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#718 - Christopher Ryan

2015-11-03 | 🔗
Christopher Ryan, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller "Sex At Dawn"
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academy, which is in Austin TX and is one of the best fucking gyms on the planet. Earth an awesome place for you to go and get your workouts in go to o n n. I t use the code word broke in and save ten percent off any and all supplements all rights. My guest today is the great Chris Ryan Doctor Chris Ryan Phd to you, you fucking plebs. I don't know what I'm saying I'm a little low, he's my second podcast in a day, but I had a great fucking time with him, he's an awesome human being a brilliant and- and I always go away from his podcast with three four things that I have to read or watch and today was Today. I think I wrote down more shit than any other podcast that we have in the past. 'cause we just always gone is crazy journeys with our conversations and I enjoy him immensely. I love him to death without any further ado. Please welcome my friend Doctor Chris Ryan.
Don't open broadcaster, Joe Rogan experience join my day, Joe Rogan Podcast, my name all day doctor. Yes, Ryan, hello, America, hello, Christopher you're, just talking about the pussy whipped phenomenon, we're talking about men who have wives that answer their phones, their self, hello not to be helpful, like in a secretarial. You hey, let me get your phone I'm wondering if there are due to get off on that yeah they have a mommy that takes care of him. This guys, kinda, like that, his wife. I call well. That was the first time I'd ever called him before off this new number, and I think she didn't have the number,
and so she answered it like accusatory like hello and he was like, I was doing something wrong. I was selling yourself some dirty girl calling her man who the fuck is this. I was just saying hi. I wish dirty girls called me. It's going to put your number on the internet. Call you yeah I get some dirty email sometime. I prefer that that's good 'cause that you control yeah, you don't know if you're being catfished, though my it does all right. As long as there are nice pictures on give me a fantasy in reading a novel. It's like you're reading the words of the actor. That's exactly do it! Well, you know I don't care, I'm never going to be any than men would know what men would actually be interested in. Well, that's the thing I mean I had Bailey Jay on my podcast recently. You know she is she's coming on mine, so good she's, she's, wonderful. I I really like her and she was like she said her husband straight well. Let's, who built sorry yeah Bailey Jay is a transwoman chick with a dick.
Who doesn't give a shit, what pronoun you use she does. She got upset at gay with mcginest 'cause Gavin was calling her a he. Did she really? Okay? So that's his words, though with me. She I because I asked her about that and she was like. I don't give a. She was really relaxed and funny. That's C Gavin says that SH, but there could have been some other things. He was being a dick. You know very well he's the only guy I've ever had in the podcast, where two of my friends called me up after the podcast and went that's not true this guy, not what happened to me. Kurt Metzger and Jim Norton Bolt called me up complaining that what he said wasn't true. So he's he's an interesting cat that Gavin. You know he is names ring. It rings a bell, but I I got a picture of him, but I can't remember who he was one of the original founders of vice and they they call him the godfather of the hipster movement, because he dresses like
like a really sharp dressed guy from like the 1940s or something like that. He was like vests and ties and tailored suits, and as this crazy facial, hair and yeah. Ok, I've seen that yeah and you know address is really nice and he's super like he's on the right wing side of things like very conservative in a lot of ways, and he became a Catholic when he was in his 40s. There's a lot of weird going on with that. For a woman was it one of those. Now he was already married with kids and he described it. It was a very weird thing. He said that he was like looking at his daughter's foot and he realized like his look in his daughters he'll, he realized that there is a God, I'm sure give more time. He would like to express himself a little more clearly in that regard, but I have a feeling that a lot of these a lot of these right wing people that are Gopro Religion, where it doesn't make sense where they
they're like super analytical and rational, an kind of calculated about other things. But then, when it comes to religion they just complete to give in and don't pushing it and just I feel like it's an affiliation thing. If you want to be affiliated with the right, you have to be religious and I think that they wreck guys that, and so this point, because they know that if you do that, if you blindly affiliate yourself with with religion. And if you want to be like sort of ingrained in the right, you kind of have to be religious is very few people that are a conservative or on the right that are atheists or agnostics and right there's much more unity on the right and the left. Everybody stabbing each other in the back, which is why assholes ruled the world. Essentially they stick together and that's just serving to me and I got some people coming up some interesting podcast guests that are going to talk about, and I talked about it with Dave Rubin recently, where he calls it.
You know Dave's an interesting example, because he is a gay man who is very is across the board on a lot of different issues. He's like he's pro. The second amendment is, you know, he's like he's, relaxed and analytical, and he calls it the regressive left and he's like it's almost like they've, been fighting against the right, so long they've become their own version of that they have been fighting against like the religious right of the super ultra conservative, regressive right that they've become the regressive left and I think he's got some good points in that regard, yeah. I try to get away from. Thinking left right because to me it's more tolerant into and you know, since six at dawn came out, I I expected a lot of blow back from the right and actually most of the blowback we've received has been from the left really yeah from really yeah, because the all the political correctness, you know, you're a cisgendered white male with your you know,
explaining blah blah blah planning is please, sir. Tell people don't know that. Well, it's like the the error again. Guy, who explains everything knows everything you know. Well, if you explain things and your man, man man's planning, you know what I just thinking about recently, and I don't want to get into like a mens rights thing. You know. 'cause I mean and there's a lot to be said there, but anyway I was thinking about manspreading that is yeah subways we sit with your legs open. You take up too much space. Here's the problem with that the men are generally bigger than women. Be men have balls. Where are we supposed to put our balls? If you can't read what your legs, where near balls go? Well, the idea is that you're being rude, though, because you're you should like keep your balls compress of the next to you. Aren't you known there aren't any encroached
on the right, yeah invade us. Tell you what my balls are getting encroached upon and that got him a very immediate effect right. I believe there was a letter. That's true, but the mean while the seats are what they are and so for a very short amount of time, just think of it as an exercise in your inner thigh development. Just keep him pinched. And work on like an isometric tension, sort of a thing I think I think about it like put in someone in my guard, like I'm trying to hold a triangle right. I keep my legs closed. Well, look I'll go with it if it becomes socially acceptable for me to put my hand down my pants and pull my balls up before I cross my legs. You know, I think it's just do that. Why do do that? But you know, then I shake and that's a problem, you should have like a ball grabbing glove that you could just so late like slap it snap, I'm about to give myself a prostate exam. This is only so that when I shake your hand, you know yeah yeah yeah,
it's the design sucks. The design of the male body like the balls in the outside is real. Stupid, I think, is the design of the seats. I'm and with my balls to where they are that that's so vulnerable from from fighters perspective. Yeah balls are like the most vulnerable part of your body. Next to your brain and they're right there. You know why they're there right keep cool, keep him cool right so that your boys are ready to roll at a moments notice. You've always got in So we see the external scrotum is the equivalent of a beer of fridge in your garage full of beer, so you got. A spare fridge is always ready to go 'cause. You never know when the guys are coming over to watch the game. You gotta have a couple of cases, cool and ready to go right. You can't just pop your nuts out when you thinking about having, later on that night, let sperm cool off but still another shitty design like why why you know, and it's on every animal like every mammal
these balls in the outside. Well, no, not everyone like guerrillas there in the abdomen. Actually yeah yeah. They have such tiny, Dick, the tiny little dicks and see that's. Why? Because it, but the male gorillas twice the size of the female. I don't know their balls are in their abdomen. Yeah chips are hanging out Jim Sir out, but no was around in their huge giant there like chicken eggs now that It's because their females are promiscuous, so you got the balls outside the body, that's an indication of female promiscuity, and so I knew it was the size of the testicles, which is indicator of female promiscuity. I didn't know the balls outside the body. So, ladies, if you don't like our Mansplaining, how much is stop being horse? And if you weren't, we won't manspread. If you weren't poet around, we would need our balls in the outside. You could suck our balls up into our abdomen. If you girls, just keep your fucking legs shut. How 'bout that you ever see a yogi? Do that? Oh no, they do that suck their balls into their body. If you seen it, no, I don't think it exists.
Jamie, fine, alpha guy can pull yeah. I read to that used to be a thing about way: Chiru Karate, like wait. She rugae suppose they would have these katas and in the car to be able to suck their balls up in their body did to prevent them getting kick I've never seen it feel how to solder ready. I'm not a big fan of any ball, sucking actually none well now, because it it's it hurts well. The girl does a gentle she's good at it, and she's got like the the upper strokin thing. While she sucking on your sack, it's not a bad thing. I've never popped a woody on the show before some gals have skills. That's all I'm trying to say so it's like we're not all created equal, whether it's basketball or painting or dick, sucking where they hold it for artists. We started this. You said something about what never try to fall,
the six judges back to slow. The breadwinner role will, because I I mean for some reason five minutes ago of the thought I had the thought, like I remember some gay guy saying to me, like gay guys, give better blowjobs and women do, or maybe he was by. We were talking about someone sending you a letter. Catfishing you pretending to be a a woman when they're really Amano, and you said it. If it's a dude, he knows what gets you off right. That reminded me of this thing and I was think like yeah I'll bet. Oh met dudes give great blowjob, so I would imagine in women lesbians report much higher orgasmic frequency than straight women. Do and it's the same thing right like a woman, knows how to go down on a woman where guys are just like. We don't know. What to do. Other here put stop blowing it yeah. It makes sense, but that isn't that, like a communication thing like you, tell people what you like and why it feels good some people, just not good at communicating sexually its interest,
because it's like one of the few things that people can be like really embarrassed about communicating about was like people tell you what kind of colors they like. You know, I don't like a couch, that's white. My car is gotta, be black. You know like the weird rules when it comes to like things that they enjoy, but when it comes to sex there, really it's really hard for people to express what they enjoy. Yeah. I had dinner last night with a sex therapist and we were talking about that and she's like she was like you know: people come in and they've been married. Twenty five years and they've never talked about like what position works. You know, or you know that he doesn't like it when you do that, and you been doing it twenty five years, then she gets off on other thing, can't punch. Yeah it is it's a weird thing sex. You know. It's weird you wanting someone to touch your body in a way. That's pleasurable an it really is sort of ultimately based about around reproduction. I mean that's what the whole
feeling and sensitivity is ultimately about naturally Oregon Nature watch yeah, I mean we argue insects, a done that in human sexuality got co, opted away from reproduction Tord Social uses, yeah, definitely without but originally you right and that's why the all the nerve endings are there and you know all that business, but even that, like you could argue that the having been co, opted in having it move away from just being about reproductive. Just the pleasure being tied into being reproductive mechanism, it's still about reaper. If even if it's socially, because in the social thing it's one part of a greater pad of things that set in place to make sure that you have the preferred mate like socially as well like seeing how someone interacts with someone socially seeing how someone those things are like sort of set up this like very complex dance,
interaction between men and women, where trying to figure out like what is the best case scenario for someone that you're going to get together with you establish some sort of a really into this relationship and bond with and the most intense at the uh. At least the most. The most committed is having a child, have take care of together. You know 'cause, then you're not just committed, but in the sense of I love you and you love me, but now we have to take care of people. You know And so now we have to sort of a band in our own needs to take care of these people as well, and we've kind of got this position by virtue of our being able to socially jive with each other yeah. I would argue and have argued that in Hunter Gatherer times that sort of new, your family thing that you're positing the mother, other child is much more fluid, and so
women weren't really that concerned about a mate in that sort of long term sense. You talk about like tribal situations, yeah foreigners, which is ninety five percent, or more of our existence as a species right. So it's so what I argue, insects donnies that there's more dispersed responsibility for child care, though, food is shared that defense is shared everything shared and that really freaks out. 20th century in 21st century western scientists, because it smacks of communism? But that's simply the fact. If you look at Hunter gatherers that still exist, or You know even bonobos right, one of the primates most closely related to us. They share food, very egalitarian right, and so I think that the woman woman's admiration for a man
isn't necessarily sexual attraction for the man, so she might be fucking, and dude who's, actually genetically more compatible with her butt. She spends more time with another guy and you see, that played out in marriage is now like a woman marry a Hugh grant kind of dude, but when she's ovulating should go out and fuck a Brad Pitt. Look into you know square jaw, testosterone, indications right because the v your of his genetics, turns are on when she's ovulating when she's not ovulating. She finds it kind of vulgar and she's more into the other. Do so like women's taste is really interesting This woman tweeted something the other day and I respond to is really interesting. She's an author. And she was saying that women, like men
complain that sometimes when men and women are together for long periods of time that the woman no longer wants have sex, she was well. Why is it so obvious to men that they want genetic diversity right? They want to spread their seed, but when a woman is done with your dna, like she's, already had kids, you she's, going to want dick from other foods like it makes sense that she would want other dna like. Why would it be she would only want kids from one man- and she said she googled it and she couldn't find it anywhere, and I think actually, you and I had discussed this once like this idea, but it totally makes sense yeah sure I mean genetic diversity is a bit a big thing. I think I just pulled out my did. You know that your plug figured out Gmail just pop right in there. I just move my foot in something probably connects over there. Sorry folks, no worries, I didn't know, I didn't even know only you can hear. I just heard it
crazy yeah. When we talk about the genetic diversity yeah yeah. Never tell you about the the goats study, the goats sheep study, I'm not sure it when it's in it was took place in Scotland and you need a light They wanted to understand this sort of like how males and females differ in their ad app adapt into like how they there the imprint sexually. So what they did was they took the babies all the babies born one year from the sheep herd and put them in the goatherd, and then they took all the baby, goats and put them in the sheep herd. Oh yeah, we did talk with us, so in the end the males were fixed right. Would only have sex with the one that they had grown up with, but the females were, like whatever put me with the goats I'll fuck, the goats, with the cheaper. If I wish you, I don't care so there's just this fluidity in female sexual response that in males you don't have, and we
I think, last time as we talked about fetishes and how like almost all fetishes, are men yeah I'm going to get that girl on Sierra said her name Daryl in yeah you're going to run yeah. I need to hear about the humiliation of crazy shit that she has. These guys pay her to do. It just sounds so bizarre. I need to hear about this but is she's. You know like you're talking about the pornstar earlier. Not this here is a pornstar per say, but she's so sweet and nice and, like you sure you know she's, just really. It's probably unrepressed as well. You know I mean she's. Just her life is so bizarre person to the average person that sometimes I think we have all these like self imposed borders that we put on our behavior and I think it's one of the reasons why someone like her exists, like your release valve for all this pressure. This repression that a lot of it is self imposed,
and so they try to find some sort of an outlet for all their kinky weird shit. That really builds up almost like a residue of our Endan Suppress society yeah. It builds up precisely 'cause, it's repressed right, like that's. What this sex therapist last night was saying to me, is like if, if people have a way to express' this Energie. Then it doesn't become problematic because ' and build up, it's you know like if dude wants to it's up in women's clothes or whatever and his wife's cool with it like every once awhile he dresses up in, like ok, whatever that's cool, but if she would freak out, it starts to become big issue in his life time I was on. I think we talked about uh. I had to have this theory of how some people have like a hoe. Homosexuality, fetish, yes, as being born homosexual. Did I must've gotten thirty or forty emails from
and after that saying? That's me. You know I've never heard anyone describe that. That's me and I'm getting a lot of gotten several really moving emails from men who are attracted to kids and you what they're saying is like look, I you know. I know you sympathize with people who can't help what they feel right, which is true. I feel I don't ever want to act on it. I don't want to ever do anything, but I can't tell anyone I can't go to a therapist as they by law have to like turn me in the culture so like freaked about anything around. You know sex and kids that we're shooting ourselves in the foot because we're not giving these guys away to. Let some of that enerji vent off we have to, I think we have to admit, that there's something going on in the mind that causes this and they have to figure out what that
is well almost always it's guys who got abused themselves. These say that with they saying that, so what is it get get as a child. I could trigger something in you and then that that becomes a attack. Just sexuality? Yeah, I think I mean I'm I haven't done any research original research. I've read a lot of papers right, so take it for what it's worth, but My feeling is that it's like what we talked about last time with fetishes, that there's a developmental period for boys. So or between five and ten years of age, where experience can imprint on you permanently and so it could be expressed as like. You need to smell latex to get off or you need to be treated humiliated by you know by somebody like Sierra or whatever it is, and or it could be,
you need to like you want to have a sexual experience with a man, even though you're not gay, because you had that experience when you were seven and that you know imprinted on you, And so and that's what that goat sheep thing is about right. They wanted to say they wanted to understand. Like is this a male million thing right, that's where they're looking at different species where yeah these mails, even though there goats they were with sheep when they came of age sexually and the rest of their lives. They can only fuck sheep. You know what Is it with women. Then, if it's a man, a male million thing, because many women, when they're young, if they're sexually abused, they associate sex with worth and night, maybe hypersexual at a very early age, they are more prone masturbating at an early age. That's more psychological!
with the males, I think in. Of course there are many exceptions. So what I'm saying, but I think with males it's more just a question of imprint. It's there. You can't change it, so it might be latex, it might be red high heels. It might be big, it's or whatever and more of a fetish thing write a fetish thing. Where is so, if you're sexually abused as a kid, the the thing is: alright, your seven year old boy and your priest sucks your dick right. It's it's freaky, it's bizarre, but it feels good because those nerve endings are there, no matter how weird this situation is, there's a physiological pleasure or associated with it. So and also when you're seven. You don't know how weird it is. You don't know what's going on right, you just know like wow that felt great, and this guy likes me and I'm special, and so it Impr It's on a neurological level, whereas with girls I think what happens is you know.
Dad is really nice to me when this happens. Daddy really likes it. When I do that, and I love dad, and so those sort of connections are made on the level of personality God, damn yeah it's heavy but like to deal with it can't can't push this out ten. It is in real right, right yeah. That is the issue right like how do you? How do you mitigate that in printing when it comes to like how they interface with society how do you? How do you figure out a way that you recognize the fact that they do have this? You in this issue was in imprinting issue because of sexual molestation as a young person and how the how do you? How do you deal with that and in somehow or not? It means, I wonder what it anything could fit mean what I wonder if there ever done any studies on psychedelics like really intense ones like a boga
things along those lines like how that reacts to people or how people react to that when they have those, issues? Well, I think that's the way we need to to look, because I mean just finished- writing a chapter on psychedelics in this book. I'm working on now, and one of the big points is that psychedelics are really good for breaking addiction and addictive behavior, specially Oboga right it bill gates great 'cause, it's so uh tense yeah, but I mean Ayawaska's greats Psilocybin, you know different, but he bogus famous for yeah. The idea, I think, is that these boundary disillusioning these boundary, dissolving rather uh experiences, are so intense that whatever patterns you had that were there before they've sort of been does solved for at least at least a short period of time. You know uh
I was described a really intense psychedelic experiences as being like a reset button like you're, pressing control, alt delete on your brain and when your brain reboots you're left with a blank desktop with one folder in it and that folders labeled, my old boy, and then in that right and then, in that my old of folder, you have to decide like what do I do do I do I look at this folder and get it like an outsider and just try to see what is used with anything about my old bullshit or do I fall right back into these comfortable old, patterns, because those are all I've known for x, amount years of my life. Until now, I think for a lot of people. They have these big experiences in these big breakthrough moments and then they go I'm going to be new. I want to be different, I'm going to change and then it's too uncomfortable and then there's too much time between that experience in next one, and they slowly slide right back into my old bullshit, at least at least part
actually you know, at least in some way fall fall prey to the victim of the patterns of their path. That's why it's so cool to have actualized sort of culturally approved use like pie, ot in the you yeah Indians right where every year they go to the desert and as they're going to gather the coyote every now around the fire, they confess everything they've done that year. That was wrong, so they like cleanse themselves, you know, and then they take the pie Ot and they have that experience which you know. I think that sort of sequential ritual helps seal in the changes, the benefits you know, Where is with us like okay, you gotta Peru, you do it your back, back in your old patterns. Yeah we've talked about this before rites of passage. Rites of passage for adults
I think that these moments of celebration and ceremony that sometimes they could be like really beneficial, because they they they physically mark like a big change in your life like it makes this thing this new thing that becomes a part of your life. Yes, this might my phone has decided to. Transcribes everything, I'm saying here. Look at this see! What's going on here, I'm have said: hey SIRI wow, because I've been doing that to look at this yeah you sure the NSA isn't turning on. What are they going to do? Just listen to processing in transcriber, but hey SIRI. Has this new thing like like watch I'll show you this is bizarre, like I don't even excuse me, I'm talking on microphone. You fuck, you
SIRI. I can say it into it when I say it into it. Aqualia, like hey, SIRI, CALL Chris Ryan. My number is not going to come up. Is it yeah, which one I got more than one photo is a bunch of Ryan's Chris Ryan, you fuck, Chris Ryan, you fuck, I mean Chris Ryan, the first one douche bag No, there is not paying. Is it listen to me? I said think about all those words that I said the first one douche bag like it figured out how to do that, so was on stage in the how many store- and I was explaining how crazy phones are now so I say, but I'm going to show you something that I made this recording and you know I record all my sets because I'm always working on new material and blah blah
So anyway, I'm on stage- and I said no watch this uh- I go- you know- hey SIRI call Bryan Callen, and so it's is Colin Bryan Callen, while I'm on stage, but I made a recording in, so I'm listening to recording in my car as I'm driving. So my car, my phone is playing in my car, the recording through the blue tooth, and it says in the recording, hey, SIRI, CALL Brian count. So while the recording is going on, my fucking phone starts calling Bryan Callen, I can well, but that's an endless loop right. There is endless. It's two mirrors in each other's getting all these weird phone calls yeah, it's put it on airplane mode, so it doesn't work but how strange that that you can just talk to your phone. Now. You don't have to press a button anymore. Well, I got a nice. I mean Google has these new nexus phones, you know I just ordered one and the main reason I ordered it is they've also got this. I forget what it's called.
Why or something it's a plan that. Only do with their phones, where it's twenty bucks a month, unlimited text invoice and then you pay. I think it's ten bucks a gig for data, but it automatically picks whatever network is strongest where you are so it flips from Verizon to Att to sprint whatever as you're moving as soon as you get home. It automatically goes to your wi fi. It always picks Wi Fi when possible. So it's designed to keep your bills as small as possible, and here's why I got it it's the same all over the world. So I don't know like I've always had a spanish phone, an american phone. Then I gotta unlock phone with two sim cards and I have to switch. In the sim card expires. You know, 'cause I've been to Spain for awhile and it's a big fucking pain in the ass. This is like one phone around the world and this all through Google's all through Google yeah. I guess Google has deals with the various of Skynet there, so terrified
We are slowly but surely buying up all these android companies are buying up robotics companies or but they're working on artificial intelligence to working on drivable cars, cars that drive themselves certainly invited me to come and speak at their headquarters and where the fuck they ask for DNA. Now it's with its own you. So they asked me to come and give a talk and I'm like you know, Google I'll go to it's harder and then we go back and forth. A few times and then and then I said, I'd like to bring my wife as well as she'd love to see their headquarters and then it's like. Oh, we don't have a budget for travel. Can you fly yourself to San Francisco? Google doesn't have the fucking I'm going to give a talk for free right, giving you a day of my life and- and you want me to pay my flight, Google, you don't even have a flight money. You guys have fucking spaceship money exactly exactly
I mean I was putting into the seas as maybe was like some Google employee that was, and they weren't you know they didn't Well, that's what I said I mean I said like. I thought this was an official Google event right and I don't have time you know if it's that there and he's like no. This is an official event. How is before beginning. I. I don't get it it's good. That's so retarded? That's unbelievably retarded the fact that they would think that would be. Ok that you just go yeah I'll, spend money for you sure fly to this. Gigantic campus is worth billions of dollars as you siphon up all the world's resources and develop the uber, Munch robot Let me bring you lunch. You know how bad I suck your dick on there too. I mean I'm a man, I'm good at it, rose, and now it's done well. Do you know that was like the argument for there's a lot of these like festivals like south by southwest, in other words like they put on these gigantic festivals and they don't pay.
Artists? They don't have any money, but it's owned by SW like S by SW like Southwest Airlines, sponsoring the whole thing and they don't even fly. You there I'm, like you, can fly me on your own airline, to your thing, where you want me to work for free, comes out of your fucking, mind yeah, but because it's like a big, deal to be there a lot of people just say I just want to be a part of this and they go anywhere fair enough, but and I I'm sure, get these pictures all the time. What's this thing summit same deal right. You know, it's like come to the mountain or go on the cruise or whatever. But what this is me off. Is they don't tell you up front the first four or five? exchanges, and that this is a paying gig right. And then when you've already talked about dates and how great it's going to be and that it up, then it's like, oh but They make you bring up money. You know, you've got an agent who does it, but you know who's doing it myself and it's like you know, we've been
going back and forth, and I have to ask you like you by the way I you know my standard fee is x, oh now. This is because you get to meet all these great people yeah, but you're charging money for tickets, like you have to pay to go to this thing exactly and I'm the attraction there paying. So they can meet me yeah. So, Welcome to the future. Well, there's a lot of that going on, I mean Jamie, and I were just discussing that actually, before the show started about these companies that are trying to capitalize on podcasts. With the coming along there trying to take a piece of the action Ann offer some nonexistent services going to connect you with more fans and exchange, or a piece of the show, and I'm like they're, just banking, on the fact that it seems good because it's a big company like there's something attached to being attached to a big company, went act, the contrary is true: it's a bad thing to be attached to a big company. Then you have to meet with all these people and they get.
Decide which direction your goes in and like that, I'm at thing man, I I got in the mail and I say I think you were in it. It was a bunch of faces on the email. Like are you on the website? Are you a fucking hope, not 'cause? I said no! Well, I don't know man. There was a lot of people that were on it that I was looking at. That was like what the fuck is looking at it and then I was like this seems like very strange, like there's a lot of people involved in this thing hold on yeah. Well, they invited me to go on this cruise, which is next week. I think, and now it is like they've got a lot of heavy hitters going on the cruise right, as you know, whatever not presenters, but it's like the CEO of Google's going to be there and you know mark Zuckerberg or somebody at all these kind of Graham Hancocks on this thing right, yeah. Well, if he told him he thinks he's getting paid. Yeah, there's a
a lot of people in this thing that seem like they should be getting paid. I mean this is very impressive lineup of human beings, maybe they pay some of them and I'm just like not in the pay grade. Do you know I don't know? Well, I don't know either, but I I mean I guess it would kind of make sense if it was free for everybody. Well, if you or if you're you're you're, not more, is about like you need to like, like let's say, like TED, does this too right? It's all the networking opportunity. So if you make a guy with an idea and you need investors, then fuck yeah, that's a great thing to do. But if you're an entertainer you've got your own audience. Like I mean I'm not. Can for billionaires to listen to my podcast? Not really my demographic, you know yeah! So there's really nothing in it for me and less the billionaires interested, but is there an individual at one point that just a person that might happened to be rich, like of Richard,
can start listening to your podcast? He wouldn't be bummed out, like all that's cool, he seems like interesting guy. I like it, wouldn't be like what an awesome opportunity to network and I'll pitch in my startup right now and that's what a lot of these people are doing. Whenever I hear that term, you know I mean going to start up. I just want to run in the opposite direction. Just fucking flew. I don't even know what you just said. I'm going to get the fuck away from you before you hit me some emails about some shit that I don't give a fuck about you. Actually, I mean I badmouth TED, but I did become very good friends with the billionaire there and he's like I've been on his yacht the bunch times and it's great well there you go, then he network and here's the cool thing this guy I mean I don't know if he's a billionaire, but he lives on one hundred and thirty foot Yacht, which is like has a gym. Well, that alone is probably worth hundreds of millions of dollars. No, I'm not. I think they ours, but this
like a russian Olegar kind of ya. Know helicopter by Jim on his yacht is a gym. There's a sauna! There's a jacuzzi there's a walk in freezers. Machines there not from machines yeah you want to I'm rolling around, but any he made his money in wind farms. So there's not even like bad karma. This is and he's a really nice guy. That's nice, yeah he's it's funny, raping the wind stealing, all our we can love to the wind, all that fucking white, taken, all our wind, my kid the we were driving yesterday. She wanted to watch Peter PAN, I don't see the movie the other day and movie is pretty cool kinda intense, but this is my youngest she's five and the movie is a little freaked out for her little freaky like a lot. A lot of violence is even though it's like implied via
once, you kind of get it scared. Her modern mean people yelling big crocodile she wanted to watch cartoon instead. So I put on the cartoon Peter PAN. The cartoon is old as fuck, so I put Non, and it is racist as fuck like it's one of those, our tunes from like whenever I mean when did they make Peter PAN and changes in IRAN team yeah long time ago, but it's like all the they're going to war with the engine in this they're fighting engines. What does it say? Fifty three yeah there you go Oh a little disappointed in them. Fifty three was a little bit more like I was hoping it was like in the 30s engines, my god, like, though the way you know the the what one of the songs that was, what made the red man read. You know like it was so cool What did your daughter notice that it was racist test idea? She sees cart, let's just go to zoning out, while we're driving or her little dance class. You know she's,
thinking about it. Just she just looking at something more interesting than being on the road. I'm not a huge fan of sitting the kids down. On the tv, but there's a lot of shows that are. Educational may actually learn from him. If you could put on a good educational program and actually pick up some stuff from you know some of the little kids shows have today they have little lessons of the kid can learn about. You know how to be nice and what's the benefit about telling the truth, when you made mistakes and not getting upset at people and that kind of stuff, it's kind of cool, but not those old movies. Those old movies. Just is this race, Yeah the whole after world war? Two, there is a lot of weird shit like paying up you I mean and combine like french fearful staying and these are and he's a creep yeah. He was the re Pierce fucking cartoon character. Ever I mean '
they never express'. Why? He never. They never showed him fucking and he was always clinging and grabbing and hugging, and he just wanted to kiss developes we just fucking stinky rapist and who is the other. The Dudley do right that chick was always tide to the railroad tracks was Dudley. Do the Canadian yeah the Mountie, who rode his horse backwards, the lone Ranger and Tonto to means in spanish idiot in Spanish yeah but native American? What does it mean?
as if there's one native american language. Well, they have some variations, but like similar words, I think that there, I think the people, the writers were fucking with us. I think it was like Sami Stott. You know the russian thing where you slip it past the censors 'cause, they don't get it. That makes sense like the whole Batman and Robin being a gay couple and come on that's boy, wonder the boy wonder: use it to first win, leave it to Beaver, but did they call it Beaver Bay, yeah Beaver? I actually look this up and I invite you to do it Jamie invite you to prove me wrong. I looked up Beaver and it went back to like the 1800s. Wow yeah makes sense, just be for well also in agreement or not. They were saving that just shows you what a profound effect more in his hat in our culture, because if you see a Bush today, that's a girls committed to fucking shaking she's, going against the main courses, AZ, yeah or she's like Lebanese, or something like that. She can't help it
she shared a couple of days ago and she didn't think she was going talk, get the we weeds growing in their panties. It is a weird thing, though 'cause like until like what was it maybe fifty in twenty years ago, and everybody had a bush. I grew up like Playboy Cushman man. Now, there's no bush and there's no nudes in Playboy. What's happening to this world, find try final girl today with asshole. Try it I just try changing the change in the DNA. It's it's a fascinating thing that porn has literally change the way girl groom their pubic hairs. Almost universally. Like I mean profound change, like the percentage of change. It's almost like eighty, probably like eight. We're. Ninety percent of women have done like at least significant grooming down there maybe leave a little landing strip rules on that, but but let a full bush go.
Bush was the norm right now I mean I would assume yeah. I would think so in dudes, weren't grumman right when I was in high school Aday this girl. She was crazy and she was just just all over the place and she was what else. Well it it was like. It was two main girlfriends. I had high school and they're both very nice. Girls is not nothing bad to say about it, but one of them went to Catholic School and she was the most fucked up and she just had just like massive pression from Catholic School and just looking for an outlet and her outlet was any boy that, like shoulder attention like it was. It was good for me early on to, like date, a girl who is like super promiscuous, because big lowered my expectations about girls, cheating on me or cheat in general, like we kind of made some
even agreement somewhere along the line that would never be like official boyfriend and girlfriend would never be bored. We just hooked up and fucked a lot, but one time she broke up with this guy and she came for my house and we're getting ready to do it, but she wouldn't take your pants off and I go what's a matter. She goes, I'm embarrassed, I go why she goes my ex boyfriend made me shave, my vagina I went what let's see it, let's see what's going on down there, I'm like whoa, that's crazy, like she was embarrassed that I would see it and like knots, her bush, so it would be like freaky like or that she would be some sort of a pervert or a wack job. But now it's like stay entered it's so strange, like I remember, think she was embarrassed. Is another guy. I mean she was eighteen. She using There is another guy had made her do this, and then I was going to see- and I was going to think about this other guy, but
play for whatever reason. I've never been that guy, I'm not like a jealous guy like in that way, really not know. Michael cares. What do I give a fuck specially a girl that I wasn't even wasn't like yeah, we were longtime boyfriend and girlfriend or anything she's. This neighborhood freak that I like she was great person, she's nice. She wasn't bad, but she, just though it describing her friends like choose like you know how kitten you could like, or a ball yarn in front of them, and they just have to dive on it. That's how she was with Dick, is a roll, your dick in front of whatever reason that poor girl, she's everybody. I think pretty much everybody who tried to fuck her fuck her for awhile I mean I'm sure she see. I think a girl like that to be admired and honored no. I mean you know about the. What were they called the sacred prostitutes of ancient Greece sacred? Oh yeah,
they would every woman. I think it was like a every woman at had a month in her life, where she would have to go and serve the gods of released by being on the steps of the Temple Fucking, every man who wanted to fuck her wow, so really yeah. So her her sex was seen as her service to the gods, and so they weren't whore as they were doing, they were doing gods work right there. You know that's fast and a lot of cultures have that, like we talked about insects that I talk about the Kulina, I think who, like these men, would non hunting parties like four or five days. You know if you guys an a woman would go with them to cook and you know, keep the camp when they're out hunting and fuck them when they got back to camp to like keep him comfortable.
And she wasn't some poor. She was like great woman. Like hey, it's weird, my turn you know, and they do is an honored thing to do You know you're talking earlier about like how our culture, you know, press all these really natural stuff and make it a problem when like why it doesn't need to be a problem. I've always wondered why that is, and I I wonder if it has anything to do with our our need for innovation, an for like growth and for productivity, and if the idea of like somehow notice suppressing sexuality makes people concentrate on being more productive and more successful. So that way you can earn sex an if sex was more free. You wouldn't get as which done, and I wonder if it's some sort of a weird work around that
almost like the construction of this advanced civilization is sort of it's like. It's invented this path, that sort of ensures productive and one of the best ways to do that is to make people compete like in a very efficient and ferocious way for the attention of women, and if the and of women was like easily achieved, there would be less than mission and there would be so. In a sense, suppression like leads to more materialism leads to a more obvious expression of that materialism. Like you want the Big House, you want the nice watch, you want the nice shoes and the nice clothes, and why and all those things you want of those things, because sex is like difficult to achieve and it sex was easy to achieve. You be a little bit more relaxed in your needs because, like ultimately, the physical needs kind of like Trump all the other stuff, You know I do you. Do you want a nice watch yeah, I
ok, why do I want a nice watch it? Well, they kind of look cool, but do you want a nice watch? Because girls are We recognize it yeah. Well, the girls don't give a shit about a nice watch. They just want to suck your dick, well well, fuck not watching right, exactly well, you've. Just summarize the argument of Freud's civilization and its discontents yeah, that's what he says. He says civilization is the product of repress set. L'energie being redirected into productive activities, huh well, I've sort of reversed it. I've reversed it almost like ation is sort of an engineered yeah right because it because it's the result of that it wants to continue and amplify that when any system wants to you know, process Ryan. So because it's the result of that, then there are in built in mechanisms for perpetuate ing that cycle of repression. Re direction. You know angling, the carrot I mean if, if cap
little ism could stop from breathing and then charge us for air. They would owe you are they doing it with water right now I can figure out how to get that win farm guy, like your you either use in our area, six clear making money on exactly how that's right. Well, I mean they've done it with the land write anything about it. Like you know, when I had to pay for plan before no one had to pay for shelter? That was free? Well, if you ever heard the argument or public lands mean there's a real issue right now, with this Chris Ryan FUCK, not Chris Ryan, Paul Ryan excuse me nice, nice ring which apologize Paul Ryan is not my phone, but that in twenty thirteen I mean he had proposed selling off public land to pay for the debt that are corrupt. Politicians of fucking established dancer right. Is Teddy Roosevelt at set aside all these, like national parks and all this wildlife area. That's a well because we could all go there. I mean we have these areas of our country that are owned
by the citizens. So, like you can go to Yellowstone. You can go to all these different national state parks, national and state parks, and you can go fishing. You could go fucking, kayaking, go camping and there's politicians that have propose most selling off all this potentially a valuable land to large core to pay off a lot of the tax debt or the deficit debt. The problem with that is, first of all, it's never going to pay it off 'cause. We all fuck and trillions of dog, like they tried to explain it. If every man, woman and child in this country gave every penny that they uh, oh, we would they own. It would still be trillions of dollars in debt and it doesn't matter because its debt in dollars- and we print dollars when it's to who like who do we owe it? It's all is the federal money when I could. What is that? It's a weird fuck,
it's just insuring- that we're gonna, give them a disproportionate amount of resources and and right and zeros, and we already do and when I did, that public land is leased to mining companies for nothing yeah right, not nothing. No, where near market value, that's another thing: that the right like almost universally to us. They almost universally support, big businesses that impede on public lands and frack, and do a lot of things that are potentially damaging to the environment and they they're very some some of that, the very similar to all what a few people few a few wells get tainted a few, few lands, gas poison. Did this a few areas where there's a spill was invite, but it's this weird sort of agreement there's an agreement with a lot of like very confirmed a right wing people that you're going to be religious you're, going
thank God you're, going to like whether you believe or not you're going to want to line yourself for these people. You have to be openly religious and you also have to be openly dismissive of environmental concerns. Right, there's a good the weird thing, and often times it's amongst people that are not even wealthy. Not only they not wealthy. They have no potential to be wealthy, Joe, the plumber fuck A soldiers manage this fucking guy do jujitsu with who is seems like a nice guy, but we were having this conversation once about global warming and He starts going off about these people that believe in global warming, and that he's just real right wing is a soldier. And he's like sure, there's an natural cycle. It's always been like. Are you a climate scientist like? How are you so confident? You know like there's, like thousands of scientists that have been studying this for decades and their convinced that there's some shit going down and that it has a direct relationship, percentage of that relationship is whether it's five percent or six percent one percent. But there is a relationship between mod.
Industrialized civilization and the warming of the planet like the I believe this is scientists that have looked at the data and say well. Maybe there's some cycle going on to that cycle. May in fact be accentuated by human beings are activity and we might be speeding this up along and it might have. This is a fact that is like, like this affect were like, like there's some concerned about the polar ice caps. Have you heard that concerned that as they may they create pools and, as those pools reflect water, it exacerbates the situation and everything goes on this exponential rate and it starts instead of looking at it like. Oh we're, losing yeah. There's tipping points. Instead of we're losing x amount of feet per year will know, will actually once it hits this area and then comes water, and then the water reflects light. Then it gets even warmer than everything gets crazy and then you know then there's going to come a point in time where you're fucked one need not look very far.
Define underwater civilization evidence right in other being there there? There was a some what we, what there's a there's, been a bunch of them that they found recently where they you know they go like near coastal, cities and they're out. You know scuba, diving, then going with the fuck is this define like olives thousand years ago this was a city yeah and I was under water levels about three hundred feet higher than it was twelve thousand years ago. Yeah I mean there's some extra all sorts of reasons, for that, I'm sure? That's not. That has nothing to do with industrial us. It was a well that's because he has the ice agents. Yeah yeah exactly, but I mean there's, no there's. No, and they understand the mechanism perfectly of what's happening, but I'm with you, I think the I think it's already too late honestly and see that's their necks. That's the argument that I can't really argue with, because I think they're right that well it's too late. You know
nothing! That's what I'm worried about. You know about the methane yet for cow farts and no no in the bottom of the ocean, so right and and methane is much- has a much greater impact than co two than carbon. And what is that from the bottom of the ocean was so well it's a human. We same thing is the cow. It's know its plant material. That sentiment. You know the settle to the bottom a long time ago and then, because the temperatures very cold it's for frozen, so it's sealed in and is the war more water comes over and melts that ice like permafrost is also happening in the Arctic. The permafrost is melting, so all the shit that's been sealed under ice is now coming up and it's all decomposing material. So it's full of methane. Well, there was an article that we did the other day. That's even more terrifying. They were talking about the potential for long
frozen, viruses and bacteria- that we cannot control that we don't have any immunity, that's interesting being released as global warming. Sort of washes over these fucking dead will mammoth carcasses and share. Some saber tooth tiger got Saber tooth Tiger AIDS and it's going to just get blown off like like dandelions in the breeze. That's going to fly up your nose, and I mean you know it's completely unsustainable. The population growth there's a cool thing. This unread it there's a tangentially speaking page where people talk about the podcast and whatever friends of mine and stuff. So there's a thing how about you, where the guys like look Joe Rogan lives, the perfect life right, it's the perfect blend of 21st century technology. An primordial life patterns It kills his own meat. He has. Checkins. He lives near a city but he's
land in space. You know so have delineated all these things about your life and he's like how Can everyone live that way? We need to make a world where everyone lives like Joe Rocke. Well, I don't think I could ever live like this of a city didn't exist. I don't think live like mean I'd have to be off the grid right. So live the way I live. I would to figure out a way to make a living, so I'd have the kind of resources that I have, which are really dependent upon a city and tech, end technology in the internet. Yeah I mean it really isn't possible, it's not possible for everybody to live the way I'm living. Not if our seven billion of right right, not if there's twenty million in LOS Angeles right just in this city, I'm a unique parasite. Yeah, I'm. I know what I'm saying is like if, if I think the key is dramatic reduction, a population because we've got the technology right and we understand how reproduction works. So we could stop having babies if we want to what do you think of
argument that as technology increases and as people become more an more centrally located in cities and that happening all these urban areas and this that people will be more concerned with their careers and that I've read that there is a concern that the population will actually decrease dramatically because as people become more concerned with their careers and more ingrained in the civilized urban life, that they'll be lesson likely less and less likely to breed. Well, it's well documented that as women get more education, an enter the workforce, their fertility decreases down become more. They have more testosterone right. I don't know yeah, I'm not familiar with that, but they definitely have less kids for your kids and they wait later in life, to start having kids and all that and they grow dicks right. They become like
send an mean it may be a little bit, but that's great I mean 'cause. I mean we're not I'm not talking about you, know, Carly fear, yeah, I'm talking about women in Pakistan right, you have absolutely no power or anything so as they get educated and have more access to resources, and so on. They'll have fewer kids a lot of places in the world right now. Population growth is below zero, Japan, Spain, France, you know the nordic countries, which is why the whole migration thing is there's a have a like a bait and switch on there, because their complete meaning that they don't want immigrants, but they know they need immigrants, because there aren't enough young people to support the old people that so strange yeah well, the problem is they're getting immigrants in a lot of times. These immigrants have like these really extreme cultural values mean
and no education issue with different religious factions battling it out and all these european countries. Now you know, there's a muslim population in France and you know, have you ever seen that video with this guy walks around Paris dressed as a Jew like very obvious jewish person, and he walks through zarib neighborhoods and just get the FUCK getting yelled at and screen it's horrible to them, Anti Semitism, and I asked already about it and he's like it's been. You know pretty well documented that a lot of these places that have allowed pretty much anyone to immigrate to that they develop these communities and in these communities they you know essentially hold on to some of the worst aspects of wherever they're from yeah and it's only part of the communities. But if you go through those parts of those communities, you're going to find those people, yeah sure yeah, it's a tough one 'cause I mean I'm generally pretty dope
the immigration I'm an immigrant. Most of that, I'm sure now my grandparents for immigrants anybody who's, not open aggression in America. It's like where the do you think you came from yeah. You know it. I mean in my case I live in Spain, even native Americans. They came down the Bering Strait Siberia, although that's being questioned too yeah they're finding they found ruins in South America that are about forty thousand years old. I live in Chile. I might might be over estimating that, but I think that's what it is right. There's no way that was Bering Strait yeah. So now they're thinking well like I was saying earlier about that they ask for a from Africa. It seems it's much more complicated than the story of Bering Strait then spreading out from there 'cause yeah they came over and well that was always an issue with the old MAC people right was it the old MAC. I believe it was that they have these ancient heads they found in South America like them. Our features, they're very african features very thick lip
and wide noses, and they say yeah Mexico yeah yeah yeah, and they think that it's very possible that this is all Graham Hancock's area of expertise and him and Randall Carlson will be on on the nineteenth, and I'm really psyched about that. It's always a mind. Bender of a podcast slow from Randall Carlson he's the media straight yeah freaks me out yeah the minute with evidence, photographs and and on the core samples of how how radically the earth's temperature changed around twelve thousand years ago, and he believes it coaxes co op it it that that it corresponds directly with us, some sort asteroidal impact, but one of his things when he said everyone's concerned about global warming and he's like global warming is a real issue. No doubt about it. But you know what the real issue is global cooling he goes. Global cooling is far more terrifying. If you look at human history, the great periods of growth, the great periods of education and innovation- they all came with warmth like
whenever there's some cold, whenever things freeze and shut down and that's a wrap, that's the life yeah, the wife killers, global cooling, the glaciers in the last ice age right. The glaciers were down to Minnesota, like all of Canada under and all of Northern Europe like down into France, now like to the pier and he's basically half of North America, half of north. America was under a mile high. She device. Canada just didn't exist, no fucking hockey, zero hockey, country are there beautiful, Nothing! What's that with potatoes, that girls poutine, poutine, know poutine. That stuffs protects people trying to put fat on yes, cold weather food, yeah, definitely cozy, that's God! Damn delicious! You I saw actually, I saw you in Vancouver is just ask if you been to Vancouver, I love it, so you show that's my favorite city and well. I should say that it's my favourites
city all year round, whereas I really enjoy Toron toe when it's warm, Montreal tubes. That's hard. Canada is fucking awesome. That is the number one place that I would move outside. The United States, like is Australia and Canada. Those are the two spots that you heard from Duncan. He, She's. An australian hour is really. I just went down like two days ago because That's why I contacted you to do the shrimp parade thing right. There is going to be an llies right yeah. We can't seem to organize it were altogether but Duncans become too successful to sabotage his career outfit having mister outdoor yeah. He used to be available and now love now. Dunkin is so good at podcasts and rants, and he loves it so much that he almost, I think he loves it more than even loves doing stand up those rants that he can just really go into when he does. Those live. Podcasts he's been doing a lot of live podcasting I did two of with him, but he never put him out. I don't know where they are dying,
he's holding on to him yeah yeah quite awhile ago. Really, that seems odd. He doesn't hold on the podcast. That's so strange dude I forgot to record Do it again, I remember what he said: yeah I'll just act it out now exactly Australia is amazing, though I fucking love it over there. It's just too far. The flight is just brutal at sixteen hour flight. I've only been there once it was 'cause. I was invited to speak at Sydney, opera house. In this thing, they do that's like the australian TED, but they call it the first of all of dangerous ideas? Who I like? Is that great? I love it and it's it's like the Anti TED, where TED is all like. Don't offend anyone in. Let us look at what you're gonna say, and you know, let's rehearse this of seven times they were, they were like, say what where the fuck you want. We want people to like talk about it and be provoked. Like you know, know just say what you want. I appreciate
yeah. I think I think that's a sign of a healthy culture. Getting back. There were saying earlier where we pression causes the problem trying to avoid by pressurizing that's always been. The knock on ted- is that they try to control that situation too much. They try to make sure that the speakers all room together got any one saying that they made him like room with some other duties. Like I'm rich. I want to get my own fucking hotel room at once and busted his balls 'cause. He came up to your podcast to promote his head stuff and you know they you have pulled them off of the rest of the program. You can't do that with a successful guy. Like him, 'cause he's like what do I give a fuck and getting back to the other shit. They don't pay their performance didn't pay him and they made him sleep in a room with some other dude like the whole thing is fucking uber busy. Or it's very strange, but in doing and like really I under
only doing they're protecting their brand, because it's worth a lot of money. Now I mean they have a TED podcasts and they have these TED talks and TED X and the website get fucking insane amount of traffic and they've become a corporation. They become this corporate entity, but when you expect someone like, if you have someone like you- and I like your book- and they like your ideas, the more they I just give- you free reign, the more it's going to be exciting, going to let you express yourself in an uncensored way, you're going to get the full Chris Ryan experience. Instead of like some bullshit watered down corporate version of whatever the fuck. Your ideas would be whatever palatable aspects of your ideas. They think they could sell the people yeah. It's a strange strange thing. I mean I feel like you know: they've got a. He platform. You gotta respect that, but on the other hand you know,
if I go out and I fuck up- they could just say: well sorry, Chris fucked up it doesn't have to reflect badly on them. When I saw would happen with Graham Hancock, when the Graham Hancock put out his thing. They were saying this all this suit the science or accusing him of pseudoscience, and you know this whore Riffic idea of pseudoscience like let the guy express his opinions and ideas and it was. It was about psychedelic drugs and his thoughts on how it corresponds with creativity in history. What you know how man sort of evolved and emerged with psychedelic drugs- it's not a unique opinion, not say it's not original. It's not not unique in that. It's not cool and interesting in that it's not he's not the only one that thinks this sure there's many many people that believe this and this is the common thought, not just amongst people that are on the fringe, but among scholars. There's a lot of people that correlate, and rightly so, incredibly powerful hallucinogen
experiences with changing people's eye. He is in mines and that corresponds to big leaps of creativity or big chances that people take or like We're talking about your friend earlier today. That was a lawyer and you know, goes This fucking psychedelic trip and says fuck this LOS shit, I'm going to open up a float tank center and I'm going to be a freak Yeah be happy, yeah exactly, and you know, there's a big thing now in Silicon Valley, with Micro, dosing Michael Dosing Watt, which LSD year or suicide or whatever it is because of the creativity, yeah right so like Steve Jobs, said Dell is the was the most important experience of his life care imo. Let's, who invented the dna Application Credit to get the pr. What is it here so probably Morace chain something Tcr? He supposed to be crazy, though he
an interesting dude yeah. He took his Nobel money and just serfs no yeah. I met him at at TED. Actually, yeah he's he was it's kind of irritating 'cause. I wanted to shake his hand and say hello and but every time I saw him. He was engaged in the same argument with the same guy. This one guy was just pounding him and I don't remember what I did if it was like Chem trails, or it was like one of these things like, and I kept thinking like dude just like you know. It's been two days raise kids yourself, yeah yeah good. So now the surfing thing is another one of those things like golf that I'm scared to try and I necessarily think I would get addicted to golf 'cause. I find what's ridiculous about. It is more appeal.
To mock. Then it is interesting to like the precision and the accuracy and all that you know the control that you have to have over your movement, your body, to make that ball, roll into the hole is still at the end of the day. It's just a ball falling into a hole, it's fucking stupid and that Saddam hypocritical, because I play pool- and I love that- but I know I've become addicted to that. But the surfing thing is an addictive, addictive thing, I'm scared of, because I think I would fucking dive right into that shit. Everybody that I talked to the surface the way they describe it. I feel like it would be amazing, but that's a really healthy thing going to be doing until the sharks come and bite your dick off Chris Ryan, you just punch it in the face you're a trained fighter man. Maybe I need to figure out how to get strong enough where I can surf with chainmail, get like a shark proof suit and just to get to be really yoked. I tried surfing Now in Nicaragua, I like how you that Nicaragua, Nicaragua, like you fit right in gig, laugh yeah. It was perfect,
the perfect wave perfect place, and there is this Ex military american dude who gave lessons and, like I met him at a cafe or then he's like do it I'll. Take you out is great where they filmed one of the survivor. One of the shows and yeah took me out, and it was it was like the perfect baby wave. It was maybe like two or three feet: high perfect line coming in at just the right angle, like you couldn't fuck it up. You know make this real long board, which is really easy. Longboards are better yeah, well, they're stable, and I mean I'm such a fucking pussy man, yeah I like, after like doing the push up and get up on it. You know like twenty times I, like my arms, were shakin and, like my knees were shaking, and you know I'm not in great physical condition and finally, I got up and I was like I'm standing in the waves moving me a little bit and then I fell for
bird and the board smack me right in the fucking forehead, and I literally saw stars you know like I haven't since I was seven and I wrecked my bike. You know like that kind of like hole underwater and like all right, that you could die yeah yeah, you can hit you and I doing that shit. Do you see this going on there? I was with this buddy of mine at firing range two week yourself, blood running down my face. It was humid yeah. I've done that really yeah yeah. I scold myself. Once I skipped my cell. Once when I shot a pig scope myself right on the nose like an actual hunting situation, I wack myself it's better or worse. I mean there were a lot of like ok when white men laughing at him. Here's why it's worse! Didn't I scoped it's sighting in my rifle now that I reconsider. I had
a band aid on when I shot the pig, but I scope myself shooting at a target before shot the pig now Well, that's what I my buddy was scope in in like for he had a new he's, an Al Connor and he had a new win mag three hundred right yeah, so I was shooting his thirty ought six and currently I was doing pretty well and I don't maybe he was just humoring me, but he was like hey. I think this is fire in a little high. Can you take a shot, 'cause you're really steady today, and so I was like ok, I know Allemand bowling when it just drove right into my four have to get used to thirty. Ought six there's a big difference between the kick of the three hundred win? Mag? That's a big shell! I got one of those is that what your monster thing is that you took out the two rifles that are like that around that one of them is a three hundred win mag. The other ones are seven Millimeter Remington Ultra Mag, which is basically real. Similar size and round they're, both big heavy rounds. So I shot the moose with that fucker right there. Where are running as a baby.
It's a moose at a young moose, it's they would call it like. A4 key was nine hundred in as a small one, there's so big. Where were you, Canada, my buddy? got one the same trip that was probably six one hundred pounds bigger, so big. He walked across it cost the road and it literally didn't look real like his walked in the in the street in front of us like the Rose Road Mount Street, but it was maybe two hundred and fifty yards in front of us in the road and will like Jesus. It was like Jurassic Park. It was like a scene Jurassic Park, I mean we could have probably driven under it with the truck we were in, I'm not kidding, there's so fucking big, I remember seeing him in Alaska and thinking they're, like horses on steroids, yeah they're, just a shoulder french folders against incredible, with like barn doors growing out of the side of their heads
monstrous monstrous animals. You know, there's an idea. That's connected with cold weather and large mammals like that that the colder the weather, the law, the mammoth figure with the principal as its skin exposure, yeah yeah your internal and less skin exposure, the ratio yeah the ratio, because the same animals that are enormous and Lexus catch. You want like white tail deer. If they're in Mexico, there waists smaller yeah like a big whitetail. Deer in Mexico was only like one hundred and something pounds, whereas in Saskatchewan they'll get to three hundred plus pounds. They literally like three times is the same species yeah same species yeah. That's also why polar bears are so fucking big that polar bears are gigantic. You know Kodiak bears on Kodiak seem one sided. Kodiak barely did. I was sitting on a bridge it weird sitting on this bridge: I'd gone for a walk, a walk like it's like you know, dirt board kind of bridge,
and I'm writing in my journal. My journal pedantic Dick head. I was like you know, poetry about Alaska or something- and I heard splashing in the river below an I turn look and I'm like maybe fifteen feet above the water. I look below and there's a fucking bear down there like knocking salmon around like on the documentaries, oh my god, immediately. I had like this. You know would bugs Bunny image of him chasing me and me running down ending or whatever. Who did he? Might he didn't even notice me or or didn't, give a yeah, apparently on Kodiak Island, even though they're so enormous was pairs. So terrifying? There's very few negative interactions with human beings and that's One of the reasons why some people thought that show the hunt- I don't know if you saw it it was a show that was on, I think, was on discovery or one of those networks. What history, just recently- yeah it was Johnny Hughes- did that who's Johnny he's a guy he's a writer. I know that in fact, maybe I told this story on your pod
best about when he was in new new guinea Guinean. He brought those people back natives back to London so well anyway, I mean does ring a bell. Go on with your trying to remember what Honda the it was. It was a hosted by or narrated by the lead singer of Metallica James Hatfield, and it was about taking grizzly. Hunters too, this one island in Alaska that has the largest brown bears in the world there fucking in Kodiak, Kodiak, island, and but the thing is they're just eating fish, three fish, an beached whales. It's another thing: they beach wagon whale dies and washed up on the beach they'll eat that fucking whale for weeks and weeks. They're disgusting hotel eat that raw and stinky will like it right now. Yeah it's easier to digest French yeah. They just get like cheese. That's why you can play dead with grizzlies, but not black bears really play
black bears. Well. What I've looked it up until he just gotta be careful with bullshit. I come up with you yeah what told is that black bears just you fresh Grazer bears, will throw some dirt over you and come back a week later, 'cause they like it rotten, a sense. Almost there super hungry at the time and they just gorge your guts and then slowly with us. One of things they do is they always eat the guts first and women. You know about the thing with women with posing if they're having a period yeah right yeah, you know it's really terrible digesting pussy. First for the bear hair you seen that movie grizzly man, I love! That's a great movie. My favorite unintentional comedies. Ever I swear to, I think, Werner Herzog. I would love to get drunk with that guy and ask him come on man. You knew you were being funny. Have you met? Maybe no! I have not. I would love to go he's amazing. He knows he's funny that I had that
question about him and I watched bad lieutenant did. Have you seen that he in bad lieutenant he made a remake of it with Nicolas cage when three four years ago you gotta watch it you gotta watch it do that it's fantastic, it's fantastic, be Nicolas Cage is off the Fucking Rock praised in it, but it it's really great. I tell for me it's better, but but I'm a big Werner Hertzog need Jesus in your life. I love her Hertz I do too. Did you ever see him as a bad guy and that Shitty Tom Hanks movie or not Tom Hanks Tom Cruise movie? There was a shitty Tom cruise Movie, where Tom Reacher Jack Reacher going down ever so. I was a piece of shit. Where did the Tom Cruise is like some assassin or something that nobody can kill kills. Everybody in Werner Herzog is one of the bad guys and winds up. Killing word in hers are in such a fucking clunky stupid fucking movie, but he has a nice car drives a nice one thousand nine hundred and seventy Chevy
a beautiful car. Well there is that, but Werner Herzog is an actor in a rare moment, but when he talks all you can think of it. His teammate the thread where the team at the read well in degrees Lee made pretty good. Yes, the brutality of nature Have you seen the Antarctic movie did know? What is that it's a great movie encounters at the end of the world. It's called so her talk he's like he says at the beginning? Like you know some, organization gave him five million dollars to make a movie about Antarctica and he said it I said to them. I will not make it other movie about the damn penguins. So the deal was like here's, five million or whatever it was just go, do did you do right, so he was down there, and he first he's got this friend Henry Kaiser. I think his name is used to be the Henry. These are banned, set ring a bell like in it. Let
70s early 80s like a prog rock kind of ban. He quit music and b name an underwater photographer and now he's like the best at under ice, oh yeah- imagine that you've had vim half on here, I'm going to go Amsterdam, and because that he's I talked to his son and actually I was texting with his son. While you guys were talking awhile and he is One was like yeah will do it and I was like, but I don't want to do a fucking Skype thing I want to meet with him. He's like. I think, he's that amazing human being yeah. So I go. Monster jam a lot. So sometime I'm going to go, hang on his houseboat tattooed radiates. Really yeah yeah yeah when he sitting across he's got this fucking like magnetic energies, just the real deal. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, twenty six world records. I'd say when you get, over twenty world records like the real deal, and it's like my buddy who's, rich from wind farms. It's like when I mean
I don't know when, but what I've seen him on your show and I've seen the vice thing and it's not about look how cool? I am. It's not Lego, Lego, how I gotta get another record and prove you know whatever right, the dudes connect into something really deep and the whole thing with his wife and how it started is so beautiful and touching insincere. Yeah. You know it's not an ego like. I saw that film Everest. The other day. Have you No, I haven't it's based on the crack, our booking, that's on there dot a drama right. It's a drama movie right well, but it's based on truth. The true story of of this. I don't know if it's ten years ago there was a day when, like ten people died, it was the most does ask First Day on Everest ever and all this shit, but I was watching that and it's like ok You guys, are all climbing Mount Everest WHI who gives a fuck? It's all ego, Yeah Eagle, like it looks real. Really cool from the valley. You know,
I mean it really. Does you don't need to like what is it but you that you need to say I was at the top of Everest. You know with my oxygen tanks, in the five sherpas carrying all my shit. You know and I paid sixty grand to the guide to like drag my sorry ass up. There, I just felt like yeah fuck that, but then, when you know that's a whole different thing, that is not about ego. Well, he also did it in his fucking. Shorts with no shirt, and he said he was like to do it with closes too easy. Like that's one of the things he said, it would really be easy. There was a recent article, I forget what publication, but with some online thing, where they were talking about the business of going to Everest that it's like this eco tour, this business now, where you get all these rich people and they these sherpas, to do all the dirty work, all the hard stuff carrying the oxygen carrying the food carrying everything and all these people do They sit in their warm tents and they put on their warm.
Close and then they go where the sherpas tell them and they feel like heroes, but I used to do a whole, bit about Mount Everest. That's not like when you get to the top of lucky charms, guys waiting for you with a bag of gold. Finally have reached the top. Now you do I have to work again for S. Yellow have come with me. It is free pussy in cocoa and attend. But all is this in about like the idea of climbing to the top spot is like impressive, but nobody gives a fuck if you got to the lowest bot like nobody like, I got to the lowest point on Earth Bro. What's it like you go down, and then you go straight get to the bottom, so we can't go any you're, so brave, like no one cares about the lowest spot because you do it in the Marianas trench a little while that was pretty good so in the ocean yeah, when you go in the ocean that death valley or something it's just like, there's some stupid chip thing about going to the top yeah. It's because, like we associate the highest branches with being safe from the predators
Like that's the reason why bedrooms have like, if you have a house master bedrooms, almost always on the top floor, and the reason is like you want to be above to like look down at the potential predators. There's an association, people believe with chimps and trees. And human beings and having like houses that are on the top or the master bedrooms on the top that Jamie that sounds like bullshit to me. It doesn't like bullshit, but have right here. It's here's. What I'm thinking! This is something I read. I'm thinking the bed rooms being on top comes from the centuries where people lived above, their domesticated animals and the heat from the animals rose up and he did their bedroom farts animal fart animal heat body heat. Really yeah boy, that's an interesting theory. If you go to like Tibet, people live above their ox yeah, that's interesting. I would think it would be more of a security thing, though I'd like to live in a cave if you're above, like people have to get to you and way,
strategically to be on you. Have you it's always nice to have a view. That's nice! You like to live in a cave, there's a cave for sale in Bisbee, Arizona where Doug Stanhope Low so yeah. Maybe you don't buy it as a house built into a cow you have to go to Bisbee and check that out. I want to go before Doug dies. I don't know how much longer. Left, hoping he's going to hang in there for a long time, so alright I mean, I know, he's Hollywood forever. He'll do a Richard pissing on my grave, but he he has hernias like he can lie on his back and flex the stomach and like his bulges, like his bulges, in a stomach where they pop out in several places like his internal organs or like trying to scape from his body cavities going to get that shit sewn up now. He won't do it so I'm gonna happen. Take care of that shit with Budweiser in cigarettes. Little duck tape, but we always mocks me use marks Maine and he goes right. How many surgeries have you had Rogan and link about a fuck load? Now,
that's like his barometer thier who's living a healthier life. I've been fucking stitch back together in six or seven times right. None. I resonate with that. Sometimes you know, I see somebody getting hurt some athlete and I'm like yeah. It didn't happen to me. Look at me, I'm sitting here and say: ok I'll, buy a surfboard in and then a gun. Would you, like, layered Hamilton will be out there every day, looking sleek call six packing shit flexing in a lame. I don't know what it would do for me, though. Well you read that thing that I wrote for Esquire. I do know the the idea of your your the human body is ultimately a lot like a sand castle in the area and that's you know really. The end of the day mean enjoy it while you've got it, but the today. It's pretty much pointless. Well, you know you know. Kuebler Ross is five stages of grief. Right
Only time, I've heard that it has direction, but I don't know what they are good to gets good to memorize, because you see them everywhere. The the the acronym is dabbed a d, a b d, a so it's denial. So this is whether you're like losing your job, your marriage, you someone close to you dying or you just got like the pancreas cancer diagnosis right. It's all the same, and some people skip stages and never get to the lower ones whatever, but the sequence is denial, anger. So I like. Oh no there's a mistake. This can't be right right then, there's anger like why me that's not fair. I don't smoke and then there's barg Ok, I look from now on I'm going to workout right from now on, I'm going to eat right, I'm going to and then there's a depression and then there's acceptance. Acceptance is if you're low. Key enough and evolved enough in psychedelics. I think really help get to the acceptance stage. That's why there so Psilocybin so effective with end of life, treatment for anxiety, people
facing the end they take Psilocybin dose and having experience in there, like I'm, not afraid of dying anymore. It's supposed to be and also amazing things for people on that yeah. It helps them accept. This idea remember Larry Hagman talking about that once in this, Interview that he did on CNN of all places and they interviewing him about. You know like like times in this life, and you know what what what impactful moments- and he said well The last time I took lsd and you could tell like the person who's interviewing him was interviewing. Him didn't expect that he said it alleviated my fear of dying. I really no longer worry about death. You know- and he said the experience whatever he had when he was on lsd- was so profound that it's sort of like relaxed him too, and he
that air about him to like, like a guy, was just there he's there he's not like put on a show he's not like faking. It he's not he's just there he's he's him and he lived in a fairly sustainable life or a wealthy famous guy had he believes his house was completely off. The grid had some house in the Santa Monica mountains yeah. I remember reading something about his dead. I wonder if his house is still available, I'd like to fucking by Larry Hagman's house yeah, pretty dope better than a cave. Probably yes, maybe not, though cave it probably would be really. And as far as I keeping you cool temperature same all year round, you know it's you can have like grey. Scrolling on the roof. That's pretty dumb, fucking Hobbit House. Remember they have those big brown doors, the side of the shire well you know this thing about fear of death. You were talking earlier about making sex like restricting access and then using it as a lower to get people to work right so in
in civilized to death, the last chapter that have just written by the way I'm fucking done done, while I'm in the rewrites now, but that's amazing yeah. You hit the end of the book so now just about editing and rewrites, and you know how they say, like work expands to fill the space allotted to it. Well, I've been in the US for like four years off on right and like I finally deciding to work, we're going back to Spain end of December, so the book it's done in November, of course, of course, yeah, because you have a deadline lot of people say that with a lot of things they do like they like deadlines, because deadlines or force you to fuckin, just cram working in and eliminates any possibility of excuses if you have a deadline? I just blow by deadlines. Yeah,
gonna be structural in my life. If it's someone telling me Chris, it's got to be done by Tuesday, I'm like yeah, I was gonna, go shovel. If you like a moving to Spain in December all right, and then you finish in time, because I I got no kids, I don't know if mortgage I mean I do, but it's not the end and it's like well really yeah. I had this conversation with a friend of mine and obviously you know I have kids and I love having kids. I love my family, I'm very, very, very happy couldn't wouldn't want it any other way, but uh have this conversation with my friend also has a family and also his kids and we're talking about this guy. We know I want to say his name is a successful guys. Wealth and he's doing really well is well love guy, but he doesn't have any children and he goes fucking sad. I go why you sad and he goes kids, sad because what's it all, for I go what's yours off, for I go you're going to have give it to your kids going to die too two.
I don't I used to resent that when I didn't have children are always resented. This idea that, meaningful life only involves reproduction. I resent it today and I love my kids. I resent it. I think, that's nonsense. I think you could have a beautiful, meaningful life and never reproduce you don't need to reproduce. How do you affect the people around you? How do you feel My family is not just my family of the children I've made in my wife, my family is my friends the p. I love those are my family. You know like a family like put it but whatever word, you know, call it whatever noise you want to make with your face, but what's important to me is, who you love and who you take and who you surround yourself with. I have this group of amazing, beautiful people that I see share time with an weather. They were born out of my wife's pussy or whether they were born out of someone else's pussy. Who cares This idea that it's only meaningful. If you serve
found yourself with people that came out of you DNA. I think it's. So it's not just short sighted. It's danger silly egotistical. I think it's just it's bad for you, it's bad for everybody. Well, I think I think it's and avoid prince of death yeah and that's what I was going to say like you were talking about sex. What I argue in the end of this book is that there's also a mechanism built the same sort of mechanism built around death that were Merrifield are the only animals that knows it dies right, almost Sapien Sapien the home. But who knows it knows? What do we know? We know we're going to die so we do. Then we develop all these mechanisms, some conscious, some not for avoiding thinking about that, and I think civilization is one of them. We align ourselves with something bigger than ourselves. So you know there's all this really interesting: research on terror management theory, it's called where they look at the subconscious mechanisms.
When people are reminded of mortality, they react differently to people outside their group, they're much more aggressive in much more aligned with you know the identity of their group and all that. But so that's what I'm arguing and I think the reason think about psychedelics right and you this a million times that every call sure that's had access to them has seen them as the greatest gifts of the gods, the greatest most sacred thing that we have? In America you get busted with a bag of mushrooms at a concert you go to prison longer than if you kill somebody. Thank you What does that mean? What the fuck are? We so afraid of you have a duffel bag filled with much rooms in your selling him at a concert. It is literally possible that you will have a lot
your prison sentence and if you accidentally kill someone in a street fight minimum mandatory sentencing right, second degree: murder versus distribution, slaughter schedule, one psychedelics yeah. I know a guy who's doing a year a year for manslaughter a year he's doing a year. He shot someone in a road rage incident a year a year, and if he had mushrooms in his car be ten year, it's very possible if you're in wrong place, the wrong button country, the wrong judge and mushrooms, do they give you peace or they freak out depending on how how hard you it hold on those bad trips. I've conduit, not a bad trip on mushrooms, but I understand where they come from. I've had bad trips on weed bad over eating yeah. If you eat too much, we that's especially early in my career as a psycho, not yeah. I had some fucking because, like we're talking about before they make sprays now, ladies and gentlemen,
I just want, to be honest, I'm not entirely sober right now. Little for this shouts, I had a little spray under my tongue and they make stuff. It's too fucking. Strong, Joey Diaz is the savage of all savages He does he'll take a five hundred milligram thc candy, which You know what I like. I like twenty, I like the thousand and twenty is a good dose like before on stage I like twenty yeah, it's not strong. It's light, it's a little fun with happy he'll, take a fucking five hundred, and then he takes a wrapper for cheaper, a lower dose, and he puts the five hundred. To lower dose rapper, and he gives him to people see that's not cool, not cool yeah, it's school, he loves it. He loves Dothan people, I'm very against that,
I mean I spent a lot of time around psychedelics and that's the one thing that I could never forgive have you ever heard Duncan story about Joey Joey gave Duncan some fucking cookie of death. And it was just unbelievably powerful. Any told. Thank you know that you see it is you know how strong is is not that bad to see it so Duncan eats it, and our Later he is at his home in a fucking tornado of terror, just spiraling freaking out, and then he gets a phone call and it's Joey D. Welcome to my world motherfucker, yeah. I guess I guess. If it's coming from Joey Diaz, you should know better. That's the guy, though I mean that's just Joey, that's what you get when you do it with yeah I'd, love that guy I'm. So I'm so happy. I know him so happy he exists, I've had
one bad bad. I mean I've had crazy shit happen. You know, like probably have to the story about when I got stung by the scorpion when I was tripping, oh yeah, so I mean I've had and I thought I was going to die right yeah, but that ended up being a really good experience, but the la this time, I did acid, I did a heroic dose, don't don't don't don't yeah and it ended. I won't go through the whole story, but it ended with me wandering onto the grounds of a psychiatric hospital hiding magnet to the metal file. Exactly- and I heard all these weird voices and I hit under this Rhododendron Bush and it turned out that they where the patients taking a walk and they were like wandering the grounds and I'm like cowering under this Rhododendron Bush. Like even cried and lost my shirt, and you know I was just a fucking mess dirt in my face.
Oh mine, had still be there. Fucking lock you up crazy bastard, I'm a doctor. My name is Chris Ryan. I wrote a book about sex, no, no the other Chris Wright. No, I am the picture of the all my god. You know about that research where they, this, I think, was at Yale in psychiatry, residents, the the teacher said: okay, the project, Is this weekend you have to go out there like six or seven students had to go out and check themselves, into a psychiatric hospital, separate different ones, right saying that they were hearing voices that were telling them to hurt themselves check in and and spend the night and then the next day explain the situation and come back and none of them could get out. They wouldn't believe 'cause they're like no I'm a medical student. I go to Yale my professor at this a project
not one of them could get out so how they get the mount 'cause. The professor went. Oh my 'cause 'cause, the professor knew that was going to happen right. Wow 'cause, he's like it was to show like how helpless psychiatric patients are 'cause. Even when telling you the truth, you don't believe him well. Is that always the case like when everyone is being accused of anything you feel guilty? Even if you're not like I've been pulled over before and been stone, cold, sober and specially before was famous an worried that I'm not sober like that. I did something wrong with jobs like what did I do? What did I do you start going through your rolodex of shit that you might have done but he didn't do anything and that's really get the false confession. A lot of time. Well, listen if you put enough pressure on people, especially if you lock them up and like this with the fuck, is going on with you, anime. They just released this guy. That just was in there for fourteen years, and it was story about it and then being beaten and he was fucking innocent. He didn't do anything they had,
charges, there was there's no, no reason to detain him. This suspicion and suspicion is of a very weird thing: 'cause, if I suspect you, when you plot Chris Ryan. You come on my podcast, but I think you've got a fucking, an alternative the intention. There's something going on behind your eyes. I see for the figure it out. I'll figure here from my fucking free coffee, you know like when people start accusing you of things. You start wondering about your own intentions. You start. We exist in some sort of a strange state where we're constantly in seeking approval. We seek approval from each and we like to live in at least some somewhat of a state of harmony with our neighbors and uh. Friends in our community when someone is pointing to you at being a disruptor harmony in some way, shape or form you like, if you're, in a real. Chip. I've had friends that have been in relationships like man, my fucking girlfriend,
always accusing me of doing this, and accusing me of doing that. I'm, like you, gotta, get break up with her because that you get sucked into the world you will get sucked into her world of anxiety and craziness and you'll become something different than you are now you'll become, which he's accusing you of being? If you, if you don't become that you at the very least, be a mess, because you're constantly defending yourself like just going to deal with it I'll go home, will talk to her like this? Is the the embodiment? Does that that is the definition of a codependent relationship right like you're you're, allowing her to be this accused or person, or he you know now a woman with a man same thing and it's not sex, dependent or gender dependent. But this weird thing that happens to people when someone starts pointing at you and saying you know what Chris you're just a fucking asshole You know you just don't care about anybody, but yourself you want to do. I can't damn it. You start to look your cell phone goes. This is true and if someone says it enough, you'll start to think it's
Do you start to believe it? So if you get a guy and you lock him up in some fucking cage and everyday, you tell him that he's a criminal and you ever day you tell him you're a terrorist you're plotting with ISIS. Here you fucking put an orange jumpsuit in him, and then he doesn't want to kill you and then before you know it there, working memory is so distorted and twisted by years of beatings. You freedom, dog, food and kicking him in the dick. Who is that guy anymore? Fourteen years in want Enamo Bay and they let him go would be amazed if he doesn't become a terrorist. Now would be a major yeah, no bed breeding ground for terrorists than a terrorist in prison or criminal camp yeah. Then yeah look at our criminal justice system. It's Amac Lee! It's not about helping any it's not about reducing crime. It's just responding to some prime real revenge fantasy, which we nope typically doesn't work yeah, especially for shit like nonviolent crimes, which is a giant percentage of our prisons I mean that is like one of the
tickets aspects of our culture that we have more people in prison. Then all the countries in the war yeah there's, no one in any other country. Eluding police states, yeah. It's crazy it's fucking puts the land of the free right holding the brake. That's right, yeah, France and sit in the cafe in France and Spain same shit or So I think you're talking about me personally. Well, you are going to going to skate by beautiful country here, I'm going to Columbia. First, though, I think I'm going to go, my friend's yacht in the Caribbean for awhile. Hang with that Bootsy Fillets day, our yeah. I know if I were really balls because he's he's doing and Christmas with his family elsewhere, and I know that you ought to sit in the british Virgin Islands anti right now with the crew. But just your luck, you'll get on it by yourself and that's in the pirates. Will implant and I'll defend it. You know like I'm, Chris Ryan, I'm an author, I'm not a billionaire,
like we saw your TED talk, you are wealthy. Dead is only for the rich. That's good! Fucking yachts are weird in that sense in that, if you have one like man, it's beautiful and it's amazing, but people look at that floating fucking thing and it's a bad. It's like a floating bank inside of it there's money. You just got to figure out how to extract it. If you can grab one of those people, that's inside of it and take them in ask them away and then contact the other people and say hey. You gotta give me some of that money if you want one of these people back bye, but on the other hand, a yacht, this big, if you take someone off that you're going to have some serious guys coming looking for you, it's not like a couple of old people on a sailboat yeah, but if you're in like Mexico, they can't find out Chapo if you can't get to it Topo are going to hear you buy that shit about El Chapo in the tunnel. I don't buy that. What do you mean by it? I don't believe he escape through the tunnel. Why is that? Because you don't look he's
world famous for being the dude who builds tunnels. Okay, well before they caught him, he would I didn't know who's famous for being yeah he's uh! Oh yeah he's the dude, who has all these tunnels under the border, the train tracks and all that right. So that's how he's like this major smuggler right so he's the tunnel dude and he's got all these teams of engineers who are great at building tunnels and they're, always finding them in San Diego and all this right, so you finally, edge the dude after he's already escaped right from the other one five years ago or whatever that was you finally catch the dude again, you put him in and that most secure prison in Mexico number one super max mexican, prison and dudes are big building a tunnel with power tools into the prison, an you don't hear it and don't expect it and don't think about it, and there, like at some fucking construction site a mile outside of the wall of the prison, then you're not checking that bullshit. Give me a fucking break this guy paid off
the prison guards. That's why they're all arrested now paid off the head of the prison paid off the senators in the governor's in the probably the president, and then they at the tunnel to make give of maple story for the dip shits too, like us to listen to it. So you skip through the tunnel now meet any walked out the fucking front door and got into a limo give me a break, but need a tunnel. He definitely got out through the tunnel like there's video of it there's security, video I agree with you who, down all the other workers who gave us the security video of him going behind that little wall and crashing down and disappearing. Who gave us this video here to get him through through the time in the tunnel exists yeah, it exists as a story. Aw, that's a stranger conspiracy. Theory! That's a most conspiracy. Ever the absolute tunneled exists, but it doesn't mean he used it. That means that exists. So It will say: oh he got out through the tunnel whatever. Then we won't look at all the people he paid off. I feel like I'm talking to Eddie Bravo. This is this is crazy, of course,
Steve paid off some people, but I think you paid off some people to allow him to build a tunnel. Think that's the Occam's razor point of view. I don't think so I think the Occam's Razor POV is, with the amount of corruption that we know exists in the mexican government that he paid people off. The guys got billions of dollars. You paid people off, they said. Ok, we got gotta like come up with some cover story. We can't just you know, let you walk the front door because then it's obvious that you paid us off. 'cause, there's no other explanation, so we make up the story of how will have him build a tunnel that will take a couple of months, find they build. The tunnel we say went through the tunnel will leave this fucking evidence or whatever the little motorbike and others bullshit. And that's the story. That's the way they do this shit. Well, the tunnel is a mile long. They say it took a year. They say it took a year to build because it had. We had electricity in it. It had ventilation, it had. Electric bike like he hopped on electric bike and shot down to the end of that thing. You don't buy, it, don't buy it
Ah, in Mexico, you just fucking pay people off. That's the way it works. This, the tourist building in Mexico, that is like saying the prettiest gorilla. You know the secure the most secure prison in Mexico, mexican prisons are pretty cool. Actually, if you're going to go to prison in Mexico is a good place. If you have a little money, if you have If you have a little money, you don't need a lot, but like cousin mexican prisons, you know, like your wife, can come visit. With you, you can have like good food. We can bring you food, you can get cigarettes, you can watch tv, it's not like American, where you're going to be in a sterile environment in Mexico, so there's a lot of their porous. There's a lot of stuff. You have to stay there, but your wife can come your girlfriend can come. Hookers can come hookers real wow Wasn't that, like one of the things that they had been upset about him and in the previous incarceration that he had been bringing in prostitutes
yeah yeah man, the person yeah yeah, we got out of that one too right. How do you get out of that? One like helicopters assumption? Well, they said he like went out through the laundry. I think it was Rihanna Lingerie laundry thing. It was a story recently were actually talking about this in the previous podcast that they had come very close to catching him. Like within the last couple weeks and he broke his leg, jumping out a window or something and you know yeah, they said he did believe he broke his leg. Now he was whisked away by security guards, El Chapo, and who knows this is terrifying that this gigantic organized crime empire is built out of the drug war. Because of prohibition, they've mean it's no different than Al Capone during the alcohol prohibition that we had yeah yeah it's it's really interesting right, yeah, Well, it's the same mechanism. We've been talking about all afternoon right, you repress it. The pressure built like a steam engine or internal combustion engine and create pressure,
no release and then use the energy of the release for your own purposes. Yeah It finds a way out right. It finds a little valve yeah, like my poor girl, with hair shaved vagina, the girl from high school girl, crazy girl, the poor, repressed girl down girl was also. This is the first girl that I ever met. That told me that she liked it when her boyfriend hitter. That was because we work together. Do and we're working together, and she was crying to me that you know this guy that this guy that she was dating Beater, the same guys, shave your pussy. He went whole hog is crazy dude, but that he had hit her and and she's like you know, what's fucked up, though I like it and I was like whoa like I remember thinking like, I don't even know where to begin with this. I know you like it. To go to some part of it. I don't know what the focus is. It just turns me on yeah. Well I mean that release were saying earlier, like we don't choose what
We want, we don't choose what feels good things feel good, I mean. There's a I mean this is. The fucked up thing to talk about, but it's real one of the reasons that rape is so psychologically damaging to women. A lot of women come when they're being raped, so that imagine the schism that back AIDS in your own experience where you're, like one part of you, is saying this is the worst violation. That's ever happened in this guy has you know it is a monster and your body's coming yeah like what the in in yeah, I think that's similar to what we were talking about with these little boy boys who are having experiences that gets sealed as a pleasurable experience in one way, even though later they look back on and say that was a violation in a crime Sexuality is such a very, very strange thing, because it's not just about reproducing there's psychological aspects to it. There's sociological aspects to it. There's forbidden thing:
things that become more appealing because of it. It's so strange what would exist with human beings and if it doesn't set all in any of the animal world. This idea of being just being aware and have also Contin all the variables and at this sort of combines together with them. Biological needs of reproduction and it creates, is really potent confusing cocktail of ideas that gets That's one of the reasons why it's so offensive when you you find out that someone that you know has has either been raped or someone that you know has been accused of raping someone and they didn't do it or that so one that you know has been involved somehow in a rape like they were a part of a rape. They maybe were in a gang rape or something it's just like wow the whole world's been thrown upside down like this idea of what people can and can't do to each other, it's so crazy. It's
human beings, like forcing themselves on other human beings, is so strange, and then, when you hear how many women have a rape fantasy, Well, you like well well fuck jeez Christ. That's what you want! no? No? No, no! No! No! It's why I enjoy thinking about well what the fuck does that mean? Do you want to get raped or no? No, definitely not right, but I fantasize about it makes me cum watt What are you saying like my buddy, was having sex with girlfriend once and she admitted, while they're having sex, that what she really wants is a bunch of black guys to come over and just fuck the shit out of her against her will hold her down and he said he never thought about it. The same way again, it was like he was fucked like the relationship was done. It was like he couldn't handle it. She just wanted big muscular black guys to come over just fuck the shit out of just hold a shut up bitch and she didn't
he wanted to happen, but she wanted it to happen like in her head. That was the fantasy. The fancy like when she would be alone knows there and she would lock our bedroom door and masturbate. She would be thinking about getting raped. Some crazy way like that she wanted that she want to relationship with that. Guy, She didn't want that guy to nuzzle her, take care of her and cuddle and watch Netflix. No. She wanted that guys come in her body to make some like super potent childbirth doubt of violence hey animal passion, man does fossil right. I wouldn't of that yeah. Well, I don't know if they're the last remnants- but I mean you know the UFC fighting. What's that you know that's animal passion, that's animal! Like basic! I mean there are two it and you know the way you look at it's different than the way alligator. But I look at and I see two dudes like. Unleashing the inner beast Tarde argue How are you are two women in the case of the women, what
these cases you read about every once in awhile, where, like like a dude, goes to a woman's house at night and she thanks, it's her husband and they have sex, and then she finds out. It was just some guy Watts yeah couple of years. You read one of these cases where, like some guys like he just walks do a house and had sex with a woman and she's, and then she like wait a minute you're, not my husband Those things seem unbelievable to me, but I've seen them several times. Well, weirder things can happen, especially if you're in a situation where, like maybe your neighbor, has been thinking about fucking, your wife forever or the postman, and they like. Maybe they know your schedule, he doesn't come home until mine every night. He works this shift and you know- and I can just get in there. Tuesdays, because that's when he's not there, given that dick, I know twins who did that really yeah? Oh, that seems more likely. It is also a problem with sleeping
man, oh yeah, that Ambien blocking the same house, that's fucking, very, very dangerous. I've had a bunch of friends have some really bizarre, experience is like one of my buddies, woke up in the car driving somewhere and realize what he was doing he had already gotten in the car. It was already driving an was on some sort of weird autopilot when he realized he was driving somewhere yeah, that's heavy! It's very scary, because someone can do things to you. I'm sure why you're under the influence of sleeping pills- and you would probably just accept it or thinking part of your dream or or what, but when you're taking something that forces you into that state monkeying with the mind, is sort of strange way and these companies that may these pills will have you believe that it's safe and it's 'cause, you don't die. So if you don't die is a label. It is safe. Look he we woke him up or
woke up in the morning and we checked his heart rate- everything's fine is blood put, and how do you feel Chris, I feel great? Well, I had a wonderful night. Sleep Ambien is safe, it's safe yeah, but it's not necessarily safe. I mean whether it's a there's possible potential repercussions for doing that. Shit and one of them is- is something happens to you while you're doing it. I think El Chapo was an ambient. You think. That's why the aliens abducted him. Look this. This is how how easy it is to come in here and talk to you are, and I came in thinking. I don't know what we're gonna talk about. We just talked a month ago. I don't have anything new to talk, so I made a couple in no, haven't haven't gotten either one of them, but we always have shit to talk about it. You really worry about that. Well, I feel bad. I mean if it's just you and me hanging out and Jamie, that's fine, but if there are million people listening in there like that that asshole just on there a few weeks ago. I don't hear his shit again. Don't worry about those people can think about that Those people are really nice. Actually, most of 'em are nice. I've looked asked majority yeah, I mean like
everyone talks about how the internet brings out the asshole and everybody right, but like the people who go to the trouble of rating, my podcast or putting commas they're Fucking Butte, yeah like if I'm feeling down I go, read him like. Oh you guys, love me: it's beautiful, well, you're, giving them something for free. That's awesome cool sometimes, but it's a cool exchange. You know yeah. Actually I think I might have mentioned the last time. I was on that you, you and Duncan had sort of you know when we get together to talk about the future. I'm like the ducks are hassle, but I read this book called future perfect by Steven Johnson and I I got a bunch of books that I was gonna trash right like there's the rational optimist by Matt Ridley and there couple of books that are all like you know. Everything is great and I was like ok I'll respond to these arguments. 'cause. Obviously I'm making a different argument, so I should acknowledge them so
trash met Ridleyi trash Steven Pinker, I trash from other people, and then I read this a future perfect and it's like fuck. This guys right, he's right, he's, makes really good arguments and they're very much along the lines of what you were saying about the power of a new filtered media. That's happening, that's unleashed by the internet, creating these urgent, peer networks that never could have existed before so good ideas can spread really quickly and get capital really quickly. If it's a you know, business sort of our money, distribution, kind of thing, Ann, and therefore things and change like something I'm looking back at every civilization. That's ever existed and they fail fail. They all collapse and they all follow the same patterns, but there isn't this sort of immediate world? global mind, and now there is an as I said earlier, you know homo Sapien Sapiens that hominid that
Is it knows what does it? So it knows it's going to die. The first thing that consciousness becomes aware of is its own mortality right. So when I'm home thing is that when this global mind clicks on, as I think it's happening right now, that's when we dumb aware of our mortality as a species and as a planet, and maybe they something like radical transformative power in that, and we end up living like Joe Rogan and and what I I definitely things: a radical transform form of power of the instant exchanging of ideas and information, because the the good ideas they get vetted not like everybody's ideas, get discussed in about an even know. Podcast ideas like there's some ideas that people no throw out on podcasts and they get debated and everybody gets there so much into city in so much pain, go away, discussion and debate about who's right, who's wrong. It's because I think one of
this is why people with a vested interest in these things. They recognize the significance of exposing ideas for what they truly are and trying to figure out, which ones are which ones are bad and also the reaper, of living in a world filled with bad ideas and bad assumptions that we're all acting on. We all whether it's racism or homophobia or the fuck, in Federal Reserve Fucking two party system, all these things all these things we know by virtue of like exam, sing all the facts, like God, this is not the best way to do this, but this is the system that we're stuck with but when we're making communities and even if they're open, end did online communities of people, exchanging ideas, they're still kind of communities like people. I talk, on twitter or people that I read their facebook posts or there is a community to that, because we are- exchanging information. We all communicating with each other right and there's a community that comes with podcasts as well. I mean the p.
People that are listening to this right now, the millions of people that will get ahold of this conversation there, a part of a community and with not they agree or disagree or hate or love there still in somehow or another there still in some way, communing with each other. We're talking and communicating and everybody has this uh ability now to exchange ideas and the good ones so resonate. And because of that. I think we exchange ideas, involve ideas, an evolve, our own perceptions of things in a much much much quicker way than ever before history of the human race, Quick one, the reasons why I'm so optimistic yeah- and I agree with you and and that's what this book really he really gets into that and examples of it. What's it called it's called future perfect and the author Steven Johnson, and what he talks about Kickstarter and how
you know Kickstarter, two years after it was launched, it was already funding more. The national endowment for the arts wow. You know in two years and I mean you know, you're talking about how things resonate and they happened quicker and I think another aspect of it is that until now the ideas that became powerful had to have market appeal You had to be able to make money from it. Somehow, where is now like here you are here, we push this button. Is I mean, there's nothing to produce these things, his podcast right? They go out if they ideas? Good one million people hear about it that resonates further. It doesn't matter if it's a sellable idea. It just matters. If it's a good idea, whereas before we all the media, was controlled by companies that needed to be making money somehow right it had to have that commercial appeal.
A lot of times, people wouldn't even venture into something like this unless they thought that it was profitable. You know when I got into this. I did it entirely just for fun. I think it's one of the reasons why it's been successful, so I had no no ulterior motive at all like it was just fun. I just thought I have fun would be and we started doing these a long time ago, platform called Justin TV were doing from the crew member Justin TV who extreme from a laptop card. I used to have this a Verizon card. It's taking my laptop, which stream from green rooms in between, shows and would just be a fucking around and talking to the camera, and maybe we don't answer questions or something like that. There is a chat and there Never a thought like hey. This is going to be really profitable. Someday so let's make sure that our guests are only like really acceptable.
Mainstream gas that we know we're going to get a lot of attention and sometimes I'll get complaints about that like how come you keep having your friends or some, enter dude or some comedian or a fighter that I don't know how you can try again. How come you can't get Obama Mark Meron got Obama, you know. How can we, how can we don't get Steven Spielberg fucking, I'm not even trying how 'bout that I just want to have conversations. If I we wanted to have a conversation with Obama, but even know if it is possible 'cause. I think if the fucking Secret serve listen to any of the shit that I've said before that. Probably I'd probably be removed from the discussion, but I I mean I feel like there's some people that I probably could talk to that. I'm not drawn to that I'm not drawn to damn I'm, not I'm not interested in, but if I am interested in them I'll pursue like there's some famous people that I find fascinating, I would love to talk to them.
Hertzog do. I would but not just because they're famous, but if you have a talk, show liver tonight show or Something along those lines. You can't do a show like that and less you have famous people on. That's that's the whole model. That's the only, how to do it and it's someone pitching something right and you don't get to choose as the other problem. If you're the host of those shows and you're a part of multimedia conglomerate like NBC or universal or whatever the fuck it is there bring you all these people. This is MIKE blah blah blah he's got this fucking fast and if you
forty, seven coming out in the you know- and you got to have that guy was like on the set working with Michelle Rodriguez- CALL Matt she's crazy. First of all, we're just like a tight knit family. It's amazing! I got a real big thanks out to Steven Spielberg for blues. You know, like all that bullshit, it's a screw is great. It's nonsense! Nonsense and that's all you're ever gonna get in these little seven minutes sound bites in between commercials and you do the seven that's what we are back. You go to commercial on the sock and tie Toyota will come about Abilify. Do you feel depressed and the next thing you know Bam new guest in the it with a new top forty song, I love apples and if I can, sing a stupid song and then alright. Thanks for coming movie thanks man cruise we got Oprah Winfrey. You know it's like the commas was signs Kim Kardashian all night and you know you're going to watch these famous heads, say non thing say nonsense and that's
although shows are, and that's one reason, the reasons why those shows are. They it's an old model, and I think that model is not going to work in this new world this new world. Computers and the internet and phones in this new world once really from They want to know who the fuck are you? Thank you or don't, like you, you're you Chris Ryan is Chris Ryan. Every time I've seen you talk, you're you and that's what people like that so resonates. They know whether or not they agree with your dick agree with you. They know where you're coming from as a place of honest consideration, and I try to do as well everything I try to do. I try whether I'm right or wrong, if I gay it wrong or I'm clunky or but I'm coming, I'm not trying to be anything other than who I am you know, and I think we all in this together and we're all learning and evolving and growing and expanding our ideas together, and I think one of the beautiful things about podcast is that you get to share this with other people. There's a lot right now that might be listening to this in a truck on the way to somewhere and they gotta fuckin three hours to go and and there
thinking about shedding its enriching their ideas and their expanding their own ideas because of it maybe they're adding something in their head. They thinking. You know why, these guys are right. But you know what else what about this, and then they have their own idea from that, and maybe that could become a fucking business opportunity for them or a book that they right or they start their own podcast. I've gotten fucking hoe, hundreds and hundreds of messages from people. That said they started their own podcast from listening to us that alone, who knows you could name well, some fucking podcasts in that podcast might be the best. And anybody's ever heard before, and it might all come out of you hearing, tangentially speaking or the Duncan Trussell family hour or whatever, and I think that in that sense, like Everybody has a voice now in some really unique way that now for existed before and we were saying about like the guy in the truck, as you were saying that I was thinking, one the things that I really like we are
you're talking about radio lab- and I said I was sort of- I found it- sort of annoying how produced it is I think one of the things that's cool about your show by Show Duncan show these conversational shows that aren't highly Houston edited is that that guy in the truck he's listening to us have a conversation in real time. So it's really easy for him to imagine himself participating right where if you're listening to something where everything is cut in real tight and you know controlled, you can't insert yourself into that world 'cause, that's not a real world. Maybe that's why Radiolab is because I'm so used to this, and I do this so often I'm doing this three times sometimes four times in right, even if we've done five a week on some weeks that when I go to something like radio lab, I could just sit down and absorb the information and also because I think it's so good. It's great this subject matters among it's incredible, but I could see your point like. Sometimes it annoys me when they edit, like someone's in the middle
talking and then they'll explain in a paraphrased way what that guy actually want up saying. Well, how about you? Let him say it like: why do you have to chime in and we missing one thousand and fifteen seconds of his? explanation. Is it too verbose like why you gotta cut in but they're doing it because they kind of like doing that they like being clever with sound, which, let's their art, They are created this thing, like one of my all time, fave is Dan Carlin Hardcore his chart? So amazing, did you see her the newest one good Lord? It might just be that Africa Week just out what was it about about the Assyrians, all my God, oh my god but it's good he's great! Oh he's! Not bad and you've had him on your picture. I love that guy he's a fucking national treasure he makes people think about history in in a way, it's exciting. It's it's you did digest it you know yeah I was. I was uh, taking a walk the other day. I was listening to one of his the series about world war- one oh yeah and that's amazing- something of doom,
yeah, no, that prophets of doom, I think, was the one about ' so it's like a seven seven part series in each ones, two or three hours long, but 'cause I was listening. I was thinking how 'cause I used to think story was boring right when I was in high school there's like half look at history class blueprint for Armageddon yeah all about world war- one? Oh god incredible shit and like the way he tells the story in the details. The research is like this is the most interesting shit I can imagine listening to and the history was well, how hard you have to work to make this boring. Well, I think there's a difference between histamine is one of the reasons why he makes the distinction that he's not a historian. You know he's like and, although I do consider him one, he won't consider himself one because he's so humble, but what he's doing is he's at
the dramatic flair of a professional broadcast and I've really excellent one and a really excellent entertainer and he's Distributing how to use this voice will yeah so good dramatically with his paws when he quotes. You know he changes his voice, fucking good, the new ones, even better than the other ones. I think he's getting better areas that sounds and Danielli Bolelli now is in the ring that history on fire- and he was a first one, yeah yeah, fucking love. That guy and his new podcast is really excellent to the beginning. The first one is just like, so it's uh a story in that he had actually told me on the podcast, and I remember saying what so, if it's any money billion, don't explain it because I don't want to. I don't want to blow any of the suspense in the craziness of the first story, but not
zero, which is kind of when he's explaining it, but episode one fuck that story so twisted when you find out what people were capable of doing to each other. Just a few one hundred thousand and two years ago. Right now we're blowing up people in Yemen, I mean, and they say only ten percent of the people who get blown up are the ones we're aiming at. Ninety percent are innocent by standard yeah. Well, I mean this drones in this book. I'm of just finished with now. The r is that civilization is sick, right civilization itself is a sick system, partly because it's built on the repression of natural urges, and then you know this distortion and all that. So when you look at like all these stories, you know people are talking about the World WAR, one that we don't even know what they were fighting about. You know and the poison in each other and they're blowing shit up and they're, destroying the landscape and it's dropping tons of munitions and all this shit, an orc
Columbus when Columbus landed, you know he's fucking. You know the letter he wrote back to the queen when he first landed in Espanola was like these people are so beautiful and they're! So generous. If you express admiration for anything, they just give it to you and there's food everywhere and fish everywhere and fruit and their beauty swim in there, half naked and they're lovely lovely people with the soldiers we can enslave the entire population. It's like who's
ally, steer, yeah. You know the guy who's like you in these cutting off people's hands because they're not bringing him enough gold yeah. There is no goal and then they're set the dogs on them and watching a rip. Their guts out and slamming babies against trees were the civil wars once when it was all explained in really great detail by some religious person that was involved with that right. That's a look me, the last castle, yeah yeah. What was his position? What was he was a jesuit? Then he wrote the conquest that now that, with the conquest of New Spain was Diaz. That's a really interesting book. That's about the ass, You know they went and took over man Zuma, but De Las Casas was a Jesuit who saw this happening and wrote all these treaties. Treaties is essays,
decrying the treatment of the natives and he his point was like their human beings and we're not treating them like human beings and then some Alveda argued they're, not human beings, they don't have soul, so we're free to do what we want and they had this famous debate at the Vatican between those two respect like: are they human or not? Are they do you know do? Are we justified in treating them like animals and Dylan? process, one but didn't matter. Well. My question is it's pretty much universally accepted that Columbus was a cunt in that he was a horrible evil person, but how did it take us until two thousand and fifteen before we recognize that how the fuck did that get a Monday. Why did we get today? On the same same reason, the fuckin? Those heads are carved into the black hills in South Dakota right. It's like is what we're saying earlier a system once as if as if it's a living thing is system adopts the
systems that perpetuate it. So, let's go away describing it. You know you're an expansive empire system, so you celebrate those who expanded the empire doesn't matter if they were cunts right, because what they did did is something that serve the interest of the system and so on. Trying to get out in this book is that what's up is the interest of the system is not what serves the interest of the individuals within the system? So the fact that You know people often say well. Obviously, the human race is amazing, because you know so successful because look, there are seven billion of us now and there were only one hundred million five hundred years ago, whatever it is, and my argument is like well wait. A minute like There are way more prisoners in America now than they were fifty years ago. Does that mean prisoners are thriving? You know. The fact that there are more of a given species doesn't mean that that individuals with
in that species are living better than previous. Not at all. It's also the same sort of logic. That would say well obvious being a king in being Royle is special in these are special people, that's why they have power over all these other people like know what is the people just don't have any power, for it is only you you're, the king right that they that stupid way of looking at in the system gives you that power- and you just happen to have been plugged into that spot yeah and the idea that this is the only way to do things well. This is because we are the best version like if you want to look at America as far as like activity and innovation and where the best version right now currently on this plan but that doesn't mean this is the best way to do it, and it doesn't mean if we found a planet somewhere that would filled with human beings. That spoke uh, which we should all understand, but they just lived fucking way more harmonious than us. They had no garbage everything was completely recycled. There was never any waste, they kept a very strict
the understanding of their environment and what they were doing to it and how many babies they had and how they treated each other and they never allowed property to exist never allowed extreme depression or any things that we have that we just push aside. I throw pills at or fucking put fences up for. We would go. Oh my god we're retarded. Why didn't we like this. We could live like this in small sustainable groups like these tribes that we were talking about it, we're talking about the way they would take care of village and then everybody would take care of each other and they would live harmonious communities- and it's not saying they don't have disputes, it's not saying they don't disagree about things. Is all people are constantly debating about ideas and they all have their own unique and different perspectives. But when we get to this gigantic group, whether it's three hundred million in America or seven billion worldwide? There's this massive diffusion of responsibility for the the residual effects of our civilization at cigarettes out the window and fucking?
poop in the ocean or whatever it is like. We somehow another, don't feel responsible for all that, although ultimately it comes from humans. If we found some group that had figured that out, we found some planet, It was filled with people that didn't have anything that we don't have. They had computers, they had cars, but they had figured all this other shit out and they just they, disable. This is more important than anything else. We're dealing with. Let's engineer this: first, let's figure this out. First, we would realize that we're living like apes with phones and guns- that's what we yeah like. I had this this joke, part of the joke was about like if we went to the zoo or went to the but we found some rare spot in the Congo and we're uh these chips and they about cell phones and rocket launchers, but all they're doing is taking pictures of their dicks and shooting each other in the face would be like what that does. Are you guys doing, but that is uh. That is us. That is what we're doing. I mean we're, not we're not only taking pictures of our dicks and now it only shooting each other in the face before doing uh. Part of it is a lot of Dick pic.
So there's a lot of people getting shot in the face and a lot of his die robots that are flying around the sky, killing. Twenty percent of the wrong people. Will sex and military are the two main drivers of economics? Right I mean yeah What is Eo Wilson said. He's great biologist. He said human are, the tragedy of humanity is that we have stone. Instincts, medieval institutions and God, like powers technology, that's a beautiful latest grabbing yeah. It's it's a mess. Yeah, I mean what you described like we go to this planet and find these people that very similar to the story that is told over and over and over again at first contact between civilized people. An native people know when I see native people keep in mind. I look at the sticks are the Incas their civilized right. It's it's not
opinion, but they're living in hierarchical, large scale. Civilizations agricultural position by thirteen if right, yeah, they're, they're native, but might not know about a lot of the things that the Europeans knew about, and they probably can they've got out of those and waves and all that so I'm not so because a lot of times people be like. Oh man, you know the as Tex Ritter Heart, I'm not. The Aztecs are the same as the Spaniards right. I'm talking about need a low scale, Hunter gatherer bands, where everybody knows each other right, no matter right and what did you is tribal people often times it live in jungles and things with those desert, food, a lot of resources and there's no fight for resource yeah, because the population is standing and its teddy right right. All sorts of reasons for that, but that's the store You get again and again in this book. I quote this: this Jesuit, who lived with the mountain yeah Indians in what's now Qubec, and he says, like you know,
they really enjoy life and they're, not worried about dying they're, not worried about being hungry because they say the world provides for them. They look around there like gathers food everywhere and he says, like I, to talk to them. They if they get a beaver. They have a feast, even if you know, the the guys next door got a beaver and they're having a feast to and if they get three beavers the have three fees and it is the toll everything's gone and when I say to them like once, you say something for tomorrow. They say well we'll catch something tomorrow and we will but if you don't well, then will be hungry. Don't worry! It's no big deal, there's always enough where they lived in a different world to where there wasn't as massive fucking quantity of human beings that are little pulling everything out of the land yeah. So you need that huge population to support the scarcity mindset where he is one good example of information
distributed in how it's benefiting even the environment. Here in North America, at the turn of the century, there was a a part of a point in time. Well, we had wiped out like a giant majority of the game animals on this planet because, just like they did with the buffalo they just fucking slaughtered. The flow and Buffalo bill is a national hero. All right, you're talking about Colombia, sure for the fucking bill. That's what he's famous for shot him and left him there in a second brought yeah what they do. They took the high it's right. That's all they took that's all they talked, and mostly it was just to starve the Indians right so why they did it yeah, that's why they did it 'cause. They were that's when they were building the railroads across the great plains and the opinions kept kicking their ass and so they're like, Well, you know they're kicking our ass. So let's start him out take away their food so yeah. You know it's also interesting. We haven't reintroduced the Buffalo like the Buffalo.
The one animal that if you look at like different, reintroduce wolves all right and there were two of a lot of great people's dismay, because you're starting to attack livestock, but that livestock in and of itself is one of the reasons why they haven't reintroduced Buffalo, because people are scared 'cause if they bring Buffalo Back Buffalo are beautiful, majestic creatures but say goodbye it all your hey, bitch buffaloes use much less water than cows do much better environmental. They can. I mean they're fucking hardy hardy are, and they can withstand really cold. Oh yeah. Well, they have blankets there built in blankets, but they eat.
Have you seen one like in life all right in only in like a fenced in area, because every kind of like it's not like a moose, it's like how it that's so big, now yeah, bigger, even and will not only that they look like prehistoric, Wally Infirmary- and this is a crazy thing called a muskox yeah. Is that what they have on my in an Arctic? I believe this and they also have 'em in Greenland and people go to Greenlee Hunt these things and they apparently taste Delicious like rib eyes like there Marbled 'cause there's got the long hair right, yeah they, but they look like like star wars seriously, then look like a real animal that just big furry thing. With horns and it's running around in the frozen snowy like what the fuck is that, but These animals can see
Vive in places where we couldn't imagine surviving and they thrive out there and frozen tundra. These big gigantic. You know two thousand pound beasts covered in fur, the like God, it's amazing but won't. My point was that there was a point in time where we had driven uh majority of these animals to extinction now because of the symbiotic relationship, especially like white tailed deer have, with agriculture and human settlement, there's more for deer in America today than there were when Columbus was here right, which is nuts and it's because of intervention. It's because of management is because, like these, these fishing game groups of recognize the the problems and have regulated the amount of hunting that people can do, but also worked really hard to protect habitat. Preserve habitat and that's one of the things with these national forests. In fact, Teddy Roosevelt
is because he was an avid outdoorsman hunter. He he is the reason why we have these national forests and national parks. He in with great resistance he put that in place, and then he turned on his own class. He was an interesting cat. His my and his wife died on either the same day or the same week, wo yeah. He had a really bad week. It might have been the, but he was back in New York. I think he was a governor or senator an like. His fucking life fell apart and he's from this really wealthy family right, obviously the Roosevelt's they were already very wealthy family and as a way, you know it's a little bit like Wim Hof and as of dealing with his grief, he was, like fuck it I'm out of here. He quit and he went out to like Montana I think and worked on a ranch and he was a sick kid which
why he sort of like overcompensated in away with all the macho- and you know all this stuff and he put on that ranch and that's where he really fell in love with the natural world, and you know became this and then he went back and became secretary of the Navy. I think, and- fought in the spanish American WAR, and you know his political career took off from there. Any established independent party wasn't like the Buffalo Party or something like that. Wasn't that one of those times that he ran for President yeah it wasn't. Buffalo, though, is like the bull moose the bull, moose right, yeah, that's right! and he and me or were friends who is John here again great naturalist, who wrote about Semite and convinced Roosevelt to make Yosemite National Park. Maybe the first now isn't it ironic that that's probably what's going to kill every single person on this entire continent when Yosemite blows
mother for using in Yellowstone yells the answers to and for whatever reason, easy, yellow the? Why yeah that? That's a that's a god, damn terrifying to me! Yeah! That's a big one! That's that's! Pretty cool I'd love that shit. Did you see that storm yesterday? Oh yeah, I'd like I'd like when nature just says you you know it was that was barely a you those again now, but for LA that worry whether LA was like this I was. I was sitting up in the so Ho House, even up there in Hollywood. No, I never have it's pretty cool, it's like that's the top floor of, and it's up on the hill anyway. So you can see all the way to the outside world, the rich people they become like club members of this place, and it's like of status, symbol, spot yeah, what you get in there, because I have richest
S friends, what is it like? In there? It's cool, it's nice and they're, no cameras allowed. So like what happens if you put your phone? Well, that's what happened yesterday when that storm system came and helped usher, you picture, you know when we when we finish, but it was so be because it was really late and the sun was like right on the horizon and he's crazy. The clouds came in really quickly and then it was raining and the and there were rainbows and, like you know the when the rays of the sun come down, and you know something Jacobs Ladder, I think it's called. So everybody was like pictures and all the waiters are like no photos, no photos and everyone's like fucking There were Donald MIKE. I was just so rebellion Yahoo yeah, but and then for celebrities yeah. I want to do it right because in one people like surreptitiously Mccullough, Jr ruins
talking to someone, but it's so hard when you have a phone with a camera, and everyone has a phone like everyone's phone. As a camera you're not supposed to pull out the phone in the place that you can go out on the terrorists where you can smoke and whatever and talk and text or whatever, so they ask you when you go there, please do not use your phone while you can you text, while your eating, I don't think you're supposed to have your phone out of your pocket in sign, but everybody's got a computer. They have a computer, yeah everybody's working it's a place where you can go and work all day. There really is it's like a lounge chair, really yeah you can get some food have a coffee shop. Is a restaurant is a like a restaurant as well. I thought it was yeah. There's a right in the in the back. There's a restaurant area, but the main thing like there's a pool table there, yeah really that's it like a cool place to hang out but we're all the like she. She people hang out. Well, honestly, I mean I probably been there five or ten times an you know. I can
remember, seeing anyone that I recognized as being the same wealthy folks, I think it's people in the are business. So there are a lot of producers and scream screenwriters, and you know some we'll go in there whatever, but I think the idea it's not like. My impression, anyway, is that it's not about like going and being seen it's about going and not having to deal with the shit but still being in public. You can be in public, people will be cool, they respect your privacy, hang out and work. You can have meetings there. You can do your business there or whatever and uh. So it's a network there's one in New York, there's one in London or yeah. I've heard of them before, but I've always thought they were just like like hobnobbing silly, spot. So, since you know me Joe, I could probably talk to someone and get you. I don't want to go. Number of the comedy store, doesn't only want to go to
There's this weird thing about being in that sort of a circle of like privilage, folks that I try to avoid as much as possible. As long enjoy that a little too much and it becomes like something that they they they just become something a little too precious to them yeah, I don't get that vibe there, but maybe I'm just not paying attention well, I'm only getting it third hand through people that know people that go there that want to become a part of it and they talk about him like what is this? What I realize I can't be in this conversation. I gotta get outta here feel that way about Americans. Actually, when I'm in spain- and I hear american accents, I'm like yeah, I'm going to go down here- nothing against americans- but you know when I mean I don't know if I'm resonating but you're talking about, but it's like. I know world too. Well, I'm not here yeah to be in that world. I I want to be in another world. I also think that there's a certain amount of reaching for for things that some folks will do
when they achieve a level of financial success and they still feel like empty. So they want some sort of. Exclusivity, so they like to go to the admirals lounge. You know I mean at the airport and you don't I mean like this- I think they give your hats you don't mean it sure sure there's like exclusive things that make them feel special and becoming IP lounge yeah yeah. I want to get a bottle service behind the velvet rope boo Well, that's when you know you've you're a sucker for it. That's when you're hooked, people love that velvet rope ' right there. I can't even get through it. Look at it's a barrier. It's like a force will tell you what the guy I was with he's. Really good friend he's a wonderful guy grew up in Hollywood. He's right now, he's homeless he's given up his apart.
'cause he's doing this movie about dolphins, so he's down in Florida lot of times and then he's in Mexico and he's doing all this stuff, and I'm not. I hope I haven't said enough to give him away, but he's like he's. Essentially I was giving him shit he's a pussy vagabond he's like sleep with different women. Every night stand houses, gross, no they're, all friends and they'll know is they all know about each other, so he's not lying to anyone, but he's right. Now, when I'm in la I don't really need an apartment, I can stay in a hotel if I want to, but usually I'm sleeping with one of my friends and then I go to the Soho House and that's where I work. It's like. I that's a pretty good system. You know and and get this he is a computer. He works there and then he's off to Miami to do some more filming. I have a buddy who's. A a wealthy man, real estate guy in his house, is basically a hostel for re, really hot semi like send
homeless. Girls like a Charles Manson without knowing no, I don't know because, like it's always like some new one, the new this is living with them and they almost always have like a little dog and the like to just get kicked out apartment. No, you could stay with me and I want staying with him, and it's like this battle? Yes, he's an older guy and he was like shit it's hard for him to. Lock down. You know occasionally does get to fuck him up, but sometimes I'm like dude, you gotta get away from or what are you doing, she's fucking, but that's what he does he has one after another of these, like semi homeless, girls that don't have any you should go and they went up staying with him and they're, usually really hot and that's the currency. That currency is there pretty and but you know, symbiotic in a sad squared away. Yeah do we have Video about Father, Yad Father! God talk about that. It's called the the source family. He was this dude all you should that's a really interesting. So
this documentary yeah it's a document. I think it's called the source family so father yard? Was this dude who started the first vegetarian restaurant in America? It was in Hollywood and it became like a place where Goldie, hawn or something I don't know, people in their 60s were going and it you know Dennis Hopper and that kind of scene right and then became a cult and he ended up like basically marrying like thirty women or something. But he was this big charismatic dude. He was like Charles Manson without the nastiness right check out the movie it. Okay, all your mind, I will tell you that an anymore because, like it takes, turns that you don't see coming and it tells you a lot about what LA was like in the sixties and seventies. Well, well, I was like I mean the whole country is thrown on its head in the 60s, like no one knew what the fuck to expect assumes that acid marijuana got into the system, Post, Vietnam or actually
during Vietnam. During Vietnam, the whole system went wacky yeah and he was I mean you relay to him in some ways: 'cause he was like physic. He was a really serious dude like he was a green baret. I think, and he had killed a couple of people and then He like spun out into drug addiction or alcohol or something, and then he got his shit together, but he was just so fucking charismatic that, like people just get around him all the time and but that, if you watch it will talk further, I don't want to say anything else. 'cause one really is our Netflix or yeah, I think so apple, yet somewhere out there hi to the source, found source family and also that Werner Herzog thing and counters at the end of the world. Okay, I'm right I mean I'm, I don't mean to be given the homework job. I like homework, that's a you like her suck. This same pad has Sierra in China. From the last time you were here like my friend, not yeah, Mirasierra land is this year
when Christmas ones. Here no, I mean I guess I haven't been writing that many notes. I mean there's other notes that aren't from here Oh I'm honored many you're, taking some what I said at the end of the world. What is it encounters? Yeah furniture see the one about the cave art. Turn off in 3d. You know I've, into Lasko in the real cave, really yeah. They let people crazy here only with official invitation from the french government yeah, because the people affected with you're breathing paper, yeah yeah. That was crazy day man that was that was so. It doesn't like looking at those things in person and knowing that someone forty thousand years ago or whatever the x25 in Losco, but some of them? Some of them are forty but they're writing this wall that long ago, it's like a bowl right. It's a bison and it's like his big is that wall behind you, it's like three
or four meters long and maybe two or three meters high and it's red ochre, it's just it's. Ordinary because, like as her talk shows in that movie, they use the contour of the rock to accentuate the in terms of the body of the animals. So like there Bulge in the rock and that's in the shoulder of the bison in the fucking amazing. But I'll tell you that Lesco it's a real honor to be invited, and it was only because I was with Stanley Krippner and Stanley got us invited his assistant. Doing he's already is in China right now What is unstoppable, they invite him every year to go to China and and speak about shamanism. I think wow he is an interesting guy, was really fascinating when you brought him in here, he's really fascinated by listening his words and I'm really glad you did that too 'cause he's, you know he's eighty five or something is not good. And forever, but He's really underappreciated 'cause he's done, he's published twenty five books and seven hundred scientific papers, and
you know, but he never sought no media or anything, but he was on the Johnny. Carson show a few times he really about what well, he was the guy. He was like the go to guy in the late 60s early 70s when you talking about psychics, so I would go on with the amazing kreskin. You know remember that raising crashing with spoon bending and all that, so they would have Doctor Krippner to sort of You know, monitor the experiment and you know try to catch Kreskin and lay his trickery and all this stuff and so yeah. Joke- was Stanley that his rolodex has like three people under the amazing, the amazing Randi, the amazing Kreskin and some other amazing and her Amazing Randy is a fascinating cat too, because he sort of set out to try to disprove as much of that shit as possible. Even though that's how he started out well he's a magician as Stanley yeah yeah, so magicians are re,
be skeptical because they make a living tricking people. So they know how easy it is to do when I did that a Sci FI show we had this guy on his name is Banacek and he's fuck. Sing, amazing, at that shit, amazing I mean he did the spoon bending thing right in front of my. I couldn't figure out what the hell he was doing, but he's super adamant about what he is. What I'm doing is just tricks right. These are tricks of any path. This is, I can't tell you how I'm doing it, because this is my thing right and I'm I'm. You know making a living doing this, but I'll tell you right now: it's bullshit, I'm really good at this whole set, but it's bullshit but I mean he was amazing and when he would pull information out of people about their childhood and guess things and explain where they came from and like I was just like mind blowing and I'm like how fuck are you doing this wouldn't say, but he, Ok, I'm not telling you I'm doing this, but I'm telling you right now, I'm not psychic. This is all fakery, it's all bullshit, but he would get furious.
We would like the long island medium or one of those shows where they had people and tell them about dead. Relatives he's like this is that, since these are crooks, these are these. Are these people or like they're, ruining people they're stealing money from people with their trickery in from people who are grieving, dad only herbal I had come. How low can you get a that's the saddest shit about people that that go after folks that are hurting you know like with their Lawson, then they say he's talking to you from behind beyond the grave. I feel like reaching out to you and he's happy with where you are, and he just wants you to do something you're about to do is or something you think about doing. All this is business project. Yes, that's that's it! That's it in the monsters. Okay then extrapolate from that to the american Medical system, where thirty percent of all Medicaid is spent in the last month of people's lives. Not really the amount, I think so. Mushrooms grow mushrooms. It's given that a fraction is that
What is it when you're doing a hip replacement on a ninety year old, blind, lady fucking? Again, you know or now it now there's this experimental treatment. We can try on grandma. You know it's going to like all her hair is going to fall out and she won't be able to see, but you know will get forty thousand dollars from your insurance company. It's the same thing. You know it's so fucking in that sense. In that it's in the in the dying people that mean there's a there's, a lack of a accepting of the futility of the body failing but didn't they just pass assisted suicide in California or the other the ability of Jerry Brown Door signed it. I think that's important too, because I think we put our dogs down when a dogs are sick and in Suffolk, and we know that there are fifteen years old and there's no there's. No positive ending to this, but we don't with people we make people like naturally rot away- and I know there's this- there's a potential for fuckery and for people that one inheritance money and you talk your elderly, dad who's got all
farmers into signing over some will just before you fucking off him, there's a lot of that. That's real! It's one hundred percent! I know a guy who found out that his own brother had talked his mom into signing a fucking new. Will and they had a fight him in court over it while his mom sick, his mom, was like she's some sort of a neurological disorder and she's completely out of it, and he did this while his mom was sick. He was taking care of his mom and he had to hurt me who's. Fucking service is horrible, horrible people out there that do do things like that, and they could do something like that and then put someone down. But on the other hand like what would you want someone to just suffer in fucking, complete and total agony for the remaining five months six months, their life, so that you can rest easy in the fact that they were with God they went out naturally, under the runaway fighting. You know, after a long fight with like, why is fighting
so admirably what happened to like gracefully, accepting the fact that we're all mortal, especially it's not like well Grandpa fought it, and then he lived forever. He won he won. He went back in time. Now is twenty, and now grandpa is getting younger every year. It's so strange! He just started compete in gymnastics something he's going to stop shaving soon. What about what about her? Basically sealed stainless steel, caskets yeah! That's what's up with that like why exactly! Is it that your ceiling out or in I'm not sure what which way the seal wanna preserve him from nature, Do you want me like this? A whole asset ashes dust to dust? Don't you want that? You want them to be absorbed by the earth. The only do the the there, the skin that so to be useful, and maybe a tree will grow underneath the more will see that that's what I'm saying about American Culture dabbed outright deny anger bargaining, depression, acceptance
I think that strangers stuck, but do you think that chain? I do and I think, largely 'cause this conversations like this yeah. You know, I think, largely because of people being able to communicate with each other and express how futile that is and ridiculous. That is ' 'cause. That's the kind of thing. If you know, if your parents, grandparent is your husband or wife is facing this kind of thing and you're you're thinking fuck, you know I could put the dog down. I can't help my wife, right, yeah, you know in peace now, you're not going say that to anyone. You get arrested, you'll get ostracized, but we can say it publicly Some people somewhere says it. This is the truth like in the book. I I quote from doctors and you look at how how what choices doctors make for themselves when they're dying for us is what they recommend to their patients completely different yeah. You know that they have is crazy,
they know. Cpr rarely does anything when you're eighty years old and you have a heart attack, Sapt you know, might keep you pumping. Long for another couple of weeks, but you have brain damage, broken ribs and you know excruciating pain. Cpr works great in movies, and actually I quote, those stats on tv, the you know, the number of people who go home and lead a healthy life after receiving CPR is like ninety five percent and in real It's like six percent yeah. So it's it's a funny. So funny we're getting back to the people you're saying who off you know, sign this and then often whatever the question, I I was like are we are we making? There are creeps? Who will do that shit right? There are situations that are really ugly but by our refusal. The openly talk about this stuff and make these things available. Are we empowering them or not? ' 'cause. The assumption is that they would have more power, but I think if you have an open
result, conversation about these things in a government that acknowledges that sometimes the right thing to do is to help someone die without pain and the biscuits funded a lot, and I think that this enables those people it disempowers them, because then grandmas get it when she still got her shit together is going to be more open about talking about it. There's going to be more advanced directive signed people are going to be. You know it's like sex when, where the abstinence, only programs- those are the states where the most STD's are most pregnancies- teen pregnancies right. So you used to talk about it. You just make it worse, yeah that it only makes sense in that sense and that's a double, but I think that what's going on now, that is never existed before is that our culture is not just being shaped by whatever media is projected for along this time our culture was shaped by the people that surrounded us. You know that's why leaders were so important right and then tribal cult
tribal elders and shamans in the people that lived a long life and learned you could listen to them and they can x. I mean these experiences that they've gone through and perhaps you're going to go through. Rites of passages were also very important for the same reason like you've got going to go through something to experience something, and then you have a greater understanding of the world because of that an for the wrong this time in our in our most recent history. You know it's long as time for us pretty recent the last few one hundred years. It was either a books that gave us a depiction of the world and we kind of learned from that and simple. This is obviously how the world goes or the became motion, pictures and television and father knows best, and you know all these different shows that sort of gave us this idea or ideal of what life is all about, and that's where we've formed our vision, our version of reality, but now it's different, like
Now our version of reality is being formed by conversations are version of reality is being formed by people communicating with each other. It's just a completely different sort of expd parents, because now you're, seeing a broader, wider sort of conversation going on with whether or not this just eve. Movements are extreme like like whether it's paid or- it's animal rights organizations or gay. Organizations or trans rights or whether these, like these black lives matter, these uh these all these different groups that have like way broader reach with activism It was never possible before, like the, if you don't have a guy like Martin Luther King, a charismatic leader that could speak up and give beaches. I have a dream. I couldn't have that guy with the fuck else. Do you have so few voices, but now
for anyone with a concept or an idea that resonates with other people. You can make a tweet and that we can go viral and that viral tweak and shape the way people look at a certain subject. You could write a facebook blog or a tumblr blog or make a short youtube. Video and people could watch that video and see your perspective. God Please write Chris Ryan made a great point there and then they exchange it and they spread it on him. Money send that mother fucker some cash paypal that do some cash. The Nick time where we can all sort of we can all aid. In shaping our culture, we can all Aiden shaping our view of the world that we live in, that just wasn't available before yes wasn't available when you get a mimeograph, a million pamphlets and pass them out best, you become one of those people that shapes it for everybody else like you, because your circle, even if you make a movie you know or if you make write a book, but even then the movie is going to be sent.
By the money right You can make an independent movement with twenty thousand dollars in your fucking Iphone. You know it's crazy, yeah, you don't! Even then you could do it through a gofundme e or a kickstarter. Some shit, you don't need anybody's help- I mean so we live in a weird weird time. It's it's amazing, but I feel like we appreciate it or can't recognize how insanely transformative it is because we're a part of it. I think, like one day, in the future they'll look back at the 21st century and they'll look back particularly at the time from you know the year two thousand, I think, maybe even two thousand and one maybe September 11th would be like a tipping point because of all the chaos that went along with that, and they will get the amount of change that's taken place in the last fourteen years in September 11th, and they go. This fucking put this with what a whirlwind of change and ideas in transformation and in the middle of it,
we're just in the middle of it, with our iphones and your fucking youtube and periscope, and all this crazy shit is going on and we're not even realizing how bizarre it is well I mean, I don't know how you're younger than me, but I remember in one thousand nine hundred and ninety two I lived in San Francisco and I had a computer, a Compaq and the internet was starting when I was in graduate school, and I had come from Spain to graduate school in San Francisco and the injured, starting and and this graduate school didn't want to incorp create the internet. They were like now that you know it's bullshit right and I was like, if you guys, would use this. I go back to Spain. You know like that. My ideas like this is to be big. This internet thing you know not that even then that would be like a global thing. Well, I thought I mean I was thinking of it in terms of my own life because I wanted to be back in Spain. I was living with a spanish woman. She missed her family and, like we were,
You know I want to get an american degree, but I I really like live. In Spain, and she wants to give it, and I was like if I could like submit paper. This way and the professors could answer through the internet. We could like do this whole thing and I could be in Spain right and I read we're getting really frustrated that they were just like that. This isn't going to happen. That the difference between you and me with me when First on the internet, it was one thousand nine hundred and ninety four all I did was Download UFO Report
ca porn. I was looking for porn. I was looking report, but it was frustrating 'cause. It was like click, click and then click line click. Oh there's nice top of her breasts, and I was single and living by myself. So I just would go to the dvd store fucking brush those beads aside, like a gangster either prime or rent them indoors, only room yeah. Sometimes they had saloon doors the doors apart and go into that everybody would feel so guilty in the porn section, Jerry C Airport movie in a theater with little man in Reno. No, I took my girlfriend in high raincoats well yeah, they really shaky boots. I had this super hot cuban girlfriend in my last year of high school, and we went to a dirty movie, I think was Debbie does Dallas. So that's how old I am and
yeah, I remember taking her in, and I remember just like it was like you know like taking out, chunk of seal meat into a shark tank? You know it's just like dude, just like yeah, we'll one alive one there. It is uncle our destiny right there. You ever see that when deep throat came out it was essentially viewed as a cinematic film. It wasn't like porn and wasn't really a thing. There was stag films which were just like these weird weird clip '
sun. Sixteen millimeter, the Jack Nicholson, standing in line in Times Square Johnny, Carson yeah, there's a there was a famous photo of Johnny Carson and all his people dressed up really nice and they're waiting in line to go see her throat. Have you seen the documentary inside deep, thorough, now yeah? Well another one yeah, I'm expecting a report Monday morning by this on the one with Lindsay Lohan right now inside she Thursday. It's a documentary about exactly what you're saying about the cultural moment that deep Throat presented and how yeah isn't Lindsay. Lohan played that girl in a movie that very few people watched Linda Lovelace, yeah, yeah, poor, Linda Lovelace, 'cause. She then became a tool of the feminist movement. She did yeah she and then she claimed that she had been raped and that the whole thing she didn't enjoy any of it in data, and then
the end of her life. I think she was diagnosed with can't friend at the end of her life. She was like now that was bullshit. You know these people convinced me to say that, but really I was just having fun and it was sucking a lot of dicks no big deal. Well, you know, oftentimes people do become tools of groups that have these ideologue principles in NAM and not go with the idea of the idea of the feminist movement, like the the the the real problem that a lot of people have. Is that there's some women that are involved in that that really don't like men and their opposed to men and their opposed? There was one woman who is a part of things called Google ideas or something like that. But she had this twitter page. You know shoes argument, people on Twitter and one of the things she said is I eat men for dinner or right men for breakfast, like you think, I'm scared. I eat men for breakfast and everybody
what what it? What would you say that, like all men like not even about even say that, like you measure of a man, said that of a man in any position of power like and she was, I believe, what the I in a patent, I'm too poor understanding what's going on, but I leave that she was brought in to sort of bring more die versity to this project. They were doing you know this idea and then bring in a feminist perspective was going. You know, balance things out a little bit, which is always a good idea, but when you read something like that like, if even if that's not really her intention, just having that perspective, having the perspective of you know, I eat men, breakfast breakfast, you would never say I I'm assuming in a nice way, come see. Norcum I mean hey, that's that's not bad. I like women who Antman for breakfast, you know good morning, blowjob, there's the half asleep blowjob is a beautiful thing. It's going away, it's like the Dover,
drilling it's like the wood and our. If we don't stop putting down these trees, we're not talking about the either, though yeah, because then you're not even there, for what takes a special kind of passion, and I think some people just don't have that for each other, well and I think when you're half asleep, you can sort of enjoy it more yeah. No joyless axed more when you need cuddling together and then someone just decides to start something like. Are we doing this right? What you doing I'll just sort of lie here- sometimes that's fun too yeah, sure sure I did not consent. Well, there's like a lot of madness now to sex. They want their. Something they were handing out too young. So since now where they were saying that you, you literally have to get consent, they were. They were saying that they should. You should get consent every ten seconds during any sex act. I'm sure there's an app. You know necessary asker, every ten seconds yeah if she's
enjoying. Do you consent to this match shove it in harder? May I go faster, you know, may I pull it? and then put it back in again. May I may I rub it on the outside. May I tease you man, we live in a world world Well, it's America to have you been to Spain? No! Never you gotta come visit, man, wife Even it's not it's only thing. It's really America. I think it's what we were talking about earlier about these small groups of people that have these ideas and their very, very passionate about spreading these ideas. And these ideas don't necessarily have to be good, but they have to have a bunch of other crazy people that believe in them people to convince Lindelow Lovelace into saying that she was raped and you know the feminist movement that co opted. Her ideas did you I don't I mean they. They didn't do it because, is they were calculating and evil and they had some grand plan to ruin it for everybody else. They probably and because they were nuts and there's a lot of other nutty people out there that agree with you. I tweeted something or one the other day that someone tweet did.
And it was so fucking ridiculous that it made me go what the fuck I don't even know what to say, but it was about abortion and the the tweet was something like a bore, ocean isn't just about. Women because is not everyone who gets pregnant. Is a woman hum. I'm not sure. I get that one because Tran these people can get pregnant. So a woman who identifies with being male can also get pregnant, an abortion rights for her to him him. Sorry, whatever yeah I'll, read you the region, the exact tweet, because it's it's fucking gardening it's fucking, crazy. It just doesn't even make any sense. We find it. You found already Jamie here. It is right here. I found it right here
This is abortion, access, isn't just a Womans right, not all pregnant people or people who can get pregnant or women. What in the fucking actual fuck Hillary bullshit, but but that you can get bunch of people and go yes. You're amazing, which it is if we just was amazing- no, you said his horse shit. I think, you're a man doesn't mean you're a man. Well, you were off were often a weird weird tangent here, but that's What's going on Jermaine Greer gotten a lot of trouble for saying that you know she is yeah: yeah Well, Unix she right yeah. So she, that she's like look. You can call yourself whatever you want, but to me you're, not a woman, yeah and everybody's, like wild. Dare you to hate hate language language? Is your fucking opinion? Will not only that, like God, damn it? Why do we assume that when people say something nutty that they're crazy and almost every single avenue, except for gender for Jenn,
there would just accept anything, will just accept back and forth, there's a guy that they did it. Speaking of radio lab an amazing piece and the guy barely out of his fucking mind when you listen to him talk, but he flips back, and forth from being male and female all day long, and they were talking about it like it's. It's very unusual thing, it's very rare, normally with trans gender. They live in. One Saxon believe there another, but this person goes back and forth, but when you listen to this person talk you well, this is not a stable human being and it's quite possible there out of fucking mind but consider it because it's gender, if they thought they were a fox of they believe that you were born in the ocean of Merpeople. You would you would say well this guys out of his fucking mind, but because he's talking about gender, he can say. Well now, I'm a man I'm a I just turned. I just turned so the station and in the
all the conversations like I just flipped like they asked him something uncomfortable I'm jack. Now I just flipped, like oh you're, fucking crazy, oh you're, crazy, crazy person, you believe you're male and female. Back and forth. Like ping pong balls fuck, you thank you for putting this on the on the air. Thank you for saying that there is a god damn it yeah. We have time. James is somewhere out time, God you been podcasting all fucking smash three hours. We did it again, sir. Out of the park and tangentially speaking is available on Itunes was website again. Chris Ryan Chris, during phd dot com yeah, and the new book will be how long before it's all edited exam blacked out next summer, yeah discuss coming out yeah only sixteen seven or eight months, yeah yeah, hey, yeah, all right, hopefully before Trump becomes for alright. Well, next time you will you leave in December. We could fucking.
I have one more of these bitches ensure we could talk about it I'll, do my homework and will have a lot to talk about. Alright thanks brother appreciate it as always fun. Alright, my friends will be back soon till then go fuck yourself, doctor Chris Ryan is up at mother, fuck fucker, that's right, and now you know. Thank you to doctor Chris. Thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to draft kings. That's right! You fucking savages draft kings Dot com! Go there this weekend, you can play. Daily fantasy MMA for free during UFC Fight night. If you use the code word Rogan. Alright, that's right! We're also brought to you by stamps dot com go to stamps dot com use the promo code, Jr E4Uh, four, week, trial, plus one hundred and ten dollars bonus offer, which includes free postage
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