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#699 - Donald Cerrone

2015-09-23 | 🔗
Donald Cerrone is a professional mixed martial artist and former professional kickboxer currently competing in the UFC's lightweight division.
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on it dot com use the code, word, Rogan, save ten percent off any and all supplements my guest today goddamnit, ladies and gentlemen, looking forward to this one for a while one of my favorite fighters, in mixed martial arts and one of my favorite personalities on planet earth awesome guy, to talk too had a great time talking to him on the podcast, and I hope you enjoy it please! Well my friend Mister Donald Cowboy Cerrone, Patel Logan experience join my day, Joe Rogan Podcast, my name all day, all right. Well, I've we've been talking about doing this for awhile half glad we finally pulled it off about time. What are you doing in town? I? I came here and a little surfing off the plane uh then I had to do a UFC thing or I did a trained, Blake Griffin this morning afternoon. Okay, I saw that picture so weird
mixing up anime. He show maybe some how to down over car and I was teaching him how to wish a mass. When you see a guy like that, it's like a giant athlete like that. Don't you want to go man, you great radio voice. I've never heard the rate mean the radio boys. Will you stand up your bucket mine now you're like I come here. This is a! This is like it well, you know we're at dinner out of the same bowl, okay, gotcha I liked, and next on the stage destiny going to the main stage. Fourteen dollar kamikazes a nice and smooth when you see like a dude like that, you want to tell a man with that fucking body could be heavy The champion the world was tell him. I like your huge, drips liked. Everything about you is just massive, but you know we are like doing some under overs in some like wrestling, and I think he was kind of like lol. Me like, I feel like he was like limp in arm
things like that. Pussy, like fucking man, give me you mean, like fucking, big brother, big right now. I don't give me the years a little kid so then I fucking gave that talk. Then he stepped it up a little bit. I was like yeah. Don't don't do that to me mother fucker, I'm a grown ass man, I'm fucking six foot tall, I'll fuck you up! So don't don't army right now is out of tell him it's funny, because you are six foot tall when you look stand next to him, like Jesus fucking Christ, hell yeah, how tall is that dude? He six hundred and ten tastes, six hundred and ten and yeah. It was it was funny. I was telling like how you're so coordinated on the court, and then you put some fucking gloves on and you can't what what the fuck one hundred and twelve. Where does go like come all different things, and then he had his management. Come up to me and tell me he doesn't want to near kick, and so of course we fucking need
yeah, because you can't tell me what you can do. Is you have fucked up knees or something or who knows? I have no idea, but he did know, and he didn't want to be embarrassed like when you do something that you're not good out people especially cameras, and so he now we but a lot of those guys that fucked up knees right, yeah, yeah, everybody's fucked, up no biggie is huge as a giant dude yeah. If you could teach that guy how to kick Jesus Christ need I need to do- could dunk over a car. So I jump so I don't need this yeah, I can only imagine I could only imagine, but those guys, there's so much more money in the NBA and you I have to get your ass kicked. So I told my team and I need you to go to the NBA and tell him you guys enforcers like hockey I'll be the number. For many young say. So you tell me you got to say your cowboy fucking twenty,
Reeves hit me in the ribs. You know I don't I don't like, then I'll go out there and I'll just ice, the full right there in the middle of court. It is weird that hockey is the only sport where you're allowed to beat people up in the middle of the game. Yeah my buddy Scott Parker. I mean he is the enforcer for the car out as well he's retired now, but I mean that was his job, so he would are you like mentally had to prepare like him, and I talk a lot about the preparation of fighting and how he'd get game ready because he knew fighting. Whoever was the other enforcer he'd be ready, and it's cool like interacting with in that sense, but yeah they like promote it. Like oh you're, messing with my goalie, or so they send the enforcer like it's it's, because it's Canadian, what a cool job? It's a great job, fuck like Joe get data here in order to pluck out good, though it's just funny that no other sport make any other sport. If you fight you're, not just ejected for the gang are subject to penalties, you might get, some did and ended,
It's a normal thing yeah, if versus you, flaked plates? hold off and jump need someone. Face off in the middle of the game. There would be huge in there. They would be in big trouble. Do you think it's 'cause hockey like that? That's table 'cause you're on skates, like it takes a lot of fucking, skate knowledge to be able to brawl while you're on skates. I can barely fucking stand on Ok, so I'm not! I skate! No, I'm terrible at it. I did it about two years ago and thought I was cool, tried to do the hockey stop fucking cocky and bam. Laugh out on the fucking eyes. Now that was the end of my I can dream so yeah, I'm not a you have no idea. So I would imagine if you could teach a dude like of dude was like a figure. Skater teach him some like real good kicks at the end of fuck somebody out, but you're not allowed to do that right. You can't just like figure, skate wheel, kick someone's fucking head off. Juggler done. I don't think they can raise.
Either me or anything, can't bring in the skins off your feet down what about Superman Punch wouldn't be a. Active. They wouldn't even know that you were thrown a kick. I mean, like you, came out of my fault like Thor in the movie, Troy trick. Like it yeah, I don't know yeah, it would have to be something. No one expected hacked you yeah. It is just weird that they don't have that basketball. If, like basketball, becomes less and less popular, maybe maybe they would have to bring So what did you know in hockey? The enforcer can't wear a face mask? They can only wear a helmet with no with no guard. It's like a penalty. If they do that's interesting, so they can take punishment. That makes sense yeah I mean like if one guy had it on and one guy didn't exactly say it did not have it, but still they just grab it just throttle punch through the plastic and it's insane right. Yeah. It is kind of insane insane yeah. It's it's a fucked up job, that's a weird gray
yes, but I think a lot of it is also because it's Canadian Canada they're just there's more men. They're, all right I'll, give you that you know, sir sure it's like there's there's a lot of policies in America I mean there's a lot of men in America, a lot of places and there's a lot of policies. Yeah and in Canada. I think fistfights or more or a normal thing like think about. If we were back pre biblical and we're in my printer ok. I'm gonna, throw my head here in your running around is right, free printable and all these pussy you think me, women, US alpha mills would have. We would just go and, like I think, I'm gonna take your girl and beat his ass and The problem with that is, you could never fucking sleep. Those days. Man like the Mongold days and shit like well, you never sleep. You know you would hear footsteps you, like all fucking great. You look out your window. There's one thousand dudes here. I wish it mother fucker would I just did, but those wish
mother. Fucker would days the Mongols that fucking to shooting arrows. No one has a gun and fucking launched. People on account oppose those kind of freedom laws that we don't really have. You know we got. Maybe they just barely came with arrows swords, definitely but Why did they figure out Aeros like, although like the arrows, are on the hieroglyphs right. So that's two thousand bc at least 'cause. I think the pyramid is two thousand five hundred BC. I think they dated that. So I think if you talking about when was the invention of fucking arrow should probably know this. I bow hunt I should notice, but I have no idea I have is a long ass time. Whenever so long ass time ago, yeah they figured out a few things. First write it figured out like spears and then they catapults. Probably that was probably the next bows and arrows Tribu Shay right from what is that true? Isn't that a catapult Tribu Shay, even though it's called a Tribu Shay, can you google it
try Bj chat, Boucher, I'm saying it wrong. Tribu Shay that was fucking, quick, Google, That's not bad Tribu Shay! That's the original countable fucking tell me how his scams monkish local, why that's amazing yeah? Even it's even spelled the way you pronounced it are all loose lipped like that revenue share with a mouthful of school when he got there. What is that stuff Copenhague? long cut, wintergreen, stuff dangerous for you. It's not bad. For you, probably not in more danger. Marijuana. Marijuana is not dangerous for you at all. How dare you sort of feel like that is either, but that stuff doesn't like two people's face: is often shit. This is one. Do two shows better little kids schools to warn the dangers of chewing tobacco in his missing half his face. I remember that dude on tv look at bone cancer. I don't mean to freak out when you're freaking me out, I'm going out with my boots on baby, so wow so face cancer from school, you're good at face kind of first
So I'm a call it Redbone telling him the first got to jump out of the astronaut thing you got there. I don't need to shoot I'm going in head first, so bring it on Jesus Christ. Mentality that Joey like. If I got a car lost a leg and arm I'd. Just I'd town pulled the right. There shoot me, I'm done on one leg, how many be tough? If you tough, They got some good prosthetics. Now a lot of these guys that come back from Iraq and Afghanistan. They do marathons now order them credits. Incredible, it's increase, Google! Isn't it. It really is now, but God damn it yeah would you would be we're real, close there's a couple: they they sequence, the gene of the flatworm recently, and they are looking to try to figure out 'cause it flatworms can regenerate. I keep cutting after we come two completely different flatworms. I think they also. I have the same memories like if one flatworm knows where the food is and you cut him in half of the both halves know where the food is so it's very confusing
we're trying to figure out what memories or is that just you know like yours. If it's good question, I think specif likely the what they know in the way they know what they believe that it's a memory, some type of memory, obviously accrued memory, but they think that the to be able to figure out within the next hundred years, how to replace limbs that you to be able to regenerate the way a frog does or an alligator does think about that next, one hundred years think about what you think about this Iphone six here in the I mean flip phone and then contacting you were so happy with it too. You know, speaking of that, you know I mean you have kids, so you remember when you were one thousand five hundred and sixteen year college, hey Mister Rogan is is, is Serra there. Can I docked nine o'clock phone off. You know right. Those days are gone. You yeah, our kids, will never have to. Unless you know this is wrong. We'll take take on the phone, but do you have a land line at home yeah? I got a land line, but it's useless, never use a
so I mean most people like that. Right I mean you have a landline just like in case, but you know, I have a landline 'cause. I live in the middle of nowhere and that's the only way I can get internet there's like a hamster, runs on a wheel and ever fast he's running powers up I find this terrible. I cannot place you have like Willow satellite internet connection. It's it's over the phone line now bad. Now, again the six k. I don't even things right, yeah, it's like you can't do anything better. If I phone and download a podcast ought to have to start it want to going to bed and maybe by noon the next day, it'll be done. Watt I got like forty eight hour download movie times. I gotta really plan the movie online for a flight, sex is ridiculously Netflix. No. We are not loading Netflix, you know they have satellite internet now. Nobody know you can get it all over the country really yeah yeah, it's like just like Directv. They just point the dish at the side. But in the sky, and it's not fast as like
fiber optic, sights pretty fast. When you look into this yeah you gotta get that, but I got going on is that's pretty difficult. Yeah, it sounds that sounds horrifying. You like you, live in like a couple of decades ago. Yeah I am and there's nothing they can Do they can't lay wires or anything like that? No and if they don't, they don't have it out there. In my area I've tried I've tried. I want to look into that satellite game where you at now Edgewood NM right on the backside of Santa FE, Albuquerque and you're there because of jacksons 'cause. You could be close to jacks. Why? Well I moved to Albuquerque to help limit Garcia with Roger Ward Fight, and I never left. I literally call my Gramma she's watching right now. Lives will give shut down program, uh huh. We showed up for dinner for a week and then Greg asked me to be his fifty five and I never left. I literally I had a house in Colorado My grandma took care. I think, brought all my stuff down and just drove like which slowly come visit me and bring things down. I never went home wow who is wild yeah, so why was I just liked it so much there?
You know in Colorado. I was like kind of the at gyms. I was kind of the kid that no one would put a name on. I can no longer claim me right. I was like really man hard time. You know that and that's where the whole M ranch in like me, giving back to people came from because oh drive here go here. Do this? No one will put their name on me like Dwayne train with him. You would never put his name on me. You know one of the gyms would like claiming I was just allows the fuck up, you know and it was here so what it was just young probably made me crazy. I you know and they're like this dude. I can't have this guy fighting for my exactly just loose candy that too crazy, too crazy, so integrate. He like took me in and like at that time joy. Virgin Keith, Jardine and shot is like a family down. There was crazy, you know is all of them were so welcoming, and so I just said Some of this, where I make my move and so, and so you try
in there, but you also built this crazy rants bad motherfucker ranch it, which is pretty awesome. I love that you did that. I love it. So decide to do that I my my guns and all that so I look and see limits and land that I got in Edgewood to buy in Colorado would have been out of it outrageous. So you know, I told my grandfathers, where I want to end my grandpa, Is it done? I mean on a phone call. My grandpa said done is what you want: got it drove down cash in hand, the property just each. How many was greatest the greatest dude on the Batman, so yay SR train there and hit my gram would come down and get you. I can hear you right now, but you know it just to dream for me, and so now non rooted, and so I want did you build out. There was their problem. Is there a structure there? There's a house right and we extended house built the gym. Now I just built dorms,
which are going to build anything anyone listening a mistreater permits 'cause. I of course didn't 'cause, I'm fucking Idiot loser and wild. So I got a big red flag notice on my door said your permits done, got a picture, you wanna see it yeah. I do want to say so. They do. Does it delay you any further because of red flags? It's a season, assist, don't don't well, they don't want both Jesus, yeah so I had to jump. Do notice to stop notices, dot work ban, so I had to jump to hoops. You know, go certainly not at the hiring want to spend all day had to go to the Santa Fe County and really like, get everything in line. Show my plans bubble, pay the money and basically get the ball rolling for the for the program. I got it done now. So there's places out here like if you want to build something in like Malibu near the ocean. It takes fucking years and you gotta You are all sorts of red tape and his corruption nonsense. You have to deal with Jackie, so I just built it and I shouldn't have. I have
but body lives in Topanga he's in the Coastal Commission and he just said fuck it if they catch me, they catch me, and he just built up did all this shit. This house spent a fuckload of money in his house and just got away with it. You know you can get away with it can with a slippery and also get busted. Busted have wires hanging out of your wall. Stop work to hit, get fine, and and then never get permits for years. So I tried to like let people learn from my mistakes, I'm kind of learn trial by fire that's kind of how I live my whole life. So how many dorms did you build out there well right now. It's a glorified horse stable, so there's no dorms being built, because of the work stoppage stop a jet as a way to get a permit again yeah. So now it's a it's a horse. There is a horse stable, underneath giant horse stable, and then I built uh rooms that I'm probably going to paint in hold my archery gear in I got a whole bunch of
heads. I need a store and a couple, and I got guys that come out then I'll probably store and some of those rooms with beds. Do you think that this is like what's going your transition, after your done finding that you'll eventually just run a camp. I don't know Joe, I just you know, teaching to me like if you and I were doing something- I could show you something you had a problem with them for me to like one teacher class would be really hard. I don't I don't know how that fucking even works like that, but that would be hard about, like maybe in curriculum or running like something that I thought out, like ok, I'ma teach this this and this day I just I don't know, by simply saying. Maybe if you had somebody that, like kind of organize it for you and you guys came in and Oregon have guys like Henry or someone who's like coach, already work with them like Winkeljohn and Jackson, work together, sure absolutely yeah. I mean I have a great now: Jafarian Supardi wrestling one of my great for and the coaches. You know he he lives out there with me helps me.
It rains all the guys and we got you know. Henry training with, that I guy so we have a good. You know good stable of coaching and just bringing guys in man. I guess that earlier I didn't know how many directions so now when people come, I want to be the guy like that. Who do you responsible? Now? It's Reebok, we don't have a fucking choice, but before I could be like these guys, we're no go, they didn't pay. They didn't do this, you know just like experience. I've had through my career and what do you do for cutting weight? What do do for this? What do you is just cool to be able to answer all the questions for the upcoming guys? You know yeah, it's gotta, be a cool, we need to be able to help guys in a way that, like you, wish somebody to help you right absolutely because it is, there's, there's a real, an area in the beginning of a fighters career, especially when they don't feel legitimate, and sometimes it like you taking him in and saying hey Matt like like what you're doing with Felder right you know a guy who is a real, talented guy, very careful, Keith guy you take him in and then
home, all the sudden he's legit as fuck yeah. It's everybody saying to is like everything he trains with Donald, alright, shit! Ok! I mean that's kind of exactly like there's a lot of guys that come to When you come, I want to be my name on it. You know, and it means the work, would you trade? You have the you with you, because when you say that you're from our stable that's why I want to be legit yeah. Absolutely you hook up with Henry Smith. Baltimore man, we just gotta cross paths years ago and rude boy. I said rude way more time, I wish I had an answer for that, but I don't I don't know I don't have. I don't have lines that do, though, he's a great coach, too sure sure common smooth in the corner, like you could tell not about a guy and how he gives instruction in the corner, she's, calm and smooth he's like. Can I please disconnect you that? Thank you very much, but he also is a very technical. Is real technique pulling his instruction like as a guy watch is a lot of fights. Nothing drives me crazier than when someone doesn't have advice, you know,
go, get him go kick. His ass would be like me, cornering Lynn, pokmon that hard, but for letting you in the quarter like that is kind of technical advice. The letters on my all time, favorite guys to watch 'cause. I got Danny the dying breed them and it you know the firefighter dying breed. You know when Inner was at his. You know, talking about retirement with me and everything he is like man. I just get a fight with someone would just stand there and fucking throw down with me and I'm like Lynyrd brother. Those days are gone. These guys are gonna, come in and take you down he's like yeah, but no, I think this I just don't know Leonard he's going to take you down. You know so that we'd have to go back and forward that then the kid would take him down. You know because he wrestling practicing wrestling, but after this, it's going. You know so well the sports going in this method that, like in a an order or this with this place, where in order to win, he got to be a
will. Do everything it be totally unpredictable and you gotta be able to fight smart and not put yourself in danger and Leonard was all about just throwing himself into danger. Peeling the stickers off the match, with the punches right yeah, he would try from the back of his cow loved it I mean, but those are the fights I mean the Gens, Pulver and literacy. If I yeah man right, oh Leonard, had a bunch of wild ones. I did a bunch of like when it was uh where you just like shaking your head. Like God, what did I just see so the craziest thing man when I had that incident whole foods- I don't know if you heard it or not. When I got punched Lynyrd with somebody punched you in the parking lot or something so I'll, get it out now. So I'm walking across texting on my phone in a guy lays on the horn. And my girls like who is that As I look up, I don't know it's like you, don't know him. I said no, we walked the car, the car.
Rosa parks like three spots down on the do, gets up. What's up mother fucker and I was like, like me, you're talking to me and he's like yeah bitch and I was like ok and then you smoke me In my I blew my glasses on the floor now mind you, I'm still in trial, for the boat rage incident thing. That's going on yeah the boat one was you had kick some dude right alleged? some dude got all get to that story out there again. So my girl looks me burning fucking, fuck How is raging out of my ears right? She goes no, no right, so I tell dude, like anybody. Would today's your lucky day do like oh yeah, mother fucker. I bet right and then he hops up again to hit me again. I said motherfucker, you touch me again, I'm going to kill you like. I can't take too. I cannot take two right Lynyrd there right
winner goes to hit this dude and then he's like all bible, good. It doesn't cuss and he's like. Thank you. You know he's like on this new view abroad. His hike on this new fucking lucky that guy got so lucky probably thinks he's such a badass and we ran we just literally got training done beans or in like training gear at whole foods, get some shit to drink, and so he You want to be UFC fired with the bubble, God has gone. Car and drove away you don't know who that guy is no clue. Whoever you are bitch, whoever you are. You got lucky as fuck that were just lucky day: alright, so anyways boat, Ray J Boat, Ranger Boat read what happened were up at Grand Lake. I go to Grand lakes, freezing cold No one goes to Grand Lake to wake board because it's cold people like cold water, glass, Grand Lake Colorado up in the mountains, fucking super d,
freezing cold lake, but the water is beautiful, so sky live there. He see my boat and he told in the police. Steering he seen. Is there the week before and he massage ing in making loading my boat because yes and expensive, but I can take care of it whacked it make sure it's clean. You know, you know, he's upset that you take care of your boat. I guess that's what the police report said, so he my buddy my keys fishing off the back of his belt back on my boat, the guy come then woo haven't fallen plan. He has like a ski doo jet ski boat and he cums feet away in sprays. Water. Up on my he washes my boat up onto the road now. I got Cody Donovan at the time was fighting in the UFC. In for the first nine of US night. We were camping out for the weekend. And Cody's rate must go, get him the girls was down. We don't write so later on, but I don't have a later. We go out and go wakeboarding. Well with my boat. You gotta feel
ballast tanks up. So you have to like kind of sit idle and let the tanks fill so while we're seeing there, I don't think, feel he's down in the in the area, so we're like sitting there, letting the tanks feel he's like flexes this is from the shores. What you want to eat pussy want some bro, oh my god, so it gets. His boat is flying up next to my belts, completely lower, steering wheel and runs the from his boat in his boat goes pink and hits my boat, and I'm like, oh my god, dude. What the fuck are. You doing is like which one of you pussies want some we're like what so everyone Baker starts have been involve. Anyways to do says. You know what fucking with rum boat into your boat he's like wasted, drunk chairs off flips, a bitch income, bead lining for my boat now. Had this not been.
The situation. We're in I would have congratulated, is due for the most epic fucking water spray I have ever seen thrown into another persons boat, because at the last second, he cuts and throws the most. It's it wave that just drenches everyone's phone and just like, like he hit you like a title wave and I was like fucking pissed, so I'd ride, boat ashore and I get off the boat and I Run about two hundred yards down the shore trying to get him, you come to me 'cause, my girl stood up and she's like that's fucking it and that's all I had to When I hurt when she stood up- and you know she's like that's it, that's it You know, I'm saying that was it does it. So I need to know so I try to Deuteronomy he does not. He comes straight from my girl gets off. Is about point his finger at her boy. You know, so I just walk right past step in front of him not even in a stomach like set him down in the sand like chill fuck out a lot of crazy grill, a pounding. This dude in the sand is going through my mind right. I don't
I was trained myself in the do, gets up and tries to hit me with the old sneaker right hand so I just slip and I had taking light. Gel and I say lightly. It was very lightly like just like, like boom sit him down and I'm like new mother fucker, don't even know what the fuck I said. He wouldn't get up dude now, so I literally sit down right next to make you look, and I don't know what to do, and I I want to just really just drift is: do hard out right right. Let's start back handed him, Why is sitting next to sit next to him, who, like short, a shoulder little weird, see what a weird in the fit of rage I mean I could. I could think to do Cody Grass mean like enough's enough in so soon as I do that the kid rolls over takes out his phone takes. A picture may takes pics, boat. He dialed nine one one and I was like good call: nine one one, you fucking idiot.
So the do calls nine one. One call show up. I said yes to draw. He says man, I'm only junk, because this dude here's me in front of all of my friends, so I have to drink to get over what just happened. What how did you embarrass him by cleaning your boat? Oh, no, because I had kicked him in front of his friends but before that, the massage ing and head, so he had. He had a lot of people with him. He's like a big camp group. So we go to court, we fight like a two year process, I'm going through all the guys that he's with or are there police statements match mine that he's been. He was talking all day two weeks you can chase down. He wanted a piece of it, so I mean it all got, dropped and dismissed, but he tried to come up for fifty grand and it was just unbelievable. It's amazing how nice you were about it. A little front kicked. Chest and a little looking baby headkick exactly exactly what I just told you. There is the same story. His people told it means. I'm not exaggerating that didn't like just haul off and beat him down in which I I'm
I think, I'm maturing in my in my water. You are mature. I am I meeting meaning to tell you that this is amazing how people will try to sue over things like that, like that becomes like the lottery to them. Do you know the two guys soon, but people always ask that came in. Can you take a pic choking me like the UFC doesn't want anybody choking anybody in pictures. I've been told that, as I tell him know, Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes were both sued them at stories kind of hilarious, because the guy ask Matt Hughes, put in a rear, naked choke for a picture, so Matt Hughes does and then the guy says hey. Look I got evidence. Is got choked me and hurt me so he tries to sue well, they do an investigation on the guy and find out the guys a cop. Then they dig deeper and find out he's a dirty cop and the dude winds up getting popped and goes to jail. Because of that and the chocolate Dell, when I'm pretty sure Chuck, had a wind up paying something chocolate ones. Three times three three times been sued, so yeah my neighbor sued me for what he
said that my dogs attacked his horse. Did they now absolutely not somebody else's dog did, but he their hours his neighbors, he said mind the guy just moved in, and his horse ran through the fence. If you're any kind of horse owner at all. You can just move into somewhere and take the reins up your horse and let him go. We have now The idea with the parameter. You need to take your horse out and walk the perimeter. He let his horse. The horse run the fancy said, my dogs chased into the vents, it was cheaper. We just pay the guy off then to go to court and fight. Oh, so it's just a number that kind of shit drives me fucking crazy. My old roommate mean linear guards used living. We have guys come down for training camp. Lady got as good man after we've after four when I bought this new house, we moved and she Dan claimed Suit- is that we are sub. Leasing are are right now to our trading partners. Why is
at twelve thousand dollars out of their watt who did she give a fuck. I don't understand it. She must have been hurting for money. So she was your old. She owned the house at one point: did you Ricky used to work for Jacksons Great Jacksons guy? I probably would song yeah anyway? So the ladies heard for money right. She needs that. She ran us House, her house, the house you live in and I get Ricky buys her house for her. I Taylor, hey, will move out now, so you can move back in your house your for closing, so we we Make this all work right. I work with the lady she, the realtor. I use her as my realtor to buy my ranch. That's how fucking crazy this gets right. So I use her. We do this sooner for the paperwork done. She turns around and sues for subleasing or ran out, and my Gramma's honest. You can vouch for this, fucking crazy. Yes, she said the whole time we were there. We were having people come down to training, we're renting out to them and making money, property and
I got the notice is to go to court. Why don't show up to court so they passed the ruling and I went to court, probably could've bought it, but I did not like yeah whatever. If you do that takes forever. The problem with those things is it's like these patent trolls patent trolls are they they get patents on things they buy Patton's their own patents and then they'll sue like like a company like apple like the they're going after podcasters for awhile and what they do is they'll. We went after Al Corolla for something some sort sort of patent and they went after a few other people, but apple out of wind up paying like seven million dollars or something like that because for apple and now they have so much fucking money, it's easier for them to pay off a patent troll than it is is to address it in court and spend all the resources, and you know they might like. The Ui see is doing this. You know the antitrust lawsuit they like. This is going to cost them one hundred million dollars in legal fees, but
it's either that or pay people off they'd just spend the money. They'd rather pay the legal fees, yeah orcas pressable for them well and also sets a precedent sure if you, if you start paying, then other people start coming out of the woodwork, but it's weird world. We then we could just sue over shit like that. Alpha brain the alpha brain signed it for you. You get that big ass on it package, my god, I love it. I love the picture you sent of you with uh balance in twenty pound mace, as it could be that man would balance is amazing was good but the holding the key it'll all done it was suspected. You pull that off, because I'm fucking super athletic alpha fucking panic okay, good answer. Okay, I don't know I and and when we're at holiday, which is straight conditioning the board, you guys sent a whole bunch. Those cases too and they're like
going to fucking knock your teeth out and I was like well then I'll be at toothless mother fucker. But let's do this. Listen you constantly doing like that right, one only wake board and jump in snow mobiles. Over top, I can't wait. El Nino baby come on. I was gonna, be on real this year. I cannot wait everybody's hoping for that yeah, but I don't know if it's real. I hope. So they keep saying that, though the way the temperature of the water at California's like desk surfing, you would do it went with nothing this morning it was great warmus going over one yeah. They have yell till the bed yellowtail all over the coast, around Santa Monica and and Malibu, which is you know, usually yeah. I got to go out the Hawaiian sure sure so, they're pretty cited about a people, think that this is going to change, but you know trying to guess what mother Nature is going to do. A few months from now, because you do the farmers almanac, then you could maybe tm those work. I have no idea, I don't know
there. I don't know either but they're, damn sure on their damn sure on uh. What do they, what kind of Hocus pocus? Are they using to figure that out? Maybe the mayan calendar? I don't know that didn't workout, though it were still here three years later here we I was convinced to like way back in two thousand six. I was like December twenty first, two thousand twelve. It's all done well done we're we're going to have you on the the computer crash of two thousand yeah hi hi I went to one thousand came around. I was hiding. I stayed home stockpiled water. The whole deal. I was listening to ART bell. I need to start stockpiling water. I have stockpiled food. I need to do that right. Well well. Well, but the problem is the well well suck. Well, so not that good! Well, I don't know in Colorado. It was really good for you, but if you have twenty people come to your house and take showers right, we just can't keep up. So you had a brand new water heaters and everything like that. You gotta! Well, you
here. Like are you on solar now, my wish. I need to be I'm on I'm on propane or you're feeling so here's another young, like a giant fucking white tank on those things we have on Fucking Christ, an if some asshole comes in transit, my house and forget to turn the heater off in the gym one thousand eight hundred dollars overnight. Oh no, when I come in the house, fucking ripping and roaring who the fuck in everyone's, like wooden main, of course, fifteen propane in the winter right and the funny thing is the paint companies like you don't want to pay, we won't bring any more profane. We don't give a shit. Oh, so you have to get to keep warm fuck that dude. You should have a fireplace in that gym, right Who's gonna still going today, you're the you're, the stalker goes put the wood and stock. Do you have would out there? Do you have like Forrest no force, we got attacked cacti. Can you cook cacti?
fucking, not really really got. Damn wonder if you can get some peyote e out of it. I don't know well, you'd have to have very specifically are we are we are Pedro, Is that what it is you would know. I have no idea but we're in do it in young guns. Oh yeah! Well now It takes tent rock where they film you're in the Spirit Road Asshole that's miles down. Road. For me, that is where yeah definitely yeah. That's where they. You know this only that they only were doing that for the last couple. One hundred years, like everybody, thinks it It was like thousands of years old, no evidence. Nobody said they were. The native Americans were using paletti more than a couple one hundred years, but who? How do Okay, marijuana. What are they like? Let you smoke this shit up? How does how does that the guinea pig on that is a good question like peyote e, like oh, let's just boil some cactus and oops now I'm fucking tripping, so that was cool this
the question there's a lot of those things out there that like how the did they ever figure, that out, like math, math and like all battery acid and now like cool? That's all it is yeah right, old medicine, all path users out there dictionary boys, yucky. Well, there's very few good cooks. That's why you know breaking bad made a lot of sense. You know we needed a real fucking chemist. You need a chemist, but uh like the ayawaska. One is a crazy one. They've been using that for like ten thousand years you gotta take the leaves of one plant and then everybody does yeah and they boil it down. It's D m t in the in in a drinkable form, because otherwise Dm T, the only way you could take it is you have to have a experience DMT more real life. We don't have an accident when guts were hang army. What is a wrecked four and gone are ribs and anyway I was in the hospital flight, took the flight for life
to the hospital, and I remember laying there in lane in the Gurnee, had dropdown good of fucking lunatic, and I remember tipping the gurney over and out of throw up, and I threw up blood all over this poor nurse and she did this little weird. Oh god, I've got blood thrown up on me. And then I remembered they sent it back up and he was like the most peaceful feel like everything was just ok like no pain, fucking die thing was ok, I stupid, as that sounds and crazy like it was just it was just ok. I felt the best ever felt my life wow supernatural man. It was crazy. I was in so much pain like so I'm in that God, ambulance to take me. Then there's a new guy in there. My lungs are puncture so this huge needle and the guys tell the other guy how to fucking 'cause I the puncture long and then your air comes back right and the guys like walk in the new guy through and I was like fuck no like I'm like.
Say no but I was like. No you you do it right, yeah. I don't get a new key, the new, but not today, not today, Motherfucker so but Gurnee over so much pain, and they write me back up and never it was just okay like when, like is kristali blue haze, and I woke up like two weeks later, strangling my grandma two weeks later, so you want yeah well like a medical, induced yeah wow? How old were you when this happened? It was two thousand and six June something of two thousand and six. My grandma was yeah. I I remember so you already fighting in the wc at this time. Where are you When did you start file? I was nine two thousand and nine so talk about me doing crazy shit that I probably shouldn't get hurt and I don't want to be able to fight. I was: did this giant Kickboxing 1A World title, and I want a spot to go fight in front of the king in Thailand and I'm supposed to leave that weekend that I went out racing motocross and wow, so
that boat, but apple is not very. This is not a lot of money. If I know Thailand anyway, no, but I mean all I did so. The kid was, the only reason I got into fighting was because a I love, there's a fair thing to do in the whole world still is, but I would you see the world. They call me- and I was the I they would call. You know this other one talked up, take a short recess, a crate cab, you're crazy. Like man, I stick fight on three days now, I'm taking off for weeks now, I'm good come out of their guy they'd call and be like hey. We need you in Japan, it's Wednesday Wendy there Saturday and I'd like to let go and I'd go and fucking my buddy MIKE Baldwin, who is like my best friend still to this day, who comes to everyone. My fights would get off the plane hit rip Gianna Veerapandi is lying yeah. The party in I remember. Sometimes I was so hungover for Wayans.
My china I drink, Gatorade and recoup my brain just just fucking, just away in just a square up just away hilarious yeah. So in fighting, which is something I did to pay for my trip to go see. The world So far in those days where I still I still live in today, you know finding me people make such a big deal and I see like felt is a perfect example. Man they take it. So serious fighting is not that serious fellow Texan, too serious, serious man. I was the one that Ryan sees guys like men, you drink beer, you fucking alcohol good piece of shit is about here all the time yeah. So what I drink beer. I love. I like to drink beer, cold, refreshing Budweiser. She that you got that bad. I like Green Valley to have a good time, but people take that they quit their life right weeks or like Kant. Yeah. I can't do this can't go. I this huge fight among how is it invite your life? I mean it's the same like this design, if I come up January or December 19th, Orlando Fl World title in spite of my life, God damn
going to drink beer and have a good time and probably get there ten days early and go wakeboarding and go to Africa. Oh my god Why not? So you just going to treat it like it any other life because document to fight it beyond two three days notice that another worry about it just to fight. I love it. Worry about an incident happening like the incident that kept you from going and fighting for the king in Thailand? I mean that's the real mean the big thing thing is to win the title right, the most guys when they get to you position, they kind of start playing it safe. That's the difference between you and a lot of these guys, because a lot these are wild in the beginning, but then somewhere along the line, they start realizing the consequences and mistakes and they start playing it safe. Now, just gotta. Is it kind of guy yeah I could go, but I could go wait for the week of the fight and below my knee out. Sure apart was a fight, will blow nature is taped up its job, see we so she couple shots, go get it going a couple shots of jack. I was thinking in Corda zone.
Well, there's all sorts of shit, they can do now. This sort of help you a little bit short term, sure blah. Mount knees, never a good time! No! No! I mean I've had a cold blood, How many have you had any surgeries other than the stomach? No, no surge! That's amazing, yeah. In fact, in front of before the my last fight supposed to get an mri. On my knees, and I had a mri on my chest with my fucking ribs are so separated and I made it very So clearly you see I will go, get this mri but root wireless of the outcome it comes still fighting. Is that ok with you guys and his long- and they said yes, so I was like fine, they wanted you to get an mri. You wanted to get it they wanted. You wanted to get it, so you were complaining of some pain, maybe or you realizing. There's something wrong. I had like my chest with super separated like I couldn't even take a break just pop pop. I could my solar plexus, so
went to Dallas and one train was in some kids in a jam and do this through with a knee with no shame pad and just crushed me in my cellar, blacks and like separated it bad. So what if I was this for the lab, the MID Medeski fight so really the last fight, damn the one. I suppose we could bead that he pulled out for the third fucking time, so that guy gets hurt a lot. His knees are all fucked fucked up a lot of those guys that are fucking like Kane lot of those fucking guys are super strong, mentally just ridiculously aggressive. Those guys In a blowing shit out, like canes blowing out his knee he's, bawling outta shold bowl shoulders had surgeries on him. Yeah, that's style of fighting, especially that intense grappling style. He just way less injuries in kickboxing. And stand up striking like boxing how many fucking fights get cancelled in boxing
is it's rare, as rare rare, very rare, only fights is, is it Mayweather said Campbell yeah? Almost not I don't know. I can't remember a big fight ever I mean it would have to be some severe and use. It's like doing during strengthen fishing training or something you or running or something maybe. But It's very rare that someone pulls out of a bar or they'd have to break their hand or something like that, but it's rare, but in MMA God, damn it's common fuck was so many weird scrambling situation that you get involved in. You know within you bring in. Why is the train with and sometimes those guys? That's the other thing that what you just said to bring it in guys to train with man. I think It is one of the biggest mistakes that guys make. Is that these young guys they bring into camp? They don't even know these guys, but these guys try to make a name look at. If you brought me in to train with you, Joe I'm fucking you up right, yeah, you want to that's what I'm not I'm, not gonna, let you beat me down. Essentially, if you come into a a champs, yeah yeah, I was high level. Guy was well versed,
If you want to say Dude Donaldson, He came into blah blah blah's camping, fucked him up. Oh shit, really I mean that's. What happens you need it. You gotta have your friends, you have friends a lot of guys. Do it the right way like what you're doing at the bad mother, Fucker and all those guys are family right, yeah, absolutely and that speaking, family Felder people? I kelly you want him to lose like to. I do. What is him losing due to me? Can't respond God you can't get. I live in six comma Lane, Edwin Mexico and you wanna, come you to VOX what that is you're opening yourself up to the the one God yeah, and you know you get your stand. If you talk about people that comment on a you tube video yeah. Does that that yeah? I I feel the same when I yeah to me as I'm like you are you to billing could be children. You know it could be. You know young kids or could be more on all post a picture of something like surfing and he were like. Connor is going to kill you well the h.
First of all he's forty five. I want you want just just get on there and see all kinds of shit, and it's just like, and you got you gotta pick who you communicate with like say, look like you and I each other. This is Jamie, Jamie's, a good dude, and you want to have a conversation with Jamie he's, not going to say anything retarded, but he's right there in front of you now if we were just random people talking to you never know you might run into a good dude like Jamie, or you might run into some complete fucking idiot that you would never talk to in real life, but in text they all look the same. They all look the same All looks the same as I can say some shit in a full sentence, and you know, pretend that he has a point: God damn it. I'm gonna start drinking too. Alright we're going to have to you can get. Are you? Are you crack in a nice cold refreshing, but let him and tells running American, but was I just don't it? I just don't think it's wise to communicate with
people that are just insulting online. I don't ever go back and forth. I used to I used too many other day. Why do you drink that fucking, piss, water, disgusting, beer, carb? I get some bad. I said wise is not bad. Whereas and then I reached back by korea- they pay me every month to drink that bug in ice cold Budweiser. So I love it. I like all kinds of different. I used to be a bud light guy, but now I'm about heavy tools but heavy more of it, but have a guy. But I like a SAM Adams, a like a again as a like a dark here, but I like a budweiser to it's like a like water and occasionally I would whiskey? You talk about against our burger, had a snakebite snakebite now so why does Guinness half Guinness and then half like a apple apple logger? Oh really, nice snake bite, maybe now this was that shit that we drink Black Butte Porter that shit good got this dark beer, this dark black who makes that black Butte? Who is the company that makes that Google
yeah yeah disputes brewery. How awesome is doing now, because no one can force it? You could have told me. Twenty years ago I you're the best wrestler in the world. I'm like you are, I know. Well, you one state, seven times wrote and took worlds well how many marriages likes now I know you didn't they didn't actually you've, never even wrestled how many martial arts guys will like that, though, all the one that wore the rex. Condo fucking, badass, pants american flag, american flag, cancel this shit used to be? There was a bunch of guys that claim to be in you. Do you ever know who Rafael Tori is here, but that guy now who is the guy? Who is a writer for like one of those online magazines? I think Abu Dhabi NEWS hired him and he turned out to be a fake black belt and wind up killing the guy wanted
chilling like he was dating a girl and she was married. Some dude killed a dude for the insurance money got busted the whole deal craziness right in jail now for murder, but before that, who is claiming to be a black belt, but he set off of bunch of alarms like you, would go off to Thailand to have these fucking no holds barred, fights and come back and yeah. I got him in a twister in the fresh round. Everybody is like you, learn that like last week. It was. It was really weird, but one of the things he did it was hilarious. Is this dude claimed to be in uh, no rules Kumatai in the woods. So he had his friend drop him off. He brought a big ass duffel bag right because big, he his friend drop him off is like drop me off and come back again. Get me in a couple of days right. So his friend drops him off. He goes off into the woods and shredding come back in a couple of days and now he's got a trophy, no more, no more fucking duffel bag, but the fuck, Spencer, trophies the same size as the duffel bag. Do comes back without a scratch on him. Please, the camping gear mean
that's the kind of shit that people did. You know they were people who are retarded. They really would pretend that they were involved in these no huh the bard contests and their one hundred and fifty. I know right I remember the early days like Hickson Gracie. They would say four hundred, no pure Sheryl, you actually, if you had four hundred fucking fights God Damn to fight a lot. You have to fight like every. Couple days for years, sounds like my high school. You have to win all of 'em too that I did not that I did not yeah well. Those are important loses. The losses are some of the most important ones right. Those are the ones that really make you get back and fucking dig in that burn. You burn yourself, but you wanna yeah, absolutely absolutely to this day Are there any losses that just fucking when you get up in the morning you think about that one, and it makes you just want to go running. You know
more or less the guys that talk about the DS fight. Tell me all the time of diesel beach. As Nick. The Diaz brothers have the most verbal following almost almost as incredible as the Conor Mcgregor following the colts It is unbelievable, so they is tell me all the time you beat you Yes again, like alright, well bring his ass on it. 'cause I'm ready whatever, but you fought Nate right and than 8d. This fight, like it, seemed like you having a hard time in the first round, like you had a hard time getting started like that was a fight where, like that, do talked a lot of shit to you, your boy Kalin, and it seem is he is he contacted you. He said he still there tell him, crashed his mother fucker. Where is he? Oh he's texting you right now, yeah uh, yeah, I was well. You were I'm not making any yeah, I'm not against he's got in my head and yeah absolutely and that we should not have been more now and everyone tell me Connor in your head design so that was a lesson for you super lesson. Many, I don't don't you mean so, let's, let's
take it back you're talking about Rex Condo, this guy right, you see all the movies that people have said. Don't fight out of anger right right. I say that for a reason I mean so I found out of anger. I mean if I was just I don't know what the fuck I was doing. I was just sucked right and that's all there is to know excuses. The mall fucker beat me: did you just get caught up in it like caught up in the emotions of all the shitty? Probably not your fucking had God, how dare you Nate Diaz can talk some shit I'll, tell you what you know it, but as much as he talked like, like those. I like them too. I really do I mean because there is no front on him at all. What you see is what you you like. If I were to run into the Diaz brothers out in the street, we are fucking throwing down and there question I mean that's just who they are right there. You know. So it's not like they put on this front, this persona that their big talk now right, that's who they are: twenty four SEP, twenty, four, seven and yeah. It's awesome to me you so I think both of 'em,
nothing but respect. So when you guys are all retired, you have need to get him and have a drink. Without you, I don't have anything I don't have any animosity or any anger you could either one of them. I would definitely hang out with both of them. You know, and it sucks that fucking you know Nick is in trouble with this whole one of anything is awful, it's awful and it shows how bad the Nevada State Athletic Commission is, and they were angry because he took the fifth because he didn't want to talk about the fucking guy passed two world anti doping agency tests to water test their blood. Tests, their way more accurate than the fucking urine. Yes, the Nevada State, Athletic Commission game with Quest diagnostics. You know and nothing against quest diagnostics, but that method of test thing is not as accurate, so the dude was within the realm. I mean he was, he was legally pasture and they try to get there stealing money from him and I suspended him for five years there, a fucking kangaroo
court, they may or five years ridiculous at any job I mean if I said Joe you're off the air for five years, your fucking ruined man- I mean that's irrelevant. After I almost a year and forget about you yeah almost if you're not I mean he, he is one of the names Spor actually, but I mean five: the fighters he's getting older and always, I hope, he's like thirty, three or thirty four holes next now hold on. I I want to say thirty to at least right. So five years is, can thirty seven and he's not doing any t r t he's not doing sure dial some, you know, yeah God bless them. He's thirty two yeah I was right. So five years. From now it's over man when we were kids when a boxer like hit his 30s you like ice three thousand two hundred and thirty three is almost over. We knew it was almost over sure, but then the age of Trt came along especially with MMA things got real, weird sure,
Not really strange, like you, start to see guys like three thousand six hundred and thirty seven, like Victor having a fucking fights of his career, the best fights ever you know, and these guys that Diaz brothers. One thing you got to say about him: is these fucking dudes take care of their bodies? Yes, they eat healthy as FUCK Knicks. Always eating all organic food, he eats re healthy, he's constantly in shape constantly run. If this guy smoking pot he's not he's not doing messing enough, you know, I'm saying I mean he's taking care of his body so that it is not like he's doing steroids. It's all he's doing something. That's making a freakishly fast or equally strong, but actually complete. Is it yeah? It's it's a whole thing is so frustrating meant that these clowns have any power over people like you. It drives me crazy. It dries crazy that people like you, need these fools that have never been punched in the face. They've, never been strangled, they'd, never fart a day in their life and their the ones
get to decide what Happ this to you well they're the ones who get to tell Nick Diaz, he has to sit out for five years or the pencil pushes of America man there, the people that in high school didn't you know, I feel like those are. Those are the guys that now they have, in the mood now now he's high and mighty, you know, and maybe you know, but there's a lot of pencil pushers that are good dudes. You know it's a good women, it's not there problem the problem is people in positions of power that are accustomed to that position of power, and then they treat it like there, a fucking king or queen they're tire since my buddy Scott Parker, who parks the avalanche that he's been over four hundred fights you stick around and there he that is a dark. Is that the the the hot? For so the only one I actually have been there or what sites, because those guys of all the time right, he'll, probably fight like two three times a week. That's huge he's he is my snowmobile and partner right. So that's! It is only an example. So I
have you ever written snowmobile, but you get stuck in like five six feet of powder and now you're stuck write a bagel sumbitch come over one hand by rat, just really old gold get it, and I'm in there digging me out like an hour and I'm like you, mother, fucking, big, ass bitch, oh yeah he's good. Down, help me build the fucking ranch, managed solid guy solid. He gets that's nice man, it's good to have good friends, especially ones that can lift a fucking snow bill. Smaller help rack pull it out of the way the professional athletes is so short that it's even more frustrating when someone gets like if you're an accountant and they sespe and for five years you know hey, you could always get a job doing something else than five years from now. You get reinstated as an accountant, but when you're an athlete you got this short window. I mean, I think, Nick started fight when he's eighteen, so you know he's thirty. Two now he's got a few years left at MAX Max Max.
I mean it's conceivable that he could come back in thirty seven, since he does take care of his body. Maybe it's financially? What are you doing right must into a lifestyle fighting. I am at least yeah only sure super degenerate, my money. Everyone knows that yeah I mean the whole. I mean what what's already it's something every day. I don't know what I'd do you You have to go on the road and start doing seminars but euro because of your style and because of Nick style. You guys are both really well loved like if something like that happened with you We could do seminars and make a few grand every week, and maybe maybe not in Dublin one hundred anywhere, but what you guys thought you could do it. If you and Connor Fontan duked it out had an epic contest, then you could do it. You know I'm just a big stick in the more. If you beat a couple times decisively would have to be where they have to just give in.
Have to say. Alright, you had a beta beta beta, but if you're fucking cut down to one hundred and forty five never taught from Fucking Connor examined man, I appreciate the fuck outta work, doing he's getting eyes on the sport, yeah he had been running really pissing me up a flight to tell when he was in the fucking president, but I wanted to rip him so bad. Of course I want to kill my own begging, all car. You can blow me like a cup of hot soup. You sonofabitch blow me like a cup of hot soup. Doesn't work you blow on a cup of hot soup. Is that what it is? I don't he just blows you like that. That's why it's confusing the vernacular is really odd. Like blowjob, I don't understand weather very could blow me like a cup of hot soup. First time, first time there you go, I've never heard that will happen around like a couple too, but the fucking guy look what he said to dos Anjos. That shit was hilarious, like he's like, if you get a,
with me. You've made it your call, your wife, honey, put on the foot red panties we made it come on. I appreciate Buckeye that his shit talking game is better than anybody. It is he's the best ever I mean, and Nick Diaz is right, because you know what his ankh antics inside the Octagon Nick Nick's antics inside the octagon fuck with a lot of people's heads. Sure like the first fight, would Robbie Lawler, like I remember the first time Sonic talk, shit was the first fight with Robbie logs Robbie was dangerous, so Nick took that shit talking to DEFCON five and he got into the octagon and the first thing he as it gets into the octagon he looks over at Robbie goes Stockton, Motherfucker Stockton. He starts walking around Stockton, mother and Robbie's like what the fuck is he talking about. Is that even mean yeah, then the entire time? The fight is going on like what bitch, what you're going to do a bitch going to bitch and then hit him all bitch. I just stung you bitch and it be poppin 'em and every time
the wall or didn't talk back to a, but you could clearly see he's not. He didn't anticipate that, but I don't in as far as Nick Innate go, I don't know if that's like a game plan that they're the just like the rest, like them, yeah like I think if they are on the street, a black, well yeah yeah, that's like real life. Talk like that what they know what it is. I feel I'd be its own. Like that! That's that's! That's them! That's the end because it is still a psychological sure think it's an excellent tactic and- and I and yes it's so if genesis overhead up due to some- is laid out on the mat, yeah hello, the greatest pound for pound fighter in the history of sport and he lays down, and then he gets up what is her dog? What but yeah just and he did Do any of that leading up to the fight which is even more fucked up 'cause. I don't think Anderson expected it at all,
when he was in there talking shit to him, you could see Anderson just like moving around and not doing anything frozen, and you know thinking about like there's no love, Bitch Anderson had never experienced that before man come on. Lady, he is anderson- is the greatest. So psychological fall. I've ever seen in my career to win. This him go from the guy who beat Stephan Bonner, who steps is back up again cage drops his hands like come on, yeah, go ahead and then moved out of the way and then decides all right now. I'm an attack hits bond with the need to stomach drop so and then pounds amount and Dk Osm and then looks like a guy in the fucking matrix I mean and then to go from that config. To the to Weidman fights man, They did a number on him. They did a number on him like I've. Never seen before. It's fast wanting to say it's fast: I need to see how a guy can be almost just unbeatable and then Weidman after
If I mean you gotta, think about the second fight Anderson broke his leg right sure. Why and did not come ality broke as we had him hurt bad for the first round. But then, after that fight Weidman is like you know. I don't want to fight him again. I want to hurt him like whoa. But just for Anderson, to hear that it's going to be like that's a mindfuck man, land I mean if you're coming up. I mean the mind is such a mother fucker like if you could just get your mind to do what your heart wants to do. Life would be so much easier yeah. I think, like there's so many times in the cage like right in I don't know my brain knew what my heart was trying to say, but that's. What I wanted to do. You know, and it's so and then you it's
I can't even put words on you know it's crazy to do any mental training. Do you do any meditating or any visualization fucking Highschool, Budweiser brother? We talking about God, damn it mother, fucking fire to fight, but I probably maybe should I mean, but in this it's not like that. I was telling Blake Griffin Day, like hey man, you I have a bad day. You fall back in later can pick up stuff. I have a bad day on the best fighter in the world by two hundred feet is just now them you pussy fucking die. The difference between a guy losing a basketball game two and getting shit on by fans. I have to stay offline for a couple of days. You know and you hit the three pointer to win the game in your fucking hero, again you're back up for a fighter man, especially because fighting like when a kid is clear, an idiot looks at a fighter. They look at something that is so unattainable. They might as well be talking to a unicorn. You know
we might as well be talking to a God. They might as well be talking to someone who's, not even real, so they feel like they can talk shit to you. Do you say I did you say? Did you say God and something real? we cannot even some sense. I, like it yeah, that's what I'm saying you know like your APOLLO, you fucking, Zeus or something you know. I'm saying is like you, you are not. They don't relate to you and when the rye, and this thing was sitting there. Fucking keyboard, getting crazy man. I don't know what I just did. I think I deleted something so I mean the crazy thing about fighting is, if you were to go out and fight right now. There's no emotion, there's no thought it's just fucking get it but now December 18th. I have this entire time window to think the problem is not the fight that bothers me. Nothing and I think I speak for I don't give a shit, but it's my Gramma sitting ringside. I got all the people I meet along the way that you know I've met and I've interacted with.
Now and in their mind when they talk to people, yeah, I'm going to get this fight he's going to fuck this dude so like the present is so high, like pressure, the pressure unbelievable. So you talked to those people leading up to that fight. You know you, don't even know if it's, if it's talking to him over, it's just no you know one that there there and knowing that there mean the pressures unbelievable. So when you're in that fight in like are you ready? Are you ready and sometimes you're, like no, I'm not running or jogging? Are you kidding? No, I'm not ready is never going to be a ton of it already for no. No! No, I'm not sweating. My heart pounding in my chest and they're like being in your oh shit, fake it till you make it in his time to you know it's unbelievable man and you got to go out there and is he very simple across him and he's like he didn't look ready. You know what I mean like it's not right and.
Some of those times when you're sitting there corny look across you, like second got him check. I could see it. I broke him a got. It sometimes looks like I don't know. What is this going to come out really hard? like it's. So it's crazy, like God, Eddie Alvarez fight third round come out. He came out like Hey man slow down, you don't really like. So it's it's so much mind shit that goes on. Like I said I can get my fucking mind. Do what my heart wants to do. I feel like I could be anyone in the world, but the problem is is being Brady on Game Day man, it's so tough, but listen to me. Why don't you do any mental preparation? I tried. I tried to meet mental people that don't fuckin doing that's all okie, pokie, fucking, nauseous pokey turn yourself around your cell phone. It's all about. You know. I feel them the game is so hard to grasp because yeah Henry Smith and Jeff sorry you're calling out what I should do right. I see what I should do right. I don't do it you just like
I'm like a stick in the mud, but do you think that, like like, when you're in the heart of battle, okay, is when you're at your best, like, like, let's, say a particular impressive fight like the Jim Miller, Flasher Jim Miller fight, you were on fire, you just look you so dominant that fight. He looks so focused and you just your combinations, you're, first in seeing everything was on point when you're in that zone right when you like right before you stopped him. What is, in your mind, are you empty? Are you blank? So I'ma be a fucking one thousand percent honest with you, I'm like a video game in a third person. So I see myself from behind my head playing myself how fucking lunatic in taking my brain talking, but that's how I see the fights see the fight me finding you. I see it from like a helicopter view above my fucking right shoulder, and I see it like when I'm in the zone and I'm
well. You know what I mean, not emotional debt back and I'd like to use like little hop in that. Like puts me like that, I like go behind fucking dialed in and it's like everything LOS Right- and I see myself out of body this crazy- is that fox, sound right from a third party? Well, it's a. I haven't heard it before from anybody else, but it doesn't sound easy because I think it what you're talking about is it's not you well yeah, outside of your you yeah, so I am out I'm literally out side of me. It's like I am telling that person what to do from right outside perspective. So when you write that your best that would you say, like you, wanna fight the entire fee on a per flight sample the entire from Bell to Bell the done right, I was outside I mean I'm. There was a point we touch. I remember Well, seeing myself run across and touch gloves and it was fucking on what was the flight before the Dunham fight, but does Anya's. So would
you think that, because the DOS Anjos LOS like you, but more focused, more intense and then came out in the Donald Fight and you just on fire fuck. I wish I had an answer for that. I don't know I totally underestimate that does the Sandra sucking will not happen again. He's gotten a lot better. You know that guy works hard. You know, I know I know, he's your adversary and you're fighting them, but when you are at your best, would you say that you or you don't have any emotions at all on your zero right? You are at at at zero yeah and then, when you are frustrated in your in a bad place, your battle emotions trying to calm them down, really trying yeah. It's like I'm on my trying to find second gear yeah right right. You know it's like the worse on the world. You know I mean, if that's what it feels right like when I'm right, but just I try to grind in buying and growing in a cold weather. That's and you talk yourself,
Can you fucking pussy gold yeah, you know and that's and that's what I'm going through my mind like I'm fat, can't find it. I just can't find second gear and when you're in that place is the most frustrating right. Absolute most frustrating man. There is nothing. That means like what do you do well? Do you think that it's possible, through mental training and through specific techniques, you could get better at it, leaving that what would call maybe like a flow state the same way you got better at being a fighter like think about your days of fighting which first learn moitie. You know but you weren't, like I'll, tell you when I first saw you I first saw do when you want to tap out, show sure, because it was like who is while mother hanging out with Master strong head kicks, but it will cool thing about you. What I thought you you sort of, you were up the person, a vacation of an idea that Eddie travel and I both had, and that idea was, if you get a guy. Who is a really good kick boxer, but
also has a really good guard right. There fucking super dangerous sure, because they're not worried about getting taken down, so they throw those kicks freely. So you want a lot of your early fights by submission off your back, correct, 'cause, yeah, I'm just well for one my wrestling was zero right, so I mean it's not like. I was like I'll just kick freely and defending he did take me down. I mean it's fun as you were to watch back then, when I first watched you are doing or not one now that was going on here. You are a lot better now right sure, you're a lot better now, so you got better at that. Do you think that you could get? better the same way with your mind with achieving afloat, and don't you think that you should practice that, though I should I showed him when I want to work on that. I'm going to work on that. I think if you had a coach that could work through that which you know you talk about this mind right and there's been times when I've been hitting pads and I fucking go ended.
Flow state, you're in the zone. I go into it. Yes, I fucking boo, boo, boo, Seen you doing machine videos of you in two days go by and I don't see it every day tomorrow how it goes, though, right then sometimes, and it dude. It is like it's like a drug. I think in state exists and everything I think singers experience it. I think also to basketball play there's all sorts of different athletes, experience that state and it's all a not trying to find that state that state exists in stand up, comedy that stay exists in. I think in every everything that's difficult to do. Is it time zone into its own hand, man a zone in yeah, whatever it is whatever it is, but it He comes if you've dotted all your eyes and crossed all your teeth right. You have to have no worries at all about your preparation. Oh no! No! No yeah that all has to be absolutely yeah you know and yeah.
Right and any fuck. You think that drinking has any effect on your physical performance or do you think that you do it at a level where you're not fucking, with your endurance, lots of things? I think I think people think that cowboy just drinks fucking twelve pack at night, but like how many beers you drink on a regular basis. I will dinner a couple. If I'm out with friends a couple you know will put this expac down, maybe maybe graduated twelve pack, I don't know, but we're engaging and having a good time. So this is a rare moment. Do I sit at home and drink alone? No, absolutely social, social drinker? I hang out with my friends. I did have a cold beers. You know what dinner, but a lot of times, train when you're training, your sore, you come home. You know you roll your like! Oh my god, you want a beer yeah. Did you put two? we're done ya, taste, so much better, so much better ice, cold beer after training is one of the actually it's good Thirty two, because there's something better right. Well, it's up. There
You don't have too much of it. Just like a point of diminishing returns, they say that the like, I guess, is the hops or whatever it is. It can replenish the Lycos, your body, you know who was a grew, could Jim Crow collection? Whatever's, you know was a big believer in that one of the best ever bus route right last would never stop drinking sure he goes. I have a drink or two every night, while he, eventually, because he, you know, sort of developed an issue. You know you get a little crazy with it, but when he was trained- and you know it would have a couple of years at night- and you didn't stop avenue- I mean some I'll drink. Two hundred and thirty four nights in a row I'll go. Why won't have a beer for week? Two weeks- I don't know you know and not. So but the problem with drinking. Are you ready for cowboys velocity on drinking I've been ready forever high, so mean you? Have a six pack we're older dinner. Six pack, leader aquapac, needs to his drinking shots, leads to a Steiner two in the morning
what do you do in the morning? You chase pussy right. So now you fuck find a girl. You go home. She that I don't want to give you the pussy game till six hundred. Am I don't. I give you the pussy game, sorry, so funny funny sixty seven. Am you do your deed? I got training at nine hundred and thirty. I don't make it right. That's where I feel alcohol. Yes, but if I have four five, here's I go home go to. Sleep is the kind of my train model. I don't think so, not at all. As long as you have water do not dehydrated all that jazz. So do you watch your diet? You absolutely not absolutely not, Floyd Mayweather ate burgers. Forty nine, oh yeah, I mean I just I whatever I want to drink whatever I want and that's that's my life man. You never like. You don't have like a Dulce guy or something like that. Monitors your adult jayegi. How dare you what's wrong?
No, the doctor gave you nothing's wrong. It works great for Rhonda apparently, but does works great for a lot of people right now. I don't. I can't have you telling me if you said cowboy, country that beer can eat pizza, pizza, grumpy to hope, English yeah, I'm a fucking Christ. This piece is like sex, bad these are gonna, be distilled vodka. Pizza brother did, but is there a way you could have like the best of both worlds is a bit of a way that you could like figure out how to give your body the best fuel and maybe I'll, give you a little slight edge on it. That's k help a little you know, supplements will help. Vitamins will help take supplements you're, taking vitamins, nothing, nothing they hold. You know thirty, two! I mean my friends can definitely preach for me. I don't I don't take uh. I don't take shit, nothing, nothing! No! Protein powders.
Can I use a little bit of medicinal marijuana on the fucking knee the Cbd oil. You know you should do with the knees. Fucking stem cell injections are incredible. Man Decormier had one he had. He was like that close to surgery and a stem cell rejection is knee and fix them right up. The I mean I ran does apparently thinking about it. She had one of her judo coach is just had stem cells done in his name for steering me away from medicinal marijuana, and once you do that TI both do that too, but don't do it as much nick or no. I don't refuse the though the the the urinalysis the urine tests. No, I I I I I I I yeah it was like a road bike, a I was in Colorado. I got a yeah, they have scream is exactly why there's like cream like. I think it was like a fifty to one need Cbd to one thei got some of the chip, I'm scared of it. Bro
put on many. I didn't. I didn't feel I didn't I mean no, that was, it was only like one percent, one, fifty one. So I always so it's all c, b d in very little t h, correct. All I see yeah do we my knee felt great on one best, Anti inflammatories non demand. Also, and but I don't I don't- I mean I don't smoke weed. I don't shy on people that do I don't give a fuck you do whatever to help people. You know making a difference to me. I just wish I could be a nhe. I have ever been like. Like I used to get high. When I was a kid and being high wish. I could be on high right now kind of like if you I think too much in your spinning. You try to put your foot down on the floor like I wish I could be unfucking drunk right now, it's same same kind of deal. I wish you know. Well, it's like everything you a little bit of moderation's good couple, toots, just
I'll bet hang out with the girlfriend make a little kissy kissing they want West. I mean one of my good friends airborne again, that's why he smoked religiously everyday and I'll leave. You isolate, however, floors wide give me when he hit that thing in the national I'm over in the corner, walked out of my mind with that size would be on higher. I don't have a tolerance for it and you jumping right into the open the pool. You need swimming lessons right ok, I will learn how to take hold your breath, breathe in breathe out, there's a lot of shit that goes into that he can't just I've had a My friends are like. Let me see what the fuss is all about. I'll go! Ok, listen to me! Yeah shit right here! There's glass tips, ok smell! Then what yeah yeah yeah they use glass asset that take a smell that just smell it smell it. Just about see that that's not to be fucked
no, I don't that's not to be with you could smoke it. You gotta, be careful. You lose. This looks like something that would find on Colfax in Colorado, like butter cracking crack it yeah. Well, you got to deal with this. You handed me this job for her. I know right but usually use paper at the end of it, but glass is better than paper, it comes in a fucking bitch in little little Miss work that bitch up right. Now I will, if you want me to do you, want some of this. Now, I'm not going to know now we have a little yeah watch, so vapor kush, vapor there. It is glass tip but I do this all the time. I wouldn't recommend it like that for dad. For me that be done, yeah. No, no, it will confuse people makes you anxious, doesn't freak out and makes you confront all sorts of shit that you been keeping in the back your head, but I confront that shit all the time. So this is my friend. So when I dig in on us,
so I mean I guess I don't I don't smoke weed. I mean I've done, of course, and down we did a backpacking. With a couple of buddies, my name they brought weeds. Of course. Of course I smoked it. You know we go hand in hand and I was in charge of the hands and I was in charge of the gps. So where you're going. I don't know, but it was two miles as the crow flies every every fucking time. They asked me where I was going 'cause we kept moving, but the spot were going to stay the same so everywhere we went, as there's two miles as the crow flies two miles as the crow flies is such a fucking mountain turn. People have never hiked, they have no idea what you're talking about right, but that's the idea folks, is that if you go down and then up well, the disk is between those points straight as a crow would fly, is like a mile, but you going like a mile and a half two miles, maybe 3b grammar and then you're still too, look at myself every time a day where we out, I said, there's two miles across
whenever you mother, Fucker dude. I am amazed at how fucking tired hiking gets you just. She was a fuckin eighty Perry Rock on your back yeah dude right now when you're, especially in Colorado, yeah. Well, we brought all our rock climbing gear, smart ride, three thousand and forty with climbing gear two thousand and forty pounds of gear, and you deal with altitude fuck it's word network, traditional climbers. We set our own anchors, so shit. I mean, if you're going to do it, why not well but you gotta make your sphincter fucking, come all the way to a baby right now. What you do you like to make your sphincter like really fucked, clamp down? That's the thing! That's mother bucket when you when you, when you go to you're hanging out one v and you go to set that bolt, and you don't know if you said a good enough, because you're Fatigue Jesus Christ had to clean up the rope sweaty hands, this cat Alex Honnold. You know he is is like so the greatest free climbers in the world. You want to talk about setting your sphincter, this guy climbs shit.
Most people don't even want to climb. That's him. He climbed shit with no ropes and One time he's halfway up the mountain. He realized that he forgot his fucking chalk. He didn't bring any powder, so he's halfway up the mountain, and I don't even like to kettle bells without powder you doing that boy, just kind of give a little. He just I've gone he's an animal. I mean this fuck? It look at what he's doing look at this. Look at this fucking call that now today your pot fucking committed right when you're halfway down. Also, his only option is to come out and I got to be bad all right out. There go right out the door and take a drink for fun. I hear you did yes I'll, be right out. Fine without you, Donald is going to be fighting for the title in fuck. When is it December in Orlando FL and he's fine. I filed LOS Angelus the guy who beat Anthony Pettis
Who is one of the baddest mother in the sport, so Sodo San Jose is a beast. It's a it's, a really big fight, a really important fight and it's a fight that I mean as much as you will talk about how much he you know he doesn't give a fuck and he's having a good time and everything like that. This is something he's been working towards for a long long time, but like Wally's opinion, I could tell you this like. This is how this guy is all the time like he's. Not show he's a great guy, too he's fun to hang out with me and he's always like this is always friend, I mean he's, always not. I couldn't hear about him getting in fights with people like the fact that he barely net kick that guy. If a lot of So that would be like please, you fucking teed off on him, like I would've, probably tied off on him, but he really would like him, nice, Eddie, Bravo or Sheffield staring at me. When I put that Sheffield
we should fear, that's my buddy MIKE Maxwell, but made a bunch of fear Sheffield from us. My my girlfriend her from the thing Sheffield so that that's very different, I think about. Are you think about your girlfriend? Things got weird that cast super yeah. My friend I made a bunch of different pictures of a it is a joke. Back, there were going to revise the Joey Joey Diaz. One didn't come out so good now, which one is he sits in the back. It didn't workout these reviews, so I just bought some new guns. Yeah I saw Amanda. So what is an integral LISA Press, three hundred win mag, so in and that's were, the suppressor is part of the barrel. The suppressor for people that don't know guns as a silencer that makes it really quiet sounds like a faggot farting really.
All you hear is not an and I have a. We have a three hundred win yeah, it's! So it's a mother of a gun cells. So much kick so. This has very little kick to because it's zero kick so normally if you're good people date shoe and a double tapping grabbing right right now you, if, if you want that's insane insane, so we super supersonic rounds right, which is it breaks the sound barrier? That's illegal in California! Isn't it this God fucking job when you have no idea, but so they make Sub sonic animal upside down or right on here, but we're shooting supersonic can allow it just to prove a point. All you can hear is the bowl clink clink clink, saints row in say so the guy that came out of my house, it's Keystone, Armory, plugging him right now, but will please do they would spit down the bear. Because suppressors aren't made you get wet gun. How many rounds is that whole thirty, two
my three hundred win bangs out bolt action rifles glad to see. I have the same one right, so it's going to we were literally shooting in my backyard and the guys across the street. We called him over there like do. We thought you guys were just using you. Well gun, shooting building house. It's, like click click clicking clearly, so They have nine millimeter forty five and you sound like a pellet, you can't even probably can't even possess them in California, which is really weird. You know in Europe, huh king without a silencer is rude like they all have suppressors, because they don't want to hurt people's ears like like. It doesn't make sense that you can hunt with an archery equipment archery set up, which is totally sign, said bad? I tell Dega short, I haven't even been called Dega, never been tell me about television, so fun. Talla, Dega and Daytona. If you guys are NASCAR fans or if you're not, you need to go just experience the in
till you don't want to really watch it. I like people turning left and then right. I like a lot of movement in my racing. I liked formula. One thing: well, it's like around a lot. Listen Kevin Harvick is a dear friend of mine. Four all day, and but there best left turners on the paper ever nobody left, but talk about this we're going here. So I show up to Michigan Michigan Michigan Kevin Tracy, and I said you know what how how funny good, how good I mean how hard could it be? So I said: let's go to go Kart race, I'll fucking, I'll run with you right, so good cause it. The nearest go kart track, so it will be right. There we show up. I said: where is the fastest car fucking Badass Kevin says, which one is the slowest this mother fucker was run,
laps around me in the fucking GO kart and I'm a go. Kart going. Mother fucker, like I feel like you're, not going to beat me to go kart very pull over to say, I'm a go. Kart going mother fucking pull over and wait for me to catch up. Fucking catch me again, it's all about how they you know when we don't we're taking these corners here or that means you're losing speed. He just He just knows how to cut the line. Fucking unbelief yeah! Well, I would imagine even to be just a guy who does NASCAR. You would have to be one of the top drivers in the world. The difference is that I appreciate the shit out of women Danica. I lover she's she's, not too crazy. It's like the rowsey of racing ever run is not hot, How dare you want? How dare you say it loudly and Paul? My goodness, do you have higher standards of me, sir. I think she's hot as fuck, you don't think she's. I don't want to get into this. I don't
we want to go away. I love her too much when you watch formula one race like do you feel like that you have a bye, opinion when you're when you're commentating, because you like her so much. I have a bias opinion. You too, okay. I do next question. Try to suppress question I try to suppress it, but part of being a commentator is if, like your RIAA, paper. I love that dude right, I think you're I Faber is a cool mother fucker. I love talking to him right when he fights. I have to put myself in a place don't think about the TJ when TJ fights I have to put myself in a place. We don't think about I'll. Tell you what I hate. I hate to tell you this. I love Connor. I love that so my grandma always tells me she watch the fight and she used to put it on mute in this the real fight she doesn't like me know she loves you, but she just likes to be
silence you right in in in its integrity law, and should you know that they should offer that and, as you know, Joe are to the fans weigh the scale. I could yeah. No, I did. I know that you use right. It is important for me to I try to be as objective about, but I also have to be honest. If something is happening and some guys what you see, sometimes the judges joint, so sometimes the fans you have on the scale one side, you know quite big but operates right on with probably an better at it than the judges sure the real problem. That's his arrogant thing to say that justice silk, that there are real, but I don't think we're friends. This is just happening. Obviously I heard about it sucked I heard it, but I'm not even remotely surprised I haven't recorded I'm going to watch it.
Batman's on the watch, our fight that yeah, you know Bam Bam, won the fight. But we've seen that man we saw that it happens all the time for action and rams in each of his last fight, and I was a lot with the Henderson myself first fight, I yeah like I want. You know the third fight that we just had. Okay, no man, it could it. You know that was my God honestly tell you. I thought he edged you, so I just audiologist and and but it was a very close fight, yeah we're in wasn't it a travesty sure. This house is amazing and I'm and I'm I'm not hiding it. In fact, Benson is one of the fucking best on our planet and you're. One of the best in the planet was a great fight. I mean it wasn't. There was
There's no doubt about it. Was a super high level very entertaining fight in Benson's. Coming down to help me transfer the site. That's awesome I want to do so. He's got a great soul. He told me he's like a man's a good this one. They gave me the first one fucking go get it that's what he said to me: that's beautiful! I'm glad he did that, so I'm biased towards a lot of guys, I'm biased towards Chad, Mendes. I love that dude. I think he's a great guy I mean, but when they're fighting damn dude, I tried to let all that shit slide away. I try to look at it as objectively as possible so like in there like the RON, Petco Hail fight if batch beat the fuck out of Rhonda. In that right, I would be calling it is, is one of the most spectacular moments in MMA, even though I'm a friend of RON does and how fucking badass that she looked that way, she would know the Leonard Garcia, Ronda fight she just get down on her mouth threesome fuck, that girl updated and did it like flawlessly
a right hand. She hit her with an attack to the left that she's going down, she's, not wing and she's. Strong perfect contact a large dollar winner, the only is not gonna. Hang us fight, but she's throwing clean technique. Man is for her, word Swinger, but the the way she landed the right hand and as a girl going down, she is with the left. There's no wind up with that. Has sleeping babe Bing and she's only been fucking striking for a few years. Man is a recent thing. ' 'cause. If it will it will you know what man, if you're, one of those fucking people like that girls got that brain. If you want most fucking people, she could be the best surfer she could be. She would find her way. You know if Danica Patrick was the number one NASCAR driver should find a way to get in front of that bitch. You know I'm saying sure. There's some people out there like that girl, don't have any loser inner. She figures out a way to win and win their whole life. Her mother is a bad mother. Fucker too. If not, can you say that a mother is a bad mother? Fucker but I mean Motherfucker Motherfucker is use.
Is loosely as Cunt is for australian or English, English. I mean this is a term of endearment he's a good cunt. I was with these. Why awesome? Fisher. He was just with me today and that's all he says you fucking can't you Chicky contacted cheeky cunts Did you know that r am three hundred and fifty year fucking can't? What's in re, M350 ram three thousand five hundred I thought it was subjected crazy right. No, it's a ram recalls. Rem goes over there. I have a buddy lives in Australia is the biggest truck you can get is like a Toyota. Tacoma guys are tundra or something so and so we're at we're at a bar in Vegas. That's all it needs. They just tell you any kinds. Am I give, I would say: hey you can't get thrown out of the bar world. Say folks know that it's did. He played a barmaid at bar image print more round. Your cunt I mean
If you could understand him- and I was like what is going on Here- did you tell The count is different for us civilized folk. We absolutely had to turn in the modern world they're living in the 50s over there. It's like a John Wayne Movie unbelievable I love Australia, man. I fucking love going there too, I'm looking forward in Melbourne. I never been to mountain oaks. Fighting there is is five in the cardfight another answer like that: dude, yes, strong, Dade, county Was me a bodyguard to the crocodile hunter yeah us, not crazy. About all the time now? So you want to even a crazier fucking story. Call Nook and Jonathan Webb just signed to the UFC Train, the Jonathan who being at the ranch came for his fight. The entire way call the point got pulled out. They call Jonathan had and take the fight they train for each other, the entire fuckin eight weeks. Oh, my God, fought each other Jesus.
Price, so they have to fight each other. They divided where they fight in Australia, who won that Kyle One wow Dale That's hard right in Jonathan looked spectacular. Man, it was unbelievably was crazy. It was for all of us, like coach, Bing internal guys. It was like watt, but Kyle Cocktails run you idiot. If you don't take the fight, you know there you find USC or you. To do so. You stupid, Sumbitch tape, fight and that's I mean that's you had that happening, I mean other than Benson. I mean I fight Melvin, Guillard yeah. Oh, that's right! You train it smell how many years you have very many or so give me some psychological warfare and fi, two sure 'cause. You said that Melvin used to quit. Training like I'm, going to make him quit again, yeah. Absolutely. Why not psychological warfare? I collage your friend to write on your friend who now get dog,
but the sum of its came out in Whammer dampered me didn't he would lose a left hook. Zone left. Let's wait hold up here, yeah without the hardest time you ever been here. I think you said in one of those UFC countdown things that was the hardest other than other than Leonard training yeah. It's raining the rock on a rope. You know that's neat so other than that, but uh kind of rope, that's hilarious on a room for people, don't know we're talking about. If you had a rock on the end of a rope and just swung it that's the way land rock and roll back on a rope. Well, I mean there's a great video where a Connor Lovemore Hadam is teaching when he's co doing this. This season, the ultimate fighter and they're doing these specific drills and he said a cool thing that I think John Kavanaugh says he said this is Upgrade software without damage in your hardware. There's two cook schools of thought right right, there's that school of thought like
fight, smart, train, smarter and then there's the school of thought. Where are you hard ride? Jet skis over top of cliffs the day before you fight all we made wait, let's go fuckin swim with sharks. You know I mean that's, that's your school thought sort of a difference called thought. Very much so yeah how hard training session Are you having in camp? Are you guys going full out sure sure I mean. Someday someday is not something is not so I'm a I'm a wake up on Tuesday, like I'm, not feeling it uncle Fucking White Board, You just decided not train yeah, I mean all the guys on the coach right there and they they've been with me for so long that they just say. Okay, so you know a lot of people think that that actually is a smart thing that the active recovery, are you going through something I'll call it today is not the day. Do you, but you like to still
two things, though oh yeah minimum we go rock climbing weight, Borden right, but if you think about that, like so you're still working still when your body right, you're, not taking a dangerous sleeping, mean man there's been. I don't know how many days in my life that just done nothing but slept looking to I got and playing with surfing. Try going on here. Does he just always move in Runnin and a gun, and they I love it man I love it. I mean it's just that's my that's Tom geared I'm just had I had in my friends have to take. Brakes. They tell me all the time like cowboy I got a week for you after that. We got it right, We got tag team, somebody else in because we can't keep this fucking pace. You're too much you go, go, go, go, go like there's days that all train wake board all day and come back and train just
you're enjoying it so you're getting a rush the whole time. So I will look at life right now, as I'm retired. Now, because when I quit making money and it's time to proper attire, I'm not going to have any money so going to Fiji. Your soup diving is not oh, which scuba diving. My favorite thing, I'm going four hundred feet, All you need is a good financial advisor. All you need is someone who you trust to take care of your money and handle shit, and make sure you always say what say what the God Damn money. Just if you can stay trailer hitch. That's what I'm saying if I just sent hers with a trailer hitch alright, but if you just stay being cowboy, we just need to figure out a way to get this out. You don't have to work again today in your life, when you come late in you're, not going to be broke. You just need the right guy to steer you you're. A fuck and I got my grandma. She tell her all the time, maybe she's the gal is perfect. I asked her why she doing she said fucking brought it to the
will burn off. The motherfucker needs are right, but no you're out there. That's all you need to do what you've got. What you are I mean, I'm not blowing retired now are is like what everybody wants out of their super. You are retired or retire one hundred and fifty. This is what is fucking. I can't wait I'm trying with fancy guy like that's what everybody wants. They want, a guy who's just live in la Fucking Wildman and going in there. There's there's something appealing to that. There's something called liver, lifelike worth living, but there's some appealing to the spartan two right. Appealing to the guys willing to not have sex shut out all this tractions to put a fucking poster as well write down his goals, some Dan Gable type dude, who just stoic and can never ending an indomitable spirit, and this guy just doesn't do any he's dropping down a brother. You want to Fucking Wake board man fucking in the zone and I'm like, what's the
the zone we're talking about when you're behind? No that's not today. That's just in your fight we're discussing fun today and they don't- and I said well, alright, I'ma go have some fun. It's a balance right is trying to figure out. What's the best way to do it. What's the best way to do it. 'cause like day gay black brought up, did you play football? No, never played football. Straight away from that shit. Ok! So here the guys that are still three thousand five hundred and forty years old. Talking about that game right that they had. I think that's what I search for every day you know like fighting is fucking. Love it get six times a year if I'm liking this year, I'm get it one time so I think that's why I do the things I do, because it gives me that feeling that I'm searching for that scared What am I doing? Oh my god feeling! Well you like Prue in yourself and you like a potential and those. Two things that a lot of people shy away from how many view Even if you can't right now said your
bow hunter, maybe will said the mother fucking target. Let's go, let's do it and that's I so. Well, that's also the only way you get good at anything people shy away from that there's only one way you get. You surround yourself with bad mother fuckers, doing exactly what you do and you force yourself to keep go in your inspirata. That is the problem in this sport, because I see that in the gym all the time you see the guys, spar and it comes or grappling day comes. You see all the guys finding yeah. They know they can beat, they don't cost. The guy that kills them write me. I want you, mother, Fucker right. I want You want the toughest channel you, the baddest dude you want. Let's go fuck me want the one that's going to stir you up inside just fucking burn me where you submit me three times in five minutes, not going to happen again, ok. You know what I mean: that's how I think you fucking fuck me I'm calling my coaches like I just got fucked up right.
Fix this problem right right. That's I mean that I want the guys. A push me I need does I need that my world, when you get to the level that you're out to you, also realize that those guys it push. You are the reason why you put in that extra effort. It takes you to the top of your ability and there's that there's. This is a you guys that we all know that never quite reached the top of probability like you hear bottom in the gym there fucking on fire are they just have you know they have dev days with their work beaters and for whatever reason they don't ever get it together in the moment of Christ at his gym heroes. Right absolutely this sport is on believable man, it's yeah! You have to be able to go out there and fight your best every single day. Then you have to execute under insane pressure. That's the most admirable quality around about it. You know, sometimes, when I look around like that, was one of the these things about RON's fight was after she knocked
bitch, go her. She just strutted around the cage and looked up at everybody. Just took it all in she. Just rushes face planted that chick on a straight outta com didn't add. Okay, I mean she really what's the meal was on. Believe I didn't see the movie, it was the the no. No. I didn't see them as gray. I'm sure it's great, but the fact that she faceplate that are on that and then just walked around the gig. That moment, I doubt moment who the on stands that moment, but her who are you anybody experience is it you know the moment where you know think of like the Edson Barboza fight cracking with that jab and then take his back like that moment. When your taps and you stand up and the whole crowd goes fucking ape shit because it was key, Oops up until that moment right he came out guns blazing. Then you caught him with that jab he went down. You got his back and strangled him that much that man will you so in in the fire. In that moment, Barbara said she blinks, but in that moment doubt
free sex. Before that moment, I know I got him. How did you know because he hit me, fucking everything you had in the kitchen sink and when he unloaded being being being being being, kicked me as hard as he could and I just stood there look this corner his like now what I was like gotcha, so so you saw moment of thinking and some moment of contemplation. I got it. I got you he's a talented mothers super talented, absolutely that switch kick that he was hitting pool elder with was the fastest, which you have ever seen in my life. I've never seen anybody throw it like that hard and fast. It's like she's a sweet fucking Christ welcome Henry Inhaler Ginger, so is showing a little bit more than what he would be elected. He could be black like check Congress. You would have been impressed by that. Kick that kick was insane right he's so fast man and his coach Mark Henry that's a guy who's like some of the most underappreciated guys in the sport in after the but they came in said man. We we we studied Paul to it.
We took this fight, so serious too he's a wizard that guy he's an unsung he's like a really quiet guy doesn't want a lot of attention but I I admire the fuck out of the way that guy coaches Frankie EDGAR the way that guy like about Connor in Frankie. I love Frank who I loved. Have you ever seen everything the guy and he goes and fuck you fuck you you're cool and fuck. You that's why I feel like what happened in the press conference 'cause I like tend to Frankie, was you're welcome. That was it. Yeah, so I feel like the fuck you fuck miracle and fuck you that's what would happen, because the ability of level change that he puts his his face to love, Frank Frankie will set you gotta going to run a ultra marathon with him that would be willing to go to the depths of your ability and there's a guy that fought at fifty five undersized and won the fuckin,
It will always crazy won the title undersized. He was so much smaller than Bj. So much more than a lot of guys, he beat had was tough fights, Henderson mean he's uh that fight with CUB Swanson. I was like good Lord, that fucking Pacey puts hey people he's like he's too Take it to the next level, and I talk about guys who put paces like that wrestlers break. You pace. Nobody like Frankie right now in the sport he's he's the epitome of that style of fighting, maybe Weidman could show for two in some fights. If he gets the right opponent feel about the wine men, crazy fight, Rockhold's, a bad mother fucker, that's a crazy fight! Rockhold Rocco's jujitsu is nasty man the way he controlled, Lyoto Machida. I was impressed as fuck. I was like Jesus Christ, ground and pound is controlling the ground. He beat Yoda Machida every facet of the game, and that was impressive.
Talk to me. There was a high profile fight. There's a big fight that impressed the fuck out of me. You know, I think it's a great fight, Weidman's, a monster man. What do you think you're laughing? No, no uh, I rock with a dear friend of mine, so I love that dude, I mean he's Attica. Beeps camp Tony yeah, I know I know I like him about all that great, Dane Babe. You know, there's always going to be that thing going on between all you guys at the very top sure you know not stir in the put again like Agalloch Habib. You kinda need that mother that he's a like a tank of propane out there, for you he's gonna get that Jim. You know there you go to heal and yeah, that's the guy, because he's so fucking good! I mean you look at the way he manhandled to San Jose, I'm like Jesus Christ. How even number of Medoff is a grappling motherfucker, his wrestling and someone else
appreciates the guise of ability to impose his game plants or he impresses the fuck outta me absolutely that guys, a fucking giant tank of propane for cowboy. What are you crazy way to make a living man? You got all these tanks of propane out there, Anthony Pettis at said, he's another propane tank right. I think he told me- and he said cowboy if you need- you come down and train you for designers. I hate that mother fucker I'll, be there wow, depends how much is his job on that, while that would be a good thing that he can give you some insight. I love that dude, so I mean again with has I got nothing, but I really don't have anything bad to say about any guys over the top. You know just well, you know what man ultimately outside of you guys competing against each other admire what it takes. You uniquely know what it takes to be in the position that I'm in the Paris or hot photos on Jules or Nate Dee is, are, you know, fill in the blank all this guy, you uniquely know what it takes to be in. These are very small, fraternity, sure of guys at the elite level,
your division, one hundred and fifty five is just chaos. That whole divisions like look at it, it's just killer after killer after killer after Taylors coming up fucking shark, It's just right. That's a one hundred and fifty five is like someone throwing a goat in the water in South Africa and wanted a patent see of sharks. Get it yeah I mean so, it's cool to see that you guys, you know reasonably are friendly with each other. Absolutely considering considering considering you know anything about your boy, Irish, the irish mother, coming up to one fifty five Conor Mcgregor, making that I thought would you say about him about kicking the lucky charms out of his license and we're doing a devout bending over and talk and not to let it charge. That is that I don't know how to works. It's like blowing hot soup You wouldn't believe the uproar of the uh first community. I got from that when I said I'd be silent
I'd, be more shocked. They didn't respond. I believe you said like I can meet talking shit about a leprechaun is, like you talking me bad about Santa Claus like I would like all. Oh, oh you, but there like come on you Is why you talking like their sacred guy? It's like a unicode yeah right. I don't know what it is, but a leprechaun. Is it's a weird way shanle, but it's totally awesome. Well, it is, unless you take the right amount of mushrooms you can meet. So I mean to me. That's came from you know. Conor. Is the leprechaun sit on a big old tub of gold? He is not a goal for sure. If you think I'm not going to come out of that part of the long chorus. Why not color is not. I got open arms baby. It would be a fun fight, I'd love it. I think he really struggles to make one hundred and forty five and I think, with this new law, where you can't use the ivy. You know when he fought add Mendez man at the way in he looked extremely drawn. His cheeks were sucked in his body. Look really small.
The Ryan him had some weird little altercation in the hallway right storage and it wasn't staged Your eye is not like. He doesn't want to fight in the street with them right before he's. Why not Chad? I wish a mother fucker would have no you do, but but what you I had said was that he said duty feels really small. He loses a lot of weight. I think he loses like close to thirty pounds or twenty five. He gets up to like one seventy in the normal and then one hundred and seventy range. So one hundred and fifty five is where he belongs. Really, you know that's the probably the healthy weight class form and hi, how you feel about all doing him. It's wild fight, it's a wild fight, you know any deal with the kids. I tell you what man, although has been or jump for so long that jumps jumping in that were jumping from guns to religion during previous. Hold it, which is talking right. That's how it goes But this isn't, like a radio, show Kangaroo, fucking, australian, can't fucking the whole thing man Budweis
when wiser weed. I think if you count says he's logged out, did you lock? The fucking door callens out there yeah his out there right now you got him is really Jamie. Logo said I'm locked out of this hilarious. Tell him we're coming, don't worry! I love this day. I'll give Mikey make sure that he's done he's done podcasts here without me from the few guys having Brendan Schaub, they had a fight, companion, podcast, but well what we just saying put the fuck were just talking talking about leprechauns Aldo fight I count on is just unexpectedly showed up. We have a big show tonight. I suppose we don't want to be We work good man will leave here, like you know, half an hour, so fantastic, it's just you and me. So I'm going to show can't start without us. Look at this look at tomorrow and on this we're doing the Ventura. What is it the Hong Kong going to Hong Kong and we got two shows at eight hundred o'clock in one thousand o'clock? I think we're headlining the festival or something
Damn at Hong Kong, chinese Restaurant Festival, Ventura, comedy fest even know you booked. Is I let him book things not money? Now they fast money. What's going on buddy deal with thinking about, although versus Mcgregor were talking about. He asked me what I thought about that fight. Yeah yeah, I'm curious. I'm curious about the sexy cow in the hammer, sexy cow in the hammer. What do you mean I mean the sex account versus Berkeley County in a hammer. Nothing piece draw it's a little bit: it's code, will boost. Where I want to know yeah. I would do you think I think I think Mcgregor's in his head. He might be, but it might not be all that might be able to fight like fucking assassin, even under all the shit talking, no ones ever shit talked him before. So we don't know, we don't know how he's going to fight, but we know the guy hasn't lost in years. If he, if you know the guys, been beaten some of the best guys the world, and if you look at him when he's on point, you look at like his fight.
With your RIAA. For instance, yeah. Some fucking terrifying leg kicks fast as shit. This shit annis Jujitsu World Class, his Jiu Jitsu is, very high level. You know he be called greener and regular. Ju Jitsu, a regular JU, Jitsu competition he's a based, he's a he's, a very good fighter that all aspects, one of the best ever I feel like he's in his head. I know that trash talk would work on dos aronian, but when we were talking about earlier coming into late, for this comes a our time, I, where you went over, to talk about the new ideas by their job. They were jumpers here. We would jump me time to travel transaction, you can only go and it's a great fight and the you got a look also. I got a be honest, like I look at all doe and even though, although has been dominant for so long as one of the best fighters he's he's had a lot of tough fights? Those eventually will catch up to you. It's like the Chad best fight? The last fight was a really good fight. It was like a back and
fourth frighten Mendez hit him with some fucking bombs. It was a great back and forth fighting he tag Mendez with a big shot at the end of the first round. I think the buzzer rang and then he hit him. It was a little late. Wasn't egregious was a little late at FUCK, Mendez up and Mendez still came back and crack them. It was a back and forth. Why there's. A very close fight has, although fought anyone who hits as hard as Mcgregor. Well, Chad Mendes hits pretty fucking hard, but I think Connor may have some special power not like a magic power, but I, I think he's one of those guys that just really, as super heavy hand, is also accurate, as hell in very he's just very smart man. The way he's fights is very, very intelligent I was joking around with Donald about his training methods that he calls it him and John Kavanaugh's coast. They they described it as rating, your software, without damaging your hardware. So they doing.
All these like really technical, drills on hitting specific points with not like crushing each other it just drilling into the mall, and an You and Donald has more of a wild style who's out there. I feel like Donald changed, I feel like you stand in people's grill more now. You just stand right there, like you, give a shit cool. This is my to my favorite comedians in one fucking room, like you know, people kill for the situation right now. Donald Cerrone was in the crowd. When I take my comedy central special in Denver, while the first time I met Donald, he came, I met him before then he came and I just saw his hat going back and forth as he was laughing. I just saw your hat. It was the greatest pack after I left the show show you know what I do for you Second bct in your fucking bathroom in there BC was that the shitty cheap, how he got in there that I'll
floor on the floor and then the shitty paintbrush, but this is Java here. This is like a lease. I'm gonna come in here and I'm not going to pull a permit and I'm going to log in don't don't you just kinda late, I'm handsome little might bite the tile to cut it right and get a new spot news. Yeah. This is a spot yeah grain of I'm never satisfied. I have real problems and the never happy with any now I've made at That's on the same way, I don't know, I don't know what it is you're worse than me of the worst like if always moving almost happy with everything unhappy with everything. I do. Yeah I'm always that way is that a mummy dancing with a wolf no there Where will fuck in a gorilla in the ass? Exactly I got it, I had a dream. I wish Do they do to make that? I hope you how the moon every time you're in that position, z and if you could grab the back of her shoulders like that either have a whopper of a dick
it's a really have sex. I had an affair with a girl who was on the canadian National Water Polo team. Oh Jesus, she had a back on her and she had a neck and she, but she had a really nice body and she was really pretty and her hands. And your sister, not even drinking, to have her hands but we threw me off with just the knuckles the thickness of her fingers we would hold hands. I was like boy I feel like I feel, like a dainty young lady know, Gabby Garcia is so, which is your dick seamlessly tiny in her hands, are not what I'm saying her take was way bigger than just going out on him. I gotta hot down. There was a woman in Gabby. Garcia still is, but she used to be overweight and she's like world Jujitsu champion and choose to try this giant crazy face. Well, she lost all her body. Fat
and then I guess she might have had some facial surgery, but all the sudden she's, a giant hot check. It's real weird. She got full six pack, pull up. Gabby guard 'cause. I seen her I've seen her before listen. I don't know what she did, but whatever she did, that took a lot of fucking. Does she like became like she went from being a big giant fat woman? Who is ab Did you it so, but she was very overweight to be super slim. She always has he's exposed, midriff, shirts and she's rocking this fucking ridiculous, back she's she's, just six thousand four hundred and sixty four sakia Johnny Cash. My dogs name Johnny Cash. How do you then we're jumping again? What do you spend most your time, Cara or New Mexico? but I go see I'm going to see grandma tomorrow, she's listed in live right. Now: Taylor, hello, hey gramma! hey grandma? How are you she so so backstage to this, which looks like normal? That's what she used to look like
impressive as hell isn't good different person, yeah totally looks like a different person, looks uselessly neck and the other one. I don't know if she had faith surgery, but it seems like she does. She is. She is just a true specimen. Look at them! That's crazy! It's we're. So you would she's giant too. I mean she's like six foot four like this, picture of her with Faye Door and it's like holy fuck she's, so much Figured them look at her now see if you find a picture of Gabby Garcia and fade, or It's like a real reason: working Vandalay Silva yeah. It was when they were on the ultimate fighter, Brazil, but here's the thing that looks like she want him in a car, and I was only a couple of years ago: dude. It wasn't that wasn't that long ago, yeah, it just was really simple, really similar recent. How many beers have you had about a few far right far right. I did look at that. That's her! Look at that body! Look at Donald yeah! That's a big growth!
so, let's fade, or let's fade or dude there, that she was at her boyfriend he's looking good flies back he's, making a comeback is going to fight in Japan. The problem is, there's no fucking opponents for him. I mean there's, I don't know who the hell else is like Sergei CART, ALF item there get carrots on. How much time will I talk like that? Like the kid in fact, hidden Dodge pick me pick me: how much time would you need to fight fate or tomorrow, for real. I have one hundred percent. You just walked in right now, through the fucking. Eight getting fucked werewolf underground I'll, get him FUCK Bay Door up, not a doubt in my mind, wow you just fight him, damn skater, Russians, I'll, say right. So my schedule, like this advice, is for everything I see this new thing with Putin. Putin took fifteen billion dollars from this guy took this
all these guys company and then the guys exiled in the south of France and now he's a he's suing the russian government. He says: good luck with this. Guy took fifteen billion dollars. He was like Putin's banker His right hand, man for years and now this guy is like penny billion. It's meaningless So I say a billion seconds is thirty. Three years the guy says that Putin is the most wealthy man in the world. He said he has more control over more money than anyone on the planet like you might not be on paper with they're saying that he might be worth like two hundred billion well, he yeah because Russia is, it is, as it is, a one crop economy, it's all oil. Yes, who controls it. You don't do anything without that he's how's he doing Russians. Politics has always been that way. It's always been run by as hard. It's always been run really by a group of you know. You see the poll but for the most part, he's just doing with the old russian model was which was get the these kinds of my side and not killing. Where there was a story about fifteen, I mean isn't.
A crazy when you see a guy who's running like essentially a complete under cover gangster monarchy dominating entire country. He he apparently when they were trying. Attract investment in the 90s. The problem was american companies. German coming French comes coming in and these gangsters, these russian guys had come in and go hey. You gotta pay us money and a couple of them said no and they just shot him right there in the office so put inside of this is going to be a disaster for any kind of foreign investment. So Putin said alright. Well, I know deal this. We know exactly where they are and when they were having the mafia, guys hang out together in their own club houses or whether he had these spetsnaz guys show up in their in their vans, You show up in the middle they open up and just killed a shit load of him like a hundred two hundred and one day they had a moment of silence. Apparently before he had his before had his whatever. As you know, his meeting at a moment sound for up to two hundred citizens that were killed
they want their business and that was message to anybody who said you want to shake down foreign companies, see what the fuck happens. They still didn't. Invest though, but he doesn't. He doesn't. He struck down doubts, Rania fight on tomorrow. Tomorrow. It would it's amazing tonight his black belt judo, whatever I'm a backbone, ST everything in hood, every is from a street. I hate that expression. If you had to find street who's, not from the street, I was born the metal I grew up in there. Wasn't I'm not from the street for the street price silver spoon in my mouth and there's no roads where I live, bro I'm in the forest. Would you want to punch in the face more? Nobody in the on the planet interview tomorrow. My man taken all right now, I'm taking over the guy from whole foods, shitty question: you should questions the guy from whole foods. It was a previous story, got punched him. Yeah its parking lot yeah! You too, I can't wait. He told a story. Would you what made you decide to come over here? He was text me
why you tell me the rejected him, because I thought it would be more appealing to have three What are you doing there? Are people in the world is one of my favorite people. Do you just had a break? You say it make it. Your text were in the middle of a couple of others is called come on. Are my overcome crash this party? He said the doors locked sim, someone right in I'm locked out. You want to keep you have this price yeah just to hang out Sure cool people know what the werewolf yeah pictures of it used to be before I got the pool table. It used to be. The werewolf was the first thing you see when you open the door, and I was like, need to put ago cam that wasn't trusting werewolf saw when I came in, I was like werewolf cool call Cordell things scare up. Do you play pool, you must play, I do have a pool table in the bar at the ranch have a bar that I built, but you with every alcohol you could ever believe, but because I don't want someone to come out. Cakes boxes cases
I don't know. I don't want you to come over. They kept for me this and I don't have it damn. That's good. See this is this gets to you psychologically, because I know your background like how you grew up and your like you're, creating like this environment at that ranch. That's not just like a training environment, but a place where, like you're, trying to give these guys hospitality and bring them into like a family situation. It's a lot like never in ranch. That Neverland, never, never! Never, but not! Michael Michael. There, a bunch of boys come and hang out, not as much proof. Not as much Jared is without calling it today, not as much boy play yeah but you're, so yeah, but I'm saying it's like because your grandparents raised you and your wild kid and you didn't feel like you've had like that thing. We were talking earlier. Trainers. It wouldn't put their name on here now
you do a total opposite. The total opposite. Absolutely. I appreciate that man, absolutely the total opposite, and you have guys calling me that I kept I can afford it. Don't worry about it. I got you So what do you do with the range in common in late Bro Himalayan that people have a hammer higher branching Grandpa bought some property happiest woman's life. Tears almost came to his eye during the podcast builds a place, and get permits fucks up because he has the bed set up all shit now. What do we do now? People are sleeping in the barn propane. If the propane on cost. One thousand five hundred bucks a night. This is a lot of work. Stuff, he doesn't have power out there, man tank a flammable liquid and he shoot
guns everywhere say the whole thing is ridiculous. If he shows me all these guns he's got Gina Ski shoot, appropriating with the gun it will not blow up. Is that true, absolutely doesn't movies it will not blow up, though I had a Navy seals when you throw grenade, it doesn't there's no fire it. Just you just hear pop an there's, no yeah just smoke, which I was amazed at well, that's annoying. What about to chuck Norris movies, where there's an explosion? It's check number still the coolest dude alive or no. I met him and I was more happy that I've been when I met anybody. Ever Special had a great my job. First on the Christmas tree, Happy Chris readable right spot. He could be nice to meet you here in public in a bar. Instead of enough
hotel rooms. Fourteen year old, exactly chuck Norris. I met him in the World Combat League member used to have that kick boxing organization, the dome on a whole bowl yeah. I will I met him there and just the fact that Chuck Norris knew who I was and gave me a big hug. I thank God. Damn input is good up your face that bottom up. He has had at least crotch thing when those couple boxing fans issued Texas, Ranger mother. What number one for for Wallace used to have gene city advertised in like the back of comic book yeah? What's Chuck Norris did too yeah, it was Chuck Norris, I think more than she was has posters yeah of bad ass shit that you have do think about, if your life is that cool of Chuck Norris, he's a super nice guy to men and there was a there was a thing, a banquet for a karate guy who is a famous karate instructor and he's one of Chuck, Norris friends, so
I sat in on that they wanted me to sit in like give a speech. Like everybody gave, speeches like all these old school black belt guys gave speeches at Chuck. Norris gave a speech. I just sat next to chuck Norris and talk for like an hour and a half. We just talk about the old days of the karate tournaments and the old days of kit, boxing and you know what it was like to hang out with Bruce Lee. It was one of the best moments in my life. You didn't hit him with any Chuck Norse lines. Chuck Norris doesn't do pushups. He pushes the earth away from him. How does charter is doing all of that? Why not well yeah like an opening line? I just knew first of all how many times you ever get a chance to sit and read actually right next to chuck Norris in a public. Setting aside this is already here, that's how I feel, and I we feel the same way sitting next to him and just me and him talking. You know me and Chuck Norris right next to each other, so I can solve our hour. It was like a little kid. I
well some missing in action in the movie, theater Lone Wolf book. Wait. I was there for all those movies. Do you know? I panicked. I panicked two times the celebrities that I like there were really big. I am an office, you know, and I was talking to him and I just be cool: be cool Brian Biko, Biko get yourself in the third person kind of kind of what I was. I was more staring at him and I was just like he had a band in out and he looks so cool who's. Seventy amazing yeah, where you're from New York, that's a good fucking, upgrade yet never done it before, as a very good first was at work. Similarly was like fucking. I went like this and I got I kill myself heard the words coming our mouth mouse. I Brian stop, stop you seeing any! I go. I go, you know it's funny don't say it don't say it nice and I go. I just watched,
your face. It was on tv as well as he can he goes. I was like no this I was like no, but my face was saying it and then I go. I looked at him and he went like this. He goes. Oh boy, that's all he did. He shook my hand and he put his shoulder against my chest. I was like. Oh that's, of course. Where ever do anything I was like see you later. Then then I need Springsteen backstage I talk to him for awhile. I talked to his wife, I'm a huge, Bruce Springsteen Band six months later, my dad in a bookstore in Idaho in Sun Valley id an I hear, his wife say hi. How are you and I go? Oh hi, you know she's worried, and I go how's Bruce thinking. I know now when I talk to him for like she goes asking yourself
is right here and I turn he's looking at a book. I, since Red called fiasco. I remember he had his glasses on and I go how you doing ' 'cause I met you, we we talk backstage and also I realize my I folded my arms, but for whatever reason, my fucking arms we're really high in my elbows were pointed right at him and my my nose, I Brian please let go of your arms. Don't do this. What are you doing and I go- and this is what I did I go. I go. Did you ski and he goes you Do we do, but this year we just let the kids do it and we're just sitting. You know, and I went and uh I meant to say I fucking meant to say I'd skiing all day my feet. You're killing me and I'm not going to ski anymore. That's what I meant. I've been skiing all day. My boots are shitty. I don't want to see anymore and instead I went with my fucking arms like this. I go my kill and he just a at.
I'll see you guys later man, I fucking and I've never live that down. I just know exactly, but I'm sure they deal with that shit all the time just holding myself like that. Did you just have that same moment right now like during this podcast, like, I feel embarrassed for middle of what you're doing feeling very guys get people when you take pictures that are trembling out of fucking control yeah, sometimes it happens, but I've had a lot of nervous moments in my life I appreciate nerves. You know some big deal, you help nerves, guy the camera and he's like talking with the fuck camera working, my father people I fuck will come up bitch. What do you fucking get an Iphone son, I fuck with them, but I don't have to deal with that. So the greatest domestic disputes that you ever witness in your life is on a boat ramp, I don't know if you guys ever been on a boat ramp, but the wife
driving the boat and husband in the pickup and he's trying to fucking guy ran left. Look no! No back in a more she trying to snake that. Trailer down and he sitting in the boat screaming at her sing trailer down, while thirty other both are trying to dock. It's damn It's a more interesting, though next time I'm there I'm going to I'm going to a periscope in because it is you would I never thought of that? It's unbelievable! I just thought the boats were always in the water. Somehow you know who knows a lot safer. Getting to four hundred and thirty they've been drinking all day, trying to get the fuck out messages happens in it is it's classic. They say their realtors Realtors a lot of dark shit between couples. Is there looking for household deciding what they want where they can't afford? Fucking House, which she wants to yeah. Why does she that always wants it? Dude? I had a conversation with my buddy about this recently he was talking about how is girl
turn hates where the fucking stripper voice. She wants a fucking house up. It up. Super went from a sunken interacting. This is, I know, what dude who's fucked a knife, The thing is just bring it or do does exist Georgia, his bed, the girl, wants him to live over his means, you know, and it gets weird. You know what she's like. We need a better house, I need we need to get a better house and he can't really afford a better house. So you scrambling bad place to be a woman. I was a realtor said she was. They were looking at this house that was like six months in New York. Why was for six million dollars and they want? about one thousand three hundred square feet, something crazy. You know yard and she said her friend Branch branch for five thousand million from darn. I mean it's crazy. You can buy nothing for me while he shoots guns in his yard, but office fucking toilet that day we gotta fucking new silencer going to I want really, French, rests on his toilet. Just looking out there and in case of straight antelope,
No! I don't strong horror game doesn't, should big game search, illegal, purchased, I'ma, Birdman, Birdman Bird just had a birthday insult you with their freedom, just poor, poorly just religious, so that so she does. She was shown in the house, and she said I have another place. It's just a little too. You know it's a little bit out of your price range and was eight million dollars. In this a friend had a ten million dollar house. She left her husband away. How could you fucking do this to us? As in you, don't have enough money got him he'll. He went instead of going see you later. He went sorry about that. Man, that's how people live sometimes. Well. That's well that if they don't have any other interests other than materialistic things, yeah, then you you that's what you chase. Yes, is a real problem with that in this city is a real problem with people that are, only chasing that and they're, not looking at the big picture like they're, defining themselves by how much one of their house cost how much
you know what neighborhood they're in what kind of car they drive and all that stuff is them and there's no other stuff, there's! No! and the society looks in a comedy. There's no society looks at that. If you show well and you're. Living in your school kids go to this school and you live in this area and you drive the range rover. Status is status is very embarrassed, but I think that that term society free biblical Jing prepares changes because of the internet. People like you're, going to be there's a bunch of people that don't think like that and now they can all agree, whereas before what was put out in front of you was what was on Marshalls. What was you saw? The hero have in the movie Burt Reynolds as a trans. Am I fucking, A transam like all that stuff is the only way we assume sheated with ideas about items. But now because the internet you'll talk to people that go? You know what man I want. I live in a
trailer that I drive around in my truck and I just go to different places and I climb mountains. That's like that. He lives in a fucking van like that That's cool too and he'll find like fan the people that I admire him. Because of that I know. I think that, like yeah- and I think that some people who chase money it has a lot of meeting some people- are frightened humiliated by being poor when their kids right money t if it makes them feel powerful, safe, whatever, but like I was thinking of I was trying to isolate kinda two times, I'm the most happy like the two things that matter to me. The most nothing with my friends and getting better at something. I thought it coming with finger in your I'm. Coming with a finger in my ass, I see is parkland. Tell you told me with my friend check and you see
extra common, your bank cal you're, not just tickled pink, I'm not really, but I'm weird that way, and he knows that, I'm just so weird he drives a shitty car. The address is goofy voice, one nice, you have money, you could have something to you, but you drive it's a pleasure yeah like you enjoy it and it changes your transportation to a ride now Disneyland ride every day I like getting better at something and then being a silly, because with my friends and a finger in my yeah and what's ok, we gotta end this man, we gotta we gotta, show on that. Without and on that note, Donald Mother, fuck cowboy Cerrone. Thank you, sir. Why we did this, so mine is anytime you're in town man. Look at the trifecta, I'm sitting here we could put the number ever. We could probably have about one hundred these easily easily will see how everyone, pay fucking love. It will see how that if we don't get a couple, one hundred Youtube comments on fucking gotta get plenty of comments, looks the most people are going to love it. You gotta step the Bible say. You gotta separate the wheat from the chaff, the wheat from the chaff. Yes, if you don't have a phone,
in sword, go and get one sell your cloak and get a better one to end up with process. Yeah goddamnit there, silent swords in the Bible, sell your cloak and gate. I don't remember that passage to sell your clothes yesterday that there is now a pious Donald is always making the crossover. However, on a cloak I might go to the grave with no clothes. I want a cloak man drinking right now. I need some Dracula I want to own a lot of land walk around in my cloak yeah and I want- and I want to just order- my servants rotten, bring me a coconut two straws in some shape di. I want pack llamas yeah, so I'm gonna shoot animals in the woods. I can bring the pack a lot and they'll pack it out? That's good! I want to hamsters to feel in my hands. Please. I want to
new guinea pigs around the house just in case. I need to eat them. Like the people. Do guinea pigs Jesse? They keep in the kitchen there all scrambled around kitchen, their undergrad anytime. I want them for petting and pressing against my gender, apparently don't miss each other. They never like where's Waldo. They don't give a fuck about Waldo or the peanuts out. Yes, they're good. They say. Cats are like that cats could give a fuck about their owners well, when their own die. Cats either faces. Is that you know that yet big John Mccarthy was tell me that he said the worst thing you want to find. Is a guy's been dead for a couple days and he's had cats, damn yeah the cats to see your face when you stop giving them cash food, they start eating. You want yeah well, they eat your face. Fucking delete your face for a long time too. Until you get really rotten, it really rotten. It's because you're not there to feed him and they're hungry they don't you dog will fucking starve to death most dogs. Maybe you might be a cunt, your dog, your dog might eat you too, but most dogs, sit there and they want
no matter tortoise. I have a fucking tortoise that by going to live to be one hundred percent, tourists are managers. If you faint they eat your face. I think that active Facile first, you might wake up and you know Alaska. They work they work in the ass holes. They can get their head so far. I have narcolepsy, don't eat my asshole, I'm fine fucking shitty turtle. They beat your ass hole and they go along time without food too. I don't know I know so. If I call next do crocodiles, live call in sick and come to the show tonight, fuck yeah, You can come for sure. Absolutely. Can I plug my data this weekend, I'm going to the San Jose Improv Sandals riding Saturday Sunday, my favorite place in the world. You know who lives near there, Luke Rockhold, Donald Cerrone's favor. Person. Can I plug my event: Orlando FL, December 19th, an fucking new and new champion of the
fucking world. Give me new belt Bahama I'll, be there, you are going to be updated for my boyfriend, be there gonna be their best season. How soon do you want to do the gig with me the night before December 19th? tourism. Doing again, I come across the commando Florida horse. Things now need those coming tonight before yeah, I'm looking some. I'm looking theater in there on Friday night. So now you can ivy I'll be out of there earlier. What do you get nervous? Thinking about that date? Are you ready born ready, How dare you he's Phylis Colon Budweiser could happen with George in american roaches smashed him. Come dance, rushed at the Mercer hey right now. I wish I had a fucking, be I wish I had a fucking billion dollars in a huge belt buckle. Sorry, we got it. We got to end this. Seven hundred o'clock go to Chicago some fucking common 19th motherfucker, an new heard him loud
BRB robbing Joe Rogan Bitch Donald Cerrone, Motherfucker Donald. You have this Donald, get him kicking. It were out folks. Thank you for tuning in much love, see you soon bye, bye! Thanks everybody for tuna, the podcast thanks, caveman coffee, going Caveman Coffee, co, dot com get some of that thanks nature box. Go to naturebox dot com, Slash Rogan and have them send some FUCK in delicious yummy shit. Your way on them, thanks to the new square. Already, thanks to square space. I think I said I think I didn't say it go to space, dot com use the offer code, Joe Save ten percent off your first purchased. Um. Is that the right thing to say? Yes, you get ten percent off your first purchase I should know already have done that a million times stamps dot com
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