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#702 - Milo Yiannopoulos

2015-09-30 | 🔗
Milo Yiannopoulos is a writer and broadcaster. He is a senior editor at Breitbart.com and a regular contributor to Sky News and the BBC.
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stories he's a funny dude he is very unusual and he is through the fund guest we allow your time talks lahti might be on speed things up whatever what am i to judge without energy further ado laced genuine please welcome milo monopolise will gain experience miles obey here for five minutes with very discuss cocaine radical feminism progressive that want to take over the world's prescription drugs tight shirts we ve gone the full gap we have we really have and its fresh young and fresh and work gonna forget it i found out about you i guess it was somebody just i get a lot of interesting stuff tweeted at me and
i read what are your bright bar pieces and those later this month fucker out and then allow that you're gay and you're you're a part of this gamer gate but you're in the gate a year on this you are on the side of the people that were not the ultra progressives like and then you are in these debates against these radical feminism chicks shutting them down and also bearing in mind about me you place very look at this mother fucker you're a unicorn why do people like you i'm not supposed to exist is known to the general rules of the universe i should not be yeah you should not supposed to be like fairly button down and conservative and and fair about also factually correct like all the stuff that you do the thing that i'd seen and you got it is arguing about why certain women and gravitate towards certain jobs and men gravitate towards jobs and this idea that that out of this is just cultural
this is something that were pushing upon young man and not young women in iraq with as is the case at all if it isn't it but it s larry s to watch someone confronted by like they expect at that from a me they expected come from some miles like i ought to be supporting the eggs and on paper but why should you know i'm a metropolitan under other circumstances i would be a liberal i'm a homosexual i listened i'd like pop culture in all of those things i shouldn't really exist but i do unfortunate for than one tenth of your tweets about our fabulous your hair is yes or black without any of the subjects you know his hair all you know the men i'm into its very very difficult for them to beat me for one simple reason which is they ve never been question have never been called many their stuff by anybody serious or any bodies who doesn't conform to the progressive
if identity politics so when they come for me the usual what the usual response from a feminist to anybody bringing facts or a countess a serious count argument is simply to dismiss them is a sexist or bigot modernist it's really tough to make that allegation against me i love women all my friends are women i don't have any idea of a dog in the fight sexually making i don't care if you know i don't i don't wanna bang them why besides they are however they behave so they really don't they don't have the over me as very very difficult to come up against a guy you cannot make a convincing argument of bigotry again so you have to argue on the facts and of course the facts from my side well that's what the deal is they can dismiss you instantaneously because of what you represent because what you represent an egg well look we got the job
he's gay is fabulous shit what are we going to deal with the present when she started starting at the radar you know tat you get calls from friends you say so is this person my email me try checking out this happened to me about a year ago i said of hit a journalist ten years on some good stuff broken civic stories but i never will i never really kind of cross referenced and came into the mainstream and just started to happen about europe an eye such get emails from friends knew saying i'm so what's going on here are people keep email me asking me about you like twenty spike in back in two thousand levin did he really do this and what i realize is when they when they recognize use a threat when identifying with somebody could do them down they start going on maneuvers try to find a everything about you're trying to find out what the worst stuff they have on you is so that it can dismiss you as a big it
sexist or new nazi or whatever they can come up with anything that can grasp because this strategy is to dismiss the is to dismiss the speaker by taking two speakers credibility because that way they never have to even consider the merits of the argument yes they haven't been to do that with me which is why feminist now refuse to pay me debating on tv because they know the loose they can bring out all they can't bring nicholas battery of dismissing the despair of dismissal tactics that if a mention in the last thirty years and it was so complacent because i've never had you know sassy gay personally come up and say you're talking bullshit and you're hurting men and here the facts they ve never had it before they ve never built up an arsenal to fight it so this is this is why i win and while cook ok winning because they they don't really know how to deal with that argument on its own merits and in any case of course the facts are on our side will it's also
this conversation that we're having right now is about war you're saying winning and losing their did taking tactics and strategies to look up dirt on the opposition are going there treating this is it this is an ideological war is not a debate about the acts of the issue and i think that's part of it because the left is always seen this is a war and the agenda warriors inner have always been warriors they always seen this in strategic terms i'm not sure people conservatives and naturally more self effacing conservatives tend to be a little bit cool little bit more about things that kind of don't when you want to do you really think we know how to explain i take the goose i think they get very angry about things i think something ted crews want sing all conservatives how do you explain what's her name the pale and check sarah palin headaches
these are that these are the outline is the other than my mind how good even most conservatives for these people a bit much like huckabee i think that guy's in is anyone who knows how to establish fats are now he was however unless while for lazy got that we shall tv engaged so far because so i cannot vote for anyone phenomenon i can rowan i want my career just getting hot fickleness trump then i wonder i dont think i think people are so really so what whether or not it's a conservative thing or a liberal thing i think there's a vast majority of people that aren't not very good at looking at themselves and are not very good at it at the momentum of their actions they just think that the right because this is what they ve done saying for so long and i think that's one of the most horrific things about these conversations that these women get in with you about because like what when when they're talking wow what they think are social constructs things like gender identities the way people be and when
shatter that with the facts there looking for some other weapons and there's nothing they know that they are you see in their eyes unite us it's not really debate above the idea itself it's just not what it's not what it's about gender warfare that's why people christine off some call them gender warriors because these are people who want any kind of social justice as they say these are people who just hate men boldly eight men they want to hurt men they dont want equality for women they want superior they were superiority for women whether its architects it into the education system or affirmative action or whatever it is they don't want equality they want superiority and fundamentally love this billina these these crazy extremists you know progressive third way feminists today's version of feminism it basically boils down to missionary and it takes a gay guy because it so dangerous for men to even broach the subject on any man with a mainstream joel puts at risk by even talking on the subject of otherwise opinion is it takes a gay
to go on you know is going used in the uk and say i'm sorry the facts and not on your side what you're doing is damaging to women it's to me really an indictment on on tibet no public square that it is so dangerous for a man to even express an opinion on this subject that it takes a fact again stick up for fur heterosexuals if other men could save this they would be but because they would work really risk their careers in assuming that silencing people icy songs to men and women that is true there's a lot of taxing in going after people in a lot of lotta anger when it comes to all this stuff but i think what you in many cases when you see this kind of like disjointed logical sort of way of thinking i think you have people that are assholes that's fine cause that gives them the green light darien
so what are we doing about this and i agree with you i think come no disrespect to any particular church but i think it reasonable to say fifty years ago if you were a bully fewer sociopath he wants to take out other people you wanted to wreak harm on the world you thought hurt you and a good way to enable you to join the clergy and many and many people days and i think you know most of us who are religious who have religious families no stories like that these days you're better off getting a job gorka you know if you want to bully somebody if you really want to hurt them if you have some sort of internal chaos or damage and you want to impose order on the world outside because you feel so confused and broken and messy the best way to do it has become a social justice war because not only do you get the same kind of status in society the clergy would it on fifty years ago but you also get media platforms you get money you get approval you get floors and if you layer on these new tactics if you know fake abuse and fake harassment and you know these terrible man near these terrible men coming for me on the internet with stuff you can make what a lot of money too
yeah you can form a patriotic page significant as it is actually audio give out trailblazers why what is that it's like a crowd fun me for my right so in the in the old days you'd have patrons of the arts and there'll be you know like a prince or some guy or maybe there may be a little later in history it would be a mercantile patron and in the way in the way that some many unjust listen bankers still give a lot of money to the local opera house or something like that so passionate the way of turning that opening crowd funding so europe your patron becomes a lou people often give you a little bit of money right so it's it's in theory quite respectable and interesting wave funding the arts in principle in rome with it but it seems to become colonized by people who are raising money on the basis of sympathy robin anything actually create so it's what i've what i've noticed in my reporting on this is divorced
priority of people begging for money on pantry on as far as i can tell them show petrol will tell me no more than one and a half and most creative projects but as far as i can tell it's you know people bleating for sympathy fishing for embassy as well as a lot of women on their claiming to be claiming that their lives are being ruined by manually look interact i'll find that we are talking about it's it's a way for this is this is great tweet vied with airports who is like a game again supporter and i can't i'm gonna remember it wrongly something along the lines of every day on the internet some guinea bearded man in our promises to be nice to a social justice or in the hope of a bank or the hope of a blow job losses i thought you know and it is these guys who just throw a five or throw a tenor amount see no twenty dollars a month to this video games developing never produced anything in her life but claims getting harassed and claims you getting threats it's very
weird psychological dynamic and i think it's i think it's quite it's it's it's interwoven with the way that feminism is turned women into professional victims handed them this victimhood script and most these women are not really to blame then all kind of these on these are horrible sociopath it you know warmonger as these are people who really hate man that's just a bit miserable never reached for you know the new victimhood script available to them because we live in a culture where victimhood is that it is the most valuable currency that you can bet you can a mass and so they go out they advertise what a terrible life they haven't powerful people lost them on the internet and they ask men mainly women asking for money for men sooner effectively full sympathy dollars its incredibly demeaning is incredibly inertia the human spirit tina aside from anything else you know your basically telling these women that that they have more value as winds
and lie is engender warriors than they do as creators or mothers i find a hugely destructive i think that's what we're we're we're too can amount as far as like people that are assholes just lauch latch onto a cause and then that if you go page like theirs is so many of them right blogs and you go their blogger blog is just an attack block richest consistent attacks on people don't share their ideas or have differing ideas of quintal terms what is it coincidence quantum super state feminism and indeed for entities feminism that exists at once as aggressor and victim it is simultaneously and at all times aggressor in belgium and its describes these women who go out that lobbying shit at people and instantly turned into damsels in distress when they when they see their own language returning kind quite often return greater volume because what the saying is ridiculous and offensive and people get annoyed about it perfectly reasonable and also if you create environment which its find to say anything
want about men its finds us i kill white man it's fine to pop articles in you know in mainstream new media publications about how to man and almost rejects several years ago who does the woman recently the google ideas woman that had that tweed about each men for breakfast is i think randy haha do you imagine if a guy wrote that down i e women for brac what you need to know some men do speak to women like that let them some of the men's runs at worst underwater well yes but you women's rights activists to so route to women because their assholes will know what they're doing it women have fun for thirty years said treat us like men we just like men were just the same treat us like men we can do anything that men can do you everything that men can do men's rights activists just take them at their word and the weight and torn
is how many bomb genoa here for me around no that's not what they're doing this now they do and then turn of bond with these women that china heard em well what they're doing is taking at face value this demand for us to treat women i say asked for them to treat women you know just like they were the bodies down a pub what have you ever actually being too a pub when you hearing men like out playing paint snooker whatever their fucking awful too yeah but i don't want a bad omen buys i think they're doing exactly the same thing they don't want these women doing everyone's just being cut it just like take the gender it's that men are being counts women are being comes people are reaching through these internet lines turn a herd each other that's what they're doing i think it's true and i'm not i'm not totally humble but how men men interests men there are not enough for a second i think anybody spend so much time working on their like approval
of their own gender like we were supporting our own gender like there's a lot to do that piece of shit it's a lot of women that are assholes as you say i think part of the problem is that they should have become feminists in reverse and these same tactics they like charge police they also i mean it's amazing awesomely communities and read it and you need some of these colleagues initiative like fainting couch men's rights activists if so i have a friend julie bundle whose very very funny she's a lesbian suggested she's basic this dyke feminist she hates men she made this joke and it's kind of like the soldier i would make she said you know we should put women and internment camps you know that you take an invitation once a month you know will have gods and they just stay in camps to learn how to behave if i'd say about women the whole manner sphere as it were would be applauding they think it was hilarious but because she said in a similar level of jest you know suddenly disgusting outrageous thing feminists his men should be put in concentration camps like bitches really
in kidding me exactly what feminists do you are taking a joke like they do take a joke your pretending to take it seriously and then use putting an outrage circus about it and i was like for fuck's sake i am out its recreate no outrage sixty days because that is what it isn't that what isn't that what this is supposed to be lacking rising again sooner i mean this because i'm like a cultural libertarian as my colleague allan bikari puts it in i believe in classical liberalism freedom of speech freedom of thought freedom of expression you don't care what you believe i just want you to have i want i want to be able to interrogate your ideas and a public square but this outrage circus that so many men seem to be getting involved in and the way they treat you know they call fickle circumcision male genital mutilation like commitment isn't it you your colleague you're you're you're you're one of as a but i'm just saying i mean it is look i'm going to write
cutting skin well i'm very relent purely on aesthetic grounds and i can understand that these things in my mouth ok economic ashes from your point of view i can understand that your former derives from the increasing baby should be able to lay motionless asian exorbitant later in life no i haven't but if she has a view i know lots of men don't like on this issue and it simply that you know we it's just good grooming for clear we women women go on women gallons of women no nine i have boob jobs unauthorized must stop ragged man in the us is a procedure that comes close to the numbers of babies that get circumcised it's done achieving one of these people just what we need is always birth is just weird but i think i'm in the minority here i'm sorry sorry to find you but
i think i'm in the minority here but i just can't imagine why any man wouldn't want lots and lots of really good blowjobs because well apparently fills better when skin is on it so much how do you know what you ve done both what because i've got feedback from arrive well you see it's all anecdotal ever put it this way i've i've got a large samples you just like the way they look better when it's all termed up nice as it is every other woman which did you splendid i get better choice based a lot on what were you doing it on later in life nine good they should suffer you're fuckin dumb have to get your dick skiing when you thirty i hope i hope it hardly lottery on this you don't have to suck one of these things ok those along an event we rightly there i don't know i don't like to believe that the same approach that due to vaginas think of a girl vagina lips i wouldn't say you know asian get that chick cut off
my legs now horrifying now leave it there that's what it is it is what it is a big nipples like dna them shrunk down that's fucking barbaric it's all in the mind you know well has no i mean either you know there are people on
policy cutting babies dixie stupid of cot sake babies dick enough to cut his dick amino my kids lose their dicks every year because of infection and because of the surgery goes wrong allow can't win if i'm getting if you gotta take this line cutting babies digs i thought i can't win against that its when it is in our circle procedure i happened to be in a minority and as i said i pleased was educate procedure our all you maybe cotton all you motherfuckers out the kind of aid for scan right i'm gonna come gonna get i'm gonna give these will close blowjobs to the jews and step congratulation world class blowjobs my favorite story was my least favoured story but my fair story to bring up was a mile in new york who had herpes and when they when they cut the baby's dick in the traditional way they actually suck on the baby's penis to stop the bleeding have you ever seen us i've
see you're worried articles about those years residence rights as they have in the kid died caused the kid got herpes from the the rabbi the moil whatever the fuck his name is what a great idea baby decks kid could have grown up to of cancer or what i knew that i am one of those things either one can be awesome meanwhile no dead baby well i don't think anyone can disagree with you on that particular don't cut baby dicks platinum how the fuck do you know that it is likely that you haven't you know look there's absolutely a bunch of horrible shit that happens to women on a daily basis i mean every time you see the these fuckin cosby stories these women that are coming out of nowhere about bill cause we went when when women talk about worrying about being drugged and if you had danone by that's actually happened to or someone close to that's actually happened to that danger seem real so when you
you see this bill cosby thing and you are now is it real it's like here's the guy that was america's his victim ways of morality for a generation he muttered arguments this becomes such as a mania a moral panic like a moral panics in history about this stuff that's the genuine victims of starting to to be disbelieved and this is driven by i'm sorry to say sort of progressive narrative over fat content lissom sabrina earlene rolling stone in all these rapes we hear about they all seem to unravel within a couple of months that was rolling stone as you ve a year didn't have the first two years ago at columbia didn't happen jute lacrosse didn't happen
in all these little latin runs have happened national but probably want my well yes but we should be in it we should be working on how to solve these crimes better and waste that is not to erected in is not to stage a moral panic in the media pointing fingers innocent people and when you when you as was clearly the case of rolling stone sort of sweep under the carpet fact saw emissions that that that throw down when your story as you think this is just something we should be talking about anyway whether this specific case where we have that you have the specific case what happens is when all of that when these rape stories or whatever it is get repeat gets success is successive right stories get repudiated debunked it undermines confidence and trust in any one who makes a complaint anyone who says this happened to me for i am in the back of the head i think perfectly reasonably people are thinking another one
it's not a nice thing but this is what this is this can be the effect of a moral panic in the media it it damages the real victims the first and that's it you know that's why i've written about the stuff in the past i think it's also what's really important to tell the truth about statistics now famous always have a rather complicated relationship with the truth big one is the one in four women zagged feminist goes all the way up to obama everytime you hear it seems to get worse you know but i think we extrapolate out it's gonna be like fifty women in five gets raped within a second of sleeping on campus by twenty twenty five minutes ago as every time it's based on dick killer studies will mean that the way this the star i think christina off some of them at micro enterprises to who i was psychosis so fantastic so she's when other unicorn so on point of marginal areas feminist lay new avenues lever and she and i should just have some problems with them with contemporary feminism agenda wars do you know she should as a great series effectual from essential area already but
you know she should attract down the original study for this which was seen samples has about seventy people and an adult education college which is so eight completely alien in character immediately what twenty years older you know and of course this year don't education culture you know that there are different a different set of social issues look go along with adult education constant there twenty year olds undergrad universe critical infringement doing regulated green college sample size was ready here s the university was eighty people and its been extrapolated out this to this feminist myth that just won't die like that like the gender pay gap is what words also how they define like theirs before the wonder of on line x ray but its actual assumption international scholars and sexual abuse has been broadened so widely what's going to happen what i mean regret in some universities it is out of universities conduct code that unwell
to sexual advances that means me saying you're really pretty can i buy you a drink constitutes sexual harassment now this just you know it s a close enemy not from a country which is extraordinary this is crazy staff and this is no fifty is unchallenged feminism which is why do i do because i think it matters in this important topic is twenty years old in our age right analogy augustine forty eight ok and so i mean like you know you maybe my dad's almost does generation but anyone your age even right down to my item thirty it would have been a bit ridiculous for us you say that you know societies are protected against men you know when we will knowing up just wasn't the case and is no point to pretend that it was but i speak to boys alternative into so many of them now of about twenty do go through life experiencing this extraordinary sort of architecture against them whether its being worked on
draw at school or more than you are getting at university for no good reason or women and in a coronel two thousand a fifteen studies show that women have two to one advantage going for stem job in academia and so be it being discriminated against because they don't ever vagina twenty boys do have some serious problems now and what you know we risk not just one but many lost generations of boys i call this the exodus arabic to part about is that i think i think a lot of people were very nice about saint good embryo medicine many serious such redress which is why do wanderings i do i do it because i think this will jones misplaced before speaking up for people who don't have a platform themselves and firm united the establishment has lost sight of and it doesn't care about anymore it's why things imports tell the truth about statistics you can't help victims if you lie but your first sentence about what problems and there is not a you know a systemic romantic gender pay gap in the united states or in europe there is not a epidemic of rape culture on camp
there is not a problem in universities or with not enough women into stems into science technology you or mathematics subject all of these things are have subtle and sophisticated explanations that you know when you take into account human nature in the different choices people make women want to do you realize that this stuff is bunk but many of these myths simply won't die will you also have to take into consideration as a bunch of other variables right like women leaving because they have children and you have to factor that into the amount of income that this sum is this stuff is based on a misunderstanding earnings and pay you you can't take all the men in society and all the winning in society and do like a two tier calculation is right while the seventy seven percent as much money on this site right right that's not what people mean when they say this when you say that you would you have saved his wage gap what they think you mean is
they get paid seventy seven cents on the dollar do no other than the phrase they use amounts reich implying that we may get paid less the same work that's the implication that making through this because they confusing earnings with wage earners who pay what actually happens is men what longer hours men take even when you control for children men take few fuel holidays they take shorter holidays they what longer hours they may more money for the firms all respite mendous work harder they have longer careers etc etc women prefer whether have children to have a more balanced life they prefer not what full time that i took part time they have moreover what were you saying this in these rash generalizations courses s side and we all know the lazy is due to the way the left argues that not all women array a break in a way that europe's inhabited speaking generalizations difficulties problematic though to do that because there are is it means i think the term is statistically there are more men that are working longer hours that are working hard that generate more money
men do that we all know lazy fox it just happened whether we now i do it is that the recent phrase it exactly like that i dont want to let not open up the year this whole not woman stuff that the left and right because that's it that's that's the pot that's the that is the route into sort of social conditioning argument here it is subjective what i'm trying to put the point on friday egg is that men general meant men generally have the following traits right rice this refers report unemployment marijuana and you have those trade signed but i mean data we especially when it comes to leave with constitutionally lazy men show another some lazy member there also men dropping out society because vena because they feel that just no place for them anymore you know they ve had that what they consider to be their role in the family snatched
i'll try again also raises a real issue yet what i thought i might move again i link autonomy to use my generation sounds ridiculous but i speak to twenty year old boys all the time he was saying a common border with women this movement mc tom in going their own way there are here but there are the factors involved will you say there is a lot of guys know more than you say that ten years ten years ago which wherefore goes way to ten years ten years ago sure but today the numbers a balloon blossoming the blossoming so fast and you know it the thing is men deal reasonably well without women they don't like to do it but people who people like us are not gonna want for sex right because we're outgoing and policy and brush and self confident worst of it we can have a too much of a problem but their pension men who don't have a self confidence and who are being company bullied into writing
ridiculed everyday media this tough gets you people get depressed other stuff ismail suicide epidemic united it's too but his own resources lucite epidemic across the board know that well the number the number a number of fields suicides a munificent as usual countries differ slightly but female numbers aren't really changing women getting more unhappy decade off the decade but they don't actually commit suicide and if i go through that manage right they fail you know the kind of suicide probably as a general therefore doesn't coveted they gotta kill themselves properly metal when they get up sailor forcing the amended tell them what they often well with women road women often right the suicide note when they try to kill themselves and they fail or they call they or their bottle at the last minute colson was enough to make it simpler less if they know they never end up dead men just you know go quite for a few days in india just i just hang themselves but those those numbers are going up the number of men who are just giving up on relationships that number is going up
i just can't believe that sea because getting factoring in my view this kind of light you know swore media starve we hangs out with you no good looking fashionable people over girlfriend you know bang bang our girls are not it's not i have had a moment it's not your will meanwhile married kids yeah yeah what a whole deal not only to know it you get up to this is my know what you're saying this is not the greatest convincingly had little is known and it's not some unhappy people this is and i just can't songwriters lillian's of men out thereby themselves just loans scaling i need you should you should pay more attention i'm unless you should listen to them when speaking to you because any people at you come on man is a small is mamma
we don't really down to me is gonna be this fucking british queer who's gonna stick up for these guys when even you stick up you ask any of these very divergent half marriages out they need to do not only what are you i trust my man's radio marital renewal said he's going to make out what may my camp fires go camp outside is no cell phone this fuckin man why have the fucking media beating down my door because even you guys want stick up for men anymore you can't just caught alone like that they really wanted drew groups do or with girls dude i'm a total sociopath by still preach a little sympathy on this issue in our home sociopath how dare you very oppose that now i'm not but the feminist ok you that's what i think
some terrible things which were the male feminist have training authorities social around appliance o warm i loved the worry honey that wales or if we ever my avery every nobody ever these already that's with a revolving today eleven it hasn't been usually don't write male feminine noticed feminists just feminist and unlike god how long's it been hollows is excellent and i want to ask you mean and then two months and know how to be two years that's that's why you're feminist hidden but they their understand is the kind of women is sucking up too don't even want them no women don't want men to speak about families if they dont want allies because no man ever gonna be could not speak about women's issues is the crux of advancing politics more feminist don't want men they hate men stopped sucking up to them i only when you're gonna get them is denying them the only way you can get them is to say you are a dick killers fucking whore you know attention whatsoever unless i get em well
its work for me work so well maybe no that language but you know you're here are taking us women on pay you no intention whatsoever and that key second part the frightened really focusing on balancing apologize that's what makes them come running being a little game turkey governor i got no one to make the hen conseil i dont have first candidacies i'm able to analyse these things dispassionately there's some truth to that certain lenders definitely some truth wise guy i'm calling from a distance can tell me what i tell you what what's happening this is a pathetic twice as poorman grovel disagree or for social brownie points and they never going to get the handicap has there been no get it's not gonna happen but it's even that like that they can't see that it's not about feminism it's not about masculine ism either if that's word it's about just pick people not being full shit people you know does not crying
victim when you're not really a victim not pawing the fuckin fire alarm on a per pound a guy who's that toronto thing where the guy was they totally misrepresented the position of his book yes represented what his position was on women it period and on men and uses trying to various they should try some men have and they were calling i'm sorry did is additive i'll i quite like getting insults because i like to write them like it then marks out of ten and then i go back to the troll and explain how they could have made it that they could improve soil to troll scope and used sometimes it will send you good things i could take up all through the toaster just what funny like i like that he doesn't like me more humane treatment as its yeah they they don't think so sir your programme lacks the joke anyway and sometimes it's just you know you deserve to die so tat come on you can develop so they do what they do they are they know their insult and ridicule and demean and try to discredit the speaker if they can't do that
they will do some other kind of silencing on platforms or whatever so that those opinions can never be they do not want those opinions ever ed in public because those rights opinions and the facts that underpin them the reasoning that underpins them which is what people go these talks to here is so dangerous the feminist narrative which basically based on on feeling in fact based on bigotry and and class and gender hatred not any kind of sensible now so that the world works i've got so many invitations to universities for the next six months and you know this isn't an advertisement twenty feminist listening but i know this is gonna happen and you know that go and anyway it just takes takes up a whole day of your life instead of an afternoon but you know i know it's gonna happen i've got talk i mean i'm going i'm speaking universal swings at usc republicans next week i am speaking here too to the budget kay and u s universities over the next six months and i just know what's coming in at its extraordinary like a homeless gay do you know i crack dick jokes on twitter and i do sky news now and again and
if i'm from august the scariest opponent they know that they have they got real problems though you are because what we highlighted earlier the kindness and that as a scientist semi joking all that shit it's kind of semi joking but i'm not kind of it i'm going on ache and make your argument for gas sake boys for the last thirty years they have been incapable or unwilling of actually making argument and instead they do everything they can to simply get the speaker out of the public i hope as they just an echo chamber i mean i think that them with a forums that they go to the twitter groups that they have gone to people's pages i find out that reject i read in our i read an article but this picture which is twitter page i was already blocked i never even interacted with minorities block lessons blear yonah billion a blog mr prodi's you follow me on she must be seen to be less voldemort for these guys i've had a few controversial things myself and multimedia home i also think of doing tat was most controversial than those that can now take a long time we have we are examining is armed with the internet
what kinds of today the jailer if you're a copy of your man you call yourself a feminist i hope you chose to death on vague in pizza why crying to a lady gaga song is controversial in this area with me very observant yes is talking about death oh ok i prefer they get raped with wow male rape is as bad as female aims are right you could say that mail rape to the people it doesn't seem is awful aside some of us go in search of male rip com cool thing to say though a man being raped by peter whereas you and i saw a woman gets really my kid i asked funny assistance not when you see how can you tell me what you know
i like it when you are like this for i like it when you find the horrible because it shows me that chivalry is not dead and you have not a decent respect for you know four women for speaking about women properly and i like that you're offended by offended pathetically funded distasteful to speak of women that way speaks well of you i think what feminism is adopted i think more feminism is on his made it very difficult be nice about women because it creates this environment where this so much hate and violent ridicules old men men for what you gotta responding kind or just check out in time and it's it's this raises that's what i don't buy i list i think you have a very small minority i endured not very attractive who get rich the upset at men and having theory you want a lot of socio logical shit when it comes to these really radical and time male feminist a lot of it is a constant state of rejection to that of any such investment promotion at effect on these these ugly women who by the way there also studies which are love which show the ugly women are much more likely to be liberals
and of course they across that yet again now make sense for the reasons you would imagine that they find feminism or perhaps they start losing their looks and a thirty so they did they they slight back into feminism worthies year no women in ghana thirteen i'm i'm like twenty votes is usually ownership a gay that in taking a thoroughly and i like you are requesting things in their forty two items are even go to yoga what the statistics show is that women in the thirties official single star but nuts ii report themselves being generally more unhappy with life more likely to complex sewers what i do rest men consider retreated point video games but women get women women go nuts if this england authorities something's feminism some years around muscle wouldn't you say
are you or conceded so much ground already allowing yourself to be taken over by the left is clap now just be an objective this medium to long distance we speak as it gets a soft quantify when you say like you know women or x you mean most rural areas it is understood yeah you generalities it's annoying to women and aren't like that what shit get over it understood that you speaking generalities without generosities it's impossible to communicate me this a british thing now is that british thing is just not being it picky dick that's historic there's a simple addition to set on very well understood there and use our many men have gone men are leaving villain away in their native language policing given that you ve given already language policing europe halfway to feminism above
a very long time and he was ugly and because he any use to get rejected all the time and he started getting really fuckin angry got older is we have stop hanging out with them because he would you know he would meet girls you try to get on and then they would say known like fuckin lesbians he's fucking cutlery ones into work how funny or get money i mean it's any man can you asked losers in a new common had he won't come about how anyone can lie to be funny during that process during their process you still have sexual needs so he he had not accomplished any those goals so he not would not attractive to these women and because he wasn't tract of these women i witnessed over course of knowing and for several years i witnessed massage negro and side of him and it was based on the internet since it he had with women who were all negative see interactions he had with where women he came away feeling bad about himself kneeling rejected and so he started to project that they were there
root cause of this issue i think you're dealing with a lot of the saint feminist i think the problem is that society has been architecture in such a way that those the those outcomes those region so what now not just the norm but almost enforced by a woman's need to reject a man and to say that the stuff in i've unwanted advances sexual harassment basically what means but also the monsters the monster women who are trying to push that as is these aren't there so small such a small percentage you gross underestimate the influence these people have on not just debate in the media but on policy in universities and even the government look at california yes means yes affirmative consent lost these enough becomes law it doesn't have a role and when it starts in california it spreads elsewhere every unit of every every big american university has a ridiculous code of conduct has got the stuff imbedded in it and it comes from the inner that yes it comes from the crises i admit i willingly admit that most women want
when i don't point this shit and indeed of course in just wasn't just two years from twenty eight percent of women down to eighty percent remittent vice feminist fewer than one in five women councils feminist because they see what we see which is that these feminist are all mistress lesbian crazy people fine but those messengers lesbian a crazy people are effecting laws in this country and in my country there affecting conduct codes of conduct university that dictate a man's entire future and a woman and a future for that matter and the happiness and goods sure he only and that the data at the destination of speed she's the way that many women interact to each other's becoming poisoned by these people you grotesquely underestimate their influence if you wrought write them off as a feud matt crazies didn't unions underestimate the rate but they have gigantic purchase on on the media and therefore on politicians will they certainly do when it comes to schools look in the skies and lovely about issue one or even one in four women getting getting a sexually assaulted on campus listen to your president is parroting these myths from these he say that yes the obama has
peter the sexual harrison with a bomb as also repeated the wage gap miss you dismissing these people a sort of powerless fringe crazies the president of the united states is repeating there talking points don't tell me these people and influential it's not well that's a different thing mean when the president and the president is really just a guy who is supposed to parrot what everybody else sort of already believes anyway and if that's what progressive these democratic person zero we can present a very different and be a lot more jesus talk well so we know from would tell the truth try would tell the truth and are you really like a trump or is this a troll night accusing me trolling what blogger com is a horrible horrible remark to make no i really do really like him to every woman in my house you can fill in the gaps yugoslavia but but i love him i will send the rest for as long as police thought look he taps into you and i both
you know of sea i don't have a fraction of your new region and extraordinary audience in advance but we're both in our own ways can account counter cultural figures and very popular count cultural figures and i think that you know like this but i think trump taps into a similar vein of frustration and russian and hatred of the establishment of the political media classes i think you're right what are you then i felt sure tat you and i both benefit it runs out of this same instincts that make people quite like trump better like trump because they believe what he has to say on about taxation casino is inconsistent they might like what he says about immigration but the don't necessarily like the fact that he was a funded
two hilary an autograph it was her showing up to the wedding linden in many cases particularly the way speaks about women and i think colleague funerals fearing it was magnificent in that debate but what they do like is the fact that he doesn't give a shit doesn't apologize and gives such a gigantic brilliant bloody nose to the establishment that has drifted so far from ordinary people you and i both but both net beneficiaries of that same frustration and that's why like trump because i think big look he sat down in the white house i'll be honest ok don't tell anyone this but in doing so it will be one of the white house but i do understand why people like him and the instinct the people have to like him that sort of sense of mischief ends gadfly rashness reason people want to vote for him because it makes the establishment republican so angry and they don't understand and they caught i totally get that and i have a lot of sympathy for those people i agree with those people on a lot of points i
i agree with them entirely about the failings in and corruption or that of the general medium political establishment generally i totally agree with all that stuff so i wouldn't call myself a trump fan but i am a fellow traveller a fellow traveller by president petitions elzevir years when it comes to american politics in american education i think there's some parallels to be drawn and i think one of the parallels is that any of these ancient systems that were established when the world was completely different and didn't have the internet there are no longer valid today they just now and you were clinging to these old ways of operating that if you try to person today no one would buy to no one would buy a new american universities arrive at the right if you try to propose the way you if you i propose the whole educational system as it is today where you put people out of college
when you release them they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt with no fuckin jobs to be seen and but they remain though it survives wrong isn't that its anachronistic because there are things that are not strictly justifiable with logic which nonetheless work best for the monarchy there's no you can't a plausible although it only why or should have an aged if you don't if you dont once you get them out if you dont somehow another establishing new empire they limit what happened and i read the agnes isn't necessary condition i just think you know for example the monarch in england you can't make it look you can't make a possible rational argument to establish a ruling monarchy in united kingdom today but it works best it's the best thing that war is the best system but we have asked for its great for me if we don't get the you know a european style president with his retinue of of jackie was and in all of the kind of pomp and circumstance announces that goes with the new
media that's better well the british british people understand unanimously condemned stones to actually the importance and significance binding power and the value of tradition and institution and history as something that progressive progressives hate all the assumptions on which these things are based they hate or the effects of them too which is generally to anyway we and i think british people instinctively understand the value of having a national icon a figurehead and and people come for all well because they recognize instincts of amsterdam is to the monarchy just is works best so you think that should be an urgent position though i mean isn't that what we are all trying to western life has now become grazed this is why you are building in grade internships because i think they introduce a dangerous element of egalitarian ism into the system why i think terrorism there there are major air borne arouse shrimp their material is born and bred to rule and they should be allowed to get on with it
born and bred to rule your hilarious nigh affectiones role now you trolling you son of a bitch i've gotta dairy i'd know what are you trying to introduce a real of a plausible dangerous levels hairs in system to come pledges and a the system that was in place and then the obvious ideology that what my point my point which is a serious point is that i'm just because anachronistic does make it wrong there are problems with the with the university system in america but i dont think just because you wouldn't construct it like is constructed today that means you shouldn't do it at all no one it is a good example of no one saying that while now if the monarch is a good example acts i think it's ridiculous you keep plus eight over there are getting on an errand americans have the same characterise teen americans have the same reverence for disaster for the office of the united states that the off the office of president same reverend know everyone for the office no everybody in this country likes any any given president but you but you will hear
republican say don't say that about obama he's the president is not my president uninvolved embodies the pay and so show some respect very merrithew say now come on americans are americans do have an understanding lesson with him than i think any president because more he's a fucking terrible obviously but easily just add is being reduced you're standing in the world so badly of how young no idea please tell me as a forerunner of my soil i will say look i love america i'm one of those whom we worked so one of those i am one of those brits la hearing i repeated by people what i'm not exactly sure if they have a real stands i likewise obama so terrible comparison other pregnancies we whistleblowing thinking this is me iraq is in europe we ve seen the future obama wants and we know it doesn't work as we have seen socialized healthcare we ve seeing you know engagement of the state we ve seen these crazy feminist ideas about you know the wage gap and and and rapes on campus we have all this in europe this is why his great because it's not europe and everything
i see and hear from obama suggests to me that he wants to take america it was used to be the case that europe america's lead in so many things with its pop culture journal and i personally know there's always have been largely positive imports but but it now seems like america's following europe's leading in censorship in cracking down on free expression and creativity and workers in our socialist healthcare these things aren't disasters here from brits because it's the correct thing to say the energies of the envy of the world i mean i just encourage well maybe don't go that's something don't make me sick roses proposed when i just hospital and in it is horrific renders conditions dreadful we will die the more time is a scandal a few years ago thousands of people dying indian some hospital in the labour government doesn't give a shit i didn't do anything about even knew that this is not a does not during utopia fine or some problems in american model and health care but trust me you do not want any you know the way the bombers is pushing a marrow
to be more like europe i think is some it's going to hasten decline as a world power we have seen your future as my colleague it brought about james telling pole row book i think all about i think he called it a bomb over mania may we ve seen your future and it doesnt work and it was a sort of it a love letter to the united states explaining that you we ve seen whereupon wants to go because we're living it and it's a trust me it's not what you but if there is that really what obama wants to do and where he wants to go to that was the case like if you compare what obama stood for before you got an office and what doing now anybody work whether one that works well how about the hope and change website where they talked about the actions against whistleblowers it is hoped to change website like a big parliament has finally if they really morning whistle blowers there really was a legit site evaporated ass soon ass he entered the oval office guantanamo whistleblowers molly really important start the morals the moral statements that you know you know what it was
kind of things that tell you what sort of man he is the whistleblowers staff the guantanamo the things that give you a sense of where his moral centre is those with the things that he jettison the minute he entered of oval office renounce want i why i famine i'm lena doesn't alongside them the ordinary i think we should have a manifesto in you trying to be as much of a manifesto rose you can and people who are dying in any one person really truly has position i wanna help bullshit job how point the way the united states is structured is to limit the power of the president you know that this that you have all of that and i built into the system and as good as soon as all good but he does have a huge influence on what people talk about we talk about it you know he makes decisions about form of foreign policy in war inevitable the most important things that that that a nation can decide about itself is who is going to fight he does make those kinds
nations in those kind of decisions matter and he also has the power to me you say he does but he does based on what based on you seeing him talking on television we have no idea what exactly is going on behind the scenes never the present has executive authority of whatever i'm talking four billion practical terms right this guy can send planes places right
but everything we ve seen from a bomb suggest that you know what we want to take you know a sort of us if we had progressive socialists pseudo european approach to domestic policy health care taxation and this gives us in europe because we was we looked up to you guys you're not yet the regional it was america for me as a european and new york fewer second pickles in this i'm sure but for me britain is probably the greatest country in the world because it invent democracy or property rights or any of those great values that that now the world basically revolts but it was it was the best spreading england in particular spread democracy property rights freedom around the world and everywhere that britain has been is a nice place to live and any weatherbeaten hasn't been you wouldn't want to go to and america
sort of the destroyed the distillation of the highest and best values of petitioners inner freedom and democracy and free speech was gonna stuff amerika was mercosur like you know this petri dish what will happen if we take the very best of british values the stuff tat we ve spent centuries it propagating around the world making the world a nice prosperous fair place to live what will happen if we take them and we call on all the crap out and we make it country like that and we did it was america but that america heresy said we did amerika was established by people from fleeing britain yes of course but letting waiting for giving the assyrians and migrant women into climate duck centuries but but importing too the values that britain spread around the world for hundreds of years but wasn't the whole day all that we wanted to get the fuck away from everything these as representatives no no not everything is a misnomer no no i mean that america is founded on british values markers founded on values at the british spread throughout
world i mean these values and those values in these institutions what i'm talking i'm talking about democracy specifically of a parliamentary version of democracy robin a model of democracy but the very generous formatting around her eyes yes but we did what there is easily values you know that britain spread to india spray aha you you that did at the base of the middle east that britain went to the nice place to live now women women contrasts how they like kuwait for example not terrible place to be why britain didn't go saudi not a place you'd want to be any anyway that britain has touched his become better for it look at japan they were all suits you know they links will call language they where our suits brit the influence and this is a big britain's influence on no other country nothing else can touch it not portugal not goave holland nobody else can touch britain for just sheer global in australia in a kind of all places britain's britain has touched are dramatically better as a result but for me the sort of highest distillation of those those values that that britain was
around the world it was always america bombers tearing america away from those values that's what i don't like that's why city was a terrible present that's why i struggle with with him in that office because he seems to me to be profoundly and i know that this means that of crazy right wing is an internet always save it seems be profoundly on america on a marrying automatically listening this bad he doesn't social listing values does not she doesn't share the values on which mark was founded and what by in what sense though what why doesn't mean free speech we really thinks free speech should be curtailed to save the feelings of certain interim interest groups and minorities wherever you heard him say even he doesn't believe in your right why you saying that what we have you heard him say that because it imitate the effectively the the stuffy says about harassment of unit he sees these bought into this harassment nonsense this stuff he said about net neutrality the stuff he said about the rape canvassed of all of this in all of these things are satellite the free speech argument right net neutrality being a satellite of the free speech without free speech now
the traveller was about government regulating internet what it's about regulating bands about got known as by the dublin regulation the internet the frightened and eat net neutrality is about the government regulation into having control over what private companies can do about the relationship that a private company has with its own customer when you have a service provider nickel comcast it but you know you use your relationship with comcast is a private business arrangement between you and that company right net neutrality is about the government trying to intrude on that relationship and dictating what kind of business arrangement you can come to with conquer comcast and if they can cause you cannot offer this package of services you can not suggest the customer there might be a higher tia service for people who pay more just like you get a bit o connor if you pay more more union no get anything else in life you ve got more money you get better version of it right you can't do anything we're going to insist because we ve got we put this crazy idea into some kind of utility you know like water or something
we're going to come in here and we're going to regulate and control the relationship that you a private company have with you approve individual that is you know that is it that is at its essence of free speech argument because of what happens when you start regulating that trafficking to the internet traffic that that is split and you know that some of us the netflix ominous for email summits whatever that the way which certain things get you know what what it wants to do is say that all traffic is neutral it isn't it is all equal yeah what did i do not see the benefit of that do not there is a total argument has no basis in do you not see that people would be concerned with the government being able to throttle internet away and personal one patent operations have them have the ability decide how much anwar marries americans were one worrying about the power of corporations with medicines
worrying about its knowing the fact that this has been done illegally already without regulation think let her second that if the if the government is given the power to regulate how an internet service provider delivers its packets of data to consumers they're not going to then start to wonder what's in those packets and then start to say will actually you know what the net neutrality thing was fined like it was a really good idea and we love there and we really having been that too but i should have decided that this kind of data is more important so we're gonna let you do that oil or indeed we need to insist that you priorities this kind of data and that consequences for the free market ass compromise costs for businesses for example oh enforcing well well that's why and an internet where everyone has access to the same sort of service is whatever
he wants no i mean that's what we want to mean that there is an argument in america there is an argument that in insisting that all packets additional needs an outreach equally favours new start ups into the market because they don't have to compete with incumbents you have privileged access to high speed on one aspect of right sure an argument shore such a start ups its people like me that are able to broadcast things people that want to set up their own servers and put together their own website that does whatever the fuck they wanted to do it did the eye it is now up to you have regulated in somehow or another in the minutes but you do not sort is not about regulations the absence of a fight and proper i am speaking for the absence of regulation i'm saying we should regular that we should allow private companies private i know what to do and how will it ever even within the same is long overdue and if you look the market works in these
in these situations look what happens when i s peace try to manipulate netflix traffic customers complain and they have to stop and they have to put it back again the market works so well for this if ur internet stuff because everybody internet so vocal their online already that complain about it takes two clicks the market was brilliantly for the stuff why how allow the government to come in and dictate to private individuals in private corporations what their business relationship but like and the nature of the services they provide or the mind if i one other thus dyke does profoundly on american well there's a large argument against net neutrality there's a large argument on line that we could spend hours going over the pros and cons of each side of it but i think ultimately people have a dish trust in large corporations and distrust in the government and either one of them having control of what has been like the ones its empower people in this country is the ability to put out a message and to get information and though the fact
you gotta do is now just because but it could just get your model they could be it could be limited you could ever could be blocked there's like you because i didn't want either he's not plausible secrecy theory you know what's going on with you any thing have you been intention the u s you and prepares only one report tonight first with wouldn't put it tell people then ok so the u n broadband commission which is not one of the upper echelons of the u n you were the one who report on first how'd you get the information well as someone has brought the store but i was the one that report that at length of my stories of one went round the world certainly did i tweet your story i think so awful awful neuron plenary
they do not wear her explain did the ridiculous now to this idea that the u n thinks that they're going to somehow that this is actually seasick women this is my argument you see this is the government getting involved in what i s mom nineteen in you in your say excited when you're gonna go you're just eighty people have no rights or in the event of saying this and this is where you crazy stuff right this report from you and broken commission the u n broadband commission so we haven't you ever went on one europe lisa we have in europe we now can we come yours you and your commission is specifically set out to find ways it is paid for by european taxpayers and its purpose is to find ways of regulating the internet programme that is wasteful right is too it has had a brief to find ways of cutting down on internet freedom is one of the ways its fountain that is to get a load of batshit crazy feminist in to say that people who ridicule
our criticism on the internet are in fact guilty of harassment and abuse and as a result internet services should be always pre screened words should always be prescribed for the iranian touches the most crazy bullshit audio european come up with this and this report came and it was full of holes and we examined it i think i was the first report when its detail about the summit about once or twice in and then i heard about it a second time and i think the headline was am i the only responsible take em generous left on the planet which is the only
perhaps example self congratulatory of you well i'm actually really more data that are actually really humble and very humble person naturally myself editors just believe me into this and how they get it kit those clicks diagnosis as it's it's not me at all if it were up to me i just be anyway so what they want to do so but pre primary for this stuff treat preaching and if they don't want to clamp down on what your doing right now is your saying it's ok for the government to get involved in this kind of regulation of ice of the private relationship ice peace have of their customers it's not ok if the governments of discomfort sheep the pipes open so we pay us open to bless you anything whatever they want a new international no reservations what you're not could get out here everybody nobody's arguing any different interesting that that's not gonna be liaison you think you're not until it's already in place i mean the
the u n thing is essentially a trojan horse write me that's really what it s that's what was so disturbing about it is the idea that the u n could get in and get involved and somehow another punish social media websites that and make them responsible
for what the users posts i view pose some inflammatory ridiculous shit and they let the other nanny never but if you did if you went on a fuckin late night cocaine field twitter rampage and you typed a bunch of ridiculous shit about women with no with no like some women are there are so it all just women if you obama if i went to adam some dreary nit picking out i guess they may do that's my my i like it when i approached him when you re in earlier today and i think that comes under the journey my thing everybody is another thing i like rebounded aren't you're agrarian if they like to leave a market that i have my hair yo yo nitpicking no i mean look this what this actually interesting discussion around around this and its that it's about common sections in committee i hope you will allow me to visit this is huge trend at the moment and almost every progressive publication is
closed their common sexual indicated that they might in the early days of the internet you had these per tech savvy progressives dare disproportionately based on coastal sitting in coastal cities too said because the only people they knew who use the internet will like them were pictures crystal types who said that the internet was going to create this extraordinary an amazing new world where one could express their opinions and was gonna democratize knowledge and democratize power and the presumption they made with everyone the internet was going to be nice well most people are very nice and most people are particularly on nice when it is a compliment by the way because i hate nice people most you hey nice people costs boring people who vicious and bit she and mister so what are you so gay no i didn't every time i do not think it is caused by the government in its didn't even way say the cabin mckinnis didn't even way i was on a show for three minutes needs like dear how gay you are let's go
style yeah kinder gentler you waited an elegant way our in five minutes but you what you just said was so gay people fish edison pitchy in no way they they mainly means more interesting one there's plenty of assholes out there you gonna have though we re really upset i send to be nice so i'm sure you get on tougher there they sent they tend to be very beta tissue pathologically how dare you i like for a bit more dangerous ok i'm was attracted to so you like shooting people online when i saw you people i like people whom it more entered i like people to step outside we know what like people to push the boundaries are like people who are dissidents are like people who are disreputable and stuivers interesting i'm an interesting people as i am rights not altering but you know
love people about it fascinates me i think that the people who pushed society for the people come with great interesting things how they're just can't sell times there just counts but that can be funny to that's that's about their retirement only i for example i am not going to add to the sum total of human knowledge i'm just gonna want a lot of people up for thirty years and hopefully something now i want you to tell me about yourself short you're amazing so very honest monsieur i was introduced oysters dinner pamela humble you make interesting points let's get back to the point please the the section stuff right they mean that this was based on a presumption everybody on the internet was gonna be like a twitter employ maverick orca blogger yet so they can't
hygiene is great internet social media socialist under the new family god he's gonna throw its newsrooms open to the public right assumption that you know and you know that guardian reticent people live in north london with someone like portland or booklet brooklyn or whatever i uppish sought off so north london is like the hipster ongoloo now it's more sensitive light push rich liberals but it's not quite its antonelli comparable but like him roughly that you know they're gonna be homogenous nice polite lefties with my hands about things actually what's happened is it too long it alone anticipated but what's happened is that ordinary people now can open twitter account to sufficiently technologically educated to do so and we're all of these progressive media companies are discovering the mike's the foxes the bus feeds the workers of this world are discovering that most people don't agree with them they are just they ve never i know it's shocking but most people don't believe you should kill
men most people don't believe that white people that the black people can't be racist i want people to believe all that basically you everything on salon dotcom nobody believes that having them sound doesn't believe what's on some of them look said it's impossible to believe those things in good faith because you have to lie to make that yet to lie so much yourself into others in order to make those arguments that i just did it is one long practical joke that site it is just a granting it's not like i'm convinced its funding to cope powerless to discredit liberalism i'm convinced real i'm absolutely conventionally through increased he traced the seller money back foreign off you will discover you will discover the surname cook because it is the only explanation for how badly salem discredits progressive as is the only exposure today they published another editorial from his fucking pitiful hu i wrote about he wouldn't even debray my name oaks too scared to get into legally nosey lose i publicly
published this thing about how you on a pitiful by don't act on it right after i had exposed a pitiful sarah nigh broken game a gate ryan it went all over the world it was a huge storytelling over the whole though this going to stop going i expose this you will have a brandir i exposes pedophile you know she was backed up and double or social justice worries double down protected her she was you know on message basing share my politics so they stubborn kitty fit look this is the state the modern left directly after that with coincidental timing cell publishes its thing by a pedophile saying oh i'm a bit of help i don't act on it which is precisely the defence that the present used so i respond and i see no and i say this and i did it did a very good piece and i urge all of you artlessness to seek it out because it really is excellent journalism it was cool something like this is why the left which is why liberals why progressives stick up for pitfalls explains why people can get away with this stuff and why why progressive and brought back them
you think people back pettifogging who backs polemics uses for them i did they may give uses for them a central just one today today they gave a space to this guy who is a pitiful about whom there is for risk stuff online which has come out yet which unite should watch the space for ex interest even crowded rose by someone said why he's me you should you just got who wrote this guy who did he give me a second pierre underline this original wrote in peace for sale on today playing the victim saying he came as a pitiful and he's been subjected to right wing hate sir he says it is that we need an action that you think this is the kind of only one hand on the creative all right i think so on a pitiful and i don't act on it and i did dislike peace and everyone it came out and said that it was really supportive and was ready gray and they i'd help people through their own experiences and eventually sympathetic except the right wing hate machine meaning me but they didn't damaged me by name the work right wing hate machine was apparent according to him up
the right wing hate machine had the temerity to say we think pitifully israel and avoid cell on giving up level so this guy when there's so much don't me internet suggesting that he is physically touched young girls for example you know and i'm gonna there is the other is lousy completely different argue well this is thing asylum gave a powerful interests kind sound ought to know what is i guess if you're going to if you're going to make space when you're platform for a self confessed the file and you will hear you will only find this on the left is what i mean by lifting of peoples that make excuses and nutritional jets moisten they try to give it they try to debilitate this as an unfortunate sexual orientation rather than you know this we will be doing prejudice that we need to be protected but i've never seen that but you say that's all i've seen as europeans in order will guide and discussing
but knows honestly all bullshit aside less psychologists and socio jests and narrow scientists have tried to figure out what it is that causes some one to have these desire we know from the transgenic debate left doesn't care about that when it cares about is how we can who where it can place people in the oppression picks ineffective hierarchy and pet if i'm telling a morning you know that is the worry when you now i'm going you now set out as the files pedophiles are going to be the next trench and has been one now they want they won the battle is over you think so yes honestly absolute states done and dusted we don't you think we lost their advice by we i mean people who actually wanted to find out what the science said too continue to invest in things that now on fundamental interests and bits of research that donor grew the progressive consensus should i can't get funding for that consensus started what kind of research well so trends gin the transgender question is complex and difficult and for example johns hopkins two surgeries anymore the guys to run it there's re outspoken critic a transition surgeries is not the best dream pathway
linda killing themselves anyway this by most most metrics no improvement suicide rates my view on this as you know we're probably gonna look like in thirty years and wonder how we could ever be so cruel as to allow somebody with a psychiatric delusion to start hacking themselves to make reality conform to the resolutions but i'm not but by but by we earlier what i meant was people who want to be signs lead on this and instead what the left very vivas rate was there on the cover of time magazine trends in that the trans thing is the next civil its frontier they very clearly articulated they gave us all the clues we needed to work out how they're going to find this one right we just didn't pay attention at the time of some some people didn't they set it up as the next gay or the bisexual or the next lesbian it's just the next frontier and civil rights struggle i'm telling you pedophilia is there is a one off but don't you think that you are a person and you are of sound mine in body and you have a desire to be a woman and you ve had this desire whole life but you were born a man shouldn't you be
we'll do it over the fuck you wanna do other isn't that really what it there are people who make up one day and think that arm doesn't belong to them we don't cut their arm off because they think it doesn't belong to the people they remembered heavily lando details have someone drawn you permanently article is hot thank you very much i like it too but i'm not asking you is about its leaves just just leaves but you see my point like now what about why why intently tattoos thing what's its personal choice is a personal permanent chair is a view that you should be able to do ever you want your body now how can we find a timid state pay for our pay folk you want to know what your cock off because your mentally ill i will dissuaded from doing it and i should have a right to say international newspaper which now you don't please don't do this
i think the aren't you gonna get published a nationalist over this argument you cannot get published by saying please don't to peace after unjust in surgery it's the wrong treatin puff what you cannot get published because public opinion because apparently worried about the blow back from the lab right and they still dream laugh i mean if you ve ever you needed evidence that the treaties are mentally ill its twenty campaigners i mean the transgender lobby are not the reason he's going to write about the stuff we don't want to enter the dangerous territory is that what they are on the receiving end of afterwards is just coming i've had it i've had to wear my my confrontation with the sort of course and you know you write about it so unfair i know these win who again like the crappy now them by somebody is not element it's only unfair if you don't say that you used to be a man but you know that you will have the ability to change our new option to opt out and they shouldn't i mean what are we going to do so any man who wants to any man who wants to be a women's emma fighter we're just gonna basically gave him a gold lined pathway to the championship because
we see no woman's can want again to bring with them and have a jewel broken that's not ok i think they know it's better reasonable to say if you weren't porn a woman you don't get to find a women's competition i think that's perfectly reasonable perfectly region bull and objective this scientifically valid to than this but this is the science behind you and i both on the wrong side of them of popular opinion this be abrogated we're not i don't want your friend know not what many people fear that the media the media and political establishment have made up their minds on this and it's it's gone it's got how did them right it is interesting that right this wrong sir kisses from every day the reason i win i think there's no precautions in supporting it that's why there's no repercussion in supporting whether all trains general general necessary if we are to emmy look what i'm saying to me right you say hey it's a woman get over it she should be able to fight man there's no repercussions but if you say you're out of your fucking
my because you almost got a national chauvinism attic tailors and all the rest of it yes yes no that's true and end but that is entirely a construction of the left open entirely construction of the left the aggressive and progressive aggressive progressive and yet and that these people who you dismissed earlier infringement cases they have entirely dictated what you will say on the subject you don't mind my asking for now this because i think about it you those like there's comes back no right outcome of dining at all you gave me i'm full of was running out of us combat calendar back right now to programme it is you're after progressing i'd have won a a society ivy positive hour when ensure often listen don't does fragrances what what what is it about play rising they we all regret a one gay marriage they winning on both these may say so i am actually do you don't you know they gave you don't think game icebergs you get married have an excuse well ok i all round town near
that's what it is now i just you know why do i dont want i don't mean gazed i dont gaze to become so bourgeois we shall be judging by judge by the people stand is being born gaze not fun and if you have to be gay if you have to have been a great idea she anal so that we could look wonderful time i love me i'm a new stress the imagination self loathing i'm very happy with so how's area we do that as well because it has been easy road showcase now rather be gay or be that fat lady from kentucky that will marry gay people kim davis yes who would rather boy or canada if she got fucked over wayward near him davis noticing that there should be a goddamned genetic role the dice pardonable not a difficult you gonna difficult the yours so there but i loved him but does not respond by my heterosexual wouldn't be him david i became connection i doubt it and out of your born in her life lived her lying in body and that i have the adjutant any sort of nato had sex with a black man
i finally got snake guys think she's home licit kardashian i wish i was stupid i could even such a great light and we ve been so good you think so odorant so good at it i don't think so i started this has been a curse i don't think you're ruthless enough maybe the nice guys the secretly not only using alarm you think too much and its also you like contemplating things and you know you make ass generalization let you individually is generally pick a weary nit picking is it now change you my phone thank you not like you know i think we see a lot of these things i think we have a lot of ideas in common a lot i think
i'm tries to government even though you agree with me when i do to go from accessing a lot on railways navigated stopping please get us through thyself the reality has allowed a man it's not that easy glean that's why some people rise at the top and most don't connive naughty course gob sign out of bed and get your fucking shit i honour i am the biggest merger crap you will ever meet my high you can t just hold it won't let anybody if i could tell you can't goddammit we don't you don't need to have your hand held and bars changed and we need to make it safe for men we do for men space we men in this country being ignored by women and we have to put a stop to the track of why they not attractive because women are smart they know these guys are pussies they don't want this pussy shooting a fuckin disease load inside them and make some dumb fuck and care that they have to raise they don't want it so they were jack these fools these fools or the arabic
you can get a little styrofoam plate fuckin supermarket too easy to buy milk it's too easy to get you two balls you have to do a goddamn thing it's easy that's why that's why these guys are pussies because the world is soft there lottery winners europe met a lottery whenever they never keep their money because its to flock uneasy did not appreciate it and these guys through this shitty dog the gray life smoothly we do not cause i don't like you you don't even like you call someone somebody would like you for that the solution is that change the laws or get another half of them out with a torch we'll stop these women ruining these men look at them in their running away their running away to prepare themselves he's the women won't have them anymore who will they don't even like themselves
you gotta understand do i wish i'd unworthy of a lot of this drastic for pussies sat good for them so good for anybody i want them to have confidence i won't work how do you find a way to hold their hand fuckin let him crying use your expensive suit i think about them that's great lining the is it the last world second jurassic park movie it's like careful to suit costs more than your education not a big fan of the military i'm not a big fan of like people i care about love join the army go over and killing people overseas unless it's actually no sir of course but i am a big fan and of i think a lot of people would benefit from fuckin boot camp i think that this is our library with you and i might not be such a fucking pansy if i'd had it p b uncomfortable goddammit no i mean like you know if i've been reboot campbell might not chosen hey what's that the number one spot i think more people are game
captain anywhere now i should go now to get generals i'll fuckin thing the guy is on cannot together you don't think i feel less often i led a school that's all i'm saying is working my way through the cricket seem especially when there on a boat we never learned eighty hours out of the way up again now why would you where is announcing illegally like black eyes that was the jugglers cricket some indian due to their pretty good at cricket no windows to worry too much courage nine miles the log in and allowed to say that no sooner let's say that but you know it's not it's our race thing is sort of but this is certain diet liking died early bangladeshis ever certain diana gives if it's a very very particular alone and i hey this is somebody's bangalore evasion guys gives a very particular oda like bingo is to bangladesh susan food aid is very heavy
post fish that most of the time you sonny went further using people as asia that's interesting this year we call the main legal donations but you know it's the same with i dont know whether its erased they might cleaner is a gun in my maid is like a gun in muslim and i'm such a concise garden alien gonna like gandhian oh god from gone gone yet i'm really get person so i let her keep occurring in my house and starting a noticeable despite terrifying really so she raising our ongoing online and she's praying and i'm like a total maybe take my paying for this no but why often during remedy some like is i repeat last night's kfc just to torture but no i ownership but she knew she has a very pungent to roma the am shorts i don't know is arresting a raven loud say that while we cannot pursue video you suddenly demanded i like saying men and a different from women you not least with say anymore but no there is there is certain i'm not quite like it i like this guy's always ask if she's got hot sons and she will never tell me
when it was like i can i can i like it but ere it there but that is different he's if she's benin and she's been laughing and whatever their mouths allows and like two hours later i come home i know she's been why that's bizarre julia wolf as you have really give real sense of smell wherever geiger why because i would thank dude smell like shit no like stinky i would think that would be like jake like vision a likely put four hours perfume and women quite like comments mostly measurement into manacling like that does yeah sometimes like be oh yes cosmo about i perspire quite a lot but i don't smell like if i get i get soft is grotesque a strange subject women there's no women that like the way dude stink when they get back from the gem ninety four like fuckin stay quite like they like dirty bitches dirty and i've always
such a such as you know there i am there was a sign of such a slot idly pregnant at twelve i would have so many abortions by now was a universe europa believed that a study on homosexuality and they had a theory that the real why people became gay a variation on the x chromosome and so that there is a disk portion amount of homosexual men that were birth from women that were promiscuous cycle because you think miss alice women's how terrible women are i think some men just see see it really early and think that is so much crazy just to like just a common something i have to deal with that no thank you wanna go with boys tat so opera coming to you as a straight man you're talking nonsense where most part of great i went gay to get at my mother that's how revenge i don't have a revenge homosexual like a war werewolf is well now you be
the form and your mother turned you right of its sides know it's i went in and because it wasn't sufficiently scandalous i lost my virginity interracial five some of the drag queen that's all i know so i started worldly soldering thirteen in thirteen drank millions interracial five supervising grass the first one there are reasons for life you're gone no such bring home black eyes instead and that she was upset about to just was it a racial thing like i was just that she was just coming down there just these black eyes like ain't pills out on the breakfast table an area fourteen ya think people no problem with that however the black eyes a couple years old not hugely old though they went to that they went that schools i'm a bad school baddies couldn't hurt like people my doom blown fuckin their son
the northern and then just that and then of the self styled just got stuck in a rut announcing the bad habit it but you know i wrote a poem about this i'm so border being gay and everybody it's a joke unless you want monsieur things ever ever written i money really attracted to things that are transgress if that a naughty and spoke but so that our collective dangerous difficult people i only really sexual excited i think that a forbidden and now gay people are endlessly mollycoddle and flattered and sucked up to in society is called the sexes lost its lustre for me i think i think here that i might go heterosexual like you i mean i i might do something they think it to take i link i might do something to fear and i might do something that you know is going to invite ridicule and criticism and he's going to make me a model got life i might become a straight line with all due respect i think you'll find it very difficult defined suitors that are worthy of your parents with any of your one
and you can dance back and forth through those worlds with little to no were well with women but go ahead was enforce all the time one time a few cox it takes on deck and get fucked by five guys drag queen iter i don't know he sought for black eyes fucks why do i say that i think i have something to think about that there is a danger that without worry them he added i got this crisis to guy i just i can't they rasta they love me like i'm surrounded by an all time in a friendly way no whether they were a boner with them like a girlfriend but that's what you are but they let me to understand the devil only let me for some of them but we are the ones on the gnome would let you fuck em now but i'm guy thinking now says you know what i'm saying i'm trying to be nice your friends on just wait a ones and i let you fuck em don't you know what you're probably right right trust mentioned the hotlines in that forum
fuck your guy who never never had a doubt salamander it's true somebody get really bad about quality of woman if like a straight with a black is why don't you get animals are some they now loyal now transgender i nearly flip the switch what could be attorney i think such pretty girl you ve really take us just in case you know about it i would and you know i don't want to shoot a little more montesinos she and i would throw my toys out the problems like i was the or my pronouns like me up here you know i don't even here here are here my pronouns our fuck you mother fucker is not making new pronouns harvard university is trying to get people to use these new pronouns mean you're winning on this side of never transition just when taken eyes people because i believe that we so the community that's the move rights and i am a woman you hungry transparent way and so i'm in trouble i'm gonna pull i'm gonna pull a broadly manning i'm gonna wait till i get in trouble and then to elicit sympathy from idiots i'm gonna go trends
are you trying to say that's a bradley many did how dare you have never make the implication chelsea by the way as we go miss jane i still call goes bruce well of course you do under sixty years as he had it maybe you're fucked dude technical yet neurons this should it shouldn't beginning commits crimson is it's amazing dominated media one the men's peters like you have now is as is our they're saying now well everyone colonial hundreds anciently correct way to describe his his or her accomplishments as an athlete the technically correct we do is to use the new name and then the mirror annapolis member of a sea she won the men's whatever anyone always comes posing as you know is one of the guys who competing in the olympics worth believes that this whole transition to becoming woman had to do with taking steroids for the olympics i think it is outrageous that would arise out for sure
if you live in that family if you live in a kardashian family you know it is a war of attention seek menaces attention seeking something i understand you know and the constitutional want one up each other and everyone thinks kim's got the leeds and everyone you know and everyone thinks all kim and then bruce comes out and says with a nuclear bomb will you i got one for you drops the fucking atomic bomb neutron long whatever europe weapon of mass destruction algae of choices drops this bomb is like him i got vanity fair watch this put the obvious and i already cared about him at all for the decade it was on the show move never he wasn't whipping boy to show any got so it was i i really really needs some tension i live in the climate is a cadet she found out what to do so but ours they know that he probably idea of his eyes with women came as a slot chloe's fat how do you know
take him the sledge she's married with children sir i wasn't a judgment trust me i mean i identify with our tajik very you know comes a slot chloe's flat occurs clarice fat and bruce is it you know as i can then they will have something right while he certainly does now mean he may not have it anymore inequality wherein with his face at the very least he turned his face into a woman's face it you know i love it australasia or make a serious point about this what i love about transgenic debate is how damaging ist feminism triangle that's actually was my original point rise where you gonna go there's this feminist always say about transgender indicative of the male female transgenic why they always choose such classically feminine why now come on we want which is a sort of gin dellis fact blue hair
elaborate if you gonna go trend one has become kinda queer they want you to know something to decrease now sexual disaster of a human being read toenail he's a high healing people who look up men become women become women like very stereotypically women and this is interesting because this is this is a sort of physical manifestation of a psychological problem for feminism and it is this if you accept that people can be born with the rome brain the demand to be born with a woman's brain or woman could be one of the man's brain that goes a long way to destroying forty years of gender politics and gender theory which says that all sexuality and all gender is socially constructed then that's why men behave like men do and women behave like women too if you accept and you put on the cover of time magazine
or vanity fair a person who has had the rome brain in their own body and when they transition they take on new characteristics new forms of behaviour in the rest of it you are admitting that some of these qualities are innate biological that there is such a thing as a male brain and a female brain this is something that feminists have been denying for decades and it is incredibly damaging to the poor to the feminist projects to the idea that everything is concerned because we want to break down the gaps between men and women they wanna make girls play with action men and boys neurotic boys perhaps princesses what this suggesting is the old gender is taught that it's a social construct that we teach boys how to be boys so we should teach boys to be nice instead of violent in the toxic masking anything what what trends genders and demonstrates quite clearly if we accept at face value as progressives have asked us to is that there is indeed such a thing as a male brain and there is indeed such a thing as a female brain that being the case ordinary will have them too and that explains why for example there are as many women in stem subjects it explains why men have certain behaviour
our trysting sooner and all of this stuff the feminist have been telling us is just decided in patriarchy and conditioning hang on a minute you can't hold these two beliefs simultaneously you cannot believe both of these things intend if you have to pick one and this is the reason that some people on the quiet acquaintances yesterday on the political ryan point is ask about trenchant thing is they know unravels the feminist project and unravels two generations of crazy progressive feminism in one fell swoop because it demonstrates by their own admission what total bullocks the idea of construct a generous well it certainly is fascinating when you watch people being celebrated for traditional feminine appearances absence lee traditional accepted feminine appearances dresses tat they were high into the family of a short mean that's the most door while they are going to have to be ugly like they are trans america the cover their vanity fair with vanity fair or new yorker which everyone knew to be ugly like me and they are
which is why they became feminist in the first place there are gauges why they left wing it my favorite feminist are the ones that will never accept transcend transgender of these costs yeah yeah i left them to their creative and rail is a tough is this woman i told you about the concentration camps and he's a tough i say or she she's accused of being a tough these people who say that trans genuine and not women because they haven't women's lived experience ass all their doing is acquiring the victimhood mantle by which they saw to that met the whole jake you know in the moons of it in order to be a tough you have to sort of admit that is such a thing is female privilege that basic saying is a transgender person you can never acquire full degree of female privilege because you can't claim your oppressed victimhood status and get special dispensation you can't do any of those things because not roman and you no matter what experience we don't want to i love them i love them because they just the most brilliant example of let's dysfunctional fucked up left on left violence is wonderful
a house of cards of ludicrous theory that totally internally inconsistent mrs one he's the one of those times in which it just implodes i feel i can write offs accelerating you're eating themselves at a staggering ring i wrote about this i wrote about this in another great piece it you're not just go it's called it's called minority wars and my point in this was that in the ass if the last ten years have been but about setting men against women in fine you think methodist manifold up and i can tell you that you have taken beside more compassionate view of this stuff if you if you believe the last ten years i think most people do the progressive protectionists set women against men the next ten years we can be even worse the next ten years can assist extravagant sexuality race against race gender against gender you gonna get hispanics versus blacks in america hispanic hispanic speaks of that's interesting because hispanics don't have the guilt about slavery the white people do so when his a running cities like baltimore the policing is going to be proved it has got you never you have never gonna run you all more never seen anything like it
what what because hispanics are gonna be the gonna be the somewhat bizarre graphic majority in the big one ball they more down to lay in late but they don't have the same guilt they dont have the white guilt allows black lives matter to flourish right with enemies and black lives matters a thing is because a white killed you really think that you don't think it's because a black we will get fed up that they see people getting shot for no reason this is actually using different losing from but you can romping taser on their body you concerning lack people as indeed i do with my body and in many cases and nonetheless not think the blacklist measures the best thing for black people wrong with black lives manuel it perpetuates the culture victimhood which decide how one do this not really black withstand shown king yea so we know your king stories amazing it's amazing this shot and you know that you came back with a male case a military dollars i was hanging out with this blog posts you nurse and other wonderful so i broke in there's no break our story to hamper their story how dare you ve made me feel losing it
i know that much you told me about that on twitter that's how i found you have because at least so anyway he comes back after all this reporting and since although the man that they're they're right about everything except the man of my birth certificate is not we'll dance my mom had an ex roses moment of the boss slot thirty years ago effectively getting anymore interact might never asked about whom my dad is i don't do anything about him i've never asked in thirty years who my dad is ok or i find carry on the only thing about him for absolute short in whose name i don't who is at anywhere is creating a definite no about emissaries back isn't it ok dna tests social well you really didn't miss identical gerry adams what has been going on for a black political world thinking kissing summoning up you know like they do in them these we have laws should put some employment twenty three me but there is a black political action committee the sitting
twenty five thousand dollars a black lives matter if he submitted to dna testing wouldn't do it a black political action committee surrendered working twenty five thousand dollars black lives matter and you wouldn't do it the way the situation now i know well that these things tell me all i need to know the only needed now in a situation shown king has pronounced shrinking and simply in order to ask any more questions and use will take his word for it well sorry i don't still on the guy's why is still a big part of black clouds manner what is more the thickets i'm initiate a thing like couldn t be white and also thank the black lives matter like the end they didn't want you this is the right places i didn't see politics they dont want you didn't want you you too if it is to speak on these issues is no rights because feminism this is this is why so damaging to buy clothes matter the fact that all of their figure had seemed to end by the being lunatics or being white want what is what is wrong with this movement that no authentically black people seem to be able to lead it i condemn alas alas matters yes there's something wrong what about those run they re dude this promising homosexual
how dare you sit there i might be gay but doing like unease is just so odious and unbearable and loves also i loved problem is unlike what person in amerika the guys i don't gears sale and give these interviews ok he's intelligent and wealth ok so nice about for everyone except the men they need you of bodies man a pleasant manner because these but the re magazine of great what's wrong with you seem like a great guy i mean when i've heard him interviewed i mean much easier me in a way is probably that we have put together the bombing the only black person i would not sexually tragedy while he you say this was why do we not like i mean like i words no funding so what's wrong what is sort of like keeps a preening comedy homo you know
promising around in his ones is often one is just dreadful but he's a product to this terrible political sovereignty very blackened gay rights protested and another lives matter leaders is white and the ace and enable a c p chapter headings in both in washington and spoken in washington is white think it's myself she resign what's wrong with this movement no she's in place or she's not resign from something than all i'm think he's my son what's wrong with this movement that no black people seem able to lead it and the reason is that this is from it we will discuss outsourcing is fuelled by white guilt and progressive liberal establishment which is incredibly ones but we re not exist without he's really blackberries all real black as possible the fact is there
i don't know i just said he's getting lack is likely to be ridiculous now i don't even want to me but i guess i just don't like the idea that black people that we have a sexual i like i like the everybody's black guy larry idea that i'm sitting talking them out of their heads or sexual it's about why i think it's all about myself my dog rake fetish no i like i just i don't like the idea of black people as is as homosexuals i was wrong to me you got fuckin issues now i just have practices i just you know laser issue i like to know whether i remnants like to imagine that heterosexual their preferences of your involved potential relationships these put my sexual blush wasted percentage which ones not to abandon you don't even know he's an activist annual
i just prefer him then not be gay have a real problem with him being gay parameters problem with gay i just did it he's like gay people no precedent of course i too have their robot or love i love dig but i let you like carrying out my evil or they fully to twos and madonna like ok look to it i have my moments with me at my moments i carry but but no way they behave the music they do have a dress how they speak and worst of all which really fucking annoys me driving absolutely crazy the way in which gay people have now become such bullies they using all the tools against other people are christians to bakeries what kind of shit that used to be used against them gay people have become the worst kind of sanctimonious
bullies and it makes me ashamed behind the sexual when i see the way they bully my other minorities whether bully religious minorities and fifty years ago this was gaze when i see the way they gave me when i see that couple that gay couples who went amendments pizza memories piece of your remembers that was the christian breaker you such an old probably wouldn't would rather not katy wedding if that's ok major outbreak because some some idiot you know troublemaker on the left have gone complacently gaunt outrage shopping called everybody in indiana and so will you cato will you capable uk to find found somebody who said i prefer not to end is that with either these galen outraged days yes yes but even so much as the resolution in question admitted they well i think it is so it wasn't much really is a matter of going to let me one day you nobody went there and got turned down and humiliated by evil christians a liberal rapporteur went round shopping for someone who said no they wouldn't and it took them data just like sweden enrolling days she when it rains shopping recipe to earlier did that she went round looking for the most sensational rape story possible and of course it turned out to be bullshit but why
did not know but hold them dominion rock you but i did not know that that was not on actual story the up by them is cooked up at the media i thought it was a real gay couples who tells us how do i get a fella knew it now you know and you know what the real gave up the general real cook gay couples are doing today when this is just it just means that so
no they're not becoming bourgeois beginning to communicate and a pet and then no the no having someone amber snow then again all devil i hate those kind of gaze the most of all to learn i mean like my variation be toppling have a nightclub off your hats on catch him in at four p m on a monday afternoon call yourself actual you drive a girl like you know just jugglery drover carrier get the kids school by eight oh no i've gotta get back a little rich club of ten just die welt teaches spin class cross fats cross cycle what kind of a self respecting gay person to seoul cycles are bad for you at any event cardio cargoes gave us they think i'll hydrate in the street sex and drugs like any other gay person
crystal meth and twelve hour fuck sessions i stated in the eighties aids is fantastic you know i'd love if i kind of do want it because it's yeah because this sentence anymore you call now you all the great drugs but if you today taking the drugs you get thin you do so you body fat so much attention tired a little presence from time to time now can't leave relate more to stall for you you're talking so fast and by the fact you're tired old time next year it's hard to get a word in edgewise you're on fire i don't buy it i d been exhausted and you're going to finish sores over your face you want i should know since the early stages that you know at the first earlier it was first six months in the mona the first six months of contacts and lose all your body fighters shit all the way out here but all is a yet sores all revise this first first stage forget it right away and gay couple this week from summoning up but gave up of this week
decide you when you them at rome route renew their wedding vowels rime and they go to memories pizza and ethical pizza and they stop parading round on stage how they got memories peter they were doing there christians adona katy gaze on i thought to myself an innate than they so sent these pictures of the press what i want i thought of what are now steve indicative bitter soulless way to treat your own wedding oil val renewal or whatever turning into this triumphal lists bitter public political stumped and i thought it was so cheap and so classless and it represented everything that's wrong with astonishment today and it was just i just saw that i gotta people don't think about me when i know a guy you know this these preening bitter spiteful nasty quays and i thought to myself in my head you fucking idiots like you are doing so much damage to the public view of homosexuality you know making people think that unity is spiteful bitter behaviour
how we will behave when we get taste a power because of course how we judge people in it we judge bore the ways we judge people's how they behave when their power now gazer they establishment quite right gazing power young cause liver the disproportionate import disproportion numbers of homosexuals in unemployment in the media whatever they constantly faded and molly cuddled and celebrated and good bye equality is great and you know all of us all as important but it's really telling how they behave when they get to that position so they secession aberration this one only couple that you're talking about new mainly came grave is the same thing ass a cue to the same thing happened to that other than it was a nice real for bakeries in peace raising the u s now the same things happening in ireland in england in over the place gaze of becoming bullies and like seeing i think was happening is its you get a bunch of people who are unhappy that know that they can have an impact by doing a son
they and they know they have a green light obviously do ales i'm going i wouldn't behave like this but what are they gonna do a something then that something is we can protest in this fashion and we will get a pop but i ve been given carte blanche to go off to religious minorities because the media establishment politicians arrest of it can and you will give the signals are you want him david societies i reaffirm i'm gonna get us she can't do the job right you can't do the job so she probably wouldn't be in her person because she can't perform the functions of her job beliefs she refuses to issue those licences and that is the law right she can't be in her job but you know what's interesting she's these days example of
conscientious objector she's an example somebody sticking for their beliefs or their political opinions or their life or their life choices or their faith or whatever in the face of the law in the face of public opinion and the face of you know received wisdom the consensual the rest of it she is doing what gay camp rights campaigners between fifty is gonna think it very telling now gay people are molly cuddled and protected and in a five minute benefits river i've seen inaction the way that now they can turn round and bully religious minorities solely to feel better about themselves and this horrible bitter way that they do unless minced was by the way they can now do that too to people who have faith to religious people makes me slight feel slowly you and i'm really i really objective let's slowdown you say
that she is doing what what gay activists were fifty years ago which is make brave stands they get them in prison to go that go against the law guidelines do not gay activists were never in a position to alter other people's lives or deny them of a public service it's on the books see the albania which is why it is right that shooting user elsie flourish in prison but you can compare her to any form of an act as you can how could you possibly she's affecting other people's lives have nothing to do with her she shouldn't be in hawaii onto her job while the entire time being guilty of several since one of them like that she's being a demographic policy these city snob rhyme guy anymore primary sin switching over to switch dollar surprised after she saw what happened is how the democrats treat their own world but also its under oath he came in and about orders turn and of course the nine cock a bee flew in private jan of course the new york times accidently published that he was a republican of core
what a terrible miss democrat you mean no no they published that she was a republican born and i was in normal times democratic now she gets me many times just assumed without checks i said a printed the newspaper that she was a republican by the new york times did and then oh sorry man stake about that and of course no one sees the corrections everyone is now a fox news always does when someone does some creepy they put de next to their name is fair and find astor firm about as they find out earlier public no other folks newspapers about what my folks ass right i think that they got it harold ryan i'll bet it's nearly that the comparison is pretty ridiculous to say that she is doing what gay active we're doing in the nineteen february the plan that ridiculous but from my point of as somebody who is both religious end homosexual you're religious why am i set my my match willy nilly speaking am jewish groceries catholic and and what does that mean in practising in
middle of ketamine olympic successions yes well it s not very religious ritual demanded dresses was not enough if it hadn't been for father michael made nearly as much money my twenty six hundred such good head i gave such good blowjobs after after three years in court no i mean i m so you're not religious no no i'm fine i believe i didn't asserted get a message but i believe in life i'm guessing can you believe and myself a catholic nor good catholic but points you believe like you believe in what the bible i believe in catholicism anthem catholic i think so you leave that it's a good idea to have confession and the other adieu never have sex ever listen a fox or is whispered through a hole in the wall finding it
observe you know cup baby dixie no four is for it for a profession in the red river nit picking so press like a wizard sitting on a broad and around we're done you have to monitor the meda and steal you know all its cathy gmail i though is well you know what this well could do with a bit more pomp and circumstance a little bit more a drama as a man who support the fuckin matriarch age you know what this work into it could do with a little bit more of that i mean just look at the digital dreary hell of a feast seen look at you know the sum to atheist arts contribution to eu ministers searching the atheists arts here but i mean like you know i mean what i mean is that we want to look at the eighty sourcing look at almost all the good movies ever made look at all all the great albums ever made
almost all the great can mean that only ever tells jokes everywhere they ate the authorities in petersburg no real harm is a bit like you view blagden why nobody and i will now be wanting to deliver human civilization and knowledge in the way they are seeing the way that our final angelo did painters all day yesterday dreary awful boring jerry although there are eight atheists emotionally religion european integration as a toy make sense they need religion to bigger person you especially need which especially in relation to figure out what you need to pick and choose what you do that you decide is religious and isn't same with this came davis lady deciding at the sins of these men were more important in their own sins
or the or use with you wanna dues ketamine and amphetamines and essentially became purely retire about five sums of age of thirteen not in the bible letting it listen as i have only one day you'll never find hatrack we have five some other than it has been over the old testament i think you know you're not you're looking at king james on you you know if you'd if you actually telling about didn't over that it's right there in the biggest rather does metals national my with with interracial across dressing orgies unites it's right there in my book that's a thing though isn't like if you as if you say your christian and you want to be your last time you got a kind of say it you can spot with less than you are a spy can be better the doesn't mean you believe in jewish zombies we're not gonna win this one gonna win this one more course in this one's meticulous israel's ridiculous i'm talking about shit written on animal skins by people
the world was flat the sun was seventeen miles away i like area that's gonna make a better person totally yeah they founded in clay parts and coumarin they scroll they have dna tests to find out which piece of fuckin yak ass a sea resin on i feel sorry for people have a set of bleak existences ours is illegal jansky just so bore latch arable waiting for an answer to our way to look at the world a lack of belief in nonsense is now bleak really plenty of nonsense like what name one thing well you if silly vassili view and circumcision as we ve discovered yeah baby in cutting like god free aggrieve or do you really think that you're a hell of a fuckin draw mcqueen the hits and abd cutting you tell me what it is tell me what is it i think and i really want to cut it i'm gonna give you just look at you in
some argue that one brought up the baby don't cutting a collar call it something that i think is good grooming if aliens just from another planet and saw us cut all the baby decks they be like what the fuck are you guys doing it's just you know it's just good grooming just good grim accra we disagree what are the ridiculous shed do i believe that's it de jure zombies taught say wine in software you know there's nothing more depressing then seeing somebody who you admire whose office smart and clever who want old fairy tell us daily to speak so disparagingly about such a complex and fascinating p if we are here now i look totally even if you even if you take the view that say living more about right even if you take the floor back in view and say i don't believe in what any these religions say ok but if we look at what they have in common and what that says about the house
in spirit what we aspire to what we consider most important so for example christianity we might consider self sacrifice and love the most important things because they are self sacrifice and love are the two central instincts right the red threads that run through the christian can increasingly runs a christian history if that was the most important thing is this ok i don't believe in the stuff but this is an essential human human artifact of human culture and history because it teaches us more ourselves and anything else right teaches us over censure of centuries has evolved to teach us what we find most important and different religions in different places a fascinating because they illustrate the different emphases on those core values of love and charity and so our hearts that different societies place on things now i'm not asking you to believe that the union holy communion your ingesting there the other body and blood of crisis is not going to god but what i am suggesting you shouldn't be such a dismissive also
out such an integral rich beautiful and crucial part of human history that teaches us so much about who we are ok for this reason genuine can it goes out isn't jonas argument we couldn't you remind me about make we found anything that are actually provides too has langley coming back from the dead healing p turning y know what i'm saying is even if you any belief the stories these are the most the stories that was that the western tradition has imposed a horn yet or other more important choices have ever been teller folk lore even if you believe that they say something deep and profound about who we are and about what we care about most about our anxieties about our beliefs and about our in our simply the way we relate to one another the way that's horrible because you were we also has an abandoned lieutenant we rise is this is it doesnt rationalize i'm making this report i am presenting one reason why you should be less flippant and dismissive about religion because
what to smart to be that much of a kind of melody flipping you asked miss battery is i can't believe you are far too smart you are far too intelligence and indeed all over this issue to treat religion with the amount of contempt you do this is more assholes too there is now an athlete ok we re only intelligible is there that we use jews feminists of doing is distorting the argument when reality is we're talking about myths and we'll talk about pen i believe those met so much that they won't let people get married because it goes against their met i'm saying right and disagree with them as you know it and you can disagree with you can just because without a right that where's the love and compassion i met him at avis you can disagree with everything they teach you can say that is nonsense you can agree that you can if you want to agree that has consequences in society the boy had now about consequences you shouldn't do is ridicule and dismiss you know that
you know jewish zombie shit right you just doing it to be outraged you just do you now that's when will you shouldn t there not not too there is a gale ages of this place for our readiness and provocation right and i'm not gonna put you on trial here what i'm saying is you're too smart to fall into this and is it left his thing this militant atheists and crap by you dismiss these central importance of religion to our culture what is essential importance gotta still barbaric days with rules where we worried about the consequences of guys tonnage in most of our laws based on religious proscription when you get down to it you never know that's the way this concern in those languages eyes is why that is based on what ultimately able to just prescription my point is simply that if you're going to be philip s or at least acknowledge the festival half the population does at least of seriously and second of all this is important stuff that tells us about who we are and i thought
it's been a few to be safe looking about i was in many of our assembly is limited feminism is not is horton stein tells i'm about when we are listened and cruel and vindictive and spiteful and horrible about crazy feminist because they crazy because what they do is ridiculous i dont think whether or not europe fears that religion is ridiculous and i think it is a bit more aspect
that's fine you're allowed to think it but just because you think it doesn't mean it's right and the idea that it makes you a flip an asshole because you are unwilling to accept myths you're unwilling to accept things that make no sense whatsoever you and your unwilling to accept the scientifically or not is pure no acknowledging the extent to which religion has made you who you are i mean you know they were from the speedy rejection malian codes that you grow up with your staff that doesn't mean middle or stupid i didn't say that doesn't mean them as you know you know what you know you know we look on it as it is if we got us to hear your sleep for your since all you ass then these geo sense of right religion which was created by people since over here all decompose sums from a lot i come non judeo christian vigilant to share and it's interesting and wider all is not come from that it's not cherry angry it's not through your sins
right and wrong constitute all she ashes you gotta stop saying that this is not true that there is quite sure it's late cultural see very right and wrong in other cultures is completely different from what we consider it right and wrong in america look at new guinea do you know but the sperm warriors and new guinea these men that take these young boys when their young and inseminate them put common their mouths their asses to make them grow they do that from the time they have like is naturally now did great it's their whole natural that's what's right and what's wrong for them things that would be absolutely illegal would lock you up in jail for in america and in europe in new this is like a great long
tradition and sort out judeo christian its cultural yes existing agricultural and nuclear energy religion culture and in order that they have all you have good values that i agree pulling dodge it's bullshit they mounted mccrone me i mean don't make me are you didn't mean it's you grew up in places christianity you're a good person this place with no christianity they come in boys mouths is one place that has a fucked up way of looking at things it's a cultural thing i've ever had do everyone is demanded everywhere that doesnt have a strong christian heritage is de facto place above with pat morals that's ridiculous statement ridiculous statement everywhere that doesn't have jail judeo christian values
the place i think that yes i think i think issue should be perfectly reasonable respectful thing to say our culture is better i believe our culture is better how and everywhere else in the world of criticising european years and you know any wrongdoing anatomy yardley each other european and american culture which is based on judeo christian values is better than other cultures i think is uncontroversial to say so but what's what based on you yo christian values about being a good ultimately organise enough and in ireland and enjoy some violence from the bible when it does what from the bible ultimate essence rhine rhone comes unavoidable our sense of writing i think we also think that is the only way that a person could have ethics in morals and treat each other we can say that what you think i didn't know what it is and what is worse is that listen we're gonna have conversations can keep talking over each other like this when some trying to make a point about something complex like this if you if you i think that the only way for a person to have ethics
an understanding of each other or compassion for each other is to rely on ancient myths that are easily scientifically proven what that's what she added he is no i didn't say that i see as was precisely specified said this is the specific set of values that you have is influenced more than you would like to admit by your judeo christian what's in it fluency by air or does it affect all of us have i mean i think that some some of what we would call morality obviously comes from natural revulsion which is more logical right then this is some of the prescriptions gets perhaps against murder perhaps against child abuse that kind of stuff right comes from a set of natural revulsion and it may be an evolutionary biological imperative there are certain things that we just now we shouldn't do right now i'll body saying no let you know like rotten smell of rotten food stuff like that but there are things that term the definitely come from from the judeo christian tradition as defined most of what we consider to be right and wrong in the west
and i think our societies the better for it and i think that our society is better than elsewhere yours et al saying your lifestyle is proof positive that this the evolution of what this used to be well is generally speaking i'm an outline because as you know gay people generally test heifer iq than dress the population and not of evolutionary biologists emel suggests that gave them people with high i accuse tendering engage in dissident or unusual habits and practices in general because that's where where mother nature does her experimentation swashing tests the limits of of some of the species so people very high you are more likely to be almost actual goes the evolutionary biology argument begins its in those very small people that the source of the the
discretion ten transgresseth dissident stuff is tried out my mother nature so i would say i'm for me now lie there is a very small sexual you know i'm not typical of a sort of means of of the kind of bulk of the species right but what you are limiting its history law but but who you are being guess i'm is reminiscent of what i do and we that is this is prohibited in the bible yes but i agree that it would be better if i did by this and if i could do you really think i would tell low now homosexual or no and i won't have this unitary is one es i bernardo need a red shit i don't know what the fuck you're saying ok so bright what you're saying is true you are is is is prohibited in the mines are because i don't think my sexuality is important do my part of you you talk about it all the time it's a massive part of what we ve talked about in the show i think comes up any time you want to make a funny point becomes
any time you wanna do violence a dishonest loudly or your urge is or you will have your decadence i think we shall need to apply does i think it's you what i think people leap to they most the most different thing about himself the most unusual thing about them selves any time they want to be funny or be it blacklist why black meetings well i'll be back locris rocco's talks about you know blacks and inward it's why regions only ever talk about islam it sooner gay committees who are being gay i think that's you go to that's because it's the mahars funny thing about you and it's a sword sort of formulating ass i suppose so i don't know that's pretty good but wait listen it's absolutely relevant the political leaders have eliminated f in a lot of countries by muslim culture has now announced and i certainly them recently mr mulder does that now
your last ones continue the grand old tradition of killing gaping but that shit's been around forever i mean well but what does it say in the bible about my man lying with another man i think if i could i mean if since it is true if i could choose i wouldn't be sexual real letters self load so if someone came out with a dozen or so visor schiller manufacturing us no it doesn't you know that makes you self loathing to hate a part of what you are hate poverty i love all of me but if i could choose to be even better than i would be so you'd be better if you were straight yes while anybody would be john came as a matter of came along and had an antigay pill yeah you'd take it well it would be korea suicide but i probably would you because suicide you don't think that you could transition to the straight world you would be the posters for christian right there was lovely
through you know if i were to pray the gay way i'd be so popular you would be super public that's puts holding you back is the game you're right maybe that's your intelligent you're good looking you well dressed through its true your eye ok good enrolled in one of these camps again i'm gonna do i'm going to have to work they just excuse for duty to get together and help each other like michel box my husband i heard about the camp that i was running attack eyes the greatest or the origin or hours about the guy you say that by hold out will bring now sag but how about the guy that got arrested hilary killing in those if i can people at bad that community centre that getting regularly then often they didn't want any hate i'm gonna get a serial killers is ignore he's a k k k guy that got arrested with black prostitutes oh of course if necessary of course my favorite horsey i love it there whenever the grace of god going to my favorite guys people to get caught with black prostitutes are mean literally
it could be made any first well the racist murderers who get caught with black what i ought to nostalgia adorable that added manifesto long as you don't have to have direct contact with anybody affected it's an adorable story no official there's a guy look it up what vase and you just know that he had like these big black girls whipping em and like right begin with no with a dildos don't you just know was a man with sub men male prostitutes save blackmail prostitute mending i think any does lot going on there and if i can do i believe that you would you and i that no desire to not be gay if you could and is it because of christian values no known so what is it i i didn't think so floating to acknowledge the being i'm a sexual services that of accurate sexuality something that mother nature does on the fringes and everybody knows why and it could be elegant variation the evolutionary
says it could be also two things who knows the variation in the guest from his eyes naval something like that from christian perspective it could be a test for the evolutionary to the collateral your horse and are well from the christian people act as it has done in tat on christians believe that you get these things in life is tests and they don't judge the sinner they judge the sin what i mean by that is you can be gave if you act on it as well could they stay don't blame you for we are they blame you barely they ever everyone they don't know that bullshit you gaze found on presenting elk and do not get it now you are is expanding as it fuck ok there's not a god damn choice in the world for you other than being gay well you d have a perfect example of this shit the shipping nonsense that that that it's a choice that somehow another year presented guy anyway you at your non jerome there is giving a year was going on around the euro med because actually born this ways an invention of the gay lobby why you go back for this very reason it has allocated signs for this well go back
if you get my obeys it is emphasised that there is a broad spectrum originates actually while going to be very specific because i know you like specificity thank god there is no basis in science forty born this way argument is no basin signs that you are simply born gay and that's all there is to it or the science suggests is that it is very much nature not tragic and its as much fifty fifty your nurture right the gay lobby in the nineteen is because you are always well as i finish the gale the nineteen cases was worried because religious people saying that get the gay lifestyle lifestyle was a simple choice right so they came up with this thing engaging and it is an invention of the gay lobby designed to get around religious bigots is designed to two wrong foot the religious right and suggested people's sexuality has no there's no element of choice in people sexuality born this way here lady gaga zone and we take is good as granted
you ever see i had no idea that's already real until you just said the lady gaga born this way never had one of the biggest hits proud i never heard of it one and is one of the biggest hits is based on an invention the gate with no by since wants that science says it's a mixture so it simply isn't true to say that you know you're just born gay and that's all there is to it for most people it is a mixture of early environmental factors and natural predisposition that's the most we can say that's the moat that's with with any conflict with any surety those in the least that we can say from the available science born this way is a marketing gimmick it doesn't mean anything ok but when you say you you're talking about again a broad spectrum of human sexuality so some people compound is going to be much more nurture yes that some people it's going to be much more nature some people are born gay there's a fucking here that live down my street he's five years old in his gaze fuck
we might like to play with asian man but he doesn't necessarily is not us we're gonna be gay and i have a moment when you brian combat sexuality to a five year old boy because that's exactly what the transgender parents do does exist and transgender parasite my five year old was really supposed to be a girl you're doing exactly the same thing you're saying he's five years old he hasn't even hit puberty yet there
no idea who is case no idea why he's gonna believe no idea who is gonna want to fuck when he's older is nowhere near puberty and you're saying this kid is gay you're doing exactly the same thing as these canadian parents who say that my five year old girl should be a boy please give them hormones you'd know exactly the same centrally absurdly knock your argument but hormones and i don't want to influence this guy's life in any way someone hang about you couldn't tell you now i'm not gonna be a holiday for i will come back to you and ten years or come back on his shirt and i'm calling it the way you can work as mom calls and gay while is mom is wrong and his mom might not correct is just around of everyday webs ass might nosegay she knows all the things up she's not a bad person and not just that of adversity each anointing things these put up a black decks she hasn't seen in a bad way she's slow she's pretty sure is gay you know actually think seven i don't particularly like that line of argument ascribing seems rather we will have new gipsy seems a bit much but don't you think that with a lot of people they are gay
i mean tat is just what they don't know is up for some pieces with you some people no no have you made a choice destiny fifty fifty fifty verdi so i'm well aware of the fact that there is an element of deliberation in my sexuality and that's one of things annoys me about the establishment gay and when i insist born this way is on placards and banners but then take them from people going elsewhere the taxpayer some but a minority a minority of people have no choice over their sexual out out of the two out of the total number of gay people are minority i have no choice whatsoever see i've anybody else there is a varying amount a choice i am aware that there is a degree of deliberation and my sexual orientation yet i am forced through my taxes to pay for gay pride banners say born this way this is something that i know who you are yeah i'm in the way that gay pride stuff is is financed by the taxpayer in england rights given to give money by the government my taxes go to gay pride people who tell lies in the street stuff that i know isn't true may do it basically to get people and they do in the
bitten nasty way how parliament they paid for assigned to set it's ok to be gay would you be called that eight i do that too and i'm fine without yes i don't know what we're in this way will actually go my taxes to pay for it it's had borne this way in an asterisk some small returns that would be your kind of that will be or dreary i in any case as some people a gay coma and then you'd have like a paragraph of text you know you unless you get to see it from very far away but your your version of this give this born this way sign would let me silence allowing what i'm circumstances report you see this you see the problem now i only single problem do you see what i'm letting failing our irish energy to simply telling people lies bore ways a lie and because you know the true store with some of them nobody is holding the signs because most of the ones holding the size and militant homosexuals are ones that chose to be gay to get it people now gaze did i go with you
do you have like debates with gay people by measures is almost gaze won't debate me because they know the loose wise woman brains than over get logic learning brains i'm just kidding you kiss me troll yes i've been with us to live up to the reputation certainly doing you're also very aware that you you're right wing views and re writing these mechanical little bit of a right wing bantu he talk conservatives and accuracy fancy whereas suit untie this this wide ranging soothingly like a good way to align yourself in the club is you have to us
our christian values or time being chris i didn't i didn't give us stuff about what the conservative sufficient thinks of me if i did my career would have turned out very differently i've i know would have chosen a very different path through my professional life you know i was at the telegraph the most respectable establishment newspaper in england eight years ago if i wanted to be a sign of the of the conservative republican establishment i could have done that i did the exact opposite of stuck my nose up and my middle finger up they can at at conservatives every available opportunity eyebrow
poor poor bright ball to put up with so much from me yeah they publish black dick jokes every week from me and that is a direct assault on the kind of stomach chance that the conservative right away said to have about gay things right i don't just tell him i'm gay i tell them i'm sucking black dick i may i finally voted column i do is everything rovaniemi learning and i'm right of everything that also puts them in a very interesting i am plays words they could say look we have a gig workin for us i don't think proper gives stuff about whether people think the homophobic and others you wouldn't high while they certainly do everything tat everybody does trust me trust mao copyright but doesn't care about but doesn't homophobic they not but they don't have you write that what they would they care about us is the fact that what they publish with absolutely publish it but this is actually the remaining years strange is someone who believes but doesn't practice you believe
in religion which no practice any the things it that religion espouses especially the seller can save money and things but what do you practice that religion i do most of the ten commandments you gonna cut my eyes no i'm inexorably cover your wife's toxin but when you see what i'm so little i think i'm sorry integration of the ten commandments solid solid on most the ten commandments i'd chapter the gay stuff when there is a tangle elements audits that's in the book god is gonna go to look after me i gotta get a first class ticket to haven't well you know the motion to command the word at the age of jerusalem scholars now believe that moses was high on drugs you know that right i'm sorry rather we get another thing we have in common that moses in your views on it when drugs right it was that they were then it how pillar for something back down it was acacia i didn't i just as strictly accurate have not admitted to anything but the bird
the idea that the burning bush was a bush that was highly concentrated ever like a cat yeah yeah yeah my trip to me in nice on some kind of awesome very passed very powerful psychedelic goes steve jobs as long as these visions of divine inspirational lsd you shouldn't let him tell us these very different than die muffled trip to me no demetrio trip to mean is a visionary hallucinogens extremely powerful one that's the what iowa active inter alia that i alaska there the ideas that that's what moses was doing that that's why the burning bush the literal translation of what that i was told it was energy have tea he's getting a dm teach her up and that's why god is giving him these ideas about how people should behave the inner in towards what is divine in order to be kind to each other i do not have a view on that was it does somewhat the product of somebody on an ice
but these are mainstream scholars that are really nice to everyone and i don't like your traffic someone alone while those deal i carved it out i mean i mean higher drugs to be carted down any idea that they did they didn't really have any other options couldn't make billboards state have to pay for a while i was learning whereas christianity result of a drug trip that is what some mainstream scholars play of the stable dumps life i have i think i think i am right in saying that i sort of semi read that somewhere followed but i will i will look and i'm sure you have will do you no john marco allegro the guy who was one of the head scholars that was deciphering the dead sea squirrels after fourteen years study user dane minister but it was also agnostic because he started studying religion realized it was all bullshit but he wrote a book called the the sacred mushroom in the cross that he believes that the entire origins of christianity was based around fertility
rituals and the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms ass a fascinating book of a symbolic but yourself barks at all i mean he's it was a well renowned religious scholar it does it guy who understood language he actually trace back the word christ to an ancient sumerian word that meant a mushroom covered in god seamen three these psychedelic mushrooms that grew out of nowhere they thought that when it rains it was god coming on the earth these mushrooms that would come up and then they eat them and how these great trips is that there are experiencing gotta you want you can you can you can generate quite a few extraordinary theories with etymologically seventy would sound like so many other words sounds like an interesting thought experiment and a nice social studies paper but i'm not sure i quite buyers you never looked into it
do i looked into it you gotta you gotta soon will look into all right about a fascinating spectacular psychedelic experiences would be interpreted by the people who had no science no books no no knowledge of what's going on with the human drama street as being something that was divine you ass you are the reference point absolutely anyway i mean i wanna get businesses things this what's this about life and in general that would be considered miraculous some in the sun rising childbirth ashore lots of things all those things attributed to the gods and these people were on these incredibly powerful psychedelic drugs they would try to hide this knowledge from the romans and so they hid stories in parables fascinating and by the way controversial thing because religious scholars you you don't say this is why one of the reasons why he was the only one who is an agnostic who was on the dead sea scrolls deciphering committee the other ones we're all really he was an ordain minister but he wasn't practising all the rest of them were
very religious and so the interpretations that they are willing to accept were not what he was willing to accept so you'd have to some one of that level of understanding of the language to to obeyed him on this and what i do know these debts but the catholic church look you can buy it now but it's a while now you got re published a few you go by this ganem yon urban and you so you can get it all of it now but for the longest time must have to bite is used book will look here one also the dead sea scrolls the christian meth he wrote a second one after the catholic church bought out the first one stopped production of bought out all the books yes your people catholics that information out of here thing they want i want to catholic school man for a whole year cured me what makes me up good swaying you're fine since it run run from norway less noted with brighton wrong as far as what is right and what is wrong with you now got lucky they beat me
we got lucky it and get that tasted no i said that i consider it my father michael i would have given far less good head on there was a real father michael's oh much less the ices he's gonna get killed now but whose while the michael and this is a real do nationality stock is deck forum and make me a husband he's asking us digital how old is he had the time squat young quite willing and so that's where it all started to father michael no post the trinity gas posting wasn't like it i was dragging means child
so it was quoted the already had the five somebody like this all wrong and you talk to father michael please accept my jacket shining like religious noisy i really i really had no hope did i i was i was i was never going to end well well it seems like you kept stumbling index willing on them through life what would have happened heterosexual me i see is falling on dick was in the same circumstances as you early on obviously things will want very different so i'm not sure why bother i knew you'd go down great and gay club go down well i mean you know you know that you're here we have a brain machine you go down well we have already managed to do so yet i'm all means you would you'd be popular go down while would be like the way you describe a meal or a drink is downward so no we'd like taking the piss yet
a while to get what the horizon a cup of mine which again is another thing gaping was disproportionate into their appeal angel there seems to be some silly water sports without this it is against the law firms ain't only gay to be transgresseth when she's praiseworthy anyway my main naughty coming i pray in the guidelines to be gay to concerns that you have all right i'm a perceptual place i know really gale weathers com for the man was so away christian values content myself with enough maybe you get older anyone should please accept dr drives linguistic i would it make a priest doing up making appreciating about while you make a good price if think the guy that made you suck his decorated praise tat kind of thing right priests honesty like he was if i might be good that i've never had a better singing cheetah he was great eighty two your nose out of me i didn't even know i saw ah well
you're plumbing shattering the scandal is kind of health but was a good outside of what he did like was he a good religious scholar was he a good years parish priest shocking creep get his dick suck then it's gonna get lynch how's it going lynched does do people know who he is i don't think so what's his name was saying but how will be at the time you're a little kids and he was like why you're just try it was either twenties authorities yet another yet another feminist strategy that you have adopted in addition to your language bodies china however and it had a file shortly going to do and we know that we have highlighted the aren't you it wasn't pedophilia i wasn't also shows how why machines i was in my team fourteen hours in my teens something like or something like that but we must bear in mind those pedant mightiest lillian's how don't how they work
in a very old england i was in my teens i'm here in my country and saying that we are right now a fifteen year old girl at any point your life however old you well you ve never seen a fitting algorithms tat when i was fifteen no we will do that someone overtime did where you twenty five when you with thirteen ngos about fifteen you thought wow i've lost their little kids know you did in the days when he's gonna be hard but i didn't want to fucker bullshit nice you can't tell me what i was born into i think if your for torrent like the zero in this way europe or monitoring africa now you're trying to make its i'm a bucket creeper like you in the fourteen year old tunnel dare you know it's a fourteen year old latin america and asia as a great guy he was an or turn yardstick to terrible person knows certainly my was a very mature fourteen year old well in europe is he got it right you got
right gotta molest it was a mistake that's absolutely modest destination is perfectly consensual we'll take it is when there forty when i was fourteen trust me i was the predator i was the predator new with a predator you have raised the issue of state aid is guys think everybody i was i was aggressively seeking out sexual company of adults because i knew horrify people because i wanted sort of power over them it was by way of rebelling i'm everybody i was i was the predator fourteen let me tell you do you think that's what's going on with that guy directed x men but europeans much too narrow predators yet have the poor man i first the case with him that's gonna do i lived in a little while ago very briefly and it is one of his party's i went to other people who i won't name
a similar stature in hollywood i went to that both parties into the house bodies and things in some of the things i have seen it beggars belief yeah can you give us like her well just i can't i don't want to be indiscreet about specific people right you're not going to dance around the facts yeah dangerous but i can tell you the truth without dropping anyone in some of the boys there were very young very early really remember no not i've got an idea is a good idea this gradual limitations near her i don't remember whether by ever met pricing or even knew he was then but i knew other people of similar stature as i say in their words and very young boys around at that time there was a lot of drugs and a lot of twigs load of twigs take drugs and having unsafe sexual older men and some of these boys were very young liturgy danube raffer job when de the guy who runs bravo had apologize for the use of the word twink i thought that was not a choice
when i thought those one almost adorable things how energy while a guess gaze and he was getting interpreters thing to seek his work as it was demeaning way somebody's head start someone was like a perfect twink and you may like a social media combat fuck is wrong with nothing with that nothing i've gotten into this this is a thing you see the progressives are starting to police i'm a sector language you know i lose nearly right am i believe that pedophilia next progressive rehabilitation tried but i also think that straight sorry that homosexual white guys are going to be put back in the establishment bucket very soon if you look at some of the whining editorials coming out like the daily beast is female female conniston the daily beast who will publish things about san antonio grindr profile this app that you use to pick up guys nearby which is best just to see if tool so's you can pick who you want to funk by
but its grip jesus what a plan that overrides iphone and i dont use it for that reason that we use these are needed but on then some honor people say what's only some people say only hispanics people express the sexual preference emily homosexual right of reasonable but of course you know this that some progress economist has finally like five years later is called on to this and decided to make a thing about it romantic that gay people express racial preferences and dating force it isn't we want the okcupid data actually us which racism which genders in come out on top and come out the bottoms like asian women do very well black we badly need thrift league tables of of hardness of minimum so the song to police the language now and this police the sexuality of homosexuals i mean there is me thinking we were sliding dangerously close to tolerance and understanding and now progressives are starting to police sexuality from sexual again very interesting
there's a game i gotcha though to keep it archer so this really gonna really upset that but as an observer you're looking for something to complain about yes but the problem with the air the poem about rich culture i've always outrage culture is what it is right and the problem without rate in any way to approach outrage culture which is why do to be outrageous right say ridiculous an outrageous things simply to draw attention to the people get upset about it here on these very important project and so i do not my columns so i don't twitter i've done a little bit too dec on these very important to wait a minute you ve done today about being about rageous i'm sending you to believe what i've been outrageous stored outrageous and outrageous little bit outrageous dissonant but i've i've myself down fuchs i know what value heterosexual lump lump increase year had so much
written me now i've i've say i've taught my idea has turned myself down for you today but no i am i buy a very very firm believer that the only appropriate response to rich countries be outrageous but the problem without rich culture is that because these people will basically quite thick they can move in herds and so outraged culture can have trends and so people can sort of cotton on two particular idea and suddenly everybody's outrage about the same thing and i see a head of us sort of policing of the culture of heterosexual men who had ever sexual gives very sorry sorry hum of so if of whites gay men on the basis that they have almost like the ultimate mail which then they smarter and richer and better looking and sofia and all the things that feminist hate because feminine on those things is feminist are disproportionately pornography in and unlovable and remains a disproportionately poor yes yes because because levels
put in a poor ugly miserable broken people are much more light become liberal what percentage they don't have a natural here polar o close to hundreds you know i've got without preventing this i went to the salon today and i said i'm going on in this show i think we really funny if you gave me like blue hackers you can make a joke of it and he just left me went no you're too handsome why what are you guys eighteen i on santa monica through no i thought was nice a communal spray my step no i'm not doing that you you're too good looking to dora i know i know i know i taped huge which i guess was good for you i guess was appointed as yes he was what was gunning for he also gave me my first you will appreciate this is real man he gave him my first ever cuts for
with one though straight razors area i've never had done before i felt like i became a man today near rome and don't do that because you don't trust a man with a fuckin razor blades thrown out any cause you got it you did know there's no maneuver waking you want but i'm sure there's libyans fuckin crazy yeah that's what it was i believe it was in san diego they're just slit someone's throat for no real just while you're crazy just went crazy here and there rested on the person lived but their fucked up surgery and like this guy just sliced open a throne i was petrified that he would slip or that someone would make him jump oh yeah i'm just coming like learn around earthquakes her cut my throat open
you know they just get a razor i watch san andreas earthquakes i wash them undress monoplane over we'll have to san francisco just awful really insalubrious yet arable is too awful to see how does your brain when you watch movies even worse i like him was his name like rock gaze graze is also actually seem pretty much everything he's been in and you know what that movie he's actually kind of good actor in that like he's never like with the stuff with his daughter beginning when the modernizing into the house with the new guy than the bastard who runs away mother fucker regions way leisurely horsey does pussy what happens when sport that wasn't it british acts footbridge acts are there was apparently male feminine lousy programming feminist and dumb now and i thought his acting with what'll i thought he was really simple i thought it was a great before snow frank greystock do everything you want for that movie sucked size
i just like seeing san francisco like pummelled with like they have to go away with too many gay natural disaster some self hate now shall rule as you could be though you can be unit you'd like to be their origin when the big one i can take you i won't wait and see i kinda another way worth going now me right enough emphasis goes through normal evil in america where comes in your thoughts who normie takes you i've never been propelled forward by its law yet first time for everything we may recent we know you're in san francisco song we do enough though some street fat we'd get propels anything yet repel just just though the viral load since that person's body boots
i was wondering if i don't you say asia t happen the hipster balls in san francisco thing hazy t really worked that was the big conspiracy that aisy tea was a cancer medication there are using an aids when i thought it was the gay cancer they stop presenting a long long time ago much might my so much so that there was a kind of my rage of sir that of light eighties sure am totally totally out they are my gay hates a guy named peter duisburg the item on the park ass a man is very few people have ever had and the podcast that brought so much hate with them he is a biologist at the universe of california berkeley tenured fuckin professor up there who believe hiv did not cause aids and that way hiv was was a week virus that we existed in the bodies of people that already have compromised immune systems and he said the correlation between partying
party drugs crystal method dream and i was that if this is what drives you into the aids is what can crush his university system it's really amazing and academics believe really extraordinary reverence for science and of course we do rightly so because it's what tells us mostly but how the world works policy from the transcendental bits that actually mean but it tells us it tells us so much about what functions you know like what's gonna happen if i do that science tells us all these things right and was so we have his spurs appropriate reverence for scientists but what we are always forget is just how mental and fallible and in many cases unintelligent so many of them all other means all that they vary so i'm gonna change stuff you know riveted dark secret that i never taiwan which i'm going to reveal to do you believe in climate change oh no no i'm very happy badminton doubly remember clemenceau fist mother for now i don't believe in man made climate change at all but don't
no you don't believe in it no i don't think it's me i didn't i didn't know we are affecting the climate significantly now known no no sallow scientists than another factor target manuel medina secret so for years nobody knows this is going to lose when it is you gonna be the let my lost shred of conservative credibility ok gone after the show i worked for climate change energy and i saw at the u amid the u n i was in the front row of al gore speech hosting in bali but told you and stuff went all their votes and i saw a first hand just what i like to know what a crock of shit so much of it is really hot i mean look
we now know the ipcc reports in the u n total horseshit led authors are asking for their names to be removed from now because it turned into just into ideological political documents that no basic clementines whatsoever anymore but even in the early days when they were supposedly better i saw papering over of data was asked to do it and i didn't i saw people omitting datasets that didn't fit with that with their hypotheses i saw people getting him report some scientists and rewarding them to make them more extreme and more alarmist i saw this happen and i saw this happening multiple organisations whose sole purpose was to was to the extremist about climate
i came to believe that the whole thing was some was a crawfish and i left so i'll quit do you think that would happen so very very very little of this i'm just going to take this at face value just debate you a naughty debate use ask you questions do you think what is happening there and industry has been created and that certainly apart with certainty is true that there is an industry and what can i suggest that the whole climate change establishment is resolved some people rent seeking where there is some of that going on but there is definitely plummeted industry than adaptable right and it also is one it's something that if you it's like saying that you don't believe in vaccines no identity is the same you look but money is to public opinion it is true i think something psychopath well you never hear about because the media will never dare tell you look he's very much more sceptical about many of the same people who dumping climate change also up anti vaccines right but i dont think these two things have anything in common and one of them is wrong
wrong you know which ones raw active axis right or wrong should vaccinate their children ripe and climate changes bunk but if i may to say that you don't believe in climate change alive sounds like everything and saint john believing wacko i don't care what they but love me with care about facts not being known whether somebody lumps mean with the wrong group of people have never heard about that i don't care what what people think about me i care whether whether my you mean to sound whether i'm right and was also whether i'm funny and entertaining people like me but i don't care if somebody put people people right guys like us over time the crimea was a misfortune is self loathing transsexuals you did to do today i'm wrongly people do this all the time and it's just another way to the left has if diligence must speak out because they don't like the arguments robin tat the argument you called speaker self loathing rather tightly argument you call the speaker bigoted some other kind what what or you pathologies you say that if you gave us some of these
indians you must either have like some psychological problem and get fini therapy or you hate yourself in you so loathing because of their religious covering all the rest of it you don't allow that person the dignity of having opinions that don't correspond with their sexuality that i think is cheap and it ignores the messy and complicated reality of human sexuality and who people are i don't care if somebody thinks that i myself loathing homosexual when i care about is is telling the truth that other people seem to be reluctant to do gay people navigate stabbed judgment and certainly does not tell the truth about a lot of things they don't tell the truth about warmest waited until truth of hiv they get very upset when you dare to tell our at this call em like you know gay people if you want to start donating blood cosmos gay people gave him a banned from donating blood or at least it's very difficult in the uk and i think that you have to an eye witness com so if you want gay people are complaining that the knowledge donate blood and i say that it sooner evidences of homophobia one of us if you if you do if you want to be able to donate blood stop being slots the reason that the the reason the end it just doesn't let you donate blood
because gape lahti so disproportionately more likely to have diseases in it if you what if you want to be allowed to donate blood stop sleeping around and this kind those people are not going to stop sleeping around just so they give other fuels in belarus and the point by point must have to get the winners in wages and social justice handling at my point is i don't care if somebody says you know yourself living i'm sexual i know it isn't true it's a cheap debate tactic and it hasn't it really has no meaning outside of the facts of the argument so i don't care about being left him with swift crazy people with my arguments a sound about a particular issue i'd rather i wasn't but you know anti and you you say to me will you come and you say i didn't even climate change and in my head i think oh god you like it crazy info wars conspiracy fair astronautics jones typewriter who probably thinks vaccines are a conspiracy by the government
i find that absurd and in any case i dont really mind too much because i think i think ordinary people many of your friends and certainly in mind our bit tired of having labels applies to them by the people i think people are a bit tired of being told what they are they told their bigoted told them is such a mystic told there you know that there is something wrong with it or that they have the room opinions about things i think people are sick about actually until there are born day it is i think a little bit more of us i'm very relaxed about for calling me names because i've had a career and normal consecrating truth got it others la articles is really interesting google that why you're talking about the lean others a quote that gets bandied around a lot seven percent of such climate scientists agree and there are a lot of luck and articles it says that's bullshit dear i don't think that's true i didn't has ever been true i think an item i think not that ninety seven percent
climate scientists agreeing on climate change is in the same category of of immortal myth that the campus right cultures disc is one of those that have unquestioned is i like it it's become of has become a fact mean it's one of the things that uncritical port it and it's been repeated so many times that people don't even feel the need to us facilitation anymore so for example when you hear the stuff about the right rape statistics or the pay gap people take it is such an established part of have accepted statistic now peoples have stopped bothering to ask for evidence to justify it i did think it was ever true than i simpson well you would know probably better than a lot because you are actually there on the front lines and he watched people actually fuck with evidence and yet it omits things and add and what was that
when when you were there and this is going on and what was the philosophy behind our six so politics climate change has never been about science too has been about politics and this is this is this is when right wing is sometimes out of it conspiratorial limit crazy about mozilla's reconstruction liberals that ninety eight percent of scientists construction of liberals oaxus just get out right i understand how that conversational moment comes to happen but my more i can tell you is that it was climate for me as an observer scientists concerned it was primarily a political project is a lot to do who is this review and global gill about poverty and the third world climate change was issues who's gonna fix everything right was gonna fix poverty in the third world in our it's finally address they serve guilt they will feel and gave them all a real reason to feel bad about being who they are meaner it gave them that's that terrible you know they get gave the justification to be upon capitalism which they will hate gave him justification to be up on
you know western way of life and my james setting for my british colleague road book about water they agreed on the outside run on the red on the inside his point was that sesis is that you know dressed up in the language of environmentalism in climate change concern is actually just socialism you know and to capitalism instead of this this weird and i'll kick design see cities the developed world burn on the part of variable of scientists and i have to say based on what i saw his what's the still seems like a very high number when their breaking down there's a sceptical science article about it they break down the actual number of scientists i do believe that we have something to do with global warming too many this alarm autumn ultimately the debate pointless anyway most it there it there are millions that whether it will the points but that is
there are millions of asking about climate change energy and with one google search you can't help to get anywhere you can close the truth but in any case it's a good idea to get off fossil fuel simply because gonna run out it's a question of energy security not conservation to me i think for many conservative to agree that we have to find other solutions whether its wind or nuclear or something else right asked drilling and using up all the oil is gonna be summoned it's gonna run out eventually rights gonna run out so we need to better so that we need something else in the wings that can take over that's that's not a question of ecology and that's not political question either is just basic energy security making sure that we all have what we need to survive and that we can all keep our lightsome so me it's not that there is a heavily politicized and i think primarily political and not scientific issue but we should in any case be pursuing renewable energy because when they were gonna have to even with trail gas which is going to fix this form of a hundred thousand years something it's gonna run out eventually
we are going to be around when it does it believe that i always find it very disturbing and people bring up this whole fracturing thing in the very dismissive of that that won't freaks me out because there is absolute evidence they ve poison a lotta wells at those areas of people can live in any more that its leaked into rivers supplies this absolutely evidence of that and then people like wild but look how cheap the gases now light it doesnt have you fuck something up to the point worth this was a hundred thousand years from now it doesn't want you stay out here poisons river it doesn't mean you met you support the eba i would say that doesn't mean i shouldn't be any pierre just because they fucked up and poison to river wrangler just because one franking well fucked up or even three four ten on ten francs or ten out of a thousand roses on a thousand maybe then is to create a better environment and meanwhile do you think maybe we need to do it differently to guess the fracturing i've known you
more than a million i've been totally out of that climate energy yes felix guess right now i'm essay vermilion well three hundred thousand how many million racking where else you're kidding right in america now a million frightened latin america that's insane yet in america the cop i think it's more than that actually point one million active you asking well up i'm stunt understand how my country roads so in that case you could you could present hundreds of examples poison drivers all knew what i said but as you know what we are currently insignificant statistically wisdom and this means that if there's one point one million of these wells and you think you could any there are a hundred scare stories and media every eight hundred is relatively small number if you're looking at statistics but if you're the
for human beings live anywhere navvies nuclear power you could say people die nuclear accident sellers and others and i knew what you can hardly ever really kind of people do whether we haven't even then only nuclear accidents have been well their interaction with the nuclear accident in japan infections in russia while there's too three mile island right which which is which will probably comparable compromise comparable in numbers of people affected to your fucking thing not only has it world we have to make a risk assessment and a judgment and also rice comes into the cost and the measures for the benefit of society of getting all of this natural gas right a couple of rivers appoint we may say that that is the best of a bad self solutions right not none of this stuff is perfect because we don't live in mud huts we want nice shit you want your cameras you on the internet you want computers you want to re producer within seven buzzing devices next him that comes at a price right there's an energy costs to that and if you want that you're going to have to get it from
and give it the power from somewhere and none of those solutions are gonna be things are going to like it either dreadful roiled its middle east oil well sure i think we should invite the as uncultivated my country's he'll belly is converted into christianity which he or she also said the who's he and cultures and quarter so what did you say he also said now i didn't ass an altruistic she also said we should invite their country's kill the leaves and give us would you have certainly became a man what's up came running on see the ankles whatever the comanches a beautiful woman dare you lie to them america the worst kind of much i know you are a right wing shelly son who really i hear you're right it's not afforded fracturing i love you love circumcision loving called let's i think she's tremendous i know i do and you know why she falls into the same bucket you do and i do and trumped does she is a troll notion
patrol she certainly is you can characterized you can you characterize much of what both of we of us is just trolling i don't try and tell me what to do to troy guy views will make up their own judgments on that not all final financial as well i may say inflammatory things but i believe them i don't i don't believe me too so where do i go sailing please i d give a shit about mexicans loudly she believes that i am i wanted to persuade you kip which is closest thing we have to equip the tea party went to persuade you keep in the uk who were banned from the pride march because of course the leftist sexual establishment nothing if not ruthlessly intolerance of conservatives is much more difficult commands torreon was it gave us a tory being concerning urban area is much more difficult commands conservatives is just being a right wing like i said right things very difficult i wanted ukip whose outcome from the tea party too
to go all dressed in in draggers margaret thatcher and signs have signs things like us method i don't want a mutual guerrillas i'm but we do davy able site i've lost the eu has lost his gun says now trolling but now it's just i've got troll it's gone you are accusing me trolling likely scenario would be truly wish as our role as a whole to can as donald trump is where i think we can all be churlish and its being provocative and outrageous saying things you believe in the definition of trolling is expanded to cover that now become essentially meaningless work
racist well it's also a dismissal word it's like i want someone calls you a sexist some calls you big it though coordination role i think what we all do all four of us is we say thing we gin up jokes and our rhetoric and provocation to get attention and to draw attention perhaps to people who are necessarily offended by things they should be offended by yes you idiots but in the course of doing we do tell the truth what we really believe in now you may be the sort of least on that spectrum that probably starts with you and ends with trump you're probably they know the least churlish but you still do interesting well i think it's parlor counter cultural spectrum you know people people yo yo poverty by bringing perception media your own thing you are you know you fool i think for squarely insect cash we would allow another that that sort of i think many of the people who like each of us are the same in other we would be the big overlap i think if
lessons incense yes i think we do to get control is in some here's one like what i said earlier about tweeting about male feminist choking on vague and peter that's cool with twenty five or even the remotest offensive registrars strikes me as good government policy we just did three hours when shit i was a fool by and we can add another three easily i want i can't do anything to come to blows once on the gas network then that this target and that's where funds fun when people die we blessing we got more heated about christianity than yes we did because reminiscent atheists even a navy refused to accept not even in asia except the obvious truth that your your here's the thing moral kind ices where people can get rock get me wrong i am not an aim of yours i'm not i'm not i don't know what do you mean class and you know myself why as anti religious i'm just i dont believe people i think people are full of shit
rita story that's full of shit first of all i know too much about the construction the bible i know too much about the new testament i know constantine and a bunch of bishops construct did it and decided what to leave out i know constantine didn't you become a christian until right before you fucking they died ok i know that original bible has written an ancient hebrew and to this day there's a fuckin shit tunnel words and agent hebrew that they have no idea what the hell they may not only that then each in hebrew letters double numbers there were no number so the letter i was also the number one there's an american value to words and sentences that was completely lost in the translation to latin and greek and eventually english i know that your well read and passion on the subjects are less mobile can't move all right i'm not even i've had not only have i got i felt somewhat flat agrees been great thank you for having foster momentum time ever in town again let's do it again
we believe that is where you can be sure i'll be back that's my parents we could do i really like a guess we do hundred where i've had a levy time and when you come to london make sure you let me know and yet some of the absolute i'm usually in london like once a year can you not angels once i think of me to be rather more now someone's got some cookin like i have a little have little announcement coming in the next seven days which will draw me to the u s much more but listen you're a lot of fun your articles of phantastico really enjoy your twitter feeds great check it out its near zero they want to handle the christians as evil and then it'll do that so we know how to drive away and congratulations are getting there's a twitter handle that's an accurate and courage in low places excellent that's it ladies and gentlemen i will be back tomorrow until then go fuck yourself arise about this
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