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#675 - Kirik Jenness & Chris Palmquist

2015-07-28 | 🔗
Kirik Jenness & Chris Palmquist run the premiere martial arts website on the internet. http://mixedmartialarts.com
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and save ten percent of any mother again bloom, guess today are correct, generous and Chris Palm Quest, and they are the owners of mixed martial arts. Dotcom makes martial arts dog is the premier website online, as opposed to what, when my saying premier website in your fuckin dreams, the premier website four makes martial arts and a website that was like critical in keeping mixed martial arts alive back when sport was in its dark days. I was
of the original found out today or in the park ass. I was when the original four hundred members pretty fuckin crazy. I've been a member for a long goddamn time in its an awesome spot to talk mixed martial arts and to communicate with very educated fans. So I am very thankful for these guys and night I jumped at the opportunity you have them on the podcast. I think that the service they provide by heavens awesome website is issued for all the hard core fans. Like me, and maybe some of you and we talked about a bunch of other stuff too. So if you're not into MMA, you probably still enjoy it or not. I don't know you go to go right now on attack on when we say fuck, I'm on autopilot. Please welcome my friends, correct, generous and the great Chris Palm quizzed power,
The job will gain experience all right, we're alive. Chris was going eyes. They pay attention, well, you don't hear grassy how good you are now we're alive. A million people have cries, see my facebook got alike. On that picture, I get one here, you guys are the head, the owners of my favorite all time website for mixed martial arts, its change names. Four times since I've been a member submission, fighting dark com. Back there was the original there. Regional. Well, proud, a bunch! U before the sport really had a name that would have been ninety I wish her so one the ones we grabs was submission, fighting dotcom, ass against the gym at of submission, fighting that comics, martial arts, dot com and a few other ones. What they like this. It's a mission finding that com
so we ran with that for a few years, but I would get outraged emails from people saying this is not what I was expecting and what they want. I was one of those sort of porno apartment wrestling kind of sites. And then my mother, she would tell her friends what I was up to and she'd say they say: what's the url and she's a submission fighting their come, she get along, looks room so after my mother started complaining a change to mix martial arts dotcom than the Euro Cease, which do you see tv, so we became enemy tv and then we had in the Yossi dropped the tv. So we were back to MC martial arts dot com as well. We are forever, although somebody offered us they offer they'd incomplete it's on a grand for makes martial arts Dacosta. We would drop that unhappy for that combat Emma ATV. Why didn't you take it and we did take it? They didn't they have caused. Odin was changed its it's. It's all yours, six hundred grams hundred thousand dollars. That's instead that can collect didn't business.
Our common goal, for, like seven million bucks items very easily yap. What the fuck man that's a lotta goddamn scrapped the one that kills me, those I turned down Emma may dot com for two hundred dollars. If the time because it was sport really wasn't mixed. Martial arts, dot com, its people, that there may wasn't really a thing it is. It was the main more souci agent and they had they met at last. For ten bucks I could a grab and I get out it's a lot of money. What year was is fish Ninety nine, maybe ninety eight, ninety nine, ninety seven somewhere and do you remember what year it became called, makes martial arts are the whole sport. I would mean I would date that to win everybody got to go and Nick Limbo got everybody together in New Jersey and and came up with a unified rules which would have been two thousand the ashen. That's one, that's one of the name sort of started the stick, but they were taught called that didn't
John Mccarthy name it. I have heard a variety of I've heard. A variety of explanations. Were the name came from an and I honestly don't know, I don't think there's any one. That's that's that's definitive I'm pretty sure, are heard. Big John say that he named it. It was either him or was Jeff Black. I would I hear say it s more than once. Jeff said that he coined the term land aspect junk as he's up at the outset, Diego with us, so we go and see if he claims that, where what is going on in San Diego Kirk and myself are up, therefore, convention, it's the association of the commission's, it's a blast. It's all the other commissioners in the country come together for a year in drink and just pretty much talk to each other about the issues that are going on in there he's in the tribe was enough for a year how long ago, for no sorry they come to get every one year. Yes, it's like a week event for them and
just go over rules, and shall I thought it it? It sounds a little there's a huge amount of socializing and it sounds a little its that's trivializing it. The thing is The the cessation of boxing commissions was formed by Federal law them permanently act that that law has no teeth. There's no penalties! If you don't pay any attention to suspensions and does nothing happens so the whole association is basically built on goodwill, so there's an awful out of just people getting to know each other and have a beer, and Chris often to the bartender and get to know people that way and sounds like it's a little trivial just to get to know people, but it's actually, though, the glue that holds the whole baby together. So that's how it holds together. Like say: if somebody gets band and say Mississippi, they keep them banned Massachusetts things on those exit, exactly there them permanently act says that requires federal law, requires that Boxing commission share suspension, information seeking knockdown Boston and then draw next weekend
to New Hampshire and knocked out again and NGO remaining and knocked out again, which used to be a real problem here. It still is a real problem in places like Mexico in Mexico, doesnt hand out suspension so guys, just literally will, if their because our poor, Thirty knocked out every weekend and their appalling over is by the way I'm amazed built on fair fights from the beginning, the boxing's built on tomato cans, and so there is a huge market for fighters that just lose and They had not got all time in Mexico right like that guy, they fought Mickey Rourke in Russia. Has this insane losing record Annie's Tom? somewhere around here. Actually yeah It leaves a guy who lives in the streets in his job is basically to shorten, get knocked unconscious and not do do a good job. That was bizarre. It's bizarre things still happen. I did you see the one in Mexico. Politicians muscles that guy with a huge chest here I was, there was absolutely we see progress now
I only guessing it. You need to see what will play a boxing match. It's gonna call it a boxing match its guileless since all injected into his arms and Charles visas and shoulders. You know since all stuff. If you dont know people listen to this since all something that I guess body there's created it because they had a body part that wasn't sticking out enough. That, like wasn't match grow like say some guys, their calves don't grow very well, so they would have these our bodies, big labour, their caps beginning, so they would inject this oil into their cash. And it makes your muscle swell up but they're like fake boobs. They jiggle when you move. So this guy has it all. Over his body, he has it on his shoulders. He has it on his chest as it on his arms and because of that, first of all, his arms are heavy. It's like he's punching with like ten at ten p dot m loves and the other guy has eight hours gloves, and this guy
is known for having fake fights, apparently as eleven fake fights on record, and he he's a senator in Mexico and he's comes wealthy family began to laugh massive plastic surgery. All over his face so face looks like a like a fuckin kabuki mask, but look is, His whole body is like fake and if turn it up Jamie's we can here when the crowd? Seize him fight this laughing. Like really loud, but with some volume. Here I was like listening the crowd. I hear the last I mean jet the fuck out of here. That's like us, gets romance Tv Albert Einstein said:
What will you this look at the way his throne punches is litter? like he's, got lead all over his arms to these goddamn. The masses he's carrying pounds of this water stuff is oil stocks in his body. I would fight that guy. The left here they wanted. I guess is so crazy? This guy's, a law graduate. Would you do to be allowed. Ragin Mexico. Hey, the veal Irene, because my worst suspend that guy with, if it's the lawyer, but it's so good
because Mexico's known for its great tradition of fantastic boxers, excellent grace boxes of all time of Canada, Mexico, it's a huge part of their culture. So to have this guy. Do that this rich guy? Do that is so crazy, but that is always existed. I believe that what was done in the Philippines, I think mexican fans would pull a guy from limb. The limb, if you tried in Mexico and pretty sure that was that that that video was shot in Mexico in the Filipino was it yeah yeah just mexican fans, are very further, like Philly fancy know exactly what they looking at issues interesting. You said that, because the guys who are talking, they select ever filipino accent as we speak in English at another Filipino x and well it all, but that definitely deferred. I play a lot of pool and some the Filipinos are the great Pool Blair's though some the vest poplars ever from the Philippines. Some use the filipino accent. De the website you guys started so you been around for twenty years now, we started the site and ninety eight, so
Ninety five, ninety five are buying the urls ethanol. Ninety six, we had the art of an age, be fighting on AOL, so you start and ninety eight I was a member, I think- and ninety eight I think I was a member like the first year than, if not ninety, eight, ninety nine, no somewhere, I've got our first. I think first, four hundred new definitely on our list and want a first for under the heavy whew, how many members you guys have now crazies active hundreds of thousands being wholly sharing of half a million accounts but near those people fall off here there, but a lot. Why we have one point: three million people, the Cumnor aside every month, that's insane and growing so and growing, what's the best forum and it's hard to regulate the you guys are done of amazing job of keeping a douche bag off or at least keep them at bay because that's where ruins those places a kicks off, all the providers like so many guys used posts there and don't anymore, like tea and a lot of other like Evan Tanner, of course, is a famous threat that gets pumped up.
Then we channel was saying hello before he died and it was cool back then that, like these guys, were fighting in the EU have sea would come on a regular basis, but they get run off by these. Just anonymous shit heads who just say a rude is meanest shit to them after they lost or before the fight in I've talked to a bunch of us. I do even to name names but giving us like John fetch like don't go there. I got to stay off there, cuz it fucking sucks in my head, like these guys are assholes I'll, pretty much all assholes Ms was not true, will not assholes but only started. It was a small technic community of people there. In the sport and then in the fifth USC blows up so people and us now, two million people and out of those million people, maybe ten thousand or nice, but the rest we just anonymous douche bag. I really think it's too, I think the opposite. I think ten thousand accounts the other rest of
failing that live in the conservation, vocal like it. I get there on there all the time and they just pick up all the time. Well, It's like they can mean. That's a beauty think about the internet is a horrible thing. When the internet, the beautiful but the internet is any one, can talk and that's the same breeze. What's that was perfectly. That was perfectly put it baffled so much actually went to a psychiatrist. Ask him to get others. Skaters is a friend of family, I'm like why do people do that and he said human beings have all sorts of emotional impulses and were constrained by society from acting out a lot of a maybe an unhappy person. You swear at every single person, you say, but you can't are you a punch in the IRA, there's other bad feedback, but on the internet, all that stuff just comes out. Yeah and your anonymous. So there's no repercussions whatsoever occasionally gets here about that guy and read it. He was a famous San Marino, infinite sky on some of these forms cause you would pose like really inappropriate. It really rude things, nasty things
apparently I'm always anonymous or who went after the guy, but they found his actual identification. They knew who we actually was and they contact. It is players and they sent him the posts that this guy was making and he got fired and You know the interview. Domini said you know it was his release. He said he was is playing a role and you know you do show pictures of under age, girls and all kinds of really creepy shit. Yeah I mean that was his thing dad, was real in real life me. He got real live repercussions because yet fire because of its owes, it was a big deal. Surely it as it surprised me at all. We have guys emails every week. Can you please do we all my posts on your form, because there will be for a job. I dont want that somehow it in public how a mile message board, but am I did you? You don't eat? Your name is, like you know, I'll it off sixty nine really think I like it just seems like it seems that go we're placed a look. Now.
You started what's what's really interesting about this port for folks who don't know me martial arts. When I came along and ninety ninety seven, whenever I first our work for the you see, was essentially a ban sport. The only way you get it was directive, That was the only way to get it was banned from cable, and when you would talk to people about it Would talk to you like you're, a horrible person for being involved in such a thing, and, sports state alive because of the internet. It was a first sport ever that's stayed alive because the internet, the websites will do sure dog or Emma may Weekly Avenant, one that came along, but there's a bunch of em. They came along that was how we found out about the spore. That's how we found out about the pride shows and was gone and all the different fights it we're going on in Japan and in Brazil, the the way to find out about them was the internet. So we were all they really active like you would go to these four arms and you would try to find out what is happening.
Go on now and a lot of times. You know you we'd, be able, by tee icy, get tapes from a dude in Canada friend of mine in Canada, had a friend dude contact me do name Brian and I would by tapes room he would get him from Japan and he would and down to me in California, I still have a gang of em and it was like all again kisuka those old fights and Kid Yamamoto like in the early days, and it was really the it was such an underground sport? Why? Which is what the reasons why the Navy website was so perfect because it was the underground of the underground sport I agree a hundred percent. I actually be many many years ago, maybe fifteen years, I try to get wired magazine to do an article on it because they data, maybe ten there's a go. They didn't article on the role of the internet in revolutions in countries, and that was that was done. How can I get a sport that was saved by by the internet and the son of some cool pictures and there are like, as a co pictures, were
interested, but I agree on a per cent and I try to get some some notice of that in the sort of the Tec Community early says much about the Tec me as much of the Tec communities. I know which was which was. Is it wasn't his wired magazine will there wasn't very many other sports. I can claim that none that I could think of one other sport, first of all his neck what is more in our life that has grown the way Emma may has nothing nothing even close. Try to soccer didn't take mean, there's been a bunch of camps men when they have a basketball game. These to play on tramplings always play there I see it obviously only seven before it's like still on, unlike one o clock in the morning, that's what these data Pick a karate began garage is to be looking at the ABC a kick in the eighties. That's right! That's they called it. But there was no sport in my life,
I'm that grew like I'm. A dead from complete total obscurity to the cover of ESPN over the front from page of CNN covers illustrated like that she had never happened. There's never been a sport that that blew up like that and when it was at its worst was, its most desperate time it was site. Like yours, really they kept it alive. Lastly, magazine listed again, this is going back ten or twelve years because they tried to compete with the USA will show also using the term ultimate and they get sued and disappear, but before they disappeared, they gave out they did the twenty most important things in the history of the internet. Like number, eight was the underground and they were like, if not for the underground and several other sites with sport might died, and then they they went on to discuss exactly what you work as had been banned from television and in everything. What one point ten, the other ground had more posts in the underground. Oh does, does it well, we ve got to
so much our surrogate full and yet we kill the other ground. One Dana rigour matters, but that's there now We have to ruin it. There will be no more traffic that we have to like every thirty days, delete them, because it is just that stupid. It's you guys at work. Nanda I don't give a shit about and they may they just found a space the internet with some friends and they just stay all day. When I worked, some slight goes and I work ninety five, that's all I did all day. I was. I t I just oji all day with that. That is the thing about people that have desk jobs. Were there not being watched the amount of product activity that loss today, because the internet is off the fuckin charts. It is absolutely absurd. If you look at our staff were only popular or during work. As we can, but they're gonna buy rikiu overtaking jogger, whatever nighttime there's their friend its people at work all day, It's amazing. How much will put time was being wasted
getting paid by the hour to serve to other ground and look girls asses. Let us ninety seven hundred page asked threads. You guys out, there's a it's: it's a testament, How things are screwed up an american management, though that did it. It's allowed a mean nobody should be able to go on the internet during the work day, because they're not gonna be doing work. There will be, listening. This part guessed right now is a huge amount of people at work with headphones on that aren't doing any fuckin work at all. It is kicking a feedback Then they might have like a folder open like their pretending to pay attention to some fuckin spreadsheet, but, there listening to us, that's normal. That show that there is There's a little thing. You can download for your computer, so the touch of a button, a spreadsheet pops open and makes it appears if you're working, hard, C4 his arms and looked over your children being spread. I want to work and care accents o sex before that.
And I d guy gradually college regularity job, but I was into the spot and so I would work eighty eighty five add the underground up all the time or I was doing work for him like on the side, and I have a button on the floor that was attached a usb. My tap, they look at itself, spreadsheet would pop up and like another document it look, I was working so like a boss came in behind me. The button looks like I'm workin, but I'd really just be Oceana workin on something else all day pauses listen, I want just fuckin money. Probably I think I owe, unlike forty billion a year for three years, something there This is a giant issue Another giant issue that you guys must have come across is bandwidth mean how much bandwidth does that site use and how much does it cost
every month. I remember when the first time I ever noticed bandwidth was an issue with seventy five dollars. A month in this valley would have been ninety nine or some as I, oh, my God, seven five dollars a month, that's it! This is insane and then an x, you F, Ex NFL player, owned snake store and cholera, Are they gonna hurt? I was having this huge. Seventy five dollars a month band with that you, and so he said you know what put a banner on your site my snake, storing, Colorado, Gimme. Seventy five bucks a month as this is my this is a commerce and we or do we. Pay now covers three thousand ammonia, probably or three thousand among three thousand a month and ban where hosting ban where that fund share. That's insane and that's not including the carrion other capital costs and waste oil. Dr go down with some crazy happens like fight related like to see, They only traveller Gregg is about to break the internet or something happens all the time. Campbells broken the internet more than once
in order to attend the break things. Now, when you go to the underground, if you go to mix martial arts, I've always said Emma Meda TV. Real directive entails area with a five hundred dollars a year to keep that just because half people still type it in one or other browsers. And while my browser is to be programmed to allow a hit em without would fill it ironic that it would forward mix Mars How can we get a bunch of banners like give Mazda ads and you guys have to actively those out, and now we have accompanied it pretty much wraps all the ad inventory. So we some deals ourselves like with the endemic, like the review, draft kings and request a test fox. Someone else who sells the rest and so Is this your job entirely for both? Oh, yes, yes and percent passive, while doesn't it I got one point on, this- must have been like a frivolous thing that you are doing I remember the first for the first decade or something
Occasionally we would get ahead by a few hundred dollars and then there be some local fighter. I know get a chance to fight in the Nebraska, mitigating gotta fight Nebraska, so I bought em an airplane. Take it that's what would use with our are super profits, and then I don't know one when it when it turned pro two thousand and eight may two thousand and eight we brought in Cresson Christina got some good deals. Soon, as I got my god, we can make more than seventy five dollars a month. Yeah we're not! So when I came on board, they were like we have this website, it gets million views a month. We make a hundred dollars a month like, I think you can make more than that. So he's like a king. Try. In so doing what you gotta job. So I reached out to like tat out the big guys in the space and made big deals that these guys, like you gotta, go ass, have over a hundred bucks a month and unlike but who s eight thousand, as you happens, and sure enough tap, albeit at the time and with countries from there it's actually a true story. The numbers are not exaggerating. The least we were literally like Canada, angling free
hundred a month and Chris literally said a thousand a month and they literally bonnet. We signed a contract, probably the greatest day of my answer, Hello tap out is like a great example of the over saturated of the market camp out at once, one time was cool to where I know I have a hard time believing that night one ninety eight sophomore year, a high school. I order the tap out you're from in your face, our com, and I always shit it's like submit the tap bow to cry Uncle was like known like. This is also my war at once a week to school. But I thought it was the best thing in the world if I was so cool catch me get in the tap or shirt before like nine years ago. So now you would can't catch. You didn't but you know another chance with her. But when I open the link, I think they get related to like that to use bag aspect? It may fans and there is the whole big culture of light, do she anime fans and like a tap olenin affliction, they
a kind of stock will how about what happens? Well, I grappling tournament. There again fifteen years ago or something I had a interaction with a guy did that stuck with me ever since I had made some call on in some national can, I think, was his match. Now one of the students could a big school up and cannon. Now and then he was arguing me that I made the point rhinos like dude. It's just grappling come on man and he looked at me and he goes This is what we do instead of having health insurance, and I just got call them apologized. I listened to what he said, but there's a as he said grappling what I do instead of having health insurance, so we could pay for grappling in internet and held it, and we re actually is so serious about his lessons at hand. Those that he'd move from Canada Mood and moving care taken lessons and those he's, probably a busy blackmail managed by a blue welter purple belt. Then I was having a match probably made.
On call he lost. I was telling him it's not that important, and he said this is what I do instead of having health insurance, I cant do both tell serious it is for me and there's a hard core fan base of the sport. That's like that like if you will, ok, health insurance or never discussing having anything to within a matter of their sorry. Health insurance hope don't break my leg, but that's our course, and base around then there's millions of knucklehead that also by the EP, our own stuff and eventually the local heads outnumber le the hard cores and and and it doesnt work. The one huge extent are one of the huge acceptance that those routes fight it's just an unbelievable company. They, the very first time I saw on the thereof there things and where one right here right now where they should also have the buyer not address to the I've, got one in my go into my ass. You know where I got one of my suitcase right now they managed to do with integrity. I think I see they're they're they're up
around a lot and to me at least they still have complete integrity of the president and the entire centre was worrying and it still Bolivia, to fight, as is our roots of fight, takes old, like fight promo. Posters and turn them into cool t shirts and all like this one. This actual sign for the Gracie Academy and, like the nineteen fifty's and this is amazing to me. It's like a little piece of history, so I don't think there ever gonna go out style But there's certain there's a certain. Do she element that's attached to the t shirt world of of mixed more large, because it became a way that guy's it sort of identify with the sport. Like the one that I would cite, there's a real sure that I saw a new Jersey this guy. Was wearing assured. That said, some guys grapple some guy strike, pull like. Oh your disgusting, because that company, sometimes your strikers, some guys grappling pulled my life
A major issue of all time is kinda run off. The couple companies have my girlfriend loves to grapple, but you should see her box My favorite major I've ever had, and it doesn't have it and without somewhere as a good shirt for Boston too, because the Word Box Synonymous Vagina in Boston and one of those it's one weird thing they are not, and I did not know that there was just a best answer assumed it was worldwide spread. We ve we're spread it. We spread across the world, but I think they came from. Our neck of the woods. I think Box was like how does a monopoly of the box? Maybe clinics because, like departed, this hole in the middle? How are you two hands? Tits were craze for a long time right. What is that many reasons? in town, like any other nicknames rotates, makes sense. Probably boobs boobs did you Think at one point Tom and not keeping that Saigon
was there any time, whereas becoming too expensive or too much pain. The ass and you're just like bath like this place. The date of the worst of sport is in some ways when I was the most dedicated to it when sport got got off a paper view and the other thing three paper views in a year, and that was more or less it who can shoot Jeffrey Jeffrey. I would call a couple who can choose years, almost nothing Three. The sport was going to die on a national basis, and then we would we would just sort of bill up over forty fifty years and I'd be dead at the end of it, but I believe in a sport I always have, and I thought of what it would build up from the bottom up, and so I thought the internet at the time at least, was incredibly important to do that. So, on the spot is at its lowest, I was. I was actually the most excited about keeping the keeping the psycho. I have definitely never never, for a single moment wanted a term. I've wanted to turn off cause all jerks, but
Well, I always had loyalty to cypher a couple reasons, one because it was when the first ones of ever joined in it was like one of the places where, like I said, you would get guys like Josh born would pose down there and also authority. A lotta guy got a big eyes Randy in the back in the day, to get Henderson Dana. Why, Would be on all the time back in June is still wanted every everyday. Just isn't. It anymore. How do you know you he called me about once a week to complain, legit. Does he complaint about like posts here and there yet Alyosha, especially for those now just as people making things up a bottom. He doesn't like that people right now art. We make it things up right now, because they know that you guys are here right. I mean when he says stuff that decides it. They don't here here, with somebody twist his words and make something not be gets upset about. That's my people
for fund a yes arrow through having they're going to continue to do it now, Dana Jesus Christ, Christian three under the fuckin bus, I feel at home they get a call and like ten minutes, like you're fired, I said loyalty for two reasons, one because of that. But too, because care can. I we know people from from Massachusetts like we knew like you were provided because the same age, I'm forty seven hold it for thirty four. We in that I'm period we knew allow the same. Martial arts people like got hurt, you. I heard about your schoolmaster Massachusetts. Western Massachusetts always a home of Larry Kelly who's ever really well known. Karate guy he's my business learner for twenty years, and he was popular or famous, rather for knocking out, early blanks back when Billy Billy Blanks was fuckin, superhero mean here the point Karate guy, that's, other one where they dusted. A guy often made him fight again. If you watch that fight with Billy blanks,
our Celli Cayos him with us. Being hook kick to the face, and Larry was famous for his hook, kick, which is a really hard shot. It's a hard kick to generate force with, because your hips have to start out here. Have to switch that way. It's a weird motion, whereas- Around take seems more natural like can, but Larry headed down. He any hook kicked Billy blanks face and sent him fall. Lying he's scared across the the mat completely unconscious and they weighed to wake up, and then they were literally trying to get him to fight again. That This is it right here, oh here it is watch this This is like when people talk shit about hook. You I say worm show something here. First, while Bill Super foot, walls had bomb that I mean my son look at TAT. I mean those beautiful one more time. Look at this, the hop bohme any disguised it behind the bar.
Fist or a job or whatever he was doing his front hand beautiful and when they dusted off after that, if you watch the actual folded They were truly waited for a long time there trying to get him to go back in their fight against, which is how stupid people look back. They had no knowledge when we coming up and we were talking before those show started by guys had been knocked out there M and always people that we now people get knocked out wood dust you off and push you right back in there that day Five minutes later, like right, here's Billy there there were out there, like big Billy, wake up wake up, saying I think I'm gonna Jean Valjean above experimenting assaults and his nose and news. Bunch of these guys. There was him and a bunch of other guys like him there. These really bags super muscular guys that were involved in the point fighting so it and they got real good at
being in and tagging you and you're, starting to see that skill emerge. Emma. May I know that a guy who fights for Bela tore. His name is escaping me right now, he's venom What does that yeah than a mere Michael Paine outrage? Yeah? That's it and he has that style and then, of course, you ve got Raymond Daniels, whose fighting in glory whose really picking up kickboxing game, who also was a great fighter in Appoint cry Circuit and he's got that stuff. That leap in style and ability to cover distance, though debilitated Jumping cover distance in a way the You can't you know like this guys that are their sticking to that. My tie, style, sort of flat, footed, Diego silver, Plod, Ford, sort of style and that she does not flying anymore. You got these guys like, J D show that are now using their neo footwork style, but the right and Daniel style. I think that's the next level. I think you ve got that style.
Of leaping and on top of the neo footwork style, because data bill neither those guys had of his closing the distance, really quick with that karate style blitz. I still think it's like I'm missing aspect in a lotta, Mme Remit. Cheetah He has. He has an element of that, but you a counter striker by think gum, Larry Kelly in that in that video, like would demonstrated like why that can be like super effective, like that it actually came originally came into the sport of odd, appoint fighting from by Bruce Labour and brutally picked it up for Roma from fencing, brutally watched, all kinds of you watch Boxing La Mohammed. I lay the same. We Dominic crews did train pickup things from they watch fencing fencers have the quickest for work in and work that I personally have ever seen a just explode forward. He picked it up and he showed it to occur at a guy named Joe Louis, not the boxer, Jean Louis, but across a guy named Joe Louis and Joy who started smashing everybody residents, everybody else picked it up and then the point fighting incur
everywhere. You stop every single time you land so which is common, nutty started to dissipate and people star doors call continuous point. Where you weren't gonna, knock each other out. You're trying to land super clean shots without a knock out, but you kept go and that's where, like Daniels, came from and Michael Venom page and guys like that, and I do think that it is that it can be applied to the sport and then in a couple years, people to counter to counter that something something new will come along. But when you can do something new in sport get? A unilateral I, like my cheated did with with his traditional showed a conqueror day, though those long long lunges forward and sorted jabbing super hard and thrown at right, Ard, hidden advantages, everybody until a star bring Craddock guys in and the like. Ok, it's not that tough to shut down once guys figure out what they're doing you know. Once you find a guy who's, really good, you could spar with. Then you can kind of time, but until then
then it's like what is this, this new style of movement, that I have in front of me that I don't know anybody moves like this and its super hearted judge, segregated judge the timing. To watch it organically, most notably through us through grappling, started roughing grappling in the late nineties for my best friend, Kip color, with with Naga, and I would watches new grappling techniques would get introduced. When I started, nobody knew what a heel hook was, and then a few guys would learn a heel. Hooking guys didn't know how they did not know tat. They know a break your leg if you didn't tap and thereby these horrific injuries of guys spinning the wrong way from he'll hooks and now hardly anybody tabs to heal hooks is not that tough to get out of when, at last Paul horrors, kids and harsh carries and you're in trouble. Mother, Fucker, Jesus Christ is terrifying or any cummings or or tone and is a new level of guys that are coming at the grappling circuit, John Donner School, and that's like this.
New level of leg locks like leg locks, are really permeating all of grappling jujitsu now, in a very new and strange way of that sum listing in conversations with Eddie Bravo about it were any real, ignored leg locks until a few years back and then start incorporating it and a lot of us, because the success of lobbies EAST Coast guys I guess it Gary tone, Eddie Comings and a lot of it is under the tutelage of dawn her, but there's a lot of guys in in grappling that are really getting good at it and, of course, in Emma may, it was Paul. Horace really can open up a lot of people. It's funny brought it up. I'm going to training, tonight down LA and some I told someone that I'm like he's, really work on his leg locks lately. So that's reason to look out for my Jim. Currently we ve been doing my looks for ever like jewels, almost guys that the bread and butter them into an flying. He'll hooks is for ten years and it all came from
I need Donnie, banjo and fall river- is actually passed now, but he grew up with a japanese mother and Judo an arm He was like a leg lacking in this is like two thousand and two and we like what the fuck is. A leg, lock came in origami toss like Roland toehold. He tossed a fine leg, lock all inside out Yoke, all that stuff, and we like this is awesome. In four years our Jimmy we have? That was a competitive advantage. When you log locks, guys, grappled tournaments, invited led blocks, they had no idea what was going on diggers. Remember, Scott Atoms, yeah and whose guy one the guy's a train with chalk like way back in the day, he was known as like a leg lock master back when no one knew what the hell leg locks were. He was one. Those guys are you here, you go to him and there's a few those guys, like Frank, mere hats, real good leg. Knox way way back in the day and that's that's fucked him. We fought in Freeman, remember
He was gone for the heel work. I was alive in London for that we're earlier. That was when I wasn't worker for the USA I was watching at home and I remember that was the issue with leg locks was that when someone would attack a leg lock, you would have both your arms committed, the leg locks he wouldn't be able defending its punches and as you, with a in Freeman. It only takes one to scramble your fuckin, answers and then a cop, I'm Frank got hit by like four five and a roll bomb bow poem is was gone, you know, it's interesting to see that the progression of these techniques, how it changes and how morphs and one things like from of you- will get a guy like Larry Kelly You look like a lot of these traditional karate techniques. Those those techniques were kind of looked at like like there's this zone work anymore. But now you're, seeing so many. These traditional martial arts techniques like front kicks to the body are now standard like Collen Macgregor,
Cotter Macgregor, rather ruined Chad Mendez with front kicks the boy He just Jabba number does front kicks the body and the spinning back to the body you seen a lot guys throw those kicks the body. Now you see lotta, we'll kicks the wonder boy, Thomson, fires, fiery, Kellenberger, holy shit, shit, you're seeing these traditional techniques that are just super effective when you get up in the hands of a gala gets Barboza. When you get him hands of a guy. Who knows all the other things you couldn't Furthermore, the the at various points I have thought. Okay, that sport is, is done. We ve sorted this body of knowledge and we just gotta refiner with God and we're not I'll, be seeing a lot of a lot of new stuff coming in and every time I had that thought. Six months later something had come along and- and I would be proven wrong in April super simple things like the arming guillotine when it first start happen. Grappling tournaments. I was roughing four summit.
Hit me harder, roughing in Hawaii, guys stuck in an arm and guillotine. I thought was a front headlong in another. You give points if somebody gets close to a tap and I'm standing here is not the Gaza front deadlocked for doktor blackened. It I went to sleep. Admiralty pizza, landfill, Bertone, pizza, put Philbrick, sleep and fell set out in the fighting was I didn't know that you can get seeking right because we didn't it wasn't that he was ignorant. We didn't know Matt Sarah, whose PETE cells We knew they were alone, but a head, is the Jesuits whose hands crazy black belt little bit ahead. You now but ahead of her. But when I started learning you too, I was told your safe with arms and if I hadn't ingenuity Non Oda, Hang out you let go in your good you're, always safe. They figured I get up high on the neck. That's it happened when guys, sorry, the guillotine they would lean back like a regular you try, jargon, work, but now and again
high in the neck- manages shuts delights out if you got a good grip there's. Also different groups like this is a big one, that a lot of guys are using this pretzel grip. Will Europe around this way? It seems awkward until you have someone's neck in there. Then, for some reason it feels amazing I now Jake Shields likes it. I learned from Denny Proper goes. Who was a big fan of he's, a big fan of like adding incorporating all kinds of we're grips. Two different people have different groups, use with techniques- and it's amazing, how just those little subtle adjustments have a huge impact on the efficiency of the technique. How much leverage you can get into the technique? Tom Waller told me that was his grip one day and I was like I'll try. It seems weird, but I like that Europe now and it's a great grandmothers voting somebody with one in Mexico, the guillotine and then you know did like motion. Camera they went like this and they were ignored or now like this, like he's like did it.
The camera showed after we got the tap of. I give the name escapes me. Who was, but that's its fascinates me all. The different techniques in the different, variables and we're seeing that even with the traditional martial arts techniques is still a lot of These guys are doing wrong. Would like traditional kicks, like side kicks and spinning back kicks, are turning sidekicks a lot of guys it have the need down. Instead of the knee up, they dont lifting knee high enough could take. It takes a long time to learn how to do that. But when you do do it, then you get that rusting kick which, as has so much more power like Barboza legacy, both turning psychics. As we end he yup high and it comes straight at you. Tell mother fucker kicks so fast can imagine kicks and the deck lay dead for spending Bacchic he'll right to the deck. I dont know what a copy as but
well those diamond Emma may ones or one of those tie steel cup, the dynamo this was to be like you can run over the car and then I'll do you have not yet. I use their incredible. Their great do have one year there there are one hundred percent. I can actually do one of those kick me in the Jimmy's gets and in getting kicked him answer me and it actually have liked us commercial. They put an apple in the cup around and they run it over. There are yellow CUP gets destroyed, then they put on the diamond cup, run it over in the apples. Fine yeah, that's their legitimate four thousand pounds of a car. Whatever yeah. It's it's interesting! Khazar these! You now these little problems, It is to have any still have a lot of guys. It's still have will shitty old cops. I gotta know what Elder was using, but looked to me like a regular jocks trap and accompanied by a fuckin according to attend our shock doctor or Somethin cup. I was was cornering rocks and a few years ago, at a strike worse, and we were the words. I think we're just take a long walk to shoot your honour as rocks him out of it.
The same one where a fate or knocked out our Rogers, and I think I spend it has some a mental health issues right now in this book is yeah Jesus. Mama melancholy fire. I ran into mayhem Miller any had as competent was just a cop that you would buy for fourteen ninety five, it dick sporting goods or something the metal cup. Sir, I think there's a basque as if you pick em, you get a broken toe and if you figure for somebody's body you can take the metal cup another spinal having around a cup. Now I feel like I'm, not confident like I'm gonna, like move in a cup. Get well? The metal cops are banned from a lotta grappling tournaments because they offer a weapon. Yes, a weapon. It's it's! It's like a leverage point like a fulcrum.
Yeah, especially for our bars, are saying here you have a rock there. It's a completely different point of leverage than you would have. If it was just your dick, I own, I wonder if that, how big terms for I'm broke. When mere did I wondered at a metal cup on it, he could a form over the edge of the metal cut later than never thought about the very possible learning as fight would take up Steelcase. I tell everybody to like jewels on. Has this map back my any calls it broke back now, so he gets like it that we get the hook separate, and then you get a hoax, flattened you flat in the ground, these creatures ass back. So like his cups. You're, like you asshole pretty much in its turn, terrible I've tapped out to accede just drive forward with a hard cup and it feels like you get fucked in the ass. So you gotta give me much tat world economy. Are you can hire yeah penetration but its closest sales rule in terrible move? You can't we like stock, because you can't like pusher hips up to the sky terrible others. Some moves that are still legal grappling like oil checks
Really that's no less illegal and, incidentally, are, I am sure, that's that's wrong. The few. I literally shoving your fingers in a man, s boat and they move cut it that, because, if fuckin heard turrible it's where the EU can do, that became grabs. Dick You want to really manipulated guy gravest deck. You can move around. I mean, if you think about of officials is illegal by. Why should we put your finger on a guy's bite in debts? Totally see the eight hundred more taxes? It don't you think, there's a bunch of stuff that needs to be changed. The rules like downward elbows that is damaged to my mother show I watch the rough try to explain the we. We cannot allow a guy in every ref is different in them. The cores like what're, you talkin about like this, fuckin, Mohawk or ninety the of that area, while the air, the twelve, the sick elbow, was banned because in big John Mccarthy Terminus that when they first brought the sport to the athletic commissions. They said. Ok, you can do anything, but you can't do,
downward elbow strike, as I saw gone israeli rank break bricks, inequality tournament, so they they thought that this the most powerful strike known to man meanwhile- Are both a wheel, kicking Terry Adam into another dimension and that's legal and also Like the back of the head, like I get the fact you sheet, you dont want people to get hit back of the head, but here's a reality. Almost every head kick is landing in the back of the head. That's like guys go oak is that the foot wrapped around him in the back of the head, yeah, a big part of a big part of the impact is the. Instead, or the shin literally, hitting that spot where everyone are you not to hit when you do ground and pounded little short, punches, maids kind of funny someone's telling you can't hit a hammer face in the back of the head, the owner this half time be trying to do that, and likewise Rebecca had for me why you're standing you just career, I get with all that tie me and bone and fifty pounds of
lag behind in that's legal, very strange. The the thing about the back of the head. That a lot of fans don't know is that both players have a response, ability and that what usually happens, especially with those kicks the kick starts to come in and people shy away from it because it kicks coming in and they expose the back at their head then, they get knocked out, but both players- both fighters ever spoke ability about their background stuff in if a first shot comes in that, if you hadn't mover hit you on the side of the head and then you move in your back, your head starts to get expose it's kind of on. You will say more Groundswell Reigneth guys pounding on you on the ground. In your movie, your head away from the punches to your face and he hits the back you in there Greece has watched the back of the head you already launching that punch before the guide turned its kind. Are not really your fault
Greater deserves a lot of science. Behind the backs of the heading mean, isn't it badly hit any part of the fact that a gay part of the head is no good to hear if these are revising, it was called a rabbit, punch and marks, and going back to before that it's always been illegal and boxing. I had no idea a weird one. Two years ago, at the Association of Boxing commissions convention, I spoke with a surgeon was one of the ringside physicians, US group, heads, and I was like- I asked about this exact think this exacting were discussing a city or how dangerous is the back of the head and said you know the one that I am worried about is right here. He said that before either will it where the apparently you know anything about it when we're little kids bones, haven't quite grown together and, as you get a little older up until two years older summing all the bonds come together form and a little spot right here, but the but the heat he thinks it is actually a way.
Listen being hit right here in the eighties, our member being Mr Tatties monetize studio in Manchester England, we watched a videotape untidy said that guy died on the tape and as a whole. God, how did he die and it was a downward elbow right to hear it's like. It sounds like a silly sort of a blood sport thing but that jumping downward elbow right to this spot here is illegal in retie, so may well be unilaterally. That's it legal yeah this that the single downward or the double downward, where they jump up and come right down here. Here is illegal, set so strange that the forehead would be illegal target and my tie, that seems so bizarre than elbow what a downward downward elbow brag about like a slash now, but hopefully fine cut, cut away, but it seems like downward, but even a hard one like out strong elbow, It's still. I mean it's not that specific. If you're hitting someone or if it's a danger, it may be as simple as a few times guys go a lot of time
we tie guys have been downward alien, a wing elbowed across ahead. They didn't die, they just got a big caught and then somebody actually passed away from the straight downward in there like I wanna do it, but the problem is in my tie. You not dealing with the most stringent athletic commissions are doing them our eyes and cats Ganz and making sure the people of the Uk Jeez in order there's none of that going on there. So, who knows what the fuck that guy died in a lot of people speed in they take speedy before they do more time? Yeah, that's pretty common kids. Kids died of it may in time. And yet the younger younger several I younger fighters died from. They would take speed and cause you give them an egg. Doesnt kickbacks was back in the eightys. It took speed for the same reason you can try harder? You get more aggressive, your more angry. You feel pain, less de Mello, rip fuel I took that she wants and what does years, who class at most fuckin died
my heart was pounding was a fault all thought I was gonna sit down like I've. Never, but it wasn't tie it wasn't. Attired thing it was like my heart was racing shouldn't, be is tired of my heart beating like this and then try that in a fight when you're adrenal lies in your biting uneasily referees screaming, there's two thousand people screaming and imagine what you're your heart, what I done guys guys have died from people did die with from rip fuel it's one the reasons why I mean I remember taken it and a member I rolled with a couple guys in the night. I had a sit down because I was I was I was they concern those like this is not like me being a pussy there's some going on here, and there are always people drop em like flies, then they pulled it off shelf than they made it illegal, but I will take it before we left and Philip Fuckin Superman just so but lifted, you know you don't sets of six or whatever the hell you're doing, it's not paying you that long. When you do it, nine minute role, that's when the heart really starts getting tax, and I just can't recover, can't calm down
You confusing the signals with that. Goddamn speed friend of mine a little. I don't call a seizure, Buddy little Sea, he D had a little. He had a little Caesar little seizure while we were driving we're driver hollow and also need just kind of pulls, overrun freezes and shakes, and it was it was from ripped real ripper fuel we do not remain a highway. What would happen died, I would died fuel or you would have reached over fuckin heroic manner and sat in his lap and drive. Do safety yea some, it's interesting. How there's all these different, like crazy, athletic supplements, the kind of go by the wayside. They start out being like us like Jack. Three d was one that I think have they pulled the final. They pulled. Who I know that somebody like guys in the military apparently were taken. It the body minors in the military told me about a text magazine, tries Jack, three D, Hote sham, get big on this and then like format, later someone died on it, like I said on the argonauts liked me by
standing Israel that unscrupulous companies will come up with some new formula. That's got to horny, go weed and meat, and who knows what all in it and they were actually add real Anna. Alex steroids to it only although market it you'll get huge and then they'll take the steroids out, but the stuff still has a reputation. So it's it's back so by we'll find out Jack. Three maybe they changed the maybe they change the Oil or some lad, who just Google Jack three d deaths: men, to apologize from wrong death army. She was Death agonizing J already points to gap and regulation, but it could also be a guide. It has died. So that's the problems like who the fuck knows. What's killing these people, You know you don't know: people died just jogging, they do die, they die with nuts. In their system the day, which is fuckin salad. You know any view the guide died,
and he would have died anyway and it just looks Jack three d and died. You blame the Jack three day, but I don't know Lotta Gandhi and people to remember red line. It would like a drink. I never taken that some of the heated this limit gives your great fear work out. I thought my chest was gonna blow out of my fucking heart. I'd like I follow I've never done cocaine, but I feel a desperate cocaine feels like like it was like and had a recovery for ours, and I went home. I've still jacked up, never took it again. It was terrifying without stuff also, like many doses, bottle, yeah, let's drink like a quarter of the bottle yeah, but it's not a big bottles coke. Look at it. You like us is serving, but you don't read that who the fuck reads: labels like those look like this shit in the back like the little tiny I first I'm forty, seven, I suck unless I put reading glasses. I can't read that So these little things I have to go home for four servings since three
of liquid houses for serving it, throw a dividing this way. It's like even a pint of Bin and Jerry. They tell you that's for serving still, but it does need the whole goddamn. I've had enough Aries, that's what that's like thou they get away with like we know when you look at a bag of chips and tells you how many cows or is preserved, Jade three Jessica, but it's interesting. How the supplement industry when it comes to a body building and when it becomes to deny any athletic training, has really benefited from all these own. These different, like regulations, get past or new things become illegal, so they come up with some do thing to kind of like fill in the blanks its eye, those guys that did always I've never taken very many supplements, because I've never made hardly any money from doing, and I figured if I was making some money. I would definitely take every supplement on the market because it was worth it, but it was no
very good and daring primary, more twenty dollars or something side for me. Just it wasn't worry me: making money from fighting the emigrants from fighting just was my will just go in there see how you do. I saw percent. Let's talk about the wood. What's going on right now, with Emma may with the testing. Could I think its pre fascinating that this sport where to become Lillian totally honest most likely giant percentage of the population of the people involved in sport or take some sort of performance enhancing drugs. It seems like to get through a training camp and a few not familiar with Emma May one of the crazy things about the sport is that involved so many different disciplines, you have to learn how to wrestle you have to submissions, meaning joint locks and chokes. You have to learn how to kick box you have to learn all these things and you have to put him altogether and you also have to do a strengthened additional programme. So, unlike boxing where you're learning how to buy
So then you probably do a little road work on top of that, but that's mostly, it means some guys engage in some calisthenics programmes. Many pack goes like this. Famous ab routinely could see him do call the level does pilates which cunning interesting, but they don't have to grapple so for them, what's important, just honing those hands, skills recovering and coming back and holding those skills thrilling its its counter, productive for them to go through the same kind of work out that the Mme Guys, but for Emma Guys, this fuckin grind of getting up Morning every day and doing this for six to eight weeks for a camp- is almost impossible to do the highest levels without some kind of help, and how do you see has incorporated this rigorous, incredibly intense testing? they're doing randomly five times a year on people so guys Conor Macgregor early autumn achieved or anybody that you can get tested.
The house and if you have to, if you're in camp, what's really fucked up to me, say if you got to work out a tangled the morning and you you know you need your sleep. You went to bed at ten. You know you looking to get ten eleven hours sleep and they wake you up. The waking up five six clock in the morning, penis cop right now and you have to and in the end they wake you up. They fuck with your leap and you know each other. I want to do that one day, but you might go. The gene that one day and be tired because it and that might be the I'm u get injured, is totally passport which totally unprofessional it doesn't make any sense to me that there are large wake you up they should they should have to do it in an off time. Time where you absolutely are not going to be getting arrest. You should have parameters which say, listen I go to bed at eleven p, DOT M every night. I wake up at nine hundred and thirty a m in Noah's time. Leave me the fuck alone cuz. I got to recover God, damn it. You know, but then they don't do it that way. They just come anytime, they want and they have to pull out your deck and see in a cup, and that's it
watch you took. I asked the watchword: Jackie failure because it can have a rubber dick, always Kevin random and got busted whether with NATO seven randomly got busted would nonhuman human urine throw open the way to horse you're on or somethin but I will do everything to cheat if you are looking to the deck like, you can run like a paste on your phone. Unlike let your stream run through it now. Neither is it and the value of Assyria deck he's gonna get it knew the peace comin out of that dick and the pace was somehow another diffuse it s. Like diffusion was wondering where no through your finger in the paste wherever the greens, why would defuse the sample or Tain T there? I think it's a good thing. Find out whatever one's taking. I think it's also a good thing to try to figure out what is possible for the human body like what what kind condition. Can you actually get in without help mean and if we are really dealing with sport, where seventy percent of say seven
resources like ninety, maybe he's right, I would say, have used at some point. It's ninety using right now I have no idea, but at some point in their career were using at ninety, Do you think that's other sport? I have no nay. I know firm animal mix, martial arts but, like I wouldn't know, which end of a tennis racket the whole day, you'll know. Although Cyrus and I spent yes the Good Party yesterday with two other two senior guys from Usanga in four hours, they talked about everything that they have gone through since, four cents, an air? U S, anti doping agency. It adds that that's a group that the USA has contracted with the dual attesting and when we Look at it. It does seem completely onerous, but from their point of view, they ve been a decades long battle to against people particular well in a lot of sports, including maybe most notably cycling, where they told us a story yesterday about one of their testers. They found it.
Later years years later and deposition when their testers shows up at the hotel some Waiting the lobby and cell phones up. The guy is on his way up right now. The athlete sprints too doctors, room and the doktor grabbed an ivy bag and squeezed it and forced into Norman, then put another one in and squeezed in, forced it. And there was enough extra liquid in his body from that. So as levels were little kind of weird, but they didn't go over any threshold and that's the kind of shenanigans that that they ve been fighting against and I think that's the origin that stuff like organist but three, a m and we don't really care about you in Emma Meda. It does seem completely unnecessary, but from their point of view, with its decades of trying to fight dirty cyclists and things they they they feel like. That's the corner, the third, their forced into Will cycling is de dirty sport. The dirty
I think it has to be its rich one of the dirty. This is why I saw something other than some guy was winning the tour de France and start laughing like. What's he doing didn't what you don't, but you don't get, it was wireline who cares their Ratan likely. They try to hurt anybody. Let em all do steroids. Just u wins you can't You can't do that because then the ideas that kid's coming up or he asked agro hormones enhancing drugs causes otherwise is no way to win that sport is a fake sport. It's a fake sport in that results. You're seeing are not normal rules. Their superhuman results in the only come about because you take a guy in. You alters chemistry, you alters chemistry. The point here is not a human anymore I'll give you will get yeah look at a bodybuilder, perfect example, you wicked some fucked. Giant, Dorian Yeats Type character, just veins all reside balls and its function faces rift in here three hundred thousand five foot to it doesn't make any goddamn sounds like what is that? It's you
Now you may grow levels that they have in their body or not human levels. There is a new thing. You ve created a new thing with chemistry, guys guys if you know that body builders, opponents, seventy pounds of muscle and, as everybody knows, of trains putting on seven pounds a muscle, take it easy she uses just now put on you could put on ten pounds of muslin six months if you're fucking really diligent and you push through really hard sore days, you gotta do allotted dead. Lifting you gonna do a lot, squats. You gotta eat a lot of fuckin me and you gotta, you gotta. You are really work at it, but you can do it. You could put most people don't work out that hard, but if you get a guy on the juice, Egypt, I was on the stuff called mag. Ten is to be able to buy an agency to remember this, No, it's like these pills. These a cell gnp. There are clear pills: you take like ten of homes, some crazy number opponent
I'm pounds muzzle in like seven weak, she's, alive and kicking. It was legal as strong, a shit I've ever taken and when I got off of it my dick a sniper. My dick was useless, tickers useless for like a man. It is wouldn't work like wow. That's that's steroids, that's a real step forward and was one of those things you could just by for a little bee. Like the little window, you good, bye and then it went away, I'm telling you I never got bigger in my life of anything on this stuff and I felt so strong. I would go to the german like one dead people to get ten wraps, and then I would my next work out. Four days later is twelve wraps didn't make any sense. Extra two reps in three or four days like that. Don't make any sense, but you just recalled in I would think about. What is it like to take liked Anna draw fifty or some of the really crazy ones? They say turn you. Like a wild silver back a and then stack up right,
those guys. It would take him like our member. I knew this duty was a football player who told me that they would take Anna draw fifteen who take all these different stuff, and on a different guise. Bodybuilder he told me he was became a Jujitsu guy came a black belt under contract Machado, great guy, and I told me that when he was body building- and he took the Anna draw fifty stuff- he said literally huh- would see red and wake up. Grabbing someone about to kill them like you would like guy said something to interest him in traffic and for he knew what he was out of the car reaching into the guy's car right to kill me what the fuck am. I do not want to go to jail Vrain. I wanna kill anybody like that, but it was this overwhelming rage flight for almost nothing just treasure like an animal I get set you back like you strong as a girl worried you lose that, like human party. Will you try day, not really a person you're, some you're, like you get me
sleep person, but you get some other elements in the Anna draw. Fifty stuff is apparently on and off still is, but that was like the staff the people talk about, gives you could that laid down is death STAR Asia, that's the rate. And that's the stuff to put thirty forty pounds of just stacked shredded fine, you, just all those do tat with genome, do squats and drop the bar and why where were you barely human, barely whom I gave my Jim this is going back, probably early eighties, doing karate nice guy chronicle towns over moved to allay started body. Building gotta girlfriend got pissed off at her, got a bat broke her window and she shot him dead and he was not. He was not a violent guide, never been convicted, never been arrested for any crimes than do anything bad. I really do pin that on him. Just sticking your restored. It could possibly find in his ass until his brain blew up and is go for labelling.
I'm dead will lose a do that I knew that died, names Curtis and he was Vittoria original, strengthen, conditioning trailer like way back and ninety seven, when Peter was nineteen years old, member and veto for on the other sea veto await about two hundred plus pounds like to two or three may be maximum. It was real lean, but muscular as hell and fast as lightning my view. Tor first turned on the scene- would never seen hands, be like that with good wrestling ingenuity to remain here. Try telling me I had no idea what was calm. He came out guns blazon, that guy it was training. We would like any bravo, and I wish to call him garden hoses, because the guy had veins it will a garden houses. They didn't make any sense here, these arms that would like I'm not both five of my arms, like maybe five months rolled up at a cord. They were enormous, but he had veins, throw arms. It would like hoses these huge fucking veins and he was he would live ways
Do I try sub extensions purple were were fuck and all things about the blow and one day did dates. Is blue pop poem, the whole thing just just left them bleeding internally in a holding exploded, harder brain upon the whole. Fuckin, catastrophic failure of everything and you in his thirty's, he was a young guy, and that was when v tour. Up to like two forty when he fought rainy, Couture member, that you mean he got just like a lion human here. Personally, more is head, looked like it was attached at the top with a neck, like is the top of his head. His words next Ard and she came down and he just add no gas, his gas tankers for about maybe thirty or forty seconds a flourishing, and then it would likes quickly drop off
was at the further end in like a minute what the cut on the Isle that was in there was for the light everywhere title that was in the two thousands this was way before I won't say ninety seven. Ninety eight and I was ever their fight and I ve tour was like two hundred forty pounds That was when every thought he's gonna kill. Randy Iraqis down down down. Mash Ashton changed his life like rhetorical, more than was, is unstoppable force who destroyed Tank Aberdeen destroyed telegram. Four Rosa whenever it is like veto. Is the fuckin people talk about veto over six in all its like crazy talk back then you know, and then we or had like that downward spiral that he went on for a little bit worst, his sister, kid now that stuff happening after our founder eight she died. She was killed, fortunate horrible horrible store, but but the point being that, like performance enhancing drugs there, then it's not.
Fun, games, scary, shit, scary, shed and when you force your body to do something totally unnatural, like that, like them for the rapid change age of putting on thirty forty pounds in literally six to eight weeks, like That is not good. There is not good for you at all, so we can stop that right. But the dialogue is like what should be legally, should be legal to creating jobs. Should we'll take amino acids because they help should you be allowed to take multi vital Should you have you know you vitamins from food, you now where's an end one of the ones it in that regard, that I've been puzzling, offer for several years now is Nikki as heads he's is used to cut a lot over the eyes and there's a surgeon in Vegas that will cut your eyes open and grind down your eye orbit so become less sharp is cheating I mean he's doing surgery to change.
Body, so it can be a more efficient fighter where it is kind of defensive he's, just trying not to get caught, but at an hour it did I've been thinking about for years, and I dont but the answer is tee thou when I don't have any problem with it all because he was born, but just a weird eyebrows, and also however, that he had somewhat scarred tissue from old invites. So it was Just a matter of the bone was cutting his. It was also a matter of like here to get that scar tissue remove because it which is burst scarred tissue dont, know, and you have scar tissue around your eye when something heels up its measurably weaker than it was before but now they have new methods of dealing with that, like Vander, lay like before until he got his surgery, his eyes, you just get hit wants and it would swell up and it would like come down almost close design that would cut open, start bleeding, and if you looked at him back there before he had a surgery, his eyes just a mass of scar tissue like all around his eyebrows, so it makes everything thicker could get all these cuts.
Here is a knot and another one. A heel does not, and all his time is happening. Your eyelids, a relaxing, also from getting hit a lot because the muscles get pulverized. And start drooping down over your eye, so some guys get surgery the sort of razor eyelids back up and put him in place, or they could see better cause. You even you are fighting for a long period time as the pull go. Look I give seeding cartoons, they get that thing you'll. What bombshell go, knotted brained in that thing, would get where the eyebrows would drop down that that implies. Your vision, slowly a lotta guy, Don't realize that Scott inside here by Digital along here than the outside, so gotta get caught in the Jim and like three days it looks like it's healed, but it's really still damaged inside go they like. Oh, it's not open wound. I can go back to sparring and they get hit again in the car, open again. It takes a long time for that serve to heal internally and becomes chronic gas once in order to throw in Khazars a huge
audience here and I have no effect a lotta more fighters is when you do get caught dont, let like m t or some ages through three quick stitches in their get that cut done by I get it, get it done by a plastic surgeon and makes a huge difference. Although that scar tissue comes from people, letting I've actually seen em teased, I know how to do that. Now, though, put three stitches in, and not very nicely so disguise when you get a really bad cut in a fight, go find a plastic surgeon its worth we'll Kevin Ross when he fought Lion fight. He was actually pictures on his instagram. What a shitty job the doktor had done. Stapled him the staple went in the cut instead of skin skin staple this guy fuckin blind some old doktor, somethin, stable, literally inside the cut. Instead of skin itself around the caught. The pull the cut together, this fuckin idiot stapled, the cut and now by the time they just rather use glue. I cut myself when the winner from African ICE coke.
Of New England fell into my circle. Cut you yeah, my fuckin dead. One with a shovel was roof off, goes like they get Water Dan's that damage so is pushing the ladder up any beings nice, all I just look I'll fuckin smashes, meaning ed? I turn around and scream, and then I would look at their music you're fuckin bleeding. Unlike what you mean, I grab my head: fuckin blood, poor and down my face everywhere on my holy shit. So I go to the bathroom. I put my hand ought to go to the bathroom and there's a good cut, as you will have to cuts in the June summit that fucking, u stitches I gotta go. I need to know for the bandit, I finish my roof and then you go to your hocker so hype, depended on, I climb up the roof shovel the roof go the e r and they want a glue in it and, unlike national law, the stitches like that. Can you put it in my head?
can get away with just glue on what we get away. Why box, like? I don't want to, I want to be really well. Clothes is acknowledged, is gonna put gluing it? Can you please digit is accused the doktor here and he just pull my head and it's still a big scar therein, nor is it gets you would have been if he gets his game work. This fuck now allowing scenario, was brought in hospital, so Brockden blockbuster the part Marzano moment hackler protesters, Chris until a new, is it like any good person from blows, and I made a minute you gotta had cut news bleeding all over the place. He did a selfie when you walk into a man has a little jail of fame pickets. Could I also guide and gets caught? Don't live it off? touch it. Yet getting. It
diverse and now we liked addressed the moon and staff wise if Halleck our wall of fame, almost Polaroid up you gonna meagre Massachusetts, ourselves, you're gonna, get out, there's two animals there for our environment or even said it, but then in any view this week for us, why you more about your pricks it? My jim, is we're from the northeast they're all pricks. Why Jim a long time ago. Eddie did a seminal our agenda hymen way back in the day. We actually we still have the tunnel clippers. We. Using the call? The bureau Antonio, covers only anyone using Mozilla dollars, shit now, but like there's just sitting there somewhere. Lairs white owes we're talking mothers before, like anybody who doesn't clipped at their nails that their fingers and toenails for they grapple that fuckin socks they I saw it as terrible. You talk about addicted to scratch your neck. This will have a for listening to cut your fuckin nails, Harriet toenail clipper everywhere, if you know, via a bag of my work, but also to make a fist, even though
the Pentagon, I hadn t want you, your fingernails digging near Fuckin, the meter, your hand, every people, adult people, don't cut their fingernails and don't take hours before they roll just bad evil people some people. I know you are when they fight they do it on purpose. You could tell they fuckin stank some people. Still when I interview on war, who you know that pray Linley Lemon told me: does it on purpose ass, Joe showers for like five days and don't brush your teeth, and Europe at their autonomy of healthy because he's filthy I don't like a feud. Nickname is fuckin filthy Alla time dislike, get off the ground not shower just be grows in that guy swept up like a mother, Fucker somebody's always nasty ways. They were his knock out. Those Craig was awesome. I was in the corner for that. I am watching it from the glaring, like she's gonna, be up pretty bad, that monopoly big. To a fiber in their way bigger and you sit now. This has not gone away and
the round ends we go in there and John. Would this cynical he's talking to armies. Like all you'd, be doing all right. You don't try to stay at it and then the Teheran starting. He had some of the hawk like from her, like the best argue that we had a guy way through a few and miss before that, not to throw the harsh reality like ten know that round yet like right before he knocked amount, it wasn't like Volante shouldn't a scene in common. He was thrown a lot hooks Bavaria. There was convince who's, gonna steamroller. He was running forward hard. He ran right into ran into it, and then it was the perfect right hook. It was picture per on the bottleneck eat kid strongly hits pocket har. Oh yeah, blunt is of the order wrestler, but no time to oh Tom is physically one of the strongest has ever been on. The mat with most wrestlers are always strong. You grow up wrestling. Grub, throwing bodies around manipulated by re, develop a strength. Its very unusual, like Ben, ask when you look at that guy, look strong, he looks like a regular guy, but did you talk to people?
Ro, the Miller, Jesus fucking Christ is strong evidence of your Pedersen, petty city, just tortures among them Yes, it is a different kind of strong way with a different kind of. You I've been living thrown buys runs. There were four years old when wrestlers gruelling, I've gonna rest one practices it like to such a degree a program in the gruelling practices for hour and a half shoot across a match for twenty minutes in droves. They just build functional muscle, years in that sport. I found a guy at Iowa who did his Phd on the changes and wrestling rules over a maybe a fifty year period, or something and read it read as this thesis, and it was interesting
can see the column concession holds. Not submissions was the exact same thing you could see year by year decade, by decade they they took out every dangerous hold from rustling, but curiously or interesting, lay by taking out every dangerous hold. It actually made rustling better, because it's the one party combat sports. You can do as hard as you want and nothing gets broken. You keep em. We tie you can't box a hundred percent, all He shook him, put submissions and role and to give the G20 Blaanor percent, but by virtue of having taken all a concession, holds out a rustling. You can wrestler guy just as hard as you want and then nobody has to go to the hospital, and I think that's that's what that that that's, what makes going so phenomenal issues. So these guys start when their eight years old and they go as hard as they humanly can for twenty years and their their monsters Dasa. The mental Vanessa. They developed as a mental toughness wrestlers possess because also they usually
dehydrated cutting, wait. There irritated almost always over trained, almost always see developed disability to push through discomfort. Tat a lot of people just don't have no digits You can go full blast, but you have to tap and if guys, don't tab, that's when problems occur, but you can certainly go for last up until the moment we have to concede, but in a lot of evil, unlike concede nets, where the problem comes in this one of the damage things, people don't mind if someone's we support them in basketball seems normal. There's somebody taps you. It's like end of your life cause you're in a fight you would have lost, but as well as the only fucking we learn like you have to put yourself and positions where you you're going to tap and you got a deal with that and if you don't do it, you're, never gonna get good at it and we ve all known so many guys come from kickboxing. Dad,
for whatever reason they got really good at once board and they never could get good budgets because they didn't want to roll people the type of gear the I was like that you know like open up an ever made german way before one single thing: the sporting. Ninety three, just a couple months after you have see one, for years and years and years I just didn't, want a tap of some new guy came in issues of bluebells. That's when bluebells or kind of a big deal. I would lose my mind here that the guy might tat may and then I read an interview with the Frank Shamrock and it goes right up all the time as a Frenchman. I took it for me to tap and then I help me a lot Eugene and Marcello Garcia Damien my role, really interesting, really interesting, because a tap and left and right right, you're, tabby, total. After I end they did not even go and full clap their sort of flowing they'll their ball, so good they're, both such the champions of the Northern Germany eager them. Now on the line that the chair
and a train hard and get their work in other areas clip of high and enhance our oil and gas. It's my favorite rolling club of all time on you too, which is in their brothers, so there's gonna be that sibling rivalry. Men at the ends of catches embedded. I was actually talk in the big John last night about the same thing and he's like zero. Jim up in Valencia. Puts pretty close to hear like when a guy comes into my gym for the first time, they're a little like starstruck, but they close. They want to change it to and he rolls of them, and he shake and you're gonna start taps them three times the coup. Big Jonah, let's have some fun, so they can't get over that. Oh you lets them. He wrapped him. The yeah! You just have some of us all. I capsicum quits before they even start, so they have There had already tapping John Cool Romans role. That decision, just like on oil, break the pressure. I guess that stupid might be so bad weather ass. John, no big John. How dare you think after that guy's can't go after him. He gets abandoned. Why are you here
got any drawing as hell air giant man. There is may not medium John, very good. He's not like this guy, like you say, oh changes, you too, he trains like he's, really good. Will you guys in Vegas Fer, you see what I mean I wasn't my brother was actually in there. I saw that out. Owes you just put on the Eugene. Put some good good photos. We did didn't, we're gonna, get you photos from like when you have those photos on the front. Page was as I am. I may news I click on right. Now is a bunch of photos way get those dolce exclusive on The ban were again. There is obviously a shot from yes, green video or my daughter's Facebook are we we do that. We have a guy on the ground with a journalist, therefore, that we get to make like good innovation, stuff, but they don't have a hundred area. He goes every now and then an irish guys like hey. I want to do some videos He hasn't go the shows and we're like we really can afford at six fuckin expensive designer. I out and for the monkeys acknowledges want to go out.
Do it on my own time like go, go out, there have fun, we credentials. So that's all he wants from us Really, you have seen one. Eighty nine was probably one of the craziest events of urban to ever. I believe it You will see when every night I said it wasn't there live. I saw it honour on a big flat screen, but it was one of those few times that I'm like it was day, was the the Worry, Robbie fight. Where I've looked at the screen at one point in work, Look like you, didn't, have a nose like I'm looking a high death screen and there was no knows there and it was one of the very few times I've. I've just been like much. I want to watch. This was just too intense. That was one of the most intense title fights ever Roy Mcdonald got mean dig at sea that's so close to win their title. He had Robbie Lawlor almost knocked out. He had kicked m ding, dumb Robbie was wobbling and then We came back to stop him in the next round and his nose exploded and
he literally went down and pain, and you could see him right- I think, on the floor of the house. Just trying to find some comfort, like the pain, was so intense. Broken knows that it is trying to find some kind of comfort was everywhere and it was just two guys push themselves to the brink and unfortunately, when you Finally, what is, can you are the bathroom? So we ask I gotta go very close to my dad got drinking over here. Chris Park was young and drinking here, thrown down the boughs chickens, fuckin twitter, every five minutes, but the it was, it was a sport or it was a fight. Rather with these, like you see him here, like writhing in agony like here that is so hard to deal with the main he just look around his head is goes down. I mean he's just in agony When is one of the most intense moments.
I've ever seen a fight of the most obvious expression of of pain and look at em. Here, it's crazy. He might not ever be the same uneven? by the way. Robbie too, there was a crazy fucking fight worry said, the next day that was the greatest daily life I'm sure it is what kind of a that's that that's the main is yeah mean he fought his heart out. There was nothing left for vault of em. They there so closely matched such a good fight. And so in Bobby, haven't any screaming in victory at his lip is split open like a cleft palate I've been split, open, his giant gas his lip like look at em there's a sideways photo where you see like a profile picture. Him roaring with his lips split open, and it is hard to believe that this guy's fought. Like a fault,
his lips put wider is a better picture of Jamie fine. It it's like a side, is angle of the side, We see the actual cut itself, but it was one of the most gruesome been juries I've ever seen, and the guy one that those guys, there? It is Dana Dana apparently worked up from that side right there and said: oh, my god, don't talk since the outset mean his lip was literally just a giant slice like you get hit with a hatchet and face craze. It was a crazy, crazy, crazy fight and one of the most intense close We match title fights in them, Walter, whatever interrogatory re ever was about down the wire Israel the kind of fight that everybody was wanted from GS, but she has fees. Fight rose really tactical. Really smart about when the two guys down and- get mad at like the wages, Peewit fight. It's a is our point, these guys like you, but that's the only way
you get out with your fuckin head and dare not being fucked up for the rest of your life is worth. Fighting is what is fighting is is fighting to guys hitting each other until one guy goes down or is fighting figuring out how to knock it head that mean there was smart guys figure out how to not get hit as much you're, always going get hit, there's no way around it, but get hit least amount possible, and I dont understand people they get mad at that. I really don't like what do we have we want to say- is anybody ever hit? You do what it is going to try to day the training It's a big part of this whole thing. Don't get hit giant part my senses. If I would reply for all my life and I barely know the rules. When I watch football, I personally cannot approve the eight their athleticism, because I don't know what's going on. I know that NFL players are probably the best athletes and the whole world, but I can't see it cause. I don't know the my son,
is there is a lot of Emma fans. I just don't understand the artistry that that goes on there, the timing it takes to take somebody down and all the nuances of of defence. I think they did know what they were love watching a LA gs. P. Fighting is a fight clinic. Look at that guy for thirty seconds, and I pick up soon no before love watching the guy fight. But if I didn't throughout this war to be like the ones you guys hate each other and give each other bloody knows it's more exciting. Well, that's a lot of people felt about the many people yeah Floyd may, whether fight lotta people were merit that fight yes, colored boring, I get home, I don't he's trying. I mean it's a fixed. Didn't you forgive me decision denoted each other? Oh my god, just that still conversation that you have a people that don't understand the sport it. Why didn't you just do? Oji you shut the fuck up, doesn't each as war, you should be Cochin at the fan and their growled put you in the face. Like that's good advice, shit, I'm trying to punish him in this
Some excited by did the next level athletes and the next level ability that using the sport that I think teach a deal shows like that, those kind of guys I think you're gonna, A guy like eventually, who can move and strike like t J but kicks like Edson Barboza you I'm like you, gonna see that with a guy who could wrestle like Johnny Hendricks, the unit see that with a guy could submit guys like Damien Maya like right now, Still in this gross stage, we haven't hit the critical mass. Yet we haven't hidden that one where we see the perfect Michael Joy of Emma may they own exist. Yet I think you started see glimpses of these possibilities and what T J showed this weekend, I think, is a great glimpse of that possibility and that's what excites me about fighting. I people think you're fuckin meet had you like. Whatcha people beat the shit out of each other, and it's like I get it. I ll like a meat head. You now like a meat editor, gets a crazy spore being a cage fighting commentator. It's it's crazy sport,
to be a part of people assume that you like some sort of an uncivilized fuckin but might take on it that we only live for short amount of time anyway? You and you die, and there are extreme. Exciting things that you can do with your life. If you so choose to, I think fighting is one of those things and I think at the very highest level, what it is is problem solving its it intent. Consequence, problem solving and when you're looking at a guy like t J D, Russia, he has created this. He saw me solution which Dwayne Ludwig and their problem. Solving solution involves incredible. Athleticism making determination and a fanatical coach who has a deep, deep understanding of me. Striking in a way that I any other cultures, have the weight. Dwayne teaches guys is so different. I've I've worked with him and he's he's on another level, like he's all fuckin Asperger's out, when he's when you talk about, he gets crazy,
c d s a dvd, whatever the fuck it as he bodies are on our side through a rattling out. I've watched him and teach it admits. Together to your watch. Brad allowed information like the intensity level and the amount of data that their crunching and processing and how much thought is below and every single movement You know like eyes when you throw punches, like you see, throw one to use such a move would have it for Job and then you rotate the shoulders and the hips, throw the right hand Dwayne. Has the moving he's got you move with the latter? to move with the right your cause any and, after that right hand, you're moving again and throwing the left tucked you're moving and when you drawing the right, have you not just wrote in his shoulders? You stepping and or your stepping back, there's all these movements and when you see it in the corral fight, especially that on a flurry mean that some shit from a Fuckin movie man, I mean he's goin. And right and left and right he's in front of them. Veto trade Telamon he obeyed
about no he's boom sidestep boom boom sides. The boom boom sides deadly major shit and browse. Fuckin scene of fireworks, spread, Disneyland and he's throne. He's is arms working form these throwing these hooks is trying to stay alive and just pop up up up up up up who just getting lit Like a Christmas tree limbs beautiful watch the next level shit, you know, agree. A hundred percent one of mahars in sport is Andrea, had her nurse ratings by Euro. First of all, because, as far as I understand it is the first kite who bring poor kids into Jujitsu and in the mix. Martial arts was a rich kid sport and I mean look at all atop guys, Magenta every money when they showed there they did live on the mats there and he played sort of and avuncular Father Rowan, and he brought him up and
he sent himself so learn striking. He went to a holiday, learn dutch kickboxing in any. We welded world class jujitsu with Dutch Kickboxing debts. Kickboxing is like America, western boxing and plus my tie, kicks in some karate kicks and then a bunch of combinations. In short, that that's what it is- and he learned put those two together created, guys like like brow and unlike Josie although, but now there is another step in its that that that Bangladesh game yeah the next level shit. It's really is an interesting thing to watch it. Interesting thing to wash the progress it's in its it's so fast And because again, if you look back at football from the nineteen sixties, if you will look back Can you watch from the great players that played throughout history you will see better athletes today, then you see them, but the game is recognisable. Have you
go back and wants to see one night. Ninety three me go on watch a Marvin, haggling April, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight in or one thousand nine hundred and eighty five MOC Hagler Mustapha Hampshire or you know a great great fight. What why fight. You know anybody want to watch and find anybody from from that era and then watch a really good boxing that today, and you see the same thing. You see sport since, might see a guy Floyd may weather had who has it down to a science? And I think I think personally as far as boxing I think food may well there's the best box or ever because I think he gets hit least he moves the bass and it shuts guys down the most. You don't have to like him as a person. You might think that douche bag or whatever, but I think, as far as like being a skilful boxer, My personal opinion, I mean I got an argument with MAX Kellerman was Tommy. Sugary Robinson is the best like. Maybe do you think that George choosing, Jake Lamotta would beat Floyd may whether I think you're fuckin crazy. If you believe that I dont think Jake
I would lay a glove autumn. I just don't an honourable gonna believe that would happen. I just don't see it happening. And if they were the same weight class, I think flight may, whether what fucking pot shot Jake, Lamar and tie him up and angles on him, a move away from the rose, I think, he's better. I think yeah Ray Robinson might have fought more times, have fought more people and when all the the light heavyweight knowledge ass, but I think Floyd's the best but When you look at re, Robinson's fights its recognisable. It's the same. Sport is the same sport a little bit of difference or more plotting. They fought a little different. They stood in the pocket a little bit more, but Jesus Christ. You look at the difference between emanate from ninety three shit or ninety five look at Mme from twenty years ago and look at it now is not the same thing at all. For you watch J D shots fired the other nine tell me. There was a body that lose even remotely similar to that just ten years ago.
Yet about twenty rulers rising. I was talking with my records keeper for him, a man my counterpart director skipper for boxing's, anywhere monitors and coupled to three years ago. Suddenly, the Indian John Mccarthy Mccarthy was taken with the fact beyond the jam, and any roles was all they athletes and stuff and in any mere montes, get kind of a weird look at his face. Needs those wait a minute. You you you you you at roll over these people, because in boxing you you have to keep a distance, a separation between the officials in the athletes. And what Mccarthy sit as this sport is evolving all the time, and I cant do my job unless I'm in there actually rolling with the people in that he showed him a Google Plata and they Annie the boxing us. Ah, that's unbelievable and at the dinner several years ago the global plan is a fairly new move, any
through that out as an example of how we boxing basically stays the same. So if you're their records keeper euro a referee, you are referring and officiating sport. That's been the same for fifty years. Basically, you don't have to know all the new things in it. An enemy is changing all the time and if Europe, an official involved in sport, you ve gotta on the mat every week or some other gonna becoming up that you ve never seen before Yang Jujitsu, there's always some new move that someone figures out, there's always something some new way to do. It showed some new way the lock and arm bar end or attack a leg, the comedy In a jam we just put up on the on the big screen. This isn T Jays final flurry against hand morale. You show me a painting than anybody ever made. That looks better than this look at this. The way he just did the ways move in autumn and let every time punching. He stands in front of us, he lands, shots and then move spoon moves to the left move into the right. Look. Every time you strong
Jesus he's move. This is like a sponge next level athlete and the kids I teach ideal shall super dedicated, get a perfect mind for the support that became best and with a fucking maniac like Dwayne, Ludwig, whose of world champion kickboxing. Who showed him how to do it at exactly how they did it in the locker like, I was actually they're watching them warm up in death, exactly how they moved. I'm I'm up in the executing exactly look at her being wants him to Look at that that animated give like look at this movement enemies as fuckin incredible I mean that that is insane and right in front of us being and thence lies just the way of the cap strikes zinc credible shit man I mean, I don't think, there's been guy in sport that moves that good it's really incredible is doing never move like that. Doing.
Teaching them some shit that he figured out that he didn't even do himself mean doing was a great kickboxing. Doing was way more linear, linear in his movements, equity she's doing some really crazy shit, doin sort of figured out the t J can do and the maybe the craziest thing about it is today does have a base in something else is off. Obviously, the wrestler there's a whole new generation came up. They were on the swim team or they played hockey are more something didn't have any base in any sort of a thing. All their learning from the get goes mix. Martial arts, guys like Joe Proctor out of at acquisitive Zaki player in high school and walked into the german never done many any kind of combat sport all life and I think, with a whole. Next generation of job reactors is gonna. Throw up stuff, I can barely imagine, will there's a thought. The school that the best way is actually not that way, but rather the best ways to get really fuckin good at one thing to get like really good at kickboxing and then-
dedicate yourself to learning emesa? You will always have this advantage in the striking, because we all know but to get really incredible. It's something almost requires a singular dedication check, like all t is one of the world's best mix, martial arts fighters for sure he probably not one of the world's best strikers. If you put him in like glory- and you put him up again It's like one of those that you know Andy Ristie or one of those like really high level Muay Thai guys he might not be able to beat those guys, but when it comes to putting all that shit together he's one of the but if you get a guy like Andy Risky learned, all the shit that he's doing the teachers learning. Then he will have an advantage over T J, at least in that one aspect of the game. Weren t J always have an advantage over him. Wrestling. That's his base is allows an interesting schools of thought there that some people think that it's best to learn everything from the get like a roaring Mcdonald and some people, think it's better to be like a Damien. My week, you come in. You have
one insane disciplined world class Brazil you jitsu and then everything else you got gotta kind of learned go with it, but worst case scenario grows. Take it to that place and you'll. Have this giant advantage over? One else argue Merwin Damien I took Rick story down. Real stories, is fuckin babies, novel wrestler super stronger by day my took him down smashed transition to his back and squabbles is fuckin head like a an emerald Are you gonna holy shit? I never saw anybody do that direct story before, but it's that next level, jujitsu that he has no one else or that in a very few days, luncheon at ape, I don't how we at it Only the Herman as Herman was a chink wiseguy good wrestler unease like taken him down on them. I will write mine triangle of finished like this. It was Aquitania might well not like three fight submission streak reaches ran
she'll sudden, Emily Lateral drop them lateral dropped, him went ran to mount a triangle untapped em, so what the fuck did just to take. Hailed down like that to fucking fuckin, throwing dogs crazy, he's a next level grappling but You know what he fought Anderson like good luck, you couldn't catch him, but Anderson. Those of crazy fight. That was the one in our daddy. We're Anderson came out guns blaze in flight. The first two rounds and unjust took out idea just stop fighting for the last three. As I understand it, there was a class warfare thing. Play UKIP taunting calling and Playboy divests a brazilian com. A play boys elegant, come a compliment. The call somebody playboy think in the states- and he said I- it means collagen rich kid who was not to serious and obviously innocent silver was raised by.
Uncle's uncle was a cop and that had two parents and have any money at all in the money to raise their own son gave me the cop, the name of the cop. I don't think I've had a whole ton of money, so I came up or I think that's where I'll shoot a box guys came from this was with poor, neighborhoods and said that they're there was some rivalry there and I think that's what was going on as he knew. We could beat him up at just wanted to rough up the rich kid. The be kid he was crazy, but it was, it was really weird. Watch is didn't, make any sense, cause damage, milestone, really shit talker he's a gentleman so see Anderson, though screaming the harassment and then not fighting for the last three rounds that whole arena was. They were so pissed because this is huge event, novel Dhabi, and it was right after shake talk, noon had bought. Ten percent of you see it was kind of embarrassing for them to have that event there and have the greater fighter in the world. The time Anderson Fight, this guy,
Damien Maya, whose of well respected and people thinking. This is going to be some sort of a crazy war, and then Anderson just doesn't fight for the last three rounds. Remember around a member afterwards, Dana wait said if it does it again in a fire and as I got my God, Sweet Jesus Christ, world and their fight was so bad. You can a fire crazy. That's crazy! Talk! How do you know? How do you do they carry fire summarily fire guy winning when they know you know me one, but today lose much out why Anderson is a crazy, crazy sort of special example of a guy who had this aura of invincibility. Everybody thought it was just indestructible and telling that why, and why but just smashed him and then all of a sudden is not the same guy anymore. You see you in the next year's fight. When Nicky I fell the growl put his hands over use, even because he was bored with only
taunting them and you could see. Anderson was fucking with his add to the point where, after the fight was over, Anderson fell to the ground was crying after you beat Nick DS me scroll. Weeping openly sleeping. I was standing over, I'm always doing it with openly weeping just because it was so much pressure to get through it because of those two fights with why men like Weidman stole something from him, and I just beat him when he knocked him out and then the second fight when he broke his We didn't beat me like stole all of his confidence he stole who he was as a champion. Those moments are crazy because, before that, when he fought Stephan Bonner, Brazil and put his back up against a cage like my internet, mainly smoothed down the wine and blasted unworthy needed a body that took him out and jumped upon the occasion all the Brazilians went crazy like who is better than that guy who the fuck is gonna, beat that guy. Meanwhile, Chris Wireless Wash Halting at home, not impressed, rested her heart for crazy, it's crazy! How that happens, how we get there?
I d and our head with MIKE Tyson or an innocent sober anybody. We get. This idea in our Heather get need never be. It's one of the great things about this. Any sport, like especially fighting, is that you know this gonna come on Sometimes you the hammer, and sometimes you the male, is gonna one day when you're the male bitch you know you better get ready for you better get out like George Saint Pierre did by uneasily in he's been the nail. You know these been the nail with mats era seeking to happen. The mental game I think is, is way under way way way under appreciated and hit me when I was a kid that Sir Roger Banister, the first man to break the foreman a mile above everything you can break the foreman a mile and he finally did it and once he did it within like six days. For other guys did they knew it could be done right and then, when you, when you have an idea in your head and in sports particular combat sports, whether its I'm invincible or I'm gonna beat
guy whatever, when you have that idea in your head, it's actually physically physiologically, really really powerful, but that got Deca taken away from Anderson, Sylvie DE realized. He was not in fact, invincible and then I think Like solar, tougher form. Now I was weight off still night, still my hero. I think that's why I got like Macgregor right now. He really thinks he's invent Couple minutes that power of his mentality that pushes the little things he can't lose. You can call US fights called around any. Does it because he saw confident that he believes it. He knows it is in his head and its powerful. Its carries him through just destroying these guys that treatment is a good fight it ten men as his way out of shape for their fight. Let's be honest about things first had Mendez and your eyes stay. This Dwayne Ludwig said the same thing when I talked on Chad takes time off in between fights electrical hunting. They spend time doing other shit and for him to accept a fight like down into each notice? He did it.
He's gonna build a win anyway, but if you gave Chad meant as a full camp, we give sad mendous six to eight weeks, and you know really let him know three months. Preferable would be different via the very, for five zones. It was an injured and Conor actually was injured. Coins that fighting at some wrong with his knees, getting stem cells. Jackson yeah. I heard that, like eight weeks before the crystal me that government lotta people knew about down bookies we're talking about it, but Chad in the window. It was pretty obvious, was also obvious. He wasn't prepare for that kind of fuckin movement made. It takes a long time to get ready for a guy who can kick like Connachar, unknown, Connor's, long and big for one forty five. He fuckin socks a lot of weight. I don't What the number is, but I know when he was there on way in day, he looked like skeletal me. He looked like total, like total starvation and then the next day he looked back, we were all shocked if he was one. Seventy in the cage. Twenty
walks around one. Seventy. I wouldn't be surprised that big in the cage, I've known guys if cut that much weight and put it all right back on Socrates or and even then they don't cut a lot. The fifty fires is still sixty, eight singing, I little don't even have hard cuts, and it was our place in tee. Bow is like one ninety in the cage, each again, if we fight at once, five ease fucking here, I mean he is a goddamn superhero. He doesn't even look like a real person when he gets in that cage. He just so muscular thick and just it doesn't make any sense hash. You have no idea how he does it is it's too much any competes, though I guess I've got it. He is gas tank on users as they get sucked down a lot. They get a good round in them and they kind of tyre, but team can fight three five, no problem being that gigantic after a huge wake, yeah. Well, biodiversity is a real thing. Some people just have abilities that other people just don't have what came the last. As is always had this in credit.
Ability to have others phenomenal car, which was so ironic, is another example of a guy, you think, is invincible and then Fabrizio Overdue, literally out, Cardio Kane by training really hard and doing a lot of cardio at eight thousand feet above heavily elevation above sea level and cut ain't sought at the best cardio sport owning ready to go to Mexico early, so they're, fine in Mexico. It is Heavy- has heavyweight seventy five hundred feet above sea level uber, high altitude, ridiculous for heavyweights, and Fabrizio, been training a thousand feet above that you really prefer He really got ready for and these she Kane gassing. They see, king asking that saccharine was like, I don't even fucking, believe what I'm saying came. Velasquez last exhausted he's going back. His corner robbery legs he's taken these big heaving deeper some like I've. Never seen this for him before the USA
had a one of their own offers. An embedded is sent some kind of a little LE video that they shot of overdue man is in his camp. In I saw it was sleeping on the floor. They showed it did for fighters in Rome and he D had a tiny. There was even a cot. He just set upon the floor. I looked at that. I looked at the elevation outside this guy's gonna, win sleeping on the floor for two months at a time, He's at elevation. He's gonna win this fight. You can sleep on the floor all day wrong. Chris Y know still punch, he'll have a nice guy We bear wake up with his little fuckin forty pajamas on a beat the shit out of that health. We wish talking about wide when we're trying to figure out exactly why he so dominant, and we don't have any genius answered his brother- beat him up for the better balls life. His brother brutalized, I'm his dad's manifesto, his brother was an animal, is brother bulletin, and I think, when you grow up like that, you're constantly defending yourself against your brother
I think, that's what the reason why Matthews so dominant him in his brothers to beat the fuck out of each other. It's. One reason why John Jones is such a bad ass him his brothers are all super athletes and they beat the fuck out of each other. I think that is super normal. I think when you develop in household, we constantly competing with your own brother and in what many cases? Brother was all of them as brothers, older and bigger undecided, bad stories that came out of that two years ago. The hospital wants having his brother hopped away played on his version on another. That's a true story, but that I'd I ran a second, my brother and I have caused blood. Once more than once growin up, but he saw a lover pussy, I understand like you, get beat up at all, I hear, and it has never my itself. Why do you think that that an advantage in the psychological advantage of in not being afraid because your constant going to war with your own brother in an just, develop steel hardened sense of competition, wages ready to go
ready to go some way to go right. Now, mother, fucker, you ready to go you knowledge! You have this. We like, when Chris wiping gotten innocent Silva's face when they first weight in the innocence of walked up to him and kissed him like a pragmatic, in and why didn't move and Anderson staring items they will see tomorrow goes fair amount of radio mother fucker. There said he goes radio and could see in his eyes like it wasn't like. I'm not afraid you may like there's no craziness, it was just a real com, I'm not afraid you, man, I'm not afraid of you and widened like tomorrow we will see, we will see Even there you see how God damn big wide minutiae. His big uneasily weight in a one. Eighty five indeed out amount await the dog I cut I don't know how much it is, but it's not a small amount. Its multiple pounds is when he fought Damien Maya. That was a fight that he had to take on Fox on very short notice and he's socked, a tremendous amount of weight to fight that fight and who is just
absolutely drain and exhausted because of it, even when they put the water back autumn, one of things at Re Longo setting in between the corner. He said I saw what you do, yesterday to make wait. If you did that you could fuckin do anything. A goddamn kick his ass. Like he had to say that a widening when widen was exhausted. So I didn't realize strong Whiteman was until he did, that helicopter neighbouring Anderson Silver and that that blew my mind as much as anything I've ever seen in a fight. There is a forty two talks, but I'll all sport is based on whole fucking shit moment whose every single you will see at some point, something's gonna happen. The may should go wholly fuckin shit, and that's the heart of the sport? For me, it was when he did that helicopter neighbour on Anderson, seven like really you're, trying to neighbouring clothes. That's when I really is mentally is just did another. Wasn't scared taken him die new. Getting amount will do, but what got me was the veto
fight when he shot on vetoed that was such a deep double and when he shot Ottoman clasped his hands together like this is no one's defending there's not defending this, and they want to go to bed to the ground, the difference between Frizzle division veto, the Vittorio fought Rock holes, Vittorio Big bang mean he's not the same. Do you take away the tiara TAT charity on no testosterone injections, and these is this fuckin, regular guy. He actually as added a deficit. Because his body has really low testosterone supposed to ignore, four thirty, six. Thirty seven year old man, his body me he's been taken. Shit for so long in. If you go back to the radical fight, talking about before was twenty forty pounds. Been messing with his system and hyper human levels for so long. That is Regular endocrine system is probably really fucked up. That's also the fight where women got his face to the winds. Yeah animal at the levels they showed in camp does his life.
Was in camp were three times higher than widens the I will therefore not acceptable right just in time It was under the the limit it was twelve hundred The guy that needed testosterone, replacement means arm was arranged between was like a fucking juice in you, fuckin juice, and because I know you're fucking choosing a cabinet goes on. I make you pay for it. I'm an apology for this. They could will routers eyes. He said something to me. I couldn't hear we said to him so I asked why money said. Louise was going off about the levels, because I knew something is wrong with his levels. No use, I'm busting my ass some ten years younger than of animal testing, that three hundred and that's what what happens the guys in camp they break down me here go into these two and three days a year, just guy M exhausted, he's trying to push through at trying to push through a just to keep air conditioning high
and when he found out the Vitor's level, he was so angry that you can't eat. He was so fucking angry and then he did punish him for it. When he got him down, Holly Bmi bad. He be to my bad. That was that was a bad beat down. I never saw V touring that was sort of a position either mount like TAT was just no hope of getting wanting to be out of their whether it is so hopeless he was putting up. What do you mean? doesn't work. Nobody lobbies should never wishes working like uses flailing like he was trying to hit him back and why most smashing I'm just boom boom and let s face it yourself. Like seeing it a video Jamie or the final florry awful, but Also. I ve tours body when he got into the case at all this loose skin. It was all it was weird, it was weird, you see is what you look like a well to wait like he could be Walter Way like easy if he could stay off the shit. He view one. Seventy like and not a big one compare hinder like branded thatch like fatuous, a big
Two we are like ethnic Johnson when he made will do well to new makes I made it wants, I think, for sure. Maybe three or four times, minister affords a couple them miss and now is the right way to get light. Heavyweight Christian. Our masks funeral allows a first time. I met him in person and you had one he'll, find it useful to forty. I would almost unbelievable things: I've Leavenworth Mass funeral. I was there to so. We we saw each other member that fucking below hard speech that the director, when and gave that mask died on a certain day so that he can promote the movie. Do member I do remember that guy and I heard he barely even neuron that that there were nine. They were not o S, friends now or I'd just as soon as the best friend, and he was distraught now why he was being heart because shouldn't even be they will talk at the few now, that's how little we know and he went and gave this unbelievably ridiculous. Hollywood speech of mask die.
Edison. I was wondering why did he die at this time and then I realized he died so that he could promote army, which coming out June. To it was so grow Sally whenever it was so gross like every you hurt, like you hurt like all throughout the that the room like all these people going flocking. It was one of those things where no one could say anything because you're trying to be respectful, because it's at you know this funeral and then like Dan Punk Ass, went up and told like a real heartfelt thing. You could sell it. I was really good friend and a brother, and he was they were just that he was really broken up and, like you know, TIM went up and he was really broken up. Guy goes up and gazed this fuckin disgust inside each house? How discussing mean that I run a one to ten? It was a terrible things, always at the time that was that was perfect. Lay disgusting
I just assume that he was being so inappropriate as he was broken up inside and I asked couple people like they were bare. There were barely were acquaintances, he's just a fraud, the swallows Hollywood fraud who are the two days they tried to fight the dinner afterwards, like two guys, if or in the? U S, E Meda will names two guys in the: U S worth of wood, a dinner, but it's like a somber experiencing owed. We just came for the euro in two guys in your see, almost got into a fight at dinner like yellin and screaming at each other. If someone just set up like I should simply like to tell you the boy moral dinner like relax. Cheese is so crazy, so people can lead. The never there's no safe place, I'm pretty sure they never fought to this day, though cuz I think they're on different weight classes now, but here's here's a final thing with Vitor and Wide then Vito's try to hit them Vitor had him hurt, he hit him with a couple of good shots, and Chris stayed right in front of
took the shot and then once you got him down, he just start Smash UNAM moved in a format and just be the fuck out of here. We got boom boom boom boom, brutalized them it's it's an old all online. We talk about punter blackmail once these brown belt and so on, and now he tore just got punched into being away bow Well, I don't know you know how good Vittoria, just straight ground game is I've never seen him rolled jujitsu with a high level guy. I've never seen it as some almost catch him most cod, John Jones, with an arm bar, but John Kennedy was a respecting its ground game. You just gotta leaving it out there it does. It wasn't like a difficult on board a catch. You mean any purple belt. Worth is. Salt could have got that same kind, arm bar if a guys, doing that with his arm, but I would love to
like you know you here by guys. We like this guy's blackmail that guy's backbone, like one level, are they really like a real jujitsu sense? They used to be like ten years ago you had black ballot. You like this guy's gonna, be amazing right now, you're black belt you're, very kind. The black varieties, awkward cause there are black belts in their black belt. See again, the brothers Marcella Gracias, are the world sugar and Jesus. John John, The outcome of this black passages can chew up either Black box and then his black belt tat other black belts in order concrete, oh God, tapped by Hydra Gracie at that, you have see event. You know they have our that following the expo, but look computer, Obviously like super high level blackmail, but Hydra graces, now, the level of another level and like it's hard to explain that to people in this, like what this guy's a black one that goes well, here's the deal that guy could do anything wants to me, but that guy could do anything. You want him,
like there's levels as well as setting levels in this. It's it's hard to rapid and you can't really quantified as like black bore red or even at a certain point. Ideologists matter would thatS Haji Gracie in this disease, all there is to it, because I've rolled with black belt number pre competitive and their role with the higher and guys, and I feel I could never learned Jitchu. Road Eddie tonight, I've already, but one tat our website. I can't wait to get fuckin tortured. I've. Really before a couple times out here. Wonderful time go yesterday will target on my ears. I it is clearly responsible for my ears, cauliflower no higher percent. Now, Did they have cauliflower for seven years? I had a fight causes high garden so to ratify, and I had a couple times somewhat user sore, I kinda lay like a month to Eddie a lot in the first night. Each put meanest rob regard into shins Robin across my ears, for I got four hours when I left
when they were fuckin like that there was a noble here. What are you drain? Am I so I I don't know about dreams and back then this is like. I had no idea I do not know about drain on our was like two thousand do another fatty I don't know. I wrestled, though, there's a roman statue reaching the statue of a glad you're with cauliflower ear. That's leaking! It's gotta dryly Kaliko Ear and his drops coming out of the ear. So I haven't used like this in the next night. I got a big Johns Jim and you ll see me of Holy FUCK, your ears, a bag, and is it you want me to train them like I don't know what that means. Is that come with me and it takes me in the back and getting out drains my ears and go down, but I never got the might cut out and stay- so I just fuckin big now will they could fix that to my front Brent at his ears cut open? They fall, I'm like a salmon and they get in there and they scrape out all the cart leisure. I had that shit in my nose. Oh yeah more, I always
your guard, so my ears are okay. I would like a little bit of cauliflower little few spots, but most of its fine but you're. My nose had been broken so times that what would call of our ear is when your skin breaks and fills up a blood. The blood remains in the skin and then calcified so in the blood trapped under the surface of skin, that bulges up in like that little hematoma, whatever you would call it that blood becomes hard if calcifies and literally becomes like a stone in your body. That's why I call it fall out years are hard as a rock right. They are a rock yeah, it's a calcium rock. So can do as they cut you open, and then they scraped that stuff out, and then they stitch you back up the roman statue, things Roman, might be Greek. The Roman, a Greek says, Roma, see that those cuts
sleeping mean that's crazy, cauliflower here, and they had a back then that we will not only their cauliflower your back then, but a an m d in New York saw this and he believes is pretty confident that that's actually draining an ear, it wasn't just the guy got hit in the ear and head of cauliflower and he's he's pleading. He believes that that's a medical procedure, while that they were they were in draining the ear on purpose in eleven hundred BC or whenever it was that's crazy because it makes ass. If you were member university- slices like tat right right, too and I use my as women now like on grappling like grind it in a somewhat hold it aside, its taras Iraq? He said William you're the guy we scroll down, and so my website right logged about that complete a religion. I that's that's energy, while that's crazy. What am I Favorite cauliflower your stories. I shudder boxing from a dvd with Golos on his brother, Danny and their boxing trainer Indiana comes in late
and I say I can't shoot this look at my ear in his ear was all huge and shows like. Oh, I can fix this, so they get a needle and other go in the bathroom and Joe James, a needle and indeed start screaming in their basically fistfight with other with a needle through the year, and somebody looks into goes dude. Had made. It is going all the way through the year so that the needle didn't stop in the middle to during the fluid out at it. In its cured, all the way through Danny's ear two of them are rational and around lives on some ideas? On Friday? I don't have it will. There's another example: two brothers, you beat the fucker which came very tough, there's a violent. She received a video them fighting on the front line there. I was indeed they were fighting. It was lighted by an hp, hide, butts, Joe you. So we get the better of it is always the big brother. He shouted train firsts problem,
good may just doesn't have that same like drive. That you'll has like the mental side and he's incredible he's the guy that like leaves the gym for four months, comes in and beats up everybody He doesn't have that like with everyday issues like the stage, to stay motivated to stay in the gym, Z, still firing worlds, ACC, reciting August, sixteen for local shop, downright islands, ASEAN, the train, Horner he's training now pretty well. Was you guys yeah anyway a couple of Bulgarians earlier. This is like oh lives before you see two thousand to maybe on Amazon. Baker they pay twice as Joe Winds, and indeed you want to fight again. Oh my god, like this. They went by armed Baha, I think it doesn't fit. I remember everything is so crazy His brothers- and this is all family on the front line watch, so we re in raising the pigs and their fighting. Here I mean they are fuckin fighting
is a tight ass. Trying on z gap here give their tacky pushes Emily fight. Again, that's really like so short media fan street, like the neighbours of their like the cousins us out of pity, roaster, Yad it or his eyes. His parents for years have a pig rust every summer. So that's we were like a hundred people there and how it even started is just pay. Will thought you did, each other lock you pursue an elite. What advice shorts, I'm a cop and well of the whole deal you're funny Danny since he was eighteen, is never worn genes, outspread frozen and eat them. For his entire adult life is always ready to go so just takes his pants. Often can yeah, you know, is the way it is hence loose get big genes. Have you saying the girl? These pants called the calm? Barbell short, but look at other, not shorts, barbell genes, barbell branching, look at it that way,
right now it is central to me their genes, but their stretch, our shared, do their incredible. Can you really is drug dealers and also they don't hold you back at all no, they don't binder, but all like you could throw full power kicks ITALY's. Can you work out and can use yegg, do anything you you're either does now no worry about the way your legs movement have the goodness things like having action is like having tights on bottom algae, no they're called there is a company to have affiliation with them. They just sent me a pair of these and I fucking love em there. Is endemic shorts. Now, to say about that In short, the same raw material, but the genes look and feel like genes, except in the way you moved some sort of elastic quality to them for the pants and there's a new company there.
I've bought some before from la some other companies that make em like four hockey players and stuff because I dont fit in regular pants desire for control body. May I have a third of really my where thirty two, but I have to wear a belt. I really have a third Waste, but ass, big, ass, thighs, and so I have to like a large sums- are worth thirty. Three inch pants straight leg, just like you, get em pass. My mid die because, although I can't like Levi's five, a ones or a joke, I can't even where am I clearly can't get him on like they get to right here. They just lock up, but these these barbell pants they just fit like a glove. It's incredible. Look at that and other stretch Well, it's a snap. We were talking about how technology improves things. This is embarrassing, but I remember in the eighties I bought Chuck Norris Kickin Jean they had ties in front and pleaded crouched in the advertising was the secret. It's in the car.
That's so will have found that compelling and jugglers owes through kicks with fucking cowboy boots are right here. Is Cowboy boots. I would the heel, the wooden he'll look at a very nasty any five, that's that they had glasses and then there's another bear. There's another brand called diamond Gus IT genes and I used to buy those lot too, and that's what they were was like a regular pair genes, but they put a gas it in a crotch. So they can move around better, but none of those can of binding dont biennial eggs, but not those can fuck with the barbaric genes barbell genes, they nailed it. They know what the fuck they're doing, but those tie in front. That's bullshit this that's others these to have those Karate Piquet Karate, pants ice too, where those with my type one doggie, my type window, the debacle
I used to urge those those different pants, the century Panza tied up an affront because they kick better there better than greaser their looser. On your body they figured out a way to make them less binding, like even My tie, shorts man, one more time, shorts, fuck and bind on you, I wish you luck in the lake. Our belts used to fight the be all rolled up, all too They pull them out Alan as those giant trunk legs You know and a lot of those pants they bind Alec Melvin Man half he would whirling gladiator skirt. You know because his legs are huge. I wonder if it is a western body kind of a thing, because I've never really seen a tiger with you shoot huge size, yeah, maybe they're design for more slight hundred and forty five, two hundred and five pound definite. I fighters defiling me why why they designed for people they don't even where I then in their world at least
de the thing about like guys. Wait left if you live weights and develop that big, ass fuckin football player thighs, or something like that you regularly does not fit to. I you always amazed when I wear Excel MIKE I'm fuckin five, eight what about a real exhale, what the hell do they, where you know how I was, how am I in exile, what the fuck does a guy like Big John, where or Stephan Struve New? many axis in his fucking close. They must be custom. I mean how many guys are Stephan, strokes and big John to fifty years two, forty uneasy being love. If you settings to fifty, I heard don't talk about his weight. Don't ask him about it, don't ask em! Well, if you go back to your see one look at him, then you will give them now from the remoter dart out of these two forty things quite a bigger than that but point being its products.
The real excel. Do that's a real I'm, not fucking exile? So what what why they do, that who the hell small? Who the hell is where small decided and we have to be really, I can't get a small if you look at it. Its bids. Bizarre, it's bizarre! The sizing! You know people have, I think, in the future. We're going to Oliver clause from three printers. That's what I think is printed the fit. There are really do they're they're, dead, doing all kinds of crazy shit with three printers. Now I think, that's probably the future pretty much everything making firearms or rather than the fire or there's something that gets subject to a lot more stress than than than closing does indeed make firearms. Pretty soon will be able to make clothing on demand, I think that's what you gonna get like everything. If you want to buy a computer, what you gonna do, is you gonna? You know it's like buying a licence for your computer from somewhere. You gonna get a licence for it and then you
it's going to like that. You don't like a one click on apple or something like that, and then you just going to print up your computer. I really think that I think you would have said like a printer, but that printers can have raw materials like metals. Men are also whatever you need for batteries What have you and you just imprinted- have invested in this one of the most of our when most creative areas and Moreover, more Silicon Valley, you know that's where other computer stuff goin down. You must have opportunities. Those must approach, with all kinds of investing in anything, to do what are already doing. I'm trying to size down I'm trying to do less shit less they want to do. Is this guy making up a t shirt here Jamie that with this is like also there are they gonna earlier any like every time this, my problem, an idea already done it, there's a video online about it. Let me see the video that's it'll completion, ok, I say around so what he does is he takes.
A pattern in their locks in place the printer and then just starts adding material to that pattern makes sense. It makes a wife beater put around four can go to the pizza place or a slice. That's funny to these wife beaters, whether studies a white beard right that era. Yet market. The way feed market yeah are due to be too sure. Otherwise he liked to make their own shirk its in. In the future, man, I think medical technology is the most fascinating thing. As far as Emma may about, like healing people, I'd figure out a way to fix brains thing the people that have been injured, you know people that have been carried out there, they're talking about in all it taking people that have been.
Injured and directly putting him in cry of chambers and that the amount of damage that they can stop and the damage they can mitigate once it can figure out how to right now, there's no real technology to reverse brain damage in Algeria. Break your. If you break your arm, they can fix it. You know, if you have a knee injury, they can fix your ligaments. If you have a brain injury, you're pretty fucked and is not a whole lot, they can do. You know they can help. You try to heal yourself as a little bit of therapy they can do is a few new ways. They can come to mitigate the issues, but for the most part, when you have a brain injury of a brain injury, but you know how it will get worse they really dont know. I've got a friend of family girlies to baby sit, who were at the terrible brain injury from that St Louis sport.
She bang the Hell out of her head and she didn't doktor just said: don't go outside for six months and dont really book for six months and we really need, but don't do anything just cocoon your entire consciousness from the entire outside world sterilize, the house and after lay I think for months. She said you can get a baby chicken. His dead, you know, don't spend a lot of time with people gives us an awful lot of thought and even a cat would be to interactive, but she felt a little baby check would be. Some human think it interact with a little bit low low low. But you know at a top M d at Mass General Hospital saying by a chicken to fix your brain indicates that the level of understanding is, as you said, the very low and how much they can do. Twentyman talk to people, s head that issue some family money. In short, a cocoon herself away
I wish you- and this happened mid forties. Oh my God made forties when it happened. Woe so she was on a street lose like skateboard type thing rolling down, unreality scholar I like they do with the excuse that the bog set on wheels and they go on steep hills, impatient, about all those videos at you laugh out on live leak where a gag, it's fuckin clipped on his ankles, buy a car and flip the era cac watching to see how many people, just get so fucked up by those things, and we never think about it again: error the guy's dead, a gun one Tosh, though, shows they get like gyp. Why a truck on across the house? I like, maybe that guy's dead or brain dead where there was a guy and allay the California Southern California. The gotten trouble recently they were drifting and he drifted into a pass into a bystander clip.
There's a video of achieving a final Joppa link. Drifter hits pedestrian took off I don't know what the story is, but they are trying to fight this guy and he was a total hit and run he clip the sight of his cars he's Doin sideways and you you think you would like fall like got knocked back or someone know you through the fuckin air. Like? U way nothing, you flip today, like when those or paper footballs think you know he's yours thing, laying great skill. Remember those What it looks like when this guy gets clip sideways on it by his ankles and goes hurling through the air, it's terrifying, and now you you know my exposure to people getting hidden ahead is so much more than the average persons. I don't think this is it, but it's one of all. Here's one! Oh now, that's different! That guy got hit head on his legs, his one he got hit with the back and he goes hurling through the air. But point being I can't look
those anymore and not think about the consequences. Oh there's, a woman. If I need to see that not even the last fine, but the fight before that factor up so much that to this day, got always hormone problems. Her cortisol levels are too high. She gains wages, know why she is too precious know why her equilibrium is all fucked up. This learning from our last fight. It's from the fight before her last phase yeah, and we don't think about it because we want says, fight what a war while those really fog and put it out there. You move with your life and then she, the lights, go off in other the spot. It's her down and she's by herself. Her fuckin has gone throbbing in the pain and aches. I'm sure both of you experienced that before every day of the week, pretty much at my gym, I'm like the punching bag at my gym, cuz, I'm just curious there. It is that's the one watch this watch. This goes sideways. Watch this guy,
oh see how they got flying through the air. Under this, oh, my god, it's crazy right being once again, but dont go to the street. While people are drifting, re highly badge on watch industry, are they doing enough? It got that guy Africa, but it did the damage that these guys receive on a daily basis. Like we're talking about the board Mcdonald Fighter, like a lot of these fights, you watch it and you you. Don't think about it, you just go on with your life, but every now and then you'll run into one of those guys years later from that and finally more and you like whatever happened to that guy and then you'll seem someone you like share he'll talk to whom you hear me
learn their words. I remember the first time I was training in in Boston and my boxing coach was this: Guy Joe Lake, one up training, Dana rose and black member dinner rose but dangerous. Yet Christina Rosenblatt, who is a training partner, mind he was one of the guys that got me convinced me to stop fighting cuz. I realize, like I wasn't raining when he was training little trying to comedy in all these different things the same time, but I'm still fighting, and I really didn't. I wasn't realizing how much dedication I have let slip by until I watched him. Train
with them- and I realized tat- I need to get out here and I'm old- I was only twenty one time. He was like seventeen or eighteen use eighteen, but we we trained at this Jim with a bunch of like really tough guys and Joe Lake, who is my box and coach- was that that prototypical, South Boston Box and trainers, fuckin wars. It was wars in the gym. Every day there was wars. There wasn't no pity pat bullshit, you you're going to war, and I watched a few guys but I knew from a few years back come in the German. They were just learned start talking funny. I was like holy shit, I'm looking at fuckin brain damage like I'm looking at Here's a guy that I knew five years ago. He didn't have it and now I'm talking to him, I haven't seen you in a while and he's got it and it started to sink in like these headaches and I'm getting from these training sessions this isn't free his aunt. If, for I'm not I'm not immune, you know you watch Joe Frazier talk on tv. Where do you think came from came from getting punch,
no way around. It goes thing about it that I find that haunts me and tell me it haunts me in they may start. Having an ice are sport is city sometimes does a manifest itself until five or even ten years after retirement, the guy's fine could be a commentator on TVS. Everything in his brain is working well and five years kicks in six years in all suddenly starts getting little more aggressive and his gait is in his good he's. A d becomes a different person in his soul, starts to piss away, and then then scary. If that starts to happen at all Gimme, a pause doesn't scare eucharist you just staring at the table. Vision about your brain. I've never been really hit hard enough. I guess head. Gigantic I'd never heard nothing, rich. You guys, gonna canonize in your Jim, though that have punchy there. No guys are fought like twice in their hooker you're an already like they just that one fight did the men in they should never fight again. Is there just
www membership, the US is a sharp. As a milder Taylor. There If one time in Belgium was never the same again, Chavez beat him into a different person who also site that has shown again in when you Kimball from a half hour. He was never the same from that day on the fight. Was fuckin crazy in that was an underground exclusive, because you have but he talked about that on the? U gee. I also fight you said TAT. I sifting out there that was after Akimbo had become this celebrity. We're here was that truth in two, no later than two to five vishniak, as I had a dry drove home from college to get to that fight, so. Two thousand and two thousand a year. I was in college in Boston still so: symbols like to kill
over scans going down and that our you, let it get down here and like any Florian posted about on the usual pops up like a poster, is done. He's back he's recently, a bat like a week ago we haven't thought allows feelings. We'll get hurt is buried. They talk a lot of shit on commentary, though yeah What they did is an excellent commited America, but does matter people can't spare it such a narrow he's gonna. Do that I don't give a fuck the people, I don't give a fuck, just looking to be mad at anybody, but there mom or over spoken yelling at them Currently, whatever area issue is you're, taking it out on canny flaw. But you're mad at you made in your mother's basement and that's the reality. That is the reality in a hundred percent. This is a certain amount of people have just getting find people mad and anything, but Kenny, I think, was posting about it the Eugenie, that's how I found out about it,
because I knew about Sean. I knew Sean Gannon from the five world and knew about Kimball, obviously from the Youtube videos, and I couldn't believe today, actually organise a fucking, real fistfight and it went down Jamie pull that video up. That's a fuckin, goddamn, crazy, video isn't it everything, but he was a boxer before sure using like the salt, Boston, gems forever. I train he was a good by their would they both came out of it. Back yards and move away from the satellite dish and mental. Then I think I were thought his eyeballs something he beat the fuck out of some people here, some good hands, showed some good skills, but then, if I shall Ganem and Sean Ghana, first of all, he was in ape yeah would ensure an iron chin. He's a cop and it's gonna,
in heart, and he was a box of golden gloves at least though, just as it is not everything, but he was a boxer before sure using like the South Boston gems forever. I train he was a good father would take both came out of that wrecked and Did the funny things they hate? They came with a bunch of crazy rules in this fight like as it was going down. There was a thirty count. Mike little face still has the rules written down it out, it has, as it has got blood on it. It's crazy because Kimball tagged him with a bunch of punches, but they warrant taken him out, after while Gannon started hidden body and we start work. It look here, This combination me he's tag in Cambodia and can hang in there. And then that cattle shoots out illegal. I was the first rule, break a bunch if I was again and is getting a stand in guillotine and he's holding onto a joke and then all the these networks
According to rule, the guillotine was, I think, that's his brother in law was yet alligator jacket, suitcase guys touching them while their fight at them Lego they're going to China Prime away and then their prying him away is like this crazy, like what are the fuckin rules. I was very convincingly get shot that no all camels guys have been disarm year, whether cops and then Kimball got him down. And chemo is trying to ground and pound them, which is against ITALY against girls, so Kimball trotted ground upon began. I got back up to his feet and just hard you now you just couldn't where again and out at easy he's who's. The guy was used to brawling too. He had been in the deep water before figured out a way to swim. You know and Kimball. I don't think it really been in deep water, then I'll collect all the time. Hood fights are like a man.
Yeah and a half long now you looking at Kimball's already exhausted again and is just starting to beat the fuck out of them. And now you know Kimball is this: the punches are coming real labor ready trying to Ghana map the Falcon wall, you there we built that all now we had a sharp early and build that wall, because in a havel- and therefore this fight us, why didn't didn't last year- is crazy it's available online. You can watch it, but I remember it was a bunch of us we're alive watching this in commenting on the underground. Why was happening? I was written thread and watching the fighters like this is crazy. You know we're all trying to figure out what was going to have and they showed Sean's face at the end of it not really hit home because watch dissolve blurry grainy, really shitty fuckin web cam video. Look in, but you see The end of you see the the video they get a close up of Sean's face and he looks like the elephant man here we have all that
footage we on every year. We all the copyright. How good is the footage? I think it's better than the webcam staff, because they had like Billy's. I can't quarters back then look at his face like when, when they're doing a thirty count and symbols down the game authority countenance eventually Kimball just could not get up a book at his face in the first two times his fringes picked him up. The maiden keep fighting, he never got up from his own free will yeah, but Sean just got up again: yak again, ill cookies is like ah, but he's up and Sean punched him again after that. So crazy. I remember we someone easily. Could it died, not fight? We we parted. The rules were the winner, got the footage, and so like I see MIKE in those guys they all had their own cameras and John One and would like to hand over the tapes. So this all this, we like, we figured they just hate the fights. What is all this footage them driving up
the lying in a hotel and lighted, a jet going to the hotel and, like we're gonna, kill this document. We can't use their language. You later come on I'll kill this guy we're going like their emigrant island and like the bad. Primarily, And it's hilarious, I think a lonely avenue where FARC, I think it so on the old computer. I have my basement Sean before this fight and then Sean after the fight was a different totally different. Even like he's. Nothing is ever like super smart, but he was here, a smart guy, and I remember seeing them like a month later- and I was like this guy s- brain damage like he's like not right anymore, just like ETA, like this weird look to his face all the time You gets fired from their fight, nor has it that get discipline bad
now. Why did you do that picture was on the front page of the heralds saying on the mate. It was just the rapporteur on an area the size of a bad publicity. Thankfully, that picture police Union got behind him in here. He stayed on. The fourth was a spot. It s what it was. That's what it was. It was as it when you start still on the forced today to talk to about six months, but wouldn't talk about work while some scroll up to their picture that is eye right below that. Look at that. That's the dude that Kimbo fought what the fuck is going on with his eye and I've always out of it The right place it is nowadays swelling. I don't know what that is, that the minutes be real, that might be Photoshop. But it certainly looks at his eyeballs missing and the way Kimball was built back down to just use built so much different than he is now. Like look at that picture right there daily taxi picture right below it was got his arms up in the air. Jamie click on that like he was
and he seemed now when he fought can shamrock the other day. He just didn't. Look the same. This looks completely different guy, that's the old! and Shamrock one from the one I can backed out of, and then he wanted Funny Seth pressures Ellie. Yeah, that's the old were very sure can look younger. There, too, can already ex fairly old there, but can back down the fight like last minute, and then he fought South Petros Ellie, and I knew that that was deep water framework year. This is not here. You can't fight back. I believe how good can look there forego fifty one thousand super disappointing fight, though I couldn't believe that everybody thought there was a working as I do not at all. There was, I just give to you guys, fighting each other and it's not gonna. Look like the best applicable.
Mission. I just couldn't believe that Cancun couldn't finish. There were unable choke. I thought that bring up a video again from twenty years ago, an idealist aimed as the silent comes at the top of the heading doesn't come behind the neck like it, it seems choke in twenty years ago guys in order to do so, they tap to it there, it is. Our theory could see the picture of him with timber, but camels uneven defeat, ending laundering grabbing the fuckin. I just couldn't imagine that can couldn't finish. That doesn't make any sense. To me. I mean might not be where I said it looks fake as fuck cuz it did look fake as fuck, but one of the things that might have made it look fake as fuck cuz. It was a fifty one year old man right who was fought, combat sports for twenty plus years and his body just is not capable I mean anybody. Alec Luke Rocco gets your neck like that. Can bill. Where are you going to sleep it just a fact, but to Sis II can not be able to finish a perfectly place rue naked choke hand on the bicep. You know
most anybody whose really gotta Jujitsu is gonna finish that it's just doesn't make any sense, or even not, that greater judges, jamming purple bout, the good purple belt but it's sad that a guy, like KEN you know is in this position, is life. When he's he's he's legend sport, you think about think Arnold, Parma, Arnold Palmer, you never fuckin work again Now you look at em a legend in baseball. Those guys want or have to work again get a legend like can share mock just missed the fuckin money. Come at sports are all like that, and look at my Thyssen made three hundred million dollars and does, through in a million dollars. Doubts because he pissed at all way can share, marked and make three hundred married offer warm man guys ten million dollars a fight we can share map was good. Now, like the guys, like the G s peer making. Now they have an opportunity
One of the most anybody's ever made from Emma Fight is, I would like to it would have to be in the USA, have to be a cut of a paper vs Azure actively for five million for GS pay. I think they might go. Then that is more than five. They, the rumours that Macgregor made four or five million bomb sure he had a piece of paper. You and right fuckin deserved vignette, deserted global paper view Gregor. We were just talking about that North Korea without him that card what had done four hundred thousand five thousand buys instead of a million, when impress me almost as much as his performance in the fight itself, was the irish people I couldn't believe they did. Batman. I said that like when I do the post fight interview on like these people are a credible is humbling the day they flew all the way over there from Ireland to watch their guy fight is not as if you had a fun. American fight in Ireland. Good luck getting too people get our away in their eyes to America or other sister and cousin she's. Not the same.
In summary, was I guess they don't have anything. So what so? What it's? U? Dont? You don't think it's impressive, that they have so much patriotism and so much love for their countrymen. The day planned way in advance those tickets sold out in the blink of an eye, and Thousands of those fifteen thousand people, thousands like forty percent, came from Europe and it's not like a rock concert where, if it's a stone's cancer, you know it's going to be a phenomenal concert. Half the people lose every fight. They could have flown all at spent dollar money and he might allow us like Ricky happened when he fought may with a member. There were signals, Ricky have. And songs yet ripe. For me, can put them asleep. Energy or the fire. You are there. Alive, the minutes or in Saki Fight, it could have been, it could have been, but they were willing to take a chance and then they won he won't
and they won with them. I'm telling you man, you never see. Telebration like that everywhere. I had to run from place to place to keep from getting a costed by irish beef, drag. You into my mother was out there and he said it was awesome. The sea, like everywhere he walked. There were like crazy irish guys. They were so pumped up. An ant up into ringing year were singing, come? I was leaving for the four my flight at like seven thirty in the morning, and these guys are stumbling n still sing in seven thirty fuck that probably just get home from the Spirit Rhino hammered? it's amazing. It's like it would moved me. Cuz I've been there before when a lot of brazilians and shown up to maybe see Anderson fight or something along those lines, but the level patriotism that the Irish had was on a completely different scale, It was another level like several notches. Crazier twilight going
for me personally, my favorite shows just a little amateur ones when I'm them actually coaching herb somebody that I've helped train or something he If you do the more of a connection, you have other person the deeper the fine becomes, and I think Those Irishman there there there so tight as as a nation that that, when he's in there, they they feel like they're right in there with them, but that must make the parents, it's also wrenches amateur riddles you. I hate that guy's that I will have she says fuck in Christ. That's a crazy photo. Look at that shit. Eleven thousand people The way and rising watch eyes take off their clothes insane and there on the where his insane and the roar of the roars that those people cheering screaming when he got on that scale is nothing like it there's. No one like him, we Rhonda rousing. This is the other biggest star and Emma may at this point in everybody talks, but whose
big star in MMA. I love Ronda Rousey. I think she's a one of a kind. I don't think it's anybody to ever been like her. I think she's spectacular, but she does not have nearly the appeal this motherfucker. Does it's not even call out how many Americans are flying to Brazil to watch me about my job, I'm gonna, but I am very, very, very curious. I'm going not just because it's my job, but I am very curious to see how they're going to treat her in Brazil weather Do you know this batch clay check? Has that kind of love and respect what they think she has a chance crowds going crowds gonna show up what is going to be like if right? a bead sir, randomly exercise. A way of Rwanda really amazing happened. Anything can happen that I learned that in the late nineteenth reserve could have been the as the late nineties. Pet military fought Dan Seven and I get the tape afterwards from off.
Anti promoted it and they are doing the prefect interview and they say: oh Pat, what do you think's gonna happen? Unpack, as I know, what's gonna happen? That's why we're having the fight and he's fighting? I was a hundred pounds heavier than him and I think it ended up being a draw, but because nobody tat anybody, but Pat Pat, really did when that fight and ever since then have been like. What's gonna happen, it's, why have the fight I mean you're fighter crazy, throw bones of people you zig vanishes AG, I'm pretty sure we are all thinking when Silva beats crystalline. What's next, I did then that now new rail, I didn't think I did. I did not think that I was saying I wasn't lying. I did that pre fighting like this guy's different disease, special of a destroyer in earnest. Than about widen than he so fuckin soon. As that something is the three of us we're talking about in the car yesterday. What is it? Eyed man, some guys have at some guys. Don't you know
what is it that makes a guy that fuckin good? I don't know what it is intangible qualities that some people possess is born that way were the words all of the above. We talked about his dad was an awful ballplayer. His fuckin brother beat the shit out of all that stuff. I'm sure, has an effect on his mental state and is is resolve his he has on wabble will unflappable resolve like he's just got this iron will and you just Hence it when you look at me since it when you see I'm. Finally, you had a beat that fuckin guy. He's been himself, and he skilful is very good. Very well prepared, tough the shit can knock eyes out? Cannot guys their hands, oversee and fight your eye hall and bring a fire ear caught your eye. With his long left her composure. And put him away standing Mean skies away, standing, puts Mark Munoz way with that fuckin brutal elbow, he's no joke
he's an animal you know and now, as a middle way champion, which fascinating right now is now that is pass veto or which is sort of a mandatory fight. There are so many good fun, there. The shock array, Ul Romero, Luke Rock role, fuck man- is so Ro Leinen that God, you know, I mean the way Rocco, be down the cheetah FARC and then the re Romero did the same goddamn thing he beat him down to its like they did the contenders arising to top it clearly being established- and Och mean for you. Wanna talk about world class jujitsu to insane he's insane. He self fuckin, good and so strong did the tool division. I felt like with five years ago or four years ago, someone was gonna like day a John Jones on top and everybody else in the top, ten was a killer. It's definitely one. Eighty five right now you will fives actually the pretty weak, rang out at the vision,
Well, you know, Joan relatively hopefully, Jones comes back, eventually gets his life in order and comes back that situations How sad you not hear anything from John in I'm sure he's got all sorts of legal privilege is gonna, stay out of the media and just take care of his shit right now. You genome clear, clears mine. In his life and make restitution and do whatever he's gotta do and hopefully he'll be back again, but you won't talk about tower. Hopefully he I want to see him back like get a shit together and come back and just be on top again because Iraq, I was incredibly talented and I watched all as fights because he grew up right now: Massachusetts Cousin in Europe they couldn't fight. All this fight were Massachusetts, and I saw that kid finally, three
like this kid got it like this kids going somewhere. He fought six times in three months to develop more times three months. Six times three weakens the role once and I went down to the last minute fight in the. U S E. Why TAT is incredible? first experience was doubtless cornering somebody, a show in Massachusetts and Chris MIKE Mike, I lost them. Gonna sit in their armor on giving water whatever crisscross. Does this new guy he's to fight and its own two feet?
seconds kick come here, so grabs room. We go running up to the cage and it was over the fight. It ended in nineteen seconds, and I know the guy find the guy fire like tough and got crushed by him and Christian said disguise gonna, be the he's. Gonna be the next one. Wow, that's amazing is lucky. Never far Tom, he was forced to fight Tom Waller, for though, like local title really egg is Tom. Mollified nasty these messages guy originally, and it was to fight for the title. I said it all up for Tom. He looks good Tom you by him and like a week later, the? U S, call John Jones And- and I think that what happened to my home, I never had a u of sea career. I may not see what a loss for sure, but it was a tough fight to take in Russia said he would allow for sure what line people
Think of anything can happen in the fight and Tom his heart. So, yes, I mean, does not feel authorities not lose this fight. Last week in it was. It was a tough fight for brochures gettin, be that taken twenty seven months off ring Russia's real what it takes much time off, so I counted them. This funny accord them in that Michael Caper Fight in Sweden, and we walk in after the first round, and he looks this: is it getting a blue, my fuckin knee damned site would amiable and my blue, my knee, and so the other corner is up to you to coax, like you should sit down. I can't I won't be, will get back up well and were like a right. What should I do? Should we not fight like you want to fight? Is gas so go out there and stand up and guillotined the guy in the second round, chokes among arches and towards ACL completely Blues ACL, while until we recovered like a year
and then bluish muskets and the same knee, and so then another six month recovery and just then he had a book. A fine get back and J biggest injury after injury and the same What a guys do, I've always wondered was a guy like Tom Lawlor doesn't make so much money. What are they for money. When that happens, all Tom's made some good money in the USA. They sit on Anton Filthy, does need nice things if you're, so he won unborn. Is it you? Have you a hundred when there's a hundred thousand dollars, anyone bottom condo, and evidence which was unexpected like bought it straight out Rhode, island yeah, he's from that. Area like you, I've learned were set, and we did. He lived there for years, has used the three groups Swazi, Somerset Area electoral Island has everything's small city. Everything's close you lookin at NASA is kind of you. Ve ever been hidden. It was like a cat pierce everywhere, unlike just like snow every,
thing it was terrible, but did you know he doesn't need over the money? So for him a hundred thousand dollars is like five years living. Does he doesn't need in nice amenities, nice things in Egypt teacher jitsu here and there and do seminars in I'll use Ellen he's worth a regular jobs since, since after four fight any music, the high school history teacher for awhile and he's gonna fight in that's it, while he just figured awaited survive and not having a lot. It's a hard world out there for guys were like the lower level, guys that are trying to make it its very, very Our world is very, very difficult for those guys to to make enough money to actually get by its terrible. I have a guy the fighting. You have seen how they went back to having a real job. Full time still fights but has a job is a correction officer whose Joe Proctor he has a full time. Job must be six fighting. It was you have secret and has a full time job watching inmates.
Plumber county, that's crazy, because it is our job to by the way he had a train part of horror, fuckin stores or people thrown shit ottoman. Oh yeah. They would they do that authority that in there's a guy stale bout from from nice to these acts from Connecticut nervously, fighter heat. I think he probably had yo see. Potential need decided does not. The future is not for me, and so I D told me no I had a sort of bad news: I'm gonna go to law school instead of fighting has like how that's what do you do? When a guy's going gone through, Germany wants to fight, you know, he's got no shot. Do you say work you gotta figure out for yourself. I do we meet you guys. Uncoordinated and is now not tough, but whatever reason decides to defy tell him it's not for them,
We have a straight up town. You can't you can't fly from here. I said: there's unscrupulous promoters that are looking for sharks versus fish. Explain the whole deal. Do how this works at a low level. There's big ticket sellers they're gonna, sell to undertake its it fifty dollars, each thirty five dollars each and the promoters always looking for some fish to feed the defeat of the shark, so that the guy I'll have to French over the next four and win, and then the next downloader as you can get a fight like there's a million unscrupulous promoters in this state. That will give you a fight, but it's not good for you.
It's a dangerous sport does so you can't fight out here, and sometimes it keep going. I usually of your cause. It's it's not the type of sport where you can be nice to people. It's it's it's it's two important! I mean if you tell em girl, she's pretty and she's not or something does no bad consequences, but if you let somebody think they have a chance of fighting and really than are very good, they can get scrambled brain people. Don't do that man lotta people, just let them figured out for themselves. He ass, yet another gems of our Jim. If you do not want ready to fight you. Don't fight guys will leave the go to the taekwondo school. Let them fight mma with no experience and then just you and get killed. Cuz. I just not prepared guys, are going to argue and don't fight for years, even amateurs they come in. They learn everything they learn. How to wrestle. Do you get to kick box and then maybe They ready. You take a fight. What's your jem, so people as long as I'm a may back in Massachusetts, use. Ie, oh and raise those animals,
We gotta wrap this up. Anything else wants a mixed: martial arts, dot com website, facto de facto GI fellows the EU gee. I guess that's how come off? Ok That is certainly the best makes martial arts website in the world you guys are always on top of the news. It was miss Those names, its grey measuring almost every time today, it's like as far as I still post, all the fucking time, I'm on the last of Mohicans, I'm still in there getting shit on call the fag and whatever they want to call me Dick dick rider, no matter what you going to get shit on butt I think, overall, I look at the opposite way. I'm almost optimist. I think it's like ten percent douche bag. Ninety percent cool people- maybe
but either way you guys have fuckin made it through the storm that was the beginning of May, and I think this website was an integral part of keeping the the core fan base live so well cared. Thank you very much for everything I've done a really really appreciate it gave me a place. Waste a lot of working time and talk a lot of shit about all kinds of different fights and read a lot, a cool information and news, and whenever anyone, her or breaking news I always find out about it on the underground. Imagine if he track the hour he spent on like how much would that be of your life I was one of the first four hundred, for it would be a lot fifteen. Seventeen years at an couple
the day, maybe Lagarde, wasted time? Thank you. I don't wanna be asked kiss, but but but but I will be as I've told these guys before when there's a you will see that you're not on that to me again our selling it ass kissed, but it's just what I've said not from you, but to these guys previously it doesn't feel like it. You see without without you there. The winds are just it's just not the same. So thanks to you for for making the you will see that you have C4 for me very much when I appreciate our eye makes martial arts our com go check it out and I love the Ujiji love the authorities thereby tears. Thank you everybody for it turning into the podcast and thanks to our sponsors thanks to Casper Casper is the real, my Jamie, shows up for work. Well rested bright eyed and pushing tailed gotta Casper, Dotcom, forts last Joe use a promo code, Joe a check out and save yourself, some mother, fuckin money terms, and
conditions apply, but the jargon experience listeners in get fifty bucks towards any mattress purchased by visiting sport, dot, com, Slash Joe and used a pro while code Joe at check out, we are also brought to you by stamps dot, com, gotta stamps dot, com used the promo code, J are a four no. This trial plus of one hundred and ten dollar bonus offer, which includes a digital scale and up to fifty five dollars of free postage. Thanks also to honour Dotcom, gotta, o n n. I t use the code word, in an save ten percent off any and all supplements all right. My friends, you fuckin monsters, that's it for the protests loved you all. Thank you so much for all the other love another positive energy
and even the criticism. I learned I learned from that shit. Absolutely no one is beyond Khatik as long as you're not crying about it. I will. I will appreciate it and thank you for it and if you are kind about it, I'll probably get something out of it anyway. I will be back to Morrow with Esther coup. Hilarious stand up comedian and cool person, and until then, enjoy your life, thereby yeah.
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