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#670 - Michael A. Wood, Jr.

2015-07-08 | 🔗
Michael A. Wood, Jr. is a retired Baltimore police officer and veteran of the USMC. He recently made the news for  publicly speaking out against police brutality and has become a proponent of a new era of policing.
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because of the news we have seen the police brutality stories and other the crazy it's going on right now in baltimore and he can give us some very unique insight into what it's like to be applied sorry sir in baltimore i really enjoyed talk term very articulate and in very sympathetic intelligent young man and we need people are common in law enforcement i think you're you're gonna agree after you listen to him talk so without further ado please welcome michael a wood junior logan experience were lived for very good good see
for folks who don't know the story michael as he prefers to be discussed talk too as directed as referred to us you while you were cop in baltimore and you you put a string of tweets that i read that was on indian post and that's when i got interested in this whole story because it's very rare that someone who's a cop comes out and tells about all this shit they experience i have friends at or cops and i know there's a lot of good comes out there just like good everything in others you know sam harrison numb dan carl understood a park has recently together to really excellent podcast someone thinks we're talking about we were talking about people in power people that it were our politicians that they deserve the whole spectrum you get great people
that are genuinely trying to do good and you ask it psych pass it seems like you ran into a lot of fuckin psychopaths how long were you account for i was a cop for eleven years but look like you're twenty thanks has are possible i don't know good genetics good genetics and i guess you did distrust and fuck with you if it didn't really really honest how did it not my idea of not of what an officer should be was to be more rubber coppice like where i took my emotions out of a job and handled it strictly as enforcing the law so if i was spit on i realising we're spinning me there are sitting at the uniform it it was just irrelevant understood it was a personal so i separated that as like a role maybe like i was acting that's a great attitude to how oh yes was desired something that you thought about before you became a cop or is it something cultivates
while you were cop i can say for sure but it seems like i actually think that is the wrong way to think but if you analyze it in your at that time you think we'll how am i not gonna be biased i'm not be biased by by separating myself the situation in kind of acting as autonomous bread but i think that that also maybe blind because if i was being blind to racism than i was being blocked two when we were doing it and even if i doing it i wasn't seeing it when it occurred either because those literally blinding myself so you're saying that if you are blind racism against you then you are also blind two cops that were committing racism so if i looked at it as whether my whether i was talking to some i've latino descent of black whatever male female i looked at them just as equally regardless so
if you do that then you don't see that you're disproportionately enforcing things again somebody because i'm learning not trying to see that so that's interesting so by trying to treat everyone as equal you weren't taking account of how many black people you are dealing with how many latinos you deal with how many people of color how many minorities ferris ass it is fair to the extent that i'll admit that i when i was an egg in the east district i would intentionally lop way people up some of that i cannot make sure my my numbers work that you like my school it wasn't like oh my gosh look they look at ninety five percent in africa arrogance i do want to see that i wanted to see something ballot so i was like aware that haywire locking too many black people up but i dont think i adjusting to queue at the time it takes time for it to settle in so what about those poor people
up on purpose i got nothing to do with a guilty at least i don't like the way i was a girl that but you you experience a lot of shit i'm sort of things and i read that here's one hunting a handcuffed face down suspect in the face after a foot chase pissing in shooting inside suspects homes during raids on their beds and close jacking up illegally searching thousands of people with no legal justification for this is crazy man the crazy stuff well when when you're doing it just what police do you know it you ve seen it on tv you ve seen it driving by you ve seen a corner full of black eyes with the cops certain if you ve seen in and when they're going into those pocket you can't go into his pocket you simply can't but we do
not allowed to rise in illegal you have no way of doing it unless you're you're getting a frisk where you have you can justify plainfield doctoring and then you can get into the pocket but the extremely rare meet that that's a specific set of circumstances undertake and that's nothing though it's a hairy stuff so terry so higher was a case law that established could be sleigh often impotent yours but if somebody was displaying the characteristics of an army sin and you had suspicion or hunch that criminal activity was afoot you can stop that person conductive frisk at the outer garments so out of garments right so just a pat down essentially so the zero out a girl's mean a jack a jacket so if you had if it's like you thought there they had a weapon on their hope you could pull back the jacket and kind of panic down but
it seems as the laws written it would have to you'd have to even like squish it and it's just what you can touch from the outside so if you patted the outside the jack and felt a gun there was in his waist then you could you could arrest him or take that gun right you're going to be fine but you can't dig in his pockets and look for crack right what you can if you have what that plainfield doctrine so if through my expertise i can tell that that is packaging that is consistent with our products that are distributed in the area and i can justify that then i can go and retrieve those narcotics it's that that's an extremely of me if you can just think about that how do i really know that that bag in your pocket is marijuana reagan up that it's it's i don't know sure of that should be legally justified or not so stop and first share that they were doing in new york there not doing anymore right is another deal we talked about a pocket
once we went over all the times that it was just innocent people and it's fucking staggering that's disgusting they would just be able to pull white i mean blackheads i should like it not really there right with mostly black is there just be able to pull them over go hey let me let me check and they were just check their bodies and most of the time they were innocent most of the time there was nothing to check for i'm going to tell you that ninety nine point ninety nine percent of them have nothing on them because they're not even usually document it so in baltimore will you stop afresh in if you do a start afresh you have to conduct an entire species specific report constitutes a first report that justifies everything you did an end so is it's a big pain so no one's gonna write that so just do it and they move what's your stance or at any statuses junk so ended you see that are junk said there's a one in a thousand actually have something on swift about we're reality is choose what
what led to you leaving the police force and like was possessed a build up what was assumption that you thought about a long time they re laugh yes we had a and shooting range in the base for the eastern district we had to move something where to put one desk on top of another desk slipped and i tore my shoulder out there just setting story fly left that's it as it what was the injury had my shorter reconstruct it just torah towards its where everything out then put it back together like what what besides it is no out and so the land bergamo goro later not rotate or cough now though the the cartilage at folds omen just doesn't hold it in the place anymore so come out easily so if it can come out easily they knowledge vehicle anymore and an elegant come out easily right now towards permanent france for amendments fucked up right from moving a desk yes
what i'm saying is radically story i got nothing i have nothing so you left and then you decide how long owes us i gotta injured in light way two thousand and nine but he took time to do a surgeries try and come back and we have tried to come back i came back and i was going code it's will call licence irons went to turn down a street in the shorter popped out so i went up went to the sidewalk decide to grapple with the other hand that's why i had to go back in and then they need another surgery is not another surgeries from a fuckin turn well fuck he's gonna came velasquez a surgeon fix that due to a pretty good i guess so viewed decided once you were out once you knew you were out indeed done three eu you couldn't be a police officer anymore can shoulder blows out what made you decide to go public with all the stuff i've actually talk about this for a long time when i have
we have our local media local street reporters stuff like that that i was friends with one twitter and we will talk about these things for the last couple years we're just go back and forth talk about things and i had no idea that anybody would pick up on this i thought i was just going to be talking to the same reporters and the same local group of people that i've been talk to the whole time till i came i can solve it tonight sort of attention and where was i like for you shocking yeah we're talking about it before this does show started this found notoriety how we're did is would describe it when we landed know a guy asked i was on a tv talking about police and it's like i don't know i'm used to being anonymous so i'm he suggests going in mining my own
is this not bothering any body and suddenly people know you arts it's it's it's awkward and especially for within or you are because every time now a complex it may only it's gonna i'm the bad guy now so i can't trust them as well makes it kind of of fuckin a weird place so when this most recent baltimore incident took place the freddy gray incident the eruption of public attention on police brutality in baltimore war and the marches and all the you stories then people are really paying attention to that yeah me it seems like that was the case i am maybe somebody had followed me before in some way with a powerful retreat i have no idea and so what was the explain how it all went now i gotta do become this public figure i mean i've literally have no comprehension of what happened i decided that i was just going to talk about some things we do so
it's like look this is what we do let's not try to pretend it we don't do it we do it so it's not about whether we're going to blame the cops that did it or rather we're gonna go back and have retribution we need to realise that this is what we do stop denying the black he has been line for the last fifty years we need to fix it and in a realistic scientific way where he hasn't empathy entreat people like human beings because we don't what is baltimore like to someone whom i might muddy john rollo lives in baltimore shot out genre he was to the public s whole time in the way he describes it is i mean been there a few times for the you see but i haven't you know into the bad neighborhoods ogden wash the wire so but watching times have been fucked over by cops and how crazy it is there and how much crime there was there and how much
i stood and how many times have been fucked over by cops and how crazy is there and how much crime there was there and how much violence or is there what it's like trying to grow up there and become a normal person and what a fuckin uphill struggle that is described baltimore to someone like me itself baltimore like anywhere else is largely good but it has microcosm of it it's like the prototype for the prison cycle so somebody comes up in a neighborhood and they just have no hope and they keep feedin that go to prison cycle over and over and over again and has a deep history in baltimore so it invades everything so whether you're too talking about are the things the police do or rather you're talking about where they live in baltimore the you have mr so you have a black neighbourhood here but they were here like they were here white money white money white money low income white and is in these clusters but these clusters were intentionally formed by the law in baltimore
by acting so say long as we were a hundred years ago and you still have deeds now that so you can't sell the house to and african american person so like even if you are a doktor there you couldn't if your black doktor you couldn't by house nice white neighbourhood sixty years ago do you have they'll go by house in that little area and that if your if you're clustering everybody like that it just pools everybody down constantly constantly constantly six it's just constantly down there is no way out sixty years ago sixty years ago you couldn't by house if your blacker and certain neighbourhoods and it was a law they had this and that it goes into deeds still some indeed still have it still why thrice reveal that there is no quorum uphold it but you're still see it you'll see it in there i don't see the language so if there's a white neighbourhood today there is there is a possibility that some boy person who wants to move into this white neighbourhood might encounter some resistance because this they're gonna die resistance but tendency in the deed that's gonna make you feel awkward fuck
why is it so there s this original data keep period over why wouldn't they changed i dont know what i mean i have no idea why the cities that way why these people did these things it doesn't make nobody stood objectively it and we created these racist institutions mean they are institutional racism there's no doubt about it it's up and down in these urban environments in the cities cleveland fergus baltimore atlanta is irrelevant they're all the same all these urban environment this all over compton watts inglewood there's a ton of places like that in allay as well it's all over the world mean all over the united states i should say there's neighborhoods that seem almost inescapable did you in a moment radio up yes i did ok now you know how long back that goes we think i mean this is so denying that we have this suit so what people are saying these cops are racist i say and they all racist i'm telling you is there participating an institutionalized racism just like everybody in britain was doing backing kay
with the mouse however long ago that was a long time ago and you use come out how it's just the whole thing if you're participating in your guilty and that's what i'm telling you i'm guilty i participated in it is your way to fix it well the anything from the police thing is i think empathy is number one we have a start treating human beings like their human beings we have to like we just arrest them and you thought in a cage just i did with photographs and you don't focus on them being somebody's child or or are you i mean races of social costs this is my brother and i am doing this to him eventually does it inconceivable we ve had this conversation a hundred times in this part cast where am i have always wondered why is it that we put so much emphasis in trying to repair damage you ve done in other countries
much emphasis in nation building jefferson invading places because of whatever perceived threat or whatever natural resource who want to dominate monopolize but no emphasis whatsoever in a fix in our own inner cities no emphasis whatsoever and fixing the ghettos and just constructing social centres giving people places that are safe to go to and somehow another educating people and and and and lifting them out one by one out of the fuckin constant cycle that there and this never ending cycle of poverty and crime and being surround my man you everyone knows that people imitator atmosphere it's just a part of being a human being is why accents exist that's why people in some parts of the world do weird things because everyone around them does it like a weird club they where we're debate of rituals scarring of face you know what have you we imitate what's around us
and when you around allow fuckin crime in you grow up around a lot of fuckin crime and a lot of people with record's criminal records and it becomes normal and i dont know how to fix it and i don't i don't see any effort whatsoever in really engineering some sort of a solution to what these poor unfortunate people are born into well for police is even worse because we're perpetuating that situation so work were the ones doing that psycho so when we see a sixty at once i'm out if commanded eastern district and i'm telling my guys stop point old white ladys stop poring over that young cute girl stop we focus on who commits the crimes and who can mr crimes of baltimore sixteen to twenty four year old blackmail that's who commit crimes so focused on them that makes sense until you complete the cycle and realise that you started
doing that because of institutional as racism and your organization and so when you are jacking up those guys in the core any we find that dieback so you sent the jail now i can't go to work the next day we loses his job and then he can't make its court so he gets his license suspended and he's driving and then you are focusing on those sixteen twenty very blackmail so now you're more likely to pull them over now you pull him over now he has spent licence now gets his license revoked and now i can't get to the jobless really and you just now now is doubt left with selling drugs on the corner so you were were creating we have to step back and realise what the facts are what we're doing the number one was the drug war and then we have money in politics there are two big issues that we have to solve before we get any well what is the money in politics has a player so think we can change anything until we stop having politicians that are serving their
donors versus serving the people so some of that talking like me is never going to run a police agency as long other corporate donors are saying no no no you keep those animals in the cages cassettes what they do me that's a joke in baltimore that police are actually the zoo keeper should keep everything in it don't let hit the county so so that's it that's our role that's what we're doing so your mayors and your politicians are going to continue to encourage that they're not going to take a risk and say are how do we lower juvenile possessed of marijuana you know that i know you do you know you legalise it now when you control it and rates actually down where there were overseas aurora colorado your duke possession ray four marijuana will go down among juveniles but we don't do that we keep looking every like we're a hammer certain for now and we keep looking for what we're going to hit to stop it instead of standing back and you science and figuring out what are we actually going to do to fix this problem what were actually have results this is
it is very rare to hear cop talk like this i'm really happy that you are come forward in and speaking like this but how many people that were with you in the police force or upset about this my closest friends i think i understand me i think the vast majority is upset with me and they're gonna be upset with me because what i'm really trying to do is take power away from them i mean really i'm trying to take power from them and give it back to the people cause response be serving them we're not supposed to be this occupying force and this pretty little wipe away from the county looks like an occupying force in the city there's no way around it so i have to be aware of that and think about that think about what i'm doing not being occupied force intentionally actually go out of my way to lift up a situation to de escalate it and do better than that come in there and you you're going to jail you're gonna just shut up let's go which is what i did for a long time so when you see the county what does that mean well when you say why boy from the county with the cap
so the suburb so in baltimore it's kind of weird is a little difference of baltimores incorporate it so has nothing to do at the county so there's like this hard law so not where in and then the county of what baltimore county ok right so you have the city by itself so here in los angeles thank you have marine adele ray you have inglewood you have all this stuff is is outlay in baltimore it's just baltimore so everything is concentrated in focused and me coming from the county i've never spent any time in the city growing up i come in just as straight for the marine corps that's ready to roll we're gonna do our thing i'm gonna put on a different uniform and continue my war while so that was that was why he became a com so came right from the military and it like a logical progressions illogical regression i think i
in the marine corps to prepare myself i was a little uncontrolled and decided to go into the marine corps to get my shit together and discipline mass i could get into the police department can it be that was my always michael so you go was always to be a police officer right why was that i don't know citizens eyes a little kid i think you go in with these grandiose ideas it you're gonna help people and maybe that's why talk i mean it still evolving than that i'm saying these things are you you're bringing up a point and maybe that's why talk maybe i feel that its that i wasn't doing what i actually set out to do i was actually exacerbating the situation so you got caught up in the cycle yourself the cycle of law enforcement and the way the law enforcement behaves in baltimore and it just came habitual totally you don't think about it you just ignore it so when i say that i have that suffer
that i chased and the guy comes up he kicked him in the face i think to myself that guy's a fuckin asshole but not me i didn't right but i have the responsibility to do something that was an assault on innocent victim is not as bad as mckinney but it's all the innocent victims than i should have certainly stepped up and done something about the age just you're you're in it you don't it's i can't explain it how you don't see it until you ve really to start to slowly step backwards what are we doing here we're starting to see more and more yo tapes please stories of of police brutality do you think this is just result of cell phones or is the violence escalating or as the violence always been there like this but people are finally finding out about it i think it's actually de escalating violence yeah i think you're
think your cell phones are certainly scaring alot of cops from from doing things but the only very here is the proliferation of videos video cameras so as you get me more cameras seeing more more but imagine what it was like before the cameras cops cameras are there we ve known for a long time so like we have pull cameras in baltimore and so if we were going to do something or what so there's a streak on mine when she just full of these cameras that are monitored by the city so as an officer i always knew though if i was on that street i taught how to behave in a different manner because i knew the camera was there now we oh that the cameras there all the time so it's it's gotta be much smaller with it always these guys you say that you can simply the real humans like that fuckin carbon taxes it showed up at the poor party and did the fuckin roy like he's paul pablo mall cop wholly fuckin shit when you find out that's a real person just like
whence it so think about this situation so that's mckinney situation will you have a guy assaulting a fourteen year old girl and that chief still comes out and still he hasn't linda blue blinder where he saying there's eleven good cops there my there are there are twelve bad cops there because he just witnessed an assault on a fourteen year old girl in a bathing suit indeed shit about it so you have twelve bad cop but the reason why i'm talking is because i do think those eleven other ones can be spoken to i think the guy that comes up and pat on the back than is like yeah what are you doing wiser gun out if we keep talking to him than me be he'll be able to go talk to more people maybe who realise what he's doing and we can kind of at least or on a grass roots level kind of change what police think they're supposed to be verses what we are we ve talked about it on the porch ass many times and i think that it's one of the most difficult jobs that a person can do
and one of the jobs that has the least amount of respect cops like almost routinely are treated with disrespect and also their there no one no one thinks about peter de for cops people think about it all the time comes to soldiers has become much more in the public eye but the amount stress that's the that's part of being applied officer what is that like when you're going into these bad neighbourhoods and you're dealing with murder when you dealing with a view of all what's a different assaults and domestic violence and theft in brief briefly what is that like to be a person who deals with that every day and how much of a factor is that play and these people snapping on people this is hard for me to say because i don't feel like i had that i did not find the job stressful on the streets the greatest enemy was from within they say that nanda watch don't worry about street you got
worry about what the other officers are doing premise that two items there is good news that the banter back and forth and then movie is very realistic what cops act like you think cops or professional but we're sitting in the car talking about the same things than anybody else it's about and then your oh shit something's going on mostly fuzzy bab anyway so well we're talking about how stressful it is ripe is none it wasn't stressful for me are you a weirdo i don't think so i think it built up that wall do people have a warm not all am i knew summum handle things more personally so they take that so i don't think we those peoples cops i understand hard for them i get that but the jobs not for anybody actually right when you say the job is nearly impossible i think it is impossible to do right so that's why we have to be
or human so that when we screw up we can say look i screwed up and this is why in people will understand where you're coming from whereas with freddy gray we obvious we're screwed up there's no way around this but yet we still come out umbilical what but we don't anything which the facts are out bullshit you had somebody in your possession and he's dead stop denying it no one was all the shit about him having a neck injury that turn out not be true right dance i was all bullshit was just can somebody made up online i wouldn't like he had an old car accident or something that in the case had some kind of final disposition that was entered into the court records but exactly harking back to some the long time so he die from being slammed up against the wall inside the back of a patty wagon right so direct goods will happen and what was arrested for so let's think about let's put this in real terms please always want to put things in life firms but you're gonna high drug area
and it sees freddy gray what the allegedly sees freddy gray recognize him turn and run so they chase they follow him they catch him they search him and do we have to stop of risk not all the documents that frisk so because he's running does that mean that he that there's these suspicious right so believe it or not the law says that that's fine but you can chase him and you can stop him so my media judgment that case do i can think of it i thought my head but that case there's no clarification on how much force is allowed to be used so in a sovereign firstly can actually use legitimate amount of force but in that situation the running i don't i don't really know much force is allowed to be used there so i was curious how much force they use but apparently they didn't use that much force
and they searched him and they got a knife out of his pocket so let's stop at this knife now how do we get into the knife we searched my went into his pocket illegal we don't have stopped frisk rapid even if you can somehow justify that the knife that he has only illegal if it has an internal spring so how you feel weather had an eternal spring or not and how many wiping do you think carry an iphone internally it's gonna be same amount but do anything never get arrested never said that internal spring so fuckin stupid have some releases for knives now that our east here than a switchblade the whole thing is stupid so why not create a law like that you create a law like that because you can spock with the people that you want to fuck with that's why we do it because it's our sides door in something like switchblade like that and then that now we buy scared grass which wooden highschool autonomous about but then i realized i could system
regular knife psych but better tool switchboards fuckin stupid spring breaks it folds up so this guy house which believes that with well as well we haven't seen the knife yet but by we had don't even mean switchblade with thirst saying is so you have a assistance we have about me some of you have use your whole force ryan's summer system right in assisted pocketknife this big is illegal in baltimore but i assure you that everybody has been arrested with that is ninety eight percent gonna be black so the uses an excuse absolutely so we can fuck with whom we want to fuck with exactly what we so his knife was essential like a utility knife the people might have an end if you live in a hood you might have an iphone your target idea tat so i would call him where i would try chased them then he was doing nobody chased him but i would have stopped him he didn't have the drugs autumn he whence i searched my
do you take out the knife but i give it back to him say ok be safe sorry about that and we're good we're playing the game we know of did buggy that you were looking for drugs the debt ever lied go on what the fuck am i doing being some sort of a glorified revenue collected for the state when people over in gay would for drugs yeah yeah right there is no point in any consensual dot agreements to fight against them but but my whole point is to keep it real it's fucking fine it was fun fucking great funding catch on gas i'd live for the car chase i mean you think about this thing about if you're in a police car and you have the lights and siren frank you're going down like coastal high where you're going down your favorite one a water whatever it is in your going to your side rose and you're chasing this guy there is no adrenaline russets ever compared to that it you live for its it's incredible it's amazing and give don't
i i didn't really care why jimmy the parties it is amazing that so refreshingly honest i'm so glad you're talking like this because i always thought that too i was there be exciting for them but hopkins amazing cheetah chasing a gazelle have three good stories we guitar later on that i mean it's just like you can understand if you're in that situation is that one of the reasons why so many cop shoe people it's like the idea of the rush of being in a gun fire the rush of finding someone who deserves to get shot you know it's like when you're hunting you know you see animals do not supposed to shoot but us god is a party fuckin brain and want to shoot a squirrel three hundred when maggie dont do it but does upon your brain you like you have a rifle you look into the cross squirrel doesn't even know you there you dont do it but there's a part of that wants to and am i why does not even exist because people like hitting targets the same reason while i go into the range and shooting at
steel targets a guardia because people are killed things with guns because you have a gun like you said when you a hammer everything looks like a nail and when you are in your cop car and someone takes off whether or not it may since the chase them it must feel like the right thing to do right like your instincts i'm gonna go with you in the carcase not gonna go through in the shooting for like was i looking for the target was if i had a guy with a knife i was sitting i was trying to pull down put it down but in my head you to come out i'm fucking cop i'm going out there you know it's like this is what you do but but you had alive for vienna possible to cry sid shirley was because i was ready to shoot if i had to but i was never going across that long you kind of wanted to shew shore i may i killed
i prefer the marine corps i was fast team this is what i did i was trained from seventeen i wintering court seventeen i was handled right foreign boo camp and i went into actual ops in i was trained day in and day out to kill that's that's the truth and then i have to transition into bringing those that skill set into a police apartment where ought luckily was able to separate myself wasn't an issue for me but i don't think that's where the shootings come from i'm pretty convinced that your military members actually bullshit i am convinced that the shooting some from fear makes a lot of sense so the military members have more discipline they ve been through real war and they understand and shooting in death better yeah i think you should understand the rules of engagement better whereas the people that come from civilian life and in this fuckin video this guy who's this big fat slob whose and he's trying to get a hold of this guy
guy ones are beaten his ass and is like this chaos thing well rounded i'm looking at that guy and unlike this guy does not there's no way this guy should be a fuckin law enforcement asses her he's just wait two attache pieces way to undisciplined his body is just not serving him correctly and he's involved in physical altercations with criminals and to be a person that is in day to day contact with people that may or may not want to kill you you have to have a certain amount awareness and you have to have a certain amount of physical ability and you have to those abilities you you haven't realize we would handle that situation i think it's easier in a city than it would be for pensioners the trooper or something i don't know what i would do inter shoes in their stock in the middle of nowhere by themselves in a city i do hold on for thirty seconds you're gonna get help but how they
those environments baffling maybe they'll get into a lot of shootings as much as urban environments because at eight i think it's that fear but i think as a nation we fear the black man he's the demon she saw that might brown when that copses he added demons look in his i wouldn't even looking at what are you talking about do you ever see anybody say that dylan roof look like he added demon look in his eye they don't say that this is all this troubled youth but the black eyes the demon so we have that in our society that that's the criminal so that's who were looking at and that you were fearing we're fearing the black man raping our daughters were fearing that that whether we want to face it or not as a nation it's real and we have to face it if we want to learn how to police properly and we if you want to get our nation backed where it is me stop we tear down these borders these things that we do the social contract or flags you're you're weather have a lying down mexico so that they can come over here we not help them in and we have
states and we do others other all so much don't shit that we just make out the separate ourselves but there is no difference in these we're melatonin than i do wonderful whatever they just human we're all the same we know that scientifically we know that i agree with you on that but there the guy that shot the p bull in colorado that was one of the first things i said is it looked look possessed i swear i mean i absolutely agree with you that there's institutionalized racism absolutely agree with you but i think any time someone become the school shooter or mean they they treat that person like there some psychopathic maniac i can see them did you get into altercations where you had a shoe people i could afford the trio justifiably quite a few times but we're dead now now so you ll analyzing the years in baltimore in the city and they didn't have to shoot anybody know now i can't yeah i know of two that we're pretty haven't pretty close to me never completely
completely clean shootings in again and it was an expert in maybe i'm being biased i don't know but while sense to me i don't think you're being buys at all i would want someone first of all its a logical progression if someone is looking for good job and they get out of the military it's a logical progression i would thrust military members more than i would trust a civilian has never seen any any real on fire or any any real shit you know someone who has never experience any sort of altercation like that and sudden being thrust into it you just gotta hope they can keep it together i know some people can but a lot of people can someone is through the marine someone's been through anything a navy seal someone has been through war that person in my eyes is a much more qualified candidate than the average person it makes sense talking to me and you're saying that you had a certain model supplant and you had a sir but you also in very honest punctual wanted them to come at you
i think as a natural human instinct i think it's very important you're talking like a really do because i think gum a lot of people it would shy away from talking like that specialists what is still out of a career in law enforcement you know i think my my hopes for resuming a curtain has first probably over yeah unless someone comes along and listens to this with an open mind and realizes know this fuckin guy exactly what we need and i think that is exactly what we need we need people like you we need people like you who other people are going to listen to and say well there's a guy who is on our side the guy who's not racist here's a guy's not just looking to shoot people like people up here's a guy who really came into this job wanting to help and experienced a bunch fuckin chaos its chaos there's no other word for it it's the biggest shit show you'll see is going to our environment and being thrust in that because you are it's not just as it is
not just the street its internal as well the whole thing is a big clusterfuck of mismanagement and no one's caring about what we actually need to do we need to end the damn drug war this is ridiculous we're doing this to that's most of what your resting people for gosh i don't get all of it ninety nine you ve jesus fucking christ how crazy how crazy ninety percent that's all that matters there is guns and drugs guns in drugs does injunctions guns and guns probably are there so they could sell drugs and defend them suddenly find themselves yeah fuck and aim at what a crazy crazy situation just a bizarre police state set up by the fact that drugs are illegal poor man but it does mean invades the entire thing so when we saw what happened with alcohol
renzo gangs take over and you have violence do you want to lower the violence and that the mission of the police do want to lower the violence than every single chief out these we be saying hey we need and this drug war stop it you are how many cops are saying need to stop bars about none a single bar you know maybe that's what so the fighting we all know that if they were sitting around smoking nothing would have happened yeah but also i support their right to get fucked up do you know i'm i've been drunk a lot and i've never heard anybody never never did anything fucked never cause any crimes never hurt anybody never do you know i just don't think debt and i think human being should we do in fact they want i think when you when you violate some our another you violate the other people's rights are the pieper safety or the people's health and welfare
it becomes a real issue and you should be prosecuted based on whatever transgressions you ve committed right so don't you agree then that the drug war distracts you from actually being punished real police hung two percent we turned you away from what kind of relationship did you have with the people in baltimore with that you what your area did you'd be big developed friendships develop any sort of connection with those folks none as an occupying force my stuff and i went out because so so too to know you if you are in my neighborhood i would at this stop and talk to you and i had to spend time with you i may have to talk to your keys aids we we could shoot the shit on the corner or something like that with the whole time i'm doing that the departments are going to actually be criticising me in saying i'm not doing my job because you're not right ticket price people over you're not you dont you not meeting your quotas i'm not getting my stuff
i'm not making the arrests and i need to make so i was i came out of the academy and went about footwear freddy gray as the gilmore homes so that was my first for re so i got a little bite into this us versus damn you threw me right into the biggest war zone we have foot on foot with many who we with another training that had no i wonder how he was doing either you and what we do not want to others so plain cops wreck groups totally play while we were doing all juggernaut so we would go up and we would like going covert and into the projects projects had heat and it was when it i'm so you could i break into one of that the doors and had he then you can watch what happens in the courtyard and people itself and we would one of us would run down out of the room circle around so you'd oh and break into a room because it had hidden it right because our projects there that they stay heat stays on so it be an empty a vacant rebecca
am i right in the heat would be able to pick the largest king i always find a way and was pickle i could get a key there's always away in summer somewhere else usually already did it for you right we would watch them unlike my first arrests went with and grab them in the first thing he says these are my pants the jobs that instead of using violence has for its guy you asked it two larry's did you know you are in for a fuckin world of whereas what a great way to start up a career that's like the perfect way a first guy you arrest as these are now i never think zagreb his arm so i go there and i go to the southern which is an area where you would be fascinated there i'm just completely it is the whole point of this you have a black ghetto you have white trash for the most part and then you have this cluster next to it a really good people
doctors lawyers just regular people in that area that are nice and they mingled together and it's it's chaos so from that chaos because college kids going to university maryland think that they can just walk down the street into the bad right and everything will be fine if they take a drink and walk down the street and no one's gonna happen to them the the and what does happen other gonna get robbed they now we not only did it not we know it was a gay what you do not do that the the the it's in the neighborhood you'd have really hard time figuring out your reports because you were supposed to put in like who the person's relationship was and you like weight so your cousin is that wait you she's a cousin and your uncle this doesn't make sense so what block do i put the guy they did it was he your cousin or no he was your uncle if a dope and everything was altogether so like there's so much inbreeding really
actually you would have these crazy things that you would have hispanics that came in and we're trying to come up themselves and it is all just gonna get it it's chaos in go there right now is a crazy societal test bed of everybody coming together for these entirely different grounds and there's real inbreeding it's like a common arenas it really what the fuck so i go from there and i gotta inbreeding like if we run that everyday marietta once a week if you work in it so i go from there and i got a northern district which is this area combat washington not washed and is upper class eighty percent to ninety percent why you have judges that lived there you have nice houses foreigners
four thousand our houses and now i'm in this environment and holy shit where am i i'm in white land now i have this road that's called cross country boulevard and has achieved next to it but how am i doing here so i'm spected the same amount of arrests and inspected right to take it so i have bosses at her telling me like you're not doing anything what am i supposed to do i'm like in a good neighbourhood what i do so i will leave my area go to the black neighbourhoods and make progress so i could appease my bosses with my rest mars so your continuing that cycle once again i'm leaving that area to go poach and specifically continue that cycle and i'm doing it because so i'm supposed to be doing so if you were in a place that had no crime you again trouble yeah i hadn't my one sergeant headed defend me constantly because i went to a post in that same
shrink where i sort of bringing the crime numbers down but i didn't have the arrests and he's here to defend me to his boss is saying like look he hasn't had a part one serious i'm in a long time that's like that's his job and i was getting criticise old times i didn't know it s like the ultimate goal rise to have no crime should that be the metric that should be measured but if we are had no crime gotta have also i've often propose this like if we had a moratorium on crime if the whole country got heather and said all right no one for the next month we can go thirty days without speed in thirty days without it turns thirty days without any vi crime thirty days very theft what would happen we try makes em up but make up some cross they were just to arrest clarity i would not wait what reality is but what that's what we so like my liberal
idea of policing would be to empower that officer that's when the street so even if there wasn't crime then what he would reach be doing is making sure that the alley was cleaned up solving problems that are in the neighborhood so whatever the palm capacity b there's a guy that kanzi parse on this corner in the street sweeper can't get it will fix all those problems if you dont have crime the the peace officer the protector should still have play of things to do so it shouldn't be just crime crime should be in limit of what police did you have to pull over people and right tickets for speeding and shit like that are now former doesn't care about that they don't care what you just drunk crazy much real is there's no traffic cops or anything like that in the city what does it just doesn't work that way
why does no traffic i mean maybe a district here there might have one guy that kind of primarily those traffic but is it cyst patrol officers are expected to handle traffic and again member i'm not being judged right on that so little why would i care right so my cars that the only reason i do of course up is the gate guns are drugs maybe work like so so if you're on a plate right guy has warrant drivers work then yeah i'm gonna do that i'm not really do unless it's i haven't a possibility of an arrest and then consider rate bull crept tickets did you arrest the same guys more than once you get points i'm especially when i was doing architects i have a framework for the northern i went to add that your unit called violent crime impact of vision and i was like plainclothes got to have the tat out and the all too often run around like you're you're they called knockers in the city and so from there you're dealing with the same street level dealers all the time at one of those kids actually really struck me maybe
so a great irony that i had in doing drug work is usually drug works meet you sent to the deeper into it and actually pulled me out because i would interview these eyes in the little rooms and this one guy daniel tailors the one on specifically remembering just a marijuana dealer and he had a kid in he was struggling to have this kid he was young he was trying to help you locked up a lot when he was younger so he was selling we'd just to think by diapers for his kid he would tommy stories and age we would be there and he would be cryin enables like fuck there's no differences in this kid in me there's nothing the only difference between this key me and when i had a die bag my pocket there was a fucking chance in hell someone's gonna look but him he was gonna get caught eventually and sent him into that spiral and this could have been a good kid and what may surprise you still in jail now and there is nothing wrong with it we are horse system created a criminal act of a decent kid
was it was shocking to me like i like i knew i was following the rules and in so i had to arrest him i had to finish this out because doing would have supposed to be doing but it was kind of our we can start to see that these people they didn't they weren't different then ass they just had a different environment us and we should be changing that environment not changing them so you felt this was so let me back up a bit this going into this district and his new position why were you allowed to wear regular clothes mosey ideas was a blend in other idea gaseous was to have an advantage to sneak up and all that sort of talk quick funny story about that a white guy i beg this is really good deserted and appreciate ok so i that's always a struggle ramp so the tattoo that lack face now no summit so that stand it really do so the tax we're out i had a red mazda six with tenant windows virginia tag
cut off sleaze was rolling down thinking i was blended is it i look like i'm some buying beside me anything you consider maybe leg carving a lightning bolt your hair done something crazy so look a little more kind of like i was out thereby like your trans racial is perhaps not opening again already open you don't even have to dig in so overflowing i don't have an opinion i'm so happy that girls alive i'm so happy debate as it gives you father well yes from the fan of human folly so so you rolling around like a white guy sticking out like a sore thumb thinking i wasn't and turned the corner and literally of a four year old boy yo dead i'm knockers right there this is as good as i get this is all i have is so good and then sell weapons appoint their there there so they knew that there's
position that cops get into where they would they're allowed to dress like now he called knockers and in baltimore and you called knockers by the police departments well but just by the by civilians and why do you think about knockers obvious answer why gets switching to run the street you're the force you they enforcement team so that's actually would cause enforcement team we went out there stamp down the drug is your pressure to be intimidating till i acted you must yes you must be in today i wouldn't survive so so you can look me and you can think of me being in the wire jamie what i survived if i was out intimidating i wouldn't survive was war goddammit so like a technique is actually to find one biggest bastards in your area i took his hockin content you haven't so use
weapons or what i do know that are you going to arrest him for something going to be a little rough with them gonna do something to cause he's he's the king dark and that neighbourhood russia you have to assume the offer no you don't do that you're gonna run over a lotta cups don't do it if you don't do that you are not going to survive in a drug unit for sure didn't get tramp of why do why survivors you do do they think you're making an enemy yeah it's a battle the war torn it is it's a drug war don't be fooled that's what it is that's what we ve created it so it's us versus dam and if i'm gonna be ahead i have to be the alpha diagram in i'm never actually never been a car but i worked as a security guard for awhile concert place and one of things i recognized were really early on was that there was a us versus them mentality just from fuckin security guards at a council
place and i would imagine the us versus them between cops and the people on the street debts pretty fuckin intense pretty big division and that is how you can have a black officer whose participating in a racist organization just like anybody else did you have a lot of black officers mother baltimores about its about even while so but there's no difference maybe even the lack of social of it more aggressive i have a theory on abba well that was a nice t thing ain t used to talk about then i got lots of that i think that's but they ve always felt that there was black cops that made up for the fact that they were black by being extra brutal yeah that's it they thought i dont actually think that that's why it's conjecture but my part but i think that's because there actually that they feel embarrassed that those people that they feel like they black criminals are making the black
raised by community look bad so that kind of like extra angry whereas i'm not gonna be angry because i dont care so maybe you could be a little bit of both or either or certainly too for different people while what the fuck do what a crazy life you lived patenting amount of time but now being out of it how long did it take for you realize how fuckin crazy was started when i was in but starting with like talking to that kid right and then i would also certain covert unwatched so you'll love this one time as we have done along investigation had its vacant building that i would hide in homeless do was erin a homeless would like leave magazines for me and the outcome in during the day and he would come in at night the weirdest exchange we never crossed paths though that man these four as agreements to hop monthly now tat i was a covey weekly playboy or italy my time sunlike that whatever you and he knew i was there i do he was there but we never actually cross bats
but they had so he left them for you thou area with other there and he had there is a picture big whose picture jesus filling the window and so i carved out jesus his eyes and i would stand behind that's i watched so have i discover media rise so i was actually stand to be idle logic of a drug dealers on the investigation why i would watch all these investigations like that you we see everything from what it was and not for your perceptions because you were there for so long so i would see the dealer sitting there but then would see him take care of his kid i would see him sit down to make food i would hear the other people the neighbour talking about their lives in hearing the smells of the sneer here in the sound smelling smells en route rising that this this wasn't a war this is wrong to us and we are doing this was not the enemy this was a socio economic problem that we had to deal with but this isn't
this isn't the enemy we're not war this is this preposterous so by being embedded in their their community i recognise that we really are are you really were an occupying force and just a community this training it binds the bunch people are just like you or i but there are circumstances were unfair they were born into this this situation where this this cycle is perpetuated over and over and over again and you get a chance to see it right without full ourselves we want all one the lottery here by being born in america we all want the lottery by being white so we to recognise not actual that's all i ask is why identifies but i dont again i don't have it in that i don't shit don't send me everybody should it is a new black right raise orange really to skin socket
am i wrong look she did so good work too he's a good she was run and doubly cpu very well so greatly ashes there scots mischievously barcodes swung to finance is a little further that's what i get you some people want we check some people want to be black who gives a fuck butterby black sure she's helping forgetting while people don't matter the commission we get off track did other officers share your your what's he like once a humanist nation but your recognition of the fact that these folks are just like you did other officers have the same feeling i think a lot of undue wasn't disgust no you dont discuss it why you're in itself for maybe a few people when i was a sergeant i add a pretty good sphere of influence so our squad was a little more talkative
about things like that and could be open and discuss those kind of things why took an officer wants put on plainclothes and kind of walked around the district just not being cops in that shows you like how much different the neighbourhood is that what you think because you go from nine one one to name one called normal one call seen everybody at their worst and when you're i've seen them at their worst your hunting for somebody that you can possibly pretend that they're doing at their worst well they have drugs on them are or whatever but when you go through the city it's not at all what you think so even me looking like prototypical white kid looking south divide drugs in the hood when i would go through the deal atomic the dealers are pushers come on you you wanna party now people moving sometimes it trust me out and to get a shape they now but they won't like they were
pressuring you it's not like things were chaos and neighbourhood ladys were sweeping their steps but the neighbourhood changes when you have that blue uniform in those lights and you are now the authority you kind of have to see the city for what it's like when you're not their right so your point view riding in a car it's like you there's a filter super myopic you never really get a chance to experience it like a person lives there mean even if you dont really if you don't live there but i mean just you get a better view of it walkin around and not not acting as a cop right it's it's it seems common sense when you do that what would you think about cops being forced to live in the places that they have to patrol i think as a truck that's real tough situation was real tough argument and very nuanced i would there's no way i live in bonn city because i didn't make enough money for my daughter to go to a private school and i was
sending her to that school to prison cycle right so i moved the piano where i could send her to a good school and actually afford to not sure if i may enough my if if you're gonna pay an officer honour forty thousand dollars currencies vows arza heating stay in this here she just ain't city but when you say pierre you lived in pennsylvania right so far away was out from where you were forty minutes so we live in pennsylvania send you kids school there and then drive to work right farc and that's common so a lot of police livin in the southern pierre area drive back afford them a lot of workers period do that there's a lot of communities around like see me values a big one where there's big communities of police officers that the same thing with their with a sort of decide lived near each other close together we're u dont do intentionally now economically driven ok so it's economically german like you find a place it's affordable but you know your you don't try to move where the other cops love now now i wouldn't want to do that and we work on the monday
y know my friends are gobs they actually did it on purpose or some living circular rita deeper than their pretty deepened well you know how it is it becomes like a gang right it was night it is we actually say in the city that there is one gang unless the blue gangs awake we dont let people were they so aggression is good in a certain sense we dont let a gang members through flat like a so my post if somebody had read bandanna bluebird domestic another pocket that she was not going down so you arrested someone i wouldn't last amongst punkin pockets so so your bare different his friends you take us stuff and you roll up did you ever experienced resistance assure their resistance that's done it's gonna go bad law you that you're in hours i know nothing because the game so i'm respecting the game you know there's a game the drug game so i have my role the drug dealer has his role and we're playing this back and forth
and as long as we all play by the rules everything's fine assumes the cops that play by the rules of the game then you have a problem as it is they stop playing by the rules of the game you have a problem does did the futility of it all was obvious tat incredibly obviously there's no point so we had a i remember the case we had where there is a group that alan drugs and we worked on for about a week or two took down the whole group two days later there is a whole new crew writing the exact same neighbour the same product you we're just like that was pointless we just took the them off it there is no point whatsoever and it was all drugs anyway is objects fuckin aim everything is drugs did this you know if i was a conspiracy dearest i turn have been spent in the past but mostly abandoned that but if i was
i would feel like this is engineered i'd feel like this is just set up to make sure that these people stay poor they keep arresting people and you you keep this cycle going i don't think you're his prisoners is attica right is it because it exists and because the system sort of feeds off of it or was an engineer i think the present ostro complex as a huge role in that so especially with your privatizing since sweden during creating a vacancy for a bed that must be filled so who's going to fill that so this is where institutional racism also comes it i'm not can fit with you were filled with me retrofit which amy jemmy sketchy now we're going to fill it with a lot of people we like the least right as a society of people that you feel like you can demonize these when that judge got arrested in pennsylvania for sending kids to jail and juvenile just for money we really
our view into this world that i dont think would have i think a lot of people that open their eyes they won't wow a fuckin judge judges can be that bad judges can be so evil they would ruin a child's life just so that a good profit off of it but essentially what's going on by keeping the system the way it is today the ball more police who was the head of baltimore pleased commissioner commissioner he resigned or was he fired you fired whose fired and why was he fired because all this shit that's going down yeah is a really hard situation to say he's he's fired because he never led the you see he never had the agency ever were really don't like outsiders so when he comes in here from oakland from california he came from oakland going to fucked up to ok is like one of the worst police brutality spots in california we find it to be coincidental
that there is a pricing open and an uprising of autumn or to agencies he led this mother fucker what's he doing now put him in jail about that silly lasts the calamity is it now so what is an amiens bats and what did he do those fucked up he's isn't it had the agency so every never take responsibility you can't so they come and they come in with these ideals of what it's like in baltimore and they don't know what it's like otmar busy knows what it's like an oakland nos eight miles we hypothetically barely barely seems right so they coming with these just these ideals in this aura and there never gonna get us like there never gonna get us to follow them so it doesn't matter what does we're not going to follow him he doesn't he after the right he said he should have trusted his ins
eggs and done more than ten to rely on his commanders like you just three or commanders under the bus and public and you think this agency is going to follow you what you get me so he's a politician assess owed all are thus one of our problems that's why money out because we're led by politicians and policing what could be done like you like would say this thing becomes bigger and look i think what you're doing today is very courageous and your speaking eloquently and very articulate and you're honest and and i really believe you man i believe you from the heart hundred percent there is a possibility that people like you and all these acts visitor they're making these giant pro has tappin and causing all these people to be aware of all this these pretovsky and this fuckin horrible cycle that these people or or thrust into a guy like you
could really changed something a guy like you if you were in a position of power there there might be something that you could do would you consider doing something like that i would consider it if we had the environment to do so because it's gonna be ugly at first because i can't stop the drug it's not a sign of my control will you shouldn't stop the drug war with liquid what if this is a big hypothetical but what we went into some sort of a situation is complex country were drugs became decriminalize where would the usa's woke the fuck up and realized we ve been doing the same shit they did during the fuckin twenties during a prohibition we're doing the same shit we're tell people but they can't do they're not listening and were feeding organised crime or feeding
crime that is filling a vacuum just like it's gonna mexico right now just like these poor fuckin people that live in these bore towns in mexico the it's all being fuelled by the fact that drugs are illegal and their selling these drugs to america if all the sudden that changed how much of an impact with that have on police it every striking that that again that ninety percent of what i did so if we would stop doing that will be incredibly advantageous but what would they do with you guys soon i'm saying i focused as investigate violence that's figure out how we're gonna fix things so you some science to say we have a problem what do we do to actually solved this problem instead of being fuelled by ideology what are we actually doing what you saw this recent thing obama's gonna release all these nonviolent drug offenders mean that's a good step i concur complete does a great step now if he does that
and if the next step is obviously not arresting violent nonviolent drug offenders not arresting them at all but with there's no more rest for drugs investors violence evolved then you're resting someone for violence which is totally reasonable doesn't have it doesn't matter if their voice over fuckin stuffed animals or cocaine who gives a shit their violent right the hurting somebody that's whether rested how much transformed neighborhood so much would transform this entire cycle of people going from communities that are just engulfed in crime and becoming part of that themselves because they were unlucky enough to be born there i think is the biggest thing we can do as a nation i only put wolf pack and getting money out of politics ahead of it because i question that we can actually do that as money continues to fuel the politicians and wolf pack is what set up by the young turks
yeah what's the fuckin fantastic i love that is another thing that my friend steve hilton put together called crowd pack where you could see exactly what politicians are being supported by by what where they gained the donations from and just and what they vote on get get out where real clear analysis of their position based on info based on the amount of money the receiving and where is coming from sits i'll shocking shit because it's just would hope that as we move forward as a as a human race as we move forward as civilization moves forward and we embrace technology and we we understand that we have more access to information now than any human beings have ever lived ever to keep living the same way even though we have all these obvious problems right in front of us is ridiculous minutes it's literally the deafened and of insanity doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result that is the definition of insanity i totally agree
they're just as there is no way around that we're doing this wrong that's one i'm saying we resume saying this is because we are due it's so wrong in its so blatantly wrong it's it's like you have to have a cognitive bias do not see this like how how the it is really the older generation i can have pretty much conference and our generations and younger will be able to solve this once we get in power but how the not see this now is absolutely baffling and i dont i think they don't see it because doesn't affect them so why should care will you still in force were there when i gotta choked death staten island i don't think i was when as air gardner aragon thou and drove me crazy because is a video of it needed to see the fact that this guy was so innocent there's nothing wrong with one it was down just hanging through its tax evasion and tax evasion then exactly that the idea that these complicated choked gotta death because he's not paying taxes on cigarettes finally that again how many loose cigarettes autumn and they re
from the ground choked him then try to say that it wasn't chokehold though the mean that one just highlights the differ between the way they treated that guy versus the way they would treat one of their own verses in its as a clear us versus them and they felt like they could do that they could do that they had the papers were signed they had the directive is obvious that it was within their boundaries to take this guy and physically assaulted and an arrest him yet it so they all have empathy so if you want to see them have empathy police we need to be more we need to be human the rhine main messages we have the lead with empathy that's the starting point of everything so if i'm going after that guy i can immediately see that brother the law not the idea that i'm gonna take someone's freedom away the day took his life away but they were planning to take his freedom away for essentially nothing in stoop attacks that
a pennies than just providing raises its somebody if you don't have five bucks you want to cigarette that guy's providing a service while you were set up a little booth any did not only that didn't he pay taxes on those falcons ass so what cry i mean you know he's making a little bit of profit but who gives a shit no one's getting hurt no one literally no one's getting hurt and the money negative may just by eliminating the drug war in taxes would make that look like a pittance just amount of taxes or get in colorado colorado's fuckin changed mean is morphing right in front of our eyes and becoming this free utopia you got a lot of dirty hippies air in a lot of fuckin homeless people but that's are the rabbit you gonna get that i don't bother eddie via that we know how much i mean that my party one little bit what has changed who gives a shit i mean that's that's so why don't conservatives see this
well i don t see why they live in the suburbs my neighbour and so they want money i mean that monies gonna go to their schools as well that has gonna make it safer for their kids go to fourth of july in the city that's gonna make it safer for all of us the answer is blatantly obvious that we must end the war on drugs and we must get my out of politics we just sit here there sit on our hands why agree with you but i think you having these kind of conversations live online in a form like this where it's gonna be distributed million people you have the opportunity to influence people that might not see things your way because you have a genuine insight in it in a real perspective that very few people including me i hope to have you saying this kind of stuff you talk about this kind of stuff can add some light in a way that are the people can't i'm listening you talk your man i'm like you're the fuckin perfect commissioner you're the pudding you're the kind of guy that i would want running a police department you you earlier
who's been there a guy who's serve country been there as a cop understands what the problems are and has solutions and has empathy and real is your saying all the right chit mean this what we need this is what the police of the parts of the world of this country at least need we need some only do so how do i convince other crops that that's my struggle i don't know man mean i know a lot of cops listeners fuckin podcast i'll tell you that i mean i don't know if this gonna change fuck jerome untie was on the streets with us do put you know you ve seen the same rights to her right yet a black on its back on the bottom so so we even visual eyes ourselves the wrong way of worthless thin blue line and the thing lying goes the middle and it separates the good guys from the bad guys and it makes us neither our entire mentality is that we are somebody that separate we're not the good guys or the bad guys we're
separate entity that that runs this shit and but that that shouldn't be that way that should be like blurred blue and black we should be part of the fabric of our society we should we should be ingrained in it but instead re fitch ourselves like a wall we shouldn't be a wall i think human being inherent we have a problem of power you know that's why you see i mean you see it across the board when people have power and influence over people alike seems to be a natural inclination to abuse it makes someone a very strong character and insight and objectivity like yourself to not do that or at least to recognise that you have done and that it is wrong or that it was wrong it seems to me that like whether its politicians or whether it's a military or whether it's someone like fuckin bill cosby you know as a guy become that guy will i eat has to be out of power you know i mean it's the
our even even just might be stretched but the power to drug someone the pet the ability to do that yeah it's like what is it what is it about human beings that that makes them exploit people that are below them instead of trying to raise those people up to their level there's some fundamental lack of understanding about the brotherhood and sisterhood of the human race that gets all get fucked up when you have a job and it seems to me that if you have a quota and if you have a bomb they tell you need rest more people eat a lot more people like these two sir to safe you'd either either you're doing the right thing or you are not doing enough and they i always think you're not doing enough right they always they never would think this guy got lucky and he could
a good relationship with all these people we locked up all the bad guys and all the people like me that are left or all safe there's no violent criminals it's a beautiful utopia the neighbourhood and we never never have to arrest anybody there ever again so cops it just be they are just some extorted say hi and patrol the streets that sounds like a great idea but you see it you see that so you see it so the first step is to recognize it is so have a problem with power yet human beings maybe we do so acknowledge that and put measures in place so that we don't exceed power boundaries house and checks and balances inland forces we have zero we did away with every we want to get away with until there's a camera the only difference all these other thing that you have seen in the past you ve heard stories of guys getting shot an art but yet he was attacking my god or he was taking my gun how much do you really believe those now where we saw that's one with a guy in south carolina shot the guy in the bag and drop the taser he walked up to and fro
taser down near his body and the other jobs anything is a video of it i don't know outside although it is worrying for recycling is nothing of it video as is normal norm we're not always saw the one guy is the other guy in the video there that i see the the taser because did he sees me first area could i don't i don't know the fact that a shot in the back why was running away mean that's kind of fuckin crazy it's crazy being charged for murder as well that's nice and button bright blue mainly by riot nobody right there why because increasing they are with all their our booked all the uprisings derail was booked we re was born here telling me that things would have we d ray you gotta be indicted disguise to derail is a a really noble activist and i appreciate everything this guy doing and i appreciate him on making wolf blitzer look like a flock idiot but he had me blocked for some reason but you got an unblock
agamemnon block you what i think is totally conjecture but i think he's just leary of us and i understand why people us or in the same group inside and he's a mighty blue make em white and that has to do now is blocking xanadu with something he thought that you said what is inside but none of that now you have not him you can't say an army as i just don't know enough and i didn't dig not my business ok so i said some racist i don't know what he thought he said he said he thought you said something that he didn't you didn't like and i too said trust me these fine he's is seized one the good guys don't worry about her marietta joe mrs sommer after centuries of being a comedian man maybe heard me about trans rationalism and how i support it i think you ve probably a little that and so we should be but why not
he's a good guy and i hope things that i now i understand his lack of trust well i understand gas but understand not not understand his luck trust me stars that i'm so trustworthy but i understand what he's doing i think it's spectacular he to me is a real activists as opposed to our sharpen who just makes my fuckin blood colonel see that guy show up at any fuckin event that has anything to do with blackberry budgets jesus fucking christ that guy more harm than does good just by his just greasy passed his history and that they just this so much about him this is so wrong it's to see so unlike de ray come along it's nice to see a real act as someone who is intelligent is articulate is you and all the right things and i think between a guy like that between between many
boy i can't i'm sure there's a lot more people like him and i am not aware of and then someone like you who shedding light on this from the inside i think things slowly but surely turning i think the battleship is moving in a different direction i really do i really think the whole countries living in a different direction and i think that when we see than the way people approaching gay rights now the way though this the way the world is just more sensitive about things some people are angry added essay everyone's oversensitive i think it's probably to be over sensitive than to be insensitive because all sensitive can be corrected and people are likewise people are in others you're being ruined because people being oversensitive when you know there was noble prize winning doctor or a professor that made it about women in science and he said this probably have same sex labs sit because three things
happen when women are in the labs he said either they fallen with you or you fall in love with them or they cry when criticism and used around a guess allegedly and he had to resign hater resign for that for something like that equality in science is more important that mother fuckers curing cancer this guy's a nobel prize winning scientist and he says it's a little goofy because i have some history of repression is that some terrible personage it's this massive over sensitivity by people were you can't even just you know say that's probably not a good thing to say and he you know can kind of corrected and smooth out the understand the people talk off the top of their head this not like a fuckin stew we wrote for the new york times were made it had a clear position on women and science and became a real issue because he criticised people that might have
gotten into science and done some real good work now gather guys just talking you know and i think symptoms like that like these issues that we face is way better to have that then it is to have insensitivity i think the we're sensitive things like that's it sucks this guy you're fired but or that he resigned but he should know when i buy blame the institution i blame the people running for that that are so fuckin sensitive that they the end and so terrified worried about any criticism whatsoever that they react to it in this way and him he shouldn't a fuckin back down from an either he talked about it explained only reason apologize maybe incentives and off color jokers just i just think that that balance is is because we're moving in the right direction i really do i think i you know i've been a victim of over sensitivity and we should say victim it's very grandiose it's it's it's affected me or its impact and your i felt it i've seen it rather
i think it's better to better to have all those fuckin crazy people running looking at things to be offended about looking you know examples sexism or homophobia racism it's better to put tat people reaching too far then reach at all and i think cause we're seeing all the stuff i its evidence that society as a whole are our culture in america is tip towards being more aware i think that's a good thing i really do have a lot of hope in a lot of you think that i'm michael overly optimistic about the future of country and in the human beings in general but i see plenty of evidence that people aware and that they care and just to all the people who are paying attention to your store and all these different protest and marches in all these different news stories when any whenever we see these examples of police brutality that's so highlighted now this is not swept
the rug at all and if anything the cops fuck em thrown onto the bus immediately mean is it it's a different world and i think there's going being adjustment period but i think ultimately when we look back at this time ten twenty years from now i think we're gonna look this is a shift as a shift in our culture we didn't see the sixties in older this when i think when when martin luther king was around and when it was a shift then there was most certainly an unawareness civil rights awareness think it's even bigger now i really do i think this is a great time to be a human being i really think that we have the real pretend how to make some real change inside our lifetime and change that can give momentum to the future i think is without question that you are completely right they can avoid we work were technology has made us communicate we see
we think we can't hide as much anymore we just have to be human and recognise all of our flaws and everything will be fine with your doctor if we could have some empathy for his position because empathy is a two way street then maybe you work out a solution for understanding in that body and that's what we're doing now we're suzette were worked out the understanding and it's gonna have this ugly period in policing for sure but we'll get through it gonna be betters habitable i don't think it's me it's gonna be somebody becomes behind me but it's gonna it's gonna work we i think you're a part of it i think we're all parties i think someone like use uniquely qualified to be a part of the fact that you act billy or their honest tree rescue dunes we're in someone else's pants a thing it just shows your uniquely try to talk about this and i think tat there is a real potential with this
dialogue and with people just being more more aware of it that a young kid that might be like sixteen so ten years all right now that is about to go into the marines and has the same idea that you had he has a leg up maybe he can from your experiences and maybe his comrades and maybe his is peers can also learn from what you're saying and your experiences maybe someone like you one day becomes a commissioner and maybe that time while that's happening that that one commissioner starts listening to good politicians and gets influenced by good leaders and doesn't have to start arresting people just for drugs doesn't have to perpetrate the same stupid fuckin cycle has been going on and i mean is that too much to ask is that to unrealistic to hope that we change things green i can't give you can't think that we're not going to improve
if we're not can improve gonna stay stagnant as a culture will that's that's ridiculous that's shitty engineering that's not non thinking that are we saying that were perfect are we saying that at its futile are we saying that can't be fixed are we saying that we're not willing to try and one or one of those is happening the majority is not willing to try what you even i dont think i long and a pedestal you put me on a memories and elsewhere because i participated and others that maybe how do i use on a pedestal and i'll put you on a pedestal i'm saying you're you're you're you're hope you're doing this is hope you influence at us with this lake ok so you have this philosophy where you are like it doesn't matter what you do just fucking be nice just be nice and listening to use these years that
veda my mind as well so if we can just talk and start opening up as humans and be nice and v empathetic then we're gonna worked all this out regret less bernie sanders might be a good example of that with his messenger absolute following and lick vote for this guy i mean we're gonna make changes its like if you're a progressive you want to make changes conservative you want to stay in the past is what these words mean doesn't make any sense who gonna be conservative and stuck in the past the only person to be stuck in the past is one of the confederate flag that's collecting money off the backs of somebody else well this definition of conservative i think it's all fucked up now can it should be someone who's fiscally conservative that none of which some always prudent someone somewhat makes good financial choices that a good thing that's a smart thing at some old discipline that's i support that a hundred percent you no good financial decisions or that is a conservative thing when
targeting socially conservative that means your white means you might as well say your white you know or europe i like saying and i would like you to be paid more than is worth because you know that's what happens i mean it's willie in a weird world right now and i think society's being redefined right in front of our eyes when we look back at this time a hundred years from now when people look back when we're dead they're going to look back and go cows a fucking crazy time to be alive that internet just fuckin through a monkey wrench into the whole gears puck plank that's really what's happening this disability to communications didn't exist before you being will the commission show like this does never this wasn't supposed to happen if this would show was on the radio sunlight that president we'd be interrupted by commercials and then secondly also more probably tell us we can talk about these things we can talk about like the way we're talking you can't swear with an arabian arrested for swearing you need a fuckin fine of some insane
among other things i too and fifty thousand dollars four swearing on the radio for swearing i just can't get the out here on the radio you can go to jail if you don't pay that fund you don't pay that quarter million dollar five the vague to the government that day swear howard stern came in and howard stern fun all that shit that's why that guy's always gonna be hero to me i don't give a fuck what he says about power casting our should fear ready that crazy shit that wasn't a guy that i fought the fight and did the powers be that have set this stupid thing up they didn't anticipate that a guy like you would be able to go on the young turks later afternoon and then say anything you want man and that young thing will be seen by fifteen million people easy and that's that's hope man that's hold because what we're talking about where you listen to some of the things that i have said things it i've said i've heard online and i've read i've watched documentaries i've ever
expressing things that i've learned and we all learn from each other and we all community that we create by finding like minded people or by saying things at resonate with people or by influencing people in a positive way where it actually helps their mindset helps their life and they become thankful that they spread the same kind of message and we help spread to each other and i have a guy like you weren't you changed the way i think about certain things and you influence i am genuinely honoured to have you wanna show on genuinely i really admire what you ve done and what you said and i think other people well as well and i think it spreads its like a good virus like it gets out there and this this wasn't available before something like this wasn't available and i think that's part of why we all got locked into this us versus them mentality we didn't have a voice that distinguishes differentiates from the fire
can seem bullshit corporate voice we keep hearing over over and over again that doesn't differentiate you know here you don't hear any we are all brothers and sisters on fox news the only other what do you hear you hear crimes to test six you know your nancy grace with two chains debating about marijuana me really that's what you hear you hear bullshit nonsense you don't hear any soul you know no one's gonna goddamn heart no one no one recognises the fact that this is a temporary existence we're going to a temper existence and there are so many of us and there's pockets the sea almost unmanageable because they ve been fucked over for hundreds of years and they just swarming chaos in these areas and they just their riding a momentum
the writing on the momentum of decades in decades of poverty and crime and a cycle of despair and is going to be hard to fix that shit but its critical and it's one of the most important aspects of our civil nation if if we don't fix that our civilization is nonsense our civilization is only as strong as the weakest links in it it makes sense to me in a voice said this the best way to strengthen america people we talk about a strong america are you a patriot the unity love america good less losers make less lose then you have a stronger america go to the fuckin neighborhoods that a fact go to the communities that are fucked go these deeply entrenched judged in crime areas and fix him he fix them then you got winners you got is that a ten thousand people in jail you got ten thousand people in restoring small businesses the ten thousand people that venturing out into the world and trying to do good and influencing other people do the same and spreading a pie
that message and and influencing people with inspiration and then they do other people see this guy became this i can do this too and then they do it too and then other people say then you got a better country it's not that hard instead of being a fuckin vampire arresting people for crack in poland people over and doing the same goddamn shit that everybody has been doing for though hundred years is striking how much we do things similar one of the things we ve and when we were mess around digging through files as we found an action plan and these action plans exert a big crime happens and you you'd the shift commander a drop in act plants ended up what he's gonna do to address this problem and this action where was from the nineteen seventy we found it in my two thousand ten well and you found it we found a drawer and it was the exact same action plan as the their ship commander was doing like the same the same corner the same response the same plan so big foot forty years no
he's changed anything and you have the same corners being the same problems with the same families and is doing the same things in the police are doing the exact same goddamn thing in response its it's unbelievable how we're doing this and that's what these talks have to get us to do is doing thirdly what you're saying communicate lift up the country does it make any sense that we would treat a medical problem like it's a criminal problem and put as people into a jail run out to drug addicts into to adjust it doesn't make any sense i'm sorry but what would happen to the car it's on the beat right now in baltimore what happened to the cops if we listen to this right now what the fuck are they do these guys have an incredibly hard time right now because that you're saying with bats she's not leading the agency properly the f p is doing some crazy things as well calling the the uprising lynch mob going after the wedding to send their officers down the pike and doing all these things when do we need
so we need something the case needs to be heard in court for anybody have any semblance at this is gonna be real and this is going to be just because in the past no it's all been covered up so if we continue to cover up which is the problem that happen ferguson is the cover up the prom the shooting promises they cover up like that that prosecutors a criminal he criminally covered up indictment there's no way around it that's what did in no one seemed cares what did he do highlight what would happen so when you have an indictment saying as you can indict new hampshire savage because the prosecutor goes up there in his or her job is a select the evidence that will get the charge so the way that system actually gives if there's there's four thus in the room right now if three of us think he did it and one does it we don't even listen to the one it does it that's diamond works if you're not reliable witness you don't even come in for the indictment but in tat case he brought in unreliable witnesses brought in every
the taint the whole thing when all here of brought in was the case that ok so this guy was shot and he was found this way and these witnesses say that he put his hands up and you had an indictment had a trial and you'd have he would have i think that's shooting was justified so there was some would have been exact exonerate it and everything would have been fine but we would at least heard the case the problem is that the police walk away with nothing so take it shoot on oh no we're not gonna died it ok see later good luck looks like everything's clear what we need to see more than that that's when you see the indictment south carolina there was no uprising we had a shooting baltimore just not longer was a guy was robin seven eleven i think in the answer came in a shot of theirs and speculation the guy wasn't even armed but he was rob in a store so nobody freaks out problem is when you have money on our but no clear crime and it just ok that's what happened he was afraid what fear
of justification issue somebody but that's what the law says the law says that if you fear of your life is an officer you can pull that trigger that's preposterous you have to at least some semblance of containing your situation and not just being was it is now our frayed everything so everybody has a gun which that's an american problem but they feel like everybody's a threat in your ingrained into this threat so they run with fear and they ve shoot in a heartbeat because they're so afraid and then the scene they just copy and they covered all up like nothing happened and that's when you get an uprising is just when there's no justice then what maryland most we did you ok was there uprisings after she came out and said o k purgatory officers no because it's not that only by russian judgments not that it's a lynch mob its let this play out in court i think the two we're officers are gonna get off i don't think that that they did anything politically wrong they're following their lieutenant they might have some things you may not be cops but they didn't do anything terribly wrong but you want to
the case and you want to know what happened we have to know what happened just because a guy has a gun and we give em a ban and he has a g d and he went to eight months a training doesn't make him above the world make him a separate set of rules what would you say tat the ferguson shooting was justified i can't go far since just violating the evidence would say that it would be really justified because he struck the officer is at close range seems like he was trying to get his gun if they mean that's a choice i think you give the benefits that the often but why where there are so many people that disagreed and what was the hands up and all that stuff right who now did he have his hands up is it who knows but i think that's enough justification to find that out right and how would you find that out at least have the witnesses on stand but it would just be questioning witnesses just be eyewitness information shore shore but let's hear it young maybe gets output
exonerated and everything's fine but let's hear it we need to hear tat we have we know that we have a history of officers unjustly shooting black males especially unarmed we know we have that so that did that means we must have an actual level scrutiny we have to work the situation including with the kid a twelve year old kid that had the there was at the schoolyard there that guy's been indicted on murder charge right last i know it wasn't that judge suggested that he there was a judge that said there was enough probable cause to warrant the charging but somebody else actually has a do that charging i dont believe has taken place to that one doesn't make any fuckin cells of all fucking murder remark it was absolute there's no justification that there has not been a single thing i've ever watch that that affected me more than watching those fucking cops murder to mere rice and then stand
over that boy a twelve year old boy ass he was bleeding out and choking they stood there and they saw the he's worried conjecture it looks like worried oh my god i'm in this situation what am i gonna do as a twelve year old boy fucking chokes one is blood dying any stands there stands there doing thing until someone else comes over finally hopes that boy and these not being indicted we kidding me that's fucking murder and genome within two sec aim it was less enthusiastic and one only six seconds they rushed up on that kid there's no justification for any of them what's happening in cleveland absurd there's no doubt about this cleaving my ball more of the same sort cycle i'd i have no reason to believe that cleveland baltimore ferguson lana any those places are our dear i think we can take an officer to some does happen and philly just now for i walked in here video was released
philly officers twelve philly officers beating on somebody that was unarmed for apparently writing a bike or something like that of night i didn't get a chance to see but all these things seem to be the same so if you took an officer out of fully implement bottom where he's fine when we had hurricane katrina we took up maybe twenty officers from new orleans and brought them into dvd and take this not like there like all my god what are we doing the same same thing same shit sanctions i just can't you little report at all so it's just ghettos ghettos yes blacker rose to a separate a separate level black i am also black yet its low income period is the power lit right that the voiceless period but i think that is national racism that we have throughout our society it wasn't that long ago that we're slaves and restore arguing over the confederate flag
this is of no we're arguing about dukes hazard thank you confuse her yeah did fuck and they have at the fact that it flies overstayed house until two thousand fifteen scott damn crazing valuable this is the first year that someone stepped up instead that from happening and then people freaking out is about heritage southern earned it imagine imagine not me that's why it over me what did you say though about deathlike monasteries something what was said about daisy duke i said the real thing i was a daisy annex the shore acts as a flag of empowerment they never there was an article of clothing well for females and for gay men slots and gay man that's never an article of clothing that's that just clear outlined that you're hungry for dick is one that we ve created and there's the daisy do shorts nobody worse is due short we don't want any of your doing
we're in days do shorts your hunt for dick and if your girl we're in days do shorts your hunting for dick and there was never a flag delegate threw up a flag there let people now they want some dick objection sure i'm sure that's that's a real fucking travesty what they should do is go without fuckin show put the show back on the air god damn it over there showed some seizure but a goddamn american flag on the roof and must be done with everything we five how much of that costs they could do that shit if they can make the hawk and the adventures bound through buildings and masonic schwarzenegger twenty you care for configure flag on the roof of up first of all the real crime is to paint that fuckin beautiful car that shitty color you took a sixty nine charger a sixty eight charger whichever one was a thing is is one of the most beautiful muscle cars ever created and he painted like you goddamn spanish hooker bull shit the real bullshit painter fuckin thing orange was stupid
lack of a bunch of losers at a loser flag by the way yeah you heard me folks you're lost treasonous assholes dance like raises a fag another country anyway looks like reason if they wanted to win and they didn't we boast about economics about economics yeah if you don't pay people you make money that's an economic choices yogurt states putting you know the south represents an that flag rub and it s a lot of things to people other than racism what they need is a new flag you need a new flagged rep in the south alone and not a bunch of people that were fighting to keep racism in a day darwin said that they should add to flag like maybe keep that flag and put it broken chain on their represents the abandonment of slavery that leg keep southern heritage within an adds one thing to mean that might be a thing but they could come up with another fuckin flag the flag is justice
symbol you want a symbol of the south texas as a fuckin beautiful flag taxes as a flag and they did the star of taxes and nobody ever thinks of representing racism or represent its just fuckin texas starve access is the star of texas that's legit i give you wear a texas flag t shirt on everybody knows well there's a guy was a fan of texas you nomes and it doesn't have any connotation that you hate black people or you racism or you want slavery that's it that's a legit flag they need to come up with a goddamn better flag up further flags were with no flags ok what about the don't tread on man's priests look alike snake you know about i say of everybody else don't try enemies cyber you really i'm scared as we talk about an eagle with a body with a fucking town for rockets gotta rockets and wine and then the other one a dick
get a deck and one has now represented everybody to talk and shit i just think dead yet the world a world without flags like ideally no ideology ideally know no borders ideally no nationalism no state primus peep proudly you're a human being human race but does cool shit about having differences some cool shit you can go to new mexico and its different than go in michigan i like that i like variation i like people that are are happy that live in los angeles their pride straightening i like it better than to the west coast we'll just driving around we were not specific coasted because i way today and the canyon a camera was caught now we can use yeah you do what am i so bad and i was hurting is where can i find a motorcycle mobile canyon rows of maize and it was unbelievable we ve never seen things like that but in the northeast have water oh yeah yeah will still work
from seattle they gonna do shit about it either sup take tat water son give me that shit this is what i think of vigour bring fuckin oil down from alaska why can they bring war aren't they can be a hooker egg tube up to one of those melting glaciers steel broken water more good than we arrogant sure this bitch and turned to a tropical rainforest just giant sprinklers sky you know giant ones like thirty thousand feet up just spraying come on man mega hyper loop they can get to san francisco and five seconds like what elon musk is trying to do he can't put our sprinkler system in the sky but you can still water other icebergs there but is worried about global warming was icebergs melt the mangaboos going to disappear fuck it is going to put a big goddamned too suck all those icebergs spray and all over the cattle feed
builds sounds crazy i watch i be the solution that is the solution it's why not if you can get oil from saudi arabia by millions and millions of gallons and tankers and brain across the god damn ocean to america you tell me you can't take water from somewhere and bring it down here that stupid of course they can the problem is can i get enough of this week as a lot of fucking water golf courses are people a lot of white people in this almonds and apparently suck up a lot of water and a lot of people have pools has a lot of issues but i think they can be engineered you know the real issue is you know there's a lot of global warming talk but think places of always turned in others we ve been like air i mean you have to do is look back to the ice age and you really well there's not an ice age anymore so something happened there's some change although the debts does it we don't in a static place but we so arrogant we figure we feel like we build a city we could stay
in others it we're here now but if this becomes the sahara you know go to the sahara desert we find enough i wanna fuck people there's a reason there's nothing there can't live off of it would you would you can eat man you need you well if you only your camel is now to eat you know that just a reality of being a human being if we live this earth we occasionally you have to move because a spot socks now you know this spot is fantastic here it is you're here for the first time but listen there's a reason why this thirty million fuckin people stuffed into this area its causes the sweet spot but all it takes is one of those that the rock style earthquakes that new fuckin movie one real one which has happened before they ve got some giant ones spots all over the world that we know of human beings on a record of their just spent this unbelievably devastating we'd need his want of just one and everybody would scatter like
and then you got a bolder colorado be over one with checks from santa monica it be dude on after all with fuckin botox faces driving test was around bolder as many others in nice car it's fast to tutor beautiful but you guys it's to call the baltimore bullshit about winner nothin i grow antibiotic worse we already awful through them how that city it's all right it's ok you fuckin have for five months ear at a yes that's right went somewhere times i've thought about my out a bit summertime about it's amazing it's like i'm going to chicago at the end the month and i'm fuckin site to chicago go in the summer is amazing you know why because those people appreciate the fact that as this summer and airways every day it could be ninety in anywhere here means
happened many times where jimmy you experienced ninety walk around shorts flip flops teacher indisputable january convertible seventy gravity seventy nice and i know it's a nice day it was sixty this morning when i woke up i gotta get up early of sixty six zero doesn't happen for us night now brutally hot yeah well you guys get that swampy onto nasty yeah that that east coast heart is a d kind of like miami you don't even know it hot isn t experience miami in august monies will be in africa damn jungle you know where your fight archie story i for one year all your fine courtship stores how many got three ok so i first carcase this is how far after guy havin some other did pants on better here to europe
i have a partner you really don't have partners in baltimore partners started i really hate you i myself what what is it to save money i think an omnipresence idea of more people write or cops more it doesn't work i think you have a jerk off and no one will mean aeroplanes to thrash out you're bored so i have this partner he looks like sammy davis jr oh geez rake eyes break i will go to cause did you calm sammy davis jr me maybe sometimes joking he was he looked at her kind of us and not your when i was younger behold there see sinatra when nobody else thought of that now let us again pull up that's it china's sinatra's mug shot his time did you know such ireland only ninety five pounds known you you're you're handsomely muscular and big i get it but you ve not tiny year average guy but i'm saying
sinatra was like a hundred and thirty pounds he was like a tiny dude look at that come on did you little better looking than him away what is worse is where they arrested him for because there's like a little card that had the pistol below it there is i used to have it on my wall at home actually it's not that one but he was arrested and it had its height and waiting for carrying out with a married woman yeah yeah i was called seduction that's what you got arrested for but that's not the there is actual real piece of paper from the arrest that you can you could see they had it like hand written in everything what he was arrested for saving you find it but it had is is high in weight and i pretty sure a hundred and thirty pounds and it was like five six or five seven is a tiny little dude which i never thought that you know frank sinatra would be
like this is larger than life you know tom cruise got nothing cruises probably not a short as everybody says yeah it might be a little shorter like five seven may being but airbus's like five to purchase mean cream my partner he was about five to five was saying this union jesus christ and hop was punished most goods is good so go see blinded and nobody noticed them right when he would know what scared of five to block we would go to places and he would be the nicest cop and he was like like what you think of is that he was so nice so courteous and i'd show up behind me by sit out shut the fuck up bad cohesion yet the complaint i wouldn't it is unbelievable area i dont know why reserves is running joke with us but i can't do that conjecture out there
my most radically very that i would have thought of that they like it or they liked me i don't know i never thought of it has been a racial thing so we're going down a road we take a tag car and it comes up boop stolen car shit dude do you have my will be whispering i don't know but you start to panic and like i fuck it let's just get out and out yank imelda car real quick we're stuck in traffic so no i'd shoes i jump out of a car he looks over at me the driver the car any slams down as is locked door locked fox i try to keep the door open and i can't do it for some reason instinctively i pull out my guide and i'm a gal the car and he's like no fuck you it turned red and he's great go so i take my gun and i hated against the window the window doesnt break my gun does
in the browser go flying on a grand scale this is like noon and so every line he sees me doing this like a jack kind of gun glock twenty plastic plastic and why did you do that for when i don't find allies are thinking so essentially lovely i real out right and he takes off we run back into the car and we're not going anywhere in ukraine with a thought let's go and he's a case if you're going to kill you know it's higgins the gay rights god would go down the road will connachar to drive it was our convict at the time ok ship box we caps lock products with a shake of ie eight and do big fucking goofy car shit better from drug tarzan shit they try to give us no trot we go down the road the guy makes turn lose em but kind of no his area worry is and i see it that's running he had a blue bandanna he was black eye white t shirt so i see
guy going down the alley blue bandanna white t shirt fuck cream get out so he gets out he's come from behind i circle around with the car and come up and come around the port of guys look at me and i might get on the ground and he starts going on the ground and i'm look down like fuck this is not the same guy somewhat creams coming up behind him and he's come and harmony no no not on and on and on and are now just he's going to hit many poor back his greatest labour to the ground it's not him so we leave him go we rhine we re actually find the car so the guy bout out he left a cell phone in the car so we take of the cell phone and we call the most recent number and the girl answered i'm sorry i found this phone on the side of the road do you know to try to get it back to tell you that so far up in the in the computer i was who had the cars we would have done so mad at her i believe what the
did you tell him all my guy fuckin name alma island the report everything that's a letter is that you get the guy is somewhere else did so we have more than one percent of catch them that's hilarious how was your first cartographer skype to widen give you guys like mustangs or somethin fast i think i'll be about idea why you ve got change are responsible is that what the law but our train to drive like that the lights wait a minute hold the fuck they don't train you had a drive not high speed what now they let you dr high speed chases they all ring you drive you're breaking the rules derisory chase in baltimore you can't do more than miles and ours maryland you can't do that more than ten miles an hour of the speed limit according to the to the rules so the law says you can do but the rules of the agency so you go new terminals now over so every caught that pose you over and you're doing more than ten miles per hour of speed limit he had the violate general orders even for you ever why
the rules that are making okay so the did part i can't let you do high speed chases they didn't like it now but so who lets you do it some use their designs are someone tells you now ok but they don't know one teach you how to drive we go to a course and they kind of do it but the standard sir credibly low out yoga very fast so the standards for driving or they more or less stringent standards for self defense i don't think there's a standard in either so at his self fuckin crazy right if you if you couldn't defend yourself going in you're not rude figures of coming out if you can't drive going and you're not gonna drive coming off you couldn't you goin in unifil should come about when the scariest things is is cops ability to fire weapon their terrible terrible so i would estimate that may have to be accurate or if no notes it's absurd they can't shoot
like when you hear somebody like writing you shoot him in me for one you you can't do that that's a silly idea but why can you ok so if shooting for one i'm shooting at me i'm shooting down so i'm liable to ricochet if i'm gonna miss where you're gonna be a moving target you know how hard is issued in animals magistrate acumen in such a tiny china with a handgun right you can't it's silly idea that's why shoot suitor centre mass raw people criticise it but it is really the only practical way to do it but don't shoot animals to be able get a rarity show you haven't i m is imagined that even if we were standing there now to try to take out a new cap of of bore sitting at its as ridiculous so so hopefully one day we can dispel that rumour about shooting a weapon so by whereby you should know five his hand i didn't facets alas but they they don't shoot they couldn't shoot a person let alone a knee right
we the standard and a minimum scores like a seventy and it's a silhouette target m m score me seventy percent seventy percent when assessing the wang argued ella you know ok so you go to hit the wholesale right from the three to five to seven to the fifteen i can shoot out ok the fifteen with eyes closed impasse it ran fifty yards that is so fifteen yards and done hitting centre mass on entirely of do just hit the right to pass the course by doing everything from the three the five and i think the and could be inhabiting is this target is its human silhouette a full silhouette roundabout tightened up here a waste up so you do like two and a half or three foot target as an almost impossible miss and now you have to do is get seventy percent you pass in
so you mess thirty percent at fifteen yards a giant fuckin target is what that more not even talking about fifteen yards with some these from three we must start from the three you do a lot of round they get set hold fuck on seventy per cent right so you can actually qualify before learning goading person i know so this isn't even adrenaline is not even a glaring zaire situation ideas processes says are should be honoured resent go a hundred or they kill you they should kill you from taking about what's happened you're very gay that never try have excellent ideas from time to time they shouldn't be there it's staggering people don't understand what we're talking about when you see the job is impossible it is completely impossible bashfully with the amount of training that that they have gone i dont understand they don't train you how to do that they don't training
a firearm use firearms directly noon of accuracy retraining had a breeze was shooting that date they tell you all these things but today indeed they don't have time so the instructors they know what they're doing right we don't have time to to take some might has no idea what the hell they're doing or was even worse as my has bad habits and break those have it so they can be a decent shooter it's it's it's there's no time for it is not that there is no standard so if they dont pass they just keep shoot monsieur new shootin issued to you ass so you just keep keep doing or you learn that other learning i mean they learn any i dont once a year why it wait a minute wait what the fuck are you talking of malpractice once you know no yes oh my god break the sums i couldn't do this job without the marine corps so the only reason i'm i was any good
those three how many guys we're in the service that you we worked with maybe twenty percent so alien said have no experience of the browser the barn oh my god so these people are in this situation where they have these expectations and that's why they feel so so there actually feeling like there being so my judging them and is not some their judging them their judging the ineptitude to do the job so we'll pheromone did you could remedy that's what it thoroughly does right ops say about the better i mean that's really it's it seems that way alot god damn it i can't believe that don't i know that i should have known that i gotta get john mccarthy on his neck cast in a big job mccarthy who's gonna get monsoon facilitate he's just some great stories about porn over eddie murphy now
in any event i always speak with him about him with respect and charlie reverie anyway so no self defense training what is there is just pointless you don't have to have like a certain degree of proficiency in hand to hand combat know they do like alec risk locks and airy risk and stuff like that but as long as these are things that you know in us real scenario we can't do so gotta be a bad we want we include rail long you can do drill and put me to the ground with my rest when real life you never get my wrist yeah it's not gonna happen if on fighting for my life we're trying to get away with not an absolute the things we do just are impractical well stephen seagal could get you to the ground for that's holding arrest have you ever seen have cnn trend now just see the most recent one in russia afraid flipped bunch peep people around shares headed move one serious harold
but he's got this dog nicely overweight oh yeah it's beautiful beautiful fuckin machine can combat wants us to look at this i could do rag sweat that sweet do rag will you there so this is what you guys need learn discuss shit do that this kind of stuff they do and they don't factor in the fact that their suspect is going to hook you in the face with that empty left hand a minute look how this guy can't do anything i know it's amazing it's almost like learnt this before to be the victim in this situation to do tat no man i'm telling you gotta get stephenses i'll teach everybody because look at the wage browser buddy round they have no chance look he doesn't even move dude learn this why can't you just have as it isn t a cop i thought he was too like a volunteer no you look up member in louisiana marry you
i like you was black if you keep talking about the somebody's as innovation translation i think he's translational hegemony no you're saying this now but then there should be some agency that does that in times of good ideas all your phone should look at this this is beautiful if you could do that you can kick anyone's ass didn't even let em in the secrecy to deadly without discussions buying closed door meetings whether not which allow stephen seagal a fight and everyone says no he's too deadly to take time they need him for that cars too small a different way class became the last case would be fact junior dos santos what you gonna do that we can do for breach overdue stevens agog to holy arrest heard you tax wrists that's a very vulnerable spots like pull your now the prizes wiser broken down while ef i won't you teach no aren't you teach the cops well i don't think
i'll find cause i've never been in arms situation with people shooting guns of never learned had a disarm any but anyhow we don't need disarm we don t this above that i could you know can't you have my opinions about some ship but you should bring in legit striking coaches that teach people all the time and then the digital coach why i think jitsu would beer your route you couldn't do our control then depends hurting while yes but no sometimes yet it hit people like theirs sometimes the idea of only defending yourself by grappling i mix martial arts is the best way to learn self defence and i mean i'm essentially makes martial arts i started out as a striker and then when i got older i got into the sea that's when i really learned grappling but i hang fire to choose one martial arts that i would teach someone to defend himself it would definitely be jujitsu but as far as what i would teach police officers you gotta understand
making because if you don't understand striking in a garden keep you off him and punch you in the face you know how to deal with it you gotta stand the ways moving i give a guy if a guy's going job you there's a certain stands for guys gonna throw right hand there's tells if you dont know those tells you just can get molly warped you're just gonna get cracked i think have to understand it least understand striking and you don't want stands dragging a spar you have to do some sparring you have to u have to definitely learn the mechanics of striking but you also have to understand the distance you have to understand how when a guy can hit you when it can who you even if it's just defensive even if you don't have any pension whatsoever hitting somebody just knowing how to get the fuck out of the way we had a cover yourself up knowing how to protect yourself there's a lot of people out there that are grappling that would be flocked if someone punched him in the face i think you're onto something with that actually like the defensive method vernacularly teach cops to tee
that is not the beginning with the best way to get your you're right that like the the getaway may actually be on something that could be that that son we ve pipe should be doing because what we do is we fear think so remember we fear that that guy can hit us we fear is it should have an understanding of whether he or she would actually be capable at that range or capable in this particular issue asian judo is good for cops too because people malta time aware enclose unlike view fought ronnie rutland aroused and you are wearing two fuckin like a load of winter coat that bitch with fuck you up you gonna fly and he alone your head carl priest gets a wholly you and you gotta go leather jack and on that mother fuckers thorough you and hit you with the earth has what it's like one someone slams you through taking the earth and hitting you with it boom hitting you with a giant immobile fuckin twenty four thousand mile and serve circumference ball that's what they're doing these it did earth doesn't give
it's someone slams yonah concrete they literally hitting you with the earth and i give a judo person gets hold of you some jimmy pedro character gets hold of and you have aware jack and on your folks ville that's a think judah would be a very important thing to learn wrestling very important to learn tube we could hold someone down to keep some down you can control summer because i've seen situations where cops get flipped in their hold in someone down sums up arrest video and they have no idea how to control someone's body they have no idea where to place their weight they have no idea like wow person would move like good you jitsu guy get although you and puts you inside control you haven't jujitsu training you now get up jesus you're stuck but you might be like really physically strongly push him a little bit but he's gonna grab hold you again and repeat the process that's what we saw you see one when hoist grace who is fighting chemo what do we see we shall
fuckin enormous steroids subdued its way stronger than hoist gracie ages us but eventually voice ganem and wanted to get em you gotta he understands it technically understands how to grapple i think that for one if you only had one i would say brazilian jujitsu but if i can teach the cops i would definitely some striking the last thing you want to do is be someone who does not strike punch in the face and your seen stars your eyes or watery your legs are buckled and you don't know what the fuck two dogs you never been there before someone knows what to do so been in before has been pop in the face before you gonna go oh are you my hands up gotta move gonna move that a move you know you'll instinctively have like a path that you'll go to to preserve yourself though the scary thing in the world is watching someone a street fighting you know they don't know how to fight and they just there there neck is up in the air and their flail infest see no it's and you know you know it's common we ve all seen videos go online and watch
gets killed and street fight and there's a million videos of that i can't believe that they not force you guys to train first of all in firearms your base i would always saw there'll be a weekly thing i really thought that there was like a weekly thing that you guys have to do neither physical standards as well i've seen a lot of nazi there's not a physical stated whatsoever mohammed checks have standards do not have to have you'll have to at least be able to like lifter body waiting for something to china to get through the academy you're finished what you have to do to get through the academy whenever it is pathetic uneasy that seems weird it is i am in baltimore that issue the fire cadet who ended up dying and training has egg they still maintain the physical standards we need to make
now why is it hard to get people to join the police force so you have to lower the physical standard that's one reason why the jobs and puzzled to society does it seem to be willing or get so at this point in time not sound too arrogant too late so consumers longer thought i would be the prototype i have a masters degree confident that came from the from the military if you go to my training record you'll see it it's all there i would be the prototype i'm what you're looking for but i still you're not willing to pay me what it would take to get someone like me normally to do it so so if you right now if i went to police department they would be offering me forty two thousand hours ear really something inventing afraid you have your job you at this point in time it's not gonna happen so so they're not investing in those
so i really think in most areas where it like a bond maria three thousand officers i really think you kadijah with a thousand so so you would hey those guys you more get those guys and you get the guys with the education and girls and have those standards and i really think that one really really good cop can do the job of them for i've of what we have now how much harder is it to be a woman to be a cop incredibly hard imagined b really hard to get people some of whom were so friggin dead now sit so that's the weird line you toe they do seem to make better detectives as a general rule they they they have an advantage and a lot of things that i think are more empathetic which is one of my big pushes that they're they're more considerate of others when it when it comes to a lie and its harder for them with fighting but i've seen some of them hold their own just fine now the hardest what was actually flamed buoyantly gay caught that i know he had a hard time
look i gotta flamboyant gig eleven so my how gay was a very he's the queen refer he calls himself the game is the queen of the northern that's beautiful that's all we need a fuck an army of riding up gay cop and he's he would fight all the time mainly to go to battle with that dude any day and you can trust that he would have your back you could follow him day and night ass he was tried constantly and he became it but he was always good love that it also caught the work with but he was he causing lived in a different world than i did i was maybe i fell into that medium frame where like i'm not too big to try and not too small to try rise i kind of got away with lot was tried all the time because he's flamboyant so did he be like lessons and registration he has the voice so he really say that when people over and stuff where you going had a person
while the vienna version that we think about that girl you do it but who have you have the color of family pink think of a true actually you i don't know i don't know me because you gave it to me i think i hear but i thought about that airport i'm saying i think everybody so where do people just scared not getting laid that's what the know how and the scare the fashioned stigma attached to it both baby to another i wear one as mother fuckers everywhere and people meet me and they go did you really where ineffective hack might that's right bitch that shit's real is fine why why is there a problem but everywhere that's what i'm saying is that same confidence that you have with the conference that he because i'm married i'm not trying to get laid it was admiral if i was struggling to try to get laid in like manner was indicted hit our message was decided be dressed perfectly you know that's why do
we're cologne should like than designer shoes why exact fuckin trying to tip the scales in their favour an archive their personnel in their accomplishments and how they come office as a whole and being gotta get to where the right clothes and right style that fanny packet fuckin savior battle check dammit i had her she could have been the one where material had kids that fuckin stupid panty fanny pack fuck my chances that's why i think you're gonna get within vanity fair but that's what i think i think give if a girl doesn't have sex with you it does want to date you because you have fanny pack you don't want or in your life she's too much work that's too much work or you know how to make fun of yourself you can't even mock the fact you weren't fanny pack and then explain yourself gives you a guess she's like why you want to fight back stupid you like exactly anyway he wore a purse yankee we're gonna pursued a guzzling literary or anything ever does indeed eyes he had able to establish sure yeah
where's your present their chuck shit so what was it like for a minimum i think is incredibly challenging for him why did they wouldn't let him arrest him like that fight like big no way i understand i'm going to jail but not from him as he started job yeah is awesome for him was his name just give us format as first i know now i want to give a shot out to him income q q you keep it sexy sexy here so harder for him than women yeah i think so these incredibly hard for him who say that women make better detectives what what else besides empathy they have like intuition i mean i can say with this they deduce
in to fulfil those roles very well so there's a role for females in policing even if you we are thinking of the physical aspects there is like a need right so how you balance that i can't say that require low more nuance but definitely is there anything else you want to say before we get out of here cuz i know you got a bunch of notes there it's just that one of the big things we see is everybody keeps fighting against the blacklivesmatter thing and what it is not that we come out things all lies matters may well sure always manner no no shit we stand all lies matter that's the whole point of everything we do right and they come out they say police lies matter no shit i don't know life that's mattered more than a police life i don't know of a single cause has been killed or the killer wasn't call which is embarrassing for our profession why do we always catch them ones it hurt our own me we're not trying hard enough in the other ones and
we go around and we say these things but the police ever when it comes to their aid when something happens to them but when we summarizes black lives matter we just but it's all there saying is that in our society black lives have it mattered as well is the other lives and that clear when you see something like to mere rice because you know that doesn't happen the one your kids there's not a shot in hell that that happens my daughter or yours no way there are twelve year also with a be begun in the middle of europe street in front of your house that is not going to happen because douglas elderly women handle that situation we're gonna approach approachableness see was really going on and they're not going to be a hero because a hero is the personage it is up to mere rice and approaches and tries to figure it out risk getting shot because he wants to make sure he's doing the right thing when you take away a life or take away somebody's freedom we don't have to go up to her but you to say from the
for your car put down the judge or short and from far away you figure it out and his boot but we go and we we treat i realise that they don't matter and when you are putting i oh yeah all lies matter shirt on r o ye a police lies matter on your proving that police lays down that that black lives aren't mattering as much to you otherwise you would just fucking say yes they do right so they're not saying that white live dont manner why should i bring it out britain to everyone else that's it just equality is it's not it's not this on anybody else it's we have this problem and we have this problem recognize it lets fix it that's what when i say that i want to team up with the re so if i took up who please commissioner job first thing i would do is take direct please come join me please because i need you i need him he's a community leader the idea that we don't integrate people like him into our system is ridiculous
he is a leader of the black community i him if i'm gonna run a police agency and we should not be turning this kind people away and acts and making like there there's some kind of instigator from out of town is what they would call direct instigator that's what they call out of town instigator that he was coming to baltimore and he's making money and he's doing all this is not at all is doing they think he's making money doing all this and is simply not neither am i may we came out here on our own aren't dine with the help of we know is making money jordan cnn fox news anybody broad asking where they're gonna get advertising dollars and that's it who's gonna get a lot of people watching well certainly is a ratings we're up i went down to where forty gray while the incident happened and and where the uprising was the very next day you couldn't have told me that there is a difference between that day in two weeks ago the problem is it no one gave a shit about you more homes two weeks ago but when
come on the news and he saw the sea vs burning and they psycho did over and over and over again it was one god damned building that was burning you just kept seeing it over and over after the fire department or to put it out violence in bottom islands in baltimore the riots that fuckin news voice your your own and exactly and we do that and then we will look at that community oh my god why would they do that when nothing ever happens without it without an uprising what ever great civil rights move in our group progress if we ever made with out some kind of uprisings about them it states of america where this came about cause we got away from the fuckin british mean that literally how this got started it was an uprising boston tea party to goddamn uprising pinochet body sit there and say oh my god why did they just throw their own t into the water that's ridiculous button but there they not hesitate to say why are they burning that sea vs down but that's the only symbolism of corporate amerika that even have
there could they don't have a grocery store like you and i do they don't have anything that we think of as as as normality they live in an area that has food deserts that doesn't have good schools where the kids i'd emptier bosses to go to school with life is and in their their parents get their father gets locked up because he has that dine bag he perpetuate the cycle but yet society keeps telling them will pick yourself up by your boots strata fuckin have bootstraps because talking away so far by a boobs judge is such a shitty argument now everybody starts in the same spot you know it's not like we're all plan i believe we all start from the same spot it stupid at such a terrible tat well mentality the people how in so short sighted and so dismissive police i'll fire up by your bootstraps it's just so in such a short and that's a short sighted conservative argument that is a conservative argument since such a dumb one well the last thing i want to say too is that
conservatives and right wing people though are you with me the most but if we do do what i'm saying then virginal lose their guns and their argument that they want to have if we can real in police and they're always afraid that everyone has a gun and we have to do this war then that means we can't live in a society eighty that's armed and we can't police it properly you just said that a bunch people just hope but brooklet but what the fuck lose my guns are legit i searched take my flag you take my fuckin gun no you wouldn't keep you're gonna charlton heston said you get prime dead ends from it if you don't mind if you wanna keep your guns then we need to have reform and policing this kind of language because people getting kind of guns they're keeping a fuckin with unless reform policing i think that's a great idea i don't think you need to bring
answer this guns enjoining anybody where the cops counties people people people are doing people cope if people are killing people kanzi just sitting there look beautiful megan as happened in england fuck in english bunch a pussy scared of poetry or so the you may have simply edge it turns out the odd guns why do i give a shit doesn't seem right what was wrong or i wouldn't be proper yeah no i listen i think you say more some things we do have to read but i really really appreciate coming on and i think you are you express yourself very well and i think that euro you're very unique person your perspective is very unique defined you have so much experience and your ear you're saying all the right things so thank you very much we really appreciate it if you could catch
on twitter michael a wood junior am i c h eighty l a wood w o o junior last thing else i'm gonna play around with me in this great note this is not just about the point where is the best place for people to reach you generator just twitter this is not about make choices about the message i appreciate that very much michael would junior lays gentlemen a bad motherfucker you have been schooled seeing i soon all right for thank you very much for turning into the podcast i appreciate the fuck eddie freak bitches thanks to our sponsors thanks to zip recruiter dotcom go to zip recruiter dot com forts rogan and you can try zip recruiter for free that zip recruiter dot com ford slash rogan thanks also to tee gotta rogan dot tang dot com and you could save
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