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#746 - TJ Kirk

2016-01-12 | 🔗
TJ Kirk is a professional ranter, author, and the creator of the YouTube channel, The Amazing Atheist. He is also a co-host of The Drunken Peasants Podcast which is available for download via iTunes.
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i enjoyed talking to him so i hope you enjoy the pike ass without any further ado please welcome my friend t j kirk logan experience goodly movie jamie our hopped up on admiral here at the at the the studio with tat s our lives matter he came here from columbus and they just give it to you the airports like other handed out blue sample jan he's got this little guy here are all imagine if we did come up with a drug that had after all like effects but no negative consequences in fact health benefits while i know some people prescribed at her also for people you know apparently they they just thank our right for you this is good yeah another no definition
we will decide for themselves and they just you know let everyone try out or on learning they keep and if they don't they stop yeah i couldn't be more means people are obviously benefits them they should be they get it whenever they want nation that obviously we should have to go to a doctor about that about that you and try to doesn't team sixteen we know what after all is always have a place where you can get a free sample we'll how can we can try whisky all you have to do is be of age you don't have to any knowledge whatsoever about whiskey and you can be on the twenty first day or the twenty first year of your life the first day you could walk into a cbs by a judge of whisky would no instruction manual no guidelines no no one a walk you through it go and have you ever done this before the event do what a shot is like he's gonna try to drink a glass you might die i think back to my first times drinking maybe it is a good thing that there's like some barriers it how yeah cause
i don't know the first time i got drunk really drunk and they just handed me like a coffee cup full of vodka at a party and i never even been to a party before cuz i was so socially awkward the shit i'm like nineteen o my first party and the like ok i don't know how strong this is but i'm just going to assume that one cup is good sergeant i know it was that the rest of the night did not play out in my favor after that i had a very similar story my first time was in high school first party a new high school just moved there was all dorky didn hardly know anybody intimate friends this kid jimmy lawless who still my friends this day great guy and activities funded party i'm sure i could even smell jack daniels for like years later or i would get sick to my stomach i had that problem for a while i threw up in a cab that's always rough throb in a catholic
way opening the door to remember lucky enough to puke i always just piss myself is that better i think that's better it's my purse freaking me out i don't know i'd rather for express a view puke and then it's like oh god you know afterwards you like oh ok i feel i feel kind of better now you don't feel good about waken up with your pants covered in pairs especially because by that time you're almost sober again you do a point you know then you got look down and like my god i'm a grown man just piss my pants cause i drank too much spencer hey look at it man i figure grow man it throws up a more robust and ngo pests right well then i guess i'm a bitch i think you are i do joe rogan podcast all right do throw up is throbs contagious pieces and i think that's part of the problem a throw up i give you smelters bill i'm like immediately
smell and you want to start throwing out you never smell someone else's piss me like i gotta take a piss you manage if that's what it was like somebody forded gotta shit how can we have those kids ages yeah i got my god help me first i heard him far now i got a shit what been why isn't and if you smell diarrhoea wise and only asia that on my friends had to shit like this guess diarrhoea is an engine like evolution airily like if you if you throw up the recipe roundly oh we are all eaten the same shit he sank we better fuckin next spell this stuff is actually a hundred percent that's exactly what it is it's really interesting because i got became immune to it for a long time because i was wrong puke so much unfair factor its but its back now i'll freak out over pupil now like into a restaurant swim through us i saw some throw up recently in vegas i was i was closed
and i was like a boy i felt a little but all the use of fear fact manasseh people throw up like almost every week pretty much every threw up one time my fuckin brother whose also my business partner we together entire lives he got sick and he went to the bathroom and been fuckin idiot that he is he doesn't puke in the toilet he pukes in think it fills the sink to the room to the brim with a fucking puke oh no you guess what he's so fuckin sick he clean it as a clean basin of fucking pure is the most horrible experience in my life how about those fuckin crazy people to administer color x and they start telling you what your reading by looking at your shit as it goes through a tube in front of them what about those wacky folk i have no experience
that's i've never done it either but everyone and i know it's done it like first vital i'll take you no sir i supposed to do it that way i feel like if you eat fibre it cleans everything out from the inside that's pretty better them water up there a programming in a bunch tweets from people that love oh yeah well everyone's gun their little health crazy ass some people think the draken pope needles in themselves and hit certain parts of their foot we have for everything that reflex allergenic silence that's that's bizarre stuff rightly points to my shoulder hurts let me work on your foot ok i'm sure people believe it but a site out seems unlikely yeah doesn't it maybe i don't know anything about research needed but i've toxic acupuncture but apparently people use works with some of its people use all kinds of things and say they work and right now right there's no but i think there's actual
evidence about acupuncture may some sort of a peer review journal about if there is i'm open too pretty sure i was pointed out to me the money the little hazy are as you know there is definitely been times when i've said shit on the show or in a video and then i'll be like i'm fuckin certain about this and i get to launch a massive doesn't like those of aachen idiots trying to prove me wrong look at their respectively oh shit i guess i was wrong well in six months act like i never believed that we'll do change your mind though because the people expect a year i definitely do you got to you after some clothes minded idiot that just believe the same thing about what the people love you d be beholden to your earliest police like if you had an idea a long time ago is wrong like if you something i want you youtube videos to any real like this is a fucking fact and then it turns out there not be a fact
and yet you no longer have a mistake it just immortalized forever in history later won't disturb what about the time you said that if like maybe i think differently now because years and years of time and experience of past will you know what happened with people unfortunately the term flip fibre got out and what a fool flapper is is someone who changes if work in mine which means a normal person the idea that you're gonna be a president congressmen or senator and never change your mind once you establishes esteem position once you're in there you get elected like you got i saw that ideas about how the world works and you're so enlightened you no longer need to learn or correct your ideas that's ridiculous as food that month but to dummies now they have that term areas of flip fly or for continued beautifully blogger video from seven years ago all those life fix variances before that
i can do to say this here a flip flapper i wonder if there that just that consisted in their lives and its want to find something to fuck with me on this tunnel poke poke out worse you know that's like the the the nature of life on the internet or in any sort of palm oil ends re even in the wild mean its natural you find a guy like you you puts out each put other very interesting thought provoking video you have strong opinions and you broadcast them out there and then there's be a bunch we will respond to them some people really enjoy them some people get really mad at you but because your stuff is good in that year really interesting points you get a lot of attention and when you get it out of attention be little guy and death shit afforded to deserve by see em i heard that shitty said about all you have to do is put in a context of lake you know even
fine like a christian religions or somethin like the most eloquent fucking guy you can still very people that fact fuck you you would have heard yeah of course you know their he's in hell now he's burning their because using massage earnest now that's the true there that little bit of revisionism to foil about that i was an interesting when the people chose to attack us it was likes is so white ninety that it was it was like blinding i get it son last sunday read the tweets like sir richmond was a massage nurse now what he was a debate or he loved to do people on anything they knew that are very thought provoking subject was the idea that the way women are funny is if they act like men and so he wrote that vanity fair article and he's a fucking genius trolls what he is he's he's batting around a mouse and so anyway then is that we have to remember to us as the bar for massaging so low
i mean like that i've made videos like our eye lashes arms i believe equality between men and women legally in all ways you know every opportunity man has woman should have now the way right off the bat but i think this wage thing is little wonky massage addressed yeah like oh yeah instantly i mean no i sat there and i explained to you but i'm we have a fucking point of contention on an honest with economics that doesn't make me a fucking massage earnest will the wage thing is a really weird one because people just don't want to talk about it they would you say well this wage gap thing the weights been explained to me it's a bunch of different jobs at people pursue who in the jobs that members who tend to be higher paying jobs also higher risk jobs more men die while their employed they die in there just seven percent of some some crazy now it's really but when you taught me
if you if you even go into that you can't those those are problematic pieces of information because just the fact that they exist at all your attacking them like the it becomes is really weird thing where you're not you're not supposed to talk about the actual facts of what is happening in the war place the actual numbers get about the fact that we know this white bosses who are racist we know this men who are bosses who are sexist we know their women who were bosses who hate the other women in the office fuck them over we know people getting fucked over left and right we know and i think you could put it into a good people bad people thank me that's really you're dealing with you can call men or women you can call whatever the fuck you want to call but it's good people and bad people and that's u if soon as you pick us that's only gender based in any information whatsoever is unacceptable right that's why i don't like the mri rays and has many hours and shit it's like
you're doing is inverting the whole victim complex thing you're just say you know you get after m for saying where the victims give us special privileges but you're just trying to flip the script and do the same thing from the other end joint place they have a point is financially i've hasn't got events and points in a child custody and yes i got to that too but i mean is is like saying that their victims sure as far as like really establishing this idea that for whatever reason it's ok for a guy to get fucked over in a relationship point where he loses everything just because these two people don't want to be together anymore shirt that's been firm let's not wished us not part of like a systematic society wide and duration of matches and issue it's a legal issue that you can make it a page seriously on its own need any ideology to address it just like you don't need feminism to address you no problems that women have which i'm sure there are plenty of feminine grievances that are you know why
founded well thought out shit but i mean they're drown out by would you know tits and video games are too vague or their two small like there's a this example does this need sarkisian you know she complaining about the old two major games because lara crofts tits were too big and they made of smaller and then she said oh look how their de feminism lara croft maker look more like a man just proves that she's an unbelievable current no matter how do i find fault she's gonna find a fucking problem there is going to be people that work ever hot but an issue and especially when it comes to gender genders real hot but an issue but creates like almost instant argument i don't know why i don't know why why is it i don't know there's gotta be aris there yes there has to be a reason but i don't really get me i guess it's maybe this the history of that inequalities of exist right
maybe i don't know i don't know why people still have such a hair trigger reaction on the gender thing or why it so important because like what's waded its aided by the actions of the past you can't look at it as a thing that exists in the present may live in current if your person who's being victimized like if your girls being sexually harassed bright boss or something like that it exists in the present or whatever on the black with sexual harassment but it's not you it's not me and we're not doing it whenever these conversations about the wage gap when i was where i when i was a teenager i was working in my dad's office and there woman there and she was perfectly attractive but she would make very strongly commands to me you know we like grab and my ass enjoy it and you know i just i wasn't interested but you know it like when i was an interesting like oh you know j j gay you know something you didn't you know want that so i mean it's one thing it is
for women there's that mechanism there of lake society kind of has something built into believe you if you're a victim of sexual harassment and for me it was like there was nor to turn did you feel like a victim i mean i didn't like a victim cause i don't like to foster the victim mentality but i certainly fell like there was an issue going on in my life tat i had no ability to address was she above you in the office yeah ok so that makes it weird yes she was like the manager of all the people in the call centre can call sad she wishes a crazy laden one how did you find the off and she was she's poultney issues grabbed last hey if you don't have if i was you knew it cool i know if i reciprocated nose like yeah we're gonna foreign office now i begin to imagine what would happen when it became obvious i didn't like it it's just like you know why you gonna keep doing this also she kept doing like even if it was persist patterns none like unify our day and i approach i am three four months holy shit dude
so every day you gonna work can you be thinking talk this crazy that he's gonna grab my ass i am and i just like her wow man that's all i know it does not cool for you i mean i've also i'm so passive than to it i really dont know how to say anything i gotta assert yourself i wasn't very asserted with time that's a hard spot debts hearts but for a human being you know in it i think there is a real problem when people dont want look at you as a guy who's in a hard spot because you are a male right whereas if you are a woman and you in that same position if the same age and the same awkwardness at the time i would feel really bad for your billing fuck man what an asshole that guy is worth wouldn't ask for that one the woman was grabbing ass and she was freaking maybe the same kind of reaction
if you add a young girl who worked in the office was a little awkward and there was this like super aggressive woman it kept grabbing asshole atomic freakin around and it was a woman whose above or in the office that would be a really creepy scene but you don't get me sympathy for your story why would i want change because there's no there's no social mechanism that says that's a problem it just look like all united to some funny isolated thing but you know what i've taught story of how do the people come forward and sail idea that problem too and i just didn't what to do about it because you know if your man can't say i was sexually arrest but you re just because you're not interested in a particular woman who seems to have way too much interest in you that's not reciprocate and on your part yeah what the fuck man that's a weird blind spot we have what mean if your manager was to deal with it but that's across the board i mean like goods not just men that say that women say that to swim across the board but if you're a man
you're supposed to but that's that's my larger points is that when it comes to these like feminist engender issues like we're supposed to we believe that there is a gendered root cause to what's happening you can't just be that one person is horny for another person doesn't want that person back roads can have to anybody yeah he's too many variables for people to take side based entirely on gender does just too many variables rural areas are a form of massaging there there trigger warnings variables or trigger warnings and unto themselves i think i think you know we're gonna addressed human being as individuals human being things being male female gay straight who gives a shit when you try to get a team i try to do too i think we'll try to do it it's difficult when it's being done like universally all around us but i was a kid is a true story why from san francisco to florida i was eleven years old yes
i was eleven years old we moved florida and i didn't know what the word nigger met i didn't know i had no idea what it meant because i lives in san francisco serve discos super diverse in the seventies this is like the vietnam or ended when i was in san francisco so this is like hippies and fuck and people with bell bottoms and like my stepped arrogant whistle that like it for one it was with me and i was like like crazy how weird people words like a real freaky place to be like a young kid but no racism i mean none gonna fuckin never heard those words school so then i go to florida and i heard it like first day someone's can somebody a nigger the fuck is that so i didn't want to say i didn't know because then i would look like a loser so i had to go home and ass my mom she get pissed to make she thought i was playing a game show that you try to get me said like i'm not i need you to say like what does it mean to you no it means i'm gonna fuckin tell me
michael eleven years all what the fuck does it mean and so she had explained to me that it was a derogatory term for black people was like why at eleven i was like what the fuck what were read those that's real like i couldn't i couldn't imagine and at that time so it is possible to grow up place like maybe this is the area that i was when i was young if we could somehow another promote that sort of reversal like hook it doesn't make you immune to doing something stupid because you're gay and doesn't you immune to being an asshole because your check it doesn't your immune to whatever mean filling the blank gender wise just people as individuals that's why like star trek when my runner for office that's why you start transparently star trek because you don't have diversity a lot of men but of white men running guy you now there's a lot of diversity especially camps here too the shows on at the time and you know first interracial kiss on star trek one of the first lesbian kisses on star trek reelin monopoly
serious ninety space ninth how count though but well i did those on star trek stole that may not seem like an original serious how dare you i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i just don't it's too cheesy stalwart my goodness is a time capsule though right well yes definitely cheeses time council to achieve time thus forgotten well it's become a comedy its accommodate wasn't intended as the two now he was not but if you watch it today it truly is a comedy especially if there's any aliens involved like when kirkwood kirk out a duke it out that one do with the lizard her oh my god it's so slow it was a fake fake look and let me make just like sped up the film or something at least initially made it in the dark first of all the plan should have in total darkness of the monster was like very hard to see because like you you look at all but what is this piece of shit tell me is an alien
but i let my parliament star trek was though they never really talk about that kind of stuff it's not like you know if there's a black hair here there's no issue who dealing with their blackness you know it's all been moved pass will get this look this is real oh my god come on come on this is real oh my god this is so hilarious kirk with a ship my tie terrible technique does in turn over no weight to that so this is is it playing with sound too ok so what we'll work it out for people listening to us i'm so sorry i haven't been scrapped this is captain kirk duking without this shittiest fuckin fake looking green man alien this plan is like one cheesy scenes and olives our track its use a bad kirk boxes years to get free reaches its everything's bad about it
the acting is bad the movement is bad like they're moving slow motion like when he's trying to throw up the guy now kirk is coming out with a rock oh shit he's got a rock and he's dead close up ass he lifted his head he throws it right in the chest now guess what it does nothing is bounces off from a curse like what we do just walking fucking things never going exception it is the slowest piece of shit evolved the edges stroll away leisurely and walks up to a big rock now take up the big wrought luca light deaf fucking piece of shit fake rockers good lord says lizard that literally its expression does not move it's a child's toy it throws this rock at kirk barely gets away little too casual there that was a real fuckin rock you'd be shitting your pants man that rock was within cinches of hitting em and tearing his arm off whose body fucking goofy you're right
say at once by the tutsis dammit i hate when people right you know at least emmy there's cheesy moments unlike the next generation or something but there's none like that i never got into it i don't get it cause there's a guy named kevin knox whose a hilarious comedian in boston and he had this ruthless bit about what the fuck did you do the old star trek whoo hoo this fuckin new captain whose there's no bald guide as new captain he was it would do this long ran about like how great captain kirk was and how much this guy socks and our respect and ever watched her ah hurry now what's the deal once at least second every second understand the reasoning there was a little object to it very little but it's me seeing how bad special effects were just a few decades ago yeah but that was that could have been done better even at the time you said i mean like shooting in the dark speeded up a little you know what was done and what the sixties seventeen is private
sixty six sixty seven really late sixties right i think about the great move em in the hustler with paul newman jackie gleason now just a few years before that so they were doing great i only sought at last area a really wow great movie man jackie gleason was a fuckin held an actor to really interesting his his career got so weird like you did so indifferent different things going from the honeymooners too doing serious role like the hustler were in early wasn't funny at all to do in smoke the bandit which is so slap sticky and hilarious smoking the bandit holds up it does it holds up my first girlfriend show me that i found it we're because you know i've never really thought of sally fields is very sexual but in that movies you know i did like her ass it was very big i remember that a good she's a sweetheart she was like america sweetheart like us sweet woman like you couldn't
nevertheless commissioner for my generation only real i remember prominently flight from being a kid was like the mom and forest gum bananas leg fuck that sir field when she was young definitely had something go she had a little bit of that ginger marianne the little bit of that marianne from gillikins island thing yeah but miriam was considerably hotter priory she's like prettiest like pretty much had a girlfriend always that's how i dont know building is falling apart dude were being attacked think this people fixing cumbersome i am of that now ufo attack sally fields ginger and marianne marianne had that thing too i give you think ginger little tomb high maintenance of known some unlike her look all we got without this girl the probably knows how to plant things i don't know it's a good thing
or a bad thing is by a bad thing but i used to data girl who wrote gillikins island erotic fan fiction does daphne a bad thing what would be a bad i i i i don't know i like it cause unlike you know she can like be turned on by here again i know it seems like all but have an easy task of at least have you seen numb theirs whole genre of big foot porn now i see that the others there's a woman whose writing these big foot sexual novels would like and they're they're they're they're like real books like i don't know it's in like joe and out to a books being going out of bookstores kind of thing to question another deftly e books but i'm pretty sure the real bookstall while but it's big foot i might be wrong that its big foot porn like this is here it is key for big foot via wildly that bitch three and a half fuckin stars volume one for customers books one through five how many of these fuckin
sort out o my god scroll of secondary this on a week long outing in mount hood national forest what begins as a flirty fun field trip to suit turns into a nightmare when an ape like creature kidnaps a group of teen girls with the purpose of procreating with them thus began the erotic adventure of a lifetime and an inconceivable love story between a young woman and her horny sas crotch wow right mix of horror erotica says scarlet joan with scarlet jones i don't know he was she said scarlet on the ball she said it's the right mix and so there's a bunch of these titles come for big foot i am too they could have some out some smothered thing that another all this it's either no matter how you affects scope make out a little larger mike like this kid horny like creature said manhood national forest for her name was porsche put up for
that's shelley and leslie find themselves in a lusty situation as a tribe of big foot use their willing willing knew by bodies to satisfy their monster cox how can of course leave all this behind and returned to civilization when she's the arms of her sas squash warm and snugly in his method for the only thoughts through her mind are of utter bliss challenges a raft of bark would challenge is about this dark cross lovers including leonards head injury lucky guy added jerry there's a mail so they get there male two million and devastating while fire and a sexy forest ranger nay mike mike this is hilarious do you think you know they say it
go black and ngo back could you go bigfoot go back probably not definitely not he'd be stretched out fucked up if you like i go go pencil after that year with what a strange genre of erotica i mean i don't know physicists one woman whose writing this of his other find out if there's a big foot porn is an actual genre young jamie can mean if analogy this action is there i mean why not right why not mean if there's brownies oh yeah it's true people jack and after lake weird anna aided ponies and shit do hang out and stuff for my podcast and some people are coming to the private hang out or abronia so i can't get to lake try to probe their mindset and can i ask these guys like so do you jerk off to the all the porn that big
there is no you know for me it's forged about fast nation show with a good story like show with a good story there's plenty of shows with good stories that are being made for adults the don't have you know little cute animated ponies in them right while we care they're really i don't give a shit begging to what they want aren't you should either but i'm know i trust your judgment ray you gonna like if someone tells you about something that's awesome no is also are you gonna go accra thanks today i can away that this guy this place is cool but he is a brown so imagine if you are brownie but you haven't discovered brawny ism a new were missing something in your life you just felt like there is just one or would you recognize it instantly maybe would maybe
moment you saw my little pony just your heart would just fill with like like like sparkles nothing just feels alive and wonderful in warm for the first time in its the perfect entertainment and you watch my little pony and you just you get chills you feel good need about everything and this is where always needed a needed this and so you start secretly wearing my little pony t shirts and your dress shirts at work and he go home you put on my little point why cooking yourself a lonely dinner but you're happy now because you discovered what was always missing my little pony you found missing piece for somebody that's gotta be possible mad if people want to be furries right if someone wants to run around with a chipmunk mass got outfit on like varies you heard of the other kin yes there even crazier ya want to describe those people the tunnel
well fuck we're talking about another ten prepared prepared a gazelle and mine blow if your imo folk if abronia like someone who is like i liked to pretend to be a fox i wear this you know fox mad fiery yeah yeah i know i'm i'm i'm just starting with furries cause it's kind of cellular same brawny outside the very you know and i liked wherefores mascot i liked a year with other furries that's their term for fucking onawandah cancelling onward joachim yet to call it using why i have half yep don't know anyway so that that's a furry right and another can is different but similar but we were because they actually think like i am off ox and i have the soul of a fox within me and they who claim to have astral limbs like they can feel the the file ex tail is just foxes it can be drawn again you know they say i'm a dragon i have the soul of a dragon i'm a reincarnated dragon
kind of stuff spirit animal date that they even have like a fiction can they go a step further they they they think they somehow our characters from tv shows i ever saw this post on tumblr we're someone's like you know i was jaw free from game thrones and not all regret shit that you're allowed to but everyone now a lot of questions anymore now you know racism is hate it is an end you know that there's people go around saying there like a laptop kin and computer and we think that sort of like i share a kinship with computers these people they said like oh you know it's socks that i have this flashy body now because my true body is made of metal cause an android can my god and their serious another service that has a scary it's like identity politics gone fuckin bat shit what are their preferred under pronouns
if they have specific pronoun this further each other can by most of them do ten the like you know those z s hannah shit i was on some websites rags scroll around looking for information look for new stories and i saw a story i think was on digg about william shakespeare used the pronoun they for an individual and now it's coming back about gender neutral pronouns like route william shakespeare used it because they talked goofy back than they have done invented england there was a bunch a shitty ways of describing things that we don't do anymore thou far out now all this a bunch of stupid ways they talked we realise hey this is a lot of extra sounds were making with our face and it's not getting the point across any better just dumb so let's cut the shit and it's clean fucking bitch modern english is the best english illegally
there the age gender people that they want everyone to say they held until they tell you they prefer prone exactly like you're fucking a plural laurels and singular when you say they therefore draw the line you call yourself z who is why mr wise mr okay but zis not what do i give a shit but they would you like a teacher people the difference in a singular approach plural plural is they that's a bunch that's a few people they went to the store it's not a fucking guy will you go well ok we'll meet them at the store no you meet day at the store what the fuck you talking about meeting them or how many people there what what what did you say why do you even assuming that we are using all of these gender pronouns lake howard i wasn't anything i keep that straight like assume it catches on like wildfire and everyone gets to chew from a list of light two hundred ninety seven genders with their own unique says pronounce like i can't even remember people remember people's fucking names are right
i can remember that many different sets of pronouns for people yeah it's i think people try really fuckin hard to define themselves because in some way shape or form finding yourself helps you feel like you at least a little bit of sovereignty over this madness that we're all trudging through that's part of the most interesting thing about you is that you use some weird pronouns than you're not very fucking interest that's true that's true but to those people like one of the reasons why they fight for its own viciously i think for a lot of like really disenfranchise p they feel so outside of like any little victory they can get even in coming up with a new gender pronoun that makes them somehow another field but it's not a victory though but it is for them maybe like a little tiny mean insoluble i got you not winning the war maybe you in a tight
little personal battle i guess you know like yeah you and other can every every person that yet to tell you that you're a dragon you know that's just another yeah i'm a dragon but more dollars sam a dragon and agree on the dragon the more true it become i think other kin is a very strong sample that wasn't a prime example but i'm not into you know even all the alternative gender pronouns you know i'm cool a transgender people i'm cool but there's not two hundred genders decision gotta go to that when i want to read that is legally jamie just put up two thousand fifteen word of the year a singular they of says fuckin who you can have a word of the year asshole in this arena what is millions of words because words can only convey a portion of an eye dear they stringham together and informed sentences you don't have a fucking word of the year that's but his shit that's really fuckin dumb knew the way
the europeans normalcy damas using the word they as a singular person because that's not what it is you fox ok god damn it just pissed john look if because its unnecessary to why would she have a senior they tell me your fuckin name is it path ok pattern your guy or granting a fuck i know a colleague pat they fuck you fuck you just fuck you your ass too much goddamn attention stop it they don't you think we who having america is before you if donald trump speaks for most america i speak for everybody else i only might agree on all day thank you find common ground with problems we must be our things you speak for all of amerika there i think we need donald trump but we need donald trump on mushrooms that's all we need
neither donald trump and has a bunch of psychedelic experiences and just releases all this fucking aggressive boast and realizes like he's in a unique position to maybe like legitimately changed the world can't leave found mushrooms and sixty five but now that he did he knows he's got to something about this so given shrubs and like a spear and set him loose in the woods well you know what happens is donald trump has a science adviser this trying to keep him alive and its in science adviser in form some of the longevity properties of relaxation and that this bound up ten step thing one way to cure this pander behaviour may be a break through psychedelic experience so they can since mr trumped to go to like cedars sinai someplace it looks legit and they bring him into a room they do stuff fuck out of him with like ten grams of mushrooms from mexico just law the mothership hieroglyphs alien
communicating with long stretches fingers they go right to his soul and rearranges synapses and he comes out of that two hours later a completely different cat then we got a real fucking residential handed down we gotta but right now we got bernie sanders hillary clinton and donald trump and i think donald trump gonna fuck and when you re using one i don't know this is what i don't wanna know how healthy and this is a legitimate question how healthy hillary clinton is like there's been some question about apparently she had had a concussion at one point she suffers post concussion syndrome maybe not that's true so that bit its height at around one strewn what's not rank as everything is so maybe a rumour that i stand here jamie earlier about as i mind while he's yours my friend amateurs differentiation money i didn't want to presume anyway i know you are talking to a second of others just like they're so
such information now that people can just kind of cherry pick whatever they want the truth to be here you know it it's you know matter what crazy shit you believe you can always find someone that selling that narrative so that's true why not just go with them and say that's the truth and everything else is a lie that is true men you can always find support us it's one of the more interesting things about online too cash i want to ask you something what would you prefer between hilary and trump that's a good question i dont know i don't know them and it's on a bit like saying like who would be the better angelo lands bury or the demand from the brain bunch i'm fuckin those people i don't i don't know who would you rather have as your mama fuck and i don't know i think you get when you watch hillary clinton is a fucking polished politician apart lawyer who became a politician who was married to a president has been excellent the largest group frankenstein she's she's she's a deep political person she's deep shit
deep in the system and in the game and i think we all can agree with your republican or a democrat that the game is fuckin rigged its rigged its rigged in bunch of real simple ways an album a map a couple of mount real quick that everybody knows the way too much money that's being sets and on these parties by gigantic corporations way too much money way too much influence it was which cronyism his way to make people to become career politicians and they get intertwined and they lie rub my back up your bag you rub my back and they have these weird fuckin allegiance as many have parties to very clear distinct party of republican or a democrat and it would take a fuckin meteor hitting virginia for them to elect dependent candidate me with some radical fucked up life changing event would have happened on earth where people woke up out of fog and realize we have to try for an independent party medina but even businesses the idea even that is only three parties is can you say it
same there did you have three susan tomb have proven to be inept and managing the country over and over and over and over and over and over again it's like having walmart and light j c penny and they're both sellen cancer sticks and ever sounds like you know our cancer sticks killed way less people them their cancer sticks and then they trade off back and worth one shitty fuckin fast food join forces other shitty fuckin what you know fill in the company did jackie fuckin company are you terrible shit that's what republicanism don't i think at least kind of interesting that we have as you know our three people who stand a good though i may i guess he cabin crews and there too really you can't outlier he's way to craze as if as you know but the people who actually stand a chance of being president i mean hilary as we have said is it is total establishment whatever donald try he's really not taking money from others he's mostly just using his personal fortune at this point right
bernie sanders is not taking money from super packs he's just getting funded by you know i'm private citizens and stuff now so two of these people who are so popular or people who have largely issued this system of the moneyed interests being the these political campaigns full of money and then expecting you know of course they're there our values and return that that's you know it's kind of ensuring that at least we have two candidates that are not part of that point or definitely seem to be on the surface the editor you know it bernie sanders the second most popular democrat he stands a pretty decent chance of winning doll is the most popular public any probably will get the nomination bernie sanders just made a little bit more sense about finances i think i would be in his corner just don't you like there's a bunch things that i do like let me just say what i do like i like
what he says about having these people that pay taxes or that i'm shelter their money from taxes but put human foreign banks they should they should have to pay tax on those and that's that always tax shelters reserve for corporations we're corporation makes billions of and somehow or other panty taxes that's insanity then also be fix that that and i agree with him on a persona i agree with him on a living wage and i've had people argue with me about this and you know said that i need to talk to an economist maybe they're right but ideologically maybe there financially but ideological i think of so works for you forty hours a week disability eat fish meal however an apartment to live in a mean you should pay someone living way yet a full time workers should definitely have the ability to feed clothing shelter themselves i mean that should be seems very reasonable it should be without debate right i mean it should be we're talking about a purse dedicating eight hours of every day of their life that's a jew
china has only whenever whenever these company crunching numbers like mcdonald's they they cry how much would it we have to raise our pride is to raise our wages to fifty knowledge in our it be someone like you know five cents on every big mac and shit like that real i mean it's so insignificant see that's crazy this is crazy they won't do that and you know furthermore we ve seen well you know we're we're about to get a big experiment in this in seattle anyway because their raising the wages seattle is also in the unique position of being at a first year legal marijuana sale yeah and when that when taxes came in denver i mean it's twisting whole economy sideways their real prices have gone through the roof i think the real prices were like closing in on like sixteen percent or more up from the previous here when marijuana wasn't legal their private there crimes can weigh down a drunk dry
is it the lowest they ve had it like ten years it's fuckin crazy they made more money in taxes just in the first year than they did in alcohol that's that's it more money from marijuana that state from i'll call you think about all the places it serve alcohol that's amazing do you think they should take that up just some of the other drugs that are currently only one hundred percent especially the ones you don't kill you we should look at all the ones you make any exceptions or religious across the board but the real problem is going to be children that's the problem the problem now is the problem with preschool in pills people leave around it's a problem with irresponsible folks who leave around potentially dangerous things like prescription medication or like a bag mushrooms are coke or some like that again that's the problem man if you make coke legal if you make it so that you can go and buy coke the same way go by whisky why not
tell me why not i don't understand why not if you want to tell me that alcohol should be illegal as well that i oh yeah ok i get it but i bet you if you looked at coke verses alcohol fuels like daily use of coke verses alcohol i bet you see some real similar like health problems a bit of its real similar i mean might be even in alcohol might lose like alcohol might be worse for you than cocaine their bolster terrible loans are advocating them is like a health remedy but i'll call might be worth than coke but we sell that fuckin shit everywhere i very much agree with you on that i think we need adults and chilled but better organise it and there is something that you didn't you say you there are things about bernie sanders is economic platform you didn't he should say bunch crazy shit about marginal tax rate that he didn't think the marginal tax rate is like wasn't eisenhower we had it at ninety percent while he was in office
and they asked him if marginal tax rate of ninety percent was too high and eat he said now now while that's ninety percent here's the thing about tat and this is the number one most important point we're talking here we're not talking about rich people definitely having income equality having way too much money way too much influence and changing the laws to make it even easier for them to protect themselves and save money we're not talking about that talk about taxes taxes are sneaky because tat just go to the government and the more money the government against the bigger it gets it becomes a cancer and fuckin growing and swelling in you get bureaucracy and you get red tape and you get a lot of bullshit if you could ensure that the money is going to these really enlightened people were super wise and are going to figure out some some solutions to reengineer our society and they make poor people happy and well fed will then yeah that's a great idea but till then will you do is you just your finding successful people in europe making more from them like them of yours
you're cutting away incentive incentive you're cutting away this ability to get to the place we could buy an island you're saying you shouldn't be able to do that but i dont know if you can do cocaine everyday of your life or you can bust your ass and develop a company like google and then by a fuck an island that's also in the game it's in the game it doesn't necessarily mean you're evil and this idea because someone figures out how to do it and i'm talkin about only ethically within the boundaries of the rules i think the the she that bernie says that i agree with its people that don't work within the bounds the rules are we all agreed on and they figured out only sneaky fuckin loopholes and of essentially bribed politicians to making it easier for them to move money around and not pay tax on thanks come on two percent on that but that i don't think the ants is taxing the fuck out of people i think he's gonna have to tax the middle class higher too he's admitted them
when does ovaries lay share is crazy plan people only be taxed more we need to do is figure out a responsible method of managing the money that we already fucking pay you guys that's way better than taking more that's waiver and taking more sustainable when someone says they wanna more taxes with this talk you're doing this the job of managing all the money people given you right now about figure that out first you mean you definitely ryanair run from office jamie you're gonna run for authors fired up to jake i'm fired up usually get this fight about something i think is a game like a fighting guises hurting my programme turn you into a believer in ways but let me tell you this i mean that i agree with you but i mean you know i mean the government programmes are certainly some government programmes that produce results and have efficacy in shit yes they're right you know you're there's there's too much bureaucracy there's too much theirs
things where everything is just fuckin in disarray like the vienna shit you know the rebel so many files in one vs building that the building was actually collapsing the energy under the weight of all these files upon files i may say so you know it is kind of hard to argue that more money needs to be spent well situation is like that what's also go to the irish and the ira is what have you know there's really tactics before so many problems though in this country that really do need to be resolved like our info structure is shit and nor must stop at infrastructure is a boring fucking topic no one's talk about the bridges and roads crumbling and chin now its guidelines very good you know the ark ex engineers been tellin us for years our arab our grades and in structure fuck indecent acts when doing great i grew up and pass it costs a lot of money to fix that is a grub in boston and boston had the big dig do you ever that is also what they like about shrunk by the way what he that he has seems to be
to rebuilding america's infrastructure that's one thing i will give him that is he's here take a radical approach that's different from the radical approach of bernie sanders due in my opinion does the two that are most interesting to me unless someone can prove to me that hillary clinton does not entirely healthy and cheese and that also cheese not just some robot monster lady that's what she is the armenians collar chivalry you don't think she einstein her i'm i think she's pure me like i mean it i would be interested in her if i could look beneath the mask if i could see who's she actually is a person get a sense of a human being that resides within this complete lee fake exterior would just to be this two percent yet advocates i do it do it how hard it is to be fuckin hillary clinton probably brutal like the scrutiny she gets to the constant attention the people like she probably has to put up a wall just to get through life you know i mean her behaviour as a politician
we met her behaviour as a purse look at the amount should donald trump gets through those about to recommend mushrooms to hilary and and donald gotta look about the demand shut down trunk gets one day he sat down from heat criticism way better the hilary couldst thou showest responsive criticism is like i'm gonna fuck fuck you right hillary clinton tries to projector image of being this flawless being that never makes a mistake and even if you think she did you're mistaken you're wrong do not our trump on mushrooms with mexicans in mexico so here they create gets a deep love of mexico just fuck this border you just go fuck this border why do we have a border fuck that you have all the same money and no border boom the gate open mid level i smoke and legalised mushrooms and weed and you would have liked though that the cartel would have zero power they go under or they would be significantly i wonder what the the result would be
trying to merge the dollar and the pay so together and often currency well white dude word explode all over there really would be great people need to stop just as long as you don't have any canadians and address later they would make it way more polite taiwan are we re canada one of the other now there's lots of them and so i think that we would gotta be amazing opium poppy great it would be really would be great people to stop just as long as you don't get any canadians and address lighter they would make it way more polite why are we re canada is one of the other now there's lots of them and so i think that we would just make them rude of noxious assholes like us the true people to come out i know man they're pretty firmly established as nice folks there's so much nicer than americans i would say canadians at twenty percent nicer met some canadians degree it's weird restrained
country though when you first go body regulating like going from boston to montreal i'm waiting for like the true people to come amicably you guys are in the cold to how come you're not a bunch of evil kuntz like me to find mean people everywhere shut the difference the way people behaved in montreal versus the way people behaved in boston also how weird while boston like you now very aggressive yes like known for that yet boat p but people they came over our boats drunk they crashed there two hundred years ago they stay they fuck they had kids ruin their lives they had kids ruin their lives and now here they are right now few for five relations leisure maybe three i should point out that the boston accent is one of the most horrible sounds to my ears it's disgusting it's really wretched i had one for a while because i was a you know when i moved to hear anymore but i hear it occasionally if i have a couple of drinks
a word will come out but i am myself talk once and i was like quite early recording i was like what the fuck that's sound like i didn't realize i sound like that so i made a concerted effort to stop speaking like worked really hard a lion had that they all talk like that it's monsters do it but it's like a day what though it's funny when it comes out or comedian i'll say what though and i myself an accent all come out if i'm angry really drunk you got it was a d yalta joliffe recommending around our yeah yeah even even without being in a southern with southern affectation nah still use ya'll it ethic yeah i actually will make an argument for your because you know it is actually easier than its
it's a legitimate contraction you all ya'll i mean and others no ain in you but whatever you know what i like to call it seems did why posturing it seems we almost always friendly it is like you're gonna get killed that that's not alone in that context job around me i fucked up i guess you could say it like that but slope it's more like which i'll do on everybody's like casual too casual work differently in the black ya'll and the white your right we're doing get racist area a little bit smashing on this in if there are any differences between black people and why people i'd like you did not address those does does in fact would be micro aggressions well do you not know microgram i do know that micro aggressions eliza white male euro walking micro aggressions truest true how dare you but you know black deeds have bigger dicks
they don't ever know they're not objected out one that grow gretta never miraculous black men metabolic black men that are like they have that expectation of white men or white women either one only go out with them because they expect a big black and meanwhile these guys late they did dread they live in fear of the moment put out their normal cock all you gotta do is when they wipe it out be like surprise bitch their work once oh i wouldn't work it'll work more than once while work on different people but you're gonna have to get to that position over and over and over again that's two hearts position i guess it i'll just have to get by on personality or something you asking a lot i have to do it now working with much how did you say making these youtube videos well you know it's funny i was i was there for an hour was there for almost the beginning on one of the few people that still from the old youtube when did you start nine years ago while too
thousand seventy down christ that's how long you tube from around here while and but i mean i'm like is not that long at all yeah well to me it seems like a really long time but nothing you know i think it's start in two thousand six or sums i wasn't like the very beginning but everyone was big at the time i don't think any more now think they're all gone so it seems like the shelf life of a youtube channel is pretty shores i'm glad have been around this entire time yeah but i mean i guess i just started because i went on there i was already being like a fuckin asshole atheist troll to people in like internet forums and stuff so a bunch of all they like the way i wrote they told me i should take my united take it on youtube and i was colleague now and i really feel like have much of a camera presence or whatever but i i went on you too but i made a horrible horrible fucking video that is just wretched in every way
and you know i i i walk around my garage talking in this monotone voice like this but for some reason some people liked it and i can't do it and i got a little bit more natural and from the cameras i stop treating it like i don't know i start treating them like a person or a friend we're time it just i don't know it's a i've never been like the biggest channel on youtube or anything but it has always been consistently successful consistently grows consistently seems to keep pace with you know what where the standard of being on the lower end of the popularity scale of youtube is well i feel it you tube take it is one of the things where if you do a show like yours what's really important consistency we gotta do it a lot of people get addicted to it and you so just have to put a lot of effort into it knows are two things you do
you know you're really consistent you put a lot of videos and dry you obviously have like really well thought out points of view and these things and you argue them well and and in a funny way you know and that's it's kind of interesting that before you tube in before the internet a guy like you would have a struggle to find a forum i guess wanted to go to some television production company ngo hey my name's t j live and bob law and thinking about doing this thing or just fuckin turn a camera may i just say what i feel about shit like ass sounds great each i get the fuck out and get out of here and it was a piece of shit we know how many millions of use you haven't you to channel average forty five million views among days heist man you fucked up and be see if i could get for five million views a month what do you do it instead what you got what kind of bull shit you sell in america right now for you know the greater the weird thing
the whole youtube thing is though i mean i have to say ass will channels now i have the amazing atheist channel which is the older channel have the drunken peasants podcast channel i'm doing what you were doing and that's doing well that's only a couple years old but you know i was thinking if if if it weren't for youtube i mean before when i was a kid i use wanna either be a writer and it was writing the kind of got me into doing you to be way because i was speed like a forum troll that would argue with people on the internet the lock and life right book is its exciting is fine fine for me pushing buttons i present people off in all say things just piss people of course you know and i am in i do that i mean ass they probably i would have had to try to be a comedian or something but will you then the day when one or more i wouldn't want to be a comedian though because
i don't want to have to always be funny i don't want to feel pressure like everything i say has to be a fuckin joe you know well it only on stage you know who i know that but i mean i i dont want the proof i dont want people to think that the performance has to be about laughter why are there so whatever your producing whether its asylum cast if i try to be funny another thing though is this you know it's a lot harder to gauge whether people are finding it funny or not because you know i don't have alive reaction to what i'm saying so sometimes that shit that i think is really funny people you like this video was cringy or something you know i got a fuck i guess i a so it can be that i wasn't is funny as i thought i bombed what also dealing with the budget with the sample group what percentage believe comments is it even one it might not even be one per signing it's a tiny and that sample
the tiny percentage of people that rate the videos it's a tiny percentage of people the common on limiting yeah most people they just watch that own interact in any way whatsoever so it's impossible to know what they think but you know they keep coming back so they must see somebody like well and the people there are fine like the one thing you said the piss them off to make some gone this ran about dying fuckin car accident those those people like you in the whole point of what one of these things is i give you have a different point of view you should establish your own channel and you should go fuck and make your own videos bout it man and you can even late in reply video you could say in i'll fuck face made a reply to t j and you know what i think about you and your fuckin shitty atheists ideas and when jesus does come back mega video man mega video and that's the trusting thing about today is that someone can to another i'm as they try and no one cares yeah well it's way easier critique that it as do other so yeah
it's very easy to sit there and say you're an idiot and everything you do is wrong to actually do i do and successful at it so little harder the problem is it's really critique someone if someone could take you some when i can read their words and i can try to think if make it make sense to me and it might make sense but i don't know them and that is that is april because if i dont know them or i don't know their work like a there and artists like a say michael stipe or something like that i am right something about someone i go home with his can be a weird interestin kind of guy i wonder we agree with his opinions on things in one of his perspective is skewed what what is it to his words represent honesty or as some sort of a most he'll imbalance that he's who what is what is that what is actually going unless you know someone is hard why is it getting mad at the amazing atheist what is what we would also wish more people would think like that
likewise so angry at you why why is he threatening you why peering out people do mad about ideas that they think are wrong they get fraid of ideas i think might be right that's a big part of it and when you when i'm someone who will come out there and just brazenly say that someone's most deeply he cherished believe sargeus wrong and stupid you know of course people they have set up people going to have the reaction of oh my god this guy he's obnoxious season ass always an idiot which all might be true i standing there is a god do think there's no god or do not believe in god i don't think even god i think this difference front yes we have a thing and lit native people ago there is not your fault more europe is bullshit this does though just follow me for a second year i think there's one thing if you believe in god ok if you believe in god you are essentially europe believing in something you have no evidence of there's no proof of it there's no direct
the points to it there only some weird stuff go around the universe the address fascinating matter itself as is wonderful it's amazing it's incredible in comprehensive incomprehensible and infinite right but the believing in something that you have no evidence is very different than not believing in something because when you say you die believe in god it doesn't mean it no god but disney evidence of it whatsoever i've never seen anything i give will you i'd die and were in heaven and i'm like t j you fuckin believers related holy shit now like hell we were so stupid high five you know i mean there is a wonderful beautiful god that's all about love and create the universe by way he's gonna know that
didn't know and he's not gonna be mad at you that's like a friend not knowing when you're you don't know what they're all remember i really dont know where their birthday is so that they come of your house and beat the fuck are you because you didn't say happy birthday i didn't i didn't know you didn't tell me well that's what what by god not in here to tell us all this stuff those heat i'll most people think that god is a is a dick i mean most people who believe in god they call themselves god fearing you know their own i'm sure they're out there are people for each about a god love and forgiveness and all this shit but most these people preach about god that expects you two blindly believe in him or suffer eternal torment dan's not forever in hell and be tortured its nonsense but we know what happens when we die it's that really that simple it could be just like a damn t trip they could be like completely we note the empty is released in the brain when people die yeah during moments of heavy stress when you bought it feels like it's gonna die and we
we even know now thanks to the work of the sky doktor bricks draftsman who wrote that book the spirit molecule generosity molecule it's amazing he wrote they did these clinical trials and of the universe gonna documented in this book or their administering the empty intravenous really really fuckin while chat but he's got this thing called cottonwood research foundation whether trying to do more de empty studies and one of the things they ve found is that they have slowly one is universities that mice produce the empty in their pineal gland like that is a fact now whereas before us total evidence appointed to that so like the seat of the soul the but i like all her life though that this gland in the centre of your brain really is the de anti factory which is what the ancient people been saying forever as the third i from eastern mysticism that is that that's what it represents so
that is supposedly what we release our brain release as when we die which is really amazing if you stop and think about or if you ve had a d empty trip but it might not even be bought this that might be just the doorway that gets you two diapers you wake up in your fuckin baby again you gotta do this shit all over again you gotta live as t j do the same fuckin life your parents make the same moves you dad mom gets the same time this is like a nietzsche an ideal of eternal recurrence why not if its existence kid can be real just a negative examples in case was talking sitting here airplanes landing all these things take place why cannot take place in an infinite number of times it could you know but that's gonna this that's kind of the one of the most compelling arguments to live in interesting life if you're gonna have to actually go through it over and over and over again yeah in exactly same fashion with nothing different or not or maybe you get to change i don't know but that concept
living the same life over and over again as some that's that's been around long time word for it full disclosure though my belief is generally that when i when i am dead i'm just gonna blink out of existence but why do you believe that i don't understand you believing that you don't have any information but understand you believe and resolve the reason i believe that is because i think that my consciousness is seated within my brain and that my brain is unique to this time place and that even if it were to be recreated identically you know right next that still wouldn't be me because there is there still a separation there you're not a clone of yourself i think that you know but i can i try to live in the eternal presents you know just that's good smart i don't i don't believe in i don't believe it that you know if you were to pull out a gun and shoot me in the head that it would be the end of my existence i would never form another thought i would never have another experience
prove that though is to invest wisely it's totally possible that you're right it's but it's also compelling the idea that with the brain is the universe finding a way to imagine itself in a physical three dimensional form cannot that's what the in represents and that this dimension that we exist in right now solid things is just one of an infinite number of possibilities that exist all throughout the cosmos and that were experiencing right now is the body physical embodiment of life the cellular structure is coming together and forming he's coalitions which is essentially a body is right as those bacteria knowledge of different shit is going on and then it has to take in lie foods and enzymes and creates this environment at this in its
most advanced form at least as far as its ability to manipulate it i have a house rang out of your word howard blooms the glint of riches are often get it what did i say fuck sorry but you're talking about a lot of stuff that my friend howard bloom has written about in a book heroical the global brain that basically talks about exactly that coalescence of you know a single bacteria to abide film a managerial colony here too organism to organisms getting together and warming societies and you know it's up all about how you know we swim we're climbing this ladder of connectivity and you know like los angeles example that you you kind of lichen did in a video i saw viewers to them leading the sandwich you know where we're kind of that force because humanity is like a super organism and weave built this crazy
large society that no other ape species on the planet has been able to come close to what i was a kid was that it's all moving towards this ultimate goal of things be more more complex right well while that's happening the brain which is the human uses to go through this experience could have and created like overtime and through all these advancements for for the what sort of experience answer for the for the universe to imagine itself we're doing as these weird organisms to change things as where were we timing something we're building towards something there is no question that if things continue you to get more and more complex which we are fucking starving for we are constantly eighty four new inventions innovation that's everybody wants that no one wants like a static world no says hey everything we have right now technologically is perfect we need to stop
spending money on research and inventions was just enjoy all the should we have and just be nice to each other that's not or interested in at all now so that but so if you look at us objectively if you like east pull back what is this thing doing like what is this thing doing this thing is constantly getting better at getting closer together and by combining people and electronics people and technology its southern dinosaurs could have had that perspective though like yeah man we're build into like bigger and better dinosaurs one day it's just gonna be the biggest i'm a dinosaur that you know rules the universe or something you know instead they went extinct everything but the rock i look at you and give you fire language cheated if you fire like a cannonball mean if it's going online on been up enough you might make the mistake of say and this is all gonna go up and up and up and then you know eventually gravity catches up with it i don't know ignited stoutly we could take it for granted that we have some sort of great destiny on the horizon i think
no it's up to us to make that happen but i don't think we can take it for granted i'll deftly not no one's suggesting that daphne can't remember i don't think it has to work out look there's a fuckin gigantic super volcano under yellowstone there is easily blow up and kill basically everybody on the continent as a close to it it debt fucker blows a global extinction of that amidst this could they think that that one who was it in indonesia chop the human race down to just a few thousand p but seventy thousand years ago they think it might have been as few as two thousand people left while the real detriment as the clouds blaring out the sun exactly lack of food photosynthesis no two balls fuckin serious climate change yeah very very drastic weary varied with old real cold real quick no food and allow me we're gonna die of sickness and illness yeah it's a super volcano could fuck up everything in it the argument that a lot of people have made as far as some people have
to try to revise the current model of history that based on cataclysmic events like look back and say what you know there's a lot of these cultures that created is incredible stone structures like maybe they died off because some shit happened i couldn't get might not have just been disease by building a series of iran meteor impacts cooper volcanoes all sorts of different this like shit that can happen to this world time a california due for an earthquake at any moment this we can be said here doing his podcast and a moment a nine could hit and half a fucking mouth good slide right into the ocean and wait a hundred feet high and is role three four miles in adversity an interesting episode it would be a dough podcast by think well we think that we need a better auditors rogan goes screaming into the abyss of the earth we need a battery backup
where where strategically far away from the from the ocean for that reason yours now can you thought of this you ve planned habit thinking about setting up shop and downtown allay manna have it's weird compelling notion to try to get the downtown away and the set something up in there i put a pudding studio in downtown and you seem a spot to go right now i'm drawn to the ring you know i'm san ring power yet now which raised i would say on was using it for this think about going there will that's high enough to have a good vantage point to see the waves come in either way and i don't know don't plan for stuff like that i figure if i'm in a diamond die i'm not gonna to avert some unlikely fate you know the salami waves meaning i figure like it that was going to kill me i'll just stand now there are no look at em and i'll be like our i'd embrace me death right like them does finals
of deep impact yeah you know this fuckin like except that shed china if i thought i wanna watch from above is all the fuckin stupid people drowned technology i was gonna happen you're morons without would be a lot like walking dead right yeah like the people that are free or the people that are dead the people that are trapped in this shitty world surrounded by flesh eating monsters those of the people that are alive the devil livestock that's why they did that whole like play on words without one at this always like we are the walk and dead you know i see a twisted around averted expectation loser about empty lashed out now pretended didn't happen it happened it was cheerful do what's new walking dead now to really fuckin good is it cause i hear it hurt bad things how dare those people those people suck those people are no shit i'm addict that show and i know that sometimes it's pretty each hokey and cheesy but i i do like it i like to elect both of em
but the new one is way more like a movie on way more like maybe a netflix show where the old one seems like an nbc show a young i love ass a warning that is that every episode is just like what miserable shit we're all characters go through next images like misery abject fucking horror terrans is no moment of goodness and even if there is it's just so it can be taken away in an area that kinda makes people feel bad about their their actual lives a thing i think allow the s j w types around the internet need to get into that shows for people who have a real life
it's a social justice warrior he's referring to any such as j w what was said memoir that's anyone early anyone on the internet knows i'm talking about there's a lot of people that are not only in another just getting his pod cas we have tabled and lucky them we have to help him i don't want it if they don't know what a fucking s created out will you i don't do them the disservice of telling you said mri earlier which lands riots added this year advocate right i guess we advocate you have all heard activists yeah you know i'd be basically means like men a press did america's boats tat psych god shut up it's not a good position to to be in but we did was we discuss their valid mark it's easy to mock they demanded a mark up exactly but without you know what mike by whole point was like men's rights activist would want to support you when we're being sexually harassed by that super horny maybe you're right
yeah biting the hand they should eventually be called a couple friends had a fuckin gangbanger crazy bitch as we should have done here like you you want to fuck where's here's geyser down fuck that's our wish area she believed congo where those weird fuckin though the stockings connected with rubber bans for some reason why that hot when they have stocking and its guy strap and like a harness and shit like you ready go fuck and paris ailing twice why is that hot those what are those called guard traps garters sorry about what the fuck is wiser hot cassettes what your dirty boss would have to shoot those you just see a lot of movies you know why because that way they can fuck without taking their panties down because their parents only go up like mid high and then above that it's all just meet fertilized i was you know
it's probably racist reasons why didn't wanna get with her to see what else ass black ass we are racist area as that is the real problem god dammit you have allowed problems i know i'm racism sexist and historical person if she was why you think you fucker maybe damn i was very sorry you're not allowed to have their preference you know it's racist why brazilian girls better than white girls to that's all races to maybe she moved brazil maybe sheet the fucker was i like crushing poverty either so well maybe go over there and find a nice girl traitor a wonderful life do you live on being a youtube star down he did i d ever like go back and forth the girls from that a desperate to leave now i'm not swab enough for that endeavour if this week when was like a really hot like stone cold russian lady and she calcraft i think you russian just like really like sexy but straw
on a car scary but still really i am talking about you like that chick from rocky for yeah who stallone wallop marian mary budget nielsen yeah she was a fucking giant over woman adieu data jack one of two things one played out differently totally different sixty nine a blank cheques that's ok i am now just now then oh what man why is it a bad thing to not be sexually into whatever i dont like maybe be like you dont like skinny women you don't like tall women you don't it is not a preference issue you allowed to say sexually you'd you're not attracted to black women or a blackmail i have to say that or a racist its racist it's considered racist ozone levels ex nitze monotonous and as he perceives the thing i got lover as a human being if you go to the asked j w which are already he's just learn what that means circles there
its racist if you're in the mri circles then it's not the rainbow then i'm on their side now among them i will admit it's easier to take their side but i still just there's too much of this i am a victim field i'm sorry for me give me special rights give me special privileges i just tired of that line i mean look we have people there were oppressed groups in amerika for a long time no one denies it but it means that really still a case like show gimme i always ask feminist like tell me in objective objectively provable right give me a right that i have that you don't have and it's like just silence like well you know what about the wage gap we gap there's no there's no right there lots but i just don't i don't remember though that there are the wage gap that you know you already know this thirty wrote this down legislator just don't say it the wage
app is real guys just don't stop that's you know it are you a those has done some research i've discovered that in certain in trees there are we age gaps there individual wage gaps in certain into like what entries primary i dont remember all the time i had i think real estate and stuff like that would mean that could real states a weird when though because it that current depends on how successfully you are at it you know it's it's not like you're going in doing a ninety five and getting the fuckin salary i dude who bought a house and the girl who is selling the house was hot and whose single guy and he showed up at the house in this bitch was in the tub naked that's one way to sell house there is do that an early to doubt my friend for fuck social media ruin that party and he'll be our position on facebook and ruin or life she's china freaky ansell house maybe get some dick catch some of that loose dick
three float around you're a hot real estate agent not at all levels or no bubbles i envision bubbles bubbles is bubbles is the move yeah but it's pretty gangster to go fuck illustrated get clear unaided i think it's better if there's bubbles cause then she stands yeah and then the bubbles kind of run down her body and whom we then also might be decision whether or not she could become your woman like she the governor your wife if shes bubbles like suspicious loved me and took a chance she's crazy we went for it now which she self financing is we get along great but if you show up she just cootie ass naked he mobility speeches crazy i gotta get out of here can't buy house from her stood a normal number you don't like you merely think she's so not she took off her clothes now she's in fucking pussy soup over here it's gonna be bubble she's making a big cup of asshole tee and she wants me to come over and look into it i get catch rest
i want to buy a house you wanna go out for a drink will go off drink on some other time but not others bonham stemming the fuckin fourpenny where it ceases christ what's the inspection that guy i would think she's trying to distract me extra distract me what did the inspector say these fuckin house have termites crazy bitch how to be falling apart all round you just like damn it could be right we don't know we don't know shit she's just acting me the sexual is she's sexually harassing you bob you didn't requests actually distracting you oh please using her sexuality to distract you from the world around you let's let you for making good decision let slip it let slip it would if you are young attractive woman and you show up and you're trying to buy a house and you here come on derby em up and you go up make you look at the real estate agent little person you're holding your iphone checking the text must make sure that the right place he opened the door and its dues
fuckin rod and he's sitting there it's poking out like a periscope i was the same thing you call the fucking police right away even if he had bubbles busy naked come on we're in bubble about not where bubble sir due to be like a court case was he naked ma am i was not naked you could not see me will you naked in the water sir no i was wearing bubbles tat is not clothing who are you to decide what clothing is made up i was making so i was wearing something the discredited hit me in a modest way you could not see my genitals and i feel like i was ok why would we why would he'll be ok if he had a towel on but it's not ok if he's got most doesn't talent bulging same fuckin thing i don't know he would immediately call the police you would probably just scream and leave i cobblers i'd say i personally one one was in the house i believe i'm looking right this guy's dick
this is of course not even his house is freaky fucker wants to take back in some house that i mean what are lucky what does she was anyway what does she just showed up saigu dick because we need one you think inapplicable then you're good they do not have that happens but that this pretty enlighten us yeah that's like you know why i wonder sour baltic it ever in writing el the chances are that crazy but their clothes they one and two hundred ninety two million mitchell jump on the deck of you didn't know the guy and knew just showed up in his decorous poker now the war you'd probably soon that was the last few hours of your life you would run and expect immediately rancho guy wearing a fuckin hood you know you you'd you're standing in a nice room like this summer died of a young girl i can't protect myself physically from this guy with hard on and who knows how we set this and who is it who else is in this building what's a shot me up in burma in the woods trouser i don't live image chopper up you sometimes they do though you just fuckin has a big dick he wants to maybe you do some me
b or maybe she walked into a fuckin trap in the skies like what you see in trials manner why young trawlers there you know you always assuming the worst of our man about man in all the while those guys some guys in there and a child with a big erection he wants the chopper up and fuck it barrier in the woods some woman's in the tub she just wants to suck this guy's dick had shown the time of his life and may be selling out do you know watch tv what you're saying this like what i'm saying is not normal i think i think it s pretty normal i think that's where i am most people would think about it so to men i mean i i maybe the m our eyes have summarised in our eyes men's its informant pay ya just what tell you these fuckin men who knows there plot in some shit we're gonna troll you're forums that there would be a man right and form a rat for the men's right organization that tries to befriend feminists to get close to them the charter try to be their their lovers would it be
would it be an immense would amends rights informant be someone who's oil to them the men's rights movement in china gathering challenge feminists or sporting intel on the men's rights movement back to feminine does a very good point it could cause i could you're going either way their bright you could totally sealer guy pretending to be a social justice warrior who becomes a male feminist and uses hashtag feminism mothers as twitter page and it makes the videos about feminism but really what he's doing is trying to get deep deep deep into the roots of the organization is ultimate goal is to get a position with someone like i was a woman you're talkin utterly before what are needed are keys that one like one of those like one of the queen bees get very close to our and perhaps maybe help right some of our staff are perhaps kick sir and closer to the organisation to meet maybe perhaps he could have some influence or find other strategies and then when it doesn't einstein arrangement wears a fuckin black p coat fucking a wolf cap and meets on the docks with
a real man and the real man's like where these counts planet and he's like tire right now and he and he becomes immense right and form it could be one of both things this could be a move i would do most like you go the other whether i would doubt i would doubt again i would be able even keep the job if he was a real a real man that's right i said it a real man that goes deep into the heart of the social justice war movement just befriend feminist to try to be their allies a real man would get sick to stomach in a very short amount of time you think so most likely unless they really good points in which case they probably just be egalitarian being rationally feminine was needed programme this thing they pow just be folks it didn't wanna get fucked with which is everybody which is all humans you know but men's rights act doesn't i wondered why is it why is it wise and it ok to just be like how about everyone just treat everyone ok should be like why can't is that why is that such a controversial idea why when you present that
you a feminist like let us be gender egalitarian and egalitarian and all other ways and you know as long as someone's not hurting you are you're not hurt them you can just do ever fuck you want and you know you would think that that would a perfectly reasonable proposition for any human being of any ideology but it seems like is rejected so roundly by so many people all the fucking time like now to do that we want to our stupid little ideological clicks and be light year where the feminist and where the memories and work of the have some lame internet fight till the end of time and annoy the shit out of everybody why think i honestly believe an abortion aside i think people or way better communicate now than they have ever been before and i think we're going through some growing pains and i think that's what allow the stuff is my my honest belief is that what we're looking at one lock watch captain kirk duke it out that stupid fake lizard very similar in a cultural context like that's that's like art that's like a piece of art was until
its unacceptable today but there is also a communication that will normal backed and that's unacceptable today and i think along the way there's some battles and so some lines get crossed and summit boundaries can established i think that's exactly what we're going to right now when blame men for everything and then you won't talk about like the real issues like your issue because your mail you getting sexual harasses as like inconsequential bear to a woman who is in the same situation or whether it divorce laws or whether its alimony over there it's child support or whether its custody of children as soon as you have a male versus female perspective and you'd nor the in enormous giant and take range of people that exist the female and male side that they're so different everyone so goddamn different to have an eighteen or a team i think is becoming more and more preposterous and i think that serbian highlighted by why we can so freely talk
but this is where mining so much humor and goofing on these people so easily has its easy to go find them that over time those differences like the ridiculous this other will be highlighted by our culture it is common knowledge everybody will know that it's ridiculous to side with all women or decide with all men everyone will know that when two people get drunk and have sex together if they're both consenting they both fucked up and no one raped anybody you know we were there is a difference between rape and to people getting drunk where the man becomes a rapist and that's one of the big picture comes right now that's going on in this whole men's rights at activist verses feminist culture argument that it's happening at occidental its
been in numerous cases are people been blamed for things were to adults get together they have consensual sex whether both intoxicated with the man becomes a rapist riots fucking bullshit has always been bullshit it's a strange because there's no there's no other area where people are exempted from their bad decisions other drunk you know if get drunk and i my car and i crash into a building or something no one says well you were drunk so you are impaired so really the building attack you or how about this about you assault someone you get drunk all someone you responsible for your actions are hunted for sure yeah it's all the same bid man it's stupid in its based i hope if you're a woman and you open your legs up while you're drunk he's a bring it on you know you're not responsible for that decision whatsoever but i think that one decision where society we like you know what you were taken it and a job you were raped i think that doesn't it
first and most aspects of society only existing universities and amongst like super leftist progressive liberals as the only where there is a saying that failure there trying to turn the all of society into that yes but it's being rejected is my point so the fact that there is so much that's easy to criticise about sit so easy to reject and you and i just sitting here and we just met today we both goofing on it like we'd like we have a sketch like we planned out get me which is the first time ever sat down talk together and we're like bantering about this like we ve rehearsed it like because it so easy to mine so much preposterous stupid shit anyway it so i mean that the stereotypes are so fuckin obviously agree leave feeble men who like defend these hideous women of purple hair like what am i doing this this fuckin show in the w b from the early ninetys like what is this member that everybody wins one remembers i think as it becomes more more ridiculous
the more people will crack on those those predict this aspect and i was not i know i don't i don't have the same i guess i don't have the same faith in people that you do because what i see right now is that here ideas that i was subjected to these s j w social justice warrior feminist stuff i've been argued with us on the internet for i don't know five or six years who stop arguing with a monopoly to china but well i do it has people like to watch it like you said it's easy to mine by right but i've seen them go from an obscure fringe of internet people who have no power whatsoever to you know on silly having representatives on mainstream media they ve infiltrated the journalists on so many publications and i know that now america's kind of going through a disenfranchisement with the media in general anyway bite
you know it just like these these people are permeating mainstream culture more and more it doesn't seem to me like they're there be there there are on the run or something while you can put it this way and i'm not sure this avowed comparison but when you choose to engage them online it's similar to them being interviewed on cnn whereas like it's fun fun or there is a point of view this controversial is a hot hot button that you can hit few have someone who does something some guy does something and some woman goes on some television show and argues that that man should be tried for rape because you had sex
intoxicated woman like say maybe a celebrity or rockstar athlete or some like that if that became an issue like you would immediately want to have one of those people on because where those peoples going to argue the very strong position that that guy's a rapist whereas then you would have some other amends rights guy on the other side or some other social libertarian type dude their side and they would it would make for greater and that's what we'll do and soap in doing that those movements grow and you find out who person is whether organization is what's the hashtag find their twitter page boom like their facebook page boom you're in the circle and by doing that even you argue with them online and them do doing this on these worthy cnn type shows its the same thing in a lot of ways just its procreating a portal where people who agree confine those other folks at all generally seem right to me you will find them through me agree with them now son
things i see but that's comments when we were assured us that comments or maybe one percent of the blog if you watch if you look at the the metric from the vote the thumbs up and how many people subscribe when they see those videos on stuff right i'm sure there are people who find the videos and discover some feminist through their but i've never met items up in my life my allow me to comment in my lad milo you novelist show a few weeks back i'm not your whereby he is twitter has been yes unverified we talked about yesterday insane it's very strange because i've i cannot recall anyone's twitter ever becoming on verify without known plagiarists there's no major is that are verified that have been proven as plagiarists their verify and one guy looks to poke fun fuck with people and does it in a really humorous wearily funding me what is his fuckin twitter handle say the dangerous faggot i think that's what it calls himself i get in
a giant label again that's the yom tat is dangerous faggot to earn his the user name is like at nero era but the the thing about it is easily hazel areas he's fungi we had him on our show that are out of my life is not too long ago but the thing thing is oriented economy it just goes to the point i'm talking about of you know here twitter obviously taking sides they don't do this to the people who are who are feminists they do the people who are critical of one hears the thin adds that part of his bread and butter as well with mining that's that you know my oh doesn't have an egregious like isolated in they could point out there's not one where you violated the terms of service where they ve learned him on it they just unverified up didn't cancels account now they can't do anything except doing anything wrong so what they're doing by attacking him is it just make him stronger it so crazy he got twenty thousand
new followers after the unverified him of course that and also others a shit on a people now impersonating him on twitter of course those oil is not he's not verified so i can be milo you not less so can i and so can i been like the hit reaction from the community budget it's been a disastrous terrible decision for twitter but it kind of shows where twitters had his add in this thing and there are so many sites that are taking on these these i'd lines like if you actually read youtube's guidelines like so many videos that have made and that other you tumors like me have made like argon of cod and they were yes you know under foot thunder foot yeah like so many our videos really if if if you i've just changed now even the verbiage of the guidelines but just their interpretation like those all of our channels to be gone easily yeah i guess they all of this is is wrong and sexist and vulgar in whatever guy in canada going
jail for doing nothing more than criticize feminist online and on that point area a gag order to canada's different laws surely zau it's been explained to me and that this guy had already had an issue with these women and had a gag or put on them violated the gag order by responding to their criticisms of him online his point was like you can't just talk about me on twitter and not may respond that's ridiculous you're bullying me now and so he when after them after they did that and then he gets rested then it gets a little like legit legal trouble so the question is should someone be able to have a gag or in the apparently was working with them at one point time knew them first then became look ass if you have a gag order do you know that that doesn't give the people who put it against you the writer endlessly publicly exactly are you i think you have the right to recourse that was she felt shed free shot out i'm so she start taken them and then he
responding to those like i can defend myself and somehow other in canada that was worthy of an arrest i don't i get messages all the time about sweden too about how things crazy in zoos question no in terms of like i've i've been i've written several messages of your enemy about how its varied of its again it's against the law everything but its very frowned upon for men too to pee standing up anymore you have just said alec a bitch sit down why is it so bad sit down p i go nobody at the same time don't have a fucking problem with it but i like having the option of standing up if i flock and want to exactly you know i mean if it was like suggest you sit down and hear some reasons why we like ok these are worth considering thank you but if you like
should sit down because its unfair to women who don't have a penis its level is out of theirs i known yeah it's like i didn't rightly biology what the fuck wit muslims actually said that yes that mean unfair to women do you don't have a penis that you can stand and paying yeah it's like always looked at as a male privilege what about birth till we get pregnant as well they would like arnold subordinating pound rock and our stomach to familiarize union of human yes but he got pregnant he actually got pregnant but that's all itself you know i would have liked emily better if they showed the scene of the baby fuckin coming out of his cock it out just like ripping part like a woman on you and i think you c section yeah probably the out assume but they should have had that see now now schwarzenegger's cock being destroyed by a fucking baby coming out of it you don't have any faith we're gonna work through this really unfortunate moment in our culture oh no i'm sure they is possibility do you think if present trump gets an office everything will be solved
i think that i think he could sell some problem sure what any gets off he could do good some good things on infrastructure i like his tough stance on china i wish that he would be you know i wish instead of talking tough about trade tariffs against china he would actually talk about maybe getting to cut off supply lines north korea since you known there a country that actually poses a fucking leave imminent threat the no wants to do anything about the there's no resources over that jack because we want a poor people but you know it is like here's a guy that's you know put in his own citizens and concentration camps wherever they question is already killing people here's a guy who was definitely working on you know very well these programmes they get a large embalm well i've heard of you space skeptical of that i'm not sure your online yeah so there's always sceptics but but like i wonder when it whatever the case maybe it's a dangerous fuckin place china is the only thing keeping them solvent
as they are the ones that have a supply lines of trump wants out this big tough stand in china understand why doesn't come out and say we're gonna fucking get china to stop feeding fuckin monster of north korea but i like that he's tough on china in terms of light trade tariffs and shit i think that you know his alot of his trade policy like a lot of his aggressive stuff i'm i was watching interview trumpery was saying you know vladimir putin over back to me and others and i was like our shut up but i will cut you over there i lay now you know that i was watching vladimir putin in their asked and who we thought the strongest candy was he's like eyelike trump strong you know so much donald trump was right when he was reading vladimir putin maybe that is the guy that put in all respects it's interesting we should be looking for putin's respect but when you go online seated trumps porters boy a ship to meet them in person does a lot of strange humans and that group yap gaelic finally a cat
date who sees things the way i do i personally i was telling your they over there that i was at disney world a few months ago cuz my mom is obsessed with disney world she always wants to go spin twenty three fucking times and i've been dragged a few times but i met a trump supporter there's your mom ten now she's fifty but she's about this transfer their big fat woman stuck in a scooter his cart ripe and leggum she's like i was like she sobbed tromp she's like i used africans across the street from it ain't all illegal in walk now on do nothing won't know one do nothing about it that's why we got to get trump in there i don't know what we going to do if we don't get trump it almost crying emotional impassioned like she wants flocking tromp and she wants him now and he's gonna fix everything
now he's gonna fix everything is gonna be beautiful no one's ever fixed everything now has ever gotten office and fuckin chick way better but the the reality presidency feel get obama's presidency as far as accomplishments it's very confer using its very confusing when you look at the the data as far as the economy because many people think that he's an incredible job of building up the economy and in making the con me come back don't look so i dont know because other people say that the economy came back on a cycle and then it was on a downward trend in when the crash of two thousand eight happened it there's medically rebounding that's what happens things go bad and then they get better and theirs ben ali's shifts in the economy got a lot better for whilst it didn't really get too much better for normal people but employment statistics later when a little bit
that's what i'm saying is tat there are still huge unemployment problem right well isn't it also to see the unemployment things confusing to me too because i think would also happens unemployment is if you're not looking for a job anymore it's not counted zone you lloyd so the people gave up they don't care but there's a lot of them they said there's a lot of people now that are quoting quote retiring in their like twenties and staff language given up on work and for the work you you just in each obviously job other people will it's gotta be a lot of that stint in society euros can have people that are lazy and on motivated duchess always can exist and people demonize those people try to say that all poor people that that's not not journeys and has not at all i know some really hard working people who are very poor yeah and like she's in circumstances which you you're born where you live the environment where you find yourself stock has a person with parents
that you didn't ask for in a city that you didn't pick and you i call fuck you now idea that that persons the same person as someone is born of beverly hills fuckin really wonderful parents who bring them to a nice private schools but this is as you know what you're saying right now there's no one these things people like to rebelled against they liked there are like the reality of like maybe we all have different circumstances and different hurdles to overcome that i want to hear anything like that they just want to hear that america's the fuckin dream that you know body can be a success here any any child born could be president one day or something i mean you know it's just not realistic well if the child i want to suck satan's deck and make its way through the labyrinth to the centre of the heart of the darkness yeah each every child can be president but i'm gonna have to go through the hall i don't believe in saint nor is satan's dick is real dude you seen it bill hicks have joke about it i know it's real don't live on an hundred actually would do ass do
he sighed satan's cock i do that live cop times how awesome he had a really long such harlan ones live i never saw a bill hicks live aside hicks live a few times that maybe three or four think four times that's awesome so our fun i some before anyone knew it was interesting i saw him when he had just done one of those hbo young comedian specials and not like this few people know who he was like maybe a few people knew that he had been on hbo like a few you are on the market oh been on hbo oh all right but is the minutes on hbo was like just a bunch of funny gags and bids but then when you seem live you got to see this for a time on culture land general on the mall mentality and joy me hendricks like there was some somebody did about jimi hendrix eating tiffany at the mall is awesome it was ass exotic unexpected
first on us almost like wows guys crazy like this is this is completely different kind of comedy i was he was already dead by the time i became a fan enforcement but i know one of his ex girlfriend she was i think she was his girlfriend like right before you pass to really weird she was a comic too and chooses bewildered botched consented to a shell you know what she was like this link to me like i knew hurl issues like the link to like one of those the late great ones like paul you knew him he actually fought back on call it i was weird too to know someone who was intimate with like one of the all time rates as the power of his dick still resign when you do you know sorcery those so we're too that it was so young like he died of cancer i think he was thirty three thirty four years old there's really young and so much work done by the thomas so much of an impact on the people it saw
like italy there is a possibility could gonna shit if he'd stubborn around cause like what what is it you know it's it's a thing with like its cap with comedians it happens with musicians happens with movie directors happens with just like artists in general of like all they're good she is really early on and then it just seems like a goes downhill is that just like a matter public perception either some like changes in the mentality here it's depend and the individual and what they work at both of good examples david boy david bowe kept producing to the very enemy he just released and re album it was great yeah so i think it's what motivations like what's more when you to produce things are you are you just trying to fill up a whole that was left by heaven all stepmother who you know fuckin screamed at you kicked out house nor seventeen is that what it is or is there like a legit desire who created have cultivated that was legit desire to create i think so artists continue to be really good throughout their lives
and then some artists they hit this wall somewhere in the wall sort of seems to coincide superstar them i think there stardom and then their superstar and i think super stardom is almost impossible to ask someone to navigate whether it set my jackson level of fame or financial rose or whatever i think there's a level where everybody just like you re just get fog and scrambled dude i could take it like the era of europe been in a fighter jet like a blue angels type situation now they yum they stared rollercoaster i don't i don't fuck around with like g force here but in a way this kind of similar in some ways but way more extreme obviously as someone else's piloting but i say it like i can't even handle the little kitty right pussy version of that so there's no way there's there's a man of g force that you can take and its everybody has a number it gets too like six seven eight nine ten ended the guys who like the heavy duty hard core blue angel
can get into like the eleven and twelve and they just stay conscious through this insane pressure so their banking techniques hard turns the chief watches overwhelming because you have a jet engine and plain that weighs nothing flying the canyons in your black analogy feel your consciousness closing like an elevator door and some people can take a lot of it and some people can and it's a matter of how strong you are how you do it you are how custom you get to the experience of much practice resisting it because you have to hook up to which you have to do our stuff we are forcing blood into your brain but it's called hooking but i think that's a lot like that michael jackson superstar level i think it is like the pressure becomes so
an overwhelming that only a few people can hang in there most people just elvis out just these fuckin black out and pills and chaos and threatened to the wheat field and gas fires at least elvis headed entertaining end though cardinal trout yeah he he went out did they re mastered by his concerts is last concert in vegas their showing it movie theater is now the other was an for when i want to see star wars it's fucking crazy man it's why the sea like it's a good time capsule of elvis on stage these can overweight and he's sweaty and share those people going nutty forum so loud was this is not a long even have extreme elvis yes i know you know i'm gonna blog post about him and ice thirty thousand and to do it more thy now he got too much trouble rise feminist now really crazy told me a male feminist while monitor argue with me about a debate my good lush outlier said
to say they will get on waiting get unlike heavens things where does that anymore you're out thank ah but everything that it was good about it has gone well used to get hammered used to be on stage just get last unlike so wait it's like elvis and gigi alan combined in one it's pretty ass it was pretty are somewhat here's the thing he's actually very talented as musician yes or the band members like the music is fuckin good sounded like fuckin elvis yeah spot on and there's a girl that would sing with them who was hot and should take our top off and you would piss in her mouth and is like this microfinance naples i mean it's a micro penis and he's pissing in her mouth onstage he's our who else drink the kind pissed she's a guy do i do scattered tits out the clubs going crazy that can't like they're gonna get fired writer everyone's gonna get the gun vic didn't close down so pissing in her mouth onstage and though the club owner comes up there is a one point he walked out into the audience and girl started shoving above dial up his ass a beer bottle so he started back up
the bone and she panics and then just gets out of there i remember she dropped the bow of wonder when he tries like those are all holds ordinary or honey he like tried it helper stick this beer bottle in his ass and ass she was like you win you weren't look at how far they weren't willing to go to the same extremes as extreme out us but he was not getting paid for these gigs cause he was getting kicked out and they would they would take him out of there and he will wonder why the ass strange well the main stand hope we're we're both their lives i was like before we did the man shows like so how'd you like two thousand and two and he was doing it back then it was really good man it was a good fucking shall i key was a we good singer and he had great musicians and the girl could sing your ass off tribe replace in her a girl can see your ass off and should lead to piss in her mouth onstage good luck that's like whole thing is there like everything about the act is like you know but
even conceive of it he's got his pants off ok he's just pissed in her mouth the fuckin cry it is in chaos any sing and suspicious minds in their single along saying it are caught in a trap did it did dick is out his fat she's got the girls next him sing and she's got piss on our fuckin tits he pissed in her mouth it was for economic things are the best is on the best shows that he has wildlife the site i wish i could have seen something i need to be a club owner fails a club honour i totally understandable i guess you what you're doing their man it was great you just went for it you could have just made him like the house act i connected him too pendulum and he performed pendulous that's where i heard about him i heard about from pendulum ok why connected with pen japan read my log and pen contacted me he's got real mccoy tease amazing because pay came on fear factor pen tell her bolt on fear fact and i became friends pen and
and then he hired somebody he made sure he was so he wanted him to be sober because pens pen no drugs no alcohol no nothing he just like has parties house and he won't let anybody do anything you have to go there and you have to be like totally strain which she anomalies and entertaining i'm in zaire i'll do it i'll stay over if you promise don't go anywhere you get it stay being state being interesting but i don't like it doesn't anymore i think he's out of business as far as extreme alice yeah yeah i know i know i was aware had been gone for a while but i didn't know the full story like you i can i can say that elvis picture behind you keeps dislike drawing my i know i'll start focusing on that and then you'll become blurry like oh shit was one of the few guys that was a white guy that could rock sunglasses endorse
will you that nature made this fuckin duties at the white house ok he's got a fake mug shot it's taken at the white house and he's gotta sunglasses he was bad motherfucker i agree but again too much de force he spied out hit rocks died young they all do this is too much i think it's too much i think there's a reason why miley cyrus stickler tongue i'm gonna fuck a bit as she's trying to stay above water a business being overwhelmed think that's what happens to of em it's just too much fame you know and i think that's why a lot of artists go to ship that's what i think i think defame overwhelms the creativity and that becomes almost a primary focus of your life is getting the effects of fame verses experiencing life i think for artists especially where the comic over the euro musician or a writer i think you have to experience life you have to go out and do things by with the set
idea in mind of enjoying the moment and having life experiences or being in a moment and now constantly worrying about the business or stick it say laws or cancer deaths why have always surrender myself with people who are more pragmatic than myself so they can worry about that shit because it s good to i can't really can myself in that way i can't concern about lagoon how many views the last video get how much money i am making this month you know so special we start considering a new creative process right cause i can't do that you know to keep separate so that's why i kind of like i can't leech off of the responsibility of other people because i it really be responsible myself i have to be very like sorted flighty and chaotic and always just off do in my own thing everyone somehow my friend ban will just look at me and be like jesus christ or you a fucking cartoon character is weird shit that i guess does
seem real annabelle to him in some way like i just conduct myself in a strange a cow fashion like all the other day work like to get to allay right we were supposed to leave at seven twenty could we got a flight is leaving a forty five there have been my friends banning scotty who came with me so my brother ben is my friend in co host they're both actually cocoa so my drunken peasants podcast doesn't matter set on itunes but yeah and they they come there they're both ready at seven twenty of course i'm not ready you know i'm sorry little fucking around i'm barely fuckin getting dressed at seven twenty seven forty i upstairs you know like disaster after disaster the garage door fox up they won't clothes we had a fuckin manually close it we get to the airport we were on a drive the airport there's a traffic jam we change routes we get to the
take it machine taken machine says we can't checking were too late but we already fuckin checked in so we just needed a fuckin proud boring passes kinds of stupid should happen so my friend bandies like the kind of i think it's really stressed about shit like hyper ventilating when things go wrong in the more shit goes wrong the more he's panicking right rat and he's really panicked he's in there i can really agitated stay we're going through security he's running to the fucking weighing as he knows like this motherfucker were supposed to have taken off like ten minutes ago is gonna be a miracle if he gets there so he's run any on the plane he gets on and you know that scotty gets on and finally like i guess it though last possible moment before they're leaving the gate i show up and i i guess on the plane and i down and i didn't realize it at the time a ban in scotty we're both like staring daggers at me like this is all your fucking fault you huh
double irresponsible piece of shit oh yeah khartoum because you're late now and then falcons stick my leg you know there staring daggers me the pissed but i'm totally oblivious to it i'm just like oh see has pretty good lay room for a plane and now they're just like fuckin burst out laughing at me in shit cause his dislike i'm i dont make the connection between like what other people think is supposed to be serious what other people you're supposed to be going on i'm just gonna do my own thing all the time so late yeah was leather in other words i was late you relate as lighter and give a fear irresponsible but totally i got it i'm late adrian i'm late alarm lazy i'm irresponsible i fuck that you say that like something about courage like you like it yeah sure i liked being the way i am but
i'm just saying that i have them around to be like these nagging bitches i say to kind of my mourners cattle prod me in the fuckin actually doing so stay because you know left i own devices could i have gone playing come early and been on the jargon podcast probably not nothing so now that's sad i did just been i feel like you can make it if your life depended on it maybe not tat i live here that it but you know i'd probably just sit there me like you know i don't want to joe rogan yeah i don't want to travel as the country now rather say here and watch netflix well we ve always threatened due shows on skype but it has its no no you should you know you got this whole like face to face in person thing going on you lose some with a skype i think so too but there's a few people that you can't get like kim dot com let's get him crises in that you can't leave new zealand and let me just make exceptions for people like yeah i wanna do him because do him do you do you know him until now i feel like
really get a raw deal on a real weird died away a lot of people have asked me to describe your height five eight five eight us ok describe it what now because we now know we found consciously myriads of origin which are contrary to arrange some states that you are like five six and sheets of your five nine will have five five eight right in the middle kingdom coms giant guy issue he's a desire cushion for the push a fascinating dude man i key that all if you don't know his story from but people that are less than a came from mega blowed he had at one another blood site you do not have those anymore do they there is still some version of mega upload round but it's not the same url or anything but used to be that like you or i could upload something under an account you can upload a movie and i can download it from your account right so you could take a pirated records sharp load online and so they made him responsible for all this stuff it p
upload as he did he invented that yeah he didn't adventure i mean they display of there's plenty services google have their own version of service or doing it but for some reason this guy was the problem yeah why was that like how did he get in trouble because he flaunted it is up to us i mean he flaunted any changes named kinda calm he made a spectacle of himself yeah used he called like kimball or something like that and he's too how we did this before remember jamie we played some of his old animations remember that it was kimball or it might have been kim boeing's concept before camboss lies kimball kimber kimber africa but it was but he had this website way back in the day when it was just a really resourceful hacker he had like a flash like a super complex flash animated opening to his website like way back in the day and he was way way way ahead of the curve these like really funny little animal
things of him being in his mega car going to his mega boat remember other kimball that's what it was does before called himself kim dot com like you know it's kind of easy to see why you get singled out em if you got you know i don't know and drug dealers and most of them are really low key but one guys out there like on the fucking drug king ten bitch you know who the fuck you things go attract the attention of course yeah it makes sense i guess and also he didn't have the benefit of being attached to a giant company like google or one of the other file sharing companies and he probably wouldn't provide the information they provide provide about the people there letting things because i imagine similar google or someone i give you upload something illegally primate like orange era air if i make a preacher gonna take your side over the government's sorted we'll get we're here to make money you tricked us up
so i wonder what's gonna happen with them because they took all his money right i mean i don't know what is current situation is trying to move em back how china like i don't know that flying to america has been like it's been two since i heard nothing about their case i just don't know yeah vice went and interviewed him fairly recently and i must say within the last year and i didn't see it scatter remarkably upbeat attitude about all this you know it's essentially one guy whatever organization has left verses its government the newt new zealand governments comply they gave up all his money and the whole thing's kaliko mine's be a larry flint and away they fled seem like more victim because there is no one who has been stolen from those lost revenue by him shots hurry but it was still someone who was you know agitating the
not a silly morality in the case of kim dot com but agitating you know the law abiding sector whatever yeah and you know he was kind of like they both do you know shit on invasive you know made a victim of and just like almost a one man showdown against the entire government of on those situations and but maybe they don't accordingly love they larry flint was was probably more of a victim right about that yeah doesn't seem like there's any argue is good and that ensures laying a heroine junkies is probably not did you see so really judge nor comes in here i saw than i well what is it is it is it like it piracy it's the conspiracy where they believe that our courtney love had kirk obeying kill there was involved somehow another and his murder and that she had there is evidence they believed that she forged his death yes i have heard the suicide note forging foe screwed when you listen to like the recordings
he the private investigator has with her and you get a glimpse into her mindset that they fucked up either whether she was innocent or not they absolutely fucked up to burn investigation demur investigations or the sees me the death investigation suicide investigation they fucked it up by day they rule that a suicide before the coroner did actors there's so much of it the varied for the first responder like his version the scene this is the way that the police departments version the same like what the compared compare the two stores the whole thing is its deftly clusterfuck and the sheriff one of getting fired for smother in carbon and sir thuggery it's it's a very disturbing severity every document but who knows how many cases the same department had botch before then just had this high profile wonder by showing ashore mohammed people are sitting in prisons right now that don't deserve to be their profit on our lot a lot yeah no doubt about it man
well that's what this making a murderer the other netflix things about gathered there they're trying to show you how fuckin chaotic and criminal some police departments really are now what kind of nutty shit really does go down at so small town police department has written about a case this is on the back from the seventies but there was these janitors like five janitors at this high school this white girls body was found raped and murdered in the attic of the school and the sheriff you know walked into the room with the five janitors and for more white one of them's blackie like you know someone's gonna have to hang for their san you're a nigger so i m fraid it's gonna have to be you something that's like the attitude jesus christ brazen this was texas i believe what year was us seventies
well general we're talking about my aunt if you if you want i if i may taking any details over the whole thing can be found in this video i did called like that ten false bacchus nations or something like that you know it it was basically all these people who have gone the jail for rape allegations that later turned out to be false i was gonna be hundreds and thousands tonnes tonnes it's terrifying do people get locked up and even executed for something they have pardon its terrifies amazing how our dna evidence i'm in my own state of louisiana i dont know everyone know what came of this louisiana i did back then smiled stay just like you own him i am always now now but in the end was living in louisiana timers watch and some local news shit and they wanted to do dna evidence to there's a guy who was in there for rape and murder
he said i i want to dna task done to prove my innocence do you know the d got on and said well we can't do that dna test because if we do it it turns out he is innocent we look bad literally like the that's not the sub tax s now i well you know we are cumbersome bullshit reason will look bad if this happens no his own reason for not doing the dna test is maybe you know it we might actually exonerate the sky and make ourselves with like idiots who just punished him for years uselessly well you know i'm your callousness now towards a situation isn't exactly helping matters is it's terrifying there are now though budget you see that should all the time in the justice system is fucked it's very fucked up more people having too much powers fucked people having the power to decide who is guilty in whose innocent basin withholding information or or releasing what are you going to measures possibility i don't know it's a really good question but in that situation
in its that's not a good system terrible system if they could with old evidence and not be i mean god damn it what a dark thing that to do to know someone who's innocent and send him to die fuckin cement sell because you don't want to get caught fucking up are you one of those fine they want to have their case colonial say case closed you know what it's like who was it was an eddying wasn't again there was some serial killer that maybe you'll know what i'm talking about when they found out that he was going to really lucas gas they found it has gone around killing people in shit and they decided you know we all these unsolved murders on the books we could just pin them on him they had unlike confess two murders like the as if he did got murder in like you know san francisco one day and then like new york city five hours later and shit just any more
case around the country that was closed that was pesky to them they just say i was it was henry lucas he done it and he go to the scene and he'd they feed information and any feed the same information back to me to be a like celebrity serial killer they created a mythology behind him the lead to a movie henry portion of assyria which was the guy from the walking dead the brother the gutter and got off in the walking down are really here what the fuck is his name really good dude merle great actor and another nodded crossbow guy but his brother then one of managers homes general name i forget that that guy's name but he's michael rocker awesome actor he was henry lucas but had really this was a stare of fine violent ruth was vicious man and the real handling really lucas with as little shifty shuffle leave fuckin hustler character who just really fucked up and lost and they may amount to be dismantled maybe like three or four people maybe who knows me
killed his mother for sure i believe maybe i'm not i'm not what these people its obsessed with serial killers and ship it this is another example of like the lawn horsemen gone crazy other areas in the movie has fella that is really good movie though it's interesting moving it some in a lot of ways are reminded me of that fucked up move where brad pitt played was a california we're brad pitt played a young a serial killer joe is a sound one with a k yeah yeah that was a dark movie is fun because they didn't go with the usual like super genius serial killers colleague you now just simple guy yeah which probably more likely let me i guess they say that circulars have above average i accuse but the hannibal lecter archetype is not really accurate did you see that fuckin
were they showed that more money has been taken from americans from the police then from burglars in two thousand fifteen doesn't surprise me there's plenty of laws plenty of laws and say you can you know what the amount is or how many states allow this but basically they can just sees any amount of money up to a certain amount of more than one hundred thousand dollars gadding just say all this is obviously drug money were season residence and you know you could be under way to buy a car you gotta craigslist sad guy sana car ok i'm on my way over we bring cash ok though the back when i was a kid my dad was rich and he would carry like fifteen thousand dollars round his wallet like gas on big money due to the other crazy shoes and like
he wore who wore a lotta like stupid lookin silk shirts share he looked like some kind of decker roman emperor and he always had like visas house did any really have to do tat school he was cool what do you do for a living he was premature man oh really where he started us diploma mill called le sound of a university degree there did you shit i don't believe you but no no they need to start you started a fake university we have differing mill you know i mean in a kind of you could say in some like ways maybe it was fake or maybe it was just a precursor to things like phoenix overseas next that just you know but israel problem wasn't the school we will they ve never the government ever one after him and said you run in a scam school that the government after him first fur ghetto committing male fraud and for a taxi
asian was the big one cause he didn't feel like you have to pay any taxes failed otherwise so here up in jail for you know three or four years well actually was sends to five years but then he claims to be a drug addict even though he wasn't never did drugs and they go some time off his sentence in rolling in a drug treatment around god that's awesome he was always looking for the angles i wish i had ability like my dad is still around now he's dead your mom storeroom yes when you your mom about him like like how long together you know i think about the eight or nine years wow what would it must be like to be a woman and to have a child the crazy man who's running around a scam and people one hustler well you know it wasn't like he was really scam and people he was actually helping people to scam employers in icily because in a way they know they degree is fuckin bogus right that's good point
they actually so they wanted they will actually was crazy cause when it was exposed there was like congressmen and you know they gathered like see owes of major companies that all had degrees from lasalle university super successful with vague degrees yeah that's various while you know i mean degree bullshit anyway while they certain we are not the only limiting factor in someone's competency administration after like business or something science me that's different story offshore medicine real doctor no one you know her dark with a lasalle medical degree with an incomplete idea anatomy i dont think here he issued medical degrees now well the way that's not the most egregious example someone being a con person the sun now there's probably way worse idea things but in armenia but he was interesting i though an act
you know when he was dying when he was on his death he died of a supermassive heart attack at the age of sixty one you know sickly as sit there my desk workin forum on whenever he was doing and my step i'm comes and she taps me on the shoulder and she's like something seriously wrong with your father and i follow her and he's sitting there on the bed and he disliked like dad you ok i'm like oh shit we called nine one widen took the hospital that stuff and that was really the moment when he's lying there in a hospital bed and everyone sand you know he's foxen you noted in the universe there's not odin in his his wife is can align were self and say i'm like we'll be laugh and about this tomorrow but not really believe an inch will she knew she was in the will there was no will though unfortunately by that was probably the only time in at least my adult life that i ever
fraid or anything like that work as i did you know even as a staunch atheist and a strong sceptic it you know i was emotionally man moved enough at that time to process great myself before i or power and say you know there is something out there you know could you change this outcome didn't happen maybe they pray hard enough where you really believe i didn't two people were another mad at you i didn't pray harden if you say that you are what you just said how many people are now going to marry for the uk of the amazing atheist coastguard god took your dad nor out i was myself amazing eighties before that i now but can being the amazing atheists and then in one the test come from a path through i fail the test locally luckily atheists and doesn't have any built in tests or anything like that does now i just what you think about it them plus is that you know eagle are ok define ass j w to people you gotta define atheists and plus two people because of their own who s j w they certainly dunaway theism plus eighty
plus is a very weird little offset group of atheists to want to connect atheists em with above of moral and ethical beliefs so in other words a call yeah it's mostly is mostly just do a feminist infiltration if you look at what they have done to the the speaking so the atheists because we're like this used to be like hot shit that attracted thousands of people there to seek wrist religions they wanna see richard dawkins they want to see sam harris they wanna see dangle then they want to see all these like big towering in election deliver this fuckin iconoclastic message in and entertaining and and compelling passionate way and now you look at the conferences in it's fuckin i am a gendered white male and i recognise that as such i have a lot of privilege here on this panel but it's
on from blocking christopher higgins to that and as a result attendance has dwindled its shit these peoples you have something of an online presence mostly spearheaded by a guy named dumb peasey myers hey my guts hates everybody really lotta hate coming from that dude the asia very high for fire and you know i have a problem with milk if you want to have atheists implies and you want to be like we're if he is on plus all this other shit fine by me have fun but you know degree don't get too coming to me and belie year data be atheists implies well i know his idea of shaming people into changing or shaming people that our another your writing why that's how you become a warrior i have gotten attack you have to show people for their differing views points or sexist opinions big on sexes are very and so are the number one attacks del i'll use is going after sexist like and shaming
shaming them in some way hurting them lashing out making them feel that pain and it seems like a way of bullying in response to the boiling dave experience i gave experience negativity so they decided turn that negativity on people they feel you knew i notice uses that bullet that that shaming tactic to milo you know he pulled this he pulled summit on your show where he did staying this little bit where he's like you and him got an argument maybe about circumcision or something that he's like i can believe you of all people would argue with me on the euro try that same should our show so he has this weird thing where like it's a really interesting rhetorical trick because not only does it shame you for not apparently being as it stream on the issue as he is buying it also bolsters elvis like look joe
odin doesn't even have the balls to say what i milo monopolised say the drunken peasants podcast doesn't have the balls to say what i milo you not believe and i think that's what it is i think it's just a clever debating tactic its tissues are you trying to win and these guys you started when he's hiding its effective but yeah that's why i got a call that shit because you cannot get away with it forever i see what you're saying if you only looked at him as being a rational debate or i look at him ass being a theatre here there's a lot of what use is a problem is that you know when he was our show you know we had our one of our guys paul very popular guy in or show attack in his arguments treat them like you are treating the other guests right but you know the milo fanboys like you'd challenge the perfect logic of by wow he doesn't know perfect lodge he's a smart guy he's entertaining guy he's compelling but he's not completely one
percent objective no i want to save edicts jana but he's process circumcision any one way zone sexuality to well i don't know how much that's real i think it's real easy sincere it started new delving religion with them too if you guys got into that very much a privilege that i think that what i think that's it connected though i think you know a hustle now i think he's sincere i think is also these ass long ass he gave you want to be conservative you wanna be respected and conservative circles garcia eulogy need to be down with the baby jesus you have to that's it's almost the only like point of entry that's undeniable you cannot be an atheist i got a staunch atheist advocate for atheists m plus being a republican they're not gonna let you in but you could be a good guy flamboyant legally as long as you have a sense of humor batteries fan and as long as you have plenty of self loathing and wish you weren't and then what
and some of you know what really believe in just one thing that kind does go to what you are saying is that when he was on our show you know he specific told us like what's try not to talk about religion to my and when you we did talk about religion he was very there is like them easily the most a vase of subjects and maybe maybe you're onto something where we didn't want it into a too much with me there i think he would go to this whole thing that judeo christian values are what these countries that upon and geo christian centred countries are the best countries i hear these like talking points that he did not want to debate or explore other than repeat those premises i felt like there's a certain amount of him that i just i just give in to the fact that a lot of his theatre think he's entertaining it's almost like his brand of god xo journalism he's brand of so journalism is sir this gay self loathing jesus believe i kill put stuff on twitter like like
something about people believe in god the only smart people like that's the whole sentence and people the fuck it aims to start putting back against the case in appreciation and i imagine that he's laughing while this is going on i can imagine that who is as rational as he is in fact based and driven as his argue are about so many different things when it comes to arguing against social just warriors or whether the fuck it is but against religionist giant blind spot and there's the religion in in question that he chooses thinks that he's an abomination this preposterous i do i don't intellectually you could make the argument that is not theater i believe is theater i think he's these dangerous faggot torres fun time with this whole thing is the whole thing is awesome i think its awesome the twitter unverified of two they just fuckin created a bigger monster they destroy gasoline fire they fucked up why how do you think they don't see shit like that the pressure assholes using their children
the two blind about what assholes they are to realise that all they're going to do is add to his popularity and legend day asked the people that made a decision must harbour social just warrior ideals there is no question about the other is no way other than that that you could look at what he's doing and and say that this is a guy that you should unverified mean you have to do something to get banned right if you something if to harass someone if the common problems while some of them block you save you bugging them they can block you and then theoretically at least you're not experiencing there there bullshitting moralist start new accounts so they didn't digging band em there's unverified him but it doesn't make any fuckin sense because you know exactly who is there patients must meet the is this guy a bright bar journalists were you ok donald trump assent brenda shit about mexicans he's working verified me said someone's doing them ripening like east
and crazy shit about a fuckin race of people that's connected to us on a land mass and he's still verified or why don't you unverified trope too what do you do you do any time and time someone says something provocative yeah i wasn't aware the verification was supposed to be a badge approval or anything so sorry like here is a notable personality he's notable yeah he's good i guess it was seen by a mere or listened to by over a million people that guy's notable he's gonna bright bart column the gets hundreds of thousands of fuckin views he's notable what're you doing twitter what do you do does it make any sense and i've never heard of doing it before i never heard of before either i don't think they have done it before they have deftly ban people people the despicable that deserve to be removed there calls in other ruinin ruining what twitter has established which is really fuckin cool community tutors amazing i get every day it cool stories and in an interesting articles and interesting bits
information or corrections or people will tell me about things we ve talked about the progress of most times really polite and i find my interactions on twitter to be really cool i may i enjoyed a lot i get a lot of rag really cool website referrals someone say you gotta check this out or check out this musician or check out this artist lot of really really cool stuff is being changed or twitter but you can't take a guy like that whose so obviously entertaining and having fun it's fuckin with people some points that he actually believes in where's crossing a line you please not crossing a line where you can ban him like a dynamic violence or hey or or going after someone or docks in them are doing something that we would all agree is fucked up so what is going on here a good one is going on here y y you taking him down why you taking the little blue checklist off that's where i was ass i knew i dont understand it it does
make any sense isn't i mean especially when you consider that like i said it's not a badge of approval if not we endorse this is just saying this is the real milo monopolise laying out taking away his identity or they saying that's not who he is anymore or that you know that being that is not notable armies abroad bar journalists he has one of the largest and most ass growing twitter followings of all time dear i like all it all of his twitter such reviewers twitter followers which are like massive dwarfing dwarfing mine are in the last like eighteen nineteen answer like this guy exploded analysing while you're twenty thousand this week yeah just this whole debacle yeah big guy we made interesting people out there in this world and when people have disagreements or differing opinions certain subjects that are controversial and pertinent because we're all discussing them whether its men's rights
women's rights are whatever the fuck it is you're gonna have controversial characterised stand out in their their hot point of debate that's the sky is you don't you you might not we with em you might think is an asshole you might not want to breathe tweets we see a block on that's all fair play but is it soon as they decide like i've said some pretty fucked up shit on twitter before just to get a rise out of people and like that we going to decide that the sum beggary unverified now seem to be a bunch of fake means out there and one of them tabs at one point seven million flowers he had a find the guy with the most followers vigour whose real guy that's stupid you're ruining your community that's why you allowed someone the fact that you allow like i could call myself amazing atheist in my heading i could have my same twitter handle and i don't ever matera minds we should have an i'm sit here give us that's nothing and ivan sitting at a channel that has nearly eight hundred thousand followers is getting forty five in view of the month every month for twitter i'm not verified where's my
efficacious i'd on the real fucking amazing atheists you are to know verification but of a rebel down you're on the outside maybe it's better ladder now stand aground that would be that band that used to be cool now i people don't like because roy you have our experience that bullshit have yo you saw it i know i mean i'm not sold out but well maybe a little here through her prior placements sure i guess i have sold out a little buying the thing is that no i'm on which i like the the the people come up below that her the they're more edgy year what are you two people you like you know people coming onto the scene like the amazing atheists is a fucking faggot its compared to me i thought i could tell it like it really is not should be flattering to you that someone's trying to steal samir thunder is and is also very flattering they never seem to succeed we couple those succeeded no now now that i've seen now that
we'll go to the people who just ignore me and is try to establish their own unique identity they can succeed the people define themselves is the antithesis of me you re never going to succeed well also find themselves as your enemy and it's almost like their individuality their identity is based on being an enemy with few areas like what our making yourself to a tinge and upon me and now you're your dad's expressive you get them back then you give them power either adversary there must be important if the amazing atheist talked about me for seven minutes university all are very nice most people most remote nice like i'm in a most the messages i get overwhelmingly positive muslim tweets i receive overwhelmingly positive i always knew everyone's always nice yoda hater here and there but has never really been big deal you know of a king sometimes i'll say something to piss people off you know the thing that really i have a ribbon like the most offensive though are never the things that i planned to be the most of what we do
think i got a little the videos you ve ever done what's like the most offensive point i've taken here's this here's the thing things that probably pissed people off the most when i did a video well video against wrong paul once but that was when i was a smaller channel that really pissed people off i did a video against buddhism people really pests cause they the strengthening of the bootblue you never think that for doing an anti buddhist video you would get death threats i did hear more like you fucking misrepresented the tenets of buddhism pitch now common for you i think you understand them even less than i do apparently insulted soccer even calling it soccer will pass a lot of football fans off yet it's the europeans die if you get an american gets mandy called soccer he's a cot yeah agreed but i'll
what i've never lost more subscribers them and i made a video again soccer when i said soccer is fuckin stool i must alas i don't know really had a hundred thousand or two thousand the time and i lost you know three or four thousand people why just for not like a soccer i was really mean about it in all fairness but i mean come on it's like a soccer but why and unless you say the same thing about baseball where assaulted the other can really yeah they are the kinda matter they got super pissed by the way the refresh your memory other kin is more talk on people to think they're foxes or dragon pewter or elves corn or or stabler who fuckin a golf shoe folk and gulf troops on all shoe can more easily could be dad
there's a little astral cleats coming out of my back there's a lot of people out there that are connected to these small organizations are very passion about and they don't like you just sitting in your high thrown up on youtube and all you know the hitting all other things very life the thing i got with with the other kin was they said that i was i was putting minors at risk because some of the other kanner minors and if i make fun of them then they're gonna kill themselves and it's my fault rise i made fun of so basically you know the guy who goes rounds and i'm a dragon he's not the problem the guide it says no you're not that's that's the issue strange logic i agree well you now making fun of something like other can so monopolies are fox a rational world is very safe practice i being a rational world that is like a boy there is almost no victims there because the person
who really is pretending there a fox they need to be slapped somebody's to wake hey fuck face here your name is mike you live in lido you're not a fox your guy that's your mom there's your dad illegally talk to people drive a fuckin car you're not a fox you agree with me on this but i mean if if mike wants to be a free and pretend isa locks rain knows it's per ten right i'm ok i'm ok with it and even if you want to be a fox for short periods of time i really like louder than lay doesn't even think he's makes it might get all maybe that's like his cathartic release like he does get naked and fuckin run your the woods on all fours and really does feel like a fox may later freedom tat one why not derive dance at twenty four seven thinking you're a fox like in the oh sorry store walking down the aisle with your fuckin card or whatever i'm a box no that's rude that's swell out what it is a dummy in need this
dummies fun other things to do just that you know anyway i'm mad determined to leave them alone because there are a little bit too extreme from well there upset because again being this other care we as we discuss before is this tiny minor personal victory a vacancy i'm a fox i am fox can now if you i agree to it now suddenly they ve gains retraction i've got some motion going on as otherwise dismal life that's real it's like it efforts to suck you know stuck in some horrible existence where the thing that gives you the most joy is pretending your chipmunk but but pretending your chipmunk can and the like meet up with chipmunk king online and like how often you guys you day courts together you fuckin sit on your knees in the park and pretend to be a chipmunk and enjoy the shit out of it why why is it ok to golf but that's ok golfing is way for
and downward and pretend to be a check mark while we agree on that leaves of you of your plane pretend to be a check mark you like i too commissioner east i can see why pretending to be a chipmunk we find you get too like yeah this fund gulf is like i really don't gagging guy bring their wives are golfing like what is going on here i got a friend of mine he told me that he'll go golfing with his body and his body won't say there's gonna bring his wife and then just brings his wife s like what in la fuck i thought we're gonna tell dirty some talk shit about this girl i work with and we're gonna have some funny and ass all an hour but putting the ball around with your mom could she corrects you everything time you say something and she's mad at you and you know compliment her on her stupid fuck and golf game what the fuck those guys the worst due to bring their girlfriend everywhere both or one of the most brutal right you know i don't know
there are some of the most by don't ever hang out with other men site i'm really now at all now really o connor i don't know i mean i'm very solitary and generals but i ll go out needs hang out when i don't know i guess i just disagree because you not only have i mean let me say how many friends do i have about an golfing ben scottie chelsea from us my three friends those reduce yet did help handler chauncey hammer our chelsea is my girlfriend oh yeah and yet in our broader here if if i could bring your allies i guess i m ones do that just would bring are everywhere but that's not what i had said i can't see ever being like i was funded by nice or some shit like yeah that's all dependent upon whether or not you check is cool like like i have friends of bring their girl everywhere its awesome cause she's fun hang with its work bring their mom out mean their girlfriends like their mom
there are data have that sort of weird situation whether girl sort of tells them what to do fuck that tat becomes an issue but i guess girls have the same thing to match me to check one have some cool fuckin thing in this does dummy brings her husband and i will if i was lithuania eyes or party i can't imagine myself being funded bring places because all i did all i do is just bitch and complain debited entertaining we do it on but you know it's fun for me but i can see how i got some one else would just be like god yes second all the fun out of things like there's no fund to be had here that's when pointing out thank them now finally people are a joy it and you have so conversation like you and me we're at a party and we met we start talking about shit we would have preferred the same conversation weather there was a recording of us at all right after that some say emma solid factors fuck em all fuck em all duty you're the amazing atheist trying to get away from that name
no casino us it's not because its actors i've i mean like i'm not an atheist anymore it's just like i don't fucking know what else to say right will your kind of time to that name right get some coffee trying to phase it out how do you do that i don't know you to be a pity he used to be perfect now that we have a job and you know people should we then i people don't like that you know when you just suddenly change and his figure all use t j and amazing atheists interchangeably long enough that eventually you know they won't notice i'm not using amazing maybe should have two different outfits like one you should wear it maybe some sort of spandex yogurt type outfit like a superhero word with me i want to see my physique i do things like just for those for the sake of this character like give two eyes like a amazing atheists and it's like a character the apply and then bring in t j and maybe split screen were t j and amazing atheist kinda can have different points of view we are always be like to differ
fuckin version you remember when garth brooks became chris gain i do remember that i also i'm talkin about he's like thing garth but it wasn't here the edgy garth broke he was made him behind the music remember that edge but it wasn't at garth books at all they made a fake pat yet they made a whole behind them madam like where mascara way at a crazy wig and yet background and drug problems and got away from and i was tortured artists and is made like you're gonna throw you fuck we know you are a good each pretended to be this new guy why were you aware guards what do you do it you got friends and low places which others bullshit this moody fuckin smashing pumpkins shit you know it's going to sell if i was you show me a picture of garth brooks in a wig and said who is this i don't think i would be like that's garth bruise you not know you know about chris gains looking up more apparently he was austrian
chris gains austria the fake guy had a whole different countries came from goddamn anti american son of a bitch i thought it was all about country music rockstar i got friends places centralisation of bus entrant resonance and bird trent residue footprints that's what you see in right there that is so hilarious why was he worked a drugs as yacht i'll tell you what it was on fame g force that's what happened a guard broke the same shit that happen elvis and fuckin everybody else donnie and marie all of em i don't know what to say laughter when you have to know we're just we're here they were existing were basically our time now so i want to thank you for doing this and give you an open invitation to enjoy talkin to you so thank you wanna come back
fuck and lazy ass out of bed on time make it to the airport don't shave had news i surround myself with responsible people the chance to get like up manager type character who take china that's pretty much less privileged scotty though you could do these like you could do alive shows you can do it on the road even you know we ve been thing about doing that with a drunken peasants you know why we're here and allay we're doing to meet up with our fans beautiful where well i don't want to announce it you here because you can fuckin either we have some philosophy smoking is it really the v lounge in santa monica
friday from five to nine but we already have a shit and of our suvs so i'd organic while may be able flake ear in california mainly sandro flakes of argo really interested and then go but yeah i mean we're gonna do like a big human ain shit but yes we do want to do like live podcast at some point they actually in front of an audience and she totally should manual we're gonna we're gonna try to figure that out maybe later if we want these days but or maybe not quite yet anyway i have me aren't equity j is it's really cool till i see somebody on youtube and laugh at their videos and then in a grey with some of your points than meat you have a nice conversations fun rock on you too mother fucker rock on like excessive thank you sir amazing atheist on twitter amazing atheist anew to your website but alas i don't peasants also on you too shrunken peasants on youtube and on itunes and that's a fox we're back tomorrow with tony eventually have twenty hence cliffs new net
special comes out this friday it's called one shoddy film that all my favorite club in the world the ice house or one of my favorite clothes it's really funny and tony is a really funny guys are really good up and comic santa comic he'll be here to morrow to and tat cigarettes specials out right now and his fucking awesome called most stories it's also available on netflix so go and latch a boy i thank you brother appreciated thank everybody will see you tomorrow by much love big kiss her come thank you everyone for doing into the park ass thanks to caveman coffee go to caveman copy c o dot com get yourself some of that thanks are two stamps dot com go to stamp dot com use the promo code j r e and save yourself saw mother fucking money with a hundred and ten dollar bonus offer which includes postage and jill scale thanks
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