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#696 - Lewis, from Unbox Therapy

2015-09-16 | 🔗
Unbox Therapy is a YouTube channel "where products get naked." Lewis does in-depth reviews of new tech products releasing to the consumer market. http://www.youtube.com/unboxtherapy
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With inspiration, filled with workout videos, inspirational articles, scientific articles on nutrition, health and fitness and different ways. Workout on it, Com use the code, Word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements. Okay, you freaks my guest, too Hey, is the great Lewis from Unbox Therapy Unbox Therapy, which is an awesome website that has well Youtube Channel. Actually, that has all of Louis is technological reviews. He unboxes alot of stuff, and it's just a superintelligent, very cool guy and AMA fan so. Please enjoy Lewis from Unbox therapy. The Joe Rogan
Xperience trained by day Joe Rogan Podcast, by name all day, what a perfect time to have Louis from Unbox Therapy on when our tricaster is taking up fat shit because we updated the software and in red band decides right before the show he's going to update his phone and it's going to about seventeen fucking hours right in the middle of someone from the DMV supposed to call him yeah. I know and that's never going to happen now. I think you guys planned it this way. You heard I was coming down. It's like less causes many technical difficulties as possible and then put him on it. Let's see how much this guy really yes exactly. Unfortunately, the tri gas is a little outside the realm of my day to day but well, in which I can help you Jamie said, and all we gotta update the software. So I go ok
and then I like, I don't update. That's right. I died. The will wait. Several, like versions of four update by my phone or email and always annoys me, Apple's always ask me yeah. I know that's that it's certainly the move. If a special it is like a mission, critical thing like your phone, your main device when you're waiting for a phone call or you try cash, for example, this fucking thing: Jamie Cheeses, Christ, boy, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, videos, off figure it out. We have no video right now. Videos on you stream. It's not even going live, so you fucked it twice. Terrific terrific folks, if you viewing this right now enjoy the blackness. That's what all black labs matter include The black lives coming out of dry cat blank broken screens. How dare you Jamie, didn't even
test this shit out? How dare you, anyway, everybody looking at a blank screen right now, like I'm looking at the blank screen most of the people on for, for you are audio only anyway. So that's it's true. Yeah! Listen after the fact, Unbox therapy, though one hundred percent video, yeah, very imp, part of Maine, didn't get by with audio on it. So yeah we're supposed to be showing this Jamie like a periscope, it no little side, periscope angle, well, ok, but what are we going to do with the video video the video still recording on here right, but it's not showing and so little record on here and we'll be able to put it on Youtube, and you think maybe allegedly, ok, allegedly alright by the way nobody hears you talk, I will I will draw the whole episode she said
court reporter transcript old school tech. So is it that you got here. Many virtual realities with this is fascinating. For people can't see this it's virtual reality. It's like a gagal set up with on the front of it is a galaxy S6 correct to a Samsung. Galaxy phone is strapped to his head's so the screen is your field of view. That's right, yeah and there's two lenses there. So I'll just open it up real quick, so the phone sits in clips out. Obviously you still want to use it as a regular phone and those are the lenses that will allow you to focus focus in on display at an incredibly close rain. Now the nerds out there that they talk a lot about the resolution of phones and some say well there's no need to have a phone with the display beyond 1080p, let's say because at this change here. You would never notice those pixels, but them in
you, stick 'em in an environment like this, just an inch away for your eyeball. All of a sudden. You can discern those pixels that you couldn't at phone usage range. What happens with people who wear glasses glasses can fit in there okay yeah, you can go with glasses in there. There's a focus on the top here, so you can actually focus them in rig. You know, depending on what the vision, correction, whatever you have going on, I've used it with glasses contact lenses so you can adjust it like a pair of binoculars, exactly yeah, yeah, exactly so. The cool thing in this particular case compared to like some of the other stuff that I've shown off before Google Cardboard and the really expensive ones is that, since this is designed specifically for this device, you get touch interface, touch pad for controlling taps and stuff in this this here yeah. So that's just like the bottom of your laptop. Yeah like a like a little little clickpad, trackpad kind of situation. So you have a little bit of interactivity there.
Other than that I mean it's sort of it's sort of does what it looks like it does You think we should try it out or Y yeah. Definitely, ok, it's cool at this stuff is finally coming to light now, because this was always when we were kids. We thought this was the future and I I think it still is so it it just took a while for the technology to catch up to you know what we expected from it. So I'm gonna get it I'm going to get it set up here. We just got a call from Duncan Trussell once he came back from some conference that they had in virtual reality and I'll never forget this goes to in front of them, probably scream and dude. This is bigger than the fucking wheel. This is bigger than the internet. This is bigger than everything man. This is a fucking game, changer dude, it's a fucking game, changer that virtual reality. It's what the future is. He just got back from checking out the newest oculus rift that you were talking about. The piano demonstration yeah, so one is the MIKE here. Sorry, I can't see anything anymore, so this one was built sort of in conjunction with Oculus, so there is
in Oculus Store Ann Library, app that you boot into when you put the phone into the headset. So a lot of demos that are available on Oculus are also available here. I'm going to bring up I'll, bring up that one with the piano and then I'll. Let you check that out can do it right from that, so that's as good as Oculus rift. While I wouldn't go that far, I would say: is more convenient than oculus rift and probably arguably I'm more of a game changer in the sense that people don't have to go out and buy the stand alone, expensive, headset and then have a dedicated pc to use it. Everyone has a phone right so you're already halfway there, this artist, he doesn't have a phone anymore. When I heard about that, I heard about that. How do you feel about that when someone fucking completely bales since you're such a technology joke? I have for folks we're talking about ARI should fear gave up on smart phones. You just use a flip phone, I kind of get it now.
I feel like I'm so immersed in in tax, sometimes that I would love to take a step away for a minute, but you just booted that phone up, you said you hadn't booted in awhile, yeah right, yeah tax were gone and we actually ran. I I mean it would be really a really interesting experiment to see like how many times that thing interrupts my day in a smart phone, because it's probably I don't know a thousand times, maybe legacy barely. Has it really trains? You like a like a buzz collar on an animal or something like right. So anyway, you want this check it out sure. So it looks cool for for people just listen and home. It looks like something: stormtroopers would wear plastic and you can they're strap, so you can tighten it and if you feel yeah, it's a good look on you thanks very much. I think some came off yeah just go it just slips through note right there, yet just like a pair of yeah, just like a
Yeah yeah. It is like a pair of ski goggles. Pretty much now. You said this house as blue too, so you can hook up like headphones wirelessly, also right. So every capability that the phone has is still theoretically active. You know, so I a photo focusing is yet so trying to find the spot where the text, if these are text on screen as such the tab touch pad to zoom there you go. Are you in that space right now? Yeah, it's better, it's better with sound, but this is still pretty good and if you kind of watch this car, see if you can find the dog yeah. This is nuts yeah man I'm. This is for people who are just know what I'm doing here, look around the room at first, I'm just look. This guy played piano and it's kind of cool, although he is a little
going, I don't like the way things. Do you see the smoke? You see the smoke coming off his cigarette in the ashtray it's beside the the piano there yeah it's a little. It's slightly pixelated. I wouldn't say it's perfect yeah. It's it's! It's not high resolution, but I heard that the Oculus version is really an asset yeah yeah every now, and then this is so fucking strange, I'm looking around this guy studio. He has this recording studio here. I'm just kidding about him. Annoying me by the way I'm just trying to be funny and then he puts his phone in his ashtray, throwing shit on the ground. I guess he's acting he's yeah. I know he knows what he's doing he a three hundred and sixty camera there, but he's got a fake tree in his room and as you look around is studio like everywhere. You look, you can see stuff. This is the real. What's really game! Changer about this technology is that it's it's real,
the three hundred and sixty degrees like as you as you looked everywhere. You look there's something to look at, and that is strange man yeah. If they do this with movies yeah. Well to watch movies over and over again, because you'll be able to look at it from different. But ok, now I see the smoke in cigarette there. You go how feeling he makes really whining music while you're, probably right to. Honest I really wasn't listening is a poor but the visual yeah, I'm kind I can hear him saying, but there another one in there another demo, which is you sitting inside a movie theater, and so you see this, the pizza around you and, as the trail plays on the make believe movie screen the colors coming off of it are reflecting off the seats as you an incredible feeling of the exact vibe of being inside of a theater.
I have the original oculus left and that was one of my biggest. What I say left left that it was really pick play. Did you get the idea? How cool it was now? Is that compare bowl to that or was on is many levels better better than that one It's many levels better than the pixelated one that Duncan had Duncan. The series one which was like a yeah. I think they were like vga green was really. I might be wrong about that, but yeah, it's kind of like a red playing doom yeah, the old yeah yeah, but you kind got a sense that this was a game changer yeah, because even though it was so pixelated you like well they're gonna work that out, they're gonna walk around? This is dangerous right now, yeah, don't walk into the tv we do stand still yeah dog cool yeah. Don't talk off MIKE either because right to touch it,
yeah it's and this thing- and you know part of the conversation hears about content to it's like well. How does stuff? How do you go from having a piece of a go and turning it into three hundred and sixty degree video like he's watching right there and we're seeing more and more three hundred and sixty cameras come out now. There's a one from Google called Jump, which is this crazy, Gopro contraption you we've seen in sick or more gopro, hero fours, which have an incredible field of view, and then software is what stitches it altogether, which is the experience you're seeing in there so likely it's not just games digital things, but in the future people will video in three hundred and sixty and enjoy yeah yeah, that's saying like they can do that with movies. Can you could see the same movie over and over again and you decide to go outside decide to go on the porch right? You know you'll decide there will be scenes like you go on the porch and the wife and her
mister are going to be fighting like that. I'm fucking leaving him I can take anyway and the guys in the bathroom shooting heroin he gold peak in the bathroom shooting heroin. You know yeah like why I chose that scene sounds pretty intense, but yeah. Let you choose your own adventure type scenarios like mysteries, where you like, opening up cupboards to look for like little pieces out if you like, watching it at home, especially if you can actually move around like on the unit directional. If you get one of the unit direct. Treadmills down operate based on you, yeah your movement yeah like they're they're, getting better and better with those the used to be. You got strapped in yeah and You kind of hold on to the thing, but they're getting better yeah and now I think, they're developing ones that are detecting, which way you're standing and walking. So they will move accordingly with you and then eventually, they'll get to a point where it's going to be indistinguishable between walking outside and walking on this unit, directional treadmill
as long as everything's flat. Once you start going uphill and then rugged terrain, that's not gonna work out kind of adjustment yeah I like hiking. Like you know, you never really get it will you know yeah it like in the grounds off a little bit, but I'm a little bit right. The thing, though, about it is like, I think, a lot of people who are into this can for consumption are lean back type situations. Anyways right like it would be like having an exercise show on television. I mean how many people Actually participate compared to just want to sit there whatever happen of those a Denise Austin, remember her they had used to have all these, like you would work, all along like cannot because there was yeah all right there on Xbox now. Do you know the israeli guy on the beach was always really rips known and handsome guy black hair is? Does this work out and get everybody pumped up?
you remember, I don't they never watch this. I don't think Jane, Fonda, Jane Fonda. She had video tapes. Imagine if you got into the video tape business like couple days ago, no fucking set the world on fire DVD set Watch the dvd last night, and I forgot the rest. Listen on those are when you're watching on a big screen. I never realized regular, the regular yeah for eighty. I I got an email from a company that was offering to transcode all of my you tube videos into dvd it's like yeah, I'm probably good looking to send him off the smoke signal. It was like this huge spiel about how the dvd market is not dead yet and it could service people who don't have connectivity or something I think it's working Jimmy yeah yeah yeah work. Hurray, you figured it out. You fuck blowjob Ok, we're here, so we're allegedly,
for now- who knows? Might I know we were working, so this is like maybe one step in this ultimate through three D. Reality reality wearing yeah, where consumption for us turns into this. This three dimensional thing: instead of two dimensional, we dealt with two dimensional now for what eight hundred and seventy years or, however long that's not a long man, it is really stop and think about it. I mean this prime in more than that because, like what was silent, movies- and I was in the nineteen tends yeah? Twenty, I'm yeah, maybe 10s. I don't know I honestly don't like, but think about the amount Nasfaa Rado! Wasn't that, like one thousand nine hundred and four some crazy shit, that would be amazing. If it's true, I mostly earliest silent movie, I mean, but before that they had still images right. So you had photograph
and he went from photograph T. Ninety one wo Jesus Christ, where we off holy FUCK man, wow that was Nosferatu. Or that's just the first one yeah. Well, the first one. The first talk She was the jazz singer in nineteen twenty seven imagine like in nineteen, twenty seven people sat down like that. Talking? No, I had audio now yeah wow and they probably had a sink it up like you. That was always the big thing, with right movies that were synced up bad. The sound was surely synced up to the lips didn't match the We still happens now. You can go to you tube and is a video we can't show it. Can we show it on this still up? Okay, not when his NAS for
auto wind, I I wanna say NAS for out to was like early early, nineteen hundreds, but it might have been yet twenty two twenty two of nineteen twenty two, as does our dope movie until and this day like that vampire was a good vampire yeah man for back, then it's like they did it and they can show much back then, because it was obvious it was black and why, but is also, if you looked real close, he be like what the the make up wins and I like that yeah really long creepy fingers and he was like some prominent actor of the time. If I don't, I think so, I don't know maybe a day, I'm no expert but yeah. I bet he was, I mean, but look cold. They really did a good job. That was it. That's a creepy, very creepy, think about One thousand five hundred and twenty ten, what limited technology they have, but in some ways I mean you really have to appreciate what it used to take. Oh yeah,
It was on this set of independence Day two which they filming. Is that a thing yeah. I know I was supposed to talk about this new yeah independence day. Two I've heard about this reason that someone famous right yeah, Emsworth, two hems worth right Thor who is Thor Liam there's Leah man there's another Chris is a brother there, bra here's in there, both both handsome as fuck yeah, I'm believe there they unbelievable not like that guy. No, no, see, I would search for an offer on him to be the leading man in independence as well. You might wanna save the world just like sorted. Basically, it was beautiful hair, but anyhow I went there and I mean we shot like we shot for thirteen hours for about twenty seconds of what will actually be in the film and everything is blue screen. There's nothing around you anywhere. They spend say
the year, shooting it and then another year in post production, just painting everything in artificially. So you have to kind of appreciate that back then, if they want it, I think it had to happen. Then we have to do it right there in that sort of led frying art you know like may Look up! Yeah Patrick Mcgee he's the guy who made that american werewolf in London out in the lobby I was like he's kind of the wound I had my own shows talking about like those days are kind of yelling and it sucks, because when you look at like fake monsters in movies, like perfect exam was like how does underworld hoax a good example yeah the underworld where walls yeah like the looks of ache yeah. I had a cool cool with a look like it's video games like in a different yeah, it's cool, but you don't think you're. Looking at a real thing like the twilight werewolf guys when they to the walls and twilight. You like it. The fuck outta here that does not look real
so yeah, it just doesn't look even if it's bad as long as you're. Looking at a real thing, it's not as offensive like the creature from the black lagoon. It's kind of bad, but but you're. Looking at a real thing, there's like a lighting thing where you can, with this eg, you can tell it, I think the shadows and reflections are kind of off a little bit and even if you're, dealing with poor, costume or well, I mean that thing out. There is perfect yeah, that's better than any cgi an impoverished bad around it, though yeah, to getting better. I certainly like to wolves in game of thrones are like the closest to a real animal. He's. The kindest told me yeah, they still suck yeah, but there's the closest of real wolf. Are they don't? Listen? real so real just do not listen. I have a friend who has wolves and they're cool animals, but you are not telling them what to do. That is not happening, like maybe they'll sit for a second. If you give a meat,
but there on their own little trip, there's no there's no eh means ever. If somebody having trained one will you train am but you training like a dog like their fucking like when I went to his house is like well. These are not dogs like they're. Looking at you, there checking you out. And when you how the hell with you like, I will go in, live in a little. They just can't help, but they can't help, but they just have to house should do that. Awesome sheets is because they're like Wolf at their from the watt family. That's all there is to It will also. I read. Doug's came families, but live dogs are more closer to the wharf. I guess, if that's true it is that I'm not I'm not. Meanwhile, I do that. Yeah yeah, the Huskies look like a wall with their weird bad. That's a weird animal! You can't there. You like this guy that had a I
a guy walked into the other day, some old dude, and he had a they had those face things on him to protect, keep their Josh shot where they call those things must occur. Puzzle, muscles yeah. They were muzzled to keep their their face from biting people, What's funny, is they have this new thing? If we had, the internet would show you they have these new muscles that look like rabid, angry werewolf faces. So like when put the muzzle on the look on the dog. The dog looks like it's about to see. That's not a good move. That's terribly could move at all because then you have the dog in the park. People yeah is this little area. This is an asshole. If you see it, if you could help me, Google ads for dogs hardcore, that's really funny. If you would be funny a smiley yeah, but
this dude had the wolves. I always felt it was like super responsible to have them. He his wolves got out and they killed a bunch of the neighbors sheep. He lived in Texas. This like spread in Texas, like family, had a ranch and you go out to the branch brings dog. Sometimes dogs, in quote their seven eights wolf. One slash. Eight dog 'cause, you can't own one hundred percent wolf, I guess, but you can like, like really really high level hard you get. Those people with like cheetahs on their couch, I'm sure you could only went to those places like there's. Some states, like Texas, has some crazy laws like Texas, as you could fucking see, there's everything in Texas. They have all these african animals and these high fence hunting operations. You can go ahead you're in Africa, you could hunt like Orix and Evelyn's and all these giant fucking african Savanna animals land of the free yeah, yeah different muscles that little tiny dog yeah, it's kinda cute. If it's a pug and then there's like here's, the one I was talking about, they have like crazy, looking ones
but some are more real. How do you find out about something like this is a little dog? Oh ok. I was thinking my friend is: is your dog bite know? If it did, you wouldn't even know? What's going on down there, I'm getting bit by a dog what the fuck anyway, I don't know how the fuck we got on this sub. Of walls. I think what our c gi yeah there is that with the what they call it the something valley. I can't even can't even what with people like when they show P will Nvidia had a demonstration and we went to it and one of the cool things about the demo was you could see what they can't? Yeah they get eyeballs. They can get skin they're really good at what they can do eyelashes here, and they can't do it. Yeah heres, bad guy. When the thing was bald and they can't do tongues like tongues. Look fake too! So whether I was talking there was no no tongue like he didn't see his tongue
This weird is like, if you thing there's it's like a car computational thing laying there, when you're, dealing with something so refined, like strands of hair, for example, yeah, and each one behaving independently like long here, thrashing around is like incredibly complex, yeah peace moves, so you need some incredible hardware to be able to do to replicate that, but that Sadie to never stop the progression. In the past I mean I got this retro console the other day that plays a nintendo games, so I could be like a hipster and play the original, Mario and whatnot, and It's just amazing that in my lifetime you know you we've already gone from a little guy he's, like eight pixels total as your character in the game to to what we're working with now yeah there's some clips on Youtube of people who have taken grand theft, auto clips and applied intense shaders and things to them.
Have you seen yeah, it's pretty amazing. What they're doing with someone did that they used God damn it. I just glance at the article real quickly, but they used The final scene in the show and imported it into a video game. Oh wow, yeah god, damn I haven't seen this crime, grand theft, auto grand theft, auto maker or whatever that they released is pretty intense. You can build like your own levels right and things movies and stuff, so maybe may being mods and but you're, not you're, talking to have that some that'll that'll modded, one yeah we have taken like picks, are textures and just took it to the next level, so you're looking at and it's a very slow frame rate yeah because again coming back to resource intensive tasks, but you can get a sense for what that will be like and so like bringing a full circle back to back to this thing here I think that the more accessible this stuff becomes so the the cheaper that v r cats and and the last that it's not tied down to anything the
smaller that it gets yeah the greater the likelihood that they'll be enough demand that people will then go and produce cool content for it, but which phone is that's the S6 Samsung six or s six. You can also get this had set for the note for right now and there's if, for some reason, those two, this is the new, it's one that they make there. Also a generic branded ones that you can slip any phone into. The only issue that arises from that is: how do you how to interact with it? Like you, have these weird switches or buttons? Sometimes you don't have a nice touch pad like this one? So, the only thing to consider is an h, T C also make one that's pretty like a five yeah. That's that's a standalone, headset yeah people are saying great things about that. I haven't tried it yet, but every manufacturer is apparently interested in it
and I've been noticing more more uploads on Youtube. It's amazing how you tube sort of has pushed not not just this, but like also for K apple of my videos and in four k, for example the other for you, you you have these giant productions for television shows, and you can't get that content in 4k. It's bizarre, it's like they say, and one hundred million dollars well in the case of house of cards. You could get it in full res, but anyway we've been able to do it on Youtube for awhile, now you're getting three hundred and sixty video on Youtube. I don't know if you've checked any of it out I haven't checked that out, but the four k is interesting because, like the new Apple box, they're saying the new apple tv that was announced last week, I suppose they doesn't run four k which, as I thought, was interesting because it is it just that they're not pushing the okay to the asses yet because it's exactly, I honestly, I think it comes, is a bandwidth issue. Connection issue. Everybody is sort of held up by the tearable telco situation that exists here. I did some research Reese
only unlike internet connections around the world and like North America is insanely bad he's our friend the connection yeah eight, it's it's! It's quite surprising, comparatively like cut cut on Korea's and St South reason saying, but even countries you would expect like Romania, yeah or Latvia. Thank you to some of these countries that I sort of often converse with my audience members and their send me. They send me their speed tests and then tell me what they're paying for it an you get and I'm sure there's plenty of people listening here that are going to start tweeting out their speeds. Let us know how fat your internet is and what you pay for it, but in Korea for example, I think like ten dollars gets you one hundred by one hundred and why is it? Why is it up so restricted in United States? We have like, I have three and that's the how fast, as you can re up three up. I
things like the fastest that I can get my att? U verse it's something to do, and I'm not an expert on this, but it's something to do with the cable and dsl structure. That There's some sort of signal loss I think associated with that, where, for some reason the, float is more, is more labor intensive, but when you're talking about a fiber is always one by one, if it's not then usually it's not real fiber an in place is small places with smaller geographic areas. It's easier to run fiber from the C. Oh point right to the actual customers because of the density of people makes it worthwhile to do so, and North America, for the most part, is still pretty spread out, but Google fiber is emerging in more and more cities and it's completely overhauling and going over the top on the incumbent sort of providers. Comcast Att. Whoever
and the scary thing was they were trying to merge recently. Who was it? Was it they did merge TNT in Directv. Oh did they yeah, maybe there's another one, but I don't think that's what yeah it was time Warner and something else right. I think Time Warner and Comcast yeah we're attempting to merge, and then the FCC or whatever party was got involved when the throttling data and I'm fucking with people that use Netflix and they made a deal that they had to make a deal with Netflix and that they could get more data 'cause you know, Netflix was they were There was consistently slower when people are using Netflix than anything else. They fuck with people, they hate Netflix. They hate the internet. You know, traditional media is always taking shots wherever they can to sort of slow down. This thing. That's happening on line because they don't control enough of it, but it also because the infra which is not really that good. Yet I mean they didn't really prepare for the jumps in the internet usage over the last decade, or so that's true,
there there are. There are things they could have done to sort of little limit. The effect of that like wow Wireless, for example a if you're, an l, t e obvious and you you've got twenty megabits up like how is it that the the wireless connections on your side for for a lot of people, their cell phone data connection, is faster than what they have at home right right, but it cost you a lot of money, because it's not it's not unlimited. So, like you could imagine that if you had put up or towers or limb or or taking down the cost of wireless data, for example, at a lot of countries, have had to skip over the wired connections completely. So if you're in India, for example, they completely skipped like laptops. In that whole period of time there were everybody was buying a cable to action or a dsl connection there getting cell phones now and their primary data connection is going to be on that mobile
bison. It's it's the same in a lot of emerging markets around the world, so they're like investing sp. Typically in wireless, as opposed to like going backwards and trying to make the wired thing work at all. So that's So do they have like data caps on oh, it's incredibly expensive yeah! That's they have they have data caps and they also limit things text messages. This is why instant messaging apps, like what sap are so popular elsewhere in the world people trying to scoot around the telcos. It's not expensive it when it's expensive relative to people earn their so whatsapp. What does I do it? let's. You use the data on your phone and instead of using like text message minutes and exactly yeah, let's you avoid whatever the telcos going to impose for the cost of a text. Message. Text message is incredibly small amount of data yet
You could be traveling an your telco could charge you zero dollars and twenty five cents for each one. Well, let's run Simobil that John T Mobile. And it's it's really bizarre, even me, okay, so I'm from Toronto and I'm on Rogers, not a huge fan or anything, but I'm just saying, and comparatively speaking like when I travel down here, the maximum that I can pay over top of my regular bill is five dollars a day. Max data calls whatever that's that's, where it's capped out at sea easily, using your regular play your regular plan, even though you're on eighteen t or t mobile or whoever it is out here now. That's that's relatively recent, but T Mobile came out with something that'll. As for you to cross the canadian border and the mexican border, and it's
We have your exact same plan. Almost in most countries, both my friend just got back from Vietnam. I think it was or something like that, and he said there was no difference. He's like my phone work like it was that back home I didn't get charged up anymore. You have to do data roaming. Do you have to do roaming? You have to turn on your technical. Technically, you are roaming yeah, but you have to call them and let them know no. No, no. That is always been annoying about Verizon team. Is the way to go, and I did a speed test last night. Sixty one down twenty three up from my house where my house the MAX's son, Michael yeah, Mobile. That's what I'm a and Michael MAX is three three on my home. I got three or four So is that dsl or cable at? U verse, guess fiber. Close to be really good here on. What's the wire this coming in what putting in. Is it a phone line or cable connection? Cable connection, okay, yeah, but I don't know I I mean I thought it was fire I get like Fsu's Posey Fifty down and you know for for
there's nothing that seems insane they're low, yeah tons of marketing confusion around the word fiber because it started to get like kind become a hot turn. So everyone wanted to use it later wanted in their diet. That's true, I was too easy, but yeah says so everyone are throwing it around. Even though it's not the real deal, it's not real fiber. It's like it'll, be fiber for this portion of the trip right and then it go to copper somewhere in there and and you have signal loss and you end up with what you end up with now. What is the difference in we'll? Go we'll try and do Google give zero about about any of these players. They know they're not trying to even coordinate with them. They're going in the market place is going to the the local, LISA. How fiber worked in the early stages and saying? Would you be interested personally in an insanely, fast internet connection and here's the price we could give it to you for
people within a community would sign a petition saying yes, I'm interested in that and once they could evaluate the demand they're building the infrastructure themselves. Whoa they have that kind of cash. Yes, they do Skynet I mean think about all the different they they have now. Oh, my goodness so weird and drives mean how many people have their their info up on the cloud with Google. Everything is how come down has been hacked yet Prob question even totally has run here not not in nineteen. Eighty six, yet not open yeah, not in any big sort of immediate way. I'm sure! Listen if I had, if you had to put your Austin's somebody on the web right now like theirs, there aren't too many parties that been added for this long and and sort of the history of success. The way that Google has a even apple
scrambling to scrambling to have web services way later than Google. Did I mean g email people? Don't even think about it. You don't even think about your email, you just like yeah. What you mean is course it's on demand like yeah, it's easy vast majority, people use it, but before G email it was like it was a confusing set up for rambling people used to have those little that you need to have things down like outlook. Yes, your email from outlook, yeah and you'd have to confer every time, yeah the pop settings and wind God. I remember that okay, you have to put in the server yes yeah yeah! That's right! I forgot about all that yeah it was. It was not cool, so I think- and we may have talked about this before- I think their model the sort of ads subsidy model has driven these amazing innovations online, but we were talking
earlier when I got here about how ad blocking is like the next big conversation for the web. Well, it's a big conversation. People that are you to put drivers huge like- because you obviously guys like you guys like me in this show, but you put ads in the beginning and you get revenue from those ads. That's right, if you put up, add blocker those ads don't show up, and then people don't get those clicks, and so they don't get as much revenue, and so folks, like conscientious, will tell you, hey, I'm turning off my ad blocker to watch your show this right, just to make sure that you get the get your proper pay off. That's right, yeah! So listen up audience turn it. Okay turn it back on when you're done with us, it's it's a significant amount of money and that's what
fascinating? Now I mean, obviously, you guys get a shit load of downloads. You could pretty speak on this even better than we could 'cause for us. The ninety percent of the people that get this show get in audio form. Only Youtube is action does them. You know, there's you stream and there's you tube, and you know those are those all together constitute about ten percent. What your whole for NG is on like when you do an Iphone video like the big one, was when you expose the the iphones were like ridiculously easy to bend like that was fucking, millions and millions of hits right. Yeah. Almost seventy mil days, US banking crisis, and how much does a man make off something like that? How dare This round about the new Iphone. Has we talking cars, or is this car amount or a nice watcher or something nice? Something something there, nice nice dinner and
place a bag, a treat for a little fucking video come on. Come on with this fucking thing, the new Iphone has a new material right, that's not his bendable. Have you been watching unbox therapy? Is that how you know that I guess yeah play with the new I phone. The other day now and my this guy that works for apple got, let me play with it, and I I I I I I would like to know what you about. I think it's like the first iphone I'm not going to buy, I think half the they showed were just software updates that you, this Iphone six normal six could do easily like what picked up that that this silly thing not to touch thing. I don't want you can just push. You could see program your phone if you hold down something for two two seconds at menu manual pop up. Why is this like? A big deal you know they made them. What is the difference in the new one? The new one is it's. It's touch, meaning like you push the screen Colin like that old blackberry that used to happen with that. The blackberry touch. That was a piece of yeah the. What was that torch known now as long as their first
screen in the whole screen push down. It was like you would: click, click, click, click, click, click when you make it text message would push the thunder thunder. Thunder like that. I don't know shit storm storm, that's what it was. I hated that blackberry storm there's a storm, a Brewin, but one of their biggest things was like. Now you don't push it down. It recognizes that you're applying pressure on the screen, so I can pop up a second menu based on that, but you could also just program your phone. If you hold something down for two seconds pop up a second menu, we already have. That kind of you know. I don't see the big deal phone actually physically. It has an little give to any team thing and and and also has a little vibrate- that's a little bit more powerful. How often is that gonna go off in your pocket yeah? I do you move some. Your keys touch. It clicks.
The the other thing was that they made a big deal about how like hey. We we wanted to take the technology of the flash. That would that's on the new Iphone to put it in the front, but they didn't do that. They just make the screen flash three times brighter and I used it and it did work very well but for selfies for selfies, but it won't win it like Jamie from way over there when it won't work for a video either like. If you want to do a selfie video, it wouldn't work for a video, so it's kind of like they were kind of side. Talking like hey, we want to put this flash, but now we found out So whenever they have an s, they don't go too far off the original. Sometimes some people make the argument, though, that with the S version you're getting a more you're, getting a refinement on the first gen device, which could theoretically have problems now not to toot my own horn here. How dare you but get ready for the toot getting too comfortable right now, but
the video I made that got a lot of traction: the bend test, video sort of sort of Expd, posed a weak point in the device, which was that's incredible by the way which was around the volume buttons, and I have managed to get my hands on a leaked component recently for the upcoming Iphone and run some tests on it, and it turns out that the next generation of the phone is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of sixty to seventy percent stronger because they've added zinc. To the aluminum structure with the aluminum alloy, which turns it into something. They call a seven thousand series aluminum and that's the stuff they use in aerospace now so on and so forth, and it's essentially just wait
longer without adding any kind of way, in fact, the shell itself as it was, it was a little bit lighter. So I did this test with this crazy contraption. I took just the back shelves, so just the aluminum part from the regular six and then from the upcoming six and with the old one bent at thirty pounds of force and the new one was around eighty. The reason I know about the existence of zing can I drop that information before Apple's keynote is because I went to a place called elemental controls which is like this super crazy scientific joint where they have this gun that shoots x rays into any alloy and we'll tell you exactly down to like two decimal points. What the elemental makeup is that's pretty fucking badass yeah. It was where's that place. It was a. It was near the airport in Toronto, like shout out elemental controls, because these guys were so badass, I'm like hey. I got this leak Diphone compose
and I might need your help to like come down right now. I was like really deep. I want to know too they were just as pumped as I was that's all they were just as it you mean. You know a couple old guys. I don't. Their business is normally like when, when someone's doing a big, order of aluminum like buying a boat load from China, literally they sometimes scam you and say that you're getting this alloy when it might look exactly the same as well it's chancy on the zinc, let's say for example, so they can just go through sheets of this stuff with this gun and make sure they're buying what they think they're buying. What about the news glad? It's is they're not using the new gorilla glass on the Nile and it using it's a double some kind of double vers, one of their ion x coding. I have the glass as well at my studio, so when I get back I'm going to be doing a preemptive scratch test to see how much better it is. Let's put that
each on the target yeah I'm interested in, so I mention that because the Iphone six and six plus or the first two phones that I've had like every single phone that I've actually cracked an eye. It was interesting that, but that also coincides with some heavy fucking drinking. To think about. No, I mean like this: can you been on a bender? You talked about it on at night in the phones, I've been breaking yeah but like as an example Michael this that I've done the Iphone six plus when I was getting out of my car, it slid out of my pocket, which was only like three feet when I'm going on my car, not even three feet like two feet and it cracked yeah, it was beaming with barely a fall. That's weird! Well, there is a there's a bit of a theory on that about sort of the rigidity of the chassis or lack there of that might contribute to the glass having to bear the brunt of the impact, even if you hit not directly on it right that there might be enough flex in that in that a looming.
Well speaking about like cases like, is there any do they have any really good cases that have power that give you power. Like you know, they have also right that aren't gigantic how they have they shrunk, those fuckers down yet they're, all pretty fucking bad. Listen if you're, if you're already on a six plus that's a big phone to begin with you throw battery casing, share and carrying a brick around here's. The thing this is my biggest criticism of. What's happened happening in cell phone tech is that they want to. They want to an impression on you when you come into the store and play with the device so they're going to make it as thin as they possibly can. So you come in and you like, all of that, so sexy I'll take it. Until three days later, when it doesn't make it through the day, because the batteries is so small, the next gen? Here's the crazy thing. The next GEN Iphone, and they didn't even cover this in the keynote they did not talk about this at all. The next GEN Iphone
have a smaller battery than this one, but and how hold on wait, a minute wait a minute and the one after the S know the six. Well, I'm all our batteries in the six, so this is better than the success for us. The light them out how matter a life, a my three: it's like it's like eighty milliamp hours or something like that Basically it is is, is a it's it's it's it's insignificant, but the point being is that they're not responding to part of consumer demand, which is my demand, which is better battery life I'll take. Would you take a slightly thicker version of that? Yes for double the battery life? Yes, absolute well also, this is not that thick. This is nice yeah yeah! I like this six. I have right here like that, is pretty god damn thing we need it sooner than that you know, but I'm saying is that what they need? I mean why are making it thing, though, he's saying maybe thicker, but not that's not really saying what he's saying is that this new one? center and somehow the batteries thinner, smaller small. I think
but it has to do with some of the internal components taking up more space so this, like this chassis, like what you've got here, will be the exact same on the new. It will be actually a little bit bigger three sector a little bit because of these new material because they wanted to be rigid, more rigid yeah. So it's part, The rigidity is the adding of zinc and part of it is the fact that they're making it thicker yeah they reinforce. In certain areas. So like near the volume I want to do that and take the battery life down, yeah well and and but that's the thing is that they never had an s model where they've really be reconfigured, the lay out, maybe in the next version, but usually for the S model. It looks it looks exactly the same right they don't. They don't come out with a fresh version, right, they're, sort of their manufacturing, so is not is not right for that, so it seems so silly, though, because they obviously are making it slightly different 'cause they're, making it thicker inside yeah they're doing their feeling is that it shouldn't look to the average person if they,
pick up one or the other they'll look and feel the same, but I mean if you had just like this size, but just to little thicker and maybe a little more durable. So you would need a case. Yeah well check this out. Is that the Samsung ACT? that is exactly what that is. So this phone here that I'm carrying is the S6 act, If this is the one they have that's waterproof and the main the water part is cool. This is not the case on it. Nope yeah, that's big and that's like a man's phone right there I feel like yeah, that's a tool, that's not a toy! What do you got that I mean Brian, this note five, Now we just a comparison of like the thickness of it, but I mean this too thick for you, Joe, no, no, that has a three thousand five hundred Milliamp hour battery that never dies on me before I go to bed. So this is the it's waterproof the whole deal shock resistant dustproof I take this is before shower. This is the fucking phone, but but shit once with the but there's a, but it is in a TNT exclusive. Oh fuck
search what the fuck I know, but you can Taraba, but you can do a and t t unlocked and put on T Mobile This is an improper really that much better than eighteen way better, while around here are I'm here. In my experience, yeah and also in Vegas. What is so, you could get this unlocked and then you bring it to t mobile. You get it you getting a phone call, so I'm going to fuck tell him to fuck off Wanna show. How do I do that? Do I slide it yeah slide that over that's annoying too. One thing that I thought was weird that they did in the keynote where they said the battery was not as strong as the six they said. Well, the new operating system is going. If you an hour more batteries, yeah one yeah, but that it well, but they I, I just updated the
rating system on my six, so I can in our more battery life on this one also so you're reading here yeah, but you don't even know it ready to just up to you. It's probably gonna suck they're gonna they're gonna you just like they always do. I still write a software updates, always you yeah, I mean I'm never on the forefront of it not only main device. I like this alot Samantha What's it called again, the sport active active. I like it. Alot like I've, got two different time zones on to see you don't do it. You know what time it is at home because I'm doing do this is this is a great also got a programmable button on it. This one right here which you can configure a short cut for anything you want, so you can make it a voice recorder, like of cops for with whatever your favorite thing to launches mmhm yeah. They can watch anything instantly or in their effort. Girl, Ray Ban is trying to get you arrested and explaining how about trying to get you arrested. Probably good time calls nine hundred and eleven. I call alright. Let's get
I like this topic here, I'd like that phone, a lot yeah. This is kind of really frustrated. The apple thing. That's one thing, but one thing, though we're talking a lot of shit about apple here. I think that there's one thing that remains to be seen and that's the camera, the cam. The next model will be an improvement. I'm a hundred percent positive, it's twelve megapixel. It's going to shoot 4k An apple knows that the camera has been the battleground of smartphones for the last five six years. If you have the best camera you're going to sell phones and the prom for apple right now. Is they don't the there's, no argument that the S six camera is better? Well, I guess you could make an argument subjectivity, color representation, blah blah blah the S, six shoots better photos than the current Iphone. And that's a big problem for them. So I fully suspect so the galaxy S6 is what you're talking
to be able to listen is at the the right now. If you see how perfect Arden yeah a how perfect perfect, is it down to the S eight six, six s and six of the competing products, the Iphone six S and the Galaxy S six. So when he says at six he's talking about this sorry, what about the active? Does SS six active the same camera yeah, so this phone? Let's take this out for a second. This phone is essentially hard core yeah yeah. You know what I'm glad that we did, though you know we got right into it yeah. So this is this phone. That's the same phone right now, the the version right regular. This is the active version, attacked version better and but you can see like form factor wise is going you're going to add a little bit, but but you don't have to worry about dropping it. You have to have a case on it. That's right and better and you have a solar wind. You have like twenty five percent more battery life,
only five percent more than this, the S six regular basis. Thirty, five hundred million MILAN powers. I think this is twenty. Seven hundred, so I I'm I mean I put in my mouth. One is an apple smart enough to make one of those I agree. I took out my old Iphone one the other day and was like this cute little pebble and with little had a little weight to it, but I was thinking what, if they just re, did the idea of that making a little thicker having a battery that lasts two days because it actually felt good. I didn't care about the Iphone. The case on this anyway. So it's always slightly thicker but like when. I feel this right here like this size. This is pretty thin. When I feel that yeah. That's not like this is like what this would be with the case on it, but this is better it's better to build it in. Like that, you adore everybody drops her fucking phone at some point. At some point. Why I make a phone that you can drop. I mean we're not talking about laptops or spill on This is the show they want. Yes, bills. Hill is huge I've soaked that thing I've done. I put it urge to completely on planet in
His name is Brian. Well, that's the next stat pee test pee test belt to blow up Youtube. This is pretty dope dude, I like it and you can get to the camera right from there and the camera on this is better than the Iphone camera. In my opinion, it is just took a selfie, nothing on your phone yeah, the selfie camera, specially 'cause it way wider. Now, it's way wider, yeah, it's way wider. So you get like two three people in there a lot easier. I tried the new I wrangled, a new selfie camera, the new Iphone compared it to my I took to comparison shots one of the six and one of the six ask, and it almost seemed exactly the same. It wasn't a huge deal. The front facing the friend yeah thing from facing won't be a huge change. It'll be it'll, be that all about the rear camera, so that might be the phone to get right now, which one the S six active. If the problem here's the problem, most people don't buy their
turns out right. They go in to get a subsidy, they signed a contract right. So if you want a six active, even at the by a full pop off eighteen t, if you're not on eighteen t, that's the only way for you from Samsung, do they don't have it already asked why they don't have now? Because I think it's because it's an Att exclusive. It's kind of like a weird: could they not have there, the they're the hook up offered us the White Glove Service JAM of the White Glove service? As I talk about what happened in the White Glove Service stays in the White Glove Service that we show up at the comedy store, they show up with phones, they give us a bag, and then we get a little hug and we're gonna love handshake and it's done. Yeah they'll. Send you a chip and put a little fucking card in there yeah. It's I I think it's a good time for phones. I mean it's fascinating that everyone has to compete at this level, because you look at the evolution of phones over the?
Iphone one to now we're only talking about was at two thousand and nine yeah. Instead thing: that's fucking, crazy. So six years ago we had this little fat thing that lasted about an hour and it tiny, a screen that your thumb could cover the whole screen practically now we have this big, beautiful many tab. It's a phablet right. This is this technically a phablet, or does it have to be bigger! No! No! No! I mean you could call it that, although China is now pushing phones that are gigantic, so it's hard to call it seven inches. What what do they? enough with the dense samsung? Have a mega samsung still does have a mega in Asia. They love in Asia, the only nation huge phones in Asia. You can't get it in America. I don't believe but not for many of the major carriers? That's Crocker sure. There's a company, that's emerging quickly called wawe. That does not feel good to say, but that's the name of the company
Three? I believe right now as far as scale for smartphone manufacturers, they have various devices six inches and above, like many, a selection of them. These things are well. I mean you can imagine, what's the what's the seven inch one called I can't remember to, but it's his giant. I've had many that it I mean it is it is that size, while the bezel, it's it's it they've done, had Minis nine. Is it nine or is it seven, eight seven yeah and full, His ipad is nine point: seven, the new one, the new and there's a new one. That's twelve right! You might want that twelve point: nine! well the year 'cause you're into illustrations and whatnot right right, yeah, I mean It depend it's unbelievable yeah, but I like drawing on paper. You would never even consider it yeah. I would consider yeah for sure what I was saying earlier is like the the Ipad Pro. The upcoming Ipad has the highest resolution, display of anything that apples ever put
actually, maybe arguably anything commercially available in the tablet space phone space. Well, how long before someone makes a VR and apps that suffer yes, get an ice field of view, I'd be per. Why didn't they make this touch sensitive? It almost seems like that would make more sense. Of the Ipad Pro batons touch sensitive. Instead of using a pen, that's touch sensitive. If more people are going to draw on it like this antique yeah, your sensitive data sent with the seventy I seem to is a drawing pad it, meaning it can detect. You know the pressure yeah, that's what from this it is, it almost seems like they're release. It first on the Iphone six. Just you know so the Ipad Pro two would have it yeah. I don't know It's a hard one for me to figure out. I've been messing around with a note with the pen and trying my best to like make it a part of my day and it's a tough kind of it's a tough transition on a display this size. But you can.
The pen is still far more precise in your finger. Could ever be right. Your finger could never select a Google pixel on a high resolution screen it's not a point. So it's what's weird is like if there were a little jar of ink here, what would I choose to write with run? My finger did it in there or the end. That's provided wide we choose in the traditional world this and it yet it seems so bizarre to carry that forward into the digital world. I think part of it has to do with the fact that there's no place there's no place for it. You're using this thing on the go There's a lot of arguments there, but when it comes to a tablet, that's almost always- at home, always on the couch. I just feel like maybe I don't know. Maybe this could shift the paradigm and people will look at these things as actual notepads final
I don't know why I use the note five for awhile or the four three four three, whatever they are used, one of them yeah and I enjoyed the pan. You used it. I liked it for collecting images of thought is really cool. I could directly collect an image from from a thing and it would say, save it for me. Stored. For me, the fact that it was so easy to cut things and paste them Abraham's notes you know, I really like that, and I really liked you draw dicks on peoples faces. That's also perfectly happy with that. They look at my onenote picture that I have in here and it's just a dick. That was the other thing that I really liked it actually synced up with Evernote, so When I would draw my notes I would say something I would write like comedy notes out and then I would sync you with Evernote and then I would. Look at it as an actual drawing as the actual me writing the physical words like. I still have it saved
one never knows, and it's I I like a lot, but still, but you don't miss it, you don't miss not having it, though the pen you're right. I don't. I don't miss it that much, but if I yeah, it's not as much. I don't know, Is it as much as I like this phone better than that yeah? I understand you like see this. I used to have him like that, so I would draw that's cool yeah save them yeah there is, I mean there is. There is something yeah, then you scroll through them, so much easier than you could a notebook? Yes and then just write it down There are definitely there definitely advantages. It's just about getting over this hurdle of usability, it's kind of like smartwatches as well. I don't know if you've tried any of those like apple watch. Something like that. I can't get into it. Yeah you get into that all. If I was given one, I would be into it, but I just can't it's too much money for me. Oh well, I think that's what it is really yeah for a lot of people become much of days for the one I want is about eight hundred dollars,
Unlike the middle one, stupid one, it's like twenty five grand. It's like made a goal or something that's around. Sixteen thousand, I believe, you would have to be advised the weird thing about. That too is you're going to sell a super luxury 16th one thousand dollars watch. Don't you want other? people to know that it's a sixteen thousand dollars because it looks exactly like every other apple watch. Yeah I mean so just a metal. It's made out of that just made of gold yeah, but there's a market for that shit. Oh yeah, well they sold out in China in the first twenty four hours. You know there. The an article recently that I read about Beverly Hills that there, an insane amount, something like I think they were saying something. Maybe twenty five and twenty nine percent of all real estate in Beverly Hills is being bought out by people from Saudi Arabia and Beverly Hills and Beverly in Beverly Hills. Excuse me, saudi Arabian in China, ok yeah and that, like literally,
that entire area has been purchased by foreign companies or foreign countries. These people have ungodly amounts of money because of oil money like we went to uh. I talked about this recently went to this steak, place in Beverly Hills and there was a guy there, importing cars from Saudi Arabia. For the summer they comes caught saudi summer and they come down here, because in the summer there is one hundred and fifty fucking degrees they come down here and they dry their unregistered cars are Beverly Hills, these million dollar big Gotti Veyron's, so they have these Bugatti Veyron's and all these fucking super million dollar cars with saudi plates and when I was with my friend, who's from IRAN and he speaks Persian Farsi and he can read. Aribe read, I guess Farsi is what they speak.
Whatever. I think so. He can read array arabic and he said it says palace on it. It said palace on the license plate, and it said two hundred and twenty two thousand two hundred and twenty two It was all too so, like the prince, probably 'cause. He couldn't get one one one one one one this is the king yeah yeah like this guy has he. Fucking one point: five million dollar car, that's not even registered in America and driving around in Valley parking in front of the steak place right. I'm like this. Is it it's a strange co opting of this area by like this, because it's such it's such a like a name places like the get up, there's a high value to that better the hills name right so because of that, like they said that some Uncg hardly percentage of all homes. Over ten million dollars are being purchased by rich people from Saudi, maybe in China yeah. They just scoop him up not even living in am, I think, there's a push to sort of evacuate.
Some of the money from those environments because there's an uneasiness about what happens in the future. In those economies, so you get yourself diversified, yeah a bit of weird numbers, a lot. It is to get a look. We're tweeting that to me today the people were tweeting to me that this guy tweeted to be the worse, the restaurant and that All the people that work at that restaurant we yawn out. Let's get lucrative this great, we begin. I want to know where the t shirt is because we need to make it yeah. I think, there's a few people that would take that lucrative, but yeah man, this the the money that it would cost for that little twenty five thousand are watches nothing for those kind of people. That would be the instant thing they would want yeah. They would want that hi and thing it's funny. You talked about the talk about the license plates. I I I can't remember where I watch it. I don't know if it's a documentary or just a clip about the bid and it goes on in dubai- for the specific specialized license plates like exactly
like. You said the lower the number so having the car isn't prestigious enough as everybody's got one. That's still they'll fall. Auctions for like license plate number one number, two three and the You know it's in the millions of dollars, because when you get to the light to the crazy, level of status and whatnot things get bonkers, really quick. You know like, as far as as far as what what you need to do to how absurd things need to be for you to make a statement anymore. So anyway. Well it in that culture, if that's, what you're going for is only like the most obvious form metallic rampant materialism. Yes, you know, if you get, if you, if that's what you're going for yeah, that's you want, you want to get like the number one license plate and get him he's got a Bugatti veyron B as a five million dollar license plate there. You go that's so stupid. We hear How say what if you have that much money? Is it, though that's the thing
you have more money than you could ever spend right, but why would you want that license plate? Why do you give a fuck? That's a good point: you have that much money and you still trying that hard. What kind of an environment are you competing in what kind of vampires trying to conjure up to bring in your life skill points I who you trying to yeah. You already have a fucking giant, you're giant, fucking house. You have a one point seven million dollar car. Does anybody look at your license playing? Go! Look at you with the regular fucking license plate. You can even for license: plate yeah you're, not in the club, yeah, you're not allowed in. I think it's more a thing of like in in order to maintain your competitiveness, you have to keep on approaching these things that shouldn't be attainable. Like yeah anybody working in anything right be. I think I think that you have to put these challenges in front of yourself, like I gotta get the extra million for the right licensed. That's just a weird, a weirdo version of that
it is in it who it is. It's all weird versions, because, like labels are critical, like people want labels like it's, it's like very nice, Someone was making fun of me because I have a Lexus. Well, really what do you drive a Lexus for once? Have a Mercedes or Bmw some with only because a great car What's wrong with you, you like nobody's impressed by Alexis. You know you pull up. That's a Toyota. You know you're not going to happen, he's crying, but yes, but so what? What is wrong with people that becomes a giant issue. I don't know branding. Branding. Branding is strange, yes, because I was in one of those. What are they called the over the fucking high end Hyundai is now a genesis I was in one of those- and I was like this is a fucking great car. It feels like, season here, but I would drive it because it's a Hyundai yeah. I was thinking that I was thinking like yours. Would I drive? I mean I've, I probably would
but it's Sunday is like it's hard to get excited about that. What is least Lexus is like higher end than that. Yeah I mean like so I'm guilty of the thing on looking really, I think everybody is. I think we, I think it's a way. I said this before. I think that the up a person who has a certain you know certain access to a particular way of life that The shortcut the rich guy shortcut to buying to buying the right thing is to buy inexpensive. Right. You walk into a store. They've got a bunch of shirts, which one should I have well. I can like bypass the whole research structure by just buying the best yeah? I like the average person when they're going to purchase a car they spend. I think I heard this that recent is about fifty two days that when they get the idea that they need a new car to the point at which they make the purchase,
researching, there's various stages right. It's actually getting shorter, though, which is kind of strange. I think the internet's getting better, to be honest with you yeah will you two videos on reviews of cars are awesome, yeah, critical, yeah and, as I think, that's really expediting the process, but but anyway yeah. I think that generally king. Those who have an abundance of wealth don't have as much time. Usually that's usually way, so you kind of try to bypass that whole process by buying the best thing. That's where brands coming brands almost help you in a way of you sort of through their prestige in there published symbol that I know if I get that, I'm good, and I don't need to ask anybody about that- I don't need to. I don't need to pull my friends or whatever it's like. It's like a hack. It's the quickest way towards that. It's like a fancy, a fancy liquor or you know the right cigar, or you know I mean it's like you- can find an egg
all of that in almost every product category. It's the same reason why Samsung is Samsung. Now it took so much time in so much money for that to be an acceptable brand yeah, don't they make weapons to probably pretty sure they make weapons? I think so. I think in Korea they make everything. I'm pretty sure if Samsung makes missiles or some shit, let's say: Samsung makes weapons. Let's see no you're, probably you're, probably right. I know I know they make all kinds of things: the income that never make it here. Samsung also makes weapons check out all they do. Jesus Christ, they make tanks yeah. Vehicles, the tech will touch tech when, yes, Sir valence area- not this is fascinating up cool electronics. I don't know what that is. Automation, Zan Weapons technology company is a subsidiary of Samsung Group, huh yeah. They make fucking weapons.
They even make jet engines, they make tanks. A r v is, and even jet engines yeah. I mean those big technology. Companies got to diversify your portfolio. Yeah get lucrative, gotta get Lou, grant What's the best way to get lucrative, make weapons, people always looking in the blush it yeah. So is someone some part of the world. It's like. If I just had something like a blow these mother fuckers up over. There would be all good that was the real game changer when it came to war right once they could decide blowing shit up and they weren't anywhere near yeah when London started getting bombed during the World WAR, two and even World WAR one when they started launching bombs and using chemical gas and essentially killing people at a long distance. Without having to see him, yeah and now we're even further past that, like with a game controller,
yeah. Well, that's why I want to bring them out like that drones like now they're having drones. Do you see that one guy that stitch together all those drones was some sort of software allows you to share? Yes yeah. I saw that, like that guy's kind of bypassing all the area, not us rules, because rules like if you want to get a helicopter, you have to get a helicopter license. You have to you know that you have to tell people or your flying yeah we're in a strange point right now where technology is progressing at this insane speed and the legal system. Doesn't takes way longer than that yeah there's not enough time to go through all the steps necessary on that side of it to catch up with the technology is is happening drones. What was that story the other day where they were all those drones up in the air and they couldn't so the helicopters couldn't get to a scene or someone needed to be airlifted yeah there we use here right, yeah, they were using. People were using video drones to take videos of something
it was going on. What was that an accent or something? I think it was an accident in a helicopter needed to get in there to pull the person out and they couldn't because of the drones when they couldn't, because of the drone yeah well they're, going to have to have drone blockers. The way movie theater should have cell phone blocker. You know, like people are on their fucking phones in movie theaters, all the time, one of the most annoying things ever well, you're going to have that blah. I don't know how you do it yeah I mean because it's it's a radio frequency right now, it's just it's! It's r, F from your there's gonna be C, can destroy type Troy and trends that you just like throw on there and it just go after these drones and somehow knock a Matic commission, but you can have like aerial warfare over the free web drop on little kids head yeah? I would have a baby gets killed by a falling drone that was taken out by a company. Oh yeah, I was the beach the other day just hanging out, and it was a pretty empty beach in Santa Barbara, and I just like her dislike and I'm. So what is that noise? I look up enersys a drone sitting there right above me. Like I, don't know super high up.
You could almost barely see it and then it just flew away, and I around I don't see anybody controlling. How far can they go now like a mile right god I mean, I think it. Probably depends on like the military ones or do you like? some of the personal yeah, no personal one, I think, is still relatively line of sight. Thank you you have to. If I think the minute you can't make it out is probably out of range, this fall I was crying in them, but that's the craziest part. The drone people are gonna, get really upset with us right now, because we don't know what the would not just that, but the it's it's a very sensitive subject matter, because these enthusiasts are super into like a lot of people and guys like us, come and we talk about only the be part of it like them, falling out of the sky and killing people, and they think that's going to influence government which will then take away their freedom to do that thing. Just like everything else right right, people that love doing something they want to protect that freedom, but for exam
I've done videos on these little like toy drones. There there nothing. So you know fly them indoors or whatever. And if you get any of the terminology wrong or you talk about them being dangerous in any way or anything like that you're going to have an entire script in your comments. Actually in about like that, your fucking it up for us we. You know in a year you're influencing the public opinion. You should know what you're talking about a point it all right. You know they do. They do have a point, but so does the public at large and seeing a flying thing above their head and wondering if the connection between the thing controlling it and it itself is stable enough to keep it up, there will not only then how about just the privacy intrusion if you're some person who sunbathing some woman, you have a a fence. You like to sunbathe naked because you're in a private, backyard. No one can see in an you want to top off and get your tits out and you can
Do that anymore, because I was 4k video of your tits now on internet and zoom in on it, and then also the Oculus rift effect because when I was on that Sci Fi Show, we did some things where we took drones and we strap cameras to these drones. An we flew over the top of these trees in the Pacific, northwest was like looking for Bigfoot episode were flying around looking for Bigfoot with a fucking drone, not obviously more of a goof than anything but the goggles were fucking, crazy, ok, cool! You are seeing its vision through VR. Yet so I'm watch, I'm literally. It's feels like I'm flying, because my field of vision is just like the VR field of Vision and your super. Why did to the camera? That's attached his drone yeah, that's awesome. Yeah Mensa Means can get real real strange and again, like you said, the regulations have not caught up to the tech. Technology is going to move way faster in these dummies that are making these register the regulations
the first is they don't really know? What's going on? No, I. How do you again? How do you get a person to interested in getting into government to write these regulations who's actually familiar with the thing lying, the gods name. Would they want to do this? At that point they have to get elected. They have to it's a whole process of getting intelligent people into the spot. They should be in is too slow two convoluted and the world is changing too quickly. So the people who make the laws we have to rely on experts if you have to hire people accept who are those experts? Why does x, water, their agenda and what's their credentials and what you know essentially this young kids that having graduated from high school, yet no as much or more than anyone is we're going to hire in the first place exactly these comments that you're getting these detailed comments, critiquing it they might be from like that. Fourteen year old kid info in Dallas, they got arrested today because his teacher thought he making a bomb 'cause. He made a homemade clock
what happened to be making an inventing things while Brown and that's very dangerous, especially with an arrow blast? Name specially in Texas? His name is like Ahmed Mohammed that almost as bad as Barack Obama, Barack Hussein obama- I mean it's like fucking for people. Looking for something bad like, oh, you know his fucking middle name the to sign its data data data shitty, it's a terrible story. Kid got arrested with their fucking NASA shirt on dude. I notice that's where my head, when it the exact same time when I saw the photo, I was like he's wearing a neck that that will, I don't know, why that stood out to me and made me especially sad, the NASA shirt It's a genius is legit yeah, I see if he makes his own radios it's sort of implied a passion for the think technology, the thing that he got arrested for well it's pure racism, it's racism in its purest form, and you know
just amazing that someone wasn't skilled enough to talk to this kid. So she skilled enough to go with you. What's going on man yeah and is so he could probably gone well. I make my own computers- and I make my own this and what I've done here is I've strung together all the electronics and bit built a clock, and I've figured how to do that. I mean you can easily talk to someone if you're skilled, yeah in a similar, a smooth talker, yes and they would get, and then the kid wouldn't feel bad at all. I could probably explain how he did it and what he likes to do and the like were. You are an amazing student and can gradually would you mind showing that the class in your own and then you you've, got a positive out of this instead of like, oh, look at him, he's a little brown kid and he's making a fucking bomb he's trying to kill everybody fourteen. How much you go? Look through the data there is any fourteen year old suicide bombers,
is there any that we've ever had in Dallas? Oh, not here yeah, I mean in the Middle EAST, in the Middle EAST, the martyrs there was a horrible fucking documentary that I watch where they had this school and they had all these kids on the wall, the school that were strapped up with these explosion. Vests- and it said today's dinner. Tomorrow's holy Martyrs yeah. That's some shocking yeah! It is some shocking shit. Yeah, I mean it's probably the best thing that happened to this kid, though you see the president's tweet to him, know what the President President says: cool clock. Ahmed want to bring that to the White House. We should inspire more kids like you to do science. It's what makes America great. We should find out who the fuck people are that arrested him, I don't know, if that's healthy, that's healthy for them, they need to know what it feels like. I know we have the whole world say: hey, hey man, you're you're, on a global platform, now you're, not just
Texas like you've, been doing some research through taxes ship, but don't you feel like, but don't you feel like? Sometimes the wild goose chase breeds like a weird kind of internet, violent, yes mentality, or at least a mob yeah like everyone, let's get like the red state, the lion killer was getting yes, you know, like I'm, going to want do to your children, inviting? How is that? Where did we ask her? We escalate there and it's because when, when you're in this, chamber of all this noise people sort of elevate there, the level of how much of what they're willing to do to counter This thing that they disagree with yeah well, this is also there People that are super upset with their life. Their life is not good right and they're. Looking for anything to be mad at and point their anger towards an any, so anything is justified, like obviously the lion killer. That's a nice big green light. You know this guy shot a fucking lie and it took forty hours
thing to die, and then they had to go and kill it on some private or some public. Property. That's a even going to hunt there. He on cut the Colorado. The guy was up culture has a history of poaching. He poached a bear. He lie headed out where he shot any shot it for, like forty miles away from where he said he did. That was all or say shit about that guy. That was like easy to target on so then the fucking hate is free. All you got a green light. You just close your eyes and hit the gas Jerrod Jerrod from so Ok, that's another one, but you know what I mean: that's not just legit how much hate. Is there towards that guy? I didn't see the kind of death threats towards Jerrod from subway that I saw. Where is the lion killer, does a lot. I've never seen anything like the lion killer thing was to me evidence of like a complete breakdown in social media like that was. Have you guys ever seen black mirror
the tv show from the? U K yeah, as I've only seen one episode, the one with the pig got a first line? Yes, yes, I yeah. Well, that's that's the kind of example I'm talking about is it seems like, but when this, if the signal to noise ratio gets fucked up enough, we sort of lose our faculties, like your whole feed. How the fuck is my. I didn't sign up for a days worth of lion, tweets right, well, You also have to deal with the numbers of humans that are able to communicate freely. That's the signal to noise ratio, like you talked about earlier, the real kicker, is it used to be to be able to get on television? You had to be Walter Cronkite. And here's the news. You know you had to be an established person who had a degree in journalism or a history as a journalist, Now you just have to get on an application that anyone can download in two seconds on your phone, and you just start talking shit
now I'm going to come to your house, I'm gonna throw your kids in a woodchipper like all that shit. They were saying to that guy Corey Knowlton that shot the rhino in that radio lab episode, we're talking about mean they said, horrible horrible shit to him, and it's because they felt like they could and those are the same people there angry already like their uh already angry. This is just a nice target for that anger and it's not bound that doesn't make sense, and it's not, it's not rational. The did the focus of this anger, but doesn't have to be because you don't get to pick who you're getting that data from like okay, here's a perfect examples of us in this room and you know someone had done something fucked up like the lion killer guy. We would we could have like a detailed discussion and how we felt about it. One of of the actual facts about the case, and did you know the twenty eight different lions wearing collars work? been killed like it's very common, they kill ones of the caller, because once they go outside of the protected area, you're allowed to
of them in lines cover a gigantic area. With a hunt, so we would have these kind of nuanced discussions because you're in a room with for rational people, but think about all the fucking idiots that you met in your life. Thank you. The millions of people, if you three hundred and fifty million people in this country is least One out of one hundred is a fucking idiot, so that means you got three million five hundred thousand fucking idiots to just smashing their sloppy cheese, doodle covered fingers on keyboards and fucking spitting on their screen and taking time to jack off in between tweets, and they like shit that farting and wafting the fart up into their nose. There are horrible monsters and there's millions of 'em there's millions of them and they will spend their whole day. Tweeting facebooking anytime. Something horrible goes wrong now they have a green light. I think, though, that almost feels like even
the intellectual web control by enabling those up you're talking about in a way yeah yeah bye, bye fighting the steam necessary by giving them that fragment that to to work with the go with more just giving. Pathway, to communicate with everybody exactly so it's so late. Example of this would be like a media headline, a Jew C head lying to get a person to click it. Even though, as you mentioned before a with it, we would completely lack the nuance of a proper discussion or debate, but you you know you pander to the lowest common denominator. You want as many clicks as possible in your, not necessarily concerned with the outcome of that you know. So it's like, I think, if we know that the big huge news sources that are supposed to or once upon a time where were
new new one, sir, or meant to to get to to sort of break down the story for you to help, you understand the story. No, it's all bites now, it's all little fast moving bites hot takes and so on that formulate your opinion So in some ways, yes, those those people could should be held responsible for the things they say online, but it's not like the intellectual web or the news producing web is doing the greatest job in in tidying up the proper content. The the the nuanced long form take. It's much easier to just slam out some knee jerk type of article and get it out faster, be first, as a two, maybe you're a day later, but you've had time to gather more information, the problem is a lot of those traditional outlets have proven to be ineffective when it. The controversial issues like the Charlie Abdo issue like when Charlie
Abdo happened and all those guys were killed. All those cartoons were killed by the a muslim extremist that came in there, mad they're, making these cartoons of Muhammad nobody printed those. Cartoon, the La Times, do you do with the New York Times? Didn't do it time magazine? Did everybody backed off on between those or or we are taking photos and putting them online or putting on their our articles? He didn't want to do it so was up to the internet So then it becomes a matter of when something is real and something's out there, like that, guy who up the video of him killing the reporters he killed the reporters when they're on tv and upload the video of him doing it all right. Yeah right did it comes a real weird line, like man know part of that discussion to was like the the way we were kind of forced to ingested through auto play. A lot of this was a big part of the story. Was out your facebook has recently into
auto play, so you're smiling right. He just plays immediately that that's another example of what I'm talking about about the the the it. I don't know that you called Facebook, the intellectual web, but if you're a guy, like Zuckerberg or someone in that office. At some point you know that what you're doing When is your about to introduce millions and millions of people to something they probably rather not watch well, that was a big deal with ISIS too, because ISIS has had some of the people in ISIS or ISIL whatever you want to call it. They have had many many many accounts banned because they They'll find they'll make. These accounts create his account to start uploading photos of people being beheaded. Upload video right people being beheaded yeah and they put these on Instagram or you know twitter or whatever the hell they are, and it's up to these lets these. These are platforms to find these things and take him down, but I'm
into a fuckin ISIS twitter page that somebody sent me too, and I was like holy shit. Bad idea, like people, don't even know about that, they haven't even taken this down. Yet it would just be headings and then there was Youtube videos that were linked through that they haven't found those yet either the Youtube videos where eating people on the ground. They cut their heads off to hold their heads. I mean, though, full deal on you too yeah, but here here's. My thing is: I think that battle is kind of impossible. Completely control the speed at which people can put stuff up, but the autoplay thing like have the choice to click the button, at least at a minimum, talked about that a couple of weeks ago. Somebody posted- I was just like looking at puppies and stuff and then out of nowhere was a woman in a car accident with her face missing and she was picking at her face and it was one of the most dissed curbing things. I've ever seen and I think about it all the time.
I should never seen that, and now I can't stop thinking you're going to have the option I have the option was I'm growing? How may times have you clicked on a video and said? I wish it and click on that yeah and then you learn, and you know, like I've, sent you stuff and you sent me stuff and like I don't want to watch that you just you just decide. My life is more important. Imagine if, every time those exchanges took place, it autoplay came up your phone immediately. What they do that facebook? Why would they autoplay does? A great reason is to beef up their viewership figures that stupid and then go to advertisers and say: look how many music, God wow that's gross, it's the most gross thing ever and people the the reason you tubers a lot of youtubers, especially upset with it is a lot of people are freebooting our content, not mine, specifically, but a lot of other ones, specifically in the comedy genre, because you can take this clip off Youtube upload it natively to Facebook. Have it auto play build this huge profile for yourself based off. Someone else is
content that they've made and there's and there's no way for you to go and track it down and Facebook isn't being vigilant about going and finding that stuff. In some cases you tubers, I know, have missed out on millions 10s of millions of views that he elsewhere in were associated with some other account on Facebook, and there was another count they did not not even known about. No, they didn't they would you wouldn't know about it until somebody saw it, that was also a fan of theirs that would then tweeted to them or whatever and say, there's this completely fake profile of yours on Facebook. Uploading all your stuff and do they get advertising revenue from that, while usually the usually the way it will work? Is that they'll build up a large profile. So you take really funny fifty Second, videos teacher. So there you go so you get a shit ton of followers and then every so often after you've got this shit ton of
followers. You insert some branded thing that you're attempting to do and you're so you're utilizing someone else's profile to build your very own. It necessarily making immediate money from it, but you're opening up the possibility to do so after the fact like he said with fat. If juicy, if you've got five six ten million followers on someone else is back. At that point it doesn't matter you can shut off the old way of doing business. Then start doing your original stuff. At that point, once you've already got an audience right right, well, fat Jew did. Is he caught? He took advantage of this new way of doing comedy. Yes, where you could take a photo and put some text to it, and it's one of my favorite ways of thing that I sent you the other day, the one of Caitlin in terms of Caitlin's at the right- that's the name Kaitlyn Jenner, in a a Porsche and it says, two thousand and eleven Porsche with a rebuilt, Tranny Cole, and I fucking
model. I laugh so hard when somebody said that genius I sent it to everybody. I know I was just how long you probably have no idea who created exactly. I felt bad in that way that I don't know, that's why I didn't post it on social media, but I did retweet it. I think yeah. I see I mean if he sent us but per cloudy. It is cloudy, but what was not cloudy about the for D'You situation was that he was purposely not attributing it to the people that they created it. An even sometime like there's, some of the other ones that girl that changing words changing like someone had originally tweeted, some think about a cat, and she would change it to a dog. But the exact same joke, exact same joke. You know changed, and that was the other thing fat Jew is doing, is changing the text of the image, but writing the same thing so was deliberate, like there was still doing it.
Is it really yeah there? There is a nice article written the other day, how he's still doing it needs. He also has like all these fake accounts. Please add giving the credit is due, but it's like a locked account with one posts: Dion yeah, yeah, there's a there's, some your foot, it's it's honestly and even though he does things are so enjoyable. I intentionally avoid those pages on Instagram. Just because of that reason really yeah I mean it's like I. I might get a laugh out of it, but it's not it's not somebody's somebody create like I'm, not buying anything from fat, Jew right now problem is yeah. I know but see the per the the thing is is that your behavior influences what gets rebroadcasts for an instagram, because if it's like previous photos, you've liked and then in other peoples discover page, I'm sure you have alot of followers now there see
that thing surface yeah it's hard to actually do shit on Instagram. Without helping the shit that you're looking at and advertisers don't give a fuck. They will give him as shit load of money just because of all this stolen work yeah but hold on a second. So if you like something- but I don't like anything- sometimes it's like if you go on the discover page and it will be based on stuff you've liked based on people, you follow put picture you up there right now based on people. You follow, and I think this one other one based on other photos you've like it it it it algorithmically trying to make suggestions for photos that you might actually like. That writes the discover page. Ok. So if, if you don't hit the heart, I don't know if there's a way that heart you never hit the hard fucking, My mistake: you've never hit the hard headed. I see it. I Une hit it too late too late. They got the data, comment on friends stuff, but I don't really like things what's this about. Should I well, I just feel like
so you can reciprocate a little something every so often if I saw it in my side, Joe Rogan Heart, I might get a smile for a minute. You know I didn't know. Ok I'll start hurting your stuff yeah. Thank you for me all right, apparently, you haven't been noticing my hearts. Well, that's a thing to write like I. Actually, if you put something up and it gets hearted, you notice how many likes you have, but what you don't know is how many views somethings got on Instagram yeah yeah on Twitter, the analytics are pretty cool. Yeah they're, pretty interesting, see everything yeah Scott One like the Nick Diaz. Then I put four hundred and seven thousand nine hundred and forty two views. Luck at you, every everybody's. Looking for you to make you know to say some about that the next day as thing and I think that's the sort of round. Well, here's the thing there that the those people weren't even willing to take into consideration the fact that he passed two tests. He passed two test to water tests, world Anti Doping association tests and Fey
old, one from some fucking local lab and the local labs which numbers were off the charts two out of three test. He passed. They weren't even willing to take into consideration those other tests because they didn't perform not only that performing urine tests, which are significantly less accurate than blood tests. So they fucked him. Fucking wrong and they fight some out of one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars in five years of his career high five years, and then John Jones only got one year for cocaine. You didn't get one year for Can Anderson Silva got one year for steroids. John John has not applied for a license to fight an his court case is not been settled, he's not been found guilty, so they don't know and his cocaine use was what's called out of competition. Cocaine use like when Jon Jones got caught for cocaine. He got caught for cocaine. When he was not, it wasn't going to be affecting him. While he was fighting the idea with these test with marijuana is that if you can,
catch someone who was taking marijuana while they were competing, then it could be be a factor because it may affect their performance. Yes, it may after performance, but here's a deal, there's no scientific evidence whatsoever that may or wanna is a significant affecter perform the point where it should be banned like caffeine. Significantly effects performance and it's legal, I believe If you can have up to two hundred million milligrams of caffeine and compete under olympic rules and Chale Sonnen, actually told me that he takes it in pill form because he doesn't want to look up and get an extra strong cup of coffee and break the grid past the break the test. But if you like go to Starbucks, like you know, we've we've tried to get out before, like how much caffeine is in one of those things that Brian drinks can you drink most thirty ounce fucking the star of death, you know, but you really know exactly so you have to take a pill in order to really modulate it perfectly. If you're in a
fleet, because there's a significant effect caffeine to give you more indoor and can help you in a percent I'll take caffeine before I play hockey every time yeah and it's legal. It's totally legal, so I mean the arguable fact that Merrill I want to does give you. It might give some dilation of your lungs and MIKE H. He give us a light. It vantage in your cardio because of that or a focus had manage, which is like for sale, and people could help like a guy like Nick Diaz, it might help him be more comfortable 'cause. He likes being high all the time anyway. So if you let him fight hi yeah, but it's not enough where it's going to allow them to hurt, somebody more see the idea of a performer, enhancing drug is steroids EPO, all the stuff that those cyclist get banned for those things, make you stronger faster and in the case of mixed martial arts. It will allow you to hurt your opponent. It's workable, that marijuana does have some performance enhancing affect like with Jujitsu
a lot of Jiu Jitsu, guys me included like to get high before they train, but man, I'm not much better. I mean thing is a slight thing where your leg a little better, but it's not like with pool same thing. You like feel a little more in tune with it, but it's not sick. If I get enough where you and be able to perform at that level without it like when we see athletes that get off steroids. Man, the you can drop off. Is God damn dramatic the difference between a steroid using athlete and athletes? That's forced to go off steroids, you see it in their body, they get Softap, they they have loose skin. You see it in their physical performance. They get tired, quicker they're, not as aggressive they're, not as confident they start. Posting shit on their instagram praise all his motivational shit like a suicidal stripper. That's what happens man! It starts to fuck with your head 'cause. You realize, like you, gotta pump yourself up now, because you're not jacked to the tits on some artificial testosterone, so that in
comparison to pot. There's no fucking comparison and test Master OWN was legal. Until, like a year ago, there were allowing these guys to get until Pastor replacement therapy is pot legal in other sports. Well, the NBA is apparently the one sport where so many guys are smoking. And I think that's why they don't have it in the contract where they test them They don't they don't they don't allow themselves to be tested. So how is it that this is even on the table today? You know first of all, 'cause there's no union there. If there was fighters union and the fighters Union could go to the athletic Tennessee, we all say yeah. You were not coming to Vegas, you dummies and then the other, is, if someone's band in Vegas their band in the world, because if you violated then there's all sorts of fucking lawsuits in both the part that I can't rap my head, and not only that but you're being banned by idiots you're being banned by people
don't understand the sport, if they did understand sport, first of all, they would fired sixty percent of their judges Other judges any has it has never any martial arts experience any judge a day. You should run them through a coarsely. The is this guy in danger, as he did in danger now is this dangerous is? Is this submission close? Is this one close? How how effective is that? Again? If you don't know that you can't judge a martial arts fight on a on a professional level, but yet they do so. These are ineffective commissions in the first place. On top of that they're bureaucrats. These are government and firing. These people is just like firing, someone from the DMV or firing some from the post office, it's fucking, difficult, there's all sorts hoops and let there's protections it. Those people have in place that the fighters do not have so you have an unfair playing field and these people have ultimate tyranny over fighters. So it seems pretty I've is the Nevada is fucked Fucked is there
any chance that the UFC affiliation with Nevada ever changes. Well, they can't we have fights in Nevada, Nevada, spot man? If you want to fight to go to Vegas, I know why does it why 'cause it's the shit, it's the best, but it's fine, but how much could they continue to fuck up? And you still continue to do it? They need to be overhauled. Not Vegas. Vegas is fucking. Awesome. Look! If you're going to have fights you want to have an invariant to go to the MGM. The places I've been there. Fucking casinos there you're trying until six hundred o'clock in the morning. If you want, I completely agree but anytime you're in any kind of negotiation, you have to be willing to walk away and if they continue to fuck up, what's the risk to them. I think the public reaction to this Nick DS thing is unprecedented. I tweeted the phone number for the Nevada State Athletic Commission today. Please call them up and let him know how you feel about the fucking over Nick DRM retweeting. They can't even fucking. Take calls now, there's swamped and I'll. Do it
far too yeah I'll. Do it until they start out. Do it for the rest of my life, a fucking wake up every morning I have an alarm clock. Well, here's the new number for the Nevada staff schedule tweets that they stole far of years from this guy's career and they stole a hundred and sixty five thousand dollars from his person and they weren't even willing to take into consideration the other two tasks that fail. It is a God. Damn dog and pony, show it's a tyranny and with these people or doing is wrong. It's just wrong! This is not a person who set out to cheat this a guy doesn't use steroids, Nick Diaz, isn't taurus the Anti steroid this the guy who one of the toughest most exciting guys in the sport, he's fun to watch and all Probably has social anxiety issues that marijuana helps alleviate yeah. I read that I read that interview with him like about
what he said shortly after yeah, it's awful man, you know look the the. What they did is wrong is wrong. It's not! You shouldn't be fight high. Okay, if you fight high, this should be a penalty like fifty bucks charging five high, but like it listen man of a guy kicks your highly prized. Kick your over! You know, I I don't I don't it's not like taking beta blockers are some. Completely eliminate your nervousness yeah. That's the thing! That's the one thing I heard, though, is that maybe your pain threshold is out of it. You know what man I don't buy that here's? Why don't buy that? You don't feel pain. We you're fighting anyway, you're, so Jack for the Drenalin this so many times we fight and after it's over, you realize your hand is broken or something wrong. With your like Jon Jones, perfect example, I'm interviewing him, while I'm
interview after you beat the shit out Shell son and he looks down at ceases to upside down. He had no idea. He had no idea. Until I looked down, he saw those to was flipped over and the bottom of his toe is facing up. I was there, I saw it happen and he immediately goes. Oh my to Oman Oman, we got him a chair and he sat down. I continue to interview with him literally going into shock over as to. Why was that, because he was on a dry. You wasn't high. It was because it was his adrenaline with that injury have had to have the fight stopped it for the most likely if it went to the end of the loan or whatever I hall had a similar injury. Wasn't too is big. Tub is wanted, is other toes was a compound fracture broken in the bone, was poking out of his house and he still fought to more rounds with it and he still threw kicks with that fucking leg and won the fight
like? That's how tough you RIAA Hall is, but I mean he had to you know he had to be mentally tough. I mean he had to go back to his corner, realizes to is completely fucked and he just said: ok whatever and mean limped back to his corner, but that once the round started, dude was honest feet and move it around like nothing was wrong. He just dealt with the pain and said I'm going to win this fucking fight anyway the a lot of that is also because of adrenaline. Your adrenalin shields, you from a you know your adrenaline realizes you're in a battle for your life. You don't need to worry val bruises? You don't need to worry about pain, it's not pain, necessarily, stops fighters. It's debilitating techniques like a liver shot when you get hit with a liver shot. It's not like. Oh my it was so painful, it fucking definitely hurts, but the real problem of the liver shot. Is it shut your system down your system doesn't work anymore. You get nailed with like a le, go to the Bowman, hits you and it's this crazy feeling, like your breath, does
work anymore. Your legs lock up. It's not a pain thing. It's a c system shut down when you get knocked out, you get kicked in the head, not that your your head hurts. Of course it hurts, but the real problem is not paying the real, hum? Is your brain shuts off you bring get net? Kicked you cut off circulation to your brain, spark, the other, the fucking nerves get shattered. Everything get walked out and your brain goes okay night night and you shut off, a full system shut down in a choice at all. Yes, that yeah there's pain that these guys experience, but the the is that's not necessarily what stops fights so the pain threshold things come by it Randall. I thing the real pain threshold is adrenaline. That's what really keeps you I'm feeling pain and we're going to have that. Naturally, that's the most effective marijuana is an effective pain reducer after competition or after training is with one of things that people really like to do. They have a hard day of training. They like to sit back
smoke a joint and watch a little tv. Well, they can't do that if they're being tested. You know this really restrictive language, so on yeah. Well, this again the marijuana saying they've changed the threshold considerably and I had Jeff dove its key on the podcast Silas incentives, so yeah, really interesting. Guy and very smart- and very you know, on top of the testing thing and he's like it's out of competition and if you're, not if you would literally have to get high the day of the fight to test positive. Now, that's the way they're doing it. So the test that Diaz got popped for was before this alteration was made nope it's by the current standards. So the problem is, he tested twice base under the threshold, the current standards, the water tests had him on the threshold which says he was not high when he competed, but the task they use for my from believe was quest labs sorry from wrong, but I believe, which is
now a very good lab, but it showed of completely different task than the task that water instituted. On top of that again we're talking about urine, we're talking about a urine versus blood and when you testing metabolites. So why why, in that particular in this particular case, did that test take precedent over the water there test who's? They Nevada State, Athletic Commission, that's where it's fucked! It's not the US! These test, the UFC, has no fucking place in this. They brought in the Usada Us Anti Doping Association, which is where the he comes right brought those guys, I guess I'm referring to them as because they are hired by them, They are hired by the UFC to clean up the sport, but they have no say on how the tests are implemented, how the results are dispersed. The idea bring in the government and bringing the guy like Nowitzki is look. If you really want to clean it clean up the sport, you hire a fuck in Bold because it's going to go after it. You don't do it yourself,
because if you do it yourself, there's all is the possibility that someone could hide the results, because there's a financial interest like you would you would test Conor Mcgregor. You finalize fighting high, like luck on, listen, you're, saying some great shit, because you can't fight hi dude, but with the Sada, the you don't have a say in how the stuff is. You don't have a sound that sounds perfect exactly and that's how they want to do it and that's what that's, what that But that shows I don't understand commitments I not displaying what good it is if the Nevada City by the President, exactly what do you wasted all this money for, because the Nevada State Athletic Commission is incompetent and they are: a Tierney and they're a bunch of people that have INC. If you watch the and the the the commission, those people are drunk with power, they're drunk with power, and they felt like there may made fools of because he's tested positive before, but he tested positive before under their different threshold. What's the thresholds that existed before the cur
establish standard, so it's all fucked who hires these people like There is question like where who do you? Who do you go out? or is there some kind? Is it the governor it like that at the highest level it should be the government and the governor? I think the governor did step, and once there was an investigation when there was a woman who is test, she was she judged the TIM Bradley. Manny Pacquiao fight like really poorly, and she was one of the reasons why pack I didn't win that fight, and then they went over her her history of judging fights and then like what the fuck like she it's a lot of fights wrong and she would get fights wrong that, like we're, Agrili bad decisions, and so they were trying to figure out like what does she know about fight to show me how she got this job? I hired her. How does this work and so the governor step? then, because there was a national outcry over a couple of boxing decisions, and I said his office needs to be bombarded right now. I hope they are well. There's a government petition somebody put out a White House petition to Reinst
Nick Diaz, but what's what what's shown up? This is what needed to be done. Okay- and this is the good thing about this we needed to see how dumb these fucking people are. We need to see how bad they are at their jobs, how cruel they are, how cal Yes, they are the fact that they don't. They could just think. It's think. It's ok, to take away one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars from the guys purse an take away his ability to compete and make a living for five years in his prime. It's s career. Just cross over yeah five years is a good career killer. I mean eight neck, that number 'cause their assholes did. That number come and just come out of ' 'cause. I have sure I've never heard, maybe with the exception of what's his name, the guy who Mango Alex Shlemenko got tested positive in California, an Andy Foster who's, the chairman
in California, is he's very hell bent on taking out cheaters, he doesn't want any of that shit and Sheila Mangoes tests were through the roof, is testosterone was first still wack and they, you know, and he's got a court case. I don't that's going to go. I don't know what we don't know. You know you never know. How do you feel about? Okay, even in the case steroids, where it's an obvious performance enhancer. How do you feel about a five year suspension for that like a five year suspension is that is there replace for five years. Well, here's the thing: Devonta tried to ban Vanderlei Silva for a lifetime. That was what I was thinking about, who I was a lost, that they lost that in court they could so they couldn't. They went to call vandalize lawyers went to court. They beat that, of course, they beat yeah because he didn't even test positive for anything ran away from the time he ran away from the tests and they want. Would you run away from a test in their eyes you're guilty, and they wanted to send a message there not to be trifled with. Such d is going to take this to court.
Fuck yeah he's going to win too, and I hope he sues this shit out of them. I have hope he sues the shit out of him. I really do and hope he wins, and I hope that the governor steps in or someone steps in. Can I say there are people that you can hire that will understand what the fuck is going on. You need former athletes. Need people who are experts in science and medicine that understand what the threat Golds are understand the difference from urine tests and blood task. If you also in need, commissioners that you're going to need people that are that have the educated ability to make these judgments based on whatever discipline and that they would need to be a master of to understand this, like if you're talking about steroids, you would need some the steroid expert, if you're talking to performance enhancing drugs like math service to you need someone you, she should have to establish the fact that you understand what the effects of all these things are. You should have to have some education and the effects of all these things. Now with marijuana. There's there's no data.
Your he's got. You got no data that showed that of a person takes marijuana. They can hurt someone more easily than if they don't take marijuana. So soon as you have that you don't have any data, so if you don't have any data then you got a how you banning people for this, like Ronda Rousey, when all today was one you, I watch a clip. She went off and dropped the MIKE after so over, and one of the things that she said that I totally agree with about marijuana. She said this in the past. It's an invasion of privacy is what it is you're invading someone's privacy just like the fact that if you work for a company, the company decides to test you and you You work all week, you do a great job, you work hard and then Fridays Tits five o'clock. Baby, it's over. You want to smoke join your home. You worked all day. You want to watch the walking dead. You want to put your feet up, you want to get high, you can't you because they own you. They you, the only your flesh, they literally own your mind when you're, not there, because
everyone knows that marijuana is not psychoactive permanently is not like. You look joint on Friday and then you show up on Monday morning, you're still high as fuck in your high for the rest of your life. That's not the case! So if you, if you, if you smoke pot, you will be tested for fire weeks from now. You will still test positive. If you don't smoke any pot, if you You get high right now and then, four weeks from now, they give you a urinalysis test, depending on what you're looking for, if they're, just trying to trace metabolites, you can still test positive in four weeks. That's insane, MRS so is is, is is simply a control things to power. The power thing. These people are government people, the government people. Would like to be able to tell people what to do. That's my concern, though, is if it's a power thing. How deep is it? How many levels does it go to? How many judges are friends would not initiate find out yeah, we probably already on the case. Ultimately, I hope there on the case submit lianas a complex public outcry. Is a tyranny. These are a few people.
They're deciding which is this Again we're not talking about steroids here, we're just talking about pot yeah. It just doesn't sense and we're also talking about a guy who passed to world anti doping agency Tass. Those are the most trick, fucking tests in the world of sports. He passed too those and failed a quest. I I think it's quest again. I'm call Jess from wrong, but the the bottom line is the tests were not the test that you need when you're taking away guys fucking livelihood and your finding him for one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars out of a five hundred thousand dollars purse, which, by the way, yes, the pay is managers, he has to pay taxes. He has to be all these different things. When you make five hundred grand you don't make fun a great because you have a manager. The manager has ten percent you how you might have an agent. The agent gets a piece you might have a lawyer, you might have a business manager, you might have you have to pay taxes, you have training
spent a training partner. You have all you mean you have to be very strict. It did and Nick is notoriously discipline with his diet. I mean he's it's all. Organic food is mostly vegan, except, I think, he'd some fish. He doesn't need any land animals. He- and he does this based on the the if act on his body because he's an extreme endurance athlete he does a lot of triathlons and he does a lot of running swam back from fourth from Alcatraz, twice he's a motherfucker duty take, care of his body and if he's smoking pot, that should tell you the not bad for your body. It's real, simple but he's not cheating he's not do Steroids he's not doing anything. To give him an unfair advantage is working hard he's tough as fight smart. An these assholes. They stole his ability to entertain people and he's one of the most popular guys in the fucking sport. When he came back and fought Anderson Silva, the pay review was through the roof, and why is that? Well, partly because
people want to see what Anderson Silva would look like after he came back from a leg injury, this horrific leg break, but also because he's fighting Nick Diaz, you know, Nick Diaz, is talk. Shit to him, like you did like you got his face, is like what bitch, what bitch like nobody ever done, that to enter the cell before he down on the ground like he was making a sleepy face. Like look sleeping, you born the out of me and jump back up. He humiliated Anderson completely who his head inside that cage. That's what people paid for and what he is experiencing right now is a bunch assholes, taking away his ability to compete, taken away is ability to thrill people and what he does best guys worked for more than a fucking decade as a professional mixed, martial arts fighter more than who knows how many years before that training and learning how to fight all taken away by some. I don't think it's going to stick at all. It's a stick yeah. I hope what the outcome is that we realize that these people are just bad at what they do and they get Room
Kevin. I only wrote a fantastic piece about it, Kevin Iole, who is a very respected sports reporter. I forget what what publication rights for he's very respect in the world of combat sports, especially he said they expose themselves as being ridiculous. Expose themselves being incompetent yeah. It's like it's like. Take The critical moment like this to get everybody MOE, we've added enough to actually incite some chain. It's it made me so angry did yeah I mean I I haven't seen. I haven't seen this kind of reaction. I'm not! I can remember, since the lion killer This is like the opposite. This is like the opposite. If you know the other side of you know thing, because this is a people taking social media policy, but the way that joke we're talking about here is is measured right here, not saying go to these people's homes and torture their children right. That's! The problem is that, like this stuff gets misconstrued, getting back to the lion killer thing is like gay,
be motivated but be smart about it. Yes, well, it also the thing that we were talking about before. I think you're, right, though it does bring it full circle. It's like this highlights which good about people being able to express themselves and it so highlights how these established sort of structures. They operate on this old paradigm and they haven't caught up to the new paradigm. Yet they don't understand that this is not going to end like this hold Nick Diaz and the Vandalay Silva thing. You got two legends of the sport that you fucked you fucked over. You know and there's one thing also when people are injured and they're taking things to help them recover. Man and I'm not against that? I'm just not really yeah. If a guy like there's certain things, there's certain things can take that will help you recover from injury that are absolutely legal. Like here's one stem cells ok, here's one that I have personal experience with those out loud yeah, no they're not but dude. They fucking work, though,
where to repair injuries, they're incredible I mean it's incredible: we can regenerate Cartledge now so, if you don't have access to stem cells and your repeating with someone who does and this guy gets a stem cell injection's knees and his knees are except so he's going to be able to train harder, and you have to tough through it. Well, it should that be, legal well, there's a similarity to that. Two people who get knee. Injuries are knee surgeries and then take a steroid to help themselves repair repair quicker, so they can get back to competing quicker. You know that one of the up things about this too he's just looking at it the surface level. The these these dudes go out there and beat each other up for other people's entertainment and You know in that interview with Diaz. After the fact, he was time for how the people making decisions about what he can and can't do. Those people sitting the border. Whatever the hell it is, they don't have takes. Means that you know I mean like they're, not,
and what you're saying as far as like recovery is concerned, it's like how can a regular person make a judgment on that and coming back to the thing about having a union fighters are the only people who should be making decisions about fighters. Most fighters feel very strongly that you show wouldn't be able to use performance, enhancing drugs and compete, and Rhonda has said this very clearly. And she said something I totally agree with the difference between this in any other, sport is if you give a guy steroids, any plays baseball. What's the big deal he's just going to hit a ball better If you give a guy steroids and you let him fight, he could administer damage that maybe he would not have been able to administer. He could hurt someone that maybe he would have endurance to her. He wouldn't be able to do over the combination that will end up hurting this person very badly or possibly even killing. Someone- and she said that. If someone ever does die began the other purse test positive for steroids. They should they should really get charged with murder
well yeah, but I mean why it kind of does right yeah. I don't know about that. I don't know about that either, but there's a fine line. I just think I just think it's so hard to put yourself in the per since shoes that's competing like for me for me, I don't have somebody trying to knock my fucking head off and if that was going work. For me, I just feel like that. You need is different kind of set of rules agreed upon by the person you're about to step in their width. That's an interesting way of looking at it, and I agree with that as well like say, if you, you, too guys were going by animating agreement going to be juicy juice yeah. You should be able to do that. I think I agree with that. We could write. No, it's not legal well, not in not actually not on a paint, not pain in the United States. On UFC Island, though
I can't see I like the next thing for tinas need to do. There need to fucking, buy an island s, Pacific transformer, no perfect. What is a fucking great idea? I don't know what was that podcast, you tation with the floating countries, yeah yeah, that's right! These guys want to develop barge off the coast. What do they call that shit again see instead of seasteading. Thank you. That's what it was yeah. That's that's, that's totally true. That's totally true. They need to have seasteading fights just off the coast like go to Catalina. You fucking, they duke it out all juiced up, everybody is one hundred and ninety fucking percent testosterone. Free hookers in the audience sounds exciting, is how much you paying to get in there that would Garza ticket enough. These hookers are great, that's not enough money to pay for the ticket, if they're all, how much these girls get paid based would to be on the island. This is, I think, but I think in bringing it full circle. What we
exposing here- is that this ability to communicate about things it's changing is changing radically. Then, Anybody has a say now, like literally anybody, no matter your not vetted out based on your intelligence, you're, not judged beforehand, screened use anybody can just scream out like I have a friend who go and reads comments on his stuff and he gets all upset. I know you're getting upset at people, you don't even know yeah like you're, allowing these people in your head and, like there these people say idiotic things and he gets upset like, of course, they're going to say idiotic things, they're idiots. Do you hang out with idiots will listen man if you go to idiots houses and start asking questions going to say some shit, you disagree with going to argue with them all day. You won't have a life. You don't have enough time in the day to pay attention. Look at yourself make you phone job be honest and be self objective make your own sort of analysis of the pros and cons of your behavior in your thinking
and then, if they disagree with that, you kind of have at least some sort of an idea. But you don't you don't have id on the internet, see because you just You all you see is text, you don't see the person's life behind that text. You don't see what the fuck off they've and their whole life. That's allowed them to lacking contact. You don't see that there twelve and fucking mean too that's another thing to take into consideration. Wonder like what the effect of it, if let's say, for example, had access to the same stuff. When I twelve what I have been the same asshole. Probably. I think what if I was an angry kid. If I I was if I was be able to, for whatever reason get upset about something that I felt like in some way that I would be justified again my anger wouldn't really been directed towards what I was getting set about. They would just give me the green light to express' some of the anger that I had about my own life. You know that
I think, that's a lot of what we're dealing with you. I think it just manifests itself in these various causes. Like. That is that you, like you, said before it is that people are not all that happy about their own personal situation, but it's a lot easier to latch on to conflict that someone else has so have shaped for you than it is to necessarily tackle the super personal thing that you're upset with yeah or get your life the point of balance where you can actually look at anything that's going on in the world and have it's just a sort of an intelligent well and, and that's and that's where I stay. I think that, even though this is the wild west and everyone has a voice, there are obviously voices that have emerged as more prominent when communities to an communities too, and I think that that's where I still see be a sense of responsibility that cave fine, all we is a a smartphone twitter to to say what you want, but there, but it's not that influenced will exist. Yes and I feel like
sometimes you'll witness influence be irresponsible case in point, and I mean I don't know how people feel but like when Jimmy Kimmel was crying on the air like for me and that's in abusive influence, because he wasn't, Changing the entire picture there. He was picking his side in it very short form little. What was it two sentences and then showing that kind of physical emotions associated with it? That was fuel man yeah? Well it that was his perspective. The well his perspective he's got a limited perspective. First of all, you saw his perspective about video games and how offended people got about that. They were calling in death threats against him, which I found incredibly ironic after he defends the lion Hunter. Then he goes off about video games, beta sport and people like fuck. You should I just saying I'm just saying I agree with the video game, guys it's a sport
yeah, I'm which so he's he what he was doing by saying it went by by mocking it. I guess he's trying to do comedy, but yeah he's being disrespectful to an emerging sport which is under unquestionably involve skill, an intelligence of planning and strategy and just didn't know he didn't comply exactly, but he's also not informed about the line guy. He was wrong. That's what I'm saying that's what I'm saying is like. I think we all need to get smarter. If we have a staff, wish voice on the web, like taking extra. Second, to before you hit that send button I know I've had this experience myself in in in the various communications I've had about products, let's say or videos. I want to make her tweets, I wanna send of lake. What is the effect this thing. Gonna be a might even be the way that I feel- and I still don't want to do it because I don't I'm I'm thinking about the reaction, I'm thinking about. Is it the trickle effect of this particular sentiment right, and I don't think with yet. I think a lot of the influencers if you want to call them that are behave
it in in walking wanting to put out a hot take wanting. I have something to say about this topic that has overwhelmed the web that we're success. People, to the same thing, that the lower level jerking is rumor, that other guy, that you were. You were speaking about because it's attractive it's attractive to get involved in the conversation even with limited information, that's a real you're right, you're dead right. I think we've all been guilty of that and I think that's a really good. In a river. A really important point, because I think that whenever a subject comes up, people do the sale, there's no podcast know podcast at all, and someone brought up some point like that. Lady was denying people gay marriage, the writing Kentucky right. And we would be like this fucking dumb cunt like we would will start talking shit like someone. Someone should go over house to hold her down and make make guys fuck right North face a bunch of crazy shit. That's not really are
that's a good thing to say, but then you do it in a podcast this, for one of things I like about people weren't headsets, is that it it makes you think that you do something professionally. There's a bit of a is been a few times where I was like man. Maybe it will wearing headsets like. Could you forget that that is not really cool, you're, saying yeah? I never thought of that. That's how I think about it, because I think there's something is something about it being in your ear, like I hear you in my ear, just as clearly as I hear him, even though he's a few, your feet away, yeah everywhere, all in the same sound wave- and this makes me feel professional extra. You just enough from the sort of regular, hang out zone that you're, like okay, people are listening. Yeah people, you measure it justice, maybe a second comes when the second one is a real point that I think a lot of people specially comedians when I've comedians in the park. I sometimes they just forget that or they're not aware of that or the not aware, but to the extent that I am because I know the numbers, like your
you're doing a show and there's a lot people listening and you have a responsibility to be entertaining, but also responsibility be accurate can't really say things that people might just take. As fact when you haven't Reese judge them because you you were, reaching millions and millions of people now as unit it can change the way they look at things so like. When is my could guy latches on. You know that fucking guy on latched onto that Kim Lady one, the fuck her name is the Kentucky clerk would allow Thank you came here. Fuckin immediately like this is a great thing starts. Eating about it. There's a warm religious freedom, religious liberty and his whole areas like hash tag, religious liberty and all these other a It's got involved and they're all fucking screaming and yelling, and it's cool it's cool to watch because you're watching, like the last gasps of a dying, ignore perspective, you're literally seeing the last few generations of monkeys that believe Saddam dumb.
Yes, it was written on animal skins. Thousands of years ago you see the last echoes of the game of telephone or you tell someone, and I tell someone and it gets translated from generation to generation for over a thousand years before anybody buys bothers right it down, then, once they write it down, they write it down into fucking dead language and has to be translated to all these other languages mean. That is what we're seeing. We see that lady screaming, with her glasses on at the MIKE Huckabee fucking Invention, heard gotta, stop all that, but fucking and she she's yelling out we're seeing a woman who contradicts the very message of the Bible itself? 'cause she's been married, four fucking times, you're not supposed to get divorced. How many it's just people do you know that have tattoos you're not supposed to not to lose, he can't pick and choose. No, you can't pick and choose your share agent. They did they cherry pick what they like and what they don't like about. The religion I see is the is just as bad as a
I think, I think what you're saying is completely true here in North America, but globally, religion yeah anything slowing down it's hard to get the internet till like pie, places in the middle of nowhere and it's hard to get. The influence of those communities in them, but it will happen if Gasol angry and wanted so it does happen. You real, Is that your perspective is simply the perspective of the people around you that you have sort of adopted and Your your view of life, your view of religion, your view of uh, I mean I've had people on my podcast that used to be muslim and they've become atheist they lived there. In the Middle EAST, and they were a part of that culture. They thought, like those people did, and they came over here and they say- their reading. I started getting into and there's some really well with. The fuck is this ideology that I've subscribed to this? Isn't the only way to think and not only that? It's not if you take enough time and look at it objectively. It's not
and rational. It's not like this is a a prove ideology, but that's how it's tried most religi try to pass their stuff off Scientology razor pass their self off like that they try to pass their stuff off as bulletproof like. This is the way it has to say that's a sales pitch. This is the way to become happy yeah. But again, I think the in and it is the cure to that information. Information for sure is, is the number one sort of a ulterior fighting force against this type of stuff that you're talking about act, is to it in the same way we were I'm getting internet into hard to reach places. That's actually a Google expert project that they're working on with these air balloons. I don't know if you've heard about this yeah there, why five balloons, so it likes crazy weather balloons that huh over above areas that have no service hard to reach places and they are on a cycle. So, like your phone is rap,
Lee switching between the one. That's actually overhead at that point, and is that one slowly drifts out of range on the jet stream, the next one fluid off the next one flow flows in and then you hand off to that so you don't notice an interruption in connection, but since a weather, balloon can't sit there forever. Eight, you know it's it's. It's float floating along the with, along with the weather system, but some really cool technology is some videos online that show how they've made it so. Media beings, like places like N Korea, for example, which fucking balloons this shit about this guy. Well, it's actually kind of they're pretty high up, and you sound like you're selling them- and I am. I am because fuck this N Korea shit for real for real for real, that's bunkers that we're allowing that to still exist and the beauty of
it's like going in there without weapons going in there with information. Don't you love that story line we're going in there with connectivity bitch and we're going to bring it up from the grassroots, the rise of a nation? Let hope so let the people make the decision for themselves and you got s yeah right there and it would be so easy. So you get this beautiful little base to let these things go over. I just I love the idea of informational warfare. You know that it doesn't, it doesn't have to be about bull some bombs, that if you can reach enough people with a particular message, you know they can figure it. Just just like time right for them It will take a lot of time there. So deep in the web. Don't know man because anywhere, like you just spoke about a person completely changing their religious outlook. Just Aponar. Living somewhere else. You think about it. What the difference! It's! The information of pull to the right, even though it might not be on a phone or or a laptop. It's the information there supposed to be
the culture there surrounded with it's, not the geographic location, yeah, you're, right, you're! Right, I mean if you look at how quickly uprisings took place in places like Egypt and so on springs. It was just like give them Twitter Holy get an immediate overhaul in in the behavior, because all of a sudden now you've got this massive cultural shift. Avccam, vacation, and so on and people with access to Google. I mean why do you think China has been blocked open Youtube in Google since day one day, one, because the warfare is it's always been about information world or two doesn't happen without propaganda. I have a friend who works at worked, doesn't work anymore, but she would go over to China and have meetings of these people and they were like. Well, we want access to these peoples emails. We want to be able to block these things like well. Well. Well, that's not what I'm doing well, that's an important distinction to make, because it's not that it's not that they're just blocked. It's also that Google doesn't want to be there either
For those exact reason, it's a two way thing, but I think I think that the controls control structures that exist in our global perspective, they exist for because of an agenda, a particular agenda, whatever that might be in you can't control people, if you, if you can, if you don't control information flow and also, I think that people all almost automatically or naturally gravitate towards controlling others if they have power, Nevada, university, Athletic Commission or any king or dictatorship, or what people felt about, NSA, that's why people are so outraged with Edward Stone thing that these people, who are no different than you know different than I just got jobs, and it could research text, girlfriend's emails, and I mean they could do all kinds of creepy shit that you shouldn't really What to do in the public didn't know about corrupts power corrupts absolutely absolutely absolutely whatever the hell. It works. How's it going
Lou Power, corrupts manpower and current address. Absolute. An absolute power corrupts absolutely that's what it is. Yeah our crops and absolute power corrupts absolutely and the governments have absolute power government N Korea absolutely has absolute power and that's the scariest version that we have, and it's also throws in the face whenever the US talks about invading Syria or any other places like what about the. For spot yeah. No, this part with nuclear bombs. It's run by a fucking nut completely true, and when you have allies like S, Korea, Japan, that are right in the zone, there writing bombs own and like what I just imagined that there was a border here. Here with that kind of shit. On the other side, like that, uh a daily life type situation for people in South Korea to completely developed place, much like you're, culturally, complete, free and open marketplace and their neighbor their.
Where are these psychos, like it's one thing for us to think about it at this distance, but those people day Life is wondering what the fuck is going to happen in the whole country and South Korea's like the size of Texas, that too dad is North Korea in South Korea. Fine, then I highly doubt that combine you know, I would say you're about right and if the grocery stores are fake, you know, if they're like putting this whole fake thing on their nuclear stores effect. You know like how they have yeah that ice documentary yeah the restaurants yeah vice, did the they. They set up steak restaurants for pr purposes to make it look like your normal yeah, but you know you got another they're they're in the nuclear plants, probably fake, they can't do. Anything they're they're? Just you know, they've actually proven that that their nuclear missiles and they're all wonky they've done so as a soccer, Chrysler Canadians or some
and he looked at you sideways, for he said no, I'm not going to look at women and I'm not going to give him. They don't have innovation. We keep you guys, honestly right. That's our job! Well, you're nicer than us. We always go over there and go God. Why can't be like Canadians said liquor I've actually been getting yeah, that's fucked up! Don't get me started on that was going on. The government government owns all the liquor in candidate Lcdr, its provincial, the Lcbo fuck you alright. Now you guys don't have legal weed anywhere it do you legal yeah one with a man I like yeah, but now I know Colorado. Nobody is giving a about weeding Canada for as long as I've been alive. So maybe it's on paper, why I was just making a paper. You know, Colorado is made more money in taxes this year. For the first time ever then, alcohol with weed from weed. Actually this is that's perfect for what he's talk about the Lcbo is the Ontario Liquor Board. Who is the single
biggest retailer of alcohol in the world. That's hilarious because it's a huge market place well, big, a big market place. And they're the only sellers, so they get to set the price so is expensive. The stores are fucking magnificent. Samples and when they're opened up, they close at eight hundred pm. So if you want to get some Jack Daniels at eight hundred and ten, you know you're most of 'em are ten still go to bed until six and and listen and listen, there's an argument to be made. I I I you know, I I see that side of it but this some shady ass liquor stores to that you don't have to deal with because it's treated the way that it is but see that's part of the fun of an open market. Those shady ass liquor stores here in Phoenix, went to drive through store where in Phoenix there was a guy who he's dead now. So we could talk shit about him, he used to
in this comedy club and he's out of his fucking mind. He wouldn't let us drink onstage. You said it was a law and we found out that there wasn't a law. So what we decided to do is drive to this drive through fucking liquor store by a bottle of Jack Daniels in a flask and then, while I was on stage, I explained that I was drinking diet, coke, but I'd like to have warm diet. Coke and pour it in my cold makes sense if you would like turn around so I pulled out of my pocket. I'm just gonna pull one of the fucking waitresses. Ratted me out. I'm with you I'll, be there tomorrow by the way Phoenix AZ, a standup live and less with Tony shooter hits me an eye. Kota Naga, the Phoenix shooter yeah there's a highway shooter, that's just shooting cars on in Phoenix. I think it's got. Eleven people so far killed. No no one's been killed yet, but he's just eating like with the records so join remote and handed cliff, and I go to knock on. That's a great show. Yeah and that's a stand up live great comedy club. We got a unfortunately got to wrap this thing up. I got a can. I just
be clear about one thing here: open keep losing on Terrio, I'm for that? Okay, okay, okay, they'll soon be is, is okay, okay, I'm not! That sounds like I was on to Lcbo there. I see, I don't know what Lcbo is Ontario Liquor Board, the group that controls alcohol free free markets? Remark, if we want it, you know it didn't sound like you were. Ok idea was painting something over there. I just get frustrated every time I go to Torano and, like I might get some Jack Daniels, always I can in advance, so you could still go to a bar yeah, yeah, yeah, now I think, liquor store should be twenty four hours a day. That's one thing that I really love about Vegas. Is they don't restrict when you drink the bad thing? Is you have to have fifth being different kinds of aids to get a medical marijuana card there, but that's just for now yeah! Well, what I said close to thinking there might be that if people get high drinking less spending less gambling less, you wanna hear irony one of
chairman's one of the commissioners for the Nevada State Athletic Commission, his company that he owns applied for a medical marijuana license. Well, that's awesome, yeah yeah! His name is people to dig into this. His name is, commissioner, MAR male in his company applied for marijuana, distributed dispensary license last year. Anonymous. How about that? How about that yeah? It's what's perfect! All right! Folks! Unbox therapy is on Youtube and it's fucking fantastic. A ban on Twitter go to death squad, dot TV for all the information. Regarding still does quite a tv. That's quite a tv. All the information about tomorrow night show it's an applied twenty inch cliff. I go to Nacac sure to be a bang up on time. Yeah, it's gonna, be fun, always fun and Lewis's. Unbox therapy on Twitter and this weekend shows almost sold out in the Vancouver and Calgary yeah, there's only a handful tickets left for Calgary, but on the
Friday and Saturday, with the golden pony, aka, Tony Hinchcliffe and I'll be back tomorrow with doctor, Chris Ryan, so until then bye bye, big charisma. Thank you. How much to hundreds of podcasts and thank you so much for our sponsors. Thank you for God. That sounds like how brazilians talk. Thank you for sponsors. No! Thank you to our sponsors, including Caveman Coffee Company, go to Caveman coffee, co, dot com get in some of that fuck, a single source, goodness thanks, also Squarespace go to squarespace dot com start your trial today, with no credit card required at square space. Dot com. When you decide to sign up for square space, make sure you use the R. Kodjo to get ten percent off your first purchase, go to squarespace dot com, use the offer code Joanne. Thank you scratch space for your support of that
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