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#681 - Gad Saad

2015-08-11 | 🔗
Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing & Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption and author of "The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption" and "The Consuming Instinct"
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the guy. Rather, I'm back you wanted to you cause professors and has a sense of humor about yourself. Well, you can you could joke around about that? Exactly! Is it some? I was talking about the show start about this recent article in the Atlantic and as soon as I saw it, I like this is right up your alley in his The coddling of the american Mind- and this the goal is all about what things that you have been talking about a lot lately and it's been a lot of people's minds at work and academia, because it's it's it's very confusing and it's very frustrating. But there is There's severe limitations on the words that you can use in the thoughts even that you can have this articles all about trigger warnings, and in that in one case, here's here's what endeavour, Professors listen to this law
Students were asking fellow professors at Harvard not to teach rape law one case even use the word violate as in that violates the law less it. Was distressed. This is the article is called the coddling of the american minds in the newest version of the atlantic dot com. It's just a couple of days old. And it is it's fucking crazy. What's going and with kids today and this this article, seemed to it in one of them was about something that there's a professor, perfect pristine, protecting himself with a pseudonym. Many wrote an essay for vocs, called I'm a liberal professor and my liberal students terrify- may write what The fuck is going on what is going on where people are getting in trouble for It's like violate rhetoric.
By the way. One of the authors of the article is a good friend of mine who is dead, the rector of five, I can remember the name of the act, what they acronyms stands for, but he basis They goes around. His organization goes around trying to protect freedom of speech. First amendment at campuses, precisely because of the unbelievable chilling effect of these Some of you know lunacy movements, it's very strange, and you know it out a strange. It seems like you're not allowed to be conservative. Any university by conservative. I don't mean restrictive of other people's liberties like and gay rights or anti choice or anti. I'm talking about fiscally conservative right, I'm talking about you now being a person who has ideas that some and the Republican Party espouse you're not allowed to use.
If we discuss this before, but even if we did it's worth repeating, I talked about an art, an article that was done by some colleagues of mine. I don't know them while, but sometime academics, where they looked at the political affiliation of professors at top. I think it was California schools whether they are going to fight it or whether they actually democratic, filiation or republican and, as you might imagine, was extraordinarily skewed towards Democrats, but then, depending on the floor, the study so, for example, in sociology and in the humanities and in women study Women with a wide awake. Please don't write. Women with an EU that would be sex is really It is outrageous that the elements that yeah oftentimes women studies Day, they think that to have men as part of the word women
itself a form of aggression, so they ve altered the spelling to wait. Men are no that's real z, that'll yonder Arias already has the price of admission covered with that story, but it still the word women right so anyway. So the same word why? Why do you have to change the letters so in sociology do try change? The word is rigour because it sounds like the inward all Well, sir, I right you're getting triggered. I'm triggered triggered, live. Triggered five black I'd be super trigger noticeable. My tweets now, whenever I tweet anything, I put trader war, trigger warning. It's become part of the vernacular to make it satirical. It's too close to the inward way. To close, I am but anyway, to furnish the point about that study. Forty four, to one the ratio in sociology, so am I If you are a student, take doing an underground sociology right. It's not a very good.
To have almost all of the professors that you will ever come across be of one particular. Persuasion. Now some people I mean say, but what do you mean the Democrats have everything right, they have truth on their side and the Republicans are a bunch of hacks. Now when it comes to evolution, evolution. That's true right! If, if On average, Republicans are more likely to deny evolution than that. Point is well taken but when it comes to issues, is the death penalty right or wrong? What kind of fiscal policy should you have? What type of foreign policy should you have is not a one plus one scientific equation, so you should be exposed to multiple viewpoints. You shouldn't be because you should only interact with people who are similar to what that is. Problem with a lot of people that go to college graduate, get their phd, get their doctrine and then start teaching and never enter the real world right. They stay in this, sir. Insulated world of, The daimio and then they espouse the same ideas. They promote these
my dear. They promote the same way. Thinking as if this is the real world, this is the only world. They know. You know one of the things about committee. Aids is lot of Amerika, really crazy and fucked up, and they do a lot of drugs and their sad the troll and not in the kind of forget that other people aren't like that and sometimes I bring like one of my regular friends around like the comedy store and around so my convenient friends at a fuckin, crazy and the Jesus Christ? These guys just talk about ridiculous shit that they do like it's no big deal and now my in their world it is a big deal in there. Well, this is the normal world and everyone else's civilian right. That's how they look at that's how you know they potent cold, hard core comedians I think an academic have a similar sort of a situation where they really do believe in micro aggressions. They think that micrograms in a real there was a fuckin. This is one of the parts, the article, those really hilarious,
There was a they were trying to raise awareness about micro aggressions, but in doing so and raising awareness from micro aggressions. They had to give examples of these micro aggressions, which triggered people and its it's an infinite loop of that abolishing. So this guy had to apologize right. He had apologize for triggering people with his MIKE Aggression, examples that some of them were like. To all supposed to be good at math to Asians linked, as that is a micro aggression. Mink is micro aggression say good things. This is worth confuses me because, like if you said, art owed black eye. You guys all have big decks right, isn't a micro aggression, because
That saying last perpetuating racial stereotypes right it is, but isn't it a good stereotype, like everybody wants to take Derek right by allegedly well here's. Another micro aggression, I thought was hilarious. I'm cool or blind. I dont see race right, that's a micro aggression. Do you shit? rights. Yes, you should see re so Stephen Colbert when he says he doesn't see raise. He is engaging in my regret of micro aggression. The American, word american by the way, is an aggression somewhere that aggression how's because you're a serving all of the Americas to imply that it's only the United States of America, so my saying that its America, it's as if the rest of the country's don't exist, while one of them is that America is the land of opportunity that is in micro, aggression. White why's that one offensive sense. Or another micro aggression. I bet
Leave the most qualified person should get the job. That's elite is that's a meritocracy. That's bad house, applause of all. How could it be bad for the most qualified person to get a job? Isn't it idea of job applications. I mean we have a sponsor for this park, Ass called, zip, recruiter and, one of zipper kurdish things like if you want to fill it if they have to try to fill out a job allows you to pay. To like a hundred plus job sites with one click, the ideas and the most qualified candidates which way to turn, gets you the best person for the job. Which is a micro aggression. So zip recruiter is a micro aggression company. How horrible No, I mean you wonder if at some point there will be some sort of Otto correction all this. I would hope. So I think that that is what's going on with a lot of our culture. I think What a lot of our culture is is
auto correction for the ignorance and hypocrisy of like the Sixtys and Seventys and eightys, and so we're goin away the other way you know with like Did you see Bernie Sanders speech, get interrupted for black lives matter? who doesn't think black lives matter. I mean I want an hour, someone who doesn't think black lives matter to speak. Because I all have heard is people who who agree black matter me, everybody agrees I don't know anybody who doesn't think that these shooting, other the police shootings are horrific, but did to enter the guy who is easily the most liberal. That's us hangs out of all the candidate for president, a guy who is the most diverse guided March when Martin Luther Fuckin king, he marched in the civil rights movement. He's been a civil rights advocate since then nineteen sixties and they interrupt his presidential speeches.
You have a theory that a lot of them a lot of these folks in the chair, the very willing to shut wearing guys. May they want to feel part of a greater cause, ass. So, even though many of those battles have passed them by, if they ve been won, civil right. I mean, of course, they're still racism, but in terms of The solution lies and then a criticism. We certainly much better than we were fifty years ago? But yet you know their young kids. Their revolutionary, their wearing CHE Guevara in all. Viva Revolution, and they have to engage in this kind of behaviour. Thirty years Now the watch that you took clip and your finger a bunch of reforms, I think that's that's a very valid possum- really I think, another possibility is that when you look at people and they they there they're trying to fine like causes to support. I, there's a lot of people out there that are just fuckin assholes and What they're doing is trying to find something that allows them to get out that
asshole aggression and be justify right. You know: in that allows them to be righteous. Lives matter. You fuckin piece of screaming, and someone who believes black lives matter screaming some was not even remotely racist. They will. They will yell it in your face. The way they did, this Bernie Sanders thing in order to just can't their rocks off whatever personal Australians, whatever was cycle, of failures that they have gotten? bouncing around inside their head, whatever closed limit thinking. They have they're using these valid points and things that a lot of people think about as as a sounding board, which is why they are the ones who are interrupting right. It's not that this. This demands attention at this moment in order to solve a problem because there's a fuckin fire. We have to put this fire up right now. Our people going to die know this. That has nothing to do with that gives them,
the opportunity to grandstand, take the moral high ground and is cream out and beg for attention and to be good good. Nobody could you can say it racism, fucking socks noble, and say: hey it's not that bad! It say that so you can. You can be like super aggressive and really shady and confrontational and insulting about a cause. You believe in and That is one of the problems that I have with this whole social justice Warrior movement, because I find a lot of these people who are involved in it to be asked all human beings, and even though I, Greece, with a lot of what they support. I I think they suck and when I go to their twitter pages- and I look at what their interactions are all there Kids are insulting people and getting angry people and and- and it's all
negative and I thought, if I can please interjected. I think they don't have an ability to accept that people might have differing opinions right. You and I can debate many issues, and yet we can leave here both being respect for one another, and so I think the discourse is I'm right. If you think. Otherwise you must be an asshole and I will shut you down, and so they really don't have this capacity. This critical capacity to engage and reason. I thought I saw it when I'm lucky and I don't really get many of these social justice warrior trolls, I'm in ninety nine percent of the people and track when you're very nice are very sweet, but that small one the five percent group that, as you mentioned, are real assholes. It's almost impenetrable detritus it's a damn right. I'm engaged in a very dispassionate manner in a hopefully providing them with facts trying to be polite, but I am an asshole simply for the signal with the most of the people that I have blocked the idea
but the ones that have that I've blocked it's because I try to engage them. The only way they can engage in return is to insult yes so it's a real it's it's a real breakdown of civil discourse and also in salt when it's just a matter of opinion about things that are debatable, exotic. Here's one that you know the story about Occidental University or us. Oxenham college college college, oxen, college, where there was to students, they got drunk and are there but a boy and a girl there texted each other and the boy? and the girl had sex and the boy got accused of rape and kicked out of school and were the girl, staid and also it will that's crazy, like first of all, you you read your changing the rules of human behaviour because, I've been getting drunk and having sex since the beginning of time, and so to call it now, after all these years, just on a whim when two people consenting adults, their consenting adults and go to war and the generally vote
retain that give alternating yeah contract, you didn't they can't drink, but they're kind of material became a monster on your crazy country, but the idea the boy is responsible and the girls not to me seems ridiculous and seems contradictory to the whole idea of feminism places that were equal now we are equal. Why not equal in terms of our ability to take risks, stability for being under the influence I mean if your viewers ansible for being under the influence when you driving, if you're, responsible, for being under the influence of you commit violence. Why are you not responsible for being on under the influence when have sacks of your girl? That's crazy? when I said this: oh, my god the amount of people that called me MRS green rates and raping a blur enabling enabling the piece of shit like they did But it was all insulting it's like. How can it be insulting when this is a debatable point? Was this
This is clearly rational, debatable point you talking about human beings that are adults too got drunk, but the mail is the rapist like that is that's ridiculous there, How are the exact details? But there are now on some university emphasis. He actually have a consent form where you sort of go through the iterative steps. You're starting to engage in sex, so we are now in the foreplay stage. Do you hear by consent we all saw my girl, I think, putting on white music might be that more and more inducing than signing a its origin. We'll go very white music as rape, enabling, because what you are doing, is your coercing you're making the women around. Hence they don't have all their faculties sack, therefore very white as a genocidal rapists, without that's the language of their using is. I was unable to consent, rent which are leaders there's a scale right
can all agree that there is a level where people are at your breathing deeply and that my answer, So we had our issue with it. The other day is better because yeah we get my friend, Barry Currents was here and I got a little hammered and he was breeders MIKE. I gotta go hundred stop people from prevents the MIKE tweets. What is is Jamie this week Oh yes, Jake was drunk. Josie was Joe. That's right. I've seen this Jacon Josie hooked up. Josie could not consent. The next day Jake was charged with rape. What the fuck is that That's a real poster. I tweeted that I remember this. You know, for example, if If a high status male seduces a lower status woman, that itself could be construed as a form of rape,
I see because his powers so intoxicating right, leg up professor and student? Perhaps let, but in that sense I mean ethical boundaries right right. Let me forget, I mean just a guy who meets a girl at a bar and he happens to be a professor, a rich man and which were woman right from walls. By virtue of the, difference and hierarchy that itself could be construed as coercive, because she was unable to control herself in the face of this overpowering meant not physically. Just because those high status well, the reality of being a mail is if an attractive woman comes on a man she's raping M, because here no control like of abuse, If a woman comes onto a guy like Jamie at a bar that poor kids fucked, look I'm this is Jamie, does look at em over? There is fucked Tracy Lords and a prime looking chair comes along and that's a reference in the night. Why matter? Still she she wasn't. She appoints. Our fifteen believes that it is not. Europe reckon the party
yeah. I believe she was lightweight since we're on porn references. Can I tell you, may be the greatest? I E. I receive a lot of comments on my stuff, maybe the greatest one eye ever received from somebody wrote, I hope I'm getting these awkward. In reference to me, he wrote this guy is the wrong Jeremy of evolutionary psychology. As events I could drop the Michael Just you know retire. Well, the means your disgusting, effective, unfair and sweaty inherent that's what you're saying well the whole thing about RON Jeremy was run. Germany existed in era where the guys we're supposed to be gross because people watching porn. We're all guys see wanted like a guy who is disgusting too big Lady, like the chance this can happen, look She hasn't she fucks warrant, Jeremy, oh yeah, nowadays, the men are equally unattainable, while in the idea
as adult the women watch it with man, allegedly, I don't know anything I'm sure porn rape inert their culture anyway, why that was contacts at once by a former porn star who had already had he had had a and b, I think an mba, and he wanted to pursue his speech you with me. He actually came up. The Montreal spend a few days with me, visited my lab and then ended up, not not going off her phd butter. So that's my ear! I've come to a porn star, a guy who almost became my back trusted thats interest. That could even say his name. I think a man who does that has a bit more freedom to move around. Of a woman? Does that she's sort of labelled by our culture and some sort of a weird way maybe less so in Canada, less fatality. Think in terms it s a little bit more Louis. Actually, while you eventually,
well, you were there immediately. You see that every second, stories stripper. I guess: I've lost your bars up there, but it's also just the way people talk and act about sex, it just seems, doesn't seem shameful, less puritanical yeah, that's we're so fuckin were always, and back is even more so what you're saying because exactly so that european vibe, so so in the in the context of Canada. You know some of the anglo Saxon provinces historically might be closer to Americans. Mother come back, it's a free for all yeah. Back, is crazy. So like the though the more conservative- spots, withers very few people whenever one scared- and you believe, Jesus more- that number two scotchmen. If you wanna get lucky our really jogging Saskatchewan Saskatchewan right how their fuckin warming up their fingers for hate mail, but that's how it is in America to its like the spots. Odylic really does now
people there in the middle of nowhere, this fuckin church everywhere and though spots I found that in Latin America to or Central America, Housing, Costa Rica recently and the poor, the neighborhood, the prevalence of churches was like or through the roof was crazy. We're driving to other cloud forest now were driving up there. After all, these really small rural communities and guy see allow churches he by August, they need hope in those spots at O Connor are the biggest existential act of our mortality, by the way, sneer mortality. Let me do the subway, it is but there is a movement that officially the godfather is hereby sure you're happy with what? What can I do ask? What can I get Joe as a gift by or your copy of my yet one of my books side? Forgive me I didn't. I rode by this guy's got fame got the look. She's got charisma he's got money, you going, I get him anything good except I can get him
fine, just eleven yeah, I don't want anything. People give Jimmy Gimme some cool, but you know I think dead, the existential axed of of death being sought. By religion for a lot of people is like a nice little scaffolding to sort of like carrier. Through life in we'll get angry at me for suggesting that I'm not suggesting it for you or for anybody. I mean I'm not suggesting disallowed things that people do that? I wouldn't want to do that. You know they do to kind of get by life whether it takes annex sir, you know, drink every night after work, in order to keep from kick in their dog out what the fuck is going on in your head, but for a lot of people in these bad rural type situations. It seems to be like it seems to be a common theme, If you really look at everything, is being natural which, as I, what I try to do, that term nature,
Everybody wants to look at that is like wild life outside of cities. I kind of look at everything as nature I look at human behaviour patterns and how much they repeat themselves as being pretty natural and these weird little spots, whereas now a lot of people seems to attract a lot of churches, it I'd. I wrote an article on that point I think, maybe a year or two ago, looking if somebody else's researcher summarizing looking at the content of prayers. So what is it that people pray about money as the exact number as a function of their? come status rise, socio economic status and, as you might predict the content of what I pray to God about drastically changes as a function of where I sit in that What do people that are really rich pray about? Maybe health must be re. Health and family stuff, like that,
some it's one of those things right. I reluctantly not just accept it, but almost support it, because you mean what really osity near for people that are in bad places and bad situation, I see that helps well so chapter eight of what am I boxes. I title that very provocatively, perhaps marketing hope by selling lies right. I give different examples of hope: peddlers, medical, quacks self help gurus and of course, I argue that the greatest peddler of hope is, of course, religion and so you're. Exactly right. I think it takes almost a maladaptive honest He did not believe because it is so much more comforting to believe and also the people that decide not to believe it's almost like. They have to try so hard than in those areas. Do not believe that they become angry about it. They can become angry about their disbelief
are there, but I'm I'm anomaly round, not angry very jealous. You will you're very intelligent man, recognise these patterns and not come for all along folks answer in for a lot of folks also you're dealing with so many people in our community also part of that, and then the church.
Becomes like a sort of a community centre by proxy. What Davidson, Wilson, Jose evolutionary biologist, a good friend of mine, very famous biologists. He looks at the evolutionary routes of religion and he actually argues great book. I'm doing is plugging friend now that the year two thousand to Darwins Cathedral, where he actually demonstrator argued that groups that are religious actually out survive those that are not using an argument of coming out. Eighty right groups that are religious are more cohesive. Band together are more communal. Therefore they should be able to out survive other groups now his his theories are a bit contentious because many evolutionary psychologists- and I will show biologists- reject the idea that evolution can happen at the group level. They argue that a solution should happen at the individual. The gene
This is a fight that he's been having for many years now, but that's one example where you could actually study religion not only from a scientific perspective, but from an evolutionary perspective. I have a friend who lives in of the they're married, the male and female unmarried Anna what sort of a rural area and long term We have this conversation with them, where the the wife was just sort of explaining how, if it as for religion, her in the husband wouldn't be together and the She was saying it was calling her husband was dumb and like he need something to keep him like on this good path and pattern, and they had been married for lack of time. I think that fifteen it when a year's and shoes, I do think that we ought to still been together for wasn't for our belief and guy Lord and weather choose whether goes whether not real while
I was in heavy shit. It's almost like she's, given her husband, some sort of policy, both athletic keep this guy from drank in, and I fuckin you get on the train, Hobo or whatever the hell she thinks you did. You know, like God, kind cap them together and kept the family together, but she was looking at it in a very pragmatic way, ass. I was deep in the Middle EAST and I have seen it in my own family. There is incredible fatalism that comes with the generosity, so I have a family member I won't mention holidays, whose was burial. How wanting not are you highlighted by re shout out to my left? All the twitters twitter is out there. He really is by nephew. He's my sisters, son? But even speaking, so this this male member, not Oreo, shot out areas. If he views everybody have use everything through the lens of its God,
Well so if he opens up a store and the story doesn't do well well, it's not that he might have. Made some bad poor business decisions, it must be God's will have God wanted to be differently, then things would have turned out differently and and that that type of federalism is actually white, the pressing in that it doesn't allow for a feedback loop right. Let me you dont get feedback from the end that says change course of action. If everything that happens happens because its God's will, then you they just an empty vessel. That's just executing God's will and so, and you see that a lot in the Middle EAST, if God wants and shall now I've got this if God that, if it meant, if it was meant to be its really part of the loss of them of arabic language, the YAP practice in full back loops or what it's all about? That's what life is right and when you re opening a business or doing a sport, or in a whatever the fuck. It is its practice resume
or reviewing data feedback loop, making possible corrections. Objectivity All those things are, what makes people improve matters I read an article recently about music or they were there cussing, music, that the inherent qualities someone's music are really just a lot of what makes a great musician is practising feedback loop, You natural or does it is not gods wealth but but You believe that its limiting and empowering at the same time right exactly because of you also involved in this practice feedback loop, but you really think As a new cycle you play a my fuckin, mean acts It is actually a psychological trade that maps onto what we're talking about. Mrs Lucas of control. Are you familiar with this termed you Joe? No, I'm not
look of control is basically idea. Some of us are internally driven in terms of our local control, meaning that we attribute things that happen to us to us. I did well on the exam, because I studied heart, because I'm intelligent verses, external workers have control as you attributed to environmental factors. I did poorly on the exam, not because I've been studied, but because the professors and asshole he's an inhumane, and so people who owe score high on extra locus have control. Then you can predict certain other behaviors, for example, are much more likely to be gamblers. Precisely because its fatalism right, I mean my turn- will come spies the black. It should be up soon right if your internally locus of control than you know that, although stuff is random and their red and black discharges they come ago. Depending on how that ball drops is yes, people do really firm
I believe that an it's sort of their that's, how they get through this life and is very much a blinder if it puts them in a very narrow channel, yet it's very difficult to escape once you have that firm belief, you know, of of that, these patterns are serve clearly established. It's gonna be my time. My times come. What my time going back to the gambling casinos actually or operators are very spot. They play on that cognitive illusion. What they do. Is they give you this card where you keep track of how many times. It's come on red and how many times have you how many times the number of thirteen has come as a complete illusion right? It's give. To give you a car. You could take a cause when you play radical got exactly so. If you go to the Montreal casino, you can get those guys onlooker. Thirteen is come up fourteen times, but I think Seven is up should be up right. What it's doing basic it's giving you a sense of control
over otherwise completely random and that's right. Each of those were frozen, though the ball are independent events. I mean unless it's a reg machine, so the casino operators understand you and psychology and they play on it and then idiot succumb to it. How rude? That's so that the deep but what's crazy is like when luck is on their side, it seems real, get a hot. How M I gonna play craps pressing people, prig play crabs right and they get a hot and start rolling dies and yes, when they feel it, they can lose and they'll go on a hot streak, they're, gonna huh streak with with black jack as well. They get the right cards poker and it feels like it's happening, but because that hot streak is itself a random pattern Your great great story are actually mention who it is. I hope he won't be upset of images. It's my father, Jose Average
six, forty nine player, I bet you dad, doesn't listen to the sheer, probably have six? Forty nine, basically is a lottery game played in Quebec. You, you choose six members out of forty nine, your chances of getting at our as infinitesimally small and so one day he had call me at the office, my University office, today, son I'm playing some some some cards gimme six. But to say that I have some students in my office. Can I call you biogas. Just just get me six numbers to satellite one, two, three, four: five, six, Then it goes well. You're not gonna. Take the damn game seriously. Why my colleague you right now? Why do they do that? Because he actually was convinced that the numbers one two three, four five six- and I bet some of your listen as well- will also think that the nuts, as one through sex are is, is less light. Clever combination to come up than any other combination of six numbers, simply because has the illusion of of looking ordered right, but it isn't it
just one of the fourteen million possible combination. I think it's one of the fourteen. So again these despite she's cognitive traps are saw, alluring and it's so easy for people to succumb to them single digit numbers can be double. Digit goes up to forty nine forty, nine digits, on our forty nine numbers wanted to forty nine. You pick your six or twelve eighteen thirty eyes. Forty do as I just picked won through sick, and he was absolutely convinced that that combination of six numbers Assembly- Turkey, yeah narrow fool, I'm the latter itself with such a trap, my grandmother used to only talk about the lottery. She talk but the lottery and dead people that we're talking to her and my grandmother was like she was crazy and she She firmly believed that she had some psychic ability right and she's always like. I knew that number was gonna come up. So what I tell you
I was gonna bet you talk about what number she was gonna bet and I was gonna pet. Nine didn't put it in You know: nine came through sick, too fat you know, should rattle off whatever the FUCK or was it this was back in the day, New Jersey, where they would play the numbers which is like this local created sort of lottery that the mob guy who's. This weird thing in my grandmother was a part of it. She would like help run the numbers ice yeah. She what heard function was, but she was a part. To the point where she got arrested and did six once in jail? and running the numbers, because you wouldn't you wouldn't rat anybody out. So why you know my my grandmother would like knit like little scarves and shit for the guards and dark and weird shit find out about this to later, when I was a kid just thought: grandma was just fuck and busy travel on or something We had no idea what the hell she was would go visit Grandpa where's grandma couldn't find her shoes
She's visiting your aunt merrier. She's in I was always like somethin, but real, choosing and poky right to an hard time for numbers of speaking of kind of cocoa, yeah family members, paternal ends and I've actually written about this job, touchy agrifuels. It's a fancy term for something might otherwise knows that term. Now so tat, geography, the reading of your fate, says we're talking oppositions through in the Middle EAST, we do it the tea leaves us more than you can do a tea leaves or you could do it with the residue. That's what you flip, the coffee my earlier so that the residue- that's left, that's what you mean, so this lady with come over to our house, and- and I was you know- maybe as seven eight nine year old Boy- and I already knew that the chick was up on this thing and when she would come over be like the purpose of is a thing right. And Laura S coming over to tell us about our future. So then she would start she'd. Look at these. These these random patterns and the
things that she would say already, I see happiness in your future. Well, I could have a good. Movement later and that's a happiness, the Dallas our voice could win. That's happiness, my wife and I can have sex tonight. Them that's happiness, so there is no way to falsify her profoundly general. Pretty in writing to she never see, never looked at the at the rest, new and said you will begin, A thirteen point: seven percent increase in your income, specificity- is the enemy of these fortune tellers right, so they give you these vague predictions. You could then fell into your life in any infinite them if possible, ways, yeah had this guy on the site. I show that it did his name's banner check and he's a master. Would he calls they caught mental ism or something like that? He's a mental list and he is one of those guys. It will tell you absolutely straightforward. This is bullshit. I am using tricks and I
tell you what the tricks are, but I will tell you right now: I am not a psychic. This is not magic. Magic is not real. Actually it's angry at people that pretend that they could re like him, where there is a whole series of those shows they since pulled off the air, but where There were psychics and you know they were like those like the long island Medio right member than they were talking to people's dead relatives and all their Sunday do with dead animals. It was the one knows, and I think there is what it says that there is a cross species. Psychic. Imagine you fucking dog, doesn't say Jack shit. You when he's alive boys, dead Let's talk about psychics, yeah man. I don't like the way you pet broke tat the bag. My hair, like common, ass, all rights. This sum this dear that someone can actually read into your past and pull this information is. Is so appealing to people that they mistake the way the persons.
Questioning them and the clues and the little bit of information they give and how this person is really good at forming puzzles based on pattern. Chunky, except I just know how do they know they ve done this so many times they know how to get it, but this guy, even He told me what he was doing. We we had some people in the audience, we said a small audience and we had him perform these tasks on these folks. Have them come up and Ask some questions. It was amazing me he's is really really beside. You knew all the tricks. It was easy to sort of succumb to the illusion. Here's the thing I don't know the tricks. I just know they are troubled I'll catch. You wouldn't tell us what the tricks were, but he said, like I'm cool, you, I am not a psychic by any stretch of the imagination and he did a bunch other cool stuff like he bent spoons stuff, like that with his mind right, it's bullshit he's like it's all bullshit amusing trickery. It goes, but I won't tell you how I do it, but I'm not magic, which should be really rude if he actually was magic and he just like his,
stick his calling out. All these other people were also actually magic, that is like a sell out all the real magic people right. Why MR, was in high school. She went through one of her friends hired psychic. And they all sat around and the psychic would like slowly but surely rhythm. I was I was, always very sceptical stuff like that from the tunnels looks, I knew my grandmother's. Fuckin crazy enshiu is claimed to be psychic. Listen to my sister, come back. She would tell me all the stuff. You know She knew all about this and she knew all about that and she knew about the time. I did that. My didn't you. Know about all that stuff. She's, not telling you anything, you don't worry. No see she's tony stuff, you already know I'm telling you it's amazing Also. How is it amazing that she tells you shit that you already know Well, that's not amaze! Yet this study- I can remember the exact reference you could take astrological predictions humans well and you give it
people randomly and anyone that I give you he'd be able to argue that perfectly fits you of course, precisely because it is so vague that you can infuse your life into any one of these sort of the scriptures. I gather, alter vague, but those are stupid like those today will be an amazing day for business. You know you want no specific right but a friend who ran into someone in Venice Beach and The guy was like one of those save the rain forest type. Dude had like some it up, and he said. If I guess your birthday, will you listen to me and my friend or like- and I guess his birthday on the day and then it was, while forty you that Ngos will you listen to my story now, but the rainforest any goes. Do that to my friend he brought his friend over me. Guess his friends birthday to yeah
to what? What's there. I don't know man, that's what I'm saying I'm losing their judgment on that still need to know. It's a true story. My friend deathly didn't lie he's because he's baffled by here's where I told pen Gillette Leon, musician, magician, your other and a good friend of mine, and so I say, Has this guy do that Ngos there's just techniques? You can do that. If you do it a man. Guy shows up, and he says to you. You know I can guess birthday. He doesn't know you, you don't know him how the fuck possible. He told me this technique, some black leather. Man, this three hundred sixty five days into your house, a gag des that well, I'm stumped, and it's not even one in three and sixty five right, the odds of uniting it is probably higher than one in three and sixty right, is never now that they are. There are interesting probabilities where, for example, if you were to say how likely to people in a room to have the same birthday
that number and I don't remember what I've seen our than you think it's a lot higher than you think, he's out there a lot- and I remember one when I took probability stats in autism, ass. Anyone that's what sort of the day the classic examples that you use daddy precisely because it is so counter intuitive. Yet there was a show where someone did that and they went into like one of these con men dude when two like he bet people anyone and to a restaurant any had like the day too, to find to people like certain my time to find two people to share the same birthday that work there or that that were simple customers there and he nailed it in one hour yeah just a bunch, we will come at any get like a may, twelfth or whatever, but but the eye. If someone could just point, you godfather, I believe your boss,
actually came out their GAD, yet GAD feather feather You know. I don't know how many by does outbreak according the pendulum. I gotta send him, though, because he's a fuckin magician and though guys, are all tricksters, they know how do shit. I want the cool, about ten tell if you ever go to wash them, is that they'll tell you it's bullshit while they're doing it right and you have no idea what the fuck they just did, how they did it incredible. That's all really sneaky stuff. Just managing illusions. Right I mean that's what they're doing yeah that's what was really cool above the ban. Unchecked character was that he was like really adamant about that stuff and very angry about people, steel money from folks button. Claiming to be mediums and talking to their relatives and he's like I just Anyone who would try Give someone hope that perhaps there
dead. Relative is talking from the grave and in telling them important things. They need to know what. Meanwhile, there is making. It was just a foul, disgusted and human being. I'm with you, my grandmother, bought it hook, line Sancho she believed it. Now we had a dude die in my grandmother's house was a guy who during now. I think it was like the fifties. Sixties there there pretty poor and there's this guy in the neighborhood who I needed a place to live and he would pay them. To rent a room in their house is pretty common back in those days sometimes you to dinner with them, and what have you and he died in his room, wonder and-
They believe that this guy was talking to them. They believe the sky was in the house and that she would go up into the attic. Sometimes he would be up there and she would say I'm a talk. Tom Friedman, the fuck out man, dessert creepy, did you ever hear? I am not sure if I'm gonna get her name right. I think it's Emily Rosa that name now, the youngest woman, a girl to ever publish its gonna, relate to some of these Hocus Pocus stuff that we're talking about youngest girl to ever publisher pay, JAMA Journal the American Medical Association, very procedures. I think she was maybe nine or ten or eleven will discuss this in one of my books and basically great four or five, a science project she wanted to explore, touch therapy, geography, manoeuvres, so touch therapies, one of them you know quackery, but I'm triggered right now. My user Hitachi right right triggered me right away. So basically it it's
that touch. Healer has some sort of energy and in his hands that they can sort of levitate around your pain like Ricky living right now, rightly whatever the outbreak, and so she wanted to test whether those claims were true. So she sat up eight extraordinarily simple experiment to test their abilities, and so what? Basically she did. She would put out her hand, and then they had to determine whether it's her right hand and others as if there's a there's a barrier where they can't see which of her hands is out, and they, if they have the ability of touch, they should be able to predict whether on the right or left us as were handers, and of course they ended up doing worse than random. In other words, less than fifty, you have one into chance of just guessing randomly whether it's the right or left right, and she demonstrated that these touch healers, who supposedly are able to cure
cancer by levitating there had over areas are not even able to predict whether the hand that's out is on the right or left that I'm so imagine what an elegant experiment that isn't it was published in the journal. Now. What do you think those touch? Healers came back with as a rebuttal. Can you think of anything? For you? other than that. With this, they basically said that when you, when you set up these types of experiments in the laboratory that ends up wait for it, acting the energy field and therefore by testing our abilities, you are ultimately removing are abilities. For its an on position as it's not science. I have heard that expression. I've heard that thought when people are talking about people who don't believe in sightings threat and that if
you talk to psychic, but you don't believe in them. Your negative energy interferes with their gift exchange accurate So how did you ever tested right yeah that that's what that's that's, why all of these sort of quackery movements are part of the sort of nonsense, epistemological the destiny right down the of destiny? If I walk out of my house now and I get hit by a car that was my destiny, going or not please going if, if I walk out of my house- and I dont get hit my truck, that was my best any so what state of the world would have to happen for it. For me, too, able to test the destiny or non this guy can't anything that happens is my destiny, rascals on fossil fuel, You know. I have a little piece of Hocus pocus than I had on bananas believe, but I entertain it from time to time that a synchronously like when
you are discussing an object in something called up, whether its on television, the news that, just like perfectly fits into what you're talking about like what how goddamn convenient is this like I was having a a text conversation with a friend of mine this morning. And he lives in these ghosts, and I live in the West Coast on back and forth and he's having health issues he's, going to talk to a doctor about probiotics and why we this conversation I go downstairs but to work out. I turn on the television and good morning, America is having an expert discuss, probiotics and how gut health can affect all sorts of various things, including your mood, all sorts of various illnesses and literally at the same moment, I'm having this time conversation with my friend it's outside a photo of the television, and I said I send it to him how crazy this, like we're talking about
this ban was on tv. Like that, can I demystify that story? Why would you want to fuck it up? Forming man would do apologies, but this is actually, the cell, a bias offers up what you say. You know every time again in the shower the phone rings right now. I have it's me right now, what what are the events that you're not coding and your brain all the other times. The phone rang not what's also get a phone can ring or can not ring and get into the shower or not get into the shower and Georgia to buy two matrix road brain is only coding the instances, the cell a biased one of the bases where the two events have the phone rings and I get in the shower the three other events- your brain- never codes because their non events there for you, and up overestimating the likelihood of that event? My got every time the phone rings I'm in the shower so this is what's happening with that. Probiotics story right, there's a meal in other times that you spoke to him about something else and that you too
on the tv, but there wasn't to use your term synchronicity, that one time what happened you quoted as as something magical, mystical now not you, don't seem very buying. Your bullshit are all must now, as I say, you're thinking with your magical think loosened in other universes are working together to sort that line is overrated. I hear a lot of it's bullshit brow. I hear a lot of it is guesswork they don't have to. I just think that it was. Beautiful coincidence. That's how I look at it and there's a series of these beautiful coincidences that happen all the time when you're tuned in the five of the universe. Man whoa whoa whoa. To recover from that drives a lot. People believe her right. That's that's! A big one is no revive the universe at moving away from spirituality.
Talk about some real science or you want to join the no elsewhere. So now really I think it's fun me for people listening. Is he a serious now we're we're joking around, but it is weird when stuff like that happiness. And you do wonder he dear you're, familiar I'm sure you are with simulation theory. Tell me about it shortly, simulation theory is the idea in this is not being bandied about by comedians, but by actual physicist to contemplate the extrapolate the nature of technology and where we're out now and what's possible today with opulence rift in all these virtual reality programmes there there develop that are extraordinarily effective. We need- I haven't seen the newest version of vacuous rift, but apparently it's and for K is. I want immersive games that no its not games Oculist rift. Today they are going to apply the games, but would oculist rift? Is a it's like a ski goggle thing that you put on. That is
Virtual reality program that runs while this happen, and a lot of to do when a running these is they their recording. These incredible scenarios, where you were a pal you they put cameras all over persons body They have them, go through these rooms and then they take all of the data from all of that and then put it into this programme so that when you're wearing these goggles, you can, look around up and down, and there is data. That's what it looks like out. There is data for every single aspect of the room, every single area of the rooms. As you look left and right all that's been covered, and it's all computing so as computational power and video cards in all these different things that can compute the visual images as they improve and get better and better. It's got the point now it's for K for Kase what
television right here is, which is the latest greatest version of hd. It's very high resolution, beautiful images and my Duncan put it on tried it out its monies developer conferences and called me just screaming and raving site. This is bigger than the internet spirit in the wheel, this biggest things like this is gonna fuckin change everything walked into a room in this. This virtual reality demonstration and there was a man playing the piano piano. What is that man play the piano? They say the p. Sounded more more realistic, as he got closer to it. It got louder. He could see the man playing it, he would step the side and see the man playing it. Look over the top of the piano, see the man lying, go underneath the piano and see the man place like this is fucking crazy and really looks like a guy in farm. You play the piano, but nothing's happening the idea being that if that technology exists today, two thousand fifth
There is going to come a time whether that time is a hundred years from now or a thousand years from now, where there you'll be in artificial? Reality is indecipherable from the reality that we live in right now, from this touch he'll hear see reality that we just all, except as real There is going to be something that is artificially created, but is indistinguishable from what were experiencing That's true. How do we not know that we have an already been in Are we not now because if this were not argue, Mobutu, we're talking about technology and we're talking about pretty tractable stuff like if you follow Moors LAW, if you follow The area, the technological laws of extrapolation, from the point that we're at now to the point that their projecting just within five ten fifteen twenty years- talking about incredible that? Have you seen magically leap now,
I want us haven't seen matrix either. Both sounds like that sort of similar, both Seymour along those- and I do so with the matrix- seemed like a total horse shit. Just when it came out, it seem like Bob is a cool science fiction will leave out some shit. That's not real. I never could be real, now the maid tricks, looks closer and closer to reality with every passing day with Repassing year. It looks like, while its inevitable, whether it's a hundred years from now or whatever they are going to be able to give view and experience. That is distinguishable from this experience that we think is real you're. My only four of jumping point, what you When I was a student in computer science and math, I took artificial intelligence, and now this has gone back to not to date myself. You know that
thank you to the nineteen eighty five about nineteen, forty five and at the time, one of the things that we learn about this course was so. Do you know about how another computers that can easily match the grandma, masters and chat? Yes, said the time when I was in school, some of the earlier versions of those computers were just about the dilemma of the grand masters, and so one of the asylum is that we had to do in that course was to develop an algorithm. So if you look at the the chest decision tree the number of nor that it had something like I have over these admiral, you could probably pull it out sometimes tend to the wall, hundred possibilities, and so would take you more than the that the age of the union if you wanted to exhaustively search through every possible option, two rather what you have to
it was you some sort of search algorithm to prune out to weed out huge parts of the decision tree. You see what I'm saying that way. This huge decision tree you only go through the points that seem promising, and so we had within. Do it for chess with it for another game, but that time I already had found it almost mystical, the type of stuff that we were learning it. He I try to sort of model this artificial intelligence that can mimic the capacities of a human grandmaster play and what you're talking about, of course, as many generations ahead of that. So incredible many generations ahead of that and again we are talking about Thirty years? It's not that long along! It's really not in terms of culture. It's like if you went by If thirty years went by and the twelve hundreds, nothing will change rats, nothing and third, years today is almost an attorney when it comes to technology lot, I should
ass. They were sitting at the Beach Laguna, my lifetime, the kids and I asked her night out. I wonder if you have an autonomous and show we could pull it out, how many people today still use non might forms. I mean I join our interfere, as so, probably you think ninety five percent, if I had a guess, I'll bet, it's less the man credible it's about ten or bet it's rather one percent, now almost eight three but I would say I would bet that at all All the people that use cell phones on a regular basis, yeah it's less than five percent. I would say it's probably around three or something like that in less than ten for sure. What do you think Jamie? Would you guess three by three percent real. You like, if you see people that are walking around trying to think
and the last time I saw how sakes. I can't remember the last time that I saw somebody sort of flipping a phone think my mama's ones to pay tax me pretty obvious. Still like letter you choose, If you have an Iphone, you? U use you instead of. Why are you here or lazy bitch? Just right? Why are you drank Jesus another day, We with that sentiments about your mother, I'll get, my mom has chosen a smartphone right. We something she does. Whether what is the percentage Jamie, two percent, but don't you smartphone edges? I can find as theirs. It says two thirds of american adults have a smart phones. I guess I got one. Third, don't hang that's it was I mean no- was that
That gives us a falling. That's right may not have any phones did their farm animals. If, here, if you live in two thousand, fifteen euro have cell phone you, some fuckin barbarian creature. Haven't I've got it. I've got a good jumping point from because we're talking about innovations are ready for this. Birth order and innovations, birth order, your birth order, as far as like, where you are born rights. Are you ready for this house? First I'll, give you the background of that story about some research that we did in a consumer context. So this is by name of Frank Cellarway, he's a historian of science and a huge Darwin supporter. He wrote a book in nineteen o six highly recommended called born to repel where he looked at the twenty eight most radical scientific innovations
the history of human thought, the reason for twenty eight there's, nothing magical, one number: twenty eight! There were some criterion by which something got into that list, or not so he looked at the twenty Eightth. Most radical scientific theory of evolution would be one right, something that really changed our understanding of the world, and then he looked at the birth order through historical records of either the people who espouse the theory or those who were the staunchest. The tractors opponents to the theory and what he found as that the later bourns were much more likely to be the ones to espouse the radical site. Innovations well now expanding second. Why so? He argued basically that one child is born The first sort of adaptive problem, if you have to solve, is how
maximize parental investment to tutor to himself or herself, and the way you do that is by occupying a unique niche in the eyes of your parents. So if your first born there are no other nations that have been occupied available in each would be. I want to be a good boy. Wanna be a rebel- would be another niece right that he called isn't darwinian partitioning niece hypothesis right. So it's a positioning proposition right. How do I position myself to be maximally different from all the other children So the first, the first born has nobody all the issues are available as you go the sick ship. There are few and fewer niches that are available. This forces later bourns to be more out of the box. Curse to be more malleable, to be less rigid to be less conforming at
and the data was actually quite astonishing. So for twenty three out of the twenty eight radical scientific innovations, that's exactly what he found. Incidentally, Jonah guess what the godfathers birth orders blast. Thank you. A fourth afore. That's why I always said expect great things from the godfather. It's meant to be, but always sought, so we this idea- and we applied it to since we are talking about adoption of phones into your cellphone smartphone, we applied it to the context of. Are you a product innovated, you adopt something early we're late and so on, and we exactly replicated cell always find these first boys were much more conforming later boy. These were much more innovative and the product contact. So we took the idea, Cellarway and applied in the consumer contracts, Tat actually makes a ton of sense. The thing I think could pass maybe a consideration is that- when you're younger you get fucked with by your older Wright Brothers and Mr Us, because they can.
Because they're, tired taken shit from the parents and your forced Think outside the box gives you gotta work around these fuckers truck constantly China mess game up at every point in turn they cheat, they they'd me up rules. They tell you what mom said the mob didn't really say nothing at your shovel losberne. Now, first talk. Ok! I now devious too, though you're not suppose that, while these status at first born there really now, while only in their true only in the conforming sense or on the other and you can argue that maybe within your social media, this conforming crime so could be worried if later who are you just like that is any not scared of pain. I think that's more likely wrote yeah. I think it's fascinating when you look at what causes some one to be innovative and what causes someone mean? It's one of the things that I have thought of as apparent and many, my friends have the same issue is, all my interesting friends- came from fucked up childhoods,
interesting France had parents that we're a mass. There are the Tsar childhood was Kay, ask and force them to develop a unique character right- all of them- and I am trying my best to make my children's lives is easy and comfortable spots, but in doing so, am I hampering them right away? hampering their development and some sort of away all around them around them smack on very now, while just push on with my way notes, I think, did there's other ways- and this is my theory, this other ways to encourage innovation or creativity or to pursue passionate dreams and one of the things I am also quite shocked at with having children. Is how absolutely absolutely unique. They are right at the bar. Yes, happy environment with no stress no financial issues. No, we know there's no arguing
screaming from the parents like what is it about kids headless right the vagina are just totally different person like from day one me from each other yeah, yes, so different, so different. That speaks of the fact that there are an eight elements to our person. Dr Award Astrology astrology. Yes, yes, That's really ass. What maybe you need to just come over to the mystical side and little bit mistress? I have decided to do that to someone who can read those my my wild. Horizontal. Hence I really what you already forgot. What we spoke, let nobody can she read those chart. Not she could read the the coffee stance now without answer since talking about astrological oriels it off. Ok, yeah! You know those people that can read those things were Mercury's and retrograde, and they know where PLUTO is the time. It came in your mom. I think, can fit
That's too bad on hand around in those circles, unfortunately not enough. Apparently there are people that are absolutely consumed by the Aubert. Complex aspects of astrology like right, El astrology now exist after you get a near Sunday. Paper Allama LEO. So today is a good day to take a shit, whatever the hell overwrite, all those random right. But apparently there just volumes of books, written on constellations and the alliance of these constellations and where the stars are at any particular time and its depend upon what time of year, what time of day DO by into that in any way shape form, because there are a lot of people to believe Leo's have a very different personality and have distinct personality traits at are tractable. I don't care about the assembly Red Tommy loudly about Unhomelike Somalia, I'm leaving recital stranded good, looking very charismatic, very brilliant, what's happening
I know I wired the out. Lighter life under collection. Wait a minute black sheep. That's triggering answer is yes, you traveller action there and you said trigger, which is even more betrayer right. Oh my god, I'm so triggered aiming to do there is another one that I wanted to bring up with you about that trigger shit, because it is something that you were ass. I say helping about you sent me and I was worried at it. Oh, my god, was of was about. I was so angry. The woman who is the professor unhappiness? Yes explain the story because I'm from search so basically the idea is that there's all these movements about you know how horrifying Lee violent campuses are in terms of sexual violence, which is, of course not true, and she had written, an article where she was criticising the opposition sort of that the lunacy? The hysteria involved with that narrative right, one out of every five women will be raped on chemicals, which is complete nonsense. Is it turn, it would have
Actual none sidle, I dont even studied carefully, but I thought that was true well because it depends how use defined rights on rising. If you look at them exactly right, so that saw exactly the man is the male, the male, a form of visual rape battling. Why, by the way. That's why I've written an article about this. You should check it out. The bikini is patriarchate oppression, while the burka, liberating. This is western feminist who argue this, and they argue this because exactly using the argument of the male gaze since the burka liberates women from the male gaze and they bikini draws the male gaze, the big these bad, the burghers good. What is the grape smuggler? What's the grid that's where men, where little tiny little Jean Claude Vandam, underwear, things
people were elegant, Frances, tough, universal bikinis manner that that reference went over my this little speeders, yes vetoes, but while women don't respond to to the visual stimuli, the way that men do too well, you say that I mean evolutionary psychology come on the tools and that when girl see Channing Tatum doing that MAGIC Mike Shit, dancer, onstage you utopian and responding to visual stimuli get the fuck. That's it. At your convenience, all shared by guys who have shitty bodies who don't want to think their girlfriends drooling Chang Tatum. What does little, for Daisy dukes on whose, whereas construction sites, so you actually think that is in that men and women are indistinguishable under manner by which they respond. To didn't, say that I didn't say that, but they absolutely respond visually. That's reservoirs! Why men, one have six backs wise because girls, excited by its very simple. I just don't think it's the same sort of steam. I think there's this purse
suit stimuli where a guy will see a girl's, gotta hot buying, the king, oh Jesus, and they literally go running up to them to try talked yes, I dont think that same thing happens with females tomales as much but the idea, but I that's also, gender roles has deal. Testosterone has to deal with many many things, Culture urged that normal. Behaviour as far as male female behavior, I think both sexes, when they that each other are looking for important, choose not irrelevant to the meeting, so you're, absolutely right that women are looking for somebody like tight buttocks, because then sends an important signal for errors and shape. The guidance David Sperm Point, nine wasted separation amounts or that the sewers, the male swimmers build, was very tribes of white shoulders fan waste. Some time
suggesting that women don't respond to visual cues, but they certainly don't respond nearly as much as meant. I think they respond, probably in an equal with an equal intensity, but not act, equal intensity and certainly not act in a threatening way. With a male gaze comes, so why is there a million male stripper shops targeting heterosexual women? You should guarantee that market. Well, there's a lot of males trip shows in fact in Vegas. Those are the things they advertise the airport. When you go there, the thunder down under and all his jazz Butscha guys we're shirts off sweaty, but women don't feel comfort before going into those environments where men feel comfortable, they go in these packs of wild estrogen creatures and they scream and yields are also a bit about it that it's a totally that, ladies night out so totally. Dare kind of experience when the goals they screen
and cheer and yell, or guys, there and dont say much of anything just cast stare like in our. It speaks presidential reorganise exactly is definitely a different state sisterhood of the yacht, pants, whatever that means and by their their banding together. Just think that women don't have the correct outlet, which is why, when a book like fifty shades, It comes out the Argo Fuckin bananas like finally, we ve gotta channel to to funnel or sex, urges through right. You see them rather reading porn on planes. You pass combine planes that reading gag porn or by the way. If you want to understand mailed versus female sexual like down for you do, but please get. If If you want, I understand now such lousy than then you do a continent. Thousands of pornography
if you want to understand FEMA sexuality, you do content analysis of romance novels. True. So if you look at the archetype of the and that's going to speak to your six back about the pretty guy, if you look at the archetype of the male hero and romance novels, irrespective of which culture the romance novels written, it could be Romania or Egypt or your Newport Beach he's always the same guy he's. A tall guy he's got a six back. His account mean you. Re right has also neurosurgeon. He wrestles alligator was on his six back, he's reckless he's risky, but only to be attained by the love of that one woman right. So I have already told you about the every single architect that you ve out, I mean the same archetypal everyone s novel. The reason why the archetype as there is because it exactly caters to women's evolve this is sometimes is like half a chick like he's, got law hair I finally like verification phobia very chick. Like behaviour, he wears like following very sheer shirts, which
guy and a right mind would ever wear and if you did where employees would mark you right right. If you were, if you had long flowing Fabio hair and you had like like a blouse on and you went out to a nightclub people who, with a fuck, is wrong with that guy, but in a romance nobly on the cover baby, but because you have to also send out some accused. Sensitivity right is That is why the blouse its artistic, it's a bit sensing themselves. So it's not a real person dislike the vampires well there's a reason why women fell in love. Those fuckin stupid vampires why's that vampires that don't even burn up in the sun they sparkle What was all that? I don't know those narratives? How dare you twilight goddammit at a lunch? That's a new unto busy watching line earlier messy right. Well, those books sold fucking millions of carbon and Ireland's S, millions and millions of copies, and they were essentially a form. Of romance porn vamp
our bull shit for checks and and these men in these books these vampires, they didn't exist we did not exist, they didn't make sense like them. In one that one that others Kristen whatever the hell or name was and ed whatever the fuck. His name is rob when fuck is now I don't know any those anyway, but carry out the guy was supposed to be like. Ninety years. All the sunlight that get you got like in the spanish plague is when he died and that's when it became a vampire, but he still go to high school, because when became a vampire was like seventeen, so we. Ass to show up and go to high school with all normal people, but he goes eyes grew in the Pacific. Northwest has never sunny out, so he does. Glitter! It's one of the dumbest Fuckin books all the time. What do you want? That's? Why didn't talk? I bet you know a lot about a lot about. It was blue moments of it before panicked and shouted off ass. They did what one of them they. I watch the second one anyway
I was too well when they became werewolves. Those funds are still better made me mad, but the point being like This guy is ninety fucking years all these hanging around seventeen zero that guy's an asshole is pretending to be. Seventeen falls in love with the seventeen your new and has sex were eventually, which is pedophilia right now really pet of not just pedophilia but like what What is wrong with you? Will you haven't comment you been around for nine years and you ve got some in common with this girl who seventeen years old through its work and ridiculous now more than ninety years, really because in and then nineteen twenties, whatever the hell, it was where, assuming that he was in no seventeen years old, then so is more than a hundred years old. It's it's the Damas Fucking book of all time, but it was huge women laughed it. They didn't break is it a real person? They represent the exact opposite of a real person like would guys like actually exists, guys like slow Ok and those are real and when I say sluts with all due respect, I'm not slept shaming, which
Another trigger? Yes, don't slouches continue. Your mocking girls, for their ability to choose their sexual partners. Nice part the patriarchy. Yes, yes, it is ray. I yes I guess I've strongly against the picture. You can get in trouble for his pockets and nowhere not last time you didn't know no one's anything. I mean some trawls did I usually it was the Jew that you use you Jus Geomantic, for being jewish Jews, as I announced shields, Jew usually the extent of the negative stuff- a goddamn zionist shells. Let's go back to your friend, Laura kept Mister Harry Surname. Kip gives Us Kazis low, Laura Chemist Professor Northwestern University, so she wrote others essay a chronicle of hydrogen. And yes and in the article in the Atlantic brings up describing a new campus politics of sexual paranoia and she was then some to a long investigation after student tour affair by the articles and by it. Did she sent file filed, H,
chapter nine complaint against her noble. Does that mean? I think it's that you know women should have equal access to education and so on and being a safes in all so. She was somehow suppressing well because by her her making light of the you know. Emily sexual violence on campus and quotes, she was condoning it and had therefore she was making these women feel unsafe and unwelcome and threatened on campus and so to students started that process, and I don't know the it doesn't mean. I'm not a constitutional lawyer, but basically once sort of the the complaint as file then sort train starts, and it becomes us or William thing that that was just a means, just its complicit, complete nightmare, and so I read that stuff and I just got so angry and I've spent pretty much that whole day rallying at the forces in your kind enough to treat it and just you know, your tweet got me something like a hundred
thousand views, and then I communicated with her, because I wanted to send her a signal that you know there are some of us that still have testicular fortitude that are willing, Emmy in academia never say to stick to what about you about ensuring that the why women outer compatriots sure and so in. I just wanted to tell her that some of us were supporting her yeah I read it and I thought it was really serving those really disturbing, because it's us, it seems so common The most disturbing aspect is not some unusual occurrence were kids are freaking out about hanging over reacting to where you'd look at it like. What is this and it's like? Oh this again, you know, That's what bugs me the most about it. It's this again. It's the idea. That looking at data and looking at the realities of the climate of free speech on these campuses and how it suppressed and it's not free speech. You are free to think as they do and if you don't think
They do. You are not free trade. This issue of how cowardly most academics have become and I say this realising that- might pass off many of my colleagues- I am astonished how academics, who are in the business of engaging in public discourse, are so tepid. Because they ve been silenced, interfere and I see it and many many different ways, but I'll just share one example, which I think I shared and another show recently. So if I put up a clip on Facebook, AVI iraqi astronomer, who was arguing that in the Koran it says that the earth is flat and its clear that the earth is flat, sigh shared that clip to demonstrate sort of the lunacy that religious dogma can have on an otherwise supposedly intelligent. I mean it iraqi astronomer. Now, what do you think the reaction was Islamophobia zionist Ass, all he's aloud
have those thought that he's a part of a suppressed culture right. So she didn't question and have the courage to tackle me that way, but she wrote on my account. You know publicly not privately, and this was an academic. Why woman from California, was written with guilt, caterer to me saying you know that, don't you think, that's you know it's bad of you to be showing this. Don't you think it's bad that yourself stigmatizing them step four second and think about what this means right. This sign this colleague of mine was not offended that a fellow scientists would actually hold such a astonishingly false position right he's a member of the flat earth society. Roy there. She was offended that I would point to his lunacy zone that I think, that small, an adult, really captures the culture of fear that you see on campus and in a sense, if I can sort of took my own horn, I'm I'm really a very rare breed sort of the guy who walks around not carrying.
Saying it as it is because that's my personality, I can't be anything else. But you also are a very open minded guy, and so, when it comes down to like the core values of these people, promote whether it is the lack of racial in. Sensitivity or data right stereotype being said, gender issues, whether its sexism or homophobia, you're you're. On the liberal side of all that stuff, but Dear sir, your essentially a liberal, but right If I can say I'm a true liberal, not deliberate, that exist, because the liberals of today, as our common friend some Harrison, I on her salary of said, have a huge blind spot when it comes to certain issues where they fall really on the wrong side. Issue. So a true liberal is one who doesn't mince words, who doesn't fall prey to trial and moral relativism, who doesn't it
well, who are we to judge the cutting off of illiteracy of women? That's their culture right. So that's a truly So now, true, liberal they're, not the fake liberals, while I think what they're doing is their subscribing to the current trend of of discourse right and the current Friend of discourse is anything Islamic leave it alone, yes, and I think a lot of that's being a pussy really, I think, a lot of those cowardice they're afraid of backlash, they're afraid of delay, Islamophobia is a very strange label, because there's no Christian, a phobia yes and even anti semitic. You know, there's a certain amount of anti semitic logic and thinking is promoted in certain islamic cultures. That's ignored as well, so you can. And get away with that in certain ways like did you see that video of the God it was walking through Paris, dry Some are a jewish way. Yes, wow was fucking disturbing
If you haven't seen it is it's showing how openly of interest in in them. The most sickening way open anti, jewish. So many, people are in in Paris and by the way I should make it clear and of course not only the hate comments. It's not anti Israel. Right, its anti jewish. She ass its anti jewish, its anti semitic Rihanna. Besides, I don't the term symmetric, because symmetric is like a cement. Iraqi bullets are right. It represents a lot of you, aren't jewish, its anti jewish Although the term is understood, typically, a systematic means is synonymous with, but I, like your point, is well taken his anti Semitic, Khazars, lotta, symmetrical cultures that aren't jewish right. Am I don't know the sort of the original a context for why that too, when you want to appear to be smart, you say: Anti Semitic, fiance, anti, jewish, that's right! It's a bit more, more educated, well, educated,
So do I confirm dummy? I go with anti jewish logic of Joe. There can't be. You can't get a good comic, which you are because, as I think we might have discussed before, or maybe within it. There is a correlation between being funny and highly intelligent. You probably have there's a type of intelligence, mathematically, I'm basically retorted I'm really, but you probably have good social intelligence right, because our us being able to come up with those anecdotes right here age. You have acuity too, to see pathways in terms of social interaction. Otherwise, what would be I'm not much for Pat myself on the back so I'll. Let you do that real, quick and we'll move our well. I'm I'm overwhelmed by your charisma, Joe, thank you very much, sir, but getting back This video, I didn't see anyone freaking out over it, but anything that may be SAM Harris. Our friend would say both blown and blown out of proportion to the extreme, because it's a target because that label is Lama.
I'll be a so he's like when Ban athletic, that fuckin dumb ass? when he went after him on the bill. Marcia Indecisive, really like it was an obvious ploy to like fit in to that idea. The I wasn't a well thought out. Well examined point of view. It was Secondly, we say we say so: races he's arrogant and his ignorance, yes arrogant in the fact that he felt This was an easy thing to Olaf. That's what I've and he'd get there laws for gas. Exactly three was searching for social brownie pull. Yes, sir surfing surrounded by going lines were to the anti jewish stuff. I grew up in Lebanon, as you know, and I'm jewish an atheist, but I'm just tough action. The way for anybody was gonna write him. How could he be jewish? An atheist? You can be both some of the most famous Jews were atheists. Judy
is more than just at the hearing, so set of religious matters right, there's a cultural element. There is a historical element. There are all sorts of patches to be in jewish. That don't necessarily mean you have to believe in Booga booga stuff right Can I get hate me from the rabbis gray, I'd hate from the bugaboo rather but anyways. So I grew up in Lebanon. Now you might say Orbit Lebanon was such a progressive, tolerant, wonderful place where everybody that long, I wouldn't say those data lebanese girl, and what did she say she Tommy's fuckin craziness was it, but she was She grew up in America about her families from Lebanon. I see whether that the typical sorted out of that you here is that Lebanon was of all countries in the Middle EAST was the most progressive, and had to some extent. That was true, but what they do The standards that progressive in the context of the Middle EAST is very very differently progressive and the West right. So if you were jewish, you were quote tolerated. That means that we'll talk
the rate you until we no longer tolerate you and hence that's why we left lemon because we're going to be executed right. So I grew up sort of with a dark secret and jewish. You didn't wear a star of David. Not people wanted to find out. If you would you wish they could easily do that. They can go to Senegal once on Saturday and not so. It's not as doth was absolutely hidden, but you certainly know your place. The greater trout, you're, a minority, and we tolerate you, you live if you like. If I don't know, if you know the terms you know the time to give me, the money is a is a second:
class citizen, as enshrined in the and islamic text for people at the book, meaning Christians and Jews, meaning monotheists right, not not the pagans, not the polytheists mad. The Hindus, not the not the Buddhist, not the atheist, but Jews and Christians under islamic law, could be afforded protection as long as they pay the Asia right. That means they pay sort of a pull tax to be protected by their Moslem overlords ok, that's called to live as it did so in Lebanon, you didn't officially have to pay that pull tax, but what you did is you knew your place suffers: but my brother David, who was a you, would like this, because Europe fighter guy emanate guy He used to be in the Olympics and Judo and Nike. Seventy six and in the early seventies she had one several lebanese championships and then one day he was if by some guys, who told him that you know jus boy, it's time to sort of stop waiting. So it's time to retire or
You might end up at the bottom of a river. Then he left to pursue his career and euro in France. This was before this of Warsaw. Might when we, when we escaped Lebanon, I mean literally, were escaping execution, when the is the first time that anybody here's this particular story. So you you get your birthday you so as we see as we, as the captain said that we were out of lebanese airspace. This is one we're leaving Lebanon to to emigrate to Canada and he says we're out of Lebanese my what takes out a star of David but sit around my neck and says now, you don't have to hide who you are this is and Progressive Lebanon, Pluralistic Lebanon. So now now watch what happen, I'm going to receive comments of people saying what I hate longer. He is he's just trying to make those other folks look bad. My whole personal history as somehow negate I'm either making it up or why am I talking
about this. Why are you make so I'm the hateful guy for mentioning that I escaped execution of others? Well, I don't think you should pay those people any minds pursuing dress them on and not even communicating with you you, like sort of artificially bringing up their voice. Is and then responding to their voices. There's no need for that godfather This meant that? But this is it disturbed me? that this video was in this video. This guy walking through Paris, was he. He was a jewish gentleman who was dressed, I don't know how regulation also ass. He was. He was it was. It was like tat girl. The walk through Manhattan got all the capitals zapping, that's thousands and the idea behind it was the sort of there is. There is a similar. Does an almost identical clip in Cairo. You could look it up on Youtube where a guy where's sort of said the cook and he starts walking around Cairo and it's not pretty lucky.
Did killed during its is so fuckin crazy that were in this world, where we, now where people are so terrified of the label, is Lama phobia and of Islam of what happened with Charlie Abdel. Yes, things along those lines that Charlie Abdo, if you don't know the story so magazine in Paris, they withdraw these cartoons of Mohammed and they were all the cartoon were killed by gunman on gum, and so what does it say it here put scroll down up to top, please tell me walk. Watch the abuse Jewish man gets as he walks through Paris, and this is from time dot, com and Is this fuckin crazy tilted the team film for ten hours to get ninety seconds of material that they had to go to the roughest parts of Paris to get out of there, saying, ok this is very similar right, so so what there? saying I guess is that day they really cobbler proportion, because they added
it down from this ten hours to get they get ninety seconds out of the sand, Jamie, so ninety seconds, You need to watch to shoot. You took clip you. I just have to say about my personal history: Lebanon Johnny has a more Furthermore, I lose I'd love to maybe nine years old, maybe equivalent great for here great fear, for teacher says: ok, everybody, here's the exercise for the next one and a half an hour get up and tell the class what you want to be when you grow up so high, my name, I wanna be a sock, apparel wanna be a policeman. I wanna be this. He sham gets up. I remember his name. I actually could even recognize his face and the old photos says when I grow up teacher, I wanna be a Jew killer, Jus killer, jugular, everybody breaks out into applause mothers that mean that
everybody in Lebanon. Was this rabid, anti semite, of course not but is is, is our doors feelings pervasive, threw out every social fabric, whether it be on tv and political speeches? and dramas and soap operas, it's everywhere. It's endemic to every single dna of those societies, and so that's why you have these types of problems. I'll. Give you another quick example school that one will never go out with you. If you know mine, please do so now. We're getting into some sort of nine years old, you now unusual nine, eight ten radios in that area and what? was going through your mind. This is a time where you kind of you said he knew your place. So you you, you didn't even openly talk, your Judaism? Learn it yeah. I mean you just don't you do people know you regional cause. You know your jewish us. I think you're students did not. I was I was a student
do you think this too? I mean this year, students moving my fellow so my cohorts, I think many of them. They didn't know that I was jewish, I'm almost certain I mean I don't know, I didn't sit and talk Listen kid said: Jude Killer well what they thought about, what it wanted that feel like well, it feels like you're different, looks like you're in a precarious situation. Always it feels like you know and fresh is an expression swore belly Twa, which means be pretty and said quietly right. That's what I know your place! So that's what it means to be tolerant right to be tolerated. It's not it's not that your equal, regular, never equal! You can't be prime Minister or of Lebanon as a Jew.
Given other quick story, there was a bad, not de jure, all different parties from so the seventies, though there was a at. The latter was a famous pan arabesque who brought together the arab world. He was an egyptian president who in two was viewed as the hero, because he was going to sort of unites the arab world against the colonial powers and so on, and so he was a kind of larger than life superhero of the arab world when he died and nineteen seventy, as often happens in the Middle EAST. There all these incredibly sort of violent demonstrations on the street- and I was sitting in my house- maybe five years old, almost six and as this man of people passed by all you here after juice death, the Jews. What what did Jews have to do with this politician passing away in Egypt? But that's just the reflex right. It must be some scientists. Conspiracy must be Samson,
their sort of hiding, as in my balcony, as these people passing and its etched in my memory, the chance of death, the jews- and there are all these serve arabic. Chance that I could repeat now that you know people went on Santa, that's just part of how were now, does that mean that, on every single day, every single day of my life there, I was being persecuted, of course not right, I'm alive. A normal life until I was going to be executed. So that's the reality of the Middle EAST and that's why today, you must have no religious minorities to speak of anyone. East right. I mean the remaining bastions of Christianity in the Middle EAST are now either being clobbered order, forced to leave right in Iraq in the cops and each To some extent noticing it also in Nigeria, and so the other idea that we all kind of coexistence releases is bologna, natural, your tolerated at best. What did the world
the percentage of people that were Jews in Lebanon when you were there right. So I so we were part of the last remaining Jews in Lebanon. At one point, I think I could be off on the numbers and you'll correct me if I'm wrong later, maybe in the descriptor. Maybe ten thousand at most fifteen twenty thousand had a lot of population about maybe three million at the zenith. So very small minority. Now, when Israel came along and mighty forty eight, it made it that much more difficult to be jewish in arab countries. This is not to give cover to Anti Semitism, which independent of Israel by Anti Semitism, has existed for fourteen hundred years in those parts of the world independently of Israel, but one Israel came about in eighteen, forty, eight, it just made it that much more precarious for Jews to live and Libya in Iraq and in Egypt and in Syria and Lebanon, and so they be these mass exodus of Jews from aeroplanes, sometimes forced other times by choice.
It just became untenable for Jews to be there. We were part of the last wave of remaining jewess because we were very entrenched within in lebanese society. But then once the civil war started, simply just was impossible to be there and eleven. You had what these internal Idee cards that you carried around like a passport, but internally, that stated your religion on it. So in the context of the lebanese civil war, where they would set up these roadblocks, these militia would set up roadblocks. If you get to a roadblock and somebody says and Eric you say how we yet gimme your you're you're right, you're Idee card, while that idea card Has your religion on it. If you're the wrong religion, it's goodbye. What's going on with the in the sheer Iraq, exactly as I roadblocks Road box to kill people, The problem in the Middle EAST is that you have endless abrahamic religion then again, it's not just the Moslem
not trying to be relevant this year, but all the abrahamic religions sort of have a narrative of uniqueness. That's very, very hard to co exist. When you know each of us is the chosen people. I have my theory, but Middle EAST end. My theory is that the towns of the world. What does that mean Tony's or the people that never left their neighbourhood, and, if you, if you look at the cradle of civilization, its babylons Sue mare. Soon, that's the oldest written land which all this mathematics, that's where Iraq is in, that area is a clusterfuck today and every moved out of their everybody moved out of Africa. Africa's chaos ray. We all know that. I think that much like the small sounds you grow up, and if you go back to your Jesus, he's, fucking assholes are still hanging around the high school. You know would be an annoying at the gas station. Are the same. People are the stock in the same way as they have not evolved to have not move past like the rest of the world has
It seems like with a lot of these religions there so rich in their ideology and the standards of their behaviour in the class vacations of the individuals that are involved in it that it's almost inescapable sees ridge Ideology seem like it's. It's the any idea of progressive thinking or programme thought it's. It's almost is there some almost mutually exclusive zone. I can't have that and exist in that. In that form, you don't. Coalition of thinking is a endemic part of human psychology, idea of us versus them as part of human nature and what these abrahamic religions do. Is they take this and they put her on steroids right. It is a great study I Campbell who it is. I might patch up a bit, but it goes something like this. You bring in people into the lab and you make them waited in waiting area and you just put a sticker either
blue or red on them, and then you say: oh you don't want to come back in a few minutes, I'm going to go off to do something else, I'll be back in a few minutes. The real point of the experiment should see what people end up doing during that time that you're out, what do you think happens? The people who have the red sticks that read the stickers start speaking to each other and the people right so you're, taking a completely random, chew and your some people to now a sort along that q right now it's no longer matters what my sexual orientation is, or whether a muslim or christian or jewish, its red people band together versus blue people. There are various versions of this experiment. It had been done in an classics offers psychology. But what that speaks to is this an extra compile this. This inescapable trap of coalition
I called you and that's what happens in the Middle EAST. Everything is viewed through the prism of my faith, and anybody who is not my faith is the other and the other is not to be trusted to be hated is to be scorned, the other. Does it mean that every single person subscribes to that, but certainly means that The narrative, the religious narrative, certainly condones that here with rigid ideologies and tribal behaviour and then add that to a very harsh environment, physical environment, words just unforgiving, it's real r d move pass a real hard defined forgiveness and enlightenment in and see in Africa What things as another issue that I think but believe it was Michael Shermer who wrote an article about the difference between Islam and some of the other religions. Is they never went through the enlightenment right? Well, I think one of the problem when other
Yet you now see many vociferous in public intellectuals that are coming out to call for an islamic reformation, but that's actually been happening for fourteen hundred years. The problem is that it's easy to call for reformation, if you assume that there is something to be reformed. If you think it's perfect, there's nothing to be reformed right here. Apostate for even considering that. But if you are going to reform it, how do you go about doing that when one of the tenets, the static tenets, is that in Arabic? cool huh of meaning every single letter of the Koran is immutable, his eternal and as perfect were. How can you haven't exigent? How could you exit just like a proxy ripen like how could you interpret tax or reinterpret text when in reality you doing that becomes a form of hypotheses savages. So that's the problem and in the context,
the other abrahamic religions. There was the capacity for the light of reformation to squeeze its way into those little holes, so they could be new interpretations on an Islam. It's a bit more of a chance. So what about people that are islamic reformers? Who are the members of the people in that there are people today that consider themselves muslim, but also are atheists. There are people they consider themselves. Muslims, like you, consider yourself a Jew, rightful for an atheist right. What about those people there aren't so ideologically ridge rigid think they are moved. Right. There are new diamond, certainly never openly stated their non belief in the middle daddy, don't Rama down that that would not be good. Don T get the fuck you. If turn round on right. Well, and certainly ISIS, Thou hast killed many people who violated Ramadan rules.
Now of course, then you'll hear back then they're, not Islam. It! I do here that this in I've engage people in various forms where we start shouting and then I'll quote something from say: do you know who use if I'll cut about It is the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the foremost leaders of the Sunday sect and terms of as a religious scholar. Right, I mean all the perfect right pedigree from an a scholar, Scholars Islamic House perspective, so I'll quote something by him: what you think about the lobby, but he's not a real Muslim, then I'll quote something from Albert Worthy. The caliph of the so called Kaliko ISIS who has a Phd in Islam, studies. What do you think? The answer? He's not a real Moslem, then I'll betcha, so it split play. Hide the ball right up. If you have so much to place it in your discourse that guy's, who buy
definition, are leaders and experts of Islam Why, then, being you pretend that they are not muslim, because this is something that you you find objectionable, then how can we have an open and honest discourse became? So how do we fix that? That's! My might might my running theme by the way. Well as partners. How do we fix this? I think we fix it with everything by having p but who have the courage as many of some of your guess Heaven. Maybe I can include myself in this group who are who are honest, who are reasonable, who are not fit I would hate to who. It was also they moved off. The moved moved out so you think they can implement these changes on the ground. I am not saying that what are my, how do you, I'm not sure I guess I've got the answer that I would be getting the Nobel Prize. Who is the rider something wrong?
that was half to death with the machete Rosalind, Galicia, yeah, there's been for them so far. He was somewhere else doing I was service speech on his book abundant lacked. Bangladesh has had yeah yeah, by machetes on on the street in front of his wife was hacked up to whose horrible you know at the responses when I've challenge people what they did was not the sonic, Look the! Let me give an example: there was a recent Orthodox Jew who, in a gay pride parade in TEL Aviv, the tragedy. On the I did hear about this was loving people standing right here I mean he didn't do this because he was alienated. He didn't it is as a response to the final for crisis of two thousand seven thousand eight, I'm using examples by the way from Russell Brands, monetary analysis as to why people join ISIS. It has not been slow, all up, Russell Brain
thanks, the rustling around I ashy rule. I do they Youtube clip on when you took channel where I basically, covered all this. The comedian rust brand, oh yeah, the luminary Brussels he's alumina sarcastically. Yes, he There was arguing that the EP. He came up with every single possible cause that you could think of other than religious fervor to explain Why people move four thousand miles away the joint isis it was do. Let me give you a few the door about maybe seven or eight. I cover my Youtube for clip back I'll, try to come up with three or four, They were alienated. They felt that they weren't part of the political approach I must say the ways has it. I can't we really need the what didn't feel like. They are part of a political process. Yeah. I can't do it was you? Can they were there, said about the financial meltdown into
seventy financial meltdowns. There they hated greedy, rampant evil, capitalism greedy round the bend. Capitalism right, my son, alright words very. Yet so I mean I mean really That's the reason why people join it that have nothing to do with religion, absolutely nothing doing. So. How could we haven't on his discourse, and this is the kind of nonsense that you keep hearing but you're talking to comedians and again you're talking a comedian right now. So now. It is only logical to this year, but he picked up some people. The child's meanest able model even take the time to counter the skies view. Well I my answer: is he got a lot bigger plot from than I do short. He has much more power to influence minds than I do. It doesn't matter that I might be better equipped than him as these inasmuch as does bananas
This sort of thing right actually seems like they're, both kind of fishing for Social Brownie points instead of calling it is law or instead of calling get anything if you just looked at it as a pattern of behaviour and if you look there, How to behave. This ideological patterns of behaviour that would seek to murder. People don't agree with those thoughts. Any rational person would go. Well, that's crazy! That's these people are fucked ideas, but we cannot tolerate this but once you start calling it anything whether you call it is law, more just fill in black, make up your own name for it, and then that becomes an oppressed segment of our civilization, or at least I thought of as an oppressed or rub boxed into that bill. All sort of this segment where you're you're, not post to shed on it, because it's thought to be marginalized already and piling up. What do you think that's so they are fifth island
back in a second than jewish guy who desire. But let me answer you this last point you may do you think that in the fifties in countries that are a member of the organisation cooperation the oh. I see, Muslims are marginalized, no right and most of those fifty seven countries. They constitute extraordinary majority. If not complete majority about something, this. This narrative that Muslims are marginalized. I mean really laughable because me, if you think about Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, on and on and on their marginalized, they constitute ninety nine percent, two hundred percent of the population, if anything is the religious minorities that are no longer existed there that have been marginalized so we are eliminated or eliminated or ethnic or genocide elite removed. So this does this: isn't it's an informational war? Yes, now! That's that's most important part in information, a war and that information and ideology that it's it's, the
These things these are thoughts in patterns, and so calling them religion Of course it is this cherish, tradition or cultural bid is this? Is this aim thing that you're supposed to worship instead of cod, in that car? It's its ideas. These are ideas right. These ideas, of this ancient script is directly handed down from God that every word is perfect. If that's not prepared tourists. You tell me what the fuck its exam. I get real confused when people who grew up without any sir, I sense a mean that they literally knew almost nothing when they wrote this in comparison to what we know today. Obviously back, then there were scholars, but right comparison sitter its laughable to think than anybody had all the answers and twelve hundred or what we use the Koran Britain supposedly. In terms of the revelations yeah, so six hundred something six hundreds or six hundred eighty, but for the whole year,
you try reading any fuckin textbook book from Fort hundred and finding correct information, great What year was Galileo prosecuted fifteen? Something has gone back to the jewish guy. I tweeted I did and I shared it. Of course he undoubtedly got his ideas from I think reading Leviticus, you know if you lay with another man, should be killed and saw right. So if I make that claim right, which is an absolutely correct, claim that for this guy who took his old testament very seriously and then around knifing people, it's an absolutely appropriate claim to make. I didn't get attacked as Anti semitic right I mean everyone says you're no kidding if a box to which is very rare for north, allows you to go around killing people, but the fact that I make that I can make that link. There is no blow back, but unfortunately, the west
has now been convinced that if you ever make that link for one particular religion, then you are hateful, that's a profoundly dangerous relation to be, and you seem to its use of illegal in this, this game too. You can shit all over Christians, yes, northern. I value, as I think, if you do, that, you really progressive. Yes, amongst my academic friends, if you repeat, They demonstrate what a bunch of buffoons these christian hex are then that garners you brownie, yeah why our Christian Hicks any less profound. Then these you know big because slices personal, wrongly, is associated with brown people. Power. You. Don't mess with that. I'm not a Baptist, Sir back true, true, people mock southern Baptists as much as they mark like that's an open reconciliation question. That's a good question
can I leave that alone start singing and chat and educated votes? Folks, that's rights. Laws also involve yeah sulphur all flights there sitting on lustily asses is ridiculous. It's funny. So it's it's stuff dealing with all the stuff on a baby pieces on twitter and so on. More people don't want to be judged in a negative way, and especially in this society, in this culture in the east, to act culture because it's really easy to make a tweet about someone or write a facebook post about someone or a blog entry about someone attacking them. Yes and then once you have done that boy, you have opened up the floodgates and they will just experience all sorts of pylons from all these other people that either agree or support or or don't wanna, be label such themselves, although attack you to make sure everyone knows that there are not like you right is
That is because some of the biggest global I've gotten on my public facebook page has been whenever I've called out Russell bran on something. Apparently, some of my fans are also Russell brand funds, which I don't know how these two wheeled viewscreen can coexist, but they got really upset that, in I was being a lie It is, you know, he's doing a lot of social good. Yes, some of this stuff is quackery, but he's a good guys. Heart is in the right place and on being an asshole for criticising him, and I really really vitriol. Some of these folks. You don't know you ve, never lived in Namibia away, but oh You ve never heard anybody yell killed it out. You did not, incidentally, I should. I should mention that I first exposure to Russell brand before I know, but It's funny movies, while exactly one what it does and great movies, one in particular, which must have seen about ten times? I forget
Sarah Marshall, great movie, and so I have sat there and laughed and thought he was a very funny guy, and then I came across his, political rats and I no longer value of such a cool guy. Well, as I said on Twitter, I believe that he is neck, deepen hippy, pussy right now and really has no idea. What's going on. I think they cut off a circulation and is that much hippy pussy come and fetch. I think the circulation to your brain is very hard for the heart to pump it right through all the cases that he receives on his neck right. That's the guy inferior! That's my legs are pretty good on. Do they throw themselves that poor guy, really oh yeah, sure look Adams, beautiful? Ok, it's a decade, Perry who did he? married to her ah Samson. So what happened to that this? For you save the world Brow pop star, that's true tat! I love your girl. Frivolous ship, but she was a religious. She was young I don't know her exact story, but apparently she was very, very
religious and her original sort of foreign to the music industry- oh yes about in a sort of christian Just music yeah then ask one that sort of that and stick than she became calm, deviated from that and became a pop star, but her room I very much share your Christian based. Well, you know, I think that a lot of these folks with other trying to do good like Russell. I probably mean I probably, along with great VI, sat down talk to him and I think he when I hear talk- and I hear the things he sang- I feel it is doing a lot of good. I think he is opening up a lot of people's eyes because he is a very public figure and he is saying a lot of things and make a lot of sense about the financial world about about about war and about the nature of controlling natural resources. Allow things it says that I agree with, but I think that when you get
caught up in the world. There are some very clear sort of behaviour patterns that you have to subscribe to. And this is Lama phobia label is the one you want to avoid at all fuckin car? Yes, if you get without one it's a heavy one today so heavy this political charge world you. I may I made this point on the shore recently that you know in the west the these. The Islam narrative doesnt yet have the power. To literally be had people, I mean, if you say, some really nasty stuff against Islam in the Middle EAST. While we can solve that problem easily, we get rid of you, but in the west, which could do as you could be head. Somebody's reputation right only met them, metaphorical, beheading and that's what happens to guys like some Harrison. I on her Sally and unfortunately, this I've never really face this kind.
Law back, maybe because I'm somewhat more measured and how I speak about the exact sure why you're also talking about your personal dialogue, migrations landowners ethic, which gives you more often, city, where SAM is viewed as some white guy who's speaking from fuckin cracker. Exactly but I mean that's really what you see there are. All these guys are off. You know about him. How even mention them sign on give them any an airplane, go around pretty much blaming everything on so called new atheists he's all right Richard Dawkins and SAM Harris, these sort of evil patriarch insurgents before he died, hedges before you and use and use the forthwith When there's an annual Dennett lifted. His efforts are you talking about No, no, not yet he say he's a philosopher at some school in Boston. Actually, maybe Brandeis Amok manufacture one of those goals, but anyways they go around just smearing these guys, while the other eight mongers their evil,
lot of gravity attacks exactly and now people, want to come into. The discussion have to really think hard, whether they want to be exposed to this kind of law back, and so you get self censorship right. Yes, I mean I've had an eye. I dont think of shared the story ever again, so double happy biotech saw I've had my wife's, I open up my laptop. I start typing some and she'll come around nervously? Looking at what I'm typing as it? What what? What are you hovering over me and she said that this should give chills to anyone. Let us remember. We have two children right now. I'm thinking in the twenty first century, a professor in Canada. Now, even if my my wife were parent even if she's overestimating the threat of the risk fact that she has the reflex the intuition to actually engage in that behaviour to have those thought patterns. As you said,
His is really demonstrates that the canaries singing in the proverbial coal mine and it's not pretty right now. I have two choices that point I can the tweet whatever it is, I was treating right or I could say you know she might be right. Let me engaging self censorship and every time that, Sir, one who otherwise would be waiting in on the conversation ages, self censorship, the other side wins and that's where we're at now to answer your question. How do we resolve this issue? Hopefully people grow a pair and start way. And on the matter, but wasn't that one of the arguments about publishing the images from Charlie Abdo that no one wanted to do exactly knows that starting? These people their lives and the fight of a fundamental, right the foundational bedrock of all our freedoms as freedom of speech. They lost their lives. Defending that an Every single western media cow and decided not to show it
recital one. I'm pretty much every single one, yeah every single magazines and the New York Times didn't lost, treats title. The time didn't mean nobody that I am I There's one guy as well event and Canada, hoo hoo published, regional and two thousand six and he was taken to a hates each tribunal in Canada by the main thing But how orwellian is that a guy could be taken to a speech Tribunal for publishing these cartoons, its tunnel is supposedly the cartoons, our offensive, I've seen some of the cartoons and I just thought they were kind of stupid in our They seem a little on the race aside, some of them, but the idea that these can get your fuckin kill. You want me to show you the cartoons that our published every day in the Middle EAST media about Jews could demand. So you know I mean, the reality is we should all try to get along. Should all be respect for one another. You shouldn't
out of your way to harm other people's feelings? But when it comes to testing the boundaries of freedom of speech, there should be no boundaries that can't be crossed yeah there. Should be. There should be. There should be no bound initially of yes, I mean I agree with you, but when that when These things come up where your life is at stake. Like your wife hang, over your shoulder sang, remember we have children and that these people that have, the time magazine that on New York Times LOS Angeles Times, they think about publishing these things and they just back off their background. They have families, they have lives, they dont want to be sacrificial Lamb. They have to put a name to those articles in they publish them and they know let the editor knows the publisher. No, they all know someone's going to find out who they are and that's crazy right. Look, I understand the pragmatism, but but we all have to wait in some form or another daily failed. They failed, they failed free speech.
Took a big blood is Charlie, have denied on off. You know, there's no he's the kicker. You wanna talk about whisper. I do not close by his sure, so one. I can remember. The organization met one of you, sort of islamic organs issues and in the U S gave an Islamophobia award to the slain. Surely have the folks so not only that those people die for drawing cartoons, they were worse smeared, post mortem- I mean it's, it's it's a level of diabolical grotesqueness, that's unimaginable right, I mean lack. Let them at least die in peace. So this is a real big battle of ideas, and we all have to weigh in on it, and I think that there is a lot of folks. I do not want to die like that, and they also don't wanna, be confused with those folks. The word drawing cartoons and I want to be like
then in any way shape or form, so they will come out against it. Allah Ben after all, right and very strong fashion. They will let everyone now right. They are not on that team. Yes, they do think it's real, says without any consideration whatsoever for the further The overall effect of those words rang of of calling something like that Islamophobia or it is, is fall back. What you're talking about the fear of an ideology that is so rigid. They'll kill you for a cartoon that doesn't scare you have you not phobic of that. It seems to me, and I'm not saying shouldn't be muslim allies, be whatever the fuck you want, but assumes I'm gonna kill people over cartoons? We have very weird problem on our hands and we were doing with an entire chunk of the western world that things, that's. Ok, that's that should be overlooked, but you can shit all over Christians or shadow over Mormons or shadow over anyway.
Else, it's safe and it's ok well become Mormons right. Think about the pleasure. I mean people pay money to go and watch me actors making fun openly about a religion. Yeah trotted that with one particular that, yes, we try to do the book of Koran right. Try that I saw me now if you ve heard the term bigotry of lower expectations are different vision, bigotry, offs soften expectation and idea is that somehow in Islam should not be held too same standard as every other ideology cause? You know, they'll! Go crazy what that bad? self as racists right. I mean to write it. So when I gave you earlier the example of the iraqi scientists who said that the earth is flat rate and the lady rights to me, why you criticising this guy she's. Actually racist right, because she saying that somehow this guy doesn't have the capacity to be criticized, whereas When I criticized the rabbi that I went to visit
the true story, I was invited to rabbis house for about dinner, Sabbath and buzz. I enter the house he introduced Everybody says what the this is: a professor bother by studies, evolution, but everybody knows that motion- has been falsified Otto much for studies. What found the I was being an idiot right. Now how come when I criticise us rabbi, it's perfectly fair game. How come when I besides the Republicans, senator who denies evolution because of his christian faith, because the young earth creation is that's perfectly fair, but if I when the iraqi astronomer, because he believes that the earth is flat. That's racist, while its human folly, you know, what's exact, it's what it is. I mean we weary and a very weird predicament with this one, very large segment of our population on this planet and we're talking about a billion people write one point: six. One point: six on points: that's a large China cause damage or I'll fuckin people now
do? Do you see what? How do you see the trajectories maverick? Do you? see this ever depend, swinging. The other way. What what? What do you think would be the catalyst to redress? of this grand folly, good psychedelic drugs. For EU funding is gonna work. They need to talk to the real God, have a real com same with Homeboy bright and the, and the only way to get to him Second, I drugs. I think that's the best way. That's why surest gets you're right, I'm an atheist, because I've never taken psychiatric drugs, not cite psychedelic. That was even ever taken, so you don't never hear something. I've never taken any drugs. I've never smoke the single cigarette in my life. Why bank you're, drunk very, very rarely hog. As a matter of fact, it the first time I ever drank well, I used to be a very competitive soccer player. I was maybe twenty you have very long hair, very proud of my some Sonia hair, the bunch a soccer players on my team held me down.
Brought scissors put it out your hair, and they said you either drink today or the hairs off. That was the first time ever dry. I must have been twenty one, twenty two. So my only vice has been maybe my year dietary choice, but you still drank occasionally rationally without drugs, You know that out show. How can you say: don't do drugs, you know it, but I don't. Come on. Let's justice, that's as much of a blinder that religion is the idea that you don't pay. Heard. Your consciousness took up a very distinct method right. I have a glass of wine and you get fucked up Don't they will you thrown back and get crazy smash glass? It is high time the issue. My wife is watching right now she does have a photo of me drunk on absinthe. No, no we're a club had had drank too much and I'm totally slashed so that for
exists somewhere so may module ad hoc club makes havoc intermediateness badly right right to her recognition really set on Twitter, I think they're, certain psychedelic drugs that could help people alter their perceptions of this world. Give you a reset and that's what they do. I mean I think, is a very long conversation that have had many many times in aside gas and we could have at some other time. Eighty show you if you would like to offer or whatever, but there are. There I gotta drugs that are most likely the root of all religious experiences in factors edge. A scholar out of Jerusalem. Pre famous guy they are the argument, but what he is essentially saying is that the boar burning Bush right at me This described was most likely. The acacia tree Acacia Bush, which very rich. That I methyl trip to me, which is the most potent psychedelic drug known to man- and I have experienced this particular drug and is
drug gives you a very intense feeling of joining with the mother with communicating with God, with with worth getting it contact with some intelligent power, some intelligent. Mine, something that is above and beyond what exists in our normal dimension that we existent and its Phil complex geometric patterns and communicate with you. Telepathic, really is a very very crazy experience and one of the thing it happens in these dm t. Trips is it they give you like lessons of how to live life and the lessons all seem to wrote their there. You never have like these psychedelic, damn teachers they tell you which need to do- is rape more and beat the fuck out. People steals much should I can it's more like love like love people
love. You love! Love yourself, love! Everyone around you be kind, don't worry about all the bullshit just be nice to each other, just have fallen just enjoy it spread and don't lie, don't lie. Dont deceive dont deceive yourself Don't deceive anyone out and don't don't lose perspective. You're gonna be here and then you gonna, be there and you're gonna be here and gonna be there and it's gonna go on not an honest, this perpetual cycle that continues from birth to death through infinity and your infant infinitesimal part of an endless cycle- and this is the variance in a nutshell what you get out of it and very similar to the idea that you would come out of his experience with a set of tenants set of rules like Moses Command. It totally makes sense that, most could be this guy who's into smoking de empty and telling people upwards. Come on we're having always sword fighting
narrows at each other in a noise and our neighbours at threats from jewish extremists. I doubt it because this guy in the one I know your butt guy in Israel. Syria, fine Jamie, this fund that article pretty interesting paper, because this is a real academic. It was basing it on you of research. Wasn't it the case that many religious rituals of various cultures engage in these types of with our behaviour. He absolutely as shorter. Their religious ritual is correct was a matter of fact, John Marco Allegro, who is one of the main scholars that was assigned to decipher the dead sea scrolls, which is the oldest version of the Bible, known. And also I think, the only version in Aramaic, it was found in these clay pots in Qumran, in like one thousand nine hundred and forty something it took forever for them. Decipher these things, and this guy John Marco Allegro worked on them for fourteen
plus years, and he was the only agnostic on the committee that was assigned to decipher it. He was originally nor Dane, minister and over time He became disenchanted with the idea of religion. We found all these country elections in religion and these comparisons to other tax and realising lot is probably bullshit, and so he wrote a book, called the sacred mushroom in the cross and after fourteen years of deciphering the dead sea scrolls, it was his interpretation that the entire christian religion was a man of misunderstanding that what it was originally about was consumption of psychedelic, mushrooms and fertility rituals while and that it was a fertility called back then it was all about it wasn't about birth control is about get pregnant because we're does not many of us. We will need more and The Romans might be coming into my fuckin killer. Buddy women need warriors Ogoni alarm group of Us- and we can't let them know about these mushrooms. And he even traced
the etymology of the word Christ, to and ancient Sumerian were that meant a mushroom covered in God, seamen and well what they, what they thought according to John Marco Allegro what they thought was when it rained that was God coming on the world like a cosmic money, shouting cosmic money shot and These mushrooms would grow out of the ground, like you know how it is like we have a rain and then you go outside in the morning. She mushrooms are already grown, like they weren't, even there last night, another there they grow so quickly. That view would find these and they would eat these and have these intense psychedelic experiences, of course, and so if you go home, and so I believe that we have not done so that these people, that would experience these- would have these in tents, transformative trips and without any science, without knowledge of what a component of these mushrooms are. We
very similar by the way to Human, Neuro, chemistry, right DM tease, an end, I met a trip to meet and that exists in the human brain is produced by the liver and the lungs and they of now of proven due to this guy Doktor Rick Strasbourg work, you of this great book called the empty. The spirit, molecule he'd, professor, are the universe in Mexico and got de approved clinical track tests on subjects using DM tee. And this Cottonwood research foundation that he helped start has proven that its produce in the pie, Neil gland of live rats and though the pineal glands, the third I it's in reptile, it actually is let a retina and the winds mean literally, is in the center of the brain where the third I is in eastern mysticism, that's producing this intense psychedelic drug and that's what
Hebrew university researcher? Thousands was tripping at Mount. China is, I mean, is he I have as you this lectures? He viewed as a sort of outlier, quack, after like research it and find out more about eggs. I did a cursory examination. Is I'm so familiar with drug. It only makes sense to me. This is he visited the Amazon and drank Hiawatha, and he has this idea that that that is what this was probably all about, because I ll ask has been they believe, it's very difficult to find out what when the tab, the amazonian indigenous people, were drinking this brew, but Iowa. It is a form of the empty and much like the acacia bushes, very rich, indian T, thousands of plants are rich in the empty. Dignity exists in silence, sorry, but what they do with this, this, I ask- is an orderly active version of de Anti B, as it has. It has one plant.
Damn tee in another plan that has something called an embryo inhibitor, because DM tease broken down the got by something called model, Amy Knox. Today's. Call GINO the SAM ritual at one of the amazonian tribes discusses when my books, the wood, the bullet ants are you from yes yeah. Right I mean for damages, namely for your views were not does I think they drink some cycle tropic me. I think they do. I think it might be how to Mars. One of those days bunch of different crazy psychedelic drugs. They take down there, but apparently so they had, they basically have to day they sedate these bullet hands. And then they wear these small crying spoke and then they wear these gloves where they then sort of weave the ants into the glove as thee.
Ants come out of their stupor, they start biting, though the wearer now one bite from that Anna means Kabul, and because the pain is greater than if you were hit by a bullet. Apparently it's the highest paid inducing thing in nature, and they have to do it twenty times, I'm twenty different occasions before their sort of accepted into manhood or whatever the trees which But but I mean that the point that the link to your story is that I think they're under some psycho tropics yeah they're here it is those immense. My friend Steve has bitten by a bullet really Bolivia Wagon Bit, not, as he said, was unbelievably painfully aware, said at last four hours to use it- but he said when it was over was really weird- is- was soap for that he was delusional any couldn't, remember, which he'll got bit after it was over. Once it subsided. It was like you, like a worker from a transitional credit that he said it was
really really painful had really difficult to concentrate on a slightly less spiritual. Can we said wave from the money shots to an actual study on money, shots and sperm. Yes- and I address my thought about this- because I know that neurons gonna forget one track mind because I know that guy way. Thank you very much for inviting me to your short Montreal and to be the you see that and I'm gonna get a guitar yet, and so, when I was at your show with my wife, I think you had a little bit on spurn come aboard unless I'm sure I do again anyway, I think I might sent you a direct message that kind of spoke to some of the issues that you So here we go. Let's talk about the science of sperm important, yes, So this was a study done a few years ago by some colleagues of mine, where they wanted to look at the content of porno movies. So if you think of the typical male fantasy, a man wants to
sex with many women right. Some most societies are polygamous, meaning one man with multiple women right. That's how it should be God dammit most society's most assize. Eighty five percent of societies have historically condoned polygyny or what Finally, people wrongly say: polygamy, polygamy, just is one with many, but polygyny- is one man with many women wholly Andrey. One woman with many men, so so they will that's horse shit. You know that they are very well. There are very few societies that have that glade I've been telling. Everybody does Jamie because a paternity uncertainty, but, of course, since air goes so so polygyny is what men want. One basically Heron building one man would many women. Yet if you do content analysis of porn movies, what you find that that study has been done by a guy by name aptly Nicholas pound
but that's a shallow who's got. He owes me now, so he did a content. Nasa's way showed that Pulley Andrews depictions are much more common and porn movies, meaning one woman with multiple and right, and so these are an. He argued, basically that the reason for that is because it's it's an excited tory queue for Sperm Company so watch this now so then these other researchers came along said. Well. How could we test this? So what they did is basically they. They asked men to take one of two images home either with women. Having said or one woman with multiple guys, Polly Andrey and then Master, to those images and then bring back their sperm to the lab cultures to be I would also like to say the fruits of their manual labor. Guess what they found that the these sperm that originated from
The masturbation to fully address images were much more, have greater mortality, in other words a more vigorous. They moved a lot more, which supported the idea of sperm competition. This exactly what you get an animal husbandry right when you want your study to be riled up, to have sex you often will show another male having sex with a female, and then this will get the rise out of him. So this explains the if you like that disconnect between how come men are so desirous to have sex with many women at once, and yet you with and then that's what you would think would be depicted in formal reason: that's not what you get. You get a lot more of two three guys on one woman. Now I have sedated the mysteries of portfolio that makes sense when a biological level, because the more promiscuous the females are around man. The larger their testicles are because this tactic language row right
whose grow and produce more sperm because of the competition as a matter of fact, so that they meet jump on that. So, if you look across primates at the size of the testicle of the males of that species as a function of female promiscuity, that species you see perfect correlation some mountain guerrillas, we'll tiny, Basel tied Dick, very good right, they're, usually impressive, but they have a complete sexual territory, out there they found out, they became too powerful chimps. On the other hand, massive testing, their walking testicles, basically re precisely because it's an adaptation to female part from security within that species. Humans are closer to the chimp and the scale for care. We are now speaking about the thought police rain, others bs suffered. You shall campuses when I describe those particular studies.
The feminists in the crowd will be very very pleased because then I'm demonstrating that women can be promiscuous. That fits the narrative of feminism if, on the other hand, I might five minutes later say yeah, but when it comes to sexual variety, men have a slightly greater penchant for sexual variety than women than I suddenly become. Doktor manipulated the nazi doktor. So so basically the evolutionary finding discuss is either liberal, into the feminist if it fits with a narrative or it is a form of patriarchal sexes bs if it doesn't fit, and that again is the problem with what you see on campuses right rather than an open, honest discourse about veracity of scientific findings. We judge these findings as a function of our path, ideology, apparently the algae when it comes to gender identification and gender identities. I think said:
there's a real interesting point to be made with that when it comes to science to because one of the things it's always being touted about his dive, city in science and gender diversity in science, but when it comes to what people actually want to do there's been studies, you give a boy, a certain toy or girlfriend toward they're gonna gravitate towards things, are more in line with their gender? That's that's fucked me I they want to hear that, but some boys like trucks and some girls like dolls, but what it should is what are they alike and guess what if the girl likes trucks or the boys like dolls, who gives a fuck, but let's let the data, big for itself and try to understand I'm so happy. You mentioned, took refuge in this one of my favorite examples to demonstrate the lunacy of the whole social constructive stuff. So here we go. Ok!
so usually in the Social Sciences are certainly social constructivist. The ones who argue that everything is done for legislation will use toy preferences. As if you like, the starting point of how gender roles of liberation happens, right Johnny's taught to play rough with their g. I jus Linda start to play nurturing with their the pink dull, and that starts the cascade of arbitrary sexist gender. Also so I decided that I want to think that promise on and I wanted to bring data from a very, very broad range of fields to completely dismantle this bullshit. So here we go. So if you take children who are and the priest rationalization stage of cognitive development, meaning that they do yet have the capacity to be social life and you give them tests. I say of eyes gazing they they can either stare at adults or a trucks, or lay with dolls or trucks than you already see. The specificity of the toy preferences in the pre socialization stage of their programme developed maybe they can have been socialized into those preferences, let's get going if you
other species. You take verve monkeys and racist monkeys and you take inference of those species. It replicates the sex, specificity of toy preferences of human infants. That's gone if you take. If you take little girls who suffer from something and endocrine logical disorder, congenital adrenal hyperplasia. This is that masculine ices little girls masculine rises their morphology there there. If the physical traits but it also masculine eyes as their behaviors guess what happened to their toy preferences? They become more like little boy master. If you take, if you gotta Sweden, which is d, though the most gender neutral country in the world. I say it's been studied, as am I right gender, neutral housework, so in other words, basically, what happens in Sweden is that the government has systematically tried to completely eradicate as a big social experiment, any gender markers you remove the gender pronouns.
Gender, proud moved, shouted Plaza here. She that's right in Sweden. That's right about now! Speak Swedish, but that's that's what I hear there's a scale that that's developed by a gentleman called Hampstead where he wait, he ranks countries from around the world, this gender score, and Sweden is off the chart on its femininity just rageous and saw a few now go to that country and study. It's a perfect feel experiment right because they ve spent forty years trying to eradicate arbitrariness, sexist gender story types and therefore you should see that maybe the toy preferences would now be no law hunger, like everywhere else, guess what you find in those countries is exactly the same as anywhere else. If you Two three thousand years ago, two funeral eyesight on your neck scenery, monuments, where little children are depicted in ancient Greece, I got a new study how the Chernobyl depicted then
the boys are shown with wheels and progress on the little on that back there like a wheelbarrow and the girls are shown with dolls. You could study cultures in various areas Africa. Indigenous cultures, as has been done by a french anthropologist, and the exact same behaviour is manifest themselves. So imagine shows you how long we ve been under the oppressive some of the patriarchs, very pre, historical, very good. If that's what it s your key example, mass media has been around even before then borrowing explained this written in clay tablets. Their import, shitting, even back than men, are asshole site away this. This you know the to the to the forty that It is a familiar that, yes, yes, so please explain so that the two the forty is the is the length of the ratio of your index finger to your ring finger and others sexually thy more filtrate, meaning that men have much longer and ring fingers than than index fingers, whereas women, the two fingers, are roughly the same length. Wisest important discussion
That morphological feature is actually shaped in utero as a function of how much the Stasi, don't you been exposed to in utero? Ok, therefore, what some users of than is they ve looked at the digit ratio of little boys and then link that too there a pattern behaviors and again what you find little boys will have more mass colonized digit ratios have more masculine eyes, toy preferences, same thing has been done by the way with actually circulating testosterone, you take seven day old children and until six months old You measure their testosterone, structural level predicts toy preferences. So look how many different disparity lines of evidence. I've just come up with to demonstrate that it is
due to arbitrary sexy socialization, it's very uncomfortable for me that people want to ignore that and put this all on cultural ideas and nice stereotypes that people subscribe to, because they don't want their child to be ostracised by the community It's it's a very uncomfortable for made. It drives me not because I think it fucks people's heads up to us, because then they feel it is something wrong with them for liking, masculine thing right and being ask her liking. Masculine thing seems less and less of a favourable pursuit and two thousand fifteen Then it's kind of urban before it's like me, kind of shit on in this society, get blamed for things and- and I mean I'm not saying poor man no magazine, I think, being a man's pretty fuck about ass. I like it, but I just also don't think that were necessarily evil either mean. If some men do evil shit doesn't mean that men are evil and if boys, trucks or girls like dolls? It doesn't mean anything wrong with either one of em,
but it is wrong. We try to ascribe prescribe it when we try to it what that into some sort of an ideological box. Yes, and we dismiss it or we guys it as being a part of the problem, is with our culture when it so clear p, a natural thing why I think it's dead this lunacy and I'm not sure if we discuss it last housing show. But this lunacy, I think, comes from a good place, an idiotic place, but a good place. It comes from the idea that if something is biological based its immutable and and that's that's a scary thing right or people talk about biological determinism, which is completely and so the so the idea of a brain being empty slate. Hauser biological determinism nonsense also because every almost everything is a inextricable mix of
biology and environmental inputs almost nothing that you could think of doesn't incorporate some environmental input into who. For you, so the idea of being completely independent of any exactly the idea. Nature, verses, nurture, is really a silly mood, dichotomy, good big broad spectrum of inputs exactly and so ended there that the example that I left to give to drive that point home. Some of your views might have heard me say before it's the cake metaphor. So if you take a cake, you take all the ingredients of the cake. Here's the he's the baking soda here the flower? Here's the eggs here, the sugar once you vague and kick ices once you put it altogether right, you're unable to then point once the cake is made. You can't point show me where the eggs are showing its in an egg. It's an inexorable makes. That's the idea of nature verse and nurture makes no sense where this Big may large, with this cake of course here. So I think it comes from the idea that its by all
scary, because it somehow doesn't carry with a degree of freedom if boys are supposed to be. This girl is supposed to be that then were doomed to those biological imperatives and again that's not true. All of these phenomena fallen. Belcour right? I mean some people are more this way. Some people are more that way. So there's nothing really. Deterministic also is just another point. Four. Men have a evolved desired, sheikh status? That's the biological imperative, because women desire status and men, but now the way Joe and God go about and that evolution imperative is completely front as a function of their idiosyncratic talents. That shows you it's not that rights, it's not that their weak. We both have to become common and that's the only way to gain status. What is common to both of us, we both aspire to,
and the social hierarchy? That's the common biological imperative, how we go about it is lately, determined based on your unique person. Had so again, there's nothing there. Monistic about it, what are you think it is about the current climate, where people want to ignore these biological markers, like you were talking about with children and gravitate towards certain toys and testosterone, verses estrogen in babies, well you think it is about people they want to avoid. These things were ignore this data, while its exact lies in the fact that its very very hopeful narrative is very hopeful to assume that we all start with equal potentiality with up that makes us completely indistinguishable. That's a very hopeful message because basically says that we are infinitely malleable right. You know. Joe, had a different upbringing? Maybe he would have been Michael Jordan? No, you wouldn't have been right. There are increasing tobacco thousands
about how good a basket I'll be right there, Our unique unique realities about random combination of genes that made Leona messy. That makes it such that notwithstanding fact that he trains alot much harder than most other people. He is endowed with unique talents that not every other kid would have been privy to those talents. I always bring that point up when they talk about John Jones, hose that judge. How dare you Sorry, for me, you see light everywhere. Champion is one most talented. Fires is ever lived: it really tall long reached spectacular, athletic ability and what one the yet it was, the youngest ever you see champion and just dominates when which Europe this bodies are there be Maurizio, show gun who are for the time. And just destroyed him in his first title: fight in mirth, shoguns, famous work,
class Emma may fighters for the best of the best throughout history and what he'd We say no matter. How are you train you kid if you're a regular, dude, you're, never gonna, be that guy if he trains just as hard you're fucked, you just very talented, very physically talented then seemed the others where are created equal, where he's not just now. I mean Einstein: zero, Germans, Dick, I haven't eaten have you have? I have not not in person but I've seen in Vigo as a thirteen or fourteen year old, trying to build into good Lord. That is impressive. Yes can also mention that he's jewish. Just ago will give that by the way, the clock by the way by the way. If you look at there's this World ATLAS of being a sizeable came out, and I wished, engage in modestly, but you might want to check the scores of the lebanese men just for real giant, I'm just saying congratulation gradually people complaints? The black folks are right there there
they were up Everyone starts outdated, patriarchy that women have bigger decks than man right, it's the patriarchy. That makes it clear smaller than venuses. Do you fought We think that there is going to become a time in our lifetimes at all. In ever where this climate is gonna, just back, it's gonna take a hundred years for just back to some sort of any. I find that questions around so fascinating because I it's hard for me to predict what the trajectory would be on the one hand, and on my pessimistic day I think that you are all great empires implode within you ve heard that written in the roadmap. It's not that their sort of this hordes of other folks at coming. It's it's the empire that becomes cancerous within itself, and it implodes. I think, on my pessimistic days, I say no we're screwed This is just gonna go on further and further until the whole west collapses and this grand lunacy that were engaged in
not the whole west. It's not everyone. There's a lot of people out there that that aren't represented, this ideology, but not the intelligentsia who control our relation right, they don't really control information. More is my point. The internet, internationals issue, information, that's true, and it's not even the intelligentsia is doing. This is Jill Dron. Students that are scaring the fuck out a teacher right right. I mean that's really what it is like Tumblr and Facebook in these these people form these insulated groups where there did their echo chambers and they you know. They believe that this is reality and they say they want to use. Let it Bernie Sanders Black lives matter, and then they get the fucking MIKE which is even crazier they let those kids, whose screened and yet they let them talk and credible. Just like that, so Spock and message to stand by the way we will but you have them. I will let you have the money just on slavery, aiming at em. So what will you do? Are you more optimistic? Do you think
it will be. Yes, yes, I asked them. How would at work? Because kids today are growing up listening conversations like this and realizing how retarded these twenty year olds art? and they're they're I wanna, be that when I get older, I want to look at things from what they really are, and I think that as they get to that position this this new crop have grown up and come out of. This does dark hole. That is the clan. They grew up with social media. They grew up in these these groups with massive, information bias and this confirmation bias, I think, is Canada in this certain way. This is kind of dangerous not to blue smoke up your proverbial behind on your birthday, but one of the the wonderful things in the last year has appear on your shot, precisely because I've seen the reach that you have just in terms of how people have responded to my work right, I mean
our scientists will toil in their respective discipline, something hopefully they they do good stuff, but the number of people that the ultimate they are communicating with, as if as a very restrained small number right, but by coming on these types of ship. That's why I've been with us. Only about coming out of you shall engaging in the public discourse weighing in on these issues. I always debate some of my colleagues, many of whom are very much in the ivory tower right. We only communicate with other members of the clergy right with other members of our restricted class of hybrid, and I think that's not really what the job of a professor is. I mean that's part of the job. We have to create knowledge and communicate it to other academic. But if we're good, active If we're good men of ideas, we also have to be engaging the public right, I mean. Ultimately, the public also pays for my gallery throughout its also that's how information really get spread. It doesn't get spread by bouncing around amongst each other, like a little beach bought a concert exactly
spread by getting it out there and to the great channel of the internet exactly so, the number of people that have heard of my evolution ecology work as apply to consumer behaviour and so on, through just having on your show is. It will probably take me ten careers before I could reach as many people through some other form, and so I agree with you in that says that these types of arms are profoundly important. I only wish that more academics would actually have the courage to start coming on distance. About words very dangerous for us are financially independent, and these in these environments we have today I mean you could share pick a million things that are set in this show and taken out of context and paint me out, be some sort of amounts to true. That's just the ring. Nature of having a conversation with someone where you joking around, whereas if you take it and put it in quotes in print and cartels, are what you take something out of the context, the conversation and put it in print and
you could how you can infer all sorts of different right. What ways of this person try communicate that could be construed as being offensive it's got a gets grows the different stream bag. And now is now you could always just gonna podcast and talk about you kid he's right. A facebook blog and explain yourself in great detail with no editorial input, what however, no one can come along and take away from it are. You know, I've talked. Many people have written things and then had those things even published. An online magazines has those things heavily edited and in chopped up and even had words put in their mouth have dispute with his journalist and we're talking about something. Why did you say that and she goes. I didn't say that, while the editor put that in there I go you're crook you're kidding me. They can do that.
And she was yeah. They add things too. That's fucking insane of experience, something similar to that on several occasions. So, one time a guy Commie one might well my trade book him up. The book has pornography in its title, the consistency and subtitle, and he really queen the key point you wanted to get Who was that professor sad argues that there is a gene for porn which, of course, I am not at all, arguing that site kept repeatedly explained to him. That to explain the evolutionary bases of why men might enjoy porn doesnt support that there is a set of genes in your genome that you know that called for porn preferences. I explained so please don't next day, exactly what he wanted to say, but you just learned of this part of the bee. They don't care not trying to be honest here. It's not intellectual honesty. What it is there trying to get clicks right, the chinese people to pay attention to it and that's what they do and they can do it for now, but this
the transition every time between this time they were at now, where there is still a bit of cloudiness, is a bit of fog in the air of information, in all insist is sometimes it's hard to find out exactly what the fuck is going, but that fog is very, very close to me lifted and sheer intent, I think, will be displayed. It'll be a part of discourse. And in a way that anything has existed before in the near future. I think you're gonna be able to know a lot more about what someone's trying to portray just in the next decade or so than than we have ever known in the past, and also the transparency that that you have like either the transparency that just in your words in how you you are able to communicate in described things, but also in how you're able to defend those things. If something comes out like that, just didn't exist before I had no recourse. If somebody missing what'd you or- and I have had that happen before long.
Some time ago and ninety nine, as woman wrote an article about my show What am I see these? She did a review of my city and not just took me out of context, but completely misquoted me and Chain the words of my bit to make them a horrible and and conversation, the folder with my policies. Unlike what did you do that and she's like That's what I heard when I heard your work. I go. That's what you heard. That's what you heard with honesty, not what I wrote. That's not what I said: it's not what I wrote to you lied. I go Europe fucking liar I go you're, not a journalist, you're a liar and She thought I left the phone she laughed and hung up, because I I got well we're done talking that great, and so she goes. She. There was a pause, and so she says the publishers, your your client, is losing it
can I go, I'm not losing it you're a fucking liar. Do you not understand what happened here, so I wrote a story about her in my blog about you just call it yellow journalism if it was a title of it about how dick. He or she was and is the first time and make it ever do somethin like that right in the old days, you would have to get a printed where you have to get a prayer magazine? Good luck! writing an article about how You wanted to love someone because they were so full of shit, Yet when I said I'm Strand B, we did so sharp centre right do now, but that used to be, what they do. You know that some listen, you talk about genes and pornography and how you know men could be more attractive pornography and go. Oh, I know how to make this fuckin salacious. I gotta make that guy look. I got ass. All that I'm just gonna say this professor thinks there's a gene for pornography. There San Don. What can I do? What can you do it?
name. What's a guy's name, I remember we'll find out who you are. I could probably find that out of your fucking head. We know what you did it. You know you did to you, can't you not, but I mean you: VE had a platform because of being an entertainment, but I'm amazed by who start you took channels, I recently appeared on earth. Are you to child Skype? He calls himself Sargon of awkward. He is he's not he's a nobody in the sense of not having come from. You know, enacting world are not being a public further, but this guy's Brill and he now has over a hundred and fifty thousand youtube subscribers- maybe twenty thirty million viewers, beautiful right and as such, it like a son, exert any start right. This guy would never had a voice were it not for the dead. The mediums that we are now afforded to us. And so that's why I just I feel like a kid in the candy store to appear on all these shows, because it offers me a voice to spread means May I consider my job as a mean creator mean propagated
so anyway that I can do that, including coming on the others, brilliant podcast Consider myself. Unbelievably fortunate. I don't see why other academics don't see the value that why They will eventually and some dude, I'm going to have a I've had quite a few on now, but I think that what we're dealing with is a new thing we're dealing with his is completely new pathway. Haitian to travel four and it has to be kind of recognizing accepting it. Slowly being done so like there's a sign in front of the comedy store on one of the hotels, I can only paint the song like a billboard on the Tyres are, though, tell and it's a youth channel that has millions of subscribers, so this woman's Youtube Channel. I've never heard of her before which Scott millions of subscribers and there's a few was it you tube is put up around the city and what they are getting for Each individual video that they put out is very similar to what a hit cable shall gets right and that's reality, and you can't fuck tat. Those are real numbers and real people that are the same kind of people that watch television and adjusted. You pathway for information in sight
this makes it harder for people who lie and bullshit and like that guy wrote an article. He just lazy, he's lazy, MRS Riis work, socks and minds weak right, and so he wants to come but some way that he can turn something in some click, baby bullshit article. So that's what he does. Distorts reality to fit his own agenda. And for his own game and again he does so in a way that he doesn't care for damages you, because he has power over right doesn't have any power of you anymore. No one does not has any power. Anyone- and this would have of act marred or whether factor causing it with his I'm sorry, gonna, hear them up and put nice gonna get millionaires ever get five gets somebody in this guy. He got there based on merit. You know there's a lot of those guys out there now and they take over a wide variety of topics to whether its sports, martial arts commentators that has done there's there's people to do that. Technology is just we live in
for a time my reformation has two hundred and seventy four thousand followers man. Oh it's nothing to produce a lot but tat I mean that's what areas on television news on Fox all the time he's a legit journalist for orders, but that's beautiful we start on the internet as well exact. We live in a beautiful time. We do, and speaking time get about this bit nice to have you any promotional stuff. Do you want to what you want to do? Just that They can follow me on Twitter at got sad J D Day a day. They could go to my you took channel, which has got sighed again and he had a great Youtube chair by the way where you sit down and talk about a lot of things and you you speak on edited in front the camera and express yourself. It's wonderful way that- and you can think of me on my public page glorious later this again, my friend anytime. Thanks are things for being here. Member states that are at least gentleman would be back tomorrow until then enjoy your life, but I thank you,
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