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#711 - Brian Redban

2015-10-20 | 🔗
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. http://deathsquad.tv
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with a gorilla yesterday morning Bitch check my instagram mama go to honour dot, com, au and an eye to use a code. Were Rogan, save ten percent off any and all supplements arrive my Yesterday is the one and only brine red ban. We do these. So it's every couple weeks. It seems like modern it now where we should try to catch up on all the ship has gone on the internet because, with my guests, I dont, get a chance to talk about current events are things that are happening right now. Because they bring in their own points of interest and things, and I want to talk about So a lot of you requested old school shit and in order that the early days, the broadcasts when I was just me and Brian and bright and I've thought about, and we decided it's probably good idea. Just do just him, and I also makes it easier for It isn't it's overwhelmed,
So without any further ado, please welcome my friend, Mr Brian Red Ban will gain experience. Doo doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Hoopdriver them hey Joe. What Longfellow, not much crazy, weak, very crazy. We murder at the common store. That wasn't saying, I was supposed to go down there. That night too, I just started the day of. I had too much shit to do that day and in the morning, and it said you know what I don't need to do a set tonight. I was going to do the stand up on the spot show which was on before the pow show, and I guess we're the show gone in the main room. It was walls. Air quotes. Urban air quote yeah
They they scratch workers more melanin and some shit went down and dumb and other matters there was a box, so obviously criminal nature. It was, I dont believe, as anybody in the Show- and they are just people in the audience, a guy in a patio and obviously I have like fifteenth hand, information, but the story is that discourage walked right up this guy just shot him. Tom's yeah, it's weird how there I essentially to China did one of those reenactments of it. Where are those commercial rules and agencies rather cd eyes? You know really ridiculous how they show it, and so I ve been, is showing a drunk a lot of us was always there, Tuesday nights, rose, the bar tender was standing right there. She you know she helped afterwards. Why, by put, you know towels and stuff. On the guy lot relied people
Cisco RE, most, which standing right next to mad EDGAR lot of our friends were hanging out on the patio. Roast battle is going on and it so you know crowded for roast battle that lot of as a sit in the front patio and without the chinese rain. I guess it's its first vile note how everyone's white an agenda that guy so from there. While it does come restore that worked happen from no they're saying they. What Rosa saying that this is not the side it came out. It was more rights for it in the middle. You know the entrance, the and was he that far away? There is a saying he ran across the street, which is another thing loud. People say that you into a car in the car, went down the street other, be we're saying he didn't get an hour in its interests and because so many people there, but yet they released anything about the than the shooter except they had a hoodie are not like color of hoodie height, nothing which it was odd. You know,
how fast they, sir, I don't know how those things usually work. I don't know if they give up all the information like about this aspect. The problem is it? you. If you tell people what it was like here's. Here's doesn't really weird thing that happens when people see stuff they eat people see things and then the recollection of what they actually saw oftentimes is way off. I've done these spearmen with people where they ve but put them in stressful situations like a fake bank robbery, and then they asked him to describe what happened and people. Get it so wrong and they think head that it's right, I mean I'm sure I've got some memories in my head. Like tat, tat are all fucked up: sure you have some in your head. I distinct, I think, what our memory with, let would like to thank its like some stuff written down on paper or a video that you can watch and review. But it's not it's fuckin, very, very strange, especially when it comes to something like a murder or some step.
Out and put to shoot somebody. So you say we're looking for a five foot and blackmail with a red hoodie people going to find that guy they gonna see it they're gonna think it thing, but if you say we're looking for of five foot, have in thin white male with british accent. Then they'll say I saw that guy knows him, there's gonna be a certain amount of people that are bulls. Tell you, even though this Black are in there, they'll see that five foot tall eleven english guy in the go yes was. I did think he was English like in their heads actually with thy trauma and the fear of the instance their notoriously unreliable? That's, why like when scientists, about anecdotal evidence and evidence of people's experiences we'll talk about paranormal shared, especially so people say, do You can't tell me what I saw. I know what I saw do you really do you do really know what you saw it is. I don't know what I saw a lot of times. I give you
my memory just from like yesterday. It's a bowler of some snapshots. You know, and I had a great day I wasn't drunk hanging out with a family but picked out some pumpkins. Well, stop fucking pig race went to this farm place where they let you pick out your own pumpkin fund, such Of course, we had a good time when of corn maize, but my my memory. My important thing is like totally. Sober having a great time, lots laughs, but my memories like than we did that no added value. We do that too, that had a sandwich and these these, like this idea that you know we have is infallible memory. I think when you start putting out information like this is what the guide often lived like based on who basin, whose head, who set of them. So that the people are so the shooting, if you don't have a photo, you better be real careful what you say, because these people that saw the shooting match boy mean some of them might be
We all know somebody fuckin sucks at remembering stories, Now we are, we now have that one person it is terrible at a special time it panic. I would I know when I got robbed, I die member, he had a fake beard and in but that's about it, I don't like it. Some kind of co, but I don't remember, like I was staring at him, I should be able to knowingly I get a purple shirt on yet you know is inflated beards or not allowed. But if you. Or a man. You were to pay Inga through T say with it believed that stupid, fake hair, Gloody Hutch that a strange. But if you try to go to two years, they with a fake must actually be like what the fuck are you trying to pull you go in there with our mob of hair. I wonder how long your fate care can be before they go. Listen you fuck! What that thing off one did you go in. There were like a giant lions main like if you If you went and they'll of some crazy, if you were to stone called bald
and you went in. There was a glued on Fabio away like a full Fabio. That goes all the way down here, ass or even crazier. I do that I was. I was at the house a blues in Houston. Couple weeks ago I went to great was also meaning in Edward and others Adieus when grown his hair for fourteen years work works. I have the picture on board Is it a long ponytail? Is that no he went the dread lock we're out. Yet just take one guy to have like try to put a bomb in his hair peace to we have like a line we haven't has to get there like two pays, like you know, shovelled offers greater there's, not enough people that have big hair like where you would have to like look into it. But yes, if, if people a lot of you run around here, like that they would start searching your hair, definitely hundred percent but those radio waves things that they go through, here's Homeboy Caesar Holy shit yeah. It goes all the way down.
Excise disaster, Susan, almost down it was knees. Ass, it's got smell. The price was pockets of nest in there with all kinds of living. Our art forms and their people are both the young was gonna say but Yuki. If that was fake like he is no way you could wear here that long now you are like some crazy costume or something like it has to be within the cultural norm. It has to be a cultural, acceptable length. Hair like like, remember one that I feel Spectre was on trial for murder. That really crazy fuck fell spectre. Who Janni probably knows? Who is more both of us because he was he had thing the wall of sound tat. He had kind of created. He could I created a new way of producing, Music that correct that the best way to scrap it, Abraham, that's good, but apparently he love putting guns and people's faces. He was just fuckin now
and he showed for travel cooking. The one though you that wig, like he's up for trial, wherein the different way right anywhere a couple different kinds. He would do just that. One know what about that one! So you get two different wigs, at least happened, Indonesians, Algeria, Isn t he might be dead, he might be dead now. Ok, the ALA cow horrific. He looks ere he just six Creepy is at him their smile into. Whilst they are totally different. So. He smiled that so odd Guph he's at creepy dude Well, so he he put a gun in some girls mouth
You know he was into that kind of shit like bitch, I'll, fucking kill you and he actually did kill her wow and she was like a it. Just a young lady that think that's her up there, a Lana Clarkson, that's her right, she's, really pretty! She done some acting and stuff and she what's amazing to me, was not just that he shot her in this crazy fuck, but that an ugly dude like that can bang it check that looks that hot, like how did he get her? Maybe you? Maybe she wouldn't have sex with them. Maybe that's Why shot or in the mouth eyes also millionaire, I think a nun y yeah, no, the devil, he's gotta help. I mean it but isn't an amazing that it helps that much may look up. Scary. He is, is that out, but she nodded Alpatych play him in a movie HBO movie. I think, really was called couple years ago. No shit
I didn't know about their to sue any movie. How just got fell spect do you know I had a revelation of the day when it came to movies What's the martian spring it interesting, but the problem is the problem with that vs. You know he's gonna live, you know it's gonna make it. It's like someone gave you spoiler alert before even got the movie is he gonna die on Mars and my paying money to us too, hours of him and he's gonna die on Mars, get the fuck out of here. Everybody knows he's not gonna die on Mars, but the revelation was there's this too many movies and even really awesome movies, like scenarios possibly pre bad ass, because it's the new Bernice yield, the total movies pussy pretty bad ass, but we can get a ticket to that one in time we were sold out. So what would the martian
but the point is these movies never stop every week, there's new ones and they did not go away like the old ones, don't stop being around, given the watch them tools like there's too many of them. I was thinking about. All the different movies just on Itunes and Netflix, and scroll Minister, think like this is it this is a never ending equation. I hate just keeps getting tactic Thirdly, we live in the epicenter of words, created it's all around here and it's is very strange because the body of work just never stops like you used to be. When I was a kid when good movie came out. You'd go to see that Fuckin movie like STAR wars. I saw star wars thirteen times and I was in now. Think compared to the real geeks. I does lives like it was a big deal. Than to see how many times you could see a movie like you. Run a movie long enough to see for someone to see at thirteen times now
because there's new ones new ones come in. We got to get this fucking piece of shit out of theater. You would never have a movie like star wars that played over and over and over and over and over and over again, and if star wars came out today, people would shit right in its mouth. It's weird, that is to me in my childhood, one of the greatest movies of all time. When I the kid and that movie came out. I remember when o one Kenobi was talking to Luke Skywalker, and there they were in the saddles like this is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life. This is amazing, disguises space and he's gonna Obi WAN can nobody's gonna teach them how to be a jet. I ah said the greatest movie ever. I remember it couldn't have been more perfect, we're seeing that movie and think in this movie is fucking perfect. Now you go watching you like, oh my god, it's such a clunky turd its clunky. The special effects. Look like shit
wise Darth Vader evil does easily and does not even a reason. Why is evil he's just evil? What does it get me takes over? The world's even get pussy is even better. Pussy in space, you know he just building some star that can blow up planets. Really. This is so dumb, like it so dumb, uses the dark side or not, the dogs itself fuck in dumb and its puppets Kermit the frog Skywalker, but in its day I give you judge it in the context of day. It's one of the all time classic films is. Is there so many more now and there better this sum films from back then that still like a pocket now. Is a rock solid, each other go watch upon That's not, it is rock fuckin, solid, Frances Fork, Bela just made a masterpiece. That's who did right was Henry yeah. Some, it's a masterpiece. It's a masterpiece! It's like a flawless film and it's a film the tour, Think it took seven years to make
way way over budget, they started with Lawrence FISH Berwin. It was like. Seventeen nuisance in that movie rhetoric or Asia Fuckin movie, but it's it's a movie that hold up man, it still hold up. Ghostbusters doesn't hold up, he does hold up there's a lot that have been watching on where we were kids, though right where we are younger, but we were the images looked real back, then that was like real listen to those monsters made out a clay. We're like my guides, monster man, clay, arrays delay, land, the lost who the sleaze tax tariff so cool again, who excited fellows, get Godzilla can Conway becoming Christ. She is why that stooped, Ok, Godzilla is five feet. Tall can conquer fifty feet all these. Stop the japanese people fucked you they factory with those these, because they violated all the laws they did give you some reason why, king
grew to five hundred. He grew four hundred and fifty extra fee. They didn't say a word about it. Come on man. Has he so big? He was here to be able to climb shit and it would carry the chicken his hand and now the needs as big as Godzilla when it was baby Godzilla versus King Kong. I gave us baby Gaza Small, don't make a little bit more sense right, but you just stay back enlightenment fired fucking, stupid flight within thirty seconds, meaning get killed little tiny airplanes. The chill by airplanes if you know anything about fire power and guns, the idea that you can kill a gorilla with his little piss aunt it's from a tiny little stupid cardboard plain: does it there tat at at at at at at at that killing a gorilla that so fucking big that it can carry people and wine to the top of the empire state building, it can grab planes out of the air and smash them member.
Doing that be at those little baby. Bullets are killing them. There's little baby boards are just making furious unless there are like the hollow points. Or some like that, where they blew up inside it, doesn't matter this, unless they were cannons, they would have to be like they would have to be. Such a vote, such a high caliber, the durability, There would be mad fuckin recoil. It would be. Let me especially Dag land, they figure. They have guns now that of their god. Darts Rony had wondered if she put a video over on his instagram its, I think they call integrity suppressed. So when you fire that gun it's a three hundred wind mag, which is of the big round its very powerful rife. When you find it's like trunk talked like nothing, you don't feel anything anymore, hear anything. It's like. I ve
small amount of sound and a very small amount of kick look. Here's a girl and his instagram picture, just a regular says, girl, shooting- and it's not fucking Europe at all, but it should be like at least struggle. You know so, but back then they didn't have any that share. Baghdad was just the explosion. The metal tube shoot now Pisa led. The ideal is gonna, kill this big guerrilla with your piece, ass guns he's gonna fuck, you up man and it's gonna, bang that way that's reserve unless they got smart, you know in the images, are like hacking and like nuclear ward, Gonzo's using computers now and can cause near my where we are committed to it they made a drama. A drowned out, whether the latter Godzilla looked like it was gonna, be bad ass, washed it. It wasn't good. It was kind of fun like that. Godzilla monster itself was fucking bad ass, like they did, and amazed
job at sea July, but the young, the story was so clunky and this fuckin kid whose a hero keeps survive I may survive the most ridiculous, shilling plain for love or train fell off of a giant. Ridge into the water. He gets out of Eric overrun over and over again was now. It happened. Some stupid chile that will over and over again, this fuck survives the most ridiculous preposterous disaster scenarios to watch. Godzilla kill this ban. Spoiler, ALERT, Godzilla. Survives spoiler possessed of the special effects are pretty wicked, but that store itself was just clunky. Gm may be called the guest. I think so was I forget. His name is now not no one really Don T right now, it is add, no Dan Stevens, I don't know
anyways. It got really get on run tomatoes, a guy like ninety, cheaper sad, you know like it got really good reviews. Doug Benson told me to watch it it's on Netflix right now, it starts off like a kids like like Kids, like summits. Are you spoiler learning? As we know not it's like it starts off this. I, like it he had some Martine movie right and this guy I had just got out. The army comes visits this family. It is one of the guess, roadhouse type version movie at it starts off horrible, but then you wake up out of this common wheat with a fucking, my watching and then it start. Lately I swear to God. I laughed so hard in this movie cause like a rose gently accidentally, but then I go to dog and, unlike thank you so much? I was like hilarious movie. Well, you d like he liked it for real zis. Here
dancing quite possibly might be the worse poster boy for wheat alive. I just did It's getting Doug with high, and he would like to ask a question and then I'll be like starting concerning us. When you talk like a completely forgot, what in his defence listener? What you just said thirty seconds ago, what God Zella hacking with browsers, are now just thinking that they will give guide. Zella was like a drama like if they make enemies, drown Munich, Carmen Congress, hacking Godzilla! May it like a picture of you, but this this idea that Dog Benson smoke too much part we should explore because I know he enjoys marijuana and I know he's been activist and letting people know, but this type of behaviour is perhaps negative to the cause
He makes me so I himself on it. So I all the time and it gets visually high, which makes it so much poorer. Finally closed up like a razor slits. He closes public does no eyes and their where's your eye, so you don't have any eyes Dahmer rare if he was a pirate, sometimes have dollar ass, my power to get him a cane Let's get him other white blind teens! You have here my dog, that of Ebola, the thing about the eyes they re freaked me out. I should a bull has been living in people's eyes. The guys I had a woman spin staying in his eyes and changing their I colors from greened Hulu and get it having blurry. Asian and then, when he gets it, checked his eyes or you're, not as strong anymore, the more like a mature motion your version should more sure yeah. They said that its actually was. It was affecting the structure of his eye, yeah, five,
it's weird is when I went to my doktor, they said my eye structure was fucked in that I had scarring in the back. For some reason, it he'll never boliden when there's so much skinnier thing: yeah, they lose a shitload away. What, if I just have my shit, the brains out lazy version of our sleeping? Maybe you, like us, five are you one of those carriers? I just some girls that can give you hurt but they don't show any signs. Herpes this guy right here some girls knows. I blame at all the girls. What what did they sentences, blurry vision, my creates he saw chirping out of what I've been trying to deal with myself. I dont think you you you you have to be. You have to consider a couple things when you talk by your eyes. You definitely have to think about a ball, but you do have to think about taking carry health. You don't take care! You, health and I've told you before freaked me out. I have cut out things like Bonaparte
recently in while the deaf we should cut out those that they have Viagra and see Alice and stuff. Like that, and it's like scientifically proven you, you can adjust your dosage. You don't know what you're taken when you take those things in a large house, you are taken sales. You are taken via what where's, Lamar Odom, who just recently you know that I went to the hospital fur I met the bunny ran she had since, like supposedly cocaine around, and these these boner pills, gas station boner pills was so whereabouts sing about two days before that happened. I found out the FDA Gov Gov on their front page. If you go to a right now has a whole thing about these boner pills and they also have links to every single like boner pill that you can buy, that I took all my rap. I keep my rappers, like the trip a cardinal you saved them. What I say is Barnard's their cool because they all have really good artwork. Knows me good our work, it's just like
if it shows were more or less on those things. So I looked at my favorite one. My favorite one has viagra in it. The mexican version of Niagara by a lot of them also have steroids in them and if you can go through this legacy is the hidden agreement like a lot of more steroids generic names for viable, will you know that was Anderson, Silva's excuse when tested positive steroids. That is totally since he took a chinese Viagra and but what they think is. This is actually one way it could be of. What would it have? What he said could be true that he might, I've gotten some sort of we might have called it by agur, but it might have been like some super strong born repeal it also steroids in, but the other did what they were Saint thinking is that with a company that mean this via grow or see out. Whatever was also. Steroids needs didn't cleaner batch and some of them are contaminated, which does happen. We ve. Actually we ve we ve run tests on
supplements that we have like alpha brain and during the early days When we first started doing it, we would notice that they would be certain inconsistency in in light, the amount of something it was just like minor but enough to it and then occasionally would find something in a supplement. We have found it in our brain or true mood or something like that. But I know they found it in like will you get legal, be twelve supplemented, has vitamin a in it for some reason neighbours it will have to get in there, or you have put your getting your stuff from like bulk you're, getting it from a lot of people are getting with if they getting tributes and are used by that when you getting vitamins you you getting him from. These box applies like my friend Larry's, to run their environment company and when you get stuff from bulk suppliers like items times they their mixing their stuff in these vats and each don't cleaner. They do
should he Java clam most time? You're? Ok, but if, if someone Fox up and doesn't do their job or its you. You deal with some low level company that doesn't take care that shit you'd. Definitely definitely deaf. I can get steroids and things on those lines inside like protein power, recent insides muscle supplement they should be there There is also some of em. They just who'd steroids in there. You know why, because steroids work so and you can get cheap chinese steroids, throwing your boner pills and yellow wanna fuck like a gorilla cause, you're Joost up man, you you actually on steroids and it will fuck with your mood, we're that Jeff, no whiskey guy he's the guy works for the: U S: anti doping agency and he's a guy busted, Lance Armstrong, and I worked for the. U have c and he's doing all these crazy random drug test. He told us about all the different substances that the limpet committing the FDA, finds out tests positive for steroids
how many are there? So we go to the full website is a website where less each one of them. We didn't even get the aims we were in the eighties and there was hundreds of em that are just steroids. So when you onto the genome, local, vitamin shop and you're, seeing your muscle build five thousand pocket guy shredded alone. Those are steroids a lot, especially Morceau back in the day than today, because a little bit better busting people and is a little bit less people that are willing to take the chance of guinea. Resting or of getting sued or whatever, but does a lot of that shit. That's just there's so much more He business involved in, like those catholic muscle building things it with its really dangerous because all the ones I had we're on the FDA, DOT Gov and I- and so then I started taking each pills imposing showing like looking at every single ingredient. That was in a lot of homework.
Its end like mixing certain things with other things have net has never been tested and I'd like to have low bread, blood pressure. You could die off these boner pill. Just from Basel view of heart of your own heart medication, s like old dude that have heart attacks, have take nitrates like nitroglycerine stuff, like that if you take thou accuracy, knows, and those movies gown almost be about to take her to a proposal, pills ensure mob he's gonna get to my heart. Pass morale yeah. There was always- movies. Member has a real yeah yeah, that's real. There are certain things nitroglycerine, but certain things that you take. If you are on those and then you take my agora, it could be super fuckin, dangerous area. Some of these people is taken them. Thinking What's on that labels, woods actually in La Times us not case loud, sounds as much extra shit in there
the one I recently had been taking its had ended up having via granite, but they had a new formal ever in which the FDA hasn't tried yet, but the new form live. And works really good like way better than the old stuff. But I think that, as whenever Senate's make me trip It's probably schubert bad for you. It's probably some crazy, stimulants and who knows man, you gotta, buy stuff from reputable sources like this. That's one thing that I disagree with people when they want to have total deregulation of drugs and and things like man. You gotta be careful of people that are just gonna, sell you some shit and tell you it's one thing, but it's actually something else like theirs. Should be some form of regulation when it comes to what things like anything. That's got something in it that could be danger.
Swear it's like a stimulant or levels rip fuel type things. It turned out to kill a bunch. People like you should we we should should be some accountability. There also could be someone checking on that stuff like economy, need someone checking to make sure that you're not kind of like inadvertently gives one, thinks I'm just gonna get some herbal in our testosterone booster. You actually steroids, invite Agora, you should be and see. When you say I may I buy rip you when I was in high school, we used to all on ash. Icicles people died from their stuff. Definitely that's why a federal if you can get that shit anymore, peace does by federal you spill by that. That's it's fuckin stimulant in a hard core want too, and it just check your heart rate. May I put a good buddy. You suggest that redline stuff every door, Jim earlier five typhoid, he's really incredible four times a day anyway, he's not he's lucky, he's
he's alive. I took rip fuel once before. Jujitsu literally thought I was gonna. How are attacked didn't make any That's what my heart was beaten. So fast, like I know, was workin out, and I knows you know exerting myself, but as I, but this is just some next level shit like I've to stop I got it, I can't do it. I literally couldn't work out after certain point. I was like my heart's beating too fast. It was weird that your heart beating too fast but you're, not that tired. That's like What your body is weird now Dounia, just like. What's on it and used to build, get it everywhere and in some other stuff, man lawlessness. They even like that's what you said from my experience of being involved in on it and the creation of alpha brain and when you finally, finally, suppliers are doing the right thing. You find that, like you, gotta make sure that people are iii of the test things double tests thinks every step of the way, and we
wanted us company like Jean see Jesus Christ, how many products they ever their shells live isles and isles. Hundreds of fuckin things from hundreds of different companies overboard. Groaning weight, loss in its mental clarity and fitness enhancement and and you know, muscle gains in strength gains in size. You gotta put on weight and like a boy, you got a shore is all the stuff widget till now, Philip they just getting what you got, what you got your dick wellspring of any image and if you bought, if you want to store And you got some mom, some testosterone booster, you know it says you know, boost testosterone, make you feel up really really viagra I'll see you Dick is hard all the time we like to I'm so full of test
faster on my dick is hard author and it would psychologically make you feel like yeah amounts ominous testosterone, booster, it's amazing! You just go start buying it like four guys. You give a guy something that makes his dick hard and they're gonna think that they found the fuckin thing. They found the fountain of youth. It found it. They found the founding the holy GRAIL. It just makes it longer? It's not even hard right. What the new these kinds are like a swelling of the deck more. What kinds like these generic kinds with
as extra November taken? Do how no you take it? Will you take on- and I give you now have cover scientist score with that shit with a fine tooth comb who knows? What's in those thanks, man? Don't you know who's make, and I know this fuckin spray paint artwork. You include the artwork deftly put in this. My body hope it does do any permanent damage. G wise, my eyesight gonna fuckin walkie, seeing things wiggle in front of your eyes. Also, you know that's a symptom of diabetes arab diabetes, Do you know the doktor? I mean the last check. It was fine how many years goes a year and a half did Have those symptoms year now go now, while I visaed wasn't take a boner pills. I have crazy shit Adam, No, that's true, you know, eliminate possibilities. Already right now do not anywhere can to stop drinking every night you gotta stop smoke,
do not also have been doing like every other night. Maybe that's better, that's better than every night secret, not drinking. What about the smoke a drunkard accomplished, how much you smoke same packaging, you got, you did so well and then use folded. Up again, Oh, that's another thing, the reason why originally went to the FDA just remember it is because my favorite cigarette, which is in his cigarette, got recalled the FDA because said that they were not tested using August? Imagine how bad you're cigarettes have to pay for the FDA to go. You know what these cigarettes are fuck job, yet those other ones that are killing people at a rate of five hundred thousand premature deaths per year in this country alone. But they're like this. This once to fucked up Kamal Whites and camel crush there. They were not allowed.
To be sold because they never have been tested in a reasoned, all different new filters and things that broken made meant in the cigarette, maybe just people who don't like why people that's one thing: if you're gonna have camels those white people, cigarette smoking, cigarettes cools and black cigarettes? I give you up her white light? Is a white woman you either get cool cools are either like secretaries or super stressed out single moms, the Dell Small cools. Occasionally they have to their tanned. They go obtaining booze or black eyes. I'm a cigarette expert YO new ports who, whose most new ports now black people and people like black people. Re people hang out with black people. They want to know where it is. When you meet a white Percinet smokes menthol you're like what happened to you, my camel unfiltered. That's all white guys were trappers through our fishermen and trappers and shit they fuckin they have hides.
Tanning, hides on the side of their house, that you know, like tack down a hide stretch down with Alaska, shows those two guys smoke camel non filter, The only reason I smoke, as is James Dean, used to smoke lucky cigarettes, and I think I might be like James Dean Goodman Lucky Unfiltered, else. James Dean smoked tolls. He smiled to so it's probably just like things in his mouth Amy, nothing wrong with that, but maybe shouldn't duty does what Labour man like taken over, nudity out very upset Bailey J of the finest tweet about it, yeah yeah she goes She is theirs. Girls online that have fixed up their assholes. You weren't, reading playboy, stop it it's true, it's totally drew, it is fuckin. True Mary Flint? I was on like CNN the other day he said at perfect, like like, we are you'd like you, take
bread and butter away. Why would the foggy as he's IQ, Hefner's, just a horrible business man he's like you, is that the magazines fine in adults touch it. While he's old. I don't think he's necessarily running things anymore, and I think this the fact that we're talking about it means it was a good idea because we're talking about it, no one talked about Playboy like Playboy it. Nobody gave a fuck they have. They literally have to do something like this, nor to get people talk about, as it might be good idea on a semi, I'm the shittiest business man, I'm all time out at literally, don't think about business ever at all. I just do shit that I like to do and try to like work as far as I can and try to keep going fine things I'm interested in and keep though I never said Donegal. What's best business model. When I need to do for my brand and I needed spanned. What I need to do is needed create some sort of a publicity stunt, but if I was engineer a publicity stunt, that's the best one he take it. There that or you show coming. He just show a lotta.
We're pulling nuttin in people's faces, see show like hard core choking mascara snot coming girls knows and balls hidden chins you, the illegal one way or the other you gonna go the root of the internet and the internet can out internet you every fuckin time or you're gonna. Decide. You know what we're a gentleman's magazine. Now you get plenty of porn. You need us for that. You're not buying this airport fuckin Brussels with a plastic into Gonna, go jerk off in your hotel room. You're! Just not did you say you have a laptop stop right, but they can and offer like good articles right like this peaceful that have written for play ball by doubling, really good writers to some- good stories it a bit rent for play by was always sort of obscured by the fact that right really what you were doing was buying it for checks. It was that thou, the insight joke is like are ready for the articles there was the inside joke. Ip would laugh,
how nobody really ready for the articles. But if you go and like you see like Frank Sinatra, interview that these does interviews and playboy. These do version I actually have never read one single article and a failure to actually interviews classic Oh, I do interview with Playboy a long time ago in that's my gun into Dennis Leary. That was fun. One of those playboy interviews. This They ve always had playboy always had like really good interviews. They vote. They. They had I'd like a series of his coffee table book of all the great interviews over the years and Playboy, but the the whole field of playboy to me was always style like it was artistic. You know you have no, as an artist that you know made women, look beautiful and, like you, you Will you wanted to see whatever Who is this? this morning we ever naked, but you have you ever in Aragon, naked sit it you want
you'll get naked, Ammo Anderson Class, corny weaver window yeah. I know he's saying here is one in eight ziyadi one, but I wanted to see a classy like that's work. Her dashing should have had her but shots instead of that, I think it was too late, though, by time she long it was a ghost town right by plane, yeah. No one's talk about playbook zones. Talk about magazines at all anything about magazine, runaway boys problem I think, is like White Larry flown saying he did their businesses all fucked up play boys. I believe a subscription base to listen. Playboy, radio, you have to pay seven dollars a month. You know it's like a Jew yeah, it's not like. You can just turn on all playboy radio. You know it's wait a minute. This is it on serious. It used to be on serious, but I think serious was like AIR at the sitting were bad on the shore you used to be ten bucks. A month, though, are somewhat measures on seriously mental think it is very good that we have a reliable silos. Radio. The Yom, model is definitely dying. The magazine model
Internet re decision originally launch an exam citizen Ok, you got on marched night. Two thousand thirteen Kevin Climb and Andrea. The announced that Playboy morning showed that the playboy would no longer be feet featured on s air, serious ex him. You can only go to boy radio and they want you to pay for it play by radio dot com. Yeah, see. That's a big mistake. That's a big mistake to get people to pay for, because Why would they do that? When you get that radio, our. U can get getting Doug with high. You get tony you can get the church what's happening now you can get. You can get fuckin there are so many podcast that are amazing and their free for playboy to come on. And say: hey. We want ten dollars a month or seven dollars a month or whatever. It is it's. So now is much too much or ten hours amount to much assist. You can't do it, you can't it's a shitty model. That's your ear!
your operating on this idea that, like subscription base Duff still exists, and it really doesn't unless it something like Netflix. Just think about How arrogant you would have to be to want seven dollars a month for your fuckin podcast, your radio show when you can get Netflix for nine, What did they raised it right that made it, and I now think that afflicted in great detail. Amazing deal just stop and think about the thing about how many Fuckin Stanhope calmly specials. I believe I can say that not all sir, but the thing to think big bird specials Tom Cigarette just shot a second special. You know fuck. I thought I did want to Netflix in two thousand and five. So it's like you think about all ten bucks. Now that we show me no simpler radiantly by radios, four dollars and seventeen cents a month, if you do it
while months. If european we do it for one month it's what seventeen percent about five dollars a month. Okay, so five bucks a month, it still is, more reasonable, but still ridiculous. No in Spain that bad business models terrible business model its in other talk about doing that with Howard Stern. They were talking, while doing that with something like Spotify in making in the way they were talking was so gross, then I said day I mean these Business analysed whore, quoting people who supposedly work for the show it could be all bullshit. It could be all right but the way they were saying it was like they were bank in on. You know because, at the end of the day, if there's any body, then get people to pay for some sort of a podcast. It's him me he's, got Howard Stern, though most loyal listeners, spin around the longest time, is people that forget for them he's a part of their Ellie commute and has been for decades right, but they were talking about. Like doing it where it's like, seven dollars a month,
for his show and they were like we could get. No ten million listeners so we'd be getting seventy million dollars a month. My better you out of your fucking mind, you really think you're gonna get to Million people they gonna pay seven dollars a month for a podcast ten million good luck, good fight, that's crazy talk but listen if someone say something like that like who look, how they think they just looking at it like this. Is a business not like witches Keep doing the most kick ass radio shown history the world. Let's keep having these amazing guess, isn't it crazy Howard's been on the air for decades and he's got all this stuff bank doc? You can listen to Howard, one hundred near classic Their views from Baghdad is amazed that kid is better and better known, as I think they think. How do we make money off of them? How do we take this guy and how we turn this into
ten million subscribers paints seventy dollars a month and then they're all think it. If I just get peace, peace that they look at their house and have dance, thinking about their Porsche they'll, be dry land awry. Then you got all these people around you that really go grab it. In Poland and tugging. That's what it's like. If you work for some big job, and ass cooperation that feeds off of having a bunch of different shows on its network. I give you work for some cooperation like like a serious acts am or play ball, or anything like that, like they need to keep that fuckin thing alive. We need many common in, we cannot just operate and ideas. We need Common N Y? Think we a play by radio and people pay about seven hours about seven make their money come on deleting willing to make. I think about a million a million a month, five million a month, the whole, where the whole in six months and people start thinking like that, and then you know, but what the fuck do. I know
shit lifeline also said you know like look. He Playboy probably has forty four writer, seeing that they probably have a shitload of writers. He's like I have seven he's like he's like he's like Larry Flint. So there, and it makes sense- is Larry Forensic I make up, at every month. They know you know, I mean in his job hard core shipowners. You know his his magazines, hard course: fog, I still bought. You know penthouse, I still by penthouse. Occasionally I really dont. What's wrong with you, well How do I know I do I swear? Guide. I do when the american money american money, Joe. Bitcoin, or either now psychologists, my ex girlfriend on the cover, my by its funding, I just don't think, did they they can make it. Egon scrape out as much money as you have keep a skeleton crew run
on those magazines. As long as you can well, songs are profitable but may be ready to pull that shoot. Berated pull that shoot cause now like he does get shit on your Ipad, that's new then they have. These things will essentially like Spotify for your Ipad Sagan choose from a bunch of different matter. Things like time and news we can only give magazines or even get them on your Ipad go through it. You download it you get. The each page is a full image. You can stretch it out and move in it. It's so much better is so much better and why we start doing it like that or you have like these subscriptions, you know it's not gonna. Last that the actual print things sniping to be around anymore. Why would you want that print things? Killin paper? It's killing trees rather make their paper. You just get the the thing download downloaded your phone instantly like that's ones and zeros and the air. You know you don't slackened, make it so it's like It's a due to our Morse code in I like us,
I'm telling you this is the way to talk to that. Their tat it'll never go away while always need bars code. Nobody knows how you anymore, as are worse than that member was one to three one. Two three Oh ass, one to three isn't ass. I should be miles assholes ass, a sit there and try to figure out how may be back. I just did your space now and he's bernajoux today did I did. I did not get a message from our western front today that it is a right all that down God. Then you figure out when is when is the word done? You fuck, you didn't put ineffable pause and study them boy scouts, so
Did you hear that we have to know how to do it? We had no like what the signal was one to three one, two three, but I mean how you send it when he said it with a bang, Drum radio bomb ball pomp of em radio. He can't transmit him. Oh ham, radio, was a big thing. Man still, as I remember my my uncle you toys, let me play with a black disguising Japan right now and you like, oh hi, your Japan, what the fuck are we talking her? It was a cool thing to do. But to go online like started chat with some guy from Japan. He's gonna going to show you Dick, systematic there's. No Ike friendship thing like that, can radio like back then, if you do on the radio with some guy. You know you, so you time. Is it in Germany time for me to fuck your mother, and I like that, is they didn't talk like
they didn't talk like internet people. They had actually like speak to each other. So because that element, you say something. Someone reacts. Probably way less trolling, I'm sure there's a and you could get in trouble to argue your hand, radio licence, taken away from me. If you do shitty things right when I was a girl, I swear I think, a ham radio. I think, there's like restrictions on language. You are quite right, it is regulated right. I don't know. What's in another, make. You register your drones now. So it's kinda like a car, even appear like a fishing licence. Probably every time you get drone that makes sense, but there was only a matter of time. I was in no Alberta last year, are, they saw this spring rather, and this guy had one that was attached to a cell phone,
and he's flying it around and watch the image on the cell phone. You know cuz, it's transmitting and I was like this is fucking crazy. This is way too good. It's way too Way to good way to easing procedures. Over in it in our move in Iraq can do it with your phone. You can do with remote they're, the ones they have now. There's a lot of onto a lot of different models to fuckin. Really Man yes thing about getting when a while ago, but think I'll wait it out. It looks like it would be fine just to do likewise. Videos, stuff yeah, it is, it is cool. I mean they're still cool one. If you get grandfather, then so, have you ever gonna pay for seven or some commentators have by now you posted there link also in your twitter, for once, you guys are on Youtube now streaming. Instead of did I posted the use loops Jesus Christ looks great on Youtube now, looking at the picture quality, or how do I find a right now Jim, if I want to find it,
so we're not on use dream. I just I just tweeted there are. You still haven't figured How do they use dream at the same time here hold on, should be able just split it. The various yeah. It's not doesn't work. That way. I saw him radio stuff, it's amateur, radio, those regulations, but it depends on how big pile, stronger ham, radio signals african broadcasts really strongly. Then you're become like your Laredo precision and many have regulations. Will I? How is that technology work to where people in other countries are listening to it does that's. What can a radio station is? Is it's better than FM, because it's a look? It's like our frigates making. I can get em radio from all over the place. Just in your house, you can get radio from
radio radio goes further radio. A radioactive goes further than FM. It just doesn't have a higher a ban with its. I find it. Amazing people still listen, radio, that's another one. I thought that would have been gone to. Citizens have fourteen, but our friends at work in it and in the bill is brutal. You watch the way they work. It's the same thing: does what they're doing right besides the plane record part what they're doing as upon task and the plane record part would be fuckin infinitely easier infinitely easier. If you, Our party asked if you could just play records on a podcast, you don't need a bunch of people working behind the scenes. You don't you just just play. It reads: play anything you wanted, but you can't really you play at me. There's like fair use. You can use something. In certain podcast. He could use it, but it's not a hundred percent clearly defined right now, but for radio man dude. I talk to you, I won't say their names, but there
guys and their they're fun guys. Not! I like doing a show, but one of them was telling me that they just got done with their. You know they have a review with a company comes and sits and down he goes. He goes fucking hate everything we do. We will we ve been successful for decades they ve been around forever and because I've never had. One of these meetings will say we're doing great. Never everything is Everything's, not good. There is looking to cut staff throws up a fire people just like this. The total negative meeting with these miserly and he's money, people and these numbers cruncher, some like we have to maximize profits. We have to fear. We have a strategy to maximize profits when an aid more commercial, to add more commercials. So I kill you you'll, do a break and then now play like seven minutes commercials and then no place on. Then you go back to talk
Again you like what is this fucking commercial thing you guys are doing, because how many those can you do in an hour? You get seven and then you get another. Some we get a half an hour where the fucking commercials in an hour that's crazy, but it's almost get into that point with with a lot of these radio stations, they just have so much mad silk easy yeah. I do it out of pure I'd. How easy it is. My car. You know it's just you trying to car the radio turns out. You don't have. You know it's kind of like background noise to a point, but at the only reason I listen to radio if it gets to the point where it just automatically turn Spotify my card that yeah well, you know serious, so much better in that sense like when I listened Opium Jimmy Sector swearing to being honest and swearing, but even they have to worry about being fired. They have to worry about some sort of public outrage situation where they say something crazy. People demand ouster
heads. Will roll in the corporation asked about down? While you know if we reviewed your file- and we found you. This is not the first time you said anything outrageous, Anthony Colombia with that's what I get paid that I will never like you're out, like he tweeted a bunch of horrible shit. We really the the great thing would be to do to have him come in and justify what he said or explained self or apologise on the air or say he was drunk or address it. The way you would have dress it and if he did do that, the fuck range or be giant. They were smart about their their business. The business model, that's how they would handle it. Are you you got a built in ratings boost right there. Let people talk more about it. Have people bitch more, we should do is tweet some you should you should a sock puppet count. Will you tweet so many other outrageous shit that he said over the past five years? Just doesn't spam spam it at its ITALY.
Help. It's only gonna help is gonna, get more people pissed off, yes, is going to get more people to call You say: we're gonna, cancel serious are really, that's all it takes its autumn. Few to cancel Syria's fuck off get out of here. One guy says a few retarded things after he gets drunk and some straw or a hooker issues, a hooker beat him up, while he's holding a gun, isn't do anything about it like commodities, great story, if that's what's gonna get you to quit serious than cocoa. Bitch. They need to be will say that go quit dead model yeah. That's it just a better version of the dead model, what they are like Delegate's betamax, like the Vhs was doomed even know it was doing. It was like a little bridge before we can get to digital media, and the Betamax was just better, so I got better bridge. Baymax is way better, better Koala
worse but more delays, disk, even better meddling already about Blu Ray Blue angle, fuck itself about that, you're so amazing over the quality. Good good luck with it to. Why would I get that? I can tree movies instantly, we'll have to hold your stupid frisbee picture done to over it's like they got us to that. They got us to that, but you can't do that anymore, that that model doesn't work anymore. The model of like web broadcasting, shit, and we through the air and to an in I got the dugout it on the dial here. It is unless the apocalypse hits that's fucking stupid it I'll just stop, everybody's got their own station merriwig. Christian Slater had our. He was a rebel and he broadcasting evenly wasn't supposed to It was like turning operative like that turn the radio, whatever the fuck that stupid movie is called for,
up the volume? What that's? What we're doing what he was doing. This is a really low red podcast. You know he was. I went up a real music ban ominous say what I think we have to change. What now you're? Not doesn't she the World Park, hasn't changed the world serious radio being able swear, doesn't change the world mites the culture. Slowly going devolve when people are allowed to communicate with each other, but the idea that one you can start a revolution. I want to tell the truth. My radio show listen buddy, it's not gonna happen. You're, born structures to perfect. Wonderful, hair in the movie or in sucks this crazy. I just had a flat Oh yeah is big as its accord. This phone is not even a that's impossible exams. Do phone or some shit. I guess it's supposed to be a cell phone right yeah. Its most feeling, while those early
a really cool version of the early self. I'm high school kids listenin to show you man, you change the world, those kids are better people listen to this body cast and their parents and out about it, will you do you better? Get that off your phone, Jerome in his marijuana, talk get it off your phone. Enable even our Lord Have you seen not that I don't cilantro, not believe in disbelief in God, just to be clear, I don't I haven't seen no ever. Be seen manufacturers Instagram page. So wonderful he's got a picture. It's one of the goopiest pictures. If you thought Dang cooks Instagram the who goes to the manufacturer, has its degree of and see see, what's goin what does do have a huge danger, instagram fetish, make his name famous make Jesus. Famous That'S- and it says
glorify apparel. So apparently this is like a real shirt company. Would these people that leg work for american apparel, but that they got head injuries on the job and this form their own business with their the money There were getting from. It looks like you got here in Europe that's the story. Lids made it. It looks, really basic, looks like him again MOSS shirt, but you just get printed out. My third minutes hours, Francais, something I can remember what can I say I was trying to read their Brian Simpson, american apparel. Whatever head injury, I didn't make make his name famous. Look at that decide what that's it: This is all advertising for the south. Jesus dodges, people, hilarious.
Do remember on tvs where it used to have. I just have a flashback crazy about race. What is that grace? Bungalows us lesbian shit, tat. We can do the same. That's like having to should says let Jesus come inside you, you can't even I know you said it had adopted with the figures. So what we said. I did not a flash member on old tvs, where you have a knob, had that knob that was in the middle of the knob were used to fine tune the channels. Let me turn it till I can't afford than he had his other. What I forgot to have happened and then there was you HF and VHF an? U H, VHF wait. You're HF was like the need, one of whom was like a good child the other wars like anyhow and Amory in water.
Their anti democratic member Benny here was another regular tv was. He was on the bullshit networks about that. I did too yeah. I did to A fuckin hilarious harm movie called the it's like one. Iguana found footage ones where these people, but the first one is actually pretty fuckin cool. It's those movies, like God, damn it if you could keep this up, if you can keep this up through the whole movie, he'll be pretty bad. Ask as a bunch of stories.
And the first one spoiler alert. The first one is about a grows, a demon and Skype Pixies girl up at a club, but she she turns out to be a demon. But it's actually like really well done its counter its freaky their drunken. They pick her up and she's galaxies really weird feet, and then they realized something wrong with her, but she keeps tone she loves him. She loves him. It's really good, but it's only like watch it for twenty minutes was our first one and then throw that fuckin thing out the window. If you have an actual copy of his Blu Ray there was the other thing. Is they fucked up with their protocol battles with like Blu Ray, and I have a bunch of dvds that are HD dvds watch on anything? I got a bunch of I gotta where, if you want, I don't even you can get em all Digital now, but that's seat.
That'll, be the demise of our knowledge. That's what's going to happen. If, if you just look, if you pay attention to what, when burn people talk about the possibilities of natural disasters, like somebody just posted on the message for the other day? that America is basically a ticking time bomb. It's based on some article that someone wrote maybe I'll pull it up real quick, but it's based on see if you can find a Jamie, but I think it's in the the main form might be in the pot gas war, but the idea was that this giant culture of entitled people but he knows how to do anything for self sustaining. Nobody knows. To grow their own food. No, he knows how to get water and We live in these Jaya Population Centres, America's a bomb waiting to explode, that's it and it Some really fuckin good points like when you, when you over it. It makes some really good points is kind of freaky. When you stop and think about how many different
things we rely on that. Are you know, hanging by a thread that easily could be taken by a power grid. But when you think about Our knowledge is, if we do, if something does happen, solar, flare or asteroid impact at wipes out, say. Twenty percent of the population stops the power and. Man if, if all of our shit brakes, if we lost half the people on earth, father, shit stops working computer, stop work Can we really we have to live like the early saddler like people still alive the people in our lives. Still have the the knowledge that they have of in thirty plus years, with the edge nation system and all the technology that's in place today. These people still out up his people, still have those things right. How much. How long did you use what we have come? could you? Will you normally power? How are you
general power. Some people might be able to do my bit like a few people with Propane Jim. Rate, is still work and some people might feel be figure had a rig solar or creed batteries or use the batteries that we have, but all large scale. Industrial shit would be stopped all construction manufacturing would cease and desist and then- all of our knowledge, that's on these funds. Computers and hard drives inaccessible. When I was at an Ohio couple years ago for Christmas Break, maybe for about a week there is a really bad winter storm like an ice storm almost and power was out almost for the large part of the state for almost an entire week. I thought about that recent. If that happened here even for three days waste, would almost fall apart if there is no power in LOS Angeles, yes couple days, people are so sorry is fog here. First of all, soft as fuck. Second of all, they wouldn't able to keep food, The difference you in Ohio, legally food out in the garage
call the shit and it would stay. They called out there. You are in the winter I'm out here. It's still seventy degrees, your foods gonna write a day in the Arctic. Said one of the things that is holding by a thread is the use of my and altering drugs, what was that all about a nod and read? The whole thing may be probably, if used to talk about antidepressants number three FDA approved narcotics, yeah. Well, there's a lot of that rehab taken here, selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors as this our eyes. Those are antidepressants pot. Population was up four hundred percent, a late to thousands over the nineteen nineties. Many these drugs are selective. Serotonin re uptake inhibitors these at the time the FDA approve narcotics. Loan gunmen are frequently associated with the inner. That's so true that there's a giant percentage of people that one option.
People that are on antidepressants, but in all fairness in others that causation causality paradigm, like that call. You know nation does not equal causality. The idea that something happening like just because these two things are combined together. It doesn't mean that thing cause that thing and there's other factors. You have to prove our peoples in your browser and that right now, I'm not much but there's other factors that people have to One taken a consideration. One of the big factors is: why was a guy on a tight? A presence in the first place was guy and anti psychotic medication in the first place, if he's it doesn't mean the medication made him do that might be means fuckin, crazy! That's. Why is tat
That's why I eventually want to killing somebody, but it could be that too. It could be that, and it also could be, that the Ssris with certain people have an effect that makes them less likely to feel they. Don't they don't they don't freak out about stuff as much and might make things acceptable to them, including violence? That's that's the rub. That's the scary thing, especially you can buy it with other shit like I know, Phil Hartman's family. They won money from Zoloft because a lot allegedly Was there when the court have, I I say allegedly was what I read on the internet appreciates the case, though, because she was doing zoloft when she shot him and that, if you take so long, you combine it with recreational drugs, especially alcohol and cocaine, especially cocaine. What is supposed to make you like, really Noddy, when you're doing Coke and assess our eyes? It's like very crazy combination,
yeah and if you know we run out of depression pills, are happy pills. We're gonna, you don't really set out in the movies like half the people are just going crazy and angry and depressed, and sadly only could happen in the road movies you know I'm worried about all that. I'm worried about it's not like. Will you should know what you need to be worried about is this. You know people have to make that argument. We are missing the point. The point is this: now that's also the point: this in other, the world's not a black and white thing. The world has a lot of It says a lot of areas that we need to look at when it comes to the way human life is up. Today what we require to keep it operating at this level. We need a lot of shit. To think about what we need to run. This podcast, We are talking about how such a small shoestring organization is. Just you know, just three of in this room and reaching all these people, but you still need like lives in this. I'll need. You know you need like holes.
Certainly need websites, and you need. You need the fibre up. To be laid need the the ability to try but you need electricity. This like a lot of shit that has to be in play and then the when the power goes out. All of it stops stopped and the power goes out for a year or two years we might we'll be living in mad max. That's a fact: that's a fog! In fact, when people started getting desperate and their kids on any food food and we're trying to figure out how to get gas. Oh she's gonna get ugly. You better pack is if they say, ladies and gentlemen, prepare for at least a year of no power, you got a fucking head, north immediately. I mean fuck immediately. I don't care what the a jams alike get out of here get out of here. Get out of here. While you can, you gotta get the fuck away from this powder keg. There's a lot of really dumb people here.
A lot of poor people and a lot of crime that what are you doing to keep the people in jail? Make I'm starved death they are, the open those doors whew me and of gas to get out of here to live somewhere monitoring work in my work I might not even work it's just. This is a terrible place to be. If everything stops because it's too many people and is too many food requirements and is too many entitled dumb dams here. There's too many people that would just fuck it up forever. When you look at things like the riots, the derives had happened. Granted there they were reacting to. Really, in their mine of really important moment or Ronnie King got beat up the cops, they saw one segment for very long car chase and prolonged fight with the cops, but in the second they saw. These cops are being that guy with Fucking Club beaten.
Often they gonna quit its every went nuts, but they went nuts against people that it had nothing to do with it. They went nuts with people like they when they pull that regional gent Denny at the car and hidden in the head with a brake on tv. I'll, never forget that shows that guy's out there right now. That guy is a guy like that guy there's that guy or that is specifically or guy, like I'm he's out there right now, waiting for the green light waiting Four and there's a lot of them. Does a lot of em there's no food man food and no water- they are those- are not good combinations and no gasoline to get them or water to hear woe. Good luck, so all this shit that we have. We were so oh amazed at our progress. We're done! We Dunstan, raising job yeah, definitely, but it could all go away. Ok go away real, quick and were putting too much important things on our phones and our electronics like
on my phone dies or it now and all electricity. Gaza have numbers to my my friends my family. I don't have any ways to contact them. Meaner, personal nation and you might know ten numbers right. I don't even know that really an end and everything like I have my mom bought me when there's big and medical books, you know, that's something you don't even think about like if we have no internet and you get an infection, you know you should know? Oh poor alcohol, if you don't have alcohol pee on your whatever you have to do. You know, I'm watching them. Show time showed the neck. Who's gonna show timed us crazy shit man. They have to die like Playboy, like nobody gives a fuck about them any more than I do something gangster to get noticed, and it's so graphic. The guys is principles totally unrealistic. Gus suffering from massive cocaine withdraws its whole buys gonna convulsions about to die. Every vein in these bodies collapsed.
He's gonna try to find the nurse has to try to find a new veined shoot cocaine into and what she does shoot. The vein in his fight now he's up and talking Swift and knows his stuff he's the best. This is what we're going to do. I accept your resignation in illegally like the way they are they do. These operations he's like this mastermind genius, but five minutes ago. Who is just bad timing and in of flailing away, because it couldn't get it Ok and all his veins collapsed. The shooting, no, it's fine tissues when our homeland kind of malaria in Iraq, the artists at work for homeland. They wrote shit in Arabic about homelands, stupid show about our homeland is islamic. Phobic and homeland is fine. That's It can age six if you find that the actual images, but what they
as you know, the artists were, does there were supposed to put images in the background? In other, create these environments response to look like Bangladesh, or you know, and Nepal, aware of the fact they want to be right and when they have arabic writing they have to bring in an artist to write the arabic writing and white. These people is writing shit because they know that these dummies Reed, Arabic and they're not checking or double checking, and apparently they get shit wrong all the time, accusing homeland of racism appearing in the latest episode up they get shit wrong about like alliances and conflicts they make stuff up in order to make their show better. They are. Tired at authenticity to refugees?
being shot in Germany also scrawled messages as homeland is a joke and it didn't make us laugh hilarious. We begin supersensitive about shows like that. You know you're dealing with a war torn world that specifically focused on the most war torn aspects of the world, all the places where the United States have military and their battling fundamentalists having these these in the season there put them in these fictional shows and their butchering the conflicts in there when you do stuff like that, man, like you, do in a show about game thrones. You do don't fuck you want in this. When king those you have dragons, you know like partial is Eric calls them make em ups. She doesn't like it could it's like make it to make em up, but what I don't like about this kind of a show is:
if your fuckin around, but the reality in view, if you twist the conflicts and twist the alliances Nick, with the actual historical events or to make you're you're you're show like more smooth, the promised people who or what in that shower gonna, believe you I got no pretending that it is like this just fiction, but it's about real parts of the world. They should have liked. The thing at the beginning, like the following programme, is here because he had loved watch that could, even if they have a thing in the beginning, you getting tune in the middle? you come in just took a shit. Is five minutes in yeah I'll pay attention to this You missed all that stuff where they told you this bullshit, but you know they'll makes a far in order to make their show more interesting and more dramatic. What we do know that, did you see that that new technology, where, like a menu,
could be sitting in a room next to each other in the tv, and I can make you talk by using my facial features and stuff. You mean you can make the image of media image. You talk me: that's a game, change, yeah, it's pretty freaky. You have that Linda. I got this sinister, but because the that, like in the future, we can watching Obama on the tv, and it wouldn't even be him talking, you know. Well it wouldn't be him making those facial expressions. You can manipulate the image someone's facial expression like I could I could make you have lips and make you raise your eyebrows and- and it would literally just Walter you're, in the face of your image, to match the expressions at I'm, making right or if I wanted to have a voice, you know copy of that. I can do that. Say what guy have another technology where I can have you say a few words and then have a mimic voice. That sounds exactly like you, and so then I in the future. I can have it. You look like
who are saying something and be completely just a program or to that are working on your voice in your face? What what they ve done a past is spliced together little snippets of stuff to make it seem like someone saying something like they did their with Ronald Reagan. Ronald. Again during his administration. He he gave some speech and somebody some bad people somewhere in the world. They took his speech and they chopped it up and made it. Some other broadcasts than broadcast to people all around the world saying this is how evil Ronald Reagan is. But then they shouted on television, armor they showed all the different pieces that target reenacted. It's pretty close Wow, it's so weird, where can at a source, actor who's on the left and then looking at a guy on the right, who's, the, The siege I'd like this. There's a guy who
the ghost get no expression whatsoever, and then the guy who's manipulating him who sits above him in the frame and as he makes these expressions in the frame, the guy on the left. That is his his face, even though is not moving at all his face in the image is doing the exact same things that the the guy is and was interesting is like it sort of seems to be accounting for the size and shape of your face too, like the size of his lips. Like see like the one guy as the bigger lips, they guy above him, we'll get you get them bigger, Angelina Jolie Lips, but they do in the bottoms. Yet some paper lips why people lips but the paper lips what's move and see You stay right. I guess not, that guy's lips, it's the
I belong to see the the guy was not moving at all there actually using his facial features and the like the parameters of his facial features you're, not gonna, build trust. Shit future definitely mean it's probably already happened. We just don't know me. If we're watching this on Youtube. What is see. I have right now. You know when they themselves are essential: by the way, speaking the CIA EL. The grass Thyssen talk to Edward Snowden for two episodes of his star talk, podcast, its must listen. Some must listen to amazing, fragile snow deeds, loud fuckin, smarter than I thought it was because I remember thinking like while, like this guy, like he was a high school dropout and suddenly workin for the USA and
the CIA or whatever is working for gathering data like Wily. Let a high school dropout, then you you here is story, and you realize what he actually did, one of going to college and did want to go to school and just he would just had a kind of a tumultuous library was working for the inner say when he was like sixteen he's. A super genius. I just eating graduate from from high school when you listen to him talk is very fuck. It smart and he's a very well read and understand exactly what the problems with all of this technology and this check surveillance. Me he's a hero with that I don't know. I know some people have differing opinions on him a decade enlightened us to the activities of the government that what they were doing, something that was really they're doing something that ninety nine percent of people can have a real problem with spying? people that I haven't done anything wrong and it's it's fascinated to listen to him. Tat
He also had some really interesting should to say about aliens which I thought was really crazy. He was like in a really complex super advanced society, they're going to have compressed data like everything's, going to be impressed and everything's going to be encrypted, and when you have compressed encrypted data, gonna, be indistinguishable from background noise, so you never know where you're listening to so, if you're listening to like some soup, advanced aliens communications and catching him through the air. Good luck, trying to figure out that, as I did not broadcasting like less they're, trying to reach us using our own primitive methods, the not broadcasting like that anymore, like there, if their advanced enough thing get here from another planet, most like they're encrypting everything and everything is you know if it's going to going to hear it it's going to sound like background noise, when I going to know what the fuck it is, but to them it's going to be, you know it's going to go into their super advanced systems and it'll be clear as
But to us it's like trying to send an internet signal to someone who is on the Santa Maria back in the Columbus days. What the fuck I sent you the what use we, the email, I'm on a boat here, I'm gettin scurvy what he means that with fox anemia. What are you talking about? Do check your phone check, my? What? They won't even know what you're talking about right. Well, do you think about what that is think of that that sort of electronic communication that just a few hundred years ago is completely alien and adequate to the point where they would not be able to even consider sexualize. What you're saying have you tried to explain something to them? My friend keeps sending me these Dick pics on a phone. If you like what the fuck are you talking about Think of that, and now extrapolate too society, that's a thousand years more advanced than us or a million years more advanced than us, It's the same sort of lack of ability to recognise what they're doing in law
The technology and science bow was self good. How it should be that there were like a downgraded bull like detect, sword language and goes ok. This is English around the year two thousand fifteen I will converted to a understandable when you know communication that would that's if they were trying to communicate? I guess that's what I said earlier. There chose to send something non encrypted, but the problem is there can be communicated with each other. So I give we chose to talk to someone. If we could we at a time machine, we can go back to Columbus. We would get him a squirrel, you know, and it would have some writing. We could do that to be easy fuck. We actually wanted to communicate with them, but if Columbus was out there in the middle of the fucking Ocean. No. We have five bars on his phone, they didn't know he has awesome wifi here no idea he's out there, there's nothin out here. What
mom, I owe you down your own bidpai fallen. It doesn't have a phone so like the the ability to do something in the future. Might we completely outside of our our imagination right now completely outside of our comprehension, front pages, CNN right now suppose some high school kids hacked the private accounts of CIA and homely security chiefs yeah energy waves? Don't they hacked his account? He was on fire AOL these. Men yeah, these old fox. We need to get them. Get out of here. You ve grandma, get out of here Papa I kept it your file or use Is it the jaw file? Scuse me it was on the American. What is ales, therefore, America, online America on line. It is a joy
cooperation. I have never rather than being hacked in the past, email account associated with Brennan that included what does it say included. As regards files with your eyes, namely security clearance, application and the hacker all claims to have access to Comcast account associated with Johnson old man another, old man does know what the fuck is going out: the whirl of technology, god dammit, oh man, what the fuck is a guy running the fucking secret service, CIA director? That's what is Jesus Christ. I wonder if that was just like his email, you get. It took iron or some problem his work, which I picked up, dude the but look at their to possess
and the CIA director and the director of Homeland Security, Jesus Christ, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, but Jesus Christ. Those are those are fuckin, big people. That's you know that the guy, who is the plumber? The guy was the power the CIA still use. Aol tell him he can tell him to get on the EU or what what were they have Jude DOT Geo V Emil List, along with Fuckin Hillary Clinton, that control of very body, your private males are clear, let's see what said in her her email. While they go, hold of her emails. You know because they were their accounts. That she was emailing from private account. It shows that Tony Lair and George W Bush were too to make plans to go into Iraq a year before they did
They were already Lyra right, we're goin in like right away. There they were planning, do they think they said from two thousand to There was emails where they were talking about doing so that before they even announced they were doing their work, trying to figure it out. Her old people did you goddamn. People shot, two fuckin fucking go to war, is you have to be issued? War should be for people over fifty. That's it everybody under fifty look you lived. You live bitch. You need to go over the start, shooting people us we have to have two more years. We'll ass we have to we after we have to figure this world out. You left us with a mess, so you guys need to go to war you are the ones we find out, I'm ok go to war. Go away. Fuck, see Hillary Clinton when a machine gun storm on the beach. Did you Geneva debate? Did you father, hold Bernie Sanders time, mourners CNN thing at all? What about the time wars, so Bernie lotta people,
Bernie wine like like online online paused, Twitter, Google, researches name who, for the most part of my say, Bernie, was way had not the news with, but not seen, and even on CNN own website, they have a pool during the debate and Bernie Sanders was at. Seventy. Five percent Clinton was at eighteen percent, but they still declared here Clinton. The winner of the debate on CNN, Judging last comic standing. You know you can't just the winner of a debate, rights legislation so is gonna, be somewhat less than one of arms, like you now Dan Quaid or someone totally incompetent. So, and out that CNN, owned by Time Warner time mourners the seventh largest campaign tributor to Hillary Clinton like over. I think it was hundreds and honey. The thousands of dollars, Time Warner as donated to Hitler course course, I'm sure There's an agenda. I mean we're we're like laughing. You know those thieves
they robbed somebody what's hot today, really rob somebody, that's crazy. The thieves rob people like we're like surprised that some good see politician greasy hands and some other greasy company, that's trot, look what they do: run paw, then what Paul was doing those debates and smashing people, and they may be he was ahead of people in the race and they would look at the people below him as qualified sincere candidates, and they would look. Foreign policy is a matter of time before ramp. Out of the race. But you know, that's always was when your journalist, when you're a journalist, you're supposed to look at the actual event and look at the actual factually event and then bring down what's interesting about the trend, but they didn't do that what a spin on the trend and its spin was killed really that wrong Paul was a cook This wasn't gonna last, even though you got people were in Braun PA president shirts and cheering and scream and will have in Europe. So you are smarter than them to the point where you're going to dictate how the
formation. The news is getting to these people with a biased spin that makes our guy Lakota Cook. That's a fox news dead. It's a lot of people dead, that's they're gonna do to Bernie Sanders disk that guy yeah CNN deleted the pool I mean they buy located awaited the poor, find the poor finally find these in the email find the this the saved image. As a pole, I send it in an email. It sat there when you say right there were must will see this summer. I oh, what we're showed me. Relax Oh my god. That's a less serious! That's a less serious! You silly Fox good Lord. What do they think they can do that? Why would they delete them
it is a main, it's kind of scary, though the hilariously eleven percent have helped her. He stopped her cod. Seventy five percent Well, you know that is that the online trolls when people don't Go along with your opinion there. Oh molly you're out we can read people and we will. Of native Americans, but you can't be totally red. That's a bowser! see their bows and I fell asleep boys drunk and he got a sunburn. Look at that. Guy he's Irish guy, with a big red face, that's ridiculous! You champion: how did he get any I never heard that guy. If I I've already by now over thrown out there's the black, I thus believe in evolution the Hilary whose
the bad email account. This Bernie Sanders once give way out, but his money, but apparently economists looked at Bernie Sanders plans for reducing deficit and what work like evolving anybody looks at Ngos. This is a wonderful idea that I'll fix our problems, he's a serious. Course socialist and a lot of ways, but I think that good good to have a guy like that stir up saga, get into power. Listen, it's fuckin better than having another Neeoka on its way better haven't another Dick Cheney behind the Fuckin puppet stand was and up George Bush's ass, that's fucked us those eight years fucked us they change the tone of our country. Went from a time where there was this this feeling of America, where everybody was sympathetic where people were making their impact ass. They put not a newspaper, we're all Americans. Today, music
amazing time, we're a horrible thing happened and the whole world came to us and they they came to us and they extended their their love and friendship. And what do we do? We start vague and pigeons invaded people didn't have anything to do with it. We ve fucked up to that point, Eight years later everybody hated us, everybody went from loving, Erika two. Why were you and I've rack like what? What are you doing Don't weapons! There is nothing that you guys are assholes. Would you do another oil? What do you do? We owe you just rebuilding shit when you don't use note your way, but you have no bid contracts for billions of dollars would hold on hold on your fuckin vice president Was the sea all of the company that gets a no bid contracts? They are you? Are you fucking transparent, that is that transparent does what happened, that those people does. If we had Obama in office, say which you about Obama, but, oh boy, would never it would it. There was no
where, unless, unless the president has no fuckin say whatsoever on how things go down, unless it's that dirty There is no way that guy would have approached it the same way, there's no way he would have come up with some reason why we have invaded Iraq. I say that, but I did want to invade Syria and people like what member that doesn't come up anymore. Does it Children should end do think. News should be put under stricter guidelines, for you know like likes. That should be legal CNN picking aside giving money to a prayer in announcing it or look at that former Fox guy that just got arrested for setting up we're getting ACE a fake CIA, past or Brian Adam see. You know, Brun Williams, Rhyme Williams, at last I connive man, eaters release and see me that covered the whole Taylor Swift, album. I highly recommend remit, Ray
Jim Taylor. Swift whole album bore a real dark. There are lessons I tell us now. Is it like, like when Garth Brookside is all you got it it's kind of life as well as our citizens hovering nine snails Mars. You Johnny Cash, not willing Nelson yeah Jesus Christ, Eddie Murphy, till the bill. Cosby jerk, you gonna word for the Mark TWAIN Comedy a word to me. I mean yes, he exited like a whole bit right, harmony. The attempts at home on the extra day saying, there's gonna, hear you should just go full Jim Norton. Look like trainees this! We should just do and come back to the fold. Just tell us who you are, who you gotta, get your dick sect by doing what you really straight. That's, ok, here, Eddie Murphy, man become cleaner, but he can't you know it's. It's different man is different
The black community has differ rules to have different, which can again doing something you need to keep under wraps No, if he picks those transit, gender prostitutes up just because he's a nice guy give me a ride home or if he really likes them, but according to my body, was on the force back, then they he's actually been there while went down there like it wasn't wasn't as one like some, which is fine like nor talks about all time people joke about it all the time and Everybody loves Norton. If you don't love, Norton Go Fuckyourself. How about that and I think of Eddie Murphy- just came clean bugging people turn on, though, all the people to vote for proposition eight when they found out that our had a great joke about that about black people on quality. Everybody was like
a call except the gaze like not let you can't take a married like black people and overwhelmingly voted again against or for proposition eight which repealed gay marriage. There's like Mormons Mormon spend a lot of money on it in a lot of black people voted for religion related, strong and black yeah, it's also the gay thing. So there's a certain amount of homophobia. That's accepted in certain parts of the african american community, our very politically correct, with black folks, don't like Gaze- and there is not even I'll gaze man, it's just you can't really talk about too much. But what is the bill? Cosby joke? He told shore was good we're going to pull off you tube. While we're on you, too, has outlined by the audio ogre. Oh and if you're tunantins is now no good. Do mature, Rogan words post wrong, we're gonna use
I made a mistake. Sorry, been doing you stream for six years, but the other thing about? It is that you can count on you to buy the reasons why I do on Youtube, as you could just rewind at the beginning, even though streaming. You can go back to beginning array, yeah, it's it's it's a superior platform you'll make bill. Give is that no, my mother was a big outcry from people who was trying to get Billy give his chosen men. No you, when you want to give trophies hoping that it please you do one show we just come out and just talk crazy. Now I would like to talk to some of the boy who that should give back
So that's it there's a bigger. He goes on a little bit longer, but this does an era PETE on November twenty third on us. They all they wanted a tune in dude. He alike is timing tissue Compaq withdrawing so he would kill it axiom, he'll, kill it. Big all trainees training stuff aside? Who cares about that stuff? He's one of the all time, grates Eddie Murphy, when not not raw the railways is good, is delirious but delirious at the time. Good law that was good, he was on fire, was so powerful. Imagine chain at the story and too if he was warm, it's our for us
so our view you it's one of the store measure of your Eddie Murphy stores filled with weirdos to magnet for where it has always been a magnet for we're going crazy. Lately, too crazy That's why they have the rope off in the parking lot. I tell people can go near the cars is people back in their cars out. There's a bunch of drunks wandered The parking lot and to take a picture. Would Steve run as easy to get around? or by cars this this thing this article there it's time we got here. And gender woman. She was a woman. She applied to an all male or female college. Well was Wellesley Wellesley College. I sexually no girl from wealthy back in the disease, it's an all girls campus and so she applied for the college. She was born a female, but there, decided to transition into
She had a very hilarious. This is who wears listen to the description of how she introduce this himself herself, whatever masculine of centre, gender queer exactly exactly I I am in love with this story, I am in love with these kind of people. I am in love with people that are so fuckin preposterous that they take preposterous to an art form and they. They become living parity, whether they like it or not, listen to what the fuck. I just said. She goes to occur, but she applies to an all girls college, Super liberal, although all girls college She decides that she is transgender and decides that she wants to. She introduces yourself as mask of centre, gender, queer changes or name to Timothy decided that she's jet Timothy and asked people
to use the male pronoun when referring to him. Ok, so welcome on campus and till the day that she announced he announced tat. Tina whatever he wanted to run for the schools Office of Multi Cultural Affairs coordinator, whose job is to promote a culture, a culture of diversity. Now, who you would think would need I versatile more than someone who's, a transgender man. You mean that, sets a very small segment of the population and their often maligned, and you know this is a socially marginalized groups, and it would be nice for an open minded. Liberal. To accept someone like this and to recognise what a perfect person to be part of our campaign, encouraging people to you now too, to be more open, minded and acceptable. It's now they attacked her, because now they felt that she is a white man and they don't
a white man in that position because of a white man is in that position. Then there supporting the patriarchy. So there was three other candidates for the gig right. All men of color, why the fourth one of them one, and then you get ok. That's your problem solved yet of women of color and opposition plenty diversity. There you're good right now, they all dropped out and then stated. They started an anonymous facebook campaign, encouraging people not to vote at all to keep a white man from winning the position This is amazing this the left eating itself. That's what's happening there eating themselves. It is a feeding frenzy eyes, tat parameters. Ok One of the things about progress is well. One gets a limp. They just jack that the fucker. They are the most ruthless Kuntz one On Parana, which is before you now, sometimes you with a fish tank, one fishers swimming weird. They start swimming
half sideways for some reason. You like that fish, okay and you have to look at him like what's gonna without fish, there it didn't last and that tank baby, those mother fucker, Just these d taken chunks out of a that's what's happening here. The left is there, they're. Turning on themselves, they ve run out outrage. They ve made so many safe places. They don't want anything to be safe anymore. They want to be able to go to war over everything, their ferocious their power. Run as their social idea parameters and their attacking a gender quail. Gender queer, ask you in of centre man for not being diverse enough for being a part of the page, We argue barter war then bore woman lived as a woman, now you're a white man? Now you fuck you piece of shit, you're part of the problem. I know said it does make sense, though it makes sense, because it highlights
What this movement is all about, its socially retarded people that are left alone to their own devices and they just device. Ray each other like zombies, tearing into each other, like zombies, at a trapped into a fuckin rule that is theirs ripping each other apart you're, not Verse enough. You know progressive fuck you you're such a plague, I'm triggered it is trigger each left and right this is it. This is an onion article. This is working onion article and it's not. This is a national review. This is a God. An onion article and it's not Transgender woman can't be diversity officer because she's, a white man now mixer sense what's the main, is always ends in the world. It is not a fake article. I mean that's easy per one hundred percent of fate. It's perfect! It's perfect! It's amazing! It's beautiful
It's a rose. It's a rose in a bad neighborhood pops out of the concrete, and it comes out perfect. It's amazing is art. It's it's the universe, creating art with our own folly. That's what it is, its culture, its call its people there's something happens to be. When you deny reality, we dont look at things objectively, like there's this. I think, like priest molest, kids right some of that has to be from suppression, some of it, We probably their abuse themselves, is probably sorts of, but some of that perversion has gotta come from suppression. It's like the Catholic School girl thing everybody knows, you know when I was in high school. There was no scientists in my fuckin ninth grade class, but we all The girls went to catholic schools, warehouse and why they hose their homes, because nobody tells him they can't be a whole have been taught them constantly about. You are going. To go to hell do not touch a man's genitals. Don't you do any those costs where
threegs. There were the biggest freaks and we all knew it. It was it was. There was no books on it. There is no Youtube videos that we could watch, but we fuck you knew it man. We all knew it and I think it's a suppression issue, and this is suppressing individual identity. This is suppressing free speech, suppressing objectivity, you're not allowed to have unique or you're twine thoughts you're, not allowed to share opinions with the left and with the right you're not allowed to you have to have in Europe constantly worried about being called out constantly worried about being out in docks and called out and shamed everyone's shaming people in attacking people. It's this fuckin, fading friends. I love it happy. So happy. When I read a story like this, I would encourage, this woman to fight to the death for her pussy a man he's a man now fight to the death. For that position.
I mean literally, I wanted to show up for school in a fuckin in armour with a sword and let them know you are you are here, because you are a warrior for diversity and you're gonna get you gonna. Take this to the very end, to the very the time to Mason. This is an amazing story to go great stories. The universe has ever told Coz its interest in it highlights that store that we were just talking about worthy the thing that upon the thing earlier with that. Nine states is like a powder keg. This is, we're we're talkin about like entitled, predict people that data living reality. You you're! U not look in your! concentrating on nonsense, but why they concentrating on nonsense because you have to worry about feeding themselves, didn't have we're about shelter. I don't have to worry I've been in Ohio, haven't no fuckin power for a week, and everybody has to stay alive. You can't get to work everybody's like walking back and forth
to each other's house, share and food and go out and get free, I would together and pity dragon it back at some, kids wagon, that's what people do or survive when you want to survive, you come up with way. Is that you can work together. What too easy to survive. You start attacking people for nonsense and that's the fuck is going on you got a campaign to keep you make sure that a white man's not gonna, win this. I guess, if she's, really a white man, while we pretend that's a man left of weird gender queen Here masculine have sent a shut, the fuck up, your girl, you're, a girl, or a guy whenever you are, who cares if my love fuck spry way more to this story? She's a big She likes you issue. Skype is probably just towards Pussy Campos. There are mad to good at it is too good, but she's gender so that means I don't think you do anything. I don't know what that means They know what it means when you at your word.
Pants actual there was when it was like she was making history. This is hilarious. This is a hilarious story. She's making history can choose the fur, gender issues the first pans sexual person to take office. What What are you talking about? What does that mean? You mean she doesn't sexually identify she's, not particularly sexually attracted to either race are either gender. It's either one or both. My Cyrus's pan sexual cautious, that's called being a freak pan sexual. What exactly does that mean but go find the politician first part action as pan sexual. It's you so stupid pen, sexual politician, so thick anyway. Four, bisexual outside and bisexual its cause like they have to be special and it has to be
Mary Gonzalez, Texas State Representative identifies his pen sexual in new interview, first of all, good for her eat, pussy saga, Dick, have a party honey, I'm not hate, and whatever you want, but do we really have to make a new name for it, fucking Christ? I and I say I posted something mothers who, while back on twitter and there's people that were defending the term pen sexual, like fuck, you fuck you for trying to muddy up the fuck you having this on your mind unless you're mocking it fuck for taking this seriously fuck you for it. Being an actual thing where you want to debate it, how bad your job. How board you at work? Do you sit in front of your twitter account defending pan sexuality? You stop you stop I'm sick. She could do it. I have. No problems are known. Don't get me wrong, but you fuck and stop. If you think you're gonna defend that fuck
you need to go cut, snow cuts, no kind of these countries and shovels. No over Jamie's parents house in the middle of winter, when the fuckin powers offer a month. That's all you need to do Edith dig I read bans mom out of the fuckin. Woods dig, in other words too mild dirt back that Ladies House get debt go and fuck face. That's like what coming thousand fees a mile five thousand five hours plus feat of snow shoveling, you fuck how much for the driveway have you ever, though, in your kid, you gotta, Ladys House, man we're we're chauvelin stuff. Well, how much for the driveway lying in the twenty four this one! That's too much! That's too much too long! driveway amounting to take a couple hours. I'll watch is too much to get mad at you not miss. The stairs are having. Both peoples long she just as you do not miss this mowing. I hated mowing lines I was watching,
he bore Dane show last night. He a special and San Francisco spree bad ass, but then watch one than it had on a dvr. I was doing some work so like just Canada, half watchin of all work on a laptop and he had one from Montreal the middle of winter, and you like, oh Jesus, I forgot, I forgot what does like Woof Woof. That is all bundled up outside everyone's faces, be read every breath it comes out Mouth is frozen because our places wet that's a wet cold to that's a by the ocean. Coal Zero degrees by the ocean is a mother occurred. It's not like the cry of therapy tank. I got some news videos that you have to watch some time owing to its agenda. Do dick the other guy that do dancing opposes decked out
Will you let you you sent to me so much that I accuse you of selling me a guy's dead end Watson Townspeople, send me shit and I immediately just send it to whoever is this These guys made this prank video in what they do. They took a taser and they Britain in the seat of a a and attached to a cell phone. So he can, you can call it and make activate the taser. Then they took went to Compton and put their bike down you know I waited till somebody stole their bike as they see fit like right by taking off and then they called the cell phone in aid. I shocks, thereby I see no other sitting on the boy. Is the latest fall off the by it that's like an advanced version of that bait. Car show. Yes, yes, and then they have it there there
as other guy. They just attached a rope to it like a secret little like rope to it so people by grabbed the bike and take off down the hill and then when the rope catches up just throws the bike. Can they just rack their bullets. Flying about these people to break balls they make, but that they were feats who Grier seed loophole right now? You could get really fucked up doing there I can't hurt bad yeah, but their stealing, so a fine now, so I am addicted to these new things. Like these bait car things and bait bikes, words and similarities bit in as a hilarious bid on that big car show so funny you're, you learn, learn Diego yeah worked the in San Diego Friday night FARC he's funny. Man he's such a good do too, he's. What those guys and he's been writing for shows forever. So here have been like torn a lot and doing the road a lot, but but he's off
but don't comedy for twenty five years he's one of the bad guys in the world. You really is here: it is one guy people just don't know about that. God, damn people should nobody in Edwards people are known about Tom. Secure. Now me he's doing a second netflix. Specially just did it. You know everything's going rate for him in our area, have obviously everything's going great for our Duncan. If you just would put out some content dunk, it's brilliant, his commies amazing, his excellent hiss, Putting out he doesn't doesn't do when a fuckin specials icy had not really heard anything from Duncan and allow like online or its. Find a stand up in Armenia, work all the times at the store. The night killings are still hilarious. He just doesn't pay phasing out. He is constantly working on podcast, I think Duncan
I do in podcast, more than anything which is fine cause. It's it's amazing me. It's really good he's really good out he's one of the best renters like donkey like when you do podcast with him on the things that have you gotta know like one to back off. Slug let em ran because I want a trip up he's doing because he gets in these like these, like linguistic waves that he starts riding in Egypt says, is amazing, colorful way of describing things and sometimes he'll paint a picture that you wouldn't expect or you wouldn't have ever painted without it it's That's that's something that you don't really do when you do stand up in a way because, like the beauty of style of doing podcast the entertaining aspect of it, But if he's doing that progress is pod, cassis hit and hundreds of thousands every month, ISA is always been one of my favorite stand up soon. I am when we first moved out here would like goes to almost all his comedy shows with them. You know just because I had no friends
but to that, I think that to him is more exciting and more fun, then podcast it certainly reaches more people are accommodating the other than common because it certainly reaches morphine because obviously, if he's doing a show in ITALY is putting it out on Netflix or commie central somethin, like that Mean do and stand up for commissioner people at a time or a thousand people the most. But if he's doing that part gases, podcast hit and hundreds of thousands a month visa he's always been one of my favorite stand up tonight when we first moved out here I would like goes to almost. All his comedy shows with them, you know just because I had no friends I'd like, though with him. He he's one of the finest peep the watch onstage special when he had little hobo and just like somebody stole it yeah now in San Francisco by it there's people like him, I wish would do more stand up we all sorts, India. I love Nicht. He does
stand up a lot. He just doesn't put anything out right now. Just thinking needs to put together a special, so good man, so fucking funny, but but everybody knows Duncan in, I think, How do people know Duncan because the park s world in as a guy who doesn't really have a big reviews, doing something with you for while right the preposterous sessions you I just How do I do with the row spout just replaited on death squad for us his races. This will in turn, help out with the yeah he needs to. I don't know what it is. I think you just need to not write any more on those shows cuz what you write on the show you can't tour you're stuck. He was just turned down a big gig, because they told him that he couldn't pitch aiming else they hold him Kim cameras gone through this some shit right now with this, these companies they you and then they say that they are you? Intellectually! Not just while you work now say if you write a show right, they are they. You too, not just right on that show they want
own you. If you have a movie scripting riding on a side they want to. If you have a book they they decide because they can, because there The model is kind of rotting away like the model of the sick com. That's a fuckin! they used to be a lot of sitcoms back in the day. Like in the nineties when I was on news radio everything was a sitcom. There was for five sitcoms a night. You know sex in the city. You add friends, yes, angle, guy, yet Carolina City. Second city of confusing you, you know you had different. Networks at all is different. Shows everybody had sitcoms yet for five sitcoms weeks, seven sitcoms weak, whatever the fuck the number yeah dramas. All these different shows their tying. Now they have a few. You know you have like undateable this doing that weird shit where they try to do a live version of it. Yeah we'll talk about that and then you have like, I guess, two broke. Girls is still doing. Free. Big bang theory is big bang theory,
seems to me like, like you know they do that music that they play for the covert and then the coverage. Likes. You can't move its hypnotized by the music. I think that is what happens with retards when there was a big bang theory, I think it it's somehow or another, gets them to to and just long enough to play those commercials and then it ends and they go what haven't they wake up. Why don't? I just watch dizzily a few now, though, so, because of that they want to own everybody. They want to own. They want to own all the stuff you did when our friend Kim, because you in crazier, because she's even a writer she's employed as a secretary for a company and this the company which is employed, Phloxes, yeah same thing, the accompanying the cheese employed for once to own a project that she's create
what I kind of her own. I kind of get where they're coming from how because she works at a place that there's a lot of they'd make allotted all right, so she has to interact with a lot of important people. She sees a lot of things behind the scenes, so what they do that for is like a boy sick thing in high, would so where she can't tell the competition like hey, you know, Jeff Fox, where these on the next show- and I noticed a confidentiality way- that's what sheep there they're pretty much saying is that it's not according to her, I think you're wrong of red what she said and when she sent me right, what did it's a sheet shoot? hundred lessening. She said she made. It seem like the reasoning is that they don't want me to create, like the cut like the like, a show we using Kurtz that they use. You know on the side. You know like she's, open to a lot of secret said the words we own, your brain yeah. That's all they said there.
We only your brain while you work here, we own your brain, that's retarded! That's retarded! I don't give a fuck what reasoning they have she's, a secretary receptionist, what our chances phones, they wanted to sign a confidentiality agreement. You do that, but the idea that they. They say that her, we own your brain. They want to own her project. They want to own the projects that she creates. That particular, I think things she worked for those very close to tv show so like they can't have somebody just making and tv shows based off secrets that one is a secrets. Look. If you formula sums what, but, but does that, like that's the purpose of working for place where you making shit money when you work as an intern, save you work for an interim for the open, Anthony sure. What our will you
the reason why there are paying you shit is cause you're learning about the business. I good. What we're gonna do not pay anything and then we're gonna. Do you gonna, learn shit here and I figured out on your own and then he gave me my slave anymore. That's ridiculous that that companies for cuts that that's a country company like it. What? Why would you why you paying your five bucks an hour they were or whenever she's getting some getting much work? That's the whole purpose of working in entry level, gig Z, supposed to learn what unit two didn't you gonna learn you neither! profit elsewhere. So one thing she steals an idea. She still ideally should sewer but she's not steel and ideas. She just learning about the business you trying to penalize her or, u turn their turn our own. What she's doing not just like China on it, but according to They want to own it they want to everything she does what she works there, that's crazy, but that So why should never get a job like she's. Just comic destroyed will get a waitress job in others. This everybody wants nothing wrong with waitress droughts line
it's good unless your wages and on fat, Tuesday at the communist or fuck that doesn't exist anymore. You, what's that We shall do you like this new now, because I saw you too something the other thereby and out of you actually I've me. I try to watch it on board that guy and seeing it yet, but there there's does a Brussels Peters thing, we're Russell Peter said as a thief and then after he said you know, I said, I stole from him gusto from someone else. I saw the bit that rusticity stall It's the same jack premise and if he saw a rustle do it, that's probably sack we're gonna from and then there was a thing where he recently did a bit and there was a straight up: Dave, Chapelle Bit like the early two thousands right yet and hung two percent that was gagged. This there was the same. It was. It was the same wording, same premise, same everything, an it's a date, fell bit, so you know that bit. So, if your stand out you know that bet a minute. I got Lucy case baggage, dicks joke there's like jokes. They, like you gotta, know
or like Cosby, Gallia, Noah's Ark Bit or You really but your priors vampire bit vampire in the hood. You know that bit man does this class SAM Tennysons having sex with the homosexual necrophilia joke that bit. You know that bit people know that bit so view Who are you trying to steal that come on son? You can't debts, you didn't hear me, do mix it up but will you he makes it up a little with with Russell was Russell. You could tell the origin was most likely the same. They approach all Russia do it, but it a race joke and its vague enough so and the way did he do danced around that enough rustled in the inner. By the way Interviewed Rob saw in my God. She's issued not jealous cause he's hotter in yonder skater skinny cuter, she said yeah Russell. You can tell him. He also mentions another person, s stall from
on the other comic as by it seems like a smoke versus fire thing. Definitely: smart, smokin, fire, yeah, yeah, most most likely. Yeah then he's there out, though you think that who gives a fuck not is not Dave, pragmatism, regional internet phenomenon, pray has no idea happen, people again damn say stole his jokes, but their friends. Well, ok, first, of your calculated guy, like Trevor, Noah right. Why when you do that, wouldn't you put this: what is it a fuckin coincidence that a couple days later, he takes his picture with Dave and who knows when this picture happened? When did this picture take place? Did the pit did the photo get taken yesterday. What its anyone out to dinner lunches went before that Mark TWAIN, timidity Murphy urges that there's a bunch queens together. Well, who ok. Maybe he got together with day because he wanted to talk to him about and tell him he had no idea blah blah blah blah blah, but when Russell,
Edit Russell said that he had this massive media backlash after said the guy's a thief, and then he said it was a prank. He said was a prank. Now in the interest of confidentiality. I will go no further right, but you can fuckin do the math. I think my personal guess would be that Wasn't? I pray, you do it? Well, we don't need you, don't need to go further and let's go no further means Brian, but in Brussels the nice Diana Planet earth. He really is a rustle. Peter says your piece of shit. I tend to attend to agree, usually me our now, but it's whatever man you don't you also get to realise this fuckin do was doing in South Africa as being on the moon. Psych do and stand upon. The moon mean is a few comics am sure, but their sea, Is it's so a bank it might have been their style to do other.
People shitt and I'm not exaggerating, I'm in any way, but you got to think like if you were in a band okay and you're, a fucking Florida guess what you're going to do, people's music. If you really want to be a big banned in your learning and one day, you guys want to be huge, you gonna do some cover, songs and world stand up. You don't do that in the war. Stand up. You can get away with that, but I guarantee you. There are some people now. That could be really good comedians. Sir day and therein, some really obscure market in the middle of nowhere or perhaps there in some place that speaks Dutch or some places speaks french. Steel and some bill Cosby Bit right now or their steel and some bill Hicks bit right now. There was always a big thing with Hicks there was a guy. Amsterdam there was don't stand up in Dutch and stealing all of bill, Hickses Shit, but some
the guy, who is bilingual realized it was like. Why is this in Montreal? It's a huge issue. The french people up there, the french speaking, did do french speaking shows, and these guys will just gag dudes material to gag. Americans material just translated into France. They don't leave that area it. So it's a very three centralized area, Montreal in Quebec totally the day. They are very proud. There's a giant population of french B. People- and you can get away with doing a french speaking act and steal a bunch of shit, but They are doing that man. If there This you gotta, stop it's gonna fuck you up! It's gonna ruin you it's gonna, fuck up. Even if you know you know, should get away with it now. You'll you'll, develop tendencies want to steal when things are going well, you know, and that's that
moments when things are going. Well, that's what defines user comic! That's oppose you out of the fire this moment. I am. I will tank bids on purpose. When I'm workin on shit, I will take the energy down I will, I will put myself in bad positions, because it's the only way you do. You learn how to get out them and figure out like if I don't believe in a bit that much I'll do a strong partner, bit and then back off of it almost like put myself in a school. Spot, whereas flail around to try to find a punchline. I was the bid on ready to jump in with two to bring the crowd back. But if you don't do that and everybody Does that ds? Doesn't that way already? Doesn't that way a lot of people do it that way we are, we ve talked about it. We do it that way, because that's the way you fine ship, I gotta go the deep water and people who want to go on a deep water. They get. Those guys are still they never gonna deep water man. They get. They go into those
shallow kills zones and they like to have these tight nice short chopping sets where they deserve pause bam. Next joke or MIKE. I was at a pause: are they not laughing fuck steel and then they'll Jim? then, with a steel and ask them and see approach I will see what I always say: never never bombed ever everybody, everybody was like white. Never you never bombed did Chapelle bar a year ago and is a video of online heat in twenty two and people, and if he's not, the best comic in the world today, he's top three right. I think the best Joey but Joey's bombed in Georgia. We call me, though, day Tommy, Bonded Toledo, those fuckin. Why people Joe Rogan those Can why people aided me because the desk people came out, but those fuckin white people- oh my god. They married me using Toledo, but you see on sand and he's my opinion. I think Joey's, the funny. Guy I've ever seen in my life, I've never seen anybody that makes me laugh ass, hard ass. He does, and even
He can still bomb you can just because he's out there doing it he's got notebooks he's fucking flinging jokes You have his days where you're on days we off that's part of developing and its constant. It keep going So these guys, like these Trevor, no accounts man your tendency. You gonna put: the EAST can be very hard for that due to break That's it get me my build to break their tendency because he's famous now he might be a higher writers and he's smart and insolvency calculating, which is why put that photo up. He didn't put that photo up as a fuckin coincidence. You think he's oh. I didn't even know that people are thinking that I stole that bit. Please everybody fucking knows everybody knows he knows that everybody knows and its mate. He made a calculated effort to put up, makes me more suspicious of them yes more suspicious. If Dave Chapelle put that picture up, our beloved
Spock, Aberdeen like what are they doing here is easy, laugh and is as an inside joke, but him doing it makes me more suspicious, tart out there for a pimp round red. Then you know when you put together special you just need to do it yeah. I have the material I stopped half like half hours worth of material. Recently we stopped to stop. Doing it, but I have a written now Amy I have it recorded in an unsound videos toad put some up put some out some guidance returned the other day on Twitter, like fifteen hundred dollars for camera. Shoe will make your comedy special somehow whereby it is did ever fund does always doing it's so easy! Now it was me I mean I'm a member I took on the road with you all the time. I've bring. Three cameras have a Frontenac two sides in those dialogue: a shitty, little old school Canada to and comparison of. What's available today, yeah, but we're on a kind of on top
game cameras, you had always up great em too, like the best Sony, yeah arms in, but the I think gum my next one- that I'm gonna do- which, probably do the next six months and work out the details right now. I think I'm gonna do it s house and what I said: October thirtieth too, by the way, meaning and maybe dears my stopped by for the Tec lecture, but I think I think, gum that's the future. I think the future is doing. It school at a club and in the inner having the production value, be in the quality of the video itself, so that it can here's the Rome as accurately as possible, but don't try to make it like this bigs hoping Cameron all that bullshit. I want people to feel like sitting down the crowd. I think the only way to do to put it in a small spot cause, you know, I'll do big shows I'll. Do these big shows in their fun. Man theories are fun to different. Experience, but the real shall we all know the real world.
The fund show that's got translate into at home. The watching it is like to accommodate klutz was the ice ass. I love the ice has so much. I had one of my favorite sets Friday. Just made off into space people gather in Gaza staff. Everything's boats got sixty fuck you of comedy burned into the walls to and also I think I love something from doing that common central, special, the Rocky Mountain high. My best way to do it that fell more to me, like a regular sat than anything else, have ever done you can see the audience the right there on top of me. He knows it was fun. That's way to do it. And I saw is even better than that. I sounds are home to that's like home base other than the calmly store. That place feels like home to me. Even I do the factory of them laugh actor. Who knows how many times over decades stories shows weird the improves, pretty cool, but that's not so said. The ice house to me,
It's like right up there with the store, accelerate. The Germany orders recall eight point: five million votes. So they recall yours. I have Amer end of the year. It yeah they they fucked up, they tried lie I think. I've figured out what car went to get there. I three the Bmw other job. They look like an Iphone on wheels, looks cool, yeah, there's a pre dope, but they may wait and get a used, one kind of expense other I heard those things breakdown, alot those that are at their video. That out,
I live from tests. Jesus play this, so this is something we gotta leave on this area we get out of here. So this is some update genuine. She explained the update because Tesla they didn't over the Europe day, which is something that I didn't know that they could do, but they should they didn't do a multiple times. I think it's just and bade her right now to test has an auto pilot and also an auto park. The auto pilot think it's made for the freeway right now, but given testing and disobedience showing it used in like a New York on twelve avenue- and this is- I think this looks like it's back on like a movie lot in their showing them that that crazy button first such shoots up to seventy five miles an hour and then it's gonna go and auto pilot mode, and you see it like a red street signs in its written, never white lines on the road and harmonised and then at the very end it will stop it, as it sees a car in front of it to this that this is a video from slashed year. So this bottle,
fastest volatile Sudan in the third over to second rate, a laundry now she's rises, Tron just look at that fuckin screen. This is on autopilot right now that Europe is best fastest, volatile sit down in the world. You say: this is not drive and self unhealthy and his hand. You turn on the auto pilot, engaging in now clearness of oil. The accelerator will observe the thirty mile on our side and increase its being as we go through this ban I detect some like a motherfucker road as it observes this twenty five on our speed is going to reduce Jesus Christ, like an eternity people going to fuck around it. Put ninety on those things just taken
nine over the two problems I can see just would like, for they thought through a lot of things, but while that So this amazing this guy, you on Mars is freaking me out, because it makes me feel really stupid really stupid a really ambitious the insignificant. When I see him is beautifully tailored, suits and is talking about changing the world. I am, I am I looking at tony start for real does like what You gonna come out with an iron answer because he's gonna, you know that Fox got one already his programme already has basically profile at or old up Steve jobs to right. Now is more that decision to me. Returnees way more innovative, because what Steve jobs there was amazing, but it do it was on the world of computing, which is arguable The reason why this guy's able to do this in the first place is because he's incredibly powerful. Voters in the access to them and changing the people use the internet is probably what starters this off in the first place, but what
he's doing between this and the bullet trains. Like he's, he's gonna create these magnetic trains second go across the country and a fraction of the time it takes to fly kind of plan d, think he flies and some crazy site. Still. Bomber type shit, who knows man is probably some ridiculous. Jet g six Andrews gave us electric plain badges been flying. Electoral Janshah have something that no one knows about it's. Gotta have special prototype, stuff phones and computers that we haven't seen yet the with no camps. Else. It does even make capture else my guides come trail helicopters we're going regarding your folks, that's it Brian Red Ban. Thank you, Sir Red Ban on Twitter already Ba and not an is no de. Ok, how dare you
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