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#687 - Justin Wren

2015-08-24 | 🔗
Justin Wren is an American MMA fighter. He recently returned from one of his many trips helping the Pygmy people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On August 28th, Justin is fighting in Bellator 141 to help raise more awareness. Learn more here: http://FightFortheForgotten.org
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the congo and met these pygmies and fell in love with his village and his family he's done just amazing amazing work over there and continues to do that and that is what this pod gas was about as much as has come back to emma may which he's doing really just to get people to become more aware of the plight of the pygmies his is a beautiful person i'm just honoured to words have won the pie gas into give him this platform to try to express himself and and you're gonna joyance it it was a very very moving conversation for me and dumb and wipe tisch mass like little bitch so hopefully that'll happen
is welcome my friend mr just ran the job will gain experience will i which with the funky bad felt that beautiful hippy case you gotta go on their got there case you gotta go on there dan iraq in pygmy has returned when did you become the big me and not the viking reacting felt was just something that can naturally changed a couple of weeks ago four weeks ago so you returned everybody just in rent you are you gonna be fight for belt or no yeah its ability to sell your right up to an absolutely spell it or one forty one ends that's friday night august twenty eight will be a spike so you know about doing this when you're here before and you said you know it was a good way to raise awareness for your cause fight for the garden repetition
i further forgotten dot org is that the five year dot org right now and fife of yonder com will be changed in the matter of a day or two so you decided to make come back just to try to raise awareness and help these pigs that's the number one motivation for sure second would be man i love the sport of the sport just like you but yakking that great opportunity to give my family a voice and how long has it been since you fought for five years why five years two months how would you know twenty you still young and you're still got only seven years you have of ashore especially heavyweights right heavyweights i watch videos you train to man you looking good do for five years off as crazy i guess the force it wasn't too too much of a fatty diet like you in the states what's not just that like you didn't
guinea beatings you didn't you know no jim wars i know stressing the joints all that i get the hell of a lot on the battle and kenneth things i'm out with through a lot of sickness and stuff but besides that like ass fighting wise from a lot of injuries matches like you have malaria actually gives you endurance or something crazy libya i do not yet exist there are certain things are actually good for injuries like beatings like her for our right is it in some strange way yeah yeah like day that the in put beatings on people that have certain types of arthritis and actually helps relieve them measures another like malaria because you you say you were like based the eyes doria about today for sure one thing that's crazy insect bites there's a way that they do sutures stitches in congo with these crazy ants and there
these army answer soldier ants that literally the pierce your skin and so i'll just take it and let it by a wound in there the body of and so they leave the head leave the mandibles at the job that literally closer one i've been bit by amending the terrible that's fucking crazier so you just walk around with a bunch of heads on a cut rate does work tat works works for sure then yeah he's like a stable out be just like it enables necessity the mother of invention of notice but does the crazy malaria factor to throw around malaria has killed half of the people that has ever died ever in the world while that's that's crazy that's not had no idea less but i believe it is absolutely believe it's terrible people that are united in our pressure yeah there yoga fuck i told us that is nuts
while those guys have some really long we're looking at a photo of the army ants being used to suit your wound and those those ones have these crazy you long and slender ones but the ones in in congo they have these thick just night so the outlook there were the one up top ass crazy though it might be that photoshop felix vegas work but that's the stitches that's volume necessity or ain't mean you figure out a way to close things up crazy in the congo right now these other kinds of stuff that's real sticky sap the kind men things together from trees sees vines to tie up a bunch of stuff like soccer balls valise a teacher o t shirt a rag and they to use these fines in time so tightly it becomes a perfectly round ball why not perfectly round but rounded off the kicker
well that's one thinks things about soccer that people find appealing is it it's not that hard to create a ball i need is just flat ground right now it's why such a good sport for people it don't money even play with half half flattened balls that that kick around us still use it so yeah everybody's use insane ball i guess it's good bye they have beaten up in part and everything is because they sell that really cheap soccer balls anyways early last a couple weeks now we see the congo the congo itself is really huge right i mean i think if i'm not mistaken i think it's as wide as the united states of america and i think it might be like three quarters of the continental united states the something that's the tent largest country in the world a belief and so its massive it's it's only got about seventy four million people but i think eighty five percent of those people are maybe eighty eighty five per
live on less than a dollar a day yet who are with us during the poorest country in the world and second poorest but is the most underdeveloped country so lisa roads clean water education medical like a chest the most underdeveloped like one what are you gonna can i get the feeling of whenever i come back from africa to the united states and how just cite while this is really developed compared to their where you're from congo to you i feel it while he got his really developing at three movies a yogurt land the efficacy actually like four five kfc now while but they'll racist north they have asked and i guess there have there it's what's next watermelons assholes they say they have what is it oh it's gotta find dining at they have a waiter bring other stuff he had run ice yet a charging
four year your smartphone and uganda greeley while calves he's pretty goddamn delicious i know its disposal not for you but i tell you what man indulge in kiev see every couple months by some some kfc and i wait too either aided or wait till it gets cold and eat with hot sauce can't see some harbour hearts us get some l you could tackle the real scan shed the you gotta go those funky grocery stores to buy or online some get stuff thou dude it's not good for you apparently and we're talking about how to put new sucralose and die pepsi figure out a way to make kentucky fried chicken good for you gotta be great that's that's the worst thing about all the tasty food is bad for you exactly opposite fuck man what's up of that visit first world problems like literally of anybody you talk about first world problems it's you i mean a guy who goes from being a reality star on the ultimate fighter fighting the usa and then
also you lived in the congo for for folks who don't know just a story justin's banana podcast a couple times and story is its compelling it's crazy it's hard warming is this it's an amazing tail of a guy you who those are the congo and falls in love with these people they don't have a voice and and and you ve done incredible thing and because of the money that was raised because you shows on here there's the fight for the forgotten website how many wells have you created now just celebrated of yesterday are twenty fifth waterway twenty five and in what's so great about that to me is we were i was there for the four thirteen water wells and now we ve built so what i love and in that website that was up was we're partnered with water for now it's waterford dot org so the number four but
minute it's kind of like we set up an exit strategy not nut this is a lifelong goal for me and i'll be going back wholeheartedly everything else but what our goal is to empower the locals to be able to do it themselves and so i was there for the first thirteen water wells add people from the director of him mutation of water for come in and teaching our guys hydrology geology all the different ins and outs how to drill well and protect it and all invitation we are investing in the local so that they can be the sir to their own problem in that makes sense in that way now we have set eighteen full time employs why and we have to well drilling teams there's fourteen guys that and then when they go out into a community we invite the community into the project we want them to feel part of it there's a lot of organizations out there and i'm not trying talk bad about him but they'll go in with me dollar drilling rig and westerners that are you no water engineers and that's great
but they'll go into community can say you know get back we're here to do this for you because you can't do it for yourself in the parts or so expensive they're not going to be able to repair it when it breaks and is a good chance like i think two and three of those expensive ones early snow one third of em don't operate after a year of and so what we want to do is go in there teach the locals how to do it themselves create a local economy for it and like stimulate that give people jobs and then and then let the key a part of it so we look for day labours in the community's we go to give him a job while we're there and edelman on the process teach him some weave we required some those guys stutter just big strong was helping people neither part of our team but the core of our team graduated from university and degrees of community development so that's what we wanted
we want to go in there in power the locals and yeah i'm a big part of it and but what i want to do is built a fan the flames and say you can do it because a lot of international aid tells the locals that can't do it for themselves maybe maybe they don't say that but it's kind of the way they go about attacking the problem and you gotta about in a way that that can create dignity for the locals instead of color robson of dignity where they feel like they can help themselves does a greatly reproaching i'm really i'm so happy to do that i love that i love that you're trying to help these people become a part of the solution instead of light someone solving it for them no one knew one when you involved digging these wells and you're saying these expensive wells break or the machines like the pumps we parts are involved as it like this
a lot of offers are different ways to do it it's a lot depends on how deep it is the other there are multiple ways of of drilling a well the way go about it is i would say more simple but harder lot harder labour intensive but it's just a safe while we will for instance like the deep wells those are great and honestly like in a place like ethiopia our places where so the water tables are super deep you're gonna need those this those are actually part of the solution we those water engineers we need those people doing that but whenever in the congo it's a place that is dangerous there's lots rebel groups lots of instability they're not going drive a million dollar or half a million dollar drilling rig deep into the fort over these bridges that are notorious for collapsing and taken in washing away big lower routine wheelers time they're not gonna drive
ass they are the can't get on the roads that we go on cancer have either dance the parts brake on the travel just out to the villages and then once you get there like going in pygmy villages where we are sometimes it takes its taken up the two days i think to get our equipment into the village afterwards i will there because we have to hike it all in and we can hike in our off the nearest rode to the village we can ike three where's from the nearest rode to the village and so we are hiking in over a tonne so what i'm saying this is hard like our our geyser i think they're just as fighters are more than i am because their written down they're calling this stuff in from the augurs the way we do it is he's a tripod and we use augurs and ropes and police and and we use these those that go down in their single prong triple prong and so we have all these tools we can use for each obstacle that we're gonna hit as we go down indifferent geological layers this isn't
animal so you're you're walking three hours with a ton of equipment walk like anywhere from gravel bags or submit that our hundred pounds to the rock breaker that forty pounds and other one that's eighty pounds and another one that's like a hundred and thirty pounds cheese yeah and were taken in all the pvc pipes and galvanise pipes and everything that you could think of sand bricks and we have to hide all that from from the roadside so we can take two days of going back and forth to the track if we're walking that long with all this applies to two or three days of just walking without giant augurs ins you'll pipes and sandbags normally it's like a day we get there and we take our stuff but yeah it's taken a long time before because you had to fight to even get there to start the work and they are the ones we dig men that's the biggest fight you must be exhausted by tying you and get their liking with others wait
and then in allowances are drilling are well in other parts of the world where the obstacles earners as big they can thus our well in a week ten days but where we are we average tend to sixteen days per water well you guys are out there and living with the pygmies that's that's something that we see like that every member of our team based on can they survive in the forest and more can they can they love my big family because that's important as other people around their lot of em don't let them hate him or discriminate and so we want fine people that are passionate about the people passion about the water crisis and in that way yet we can then teach them put the tools in their hands in advance in them and so that's what the last four years has been for me really investing in good people people that that believe in and then from there we can fit the flames one is it perplexing for you to discover
this place in our two being alive in the twenty first century with all the modern communication on that and didn t know that these p go out there and no one is try to do this before and that the eu you're stumbling crosses giant groups of people they don't have anyone looking out for them yet tonight i mean i would say that i am not the only guy that's ever try to help but i would say that maybe we're trying to take an approach and that's what to us about the universe you down partnered with they ve been working with the pygmies for years and years the guy that's leading the way the dean of the school at me development he's been doing since the euro born and then he started with this the university there for the last ten years so went to them to say like hey how can we do this in a strategic way that the impact of last little keep going on and on and on instead of a allotted
its american culture white but it's so fast you know and we want the quick fix and the quick fix a lot of times isn't the best route and that is the results be a temporary one where we ever i caught the show up up and blow out technique we show up we do show we take the pictures and though we leave and we never come back and so what we want to do is be opposite we wanna build relationships get in touch we wanna be like affair with them and then show them that hey we're not just here for four land because that's what we started with first we got two thousand four hundred seventy acres of land that's ten square kilometers in the forest then we did the water and now reduce got them meaning you purchased for them to purchase for them right we petitioned lobbied in basically said that we want to be wilson i mean it up peaceful way but said these before the first people of congo
just like you ll see the first people to africa the oldest people groups are so peaceful there so well ass true than there like the that's the origins of humanity no just reading israel nice thing about about humans uses some quoted he had said about the human race like it's been proven now that we are literally all one race and the only thursday as ours are exposure bright light in different environments of change the way we looked and how our bodies react to the environment but that's the case i don't know that but i love that stuff under fact that all people as far as we know today you know they have the knowledge kind of grows and changes over the years but we know today that all human beings as far as we know came from africa so that's the case these people you're dealing with could very well be the oldest humans in the world that kind of makes sense if you really think about it you know i mean that's where the primates evolved and came down from the tree and start experimenting and moving
along trying different environments and spreading out throughout the land pray not there you're like the cradle of life it's really a bizarre place yeah why i knows man it's the culture there there their hearts their such sweet people and i dont use that word a whole lot but they're just theirs this can be and and so whenever we went in with with my team basically was like local lead i mean i was i was in the in the picture but cannot play in behind the scenes they came to the negotiating and they went then it was the dean of the school of commission development it was my guy that's the director of fight for the forgotten in congo and they said these are the first people of congo why is it that they have zero land of their own because shouldn't they have some way to call their own in and we know that looking through history and in weather was
the weather was you or whether as your grandfather we stole this land from we stole it they have none of their own don't they have a right to have some land and so its kind of and we just lie but on their behalf and then said so if i bought the land and fight for the forgotten we would about in our name we have got a five year certificate and we would have had to renew things and fees and everything else five years we bought in the name of the university there that we partner with it had been a twenty five year certificate but then at the end of the twenty five years we have to pay the same price that we purchased at fort
five years earlier would have been hundreds of thousands of dollars every twenty five years maybe more and then we are thinking it's kind of cool so in africa we see a lot of the countries at least tat my understanding is that as is the colonialist colonist her how we say that they were the ones that set up the boundaries of the country's it wasn't the tribes and so like say rwanda the hutu and tutsi they probably wouldn't have put their country together right there because dave a long history of disputes with each other so they wouldn't be in the same country they would have been to different countries same thing in congo there's over tuner tribes so in congo what what's very here we're all america america bride and or taxes and things like that but in key it's about what tribe you're from and so in a lot of parts of africa that really proud about their tribe and so on the government level
strongest thing in court was buying the land in the name of a tribe because that's what they respect that's what they value nobody was petitioning and lobbying on behalf of the bigness so that's all it is only going to say these people deserve some land all we did was buy it from the people there originally stolen from where there was down there grandfather indicates that benefited the people that were basically oppressing them financially and we gave years and years worth of salary to work with us and then on both sides we said so they benefited financially in the pickings benefited by having their land give him a water will without them owning the land thereon and so then we said how can we give you both water that's what were the next step is the next step after that is food how can we start a farming project teach the pygmies how to farm correctly or farm really for the first time
a lot of work for their former masters and stuff like that but then with the mock paula which means not pygmies we're like how can we teach you better farming practices how can we need a point your seeds deeper you need to put your seeds farther apart because they are not producing fruit because or the corns only half of cobb instead of a full cub because your plants are basically children themselves out so we have three agricultural in turning right now they ve already done a great job but we're on expanding from three villages to ten villages it is an immense sacrifice that youve you ve done but that you ve taken on an it's probably quite difficult to find people who have the same kind of passion for that you have does it does it do i'm not to be a case or your passion is gotta be infectious mean a lot of people i'm sure a like i have been moved by it so thank you but it's
i'll be hard to get people to go to the congo though do yeah well that's that's that's the reason we invest in the locals there they're in congo and they they want i mean the people we selected to solve the water crisis that's very they know what it's like to go without clean water so they can be answer that they're gonna be the ones even more passionate about it than me also it's the old adage teach a man to fish right and enough from our given inefficient just one fish listen there's people now what we got back to the we got off the subject of the well like a tripod and the augur so kind of a machine is involved in digging a stag so where it's it's been developed by water for in their awesome enact machine that that is small enough that we can carry it into the villages how much is it when that it don't don't tell maybe i should put myself on the but i think it's around a hundred fifty fifty two
so he got out so harriet hours you could some some of the land is only like a thirty minute hike off the nearest court unquote road that just dirt and clay and silken big boulders by tat yeah most homer thirty that's an hour two hours one one even three hours off the nearest road say we got a hike that stuff all in my butt i would say that the manual drilling method which has been approved by unicef and yours aid and always other like major organisations that save him can be just as clean just as safe as the deep water wells as long as we do it to a high standard and keep a high integrity when we do it which means we we backfire with a clay sanitary seal we'd put a cement plug on there so that way there's no sort of bacteria or anything else i can get down into our well we have to protect the water and so we do that every single time to a high standard but yes or no
whenever we're doing at the machine is us them you'll drilling method we have wrenches and was augurs and so those augurs would look like kind of like a fool i saw her yet very soon it would be almost coffee care to clause on the bottom of it and at the top it's gotta us a stone that attaches to a drilling stem in an top when we want to be starting from the first down the first two or three feet like it you can see the ogre and you just stories i am somewhat like toiling yeah twist almost like a public good for a four oh yeah man dude reforms on my by well my right supper here my left rise up over here from it which adopted i know i we need that we need to have the auditors changing but as of now it just the same way but yes oh it's it's us just drilling and we can go we can go up two hundred and fifty feet deep underground and soon we're doing that it's it's crazy i think the deepest we ve got his like seventy so
you do in seventy feet will come up high avonlea is dear keep attaching a longer and longer pipe six foot or six meter twenty foot long segment segments of of this drilling stem that's it it's a square tube that's really thick really really heavy and we just we attach that at the bottom of a rope that's that's secured to it so we can crank it up so weak get up on the way up but but we'd we drill down so you're doing it all by handing it to certain wished in depth and then you put another segment on and then you start off start from scratch right we attached to the segments the deeper we go so once we're twenty feet deep we attach another drilling stem and the ones were forty foot we have to drilling stems once we're sixty four where three drilling stems and how do you know what a drill do have one of those do with one m window yeah walking around the action on these before i was wondering
that divining stuff is real i have no clue i hear hear some people say it's it's legit but i've never seen inaction hate that expression i hear a year now i have no clue to be honest the validity i'd still know how can possibly really work i have a friend who had a well dug out here they hired to come over and hitherto sticks in these legs furthermore like he's telling them work dig us now we go we we we have asked machine which has been equally we hook up a car battery in some of these other like electronic devices and throw it in the ground and then it can it you have a lot top out there in and it shows us all this on a graph but the way i did it for the first thirteen wells now are he's been trained in that as well that's what so cool about us partner in with water forest there can generally training our guys on the better drilling methods but would arouse out there hey
we're in the rain forest there's gotta be water underneath her feet so let's let's dig then it was real tough the first time to eight failures over and over and over because we were hitting sandstone now with the vs machine we can see if it's sandstone if its courts if its granite what what rock is underneath where the water table is we know how deep we need a drill but a first for the third first thirteen we're just trial and error we dig it and if we ve had one spot where we drilled for ten or twelve days and we hit water but then often we hit a layer of courts underneath it and so there is just six feet of clean water on top of this courts i was deep but we needed we needed more we needed a break
that courts and then be able to have hopefully what would we would be run underneath that is a rushing awesome aquifer for us a tap into that would make that well sustained a lot longer but we couldn't breakthrough it at that time we were just in how the right tools now we do but but we just had a pick up and move so we picked up moved maybe a football field away and we went down on the hill or bitten said hopefully we don't hit the court's layer and address a football field away the geology was different thought the water the recharge rate was great the water kept coming into our well and do we have to do a lot of different things like we have the plunge and bail and develop the wealth where i'll be clean we put a ground
pack around it all is different stuff to measure gravel pack axes of filters and our works i kind of in what it does is it keeps so we we put down a pvc like four inch sites but will we put the pipe and the gravel pat goes around it and the gradual pact kind of keeps any any silt sand on depending on what what lear we're wherein it keeps that from coming into our well so that way the water that is inside of our of our casing their regard foreign casing pipe but that allows we has like little slits in it maybe you'd be like the size of a massage if you just going to put this on there and it's every like centimeter apart other and that we in sight of our casing and before the
water touches are pipe like its crystal clear its clean we tested all that stuff and so the gravel pack keeps the sand the dirt the silt anything out of our well why that's credible man it's incredible the amount of thinking planning and although this is its invite often just getting people what everybody here just totally take for granted warrior it's taken us a month in one spot a month because we had a failed well and man it's brutal sometimes men and thankful that i was a fighter too sometimes you have to bite down on your mouth peace and just keep swing and whenever you want to give up and you have a team out there that's tired so
in between the field well another one we took two days off but we can't go back to become a bonilla the town where we can kind of reston and get some good food and come back out what we did was go to little market and get more dried fish and some more rice and some more beans and would like a we're out here or not until he till we finished till we get these people clean water only look at whether drinkin we we do what the water walks with them i love tell him my team like let's do the work that they have to go on to get water and men i've gone forty five minutes and our walking with the women to this the women that collector the water in that culture does often in the fields where there are hunting or their off doing stuff so the women go and get the water and it can be a forty five minute our hike with these twenty leader jerry cans and twenty leaders i think fool is like forty or forty four pounds or its full
you're going to get dirty water dirty water that is a forty five minute hike away from him and they're bringing back one or two of those forty four pound jerry gains so some these mobutu pygmy women are literally in their body weight or more in water this is a people right why most of the hunters we were were given this malaria treatment a full aerial worm is crazy kind of it comes from black fly bites but it's from light contaminated water that the flies go to and breed and they come in they by you and then you can get in get river blindness from it river blindness rear blindness is a disease that also there's a picnic woman and moment mariano and a lover to death and she so great but she's lost five over seven children due to this illness and her husband there's a there's a video on it too i think is called the
opportunity of freedom or somethin that's on the water foresight but five seven children are gone and her husband tal waterborne disease and she has river blindness so now she lost all her not all of her children at five and her husband but she's blind and she's blind because of a river blindness and so the worms get your body there's five different kinds of filarial worms in one kind of the worms like the babies go to your retina i think and they act like attack and eat and live and sleep in the retina of your eyes until you have until you have no vision left in four of the five don't don't do that but what it does it irritate your skin is supposedly i've had it i'm afraid to take the treatment whenever i took the pill it may my body i cannot tell you know if you had it or not is if your skin itches concealing the parasites ridicule and norms killing the parasites so what i was like me and if i have this in the future
team has it has retreated our well jewellers first and some of them broke out in russia's and hives and really were itching she's a part of it if you go to that region you're gonna get it if you out there long enough maybe me if you go for a week but if you go for an extended period of time you need at least take the treatment to make sure you don't have that and so as i mean if i if i suppose he had it and if my team has it then i know the pygmies it's like ravaging them you know and so we went to the different villages in and took a scale and and from that we knew how much medicine we should give him i talked to the sky doktor peter hotels he's he's an expert in tropical diseases and he said that he is blooming away he said that one hundred percent of people that live in trouble a climate of parasites oh yeah i totally hundred assembly there that's that's insane i know it's and sailor you live there you know it
some environmentally you're in that you're going an ear to ear you your digging these walls i described to us if you could like what is it like me you too you talk about intensely dance vetted vegetation we're gonna like i'm alive and what kind of wildlife is around you and bugs bugs its net yeah my my wife's first camping trip ever was in the congo veto so as far as ever the tall areas you're here so it was a big i often experience for her but the vegetation its so the amazon is the biggest reinforced in the world but the congo is the second largest but as it is the densest them thickest it's the hardest to navigate through whose parts in uganda that that barely touched the stuff in congo but they called the impenetrable forest because
their savings at its forget but its harder for a fish to swim through those were the rivers there because even though the rivers are thick vegetation and all the staff and ends but dude it's it's crazy like walking through and hiking through i have a picture that's going to be my book of of been walking and how much of this do we have to through it is we are literally machete using a machete to get through to this pygmy village and my day they walked through this every day where it's like the u just walking through the thicket that's going across your face going across your arms there's bugs latch on to you while you're doing that there's mosquitoes like crazy at all times
there's the ants the ants will literally what like a small creek or rushing river i've seen em at least at the literally at least to foot wide and you can hear him you can hear mits to foot wide of ants and interests a black river because its these ants that are just rushing running in and out of things and yes oh it's there's bumblebees there that are like bright like that they have a bright blue or purple on their backing kind of partially colorblind but but i can see women in literally it through the size of a golf ball there like perfectly round their per weekly round and soft gotha for a number of key guide for a bumble bee percent like like a golf ball in what we do is emily and my wife brought a racket the head those little cycle taser for four bugs
and it's in the shape of a tennis racket we just there's one village anti clockwork and it's got tons of those golf ball bumblebee and their vicious to the but on those things just looks wicked you don't get stung by it and whenever you do it like this it looks like you got shot by like buckshot no little didier albeit a golf ball size whelp but yeah we just smack those things with that little taser it's gotta be one of the wild places on earth right i mean not issue the amazon it's probably like right up there it's it's not there's you know what maybe maybe this would give you an idea jimmy me we get those pictures in start with that when is this for this that i wanted to bring a gift man from the go but actually go behind those pictures first and check out but if you leave him that our agreement but that seem d
and i knew you would really connect with this little dude we should have a picture of you have it in the first one and insane de here is from we call it to do and to do it just means whole but we call the hole in the forest and he's a little dude and and in that village day make those does look handprints actually the cloth so the cloth is a slight bark cloth and it's like a traditional way that the mobutu pygmies like make stuff artwork so that clause that he's holding is made out of bark yes actually reach in there and you ll see the the actual cloth at that says turnover thank you way that that they kind of game a few things remembering by and say like tell your friends and people that supported this like thank you
but saying give these probably twelve hisses bark spark watts bark cloth so it fills kind of like a canvas and sorry on the plane gotta been toppled over how do they do this what are they doing a assured it it's the bark and beat it down they like beaten down press her eyes hit or something or put a lot of pressure when they're doing it what kind of tree donna spent so many trials lighter lego flexible cardboard now so either in their they'll do like their own kind of paintings of its really like traditional and you can like even google bart cloth and i think it comes up with big museum but there were that's awesome roma says maisie do that's his handprint and his answer so time here
he's probably twelve none of them really know their their age just because they don't really have a calendar and and don't keep up with it and don't schooling thing i know i found no iphones no iphones what are they doing oh calendars why but the next picture that's right there with you but it's their village and there you go oh my a my right so if you look at the picture on the left that's that's lingua and he's my translator nurse director of implementation to his right leg out of the hat that is a me doesn't know path it has also asked the chief chiefly or make and he's such a great deal and he's the grandfather sangi too for me the lady that i have my own random and then the other great there that chiefly on his wife in their basically the parents of saying
think he's right in front of me squatting down my ring from my right leg and so there raising whom because his parents passed away but what i want to show you about saying he has he has a passion that's common with you and i got to be there for two really cool things you can go to the next picture and that's the stack in your thing to but here's the village at night and that he's got a sweet little guitar thing he made you use the he used wire from attire to make the stringed string of the string instrument like steel belted radial tyler that cancer yeah i think so i mused like old abandoned irony just made this thing out of wood to i got a guitar he got the why like stripped it other restricts it out of the rubble and made himself stringed instrument but a few the thing he's off my back and issues this is
how we learn the most about how we can help them sit around the camp fire with them we we ve got it made a goofy name for it but we cannot campfire university is that's really that's where they take us to school whenever sit around we that's where we can hear the truth about the really treated no one else is around like any of their oppressors and stuff there able to just be the self sometimes we would pretend to be asleep so other people would leave but now this is on their own land and they have like freedom to two just chill and relax and then a few the next picture but i was alone ok so you got that picture also but that's one of the first antelope wild kind of bushmeat that i got to eat so they called call everything bushmeat yeah basically have had monkey which now i realize approach and do that again sprawling on healthy right you can get a bowler
so that's a bullet from monk that shit but i didn't know i didn't know about that i get a then i'll send the bullet liars broke out like literally a month or two after eight the monkey and also my god this until the day disavow narrow the other one with a boner syn he got his on the next picture he got his with a spear when this is his crimes this is his first and what they do is they chased it into a net so they string these nets up through through the trees and and the men and women sometimes too they go through with it leaves and other things that make sounds in the sky the antelope into their there i've seen how these strings out these nets can be man they can be well football field then links may scare the antelope into it and then they have to catch up to it before it escapes and they spirit so
saying he speared that that's her little dude and then the next ones pretty cool just hold in the head so they probably had to write i only the brains eat every part of tongue the eyes aid always anything in that in that villages of first time i saw meeting a turtle and like i'm not that turtles at strange to eat but the even eat the shell why are we i know it sounds crazy i saw him awake doesn't hurt but they would they would cook it over the fire and i guess it would weaken the shell i think is still sounded early crow so the children of i shall eat the shell you'd every part of the fat man but but i i mean for them loads that's we food they got you know how i got no idea i saw crocodile once eda turtle and i thought that that crocodiles fuckin crazy that's a crocodile they didn't think a human eight eternal
well at least you know i've been out in louisiana with my grandpa fish soup and here in the war occasion guy just came over because we kept catch and turtles and he would he cut off the head because i can't really get your hook pack can you just open it up and see if they had a eggs in them and right there without cooking it without really clean it you just pop the eggs in his mouth like this guy is greater louisiana behind the by you but the next pictures of these people have a hard time finding food or is this like fairly common to eat all these different antelopes and whatever this is what is tat this is saying second kill so is there for us first he'll and a second kill and they were months apart though this is i think they call it a large spotted jenny in or think i'm pronouncing the right it's g in eighty and it looks like a cross between i don't know
a man goose in a baby leopard or something like that but i've been someone tried to sell me oh copy meet here seem that animal rights it's got the butt of a zebra its yet the body of antelope and head of a giraffe and lessons cases only in the congo and that's what looks like at least but it's in the giraffe today family it's the only other surviving animal and that family etc with i look enough freaky fuckers yeah i have seen these things before they look fake it looks like a mythical creature in the dress emily and someone's try to sell me the meat of it it's endangered is he wasn't really endangered species and i would have gotten a lot of trouble for you i can't do that if you get caught me pal even try to try to put me in life in prison or something we're if you had been enough but how they know where you got the meat from how had another is an ok be as easy as you so
but i see liberate things while people eat zebras turin believe so that's gotta being sanely tough me so but by back to my original question the difficult for these people to find me or is it really rich a lot harder than it used to be lowered because a lot of the defects stations happening and so i've literally been able to look up see the the i can see that the skies clear through the canvas instead and then it sounds like thunder in its because now these huge treason ceramics it really hard for the pygmies to hunt because the motor skittish they scare the frightened they their alot tougher to get see others the that's when he came back in four showed me this time you little cap thing and so how did they come back
skin ever keep the meat earth are they keep the skin to make a hat or a little like trophy out of and then that's the spirit got it with a smaller one is grandpa's one that killed elephant with but they they put it over a tripod of sticks and then they wrapped the meat and leaves and they kind of smoke it i'm so that it it seems the last i mean they smoking longer so dry now that some and then and then though those soak it again in light boil it so that it can it gets back it's not so dry hum at times like a minute they do a fish tune
i think this is so it's a method of preserving it sort of like gum the native americans did that with buffalo and render they do that mexico to day they do they take the buffalo and they make really thin slices and dry and the sun and then day they re hydrated again and cook it it's a kind of lake with their situation of them the first citizens of congo that's the way we always use a thumb the terminology similar to the native americans and what we did here push them off their land took the land from them that's what happened to the pig and so that's kind of its similar to something that i was thinking is hey we could get these people these little kind of reservations with ten different plots of land all of them are two hundred and forty seven acres or eight of them are two are ones like half a square kilometers to like one hundred and twenty and the other is that close to five hundred acres in so but that's
lay in the past down and what we want to do is on one of whom we started replanting trees that are targeted for deforestation so one of our agriculturalists that were in turning we gave the goal germany great we want him to reply in a thousand trees and we're like hey you can anyone else you know the pig needs to give them breakfast lunch dinner and we'll give him like a day's wage and teach him how to do to make money and how to you no work for the first time making money until when he came back we were blown away cuz he had replanted three thousand five hundred series three thousand five hundred so that's also what we want to do to us the culture they loved the trees they don't cut down the big ones so the market a whit where are these trees going to cause this as an aim on the amazon whirling hog any harder tells there we have big heavy heavy hardwoods may take a long time to grow to write
yeah they take along as electronic down hundred none and do not really trees that you could drive eighty wheeler through stats why there's there's times at a tree falls in unlike is about rain is thunder does it's it's huge massive old tree that's being cut down you could literally driving like those with a redwoods they have in the eye without stating that last they're not as big as the redwood since some of whom are that big but but some aren't i need some you could driver many cooper through but yes i'm at summer massive and they just cutting down just a perspective that you must gain from being insistent saying environment so it's got to be a really hot for a lack of a better word enriching experience i mean it's so good for the soul i would say just your heart you you feel you feel like you're part of some greater than yourself some nigger than yourself and i would say that that's a lot of my
struggles in life came from was when i was so focused on something small which is myself i was like a magnifying glass or put myself in her microscope in my life and it's like whenever i took the focus off of me and put it on others like it they gave me such a a greater sense of purpose in life of man i don't need to live for myself like this problem like what if i could be part of little part will link in the chain to helped her to be in the in the problem in whenever small problems anybody here has in comparison to the issues that they have their it's it's one thinks it happens to people when crisis takes place when there's a sort of a crisis like after nine eleven one the weirdest aspects have been in new york was how friendly everybody was i going on what kind of how this new found perspective they have is new
instead of dealing with the stress in the other do the grind of the biggest city in the traffic and all the nonsense and all the agro behavior that people know had it wasn't there was like people were friendly in their nice and kind like they had put it in perspective because of the attack and it's just to shame that human beings are like that we we have to have something can a crazy happened to us right as yet i listened to appreciate outside their it's almost like the r r like that the kind of what you say about not that one hundred and one like constantly like that are constantly appreciate for anything that they get anything that they get for that day even even whenever there working underneath your slave masters and they're getting a minnow for a full days labour or to bananas for a family of four five that are literally working from sun up to sundown the to bananas to share
like there stood out like whenever we talked about it yes though they'll say we need more we this is slavery there's a slave labour like it's terrible it's you know but whenever they get that food at the end of the day like their thankful for like because they gotta have it by the oppressors use that as a way to keep them hungry so that they have to come back the next day and work now somewhat sore and sets the stores all this time round can we show that next picture soil jeddah buses out so this i love this is sandy's grandmother she's where bins of bans on the the right with a blue shirt he's a director and cuckoo era is behind them in the blue certain right in front of him with the sunglasses on is mamma leo me when she wang runner waste lease leaves at least show so she tied want vines and least together
and yet whenever if if cameras proudly worn out like they would like it doesnt sniping deal daily closer and closer anything like that but whenever we bust out a camera kansas i hey this is gonna be for celebration so why we bus cameras different than the show a bluff and blow out so that we have pictures would so cool one of the great guess i'm ever given mama leo me is a picture of herself a picture of earned sangi picture of her leo me we do is we print up these pictures we get on laminated and i ve never picture of himself and so we to go back and given these pictures and and always builder cherish and remember this moment to they have mere there's a there might be a half oaken mirror that sake very tiny
the omens compact yeah right it might be like crushed her broken and they might have that for the whole village while so it's but some places no simply is not at all places i give him my iphone and they get a look at themselves and their psycho my goodness because they ve only seen themselves really and and and reflection of water and stuff like that how for this start taking selfies the case phaser right now i've even i even had the duck face their ducklings but i mean oh my my instagram at the the big pygmy there some pictures of me actually given this village pictures and do some of them expressions whenever they get to see a picture of themselves for the first time it's like there the craziest in their eyes seeing themselves on a piece of paper only land
imagine see yourself in a photograph for the first time but the thing that we just completely take for granted read out there's also brought you something that that's inside that bag i know your hunter you like it's like those hunting pictures i also gave some like handmade knives at our from there from the congo humbly make these by hand they like hammer on them and then where did they get the metal of so i d like butter knives yeah it just like her a they made this year how actually josh help me come up with a joke to trigger a joke yeah that that one's a joke because one i try to get a job on the iranian this is the ruin rascal you actually do this a coffee right on this
no they don't look too pretty is from our hotel but this one is the real deal so they made it out of a nail some of the the the people that were working on like doing deforestation in like cutting down the trees and build build build themselves ladders and so they're able to take the old nails out of these ladders and stuff and make themselves a knife in so that's actually handmade from seeing geese grandfather the chief chiefly oh may is his hand so small that he can actually use or the it was like a few fingers he might use it with like three but yes the dude might be for foot eight for foot nine the average height of mobutu pygmy man is forfeit seven so you had their hands are smaller and stuff like that and so they are i think this interview would somehow the other one that actually they push it down on that would
that's that's the original way see out a nail so so this now flattens out to be that why then annabelle do what he found was the older piece of so in congo the belgian belgian congo with i kingly uphold the second who is due to as evil as hitler it i mean they they say during his like rain of congo he is he said and in europe that he was like the saviour of congo that is helping all the congolese but really is extorting on four four mainly rubber and ivory and an estimated twenty million people there's a book called king leopold ghost and the guy had a big old beard kind of like i have
are those pictures with was sangi but ah but wait what they say was that its estimated ten million people half the population of congo that that he was responsible for killing and murdering she's so they call that like the african holocaust or one of the first holocaust because there is no six some i mean i'm not sure about the jewish holocaust six million or something like that but this was eight ten million people half the half of the congo was was murdered and everything else just over rubber the rubber boom and and ivory and had a slingshot for from like their original rubber but it kind of like rotted and broke so who is the original rubber yet like that it's it's like white whenever it first comes out it's it's it's they just made a slingshot synergy and so i brought it really hot but those yet a dinner
like birds and stuff injuries such single meeting parents and african girl it has not in any way get me ass though the knocker and it might sound bad our culture with this is their food you know sir but though they'll shoot like a nest and whatever comes down you know if it's baby birds are mama bird or eggs or something like that it's free game so yeah i mean we are very privileged can discuss supermarket buy food do we have these ideas what you should and shouldn't do but when you're starving to death are you usually whatever you can get ahold of me whenever the outsiders make it so much harder for you to hunt because they're cut down the trees and it's making the animal skittish and scared and so much harder for you to find them
there's no regulation whatsoever and how many trees and chopped down not at all and i would say i mean this minor bureau step but in my mind eighty ninety percent of the logging in congo's gotta be illegal they just go out there here's a big old tree cut it down as its worth so much money and who is doing this what what control all over and then bring in trucks from kenya and tanzania rwanda and there's some like big business men that then sell these hardwoods to china the u s brazil i mean just different big trees at the send it out i've i've seen he's hardwood on these road sometimes three fourths of a serious three slash four of an eighteen wheeler or a laurie silicon there could be completely sunk in mud where can just be falling off of a face of a cliff because it's so overloaded they fill up these containers just so full with his heavy
heavy would because if if they can get it back home than they're gonna make a ton of money off of it so they just load it is it so hard to get from point a to b to like mombasa can yet aware they can ship out the stuff it's so depressing sometimes you think about the damage that people capable of in the insensitivity the people can exhibit is that that they just go there and take all i would chop it all down fuck all these people over that that though just the fact that it's a small amount of people that are doing it too but yet it affects an enormous amount of people worldwide absolutely absolutely from i think i think they said i forget where i got as a reputable source but the size of texas has been cut down from the congo rainforest in the last like just twenty or twenty five years last twenty twenty five years
of the rain forests in congo the size of taxes which that's where i am from i mean it's huge its thirteen hours from east to west maybe more taxes on good roads so just to imagine like the size of of the impact that it's not that's insane that's insane and then about think about the fact that six hundred years replenish thus force if they do get replenish because the environment their growing in it gets chain decisions you try everything down and the sun bakes the land and then is less reign in this far up slowly that's gonna be such a strange pleased to go while you're there in you're trying to help you try to replenish and help these communities give them water and help them sustain and then your hearing these trees fall and knowing that there's just insensitive peoples
chopping down trees left and right in fact in the whole thing it's not like when when my wife came we walked through a field that had been just ravaged by the illegal loggers and stuff and she was blown away because these trees were so much of fallen on their sides there is so much taller than i was like it made me look like a dwarf by enormous into some sort of trees and literally the first trip she came on which was only like six months before that lake those trees were there all those trees were there and it was and now we walk into it it's probably like ten or twenty acres of trees i were just levelled in that amount of time and the way that they are doing it there wasn't by these guys weren't using the big chain saws and everything else there just like going out with accidents
and a lot of it actually isn't just further the hardwoods a lot i mean i would say that the majority of the problem by another big problem in in congo or sub saharan africa is the charcoal everyone uses for cooking from these trees cut him down they throw the chop him up in a little bits and then they they threw a big mounds of dirt and they set on fire and they smoulder it for two three weeks i think and then it comes out these can hard compressed little charcoal pieces and i m so then that's what they cook with everywhere and it's so that's that's another thing that that's a big issue you know there's a photograph of a tree somewhere in california forget where was but one of the captions was this this tree is somewhere in the neighbourhood of five to six hundred years or something like that was like
they were talking about like when this tree would first came up columbus was sailing while and this is a tree that you can see today trees at her man and what is the oldest tree how will the trees been on that and i am sure that there is some wendell treason yeah i'm in the congo it's gotta be so the oldest member gotta be the oldest right probably laura it's it's crazy and then and then there are times that that the treaty is the cycle of the forest these trees can fall over but i like we took family a five too hospital here's one right here with five thousand trees hot five thousand you yeah bristol on pine tree from tat point white mountains is thought to be almost five thousand years old sea
this non clonmel tree in the world the exact location of the doll twisted methuselah a forest serve secret for its protection while saying that's crazy man i had no idea that can be five thousand years old and then some ass often just come along and just cut it down in a charcoal with in some some nuts lake came in here and remember i got getting sick the end and i had to postpone on you and anyways to a hospital down in her up in valencia i think and they had for me in a room for three hours and they were thinking about gettin hazmat suits
allah stuff and i thought you might have bullock correct from africa right right after the bullet crisis had been i had been back for like two months or something or maybe even close to three and yeah they were gone all crazy and stuff and this is a step that that i later some they groups my heart so that's why i want to say now but men i think i looked it up right forgotten in here and it was around eleven thousand people that a bullet took took out levin thousand people that's a ton it's a ton it's a brutal crisis but i just remember the uproar that that in the fear like the outcry that happen publicly over the united states and only a couple people got here now and then and then still it's terrible but whenever i compare that eleven thousand people total invisible this crisis and then the staff for children and this is on waterfalls what
same stuff in honours and dude it's what i want to fight and let people know because there should be a real public outcry and uproar that five thousand kids five thousand kids under the age of five years old die every single day every single day because a dirty water because waterborne disease because waterborne illness that's a legit staff from like unicef or one of those like legit places five five thousand a day psych fluctuates might for thousands an hundred or something to five thousand a day and night for me man i've i've i've held to those children you know i've i've i've dug the grave i've had listers on my hands i've had it will do many boys blot on my hands and like a broken its erects me and enlightened swine so passionate about this thing in lake
come back in like i get it a bull is terrible and we need a knock it out to the can take out so many people but why why are people now like you i would have their eyes open their ears open their heart open to hearing five thousand kids dying every day the funeral five other kids i've seen the grave of nine or ten others besides that let me suggest among the pygmies i've been to the i've seen the funerals going on of their oppressors like the slave masters in the mock paula than on pings us round him their kids dirty water and it's not i don't mean the concrete but now it's not crazy at all and that that statistic is crazy five thousand a day in their under five years old so i mean i don't know how with the six seven eight nine year olds you know i've been to the funerals of those kids we very strange by what we have what we focus our attention on and the bullet things just something that was over here because you're worried about it coming over
here we don't come over here we were it's so convenient for people to not look at impoverish third world countries people that are just they have always been in this sort of state of poverty so we just sort of accept them being like that we don't think that they now certainly that they have to leave the way we live or have access to clean water and medical which are starting to think about it we worry about caesar the lion now this outrageous about cecil the lion where everybody's going nuts and freedom yeah i mean look poaching terrible awful said the animals are beautiful than in oh i get it but the way we re reacted too that to know your statistic too what you just said the five thousand little kids die every day from dirty water people aren't freaking out about that i think it's like every twenty seconds kansas i think that every twenty sites really hard to swallow and broke
guy i was i was in two thousand is that that so crazy to think about five thousand dead bodies every day and have them being little kids in the thing that really wrecked with that was so i spoke at this universe in oklahoma its little money and heard the name certainly but their students is right when i got back from congo and they had heard about what i was doing southern it's in oklahoma city s s in eu agenda and they ve said come to speak our students we want we want to try to raise enough for a waterway and on endued they set out in their court yard they set out in the courtyard five thousand white flags and this is a massive courtyard they send out five thousand little white flags and on it said the stat that's five thousand kids every day
a dirty water and so i saw that right before i went up and spoke and i just went and saw the courtyard and just wrecked me because like for me like the people that see that like the stat go in one year it can it can jack with you for a little bit can mess with your mind to mess with your heart but it so easy go in one you're not the other at war once you sleep you know you're not gonna wake up thinking about that just from seeing those white flags and so i grabbed one of those white flags and i and hopefully some of the people just from seeing those flags will get it but like i had to write andy bow on the back in and then got up and spoke i showed him a my k everyone these white flag to see it you saw it like it's a terrible statistic but this is the real statistic is that each every one of those flags hasn't name it's a person human being is a little kid and like you didn't have die dirty water not in today's h ninety his age when we have the answer to the problem
when we know what we can do about it and its people decide not to her or or like he said make the poor about cecil the i'm yo every i can probably knows the name cecil line or at least eighty per cent probably do in like i bet not even ten percent not even five percent know that five thousand kids every day or die just nor does it anyway i'm the one percent i didn't knows how many that's not it's it's hard internalize those numbers to even if you hear that because in your head and sort of bouncing around there's no there's no like
reference adds its for me me like i absolutely a hundred percent lake so that was when i gave the chief any both chief my my first promise ever made the pygmies which was was we buried him and he had told us that he was rejected hospital treatment twice so he didn't just i waterborne disease but his his other brother his father water borne diseases mom was all alone now and she couldn't even cry borough whenever i am matter or one of rice i saw at this time like she was she was she was top listen i could see every single bone and are sternum lay everything a rib to her sternum because she was so hungry and you so malnourished and she was so thirsty and so our team wouldn't we
we got mangoes passion fruit mingoes passion fruit juice rice and to latvia and we brought it back and fed it to her and it wasn't maybe ten minutes and i was wondering shock why should i crying what like why am i messed up from this so much more than the mother and it was because you so malnourished nourished she just have the energy to produce a tier over her sons death so she got the mango she drank the passion reduce it wasn't ten fifteen minutes later that thing she started sobbing because she had like that sugar in the energy little bitten and after that link to the next day or so brood one add blisters on my hand from digging the grave and that's when the chief came up and said the first time we went and got treatment they told the mother you're too dirty to come in here and she said what can you give him treatment i know it's just a pill or shot and they said you have money she said i'm a slave and i get paid the money
settled and go away and then and then the second day there the whole village in this is like eighty five hundred people they they grab everything they can which was like almost two dozen eggs i brought a chicken they brought a bag of charcoal they brought firewood and then they were able to beg because it don't make money these ones to happen at this time and they they were able to beg enough for three and a half dollars worth of congolese franc and three dollars was the treatment three dollars was i think it was a dollar for the pills that would have helped and ebo if they're probably too late for the pills work but maybe three dollars for the shot injection that would help him quicker and it was something like forty five dollars
it's in the book i got the real number forty five dollars casket than a married woman and anxious by blue a mind that link them the oppressors the people that the mock paula than the non pygmies that surround the pinkies were thinking like these people are so worthless or where they're like animals or whatever that it's it's easier for us to let him die or cheaper for us to let him die than to take care of them and and so that's when the chief grabbed me and pulled me aside and said fa which is fa elsa is my first pygmy name it means the man who loves us and they pull me science it s like we don't have a voice nobody knows about her suffering can you help tell people can you be a voice for us and that was what i said yes i guess i couldn't promising clean water i can promise land all that stuff
they but i knew that through in may and through like some other stuff like a platform hey i can i can at least help these people have a voice i swear it even officious with a hundred people you know maybe maybe i can help my voice who boy justin's highbrow have you now but all apologize at all thank you thank you for thank you for just being you man that but that is what you ve experienced and when you are talking about is so removed from almost everyone lives here we talk about poverty and america are poverty is almost ridiculous in comparison to the poverty date these people are experiencing right where you were you talking about us it's not even human amended citys it's it's so outside the realm of our imagination even imagine
living in a world where someone won't give someone a three dollars shot or whatever it cost to treat a baby dying and this woman can't even cry cuz she doesn't have any food so them enough energy for tears as i can't i can't imagine that world and you continue to go back there to try to help these people and now you are going to fight like not just not just like try to build a wells not just try to help them and get them food but now you are you're going to fight in bellator and try to raise more awareness for this
what what is it a man you you make this decision you decide to come back to in you training in dallas right you're him to take a town where johnny hendricks former waterway champion trains big giant modern facility whether the places in the world and you are preparing for this fight but your main goal you love the sport for you main goal is to try to bring awareness to the pygmies absolutely
it's kind of a crazy way of around about sort of a way of getting attention to them to compete in sport and arguably the most brutal sport in the world he i think for me i always thought it could only do or for the last four years almost fight or fire five i welcome the thought i could only do one or the other young first and foremost like the my family moved with people their lake i'm not ever gonna give that up and like so it's worth to me i've never had to fight again fine so be it you know like that's okay with me so i was just so focused on that and building the team and getting something legitimately started that will really impact them long term i'm not just a flash in the pan and
but i saw fighting as something that that is a platform eminem i'm here with you now just because i was a fighter in and then the other stuff that came about but that's the linked together and so my wife's are taught me and other people sir talking and kindness at war what if he could do both and fighting the lifespan of it that's kind of like a flash in the pan it's just it's a short limited window and down and the thing the problem there it's going to take a life lifetime worth of
asian and so what if what if for a season of my life for it could just be a year to i'm planning on it being five to seven years that we can really make a run if i can that's what i want to do and what if that can set set it up in a way that that the long term solution and impact as bigger better greater more sustainable people know about it more and people want to get involved like i think that it's hard kind of living in the two different worlds going back and forth because they're so different i kind of feel like i don't like go there and see what's wrong in my thoughts now shouldn't be like this they come back here no more what's wrong here and it should be like this and so i feel like a kind of don't necessarily belong in either one and if i do i belong more in the forest with them because are our hearts are so connected and so it's like culture shock he
and i dont get culture shocked there at all alone it but what if you get culture shock when you come back to america absalom in absolutely from being in the congo the culture here messes with me you more traditions that end and i went to the popeye's right when i got back and it was after i had and ebo and it was my second trip back coming back that wasn't like two thousand and eleven i think or maybe two thousand and twelve and i get back and i'm in a straight to popeye's and it's in atlanta and i walk inside and there's this mom and daughter and they're there with a group that's going to do like some kind of international aid in haiti after haiti
time and it wasn't too long after the earthquake and stuff me like you have two years after in the daughters sitting there and she said i may get a coke and i'm waitin behind em at the the cook wishing and so she starts filling up with culture among those poor that out you're not gonna have that and she was monti live com in haiti which coaxing cargo cooks everywhere cooks like those the first thing i wanted to say like any others dory guys there's coke but but right after that like the moms like if you drink that you're grounded she'll mommy ran aground me over coke and then they just went back and forth bickering and then also turn into you are grounded two weeks when we get back then all of a sudden the girl get pissed looked at her mom said mom i hate you i you and she stormed out and this is at the airport they got their shirts on they haven't even got their trip yet and i'm just
like i wanted to grapple none amoebic problem just say look love each other like you find over coke your final sugar water like start like stop it like love each other like that you're about to get a rude awakening when you go to haiti and i've been there and i've seen the people walking through snowdrifts of garbage to take a bath and walking back i'm to climb up that snow drift of garbage to get out after they took their bath i've seen of digging in the trash to find food i've seen it sniffing glued fall asleep we don't you guys are about to get wrecked and like it wrecked me to cuz i'm like is buried a kid over dirty water and now you guys are fighting over sugar water and so like and i'm not like this is one thing i don't want to send people in a way of like sing our cultures terrible or bad but i want to point out certain things that like lifespan then our small problems
and get her eyes offer those small problems and get get her eyes under the big picture like you'll do a lot of good he'll change a lot of things in our own own lives our own hearts firing relationships i think with people at summits is simply a matter of perspective we don't have real problems small problems become real problem just like this coke thing for this little girl means probably you know it's it's just a natural thing that human beings do in some sort of a weird way we just lack perspective of it's not right in front of our face tat so crazy i went into a long story there but i know it's a great story and i would imagine that mean that would cause culture shock for you you speeches like so baffled by at all i went to one thing water for has an organisation that is like believe since the very beginning catholic you whenever i had come
i'd seen you know the two things but practically hadn't done anything yet i didn't like gotten land started water i didn't know i had the passion in the dream and you put me on here and let me tell people that water for kind of did the same thing and the they gave me the tools on the headman the training and knowledge why didn't know anything in his got behind me but i got back three days later as at their gala and and and whose awesome it was a great event and made us crying because i did a video of me in the congo and inadequate up and speak and israel tough but i i go right from their in three days later i met the kind of like a black tie event hum women are wearing fur and all this often and so
just as i woe from one world to the other choose but i see it as a way to like there they do they did so much that night for this project for the people for their families via their textiles while by the add the honesty though that there are people with hearts in the right place and i get it just cultures are different we live differently and an aside i want people run around here in heat of leaves and stuff like that i want them sleep on the ground but we don't want emily do yeah no no not at all but let's drink with me and like the water for thing would lucky for you like fight for the forgotten has gone into a dormant stage and are non profit and we have officially partnered with water for we join forces with them because when it comes to like the reporting the business i always even the logistics in the training
their water engineers are hydrology the different kinds of things that they can add to us are so great if they ve given us a truck all the tools older training they have really been a huge like camp behind us but we're things i love most about amazon is we're partners in a way that that i explained we see the eye to eye on something like all the owner em in the founder he says waterford about charity it's about opportunity and like dude i love because when you just do charity lake it just help as for such a short amount of time but the water for method is like hey we're gonna put the tools in there
and the two that the knowledge in their heads and then we're gonna work to create an opportunity for that goes beyond what we can do from the west or from our short term mission humanitarian trip we want to give this thing a life of its own that it becomes a breathing living thing we're even a business like there's therein thirty one different countries in their their helping these entrepreneurs do social good i think they get paid to drill waterways and into train nationals and the jobs will have to go outside they can stay inside the house in so i just i've loved that about a man and the cool thing that i love is that it's not about us being the heroes it's about it's about the the locals being the heroes that's the thing i want to be the heroic this i want to be a spark plug if that makes sense in the engine
get it started get it running but the people are the strength the engine the thing that makes it run the sparkling gets it started but but locals and investing in now telling them you can do it fly on your own wings like you just need the tree you just need the knowledge you just need the tools once you have that your golden you know you look for yourself once they have fresh water though there still gonna be the issue of food the right seems out with the logging you're saying i it's more difficult to hunt yes oh what what what we ve been doing his were in turning the three agriculturalists right now and we're about to hiram ass a man i'm so account but the gathered did the three five hundred trees he's great at farm and so in three of the villages we wanted a kind of start on a smaller scale first
it is land water and food and anyway there's gonna be a process to a you know you can't start growing food or haven't water without the land and then first you need you mean you can't live without water for more than three days i think right at least some of them and then food he can reflect three weeks without and so or something like that so with the food we start in three different areas three four villages wants to new and they're the ones that saying he's grandfather leo me he's one of the most brilliant men of ever met like maybe he's never going to school maybe but but i promise like the dude is just a problem solver and he inspires his people kids like the whole village to get around the vision and let's do this and so we base he said start with what you have this kind of the water for method to start with that you haven't we're gonna come and we're gonna we're gonna feel it in power you to build it do it for yourself and and that's what people need the needle old jumpstart
and so so anyway this village in justly amaze i wish it would have brought in the list of what it is but from the time it came back and get married and went back about ten weeks ago to celebrate the twentieth water well that was dug and drilled and it was such an awesome celebration but one of the most exciting things to me was that i walk into two and at first i was like no way houses happening like always said i was walking through a forest of of of bananas like and in india it'd on their own wheat we had helped to we help when we cannot and we went out so much more but they had planted over two hundred and fifty banana trees out there
two hundred and fifty surrounding their village they had done a corn hole filled huge field corn cassava which is kind of like the spinach type tastes kinda like spinach to make sombe out of it that done potatoes sweet potatoes peanuts mere cougar passion fruit end yams at eight i think the less might have nine or ten but ah but they had done that all from hey if we get you your own land you think we can help you with water and could help us with the labour some of it like taken the tools and the village like they they love that they come and help us then it's eye hate we wanted reforming project started can power you to do that we gave him some tools we gave on some seeds we gave him some banana trees and they just ran with them and so on i don't i just i just love seeing that if
power somewhat instead of treat him like a charity case if you give him an opportunity instead of saying you can't this for yourself get other way i'll do for you whose deftly much more intelligent approach and definitely better for them re future for now gives them tat feeling of him our man dealing with their improving the life is getting better begin their efforts almost dignity it gives us some proud of incentives we'd be sad about they i can't do this for myself i can do it yeah that's gonna be for you to say you did i love it in one another villages that we caught melinda and its aim is it was i first my heart sank because they really love thereof in nine of the villages they really loved their huts spare culturally important term the twigs and leaves but whenever walking on onto their land all of a sudden
i saw parts that we're just like the muck policies like the non pygmies it was the mud huts that were afford six inches thick walls they had the least roofs but but there are much stronger houses and also had had come back had gone back and then also to that village what was important to them other went the farming and yesterday this village also attended started farming for themselves as well corn and beans but they started doing the huts because they're like hey if we're really equal now were equal to our neighbours than we can live in the same kind of help that they have we can stay out of the rain better we keep our kids warmer at night in suited venom what was value to them was one of the reasons they get called animals and in sub human and other things is because of their twig leaflets and their neighbours will say they lived just like animals lou they live in a nest or or different things like that
now this this places now they have houses just like the others were equals now like that's that's kind of there their model like we're equals now and so that blew me away first my heart sunk then also told me there proudly watch me every single one your heart sank because i thought i thought the maybe had had gotten pushed off their land in that the mock paula had taken the land back in and we have strict agreements and paperwork and like stamped in the courts and law that that hey this is the agreement that it's gonna be a peaceful way of doing this and we're gonna help the community come up together so be it be dumb of us to go in and say we're just gonna out the pygmies russia we we we helped to community altogether thought these guys had gone back on there but then also it was worth living just like everybody else now do these people have any idea of the impact of your work like did
did they understand like that you could reach mean you programme a million plus people can hear this part cast the debts of the impact that you're gonna have when they talk about it in spite of a probable just as much i mean i don't know what the number spikes been getting for fights bus gotta be probably close to million at least i think it's over this logic fucking people be did they understand that they have this idea of who you are they know me as if they also mobility among both that's my name to deepen two like tat only the rapture below you fight to you or to me ok look you tell me that five thousand people five thousand children die every day because a lot i can't get that in my head i mean i know i i'm trying in its i know it's horrific but i mean my head is like one this seems almost like there's no place for it it's like with moving around in my head it is has no may your grandfather dynamite man do losses grandpa
i'm saying it it it makes sense you twenty five thousand kids die every day because of lack of water and i'm just blank it's mom trying to find a place for it when tell them that you are going to fight on spike tv they're gonna show a video of why you're doing this evening a short profile on you and they understand what you do they do that we stand these people see you don't ever see you i ve seen a video of you monsieur tops guard car that's top skirt do they know what you do they know you were on the ultimate fighter they know do you have see my understand my drilling team does the well joint in writing sometimes we had put on little entertaining things where the pig we come around and unlike an arrest one of those guys but that all russell some of our well jewellers was wont get its at least six five on her team and so on
wrestling with them and throwing them around a little bit and i think ben will tell him sometimes that you know in the united states he was he was a wrestler he was a fighter and people know who he is but for them the for a frame of reference like you're seeing you rumour reference for five thousand kids dying every day i don't think they really have of reference for for her sports television like i'm never met a mobutu pygmy that has a cellphone that has electricity i've met someone with a flashlight couple guys with a flashlight that's cool do absolutely so end and we ve we ve left behind some of the cheaper like radios and they can get like two stations one agenda but but for them i i mean the soccer don't you think they really know that that's a professional sport maybe they do but they don't have a reference because they don't only of the poor
here's the watch watching the games like they know kick up all around and la tenderness in a big circle but there's oh i should not miss speak because there's a couple places that with the mock followed they have like some some teams and have some some fields and stuff but that's only like to the places other that ensures a circle and kicked the ball around so no i wouldn't say that they the have france for what what i'm trying to do for him but like that's not what it's about for me now i know it's not about that for you but i'm here for them gotta be so odd this guy the first white person i've ever seen and there's a video view that was going around read it long time ago a u medium and then touching you and i can't believe you're whiteness freaking out but this guy who shows up out of nowhere like a mythical creature mean if you if if no one else could ever reach them and if if you
stop going there and if if all contact with the outside world seized you would be like a part of their religion and understand that you'd be like some jesus christ type character that comes out of nowhere some some magical man from another world who show them how to get water loves him and cares for them is a video of you were there their grabbing you and touching you and that's how i see the muck paula that's the non pygmy kiddos so there their parents most of them were kind of the slave masters and even even from that village were the reason any bow was denied hospital treatment so but but really like i believe this was a moment used in my life especially i'll it blew up i just put it up for a couple my friends to look at and it had liked literally forty view before all of a sudden went viral it was up for four months three months for months but
look if they're beautiful miles elections now right yet on on youtube it's one point eight i think but on facebook a bunch people ripped it and posted it and it was over twelve million so twelve million on facebook you literally are like of religious character i mean no i know you don't know about that cause you're humble and you're not looking at it like tat but there the sheer perspective like for them two to be living in a world where there number one concern is feeding themselves parasites trying to get some clean water and some guy comes from a place on the other side of the planet and this guy does this thing called mixed martial arts and he aids and they broadcast on television something they ve never seen before in their life they ve never in a video have no idea what am i may as they have no idea impact and then you
when on podcast and talking about any of websites to help you contributing this is up its that i mean can't imagine they would understand what this is all funding them really your head here your hair and you do my beard america itself two countries when you backed up when you at the back he standing straight run away i didn't know what to do well i've gone into some villages before and literally the the women their children and dive into the huts the men rowan and hide behind trees and grab their bows and arrows and spears and gone hand and it's funny catches in those cases is wholly happened a few times like three or four times actually premature renew village so maybe ten times but but whenever i go in it's funny cause it's
may the women that are the the brave ones that come up to me first and then and then touch my arm or touch my movement they just i've heard once before us cuz the first wave they are seen or is he real because we can give this village a heads up that we're commoner that i was almost no man away one time they're like is at a lion man another one those like is that is at a spirit is that the ghost a guy like some tell you like an alien for a young woman look we did this crazy wild looking guy here right with all this hair and there i just let it go wild and so so strange so in with the pygmies in the most politics there most down even our well drilling team around his fastening with my body here the arm here because because they don't have armies were like here and there
covered in maintaining some kind of a white guerrilla some my bodies with communism great lights ask watch or the vanilla guerrilla so strange i just can't imagine how odd it must be to them and they even really know how it is for them and not have the preference of television not understand like if you could take them you mean spike tv wants a really make an impact would need does the congo take some those old fellows fly amount to your fight doubtlessly fuckin man what do you think would they had a grocery store with you think us using i've always thought using a credit card does for that transaction transaction it looks like they give it right back to you so it's like you get all this food you the cashier the card they smile at you give it back and take all the food out thank you think it's for your right tries
get them to understand what the internet is or that moving moving sidewalks at the airport about in times square i am in new york city or vegas sometimes i think about it i think would be awesome other times i think about it and i think it would be torture i don't know i mean maybe that it's crazy but also like giving em up swear all of a sudden they have everything at their fingertips and take him into a grocery store and then the date they missed their family right away taken amount to go to benjamin or lingers wedding they started missing the forest like deeply missing their friends and family deeply missing a nursing getting so homesick for something and two or three days like an old man and so on because their their struggle so they'll yet i don't live and then to stay alive and when there with us they're dead the food everywhere like we're cook in the mills foreman everything when they came to the town and i took out things capitola and
he's on the video that son on kickstarter launched today but i am he passed away recently and miss me up around these are my favorite deeds and am anyways took him to the hospital is seven times and what is this jamie when he put not theirs kick started and how to add a someone get this its kicks a common in its fighting for freedom it's a new it's going to be we want to tell the story i don't love if we had five minutes surely in play i could do it the volume and my american bubble gimme your restoring their two people groups in the rain forest the muck paula meaning i pygmies things the pygmies are the mug palace slaves taverner that for these reasons now there's a drink
it's not just the thing of the past i mean that's what i thought you know live in my american bubble you know there's no slaves than a new router that eighteen hundreds slavery in today's age why communities two generations that cost monkeys or jungle people i e money follow it tell us where nothing after their their costs nothing do not we will think you fool creators or are we human rights equal moutans leave masters come up to me and say raise your doing with my animals what are you doing with my property i only speak
when i worked hard from morning till night when we get paid environment in us to share must be given to the need for a whole family to be given a few fish if you buy something small so that they can come back and work the next day so that their hungry at the halfway back in your little they made a mistake or would we would be opened and yet so much kindly i would create us we're schuman we have to fight this people fighting my name is just in rim thirteen years old i wanna be do you see fighter for surviving professionally nineteen years old was on a reality tv show called the ultimate fighter when i was twenty one main event at the hardworking las vegas was twenty three and that was what i always thought was can be might significance my purpose was you be fight if i give you that since
just come here to come and go why i should be sweet loving amazing people be literally thought of them believed to be animals whenever there is so something we can if there's something i can do fighting against people but really i was just supposed to be fighting and even whenever we feel like the last ounce of strength is leaving
do we have the tools to fight and will see something amazing i've seen people set freeburg i've seen people set free my name is dear watson and i'm a filmmaker this story has dramatically changed my life what inspires me about jason is here is a guy who's at the top of his game and he leaves everything behind to go and serve and love someone else so we really want to tell the story through found because at the store that really can inspire in entire audience to fight for something other than themselves in a fight for freedom so what i love about dare can i choosing the crowd funding rout being i kickstarter is that we get to involve passionate people want to be part of the story be part of this vision and that's why we're inviting you along we could have gone different routes for funding we wanted to involve people in this process
this is an awesome opportunities cats to really asked give my pick me family voice when that was my first promise that i gave them that i could try at least try to give him a voice now mask you help me help me give them ways so this kicks our campaign really is trying to get just the hard cause whoever has found the finnish out things that you have to do to get a phone out on the biggest state possible that's what we're asking you to do so this money it's not going to me as the filmmaker i am literally giving up all of my time in the time of my protection team for free to do this because we really believe in the story we hope you do too and we have some amazing kickbacks really talking you guys we want to make sure that you guys phil as involved as we do as a film makers and as just an does as a subject in going down this journey with us so you may be asking why don't we just
if money to fight for the forgotten which is just an rennes organization that works with the answer that is yeah that would be awesome in fact if you feel like that's where you want to do and you gotta give directly to help free pygmy slaves through water i would say go for it absolutely go to fight for the forgotten dot com and give their think of this though as an opportunity to see just a dramatic impact on the lives of other pygmies and honestly and the lives of our audience as well so that this project and we hope give highness that's awesome i just tweeted that out of anybody think he wants to check that out go to my twitter page be up there right now today is listed the twenty fourth monday between
fourth so to be if you're here and this in the future to go back to monday twenty fourth and look for my twitter page or go to fighting for the forgotten just do a google start that google search rather for kickstarter fighting for the forgotten the picture is actually was fighting for freedom for of dressing fighting for the four gotten fighting for freedom fighting for freedom but but the book is fight for the forgotten that comes out on september fifteenth there's a book with a letter that help me right that low hunt up new times pursuing author with randy wrote jones and she she helped me right book and it it was cause it turned into suddenly compassion project for her and that's gonna be one of the the kickbacks on the arm the kickstarter if you go support the kick started you can get one of the books and i'll sign it and stuff and i
then if people just want to go on amazon they can get the book in its it's like half price right now till it until it actually releases it's like twelve bucks owner release it will be like twenty four and in the cool thing about that is thirty three percent of my portion of anything from the book up thirty three percent goes to the to the bigness goes the waterways and stuff like that when you decided to get back to emma made to try to bring awareness and try to bring more attention to these people long and have been since you trained entire time five years nothing nothing i mean i was hiking through the forest and i was i was no more so i was absolutely none what did it feel like to get back to the gym the first day back
like i should have been trained and now my my my body it hurt for a while and i only really sir training two or three months before i went this last time which was ten weeks ago and then i've been trained in this entire came to the wall the last weeks or so but it is the was crazy about me up on a card quicker and so far go into the congo to celebrate the twentyth waterway plus like visa issues they wanted to try to take it as a corrupt my five year visa and em they're trying to take into account yet it is so and my wife my left calmly last time or basically they marked it down the road it down that we left six months earlier than he had no nine months earlier than we had and i have to go back at least every eleven months to check in to show them my cam i'm act
we coming into congo and doing stuff so all of a sudden my time with they said literally i got a call and it was from university and from our team the drillers and they said f a week we heard that that you're going to lose your peace in three weeks so what why i like go look at your your passport they write down the wrong wrong date and so they literally wrote down the wrong date of me my exit visa just so that they could try to get another twelve hundred dollars or fourteen hundred dollars out of me for new visa and i mean i would have lost it when i went in and they would have a way to say all you came in illegally and you lost your passport and your visa and we're going to rescue and try to even more money out of me and when i got my visa the first time literally i didn't have a passport for over three months in the congo i had to send my visa or my passport to the capital and people i didn't even know never i still have never met
were handling my my passport in the forest and you could install the academic stuck under presented i would have to do that again whenever i got back i gave you stuck in canada did i got a friend that is arrested in congo for nine days and was thrown a basically like a dark dungeon la miley people for what he had to go through arrested and for a go proudly said he was a spy so you spy through men the embassy how to get involved rate duty private want meta i wish i could say what what he does jesus fucking christ i still go pro gets thrown in jail for nine das and ninety days if you have helped to get out yet the thing it's crazy about congo prisons is you don't get fed they you have to be fed by people and outside
if you get arrested it's up to your family and friends to feed you so this dude is he was all alone and he got thrown in prison and then you don't have clean water at all they do bring your water but it's dirty and i think he was i think technically he was in prison in goma which is a crazy city like one of those same places on planet earth also all rebel group called in three took it over and not too long ago erlich over over year maybe maybe closer to two years now but i'm rebel group came in the military and police that were supposed to protect goma gomes a million person city a million people at least it's like the the capital of the eastern congo it's where been africa's air is urban f like hurries his name he's there in congo as real heart for congo that's where batman been outlined here
he's gonna organization there and strained do some stuff in nj julie goes there like helps rape victims but when the rebel group came in the military and police that are supposed to protect it just ditch their guns ditched everything and ran away and like a small we should just turned over to the rebels and said they were already rebels anyways the the congo military is basically comprised of former rebel groups that disbanded and came on with the guy and so there like thirty eight different or warring rebel groups in just the eastern congo i think i think it was bbc in new york times i'm not sure which one said what which but they called the rape capital of the world and how on earth for a woman because a staff had come out like two thousand twelve or two thousand eleven seven one woman every one minute is raped in the congo she had its own way
of war its twelve hundred women a day in so yet not it's crazy there and in please you ashes jail their gaze using jennifer these six days in earthly they took him to the capital from their though you have to see how to get to know for released sassy what are you doing for just starving thanks i mean i would have to talk to the guy about it he d him and i haven't really talked about how although it went all i know is he works and surrounding countries and deeds awesome he's got a business that works in whole foods and other stuff that that goes to do social good i was a really great i wish i could say i don't think you want me to tell a story but i don't see his name but he won't come back to i don't think or at least i've heard that from from will that surround him and his family and stuffs including amount yet absolutely in it was forego pera only had was a go opera and they did that creep
i have the right people in place that that they don't mess with me as bad although they do mess with me just like that visa they just try to get money out of you fun place africa's sounds like a terrific spot jesus christ the strongest mary so from the top i'm you you have five years off you start training again how long between that and your fight how long have a trained yes i think if i put it all together maybe four or five months is all it no no not split up now i'm ready i can tell you that i'm ready for the fight i think how does it before you like felt fit again i mean how long did you before went back to sparring in the eyes of the four last for five months of an i've been
sparta help jeered rochelle get ready for a couple fights and help just ready for a couple sites and yes what is in their sparring with the guys and stuff but i first minos brutal whose tough like my body took a beating and i was thinking i needed i was told i need a new surgery i needed momentous cleaned up and stuff like that not a big one but to get its scope it was like i don't know what i should do should i fire shouldnot and and then i found some some great doctors that that decided to help me kalliope either and denver is called a integrative performance in some new place one of the doctors iron main competitor she's awesome helps all into fell and i'll be and be a guys but it's with where time but it before but reject i'm yeah yeah i'm a big fella so great men they started you start training and then like did you immediately book a fight
how did you how'd you decided when you're gonna come back i came in i so i flew out here three times i think for two weeks and was standing with loretta hunt working on the book and she said what if what if i had a meeting with skype ochre would well i just go talk to him about exploring fighting again she asked me and said come potent prodded we're going how are gonna fight again and and our already been thinking about it and talk to my wife and which my wife never know me as a fighter she thought it did tiber at first she didn't know you do know ever may was now when we first third and when she found out she was ok lake and i told her mixed martial arts and so should the taboo or consumer do
cardio kickboxing with your friends but she's so sweet she so awesome and this will be our first fight to ever will for me to ever be a she's been at josh's to ufc fights in austin and dallas be a third life and they may fight and yet you saint john josh blonde josh pilgrims theoretically bear me so when you were planning i'm doing this you you start thinking maybe i should do it loretta prize you you note with sky koker what what made you decide to do go belcour not go back to the sea i taught but we urge my management everything talked with the sea i would say that man that's a great opportunity obviously flood the of sea great great great you help and support the water wills and may mark whereby an office the last time did i butter from one of his people its bonuses
to utter wells worth of donation that's us on the dude need the great is seriously a great dude in he might not have i don't know probably dont want public props but i am given the tomb in then whenever came out maybe scott though i just felt like you know you have seek good you get lost and i don't mean that in a bad way but just five hundred and sixty some dudes under contract as where i am and isabel toro lesson their their main card guys significantly less and also the whenever i talked with scott more of an idea of we want to get behind this before i even talked fighting he had sent out a video just watched he had sent that out to friends and family say look at the sky from fighting is done and do not even have a champ who's a heavyweight champ i'm gonna mess it up
it's a russian guy vote cobblers and now it's vitali or something like that nobody knows though i mean it's not you know me soon that's what i'm sam i'm like you could be developed or heavyweights that's like a legit possibility right now it out this is what i like look at it as an of me for my wrestling background and in full sometimes you get you don't get this perspective but from play background you think of a podium in the chance at the top and then there's you know there is a top aid or all americans or whatever it's this podium of a guys look at it as me and i want to i want to get on that podium and eventually i want to get to the top i want to get to the top that podium be the guy at the top the champ because if i'm there i have a bigger voice a bigger voice for my fan
and so i mean people will look before watch if i'm on the podium and i guess they already are cuz of the you know you and great people that are getting behind the story that see that it's important but i know that the better i do in fighting the more people will listen and i know that cheap and shallow at times there s nothing to ensure or shall above all did you even like a movie living factors like this crazy inspirational movies is amazing out it's amazing a man so since its it's hard to imagine that someone could be that selfless it's doing as much as you're doing it suits really really inspiring thank you ma am men whenever i i own ever look at it because of the team that we ve lined up men the seventeen full timers we got now about
twenty each and every one of those people on that team like there such fighters in their so giving in their so selfless and they'll go live in the force year round and andrew wells and teach fund teach all this other stuff so i we ve got it he must such great people and we ve had a let guys go that just work or with it or or we went through twenty people before we finally got to our team that we have now learned legitimate twenty people i can only imagine how many people eat the matter dedication dedication that you have to have to live that life in to be debate selfless to go over there and dedicate all of your time and you jimmy get to go home that's your arm now and saw it
we try to give them anywhere from a month minimum to eight weeks maximum in the forest and though they get to come home for two weeks rest up a little bit lingo back up while data probe for parasites yeah but you gotta get healed up other staff so that we can always how we can there's no like healthcare system or insurance there's or trying to figure out how we can really set up our team that they're giving so much of their bodies you know like their health their time the the we try to feed him really well out there but still it's not as good as being in a city or town can we imagine an eye magellanica medical care they even have out there tat s why almost died the forum for labs told me i didn't have malaria until i was almost dead then i got out into the garden they like it either said sixty to seventy or sixty five to seventy percent of my bloodstream was parasites and in congo they didn't
they couldn't see it at all so sometimes i will like our head guy we his wife was actually poisoned lay people can be just wicked there and mean so much to poison his wife and children did did pointed in what it didn't killer but almost did she shoes coma to their jealous litter literally use just jealousy they first try to get get the among us who the names but first try to get her our guy and then when after his wife does he knew that if they could get her then it would fact in her him in so we ve we ve sent hurry he's gone too for treatment and kenya for treatment and i think they ve come may be done through tanzania bottom but it's been months and months like she's she's partially has been partially paralyze own side of her body from it and is learning go into rehab everything else so
there's lots of stuff with health and so we want to we want to try to see how we can love on our team that's given so much you know like hey what are you guys got a healthy let us now and we want to take care of it so that's what's awesome the backing of water for their all and i want to see when i first got back i was a kid do you think how we gonna do it by myself and because that's how it's kind of ben i mean i got a lot of support after being on the show and lots of people were were behind it but when it comes to light the business side of it and filing with u s government all that other stuff is like man i gotta see pierre got other people got my board
everything else but i like me and all i want to do is go there be there with them fan the flames teaching stuff love on them and when i come back here i need to come on things like this speak about it i need to train i need to fight i need one but i don't necessarily need to do all the business side of things so anyways water for has been awesome on getting behind us that's beautiful form this incredible group of people in thy s organisation coming becoming a part of you are you becoming a part of them right now you're better when is it and its live on spike well i like it starts at eight p m while inserts nine pm central what day august twenty eightth on friday sorts next week is this week this week this week man it's friday matters the twenty out is twenty four southern more days from now here we find it is to make
agenda ok so fine a purchasing goods ape o eight p m central nine pm eastern wow me too who reside alerting kurtz i'm fighting a josh burns josh burns is fight fought for bela tour five times i think maybe maybe six but i think this is a six frightened belcour he's he's a tough guy he p it's hard he's a finnish or get finished guy his records only i think like eight nathan so the kind of i mean he he goes out there neither crushes geyser he gets crushed so that's why playing on them and crush him you know i hear you stand up guy that told me people even as friends messaging me saying how great of a guy he is as a person and that is kind of hard for them to root against them or thing so i'm going to find a good dude but gotta go down to his eye right there's there's there's a lot more writing out from either so much more at stake now than ever before
the man i'll be watching the best of luck in we give out all the information so people can contribute i gave out kickstarter on twitter what else can i do how they how can they contribute to water for what i'm gonna do yes it is what to follow me on social media there's on twitter on the big pygmy and on instagram on the big big me the mobutu among both it just means the big big me that's what a lot of other people call me that's where than incomes from by way of its random but there's three kiddos now in those three on ovens intended that village is named as mobutu among both justin inside his full name the big pygmy justin why and so that's kind of one of the reasons why unlike you know tat should be moaning name not right yeah anyways but
how they can contribute is me and fight for the forgotten dot org fight for thee forgotten dot org i think later today or tomorrow also dot com will be there renounced old site on dot com but the new improved site is faithful forgotten dot org the book i think people can really i mean from our taxes the deepest people can can can see into what i'm doing why i'm doing it and my heart behind it so far but on september fifteenth its twenty eight chapters of of the stuff and i go into real deep that's on amazon barnes noble do tweet that our whenever comes out i'll do it we would every need man you are you know you're in a credible person thank you thank you you're incredible and i'm so thankful for this platform mrs platforms easy just sit and in this room
evaluation as i look how many people from aeroplanes that i sit next to it someone from san diego let's watch didn't and someone at the hotel and just all the place me in a walk around and people like all it's just a man from the euro can show and i was y know what you're doing so ma am honoured that i could have you and give you this platform but it is what your doing sister it's a year you're amazing not of a lot of people like humour to credible men do it what you ve done is just dumb spear words so anytime you need any help i'm here did love a man think lovey dubai all right before start crying that's it folks that's the end of this will be back tomorrow with abby martin the big pygmy follow him twitter instagram all that good shit and root for him spike tv friday night alright facebook fight for the forgotten thanks everybody
to apply cast thanks for caveman coffee for caveman thanks to gave manic avi forget us through it caveman if we see oh dot com also to our sponsors squares based go to square space dot com you the promo code joe to get ten percent off your first purchase that square space dot com promo code thanks also to stamp dot com goes damp dot com use a promo code j a for one hundred and ten dollar bonus offer which includes a digital scale and up to fifty five dollars of free postage and thanks each and every episode to on it com oh and i t use the code word rogan save ten percent of in all supplements my friends are right that's it for today we'll be back to morrow with we have an alert and unnecessary
it's just to let me know the programmes is over and you know to go fuck yourself about that that's your go fuck yourself learn can i hear it again jamie can you make it but you know what it's evelyn that's it folks would be back tomorrow with abbe martin the great abbe martin formerly of our tee and she's got a bunch new should go on including her art she's in town doing some are gallery stuff so beautiful artist that's so love you guys thank you so much for all the positivity and appreciate the fuck out of people can't say it enough bye bye see you soon
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