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#747 - Tony Hinchcliffe

2016-01-13 | 🔗
Tony Hinchcliffe is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. His first comedy special "One Shot" premieres on Netflix on January 15, 2016. Tony also hosts his own podcast called "Kill Tony" with Redban, and it's available on iTunes and at http://Deathsquad.tv
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My guess today is my good pal. Tony hinge cliff. If you see me on the road over the last year, it's very possible tony- might have been with me he's with me. We can in Atlanta and then Tampa great comedian, great guy, and he has a new Netflix special that is available this Friday it's called one shot and shell One of our free replaces the ice house in Pasadena in its instinct is no edit. You follow him on onto the stage from the parking lot all in one shot. So it's it's an excellent show check it out. It's on Netflix called one shot and without a doubt he's one of the best up and coming hilarious comedians that are working today works hard is always after it writes. A lot is and you just great got so without further ado. Please welcome. I gotta start criminal, but a new way to introduce people without further ado that what is you mean whatever say than real life. No, it's corny hate.
Workers? Here's tony inch cliff ban will gain experience. Here we go Tony Hence lies in the hands. Brian red man isn't downtown turned on and we were talking about turn. You come off with lights, which has our cyclists, which that's are inner leg or somebody that, and if you want to make a baby, it turns on your come or your sperm, so thick a sperm switch, but if they made it look like a light switch instead of having it. You like some weird bug, split it up on the screen again. Please it's so in between your legs. I would have your jogging there's just go on, and often on and off my god it is alights way come on. This is real
How dare you? Why am I saying that goes the agenda for the huge, wisely semi big he semi? Ok, look at this so what the shown us is. Can we hear this? Is it ok, we're here then, combined you got hold of a lover scares accidently starting from the beginning, because it makes it even better. He speaks in a slightly broken English everyday indirect during his brother hoard. In order to begin the medical approval procedure, The human males, testicles produce millions of sperm cells, everyday. These cells flow through sporadic ducts and then combined with revenue they set. The standard policy related to killing Thomas Edison would be so disappointed if you saw what is technology was being unreasonable and I'll be Thomas Edison invented dicks, which, like switches I have left. I did our on and off firms. Why is it more humorous causes, gentlemen? As an accident, it is made why?
spend so much time making the texture, the balls and dick that realistic, like they want you to know they're, not planned girls by hand this is insane supporters You can feel the switch and nickel flip it back and forth. That is so fucking crazy What are the odds that a girl who to baby is not a reach back and click that switch gray. While you're washes rubbing your balls and when there will be the perfect time to have. The switch is really one enemy of emulate here. Let them relays towns and whenever there, It comes down the too you know like they enter the two like good question. Yeah That is that's an issue. Right doesn't like stay inside your dick or does not come out one blast, and sometimes it can come out the next last year that what do I know that fake? That's crazy! I mean I don't understand if you got an operation that get all that stuff put in just give the sector may make a decision stand by. You seemed like in America this this these type of
things are becoming more and more attractive to us like an instant solution. Again, I think that we are going out we're gonna come up with new retinas these retinas there art official rhetoric, as you put it in your eyes. You could see twenty two hundred like or twenty year what it was with. That's not good. Like twenty two hundred, we terrible the twenty five twenty twenty like normal right, forty twenty, that's worth two minutes is not better, as you might think it. I'm not sure. I don't think I think it's always been like low numbers are really good, like pilots would say, of twenty fifteen vision, seen Eagle, attack the salmon from mile away like people always like super proud of their vision? I've really good vision, mazes you see clearly
so lower would be better like for twenty would be the best for twenty. Now too high on one side was perfect on one side: right, twenties, twenty twenty one and what the fuck does anyone stand for me? Who should know? That's where you see at twenty feet? The first twenty is what normal complacency that twenty four and then what you see at twenty. So you see, if you have twenty two hundred you see where not all persons is a two hundred feet of twenty five zero vision sucks. It makes sense that actually totally makes sense when a drag yeah give good, perfect vision. Tony urge. My vision is on believable. I can. I can read anything from like it's like insane: that's cool! It's a lot of fun! of you- is that you should probably be really good like something like darts or something like that. Maybe yeah, I would think that something along those lines where you be like super precise, like when you,
throwing that you're gonna play darts but I would imagine that its product pretty fun with all that pressure. Balls, I see China silly he's, throwing a metal stick at a thing, but those seem to be having a good time. I'm a hell of a shot of is a natural with a door bored with with an actual gun with like a real twenty shot like Discus one time so that it is one of my pigeons pigeons clay pigeon and I was like risks. Thirteen or fourteen. I was weapon- and I remember this group of old guys who is standing behind my mom's boyfriend. That took me just like holy shit, I'm terrible with a shotgun. I I didn't Bert crisis? Show we have on those clay should have things a hill I want How do you get it at a shotgun detractors after to understand how your orientated the the site on it. It's a little more tricky down like a hunting rifle or the site is magnified.
Shotgun for the most part. Unless it has a scope on it most attempted don't you were you're using the barrel of the gun to line up where the bullets are going to go, but any variation up or down by the slightest amount results in a big deviation of the intended path. Weapon. So I give you trying to shoot straight and year The thing is just it was kind of at them, but not really it'll go over his head, so we if the up this little thing in the front, which is like a little tiny, got a knob value in anything in the back. The thing the back is that you and your look: you try to line the to the mob. So there's like this little v in trying to put this pen in between movie and hold it there as you squeeze the trigger and dont flinch sets there's a lot involved in it in takes practice, but once you get it's like anything else, our tree or bowling once you understand the technique behind it than a systematic drilling it over and over the years he had a really good, bolder our his friend Tommy
What is our cars named? Tommy dare Mateau low in what the fuck is. He gave me a. He gave me a r r. U find it rang great you're. Not he gave me a really good dude, whoever that guy's Halloween right now Jamie figured out. Let him figured out what will we'll talk but if he taught you had a boar like you Jim Bull like those guys they throw like that curveball. Where comes spinning and its smashes in everything like at an angle, and they can do it consistently over and over and over and over again and to the point where they'll bull like pretty close to perfect games or why we'll get like real close to liking, making eight nine strikes in a row, and you like what the fuck, when like you. I don't know how you boy I'd bullet shed light just shut. It is one of those that fuckin thing rate dilutes Tommy dilutes great, by the way, super fuckin nice guy,
he's hung out with us a couple of times and he's a pro bowler, so I thought you had a ball like he could teach you the technique, then it would just be a man. Our view wanting to keep working, whether its with its archery or that's darts or anything I just love someone showing you how to do it. You figure out what's best for you and then numbers that's what that's. Why well. I did a good shit, the numbers involved or nuts. If you want to be a professional golfer, Do you know what can numbers you have to put in good, Lord yeah, all the practice the fucking knocking, then man. This is gonna work out an ok. If you say you are going to work out that I guess Zaga work out because it fuckin work four Tiger woods fucking worked out for Jack Nicholas how come you're fucking worked out for them. They got nutty to some taught them that the technique they started to come. And then they got nutty yeah. You shall see whether you like it- I guess not the best idea in the world leader,
those guys wanna fuck and hit in the rocks and never stop at the beach cheetah gascoyne I stand up in a lot of ways I think it's like everything. Everything the represents you are you focus on it and the more folks are the better gets out and if focus. I it doesn't get better. If you do it does, and it's a matter of how much do you want to focus on what you can enjoy the rest, your life? What what percentage of your liked it become it always amazes me the people they get like so great a video games. You never gave me Robert, the dude, who was the older manager commissar? What was his job there remember. It was like talent was booking terrible for doing that for, while may be used to in Africa anyway. Really good!
magic irate magic to gathering. He was addicted to the he was addicted. Everquest, a blue furs, maybe was magic, the matter the gatherings, a card game, though isn't it also puts video into pretty sure he was Everquest junkie, man like bad and he would come to the commerce dorani be depressed like you would get out of his house when he could and when you could would come out hang out with with us in the real world. Never forget this. We were in the back bar, and we just mean him and you know, as you know, the back barrier we lifetimes comedians, gathered there and talk, and he just goes. If you so weird that I could be so good at making money in my online life and so bad at it. In my real life, because I'm so good at being successful in this artificial life, but I can't. It together my real life, and he was tired. He looked pale and then like this, A great guy is a really nice guy might fuck man
This game is like a vampire, again money on it now. Will you make money in the game like you make like gold coins match, or so, ex Machina earned Asher Yogi level up the more he played. So he was like king of kings in I'd like a crazy player and everything I can have careful when you give really good right in Everquest like the hire you get, the more you can find people up, you can do whatever you want right use become like invincible to become a god if you're on a chip. One. In four hours a day for ten years now, fuck view they just can't find www, isn't that tomorrow's world of Warcraft is their encouraging addiction, it so obvious It's so obvious! There there there that's very clever, but this is a money vampire figured out a really entertaining money, vampire shocks it out. Eu South Park Dead one on it and it's just like unbelievably hilarious. You know it's interesting, dig the concept that you can get better at the more time he put in it because you get more stuff, I doesn't really
your concept, because this, how it is in any other game in any of the game was cool about playing quake right. I hate harp on quick all time, but I still our planet Was that use both start out like to you guys gonna have a death match? start out with a hundred and fifty life points the same amount of our access to weapons. You know you have a little pistol. I give a little. Little blaster, and then you run around the map to try to find where the other weapons are. So you have to know the map you have to know where the weapons are when they spawn is that they spawn in in increments, like every fifteen twenty second so my figure, what it is, maybe a minute for some weapons. Maybe someone wonderful and so these guys it programmes in their code where it would alert them when the rocket launchers about spawn, so they had it timed into their their code, so they would receive little messages upon their screen. That would
Them know that rocket launchers you're about to spawn so they run to get to the rocket launchers. He gets Iraq to launch a first, most likely whence a death match, because these guys oh the maps and they start blast engine. It will then to everybody starts. Even both starts even its that's, what's exciting about it's a mad scramble. If you go to a point where you it is for people up turn their cities into dust and bring down fire and brimstone. That's too much illegal, there's gotta be even where's your games, bullshit you just get a giant addiction thing got yet an addiction pyramid scheme gonna write in your daughter. Is often third person as if it wasn't you that did well sort of. But I'm thinking about robber because of thinking about the game of Everquest in this is that's a way more addictive element, but two. One of the long. You do it more pal. You have and the more you can accomplish the more dragons you can sleep What have you what I
into was these crazy one on one death matches? There were so fine, and I guess I was never good at a man. Ice get fucked, it wasn't a matter of like me being successful it quick. It was the opposite. I got, could never catch up by guy could be able to beat deeds who were clueless of, do, was clueless and began to one of those maps of MAC Fuck em up, but Malta time I got factor. Was the diary getting fucked over these young kids or so good a fuckin hand? I coordination is like it: designed through the game because, as they are a bit as they were children, though using a mouse and keyboard as their little brains were forming connections with their fingertips alive of which involve moving a mouse Obama in place. One of these right yeas, like what's one of those like a halo or something like that. What's one of those popular about HALO, Jerry Lobby or healer with solidarity, I think it might be, but he like plays its. I always think that that's like so crazy too
Obama's. Sometimes just Chillun just getting a lit up by like some seven year old kid in our enemy Obama place, tightened, fall tight, Xbox one. It's a motor car? Do dear yes, and so is it a war game you MAX say like running around and you can jump in a big machines, makin, a game that is like transformers attack, wow, that's wild We thought that. So this is like that moving with Fuckin Wolverine, what's his name, was the will ring guy's name Jackman. Might The australian that amazing hydras actions are well. It's always we're worlds, guys talks in the Red Regular, I say like whoa, whoa whoa whoa, like job homeland does in Brody, whose homeland anyplace dude was kidnapped and tortured by The terrorists than comes back to America needs I kind of like he he's like acting
as a pawn for the terrorist is a very, very fucking crazy, but sounds like like a regular, almost southern American like a Texan like a slight access access on the show and then a real. If he talks would like this crazy english accent and you hate him talking, you can't believe is the same man, one of my favorite actors right now who, unlike obsessed with because I saw him on the show bloodline you heard- of the shell bloodline. What's that line is a Netflix original serious that came out like six months ago, and it's basically about like this rich family that takes a vacation. They like have this vacation in Hawaii and they all get together and she had just goes down. Family and there are good, like you, don't know whose covering up wad and it's just all these diabolical characters. Anyways this guy named Ben Mendelson, who is a must? stir he's one of those guys.
It's just so compelling to watch like his face is always moving a place like a bad guy in everything, and I watch like sixty seven of his movies going back in there. All amazing is one of these, like real actors, and then I real found out that he's just australian when but tweet, Australian, dude, total australian accent, and he was my, favorite american actor. Up until I found out he's from Australia, does a lot of killer actors from Australia, Russell Cross from Australia right, isn't India that guy there gray monster. I think how many fuckin australian accents miss Gibson, Australia, the Domini. Those guys with Tom Hardy English, English Tom Parties, that is about mother fucker. So many of them from over there. It's incredible! Sometimes I don't even realize I was what Tom. Hardy movie until the end of the movie and his name comes up and unlike Hoover's Tom God he was the main character, the whole timely. He has some
he's another one. We want one of the only other guys. It's funny bring em up because he's another one where I literally will look up their name and beer in cause. You can some of these guys you can catch, they re actually read scripts and pick the things that they want to do all he can. At this point, yeah yeah he's a mother Fucker Doc. I can act. Of its sometimes he's like a ripped monster like a mad maxineff. Sometimes these built like me in these movies, and it's like how the hell like he is one of those guys that comes weighing puts it on really gets in it. Character, he plays a humor, the name of it, but when these things he's he's a twin so he's playing the two. We'd characters cause he's. It's him twin. The alone is playing the Cray Brothers right and remember that movie, the craze that was a long time ago was basically the same brothers who brothers who were into organised crime in England, there legendary that he's playing ball to them.
The last time you did. I think they had to actual twins and the last version of it which probably they had set offer whatever actors that he gathered twins tat life Tom Parties, one of these guys that I didn't even know about until my girlfriend is like a huge movie buff. Have shown me movies like and she's. She would always talk about like how haughty is in this light. It is she's like this gets fuck an amazing and, unlike a year to make me watch these. Some hardy movies gives you, crash, crush on and sure enough. There Fucker won me over like big time natural. You know he's gay right area like you know what great man fuck it fuck my girlfriend How many guys do you think of ever played themselves in a movie like side by side like twins like that, so you playing like What I want to know is: does he get paid double for that
You know it's edible done. That only seems a fair right where he's gotta beginning a shitload of money for this cause, that's half of the movie is seeing if they can pull that off right. You deal with cgi there. Binding, somehow or other I don't know how they're doing it I would imagine what they can do now is just my guess is that you get a guy like you, and you and Brian, could have like a tussle. As long as you are the same size, you could Superman whose his features on you there's a way you could do. That would see Jia well. What's interesting is that if the camera was locked off, then that up until I'm sure this movie, it's not locked off on every was I mean locked out. You know like completely, not Having stabilized, then it always easier to do that. I thank you Fiji, I type of things we can put somebody in the things, but this
like a real movie with real dialogue. I don't think date, I think they're doing it all with computers yeah that I think that if but he's gotta act, both sides of it right so he's gotta. Somehow another act, both sides of it and he has to I'm only assuming it is physically contact the someone they would have to somehow another get him to act out those scenes and replace his face on the other person's body or somewhere. They did. They just do like, though, if they're doing a tussle they're just doing the thing we're like you know, just the back of the head and then is flip, went wrong around words like a smaller, weird creepy version of them that I did it with that Pepsi spice commercial. Where I just pretty much recorded the same dm two things and into split right down the middle. That's rather forgot about analysing this is ten years ago. I did his these hilarious myself. This looks exactly like the commercial time I've learned of early next morning and look I put down the coffee cup, and then I grabbed the coffee cup look at that boom
cool. Do those when you're finest finest hours, the Pepsi spies days did that paintbrush but what would you do if you had to have like a confrontation? Does he ever confrontation with his brother should assume he does pray That's the only thing that I would think would be the issues like you fight. With you is that you hard to match, together but otherwise, if it's just you in a separate scene or you and a scene with two of you, as you just have to do. This, twice you still there combining it'll do while you have to do want it and then probably they play back your thing when you're talking to it but should go. You ever seen: Bronson, yes, amazing, yeah yeah. I saw that he's really good and he's got everything here
while those guys he knows how to just knows how to do it. We had weird type of like respect. We have four people also that come from countries with Americans, love Americans, but we also hold people from countries. If you have an english acts, I will cut you all law, my guy, we more than every little thing suspending a fiery. Scaring major raise its every any other about everywhere, there is british accents everywhere everywhere. Every show I only watch normal tv when I'm at a hotel bend in the road. A lot lately so I've been Stock Watching commercials for the first time anyway the Irish where problems I I watch this James. We're dinner, whatever Orban yeah using
he's the guy that just took over for Craig Ferguson was also had an axe and everybody as an accent now on everything, genuine Craig Ferguson's good, though I liked Craig Fergus, I was really good totally good. He brought a different element when it was the Brittany Spears thing when that Brittany Speed, things going on shoe shaven her head and he was like. Why are we doing us like why? Why would we like attack this girl and, I think, in a lot of ways like his like sort of reasonable approach to addressing the subject, instead of late crack and jokes about it, when it was like She she's shaven, her head and like dislike yearly, look, A person is having some some serious stress and mental problems. Probably and while we do on this pile in order that they may this x ray really reasonable measure Please remember things like wild. I was a genuine thing. I found was enough, They didn't seem like some of fake pomp
p r move to try to get people to view in a different way. It seemed very genuine and fortunately Britney spears, wasn't watching Craig Ferguson S? It's never got throughout. People did leave her alone. The kind of leave her alone now, but she was obviously haven't some sort for breakdown Susan. Thing going on? There was. She was, and I don't of anybody could ever be expected to respond well to the kind of stress that someone in her position indoors she's, like some stupid, crazy superstar, like a beyond, say, type character, jazzy like that cost, stress levels, gotta, be insane she's com a lot right. Does that thing in Vegas? Now she does Vegas show. Did you re a fan of Craig
Fergus Indiana is good. You know the robot, the guide, the guy to play the robot in his name is Josh Robert Thomson and he played the robot for whatever eleven years on that show, however long they show is any kind of guy screwed by the show, because no one knows who we are they never said hey by the way. This is simply this guy he's on periscope. I'm really trusting, guy a check him out he's. It's really cannot win Zambia. It's really sad that as names Josh Robert Thomson, in its is like magic being on a fucking tonight, show where no one knew, who you were the whole time right said his disease, complain about this and his parents. He D does seem, like he's always getting screw that he met. You just released this new video the other day with George Lucas, and it has our friend with the government really built body that you to be a writer on that show. Crick he's been uncovered Tony before fuck. I can't really get by
Maybe he always takes off assurance like it's like a six pack, Babo, shall yet Babo Sack so Babo shouted a video with never thought you talk about Bob some gay porn, Stuyvesant infiltrated, pairing myself or future encounter. While this is what Brian considers that guy with a good by half. Have you see he's very few words lawyer, its innumerable shack might be. The nicest goes over live totally. If he's not the nice he's in the top ten of like nice people vault arm, I learn any body weight. He made a video with which our robber Thomson, where they just rubber Thompson, Play George Lucas after you in on his ranch, and he looks just like George Lucas, while one little, I think I saw some of that duty. These are funny: fuckin guy Barbosa, eleven one at that,
he should be doing. Podcast. I don't you think, I suppose to start mine with him. He was gonna, be my co host, and then I decided not to have a colourless at the lesson yeah really busy you don't it's all. You have fifty different things. You have to do all day. Long do another podcast once a week with him a guy too you could do it on its own? Is one of the best sugar Ray guy he's such a good dude? I kill Tony yeah so sharp in such he just loves joke writing. So much does, and so, when these guys come in with a promise or whatever he'll disco, you know if you go Bob about in the car, that already heard that premise and Punchline but it's all restructured. He does when pizza back as he has that math brain that's reflected at at at at at one of the men the Tories lay like one of the most respected comedy writers around town and that in the writing? Gigs that I've done
he's come up in every writers, room and everybody around a table that are working together always ends up talking about where and when they worked with Babo Shack and how cool and Nicias that's awesome. That's but here is always always good good stomach back. We always organically out that its way, but are there not Maguire stomach amusing, Maguire Michael who Christmas, This requires time, because I've never seen crisis systems is a normal guy. The only one I hardly Chris Maguire Stomach reference that might be the most difficult to put your head around his crew. If you dont, ochreous wires, Funny Stanhope, meaning is not doesn't have like an unusual stomach, is a normal state. He looks like a normal childcare if he's dearly there to be sure. That was his like if you hadn't like, if you saw Judea stomach and like aside veal again that look so outright, that's about joy here,
If you saw silhouette and zones and whose stomach is that you wouldn't go telling Angela Frank in our but Chris Maguire, FUCK man, it could be It can be Jamie rehearse Revoir. Now I want to know now we want to see. I wish is normal and when I was here, yeah he's a scrape. I too Crispin WI him greater. Since I started out like within a week of each other that so crazy here is interesting. Sing all these years later. I have that same thing with a few and it's amazing, because those definitely like a special bond that happens when you know you start around the same time. Yeah, for sure, you'd known each other through the whole process of being fucking horrible, totally incompetent, but just story, I'd for the idea of being a comic and chase his dreams, the other and there's nothing more fun that when you see one of those guys doin somethin cool now, but it's cool comics do something cool we urban,
about this at the store lately that this is one of the things about this generation and this this era, as it were so to get things say this error of comedy, but this time people would comics arose supportive of each other and I think that ever existed before there wasn't like bunch of commerce promoting each other. On shows like that, People are now. It didn't exist before, because there are so few spots like if you got on tv, you had a covenant. You out of this is mine. It was like this famine mentality. Now, a lot of what we're doing his internet, driven whether it's your Netflix virtue, which comes out this right and you re a dating fifteen of tenth generally fifteenth one shot to veil. Will this Friday, but its stuff. I doubt which is internet based in which is almost all of the fuckin specials at your hearing about now. Are these internet based, specials and
television shows that are endless. Based me, Netflix is just they have so much fuckin programming now they're. So many different things You can watch their internet based, but I think comics have. Like most of us, have gone to podcast giant amount. Thus any realise like this is way more fun and way easier do than a television show and through that, everybody says: hey you should do to you should do to and they'll do together and need developed this weird network- and this is like a network of of supporters, so We all see someone who's, don't really good. You know it. It's it's interesting! That's interesting! To watch like blue it's happening, can there It is a may bring. You knew. Podcast was top fifty God and the seven when she's really address the may lead Sage Frances. It's really amazing. We had among a second Scots awesome dude, I'm so glad you decided due to kiss you You know you have
a very unusual sense of humour that a lot of people like it's like trying to find the right vehicle for it. It's like, I think, right vehicle for you is just do your own thing. Do you One thing: when you do do it, it's it's fuckin, fun, tis! You! You get to be free to be you such a silly weirdo and of journalist forty pounds in three months. The first three months of the episodes thy way in every episode in today are waiting in fourteen pounds less since January. First la that's how I love doing these with you to mint, always fun. We all have the time it's silly bottom, really glad you're doing your own as well, because I think that it's gonna be things. Can be real, successful It's gonna be insights at all. It is something that you can pursue and, like you could say, I want to talk to this interesting person. I want to talk to this cool guy. Like maybe I can get him on my part, gas and then also me get up, and you should talk to this person and as a per as human. Being I give you,
allowed to pursue your interests like that. It's very enriching and I think what the it gets out of it and that such a fucking pompous word, but that is what it's like. It's like, enriching, the audience gets out of it. It's like they get ago go on this wreck really cool adventure with you, and so the best aspects of the adventure like conversations these coup and funny and interesting people. They get to be it on You just sit there and and be a part of like your little adventure through choosing your interest, and so that's why. I think everybody should every like comic who has any interested in whatsoever, should have a pike ass, good, to see them go down. Their little did sure of their interests, I give you, listen a billboard, podcast painters, Football Zealand, I can't listen to start talking about football, and they should have done this in the defence. Was that I hear he's a football fuckin fanatic, but the rest of it is bill
talking about how he's living his life and how he's going through his life and its it's really interesting. It's really trusting to follow someone follow their interests. First, oh like what make what's was curious to them like when you don't have any other agenda again, your joy, that? Isn't man what we need Good ratings will then need to get some people in here that are doing some things that people are aware of, which is how you think of, like every other talk show right. They all become almost generic and away because even like Letterman, who is like fiercely independent, very smart and disk, overly critical of a shitty stuff and mark garlic didn't like his own stuff half the time he would do his own show and it would be brilliant, maybe like fuck. I hate myself. That use is crazy, like that right, those like the thing about Letterman but who do have an issue like regular people, man who sellen like a movie who sell song who seller this who's, gonna tv,
and it does the same thing and so day- would have humorous relations these people say funny stuff, bottom line is that's not who chooses that's downward He wants to do if he, if you could say all cast aside all consideration ratings aside, who would you want to talk to Dave You would get a chance to see, but The way the system was set up, even though it's fantastic says if it works out and you get something like the Jimmy found tonight show, which I think is excellent. I think Jimmy thousands tonight show guy ever ever showcase for tonight. I am, I think, he's the best he's fucking great I've. No, I can't talk about anything that I've been working on. That's what's funny: thou I've, this brand new fifteen minute Chung that I'm just in love with right now, like it's just the expanding and breathing and I'm talkin about crazy, crazy shit, but thought I was thinking about it on the way here, because I just got the call my ministers like hey: are you available to do a tonight? Show showcase tonight,
Heck Arabella get up the phone, and I started thinking about everything. I've been working out and I know for a fact I cant do any of it, not a single like that, yeah another field? Yet these new weapons, oh yeah, and are right there and I know I would kill harder than anybody else on this. I don't even know who's on it, but I just know like how I feel about my material right now is like I'm unlike championship mode and with this new stuff that that's crazy? It's like I'm gonna, have to really figure out and find angle. Something does well look look look at it. This way, but think of the tonight show would know censorship. Think tonight show Netflix totally without showbiz totally how good with it They have someone like Jamie Fox go on sit next, the couch and say what the fuck you want, yeah Someone like MIKE Tyson swearing in US when I go to black. I love your Jamie Fox love. I love that guy Think Jamie Fox is amazing.
If you hurt his interview with the TIM Ferris, you would you look at him in a different light, like I've always daddy's insane. Many talented the fact that he can play rage. Or else right, and then he played that the guy with mental illness. There was a homeless, guys musician and Robert any junior movie, and he can act. His fuckin ass. He sing in rates Gleneesh NGO. Understand, I mean unbelievable. When you were, you listened, is the way he talks at him. First, I gotta understanding of why he's lawyers is too bad. Mother fucker super counted. Super super sharp thank endued interested. I love that guy's. Like that possessed. You know like ye. Do not necessarily wanna do what they're doing, but this no That is people like that exerts, like wow, real rock stars, even reduce it their operating fuckin super high level with a lot of different things are Jamie Fox can sing his yeah. You things really good totally.
Insane like he could have, he could just do he could do it. One of those careers regularly? I know it's interesting. It's interesting how much damnably does anymore, though, though, think gotten to do too many different things stand. It's definitely one of those things where you'd be doing just that. Yeah gotta work it if you're not doing it you're, not doing it all. The time boycott slippery her yeah, I just took four nights. And a role for the first time I ever four nights in a row. I felt I can back, her I share was reinvigorating animal less death. I just saw mountain lives. Last night was my first spartan four nights understanding in the back of the room with just fucking like I was like I'm crazy. You know what I mean. I just love you crazy, you so silly you're crazy, literally like I go up there and it is at the urban Improv, it was,
in saying this, lady stood up during my set at one point: I'm talking about this one part of one thing where I talk about how I'm gonna win their shit and here is a lie in early may and base lay like, This lady stands up and you can tell that a comedian on a stage every everybody else. Cut, but this one lady at a two hundred, stands up and starts waving. Her arms and she's like stop stops MIKE shit, but I'm still like staying in the pocket gone with the joke, but for another like ten seconds, but she still. I stop stop and it's my jokes were killing some like you, mother fucker, so I bet now. I know what the fuck is this, problem. Lady. What is it what's going on? She's like Donald Trump, will never be our present guy. What makes your opinion so big that you're talking in none of these other two hundred people are yelling right now, what the fuck make sure vote
such a big deal? What do you do for a living and she is well basically I'm I go what the fuck do you do for a living crowds, just goin crazy, do as well or I now I'm unemployed, I go, then your vote does any event fucking matter you're, not even paying taxes is this whole crazy thing, but she ended up leaving Of course it should have been quick to become a silly end up and interrupt a bit in the middle of the bed. That's like it. You stand up in a move in, say, don't kill, southpaw doubt go right, you don't do it chanced, it's so stupid stupid. She was flippin me it was so great. I was just destroying her her entire long walk out of the Irvine Improv. It's a long walk to deal dude come on so much fun. People stop hecklers need to fuckin. Not ever go see, shows the need to stop wrong. I mean you make them. Our drive to Irvine still, no man, I think people.
These are now how ridiculous it is now I think they realise that you're in the middle of this peace and this pieces, lop places that it has to go to. You have to go did you have to go right near to trick him a little better than you bring it home at the end this woman is like in the middle of this thing, screamin out in its interesting as I'm I'd. Never and I've tried here and there with jokes over. You know the eight years it doing this by them. Never really of political guy this new away sure thing that I'm doing right now. I feel like really good about it. It's amazing how the different reactions that you get around the country status is charged. Subject: man it's a charge subject in a weird time. This is poor probably the weirdest election ever the only election I can ever remember.
Where there is only one candidate, that his supporters are really fuck and excited about them and then there's a boy two other people like man. Now I don't know I mean like Bernie Sanders seems like a really nice guy. He hasn't seen evil at all. Right I mean maybe he's the best of all the choices available, except for people make money. I'd love anybody got in above it He just interesting, won the election. It was just like, I was just fucking with you guys the whole time, I'm I'm an old white man go fuck yourself back to the old system, Well, I don't think you would survive. I mean the already looks he's done? A few terms. You know what I mean like all these other presidents go in there, looking good, you know, dark brown hair and then they all come out. Looking like like a what's, his name but I'm not sure we're talking about Obama. Looking Obama TAT, we ve shown side by side images of him from two thousand and nine two thousand fifteen. It's crazy. He
like his aged twenty plus years easily, hard job man. I don't think anybody can do it. I think it one point, I M going to realise that the idea that we keep cling to us single guy, that's in charge of the whole country is stupid, does making sense like. Why would you have one person be in charge of anything? Why don't have a giant gigantic team of people. And why not have the influence of the public on a daily basis be tune and to this gigantic group people with, of course, reasonable filters. Fur hysterics when something crazy happens in Oleson people on a nuke, so countries applying for that system to change with amazing is like. I think that we would have to have basically a trump as a president for peace, but I really have a discussion over four years about how things have to change, because if you know and depend
on how he does at the same time will do some other things it says like. I actually can live The other day I was just walk out of a hotel in the news was on the tv and it says Trump says that Germany terrorist attacks or because they let those people in that's all that I saw first, some like now what an idiotic thing to say and then I thought about it. It's like what they did, let what like a in people and or something crazy. Well, there is a real issue in Germany and the mayor of Cologne witches in this insane move was Telling women how they should behave around these men. They should with an arms length, it's fucking crazy. It's victor! blaming I mean they're resorting to victim blaming to try to take folk away from the fact that what they ve done as they lead in a bunch of people from another culture who behave differently, it's maybe not their fault. Maybe
Let's look at it this way. This is the way they lived in their other country. There come, your country Divina behave the way they have behaved all thirty seven years of their life, because that's what they do, and so now you have to deal with that in your culture and the way to do this not to say women should fuckin stay arms like the way for these people is to educate these people. The rules of this place? You can't do that just sexual assault, women they can withdraw. Girls could just how the fuck they want You can't tell those girls now you're on your own. You just have to stay arms length away from somebody you can't, because everybody so care to be racist, everybody, scared of being Islamophobia. They they dont want to point out forget about idea. Jeez, where your Lord forget about skin color, but people of origin. You have some people that are doing something. That's not good to some people that haven't had these things done to them like this before you gotta figure out what to do. You got you lead in a different culture is not their fault, but it is. It is what it is. I'm saying mean it's not you
deny that it exists. It is. It is a thing there's a lot of people that were, or wanting to their pointed to, letting people like that in this country and the same, will you don't? What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do of syrian refugees coming to America, fight, a million syrian refugees in America and if you'd look at the history of America, that's what people have always We ve always lead in people from other countries, are trying to get away. That's how this country got found it. So, ideally we all want to say. Yet these are the people at a running away from the people that are doing terrible things to them. Gonna get some shit heads yet some shithead. So how do you do that? That's it question. I think that's a question of one person me even in one Firstly, that a cabinet on one person is like veto power and what man I think there should be a fuckin team of p,
these and super smart motherfuckers with who get evaluated on a regular basis for eagle problems, alcoholism. All the above I mean you shall have your ear testing me martial arts fight received on steroids, you should be testing congressmen centres saved a fucking, crazy c of the. What what did they on you know? What kind of organ antidepressants EU on its affecting your judgment? Would you know how You take value. However, ambient to go to sleep with you. What happens you lose asleep cycle? There's something. Is there some wacky non sleep, that's going on when your ambient out your head viagra these congressmen when they do other blood owning russian down only due to retain the making their wieners bigger, ensure the I thank ye out congressmen, senators and representative state representatives is
representative government. It's all a pot. We're popularity contests like Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor like that, doesn't make a choice any sense, but it does have a fiscal conservative guy who's open minded in a sense of like socially open minded like us in terms of how views gay people and even recreational drug use, and things on those lines is very open minded almost like with a libertarian bent, but Republican, so it? Actually, he wasn't bad choice. Didn't do a great job, but guess what Do they burn Jewish, yet a bunch of red tape and bull shit? If you ever hear him described his time in office, Prudential stuff. I didn't realize I think from outside, like some like you or I have zero, poetic aspirations or motivations or once you get in man dealing with this, like insane system of like how things get done, and
People will filibuster, and people will block this because it Odin anger their constituent, because these people are paying for that. People are paying you to make sure that this does not pass through Gazelle, get that through our house of cards and started on my God, great everything. Accurate. It is, but if it's even fuckin, ten percent were doomed evacuated, Z with ten percent, Rachel other common spaces about mother fucker yeah. I love it when he looks at the camera into starts. Talking now, there's another one he's indifferent guy in this different guy and they show with a very distinct accent and you buy it you're not going that's Kevin's basic right. It's he just becomes that person comes another person, Frank Underwood. What's going on with that European, skirted archer- is out of his haggard, restores
why, when I wear it cause I buy like I went to Starbucks and Mexican gave me double, looks real quick. I was pretty fun riskier helpful, rude, Denzil races, but it happens why us today it happened when why is it that they chose a blue color with a dark blue pocket? for securing that's universal sake. He got, as is his badge ripped off me. It's a violent struggle to himself when he quit job. That's what want to do, and you quit the sheriffs parliament and pull that star off you throw it on the ground are done. Do you want making a murderer right. I have now wasn't while a naughty paranoid. I want soaked in bleach. Let it drop that what you think that so terribly Alec who who there's a lot and that movie man, it's that's the
that alleges that Courtney Love was involved in some way and careful veins death to long of a movie but yeah Stew law. Yet if you watch the other movie and then watch that movie, which remove the the official one with his daughter, made Francis what is occurring in Montage Montana type of hacking, that's each be Eleanor had right. That's that seems more like closer to wait. I think really happened. I didn't see that wasn't rugs and- and it doesn't make Corti look like you, she's murdering it just looks like he wanted to kill himself the whole time and he put it in his lyrics. He wrote about a huge. You know it was like it was going to happen we know what that movie made. It seem more like it so hard to decipher when some it's gone, what they were, what they actually thought what they actually were light, because when you put it the filter? What we know about how we describe other people might be off about something or how people describe the past and they try to idealize certain ass
ex of it. I guess, maybe his daughter. She was alive when he was doing that so she's, getting it from other people who were there, whom you know from our own is only your music and journalism has home movies? Has it everything in it like that? It's pretty much. I believe that like montage. Heck is like a documentary about Kurt Cobain soaked in bleach is a document or about putting off the ability of Courtney. Killing me and I'll. Tell you Is that no matter what happened? It's unbelievable. How bad this year Police Department drop the Bonn to walk in on some guy kit. They just kill them That's worth God only knows what I mean, I don't even know if they say during that, but you know his election ass? We were but at least a hundred million dollars, there's something crazy. What was just to a bad policed?
It was just was a high profile case in a bad police department, but now imagine that they had probably been Brunton that police department shitty way for as long as I got had been run it because as long as you're, a regular person that doesn't have the public's I paying attention to the case with extreme scrutiny and that Genesis and ninety ninety four right in our time- It would be a different animal today would be in social media and it would blow operative, be gigantic, be way more scrutiny, her back. Then they can kind of consolidate everything that he compartmentalize everything and they just shaded the whole thing up. They deaf their fuckin. Their accounts differ. From the first responders accounts there. The room differed, there's so much There was off it was there. Their terrible, and it was just they had never done. Profile case so that their terrible the police work having been revealed to anybody that wasn't like the victim of it
someone who I mean I'm assuming that if they fucked up this case it how we fucked up other ones while you're gonna shit yourself when you watch this young man, you should just cut all shows off right now. Just watch the first episode you will making a murder, you will go crazy, you're, you or I came here. You'll have hard cash. I'm scared scared to death dive deep into this fuckin guys for guys life. It's crazy, it's unbelievable, amen, police officers or people. That's it does. Be real good ones and real bad ones is known, no doubt about it, and just because you get through the Fuckin Academy tests and get to the position doesn't mean you ve got shit together or your worthy. It just means you didn't fuck up yet and just be you're, a cop does mean you're bad person. Does a lot of consular forgone awesome the great people and that's a job, they think is. It's it's important. It's a job that they think is very beneficial to our society, and they do it the best they can and those people are important. Those people on that get overlooked, and when you
he terrible cops do in terrible things. Those terrible when you should terrible people do in terrible thing to give up on people. Do you say fuck man, people. Now some guy just stopped a kitten to death on Youtube video. I hate people. I hate people can fuck another one talked anybody anymore. That's we're dead, because most of us would never do that. I think that's the same Thing with cops, there's a lot of welcome, cops and their deal, with a lot of interactions every day ever, a day all day long. You deal with people, stealing things, people doing things to people and people who might thanks to you and their fuckin. Just overwhelmed with stress all the time, especially now that the media's common, our God entity or am I just spent a couple days- topsecret project, but with cops, and it is it. I learned so much. You learn a lot immediately among her perception, like you know, the very defensive and it's it's incredible to watch, but
So I got me more into like I've been watching a lot of these, we shootings in things. There's not many were the you know if you're gone for a gun by a few of your and in your pocket. No, I take your hand body or pocket you have take your hand on your pocket. I don't, I don't, have any sympathy for anyone who doesn't do that immediately and I get it there's like mental health issues and stuff- and I think that's the exception to it and yes, sometimes it's totally like you said incident incident. The media, really really must stop the cops man everybody's on edge with them right now and woe How can you see the medium mess them up when, as all these videos of cops shooting people for no reason doing terrible shit? Like planting evidence, I gotta throws a taser down when issues a guy was running away from there's a lot of like really hard core video evidence of cops. Do in terrible things. I think they just have to look at in a balanced perspective, the media's not doing wrong by reporting these things there making those cops accountable
I think what we have really careful is plainly aka exactly, and I think it's enabling fats where, like the media, makes it a little bit blander than just the specific guy they want. They used the word police instead of officer Bob. I will have of this. I give you if you saw something he saw a cop like a to video. Do something I'm terrible when you see another cop that guy it's you know in the same city. You don't even know this guy, this guy, just a person- you don't you make him responsible for something some guy did North Carolina, but China people do kind of people. Do if you go and watch some Youtube. Video of some cop do in some horrible shit, the Oakland Subway and then I'll. Send your in downtown ally in some Cobb looks at you funny, like fuckin pig argue here, that guy because of some that someone else did in his organization that he most We ve never met his life. Imagine if we did that with people If some person did something fuck up in New York,
down in Florida like fucking piece of shit and is causing what're you talking about. I know what you are: man, you're, fucking person, you're right are due to the deck and you I know what that guy didn't New York and you're just like him. Likewise, one cop told me- and I like a kid, ran up to their day, like he's walking down a sidewalk or sir, at whatever don't watch upper somewhere in a little kettle walks up and is like a hi. Mr officer, like a little like Vienna, three or four year old and some lady walks over and she's she's crabs Oh boy is like no. You stay away from these, murders that had an in depth talk with this police officer and it's like not only is that terrible that third being called a murder, but imagine the feeling of like knowing that that's the next generation and that's the type of you know things at Durban.
Taught about police officers right now. I think that these two ways I look, I think I am well aware that the police are necessary and there we need pleased, because we have to fight crime towards violence and just it's what the way It is now like there are shield that protects us from bad people, Another part of me looks at it and says that the dynamic of a person in control with ultimate lethal power. And then everyone else around them is a bad dynamic. It's not it's! It's done in and of itself can create conflict kazoo gonna be resistance to this idea of someone who lives amongst you who, as ultimate power over you and who, if the chips go down the wrong way? They might shoot you and kill you and they can get away with that and they say you attacked them or you are reaching for something they thought was gone. Who knows,
a kind of personal vendetta. They might have against you. Who knows what cut stressed that about and they might have been under when they pulled the trigger, but they could do to you there loud to have a gun on them, and you you can't. Even if Europe Guys, never done anything wrong and you walk around. You gonna feel weird around cops like you, you, maybe you respect them. Intellectually. You say that free service appreciate everything you guys doing stay save, but in the back your head, You fucking know that have things got ugly They could shoot you if somehow or another you got an altercation with them. You at you, you go. Towards them in Europe is in somehow another way threatening or physical they'll gun you down in other gun you,
No doubt you, dogs are running at embarking. We ve seen videos that journalists, man really just a blanket on your head. That's like when you say when people are gonna get you can have your pocket manna guys a journalist overtaken his body to the point he doesn't understand words of man I got robbed. I had no idea what was going on jackals exercising that's real good point The real point as far as the people they pull over when you get a, I got older, that's Rennell, India and I feel, like I'm shady when the car comes out like nothing even going. You know what I mean I'm dislike. And all of a sudden be like turning down the radio and the like, but will take your hand out of the middle there programme on the stone like, oh god, and then maybe I can go off the internet may and in thermite I said the steering wheel in its like I've, never seen this guy yet numb yeah I ate there it is it's really it just takes over everything you can imagine you know you, you pull someone over and there some pride Lester Lookin Mother Fucker sitting in the driver's seat
and he doesn't want to make eye contact for you is what could I do wrong officer like oh shit he's an ice day. Sir. You know to sky gets out. A truck is just gonna literally repeated pieces or he might plot a machine gun under his car seats are gun you down. Who knows? Who knows Your porn, some guy over you dont know, if he's a body in the trunk you don't love. Is a hundred kilos of cocaine and his spare time, you don't know shit and how much the home to make a lot of cures, but two hundred and twenty pounds, or whether to twenty eight kilos, acid, paper ass. No, my god, that's enough acid to conceal the world right but you don't know me, pull somebody over even a woman. She gave me some crazy bet, you just gotta kill and our entire families should drive and our moms out to kill her two. Did you see the video that was released like two days ago from Boston of a guy recording his ex girlfriend? Just
breaking his windows scratching his car. Then he goes outside you. Black. Look look Did she like crushed my bumper and then have nowhere She just comes from behind going like fifty miles an hour inhibits him with no, MRS just by an age, but it hit his car and if Jamie could put out there You will free coming down the anger this crazy woman in that right. There she's, I suppose it has already gone to court twice and said that he has Hitter and done all that shit, but just watch this video go. Oh no! Look at this poor guy he's doing exactly that, I need to get one of those that can easily get one of those sperm switches. Make sure you well. Why not fucking she's crazy, you're, gonna pussy? She must be thrown just fuckin a liquid, the thunder she blushed she's been reckon that dude
and here you couldn't leave his house Andrews had he was like a kid like. It was scared being in that situation to she seem like she would pull out a gun and you start shooting summer one but a child you with a car right, that's that you might zombie shooting at me ran trying to hit some of the crowded death. Oh yeah, ok, let's give just some volume young Chinese. This is what Where is showing what she did was decided. Just got hinted over exerts, lousy notches oh, my god, he she's gonna Mercedes, and what does he have a honda each? She tried to hit him there. Wouldn't she just try to hit him with the car and then, if you saw the beginning of its use outside just smashing windows dude, he didn't even know she was comment. Now he wasn't even looking at she almost kill her she's come up. Yeah she's coming back nowhere Yahoo, oh my god, knows my vehicle into my neighbors vehicle.
This refusal version is crazy. Back there, the who Where is she gonna? Do a number? side, because I want to avoid any further issues she rammed. Ok, I think she's gonna finish Mercedes into his heart. Now she's permission up, wanna call. Gotcha coming out with a crowbar broke, his banknotes use. You smashed my window, Maria. Issue. Yeah and at the beginning, he she broke windows in his house and he's in the house. Like does she's break my windows in my house. Now. Oh, it's free video does,
make your blood pressure cooker hutches cries out of a car with the Crowboroughs like oh shit. This is real as fuck. That's. How does she got em Shi, Ite him arrested earlier like previous, because he was at her brother thousand somethin and she just said that he was beating her up in a copy residents, yes, lifespan, tormenting him for a long time. I hope that colleagues, our budget to what, if she's, telling the truth and he was beaten. Arabin she's like enough for this punk ass mother fucker, I'm going over his house at a crowbar me to run this bitch over with a fuckin truck and fun fact. If you, Google, her name Jamie where his name, if you can find this, but they actually, where a rap do and they have rat video to stick to what have die
spiral. Have you let us down? I hope he at least did something good. You know enemy, unlike bang the supermodel or something you know, I'd be really disappointed to find out that, like he left her with a bill like red lobster something like that and areas. Yet what could possibly been that bad it she wanted to kill him with a car and well to ram a Mercedes into his hand. I, like you, know it's like throwing fucking money at somebody's face. Like you piece of shit, I ain't you that's a pump move, though The pop up, my dad, is throwing pumped up the fucking, throw money in someone's, ledge fuck didn't When did someone did that's like two p. Ditty is like a story into article about some
violence. It had broken out his club people getting shot cause. Some guy showed up at one p d, these things. Now he did his famous for going to these clubs indeed have the velvet robe and all his money I'll is bottles. That was his whole thing. This whole thing was flaws in some guy came up to me like through hundred dollar bills. In his face off that had heard, I bet was tat. I got one of his eyes got puffy and in the past, Daddy Joe Great there, that's maybe when it became, did he didn't like I feel that without maybe a corresponding dependence, but something happening. That was, I think, somebody get shot. That incident I didn't shouted trample the shot with that, I'm pretty sure piling up right now. I think Chris Brown was involved and there is something about a bargain open in someone's got us a different one. Has a different nerves are different? That's a recent one. The PD one might even puff daddy was in New York, that other one was out here, but I mean I'm sure, there's been a lot.
Intelligence. I would drake at a club to pee digging out there who one please tummy Drake as over a girl man. Fighting over checks. I just said to the video, the music video that two people Jamie by throwing money and a guy's face is a real like. It really mean. That's like the ultimate like hitting a man with a glove or whatever, like other of its dual its it. But that's. The energy that is put out to the world's perfect is like, if you see p, ditty, walking down the beach with a dude whose hold an umbrella over his head Siena, the answer he has a man servant and the man servant will follow him around with an umbrella. Oh, my God Yes here we go Jamie needed for that. They was bards where the apparently that's a may. These are where there is a character Spider Man comic book bonds, with I have my umbrella, please I mean, if for if he did, he was like some diabolical look.
This he's got a guy following him around with an umbrella the gentleman has about high on. Why would she have a girl? Did I? You know like in my when the power ball I'll have that but a girl, and she s aware bikini. I don't know man. Well, it's weird position. But maybe it's a really good gig like maybe he just it's the jet all over the world and where boating as in size to hold an umbrella. How fuckin heart is that in a fake worldwide, if he did, he liked guys in hours away to have his boyfriend always with him in a fake. We're I've got a thinly veiled, Farnsworth Bentley attends the two thousand three empty The video is I've gotten to work and hang out with a snoop dog quite a bit and he has in asian guy who is my job and he's the best at it is rolling blunts in here
rolls blunts and he's just the best blunt roller, and it just comes up, and it's like hey this is you know I don't remember his name exactly what it's like. This is Bubba, but he's the blunt roller guy, and he just end when you hit It just is like you, it's like our rate, laser coming out you? You know Hubba end of any cherries up, it's always even its per Are you does it was hand? Yeah like a site like when you really like really like humans, mythologies, that you could tell that he really takes this time very adhesive, perfect cylinder, tat hand rolled. It almost tell that it was like just rolled there's no substitute for in craftsmanship. It's true. I understand your snoop dog. You smoke once all day continuously and he does like you know you. The idea that all these different celebrities have their things in your like ally. Betty does isn't really like that off stage like snoop, just he's on
We have only hilarious when it comes to smoking yeah. You would think that the for once. I wonder what kind of paper they use and other using like legit blunt which is what a blunt is for folks, not aware, as they take a cigarette or rather a cigar and take the tobacco out and then put we'd in and rolled up together and I never had one and two are hung out with Charlie Murphy and caused Rich they found dotted lotta first, because your breathing in the tobacco smoke, which is an added element in it, does something it opens up here. Capillaries in your lungs, that the tee more th cigarettes in your blood. It also has an effect of its own in the night eighteen in the tobacco leaf has an effect of its own and its also unusual in the fact that tobacco leave is generally not inhaled you. When you smoke tobacco, took a cigar, you profit, but you don't take the big deep inhaling. Like long filling rest,
you do when you smoke we'd. So if you smoke a blunt soon because the only time you breathing that smoking and it's a serious irritant that that's real unhealthy for you did too, those tobacco leaves all the way down. I choose don't do that every day. That's why that's why I GINO little about electronic cigarette blight, that nothing tastes great and you don't have to U Nicotine Party. GINO the shit Ellie. Speed we'd, he knows what he's doing he got pulled down from Instagram was then hilariously instead, I am delighted as account or suspended as account or whatever the hell they did because he's a weed related. Legacies operating within the California laws here, selling southern everybody loves. How can we have all these wine companies and of Instagram accounts? Alleys beer come
which I like wine. I like beer. We all do why what's wrong with we Geena services like the greatest thing ever by the way he should get back at Instagram by making a promo, that's like they in the Graham Special, where, like you, get a gram of part like within ten minutes, sometimes crazy promotion where it's like hey two here, but the Instagram thing to use them as a marketing thing. Yes, funding programmes. Bitches, may I can't believe that is greatly so iterated sister guitar accompany the train of Fuckin makes money. I done I get it. How is it, though, that twitter you're allowed to see by holes by Instagram? You can't even see nipples. You know like, I think, twitter it because of the fact that you can see all that stuff theirs. I got more, maybe more of our limit in as far as I can as though death whereas maybe Instagram, because they ve been proactive and censoring people. Material, censoring, allow the images and something you're allowed to put up
we thereby in they can sell more. Those sponsored Instagram adds that way they have allowed a sponsored adds, see them all the time. Now in your feed, you got a problem with it. You could show up on twitter yeah. What everyone, until I think sponsored adds uninstall ground, probably the least offensive adds ever because they take a fucking of a second to go through agri. Whereas an add on tv, the most offensive you're watching those walking dead and their about to get act by zombies in it faced a black in its day You want your car to shine like new wave of smokers, fuckers of ruin. The entire mood of this awesome show to sell me some wax or whatever the fuck yourself. You had the artist. Took time to set a tone and feel so much better. If you watch on Itunes, it's crazy,
like, I remember when we were making the show the burn a couple years ago, a comedy central, Jeff Russia and I wrote and produce debt, and you know you It is the only show that I ever watched on tv, because I was always doing stand up and stuff, and I didn't even like have a tv and of its back like this like for five years ago. Anyway, but ever after every going into every commercial breaking. This comedy show that's a ten thirty at night. It was always a life alert commercial, straight into like I've fallen, and I need help I'm dying here. You know me and like who's, gonna save your grandma. If you dont have life alert and it's like that's like now act to your com. Experience like the worst type us, that's terrible. Its itself but we all know that from doing stand up or from going to the movies, you know if We got interrupted every fifteen minutes for commercially knob fuckin pissed you'd be at the end of that movie
problem with network television is the model of the using we interrupt, shows and and show these commercials it sucks its socks and you're stuck with it either. A figure out a whole new way to show ads, because people are done, and so there idea was what would just make adds more interesting. What does make adds more creative and they did that to a certain extent, but they still suck Then we want to see him. He they interact, even if it's the most awesome add ever its interrupting. Whether or not fuckin Rick is gonna get Jack by the zombies right, and that's that cable, that's even more fucked up. M c and in all of them film channel. I have seen all these different channels are. Cable did you do it they want like they have to do have to censor themselves to ensure or that they get the right ads. They self sensor just to get It's not like that. ABC Cbs Nbc, those are governed by the FCC, and so what
when you're on television you're not allowed swear you're not allowed to Israel, there's a law, but on cable national. Fuckin laws. That's why they say shit now else they see. Asshole leads a lotta shows they get real close to Saint fuck you. But you don't really say fuck you, but they get real close and did on cable deliveries? Why they don't do everything for nudity do ever they want his adds set. What HBO gets away with just Goin back wild no ads, but try getting people to pay for shit today. Give It will produce things a game of thrones if they don't have like specials, like Whitney coming special that are having a lot of original content, Amy Humours last special, a lot of original content or people get to seek it out, specifically the big time.
Fights whenever they have big time fights on each Pierre. If it's not that targeting people to pay today, yeah a really is I mean, but at the same time it sort of isn't like I feel like it heartfelt the middle of the country, I think, is making the transition now, but Netflix is up to oversee many five million subscribers there's something every day it's going up by million gear and HBO is, I think, like twenty five million households right now. Not me. I personally I run completely off of I have Netflix and I have HBO go and that its like if there's a sporting event on the tv than I have to go to a local. You know bar something a restaurant check it out. That's how I you don't want cable or satellite, or if I don't know I don't ever yet, and I believe that the only thing that might come on it's like a college football game or the? U Fc or something like that. You had not yet
see past now, like I mean I cut anymore, bill haven't looked back at all, unite with Lou plus in and you have. You have see upwards. Just that's all. You need a lot of people go in that direction. No, that's what they think the futures. They think the future is not gonna be television. Especially now that TVS hook up to html cables the hook up, two computers right away and allow tvs and our getting online legality out of the Box of online ability, and so they act small computer, so yields, go straight. I like MIKE my tv by itself, go straight to Youtube and go to Youtube like what the fuck you see through I tunes you do everything Itunes connected you, Netflix Apple Apple, tv, connected and Netflix You get a new one, yet idea. That's worth the upgrades when my favorite things average just being able to go Steve. Martin, hold up everything the steed Martin on. Did you talk to me? I just tell you so you know walking dead and it then click
walking Genesis available on Hulu or Itunes or Netflix, and it just takes. You write their google him. That's what puff daddy s Barnes worth do just as something walking dead, Farnsworth Disease does he have to massages feet and the end of a long day, a totally get the low. She might ok, but if it's Barnes Words Choice, Chile will save Barnes Worth was like live in Columbus network Tyre Factory nose like and then also in the sky came down. Go dude. I've been looking for guy care, my umbrella, a pay, a million dollars a year. If you go with me to Paris it's all over the world BBC twenty four hours a day, and you Beck and call, and you must be solved by feed the end of every night, I'd be like he built a gaunt millionaire and our entire factory pinky in. I think he's out of nothing in him and he's asking for that. I just I understand why you wanna have a girl, but because he would probably
start falconer and should interfere in his business and if she was hot, especially in around each other, all the time, the search one time should start complain about not can name DEC, these ties and under what's wrong? I mean it's not like a dog and have sexually gotta. Get these girls you finding acumen that you? What you want is a robot, and now you want to a replica of blue runner style, which we're gonna have to get to happen. The twenty years away, where twenty years away from going over someone's house never applicant, everybody's house and is going to have a chinese lady with a giant redeem It was tense and a waste. It doesn't seem to be possible for the size of our tents and ass. It's out of this world and she's. We cleaning up and you're, not gonna, monsieur if she's, really not gonna, be like. What's that is that a person, is this a person, or is that a replicant I'll pull you into the fucking kitchen and then explain
do you think, when aid, when we get close to that that they're going to first just let him into the world and tried to fool everybody disease. They can do it like a beta test and other too expensive, better tracking them. Nor do, I think, we'll know now, I think, will know when they develop one when they one to the point where it's almost like a person, we're gonna know, and it's gonna be terrifying when they sit that one down on television and we have a robot That is just as close Ngos. So what would you like to know? oh, my god. What have we done like what the fuck are? We there you have it. What what do we know about what this thing has done to protect itself? What do we know about what this thing is done to ensure that the idea, that it has will continue and in some other form and the most important question. How do you fuck it? Are you gonna build fuck it like you, I want no woman. It's is be able to have artificial skin. They there
artificial skin diverted developed, so they ve been able Philip skin in in, like a like some sort of an experiment where they re created a woman's bladder. These stems howls and they re created. Her bladder They create a new bladder and then they put it back into her body in an axis of functioning bladder, they're gonna do gonna be able to develop official skin. So when these are allow created skin, when these robots tat, you can fuck become like ease.
We accessible how much longer until women go extinct. How much longer until you go, we access how's your access like sixty years old. She dressed like the wife and three company- one, you know with MRS fairly sure, dress like earth squarely behind our an army of seven foot tall black eyes, giant Dixon, there's just stroking the shafts holiday Mademoiselle shuts that door. She was here, I just put it over there. She says that door back to work and they just fucking stuff are all day takes. Mr Ferber is money, and she invested in these gigantic bob sap. Look in May Dango warrior dues with giant ebony dicks at that there are. She comes to the door and I thank you. Mr Gps driver and the UK driver takes a looked down the hallway over her shoulder and Cecily gadgets. Stroking it stare at the window. Glowing eyes. Do you think
crazy, vibrating, rope, architects, oh yeah, why would they just? Why wouldn't vibrate, of course, always upon Chiu Ming switches on these fuckin bath, the whip like a whip Bush? Do you think it worth you'd have to clean the come out of it or if it were just re use that come for tears later you know like it was that advance were hit. His usual lives off come alive. I constantly we try to turn. You are sure, would love a good charging this morning from behind? Please put it in my palm oversensitive anymore. It now between and going. I can't believe with his camp leave tony hints of saying that women would go extinct. Someone made a perfect artificial woman. Did everything in a man wants nagging? Don't you want the nagging? I want a real woman yeah, because rural women don't have a mute button. Badge area mute and clean, alright I'll be back in a couple hours by then
well think about all the negative aspects of people right, jealousy and anger, and that lady fuckin their homicidal rage, smashing into that dude, car and and breakdowns windows thing about the negative aspects of being a person now think of all the positive specks other, the great things people do in their wonderful, you unit, nice and supportive and loving and friendly and caressing an affectionate and discovery of the bad stuff. Then you have this prayer person, maybe Barnes Worth, is a robot, and we just don't know. Maybe maybe he did it. A man of the Van possible that there's something super shady about the guy that holds an umbrella for unless they have always existed, I mean that's done the butler and Fuckin Batman. He never want to kick ass. He never like. Look I'm tired of this bullshit dude. You leave me get all his work and press hereafter tick
I don't even know me I'm down here. Inventing shit, no, it doesn't care. I want to know. Is this always been that guy right, there's always been the man servant role in those those television shows? I wonder if anybody's ever gone, the p ditties house and excellently left the door open and barns like me will be born. Barnes Worth the great you son of a bitch, I mean if you need Heinz groaning. The women, women rooms, bottlers or a weird thing right at man standing there with a low white tower is armed with his hand like upright in a very correct and proper posture good day. Sir. May I help you, Sir, like someone following around getting things Barnes worth. Please fix me a drink scotch too cubes of ice and turn the music up very low, and please call the door when you leave right away, sir! Come in take care of you. Imagine, Ghana, woman. Another Imagine also like
switching of rules would have like you with a really really wealthy guy, and you had me hide yourself. Barnes worth and barns worth did a wonder job, but Barnes Worth had ambitions of his own Barnes Worth left and he have to start as on business. That business was ultimately a gigantic success boy. It took off, but your business or the internet came along and got it and record companies. Swear making any my anymore. Those record stores on existing EU owned a chain of home and that's how you had Barnes Worth and they went under, but Barnes Worth he created Napster. Yeah Barnes were started Ball and Barnes was he figured out how to make money? Have you two bands and barns worth you know what administered, seven, mp3 ease stop putting that shit on eyes for Itunes cards worth worth. Hundreds of millions of dollars and Farnsworth wants to hire you to be as butler. That's that sounds like a great movie.
Yeah like face off trees trading phases People who have butlers would hate to be a butler, You have a butler, you never want to go back to being a butler. That would be diabolical? Once you have some dude who stands there like like a night in from the castle with little white, perfect, seed, older congestion on the roads tuxedo shirt, and I would love that the few times that I've gotten fly first class, I mean the having just having somebody come up once in a while. We like anything, I can get free anything at all. It's always just the gray. This feeling, I can't imagine, having a full time Barnes Worth they would. What good hate you their daisy, like David Spades, guy taser him had. I totally thing that favorites beta, Barnes Worth. Any taser contact them. What tacked on alleged! I wasn't there
allegedly taser them fuck them up? I was like case was in the news I think, to do. Just got enough Davidson that popular in getting a system which the milder version of a Barnes worth some to follow suit. I'll tell you when you're supposed to be somewhere, they misgiving skipper Cycle Skippy you guys. Remember Skippy from family ties now give me tat. He was on that showed Michael J Fox and then went from that in a stand up, and he, be like on the road and like places we were in the early early days I know it's hard like screen, did that for a while to derive from say out of the bell, the roast and one time we did. One of these rows of the now it was the roast of wrong Jeremy and I d screech, oh my god, it was so much fun. They haven T
completely out of his element, but it was so much fun like I told him now, When I watch episodes saved by the Bell, I think to myself: why can there be a school shooting back then too poor to sue too soon? I guess stabbed someone at night club in them Minnesota. Did. He stab Solana was involved in a stabbing I had heard about it. He was at a bar. Sunday was fuckin with his check. He pulled out his knife they talking to him like the day before that happens in my country. They have to that, have really what's he like. He's nice. I like him, like a good guy hammer he called the age you reach out to the now without Deroulede Jamie. Clearly too much arena, Tony's clear too much. We today yap
reach out to the screech, embody around that's funny. Last time I did podcast with you, we talked about pun. And I defended puns said people make up the only people that can't make puns like that funds are happy because everybody loves puns when their good and I've been getting like smashed in my twitter mentions in a great way like people send me like funny things that they thought of, and it's like my favorite now. People are like a this happened that crazy, pon, rightly bub upon they sent me the thing. That's funny, you love those those two. You were like little gifts, universe gives you and you know their cornick is, as you say in them, I see it. You you're smiles starts to tee. Up. As your saying my favorite thank fucker, so like cause they're, always in the moment, I always love stuff. That's like right. That, like just happen, only can last second fleeting
fleeting, so warm. This is special that comes out. This Friday is the one that you did at our world famous ice house calmly club yeah, our favorite spot or one of our favorite spots, so right next to all its play, the trailer trailer play the trailer little Somethin power Tony Hinge cliff entrepreneur. That's me, that's all! That's how it start this is out starts its one complete shot. The outcome of this is: what's really cool about it. You follow Tony from the outside, where smoking a further headliner spot in the parking out into the club and onstage. It never misses a beat. One continuous take no cuts, no added, but there is a copyright, their trailer for six. Each area aspirin like thirty six on the ground for getting rid of it, is you're fuckin slobs. Him then
because you're littering Stan. I had a fine. It's worth going to pick it up. I haven't used to be the cool guy, just shut charging, Josh Market, Hey Barnes worth if you gotta Columbines or where it hurts suborned. I have no idea why these guys call me bonds who have now. I was with somebody the other day and I was like who is your favorite comic tonight and had Josh on the show, and she goes oh Josh Martin was my favorite with Josh. Really you like touching goes to. He said rape with a double that was hilarious, he's always ultimately murdering I've been randomly Monday. Nights are weird I randomly once in a while just good to check in like ten p m whenever redoubled the podcast every time, and he now he's always on, because he just got done with our podcast. So he is a thing where he always get. To go on right when we're done so he goes down stairs and that's always, I always say hi to a few people know I'm in their he's during right now, Josh that, like has that is,
impediment when his eyes a nice guy, he followed Rogan. The secret show the other day like three hundred people, go up right after Rogan greatly delegate still alive they live out its release. You know what he's only been doing it, how long? No two and a half year there I fell in love with him. The first time that I saw him I was I was hosting that night and they were making like some little promo video for the comedy store, and it was the first time that I ever saw him on stage and I in that they did asked me to interview in the energy walk around and explain how potluck works, because they wanted to make room in a video for the comedy. So I think it's still on their website actually- and I talked to him
I've met him that night and he I go. What do you do for work because I'm a manager at a Mcdonald's like an hour an hour outside of LOS Angeles and, like you, have such an interesting look, and you sound so funny that if you get good at this, you are going to be on fucking stoppable. And I'm starting to see this fuckin like when the car starts to turn over and it's like getting up Romero homer. You, like you, there's a can engine and hear me seeing at every Monday and, like I said earlier, like there's nothing more fun than watching people that you know and the like, you're in you route for just fuckin start, were it and he's doing it right now. It's so cool, especially since he has such a defined style like he literally. You know. They say it takes ten years to find your voice, but he has his voice, like literally it's gonna is as long as he keeps doing it, and why showed no speech therapy so I see no way. I say you fix that you're crazy! Look at that! This was
literally. I think his first time at the comedy store bombing priority Otherwise we don't want from bomb, has no meaning No reason why that, but this is like it's time I got. Did you get if I can get in the game, brow and sure enough, he dared worthless, store, no yeah he's never any spin the producer of Kill Tony, I mean this guy fuckin hustles any tries to do his many spots as possible. He's gotten. You know like you, I ve them grow on and off stage, because, like he's still start arguments as people and on shit and is one of the guys you know like some, others we get a watch, em grow as a human, for some people just doing stand a comedy all of a sudden you're in a social setting. For the first time ever, won't you sit, can be a real bad seeing your struggle on a young man, you know. Look, I can't future lived in his car for awhile paid paid, do
for, while like over a year he lived in his car, we what time brine Moses on the way to the ice House had to p. I was, in the car and it is the most unbelievable thing ever Sir Josh's driving in the car that he sleeps and his house we're going to the ice House run these Friday night shows I'm sitting shotgun and are good o Brien Moses host a roast battle is in the back seat, and we get off this soon were it's like we're. Almost there were like five minutes away like a twenty five minute, Dr Right, all of a sudden Moses dislike fuck man, I gotta pee bad, like real bad, ah fuck, em p,
being an answer about? Why why? Why are you? Well, you, like, I can't stop it now. I'm pan and their allies passes himself complained. Nowhere Moses does that my colleague, Mr Funding is not available at a young age. How's, your cool, your! Could you you're cool you can handle this, but an But what, if I'm unbelievable about the story is? Who cares that he peered himself? What are the odds that Guy PETE himself but never peas himself? Ever? What are the odds? that he peed himself in the back seat of way.
This kid sleep now he has to no matter where he's staying has to put its feet on that, and I thought I d just given a few minutes, a warning. We could have done so quick, eleven god how great the story really always goes on the ice house right because they came right to the ice us and then brine, just as I just had to go, it just came out of nowhere. I just had to go later and you can tell it even here as it was happening I he's like yet this never happens Anna, what the fuck's on on! Well, that's it since when people poop themselves right that deck almost makes me,
sense, like sometimes people get diarrhoea. You like, oh god, like I remember just a couple weeks ago, I barely made it to the toilet in the same pans and my lower stomach, and I was climbing. I was going upstairs my starting to happen like oh, no. This is like a real battle, so our squeezing out, I'm not couldn't talk to anybody, and I can't I can't talk to me and I had a push pass. My kids and gives it shuts down he's gotta go ahead, I'll, be right about what they ask me questions and shared my sit down. I had a lock the door because they start viral singular fuck if you have to go there, but this isn't doesn't register with them like daddy. I ve talked about sums up. My cold and adjust were rushed out of you, like a horde of barbarians to swing in broad swords, pushing the enemy over the cliff. It wasn't saying how is coming out. I can't even imagine you must have like real man shits like I could never my little tiny dear drop.
It's come after me, restart now. Otto needs meat now has a different diet. I've been eat meat for a few weeks and I am pumped about it. I'm excited about it had a whole chicken breast. Yesterday, you were from being a vague in to being a carnivore now something sandwich for dinner last night, chicken breast for lunch. What was it? What pushed over the top is that besides, the marking of everyone around riotous is mostly that I wanted to have friends again, my dad I haven't. I didn't get to go back the youngsters rum from Fer a few years. I've just been Bob. I, but anyway I went into my dad's restaurant hands, a great italian restaurant, where I'm from a young stout and go to plug. Well, I actually shouldn programme de I talked about other stuff. I've got another packets anyway what
restaurant Applebee's? It's it's it's it's an independent, a great italian restaurant, but he looked at me so disappointed when he he goes our I. What do you want me to make for I M gone back, I'm gonna make something like it and I go whatever you want, I just don't eat meat and I don't eat dairy in the look he gave me like it was like. I could feel like emperor palpitation electricity that like out of nowhere near dislike. Oh my god, Thirty one years this guy's been my dad and I've, never gotten a look of Ike. He stopped and looked at me confess some sort of like turned his head like a dog like. Are you fucking kidding me so was daylight Sebastian totally that my dad's like please perfect harmony, we're at a barrier Sebastian and dice. That's my dad's gonna fleet, hybrid of those two guys are you kidding me So then there you quit,
he waited to pack? And yet this figure to dig up nobody out of all the years out of everything it spent? You know it's like five or six years of vegetarianism big somebody eat fish sets like Presbyterian, but I don't eat dairy. So it's weird anyway nobody's said my balls more about it. Then Brian Red Ban here and are very good friend PETE I hang out with them all the time, and so something happened up a burn I just sort of like after the few days have been back and be unlike. I wonder how good I dad's Dominum this if it positive that he made for me, was the most mine bending seafood past. I've ever had my life, but the recent both something about the look that he gave me in which its like do you have any idea? What you're missing out on you, fuckin idiot I'll, make you a safe. Past your face, looks fuller. Yeah, he's body looks Our two gets looks like you. Ve stopped this growth stunt like yeah, maybe like a bend in a garden holes in this open it up a nice time. Scene is but
We look as led by our new yellow, but show me about you area than you do seem or use. Are you really standing up to show your part by ten years later I was showing livening looking to see. How did you check? How can you be sure that aeroplanes that there's no way, I should think you see I little poof better than you lifting away through something? Oh yeah, every nerve, squats, now no squats, I just have a couple dumb bells work, shoulders and press Colonel you go to a trainer. I shall be a funny show you and Brian losing weight gangway, hardly any other in and out and call it in the house with creating a variety of ways, as I do that you're, it helps muscles recover, helps them grow and it helps them Team, water in some p
When you take too much of it, gives you colleagues puffy, look because you you will retain like a little bit more water apparently amount of my talk out cool, but it's a definitely been shown to be beneficial for gaining muscle, and it's all something that they measure. If you are over trained you you can have creates causing it can create two nein. I think it's a little bit of a different thing, but it's it's. Something that shows the damage of your muscles side of Europe, grossly over trained. You might have really high levels, this stuff and then like I don't know, the guy is a guy, I think was pulled out of a fight because of it They tested Emily tested really high. For this creating mean stuff fees, honesty, TIM, get powerful I know it's hard for me to remember, but in another organization outside the you see a long time ago, I remember at home but our creating works illegal to it. What what's your like? Energy
five, our energy before doing our work is that of how we accept. No, I'm so near annoyed with my because this thing, my tracks, your heart, be all times and it's like twelve milligrams, caffeine. If you look at five our energy drink, I think it's only a little over two hundred milligrams caffeine, its vitamin d, twelve, which is healthy for you, get some but some stimulation from that a lot of item and be twelve of butter, vitamin be twelve as water soluble because right, ruddy system in and out, it's not like you'd, have to take a gull, a giant amount of it for a long time have any negative effects. So using it as a stimulant are a potential energy source like that of fire drinks, fond of that for We think that the five our energy, if you could have a nice and flush Iraq, about. Oh yeah, why take gum? I take nice and I take flash nice and which makes my Skin tingle makes me in what can re read what I should really had happened before I went on this five, our energy, your brain, where I got five. Our energies reduce the greatest thing for a while. Maybe, like my tenth,
fifteenth won over like a couple months and is one of those hit man. Just like freaked me out, o you got a nice and fly. Ah, yes, do that's nothing compared to take the actual nice and we take actual. I say it's not span the feeling. The tinkling on your skin, like a freak, some people, it freaked me out what is a like it. It's a supplement. I like it because I know is. I have to kill me, but it's it. It's a you're, you're feeling the reaction of this nutrient likes. It makes your skin, like tingle and flush, the cop flash, nice and but it's an essential nutrient, really good for your body. A lot of people are low in it for sex imagine our shit. She s, son. Well, it's also that's what that that stuff, like gum nitrogen oxide, which a lot of people take like different pump up? scanners, those things they have a similar effect to Viagra and see Alice. They have a similar effect.
Didn't being like us somehow or another it in AIDS, the blood flow or stimulates the blood flow. My gum, a lot of those seen drugs are banned in the Olympics, like Viagra and south is banned in the Olympics, because it's actually form its financing supplement, not the judge you on your fucking, but today, your muscles itself, when the reason why you dick a tartar everything gets bigger. Like you, you get like harder we are your body like has more resources available for brief mountains determined enough to make it a legal, the Olympics, but interesting stuff. I wondered many sports were having a boner, actually helps you at the time. Like Jarrod, minor area wrestling the other guy arise where no death, its incidence
have you for taking sound biography socks when you're working out the because you can't control at when you're on, like the treadmill and Stasi, does have crazy bonus in all these go, get a tap homeboy down tat come down. I now have a type jammies under other age, Yegg everywhere in the box. In short, that you wear fuckin high sloppily gets inside, you think, there's a guy who disagree about those dirty girls. You know, there's a guy at the June list that muscle there's a guy picking has must like that crazy. I elder, but the like, but it's so ridiculous leg. It looks Ikey Pumps, the gentleman that denying weight it's so uncomfortable when he's around that do. Do you know about that started in this stuff called since Doyle, dad. I'm some crazy people shoot into their bodies to make it look like a giant muscles, but they dont really of giant muscles there. These oil swollen limbs that don't look real, so looks like they ve fake on their arms fig boobs on their shoulders, fake boobs in their boobs. There's a weird
as to where you can tell that the guy's not really strong, but here he's crazy, fake giant arms. Don't look real at all and drank giant traps like this is one this guy get a that's set in thought. It's what the guy looks like my Jim, it's scary, looking Anyone who like look at that guy that view that guy open. He would spell out like a bottle of olive oil. That's exactly what he looks like that, so creepy that these guys make there Tire lives around like the size of their body. Do the top right when we lead, is this guy Popeye's? Is me even looking at ridiculous? This amazing? Oh my god, look at his arms get its neck. Boob Well, that's all that simple because, like look, it is look at his chest. He doesn't make any sense. He has a built in neck pillar must be like thunder fly where there was another one. They just showed that the go we used to look like Photoshop face
guy. That's a real bodybuilder body that guy that's just steroids and lifting weights there is that you can tell the difference. When you see those Cynthia bodies is a video of one fund, the video, the Brazilian do this a brazilian do to get a shirt off unease dancing added it's so weird man you're looking at is TAT, move and his shoulders move and his biceps move and you'll like what Duff fuck is. Why did you crazy just like guy indirectly, a man, you don't know what you look like you, mine jets warped. Oh yeah body does Morpheus a hundred percent real people's their mind. It's warped and they just site, I'm not skinny enough, and they just keep starve themselves. There's nothing left that happens with people to get all kinds of crazy shit. Them Gc Amy document area, namely my house. I didn't want to launch it's another one, unbelievable house. Some will sit next to me. Maybe asean, we're on the plane. Was you Jamie we're watching it
As such, I looked over a little bit of, unlike our watch. This kid like happening Ray time, haven't all his talent and then turned to a junkie and fall pardon and alcohol odd. That just makes me sad suppressed while the main thing is that she had this morphine, she was totally believe like the entire time and its probably, basically, what sort of killed there is like her body was just on complete shut down. When you get to that point in her started swelling up like those crazy things that happen deepened Bolivia, goddamn as towards the end. She I blame you out. She added the whole time. It was like a huge part of everything. So it should always just throw up everything that she had, but amazing documentary, oh, my God, ruin hates. It starts with this there's like so much old video footage ever and it starts with her hanging out with their friends and their sing and happy birthday to one of their friends. There's like five girls. All hang out there, just like little girls like on hotel, Ivan or twelve
and they're all sing and happy birthday, and then she keeps going on this so low in your like. Oh my god, already like totally a star. She has that Amy Wine House Fuckin voice that just ills and now. I love it. Also the documentary cause. She was amazing, he has had pipes and she has that cool old blues, you fuck and big band, feel that just gets me pumped up in this slaughter, as I listened to a lot of ozone, big fan of hers, but she has is this like authenticity to a sound of her voice. Right totally totally stand alone. Almost there. If I got Ella Fitzgerald Tiber alike, have you ever heard of Re Montague Le Montague today says now, get you remember what a what he started. This fuckin guy rose at the commonest or she out of nowhere. She goes on we're, leaving everybody's leave in and she pulls in the parking lot. She's like you got here this fuckin song to Gaza. You gotta hear this guy, I go who and she was
sk? I mean Santa nowhere site this guy Re Montague and he's this song trot no, not trouble. It's not trouble. He's got this Sancho lean, civic, fine Joline, so. She she put is this song yeah there is Joline. That's like his is most famous one witty here. This motherfuckers voice, don't until you get everything in line because I don't want to. I don't wanna till I half play and then play again because this guy his voice. So It deserves to be uninterrupted. For the brief amount, Don't you alive version due to the studio versions? Did it studio version. Ok, I got this offer. You too, I'm pretty sure. Ok here, this rockwork so loud, just listen to
ok, so marked his thought, myself Tags lately my hands, they don't feel windstorm dust to want this fund roses street myself. In my hearing me, that's a bad mother, Fucker undeniable bad mother, father he's garlic,
that rod, Stuart Grass penis, but not like all the way, rod, stewards seizures him? Is him no, whenever its car raspy, but I wouldn't private anybody else. A rod Stuart get his own vibe gonna man, that's a crazy song to song about a junkie that just tell him his love, a man going straight like Gazette fuckin Rhine it out who, as a dark song since all too it is that I got it still alive or yeah he's told I mean just sort is on a junkie for real, not not normally an egg, I mean he actually might be, might become. Fuck diet, real. He said that the net and other thing about the aim eating is it's like yeah end Kurt Cobain them it's like what is that connection were like these freaky freaky, both vocal wise and they write their song flying. It makes you wonder, like a wiser, always like this crazy adverse effect on the other and Earl of Heroin, yeah, yeah or yeah.
While heroin has sort of connection till I, this deep moody pain, that a lot of blues singers and a lot of joy, as musicians and a lot of a lot of rock and roll stars figured out a way to tap into and find some resources Creativity in that realm, so destructive to your body, while you they're so so devastating the fact that you're a junkie to carry a health and sun, even necessarily, even primarily, the effects of here one but the side effects of the lifestyle of being a junkie that the lack of sleep and the terrible life and the terrible food food in just a chaos. You know. That's that's with cripples. Maula crushes him all this people that, like functional junkies, that exist for a long They can live for a long time weird, but will again be on our guard. It's not just the alcohol It's also the lifestyle that you'll live. This unhealthy lack of sleep, lack of recovery in Alaska,
nutrients is not just the alcohol. Is the fact that, because of your thrown all this out called down your shit hole or your your mouth, all you it's it's coming! It's it's affecting your whole body like. Does those decisions to drink that much booze that affects every? you do you're not gonna, get a drink that much booze and also eat like an incredibly in our new. Rich organic diet. Dire erewhon get fuckin salad bar you, ain't gonna do that you're drunk bell goes back and I think that a lot of these junkies they just give in to the fuckin sound, given the siren to give in to the song of the beast stakes it into veins and many things and there David. That's another thing with Amy is like you also see that she had this amazing voice. Her whole growing,
and she wanted to be musician, she's, doing good and was done good and gotten get new Gooden than she's? Then she started heroin and then it's like immediately. Even the documentary shows- and it's like I started doing heroin all of a sudden, a ghost in these tiny little jazz clubs delight amphitheatres to hold new songs. You know rehab the album back back to black or back and black, which is just all hats like out of this world rang and You made me wonder it's like wow. I just wish there was like a like some kind of moved. What's the word like fake system, are protein type or something that you could try. That would be like what would I right if I was on heroin, I think you get to peak
we should open up the present. You should all get together like a professional issue in any drugs with you. Some heroin ride the white snake. What melting pot with use problem? Forty five percent of the time anybody wanted you Harold, you that's ridiculous, you understand I always look at you. You never come to any of those mushroom trip, so let us see they're like it makes me think, like you know something about yourself, that you don't want a solemn and know how always you someone you know when I'm on mushrooms and stuff, I like hanging out not being retired and having like a bunch of people around me like I, I, like I like this You know one other person, you know either a girlfriend or like a best friend by nor I don't need twenty people getting in my like twenty different things like that, IRAN will not only that at least one of arms can I have a problem. Every time you have a group of six from People are doing mushrooms, one person free
They always freaking out become your problem. If you watch out, you know, I, like being quiet, not just become your problem, but there's some people that when you're on trips with them, they want to dedicate trip to their trip. They want to dedicate your trip to their trip. They want your trip to be about their trip. Dude, I'm seeing this and do this is happening dude. I'm feeling, as I hate I'm over here, doing my own thing man. I want to constantly be involved in your reporting of your trip, while I'm trip, and so what do you have Many people together conflict. You gotta, have, sure, but someone who knows are shut the fuck up right, that's a big part, and that's it credible? Is that that always As my mind is that's how it ends up happening when we take our little liking, the holiday that our ship fear started trim fast. So once a year we go out there in the middle of the beautiful desert. You wait until the moon said it's brightest of the year. The Superman It's always incredible. How quiet and beautiful it gets. These guys, like six seven vanilla
normally five six, seven comedians that spend every other night talking you see them, we all end up scattering it's not like we're sitting by a campfire anyting and you see little starry outlines of like. Oh, that's Ryan, Mirvis over there just standing there and you'd it is it's amazing how quiet that beautiful desert can be with these analyses, you almost feel like the power of it a little bit. It's a potent psychedelic drawer man, and if you use the right intention, if you have the right ideas, go into it and if you can handle it, you can get some wild thoughts out of it in their very beneficial, both dismiss people like in only people have done it does this. While I don't even like what he does he's done mushrooms, why would I do it? It's not disputable like that experience is not. Beautiful, its powerful. If its undeniably powerful I mean it might not be for you, I don't know you, it cares people of depression cures. People of addiction cares
of cigarette addiction cures. Alcohol addiction shares with its give gives you a chance to look at yourself in a way that you probably would never be able to get to without it and give it to you for short window. You get to see yourself you to see life to see intention We need to see the pass to get to see the present Need Cyril. Combined together. In some strange light of this, other worldly intelligence is weird like well mainly powerful new, thought process, that's going on your head or just overwhelmed, and you seeing things in the visualization. When you close your eyes spectacular, some are another two legal insane as the best part about it. It's a stupid The stupid thing to have illegal ever like this One thing that makes people better like we know it like it's John Hopkins University defaulting. They did a thing on me, There were dying people that have had dumb
Lee was personnel. That was a different one. They did one on p that are dying. They go. Them so Simon and significantly alleviated their stress levels. They did another one on people to John Hopkins. One was they had these people do who psychedelic experiment, psychedelic parents and then like over. Kate later there are still saying that their life significantly changed. F that experience a lot of Amr Sire lot of benefits a lot of these different things they made illegal nineteen. Seventy we just gotta face up to the facts we have fought by this. People who had Nixon in power lindens. And in those type of people that we shouldn't be held prisoner. These old ways of thinking total you know, but I think that law enforcement and that, as you know, a lot of people that control laws and have laws and plays a very reluctant to give up a law or to admit that all the arrests that they made were unjust. It opens up a giant bout bucks of of shit. You know my gloves:
and all these people are in jail for non violent drug crimes. Now those drugs or legal with affected. Those people in jail yeah, it's crazy. What Seattle, they're, letting people out there letting p. People that were in four pot and people. They were silent partner. They d drop in their cases out, one of them things to you know, it's crazy is like you haven't seen making a murder, but it's like I know the premises. In the premises that, like you, know what he was in prison for all those years, so maybe he did do this, and if he did do this, he did it because he learn these bad ways in prison. Yeah, which brings us back to the door. People is it's like they might go and be in a pot dealer and come out being a rapist murder because they jerked off for months to their bunk mates fantasy that he told them. Oh yeah, I tied dispatch than it was nosed fun. You know like wow. That sounds interesting. They get out and start doing crazy stuff, like that. We are
It knows that there's a lot of those things right I mean that's that did they the recidivism rate of these presences insane because- and I did this research on it when Jeff Frosted is present special for comedy. Syndrome it. I learned all about this. Stuff's Jeff had a really powerful thing about that that he didn't like him. It was in an interview or what it was. I tweet Africa when it was, but he was talking about like what he learned about the prison system and how hopeless it is for the people. Doc inside of it, and then you hear about things like that. Guy and Pennsylvania that judge that was sending these kids to juvenile detention centre. These kids up the river for like nothing because it was getting paid for it their guys. It he's in jail. Now but he was selling children to prisoner to prisons. Presence. Essentially that's what he's doing it was there. Scam he's being paid off continue to supply them with prisoners. So you taking these kids and just ruining their lives like ruined
was people's lives took people for minor offences, the she'll never done time, they just kids and just locked him up and fuck em over an end is kept of trapped and national terrified. B or fifteen sixteen year old kid they do Sonora kid shit, Nelson, railroad into this justice system and this guy who's corrupt, sends you detention get your away from your parents, but also in your life Dublin some Fuckin juvenile centre somewhere with a bunch of real life. Criminals. I thought man yeah, that's like insane! it does mean that all judges about right does mean all judges would do that, but fuck fuck got I've. Gotta come up with a better system young people, because it's almost like was summoned us I'm wrong, which is around him off, is right him off and sent him to this whole. And I'm in his cage, were shit, just gonna get away worse. If you, if you don't, should the get way worse. He EFTA found by the rules or you get stuff
into our concrete and metal box forever. Craziness, it's insane body do. What do you do with someone who is? I got lifelong criminal and is broken mentally ike. How do you fix that person? I think you put him in storm trooper type us, and just make em a soldier ship em around the country and Graham, under only be able to do certain things like Robin proper, yeah liking, Hobo cop, like several like these holding my fucking, you got to their just because yet Hoboken your head down, you use that are of a cop. I woke I wouldn't let me I wouldn't set myself opera hobo out, but.
What movie was that with a reprogramming people's minds or soldier right? That's it you or I might be I answer to that goal, and I thank you and the other guy, not just vandam, nor the guideline. Yes, thank you. Universal soldiers to shit that was a good movie turn them into that right! That's exactly that was look, that's totally possible, that's probably pass, but before they even figure. How do the robot thing, the private and how to program people's minds. Tat. No man scimitar time may mean yeah like Chocolate, vandam of longer and don't don t. We get laser design. It must be serious. So Larry's. What's up? Oh yeah, tiny Lester in the back and that's all areas, those movies refund.
I timey tiny lester at that same roast with that. That screech was that what let me see this. If someone came along, ok look would have. Somebody was in a motorcycle accident, essentially brain dead and some doctors came along said that they have the abyss. To turn this guy into a soldier robot needed for go fight for a country like you're you in here you know brother's dead Tony, but we and keep them alive and have him go defend his country? Let us send a moment. Afghanistan I mean might as well better. They have been buried right. He thinks he is now dead, poor devil. The comic doesn't think. Isn't that what is new like girl, superpowers assumption they gave him some sort about ass powers is Bay, is gonna die or keys given terminal, see. That's a comic book that I was never aware of either So when this one comes out, I am completely out of my Elam about either does a marvel, though right was a marble comic the goods from close for it did it pretty?
Melissa Movie that almost indian made. Then they made a really cool like trailer, some amid a fund trailer and the interest for it picked up. So they decided to make the movie what's the many dead poor, they made this vague Valentine's day. It's gonna tragic some people. True, love never dies Valentine's day calm style posters, environmental does taking full advantage. Yeah man can be interesting, we're going to have to work at this going to come a time where they can sort of re reanimate, a human body put an artificial brain and it might be the first thing to do before they go to artificial intelligence. Take some dude hit. His head, blown off at dead dog, starts still hanging on thawed out yet or not
Not thickened up the adage: keep a gaunt slaps robot had on their screw it down what Rebecca style. A pit crew then appear Pat, isn't funny. How Robocop, when you watch the movie back in the day, was like this is so never gonna happen right, but today you Well I'll bet. Take it. Probably do it debit, we're probably pretty close to being able come up with some artificial limbs that are more strong and more dynamic would then have to have some sort of a power source, Marietta Robocop while yet dealt outfit to the new. Woke up and ever saw really under the new outfit that you ve, just didn't is the new one. Did you watch the new one night I think that is the new. I met that dude, see. Why wise and have his hands covered? I'm a chop Sakhalin II initiative. We advocate your hands,
How come you? Your mouth is and covered either. She you write, the mouth needs identified the weak spots and want to have exposed mouthful mountain did you ever have exposed mounted guy's face. There's all phases re to be shot cuz, I'm assuming is a brain back there right. You got skin so that you know what shoots right to your eyeballs in your brain, so stupid like he's gotta your regular human mouth? But would you of that when everything else is predicted. The camp reject some server speaker on the outside. There's some. The veins and important arteries there on around the fact wouldn't causing any would not teeth showing it shortly. The cannon the Avenue one in Detroit to do. You know now what you like them?
where's. The put it don't happen today, it is no one seems to have seen this movie must have been a rubber flop output and you and I went to when you had it. He had been delivered it. You are sitting down and now you're defensive, I now etc. I actually went and saw the movie and I had a lot of popcorn during it. I was a robust, slop, comma rowboats, stop double dynamic between in house in here. Somebody grab a robot.
Before you get those expectations or to what do you want to hear about it? This is upon battling rose red, bad, just one to you. I was one to one to me: how why do you keep making this a gets? What do upon knew? How would you like me to react I'll, do whatever you are? I don't know like allow I love That's the upon laugh. When can you imagine crags apply on the aid and the whole cargoes every eyes?
Do you fuckin, manifested by air, for you wish for a god full? What you wish for young toning young tone is gonna, be with me Friday, night and land be with you in my special comes out and then salary. Ninety Tampa, you will already be a star about timing on stage a worthy have launch, people will know, and you will be doing all new material yeah. That's the beauty thank you, sir. You did this a few months back or how many months Margie Mark S without ok. If so, it's almost a year yeah, so and in that time you ve got a whole new, our I have a new year. Thirty three
five somewhere there it's ever changing. You know some too I've been realizing late, Anna yeah yeah. So it's wibblewobble. It's about you bout, some of it out the push, so I started going all new as soon as I taped it a lot of guys. I guess like start when, when it comes out yeah yeah, but like I I I was ready to move on anyone. Will you already knew also that the you're gonna try to get this on and you get ahead of the game right, Goin out about new I just did the fighter and the kid, and it actually came up like that And how are you doing on these stuff now, and I talked about how you know working with you, being you're one of the few guys in the whole game. That also you know I mean like generate not also you're one of the few comedians that does has like a new our ear to end like working with you, even though you never said to me personally, like you need to write more material like it naturally, I think, rubs off that you no word you gotta just keep going to plough and like it
and if you, if you can do it with an hour and a half or two hours after my half hour than I should be doing it with my half hour in our thoughts Not only do a lawyer sets longer sets on weekends, helps now, Lebanon time you can get in a half hour. I think it in half an hour said. You know that real problem with Ella is: if you're gonna do a spot in our programme, you fifteen minutes and when you get those fifteen minutes spots, most ugly you'll have room for one or two new ideas and you'll. Have you know I always try to bounds it out from doing new stuff? Unless I deal, I did stand upon the spot last night, which is obviously all add, lived, and I was really fun. But when you new stuff. You get a car like it's. To decide when to start the new stuff you open with the new stuff ordeal open with someone established, get the ball rolling and then introduce the new stuff. You now have a lot of time fuck around and I get a teen minutes dna also. You know I like did bounds in it. Once in a while of crowd work. You know it improvising stuff, onstage and die.
Said. That's also like mixed in two things are not nets, also, part of the reason why I shot this in one shot, because I just went with my gotten, unlike if things go the track. That's normally when I shine is like you, you see like sometimes when we do. Our shows that those big theatres like I'll do a thing where I'll roast people a group of people if they come in late, and I warn the crowd in the beginning like if somebody comes in late, I'm in a light em up our little secret, o Brien placed us, loves it, and I that you know just improvising at the moment. I love that pressure. I ll, unlike that feeling of, like you, know, like being a quarter back and you feel like that linebacker coming, but you still have to get rid of the Bali after just stay, calm and deliver, and did I think, part of the and why did it all in one shot is because I knew that if something which it den at all and I didn't end up, doing any crowd, work and a sort of was half planning like I was on the telling the line right before I went on, like you know, you know,
thing can happen. I knew that I only had one show which rare in itself when shooting a special to only have one show and one audience one camera and I was ready to die, crowd work, but I just sort of eel seem like the first fifteen Secondly, disorder, like here just saying hello, And then I go round cereal and invest I'm get into it. You you know it like a regular show right here. I ended up just on material and sort of state on track, there's a part where I gotta know like thirty five forty minutes centre, something my throat goes completely dry, which, like never happens but like I was like sort of like choked up a little bit, may take a sip of my, water that setting their Naomi. Comedians do most comedians, take a similar drink when they're getting a huge applause break. This is it
special special than they just giggled, because they all know they gonna take a leak, I'm so sorry to interrupt. You would have been holding a sin for while some strange reason, Sir Brian talked him turning, while normally you bust. My balls when I d Ha Brian story, It was good that that doing the wench- I did you after you, it was done. Did you think like? Oh? I wish I could have done that different this differently or anything that you kind of wish now looking at it that you did different other gathered, Of course I mean. Naturally, you know. After doing that, I mean there's always like you know things there. Change or different like, for example, like I close with the Euro even in March, She had a different version of the cause, be that I do now, but it totally different Joe entirely you're, like the bill cause these innocent. I know it's true
What sort of your nose, because now in might cause be joke now, has everything to do with how he admitted to giving girls Quae lutes our rape them and the Cosby joke that on one shot. Just cover is the fact that, like basically it's these little white girls that hooked up with the rich black man for the first time and they just felt dizzy because re his dick was so good so just ruin. The ending is at a is at a real curl. Mp show the camera like Everley hair. What this one it looks like it's like a tightly curl narrowly and happened some time to give a bow. Now, it's it might curly Italian here some time. Remember when I had long hair, yes right over there, for my apologies does close one interfere with mobility. For our conversation, who made his brain story, turning to the sea. So just let it go yet. Now that's not a good idea,
magic become inherent smells like piss, everyday asparagus, piss have you repeat herself for sure who hasn't I mean and then had to wear your pants for like a lot of car once in nay, like mountain, do bought or something like that, like whatever her like some sort of soda bottom pistol, my fire. It's really hard to do, because you don't realize that you need to have enough extra air like around it, or else it sprays back at you. I've done that Raillery bottles, good gaiety, yeah, it's very good, the greater aids like other ones. You have to also used to hands because you want to hold your dick over the whole and you want to hold the bottle, and you can't do that way. You drive and are you trying to like get your dick in between? two fingers and then use like you're ring finger and your some kind of hold the bottle while you're squeezing your dick through and don't let your balls in either just keep those out you're doing it. There's no reason proposing. Well you,
can I? How did you ve been out of all? Is that no one miles around human moonshine jogging? Your truck? that's how you died, you hit a bomb in the moonshine jar broke and cut a vital artery only a car. You turn a peasant, the mountain. Is a dangerous bottle. The pay and cause its green so may have forgotten that you know european in its true. That would be you just where those fuckin, whereas it picks up bottles and the floor of your your car industry, drinkin warm liquid I know this guy who would take a mountain, do bottle mountains, or ginger ale, any one of those green. Ass? The policy would fill it up with booze a drink it. All day, long using a serious, serious Iraq that work, within this construction site. When I was a kid, was weird man who just drink all day. It scared me me watching them, because this guy, who just drink this stuff all day, was I going to dare to enter the job, and I realise that it was booze talking to people that it was a huge malt liquor into all day all day just drink em
in any lived in this house to house, had no electricity, the windows were out like we're work, and I we renovating this house and he lived in it while we're renovating was real weird and he was like a construction guy. He worked He worked with the guy who owned the construction company. That was renovating the house and I'm pretty sure, as harms foggy two remarks, other teenager, but I'm pretty sure the guy who was renovating the house, also owned. It was like fixing it up, and so this guy living in it at the time when it was like got it out. Raw word, no insulation. Some windows are missing. Just on some of the four was missing scoured just get. We stayed all day just drank and shake hands would shake any us. Hammer, nails and shut his hands were shaken. Carrying things out was ceased. He he was just deep in the web of addiction.
Yeah. Just see anybody like that when you're young, it is Europe in a rough narrowed right. I am actually very close to somebody who's who made my eldest brother became slowly over time, a big alcoholic and he's been three months sober. Now. Is a miracle like it's unbelievable and because it like he was never going to stop and when he opt drinking. He was shaking so uncontrollably that he had digit. He couldn't even walk. You just fall down and he's a strong guy. This is a guy who, like I remember, going too His speech with them, when I came in, visited just to check, this place. I when I was eighteen to visit our other brother. We me and my other me and my brother, The visit our brother that lived here and they played Basque, while in Venice Beach, and they were, does bawling all over everybody. Like he's an amazing athlete in this, in what he was doing any was drinkin yeah.
But my name is John Adams. Drinking at night, not like during the may mean here they were namely data with so much booze that his body, which is completely hooked on totally in everyday, I gave them every single day and night, because he was a professional bartender and in Colombia saw Columbus. Ohio even has a big drinking culture like huge drinking culture programme, does huge end he was like at the helm of it he's like the head bar tender, it all the best places and Columbus over the past twenty years or whatever, and that even the Columbus as a culture for, but also, I don't think. A lot of people know that the restaurant industry has a real real, real culture. For it, everybody that works in fine dining restaurants goes out and gets shit faced every like meaning. Ninety percent of the people, we should take care of people all the time you need to get fucked up. You need it neither go get treated, they walk in a shot, beer shot beer and that's a big thing. We restaurant workers, refugee chefs, waitresses, oh yeah, Barton, huge culture of it and
your Barnes worth, has to get liquor it up once in a while. You know I mean Farnsworth privileges, estrogen, the ousted locked the door, and this takes us. Two shots drinks it, but you gotta watch me. You know physically powerful brother will not watch, but I heard about it because he's in Colombia system here but does dark, but luckily his ease I'm really good three months sober which he ain't. If you would have told me three months ago that he had actually stop drinking but said that's very hard to do I, of mushrooms were legal and if they had real treatment centres, how many people would be cured of diseases like that? I won't say: diseases addictions like that, how many people would be cured of allotted to things that they ve been struggling with psychologically if they can use. I begin here in Amerika which is a super effective in Mexico in a lot of other countries, where its legal with visa for treatment for addictive diseases supposed to be in Colorado ball for working people off of pills and opiates Roy
literally re programmes. Your addictive tendencies in your system sow aside, Faileth Molly, mowing yapping Molly relay they so that two about PTSD for soldiers that Molly's giant for that the government pay Four tests on seller Cyber like Carnegie or Harvard or more now are some stuff in the air they kept finding that it cured chronic depression on people that, like they had given up. In just said, it's for life, you're gonna, be depressed for life and programmes totally see Y yeah programs, you perhaps apps it's like a shower free or brain like when everything is just too cluttered endure. It's the only real analogy that I think is effective for mushrooms. It's like a brain shower,
this thing that I absolutely love that I found out about a couple years ago, called Nettie part. You know about their me run yet our modern, through your nasal passage and it's the same thing like I think to myself every time I do like. I can't believe people. I know about this because you know the squeeze one yeah, that's it. I had ass the real one, that's what I have for you blasted up there. Oh my god, be allowed to it's crazy son, a member. I asked you don't wanna, have my nose operation when I had my nose, chewed open, I had a really bad scar tissue inside my nose and have deviated settlement aloud. Our tissue is like it comes calcified because if you ve been hit the nose a few times, it bleeds inside your nose. It's like cauliflower ear, but inside your nose. Cut away, all these different tissue and open up this passage and then clean and I used to use water pick. So it's scored. The water pick up one nostril we poor now the other nostrils and how it below these fuckin titanic burgers. They looked like therefrom. Another planet there were giant covered in blood and they would like the size of a thing like that
MT. I would treasure them. I believe but I see that I was like in your dick. Take back in the day or night showed its job. I opened up the napkin form to Tom Cigar anyone thinking. He started wretched, we're in the airport. Let's forget it, I got dude, I just improved the most insane, but rather my nose? If you want to see those high, ok up, but it up- and it's like this- it's like rubber summit glue, so as you pull the pages I this to the bigger, was so big that it just didn't you Will you come out of a human did, make any sense immediately, have you have get that done. No folks, if you find a good doctor, I know some people that bad France's with a doktor, did really know don't. I was alive change for me to get my
those cleaned up, so I could breathe Nedda. Had I mean you know you gotta? They re going to make sure that the packet in use distilled water and warm it up, and they mean it's one of those things store when I do it. Unlike o tonight, it's gonna be a good night. If you have a broken knows, are still not gonna work, If someone know yeah, then you need to get that operation. If you have deviated symptoms, you can't really cool. Like two yoga correctly without breathing through knows Let me from doing yoga law because they would tell me you have to be that he knows might have. One doesn't does exist? I could smell a few things, but it's just jacket, there are so many parts when the worked just because when I worked but now that is in works. Awesome, salt. Water too, because poor those little salt, packets and ordered shaken up. It's my favorite dear find yourself. Do you bend over to tie issues? Shoes like
an hour later and some water leaks out. You knows little that where the fuck was, I water hide in the corner of a whole. My head merely store and water like I've been too return my shoes animals like? Why is the czech drip drip drip drip, drip, drip drip? You haven't enemy during that sat like just one little drop, but that's that last night, without Ladys, like no trumps, never going to erode came out of nowhere like blue and, unlike what is salty, I this grab someone like that and take him out of the room. You can't interrupt the show it that so stupid. Because it's one person, the Irvine impressed five and our people since one person deciding that in five people, I'm sure a giant percentage of more laughing and other bits, hilarious area. If there is insane That's why like people were booing her before I even said what Your problem, lady, like it was just can't, have to deal with that people don't get it. They look at you wanna go he just talking right. There
Oh man he's going to make people in this room vote for tromp, it's like no lady you're, the only one, that's not realizing the euro. The professional show right now what, namely, that how but a week is your Canada, were comedian to talk you out of it and those who is right for these poor people. Bernie Sanders an old loser right, I'll trumps right here, Tromp really wants to be president seems, like he's gonna, be I'm abortion I will, and people like you wrong, you're wrong his way out ahead on the republic inside and me people are willing to vote Republican now than before. A bottle was in office. There's a lot of people that have like strengthen their resolve against liberals and against the laughed and against the Democratic party. Its high will, if he just if you Changes is tune on a few things. I think again, no Athenians the changes tune. He sang stuff that I think a lot of people are,
Cancun. That's what my alien boat all night guy that's bugger up. There was a burger. It. Looked like a cockroach nestor, something Aer Lingus. So look at my hair looks like one of the planet's from star. Does look in my hand, hair between the think eager to get it does that's a kind about inflated picture. They could see how big it wasn't like that is like a real Berger that when I was little dry, you wanna came out. Maybe, if a minute or two before those little larger, if we look at the other day and you're like pushing your kids- are your way and everything do you remember what you ate, or what kind of guy doesn't want to meet Tommy gag? Does that everyone and made Tommy gag guy? He was a picnic sectors. I took a photo of it in the bathroom when I put an inaccurate and brought it to me what really is that something else? What did you,
you just ask what made that crazy shit that you're talking about we're, like Mozilla Oil, pretty sure I had too much empty t oil if you put too much empty oil in a Caille shake or protein shaker sunlight that occasionally there's like a tipping point out an eye comedy copses. I should probably figure out. What's the benefits we'll dosages? Adding cap falls- and I might have added an extra cap for and I might have drink in much more than I usually drank, and whatever was the fucking click, this the seer snapped and the fucking open enzymes there. It's funny eggs kit when you're fired
girls. Don't wanna hear nothing. You can't say that house is on fire, but daddy. I can't find my toy like whatever their deal with, is like so critically important like I gotta give companies should Andrea, only shit, your faces where my asses stop it like. I was with all my bite. My might. I was tightening up like a massive crown, as least squat you ve ever done in your life counts for my work to collapse when also own. I know north and make it there was that man was a communist should at least a little bit in my pants Mabel prisoners out for use. A few hostages outline renegotiate. What I get to the bathroom, I managed to keep together this right to the point where large paw you just here might Goldberg Voice at all or empty. Oil, though, will make you shoot yourself. Well, you have to be careful. You have too much of it. Definitely just loops up the old pipes and just really
since the hounds, but is probably a good thing because once again through, like a blast, our boy feel great. I've been taking healthier poops than ever lately. With this new meat in flux, my party is just loving it. It they're so solid that every time now, every time I take a poop, you know when the wind do you get the splash Tom Biomed, permit a hundred percent. I get. I met one hundred percent slash back now of using aspect of your very like had your by all open up enough just after it splashes low teardrop inside, but I have the feeling that our little bit comes out later. We are tired. She is, do you still vegetables, always still literally totally. I'm definitely look different, not bullshit. Your face looks filthy and I haven't even had breakfast or lunch today you are in a car. Like your face looks thicker earlier. I feel better figures for an hour, so angry.
The course he just didn't follow the right. You didn't have enough keen long. Your diet, what about Avocado about all avoid old military virgin? It's been. It's been a lot of fun. They get back. I love food you, John Food. Will you guys want to forget to chart the three broke? A cherry. Anxious debts meet lovers, Paradise. I've been never get a child a couple times with you. Without eating meat, Sally, largely salad, bought amazing. You could easily fill up and saw a bar with no fuckin meet whatsoever to great restaurant those brazilians naughty, eat man. The two Korea is their amazing that the If you don't know what it is this forward, a child Texas De Brazil does the chains, but there's a bunch of like independent. You ask areas in a brazilian style, would you what it is? You have a chip and once is green in the exercise, red and green. They come over with these trade
of meets like us, sausages and chicken wrapped in bed again and Philemon Yarn and canned pecan yeah, which is like top sirloin, which is like the best one. That's the best hide that when all the time they just so many people want it and supplies used, we used to go to that was called, become yeah where's that elevating passively, no no Burbank Burbank is there a poison Burbank all began, you was a thing, is in Burma, I think these are placing our bank all become yet, but I say it is the same style of food, it's fuckin, so good gas, or they come over with these these pitchforks with meet on Omni skewering with meat automatic supplies it off yeah, that's the one, the Rhine I obeyed hide it, but I've like me. You gonna go least once it's. It's so good, though they figured out the right way to based it in front of open fire, now they slowly cook it so good
some like a real estate would come over a slice pieces on the outside they put on your plate, and then they go back cooking and again they based. Again with their whatever they have that it's like a sob in some sort of an oil to it and bread. Thirteen days. You bet you love your lot. Radio issue stake. When you came to the Conniston Villona Roxana yeah. I could clear They see it. You were glowing the other day. I even went home and mention to my girlfriend, unlike Brian, looked good today, well you're insider. She goes shows. What do you mean? I go he's been working out for like twenty four hours in the art. He looks better. That's it goes that's impossible. I go now. I just think Brian was so unhealthy, literally a dozen poison himself like a few hours. You start to turn him top quality or something is great It is doing so much good shit. Now you taken carry self here you're, honest, like kick! That's lasted through the entire month of December or January rather you'd be doing your podcast.
Like so much good shit awesome toss a man yet because of their lives. Germany Ramsay, you feel What's that mean for me? What does that mean? Zag good fucked, no, it doesn't matter is laughing to cover. I don't know what Kosis I'm a good Joker now from back their joking. Further I made of Tony that's crazy. Everything that voting like one of my dreams is. I want to play the rule, not onstage yeah what I really want to be like. The next joker I think, Hey Nick, also Nicholson. It is amazing, and I think what does he Fletcher did is great and I'd love to eventually get to the point. Where down the road. I could be like a young joker,
totally passport special they keep. Making more bands- and I think like especially if I keep growing, is up- popular comedian. I think it's like a cool twists, like you know, anymore oh hires actual comedian to put a joker yeah, who matter who better with his Indiana comedian, Turkish I'll. Look at you insult comic, feel it turned evil yeah. Do you your porn for that room? die first before Jesus come on Brian. If you break you would I feel so good in this bog. What happens we're going back about omens now, Tony, always felt like you, you're gonna die young and step a euro toggle. I'd like your notes on me over there. What are you doing? Checking your fuckin Wikipedia is brain made that point the more like zombie. That is our motto joker than that's? Not the bulgarian lentils, Joker Brief
the area so he's a Joker and Suicides Claudia another one. They got he got ripped for that. Why? Because the jail there's a bad mother fucker the jokers the best bad guy of all time, while he report, and then you gotta, look that because because the jokers a bad mother, Father, like normal levels, are bad mother, Fucker as an actor totally common, but there's a thing we're like. He shows himself working out in a Superman, or something anyway, ass, a problem that people just look for shit to comply Now it's gets a good thing. Well, it's amazing, like he's Ionia pumped well, that totally the? U turning totally rushing now you're new diet, any lifting tush we're Connachar that what is that a real car Pontiac seem Jamie See there probably introduce some new car they do that.
Sometimes when I click on it, Missus are inaccurate. Insects. Now that's a Jaguar rent, but is it does not say so cool to urge you? What is it of aid or a vader the debate is a real, ok, some kind ever heard of her so neat tunnel. Click start to make some minor Bowen. Thank you knew. Reveal tyrants, Vader YO. You knew illegal. Maybe maybe etonian Corvette guidelines I once no backseat, sorry sire, you friends can come. I want one so bad, but I have to be mark now, look at you look a little bit we still Friday can you. Thirteen I want to spend on. You knew no special comes out the outset when it is the thirty month. Is that what is left of team for two days away? How did I get it wrong both times by three eighty thirteen one fifteen, two thousand schoolyard by two economic count.
A lot of cool guest appearances in it like Joey, Diaz. Things me onstage and Brian Red Ban. I high five does he goes in and goes up after me, while check drop happens and suddenly there was a real show right and do you want some did you feel more comfortable because it was at the ice ass place? You performed doubtless Oh yeah, about a violation that home three weeks out when I booked it would, by the way super huge shut up for the ice house on solving over there are two weeks out goes. He is too weak Before I shot the sagoths, hey you wanna headline the ICE House, the Saturday, seven thirty. I go yes and quick question and would you mind if I taped it with one camera in an attempt to shoot a special niggers? Absolutely that be awesome. I o o. Guy like the rest is like history. Was there that night? In fact, we have fun vague about that
that, if you noticed when we saw the trailer there was one guy that sort of like walked off, that's Sean, which I think is so cool. It's like a perfect little tiny. Any tiny cameo. You have developed a really paused at the right moment to SAM that's halls and he was so responsible for it happening and what was the quite oh yeah in comfortable the eye. Thousands, with the two weeks notice that I had, I literally I'm not even kidding our exaggerating in my dreams at night was like envisioning I'd like you know, it would be a night. Air or a great dream depending on like, but I was like picture and during the day of his picturing it, and where I wanted the steady cam to be because you know Ben Wolf. Send my really good friend, amazing director directed the beginning of our issue. Fear special deaf and dumb trip tank on com. Central. But, like you know, It was my idea. Shooting at all in one shot, is a greater Titus as a great weight, also to capitalize on small club
why I knew I had to do something special, the really stand out in I mean I don't have you no tv fame. Or anything like that. So many you know now. Works and everything looks. You really think that invasion of you it based on the act. He shot in one shot. I think more Naples legs. I think that's why they got it. I don't think they're, like you know, let's, let's this nobody out of nowhere and non stop you're funny. You stop that's bullshit! You got it anyway. If you did that thing, the Irvine Improv you, you would still sold Netflix your very funny you're, very funny. You dont grain of heat behind. You have heap you any connected to a network of other comedians that have heap behind like that's another. They I'm so honoured to be up there with cigarettes. In Vienna, Hooja, whose came out two weeks ago in his amazing and ivory about its immerse, whole fuckin national persona changed. My people really became aware of who bear is paper was always like peeking. He was always like rap
are becoming more more famous every year, but once Netflix Special came out- and it was probably is best special today- he just smashed it and then became guys so that masses were garden and that's that's that easily can happily could have been a security cigars. New special is even better than other one fuckin smashing here right now is killing. It does its the best platform four comedy. It's an amazing time that we live in anywhere like that can happen. Guy, that's never the tonight Show- or I've never done stand up on tv at all, I'm starting first time ever in the public Netflix hours, yeah yeah, we think about security. Same thing doesn't like tv credits right these sound out the ears over and over again, then they keep adding shows to his comedy works that we tabled Sebastian shows Thursday. Two shows Friday. Three show Saturday, they just added a midnight for him. This Denmark comedy works too may selling out comedy works, looting, monster was amazed when he's a blue jet, like world class, national headliner right now, and
it's all from you know, working and grinding end doing specials on the internet. It's amazing yeah end from podcasting. You know get connected to people through podcast, huge, his podcast to him and his wife, your mom's house. They have this tour. They do on a road within its it's a whole of its own, like they have all these little. Like things, people look or to like Tom or Black, like the play Tom or black, though I have little games. They play in brain and I do the road like it when we, when we go to ones that we drive to like about the San Diego or a phoenix or Sand Fran Sacramento, which is The majority of the places that we do go, that's the
podcast that we listen to and we'd fucking crack up to areas where you just laugh and laugh and laugh. It's the funniest podcast, it's the only podcast that I really was really last when I did with Tom last Prague Castle. There were times when the best ones River did was fucking unawares, like the entire time, which is laughing gagging and slap on the table for three hours. Is me and him like a crime, each other up, he's such a great guy. He really is, and he yet now he's just the best. He gave me a call yesterday and gave me some cool advice and Justice- a great great guy in here in that, because you know this flex thing is also like a different path. Its debts unchartered tear rain he's help me out being like a cool big brother. That's all to me is this whole thing happens and unfolds. I couldn't be luckier worse, lucky that something like Netflix exists, because if you do
the special on anything else like say: if you do in HBO Special, they ere it whenever they are at their mightier at once in one area twice, they mightier at a few other times mightier. Randomly three o clock in the morning on some special night, but with Netflix Always there you just press start if peace press play, that's the secret that everything with their amazing algorithms need that people that would like it is urgent. Get a shot at the everybody has a different screen. They turned there's on based on what they watched and if they liked it, if they rated at an even if you don't rate things still knows you that their algorithm is like world world world class thrilling and so that the more that people would like you eat the closer you're gonna get to their front page. Yeah. You know they were there. I didn't notice the ratings on Netflix movies, like if it says four stars and whenever that's not act,
the rating or the mood is what they think you would say. The rating is so my yes. If there is one we were watching their data like how's, it half a star that maybe sucks so Babbitt's really has a half a star. Our way, that's tat! If you look at somebody else's obiang, three stars in we'll yeah, I didn't know that. That's bizarre, really bizarre that doesn't seem like that. Doesn't seem kosher right rain. I get star system should be kind of what people think. Maybe they wanted to that to avoid legged disgruntled pursing like giving it like a really bad reviews under a bunch, different fake names or the opposite like maybe a company like is designed with theirs, now before were or someone put on independent film and then some hacked into the Itunes comments, action and that's all overwhelmingly positive, like fake reviews of this terrible fuckin movie, and then someone in the comments opposed these paid review. This is now real movies. Fucking terrible I've seen them mitya. Maybe that's what
Extra avoid write to me as pretty guilty allowed in general. I think it's like there's some hard tart need. A common system. People on Hackett in people active, hacked Itunes ratings, have figured out how to get the higher ratings and pretend they have more downloads, have like multiple different, like their services that are like download your shit. Just like you, use up your ratings and an ad comments and L A the algorithms at someone like Itunes has thoroughly easier to manipulate, because their basis downloads their based. Comments and the based on new people, so if you have a bunch of new people sign up, and then they leave a comment and they download it. It'll jump you up in the room, scan interesting others, but I guess you can sign up for I too, and so many times right. That's probably have they avoid, and a hazard public name on their it's like. Even if your account you don't want to be like this
six and then have your own name on their yeah yeah, that's true. Maybe Itunes is the right way, but it seems like the right way, I don't know man, I've dont think designing, like Netflix might have a point There are, though, like in your circle of people that you like one of those people, think it was star wise verses. In the circle of like seven year old people that live in nursing homes, what they think of Bobbin Dave's new show no fuck me,
but that does not stop talking algorithm algorithms card was wrapped up on Friday. Tony hinged group will be with me in it Lancer in hot Lana at the tabernacle. The shit is sold out. If you did not get tickets, so sorry we'll be back, but that night Tony's one shot will appear magically on Netflix. In your cue, that's q, you downloaded enjoy let a motherfucker, no one shot wash I've stars. Five gives a bit faster and then we'll be in Tampa on Saturday night and then will be at the. U have c on Sunday excited about Alan, that's a big one world championship, Dominic cruisers teach ideal Charlotte Catch, it should be off the hook and a good end of the week and for us you know how to cut the great chosen an add on their bright red ban, whose you guess this week
finalizing it but I'll. Let you announce its incognita ashen gentlemen. We keep it on the deal until we release, but you do and private re using every Friday of have to episodes. One was saint, Francis and sovereign in one with M C Crest and Christian mingle, it's called what brine and do its on Itunes. Subscribe rate in review. Help me out boom in January twenty second and twenty I threw the twenty fourth me and George presently at the Braer Improv Boom, all tat, beautiful, that's death squad TV can get information that
Tony is every Monday pretty much every Monday store. We have our biggest one ever this Monday, the like the one that everybody asking for lots of biggest one. I am not cutting down on said because we're gonna announced on the guy is cast tell our miser. That is our tomorrow afternoon and also real quick Carolines them headline in New York City for the four I've ever visionary had been six a week after we did the Beacon Theatre together, Carolines on Broad Beth and six help me out of New York City. I now filled those and a beacon Peters, I think so that it was not all that. Basically, so almost so, if you think it about get tickets, jump on that that's the end of the month. You fuckers thanks everybody, much love, but by big cast our
Thank you. Everybody thanks are tuned into the pot gas in thanking to our sponsors. Thank you, too, audible, the leading provider of audio books on the internet. Ladies and gentlemen, gotta audible, dot com forts last Joe, and get a free, thirty day trial, who we thanks. So to zip recruiter out yeah. That's right, go to zipper, or dot Tom forts, lash Rogan and tries it recruited for free with one click postal over a hundred job sites and find the quality candidate you're. Looking for zipper, critical call for such work, You also to honour, go to an end. I t use the code word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements. That's it if Sweden, that thanks so much one times great time this week with podcast. Thank you to all the guests. Had a fantastic fuckin
talk to them enormous units with much love Bobby,
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