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#689 - Abby Martin

2015-08-25 | 🔗
Abby Martin is an American journalist and former host of "Breaking the Set" for RT America. Check out her work at http://mediaroots.org
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which was which still is a pretty fucking cool channel and lot of they get away with a lot of stuff on there that you wouldn't see on MSNBC or fox or anything like that. They give you a lot of editorial power when you're one of it's over there and she was, but it was not enough and she has departed. She has left to do many things. She's an artist she's, just she's a bad bitch. I love her. So without any further ado, please welcome my friend this Abby Martin the Joe Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day we are doing a show in the honor of Derek the Safari Guide, who was killed by Cecil's cousin in Africa. Today, all day, my fucking Facebook has been a mess because of people angry at main thinking that I really cared that this Fucking Safari Guide got killed, but had
did you did you cry and Cecil? No, I didn't shed any tears. No! No! I cried when Jimmy Kimmel cried yeah, see this story just. I just feel like they're manufactured kind of outrage and feign outrage for people to just feel better. I mean yes, of course you should of animals and love humans and have solidarity with all living things. It just seemed really manufacture, especially when I read interviews with people who live there and they were like who the fuck is Cecil. The lion like the way Hysteria in this country made it seem like he was, their national animal like this was the lion that was like a beloved the lion right, this beloved creature, and everyone was like. Why do Americans care so much about this line with no one had heard anything about him at all until this guy killed them, and then, once we decided that there was a name to see some, you know, then it became this big thing
I had a Justin Wren who a friend of mine who works in the Congo. He builds water wells for these people in the Congo that don't have free water, and he said the most sobering statistic yesterday said five thousand children between the age of up to the age of five die every day in the Congo, because they drink dirty water. Five thousand a day a day. I can't even comprehend insane it's an impossible to wrap your head around and- and you know, black lives, don't matter lions matter, no seriously, I mean when you're someone else wrote a really poignant editorial like this african woman, and she was just like this. You know there's so much death and destruction, basically because of just so many things. Global is, and especially with the raping of the Congo, the civil war there and she was like, but lions matter, more than black lives and that's the absolute truth, and I think when people can, you know answer per more fi. Is this like creature and
and feel some sort of connection to it. You can do that about anything. You can either, but we do it for with our dogs, but the truth is we're. Mean animals every day You know it just seemed like picking and choosing just because it's this, like majestic creature and also it gives people an opportunity to be really angry and not think about their real problems like there was all these people in front of Cecils or this guy, the Dennis Dennis Office, and they were saying the he should have his head on their wall people. I would like to see his head on a wall like you really want. You want a person to be killed now too. Well, not that amount. You know what I actually hit me a little bit too close to home, because I saw the this kind of you know. I sort of hysteria and like vitriol against this guy, an actual lambasting him with death threats over and over again people going in samarian blood on his office and stuff, and I just was really really horrified 'cause. I was
holy shit. This happened to me on are really like micro scale with the Chris Kyle stuff. I was just like getting like incessantly paddled with death threats and that's awful it's wrong. You can't do that to someone we're all human beings, you can't do that, even if you hate someone or think that they, you know, if you personally want to die like you can't just be like, you should die Because you wanted a line, you should die because you are a fuck Chris Kyle shirt. I just think that apply it across the board. In this kind of online bowling in like driving people into a hole. For doxing them and exposing their personal information? Could you disagree with something that they did it's wrong, MIA Farrow, Docs, the dentist Mia Farrow, yeah she put the dentist's address online. Wow is very last person that I would ever expect to do that. So interesting. That's so interesting, wow she to fuck Woody Allen. What do you want it's not a joke! Yeah! It's not! It's, not a joke to get docs in to get like paddled with death threats,
well you had that Chris Kyle T shirt. The FUCK Chris Kyle T shirt was that what did it is that or was being on the show that did it. So you did let me just in case people have the last episode that I was on uh. I talked about how Chris Kyle was a sociopath. I talked about how he lied in his book about killing people, beating dogs or horses. So bad that is hand broke, but the thing is he's lied about so many things like Jesse Ventura is proving that he lied about that fight and stuff. So we can't really trust what he said in his book, but which is odd, that someone would lie about killing black people in Hurricane Katrina like. Why would you brag about that? You think that you would brag about a story but like saving a child, but instead he talked about how he was actually bragging about like slaughter
people who really is yeah. It is six one, four wheeler, stealing things super weird and I just wanna make it very clear that I I have a lot of respect for veterans and soldiers who choose a the fact that they there's a lot of her people like Ben Griffin, special operations and in the UK who we went to Iraq and just refused to go back so there's a ton of amazing veterans and soldiers who I think that should be praised, especially when we're looking at something like the Iraq war, which was a complete disaster. Countless dad callous maimed now ISIS is, is the rapid. So when we have these heroes that are with all arised in our society, and we have someone like Chris Kyle, who is the pinnacle of what the hero should be from that war and re, writing the history they rock- or I think it's really dangerous. So I just you know, I I talked about how what I really felt about Chris Kyle and people, God
really upset my friend LEO, who runs this like clothing company printed, a shirt, a one off shirt, Fucker Skylan, here like he won't. He wanted me to wear it. I was like yeah fuck it. Let's take a photo and I posted on my instagram account. My instagram account doesn't have that many followers, so I was like I did not know the shitstorm. That would be ensuing whatsoever, so you were the FUCK Chris Kyle Shirt, tits out no two weeks go by and I was like, whatever nothing happened, I wake up to every it almost started where I was oh shit, there's going to be a really good art project, because I was getting paddled with like the crazy as shit. You've ever heard, like rape, like genital mutilation is so detailed that I was like. Is this ISIS? Actually writing these comments? 'cause, it seems like these people actually admire ISIS 'cause, it's like the most grotesque, disturbing things about my vagina and what they wanted. Isis do it that I was like holy fuck like you guys must have like some sick admiration for ice.
Now, when you saw that do you report those people so it started. I remember I was going to Baltimore and I just was getting it so frequently that I was like holy fuck, so am I in you're going to have to like make it private immediately, because someone had gone like people had gone through and said we're going to put our raping shoes on and find you all the shit. So I shut that down and then I went on Facebook and saw that you know every single art posts that I had in my art page, every single public side, like I didn't want to shut it down. 'cause I was like. I don't want to defer to these threats, but at the same time it was is so extreme that I couldn't handle it like the volume of of death and rape threats, because at first I was like how to go catalog in- and I was, Ok, I'm taking screenshots of all these I'm going to make this giant like like art project, and I was like no fuck this. This is like. This is actually getting way way too crazy,
and then I got doxed by this guy. This veteran, who basically just wrote me and he was like hey, I just posted your address and all the veteran in sniper forums. I was like their sniper forms and he was like telling people how to find you, and then I found out that my mom got doxed so my mom's personal information got exposing. So luckily I was already moving in a week, but I was just like this is bat shit crazy. So I tried to contact the cops for like that. I think there was like ten really graphic like I'm going to come to your house. This Saturday cut your clit off like let you bleed to death on the floor. Like just I mean like I was like, and it was the person's public facebook page you can see like license plate in the photo had like a baby. You know they're just like these people out there, who are just totally proud to be like complete. Thomas, I telan Rapey and really socio pathic acting. So I went to the cops and I was just like there's like five people who I know who they are. They've said that they're going to come, kill me or rape me
or cut my off, and I was like. Is there anything that you can? You can do and they basically just took the report and nothing ever happened was supposed to go to the FBI for light data. So funny. I called the FBI in there like yeah they're, like oh online threats, yeah just go to this website and file it like there's, probably so many online threats going on every day, yeah just watching. Oh my god, especially with click killing I mean that that stabbers thing that was just it just sent me so much because people work people were comparing me to like PAMELA Geller there like ok, Abby, can wear fuckers, Kyle Shirt and like PAMELA Geller can have the draw Mohammed contest. I'm like first of all, stop deifying Chris Kyle as like a profit like that's insane.
Second of all, we're not talking to marginalize portion of society, which is like Arabs, who are basically like this this this, like like demonized population, as was like talking about Chris Kyle, which is like the peak of the empire this this homicidal soldier who's like glorified in war, propaganda and shit. So you can't really compare the two, but I It's really important to understand the real history of the Iraq war and I think american sniper really not only white washed it but just double down on the math, and you know at the establishment chooses these war heroes to perpetuate and Chris Kyle is not a hero. I think there are countless heroes that we would be much more appropriate to hail. What's hard to. When you look at a story like the american sniper story, it's hard to figure out what really happened, because there were definitely some fabrications. So it's hard to figure out, ok,
military people when they retire? They do not get much money. It's it's! It's piss, poor! It's! It's quite embarrassment, it's an embarrassment as far as the way they're treated medically the the UFC has worked really hard to provide money for the Intrepid Institute for, but for which Matic brain injuries, which is a huge issue with soldiers, because the medical community has made so many incredible advances that people live that didn't live three thirty four years ago. So now these these guys are living with some significant brain injuries and why we were doing one of these fundraisers it was it males like why the amount of billions and billions of dollars that are spent on this war, how the fuck? Could they not locate a similar amount to take care of the soldiers, because the soldiers don't have a voice like nobody gives a fuck form? Nobody cares. So when these
rice, retire, there's not a lot of options, and so I trying to figure out okay. Why would a guy, like Chris Kyle Makeup, all the stories he was talking about shooting carjackers in Texas that turned out to not be true, he said he was shooting people and Katrina that were looting. There was all stories that didn't hold water and I was trying to think it do you think, maybe this guy was trying to fabricate a bunch of crazy shit and put it in his book. Does it make the book more sense? you know in cell, and this would be
the way that this guy could provide for his family, and so so you need me like yeah, bring it back to the human level, I'm sure, but I mean I keep going back to the people who just is like yeah. I feel for soldiers who come back with dramatic brain injuries, but I do honestly think especially you know, dating a veteran who was in the initial invasion of Iraq and stuff. There are people who joined the military 'cause. They want to kill people. A lot of people join the military because they have no options. A lot of people join the military because they believed in the Iraq WAR and the war on terror and a lot of I'll just want to slaughter people, and I think Chris Kyle was one of those people. Unfortunately, to think you become one of those people once you get out there, you get take the house or baited yeah astronomically yeah, once you shoot the first few people like being. That was a part of the the movies at the first person who shot was a kid. First of all, the movie wasn't good and I was really confused by that. You didn't think it was good. No, that was terrible.
Are there is a terrible movie? It just wasn't. Well done, it was like a clunky made for tv movie, that's what it felt like. Did you see it now? It's not good wanted movie. Inauris fear was talking about that it was, and I was I thought Sorry was saying that he was just being hyper critical because already hates a lot of things. Yeah yeah, my god maybe, but I watch those like this is not a good movie. It's just not a good movie and you know broadly coup is a really good actor, but it was would- and I felt like I felt like it was just it wasn't didn't have life to it. Like there's a ghost of Chris Kyle- and this is yeah- it's not like it was just a moment. Going for it.
So one for all in gold family would superstardom. He wants to be the guy right to the top good movie. Yeah and aside from just the movie, be mad, I think it's just unfortunate to kind of personalize this character, so much when ignoring basically people came out of the movie saying Iraqis are savages and it was all like justified they're. Looking through the eyes of someone like Chris Kyle, when really I mean look at Iraq today million Refugees? I mean, as I just said, the country just completely destroyed and it's like what about those people. So it's important yeah. We can humanize Chris Kyle and, of course we can humanize every soldier, that's coming back because they were sold false pretenses to go to war, but I just have to feel more for the for the people who are just the the occupants of the country and they just were casualties of this mess. Well, we should, I think we should feel for all humans equally, especially people that we don't know and the idea that they are not as valuable because they live over there.
If there was something that happened over here where there is a foreign invasion that caused a million casualties from innocent civilians would be up in arms and horrified, and I don't but the real numbers are for the Iraq invasion because it's hard to figure it out. There's there's a bunch of different argued numbers, let's say, It's the lowball number, which is more than one hundred thousand innocent civilians. That's horrific! It's horrific to think that that's the lowball number and the highball number somewhere around, I think two million you have sent Harris come on right after this and on the low ball number. There's a problem and I am on I am. This is ominous about sand, and I because I know that you offered the debate and I really appreciate that night. I really really appreciate you offering that, because I know that we've been going back and forth on twitter and I would I would have you gone back and forth like he, he actually wrote he'd. You know just a fire hose of bullshit, saying that all I was
say it was like hyperbolic sensational figures and stuff and the problem that with SAM Harrison debating him, is that I don't feel like. I should or need to debate a neuroscience about foreign policy. I don't I'm interested in what he has to say about neuroscience and interesting things about like what he studied, but as far as someone argue with me about like the US foreign policy in empire, who is an arrow, scientist. I don't see any reason that I would get out of that, especially someone who talks about mass casualties with. Empathy, I don't necessarily think he's talking about it with zero empathy. I think what he's trying to do is like stone. Cold killer was trying to be objective about the numbers and not introject emotions with it totally, but don't you think that he would say ok. Why would I talk to someone who is a reporter about foreign policy? No journalist? I think are much more incredible than just like scientists who are just jumping in the mix, new atheism movement and just being like. Let's
let's have a giant debate all about Islam. I don't I just don't get it. I mean the information information is kind of available to anybody in this damage right, it's an event and and when he what he is is maybe he has a degree in neuroscience and he is a Neuro scientist, but really is an author and he researches things and he talks about things and agree with him. Disagree with them and the way he presents the numbers and the way he's presenting this. This argument, I think, there's a lot of debate as How many people died over there yeah well here in the low number, is the problem with him is that this is he's. Basically, he nipped call my number is saying that they were huge, but all he did was basically site. Official casualty count numbers from the Pentagon. It's like do you think. That's the fucking Nigger number way worse going to the lowest ball number of casualties was saying. This is cited, some other people as well, and the high number that he was citing, I think, was around two hundred thousand right was out. Do you? I don't remember
I don't I'm not good at recalling them yeah. I just think it's. I just think it's funny that that's what he hammered in on as me. Basically blowing up the numbers when he basically went to the the most extreme small calculations that have been determined by military personnel. When, basically the General Dempsey said we don't do body counts, that's what he said during Iraq war we don't. Do body counts so yeah. It is really hard to tell how many people died, but the international business Times did a study in two thousand and six. That said, a million were dead at that point, so yeah it is hard I just include, but they include Shia and Suni infighting as well right, which is a lot of it, was caused by the Iraq war, which really triggered a huge amount of civil unrest, because there was a power struggle going between the sunni and Shiite, which was more under control, or when Saddam Hussein was in control of Iraq. That is calculated in that that casualty figures.
Talk to yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, basically yeah and a direct result of like in this area a direct result of, and that's what brings it really hot? It's a really- and I think that's one of the things that he argues against that you can attribute that the United States military invasion ' 'cause it's sort of a side effect of the military invasion, the civil war it's going on, even though all even though Cheney back in two thousand or one thousand nine hundred and ninety six said this is exactly what's going to happen. If we invaded rock pieces of Iraq are going to fly off so damn we can never out him at this point because Exactly so it's like yeah. You can say that was just the happenstance, but the truth is Everyone knew what was going to happen, so you, I think, that's he's just saying that it's difficult to attribute that number to what the United States is responsible for, because it's really civil war civil war based on a complete destabilization, destruction of an entire
the entire population that was run by an evil dictator in his homocidal sociopath, Ik, sons and yeah. I mean it was all gross before that to mean more people are dead now, but it was gross. Then it's grow. Now the whole crowd of the world is terrifying. You know that think about ISIS. Did you see that shit with they blew up some ancient structures? Couple days ago. They boo pull up some ancient monuments, pull that up, because this is fucking, terrifying, beheaded, some guy who's, the head of anti movies in Syria. Apparently this beloved guy who just was unwilling to bow to their demands. They be head this guy, and then they blew up some ancient monuments. So I'm really well preserved ancient structures that, were you know, archaeological treasures, yeah they're blowing these fucking things over the Taliban blew up all those like Buddhists and look at this fucking, unbelievable,
release the first images showing the destruction of the Temple in Balsa main fuck. I said that right is just insane how rich devices like they just stolen, so much equipment in money now, it's just the whole ISIS thing is so disturbing because it is like it's like a self fulfilling prophecy. It's like everyone's wanted this. This, like group of like crazy Islam, is that we can look at and be like look. This is why we need this like never ending war and ISIS just becomes out of the shadows of like destabilizing an entire region of the earth and This is what happens it's like this is. The manifestation of this is what the in foil. Had people have always been saying the United States engineers, the United States, will prop up a country prop up a milit and then go in and invade among. We gotta invade him there dangerous weather dangerous, because we made him do exactly. This is the conspiracy theory, because, when
you remember, when Obama was on tv saying that we had to invade Syria yes uh two years ago, he was ready to bomb aside, and we were all like what those in the United States pretty much universally was like fun, yeah, yeah yeah. When I go in another place when I, when I and start another war that we can't win and then the United States backed up yeah, they just let it go, but then Co. Incidentally, the rise of places like right when that happened. I mean fuck man. If you wanted to make a conspiracy theory, there's no better one than the ice cream. It's right, everybody's face, it's it's adorable and how ridiculous it is like, not saying that it's a conspiracy theory. I believe ISIS is real, but it's amazing how quick it filled the void left by our hysteria to go into Syria. Like you know, we will you be the rideau there's our gas bombing and those of the using poisonous gas. That was the thing right poisonous gas as well. Well, there's
rules how you're supposed to kill people will also. Why is WMD that pretends that we should just go in and invade your country? It's like, like the Iraq war, so funny 'cause people like we didn't find a Bm DS daylight, it's like if we did find W indies. Would it have been justified then like just because Assad's chemical weapons is that justified to go and fucking invade the country, it's so weird, is it crazy hysteria, though Post nine hundred and eleven, that was just undeniable, visible, lost in America, they couldn't big and then they just pointed it at some things in Iraq and we were over there before anybody was like. Well, we gotta fuck Iraq, like it, didn't make any sense like that, had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, which is where all the fucking hijackers came from, like a oil money. We like those kinds of not know Iraq, though that guys asshole yeah, look his son's a piece of shit and they've got oil
Let's go over there, let's go, and then we were over there now we're in Syria, with ISIS and Obama just issued this statement saying like we can now attack Assad forces while battling ISIS. If we need too so it's just another proxy, or that's gotten completely out of hand, and now we have the future look at these people that were like training to these FSA people and, like I mean their beheading people into their like acting like ISIS, I mean it's insane with the FSA basically like training all these syrian Leica revolutionaries. You know all these like people in these rebel group. And then they go over there, the other abandoned post after we spent a shit load of money, training them to fight ISIS or they join ISIS. It's a complete disaster. Hard to get Muslims to fight against Muslims. You know when their core values and their core beliefs and religion are so much a part of their life, and then they have these people that are telling them that you're supposed to fight these people that have
the same core values that celebrate Ramadan that believe in Howell, They have the same ideas that these we. So it's like it's way easier to stick with them and some guy direct some asshole to Mccain from my mother fucker from Dc America, the great Satan, those kinds and people that have killed one million people in Iraq or whatever the number is SAM Harris. You know it's, it's amazing, it's it! It's just a it's an amazing quagmire that we're in right. Now. It's so interesting that when you look at like every like civil war, that's happened. The last ten years like live yeah, and then you know you have Ukraine going on. Sirius, Mccain is just who is there pulling up the hands of the people like on the flick in the fucking world, you're like why? What are you doing? Who is paying you to be here? My favorites are my favorite time when he was voting and whether or not we should go into Syria and who's playing poker yeah. This remember that yeah you're, just like kicking on his phone
Alaris, is actually imagine you're about to your part of a military decision that who knows how many fucking people is going to kill whether or not the trigger world war? Three, whether it's going to here, a new nuclear war and he's playing poker on his phone doesn't give a fuck ice water running through his veins hanging out just kicking it yeah he he I so adorable that he would do that that he did wouldn't think that people would know holding on to a sharpie playing poker on his phone. He such a piece of shit. He actually treated like someone from his campaign, which is the whole areas like treated at me. Saying. Thank you, Vladimir Putin. I see that you like,
paying attention to what I'm doing any. Like basically called me versus a report that I did and I was like. Thank you, John Mccain. You see now. Mother fucker, you just like tweet out a skating report about your war crimes to like all of your stupid followers on Twitter, some idiot running your campaign like tweet it out. This video that just expose the fuck, and those great that's hilarious. So in you tweeted something and he respond. I wrote it. I did a giant video just breaking down what like a scumbag, he is and- and he tweeted oh, so you don't even tweet he just tweeted your video wow. That was great. Well, that's called damage, control, Ave understand you gotta ridicule the information, it's flat more potent as it proved that some air continues attacks against me that he said I'm honored, that's hilarious, Vladimir running RT, Ladimir running my show. Did you ever meet? No, no do shrimp. Like the fucking girls, Lauren Kate
BB and and and and and and and it's so funny watching him every time he like does like a sit down. He always says the weirdest shit he just like on another level, like Obama tried to crack a joke with them. They were sitting at some press conference in it's him and Obama sitting there, and he just like looks at Obama he's like you're trying to make this funny right now and it's not or something like just like completely or Obama's exit, either nervously laughing. He was just like stop doing this, these serious you're, like ok, alright glad more people personally than Obama, I'm sure glad how many people do you think that guys killed Obama, but not with his own hands, knows how crazy that lyrics how many, how many hours he personally killed yeah, definite couple that probably KGB
Is it possible? You know CIA yeah again, that's for sure yeah I mean like at least George Bush is dad. Your Bush was the head of the CIA, and that was a real yeah user, real stone, cold mother fucker, that's a fucking guy he's working with the wrong. I too, I don't trust that dominant left eye. What kind of creepy shit is that holding the gun the right hand squeezing the trigger I, like those I like the photo of the glasses that always shows those reflection. What's the best way, that guy who's, the guy that got murdered in broad daylight with his girlfriend. That was not nobody, remember that's what happens if you kill Putin people just forget your name and it just water under the bridge just vanish. That's a fucking, crazy country. Now, Roy Jones Junior just is going to be a citizen Roy Jones. We are going to be a citizen of Russia. Apparently this is what he said was fucking hilarious.
He goes. The people of Russia Love Roy Jones Junior. I love it when people love Maine, it's like and we went to North Korea where he was a basketball player who by then we just like you just like what up I like here is like they love basketball, you're talking about well, I just wrote: Jones as a career over there he's box over there a few times and They like his music. He plays music over there and apparently they enjoy that music yeah. So let's go to Junior yeah, very good citizenship, they're, going citizenship good for him, Edward Snowden, your visa right, you get a visa for you that happen, Edwards aren't so yeah. It's probably sucking some KGB dick. Now keep his visa gone. Mention shit. They make that guy do just to stay there, I'm sure nothing dude there, probably just love that he's there. Don't you think, there's a thorn in the maybe, but he can't go anywhere. I mean it's Mikey, and he can't go anywhere now. He probably has to like hide, while he's even in Russia
just for fear of american agents just taking him out totally what honey pots, but a fucking, crazy life. And what's even crazier about it. This is not a god. Damn person I've talked to that thinks he did anything wrong like what he'd was exposed with some careful too. He was just like you know. Let all the journalist vet everything he was just like. Please make sure there's no did matter. No one is being jeopardized only that the whole remember the hope and change website. The hope and change website Obama have, when he's running for president, had a whole piece in there about supporting with whistleblowers, Transpar CN supporting whistleblowers when he is persecuted more than any other president under the espionage act. What happens when you get in there? Do they do? Show you Ufos landing on the North pole and what were they show you? They show you all the bombs are being planted. I think that you're, so someone has you who's as who is, is young and impressionable as Obama that at that time I think he was vetted really early when he was at Harvard, and I think that he just was
fucking young. I mean what he was barely even a senator for a term right and he just gets plucked out of security, an catapulted to the president's ship President ship President ship, and see, and then he just surrounded by a bunch of I'm not excusing him at all. I think, is a war criminal I'd really strongly dislike Obama. I think he's like Great manipulator select everyone a bit of a lefty. There is from Martin, but I I definitely think that God can you imagine who was just surrounding him at all times like he had Hillary Clinton barking as your Mccain like these crazy neo cons, who are just like. We need more war and I think that you saw all the NEO con establishment really promoting Obama until the serious thing happened where we back down- and that's where you kind of saw this like ridiculous- and we're now Netanyahu's coming to visit, and it's like this ikr crazy, where Obama is like week now, so that's been an this week or they basically were like they were pissed off about the serious thing really yeah. Well, there will look we're about to have a civil war in America yeah this yet
only if they invaded Syria, who the fuck knows what would have happened, it would have gotten really in this case. The most, whoever would be the most dominant militant force on the ground would rise to power. Just like I mean look at Libya for fucks sake. Yeah. When there's a total disaster, dear failed state, it's a terrifying place now, apparently, so He had no ones. I don't think anyone is really defending Assad, but it's about people's sovereignty. Let's not amazing that a guy like you look at these dictators and you say: well, no one wants kadhafi to stay in power. Obviously it's bad to have kadhafi there and when Kadhafi got killed. First of all, is one of the most bizarre and strange moments in so social media and in the power of cellphone videos, the ability distribute information, the fact that they had video
so of this guy them raped by a bayonet independence, he's dying to like the moments they captured him and they're all screaming on I'll, walk bar all over and you're, seeing something that no one's ever seen before. No one ever seen a dictator captured by rebels like it's now yeah, it's him open got history, never never been documented and then distributed to everybody. I mean we can all watch it. We could watch it right now. Jamie could pull it up right now and we could kick back the comfort of this Woodland Hills Office Suite and watch this fucking guy get bayoneted in his asshole yeah, an It's? It's especially you know this disaster porn, that's put out there by like J sake this video and yeah. I know the US didn't film, the video, but it was showed everywhere and we also released photos of Saddam's sons with all the bullet holes in them. On on tv and shit, and we're like look like look what you did, that's fucking sick man and you know we can see,
ISIS videos all day. Long of these crazy Hollywood style sets where people are getting beheaded in. It's like and get mowed jumpsuits, and it's like this crazy fucking manifestation of like Hollywood, culture and militaries real complex, rolled into one, but at the same time you have our military uploading. Every drone strike on a fucking Youtube channel. What are they? What the wire? including ones that kill civilians, absolutely yeah. It's like just in case you're wondering what we're doing here, you can watch our Youtube Channel and see all the people were killing. It's really weird! It's horrific that when you watch the decision making. Should we shoot? Should we shoot, let's just shoot like well, it's not like that he's like trying to figure out on the fly, and then you realize this is what precision drone strikes are all about: there's only precise about it. This is not surgical is like you have a bad add person that may or may not be in this area. You have good information at the bad and in this area let the missiles fly and they fly,
and everybody is anywhere near that guy gets fucked up too, and we're just supposed to accept that, because that's just a bad person, we need to get them out. We need to take out the bad person if other bad p. Aren't we a bad person for killing innocent people, not the whole idea behind bullshit mean it's good to want to protect us against bad people, but that way is bad. Like that's a bad way, he saying you have a better work. No, I don't have a better way. I don't have a better well. I know that all I know is that ISIS is gonna shut out of US military equipment in billions of dollars. So maybe we should stop just like all of the stuff that we've tried to. The iraqi Army, like that isn't working because their abandoning posting, like ISIS, is just taking the large swaths of like equipment in humvees and grenade launchers, and she so I mean when I look at stuff like that happening just like we just need to remove ourselves in the situation and let like allied states that are in the area really take hold of what's going.
Is that the way to do it? I mean there? Is there justifiable war in your eyes like to be there when you look at? Oh, oh, you mean in general. If you look at what's going on with ISIS right now, I mean when they're decapitating, the serious head of antiquities and blowing up these ancient first monuments. Is there justifiable war? There are these bad guy? Can you go in there and stop these bad guys? I don't think there is. It doesn't allow for war with ISIS, because ISIS was created out of the vacuum: I've just a large our and countless casualties and refugees and and the civil war thing that happened there. So I think that, This is a direct result of US military intervention. So I think that more US military intervention to stop ISIS is just going to exacerbate the problem. An I definitely do not think that that should be an option whatsoever right. But what do you do you? Let them take over
and just start killing more people trick. This is the trick is like it's always going to be something first. It was all Kaden. Now it's like now, it's like ISIS is like pulling it peoples heartstrings. So much because they're seeing these crazy images- and it's like how can we just sit back and do nothing? The thing is: there's genocides happening in the Congo are we going to go invade and take out? I mean it's just like: why are we picking and choosing what were pudding in front of the tv screens and brain washing every saying what are you? What are you going to do about ISIS? First, it was fucking about what happened to Bola. That was all over the fucking material for here and we cure it. It's just like the ingenuity there's so much going on. I just think to hone in on ISIS and just say, like we all need to focus on destroying ISIS. Mill
terribly is just a farce because a it came out of military intervention and be we're not going to fucking Destroy ISIS. It's just going to galvanized more people to join ISIS. That's why they're recruiting is so high across the world. People are just like fuck this I mean they are being drawn to ISIS because of the endless warfare going on. So I just think I don't have the answers. I do think that regional players need to take a step in that means see. Yeah. That means you know Iraq. People in the region that understand the region are not coming from like this NEO colonial lens and just like all we have is military solutions. 'cause, that's all we fucking, no were the fucking empire, that's right, Chris Kyle rest in peace. I don't think that there's any clear solution, I think that's a real part of the problem. I think that everybody who looks at ISIS decapitating this series head of antiquities, blowing up monuments and lighting people on fire,
it was slow motion. I mean you see that video that they did where they have. They have slow video cameras like complicated techniques, where they showing these people getting lit on fire. What the so they're doing, is promoting terror scare me pull in there doing it with these videos. Videos de kind of white sands in areas isn't weird the more money you too, but I mean in our lives, keeps playing them if it believes it, things you used to be on the new girl. You know how it is, I'm starting new show. What are you doing the empire files in the empire file week and a half one chain welcoming counterculture type shit? What are you trying to do with this empire files trying to fucking dissect the empire? try to strip away the layers of the empire. How did we get here? Where do we go from here? How do we? Where do we go from here so yeah, something so It's funny 'cause, I'm jumping from Russia State Television to the Latin American owned tv who this one. So this is the Chavez from the grave fifty one percent
Swala, and then you have a forty nine percent block of like RG teen and I'll put Ibaan, Costa Rica and Nicaragua and stuff? So it's like a forty nine percent owned. So it's a giant latin american block that has Tellus or which is the network and Chris had is just launched a show on it, and now I'm launching one call the empire files and it's going to be really great. Everyone check it out. We have all the social media up ready to so so? What's the name of the network Tellus or tell Teleserye sor you are yes, you are and well how do you get if you get a line or do you get it on then? Fortunately, unlike our t, it's not in as many households on tv and cable, so you and just watch it on Youtube or, if you're in Latin American, watching television upload everything, Youtube yeah, that's beautiful yeah. That's all you need exactly so you just basically use them for a studio using using their resources to help get the information out about the crazy empire were living in so like what
sitting in a deal like investigative reporting, type yeah the fly over to these horrible places. Yes, investigative reporting, my me and we can finally get get me there what's on the on the ground, found in Crimea for people don't know first hand. There was a report in Abby was working for RT, which is Russia. Today she did this very critical peace on Crimea an what was going on over there in the Ukraine and they were going to send her or they said they were going to send her to cry me, and she was like that fuck you are. I live in America bitch I went over there. Yeah just sent all vetted Russians and shit like go over and you're. Just like here's. You know what I mean. I could just imagine how it would be. It would just be like when do two instant Shane Smith went to. North Korea and fake restaurant set up for him and they would just set it up for you. I wanted to talk about the anniversary of the atomic bombs sure. What do you think about that
well. I think it's fascinating moment in history. I mean an amazing amount, which amazes me more than anything is that we haven't blown up an atomic bomb since one thousand nine hundred and forty seven, that's the most amazing thing that somehow or another we have had brains to go like well. You know what is that sixty seventy six thousand six hundred and sixty eight years, whatever the fuck? It is Six hundred and sixty eight years without lightning he's put his fucking city, so it glows in the dark. That's kind of crazy, that's amazing, but what what's truly amazing is how much ignorance was involved in the testing process. The initial bombs that they blew up in the desert, where they had soldiers run at the bomb. Do you ever see those videos, but they just put on a little like little like, like the thing where you
looking at a solar eclipse, they're just like put up your cardboard, glasses, kids and walk to the following pop is like ten min. They had these ones where they would blow up these fake cities, and they would have these guys in in a trench. They would blow up the fix cities and they would jump out of the trench and then run towards the blast. Never seen that now it all my god, we need to say see if you can find those Jamie, there are amazing; no, they didn't do it 'cause. They didn't think it was gonna affect them. They were teaching to run towards the blast. The idea would be that this nuclear bomb will go off. Everybody would be disoriented and fucked up and that these Amare can GIS would run in there and take over these guys all died another day die, but John Wayne died. Shonda bomb killed John Wayne. Now, if you know that no one knows that nuts bomb killed, the fuck american greatest american actor of all time. That's insane the bomb killed. The man who played Genghis Khan. Does everyone realize yeah? So this is what they
do they would all get in these trenches. I mean these are the actual trenches. It means unbelievable. It's horrific that they had these for soldier old, crazy ridiculous, so these guys are playing cards and shit while fucking him winning just like John Mccain and they- and so they blow these things. Often when you watch the impact, look at these guys are just docking their head, and so they have this close enough that see the blast like super clearly, so they have these fake bodies out there, like they're, all like drawn Japanese too, like like Alex
so watch how this goes off, though, raises they set it off bone shit and then the guys get up like that. Oh my god, it's right in front of them, I mean. Was it fuck five miles away six miles away whatever it is, but look at the impact hit some and then they're closing their ears, and then they run towards the blast and those guys are all dead. All of 'em and they died. Young see this. The blast hit. Some look at this. Oh, my god. This is all nuclear radiation. Intense super high doses of nuclear radiation. So who knows happen I mean I'm sure a good percentage of them died of horrific cancer. A few outliers survive because of freak jeans, but most of those guys just like the Gipper, not the Gipper. What was he? What was? It was John Wayne. Look at that. Look at that they're just running tored. It Ronald Reagan was the Gipper. What was John Wayne Fucking ridiculous, my god look at like the
not just the plume, but those crazy like white or smoke for missions to the left. I don't know what those are. You know what my favorite one is the one they did in the ocean, yeah the one we didn't really know how much of an impact was going to have the fucking just tried shit just like they tried this see. If you could find he owes the video of the ocean nuclear explosions that they did. I think they did it off of Guam. I think that's where it was. I don't remember though, but they they had all these battleships they stationed around where the bombs would go off and when they, when they did it, everything got fucked up. I mean everything anywhere near it got fucked up, go full ST, Oh, my god, look at this uh. It comes out of the water. I mean you're talking about like a mile of water straight up in the then just ignore golfs that battleship yeah that battleship got fucked up. John Wayne was the Duke
the Duke found me after that, like what the oh yeah I mean. Well, it went straight up and straight down, but I'm sure it had incredible repercussion rage, but look at it. Just they had no idea. They I mean they didn't want to waste that battleship. They were trying to blow some stuff up underwater and wonder how close they could be. What was happening turns out not well, here's what they didn't know is that the atomic bomb would obliterate like incinerate, 10s of thousands of lives in an instant and that's it. I think it's one of the greatest war crimes ever perpetrated on humanity and I think it's one of the greatest crimes against humanity. It's been done and whenever I say this, I went to Japan last year and went to the Hiroshima Museum with like an in utero blast survivor, and it was one of the most Us museums. I've ever been too because we grew up, of course. Yes, Susan yeah, so it was in his mother stomach when she was right there. It was just a random chance that she just survived and he happens to be fine, but it was such a
to Ronna, isn't yeah is working good hearing his arm stretch yeah right. I wish that that's what it was like it really really horrifying museum because we grow up. That is probably the biggest myth that we grew up. Learning is that the bombs were necessary to end the war and that they save lives. An it's just like a way to legitimize a really really horrific atrocity. Two of them. Actually well. The issue is that Japan was already willing to surrender, and but we didn't want them to surrender, because we wanted to try the bombs out. That's whether or not that's true, that's the big debate and that, something that a lot of people still to this day argue back and forth on whether or not it's actually case. If it is the case, it's even more horrific because just like what they wanted to do in the ocean where they tried that bomb out and watch mile high wave of water overcome that fucking battleship, they wanted
what happens when you drop that shit on a city and they dropped, and I wanted to show Russia other cock. Yeah well. I mean it's not really. It is not actually up for debate anymore, and this is this is a problem. It's just like the Iraq war. It says these people kind of holding on to this last ditch like gasp of air, just a hold on like american exceptionalism, and it really just is totally debunked at this point, because even Truman himself installed an atomic bomb Survey University of Colorado Future Comp. You should have just like dozens of american military experts and leaders internal, reviews diaries, other de classified materials basically involved in the bomb decision and all of them had one unit unanimous commonality among them that every single one said the bomb was not of military necessity, and it did not need to happen for the surrender that Japan was ready to surrender, because if you remember, I think, like one hundred thousand or maybe One thousand people were incinerated in Tokyo just weeks prior with the firebombing, so the US had already dropped all these bombs, basically a Vista, rated Tokyo and so
Countless people died way. More people actually died, then in the initial atomic bomb drops. So it's It's just a really really unfortunate kind of thing. That's perpetuate in people just still hold on to it. You know they say it would have saved lives, it's like well, it would have saved US soldiers lives, but instead it took like probably half a mil Japanese. If you look at the account, was maimed and radiation poisoning, I mean, I think, like eighty thousand died instantly with incineration. I think in LAS City. The city was something on my own now yeah and it's off. The only argument that could be said that it saved lives is that it kept other people from using nuclear weapons. 'cause, there's so horrific. Otherwise, you look at all the war that has taken place since one thousand nine hundred and forty seven and not one person is used in nuclear bomb. It could be argued that it was because how horrific that was when it did happen, but that's not really good argument and it's also like
adding that the US is the one fear monger in the world, but like he can't have a nuclear bomb. He can't he can't it's like. Well, you guys are the only ones who only use them whole. Why ace? So? Why are we the arbitrators of who and who can not utilize new weapon. Well we're righteous and we're one nation under God, Chris Koristim pain. Do you do you know that we're under God we are in the you know the most people don't even know that we became one nation under God after the commie scare in the 1950s. Really the Mccarthy scares what led them to add that to the pledge allegiance. Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, one nation indivisible for liberty? They had one nation under God, Indivi well. They had to add that to it. They had to add that to it because of the commie scare. That's unreal, so 1950s yeah before that, before the Mccarthy hearings,
they didn't have under God? Speaking of dirty comments like that, though, it's insane. So what about people that believe in Buddha right? They don't have that it's not uh damn lane on one night and unloaded change it. Then I just assume they're going to change it again to one nation under Chris Kyle, but just know that the crew, I don't think it's so crazy 'cause. It's like, I don't think Jesse Ventura got like threat, saying they're going to cut his bowl he did not, he did he got a lot of horrible death, maybe I'm sure quite a guess: rape threats. I don't, and I think there was a lot of like people. Don't know what happened also explain: uh the Jesse Ventura thanks a lot of folks aren't aware: Jesse Ventura, obviously badass Navy seal epic. Well, he was pre Navy seals before we really. I thought they were both there. Wasn't he wasn't a Navy seal they used to be. It was something there was another name for like before the a cadet yeah. Well, I forget what I'll find out so so Jesse Ventura. A total badass like the opposite of Chris Kyle. Right he's like against war. He's really
on point. So I ever in a movie slack jawed facts hole. Is that in front of her yeah, so he in Chris Kyle's book it makes up this giant bar fight that he like beat up just enter and if you know who doesn't enter, there's like he's fucking like a brick house, well he's an older gentleman too. I mean if your born in one thousand nine hundred and fifty one, I think sure, but still it's like. If you're going to fucking, go out there and say that you beat the shit out of Jesse Ventura you like socked in a bar might be a bad idea. Well, here's what happened. He was in the book. He wasn't referred to his Jesse Ventura. He was referred to a scruffy, he called him scruffy and he was saying that this guy was some celebrity they'd beat up, because this guy had said something bad about Navy seals to Chris Cole came along and sock them. America, he was you Dt underwater demolition team is the original seals. So he
He said on the Opie and Anthony show that it was Chris Kyle, but that Chris Kyle said that it was Jesse Ventura that's. When he was goaded into saying who the guy was believe, it was open Anthony pretty sure, and in that that's when Jesse Ventura said what being like we didn't get in a fight. What are you talking about and Jesse Ventura Sudam and one and one one eight million dollars, Jesse Ventura, wins eight million in damages against Chris Kyle slain Navy, seal sniper and here's. The issue was that he gave Chris Kyle the option to just admit tracked it to it's retract. It admit your wrong and I'll drop the caraway Chris Car wouldn't do it no fucking and then he was killed. Chris Kyle was killed by some some poor kid with PTSD for kid asshole murderer, he's a murderer to another guy that fucked I mean murdered Chris Kyle for no reason to be said PTA
the shot him shot, the other guy that was with him, stole his truck when he was fucked war of that level of that scale. Obviously flux peoples head up and when he died, Jesse Ventura continued with the lawsuit and that's where he got sized and they were like you're suing, the widow and all this shit and that he was suing the book company. He said bring everybody that's profiting off of this live exactly exactly and his take on. It was people also should be aware of the truth of what this guy not did just lie about that, but he lied. I mean Jesse Ventura did several inner We've talked about all the different lies, there's more than one line that look absolutely, but it doesn't mean that there aren't here, oh so it doesn't mean that militaries bad. It doesn't mean that there aren't people that genuinely go into the military. Like I'm sure your boyfriend did thinking that they're going to do good, that they have these ideals that they want to protect. They wanted
deliberately and they believe in the american way of life and then You know it all gets convoluted because you're either with us or against us, you with us or again, now it's not it's not that's, not Thus, what you're doing is not us lies. Aren't US murders, not us shooting looters ruling class. Not us like these people are making these decisions are not us, and we have more in solidarity with the people in Iraq. Then we do it like the elite that are making these decisions yeah the people that are complete neocons that complete chicken hawks that are outside of the consequences of war, the ones pulling the strings. I think there's a big problem, which is the militarization of our society. Where we have you know, every sports game has this giant military just like drama thing going on where we taxpayer sponsored fucking fighter jets flying over the stadiums and shit I mean every single thing is militarized:
and we're when we're condition in this way to glorify the military so much that it becomes an especially when you're at the home of the empire, that is the largest military force in the world. That's consolidated, like military superpower, that's the only solution to everything. Now a bola send in the military isis, let's bomb them more right, it's in the streets or, like a you know, it looks on the militarize riot cops who just got train next to israeli troops in Bahrain. It's like good god I mean. We need to start really removing ourselves with this kind of militarist ik. I don't know characterization of our society. Is it's really fucking talk also it creates military problems abroad because the rest of the world identifies us with that as well. Doing shit like what we've done in the Iraq war, which whatever? The number is whether it's SAM? This is number the one that he adheres to, or there is one of the far left adheres to a lot.
Fucking people there's a lot of fucking people died and that those people it creates, without a doubt, martyrs and it creates, without a doubt, support for the opposition. 'cause. We looked at in other parts of the world. As the dark empire and also, if there Muslim and they they support muslim ideals, and then they see that these people, who are of a completely different faith or attack, king invading their homeland. It's pretty easy to support that and then they just piles on an next thing. You know we gotta problem and we got a current problem and we have a past problem and we got a future problem and we have a military industrial complex. It's just. Fuckin rakin and loves problems. His problems means we get to make more missiles and more missiles means MOE money. Moe money keeps going, I mean money more problems. Did you ever see the Hunter S Thompson? Documentary
gonzo, I think it was called now it's great it's great. It's a great documentary, but one of the best parts about it was govern when he was recounting his his days with with Hunter when Hunter, was writing that fear and loathing on the campaign trail in the? U followed around the the press corps for a year and wrote that book, but Mcgovern was just talking about how he was just sick and tired of old men in air conditioned buildings, making decisions that are to send young man room off to
and how I just never forget the the the way he was saying that- and this is you know, Mcgovern when he was doing that thing. You know he was an old guy when they were doing a documentary. He died in two thousand twelve, but he was he was old when they were doing that documentary and he was just said, I'm just tired of it. Tired of any died like very very shortly after the documentary's main yeah. This is like some of the last days of his life, and you know he ran for president and was seventies. Seventy two. I thank seventy. Seventy two. Seventy two arm, whatever horrible, but it was during the Vietnam WAR and it's just that
that kind of voice- and he didn't win one of the reasons why didn't win as his vice presidential candidate turned out that he had undergone shock therapy electrical shock, therapy and kind of hid that from everybody and it came out during the campaign, but he was ahead. Mcgovern was ahead and part of the reason. Why was ahead? It was because Hunter was supporting him and he was writing for the rolling stone he would write. Crazy shit like that was where he wrote about Ed Muskie, who is also running for president. He was saying that Ed Muskie was bringing in brazilian doctors and they were treating him for his ibogaine addiction. Wo being addicted to ibogaine seems really. Nobody even knew what I believe it was back then yeah in that Ed Muskie was clearly exhibiting signs and it was really funny because they interviewed Hunter on one of these in the documentaries on one of these talk shows here as well. There was a rumor that Ed Muskie was a dick dive again and I started the rumor.
But he was a journalist, but he was I mean he was at journals, but he was also he was writing fiction. But he's like I thought everybody knew everybody knew is bullshit he's my favorite of all time he's one of my favorite people that ever lived and he knew it was bullshit and but he thought other people knew it was bullshit, but he also knew that he could make an impact with this. So he thought that he thought that Muskie was just fucking ridiculous hack, so he just mocked him and talked about him being uh the throes of this addiction that they had brought in this brazilian doctor Ann and then Muskie like we have these breakdowns on the campaign trail 'cause, he was deal with 'cause. Nobody had ever dealt with that. Negativity from the press before and nobody ever running for president had dealt with just someone fabricating crew, easiness about them and you.
The pressure of this you could tell you were like. I don't even know where to start today. If you run for president and you don't have a thick skin, you can't deal with people getting mad at you on Twitter, making shit up about you in the Huffpost or whatever they would want to do you you really shouldn't be running for president. You have to develop some sort of rhino skin at this point, but back then they were paper. Those people didn't know what the fuck to do. It only been a few presidents that were on tv and out of the billion dollar campaigns weather like have a spin master trying to skew at all, but you think about one thousand nine hundred and seventy two, how many fucking pro Potential candidates had even been on television. You know just a few decades worth it was so recent. It was also fucking recent, these poor bastards it now to do and now look at it. Now. Look at this fucking, dog and pony show you get Obama doing the mark, Marron Podcast, which at super crazy, isn't it, bizarre yeah just going right to voicemail I care and know I listen to a little bit of it. I didn't listen to my glasses. New was all going to be softballs and bullshit, and all about you know
America is just funny where Obama's going for the audience is like advice, you know, sitting down with Shane Smith and MIKE Moran I mean they has good people telling him where people are at where the young inns were young Amsat coming here and smoke, a joint with me Barack. Or Obama replace it down. Fucking scared, the real podcasts do mushrooms, really drove a good experience. She was just a little mushroom microns child's play compared to compared to this. Well, I don't know if I would do it, I would weird about it, I mean I would definitely do it if you want to do it, but I wouldn't pursue it, but I just don't know what you could ever get out of that like you you're never going to get trained like a vader. You know what I mean like everything. He'd say it would just be playing on. You would develop some serious fucking enemies if you we went for it like that, is the last person in the world you want to do like put it get. You want to put you in a book correct, a category right. I can
This is he's on the fuck with lists. I traveled too much in the world yeah. I mean arguably right up there, the most powerful figurehead in the world, if not the most powerful, certainly top four or five just let us something really fucking crazy, the bomb that we stop doing atomic bomb those obviously dropped on Hiroshima Nagasaki. We have that's like fucking baby shit, hydrogen three thousand three hundred times stronger. I don't even I don't even understand three thousand three hundred. What would that even do like picture? What we just saw exploding that little battleship like what the FUCK so we have that. I don't know I don't know I mean I guess we want to kill better better at it, fucked up. Is the research they've done into anti matter weapons? That's real! Is it because we don't know whether or not that's that that that that this is just theoretical can bring me one and
Jamie. We don't know whether or not it's theoretical or whether this is actually a proof of concept, whether the anti matter can be developed into a weapon. We do know, there's research being done on it and when they do Develle anti matter research I mean when they do do anti matter weapons, whether it's in our lifetime or in the future lifetimes you're talking about a world destroyer, were talking something they might just shoot over at PLUTO like take ten years, it will watch PLUTO blowup from the sky just to see. If we can do it, that's very possible, they might do that someday just decide to launch it in some Fucking planet. Well, do you know the nearby that's justification for continuing the trillion dollars that they're going to spend just updating and refurbishing the nuclear arsenal is that they keep doubling down on the Fucking STAR Wars fantasy, that Reagan had Gorbachev, went to Reagan and he was like: let's disarm, let's fucking
and it and Reagan was like no I'm senile, and I want us to create this giant star wars program. It's gonna, like you know like this shield in the sky, and we would do this and that number is like all right. Never in fact work and, of course it didn't. But that's still like a justification to battle asteroids to have these nuclear weapons here and can you too video game asteroids, but you know they say that if you do blow up an asteroid, the real issue is you're, going to create more astro right. It's going to fix it. Just me, ass, like you have a if you have something you don't annihilate it you have something that has mass it's five miles across you're, going to set up one hundred, you know half mile ones or whatever you know, five hundred yard once and they're going to kill everybody to going to come down. It's going to rain metal and rock from the sky mean people don't know what an asteroid is. A lot of them are iron, their metal,
What is giant chunks of metal hurling through fucking spit sure? It's a trip. Well, here's a great theory for, or could recreate conspiracy that it's actually true go ahead. Go ahead yeah we're not just and have pull this up pulled up. I want you to pull up this star war, scientists that have been killed, star wars, scientists that have either been murdered or committed suicide, because what really fast any about the star wars, program and I'll have to at least slightly reiterate this when young Abby Martin gets back, because I don't think she is completely aware this. But when the star wars, weapons defense system was created, the idea behind it was the United States was going to create a military. They were going to
create some sort of a military solution with satellites that could shoot these missiles out of the sky. Now all they were doing it. They were spending fuck loads of money on this, and apparently it was never effective, and if you could pull up the numbers, just pull like there's a list of all the star wars. See if you could find a better article, see like who killed all the star wars. Scientists here see if you could find out, could go to Leica rents is rents, slid orianna see is not like that super conspiracy website, mysterious deaths of scientists like scientists, killed, star wars, scientists murdered killed, but
a giant number of them have all been killed. Let's see, I don't know like. What's a good, what's a good like website for this, we should probably find a good one 'cause. This is only fucking movie conspiracy, theory websites that lump the star wars, people in with Chem trails, so The the star Wars Program, the theory being the STAR Wars program, was apparently never really effective, and the scientist we're behind the STAR Wars program. A fuck load of them died like by suicide by murder and there's a giant list of them, and it's one of the most fascinating conspiracies in modern time to find it. Ok, these guys
that new, the people that knew the scientist the engineers dead, like almost all of 'em, they all died like murdered suicide and, like very, very sick. So we did like a number like you know. They did like a percentage like what are the odds that all these people were murdered inside billion to one. Now they knew they all knew that it was bullshit the STAR Wars program. They had spent millions untold billions of dollars to develop this completely ineffective system. To shoot missiles out of sky was never proven to work ever and those scientists are all dead's food dude. Here it goes dead scientists and look at this there's the list Marconi scientists mystery the 1980s over two dozen science graduates and experts working on the Marconi or Plessy. How do you say that plus cplsccy plus SSS Our defense systems died in mysterious circumstances, most appearing to be suicides. The Mo D did
I'd? These scientists had been involved in the classified star wars projects and that the deaths were in any way connected, but look at how these guys die play this guy computer programmer Keith, Bowden Dentists in Essex University engaged in work for Marconi, blah, blah circumstance of death, fatal car crashes, vehicle went off control across a dual cab each way and plunged into a disused railway line, is going to be drinking with family and friends the night, the allegation. So what the wasn't, where where's the autopsy at the corner of poor accident accident, here's another one: look: Lieutenant Colonel Anthony, godly expertise, head of work study and at the Royal College of Military science, circumstance of death disappeared, mysteriously without expert Chuck, presumed dead. Ok, that's fucking, x, 30s radar designer and draughtsman draftsman, I guess his draftsman draughtsman with Marconi circumstance of death death by
shotgun, blast at home corners verdict, suicide Jonathan, almost twenty nine expertise. Digital communications expert, who had worked at GE, see an ad british Telecom secret research center at the Blah blah blah blah blah exactly died, a result of falling from a hotel room in West Africa, while working for british Telecom had expressed fears that his life is in danger, corners verdict open and he just goes on and on and on look at a lot David Kelly. You see. Has he scrolling because, as Jamie's growing look at the upper right hand corner look? How long this list is like scroll down? Is the bottom of this list, so you can see how many people are on this. Is this a lot of people that were attached to the STAR Wars Program, all of in the late 80s and early 90s dead? As fuck
Chrome number David Kelley, the guy who basically said that there were no Wm Ds and Jen, and he found it was found dead, yeah yeah, it's fucking, sketch, there's a lot of those people. That's happens? If the people are like interested in going over to some place that we don't but killing people the idea that I'm not going to kill you because you want to stop them from killing people like that brains, that's crazy. So it's a very good way to say about Pat Tillman Mean there's Pat Tillman's brother believes that Pat till he was killed because he was speaking that because it was a very public figure and he was speaking out against the war. You know that's going back to the critical thing is every single myth that has been resurrected out of the Iraq invasion has been like. You know the Pat Tillman thing they were so hard pardon on for Pat Tillman 'cause. He really was a fucking here I mean he's abandoning like out of million dollar karere to go fight. Nobody really believed it an he's, really fucking
smart, and he realized that it was based on lies and shit, and he had this diary and an incredible documentary that just talks about his transit, then people who knew him and when he was changing his mind, and he had this diarrhea all written up and they fucking burned it dude when they killed him. If they did, they say it was friendly fire who knows, but his brother thinks that it was targeted. I don't know, but he would definitely would have come out and been like another like Chomsky like he would have come out, and said he would have been a figurehead against the war and he died from friendly fire and then they burned all of the shit they burned his dire, that is fucking crazy and the Jessica Lynch Thing Member her yeah, and they said she was raped. And then she was like the iraqi like militaries like helping her just put it in a hospital and like taking care of her, then they've stage that whole like rescue. The narative was that she was trapped and choose being kidnapped by the iraqi and that the United States military went in and rescued her and she
this hero and she was paraded around on television, but she spoke out against it and she got death threats and she essentially vanished, and she just went quiet on it and they never talk to her again. It's so sad, too 'cause they like chose her there like we're going to prop you up as this person- and it's like where are you she just got swept up in? It is so crazy. The idea that they would just do that to someone and force them in some sort of a situation like that. You know I just don't stand why they would think that she would just play along. I guess they just assume has girl little girl to kill people right are telling you to do this, to tell you that, and was one of the first times we had women act right. Eighty two and you know in in combat duty, yeah totally yeah. Hopefully, there's not a lot. I mean when you're when you're dealing with do F and you're dealing with what you would call sanction murder right I mean that's what, if
if you're in the military, and you were supposed to go over there and shoot some bad guys. Alright, whether they're, good or bad guys are going to murder those people right, sanctioned murder, and it's one of the this things about civilization, is but we salute sanction. Murder murder is awful when you don't like someone who killed them. We want to lock you up, but if we tell you, you can kill someone as long as it's written down on paper and we all collectively agree, but we don't really collectively agree. That's why it's weird as a small group of people that decide who you can and can't kill, and then everybody else has to fall in line well. If those people were beyond reproach, if they were these incredibly enlightened people that had only our best wishes and hopes in find an could could not make a bad decision. Well, then, it makes sense to just give in to them. They're smarter than us, where the ants,
yeah the geniuses and would just follow along, but that's not the case. It's never been the case now now and the thing that bothers me about the Obama administration is that he's feigned, as this like transparent the president, you know we talked about the whistleblower thing. It's like everything is the opposite of what it is. It's like this orwellian new era, where you have the NSA spying. Now, like the the Patriot ACT, sunsetted, we think the Patriot ACT ever was, and it was just at the clause that they were able to illegally spy on us through the NSA in the Patriot ACT expired and then they just passed. A new lot of bass be caught. A fight illegal spine, just threw another caveat. It's called the Freedom ACT so that there is a MAC. You can't vote against the Patriot ACT either because the name is just like when you're, not patriotic freedom, you will as well enter. Not not freedom, yeah know what it would you want. You want death, what do destruction. So it's like not prisoner the prisoner active, pass, the freedom,
so for, like the last features like you of course, we've been torturing people, there's been wars, there's been extrajudicial assassinations, but never before has it been like openly codified and, like legislated executively, you know So it's almost this weird error of normalization in conditioning where people are just accept this as an normal, like the empire in just the post, nine hundred and eleven era. We just do these things now and it's all legal right legal, because we've created all these legal caveats to do them. So what is legal that's when it gets, is acting weird. This is, and what is legal and what's not, leave it at that right down it legal! Exactly and that's not a crime, just issue this field manual to basically for all the branch of the military in in it. I guess because Citizen journalism is like on the rise and it's really hard to distinguish like who is like an official status journalists, or not our music and headed with the enemy, and they basically said that journal is going to be killed legally now by US military personnel that crazy? That's in the new Pentagon Army field? Now,
well. That was one of the things that happened during the Obama Obama administration that they assassinating american citizens without trial. You know if they were kind of due process, and you know the of law as long as you're over there, though they just assassinate you drone strikes, would is yeah, I get it if they, for absolutely honest and beyond reproach, and the most enlightened beings in the world that are dictating what these actions would be. If you have some fucking Hitler character over there and you want to, Asanam I get it that makes sense to Maine you want. It's in the loop. Just keep it in a loop, showed us a whole memo and be like look at this plugin, the guys Hillary, you point out his likens classified, Miss Martin. Did you work for Russia when you pollutants blue on the ground? Vladimir Putin continue these attacks against him, like John he's, barely pregnant fuck up, he had his
Do that while you're stupid little poker yeah, he doesn't have to tweet, probably barely tweeds. Do you think he tweets? I don't think I don't think Obama tweets either. Do you think he tweets now we didn't actually touch the key. I would hope he has better shit to do. It was Obama's, tweeting, emojis and smiley faces. Imagine Obama tweet it just a a pile of dog shit and a gun. Is I mean, like that's my life? What does it mean? Everybody would die, active forever. When they look back at us in the future when they civilizations one hundred twenty years from now. Look back at what were you know when we look back at World WAR two and look at it, people that were running towards bomb. Now we look at him like fuck man is poor. Bastards. I think about us wow.
Is it going to not be the case yeah. I don't. I don't know I don't know. I was just thinking the other day about, like you know, reality tv and how back in the day we had like the fat lady at the circus like the bearded lady, it's like we'd still have that it's just in in the realm of reality, television, we're trying to like advertising like this fat lady, but really we're just watching like a giant whale, live her life and love and like yeah, it's like just like the circus and- and it's the same with you know, for movies and like that we don't the call center. We still like people being ripped limb from limb and blood in guts. It's something about us and and yeah. It's evolved through technology. But it's will that weird innate human trait that I don't really understand. Yeah, we love oddities and we also love people suffering when were not 'cause. We've got it. I'm not there yeah right like this way, like I'm watching intervention, 'cause I'll watch
shine the episode of the girls doing the duster and I'm like alright. I guess I don't feel bad about smoking. This weed because on fucking come later dust. Rape, yeah! If you ever seen that fucking my strange addiction, you see God does. This should exist in the third world or, like any other fucking. That's a good question wait tape and, like I don't know, it's a very good russian. I wonder what what it is about human beings, that when everything is great and you have too much resources and it's too easy to get food. We just started getting really fucking strange, I'm addicted to eating drywall those people real, I mean that's what I want to know. I wonder no, like it almost seems like the my strange addiction was like almost take well, haven't worked in reality, tv and knowing how much of it is bullshit. How does that work? Is it just super edit? Well, even when
I did that Sci FI show they fuckin just fake things like your reaction shots, and should I always wonder if you like people are like they deafen edit things and put certain reaction- things where they, where they didn't belong. They just have. We need to face the way he's looking at like well, but there was one where they did with that. Sci FI show that I did where they there's a thing that people believe called sky quakes and probably bullshit most likely but sound. From the sky like more of a crazy like horns and people are trying to figure out what these sounds were well. They took a video So this is one guy said in this video, where he was just. It was actually it's really hilarious, 'cause, the one guy that they put the video. He was like a chemtrail believer, so he believes in a day some kind of bullshit, and he was pointing at the sky and we kind of mocked him for his chemtrail believes. But then these fucking dummies, it made the show that the editors took a chunk of this guys, video
and then added some sound too no and then put it on the show and said that he was pointing to a skyquake, but he was, and it was just fake, an old. Are you crazy? I found out about it I freak now. I had them remove it from the show that aired the first time it aired that was on the show and then after it aired they when they aired it for a second time they removed it so disingenuous, and that's what they do and that's what they do. That's what those shows are. Those shows are just bullshit and most of those shows are bullshit and Sci FI at the time had a ton of those, there was one show that was all about a family that was trapped in a house in Maine, because there was where Wolfs outside, and it was a whole, like fucking half hour, show about these people just little. When I looked out my thought it was standing up and it looked like a man but his covenant for it just making things up, and that was the whole shit. They don't give a fuck as long as they can get that
we ought to truck commercial, we got Toyota, then we got tide and then we got fucking hot dogs. Alright go back to the werewolf story, interesting joke! I had an agent for a little while looking for work and stuff and every single thing, because I guess I come from like the same questioning government narratives and oh shit, your tinfoil hat, where, if you fucking and with the government tells you, and so it's always these like shows there like we're starting to show to basically like dissect like JFK and Chem trails like is there any thing else. Fucking happening other than like the same five fucking things that you guys want to create shows around. It's so weird. Now, there's not no that's what all these God. Damn things are, and it's all just bullshit, it's like when we talk about shit, that fucking matters or like interesting that's going on now, because those things are like they can start fires. You know it's like. You can Starfire's the Flint and I've been in on a piece of metal, clink, clink clink, and they know it works. They just keep going to it. Over and over again, you can start a fire with big foot, put big foot on even be old, look at it and then
drawn to it This is the certain subjects that people will always want to believe in. They want to believe in psychics. They want to believe in trails, Ufos the government experiments new. On control. Don't you know about majestic twelve derby members? You know, I'm sure, there's been some mind, control experiments. There was definitely those lsd, dude, Mk Ultra, where they were just watching. People fucking, like like a your house and like like dosing them with acid in these FBI agents, would sit behind like one way mirrors and just watch him. Operation, midnight, climax night class. It must be really cool to be an FBI agent during the fucking yeah. They dosed people the acid when they Whore houses guys whore houses. They would slip acid, their drink, and you know like, I, don't really want text anymore.
Thinking about life and existential angst- is really kinda. Freaking me out right now: where is it true that the US government has like half the world is LSD? Is that is that bullshit is most likely? Here's why it's bullshit is LSD as a half I know that it doesn't last. If you have at of lsd- and you leave it in your house for ten years and most likely it's not really effective after awhile, so them having open was saying that they seized a bunch of it really good asset. During that whole, time, but I guess yeah surely does yeah, but I wouldn't, unless they figured out some way to contain, some special way. I don't know what Disney's brain guessing no. As far as I know, I don't think like. I think. A lot of substance is just not vitamins. We get vitamins Multivitamins. You look at them. They're, not really affective after, like six months or a year to become less and less effective overtime. Pretty sure that's the case with Dallas D. Don't quote me on it, though I know it is
is weed I've got it. Yeah, unfortunately, doesn't last it's like life fresh and young get that carbon in your fucking lungs as soon as possible. Yeah, even edibles. They go bad even if they be come down into a cookie. Put that cookie in a piece of plastic try to eat a couple years from now. We do we just so. We just take this epic road trip and got back this morning, which is amazing, but I wanted to tell your audience today but the the Utah things it was so funny I mean here you are in these fucking massive, like rock formations carved by millions of years of water, sandstone fucking whatever like slate all this shit
insane like anyone who has not been to Utah, you need to go. Bryce Canyon. National park is one of the most absurd things. I've ever seen. It's like these things called who's that are just carved over millions of years at the stone anyway arches national park. Obviously that iconic, like all the orange arch, is that are carved in millions of years like we can carbon date them. We know the geological process is very easy to explain through science, so we're reading the official park, literature and I'm just like man like so so fascinating, How did this form and so like crazy, and it makes you just like appreciate time like that's what the desert is like. You fucking appreciate time That is, like you, look at it and that's the top of the grand staircase show that's the new part of the grand staircase. That's amazing! So in that fucking ridic, it looks like a standing army, yeah people that are just listening to. This is what it looks like. Obviously it's not, but it looks like something that someone is looks. Something someone carved out of the stone like some
those things look like saying: yeah, they look like columns in a building, it's amazing dude, and so in you. So this is all Utah, of course, named after some Mormon Guy named Bryce, who discovered it. You know so anyway. There's arch is arch is that are created by just wind in time when time and that's what you like, the most the most crazy thing about being out in the desert for so long as you're. Just like this took millions of years to happen, I mean it makes you just appreciate, fucking time evolution and like how the earth is change, and this is only think about how old the earth is billions of years old. This was only the last couple of million. If you look at something called the Black Canyon, which is actually weighed deeper than the Grand Canyon way more narrow I was like oh, my god. This must have taken billions of years to form and it was just like nope, just the last two million years just popped up like what the fuck it just makes you it just makes you just appreciate, like time time in geology and science so anyway, in this official park, literature and arch is expn
planes. Everything very precisely at the very end of it. It's just like. Ok, we just explained how all of this worked. This is the history of arches national park, and then it says, probably all the evidence is circum Dential, and I was just like what the fuck I was like. What do you mean all the evidence is circumstantial is like all the evidence is not circumstantial. All the evidence is proven. We know how old these rocks are. We know exactly what's carved them. We can test all the settlements. We can test all the rocks, so I just like holy shit, like has the Mormon lobby, just lobbied all the fucking parks in Utah, which are the best parks in the country and the most amazing state and basically force them to say. None of this is, so Smith in eighteen, twenty was fourteen years old. He found golden tablet stuck contained Last work of Jesus, the israeli people came over from the Bering Strait in Siberia. That's crazy! That's the narative for the Mormons! Do you know that the
lost tribe of Israel with the native Americans. You didn't know that now they even test this guy, was as rich Mormon dude tested native American DNA to try to prove move that they were israeli and that they were LOS lost tribes of Israel, and it turns out that's not true period. This is a bunch of fucking bullshit from Siberia. They came over the Bering Strait and we've known that forever, but they tested it. But in eighteen Tony Joseph Smith, he found magic tablets and he had a magic stone and he could he had a seer stone and only he could read, show the day. He wouldn't let anyone else in there. Just don't trust me! Well it not only that no God came needed a stone to look at them, got seer stone, Searstown to wonderful store. It is of wonderful stone. I wish I had one angels came and took the tablets away because the people didn't believe to test their faith.
A dinosaur bones are just like just got a little mess up of plaster Sears home. What a batshit crazy did. Can you imagine I'm just wonder: can you imagine, just as with today, walking around with a your stone being like everyone? Was it up? I found these golden tech Well, it's really wonderful! Is it a follower? This jackass almost became president got real right. That's fucking, bat shit! people that don't even know how bat shit Mitt Romney is Mitt. Romney's family is living in Mexico, his families all from Mexico. That's why his dad was never president Tommy's. Dad wanted to be President Mitt Romney family was one of the fucking Mormons that escaped America when they made polygamy illegal. That will. I look. I need more than one poser like you too much. This is too restrictive. The fuck out is true. That's. Why did you know that we didn't know that Mitt Romney this family, they
still live in Mexico, Mitt Romney's dad is from fucking. Mexico was born in Mexico. Yeah there's a huge call white looking at well there, american their morning from the escape back. When there was no cars, see there was no cars and back when there was no cars you're on horseback in America, you're on horseback in Mexico. What difference does it make bitch, but if you cross is dirt line, you could nine different, chicks and live in a house where you know you'll have your own rules will do this day there over there there's a whole colonie of them, and there the war on a regular basis, there's Mitt Romney's cousin over there in Mexico. That's Kelly, Romney they're, playing golf with fucking armed guards, because the cartel kidnaps among the teacher wives wait inside well, they get kidnapped by the cartel. Oh yeah, more totally these people they have these ranches in their arm to the dick,
so there is that way out on other devices Shane over the area wandering around in Mexico with the MID Romney. It actually is a really interesting story, because he at Bain Capital, when he ran in vain capital he was like taken in and trained by Monsanto executives, an he. He like. I think he was given his first big loan. Buy a Monsanto executive and then he was like alright y'all. You guys are fucking toxic chemical company fucking agent orange all this shit real bad, real, bad! Look! Why don't we shift this over to food now so like? He basically was behind this giant pr push to switch Monsanto over from chemicals to biotech, which is really interesting to be like Romney's in the fold. You know it's just like super weird that he was just like right there in the
things kind of helping foster. This transition is super weird people with money, Bing Capital, P, harvesting, money that he says in some commercial for being capital he's like we harvest money and you're like oh, my god. How do you do that? Show us where the money tree is? I can't it's near the golden tablets. You need a seer stone to see the magic money tree money seeds only through The money seeds we water it with angel tears in piss like flat and fuck money tree harvest doing cash. What are you doing met it sounded like he's like harvesting human beings? We grow them here that parenthood goes for us. The whole thing is all my god. There planned parenthood thing we were talking about earlier in a different podcast. We trying to figure out what the fuck was going on with that. What do they do? Throw the babies in the trash can
so I said yeah like I would like them to you. If you are a boy It is legal and I think it should be. What are they going to do with that issue? Wouldn't be better if that issue gets used, but it's a fucking super disturbing video when they start going through the parts, and you realize what abortion really is like. Oh, this is inconvenient more convenient for me to think that this is a bundle of cells. See yeah I mean the whole thing is just like yeah, it's like abortions, legal and I would rather have them utilize the tissue for someone, not scientific instead of just throwing the garbage cans on yeah. That's that's true with. I think what a lot of people are worried about. Not just this is that they were gonna somehow or another influence people to do it. For money influence people to have abortions for money. No God is it is, but it isn't. So it's got to be people that are willing to have an abortion for money sure, but what did they get paid like planned parenthood? It wasn't a whole issue that plan printer is making money selling the tissue, but then they
that that wasn't true something almost like if there was like some black market thing where people can have abortions in like sell that issue, I just don't yeah. It's super confusing, because the video implies that planned parenthood was profiting off of it and at this woman was trying to say that she could sort of structure it so they can make more money. Look all I know is planned periods fucking great. Ok, I love it, I think it's great. I it gives birth controls, but birthday come fucking important. Alright, an people who want to talk shit on planned parenthood and talk about this baby thing is just so ridiculous because I didn't have health care for like three months after I quit Rt Ann. I want birth control. An I was just like what the fuck would I do. What would I do if planned parenthood wasn't here? I would you do is get a full control. Birth control have a war.
Somebody else in Russia extends your benefits. There's some shit that you need prescribe. You don't have unemployment Perkins Rowe, just go fucking pick up certain birth controls at this. At the convenience store, it was a rush Limbaugh that killed rush Limbaugh's career. Wasn't it weird talking about some girl being a slut loan out that too, but he was talking about some girl being a slut because she wanted birth control. Some college student member, then yeah, it's like two thousand and twelve. That was the top off that was where it ended for rush limbo ox. He didn't do it that did it. He was saying and so really rude. Shipley's, probably oxy it out of his fucking head waters, saying it in album not enough to coming your nose, but that that literally like ended his career yeah. There was like around two thousand and twelve. If I remember correctly, I'm trying to remember what the story was, but it was college girl and he
calling her a slut, and I think it was like our rate thick demo. No, no. I think that was even over the top for Rush Chris Comma. I think what he wanted to do was he wanted to. He was looking her because she was saying that a birth control should be a part of. If you find that like very rush Limbaugh college girl, Slut birth control, Google that I was like he was she was saying that it should be a part of her health care. I think, and he was calling her a slut because she wanted birth control like why aren't dirty whore with the fuck and you want to get pregnant, you dumb, yeah, exactly some shit. Have sex. Some state just issued free birth control. Did this radical idea where they gave free birth control Women like abortion, like idea, portion likes fucking plummeted. Like thirty percent, like teen
Z, plummeted, it's like wow, Whoda, thunk, it who'd a thunk. It because Georgetown student? We have, let's not get a video, let's see what the what the actual facts were you what he said Melissa I have. I have a blog entry fluke. Okay, go ahead played, they are gone for two days rush Limbaugh. Has he been serrated Sandra Fluke on the radio? What does it say about her college coeds Susan Fluke, Sandoz before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? What is it like, her eight amps? What here is our slot right? Is it hard major prostitute? She wants to be paid to have sex Luke a third year law student at Georgetown is now the flash point in the
date about whether employers should be required to fully cover contraception, even if they have religious like how you truncated to she wants to get paid to have sex, but that was then that was basically it for him that fucking kill them. That guys done really fascinating, because rush limbo was oh yeah, he's done. Oh yeah, his career is dropped off erratically he's in like third fourth tier market and not be headed. Hoe comment like it was it like that bad that I was like fucking he's always been trying, but yeah that was just. He was trying to be funny and stupid. Rush is trying to like push his ideology, but that killed that guy, that guy appetizers fleet him in mass after that money that that's what did it? Not the rampant race busemann well he's is all this shit when he was also calling for drug addicts to be like there was a guy
who got prosecuted. I forget what the story was, but a guy who got prosecuted for or some drug related offense and the fucking judge. Lynn really told him when he was sentencing him that he was lit. Meaning to rush limbo on the way over and how rush was saying that we have to give drug abusers awake up, call Ann that drug abusers need to know that there's consequences for their actions. So because of this, I'm going to fucking sentence you, for x, amount of Bubba Bubba and the guy got released because of overcrowding? I rented online. I forget where I read it from my teacher drug abusers really, but this was right before rush popped for chewing like ninety oxy's day and having his. How can made go out and buy him four amateur assume names she's wearing a fake, mustache leashes, I might just not so good and she's buying but this guy was like talking about
crazy shit on the radio. While he was popping pills, always how it is man, all the antique meaning prostitutes. It's like why you so obsessed we're playing TED Cruz earlier on the earlier part, gas- and I was like I recognize- sounds okay. This certain sounds. I recognize right when you, when you hear a do talk like this, but here here you think of a big black man right yeah, that TED Cruz talks. I hear a gay man, I hear a game. Do that is how it? Why is he talking? Let's hear it TED Cruz again, 'cause he's gay, I think he's giving he super conservative super conservative. My thought is this: guy cannot wait to get done talking, which is run up, Thronson close and suck some cock. He just sounds gay now I don't know if he j, but I've never met anybody. That sounds great. It's not daily, there's nothing wrong. Being gay wanna say this again. As I said in the earlier podcast, there's nothing
I love gave Michael A, but I don't like is people are gross? We just don't like it was or homophobes in March today is that we need to re assemble the Reagan coalition. We need to bring together the different parts that comprise the liberals, who he got elected president he'd, be their president will say to them. Listen. There are different elements, so you've got, for example, you gotta bring together. Conservatives and libertarians have got differing views, but shared values too that's about as straight as he's ever sounded, find a better one but same sex marriage ruling side because it's the same sex marriage ruling he's like trying to fucking straighten it up is like. I don't want to make it user thinking of those how miles the guy sounds gay. I don't know if he is gay and there's nothing wrong with being gay, but he sounds gay. I'm just saying
and people could say. I sound gay to go ahead, say it. I don't give a fuck. The world is on fire comments, the world's on fire, so fire here we go or a major celebrity there yeah. Well, it's a very small state. Look I mean it was. It was impressive. I mean I was earning major script. St read I mentioned to a couple of folks. I was going to be on your show. They were blown away that you gave me. I felt right now he sounds totally. He sounds totally different than anything. He should be naked with a fuckin apron on baking, wow baking and sucking cock. That's what TED cruises best, those two things that he doesn't get it cupcakes and cock. Sucking that says you beat this is campaign. Just fucking go for it for it. Just enough time do. There's enough time is still two thousand and fifteen ok November of two, sixteen cupcakes and the suits you get the apron and a year ago
Caitlin was Bruce and no one gives a fuck about right. Right. Right now is Caitlin and everybody cares. Everybody loves her right right, right, cupcakes and cock sucking for President TED Cruz. Look at him! Oh my god. That's! What's up so that is, he looks just as hollow black eyes he's just a guy. Just trying to fucking stand there trying to make just trying to pick himself up by his bootstraps and make the american dream is just always weird. It's just always weird when someone goes that go that route anti same sex marriage, oh yeah rose going against the grain, it's like I'm gonna, still prosecute marijuana user place for gays. Look at that fucking quote this is there is no no place for gays or atheists in my America, none archon, to Touchen makes that clear. He said that in fucking
March, two thousand and fifteen at Liberty University that has a mirror is no place for gays or atheists. That's so silly, that's! Obviously a gay guy I hate to myself, but there's two types of gay marriage, people that are really dumb or people that are secretly worried that dicks are delicious. Look at him. Look at him that and ah vagina a it's very simple penis, then don't Take it in my mouth with I'll, throw up, go ahead and show me shut. Figurehead, don't put it in my butt, this is the world we live in Abby Martin but the empire. Now, what is a guy like that fit in? Where is a guy like and in the empire. Is it just like some guys scrambling trying to get attention run around the outside the castle? What about me I can be king and the guys the statement is right, so you have these in he's, not really he's just a side show.
You know. I know some people just like Rick Perry of Nigger rent. What did you say? Did you ranch? What is that ranch? What are you talking about? Perry's ranch shut, the fuck about his family, his family has a ranch called end Noley. Don't please tell me your candy like refuse to take on the song those people when he's old, like are you gonna, do like a re branding effort about like the ranch that your family until he was like it's all like Oh no aunt, Jemima! No! Is that real is real. Come up? Yes, you gotta, find, I think. Oh my god, it's true! Oh my,
my god he's got a ranch called Nigger head. Oh my god, this surprise. Yet yet, oh, my God, Perry's version of the events differs in many respects. There was recollections of seven people who did they painted the rock when they put word, saw the offensive word and then painted it over to ever. Since anytime, I ever saw the rock it was painted over. Oh, my god, my mother and father went to the. Police and painted the rock went to the lease. What does that mean, went to the release and painted the rock in either one thousand nine hundred and eighty three or ninety five took that long, most, not until the 80s, and we realize that it was a bad word that we really had to start respecting the damn black people around Texas? It's just. We called folks wait and didn't. He also keep a dead fetus in his fridge. Oh, my god. Is that really the sign that you showed now that's fake right? He kept a dead feet, is in his fridge for what
She put my is good. It's good me! You don't want to waste those cells. You don't have the that's true that could be used to appear or something get into the black market in order on it, it would be if it was aborted fetuses that cured the gay to imagine how ironic you needed in the boarded fetus Rick Santoro, dead, baby ritual. What is that fuck? I really don't wanna see that really wanted getting bummed out. Anyway. I got in this thing about five minutes. Oh shit really yeah. Unfortunately, I got a crazy day no way well anything else,
Anything else going on just everyone check out the grand staircase. What's going on with your art, you have beautiful art, you were in town, doing some yeah, I did an art show called Cosmos and self and I'm actually doing another one in two days. Everyone should check it out if they live in the LA area called ethos space, it's going to be in downtown la check it out on tons of freaking spot now, isn't it it's fucking awesome man, we live in the fashion district in some crazy warehouses. I don't say where you live, I'm moving in three days. So, let's find ghost ghost out there's
a lot of freaky spot down there. Yeah, like you, got to make sure you don't read the wrong way, yeah yeah, which is great it's like yeah. I I'm sure that you've seen you know you. Probably a lot of countries seen a lot of horrible poverty went to Haiti's sob bad things, but then there's really nothing that compares to skid row, because it's this crazy community living on the street just taking over downtown la like access of humanity, that's just spilled out mentally ill drug. I mean they're, just like shooting up in the street, taking a at the it's nuts, thousands of thousands yeah and it's blocks and blocks and blocks just like society is just like a bad. And in this portion of their people, it's very surreal and really scary, and we live right by. There is an interesting thing. You know someone wants to look at them and go. How do we capitalize in this market? So many people the right there? They all have similar interests. How do we, how we mail this homeless marketing, but I have cameras, they sell cans still going strong, Occupe I'm, just I'm just making sure 'cause you just drive
you're like wow like oh damn, it's a fucking, crazy see now. I remember the first time I was there were filling fear factor downtown and we were real close to it and someone brought it up and we drove by it gotta be fucking kidding. This is real. It's real! It's super big and there's no one like what do you do to them are just mentally ill and drug addict. So it's like you, don't what can you do other than provide services like that? It's very good and then one of the fucking 10S, it's so bizarre- has a giant american flag in it and you're, like I'm glad that you are still America all about America! Well S America's fault that I'm out here my phone, I'm going to smoke crack Uncle SAM then put that crack pipe. My mouth work hard enough, yeah. Well,
there's a lot of mentally ill people during the Reagan administration. They sort of change the rules for what made you mentally ill, and you know the distinctions were and that's when they sort of opened up the doors and let all these people out in the street. I remember it like really clearly when I was a kid because there was a big debate like like wait. A minute you can't and there's a lot of people there, like you can't fucking do this. You can't just a change right, the classic age, the classifications for people in a mental illness, but they did and all throughout New York and Boston. It was like all these and like new, mentally ill people wandering around the streets was like uh, clear moment there. I just read the statistic that homelessness has gone up like twenty five percent in the last four years and just Now, let's have people living in homes on freeway overpasses in Chennai. Member, like I posted, I percent swear to God, and I remember I posted in some was like dude just move out. They can't
well, you just move out and I'm like. I can't afford to move once you go homeless, you don't have any money like one dude speaking up really quickly. Wrapped up. I wanted to tell you I we should talk about Cuba next time 'cause. I went there and did a whole report on it, but zero homelessness. That was the most iconic thing about being in Cuba. No trash, no homelessness, 'cause I born as their basic needs. The shelter and there's ration system and stuff, but it was just interesting to see like the low crime rate when people have like basic shelter, an healthcare lot of problems still very interesting 'cause. I it was very different than every other. Like Latin American. I was just like holy shit. There's no homeless, people wanna know beggars, and no It's interesting mean obviously not an ideal environment, because you're forced into certain jobs and they kind of decide.
You do our doors is certain jobs. Do not know that's bullshit what about for athletes and to do that for athletes? So that's what my friend who's an economist actually. So when I came back and give issues like so how is it like everyone's assigned a job, and I was like no, it's not like a brave new world over babies are born in debaters and like tray going to be like your doctor, your florist here. This is not like that at all an you know, there is a ration system and they do get paid very little, but it's just interesting. 'cause people just have a completely different mindset. Like I remember, I spoke to a bunch of doctors and I was like why are you a doctor you're not going to get anything like? Why would I care about like I'm, helping my community and family? It's just like this is like a totally like a wall of understanding. I'm like I'm coming from the hub of capitalism and I'm like, I don't understand the incentive right. So it's really. It was really really fascinating, but I'd recommend everyone check out the Cuba series. I did on breaking said. If you want to learn more annum check out, eat those space, Abby Martin DOT. Org is my people that have live
there in Cuba really hated it. They hated the oppression, they hated the way they were treated. They escaped because they had more opportunity in America law. Specially athlete. There's three laws that America has put into place that coax defectors, so one of them is basically trying to subvert Cubacel medical internationalism. So Cuba has been forced into this like because of the blockade in the embargo and they've been forced into. Total self healing. You know what I mean like yeah, like all organics, and they have like like maintain these old cars and they like don't let anything, break down and shot a cool in a way so they've also developed. Instead of invading countries and bombing the out of people, they also developed an entire like a medical thing for their like income, so they basically lease out doctors around the world. Even when you go back to you know the Haiti earthquake, they were the first country, the Senate, the biggest contingent of doctors, a ball of biggest container, so they basically LISA like doctors.
To get oil from Venezuela to like get help. It's interesting. 'cause people are like, oh well there you know they're like creating doctors to like just get oil and shit. It's like well they're doing what they can with the resources that they have their under a very crippling economic embargo. They have subversion programs going on through USAID every year. Despite the normalization process, that's going on the USA. Id is still spending twenty million dollars a year to subvert Cuba's political process. So we've subverted the hip hop movement. There, we've created a fake, I jv program, we've created a fake twitter called Zuni. Oh that's tried to like people against Castro, but the most disturbing part is this medical internationalism, where you have like. Seventy five thousand doctors working around the world on all these fronts and the US has created a law. That said, you can defect to the US and become a doctor here. Just leave you
post. So it's like. Why are we trying to like subvert, like actual medical missions and humanitarian missions, that Cuba is doing really? The only reason is because we want to subvert the socialist government that survived after the cold war, that we still fucking can't accept and there's also the wet foot dry foot policy that offers a cuban immigrants. No other immigrant in the world has this I can just come here and just be an american citizen if you're keeping is no questions on what foot DR still wow, that must talk for Mexicans like what the fuck fuck man. This is bullshit about Canadians arms. It like why we aren't all these like you, but if there isn't true orders down, I did not know that. That's fascinating! It's a really fascinating! You should have a conversation with Joey Diaz he'd, be fucking screaming right now, yeah came over on a boat and you know a lot of people. Look when you're cuban in your you're an Iration system in your living in this country. This kind of isolated near like watching american movies and you're like why the fuck am I here
I can be there. You know in your mouth, cocaine- and it came down here like why. But the problem is a lot of doctors defect and they come over here and there there caught for you. Years and years and years, their license, doesn't apply like they have to go through all. They end up being like a waitress in a restaurant for a decade trying to become a practicing doctor, but I was over there not only they have free healthcare, obviously from one of the country, but they also have an international medical school that trains doctors, whoever wants to train all over the world, can go and just be a doctor for free. So I met like twenty Americans who were there and I was like. Why are you here? Getting your medical license and they're like because I don't want if I can be a hundred thousand dollars in debt in America and they're like I am here to get my medical license, then I can go train and be a doctor, one free, so lotta shakin. We talked about how things are run, but it's a totally different society when you have basic needs met and when health care and like humans come first out of necessity, because the blockade- because they had to create this not maybe necessarily of altruism
but it's evolved in the such in it an insane just I caught a me of how society has like functioned super interesting. What's gonna be fastening now the embargo has been lifted. How it's going to be? Let it stay So now you can translate travel restrictions yeah, so now they have to travel sections, and now Raul has like open up some private enterprise and stuff, and that was a whole diplomatic process within the country to where they lifted some economic things. So now private businesses can flourish, and so it's opening up 'cause. They realize that they can't obviously have it like that forever, especially now that the travels lifted, but it's going to be really interesting to see what happens, especially now that the US still has this subversion tactics going on these programs in place that encourage people to defect and then also get MOE is a perpetual occupation of Fucking Cuba that Raul, who said time and again give us Guantanamo Bay. You least it under false pretenses. We really want it back
and the US as it's off the table. So that's the way the empire works, so they look back bases so how we, like least it one thousand nine hundred and three released the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, which is a giant swath of land for, like you, know, housing, but it's connected to Cuba, It's in it's on Cuba in Cuba, so we least it then we are allies. Bautista was an Alibour boy, but he said was like a corporate fucking law. You know, and so we had all these private enterprises in Cuba and the Socialist Revolution happen, and then the lease agreement said this has to be agreed by both parties to continue I'm sorry to dissolve, and then, when the cuban Revolution happen, Cuba was like give us back on time on the: u DOT. S is like. You know that we don't agree to that, so we're just going to keep it. And they never accepted a diamond, never cashed a dime for the rent of police after the nineteen, fifty six or whatever the their place so yeah it was. It was that's really disturbing, because I'm like dude just getting back from going away.
You can pretend that were normal with Cuba, but it's never going to be normal unless you give them some respect and if you're so scared of socialism, and if you are so sure that Social is a failure, then let them fucking fail on their own, lift the blockade and let Cuba just function and let's see what happens, but right now, it's been so crippled in so many ways that it's impossible to really know what the country would be. Like. Let us interference well, it's very bizarre that were allowed to trade with all sorts of different countries that are accused of all sorts of different heinous crimes against humanity. But we can't, with Cuba, I mean you think about all the different countries that were allowed to trade with. Go to Congo right now, hang out with warlords, you do whatever the fuck. You want Saudi Arabia. We go back and forth them all the time. Chicks just got the right to vote. Did you hear that, like like in recent weeks, yes like it was on. It was in the news yesterday uh. Oh my pull it off my Twitter, Jim yeah. Saudi Arabia, women in Saudi Arabia are going to get the right to vote? Yeah,
hallelujah. Well, if it's two thousand and fifteen, they feel like, I guess, hey got your burgers nope women nope not allowed to do that right now we have liberated them yet well. I live in IRAN where they wear this tons of makeup. They look hot as fuck. They were skin tight clothes, 'cause you're not allowed to show shit, but they were like yoga pants like a total work around, but they have to have that thing on their head. Women are allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia for the first time in history, nuts August 24th, two thousand fifth, These bam 15th. I guess at fifteen the first time in the country's history. Women in Saudi Arabia have been given the right to vote and stand as political candidates in the upcoming elections wow. But it's just amazing: don't show your ankles, don't don't drive. Don't triangles have your. I guess the man needs to escort them to the voting booths because they still can't do anything without a male permission.
Course. They can drive yet yeah, they can vote. They can't drive. Thinking out. Do the former king, I'm real sorry praise be with him again. Peace be upon peace, be upon. I do a lot, but now his daughters are like trapped in a dungeon like being starved, well yeah they're, like living in underground in some bunker that, like they're like traps, they did an interview with someone saying like help us were we like disobeyed, our father and we've been bring like punished for yeah. It's super crazy. Looking Grand staircase over the grand staircase every time I talked to Abby Martin chickens for more depressing things, to look up. Listen awesome talking to appreciate anytime. You want anytime anytime, my friend, alright, that's it for today, you x without the shit out yet and will see you soon, bye, bye, big kiss he th. Thank you everybody! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to our sponsors thanks
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