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#682 - Mark & Chris Bell

2015-08-12 | 🔗
Mark Bell is an elite powerlifter and owner of Team Super Training Gym in Sacramento, CA. Chris Bell is a writer, director, and filmmaker known for the documentary "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" and his new documentary called "Prescription Thugs" premieres in the fall.
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right no more sponsors yea all right you're fox my guest today are chris and mark bell crisp how is the creator director producer what have you of might not be the producer sometimes people of credits anyway it's his documentary bigger stronger faster a documentary on steroids in it and really steroids use within his family and the people and he knows and mark bell is his brother and he's a big giant man big giant due to enjoy the steroids and you are you get a it's a great documentary can you get a real a much more objective and balanced view of what steroids are by
that documentary but he also has a new one coming i'll call prescription thugs about the pain pill business stitches quite fasting and also quite personal to him great guys really enjoy talking to them really enjoyed bigger stronger faster am really looking forward to our when prescription thugs comes out house has another one called trophy kids which is about our parents who pushed their children and to succeed and excel in athletics so it any further to mark and chris bell will gain experience will now do not appreciate it thank you vigour stronger faster was it was a documented i could not do so many people are talking about it if you can avoid like our conversation about especially in the usa
because so many fighters have been accused taken performance enhancing drugs are so many conversations that so i want to talk to gas and i watched it again i watched i was the first half of it when it first came out and i watched it all again this morning to check it out egypt is a boy you the first time a lunch watch all through i dont remember thing was on a plane and i think the the plane probably landed now shut my laptop and ever picked it up again was one of those things here would you think of this great greater mary uninteresting and honest was really hilarious when you going over the people that like what's the number one reason to go to the hospital aspirin african vitamin c and then below that was steroids and then where there is a way down the amount of deaths it's like stairway dazzling slightly above water drinking water
no there's no real proof to link link anything scientifically you know you ve never anecdotal evidence on a lot of things but nothing scientifically links steroids that these debts this is a real problem with some people they don't want to hear that and they did they don't want to hear because they don't there's like there's a narrative tat were being taught in this country or they would we're being told to embrace the narratives there are four cheaters and cheaters losers and loses on american but as who highlighted in your movie over and over and over again all examples of different athletes that were caught with performance enhancing drugs was and the tour de france where there was karl louis to carlos was fuckin hilarious there's a lot of you but i know and ben johnson got tested positive for stairs stripped and most mental car louis tested pause
for a further means yea wasn't run jets it a whole thing's crazy you mean they're all doped up but lady said about the narrative that they want you to believe the narrative doesn't come from health problems the narrative comes from nobody is concerned about the health of the athlete we say that a noble really concerned about the health of the aptly their concern about an unfair advantage their concern about someone being able to do what we suspected the russians were doing back in the fifties and that was really enlightening to when you were talking i got it was saying that they they found out about it from the russians doing here and i intend fifties and then on they were doping overshot the vodka there actually hanging out with the russian strength coach and you our little loose lucy goosey and i sort of slipped up his legs were given our guys testosterone so soon as i got out of the bag doctors ziegler raced home and he created diana ball which is even stronger steroid then was are currently available on the market and they
the testing guys would like five milligrams of diana ball and of course they found other ways to get it through the testing facility however they there were getting their hands on it i once it was manufactured and that's when it became you know the wild west basically was like people start taken twenty mould rounds and gangway stronger and it's gonna crazy because of you if you want to get better at some then people will have a problem with people using certain means or people i'm problem with someone you go into a supplement store and purchasing some it doesnt work but as soon as take something that's powerful people i well wait a second we don't want to do in that good how did you know that the stronger should i ever took they made illegal but used to build a biology and say it was called mag ten member that's thou antonia oh my god got stuff i took that shit for like whatever it was like six weeks again like ten pounds i was jacked up all the time was like a bunch of just take like ten pills and after was over my dick die
like you got hit with a meteor useless it was useless thing is it took we for my testosterone come values like others steroids like real stairway i agree and singularly made it illegal those drugs are more dangerous than the actual real testosterone love you and all kinds of stuff to ya out of luck we had a leader i just bought a cause it was legal pilot a lot sodium collated those pills i what they do is they give you a huge surge of the region is well yeah that'll do that it has grown to have no they didn't lucky but you know that's what one of the guys was on the u s power lifting team with bruce jenner things happened agenda he he believes that what first voice said he knows that they had jenner pump full steroids chatter we're on steroids who was generous absolutely powerful steroids and he said that
we started his like translated i wanted it we're i'm heading i mean if you drop article that stay on did you know that's that's interesting but more can i had this talk the other day and i think that on this whole like the gender issue in and transgender in all these different things like i don't know how much that's two testosterone levels are not like that another if there's that many defended studies on like whether your testosterone like if we have a high estrogen let someone because our uk rain i don't have testosterone there's a lot of people that are gay that are very high testosterone later people can kick ass to their gay by but those are gay they're not then all identifies female the right there is a different or how that actually correlate having led to studies on that stuff but i think it's probably is difficult for us to understand as to understand what it's like to be a woman it's it's like you don't get it you don't you get it like date
we don't get what it's like to not want to be a one good thing are you sure you don't want to be a woman like i'm good i'm good everything will good luck power limiting world a world power lifting it's been sort of turn on its ear by a guy named matt crock is that is made a crock alaska marks can tell a bit more about him but i've been friends of them for about a decade of note about his issue for about six percent years now he's actually gonna be my show come up soon but you know he's transgender and he's you know it's ruined relationships there are many times over he's got three kids he's a good father he's is a good person is good dude or female that's good woman she's a good woman but the issue is is really interesting that's why i want to like you know talked him and try to help people just better understanding as people get some mad that's the thing i don't get it is
i do understand wasting your opinion insane fought man that's weird like i make sense to me but people actually getting mad and having committing hate crimes stuffed means is disgusting i'm not i'm bored with a year is disgusting and i just i gotta think that it comes from their family from the way their raise their parents are ignorant soothing makes any sense right i just think that were me then pass that i think this there's more awareness and more acceptable for those sort of issues that people have ever countryman worries about some fucked up shit worsening cecil have sterilize who air sandridge angle is downright everyday another cop shooting somebody more worried about you yes or no cell so much more with the tabloid and then we do with them with which really gone on the country where the cops shooting part you know is a horrible thing but cops on steroids is something that people don't talk about too much it's kind of as we see cobb's busting people for steroids cause we
all know anybody who knows people to take steroids knows it cops are on steroids absolute giant chunk of i'm not on bus their brother would steroids and probably on it when there are bustin while confiscated confiscated at an average erika happened poughkeepsie where we're from got huge they aggregate they took out a thousand pills diana ball from them and actually intellectual can around all words that what they are talk to a guy's copies ice work out with an he had of rational explanation he's i look man it goes it's fucking gross out there goes it's dangerous can you gotta be on top your game and you want to have an edge while dude was five seventy way too fifty he got a couple edge edge is all we are bodies and self flocking jack
how do you move that not very well also have to do is get a hold of women hang on to do with a guy like that is right the bull why i'd like a lot of these ngos in em look if you taught those guys what you know in jujitsu they be much more effective than are taken steroids but that's easier hours i would have put the real the reality as you're dealing with guns knives shit like that no matter how big doesn't even really matter right now will you definitely should know how to defend yourself exactly a hundred percent every cop should be a black belt inside then you should know what it's like to be in a wild malay with another person is trying to tell you with their hands but that's designed to protect you from and knives and all that gun defence stuff like that that's an hour in and of itself like you know there's some guys were experts in taking guns away from people and ship
i would like the major differences between like you have seen pride like pride i don't think they really had rules regulating definite rules are they had no elbows and those ideas may sham and testing why testing wise yeah now they didn't have rules at all in fact they specifically said on their contracts that there was no no test has always ensign anyway was one of the fires replied craig i find you see as well he did this whole thing about it where he gave came on the pod gas and explain like verb the verbatim conch that said we are not going to do to forging meaning like our hands here thank god while they encouraged it i owe you mine it was he who would fight in america one seventy and they want to find you and went over there and had some meetings at your one eighty five and he's a button way one eighty five i like way one eighty right now there's no destroyed again it they were really really sold on him being when five they wanted big americans they wanted everyone look like me
kerr nor my area was amazing smashing machine does smashing machine is a documentary film maker that was my favorite documentary sale is tomorrow if we ever it's an amazing documentary and for folks you don't know what it's about its marker who was at the time one of them dangerous mme fires and were like a guy who you you would look at me and say well that is what an enemy fires should look like to honour sixty pounds fucking jacked that it's just giant and smashing people but they caught him the areas where there is prime what for well shit man you're too good picture they caught him right when he slid they caught they live really caught him on top before it slipped and then into this mad fuckin painkiller slide absolutely happened everybody i mean that's what happened in the world a pro rustling which were like really closely associated with them all these guys you to hear about the rustlers dying and everything is not necessarily the steroids it's a deadly cocktail that they're all doing this step
lloyd's are a big part of it but that's the steroids it's time in comparison to the head injured isn't toward and point out that they're not safe you know like i think sometimes people had taken are like fuck you planting rights are the data we have their their drawbacks and are definitely it's a drug and its illegal drugs you know very well if you hadn't going on dosage well right now there's people that are gonna take a little bit and be fine on its people they go off the rails and like there's a do we knew that was veto belford trainer in the nineties need died really i'd like thirty two thirty three weeks com garden host because he would work out he would be purple and it's free can arnold veins yeah kurdish left area purple we are they gonna nordic verbal economy morning at the jam com party could do so purple huge so nice guy the greenhouse gas really great guy an arm and veto at the time was jack he was trying to gold venice he almost have to jack
mary came and smoked everybody and all suddenly got i gotta tell you big bang went far randy used to being as i too forty when you hot randy and he had no gas tankers specimen lose younger what is now well when he was two hundred pounds he was like the perfect cause veto has like a size eight foot he's not a big guy i guess hands are fairly small too but he's just a spectacular athletes to maybe he's done so somebody will i now it is and it's it's a really its he's an interesting point because veto or for the last year and a half was on testosterone place when less than two years and had the most spectacular results of his career was really crazy received guy who's been fighting since one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven in the ufc and he's knocking out michael bisping he's knocked out luke rockhold he's not going to dan henderson we ll kick in people in the head with a where he was doing it was just fuckin crazy to watch he had kicked three the best fighters in the world and did it with me
those grown out of his fuckin teach me just legal in the european legal its leader uprooted use then gap but now lotta came in went whoa hold the fuck up what's going on here for israel they had guys there were as they were in their twenties that had been prescribed it though for in the light but what happened how why do you have a low test and most of its historic use and we are now that there is no way of manipulating those tests or maybe just maybe some moreover train not sleeping well on top of honourable edward trend if you don't think those tasks manipulated about what you need to do in beggar sugar faster i show you how to get human growth hormone busily you no good you doctor this in that and that is the way that you take the test was you had d like p and this bag basically all day long and then you take a sample of that urine but
all the way that i did it was i only i only took the urine from like two samples that were taken at night when your growth hormone is the lowest so my growth hormone look like it came from a guy's one hundred and twenty five years old so like oh my god you have no growth hormone while if you took it in the morning it would have an imbalance it out with during the day would have been ignored normal but it was really low so i just wanted a doctor to give me growth hormones see if they would do for the movie right will be also they say if you have very large fatty meal like cheeseburgers and fries and shit like a big burger like right we take the tacit within an hour the task to shit just plummets your test plummets your growth plummets everything just goals there's ways about all these tasks even the guys that our beating the test to compete armstrong all he's got armstrong lies a good documentary to make others fucking incredible ways will jeff my and lastly the guy you busted lance armstrongs gonna be on my part s next week
fucking can't weeks i had a great cover heap though you have see hired him to try to clean up the sport i don't with its like going to a hoarders house lay need i eat off this floor at and there's a higher the ferrari guy they get it was the lance armstrongs coach is no matter what you do the cheaters will always be ahead of the guys into china catch him it's a cat and mouse game it's been gone for yeah well they are kind of ahead now what to do now is there you know the way they make testosterone apparently they do something with the ams that they make it do you know the next in wild yeah yeah yeah well now you gotta do you know where it's like derived from somebody here will now they figured out how to do it with animals and they have me it a vile identical testosterone this can't different area so we just about us themselves not stem cells icon superhuman but stem cell are going to allow you a veto balfour right now now that he can't do the testosterone place he gets stem cells done to all of us
existing injuries values is basically you gotta clean slate in these areas the normal that we draw the line i guess that you built over time you know a baseball patrick a pitch ten warriors how arouse that can affect the future of sports with the records and things like who can hit the most homelands and who can play the longest lol yes like there's a word that's a band word steroids is like units it's a negative word it will never be passed up enemy that's like the berry bonds shit with marked maguire oliver congress by the way that was why i favour parts a documentary was watching those dummies incur greece was amazing what to see in joe biden talk about it meant well when i was a good athlete thought to fuck you were you are good at anything you were never a good athletes liabilities as an area that sir they took away from me wasn't by god given talent like what
thirdly nurturing baseball player like community college yeah whatever he was safe but whatever he was your mouth there is only one thing was that they bring up these baseball players in stirring up before congress becomes just like huge media circus everybody of the sea that all look at their good you know their pointed out these guys and there the bad guys and you guys guys like mark maguire up there looking like marble wires had steroids is bad it didn't i'd message don't do i'm it's like this is people these these are heroes to these kids up there that are completely looking like like idiots a better way to handle it well it just seemed really frivolous that they were in front a congress for the they're getting too good a hitting the ball with the stick we need to bring in all our leaders were not covered by the same does even scenario it seems later than platinum move even in swimming they made suits a few years ago they got rid of him right away us speed company made a suit that makes you swim faster
and as soon as they did that they're like oil we the wise woman s ass we get rid of them body suit legible sisler your whole body as the body suit so i go wetsuit just like a lie awakening i think it helped increase like buoyancy little bit does helped you kind of glide through the poor fast trust me don't wear get one hand with the progress that has been the issue with it was is expensive and so they were like all my price some people out of it or whatever else like alamo even understand with means yeah that's all they sport and have been pretty expense to come on man the amount of money that's involved in training for the other experts whether magaziner going on now wait with train our insane united my second film did a movie called trophy kids it's about parents are pushed her kids and sports and i was on each bio and that's the thing that is so crazy now is the way that parents have access to all these things we didn't have what you'll go you know a baseball camp and they have liked is making makes his hand i coordination thing that you
and believe how it tells you like what position your kid should play it tells you know and parents are actually going to getting genetic testing on their kid they swab the inside of their kids cheek and they and after this company and a little tell apparent what sports took it'll be good at does when they're like an infant he's also there's some is he stuff go anywhere where are you don't technology is far exceeding like you know what we ve been able to do before that and madness is robbing your kids cheat to find out what sport they should do what does it there's a california creole bank it's like a spam bank and itself you see i don't get thine infused with good yet frozen would you like some smarter than terribly writers rachel rather that's why you're right it's getting anywhere you can get
actually shows a guy on hbo real sports he goes in and basically like that some order their kid and that its like this fact what it's like this mexican guy he goes in and it says i the kid just like me blue eyes blonde hair and big calves and it's like he looks nothin like that so it's not his sperm is nine assuming access by using a sperm donor cause he could get his wife pregnant and then decide what we want our kid to be the father like my own similar similar similar me like an athletic and an outgoing us they picked the sick two blonde hair blue eyed kid with that actually says on the application huge gas huge on the application what the fuck date date how and when you cry bank goes out they recruit players i want to you i see sign i like it goes on at usc they go on recruit players to make extra money you can make me no nine hundred bucks a month or some jerk off in a cup
basically selling it job parents deal i'm about deal view of rent and now you're paid somehow i spend my be tainted then on these amazing it's an amazing phenomenon the sea parents now getting into like how am i going to help my kid she well it's getting to the point also where there within a few years we heard of crisper do not crisper is not there's a radio lab document and they did on its or radio lab episode rather it's all about this new tool they have for engineering genetics and for splicing genes and for adding traits are subtracting treasure and you know you shot on the document the milestone and everything to do with these cows that make these cows grow wireless mountain muscle well they're going date first while they could do it now to pigs and they're going to be it will do people it's a matter wench she's really in a year is gonna be in a decade it's gonna happen if we
have another hundred years of human being survive a hundred years and the asteroids dump i saw but we don't get hit by a fuckin nuke we're gonna have miles tat uninhibited people are shared out look like the hall that's fucking crazy it's gonna be that's why they're gonna live longer that's was even more factor waving someday steroids into you have see what's your take on it like you you think they should be illegal or monitor why visually it's gonna be a moot point once you get to genetic engineering and i think ultimately what steroids are is its form of engineering it's a form of biological engineering you're taking these substances your attitude to people but as you pointed out in your in you doc memory look at the guy who was the other the tour de france guy that had this oxygen tent hi barbaric or these altitude chatters heidelberg chambers what i do all that the cryogenic freeze tanks or shit is cheating
if you really want to look at i take t r t i take human growth hormone if i was competing somewhere that wouldn't let me take that that would be considered cheating but for life like i'm like look if you're forty eight years old and not taken testosterone body hate life right now you hate having energy source away you might say like european system certainly want to feel better looking at her now your body works better is all about simple optimizing what you already are and i think when people go beyond that that's when it becomes in the like ok well that its i don't know why people think that but that's what it is like you'd have you say why monte aren t nobody really cares and the same commerce for tea party i don't know if you notice but during the world series the same sport that they can four steroids during those commercial break the first commercial do you have low t vienna verification commercial essential areas i think that the issue was steroids also for a lot of people as they believe that it's gonna get kids into him and then the kids are gonna get sick or they're gonna get hurt or they're going to commit suicide
i like the guy in the documentary had he was convinced this kid we add on lacks a pro who was a team major you know i mean he was conventional steroids at madame kid commit suicide and said it's very well may have played a factor abuse of anything is bad weather its abuse of alcohol is i'm a lot different drugs painkillers you can abuse or making suicidal abuse of anything is bad so wave and on one thing that i had this blanket thought in his mind to throw a blanket over the problem of the promised steroids i don't believe in on the lecture problem there's a deeper issue going on with it with the child takes his own life he had he certainly pats measures and he also did want to communicate with his parents these issues too large and the desire to do not go along with that story than i put in the movie now was to protect you know like i said i'm somebody's gonna hear somebody lose their child i you know i don't want to go into the family history and all these other things around now the yards
finally a word for you for doing that that's when they gave his father a million dollars to go and fight to contain you this adaptation to continue are lying to people basically what i'm sense because that's why he had this thought in his head like he wouldn't even consider the fact that he is kids on psychoactive drugs and he what those had nothing to do with the fact that his brain was fucked up i come on man i don't know you don't know that those drugs are dangerous to anybody that a plan b nine hundred million people walking around on site meds and you know that there is really no proof that they actually work is really no scientific proof that they improve any sort of arm problem ways are true though because they deftly do help some people i think it is definitely help some people but is actually nothing there's not enough you look at you can look at it because at anecdotal evidence for anything i took listen i got bigger i rise not stronger scientific proof now because there's no
workers in the brain there's no test i can give you to see if you feel better right you know pressure tat is actually i think that's the issue there so that but there is there's a lot of evidence tat s our eyes help improve mood right and they do yeah yeah but there is also no other they improve mood and some people a lot of people commit suicide on them because they are so low down like you'll see a personal like severely severely depressed they can't get out of bed to kill themselves they put him on ss our eyes and now there just enough energy to like say fuck it that is a synthesis rise so crazy with our steroids are when you know that kid he just stopped called turkey established right right away and one on those other drugs but stopped as you mentioned earlier like if you're forty years old you want to get the energy boost from just like coming often actually put you had a low state than you ever were before so that kid coming off from his testosterone
reply low is actually levels by came up by just insanely depressed that does get you depressing that's a big issue with fighters in football where's and people that have had a lot of head injuries doktor mark gordon who is in your document if her brief maritime assaults face in there he works with a lotta traumatic brain injury people and one of the things that he finds them they almost all have low testosterone sharp and something about getting the pituitary grant gland rattled withered through an idea or football collisions ahead kicks whatever the fuck it is also all those guys have low testosterone they just like super some also you get kind of oliver opposing question it s like the athlete nevada state athletic commission in other ya these guys are getting pounded in the head in the usa in big punch allowed they get kicked the lot had had trauma is on the job injury but you're not allowed
three on the job andrey with something that works like human growth hormone like you'll talk to mark gordon he'll tell you like one of the best things i can do to treat these concussions and traumatic brain injuries is to supplement with human growth hormones are you can't treat those injuries you can get them and if you're normal everyday person you can be treated but you can't be treated if your fighter or oddly enough there's a thing with fighters as while now they're not allowing them to use i these two rehydration the reason why is because i these in use of ivy can mask some of the signs of steroids saw something that was ultimately very beneficial now you use because people can use it to cheat even oh it's just too rehydration you sure and even they can prove that it is reassuring you they key can't use it because it could be something that you're doing because you transaction probably healthier for the fighter like a day before they have all those like related and in everything anyway i mean brow and fight you having depleted
sinister cutting way yeah that's the argument but there's some arguments some people i don't know that science research did but there's some people say that it's actually more effective to re hydrate orally i've heard that's bullshit that's true i don't know what's right i'd have to talk to an expert about that so do a google like it's hard to me it's hard to be way on top of all that though like when you these these fighters they travel you know it now all of them we do the same thing we use ivy bags to rehydration guys do thirty pounds wage cuts and stuff like that c d thirty pathway cuts will you computer ill a lower level the power left yeah lighter wait class very soon i getting hit in the head though the problem i ran the rehydration orally it's not effective as if you if you fight in dehydrated stay and you get rattled your brain billy ray say that almost all the deaths and pro boxing almost all of them when the light await divisions you know the heavyweights hit hardest they didn't
wait so i'm have other the same price is any rules and you ll see about cutting way how much personnel should be if you can make the way you can fight you just have to make the wait four o clock on friday and saturday you know whenever you're fighters the fights on start tool for do you think this evening will change a game i hope it does i also think ufc probably going to have to add more weight classes eventually because there's not enough weight classes there's some big gaps between like one hundred and eighty five and two hundred and five is twenty pound weight class that's a giant gap make that four fighters that are like tweeners you know there's guys who do like a little bit too big for this wave a little bit too small for that way did you use a one ninety five asking every ten pounds we say we are going to be an advantage to actual you know to the fans and are even more marked ambient more championship fights more and then also that there could be some reasonable like champion versus champion like one ninety five hours to a fire was pretty reasonable where's like one eighty five hours to a five like mass big fuckin jump this guy's absolutely i think
to answer your question about steroids in the sea i think that if we have to cut the father i think real problems what we said earlier that the word steroids is it's like ours did you get already word but if it's far like supplements are you sure supplements be legal cut everybody says supplements illegal fuck we have muscle farm that sponsors you have seizure they sell a ton of ships was to help you recover and protein powders and honest jazz gas think about creating absolutely clinically proven to prevent enhance performance a lot of stuff that you can get that's legal even caffeine yeah that's all it's all stuff tat gives you like a very slight bomb variously edge and then and all the other synergistic lee like it will supplement legacy now says you're diet and so if you have a you know a diet we're not get enough stuff in it like other sweetness i post some are facebook visiting people craze examples this thing off
soil and the effect of this official not being really scientifically proven like ivy fisher twice a week and you don't need a you know in regos crazy no i mean it people people are convinced of the supplement industry is a twenty no i need a barrel artificial i'm convinced of the need to have twenty paces days is a twenty four billion dollar industry people are convinced that they need these lest some science by and fish oil crude oil there especially the anti inflammatory promptly lama toy it at a high dose yeah that's what i do i take a lot officials it makes sense for that very few china like prevent heart disease and all these things like that the sand that you know there's really isn't the link isn't there and if you eat fatty fish you know you are we get enough and you die you will really good fish like salmon that's high in those healthy fat does she have everybody should eat alec once or twice we have voted for sushi yeah i believe you know i'll read i'll read all this shit about supplements all this stuff i mean like ok this doesn't work barely working whenever and the next
i do i go open up my cabinet and i take twenty pills because it doesn't fucking work i don't know i mean it's like that placebo effect is really really strong and you know certain things i take thy all i heard this works for you dont awful appalling i said when he carbs it'll help shuttle it in your muscles what do i know that that even works like i don't know i feel a public asset most ecologically proven as i think their studies and apple a parking lot of studies on everything then you get near like the whole thing it is always an antioxidant and you will wait a second what the fuck's and anti accident one we need a why do i need it now like you you forget even why needed to certify berries i like the best in other areas in edinburgh and then they find out their studies have say that eating antioxidants in your diet really matter it doesnt translate into antioxidants in extreme analysis that we get a look at it like this eighty certain precursors to be able to judge
these things so i dont complications ice cream have two fuckin complicated young doktor laid you dear on research i find i get big benefits when i need a lot of vegetables adagio i fell big benefit when i drink like these caille shakes let's go now and saw a man so i thought you were tough tell the now he just makes fund a cow i was making fun of my friend because he's like he's like i went over here now to curtail salaries super skinny unlike due to kill sal income on this make up alive say that you had a fuckin twentieth rib i will you get out i just let him go like you know we leave we need vitamins carries vitamins and minerals and we need all these things in our diet and so vegetables are probably the most bonnet source of great nutrients vegetables and fruits and things like that like why wouldn't you like it's all i know is i feel different one item when i have one of those hail shakes with giant clumps of fuckin ginger and in four cloves of garlic
an apple and salaries amazing cucumber to filling fucking elder man you gotta choke it down tastes like shit but when you choking it down once you get it in you i owe you catalogue of double shouted espresso but you don't feel it jittery he just feel like i've number talking you about of amazing it is kind of a good example for me talking to you about like your time i go on the road and travelling and you said man i need to find a whole food i don't need that process shit and like to me that was like a real eye opener define like somebody as busy as yourself goes out of their way to find my good healthy food and gordon and by more important almost for him who is on a plane or in a car or some shit all the time give it is you can only go so many always bring vitamin packs of those pure athlete packs i bring with me to supplement one on the road make sure you the lot of salads i go get salad
for every meal whatever i'm eating i ve sounds first but it's hard it's hard to find you know food it's not just food azerbaijan contaminated nowadays mean what you gotta subway media you get bred in theirs right near an economist can fill you up like all the different points earth it is a nonsense and process bullshit fuckin kills your stomach to stall the gluten out services girlfriend eats tons of vegetables and see she's a super handsome that's the formula we can all be super hot checks jenner had only known about as i also believe the arm but the key that the key like you said is good nutrition yet solid like things new in diet i think you deal with things like you have seen fighters you're dealing with a level of performance at their request of their body that so extreme because even boxers like the average boxer they do their box
work out they'll spar a couple of times a week depending upon the philosophy the camp and more easily run like maybe i harvest think additional sessions that of iran but they're doing to work today one of them is pretty mild it's not that big a deal so there you know they can through a sixty we camp and most likely they never pull out of fights very rare that a championship finally many pack your almost now to find me when the fire because even apparently torres labour but one of fighting terrorism law sue because they pushed through the injuring jesus you care about now how did he ever before soon i'm a bet a lot of money on they didn't know that is right shoulder was fucked up need surgery run after the fight but before you have see fuck and twenty four in the fight for port it least death and guys fight injured all the time even connemara we fought against chad mendez after although pulled out a fight macgregor bank stem cell shots and his knee was fucked fuse think couldn't you didn't wrestle the entire camp because here
it can in no way is like a candle fall far as a good fight grateful it's gonna be the top of sport i say that i think so people going all basketball players the best athletes are these guys it s actually i just think that the amount of maybe genetically basketball you know but the amount of effort it takes stepan the octagon monumental focus its like to me that's amazing drowsy i run by a basketball i think has the best six foot six athletes or fighting is not made up it's something that is like part of us everything else is made up football ask about baseball made up sports enough when it came along we were like this is the only sport to me that makes sense in like a really make sense it's like but the moon once in the ardor of meda aiming clearly how to figure out what's the most effective way striking an end i don't fuck around our fast to meet all of that is that where the sport lies but i think you're right about the level of athletes we see the guy's a play for the nfl mendoza fucking superfluous
yeah those miles motherfuckers we come into the sea soon i'm sure well the money becomes right john john john johns could be opted to go it plainly and i felt hundred percent sent his brothers both who here could have happened crazy he's not even the toughest one is family both as brothers kick his ass is younger brother is older brother that's crazy fuck yeah i saw along a family is one of the guys get drafted one of his brothers get drafted i saw them all jumping on each other and should draw kicking the shit out of each other's jesus christ lotta shipments broken now oh yeah i think that's why it happened and that's why i came not so bad ass not afraid of anything about genetics and meaning that family the manning family like ulysses families are just incredible yeah genetics and it goes a long way a hundred percent everything we're talking you know matthews former european voters have been his brothers twin looks exactly i am their entire lives they beat fuck out of course he gets the sea with it's fuckin steely i'd gaze he's here
facing himself literally ass a mere version of him beaten the fuck out of him as a whole but just smashing each other run it through walls like juggernaut omit sparring partner that is a pity bobbin and slam yet is his brothers bigger while as brothers to sixty five jesus christ his brothers talk and all kinds of shit that he would would kick his brothers ass i think john jones could probably get up to that way right i mean he's probably failure life so we'll chandler think is a bigger guidelines one inch tar two brothers in uniform reindeer arthur two's brother authors even bigger than chandler his brother authors more than three hundred pounds and that's a super fleet families dad's pays due to his dad just naturally did very gifted its is taken along however the sport to evolve to where it is you know like i'm just to see what will happen with the female division in allowing rhonda just kill everybody and she's obviously amazing but i don't think the girls have caught up to where the guys are now
not yet but have you seen yawning inject check the asteroid champion dude you think rhonda impressive this vicious ruth she's from poland what does she was tat one fifteen so time world my tie champion the way that we do that that was a fight companion one right we watch a girl get busted up jessica penny denies the ugliest female for i've ever seen in my life is just knows was smashed the giant gas cross her nose and this does yolanda check from poland which is beating the fuck out of here is literally the plan we wash em like saying please stop this fight this fight is a terrible mismatch that chick is lethal because like when rhonda beats chicks up like she knocked out batch with one punch deaf and most time she flips checks on her back and armed bars them in the first round this bitch beats the fuck out of checks for like around that's gonna be cool columnist stopped because i saw your excitement and it was like a genuine here you're so pumped to call out fight
braun if i am a lawyer was those you can feel it that when you watch it it was a piece of history i felt i felt like a village where he's out right now she's so strange and rare that's like is not just calling fight is like a film called a piece of work in human history moderated mike tyson she yes like a real charlie's angels character i just never been like a hot check that actually can fuck up a lot of duty as iceland bake in a movie ok wonder woman changing elevate someone's pounding on your door said like two o clock in the morning like what the fuck you open up the doors on the rousing angry billing oh shit your heart would drop below this bitch gonna be my ass an apple illegally residing in my sleep she was outside you know she breaking your house you kick your ass like that's real data com this is through the roof i saw some today we should like david can be deployed may well
a fight or i shall again no rules fight i could be anybody will she said not a boxing match like he's a boxer i'm sure he would beat me in a boxing match yes but i have matches i haven't fights and she's let them now here she had asked she got a hold of him he's goin flyin that's for sure there's no way is gonna be a loner stand which is doing now if he tied up with her she really he'd have so much to think about i'm sure she trains guys all the time i'm running or sign up sooner by been there and jim other flipping guys you tap guys i've seen it with my own eyes tat good guys get em an iron bars is a video of her we like ours and try and ever and try and as a video with her would luke rock hold and look let's get into a position but she finishes em you luke crackles fuckin giant fight to one in five cuts a lot away to get generous shower on he's a stud she finished and that our environment woe not even embarrassing she's can best she's pretty goddammit
but i like it or not steroids and that division with ass the issue and i talk about cyborg mostly don't you you got guys like i don't you talk about it allowed your part cash getting stairways here and there and you know on a guy's donnie they look like they're doing gilbert milan her horse gracing and unlike you can't tell anymore or who is actually did look like you do in it when you got popped when you pop we were there for that fight and i was there with my friend eddie eddie bravo eddie was like to one's ones tat we saw hoist with traps i can't traps like he was jack way heavier than normal whose usually around one seventy something he was well over two hundred pounds but i think is it the benefit of stories as unjust with weightlifting it's like overall no overall recovery overall energy and and health
down the casual always taken a cocktail bright little growth hormone little test will appeal yes on annex iii pose a big thing to vibrancy justify the having energy just having enthusiasm and our test for eco do they oh yes they do their ali baba routine off guard pop for when he fought against minor mouse johnson from ally way title we still suspended because while the others but there's guys who live animal tests is pretty it's so little wish wash even we did bigger sugar faster we looked heavily into the eco tests and there's a guy that came up with a definitive a protest definitive like does either you're on it are you not synthetically and on the he got a letter from the olympic committee saying from the u s alone you also see saying we can't use your task because will be out of unfair we it'll be unfair to the amount kids because the other foreign countries realise nessie goosey taxi exactly
it's hilarious so i'll do it so what they are saying is we're gonna have to allow a certain amount cheating to win exactly that's really there some well we have to be able to achieve just as much as the rest of them if you look at the air you don't do this has the austrian ratios like ninety nine point nine percent human beings should be at a one to one ratio abbe testosterone testosterone kind of thing and they allow it to be like forty one or ceased allow sick sounded out for another hour for it so you can take a little bit and be under the radar with guys pop it like fifty to one that's what i'm doing larry daily guerrillas i don't want to see a non tested you of sea and have the guy's whales
over three hundred pounds bigger one minute on in five minutes and i m just kill each other does work and stuck it i like the way and also you can't train that's the other thing you can verify them that's an unfair advantage here than you know how to fight in the ruins of fun while the other person's turning to us advanced and so you can get it i've waited sets about it that's it i think dead there's there's a benefit to being a certain weight but there's negative effect when you get over a certain way i think to forty is around the right way think body weight why our body of europe in yours and holly a big big thing too i think once you get under ten percent i think is when you start to get in trouble she used to that lets you embodies always under ten percent than yeah probably operated that body at that being that lean for a while you know i just think you guys have
good defensive skills and they can avoid the bomb rush for the first couple rounds guys like over to forty five a real hard time getting to the third fourth rounds is just too much to carry around two bones and the muscle and all the moderates being i beg you had the ox your requirements so i think like a guy canvas ask as those about to forty rice known for a spectacular cardio fabrizio doom same thing somewhere in the two thirties that seems either i wish a shocking fire crazy came fucked up mean kane is no for his cardio so i think he's got a little cocking decided not to go to mexico city but go city is so i can't believe i hide is seven days plus feet above out to really that give i worked on the chimney fuckin elliptical machine those breed and heavy ass does actually these guys are gonna fight but for brisco was real smart he moved to a place that's a thousand feet above that for like a month in it f and your aim was only there for two we and isn't moved all the ratio you know
i see that i'm a gold jim media is improved vastly you know every every step of the way which is nice two while he was such a high level jujitsu guard i was one of the best you jesse fighters in the world and to get that good at you did you have to have an intense mine for learning and so he just took that in applied it to boxing and tick boxing and just once he figured that out everybody's just like you don't want to go to the ground that do us beat some awesome finer gas would be fairly make other first guy he's first got to submit fate or first got it summit kane that's that's a pretty goddamn spectacular resume lawyer seduce beat it you more guys and he is argued the greatest heavyweights if not the greatest of all time sheriff it's interesting you bring up those two fighters makes me gotta think like maybe there's a weight limit of muscle mass that you can carry around cuz neither one of those guys is real lean so maybe around the two hundred pound mark is probably almost like the cut off if you start being more jack than that maybe you can't just
for three rounds yeah i think it's a matter of durability like you want to be big enough so he could take shots but you can't be too big because can't carry it in those especially gal i came i don't call an oak common incur were kind of the exceptional you everything worked in iran everything bathtubs foolish rock leather animal animal usage of freakin nature i still maintained this day that if somebody got a whole the brok laszlo early on in listen to me and you can be the best heavyweight fighter ever like a ferocity hobby or add hume someone who is a real expert in mme who brok listen to you said look this we're gonna do first the first thing we do is we are nothing but striking for like a couple of years ran you not you not gonna get hit i don't want you to develop any bad habits unite hidden anybody either do as you gonna do movement with people you gonna do pad work you gonna do technique work and we're gonna have that shit built
dear you're neurons and we're gonna we're gonna have all these movements there's gonna be a part of your natural moving and if you will do that you get to develop a base and that base will translate into success but other you gotta be scared again hit and that's what his problem always was he would always get tag by some like shankar went up more ouster over him and he could see just he didn't have enough time ere he doesn't like it either you you got a spar with guys who barely touched you like they're not hurting you and you don't hurt them that's than the beginning that's like the most critical bank because otherwise you're gonna miss giant chunks of the development because you just get a fuck swaying resume peace and he was able to get to where he did doing years of like doubly debbie furnish now languages pocket what if he went on it we
just like you said gone straight in value and even the best l you're still a heavyweight champion the fuckin world knocked out really couture beat the shit out of frank mere he's a stud watch them he just how do ourselves kind of bomb but happy when he decided to quit emma may recently had a you if they had a moment or is trying to figure out what is going to keep going to double debbie or give one more shot the europe's energy he talked a dane i talked to say he was really think about it about ultimately did i want to go down a bad path of like me in the gotta get still concussion yo i think that was a big one whose word about post concussion syndrome joseph about lean use the glory walter we champion he just step down relinquished his title because a concussion discussions in emma may or a big fascination you don't hear about it how do you feel about like i watch a lot of fights were you wait we you want go on want to see it off guys don't start unbeknownst thousand pounded
by and they come right back in times like all works good thing they didn't call it a great job her being whoever the refers and then other times guys get pounded and they get pounded ten times lower than their out and then cycle that it need the ten shots to be out in else why the fight is actually happened and i always route for the girl come back but after the fight over like if i'm analyzing it from a like a rational standpoint mozart stop it is in trouble it's not good day inside of me it must be little scary at times people lasted right some of the knock out there's been some ass we try to see the eyes and everything yeah how did you get into that like you you will you fighting before way before yeah way way way i had a really big interest in it why i am i'd stop competing in like nineteen eighty a that's one the comedy and
maybe nine was product my last kickboxing fights and then i went in to stand up and then i just trained recreational until around ninety three the yossi came around i think i saw the first tape i saw a tape of it at ninety four and then i was like holy shit what is jujitsu tat we were there from day one too i watched at first paper view live i remember that as i could we are doing it i saw it on tape summit talked about it at the germinal one's going on do you believe it is essential to the rest of the national forum like all my god i was crazy beckoned day in member used to being the faces of death sexual videos air for like a long time that went pleading away with that's when i came in i came in whilst band start working and ninety seven size are doing fight interviews and ninety seven while i was on sitcom these radio go on weekends fly off the fuckin bomb fuck alabama great book blood in the cage yet it outlines all that stuff in it outlines like how ya
i got into it and they went to an event and he was like this to succeed only whistle tee shirts that's not what i would like to take this over in that kind of thing it's really cool yeah they bought it in two thousand one i think and came in two thousand to and started doing a commentary and i remember when i got a job before they are the ultimate fighter actually worked for w b and ventured man we're we're being level events man be like dude it's like they're trying to sell it you should buy and use like ten years later they tried to unsuccessfully start some sort of art and i may thing but i think this has been a mandate yeah they they tried to that never got off the ground they will allow planning on what happened was vince and he had a legitimate concern as i gotta want it'll take the legitimacy out of it you know like if he owned sunlight back and i think it's fixed loathing its fateful didn't think that about the actual fell right yes and i am i think it there
the problem is the town poor now that many good fighters the sea owns contracts for five hundred fighters and they're all the best fighters sharp with does not one fighter in any way class outside the oecd can make a rational argument this the best fighter in that way class so once they have that site boy it's hard to sell a league when you know that you have seen like this is our one or seventy pounds world champion like well is our because everybody else robbie lowers the fights world inside rang a watch any sort of competition as it's hard for me again well there's revitalize in other organizations are now i would like browsers fighting has some good fides bela tourism good guys but she's gonna be real hard for them to build stars build like because everybody like a kid common up wants to be the best if you want to be the best
one and thirty five pound he wants to fight dj dilatory doesn't want to fight monument in fact face from from makes hard core fighting championship site you just want to be the best there always gonna recruit the best guys their head of the game you know it's not a lot game is especially that give like belarus science fate or and maybe somebody gets carano chicken weird feel like it's all like the same with rustling now if you look at double have either been they ve had a monarch for wild and w w came along is not getting popular but then you know now that the double that of the leaves the utterly dna so late in the year nobody really gives a fuck about it at all and that's the thing is like in the end like you she'll be a little bit never again i felt unless they sell it then they can dig it get to a point where the hard work put to the vote tomorrow we shall work tell us because we dana works all day long every day is constantly flying over the world and lorenzo doing the same thing it's like so a lot of work to not easy do
with those guys are doing and when they're gone everybody's gonna miss some people complain about the oh say but when they're gone you realize the alternative live have created an industry pay more mad about stupid uniforms and that's the last thing get mad about well they have some points fight or side when it comes to that what did with the spot ships had ceased they lose too much money you know it's just i've been i was lucky enough to get in unalaska the last thing before reebok took over with with one the fighters and it's pretty close quarters the logo up there now is nice people that's a big part of what the fighters get you will you say like ego sponsorships threat i could dynamic fashioner as i am like so we know what that is right but on so many different teacher how do you also now reeboks said the there i guess it's it seems like over the spread over all the fighters will make more money the younger fighters or is it just not true i don't think it's true
no i don't think it's true i think gum may be for deal changes or they start make more money and you know it becomes something bigger than might is right now but if you look at it right now tim kennedy said best recently he said on one strike force card he made more money and sponsorships then the reebok paid out the entire last you have seen car from brazil all those people wearing reebok gear he made more money from one fight in strike force so that scientists yet look like reebok at a pretty good deal from what i heard you don't think it's a good deal i mean i mean for reebok but no one i think it's a deal for reeboks what i'm saying is i think it gives them a bad name in some way i knew all these people combating terrorism tat about whereas we hold known on another but all these people complain liked him kennedy complaints did darwin complaints against fire fires are complaining lots of fighters brennan shaw complain all different guys complained that that's all negative press records their brand mean they're not a person right there a brand
have you associate that brand you can't like fire the head guy and change the brain brands till the brand you don't ever he's going to associate that brain what is it a big name yeah you it you see a big name brand attached to a sport like the yossi absolutely but i feel like whenever you are in a situation where is the fight they're gonna lose money always the number one concern the people have everybody knows a window of opportunity for fighters extremely small so i have a few here's to make some money so when you take some of that money away from them in terms you know in favour of prestige the prestige which is in arguable very box a huge brands of its great to be in business with big brandt but if it costs fighters money boy that's gonna be hot you can't not us that it's not gonna pull blinders on an ignore that you have to address and social meat is a huge things so the fighters are gonna be heard the hugest debates bigger than i name because if if you bitch about some
on twitter and someone says holy shit chris belgians went off about that and then some newspaper gets hold of it and then boom because viral and facebook and people reposted tweeted because we live in a different world so any time someone like stitch gets fired because he said something about hey you know reebok others deal kind of were makes now not making as much money so they firearms and then also and boom that becomes a way bigger issue that was raised in the lunch say and if he just said that in that was it it would have been a small issue but him saying that and then getting fired for it it compounds the issue people react quickly jas social media minos makes we then go faster start where nike shoes that's what i'm not a business person i would if i was run you have see it would have been bankrupt alone time ago but you you i think it's it's real it's real dangerous looking at the bright side of deals like this a glimpse of the brakes omelettes lily
the worst case scenario what's the worst case scenario everybody gonna hate reebok right that's the worst case scenario people can be mad see a matter reeboks argo i don't know man was able to sponsor of joseph benavides now is pretty cool but a united company when it was your company slingshot this the slingshot that idea you are throw on earlier did it's getting out by now some push up then you get this cool device that you are slide it's like this heavy duty rubber thing that you slide up to your biceps sleep gives you a bit of an assistance when doing pushups are bench browser some rather it feels good man i like it we're working people get this we wanted to how much i've done it how much branch yo there's a how can plug how much events diarrhoea wouldn't but some retorted number seven hundred pounds seventy five my best bench press in competition this is with a which is much more heavy duty them than sunlight lange shouted ceasar supported device it's crazy lookin low play a strait jacket but i didn't eight hundred and fifty four palm bench press
in this europe seventy five power class then without a bench my best bench presses five and sixty pounds in competition jessica harley davidson right how much those way does work eight hundred pounds for crazy that's allow goddamn wait dude added for a long time i started when i was twelve to older brothers and dicks that force be too little it even now closely and i didn't want to know those bench shirts does yeah well things do yeah bencher wearing a denham jacket backwards is what it's like an originally it was originally was designed just to be protective and then people are like waited second now is it protected but i can live more weight with it and so then they are to make them more and more extreme these two one layer than they start megan two layers and they started making them out of a pair of fuckin genes and you start make them a canvas and all kinds anyway where people revolted against that and now everybody lives loud about if you will lift raw because you could say oh how
do your bench of fire and raw would just be with just really rules on what it is around five five sixty five sixty that's crazy getting through and i pick the wait up and go the problem is the girls hot she's in asunder s and i'm trying to some friend if i concentrate on squat and fell pretty bad with a thousand eighty five he fell what happened was is there's a girl that's was trainer jim and she's running our she's running the squat rack the squat rack is called a model lift and when you are you release dislike lever so that i don't have to walk the weight backwards we understand awry other walked away back lever moved out of the way and i picked the wait up and go the problem is the girl hot and she's in arrests and i'm trying to sign ratify and concentrate on the left here and so on a mid way down on the squat one knee shoots out the left the attorney shoots out the other when they stand out on the fucking ground was it on your
or in front of you and i won't load luckily i got kind of unloaded from the weight quickly it fell back behind me i fell forward i was four months from that i was there was a pretty bad i just liked what what what conjuring you know i never went to the doctor i'm not a phantom corner the doktor so i just the rub some fuckin dirt on it just live resign for i was like black my egg is fucked up my knees we're fucked up but you know i i did go to i went to a friend of mine he's like what are they going to compare x rays memorize and stuff too is like you already know you're fucked up anyway are you i fucked up from living now i'm not that bad i'm i'm pretty much okay i had about why will generate mri reveal damage while he does he was assailed like your knees are probably probably slight tears here and there you now be right i've had me pain and all kinds of different things for years so he was the same like you
they're going to tell you that you're fucked up music what do you do about it or shoulders are a big one four guys events that much right the shutters packs people off their pact that's how i invented the slingshot was i tore my pack three times hundreds marie times there all states back end no no he didn't know i don't like going to die so you tore out with it just dealt with it i didn't i never had an ever have like a rupture never tore it all the way through yeah never towards all the way through the whereas a bleeding down in the bicep at all that nasty shit they can happen with a torn pay i dont by try separatist oh yeah i want you all to bone scene people who get the bicep where curls up like a golf ball looks crazy you know like others some fighters that that like getting punch in the face i i kind of like pain so for me it's kind of a scholar just part of the territory with training yeah the pain
guys those are where people there are some weird battle minded mind all the thing about soreness it's like it lets you know a guy fuckin really got to work out a difference began soreness though not being able to get up off you know how to bed in the morning and stuff like that that stuff you know brutal joint payments but we're not my pain and joint painter two different animals joint pains rough in baghdad you get some little shit that for some reason you can't handle its like the little tiny things that just norway you like mother fucker was my offered so bad goddamn hang nails what it's a little thing a majestic embracing lifting in general if ever you know pretty well everybody we know has some sort of injury you haven't hurt somewhere or you're not working hard on one or two things people loretta certain forms exercise a crossroads saying i have really gets hurt now montgomery it hurt power lifting everybody i know that body gets hurt like everybody boy you take an extremely by doing this and that's what we talked about we were talking about on the way up here
slow down and you work out in time actually think about what you do is one thousand thirty pounds and went down five actually make this one but so is andrew implies a tumble velvet are more area does on the sondra fucked you forget that our biggest face a m about twenty pounds in this video three kind of amsterdam to that's a wide ass ants to your squad that wide squat suit i squatted wider it is trade summah tightness around the hips and gonna give you some support through your hips because for you to analysing the guy behind and at the train or you will see i'm ready novella who is a trainer of us and we will see fighter chad mendez and joseph benefit as a bunch other small dudes i can fuck people up
yeah it's funny that they have a whole camp for those dues isn't it deserves as you given out allergies stood god damn that's a lot away yet so like when it happened i felt it wasn't it didn't hurt that bad initially but then as time we're on a got worse and worse and worse swelling to start getting fuckin crazy i stated the competition and i'm a coach first of all the athletes at her in that video basically i stayed the whole time and help everybody and just like i normally would normally do and then today when i woke up i just couldn't but by the time i got homey i couldn't even now can you may go upstairs to go to bed i just fuckin sat on the couch hinder or sign the chair and slept in a chair for the night and slept rate there for the next two or three days you know one of the interesting aspects of your film was loose seven's phasing out i have one of his reverse hyper in the bad things their eyes and credible machine for four deacon pressing lower back and pump and blood into everything things amazing
but he's so refreshing character to yeah you know was funny when you know you're saying that you're gonna get off steroids is there i will do worse but that's that's the attitude that all those guys have like look you have to accept the fact that you are now a stairway dude absolutely and in making a good documentary i think is a lot about casting tomorrow you pick you noticed any other movie to be in the movie and louis simmonds with somebody inspired me to do things differently to think differently he's chains and bans i used to go into gold jim fifteen at once the linear that by the way abandoned chains volatile producing change on the bar to which some of our citizens so like the ban will are yucatan it's getting harder as you get high yet as this one is all good it's called accommodating resistance it basically makes you drive into the bar faster so the picture a bunch of chains on the bar there some let's say forty pounds
on the bar as you lower those waste will be less and less weight on the bar brand as you pick it back up will be more and more weight on the bars have to actually physically move faster by that i try to explain to people as if you try to hop up on this podcast table you can't do it slowly we train with bands and changes a similar thing you have to do it quickly after get a lot of acceleration in that makes sense they'll probably aid an explosive shit like football or putting people and in all other also huge benefit of it is that the way is lighter at the bottom same thing happens with the slingshot but with a weight being lighted the bottom it's it's creates a safer environment because the bottom of a squat in the bottom of bench press are kind of somewhat andrews positions being houses a chain way normally they usually way about twenty pounds the ones that we use that authorities did pretty goddamn thick at bay my political change in the seventies like that voting time the thing is i would read of a magazine called power lifting usa we didn't have the i thought you gonna say inches
still not tom other and slow action so we look at that that magazine i was the only only information on strength training and the entire world a kid fifteen years growing up in poughkeepsie york get his hands on so i would read that the german i try out all these weird things and people like what the fuck are you doing and when i was a kid i was swat me five hundred four sets of wraps and people like when what is easy on six hundred seventy five pounds in high school oil my one saying what the fuck are you all right i'm like a mountain anything i'm on louisen sooner and so when i started training mark to just be no animal it was he had a lifting velvet said rob suck by road out a derisory bigger stronger faster ladies and gentlemen and it said roy sock and i would go to the jam and all these we're like all jus stopped like poughkeepsie work it's like i don't know what it's it's in the water there but everybody was on some and arm
it's always wanted to assorted deny that go against that like i'm not doing this and arm that's that's why that was a whole the whole genesis for that movie was the fact that i always had this weird moral thing like against it i got brian i can't do that that's just fuckin cheating jimmy can consumers caveman to produce those nightrobe hands those fuckers are good yeah bring review if you're trying to girls knows the good shed more light on regular coffee what what was they push you over the edge image you wanna try steroids would help society aside i went to u s see how checks everywhere and i was you were guerrilla fuckin squatting six hundred i wasn't really in good shape i didn't look good but all you gotta do is like cleanup diet he always had a kind of a conflict with with his like build he's always been trying to get in better shape and so i think that the stairway is it current easier rout in some cases to get a little bit better shape
totally understand that but i mean europe sounds like if you will cease six seventy five the gallows younger yadda fucking weight and how to be a big fucker to do that yeah i was about i was a little bit fatter than i am now to go out to tat i was about to forty maybe so it was just a matter of you just didn't like the way you worked the way lesson was apparent everybody else was in good shape i was training gold's venice being goals jim venison like the hawks there would be a man you know your man randy savage what you're gonna do in a black got danger daughter the whole austria the depressing she wasn't it as you know he'll be back throne i wrap it says my bad things will be i think with wrestling like it's the most inexcusable things have been excuse and i think that the figures
where did they fire him from the doubly davy they arranged them from his their website completely like as if you never existed tinted hawks ale yeah i mean it's us like a rude i still pinioned sheikh there i was there i saw some they'll be amazing if you were there physically i've never been one saying madison square go out in a rustling i know now we were just in all that shit we're in a ghastly you're into martial arts since you were a little kid to so most anew in high school in high school i love jimmy supervised not bob back linen i wrestled jimmy single handed you engine listen where your career goes and rustling keeping jimmy superfluous look at an indian can see the casino for like fifty bob in front of about forty people where was this time my life report i will now where the fuck i was where was i somewhere california has somewhat bucks fifty bucks
damn it what is it wasn't surrogacy nowadays he looked like a transvestite really lose out the outer rally round a you ain't poses passed away yet using it uses the nemesis actually have an next week next monday at the comedy store there's a tribute mazato roddy paper and all the people at the new amounting to come never got him a chance meeting i was bombed me i'll be with you wait for me i was awesome that's all i heard a hundred such a great guy that's what we look about wrestling like we just love the personalities we loved if i've seen around we're like little kids reality one into that route you know our heather brother was always beaten somebody up that's how he went into pro wrestling because that's all existed at the time but i know if i may exist time yoda went that way the young the thing when you did with jimmy snooker like cold was here at the time he's gotta sixty this is about fifteen years ago
whereby sixties then but yeah yeah he was daringly definitely old if we shape here it wasn't it wasn't pretty where did feel weird fuckin really weird and the poor guy you do for a rustling in generals weird wrestle another do my tides and stuff it's really sharing like we we the run this small wrestling federation with a guy named rick bosman whose a good friend of ours and it was called you p w ultimate pro rustling and we put like thirty guys into maybe so loud sounds like these young guys had to work with the other guys like john siena would be working with thy gregg the hammer violent to hammer out ok kid i'm market a bump for anyone in a bump means the regulation we are now mary had the man you didn't beat the shit out of you so like that's part of part of it what does that mean bump what has happened is hit the mat basically you know just like fall for the guy meaning the mean like the older guys don't wanna do any the work you're gonna work around them and make them look good but they are not actually gonna do anything
so they don't fall down anymore or bank makes like fuck you on my phone superfly of that kind of a conversation with a little bit there what is how does it was go down basically a heat is tolerated moves he wanted to do and i was like i was a sound legal merrily and intimate moves how did he was what happened was he did superfly move right now and then you flip them over pendency reign of winning he still does the supervisory age amazing he wanted i sit weigh up though you might like to catch him and i admit fuckin it hurt like a mother fucker sure he's all guys steffy
i have another man jump off top rope on you know i have legitimacy the homeward brok lessons as the shooting separately engine ahead was actually there he's done that move ike hundreds of times when he was yet when i was younger and different federation forget tat i were i wireless sock i worked at that romania i was i was up in the sky box unwashed oh my god my god he's dead he's dead why we still completes the pen skills he does i think it is positive for a week or something he was he was messed up a little bit but he was not bad compared to what he should have been such a free he really is like one of them the biggest i think really sad leads in an interview like there's like two years he just doesn't remember because it has a drugs way beyond i'm not sure not a large party oxy cotton was ass good ass they do that was the other thing that was in the city areas rally round even ice work in mind there was an article by rally rightly piper we're talking about the the drugs that they do here it is our narrow shit this
oh my god dude a normal per would be dead two nine hundred riflemen at seattle contract is used we were just talking about piper interview they were talking about the amount of time that they spend on the road wrestling and there like em as for you go like time rank these guys resolutely hundred ninety air which is crazy about you don't you can't recover you just can't recovers the organ hook dumping pills i just did a movie called the resurrection jake the snake it's about jake the snake robert sousa eighties russell and he was a crack attic so another wrestler diamond alice page helps him get sober we does show movie at slammed ants it'll be all pretty soon really shows what these guys go through you know afterwards a show it's it's a document that's just like the movie the wrestler it's a real how real i've dodger diver them pretty much fucking dog
jane is an egg it does diamond pages do and wrestling or a doing yoga now gas big yoga yoga peace fuckin crazy fit for an empowerment pushups in his fingertips pasha takes his ankle and puts it up by his fucking thing i went i went to his house when we were doing the documentary as an executive produced a document which do all the hollywood stuff i help get it sold help get it festivals on that kind of stuff and i just really believed in it and i believed him from the beginning i knew they were making it an hour they asked me to get behind it really early so when i went down to their house to work on the movie he's gonna take you through this yoga thing like ok what is this bullshit within ten minutes i had a heart rate monitor in my my heart rate was up to one hundred and fifty five and he's like slowed antibiotic one forty five so this like this constant cardio flexing moving awesome yoga thing
that somebody like me needs for mobility admittedly it's actually really cool thing that is doing well yoke is great for mobility it's it's really hard do it's one of those things we look at how much fuckin simulcast but then you get in the holy shit about an ordinary digestible for someone like me because it's a lot based he sought a basis that around wrestling risk get flax like they say it's gotta funding i get it it's gonna does no no mass days now you had a double hip replacement yeah right actually rate the end of doing bigger stronger faster we're we're when the movie as its worn down all time limit gotta know what's going on me i can barely walk describe haven't all these these problems of my hips and wearing gotta check out the docks said ok walk across the room i walked across the room he said you need to fake either to new hips might why like you talk ambiguity tuna has a doctor that sells hips he was orthopedic surgeon
christ and when that was the mri reveal surely the baseline bolt bone on bomb bone was completely smashed on both sides so they were smashed into there you know india and he was in a lot of pain all the time we could only i mean like three four hours time was what you could give to the film usually in europe just from the sky it s not a lot and you said this is a genetic issue my dad has the same thing my dad has to face facts now but he didn't get him till way later so happened was who knows if far wearing down the hip squatting all march and whatever i don't really blame it on power listings i don't think that's really the cause because there's a million power left out there on the moment to fake epstein also
it's not like i always happens every power after you know don't you think it as must have some effect i think everything has everything has an effect in outside they played football you wrestled like that have been gap and he's he's he doesn't have to fake epson he's the same genetic sinners as moose i i got it from my dad you know my dad has the same what are they cut one of aid classified ass what are they class let us ask your authorities this is so don't get in your hip lie having to my ankles and my knees above my knees need to be replaced by oh jesus sort of like putting that off because like you said we have new therapies that you had your knees done when you're a kid theory i when i was seventeen years all i double me surgery sir would you have done i just had arthur scott back our bone chips removed in poland yeah but you know the thing is i ve been in pain my whole life you know and it was a certain point when i got there
surgery that i was unable to able to handle it anymore and they started feed me pills in her like crazy i got into that really hard core because that was something that our first you do it because it helps the pain and then after while you do it because it's fun so this is post bigger stronger faster wait after the social actors bigger sort of faster you get your double hip replacement and then you had the pill problem yeah get hooked on drugs it's like you know you never aspire to become a gigantic but it happens and arm allow having a lot of my friends and happen do a lot of people tub do a lot of people and you think they will be that had to do with the recovery as you have both done rather than just like one of em done in time yeah i would suggest to anybody has have double hip replacement surgery get one done at a time because at least you have one side is good neither side it he'll literally couldn't really move at all i was sort of like in a point my life form like you know what just do it who cares let's go wrong and didn't really think it through that how old were you thirty three at the time and who
jesus christ double hip replacement of thirty three and if you dont know what a double this means they cut off the top of the bone and they literally this long screw that they derive into the meat of the bone marrow is locks and play this new fake hip right it's fun gnarly shit my friend gram hank i had done it was here six weeks later he was even worse when a web browser this is crazy you're a hip these the complications of mine so on on one of the sides complications getting it in because they like all this muscle from squatting your asses like a rock solid china they had a pounded in with a maria look like gum i saw them every part of the surgery back on camera and at length what oh body shop a glitter of fixing the car others a video of tito ortiz getting his disk replace than his neck she do get a disk fused thing get us with
much of the spacer or disk replaced but their fuckin hammering on his neck like clean client like quite clearly want war as his neck man saying so what does it feel like now now so the hips feel ok if i lived heavy snow like hostile swanton that live i just go as heavy as i used to live dead lifted up to five fifty with two faye kept jesus christ and i'm not a very good that left in and marks world but you know four for having the surgery and everything is ok and their fine like doesn't know built did you tell the dark give me some fuckin series heavy duty ones simultaneous road half road shocks their titanium in a manner people say well why do you have to lift like that what do you like your people my concern themselves what you're doing things quite what do you feel the media to lift like that it's a sum that ingrained in you you dislike doing it
if you had surgery and somebody totally why you have to fight so i have to go because you have two did you ass a doktor for a bigger dick that's an option now what you open where do they cut you re on the side of your asked she caught the giants car it's like that day like three or four inches it's amazing do other work with three of orange i gotta buddy was on the u s key tedious putting was of the u s gdp and he's had no bulshit i think twenty eight knee surgeries while yeah he's got i'll show you the surface of his knees skiing is not good for your knees now he's had his knees resurfaced he's yeah it's fucking gnarly vines picture real quick and i'll show it to you because it's it's one of those show people may go why am i looking at he anyway his scars on his knee it looks like like like you'd gotten a fish yeah they go all the way down the side of the knee and they opened it up and this was just
the eighties god has my dad as fake means also and he's got those big scars hark man your dad's gonna rough he's a warrior thinking then that is that's a lot of fuckin surgery a lot of shit to get down on your body fake knees and fake hips so you we think that you're gonna eventually have to do that to the knees i try to hold it off as long as possible that the best way to go is i try new therapies like stem cells and other things that are coming out i know that certain there is actually a gel that they can put into your knee they replace cartilage john siena had done it i got it's a very advanced techniques that there is basically they use very sparingly y know they're doing they have as new miniscule surgery they're doing where there are taking this scaffolding and name
implanted inside your miniscule ceased to be ill with these proteins in it and somehow and other eu body grows manila guests in the scaffolding simply makes thanks that's nice fiscal showed that there are able to do now is just amazing let me show you this is my buddies me why yeah that's the same guy that was on the rescue team they cut em steve grandma etc cut em just like them i shall it's like stake em like two wedding rings gnarly that yeah it's pretty hot or i'll send this to you jamie seek it put it upon the looks good injuries are no joke yeah no they're no drug well this this guy too he's fucking crazy he's in a sick these are still spar lemonade on a regular basis is an animal is a doctor ophthalmologist doesn't give a fuck these always been crazy just i've known as gaffer ages ago talk me into a stand up scheme always been an animal is just
it is hard to imagine that that i saw you was well i saw you stay been sacramento butter two years ago very aware was it at every three years ago asking how they comedy stores the coup little upstairs common claudia that's good spot they are the punchline yeah i guess i do you live up to i remember i am sarcoma do you gotta team alpha mail and watches you know i'm frightened guys i haven't been over there are a whole lot but i see right around the sea those guys round will but here and there and he's got a huge his own jim huge him ok give it what's the name of the indigent super training jim just in west sacramento but does it matter because its kind of weird it's free the jim is free as our work it doesn't why do you and your mother smartest business models now my brightest idea
jim is free it's a way for me to give back to power lifting its predominantly a power thing facility and i think that if other people had the ability to make their jim free they pray would do it and so i am in a position to make it for free so i did wow that's crazy it's a beautiful thing than ever hear that usually exact opposite you know everybody asks for him taking you try me can you train means again on train people even do seminars and stuff a lot for free i just did want duessa jim in venice no autumnal doom to some down and none downtown elliot barbell brigade but just i'm in town somewhere i'll just i'll just email email the owners of jim to say i'd love to come in and teach your people how to squat to deadlift and they're like okay well what is it costing like to the
really that's crazy olenin fuckin do some work what makes you are such a generous guy that's i just gonna have a passion for inspiring people and not so much just instructing them because i think that the main message is to get people move and get people doing shit and just say now here's how last comes from people that we look up to louis seven's lucent pat militant shadow free jim in our view still has already had a free genders set to help people do it you couldn't do when you were younger you know that's it's great for four young says the fuckin nay in its article in any noah too is what would ends up happening is people i'll put up a post on instagram could be of like me eating food or some shit and somebody say i got slingshot i got your wraps i got your this i'll get your that so it's like people are given back to me anyway so it system as just another way for me to give back to community and for like you said reebok is is a brand michael
he's not my company is me and so the good and is growing in some little people don't know i'm associated with it but nine times out of ten they do not associate ass a man that's that's a beautiful way of looking at things i love it and because it out like we does actually at the coffee be next door and these two guys wanted to take a picture of the milk they knew people know who he is a guy on youtube as you transit videos you tube dotcom backslash super training or six thousand a free videos on their on how to squat deliver bench that gonna shit nice now you're new documentary is prescription thugs absolutely and this is based on your experience in getting hooked on pain pills after you double hip replacement yes sort of based on a lot of people's experiences after bigger sugar faster are older brother passed away about eight months after making that movie and he had a really bad struggle with a prescription drugs mainly painkillers and then i went to oxy cotton when you could use it used to be a crush it up and inject
they and all that stuff like that and he was getting into that kind of stuff on average inject anybody's deftly snorting indifferent things like that and my parents he loved at all my parents found out about it they were obviously heartbroken and i'm helps him help him get clean for a while and then you know then you go back to it and back and forth and back and forth and it's just crazy because he after you get off all the pills so to switch to alcohol and those like alcohol level everything else lotta we ought alcohol as this and that in other things at that when you're not state of mind or you depressed or not the best things for you you know what i'm seemed like from the you have gone down like a really bad bad bad harold you now and he was answer my sight meds too are for depression indifferent things like that
he died in a sober living house with no real you no explanation of how he died and we still don't really know exactly what happened there was really no drugs found in the system in a toxic college report and suffered that so is a site to me something where you know this isn't happening make that hit home with me after i saw my brother die like i will never go down that path and there i am the floor scrambling lookin for like another like it i'm gonna go and i must have dropped when somewhere and i just now and a lot of people i went through it i decided i pick up and make a movie about it now you brother in bigger stronger faster seem like a very troubled guy that mad dog it started with himself more so than anything else he was bipolar so all this stuff sorted is compounded that did we get a prescription of certain ready but they did he get burned option for an injury or how did he get he was wrestling with toby toby was sort of on that gaunt doing
doing the rounds of certain we gotta prescription but he got drugs yeah yeah they all got drugs when did he saw a for the doubly debris tat back in nineteen ninety like early nineties any risk forever like he blames ninety two or so ninety three i was always on tv and any wrestled all the way through kind of up until he died like he added sums also matches not really with w b but with other like smaller federations like that so he kind of rustled for a real one but he never really made it and now a really big problem for him he wasn't it wasn't good enough to be a good coach or a good teacher he wanted it you wanted to make if you wanted to be a bit also don't know if he knew exactly what he was chasing so even if he obtained some of that success i don't think he would have recognized alonzo way you'd point it's a really good point i think a lot of ebola they tardy get satisfied with certain things and so he was just trouble to you you know that call
that's on the wall and my jim's from the film is says i'd rather be dead than average that was suddenly he you know he just he couldn't live without being what whatever his ideal for success was and their problem i think that you really just nailed though is that they don't know what that is what's that goal and what is that an efficient a reach it they never feel satisfied and the thing is that he be despite all our he's like the nicest lake cost in a world where we have our backs on everything to be of good friends yet a year crazy emotional usually motors what everybody has rate they have good friends and then and drugs and they don't have good friends so you have a lot of enabling people a lot of people that allow you to keep doing with your doing a lot of people it'll put up with your bullshit my father wasn't one of em you know my father was somebody who like put his foot down and was help him get clean and arm we were able to catch it in time
and so people are listening this i think it's really important talk about these issues it just the people one always china pushes issues under the rug so if you know someone is struggling try to do your best to reach out to him and just see if you can get to the bottom of the problem i know it's the worst fucking thing in the world to try to approach somebody about it but see if you know were you think is a good way of going about doing it and try to reach out the person is you don't know how much we will be here for its some argue people listen to those in the brutal is yet but you know when you ve been through it becomes different where i completely becomes different so i went through it i ended up it's kind of crazy halfway through this film and i was making collapsing and started carbon xanax and sorting out the film on prescription drugs you start relapsing yes fuck
then how easy when did you do this from how we finished it we finished it for tribeca film festivals i was like in may so you u relapse a year ago a year and a half months ago for an hour was poppins and access of attack as you know that their sake filming it is not an easy business you now caught like a viewer if you have also their stuff go on you were to send a comic and you're trying to make it its its brutal you know that down no i haven't audition for some years ago another people be successful can really beach designated lie by you that we're like way behind you for you know all these different that go on in your head and you feel it that about the documentary world does like people it will make us documentaries it would do really well and you get bummed out i wouldn't really get bombed out so much about other people i china like always stay in my own land and think about myself but i get more bombed out put the pressure on myself
nobody omens do real well negro goddamn why am i to do i could have done at or somebody makes a documentary than their like after the races doing all these big movies and you know like mine it why didn't somebody pick me for that you know like my document reed did way better than that document in all those kind of things in your eyes but just the film world in general hollywood in general gaming feeling of enact adequacy gimme a feeling like i wasn't good enough like everything i did i wasn't making people we did this hit movie it was really big and again but it didn't really make money at the box office like a did really which is not your original intent like when he made the film he said i want a lot of people see the movie what's in here six hundred people suit your language we say it gave you this feeling of inadequacy but isn't that may be the way you goes to yourself emergency is giving you anything ray i made up in his own head up in your own head yeah you feel inadequate you feel like a man and i you know and as many as many people tell you that you do good you're still looking for legacy
you still searching for that thanks are for me it was all about finding a balance so when i real jobs and realize i mean help that's i reached out i didn't really reach out like but one once i knew i needed help and everybody sort of figured me out my girlfriend help me a lot with it on sort of found me really fucked up one day drunk and on an ax middle enough she called me i don't please answer my phone a whole lot i don't respond to it a ton rings a lot and i get a lot of messages and chateau i'm not really on my phone that much for that kind of stuff but i noticed a number was odd and it was probably like about midnight so like that just seems a weird that's not what you tell a marketer you know like coronet like seven p m or sutton this is still some different and of whatever reason i didn't have her number in my phone but it was from like pennsylvania something where she's originally from
and it was worn and she said you know your brother is blubber blood i could understand what she was saying she was very very very sad and crying and stuff so i ask you to come to calm down and numb kind of assent situation will bit she said i think your brothers and in his apartment i think he's passed out i said well you're the only one there yet a kind i go in and you know see what's in our economy i'm gonna find homer and i was kind like what like what you mean and on how we can find him because i don't i didn't know how bad the situation was how serious it was i did know his friend his friend call me a few times hey man you know your brothers nice i cannot put some pills in doing this here and there and then i you know them then i would communicate with that person again and again find out that he's doing it better than anybody little bit were so kind i went back and forth and let you know haven't my other brother die from it i was like fuck me and i don't even
have energy fucking go down that road again you know i want to reach out and i want to talk to him i do love him he's a hero an idle to me in a lot of ways and i really did want to reach out to him but i just didn't know how to fuck and bring it up is really suffering i didn't really realise how bad it was until she called and then i got off the phone with her i just sitting will take his keys away make sure he's ok talk to my wife my wife's fuckin awesome she super supported by wars kind of staff and she said we need to fly him here tomorrow in oh and i said well let's fly lauren here to make sure he gets on the fucking flight that he's not drinking or taken pills are doing something crazy and mrs his flight so he flew both them up robots are able to get him so my treatment where he they will work on starting to recover its nasty path you know it's it's did you documented in the film i didn't data man all the stuff
went down like leading up to it's it's in the film we talk about it for sure but legacy it's a nasty path the lake was like a snowball effect you know to meet and looking looking at it now it's like i mean it's not funny ever what it's like laughable hat like what the fuck was i thinking in a way i can see it now from a different point of view so you said you relapsed on xanax so was it as you will have an anxiety now that is you whatever you know you dislike to take because it may you can't sleep my my mind is always racing there's always another idea ahead as always i can't go to sleep you know so i've tried the flow of the float chambers i've tried something that i can't even get my mind to stop thinking a lot of times or so i thought so i always thought that i need something whether with alcohol whether was pills i realised through the whole journey that i really needed was to believe or myself again double
and who i really was and what i started doing when i started out trying to make films in the first place and tell the truth and be honest the problem was i couldn't be honest what myself a real hard time milaness myself and that's what our recovery has as you know brought to me it's amazing to be my how much he's a lot of talk about the film but i'll talk by law but here he basically interviewed somebody for the film ended up helping him he'll interviewed this guy richard take who owns a treatment centre and malibu and i hear for his film he researched it and they have a ninety five percent success rate with people that were there i think for over sixty days or some like that candidates and i ninety days and he was like what the fuck ninety five sent success rate that creates the whole time interviewing the guy like i wish i could come here i wish i could come erics i knew that i still had a problem with alcohol i wasn't really dunes annex at the time but like he research of himself he's trying to terms of is research and for the film
research into a weird thing man you start like little did you did you go to this was yeah i ended up going to close i malibu offer ninety days so what are they so successful dead change your life about over the mobility it was a wild man himself and he ganders things are happening when you have a guy tell you listen fourteen years oh i was on my couch smoking cracked with a hooker on each side i was oil for some reason smoking a cigar smoking crack you know and answered utopia and he tells you you know that aid of his friends common knock on the door in and try to get him sobering slammed the door the door in his face and then i hear what that was rudy goes back and historic what day is it may said it's friday sittings come back on a monday he slammed the door they come on monday he was like at that point just done do in drugs and alcohol on they took him to treat me like a man if this guy can get better like do as i say i was bad but i have hookers
we said we would what did they do for you sounded very like what is what is the process of getting someone tonight to get ninety five percent of peoples and conversed part is a separation from the problem doesn't just being away from drugs and alcohol i think like a great but for me if i would have went to an a meeting i want to go home and drank that night i needed to be from me i needed to be in a place where i couldn't get try some level be isolated from it for like a little while to get away from them the main thing was therapy it's all therapeutic it's all a group therapy you go sit in a group of people that are fucked up and talk about you know your problems and in a good facility they had such good councillors air that they these people like it was it was more like being loved again feel and parties in i moved to allay and i was on my own i moved away when i was nineteen years old from from new york my whole family was back east my brother moved out here eventually my older brother move
your eventually dimension my parents moved and we do have a close family to weave a really close family so to be away from your family and this whole time and not feel like any love from the world is is a tough thing you know like a lot of people are really press that in all my sound kind of wimpy or something like that but it's true there was no feeling of comfort or safety or security in anything that i that i did so like regaining that through being around p with lot like minded experiences and there's just some elsewhere there that will break you in other there's people that go their hard core heroin attic said like we'll sit there in group therapy and not want to be analyzed and these guys break them until there you know punching pillows and shit say and this is my father and i you fucking piece of shit you know that's how goes it it's a really intense therapeutic thing
that allows you to see yourself in a different way and it's a very hot looking at the number one thing is right one thing that i had my side was a desperation to get better through on the four reports of the film you're stronger faster was your dad saying they knew that you're older brother was gonna die that way and two to go through that and then to have your brother died away and then for you to get hooked on pills yourself that there had been a helpless feeling that's why fella you couldn't tell anybody so i went to my parents i was doing an area with them and i really wanted to tell em balls i you know i don't know in time so early on in the movie before i before it relapse i said hey listen i had a problem of this my mom fries and she's like well why didn't you tell me how am i supposed to tell you you just lost a son i'm going to tell you like i'm i'm going to go
max treated in a way about me because i'm out there what is if you can try to describe what is the feeling like when you want to take that shit when you wanna take a pain pill what what is theirs now feeling it's it's it's not it's not the attics fall like you might have friends or people at you know that if i wanted to discuss wake up and stop drinking will you can't it's not your fault well it's a it's a pathway and their pathway you just talked about our before brok listener somebody got a hold of him and built those punches in into his system it becomes in grain built in your system it becomes a neurological pathway in your brain and you tend to habituate the things that make you feel good oh so that's something night an attic will do more so than other people you say that like a very distinct black and white thing that it's not the attics fault but the attic has to be sober first before they can get fucked up right through your soul
just so if you're so where you have a conscious mind your where of europe actions you decide to take a painful how is that not the attics fall if you're already addicted it's it's an automatic thing he feels again needs it ok we weren't addicted right because he never actual friedman how do you get addicted and a first whenever you weren't cause you were off of it for a long time right wasn't it had this mad need like your bones were how to get that i think east you switch to alcohol i think he's gonna part that your tat the eye i switched to alcohol league instead of having pills so i always had something so you get the double he hip replacement sir you you so you didn't you did your documentary biggest professors two thousand eight yet rings so right after two thousand nine anti talking about you're getting a hip replacement two thousand nine ok six years ago and then how do you get off the shit are two thousand seven i actually gonna replace i got it done before we finish the movie ok ok oh you did two thousand again
but then i didn't mention this so that i had my hip they said as they had complications i had they had the redo my hip oh so two years later they we did in two thousand and nine they we did my right hand they completely took it out in and put it back together the only screw it the weather semester parts in there in order to have two unscrew that thing that i don't think i've been they left that i think that was fine i think it's the other part those messed up and then a month i had that hip sure you're my brother died and its i just tough it's still you know it's like you can you can power through that stuff we have the tools but i didn't have any tools to stay sober yes he does so you you get a hip replacement surgery the first time then you get hooked on pills then you get off pills but two years later they want to reopen you up details gag back on pills fraeulein about
another two years and then and then what happened was that i went home fucking years so then i went you are to try to get off the pills i knew i you got to prolong we want for the first time the first so many and the first problem i was animal i was and am for like a year and then i got off of em for helen but i only got often a couple months and i had the second surgery again so as a really let you have been gone off of em it's really up and down thanks of the drug culture box on and subject to a sort of mimics the way that a pain killer will feel in your body but it doesn't have it it doesn't it doesn't get your high it'll just basically make you not feel sick so that's the biggest problem is withdrawals you feel so bad it's like the flu one hundred so the thing is that when you're coming off for me want to get on suboxone so my my insurance would cover all the pills so there was ten bucks a pop you know ten bucks for like a hundred eighty pills of
purchaser or like it in whatever that the drug was taken when i wanted to get off of them i had to consult with a doctor every month for two hundred and fifty dollars and i had to pay about two hundred and twenty five to twenty fifty dollars for the drug and insurance doesn't cover any of that they don't cover you getting better they only cover you doing the dangerous drugs was that's another brutal thing on top of that you know then some are exciting think tat is do you think that's built into the system journalists are they sell more drugs built into the system so i guess that's a scary thought if that's true that i have just learnt in like if you look at it if you like you know like yes if you take painkillers it's your fault for getting addicted kind of but if you actually look at the history of oxen cotton that drug was designed to hook people on what's basically very somewhere to heroin is it the drug company that made it pretty that made it hard pretty la pharmaceuticals they they light than in others
made eight billion dollars on this drug eight billion dollars and then they had to pay a fine of two billion dollars so like look at the prophet still six billion dollars they call the president business you know so they lied and said that you will not get addicted using this drug where they got the whole country addicted to the struggle against those people should all be in prison they get the whole the whole country addicted to a drug that's made for like severe cancer patients who now and that kind of stuff is this criminal and people go at all will you should now and it's like most people don't know that's why gonna movie to have awareness enough for these things so this is really fresh for you this is not something that you have overcome a long time ago now i still gotta meetings and i still your stay up on i think everyday need to remind ourselves that you can go back there so you're a harbor sense over now you know how would i know nothing so the feeling that you get
when you when you you when you have this this relapse with xanax the feeling that you get is it just you just feel helpless like what he d feel just pulled to it a good ones point yeah yeah like for example also xanax was a drug that would help me i would drink a lot you know like i wasn't because because i was an attic why unum he can't drink to the point where you know it was compromising the next day type thing in and also you end up in a hospital couple times from drinking the idea i would say serious bouts of drinking but it wasn't like nobody really knows this but i went to the debt to the urgent care or emergency room i think ten times within a matter of like twenty days whilst claiming to urgent i go get xanax because i had hang over so bad so thanks so much you know and it was contain he was like every day so for me it became it became a labour became like every day i was like you know this catch it
and his tail it however get better or feel better at first you weren't drinking that often the right not for has like every three day and i am seventy rough you know we talked about power lifting and everything that we were sports guys we're never into drinking whenever drugs that wasn't something even now my radar when i did bigger shoulder faster i would drink you know here but i should have known back then because like when i did drink was like binge drinking that's when you know that you'll probably have a problem somewhere down the road if you're the guy that drinks and you got the guy that drinks once a month but you get completely hammered you know that you might have a problem you know i wasn't the guy that could ever put it down what does it feel like to make a documentary about prescription drugs while you're hooked on prescription odds guilty really guilty the whole time like i had raised the money to do it i was moved forward with it had a bunch of people involved so like who the fuck do i tell you know you're in this weird
situation we like i'm a hypocrite but i can't that what i just stop doing this and pull the plug and have people working for me people in the film a partner gregg young was error since the very beginning and he was he knew what was going on but you didn't know it wasn't like pull the plug on his own job unlike the hidden he cared about me and wanted to help me but he didn't know how to help me how much report of the film does this become it's it's sort of towards towards the end so do i can in the third act the film you know we sort of discussing go into it we didn't into a whole lot about recovery because the movie isn't really about that but in your body the movie normal kane but if your whole quarter a quarter of a year you know that's crazy they d take you away from society require very few people can afford
do they know it's crazy man what happened was if i feel this i feel almost everybody if they could unplug from life for like thirty days even like ten days later people the occasion is going your phone is not a lot of people round under they know right it's the serbian that environment of solitude is like an amazing feeling that though dark yeah go and dark what happened to me was in the third the so yes how they help me and i could tell you that i think part of it a big huge part of you talk about like a in all these other programs enabling ever testimony spiritual awakening so the third day that i was in rehab i went took a shower and it was like a four o clock in the morning or some i couldn't even sleep or anything and i went in the shower idas cried for like three hours the fuck am i doing i want to u s she found school i want i did all the right now i i train you know my whole life i did everything
right way and i'm fuckin blown it and that's why i got him you know it was myself the got me it wasn't it wasn't anybody else really you know another thing that happened to him and treatment was cliffside malibu is beautiful multimillion dollar facility it's it's really nice it's a fucking malibu california which is beautiful but i think once you are there for like two weeks they took you wave there are three in some shit all right yeah what happened was so was therefore i personally think it's all part of the plan yeah i was there for ten days an arm and after ten days i was being helped by the facility that they were they were funding they were helping me so on since they were helping me out as i was part of this movie and the guy does have compassion for me richard tate and wanted to see me get better if a guy suspicious that you had a problem when you get out of here time interview many where exactly and so so he said to me we can't afford to keep you anymore it's sixty ran a month to go that place
of course a lot of insurance covers it and why is it that yeah insurance cover depends on your shovel scam so the fog insurance covers that they may go it's all part of this is all part of this what it needs a box money for them it's hard to come up with our money money for there are about with it but i have the money for that so do i saw you in this place is not so good so what happened was i went to a place called clare foundation it's in santa monica and it's like very industrial it's it's a government run rehab facility it's me i walked in there and i saw this guy with no teeth and he's like scratching his nuts you're not gonna like it in here the pillows really tough and i walk in unlike where the fuck do you leap in hand i'm looking there's all these bunk bed that might well where's my room like another is no room it's one big room with forty bunk bed and forty grown men and thirty nine
just got out of jail and you're throwing when its normal kind of he knows it was sort of a facility like ours a star something out of like one flew over the cuckoos nasa and when they put me in there that was like fuck this man you know i know like a lotta attics will say look i'm not like that or a motley this this was then i was so far fetched from where i would we find myself in my life so far down those like fuck this i'm getting out of here and this is it i'm never going to rank or do a drug again and hopefully up we can stick to that you know but i don't have any urges to anymore but it was that facility on that really cemented after saw them that's only ten days or why did thousand facility for nineteen days and it was like about ten days in ten days annual nicely mouser nineteen days there and then and then when i got when they had room for me back a cliffside and ended up go about malibu like living out the rest of it
bilbil and what was really nice about that was i was still able to work so i was going to treatment everyday for three hours in the morning and i would draw two like allay and i would i would work on the movie the rest while it's pretty twisted but it all worked out in a spot you be pretty much feel like you're done after you went to that shit hole yeah well you just value needed more treatment to cement it is like what's the thought tat i like it it's hard hard to explain to people at having been through it people have been through a then they know what it's like ah but addiction addictions one of the most powerful forces in this universe its wanna it's it's something that drives but every day to do bad share in our continued support you base we thus need yeah now basically like a lot of its set off by trauma things that happened in your life a lot of its you know
but i didn't really have that like one main trauma that lake set it off people all your brother died while our it wasn't as dramatic as it sounds like you of course its dramatic but but i was i was doing stuff before that so what was before that i'm a now maybe they have surgery didn't seem to me i think a big part of it for me was having the surgery took away something that i really loved which was like lifting now something like you couldn't fight anymore you fuckin hated in a legally binding grumpy because it was part of it is in your everyday life and now is gone yet it might sound stupid what is part is it some that you do in iran hey joe you know what no more fight and brown you done sees fella good just a giant laws just fellow missing from your life and that's what led you to just start getting fuck down fill it with other stuff in a while when needed think about maybe like trying something healthy and china like engineer your life and serve away way we do some passive when you take away working out what's healthy
well you couldn't do any work out not i mean not a whole lot not not like a and now for how long i mean just for like yours i just i just felt shitty united states feel good i'll have the helps yeah you're so felt lonely too i mean you know he didn't have her till kind of more recently and even though our families in california i have two children so our parents moved to the site you they were from new york originally they move california but we all live in northern california and when it like holidays and some different things mean we'd com and communicate with a model but here and there but you know heat i just seem like you didn't give a fuck dylan upstate york nine he's here to air and with an earlier so he was only an ally and we were in sacramento but it wasn't in or not that far one hour flight or whatever but communicate with them here and there and just you know even look on his birthday are some columnar whatever the case might be and then he would come up the sacramento or i'd come down here and we'd made up with
other here there but we just didn't really realise how severe this situation was in terms of justice mental health you know it's like not a dude thing to do like hey man how you do an incident some businesses like pour out their fuckin feelings are like i'm doing good this leave it at that any kind of we want the next thing i have people that are my film that every elapsed since the film of people that i have a guy who i had to get a release for the film like somehow somebody slipped up and it didn't get released for the film and arm like this like two days ago i'm a guy who who relapse and he's all fucked up we're trying to get to release the film we can't even get in touch with them said it send somebody to his house we found out that he's elapsed made a mess and he needs treatment to so it's like this is a dangerous powerful thing and i'm part of the whole program is helping other people and i think it's beautiful it's like that the thing now is like how do i help
other people how do i hope that people will listen to the show and they will hit me up on facebook and will say listen man i'm an alcoholic i'm adroit at drug gigantic what do i do and the beauty is i dont have do it for them i can just lead em in the right direction and help guide them to treatment and be there for them the people the run treatment centres muslim they must feel like della combating vampires some everyone is getting bitten in the end and sick as its increase the second numbers sick as a good way of putting it in a way out somebody has someone like that you kind of feeling they have cancer or something you know how to help him i think a lot of people just think like i can have from my cave we go like work out together if we hang out together if we go eat together like that she'll be fine and i take his mind off about it work that way associated national heroin back in a way also vampire yeah mean and looking at it people you're not a sickness drove workin for your own personal take all that away
what's going on someone's got some shit in their veins that they need to keep pumping into their body it's like sick it is like say you know what all those same people say is not a sickness and our like a lot of those will fall into it to accept without was fucked up about it how people fall into it either a lot of friends get hooked on hills chris lemons and my movie busy days estimation and is that some issues recently i spoke to him a couple days ago and he's he's on back on the subject so again harm and and it's hard to get off of that shit like it's really hard to get off until like suboxone is a maintenance drug to keep going back to from doing to do in the oxys but it's just it's just something at like he's going to have to battle in every day to get off one of the numbers of how many people in this country are addicted to painful and i should like to point something million challenges
ass well then just how many people just on pills period a man of some people are some of the most obviously some of the pharmaceutical drug so that if they want to buy one a number of others a real number you are number million people are hooked on paint builder walk around zombie say it say it had an idea to help people who i'm just freaking out for seven years i can't believe that's real two million people are hooked on that ship that's ok let the democrats lowly that's almost one percent of the population of the country so that last year in which the country three hundred million people think she likes to that's that's a god damn it two million i can see my people is one percent a medic isn't it in two thousand twelve like the thai easy two hundred and fifty fourth million tuna fifty four million prescriptions were written for language in so that right that's enough to many let's see down again said another urgent you want i figure or million prescriptions provocative were written in like that
here the year before and that's enough drugs that's enough painkillers to medicate every mail every every adult person in amerika for a month so what's yet fifty four million there's no telling what we want and fifty four million prescriptions were filled is that the idea effort for always idlers how does it even makes is that in a whole year and all you do is people get several light so they get lonely pills were colored pair a lot of times it's like once a month you know that a lot of tyres with stuff like that you might get like ten at a time of tuna well here's another step we have you like if you wanted to do something about it and your congressmen like you know what fuck it i'm gonna do some about this epidemic and then there's four hundred and forty five thousand dollars sitting under cable i can either take that money from lobbyists because on average that's how much money lobbyists will take average there's a certain amount of number pete
congress and a certain amount of money that spent sophie average outcome that link four thousand dollars per congressmen that they use for it campaigns and everything else so you can either take that money and just say you know what everything's cool you now or you can take that money and try to fight them and risk losing that money out of your campaign so all these spell no interest in all these different things of people talk about time pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest once to the one of the biggest contributors to these campaign so people dont really have a vested interest to stop it they have no interest right i mean this that's an area they weren't trying to fight it if they fought with that little amount of money would invite work that will help the amount of money would be effective yeah i don't like it so intent which really fucked up is is this shit didn't even exist fifty years ago right that's really fucked up didn't exist the twenty years or how nuts is something so the more than twenty years ago they did
of quail does the big bill cosby draw great enemy is think will but are they is addictive there are completely different thing from where i live and this is just a total new level of addictive properties gets so if you if you look at em ok so we you have on drugs morphine right morphine and heroin are like really closely related you can make one out of the other right but on the other side they they now make em synthetically so there shit doesn't require they did they just chemical upon chemical upon chemical it doesn't require any sort of base it do not read you dont need opium to make it you need opium like morphine but you don't need to make our seas so they figure out a way to make these things synthetically so that they can just i dont understand that whereas
we had our sincerity look where they getting the raw property make it but i do know what the fuck they make it found by like that it can make something nothing for us honour hoods why always understood good did understand like everyone said bullion afghanistan produces no ninety whatever per cent of the world's opium and heroin yellow but what about pills if its if its indebted go pm were synthetic heroin what are they getting it afghanistan is i figured out ways special way you know ways to make it out of other things at all normal bases and change the chemical make up some somehow exactly ducas for this conversation i we saw there there's opiates people those he's on opiates but that's not true unless he's on morphine thereon opium lloyd's which are synthetic finally stairway steroids gobio i'd see all about noise
the oil emirates how strange man that we live in a world where two hundred million prescriptions for super highly addictive pain pills get prescribed in aid year in response and i like an educated country had anything that like that is an epidemic only like to look at what we prescribe into the kids were given kids you know i'll give you after all ritalin and that's it you know five million prescriptions written for that for kids every year you know just keep going up and up and up so easy to get shit to add a mom using at a model i'm a mom and my film and she has a daughter the has adhd and so should brings you to the psychiatrist wherever they prescriber adhd pills after all and a mom starts taken it
and then a mom convinces daughter she doesn't have any each day and she shouldn't take it so when a mom starts taken the other kids are three other kids she took our kids to the doktor and got like four proscriptions every month and was taken my tons of afterall should take like ten day there lot done ass houses clean two thousand ten every american adult every four hours for one month it's as every prescription painkiller were prescribed medicate every american adult for every four hours would mean what does that mean you can't see that line will want to make it so i can see it said outtakes its it's like a bad there's a text of it okay two thousand and ten enough prescription painkillers were just prescribed to medicate every american adult every four hours for a month i wasn't lying christ
so so that users held a day or so dense abusers that's two thousand ten now has again better or worse in five years while it either you know that numbers you know i saw where i talked about our produce pharmaceuticals and oxy cotton and how that invaded america odds of it that if you look at it the government at some certain point now got fed up with it nay said listen people are dying so it's cool that you guys are selling all these drugs and everything will take your lobby money but people are dying so you can't take this drug you got to make a way that you can't take it and crush it up anymore and inject it or snort it or do other things with it recreationally so it now if you crush oxycontin it turns into a gelatin with them so what they did what i've seen what happened
suddenly they figured out how you couldn't crush it and snorted anymore once they did that the sales dropped eighty percent so what does that tell you you purse and to show the area anything is possible with money though how the fuck did they figure out a way that if you crush it up it turns into a jail does that is amazing someone talk them in doing right and they dropped eighty percent their profits and i stuck with it they're probably fuck scramble neighbour studies to show that jealous less effective than they are today find other when you know about my pills hears it s not our here's the problem with a study right so everybody wants to think that they read the studies and the studies are good and studies are valid you know what happens is unique two studies that prove that your pill is more effective than a placebo not affected not more effective than anything it's on mortgage is more effective than a placebo to get your drug passed so it
it costs a lot of money in a lot of like money through the fda in a lot of testing and all these things but it's still not very hard to get a drug past ages past one calls i heard you say that hydro and it's like where its power more powerful and cotton so now there's another drug on the market that's in a more powerful who are these fuckin monsters how we get that similar who are these monsters that are making this stuff does anybody need something stronger than ox economies are some fuckin rallying cry in europe entails is often talk about my medical marijuana i talk senator about medical marijuana medical marijuana kill anybody exactly so so is that something that's you no good you know that we look at it and go like man like it's it's crazy what we could do with a plan compared to what's happening with you know what's happening with these pills i don't wanna be i know maybe one or two
but of ruin their life you know with part just because their fuckin lazy beyond that beyond the scope of that it seems to be very helpful for so many people in my power view has always been that if you pot ruins you live desgas pot got there first yet exact cheeseburgers a scratch tickets or the fuckin jehovah's witnesses whoever it's u alcohol is a fuck and worst of all the devil if you two of em if you indulgent or you know don't have the gene ford or whatever it is and that's not the worst he's having thank you know you don't want to have a drink i have never had the urge to drink i like drink every now and then but i've never had the urge the same way that i have friends who have it and i see it hit some and then like a blanket goes over their eyelids so they d vanish are there any now and then some new persons and those of the people that you know organ at eventually have a problem of their own already if they dont already
i've done deftly of known a lot alcoholics and i know a lot of people like more more than half a dozen people whose lives been wrecked by pills j just use the back injury you know something along those lines and then they they take something next they know they can get off at its very innocent you know that it's not it's not something that set about turns somebody who can be a great listen in somebody who lies sheets and steals and that's what's wrong with it you know pills yeah i was used to think like well if i could just beyond these forever i still have a lot of pain in my back in my head good night in the heavens able in lower back because of the hips were must stop and because my knees or messed up and solve a lot of pain but i know that what happens with the pain pills are its diminishing returns like after a while i'll need you know fur allows i too take twelve perker sets a day let's just to maintain that the pay in the pain level that i e that it uses how many hours your wig illegal logging
no it's a living keep you awake all day perquisites keep you we're some people go to sleep in some people stay awake although out stay awake all day but after a while get up to taken like twenty and i told your day so i thought that was bad so my our maya here earlier my friend in the movie i say to him he said he was doubly lobbies or wrestler luther rains he's as it how many were you taken a day goes ninety and he would say get up in the morning my girlfriend would lay about all out to be like you know ten vague in ten sama in areas whose take a muscle we lectures pain killers he's eddie i even take i guarantee alice every morning with my vitamins like when you take that voice and just to be ready you know this because i was like an asshole what were worth worryingly ease the coolest white guy is amazing to me now undergoing very he's got some great stories but held up with a giant hard so it thousands a vampire with a boner time he lived in phoenix
and phoenix they have our cameras you know on the on the freeway and he was on in summer makes it go to sleep its muscle relax for me to go to sleep so you said he the ticket in the male is it what the fuck is this ticket i never got thriving asleep he opens up the ticket and there's a complaint is days welcome past how spanish driving in his in his corvette going you know ninety five and sixty five leap a sleeping i think it is right and what are we gonna take ever been a slave to guide the airways what's going on him now a massive massive stroke he had a cardiac arrhythmia half an hour we call that he had something wrong with us with his heart to begin with all the pills and sort of living living the tough life because you did a lot of illegal drugs to he had a stroke drugs immediately what he did like coconuts option on top of it so on
but what happens like him he was getting on the black market he said i used to get em thousand at a time big big bottles who a thousand homes so solemnly sullen and he had a customer that buying about twenty eight thousand dollars like a week so he had to get massive massive amount so he was like dealing i'm in a thousand dollars were the pills and anita luck and forklift resounded disguising the sound ex cardinals that's insane watson was a rush limbo taken like ninety day alex alot a so my friend luther he ended up by he had a massive stroke and now he's actually for somehow so what when when you have withdrew calls from painkillers it feels like you're gonna die
when he had the stroke they said get his mother here he's not gonna make it through this and we can't pumping form of full of enough drugs for him to get through this he's got probably not gonna make it somehow miraculously the part of the brain is it is like thirty percent of his brain got killed during the stroke part of the brain got killed was the part that was responsible for feeling withdrawals so somehow you conducted a bullet because the bullet proof badly how little it he's alive he has no more hang over he's completely sober and he goes around and talks to kids and churches and and things like that so he's doing great work so you lost thirty percent of his brain yeah but some we still lack cognitive stall united still there he's jacked stuff so he's on steroids
grace i'd always out loud done maybe he's already on something so is off the pain pills on steroids and helping our kids yet agar what the fuck however where we live in ireland one day we were eating with them we're gonna burger something he's he's got this fanny pack on he's like poland stuff out he's trying to find his like money you know he's i shall pay for ro any like moving in slow motion is falcons ruling on like this guy's amazing what is going on this guy he's always like different bottles of pills like on the table he's got like by i grew up in a bunch of other sheer carries a bottle with every year and then he put like innocently hack yet others bob tools that many bottles and then he puts it sound like a little bag like a clear bag of something he's like he looks at it and he grabbed his money clip and he puts his money on the table and looks at the clear bag is like what
and he puts out that whatever the fuck man that was like that wasn't ok from the put on the table everything else was fined for some reason her lips it'll stack of cash crazy oh my god i did what have you get like your pills mixed up like you just one in a ton of fuckin viagra and maybe when he was asked out in the car maybe he was driving with his dick we have only states bar there's no blood in his brain it's amazing i haven't seen you know he was dating porn star for a long time and so now burnham stars here fuckin movie permit was amazing bigger sugar factory brought to pointers to chicks make an outright behind my parents i was like the hardest thing i've ever seen in my life what a good guy he's also means a lot of us having i won't happen how that is a burning impression he'll be like tom you look look brow now you're sober now you need god but look at this chick tits it just takes me
hundred walking walking contradiction is hilarious so what if anything can be done about this crazy prescription drug crisis because it seems like we we are talking about millions of people in iran was the number eight million people abuse it every year eight million people what is that is that like three percent of the population that country somewhere around as pretty big what lesson we undermine people right so nine would be three percent right jesus i stay with point seven six million in two thousand ten so what is it so i wonder what percentage of people are adults it might literally be three percent the population the whole country is fucked up on prescription pain pills well here's a deer like we represent we only represent five percent of the entire world population we consume seventy five to eighty five percent of the world's prescription drugs that's a lot of trouble
so they were american we do it big everything you do morocco s so and you want to see like what what can be done about it first of all like to ban advertising on tv for drugs judges creates an environment where people go into the doktor and tom what they have run doctors are fucking doktor doktor went to school are you do all you do is watch a commercial you now that's advertised you have nl fungus or you know all these stupid i things so that creates a drug culture an idea that there's a pill for everything i think that that idea is an ideal it needs to go away you know there's not there is a pill for everything but less not think that way are you tired are you sad about me well that's it as well thing but i dont think also dislike education is the most important thing that we can have for anything withered steroids weathers corruption drug here but you say that you say that but you you were educated you you knew the all the pitfalls you had a brother who died of it you had been removed
yourself you ve been doing a documentary about all of all the different components of addiction of selling these bills and yet you still get sucked into the web guy exactly that however what is so that so crazy because you but you are about as educated as a person can be acting now i am but back them you're making a documentary don't you think you're way more educated i was i was way more educated i was already already susceptible to it i had already been in economy so that that's a tough thing it's like if you can get get somebody before before they ever experienced that that's our other warning signs maybe before you get that point of like region for appeal may mean other warning sounds like something that happens before you actually start to take pills or you drugs in a gag as always saudi gateways linking and other things that make it right market
look for you to have two brothers that have these poles but you don't my family's fucked up but you in i mean you obviously like steroids but alum migrate but but you don't have worked to self destructive ngo and like you seem like a real generous guy right but you are a real generous guy just about the progress of this free january's seminars and i saw in them the documentary that you really love work with kids and help them out like what is it yeah i think see my older brother like he just like his life was his life was really hard and he had to like evade staff and why unlike go through all these crazy things all the time become hell yeah because of the pills and it also put it heart ache and stuff on a lot of other people so it sort of me
me go the other direction you don't like sometimes people have a parent that's an alcoholic apparent that abuses them and it makes that person go the complete opposite way and then other times you have somebody someone who has a parent is an alcoholic and they end up because the same thing i think for me i just made me steer clear thou just remember i see my brother like hide alcoholic hidden in bushes and shit like that from my parents and lie to my parents and i parents are are as bowed his awesome appearances he can have so i was always like manage seemed like a lot like extra work to go through even if you told them that you were having a drink they probably wouldn't care not like they would be like go for it man they're not going to be like your buddy and have a drink with you but at the same time i don't think our parents are really care especially if they were like in the house at five like fuck it man rather heavy doing here saving i know you're not driving causing a lot of other problem so i do sir like a lot of a lot of baggage that came with all that shit and you didn't see the i saw it
we saw like i said getting the hip i think the hip replacement thing and getting hooked on hills in a way that seem to me to be organic wasn't like my brother shouted taking pills goes he got hurt and wrestling and then he did you really think i don't have you ever got a prescription for their just passed around their past runs martin and rustling there was such a huge problem so for me why i'm takin him legitimately in and this was a snow peered in ireland because a doctor tells you it's ok it was a real snowball where all from the squat when when you fucked up here going you knew when you drop that wait here i take a little bit of stuff just because it was just on reasonable not to like just physically could not get up off the couch you just in agony and then i just talked to one my buys a jim i do like a need some stuff so i can fuck and move around
it's getting from the gem meant a lot that's where everything done from set so crazy don't ever go to doktor via say like what i when i talk about the hip surgery i mean it felt like my my right side that they botched for two years it felt like it was on fire so i mean your buyer round you gotta put that outright so that's and then by the time you ready to get off of it so addicted also told my friend or to us i do like i'm gonna come back to you for more dog you mean don't fuck and don't give me any more so give me like an amount that you think is like reasonable because my friend what did you take i don't even know whatever was it worked pretty get sick just don't know take two or haven't you to whatever this take some for a few minutes i also would also steered me clear of a lot of stuff at least i got my little beholders i met my wife like you know we ve been married for almost fifteen years now and been together for about seven
ten years have children i got a lotta responsibility so like even if i wanna get fucked up like an hour i finally go do really right in a lot of your brother didn't have any kids now knows married hidden was you don't have any two not our kids one if that's it whenever the responsibility of children keep your hands had only somebody else in my life that cares about me somebody else it's a supportive and you know she's as much as part of the company successes i am so all that deftly play that's just the scary number of the eight point seven million people it are abusing it and that being two thousand ten and not knowing what it isn't two thousand fifteen that's terrifying to me scared the idea that we you'd be in that state and it sort of like something that flies in the rate are for the most part unless you know somebody and then you think of that person as an isolated incident areas like that
it's crazy you're that person's doing like you said doing themselves and you know like there is definitely a personal responsibility in all of this whether whatever it is it's a but am but at a certain point when things are so addictive that people don't really know about it or the doctors wish you know handing out o k in other words for a while a couple years ago they shut these all down the repeal miles so unison day they call them pillars a people come from west virginia drive all the way down flora just to get pills and also about my friend now we're time before luther he said he would you'd have seven prescriptions and he's like my whole day will be driving around a different different pharmacies picking up different prescriptions now they have this drug database that if you get a prescription from walgreens you can't go to cost go and get the prescription however nobody really uses it so we have to get that's another way to gain nobody uses yeah like that they have a plus the deed yea regulates how many these drugs are made and
way more drugs made than are actually mean so a lot of those fall off the track and you know different things happen where they they really mean yeah it says that sailed into the sis is a massive massive massive money making system and everybody's on the take what a lot of money be men and killing people vampires yeah but we have a wan drugs are there really vampires that's of ammo to me as i say that applies in the film is there really a war on drugs was warrants some drugs but there's always been they are about while we had now he reagan up there are saying you know just say no her husband's lifting the ban on big business and allowed the pharmaceutical companies to grow so big wow so this documentary than the newest one what takes place in it that you found was shocking what it would work
this going through this journey of putting together this documentary was arranging that shocked you yeah a lot of the nuts but also on a interviewed this woman when orson when also needs to be a pharmaceutical a sales rep that quit when her daughter killed herself on site meds and on its her story he's just insane and just meeting somebody who actually worked through the system tend to know that the that people in the pharmaceutical companies get pump when they have a new drug coming out that can actually fixed the side effects from another drug they already have on the market and theirs exciting sooner how much money they're gonna make offer this it's just like seconding the whole thing is is disgusting and second and it's not about health and what i very large worry is terrifying has it stopped has it
such a machine that making so many billions of dollars how do you stop it and how to level about it i think people that stop taking money from pharmaceutical companies that's not big thing you know they have donald trump running and have to people like all god donald trump oh you know ah that's something that's not gonna play in to his decision making yourself if people like that i'm not saying him specifically but people like that to say you know what i'm gonna take their money and i care what they say i'm not gonna take you not the same thing the oil or any of the other problems like we the way we fix problems is not to bribe congressmen and i think that's a huge thing in a huge thing is regular average everyday citizens say no to art what's going on in and stop and a right to their congressmen and make us think if all this stuff like people wanted medical i want a medical marijuana didn't come about because some congressmen you know what i'm gonna make is still a long time it took a long time it took a massive movement
a massive amount of people to say we want this and i you know if you look at our food for example everything sort of going organic it's easier to find as hard as is is sometimes to find good food it's also lot easier than it used to be so that's like carrasco cost like all going organic now because people want it so if people want a drug free society a society where their kids aren't dying and killing each other over drugs a society where people can live in peace and harmony and i have their families ruined by these problems they can they can basically start that front decide they deal with all these other things a groundswell you know say something that has to start i just i just don't know how you would ever stop that amount of money it seems like that the amount of money is so fuckin terrifying and if these companies can just live with themselves had sit so bizarre that can justify the production of he's fucking pills when they know that nine million people whatever the number is are abusing them
just in this country ass a matter of the drugs on the market and pharmaceuticals they don't work that they have been proven that they're not proven effective the sight met that we put put our kids on whenever tested on kids so if it's not tested on a kid don't give to my kid that's what people need to start saying that people say you know what easier for me to i put my kid on everybody wants to make the exception every parent i talk to says yeah but my kids different cuz i put them on adderal and now he's fine listen to search out all the other right now all the other options and people want to try to solve stuff with money or with or with a pill rather than with her time you know that's a big big issue if your child has you no trouble in school maybe maybe your kid just has trouble in school i fucking sucked in school it doesn't it doesn't really aged persons going to have their own different things are going to be good and bad you don't on a pill to try to solve that problem malta yeah and school is fucking gross
the idea of sitting in a classroom is especially with some fuckin teacher the run motivated this isn't there and you just supposed to absorb these lumber hours on end there's a lot of april that system not designed for that yet they would thrive doing something in life i just have to figure out what that something is wrong you're absolutely contributor does not care about you mature you're not here about history or not care but whatever it is it's uninspired sometimes it's for the the teacher something just get excited about anything and they are driven to be around the great creativity is more important inheritance like albert einstein that's it as i am you know he was always had trouble in school learning disabled die those who always learn disables put in a class with the kids the kids at ye glue and all that stuff like the typical case of that in our knees become you know very successful offer via passion yeah he's fine what it is you're really good i mean this just people have different personalities in their different
patience you just gotta figure out what works for you but the all that aside it just that the sheer numbers of the drugs is what's freaking me out conversation this is almost seems like elect some crazy plague no one's talking about a disease like a disease diseases spreading across the country and then we're all kind of silent about it until it's too and there's no vaccine is there s nothing there that's why he was so excited come on the show you not to be able to talk about it you get get more mason out there and then when is your film come out to my fellow come out in the fall is that we have an analysis are released state yet but samuel goldens one that's putting it out a similar when company so i get a theatrical release and i'll get it you know big digital release so excited about that will let me know when that happens and i'd be happy tweet about it let him how do you know about it and put it up on facebook and one how sicily poof damn
so you do these but yourself as is like your own project story boredom out you like you add a little crazy cited beggar sugar i want to u s film school when i was trying to make films for years we all struggle trying to like you know make it you know in these different endeavours at whether it be acting her filmmaker anything so i was struggling for years writing bunch of scrubs getting really close you know how it is you're really close to getting something to eat and you know finally afterwhile like nothing was happening i said if anything in life is going to happen for me i need to make it happen i can sitting here waiting for somebody to go you know i really like your script i'm gonna make it or bottle for so long so in short bigger sugar faster was the brainchild of of me and my partners alex one on terms and one oh they were on a couple that you know had experience with documentaries in sudan to sit through com
patient with them we're like fuck it let's go make this on our own so we raised all the money we were out and we made it on our own are the second film i did i was called trophy kids i did that with peter bird was executive producer of that and that was a film that because a bigger stronger fast repeats like hague i want to work with you so we did a movie about crazy sports parents i ended up on our hbo and that'll be actually be available on demand november seventeenth it'll be comin out demand everywhere but if you have each be oh go you can watch trophy kids how trophy kids are the extended version is one we actually did peat bog use that as a part of his show called state of play so they ended up serving like two purposes we got distribution for a movie without was really cool and i he got a pilot for his tv show so civilian hbo go now shows now kids basically it's so fucking weird we came here and we have this tennis mom that's in our that's in trophy kids
and she's like this really like godly jesus freak and we just saw her like at the restaurant we just happen before we came you haven't seen her two years since we did the movie but rather that founded the interesting because parents nowadays are really putting pressure on their kids to succeed while i think they always have but now there's so much money involved in ports are getting look heads like investments and the kids to kids aren't any good bottom line as i get the kids get going to make it in i mean they take no amount of are investing in their quarterback skills is gonna wait i'll help some kids get maybe over that but then i was gonna be john jones behind reality john jaws and be john johns coming out of the womb killing you i said yeah that's the thing about the trophy kids or the thing about parents at a really into that so is disturbing as it seems like they're trying to live their lives their failures
the kid the right they want a sort of re imagine their own life and then we have some success through through the kids work have a basketball dad whose like you know he'll say do you think you're living vicariously through your son is ignored i carry a sick man directly every shot in each move in each go and that's why the reform you make me want to pull my hair out or my case make me pull their hero saying your list this going you're fucking crazy your mind you now and the end normal behaviour to these people its everyday behavior i said how did you spend on your son on your sons basketball career he goes i'd say two lamborghinis easy and who measures are wealth and lamborghinis forceful weird with the did you see the story on toddler and of which i am utterly time limits which is another similar story but to the extreme is a great movie that yes p ended as positive part of thirty four thirty which
actually i pick them that b i pick them that before they did it so that somebody else altered pitched it like it guess right on the same time and they did a great job lawson yeah it's it's a very disturbing story but it's also in its it's a really highlights the problem is here you got a guy who's like an all time great nfl strengthen conditioning coach understands like the science of strengthened conditioning in and in prepare someone for sport almost better than anybody and he has a kid is as you know one listen i'm gonna fuckin project now catherine kitten and it worked kid and want to do it and became a heroine attics became an artist is going to want to do and i think that's what happens when you push kids too much like a kid comma has to find a talented eng talented tom ravages spoken with several times is actually like cool really super cool guy he told me he went played an arena for bali game and he was withdrawing from heroin so bad that each
his pants and he had thrown ten touchdown passes with shit in his pants goody feels like it was so easy for me like footballs easy man it's a site it's like but she knows i'm leaving room highs trophy didn't now he was close up for i think his dad is a fuckin freak man is did an amazing job would be japan two there and it is that an friedman is data they think they like made a man's with all that stuff it's hard do to your own kid you can do to somebody else's could make him welcome machine i also don't want no what you kid wants i like at a young age i think timer elements that i want to be indiana fell but what kid doesn't say that right not only that worked it doesn't change his mind when it becomes sixteen or eighteen years of certain side of it to look at the dad you know i was influenced heavily by my older brother i wanted to be i wanted to be like to be like theatre drama i wanted to do these other the us things i consider like europe pansy what are you an answer
as things through the culture i grew up in was like you're not tough a view everything we did when we can say it was a gay yeah as consider saunders gay ass gay so what occurs when i want to highlight what i do know how to link a passionate like make films and do that never was sort of hard to tell anybody like hey manner not really only care that much lifting while i go this way or whatever it's that that's that's weird bigger stronger faster is available it's been available for a long time but trophy kids avail right now and hbo go and when is this new one coming out should be out and like the late fallen on release too late for prescription thugs when i'll be promoted absolute talk about it on twitter and even get a hold of mark marks we bow instagram entire twitter and instagram and big strong fast is chris is christmas handle would you have an instrument to yeah big strong fast big strong fast in amsterdam well even on that none of them anymore
in short i shaved my balls with his interviews i appreciated i'm glad you do as i say i shaved my last night ass a nice feel and i know that someone else shares threaped my shorn ball i would think guys a fun conversation very enlightening and terrifying and a lot of ways to thank you see i smiled but like thank you my friends for everything thanks for everything search i never thought i was gonna start doing this park ass this all things just it was just something that i start doing and enjoying it while doing it and now is become a giant part of my life and i get to have these really intense and cool and illuminating conversations with people and i enjoy it as much as people enjoy it so when people say thank you for changing my life thank you further turning me all this infra interesting information thank you guys were being
to this is a symbiotic relationship without a doubt thank you fox thank you to our sponsors thanks each and every week to caveman coffee but a caveman coffee c o dot com and check out the most fucking delicious coffee nightrobe grew neutral in a little can shift the bomb deputy thanks audible go get some free audio go to oslo park ass dot com fort slash joe go there go there thanks a dollar shave club best way to get razors no need to fuck around more gotta dollar she had come dot com forts rogan and make sure you try out the doktor carvers easy shea butter is fucking spectacular the best
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are the leading organization the united states providing alternatives to the drug war and then this should be a fantastic and fascinating conversation it will be a little earlier i'll be tomorrow at eleven a dot m so we'll see you barbarians savages savage jets tomorrow and thank you so much much less
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