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2015-08-03 | 🔗
Josh Zepps is the host of HuffPost Live & We The People Live available on iTunes and at http://wtplive.com
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in one the ass we had a fuckin awesome talk today really really enjoyed it and he's got a new show that he's doing it some we the people live it's a podcast were planet if you go do on twitter its w tp underscore alive on twitter and he has a website for it which is doubly a tp lie dot com to beer figure out why he doesn't get double tb live on twitter something else how that shit fuck in band maybe the pan school i'm sorry i take that back maybe you got there first brow girls i don't know maybe it's women the people women the piss women the penis women take penis women trust penis life the fuck is wrong with me i'm talking too much josh adapts he's awesome and i enjoyed talking to enjoy the wheel
experience does not allow people to be born do apart dress with fresh back from brazil within hours of landing on sacred american soil but you're wonderful jostled unlike thank you alive it's a real pleasure to be back by man so first of all well let me say that the last time i was here i was like out of it that is why knuckling at just i was i was hung over i was tired it was ten in the morning i hadn't slept we had been like a bright light my flight from new york i was sick joke i know you're sick de performed admirably yeah i tried diagnostics here today tirades smash mass imagine why do it a weak one today you're good i'll pick it up thank you other stars which switch role ice it back and i'll ask you questions
feel in cologne and my own expectations moan of my own self to maybe travel like long trip before every part cast what what was brazil about you see great round arousing fight excellent progressing what time yeah fantastic it was watching her fight is like so watching some store cafe so go say like when people tell their grandchildren i was there when mohammed ali thoughts any less than i was when mike tyson be trevor berwick and won the heavyweight title as an official when you watch our fight again not just so in a fire you watch some crazy historic event amazing cheese and she's just a freak there's like a freak of all freaks beautiful woman whose justice insane furious combat athlete screw nut so you're the one who's just stepped off a three hour flight and is now working all afternoon so that's good to task mozart
especially during this year that's where we're pretty easy jobs just sitting around talking to people all day as we do but i really enjoy your show man you have some excellent interviews did you interviewed peter singer idea that animal liberal taken liberation guy he he founded the tipping point the term animal liberation and he said have invented the he's one of the world's most important bioethics it's like a mean in terms of just thinking about the morality each such a brilliant guides lot easier if it's like an in just came down to earth and said when i have any more preconceptions about what people think is right and wrong when you start from basics and think but they why do we think about the morality of things the way that we do and how in what ways that wrong so like he ends up these crazy conclusions and people like hate him for some of them like saying it's not necessarily wrong to say kill an infant a newborn infant why does he just for that i think it's on the grounds that what's wrong with killings
thing is a sort of combination of snuffing out the life of other being that has the capability of conceiving of itself as having a future right you're thwarting persons plans when you kill them your robbing them of all of the opportunities that they hope that they were going to have and you presume because in them pain but if you could painlessly i mean if you dont if you think of life as being an incremental thing that starts from conception and then gradually evolves up into adulthood and sort of self awareness unconsciousness mean does a two day all baby have that much more sentience and consciousness and sense of itself then a twenty two week old baby the wound does not a huge amount necessarily i mean i'm not saying i agree with it but here is just a fascinating percinet talked it does he have children yeah i think so that's interestingly things that wave your children because i could see it if you if you try it make some sort of a logic argument you know that you
you could argue it like that but as far as being a human being the difference being significant in that a child represents potential child represents to a lot of people represents this insane bond of love that you have with the baby i you know i think just uclaf i think he's only saying like in cases where you know them their parents don't want it or something many isn't it he's not obviously if you kill someone else's baby you're doing a terrible thing because you depriving the parents of the kid right i was also saying like if the day don't want their baby indiana big a deal in a situation like abortion as if it was like an abortion there's some people that are extreme animal rights folks that also believe that there's something about if you didn't kill a person at least you stop that person from killing all the animals they're going to kill or be responsible for the death of their entire life which is which gets real insane that's kind of crazy had i think he would agree with that while you wanna know real craig
the lobster liberation movement yes yes there's people that break into restaurants places that have seafood and keep lobsters and they release them take the rubber vans off their atrophied clause and release them back into the ocean does loved of having in the ocean and have had to go to law i'm sure it might not be stimulating being in the loves the temperature is safe i dont know if the lobsters eat while in the tank that's a good question i dont how they must be fed right i don't have never seen it of you well i wouldn't do it why uranium but those are my hands on a clause so they don't jackie the rapporteur in that tangle child on top of each other it is pretty alike a guy i'm it is kind of sick black eyed i have no problem with it because i do it maidens who i can really be able could about it but i think there's something just kind of oddly sadistic about sitting there to table and spain like right
at the end that one's life right now and then i'm just gonna eat him in front of his buddies yeah we have you're thing about we like a hierarchy of animals we love you know and that's one of things we found out about cecil say i want to get too i wanna get we should work together we should get to it but we don't have any problem with bugs visions was slab of mosquito bite in them have a problem with that not only that when bugs are really little like ants will kill it and then brush it off her pants and leave the body on the ground is just like a head our pants i'm just a little limbs describe around the gap bug guts and then though the aunt will be on i've had a friend do that on in my kitchen once he but an animal like african at any just brush gotta go it's not that i don't have problems you doing business that we do that we just brush bodies under our friends floors and we don't care about it is this with said getting back to pacing up when his
philosophy of animal liberation is sort of that there is a hierarchy of consciousness and sentience that has to be taken into account he's of he happens to be a vision but he doesn't think of it as putnam obviously he doesn't think that an oyster has the same right to life as a lion does or as a chimpanzee does right so you factor in the capacity of the of the creature to be sentient and to feel pain and to have a conception of its and to feel love and fear and those sorts of things and however much it does that's why human life is probably more important than any other animals life maybe whales dolphins or some other animals equally smart as us but so for him the bugs are less worthy and from anyone sensible bugs up its rapidity right but what's interesting when you say like we have these wid conceptions of our own hierarchies of light
cute animals and non keep animals and animals that we give a shit about mammals we died what's interesting is that that hierarchy doesn't match up with a pay to sink with a logical ethical hierarchy like why are we so willing to be so cruel to pigs which adjusters conscious and self aware and capable of love and family and pain as dogs if not more so not more so but we have these institutionalized concentrated animal feeding operations that just torture i mean it's is torture mean whatever that industry can do to lower the price of a pound of flesh by a few pennies it will do including not least the timing the pigs get grabbing little piglets by the tail and smashing their heads against a wall to kill em if they had with their non viable anymore it means an absolute motor show it's like an ongoing holocaust of of of pigs but then like little people get arrested for an hour
of vehicles on the aid do some bad for dogs which don't give it gives a shit side what what pages i would say is yes there's a hierarchy but let's at least be sensible about the hierarchy which brings us to settle policies cecil's a thirteen year old line which i want everyone to understand that if you're a male lion in you reach thirteen years of age you have killed a fuck load of baby lines sheila percent how many gazelles vehicle lobby gazelles but also there's a lot of increasing infanticide tried to sign infanticide factor side is not trauma i want to make an are there while there are some other types of like fratricide rise i think that's why infanticide if that is the correct waiting he's i got a major now you're getting my visuals wisdom hunter percent but i think that is that that's that's an important point to it friends deeper noah calls them charismatic mega fauna and he's like
all these animal right that our charismatic megaphone that we have anthropomorphic used in movies like the lion king in yogi bare and all these movies and we have this idealized view of what they really are the reality of them is so alien to us because we're never in africa in zimbabwe in the jungle with these lines and if you were you would be absolutely free terrified of them and you wouldn't think of them like i saw jimmy kimmel crying on tv shows like wow jimmy i want to show you some videos on shows videos of cecil killing babies has apparently there's a video of cecil actually care the actual same lion interest allegedly it might not be him target yeah it's also condescending to the people who live there like him in their farmers there will like www you're allowed to be old theory about a lion it eight sub damn car
how's overtime like or like elephants it just stopping all over our crops so yeah let's say them absolutely but we should have a little bit more empathy for the human beings who are they to ya well the human beings here's the other one the poachers the lives of poachers ok now let's not the i am not defending this guy exactly sure what happened here several different versions of what that guy did and some of them are according to book there they're they're they're fine and legal debts not the only lie in that's ever been killed like this with a collar on it when the lions are off the preserved area its legal to kill them that's right not saying you should kill i'm just saying if they're not there but here's the hairs but they look at him i think the right difference right here's what legal to kill as much as you want poachers people they kill kill people there every day then when they have these hunting camps when they go out
four lions or more more often its lines are fairly rare most people where to hunt they want to want something to eat with big antlers they could put on their wall yeah like gay kneel and or gazelle or someone was launched when they go to hunt those occasion they'll find people that are there and they call these people poachers and what they are dreamily poor people that are they are shooting these animals without a permanent you know they do they murder them there these people on a regular basis friend who went over therefore hunting camp and while he was there they the people that with shot a poacher shot a right in front of there was a man and that man and a gun that was like they have make shift guns they have a isn't it your gun but they dont have real bullets so what they do as they create a bullet with like a piece of metal they find pieces of metal and they get some powder and they create a firing pen and they have to light it like a musket it's crazy munitions
streamlining extremely poor people not only that they in their camps and a lot of their camps they'll find evidence of witchcraft so they have this white powder that define these camps and they put this white powder on the wrists and they believe this white powder it's been blessed by the switch doktor makes them visible so this guy was standing out in the open like right next to a tree when the the game wardens the people that live and work in africa analysed of shot the sky they shot this guy no they do not want to shoot em they fill our paperwork or they don't sometimes it just freedom denying us and this happens every day this and all the time and because they devilish huge hunting preserves right sees preserves might be twenty thirty forty five was an acres maybe more enormous one of em my friend was onset it took eight hours to drive from one side of the ranch to the other suit nobody enormous piece of land and in the snow
if salon you'll find insanely poor people and these insanely poor people have nothing there's no it's dry there is no supermarkets there's no no one no government support is no where for them to go so what do they do they d take a risk and they go try to find animals to kill in these hunting preserves and they get shot and they get killed and no one gives a fuck rights the economic the fund the underlying problem here is the economics exactly right the end is not the case that some people say will look trophy hunting you may not agree with that but the fifty thousand dollars a person of spending can then go into maintaining a preserve that actually protect a whole bunch of of lions now i'm a bit so if conflicted about that because there are only a few tens of thousands of lines left right even even fewer elephant setting there is some areas depends on africa that some areas where they have their call elephants they have too many
yeah i bet i mean that again that's because of the encroachment of cities and more uniden losing the summer to be a habitat you might have a lot of elephants in a particular small area but over the number is going down dramatically across the continent yeah yeah i was reading a pace the other day that was saying you know within within fifteen or twenty is entirely possible there won't be any african elephants left what would the brutal sub perforce or forgive me for anybody listening but louis through has a great documentary on those goods and i heard ammonia shows where i mean i'd run a huge fan of louis nausicaa i've seen that episode a couple times when one thinks it was poor that shows there is a lot of animals that are on the verge of extinction that are now thriving because they live in these giant hunting camps right that's really fucked yeah and that's what guy rhine the honey camp said when louis was kind of confronting him about this sea listen to me abrogated every gas clocked here
it's an intense moments how incredible and i guy saying that woe like this this guy's like he's just at his wits end soap wreckage surveys was coming on facebook about the about sessile alliance and trophy hunting and everything is he's a big animal rights guy and he'd superposed trophy hunting and he was saying like you know maybe this is going to find something better but would you allow some asshole like shoot a cancer patient if he was willing to donate a million dollars the cancer research that's not how so how works if why doesn't they also just don't i if he thinks he's doing good deed to fair lion conservation donated fifty thousand dollars and then just don't kill align well but by his he doesn't want that he wants a lion in his house so i can climb on top of a jerk to it and that's the whole point and i don't know but he like then it comes back to what john runs on you ve had him on the shot you say you ve been publicly shamed guy s love that guy
though i bill hated does the best johnson impersonation you ever had bill hider agenda and shot appetite on her first live couple weeks ago and for some reason who is talking about what books they like i remember how it came up india and china but tat was like i'm really into johnson those and i kind of thought that john was my special little fetish i think you know he's not like an a list in america lisa and throw that many people know him and then billy it was like oh yeah just listen to the audio book of his book and i was like i just listed the audio books of his book and bill had to starts going jim lair it's brilliant generals oversight but anyway what happen to this guy who shot the lion reminds me of it if what john is always on it that about like so he's had a shot of his dental practice there's like a saw that there are signs of abuse a lot of the dental practice his business has ruined he's had to go into hiding
mean is that fair like should you yet he did a shitty thing i completely disagree with i dont understand like trophy hunting einstein hunting hunting for mate but on stand trophy hunting but we all pylon and we all love being so self righteous and so sanctimonious about it at the same time once again as were eating all those pigs it have been tortured and people buying into chicken burgers that have been that that's another tool it animal and when the moment there's something with a big big fluffy main and it has acute now like pretence that name cecil in america is that cecil echo in but sessile better assess national meal yet as its also like if the big the lions name was like gough something i think they re out as i've said sessile is the cutest day no one is called sessile has ever done anything wrong this cecil though is like a cool black i'll hang around pooh halls la rise you know cecil can hook you cecil because it like
maybe the throat cut may was those where the pronunciation difference comes from does it come from african americans that's interesting i don't know the wind there's a lot of different words that they pronounced differently in england the attitude we of course in spain definitely like tires of the one that's always bizarre when i read like english automobile otto magazines yeah or t why our yes i think that the idea of this killing this animal for no reason other than you want to kill it because you like killing things is what freaks everybody out i know that this sociopath could go over there and kill these beautiful things and that's that's what makes people are but going on right now why this guy did this is people are killing it's all over africa look here is really fucked up this is really fucked up there was an hour hold it said the jericho cecil's brother had also been killed by line and everybody was like oh my god i can't believe this we lost erica this is crazy to jog has got a name and then they
said always ate and also alarm worry not it wasn't jericho it was just some poor bitch ass line that doesn't have a name that unlike this cannot highlights what vanilla was saying the air is matic megaphone you give them a name and all of a sudden there's something significant about them they there they have a personality like simba that's right that's right i had so i'm i'm out here and allay this weekend doing an episode of my new shall i just launched a podcast which is the panel of like three three comic sitting around and about the news h wake was com it's called we the people live so people can get you should follow us at w p p underscore alive on twitter and much work map already when you just got off the plane and people have done we have likely there their brains ulysses s clever enough they'll be able right have you so that you need to call my twitter and my facebook and written comments unanswered rams well or youtube that's the land it as the pit of stupidity
or you can go to w teepee livestock is the other plug a very good luck now but it's it's great it's a lot of fun so we had great fitzsimons on the on the show last night and i we were just got bunch people together in hollywood and fred stall who was a rider on site followed and i ve no fred did a jaguar circulated to saying about sessile align he was like it's like if one like had intended like someone accidentally shot bruce willis but they could all we're gonna be shooting like gregory maggie and they like i'll fuck i didn't realize i was shooting brutalized what else can be killing this other random do you'd still be like no you'd still murdered a guy right does metal there it's jericho the look like shit in the lock and eva way culpable people were upset that jericho died another not upset because it was an unknown line so no one is calling for the head of this person and shop is unknown line was stupid we're very stupid but we're also ruined by media i really believe the media depictions of animals and when you add value
voices to them like zoo burma we that i was in you you do you do for with people's reality i think that we're not designed to take in the media really dont believe that the human body in brain is designed for films and i can we sit down there and we watch some epic movie with lions like there was movie called bears degeneracy that movie at that was a data documentary where was it was all over it was there was another one called cats right that was recent her and it was about big cats yeah they don't show what the fuck they really do and the bear document that didn't show the bears killing cubs their bears kill cubs like that's what they like to eat it's one of the reasons why female bears are so aggressive when their round their babies here that's it bears the disney nature film bears yet they didn't show that mail bag has come out of hibernation and they go looking for cubs yet first things they try to eat i mean
not sure that i buy your thesis that things like animated movies like the lion king screwing up but i do definitely think that if there is something which is a pseudo doc three like what you're talking about like ban something like one movie that i and i can get through milan twenty minutes of it was much of the penguins i don't want that about it probably tank we had it i was angry about it why while there is a bunch of it one of the things that you know that that the remaining for life and i was like in that they made for life in their monogamous unlike first of all the limit for a year and like i could do that second of all day they look exactly same it's not like one penguin is jenna jameson penguin the other ones are rosie o'donnell penguin they're fucking penguins what's the point in cheating just pretend your cheat i guess if everyone was just identical twins riot bulls also there was a part in the moving this really did happen when i watched it
was watching there's those leopard seals that feed off of the penguins and i don't even know existed even those are real animal until that moving this is amazing piece of an animal with these huge teeth and like well i was like this is incredible all these things a bow and there was a family in from me and my mom was upset me that i was happy when the law bird seal was eating the penguins unlike what but though the penguin it's fuckin slaughtering these fish the hierarchy took there's a leprosy over there look at awesome fucking incredible bees so what about the leopard say like doesn't have a right to live as not its meaning and all forms can we have the star which is the penguin is not march the leopard sealed jobs right that's what i hated about it it was this it was it was a way of it was a total anthropomorphized nation if that's a word which millions of love penguin life it's like it's it's portraying ms basically humans in little costumes right and it's it's creating holidays moment
clearly made up relation it would be like you know you'd see a shot of opinion walking away and it would be like jimbo wandered off you know with a heavy heart to think about how to think about how he just been jilted but you have no idea what is probably wondering over there to take a shit is trying to find sufficient eads get three brain cells be hanging around so stupid little bird yeah so i think there is i think like companies like disney probably should be held to better count to be more responsible about indicating to children the reality of animal life ropes mcconnell sunny dont want their kids to watch like poor this video jamie lion killing cub male line killing clubs i put this up on twitter and i thought twitter took down but would actually have i retweeted somebody else tweeted it and the guy who tweeted got attacked so hard that he decided delete as tweet he just like father the lot joe is just too much but the reason why he got
trouble is because this line is killing cubs its is this is reality and it's not an isolated incidents like alliance screws is one on and baby killin rampage this is what they do when a lion takes over a pride one of the first things he does after chases our guy pledge him when the first things he does after chases out the male line is kill all of its babies of course and this is what's going on here it's genetics i mean i interviewed richard dawkins recently as well and i've got another event coming up with him and in october which can be cool and here he wrote the selfish jane meaning like the unit of pollution is not the individual and it's not the species it's the gene now that lion is killing those cobb's because what better way to make sure that its genes end up getting passed on and prevent spread out in procreative through the the exactly pride does know better by making sure that all of the other babies from the other guy
don't go i mean he's just finding instinct that's why wouldn't you this is part of the picture and again i am not in favour of killing lines and that people say this a cecil by the way i dont know true i mean how china i don't i don't know but they cecil has been studied mean these parvin oxford study or was yeah i know the virtually the head of that study the oxford guy fascinating stuff looks differ because he's younger in this video and apparently when they get older they get the black or on their main i don't know if it's true but but bottom line as this is also part the picture so it and by showing only the beautiful aspects align with flowing mean why king amongst the cubs that are his and the female lionesses you don't the actual whole animal you don't see the things you also don't see the reality of the poaching and what these people go through that live there and they in it it's it's easy for these huh
in wardens to murder those people that are trying to survive i diana is so much more disturbing here but then there's this big question i mean it says the there's the ethics of actually taking the lives of these animals and the hypocrisy of loving dogs but not pigs and of aiding chicken but then gone crazy about sessile align but then at the the day i always come back to the fundamental fact that we are living through one of the greatest extinction events in history has been unleashed by humans if in fifty years time we don't wanna live in a world that has no lines has no african elephants has totally polluted will overfished what is where you kind of tyranny workers is somewhat mercury in it like we ve gotta find ways of dealing with this and if the poachers a part of that problem i'm not saying you put a bullet in there big others some see with approaches that are being killed in africa though most mean there's
different types of poachers his poachers in africa that are killing ellen and for their ivory n it this is the most unbelievably brutal aspect of it when poacher kill elephants for their ivory of ivory that they get for those get like four five elephants if they kill i think they think there was a big story a few days ago they killed five elephants and they just chop off their tusks yet there the bodies to rot they got like two hundred dollars for those tusks and those tests on the black market worth tens of thousands of dollars but that's fucking crazy this is not your but you're also talk about people that are just some fucking spread we can even understand the pain but there are a lot of desperate people where law desperate people finite or doing they are born desperate their stock theres many fearing that environment i have a friend names austin ran and he will be on the park ass soon again has been on a few times he was and still is in emma fighter but he was
over there on a trip and met some pygmies and edges was in the congo and fell in love and just was like i need help please people and we ve been donating money and they ve been building while they built sixteen well she's people older they bring and medical supplies are doing all these things to help these people but his that that though the feeling that he got when he was there is like there's no one helping yeah they have to do anything they can survive these people that around these hunting preserves that they're calling poachers a lot of them are just trying to feed themselves there just there's no where to go there's nothing there's no options and its legal to kill those people the idea that it was someone legal no it is legal in africa to kill this is not legal people yes it is it might they might turn a blind eye to eye on my own on iran and its always it's always illegal the killer noticing how have you is not yet i'm telling you it's not really it's not in africa a poacher you can shoot a poacher when they are on your property and its legal you fill out paperwork and
done and it not only that but he was being done by what they call proof they call them professional hunters but there's we gain wardens so if you were you know if you were in montana sale u r l content and you when you shoot an animal you have to have a tag for it which means in the inn in state allows shooting tiger poachers on site offers money to informants yeah in india lies on old eight in india right yeah but the abbots essay thing it's not is not uncommon to be for it to be legal to shoot poachers but that's cause they're down to only like a few thousand lions are few thousand i was in the end it might be the even less than thousands might be like hundreds of law of tigers in india but point being it's it's not just legal like it's done every day every day africa is so big mozilla thing the people need a we we have this perception our head
something like america are we know what life is like in america so we expect life is like that in africa so of these people are over there in forgotten their shooting lions these are terrible people we who did this insanely hard place to live and saying we awful place in a lot of ways many many parts of it i think people that then we will have any illusions about what africa's like i dont get away do anything i do the only time we see africa on the news is when some horrible horrible ship goes down a when born i was playing some something some charity concept to raise money formatting if anything and we have friends who live in nairobi and there are lots of things going on i mean the bill melinda gates foundation is doing on lots of stuff there are lots and lots of entrepreneurship cell phone have check have revolutionised the continent because all of a sudden people are able to likes and a text message to the market that's three a three i'll walk away and ask what what price in official rise again that day and they can actually plan instead of just guessing like this there are alike
good news stories in africa not downplaying how terrible it is but the idea the only way that you can survive on the continent of africa is by poaching is biting an ivory poacher these are up and running i reproach who are saying food poachers these people that would these whether again shot me game preserves a lot of them are just honey gazelles or something along those lines right rice hunting for food they have nothing more i'm saying is i know all these stories i'm aware what we stores are read them all the time but i think in less you have feet on the ground and africa unless you actually go there and experienced at first hand everybody that i've talked to that's been there so it is another world you might i'll be on them all but the moon damone you can be on the moon is well on the azure like guy i think i'd know the information but i think i am internalized nets but what happened to my friend justin when he went there is like jesus christ i gotta do something and he has struck with it because i dont think i think
don't you get in i think the information hits the brain stores it you know one plus one is to its like it's all there but in less you are there i don't think you could truly understand what what that places like yeah but thats publisher so so caught up in in our own little worlds i mean especially in this country is america so big and it so easy to have to maintain judges live inside of the american cultural bubble essentially that it's not it's u have to actively proactively try to seek out other sources of information and other experiences though it is very easy to just caused along here and now when you think about the rest the world it's also kind of ironic that the last big lion store the came out of africa was the editor from the game thrones ago pulled out of her car by a lion she's taking a photograph of it and the lion was like who i think that's an open window just drove into the car and literally pulled her out in front of her friends and neither screaming and and and the lion killed her right in front of everybody and that's what they do they fuckin killers their natures clean
chrome anything with a wimp anything that though like it's easy to take out of the thing they didn't even eater who they just killer whose killer guph taking pictures like shocks like the gazeta that surf fanning getting those creating attacked by a great white at length the the whole point like so shocked i like what we tastes like right when they were thereafter big fatty seals that like scrawny humans world senior and so they'll just take a bite to see if they like us and then they'll spit us out but if it's it at nine foot great wide then that little taste is enough to kill you rip off your leg or on also so i've always felt especially as an australian where that this is constantly just in the background of of your mind as a possibility tat could were always at the beach like
i would prefer it if they actually like this so at least one of us is how hard i wanna ride order it's that it's just the ignominy of bay of both being killed and then also the shopping like i don't even like it fuck you sharp will they they are the ultimate cleaner crew they're just dead but the eyes black marble for eyeball love em comes i was like a shock nerd as a kid i grew in books about sharks and would always yet i level because i dont really go in there i don't doubt serve but apparently sir in south africa is like fuckin jogging we're lions live like good as yeah south africa and south australia both at the bottom that is great whites like you know who waters and that's just way find himself fuck that fuck fuck fuck fuck that apparently there finding a lot of them off the map
coast right there seeing them on a regular basis end summaries and north in northern san francisco that area they breed out there i have a buddy different alex ross runs us shark works which is actually a porsche men like they take pushes and modify them in a college that's news company shark weeks is a shark fans a freak the attitude of theirs like they did they breed out there right i can nor the other great somewhere gather like what the fuck it right there the goddamn month that's a good thing that war is called side there that many people swimming in them it's goodbye there's a video of them taking a surfboard and pulling it behind a boat and south africa justice there is one area that is overrun with sharks and as they pull this surfboard behind the boat these charges pam just hitting the surfboard knocking it up near you like what amazing who wouldn't love em it's like a lion feel at home
girl who lost our arms programme be really to launch into him did did did you see this this petition that they ve got just have this is from le fail but it just pop my had a lie about the this nineteen year old hid who who had sex with a seventeen year old girl who had told him when she was fourteen and she told him she was seventeen and now and so he went to jail and now he's on the sex offender registry for twenty five years and not going to be able to have a career because he wanted to do software engineering and is part of his parole he's not lead to on a computer is not allowed to earn a smartphone figures his classic it is a petty file even though she was physically mature he thought she was seventeen her parents lobbied the judge and she ll be the judge to plead and say please let this guy off but he but instead the judge through a through the book at him basically saying like you should understand that sex is supposed to be a meaningful and like the experience between two people who love each other you shouldn't be hook
up online like this why yet where was moralising it was in can we check of is either and it was in the midwest somewhere i think indiana so now there's like a hundred fifty thousand signatures on this petition to try to get this guy off the sex offender registry you can there are people in search of a registry who does united in public yeah i know a guy did that he's a ballplayer apparent that's the story at least right here outside any took a leak outside of this bar and apparently it's close to a school causes were then you know ex around a feat of a school they got caught by these cops and they he's a sex vendor for exposing himself yeah yeah like white here i hid his the stats i was looking at this yesterday so in six states you can get on the register if you hire a hooker while in in at least a dozen state songwriter donating hookah hooker
hooker era a closer look at if it sounds like a cheery settled how successful the latter hookah debbie and yet i inherited make me out to be a monster debate ribs of remand nineteen for sex offender richer for twenty five years zack anderson nineteen met a girl online via hook up up a hot or not last year on the ab girl says she seventeen o o she's actually fourteen zack travel twenty miles from indiana home too she again and slept with her he was arrested at the girls mom became worried about her whereabouts whenever this this petition is jamie find out where it is and give it out online yeah fill it out how things to change dot org thing awesome i signed it i mean is poor guy we secured man you're not first of all the day it's so hard to tell the difference between fourteen and seventeen it's so hard how do you know there's girls that are fourteen that look like this eighteen you got us we're i know you're the guy
the girl was twenty five who looked like she was fuckin sixteen hundred on people very young wildly and in their appearance if your nineteen you don't have a whole lot of experience and judging that shit no that's right psyche fuckin gotta wrong or drug der any that like this is that the judge first of all they should take came and drag him the same place they drag that fucking surfboard just take em and freedoms the sharks and savage had been gone on a lot about this girl to sake as you like that guy ba great he's been andrew yeah i haven't i love a couple of times and he's aiming to his ears point is like what their what their legal rationale is there for saying that six is supposed to be this meaningful thing between two people who love each other in social using hot or not yes says who so the old judge and the prosecutor that islamic job the one he was get laid there was no hot or not ladys and we would probably mean that he losses virginity at forty two probably fucker
there are never has maybe puts a robot on one judge it got caught was had some sort of masturbation device underneath oh now caught me i hear they caught him in the middle lashes proceedings use had some like fuckin pump on deck asshole that's great i'm wearing one right now there's no i'm having such a good time to my mother i welcome that here but this guy is a judge ok supposed to follow the law we don't want his editorial comment on the nature of civilization whether not people shouldn't should enjoy sex recreational ain't that right that's what he saying got nothing to do with with the offence at hand having any time a judge says something like that you fuck you you're not judge anymore because you're obviously lost your your your balance you ve lost your your effective either someone we want from you here we want from you to be in expert in the law as its written and then the law as its written is supposed to protect people now protecting anybody
well that's right and the whole point of the sex offender registry and then that kind of stuff is to protect kids and your take parents from predatory potentially violent repeat child rapist right i mean that's why dealey what that red vendor registry should do hat who what kids it protecting not prosecute this nineteen year old does anyone seriously believe that if he has a smartphone at any point in the next twenty five years or whatever it is that he's gonna be like praying upon multiple fourteen year old girls who look like the seventeen come on the whole thing's disgusting it's it's this madness that someone thinks that they could dad i ever have a theory about that and have talked about on the show before that i think that one of the main problems that we have a law enforcement and with police and even with judge and prosecutors is that it becomes a game becomes a win or lose if the guy gets off you lost if the guy if you convict him you scored and i think we have is built in thing about playing games and eyes
i think that a big it fits very keenly into that dynamic that we have about winning and losing and i think that's why you can find some sort of a justification for ford leaving evidence for planting evidence like that guy shot the guy north carolina jobs the taser and remember that show the guy in the bag and dropped taser yacht his body in the park here i think there's a lot of that word its they they get locked into this trying to win thing in some people cheap like people play pool thy movable we are not looking to cheat because if we want to win like it sire hetty play pool yes but in your trying when you're a cop you also have a quota you know adam this guy on mike would whose a former police officer in baltimore whose enlightening these two how fucked up baltimore is and i fucked up the police department has now crazy it is over there but he is like
you get in trouble if you're not arresting people so no one could commit crimes you're fucked your money as a cop gazette like that's bullshit he's people suck yet you can't be that it ever cleans up i can't be thy hey you know what baltimore just became beverly hills and everyone is like this nice old rich jewish couple it does knew anything wrong and no one not knowing commit crimes so we could just relax really likes a fire department sit around and wait for something to happen instead of being forced leg of the fire department had come us how many fires you put out there i wasn't there was no fun fighting fires exactly right that's a good point right so there's it's a miss alignment of incentives basically because the people who are supposed to be doing the cracking down on crime actually have an incentive for there still to continue to be some crimes that they can keep doing the cracking down yes almost reminds me a little bit of like the military industrial complex way like the pentagon the defence department is supposed to be about
defending us but if we don't have wars to go into than they kind of redundant exactly actually good for them when there is a war ironically yeah but you would expect that the people who are like who are trying to seek out security would not be one it was because wars are bad things yeah i think the old all dynamic of how we operate is flawed fundamentally on so many different levels that we just sort of china patch it up and keep moving and i thank you megan analogy about this hunting thing mean it is kind of fact the you're talkin about conservation the best way to conserve is to get money from them being murdered mean that that's right what you say and yet the best way is to go over there and there was an article in half post actually today that
reading and i was caught a laugh and about it because it was wrong on a lot at different levels and it was about hunting for conservation and that this model doesn't really work or that it that the argument doesn't hold up and one of the things they brought up was that three and thirty five thousand that guy had paid to go and shoot that rhino and went what that right now there were similar this rhinos endanger these rhinos are endangered yes but that rhino was in unbuyable male like he was old and he wasn't breeding anymore not only that he was killing young male rhinos end female rhinos and so they had targeted him for are they going to call him there kill him anyway so the reason why this guy was able to spend so much money shoot this endangered rhino since they were gonna shoot it anyway and they said look at weekends there is a tremendous amount of income and he i had him on the progress and he said the amount of money that he paid was actually small and the reason why it was small was that all the negative publicity actually fuck
up the conservation aspect of it because there are people that would half a million even more for that rhino and they didn't because they were scared of being having their name thrown into the pool rasselas corey knowlton guy whenever they are spent three and thirty five thousand dollars did everything legally and he was in a lot of ways just like cecil just like this walter hilda yes he saw so that then that brings us back to like the social justice like twitter storm thing right in that year action your ending up with an inferior outcome to the outcome that you could potentially have because article who could pull off the best outcome a soul fraid of us all jumping down their throats on twitter and ruining their lives yang them into a justine sacco but they're not gets too like woe is that really the only way you can save these rhinos the only way i can get three nine thirty five thousand dollars you have to have someone you have to get some guy who wants to kill one say ok you're killing
how much money paradox but what are we gonna pay for fifty thousand alone will enable rhinos i think this is the way if people hate this idea of hunting for for conservation if they hate this idea the best way to stop it is too really wrap up conservation as efforts like to really really ramp up the idea of non hunting for conservation yeah and to tell people look we can you can generate dogmatism blade apparently with this guy was they generate some insane amount of money on i want a quarter because i don't know from right but i read various mouths but i think it was like two hundred million dollars a year just from hunting just when these people coming over there to hunt and someone said well that's the only three percent of it goes to conservation that's probably right but it still reaper set of two hundred million dollars where the fuck it is that's a lie goddamn money for people who have nothing over there how much good they make from tourism life for people of looking at the lions that's good question in that
i think maybe the solution and a lot of the situation but also another thing that has to be carefully considered that at least in some areas in some places you have to manage populations of animals because of you leave nature onto its own nature will wipe out animals as well nature doesn't really give a fuck about like wolves dont care if they wipe out all the elk really don't care there they don't have it in their mind they have it in their mind what can i kill and eat whether its dogs or whether its elk or what it whatever can chat tracked down and kill so united states the problem and allow the western states because they re introduce wolves and they reintroduce walls and there's really interesting video about it how wolves or changing yellowstone national park and exhort highlighted the bid the positive aspects of it the negative aspects of it or the elk population are getting decimated because these are not used to balls didn't develop with wolves and the wolves or within the last few generations is wolves have been introduced here and they wanted to keep them within
certain population they want to keep them then you know a few thousand walls in the whole country would have gone way way way pass that and so now they want to start hunting these wolves and they do hunt these walls in some areas but they are all these people are freaking out about the the walls shouldn't hunt these walls or you have do you dont like you you have to make its population because if you dont then you have starvation than you have disease and then you of them encroaching into livestock i have a friend who lives in northern bc british columbia and he is a hunter up there and he also has cows his neighbours cow was killed in the middle of the night by a pack of wolves he said you don't even know what terror is and when you use weeping your house with your children and he said you have gone ass windows that protect you from the wild are you not lived in a fortune we live in a normal house and you look out the window and you see twenty thirty wild savage murderous wolves tearing cow apart in front of you
screaming and cheering and ripping this thing apart and they'll do that your kid add also low do that to you don't do that to anything they get ahold of they don't have morals there there idea is to stay alive that is their programming there the other day and if you're not manage their population your foot so in that area you can kills many wolves as you want right right we're let me tell them every day it all comes back to this misconception that people have their that nature is that a permanent state of equilibrium and the we shouldn't tinker with it because there's some some something kind of fundamentally precious about a particular state of of nature but the reality is almost all states of nature in the world right now have been impacted by human civilization already so as you say like the wolves the reason why we have to reintroduce the wolves is because we killed him in the first place
send the relationship between the number of elk and the number of wolves is already out of wax and we need to be able to manage it it reminds me a bit i was talking about a marine biologist i think i was in like tonga will fly specks south pacific nation token of his guy about wailing and i was talking about how opposed i am too wailing i think we should be killing wales he was like you know what because already have killed so many blue wiles and humpback whales all a big beautiful wiles them key wales which are the only ways that are currently being killed by the japanese and the norwegians on our crowding out the the big away calls from having their populations be able to come back up so it actually from us an ability standpoint you may actually want to have some culling of the milky wiles which are the sort of little shitty wells clearly very ugly stepchildren of the way out of the way our species because their eating
plankton and their reading all the stuff that the blue wales and the humpback whales could be using to resurrect their populations guys and in australia the people crazy sometimes especially not australians about that kangaroo cows but you gotta kangaroos breed like rabbits they go out there you'd kangaroos to bring down there population so that i'm starved to death sometimes beguiled many i have a good body his famous hunter adam green tree in australia and local what he explained to me once really crazy is they brought over certain animals they brought over certain animals than they had to bring over certain animals to deal with certain animals one of things they brought where's rabbits and they just fucked up man they fucked up just terrible they have sent only whereas it is it will they brought over they mark hain't rabbits yet right said the private fox has to do with the rabbits would they didn't unanticipated foxes killing everything else groundless birds so there did their their destroying these ground nesting birds and everything i think you know they didn't like have a mission so like they programme
their dna say ok you foxes are only attracted a rabbit right go kill rabbits foxes kill everything also kill a lot of calves they kill like they did one of things have foxes love to do it's a horrible death they they can smell and they know when a mother is about to give birth to a calf so they wait until it coming out and they literally pull it out of her vagina and aided in front of the mother and that's what they do they do that but dear they do that with you know anything they can get ahold of just a part of nature and they're they're having a real problem that the fox population is just booming earlier they ve set up these crazy fences they ve higher these contractors abilities enormous fences and australia try to keep the rabbits out the promise it takes a while well the fence azure build an offence the rabbits got in and they just fuck like rabbits in
defence and other rabbits are over there too and they don't know what to do about it and they got out a handle it it's just you know that reminds me so new zealand i'm half new zealand my mom's unusual in there and i was just back there a few weeks ago my grandmother passed away she was a hundred so like congratulations to her eggs and ate it that's right our markets to fuckin oh it s right i mean mitch being a hundred anyway we a better one interesting about museum and in terms of all of us that conversation around pests is that his possibly the only country that actually has the cat ability and a major movement to do so to take itself back to pre to what the ecosystem was before humans arrived so they like a key we as the bird not the fruit shortsighted and flightless bird that just one is around like new zealand is just
as with all of these really really evolution airily dumb animals like it at that but that don't fly which when approached by a predator just stand still in the hope that the predator isn't gonna come after them which worked prior to the introduction of western species but now that there are foxes now there are like always which is not a great survival tactic to just stay still while a foxes is come after you so this is massive movement in new zealand now wit which my uncle is heavily involved in the prime minister is heavily involved in to action genuinely eradicate all of these small mammals that were brought in by by humans when they came so it's such a group country there such environmentalists and new zealand they really really get their hands dirty with let's stop this super super natural about everything but it's fine his in the rest of the world if you environmentalist europe probably an animal lover and you probably maybe not a blood thirsty person but the key
is the new zealand is just so blocked this because they love killing small mammals like it's almost like a part of your patriotic duty until i just have to upset all over the place they go out and is just like a bloodied old fox with its smashed in by a trap and then god we did we did our jobs the environment today it's great while there hunting magazines in australia there really fucking weird because hunting magazines in america they show legged dear or elk like some you ought for food you know like look this guy got an elk boy that's like five pounds of me that's amazon or hunting magazines in australia have those as well but they also have guys holding up foxes and feral cats and my friend gave me a copy this magazine owls idea fucking dead cat senor magazine a treaty cats like my cat but this is for these farewell man the other feral they didn't make the cut they didn't they didn't make the tea
there are other second trying to hustle here the killing of the birds killing all those little flagroot words in killing all of the rabbits and killing all of the anything else get ahold of yeah newsy also has a lot of invasive large game species is one of the big destinations for hunting like stags stag is a type of l similar going out and its enormous beautiful majestic creature but nothing kills them i don't have any big that's over there like we have in america we amount lines we have bears those i'll kill the calves like the bears kid more than fifty percent or as much as fifty percent opinion we ask they are moose that are born like as their com now it seems the fox do they find the mother as its giving birth and they literally kill the calf immediately need its when their favorite things to eat so keeps up relation low the sort of a balanced to that but they don't have any news
so new zealand ages have these free roaming stags just massive and have no predators so it's a huge hunt destination so people fly sixty hours they go to new zealand the runaways animals and you could bring the meat backs can bring back hundreds and hundreds of pounds of this insane the delicious stag meat and it's one of the big hunting destinations in the world and you can kind of trophy hunting is everyone's those antlers as well but the meat is like the best meet in the world's incredibly delicious and so good for you a rich nutrients that it doesn't get like that you know that the college i shouldn't lions or not should also it's not like stags or endanger they have to shoot em don't even have to have a license it's fucked up you don't you don't have to have tags like in america it's hard to pull a tag for an elk like sail in new mexico new mexico is like prime elk territory they have these enormous elk in new mexico and they it's just
majestic and where you can get lucky and get a new mexico elk tag for hunters like while i'm gonna get i don't get you have to sign up for you you get it's almost there's a lottery and you get picked save like a hundred people suffer tags maybe like ten we'll get a tag and so you like trying to get a ticket to the opening ceremony of the real olympics are something next year so that they might have to apply and then you gonna one in a thousand shot if being except that you ve probably more and also in the same way you probably also give scalper to give buy sell your ticket molly scalp a tag rider that we haven't had let market for only in these a black mark i think it's legal like outfitters get a certain amount of tags and so that they can sell their tasks like twenty five grand some exorbitant rate do like that twenty five grand you could fly first class
john you turn screw the ten sixteen hours that's long flight drive to new mexico you have your own car sleep intent my friend from australia actually came and hunted in new mexico he flew all the way from new mexico ironically and hunted in enumerate or fool all the way from australia hunted in new mexico road this big story about it cool but so it's complicated king of the of how good the the stags taste like the i'm i was amazed i'm always amazed when i go back to new zealand about her swim missing out on great progress in america just because of the proliferation of gov industrialized farming and end the dearth of of grey natural food i mean i was when i was back in new zealand of state is little bed and breakfast had these eggs for breakfast is just too fried eggs like the yoke wisdom bright red and stood up like more than an inch above the rest of the egg and the white was just perfect was of flavour and tasted like an egg
is it in years and years like where these comes shipping or just poverty on the road to we have a few truck animals and we just picked up this morning they just fresh from the back yard that's what that's just all i'm doing is eating an actual egg we haven't had an actual egg in ages when you go back i'm going back to new york yeah tonight on a red eye shots giving them eggs i have twenty chickens get eggs every can i take eggs on the plane i don't know they let you watch you not come from another country i'm see ragged show you an image my instagram of how incredible the eggs about jamie you find that but yeah my eggs are illegal dark dark orange beautiful and its because my chickens run around free retsina thing when you see like vegetarian fed chickens like you see the grass fed chickens you don't want that chickens are for can dinosaurs they they eat everything the aid a lotta bugsy i fed my chickens a mouse yesterday i didn't want to but this is the
store have already told the pie gas all tell as briefly as possible because it was that i was very conflicting about this i came home i was on the road and my family had found a wounded hawk in our yard and this goes back to the hierarchy of animals argument and they found it an ad hoc something was wrong with its wing it's broken wing and it was a juvenile hawk is it was you know you two hundred cell but a small so they picked it up and put it in a box and they wanted to feed it they had to get it to the veterinary and on monday but their traffic what wildlife organization save these hawks so they said but we have to feed this thing with fair feed it so there was a pet store this open cells pinkies which our baby mice and so they fed this hawk these baby mice and alive over the weekend they they gave its water with an eye dropper and then was one pinky left over and my daughter one to keep it let's keep we have to keep your honey this is not an live like it needs its mother's milk the mother's not here doesn't even came
see it's only a few days old i was amazed it was still alive and i said i want what what are you doing what you got to do something about this until the two options were taken to the pet store and give it back to the pet store which they're going to feed the snakes that's what they sell them for they sell them for food or i give it to the chickens and some are mined and wounded chickens to kill it like a hierarchy of animals like you just you just feeding these fuckin things the hawks day ago like what the hell so you know we men executive decision besides i was gonna be the ones on the killer i go on fitted to check and say open up day there's that some of my own delicious ceiling at the highest level the collar on the yoke the air like you don't you don't get that from a supermarket now so that goddamn l you could tech hats off to whom i died
this morning i had some of those exact same that's exact i have that all the time with a residual bread or have an egg sandwich but so i put the pinky in the chicken of this big cute chicken coop with all twenty two of em run around over there it's like an army hundred square feet but it's an enormous chicken coop and where do you live i live on the birds i live i would coyotes dear my art and ethnic but i put this thing down for a second i mean one second and his chickens drove on it there murderers or fuckin dinosaurs and they were each other's face to steal pieces of this this little tiny baby mouse from each other rights goes back to the hierarchy links and when you said when you said that birds at dinosaurs you made me you see the story about how the hub scientists have now sequence i am of woolly mammoths yes which made
that within the next ten or twenty years we're gonna be able to actually recreate willie memphis and bring them back should we want to china they're gonna do in china just another they recreated like arrests and all these weird city you ve seen that eleven saying that oh my god they have these ghosts towns in china with every created famous europe in cities and no one's living in them they i dont know what fuck they're doing like an eiffel tower in china they have everything they it's so bizarre look at this these these this is a real recreated city in the china now and there goes towns there's no one living in them i mean i did know about the ghost but i didn't know that they will replicated off other included your city china's replica of paris pagoda that paid jamie because it's fucking insane and there's a lie people are unaware that it's an ear depressing ghost town that is an exact replica of paris go to full screen if you would given that even the apartments look like parisian upon their exact their exact it's it's insane
and look at the battle of line the eiffel tower you can see like that there are like just regular skyscrapers in like a neighbouring city yeah it's really really really strange and they have just done it with paris but like this is this is abandoned this is what really talked about why they abandoned one of my people moving it oh i don't think you worked right i had an idea to build something and have lunch we will move in but never does like why regional aid to look up to force people living i think there of slowly but surely becoming more capitalistic well i mean were given to let them know less authoritarian they're having a big crackdown china it's much more authoritarian and has been in the past couple of decades yeah millions of like anti free speech and is forcing people to do whatever that one of the beijing want them to right you're right but capitalism as far as their ability to earn money certainly that's a apparently a huge issue that's in china now is the haves and the have nots and
how bawler everybody wants to act and behave in its become a huge part their cultural flashing and having the finest of everything the finest bag in the finest watching the finest if you are in our view a ceo of accompany you must have a home that is bigger and more grand idea anyone working for you or the other competitive companies that are other also see owes you have to have the biggest of all odds incredibly consumerist china and though i read an interesting pace about how different cultures spend their money and one of the points was that chinese japanese big people japanese jive cultures like totally different japanese in japan people want the money that will usually put it towards making their home as nice as possible so that you go into a japanese home it's it's beautiful outwardly people out so obsessed with like flashy things in
china people living in absolute shithole if it means that they can afford like the best watch or the best car or like the best handbag so there's lives like a more kind of outward consumerist almost like you say capitalist style can overt consumption conspicuous consumption rather than just sort of furthering their nest the way that the japanese home bodies do i will introduce like a repression thing like her response to repression sort of like catholic school girls like girls everybody knows i grew up created a girl that was in catholic school when i was in high school and she was a freak such a freak and it was because everything was like you're going to hell sex is bad and you get that girl and she was just bought bananas barker yeah i think that's good what happens when you could be the repression in own supporters daughter
shit what are also coming from a much lower will also come of a much lower place so i mean if you know if you're dirt poor and if you ve just had in the past couple of decades be your big boom then i suppose you want to show that you are profiting from it more than a country like japan which has basically been rich since the six yeah they like a hybrid of like a communist and a capitalist state right now there's sort of like while they know i don't think it's vertical capitalist because its best capitalism should be about the free exchange about entrepreneurs unreliability of individual human beings to start their own businesses and to trade with one another that is still not the way that the chinese economy runs but i think what alluding to is the fact that they are repaid justly pro money yes and desperate to annex to enhance their their economic growth as quickly as possible so it's not like there mao tse tung said diana when someone someone said that the reforms that he was bringing in or maybe wisting shopping said that the reforms it was
in what kind of capitalist he have more of an allegiance to communism he said black cat white cat as long as it catches mice clever bastard why not only so good at same thing that there is no good saying sitting alexander soon is art of war we read that shit today like dammit that dude nailed it right so you they want to make money thank given that give us within its its will you call a capitalism occurs and i think you might describe as a kind of it's almost like a nineteenth century merkin tellest like regime is always like the british empire was something whereas there wasn't a lot of freedom for individuals to to prosper all off their own bat and they were not there was a lot of free industry so you would have like big states supporting industries that for example ran like cartels are only one company was allowed to import cotton into britain or something like that
and then you these cosy relationships between mega conglomerates and politicians and the government i mean that's kind of what is lacking china so it used to be that you got a signed an occupation saying the way the we think of russia or the way that we think of cuba that they tell you hey this is what you're gonna do and so you go do this and you get paid x amount by the state and that's all you get but that wasn't good for business but you gotta give people an incentive in order to be to push harder and to innovate and i could get a they have no that juicy watch is like dangling from that string like a care in front of them that's what makes them push that's right where they locked up and that's where they sort of sea they see that about america like look these dummies work all day for alexis is want that car so bad and they see that bilbil as their driving home in their fuckin shitty handy not that hundreds of shady by the way now like
i should really nice now the great i was in one this weekend in brazil and i was like these things are like fuckin mercedes now you know what i am drive here here i always out of key as is being like crappy it's fantastic about anymore i got an upgrade like it the avis guy gave me an upright on africa's i'm some elite thing or something or some credit card or whatever their end like all have agreed a clear mike what are you kidding me you have right at me key out thanks a lot body some are great maybe the worst car in the world now it's great with this is the golden of automotive engineering i all car are so that boom they ve learned so many lessons from the past few decades at all cars that the dna states used to be known for having shit cars agrees to make shady fuck cars we made really cool looking cars in the sixties and then further twenty years we just shit all over the people that were buying cars and you to be like a martyr to buy an american car like a japanese car was cheaper it was
better engineered it would break down less animal for most of automated history your talking about like starting in the eighties or something i think it was a seventies from the seventies arm in the gas crisis hit nineteen so i believe it was like seventy three seventy four can muscle cars in american like big cars like the cadillacs of things people look really loved about american car so this is what signified america you know when you saw not about automobiles you talk about those big cadillacs ensure smooth cushy rides no one was making those in germany knows in making those that was a true american product but then gas beginnings insanely expensive and that once the gas as is hit america's started making for cylinder mustangs that looked like shit and everything just fell apart they ve there were really unreliable then the result the issues with unions the issues with automotive
means a union workers want to get paid a fuck load of money and i had a buddy who was a union employ in detroit and he told me my colleagues to do it and it was so ridiculous the demands the union's had and what they were able to achieve in bargaining they would have a job that one person could do easily eight hour day job but to people take that job you did is how to be a two percent job union demand so what they would do is one guy would show up four hours a day and then he was gotcha four hours a day she had they both punch in but one guy would like punch in nine o clock and he would go fuck off for four hours and then he go back the other guy would relieve him and now they would then we s which offered and the camp the car companies would have massive long term liabilities right because they have like pension programmes that word defined benefit pensions instead of defined input pinch onawandah that that that may not be the correct economic way of saying it but why
dead if you put into your pension and then when you were tie you get back what you put in its we will pay you x amount for the rest of your life like a form of security i mean it's even more weight than such good he is like a form of guaranteed corporate welfare for all unionized employees for the rest of their lives after they retire yeah there's a lot for a company to be able to bear and that's why they moved dollar things overseas man that's what happened when they started just shipping everything season and ironically japanese companies starship in their things to america like a lot of hunters are built in america a different japanese companies i don't know how the fuck it works now yet one of the biggest stood like mitsubishi plants in india asia pacific was in australia like you why they don't industry and an anonymous about some sort of a deal and how it works south korea came online and started making good cause like round eyes and the key is now the hand eyes are fantastic there there
their luxury one that they make that one that looks like a mercedes a sort of ripped off mercedes design yeah what's that require certain non us on it what is its non aligned treason genesis acquisition yet near them in but i've i've heard you talk also about like the muscle cause of the fifties in terms of with that i still in cuba and still were running right i went to cuba over was this pass news now like to a year and a half ago incredible saying like cruising around havana all these all cool like they love those cars and they still guy tanks they call them yeah become yank tanks could there they built enormous metal fuckin buildings could drive around and those fifty five chevy in things long lines yet ways it with a wild yes i do you think the american what our industry is ever going to be as innovative as it was back in the fifties and is ever going to rule the coop it's gonna be real tough to rule
the coup but they ve made an insane come back the new american cars are incredible i drove one cadillac escalates thing is a marvel of engineering the entire screen the entire dashboard is an elsie de screen elsie these green the controls the dashboard elsie these green that controls and navigation everything is magnetic i control seek over bombs and it's like butter in edible engineering like the car is beautiful a ride it's an enormous car but it rides like a small car driving those big cadillac ask lays that's it feels like you drive mid size car that's this is what it so i can look at random gorgeous stake these take they took it up a hundred not i mean it's an amazing car i almost bought one came close but i'd want with alexis and because lexus as they go while their based off of the land cruiser
in a land cruisers want the best platforms for driving off road actually have a lift press a button and lifts the car up so gives you more ground clearance on the lexus of the language lexus is the same cars land cruiser lexus lx five hundred and seventy lx five hundred and seventy a dot m is the same exact car as the toyota land cruiser it just a bit they called lank razor and drag low more fluffy on the inside and more pretty or on the outside but i'm an idiot and fro i am raising my want of apocalypse happens and i have to drive on earth i need cars are driving undeterred among those dummies i need a gas canister car no forefingers you'll be landed on the other side of your face when there when it happens when it goes to shit now when it all goes to shit if a meteor heads i hope it hit me in the head i hope the meteor here my house and i hope this does not even know about it i dont one what's that whistling sound
i don't wanna be that guy that's like they're there like a proper that's right here right now in your fuckin a hold up china's take little cat nabs oil than a shotgun da cause you weren't sums gonna come steal your canned peaches yeah than ato and black guy that but then i also don't wanna be completely unprepared like other i don't even have an emergency alvin manhattan and i don't even have a little bag with some like granola bars in it and some fresh water in case we get hit with a dirty bombs something in that stuff i have that stuff i have i have freeze dried food i have hundreds of pounds of frozen meat to thy hunt like if i can keep some sort of power on by general your sore i have food for a long time but that's not why do it i do because that's what i actually do eat and yet really prepping for doomsday in terms of those that those cars being so sophisticated nowadays i was gonna be a guy from i think it was gorka who was involved in em in eight
like a test where these hackers encourage him to get in the car i think a warrior lack right and then they they hacked into the like the obligatory all was a g was recent right really i shouted offshoot so that yet now aim is turned off the side a row that's right so you could have like imagine if you have hundreds of thousands of a particular type of cod around in america and because they're all wife enable and there also have got their own satellite and everything you can have hackers hotel so just need a wealth of some kind hack in and theoretic you mean they can certainly slow down the car they constantly make the car turn they can certainly screw around with it in some way but if they could make it speed up to item sixty miles an hour and then vs sharply to the right you can we kill a hundred thousand people like that like that will that's the argument for michael hastings
that story right remind me michael hastings with a journalist that was writing all these stories about generals i key had taken down he was one of the guys it it had taken dedicated mcchrystal mcchrystal pace long find out about it but his name now michael hastings or his car he had actually it was was taken down crystal peace here he did the mcchrystal that's right so he did that and he was insanely worried about his safety yeah his talent able like look if i went dad i didn't go myself just know this well he die because his mercedes barreling down son said going at a hundred twenty miles an hour running over the three ermine been like committed suicide and not only there the engine flew from the wreckage like various are there that's that's the video the car and these cars today so fucking computer controlled there's some
gadgetry and stuff going on inside of them that there are many that argue that not only has this been possible for a long time but they ve been doing this for a right time he was a good guy he was a good report i was with buzzfeed well there's a lot of people to believe he was murdered yeah there's a piece of peace here and no new york magazine which just chatted jamie who killed michael hastings reflexively distraught for economic powerful enemies the young journalist whose mercedes exploded in los angeles one night couldn't possibly have died accidentally could there's a lot of but i believe that that will also he had apparently had crystal meth in a system but here's the thing a lot of people that work really hard and debt you long hours and are involved in journalism they take admiral ok and after all and crystal meth fuckin kissing cousins there almost executives
i'm not saying that he wasn't really on crystal meth and i don't know how to look at the toxicology examination but they could have been lying about unjust who could have been admiral at all so fucking common there's so many people it right at shit especially people that are deadlines and they need energy due to push through something pretty common in journalism so the ideas all you went back on the drugs was on our only drove into a tree man or method no treatment may not not necessarily who knows who knows but in speaking of eta did you see the the story this week that the electronic gamers association is no start drug testing as so larry videogame has again every drug test five million of these four for pay days like at all i mean did i had a conversation i have to live with the head of the other of that what is it the chronic gaming association it's something it s our bathing yeah i saw had the like the prince that honour or whatever and a bunch of of game is unlike some sports psychologists and sort of ethicists about this
like it so weird why we object to doping in the first place like it gets very complicated like i understand primarily on care at all right that's right that's what spot of this whole thing because he made those comments said and they like are we gonna crack down it will that's like cracking down on comics from marijuana they start drug testing kommeni clubs good fucking lock you know a great fitzsimons said last night on my up my wonderful podcast that everyone should listen to day all jp live done what is it w teepee law innocent underscore and somewhere in their widow they handle w teepee underscore alive onto it who has doubled teepee live on twitter that's a good point what the fuck some asshole who i'm gonna put other possible somebody else has exactly why would they want it is somewhere between people and if you want to get on our mailing list you can email info at w teepee live dot com with great saying the geographic fitzsimons might anybody the great gregg fitzsimons was with
saying now efficient ways are always talking about about after all matter all comic clubs pot oh yeah that's right he was saying like if you if you were gonna that will take lance armstrongs metals away it was like if you took away every award the ill prize that you give to people for something they did while they were on drugs there would be no grammy's true bright a true mobility other great joke about it we now know that about drugs about every in if you want to stop drugs like a take will all your albums throw them away yet if you hey drugs all those great songs and zat bland doors all that shit they were on drugs thronged what do you think about about doping has i think like alright let's allow you brought rosa because jeff and of its key who busted lands armstrong is going to be on my podcast he was hired by the ultimate fighting championship do you have c is trying to clear up a sport and china by hiring the most knowledge anti doping guy ever the guy who busted the
co scandal in lance armstrong and all that stuff heat that i had the most fascinating conversation with him in brazil we were at a bar and we were talking for over an hour about all the different said that they're using now to get away with that's my man gregg i really enjoyed talking to him and he'll beyond soon and really empathetic in and sympathetic guy you know he's not like some evil person is just in like some fuckin jack lie take down the criminals he's he's a guy who was sort of seeing both sides of it and one of the way in one of the reasons why the people cooperated with him the gonna go after lance armstrong yes people will say like all right we'll lance you know that was the reason why spent what lands on strong it is bad is because its own affair well leubronn james is genetics is unfair right i mean
frank that i now feel better after having two cups of coffee than i did an hour ago is unfair me to allow jet lag and shit but over two cups of coffee and for our brains i'm taking right now different is is that stuff from admiral amid isn't it all just degrees like maybe we should just the lap wipe maybe just allow doping i think certain extent as one of the real problems and lance armstrong was that he was suing people that work accurately talking about his dr evil z a busted and he was going after them and trying to ruin him he's a cop epps lately and that lie or at the latest pathological leirus doesn't even but that's but that's less interesting i think than the question of like whether or not the laws that he broke should be against the rules that approach would be against the rules in the first place that i agree with and also there is also an argument that the tour de france knows us had france i was very impressed i'm very very good to be misspelling tyres with a why they they say that that race is so gruelling there is an argument that it's actually healthier to do with drugs they do
with drugs actually allows your body to recuperate in a way that you'd be brought king it down and you would be susceptible to rob dome mile losses that something that those crossword people get a hostile pissing looks like diet of your siena now oh my god it's awful went way people have breakdown of there muscle tissue and then you're a year earlier but your body starts processing it and it comes out your urine like four marathon runners habit i have a buddy runs ultra marathons when he says when you done you p its black like soda like coffee so awful and she's your bodies is you kidneys mouth shooting everything's shelly i see i mean i'm not the fittest guy in the world's better and on the way out of that's for sure i am not the fittest guy in the world around attested yourselves i have not tested myself i could be that's a very good point out of might be but i'd think if you're doing as strain
or if you like run a marathons good for you good feel america but if you're pissing black embodies telling of the issues we do that while the without doing is there just trying to push past all the pain and discomfort and show mental toughness and that's what was to be inspiring as you know this i ran like my buddy cameron hands he ran hundred and six miles in twenty four hours does a twenty four hour race we had a one mile coarse and he did it a hundred and six times in twenty four hours he any came forth place didn't even fuckin win some dude ran like a hundred and twenty six miles is insane so that's crazy how can it no animal worth animals that's like i mean they delay by check to think a chicken third place what is generally outages you never know i just being angry you might have like you know
running out of fuel of eight neuronal equivalent of fifty iron man transplants and fifty days and fifty states to promote fitness among youth oh my god but is that fitness in the meantime you actually doing good for yourself if you know a fifty triathlon and fifty days well body has the capacity to do that kind of work and my body doesn't so the argument and he's my more fit you better than me his the argument is that his bodies more fit than the average persons body but he's deftly not doing so like my friend who did it cameron he did it couple months ago and he said he has recovered yet see stars and recovered he said when he runs like a still runs but when he runs is still feel he's not backed baseline to where he was times raw feces exhausted and you didn't even come first now second his leg his leg swelled up he said almost twice the size they normally are yeah fuck all that
yeah i'm happy here i'm gonna be a pretty soon without whiskey and air and we just go hard right fishing village with spark up a joint endeavour definitely have a b i think you want to hear the four illogical what happened was met a beer want a couple of beers great look at five ten i must really and if as there is of course context five every astray and has to start drinking have as their news whilst it sounds good to the law we got a few good ones we get that what is thy beauty like a dark beer butte port yeah i love that stuff yeah i i i it is a real good argument that coffee is assessed you're not a stimulant helps and if that why not after all and all marijuana allows you to see things in a different way and if you can do that and i maybe right something better marijuana helped you write that
thing that's not exactly just your creativity it's also the marijuana yeah and they weird thing is when there are drugs that are not actually performance enhancing but are also banned like marijuana will be banned in sports where it clearly wooden actually give you an advantage like which ones are any kind of athletics what is probably not gonna be enhanced by narrow and has actually we wrong there actually showing especially ultra marathon runners their showing that marijuana does have a significant impact on ultra marathon run into one and i just can't i coordination sports what about the aeroplane sakharov something about how to we'd better went out to that's worth hazily now would you jitsu is a big one jujitsu really really really common for jujitsu guys to train on marijuana manufacture i'm better jitsu when i do marijuana that i am one i'm sober how i can still be bad high is farc real highs fuck to the point where i can't even demonstrate techniques are trafficked forget how it works or homes
see i'm only when when you're in it the sea when you're sparring the idea about sparring as we had this stuff this is from new mexico this is really good i can take it yeah i'll try the new unto the gnome newcastle and i'm not gonna sell trash thanks jamie but the dear that it allows you to get to this sort of zen state where you flow so the things you already know they think it's not that good fertile learning stuff but its ash i think sir what a gentleman he opens he opens one hands it to me and then gets his own what a good man i do i was raised i chose you were sir you were the ideas that is not good at learning stuff just goes in and out but the stuff you already know that's in your system that you already have train down you know it's like a part of your you're sort of seattle illness muscle memory and away as required of guide of it if it yeah like a tennis players patently fine marijuana helps him significantly as well
recreational tennis players will tell you when they get really high they kind of like see the ball better they can move pool players to huge thing with pool which rule you can feel where the ball's going bad the guy's apply they said it gives me a ten twenty percent advantage when these when i smoke putting there are different types of people who respond to the drug differently of course because i mean i'm not you'd pots my girl habit occasionally i can only have like a very small amount to so i get that buzz if i have too much i sought to get scattered and like paranoid and just like a car focus i got do things i can't be creative account follow the plot of like television shows them it whereas i know i've got tons of friends who unlike what that's a month at me yeah will they approach among a lot of pot to affect the exploration the tolerance thing that's real and also the acceptance of the experience i think when you fight the x i have argued pa and that's where paranoia comes in and also i think paranoia is also
one of these americana does a sort of it lowers the boundaries that we put up in order to get things done i we're boundaries like theirs sort of blinders you put on that allow you to get through your job and get your car and drive home to your family and not consider the massive amount of variables at the world creates gear or that the world presents and also space the fact here on a fuckin giant four thousand little round ball that's going a thousand miles an hour in a circle and hurling through infinity when you smoke its or unveils all of these possibilities and potentials and freaks people out well i dont get freaked out by that i mean what you're driving united take them off certainly more or maybe maybe i just need a better deal arose and i wasn't aforetime or try me sure donovan the plane but smell this no get your heart what you're just christ you allowed how is this medicinal knows how yes i'm patient
while its most gray beautiful rights flower what your ex what you're talking about their in terms of the doors of perception being kind of shot down is obviously yet during normal behaviour strikes me as more of a psychedelic thing i mean i've had some of the most in like insightful experiences of my entire i i don't do them anymore but when i was in my light teens nearly twenties doing acid or mushrooms and having sense of sudden complete awareness that you are on a rock that's going around this star on the outer edge of aspire alarm galaxy in a cosmos that is so vast that you you cannot comprehend it we are have evolved as a species to not comprehend it into not focus on all the time because if we actually thought about where we are and what we're doing and how many things could be thrown at us at any point in time we'd go crazy emily i wish you wouldn't even bothered like eating you feelin while working in eating anymore because emily would seem so so kind of trivial
and it does too many people i have a lot of friends in the courtroom quote psychedelic community live their lives around did the time they do psychedelic and then the downtime in between there with a sort of processing and gearing up for their next psychedelic trip and for them just that's their life it's a part of your life like those those crazy trips in those realizations that is a significant part of their existence and what's makes makes life wonderful to them and then its people like you say headed it before i don't do it anymore yeah well i mean wonder if there are also like none drug related ways of getting there like i know this guy get out her appendant dues who's a hindu chaplin's the first hindu chaplain of columbia university and channel yeah so he hinduism religion but a chaplain
which i guess he's the religious authority at the university okay so its designation by the by the university yeah he's just a hindu virgil teacher in new york lovely guy and he is just you know you can it's like the dalai lama something right you can just since this awareness of like him just being on another plain he has not bothered the same trivial stuff that distract us he is clearly communing with some kind of level of existence that is beyond the material and i think that that is sort of similar to the mindset that you can get into with psychedelic why think yogurt can take you there if you do the right kind of yoga i do i got hot yoga like a big rooms teapot yoga and its great for the body israel in this a week i think it comes you down i think it there's something to me when i do a lot of yoga outside i got in a car accidents and we re ended my expensive germans porch car and i
yeah ok they had it wasn't even madam i should have been probably upset that this guy wasn't pay danger texting where the fuck it wasn't slammed in my car and cost me a shitload of money but i wasn't i attributed doing a lotta yoga that weak and i think it comes you down i think it something in me there's a reason why those skinny indian do it's been doing that shit for thousands of years i don't think there has been it's like a hobby unnoticed stuck but coon bellini yoga which i dont practice but i have friends that do have a friend who teaches it in boulder and she's she's a firm advocate of achieving psychedelic states through this practice you get up at four o clock in the morning and you do these breeding exercises new either you want us sit in a certain correction and like it's all very ritualistic but it's also based on the idea of the circadian michael you sort of interrupt your sleep cycle in the cycle of the earth and you you do these
stimulation exercises that supposedly activate your pineal gland which is the glad that's been proven to produce die metal trip to me which is the most potent psychedelic drug known to man and its related in many ways to psychedelic mushrooms there a similar in their chemical composition and we know that you know these these psychedelic drugs that the brain produces if you can take them and you you extract them from plants narrative system thousands plants you have these insanely profound visionary experienced she says that you can achieve these states through meditation and through kindling yoga i d i doubt that are not done any get get out or a booby meditates two or three hours a day that would probably explain why he is the type of person that he is you get into weird places when you do that well i do i do a lot of meditation in isolation tank i haven't i but i've been wanting to do
you don't wanna tell me when you tell me when i get up my boy i'm not here i'm so connected to this this this community law really had community you put me in touch with something we already had a good good there must be going out the word right now and we will get messages on twitter i guarantee there's places in europe but when i started talking about this about ten years ago more maybe like two thousand too there were very few of these now they're all over the country yeah and a lot of amelia making videos and talk about it i've had one in my this meant when i first started talking about it the float lab where i got mine from which is in venice which is the finest float tanks in the world's next this guy in austin us also amazing one but they were basically like almost on the verge going out of business neither opening up new locations great new occasions over the country of the world in fact a lot they have as their option like how did you learn about this jargon is like one of the options
i talk about it so much that's great i just i just think it should be something that everybody should do its is an amazing form of meditation it's amazing relaxation your body it's an incredible way for your body to get magnesium because it absorbs it through the through a skin the mount the epsom salt it's one of the best ways your body can absorb magnesium and it's a hugely important muscle recovery and for your health and wellness and relaxation it's an incredible experts all right you heard it here if you don't look if you are a float tank person momentum new york that organised crime is that put out the worry or some will put it on twitter damn yeah i think tank yeah that's it the idea that we made it they use me oh there very oh that's perfect i don't even know this well that's new york ok dig up great so new york aspire dog com flotation hey how about you reach out there buddy josh zepps and hook em up
if you listen i reach out to me send an email to info at w p p live dot com and my producible possible stalkers gonna say yeah this is the place to the draft that fortunately manasseh who will go through that's gonna be ploughed all over the floor in some fuckin dexter house you when we were talking about the size of the cosmos and like how mind blowing all of that is it reminded me did you say about this billionaire who has just invested million dollar cantata alien yet another not talk to listen yeah to listen in they just needs mushrooms you can meet aliens in an hour an hour in twenty minutes and it would be there so he's got like stephen hawking italy's advising people on on board too it's the biggest injection of cash to the into the search for professional intelligence in history i fear
like hawkins just like ok look you want throwing money at science i mean that's really what it is yes to science and if you want to innovation you wanna meet its great it's a great thing i personally think that there's this two very distinct don't want mean as many but there's two that i consider all time one of them is that this is it now we have achieved is exceedingly rhetoric incredibly rare and that if the universe is thirteen point seven billion years old or whatever the fuck it as one started then it's entirely possible that it took long for something to come out of it like us and that we are at the front of the one of the other idea of conscious life were the only that we know of on this whole planet that's not just conscious but conscious and manipulated environment to the point where we can change the whether we can do all kinds of crazy shit like send videos all australia instantaneously if you're an australian i'm here you can send me a text message or the photographic smiling and i'll get in a couple
we could be having the same conversation we're having right now ripe yeah really really clearly and that's just madness that's man i thought it is entirely possible that we are as advanced as intelligent life has ever gotten ever and the entire universe and that all of our searching and longing is really just some alpha chimpanzee thing we're always looking for the daddy you now am i oh god or it might be a king or it might be a guru or something were always looking for someone to show us the way because we know we don't know the way it's it's possible is entirely possible that that's the case end you're right that life got started here pretty much as quickly as it could and evolved into a sort of cultural level of consciousness as quickly as you would expect it to given natural selection so it's true that we could be at the beginning we could be said of the that the first intelligent conscious species
in the cosmos but the fact that life got kicked off so quickly and the fact that we emerge so comparatively quickly might also suggest that its work into the kind of fabric of the cosmos that this is that the because if it was a really really really really really rare thing than you would have expected the earth to be a dead gaseous ball fer you know tens of years many many more billions of years and was so i am not convinced by them also you might be underestimating just how mine bogglingly huge the cosmos is and how little access to it we have like the fact that we haven't found anything yet doesn't mean anything i mean there are a hundred billion stars just in our galaxy said a hundred billion sons just in our galaxy and there are billions of galaxies in the universe everything style that we see in the night sky is inside our galaxy and of course that's only a tiny tiny tiny fraction of a little corner of that galaxy and then beyond back out
see there are innumerable other galaxies like the idea that we are as council in this area the great scientists like if we're the only intelligent life in the cosmos that is an awfully lodge backdrop like libel likewise it all let no one saying that we're not where the only will the idiotic there also is the theory that the universe is so incredibly large that not only is there an exact replica of earth out there but infinity which is what the universe must be infinite is that not ie is their inexact version of earth out there there's everything that has happened on this planet in exact same order up to me touching that microphone right there has had and exactly down the nanosecond an inch a number of times throughout space that's how big the universe is but that doesn't mean that someone's ahead of us
mean that doesn't mean that but it does mean that intelligent life is very likely scattered throughout the entire cosmos but it doesn't necessarily mean intelligent life has reached a place path where we are right now necessarily mean that but if but but i think that you would be well advised to believe that it probably has just because the media is usually a better assumption than the extremes rights arming the likelihood is that when not at either vive either of the very very extremes that where neither the very first nor the very last civilization just statistically if you too would tossing a coin you would expect our civilization to just happened to be closed somewhere on a bell curve in roughly the middle that's just a less anomalous statistical thing to have happened no certainly i mean i'm not deftly not decided on it i think it's just a possibility it's a possibility that this is it
this is about a smart design things ever got never in the entire existence and pressing is progressing or not or pretty fuckin cool like we're the bars of the universe yeah maybe this that this system that big to put up with this russian billion is money i was looking at the at exactly what it to be able to do so astronomers it's gonna be able to examine one thousand star systems for any finally radars being used is apparently right there is a good way of telling that someone is is there have invented it and it's gonna able to detect a laser with the output of an oil one hundred what light bulb from twenty three thousand billion miles away that's the distance of the nearest us twenty three trillion miles away though be able at spot a laser with the watch edge of an ordinary household bulb what i was going to say about the other possibility is the other possible that is what i believe we're heading towards right now is that we are heading towards a virtual universe
and that we are creating something with the possibility of artificial intelligence and the poor ability of living inside of some artificial reality that they have created that your brain interfaces with it there's gonna be no need for travelling anywhere or no need even for the type of carbon life civilization that we currently enjoy and there were it won't exist anymore and we're going to create artificial life and others artificial life is the next stage of evolution that will we are is like some sort of a cosmic caterpillar that's gonna become a butterfly it's one of the reasons why we're so obsessed with you shiny brand new laptops and innovation beautiful materialistic items is that that is the mechanism in the fuel behind creating those things are obsession these new or a better greater things is fuelling the creation of these new or better create greater things and there also we gonna leave to artificial intelligence yup
i wouldn't you want mosque is terrifying tat i was just about to say look at what are you a mosque and also stephen hawking saying about out of and you know sam harris who i knows befriended of yours and i'm a huge fan of sam's spoken him on help us live about this with the idea that really not understanding the potential of create artificially intelligent systems that self improve in a way that they end up getting so exponentially more self aware until are actually outsmarting us and they have in every mean the full sense a sense of their own existence in the same way that we might in the same way that non that that biological intelligence does that is good be a game changer the likes of which as you say i mean maybe biology just yet anguish or maybe we maybe we end up bought and i would like to add an item i'm kind of agnostic on the on the question of whether or not we could ever upload our consciousness into a silicon based
four attitude item for that i'm too dumb to make that you know and we have lost our guns that our aim of those little singularity thing i had a chance to talk to him for a long didn't interview with him for cipher i sat down for him with them just mean chatting about this for about an hour and a at the end of it i was fairly convinced that its inevitable fair convinced that i'll is if you look like this the invention of the wheel and then you look at the cadillac that we just showed today and or the pretty elon musk sake the tests his new insane tesselated has its all electrical zero to sixty in less than three second yes fucking in saying these things we ve created and these are just the beginning we're not gonna stop there we're not gonna go yeah i think zero sixteenth seconds that's good let's stop right there we're gonna want to stop it isn't there a he's making a philosophical case as well and this is where it why us i am agnostic about it because in they may nodded philosophy
the university and one of the big thorny questions in philosophy of mind is whether if necessary to have the biological substructure other of a brain in order to have a mind right could you disentangle those two things could experience of me feeling like myself and like i'm alive be disentangled from the biologic reality of my physiology and the great stuff in between my is cause wiles assumption which is basically has taken on faith yes you could disentangle that if you could replicate all of the data that wearing around in my head right now as i'm saying these words and i'm sitting here talking to you if you could take oil things are going on all electrical impulses all of those neurons although synapses and you could replicate that in a computer then that computer would be may and it would not just seem like me it would feel like me like i would be i could actually be uploaded to a computer and you could kill me
body and at i would be existing in some really meaningful since i would be immoral i think my link that is attached to the idea of me of us entirely attack to attach to the idea of this even being a good structure i think we are so entangled with our chimpanzee dna were so entangled with our are monkey needs that we say did these her i would want to be downloaded into a computer and that computer would be me and i will share my hopes and fears and dreamed why the fuck would you want those gonna have like youtube haters that are in our art official world that we created are we gonna recreate them in the exact same way god among the trolls when you're actually inside the computer we're inside the matrix for that's what i'm saying like haters and and and jealousy and anger and misplaced fear and homophobia and ended up there
hatred of you know xenophobia all these different bizarre the angry things that we have that make up a human being all these nationalism all these different strange things that we sort of just become inexorably attach due and our cultures that we're trying to eradicate we never seemed quite you all those things are a part of the monkey body right but that monkey boy here's what we're trying to save we're trying to save that and downloaded into consciousness would have weakened purify justice and remove it from emotion removed from biological need and even sex you don't wanna things that freaks on about aliens and not that i believe in aliens but the the iconic image of the alien is always sexless theirs smooth they have smooth genitals they have no muscle there totally undefined and i was a male or female navies enormous heads what is it possible that we have this iconic image because we kind of know and understand that ultimately
the only where we're gonna transcend this monkey body still move past all the needs that we ve sort of medically associated with being alive being alive i've means you know you have to i gotta find food i gotta be a proper i got to make sure that have can foods and i've been water what if it goes down i gotta stay it's all stay alive stuff it's all lie it's all about them binkie body and that's why people wanna be sexy i gotta get my lips down the two skinny what the fuck you know crazy shit that people have in their brain is a lot of it is monkey body left over stuff i think that's an interesting theory about i the alien why the model of the cliched alien is like that like a more in other words a less advanced conception of of humans is like harrier it raises a most unpleasant to this right dark skinned with features that what kind of monkey like or something then the more advanced bibbs conceptions
civilization is white man his tools everything if you extend that if you extrapolate from that than yet more hale ass i suppose less prone to sex was driven by animal desire it's also it's a huge factor in religion i think we're religions a so called hung up about sex because it's what link this is what makes us animals bright and i don't want to think of us as animals that anything thus as being divine we attached by the spark of god in a way that no other animal is according to religion so you gotta wash ex because the end and gluttony because those are reminders their wages primates while the depictions of god he's always ripped presented and he's always wearing a role because he's modest he's
reaching over and touching people's fingers going a giant traps right yeah true garlic so all that is his son looking zone great on the cross beaten to death and he's got apps and really white for a guy who asked for a guy was living in the middle east two thousand years ago but skein of neurons wire of wool bullshit they the other possible a black planet chuckie was right data that leave that god beautiful dude unalaska tiny little doubt on the new rob that's what i'm saying just not even i mean wife and draw you might make him an alien with no genitals people back down just had little or dicks bizarre possible it's possible but i always just that that it's the modesty of the artists like a kind of change the frame of of the picture of god reaching down and touching man if man had a massive sh longest hanging down his leg yogi distracting fittest giant john holmes hard but look out
the muscles are these guys like these guys have to be fuckin cross fitting all day as well as being divine mean a guy on the left is doing a lot of fuckin weightlifting nodded a regular body that body as someone is picking up heavy shit all day long because guinea neck a basin urban choked maybe isn't a psycho knows how to get out of a joke little dicks guinea neck but giant fuckin buys absolute as for arms he does a lot of that is a lot of weightlifting for sure michelangelo's sealing the sistine chapel that is a bizarre image of god being supported by cherubs house how weird people are legion tansy guy subject i noticed that not he's got a row on that other dummy yale tiny dig god looks and if i haven't really noticed this before but god on the ceiling of the sistine chapel looks a bit like moral streep leg maelstrom
with a beard because i think he's kind of got breasts and is wearing like a nice white robe he looks like old american actor and i can't remember is fuckin name with its job and has a little being maybe maybe anyway anywhere on the out of you just get in bed at one girl though holding go back the picture look at the world it's in the crook of his elbow she's very dark and hater later it's like that dude that do get all the love such the doing shit little dick facing like she's not filled with love she's whatever on that on that question of the evolution of human creating like maybe maybe computers not effect intelligence at the next stage and maybe that's maybe the universe is full of like artificial into just that isn't sending out the signals that we're looking for when we're looking for biological intelligence remedy ni right out anymore made it i think i'm using lasers because they're all in in in computers the other
possibility which is similar to that and which is very depressing in which i particularly like is that once a species becomes capable of destroying itself that they usually do the like you can't get by often like no you're not responsible enough to be able to handle the kind of industrial scale destruction destructive capacity that we now have with nuclear weapons and with coal fired power plants and with all of our ability was so successful as a species that web successful to destroy ourselves but not yet wise enough not to do so and maybe that's a trap that lots of space fall into as they try to pass through the crucible of going from being ordinary animals to hyper intelligent self aware animals but then on the way they invent tools that they aren't yet mature enough to be able to handle properly and they end up women themselves up what certainly possible and if we look at the universe is being infinite the infinite possibilities exist as well
so probably all the pitfalls like all the things that we avoid allay the cuban missile crisis maybe they didn't avoid and maybe they were wiped out and maybe they did toxify their atmosphere to the point where they didn't recover for hundreds of thousands of years and mutants eggs barely made it by running the hybrid wolves at a fuckin glowing red eyes who knows what has been done so what kind of genetic engineering has been done on these planets it's been run a mosque and follow every version of the movie away in what version of what we ve in australia with foxes and and rabbits is control nature xx governments have really got all fucked up wolves in idaho them out of control will how much of it it has been done in these other places as well as genetically modified things to the point where there work anymore that's that's also possible absolutely
what sort of staggering to me is getting an insight into how recently we have invented all of this stuff and change the world like this like i was i was in athens during the greek financial crisis just in the week after they had the big no vote it was the weak when it really looked like greece was gonna crash out of the euro zone that what for five weeks ago and i went to the acropolis and liked to the parthenon kissing that's what you do now standing there in the museum looking at always stuff and i was struck not so much by how incredibly ancient it is like this is the birth of civilization item and this is where it all began this is the birthplace of western civilization basically but i was amazed at how actually comparatively recent that it's like i'm was saying earlier that my grandmother just died she was a hundred i can conceive of her life i'm right i knew her it like that's a long lifetime
not inconceivably long as a period of time she was born before the roaring twenties think of that yeah she was born in nineteen fifteen was born during the gallipoli campaign in the first world war but so anyway that's a span of time that i can get my head around you have thirty or forty of those and you back at the acropolis right demanded the birthplace of western civilisation that is not a number that's like the hundred billion stars in the galaxy that i can't write my even begin to rub my head around its not a number like the billions of years that the earth is all i can't write my head around that very measurable understandable thing the birth of lessons have zation is just thirty or forty of my grandmother's long and then think about this but when she was born with no nuclear weapons with no nuclear power when discover any of that stuff right
this is so recent we we have the privilege of being the generation of the couple of generations that are witnessing the the dawn of the beginning of something extraordinarily new aid the capacity to destroy ourselves using nukes and environmental degradation and be the rise of out of intelligence and and computing and also that liberalization you look at that the acropolis and though the parthenon woods it's crazy the acropolis is the building right the parthenon is what is built on the acropolis is the whole thing i think and i think the path is the building am i getting back to front a match but the bottom line is when you talk to greek scholars and they talk about the construction of the building on top it was built on sand but something that was even more ancient they don't you actually no who built tonight actually no who built the platform the fucker was put on and then you go too crazy things like ball back in lebanon were they
these enormous stone things that thousands and thousands and thousands of tonnes knowing who the fuck bill how they build is what they do with these where these things fucking come from and they really don't know and that brings up the possibility that we haven't had a linear progression from eight and to this but we have these ups and downs in there we ve been partially wiped out like is this a series of super volcanoes all over the world and one day one being yellowstone in everyone's terrified of but there's one i believe in indonesia there is a certain theory that links to a massive eruption of this super ok no seventy thousand years ago that is there is and why we all share this so little genetic diversity and they believe that we meet have been down to a few thousand people somewhere
seventy thousand years ago we were down to loving scientist evolutionary biologists can tell that we would down to an office as low as that but certainly i mean with tens of thousands of of people and on our when that was but i remember you mentioned that super volcano lost on ozone this show and then i went and googled it and it was and it was like provident happen like most of the next but sites that i went look that was like this is kind of one of those sort of conspiracy theory things that we don't actually thing but whether or not it was that particular indonesian super volcano or not we do know that there have been periods humankind has has almost gone extinct and we ve just gotten through that no human being who have been in this form for who knows how long you know i got millionaires whatever it's been there without a doubt has been an eruption of yellowstone time period so if their war human beings in north america six hundred thousand years foreigners were cooked and were do or do every
six eight hundred thousand years yellowstone blows and it is a continent killer it will fuck up areas the continent and caused some sort of a nuclear winter effect to avail majority the world except maybe like australia how glad i was tryin passport of my life i'm going to go back to the homepage and new zealand going kills and foxes and messages of the spot because there's a degree but didn't have to deal with what they're doing came dot com that poor bastard can we not dot com you don't know what's going on with him with no that mega upload site try to actual him to a country that is not even from vienna shown that this is a super volcanoes yes top o is an amazing so what we're looking at here for people who are listening that podcast is yellowstone and then togo which looks like it's in indonesia and top o she was a mega volcanoes i tell my uncle
actually it is like a maui i have maui on my lad yeah law school again those crazy faced her to have a tattoo on my back which is about a real a symbol and still taboo is is an old extinct volcano when it blew they were there are writings of people in italy talking about how the sunset is how like the sky is red at sunset and that's because of the ash from a volcano and the opposite side of the world and is currently a crater that is so be it like it's like that you can get a huge like huge like and that whole thing was just a stream of love out just exploding like its did you can use on the side of the lake and you like this car i can imagine what kind of armageddon that must have been back when it was active more our stability
the stability that we enjoyed over the past now several thousand years people have written about means other than what was the one that happened in rome are what was the one that was it yeah yeah i'm pay the palm pay one which is pretty fairly famous because we ve actually found people that were killed and we could see their bodies and others there's an exhibit somewhere where they have the bodies of the people from palm pay the preserved ones on display somewhere which spells we really freaky but that this is that was a me a minor one in comparison the yellowstone they didn't there it is does the people that work fuckin frozen in time and cooked and killed by this distance those are actual real human beings may looks like some claim nation animated thing it's incredible but the what they believe is will they didn't even know here's another thing didn't you know about yellowstone until they started looking at it from satellites they had
idea was a caldeira volcano they need that there is some sort of thermal activity because of all faithful they knew there's some lava goin on under there but i didn't know how big the thing was until they started yet it with satellite imagery and they realize what well well well well this thing is like six good kilometers wide and what it is is a mountain that explodes and leaves this crater and that's what i called areas reaches this explosion right and the whole mountain fly three hundred mile wide mountain shoots love up in the sky and is kills everything everything anywhere on the west coast all this is funny how we have a kind of this sort of cognitive dissonance it comes back to hell we're talking about about like the doors of perception and how our brains are forced by evolution to keep us in a very narrow mindset where we don't think about the reality of what's going on
around us and how vast everything is and so on because i think sometimes about like my friends you live in san francisco which is go is gonna be devastated by a massive earthquake it's just probability sensitive when this too life i mean yes no mind to your mind of san francisco goes away i was not allowed to san francisco goes as can be awful but i am not going to go away is ballet is being go any airline now allies delays are very soon you don't know how much sandwiches go is innovation likely to be to be more devastating likeable more likeable they'd make particular who has put my mouth i wonder whether we are my parents were you any my mother's snoring though it is an illusion contributed with great glassware felt like yours but you know
no this is going to happen and we all go about our daily lives and we don't pay any attention to it because we couldn't because we would we would be paralyzed if we kept thinking is gonna be today is going to be today than we just beat i mean that's ok day so we were forced to go through life not reckoned will not actually reckoning with the act that that's gonna happen and yellowstone is going to happen and all kinds of stuff is gonna go down and is not we can do about them then there's asteroids asteroids impacts of the big one the all the evidence their finding now about all the different impact craters that they have ignored or not not been aware of until recently that the discovery of what they called a halt trite nine nuclear glass that that exists on nuclear tests sites and also made a meteorite a meteor impacts that they ve found it all throughout asia and all throughout our parts of europe from twelve thousand years ago and they think did that
coincided with the end of the ice age at the end of the ice age might have been instigated by massive ass the asteroid and impacts all over the world i twelve thousand years ago amazing that might have been why there is this this really old structures that are sort of unexplained and this a resurgence of civilization somewhere around the ten thousand year mark and that we have this big downfall people start figuring things out again just like if you go back two thousand years from now you know you're talking greece you're talking about ancient rome and then thousand years later we have new york city two thousand years after this meteor earl meteor embarrassing terrible i'm using a wider europe i'm trying to the emphasis on a sailor whether reporter it's u jet last joint along fly ass asteroid adam drinkin and you ve had half be just that i need new users forget nuevo it's not can beer basket but they think that is very positive
that civilization has experienced many of these events would gram hancock is based tremendous amount of his work on and off your where of him but he's a good friend and he wrote a book called fingerprints of the gods its basis on exactly that all this evidence shows that there is civilization is experience these peaks and valleys things have happened that there's there have been some resets has in a simple as people figured out fire and they re not sure we'll and here we today in new york city i don't know if i mentioned last i was on the holocaust or not but there is an amazing cuffs and there's an amazing article about this this sort of research which is if society collapses and we still have nuclear waste ground how do we mark our nuclear waste sites such that a future civilization who has got who completed from us let's be going which has no more records of went on so that they dont go unheard themselves by digging up and so that the actual
a semi additions and like all these people who study the the nature of symbols and of of conscious interpretation of the ways that we communicate and having who have got these crazy ideas like putting up these big kind of straw she's that look like big scary angled polls that get deeper and deeper and thicker and figure as you get towards the sight of whether the nuclear waste is being stored to try to indicate to future knowledge of civilizations not to go in there but then the conclusion that they always reach is they just gonna think i mean they're gonna be interested in it they gonna want to explore it right it's like if even if they understood that we're saying that there is this invisible radioactive stuff if they haven't yet like devised the concept of nuclear power and they just gonna treated the way that we treat the warnings on the pyramid saying don't go into the mummies because they this you know you'll get attacked by spirits but like all that was of mice fun thing for you to say you old fashioned people in ancient civilizations away and i go in an open the tomb anyway and sudden
inclusion was don't do anything just don't could it all don't try to communicate it because human curiosity is always gonna be more money than human curiosity maybe like whenever this future species is their curiosity is gonna be more powerful than any warning that it possibly give them because this stuff last for tens meant sometimes hundred thousands of years yeah we really fucked up that whole nuclear power thing and i was trying to explain to someone who is he's a priest dodge conservative anyway saying how clean nuclear power is relatively and as a deal understand that nuclear power has only been arouses nineteen forty and we already in this brief moment of time we already have three spots that we can never go to their done like chernobyl is done at the eta is fucked you know and the fukushima is full
act that spot is fucked you know there was another when the mile island through two mile i would have three mile embryos niles bad now really factor but that's still three spots that they fucked up already never too not even to mention all the ones that are based in the same technology the fukushima was when they can't wait from down they they they have these archaic fuckin nuclear power plants they built in really understand nuclear power plants have you heard of pebble shell reactors or something like that a pebble let me see if i can find because there is apparently a type of reactor now where if anything goes wrong it automatically self shuts down like it's a physiological thing whether having outskirts called a pebble bed reactor graphite moderated gas cooled nuclear reactor it's so apparently i believe
scientists when they say that there are new types of reactors that are basically melt down proof my concern is listening so woefully irresponsible to do something that you know produces waste that's increase the deadly that's gonna last for thousands and thousands of times longer than any of us or any of our children or any of our grandchildren great grandchildren it could be around and just leave it up to other people to deal with when i hear conservatives or pro nuclear people say well we'll figure it out eventually ok let's not use nuclear power until we figured out there because otherwise you just you fuckin with other people's lives people dont think like though they think short term they just try to make as much money as possible thus chernobyl today theirs rate document or that are washed and plain back from brazil called the merchants of doubt it was yeah we ve ever seen you remember what it is collecting i interviewed the film i fuckin fastened it is about fake experts
centrally get hired by oil companies tobacco companies to poohpooh the concerns and debate them ferociously the concerns about global warming concerns they used to the concerns about tobacco being or naked being addictive and causing cancer and this guy shows that they were when there's money involved they what they do is they hire all these people to fuck with the argument and they re abed coms in all these different newspapers all throughout the country and they constantly hammer so that your grandfather reads ngos i've read a thing today's at thirty one thousand scientists have said that global warming is not real who is amongst those thirty one thousand scientists michael j fox those one of one of the names their fake its if their fake names that and they have michael shermer on his kind of explaining that alone will he's great at one point in time he thought that there was that was nonsense that global warming is nonsense and then he started delving into this the actual data the actual scientific papers and then
realize what is not always there a consensus man made global warming is a real thing but there are no peer reviewed there is no scientific papers that indicate the opposite none zero zilch i ain't the director of that movie on unhappiness live so i did see the movie on a screen upper beforehand and am it there same thing to me was that it's not just the same tactics that are being used in sewing doubt about climate change as well used him sewing doubt about all kinds of other different things you know best asbestos all this sort of stuff it's the same human being yes yes it's this these are perfect it that's why it's called merchants of that these same human beings who went in and fought for the tobacco lobby who then went forth for the asbestos industry who are now fighting for the fossil fuel companies exactly the same human beings using exactly the same playbook using exactly the same tactics and those those goddamned television shows where they have the split screen where they
the host and then they have the two experts debate it out and they have the one person is like bill nigh whose like sort of reach a ball scientist saying things that people can't totally understand because there are low but to technical and then you have the shouting guy who's like facts only three thousand scientists from forty countries have said global warming is not real fact the united states tomorrow and the day have this playbook that they use they have a style of communicating in these short burst because those shows only lass you have seven minutes if seven answers three people they're all talking it so hard to get a point across than in it one of the reasons why i think that one the shittiest ways to discuss the subject totally doesnt surely we lock this is one of the things that i really trot spend a lot of time trying to do in my job which is overturn this phony sense of balance that is required
it's so every journalist and every media person tries to be anyone his good has instilled in them a sense that they supposed to be fair right but that often gets miss kate and especially a places like cnn for example whether trying to be genuinely even handed but what they think that means is giving up referring to the two people at either side of any particular debate that there are some debates where one side is right and one side is wrong or there's a ninety eight percent chance that one side is right and a two percent chance at the other side is right when you to be balanced by just sitting in the middle china moderated debate between those two people you're actually not be unbiased at all you being biased towards falsehood instead of two truth so whenever i have i have a weekly statement about science news call the nerves forum unhappiness live and i always try to ex try to explain to people and experts look this is the likelihood that this thing is actually true so let's talk about the site
then let's not get caught up in this trap of of false equivalency it's like where meat using callback did a bit about no wasn't crowboroughs channel i did a bit sad eyes and in safeguarding then of a single general author is different does he have an english action he has an english new character the quabos doesn't even colbert is human being sir john always nice breeze louder not anymore is beginning postal later right cobler there is no more carrier sir john oliver did this bit where it was like instead of having a pro climate change person and an anti climate change person we think that we should actually be let the proportions accurately since ninety nine percent of climate scientists believe me that they have one so he brings out ninety people come and say there are staring election private profit climate change and this is what the guy is chairing the decline of changed position of these
this is what it actually is like is not one for one it's ninety nine for four one and that's how the media should put right that's hilarious two great idea by the way he had a really is a great idea yeah i do did those shows are horrible because their this how a lot of people gather information and they said they they call it the news in quotes but it's not really the news it's an tame it show and its maritime and show that relies on commercials so you this balanced there's like nuanced perspectives arguments that are extremely complex like we like we spend this time talking about the conservation for hunting argument and no you know that artificial intelligence argument the argument of the arguing about pursuing it all these things are real complex nuanced issues that require long sort of detail the examination of all the stability is not from a biased perspective but from an objective as is humanly possible especially one is real ramifications things like
global warming or nuclear energy or things like really going to fuck up our generation to generation to come like the hundreds of thousands of years now those don't get a drink when you have seven minutes and you have a guy is being paid by these think tanks that's what's crazy about this merchants of doubt of documentary it shows that there's these people that are paid by think tanks and these think tanks what they really are is there these fake organizations that are propped up by companies that are selling whatever the fuck they would benefit from this being passed this being the concerns being alleviated one of them being like this doctor who was paid by this think tank to go in and preach about these flame retardant fabric and and materials they're using two to make furniture and that he would say this story about a woman who left a candle
in the baby's was cigarette wasn't entails a candle she said a candle she left it there was a cigarette story to because of woman let candle in her babies crib and that the bay be because of the pillow was wasting retard leaves a candle in a baby's criminal exactly it was real story it was a lie in this guy had told not that story not just once but several too comes over a long period of time many years and these people start investigating the merchants of doubt go watch the documentary amazement and they start investigating this doctor and what did they called him up did you actually treat these people they looked into his path this background is passed they they did a computer database all the inference had died from burns in this guy's area and found that it was a lie right so they ultimately while this is an anecdotal thing and i would trust track wasn't real i was just trying to paint a story of what possible no you fucking but it because he wasn't under oath because he was
oh when he was testifying he it was allowed to lie about this stuff when they asked him yeah paid for citizens for fire safety or whatever the fuck that's the think tank was and then when a think tank has less than x amount of members you have to sort of schools where the funding comes from and the funding all came from the manufacturers of this flame retardant shit that is called all sorts of problems with children especially babies babies at around a flame retardant stuff the dust from that stuff gets nor long's it gets nor system and they showed like the difference between the amount of this shit it's an american babies first the amount of shit it's in babies in other countries where they dont have these people lobbying to have the shit be put in their there nature i often terrifying i often wonder living in america why cancer rights here are increasing at though that the bright did they are and why fox news tis a cancerous wash i mean something toils hot checks
right he's going something is going on right up that is not happening in japan and is not happening in other countries and i wonder whether it is stuff like industries lobbying refer like fire safety things that are so every time you sit down you catch you just a little bit used absorbing like the tiniest tiny is tiny little bit assumption chemical i don't get too hippy debbie that would like all that stuff that's it our soaps and the dinner just there the number you look at the ingredients on things in their just it's just a litany of chemicals that makes me want to move to new zealand and ate my mind from my grandmother's beautiful eggs from natural chicken and just use eucalyptus oil bathed myself in and sit on a wooden chair think you're right and i think that the argument is pretty clear when you see things like this merchants doubt you find out how lobbyist work and you find out how think tanks working you find a how these people actively trying to get these things they get the concerns about these things alleviated and they're doing it strictly for
natural reasons that said they're not doing it because ever real concern and it takes us a while before we figure it out like solidified some of my babies and that has to have an especially people to get cancer they get rid of asbestos now they're getting rid of chance fats transplants are now illegal well how many fuck people how to get sick pm me how long of transplants and margarine i can't believe it's not butter how long is it have been allowed to go on forever and people have lobbied in lied and and and promoted these things for their own per no gain and profits and it's crazy but it's a real part of our culture it's a real or of our legal system it's a real part of how we will leave you know we create laws it it's kind of scary it's kind of scary when you think about how sociopath it really is just right and i do think that the again coming back to the media i think we have a big responsibility cause i went on the media you eyes i wasn't i didn't mean to you and now i was including got nervous was including may i mean
why didn't you are part of the good part of the media in so far as what the internet is now doing is allowing conversations like this like you say well how can you get in part these ideas and seven minutes i mean you're lucky you get seven minutes on their work tv using a three minutes if you wanna today show you get three minutes was writing how many people have time to listen to a three hour podcast the one point six million to it follows yes now it's getting more now but it's also ridiculous that a former fear factor hose meat heads cage fighting commentator smokes pot all time is the guy they come four informations seems like you should be somewhat more qualified well that's right that's right but i mean when there are like samuel arrests and a lot more that's out there that are doing this as well but this medium i agree with you that this medium absolute awareness of and the problem is that people to journalists and not don't tend to be scientifically literate so when think comes out saying that butter is a deadly lula and monitoring is the answer then someone put out a press release
appear company some money from it from the modern industry and then put the producer at the radio station or the television station who receives that knows that that's a juicy did bit so they vary up and they do a story on it and that's that all of a sudden the viewer is under the impression that this is a settled fact it's not a subtle fact it we're with one study and in three years time margarine it's gonna be a deadly color and bought is going to be good again but also in the defence of the people that were distributed information there was very little known about cholesterol backed and elderly cholesterol each year cluster i was a different what's needed scientific work had still been needed to be done on a lot of different dietary supplements and things it wouldn't want the data wasn't any right but joe scientists will always speak with more caveats than the media does right had spoken scientist back then and if they had known about illegal cholesterol they would have said look on the basis of what we can
we understand about margarine and body inhuman physiology bloody bloody blot that's not the way that it ends up getting imparted because nobody wants to watch a television show that equivocate like that our news broadcasts unequivocal like right now i think you definitely right about that i also think that we are in a weird time now where because the internet and because like you could do posada what kind of editorial control they have over what you do like when you large i've really enjoy as shown by the way and if anyone has seen it the reason why i want to get you to show in the first place i watched many episodes your show and it's very balanced and to tell us like this conversation to its cool show and its and its unlike something that you would see in nor moulding nbc eight p m or whatever the fuck it would be on broadcasts television is very different i think that that country
and that the internet and what the internet the freedom that it provides and also the freedom event from that the amount of information the access to it is kind of changing the ability of these people to do things ifas yeah i die agree did you say by the way and this also just popped into my head while talking richard dawkins tweet about feminism in islam nobody so he said islam needs a feminist revolution it will be hard what can we do to help and which seems reasonable very me and then the internet just exploded i had i sort real i got mad at him all totally loud of any money massage an instinct how day he has a white male that i have i still have these tabs on my computer has a white male yet that women who are forced to wear these crazy outfits cover their body they can't go to school they can't drive so look at it
today's headlines richard dawkins mansplain feminism to muslim women the orange display atheist richard dawkins tweet file richard dawkins fail speck actually on feminism and islam who wrote these by the way there over the play one of those mediterranean pace in the half past one of them lacks yeah log as the opinion bligh what does it say that is the hand let me save us i think i i just save the titles here say so i have the dirt many people looking to call bullshit on men that how're another try to say anything about what women do need to do like he has one twitter users says richard dawkins needs to abandon his patronising white savior paternalism islamophobia many buzzwords can you fit in a tweet how many politically correct buzzwords
for that reason now real that's a stephen compare of happened i suppose tat is pretending to be a fuckin liberal i guess they serve active and then and then it was logical saying that he's no better than early twentieth century european colonists who non muslim women that they needed help from european men like a giant between even says what can we do to help it says islam needs a feminist revolution it will be hard what can we do to help that's a beautiful tweet is correct when look if you just look at it and human get about islam forgetting about sexes forget about a gender shit if you just looked at it there's a human being that's looking at other human beings are forced to behave in a way that they might not want to tell you i'm a third picture this does nothing to do with that could say it's a new group that starts up to morrow and they call themselves the fuckin monkey faces show you ignoring the deepening laxity of so many different strains in islamic around the world your disempowering women of color well i saw world what about why checks at a muslim yoyo racist
i called you call out fuckin races to slaughter i must of course i'm because i am a keen eye mary i'm telling you it's just so frustrating to all outward sarcastic to china but i mean what can you how can we know there are people that are trying to call bullshit on people when the bullshit doesn't exist because they one score just like we're talking utterly that cops one arrest people can the fucking game and they want to win i think there's people there want to win on twitter is people who want to win on have poses pivotal looking right blogs about a guy like richard dawkins who has said some kind of weird questionable shit in the past especially should said about child molesting that he was he experts experience a mild molestation means young no big deal got over it in l aquila well well what the fuck man and even then if you listen to what is actually saying i think what it was i think what he was saying is get over that we get we get we have certain powers times of about which we get very very upset yes and because abuse
and violently raping children is pretty much the wasting you can possibly do we have made it and a tory to regard all child abuse as being the worst thing that can possibly happen his point was like i was funnel biased by a stupid crazy praised i was twelve years old or something and i pretty quickly got over it so that not to say that other people who didn't get over it going through didn't go through horrible things but do we have to regard every single instance of every single type of crime as equally bad can we be the more nuanced like maybe there are very very bad forms child abuse and maybe there are less bad forms of child abuse but the mummy say that everyone says he's saying child abuse is good right well and also this horrible things but in our privacy by saying this to my personal parents i was bullied when i was a kid but was mild bullying like nobody dinner
horrible to me i was never beaten half to death or has never nobody ever threatened me with weapons as a kind of picked on fucked with but it got me in the martial arts and changed my life like these are the in and the yang two things and i think that sometimes a little butter resistance is good because the reactions resistance is you decide like this never happened to me anymore i'm gonna fire up and i'm going to figure out a way to empower myself so this is no longer a fear of mine and i think that a little bit of someone being an asshole to you makes you appreciate kind people i think they're the for people in the world and here's another one shady relationships having most of us have some bad relationships bad relationships make you appreciate good relationship right i really appreciate why things are really love but my wife she's going to argue about shit she's a gorilla kind persons from we in sweden warm and she's not a person like pics on people and
like pixar new or starts argonauts brings up shit that happened like a month ago or a year ago body that has a wife that argues that unlike that we act will you know first aid and new member is like the fact that ten years ago layer using please like everyone can sell in my body is different from the cells over my body seven years ago i'm responsible for that guy who came home drunken and fuckin shit probably already apologized exactly but it's not if anything comes up like if she does something wrong i have chosen pay a bill so what the fuck the cables off will you marry me first our data yeah oh yes i do remember and it also has nothing whatsoever to do with the conversation that we're having right now will you when you experience he fucked up and marry this crazy broad size had brought an asshole southerners emigrate jurgen internal explain things or white male trade related to nature ripping into the microphone i support a spray that shall i come from a duel
white male privilege i don't allow just lose out like maple syrup i think that when we see these terrible than one i go to i love brazil ok brazil's a wonderful country it's the people friendly their free they're happy but it's all like a kind of crazy on organised like when you go the weather airport iguana things when we were getting on a plane from sao paulo to brazil are somehow to rio rather the we couldn't find out what fucking gate was kay said seventeen see so we gotta seventeen sea and the lady in auschwitz portuguese social economic twenty four twenty five and my but it didn't say twenty four the seventy two we gotta twenty four and twenty forces floor nonetheless in its is another one next what the fuck but we say that over the loudspeaker so all the people there are listening that spoke portuguese knew that it was
there is no sign right because their honour it it's a different world ever differ so maybe appreciate when you come back to america you look up at the fuckin departures oh there's the game here we go only spoke mandarin it's true would be fact you before the fact is that it is even worse because if i spoke mandarin and i was in brazil i'd be double father thinks it can even read what the fuck their writing and you couldn't know what that you know you'd go to your app on your phone and try to decipher it but point being like when when you see something like if you like if you gotta like my body who went to africa and experience like other the chaos of africa said god people complain about america like either yes of course it's not perfect there is no utopia on this planet when denmark is denmark utopia that anna i mean it's just like i think there are degrees right like obviously africa and many south american cunt he's gotta be more screwed up then rich cunt
he's right america right but then within the club of rich countries are also countries wish it just works engine easy like run stuff is easy i lived in copenhagen for a semester and went to university there in my only twenties and like you know there's no lines at the post office there's no i mean granted business people who live there is like fourteen people in that country but it like it still scalable you could actually have the still got attacks the same tax base per capita as america could have if it wanted to have higher there's an you could actually have a dmz that up that works and you could have a post office that functions will have to wait around all the time it's just as there is there is certainly societies that yellow thomas friedman says that flying schiphol airport in amsterdam into a giant is like flying from that from the jets in this to the flintstones the fact is i like look what areas a shithole the end that's just the way it it's like you know it there are countries where whose airports a nice and whose trains a fast and healthcare systems work more cheaply
worse still the way the people treat you it le guardia the cell fuckin over it and aggressively over it legality to you ah new york he s a workers are my least favorite of all the tea essay work that's pretty bad the fuck it so did he ask more questions now now i've gotta i gotta tell you you're lucky you have global entry i need to get it you gonna get it i know what i'm a fucking idiot the main crack dammit i just got my green card earlier this of a green card earlier this year to our countries frank you're much hope you enjoy it we appreciate it i've been him on ten years but i'm just on temporary visas and now that i was able to get global entry just not having to deal with the customs officials coming in especially in the forerunners lane i made up i imagine it may be better in this it in the citizens land but coming in the foreign lane where you're in front of like they ve just had to deal with for him
and seventy eight like people who don't speak english who have probably coming in with with some lousy shit from abroad chicken in their backyard that's right exactly where employees will you let me go back there being a thing newspeak how racist zepps racist martha fat on evolution it get so we start tweet what can we do to help asshole i can't believe what you just did so by the time i get it i get out of here today comes guy there passed their over at their over me there ever everything so just being able to go to the key ask and swept global entry and then just walk straight through its while the greatest things all i worked with the u of sea have it on the island doesn't i'm fuckin more on snow hearts busy brow abdullah partisanship ya i don't know i just do not are you make an appointment m abrogated i go to trial terribly five times a week i can't go to global
the appointment of creation i go ahead should i agree with you on this point of myself as well you should be is i wonder whether or not just on that why people are angry at richard dawkins for saying something that obviously makes sense i think i did not really angry i don't believe they are angry i don't you feel like some people see the world in groups and identities and for them identity politics is the most important way of context realising in conceiving of the things that are running around them in culture so the moment a person has a white male stops saying anything there like ok he's in the category of patronising white male authority law down on this other category of person who is oppressed like religious minority so little actually listen to what being said i must not give any one the benefit of the doubt let's just superimposed that into the jigsaw puzzle in my brain which is like culture
say it also in all of the role of the racial problems are happening in the past year in the eu states and i'm totally on the side of the the black lives matter movement here and i have a huge problem with the with the brutality that police took show towards towards much eddie communities but you gotta make sure that your actually talking on the same page about the ideas and the practices that you're not just caricaturing people into stereotypes of one another right and i think maybe that's what's happening here might be i think they're what's going on is like a game of hungry hundred hippo and there's a little marble and they sitting and snatch that marble and they go out i think it's an opening announcing its logical and you know what i love i love when people who have these knee jerk reactions to these things i see these openings and they go for because i feel it does an opening to attack also get attacked like there's a woman who rode up she's a feminist she wrote a piece about my friend amy humor who is hilarious and wild and just fuckin awesome inches kickin ass right now and she said
cover of a magazine sucking on see three your finger there are saying why this magazine is so awful above against feminism and i was like shit for what the fuck are you like they live as is an anti feminists thing she shouldn't be second fingers like if like you're a woman you can't be sexual wall you like isn't it like paul to being a person who owns themselves owning the things you enjoy maybe she like second fingers you know like what she's a she's not the same in names have been sending you haven't that's bad ass bitch look at our chief so good i lover lovers gangsters fuck but here's the same woman wrote a bit she wrote another piece because i like to fall knucklehead show another is about how she's getting older and it's really kind of she's too and because she doesn't get cat called as much anymore all please she's actually getting she's actually is conflicting opinions about this and so here's the tweet a job
crazy that made me laugh i how old that my own computer someone tweeted her saying that this article about being conflicted about not being cat called anymore i felt like that was a a white sis peace white since gender meaning that people of color and trans people have to worry about being hat called because trans people if they can't comment someone finds out that their trans they can get beaten to death and you should be more aware that when you write these pieces you're insensitive and the movies i wouldn't do she could she had she had a she had act we ask shed light given do it like she's a part that fuckin retorted culture at so i got stuck in our own we should ideology is here's the caveat trends women but take arbitrarily when general are the victims of violence at way higher rates than everybody also has just put that aside and say that that's a terrible thing and that wishes to be supportive of the trends community but i mean did you heard about they care there was
college would cancel the vagina monologues because they were doing a product one of the vagina monologues this popular feminist play yes yes and other trade and end the on campus trans community not even the cameras trans community there wasn't on campus transmitting the the on campus light liberal fucking knee jerk douche bag right decided was insensitive to transit trans people because not all women have vaginas lack someone when their dicks yeah not all people are people my dog is a person my dog identifies as a person i don't love you know that i didn't know that while you be would be more respectful and sensitive because not all not all dogs are actually human beings or not all people are human beings in another that they live in fuckin fairytale end that's we're which too easy to get food that's what's going on make up shit get upset about that's my fiance it's too easy
go to the supermarket pickup fuckin cereal too he's here's the thing how you actually supposed to help people how we're supposed to be and and consider them generous laughed every time we try to we get shot down because put our foot in it like a dog in his dawkins in that tweet about islam is trying to support women yes like what could be wrong with that for us to do that and then feminist jumped down his throat for me condescending towards women because muslim women should be the ones who is taking up the muslim women they don't need your white patriarchal is lemme phobic male activity to in order to do so because they are proud and bold muslim women will not allow some of them are in stock in baking as outfits in saudi arabia and how do we help them if every we try to help we get just we had jumped on what i think we have to negate the opinions of those people that right these posts for the half post right these these are because we have to negate them by mocking them because it is largely stupid i think that that opinion
a fucking hilariously stupid that huh he doesn't have the right to say that he has concern for people that are different hundred than him that have a different ideology than him they live in a different part of world in hand that have more melanin their skin that's ridiculous and i think they will doing here by marking that is really with the correct response as the only correct response you not going that response from the news in arguing that from the president but you get that from people that don't have a vested interest in supporting one particular try and i think that's one of the things that they talked about in this merchants of doubt documentary that i really resonate with me as at a time when people talk about global warming or they talk about fucking camps el ray these things there tribe of people that have subscribed to that ideology and it's very important support that tribe and it might is is it can it it it manifests itself as in ridiculous place like a tribe of people that are ripe android phone they re enjoyed funds and they hate iphones may have a friend fucking hate she's she's brilliant
he's a brilliant director she writes movies she's fucking great she hates mac i hate me everybody uses man i don't fucking usable i use windows unlike what are you talking about patty gimme a hug alyosha why would you computer your lunch it'll get viruses the other ones do it's right you're such a powerful individuals and not being a mac person right it's like yourself in europe alerting your get your rebelliousness by going with the world's largest a cup computer company she knows it's ridiculous lastly i make fun of it but she just fuckin sticks to our guns she fuckin do you here in the ground when i can wraps arrests are out of court guy when those people who when a new product comes out and usually an apple products though no camp for five days in order to be the first person who who gets the put like i do not it reminded me i'm a bit of when you were talking about your body who did the massive massa marathon but then came in fourth i always like i was watching like the today show us of them where they were interviewed
the people who were standing in line and they'd been gained a devil got left they ve got tents and they got sleeping bags like they're on fifth avenue like me a central park and sleeping on the sleeping camping after seventy two hours and they were to end the correspond it was talking to someone who was like this events in line or something what are you doing here i can understand spending a week outside in to get the new iphone if your number one opening number seven even better than baking like number three referring to what terrorism i got the seventh iphone smee ease in the middle like do you think that's what we want is what is it about people that are gonna get something it doesn't even doing different like mine modest person i know this woman doctor on a patchwork she does my pockets out podcast autopsies actually billy she's an iphone for rights no piece of shit the size of my thumb nail it doesn't even like run there are certain countries like there's seventy apps like even
until i recently i didn't have any space on my phone live alone five martha me i got a big fuckin stupid six it states that the new thing insinuating one one generation back you're not even realise those six while you're amazing that that's how glad i am that amateur individualism like so like totes out of i like very much with the judiciary gizmo darker than others live in brooklyn and eat kale brooklyn better they don't grow pale in brooklyn they who have flown in from brazil this i wish i didn't have any room on my phone to upgrade to the latest software so for ages i was still running the ought the elder software and gradually apps just stop working like the just doesn't even work like you open up the american airlines happiness like this is no longer supported by this software they keep you up
catalonia tat lie still have an older software to i don't have the new software because i have new software my computer either fuckin crashes am i wait a long time yeah may take some time deserved i was wanting to being a plastic surgeon in australia about penile enlargement surgery don't ask why does it work they do at the end i have but a time yet the but there are better with has some side effects was a side effect you did flops ran in what ways when that's when they cut the tan yeah that's not so that our vision for a micro dec you gonna get an extra inch congratulations i have two inches it's mostly just for vain paypal it's not for my cried dick people but then also they can take fat out of out of other parts of the body levelling and then they'll put fat and around the evidence fattened smoky no one one anyway my point is simply this i wouldn't intending to talk about do have little did it's getting getting bigger dicks asteroids he said this
maximum in medicine that you should never be either the first nor the last to adopt a new procedure that's good mark that's my way lay towards iphones i have my philosophy on technology on the basis of penal enlargement surgery why wait a little while but i'm not the last person to adopt but i'm probably like third am i the third wave i'm not in the four i'm not wait in line for shit that right now not wait too long for a fuckin phones never really ironed out the kinks anyway unless the phone does like holograms once you put the phone down help me obi wan you're my only hope like amy humor pops up and fuckin danced for you then then i'll take it when that happens you're gonna been realised that the bigger you'll be one of the first adopted and then i realized it gives its radioactive and gives you can't samuel by god dammit turn your smartphone into a three d hologram is this real oh my god piece of glass stick on your on tapioca dissociated debts
i had why mexico howling i'm on your smartphone seriously yeah glass and went well we're really close to these new goggles at their creating where right now they look like ski goggles but eventually they're gonna be like like sunglasses that are the new desktop it is incredible look at that that's amazing that who were the what is a magical leap what does that technology was called magic leader there that technology which is also like a hologram that you can hold in your hand i don't know exactly how that works but there's another version of what it is it is it being five out of your phone a lot of eleven on their being very secretive about it and i ve shown some demonstrations of it but only the demonstration in the fact that you can see like there's a little girl that's watching a ballerina on her bed dancing around the ballerinas like four inches high it's incredible so may this like this is magically they don't explain
but that's gonna be business they know me i'm not a real no no no no it's nazi gr we're looking at a little we're looking a little highly is tat in the palm of someone with a tiny or puppy like look at this there's some how they're going to be able to broadcast holograms and it's not done yet this is like some time knowledge that's proof of concept in its in the middle of being developed then there's another one that similar but different most wondered google one with the goggles jamie do remember that one microsoft hollow and that's it yeah sorry in the hall lands is gonna be able to change a room into a desktop say like a video game they applying like say if you want to play the call of duty you play called union an empty room and the whole room will be the desktop guy they did they have demonstrations that
i'm already dimensions like like minority report links that will you guess scroll yeah you you'll be able to spin cubes around the air and hold them in an awesome likely this this is real is how they're gonna be will do it there's gonna be maybe where these the universe brad pinch why grown your house these fuckin write another goofy though these giant like huge scale although exciting when you get when you actually gonna be able to have three dimensional interactivity with computer generated images the amused fairly inevitable yeah if you think about what it is like how she's there she's i mean it i'm getting is already have something like this there's a virtual reality program that architects can use where they can walk through the house before it's been built based on their designs and they can be here and they can they can do stuff like this where they can be like or act extend this wall by another three and see what that looks like and they then they can actually take people who a prospective buyers of properties on three dimensional virtual reality tours of the house that is an inbuilt yet this
showing instruction offer how to put together a pipe on a piece of plumbing under your sink its showing like the actual applications where you could use something for instructional mrs research is amazing and this this is almost inevitable yes as crazy as what we're talking about before we send videos or other parts a world and skype instantaneously all this stuff is the next level stuffed and somebody not that far off as well this isn't like in the distant future this is the kind of stuff that we're gonna be using an and dealing with problems and in ten years nobody just show that was there was a three d virtual reality version of them of the surface of mars back up a little bit more jamie likely this that's we'll too can be sent one of these rovers to mars you unviable walk around on mars and see it as if it's really right there my tail it will be a game change the virtual reality and three dimensional stuff like this will be porn try a game changer that when when you get
virtual reality headset and some kind of like body suit device that allows people to like feel all feel touches actually some kind of like masturbation thing majority can sell you and then get sink down to a virtual reality that actually looks not like a three day robot human but kind of like an egg no plausible human being that is make so much money yes yes turkey is already happened they already have what is our technology collagen unwanted duncan doors or eight hundred oculist rift acknowledge here right they put the goggles on they have for first person interactive porn where you put your dick and decide machine and the machine sort of structure deck and you're having sex with someone in first person there you have it it's crazy not only that coincides the movements coincided computer program coincides with the action that you single yeah that's what you'd want ray i needed to actually feel i mean the advances that
being in all of that kind of stuff in the next decade is gonna be mind boggling why think there goes back we're talking about future civilizations that do these civil nations that exist out there in the cosmos do they have radar or if transcended that and have gone into virtual because i think one once we realise a virtual can be avatar we can live inside some fantastic world that so much more rewarding an exciting and why bother with the regular carbon bay life world why do we need everything to be real what why because i can knock on this table wisest table better than that able that it i feel like i can knock on but its way better every time i touch it gives me love well this is that this is the problem raised by the on the matrix is another main it as its becomes out of a punch line of i will read pale but it's actually a profound philosophical question would you rather you know do what the bad guy
does in the matrix when he sells them all out and decides that he's gonna go back into the matrix and have his memory of the matrix but be raised and he'll live like the life of a selective rich celebrity grey or do you prefer the tragedy of reality knowing that it actually true but then what does it mean to say that reality is actually true a true air then that's right and why does it have to be why did why does everything that's real have be real and only the way we understand it today that system what we have become accustomed to and even our own real of today has become very bizarre like the real of money the real of money used to be you had a leather sack filled with gold coins new carry that around someone could steal it from you now it's bitcoin and its on your phone and is digits digits that have no relationship to anything movements preparing us for this inevitable artificial we the world of something that we have criticised even artificial
a new level of life it's a new thing i think that's a really good point to point out that it's not artificial because look at what we are doing right now we're having a conversation which is going through technology that half century ago would have been inconceivable which is being viewed by people who are watching us in real time and also listen to by people who are carrying around device says in their pockets were able to listen to us at any point in time after the fact in those devices would have been unimaginable a few decades ago and yet what we are actually doing is as authentic and as all the time what we haven't conversation absolutely and we're having a conversation is fuelled by this digital interface that we have in front of us that's allowing still in real time get information in a way that was never possible just a couple of decades ago we can get all this information and we are what was that jamie boom he pulls it up we set up on the big screen young we're having right now in the matrix we're living in like a baby matrix do you think it matters though if i mean i have vision
of like people who just spend all their days in that in their basements plugged into a virtual reality mish machine would like a drop in there providing them with sustenance and just are often this other universe of their own how do you is that the people there are listening to this while they're playing video games and drinking mountain do i mean the idea that you have to live in the real world in order to be valid why what i mean the only reason why because we have needs we have needs for companionship and love and friendship and good to go outside and smell of fresh air but when they figure out a way to make oculist rift input a headset and its way better than regular huron ere i think you're gonna something with companionship i think that's gets to the nub of my concern about that as long that person whose lying in the basement plugged into an ivy and living in a virtual reality world is interacting with actual other human beings who are also in the virtual world i have less of a problem but if he's interacting with avatars who aren't actual human beings but who give him all of the feedback that we
from companionship and he's living in and in a fake worldwide there is no reciprocating like i'm pretty confident that you actually have a consciousness but you might be a robot but i'm pretty confident what what am i doing here imagination yeah you might be destroying might be dreaming right now yes but i'm pretty confident that you're a human being that you are actually in bed that i am currently engaged in an actual country's exchange where is if you are an avatar and i was in virtual reality i think that would be a loss but you know the concept of simulation theory i'm sure right the concept being for those are not aware of it is that one day we were going to not weak as i'm dumb someone way smarter than us is going to figure out a way to create a sort of oculist rift thing next level staff that were discussing right now to a point where its unrecognizable you can't tell the difference between this and we eighty if it is inevitable that going to eventually figure it out just like the stuff tat we look right now i saw the beginning stages of this inevitable tat
knowledge that's going to transform the whatever whatever mode that they figure who do gonna be able to have an artificial reality indistinguishable from the reality that we currently experience if that's the case how do we know that we have an already gotten their and why would they tell you why would you know i mean if you if you are in a virtual reality if you are in an artificial simulated version of the world we live in and so good you can't decide well how do you know that it's not already happening how do you know it's not going on right now you don't and there's one mode of strand of logical argument in that philosophy which says that big cause we're probably likely to invent that kind of thing knowledge is a fairly fairly early in the evolution of out of the human rights of our civilization if you think about the dinosaurs having lived for hundreds of millions of years we ve only been around for a few hundred thousand or something then we're probably gonna get to that point really soon then decide
when says it's very very likely that we actually are in the simulation already because we ve got hundreds billions of years in the simulation and only maybe a hundred thousand he is not in the stimulation of the very very dawn of our species so odds are where probably already in it which are really by but i think as acute argument sucker ladies and gentlemen that's the end of the podcast thank you very much josh your awesome and like i said very few people that i would do apart gas immediately after the accident and brazil but always ensure conversations check out we the people live delegates epa live dot com it's a good poker and twitter is devotee p alive or just an ordinary and ground let us ivy tp underscore live twitter and have posed live awesome show and thank you we can do without these model i'd really any language when it well if i moved well able to do in every way i think about it it's possible move mother fucker
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