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#691 - Bryan Callen

2015-09-01 | 🔗
Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts "The Fighter & The Kid" podcast.
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use a code word rogan say ten percent off any and all supplements my guest today is my fucking favorite human beings it's ever lived he's my brother from another mother if you listen his podcast heard a million times mister bryan callen rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day oh fuck yeah ladies and gentlemen oh fuck yeah so we're doing this place on the 22nd and the 23rd were working together two nights in a row bryan callen that's what's happening ladies and gentlemen keep believe this i get to work with one of my best friends on the planet earth brian motherfucking calendar on the kids september 22nd and 23rd yeah 22nd will be at the icehouse i hate saying one of my best friends 'cause i don't wanna be mean to my other saturdays are my favorite
guys at the end of the day joe rogan at the end of the game i would fit in your fucking program my three cock sucker i'm very easy to hang out with for you it's just it's not more both retarded we speak each other's language that's the best part of it yeah understand the 23rd you guys on the ventura in ventura ca yeah we're doing two shows now we just add the eight hundred o'clock well we haven't had a ten it's not for sale yet but it will be for sale soon and then eight hundred o'clock in one thousand o'clock yeah and tuesday were doing something it's like a showcase at the ice house just me and callanan tuesday night the twenty sex twenty second and twenty third to twenty six nice has twenty third hong kong to show this eight ten if i'm just had a hunting trip in with that it might be the perfect week we need to go hunting again and it's not even about the animals it's just
optimum funny to be a silly goose and have you captive five well one of our favorite trips is the one in alaska which was the most miserable but remember i had a really fucking good point about that trip he was talking about things that are fun he's like there's things that are fun while you're doing them and then they're not fun afterwards but there's things that are not fun while you're doing them and they become really fun after you done such an interesting point yeah it's one of his buddies has this scale of fun it's like and the cheapest easiest fun is like roller coaster rides but nobody looks back on a rollercoaster ride this man at the time went down fucking rollercoaster yeah we do that relic too we went up we went down with all those other people strapped or seat and no no you need you need an element of suffering you need to be shit in the morning and wet and i think 'cause they've done some studies on what happens when you're in those situations you create anxiety actually creates oxy towson and
chitosan is a bonding chemical so when you're going through this shit when it's raining in your cold and you're like fogman this is going to suck going to find a deer it's actually a bonding experience and what happens is when you think back on it like what are you going to do when you're sitting there freezing in the rain going to make each other laugh it is just silliness you know what else is going to do and i think with you and i yeah but you and i have a good attitude for that stuff we can both just accept the fact that we're in a bad environment there's some people that just can't accept it and they freak out yeah those the ones you can bring with you i can't bring those yeah but even those people i always submit that a lot of that is like how you've always approached bad situations like how have you have you learned but i would say it's also a factor affect that they are thinking about the wrong thing
they always say mental strength is more about what you choose not to think about and shitty circumstances i tim kennedy was town a really funny story about when he was doing ranger class miss what drives you like how do you how are you so tough what we think it is he said i don't know man he said i was ranger training and they and it was so cold i was lying on the ground we're waiting for a simulated ambush and might might my dick was hitting the like a what i was for shivering my body was shivering like on like that and some do just got up and went down the road said i quit i give up i'm done and tennis in the freezing and he goes back to the cell block in smart he's so much smarter than i here i am in this shit and that guy is smart enough to be like fuck it i don't want to do this anymore and he was just he just says i was just too stubborn to quit now i'm more impressed
him then i am with that depends on what the guy did if he left and started some global powerhouse of a company like you know tesla motors or something like that and went on to make a million dollars the next two years i would say yeah that guy probably did the right thing that's why it's really important for a society to be structured in such a way that you allow people to do what they're meant to do if you're in russia the guy with the biggest guns and the biggest muscles that's the guy that runs everything but how much innovation comes out of russia was the last time you bought are rushing computer a russian car or russian anything it's a very good point yeah because good fighters they make good fighters and their very tight hoes very macho culture with dark aggressive men the hose fantastic point they are on point and i was seventeen and i had my experience with two of them in the cosmos hotel really in russia i sure did seventeen spent london chris would you get the money oh i didn't give them money but i did give him my nike shoes and my blue jeans and a blue jeans 'cause there was a
hi there so this is before we sorted out the cold war one thousand nine hundred and eighty five so we still danger like one thousand eight hundred and seventeen you barely can get over there right now you can get over there they looked at you funny you had a government monitor get a government monitor they would bug your hotel room to make sure you weren't at cia or whatever so did you walk on your hotel room going all fuck yeah i'm coming coming coming again communism comics characters called day we follow him look at transcript all the time come look american bullies come here is come there it com bathroom he com balcony come television on bed you clean not me is young what is seventeen his dick never go down always your mike swick told maine mike swick used to work for some government agency i forget what it was i want to say secret service but they were
in moscow and they discovered these listening devices that the russians had placed in their buildings and they were so sophisticated that they were powered by the movement of the building 'cause every remove every building has subtle movement like if you've ever been in a building that is in an earthquake it's a very weird feeling 'cause you feel the building like rocking back and forth and it's disconcerting it's like oh this thing fucking moves man but there's a constant moving and swaying with the wind and it's very minute and sometimes you can feel it like it's heavy storm but most of the time you can't hold the russians had figured out how to make some piece of sound equipment power by that so it had no external power source it was completely powered by the movement of the building and so the device would turn on wow so if somebody was walking
well so i don't know the specifics but i know that it was a very sophisticated device that was powered by the movement in the building i think a lot of those are voice activate but you know like i used to have a voice activated tape recorder point i was trying to hook it up to the tank my isolation tanks there when i'm in the tank and have a great idea to say it and record it line i never thought i'd just didn't use it because the ideas were just common i like when you're in the tank ideas coming at you like wet fish yeah i know try to catch them try to hold on to one with the really hard i trend that tank i try to have no thought yeah our to do but this guy you know swiked that was when swiss tell me these guys you know these guys who whoever had set this equipment up in there they were using sophisticated equipment that the us government even know existed
wow wow yeah it's always been a a technological race we we were far ahead of them in the cold war just be sort of get out switch not with not with rocketry not with the space program the space program like there's you're always going to have problems whenever there's a country where the people don't have the motivation to succeed and achieve because they don't get financially rewarded or they're constrained by that sort of the unit you they they have a sort of in realistic russian sort of economy it's a very different way of achieving success you achieve success if you get in with the right group of people and you have to play the right politics and economy of influence you can't just be some fucking nomad some rogue investor who goes out and kicks ass and makes a lot of money they take those guys and they take their money and they lock them up in jail
that's right i mean it putin is done that to many of these oleg ark billionaire characters in december the mistake they made with a lot of those guys made was going into politics and criticizing the government putin had sort of an unwritten law that said you can make him money going to pay us little something you can make money you start making noise about politics and that's what they did to what's his name the guy owned yukos oil i think it's called the biggest oil magnet and they storm this plane and i think he's still in jail no he was just let him out yeah they let him out but the thing is if the same guy you're talking about they took all his us very famous case yeah took everything yeah together when you have a government like that when you don't have property rights when you don't have due process you don't have objective law what happens is who in the world is going to work really hard to create a company when the guy with the biggest guns can come on and take it yeah again it is i'd love to sit boot
on asking wow he thinks that strategy makes any sense that you know is not in that it makes sense he's thinking that he can do it yeah it's a very short sighted one thing that ironically makes our country way weaker it it it lowers your data your be your life expectancy and everything rushes in one rushes how one crop economy oil and now the oils at forty dollars a barrel when it was
eight hundred there have been a major crisis do you think that is a part of the us strategy to with them absolutely not no absolutely not so i don't think the us government has any control whatsoever on the amount of the price the price of oil absolutely not is it postures biggest problem is that their history has has either given rise to czars kings or a different kind of tsar which is the communist dictator you know the the russians are a very industrious people and and you know you wonder what they would be capable of doing if they lived in a society where the incentive structure reward you for your work and your ingenuity right unfortunately they have always lived under some kind of an autocracy some kind of all the karki it's never been different i mean putin is essentially a sar and he has his some
a group of people around him so so i believe that it has nothing to do with the united states in fact it has everything to do with the philosophy that's not what i meant though honestly i'm i i agree with you on all that but what i meant as a price of oil do you think it's manipulated to with events i don't think it's possible oils in a worldwide economy a commodity and so when it's traded on the world wide akaka commodity no was controlling oil oil is out there and traded my goes i know how it goes up and down like when oil goes from fort forty dollars a barrel hundred all's well how's it do that i don't know the intricacies of that but i do know that one of the reasons it went from a hundred to forty dollars a barrel was this fracking in this country where we had our own access to massive oil shales yeah that's big deal it's incredible it's changed everything and when all of a sudden
how long were no longer dependent on russian oil other people aren't as dependent on russian or they can buy our oil for cheaper or there's just a glut there's just more oil and when there's more oil being traded on the world stage the price will come down there is not a scarcity of oil in fact oil now in twenty fifteen i think is now i mean the price of gas is ridiculously cheap because it's the expected this kind of technology to create that much well that quickly what do you know what a fracking though seems like no matter what anybody says i mean there there's there's gonna be debate no any time there's anything controversial any anytime that there's any sort of environmental risk was something like that it's hard to separate the fax from the noise yes but it seems without a doubt that some areas are getting contaminated it seems without a out that some rivers and getting polluted so well systems are getting fucked up that movie
iceland got criticized for some in accuracies but they couldn't criticize all of it there's some undeniable aspects to fracking there's some undeniable aspects to any kind of energe technology because it the fact of the matter is civilization an feeding the civilization an energy source is going to be at this point polluting and i think the way out of it is is you know a lot of people favor legislation and i think they might be a place for legislation of course but i think what's really going to get us out of that kind of an issue is technology is just create more incentives i don't care if it's through the government or government grants or private enterprise create incentives for usm for people to come up with clean technology and that's what we're doing that's kind of where you want to head it's not like there's going to be some sort of an instant solution for the pollution of the atmosphere or the ocean but it seems like with people people are really fucking smart there's these giant
groups that they make every now and then and a lot of them are due to pressure and there's some real pressure where people worried about the environment one hundred percent and there's going to be people way smarter than us they're going to figure some ways around it did you see about nineteen year old kid came up with a device to clean all the uh plastic out of the ocean no yeah yeah he wants some prize for it jamie see if you find that it's like some gigantic fucking skimmer that's going to go over the pacific garbage patch and it sucks the plastic out and i think it puts it to use see the thing about like plastic is if you actually get it out of the ocean it's worth it's valuable it has a value well there's more what is that they did did something there's an island of plastic the size the con in the united states or something's not quite that big but it's like it's not necessarily an island either like i've described it as an island of people have corrected me what it is is like soup yes it's like there's the
any pieces yeah they're very small very small and that sort where the tide has you know that the there's there's areas where there's like the currents they put things into like circulation yeah and then it'll it'll all to but in this one area but it's like i think that any problem has a solution i actually really as i get older i'm way less cynical yeah i think the here it is right here ocean cleanup so this guys fig about some way and i'm correct from call jamie this is the same one where there's a nineteen year old kid who created this damn i didn't see anything about this this might be a different thing because i never saw this part before i googled the story from like two thousand and thirteen when it was going on i just researched the new new name to find up some updated stories on it so this is the update this is their actual website the largest cleanup in history so they're going to cry
some gigantic huge machine it's probably going to create a lot of jobs and they're going to suck all that fucking plastic out of the ocean the real problem two is not just the plastic in the ocean but overfishing we kill a lot of fucking fish no but i wonder though if there's a way i mean they have hatcheries i wonder if there's a way for us to create hatcheries that release fish into the wild we have hatcheries that release salmon we do do salmon and we do a trout you know those places where you fish for trout and the fish all come from hatcheries and they stocked fish well the problem is is the dead zones the ecological deadzones in the bottom of the ocean where they tried the trawlers where they drag for shellfish and stuff they drag these giant sort of clause that collect everything the size of semis and they just do that through and there are areas in the atlantic that are massive dead zones or some crazy amount like areas the size of
in europe that are literally dead zones yeah there's no there's no fucking plants growing down there's no oxygen yeah coral gets devastated but add linguine with clams last night it was delicious i'm not going to go pick those fucking clowns who is going to get me claims will figure head that did it it's him look at this same same guy put a cool name boyan slat sounds like a wizard who is a dutch entrepreneur such high high as fuck guaranteed entrepreneur an inventor this kid this gotta get on the podcast now before it becomes too big wow we need to find him find him jamie make a note make a mental note call matt staggs find this young man will fly him out from holland tell him we have we'd let him no he's only nineteen we could corrupt him take him around brian redban's girls exactly is playing for just dirty places yeah we had alex arnold on who is this like one of the best free
most in the world yeah he is the completely i mean he does it without ropes yeah he does he does it with ropes first to map out his course obviously you have to make sure that you can do it without ropes so you got to do with ropes first but then he just makes a decision knows what he can do and what can't do anyway he was like like real mellow and like steady until brian brought up girls in porn stars he notices like what really because we are inviting him to go to for him we're inviting him to go to vegas there was a ufc in vegas and we're going to show out there and the guys eyes lit up like it's funny it's just like you're not getting any pussy on that mountain pussy is like the most plus the script there were a lot of these guys are women that can change your whole life what's that man's name again that young young fella bryant endpoint slap win slash win slash guarantee you the some girls out there that are reading the same thing especially to thirty girls listen this
podcasts they're going to find him they want their gonna find him the young touched suck money out of his dick it's probably super tall girls super taunt fan doesn't matter if he is such that awesome men in europe you buy you a bentley to suck it out of his dick you can literally suck a bentley out of his dick you just have to suck hard enough and is gently work the ball he just start coming into his pocket yes just be magical to him be a man who came out of nowhere i just came out of the woods and get a trap phone all those guys that are sending dick pictures don't give that number to the name game boy and don't give it to flat kind of funny that is something that involves water and he's kind of buoyant yeah boy in yeah that's all we need man put one just one girl one girl with the fuck an iphone with no contacts on she's only
getting messages from boredom for money he was she had let's leave that phone lee in around never has to worry about getting in trouble 'cause it just dicks vibrating dicks get in russian gao some russian gal that maybe you meant when you were seventeen install your sneakers get her get her to find boy and i bet putin putin fucking send his attackers he's we got little trained piranha women that either these train don't guarantee that they all bang everybody in the fucking cabinet or water parlor there's a lot of fucking okoloma fucking with masks well that's one of the reason why star wars is so ridiculous ok 'cause darth vader had no motivation darth vader wasn't getting any pussy he was just being evil there was no money i mean he wasn't like rolling around in money will combination of the universe right for watt for watt to wear that stupid mask come on what are you going to do you can't exist without that stupid helmet on and you're going to dominate the
reverse and then what you when you already went in and wondering where you around you could choke him without even using your hands you could fake choking from a distance and kill him what you want but you wonder about people like genghis khan and what motivated him pussy pussy ambros age you know how much pussy that god yeah when one in five hundred mail china chinese men age directly it's directly related to directly he changed the fucking ecosystems crazy dude new york times article that said that he killed so many people something around ten percent of the world's population died while he was alive directly because of his decisions there was so different biggest asshole on the planet or a great guy who is misunderstood is killing a lot of assholes i think i bet everybody back then was an asshole
the twelve hundred the whole film all they know a flood with it did when dan carlin says you have to wonder what the strength of his nature was to wake up and say i want the world i want that which i can't even see he got a scouting guy came and said look they're people with blond hair and blue eyes at what in what is russia and they said we should go get those two and he's like right there under my ring let's go take them over too well not only that they were willing to go through so much hardship they crossed into mosque out in the winter yes 'cause there's this marshy area that you could only cross through in the winter when winter frozen solid but solid but no one ever thought that any would do that 'cause it was so harsh the climate so harsh the mongols didn't give a fuck they never wash their clothes they eat rats to eat each other occasionally had run out of food there's
it's disputed apparently according to join conjuring ferre there mares milk and blood yeah they would sit cut their horses and then fill their their class with a horse and mirrors blood and that's what they would survive on for days at a time yeah it was so crazy i think life in the gobi desert on that on the step was already so insanely harsh insanely hard you were primarily a carnivore the way they would hunt and catch birds and catch you know that the deer and the whatever was there with their horses who is just a very harsh harsh way to live well there's a reality to people that would you could always take more you know most the time up until the point where kills you you could take my you know i was watching vanilla meteor the other day he had an episode on i don't want to say the name wrong nana novak novak island outside of alaska you can get to it when the fucking ocean freezes you could walk
they're not doing that hunting trip they take they take jet skis across the frozen ocean and these people are out there and they hunt for this thing called a muscott which is this enormous beast of an animal which i may go hunt and in greenland with campaigns you might do an archery muskoxen 'cause apparently you can hunt them in the dry green you know to be an asshole and be out there in the middle of my dennis almost died of died hunting from moscow these necessarily taste delicious yeah they taste like revise steak it's like it's just incredibly delicious fat big fat animal because they're just consul eating to try to keep fat on to keep them warm yeah and they're they're critical astley cool looking and there's a lot of them so the alarm yeah and in greenland apparently there are great when they face arrive so you can go hunting for them in the grass where it's not that exactly where you're doing it in the arctic if you're doing it in alaska your hunting forum on these frozen tundra
as it's crazy sam sam sure and was telling me that they went to rescue i think they were hunting muskox but they went to rescue these guys who had been out on the hunt and they were already they were so cold they're already dying of of of frostbite hypothermia and they what they got there they were taken all the clothes off because what happens the broader rushes tear yeah you do you think your bird is there a way to die meanwhile you're going to go to the cryogenic chamber after this today yes i am first time i bring down my inflammation you got it everywhere guarantee everybody is going to feel like one million dollars to kind of immortal neo porn effron your brain produces this incredible anti inflammatory and anti depressant you're going to feel great i'm going to come out hug and a common musk ox yeah so this environment where these people lived also like this is an incredible like the v which was less than two hundred people and you know it's just nothing but why
you look around it's just frozen everything the ground is flat and white and goes on for as far as the eye can see and these people live in there man and they have the little kids and their kids were living there and they were all bundled up except their faces that like which no one else like what's your favorite food is like i like to eat seal seal and walrus walrus is my favorite food walrus under staying alive with if life started in east africa there are some people who just kept walking n talk spain and the sunshine the grass i don't want that now let's go where it's icy and it's dark at noon yeah this is home they didn't know any better man they didn't know where they were going i mean uh of this when this happened people had a rudimentary understanding of navigation they just went in search of food in rap going that's a truck gather and then wound up here i mean nobody would have gone across the bering strait if they knew what to write they just kept going
they just kept going really everybody should have stayed in africa yeah although although the fertile crescent was even where you want to be like iraq number started 'cause you could you add grasses that crew like barley and millet and it was easy to just like the way and you could domesticate animals you know that's when first started importing coffee that's why the com arabic arabic parameter means room yeah it all came from ethiopia all of this i had a fascinating gentleman on my podcast was named peter um trying to figure his last name italian find it he was out coffee guy an expert a real coffee expert in a really cool guy and he ran down the hill
history was named peter juliana julia myth i've heard and tell me if this is right the myth i heard was that ethiopian goat farmers were watching their goats eat these berries and they got they would get a pep in their step and have more energy when they were done in the berries an interesting then the shepherds were like well if they eat him valium makes sense yeah and based on their other types of cooking the way you would cook something they said let's try to roast these and see what happens that makes sense i wonder i wonder if that's the case that was an issue with that's how they figured out the quarter cepz mushroom two quarts mushrooms high altitude hurting populations they watch their animals eat these mushrooms and their animals would have liked more energean like how the fuck is going on here and they figured out that it helps in uh sagehen utilization those before like the chinese olympic team started using wow yeah it's cool and you know you get animals to try out food for you see if they die but the problem is like this
some shit that they can't eat that we can eat for the most but they say that like with dogs and if the dogs eat onions and make some anemic and stuff but for the most part they say if a birds eating it i've heard this i don't know you can eat it you can eat it makes sense animals eating it but then again i think birds eat certain berries i mean there are certain berries and mushrooms you can eat you eat like a half a mush when you're dead gather certain mushrooms that look real similar to psychedelic mushrooms and if you eat em you have like instant liver toxicity like you might have to get a liver transplant you're going to die how fucked is that you know there was an old lady will not just one i think there were several people that died in a nursing home 'cause his old guy or old gal i forget which one it was uhm went out in search of mushrooms and brought back with some mushrooms and cooked it for everyone in the nursing home and they fucking die well yeah that they only had a super poisonous and i heard and what is only and only enter is you see it it's like
nondescript kind of bush with big kind of long cylindrical league and these guys houston oleander branch to cook their lamb these tourists they ran an oleander mask and whatever whatever happened the sap kind to me and they died and then they had this really expensive race horse and i don't know where this this you know this you know this race was a hundred million dollars in somehow that race was eight a couple oleander leaves and died john taylor why did you have oleander near the the horse's stable let's see a picture of oleander jamie i need to know the stuff is that leaves fucking toxic that stuff right there i believe so pretty isn't a weird like a lot of really pretty things are fucking terrible for you like girls you could lose your house cancel the guys at
like are like not used to really hot girls and you see a common when the guys you didn't get those girls in high school cause and then they then what happens is they get famous in their three thousand eight hundred and forty and there dorky or rich they don't have the famous they date that trophy wife or or they meet a girl and strip club or whatever it is you gotta be careful i was at this steak house the other night in beverly hills it's very swank place i don't need named very swank establishment i was astonished by the number of disgusting men with attractive women i was like this is a fascinating like this guy i hope he can play a mean set of drums are fucking belt out a great tune or something i mean how did he get her like what's going on here
just really really rich guys started the the in beverly hills especially that is where the oldest profession in the world is rampant chess prostitution it's a different kind of prostitution because it's legal all you just you're just professional girlfriends and wives for reich really ugly dues ground keep i buyer it's gonna it's gonna parliament it's got a house the car we were there parents another thing we found fascinating was the amount of aribe license plates saudi arabian plates they fly their fucking super cars over here there was a big gotti veyron which is one point something million dollar car this insane car and the palace plate it said some in palace 'cause i was with a friend who's persian and he reads arabic and he said it said palace and the number plate was like two hundred and twenty two one thousand two hundred and twenty two but that was the play it was all twos and it said pallas and it was just fucking
like one point something million dollar car what you like cars right now don't like those what is that what is what is the problem with those cars i mean there incre little pieces of technology i mean their undeniable to speed the power the opulence the interiors gore justin beautiful and like it's one of those things that floyd weather drives around in but what i like is i like cars that are tile i don't even necessarily like new cars i like we can move it really dry old yeah movement towards like older and older cars like my porsche is the newest car that i have that's a two thousand and seven and that's the last that they made the g t three or the last model that they made the gt three r s the way minus doesn't have any we liked his nose to build the control is some traction control limited amount of traction control that's it's a race car and you could show shut off and you're on your own you just have this five hundred and twenty pound horsepower ridiculously lite car that you
deal everything it's like you telling me it only weighs five and twenty pounds no no five hundred and twenty horsepower ok it's less than three thousand but somewhere around three thousand but what i'm interested in honestly is like 1970s cars like one thousand nine hundred and seventy porsche oh that's two thousand like one thousand less and less powerful but you feel everything no power steering you feel the fucking bumps of the car you feel the road you feel that like glitter you feel in your ass house where i work now you feel when the car's rear end is breaking loose if you're in the tires are losing traction you sliding a little bit that's fun yeah like all the this shit like it's viotti's physical they're all computers like like i drove a nissan gtr one of those are now this incredibly technologically sophisticated rocket ship that nice it's built it's almost like a a proof of concept vehicle like the uh
it's like them they lose money on it it's a flagship vehicle and it's so fucking unbelievably ridiculously competent and ask that car right there goes zero to sixty in less than three seconds it's pretty understated it's not well it's everything's fine personal that car is it's not about like i think it looks cool 'cause it looks like a spaceship but everything about it is about aerodynamics and about keeping the body pin to the ground it's heavy it's about three thousand nine hundred pounds so it's like nine hundred pounds more than my car is and it's four wheel drive which like race car drivers traditionally would like a rear wheel drive car because they like to feel that it's pushing instead of pulling they like to the the control that you get because you can kind of steer with the throttle if you know every going into a turn this is
we called oversteer right so if you're going into a turn and as you're going to turn you can hit the gas and your ass and will kick out and it will change the angle under entry into the turn you gotta know how to do it just right you have to have this feels like you gotta know like like it's more fun anything is really the correct line if you wanna race course is to have no no ass and kick out like you want you want everything to be glued every time your ass and kicks out if you're racing you're going to lose seconds but for fun like guys who love like those kind of like a nine hundred and eleven like a nineteen seventy nine eleven one of the things that i like about it is the ass end will kick out like this got chris harris i've had him in here tail happy it's yeah it's it's oversteer chris harris is a very famous uh automotive journalist from the uk and he takes it to the next level he likes to power slide around corners
it's amazing it will watching him do it he's an artist at it going around corners in these cars every car he reviews he takes any power slides everywhere it's just where does power slide in these fucking things like go me like the air is kind of gt three r s two thousand sixteen gt three r us he's litter we going sideways around corners with a five hundred horsepower two one thousand dollars porsche that they let him borrow somebody's cards just beating the fuck out of it everywhere he goes no that's an old one no no look up that's that's my year that's like a two thousand seven two one thousand and sixteen gt three or go down there so it says two three r s explorations in power slide see yeah you can see a probably
there you won't see chris harris do it but you'll see a car that does it and the idea is that these guys go around these fucking corners and they go around these co is using the end of the car like using now the meat see if they do it later but anyway is is is fun google chris harris gt three r s two thousand sixteen go do that and then you'll see a chris harrison cars top one top one now go like three slash four the way in there and you'll see him on a race track with it even further here here's this crazy fucker like this guys a madman and he just knows how to drive yeah it is see right there he's just leaving a little bit of rubber he's just trying to go fast as fast can't see how he's taking these lines the outside to the in
but it's all about try to go around corners in a straight line as possible so that you have is little pressure on the tires sideways as possible and it's all about like choosing the correct line go around the corners most efficiently more macho but see now not it's not just looks like a thug there's not in real life doll but here like see all that rub look he's gone sideways from owner that damn give some volume so you can hear that 'cause he's having a great fucking but we want to hear it we don't have our headsets on love sleepy feeling that guy fucking loves cars see that motors got more midway really thumps you're out definitely has more traction see if you have a car and you're selling it you wanna motherfucker like this review in it
this guy loves cars he loves any smart and shit he's really understands automobiles it's funny how you have when it when you talk like this you sound really really small oh yeah man that's why they sell fucking mops with that voice do you want this map this is siri best map in a much more sophisticated in that mop you're going to bus ride is simulated simulator up to muskoxen it's got really fantastic shopping ability see you don't you don't find israel in this sort of a automotive autumn may now does nothing about this is appealing to you to get it powerslide bernard hopkins talk about how he sets up his jab that's interesting to me how does this interesting too it's missing never been interested in cars you gotta congen something wrong with you you're not even american pine l youre born another country that's what it is well now were you born remember other countries like in what country were you born philippines that's the thing philippines not knowing that i bet you get crazy we see a scooter i bought you
like one of those i do i go crazy i see a moped of asean rickshaw the raw coconut he loses his fucking mind nuts yeah i just never maybe that's what it is i wasn't it bruce lee i was in the physical things like the although grace carter rd rise race car driving a sport absolutely i think so one hundred percent exactly i mean it's you're managing your body as well as managing an automobile with today's formula one's got to be a sport well it's it's all your own movements your movements are dictating the movements of the car your movements of the wheel especially in the old days when they would actually shift with clutch now everything is paddle shifters why do you think formula one is so huge in your an everywhere else and not at all in the united states be staying 'cause we got our own nascar up in this bitch sons that big
it's huge if you ever go to like the si see if you ever go to the radio and like georgia and they start talking about nascar like why yeah you see what dale did last weekend thirty boy let me tell you what and that god knows how to drive a car i'll tell you what ro he's driving a car who's dale well i curiously you didn't see the nascar looking is nascar isn't nascar not as tech cool isn't it kind of like all i knows they let checks do it now so sold they let girls do it and you know some things off somethings up with export seems like i could probably do it better computer have a penis or they compete with men think of all the claim to be there i think that danica patch checks you winds down right on america but she's tough as shit managed the rhonda rowsey of a race car driving knows how to do it easy on the eyes to not a bad looking gal not at all that's a tough fucking sport though for sure
it's it's you got to maintain your nerves you got to figure out when hit the gas when they hit the brakes you gotta know when to make your move and you're piloting that fucking car it's not automated in any way shape or form it's all up to you today so i had a physical it's super dangerous and your reaction time means a lot right do they have a clutch does nascar have a clutch they have uh those things automatics i think they got clutch is i would hope so being american all being american i don't make those mother fuckers shift their own gears like tom cruise and days of thunder nice car i'm only thing like power shifting maybe i don't think they have a clutch i don't know people get mad what happened america what did we do with the left pedal we need left panel bring back the left pedal yeah man some bitches you uh you need
drive a fucking real carmen you need a disco go get yourself a mustang gt350 when they can't keep filling it with gas man shot off a card it says cash as what do you what do you are you busy every minute of every day they can't stop at a gas station and put the fucking thing in the slot and go get yourself a red bull do you use formed yes war holy shit gas stations broadcast the kid is the kid hey man jesus what is volkswagen gotta passade instead of diesel not getting i'm trying to get to know us i wouldn't think great car i love it yeah i would buy one the only thing i wouldn't buy it for is if like you ever have to take your family out of the state for i should it's the fan good luck are you in a car for that we need another car yeah i got to and i highlander well that's a good move yeah those are great that's a great car yeah being for a car around town it's awesome and you know the other thing is if you
still solar on your house i did it power that thing easily with solar panels did that's pretty interesting me you i mean obviously costs money for the batteries in the set up in the maintenance and all that jazz but at the end of the day once the money spent on setting it up and the operating costs are fairly minimal in comparison to what it would cost to get electricity off the grid you can be totally off the great if you choose to be and you can also power your fucking car with all this shen of the grid goes down you can keep your power but there's ways to set that up i didn't what's interesting is when you put solar panels in your house which i did just just try getting which it'll take you the electric company it's been three months now and they still haven't converted us they haven't they just take their sweet time what do you mean the key charger yes they have not yet given us the ok will switch over what's the okay they've got to just give you the okay they have to give you some kind of a form so
you still spending money on electricity but is the electra being generated by solar or buy buy them still there not let us turn on the turn you think over what the fuck you mean a permit and guess who asked at some bureaucrat in the electric company wow so they're dragging their heels are trying to keep people from going solar you sure about that are you sure about the oil prices to men come on now i know these government tinfoil well conspiracy hi hi follow these things i feel like there's gotta be some way will look man here's how i feel like like as far as conspiracy is concerned i believe more in ignorance so you know government is my buddy who works i just was at his wedding he said he goes if you think the government is really efficient and he's talking about intelligence or any of that stuff because i in the inner circle i said it's not you get to work for the government and oh yes we do some cool stuff but this lot of it's just not as organized i'm sure
and and i was thinking about this like people tease me for being a history guy i'm not not not like dan calling but i tried it now you know read my history i was thinking about this you know i'm this new harvard study just came out and it said that a hundred and seventy thousand a hundred seventy thousand veterans from our recent wars and i've got on iraq's starting in two thousand and three we have one hundred and seventy thousand people that are seventy percent or more disabled that is probably going to cost over their lifetime than the american economy six trillion dollars to care for those people which you can according to the study you could purse out to be seventy five grand and american family forget the cost forget the cost think about one hundred and seventy thousand people there are seven percent or more disabled these are these are veterans these are people that answered the
and they're all fucked up an i was thinking about how if the more you read about this war and how we got into it a lot of it was because we didn't know the history of that country and a lot of it was because we didn't know the history of the entire region and i would make that argument and my point is that it's really easy for all of us as voters it's to go about life without doing the right investigation so when you vote for somebody and you vote for apolosi most of us vote along party lines 'cause our team is over here or because we're not a liberal or we're not a conservative or not a republican or not a democrat instead of looking at the world as wait a minute we're going to go into iraq
that's an interesting thing man how much do we know about the history how much do we know about how the countries structured and how much do we know about what's going to happen when we destabilize that regime and when most of congress didn't know the difference between suni and shia which is so important in middle eastern politics that schism and we're voting in these policies and and i think that that we could have avoided some made tragedy i don't know you know i'm just saying that the more you know the less likely you are to make these major fucking you know it's fucked to the is your kind of damned if you do and damned if you don't when it comes to iraq 'cause if you think about leaving that guy their saddam hussein was a fucking p so shitty weapon proportions his children were absolute serial killers his chin
children there is a story about him and his children from i forget what magazine it was maybe like esquire or something like that from back in the day gq something but it was a terrifying story for all the atrocities sons of committed including taking women on their wedding day as they were being married kidnapping them raping them and then feeding them to dogs yeah it would end the husbandry dogs with hussein's do all kinds of sadistic things but think about think about the untold misery that that entire region now over the past fifteen years or actually thirteen says as dealt with think about the how many children and how many people think about azd women sold off in the slavery by these the ijssel assholes and the spa and if i sold i think they need to fucking come up with a standardized name i'm tired of hearing isil isis esa just say islamic state the space station is too many different there are too many fucking isis isil what the fuck you're the first
i've ever heard say isil i've seen it written on like what is this i said it 'cause it sounds fast fancy 'cause i don't know what all check with john connor mellencamp turn into john mellencamp member yeah the fuck you made a standard he made a stand he used to be john cougar mellencamp no was john mellencamp right now who is john cougar first no who is john cougar mellencamp wasn't even it changed the first time he came out i want to say it was john cougar and then he became john cougar is real name is john mellencamp obviously but it's usually oh no he didn't give his neck and give himself the name cougar none another i believe that the record company did terribly little ditty i thank you it's all john cougar titled miami in australia what is one thousand nine hundred and seventy it's called miami in australia they call is out miami or he's miami
the way john cougar i was talking to record company to go fuck that's a terror album is called miami if you're in australia areas like yeah we're not going to buy it might price old thing with john cougar just john cougar it's not good enough make weenie did something spicy watch name after miami changing it to we've seen gas from miami they have big asses we like that call it miami will salmo there is terrible australian accent section my yes that's not bad i don't i i only have she's australian friends you know how hard it it's hard to another shrimp on the bobby by the way my second show for melbourne is almost sold out so you think in about going you fox you better act now first one sold out simple over oceans very close to selling out
now i haven't been in melbourne never i'm so excited supposed to be like the san francisco of australia like sophisticated and very rich in culture they supposedly have an amazing food scene like the food in melbourne is supposed to be spectacular keep here not so on anthony bordain episode about it till he went there and sampled some of the questions i've not watched enough of anthony report and i suggest i love the shit out do is my boyfriend eleven is great yeah fifty eight years old guy gets into jiu jitsu just turns blue belt fantastic he's a junkie when he was younger like almost overdosed and died smoke cigarettes till he had a kid had the kids said you know when i gotta quit smoking cigarettes had a kid like fifty you know i mean is love 'em to create second bad mother fucker and it's also i like the fact that he's a real artist like with food made me watching his show the no reservation show maybe reconsider what food is not always appreciated food but i always said
now this guy this restaurants great like we used to go to great restaurants all the time and we would be like i found this great italian place we go have a bottle wine toss foods awesome but i didn't think about the food yes yes the creativity that goes into like changing so i turned it on its ear like i had i had to sweat i had some salmon and some steak and salmon steak is pretty standard yeah i've been a live a long time and i hate that sam and that's steak with a certain sauce on it and i stopped i stopped and i went all right hold on something is going on here and and i'm i'm i'm i'm having a little issue because i've never had sam like this for me to say i've never had salmon type beat in one million times i've never had steak that tastes like this that's a big fucking deal specials i really have attention and i ran down there i saw this cook with a pony tail kind of a skinny dude and i was like what do you don't want to have you guys do you like it i said
yeah i like it it's a little transcendent that's how i feel how may i get exaggerated even and and i said and correct me if i'm wrong sir but you cut small pieces here and you are taking into consideration the relationship between the meat you're crazy delicious yam cake yeah and your this sauce that looks like it was made in heaven i've never see in green that you let you kind of spill just sell it would look like have like a all it looks like a world locking it looked like a green pond that i could drink from meanwhile he goes he looks magus yes he said relationship is very important as is proportion most people think they need to be quite a big piece but the minute you see it i go i i i've been sentenced i go
more he has hey here's what is wrong because he's never had barbecue in texas did he would want to eat until as and body wanted to explode i had a bunch of fixings i want this place called blacks it was outside austin it is the oldest barbecue place in texas i put a picture of it open my instagram of the food me and aubrey in my buddy ben o'brien we had the most insane beef ribs i've ever eaten in my life frames are generally kind of chewy not these fucking things they cooked him for years did they shut the calendar 80s and they've been cooking him ever since aubrey brought some into the office i think it was from black no no he brought it from fredericks which is another insane place in but that's in austin see that on the left that piece of meat that was self fucking insanely tender and delicious that place it's uh
apparently it's a real landmark in texas blacks like everything else was really good like the spare ribs were good the brisket was really good but god damn if you go there you gotta fuck with those beef ribs they are insane we were all just blown away like the three of us were like what the fuck man and we ain't until we almost exploded yeah that looks ridiculous yeah like that go go eat at blacks and then go to the on academy and go have john wolf take you through one workout his graded he's great i was like hey so what do you like first of all he's couldn't be thicker i was like what do you what your national very flexible he's ridiculously flexible with long arms he's again japanese mexican in english interesting very war like very well sweetest guy ever he's the last guy would ever called war like no swedish it can put you in a world of pain with no weights just using body weight oh yeah he
but crazy hip complex series that he does which we did yeah oh it's amazing right it's so weird like you get weird pain afterward like oh i say inside of my dick hurting it's like so trying makes you do all this we don't know what smile too right yeah we're going to take his social mobility exercises i was like alright will all now we're there for my show i did a show at the movie theater is insane probably one of the best shows in my life it was amazing it's crazy god damn i love austin texas fuck i love that place but we did this place this moody theater in before the theater we worked out of the on a gym and then went to zero gravity float spa they have there a perfect day are there john was doing his certification seminars he does these on it certification centers it shows these potential trainers people that want a career in the fitness industry shows
all sorts of different ways to workout if he's a scientist oh yeah yeah i was telling you about this guy workout with lou prada who is old school bodybuilder strongman he's sixty almost fifty nine how do you look he looks fantastic he's he's he's originally from north italy so he's got that austrian like he's just got huge hand the big kind of strong rally crazy yeah but but say crazy like he's the guy i'll take you for twenty minutes an work you out in target your muscles in a certain way and you're like this isn't doing i just feel like i could two more and then the next day you're sore shit like he just he's a scientist he know he's got one hundred and sixty clients and it's because he just knows what the hell he's doing an in and out in twenty twenty five minutes well if you could still look good in your 60s he looks fantastic ripped what's his dick taste like i'm glad you asked we don't i don't that child i am i couldn't apps like a shit ask that you have to i own
this deal that's all i do all i such an idiot chai y'all so what does it look like it like in the sixties pull picture the jones sixty lootera garage at t p fit jam on a link and if you guys want to go i'm always impressed with to tour in the sixties he's he's fifty nine like us steve maxwell deep in the sixties is he sixty five stud it's an animal he all he does goes all over the world and trains people just just little seminars like what's his philosophy he is a fascinating guy he has a lot of philosophy she's a very intelligent guy and he's very well read when it comes to ancient methods of nissen there is that is that cancer sixty years old yep he looks great i know he does amazing it looks better than red band did i can't believe it on that yeah he looks amazing dude skin looks great yep he he
eat a lot of fruits and vegetables some meat these work on that posture though what's up with that neck forward thing it's got going on their straightened up fellow he's been working out his whole life insurance more about shit he can he do shit to you and by the way that's exactly what he looks like right now and he can do shit here that just he just target those muscles so this is just he's giving people a stair workout all he's doing here is warming you up you do run run maybe ten stairs just to warm up your not going to try before heading warms the muscles up and then you just start slowly lifting and then by the time twenty minutes is over yeah they say not to stretch now before lifting weights and that stretching actually can take away some of your performance the problem with that is i wonder if that's the case with martial arts 'cause i i mean i think there's a reason why people in ballet and dance and gymnastics stretch don't know the gymnastics i might have made that up but certainly dance they stretch before they workout
they stretch before they practice yes 'cause i think martial arts there's certain amount of flexibility that's necessary to achieve like that fluid motion like if you're bound up in tents and you're not going to have the same sort of dexterity you're not going to have the same ability to place your foot wherever you want it you're going to be there's going to be some resistance but that resistance might actually be ok have you doing something like squatting or jumping right you know what i mean like i think there's a different need that the body has when it comes to like i've always been like real skeptical people telling you not to stretch no way to scratch i think and i do agree i think it depends on the kind of blue movement you're doing itself they said if the first thing you want to do is warm the muscle up but also over stretching likely lot of yoga people develop arthritic conditions because the the tendons are genetically you know you either have longer tenants are shorter tend so and i was like a hint of a door some people can only open their door this much of a deal and open the door all the way like you have very flexible you're really flexible
and so when people over stretch those tenants what happens is if the tenant is shorter and you it's trying to make it longer what will happen is the joint will start to compromise annual pull more of the joint apart therefore you get water or air in the joint which apparently is what creates an arthritic condition so when you're constantly expanding and not doing some contractual work that's where you are so it's like yoga people they're not lifting weights as well is that what it is yeah after stretching too much and it does it doesn't it does weaken the muscle when you're stretching on your cold when you're cold you're stretching and then you're gonna play soccer a lot of girls especially were tearing her acl and when they had them start changing the way they trained more weight lifting more more warming the muscle out beforehand that how they were avoiding more those acl tears that's fascinating it's it's interesting how they learned you do you just go present
it's interesting how they learn to it's like they almost have to like watch people fuck up and go home what's he doing wrong like why is he getting injured you know one of the things maxwell i feel about everything in life sure like the next you go into a war like i was talking about i hope that we learn and we go what's the history of the region i mean we may you learn by mistakes you learn we should listen to dan carlin some series on world war one and i remember when he was talking about the difference between the world war one and the previous wars and that was just they had they had all these ideas a war chivalry honor standing up and all that went away no i will give because because with a machine gun you you all die yeah one only that they started introducing things like bomb gas fritz harbor well fritz haber was listening character because you know the most fascinating yeah because he learn
he figured out a way to take match in out of the air crate ammonia this is from radio lab and that ammonia is what they think that half the population of the world today has for its harbor nitrogen in their bloodstream the reason we can feed seven billion people and soon ten billion is primarily because the process for topper invented which is getting the action out of the air and into the soil which is how you create fertilizer promise it's also how you create explosives and poison gas if you will he was the first one to figure that out how to use poison gas on troops flooring gas so while he was being awarded nobel prize of science for creating the haber method he was also being wanted for war crimes by the united states by gassing peoples and the way they died apparently if you listen to radio lab podcast they drown in their own phlegm well how about what they
they do how they end it which is he created an insecticide called zyklon hey which is an insecticide in the reason it has is icon is because as a certain smell to it you put in you put a cent in it so you know when it's in the air to avoid that area the way they do with gasoline gasoline doesn't have that said they put that sent in their that's an artificial sense of you know if there's a gas leak and the same zyklon aa when the were figuring out what to do with their quote on quote jewish problem and they talked about the final solution they said let's let's use this zyklon hey and take the sent out it'll be zyklon b and the irony is for its harbor who was a secular jew who do who was a patriot
he tried to figure out a way it's feet half the world his to his technology end up killing his extended family and his friends it's kind of crazy man it's good yeah yeah actually wound up leaving germany and he was ostracized by the rest the world it's a fascinating podcasts it's called the bad podcast it's one of the radio lab ones but is amazing is a great one that got out now about elements about this woman who is going crazy and lithium was the only thing that she's bipolar lithium brings their way back to normal lithium is just and ella is it assault apparently i didn't know that i need to finish some sort of chemical you need to list did you listen to crisper but this lithium thing that she's taking is killing her it's killing her it's causing your kidneys to fail so she has to get off the lithium and so they're talking to her while this is going on in the podcast you saying
this is so complicated from because one thing that's killing me but it's also allowing me to be me really really fast yeah the request for of talked about it a few times in this podcast the ability to manipulate genes as the beginning crisper if you've never heard that one it's another great one radio lab is the amazing sarcastic really is so interesting you know since so many fascinating frosting subjects a cover what would you do if they can manipulate your genes what do you want it's going to be a real problem people do do it because there's going to be there's going to be no regular people left i think we're looking at life now as if you go back to the early forms of life that were on this planet just single celled organisms turned into multi celled organisms they evolved from random mutations and natural selection all the different various factors that cause a person to come out of the you know primordial slime that we originated from if you
at what we are now we look at all that is like this is like how progress is you know this is how dinosaur turns into a burden this is you can see these images provide evolution you know most of the republican candidates don't want to talk about that this is crazy if you look at all that stuff we look at this time this is long slow crazy timeline it's it's really difficult to trace for the the average human mind you know you look at a primate and you look at a human you know well human used to be something like that along time ago what fuck you know anyone see pictures of cave people kind of get it with sixty thousand year you go we think one hundred thousand years ago million years ago whatever the fuck it was seems so long it's hard it doesn't really register it's like when someone says a trillion dollars like ok a trillion years i don't get it it's going to happen
like that there's going to come a long roll our own ethnology yes i think it's only one part of the bigger problem i think in our ability to control our own bodies is just a part of the evolution technology and the evolution of technology that allows us to do that is also going to create artificial life which many many more times complicated well takes the element of chance out of the entire equation so when were able to control exactly how we look and what we develop into and what we are resistant to it's kind of like what we're doing with crops and i think i also i feel like we are we are going to be able to take this machine which is what we are which is kind of fascinating incredibly complex machine but technology is going to render this machine kind of obsolete i feel like i feel like ultimately we're going to trade in this machine for
something that works a lot more efficiently and it's more lives longer and all that stuff if you could do it why not yeah but that's even assuming that what we are is going to maintain i don't think i think meeting in my technological caterpillar that's what i think i think we're a caterpillar that be is a butterfly and right now we're in the middle of making of cocoon that's really into i just don't say uses it do you mean you mean mentale i think life i think if we create artificial life we create some sort of an artificial thing that somehow another profits on it staying away like there's a reason why we want to stay alive we want to procreate we're going to keep the human race five and we want to react to all of our instincts all of our natural instincts and the natural reward systems have been put in place over the eons to make sure that we keep breeding and keep staying alive that's where your ego comes from that's where lust comes from and greed and jealousy all these things are like their motivating factors for you to improve on your
your condition and keep fucking and keep making more babies why are they covering thy neighbors wife why does he want to fuck that bitch and shoot some listen to her make a baby with her gotta make babies gotta keep going think that's a really shitty design and i think it ultimately its main goal is to for it for the biological entity to create a more sophisticated and much more efficient entity and that's what it's going to do there's this is the caterpillar in this caterpillar is to become some indescribable butterfly some butterfly they can manipulate its environment like never before some butterfly that literally creates worlds if you well if you if you extrapolate that and if you then say look i have all my
biological needs are taken care of so i don't know about disease i have to worry about food and i'm optimal i'm i'm at my optimal my machine can can adapt and it probably won't die you're still left with something that's very interesting to me which is now now if you've taken out the equation that sort of rudimentary need to program that rudimentary need to replicate yourself that rudimentary need to sort of or rudimentary might be the wrong word but but the need to to be a mortal to keep your genes through whatever it is going then you're kind of left with one yourself and why right you know well like what am i doing pleasure well well no places to where are you getting the positive experiences right fun excitement pleasure positive you know yourself better what are those things the question is what are those things what is positive what is love what is happiness what is friendship
what is achievement all those things are the rewards all those things are rewards for behavior that's ultimately going to lead to procreation bonding leads to community community leads safety safety leads to your children surviving all those things are connected procreation king of things becoming more more valuable as a member of your community an more desirable as a possible breeding candid get all those things there are all they all contribute to ultimately to procreation that's like a big part of what everything that we do is but then there's another side which is play you could define as that what you do for the sake of doing right and that's probably when you most yourself so if play is the case then it seems like we were just talking about this like people say i don't know what to do with my life and i always say the younger people like look man i don't know what to do with your life either but i do know so it's really fun to get good at a language like watching you play pool that's
language that something you come very close to being real really good at an you have a deep understanding of it there's a d you gain a deep understanding this great pleasure in being fluent in a language like say pool or jujitsu or boxing or even language or or in an instrument like guitar i think you develop an understanding and sometimes debts that you can necessarily put into words it's something you have to experience but god damn it is it's satisfying and satisfying in and of itself okay but why well well okay so here's my hand i think well i don't have the answer but i think it may lie in the area of understanding and coming closer to something maybe people call consciousness uh coming closer to something that's bigger
in yourself communion with something that is without measure but that you know is there don't you think though also that if you don't look at it like in some sort of spiritual way but look at it terms of just biology and natural reward systems that are put into place by success success leading to procreation people that are really good at things you get good at things that are difficult to solve solving puzzles is integral to survival integral to innovation leads to more efficiency more efficiency leads to more food more food leads to people staying alive the better you get at something the more you're rewarded with those positive feel
those natural ward systems that are put in place to make sure that people figure out their fucking part on this world figure out their way through this life until they can invent artificial life get them hooked on material possessions get them hooked on this idea of getting the newest greatest latest shit get them hooked on tech nology you need to watch that you can swipe and you need all these different new crazy ants and the more these things get fueled the more the more the technology grows the more the technology grows the more the inevitability of an artificial life form exists ok but here's here's here's what i'm so blown away right now meet you met but here take your pants off for second here's a camera oh boy here's where trip trip sorry in forty eight trips no shots he
here's what what i i think though so when you talk about technology most of us to talk about a tool you can use for the here and now and end that technology allows you to speak to people more clearly and faster and get places faster and all that stuff they're all tools but then there's another side to fucking reality that i'm fascinated with and and i don't know why it's but there's something that goes beyond experience there's a reality that is beyond experience and you know what i mean by that i'll tell you the number infinity is not something will ever see but it's something we imagine an something we use in mathematics negative numbers negative integers and things are mathematical constructs that you can actually see and don't have material measurement necessarily but they are theoretical an we use them and benefit from it here's another
example the mathematician in eighteen sixty who spends his whole life thinking of some weird mathematical equation it's got no bearing on a material world whatsoever until one hundred and fifty years later and now we're using it to measure the difference between fucking you know the crater on mars and how it relates to things like that and i just think that sometimes whatever human beings have an imagination to put their the imagination is put there somewhere and i'm not getting into this mess cool stuff i'm just saying i am curious to know why why we have what separates us from animals is potential is is anything we can imagine seems to be within our reach in terms of reality and i thank you yes and i think i think that mastalgia that need to go physically further than
never gone before and and mentally for them ever gone before there is no limit to human potential there it seem to be zero limit to human potential to the point where we we render ourselves our very biology and eve our mental paradigms obsolete where we will achieve immortality wait a minute will we be weed exactly we won't will be something better that's what i mean what will be in something that we create so you're essentially agreeing with me we're going to create going to create an artificial life form well that are in this life or might be the butterfly right yes if we if we need absolutely to constantly innovate we do and no one is ever going to look at a computer and say we're done no ones going to look my phone say there's no need for the 6s the six is perfect let's stop there who needs twelve mega pixels i got eight i'm happy as fuck i take great instagram picture
no no one is going to be happy we're going to get bored and it's a part it's an inexorable part of being a human there's this weird thing you can take out of us where we look with awe at the guy who decides to live in a log house and go fishing every day is the guy lives off the land what like they're so freaky that we have tv shows dedicated to them like let's watch these people in the last walking in akron isms those are those are like throwbacks right then and that's what's interesting is that they're they're bucking the grade and saying i can still do it the way we did one hundred and fifty there's that and there's also the fact that they're out there braving the wild there braving the atmosphere there braving the harsh parts of the world that we don't want to visit like like that's all thing about life below zero that show that i love it's two hundred fucking miles above the arctic circle is where these people live some of 'em now it means fuck man's awakens a check that i had on the show she's amazing if you've never listen to that podcast one of the best ones ever did really oh my god
how fascinating woman man which is their 50s lives up in alaska by herself in this fucking that you can't even have buildings up there be it's it's it's on this land that has to have temporary structures because of whatever goofy fucking lawyers in place so she has tents there these giant tents would like hoop wires and very thick canvas but they're fucking tents man and she's out there with the bears and wolves and she everywhere she goes she strapped she got attacked by a bear fucking bitter had broke her hip fucked her up she went to the has golden she was fucking honor back for like seven days for they found are so when the hospital got fix up went back shot the fucking bear and ate it she's the most gangster bitch on the planet you know she's like right it's ronda rousey i was going to say she's so ganks just grande if she's fifty this chick is hard fucking more fascinating though like that this way
and chooses that's where she's getting her jollies there's her that's how i love that lady that's that's her house man that's a fuck houses for she lives he's got like a wooden side the top of that is all cloth it's attend lives at their alone yes she get which occasionally has visitors and now she travels she has children grandchildren she does whatever the fuck she wants but that's what those things look like they're there their temporary structures she gets her gas flowing in these gigantic planes and she fills up lane she's like a waypoint she owns like a filling station up there and that's how she makes her live and she also people can come stay in like she has structures up there they can come stay in caribou hunt and do a bunch of different things and she'll take people unlike guided wars of the area now it's especially look at that there's the the place where she lives what's up tim is not so amazing she's she's incredible but it's she's not just dealing with the the
environment she's dealing with the animal she's dealing with mortality and now she's lusus assistance subsistence lifestyle up there most of what she gets either she gets flown in or she shoots it needs it go scroll back up to the top there were those who are those people oh yeah cc she provides like this has hunting and fishing no those are karabo those are karabo antlers they have these cray the antlers does actually reindeer i mean that's sort of rain and as to the relative of the reindeer pretty similar so cabin where she is that she has these hunting camp to come up there because these people see you have to have you have self guided camps she just the cariboo are up there and they go by every year there's like a time when they go up there it's like august or some shit and during that time
when don they fly people up there and they go caribou hunting but they'll they'll walk buying these massive herds hundreds and hundreds of care but sometimes and he just lay down you pick one and you should it and you eat it and you get hundreds of pounds of the most delicious meal every in your life that's that's some of the most you know that's a that's a different animal but that's that's most too but the other one we were karabo and there they are unbelievably delicious too so are moose man i had some moose or long the other day to cook from last year when i shot that moves last year i cooked it the other day vegan notes the food is so that meat is so good like you if you ate it a restaurant you like your favorite meat ever but they can't you don't sell moose commercial and still haven't gotten any from you who come over man when you coming over come over maybe i'll do it today
how do we cry oh let's do it come on over ok i asked him kennedy i was watching talking about he was cryotherapy and i said do you shiver he said i do well with the cold fucking study you're very excited by him yes he's my boyfriend anthony board dangerous and tim kennedy is mine i fantasized about just being buddies well just do together mahan hunt wild boar on horseback with spears da it sounds like an effective way and shoot guns could he have garland watch action films why don't you shoot the bore with guns we have guns because spears are more macho it got to you got to have good throwing motion yeah i thought that about bow hunting what what what bow hunt but if the beaumont yeah it's more of a challenge i guess but to the idea of challenges kind of danger you're hunting i guess and also for the animal lot of woon did i've been watching a lot of hunting shows where they show woon did animals without bones
you get tired of do you think like once the mystery of something goes away you want to move on like what is it about archery or tree is a great discipline i love archery as a discipline yeah it's a fun thing to do like just shooting targets come over the house i will fucking shoot some targets today get one of my little girl goes out for you to use but sixty dot zero the 90s too hard for me so i don't use the ninety anymore seventy i think i could pull back a seventy couldn't i need much struggle you had a hard time with the ad last time but this hard man it's also something you shouldn't shouldn't start out with start out with a out with like forty or fifty get used to the motion and also get used to the fundamentals of archery you don't want to be struggling with the bow while you're learning how to do it i take creatine now do you make you bigger makes your face fat i'm little thicker i'm carrying water weight you guys make your facebook like i'm on my period but it's just a fun thing to do like like lining up the target keeping everything
straight and there's something that when you are doing something it's really difficult like it's hard to get the arrow to go where you want it to go takes a lot of practice i shoot about one hundred arrows at day every day i have archery targets all over my yard i have like five problem six of 'em in one side i just ordered a giant elk it hasn't gotten here yet but it's fucking huge rub elk sound like your party where they should be for me watch what i want to do what i want a giant whose this giant rubber elk for adds to roman aah yeah he's got a rubber pig as well they're very pie a lot of people have them at a giant rubber elk that hunt with both hunting with l because you want to make sure that you're going to hit that spot you want to and you looking at an animal is different in looking at a target you know and some like a lot of what archery is is repetition repetition muscle memory and it's got to like be ingrained in your mind how you going to shut up and what the move
it's when you release that arrow i love all that stuff yeah it's great i just like that's why it like you know boxing my i'm like i working out with some at like at boxing burns guy chris manner in this fight for the i b i f o r i b o titles depending is international title on spike tv what is it anyway and he like just learning how like just like the intricacies of boxing i know i'm never going to master to get really good at it but i just like reaching right i like just reaching its if you think about it forty eight well it's silver did what's going to happen i'm going to be thrown into it when the mongols come they're going to throw me into a pit haha you have bugs that guy let's bet on him and also i'm surprised everybody with my fucking my jab by pop up and it's like brad pitt
movie snack that's all i want to be i just want to be a gypsy fighter with that body don't talk like that too because i have jim is in her hands on his head okay yeah man getting good things is fun i mean but the the you know the ultimate question like we're talking about force like why is it fun like what is it about it i don't know but i just know that for me to stay happy and this is my own craziness i need to constantly being gauge and things that challenge me that's it i've tried a bunch of other ways to be happy i can't just chill out and relax all the time this is not in nineteen either on that i like to relax like i do love relaxation but i have to feel like i've earned it a judge i don't lie like regular laziness like wake baking and getting up that leaves me hollow anxiety to like i can't do that i've tried it i've tried to just be lazy if fox of my head too much i agree i agree
we appreciate watching television or going to the movies if i've done my work if i haven't done my work i don't you know and happiness in achievement too there's happiness and getting shit done yet that's also that also goes back to what we're talking about where like i'm trying to and this new hour now now i shall my one hour amending it and i'm throwing all that away and you gotta start with new stuff what drives me actually i swear to god is not laughs i've had enough you know you can get inoculated to that it's a beautiful thing to get a lot of laughs but what was more important i want to see what else i can come up with want to see if i can tap into my real potential and come up with something even better that challenge is again going what is my potential like what do i really have in me and how much time if i spend like eight hours a day thinking about as opposed to two hours a day well that's that's what nags at me also you realize as an artist man as an artist you're constantly growing and
constantly gets one of the number one problems with older comedians that have the act from twenty years ago we've seen those guys before time passes you by comedy is like a sandcastle you build it i mean you people can look at the photos of it from the from the past but you got this shits it's gone it's gone and once it's gone it's gone like if lenny bruce came back from the dead day and went up saturday night the comic store heat a plate of dicks he died he would 'cause the the culture is change if you go and listen to his i'm not a hater at all i mean i think lenny bruce is the most important figure in all of stand up easy originally the godfather you over my house i've lenny who's posters i have a concert poster from the film or i have one of his concert movies that's named in a poster to me he's like that was the original he fucking took a crazy chances and got arrested for it and really ult we went crazy the last part
of his life were him go going to court do heroin died on his fucking bathroom floor doing heroin just he was going to call all the time he would do shows where you just completely gone which is read legal transcripts to the audience there's there's video of it you can watch it i bought a bunch of these videos and watching vhs is like now this guy just went crazy at the end he was just going through so dig the judge says and he's like like reading these transcripts with no comedy it was nothing funny about it he just lost all of his point and was obsessed with this so he laid the foundation he laid the ground that for guys like you and me and everybody else everybody else to stand up but one
today for the same act fuse alive today he'd figured out he'd figure out he's a comic he'd figure it out but he'd have to grow like everyone has to grow your comedy grows and it changes as the culture changes this if you go back to like eddie murphy raw there's some can terrible home full of is there any murphy raw re i was there i went to this guy went to the actual concert did you think it was terrible and home phone number that time not that now was okay it was acceptable and that was when i wasn't i've never been you know he's been sensitive people's feelings i was never wanted to gang up on something was gay but i just didn't if it is something that was bad oh speaking which i forgot to bring this up i wanted to jamie go to my twitter page and there's a tweet that i posted today about this woman from kentucky that is the kentucky clerk denies marriage license under god's authority there's a video
of these guys did you see the video these guys this is a new one this is from today this is a new person i thought was the other person this is a new person this woman is talking to these gay guys that want to get married and she won't let them and they're saying under whose authority like the videos articles she is a matter of faith put those on put those on put those on check this out go full screen 'cause this is awesome or it based on why why are you not be issuing marriage licenses today because under whose authority are united from license or your lawyer i don't know what to tell you to do this they got tell you to treat us i don't like their god you are interesting you can call
delete that he wanted to make you can call the police it's awesome yeah this is a chain which makes our country modern well this is shifting culture mean this is this is like that woman that saying that is crazy she's locked in an ideology an she's like her very job rely on the government i mean that's what the guy is telling her i mean she's a government employee the government is telling her that you have in the supreme court has made a decision you have to allow these people to get married and she said nope i believe in god worse i think though that the we also have to recognize that i don't agree with her 'cause i'm not a religious i smell you agree it is a matter of faith for her and if she's going to be a government employee though just got to uphold the law of the land and we live in a secular society which is a sep
of church and state do we really what about one nation under god that's the same scheme that wanted people the same state that wanted to teach the school board wanted to teach creative design instead of evolu is not the same when they get the devil statue now they have to have a double statute which which the state has to have a devil statues satan is one the religious right to put a devil statue or the transactions i don't they have representation you mean or know know know satanas same yeah no satanist satanist statue find out where the crazy though this is real detroit now i think i don't think there's one in the s pretty sure
is that what's that one july sixth right there above fox news is probably most every whenever in doubt you'll give some ridiculous fox news i mean it's a difficult thing though because somebody has a strong religious conviction for example in their their pro choice because actually that i mean pro life because they think that my abortion is murder go back to that so we can see the it was awesome look at this statue it's a pretty cool statue by the way i look at it it's amazing it's pretty dope so i guess it is detroit i felt like it was happening somewhere in the deep s god look at that that's the angel lucifer right look at goat head satanic statue that i believe they're putting up as a goof the satanic temple file file provide file photo provided was attended to by the way i've been accused of being a satanist this i went to duncan trussell performed at one of the little of a is was a name something the the the sun or the grandson or something like that was getting married dr
so performed is say tannic puppet show at this guy and i went there and i wore the guys t shirt now there's like videos accusing me of being a sadness i just like to clear the air i am neither a religious person nor am i an anti religious person i'm not a satanist but i have done mushrooms and i've done like some pretty powerful psychedelic drugs so the possibility of there being another much more powerful and wise force out there it does not escape me i think it is absolutely small that there's something way more wise enough to we're not totally in touch with but i also don't think it has a deck i don't think it's a he i don't think it to his yeah you know either to christians either to muslims in the june why they say in his presents because his word if you for example give a name to
you can say a lot and i yeah way but yeah way among the orthodox is to trample on their sensibilities because when you give a name to god mmhm okay when you give a name when you say god is this is the this is what's radical about the idea of jesus christ to jews and to muslims because if you create parameters around god do you suggest god is a man or a woman if you suggest god has a name then you are assuming to understand his greatness and his infinite are you hypnotize me while you're rubbing your form there same time i feel like locked into your game that's what happens when you get home period you got his dick but here question when his name he said i think some religion i think christianity is a powerful religion when you use the right says a lot of questions just preach love and doing unto others as you'd have them do unto others it's got powerful conversion
we have some people who saw nothing and find inspiration and love through god listen i'm not a religious guy but i respect whatever that conversion because a lot of good things are done in the name of jesus christ just as a lot of the suppress things can be done in the name of your god so i'm not so ready to condemn onto it then good things can be done why are they done in the name of something that's not real and why does that make that something not real more valuable but that may be done is what's good but but now hold on because when you say it's not real people have inspiration and deep feeling not real from their relation digging holes hammering nails or build building so i'm going to have to ask you is donald trump does that's real yes well not of a bitch she's a builder i think i think religious communion prayer meditation and things is good for making you it does make more humble any sort of inspiration is good anything that
motivates you is good especially that motivates you in a positive way it's good but the real prob it becomes when someone like this lady decides that those two guys can't get married because her god prevents it but the founding fathers had an answer that which was to separate church state until the fucking commies came along right then we had a g back in the religious game and then ronald reagan came along we jumped into just came with politics well now you you know to get to get elected you've got a solution uses cries a christian nation you have to you literally do you have to be a christian you know this is a christian nation yeah craig is unquestioned well it's it's it's not supposed to be supposed to be a nation one nation under god was only created back when the mccarthy era was going on there are parts of this country where you when you perform and you you say the word jesus the room gets very quiet get the wrong places going in the wrong spots need to stand up weather doesn't they should know
by now they should be able to do anything you want yeah well i do speaking lucky there's a thing that i posted that was fucking fascinating about the dangers of misgendering someone that gad saad posted it and i retweeted it is adorable and it's the fucking lunacy that's going on in colleges these days you're supposed to walk up to someone and say hi nice to meet you what pronoun sound should i use for your name yes it's called fuck lunacy it's lunacy that's that that was the direction they said that you share it if you don't want to miss gender academics have created a tyranny there's a tyranny so how you have to walk around and speak they even want to well what you say in the bedroom it's called tyranny in the name of it
quality and then the name of tolerance and in the name of protecting the disenfranchising the marginalized we have created a fucking tyranny i can't stand the academic world the reason they drive me nuts they already have friends because they're so important when it comes to education happen distribution of information is so important but socially there's false positive why because their spy this to the small majority of alou in a text that make a lot of noise and you know i'm sorry to say this and i admire a great deal of professors i've interviewed a number of them they are awesome and thank god for professors and thank god for academic hotbeds that you know come up with all these ideas but at the same time a lot of academics are just terrified to make a stand their fucking spineless 'cause they live in a very safe and closed environment and they can't see
the common sense a lot of times isn't like you people are assholes it does not lead to what we're talking about earlier we were talking about what people can tolerate that people are tough because of the environment we grow up in and it's one of the reasons why people don't respect spoiled people one of the reason why people don't respect people who grow up rich will academics in a certain certain extent are spoiled in the fact that they don't have to compete in the real world what they do is they existed very insulated world where they take classes from people who also gone through this system then they become teachers and when they some teachers then they have this oppressive power over the people in their class and the people in their class have listen to their ideology there also living under a repressive power they're living under a protocol and academic protocol if you ever try to get an academic to talk about anything that he's not a hundred percent certain about where they terrified yeah and the academic world is about the nastiest place in the web to talk about
battlefield of ideas when you come up with an idea that's controversial like like steven pinker who said that human beings are not born a blank slate or that aggression is rewarded and indigenous cultures huh the ship was he lamb bast yeah he got in a lot of trouble yeah i know there's a lot of science the chorus back set up look at this this office for diversity and inclusion yeah and i look at the gender binary he she her him hers his and then gender neutral they them theirs and then pronunciation as it looks but look at this look at z her and hers at i r s h i r h i s look at that z h e p h e r e h e r e so here the critic rating a new language z here here's ze here here's these are fucking gender
neutral pronouns that they've invented they've invented gender neutral program pro this is insanity i don't ever i don't think that kind of stuff sticks i think it's just trying but there trying this is college this is the university of tennessee just trying their enforcing their born enforcers if you listen people there they are not tolerant people nor the nice people there have you seen the woman have you seen the woman that the photo of the woman who is running this this wonderful it's wonderful she's perfect it's in the comments of you if you look at the tweet that i found it in my tweet somebody posted photograph of this perfect yes of course she is she is of course she's this is angry now i don't know if she's angry that she doesn't have to be angry she's just how about the woman who was talking about there was a girl in college who said that we she was trying to push through legislation within the college about micro aggression and we've got a monitor
micro aggression so even your facial your facial and this is orwellian this is exactly what george orwell wrote about in nineteen eighty four thought crime and face crime it's a lie even well human beings love having control over other human beings it is so we all have it i have it we all have it if i was in for the world i know exactly what i do i want that power so i can do all kinds of stuff because i think i'm speaking for myself that i think i'm so fair and i'm so nice that i can make everything better never give anybody power there you go oh there you are there you go there you are look at her yeah i grew with this i went to high school with dishes in up in massachusetts i know all about it is madness because first of all i hate to say that you hate to judge someone based entirely on their appearance but if mens morbidly obese that person does not have good judge and their own biological management man
one of their own body has been grossly inept mismanage that's very interesting it's the only case is too happy with herself this is not a poor person okay this isn't this is a person who works university came and she can't but that's also probably not have to myself probably socially awkward which you know no one can fault anyone for those things the problem is when someone is in that predicament an they're choosing to dictate the rules of engagement that other people have because what you're doing bye creating all these gender neutral pronouns these new words ways of your trying to nerve the world that's why you trying to trying to take away the ness of a boy who looks like a girl being called a girl we said no i'm a boy oh sorry well man you look really close to being a girl i'm sorry i don't i don't say that yeah but you're not okay or a girl who decides she's a boy and she wants to be referred to as a boy she wants to be referred to as a heat ok well
you tell me that i'm ok with it i don't mind you know if you say your name is greg and your real name that you were born with it was donna i doesn't bother me i'll call you greg it doesn't bother me but say that on the asshole because something that's completely outside the norm is weird sticks out no no no that's that's wrong you know i don't like is vitiligo thing that i have in my hands it's weird you know and if i get really pan then it really shows up but i'm white so it's not that bad but when people go like what's on your knuckles i don't i don't like that i have to tell them but of course i go out to log out so disease i wish i didn't have it but i do have it so i don't get upset they asked me a question it's a normal question to ask my knuckles look different than trust in my hand it makes sense that they would want to know what's going on this is this is not like a micro aggression this is open curiosity had something that's abnormal yeah it's not a bad thing that it's uh
normal is not bad thing there's a gender issue that you wish you were a woman when you're born a man or you wish your man reborn a woman it's not a bad thing it's just it is there is a difference though and i think we what we're experiencing now with the trans gender movement and even to an extent the game is the pendulum swinging all the way in one direction and it's a it's a reaction to the fact that ben and this is just a fact when you were a man or a woman and you felt overwhelmingly like you are a different sex and you took measures to correct your current sex or you just dressed up in a way that made you feel more yourself so if you're a man and you dressed in drag or whatever as a woman or for that matter if you were gay and you started bing feelings when you include the problem was that in most of our history you got the fucking shit kick
how do you the i can't i'll killed turning your job at ostracize and anger and that that injustice doesn't doesn't go away and so you have a lot of people that have are for that that memory is very fresh that wound is very wrong so let's have some fake pronounce the way that yeah the way the way to not the way to not solve that is then then otr by two troll the majority of the populations behavior what about peter zhi they have those z it's one of 'em yeah i know i was in i listen i went to high school in massachusetts i remember when i had when i had to i couldn't say freshman i had to say fresh person i dated a girl who graduated from wellesley college with a degree in women's studies wellesley women studies is all about women so awful why i should shave your legs there was a white girl
why i suffered i dated a white girl she did cheryl eggs yeah it's very european no it's very hippie bro this is not to do a european does it fine but her roommate was greek i got problems with her feet looked like bilbo baggins women are hot though hairy feet brochure hairy toes hairy this was the girl you were with the other girl her roommate when you're younger man you'll fuck a bear it doesn't matter i mean i don't know she was beautiful but she was blonde like she's a pretty girl and the young and the roommate search the there was a girl i dated who is liberal white there was this white girl and she majored in african studies in count and i went and i did was this i go why 'cause i knew the answer was she was a liberal white girl and just wanted other black people to be like you're my favorite white you're my every white and you understand us in here down with our cause i know
it wasn't because she was interested in african studies and what i said because i said why why why it what about why did you choose to study african studies not that there's anything wrong with it and not say what you come from like europe he in history why would you care what she studies i just wanted to know the answer ok what was her answer i like black dick her answer was the best way to go wish she was even in a black guys she goes i find that question offensive and i say world but i thought you'd say oh salarian i thought that's why i find that question offensive 'cause i'm not prejudice at all so that's a good question it's a good question if you say like i'm a professional poker player uh why it's a fair question or maybe you wouldn't say why yeah you wouldn't why but you would say i want to be a license holder player why yeah that's a good question yeah that's a real question if you said i want to be a professional poker player i would definitely say why people has no if they want they want to be actors and i asked him why all time why
what is it about acting that way you want pay attention to that now move on right do you want what you see at the awards or do you like kanye west kanye west and donald trump in my opinion in many my least favorite americans hi area no no i'm not i'm not talking to politics or anything else i just think and here's i have a thought about that i actually think that they would have benefited a great deal their accomplish don't say slavery no they would have donald trump would have a great save sir i think they would have benefited a great deal follow me on this land line logic okay check i don't think they ever been punched in the face well in hard by somebody knows how to punch in his i mean in the first i got punched in the face i guess i got kicked in the head by a black belt and i got knocked out
it hurts so badly i renounced god you know i was just like to say in god before you go now but i mean in other words i was like i thought i was the center of the universe i got kicked in the head and i fell for it i woke up and i was like i quit i want my mom and a warm glass of milk and i want an nap and it was a seminal moment when i was eighteen because i real guys i was definitely not the center of the universe and i was definitely not the tree i was just a tiny leaf on a very big tree that you know could be plucked very easy it was kind of a profound moment 'cause that kind of pain and that kind of vulnerability where i realized oh man it's easy to kill me i heart you don't think donald trump is gone through like a ton of adversity don't know but he doesn't act like it and act like a successful guy that's rich as fuck and insulated that's what he actually and a guy who knows a lot of the people at the top and thinks their dopes he actually did
who donated a shit load of money to hillary clintons campaign so that she came to his fucking wedding and she did and she did so when you recognize that then you understand why you actually acts if you walked into room full of retarded king if you walked into a room full of retail and you had a rifle in your hand and he said sit the fuck down i'm running this town now ok 'cause you retards have been out shooting my cows and fucking my day log in light in my house on fire everybody sit the fuck down well in a lot of ways to god like donald trump when he talking about all these people in congress that didn't know the difference in the sheehan the suni when he's talking all these people that did make these decisions based on shitty evidence when he's talking about these fucking people that are secretly playing poker on their fucking cell phones and then making gigantic decisions or jerking off under the table and he knows that he's been around too long
seeing as i'm i'm not i i you know i don't i don't like his arrogance i don't like we said about mexican special now that so it's a short sighted and it's neat neglecting also boasts a building all around the center you know she's gonna collecting what what's the difference between mac chickens an americans the first place it's just luck it's locking opportunity there all just human beings that got unlucky if you were born fucking warez you would be just like them fox yes fuck off you know so when he says that she him especially him you got lucky bitch lucky you got lucky weren't born in tijuana if you were you would be just like going to a father had a lot of money that's right son of a bitch but that's why he's like he is i do this what do you think of this you know when we big chief concern always in elections is the economy and i'm always last name that we never higher economic studs guys actually made a lot of money in the economy and competed instead we hire government
and i don't know what the answer is but it seems very counter intuitive for the voters to vote or it's a guy like barack obama who actually didn't leave any he never really he was a community organizer we never had a real job and then he so he went ahead kind of ok grades i think in occidental and then i think colombia and then he taught at harvard left no academic papers are legacy and then was kind of kind of greece greece tint that being a senator and didn't leave any legislative legacy and you look at the guy and he's a really good speaker and he seems sensible and fair but it's interesting that we voted for him and i voted form primarily on the idea that he was black and different and send a good message to the world
one thousand reasons but i know i wanted to show the world that we weren't a prejudice nation after the war and that we were a progressive group of people and that obama did seem really sensible and he seemed fair and he seemed thoughtful so i'm kind of criticizing myself with this but i think it makes sense to vote for somebody sometimes like republicans making fucking so uh vote for him but i just feel like if you really care about the economy vote for a guy who had to really compete and win in the economy they might have a better understanding and perspective right but would they be the best qualified dealing with social issues with the beta that's qualified to deal with international dilemmas well social probably but social issues i think the best way to deal with social issues is to do exactly nothing maybe do you think it is possible that the whole idea of being a president is just antiquated it's all just some alpha male primate monkey shit we
to have a top dog i did it because the laser point see the way the the are you our government is organized is fantastic in a lot of ways in terms of you did present still has veto power but needs a two slash three of the majority that didn't stop us from going into the iraq war which is what you originally talked about yes that's true and also if you look at the president like if he relies congress and congress rely i mean all these laws that are set up in place to make sure that he doesn't have like ultimate power over the weekend why do i see there in the first place why why do we have that why do we need one person why is there she won because ultimately you need one at what what ultimately the responsibility of president is when you have six different sources the state department in an intelligent and all these people coming to you with the options you
you need a decision maker really one guy it seems so one guy it is still number one guy though if he really is that good why would he have joe biden as a second car to stop and think about that well joe biden's been in government for a very long time when you watch the joe biden steroid hearings when he's talking about steroids when the the congressional baseball tatian he's so silly yes he's such a silly he's considered a blowhard by a lot of people on the other side of the aisle joe biden if you talk to him he talked to anybody who's who's been in government a long time he's kind of a blowhard mean he's yes he's a he's a blustery guys silly guy yeah it really shouldn't be the top dog
the country but he's one heart beat away man being the top dog f ice present is always been what your president allows it to be so vice president is typically a ceremonial title where you go to different ceremonies but it's never been it's really interesting it's interesting role because it can be a very very sort of of more face vacuous pointless yeah it had been up until dick cheney it's one of those reasons why dick cheney snuck in the puppet master he figured out like i'll just take this guy like the dan quayle had you know i mean i'll take this gig that really mother fuckers had except al gore al gore was pretty well respected smart guy he was respected in some circles without gord never had much of a backbone al gore was always criticized for never really having a strong position on much so but if
look at a guy like a barack obama what he's like is like a really strong headliner that takes a shitty opening act with them on the road because this is joe biden talking you know he's okay it's r i and you just need to sign it offensive to your ears yeah so terrible speaker but then i'm obama so good he's so so power he so he makes everything seem some comfortable he such a good talker yeah but he also at the end of the day i think you know he says he's a big free market guy but i think obama really does believe in top down authority i do think he really believes that ultimately the uh central group of smart people should be making most of the decisions i feel that from him or anybody who watch is fucking storage wars should think that watch naked and afraid you don't want you don't want to stop these people from making the critical decisions but this war this worlds fucking future yeah you can't you can't just have everybody now
i mean that's a terrible thing to say no but you can certainly have top down you need a federal government my god certain things right but you also mentally isn't electoral college ultimately isn't that of really fucking scary thing i don't did outside this is a representative of the state so the state votes for representative well i'll tell you what it i i'll tell you what the good side of it is what it means that states that have very small populations aren't ignored right and that you need to go to iowa right now that's something that you need the politicians go to iowa there's an intelligent argument get rid of the electoral college fucking dusty's farmers often they sit him down and they say a bunch of we should do they believe starts there is also because they can't read so they do
no no no that's a message that's a mistake a lot of farmers are assumed i don't read it all too busy to manually planted brain there picking corn all day they don't have any time for reading those farmers are actually most of this far is smart you have to look at the very very tight business like your margins are very small and also this weirdness like subsidies like we won't whenever you like shops if it wasn't for subsidies there's a lot of farms that would be done course a long time ago and guess who have benefits and subsidies huge corporations yeah a huge factor farms corporations and the quorum industry there's a bull is fantastic documentary called king corn castle with scrapbook and thanks man these guys they set out i mean i've mentioned it several times in the podcast so i apologize if you heard this before but if you haven't just check it out this guy they did do like a an an al sis of their own bodies and find out what
then as they are of course some ridiculous percentage of all the carbon in their bodies come from corn and then they go through the aisles of supermarkets and they start looking at the corn syrup and corn starch and corn this equa that and you realize how much fucking corn is in everything huge lobbying efforts income not good for you not know god damn makes a state good though yeah do you prefer grass fed steak with grass fed steak only because only because the i just believe there ruminates i've been told they're supposed to eat grass so i like in sort of more natural i don't know if it's better i don't know it taste better but for me it does 'cause my mind says this is grass fed i'm going to be healthier their diff i wouldn't say i i prefer grass but there's something about a really nice fatty corn fed rib by that i understand yeah delicious one hundred percent some of it's really good but it's not good for the animal that's for fucking sure an it's darker meat and i gotta feel like darker meat is better for you i know that's probably
logical well the way the way the meats away of cow the cow eats the way it's biologically supposed to out imagine that it's probably better for you well i feel like that about eggs you know sometimes my chickens i leave them in the chicken house it's a big fuckin chicken house just had a chicken die the other day for no reason they just die they just die his chickens don't live long i don't know how long they live a little chicken heart skip out there's no nothing happened to it it was in in the coop and the coop it's more i call it coop but it's really a chicken house it's big did you check its back for pack marks they did packet they packed it as soon as it went down there fucking cannibals monsters they would eat it they pecked at it but it wasn't dead for very long before we found it point being when i don't
let them out there eggs don't taste as good their eggs look different their eggs become more yellow and i buy the best chicken food that you can buy the healthiest chicken food you could buy but really they want a free range and when let them go and then they run around the yard and they pet grass and they eat bugs their eggs are much more delay and there a dark dark yolk there's other day i took a photo be as i was i had eggs and you have more from an egg from when they were grazing and two were from a little bit later when we had them in the for a few days and when they're in that coop there fucking eggs come out yellow like supermarket eggs not quite that yellow but pretty close otherwise there are dark dark orange in the they literally taste different i god i think they're more nutritious i mean it only makes sense certainly tastes better your eggs i've had eggs from your your coop the amazing right the joe rogan eggs delicious you get them the day off
to get him in the morning and then i cook him i'll have like an egg sandwich for breakfast on some any chickens and read some ezekiel bread who ezekiel's good stuff with jalapeno elected jalapeno his slice and then i take some el yucateca or it may be some saracho sauce logo and i put it over the fucking sliced jalapenos are double time being little mayonnaise i'm not scared of mayonnaise bro now don't be afraid of mayonnaise here at a pool swath fucking workout if you want to talk to my wife give her mayonnaise and onions mixed in she throw up immediately doesn't like either one like myself some mayonnaise you can't look at mayonnaise really do you have a food that you you just can't eat no i'm a man fuck is wrong with you ok which we brain phobias i've eaten brains before not main lambs brains i want to tongue her brains really i'm not crazy about kidney and size that it's just i don't like the texture of comma do
make the tongue kosher tongue what time will never had it no i did have it as a kid and i say this like the tongue and my grandfather is not a tongue and it looks like tongue i was in greece and i ate it and i was like fucking tongue and it wasn't god damn i never ate it again when we were in montana and we ate that deer skull you didn't need that deer tongue when they chopped up the deer tongue but i ate eyeball i remember when i ate i steve gave me the fat behind the eyeball it was wrong and i hate that yeah what was it called again tolo tolo yeah tastes so choosing choosing yeah i don't need it i saw you eating it was disgusting i was when i did the ravine cummer and then i ate the ravine cummer makes me sad to this day because one of the funniest things that happen on the trip with brian and i when we went to montana with steven ellen crew is it bright
created a character called the ravine comma i was going to come right this is only been a few times in my life where i almost blacked out from laughing and that was one of 'em but you're never going to see it you're never going to see it it's fucking good old fashion outdoorsman sportsman's channel you know we jesus and were out there hunting part of it's like i like to do if you guys like steve vanilla and and dodi who who don't know what to do when i go hey is anybody using this ravine if not i'm going to come in it you might have become in the ravine where you started getting angry and yelling and i checked off my my much and then if i didn't really jack off kept talking about being the ravine cummer and you had to be there but the point being is like because i'm a lot of our ridiculous silliness will never make it on his show so we're doing this amazing performance for like you're doing it more than i am your i'm not that kind of your different kind of on than i am you know when we go to these things it's one of the this is why i love having you around is because you
just love making everybody laugh you love making me laugh and everything in the world yeah you're this weekend i made somebody laugh for one hour of the groom of the wedding and and this is so sick but i made him laugh i've never met anybody left at heart for wide in our material and it was all his one is a really good looking seventeen year old wrestler really muscular and really smooth uh this is us turkey hunting is this a short clip from i'll play it that's why it hold my my story play it let's hear it wonky ass sportsman's channel network well let's let it load up we had it just leave it right there we had a good time no man was a good time to time turkey hunting them is for the birds yeah here's the problem turkey hunting and i if you love turkey hunting i appreciate it absolutely i get it i i i shot a turkey we ate some of it was delicious just like turkey i like to call
the men were trying to locate baumann following any idea that all open the big i was sleep and snoring steve else like you're sleeping who know isn't like lying down snoring will you wake me up i will fucking tell you i wasn't sleeping automatically yeah what is it that like embarrassing i was sure that i was awake man last night i heard them talking about nine hours and i kept it a secret from my wife there we go i was in the garage i like to go i was not in the i was sleeping for two hours i live i live right to our flag i was at my house in my office working out we need a hunting show where do it online with nobody sponsoring nobody like work just we do it the same we have done with podcasts we need that i need to just finance it and i'll just hire some dude to just
filmus will take someone like find callahan or something like that take us hunting somewhere and would just film it first how much could possibly cost i mean how much could it really possibly cost if we just had like a sponsor like rifles that we use or products that we use like hoyt bows or something like that just a sponsor that could help us defer some of the costs of production it would be so much fun these these trips like the trip that we had when we went out to alaska and we went into the prince edward island fucking fantastic time horrible rains we were talking about earlier with like fun that's like thirteen doing it alone it was terror like were soaking wet the entire trip it was never stopped raining if it stop it stop for like twenty minutes that we shoot like some video footage of us being out there for twenty minutes looking for deer that we never found right and then go right back to raining it was horrible but
we had so many fucking laughs just the time that we were in the trailer or the tent rather grits and we had one one indication of that is the podcast that we did from there steve's podcast which is one of the best ones that we did you know one of steve that we did where it's not censored like unlike the show it's completely free you so we're there's gotta listen to laughing we were giving him so much shit about his shit collection steve rinella he's so fucking into wildlife this dude had a stool collection of all the animals that he had hunted like bear shit and shoe show steve a picture of shit in the wild and he'll be like a raccoon i did i told him there was a fucking animal that was trying to get in my chicken coop and it's shit in my yard i sent him a picture of it he said it was a skunk wow yeah is a fucking skunk out kind of these countries skunks skunks will kill the fuck out of your check and really skunks are problem now they are
yeah sculpture predators that's amazing no eat birds yeah especially chickens they were trying to get to my chicken how about raccoons oh yeah really mad if you're a forest grass you better run oh yeah ground nesting birds any grants they said about turkeys everybody's trying to kill turkeys all the time after turkeys die all the time a three year old turkeys hold well when we were turkey hunting we shot a turkey oops spoiler but we only shot one it was a young stupid turkey that's called a jake i shot yeah and brian's day when i was snoring primed couldn't fucking find a turkey we couldn't find a turkey we did rock paper scissors i want so i got to shoot first so a lot of times we should have done with bullshit shot at the same time is three fucking turkeys came in i agree let's do this on the count of three we should have both had turkey blast we thought since that was the first day but we're going to see a bunch of turkeys this is awesome
no it wasn't no it was a bunch of time sitting around in napa valley ok we're not attending were in alaska were not in the we went to eat at fantastic restaurants every night i will be at busch on those mummies they fucking ate cheeseburgers and sharing my command i'll take you to the restaurant i'm going to pay let's go we're going to both the host and drink pure fast food in the world what are the best restaurants in the world and ranelagh never joined us once to prague he likes to pretend he's in the woods he doesn't like the fact that he gets to stay in the house when he hunts he wants to suffer must live in this in the dirt so the fact that we're going to go and drink fine wine and eat duck now we ate grilled duck in filet mignon there was uh take to puree took me one slash two hour to find the wine i wanted i love that wonderful place but we we treated it differently than them they did not want to admit that they were staying in a house in napa valley while they were doing that show their pretending that they're out there in the woods turkey hunting you're in a guys yard here
your guys yard you shooting a fucking bird that i could buy down the store and here's the problem he fucked up when he cook this turkey breast i know that turkey breast taste like the stuff i buy the skin like fucking turkey breasts there's no god damn mother is going to be the best joke in the world no nope pretty fucking boring you guys stay here i'll go to the deli and have the same experience and you know i guess the you say it's a little better i need to cook you know that's what come over come over this week man and i'll cook some turkey and some moose alright 'cause the turkey that we shot i have that's true about most of it except wait one breast one breast let's do it tomorrow wait one fucking breath while we were there and we want khokhar taste like he made schnitzel i've tried to write it do i do my podcast called why is it i heard that shows picked up by fox some crazy deal we get some sex just some crazy deal with fox sports how about this we sold out i'm waiting someone to come along with enough money for me to sell out did we saw we saw the brand
oh you mean the show we saw the live podcasts out six weeks in advance at the brand and by the way everybody tempe improv november 12th we're going to do a live card come on your life pod rest in tempe what day is the one you did in october first on that fucker right yeah you're more than welcome to him on that but you kidding i'm gonna be on it that would be great we have a good time i don't get high as fuck they're going to get the harder you guys talking so where hey man come on really don't push your drugs on me i think i'm gonna get ready to do some stand up he's definitely do stuff and apple ipod guess i want to do four minutes you should do it he he could do it on fighting in the ufc definitely do it on dating ronda you shouldn't tell him not to he won't know now he doesn't he's tired of taking shit for just saying anything yeah let it go he said that yesterday in the park as he goes just so you know i am never talking about that shit again just so sick of it
is the queen of the world you gotta let it go she's bigger than oprah but he has let it go he doesn't he's never said a bad thing about her right well he does lower he does care about it didn't workout i've never heard that guy say one thing besides that she's great and i'm not even proud there was the one time on the podcast where he said that he's too much of a man he just meant he met with rhonda it's either you are going to be taking a backseat to she's driving the train or you need the exactly the extreme opposite that that that's why i think he was trying to they didn't mean too much he's just he's a he's a strong personality she's a strong personality that that tends to be hard to butt fucking anyway come see november twelve change the subject i like how you wanted to keep going over twelve thirty seven hundred and ten pm drive so much fighter in the kid what you and i really need to do is we need to do a show where it's just us doing whatever the fuck we want to do and turn it into money it's like i want you to be audience i'll be your audience i come with you will do things together
if it is like me setting you up like most of the meat eater show the fun stuff the setting you up and you knock it out the park over and over and over get right but it's have a weird dynamic is really funny and we talked about it before like we're really bored at one time it goes many goes i wish callan was here right now i go yeah fuse here will be like really fun he goes no offense i go no it's not i'm not funny like that i'm a different i mean occasionally i'm funny like that but not like you can't count on it now i'm a jackass i only have fun when i'm being a jackass like that i just i'm i'm i'm looking for any opening you're talking i'm not even listening i'm like where's
where is nokia i could give a fuck what you're saying is not a problem when you doing a podcast source of course a problem with my life i've never seriously it's not necessarily a problem when we do stuff like that fucking works for stand up yeah it definitely works for stand up but it also works for doing that hunting thing we gotta talk to rainelle about that let's do it say listen because he briefly talked to him in his company we talked about me doing a show and i was really can but first of all i don't there's a lot of shit that i take from hunting for no reason it's so silly i take it from people that have dogs and cats and their fucking instagram page age i got into it with this lady she's very nice lady should tattoo artist she gave me a hard time about calling hunting a ethically retarded or something like that and then i went through pages just got animals can i come on you feed your animals murdered animals the only way you're going to keep them things alive if you have dogs in a cavity feed him she admitted she goes yes it's not
it's like a necessary evil in in a wheel is a very friendly exchanges should beautiful artwork to really counted tattoo artist i go come on this is silly i give you these this you're not getting from the dog food tree here do you have your coursemate yes i thought well of from that and from cals and buy products and and guts and see and all kinds of shit they grind up and lamb which is basically baby sheep the chickens they fucking grind chickens up and compress him into cat food mean what it is and those animals are not happy in there uh a real living thing if i show no moose or whatever the fuck i shoot i'm eating that whole god damn thing and it's one animal that's one of the things that i like about hunting a large animal like that as opposed to like a turkey you shoot a turkey it's i'm going to live and it's only going to feed like a few people like a turkey will feed five people like that turkey was shot 5p
yeah i have a meal yeah it's over but it's also this i mean i you know that that what i always say is even trophy hunting which i don't do it it would to even talk handing is the revenue from those kinds of hunts i honestly hate that argument and i really want to talk to hunters about not using it 'cause it's true it is true but it's so fun stop that it's true that it's more just economy its economic economics but it's it's here's the deal right if you're if you love something whether it's elephants or rhinos you love some exotic crazy animal that we don't have in north america and you you want to pay a lot of money to shoot it and you're not ever going to eat it i guess they do eat elephants which i didn't know until i was probably getting enough but i guess i guess it taste good man that's fucked 'cause there intelligent and if they're not traditionally thought of family structures and great memories there
number of family members from like twenty years ago they reunite them they hug it's trippy man that i've seen video of a mother and a child reunited after twenty years and they're hungry we don't think anything of a child leaving the family because that's what we do you know if you live with your how your family in your for your loser yeah but if you're an elephant in your your you know you have children's children stay near you i think the structure that's their natural structure we don't think anything of like separating them taking him off here take him off there it's one of the most damning things about something like sea world i could they they have the balls to have these commercials where they say we haven't taken an animal from the wild in thirty five years that's like a human having slaves saying we haven't kidnapped this person from their family in another country in thirty five years so this is ok that we keep these slaves 'cause that's what it is when orca or a dolphin dear fuckin sliding see blackfish 'cause i i find it too upsetting
crazy it would drive you crazy it doesn't matter what they say there's there's no getting away from the fact those animals are captain it going to psychosis yes this all sorts of problems with them but there's just no getting away from the factor captive you're not talking about a dog man my dog upset today because i was on the other side of the fence and i was having a phone call pawn at the door he wants to get to me come home and hang out with me my dude i'm on the phone i'm not patching a minute right now on the phone and he has a dogs are you yeah it's a maker he just wants to be part of you exactly and they they don't want to be captive they they want to be free to do whatever they want us this is a dog who lives in family i mean he's one of the family to mess you know animals domesticated he's a sweetie he's one of the fam you know he lives in the house he sleeps in the house he just why do anything and he doesn't like it let me out bitch come on what is this imagine the madness if you were a person and you were forced to live in an empty tank or an empty
summing pool like imagine if you in the same structure were an orca lives that's your world how much room do yeah not much at all you know what's really terrifying there's a photo of the sea world parking lot it shows the parking lot and it shows where the orca enclosure is in relationship to the size of the parking lot is fucking terrifying it's terrifying yeah you just feel cost of tiny little thing just imagine if you had to live in a drain pool it's a form of us a form of torture it is a form of torture solitary confinement you know the really crazy animal rights activists believe that you shouldn't own any pets that i shouldn't even have my dog i shouldn't have my cats dogs especially are domesticated there's a difference in a wild animal is tamon that domesticated animal well my cats pretty fucking domesticated life seeing around to be seen fluff at fly with the fuck this fucking rag doll in the morning ok we have to be really quiet in the morning because the cat will hear your voice and start meowing at the dorm now just to come in and get pale
and you see her soon as you see you there she immediately starts per machine clues oh yeah switch to pick her up she goes limp means the most mesquite animal ever yeah it anybody that wants that poor thing to fend for itself as a footnote crazy person this is a this is a baby the door the pack animals two dogs want to be imagined cats have a pride but dogs definitely want to be part of you know my cats have the male and the female i had a cat just die she was thirteen years old miss pretty sad or not thirteen scousers one thousand nine hundred and nineteen years old when she died but the other one is seven and the baby the new one is ten months old i guess
be eleven months old now yeah i think she was born october so she's fucking baby still and she's like this little fluffy fur ball it's like the difference between her and an animal in the wild is so far removed so many generations that it's a really odd that we do that to those things you know they make awesome pets but it's really odd that we can make like an english bulldog that's that's play richard this fucking flat face never see him try to breathe they overheat what did we do or someone does not mean you what did someone do that made that thing well that just played with jeans that whole movement happened when that in the eight 1920s or where we started changing dogs well i think they've done it you'd like with certain extent through the history of dog breeding i think it's existed for a long time but not
for the level that they've done now where they make like pekingese and these special breeds and i saw a guy the other day that had two wolves he was walked are you reading reading tweets you shut that god damn phone off off don't you dare to see to look that up another thing we're doing well thought you're reading tweets about like tweets to make to fuck please his guy i was walking on the street and there's the sea world parking
it's in the green so that might mean is the tank and the rest is the parking lot that's the or can closure on now yeah it's horrible it's terrific how this guy was walking with wolves had pat walls and you could tell right away was really weird they're really cold though yeah for a low they're horrifying their horrifying but they're beautiful do wolves to me i'd like this amazing creature that is you know i'm i respect and deeply a lot of like what they represent i love looking at them but they feel like a trap man i think the love that some people have for animals in this really distorted perception of what a a predator like a wolf truly is has allowed people to him import these things and and put them in the idaho and all these different areas and i'm reading all the stories about what's going on now other decimating the elk populations and people really terrified
and when i was in british columbia and i was up there with my friend mike was a business up there uh a guide business and he has a farm his fucking neighbors they had a cow was killed in the middle of the night by wolves like they came in and kill a cow like twenty of the problem with wolves that they're a you talk to any farmer any rancher why they hate walls and this is the world over walls have been have have it like in sweden there reintroducing the wolves it's really come virtual 'cause the people that make their living off their livestock fucking wolves are such efficient killers and keeping them out is basically it's really they are so smart to there so smart they act together there's a reason that farmers traditionally when after wolves right away like whether it was in italy and sweden anywhere there there's
no real society that didn't go after wolves because they were so devastating to your crops but we assume we've gone so far away from recognizing that and remembering that that people have brought these things back in some sort of weird attempt to balance the ecosystem and when when they open hunting seasons there's all these protests and the protests are almost invariably from p people that live in the cities that's the issue with the difference of vancouver in british columbia being a province like the people in vancouver they're all liberal is like it's a beautiful place to live there's no wolves here man you killing walls but the people who live where you can kill is any wolves a day as you want yeah because they you can't you can never get rid of all the exactly they're really hard to find their elusive ran into this guy at the airport and he was really smart guy
really smart guy really articulate guy up in canada and ask me a question you know what are you here for papa i forget what he told me his business was i probably wouldn't say it anyway to somehow another people figure out who it is but he was talking to me about his business we were talking a little bit and ask when i was up here for and i told him i was up there for a hunting trip and then he started talking about how much he hunts wolves like right away he goes into this yeah we hunt wolves all the time and it goes you got to i own a piece of property up there and we've seen them chase down calves and kill them because we've seen it he goes we've seen the wolves there just there's so many of 'em that what we do is we take garbage bales like a big garbage pail and they fill it with meat and then they pour water into the garbage pail so it's filled to the top with water in meat then they freeze it and once they freeze it then they take it and they put it out
popsicle wow and then the wolves can't take it all once is a little definitely keep coming to it so we get a little bit of the meaning to come back for more they go to chew through the ice there's me inside the eyes and then they'll shoot them and said yo you goes we should all year long we have to shoot as many as many as we can i've heard the name the when the radiology the end you it used to take as well such a nightmare for them it's still their food their sealed nights of that and they would put a razor blade like a knife with a piece of meat on it and the wolf with what he's to meet and lake the lady cut themselves up and die they would yeah they would put blood on a on a key link in their online a knife razor sharp knife yeah yes her
language of harsh but that's those worlds man that's those worlds i really think that that a certain amount of struggle like you said a certain amount of losing makes you more humble and respectful and like what you were talking about where a guy like donald trump this all this sort of conversation is all coming out this one that's what we do here but it really is in this one it's like and what we're talking about about academia about the cowardice of these new way of objection ideology effectively feeling feeling something hitting a wall is very important and they thought boo research thought bullies about it and what was that all coming from will he really is coming from this there's a lack of real world experience at a lack of adversity the diversity is only been intellectual diversity so this adversity rather so so these conversations they're having the battles that are going on they're about ridiculous shit there not about survival there about
point someone z or he and there's anger and his rhetoric and there's protests and uh there's just this crazy need to control what the other people think and what is acceptable and not acceptable on my fucking campus have you ever seen the sensibility like somebody sensibilities is sacred ever seen the toronto protest with these feminists there was some guy who was promoting something about something that had to do with mens rights they completely distorted what he had to say completely distorted what his message was and promoted him as this like evil person supported rape and hated women and so they shut down his his performance that by turning on a fucking fire extinct or fire alarm they set off a fire alarm in all cheered they were protesting in the hallways while this guys onstage speaking and now that's not surprising it's it's a hostile act it's
trolling act right exactly what the red guard did in mao's china and their thousand examples of people get swept away with an ideology these are very religious people and by that i mean they're fanatically devoted to what they think is a certain truth or set of truisms and they'll do whatever they can well that's why our gender it's important what you're saying because they'll do whatever they can to but the what it's not based on is reality so like if there really was a person that was at this campus that was promoting raping women and and and doing horrible things to them and this is what you should do is trying to rally them up absolutely everyone agrees they should be treated the way these women were treating that guy the question is is what he's per noting that or are you turning it into that in order to make it justifiable for you to go fucking crazy 'cause that's what a lot but i think what a lot of it is people decide they have a target and then just by their actions based on that all
so they decided they shoot their guns at the wrong target because it's an easy target but that's an important point though in their defense mean ifs one really is promoting rape fuck that guy right right so that would be a realistic reason to use that target for what it sounded so they make him there they distort what he is they turn him into that so then it's justifiable yes and the women were screaming at these men that were trying to go in and listen all they want to do is here with this guy had to say screaming at them you fucking piece of shit you support raid like what are you talking about this this anger and violence and vitriol gives them 'cause exactly people want to cause there's no adverse they want to feel like they're they're revolutionaries there is no this is not not adversity with healthy it's also not it's not honest i don't think they're being honest with themselves or with what the real problem is and that's another issue is
but if you if you're too ideological and religious you're going to be placing your enerji an your anger in the wrong direction and there are real challenges in problems yeah and it takes sober thought sober thought sober analysis annan open mind to finding out and developing a very informed point of view so that then you can actually tackle what's going on so good luck finding someone else who is also taking the same amount of consideration into a subject and hasn't approached it with some intense bias exactly so having these debates these people it's like there's this bridge is you can't cross there's things that you can't say well it is very important to now when you have a debate and not giving example very important in my opinion the problem with debate in this country is this let's take duncan as an example the first thing you hear is i'm in favor of guns i'm not say i'm in favor of gun control but would you actual here when they started the debate is this your a gun nut and i don't like you you're a hippie liberal and you don't know what this country was founded on
and that's where we start in the minute that happens there is no way anybody going to have discussion 'cause it starts with i don't like you oh yeah i don't like you instead of instead of saying hey guys were were both good people have a different point of so we're trying to solve a problem nobody in this room thinks that somebody should be allowed to go in and massacre a school or a movie theme we know we want to solve that problem now this side please everybody should have guns this sidelis they shouldn't where is the middle around let's have a real discussion it never starts that way unfortunately a lot of times it just becomes this crazy sort of this is my camp this is my idea and i'm more more incident being right based on my allergy that's immovable and it's very difficult it's very difficult to kind of step back and be sobering these thoughts in these in these situations for example like like gun control is interesting because when this guy came up
he shot these two reporters and this psychiatrist happened reed and his psyche just as i think his name is lieberman jeffrey ruin anything he's out of columbia university he said we really black guy right he was a black guy jeff lieberman his chef movements due rights he's jewish i knew it your guest good gas good gas but he had something really interesting to say and it was a really interesting debate i'd never heard before he said look mental illness there is an idea that maybe if somebody is exhibiting psychotic behavior and talking about wanting to hurt other people and himself a lot of people who have mental illness are not willing to take their drugs 'cause they don't think there's anything wrong with them so how do you deal with that well he said what about what about in some instance outpatient care that is mandated and well wait a minute that's a that's steps on my civil rights you can't tell me to take drugs he said but wait if you have to break in los
you are mandated by the center for disease control to take your drugs because you're contagious and you're not allowed to not take antibiotics when you have to regulus and usually it's a nine month regiment it can turn you color blind like it did my buddy jimmy burke and all that but what about what about the what about those questions what about stuff that kind of throws things in there i hate to see that i cloud of whatever twenty contact no those are those are important questions to raise men they are i know jim berkland color blind yeah from his antibiotic regimen fox yeah his color blind now and what is from what disease was it he had to record lows and so it just the antibiotics just killed it forever yeah well
yeah but he had taken so what what do you think if somebody if somebody is saying i want to kill people yeah and he's just saying mental illness and i think it is a good idea to treat it as it is an illness and the problem with the mental illness stigma kera santa maria who's been on this podcast a bunch of times she's neuro scientist very smart and she's had mental illness issues herself with depression which is also a mental illness well we treat them differently than we treat any other illness like there's no shame in having diabetes you know we find out that you have a disease that we don't go get fucking diabetes bro like it's a disease so we treat it with madison same thing with virtually every disease except mine diseases and when someone isn't mine disease we automatically assume that they're being weak we automatically put them into this box oh you're depressed all poor fuck
baby i think you'll be fine dude going to you happy fucking bored in the 1600s there's all the nonsense that comes with people admitting that there's a chemical imbalance in the brain we can't really measure that's the problem they can't fucking they can't just pull the juice brain and measure you for depression you know you can't really measure like there's no lie scale that shows what drugs going to work for you which is one of the weirdest things about taking anti depressants but whatever the whatever the case there is some form of medication for a disease and when someone does want to take that medication is one of the episodes the sort of talking about of called elements on the radio lab that was talking about lithium this woman who can't take this medication when she takes it she's her each it is a mental illness she has mental illness being bipolar it's an absolute disease and
takes the stuff she's totally normal so this idea that we have about medication when it comes to mental illness i think it's the one illness that we have this like criticism of or this prejudice of that we could just because it's to measure yes yeah and who decides and there are there is criteria and there is there are experts that can say i think in some instances hey this dudes exhibiting classic psychotic behavior and he's going to hurt somebody an i think it would be who've the authorities to mandate some kind of a drug regimen or something now this is really know when to cvs to give a guy who hasn't done anything yet it just seems a little off you know what it is it's dicey it's very very tricky stuff because now you're talking about a government agency coming in there and making you take drugs by
in some cases it you might say about the honda lives if you've got a crazy person and the question becomes what if that is a viable alternative to having people get shot up in some instances what do you do about it is a really good question in a really hard one to answer because he another factor when you do an experiment the fact that you're doing an experiment have as uh it has an effect on the results of the experiment itself a classic one that we've talked about on this podcast for i think was karl heart that brought this up as a brilliant point that i never even considered they always talk about these things that they do with rats they give a rat's a heroin and the rats i do they hear one every day and and you know they they're doing their task but if you give in cocaine they just do cocaine until they die what he does yeah but they're in a case age during an experiment this isn't a normal rashean it changed the rat cage you change the entire experiment you can't
you're giving them cocaine in the woods well if you did that you would have like much more reasonable result less do you know what the results were as fascinating it so they lace the water with cocaine and heroin rats kept doing it until they died and then this x order came along said why don't we change the rat cage i'll create rat disneyland and the rat he created a utopia for rats they had plenty of sex friends play with lots of things to keep themselves occupied genomically rats kept going back to the coke in heroin bottle none after awhile there from what i from what i was told the experiment yielded no addiction and they all started drinking water and went back in kind of said i'm done with that drug thing so wonder changes things up will also ok let's think about that for a second because if we're living the way we're living today it's because people before i have figured out how to build
this is an electricity in cars but how many generations how many generations in relationship to the dna that's in our body that supposedly takes like ten thousand plus years to change or i mean how how similar are we the people that live ten thousand years ago probably almost exactly really really really really fucking close right maybe the re reason why people are into drugs and constantly trying to alter the state of their consciousness today is directly connected to these rats being willing to do this experiment or if you wanted to go back to the cocaine until they fucking died in this experiment as opposed to way they were in the wild like maybe if we were living in the wild maybe if we lived the way people live thousands of years ago is hunter gatherers maybe if we is that we would have no desire to do coke i would agree with you if i didn't know that pygmies in certain parts of the congo smoke cope
this amounts of weed yes they do any people in the amazon who are hunter gatherers dick all kinds of how stop and think about the drugs that you just described copious amount of weed which makes them more sensitive more paranoid he keeps them alive more more community oriented more loving and maybe even more creative so you in about marijuana if you're talking about the people that in the indigenous tribes in the amazon you're talking about serious psychedelic drugs that are ego dissolving that remove the world around you and bob do you an extra blee as this tribe right so you're not talking about heroin not talking about coke specially not talking about coke right like how many people they do they do to coca leaves and a lot of those those environmental factors in peru yeah but it's coca leaves a lot as well and and the ethiopian places got as a small lesion that more like an ark is an iconic yeah but the the army to mellow i think coca leaves
is really nice it's really keep this god keep you mellow or sit doesn't actually hype you up i think it's a stimulant i think i think that's true i load of it in the middle east i remember it as a kid yeah i wonder if we went back to live in this sort of subsistence life if if any of that stuff in of any poll on us at all i don't know but i do think that dead that the new science like portugal a decriminalized all drugs off drugs you know what it is really interesting thing they they think by some measures in two thousand once in a populace was hooked on heroin which is incredible she was addiction issue and you have to be careful the statistics but this is what i i i heard on ted dot com and when the government said i'll tell you what instead of spending his money on enforcement and we have a simple we'll we'll take addicts will decriminalise it an what addicts need is connection so what will do is will say will get him in rehab and will take care of that and then we'll get them a job and will save their employer look
rain this guy will pay will pay half their wages it'll cost you half as much to hire this addict who is going to take your program we have our own programs and managing their diction and they've had huge success because what happens the addict is that they develop connections and they develop a purpose and it developed you know in all an entire infrastructure of support around them and that apparently from what i understand a lot of like this addiction specialist talk about that being very important man in connection is it a great anecdote or antidote to your addiction issues i'm not an addiction specialist yeah i'm not either i think one of the big problems with addiction specialists in this country is there only allowed to use methods outside of drugs there there's some people that get some spectacular results in other countries especially in mexico with ibogaine for people that are hooked on pills i began is
it's from the boga plant and it's really intensely introspective drug that is it's not a fun time at all there's very very little recreational ibogaine is just like really intense view of your life very very deep and complex view of your life and it also shuts off some physical reactions to addiction somehow another rewire's the mind some strange way that's very very effective i've had friends that have that pill problems that have gone to these retreats in mexico and that ibogaine treatment and just completely knocked how much is placebo known samples he wrote all i don't think because what we were talking about is an insanely intense introspective experience that's not not dissimilar from the dmt trip that you went on in the the fact that it dissolves reality dissolves reality in some
in a strange way and then i have experienced i begin the those trips but i have a quite a few friends have done it and everyone of them said it sucked like they did not like it like it's it's really harsh but the results are spectacular like the results like when you get through that you like okay i see it also mapped out now like what am i doing my life like what are all these pitfalls that i've set up for my cells what are all these traps that i've like left in my personality what are all these use mechanisms that i have just ready to fucking top off and send me to the or what are those things when you see them like they're like targets you see them all around you like really obvious land mines it's weird how people have like a lot of those we all have some of those but for me my way of getting out of that is i just ask myself what i really want and i think that's helpful like when i just go what do i really want to do and will get good at nothing really interests me i think you've never
been addicted physically anything nor have i so i think we're talking about our ass when comes to that yeah i never thank god i feel i feel lucky that i don't have that i don't drink much i don't i never had any of stuff yeah that's a the pill one and the heroine one man that is a god damn crazy when the coke one i've seen mall and there are there are there real hard to figure from the outside i have experience what the the ache in their bones well what about how much people drink in this country and have always this country is always been a nation of drinkers man that's why we get gas so i don't give a fuck monk will make shit happen answer i'd let gentlemen but it's responsible for a lot of great art to you know that's one thing that people don't want to admit if course how much fucking great music was created by drunk people i don't know i come on a lot of great musical start was queer why people who sat in in rooms and just played
well that's true too you know what the they say that that what destroyed the haight ashbury movement that wonderful psychedelic movement was when one musicians went from weed and psychedelics terror when a cocaine and heroin and cocaine was what actually destroyed a lot of great musicians yeah but that's because we're talking about blues yeah i think there's a been a lot of artists of use booze including writers historically there's been a lot of writers that were drunk stephen king when his crime was drunk his book which i ready said there a lot of yes there a lot of creative people that have substance abuse problems he said but they happen to be very creative people with substance abuse problems he said they were creative and then they had they had a problem but it's not what made them creative that's possibilities right but it's also possible that he's saying that because he's not an addict anymore and he doesn't want to go back to it and so he's made this sort of connect in his mind that it wasn't the alcohol that allowed him to be so free and create
it was his own free creativity that he had in his mind and he had a problem it is true that so here's another potter's correlation and you know i mean causation there's a they're not clearly define in this know now here's another possibility to people that are creative and do an have great image nations and allow themselves have a great imagination may also be in some to some degree may be a little self destructive or at least searching for different states and so may be may be you know that the kind of person that's imagine have to write a like khujo also likes pudding himself in something other than his sober stay totally possible as well totally possible as well but i think there's also some thoughts that come to you when you drunk like i've done some drunk writing specially in airplanes god i'm an idiot when i'm drunk well listen to like music and have a couple budweisers and uh right and i'll write some stuff that i might not bright
you when we were doing the ice house one time i was one of the first times it was in a small room and i smoke them to weed and i don't do it and i got high doing your podcast and i drank scotts 'cause you force me peer pressure or something and i wrote i got up on stage and crushed the room with the whole thing i kind of advice about how i saved a whale now i never would what about saving a fucking whale without that state so i maybe it did open up some channels but here you can go back to the booze here's what the late oliver sachs said something incredible do you know this worry about phillip pledge and it i think jason platini things name furniture salesman one thousand nine hundred and ninety four comes out of a bar get savagely beaten and starts having sort of deep mathematical geometrical
thoughts and next thing you know he starts drawing these geometric relationships and shapes of physicist walks by one day and goes do you know what you're doing and he said no i just i'm trying to figure out the relationship and he goes your drawing hi math long story short he had never been instant math at all an two thousand and fifteen he is considered a math genius he got beaten oliver sacks did a great thing on a guy named tony theoria get struck by lightning he's an orthopedic surgeon the lightning goes through cheek comes out his foot tonics monastery right now if you're a shitty musician don't let someone kick in the head i've got it don't do it i'm gonna be math genius kick the shit out of me and let me see what happens the most creative people are drunk what is this
but your show always had some influence interests are always had some alcohol in the system but but but listen this town is your area who are sex study basically get struck by lightning all he can hear is piano music and becomes a composer and a high level composer and piano player 'cause all he wanted to do after that wasn't a piano and it was never instant music so the idea is maybe sometimes a certain things that hip hop in your brain can open pathways and channels and circuitry that wasn't that was blocked or wasn't activated before in this case it was a beating an lightning but there are examples of something traumatic happens someone's brain where it opens up an entire new passion and interest in that person and it's and that's document by the late oliver sacks in a lot of other people that's kind of fascinating well i thought that the mind is some sort of a device and this device nice relies like the rest of the body on all the different elements that keep a human being alive he
neurotransmitters are flowing around his neurons firing there's all these cells that are alive in the mind is this like this fascinating place now when you introduce things that are psychoactive to the mind whether it's caffeine whether it's nutro pics whether it's alcohol whether it's yeah sure whether it's marijuana there is an effect and when that effect happens there's a cascade of effects the fact of marijuana there's a lot of different effects but one of 'em is your creative the absolutely gets kickstart something happens you get weird way of looking at things you get a strange altered perspective on things alcohol does the same it gives you a strange altered perspective on thing you know it doesn't introduce your way makes you the louder makes a little bolder releases additions occasionally someone will write something while on alcohol that is just brilliant and it comes out of this don't give a fuck thing
alcohol allows you to look at something from a different angle it's not or maybe or maybe drops renovations in and you're able to be more yourself in some instances yeah it war in i mean downs hostility it's also possibility combination of those things that they're not individual that this you know they're not this is not an either or that they're all a part of this mike most things in life you know maybe it quiets down one part of the brain they're not mutually exclusive yeah yeah i mean i listen man learning more and more about science brain science all the time it just shows you not to be too orthodox in your thinking and certainly not too judgmental in you know what else do that i think is very important and i've monitored in my own life on i don't have a problem with depression but i do have days where i feel better and days where i don't feel as good an a lot of that is dictated by how i choose the i think a lot of that is dictated by how i manage my life whether i'm happy with
i'm doing and how i choose to pursue my thinking you know and i think there a certain amount of what that is that makes you feel happy and makes you feel sad that is manageable and i think to there's definitely a day danger and pudding it all on a disease and all on a pill and for some people most certainly is a disease but there are people will have some wiggle room in their life and you can turn their life into a much more positive experience for themselves if they just choose to manage it correctly this is not excluding people that have a legit medical condition and have legit me depression and some sort of a chemical imbalance not at all but i'm and there is a lot of us that aren't depressed like me that you can manipulate way your mind feels you come and
the way your your your your first view of the earth is what you choose to focus on yeah you know that's a hundred percent true you you you know i i always think about that how you manage what you choose to think about and the perspective that you take my god they've done anxiety when behavioral psychologists we used to always you gotta get rid of your anxiety and now what they say is if you think of anxiety in terms of just your body getting ready for action as opposed to own this anxiety is going to kill me your blood vessels look very differently so the how you view your own anxiety and the attitude you take your blood vessels will add a constrict which is not but if you look at anxiety is here i go my buddies get ready for this get ready your blood vessels and your heart looks exactly the way it does in moments of joy and courage and that's that's what the great ted talk again i can't member i wish i could tell
to be able to watch it but really interesting how you look how you choose to think about your own anxiety has everything to do with whether it's healthy for you or bad for you and if you choose to think about anxiety in the right way there's a lot of evidence measurable evidence based on a study that followed i think thirty thousand americans over nine years that suggests that it actually can be good for you that makes sense if you think about it because you're you're shifting what it is and what it becomes is energy in like this well i got this anxiety but you know what this is a growth moment this is important this means we're getting something done something is happening and concentrate on what to say that used to always say i like those moments where i'm not sure what's going to happen next yeah i do very important fucking in the like him a little too much called adventure it's called adventure adventure
it is adventure is not knowing what's going to happen next when i like to do is run podcasts out in the last five minutes like we're at right now and wonder when the tapes going to run out there what is it last only three hours it's the you stream if we're on if we had the balls to switch over to you to it or twitch three hours yeah it's enough it seems like a good number yeah people get mad now when i two i did two hours yesterday with rhonda rowsey people were complaining that they wanted more they called me a lazy do nothing bitch you crazy bastards they call me do nothing bitch i don't read any of my comments well it's danger prior to comic friend of mine was talking shit about me and brandon i thought of this who say his name don't now when i talk about it after but it is surprising he's a young guy i like and he might have been misconstrued who knows or are you jealous pitches maddon might be sad might not happy like i'm i feel bad not going to laid maybe who misgender tim with the wrong pronoun try
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