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#679 - Barry Crimmins & Bobcat Goldthwait

2015-08-06 | 🔗
"Call Me Lucky" is a documentary about the life and traumatic childhood experiences of Boston stand up comedy legend Barry Crimmins that was directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. Limited release in theaters starts August 7, visit http://callmeluckymovie.com to find a screening.
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a dollar shave club, dotcom, forts, Lash Rogan, that's dollar shave, club dot, com, Thord, Slash Rogan, my guest today, my two yesterday one is my good friend Bob called wait. Who is Larry stand a comedian, a great director, fellow bigfoot enthusiast, and just an all round cool guy love Bob and the other gas is a guy that I deeply admire and is a very, very, very important part of the stand up community in Boston. He he's the one, the founders he was one of the original man. If there was a Mount Rushmore of Boston stand up comedy, he would without a doubt, be on it and he just an awesome human being. I love the fuck out of them and
Thank you well as well. He is the subject of Bob CATS Movie and the movie is called call me lucky and it is a very intense. So here's your trigger warning, the very intense movie about the traumatic experiences of berries life down. He just a great guy and a very important guy in you really get a sense of him from this from his pocket and without doubt from also from Bob Spot documentary. So without any further ado, please welcome Bob Gold, wait an barracks since the job will gain experience. Oilers german Bob tackled way, though known as Bob Box here and bury criminals very much come in a really really appreciate its great to be here where the drugs does we
stop mostly apply guy. You want that. We got that we got plenty of alcohol and only enjoy that's when I was a kid. My first, I don't stand up. I you we're gone stage in you. A Budweiser out of your blaze asked that's part of year old, open when I walk out spoken a cigarette and and pull a beer out take a big chair, USA, Canada, health. Not unless the open you know it was a very fortuitous just raising situation to be starting out stand up in nineteen? Eighty eight in Boston sit an incredible spot to be unjust, totalled dumb luck. Where I decided does do not MIKE night, don't look got me they're here. Don't worry. I got you their boat for folks. You don't know you were one of the reasons why Boston became way was and you and that the community that you sort of established at the ding how
was the legendary community? When I came along was already gone right? When did it? When did it end? we could go round. Eighty three, eighty four, some public that and then I went to stitches and try to maintain their. But then you know I've I mainly be became a commonly pursued, it gets done each time in new other comics needed states, I'm and also new comics needed to be treated like someone when they walked into a joint cause. I'd better. Countryman treated like shit. Just airline twelve hours since you gonna line and you get on for three minutes, and then they tell you, you can come back for three weeks and slightly fuckin hitchhiked here and you know a limp camping out to do comedy, and now I can come back and three weeks thanks in some growth, get head with a clipboard who's nasty. So anybody that wants in the thing I try to make sure they were treated well and given a fair chance and the thoughts that, when we put our shows together people who,
Feel like there's somebody or an act like there's somebody and I'm gonna- do the job and eighty, and I could see the proof- is that remarkable amount of great I came for phenomenal amount immediately on joy. I was just on my committee. Millions of the great sees they'll, remember, Lenny the loser, JANET Charlie Gallo delegations. Do I like I always yeah, nickel and member of his arms on it in writing. Tie already did is acting for the language issue in his act, in the crowd was I know, there's really terrible thing was crowded I'll, be listening. Well, I doubt it, but so so the crowd. It is really evil thing. When night, berries hosting this might remember this, and then they start laughing at him.
Instead of with him, and he thinks he's killing in the crowds. Guy is very evil and varied Dodd, so he's having this set of his life, not knowing that they're making fun of and bury, is upset their cities. I turn the kind you hucks advantageous. I know you're doing just this is an area with people like very good at this. Because it gives you the right we're very varied hang on the stage our age? Tell? U S joke ever asked the other ever yes, there is Well, the problem of those kind of such as when they get those laughs. Those guys are gonna stay in the business like for extra years, just based on that one night, because at one sat there was a set of common store, would show India's went behind stage. There's a curtain, around with calm store and there's a woman whose on stage uses she's whatever she doesn't have the gene just now
but she kept trying to is always there, and it was one of those things where to go onstage like midnight or something like that to the most to clear the room, but she's onstage and jelly goes backstage behind the curtain and when she hates are punchline, he would open the curtain up and his pants would be now It sounds jellies, three hundred pounds where so every time she had, Sir punchline he opened security and she's smashing. As the set goes on, she gets more more confident because she starts she starts Estrada Little bit. Only an audience gets my humor she's fuck in killing era and the next time you on stage she bombed and she chastise the audience right, telling them killed. Black fox you'll, never know Africa January whenever it, I don't believe so and as far as I know, no
you told us you'll, never believe you anyway. She just put it in your holder in the back row. That's the thing! You know that that same thing that keeps us going. What is that you know that in theirs folksteads ever done well and they keep going without open might night thing where people give the phantom laughs here random yeah. I was pretty good muddle. Not even to this day, and this thing that kills me. These kids. They find out of Ireland and they want, and they all tax related for comedy here, I'm gonna send you my latest set in its them bombing and for a four people in a fucking pizza shop, and they say what Think of this I said I think, whatever money you have you, to buy this up and destroy blocking crazy stocks. Have you any any end you any of immortalized it? You know, don't
put shitty sets on you know and by the way, kids, when you walk on the stage and no one knows who the fuck yards, how about opening with a joke and stigma hi? How are you really like that golden moment when you can fucking take the stage and get somewhere where them home like wow? How did you think of that opening about sex something funny and that may be pertinent to where you are, that shows you? The same planet is the obvious, but you're the funny guy. That's why you're walking on the stage justice will be Sweden has a very low, tolerant the earth, Back in May, and during yesterday was no it with you had he didn't have a grace period as soon as you came out, I think, is the best place to develop, because of that, because you have to come out guns blazon, you would learn everything else afterwards, but you how to get em and if last, unlike very few people, we start bombing in Boston and recover
have you got a lid on fire moments I mean you could die, would do it for fun. Someplace else see like, let's see what we can get out of today, man rich patenting- I did that subconsciously, but it's a shitty planning, that's what it turned out to be present like that was gone poorly and then he really pole I don't like that, would go and poorly in any really pulled it you haven't, got a book Madam, I enjoying this interview after in a two straight weeks. If we can get up and talk about yours of all the while we re dragging it sooner, the nature, the movie, it's it's it's alive. The latter have to all about fucking more, whereby now about eighty fine well budget more, I can give you an example: the movie Call me lucky call me like you. I owe him some paper towels, I'm sorry,
no worse so, yellow reminder of my visit Giles fresh beer So I commend yet so call me he really doesn't want AG about pouring beer duty now that we can and we can get our national nine of wet way horribly wrong. You know I mean it's like. We're doing a satellite things, and it's like you targeted, taken teabag in El Paso, so like it's as you know, because it's the movie deals would bear talking in dealing with and surviving his childhood rip, Saudi Arabia. When he was four- and you could tell these guys, We talk about rape but Vienna whenever serious in her country folk initiatives, because some people just not legislate whatever. They can't that jacket Mcgillicuddy in the morning you having just can't navigate anything that complicated by serious or nuanced or
really sensitive it's something, but I don't have the capacity that they shouldn't Rhine secrecy. You don't know how many of you have rightly grants rikiu with guys. Why how are you like with? What's your favorite color like three? Those must really landmines, downtime Irish perfect, for that, I'm I'm just kind of of someone like him with an empire because it means, but I don't know what he does internal imbalances at home. He found a hum. That's secretary tune into its like a whistle. The dogs can hear and drone never goes to hide, never goes to low. They never says fuck this world. What are we doing without net is not threatening the old Ladys radio show in all the s really amazing, really for the wrong reasons
is not a bad guy by the wave. Madame Digital Edinburgh he asked to be ice, is sending you say that they re economy, the creeper eyes a nice guy, to be funny. I can afford to be an asked, but he's got that market covered that bland white guy always wears a suit market cornered. It's a it doesn't bother. Me doesn't cause United godless may I people think, like I hate that american Idol and all that stuff I never really cared about it. Couldn't bless America, your movies, fucking off our thanks. Thanks ruthless and ridiculous. I watched and on a plane- and there is one point I had a fucking do this: might Europe fuck
her heart waiver Europeans towards weight to this one has to play the awhile I saw. I, like you, a gleaming if women leaning over the baby getting shot with crazy, fuck and moving like you. You know you at a point in the do you you went for it. I liked to say it's a violent movie about kindness. That's my jewels, hair, dear ones, is people to act right right, yeah and it's a benign or even agree with angry with ninety percent things that he's mad about. But you know because it wouldn't work. It's not a good plan here. When I Up in Boston, say what I was talking about, you get on stage with the beer bother you you, you had this that you represented when you would go on stage. This is a guy who stood for somethin you now and a lot of people didn't you know, and I didn't it.
We were out just find anyone stage, four thousand ciphers too. I'm sure I mean no need to qualify it, but because it was there was very distinctive feeling, very distinct, when you got on stage? This is a serious person. This is a guy who is it data comedian, a very funny person, but there's a guy. As for shit awaits this is this. Is this? Is what's right, innocent what's wrong and when shuts wrong, you and you know I saw. Your career through the time you did that it was a guest sat at the time I think with Randy Credit go and who else was on it with you, which one there was you guys are dead. All Palermo, Nicaraguans yeah echo tingle lanting? Was it just you? now there were several other people above meccans and am blinking Only because I like you, You ve done very where you're going Nicaragua, Institute of Vanilla who books
economically, very sound and needs the gig actually Billy downs involved, we get paid either. But but you know to me, and I think you knows is reflective of the way you guys were speaking about you, in the documentary. Thus you were an important part of that comedy community, because you were I think the comedy communities are only as strong as the strongest link legacy there. Always we the weakest link, but not really a comedy, because he is always gonna, be open makers new, essentially there's. If there's a weird thing you're, not a comic until you get paid, but they're all comics we all were open makers and firing whatever you what you know, whatever distinction want to put in the beginning of it, but
the strongest member of the community- is really where the community lives and that's where that's where the standards are set, and so you are very, very important guy to me. When I was coming up, jailer means a lot means a lot to me. I wasn't thinking I mean that those doesn't really crystallize. I was just trying to do was right and I was trying to do what I want to be in a situation that, you know, I wanted provide the situation that I wanted to be a myself and and I was immediately rewarded for that with who came in the blossoming all their town. It worked, it was great and we had a really nice. We had a really nice run. Sometimes, like I don't wanna know we ve done up thing. Hungarian is like going to your little agree on in well where early good team, but winning when the fuckin championship veto, but but it's great, seeing all those people now and then in. Whenever we really in a week. We really did it.
Other. I was just a matter of providing the Sir one opportunity and then is for did the same thing. I want everybody else. Do I developed at what I was good at what I was good. It was talking about what was going on. As always, That meeting and we nervous was it you Madame did you? Did you see him or do here I'll get the fuck out of the way now maybe journey? I knew you and I know what you're doing I liked you room. I, like that's nice, that's a hammer ass, I'm on your show them either whether if I'd like to tell the truth I know what you're doing I saw the spark there, and then I heard what else you were doing. While I go now Jos found in you know exactly what I'm talking about cause you fuckin do a brother. You do it! You found what you're supposed to be talking about you following you're supposed to be illuminating people about, and then you find a way to become true tremendous ed. I couldn't be
by that, I played a leading role in providing helping to create stay, each time in a scene somewhere where somebody like you came out of so thanks man, he didn't buy. Thank you. May you definitely the, but that fear you are talking about, never went away. Heaven HBO have an special in the form of hearing, and I got it's fucking grim. Much better and I always always you want, but you weren't actually say you let go. You made a really good point here why the fuck you pick and Bruce worse, because they go down the line, and I like back and border, why Father last night, we came up to me, have to make sure that no he was in the UK was right. When I got off stage, for example, every movie I may do I really like the new one. Now,
when did you know? When did you find out about the way the juicy we're doing this live on here You see the New Yorker Peace today, all now fucking shit. Is it a valentine? The new Yorker had not the tiny piece, I'm thinking. If you get a little blurb and the new Yorker you do anyway, so I'm pretty good mood. I just wish I had my killed around with me so play down do indeed down down down down down down down down down down down New Yorker. Don't they dont done? Don't you ever kettledrums? That's nice light weight behind a young man, tag jumping down. I was thinking like those Jamaican goes without saying that cattle drum yeah that animal dean, damned Madain down down down Surprise Henry someone could surprise me with you now
somebody may enable maybe, whenever depending and if we do well in word, seasons- and I do indeed resigning weren't did june- find out about the traumatic history. When did you find out about the childhood rape, which was a major part of that when you didn't reveal it until about an hour? Many of you don't like the idea, isn't like a spoiler alert thanks it was, I wanted people to? No one will be allowed under the theatre at a thirty minute. Yeah, you know, could totally I give clues at something coming here and and you know it talks about some things, and so you can tell, and other people do, but I I I you know, I get a little weird of people think that was shown manipulated. My wanted people to meet him know who he was so they can. I wouldn't say manipulate. I would say you set it up beautifully, saying Ray is, is very compelling captivating, but you know going burying knowing about the story, because
of you telling me about, I had no idea, no one any idea we'll hit. He told me before he went to the judiciary Senate hearing I told you, for I had public at all here and in yeah before you did. It talked about on stage, but he said that he found my reaction was well like he was like a ride cause. I said you know, there's a reason you're such a dick. I would like I've been betting on these all along these, going like I was gonna like criminals in alcohol is like he could tell. I just use. It is coolant in like I was paternal missing. Gazers, as you know, is run and hot. My really lawyer, I was always I gotta know man, you know he doesn't have the werewolf. You know he didn't make any is Brazzaville, it is change. He stops for long periods AEGIS
ass, I knew TWAIN said when the others drink I like to help. It was so there it is Anger in pain and my friend that new for all these years, and when he told me wasn't like this was, was: oh, I It was an awful relief, I would say would be a response. Yeah I was here is a year. Sign on like and then I went in the pact more ago. Or what do I do now? Oh, oh, maybe I won't that's it. That's what appointing is comes out in the film and people. I would be Friends about it and they would be saying to me what we talked anyone about this fuck. I thought I was sorry to humanity and I guess I gotta know somebody two hundred dollars to be put on pharmaceutical dry eyes and saw it until I stop talking about that year. Plan right, listen! She had ever going to keep talking about, are not do you good bye, we know thank you for help and we edit my friends list this guy. Listen.
You ve been living in upstate New York for how long now, but the last tent. Now afoot for this millennium. Wouldn't let me you decide what is the internet? I can, Wendy I can do what I want and if I have to go worker procure somewhere, I gotta get only airports Rochester. If the curb you know well my router wherever, but I get to sit, there is so peaceful, so I hope you visit me Joe does is a really lacking just how far is it from New York City on Board have five hour? So that's how you do it. You fly Europe, you fly flyer drive, I I don't mind driving, there's some touch his assertive a kind of get engage more than you get out of game more on the way back. So I like that, but my house is like, Finally, have the ideal place to do some ass, so The parents are gift, the parents come home, their me not long ago, good ass. It is
king, terrible? It's awful goddamn government. I mean we now. For Christ's sake, I will do that. I think they figured out too many book a smart after that sort, it came through or they certainly did. In the nineteen. Seventy the sweeping act, the when they made all the psychedelic to legally made stuff. There wasn't cycle active illegal. They just try to make everything listen. What anybody experimenting with aliens going to make another two Timothy Leary, my friend TIM Walkos, about cocaine- is how I feel too. It's like you know. I don't like to do it. I don't like to stay up. I don't do coke. I don't like to stay up late and complain about my coach. So I was never a coat guy and New Non Boston was bad. I was in the coca what I used to say to people if you want to get high some ass it and see if we can for the dealer at at midnight out a little drug in my genes pull out another ten heads of we need that we know what we don't you,
who carry out what will they get fucking high? He now that's the thing, but my only like Miley ACID experiences wow was when I was a total mess and I take drinking and taking other drugs at the same time right. So then you wake up. Why didn't wake up? beat them alcohol and coke, or up in jail in the Watertown jail man unto the high water. So we have to have been born I remember like this. I thought it was the all. I decide this thing going. Peeping PPP Bobo above the three sternness Maxell. That's like a figure that later on tourism did was snowing because you re tramping web, but he went on five minutes or an hour, I'm not sure, but I remember looking at this than the one on PPP or psychedelic joys deadly make you interpret sounds in a strange.
Yeah. That's why those south american chairman of those songs they sang. Will you take? I alaska the whole idea behind I'm never taken. I was given Dundee empty when you do, which is the same thing. It's the Arab, the active in Greece. And when you shoot with those those songs. Like you see the songs dance like slouch, very bizarre and had ever done that with this yea and the called Eco owes you south. Neither on it one one experience we tripped several times during the nine, because it's only like fifteen million experience so triplet, four or five times during the night to these songs, but they're they're, incredible this this songs in other. There would require a guy when they re friends I over as a guys and sober for thirty four years. I'm listening this like it's a vacation. You think I've never gonna go to Barbara closely.
To me. Last german sober for thirty three years. I think I'm ready to start dating. I'll, just tell me, this is a song. This is all recorded in the jungle. While these people are too steep in the trance of the mother and the sky will sing. This is just him starting off and whistling there's a bunch of them, but they're they're. I wasn't also does I'm driving to my car and I can almost trip as I remember this experience, the rank and happy I'll get you a copy of your Itunes. Don't think feathers
That's right. I love you should feel when these geometric patterns dancing to that's all around me and then it is very, very bizarre, but tell us it was my other drug of choice of friends, whom I draw your choice but lsd back in the day, No, what's this more, I almost have something figured out almost getting you know I gotta. Do we really want? Let's go in there were more time, and I also know what I never tell the story, but I'm thrilled to tell you I was. Rather dare of LSD. You know you're right it air was, he was the guy who jumped you'd like parachuted into put out oil oil, Derek fight, course I dont know there was a regular, not Adair, read it air. Was you parishes into put out the idea that any he would lead a team in they would go and they put out the Likud up ready. I shriek foiled yeah like oil. Well above when you go in, and so I call the lock is gonna go inherent deal with when someone
bombing out on acid. I would get the call them coming out its nose days in the early lights, thoroughly seventies? If they, about the name. They could end up going to doktor a hospital or whatever, and then suddenly you they their blathers. Then they'll turn in everybody and its nobody's doing anything. We just all got some acid. One person got the acid, but they weren't at drug dealer. They were, Just the obtain arrived, the acid you know, but they do gave it a man that person when it could end up and fuck inadequate or something so I would get these calls from people like to freaking out, and then I got this reputation for being good at helping people who are freaking out doing acid. Now, we're gonna go like ok what they do they did. These are made. They do they split one, he too, I gotta, get in their quick. Now I get in there and then I would like to have him laughing in a well. I like, I, would do stuff. Like me, a Temple orange just get me one you know like like it is, isn't it see, took we're on a planet in these things grow from tree?
It's an amazing place, put an album. What do you like command? Listen, Joanie, Mitchell, see those things I know it's free. Can you up those hieroglyphic think are almost words, but you can't quite read them in your now. You're getting from now is just a cool thing. It's like looking in a beautiful egyptian crypt curbing thing or something you the obviously, you can't read Egyptian, but you kind of get the point. They were making don't rebounded he'll, be it in an hour later, all laughing and next morning were breakfast and it's cool. But this one as the red adaptability. Is freaking out on acid, like freaking out mushrooms, we just trying to control it and get scared of the experience words taken knives they drive around. I think it's probably may be a little more simplicity. I mean you know their shitty acid out. There sometimes element that wasn't that Shitty M tired and make you gotta get a bunch of us Often there was going to arrest you now to me Louis my favorite. I you know if I can never get a whole
I'll. Do it, but Bab calls me there will be a lifelong lsd enthusiasts like I'm doing it all the time I had the great credibility to MIKE in this age of our own Mccarthyism, I'm block and how many people they ruined just buy them. I made you a bad You say that a lot of guys do anew Shea in boss. You were not another guy in raw material acid enthusiasts loudly about. I was wondering about I mean by then it was hard to find, but I, Deals wants an hour from the sixtys. It was a big deal gather around. While I was at the university in Miami, we literally had an oil drum full of Yellow Sunshine Gal assembly. How much is that? an oil. However, many little drop right, yeah there was a lot of them. I mean we just kind of a kind of someone was in some sort of trouble. They needed somewhere to put it, and then they disappeared its we sort of inherited it, and it was like. I, like you,
You know, I don't allow everybody and then everybody just left with like baggies, for whenever anyone baggy somebody slick. Up your packets know how Has it break down, only last for certain about. Well, I had enough plenty of friends. For instance, as things like cripple dead conscience, where they needed a lot of help. So so Will you ten years ago I decided Phuket, I'm going back to where I grew up is able to deal basically, I mean you know, fifteen years ago now, but yeah, I mean I love the country in Armenia in really soothe me and in a and I finally just sort of notice to cut myself a break. You know it taken enough of a turn of shit and adjust Suez. To be there with a linear with a dog and in any event, I just love the terrain and it's over they are. I mean I know about here. I liked so great come here especially see my friends like you too,
doing so great and having succeeded completely different things, they are now than it was when I first came to delay and we are all trying to get a foot in the door, but it's it's really nice, it's so mean, and I you know I had a really nice possessor rake, my self into a pile and in my thoughts into a pile and then decide, distribute them in and reflect alien and in income and want to have something to say. But you know be perfectly fine for being missing for a week or two at a time was not Is it not forced input up there? Now? That's that's the beautiful thing about being anywhere where there are very few people less input. When people come to, my house like a car will drive by when they first get their six hours. Or another car will drive to go out on our other slogan, traffic's color. Let us try to actually to dirt roads they get to his house. Must be financially go past. There's like there's a young girl with a giant sow
de I gotcha there's a woman, Lacheneur PIG. It was the only way like five hundred today that dog of the Arab League was killed in a horrible car accident. Very I was basically total Jesus Christ Zog about Berrigan ruin anything. I saw a pig, it's dead. You have moved so when too thousand rolled around. Oh, yes, you decided to just once the internet started taking, and you made a conscious choice to try to go to war. That's a little bit more useful, absolutely, and I heard you talk a little bit about but heavy have you thought about doing it? I guess I mean in Vienna it is yet another Lenny. I reiterate our cars and I are gonna parkers ask and I are going to do and it is going to be called over to the podcast, which is the abstaining, Defeated Tom was there to day Ass Mumbai ages. Comeback really Croatia speak good aspect. Here.
Stay Tom for his eye, a higher ninety three inches a snow last year. I just sat my house, tat my alcoholism, till you get a door open again! That's why what is Paul doing these days, a lot of art people buyers are, and and then, where we know we're trying to get the the podcast going, but he's been pretty busy. Cuz you've been swamped with heart orders and I've been pretty busy after he hit that pig. That's right. There was always a performance piece of this. You Mormons peace Will Yemen. You could easily do apart. Yes up there and if you have a dupe, Do let me know, and I am happy to promote it, and I can I would listen to it every week I command. I listen to you all the time and I mean you kill. You did really again to have detailed, even helped like rake the dirt that you grew out of
This is it's terrific, tiny Remo. Does honour you certainly did you were you, like, I said, you're them the strongest part of that in our universe, like some little twitter conversations back and forth over the years about on the community and when its light now his boss says, a little bit bitter resurgence. I keep hearing and brick Jenkins is trying to do something in that chinese restaurants, kind of ironic that it all started. The thing that goes back it's it's definitely there's some thirty connection between comedy and energy. Can't deny. But back in those days the amnesty would make you pay the comics. Well we bathing arenas, apply or no idle simply makes money too. I understand that, but I believe we will realise right is now part of his fun thing. Why doesn't work you promote it's like us over? Let em figure it out. You have your invited, it's ok
but now I feel really has done a great job he's been their loan of aid by the lobbies from comedy club in Boston, history, which address some of the movie. The I saw this stuff with the would bury now I didn't want to do that. I didn't want to do that thing in and documentaries where they have the triumphant return. Cassettes always feels very cooked I wanted to show that very was alive and still relevant in and that's why, and in an ended up being grey hairs, Bradley Stance over the deepest suggested it in a really good, is a very ended up, narrating, a good portion of the movie from the stage you know like when he says you know we went back that we went to that basement. Where was raped as a kid. You know that that that was. That was not something that I that was cooked, always something that I was going to film the the space where These things happen because of that that would be powerful and I didn't want to do reenactment yeah yeah. Neither did I
say what have in front of another committee. What the fuck am. I got news so so so When we got their maximum berry- and I well before I bear we had a big argument. He says: look, I'm going down there and because I was just kind of wanted him to put it in perspective, but I didn't want to go down the basement and and I was afraid you know, is worried for my friend. I've seen him go in this shock. I've line it. I saw it coming on one we're even there and all it came out, I mean, but even but hard, you know but I know how to operate in a state of shock outside the child pornography investigation. Then that's how I want you know they make their own worst enemy. The child pornography investigation was a huge part that movie and the the fact that you mean. Two if, if it was gone today, I think a
would have gotten a lot more fucking trouble yelling at me, money much much bigger story, but it was also six point. One habits are so so so bury discloses there. It was raped as a kid on stage during a benefit for children and basic and allows for those southern power. Lawson, but always put away. I was speaking up about what happened in LOS Angeles and aromas. Knocking was wrapped around the king in a room was knocking these kids I'm trying to get rich looking. So then, and so I at that point I just sort of put my whole life together and I I want to say you know: kids come from somewhere man, these guys the right they come from somewhere that date, these guys come from a place where up right up the street,
from their horror. Squalid condition are some of the richest people in the Fuckin world and they see it, and I don't know what to do and guess, while g they want some stop. When things were what what a surprise. So I was speaking, for them. It was this long rap and then the end of it. I said the hour everybody comes from somewhere. I come. I came from sign that I told mister. Inactivated. He had had planned on that. That's how the set was gonna, go Sweeney, wanted to close and berries Ike, close says he insisted on and went well all right back. It actually cause. I've never said, follow that anybody in so many words that night ourselves. So while you are wearing let's go so I said,
Cameron, ambulances, Mass Avenue, so so, when berries for other survivors came aware that a well was allowing pedophiles to exchange child pornography openly in their chat rooms, notches exchange it, but back then, with the more you use the more you pay, so they were right off and it wasn't like today, you can get around all day long for making the process is a big deal. So a lot of money. Millions. Millions since other planet Dunwood made because young not is during that. They just well. Thank you for your boy, a good citizen of the ailing community, but we have to balance in his bob. No, it is now our corporate girls, along with first amendment writers, I quitted the fuckin kid me. These people exchanging pictures of children being raped. There's no first amendment right: I don't give a fuck about your corporate growth, but you keep it up.
Right before they asked me to has five or when I was already invited, testified two days before they are well context. Man says you know what you like the other meat. Now they were, they were gonna, come up with the bribe, and I went for a you know what I You know what I'm gonna see you Tuesday at the hearing or whatever deal so they say I would have loved to meet with them or hear you meet with them just to see what their plan. What I wanted to talk to that guy now, but he wouldn't be in the movie, the attorney for awhile I wouldn't have to suffer. Panes deck somewhere Ok, let's cities turn out well, maybe stops. I can do is running paramount. Now, there. You go You're talking to me in the man's replied, so so so bury after after buried
somebody wrote an article in the Boston Phoenix said about, and this is a ninety five out of red. Like a frank, capper movie, you know this, you know apart Furthermore, the halls of the story was Frank: Capper, Frank: ever it's a wonderful life, Mister J D, all those kind of so so he so very basically didn't imposes, gives you just signed on his kids in that taught took any got all this evidence against these guys- and basically embarrassed ale on before the Senate Bobby he pretended to be a child to get to lure these child dies. You haven't it wasn't even that much it wasn't that my job, really that much of a bay in whose release he, I just say, hey, work, two kids were on and our parents don't cause he played as you as if he was a girl in a boy and all it just just came. Pouring in it wasn't like he was entrapping these guys. They were pouring in any sense meadow. Almost a year
you know and downloading all his eyes. He gave an artist s an hundred pound yeah, it's I'm in the movie, but because he had given the evidence over the feds and the reasons not in the movies that there was a risk that were made directly because of the staff that berry and handed over by the feds worn interest in being in the movie, I think, has very kindly did their job. You know and at an end NAM. So so where is so? He begged me to The movie now this this reads like a frank, capper movie and I asked bury to write a scream play, this is right when you do said he at last a hundred pounds- and I was I going bury this- article you have for the Phoenix is tremendous. I think it's a picture and we can make my and by the way you have no idea how to write a screenplay so bury would With your motivate like when you, when you knew that they were trade,
retraining pornography, child for an hour child pornography. Excuse me, I don't care about they. You decided the way to catch him or the way to gather evidence. Item was proposed as a child. Well, I know what I did. I needed a reason to be in the room: ok If I was in the room ass, an adult ray of David think it was wireless router. If I wasn't sending child pornography backed up, so I needed to be a child rights so that then they're going like look at fun. You could have that's what they're literally doing in approaching me neither dogs, dental, wrote a whole book about it Bobby evading he used to do it all hi like back in the old days. He he used to call it bathing and used to put it it published on his website. Baiting child porn people. Being pedophiles, Gonna meet Doug. I've never met his best. I hope they love. You could foxier abba I am happy to tell you I'm gonna, be: let's do it ok, great grey he, but what it's crazy that when you were doing this,
it's sort of analogous to how people got away with pedophilia and how they got away with child molesting back in the day, because it was some that was all it was. It was just this taboo works in favour of the perpetrator? Yeah, that's why we have to break silence. That's where we have to be. It was a kind of specific about the pictures that people say to me. While you admitted you were right, fucking admit anything I was raped, I can do guilty people rape me. I didn't in mid anything I just like that. You admitted you they help. They robbed your home. You know you would ride. You were held up at gunpoint. Why I had disclose. I chose to disclose. Not everyone sort has the wherewithal to do that. However, the make up to do that, but fortunately I did so I discuss by mid anything and they d. The deep dark
pretty had no, I dealt with one. I could, and I talked about it when I could, in a fashion that I tried to make as accessible as possible other people. So people would know it. Look at this guy, this guy sensible this guy's got some. To say this guy seems to be lucid analysis saying that, but but the the iter, the tall on him, yeah and and so the hard time for me because you here is bury in in- I saw how early God and I was making police Academy for or have they literally tearing away from my time on the South Sea last two hundred pounds what you do well well, we also became a budgetary and stuffed, and so there's a variety for people draw whatever conclusions and there's some stuff in them. We I mean I just hurt people up to be in the movie. Then I'd. I didn't say hey remember, to say this, or am I just back door
and I didn't loom. While Bob was making the movie. I thought I was enough of a task, so I tried the one thing I could do as I just kept saying to people its Bob's is about my life. It's Bob's movie and robs movie about my life is something I'm very problem. Money on the right. You know the red spot, able in a cell and I knew that coming and I knew he would do me right, but it is like there's parts in the movie that my daughter has a problem when, because no one is the basement, because it looks like I, I asked him to our kind of, and everybody had a fight about, went the other way. The fight was easy. I'm going down there, you go through a problem that around it. You confirm this are not going down. You dollar problem with them Could she didn't, like me, workin, like manipulative, and she didn't like the scene with your sister again in my sister I dont tell anybody. I disagree. I was making a movie about my life in and then she,
at one point the movie she says. Well, you know knew you were going to interview me by another- be cameras here. It's a fucking movie marriage but she's. My sister she literally saved my life is coming. I am very well may have saved my life. I was close because the degree of violence in the justice physicality things and one that is so important to the movie, because people wanted discredit victims of abuse. Used to have a nice about as much time as we should give those people yeah yeah. But I've just I'm just one has shown that we're ironclad, oh yeah. Why that allows key? I mean she did me big salad. Not to do so. So bear went in to lower the original. Big salad is what I'm talking tat allows. You know when she walked in if she hadn't, who knows, maybe that day myth I wasn't stopped me. I was just about to because the girl that was involved as well, the girl to its neighbours- and here they are lured
who in the guy over and then the girl was true stop your sister from getting away, and while she I mean I was her us in heart was pounding. I was watching my hands were sweating its. It's a your sisters crimes I oh yeah, well, it's then cut too good evening and is very bright young comic from upstate. They are, I think, when very was in the basement and and to me what he says there is very you know it proves that he's not living in it. That is bringing the message back to the tribe in a very Joseph Campbell kind of stuff. You know that in the end, as a great for the act, and so he says he says to me- goes I totally blacked out. I don't know what I said is any thinking about the movie, which is very sweet because it was.
That usable- and I said I don't I'm playing Jacobi sacks the whole time in them and they like, as he goes. If you could animated zone, but either people get a weird it out by that by Howard's. How did you guys that genuinely love each other I d, make plenty a way to keep. Making plenty of jobs is alone along through some of the Vienna kilometer instead only wrote he can make, and then I can get away with a little bit because I fully licensed Bob to use my jokes any. In any case you now, glad. I wanted to the basement for a furious and someone was cause. Other kids go in the basement. I didn't want to imply that it was imbued with some sort. Supernatural power. Does this rapist had been there? You know what turns out this cannot imbued stone walls with their evil into something.
Happened within those stone walls, and I went down, is hopefully as a good spirit to safety it has ever been in here. Any kid will ever be in here. I hope you have fun and you play Your friends and everything's, ok, and no one else ever gets hurt here ever and that was really important to me. The thing was a kind of it is silly as it sounds a sort of grandchildren all as it sounds away? While I mean I had thought about that place for so long, I wasn't gonna walk up to the door and give it the kind of power that I couldn't walk in there. I had every right to walk in there and
and so I did in a way I walked in there, and I- and I collected myself as a small child and we all walk back up the stairs and they did a beautiful thing in the movie where they talk about. I'm walking up the stairs men than this. U s a meanness dish, county prosecutor from Cuyahoga County in in Ohio, says, bury you know like we ve arrested over a thousand people for trading child pornography in Kyoto County and a lot of what he did is the basis of what is being done nationally about this heinous crime. So it's in I mean it's a fucking beautiful, bow on like a ridiculous package. In I'm incur n n n mandate. We named the movie the right thing and I am so fortune. One ear was this that you were doing,
with the ninety five ninety five. So this is the beginning of the internet, yeah yeah and unlike in the movie, where the senators so proudly talk about how a letter I don't know who they're trying to appeal to their vessels to make em folksy or something he adds its this incredible that twenty years ago it was that easy to trade. Child pornography that it wishes not know where they were wireless about update the end they actually, they would attack someone who challenge them rather than like someone coming and going like holy shit, some ensues what we're doing scatter. You know at least that what happened now at least at least they know their and a little some sort of danger banks It was like wells, natural progression of day and Anna in plus I'm just serene these guys and you know I I I will reed. What my enemy right. So I like I studied NAM blood what they had to say, and these fuckin people is that if you not familiar with Nabob
Watch the movie powder it base, clay puts the entire philosophy We have naturally into a film the Disney paid for that was directed by a convict ciao molester Annual yeah apps for packing loosely Watchin known o the plant. A boy had all the power, and he looks like Michael Jackson- is, like Oh, I thought notaries about like a magic. With a magic kid has power all refugees, Miss Enamel movie of the millennium goals, the movie having com, he was caught actively actively abusing children, a child child actor. He was caught and went to jail with four and then Disney. Make before confirm what this guy wondering and yet here we are, filming mid nineties city internet. This is, on Patrick Flannery, right, five, yeah yeah. I guess
Y yeah, so fuck that guy fuck em. I know about him. I know it is fucking movies about it's, the fucking. Ample, a philosophy put into a movie like this. Kid has power over everyone, its everything's, the kids choice. You ever the isn't. The kids choice, you're lying, fucking sack issued creep fuckin child rapist that do NI hired and when you look at Disney email attack, I directed movie just consider who might behind it be behind the fucking goofy mascot their theme park. Thank you why that is. Ways I ask is that that's right victor saw, but will you ran fucking relentless SEC yeah? I actually be friends with the number who I don't know who got him in their right corner picture, but I, like an american film director best known for directing, fills powder and cheaper creepers. Cheaper creepers, I was a horror movie near. Does a good movie fuck but try to controversy being a convicted sex. What, where is he now?
I'll be better, not be to close them, always dies directing their full house really really for four hours. Yeah, so there you go. Hey Victor little press for you today, VIC Vig, to back Fucking NAM, Bluff, fucking, proponent fuck, you a piece of shit, fuck Disney from mere died eyes. So when you direct them, I get mad. When I see that seven years Thirty, seven convicted sex offender. While what else did he die right? He directed children into although we agree that vice peace, he loves convicting sir terrorizing semi naked youths, whites well. What is this? I'm, my God, Jesus Larry,
People think of a pattern of sexually leaving film director. They are likely to imagine Roland Landscape sex with a thirteen year old Woody Allen areas nabbed die, but those surgeon. Retired cliched. Now suppose you with a thirst for horrible stories about film. And abusing the fire we present mid budget journeymen director of Victor South Journeyman, is on a boxer. What does that mean mini budget journeyman? What we are distinct now terrain, nineteen, eighty nine. So it was the last man journeyman, No majority man about latin things? Clapton should soon these guys, my own house, He saw he was jailed after millennia such don't. You know why he in Indiana, what don't so dont rent his movie, don't pay for his next defence. By the way the Gary glitter shit they play in every day and every ballpark that that's his fucking defence wonder due to dead, and I will finish it but hey. You know that song
makes money on that every time a ball games going on the plots victims of clown House, three preview Besson brothers, led by the W taunt SAM Rockwell spent time running terribly around the enormous sovereignty alley as three prepossessing kids in that film too funny Wada pieces, I came and look at. She's going out and G, I thought. When you go to jail goes, it might go to jail for a long time now, you'd be surprised, but that's that I'm surprised right now, because it came out and Disney. Let him in a goddamn. Let him make a goddamn movie. That was the name bluff movie of it's like the National Film Festival outside of God, knows what they, which also what is Nablus philosophy that today's regulates the kids choice? their round yeah yeah Lester. Did the kids know my kid laid the kids make the decision, be nice to think the number was something that they chose. A roundabout right. I was gonna, get a real thing. No,
a real among our sea. Howard stern talk about it and yet no Nablus, real and- and it's not a joke selected by the thing- is Like the Communist party. Nowadays we gotta meeting you know it's like eighty percent FBI agents so injurious. Naturally, as member that hilarious thing when they had a natural. A meeting at the San Francisco library in film crew, men and everybody walked out like crouching there. There are like locking legged Groucho Marx yeah, they re likely, they wouldn't stand up you know I would bet we could find it nimbler envy number San Francisco library case, it's hilarious. I just thought for sure: if something like happens. You go to jail for a hundred years and we do not understand how this guy could have been out at it means had any executive seven. So if he was convicted and then he was out thirty seven. He couldn't possibly have done more Then you know seventeen.
Nineteen years right of use, well, it didn't do anything closely and then you get a little back did a little and then when they made the movie, though here's the thing, if it wasn't writing that film, at seventy eight and unite he wasn't. It He really did it up a bit of time, money that it You know that the movie the green light- that's the only thing, that's weird, they knew his past and then agreement that movie he was released on parole and ninety two fifteen months into a sense, yeah labour law for a while planning is next move? What the fuck does that mean? Oh, my god, I mean a registry cleaner who'd, recently been Durham Access was how to make a film for Disney. Was Disney from Poland was astray Pateroff rigorously intelligent albino boy would telepathic Intel economic powers, the films it is a modern day feel jail was starred. Such household names is
have gone bloom and was at the time decree to be asleep ahead Africa. Thirty million dollars worldwide, outstripping its modest ten million dollar budget. You all. I remembered was that, oh, my god, you touched me enough had better. So what does that say? Give Jeff Golden comes across powder and empty cafeterias says to him. You touched me and I've had better sex than I've had in ten years. I want to be a fool, right. That's that's not creepy and introducing a good reviews. You did me out and I had better snacks man we hit, we that's why I love. I was looking forward to doing this because I know we would hit some stripe. You know some vein, you would completely dig man anywhere in you get it see. This is my work. This is what I'm fine, I'm fine takes powders hand his hair, supposedly due to an electric current begins to stand on end. So the idea, is it the power and the power of this child mixes hairstyle yeah, yeah yeah? I then
Got a fucking tariff, while movie anchoresses powders Yassin, bald head around twenty seconds. What the fuck is wrong with Jeff Goebbels Jeff. What is wrong with you? Fuck, I don't care, I don't need to meet movie stars, fucking comanches, I'm glad you're on the fuckin rent. Dotcom whore adds now apartment, let its fallen apart. Not good luck, the above what the law, whose really going drastic Ah I see the high missed I can imagine. I didn't have to see that these Eddie really like calling you lucky day not really. Now you get That's your kid is only getting annoying. I'm sorry I mean you know. Maybe it wasn't thinking that money. Maybe the moon was made incrementally, in whatever saw, give him a break but Disney fucking nine Disney toll business is based on kids right. So this is what the big kid studio, the fucking park, people they put.
This piece of shit out and it still sort of like honoured. As this put critically acclaim thing- and I Oh guy, you can fill critics figure out shit that I'm not smart enough or I don't care enough to figure out the egg and follow avant garde knows I don't know what the fuck are you talking about, but this movie, I know the message better than anybody. I know what it's about and I know who they are appealing to and them in their their put in their fuckin horse shit now face in asking us to like. Well, you know what I don't know it Disney I dont like itself, I go fuck yourself. I vaguely recollect that this was an issue that someone had brought up to me before, but I never investigated it or maybe it was in conversation at the comedy store or something like that, and I never looked into it, but God damn it. This is fucking crazy, there's a doctor's, fuckin, jelly and spear was lost berry
silent, gonna done a drink, it fourteen not bury power. I only said what is it really sweet is tasted. Well thanks, is moving on. These are the way was a really good trying away boys grades from the Rex girl, local beer arise. Thank you man. It's a great thing about doing shown. I've had listened to you go up on these rips for so long. I get away. No o clock in the morning, because my with Don given, but No, I didn't know o clock yet big guy. I know I know I don't know. What's it no o clock in the morning, because I'm on a dish uses up too much bandwidth keep watching. But if I M up at nine o clock in the morning, I'm I'm checking out what you ve been doing. Any fuckin kill me man in its own right. That's why I was so. I'm united I didn't approach one I'm! I don't think I might have approached a couple, but like a very few people, I approach. Can we come on and do your thoughts and do your shoe
one of the only ones man, I'm so glad, you're, the last one we're doing this at dawn. Thank you very much, MRS and honour, I knew I could trust you for me arriving as test pattern boy at the end of fucking, the Han Meridian like well, let's go back now what we d like to call it a rape buried here as I like it, Is it a sexual assault on Romania's I raise a Isidora can week, I'm gonna go ahead and use that word rape. Alright, wanting there really sort of kind to find you and how are you approach things very good, but it's very good rights. Wherever they are you you will you said that if the guy was alive, that you would want to show him that he didn't he that's right. You that's right. I will you now I would show him that my personal ranch would be to behave decently towards and even advocated for him to be in a situation confined, and in segregated from any possibility being near children, or is treating the humane fashion and, if in, if you weren't
I would tell me tell me- and I will do something about because I did not- I became a human rights activist and not a rapist nada, not not a human rights defender and in so you didn't when you did, light it was still extinguished in anew was never extinguishing me. It survived and I'm so fortunate that it did our progress together and then kill them for sure I just I stop spite am I doing fan of poisonous things now. I understand. I understand that the advice I didn't experience we experienced and you have obviously your ear. I couldn't be consumed by age. I would have been consumed you're very strong person to to go that path into go that route, and that's indicative of you we became, and that's one of the reasons I think I like why you be claims that a strong leader in this powerful person is because you over something on fuckin bear
we traumatic very early in your life, and you develop this intense sense of right and wrong. I think this is a big of a great time to tell people this follow me on twitter at criminal. See I am, I, let's see the record, we can send for followers right now at this moment at criminal, about Mayberry seize the moment when the weird is hardest movie, her mo even for movie is Bigfoot. It was you know, I gotta hear you guys back. I gotta showed your picture. I was at the lizard guided banana lobbying on the fact that a hello all of Joe rodents followers. Are you crazy god damn? What would you do? DR your politics, our son,
to get good at tickets. Will try not to get any major where my politics our week for the aliens to land? My my politics, I, like my politics, are never trust. Anyone who wants to be in charge. That's and how you were to be present as these prisoners fact. I have four Ivan idea that people it should be a jury duty absolutely absolutely in there you know, hey, I'm gonna go tried. Do us proud for we got me. I like. I ran the thing. How I did that shit? I could have parlay then into something, but I just knew we needed something I didn't want to be fucking in charge. Fuck I want to do my shit. I don't want anyone to have to approve of it by height, yet I am thinking about amount. Did how did not worse? How does it think home one of closing totally lost the
the tax money and a margin for real I sold out for shares answer when over to pick up my notebook, I'm a Monday. This fuck imply would go out and the ultimate thing whole not here, because I d joke, as I used to call it I'll be out on the road, no call an answer. I had the same old Guy Henry's like an eighty two year old chinese guy who took the take out orders on the phone. I will call up, I would say, hey Henry sparing very not here can hang out any area, and this is back on getting another two dollars and eighty five says in change. Conquering Henry. You now I want order shortly on the phone out. Have the figures. Some way to break through his boat and not do so It turned into my friend, the late Great John Brown. You know the man who was the man who was the man how you fuck the man who want dispute in a wishing? Well the pattern- Kremlin bury about that one. When you took out it's ok about yours, I was
in the Murray, editing and eyes like wholly crap as the works and what does not Bigfoot savings. In abstaining, yours, but that's my thing to do Harry, mysterious man, her words I was at some point, but it doesn't matter because Bab had to mark You are talking about calling up doing how I came to think you're, not here our over the rest of us still it wasn't. Another approach has gone over compartmentalized memory. I've had a lot in plus a lotta concussions Plato, little ball at my back. In the day when spearing was illegal and widely practised, the old man, did you enjoy France? All meat is talking here for a great shout Van was a big help and our movie, he gave us footage that wasn't used and that so that wasn't me
That was how it was at first real chance for me to go on record bout, a lot of stuff and then us, and then some of that was stuck Bob ended up using it in an hour from play. I join you are in this. This is position now this film coming out to help a lot of people. I think this this film. Just give. You know your story and and you know on open up a lot of people's eyes too. I hope so of the situation are, but I think a lot of people in such a power, for God and unheard from them, Joe, I'm sure you're an end, and you know Nick Dana how to find me. They will find me and I'll do what I can sum, I give everybody is much of a chance, as I can there's a lot of what sought to abuse survivors and I think his horse shit and that's basically they get
hold on quota empowered- and I hate that word because it takes the strength at lower power. What's what sounds more like more like power, power or empowered empowers like sand making where Birchen stocks or something so I'm not, there began empowered and aunt, but they like I did my friend SAM Cedars broadcast a couple weeks back in, and he said I want to give away with the movies I said: listen man is not a kind of moral Vienna Hinges, largely in the fact that I survive rapes is a child, like I heard several peoples You know you really should have had a trigger warning on their dislike, like Do you think I was doing what the fuck do. You think I was doing when I sat at hinges largely. I was warning you that what it was about right there, but someone has empowered you too, to have a way to take issue with me, because I'm not completely basing ably. You know the whole
world isn't based around. You know. I got rape when I was four years old. Everybody shouldn't be thinking in terms of that. All time cause they ve been through their own shit and their dealing with their option trying to survive so far make them more sensitive this issue. I can show them that it matters to them. It is dead. A deal with other people have been through this kind of trauma. We want to reduce it as much as absolutely possible. That's good, but after that, I'm going to find a way to set up a situation where I'm always the injured party and that prove again and again that on persecuted and no one's thinking in terms of me, then I'm never going to get fuck inhaled. I'm never going to get flock unhealed. So what I did was I went out and I try to help other people went to help other people. I realise how far along I've come- and I realize is really something in it for me to do that. It's not like I'm, this altruistic guy. It's like I'm saving my own life, any elected AOL investigation that took such courage to do know what would happen.
Encourage was turning my back on those kids and walking away. I don't want to know who are going on in there. How would I live with that? Guy Howard, when myself then but data I got is nicer once said: oh gee, that what he went through when he was doing an investigation. What about the kids in the fuckin pictures? That's what I want! Everyone to know about thanks for care about me, but it's the kids in the pictures I give a shit about is the kids are suffering right now somewhere within the sound, my voice, someone, you know, I mean in this broadcast likes where this is on someone in the next apartment or wherever some kid it's going through. This shit have the car I didn't know about. That's all. I ask we have the courage to know about it and save the contemporary children, so you don't have to deal with a much a fucking maniac abuse survivors with that, and if anybody can defuse the Jane around Scape guys common enough antenna Veni body can defuse the term
trigger warning you're, the fuckin guy I'll tax, Jesus God, damn cry! Stop we're going to develop a nation of permanent children like if anybody can held their story and doesn't need a fucking trigger warning. It's you in this idea, I don't I don't need trigger warnings if you gonna show me something show me something I if I don't want to see it. Let me know what it is before. You show me a little what they dug out of the day. We all do that are not always about no need a goddamn trigger this fucking term. Is disgusting disgusting type, those damage It just sets people up this. It stay in the pit in oh to wallow, empowering them to wallow like well, I've got hurt and again because the horses so sorry about your shit man, but I'm telling you what I you're in a pair of your own shit, I know you're used to the temperature and the smell of it. Doesnt mere used to that doesn't bother you that much anymore, but when you stand up and they fuckin, how is Europe, and then you go in the house and take a real shower put on some clean clothes? You're, not
I believe our much better you ve pale, so stop letting other people tell you that you have to expect the world to do. The impossible must be the like telepathic about what the fuck you been through, get to the point can stand up and tell them the story yourself, one its appropriate and don't put up with anybody who is truly being insensitive or snickering about ownership, but people who tell me people walk up to me all the time and tell me like well, you know a good thing as those guys get arrested and bubble ticket hurts like you're, endorsing rape to me, you're fucking, endorsing raped me, mother fucker. I don't want anyone raped ever not even rapists. Rape is illegal. How about making jails lawful places about that for an idea? provoked someone's going to jail and realizing law protects me sometime, I'm not gonna be raped. I'm not gonna be menaced here, I'm going to me in maybe they'll will start thinking about getting reform, but Jesus Christ, don't to me about Rick. Don't tell me, you want them all killed and sweep under that rug because
war without blot on my hands. I wanna fuck in blood on my hands now man, so don't guess these stupid ass, fuckin, lightweight things, in presume I'm going to sign off on because I don't ever want anyone else ever raped and if it happens, even if its elbow rapist, I am opposed to it and I don't want them fuckin killed. I want them to live with what they did. This is a difficult. This is a difficult thought and is a difficult subject, but did you who, after this is all said and done is horrendous moment in your life many moments in your life. Did you try to figure out what would create a person like the guy? Who did that to you? yeah you try. I did for how much time I can tell you created him. He was taken of an abuse of home. He was put into foster care and abuse many more times, and he was gone He was gone and there was guy and he was succumbed.
By the agony I was pushed through by him. I survived somehow, I made it so call me lucky, I'm not! I didn't become him. I didn't become one I resisted. I didn't. I didn't past bullshit and I dont want that- and so I do what I can to stand up to it did were their moments. Were you we want a mad mad, because it's like Hendricks a cry of love. It's a cry of love that I make it's a cry of love. My act has been a cry of lowest like I don't want the innocent hurt anymore. I don't want people victimize because of greed and cowardice. Bullshit and I dont want that enjoy. I do what I can to stand up to did with your mom. How much were you wanted to talk to him? What you want, and I would love to talk to him. I would love to talk to him to show him that I've been didn't become a monster like he would I would have almost become an advocate for him in the sense that like well. Maybe you let me know after Miss treating you in here, but he died,
prison. No one claim this body hours grave is, if I knew her grave as they go put folk and flowers are not for him. For me, the idea, if someone could do that after someone did that to them scenes insanely counter intuitive. It's like. If someone I think that saves you were really saves. You really is redemptive and really saves you to me. What is worse things you covered in the film that I thought it was really a very powerful moment where you talked about this thing that you didn't become him that you Maybe if your sister didn't come down their Canada and then you could have been dead, he was close man, it was. Could you also that you could have been one of them? You kid someone who now worse than death how I would rather be a victim a thousand times and the perpetrator wants and that's not any
Jus contemplate the mechanism. Did you tried to have you tried to understand the mechanism that turns and abused person into an abuser wouldn't with what is? I don't think I'm nuts and bolts is here, because I listen to you and I know how much I mean what detail you go into. So I understand how how and what you're asking, but I can't be there's enough of me. That's been through enough that I can't be whiteness thorough, is you're asking me to be answer that I get as close as I can, and I understand what happened, but then, after that point I am not one of them and I can't go Far enough to say: well, then, of course, if you get past this point right here than obviously this is that I can't do that. It's that that is what is too much for me, but you know
One of the reasons I was interested in making the movie was one when bury. You know told me that the guy had died in prison. I said how that make you feel, and he made me sad because you didn't getting closure in aiming to confront many said no Alone- and I was really blown away by that- and I thought I should really make about now, either that what this is gonna Jesus stuff, you know, that's it uses and wiping out so so that was what they really did motivate meet him make the movie the movie was gonna, be a narrative with some one else playing berry and I've thought about that. For years he try to establish script, I tried and it wasn't too. You know Robin Limbs was my pal and he suggests them again.
This is just February two thousand fourteen, and I said, I'm monies is I'll. Give you some money. You can start, it could use a fan of berries. Any new bury story, so that's really have a movie came together, came together, really fast, Eddie realise how long it takes to make it doc. You know, because, whereas at Sunday, factors are going it we started seven years ago seriously. May they thyself four years ago and as they stared February and they didn't go, hey all right, they're like nobody. Ok, how good luck with that Bob scratch? How difficult was it to even attempt to tell the story for you as a person who loves this guy and, as we know now he's out of the room right now, so we so instrumental?
he was such a the foundation of the whole community, which aunt em and how important the? U n me and help mould me in areas as it could amendment sixteen. So it's you know making a movie, that's not a work affection with someone you of that. You want them to like when it's done. You want people to like the movie in him for the same reason you I came, it was hard. It was it wasn't, you know, like people, talk about making a move in this way. That was hard, no matter what I never think you know That is a real people. I don't wanna, embarrassing one. I don't wanna, I dont want now. I don't know it. I know it. I know I was thinking about how hard I made your work is like there's footing What the fuck am I going to do that there is indeed before this film came out. It was a time when you are trying to figure out how to tell your story now
and I felt like I had told it a lot and I felt like the trail was their people could find it. This is like a dream that gets told this way, but I didn't expect it and imprisonment, and I was completely honoured and flattered that was done. Then it was done so well, but you know I mean like economy than give a fuck about my store, I mean I dislike. I like I've learned is a grown up. I've learned not to take life personally, this part of it and so unexpected to stop for me and do? But it has, in this sense Bob stopped got the footage and sequence didn't put together those brilliant ways to approach and the maiden beautiful picture
I mean really. I should ever wasn't about me. If a word about that way, I may I would, I would be out crusading people awash usage, assumes a modest at this point in our because it's about me behemoths, She tremendous Mohammed like in a lot of both straggling, while of course, but I am sure that our debts there, your people right that you put together you know, is Bradley Stone. Cipher, who I gotta see you on a town rallies. Iran now should forget it. Petty fathers review in a sequel common Grady, I'm gonna get a book coming to an end, was about lot asses and in and then a lot equips itself dedicated to generation text. You know the people there are, like
I M so I mean I'm trying to hang in there, but it's like a red this shit. I e g g o t r s age. You half later putting on other shoe what the fuck you got time to tell me you're putting on your other shoe, but you ve, what years in such a hurry of Ghana abbreviated. So I can't figure out what the fuck you say, son and I have to be calm enough to try to convey this. Ok kid says M H is my. We fear it what his egg my head, then ya, know I and the health and in the whole Malagigi thing, I'm a grown man. It's like come on. I makes my life racism so sore I never did I hear him. Why are they all send them to me? The whole savings and loan I so in my from Poland is: did you fuckin send me a smiley face? I do I actually texan enough. Women men I put smiley faces
on right now emerges, but I do look too that's why I ever tell my up great my phone. They put like a million more these things on earth. I hit by mistake. I'm trying to get me a Christmas tree. That's puking, drunk Chris, while la la la la Loma like worthy regressing. Yeah desiring me any with hieroglyphs two hundred percent in the iron and arrow in another gun pointed out very depressed guys. Wearing skins suicidal emerges Howard, they are there there. Why are so many people communicate with the gun and we need the ones we need to know the FARC. I think I'll of dog shit- that's another one fraudulent. Kennedy? My Hercules thing? I can people say what you this does not mean, is tat of humble guy. Who is therefore, now I ask you Joe Rocket:
What is it about that? That's my old Hercules movie bows like now everybody, but everybody no one day I'll. Do it But first I am Gill bombing was smiling again full movies, and now that was later hours later I mean it is it is pre. It was Hercules movies that damages stuff on older, full. Now, testicles. I was gets YO sooner or later my friend you come around I understand this is not a joke. Well, on audio the vast majority of listeners. Maybe I like lasted ten percent less perfect I love shit doesn't work when you when you're on Thursday. I warn you when you're late. So are you
years forbears now for your three good forest. When you're in upstate, in use, you go out. Man you're doing these these gigs a you you'd performing on a regular basis. Ignore now, but I won't be I mean, and never regular basis is something was part of the films Mozilla High makes money like some was asking No I'm not I'm about to I'm about to have a great new speakers Bureau called Kepler speakers in New York. If you want me to come talk to you, I will for b and I'm going on doing a bunch of shows and ready, and I would like You know, I think there might be like kind of availed Victoria performance and I'm met might become done. You know, maybe just final. Spot, lady, so down the country and relax,
you have a desire to stand a beginner stand up your no. No, I don't know I don't know. I don't know I'm happy to use than I did last night it the billiard room of the commonest arrest fun and they were they like. While Europe, how to do that. Yeah fuck yeah, you are, you know, so it was cool and I love doing stand up and I love comics. I mean I fucking love comics are my brothers and sisters. And you know what I put a lot on the line for them. They put a lot on line for me and sometimes people like us people, something like I know. I don't do what you do in a place like no I'm supposed to do what I'm supposed to do Europe and that's what I've seen you before. You figured out what you're supposed to doing so tremendous edit. It makes my eye the kettle drums and my heart or Don DAWN done dawn Dando Joe Rogan La La down down down down down down down down down during the dialogue, and I see a movie about care. Go to it. Don't do indeed don't dando La La down down down down down down down for you. That's why you fuckers gods. Look few bucks buy me a colonel Durham
tell us how much shipped upstate near backroom environment preparing done so limited. My point is: like You gonna, you gonna tour Armenia ass. I was I why, and I will tell you and you will pass it on to people. Is there a website that people the fairy criminal come just got? plainly renovated by my friends, slab media, Jim and fifteen o Catherine entertain Alan Boston. Just today, We just launched than they cleaned up modern version the website desire to avoid burning website before this. As a counter where people that they will actually be done than guns ended. A den distinguished aren't, don't that's right! Ok, subdivision appearances thing tat! We get some modern Facebook Twitter. The whole deal he asked around here in this room now I dont use much parade. Twitters kind of perfect, formerly tell them. I'm pithy joke guy
right right right. They played right into for once came into my wheel house, Stephen right, in the US, Hedberg Mitch Hedberg You do know what Stephen did when he was in one when he was using twitter alot. He running yeah yeah, yeah yeah. He was, he was wearing a by what a friend a border and monitor only four hundred forty characters, ETA imagined getting to know him for all these years. I mean he's like one of my dear since any we don't see each other, that we do. It slick talk about just picking ride, up from where you were the last time who are you and he came up and saw me out of nowhere- that's why he knew in the movie. We know what is in the movies like throw had a computer because he was their hammy heat. He drove out to see me from to choose its just cause. He kind. I want to get some contacts in these eye and then in the US leave any so honest and he's. So glad now I did in my head. I know where you were in Brazil Great, so he's back in Boston
Veronica he'd lives there, but you know I mean goes out and does it is made day to see similar to the Massachusetts? How much real lives. Can I want to hear anymore exactly where he lives. Brats up, you know near them at that five. You what they wanted, a pause he pissed off the jugglers, didn't. I can give the area about the younger ones like or Nigeria gathering. How was it is or what. I would imagine you'll be it with these same everything saying there's no, Security is no lights, there's no just people selling bath. In writing and lose a video of a girl just point out our paths and a bunch of guys this fucker You know, unwell, spices, one video of many, the yeah, the tiller tequila footage. Where they ran out a fag Oda, throw at her Keziah spray J would figure COLA, so they say
knocked over the outhouses undisturbed, throwing here have been shit. I stress here because, like you viewed our work in industry and you picked up, some dog hit me when it I'd be mad, but later on will be pals. We laugh. I got to know what the fuck you ever dogs you, but you know physic hobo, no, my dear regner, we wouldn't be pals anymore, juggler shawl in all about doing about homo dear several new bad old style, with Hitler's Deism Benito donated did so. Why does my opening act was up check the com and he's drive me around the grounds and golf the jugglers I get that away like who the millionaires you know so runs up, runs out
inside the golf fuck out of our Czech. That's where you talk, you aren't, carries a dry by beady despaired. Women are anything like you, don't really frosted. My gave him this whole exchange as I am ever USA, we're about aid map cancer The idea has objected Corner Jimmy Walker and Roger Bets jaw and now no welling area there like I'll talk to Bobcat in the language, you can understand it's like a day, Matthews cancer and I wouldn't cosy David. What these roads, AIDS say, chill yeah Matthews cards you know. I gotta say this crowd there really nice, but then of jirga hit the nail on the head with a can of Vigo and any kind
slumped over the steering wheel, garages hearing whether someone is so I can get you to repeat the another. You remember that game show story from Australia, but it's all. I can only ever that's gotta English, you in having this woman's buzzer and there are still certain buzzards should always getting my buddy. I go hey lady you're gonna lose lose somebody man, why it's great for Friday, Niger unfortunately stirs there and what is it? was. I think I love that you don't know where there is no. Spare parts, I never know what I've gigs navigate to have to give some idea to wrap in this the one at the w, and I got one of commerce door. But there are times
Prime Minister, ten, forty five, ok you're gonna get me a man hockey grumble about come on down to drink and We will now. You know what lessons again the tour and my other homes I've been. This is like two hundred interview in ten days or something like I can only what I was about. You re very those that sometimes you have to do press for these things, but it's kind of a one hour relates important thrilled and I'm so again I how much I mean we just name the movie, the right thing, because just look at what this fucking eyes done for me: by any setup. Andy's also had a sort of and those times when I've milk, the factory and watching him treatment. With kid gloves like I- and I may let this on that's so August. Seventh, is it's gonna, be roles? Are writing this Friday and might be that'll, be like
a man? Was the country now now to be in New York City apply, show you if you keep screw New York, you see asked in. Here now I see that I have seen the Ark yells Wash. In Angelica, Papa Day, Margaret Bird okay. So it's all call me: lucky movie dot com all available on the year on the website, measures Beijing Ass, a bullshit, you yeah, she now we'd repartees. In New York. I now you're gonna be available maternity leave, our greatest powerful stages. It's worth did my first of my guy, who hosted Johnson CATS, yeah, there's periodical John Mother guy he's in the movie yap. Yes, he is
when is it going to be available on Itunes or waste? I will become I get beyond that for their works. You know most mom, I actually my movies and of individual platform. So, unlike those movies, though, and Pierre, the folks, putting in our mean a billion given in this one but brought over theatrical, run nice yeah, that's great Willet Creek, on what I have heard, that Do I did well for me actually help the same company that put that out said When I said here, I want to make a movie about this guy. It's about his child abuse. There were grown vine, it was go wild Arabin and given us the money to start at the beginning of it and then an MP. I didn't the other comment that different, really there there very supportive of what I do. That's awesome. Backroom is by our thank sir. Thank you ve been here likes about you, I believe so
don't be an issue Bob first. We got hammered out and out of a hundred. Guys inviting apologise, but I was going to do with somewhere advisory those using Bob Daddy Giants movies. You know now I mean I can tell you, you know what you know about your I'm hammered not hammered, but I'm here I got a little, but I love you. Man thanks fucking greatest what Europe. Now. What are my, how much more up, but I mean honestly how much more like fucking you know, active friendship is one thing, a document area. It is quite another. Thank you very much. I love you brother. In a most
We should do and thank you so much for have me Joe, and I hope I get to come back and hang arise. Only what we fucking skip off on absolutely in Vietnam come about so proud, deny my on it on a staggering much I'd. Everybody we'll be back with sedate February Wednesday. Thursday would be to Morrow lovey eyes by thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for turning into the park cast and thank you also to our sponsors. Thank you to dollar shave club dot com. Try it out, don't shave club dot com, Ford, Slash, Rogan, that's dollar shave, club dot, com forward, Slash Rogan thanks also busily ones thanks also to on it and even think think on a dot com, au and an eye to use a code. Word, Rogan Save ten percent off any and all supplements, and each and every one of my podcast is fuelled by Caveman coffee Company, gotta, caveman, coffee c, o dot com
and enjoy single family state single origin single estate, but single family. It's not just the boys for ourselves single origin, coffee. This issue comes from one family. It's grown washed, dried and roasted by one. Family in Colombia, Father and son team run the growing and dry in Colombia and two other sons handle the small batch roasting and its own by my good friend, my brother, Tate Fletcher and also are the good friend Keith Motherfucking Georgiana, informing you of sea fight of keys, gerardi, bad motherfucker, cool, dude, awesome, coffee, caveman, coffee, sea of God com. Right. That's it! Thank you. So much for everything is a heavy podcast I know is heavy for me to do. It was too heavy for barely get through it, as well as the fifteen beers. He drank what we're doing but I love that guy and low love bob and system it was when it was right
you for everything and we'll be back tomorrow until then enjoy your life, and I appreciate the fuck out of people. Much love, bye, bye,.
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