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#733 - Judah Friedlander

2015-12-09 | 🔗
Judah Friedlander is a stand up comedian and actor and his new book IF THE RAINDROPS UNITED is available now on Amazon -- http://amzn.to/1Oj8IPZ
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the job experience of no longer and more alive ladies and gentlemen no regional levels judah freelance fuck about levels we here to learn how to peter the bloody events rising up in our world champion dude oh yeah sure as it in silence which ah you greece de berries actually the severed shrunken fists of my deceased opponents velvet onto my hat and now is that a real weathered had or did you prematurely whether now this is i ve been wearing us had for years really here so am i keep saying should retire at known or not i keep where night there's its vintage now its clarity spent through battle has been through war you know what you could do that for sure is you could sell those like the ones that you've worn for a long time and people would gobble it up maybe yeah you know like those who egypt
and humiliate tricks is now has a lot of girls there then make a living selling their old socks and they ll sell like various bodily fluids and extreme gesture to dude who have a thing for that year we have this girl sierra lynch on recently in she educated us on this this world but so we want it's like vented shopping but with a more personal touch to my cape spin i'm here so you wrote this book which is how to beat it anybody yet i was five years you gotta came out now and instructional karate book nice someone around over you actually study well doubt that this this book is is basically a spoof of people i think there are great out at butter horrendous added its basically do not teach habit of ninjas and big foot but it's kind of like the worst mars
large instruction possible and its worth two already page photo job book basic then yeah this is a new book i just came out caught if the in drops united which duplicate drawings and cartoons that i did mostly single panel cartoons and most of them are comedy but i'd say bobby forty percent the ones that are comedy arcs kind like dark satire on big issues whether it's like a yet our honest tits lying tell yet that's a big issue that's a big issue out there it has to do with the nipples you pinocchio yeah i was basically economic i was told for animals you know that that's definitely not one of the more social commentary ones in there but i do like that one is a good one i do like lying nipples also i am nothing wrong with them they're like all naples and i'll meet you i'm a fatal discriminate yeah i've heard people say
like you were given the small nipples like really pale aerial just be happy to see thing happens answer something we can call that white privilege what's gonna monetary assets exactly what it is but it's like now it whenever i hear people what about like a social like you know it's like you already getting laid what are you complaining about exactly you know it's like you can't complain about sign is due to the who's in a wheelchair display wheelchair peace play pool and like a plain tournaments stuffy whose like always physical problem really unhealthy and was it wheelchair earnest do too reasons are ok gotcha yes he was you know as a physical specimen use a mass but he was addicted to prostitutes he would only oh for once that had really well taken care of feet ok and
had this huge issue like someone's feet were too big a horror of their feet like you like free at about feet he would killing almost angry in you wanna go do you should be happy than anybody wants is hug you yeah give you could pick up a hundred bucks in a girl get naked with you woe and that's a score that's so story we really gonna like give respect to the people that work in the sex industry i have a lot of respect for them because people are they not build donna stand what a difficult job that is unthinkable the woman who goes to him you know she's being paid to please him you smell like yeah and then her foots like an inch too long and these man yeah thanks you know that's that's that's that's or a hassle than being a barrister at some coffee place or some like that way in our way more say this worker thing is a real it's a real issue with our puritanical culture and we
this is prejudice against people that have sex with people for money we don't and we don't have it with any other thing we enjoy don't have it with people to cook for people for money or people too massages for money or cut people's hair do better things people don't necessarily one i have i have more respect for the sex workers because if you think about it were a capitalist society there more capitalist than the rest of us there there well no sense in other there their use their body for to make money you know what's wrong with a sense there athletes example they definitely on although they are they are its cause where they still illegal though it really is weird i mean point become stupid if it's a thing that everybody wants the most of you across the board would have people design more than anything at a certain time and their life it's going to be sacks yes its food and rest and shelter and our own
wants to have a comfortable life and good friends are less but everyone whose sexually active whose body works its functional they want acts even people whose bodies aren't functional they still want that and if you look at advertising for no matter what product it is it's usually sex is the the they subtext of what their cell yeah so here someone that's openly and honestly selling it and then yes they get discriminate against luggage of the law does that mean there's task forces designed to new hampshire them the elders of thick my friend brian cowen i think he's told the story in the podcast before he was talking to some girl in front of a club and in new york gm varieties essay he's a silly goose and ass some girls were but he's like a girl's like hey you davies like a day or how much would that cost and she's any now and she said you know how much you how much would you be willing to pay your tenth
in dollars he got up in four that they did like literally women caught up yes yes like he said ten thousand dollars recently nuff years ago ok i was gonna say because like street hookers you done really see in new york anymore but ira amber like twenty years ago you know it is going to like the corner delhi and girl comes up to me and she's like high you want to date and i was like for in other words first i would have been made i was like i'm like unlike forceful what's going on and then very lies pretty quickly but the woman's a hooker and unlike that's ok with a heart wishy shrewsbury hung himself you if if she wasn't a hooker she's just a person i thought you were attractive let me talk to your yeah but i'm not german forbes rohingya yes i like how let what level like how amanda level landfill teenage girls tat of is different than mine mine minds caught a different
i don't know how he is mentally works but there's different kinds of ocd and add mind goes through various phases like some people will be a neat freak because are they might lock their door five times because they're afraid they oh maybe i forgot to lock it and then someone's going to break in but there's another kind where if you don't lock it like doing it like the exact mean the commotions you're supposed to then something bad happened that day long ragged i want you might well you might get cancer if you dont locked the door properly so that why so that's why you might look at ten times it's i think you'll get some kind of a hecksher geeks on you think that i have sporadically often on nevada four years sporadic
in various vs sometimes comes and goes you no one is when does it go when you're feeling great about life and everything is going well and you sometimes sometimes you think ok something's bands gonna happen now because things are going well i want to show you that way or the other way that lake when things are going well you think one off toward the hacks right now now usually it's when i'm not busy in your mind because my mind is kind of always racing you know so if you're just you're unable to just sit back and relax then you're mine it just keeps racing and if it gets on a negative thought it just you know spirals inspires spirals and spiral so common a modest comics that though we were just talking about that yesterday with whitney coming she is like a kind of a similar thing we're shasta constantly be active constantly be doing
and i'm the kind of the same way i was doing something you're right it s like it is that a comedian thing like what the hell is that the auto now i mean like i like sometimes when i'm exhausted and stretched out i will go out to the comedy clubs and do two or three shows in one night and people say why are you doing that might cause it's actually the most axing thing i do it's like one stage for whatever reason that's where most comfortable one also its really fast the idea and people people forget it's a hell of a lot of thought i got a chance to see taken a partial azure arrow and jim jeffreys last night what a fuckin show cats hignett tomorrow is whole areas so first i've seen her life she's really fuckin fund where was a shot at the improv calcium jeffreys was fucking whereas and all my god natasha azure oak killed he's got this opera bit i was screaming so funny man so far but i like to do stand up
it's like it's you know the being requires concentration and you have to work out an honor could stuff but when it's when you ve got bits and on your actually like you know in the you're in the zone and going well it's so fine a pizza and people have a great time that's the most fun thing i do so again what i would most like to do the area so that only makes and i've never like cancel the chauvinism tired and on the other thing is like you know i feel tired when i'm leave my house i fucking fire yeah shown an hour but once i get there forget about when you're on stage slowing everything's firing yeah it's like them when you're off you wanna go up again it's such a beautiful exchange too in particular i feel that way about like hollywood clubs because getting any money same with new york in new york city don't that those are the two cities kind of probably in the world you know that where
in general when you're working those two cities on a nightly basis were there's multiple comics per show your basically your basic working for free or virtual money so you're you're doing it for love of it and their manners and everyone's do and are also because it's like these diseases is fuelling stations like the seller stand or the store in these places we go and all the other comics are then we all kind of fuel the fuel up you know also comedy is something you can't practice is not like it or you can get at home stay at home they really fucking the charge by my yourself all day good heart but stanhope you have to go on age otherwise you're not doing stand up yeah you have to go on stage also when you work out bits because they take the tick a life of their own up there i got
a bit out and i'll have a goal i got a great new bit i can't wait to try it for it but when you're on stays fucker just takes turns of its own yes i think it's because your minds least for me like my minds and like hyperdrive when i'm on states i might like i always carry around like a little you know little sheets of paper with like that's your needs yeah i know it's like a few like words on it or something drawn them too near year in iran while these are just some random letters diseases and did so penises why now that's a tongue but it looks like a peanut butter but yes i like al usually have a thought or like a sentence or be illegal one liner right then i get on stage and then it'll what's it gets forgets laugh then i immediately i'm thinkin art how to extend this and take it in another direction and get another laugh why do you do have a ritual it while you write a non paper when you put it in your phone i don't know pet is always more dependent paper person i am
try to remember shit like before every sat i have no book that with me everywhere when i do shows and before every sat like in my hotel room however big show that our right out my bit really why sometimes right on my whole act or spend our wow i usually that's that's good i usually this is usually made before headline in the show like i get there right when this virus like five minutes perform supposed to go on and then as they're saying my name i pull out a piece of paper my pocket is going nothing except i remember vividly a few new things for you i always forget stuff i do that too i mean but the one i'm i feel like that the even though you don't have to do that sort of preparation the sudan front going over material when i do do that everything comes out better yeah now working in either guiana work off stage anon stage but i tend to work a little like at all
so that seinfeld documentary it seems like he works almost completely off you don't like it like his act is written and then he gave up and does it seem from a documentary by i do more writing i'm about me sixty forty were below was far off date riding to onstage writing you i think you need both now and people that don't you off stage a noise i got man you miss out you re a good you have them here to get also how are you doing diana i started eighty nine become world champion dollars at some point in our it's not my great at math it's one of my weaknesses but it was that was it you know dabbling in it in the little i would say mid delayed nineties but it's it's changed the persona
in so much over the years it's it's such a weird one leave no way stuck with like every time i see you gotta world champion had argue that you would well targeted like it gets kind like when you get knighted like certain men kingsley it's like he's not fighting you know drowse every day but he was still officially knighted so we still got the title and theoretically i'm still undefeated so i still got the title but yet known actually the world champion persona kind of started as when i was a kid i was obsessed with the guinness book world records and i always used to try to break them like when i was eight i tried to break the pogo stick record i think the record was like he now restrict oh my god and i did it for an hour straight without missing really an hour when you're eight is like a really long fuckin time you know and i was i was so bored with a little tired but i was so bored and analysis out just like fuck it are this does not work
i think this world rackets amazement it's only thirteen hours a filling the gaps in the time that was at the time you know those in the seventies that was like an seventy seven this gang world there's a people found out we're pretty easy now in a way i can do there and then they broke up i think that there are yeah gotta be because is probably plemmyrium tried to guinness book is a fat book yeah it is it is uniquely like come up the world record by others that group that does our they come up with ridiculous things that nobody else is doing and then i would be like it would be like a light rock you know juggling these were the long as you did it and then then you get a word yet who didn't dane cook was a dane or was it chapelle who did the world record for the longest show i think they both had it at various times and then i'm broke the other densher who i think just ellen rope day
i think someone else and no one's ever heard of did like twenty eight hours of inadequacy tommy tyranny in ireland wasn't he did twenty hours straight or so yeah yeah poker yes like fuckin who wants to break that whose watching that job and who wants to break down this what does it mean who wants to stay for twenty eight hours straight this weird world records maya is like what is it about world wrecked like i remember i wrote this article once about this guy who is world record was here the longest fingernails ever i remember that guy he was in all the books when i was a kid and his their curlew up and that guy's massive nerve damage and shoulder at has a hand that he had not used for any current israeli thing can why possess can save his life and is because it's heavy it's fucked up a nervous system like his buddies bodies imbalance as they are having a brick everywhere you go a brick made out a finger nails thousand obsessed with them thanks and i are so i think so
we're like the early ninetys remit and the mid nineties i was like i start running all these jokes about breaking all these ridiculous records and my act was all very joke heavy you know a lot of one liners and was always very always did a lot of crowd work and then i started making my own hat somewhere the mid nineties when i first made one that's a record breaker and then i thought it would be funny to make a hat that said world champion but not of what like who is this a pity i took it for you to have this as world shaven hissing say what it is just this more on bragging carnegie right that would also doubt and it was also good because then it would where the audience and ask me questions and i love doing crowd works or kind of worked and fed into these these like world record these ridiculous athletic achievement jokes that was time and then at some point it sort of morphed and it became not a guy who is bragging it but like an actual real life superhero who really is this amazing athlete and sex
we'll creature that is just better than everyone and he's actually just humbly stating how amazing i you talk about fucking louis lane in from superman without him knowing louis land is not rather than those louis you always lose lane was actually her real name she was his transgender happen to know that the comics because of bigotry never addressing the cost over yet it it neither shouldn't while pursuit of them wrong lois is a weird name for a check on only losses with the only lois ever the danone fellows yes then the world champion kind of became this and that's what this karate book is just the the real life greatest marshall artist an athlete ever to walk the plan and whose doesn't brag but as you know so incredible and then the past few years
its morphed some more where the world champion is i mean he still has that you know that it is still is the greatest athlete and stuff but may not be talking about that but has become a person who is a champion of the world and for the rights of the people of the world so so recently like the path i doing chosen europe about four years ago and it really kind of open up my mine and my point of view because you know you're in a bad relationship like you can't see it but all your friends and see it as you like to close yeah but then if you step out than you can i could like what the fuck was i don't you know so when i started performing shows like in england and other countries in europe initially thought be learning lot about these countries and i did that but what i really start learning about lot was my own country cause you're able see how other people live step away from the way you ve been living and physically be farther away so i started to sort of discharge
see in some other hops crises in the ridiculous of in just the call you're in the laws that we have the bullshit with the government and so ice duh talking more about in over the past few years issues whether it's in your class is racism in different kinds of things so i tried up i still trap do it from the same ridiculous it absurd angles at my act is always kind of been but now with you know dealing with like big issues like that because i've always liked doing like dark twisted crazy shit no and in my material and finding laughs in dark places and so now with like if i do if i'm doing bits about racism i love it because i love how uncomfortable the audience gets like if i'm doing bits about like i've wondered about terminology about black people should be called black simple african american
you should see like usually the black people are their little uncomfortable at first then they're fine the white people are almost always terrified to be even discussing this and that's where i like to i like to get comedy on those situation so you know i've never been the guy likes to get it out of the easy spot like gonna work difficult so i've been more stuff like that and i also like doing it for everyone to democrats republicans cause i don't why that interesting like if your preaching the choir we find that interesting more challenging well i like doing a bit about god and about guns and there's people on the right and the left at all after the shit that's what i like doing and trot do you know so desired conch a conscious effort you have when you crafting you jokes to sort of like ores like what you'd normally just sir grab twenty or so these are things that normally gravitate towards but i try to do it so that i try to point out the certainty in it and
sort of like get people to laugh something and then the realising while the factory arguing over this is really absurd you know and so so that that they're gonna laugh at it no matter what you know what their point of view is on an issue like like like say gun control you can control because most people because both sides they want the same thing you know they want peace they want safety whether your for guns or against guns they both want that so they have something in common but their sole passion about you know we want our guns while we don't want the guns that they don't actually see that they actually have a more common ground that they think i'm after what i preach in my act but you know i take that you know that knowledge beforehand that these people actually agree more than they disagree no it's how they go about solving the issue that they disagree i think one and we set up two opposing camps like the right and the left democrats republicans now you most always have these artificial barriers the other
set up in place for people reaching common ground yet there are already in place like it's already black and white it's our good guys verses bad guys nevertheless side a europe out of their ideas and you have to oppose them sure on the right right through makes sense what what i think is done and i think this has gotten worse and i think some of it is do like to the internet which we were talking relevant it you know before the box started where it's like it's like new wants is like dine it's like like even on the other if on twitter if you say one thing if you do one tweet and one person or one group gets offended you are demonized forever it's like you it's like you yield you'll never be the same we no longer there done with you it's almost like you know like when a five year old kid it's broccoli for the first time
he's got here and then spit it out rats like that's why adults are now on like every big issue rise you write a tweet about something that's who you are i guess that's why you from that's like there's there's no room for discussion it's like you're evil you have to go well it's also do just that taking some one and judging them based on a tweet is so precarious your deal with a hundred and forty characters have a limit of a hundred forty characters and if it's a lot of times especially if it's a joke yeah like there's so much more you could say about that subjects they would give layer it would sort of feel at all and i go hears judas actual perspective rhinos right but instead they take seventy characters you thought would be kind of funny to put out royal you piece of shit dare you say that about a blank and the fact that people come to a judgment someone's entire being immediately
then don't even want to discuss things it's it's like you can't progress if you can't discuss things why you're dealing with where you calling progressives their people that all he has also been as are many most many people on the left or over more using labels again lack of a better term are more fascist than people on the right you don't really more rigorous fascism can come from both sides you know and with freedom of speech people can and i'm i'm someone who's for human rights one hundred sent and always standing up for the underdog there's actually cartoon my book i'll show you this eventually the term fascist i used to think this too but i think the term fascist actually deals with conservative issues i think i'm pretty sure i do believe that the definition of fascist cause i've looked at his word to use it i think people is it incorrectly gazeta sassoon it's like but either one cartoon here in the book and set a college campus
and it says smoking awareness weak and the right you have a good long which is white and a bad long which is black and if they say this posters racist than she goes let's protest that's like the bad long which is black is not bad because of anything to do with like the color it's because a black long is a polluted long that is not healthy andrea browser but so some people are saying some people on their hearts in the right place where there are misguided yes so that britain why you know hugo fashion governmental system led by a dictator having complete power forcibly suppressing the opposition criticism to do too as an aggression nationalism off races i feel more than one definition the interesting i've seen a different definition draw definition organs cited government ruled by a dictator scant same thing but i've seen it
seen it really definition of political philosophy centralized autocratic government headed by a dictator dictatorial that's weird word dictatorial leadership right but see some of it is social regimentation sooner and philosophy that is forced upon people near there so that as fascist them now i just think there's so much with culture now there's such this there's of theirs the not in the concept of discussing something in and also when you talk to people who who disagree with you something that's when you can really learn you know about their point of view and your point of view can learn i think also we're dealing with his there's a lot of people now that we're marginalized before and didn't have a viewpoint maybe in high school and right in maybe even in college and now because the internet they found like minded people the band together and where i really
become sort of thought bullies yeah yeah i that the people it's not about like you just said something it's like you now have to be shamed for example instead of like you know if someone says something you know that's even if some whenever says anything to me about something it's like i want to discuss it and find out why be there knowing that way and then if i still think differ lee explain my my point viewed them so that they can see it but i don't people just like they just want to fight that's what a shame and fight value the wire attack because they're afraid of being intact themselves through at first that's all what's going on this point what i teach my book to be abandoned body zalm office these duties furtively ask questions never change first not enough for the shame you shame them to death may now i dont chain people now that i'm not sure maybe that's what you're new persona when you morph again
that would be a shame that century start shaming people for shit the sentiment shameful there i like that so why actually i recently obermeyer did that a little but now where i'm sort of making fun of it like assumes when people start clapping of my guys just stop that that's actually offensive the people without hands well then sire i said i'd like to wearing a hat that's offensive to our friends in the headless community just making fun of the people who are like wait i have this sitting i this won't christina summers on his feminist and she calls herself actual feminists gonna fight against a lot of ridiculous ideology that's going around what the court in court this community whether spouting false statistics and fake fake studies you're studies that are now real or primary i enrichment was theirs there are many different factions and the fuck referrals sartori answerer they'll come back
what did you say before that wages and return of theirs may differ factions affairs announced will further i was talking about the headless communities were going on defending them clapping that's crazy she was saying that i'm a faint nava brings us here today treating all rail everybody it is arrows get some kind of weird sort of cold she was saying that she does this shows and the where they were you don't people give speeches and they don't want people clapping because they think clapping will trigger people that have been beaten before so like bring this will trigger the idea of you ready on the study all have they do jazz hands rice not snap namely i read about the snapping thing just as any other regional and when the beaten eggs
cities in new york used to do the snapping that was because they were having illegal shows and if they all applauded that would the neighbors people lived you know on the upstairs or next door wood here they are than they call the cops and shut down really only did the snapping because was quiet the cap and clapping and that way they can still show like that now appreciate appreciation yeah so that was the initial thing weather beaten extended isn't real yeah i think so because they had illegal species where where they're going after our shows goin on a ship my mommy service really cool lamp in her house those may with like lead and steam glass and it was from an original speak easy from the prohibition allow come on what the fuck she did with that things that's all i know she sold got rid of it or what damage i wish i had that though does she had stored and put together may i got a lamp from like nineteen twenty one or something like that
where where is she where like my mom was in mexico now allow the mama stepped out of mexico found like this strange community of experts in mexico people move to mexico in the attic jes even took place down their yeah he listened macro he's not gonna go weird fuck i want to get to know mexico i really don't know what that will at all mexico's awesome i love montclair mexico city just it's very cool and lot about filmmakers come out of it but the pollution is staggering really he i took photos of put it on my instagram and save you find one of us you came believe it doesn't look real also your flying into a fire why of friends like from beijing in china and like who that's even worse existence i think that's the worst in the world china has i think but mexico city was so bad i was getting headaches here and you smell it smell when you langley wall like the polemics
play they say the pollution is way better now than it was a decade ago which very hard to believe traffic there is also insane nor i the traffic lights are fucking joke or it's a free for all in trying to merge like libya that that's lying in that's mescal here like that loud yea shit that is that i can almost rime and here i just read some i just heard on the radio in porter there's some kind of gas leak yeah made they just got this camera the special camera that can like sea gas and its next they like the the governor the authorities had not not leaking and someone got this special camera that can like seeing and is still go on everywhere importer ratchet seven seven hundred families of move down and there like turner like fight the government through the government or that plant or whatever let's do it ah girls i'm like that's all
far from here new infrared video shows possible gas cloud lingering above yet still like leaking like crazy and unlike what the fuck that's the gas yeah that's it the little hare marie she's gonna now they had a big meeting last night seven hundred families of move on their government and tender their light there were like fuck it we don't trust you guys we're moving want good for them to god that's like leslie hears raschid ever listen to the very close to here that's five or six months i'm like that gas campi just going to porter ranch it's not like it knows what i went right to jamie's head yeah this is this but that does the government is all about i d minimal eyes the impact on the call the economy in these areas right writers people are breathing the not dropping down this house capitalism winner you do the master on and sunglasses that bitch is one of the least she let the gas out herself
oh yeah sure she did so she dishes on two issues bag i that shows up the scene of the crime i don't know how this gas got out but we gotta get out of here we wash monkey wrench rancher back pocket unscrewing gas guy sleek controversy a porter ranch that's not good in parts isn't it was something i want to talk about today because you are so fuck em ridiculous i tweeted earlier day there's this man is a fifty two euro father identifies a sixty as a six year old girl and it's it's hilarious because i tweeted it in his story about this he's canadian guy who identifies as a six year old girl ok like the king you always dresses up like a six year old max like a sexual yes that's we'd identifies as enterprises in this sort of
people don't want men this but this sort of is what's go on with a lot of folks when it comes to this whole transgendered thing the idea that you identify with thing like being normal and healthy and this the extreme of that right now do you cannot look at that i think that guy's out of his fucking mind when i tweeted then i watch all the other people that are commenting on an online and there's people that are very supportive of the transgender community in very supportive transgender rights and they they ve hit this wall of riddick business like they were how do you responded this now to say ok that's enough or if that's enough is enough well would but what do we do about it jenna read what what do you know how to get what he would he say about this guy would say about their i who wants to be a woman or this guy who thinks he's a fox or this who are you i mean raccoon kin mean people out there fucking mind
and that's something we're gonna have to come to grips with in this this is that what you're trying to be progressive and we're trying to be as open minded and accepting of diversity as possible you're going to deal with i think this is also why they should go back to kindergarten this is what happened is kindergarten sixes is first greater seven i wonder what the girl ones how old how are you you fuck now she was like twenty five twenty minutes that's a woman have you so i went out with her but i think she had we were short term for a few weeks related but he had many more i think she had split personality disorder mother could sometimes she was completely normal and then sometimes she was like she had no vocabulary and would speak in broken english and like i would be talking about something somebody like you
how this thing on cnn and then she go what cnn unlike where you have to know its unanimous in you you don't you you grew up in new york city and you don't know what seen in it and then another point like are what time does talking about the new york jets game she's like what are the jets i don't like how do you you grow up your new york how do you not know you don't watch football you're gonna see an add on its meal on a bus that stuff buy or sell you have sex with this girl nodded i did it good value and end up it's all so at some point and then i want my we're sitting my car and she's talking normal like queens action and then she starts talking all of a sudden like in like broken english like hi how are you oh ok and unlike what you know and then second she goes come on get together get together unlike she said to herself yeah to yourself you know she's like talking here
oh she's crazy j i then then she wanted to make a commitment like like like like let's get serious about what a rabbit about dating like being a couple but she wants but she something but she said to me she had something really serious needs to tell me much say it until after i know said the hard that i want to be in a committed relationship with her just the top ten so am i know that's a kind of shit you put out of work yet i should get a result that so i noticed like when she would start changing your voice talking not broken english it was almost like her vocabulary got worse too so i actually think she had split personality disorder one was like she was like a little girl was she hot measure vargas llosa hung out with a pocket who cares timber but look at but interesting as people whose brains don't work so goddamn just like some people have club foot right some people shitty brains club brain death for sure clapped out fucked up brain
defects dude i love her eyes were say i love the the american where often london wearable figure pray dover i was a great man to pat maggie the ugandan pat magee does special effects for films now make that's an incredible yard idea here is a multi make some for anybody wants one can get one real gay does a yeti too is a big giant yet our call it does the alien phenomena like em up good that's that's really good guys and i was growing while he's those guys it believes in make up a special fund as opposed to see july i did it out i was ended i kid material relative yea out eric baker and when he had afghanis idea after some star wars like that can t deanna catana xenia ten tina canteen emptiness i'm saying thickened while it does all but a man but meanwhile eurostat today looks so stew the master so obviously mass right rubber
for another blue people will the movie did yeah special fashionable right about moving spaceship stuff is still great network it's fuckin terrible what is in it can't see it as i wanted i just love it well you know what i was this morning i want with my kid i watch dumb the planet of the apes from two thousand and one the moral mark in like that with this terrible like it at all but i was luggage at washington special effects on like just fourteen years ago special effects are like shit yeah they'll excel fake but at the time were like well that's violent i gotta space for a year now suspension of disbelief was here but he out like interstellar some slight dance like they ve got it and also i'm so i see stuff now i still like the superhero movies it'll be like ok here's rob donnie junior talking to mark rough allow put on their superhero
ask and then it's like watching a cartoon brown it's a young i never feel like its robert down you're in that suit one is flying around and punch yeah that's what they have to do the cut away to his face with all the less on a cause he's got the moroccan ryan side i still i just i kind of loose believe ability with that stuff i sat down my kids you the day and we watch king kong the nineteen thirty three version and i am very grateful it was it's incredible to watch what a difference movies are like what what difference it is between a nineteen thirty three movie and yet out of the fifteen even like the nineteen seventy six one with jeff bridges jessica lang when we watch the two thousand five versions well i went back to back thirty three to two thousand five i just showed them the king
long seen since they could see the deaf right right that's cool your educating them special effect will yet will we were body which is what it was you know i have a tv in my car gudeman watching monsters ink and monitors thinks there's a place there we're going called harry hounds and harry houses re harry house and who is a famous special effects guys like a shout out in the movie to re harry housing because obviously monsters ink was of animated me right and so i was explained to them we re harry housing once and i said what i want to show you guys some old school animations get a chance to look at this i played them king kong and they were fucking howling laughing that it was so stupid there oh my leg it there it is but see you gotta get a video of port procedure pull a video of the first time yet heating congresses favour harry house oh steward of the king of stop most now asian yeah and yet he did king kong he did us from those
bad movies and it was so the i think one of the last ones or last one he did was cool the titans and paralyzing anyone still got the striving and its obvious that they're not in the same plain human her they're not in the same place like and then they had the head theirs big head that wasn't the same thing it wasn't right clay animation was like a big mechanized these were the mouth open were shot and then they went to this thing out vague it looks i just sort of ignoring i still get into it look look i'll go the lighting as men both for nineteen thirty three this was amazing people couldn't leave it like see they would go to this this the machine at the mouth which is opening clothes and then pharoah screamin yellin it even the style of acting they did was so different talk then while what
the film are we gonna make it was like the opposite of lot of acting you seem like american indy films now we're almost like have no energy and rock they have no acting they're just everyone's just walking around with a blank face the annual here they they really over did it they put a lot of energy into why think was reminiscent or a woozy and after a fact rather of do things on stage with no fair when no microphones interesting because when the to have no microphones used to have to project right so you would have to talk like that right back of the room could hear you write and be more physical your motion yes that makes them in so nineteen thirty three gonna think will devote i ve been doing movies for a couple of decades back then yeah specially movies where people got to talk even not only when was the first silent movie our regular teens silent i think in the team thing was eighteen hundreds i feel like eighteen hundred was the first silent movie but talkies came in the twenties i think are the two suddenly so nineteen thirty three
these are really really knew well one thousand eight hundred and ninety one wow until one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven when the first hockey was that's incredible taught mother six year six six years turkey's before king came out there so they really didn't have a damning that's like a two thousand and eleven over even think about that what would that be either we so called go back in time and to try to be like an actor in those times and like the silent movies and then crush it and then get in talkies you'd know so much you would go back in time do you think of huge success guys g yes i did think of it that way i thought about actually just blithering back then like if you were born back then will be living there i wonder how much of a representation how much how accurate representation of people were in those films is too what they were really like in real life
because it's hard when you see people talking like that say mr who are you you don't get a sense of what they were really would like yeah that's it might have been i think they were pretty savage i think if you look at that there's a bunch of stuff that happens in those movies that you don't see today like in movies or you governance interventions for small like domestic abuse oh yeah man just smack the fuck women all the time and those movies even in like the original movie footloose there are seen where the main girls get the shit kicked out of me i fire boyfriend maria and even today if that was happening it would they would actually show it you know mean i mean you didn't see what lucy i wouldn't even be in the right wording we in this in the story right right right add some it's interesting because i think when you look at something from my nineteen thirty three even though
i don't think that's exactly how they behaved it gives you a window into the culture earlier bizarre view of people from a completely different era we watch gone with the wind and you'll be like one was like racist xenophobic and racist like little now is that keep hardly like our people not talking about we know what else is races fuck man peter pan i really have yet he ran the original peter pan cartoonist planet from my kids and we're live while about a native american i i've i've seen some of those courts oh my god its neighbouring an embarrassing yeah it's like you're like while yeah now the normal shit that unless all the old popeye's or great too those are greater powers to the argo especially the black and white ones knows are like
violent violent as hell lira was reordering to rape olive oil yet like the like raper like kidnappers and they re the only show his hips thrusting or apparently everything else is in there i gathered these grabbing sharing these points are away it s even talk just finish it yet but the violence is so prevalent jesus christ cartoons were all about violence then there are great but the weird thing is you can still watch them but you can never make them you can see watch this cartoon tickets to watch wily coyote in rags runny but you could never make a cartoon like that today that would have to be a niche market i guess when they would b for children now don't know not forget that in that amazing that was what we grew up with their we're looking like some
because you know that they will not put the play dodgeball anymore it's like us to dangerous were becoming policies the gap is participation narrow fees fuck is this array you know it sucks toulouse ok that's how you get better keep it up at a lower income kids who grub lower income they don't have that issue bizarre like the other still barefoot and will be a five year old kid an adult ten speed you know no help it's like that's like like when i lived way our queen it's you should all the time in our young latino kid just dinner little like four years old and on a ten speed no shoes just crews and how the fuck words is balance the needle see them anywhere hounds lead that kid i'll be the lie of cheese most of them come back love to spot number here he's good it was good
you let me like an adult riding like a ten foot bicycle new york is interesting in that way the eager to see so many different styles of parenting so many different styles of just living all and into one area set out on top of each other different boroughs but all the same central location where it's not as diverse as used to bay it's really becoming a boring kind of city it's really yeah an well i'll do that some of my book here words like you got all like one will literally have there's a sea vs right actual right aid and then a block where there is a wall greens and then there's like five banks like on that block neglect that's all there is you know like it's like this turning that way like everywhere it's like it's become such a wealthy city it's become that's in digital tom boring you know like even now there are like some in all like i look at allay now and new york at lay
to me seems in many ways more diverse than new york does raw because you know i think it apart in lays probably half a fifty percent cheaper than when it is in new york if more ok says is sort of price everybody out get its classes and basically so it's like the only people i know doctors in new york city who live in jersey because they can afford to live in new york city well you know so it's like its cause the finance people make more than anybody right you know now running the other do as moving numbers i now the time i got good i find these deal the number like as also is like where these guys do and then finally realise that they make money like more like what you do comedy then people come of the show and you get paid like that's that's serve you provide but those financed guys they make money that's all they do they they they they don't do
anything they didn't find a way to make more money that's all too well make it then i'll sit yet enormously make it yet a moving around they moved around but take some for themselves yeah giant chunks of it made a big deal today we moved ones and zeros beyond physical ways to another nonphysical guess it's crazy they make all the fuckin money and there are a lot of them are fuckin barbarians ice to work out with a lot of these guys that became stock market does they became stockbrokers back in boston you're fuckin animals there are savages and then i ran into one of these weren't suit and tiny look great nels like what you do in my view the values a stockbroker now must stockbroker and he was megan all this money in the stock market and doing coke and punching people on the other oh it's a crazy business i mean there's like no morals and all that business and then a lot of us but they do i think is a legal and other countries yeah well it should be a mediocre what the the infamous market
as of two thousand and eight years at all about the inevitable prosecuted i'm it's kind of crazy if if you look at that meeting much of the same laws are still in place that allowed to do that you allowed them to set up the the sub prime mortgage loans crisis thing is like it when you when you look at what that actually was is like a gigantic pump and dump ski gay button but for the whole country it's it's a scam easy that no one went to jail no one will ever know they weren't on or both parties of parties are there they're not that differently get marketed as their so different but they're really not that different nino they they basically work for whoever has the most money i think socially their debts and social that that earlier their different but has but but finance laid there is most them are just corrupt feeding the same being the same shit you out there they don't work for people may work for major corporations that have billions and billions ability
well that's where you can get into the white house unless your donald trump guy have your own money where you can now finally cases enough money to do it i don't think he does really i don't think so i think the money that the money that you're talkin from these corporations much more than he can have as an individual and i need more i think that the biggest reason that he's been able to get his message out so much is how much free press he gets right you know it's good projects like the news and always taken all on a low out as you keep getting as you keep being ahead i'm a kid you're all he fucking shows in rights like he's getting hours of free advertisement every fucking day i've never seen a political campaign where they act go breaking news trumps giving a speech in iowa a major showed the whole fuckin speech for an hour earlier hoping that says some wacky rhinos that's never happened before where they actually just show
an entire campaign speech you know then like while i wonder why the other republicans don't have that much votes because we don't you don't even fuckin show thirty seconds are there campaign speech but to me it seems like an idle trying to watch the stuff much is until it like gets down to the last couple months of the camp right but it feels like that what donald trump doing sprinting like there's a marathon gone on and he just came out a gate running as fast as you can like he's winning i pray you can't keep that up there we can keep that up in is the ways tat king it's almost like is trolling going steady what's all muslims coming to american but what are you talking about man you can't well a ban muslims all of em there is huge you can have a religion because what women what percentage of the people we talk about that blowing things shooting people is it even one one hundredth of one percent probably not now not only not but you wanna bet
all the muslims that are going to go fuck and flock of mine and then he did a speech about they asked him and he goes well but i'm tom about wouldn't even have to be for that long like we re talking about in addition to we figure out what the hell is going on turkey speaking these sort of vague terms is like i it trolling yeah he's a real serious canada almost pulpits like in six months he's going to not say he's going to withdraw and just say the entire thing was like some kind of bizarre performance art thing you know just making of our entire media big walking intervene again political arena you know it's just because the oven news media is just not just you know aviano like them on their fuckin horrendous period both what they are as business ryan derive say better any and that you will realize during entertain the business and that's what's entertaining gotta donald trump
training right but this is disabled the additional be allowed to be called news you're right what i'm worried fox news in canada really i think they were not allowed to be broadcast in canada unless they were called labelled as entertainment and not news lads ryan think so that's it is not only about recent the girls are they haven't i show too distracting activity but i think he deemed i think that should be the way with ninety percent of the news so you know cuz it's just you know it's it's not about giving you real news it's about being viewers yeah that means there is a lot of really interesting things are going on the world than going to cover it because it's not going to do attached you reptilian brain saying i know you you ma i'm just going when things are slower you know if there's some missing eight year old white girl you know
because that will be the new story for two years now mean how many brown kids get killed every day the often the one the f cute white girl reality tales could scooped up in a man there finally doing a little bit less now but for you know decades that was the main news thrust it works there s a thing them in this donald trump thing fuckin works you have that guarantee the you're going you people to pay attention it sat it sad but its it is what it is if i think today it's sort of open the or for all these alternative new sources yeah you have if you want a real knows you really after put effort in its name but your television while the internet is look for a fantastic resource now because you can get all sorts of unbiased perspectives
matters from different sides also get misinformation icy gotta be careful but there's a lot of stuffing go all over the world you know you can hear you can go online watch news from other countries and see how they report one of the good things about new yorker as opposed to allies at new york is not a showbiz base city correct yeah it's it's more diverse that way but i tell you more and more and more a just feels like a finance city preparing that may have you not only on other tweeted giuliani for eight years and then had bloomberg for twelve now legally you're only allowed to be mayor for eight maximum and then bloomberg like boy i want to change things and so they did a new vote and was just amongst i think other politicians and pig voted to be allowed to go a third that's a larrea safer and now you know we do that yeah i'd allow put the black leather regret and bloomberg is interesting because you know he's a republican
and very conserved roman some issues especially for naturally but then on some other issues he was it so you don't you he was he was good and bad and juliet into good and bad things too in army for the arts giuliani was horrendous wasn't he was closing down they found a loophole from that some law from the eighteen hundreds about how you you can't have dance you have to have a dancing if ever cabaret licence if anyone's going dance at a bar so if a couple people just if you want to put on theirs are they ve extra room in europe on a comedy show or something and someone's dancing in or sketch commerce johnson was dancing diskette they can shut you now so he started acting laws like that so we re started he started actually enforcing needs are they started enforcing that yeah why what wars
the purpose by now why why why do i was his motivation i don't know but you know that he also close a lot of the strip clubs he and enacted this i think was the sixty four law the forty sixty law for while there is a comedy club that was so basically if you had a strict club he changed the laws so that now play forty percent of your place could be a strip club sixty percent has to be another business that is alarming yeah that was not a soul so wait a minute what does that mean each cell hats here anything you know just you just have like i remember for why when they clothes from the porno it is in times square this is these are places that go back pre internet you know where you actually go to a movie theater to watch a porno can arise to be the only place you can fuck a watch one and it just you know but you depressed guys dino jerkin offer in jerk off you know and so i went to one of those after they had closed the port and they were there was a short period i think was only a few months or something
they were showing ah so they were just like old john wayne movies and shit why so there are still just like thirty guys in there just in a most these are good on aids is like twenty years ago guys on edge and like most guys just sitting there it was it was maybe the most depressing thing i'd seen marthy guys we're thinking they were still like i'm i was gonna like do they think there gonna show the poor knows because it says it's a john wayne movie or are they just like they just holding on hopefully that like lobby verbal sneak a porno in there are some there was it was one of the most depressing things i'd seen but we have said sixty forty law and i remembered there was a comedy club for a while that was in one of em i came over was called string fellows are no one was onto around twenty first street broadway which
we know a business and residential areas analogous an area where there's just turn support so you have like you know expensive apartments and other business stuff and then out years upon up and i mean a strip club you know and so basically sixty percent of it became a comedy club and but they still had strippers working there and it was such a weird fee link but it was i had never felt more safe at a comedy cloak they still had all the bouchers from a stirrup club there so that all these guys like tuxedos deeds and took cedars and the stage was like really high you know so that cause it's designed to be up its deeper and tank grab yeah it's so that downstairs we're locked those were the strippers were like changing and shit so you'd be like seeing them down there and hylas are there and then
go through like a little swivel door and then you're in the district club but that didn't last too long but they had to do that for while they had it did they go back to these new laws and headed something that is so strange so this is it is a new law i wasn't no this is really a jeweler s is one giuliani i bet i think the sixty forty was a new law that he had active but one that doesn't make any sense but as it is sixty percent in terms of revenue or is in terms of physical spanning other physical space here it is right here a legacy the giuliani area new york sixty forty rule up forces any adult business to devote more than forty percent of its square footage to adopt an aunt theresa no more than forty percent to adult entertainment meaning this trip cubs must fill the other sixty percent with non adult business endeavours this is why the penthouse executive club has roberts day cows in new york dolls has bikini bar front lounge what an asshole
what an asshole lately because that was the most of em just fuckin went out of business and on the other there just gone would a shit but i remember not in new york and like eighty one and it was so cool you would see cats are the big broadway shall cat then next to it the sperm and just like i love i just love that that variety that dichotomy of seeing you know the grungy shit next to the highest and shit you know and it was just that was exciting you know but now it's just it just corporate corporate corporate for corporate will change when changing yet but almost it's almost like a term squares now chain player but outlets becoming it's you just see it spreading throughout the whole city well yeah i like it i like i overhear college kids you know and there are there either like oh yeah my dorm so great cause there's a pioneer a bread right now to it and dark and theirs his nose in all right near by and dislike it up
like its heart even get a good slice of pizza new york anymore really because much harder to things happened so long for the other six forty percent torn daddy call your business has to be forty percent yet forty percent its there so have the pizza is well first while manhattan and half of brooklyn hard landing people who live there actually from new york anymore you don't even like you do so you have people moving suburbs they don't really know good pizza so the not really new yorkers they're just kind of living there because it made a lot of money yeah so instead of liking how allies very transient everyone like i was vote most beautiful eyes all summer allay internal become an actor and act right you know well knew it is now i got good grades in school and my dad works for this farm firm hired me in new york shots warm in new york so it's it's changed like almost every girl i've gone out with in the past so
in eight years is either finance or a corporate lawyer or something like that and because that's that's all you mate you know it's like i don't meet anyone like here and allay everyone i meet is doing something in arts or entertainment ort or trying to you now and in new york at that happens maybe five ten at a time how did the tsars just a gigantic financial sitting yellow annapolis limburg want because you have that's his background at his goal was to make it the financials the world and i think he kind of did you know because when i first started doing comedy in new york and the ladys and early nineties you know i'm of new york eighty seven there was all the old the wall street guys you know and but that there was down in one area of wall street and now that it that businesses throughout the whole city you know i saw its itself its grown and it's getting hard to reverse yeah i don't know
you can sort of gentrifying area but being an area and make you like more local end independent near the end and getting like our distance and stood luck the actors i think and i will even years ago complex in june so might say all this a sex wherever it either get guy locker and talk we have arguments who's got hot or checks new yorkers amendments generally sexist yeah and we'd all add on the show action can't talk about feelings so anyway so soil you know convicts we sergio you travel around you in the eyes of their augment who's got the hardships newark an ally and so as very very much at all so they are so like it used to be like i was always close you now and then some guys were always what do without lay some guys would say in new york and
now i think if you would have to place the vote i think outlay would win easily you know cause new york you don't see the variety of like each other women from all of the world so that the in all everyone the planet you'd see women beautiful women from everywhere i was you know the you don't see this variety anywhere but in new york he would see it now we don't see it that much and you know you don't even see a lot of interesting fashion walking around the streets of new york used to always see that you know because if everyone's working in finance that's no that's not the most fashionable but people were strange light in that the worst when you in terms of like artistic people in terms of creative people like that's gonna take well that's gonna be the worst for that debate for as you may know mean offered for having diversity for him oh yeah all for having artistic people like that like there's a lot of industries it could move in we're things could be kind of cool like the tec writers moves and light like assembly
it is a good example right lot of money in san francisco a lot of people complaining but for want of weird cool shit is there too i still right wriggle out of freaky people adventure staying alot of people intact unique in an eccentric getting that when in finance not getting i your native types now now often when you meet him but i'm are nice to each other that days you gonna happen themselves in our say their boring they work be our job whenever you open but it's one of the clubs while the clubs are doing well because you have a the city since it's gotten safer the tourism you know as a lot safer much safer that was twenty years ago much ass effort yeah it's outs in all its there's not much crime there they're just isn't incredible yeah you know cause i mean if every if one day jim apartments are anywhere from five hundred thousand dollars to one point five million dollars and that's a one bedroom that's probably
seventy per cent smaller than a one bedroom and allay like you know a new a new one german the village in new york will be el over a million dollars a year we in sweden died about my wife and i thought about getting a place her one point time really peevish moving europe may be a good thing may move to try something different we're looking at it is it worth three bedroom for five million bucks what is as yet its created environment you can buy two houses in the hollow what else for that yeah it's a fucking apartment so you didn't have a yard you don't have a parking space and also those apartments unlike if you buy a house they have the building monthly maintenance face which can be easily you know two to three grant a month and that's just we are the window it so it's like it's like owning an ranting at the same time ear i just put it that's like so like four years i've been thinking about buying a place and then i'll look for a few months
and i'll get frustrated i'll quit and then why do you want to stay there i dont know for well on my phone my brother there maryland and disease i kind of one to be close to them i you know every time i come alive i only because i lived out here for a couple years than early two thousands i i keep thinking maybe i should move here you know so i just i don't know where to point my career like i don't know where i want to live swell even anthony bourdain is like this law turn new yorker and those like you know colleagues i think of new york i think guys like asher yeah he was telling me that he had thought about it many times about living in l a like really so i think people recognising it is like a weird shifty going on there will people remember our fifteen twenty years ago that the big thing with there's always been this sort of you'll love hate with delay in new york you know i always noticed like it seems like there's always allay comics seem to have a little bit of a fear towards new york comics little bed or limits really like respect what
we're not even like club orders it's like or even with don't even notice it with new york actor them individually no stage and i then even with what with with allay it's like all those new york i shoulder what i really think it not six seven times night there's a new yorkers they what comedy they are not interested in other stuff and i'm like that you guys really exaggerating thanks a lot it's like first of all you you can't be doing so in seven chosen i'd every night it just dino once in a while can do that but you're gonna go fuckin crazy if if you do that then just the geographically getting too although spots on time is not and easy to do here and as you know bill bird helicopter around right a right to sell at most compost are doing that many in our new york city does have work many clubs and allay bite and the cities also geographically smaller you can get to them but if you're doing what's you do for shows in one night you're probably going to be spending did justice
get to know you're going to need a cab you're probably to be spending you know four thousand two hundred and fifty sixty dollars a night and you're probably making several dollar fifty sciatic i don't you sell so it's like than theirs that much so near nine i also think now when i lived in early two thousands the comedy seen an ally has grown i think it's very healthy here and i think it's much better the store is like rock and every night and there's a fire and they got three rooms and they're all great fuckin rooms with and each one has a different personality to know it's crazy this year is the first year the stores been profitable in like forever and i believe this last year it's crazy i've been atoms done he's your best he's amazing that job i've organ that guy it's so cool having a guy who's like the town coordinator who is just a regular
my friend yard guy it's very rare that anything like that ever happens the bears out he's last but you know the two cities in amerika you know ally in new york has them comics in him and the best comics you know there's a really underrated scene where danver you'll a good common come out at danver i believe that the audience soldiers from there can wendy curtis one woman right right she's the best she's that check she's automatically forever she's been what she's we start work in there's a waitress at the calamity work that's also and then she establish when she started taking over she establish like a whole system like an open mike system bright a system of taking people from open makers to making them seas to making the middle acts may grow headliners she's got like
locally made headlines that's also like legit kind ass they go on and they go on the road and it's amazing why are they get there that point you bring up is interesting because i think you know years ago it all there were there were like few main cities if you wanna didn't wholly different or do something entertainment of yours nor can allay and now it's like there's or even if you like let's see let you know if you know forty years go if you wanted to be gay you would move to one of the big city sprang up and now it's like every city has their gay community like little your buffle has a big gave community i think that the internet is a big part of that i joined the ideal idea and i think just but i think that the fact that other places have gotten better is also another reason new york has got more jeanette russia if you're a freak if you're a weirdo an outside or people if you like move in europe over the big city get away from the small town now
you can find call shit in your small town right i'll see you don't so it's not attracting that as much as the interesting peoples at use too for that reason which is great you know but then the financed thing and then the would have everything being so expensive i actually think there's allay has a lot of interesting people moving to it and living in a way i think ella has a lot of cool shit going on and entertainment and an art you know think so stanhope comedy i think it's the best place right now i think is the best place as far as the amount of talent amount of like really high level people there and the amount of like really did clubs yards the hard the eye save which cities better there they're both excellent new york still has more clubs
and their different kind of club though their smaller although my mauler stage much smaller much smaller smaller stage also lend itself to different style of common and does it does more personal more like way from sir that's analytical jealous less movement the small stay i like comics in general i mean these are big generalization but a journal a little more physical there so it's in all its interesting on alarm but i think all the free the main clubs or are doing quite well and allay media and now they definitely act is not doing a good vote isn't a laugh actor on many a nine is half have frill it using i lived here in early two thousand that was like the happening club yeah that dream drove in the store we're gonna struggling to store
in the improper killing it right now the improv as to clubs now i know i did their little room when i was here last month it was great yeah it's really cool how they said that others a smart move there they done that's how i used to be a long time ago how real that's it actually we're irish fear started off his power for our security should i know i saw it irish fear started off his this is not happening show that yeah he started off in the annex which is like this little side room right right and he nurtured it like this that show that he has uncommon central is a genuine hard work a story i am as we already did is he had this concept and its content it was on this will be a good way to generate new material if instead of being the pressure of like punchline punchline punchline do understand upsets let's do something wage tell stories right i cares creative fucked up store that happen to me now that story maybe they'll be some jokes right may thus be some something bread mine that
that's how he he did that and then eventually went to do it on the web it on the way and then eventually come essential picked it up and now it's on third seas and brought us grown it lets us it's amazing bears beautiful and it says just a matter of like the growing it out together the entering a grass nurturing it more grow let's using just just being able to have space like allay like near there's no space hydra space you can grow exactly you know even if you look at podcasting i mean among experts on this but it seems to me that it started basically an ally knowing how to move the pod gassing if you look at the big podcast for commerce you know it's l a miracle like when i was when i first started coming out here in like like hopefully like late nineties early two thousands it was weird like how much would come at the store you like about new cotonou comics it move out here and they basically just stop doing comedy
was too hard to get on were enough places to get on and before i know they're just gone out every once in a while for every week you know getting drunk and doing karaoke that was like the thing why to make their lot accounts roy goin out doing karaoke like when i first move your command the lagoon level will you hang out with idle there's a lot of aachen comics that we're doing that and i'm like i'm when no one knows becoming don't fuckin do karaoke over the comedy among covenanter do that shit you know but then at some point it's like and also there's more free time out here like new york your constantly just as my time is a convict is a person who constantly rushed like when liquid just a busy city so congested it's like you it's hard to relax you know here you can relax you got spacing privacy can like when people new york on vacation these wanna do something boring when people now i go on vacation don't do something exciting eco tourism only so parent gliding yeah so there's more
not at all my life i really like and the audience is our little different between new york and here but de noort really only has even has like probably fifteen comedy clubs the only about three either like actually getting a lot more than fifteen i think new york has a shitload of common clubs do you think is more than a hundred now honour not not full time colony gloves noah find out jamie me i'm gonna go to new york to lock the hedges that's what he said was the over under article nineteen i'm goin fifty ok i want with an under just anything you say i lay has i mean if you look at our lady program like eight now right well the greater ella area this quite a few like you know it's really good i start doing the new ha ha cafe in north hollywood i did even then i yeah dude
last night and i am doing a disturbing fucking incredible swing now there it's perfectly set up low ceiling packed in rates daylight that years ago errors i m ready everyone you everytime i went there this it was at a different spot like the guy constantly we why then the old one is just down the street from the new one jump down the street this is still there yet still there's there's two yeah but one of them's one of something else now it's a disease voter i think still only leases it out about it off but the new is a jam the new spot is one the best clubs in the city ass a perfect i was like wild this places fuckin hoppin that's cool
i did at last thursday and i was like while i'm sold man let's i will nurture this place keep displace gallant that's us when i prepared for my lasts calmly central special last august i was doing the how all the time i was doing it like every tuesday night for a few months a you're doing like along sat right yeah gig is you can fuck around there you gonna do wrong sets there then there's always labourers which i don't i haven't done anything but our bank you done it wants is really good club you know you could do that the ice house which amount to night i would tell other tonight of tat place is this shit the arrow loves that have you ever been not yet no european tonight i don't think can't i would say tat journey people down i had a hawk but tonight sold out its gregg fitzsimons tony hinge clive christ you're cool and who fucker i magical to ogle held low the show goddammit
but i saw the oldest comic club in the world the unknown world is abraham universe the whole universe old comical only in amphora yes the oldest place it was a legitimate ice house like where you'd get iceberg didn't have freezers air or you get a chunk of can you put in the ice box and keep your food perishables cold and then in the nineteenth sixties a very early sixties it became a comedy club so it's been alleged to make comical for more than fifty years that's us yeah it's the best that's my fair replacement plan next the store stores differently and different place could it's like this crazy psycho energy jim or you know you're fucking around your work in india and you'll bring you know there's a million great comics bring into being edwards and this guy in that kind of cites is just just view you look at the line up plants like thirteen
yeah i know it's great that's it yeah i enjoy doing that the auditors always and similar stories like a by king quite put into words what the differences are but there was west coast and general like a little bit different than he supposed audiences but the new europe to be more cynical yeah or gold the lula squeamish like the darker shuttle but more sometimes but not always ya think did just did the cold and the down packed in london just everybody just jammed on top and each like fact is more is more like anger yeah well are they let it out more saint ives so there's more anger and allay but it's more pent up does something about new york though when i stay there whenever stand there and i'm in a hotel and i look out the window you see this insane construction this thing people put together this modern
be high if he s a man steel and class like this is amazing specially at night a guy last time i was there i spent a good solid two hours just sitting the desk in my hotel room looking out the window just looking just looking aware where we were just a number which one last time wasn't trump tower but only under a bunch of it so over one hundred different places but why forget which place i was that as at one place once we're was in the middle of like all these buildings and it was it was freaky like you look out the window looking at somebody else nellie i says fuck and building stacked up a peer learning at privacy is almost an unhappy people watch people fuck in new york gotta be really common there a radio lab podcast about that was really strange it was about this woman tell the tale of how she watched this couple and should watch the cub all the time it made her kind of feel weird about our own relationship as this couple there
young they would fuck all the time and they would they didn't have the curtains drawn that we just find shooters watchdogs fuck and then the guy got sick and like the fan it would be over and she watching this guy like whither win any died and then they carried him out of the building and as if she solace the court of auditors are watching a long time so she smiles in canada it was her window ass her view is like i look out my window and there's a tree that i like to look at you i rise yeah that couple so she ran downstairs as they were taking the body out and putting it into hers and she knows she's like made eye contact with the girl who live with the guy and they taken the body on she just fell like such a creep but shall fellow she knew the yes i guess i get a relationship yeah they didn't with her but she did with them yet it that's a uniquely new york thing to happen because anywhere else like you'd be a fucking creep argued
some guy without she still if a concrete but yes i see your said she i don't think she is i think she just looking at her world look i don't think it's responsibility to look away what some people are fucking and there are thirty yards outside of her window and their therein a window themselves yea on display there what are we protecting your right windows are meant to be little room looked out of and lead into your its works both ways i don't think she's a creep at all can she's looking at her world but it was interesting how she had she was she was we got narrating innocent expounds gray now they call movie while robot out process fogarty are thinking in the end the dew dies ear no heroes not moving but she ran downstairs and like made i contact with the pitting the molecular fuck you inches like ogata realized like they don't know me i know them and my creed i gotta get out here to graff but that's super common in new york or people like oh there's the guy
there's a guy who practices the trumpet where there's a guy who jerks off brown yeah i wish i had i don't have any neighbours like that that sounds awesome do you look out your window i'd there is definitely a building there's like an expensive bill right behind mine and then you again can you see everyone staff but i hardly ever look out why wouldn't you don't look out of filters making bilbil to see make sure yeah like his pulling world had at its pressure but then i then if i get recognized and it'll be blogging about your reignited from that show how are you looking for an important we would show you from again and it shows that yes we use world champion guy i lost my the plug the other thing we are except jamie that's happening way too often i am i gotta zaga you on yeah that's that's a weird way of living yet stacked on of everybody yeah like everywhere else in the country pretty much
then you announce chicago on some other spots most people sort of ever house in the yard and there's another house over there but if we are to get some privacy it's weird how like they just decide what areas the area carefully at here get air site a river that has gold salmon internationally that was initially that's what a wise i mean if you look at almost all big cities are usually on some body of water beata yellow yet but now it's that's not really why while this other places they don't have a reason other than the fact there cool but people are flocking like austin texas right right the middle attacks us rita go there my jesus christ do what did a thousand blood day move here for the last fifteen years and where the fuck is going on there but that is what is happening now they keep here
right now by saying austere awesome right it is an awesome i ve been doing that for years where the people who are from there are like far stop telling people who had us exactly gettin too crowded now you and that's the thing that poles well there's the university yeah that's another thing the poles people like like minded people intelligent people educated people and then there are also like it's out of all of the areas in texas it's the most open minded the most diverse right right that there's a live a lot of good food there oh yeah access has great food paris falco annulled i don't think it a bad me on tax if you can definitely too bad meal in tax and have an animal who can do i'll get either ok i'll get you will do you work in texas at all yet what do you call it the council's cap city i'll do the moon tower first of all have been there a while but club in dallas serve addison that asean it's really good club the houston
to be the shit yeah a girl but i don't really go there any more i haven't been there no while he's done colleges in round all over texas you still do colleges that's a big debate with comic see there's a lot of comedians don't wanna do colleges it is just too difficult to much politically an idea i don't really have a problem with it i really have had a problem before i go on our earth zeal sometimes before i read it do it you know i asked them if there's any restrictions and sometimes there's no restrictions at all sometimes there are no at least structured restrictions that while the more usually they never give it here they'll be like what we want hbo know this as well five but not hbo like what the fuck does that mean who says that its success while running shows or whatever they'll be lightly you'll be like you already are not rated x i'm unlike what the fuck does that mean united know i specifics like i go can i say fuck can i say pussy canada
remembered i did a show this is like early on my first sport like ninety one or some like that i did a show i think chris mozilla book there who owns golf club in new york good do yeah he he was booking a show that was way out in brooklyn in an all orthodox jewish neighbourhood it was a show where the rabbis whose an italian arrest on an orthodox jewish was a kosher i like seafood food it was equally restaurant palestinians elsewhere so so everyone there is war rocks jewish or they had a fair amount of hasidic jewish people there and the rabbis in the room and they had a sheet printed out of all the subjects of words you could and could not say it was like don't say speckle dull don't say sex don't mention sex all these fuckin thanks iran so a psychopathic it paid twenty five box and you know it to get our train right out the brooklyn like fuckin i'll do that shit so
and it was not a good show but i just remember that thing i like ok they spelled out every fucking thing that you could do you could not say so is very clear so there's never controversy russia what i find you a college unlike what can i say you know what a what can i not say can i can i do what a joke about it i've done catholic colleges did how could i did do a joke about abortion i do joke about gay marriage i've i've some bits about gay marriage and you know that with the catholic church that's a big thing so unlike my unlike on its pacific's on subject matter and words what is it and i get that then everything's fine but you gotta get that shit quotas that fine with you right now like if they give you a list right now they said ok look i was on one of my dance i know somebody ass on but what are you passed on key member either it was a jewish gig i passed on because it i think it was just dumb
i can remember what it was but it was i was for sums was a very specific group and it was just are you there's you like they were like so many things she couldn't you have to give like this innovation is just the kid play the flute or something like that i don't have a fucking car will show you may now however that some ten year olds tap dance or somethin kosher place i wish he took a photo of i think i have it somewhere i've i the pack rat saw i'm hoping i have it somewhere i or my lilies if you have an email to mount up on land but it was it was amazing needs to be in that needs to be redesign laid bare i understand that like even like when you do you know if you're going if you're doing like even with late night talk shows on television i will usually pass on doing stand up on those man i can i will do panel right because in and stand up they're gonna there can be some things my stand back that we're all i have to cut something
not say a word or certain subject matter and i'm like i don't want to cut out stand up onawandah censure my stand back at all why does censorship with right but if i'm doing panel and the like you do some bits on the couch it's a little bit of a different dynamic you know and it's like our are more likely to do that i'd rather sanskrit there won't do it in my stand well it's also interact right exactly such desperate you're a guest on their shell and these are their rule so if i know that going in i'm fine but with those talk shows they want you to like oh can you not see this word on that stand a bit or not that seven among like forget about not doing it going any censorship of my stand out yet that's why was the sailor doing these shows colleges are you which the outside nor it not i did they pay a lot you know colleges pay well in general and i wait and unlike our it if this is gonna be it the death
is what it is you don't like the way i did a short princeton a few years ago and this is a us a different issue and it was i mean a lot of the crowd was a shitty on its there were like not all the of a fair amount were very very spoiled in entitled and drunk as shit and their heckling and normally i would just fuckin destroy him but unlike if i have one of these kids and i fuckin rhythm the shreds i'm in my head i'm thinking they're gonna write a fuckin ladder you now and then the the old national are saying oh you did all these things and then they're gonna tell all these other colleges and then i'll likes fuckin stop work at home so i handled the hackler but not how i would normally have i was only and that is why people don't want the other colleagues now i get it i get it a hundred percent when people don't want to do that i use nicely eyes fine away so in the light and the ones i have done this past year i haven't had a sense or anything that ideal they ve all been really good so
whether that does our of dealing with a lot of people i don't have a lot of real life experience very young i've off i a fifty a janitor will have a better sense of humour that a nineteen year old harvard student you know because you know first what comedy i q comedy smarts doesn't sl abandoning do with books marts ran real life experience is huge i suppose i find college audiences to be almost more narrow minded inga sown in high school someone in high school even though there are the years younger than summoning college they don't have that position when people get the college they they kind of think they know everything but a high school they don't think they know everything right but
they do so it's like they can never be wrong with a ready they establish themselves as independent don't write the ready and are ready to reinforce their ideas you excuse me that's what you're saying is bullshit yeah the patriarchy right but i feel it i also make fun of that shit you know what i'll do colleges that your company i make fun of that shit shit is important to make fun of me that's a goddamn cancer thought let one cartoon in the book it may really as it's like thought cancer with the is a disease does disease of fake progressive it's not it's really calling people out on things and finding target right what's gonna like when i was a kid young getting first learning about you know curse words and dirty word she just saint m constantly knows even though it remains too sometimes one when people are trying to like stand up for something and this is a new thing this activism
new thing to them they don't really know they may not be that good at it yet like their heart might be the right place brighter being misguided their fuckin get up that's a good way put now so that i think are then sometimes and this goes back we're talking earlier were people never think there and it's ok to be wrong in like my opinions change on things over the years and i enjoy listening people like i did a show in columbus ohio at a comedy club there i forgot to get the funny bone or something i did a show there it was the weekend that the trayvon martin case was going on with george zimmerman yeah it was it was like jokes not all but i've jokes about gun control you know and so had it was it was the verdict came down that night and the shows going on and then the next day and and i still bit by bit about it and i'm talking
guys afterwards and there were a couple guys in the audience a black eye on a white guy we're all super programme and they both work for the biggest online gun seller in the country and it was just very cool you know talking with them afterwards being you know therein site as well as people who do not want one in a strict gun control so is just draw attention to another many things are the other a lot more nuanced than you think they are there's a lot of issues i stated gig and buffalo and the waiter at the comedy club ok i'm all see tomorrow it's saturday cause hunting season starts tomorrow so me my dad or driving out the woods and we'll be hunted all day and then and then they are that the ober driver who took me back to the airport was also hunting and then he was telling me all the rules they haven't hunting lighted the bullets can we be a certain size and it can in
rifle you're only allowed to have three bullets in there you are not allowed to have five bullets in there and it's got to be certain bullets that that but like shoot through clean so they don't if you hit that in the wrong place it's not going to fuck up leg you know all this kind of things you don't even realise that are aware in kabul to these what things conflict with fishing like there's a lot of fishing laws where you have yourself you're hawk is and allow the have like those who i forgot the coverlet the little dog there's a go along the side when you pull it out barbs that barbs no wonder i fuckin the fleet i know what that is for touch him release place whereby that's an entire yeah there's no catch release with bullets now but there so he was saying about but it was a civil it was a similar dynamic with with the catch and released with the hut where you can have a hollow point bodes if that's what i mean
but those are mostly for pistols anyway there's lead em all versus copper ammo well really the impact is environmental the worried about burma i'm going to let ok ok that's initially right ok but what you're saying are things that most people don't even know exists with which is part of a conversation in gun control right now that's that's what i think the gun control conversation the hunting conversation are very different because i think what people are really counts and about when it comes to gun control or court on call assault weapons rather worried about like what happened in san bernardino rhyme surviving larger gesine semi automatic weapons killing but bunch also in in our cities verses suburbs and workplaces totally different short like if enough if a rural area paper like lever unknowns guns that's how black different then if you in a city and on one block you have ten thousand people living right if you have ten thousand guns within thirty yards
that's a lot of fucking god sees to it that the different dynamic year in year out so i hope i don't know all the answers i think things you were talking about really about like these people that are active as that really have the heart the right place it just learning how to do it right i think that that you could say that overall about what's going on with the internet in general i think we have big problems people have a right now with progressive thinking and what people are calling regressive but papa regressive left like people that are like very overly pc and bright trying to reinforce i think more trying to do who is make the world a little bit better a bit safer and a little bit more open minded but along the ways can be a lot of stumbling blocks and there's gonna be a lot poor representations of these ideas chirrup any see it from the right to anyone with trump and solar thinks he's saying it's like now things are you so character cartoonish but but every one but even like what
he's doing is somewhere what happens sometimes on the left where everyone is so confident about their idea they think this the only way ran it's like it's usually a lot more complex than that almost always almost always more complex than that so i go on his election on which human interaction and i think ultimately like which probably try to leave people alone as much as possible let people do their own thing as much as possible lungs what their own thing is is interfering with other peoples i agree one hundred percent that way when someone or something like that equality ology like is long extreme muslim terrorist type characters that are doing what they didn't sambre dean owns other places he had it all came on what's a problem because now you know someone is stepped in killed a bunch of people and they ve done it with guns so we have these issues we these issues of radical ideologies and these we have these issues of guns and we all of mental health issues that's a big one that one derives me fucking crazy that
every time someone is a mass shooter and kills a bunch of people the gun control issue comes up over and over again but what are the fucking mental health issue because the mental health issue is big issue is anything else there's a lot of people in this world with guns his more guns country than there are people but relatively speaking is very few mass shootings when you consider the of human beings so what the fuck is it that makes me pop you know i mean i've the stuff i've read recently says that gun shootings in general now are lower than they were ten or twenty years ago but mass shootings are up yeah you know murder is down more it'll lowest murder rates back tweeted this year today will more than they have been in the last fifty years and maybe even ever that interesting but mass shootings more of you i don't know why it i don't know there is another they also get publicize now we're in
a very honest and ten years social media twitter i may emma when the sombre indian things happening my much start seeing tweets data was the first thing they're just immediately get oh my god something's happened interrogate what's gonna hafta amber dinner hour trending or trending jazz weird where it right here we don't want be trending now retreading tutor the world champion hashtag judah world champion it trending there are bad judah world champion rape case now thank you but now that the other you not only all the answers that nobody knows does the reality is that nobody no idea angel then it needs to be discussed and with an open mind and intelligently and people need to hear both peoples ideas all sites you now it so
no it's fasting when mass shooting happens one of the big winners is the gun bend business the gun and while their sales go through the world through the roof is thereby scared that governs gonna take the guns savary starts by guns right billows those guns salesman in ohio on how did get there they were said through the roof yeah it's also they they always like to point out that those things don't happen very often in places we have open carry this places where anybody can ever gonna take a gun anywhere you want is very rare that you have these interests mass shootings but if there is a mass shooter of the someone that's shooting people what do you want do everyone to be unarmed or do you want everyone to be armed just having fuckin crazy gunfights like what is the answer
i don't know the answer i mean do you really want to live in a society where everyone has to carry a gun you design talking india walmart with jack and i are are you you want to give all i'd like a guy at what age would you be required to have a gun you know is it like when you get your driver's tested fifteen or sixteen is that when you get your gun also where'd you get it when your six for that and other problem is how easy it is to get a gun as opposed to how easy it is to learn how to drive a car if you're driving a car you have to go through a lotta hoops and we have to manage add i am giving you don't have to do that with a gun that's the problem is a real problem you dont have to show competency have enough that asked you marksmanship any that i think colbert did just did a thing the other night saying it's the show more idea to get sued fed than to get a gun was silly ammo more restrictions on suit affair than there aren't ammo and i'm gonna like that was area that sort of us die out are some recently and when i bought it are they had to get it they had to get my id and i was like what like you have to write
someone's idea when you buy suit effect that never used to be that way the eighties just go by suicide to nigeria don't make a mess that's what they did you get that no internet everyone is aware that the internet the fucking problem the internet has recipes rather make math from colds europaea remo started your government did you think you're gonna have to be doing tweets and shetland we're talking there before the show both tweeting again no i mean it's requisite if you want to be a successful touring comedian you have to tweet if the facebook if to the three things facebook tweet instagram those my three had already do facebook anymore i just couldn't i just come as i did in cigarette twitter i just started doing periscope a little bit but i gave up on periscope finally i've done a few and each one it was me on the road like in a city and i have no car saw him just like walking a mile to like the closest like see
vs or gas station supermarket by some grocery saw like so a twenty minute walk away like arnold is fuckin periscope there why you just rent a car it's good point within a month ago anywhere go play not really cause i usually on the road it's like i have to get up early to morning radio i got shows late at night and just a measly too tired to do anything during the day wants to take some vitamins it's unhealthy food i do now they for night healthy do vitamins by do healthy foods when you're on the road you bring your own openers usually i might add that point my career i can really i'm not making enough money where i can do that you know i need to get up like another wrong on the ladder and then i can be doing that i think i'm like josiana successful television show the right now but i never translated anything in the successful business just didn't do not robbed not a good business person now it's like i remember hello
i've already emerged during this once you're like i was a road show in our budget comics we're on it and like there's too mixer like billion have the better of the sad and their shown tee shirts they get there these are some of the right in the middle of color like nobody would talking to us and we had great sets but yeah that's not of merriment goaded selling staffer organs asian or anything like that you would see this you're on the road doing your thing get me out of their i try i'm trying to like to see the city's more and learn about a more instead of just going in and out looking to do more tv urges that can do more stand up now but he turned yeah wealth i think i'm gonna stanhope has always been my main thing and still is i spent most of the last year when thirty rock n actually i i stopped i do have an active agent i i and i wasn't
for one or haven't had enacting agent about two years when thirty rock ended we had the role and tore cause i was still going to understand about two and thirty rock but it wasn't allowed to do go on the road much because we were filming in the city so in a like eight or nine months of the year so just one on the road and that's all i wanted to do and then it with the sort of constant sleep deprivation of travelling in mourning radio one morning tv shows i started actually try again and that's where i started them then the book sort of like came out of that in our after several months i really like fifty cartoons and i was like monolithic and worked on a new path clear and so i wasn't planning on that that's just kind of organically came to me so i spent the past most the past year and a half work on that and then doing stanhope i turned down a fair amount of acting stuff that came my way and now the next big projects it is a stand up project but there will be a special or a ninety minute feature life span of cancer film and i'll do an album with its existence
report one out in only never have you know they shouldn't think nothing i should have had probably five out by now hours ago i turn of down from comedy central because i only a well this is this is part of like ten fifteen years ago i turned him down because of their censorship stuff i didn't and that now there much looser with it obviously way loser but then it was like there are subjects you couldn't talk about a lot of words couldn't sanum like fucker my doing it and i also never like their ownership clauses where they owned they don't just own that film footage of you old all the writing it and also you don't know if i want to do if i wanted to do what they had one joke from there i wanted to do that on my own album but i've like one lie but of added three new lines to in it are you there there wouldn't allow europe to get lawyers and fuckin get permission sounds like fuck it so and i ve been trying to make my own for the past couple years and then this book project sort of presented its and the so they at this point the only things
for me as may sound arguments have so much material die now i can put out are they gonna do just put out my recent most recent our but yeah i can buy can put out i can
back to material it only would do any more and then put out probably two or three others yeah you should do that egypt is bang out like three specials in a year i might do that there are many was our one special and then to other problems or somethin cause it's so important if people want to go see you that they can see something online yet find something today netflix along those lines i have some clips online that's it but i don't have like any the half hour stuffed i always turn that down that's creating a lot of us fear base to sales have a lot of trust issues with people like us me i do i do trust you of trusting is now the hit that irrespective of the drastic of but it's like ion yes i have a lot of trust issues period it oh and then i saw this book has been fucked overlap but that's ok but then there is also the mild perfectionism
i'd like it it's like oh as soon as you tape it then i'm gonna think i have this one other ngos on about why don't i wanted to know what they are wanted perfect than you got you can't even for perfectly gotta just go with what you got that time and that's what that show represent yeah it's gotta be a representation of what you're doing right now in this one time where this is filmed example december two thousand fifteen may actually this is due to free lander bam does exactly but it's so do retired sorted like grand lock lorraine and and then not they are but i could have done there s my issues edited that that part was flat right take chances right and then the other like blockage of my own area mental blockage joazar i'd i'd much better with that now but for a few years ago you never habit than a few years ago it kicked in was like that fear of like basically like not just trolls but
like you know blogger saying all this shit sought like they're gonna shit on it and then vision of so many people like like if one blog says you stink than all the ones are just gonna basically rewrite that one and then right the same fuck it because they were for it or you have all the fuckin internet saying you steak or like the whole hipster half of the internet saying you sought so i never to give a shit what people think but at some point finally several years ago that's gonna happen to me so i was like it did happen tat did whereas just passively like i've got a lot of anxiety like thinking if i put something out they're gonna shit the way to being somewhat isaak and in a market of a career this happened because someone shit on you or you are worried about someone sitting on i was worried about it i was never happened no one no i've i've had i've had reviews were people like like just completely shit on me and at its all none of its factual it ought to be busy like a professional troll you know
by your guys gonna have that tell me i'll be out here i think about the i've got much better with like not worry about that shit but for three four years four years ago i was i was having now really bad you know and i don't know what was i i i think was all kind of thrushes trust issues i was having personally and stuff as i remember like when thirty rock was going on i go out on a date with the girl and then like thirty minutes in the date she starts talking about her boyfriend and unlike why unlike what you're talking about and she's like oh i thought we were just gone out for dinner on like friends and i'm like a like i stay out a night and alike i gotta like our you like are you are you meeting on your boyfriend he not know many more like he is yet a town or you guys have an open relationships like no he's here like morrissey she's like others moreover there why i got the apartment and like all fuckin got him
the fuck you don't argue with me you know at times this happen to have it a few times were like really were girls would like water like go out with me just to take pictures so they can like tell their facebook so they became friends you because you're on telephone right exactly so that romantically which was then i think when that stuff was happening that's also that i'm just getting here i don't have the exact answers i'm just thinking out loud up i think that's maybe sort around the same time when i started worrying about like blood harrison shit like shitting on you know my friend eddie has this theory about bill cosby about bill cosby when he started doing to women and he thinks that that might have been the similar have a situation where these women wanted to be around him but they are turning him down i gotcha and he's too dragging them then he started raping yeah yeah i noted that i just left much phenomenon but you know i mean
not that can happen where someone's attracted you simply because you're famous person right i really do think this is a girl that i'm romantically interested right i'd like to go anywhere i do at around they sang out than you're at dinner so worked up fuck man so you you're talking in this girl your hey you wanna go out to dinner and she's like amazon's kenya and then sudden you're on a day s telling you about her boyfriend saturday at ten o clock and you think in the end the get you there is gonna get some long ride and she's again my boyfriend's waiting for me the bell she just casually most about something alien my boyfriend's others like her were there and this happened more than once yeah i'm one girl i wonder what did she say termer what she wanted to do furnish she wanted to
with something like by jury knock you remember i think i was it was time out new york magazine they put me on the front cover of their like dating issue and though they like polish about dating amanda thing on the threats and like date this guide on like i'm like i'm a cover for why so and i remember one girl i think saw that and then she she like facebook me or something like that and the same low she wants to maybe southern so she wanted to go she wanted to go she wanted a write articles sooner follow me on a date and then right an article about it that's what she wanted to do and unlike whether fuck anyone want to do that why one if i can do that what do i want you to meet a random girl going to day with her she's going to hang out with you guys that yet cause she wants to get the she's like an aspiring writer so she wants to try to get you know articles red line so how are we to do as the latch onto a famous purse right right so there's always a shit you know so i and i am
all that shit i always trust issues with people so the now would make where's your trust issues come from programme we don t yet i don't know a psychologist does always your whole life with others general always with authority figures i've never gotten along pretty much in a new currency women authority fingers no no that's it just a relationship be right so how many different girls that you when you went on dates for them they said they had by france mothers i want i can think of ivy probably happened like two or three times that's really weird yeah that super unusual but author happen after shows all the time or a girl be really flirting with you another company clumsily like did you jump on that unlike her boyfriend's right there it's like to be forty whether may and i remember one time one girl like taken her shirt off shown above slow me god fear there this outside the seller and her boyfriend's right there he's taken photos of us do on it and stuff and
eggs yeah we're just that way in another way we're gonna do two guys you got a girl like their boyfriends taken the photos now there's always gonna be people like that people there disk i have a friend of mine that went with this girl and the girl i told him that she had a husband and the husband watched and coached her while she was blowing my friend that's that's really weird that's a shit i don't want to get involved deepen entered poor yeah i don't do that i was saying to him ass it did i feel gay like that she's like he's directing your pleasure the whole ready arranges that's just bizarre that all think some people aren't bazaars belike that man now some people in the world should now but i think you know so much of culture is so like like even if if you look at social media instagram facebook twitter if i wasn't trying to promote my shows i wouldn't be on any that shit right yet everyone's on it
that's a good point you know like why are they on it like if your honor and each one to follow different people a sort of get you know there's a big hit some like the ongoing kind entertainment you know but it's like why like when people just take photos of them selves at the beach through their food and they posted among other fuck you know what's up what's the point that's a really good point of view no i don't think i've really thought about that like i get one we're on it i don't get anyone else's on i've been in entertainment for so long and social media just suddenly sir came along the way what would i we doing what i've even using if it'll if i don't think i would love i got on myspace to promote gigs enter facebook for the same reason those same that's really interesting instagram same thing like i know some people just follow they'll follow their favorite musicians in their favour comics also there on their scrawled are gettin
no info and entertainment like throughout the day i understand that but but if you're actively posting on alone and you know what it's like everyone has their own show basically yeah that's what the world's become everyone has their own share their own reality sure yeah yeah that is what it's like souls also lead to a lot of sarka nuclear if you're the show now now i've really time it's no rights our men just talking bird who is it don't feel bad what we say and if a girl now at that some those girls like from a few years ago it was like is almost like you know the date was me guest bearing on their just exactly know i'd i could maybe get them ratings yes that's a whole bunch of likes and their photo right that's what it was like with a guy from thirty rock work it's me thought is gonna get lay in ha oil sometimes i don't think there thinking that what i do i don't even think that occurs to them sometimes were other dumb
i think they're just so into like oh this will give me people are gonna like this photo they're not thinking i don't know that they are actually think it affects you the person sizzling trolls don't think it affects you as a person often other just like the others talkin shit there's not thinking about the idea that is using use a target for their axed right right in my view is a human right and for the girl she's using use the target year celebrity run on a television show the joys look i'm here with him the guy from the thing i'm an amazing i'm amazing i need magic habitant the guy from the box justinian he paid for my food to perfect is that what she saw like perfect and then my boyfriend as my boyfriend's hasn't he doesn't like you don't know who i am ever would you oh yeah he likes you too would win did you ask them to your boyfriend know that we're going to dinner together yeah now one time i did what she say she did she had nothing to say oh god to this end the date right bearing at other
now if i finished my food you know either it lasted a little bit longer he's like i strongly near there was already live how'd you get in the night hugger wherever however how could you not remember was it how did you know remember that i don't remember you know i don't i don't happen i just don't fucking now you know that the idea that everyone has their own show is exactly what's going on and that's also when you see these are really self righteous tweets people put out do they really doing there doing exactly the same thing you see people doing on reality shows where there's their fuckin acting you know you know when you watch reality show and you someone there doing something are saying something very specifically to get a reaction will order on a watch but yeah i gave you say idea like they know the cameras on them and that's why they're acting
sort of an unnatural way or manipulative way right right in that manipulation applies to social media as well as his day it's a less pervasive method of doing so broadcast yahoo million plus people on a reality show your broadcasting to ten thousand people follow you on twitter yeah that's a big part of people do i like what is what's real yeah it's also what hashtag activism is hashtag activism why i think it's a lot of what it is and i think it can be i think it can be both i agree with you and i disagree x i think i think sometimes people january but then some show of people or just turn around i mean there's no black or white nausea or i shall say yeah design survival i re say grace i river deal
stand up set on a show years ago now i called late friday and i got a mirage doing my first job it's a setup and punch line and i say to set up part of a slight pause everyone sars laughing and opposing facilitates you're not there they ve never laughed there ever a boom in this job for two years they ve never laughter breaking point and i get the punchline and there still having set up they don't really the punchline that much and then after about like three and the first of the first units minutes were out just weird like that and it s about three four minutes it kind of became like a normal set then afterwards i found out that the entire audience was paid background extra actors so they didn't tell me that before gone on so that's kind of like you what you are saying about you know abraham on their own show and so they are trying to be they were acting and try to act like in all its members have just sitting there and just let it happen i don't have to do any aid back
and everybody when judah comes out he's gonna say jokes i want you to laugh at i wanna hear your best laugh right now our you can do better yet it is you got but that's the way so it's a lot of coveney on tv is or is it so fake hours just that's more extreme example but it is like this but it's not easy to capture you know even when you see specials it's not easy to capture a real stand up nyc as when you those cameras in their own people know what's going on low but of a different dynamic yeah yeah yeah you know hundred thompson was talking about that a long time ago really documentary about yes i started filming things sorry carrying on things like caring cameras round filming things and he was talking about they were interviewing him for this bbc documentary than they were doing things bbc any be saying that
having a camera changes everything because you're not capture reality because to having the camera knowing that is being filmed changes the exactly what it is come something there for now because everyone is aware of the camera and this is a documentary he made that he was now was about him i know that sounds great as a few he's got a couple of my big fan of heart yeah but the on with gonzo life in times of hunters thompson i think that was one of the document are yet i was like that and then there was another one feel fear and loathing and in hollywood i think i forget which one was that is a few of them you can find them online i'll check those out sounds really cool they were they were place in woody creek colorado with cameras and filming ominous like witnesses in reality because you got a camera synergy you a camera a incredibly perceptive person man that's except when it came to himself interesting science has a blind spots yet have an early i've yeah that's think that that's probably pretty cool
in fact now more common than not and i think it's i think it's good to admit that you now yeah gets one promise or like a lot people don't admit that it's like it's ok to have laws you know we all have flies do you know if you don't floss you're not human but that's yelling about social media that's a weird is it it often shows people are showing themselves without the flaws so it's it's like you said it's like everything's kind of fake on a certain and they also find a flaw that you have and just fucking tat the total what did you say about black pay budget so i didn't black long long it'll get arc its cigarettes in africa
think about tat was kind of thing i used to worry about like you do one thing and flock they're gonna get you out of animal drawings and here were paralysis what i went ices rod and the way i worded unlike am i gonna get shit on further and i was like couple but it's cool was i got you out here bullets i would highlight the bar calcutta two of em here yeah not as eat up anybody know had wandered about a year's yeah that one you can get on amazon for thirty five cents in the shipping industry no nine the new one if rain thirty nine see ya think you'd accompanying it use copies are they know it's like fourteen box but if you want to you copy i think it's like thirty five thousand and sky you are limiting is laurina untying of range so that it may not be a good salesmen already little guy it is an artist but if the rain united this has been my big passion faster if you like
key ban or maybe they'll gary larsson stuff i think i think you'll you'll dig this book beautiful and then your twitter is judah world champ judo yeah j d h world champ tour i urge you to free later tat gun thank you brother preeminence seeing it please great saves males do now i always i don't see a much gazelle of new york and it's always cool when i see always cruelty to row i do too freely ladies and gentlemen will see soon bubba because one law you ladies and gentlemen for turning into the pod cast and thank you thank you thank to our sponsors thanks to movement watches envy empty watches dot com forts lash rogan for fifteen percent off your entire purchase thanks also to fandango to fan dang go dot com slash instant win or they are giving away over one million dollars in cash prizes and offers and it's a great application for buying movie ticket
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