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#692 - Jay Leno

2015-09-03 | 🔗
Jay Leno is a comedian, actor, writer, producer, voice actor, and television host. He was the host of NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and currently hosts "Jay Leno's Garage" available on YouTube.
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You are right. You fox my guest today is the great J Leno I was on J Lentils garage airs this week on his Youtube Channel and man, what a fucking cool garage and what a great guy, what would our real car? Not? I am, may car enthusiast of automobiles, but not nearly to the extent of Mister Lennox, who is he's got a collection that literally rivals the great car museums of the world it's an amazing amazing place and he's really cool guy and joy. Talking to him he's always then really friendly to me from way back in the day when I first Madame back when I was a news, radio always been a good guy. So without any further please welcome the great jail Logan.
Experience my good morning. Everybody J Vinyl thank very much doing this man. Thanks thanks. I haven't me. I appreciate your your place is the most impressive thing that I've ever seen. Someone own your garage shouldn't say garage because every thinks it's a garage most of your eyes, you have twelve garages twelve. Warehouse buildings filled with amazing cars I've ever seen in my entire life, while our couple amazing allowed merges old cars that I, like that kind of fun, have a good story. If cars got a good story about like China, downplaying only. I wiser issues Angelo car nut nearly a year proportion, but I was blown away that that places insane by you. Your videos up right. Now, people love it songs. The two hundred thousand hits battalion
much we have me, I really appreciate, was a lot of fun. It was. I was really cool, could be a passenger in my car and have you, drought or somebody else, be too crappy. Economists more funding that how did you get started? with such an insane collection. Like what did you start? I and I used to work a car dealerships on. I was a kid I worked at afford dealership. I was in charge of odometers deliberations. That was my area really. What you know you pseudo back in the old days like a guy, would bring a car in and then the boss would say I take it. The use, kind back and just turn back this phenomenon. Ok, I'm a one guy came in with like a sixty four chevy and had like ninety three thousand miles so he's making it the offers new forging above other and we're back there with the drills. Spinning back, you know someone.
The drill yeah. So the guy comes out, because that now give me my car back up now when that was cars, fifty thousand miles on it and he drove way and he went around the block any him back with a vague smile on his face because he knew he had the dealership causing said, and they gave him what he wanted features we're already turned the key so you could have caught him in Boston. Em like now need more like a federal crime known now. It is caught him and he could I caught you yeah right now, I'm back in the day. That's used. Car dealers, it was horrible, is terrible. I was like I was a kid. I agree that this is what they do. Ok, what is the worst in your son? Do worse, they we used to have stuff. You want the undercutting gaze thirty thousand Dakota and they put the car the ragged. We take some black paints just ray underneath like cheap black rusty, ilium paint and then tell people is undergoing up as they did. This is the other car business really been claimed that, like
seen from Fargo quite openly charge and with the other. That's why favoured z ways by the car with the old couple emergency madame, awful area, so you started off his work and on cars working in dealerships and then ran along the lights are collecting them. Well. I realize I'm never going how many nice cars working at a cardio ship unanimously became- media, so became a chameleon. So I thought that I think, is a good way to make money at the time, and I was so gap. You're. So in your element when you're around cars and when you do that, show it's so different and and I said this with all due respect. Your great hosted tonight show nine million comic you don't talking to like dopey celebrities. I mean there are some really interesting ones, but then there with me right. Yeah yeah, but then there are like this really a reality.
Some years and people are probably never saw that common either. When you first start hosting tonight show the warrant reality start. They didn't exist, the that's true, but you know I really enjoyed x. I like people I talking to people, but a lot of times. You don't really talk to the person you talk to the publicist, at one time we had done this ice skater on, I know she's famous using the Olympics, and then I can Zat issues and play by magazine. She had done for ten years and she's in Playboy, so we got a call from playboy. Would you put so and so and ok issues, America sweetheart now she's naked? Ok, that could be anything second gets. Ok, fine! So she comes in a manager, tastes and Mr La Mancha speech you. We are not mentioning the playboy article. I got really. One should take a client and go Ok, I can get a comic here and four minutes this. This is why your client is here. You called us because you naked Playboy, ok, I get hilarious.
What we are not mentioning you're here for right, exactly exactly, I mean that that would happen all the time. Just publicists would get mad because you yeah nor the manipulation of the image which is really not that possible anymore, because the internet cow all comes out now it does it. Do you know in the old days when you watch old, shows with Johnny see stars come out and they would just make these horrible fashion mistakes or whatever cause they dress themselves. Now everybody is handlers, you don't do this, you don't do that! Don't talk about the owner. Don't talk about that. You know is so it gets a little were. It is not quite as lose as it used to be. So you think that some because of handlers and published recently yeah get everybody is, is handled by somebody now or don't you there's. No. Thank you. Thank you for actual opinion. Just say we love it
one. You know whatever it might be. Have you ever think about going back to do a talk, show on another network? You not like now in every recurred him. You know you can't make lightning strike twice when we did and I ll show we have good crew, I had a lot of stuff left over from Johnny in terms of editing facilities, all this kind of stuff and when you are trying to recreate that again because it Why so much with half the budget. I mean us any all good buddy of mine and when our Sunium went Hey show again, his hands are tied. They gave him no budget You know I mean God bless me, made a work ass best he could but like, for example, when a guest would come out from a tv show, the ban could mean play the theme song. The tv show, because they didn't have money for music rights. So just added polemic porn music. You know, I mean just little things like that. You don't even think about.
Those are that's where the cost comes getting music great. Getting this getting that so now I never thought about going to do to you. Get over twenty two years in our number one. When I got it was number one when I left that was perfect for me, how many you know that, here in the fight came how many fighters there tat their champ their champ. They come out of time and they get there asked you know you, you can't make it strike twice. What did with boxing and ends really bad with for fighting, allow times and ends really bad for a lot of the great once it's a satisfying the world bungling always ends bad. Did you ever see Requiem everywhere we talked about, we did in the video my all time, favorite movie, Anthony Quinn, just the greatest actor. And he goes in if you haven't seen this movie, you gotta get it because it's got catches claim now Mohammed Ali caches Clay and- and He placed mountain Rivera and he's he was rank. Fifth,
we wait in the world, you know back in the fifties and movie takes place nearly sixty and he still fighting, and he goes for a job that employ major like as a dish, one and its is heartbreaking. We got whose number five of them before in the world, and the woman looks out like well with our each it's just a gut wrenching scene, and you realize it it must be offered, will be a profession with, as only one number one like some people think you're funny somebody with a gun funny something of a U sex and even when I say fuck, it's all subjective. This only does not One comedian run and everybody else's rank below its whenever you, like you know as but to be in a game. Fighting where the where it so
wonderful they got area. Gonna go! Oh hell. I can't play back later of the upper part, guess of cyber they loved. How likely is it must be tough to be interfered with it. That's it you're the only guy yeah and your whole. The whole purpose of it is the dish out destruction. Yes, I was gonna dish it out to you and along the way you taken some. And before you know it, you bodies doesn't function. The same way in my dad was a prize fighter authority did how did he returned well I mean he eventually. So than from moving them. Insurance company My dad grew up in in New York and during the depression, and I you have our my dad got squarely. Never actually tell us, you know, but I we quit and he became a prizefighter for a while, and then he became a salesman. Cuz he's pretty good with kids, so we would always watch the fights together. That was something my dad and I always did did he ever try to get you to do it.
Well, yeah we played around will but with it, but it was just not my. I don't have that. I don't have that killer instinct. I don't have to go in the face and when I get enough you're just wasn't, it was not me It was not me. I had a couple of fights, honours a teenager and is like a man. You know this. Nothing. Why get near ass kick to put things in perspective? You know most people have never had the crap beat out of and when you ve had that happens you a couple of times. You begin to appreciate. The art of negotiations, and I mean the number people I meet in this town and let me take some five c that guy I'm gonna kick no you're, not you're, not gonna. Kick his ass because look at you look at him. Ok he's a street guy. You, two lobbied, our college, he just no stuff! You dont know it's not gonna happen, but they have this. That they never had the crap kicked Adam, so they just have this attitude that just makes me last year.
Gets healthy for every man, you're punch in the face, at least once in his life. To get humility, little bit gets you need to get knocked out. I got knocked out a couple time and I would see the cartoons where they see stars and I go where what that's kind of selling. Now you actually see stars. I saw twinkling So twinkling thinks it's just like the cartoon. I'm going down those one man just like the current food, but I have the floor. You there's a lot of people, especially in Hollywood. They think the fighting is like a movie like you could just piss, the web. Somebody yeah that always draw me crazy. We lack a guy with a hand They go out in a way go ahead, but that fine, while the funny thing about movies, is whether you are the good bye good. The bad guy, the punches always thrown from the perspective of the person throwing the punt.
I've never seen a movie where the punches coming at you, you don't. I may re. So it's all over the shoulder. So as the viewer you're, always throwing the page that always made. I want to see a movie where the punches coming in Haiti. You in the face, why you sitting there in the theatre? You don't really get there, but we could see the sparks list, the. What would it happens when the punches hit your failure That's my job show it's my favorite thing about these superhero movie. You see the superhero he punch. A car in the cart full up like accordion and then he punches, the other superhero and the guy goes up man No, I didn't his face. Get crush like the car disappeared. I don't quite understand we are moving. I realize exactly. Does this little escapes or like denied child, like you have on top like that, that is rare,
some leaves number. Now everybody wants to keep you around. Everybody left its nature with number one Stephen telephone number, one jackpot eleven of the moon Johnny left with number one. I love no reasonable Do you do, MR at all, now now I'll, you your time enjoyed it, I loved You know. This is a point. You life, where, at my age I shouldn't have to know, although Jaycees music You don't mean I'm sorry. I don't. I can't pretend oh yeah common and aching everybody's music- I just don't it's you now knows. I brought a blot blackguards months upset about. I am. I grew up in the air of Paul Simon and Marvin Gaye and all those gets more. My as more my error, you know when you twenty one years but he too needs on the twenty five year old supermodel our sexy. When you sixty four you're like the creepy org
all right I'll. Thank you. I'm sorry, I mean it's sugar, so why would you go to school? I wouldn't say that. Ok, I'm like forty years older than you are. What am I going to say to you? You know, so you just have to know when it's time to step but you're. Your demeanor you're? What what you're? silent level how natural is when you're doing your car show is very different and I think people would, I think, there's too let us there's the jailer that hosted tonight show which is a great entertain area. Great interviewer, then there's you in your element when your hosting James we are outside, I enjoy being around show business as opposed to being immersed in like to me knowledge is a friend of mine. I enjoy every time another pushes Wanna Charlie's Mercedes off Mulholland Drive. I get a kick out of a like everybody. I dont be Charlie. I don't that live by and by a joy, hearing about it and observe
Charlie when it comes to this Charlie. I adornment Na J of other, whatever ride so tonight shows That way I didn't have to actually be there. I could be a part of it without being at the heart of it were now because it's not really I'm not really a party guy, I'm not a drug guy, I'm not an alcohol guy. You know it's just not what I do. I enjoy observing it where with cars. It's what I really do cars motorcycles Irene. We just so. I am immersed in that, whereas with show business I enjoy being around it. Valued lay still do stand up, So you still me I'm on the road or tat I loved you and stand investigated What are you still in show business? Oh yeah, I'm still in job in, but you not in that showbiz this year is like Comics will think of stand up as being very different than all the other aspects of showbiz while it given that all the other aspects of showbiz the only one where you don't need. Any other aspects are showbiz mean I got stuck
when I was in Boston. I will go into bars with fifty dollar bill and I'd I'd say: I'm a comedian. We know how come you I go. Look it's fifty bucks. Let me go on the stage and tell some jokes that people leave. You keep my fifty. If I do okay to get some last, give me my money back cause you about three hundred dollars. He'll live, but for the most part it was either the kid you're funny use your money back, but the Mena million or so comeback ones. That combine was that we go further back than they had nanny knights, who is focusing its stop your war machine and all those kind of scientists, and they put a comic on in between and that's one thing about comedy you can take it and do it anywhere. I mean we both know actors at a great that are funny, but if a tv show gets cancelled, the movies, no good of art, director yeah. It's like there at a work. They can't go down. Do a bar and pass the hat and tell jokes
even negotiate. A sour, it's also comedy, is different because of its self. Sustaining Manning deleterious to Columbine ninety nine wow. So you really did that you would go. Is that your idea to put a fifty dollar bill yeah because that's in I was lucky when I started. Never met another comic. I didn't where they were chauvelin governor. You know your boss in your family from Boston. Rather and I remember the neighbour lady sane, and you know you can be a community unless your father was a comedian. That's await is out there and my father was a comedian. You can't, you can't be what they want, which do you know anything about. It doesn't make any sense. So I used to just go wrong bars in places like than a Boston, and I thought I was doing pretty good. You know I really was and but two I thought it was pretty good. I got my start at a place called levies on the turnpike up and route, one near sagas, guys too plainly sallow time,
and Lenny made me kind of the house. Comic gonna got that work with MILES Davis. Moselle Alison all the great answer. Why? Yes, pretty cool? That's where was, is and sagas. This is your girls have their inability to place princes pizza. I mean that Clarks Joint makes me F Lenny, Clarks Brothers. That Ladys were I love money climb onto the funniest guy he really at and a true Boston comedian. I know because I myself a Boston comedian because was born in New York and I moved the boss owners like ten, like my family, moved there and fifty nine and we're still the new people, I know, Bob Lemnos they came here and fifty nine. You know the other people men there since silly forty one right exactly you know so there. You know that let's have a newbie did you did? They have opened MIKE Light back then. Now there was no such thing as open might be. This is before comedy clubs coming
I didn't think. Where did you start? I started nineteen sixty nine and I used to work strip joints. I used to work. You know you remember the the combat zone and by war I used to work. Although strip joints I worked, I member I teamed up with to Strip is Lily pagan. And I need a man that was her and they were like forty years old and they were like they warrant prostitutes they were, they were working class women, Big Boston, women, short hair that would wear wigs and like we would drive out to Fort Evans, jewish show the soldiers they
there with drills and wound, and then you know, power tools they put, and she put together this this, what he called a clear plastic. They have lexical plexiglas, Bathtub Anne. She would take a bath in like a stripper so and they were tough women and I was like nineteen and they would like forty and one day were out due to show and she's in the bath of those Gaza, and I'm on stage is telling jokes said Sancho and some guy just touch heckling me and it member she gets out a bathtub walk grabs guide by neck punches them in the face breaks. The guy's knows the guy goes down, the crowd. Cheered shows you gave the kettle out that she gets back in the tablets. Dutch I mean it was hilarious. Hilarious, always a great it was time, and they were really nice women. They warrant hookers you know. These are women. That boy then, being a tie?
Mr Secretary, that's really what was available to you as a woman, if you were not a college, educated woman, you know or a waitress isn't like that. So that's what they did. They they had the car with there stripper insignia on the side. I need a man, and you know it's kind of a dolled up picture of themselves, payment on the fender and we just drive in and I would say and introduce the girls they would come out in and do their action over their very protective of make us. I was like a kid while yet was it was really fun. That's gotta be cool member. Oh yeah, I know my dad says so much more difficult than this standard signed up at the open MIKE night maybe eight is the state of stitches, would have an open mind night, yellow they sign up, and you know you'd get on for the comedy boom, is fairly new family. No, I mean, when I started I used to go to the I went to the improper New York and sixty nine and
Improved them by below was say, ok for singers, then you because it was all Broadway singer, that's all the way really wasn't. A lot of people want to be comedians because most comedians in the mid too late sixties were of middle age. Jewish guys, like Rodney AL King, the first new young comics, warlike robber, Klein Richie prior George, Carla Del. Forget the Richie prior yeah he's too calm Richard. I know Richie Richie, I've never heard he was a Richie price. You gotta remember in New York City up to about sixty six sixty seven, you got what they call Cabaret card, which was a licence, a licence to be an entertainer when and if you who's. The four letter word on stage a cop could come in pull your license. Tear it up. You didn't work, you could not work. Lenny Bruce really help break that cuz. When I went to trial for
You know, for that. That's what do you that's really arrested for each one is act. You know you do a bit about if you're, not my black women, who would you rather have sex with Lena Horn or Cates metaphor. Kid Smith was an enormous woman at the time and it was a funny joke and all that saw that's a racist or that's whatever. You can't do that and a member pulled his license, he went to court, he eventually one and they did away with the whole cabaret licensing. So Most comedians were middle age. Jewish guys, who talked about the kid survey with a lawyer, has along a path to adapting to tell you that these kids, they look like a Jack ACT like a jealous, my like a John. These happens outside, and that was what does what guys did nobody talks stream of consciousness? Nobody did what what Richie in and in Georgia when I remember George, when George was just a straight stand up, and then he became hippy DB, weatherman and then he'd. He had this radical change
judge carbon. We know now, but he was a judge to be an accommodating. Actually really will with its name just gave me, but I forgot, but I've seen some of his early early stop yeah, it's fastening to look at em cause you such such a different, yet the fact they wanted is also Rodney Cause, but all rod me had the no respect hook, cause Rodney with Jack Roy for years. Jack, He was debts is really Rodney worked and he couldn't make it and then he became an aluminum citing salesman, and then he came back at aged forty fourth Rodney Dangerfield. He Rodney had amused by the name of Joe ants. Joe answer was one of those guys who was not a committee himself, because he was too shy, but was really funny. He was a guy all the comedians love to hang out with cause. He would do table comedy. You know, you'd sit for five comics it
It decanters take place or Adela two in the morning and he would just riff and are all a comic suggested to attendant pencils coming down because he was so funny, but he couldn't you couldn't physically bring himself to get on state aid. Just couldn't do it and he knew he was a guy that hell. I member Rodney, used to do bits and when you hear one of his earlier he's got a funny one about being an airline pilot where he says this is Roddy showed not mine. I was what he says: hey folks, you look at them were left side the plane. Is he the Empire state building them look out the right, Sir, the plane in New Jersey, the egg, see the remains of flight for eighteen, which crashed and fiery ball in that field over their bobbio with me on that one morning I did it owes us above all, used to make me laugh what he did and then said We rightly became the whole who, with the one line a guy, but before that he was like a traditional comedian. How much time did he take off from between coming back with a ten year
oh easy. He raised the family run. He was a good guy. I don't know if you have a really cool, I mean he quit hit NED hard. He then he d with with sounding the alarm assigning in doing all that kind of stuff happened. What what great store and have a regular job. That's why everybody uses aluminum citing is sort of the bad job, because as a job Rodney had you know that you are really was a great story, and I mean truly funny guy and the fact that he came back at forty four and just became it I call on you, it's really an amazing story. Well, sometimes you have to grow into your act. Now. You know when you're nineteen twenty and your fresh face kid. You don't look like them over speck Roddy needed grow into that you're. Like tell you, you know what the Euro to hang dog look in the tired to tighten the cheap shared but button to look like you did choked it. I mean it was a great grown of the great common position. I used to work a great one.
In Mansfield. You know that is a sure yeah. I was a security guard out there and I got to see a lot of acts are Yazzi cause be out there and Kennison. And I when I was working at the, I got to see rodney- and this is when Rodney was in his complete, not give a. Fuck stay right. He wore a bathrobe yeah. He actually gone stew where he added with serenity was backstage and in our work in the backstage area and eager to see Rodney like through the door, was open to dress room rallies hanging out back their walkin around pacing slippers on Ass robe now the nominated bathrobes open, yeah yeah? I knew if he's gonna dig like a horse yeah. This is allegedly I didn't see it, but it was like Look at this guy who's. This guy really like some people or pretended I not give a fuck. This guy really didn't give a fuck. His hair was all crazy and he would one stage with the bathrobe and I couldn't believe it. I was nineteen at the time right.
Rodney, let me live in his sir. It's Dangerfield and club the Orange closet in the back, and I lived in Africa away real yeah. They just caught in there and you with piles of Sangree or whatever they get this. Just all the liquor and that's right state. You lived in danger, fields, but I just that's where I slept one of those countries during the day, but I worked at club a lot on a first moved to New York. New York was in it it's funny that when I was just getting started, the last days of the old mob clubs. They don't really have mob run joints anymore, but those were really reach.
Lee Scary, a member I worked club once and the guy come up stage, and so they, U funny kidney, put a hundred dollar bill in my pocket. I said. Oh thank you said no, and I appreciate is no please you know give it to the church or donation is like tat. He will not be taken as a nano nag. I can't do that a real in earnest. Thank you, but please give it to maybe a waitress and then he said to me you know you're, pretty smart, you don't take money from people like me, that's very smart nobody's going to bother you. I said: okay, thank you, Sir, and I realized early on the guys that got in trouble with the guys want to hang with them. Guys in the mob Gaza it those who favour this begs the Locatelli issue. Ok, now this group, neither in amendments years ago, my wife, why, when I went to new york- and I was work in the west- to premium theatre. There was a guy named Jimmy the weasel Friday on every hand named Jimmy the weasels with greatness. Yeah anyway. So these two guys
they are mostly knows, misdemeanor, also son, that you notices Rocco is welcome and my wife is like ice crisis carrying oil, so the vaccine is Cadillac. You know some teaser, my wife and I just kind of whispered her. I didn't think the guy for him is it in an ever growing city tonight. I think I'm gonna need a peace and escaped with MR little place. He takes a gun out. He throws the bankers. Please take thou when I said not actually get Nano place, does not numbers on it. Just you don't need that. Do not the word it when you true just short in the trash. You know you know You say you are you're just rolled away as I don't. No place for I insist. Ok, thank you now get this guy, my wife, it just like sweat bullets site. Where what is it beat so where are we worked out? Ok, it was just just funny in art, they ran Vegas. They ran like clubs in New York. I had how do thou that die? What happened? Copper, patients collaborations herb meaner nastier than tat.
Then the Cinema Way Way way were released, a mob. You gotta Friedrich, once in a while. Yet I ll tell you what you lose. A grander gave a gala me with the restaurant gordian knot with collaboration. Commitment will be a bus, our time to come up, it was really scared. You know it's really funny. It's like you also gangsters on tv, but when you are confronted by a true cycle, is unbelief for. While you know I am. I told the story with Jerry once on his communion coffee, but I didn't hear it can get it. I can call one day from some after he says they. J visited sons of ITALY dinner in ITALY can and can you do it one as it gives me the day I said: Missus an automaton holiday house in Pennsylvania, with the sons of the pioneers heads with you. I sent an opening for them on that day, I'd I'd, love to find work,
ok thing. I said: oh, please, any a couple hours late. I got a call from Sinatra's agent hey. We called Alabama, assisted them, a media. I don't eat, I guess I'm gonna Chicago, so I gotta go to Chicago and its Italian, I'm not gonna use any real name, because a pupil start well so Adonis thing. Is it a golf course, and they say to me: listen, there's a priest here. Sulkiness keep your act as an occupying side up. I do my little active fine. Thank you plus plus. Is it now. So this gangsta guy gets up because our welcome we all students, sir, you noticed this place there wasn't gonna, say shit. I think I was going to say, and we said she had the priests one like this. I gave way father? You got your ten grand and a fuckin bag shot. I just go
crazy. I've got up and the places just nobody just just frozen with fear. This kind, just like crazy and the priest, like he's home, his bag with the ten Grand Irina, and then he sits down sometimes that another guy collegiate Gimme, because let me ask you something:. You know stolen right as though I dont know no one, but you rock you just come out this nineteen, seventy six as it I don't know. I mean I met him in a. We asked them to do this dinner. This benefit today it he said. No, he said no, and I said well, I mean maybe was busy but tat is screaming at me. I gotta do you, you re, absorbs your gift applying he goes there. He goes up this commandest by some golf, I'm Solano, replay aeroplanes, for an hour and golf got my windows.
I've got we drive out to about two twelve hole when we get to twelve hall, and there are these kind of fifty sixty year old prostitutes, topless with leopard skin print, many skirts and then out drinks. It was like the craziest day of my life, but this guy was like a true Psycho crumb, I mean just one those guys like a scene from good, followed, just kill you. I love movies, where somebody threatened some They go you're, not gonna, kill me, but because I know you're not gonna guy; no, no, they will kill you, they won't kill you and they just really made me laugh Zack. I saw I He may still be alive really now this a while ago, probably dead by now, because he was an old guy, then it seems like a guy. That's not gonna make out they may not be made to see me that's. Why just hilarious, so you don't really have done. I'm sure you have still have those guys, but very very rarely
Then our towns anymore, the use that they moved on to the EP, its Russian as other ethnic groups and others where there is always one one organised crime group that sorted dominates the market. Yeah yeah yeah, it's it's it just is just really ah doses it was a fun time to be a community agenda weave your way through for the Euro more Amsterdam, the comic whose name It used to be on them and they dig Vandyke show my mother, she s where he got famous, because he was Al Capone, favorite comedian, Al Capone. What all commend to see? Why so I'll would put him in like an hour? Capone would put him in his clubs and that's how Morey more really got famous, because Al Capone loved them authority sailor. But imagine if you don't make upon laugh or haven't you see, he has put a lot of pressure here, hilarious see that we will get me started because a comedy club, the warrant comedy clubs. There were just either Jack
clumsy, jazz clubs of great for comedians, because jazz is listen, rock clubs or bad and there the late sixties comedy was kind of it. Wasn't there the Vietnam WAR College, kids were very serious, you know every they do those little plays with a sea of stages, darkening like to Flash livened your chin, stop you. Machine click and then turn it off. In that regard, run to another part, the stage click stop you war, machine click into. You knows all this conceptual kind, so comedy was really on the back burner. It really prior and car linen Robber Klein in those guys to make it really pop again for young people was it before them. He went. One were the first. They say that Mark TWAIN was probably the first recognised stand up comedian.
Has he used to do these monologues readings of his war, OSHA and he would do in front of alive audience. People lie we now stand up is like jazz. It's a uniquely american art form like going to go to England stand up. So It may become out in a dress and they sing a song do skid where they do a little dad. I mean now they have America, South Asia. But the idea of I always like makes you look like normal people, but were funny. I was never Another wacky props, the crazy hath, like Johnny Carson prior cause, be Klein Carl answer. These guys look like regular guys who see industry and then, when they talked oh, my god they were really really fun those that something that really came later because most stand up came at a vaudeville. We had two, that's not my mother, say to me I'll atomic, a surgical, No one wants someone, it's funny all one just think it a little song, then you do a little dance can you tell us, go ok mothers greater vice. Thanks only appreciate that they used to do,
They used to do that. So bizarre. It's ok, that has happened in your lifetime. We you win. I'm doing those original clubs to being around me every word of the colony magic club, which is one of the biggest clubs in the country. I mean every Sunday since seventy eight in one year Not there. I've been there, it's it's! You know I like it. I like that club, because it's the best mainstream audience club. In all the Hollywood clubs gray, but events have been clytie doing You know you do in twenty minutes on little shop on MEL arose that may be haven't. And people know about the auditors, hysterical arrest, the world's gone. When you know I mean gotta, give gotta have a broader appeal You go the colony magic club, a lot of that audiences overnight. It is from the airport. In Mr Plain, whatever the stand, the local hotel I'll ask us you with this is to get people all over the country. Yet it's a great place anyway. Smike laces
now, some guy he's a great guy wasn't bets club wanted. There is one of the best of all time he's such a sweetheart, just digged eager it's like a trickled down from the top to the bottom, all network, their amazing spot, but you were there four legs. Did the Messina Mooney Movie Lenny with doesn't half Ryan I Bruce when he they show the early days of lebanese comedy wasted. Work with shippers and all these different acts tell a few jokes and be like an m c honey Harleigh. I think that now he married is cheaper. You know it's interesting a dozen opens where the greatest actors, but I never wanted he was a stand up. You know, stand up, is so uniquely different from acting when people act like a stand up. You know I'm anxious to see MIKE Epps. Now I'm I heard is going to play Richard Pryor. It's going to be interesting to see so he understands how that work, actors tend the watch
cells when they're on stage by that I mean at our look here. Nor am I commend where's comics just perform. They don't really care if their faces funny whatever it is that the Eu Comic each of you just reforming and so on, actors, plague comedians. It never quite works me as well as a comedian. Plainly while the worst example is the punchline with Tom, Hanks and Sally fields. That's. I didn't see that one, but I heard about don't say it. One of those moves. We watching or what the fuck am. I looking animal again in an optical illusion, there's something behind the scenes here is not really it's not there now don't stand, but the people are laughing hard yeah it, because it's hard to write jokes is nothing harder than writing jokes, that's what I hate about because wanted. Watch a movie, I stand a Benny tv genre. So I to him on Thursday and then the articles layers, not all right too.
Job. Ok, they always do that because it's hard it's hard writing who not only that, but our real comic is not gonna. Wanna, write, jokes for an actor like. I have a good Jovi. Writing a juggler. Keep this one from exactly exactly shitty. One time hangs over is excellent, but actually so you use are the boom no in the eighties, because there was a big boom in the eighties I came along like I caught the crest I was. I was there, When when I started out, people acquire should start on eighty four eighty four was made, I started and eighty eight and it was just like rats in Boston. In particular, it was a pretty magical time. Was a magical time. It was also You know to me. You have a lot of people now then rushed to the middle and then stay there for twenty years and never quite get because
Even I sound like an old guy here, but when I started he had to work clean, I mean it's really easy to take a clean joke and make a dirty. It's almost impossible. Thicker really funny dirty joke and make a clean. It just doesn't work when the punchline some fall at a word. What do you do that when you go with it, you can take it passed a certain point. If you're trying to tell me Well, if you try to get on television you're trying to get any corporate work, you know this to America's. There really are is why over here and one over here, and if you can have a foot and both of them You can do really well, for example, most corporate d, it will pay you ten weeks worth of comedy club salaries in one night. If you can just work clean and by working clean. I just mean you're Fulla, whether you can talk politics, you can do whatever you want, but the number of comics it can't get past a certain point because they had
wall. You know they rush right up to it and it's it's like horse power. It's like being an athlete plenty guys can play football. How many can get it pass that certain. You know the average athlete is what one in ten thousand the average superstars, what one in two or three hundred thousand- and if you want to be that superstar, you ve gotta work. You got up appeal. To a more romance audience. That's interesting! We're looking at a lot of people disagree and they would say that all they want to do is do the best comedy of the best art that they can come up with all, not necessarily something that cooperation is going to want to learn that same, but I'm what no thank you miss. I point, what I'm saying is what more we will lose. They want to play the audience where they get the best, laugh, ok just go. I just do colleges I just to hip little cool places, you know I a couple times I my of into or Robert University once just to see. If I could play the game,
yes, isn't challenge just as a challenge exerting up for a triumphal on That is, and you know you know a perfect example of that was when Richard, I was getting ready to do his life and the Sunset Strip movie movies. Stanhope I asked them. Could I follow Richie every single I enriching go up from four ninety minutes, just below the room out. It's a comedy store. I may peep falling, I mean it was the greatest I've ever seen and then I would go on and I realized at that point instead of having an hour's worth of funding material. I had about eighteen minutes because I was following the greatest comic in the world: and my good stuff was ok. My ok stuff was my stuff was terrible, but if you just play rule where everybody laughed at everything. You say you never get any better You know, member Robin Williams once said to me, so I'm gonna do some stuff tonight. We watch it at ok and and
late and that it is the height of Morgan memory, Lane german. Robin Waves, the crow in the meadow. What Robert said hilarious and Roman came off, and he said I mean that new snuff funding, I said really well it wasn't. It was because they were reacting to Robin. The phenomenon are obviously Robin Cook, twist on and on that, putting down from the tour de rang out, but he knew after listening to it which part of it really was funny you in what was it so the idea? of I've origin, one, those people, fewer comic. You should be, to play any type of audience, If your fighter, you should be able to fight anybody, know only fight tall skinny black eyes, now you know I do you. Should people play rainy kind of room so whatever your comic say Well, I don't do that or you know people a people know that that's pretty much what it is
there's a there's. Definitely like clicks and our way of this people, and I would like to do alternative rooms and which are much more exe ding of very balanced that's fine! Hey! I'm! Not putting down, there's nothing wrong with that, but when you don't make it, you can't blame it on. Well, I also people go well. The Saudis is really stupid, know they're not than that stupid. You just didn't get your point across you know a lot of comedians wanna impressive audience with how They know myself, they'll say the answer perfect tendency. Why? Yes, I M, not a dogs like people act like humans. Ok now I know what you're talking about it. If you don't know what anthropomorphic means, the jobs not gonna work, but you want impressively. How smart you are by throwing out anthropomorphic, you know me is sometimes always have. Underlying thing. They want to get some point across member a competing with other, tighter ones and is opening line was in
liberal Democrats and I said john- don't open when it just do the material. We will figure out your politics within a minute and a half of your set, but And you say to yourself: here's what I am already lost. Half the crowd. I mean, I don't think most people could figure out. My politics from the monologue, because I try humiliating degrade everybody equally. One night, all Mental Union Republican for Little Union democratic bodies. I hope you're happy what you said about Mr Bush, so that was the perfecting when a complaint on both sides will what you do. Back then to buy by go into these different bars, you kind of had to have a bullet proof act. He kind I had to have it that would work on virtually any kind of a club. Yeah to try to do? I'm didn't always were always work, but you kind of had to formulate yachting and and the real trick was when you get famous somewhere, get the hell out of here.
I mean I knew so many great comics in Boston that were really funny, but there Here was all about what happens in Boston. Then they got Connecticut or New York, and did more than a dozen work. So to me once I realized, kind of a name for me here. I gotta go someplace where nobody knows why him and then I would go to the next place in and start over again. That's amazing that you knew that, though, at the time you could feel at you know how old were you twenty eight once when a new suit already figured that out when well to anyone. You know this comics are inherently lazy. They go to where the laughs our I took a play that room. You know I do better there, they ve, they know me they like my stuff there, but when you go to the room where you suck cause, if you can get bitten, In the room where you sack right now have two rooms you can go to night. You got three, I mean I sort of I myself being able play any kind of gig. What's a gig, this Bobo
the only the only what there was really bad was. I did christian farmers and I realized. Oh my god things. I wouldn't even thought the least bit objectionable region Just hard by rail k like like German oh yeah. What were they talk? Just christian farm? That was the audience. You know it was just ass. I can remember the jokes were, but just you know any it could do a joke about masturbation anything you know just things that were normal everyday mouse harm that that when I threat. I notice in Boston. I start doing road gangs that I had all this great material that I could be used in town, that was local staff, about, like say, girls from Revere with their crazy harry I girls from Revere were known for having these what we call bulletproof hair, it would have fuckin spread
Herr, that we like a mile high, was like this crazy time in the eighties, but they have these giant hairdos. Yet, and I would it was a great bit in town in Bosnia, we do their bit kill right. I would go to can navigate. It would just die. A vicious, didn't know what you're talkin about my best bet. You ever work the beach com or in the rear, no I never. Why don't they events? Goma just closed. I work that place back early seventies and them, I remember the guys in May, when you come in a doorway, you best clothes, what its way best clothes. Why echoed the figure So I can buy. I want my best clothes sunset, not months stage. And I realize the people affront road. They smoke cigarettes down to the, but then they flick inaction in Samara, stage once and one lands on my shoulder. You know- and I dont see it, but I,
as I'm sending the joke up. I hear people laughing. I go on doing pretty good and then look up elegant and my jacket on fire because escapes flicked the cigarette cod higher. Another guy said to me out, so I told you the way good plus, I said all right I'll. Do that next time made me laugh Jesus Christ, how it's funny Joey called told me he was doing pipes in Brooklyn wants and there was a guy that will sit in the front row. The captain and fuck you fuck, I fucking hate you, you not funny and then show my gun the lift up a shirt, Chalmers Gun and ineligible email, Joey Collagen no Joey, I dont get sweethearts whose life is like real, like high energy, real happy guy, and this guy you show- MS guns, in fact you are yet this just things you don't I had so many night. I had so many nightmare gigs. One of my worst was opening for Tom Jones for two weeks. Every night and vague.
So I get there. The only nine I walk out three hundred women may be threatened. Fifty women and Tom Jones Fan Club and they bought tickets to every show and they had a sign seats. So I walk out the first night niceties three hundred women, the first ten or fifteen rose. This dinner show thence it wasn't it wasn't phthiotis you, ok, I do MAC and they do ok, terrible, we'll get look. I got the second night and the same women are the same seeds and I'm doing the same act. I get nothing. By show nine. It's like a man. I see, I don't guess it's this, three hundred women every single and in their mind you see. Maybe non stage is less time the charms doing right now that Yet the concept is an opening act.
But the most humiliating par was. I come off stage and my guess is awful. I walk out through the front and this girl goes a great show. I sit all thank you. She looks at me like I do. Thank you. Thank you very much. I said how are you get seem megabyte sure, ok, I'm talkin to go for a few minutes and cheese I see should get no patient cabin fever. We're gonna stares at power and that my real issues, a hooker work in the room, but she said good show. I thought she had seen the show she good showed anyway. The walk out, I said, are you didn't see the shout now? Will you I said: oh I'm, the guy. Oh, Only one when I don't want to buy a hooker AIDS is where you wait. My time in the stamps our whole, then the whole Cobb shabbily a little guy. Given how bad is it
The hookah walked out on its own is harmful. What year is this? Our seventy six? Would love to go back in time to those days I would love to go back to see what it was like when I was really very different than now. I mean you're on stage when the microphone really wasn't a whole lot. Different I mean with their culture, must have been so differ. The culture was different. You know, Freddy Prince was a good friend. My new member forty gravity. Freddy's you stay with me: rework the Playboy cocoa in the magic. When the men play the paper club in Boston and there play books. We had to do sick chosen. I had the penthouse in the playroom and iii I had two: there was a singer and I had I would open and then she would take her band come up say that I will pass on the hallway she be carry these drum sets because the musicians they don't have to move on drug sing, ass, to move drums and big, sweat, stains under arms and should be and tears by the fourth.
No, she just think she would beat up, but anyway, Freddy's onstage and he's talking about Nixon, and he said I think the jockey said that present Nixon wherever blood, but in this guy knew I'd say you watch your mouth. You know its approach, United States and Fred, and why would he said a Nixon dozens and dozens of something he socks or the sky takes out a gun? That's fine and over Freddy's head she's shooting into the car and the whole club just hit the ground in August. Just crazy stuff. That really doesn't happen hole. Where was his will closes like lively Bosnia of Arson Y yeah Jesus Christ. Football clubs are actually great. You know people just anymore. They still do you have not given credit, he was the first guy now he was a first guy to let blacks, walk through the front door that club and play in the club get Gregory.
Louis Armstrong. Always acts he treated them as equals, which today you think was not in the old days. Black performance had to go through the kitchen, have always it is in the front door. Then you are treated with respect. They by saving re, showing nature. You got thrown either club, so he really sort of a pint and being you know, equality for performance. I always I mean I've done Will you have no jokes? Nobody has but I'll give him credit for that He was really great. That way. We certainly always been answered the cutting edge socially Sally I mean now. Another saves you after seems like it's kind of silly, but the, but back in the day, what's a hard gig to hope. Onto you know he was at the Disneyland recently and I was in a decent way. They give you the VIP Passive, you're famous person nor can we had to go through the exits right. I don't know about that back then, and so he had
and into the ride before he hadn't gotten Wantage syrup walked into the backdoors also needs there would like this captains had on with these two girls that just Heather's their faces spray painted on here. This is the obvious thing that this guy does. Just so odd yeah. I just it does seem funny so old young. Yet still hanging around one like trying to piece together like the next hour disease. Joy is still, or is this just like, publicity, Angola, tariff on his back and seventy six short an acre and I get invited to have twenty fifth anniversary Party comfortable mention drew nor funeral some animal. I got a new idle than Anna was enormous nannies like twice associates Would the hanging around them have system Rio jury? Would you like to have lunch with the girl for the girls, I said sure have great Mister Havisham, so I
When did this dining room and it's a beautiful mansion, but it looks like a fright house you know is at all. The wood is chipped indented, nor the partisan. There's a big long table no chairs, but half a dozen of the play boy, bunnies hanging around on street close up and this Butler guy walks in with the biggest bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken I'd oversee it. Look like a trash. Can you just puts it down and all the girls dive in and grab a piece of chicken ice? And really this is the play boy lifestyle. Pretty just add a bucket of Kentucky. Fried chicken like like a garbage, can full of surveys and like the way you would see chicken right. Have you and I and check colorists less put the food out those funny you gotta get nay ago. That's that's weird place there. If you go by the grotto, They still have the old phones like the old. Have you been there yet I don't know buddy of mine went there. This is like it sounds like an old job. It's a funny story
He goes he's never been forties like really nervous sleaze walking down by the grotto, and he sees a couple of girls naked in the poor. So we hide behind tree and his wife and his watch and die now those I can he's watching them only some areas and takes out of cigarette smoking and security works of grass and goes hey. No smoking. Each authority get busted. Now you get passive smoking. It just made me like that. Financial assistance. The I was therefore I hosted m- is either marijuana policy project or normal. I can remember who, who had about it, hosted this this event that they had their fund raising event, and this is very strange to be around the grotto understood to be in this pledges to think all things are happening, nothing, sort of odd. You know you got a lot of all guys, guys guys my age now, girls outlook, which aims francisque escape me only a beautiful ring and whenever they just some old movies star from
it is. However, it is hanging on yeah try in their best area. One of you said the game every now and then a pitch comes your worthy. That's right! That's right alone! road. So when you're in Europe nay, when you, when you started out doing these strange clubs and a hoot nannies in another age ass. How long was it before the comedy club came around? How is that? How is that received comedy? Bob came around the beginning of the eighties. Probably so like Rome, when I I certain eighty eight so when we were talking about eighty four, that was really when a kind of Restart out was sounded the the peak and then it then You know the comedy clubs in the eighties probably paid more money than they do now, really and then I realized they realized over a million comics we'll have to pay these guys anything and then the price when we down by fifty percent.
Up way way are because in the early days and warrant that many comedians really weren't. When I was when I went to New York, go to the improv there. Maybe three, millions and, like ten singers Addition night now Everybody wants to be a community, but by then back then it really was not what it is. Now what was it about just drew you too, because it seems like that is not an easy path back down to, but there's no direct route like now, go to the calmly store you sign up for potluck night, and you know if you go on, night in a row. Your virtually gonna get I'm still yeah. I you know I for me I was dyslexic as a kid, so I really wasn't good anything except just talking and its bullshitting. Oliver might be, and you know I I I used to like to watch comedians on tv and I thought what might be a fine thing to try and do
pretty much? What I did I mean when I got started. I went to Emerson College and I took a course and I speech courses cadet, they give a talk at the end and what to do as I would memorize like a George Carlo, routine, never say it out loud memorize it my head. I think I'm gonna go on a few minutes and I would do his routine and then this is a hit the stage I would slip into my own experiences like I member here he had the class. He had the class clown album. So out of your sight, his jokes and then when I had to stage would say you don't. I was a kid. I was also a class clam and then I would, I would tell him stories of everyone's about my, but I used here rhythm, as the impetus to get me into it. I may never tidily Georgia's material, but it it just work for me as a way to discover Can I get you started? Yes, I will remain a long time to watch porn first thing.
When I was working at Boston, glow base to deliver the globe, and I would go to the places where we pick up the papers and a bunch of guises. Guy named Africa, his name's indian gentlemen, who is actually a pharmacologist, India right. I couldn't get a licence for in America, so is working as a as a paper. Guy Boston glow really bright guy- and you know he would talk to me about american culture and stuff, like that. I asked me if I heard a SAM Kennison has obsessed with Kennison back then This is like eighty six before ever started doing comedy and I would risk I would do like a Kennison bit for yeah, and he was cry, was doing a bit about sound. Can isn't it bit about dogs, psychologists, Ohio egos? He goes had like getting on some of that money because you were, you haven't promote Sparky Yeahs bargaining he's not act in himself I'll, take care of it into the price of all you're, a fucking dog.
You shoot me, are you know he was a funny person. Horrible guy me nasty guy in all seems like a near the Andy with Poland guns on people, and while there was a to be a bullet hole at the comedy error in the belly room. Sign that for never reason some asshole decided a repair. I was so fuckin matter young. I had been there and seventy years and I came back and said that the sign was fixed what'd, you do. What did you do that? Wasn't bad lose. It was history. I can remember if I was an unknown If I put him on the tonight, your first he was, I was guest hosting. I had salmon one time. He might have been on before that. I'm that I can't I saw knuckle train, take credit for that, but You know he was truly funny, but just really dark, I mean just nasty. I mean we're just like how so
The young comic in the hall by just rip em, I mean way crueler than it needed to be. I mean it was was brilliant. You know, but it's like when SAM died. It was like that's almost how he had to go out because he was so like. He had then hilarious bit about necrophilia ruminant, one yeah nuthin, funnier, the ok. So what your next ok. If you have a thing about screwing deadbeat, what what's more outrageous that this in no way he kept trying to top cell phone is able to do it. You know, but it just got so crazy. Then it's that thing we start believing your own publicity and instead of just showing up and is a comic. You now have an entourage, run and everything. You say it's funny. You can't always uncommon, prosper. Yeah, you ve, gotta, be able to say to people. Is this really funny? You now know is not that good man
ok, thanks like what is it about Robin you had to be able to to ask people that question. Does my steed Martin Quinn? The mortality talked about in his book. There yes got to appoint work, just everything he said was funny and adjust. He knew was wrong. He was a great guy Steve as and when the brought Johnny and see me at the trailer- and I was always very grateful for that in Austria. Always a great is a great guy and an intelligent guy, thoughtful guy. Really looks at it and Ripley from an artist perspective he's really, You know he's one of those guys, like I said, like Johnny Good, looks like a normal person, but they just think unusual and thankful Kennison is my favorite example that are used to young comics. When I talk about like you, gotta stay the course like you can't like once. You may get its even more hard because once you make it than people require things of you and you have to look at yourself as objects
Thirdly, in its analytically, as you, you look at the whole world, Kennison brilliant. In my opinion, it was. I want the best ever you have not yet asked ever in nineteen, eighty six and then by nineteen eighty nine. He was a fuckin shell of himself and well barely acceptable. It was the case of all comics like to have some sort of open wound. Alcoholic drug addict, two straight to gay to something so they have an excuse so it doesn't get a laugh. I do pretty good kids and I was stoned as pretty funny I was drinking all day before when I say they all need a reason. Why, didn't work if it didn't work, and so consequently, you get to that point with a crutch gets bigger and bigger and bigger you now. So the idea is trying to put that stuff aside. It's a lot of discipline. Vienna comic he really have to you can't believe your own publicity, I'm a huge believer in low self esteem. I think it's
Because when you have low self esteem, you don't imagine automatically figure the smartest one in the room right. You know you just shut up and maybe listen and take some advice on whenever and work hard, but you know: actors and criminals. There's high selfish Carlos, isn't true every criminal until you know something the cops hadn't come that would have been the greatest Robert. Are they all have a reason? Why does it's almost somebody else's fall? You know, and so think. Sam had that Sammy work that could the crush, got bigger and bigger, and you get funny or funny you needed more drugs and more whatever to do, because all that's that's. Why third showed in word man, because I was so high all care what the sands fall. He was too, you know etc. Is it make any sense to you know it does, and I also think he was so caught up in partying that he never sat down a road anymore. While again, that's the same You were saying the same: color partying call it whatever you want. You know the real trick,
being a comedian is. Is it its focus in its genetic flaw that makes a comedian? It's not nothing right, it's not a placid negative. I mean if you happen, to live in the time with the Crusades, what who's, a soldier Megan, all the men laughed kill him right, we just have to live in a time when comedies advantageous, but if you're a soldier in the skies hysterical of men are all laughing than a pink kill. A guy bombing of Yugoslavia or you'd be the gesture for the king. Yeah yeah really decided cut your head off desert, but there's a pressure gig right, yeah. We see that that was. You know I remember years ago, when I started tonight show their other guest house on opposite me. Not guess other shows a member
and I got home every night night right now. My Montgomery turn on the news and I saw one of the hosted, a Laker gay. While I go in Aqaba Monologue tomorrow night. I know its not because I'm writing jokes and he's been like a game all night and when I watch this model on the next night? The person didn't have any material armine. He got through it, but it wasn't Crespo wasn't sharp right. You have to focus discipline is really it's. I run it in a way because what makes you a comic in the first place, usually cause you're fucked, often schoolyard last clown, you didn't every discipline that was me. I was a bit j, has the ability, but does not apply himself exactly that serve Veda exiled across the board: richer Janni David by every Firebug comic due to have the meat I met my mother's called into school once with a guide the counter and I'm sitting there, the gods concepts. My mother, have you ever thought of taken J at school? I mustn't why and he said well, you know.
Cases not for everyone. I'm gonna, hello, I'm in the room, because what you are you working Mcdonald's after school right? Well, they have an excellent programme with that Mcdonnel University. You learn to make change and when the register that you know that, I'm not that bad it up. Oh yeah I'll areas, teachers- don't I don't know they understand, they don't stand, but when you say an example like that for a kid you put it in front of, unlike that they're not gonna, they should drop off a trade or supplying. Actually I credit one of my teachers, MRS Hawks, had to teach, and she pulled me aside. One day he said you know you never gets do but I see you and Clare. I see you in the hallway and if you'd be telling jokes and people she's as one you write some of these stories down and I'll give you credit. English class and you can read into the class- and I said, it was the first time in my life I really enjoy doing homework. I went out and I wrote the story out now: nets change liner rewrote and I realized I had spent like two hours work on homework assignment. I normally just spend ten minutes and what I the school and extend? I read it
It got laughs, she's, an accounting, credit giving aid. For that. I want all saying I made this. The teacher taking something as I could in the real world. You know, I'm not I'm dyslexic, I'm not. Gonna use algebra, never gonna use algebra, but this teacher saw some wishes. Ok, and you know I set up a scholarship foreign. I she passed away fairly on breast cancer, but it was It was just great because I had never really thought about it. Are you grew up and end of Massachusetts, about being a key out anything about view Workin in the factory or some and Oh, it was a first time my life, I use comedy and it got me something I got in a bit of a got away. I gotta May on this paper the unknown. Okay. So then I'd that's how I started that's really, got me: go ice to draw cartoons, that's how I got into draw cartoons and my teachers like doing sexy with other students, all ages, Pat or see now you'd be sent to prison
It's all like visual. I didn't show like genitals, but you know I showed like yellow Emma down legal like when I was a boy who had the boy scout campaigners, kit and labour camp on way, I went to camp in New Hampshire. Always ok, ok, well, He had a camp counselor, MR, but learning is able and like Cubs counselling, like nine ten eleven, and if you do something wrong for punishment. You had to stack, rocks and build a wall in front of Mr Butlers Cabin Knowed ok, so we go by and we'd level, I want a billion, because when you you know what your nine and ten you just really of the rights that are more than you think, I'd ever happened, but it was mostly and MR, but would sit there with his pipe and just kind of sit in the rock and sure. And you know it was probably curse, buzz problem. Eight years later, a man like rude- formerly I've got to western May, never
heard me because you know you're, a kid is just skinny, dipping all you're, not thinking, and even then it just a yes vote, it never occurred to you that MR butlers probably a pervert now now, never, but what she got older. You realize area it made a few perverts ago. This is not a normal punishment, sir. I rest my case, what was about Kennison? There was so mean like what was it that when you saying his descent nasty person, I know you know Carla was a friend of mine who lay myself some stories. He's got a horrible story. They against child turned out to be kin since China Oak I'd something Edison was bang his best friends, wife behind his back cook, and it's it's terrible mean I dont know what is relationship like is like with the child, the Inter Alia, the stories that by no means the child's fault- it's I would like The thing that I would be man enough to recognise its not a child's fallen, not punish the child, for it. Interests still treat the child like it's. My child bushes rashly since tennysons dead, but you know he had been paying out,
only a child support for this for the longest time and just what a betrayal to this, friend, ok! Well there you answered your own question with an exquisite other snuck Rodya niner. They did wife swamping insured. By that I mean I don't know about that allocated. I just know it was just coming nasty just me, is it's interesting because that that guy just search, he's? What calmly was for a little bit He was very good. It was an. It was a truly unique style. Nobody else had worked like than ever. I mean just. Rodney had a style and Robin have style a Kennison, the style? No one is I'd, come along before or sense really with that energy that that reigns in us to it? it was an anger out, as he became from whether abuse or religious intolerance whenever it was when he was a kid, but never read his brothers book my brothers.
No it and read the book Brother Bill wrote a book and it's really good book and really objective. It's really. It's not like a fluff peace and he said this saga hit by, I think, was a car, a truck when it was you. Boy, never the same again head. Injuries oftentimes led to a very pulses radically different. I would certainly be the case there. I mean he was impulsive and in radical but you say it's, it's it's a bit like that animal with a horn grows out and eventually curves and grows back into its own head Nick. Crazy. I mean that's kind of like what salmon I mean like eighty four eighty five, eighty six nothin bigger by the early ninetys it was. It was pretty. It was Why don't you see? I live after his HBO special, almost immediately after any didn't really have material. Like he had all that HBO stuff, that it could really do anymore right because everybody it mean it. So now he is like one of the first realizations
like while wrote this whole act for ten years now for ten years home. My act developed. This does killer our that's. Why you don't do HBO special? You don't do any special now. Why is that? because I like to know where may act as all the time. What does that mean by that I mean, if you want see it. I will come to where you are and do it is nothing more annoying that people say hey, I just sound. So special did seem that funny as when you watch it on my Iphone. Ok something watching them on your iphone by yourself is not going. Make you laugh? Ok, it's not me, you know the difference between looking in the wind overnight club in hearing it and being on the other outside the window being in the room that energy in I'll, see you, I mean it's part of it. If you're willing to pay attention I'll come to where you are and I'll do it. Ok, I like piecemeal work right, joke. Tell joke get check, that's pretty much! way my life is the idea I mean I remember, we had a comical international ones.
He said ah, may feel special green. This we can you. Can you plug it? I said yeah, ok, he's! Isn't I'm gone on the road. I say what material around wildly onto myself. In a special I said, you know it's gonna beat the next time. He came back like eight months later. Like, oh my god, you're right people. I just heard that the crab was not because people watch the special before they come see you they like you. Let's watch especial and go see him and then they so pissed that they sped fifty bucks or whatever it is you take it there. Now they now they. You you know you, so to me when you do one of those specials you get? Probably a nickel of you may be a penny of you but when you do alive on an inch you're making twenty bucks fifty bucks but a lot of commerce, that's how they build an audience. They build an audience. By putting together an HBO spoke. So that somebody likes, then they write a whole new act and then, when someone comes out to see them
they'll slot worldwide that works or somebody. But you know to me, I asked me, people say I'm writing a new hour and then I watch my go Simon. Our that's about sixteen minutes really causes a lot of and when I asked me how ya doing nobody get younger modem, hey man, I don't know, that's that's not its boom boom. It's like it's like throne. I am especially old Boston style, yes, mister, yet very attack like Lenny Clark. That's right! I mean when you get something that works you, but you gotta build that rain image can build it. You can go, you can do tv appearances, you can do five minute bids. You can do when people do something. For me, all our and they watch it by a lot I mean you give him a taste, and then you come do it in person. I mean I can only say, what's work for me right, I mean it.
Works me because I have jokes, I wrote yesterday, I have jokes, I wrote twenty years ago and they will still work because I know the last time I did this routine about this was too five years ago, when I was in this town, the idea of ales people being in the honest- and I probably minimum you know, if I walk on a stage in Like I hate, when I do a talk, show appearance. The next night have meant a club. I make sure not to do that material because they just heard it yesterday right. So the idea that anybody call up stuff than I did at any time unless you have new material, every single day. It doesn't make sense. I have this conversation with the irish Affairs good buddy, mind yet great communion and we were too
talking about it and he said that when you work on old stuff, if you keep old stuff, will you tightened up or you keep from his? It keeps you from expanding? Is an artist and you and making stuff that's more relevant to how you right now? There might be something to that, but it also keep your famous and also gives important people go. I walked in and there it was a tough room in the crowd was sung and boy. He got him You know again we're talking about I'm talkin about plan hard ticket rooms where people go. Oh, is this guy wasn't legitimacy, when you like, when you play Jersey, when you play the Jersey Shore, you get seventy all guys. You get teenagers grandmothers, you get long Sherman you get, so you got every conceivable kind of grown on Euro Comedy club. Your plans, essentially to the same. Person they all think alike and feel that I made to me
I mean I like when I do it, I always gear my Joseph. Jokes about men, some about women. So to me I love play a racially and gender diverse crowd? I hate it's all guys, that's the worst! I hate. Oh, it's all women. I like it because it keeps everybody, honesty, audience polices itself. You know you do a job about Amanda Joe, but I will do it and that's what works for me. So me. I think what he saying is probably true. I'm just talking about. Make an eleven when you have to go somewhere and do the job in old? down and dirty part of it. Ok the Fun Party show business and then, as apart, where you gotta go to work, listen, it's it's the bin! a brief society, their hind you next Wednesday Gimme a thousand bucks. Ok, you gotta! Go there knocked at crowd out, I'm that's what you gonna do They do and special somehow another takes away if not of the special court takes away from that. I made to look, I'm just
about me, none! I know that's why I'm curious behind one of the few guys where they can see you great com. I can you ve been doing. If everybody does, you been doing it for ever, but this view little of your work out there. I think, there's a new title I watched from what would you do to show time spent long come back in the dna That may burn the master, but some others, but that's the opposite of what most people do. Most people constant want to go a new stuff Carlin put out a new our colleague. We agree what else again see. I was fortunate. I had a platform every night on the tonight. You had to do fourteen minutes every single night, ok, so you fourteen and then it's probably eleven or twelve by the time. It's here, so I didn't need to do special cause. I had a little tiny bit of some out everything there a little bit of an advertisement for Pierre items, so that so that's what worked for me for I had that. I made sure I did murder.
In my country and every four to six weeks out. You let him in an hour and then that's how I kept it out. There just give him a little bit of a tape. So when they come to your town, in that city. That is interesting because you are definitely seeing a lot of people today that are watching stand up from a Youtube clip that they're watching and on their phone It's just not going to be the same. It's not it's not the same. You need to experience, said I you know alive. Yet it is frustrating to me when I people say they didn't think something was funny you're thinking so I watched avatar and my Iphone. If it great my first of all, to three day movie, you can't walk you're on your Iphone, stop it, you know it's not supposed to be convenience we're supposed to be in a room. That's a little on. Viable, it's just the little to call old, you know all the elements of English dealing here come you have tried to come in Hawaii, you stand on stage guys and selfish as a good bye, and you know it, you know when it decides out at midnight. When you do it did you
ever do stand up in a really really big place. Like a giant arena ocean did the amphitheatre either all us up accolade. What do you think about that? That seems to me, like you know they do this oddball how many tore now need doing like twenty thousand see places and in our thought, a banal like man that seems like a lotta goddamn people to do so. The ports, where our strange it depends what you like, for example, I like doing stand up. So I would rather do ten two thousand seat rooms than one twenty thousand seat room. I mean because I like doing it it's fun to do. You know it's fun. To tell jokes, it's fun to see the person right there. When you do those twenty thousand see things came as a light, your eye, and you can hear land but it's you're not really experiencing the same, so it depends on. I mean I know comics it just let him in have a comparable in front of live on. Its Dave would not
Funny easy is eat. Just didn't like to stand up. It was just he didn't like me I like it. I like region, and having the audience you that's when the tonight you're really came a life for me when I read the studio and brought the audience right close to me, so I could touch hands People are right there. When I have some pal, you know whatever might be so I like it like the human contact you know, is and up as value most basic form of human communication there's! No! the exception of the microphone. That's it there's no trick, there's no gimmick it's just humans, interacting! You know that the other is now like stand up. Is people dont gather anymore. You know when I an and over once a month they would have the town meeting at the Grange Hall, which does that sound in North Africa. And the whole town would show up. Nothing ever got done, but people gathered in a room and it was fun to experience.
A room full of people laughing a reaction to something now, everybody taxes are sits. There is this shall awkwardness the Eiffel tower. But when you put people little room is little uncomfortable. Mcgowan, Stagey talked him in that room rolling with laughs. It's really the greatest thing in the world. It's unbelievable yeah! I agree. I think it's an amazing art form. It's the most fund for me to watch is hours to do I loved. I love watching and I still loves you in the back. You saw it Tom Papa last night Larry Tom is really gotta. Now he's very funny and You know I got to sit in the back of the room after I got off stage and watch him at the back of the comic store in like yeah. I just still love it as an art form need to me as like listening to music, You know I mean when I first met Letterman. I do really know Dave and I saw where the comedy store and Dave had a great way to turn of phrase. I remember He had a, I don't do the job, just as he sat a joke about you talking about editorials on small town tv set.
Regions and we w whatever are diametrically opposed to the practice of using orphans as yardage markers on public golf courses. Something like that, and I thought I just like the way he phrase to me. That's like listening to James Taylor Song just the way. All those words come together. You know once while these have a bit about going to the Dodgers cars it in and the hopeless father and son team- and I like hopeless, and so I just like the way they phrasing. So to me, listening to good comedy, I can listen to overload. Yeah, no. I agree. I love listening to the way certain people phrase things and, like you were saying about her. You goin on stage after listening and reciting Carlini your head, how it sort of helped you right at random and talents in a hundred I'm sorry? You should do that used to write the great Gaspe eastern it out like a copy. The grinning actually disorder learn the rhythm of the word yeah. I think a lot of us have experienced is goin on stage and sort of feeling like
doing someone else's cadence and random sure I got myself once one time on stage at the comedy connection- and I was I felt like I was in the middle of doing Richard. Jenny like ours being richer Jenny. While I was on stages like who I come, color steel in the skies, he was a higher. If com accuse the traffic grids, he was one of the best that that people on talk about. He was one of those guys that sort of the guys are today, maybe don't realize great that guy we know he really was here. He was one of the best at taking a bit and stretching out to I love has been a gay marriage of this before gay marriage is legal. Obviously, and he used to a bit about how great it was forget, guys Bob I'd love to marry you, but it's against the law Law not beat. I used to love what he used a really big lap, look Steve I'd love to, but it's against the law
It is the perfect guy excuse not to get my it's against the law, a whole area and he would take a bit and strict. It out over seven ten minutes I mean he would find Ray single nook and crayon. That could be very funny, guy, but sort of insecure, but very funny, and he was troubled. Yea was travel like many, but so discipline. Yeah constantly work and constantly writing numerous. I felt like that very discipline, really rights comes up with new stuff and you can see the difference. Do you can see the jokes come every six to nine seconds, verses every Thirty seconds some gay organ word I'll do yeah they kept getting job right right, right, yeah, that's that's! An old school attitude to the people have a lot of attention. They don't have much time for this go. Go, go, go, go! Cypher s, one of the few guys at rivals you as a car, collector too, I'm not quite
he's a Porsche guy. He just onward, or should I just as much in recent years running out, cheese and export? I've got some german Mercedes, but he's a real export diagnosis. Stuff comedians in cars, gettin coffees a very interesting far too great show it's really fun. You know everybody tell you can't do Jerry's approve example assigned fell, show, but nothing now nobody's gonna watch that big a show of ever when he had DE, I would just drive around. We just talk about it. We want now, you gotta, have it all laid out. First, no, you don't need prove that you didn't need do well, that's what's going on with the internet. Is that you dont did the idea that these produce There is an executives and directors of always how that run, networks that this is the only way be entertaining the wrong and I just another way we had to tell you, but you watch it'll, come full circle again, and people go I'm sick of this free form stuff and when some of the more you know say just it's just the age Livin, most people do this show and they make in about an hour maybe now and twenty before they have to take a leak out. You look like you're about right there, not ethically here I thought.
Joe was an hour what's as long as you wanted to do right now. If you want I gotta meeting at one, but this was wrap it up. Then ok, we'll rabbit Attica. Thank you very much. Maybe next may Iranians have you ever want to combat, cannot be more than honoured. The new call me and I'm ere, it was an honour to do you show I love. You show J lentils garage. My episode is on this week with my nineteen sixty five corvette and it was an honour to come and talk. Facilities come back with a shovel and the absolute. I absolutely lovey bodies and I appreciate it Thank you, ladies and mother. Fucking, gentlemen. Thanks for tuna podcast, thanks to our sponsors, thanks to Caveman Coffee company for fuelling the few caveman coffee, see Dot com go there, check it out by some single source, single family coffee, owned and run by. My friends thanks to Dr Weir Goober visit drive with goober dot com. That's you beat our drive with you be,
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wonderful wonderful time. Talking to all you fuckin savages, appreciate it very much very cool, to have this platform and enjoyed the shit out of it so oppression. Appreciate, mean. Are you folks and all the kind words and all the stories of how these conversations have enriched? You sounds very pompous, and but that's all there is only one said: that's it. We'll be back next week with a lot of great guess so until then enjoy life, because each other and much bigger.
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