines of boys ennobles ethical sceptic so that for like a little foundation and then pussy later when i got the college pussy right out of that so bob things are good the reading was good and then the pussy was good and what is being like nineteen twenty gone what the fuck did i think i felt a guilty do you that's why the resort pretty good friends with ari
yeah i only have immediately you guys have these same story you i was like a man i mean i was technically a minister and he was was we like a rabbi rings it are you lived in one of those crazy religious houses in israel for a long time and without any study lao number he talks at long last but i didn't i just over memories oceans seventy delicately mumbles alive it's hard to catch up with you get your way why you live wasn't that again coat what does that word but you know he was studying the torah like ten hours a day like all day they would study or and use full gung how and then you know by time when i met him it was only a few years after this which has really crazy then i looked back and think about it he was that when he was come first going around the communist or he was not that far removed from living in this crazy religious commune and by the way you know i'll say oh nine tenths of the problems especially this rape shit
although this horrible stuff about how to drink and be treated is straight out of a good book i mean that's like a huge the giver missouri dinah deserves the sorry bible showing area i always study first great first great was the only year that i want to catholic school and then second grade second grade went to san francisco so it was first grade and then second great was like super hippy ok people live next door like i went from one extreme to totally saddam gomorrah right i don't remember the biblical stores i had got up as an adult i had my book of bibles stories which i looked back if no lessons are hilarious that were there so like ebay his daughter dinah do not allow to finance these names but she was pushing made friends what like worldly girls you know from the city that weren't her same religion right and should go hang out in the city
guy schekem saw her and forced her to lie down with them like she actually are raped buddha you made a held her hand it's like ancient forgive you know bronze age you shot so it might help there and so then he falls in love might have had a micro aggression he thought he falls in love with her after your agent goes abraham says mate let me marry her you know your preserver honour hearings like ok fine but your whole household ass a guest circumcised first make amerika find will all get our dixon ok so while they get a recovering from getting their dicks snips dean his brothers are in age by this like it was their sister whore and they go and kill everyone in shackles household like his whole family while their laid up from their dicks gettin kite abrahams like what did you just do to us now people are gonna hate us around though as well as things right how jews are gonna be in trouble now can you did and he goes up we'll be hated wherever we go because of this thing you have done so
the lesson that you get from it in my book a bible stories like all of this happened because dino chose poor associates airport at all on the less scholarly starvation stay home so that's gonna bible so listen that's why we're a patriot always he like patriarchy i'm again sure to like that that ancient bible patriarchy shit i'm not for that i'm i'm kind of like would be ninety percent with a lot of this shit they didn't have such a thought crime scene it exactly that's the thing about this also social justice warrior movement is that in looking for people that have that have been gill de of these transgressions daily they ve missed a lot allies in this people they're on their side like you like being like olonnois and you're trying to make assholes out of people and their doing it the van a majority of the people that are involved this like really aggressive social justice warrior shit the fuckin depend
asked the really depressed people you go to their timeline it's almost without fail when i read some really ridiculous over the top hype aggressive social justice where shit go to fucking brought their twitter profile and i'll find some depressed shit right i'll find some tweets about depression i'll find some tea it's about you know how you know everything sucks today it's i see what's going on you hear your lashing out at the world through a legitimate cause don't take my personal thanks and say like i'm every woman no united but see if you can find enough and those people and you get together then you feel like you are right cause europe a bunch of other foot can have any doubt that the catholic guy what's his name michael donoghue this is him unlike his cousin or something right or how we like you take out much it but it used to be member was church crazies that would write these letters here please take some of the air i now it's
ok yeah it's like young college kids that's insane quality they d literally has taken the exact same position that that fuckin michael whatever fuck is named guy is that of her guy talk and obedience and before the catholic league oh yeah i've heard that guy an open anthony defend its heart catholicism like what are you talking about how we would use ear you're mad at someone making fun of catholicism it's one of the most easily made fun of relays of and i asked him this on that show unlike because as a cushion like you know you're supposed to rejoice when you are purse accoutred right that's what christ said they're going to pursue you like they did me so rejoice so you supposed to be happy about it because it means you're doing the right thing that's you're supposed to go how dare you leave your christian quickly turn yearly cheek you don't fucking i will only say that he just
nor did i don't think it's about that for him i think it's about elicited its beards publicity and being part of a club but it s all a football team showed him but he does and endorsement makers they they really paid a lot of money by the catholics wanting and pork offences and i have raised i think it is not a lot of money in his fucking crazy shit and he has a priest come over his house when he buys a new house a priest comes over and does it say ants and shit or something to me they do have some sort of something called resale rights bhutto it's all voodoo now i will catholic gives ten percent of his mind church like the halting always hide the need they have him involved and also to church projects and suck in money others do it's it's a goddamn that's a hundred percent cult well i easily judge em all religions is how much does it cost ok then do it does god do his own killing or do i have to do his killing here and then my personal thing is if i have to stay in it more for my mom or my dad
like my religion my mom was the reason i had to stay for a while more than my dad but if i was from like a harsher place like your father's honor me you can't leave azure that's like more primitive that's how you know it's got a primitive but if it doesn't cost that much then fine and if i'm uh there's no violence once you too the violence poured out of it like with nationalism or whatever it's a lot less threatening you know it's it's more voluntary now there the kind of crucial thing is that they will stop talking to you if you leave right so you have to face being shown under some thousands fellowshipped right so that means i got my four people friends can talk to me or they would be in trouble for talking to one apostate so now fellowshipped this fellowship this fellow she s like disconnection scientology why accept its not as harsh as you know it s speak to my mom like it's not like mad at you not now not now
initially did she ever listen to reason that might be horseshit i don't wanna fuck you talk about her shit really first of all that much george has taken up a lot of lack of hang out with my mom god bless the i wanted louis mountains where i gotta pick of always say goes arise due to say just a two dollar bills weirdo mob shape she call me that the tommy showed a hotel send me and my girlfriend there these jelly beans in a bull so what's your address some say some jelly pittance from it's fuckin born hotel welby that's larry that's hilarious so who bailed you can't talk them any more and what was the process did you have to fill out paperwork could you say i'll just go and buy i think i'm all em you to write a letter like our own clannish in a letter to the church resignation only oh that i
my time would be imported i fucking charge tunnel oh my letter how will notice i'm gone how old were you would you wrap it up eighteen why no i mean rosa twenty the good time though that nineteen twenty five year term in a man basically becoming a man like you're on the hour you're at the door what twenty one you like a fish always guy de claude you know before i d go live in the world yeah that's the accident lobby worldly that's what you're learning two bit how so like you b as babes onto the world like paul said you have to be you know like when you see people are just came out of a cold there's a certain kind of innocence to them so when i came out it was always like these kind of real sweaty girls out we're fucked me like a real experience girls and that was my appeal to them was kind of my fuckin foster kid shot you know that makes sense when i was a little i can either like us
the poorer would like some kind of sex work or where we we like foster kids together can have what i need you to care each other like you treat me like not not a john they treat me like though the weirder james what words from casino that for some reason they can never get away from the loser oh that's right so yeah you make any money for the whole fuckin i decided girlfriend state i d just like live off a good since when you first got out of the church when i first got way and when you sergeant stand up in college so you went from the church to live in new york which offers us philly no might well my girlfriend college but she is deploying matter and then she's became like a making dinner but as with flags we like six years by engaged by a job like and i it refused to get a job well done yeah why so my mechanic what you said
comic that's it years i ve been doing then now do any that a year two years from now like me three or four your reform but you're making me my yet i then and then i interpret this girl who is older than me and they can't get money and she it better when i didn't have money why start to get more shit that put a strain cushy doubtingly threatening yes we want me to be out of that kind controls are you i didn't girl once and we broke up and she she day the sky and she was very specific about why she was with them and i go why she was he's never gonna fuck and break up at me was like really she was yeah i mean these great ah i like em but look in his shoes i really adamant about
i thought you'd engine neared the control position they ship you're tired not being in control and relationships chinamen even you or whatever you like this is it but she would get drunk and when a fuck all our experience just a mass media which is always how they got its people like what they allow my girlfriend now like i really up to my fortune who i am a little bit because now i would never be in another bullshit like psycho relationship like i'm just going to settle for that right of you fucking alone i don't give a shit right like so that kind of talk meter because i met somebody like i really got along with that i thought was like well you know like just got me so i like oh i don't have to be in these things anymore rank as i have so low self esteem though my will this person was to fork mean
stay with me why you have today whether the ets it becomes a one those things where sometimes you don't even know who you are if you're in a bad relation task is the way you react into this percentage will you ever fuck in person yeah yeah and a good relationship we realise like our while these are possible you get anyone like to some people go to their entire life burned to death without hidden gold they chip away at that you dig digging into another chiba to part of you and why according to a very very bold man fragrant now why do you feel sad when you go back home homes where my motto no better the new york when you don't have to dig it you we'd that is oh my god you are should fear tells me is a nightmare thank god or sometimes i something i wish i could get shit like this there yeah like high like an animal to smoke weed i do have to highlight an animal right to seattle i was smoking in front of a cop at this reading
with glass like a wizard pipe good day officer it was so relaxing you'd never bring outside i wonder when that's gonna be the entire country is like in new orleans apparently you could just drink on street a driver new orleans and tell me once it was outside in new orleans who is doing something and he's talked of the cop the cops asking the question and he had a beer in his hand i m just talk a cop and he didn't realize the cop was talking to him because he had a beer in his hand also finishes a beer and then ex open a second cargoes are you fucking retarded like what i need not a car
those where you from any goes norms is like this you can't do that shit in other places the only place we could do not else happened it is definitely white man nothing not even a slap on the red they tell the put his ear valiantly astern of cool it a little village but you get used to that and if you did what you did in seattle near some parts of the country they would fuck you over man don't put here if you and parts of georgia the fly their narco about in georgia is ernie places there open container laws because i remember growing up there was like people rag oh your lead to drink if you're not driving like you you could have it like in the back seat and then i went to another place in did that and got in trouble for having an open container and i know you can't do that you had a suitable the
used to be ok everywhere people used like literally have appear in their lab and they drove around as some people were crashed into each other go get you can have a high level group to fix that delights in putting together those normal shit man i can't drink was driving laterally that was normal shit a long time ago and seventys right that transcend like the seventy i don't know when they started incorporating drunk driving laws and i dont know a bunch people got killed and they really have a strong on that's why i said i don't know when away and i wonder what they did at first i guess it would just testing your movement and then they figured out breath eliza person in the world from their home brian i don't why i can't see a fucking trunks like him papa you so annoying to deal a lake during tat much there are more just like a pine yeah is the worst as far as people need potheads can absolutely be annoyed but sure they're not
vinyl intrusive and retarded run corrosive that still that's the big one stating we're closed when euro in year out somewhere in a drawn personages interrupts a conversation just getting started out you unlike our guide and you try to avoid them here the asshole the ivy i tell you i've just my leasing worth drug source drug so are the worst drugs but it's fun if you can manage it in hand correctly i mean get an ape all at least and even out like a gentleman like a gentleman in a boy if you're doing you're dead drunk at least you know either like a gentleman tat herself up by your bootstraps with bodies do not a coke and he was to always drink forties after did coke smoke it and then he would like this heart gave rise to have taken to liquor store antibiotic old english arouse bags of fuckin forty of all english you ever try that stuff
unbelievably shrunk like it's the cop mop liquor because it's not really be raised at the idea i don't know is how it is i think it is better but i think it's is made different it's made stronger stronger what do you think the alcohol by volume is unlike moloch where what is what is abundantly like a budweiser likes ass seven no idea what's different in america there is in canada cannons like nine resembles the new assets like seven percent but what percentages malt worker did you hear what happens when you asked syria with zero divided by zero is no no i haven't seen what's zero divided by zero amount that you have zero cook has a new split unevenly among zero friends how many cookies does each person get see it doesn't make sense and cookie monster a sad that there are no cookies and you are sad that you have no friends with real
this is the only real such a mean that the term includes any alcoholic beverages five percent or more alcohol by volume made with malted barley so it just in other ways and baroness ashton during a mad dog twenty two anything it's god and in that was necessary madam president we would that an old english were drinking those of you ve seen a movie superfly economically my friend john we were just start now comics we got hammered on old english and mad dog twenty those forty ass liquors and watch superfly i'm being like was shocked at how strong it was me i don't know how much the old english as was let's find out how much does it how much would you think old english as must go at eight percent a year
i bet it's round that what proof is that what is it what's it still reserve making these allies and during tat mickey's or still steel reserve as the mother fucker that's eight percent what else we fucked up saint ives that's a twenty now daddy we had the about light line margarita now what's that it's pretty good king cobra is only six conference like heartburn to me king cobra would be off the charts colleagues what is can go wrong take overs molecule irene was what's the six though it be mortal yeah i'm sorry for you that just because the advertising was done with that black guy from star wars the landlady william was of no use whole forty five he was probably for how much it costs five have forty five
gravity logger revives says what is an evil eyes tat jesus christ in camp black eyes black eyes i aesthetic camp what the fuck do twelve star hi gravity log is her wealth oh my god we should get some of that and have a drunk cast you need yet some of that stack high gravity logger j we need you gonna compton and find out what it is in our southern neighbourhood to go do some research for the show it's very important robot dick every i can't help you smell cigarettes or so ago gave up we just do now what's parrot went out our nicotine i was six six yeah that's better sex and wake up oh yes you need perspective coming from a really crazy religious background like that as a common position as a kind of sea where the pitfalls of thinking
lie because you were indoctrinated in them from sir i have a strong reaction to them like the head really some like real bugs me if i encounter it again what's what does things are you and you go you and i share this opinion of like a lot of what's going on but we would people would like to call social justice warriors that is really like kind of a religious thing it's a say it's a very similar thing is not an easy objective approach that allow people taken this thing is this gang mentality pile on those who take on faith with it that i'm not just gonna take on faith ok that's really just a bottom line by eta you know whenever i am taking things on faith or as i don't mind like if it's all more challenge to get my jokes over like we better so i have a problem with that at all i like china they get around it and got makes a funnier blight dont then
make it like i can't work if i fuck up in the un in the cause of trying to do that right bright but i think it's like a gangster movie is a legitimate art form you know the zaragoza legitimate art form right we'll guess someone doing obviously tongue in cheek massage this material is illegitimate art form as well let s say the dice clay is not a legitimate are low was it that of people couldn't they you did know is a character was all of you think a lie that should have against him was people then realize he's doing a character horse they realize did there just looking to be upset because i was a kid i was a kid reason i remember not knowing the thousand character what will you were a kid right of your old enough to pay taxes should no dice close fuckin around us they also have long term knows i think he's it's a great artist nor a dine where she was like you know i think he's about to be off the shows issues that stunt of not coming on
the castle mattered her like so what are we the woman haters because we did the show with that's right is at times of zones has helped him up there movies grateful fairly and i look at movie what fucked him up was there is no internet back then that's what factor we know you get banned from mtv like he did you around recourse there's nothing you re he could about the fucking india will they can blackball you they could back that the candidate while you anymore because you are i started the dice clay podcast i'll tell you what the my i like that he has an album of him bombing what about the rise of its rick reuben fucking produce there that's a leading role in the laughter dounia i i got very interesting thing that i have never what are they like as a tool to disk sir it's too discs heard it's great it's awful though he's bombing
guy gets up in the middle of his sat negroes you're about it's funny as our glass on milk guys because he wasn't announced and he showed a dangerfield which is you know yeah the dingy s little clubs in new york it looks like we're couch ocular was buried doesn't that club any sense because its named after one of the autumn great stand of community it's always fill with hacks and it's empty mostly but this is a few great comics at work there like george i did there with ato and george during the problem season when they are you know with rotate the people in one after the other on the other side was always you can watch but there was also a few that were hanging there that didn't work anyway that's right they just as i was like the comic store in the nineties when the colony had these the chemist or had these like in writing have yeah i remember that i'm a bit like the very last of them member nancy fuck she's out there she's nice about on very nice with
there's something i know she was like a held over from the old that of that crew yeah exact she told me how to get like health insurance if you'd couldn't didn't euro jeremy bobby begun by time you better there bobby was big scottish guy that was a german now sorry i was there all the way to byways no like here the chemicals have like hot wages is who just all old men like a fucking state house tuxedos acceding tuxedos on weird and death bobby was in bali was a giant power lifter needs to have a hint ass to have like some predict does it see another after like taylor his shit because it is a mountain of a man was only about five eight based pie about two thirty pounds was fuckin enormous just we can talk of a guy and he literally grab people by their neck and pick them up like lift them up and carry them out of some two he described as
i carried about the eu is funny than any other comedians was hilarious they was ripe we got stages i guess you're gonna go try the trick on that bag i shall die i knew you would kill goes look at that he had tricked another group of asshole but he was funny saint roy he was fucking with you but funny and he knew who was good news bad and he was shy and let you know who's a funny dude man worked i call for a long time you go where did you spots till i had you i was like madam's like vowed odin ever go back there why and i think that even forgot i told them never colleagues have just called me around four weeks like that so much it didn't matter my little stand what was i stand over i can remember two recent oh shit where fuck i remember about like furious about it i can i can remember the clubs should be revived if it still around guy make sure that place doesn't under that's a man
rome the waiting room is set set up out they are used before you in there i was gonna get to have our say somewhere you create room it's a great assist it was always is managed very bizarre way i do but so i can't i guess it was like the stand and like supposed to be amazing stands gray here allow great things but yes i fucking love it the seller and stand in new york and i want you no danger fields where they they did a national dangerfield special from that place a single year of course i know what a club this finding those was like one of the early special hold that wasn't a comedy club instead of a big giant either and is one of the best ones to you it's a classic wonder if it's a real classic one did you ever get jesse right dangerfield performed never do whose doubling telling have you seen any like the old time grades of your seen any of em why me i've watched rodney doing his stand at the moment you may in person rightly carlin around here
will you have a lot of nice place like montreal you're not gonna get i spoke in mr rickles too i sometimes in monetary all i want to go see ruggles still performing her eye over yeah i asked to be unto me show on everyone out again madeira yank someone go see smaller shit yeah i keep thinking i want these spots you know that too many in his eyes find love you have a lot of nice place like montreal you're not gonna get to explore the city to yeah that's a whole mother world that city i get them in the summer and re loved there it's a whole other world though i mean that as a french speaking international city that's just above me it doesn't make any sense because mean is like dazzle led wasteland and trees dues with care when skin has looking i knew from behind a fuckin bush where are you from you're not from around here we are we already and stephen king books you know that's all based on me
spied more horror horror stories with their faces than any other people i ve never been in a place where you make funds that the state and people go more fuckin angry all your mind furious they call them maniacs the term their main strongest weed i ever had gotten me from some hick listed goddamned challenge dude and i like it fine again it was like a dense fuckin by that almost smell like a car freshener it was like a delicious we'd smell so for constructive we were not prepared for a stronger was at all i could but i like the smoke it again as i have a different palette now but we were all lake i remind you is we couldn't you think that if you were a do live in and some in the middle of nowhere town in a place like main you could be
like some crazy hacker guy makes his own computers and designs his own drones and shit like that you could see some mad scientist dude living by himself like that out there right you're right look couldn't you see a mad botanist too yeah i could tell you she that is well till i see some crazy fuck that i got the impression is some why wild ass you know they planted in the woods with traps around it kind of we do know that's how they did they go out in the woods and make a little step grows but we travel yeah that makes sense but it also makes sense that like someone in this day and age but how long rows of each other's we'd while ago over ten years ago is well since ninety ninety four these medical marijuana california think before some past so from then on sets been commensurate mean i don't think he's got much stronger i had some we'd in the late nineties i was just about we this just destroys the shit you getting today yes of some guy got it to him you know today and five somebody got it to him
up and major starts growing solely feasible for you out well we decided with like bugs breyer sons pakistan is drink easel added vitamins vitamin piss i might later shot today that's my point was like that's a very loosely populated state ownership we'll call city like bankers cool city in portland call city but you go north of that and there is virtually nothing they really really small towns of beet people barely eating by north of that is this incredible fucking city nuts and said you ve got your passing a wild links in the front line of defence so that you are talking about portland and i'm actually planning and all these places right now we ve probably talk about portland oregon i'm talking about portland may know poorly may and you're gonna go to point unwilling main somerville massachusetts solve somerville yeah sama
role of women is stored in the comic connection that's great spot of ice today it's about a bank vault so what if it's the same location he used to be literally a bank fought the ditch green room for a comedian was the vault the places but was too parables like the one thing that was terrible was that you had these giant ceilings kosovo your bank right and you but you were on stage in a bank that used to be a bank is like a bank parking lot i got the word who plays in my life and i place again the year to not even ninety nine from like that you know what year was which either poison you a pizza you know when you eat sushi any get poisoning its using other fish because they have to freeze the fish first it's usually the rice that rises like people's hands ere they said
about a salad salad is one of the worst things are people get food poisoning from macedonia trivial healthy i gotta tell ya toxic meet i'll sit and if my microbe infested eleven but montreal if you go i give its counter intuitive cause if you are like if you headed north and you know you went author new york did i asked you send you got up mainly by ok we gotta turn around right often up here because none but if you just i'm gonna need like why this is boston magical city beautiful every time there are different language scrape not better than boss its hence a similar yeah i'll have it now modules shit toronto shit do you have a good i'm trying to bear its like a big city but they're nice weird the crow a good idea so canadian like a pc people are different causing all areas they'll hear you out only
jokes are overly wordy too so you got to like hear me out before you get mad or it's not going to work our canadian so their attention span just like longer and when i fuck appears guess somebody was half listening and just heard a word and you know what i was saying outbreak tat guy girl don't drink on me at the seller why this is all my hour way precious is an agenda gay marriage eighty hours noted this but it's on my hour from this email but she goes she comes the beer the thing i asked if they're for gay marriage and and and i got cuz i'm against it that's why i brought it up because that's the first line right its clearly appropriate measure but she just ran up grab some other guys drank it was an urgent she picked up a dude strengthened further daphne with it i then their stone the polar out my war which is why why did you do that she's a year ago stay marriage is a reality first of all the joke was brought up and then also was a joke it's about
why why we can't have it here because you know we would constitute god gave us and like you know we lose protection what you want your holes you know like a diamond loop subject maybe see what their look at that more protection for you so what did she say because and gay marriage rapidly to explain to her that you were going this satire and no there throughout our schoemaker stay actually so i could it was so like shocking that i wasn't like mad but that's exactly what we're talking about or we're talking about people that have a black or white there's a i'm not proud of you that's why we all supposedly eighty george w for his moral certitude so i wanna hear yours yeah especially not satire specially now when you gonna see accommodation i'm above the laws how i my attitude towards comedy whatever the fuck in social norms is i'm above that that's like took this job
i took his job to not do what you do i don't work at your fucking office so i have to talk clean it up like we're at all storing will think that that's the way you supposed to think and talk all the times the other thing was doing all think they're comics too that john stewart so that they like you know he will play music that's magical to people and painting that's magic but every one thinks you're a comedian they all think they are so that's why they feel qualified to tell you why because they talk right on seed is being much different here and in their talk and please say about stir and like all i could do our sturdy just got all the policy you know i got attitude they had they think it is so when they talk about mean jokes thinking of someone crafting something clever they figure of euro of dollars being like
that's the same as a joke here we will even agree with jokes are but two even have the argument about what seems easier than it really is the sea has just said i was talking about its as right it does its mudslide thought i thought i was real fucking easy if i did it i thought that to even about part casting because i dont pie casting also made me really understand appreciate conversations conversations are like a little dance between robotic pump conversations are a little dance between people disagree about to end these worries do i don't people don't always sink up that good with it like sometimes people its awkward with some folks it's an art form now dude i didn't realize how radio is the same as a common right when i was started to be on people's radio shows my realise there's like a thing to it my i earliest always assumed
was done anything to being entertaining when you're having a long form conversation in all the people who think that would be easy to keep a conversation going i've never done it what's a comedian say i'm so high with the comedians namely just passed away from the less boyscout use all my show twice last boyscout yeah he's every move is from a punch line the guy you and i are rug nor did it i thought i think it is your median just passed away my friend i'm just so high employment and he came on the show twice fuckin what he's like everything in the eighties and always eighties not risk document no he's a kind of swarthy swarthy i'm all right now noticed jerry taylor jail integra so these are strong that guy secure my progress twice that guy was so fucking good lake that's what i know him from coming on that he would just wait for his part to jump in and then he had something funny and interesting to say and he's jump out
it was just amazing like you just dancing it was never in somebody's way and was always worth like paying attention to like i thought he was like really killer there's a good do too to me like a damn it somebody even get those deeds in time you know well it's a may i got to comment on this right can just be wired not to do i honour percent ideas yokels or anything some in other it's better than suicide that's the bomb when a guy like robin williams richard j somehow another that's me is like god dammit someone even get those deeds in time to my eyes gabby succumb mental illness rikers rules are required not to do i honour percent wired by the way the verses wired like where's my why like the internet is tubes it's the same level of stupid just the way we wired tubes certainly goes across the ocean which demonstrates in tunnels i know the right lines i didn't
italy lines across the entire actual ocean or wait a minute i thought we were wifi by now as ridiculous but that's how we connect to the other parts of the world they evolve tube way the wider the slums of tubes essentially it but it's like the ass the average person who use the internet to put of instagram picture there ass argues is getting to sweden consonance sweden right now is downloading your instagram feed someone is looking at your butt pictures were you doing squad and these are matters that thing put you have your but up like that i thought sap chats vat to get you dig up in that it goes away after a few minutes goals have chat does but instagram there's girls that have literally millions and millions of followers and they're just girls in yoga pants
they do all day is like squat doesn't new priorities such as the newport search i've been using the yoke of its that's the point search the doctrine i knew i am i dead soul of having to find something to amuse will make my dick do anything new should deject neo europeans something about a grocer really spiritual still wants to fuck can get very excited posits tight car compressing has actually railways rather pay its open crazier violent but as i little been sent i said so may i read your pants open or disease discussed i think it's an arm because i'm not i'm not joking after rape i mean she has in turn her face away from it to lies right into think that's consent and i think you understand consent data part of the problem united for centred relocation is nonverbal is how i feel about you our sister was at issue fuck your sale uses gendered sullen therefore privileged do not apologise for very existence
like the original soon they arrived says you knew for dinner ass sin when you just amongst very small crazy to go that full circle till eight trying to get away from the circumstance of your birth and now fully that now like first we judge you by what you're category is before you say anything yes so now two different things me it's different if he says a thing you said it was like a video that you were we listening to that jamie was doing well you on the serbian anthony shout about words like that's what you're like mocking that very thing right here but his little as are the best guarded amazed in town as if he's like patiently talking to a fuckin water hedge child waning to you how you should be reallocated guys does the entire sense of humour they have too is like you know someone raising one eyebrow over their glasses at you really their little like like a polite like
disdain strive that's a nerd contemptuous nerd is the new kind of sense of humor but disappear for that you have like i rowing where does is like just professional i won't ever allowed the pilot banners was of great joke about an altercation inhabited starbucks in los angeles where he says you get back we hear the nora joan song from the salary that is a jury dry casually soldiery deserve should have of of reality so funny that is a website attitude birds like what you don't it's all die this is done really talking a five year old because you each need why needed have a kid having some guy or did you think it but that's what's waiting about and also their confusing the role
of comedy like how many ass it can be a tool for whatever can be that doesn't sound what it is you not bad man in with this year review joker barbarians serious here that year chameleon china do good each other show batman author takes its inquiries or if you are trying to you should have a real point like hey here's something i found out about you need to make a real exists drug with that drug it will fucking kill you my friend or you could your points and and put them in joke form which is what your actual job is yes just cover go my sister's antigay gay and i think that's wrong greater jamie it really does he do that fucking conan or will someone is something he was i just like not a joke sources him fucking preach in any retire there is downright
i'm in a hurry i heard he retired really long semi tweeted i might just temporary what's initiative romanian citizen radio he did you try to get you fired where are you d like through in his own way again something but it was one girl whose name i don't mention fuckin fear but man i just hate comics turning on each other like that over jokes psyche the idea that you pretending you dont know those guys fucking around and that that's an hour it is an art form to go and see a guy who sang things you absolutely no he doesn't really believe well as i only have two years look i've gotta fight already with tat and you know the bottom line is everything's began to i remember this whole mindset dude everything is church yeah i owe the mindset lake working of world are you working for these chokes joe i mean think about that you know like like
who are exposed to stumble i was told that our marriage show that fuckin you couldn't stumble your brother christianity those like a big no no my charge so said i know your brother like let's say you had some doubts about something that you heard in like doctrine and use i tell you brother rogan and brother rodeos i guess sounds like bullshit i'm leaving this church you tumbled him out of the faith with your shit you're the humbly just assume that whatever days will get worked out and not really make us think about it even if you don't agree with something you go like while they know what's for the best that's actively you supposed to do that ok so you speak about the same thing way by you making some craft joke about some serious that people take susie off your contributing europe in the same way hip hop is making well young black men because of the hip hop or fuck in what is it seems like an argument or how dungeon dragons is encouraging no suicide old argument does anybody rossa what the dungeon
and dragons don't you remember them eighties dungeon drag disease is suicide demon is in fog in there's always a thing they gonna blame i'm telling you jokes one way or another are never gonna effect anything for anything like don't worry about the jokes you're the people we think push got elected because of essen else portrayal of bush first portrayal of gore i've heard people oh what's his name who was on racial and set it he thought lecturing got affected by them i will fail to ambush that you condescending that is i think he's funny deal i gonna against employed decimals that's that they think they're so condescendingly imagine people were swayed by saturday night live and people are so stupid that they need their gentle fuckin lefty hands jurisdiction
yeah but hold on second because you're talking to me from a guy used to be a fuckin jehovah's witnesses you're talkin bout an entire religion that believes unbelievably retarded nonsense and moral surprisal but your surprise that portrayal by some one of president could influence people that watch television i don't think anyone switch their vote because they saw jokes about you can i think it is very possible that lie if not altering their responsible and i think the percentage which people are retarded do i'll take you could sway someone who was people voted for were into how can that that ideology the people's idea is the same as he's left these like you wouldn't joke them out of believing in should they believe the dumbest outliers it's possible i think that you can talk to intervene at last year's talks on a devoted its last stated that if you that fucking stupid sugar thou art you proud
didn't make it out devout i'd be willing to bet you don't make out the vote but the problem is stupid people are often very motivated so you see what the westboro baptist church there graze stupor their criminal there dumb then the sky was dumb but he was a lawyer he was a civil rights attorney you haven't you still an idiot is socially really aren't you ok that yeah but something stupid like that's a different kind of that's like almost wilful we're gonna have to be stupid but i am well he's smart enough to memorize all this shit you needed to learn to become a lawyer by law as i love them differs though he was a civil rights lawyer you father i got here we got major breakthroughs for black people i look up he did some really nice he will do the best part of this is yes we are they concentrate on this one rule but they just say what's in the bible that's my favorite part because all these people out there i think you can moderate the eu is a moderate shit so i have news for you of your moderate than you do not in it right you full shit ok
people that are really doing it either extreme wines its lot of part time thing so that's why i don't do it anymore i'm not gonna half ass do it so i like those people that goes with it the bible says only a few people going to survive that's why work is not christian if america we are all christian do we wouldn't be christian automatically its built in only a small few find the crampton narrow road leading to eternal life and the roads the destruction is massive that's where most of the people go so duff don't they think they're those few that are on the cramped road much like a virgin bottle should be so really the idea of a christian nation is impossible yeah i appeal to know a bible people are indeed your caves you dont dumbarton said say the same people than tattoo bible verses anybody like do you get a red the whole but i want to do i want some right let go well you're not under that law anymore i watch redneck on some go oh yeah
christian saws raised a fight what i want to believe it you have it i think the exact opposite of being christian you fuckin decades will we'll pick and choose they pick and choose lie certainly does little to its active orators posters stone the woman if you get divorce unite the woman leaves you arrest for adultery theirs not a terrible fuckin shit in there but there is a lot of it absolutely justify with it was for time was so progressive right yes don't worry about it ok can own slaves like what wasn't the kind of slavery we had and at the time they were nicer about say like ok that's fine but you're telling me that this this box exceptional so why why are they in the future like if the worst oh god to this shit it should be like oh well ahead of its time like where the ones that don't have slaves because we have the one true god why is it like that because
was to have them judging i'm still before i just do anything imagine one of them like one of the profit is alive watching me what would he would have those who were here well what would he think of what i'm doing asked us to do that it is a question but my mom was a judge moses rage any shit right we must place was a killer i can never killed anybody moses and also a slave so you could save your judgment of my fucking you know we'll just a few hundred years ago if you go back and read some of the stuff that like lincoln we were this passage by land for the other day while i love him i love those passages there there crazy i want them in the hall of president disneyland i want lake and every like i am not advocating your quality for the negro law the say not wanting them did they shouldn't be divulged oil hold office or
a bottom intermarry with white like this is all i came in a debate but that's his that's his light compromising to try to make its like oh his obama care is not a perfect solution but we gotta do something that's what that shit is yeah probably i guess back then as we're saying up spry like super radical progressive for the time i was finally gavin you know god and re examine mcguinness i know he is alone so short a time at slavery i love his fucking lying is going back to slavery is not that i will or that the civil wars and about slavery there would be no civil war if there had been no slavery they wouldn't go into war over cotton tariff tariff they could work that our black dec on the loose was trust me a bit fucking factor and if you took it out no war absolutely so black jack on the loose of course you think they're gonna like you're gonna free all these slaves were beaten and they're gonna be just like us
gotta be fucking our kids who do you think that the biggest fear was that they would lose the economic impact of having slaves well tat was the lowest what there was writing for dollar four that's your rich man's motive for flight you never see leghorn answer relative is is like now the blacks are coming from i've done my one thing i have it's a very simple fucking thing but they always going soft zella like no there was more to that can wait listen there's no slavery the confederacy still sought we're still talking traders is i'll give you fuckin how will they traders purse up the union over some bullshit right but why should they give in to the fuckin whims of the north and north of their fuckin cities that's what this actually was gone on to those a big part of what was happening back then there's too different lifestyles the north which was but like cities right and there's a south that was like agriculture and right when they say like oh it's about economics well yeah
you have a bunch of other working for free and they would like the aid and now they want to keep paying at a level that would have just ended on its own will give up having free labour through this automatically ill who said brazil the brazil did it without killing six and this fuckin guy i go listen was hiroshima necessary then the civil war was necessary okay if you can justify job an atom bomb which i do then yeah six if i'm a slave if i'm ever a slave biology kill half a million southerners to i'm free by all means i'm willing to sacrifice them for me to not be a slave so this guy all this shit that's easy for you to say if you're not a slave does the bottom fucking lie and a just war put themselves in those shoes ever it's gotta be like the ultimate shut up like people that's the whole completely that flag they offered bothers you you'll never get from us it's a weird pride things like what exactly you proud of you
lost a war we were trying to separate from the people that didn't want slavery is it your proud the spot we were born which had no control over a young well do not only on its iron flags you'd i couldn't luther flag when i was growing up now that's them for neutral in our politics it will you joe is when is it of all policy not voted are no y yeah it's i'll give you showed satan system of things does is could be all wiped out but anyway so i'd ever i'd got attached to a flag like that like i never understood have you ever felt that feeling of like a flag even though now i'm like i'm way into america by i couldn't ever like into flight itself some so gross about that while it is kind of gross and its its gross just by way of opt outs definitions that are like confining if you find yourself like now i'm americans work mexicans trying to come over here to our land if you're saying hey man
california fuckers from nevada tyrannical over forty we're gonna kill him now you go over new honour and there's just other americans k i don't but if you go i write instead left near in a place where people look exactly the fuckin saying you're gonna again in the vodka and they like oh brother would you do a man's gonna everything's cool evidence normally targeting my dear friend their fellow americans or that you go right and then the there the what the enemy but are they they'll ally really can't come over here well well don't seem to realise that whatever the grants it is like it's not if they learn english the pope if their kids learn english or something you i mean what does ariel sharon but she you know i was surprised because she first because i go mildly you can just go to wherever who is hiring illegals and jealousy everyone's paperwork right and then penalized the company for doing that and then problem saw there's no more jobs and she's like you know the corporations or that one of the biggest
the promoters of it oh no more made a good point is that you should call the book that somebody cow corporations are fucking because people just go dismiss your points now can you blinded honour why blame them why would i not come here try to get a job if i need one why did i not duchess radical hot button topic don't blame on immigrants like people love doing that big thing to get people on your side it there's a few key components you're not gonna touch my guns folks immigration is ruined this country's of four country we gotta worry about our poorest more easily eternal arguing in so bill the butcher withdrawal potatoes and irish people cut off the boat you know it sounds just like that like you just sound like the same shit at the same shit they want to have like the fuckin middle class home and all that you can see it every fuckin raise that comes here than that gets to that level the cottages live like tv
the common people namely exactly that's what most be there's only a few of them where they try to fucking set themselves a boy and they mostly whitechoker religions yeah it's it's real hard when each i see my cup robot decadent things distractions are you like i lean back and i must know here though in years you must know soothingly george are the gum like that nervously getting bigger darker objects they put into my mouth do they gave us one that was so stupid we still have that stupid thing around hungarians and backed do they react there they gimme you ve seen that one looks like a lifesaver billows retarded little it literally looks like a weapon i know they construction ourselves i glade sabres yeah i was huge it was huge and was yet a refill it though every like it here then do they ivy squirt into the cotton and everything
do i don't use carton it's a mess of italian during some tissues i drawbridge shit now the better i got a spare battery in his god oh my god you're junkie yeah but it's it's like kill me how cigarettes are amazing callin me may i can feel it it was horrible fairly eaten away your health oh yeah right i feel like i know more brine how long you been off now think three weeks i'm proud of you do that's really strong that's very strong i'm glad you may therefore man she go and you think you're free now this board
yeah but you think you're free worry i'll stop smoking for now on since i got i really hope so duties too are really worried about you i will again when you get the call one day from that guy and issues of cancer and among like what i came to tell you a trainer hockey too quick for ten years out of the two packs also dude it's the got on my store everybody smokes there and their already know and you know cholera myself com is my sword smoker stores of real bad it's better than the improv not as bad as first miles an hour factors not bad at all costs nor smoke right that the fact that the commission has a patio you could smoke at selina sitting there and the orders blowing smoke interface non style that's an interesting thing i never thought about what the laugh factor the fracture doesn't have anything they don't have a place we can go into improv kind of has their working life tight partners great i come out there also are you with your project i know now off until thursday i'm doing a store thursday friday and saturday
around a motherfucker i now i ll see to some stanhope in town i haven't seen you since montreal that little tiny club the consumer i was his ex jehovah's witnesses to the elderly yeah i say to him like the highlander that's yes but uses business that's good clothes gone but wanted to go under oh no it's exercises of going out there now do those agreed o k you gonna listen dry out because i made some distressed factually new brunswick on july twenty three to twenty fifth excellent if you're their continued the stress factory beautiful do that yeah he's hilarious fiancee kurt monster plug years time goes by very funny guy that's why i really want to see what you're in town you may i will want to go on for a while fucker how often you around here
depends what work i have had with press junket to do in your podcast is on itunes people get on everything sounds tat itunes yet called race wars with courage honest ascribe right now her great things about darts really funny glazed ever so came out as one of our better ones but all you know sometimes it's a people talking over each other show that happens that's all i want is easy is it looks i really you you don't i am sorry the day somebody put up a video of dead bows eddie bravo russell peers me and you do in a pot cast our partners and we did all the talking over each other or hammering digg is so bad forgetting yeah sorry to listen to the other happens a lot with the ice house chronicles that's one of the most annoying think did you see that added as many words seven or eight people in my area before yeah do you see the pair helen prank video now i'm gonna go though i have to go we shall have to leave at check it out appears heaven sent this egyptian guy print
were there an airplane and amid the airplane i like knows die of and stuff like that and now she's like she's like i fly all the time and now i'm scared to be on a plane well she's she's alive so i guess i unfortunately have to end this thing early i gotta go i gotta obligation but europe metzger thank you remember coming to my region would only on areas do so anyway i come on how do we deal with skype or you ll aids i'm gonna do that we can work out syria was you out here did you live out here ever i mean we got it will only do it tour with him you surely man listen thompson christina possess key on control they do in that thing on tour allowing us to country they do their progress on tour can loves it he said he loves it is mozilla don't stand up why
couple live ones are pretty foreign man what i've done ds live don't kill tony brian's live that's that's a lot of fun to do kill tony's whereas we done that one does adele as no oh that's right you don't wars for glory for radio you fox will see soon that's it for the week be back on monday lots lots of great shit next week see a five day
but if a tune its upon cast and thank you too are sponsors thank you too truck club gotta trunk club dotcom ford slash rogan and gay self hooked up with some fuckin slick threads ladies and gentlemen that's trunk club dot com ford slash rogan and labour drive with ober drive with ober dot com go there and make some cash on the side my friends flexible schedule great way to do it drive with ober dot com and of course each and every week we are brought to you by ana dotcom go to o n n i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent of any and all
supplements are my friends thank you very much for tuned into the pod cas i'm glad you guys enjoy it i enjoy the shit out of doing it and we'll be back next week next week to we have a lot of great guess including powerful joey d as john ransom and more a so until then bush blair for pakistan wakes up enjoyed a fuckin share that much love my friends by because
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