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2016-01-04 | 🔗
Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He also hosts his own podcast available for download via iTunes called The Aubrey Marcus Podcast.
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breezy market is the Joe Rogan experience. So it's nice to take a break, taking a break from anything. It's a good move. It's really is to go just a few days off the podcast dog cited to come back and do it yeah little refresher in a little refresher. So, what's up brother, how are you good to see you I'm good man? It's a sure we got going on there. This is my shirt that talks about how George Washington was alive today did throw him in jail 'cause. He was smoking, weed and learning yeah. He grew pot right and he was pretty open about it. He talked about how they should so that seed everywhere. It's like it's amazing, it's a miracle plant makes you feel good, it's good for good for clothes good for paper. They smoke it, though, that the founding father smoke it you know. There's
like a lot of direct reports, I don't think about them, actually smoking it, but if they haven't figured that out there pretty savvy, I think they got that down. I wondered because if you were like growing something and you were using it for one thing like say, if you were growing kale and you were eating it, you wouldn't be like. Let's smoke this shit who's your whole life and not know that Kayle could like get you to God's front door. You don't think that smell though you know they're just like limit, let smell this herb they would have and it didn't make t out of it. They would have done something isn't it doesn't have to be cooked, though, in order to be psychoactive, I'm the worst pothead ever. I should know this: I'm like such a advocate. I should know like if you're going to get in trouble and you eat a bunch of your pot. Do you get high? I don't think you do really, I'm pretty sure you don't wow yeah. I think
that's one of the reasons why people really enjoy juice pot. Apparently the health benefits of juicing pot of in a fresh, non, dried leaves and doing it like wheat grass juice is incredible. It's supposed to be really good for you and I believe that yeah yeah this amount. It doesn't smell like something you want to eat. You know like if you smell pot. It's like this aromatic it's a beautiful plan to make it flow mega t yeah. I was out in the wild that'll, probably fuck you up. I think it's a that issue, though that's why they always do it with butter. You know, I think it's uh the oils. I should know God damn it. We got it. People get so mad. When you don't know things Khan had cars get revoke. Well, you know what is in research. Well, I definitely know it can get you high of while Bob vouch for that, but not a thing. I'd still be eating it rock and but some people get so pissed off. If you were wrong about anything in these
long, rambling shit talking sessions right, no, no vetting of information, two doesn't sixteen man enough enough of your misinformation, and I don't know I don't know if it taking your ai but it. It is amazing, though, that all these guys used it for so many different things and somehow long lines couple one hundred years later it became demonized got people locked up in very declaration of independence written on the plant that got made illegal and one of the drafts yeah. One of the drafts is written on hemp paper and paper is the best if you ever had him paper before now. It's insanely, durable, it's really weird. It's a weird plant thing about marijuana is: have you ever held a stock marijuana tree stock? It's incredible because it feels like styrofoam, in terms of like how light it is, but it's really hard like oak, it's bizarre it
fucking alien plant. It really is, if you stop and think about all the things that that one plant provides, it has a full amino acid profile, like almost like a meat like only there's only a few other plants, I believe keen Wah and a couple others are similar in that they have a full amino acid profile. You can make oil that you could heat your house with it. You could build a house it it with hempcrete. You ever seen that hempcrete stuff, but I've all my god. They make concrete with hemp and uh currently has anti microbial properties where it makes it really affective, build method in places that have a lot of mold like high mold content like high moisture content, it insanely, durable, apparently, will last forever it's really light. This is hempcrete. This is the shit they make this with hemp. Has massive insulation properties, yeah energy
Christian. It really is like an alien gift. Yeah, it's crazy, just, went down and said here you go humans, it's just going so much many things seen all the stuff they're doing with Cbd oil and children that have epilepsy? I have been following that close fucking wipes it out. You know and uh sing. Apparently, that's really good for children that have epilepsy is going into key ptosis, a ketogenic diet, the like high fat, high fat content, foods, low, low, simple carbohydrate foods. Yeah apparently has a radical effect on children with epilepsy makes sense. You know I mean a lot of what the brain is. Br is mostly made up of fat. You know, and I think a lot of times we don't pay into the raw materials that our bodies made up of you know like your brain is made up of largely fatty content, and it's shown in a lot of different studies that fat is good for the brain these issues that are coming from the brain. Maybe there's an issue with
Some of the raw material, maybe just supply it more of what it's made of yeah? That's probably the pub sense, and also what makes sense to me is that that's what people ate for one thousand thousands of years they just ate plants that, grew out of the ground like normal stuff and meats and fish is and whatever they could get a fish is, fish and you know, and whatever they could catch and eat, they didn't have spaghetti You know they didn't have all this stuff that we fucking love now bread, bread is awesome, god damn it. Why is it so bad? for you. Well really, I mean there's a lot of people who will argue that the bread is only bad for you because of how we prepare it.
Like we allow the wheat to dry, which has it developed this, like Jiten, where this kind of protective layer so that the seed could survive. You know conditions where it wasn't going directly into the soil. You know seeds have evolved to survive in the way that we prepare it. It's not germinate. It's not sprouted, so that hard layer is what makes it really hard to digest poor. If you get like a sprouted bread, you know a lot of people say that the health benefits, Those are pretty good and all, and a lot of the negative is mitigated. That's interesting! That's what I eat most of the time I hate Ezekiel bread, which is a sprouted bread, which shows not nearly as delicious now, if the fight not going out with the other one, is for the good is sour dough bread because our dough they use it's. You know they have a culture in that it's fermenting, that's what's actually causing it to be sour and that's partially digesting some of that the hard parts of the week to digest. So it's almost coming to you, like pre, digested a little bit by the bacteria that makes it sour. So it's a lot of,
here on your stomach. Yeah. I'd heard that right like for even there's some gluten free versions of sourdough bread, which is apparently even better yeah. I have something I haven't haven't done. It is a lot of the problem. Is is that when your stomach gets information, it doesn't just go locally in your stomach, then it creates these pro inflammatory cytokines, which go cross the blood clots and the blood stream into the blood brain barrier. And then you get that kind of like foggy shitty feeling throughout your whole body. You know, I mean it. A lot of people talk about it like leaky gut, but when the inflammation is there in the gut, it's a lot easier for it to go systemic and so keeping that keeping that down to a minimum is really key for performance. Yeah, pasta, comas are legit for sure. They're fucking realtor sure, like my mom used to make this insane. Lasagna and you would eat that lasagna, you better not have any plans. Bitch,
fellas on using your system that ricotta noodles in the meat, so it was just so good, though God damn it I've had gluten free pasta. Recently, I've been getting into that, I wished, I'm so glad. Joey Diaz is in here could be screaming. Fucking gluten, but it doesn't give you the same effect. It's like you eat it, but you don't have that, like that a lot of people associate with a good meal and feeling of just being just sedated right. That was great You know it's! It's weird how that work until you have to do so, exactly it's like shit. I got work to do or yeah. Have that big lunch and you got meetings afterwards and you're. Just pounding coffee, yeah like get it together. The work nine to really work that well, enzymes is the way to go right for sure. If you're in that situation, you are sure you should be pounding enzyme, digestive enzymes in it. You
additional hcl. If you really have it a difficult meal, you know taking some hydrochloric acid along with the enzymes it's going to be great, but enzymes are are key, you know, it's so fascinating for me that for the longest time when people thought about food, Food and nutrition they've thought. Well, you eat a healthy bay once diet, and you know that's pretty much it. That's really all you need if you want to be a sensible person, if you want to really push the fringes like Jack Lalanne he's to fucking eat a bucket of pills, everyday. Didn't he but it wasn't Jacqueline like a crazy supplement, taker Guy- and I wouldn't surprise me- I'm pretty sure he was or another one, is home. The guy wants to live forever. Here's while Kurz, while he explained to me, I interviewed him, points for this Sci FI show it was so fucking cool, just me and Ray is while Chillin in his apartment in San Francisco for like an hour and a half talking about just life and possibilities and all the
potential future technologies that are going to extend our live. Thousands and thousands of years, but that guy he doesn't fuck around. He takes a gigantic bucket of pill. Every day, which I'm not sure is the right way to do it. You know, I don't know sure I don't know what is it foods? Is it foods and supplements? I think you got a really just look at what you know what you particularly need. Yeah, I know and and just targeted for that you know, I think, a lot of things or what you want. You know a lot of. It is just like. What's going to help your performance, what's going to help, you reach your goal like? What is your goal for him? It's live forever, so he's probably trying a bunch of different things, but he's a little bit frantic about that and he's a little CERN that he's not going to make it till this technology can catch a older than us he's like seven pushing seventy, but what going to get out is that when they started doing grass FED foods like Grass FED beef became the rage and people started noticing the difference in the actual size of the steaks I give you get a tenderloin or if you get a New York Strip from
grass FED Animal, it's I can considerably smaller piece of meat and then the fat looks different. The fat is a yellow fat instead of a get fat and then, when I started getting in a hunting one of the week the things that I found was Steve. Rinella uhm told me about blueberry bears and that the most delicious meat. Is these black bears Alaska I and as well anyway, they have blueberries right when they been ready to get into hibernation. They feast on blueberries to the point where they are flesh smells like blueberries and their fat becomes purple. I get changes your body and it made me think like what about fucking, twinkies and shit, you know about Coca COLA. What is all that doing? Your fat content, what is it doing? your body. You know like how much of what you are
your smell, someone that's like unhealthy, like ever date, an unhealthy girl or your own self when you're sick, not me, but I smell good all the time I stink, yeah that'll. Do it you if the smell is, I think that was one of our primal. Cues yeah, like you sniff somebody, they are you healthy. You know, how's your how's, your got by on that's where someone's, but you know like, is that how you have down there yeah totally, but I think you know now we're in this paradigm, where it's not just, you are what you eat, because that's really true body is made up of the input that you eat. One hundred that's what makes up your body, and I think we forget about the but so we're not only what we eat, but we what we eat a yeah. You know so, but the animals ate because their bodies made up of what they ate. And then, when you look into vegetables, I think sometimes people ignore the fact that the vegetables are draw these minerals from the soil. So what's the soil like is its oil? That's been farmed forever and they just put a limited array of fertilizer on there just enough to get it to go well, then,
maybe you're not getting enough minerals, because the plants don't have enough minerals So I think that scenario that I'm really kind of looking keenly on 'cause. The one thing that I've done this year differently is really started supplementing with minerals, and that's made a huge difference in my energy levels. Really. What are you doing? I take a full VIC mineral, an I take it with different. When was I mean at some different? It's like a full like acid, it's a type of compound in the soil. That has a really wide array of trace minerals, and so you can get it pretty much from the United States. You can get it from all over the place. It's really like densely, concentrated old world vegetation. You know that it's turned into soil that and then Himalayan Sea salt, of course, is another great resource, but the combination of like intentionally giving those I feel like I'm, giving my body the building blocks, to make the body to do what it needs to do like all parklands and skin and organs it's comprised largely of these
moments in minerals in these different things and I feel like sometimes the bodies reaching for spare parts in the garage is empty. It's like da what the hell. I don't have this mineral that I need to repair myself. You know, because in a party with osteoporosis, is yeah, but your body Ryan, calcium, literally from your bones yeah, and then we do that naturally, another reason why we don't have that many minerals is we do that now really when we run a little bit acidic. So if we're drinking coffee and alcohol in these things are PH, may not change, but the reason it doesn't change is the body use is the minerals from things like the bones like calcium carbonate, which is the traditional antacid, something that buffer the acid so buffers the acid within the body by utilizing available mineral. So we get an even greater mineral depletion if we're running more acidic, which is one of the reasons why I think an alkaline diet is helpful, but you can kind of hack that by just taking a lot more minerals, so you have more available to buffer out your acidic diet. Not these should be drinking booze and eating sugar and coffee.
What we're going to do that we're all humans. So if you're going to do that, getting more minerals in your diet is going to be huge. What like do you fuck around with colloidal minerals? They will take that stuff into that for awhile, and I got some benefits of it, but for whatever reason I stopped drinking them. Yeah Maybe it's just full of it. There's fulvic acid! In humic acid, I found that the humic acid little heavy, it kind of like ways on my digestion, but fulvic acid is a little just cleaner. I feel like I absorb it better. So, every time I'm making a drink, I get those valley spring waters, and my thing is just a little bit of himalayan salt, maybe two grams and then a little scoop of the full VIC Mineral powder, an drink that an huge difference and I've given it to a lot of people, have had some enerji issues, just things not going quite right and made a huge difference. So that's something I'm really kind of looking at for two thousand and sixteen nice nice um I'm going to get really in the probiotics this year I had a Rhonda Patrick on the podcast, and she was talking about these like really powerful probiotics, so
ordering those this week- and I want to get star- I'm trying out different probiotics 'cause, I'm a regular think of that Kombucha that stuff Gt Kombucha, no bullshit, I drink for a day Three to four a day: everyday, I'm constantly restocking on that shit it a massive difference. Man like having good gut biome having good anything, I've been eating. A lot of is raw sauerkraut. For Rafi. Many could be yes, yeah, kimchi and fermented plants in foods when
doing that you're you're, literally taking in raw like soldiers, told to fight off all the other, that's going on inside your body. I think that's absolutely the other big key that we all ignore. You know all of us have taken these courses of antibiotics in there's a recent study that came out that showed it takes up to a year for your got by on to fully recover from a course of antibiotics single course, venomous, so you're, just basically detonating a nuclear bomb off in your stomach. In these these. This got floors responsible for Neuro, transmitter, production, immune system production, all kinds of benefits, and if you may get even crazier than that, because there's some animal studies now where they took the got by home of a really kind of chill mounts and really hyper mouse and they switch the got by arms of both of these mice and their personality characterised It's changed so like a lot of what we are maybe wrong.
Directly to our gut flora. So paying close attention to that, I think, is that minerals is probably the two most important. You could do that's a really insane thing when you stop and think about it, I think we associate ourselves or we try to think of ourselves as being some sort of an independent entity. And I mean well, I feel good when I have a cup of coffee in a glass of orange juice, but the id that you literally are what you've put into your body and that it doesn't just fuel your body, but it makes your body like in you. Body changes and varies depending upon what you're putting in were a trillion organisms. Actually that just have one over mind so that everything is not just warring with each other and and king, like I need this. I know this week I have one over mine, but it's really. You know where the king of a trillion cells and in our going to be a good ruler to these there, like our loyal subjects like we have kingdom in our body, and are we going to be a good ruler? Are going be
the one that just talk shit to him. It gives him shit food. Yeah and you know taxes the hell out of a mass too much gives too little well, we have one voice. Work comes out of one whole, but I don't necessarily know this. Like one thing in there, that's run out show through, because I think we like to think that it is, but God dammit shifts, loyalty and direction it. Just it's all. It's all over the place the mind and who you you know in quotes Think of yourself as me. You know me. Well, I think, when you sell well, I'm going to do this I'm going to do that? I'm just like what are you saying like saying, I'm going to lead the troops, but who are you you change all the time. Mother fucker you different, whether or not you've had a nap whether you've had a cup of coffee, whether you taking your alpha brain your fucking different. All the time like who are you bitch so inconsistent like what's going on in there. Well, what's going on, there is urine ecosystem. You like it's like the I will call in itself with thing the jungle is not our thing. The judge
fucking millions of things all? in a cycle where the big ones are eating the little ones and then the big ones die in the little ones absorb it. And it's like this constant ever going thing, that's happening, the idea of it being like the a lighter you know or like a brick, you know it's not a it's a very giant system of all the that's the body very true yeah. I think There's this combination of also the body and then consciousness and the mind like all of these three different things which uh that's how I kind of organize it. There's the ba then there's the mind ego and then there's your consciousness and those are always different voices. The bodies more like a plant, it's slow and it doesn't into the mind which moves like instantly the mind can think one thing and the other thing, but the body has fortunately has a big lag, its waste
or otherwise would be getting mixed signals all over the place. So that inherently creates a conflict. 'cause the mind moves at the speed of light, but the body moves slow. So we have this like built in system. Where a little bit strange like we can want something for the body, but it takes awhile. You gotta change the nutrients. You gotta do these different things and I think that's a frustration point for people with their bodies. 'cause their mind is so fast and that's they identify with. Then they want the body to react, but the body slow bodies like a plant, everybody wants that instant fix. You know, like you, come off of hard drinking over new years, then you look at your gut and you start pinching your fat and, like God, damn it change, and it's hard. Like you wake up and you look at your clock and like fuck, I don't want to go to the gym. If I go to sleep right now, I could sleep for another hour and a half before I have to go to work I go to the gym right now and you know what you should do, but bodies like come on man then
brain is like, but what do we looking forward? Looking for success were looking to improve, looking to feel good, get up. You fuck, but this conflict this, like constant conflict of trying to improve and trying to be disciplined and trying to get it all together, and then this fucking self sabotage mechanism that somehow or another the vast majority of us have the inner bitch all the inner bitch, yes yeah one of the most important things- and this is what I've really been focusing on- is having the ability to do what I call mental override, which is just where you just push manually, push that go button all the way down, and just do something that you know you don't want, because we're so good at negotiating and justifying- and you know, have these little arguments with ourselves, and sometimes you just need that ability to just go. Ok, we're doing this yeah, I don't care, you're scared, that's cool you're, going to be alright mental override we're doing this.
And you can really use that ability to choose. You know in so many things. Even choose yourself in a better mood. I've experimented with that, like you're initiating bomb in a shitty mood like well. Maybe you just choose Listen to a song, that's not like a shitty mood song and then you choose to you, jump from Lily Pad lily pad, but you can choose your way out of a lot of different things. If you're willing to do that, if you have cultivated that skill to push the hammer down and say all right, I'm going to be happy right now. It's that determinism thing that a lot of people fall prey to it's like all the different circumstances that have happened in your life, all of your own trials and tribulations successes and failures. All these things lead up to who you are right now and sometime and the momentum of those things is super hard for people to break it super hard for if you've always got open morning and smoked a cigarette and had a cup of coffee the one day
you get up, and you like to know what I got I got to stop doing this. I got to take care of my fucking, but I got to get off these cigarettes. I got to figure out a way to have its butt to try to cultivate a bunch of different inspirational things to get you over. That hump, I think, is the way like whether it's people like it is a bunch of people that I call upon in my in my mind, like when I think of like incredibly disciplined topic this guy did it out of my podcast before great Guy Jocko, Willink and Jocko's fucking savage right, he's the man every morning go to that, page that mother Fucker shows a photo of his watch and it'll say four hundred and forty five or four hundred and thirty or four hundred and fifteen. This fucker is up every day. Before five slinging lead. Just fucking lift weights and he'll show like puddles on the ground after his workouts and then will show like the sun coming up, and he feels like that gives him an advantage.
But in sending those images out there, other people, People like me that I mean. I don't necessarily have a problem with discipline, but I'm I I but I don't have the best discipline sure, but I mean I'm at, but it's It's pretty good. You know I'm pretty healthy, but I'm still a fuck up on occasion, because I'm I'm a comedian at heart mean ultimately is that cell phone- Elgin Personality goes, we doing shots, it's it's always there. You know, but when you the guy, like that, that's out there fucking going for it like that guys like that they breed like a little spark. You know sing a little spark like a big spark. So there's a few of those people that I follow a few people that I know a few people that have watched documentaries or follow their. You know their workout routines and you just you just gotta cultivate those things just sort of like he cultivate information, we can a conversation with no data. You can't
you literally have nothing to talk about. If you haven't experienced anything if you haven't taken any information information, much like food is fuel for your body that and is fuel for your mind for your personnel. The end for the way you view the world like your overall projection or reputation of the world itself, is based on much data you take in, which is one of the reasons why it's so important to surround yourself with good people. No doubt I mean people generally move by one of two forces, inspiration or desperation. It's way better to get in and get in early on. The inspiration tip then wait for desperation that causing oh. I had a heart attack. That's why I changed my diet or oh I'm going to die so now it's, but if can move from inspiration, you know you're going to be way but way better off. There's something else too, which is just the ethos like so in all warrior cultures develop this. The samurai had the Bouche Edo, the Spartans had their ethos
and it's something where you just decide something that just doesn't have it there's no room for negotiation anymore. This is not a negotiable item. You don't need Insp and you don't need desperation, because it's no longer on the table for negotiation, and I think that's part of that ability to just choose something and create your own ethos. Like maybe your ethos is, I don't smoke cigarettes anymore, and that is my ethos. It is non negotiable, like that is part of my code. You know and developing something that's so so strong and it's not even on the table for negotiation. You know and I it's important to use all of those different different facets like for the Spartans. It was you never retreat for the samurai it was always keep on or you know, whatever their bush ito. It was pretty wide code, but and all of those things there are these just these things that wouldn't break so when it came time to you know, take the sword to protect your honor
into your own gut. You know how hard that is like. I can't even cut my little finger, but I've tried to cut my finger. Imagine like sticking a sword, but it was just non negotiable. It was so deeply ingrained, and so I think all of us should spend time creating our own ethos like what is our ethos and don't get too crazy with it like and I'm never going to eat sugar come on man. I mean give yourself a little bit of sugar every now and then don't make that your ethos but create something. That's just non negotiable. Well, I think cheat days are really good for the mine, and it's cheap meals are really good for the mind and even though it's not good to take in like an entire pizza in one setting, knowing that you allow yourself that possibility every now and then Lee relaxes the imagination and relaxes the the reserve distance to discipline, because I feel well at least me personally, I don't like rules, I don't lie.
I mean one of the reasons why I became who I am and what the path that I chose as far as like what I chose to do in life is because I didn't like people telling me what Do I didn't like the idea of school? I didn't like I'm telling me. I had to learn this right now for what dumb reasons and when you grow up with this idea that confirm conforming is bad and then following orders makes you a robot and a slave fuck that man, one person, would be a free spirit. I'm going to put I die on fucking hitchhike across the country. You have these ideas that the sort of patterns that everybody else is following their only following them, because they've been told to- and you don't have to do- that- man- it's bullshit I'll, just organisms we're all just living on this life together. So you kind of get it get into this mindset. Where you don't want to have any rigidity, you don't want to have any any hard fast rules, but
that's not necessarily empowering to you as an individual. One of the things I'm really fond of saying is that you only appreciate rest when you've earned it. I don't appreciate rest in less I fucking busted. My ass must have worked out hard got all my work done got all my shell, my if I have anything. That's fucking with me in the back of my head. It haunts me, you know it bothers me and I can appreciate relaxation. It does not worth anything anymore if I come home from doing nothing and I sit down in front of television I may enjoy whatever watching I might enjoy it, because it's good information or it's good stimulation, but I'm not going to boy that relaxation I'm not going to joy that that thing unless I've earned it yeah I mean you have a natural seeking of your own kind of balance, and I think that's what's important is having that compass to say like alright, I've worked this hard and now it's time to take off and just let the stress go and I think that's an important lie
delineation, something that I struggle with too 'cause I'll finish along the at the office and then I'll come back and I'll work and I'll be con. Even when I'm like, with Whitney trying to watch a movie, I'm thinking about what I could be doing instead of just saying, alright man, just this two hours, yeah really rested. I yeah you're off your off duty man, clock out and I think that's an important thing to kinda restore you know and get again. It's that same thing like taking a break like allow yourself that opportunity to let the stress go. You know when you've done the work, but if you're on the other side and you're just not really doing anything, you know, and you just kind of relaxing and that's starting to create the stress, then how to go to the other side of the pendulum and kick some serious ass. First before you start worrying about the rest. So it's just about like striking that right balance Oh my god, that's so important. The right balance is so God damn important, because you do, to be that fucking psychopath that just burns everything in
if you are just hacks at the land, trying to achieve victory, 'cause that unless you're a fighter, I think that, if you're competing, if you're fighting like I'm a big fan of saying that, if you, if you want to fight, if this is what you want to do, it has to be completely singular pursuit. You can't I want to. And I also want to open up an organic peach jam business, and I- and I also want to start nothing running and I'm also really involved in a fucking this and that and Agnes man. If you want to be some, is doing something so insanely dangerous that it's probably as far as pursuits in sport far it's probably one of the all time, most dangerous things. You could possibly do other than maybe Bmx flying those to flip those guys do have ramps and right, like ski jumping, like with this shit. That body does
he's fucking flying down a hill like Jesus Christ, like that's insanely, dangerous too, but but a singular pursuit yeah. I think you can only do it a few years like maybe at the most ten or something like that, but I think to to be like a fade or Emelianenko in his prime that mother Fucker was probably gone. I mean he probably in that zone all the time like Anderson when he was in his prime other than pussy and food. I bet dude was pretty locked in you know in the few recreational activities, video games, what have you, but you you got the two two chief of that state of like high revolution excellence, you almost have to be like unhealthy yeah. I talked to a really successful person that I know, and he said that he limits himself always to three
things like he will not allow himself to focus on anything more than three things, an that was kind of interesting for me 'cause. I love creating these little different things and working on these different projects is like for me, three things is the maximum and that's what I forcibly cut myself off with- and I think that's something good to keep in mind- you can only really genuinely work on three. At a time and maybe, when you're a fighter that just narrows down even more to just one thing right, because you have disciplines, you're working. You were in the grappling disciplines, striking discipline. So maybe those are three things wrestling striking toppling. That's that's it! That's all you have time for, if you're going to be great, maybe that's why Thailand so good for those guys, just you just pay for sale yeah, you just take that off the table not even initially at just go to the massage power or whatever you do get your joint worked out. Yeah, no doubt yeah. I know I think, were
everybody is sort of trying to find this zone that makes them feel the best that makes them feel the most satisfied, the most comfort, rible least crazy, the least disappointed you just want to find this is everybody zone is different. Like some people they don't have. This am burning ambition to succeed. They don't have lofty rules. They just want to be happy or they to pursue whenever there and they enjoyed doing- maybe it's maybe like painting or something like that they just enjoy. Creating painting, not creating a piece of art that someone's going to look at it looks kinda cool I think, that's really important to not take what societies win is and make it your own. You have your very own win and that could be chilling at the beach surfing and occasionally painting and that's your win, and if somebody this is trying to tell you all you got to do something with your life fuck that that's just a counterforce if you really track what your mission is and what you love to. Do then do that
saying you don't let these other things tell you that you're not succeeding or try and make you conform, for what society says is success because that's a bunch of bullshit. We each have our own version of that, and I think it's the most important thing we can do to stay true to that. But it does seem to me that everybody needs something like sure Never those things are these interest that people have. They seem to be like vehicles for happiness like the mind, almost from being developed time, we're monkeys to what we are now the mine is gone through all these different activities and is gone through these trials and tribulations, and these struggles for survival. So there's almost like this built in mechanism in the mind to problem solve and to deal with things and either to create like for a lot of people, that's a big one or to achieve or to accomplish or to get over the hump and when you're not fighting for your life and you're, not struggling those those don't get fed, he's sort of genetically
ingrained reward systems, they seem to be like built into the system of being a person. They don't get addressed, and I think that's one of the reasons why a lot of people feel lossed like what they feel they feel like depressed and unsatisfied ' 'cause. What they're choosing to pursue is not really interesting to them like There was a thread on my message board where someone was became like a big, crazy, fucking argument, like all threads, all message boards too, but it started off interesting, where someone saying that hard work stupid in that really. What you want to do is fine. Can you love and then disciplines longer required because you're truly enjoy it, which is so sort of true but sort of? Not because if you we want to achieve excellence, you need both. You need to. And something you really love doing, and then you need to figure out how to discipline yourself to pursue it to the utmost so that you hold that blade and sharpen it too it's razor edge, and if you do not do that, then you always
to have this thing. Like Amman, I could've been better. You know we need resistance. You know we need resistance in our life like the obstacle is what we should go toward no matter what that is whether we're writing writing itself contain. Is its own resistance points, where it's hard and you're pushing against that. Obviously, in weight training, athletics, it becomes really obvious what that resistance point is, we're actually moving weight or trying to defeat a person, but no matter, That is like applying our force, the force, that is, the totality of ourselves against a resisting force and overcoming, I think, that's a fundamental craving of the human nature like that is definitely a key to happiness, whether it's against nature against yourself against a craft against another opponent, against whatever looks like that dynamic that push pole is super key yeah. It really is- and I think fortunately, for Whatever reason, when I
least when I look at life itself, I almost think that the eve all of the words it seems like this, the struggle of the world, whether it's a struggle for peace, whether it's a struggle for you, know to alleviate people that are in trapped in poverty, whatever whatever struggle there is it seems like those struggles- are almost it's almost impair. It is to have some sort of a struggle in order for people to find balance and and and to find in inspiration to do better and to push for the like I wanted or where society would be. This is going to sound fucked up, but where can we be as a culture if it was for the horrors of war and crime like? Where would we be, as I was driving here today? I will thinking about just how fortunate
killer in the United States in general or most people are at least but that there's parts of the world right now that are in these huh. Riffic, almost mad MAX states like Liberia, uh Does this one documentary on Vice on Liberia that back in the day that just just cemented in my mind how fortunate we are because mad max like the apocalypse it it's exit, it happens every day, just doesn't happen right here, knowing that that exist. Does that make you appreciate this more and if that didn't exist, would we would we, a try as hard as we do to try to keep peace in the world? Would we try as try's, as we do to like, try try to be happy and achieve happiness? If we didn't know that there was some ultimate horrible, sad and evil shit going on? Would you appreciate the cool people in your life? If you didn't know, there was just an army of cunts out there
yeah. You know it's an interesting topic. I kind of tend to believe that there's enough internal, distance that will battle enough of our own I mean look at how you know celebrity it's in really wealthy people. Their rate of happiness is no better than anybody else be. Even when you alleviate all of these conditions. You're battling these internal demons, like will always find resistance points, so I think we would be ok, because it's just the way the system is built. They would come up internally when everything is right and then we have to apply that same force to fight that enemy, then our own demon within rather than having this clear, objective outside. But it's it's almost easier and it's almost like it has certain allure to make an enemy external 'cause. Then, like imagine, think back to when the twin towers, you know, got bombed, everybody pulled together with this common enemy. We all had a mission. You know everything made sense in, and that was a really good external
external way to focus our mission, but when it gets internal, that's where we just don't have as many skills and that's where the tools like the plant medicines and like imitation and like floating are the tools you need to navigate in kind of conquer those waters. It's not guns, and it's not bombs anymore. It's these! other, more subtle mechanisms which you know nearly as advanced as we are with the stuff that blows stuff up. So I think it would just go from these external back Those which have always had this great allure go to war. You know into these in colonel battles, which are really actually a lot of times even harder. I mean not to say that these conditions in war aren't incredibly challenging and incredibly difficult. I mean I've heard stories from TIM Kennedy and all kinds of soldiers and just blow your mind, but these internal battles can be super fucking, intense too, so. We don't think of as being intense 'cause, there's no life or death consequences. The consequences are psychological,
there, the reality of who you are supposed to this image that you're projecting the reality to seeing all the sort of failures and and all the different, but sort of mechanisms that you've created in your mind in your life to deal with all these personality issues that you might not have ever addressed and then, when you take a psychedelic and you're confronted by this, like ARI, was telling me about one of his friends. There was a dick and they come out to you know ARI, does that Rune fest every year took him out to the desert, and he just had this. He will come to Jesus moment. Where was like. Why do I act like that like? What is wrong with me like? What is the any realized he's just unhappy with his life? and where his state, where he is as far as his achievements as comedian and
As you know, like he's not successfully, you know, is always struggling with his bills and because of that he's nervous overtime time. So when he goes on stage, he doesn't do well and because he's not happy, he doesn't have good relationships and because he doesn't have good relationships, he doesn't feel good about himself because other people don't feel good about him. An he acts out almost in a defensive mechanism like attacks people and act shitty to both in almost a way of sort of take, taking away focus from his own failures. His own internal disputes, so he's externalize those and this weird way and become this aggressive kind. Any person like here's a perfect example of that, in my opinion, in a successful person, Donald Trump right I mean. Why is that guy, so shitty about Mexico? That's, why doesn't have a balanced nuanced perspective? Why doesn't understand that you were
insanely lucky you fuck! Your dad gave you what to one million dollars to start a business you make. It seem like it's no big deal that your dad loan you all this money, you're a self made man, that's ridiculous. First of all, you live in America and your white okay right away your lucky as fuck then you're involved in this system that it's allowed you to fail and go bankrupt and you know in skirt away from all your bills, then come back, but the idea being that here's, the guy that has this insanely successful life monetarily, but yet still will have these ridiculous short sighted opinions that he rants about and talks about these like these syrian refugees and he's like you know, we need to keep the country. Keep keep Muslims out of the country. Country need figure out what the hell's going on like what the hell is going on like again you're not dealing units you're dealing with massive amounts of human beings that are all different and varied, like
Why does he have this sort of aggressive fuck? You you're a loser approach. What is the conflict? How does he get out of that and have a more balanced perspective today, with what is really in a lot of peoples, eyes, people that are way more unfortunate than he is yeah there's a bias in society. To just appreciate these external success is oh you're, wealthy, oh you've, accomplished that, but we value those into you know the victories over that internal self. You know to get somebody more conscious, get somebody more open in their heart, like those are like shoved to the side, so everybody it's been kissing, Trump's ass because of the power that this money creates in the power that we may even voted who is president in this crazy, crazy world, even though is completely ignored. Probably them most important thing that any human could do, which go inside and have that accurate self reflection like hey, am I a douche bag?
no and one of the best ways to do that is with the plants are with meditation or anywhere, where you get still and allow that force of consciousness to actually take control all of the helm of the mind, push the ego aside and show you the truth, but that's people are terrified of it? That's why I try will never. You know, go do Iowa getting the jungle and I'll never maybe well. Maybe he would and it would be amazing retail right now. I want to man I'll look it up. I will hook you will go down, it'll be sweet, Imagine if, like in mid cycle, he just completely shifted gears and said I had a moment. I had a revelation and I realize that what the direct we're going in just not right, everybody be like wait. You are only hope, like Euro one Canobie Motherfucker here, your your be one. Maybe for white people like who else is there? Hillary Clinton can't the fuck outta here,
So many guys that are just not going to vote for a woman, especially a woman, was married to Bill Clinton, looks like a shrew. It's just not happening who else Bernie Sanders get the fuck outta. Here so many people, are not going to vote for Bernie Sanders specially when you realize that he wants, literally literally Ninety percent. He wants to tax rich people. Ninety percent, like this, I thought that was bullsh but I thought like well, that's not true. He didn't really say that, let's probably exaggeration nope nope he's actually set that, and he goes back to like I think was Roosevelt. I forget who it was that was in office. Like during the war, and there was at one point in time, with a sort of effectively taxed rich people text Greenlee high rates, an you know, he's talking about the efficiency of that, but the idea of taking money from successful people. In just such an insane disproportionate amount and then giving it to what the government, who is that the biggest waste of money. It's you, you fuck, but like life, long politicians and people that are from
whatever reason, working government jobs like get outta here, you can't just take the money from people that have achieved. That's not the solution and it's an effective strategy. 'cause you can only tax people on their income. You can tax them on their wealth right. It's all income tax based so all of the wealth, that's uh we've been accumulated by all of these people. You can't get that money anyway, so you're, just taxing the people who finally you're getting successful enough to make money, as well as some of the people who have rhe digital money, but it's not going to and achieve practically pragmatically what he's trying, he's trying to be Robin Hood, except he's only taking the new money, not not the existing ninety percent of the wealth. It's all stored up, it's just a crazy. It crazy, all around, but the unfortunate part is his ideas on pretty much. Everything else are pretty cool yeah it's like. He has this dichotomy and that's these choices that we get stuck with like you're, alright, pretty good over here, but you're totally complete.
Incompetent in this one area. You know it's this weird thing, these weird choices that we have to make I think we get anything other than that when it comes to establish people running for President United States of America. I think, in order to get to that position, you have to be so compromised. You have to be so deeply entrenched in this insanely flawed system. That someone was really radically out part of it is looking at it and saying hey. This whole idea is ridiculous. Having one person running the whole thing is preposterous: it doesn't make any it might work if there's fifty of us and even if there was fifty of us they'd, be like twenty people that don't like how it's running, but the to do it with three hundred one million people. It's insane, it's insane. It's insane to have this one guy, and then we watch it. First, Bernie Sanders looks like he's one thousand years old. Now what the fuck is going to look like after four years in office, I mean that guy is going to be dead. Obama looks like dog shit. I mean he looks old as fuck right now. If you can
pair him to what he looked like seven years ago? That is not seven years of agent at some radical the accelerated aging due to stress intention and the reality of the world itself. The mass have graying of his hair. He just tired all the time he looks like a different person, looks much more frail, mean he's experiencing some insane stress and part. That stress is a job that you're not supposed to do. No one supposed to have that job you're not supposed to have the weight of the world. You have to sleep in this fucking house in the park and if people around you, constant with ear pieces and guns and bulletproof cars. Look at the difference. Yeah it's brutal, looking to fuck indifference we're looking at a photo right now of Obama, two thousand and nine Obama from twenty fourteen, and all my god I mean he looks like he's twenty years old, plus twenty years
under plus, and really the tools to help people cope with. That kind of stress are just tools that aren't really that prevalent and talked like what it. What is he doing to help mitigate that you know. Is he you going in the float tank, you know, is he doing these different things that you have to do be able to release some of that stress and be supported properly? Definitely not this one's fucked man. This photo is fucked we're looking at him from two thousand and eight and two thousand and thirteen, oh, my god that poor bastard once you love to just have that guy just sit down with them and go. Tell me what is really going on just tell me: what is it like when you get in that fucking office? Who are you talking two from Halliburton who what what dude pops out of a fucking, a metal grate in the ground with steam and fire and prison. Do you you know he
it hands, you wanna pitchfork a manifesto of ideas that you know this military, industrial, complex wants you to promote in any leadership position is really crazy. I think of obvious thing about it recently in war. Like you know, you applaud these generals for these great strategies. You know and sometimes the strategy. Is you put a small number of troops in one area to lead the in core of your enemy army, Tord, those troops, so that you can trick them and attack their flank or something like that classic like general strategy, but really what you're saying is alright? These one hundred they're going to die for sure. But they're going die for sure so who's up who's up. For that one, Ok, you guys you go in the I for sure category and then the it's the army will come and will kick some ass like what a fuck sup decision that is yeah. You know like knowingly, but you have no chance like there's no fight. There's no, like you
and run away through the back hills like you're going to fucking die, that's the plan so that we can kick more ass over here I mean you have to be something of a sociopath to be able to pull that off. But again, that's you know what these great general quote quote great generals have all had to do is just make these crazy decision and being president, is a little bit of part of that too. You have so many people that they become like numbers. And it's no longer just each individual like how is this going to affect this dude? You know this Who is me living a different life how's it going to affect that dude, and you can think about like that 'cause, you go crazy yeah we're going to do it? It's just weird for dynamic. What's were not real prepared, for you know we're prepared for these kind of tribal dynamics where you know we're working. We know everybody that were leading there's the chief of the tribe, maybe it's under a hundred and fifty people. If you look through anthropological records, that's usually how it was, and that's generally
you know the leader back in the kind of tribal organization, but then, as it gets, massive shit gets crazy and I think in war there's the ethos of the warrior in the war ethos is it's a different reality and I think for a lot of those guys not talk to this one dude, the Navy seal, and he was explaining that The way a lot of guys look at it and him included, was that if he died in combat that he would die as a warrior and that that would if he was kill, told by another warrior that is uh, I'm honored way to go and that this is just the way and this is the way- is pursuing. Then he's accepted that way and because he's accepted that way in all the exciting aspects of it. Like one of the things you talk to people that have been to war about it, like Jocote says it was the greatest time of his life any easier not supposed to say that, but I'm glad he does. I'm glad he's honest about it, because when
ones honest about it, the folks like you and I that are outside of it- they go. Ok. How do I fuckin internalize this? How do how do I absorb this information and bounce it around in my head and make it have? It makes sense to me, but he's being honestly saying look, this is the life I chose. This is the path I wanted, I'm there and I'm very excited and happy to be there, I'm happy to lead and I'm happy to to be a warrior, so if you're going to die. You live you die. Is he wrong? Now? It's just we we. We have this idea that the way living is the only way to live, and this is the wrong way to live. But if you want to fucking make omelets you gotta crack egg you want to get into Ramadi going to shoot some bitches yeah this is no way around it to have that accomplished. I mean I think we can all agree that there's some bad-
people in the world in order to somehow another keep those bad people from going straight up Hitler, honest, there's, some ass kicking has to be done in the current state of humanity. The way it is right now, unless we the utilized my method from shiny, happy Jihad, my two thousand and six CD, what I say we use crop duster planes can cover the entire Middle EAST with chronic smoke for a couple months, and even though might not work to do this sober up and then go back to the old ways in less something. Rad what happens to changes humanity, we're always going to have the struggle between quote unquote, good and evil, and when you have evil, you need need ass kickers. If you don't have ass kickers, you gotta really fucking problem, so you need people that have this. Warrior ethos this mentality to go in there and get the job done and sometimes That means you have to sacrifice troops or you have to put them in danger. You have to you, have to understand that there is going to be risks and
These risks are going to be horrific. The results of those risks are potentially horrific, yeah and that's absolutely what you have to do. It's actually something that the body does really well. You know, if you think, of all the cells. For many organisms. Think about what happens when you go into a cryo tank. You know when you go into a crowd tank, all of the blood rushes to the core of your body, to protect the most vital parts. You know your organs, the things that you need for the whole organism to survive blood leaves the extremities like the fingers and toes it's like fuck. It sorry fingers toes. You gotta go but you're on your own, like if you die, you die we're going to live and by doing that, and that's kind of the way that these armies have to go. So there is, you know in the a model is just. I would hate to be that person that looks out at some. You know garrison of a hundred people and being like you're going in this basically suicide mission. So the rest of us can do it's a brutal thing to do, but you can you know the warrior ethos. You know these people
go. You know, look at you and probably go a whole lot. You know like yeah this. Is it this yeah we're we're committed to the mission. The mission is greater even than our lives, you know yeah and there is a lot of people that look at the way the world works and as far as conflict and say well, the only reason why were involved in these conflicts is Kasian it states is invaded all these countries and they've done this in the foreign policy, and it caused this and that and there's probably a lot of truth to. That is probably a lot of truth to that, but at the end of the say there has always in less entire world is brought to the exact same standards as far as Stan of living as far as acts, Mister resources, as far as just peace on earth, if the the entire world is not up the same standards, you're going to have conflict, you're always going to have ambitious people here is going to have those Putin's out there. He was going to have dude just decide to just dominate occur.
Sorry, that's smaller than them or take over an area of the world and then you're going to have horrific human rights violations, and then you have to make choices. Do we allow this country? That's do bring this to this smaller country and subjugate ing it, people and torturing the women and won't let girls go to school and do we allow about to happen or do we decide that we're the police force in the world? And it's a it's a complicated question, because when you don't do anything, then evil grows and then it becomes really powerful and then you get to a hit type situation that can happen. People think well, that's not going to happen today Jesus Christ. That was not long ago doesn't seem like you look at those black and white. Don't actually nice and he's got his arm up in the air and fucking people screaming. It seems like eons ago. 1940s nineteen 40s men, people, love externalizing an enemy, and you see it now. I mean it's actually starting to happen with all Muslims. All Muslims for some people have become the enemy because, instead of
you know it makes it really easy to define yourself against an external force where, as I was saying, it's really difficult to actually go within in battle those internal forces where you know the real Conflict is raging, is much easier, sale yeah the Moslems that yeah it's go, get them. You know and that's I think, a a tendency that we've all we've all had is just to go fight. These external things. In this crazy video game, we call life. You know we like the boss battles and we like that kind of that aspect of the game, because it's very active, it's very proactive you're out there with your hands and your swing in your shooting and you're doing things. Whereas, like exactly the into no battles, you have to have a totally different strategy. It's the strategy of Tivoli surrendering like how can I got to let that go? I got to let go without attachment. I got to see myself and be okay with my death. I got to it's like you're. Completely reverse side of the
coin where to make progress and that its surrender, whereas to make progress in war its vigor, you know it's like these. These two dichotomies and I think, ultimately, the way the game is best. Blade is, if you're playing on both sides of the coin. You know your plan externally, with vigor and you're playing internally with that surrender force in advancing on both sides and that's you know that is The idea of the warrior poet? That's the war who can go externally like Moose Ashi and kick some ass and then go back to his dojo and paint color calligraphy and tap into his internal thoughts or in meditation or all of these things I mean that's to me the ideal one is not better than the other. They are both important. You know, just let's expand the opportunities that we have as human to play both sides of this amazing game, and you know I think, there's parallels to it we're talking about about the body. Then we want things to change quickly, but the body does not change quickly. The body it's sort of a long, slow process and eye
that's! What's going on with society and civilization itself that there's this we would like. We want war to be over everybody to live at peace. We want everybody to have a livable wage right and you shouldn't live in poverty, and we had a to many. This wealth disparity, we're gonna fix it all. You know what it does: doesn't necessarily work that way. The debate is going to start change in people's ideas, people's ideas going to change their behavior in their actions, and then Ultimately, we would hope that we would get to a better place than we were today someday just like. If we look back at one thousand two hundred ad, and look at today. I think we all agree. This is a way better place now, yeah for sure that was the mean the heart of the dark ages yeah, you know where it's actually literally dark outside, but but also just the practices
completely. You know yeah of the inquisition, yeah. You know that was. That was the most ridiculous thing in history. You know: is this all of these people burned at the stake? for some weird idea that they were, which that witches aren't real well, it sounds a lot like. What's going on the the hysteria that's going on today about ISIS, it's these ideologies that manifest themselves and become a toxic to all those around them until people right be against it or realize the folly of that way and then change they meet that resistance. They find this horrible thing in the world. They resist it and they fight against it, and then things get better and it's kind of like a constant cycle. That's going on that! We would like to end. We like we would like it to be over now, please we would I did not have conflict, but we got a lot of problems. First of all, we don't understand each other, and what how many different languages do. You know
how many languages are there? I don't know what the fuck those people are saying. I don't even know there. I see I have like some p. Let it follow on Twitter that are russian, like a russian fighters and they'll, occasionally they'll tweet, something the crazy russian words. Those russian letters, one looks like a tree house looks like pants black pants, the house. When you try to say what the is that, what is he saying you know or is or Hebrew. You know you see, people the writing. He really like. Okay, what is the? What is this? This is that even these aren't even letters yeah or chinese or japanese or Korean are off Christ. We can, we can understand each other, so idea of all of us coming to the same conclusions and having the same ideals when the world very so radically and drastically as far as conditions and poverty and
you know, and then you know, places like North Korea that have just been under the the boot of a dictator. Since the jump and there just stuck there stuck in this insanely shitty spot the idea that your life, Pasadena is would be the same as some guy who stuck in North Korea, who might you know, mother and father, might have grown up in prison. I mean there's pee born and raised in prison camps there there there world's not even it's just- is not, and until we get past all of these conflicts that we see right. Now, it's not going to be even it's not going to simply the United States. Stops invading these countries. Everything is going to be great. It's not it's not going to snow soon. I'm going to fix N Korea just not way more complicated and We don't know they've lived this way, their entire lives, many of them I don't even know how it's going on like what's going on in the rest of the world and they're, not they're, not going to change the
quickly. It's going to take a long ass time, they might have to die off. That might be what's going on with United States Pollet as well, when you're looking at what we're seeing now with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and TED Cruz, get the fuck out of here when I'm, when I'm looking at in my mind, is like a dying campfire. So I can kick around a few embers there's like a little something left here, but it's of usually going to die off mean this. Is these? Are this there's no Teddy Roosevelt's? There's no JFK's! There's no fucking real leaders that are running Tom. I think they'll only come when the people demand that they come when the people demand that people of consciousness reading them, but now, at this point we're too easily distracted. You know they've found these little hooks these ways tug and pull at our emotions in our fears and our different things. That kind of you know in flu. It's a sin to following these different preset paths and it's like you know
not big into their whole conspiracy of the whole thing, but certainly it's very good, more reading propaganda to hook people into following so preset channels that keep the establishment where it is, but eventually that will break in, and I do think that's one of the reasons why there has been you know some intentional oppression of these mind expanding consciousness tools. You know that are of a to us because those tend to allow you to see them see the machine behind the curtain. You know that likely you see oz you're, like oh. I see you pulling that lever. Bitch like I know I kind of want to know what's going on and that the dangerous thing. When you have this big establishment, that's built on that, but I'm really optimistic. I think that's going to change because of the internet, I think, actually a lot of these things would have been allowed to get to where they are. If the in that are already been around yeah. I wonder again, because whistleblowers have been coming out information what is spread, but that same force that free spread of information is going to start. You know,
taking away all of these different shenanigans and all of these tricks that that people are going on right now, we're just kind of tolerating him, but eventually our tolerance will get less and less, and I think that will be interesting and exciting time for sure yeah, I agree, and I also think that when you look at the way we conduct politics today the way how the debate they all stand in the most unnatural way possible, you're at a podium, which never happens in life. When do you ever talk to a friend? They stand in front of a podium. Can you imagine like if your girlfriend hey, run over men. I'd really love to have a conversation with you and then she's by a podium and she's like your podium, and this is my friend, Margie and Margie is going to act as our moderate are and you're going to state your point and then I'm going to state my point: I'm going to have an audience and the audience going to cheer or respond in turn like? Why is there a fucking audience of these debates? Why is this
grandstanding opportunity where you can say what the unite it states people deserve is a fair wage, but we deserve what we want. Well, we write this equal rights. What we want, lives Matter- and we say all these things that make people? And yes, yes, it's all orchestrated, install artificial and it's all it's it's, the these natural and normal way to communicate possible. A normal natural way to communicate, would be sit down and have a conversation with these people and tr figure out? What are your plans? How are you going to do this and then the rest of the world? That's watching this gets to decipher. And try to figure out. Ok, is this guy makes sense? Is he full of shit? You know what his talk your mouth. Does he have the data that he says he does. He have the possible resources to dixies issues and does his plan makes sense Fiscale? Is it like there there are enough numbers to actually pull this off or is it bullshit? But you don't you don't get to
that, when you're involved in this debate, where there's uh guy standing there talking, there's a whole fucking crowd of people behind him in this people that are on spotlights there wearing makeup? They have no in front of them like what is this and what is this and does that person have the character and that character under pressure? You know, like that's one of the most important things like when there's forces of. Are you going to crumble? Like I'm hiring, you know add on it in the company like one of the most important things is all right: do you have the skills like? What's exactly what you're talking about? Have you done this before? Are you capable of you know being a chief technical officer? What's the code that you've written, you know, how have you been able to handle these situations, but then there's also like how are you going to handle pressure you know, for me, like that's a really important thing, so I'll do things in for Melita kinda, test people out, like will go. Do a workout if their athletic, you know, will go to a hard workout and just see kind of how they handle that external pressure will go out and get really drunk and go out, drink
and see like oh, when you're drunk like does some weird shit, come out there little demons that are hiding in there. We need to find out about eventually, then you get this opportunity to see, and sometimes I'm dead wrong. I've been dead wrong before, but then at that point you have the ability to just say Amman. I was wrong. Sorry, this isn't the right fit and you know you're out, but America doesn't have that opportunity. Of course you could impeach somebody, but that's this crazy process. You know it's just this weird thing where you have all of this false hype and propaganda, then there there and then they're just there right now and it's like no accountability at that point. You don't really know what's going on with When was the last person to go through an impeachment procedure the potentially ever get that far. I don't know I don't know. Well impeachment. We think of impeachment is being removed from office, but impeachment impeachment actually is being forced to sit down
review, whether or not you should be removed from office. I think they actually get kicked out is a different phrase, different term yeah, but he was, and he will is on the most preposterous thing ever getting head doesn't it didn't have anything to do with how he was running the country lying. The way he described this encounter with this woman, his mouth and his penis? You know that is the way he understands that was not sexual relations yeah, it's what the definition of is is That was a great line that he had there. Do you remember that conversation where they were grilling him and they were. They were giving him this. They sat down with them and they were forcing him to recount. What happened and describe in his in his. That is why he felt like he wasn't lying and he's like as the way it
is defined to me. I do not think that I had sex with that person and it was just weird fucking dance. They were doing we like what what are we doing here like isn't? Isn't it supposed to be about intent? What is intent like did anything did anything happen with that like you. Can you say that you guys hook up, you know, that's where hook up is like well defined, hook up right, what is hook up right now, So as far as has been explained to me, I did not hook up with that woman. What is hook up? You gotta, ass fucker, ass to mouth, Zimbabwe accounts. She just jerks you off out the oval office desk. That's nothing! That's just! You know that book. Her exactly does care, that's the crazy! Well, we care because we catch you, we catch you, we catch. You lying like that. Unique things about a guy like Charlie Sheen, because in a lot of ways, Charlie Sheen really did sort of pull the curtain back on a different machine,
the machine of of of sort of. What is it that people have a real issue with when someone gets caught doing something like whether it's smoking crack like Charlie Sheen did or whether getting blown like Clinton dead? Is it that we really have a problem with? I think we really have a problem almost more than anything is dishonesty and when he was on stage when Clinton, where was wherever he was, where he's like odd did not have sexual relations with that woman. When you see and say that, and you know well, he got his dick sucked. Do you like wait a minute? Ok, well, what's going on here, man 'cause, you not being honest now and now we're in a situation where I know that your horse shitting Maine and then ok and then they're going to tell you that they caught you, the girls got address, got your come on it well hold on now. I'm not a liar! I just as it's been explained to Maine his cell outfit
and then you you deal with all this. You know For this I had that feeling that we're is Charlie. Sheen comes out and goes look. I was smoking rocks, you know, I'm a fucking winner, I'm winning every day and like all right, you know that but I do you know, I I'm banging hookers and smoking rocks you like. Ok, ok, I guess we're done kid. Fucking say anything. What are you going to say to a guy like that? Obviously is not. The president is not running for president in public office. He's not a leader he's just a guy, but he's at I that you know was. It is refreshing when you hear that I think that's what Tiger Woods should have done when all that shit came out and you should just smell it. Look I'm fucking Tiger woods. I'm horny like me deal with it. You know he said it is a hard sell, gotta go to rehab and do these different things like sex, three ob like I could. I could him and there might be some value in that for somebody, but I really think that's just a way for p.
The retreat because of these crazy societal norms. That say we shouldn't Wanna, bang people you I know it's like this- is like the the approved bullsh that fall back position. That all of us know is bullshit, but you have to go this charade. You know figure it out. It's just think we got all start respecting the truth about each other, like everybody likes to have sex like let's just fuckin get over it and deal with it like it's cool, not only that, but the the type of people that wind up being president, do you have to be some insanely, confident, achiever and those people generally genuinely or generally both like to fuck. You know and that's what the whole JFK things about JFK was apparently like the biggest freak of all time sure and when p people who knew him when they, how much of these stories are true, it's up to you know. Who knows we really don't know, but
What you hear is. We should ultimate super freak me. He was just in this time where the infra it didn't, spread very quick yeah. I mean we're just right now we're getting like that, the woman that had an affair with him. I think she like nineteen, which was in the White House, and he made or blue his friends and stuff like that, was like really freaky like in the pool. He was a freak like. He made he let her suck some guys Dick who is like you know, secretary of state or something, that in front of him in a swimming pool, and she wrote this book like like a couple years ago. And it came out like over. These stories were published a couple of years ago. It's like it take so long for that info, to come out. But if Clinton was in office right now like could Lord yeah could Lord what stories would come out like how crazy? But if JFK was in office, he would
Clinton, look like a fucking choirboy in our eyes, because the data didn't get out while he was alive. He's a great man. And that's how we look at it. We look at. It is a great man that was a huge camping for civil rights, and it was gunned down by a horrible person who is probably working for the CIA during his prime. Then I mean what about Putin he's got it locked down down in Russia. Nobody fucking with them, and in that system I mean he's. Murdering people allegedly supposedly Yeah, it's a it's a weird, it's a thing now, where you know what such a spa light on the wrong should you know I mean it. We get so easily distracted by these these things that really don't matter. You know, because we set up this false paradigm. Yeah people aren't supposed to have sex in the in the
people able to have the most sex in the world. The most powerful people, athletes and presidents are supposed to be. You know faceful in this monogamous relationship and I think, as we look forward into the future, I think people are going to start to understand each other a little bit better in some of these expectations are just going to drop. I mean these were some old control mechanisms put in by the church, like you want someone to be relying on the church. Well make them guilty for something that they will always be guilty for something they cannot control sexual desires. Make them guilty for that and make you the only person to have cure, so create a problem that everybody is going to have and have you be the cure? You can only you can absolve them of their sins. You know, and it's this old control mechanism that was put in place. You know maybe We need to keep the society in this kind of regimen. Order, but also to keep one particular organization in power,
this is sort of a by product of our lack of ability to read each others minds and truly understand what each other are. Thinking like this ability to find the truth and actually get information, the ability to skies that disguise it with this false morality in this Norman Rockwell image that you're trying to project all that leads to this. Massive confusion as to what the actual playing field were on really is, and when we look at these media created versions of our world, whether it's Merde she rode or csi or television show, or a movie or a cold play song or some distorted version of human beings that we absorb into our database. Well, people are Clint Eastwood people are Charles, Bronson well people with a real Clint Eastwood. The real clean Eastwood is an old man. Who's been divorced, a shit load of times who gets on stage. It says a bunch of wacky shit where he pretends to
of Obama, sit next to him, and does this ad he's doing a fucking ad libbed speech where he said he didn't even plan that out. He just had Obama, like a fake Obama, Send you remember that from the Republican? Oh, my god, you never saw it now. You never saw it. Oh Jamie! You must you. Must you must it's wonderful, because this is the real clinics with the real clean Eastwood was a guy who is married to a woman who made him do a reality show, and I love Clint Eastwood, don't get me wrong, I'm a fucking giant fan of his movies, I'm a giants fan of. The spaghetti westerns in the Unforgiven? You know, but he he is, as a man is just a just, an old man, who's, a Republican you know, and he because of the fact that he's famous they allow him to go on stage at this convention or whatever the fuck. It was and give this insane speech where he had a chair next to him and he pretend
it was Obama. He actually like loose standing over him looking down on him like watch. This is hilarious. You are going to laugh. Your ass off mensuration hasn't done enough, secure that and whatever whatever interests they have is, is not strong enough and I think possibly now it may be time. For somebody else to come along and saw the problem? Look at all those people like people stand up like people. So How do you handle how do you handle promises that you made when you were running for election and how do you handle? How do you I mean. What do you say to people? Do you you? Just you know? I know people
people were wondering you don't Well, I know even some of the people in your own party who are very disappointed. We didn't close Gitmo and I thought well, I think, get closing Gitmo white clothes that we spend so much money on it, but I thought. Maybe it's an excuse. What do you mean shut up Okay, I just I thought it was just because somebody had this stupid idea of trying. Terrorists in downtown New York city? Always? Is it If anybody wants to watch this, it's it's wonderful to watch, because he, is I'm sure, a nice guy. I don't know, I don't know cleans, it doesn't seem to be a terrible person, but just why Cloe get my, we spend so much money on it. Well, why not fucking keep the gas chain where is open in Germany, I'm sure they spent money on those two. What the fuck kind
argument is that, why close get my we spent so much money on it. That is some wacky old man Republican, taking right there, sir, the the idea that he would say it will what what what will wash brander we we we we were were close. It was by George Foreman Glass talking about we're talking about a play. So people are pulled out of school where people they might have went to Long meeting there, I've known someone who knew somebody and they get locked up put in these orange juice, suits and stuck in these fucking camps for a deck jade yeah. Maybe that's not a good idea to have that. You know I think what words. Personally, I think you brought up a good point when you said if people could read each others minds. I think Bertrand Russell explored that the philosopher, and he was saying that so initially. You would just be horror. Everybody would retreat to their homes and be like man. The world is fucking crazy, but eventually you
get kind of used to it and then you be like? Oh everybody has these same thoughts in these same things that are going on in their head and then everybody could like actually start to. Back truth, you know and just realize that everybody's thinking about pussy in our decor, never thinking about everybody has these urges. Has these conflicting forces inside their own head jealousy and even weird thoughts, weird thoughts when you're on this high place that weird thought of. Maybe I should just jump You know like what happened there like these. We things that all of us have that we shoved down D. Been some nook and, like that's not me, that's not me. It's not main y'all. Have these fucked up things we all have that urge when, You see a kid making a beautiful, sandcastle, big man be funny to just knock that shit even though we never want to do it like we have these crazy part, ourself yeah. I think that's something that you know as I've gotten this past year. I did you know some pretty the most intense
psychedelic journeys in my life, which actually I've never talked to you about, but part of it was it's reconciling the fact that were a lot of things were not just the good thing that we that we think we are we're kind of everything were all parts for all the good were all the bad and we're just a summation of our choices. You know it's really about like what we choose to be and harnessing that that element of, like I'm, going to choose to be someone who loves someone who's, someone who does good and brings out in the world. But you know we're in that kind of morphic field- is Rupert Rick would say in that capability of man is all the will and all the good you know the protector as well as the destroyer I mean all of these elements are within the human psyche and really, I think the key is just to reconcile that and to forgive that, like alright yeah there's some fucked up animal parts of me, though, you know, get a get sexually aroused in certain situations that you shouldn't. Sexually aroused in that get you attracted to
in situations when that's actually hurting somebody in reconcile like I'm, going to choose not to indulge any of those. But that's a part of humanity like the darkness, is a part of all of us and I think that's Kake recognition and it's enough to just choose the light to choose, love and choose to be who you want to be I think we're also dealing with the world that is so complex and so fucked up in so many different ways that to expect someone to be and balanced and perfect and healthy is kind of insane expect someone to be completely free of any bizarre thoughts or ideas is ridiculous because we are a product, or at least We are influenced by the world that we live in right in the world we live in, is insanely chaotic recognized. Now and talking that about. That is a big part of the steps that's going to take to improve whatever society is what, however,
define it whatever civilization is right. Now, there's going to there's going to have to be steps that are taken in order to make it better and you got to kind of recognize the year in chaos, even each going to die. Ok, this is going to end, it will stop and then new people will deal with the same questions that we're dealing with now, and hopefully we were honest about our experiences so that they can gain some information without going to go through those same mistakes themselves and that's part of what inspiration is it's part of what reading biogr? These are all about. That's part of what talk the people that are wise and ancient, and you know, unlike Clint Eastwood. They have like some really tough December yeah Stanley Krippner. You good talk to some really old people who are really knowledgeable that have experienced in bizarre, moments in life and that have come through the other end with some lessons, and I think that what we're dealing with
is a society Ann a civilization with boot would Cuman cultures. Today is this thing that's becoming awake is going, but it. Why are we doing this like when we're looking at what we're we're seeing on television in terms of these, the debates that we're talking about so preposterous? Well, they're they're, they're carrying the momentum of decades and decades of similar debates. They feel like this is how they have to do it when you watch the evening news, what you're watching is evening news is the momentum of the decades of evening news the expectations that people have it bleeds. It leads, and these things have always been this way and it's to change that it takes long ass time. But if you watch the evening news today and you watch evening, news from nineteen thirty, it is fucking different humans are different. If you watch the way p will talk from then anyway, people talk today. If you, if you look at
movies or music or media, things have become more complex and more honest, and I think culture becoming way more aware of these complexities and the importance of dishonesty in our attempts, to decipher what it means to be alive. There are attempts to would seems to be a person. What is the most harmonic, way where how can you get through with the harmonious? What's the most harmonious way to get through this experience? What's the way to the least amount of mistakes and with the most amount of happiness and have the most amount of is happy as well and what is how is there? clear way. Now is uh trial and error. Thing going on there's a there's, a failure and success. There's all lessons learned, sort of thing that's going on, and it's not just going on with you not just going on with the United States of America. What's going on with the entire t of humans on the
planet earth, there's a learning thing and it's based on how much data were taking in and the data were taken today is radically in there's so much more data than at any other time in history that were on overwhelmed by it. To the point where you just want to concentrate on gossip, you just want to concentrate on fucking, distract Meek Mill and Drake Beef you know I mean this shit. That doesn't mean anything, but why? Because it is almost and a lot of those cases, there's comfort in the simplicity of an affair, there's comfort in the simplicity of two dudes that are going. Fight and be like, I was watching some video of the game, rapper beating up some other rapper. First of all that dude needs How to fight both of 'em is fucking horrible to watch shitty technique as a commentator, appalled, but there's some adorable about watching some. Really
like clear conflict really obvious stuff. It takes you away from the complexity it takes you away from the ambiguity of the great picture, where the great picture, I think, is about information about information and figuring out how to apply that information. Yet and my one of my favorite ways to get information is just experience away and again, you know, that's been part of my path is like figure out, you know, go deep within your own psyche and get that information out. You know, not just the external information about things that are going on in the world in these new structures that are in place, but like learn yourself learn about your own desires and weaknesses and fee here's in demons in these things that come up. You know
I was in isolation for a month and I was doing on what's called a d yet, which is you know, kind of a show, monic technology. I want to try and was going to write my book anyway, so made sense, but I was basically meditating every night and with that clarity of meditating every night, which is something I don't usually do it so I'm kind of like for Mister famine with that meditation practice. But for then I was meditating every night and it's to the shine, a light on a lot of different aspects, myself nope no plants involved at all like a nice- hard to see. You know even little tendencies that I could buy, that I could cure that come to me in my own imagination, like I remember I was, I was in a fight with Whitney and I was really really mad and you know, I didn't say anything mean or cholera bitch or anything, but I like wasn't returning your calls. And I knew kind of that was like that was hurting her for sure. But I didn't think about it like this. I'm not going to answer that call, so she can stay,
with that and then right. So I go into my meditation- and I start seeing this like this image- come up of this gorilla with these big old horns and she's, taking this stock of stock of roses and is hitting Whitney with the stock of roses like the thorny part and I'm thinking like what the fuck is this. Why is this in my imagination? Here? Is I'm doing this meditation? Then I was thinking about it. I was intentionally not talking to her 'cause. I knew it would have you know, but to me it was like my My mind was saying like as long as you don't say anything you're cool man. You know it's not good, but this shine a little light in like no, it's not cool under any circumstance to intentionally hurt. So many love, even if it's just being quiet, you know, like that's fucked up too, so you get he's like little pieces of information where now all sudden, you know what I thought was like unacceptable behavior just go quiet. That's acceptable, it's not being mean
you know, oh no, that is mean that is kind of fucked up 'cause you're withdrawing your love and you're hurting somebody. So these little, like course, correction, that can come from the knowledge of going within. I think that's one of the most important things we can do is well is absorbing all the knowledge externally like put as much focus on the inside as the outside. Well, most people we get involved in any sort of an argument with somebody they mean start shoring up their defense. You know fucker I told her this. You have this whole, like you have these all set up. You have your armor meant you have every all your weapons if she says anything about that, I'm going to bring up the time she fucking did this. That's why it's so frustrating! people when they have a conversation about something like you know, hey how come put gas in the car. You know you fucking drop the car off and I'm fucked. Now I gotta find a gas station yeah. Well, you know you should have done this last week when my friend came over and you told her what does that have to do with anything
poison built up resentment, rising and the built in defense instead of handling that situation like I remember, dating girls in the past that you could never talk to them about something 'cause. They would br look up some other shit that was completely non related and not even address what you're talking about. They would just talk about some other that happened a month ago or six months ago or a year ago, like all my God, like I can't we, this is not gonna happen. We can't do this, you can't you can't talk about the like. Will you will you need to fucking admit the fact that you did this is alone, has nothing to do with what we're saying nothing to do. What we're saying, but they've got there. Defense short up. They've got the walls up. They got their weapons and they're ready to fucking, go to war and that's what it is, and it's so easy
We get stuck in these kind of mind. 'cause. The ego wants to be right. Ego wants to be superior. The egos first line, always is how dare you and you want to win if you want to win to, even if you don't believe that you're beyond reproach, even if you don't believe, you're innocent. This is a fucking game chess, you want to figure out how to get that king knocked over. You want to check mate, yeah yeah, and that's it's definitely. The sticky little trap whereas when you find yourself in that you know, the solution is actually let the with all of its manifestations go and just folks back to the heart. You know focus back to those the like that the platinum rule that we talked about, like that's another me living a different life like that's, not can crush them and when and hurt them, let's just see, what's the best for the good of both of us and like take it back to that simple we're kind of slower truth that we find like deep within our own consciousness inside our heart
and there's also a reality that some people you got to, let go you're, not in the same patterns you and they will drag you down with that. You know you should have done that some bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, there's, there's some people that work will always be in conflict or can be fucking up. There always going to not pay their taxes and, being this constant state of fucking chaos, the role going to be caught lying there always going to be doing this or stealing or there's people that are going to always do something wrong and you can't keep them in your life 'cause, they have find their own path, even even if that is you living another life, you're, not helping them by enabling them now by continuing the cycle of will like make up like five, eight make up fight make up come to some acknowledgement within denial. Afterwards, you will be bought in their own conflict. In that same sort of thing, where I said that the complexities of life often time lead us to pay attention to simple stupid shit. Like you
here? Kanye is going to get divorced from Kim because there are no well. What is that? It's like you, looking for some simple stupid, clearly easily defined shit to distract you from the complexities of the world. While you get involved in a friendship with some and that's really fucked up an steals from you or just had some horrible shit going on that debt will take away for all the other stuff that you're doing it will become a mass part of your life and that conflict which may maybe be completely innocent. You might not have anything to do with it, but you're trapped with this person that might have a drug addiction like if you have someone like for people. A lot of people that have family members that are hooked on drugs. It's it's insanely, extremely frustrating 'cause they'll like I know guys have stolen from their own mother to pay for their drug habits, Imagine you have a child. And you raise your child and your child
It is stealing from you to pay for drugs and your car, in denial about it, but you're trapped, you're in this conflict with this person and is almost no way in your mind, to fix it to make it better and it becomes your life. You know if you have a child near trials constantly in and out of jail, and you know fucking up and doing horrible things, you you become trapped by that relationship that you have. You have a right to your own. Penis and to make sure that you protect that. You know that and people who are living on compulsion. It's almost like they've forgot there forgone their right to choose their ability to choose their just compulsion, its compulsion for more drugs, its compulsion and for more emotional turbulence, its compulsion for needing something like that, and those people are naturally like the hardest to be around because they don't have that stillness, where they can find their ability to choose to me like choices like breath like it,
going to happen, no matter what we're going to make decisions, no matter what just we're going to breathe no matter what, but then is also the ability to wrangle your choice and decide how you breathe. Maybe deep breath you take control and you actually can maneuver with that choice and actually start to make reasonable decisions of acting on your own volition, rather than compulsion and getting people around you who are also able to do that is so key 'cause. Then you can actually have some freedom to make decisions in to build cool shit or to explore cool things or have you know, have a lot of fun and those are people that I think are going to be the most beneficial be around yeah, and also you build momentum together. That's the thing about having fun friends that are like really happy and fun and warm an doing. What they want to do like when I have friends that are sick,
first of all, it makes me excited about success. If I have friends that are involved in good things, everything is going great. It gets he excited about doing more myself, getting more good shit done enjoying life more and then, when you spend time together is all this fallen and laughter. It's like good times, whereas if you're involved in these negative patterns and these patterns of constant chaos and mistakes and deception and horseshit and addiction, or what the fuck. It is those path, turn seemed to just be overwhelm everything else in life. One of most impactful things that I did last year was. I went on that summit at sea cruise an. I thought it was not going to be that cool, but what was the most cool part is going great speeches. Some good content is it. What is some of that? So it's like a curated group of entrepreneurs. You know, thought leaders, music shins artists, different people, who've they've, invited to come
and basically hang out for a little while and interact and there's some speeches. Some people give content. There was the ceo uber and Schmidt, the Ex ceo both Google and there is a bunch of Bob Pittman? Was there gave a great speech and Shep Gordon Famous music agent, so a lot of like bigger names, they're giving speeches and doing their thing, but there is just the general guest list was people who are somehow doing something cool, but what the effect was is having two thousand five hundred people who, generally all everybody there had the attitude of we can do anything. We can totally do anything like anything is possible, like just the effect of being surrounded by two thousand five hundred people, who all believe that anything was possible was just fucking super in spa, bring you. Never you never aggregate that many people who feel like that. Those are the anomalies and mostly like, a man,
fml, this fucking sucks, you know you get a good mix of both of those things be inspiring people and the people who are kind bummed out and fuck my life for people going and so but being on the boat like everybody, believing anything is possible, we're going to create. How are we going to do this? What's this social problem? What's this thing, just that alone was worth it. You know it would just be like man that was fucking cool because your mind takes in all of that. You kind of like absorb it. If that's, if it's the norm around you, you know like there's. A lot of people say that you're, the average of your five best sounds like if that's the norm around you. You start to believe that even more strongly to like fuck, yeah and impossible, like. What do we want to do? What do we want to create? Isn't that? Why, being in a really horrible neighborhood is so insidious like? born and raised in a horrible neighborhood is so insidious because you're kind of trapped by environment a lot of ways, but that's what one of the things that people that you know
that pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality, don't take into account. It's like these people, don't see that like, where are they getting this you're asking them to build an insane raging fire with nothing but wet trees and two rocks to bang against it? You, like God, pull your pull up by bootstraps. I've done it! Well, no, you had a fucking lighter, Ok and you had newspapers and you had dry wood and you had a fireplace in a beautiful mansion and you were watching people build fires, your life yeah exactly and everybody knew how to build a fire. So this idea, that everyone starts on a level playing field and you just need to x escape from your environment, because you're, ambitious and I know you're the only ambitious if you're allowed to be ambitious like you, you have to Have someone around you that has some sense of difference that there's some something can be done that
that, is more more pleasurable. Something can be done. That is bad. Whether you can improve upon your surround. You have to see that if you don't see that you just assume well, this is how we live. We screw actually claw were like the chips in the jungle that steal from each other and beat each other over the head, and then we're going to have to you're out a way to survive and the way to survive, scratch and claw. Well, if you're in when you live in some horrible, poor, neighborhood and That's how it is, everybody is survival. The fittest around you all the time, all this scratching and clawing, and that's your reality that you have to adapt. You have to stay alive that way and that's the dark ages. That's the inquisition, that's like you is the environment, urine it's so hard to escape the environment or to change it if you're stuck in a situation like Savior, like some ISIS occupied city right now. What do you do think positive when you do go to yoga the fuck? Do you going to do?
you know, you have to reality is a mother fucker and you have to accept the situation that you presented with. If you, if you don't this idea so that you could somehow or another rise above just simply by thinking positive and doing the right thing. Your situation is constant conflict you're involved in that and less you can figure out. Some sort of a way to an that across the board, with the entire country, the entire world, the planet earth all of humanity, we're always going to have issues. You know there are certain circumstances, though, where that kind of external pressure everything being so fucked up will crack most people like you're, saying but then, occasionally be these diamonds informed. You know these people who define themselves against this horrible resistance around him and b
because it was so hard for them to build the fire to use that analogy with their wet ass newspapers, and these two flints and they've just been striking and striking striking when they actually do it their skills that they bring to the table data the baddest mother fuckers around, so occasionally it can create these masterful human beings that are just defined in greatness by there. Struggle coming up, and I think we all know a lot of those people. You even Think of one point said: you know show me great man. That's a son of a great man, because you know that you do We need some of this resistance to really be, as you know, as magnificent, as you can possibly be in a lot of circumstances, but yeah in general. It's hard because there be one diamond they'll, be you know one thousand pieces of crushed cold that it's just the pressure of the in environment is not supportive for the general population. It's all like that movie was
ban movie where they were there. Is that composer? Who was trying to get? He was the state like the farmers. Insurance guy he's a composer one like academy awards. Farmers insurance guy use a fuck. I can't but anyways he was like he was like he was composer, like yeah, he was basically taking one of his students in he would he would take his students and he was The worst coach effort, like the time I was real recently yeah, so whiplash. You know it was the most brutal ours and it sure is actor the guy from OZ, yeah yeah, the screamer yeah. So he would do you. Have you had the most brutal methods for is hold people? I mean their plan until their fingers were bloody and he just basically broke everybody. Broke everybody, and what he was waiting for was that one diamond to emerge right and a lot of coaches to have that kind of mentality. Like will break him
when will break everybody, and then they'll be this greatness. That comes well. It's really like super rare that that happens and generally like not worth it. You know like why not like how if people enjoy music and lead by inspiration instead of this, let's just fucking die break everybody and hope that that one time you strike the hammer down, it doesn't break in the hammer breaks instead, because you've actually struck a diamond. It's kind of like weird eat those that I think a lot of coaches and a lot of people have my high school basketball coach. Had that same thing like he was willing to make the entire basketball season miserable completely miserable, in order to try and get something out of the players which never happened, we lost in the first round of the playoffs, no matter how highly ranked we were 'cause part of our motivation is just to get the king season, over 'cause. We hated him like fucking hated him, so we had like mixed motivation. Why is it in affective coach in of ineffective in also, but there is that you do Cree
occasional diamonds with pressure, but for the most part it just crushes. Most people sometimes those diamonds. They become like a guy like Nelson Mandela, that sort of an entire culture right These are king, now yeah and all of these different individuals who you know were defined by this by this intensive. So it's not to say that it's a hopeless situation. It can create the greatest of the great, but it's gonna be a real, challenge it is, and for most people expecting those. Folks that are in that environment to behave. The same ways, people that live in a gated community in Pasadena. Just it's completely unrealistic, and that was the Trump point is like come on. Man like you've, and not just a silver spoon. You've had the entire cutlery line in your now, since you were a baby, you were born with it. You the whole thing is it's. It's unfair that son,
Aaron uneven. It's it's bizarre to me that some folks don't recognize that that they don't see it they. Don't they don't look. But like wow. There's a lot of conflict out, there's a lot of different conditions. They vary. It very so much yeah. I think, there's also you know a tendency to say that you know to expect people who do who are wealthy to just be totally happy and totaly like. Have it together? Look at all the advantage you have when a lot of times you see these people they're pretty fucked up you know, but society says look you had every opportunity. You know you didn't have to struggle. You should be fine well again, though The internal forces are a mother fucker, you know, and if you're not dealing with those right doesn't matter how much money you start with you're going to have problems. You have all the money to access, the drugs in the world, you have all of the ways to escape and not any of the tools. You know to actually help you overcome those. So, in a lot of cases, you see the children of these really wealthy people are some of the most fucked up,
people you know around there yeah. It's just a really interesting thing like you'd, rather hang with somebody in a super poor neighborhood is just real and down to earth and mostly, they have their shit together way more than someone living in one of these mcmansion somewhere well, they've been forced to deal with conflict, they've been forced to find solutions, they've been forced to develop character, we did find success too much by zeros by numbers. By how much do you have how much my do you have that's the ultimate goal of success. Instead of, are you a happy person? I was listening instead talk, and it was a woman who is a model and she was talking about how she hit the genetic lottery. She was like really honest about it, she's like for better or for worse. You know this is what has been my life. This is my existence and she said that a lot of people have this idea about what makes you happy if my legs were thinner. I'd be happy
if my hair was shinier, I'd be happy. If my face was my bone structure, was better I'd, be happy, she said, but models in general, are some of the most unhappy insecure people on the planet and she's like I'll, tell like I am insecure, like all my friends are insecure, they're, crazy. All these nutty fucking models that are dealing bulimia and anorexia and speed, and all these different method is that they use to keep their body weight down and all the fear they have of aging, and you know, should I get Botox and what treatments be doing there constantly in this state of chaos and and fear, and a lot of it is over this weird gift that they have. That becomes almost to prison, a prison to maintain this garden of beauty that you've been bestowed with from birth without any work at
well, I mean we've all seen people that are just fucking beautiful. They just have a and everyone is drawn to them genetically, and why is that? Well, because nature wants you to come in that person to make people like them, because they have good symmetry in it's really that simple, but that pole, that genetic pole so overwhelming that we use it to sell cars and we use it to sell can condos and you know anything, a woman with long legs. You know stepping into a car looking at you with their hair makes you want to buy that car for whatever fucking stupid reason, and this idea that we have that. If I have that, I would be happy no because look at the people who have it, how many people who are super wealthy? How many Wall Street people in Manhattan right now are ready to jump off a fucking building there. Freaking. They might have one hundred million dollars in the bank, they might be rich as fuck, but there miserable they just want to do. Coke and the other thing about people that are successful
is often times what they're doing is not pleasurable, but the The reward is the numbers, the reward is having numbers, so they indulge in that reward where they want to. Versace and wear a rolex and have uh this into that and live in a that, or this and always keep up with the Joneses and always have this quantified result. They can show success. Like look, I've got, you know, My day, I've achieved blah blah blah and I've got little dog, but who are you and uh, are you happy and that's now something that you can put down On a on a ledger. You can't show that you can't like have a spread sheet. That shows your happiness. Yeah, I mean I've. I've been in all different types of circles. You know, and from Bin Inn did This place is where they have virtually nothing and hanging out with local tribes in Africa and S America and different places. Then I've been at you know. I was at a bar,
Day party where the musical lineup was John Fogerty sting an like some uh crazy, Pat, had a birthday party right now, like who's talking birthday party. Was that yeah? I don't know if I should mention the name but yeah. I was a big hedge fund trader that was an old family friend. How much you spend, who know countless countless millions, you know and not a party on a party first, so I was there all are for sure on the other way to happier that guys have here. So it was a weird thing, though, because you know he was actually pretty happy. He's a he's. A hunter he's a he's, a cool dude, and he was throwing the party more for his guests than himself which made him actually happier. He was like the happiest person there 'cause. He was like. Let me give you guys the that's awesome, but the majority of the
people there you could just like feel I got pretty high before I went to those by myself and I could just like fuel. This son is reminding me when I walk through the red light. District in Amsterdam was just like the sadness like nobody was giving these people like a real hug. It was always a give you a hug and try and take your money and you give you hug, try and take your and they're just so guarded by that whole paradigm. That they've been in there's just these challenges that are across the board that we have to recognize, and these traps like the trap of more money, the trap of social media. When a girl posts- thing in a sexy photos and then looks immediately refresh refresh refresh how many lax on the how many likes. How many likes this quantification of how pretty you are, and then you start to live by that and then, if you get less than that off lock, I only got sixty likes on that better slut. Maybe I'm getting too old, maybe anymore Botox, you know the hell do it is a new treatment of vampire treatment is stab your fucking skin, but baby
blood in there yeah exactly so it's just, traps, and this would things allowed. I have a few girls that are follow on Instagram, just to look at their butt pictures to share how many different ways can you stick your butt out? How long can you keep doing this? and there's this one girl, her entire fucking Instagram is her in her underwear sticking her butt but in various ways or her at the gym and what might as well be her underwear. You know Jen Selter got really in that way, that was one of the Instagram takes a guide like millions of followers just from showing ass photos, just ridiculous shelf at yeah just came out sooner? She is a It's real though right like she has legs to that. Go along with it looks real. It looks real when they don't have the legs. It's like wait, a minute. Why is all that weight in your ass, anatomic
it's like having boulder shoulders but having little skinny arms why'd you shoulder so big. It doesn't make sense. Is that her Jesus Christ? What a good kid your butt skill to go to some better ones with the one right next to it, in our dress, see down below now down below where, the photo that you were at, so you to the right. There you're bam. Oh good, Lord Just sticking her answer in every photo he's got that right kind of little swayback thing on, but girls were like, Interface, though she's, not even that Pranie guess what girls good enough, I'm here Let you know the ass Trump's, although those cheekbones, although all the other stuff that you worried about, I don't know if that's real, but that's a tricky, that's a trick. Trap for her because she's, obviously I don't know obviously but there's going to be a
duction is going to say you know I define myself by how attractive my ass is. You know like that's where a lot of cheese corn, she scoring wins in her book, based upon those instagram followers and likes a certain point, she's going to be a four thousand and fifty a woman in the ass is going to sag and it's gone. Oregon Kerswell comes along with this fucking science crows figures it all around in it Fuhrman in science scene, but you know. I think that that's an issue that particularly for females, is something that's a problem when you put that much and for this on beauty being and it's not female. While this society in everybody's fault, you put that much emphasis on beauty being one of the defining self worth characteristics, then, when that starts, to go you're in this mad fucking scramble for as much surgery as possible store this youth. Rather than appreciating the gifts that each age bring like e age should bring more wisdom in, like like the older
delete's, like that, you see down in the jungle that have fucking magic, that they're able to bring like yeah the young and beautiful anymore, but I've lived sixty five years, I'm tuned into my instincts and I can fuck and bring magic. I can heal with herbs. I can do these different things, that's all well and good but their instagram ass pictures of shit version felt it pisses on those go: fuck yourself, old, magic, lady in the jungle. Look at these yoga pants pictures, fucking yoga, pants of revolutionized the world changed everything play the game. You can look at a girl without her being naked, but better than naked 'cause. It's all compressed like it's, not it's not you don't see the sloppy aspects of skin and flesh and tissue and fat deposits. Just that beauty well pressed in shape and shape, is so deeply ingrained in the human in the colors of a flower. You know
get your whole legs are all pink. It's amazing! It's every a bright, pink, a shocking, bright, pink or a white like whoa. It's a white rose like a total hip in our psyche like the monkeys that have those colored butts totally freak out the monkeys out at all what the fuck is that taboo now yeah. I know they fucking dick. You forgot damn explosion of fireworks coming out there asshole they should be baboon ass, yoga pants, the most popular yoga pants ever wonder if they would maybe be too much, maybe just all flesh colored, just all normal and then just old baboon ask it would be too much weed asking too much. It's weird also, like shapes, shape, become insanely attractive, like I was looking at pornography the other day and uh.
The girl had a natural body, and it's so weird. When you see natural tits, big natural tits, jug turn around chatted natural ass. I was like wow this fascinating, like these. These are fat deposits that are very attractive because there really good when you get pregnant, if you're pregnant, you should have wide hips. The baby comes out easier, hip to waist ratio hip to waist ratio is been shown by scion is to have a drug like effect on headers all males. It literally is a drug there's, a hip to race ratio. That's almost when a man sees a girl with small waist in a big ass, your body, your body just goes back man on deck man on deck, but you gotta go to war. It's time to be on your toes like there's a drug and that drug is right there, it's an ass, an ass. This is a form it's a shape, but if you you see, someone and she's got the the back and ass
of a guatemalan housekeeper. You know where they have like that. Really like the ass to waist ratio is nonexistent is a parallel line like the twin towers, from her shoulders down to her hips and was his width. You know, there's this weird sort of body in a flat, ass and like for whatever reason that is completely unattractive. She sidestepped to a wall. All parts would touch at the same time. You know what that well, that's weird like that. The shapes have these ingrained there quantified in our brain. Like you see these girls in the yoga fans like that girl that has the millions of Instagram pages the guatemalan housekeeper, with their big wide back in her flat ass. Had the imposes like nobody would care. We need what we looking for certain shapes. There was eve,
the theory that you know the reason why people like Cleavage- and I don't know if this theory is accurate, but that cleavage actually reminds our brain of what a butt crack looks like, and so that's one of the reasons why it sexually attractive to mail. It's like that shape of those lumps of fat pushed together in that kind of format, was like a trick into our brain, where it's like, oh and ass, on the chest that makes sense kind of but it also makes sense that you know if that it's are that big they're touching together. Once you release those mommas woo you pop. That's now on the bra and they come out to play WO. The bizarre one like tits are magic. They are fucking me triple. Nipples are magic when they get hard when you're unemployment gets a racket like that is a magic moment. There's something exciting about that. Yep, it's a cool world. We live in. You know I sometimes think like if we were all just consciousness in more in reality, didn't
in this world didn't exist and we were like man. What should we do? Well, let's create the fucking coolest video game ever you know something that has lots of boss battles and challenges and different things. You can do when you can have sex and it feels amazing you can accumulate things and interact with other players. It's like the most mass multiplayer online experience possible and like yeah. Let's do that oh. I got an idea, let's make it so that you think its totaly real when you're playing the game, you don't know it's a game and there was like fuck yeah that game. It is even better- and I kind of feel like that's really what we're doing here we're in this like the best possible video game that we could create, and it's so good because We think it's fully real and it's such a good game that we can create mini games with in the game that actually play video games in our video game and those are
awesome to know it's like the most crazy thing that we've done, and then we get back in my believe that you know when we're done. With this experience, we get back and we get to look and go wow. That was a crazy fucking turn and then get to decide like let's go again. Let's do it. Play in this world. You know earth world, maybe there's another way. I don't know if there is, but maybe there's another world we could say, amen. Let's play in that fucking world at world looks fun, You know and there's this this opportunity, and I think at least even having that perspective really gets me to appreciate this even more like yeah their struggles. But every video game is going to have those struggles. It's going to have that thing where you can barely beat it and it takes you. Long time, that's like a good game. It's like it's just challenging enough where, if you apply yourself completely in here at the edge of your skill, you when other ones too easy, it's not fun! You throw that fucking game away real, quick, yeah Yeah! Unless you live in the Congo, the You game sucks your game.
Level. That's like really too hard name blows! parasites and malaria and fucking warlords shit. This games dog like playing halo with a bunch of professionals, just fucking headshot you all day like I can even play yeah Well, I'm fascinated by simulation theory, I'm fascinated by the fact that there's actual physicist that are bantering and throwing around this idea that it is possible that at one time in the future, in the near future, perhaps like when the next twenty or thirty years, even that they're going to be able to create an artificial reality. That's indistinguishable from the real we're currently experiencing you're going to be able to enter into a fake world it's through some sort of chip that they put into your mind or whether it's some sort of a virtual reality headset that you put on that allows you to interface with some sort of computer stimulation. That makes
indistinguishable from the reality we're currently experiencing that we're going to come to a point in time where it gets so good? You can't tell if it's really not so how do we know if we're not already in it? How do we know? How do we know if that isn't the entire process? Being some sort of bizarre fractal thing like that, from the time a cell divides into two cells become the multi cellular organism becomes a more complex, mull the cellular organism becomes sentiment, becomes something that's creative becomes something that's not just indian created but can manipulate. Its environment has articulating fingers that change the atmosphere around it change the physical world in which it lives, alter the weather. Alter the structure of the things that are around them and then gets to the point where it creates an artificial world creates a world
It's so complex and so bizarre that it only exists in ones and zeros, but is, indistinguishable when you interface with it that when you enter so there are well, is that a real world who's to say it's not who's to say your worlds, real. If you get deep into your world, if you go deep into the but Tomic realm. What is that? It's all fucking space and magic when get into the world of subatomic particles? I have tried so hard to understand. I watched lectures and listen to people, give speeches about quantum theory in about the interaction of subatomic particles like particles, that are super position, which means they still and moving. At the same time there one of two possible outcomes they blink in Avenger observance of them is what decides which one? They are that's crazy. Well, how about the fact that they go away, and we don't
where they go. And then they re emerged somewhere else they blink in and out of existence. So we have no explanation for it, based on our current understanding or current ability to measure what's happening, maybe it, will get more complex and will have some more answers in the future when they get better at figuring this stuff out, but the current understanding of subatomic particles when they get into things like super position, is like you're dealing with magic, you're dealing with something that literally, if you, if you, if it didn't exist- and you try to say hey I'm going to create something that exists and doesn't exist as something that moving and still I'm going to create something it's here and then it as a way- and we don't know where it is- and it comes back in another place- people go shut, the up to shut up. You talk about nonsense, but that's not nonsense. That's subatomic particles this is this is this: is a real real, acceptable aspect of
of the scientific method they've gotten down to this. They have examined this and this is accepted across the board, for these people study it well. What is that? Even? How is that more real than this simulation- that someone's created computer that makes you feel like. You really are running from dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. You feel the wet leaves under your bare feet as your, sprinting away from a fucking raptor? How did how is that more real? What's what is real and what is not real, that's going to get little fuzzy it's going to get so strange when you have to define reality when you know that this desk, that I'm hitting on is filled with atoms, those inside those atoms is mostly space. We don't understand why there's so much empty spell what is in there like? Why is it hard why how come when I knock on this it's hard, but when I put my hand through water,
doesn't water have atoms to like what what's going on here like what it? What is real and what's not real or are definitions of? What's real and what's not real are what can I put on a scale? What can I put a ruler across and measure you know what but what can I sell you? What can I put a barcode on and package it and sell it at whole? What is what is real? What's not real. I think the you know the way that in my explorations going as deep as I possibly can, which is you know where I generally you know turn the first is the way that I've understand it understood it is that collectively we did create kind of a simulation and at least in what my own experience is. You know my own imagination, perhaps but collectively we did create a simulation and the
simulation was led by you know just intent, the desire to say yeah. Let's do this, let's have, let's have a physical, manifest. Let's have things that we can knock our knuckles on and have this opportunity to do it collectively, as that, as that unified force kind of like one voice in our body that collectively makes decisions, even though we have all of these other organisms all vying for different things. Collectively there was a yes and then there was like an intelligence in place led by the sacred geometry, the very quantum stuff that makes things stuff, then that artificial intelligence created the perfect solution for the initial intent, which led and then ultimately leading to us and maybe other sentient beings who could potentially crew date other worlds downstream as well. You know- and it it just continued creating other and then eventually those sentient beings that have been created from the intent and allowing rule
like artificial intelligence or sacred jump you're, allowing those rules to create the world perfectly, because you're actually trying to program that shit's too complex, not possible. But if you have rules in place like all right, this artificial intelligence will figure it out. According to these, different laws of evolution and reproduction will make these things combined together in certain ways, and that's that's the rules of the system. It will flourish in a certain way that will survive until eventually they'll be other. You know, God so to speak. These other sent him beings that then couldn't create eventually downstream worlds when there and ability to create artificial intelligence in these. Other rules will- open and that can go to infinity and we may be somewhere in that infinity of you know, and it just goes on forever. And that's this mind, blowing kind of thing where you're like holy shit, you know like we could be in simulation. That's part of a simulation going to cry. Another simulation you know like where our own
in verse, in the multiverse, creating a microverse, which is a universe and its own multiverse and just it just goes on I just like to point out we're not even high or sober stone, cold sober these falcon stoners no incorrect. I have a theory about artificial intelligence. I think the idea is very flawed. The premise is flawed: it is intelligence, it's not artificial. What is artificial, It's created on earth with materials. Why is it natural? It's created with come and it's it's not natural. If it's created with silicon chips- and it does make any sense like it is intelligence but its intelligence- that's not biological in origin in the sense of it's not based on the cellular structure that all biological entities on earth possess, like it's something that's may made with human beings, manipulating the raw materials of the earth and creating something through program
through. You know the how they make computers, whatever processes are involved that creates this alegent. But it's not artificial at all. It's one hundred percent, real! You know if you eat, like my kids, have a kitchen set and you eat one of the fake tomatoes you're eating a fucking piece of plastic. That's an artificial tomato, that's hard official! This is not our official intelligence, it's actual intelligence, but intelligence is created by people that have nipple, did the raw materials of earth and then looked at in short comings and so have modeled. This idea of a future being based on correcting what they see is wrong with themselves. But in doing so what are we What are we going to do to what we are? I mean: that's. The big fear of artificial intelligence is. If we get something better than us? We have to come to the realization that we are so flawed, that we cannot be repaired like the idea
coming in people and getting them pregnant, and then a baby comes out of their pussy, and then someone comes in that baby and you know why become an adult and that the baby has a baby that comes out of their policy and then they would do that. So when we do it has set it's the only way. That's the way. It's been it the future. Is the past is no it's not it's not it a way to get to the point where we create these beings that are far superior than what our biology is capable of making. I think you may be right. But I think we're in this hurry to do it when I think we should just be like man. This is the fucking golden age. Genitals aren't going to be around forever. Let's enjoy this shit out of this right now, like I really feel like we're in. Transition point where we still have those baser or animal instincts that Neil fucking good, but eventually I think, you're right. We will transition out with whatever kind of curves, Wiley and ways that we can transcend death and have different reproduction done,
different way like those grey aliens with no genitals, you know yeah and these different ideas of a different way to do it. But you know those guys they're looking at us like man, that must be fucking porn. You know, there's some shitty fights, but it's fun. You could still get a muscle car there still legal yeah door before they get to this point. Where there is going to be these fucking automotive These cars are going to be all automated and everything is going to be self driven, there's going to be no excitement to that, and then they going to be no sex people going to figure out a way to make the same feeling that you get from sex available on your command. Have you ever been in a hospital and they give you one of morphine drips when you I got my niece operated on back in the 90s and it was real painful method where they do the patella tendon graph. So they cut a piece of bone out of your shin. They take a strip out of your patella tendon. They take a chunk of the bow unleash in the open. You up like a fish and then replace
your acl with this piece of your patella is painful as fuck, and so when you're in the hospital, they immediately put you on this motion machine in this mode. Wishing your leg, sits on this thing and it can't he bends and straightens. Bend straighten spends too right after the surgery like immediately after, and then they give this morphine button and every time you hit that bitch bam bam. Damn you just get just stoked up with morphine an it's a may. You just sit there. You go woo the only time. I've we're done quote unquote, morphine I've, never experience like opiates before other than that, and it was fucking Wild's move goodling. This isn't available all the time, but we could easily to appoint sometime in the future, where the idea of going on tinder try to find someone to fuck is outrageously stupid. Why would you do that when you can just like how you look in your phone to recharge it you're going to plug in
what experiencing, like the love of the mother, Gaia like like this swarming fractal love that you get in a DMT experience, pure just pure, pleasure and pure experience of understanding and affection, and all of it wrapped up. In this warm beautiful, accepting embrace- or you know, I told you this and you went and did that and then I was like fuck you and you if I could, You might fucking cheap. My friends, my friends, tell me you know my friend Cheryl says that you are now no. I don't want to do it anymore. You don't have to do anymore and then, because the fact that people kept doing this over and over and over again are dicks does shrunk. Shriveled up inside of our bodies, and then we become Those grayling and stats would become. We ruin our atmosphere,
to the point where we have built in sunglasses: those big God, damn black eyes are heads become huge because we use telekinesis. Now we no longer need muscles cause. We don't pick anything up anymore and if you look at our muscles in comparison to a champ, You seen those photos are of champs with Mange hairless champs like Jesus Christ. Well, they have to have muscles like that, that's how they get back. The trend is clear. You know which they were going and greatest now is an opportunity to really enjoy shit out of it 'cause. You know 'cause it's going to go. You know, I think at some point, and you know I mean there will be some good aspects of that. You know I think, for sure, they'll be generally less suffering, but this is, if I had to choose one level of the video game I want to play like I want to be here now yeah. This is this. Is the cool time for me an There are ways to do that. I mean, I think we think of it technologically, but I think the plants as a technology like smoking, DMT is a technology. It's just a way.
To administer DMT molecules that don't get broken down immediately, because there's such a flood that it actually crosses the blood brain barrier, Ann you have that experience of swirling guy. Right you Know- and it's just like looking at that like this- is tech. This isn't the drugs. You know this is technology. It's a weird word, though technology we think about metal yeah. We do wires, but really to me That's a better way to look at it. You know 'cause drugs carry all these stations in. Is it a cure for that now it's just. This is a technology that allows this certain element of humanity to unlock its like a key to a lock, and you hit that right, it's good! It's not! You, don't always want to unlock all the doors either though you know I mean in my have recent experience. I pushed it pushed it to a level where I could really see like fuck like you could get down into some weird weird, waters where your antyhing a lot. You know, and you don't really know if you're going to come back, you know and
and so I I definitely announced you know on my own podcast as like. Look I'm done with that type of exploration of the plants I just want to play, hang out and experience some for fun, but going intentionally that deep with them, you know you have to be. You have to have ocean, plus it's a predatory universe out there. You know a lot of these Iowa Oscar shamans in a lot of these things. They don't always have your best interests. They come from the jungle where the strong eat the weak. That's what people got to realize like in the jungle. The strong as Jack Gwar eats all things all these shamans, their head animal most of mens author? Only is the Jaguar who eats all things like you got to realize like a lot of those mother you're trying to eat you like they're, trying to each you so be really super careful with it, but look at it. You know without bias. Look at it like this is the technology. Is this technology going to be useful for me? Am I ready to explore this tech
if so, do it appropriately and responsibly, and it can be really really valuable, but then know when that technology's no longer serving isn't it one of those things like we've been talking about where there's no, it's not a clear good or bad there's, not a clear yes or no there's not like oh well. If you meet a shaman, he will absolutely be pure, Oh no fuck! No! No! Not at all I mean there's just a mixed bag, just like pubes, like any human is going to be good, guy or bad guys, so much helpful or not helpful. That's why stereotypes? so fucking problematic. You know if you need your own she's beautiful. You assume she's a dummy right. I mean that right the standard right, because beautiful people don't have to try as hard. So you assume that she's taking it easy and she slacked off it's just a lot of people meet these people from indigenous cultures and say indigenous One 116th native Americans live spiritual, he's, got extra magic and he's a Medison mass. He made to barefoot
he may just be trying to fuck everybody in his village and take your money. There's other people who are genuinely like Gandalf, the White Wizard, where you like, fuck, that's Gandalf, the White wizard I just encountered and it's awesome, but it's just you gotta use your instincts. You gotta be gotta, be keen to this situation, and then know what you're getting into 'cause. It's crazy wild world that we know very little about compared to you know these external technologies. Well, also, the fact that it's been suppressed it's become such a huge issue that we have to go to these S american countries to get it. It's not like. Look. If you want go to get a massage, you can go to Burke Williams, and I guarantee you they will give you an excellent massage by a qualified technician. No ones going to fuckin rob your wallet. So they were established a business in an ethic there's a lot of places like that where you go and you can go and- It's a really good service, because it's legal, because there's no consequences engaging in that action, but the consequences
United States are so extreme that people have to fly to the fucking jungle to take something that you on brain produces its so weird it's. So we there's these destinations that you have to go to to explore. Is something that your own fucking Pinyo gland produces and the only reason why is because we make it illegal here in the United States they should have calabash. Ayahuasca centers should be able to go right down the street from Kim Kardashian's house and get fucking fueled up, but we were not there and if so, who knows where we're going get there? It's to me, though, that that's the trend it seems and in so many different ways. There's all these he's in the race. I watched because pretty much there with with religious exemption, then there's that church to just open up in Washington don't recommend it from what I've seen I've see haven't been there. But again, you know
is a very select group that I, what is the church and washed and what is there is a non denominational, Iowa Scriptures, so the church's sent a dime in the church of you. Tv already got religious exemption approval. By the Supreme Court by the Supreme Court twice yeah right. So one more time- and you know it's fully like everything, going to be a good air, doing full Rick Strassman, Full Iowa, Rick Strassman. Did it with them and he's like that Are these golf shirts like like have like a little outfit and there getting ball lasted with insanely, powerful, ayawaska and they're singing songs about Jesus and that's the weird part, so I'll sing, songs about Jesus? If you get me high enough so that the church in Washington was like fuck, it we're going to be non denominational, so we're not going to sing songs about Jesus, we're just going to church and so we're waiting to kind of see what happens with that. But that's that's already coming and then select.
I've been is coming for approval as Madison. You know, Johns Hopkins, doing amazing research on that, for both palliative care and a variety of other things. Mdma for post dramatic stress is going online marijuana just by sheer sensor ability and numbers is going to be legal at some point so, like all of these pony, are in the race and I think they're all going to come to fruition somewhere in the next five hundred and ten year. Well, also, information at the internet is providing only. You can go online today and find all the different things that marijuana is good at and then find out the fact that it's a schedule, one drug in United States of america- and you go oh well, whoever in the schedules of criminal and it's real, simple you've got this plant that you can eat you? Could you could use it to make a fuel for a lamp? You could build a fucking house out of it like you can make clothes with it. You can make paper with it. You can essentially everything with it. You need to get a hemp stock. You need to get a piece like all of I'm gonna, I'm gonna or do you want we'll get some because they go? If you
the tree grows large. It gets fat like like a forearm, and it weighs nothing and it's hard as a rock, it's fucking ale, in its so weird, it's not like any other plant that exists on earth. It's so strange bye these laws that are in place we're all in place back when information was difficult to come by back when you had to get it through. The selected media sources, like newspapers or television. Yeah and everybody was confused. Everybody was worried. They were going to go crazy, like reefer madness and jump off a building or stab white women when nobody knew they didn't know, and now we do know how do we do know those those non sensible non reality based perceptions are eroding their rd in right before eyes, and a lot of it is things like podcasts lot of things like TED talks, lectures people explaining the actual reality of information, social media stories that are
printed in online media sources, where they explain like the actual effects of these drug The John Hopkins Studies, where you can you can read in New York Times the benefits of Psilocybin, for people who are experiencing the end of life, relieving of pressure of people that are terrified about dying people who have had some serious traumatic abuse. In their life and they're being cured of the burden of that with psychedelic medicines and bizarre mean bizarre, the time that we live in in that all these things are sort of sprouting out of the earth they've been suppressed and stuffed into the ground by these people that were essentially the enemies of information they were distributing false information. Suppressing the real information mean Nixon was the enemy of information 'cause. He sponsored These studies to show how bad marijuana was and when it turn
doubt the marijuana is actually not bad at all. They suppress that information. They he's actually the enemy of data. He like push that data down into the around and never released it. But now it's just just through she do. Your truth is popping through the earth right and you're, seeing Cala Rado experiencing record revenues and tack and when that happens, then all the evil people who quote unquote the p other concentrating solely on numbers on money. Now there involved, because you're talking about a state in Colorado. That's made more money from taxes from Meryl when they did from alcohol last year, which is fucking insane, but it's also part people don't mind paying thirty nine percent taxes. If you make it legal 'cause, then, what's a joint seven, instead of five it. Let's do it now, seven bucks in your blasted off your head for like the next ten hours. Do you understand like how much he drinking costs? You know
you get a drink at a bar like what is. I don't even know what it costs ten dollars. So who drinks twenty bucks. Twenty dollars worth of pot will fuck you up for a week. I mean you could twenty dollars worth of marijuana like if you you can smoke like three head, a day for four five days in a row on twenty dollars where the weed yeah. No doubt I mean it's, it's a cool it's an economical and it's in google now they've, let that we can only work when it's tight when you start to have like the plants growing up through the concrete. The concrete starts to break off and all of a sudden it returns to jungle? Again now you can't you can't keep this stuff down and uh this is actually I had dinner with the maps people at my house, a little charity dinner and they presented of the new data that was coming out from their recent study on MDMA unbelievable results for treating PTSD. So to give it like a quick summary post, dramatic stress
is a scale and then scale goes from zero to one three thousand one hundred and thirty is like the most incomprehensible amount of terrible shit. That's happened to you possible lived in a cage, your whole life, whatever tortured forever. Most people have a certain amount like 5A sketch score five or ten there's always been bad shit. That's happened to people, but like the threshold is somewhere around fifty. You know anything over fifty year, actually diagnosable with PTSD and the kind of medical record. As far as I understand and so in their recent studies, you know they're getting an average of people with treatment, resistant PTSD. That means the drugs didn't work and what the drugs showed. It's a combination of, I believe, Paxil and Zoloft the drug showed is they were able, with consistent application to reduce that score like six to ten points. So from like seventy to sixty so still pretty fucked up you're, not down like in the normal range, which is
more around ten reduced it from seventy to sixty with the MDMA assisted Psychotherapy, there's three sessions where they took MDMA three times with the therapist and it reduced it. Like fifty points, and not only did it reduce it. Fifty points, instead of ten it continued to drop over the next three years that they observe them without any utilization of MDMA. So it's like instead of this constant treatment, there's a cure potentially out there that's available where three times you do this thing and, of course you know the psycho Abby, isn't to be ignored. That's an important part of this is me: Aimee, assisted psychotherapy, not just nilly taking the drugs and someone that guide you, as I don't guiding you through into these situations, and it's amazing, powerful, and this is a disease that effects are
disorder rather than effects. So many millions of people who are suffering- and you just have something there on the fringe. With this data coming out and pretty soon, it becomes incredibly in ethical to keep this illegal when the data is showing that much promise like any other pharmaceutical drug. That could be pat people that showed that much promise and doing something. Oh my god, fast tracked, I mean it would be like like that, Azt drug which end up not working, but when everybody is afraid to Aiden like this may work all the sudden. It was legal, then, like six months, because people were freaked out, I mean that's what should happen with them. You may and we'll see. If it does, you know, because when the state is present- and it's going to be such a convincing case, it really becomes out on Tacoma. Well, I think we're also in a world now where children are growing up and they're growing from the time they're baby they have access to the internet and the culture that exists today is so radically different in the sure, pre nineteen. Ninety four, that the children, that are born in
one thousand nine hundred and ninety four have now they have they're twenty years old. You know now there are adults and they've grown up with the internet from the time they were babies. Those are the people that just not going to accept the law that are in place as they get older and they become leaders and politicians and they're going to have a completely different idea than some of these old wacky fox. That I just they they're operating on a false paradigm. They operating with with bad information and their what's under But it's concrete and solid to them. Just isn't well well. Drugs are bad and it's bad for you. Like I had a conversation with Michio Kokko once when I was on the Opie and Anthony show when I was asking about about psychedelic drugs, I forgot what I was asking about
but I was like well, you know scientists we're trying to expand our brain. We don't want to give ourselves brain damage. I get this idea that you would rue when your brain by doing mushrooms like well, you've never done mushrooms right. Have you ever done mushrooms? No, I wouldn't do it because I don't want to ruin my brain. I want to experiment and I was like well, I understand what you're saying that you're talking about something that you don't you never experienced so I have this idea in your head that it's bad for you based on Watt based on began, but then I realized well to realize. Send me a being academia produced. You know doing lectures you would radically limit. Is income radically limit is exposure. If he came out and started saying you know: hey, I'm really in favor of people trying drugs and going to the jungle and fucking hang out with barefoot dudes, giving you some toxic frog poison, makes away from that one. I've done
out of things- and that was definitely not one- that you want to do for kambo poison, but yeah that mean the psilocybin has been shown to have neurogenesis to help rebuild the bray. In the city bill and neurons like what yeah. That's some crazy, and you know if, if you fix since DMT, either in Iowa scar, smokable form. You know a lot of times. It feels like there's one thousand little doctors like soldering fixing shit in your brain you're like oh well, the end was nice. The end of my trips always feel like, like almost like. You know, if, like if you went a theoretically, Of course, I've never done as you go to a massage power and get a hand release like they actually rub you down first, and they go alright. Now, let's take care of the problem. Will DMT feels like you? Have this one, my old exploratory trip and then the end of it to me always feels like they like alright? Well, we gotta do, maintenance. So just kick back and look at the pretty lights were done, showing you ship we're just going to go deep there and just a little try to correct some shit. You
are you here in the e co rose, the ayawaska songs will often talked it Doctor Cito, you know, Doctor Cito is little doctor, and so it's like it's a paradigm that exists in many cultures and you can feel it in dependently. You know like I was feeling before I I realize, like doctor doctor a little little, you know that's what they're that's what they're talking about is little doctor. Come you, you know, and that's what they're singing to the plants these medicines well there's so many people are dealing with traumatic, BR injuries these days. How fascinating would it be if it found out if they found out, or it could prove that silly, Siben could alleviate the problems with dramatic brain injury. A re generating tissue, but actually healing the brain mean maybe it's not where that is right. Now I mean maybe it hasn't gotten to a stage between that stem cell treatments and all sorts of different. Many people like when you lose your ability
to see reality correctly because your brains not functional, give you you're very organ. It's like having a television, it just doesn't get a good signal anymore. It's all up! Well, it's got to be fixed right, but we can't fix it a right now. The brain has a very limited ability to fix itself and there's some strategies in some different treatments that they use to help people recover from magic brain injuries and get to some some, months of normalcy, but imagine if they got to a point where they found out that this neurogenesis capability that we've shown to exist in Psilocybin can actually rebuild tissue and heal brain and run proper studies. You would, with any other supplement a thing out there like all right. Let's try a micro does for over the course of two months. You know like a sub detectable where you're not like trip in your balls, but just something like you would a nutritional supplement, let's test that over against placebo for two months and then measure the rich
quotes in the brain. Well, the suppression is just illuminated that option for science to just explore these hypothesise like what happens if you Micro Dose DMT in some form over the course of two months like how does that affect performance and a lot of, we're doing that now there micro dosing on their own and anecdotally reporting something. But what we need is a placebo, controlled trial to say, like unequivocally: oh yeah, that's what this does, but it's so hard to get that shit, approved and get the approved material and get this done that become challenge. But when that lids off it's going to be really really fucking cool, I agree that this is the coolest time to be alive. It really is a an amazing fasting time to be alive, but I wonder if they're going to look back at us the way we look at chimps, Helen Louise Fucking dummies. He thought that was an awesome time to be alive. You know, I wonder if it's people
always have that way of looking at things where they just appreciate what's around them and say wow, this is as good as it's ever been. This is amazing, but then one day to look back at us and go have ridiculous. They couldn't even read mine. Imagine going through life not being able to read minds like what a shit way to live sort of how we look at people that can't send emails. They didn't even have the internet. You have to go to a lie, story and read a book that was written by hand like some guy wrote with a pen had a whether you know dip it in some cold so they mix with oil or whatever the fuck they used to make ink yeah we're going to probably look back at that someday. Maybe even in our lifetimes, but I bet there's also those people who, if you took him from the past, like let's say you know, you talked to Musashi and you're like there's an awesome future, but you can't use your sword to cut anybody fuck. I think I'm good yeah, you know like we got all the schools, computers and knowledge and all
basic travel the world. We have drones, but you don't even have be involved and just have to be like in another room somewhere, like he's not going to be into that. So much is just holding the steel in his hand, and just that's gotta mean So in every age. There's these parts of that age that are arrear placeable. I was in Vegas yesterday leaving the airport early in the morning and you know you're waiting in line at the security thing to show you. Id and I looked up and they had a screen that was giving instructions and guidelines for using drones, and I, like Jesus Christ, we're living in the future like it all. Also. I was waiting for it to be a joke 'cause. If you ever gone through the LAS Vegas Airport, they have these big screens up and they'll show these sort of humorous character, which is yeah carrot top trying to carry all his props through the security and showing what you can't do they have these heavy metal guys that are taking off these giants. Spiked arispe, please listen. You know like what you have to like take off to go through security
and so on the same screen where they that they showed this thing about drones- and I was like this seems like some starship trooper shit. It seems like it doesn't seem real, but it was real. They were talking about the federal aviation administration and guidelines and rules for using drones. Don't let your don't get out of sight? Get your drone go over a certain amount of feet in the air. Don't let your dream wander near airports? Don't let your drone get involved in the path of commercial flights was like wow. This is, please use your drone responsibly and I'm like wow. This is news yeah, like demolition man, weird future shit yeah. You see the drone that almost dropped on that skier. No Jamie try to there's a drone that drops out of the sky and almost completely obliterates ran out of gas or something ran out of fucking signal or something like an falls like right on the heels of his skis.
It wasn't the guy who was piloting it. No he was like it was an actual competition, so he's skiing, like he's a ski racer, watch it. Oh, my god, Jesus Christ hold on back that up again. Oh my god, Mama, that's insane, rock tattoo knocked him up for sure wow. I won if that was like a purse, in the audience that wanted to get like a good video of it or whether that was the real camera group? That's weird! Well there this thing going on right now, where there's new technology that they haven't had the ability to form the proper. Relations for yet and they're not really aware of what the issues are like those God, Damn hoverboards those thing, But, like you see, people at the airport, at least they were for awhile. I think they're trying to make that illegal, where there, at the airport there wandering through the terminals on these hoverboards just
scooting along on these. These don't know. Hoverboard is essentially like a surf. It's like a skateboard instead of going sideways like the way skate. You go forward like it it's so it's it's purpose, killer and there's wheels on it and the wheels are like those those. What are those things called the fucking, the segway segway? Thank you. It's a gyroscope and the gyroscope sort of balances you out and you roll around the fun. My kids have him write him around the house. They really fun, but now they're starting to have regulations like they're starting to say, hey, you can't ride these things on sidewalks. You can, ok now we're making rules because these rules didn't exist before, and people like remember when the wiz Khalifa got arrested at the airport, you the rest of the airport 'cause you won't get off of. It really wanted to write her up right, highest fuck tattoos on his face, and she doesn't even talk about a hoverboard and you know they arrested him for it that doesn't help street grad act.
When you get arrested for human rights for hoverboard, I mean there's a lot of arrest that might help a rapper, but does maybe not morning anytime rapper gets arrested. It's good cousin things. We complain, these niggas don't know, have a bowl, I don't know if you should be allowed to do it, but I do know when you do do it. If you know what you're doing, like you very precise with it it's not an issue, but I think people have the issue. Is it's automated an you can potentially like like my daughter had a slower down my settle down said like she's fucking whizzing around in this thing, like really fast and she's, wiped out a couple of times it's kind of crazy and she's, wiped out and hurt herself and I'm like just going just a little too fast, now she's getting to the edge of the ability to control the thing and if someone was doing that in an airport, it could be a real problem between the
Roseanne drones have these emerging technologies that we don't necessarily have regulations for yet, and I think there's so many people that are so fragile and they get so scared. You know like they can't I haven't kept up with their body. You know, so they can't get out of the way if some shit happened or like if they did get hit. You know they're going to break for sure like in Santa Monica that happens, all the time will be riding our bikes around and will pass some old people and they'll just curse us and we're not even close you like on the bikes. We miss him by sick feet like fuck you because they know like they're just in this kind of like fragile state, and so they kind of panic when there's something on wheels rolling by that
really understand. Yeah they're made out of a cracker so long as are made out of crime. They fall down. It's a wrap. This over everything. Imagine wiping out on an old lady with a bike off your whipping along on a mountain bike. You call: why did with an eighty year old lady, you just shatter her whole body. Everything would just snap crackle yeah they can fall down as you can't fold. Imagine your body gets to a place where you cannot fall down. If you fall down everything breaks, yeah, that's not future that I'm hoping for yeah I mean fuck. I wonder how much that could be mitigated by strength. Training allow some training in mineralization now keeping their bone density up, making sure that you have the spare parts to replace the ones that you're losing. You know, I think, that's you know a big part of it get muscles on the frame and then supporting the bones and making sure that your body is starting up. 'cause, you see the uh. The way you see these people just
Thirty is yeah all different cultures. Cultures, don't have medicines and pharmaceuticals, like even in the jungle again you'll, see somebody. Seventy five with a machete, just kickin mantra, big cigarette coming out of his mouth. Just I had been in drinks beers at the end of the day. You know like. If you stay that vigorous an active you can, you know you're an eating very natural foods. Obviously don't have another choice and a lot of those cases and you can see the other side and then you can see this kind of this other amalgamation, which is scary, but you got crack yeah, that's more! That's another benefit of being able to do the work being able to force yourself to do some things. You don't want to do as far as exercise and pushing yourself. The benefits of that are you have a body that works way better for way longer, and if you don't do that, you get deterioration and you get atrophy and then you become frail. You become that old person screaming at you, because you're on a bike
get away from there, and I remembered after you can kill me. I got cracker bones yeah, exactly it's a bomberman to bummer, that's another inevitable bummer about life, but it's also isn't that part of what's beautiful about this is that you can't be that girl, with the butt pics on Instagram, forever likes, why the butt, pics or so exciting is because that, but only exists for about twenty years or so the cherry will start falling awesomes perfectly right before it falls off into nothing. You know that was the great symbol for the samurai was that's why they appreciate it. 'cause it flowers in beauty and then falls that's life time. Time will rip us clutching and grabbing from every attachment that we have. It always wins. It's like someone in Jujitsu, with the ultimate squeeze that never gets tired, like we're, going to have to tap out at some point of everything that we love. Everything that we like so might as well. Just accept that, like it's cool, enjoy it while it's here in a frac,
sense. Even if you can live forever. The fucking planet will be here forever. The song will burn out. The sun is going to run out of energy and it's going to eventually supernova good luck. If you can't live forever there's no forever. It doesn't exist. Time always wins that time is a mother. Fucker though it is such a mother fucker. I wrote this piece for Maxim magazine about how the human body is like a sand castle. That's one of the cool thing, about a sandcastle. Is your building it and one of the beautiful things about it. We know it's not going to. Last, if you made sandcastle out of cement, nobody would be impressed so something about Sandcastle, where you put all this work into it with the uh. Standing, that this is entirely temporary and that or the same thing with the human body, and I was comparing old Arnold Schwarzenegger like the seventies to the Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now the dad Bod
When you see him now in his little skivvies on the beach like whoa, what the fuck man that's the tide is started to come in you know, and that ocean spray is washing away the towers in washing away everything until eventually there's only the memory in the pictures of that sand castle as it was, and that is fucking beauty, like it's not something to be lamented like yeah appreciate that shit like it's temporary, so we fucking love it. You know like that part of the thing yeah it's more fascinating aspects about it all is that it is temporary and I think that if it wasn't, if everything it's, the way I described in the article was like. If you, if it wasn't the case, it would be like as boring as playing a video game on God mode, never play quake on God mode you can type quake used to be. You could go hit the tilde key and go into the and prompt, and you can you can type in God and you
play on God mode in God mode is, you are invulnerable. Your life would last forever get all the weapons you wanted and you couldn't get hurt. So you just run around shooting things is boring as fuck and no consequences an now not worrying at all about your own mortality. That would it wouldn't be fun like one of the fun things about in wild shit, is you know you're going to have to sleep? You know one of the fun thing about sex. Is you know it's going to end? You know it's hard to get when you get it you're I can't believe, are fucking and then it's over, and then you tie one of the fun things about drinking as a cat and we're gonna pay for this. It's it's part of the whole thing is, it is the Yin and Yang it is the struggle. It is it's the the the consequences this is an it's the reward and it's all together. It's the coolest fucking video game that we all made together. Man, I'm telling you that's really what it is and we were born into it, born into it Then we just get to decide how we want to play. You know decide if we want to level up decide if we want to retreat. We can ultimately,
right if we want to hit the reset button, but if we hit that reset button, you know an end. This game right now will never get to play this turn again. You know when we get to be this person at this time on this planet. I can't say never, but most likely most likely. You never get to do a redo of this exact thing, maybe something similar. But so what are you missing out on your missing out on a unique opportunity to experience something Totale unique in that sense? And so it's a real shame to do it, but I think you know, I think, taking some of the pressure off that situation, like some people may want to hit that reset button, 'cause, shit sucks and that's lamentable, and it's unfortunate situation because of those things that I mentioned, but in my world view that is just hitting the reset button on the game and you get a chance to play. You know some other time or you come back as well as poisonous frogs into bank canyon and fuck people up woo. That would be a mother fucker. You know with this idea that we always that reincarnation
you always come back as a person. Imagine if not imagine if you will you become a person. A person is the top of the food chain, ideally right in our eyes. So when, come back. You come back as Amoeba and you got to go through the whole process. Again Dizon Amoeba, you come back as a multi celled organism, you die, you come back as a slug death, come back as a frog death come back as a bird death, you're a dog death. Chicken death along way back death, I mean, does in a time, doesn't give a fuck and then there's multiple into mentions an infinite universes. Now you just keep coming back as new things, new on other planets, new biological creatures that we haven't even begun to discover like the idea that if you live die you only live in Dinas one patch of dirt your soul if that's a real thing, your consciousness, your entity, your essence, only and sends this body and enters into another one like it. You know in
this life I was queen. I lived in a how many people were fucking presidents or kings like every mother fucker. He is the president or a king in the past, like nobody was homeless person sucking Dick for homemade wine, all the fucking. All the gypsies are telling you that shit. You like. Yes, I see you are a great general like the fuck up come on, come on how, but I was always lose yeah. I would like to be a loser. Comparison or Julius. Caesar is seven thousand Julius Caesar's from fucking fortune. I see your great Caesar leading the Romanum yep. It's more people love. Just love that whole nostalgia. I was list this one african american dude was talking about about was to talk about the history of black people is like we were kings. That's what he said like I need to talk to you cuz you can everybody can be kings, do not kings work. First of all,
these are assholes and if you working back then most likely fucking killed a bunch of people who are in slaving a bunch of mother fuckers. Exactly this idea, we were kings like how many how many of you are kings did you all get along did y'all have separate kingdoms, did y'all live in a community of kingdoms and what the fuck are you talking about Jesus Christ in the past no we would love that we loved I will I'm really curious about that, like this longing for NIST Alja like what is that what people want to look to the past- and I dated this a long time ago, and she was brutal in the fact that she, we always distorted the past and made it sound, so amazing and so incredible, and so you know, like you, open a broken home? Your parents were abusive. Alcoholics, like you know, we're together, the love is amazing and they were always together and they always only warrant. They thought through glasses at each other like Jesus Christ? Will you look at the life as what it
actually is endan those possible lessons from the actual truth of the life. Instead of this romantic fucking movie, this strange Reese, Witherspoon Movie of Life like somehow like people feel like they need that who they are it's built into like their own pride in themselves. Having this thing but yeah, just all that shit away. I mean, I think, that the ego that once all these things once that pass, and once this you gotta just strip that little tyrant just like take all that armor off, take all the bullshit off and let it stand naked in the light of truth just make it is she just out there, like you know, get real may not be a real the elements, I think it has something to do with movies too man. I think it has something to do with literature at have something to do with our our cream. Nation of a narative. Like our creation of these
These lives that we read about and watching films and we sort of apply them to our database of what's possible and then you know you sort of like look back. Done some movie that you saw. That was wonderful It was amazing, you know some really silly movie and you apply that to your own past and he sort of liked twist things around, especially when you're describing them to other people. You want people to think you had the most amazing life, but it never works. It's sort of like name dropping like name dropping, has the opposite effect like it doesn't work like the idea that you were going to somehow or another make people like you more because you know you know Harry Belafonte or someone I don't know why I said Harry Belt. Where the fuck that came from
Leonardo Dicaprio, really good friends with LEO. You know we go to bars that you immediately think that guys, a douche bag. People assume that the machinations behind what they're saying are completely transparent but they're not like people. Some people are. Blind to it and ignorant and that's when name dropping work like oh, my god. You know LEO Bow and they're just operating on that short hamster wheel, that's just running full speed and they can't figure out that he has some other compulsion. That's causing him to do this, but then You meet somebody who has a little bit of that. You know wherewithal and it's just gross. What do you do? I see what you're trying to do that I see these hidden motivations and I think, that's kind of what we're seeing in politics we're seeing across the board is like, and so many different little gimmicks that people play like even them saying when I'm president on they don't fucking believe that when Fucking JEB Bush has went on present, he does
Believe it- and you can tell you like- are bullshit belief, detectors, know that when he's saying he doesn't believe it, but you know who does believe it when Conor Mcgregor when we clash head off, he believes it to knock your fucking head off. Jackson's office software to do yeah. He definitely will in that. You know that When did world of interacting with bones and flesh and technique yeah. He understands it to the point where he really believes it and says it, and I think, although probably believed it too, and some sort of fucked up way believed him yeah yeah. I think that's one of the things I think when anybody's fighting it's not only a test of their physicality, it's like a test of their belief. And all of that squaring off and all of the state shut down this like. How much do you believe you're going to beat me? You know and most peop probably great champions there in that ninety eight they're, pretty confident Connor just shows up straight, hundred hundred, like
like you sure you sure cause yeah, I'm fucking my favorite quotes of Connor and I'm number one. He goes number one, do you think not like when they were replaced, Chad Mendes replaced Jose Aldo. He I'm number one. Do you think number one gives a fuck who two or three years, let them all come. Let them all that was add irish accent too. It was pretty good. Actually, I thought that was bad. Tell them laugh out like a deteriorated in a middle Eastern somewhere in the middle of it we got bored, that's not were at a time. Manwich. Bang out three hours beautiful, believe it or not. I don't know how that happened in terms of conversation or my brother, always good good times, we're out of time you fuckers, but will be back tomorrow. So thanks happy New year love, you all love! You all bye! Thank you, friends thanks for tuning into the podcast and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to square space, the ultimate. Ok for you to make our mother
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he's got a lot of insight into the world of Seaworld as well lot of good tweets. If you follow his his twitter page, it's walras whisper and he's just very conscious and aware, guy and just tuned into the world of marine captivity, which is really disgusting and fucking creepy thing that people do keeping dolphins and orcas should captive going to see him, right, you fucks, listen to me. I love the shit out of you. Don't listen to me. You don't have to listen to me, I'm asking I'm requesting just wanna, let you know I'm psyched, but this year I usually don't like to treat years if there are new, I like to pretend that there are no new years I like to just, but I'm taking a different approach this year and take different approach in my life, I'm taking a different approach as far as like setting goals and I am super fucking pumped up in tuned in about doing this podcast on break. We've got a lot of cool guests coming up soon
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