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#748 - Jenny Johnson

2016-01-19 | 🔗
Jenny Johnson is a comedian and writer, known for her Twitter feed where she's gained over 400k followers.https://twitter.com/jennyjohnsonhi5
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following that now has a majority that the number and here we see how she got she has four hundred and ten thousand twitter followers she's our famous she's demi is all from just heard tweet funny shed and people responded to it i don't want to was things about the internet that someone can do that also do is provide this be humorous twitter feed and she gets this gigantic far why and she just coursework i really enjoyed talking to her very spray funny very smart very cold so without further ado communist ups keep saying that ladys and fuckin whoever please welcome jenny johnson will gain experience and we're alive with jenny johnson high five what's up for sale it's fantastic twitter name thank you how to get that began
jenny johnson was taken and i had to get clever i like high five you must go there but i can't help wondering what i have heard people that have told me i was at you or your megan fauna peopled aids me open now let me ask me that had been set on line as it what do you mean with hiv in the number the roman numerals be so like i was be janni hiv flush of work now i do a lot of stupid shit i know that some areas so someone and more than one i have been asked by several people like online or in person not on iceland's high fives like that was it now be brought it up is probably going to be like some post written about it in a conspiracy will get form nea that i like that that's what you're trying to do right that's the type of things like like really wacky
they believe in the illuminati would start to say now that these five is actually the visa riot jenny johnson hiv really heart i'm like me my birthday is made to number five i was just you kind of doing it through that a little bit too like a high five number v i actually had it had nothing to do with anything whenever the name jenny johnson was just taken you so defensive i still believe that may be cut them problems is full blown zis is hiv even the disease anymore i mean there's but nobody dies of a knife right now it's gonna whooping cough for something as you know we were kids god you do remember the moment when the madrid a few moments where our member eloquent sam kennison died you know like things on those lines when he found out that someone is dying but when i heard that magic johnson had hiv i was in the car with my girlfriend edward aware will in boston we're drive and we're both like holy shit it was like
beginning of like the walking day and people start to get secular oh no pay our pockets on it is magic johnson of our people adjutants famous i didn't want to kill me too is easy he died of aids and that was also like well i'd just he didn't see eleven coming like i guess i i think i just zoomed maybe it was all in new york is guys i guess a good is it kid you know that's i didn't know any better all in new york that's funny one new york i dont know why because every time free seen every siena like you everything you saw the news that it was always come from new york because there were too lazy to get out the rest of the world right that's what you would see him like oh how does this happen those two we one there was a weird one like easy ii was the weirdest one because like what was he doing like what's he doing venus drugs was he having protected i believe of younger sacks no is just such a lot axiom that it was with a lot of
some of the unquestionable girls that had use it right but tommy we not of aids then how does like this not a piece of hepatitis he's doesn't but doesn't have that from heroin allegedly after all doing but well how dare you started what didn't mean is never charlie sheen thing troezene was blown some guy that would smoking crack and there's a video is not allegedly sale area did but not enough it was real i use language charlie she goes on male hours and it wasn't like magic johnson spill where it was like it i'm gonna be an activist for this he's like that it's over not panties oars any more money there that there is nothing that was good are productive no with people the economic activists now just not paying these horrors anymore pay ten million dollars and i'm done as he's really pay ten million blackmailed by a bunch of different women who had
under his house and i guess opened his medicine cabinet and saw his hiv medication took a picture with their cell phone and said pay up or i'm sending this the press the frustration that take that should get high have you small crack and take hiv medication you go to another dimension so that you walk and amazing things like molly tat after a little riddles near the decided at all right with you i imagine that stuff it's gotta be re somewhat cycle active yeah if you drinking do drugs or the like other shore street drugs with that yeah because they give you do certain drugs with other drugs into the handsome right candy flippant and on that task is can you can flip it is one of the others just wacky kids when they do they the acid with molly likely m dna and acid together wow i suppose we amazing supposed survivors divided our kids at fucking job in there i'll give it a shot like this move
word diet for i can behind they had data who servants country was guy blip and am i dead with candy flipper what some twenty year olds internet is actually get the sailor i guess right i'm sure they brag about it yet more man tat poor folk he he's a fascinating guy though because he is fascinating was on one of the worst said comes ever that was successful i tat fuckin too have men was so bad it's it's i tried to watch one episode i couldn't i couldn't do it i mean i couldn't even make it too but so the break decided for you it's not for me but it's for somebody obviously obviously silently successful end to even have him fired and in bringing lead on it still works but it didn't the tassels it i know but if it weren't for awhile whom do you do with the irish encourage a couple your yellowing it did whenever they didn't even know it
the people that iraq watch out there on oxy stages for further tv whacked other had just waiting for the laugh track to kick in so they can laugh when the commission you're gonna be on they get excited for commercial to commercial going on to and i'm sure the commercials or really appropriate for that chad well those guy that guy who truly sheen few did with he had already he's awesome at making those kind of soup comes he'll get at it is done in a bunch successfully shit to resolve the guy if if i was
sit down with them i want asked no questions he knows exactly fuck you don't eat ray the scrapping of this is this is on funniest thing you ever read role elders i'm ready to go tell me what the words are right before i say i'm as this will help our horses but it's perfect not it's amazing how amazing he knows how to hit that frequency dislike up like a dog whistle is it just is it people on oxygen they could use things like a middle america just get home from work and it's it's it's on cbs there's deafening that is definitely the middle america thing that events of yeah it's not offensive and it's it's an easy watch you know like i've always said like how the fuck does anybody watch keeping up the carnations until i watched it and the fuckin thing is so bad but its compelling the major areas this they are out loud and just shit talk like nobody things punch my dog onto the i feel it
not if you like a like people hate y y you know i'm sure i think there's only we will sadly enough like it there's a lot of people but i think a lot of people actually watch it just because they hated well it's one of those things is they ve become there's so much focus on them that they have become a thing so when when the cameras on people i have this theory about television fame and this any any form of media and my my theory is that it hygiene these ancient rewards that are in place for us to follow successful people so like save you're in a tribe together and i draw the three of us were in a tribe together and jamie just fine in slade all the intruders and figure out how to get the food and new or all the water was college entering we'd be like without a foul jamie jamie's about mother fucker we can follow up and so jamie would talk and for camp fire we would listen right
that sort of like a natural thing you follow successful behind yeah we're gonna cameras on someone for whatever reason with we think that that person is successful so like that they talk and we see other money they have we see that cars they drive another nails and the purses and all the jazz they have all the good stuff we have to follow them and it sort of hygiene this thing that's it would were designed for media i think that television and film and music and all that stuff it hijacks this part of of being human being that is its just unaccustomed to these sounds and these images like you go to a movie and you see you brad pitt or what where's head is fuckin fifteen feet tall written me talks the music plays is the words are perfect because they're all labored by us group of writers right lived worked at it for we
to get the right sequence of words in the right order in the right way to say they practise debt cheats hijacked and then you run into adversity like asha you are irritably oil there was an interview that he did once africa who it was who here do an interview what does cause us focus more on that whoever the guy is like larry kings interviewing grant fuck is this who is on tv and i turned around the corner and i saw that was brad pitt like holy shit brad pitt dude is it bad you'd boring as fuck em these boring it is it is it worse that their boehringer is worse when they have been famous for so long that they have the answers to everything i think he's we so tired from fuckin angelina jolie all the time that this has no energy for thinking when all
kids because carrying around screaming and before her whose jennifer amsterdam by reading scripts for all time to throckmorton brush in each other's hair but it doesn't maybe you know it's almost like he's like a lottery winner is great features he was a movie star from the time is very i am no need to develop a person out in whatsoever if you ve already at work for but then again you know he's my thing on angela julian brad pitt who out of all like the really famous like movie star tat people has ever done more good like that history they do so much their their sole charitable there always involved and all these charitable functions england shitty parts of the world when it doc but fifty kids weak huxley adopting kids there's gang kids to ever gang accounts is entirely sure how to give all the kids at attention they don't ever tribe they don't they
heaven any their own nanny each out like a spider each kid has around about whether the deuce boring or not but i don't know maybe those fuckin interviews are boring to you know it's like lord larry king james it was the unknown leveraging i'd sure i can't remember the hope was you're talkin to browser i remember i was in the other room and i was like oozes boring this getting interviewed and then i turned the corner tat brad pitt brad your boring grantline boring you should be fuckin psyched despicable tat i think it's really funny when you gonna like if i like people come into town they want to go to obtain we shall now i vow use whatever connection i ok we're gonna this i love watching the painful look on the interviewers fostering commercials shouted at length about that guy like we were there reaching and it's really hard like ripping tell you know then there's those guess it just get it there very like a bull in their good at
chatty and work the crowd everything i saw things like nick cannon was on ellen i have given you you sure about balance but i think i didn't write like he was good it were that audience he said the little funny jokes and he was rule and then saw some other guy go on and he's like well this is one of my first interviews given on empire was again much empire in the sad clown from the audience and he had prepped whatever it was he was going to say but everything he wanted to say was so fucking way and you just had to watch her face was just like this struggle into the right the whole thing was a cat guide that's the worst part about those shows in the best part about tuna podcast
like i only have people on anyone have on so its idea up to me i decide like hey maybe jenny johnson high five be awesome now bonapartist boom and then those people they have to go like people that are on radio shows our relations than ordinary radio show people i think i made that up howard stern what radio guy ever gets interviewed not selling rash but they have to there in our view people they don't really give a fuck about psyched cnn or whoever it is their workforce sets it up one of my favorite ones when chelsea handler was on with phuket what's his name the english dude work there anymore yeah that fuckin tour he so gross air but i don't know maybe it's a nice guy stop saying that gross and on a show
i am not a fan others should he says to live near going about things from a tabloid inviting right living works like the sun or one of those legal records and other either got caught tapping into who are we reach males of people that had died and re family got upset because they felt that the press was still lags origin their voice moray is actually the whatever tabloid yet whenever shit offers insult or settled the devil in but chelsea handler did it and chosen it gives zero foxes and of any funds left does not care she's no fox prison that girl and she tortured him she too to direct issues like no one away shows getting cancel like you're fuckin terrible this you can shoot like she was called and i like that in between takes he didn't talk to her he would just check this far looking twitter really seen what people thought about em in its larry's she brutalized em i shouldn't many she's one of will you just goes into these debates on armed like you went into this debate with ben shapiro
is sound right wing guy has a very smart guy in i give you gonna debate this guy you gotta have you fuckin facts in order and he just didn't want does gun debate with a may get destroyed he called them out on his outrage peddling than he was we're going to like you know in the debate that it was good immediately bring up sandy hook and bring up all these different people know that the children that die i'd then he was gonna immediately use that as like this cry for outrage right we call them on it for he could ever do it and you can see peers morgue was like you like it had always happens aware had now at the end of eight miles its brutal here unit and regime do peers here's morgan in a bench peer i haven't seen that one's pretty good but what you watch it pull up pierce morgan gets destroyed by ben shapiro i kind of love that when people are just i can't stand that stupid so
well those shows that whole type of show it so it's it's only this because you have a network crazy of a network which this gigantic thing that has had programmes on forever and they have all these advertisers they do business with and they have these commercial they're gonna sell so eventually the show is only it's only an advertiser for advertisers that's what it is like all these views and all the different programmes they have all their due is trying to get you to walk in long enough so they could slip and add in rural areas fifteen minutes or slip ads in and that's that's what they sell when i really sellers ads they don't give a fuck what you want it's our personality driven has not thought about it damaging something that's interesting and fascinating and hey we're doing good work here now it's just selling out like that i was a news produced over
most twelve years we really were in austin anatolia and used by our full texas knows tat but i gave producing first and then i just wanted to make more money so i get the news was still like it you know you have to know all that crap you after stories and what is worse is pierce morgan it's only been read your argument of videos i felt like a five minute versions allows a longer ogre death was lawyers council shown i often think some sources we re not so nicely hears you can on this issue because what you do when i hear the other shall ashur natsir repeatedly what you can do is you tend to gmos we differ from you politically fight standing on the graves of the double majority voting they don't seem to care enough about the decades they care more about the decades the groove your policy i think we can have a rational
conversation about balancing rights and risk the rewards of all these different policies what we need to do is united people on the other size and being on feeling about the devoured leave me standing on the rise there has therefore set out today you say that repeatedly what you do is you concerning the folks they disagree with politically bears out is a violation of you want to hear your policy prescriptions for we should do about guns you respect and i knew i brought this you're real citizenry it constitution really late for you to say what you gonna do about those it would have prevented what happened insanity visualizing why didn't you pay erosion ban virtually all does does this affair we can have a discussion about whether it s
that we ought to do what i want to do exactly what more can we hope to do and if i'm wrong rather than address your comments to me about standing grazed the june summit you gonna dress and agrees with everything that i've been saying why does this one guy who doesn't talk to them why else would they rest nothing it was gabby efforts husband was it is so he just now picking indifferent its regular rose in his occurred there we got em up i'm sorry agrees what was it like doing news work just fine please it leads is that true like what are the conversations like that micronesia with it in that car movie is i would like to make it merit a bag of babies would ever leave tonight per in a bag of pay you feats it's just you know whatever's new whatever's you know when he used in russia
it be an apartment fires as used and naked just whatever is happening we know it's it's local news and so in an automated more sports which was more fun and then when i made the transition to news i was in san antonio and then in houston edits as a producer unity right the new cast your writing with the anchor say there talking have room and then you go in the booth you three then it was fun for a while and i think it actually got under my skin a little bit i was always doing like comedy and stand up and everything on the side and then when i realized i could do that full time instead of news i got out so what you are doing the news you are still doing like stand up around town yet what was this during the last stop days
well houston like what more n in austin it was like two thousand to two thousand format okay so perhaps it how did you do caps i open it caps at one time i did like the ones on sixty like belvidera lolita react great i mean i just learning i was just starting out row that's great i want you to be a headliner caps any of that plan what is it like work with news castors could there the most bizarre television personnel his affairs there is really no body that is more arrogant than your local news castor you know its causes that person it's been there for ever and everyone around town knows him but the moment they cross out of town nobody knows they are so they just there very big big egos and sometimes will try to fly nuts and got this isn't ready i just sit down old man now just a thing i'm going never takes up from but a lot of people get their feelings heard sometimes rather bizarre folks because their entertainment they are there
centrally yet what their entertainment is like they have a voice that soothing for the new right there's a way of delivering the news it's like the way someone would sing a song oil get the melody sort of like interacts their ears and a very pleasant i am just to go from here a story you know needs try to make it more interesting than the directors legates due to shot has anyone ever it is when they do banter in between in the lock and stupid they really are from whether from anchored at whether from news the sports and it's like search just like we were saying about that game yesterday i write down that bob alienates its fight like we would just be in this sandpaper worse thing ever allow certainly interesting in lose eight technical above this we're gonna go how much you know what it really there brought me like gets
did you ever see that one where the girl she was talking about she's trying to talk about music and she used the term jegu she's like about music you're sick i don't think i've seen em i'll do it she did no your report rightly ass yes she was a reporter she was tired of this shows an hour you know it's like that generally music it's like jegu music and the person she was talking to us can black guy and he was like it was like i write maybe maybe get a baby you're allowed for is abolished deep in her eyes you see the back over skull and they do not want to take a moment to address a comment that i made yesterday a power that is our biology but you did a moment funny i never noticed like your local stage in common
wonder really hear her boy without then jimmy you'll get inside the union is based on his leg jamming your family no vegetable oil which is what he's like you're a beautiful voice yes yes in writing this going you in travel smile through this and keep my job a commercial break when i explained to you what you have just done through our viewers jiggle view above all we would have i don't want to your things it shouldn't be funny but its funding is so our reporters no live shots whatever is going on and therein alive trucks so they have to feed the video when will cut the video and say what the outcome of that malady i mean i mean a vote on it
we're so if there is something that was like there's a dry by shaping now does not funny but witnesses two things like that but when the camera gets on them there is like a lady holding her maybe a coke and the bottle shorter two men t shirt and she was like where are you this year there is and he he so cute and he we want him to do maudlin wouldn't you say coke coca cola coca cola baby you know like that kind of classic when she gave the baby coca cola the baby was drinking like a softer and out of a bottle at the fuckin shit no not this is like em you know projects as you notes do you know how much sugar is in a fucking coke like thing about the size of a baby's body will the baby just bullets whizzing by its had do through the dry by so maybe yeah i mean it was just and then the mom just promoting the baby not talking about
people it we're just gonna down more rights than just like china get him a modeling job because she thought the areas q you know he should be on it were gone no that's not gonna make it got all that i'm sure there's a guy a lot of guys the traveller wrapping skills why you intervene for like crimes like did you see the drive yes i dare say that corner there was broken into and you know the clerk was shot in own ears with his witness here what's your name sermon because a camera gas station and i'm spell it so that weaken cut it i mean these don't even make the air but it would just be like so so ok now tell us what you saw will want to three i saw them accepted unwrapping alike this is your bank break this is what you chose to delay this is never going to make the air dude i guess they think maybe but little no they don't know that
layers and layers and our society of people that are in the worst possible scenario and the best possible scenario that's why the worst scenario we have available in the united states of america the ghetto you would see it and it was just so like i cannot believe shot doesn't have the time i'm like i know the camera was fucking with me you know like a sending an area and like i think you're gonna like the sea to the sound bite we just got did jaded at all seem like really fucked up shit i did and that started a bother me that it didn't like i could just see it right it put it in and i can remove myself from that such but they never just be those times like something really bad happened it's like it was person it was like we actually had our sky helicopter it crashed in the two people were killed like art workers and so that was something that was like it was kind of first like the big
the end for me where i couldn't stop room you know i couldn't do it i used to like everything fell very personal ass though that was kind of a site but i was seen i'm glad i did it for as long as i did and i did well but do you talk about it on stage at all sometimes but i guess sometimes just depends on the context or whatever is going on but someone to talk about it seems a good be ripe or maybe right something about it because it seems that you would be so ripe for material and just what it's like that movie it is nice operate zone as micro nightmare that when yet but yeah great it's really creepy glenn war why he let me draw your shading crommyon greatly look at me so good he such a good creeper like it's perfect like maybe it's too
may i just think that he can come not that guide in the but here come people know and he just did such a good job of capturing sort of sociopath ec personality of someone who would ambulance chaser video and i think that happens a lot i mean people that want to get the story break missouri first in you know to try to break a story first russia something horrible eve eve do feel i cleared down it's like mine you know just trying to call people in trying to dig up shit numerous one for me after while i can imagine i have a friend the carbon these told me that they get us and someone had been shot and people you know no no one even bats and i get l they'll start eating doughnuts like literally eating doughnuts like right next to the body right like no one of them its work as a crime scene crack jokes trip near in that you know i won't say like i went there
but i mean sometimes you know like you'd we would see a video the full video before it's been added them without a doubt the dead per and yet is weird when you're just doing that and thanking absolutely nothing of a just hope that is there any pressure to show like more like this now because there's like there's like libel laws that you have the following news like you you have to know those going into it that what you can't can't say what you can't can't show you know you can't say like eurocentric allegedly or you know you have their certain things like that you can't say it's a fact when it's just and it has to come from a legit new source of associated press cnn like you and you have to be able to cite the source that you got the information from you can't just say my aunt called and you know this just and in that's not a credible one fair ones as this news report on an arson and its people to house let on fire in this girl
is interviewed and since i got one name no names but it was my cousin because he's been trying to get with means he's in one and that the house of the work why human china have sex with me have you seen jamie pulled out ceiling of recent years did i because we broke up and he's mad about a moment doesn't it it's so hilarious this lay lindore not even running and i just like me that's what our name no names area dan and amy i may lead us word i'm just going to step out of the way now for you to take a look at this see what is happening right here behind you can see that fire fighters are still working to put may show that this fire is out smoke is still in the era of fire fighters are still over here try
make sure that everything is under control barrage here that is on fire is heather she has made you woke up around three forty five and you saw it is what what happened i beating on my name my name is like get out get out now open at the door i think raising from the guys and i woke him my unless we get out of the way and i had him back in and ass they get our two colleagues that we had in when you got outside and you saw what was happening you saw what was going on what were you guys facing an accurate us oh my gosh everything was gonna happen to do you know
how this biosphere yes i do i was present my party and i don't want emitting no name yes and you say you think your cousin started this you know how or why he's maddening has he cried he can't get with me i married to my husband s second does worry me already put him in a hospital glass month and he figured he's going to do something else to get that would be caused near will you the guy how is he not dying lapland well he's get a job either is can't clunky visit of gay is a tough guy that guy that's not a normal reaction to sovereignty and that they normally was a what your cousin hole i mean he's gotta still greater with his tie and professional not smiler laugh forget what the fuck away
furthermore where's that fucking town where over and over again but it's always those weirdo pounds i have a friend she works out here for local fox station lawrence of honour their name and she had i love a good she's made the soup dmz for all her spot again call john land or john by donor aid i just lay at everything and she looks like bonus it does look like like if i saw that no teleprompter i would have to don't say did you you would have with him he busted because he he's renting an apartment that is owned by the indoor tanning lobby stuff i know that you only in genoa with isn't weren't phase i retweeted retreated today called jim brainy briny how discerning she treated it at me please tell me retweeted because it so ridiculous
historically cheek by its new storing notes from two thousand thirteen but really while everybody's always wondered wiseguy channel time as i said no no no i mean he looks bright orange and watching austerity union lake tanning bed lobbyist endure turning a look at this as a kind of orange as long denied that is perpetual skin colors resulting from most telling he just spends a lot of time outdoors the ohio republicans known to say but despite repeated niles using tanning bears boner has ties to the industry is a bonus isn't enough it's boner b o p h any are its boner its boner how does he carried a banner added that the sunbeam that's not being retainers ba mar as boner not only has he accepted campaign contributions from a group called the indoor tanning association
are actually lives in dc apartment owned by a lobbyist for the americans containing association first of all how gross is politics how in god and live in apartment owned by a lobbyist for it that some indoor tanning association of that's a real the american containing association that's a row group yeah i know that that was how can anyone be a group a how's your paints sixteen hundred bucks a month for rent in dc theses fuck and expensive that guy's crazies crooked too there's something else that is those programmes can everywhere politics and lighted up all its political atheists lineament good for you me too in applying them in your banking on somebody wait a minute there only sandy you think he's lying bernie thing bernie needs to run for like a home where's association peasants boca return or something like that
a nice called the sack adjusts veto less on this call the sack ping pong championships one percent of the cul de sac bernie sand an interesting guy though easily getting young people excited because they are hoping and praying that someone is different and no one is different but him he's the one guy coming along trumps different in a way in a bag nobody is i actually will say i want you back to a corner somebody was leg witticism denies them but he's not lying i believe he believes every single thing maybe i don't think he has a team a campaign manager tell them what to say i am pretty sure that hopefully does he just gets up there and just start spoon crazy believe that guy just lets a rip is worth a few billion so far we are all the shia in either something that's kind of hilarious about that port but other than that there are foolish there's a recent bill or a vote that's gonna take place in the uk to try to ban him from entering the uk for hate speech this is like flag
a serious consideration is going right now he's for the suddenly said about muslims he just said i mean at some point you're late i think that everybody was kind of on board at first of all the old crazies find some may say in what were you thinking i says gonna people and then he just hasn't stop talking and i think now their life oh come on money you crossed like we were we get back but now you can experience crazy like i actually think that like all these old people that like em believe that muslim is you know as a terrorist organisation group like i dont think that they get that that's that's like they think al jazeera that's actually a tv channel it's not like the taliban in size like it brown people's algae algae mile what when mohammed jihad what ever more people terrified of people from other
there's always but when you get other cultures that are involved in things like isis but little people have to understand as people ices is killing more muslims and there are anybody bear most of the people of their killing your muslims yet i know that bad finished battle that have their light there hinder criminals i mean it's terrible i don't know why this annoys me but when i'm watching the news or reading the news which i prefer to read it because it annoys me not watch it but people was what we are waiting to find out if this was a terrorist attack like so san bernardino thing right before they release those names once there they surnames therefore became a terrorist attack don't you think like this any guy that was kind of telling her was terrorizing be bore i but i like that they have brown in order to be a terrorist well that's our new isn't that weird enemy our new enemies the war on terror and terror has to be like it's like the germans lifted up the germans and the japanese or the terror
the terrorists their country but what is terribly countrymen brown people do had been willing rename the country you know japan they call themselves knee palm funeral yet more we call it a chance as i remember pearl harbor there's all these people to believe there in other countries but as american we get to dictate what their actual arms are where does not decide to called all terror so these are terrorists they live in terror that support the world called tear them now to come over here will put you in camps like we did the japs dark shit man so horrible outside my mom she lives houston concern ever bubbling and all those fun things i love poking her at the stick its really funny and when she stood up terrorist and san bernardino honestly well i mean anybody that did that is a terrorist that matter when we find out what their name she could jenny the terrorist or like the really bad ones
there's a guy beta diana now i think the sandy hook i was pretty bad i gotta say i'm thinking is awesome fucking colorado movie theater visitors went out with orange here someone real bad ones though his eager pronounces if you can ass his name just not as bad as the guys it saw he loved me up that bad bad stuff badness well it it bugs me when people won't criticise is lompoc terrorists or islamic people though because they're they're worried about being islamic phobic like everybody weirder one that's a weird won anything that's a phobic like well it's the way before you like if you watch list or whatever you know you're throwing a big fuckin blank what's it called prejudging somebody here as us recent prejudging irish screening yeah whatever you'd make an assumption europe over stereotyping alike wherever and
ok sometimes i don't think it's a bad like ireland a born touches on a flight and this family in their completely egypt muslim again face covered and risings old people just like gillikins i'm an old people and their like howls yeah each other like i love this guy i know i don't care about those people i care about the guys that are going to come on board with slacks they just bought it merv ends or something and it will button down that story creases like no luck if that's who's gonna freaked me out as the ones that just are trying to fit few common other shoe right not the ones that are like fully standing out with all that light now sorry i i will prejudge yeah because i'm not gonna just go home i don't want to offend anybody so when we get on this planet is blocking creepy people but what i was given as is this where their people will call you
i'm being islamophobia but the same people openly my christians like the little they can openly mock scientologists station but but if you for whatever reason i guess well i guess the diligent angle would be obviously because were at war we were at war with two different countries and were still in afghanistan went a lot of troops still in iraq and more now than before right we just send some new ones over there and people that are involved in the conflict over there are islamic or our brown threat so i guess it in lens the idea that like while you shouldn't be islamophobia you shouldn't be coal or prejudiced against islamic people but it's just it's an ideology
lucky fertile land use me any any religion stupid thralldom i was just watching billboards stand up and i was laughed so damn heart about taking that scientology yes funny i mean you're god's name is wrong and you get a driver's license in a social security guards but i found at about it when i was an adult when you're a kid you don't question that in a group catholic great he's like yeah you why would you sure yeah so you can write yet here we are smith nature like you to believe it and then as you get older to challenge it or to question it you're an asshole you know i just can't don't don't challenge the bible lets you know you can't do that i think there's a higher power i don't think it's that story put maybe aversion maybe i don't know well who knows what it is whatever it is it's not what i'll run hubbard brute it's now
the one guy who wrote the most books of anybody you ever wrote books ever signed how are you won't heroic lie fibre fiction hero more figure in any persons ever lived he really did he did of any persons ever lived on the planet he wrote the most books that's incredible that they think that down sitting right workload exactly a fuck fuck that's exact number of my book that's a good question james pulled up going to find out what he it never wrote the hold the most anxious i didn't see the most prolific fiction author ever in the history of the human race that's house but scientology is the guy who the most she has ever also told the truth about the fuckin frozen ice cube filled with some metabolic hangers ok now that's why you're anxious i mean i just like it so it's also stupid swimming
across the board that made up stuff it's people making things up do you live and die and no one knows what happens when you dialogue thine out one hopefully that maybe we will maybe not maybe we'll because something that doesn't think here it is most publish works by any author number one i'll run hubbard one thousand eighty or one thousand eighty four books jesus christ it even fuckin do a second draft on any of em there's no way right does books are so bad two of you ever did he rattled unpublished didn't think so are you published em i mean he had mean he published a lot of them in those sigh five magazine that was like a big part of what he was doing originally what you would get books published in those you know i like readers digested would have these excited as one was published in two thousand six then he diamond gaieties new yeah you don't mind
there was the eighties and ngos like the nineties when did on what is it is eighty six was well i'm sure they just found a bunch of shit that he had lain around the guy is probably not have you set now you ever see like eyes on the other does argument or is unfairly and about i lie to well i'll watch any documentary let's however lies but those are particularly fast because he looks crazy oh he's crazy fuck lawrence lawrence right wrote plastic book going clear and that's what it seems to me that hurried down that was you read it it's amazing again we hear about how nutty he was like he was raise yeah but it's one of those like usually people that and getting like a leader of something that they're always there smart but crazy you know it's like a psychotic brilliancy that you can manage to get that many people on board i mean they all dress like see captains and genetic what does the am like you
i have a lot of metals dude you having a highly decorated officer in what about when tom cruise when their gold medal for being awesome college i did so and they were so like ten stan you know those guys about five for one five men do should that made me laugh elijah l our age they saluted iran however the come our age this photo album they'd salute the photo like it's fuckin but the flag using language to your friends is like real silly goofy like when you're crazy as friends and then imagine his face or her face up there and everyone just to get us to anti dick everybody in black there's a room full of people to get all the money i mean that's it could be that it's not that much indifference i saw no sought mean the work of the size of the fuckin metal mean that shipments
the slave leggy saluted him looks over and salutes and everybody collapse for small locality the beautiful that set is that david miss gibson miss cabbage whatever that goes into this criminality is genius that metal he's wearing is whole areas neck somebody some crazy scientology stuff does that they really do is fuckin wonderful their wonderful and a great when the dark on you can watch on you too but six analogy in me i think it was so it was from the bbc but it's really get its misguided tracked him down and go i've seen guides are given that no water in clear wonderful
yeah he was i went down there about it there is a summit was in london like their headquarters in london yes i was privileged to phone i'm thinking i did see that when the clear water will that's where they are people my families to live there my mom and my down there they lived in clear water my sisters to listen tampa there so still down there is that where you're from now now they move their escape the boston winters now there is trash rams trapped in a sea of stupid what a nice people down there but you know what i mean is there in tampa this past week and you know it is it's all people from the northeast had escaped that's all my whole shows like new yorkers boston people jersey glory retired people there can gather funniest get a job down their fuck winter they just say fuck winter and they go to florida i would do this i'm saying i'm in a bag europe and accept taxi so leg and eminence fifty degrees out here at his phrase that i am such i couldn't do
was i went i dislike you love euston botz its guys it's got character you downtown man there's a lot to do others there's a theirs i've down there in other but then there certain places that yeah now it's another fund warm and when i was in boston doors essentially there was for big comedy scenes that we heard about there is like the boston there is the new york seen there is the l a scene is kind of his amateurs cosimo it but there was a houston seen and the houston scene was because of kennison hicks the avenue hex like that's where he in that such a feminist but like now they do something prof like i did a show the improv over christmas break and its awesome its huge too is a great venue but kind of an we're part of town and images you mean black now it's like offer it's not really is one boy per terribly vague only seem to book a lot what comedians but
oh it's like just off of the interstate adjusted when exit you know it it it just a weird part a town like there's nothing really around you're just kind of whitehall and ass i turned and then you take an exit and there's the emperor is so sad because the place the last stop and river oaks that's why that was the best i did my first cd there are really and ninety nine please as the shit it was the best club it was set up perfect now it was like a restaurant in i think they're trying to get it where they can at least open part of it up it still harmony like does a different its units and restaurant restaurant bar restaurant but at this stage to learn everything now that's not but they're trying to vienna like all the comedians are going ay gave us a fuckin place because there are a lot of good comedians you know and you want to be able to live your job and then try to do this on the side like that's what i always enjoyed about it but i have to go to the improper
try to get some stage timer sometimes out open up for my friends were musicians i would just like doing after a while so at least i can get states time that's tough though so i'm not ideal but i think you know help that i already had a job so i didn't care as much right you know like if i may depending on that as my livelihood maybe out have been more nervous but as i guess i'm gonna worked mars is one more frustrating things for a young comedian there's their start now is to grow up in a town that does never seen if you're in cleveland or something like that of cleaving has seen yet but it's it's fuckin hard and these clubs like the improv are amazing to work out if your professional but yeah big activity like i've done you know a couple shows that the improv here but it's only because they may be somebody asking you had to pull strings i'm not a name for a marquis in any end for the improv you have to be like you have to do is like trying to get on the
store or the laughter like a saturday night they're not gonna just go hey yeah yeah go do seven minutes what if a box themselves into this whole though because ear not only will they have these rooms there are five hundred seats so they can have opened my thoughts yet because they can keep the room opened it is all the staff and everything it'll cost them too much money and assumes you don't have opened my knights than you're not developing new talent assumes you not developing new talent than you have to get off all your acts in from out of town and it just it kills the whole art form to have a place to start you know there's no like place where everybody starts you can't say or will they have a midnight oh i don't worry about it but right now i'm fuckin start out no no i mean it but i out here and i started doing just let me know what i'm doing more writing but i still like doing my colleague trying to do stand up you know to three nights a week or something but his heart even get that sometimes like the laugh factory they're good over there and will give me a monday tuesday
wednesday meant me no one of those nice grant flatterers indian burbank that's a great pot gray club me i've done having done the high north north when i have done that no one is fuckin ah it is it's amazing perfect so i you know it's like eat but i have two five and myself i don't really like my agent to do that it just in i just want to get it some time i still do us find everything myself too did you find out because i like it of sydney talking like now you're not get ike everything like now and that we should keep doing what i'm doing and while the vessels like little clubs in town i mean i mean all my bookings our duties and stuff like that my age and to all that stuff but like if i do locals around town i have two final joey deals are coming up listen dog you gotta do the fucking uranium we what could we take by his voice talking to a girl he had we
each other like comics will tell each other like displacing on sundays and santa monica that neo brennan has possibly awesome yeah i keep seeing that on his knees promoting west side comedy pierre thing it's i haven't than area here nothin but a great things so like that's what you here you know you hear about cool spots like i did the laughing in long beach hand on that are the emigrant unlike breyer narrow integrates bad cigarettes by other great spot parliament asked but everything is because a flake just me like either people are just a friend of balance like hell you an open fur me when i'm in long beach her well this is an amazing place if you're in ally this amazing place to work because really now have to leave you can work just drive down you can drive to irvine drive down the area you drive to breyer humanity
easier to san diego right in so many places to work around it adds its actually really pretty cool considering like i moved here from houston with noses there is no sea and it just wasn't there i didn't exist so i'm tellin you used to be the best places when i first got there i first got to use in like ninety six or ninety seven somewhere around there maybe ninety maybe ninety eight either way when i feel got there was like whole lee shit they had an open mike night that would started like eight and go till two o clock in the morning and the open mike night the bar era that where they have a small stage and they have the main stage where the main room which was fucking perfect though is the perfect set up and they had all these are real creative young local comedians and didn't have any tolerance for hacks as this is boston bullock hot weather but nobody can her finger on why it stopped because a club under its adding
to throw water in a fire if they dont have any way to proceed warm is no one seen like somebody then try to take you know like i just falling there'd be somebody that would make more of an effort to try to get it right but whom i don't wanna do it like i don't know i always thought that there would be somebody that would try you know bring it back up again well they tried but you need like real resources unita club in the liquor licence unita you know you need the whole thing mean the now but areas can open bars how many borrowers dino oh no any idiots it on bar stena idiots known bars really really talk to those idiots someone put a stage up it's fuckin it's not like anything else like a few if you want to like this being a musician was probably just as difficult like it amazes me i guess you can kind of make your own mix tape and shit alone you dont need if you don't audience to practice does the difference in common in other art forms you need an audience to progress like to know that
one thing that i always enjoyed about twitter you can kind of tell us something a joke works it doesn't work on twitter by people liking it oh yeah definitely now it's like ok that work so let me try it verbal even have a big following on twitter just from being funny mercosur and i were talking about you one day and that is why i say that message all my friends were like sending me the link to like sweet thanks well that's a cool about twitter like this girl's collar self slash lean current love her she's areas she's up in toronto yeah it's the same thing she developed this giant following just from being funny yeah and i think that like p like her myself rob the lamy want but we all kind of jumped in at this exact same time and i think i don't think that's possible now for somebody see i think there's but how many people that people always say that operates like honest or departure no everybody's got a protest vote out about those guys we fucked girls those girls
the pod gaskell guys we fucked you never heard of it top ten always win then so i ve been around for a year did you have a really good podcast developed as big as following an shot up through the rankings like quit i dont think that part as i don't like i am i think that yeah alot of people haven't but i still and encourage people to try by with twitter the only thing is it's just it was so new and different everyone's who is at per hour it was so new and exciting and now there's all its other crap i then there's too many things periscope snapchat of each other all these other social media things and suleiman just just like looking twitter was a twitter doesn't do and grow like you used to six like the amount of people that you get like people like you is simply bees to get like massive amounts of new followers like really quickly but it's hard to do that now i think also like if you look at some one and you look to see like like how many people do you follow
follow a lot of people and i'd thirdly doubt you read everything i know your shit i'm retorted i got some wrong with me i scan twitter constantly for interesting stories and i've if someone post i looked at feed they pose two three four interesting stories and around boom aha unlike you never know but how do you find it just recently retraining resembling most of it is because they tweet things to me that's a lie so someone a tweet something really cool to me and i retweeted what i've started in so doing a long time ago is when people send me cool stuff i retweeted because it people an incentive to send more cool stuff and they go hey retweeted me is frightened it's cool and like when i find their page like a summary tweet something if i retweet something someone sent me and i find that page now logical shit on there are still following and i think that just that hey you ensure that you're like a sort of a network of people that are destroyed
bidding interesting information sending your way ebeneezer lank is it links to things sometimes two things are sometimes is it just a funny now apply to oh yes does a funny replies and elements too funny post now how many on funny replies you get from people trying to make you laugh yeah you get those rights it's just cluttered and it's just the gods in them so boy yours is so humor based you know your beer but since i am like almost insulting manner like what the fuck an ogre skin you know i get as a joke you know they dig joke right now now i can't we gotta think this lousy let us try anything to get reaction from either stand there are shaping into the appear jaime signal by yeah i mean but it's it's such an interesting concept that people like i got it a panel itself myself was lasher two years ago something that may result in twitter and yet it was just about leg
getting a career out of it you know like how else anybody have noticed me outside a few certain well that's her notice you i don't remember when i started noticing you but i've been following for how long you been on twitter sixteen thousand nine i think i've been following for at least two years at least two years and i dont know come along totally but i remember when i was needed when you're things like to me i think someone tweed some funding that you said and i think i retweeted it and then a cell phone you tied it but it's not like it's kind of its word of mouth for narrative you now word but but you could still do that but i did that's fast i that's what i love about twitter i think it's really fascinating that how else anybody i have ever heard of me if it wasn't for that particular form of social media i just think there's too much now there's too many people there's too many extra things that i don't think people are gonna get noticed the way that i looked out and got nervous well there as that affect like the early days
myspace two member the myspace effect like tv tequila like cook and valleys people got super famous greatly court because of once you know you first while you followed tom because everybody had a foul tom from myspace what the fuck is tom up to these days just helping ok he's in police right now with gold underwear on and fucking stacks of champagne bottles next term and big foot like joseph re advisers obey his bed ball in and we have no money to make from their fuckin stupid you made it how long the fuckin facebook guy here i mean yeah it was our guys made insane wow that's its impressive that's bizarre that's bizarre money he looks bewildered alla time till iguana railways they see just woke up from a nap tomatoes psyches like worry the summons kidnap m constantly there yet that kind of money don't you know that he's probably had those transfer yeah i'm sure like yeah we usually billions
hours billions and now he's got a new baby able if his limbs wives just rabies christ but he takes pictures of everything is alive maybe you re a look at them maybe secondly ironing out there like a hearing the jump like go what's his face been shapiro us out their first before one may be surrounded by fuckin speck hobbs guys just locked and loaded rate a party it's it's a strange thing like facebook call it first and then all of a sudden i started getting like friend requests from my mom's friends like then all of a sudden it was light more something else too many people real weird online and to start does digging into your stuff ants doc a new look jenny go and what it will get each each year every tunisia who seems like if i go there on tuesday maybe i'll find any who pay i really enjoy your tweeting gets on my underwear me i it's it's like i don't have it people think they know you based on i think
instagram was more that way like i have twitter instagram and said i will have the other things but i wouldn't have leg metallic an instrument picture of europe now people will know that this happened while were actually do in the park us talking about incidents enemy luxury davy ban second point there are people go hey but i've had people like i went to like i took a triple roger with friends a big sir and i big sir i love biggest shed its enormous up there so one of my friends took a picture me you got no cell reception right and so we're like honest either road i'm holding my photos of eating an apple and took a picture but it was so beautiful behind me in i put that on to grant my arm and big sir and then i have these people like you have to stay anton that's where you have to stay in you need to go eat like do you think i drove from l a big sir without a plan where to stay and went on i do like they're telling me what i need to do with its terminal now it's in it
front way it's like yeah you need to do this you don't off it's like a deep seated like as a kid being told that are some but it's not me yeah i know i have a don't worry i'm good good you're a bit of a rebel isoude now i think yes i'm probably in us all a bit of an assholes rather more accurate i always assume that we have very different reactions to the same thing i was assumed its people iter in town that are trying to help me out and steer matured the good i like it it's like they live in vermont or somethin they're just like they ve been there once and telling me what to do but don't you think they just trying to steer you in the right direction you're like fuck you don't tell me what to do yet i think they're horrible i think they're tearing integrity of the thousands of rare sympathisers yet they are all about ices see i always think that just trying to help out i think it's cool i enjoy what we will do that even asked for suggestions i'll ask for that
different now i'll ask for suggestions itches ham and big sir and then it's like you need to go in here you need to stay here you know you have to do this you need only if he if you made it worded in a way that was like i don't know where you're staying but i can tell you like i stayed here one time and it was fantastic it was more like the telling me what do you think that people say that when something is awesome or do you need to check this out i find some those people do it to let me know they ve been places they deserve happen autonomy and like aids lay a kind of i've been added rag it like a humble braggin is or oh that jacket and then tell me the name of the jacket the brand or whatever like i have that jacket to do you react is it like men telling new to go somewhere and do things duty and didn't blue knows yeah did it wasn't as my allergies my clarity and has not kept it would have our just to its usually when it rains whatever kicks it's like paul in ragweed like other oil and oil
avril doyle and now i never dies play of oil but it's not that men now has not man its attacks that stability women that brewing can't now they are men really actually bothered me that much i mean that you know if somebody like we're regiment sexual whenever my thanks to its present i dont get offended by it as they like gives issue exactly five i drives the year it is money when you click on that and you can click on their page and you'll see it's like the pictures you know that his wife and three little town smell her vagina i'm so glad you're married i just imagine my dad doing that girl he would have we had instagram gaudy what enough now now not yours my dad he would have probably he would have been whether you like it what are you kidding like you walk out your dad's watch
tv and it's like there's ten on the screen it out in those get ordinary i don't like the skin and acts or whatever these philip and through in washington in surprise them any weapons trying to figure out this goddamn remote let doing dyson he grew up in a different era for group today the ear arab definitely forms in a way must be my parents like my dad narrowly november forty years younger but my parents gods no longer with us but my yet they were just older people they had kids later in life well there's still ban and out late in life that's good their willing for running like fifteen years before that my sister while but the downside would be my sister and i go hey we monitor like california disneyland doesn't reno now we ve been there a million times say it makes me as a dab and i never will showed my kids are we always did ship
we grew up on the water sweetly now it was on the beach boats about we have fun stuff it's not like we were in the gulf that water oil spills are now more than ever now probably a lot more there are so many whereas a kid they weren't dagon offshore as much i don't think so the santa barbara recently actor the the big oil spill in the gulf of whenever see those fucking things on the waters they was a ticking time bomb rise that's gonna fuck up eventually and then this beautiful beach gonna have oil all over it well the odds of fucking upper actually when you think about how many rigs water and how many spills there actually man it's you know it it's it's not the odds of all of those things having spent a spell is pretty
thirdly low but fairly low in its but it's always a human error it's just there not hiring and it's always bp and i was actually think it's always bp that higher the right people not always other companies with ass busy bee oil spill they cut corners like that is a fact that they cut corners and away they constructed it because they were behind budget by exactly the amount of work they have versus the amount of accidents that occur and the devastation occurs because i sense that's one way look none but the other way looking out it is when those actions do occur the fuckin catastrophic damage is self devastating that each one those things a ticking time bomb and how long have they been doing it all they vote and doing those offshore oil drills frolic thirty or forty years i think i don't think it's been more than that i think it's been just over forty i think so so to me i look at it like nuclear power has only been a couple nuclear accidents but those
accidents are fought in gray like the fukushima every sort of forgotten about it right but every i still check on the news function because the mainstream news is completely stopped paying attention to break if you pay attention if you go in search out its of cloth fuck over there i didn't really bad and as i get any better like anytime soon i grew up in tat i grew up and actually had a nuclear power plant an rigs everywhere i was just surprise i'm like a book armed guard at my head have a body was bone cancer because he grew up next to a golf course really can govern gives your bank answer now the depressed besides i don't use on the golf course keep the weeds down your sank into the wells and so had well water everybody on his fucking blocker cancer like litter the everybody i cancer scan for my dad me died from cancer but he also worked at a chemical plant for thirty seven years
well you can't tell me that that didn't like play i too am getting diagnosis hundreds of smelling chemicals all day long like there's just no way and i know the people it is worked with how many people have ended up you now getting some fucked up kind of cancer is an animal do you like this there's a way thing going on with instagram social media and stuff like that that is a new sort of intimacy is very difficult to navigate that's like when i say that people like sort contact you like they know you or they they reach out to you in giving suggestions like they know you there's debtors an intimacy people have with people that like them follow them that you didn't have to really handle twenty thirty years ago people have access to access to them if you're so inclined em you know like now people can now like with instagram you can direct message on instagram and
twitter you know i read those though enoch summers are clear and i could see what it is which is something i am i mad marty seem at her i can't sit there and accept everything then everybody woods keep yes you know sending things how many instrument powers like fifty seven people they all at once all day so i tried to be omitted fifty gonna billy one or two it is a shared i'm gonna disappointed at mile lever yeah urged somebody else and we like the same data like i've seen that dig that smaller know that nigeria i'm on your side when they get a google image dick here they're like google images somebody else's dick and am i don't do that just whatever this podcast their common thank you people getting johnson the following man right now
last year the cameras clicking away you write another unzip and filter automatic getting filters do you prefer sam i rigid placid i just find it her tammy met anybody would do it i actually i can't ever say that it's different like four guys like everyone's like sitting you boobs leg you're gonna be happy with boobs yeah but like i don't any girls are like stoke when a guy sends them addicted scary some i mean i get trust me my phone is filled with some of the national shit you ve ever seen like the gift give reactors videos i i've a sense of humor but i've never just gotten away predicament like y all that wanna meet the guy attached to that like i've never felt that but you're not a hoe maybe that women dr work amount but it's weird like sometimes i'll i'll get a photo like from someone i have
no idea who they are and it's just over china and the migrants and you're just like but that's not something you do not seem a garden but you knew you wouldn't like find some musician that euro i can send him a picture but those girls who do that god bless them in a year they got free time their proud but i think the kind of girl that would send you a fall over vagina it was a conqueror with love addict peck like guy prosecutor attention good manners behavior you give my gives me i can't say that i would ever i mean i would never do that it is not just the idea mimi even doing in this whole area is to me like ok well let me go and then like taking want to decide which one you like the most ready no it wasn't one take vagina pit really bad if you get a vagina pickens like that sort of frosty fog photoshop thing
ultimately listening and grammar shouted with euro zone vagina system anime send me mad and nineteen seventy seven felt like fuckin playboy from the early eighties and they have they have these weird images like sometimes people take pictures and you look at the picture we like that is not even you fuckin dane cook has done not a couple times so look at his images of my work filter use and body go on our colleagues here is a pretty hilarious instagram page for all the wrong reasons a yankee eyes jet lord it properly yeah yeah just humour that is shared out or something and then his leg long paragraph about bull as did and its somebody might give he is really making a joke that's amazing but he's not ass type blessed
lest i can't even though it may be that a jerk maybe the entire thing has been anymore i might just randomly type choke and his name and then just because i'm like a limousine emanate net and never doesn't mean you love it's funny single time i've seen some good ones there's a lot of people at a fall like that just did you say ridiculous shits our farm for that his hoping they can say some stupid i like the people that world host things like to show you how greater life had been there but it's it's the humble brag kind of way like from this one girl is like trying to show that her son extra today's report card i like the way that she was holding it was studies show that she was wearing a rolex ring on what it was like a perfectly i am afraid that way but that is amazing that you just did that know exactly what you're doing but you think you're outsmarting everyone here
so proud of my son hashtag what my son is booming weird little monkeys in that regard i mean little peak shocking monkeys some things it's like my my the best of this cuz if my sister will seem like a picture of my nephew on his first day of school and everybody likes to do that first day of school lunch box backpack and standing in front of the front door my mom or will reply back cause it'll be like a group email and sugar you need to get those fingerprints the front door you have fingerprints are like she looks pass the picture to see what's behind that my sister's front door has less than their fingerprints everywhere like a kind of love that and if we look at everyone's picture and do that it's pretty hysterical like what's in the background right i love that makes me laugh that is one of the saddest satisfaction i ever saw the girl she had her up in the air and you know she's like posing doggie style in the background the lower left corners of baby i crawled
tyler like wow that's dark like in the hallway and the lower left corner the picture like this it's it's like it's disgusting that then i also like their certain people that will posts the picture where maybe down the beach ok and looking down at the water and though puts like inspirational quote as you know jesus beware balboa all i'm gonna who the fuck do that took that picture the aim is to ask somebody to do that and i guarantee you again wasn't a first time you'll like it was not the first take like they are they gonna get up there rockland mortgage online i look look sharp and look like really smart and that that's actually my favorite thing instagram just like the holy upheavals of pictures of men like what are you trying to get across to everybody lay knowing
the people going to see it like i know what you're doing but some people can do it and it works like like you know why father legitimately enjoy is the rock i think the rock gets it too i think he gets exemplifies having fun i added i actually campaigns inspirational like he'll hill post likes about him getting up at five o clock in the morning to work out before getting to the sad and you don't feel at ease bragging too i feel it is inspiring people like he inspires me yeah actually that kind of several get no ok yet it is like canada died but but i don't but he's fulla shit i've never not useful it should i even when he was fuckin wrestling he got it is wrestling it's funny areas plan a character and i owe i've always liked her mothers by all accounts is a really great guy everybody that of our method madame that worked with them norms is a really nice guy just haven't fond have you ever madame
yeah mental a long time ago i met him before he was the rock he wasn't really that famous madam i was on mtv for wendell spring break things mexico like king coon recently speaking i said hidell i'm just a big guy but he wasn't big like he has now he s like you looked like a regular athlete now is this this fuckin gigantic i saw muscled guy yea it was like us can't remember what it was it may was like some after emmy per after gold one party or whatever i salmon he was here he wore a huge due to fifty alma seo fashion completely just told me his no he's this guy like a nice guy but its further chicken fuck em about that i was at a set it like it yeah he's one of you guys opposes in front of a private jet that doesn't bother me you know i got it
is the guy that doesn't that i've been on a private generally i can never do it really i couldn't do it now also duty a duty move but is there either el the soup and again see that someone how to take that photo but it doesn't bother me we on the night thank you golden globes for a spectacular evening wheels miami bound powers so here i come let's shoot ball so hard cash velvet blaze like that as there is a massive potential for douche involved in that photo is overwhelming yet it doesn't come off duty for whatever reason for thirty i am sorry that and i am cardio before i had to work yes passion jesus needs my cup of unleaded let's roll mean doesn't bother me he's just
as well as guys you can get away with it only three hundred nineteen thousand likes that's what is you have like fifty million was reset my family my year i think i have like eight hundred thousand said video of what happened instagram account what when you have a million followers and you post something what happens shaded video explodes admit this person's phone go crazy or will we have the fuckin by ever think turnoff cambodia turned on oh my god i'll be in say have you ever better when somebody that has a lot of followers and then you see their notification pop up they had a lie that some ever been around somebody doug benson used to have that he shuddered off they evidently have i will you do that like all my go over the phone oh my god that's insane oh my god that is insane like a soccer accounts to sexual spock soccer sports means cutting back
my dad is fucking insane may for the phone it's a waterfall will it be a greatly test the battery a bit that battery life just shrinking up just like a gigantic vitiate engine when you stop on the gas that is insane that is amazing while rich riches of china while any rich people instagram like rich kids of do by like those those things are hilarious it's amazing strange time cannot have both the notification thing i just don't care enough i guess maybe issued whilst this not smart phone conversely it mean my phone if it few text me i assume i like you and i want to talk to you prime and that's what essentially it is reaching out contact you and i have to always but aren't you may keep that i don't keep a notification meaning for attacks it out now cousin does your phone is above some time everything turned off so because i don't
being rude when i'm front up like you know like games when its if there was an emergency in alike are you in hot weather must know then you you can't text any and have our text you right back like you know like you fear at dinner with friends or something known people list that friend that just don't put fuckin phone down that's route the assignment i also with anything i'm doing always try to keep iphone you're a sea anthony bourdain so parts unknown yes i caught part of it the grave i can show anyway he has these friends at he turned me onto that are in montreal beyond this restaurant called joe beef and it's fucking fantastic is one of the greatest restaurants in history the world and they did this episode these guys they were on a day when ice fish
and they set up this ice physical there in montreal right so it's called a fox so they set up this shack on a lake and inside they had like a fool gourmet meal they set up like the whole deal at beautiful table clause great food and hold it and they were talk about like how do you set up like what are you what are you what are you have rules when you go to dinner and these are growing wanna shut my phone off cause i'm i'm uh you know i want to have a good conversation round to be a good dinner guest i want to be someone who's it's my come homely people do me bill shut their phone after shut your fuckin phone off very few the american eagle terrestrial see people staring at her phone another person's over there staring at their phone right jesus like other in love with it all family afore and the kids that you can have headphones on energy staring and you like your communication skills
such as when you're older because no one's talkin to you you wanna talk to them no one's enforcing you too will have a folder on my phone that's all for my kids my kids their little fingerprints open my phone up and though like if i if i leave my phone around they grab it because they think it's fun does tell anything your print five and seven little one and so what they'll go to the folder and if i don't let em i don't let em poet farm like none are commodities have a conversation why he had just put kindest play with your phone like no you can't complicity just so you can't definite please will you know you can't play with the form which is hang out talk when that hovers over your head as an option to talking to parents so attractive they just can't we cannot play therefore now know each says thirty seconds ago you fuck come on
but it is i mean like it i like i saw kids actually walking like this a group of kids were maya where the germans that i work out it we're flick fairfax high school is so i gotta this little boxing jam there's an alley where were the kids will walk and so like when you are now you can watch them walking at risk going to every single one is buried and therefore they don't look out there just some lady walk right enemy the airport yoda is our if i just i stood like i was like walk right it does just wasn't even looking just hoping that people we're just get out of our way this is a serious this lady just why king forward it i'll texting here i never stop we're waiting here just like go to his side and just how do you walk text i would an hour the end posters fuckin cheers like everywhere have seepage hemisphere while gates mohammed we ve been on the road you mustn't swerving and go this fuckers textile noah you pull up asylum and see the light
their phone illuminating array says there are or when it's like you're at a red light light turns green and there are still sit mariner because there are some areas the homecoming once get again i think these things go back to what i was talking about earlier that media i think is to compelling for natural response systems are natural instincts and reward systems that are in place for people this is doctor much going on on their efforts to fund to peking there more than i ve ever got like where you are in a long flight and it was like no wifi whatever you couldn't wait to play their phone you like it sometimes i argued five hour flight land and then when you finally like in a chair you're comfortable hike well when you're australia sixteen when we know that lady that text that joke about aids or those we were talking about we're talking about you is this come invited it was like one of those p
bold they do that she would text funny shit right like and you know controversial trying to be funny radically rude and she texas joke about i'm going to africa hope adam aids just kidding i'm white l l i read and i thought how i laugh about she's i am sure that chick ended they should canned and now she works for one of those looks or draft kings while those kind companies out there if i see a volume another company why they getting shake hands i think they they got to greedy what their commercials now because everybody that did fantasy football and shit like that with you no other called it's better hooters on the morning of craft did you know that kind of thing and i think that it just got like in your face like our gammon wearing your shares our add for it like you you can't do that but it should be we
its rise may i just totally legal but the reason there in trouble i think as they get too greedy is that why you're in trouble jamie you know about all that stuff egotism whereas i whether in trouble sort of the sort of there being from what i understand their there being a little bit deceptive what is actually going on only like from what i've read one percent of the people it actually play winning like ninety nine percent of the money smart ones like the rest the world have some algorithms easy professional poker players online world sort of ours figured out how to do it with math exact oh man so programmes i would not be able to do why used have a sponsor called luminosity and the mass is like their brain games in this post like a creature i q to con interesting this creasy that there are games you play that can actually
accelerate learning or help you learn to make your brain work better yet again and then alike threes there's like some number games supposed to help you chess just help get your brain while these people got greedy with their claims and now the fact and they got did just judgment against employed millions of dollars a year because they were saying shit like it could the aghast alluded to the idea that it would help stave off early alzheimer's yeah i had read something about that because there is dead games and there was something that was like if you're driving somewhere and there was a thing like dr with governments are now you know how did you like it was like do something different like you all over the grocery store you go on this i'll start start in the metal like you know it's so as people get older they but as you can do you really get sent your ways and so you know to go this way to this place go the other way i fucked up
something that just gonna jar your brain you know like two main you ok now i have to thank is usually after a while you did robot you're doing exactly the same damn thing in this way restore gotta here in a like that kind of thing and which have of my mom's i told her about this and she cares oh ok we'll tell municipal like when you go the grocery store i said go a different route taken out seventh street and go around doing that are there any other browser but when you go and you always turn it produces go started the bread only other simple that she stupid i'm not feeling well out by announcing the nursing omen try now jesus people are weird that people have that thing word like patterns lately they actually sort of like limit the possibilities that your brain has to consider so your brain sort of atrophies almost like you know it's not lifting wage or not exercising or something on signs yet i mean i gotta go exercise that helps me
it makes me now yet i'm in that helps that obsolete but you do that before shows you finally we have an important show that exercising so earlier i try to do fine for me it's cardio like hot cardio like elliptical machine or something that for half an hour before show of its so i feel so much better so much like i know it doesn't work away but it's almost like a clean out my brain pipes like em flushing this is allowed i know it doesn't really nobody i actually think it does because if you ever had to show where you know you got got someone you like a cap that i have taken now because i ve been going going you take you wake up to go to the show and i'm much like i just you know just what right now i feel is sharp yeah is if you know what i saw work out and then i m just going like i'm ready to go don't look so know exactly what the mechanisms are that are going on inside the mine when you're exercising but there's something that the
mine gets exercise to as well as the body because your mind has to move the body can you think of exercise being a non mental thing because you just a media just working work now and afterwards but there's something that's going on while your brain is forcing your body to do these movements you're you actually rising willpower new exercising determination and focus is always things are going i that i think accentuate intellectual pursuits that makes any sense no it doesn't mean like i did i go to this boxing gym and i don't actually spar with people but it's just when i want to be in my trainer but he'll be nose pads on his hands and he have to do combinations if the thing and i know when i start getting really tired and a need to control the water like i'll start forgetting run back and watch myself before sure am i vow does germany we have a gang of them go back
and again when we get a drink of water but i like it because it makes me think while i'm doing something i still have to concentrate on exactly you know whatever it is i'm doing so there is something to it i agree with the ex any any sort of exercise that you have to think about things like they say handball is really good for the mind like yeah yeah racquetball handball things on those lines that balls come in yonder words gone you'll have to really anticipate was higher than anything we i would imagine tends to be the same thing like because you europe is hand i coordination vall fast motion calculations the span of the ball the bald bouncing here goes down there's a lot of different things you have to start a trick your mind into getting engaged with yeah now agreed that a minutes not dead like i don't know like what causes alzheimer's like what what's the cause of it is a good thing
another key issue is a belief sir but i will i will leave it said the people of genetic propensity for it i wonder if people that just do like when people get old and arizona recline or i'll fuckin day long and that's watching the same shit like not challenging yourself ever yeah i wonder if that factors in it i think it certainly can factor in but people that have it it is a disease people that oh i have a friend whose girlfriends dad has it and they have to go visit and it's just he's barely there completely out of it and it was an interesting point tat i think it was radio lab where they're talking about they were trying to repopulating whooping crane whipping grams like in danger of extinction and one of the things that they have done they tried to come up with new migration path for these animals i think i read something will this lady had bird feeders in inner yard
is whooping cranes had come to her yard to use the bird feeders you know they were setting up these bird feeders and interacting with em and the scientists that had spent so much money in so much time trying to engage these ukraine's in due form in these new migration pass we're trying to get hurt stop doing it trying to get her to stop feeding the birds because these birds they didn't want em they want to be while they don't want to rely on people and right also because these patterns were predictable people had finally people somebody were shooting the whooping cranes should i lost a few of them than they had spent his fuckin on guard the amounts of money trying to re popular at birth but her husband had alzheimer's like real bad the only thing that would get em excited was birds so he would be out there with her and he would see the birds you'd all look look very is right there and she said like for that brief moment while these birds were there he would be back
be able to engage them and talk to him but when the birds were gone he drifted away we re back and he was gone and so she was like fuck you yeah i'm hanging out my husband what there is weird yeah that's pretty yeah it's actually going credible i mean i remember like my dad like before he died this roof and story but my mom was leg you know just there were frustrated with each other you know he's the role of a cancer she's trying to howl peace pacino it and they never far they never like ever so it was weird to see them that way but then if some came he didn't know he would come back like it was like you're new yours and it's not the same shit you know like is seen as somebody brand new came em like if it was a nurse or somebody he didn't know i would why i'm just immediately come back you know like i don't know he was trying to be more hospitable or if it was like what it was but just
you would watch him just like it could just switch and he would be nice my thinking novelty new things new new experiences new places all those things stimulate areas of our brain that we can take for granted it like i like doing that sucker things i really like doing are doing things and i'm not good at i'm new at them because because i'm knew what am i getting obsessed with it like you wanna be getting a reality but york pilot competitive before us right of issues like i'm sorry these sweating at a board gamers something like just when wide was you're back when i was young i'm way better at it now way better because now understand what it is back down i just i just would be overwhelmed by the demon yet and i just i just needed to win find a way to wind right but just new things like even things an archipelago
archery can be competitive but will i just do it like sort of as practice but am obsessed with i'm fuckin its because i suck at it for whatever reason like when on practising it becomes my entire focus and these things like that like yoga is another thing my fuckin suck at it but i tell you why i do and i can't do it how can we can do the only china once flexible work because you have struck before kind of logic is good i sectors like say and yet i tried plant football i'm not good at all so i like to move around a lot more so that's why really wasn't i like feeling like i'm doing i'd like to go down elected you know that's not enough moving about for me with that's part of the whole practice of practice being still holding poses my point is i'm not good at it but so obsessed with it re when i do it i just did just becomes like this over
welcoming thing for me by concentrate on all the time and i'll do it a couple days weaken further days and i'm not doing i'm thinking about in a lot of time that's interesting i think that's why like will stand up does it for me via stand up really as for make as i get i always get nervous forego you know like you and if it were works are you know and if it doesn't you figure out what joke didn't work why did you know should scrap which a change it should i but i i that's one thing i really love about stand up as it does like germany in oh it makes me like you know like how you feel when you get off stage and you're like all psyched up and show it like i love that feeling of being nervous and you know on stage and that always has very like rewarding to me one a few things is still challenging that way all these years later twenty six plus years later for me but it's also because our right new stuff he adds the key is prey the community has the having new material constantly writing if you don't do that then you get trapped in a village
act with an act like we all know that older comics that have been around for fifty fucking years wherever they have that act whether doing like reagan impression that issues of clarity and pine puritan it has it kicked i took it i'm aware here i alerted to anything else cats dogs cheese milk of them not just show we flying through the air we noted as are now i know it's like by every time it rains that's when it happened sets whatever's kicked up like ragweed pollen is its seasonal times a year did you get in houston as well how this different times here in houston whatever here i've actually worse out here which is weird those weird yeah i don't if it's the climate like i was in a really humid clay and i dont know if there's something else maybe that i'm allergic to that i don't know but i'm not because my eyes get bubble burn you now and i'll get like that you know it just wellbred bread i could feel like everything's draining
that's interesting because a lot of people move till it dry desert climate arizona to try to avoid believe me i know it's weird i don't know what it is but it's been worse i've been noise in the summer is one of the most bizarre environments compared with this year just breathing water everything is just as what the review you could drain your little be like a hundred degrees and a hunter then he met it it just needs and windows outside you walk if you weren't sunglasses fog up and everything you you're sunglasses fog up your your clothes instantly stick to you like everything you're concerts will start from flimsy vietnam those stiff you know tee shirts office and its roof i'm the only way to sort out to you but it's really good for your skin check stay young lookin for a long time out there yet been earnestly moist they really moist spatially skin wise
we the other way moistened obeys yoletta you're you're still in your facial skins stays moist hence my line americanese i use lotion yellow that helps to yeah that's a good move dare do that but i think that the invite like the dry air environment is bad for her skin i fell a definite because i know like when it those moments summer time out here when it's just fuck emerges darley heed that it that desert he arrives oh my god and it's like my skin is a drinking the lotion than on it it's like i have my synergy like dried out again you know like you're just sitting there this it's pretty pretty fun but get out here butter would you like about here but more open minded more knowledge this morning do oh i like to stand up stuff in writing it's different because i moved out here yet career wise so i love my career
that makes it a thought in both the weather's usually always nice out here i'd like beaches elected to serve elected the fund is two things at all i got here one overpopulation that's ridiculous the overcrowding sex traffic that's tough and to theirs dad in talking away now i'm just like throwing all my fuckin tissues thrilling press somebody on the other is there is this ingenuous aspect of the entertainment industry this is shallow weird sort of actor e thing that i think is a product of people have the audition so your constantly have to get people to like you so you put on the sort of fake behaviour and then you become a part of whatever click or whatever pattern that use think is like in the vogue in popular you now i'm coming people called caitlin general hero and
it's where you know you're in europe with the right the right sensibilities the eye in everyone likes you yeah even on your head kabila coney judy and twelve mean there was like this fuckin each with only twenty two thousand everybody fucking jumped on board and why do you even know what the fuck you have a bumper sticker for do you know that i still hashtag that coney two thousand but i knew it onto something that makes absolutely no sense of our old dick jargon and i always and put coney twenty twond mike i'm and i'm not gonna let it diamonds committee wanted to stay relevant countries when he's well does one of my favorite all time human folly storage is the guy who start that whole movement that now down he had also amazing so there was a true there was a true melt down here but i think he was pretty public completely insane before started under the pressure of the success of the movement somehow another this guy got celebrities and all these world famous
people were on board because it became the car you're you right it was the thing there and it was the over the month i mean he like hell at last like i've tried it things going awhile six months maybe six mocha site like that but it was phasing out every celebrity was on board were in their teacher coney too so many bumper stickers oh my god one day jerking off in front of people running around the street will your pants down scheme is completely naked just around the corner and i think a colony twelve don't go over no forget blessed blast and it ended it ended like it as it like that that's all took it was like people talk a little bit about the meltdown and then it was like something else happened we never heard like who knows what that guy but to me that embodies the disingenuous aspect of a lot of a hollywood like activism type behaviour it's like i don't necessarily
think they're really interested in the activism as much of their interest in and people thinking they're interested in the activism they're trying to put together a package in that package is how you look address i actually be it and you have to have lived sensibilities because you wanna be fuckin cast so you have do you have to connect these p whether the casting agents you can't have it can't be outrageous inane in any way that non can't they do not get an bruno if he's air a rip up like a who's that said rob shiners monies that is your problem thank you said it but it was just lays a fuckin vaccine denier and his king lot aware to arrive at its like a few that's not liberal in late now how i guess a vaccine and that it has a lot of vaccine deniers ria earl but it's it's such a weird thing that if you
do something that's not the norm out here everyone just treat you like a bag of shit i don't feel like i don't have that problem is not an actor right i'm a writer and i do stand but also i dont know if it's because i moved out here thirty seven i didn't move out here at nineteen starry i'd with five room and inefficiency you know i'd survival herbal dried or i am i know i've been working i gotta stop were fairly i bought it so i didn't really give a shit the way that i think that if you come in so early totally affected by it i've met a lot of people that were really young when they came out here and i met them young when they're out here like i did ass a show once back in the day with a guy who is an act and he was like twenty two news is handsome guy and he was trying so hard to fuckin be the got right you know and we were talking about tomorrow that jack nicholson movie with helen hot things called
does it get you a fucking hated that movie did that movie with every fibre of my being and one of the reasons why haven t x i felt sad this woman is a single mom rashly seemed really nice and jack nicholson's pieces shit yeah asshole and she stuck with em right this is as good as you get that was the whole idea of it and then this is fucking ridiculous idea that he was right just because he needed medication so they gave medication stopping racist what the fuck kind of movie is yes growth he and i were having this conversation because it was the movie that everybody in draw everyone different she wanted out again it was amazing yes she wanted to ask her for it so he and i were having this compensation he was doing that thing that they do where if is something that everybody likes he likes it and i got a fascinating them away and he's like why uses amazing moving i goes amazing i goes on what the fuck and cheese is poor woman yes his kidneys is old caught and she stuck with them
and you can get me but any better so should rather sickly can be around that yeah creepy deadwood lessons on earth like ones so those actually thought he a lot to offer i got what what did you just say it a lot for what but breathings mining around her and money and she didn't want is a mean worse they gave it the whole year that the purpose of that movie was disgusting but when i this conversation with him about it it became clear really early on when i start chip away at what look at what was it that got you about the move where what what what guy got him is that everybody was saying they liked right everybody said they liked it so you want to say he liked it so obvious racking his brain for what one thing that person said about him he's an interesting case we could see he got real real hot real quick like people really into him but then they found on whose condom and it just drifted just ended i thought that was ok with you can only be
oh don t he was real superdome there's a lot of people that they get like a little the jews in the beginning and likewise so stern habit shows up and then the juice cuts are sure some new one would maybe better cheeks were some right i mean everybody ezra moments at getting hot and cold and you know you have to help if you get cold you get hot air but it's really fuckin stupid item like during that will crisper that's my only examples of course i was getting invited to be on shows and talk about it i declined every being a signal now i'm not too good for you as absolutely not i wouldn't chris brown things we talked about it before the pilot asked what people don't know chris brown
obviously was in trouble because beat up brianna that hold thing and you know that domestic violence is showing an you add tweeted somethin at hand what did you tweet while away like my lowest form of comedy writing is the celebrity reach wait it's because i can't think of anything else right and i'll just go to my favorite targets like camera kim kardashian and i only make fun when they read some stupid i never i never ever like i've never talk about somebody's looks their weight they're gonna like it's just something dumb and with his ina wedding ditties horrible person men he had showed no signs were more like a cap doing ship the item through a chair through the window and good morning america when robin roberts enervate yeah like asking him about it and apparently they had made some sort of an agreement where they work to bring a ride messy violence that i'm here to talk about my album right now but the whole thing is this like how he channeled his rage throwing a chair through a fuckin when it really like you ve been so
i was born child as more than he had tweeted something like man alex this fuck and i'm only twenty three as reach waited at knows a guy now been worthless piece of shit you're really age i thought it was funny oversight mike i look at me replies on my phone and who is look like that those waterfall of just like opposite it was like a thousand two thousand only shit works like what'd i do and then i realized he was coming back like i'll tell him you two seconds dick i like your mother must be served like i just i played with them i was a sunday was boredom blake next thing i know is a key deleted as entire twitter account and if we like now that's not what i meant to do it did he say one that shit in your mouth too short and my eye your eye shower retina to be
my specific i dont think you have a laser beam accuracy does he have with the ever written as even the back of the sun and affright like you didn't even whereas on smart on your retina laughing away and i like he said like ryan if she mad like ask reality if she ma am so like i we are back in and i linked as police report to that too that was funny and we went back for it for a while and then be deleted as countenance when it became a thing did he put it back is this back i was only like downfall a couple weeks isn't like you delete your town when you put it back to get all your flowers back to start from scratch navy start from scratch but i he has the most insane loyal group of idiots that follow
just misspelled death threats all day long is well i got was misspelled death row as like well you know works but then the next asked my manager like i love a call it i got she's jenny what did she do i have a lot of messages there and i was like yeah now my bad as they just sell aha no and she's go can cause you sure you don't want it i've got good ones view larry king of saying no view is a good one how holier laughing it like she was totally matrimony message she's like i'm good ones of wanting to beyond get larry king we get the viewers like no no no no no i don't want to the earlier because i didn't want to that's not was mine prevention it was just so happened that something that i thought he wasn't spake get pissed about like that ended up being some it wasn't how i wanted to make my i've known you know and i just at that point already headline in overthrowing followers i wasn't like i didn't know
just starting out and i was trying to get famers something off of it now who is doing what you do i do and it went but somewhere that i didn't mean it in areas like now and i want to do that and i think about it like i wonder if people would but he said something went home to that body that that was when you really at high knows it now that is not what i was maybe to you to me that was like the low like dipping you know it was now finest hour i was not proud of that moment at all and i regret it but i don't know i'm sorry not yet go sit on the show on the ground therefore i am so now i look at what i wrote a calling for an ignorant it was believed him not rosenbergs something here like some heroes like now a piece of shit and i was just i like acknowledging that i wish i knew what happened with them i know he beat her and i know you should never beat isn't b
anybody you devolution beat someone you love exhortation beat a girl your guy yet but i want to know what she did she might have punched him the face too and punched her bagger well i mean all the liese report is lake which he actually acknowledged it always she took his phone and there is another chick text and she's like what the fuck you know that their driving and then he pushed her in the mouth and cap punching aired like driving around in a thirty minute torture such lake was the lengthy but you know beat her head into like it sent and miss whatever her actual last name is your mouth filled with blood tooth chapter so even in hit him at all now should and hidden banal scripture and get the car but then they break up of course each scatter restraining order and then when that ended she got back together with them part gives good dick i guess so i guess i don't know she forgave him get shit maybe she sentiment how can one is foul maybe she should a couple
really belong not on his violent your phone finish as i have on roaming of home but i was joe you every and it was such an you know when i started getting all of them like like god my mom i'm gonna like re admission that i feel like i was more just go and imagine those your daughter logos hitting your daughter and then oh i'm gettin act together with em yeah i guess who knows garbage man who knows what the fuck there really like what she's really like she's always a little crazy to me i mean she'd have to be like a little air biting that talented artists fuckin crazy anyway you know him or her whose down to her she's very talented her voice here but a lot of people can sing you don't issues talented issues because i think she's shit i'm bringing back together i them you know i gotta have a hard getting past that brown
and listen to music anyway i'm a jumble of old person driving around listening lithium serious that dealers are the would deal what would your kind of music not kill you that's probably listen about eighty nineties do you first wave you're like loud nevada lechner you see soaked in bleach i did i only care for what do you think about it i don't like it the movie the documentary that set things that court in love pardon me stuff i've seen how many documentaries arthur about him that's a lie there there's some real shitting ones hbo one how's your heck urgency until the reenactment crap those terrible that's i i was out i can finish should actually be done like i can't watch bad acting i thought it was a documentary right and if watching actors pretend to be and it somebody
since version you know it it felt like now i agree with you in that sense but i don't think they had rights to anything else i think she owns the rights to kurt yeah so like i don't think dig do anything else they wanted to show that move in and depict those stories and had just not doing well i write them they just write a book the problem is people want read books another problem is if you want people to pay attention you'd have to listen to her actual voice saying bunch crazy shit which is in documentary when you hear actual voice lying about like having a drug overdose in making these public these targets in line to him about where she found the suicide note you know what she says she found it under the bed or under the pillows and he's like all his problem with that i checked the pills which under all the pills we checked on their everything we scour that room
aye sir they're like the leg it when you hear that area and then we see the actual physical evidence of her copying kirk cobain handwriting and then you see the difference between the sewers now which is a three mostly like seven eight suicide notice him talking about non related stuff and then the last tiny portion of it is the suicide note which is clearly an indifferent handwriting bigger letters like woe did she fuckin writers like those and she killed them where it could be a crazy bitch row a suicide note for him to make herself
look awesome that he's out of their fuckin crazy her she's fuckin crazy find out but i don't think there's any body that believes that she's not crazy exactly isaac i would be i don't think there's a person they would go net right she's telling so she could be out of her mind she could be a liar she could be all those things are still not be guilty of murder there's nothing in that documentary that shows that she killed them there's nothing it's just that it just shows he's nuts which everybody already know yet that's why get everyone made a big deal about it not just the reacting really took me maybe it's her but i've seen so many things like everyone knows she's bad should win surprised me an olive she did but you will the those our thanks go to the police work is so pissed poor thousand disturbing things about it we find our talk in also what was it like ninety four when he died or sell my fat like ninety nine four percent we're talkin pre internet so the accountability was me
more small town you know a small area and then it was the seattle police department the the sheriff was a fucking idiot fucked up a bunch of the case is eventually was kicked out right there is all sorts of bad police work going on on top of that the difference between the first ponders accounts of the murder scene verses his response the difference between the image of the europe of occupants allergies mrs the first responders said you responders clearly tell who it is and then you know out their version of it that is faces born off well does yet two different versions they cremated i'm six days later the fact they called it a suicide instantly before the autopsy was performed at the way that to a forensic scientists ready to go over the evidence they just is a cluster fuck but in that if i don't you believe any girl so i dont believe anything i don't know i do not know the other he's an unknown understand heroin so
when they say that he had three times a lethal dose of heroin in the system and that he wouldn't have a name pull the trigger i don't know if that's true maybe he had insane tolerance as you did a lot of heroin curve yeah like maybe the time for you and i but rat three times for him i don't know but it was is creeping creepy documentary i mean that a whole store given hoof petals seems creepy assured i mean you ve like one this very scotland you read that he where did it i mean it's so terrible but i felt like every single person was like without scott while and i met him he did dana whites birthday party dana why is present in the usa performed stone tumble pilots performed at his birthday party and uncle for it was only to say they were falk an amazing like three times and at every time they were awesome they perform in us in a ball for i mean maybe there was i to wonder people there and the people that will pay
tension only one on stage was like maybe forty we had to get people up towards the case that the states to pay attention that mother fucker rocked like he was in front of twenty five thousand sold out rabid fans i mean he hasn't he it hard i remember being humboldt ever seen seeing now gone why i gotta it made me want to do stand a better maybe like men i wanna go right i want to i want to hear about my performing zack i fucking male dave everything but backstage was unknown to you is that those eyes because my friends it had to deal with him the friends that worked for the u have ziad it had d like like he was here he demanded go on like right now or is getting out of their he's gonna fucking leave em up my fucking money i want to go on right now accused is cracked out of his mouth i hereby out or whatever the far right he was doing he just he like barely there all the time and always on engine
blame it on is creative do is inside of a man made him such a genius performer which is undeniable that it was a genius performance wise performance what yemeni e put on a shell like every time i ever saw amply was amazing but good read what the mother of children said about em that rolling stone thing has arisen out with him so fucked up and then he would go to be married to that and have chosen what that guy yet and then he had no children with a new wife and then just sort of didn't talk to the all of course obviously that's her first worry sure who knows how crazy she is who knows what the reality of right you could die in your ex boyfriend could write a fuckin crazy book about billig now all direction yet and we don't know but is this said that's a fuckin crazy drugged and heroin whew never in a million years touch what if it may do so one of you
if you got a little but i wanna do it like i don't you afraid micro don't how do they want to die for the first time i would die first on try it might now i gotta let alone for they find out its diverse reactionary and your declared in these oh you took the current agree that twenty four hour yet no you're not you're fucked up girl it seems too an awesome effect on musicians so well until eight die yeah yeah but up until the middle aged twenty seven since drop off rather there's a like all the aged twenty seven people railways from these up janice joplin morrison henry anyone help anyone house her cobain they all it's all twenty seven soldiers are twenty seven is the age that everybody just illuminati it's like that five thing this is their justifies they try to exactly what happens it's the aids commander the mai aids is going to touch it
is this a bit aids is echoed bobo like is there a drug that has a more unique relationship to music than heroin i don't think so you don't mean that i knew there was a heroine guy was hedberg and mitch hedberg had left a sort of almost like a jazzy sort a sense of humor using a we're even his voice ago any spoke very things like using a cool cat yeah yeah he would do is act sometimes was back to the crowd he would turn and do until it was labelling and when you look at them everybody but there's something that confidence due to diesel engines that just like an outrageous turn your back to the crowd but not give a shit you're not nervous like they they would sniff you out a few are like yeah you're scared but it's like he had such control over everybody that aegis could do it and everybody would laugh when he was a unique guy in that for a long time had a real problem
following certain acts like you i would like say if you get booked unlike the funnybone and columbus right if you get book there if last year a big draw to the point where you say hampering in my opening acts with me they would book local people and so they have some guy like i know story where he went to this club they had a local guy local guy before performers fuckin litter doing handstands he sing and dance and he has music he plays he does a rap to close he closed with the audience goes crazy and then hedberg goes there was sunglasses on standard for the microphone you know and says so ask me if i want to banana frozen banana said no but i want our regular banana later so yes that's funny but not after some deeds doing lapse and stand eyes had me shoot rockets erratic the garnish rocketing amazing might be ruined but you know this like so he would bomb would have like these horrible sets in two
he found his audience and that when people knew what to expect like from letter apparently and what have you done they knew what to expect no go to see him and then finally they start doing the opening actually i claim that guy had a really hard time now because of that it was so specific like the kind of comedy like you could probably go anywhere and you can check the crowd out go like you he'd figure you you know in your head when something is working what they like and what they don't like moments you know even to pay if someone's there to see gilbert melinda non the gibbet malignancy the fighter kill kill it medical off what do we really know know who the fuck am i think enough fluffy oh really goes here dns christ gilbert gabriel killer like games places like super family friendly very squeaky clean
very funny very bike fluffy laughing if i went on and told some dark shit after that or some it's not so my crowd wrong crowd from growing or a group of old people that went to see here whatever filling the blank with like a really care tops squeaky clean israel's estonia that's just you can get the wrong crowd for sure you know there's some crowds just don't work for you for your style few but like if you were gonna show and it's like you anthony gentlemen bilbil like young with matter right you like that's like it's all i get it at the same time we ve done that twenty thirty times at the chemist toilets i get legs annoy much of my head with a store you'll have but that need someone might go on in what they really good at the stored like setting a line up in a really serve homogenous way a horrible share their i rarely do the same girl i guess we're trying to put together a shown ringer show what it was
i do like i didn't is room to weaken the the main room monday night and the main room with a shudder never first time i am in main room a veto is just bad it was just actually bad everything i said bob like nothing and i was just going like how many four minutes is i'd like you to inflict that at me i mean it was it was bad but i didn't like this is not my car they have to show them the other day and i got there i got their american the waitresses are like dude go to the fucking mainroom see this fucking show on the main room i go what's going on they go a call to rent it out to maine i got quite are you serious so i went in there and when i went in there the show was just ending the comedy shows just ending so our committee was on stage i didn't i dont know who the comedian was an interest was gone so well was going ok but who is very very strange and then
after the show they all huddled up around mother mother this woman they called mother who was the the head of the cult and theirs fifty people around her they're all dressed to the ninth suits and ties like the nicest dresses like everybody's like dressed up like to go into an award show right and money sat around with her back to the stage of their off raising her because if she wants to minimize well been onstage and was talking like a really what self help on some sort of fuckin cookie cutter scientology style talking here about you know our intention what we put out into the world is what the world gives us back if you love yourself the world loves you like that kind of shit and they were all like hearing along with an clapping where there is whose self flocking strange it we had so strange but they rented the road like how did they even rent the i don't understand what happened i don't know what happened because i got there late in i got it
as it was ended the last comecon stage but our magical been on earlier and we just fuck and eaten dick out their hand and he can apparently goes put our foot kind of crowd is this are you saying it why i was up there because he realized he looked down he sees all these people with suits and ties and dresses and they're out there darrell falcon super lost mean like really lost strange people are never forget the first sitting there and them gathered around her talk chancellor listening to every hang on every word she says without bird feeding its babies spit pathology there like just waiting for the hallmark cards shit is fuckin such arrange really strange well then whole self help thing you know you are if you're so inclined you can pieced together freshly today i guess not
i'm talking about like anthony robins days of nineteen a or nobody else was due and aunt he had actually have some really yet concise it's about how to improve yours there there repeating other people and nobody's come up with something brands banking yet but you all you have to do sort of mine the internet for these things right jim reshaped them and put on a seminar and have all these people together and its people that are doing that we have had a voice that nets that weird their odd look corset document is sought family jerusalem no i haven't biases pretty whitney cummings retell may have seen its good because i think it really heard of it because a guiding light to amass jones tat you know i gotta heat you gotta angle lighter and why and said jesus once made it
fly out and he didn't make maybe that's how does she just wanted to come to like oh he didn't kill people he just was like now i'm getting vibes that i need to go in his hand on the cliff and that's a fortune way to go how am i got but actually he survived and then die like a few veto one or two days it is about but less less exciting but let's find out the light yeah i'm sherman that's what he was hoping for but hang gliding seems like a fucking great time but i'm not trying to yeah no i need it like i couldn't do that when you have to depend on the wind and only depending on things like the amount into spending on wind it seems like it does whatever the fuck it wants then when i was where'd yeah it's like i tell it known there would be like flow putting in the water on a boat sailing around on a boat in and also in the boat decides doesn't want to be buoyant
that's kind of what you like iran floating in the air depending upon these drafts with whips fortunately for clarity like a cat well but if i mean i think that can happen right the windows dies off and you just following rounder lines moreover the coasts image it i wouldn't go fuck it and guiding but i did because is here sign told him sign and any to hang like nothing more knotty than those wing suit toots i had to suit andy stamp in here who has the world i cared for wing suit travel that shit's insane i want i just like something on this guy i mean they're nuts and no break every fuckin boner back out they're gonna get back oh yeah one guy he hit like his foot on the edge of a rock and then just we're going who knows how
that's what i did see they're like everything broke all of his shabby lived gara back on it that's how awesome wing suit flying is break every you have to be financed out there like you have to have a something's year wired differently because that's not why he's rewire differently to try in the first place right here i mean would go a flyin squirrel soon enough this mission work rudimentary so fun though i imagined is fun but boy i'm in have you ever done a hover boarding those little roller bore things a little bit like a subway but doesn't have a handle in other things that we see the kids do better you re one of those who have to fund right there they are fine but those kids it's like two teenagers need to be young feels like that i made my little kids adam i know but you know any site those lazy fuckin kids and the more ass walking a man now they're just it so what do you feel that's why those things were they now comes along for they have rules like member one people used to be over soon
those iii cigarettes on planes they just be puffin on those blue e cigarettes like whose head fuckin goofy guided to the door of yes yes i when i see him in these six thousand your freedom but i haven't seen you in a movie and nineteen nineteen alike it this is you're doing like what i had to but i love you till i get me steve north two guys come on guys take back your freedom there it is look come on guys there's just something so non rebel about second little robot dick it looks like this went home privatized buildings are great before you go on stage they look like tobacco or nicotine rather is a stimulant and it is act really a good stimulant to take before you go on stage rolling back fires brain judea told me about it so i guess my fire
by before announcing the other bay pens and i like the others big giant fuckin like you into a lunch partner are the ones that have like them marijuana oils and have those rainier challenge what kind of you i have of em you name it i have to have the g pen i got one those ever from it does a friend a friend of mine that does marketing year yapped endorse that we have all your fuckin stack of em back there i don t prince my friend bombay educating oh shit the best ones are the ones that have the oil so when i ask that you screw the top plugin usb plot and a common backdoor he's my friend who has an i got my prescription from a doctor as well i don't have i dont even have one but he my friend has once again you're up and you're gonna go get me some lessons this is broadcast nationally you do have one race do have restriction you not taken marijuana illegally right until right
more generally we have one you know you have to have not only have a vapor knows too are you kidding this picture is joe there was one of my friends as it defies tried i was trying to sound cool you know one of the co kids how should we will call kids to mess with edibles she's nodding i have in my previous life have you any bad experiences yeah everybody has everybody's had because you don't know how much and it wasn't edibles it was the obvious always the brown nobody's gonna work with and i was in college and i remember leg is a costume party the round halloween so everyone's at the barn costume and i fine my sister and room think as my sister and i went to the same college i was well
encircles because they were dressed like other people and i was like a fucking nightmare and finally they came up the rear their leggy what passes like thirty times and you look all right dad doesn't help by a big eyes do so i might just fucking panicky in jumpy god you scared the shit i just went back to my party leaders like doesn't make its yeah i'm not afraid i was a judge cannabis cup once i did you no it that cannabis coppers this thing with a judge weed and they decide like what's the best is it like beer its way worse here's the thing you don't have the idea which one is hitting you better or not you dont know like this with a united gum like all people have those monday through sunday had a lot of anger and each one in eight pomerania taken there was that
they give you one of i saw had it like with a dried we'd in it for the largest sitting on my right to save this put it away does a nostalgia for the highest have ever been in my life right so i get there they give every that's a judge they asked me to be adjusted give everybody's a judge when these little boxes with all these different strains in it and one has a name and above all in other names you finally starts going i dare say you started we all know what what's getting you hi what's not your highest fuck first of all we went into this place that they did it is placed on mailros was like a head shop in the back of the head shop there is big giant room where all these people end and i remember just being just come poorly blitz out of my mind by the time i got to tuesday what does the thursday friday saturday and sunday i'm fucked up man and people enemy cookies and i'm just eaten up their daddy's arms is eaten up people hand
bags like those of volcano bags i'm fuckin sucking on a volcano bag i will i just went as deep as ever ever gone in my life and how many days before you came to was legitimately high for twenty four hours like i'm now like legitimately did you do anything now sitting i just i lay down after it was over i remember thinking i can even of a kind of form sentences i can't write like i didn't know what i was doing i didn't this is is a high i got so high that people stopped they stopped looking like people to me and what they started being is light two dimensional like a cardboard like a movie promo cut out of a person and then hi that person was like their sole was like peeking around the corner like looking at you like they were walking towards you at the sight more cut hardly nor in like manner this that's how they look that's like the impression and i got from looking at them like a two dimensional outside and then
occasionally see glimpses of the real self ike peeking round the corner looking at me hiding readjustment raised i was terrified was i suppose i was i was uncovered tethered from reality from life i was god and i remember having this weird conversation with this is a thing these marijuana people especially marijuana thitherward we're talking like think i was a judge two thousand three something done two thousand to still in your system from private postal does bother but the people that we're like into it the really like involved in that the quorum quote cannabis community with a small sort of tight knit group that were per using it selling it growing and they would gather together cities there these things as an excuse to kind of get together with everybody and other that in this conversation with this guy who is bad king on the cannabis community taking care of him when he was old and that's what he was like the trading comic
i was so i just had to listen i couldn't talk and it was saying was raising thing is the kind of community like they're gonna have me they're gonna take care of the kind of this committee would be therefore use or regret as a forum one came emerson thing you know he thought cannabis communities like the small tightening thing and now it's a swarm of humanity eve right there is no canvas community homey it's called life here people get just human rights but to him it was like in our local growers or whatever it was like this local organic community austria is a strange conversation like that was his angles almost like he was really in part pot it had given him and identity within this community so he was expressing that to me this very strange way and was trying to like wrap my head around like what he thought was going to happen you know he kept saying that in the canvas communities who is going to take care of me the cannabis community i guess what do the canvas committees for can people
people are just can't take care of you is another stoner do at a room one of my roommates college when tenders eight shit and impart brownies and showing you gotta wendy's for food of course and retaining wendy's food as i'm sure you're my car ashes and as soon as they go to drive through an open when he's gonna take your orders because dr just get out of here that's donated really hit your heart and that person say unwelcome no one may see lost i don't drive she's gonna jump out of my car like she was really like
doubt funny just can't just go just drive you know it's not good the pot eating part can really talk with you in a way that i have none else can hear its beginning in it won't go away there's nothing you can take or do not you and awaited i want you to help us a little bit is coffee coffee hardly i can but i mean if you're so act out you're just like me i just want to sit in a chair and await this ride this out do you know the difference in all the years i have talked with so many times before people can get annoyed but do you know what happens when you eat it that there is a different like biological processes post smoking it when you smoke it you're eu bodies react the tac which is the act of compound smoking but when you eat it process by your liver and it produces something called eleven hydroxide metabolites that's five times more psychoactive than th see it's insane powerful and it's a much more psychedelic drug like you'll have
hallucinations and yet in spite of you close your eyes i'm sorry i'm really really intense that it always makes me out so much as the moment i closed my eyes like yeah i get it i just love well i was on board when i was at the canvas cup that was what was so oxide been high from smoking yeah me love horrible plus throwing it up with great if its alcohol we throw up and you drink alcohol ino gets out of your system a new it helps you sober up quicker but now you like if i was you know we all do it stupid we don't know how we can take winner of the college and bout drink until i was justino hammered and then i will oh yeah out smoke that internet i always appear only the only time out ever puke was when i did that and we need to learn but also because when you smoke you become hyper and your body is aware of the poison inside you in the form of alcohol and advising what did you do
i get it i took a pot this guy made he age see pills friend of mine they were like you could i make pills an hour how he did it but he made him these absolute and you have to it has to be there's something as we fat soluble like like when you cook it like a lot of times they cook these butter and they did they the marijuana in the butter that make it fast soluble them in your body i don't understand the process but he figured out how to do it and put in council forms we told us you like you how much i take any goes just take one pillar gazelle packages of two pills it gave us it was just take want my friend eighty bravo was far back i'm take it too so he took to i listened i took one and i was fuckin bullets greed and i wound up talking to this guy and
it was at a jujitsu tournament and this is one of the competitors and i remember thinking wireless guys it's a virus so crazy like he's when you really hot my main criticism that is like insanely dangerous vibe about him turns out he was a rapist turn into a rapist and was on the run and when on the run and so i went to a jujitsu tournament known and he was he was that you should leave it he had done some other shit to why things he had done he choked to get a death and then they revived you gonna street fight a trial against another one of those mayhem or whatever those no no we're going to do what was a figure she name war machine present now that guy's another when he was on my part ass actually months before he did that with the girl could it be the fuck out of she was here god ass a worse ending story i ever i saw the whole thing
real sports they adele unreal sports and hbo with her is terrible and beyond those terrible the whole thing was a combination of everything his other you said he suffered in his life steroids is fuckin the brain damage at unquestionably has yeah so many of have brain damage the so many that same shut the fuck up yeah they snap laid to do that is it not saying with chronic and several gm evolved see tee so just any form of head trauma repeated periods at times can cause issues but they keep toma football players and make you can't tell me that like nascar drivers don't have that shit they reckoned have concussions all the time anti direct that much though there was a little sessions it but
it just takes a little like once it siena once you ve had one concussion ah here yesterday get another a lot of those drivers have had multiple concussion that's interesting i never really thought about that i would think about different people like hockey unit or there certainly but it always seems to go to just football but now this i mean i know plenty i'd die like caressing but a lot of the open will even if they have just barely iraq but it's still there the head you don't they have all they had neck restraints on but at the sight of a wall you brain squash romania have you had any ernie had three concussions maybe in the past so with all the at issue the connective tissue that hold your brain inside your skull that's of tears and when it tears it doesn't come back now i don't i resilient sake it's done it's boring that's it i didn't know what stuff was like like what is a connective tissue like until i butchered moose once and whose character and when
we're lifting up the leg and cutting the connective tissue it's like almost like this like candy like like what's stuff cocaine the fibers lookin stuff it s like it so soft cuts right through like i'm right this is like similar to the stuff that holds your brain in your head and you your man in over repeated traumatic impacts overrun yes suffragist start pairing and breaking year and then once its torn you're fucked your head just ran alone around it scary we'll have a friend of mine a good friend of mine who is an expert in traumatic brain injuries doctor and he treats alot of soldiers football players the like an so the union a concussion a severe can crush from getting hit in the chest like a lot of football players that now had impact again in the chest but that the is it a chest yes snaps your head back and the brain rattles around inside your head and it gives you a massive concussion and date the ignorant people
didn't know any better ignorant is far too didn't have the information they would say i didn't get hidden ahead is fine but no like that just getting in the czech senate kicks you in the chest in your concussion net i hope nobody rickets images i hope public expenditure to suck would not be offended outside but if they did like you you brain get fucked up have you ever had a concussion lambs you sure you don't know for a fact that you have voiced a kick box so he added ass i was saying i did you ever cavalry you're at the hospital nice that you have now know now but a deafening had headaches and the action that had a bunch of times i've been hidden had a king at times does definitely in here's the thing about concussions and traumatic brain injury like people think that it's just a concussion you are cost and define concussion all your parent was a dilated ready at hit and had no you join small impacts
pitted sub gas massive impact sometimes i have the most devastating effect soccer players oftentimes develop same sort of symptoms from heading a ball just a ball the add ons above all no concussion i would have i've never had a concrete but i assume that i've done damage from surfing your wake boarding oh yeah a lot o my idea about you know you would you know it take you like you we really wipe out you're just like lay in their like we take a deep breath like a cabinet sit the neck you would like more gordon saying that you can get it from wake boarding or omniform jet scheme hitting wait till the visitor jarring is really like when you hit if you're you know every tonight out of the boat or somebody you go into a wave in that kind of light yeah you do it enough fuck you get off the boat knew just like kind of loop phil little rattled yet exactly this is bad for you my good not
not good i would imagine ski jumping boom like all those fuckin downhill scares like the ones limping they wipe the fucker fuck him why about those sir this nobody did do they wipe out hard finally get knocked out recently fuckin snowboarding he she went on you enter upon his back oh really didn't has no idea what the fuck you did just woke up it was fucked up for it is like a second and third time going out like that to falling snow but he loves nobody no cheese and pointing i like walking and breathing heavily and eleven o my own remembering whirling around nine having somebody like you know take me to the bathroom like well for football you ve seen those if you seen the real sports episode i am nfl players yeah the seventies and eighties that are just act as well as the one i thought it was a pbs front
on that was about those concussions and everything and it was i mean the guys just there not the saint person there just fucked me just done a number on their bodies that you don't bounced back after so many no much is hoping that one day they going to figure out how to stem cells in your brain or something like that a reinvigorated but the ad right now they do really can't do much are you if above it not really but like grown up ok so you know you think about each see a big head it would make those vienna wide world sports real or some shit like that you like aren't you want to watch it again it's insane and everyone's like here in their pockets and now i see it no mike oh just shaved about ten years of his high you know like he's probably lost however many ito loss whatever function of his brain this is like your emotions in your decision making and that's where the latter those guys like shooter girlfriend themselves and yeah we'll show on jamie
and then you get you can always my guys this reason jamie's genesis two weeks ago tell the knock out when the hands there i believe me i know i've seen i probably see more people get knocked unconscious in in real life than i wouldn't hour i would really without any reservation say that i've seen more people get knocked out then zero zero point one one one percent of the popular unlike in that that the smallest group of people this may be a hundred or two hundred people on the planet the more people get knocked out than me maybe i've seen payment knocked out not to that extent but because of my sports producer i used to have it actually go to all the games so i've been assigned i know a guy no i saw it all right there up close and it is i mean you
see it coming you could see the guy coming you see his head turned the other way has no idea what's you know and then the moment he just lays down those arms just oh yeah they just stay up will be doing commenter for the sea a mean literally i've seen more knockouts than way more than ninety nine percent of the population is public knowledge point nine nine nine they might be there might be twenty people on earth that have seen more people get knocked out in may really be that yeah i guess how long have you been doing i've done i started commodore from ninety seven and i started again i did it for ninety seven ninety eight non equipment came back in two thousand to the new company i've been doing it for the night last fourteen years by using a lot but i also was fighting from the time i was fifteen increases fifteen to twenty two was all
dark saying and martial arts torrents i saw a lot of you will get knocked out person there and then i saw just fuckin on god i've called like i don't know man and its way more than a thousand fights it's probably close to two thirds fight so i have probably seen fibres six hundred people just get shot off just bow wow over the course of my life to the king s dear farms legs twitch curled i've seen that way more than a hundred times two hundred three hundred times its madness when you really stop and think about it i mean it's weird that like going from then i would watch me like all we now watch and again to like now i'm just goin me too we're getting all is well find more well it's just becoming more more aware and plus like that this new will
my movie russians common now where people are starting to do what i say that not haven't is it out already yet our christmas but it rate didn't do i don't think why it should have yet the red something that there was like this long thing of discrepancies leg they chose to leave out ex post pictures story now in and made they omitted very important facts but because of the sl of how they treated like there is and things that i don't know who got behind what like who can and may be stronger in astronomy momentum like doing what part up right pardon but maybe try to avoid lawsuits to something like that but i mean i used thank when i would hear people i mean i grew up in texas suicide of footballers such orange egg thing in there would be people that would say go i'd never i'm not lend my son play football new path pussy and aluminium barton
now i got kids but i would say i get it like you see their results and these people are just fogged again it well the mena boy if my kids wonder fight i would be very conservative about it i'd have to adopted really try to get it into her head to understand defence before anything really after this the most important thing the practice is learning how to avoid being hit and had a yeah i mean i took like i took varieties iccat everything but my tatters like you never start affinities agnes ever tried to her jews they jimmy ages punched him right manoeuvres and keep doing and like but defend yourself don't you know don't dance around them and talk shit you know just as ok while avoiding fight as always i don't wanna get in a fight that it so don't hit me so upset if it wants to apple we'll just if you didn't avoided and you got hurt like
molly her yet and suddenly could have avoided the actual so stupid that when we are forever now that you're the one that says then you know yet the ship hector the cooler heads prevails always like a good thing to focus on notice assists sad march almost always whatever the fuck it is people fight over it's almost always can be worked out most of the time usually so people just want to fight know where their drunk known ass the day somehow and pot nobody ever thought of canvas cup most welcome boy you have even had a fight that thinks about it scrambling slowly answers slowly and men you managed to talk come on man and i want to talk about what let's talk people come out of a bar
they're just work and fired up it is the worst drug when it comes to the word horrible orchestra because it narrows your understanding of the danger that you're involved and right loosens inhibition impedes rational thinking in it always somebody that so fuckin hammered but they can import one foot in front of the other but in their mind there saying something completely africa and leave they always end up get me knocked out i've seen it sooner times turrible ceased five zero so strange to because sometimes history fighter are so confident and they literally have no idea how to fight and you like why are you so what are you doing you don't even maybe they beat up somebody that was really scrawny in our lives and delegation kanab but again we get that good living on a big got type bouncer i got this speedier known just an ear i always wondered what in the wake of europe met someone they like they become a different person in the trunk
like they drank and unlike the swiss goes off their not there ok we're gonna go we have any jenny and then those eyes or death durable amsterdam and you say something that in its unity mad role easily as we were just happen finally all working to achieve thought is should we forget borders can it me yak as your drinks empty leg it with them happen new where'd you go with amazing that so few fights do take place when you think about how much alcohols available indiana people drink it's kind of amazing when you go out and you don't see a fight which is more often the not right depends on where you are and i think that when i was in austin so you got six tree not by some part idea like it was it we'd be weird to nazi a file on secretary but then if you go to a place a nicer ok he's adults instead of yeah a bunch adjusted college kids at a ripped there you don't see as many but that's true i saw on asset
that was pretty pretty common well surrounding our towns and then you got texas people and then he got whose and throw it altogether lot of fuckin ye how that's a great town now i'm a great town get down skin choked but people though these days everybody wants to live there now why's that cause shit to do it's a nice why so it's fine like i was a good atmosphere at night i think it's laid back i'll traffickers and say no knowledge started becoming like just yeah it's overwhelming their interests you can't really handle it because it's not designed for that many metal and in everything consistently under construction that on every united just like everything there's just no that's all we have a new building that's gonna be it oak so to close at st often that straight off offs traffic's now worse
the problem but is a very unique city in texas to cause it's got its own vibe to it a supposedly yeah with his kapital but it's got its own vibe that's different than any other texas idiot so liberal and open minded and we're yeah i mean i think that i worked downtown like where the office where our station was was like right there next to the capital so is going to cause i'm cool gregson he could walk around as you know i didn't live reform and i was so young so i had a little cold though the high rise like it was fine but the eye i feel it every time i go back itches thousands more people oh yeah
while there is some nutty number of people move there every day yeah like a thousand people move there every day or something i found something insomnia something really ridiculous and it is sprawling because you can go out towards the lakes and all you know like all those gonna houses how many people moved ass an everyday google that i bet there's a statistic but yeah by the lake while the lakes these two two legs right lagos and lay travis unlike trouser fuckin become nothing well they're in town leg yeah like travis is now i just said both my nobody can build up again it was beyond nothing yeah rain so hard filled back up again that was pretty fucked up because can't can even get in the water do too the bacteria one hundred and ten hundred fifty that's it that's nothin when for twenty four hour so two years ago but how much much difference that doesn't seem like a lot though because a hundred and fifty people
move in and forty people move out so it's a hundred and ten net seventeen about but it is over the course of years awhile so much for my fuckin outrageous hyping worth a thousand people awaiting kind almost omelette is almost almost close there is enough itself three and sixty thousand people year now week fifty to fifty two we can connect to it here's my shitty math again by four can rely calculators man after allowing calculators were also time jenny johnson high five where people work bbc do stand up next when you put in the next room performing next i believe that i have anything this week me next week may i ask probably put it up on your twitter ideal no i don't i'm stock later i'm on my gram home instagram cool i let people now
please do i will arrive jenny johnson hive you have me on oh by the way my cousin andy necks his marine major flies you and thirtys big fan of yours so sub andy thank andy i told him all right there taxes on regime was soon we speak sponsored by clarity and they will do it again what is not reining in the perfect are i think someone frankly shaded by creating jobs and ladies and gentlemen may i thank you every body for tune and into the vote cast a gondola cool people come out this week folks tomorrow i have carlos conned it yes you have seen fighter carlos content who just fought for the moment voting time coming on and he's coming on with irwin le core think that's i said who is move that guy who he worked with sovereign trusting style
exercising and training that emphasizes movement movement coaches become all the rage when it comes to mix martial arts some million sit sit down talk to him about its philosophies and talk to carlos about training in his long history of fighting in just carlos really interesting i very very intelligent very cool and excited have him thou be tomorrow thank you our sponsors thank you to square space dot com please go to square spaced our com check it out if you're looking for a website i'm telling you you can do no better than square space use a problem joe and you will save ten percent off your first purchase thank you to stab stock stamp dot com the fuckin best way to send shit through the mail if you are going to the post office was stacks of packages and have them weigh them out and do it that way you're wasting your time go to stamp dot com use a promo code j r e for a special offer a for wheat trial plus attend ten bonus offer which includes a free digital scale postage so go to stamp out
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