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#751 - Doug Stanhope

2016-01-26 | 🔗
Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comedian, writer, and TV host, also currently hosting his own podcast, The Doug Stanhope Shotclog Podcast.
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we already recording we'll tell me by your fuckin you favour wrapper the blues earth slash hitches you're talking about that after the pod gas this is how these adds work ladies and gentlemen the youtube version podcast is on the internet with the as yet tube stitches in serbia that we don't add adds to those so the are all after the podcast is over and we adam in in the itunes version gets it with ads so during that time after time tat old left jamie now we're talking to mothers wrapper that things to earth is flat b b obey you know from that airplane song from a couple years ago i do not you're in rather i am conveniently out of the loop song about airplanes than airplanes aeroplanes in the night sky
modular similar beza cats roma married there you could do it do you know even on camera to get it how do you do it and our imitated even there's aeroplanes in the night sky nice guy was gimme some of it was the lyrics how do you go and morgan imitate ok guys do the girls do the girl don't remember an accident the melody is fading talked about two hoagie airplanes in the night sky he's a talented musician slash creative writer ryan and for some reason today i think another video you seen it's a pretty popular video you start talking about the flutter theory and he is giving lots of tweets he's gone off almost all week and i thank you i saw that i saw some a bunch people sent me an article does the problem but we actually believe that the world is flat than today neo thyssen decided to try to sediments substrate level by a good wars or my five times
a couple of the different points you trying to make ok so this is essentially a high level troll job is essentially like few were whatever brodie stevens headstart tweet now brodie call him a hundred percent gay why do we're trying to get brodie to respond to you right now so is that was going on here as i got really illegally i don't know he released the song tonight cod flat line but he asked have an album that came out today is not just doing its promoters album but i don't really know i don't know maybe we get him together with tila tequila and see what the fuck is going on deal tequila also was tweeting about the world's flap and here we go ok maybe they're smartest fuck because we're talking about the right why we talk about them because they won i figured it they did what they wanted to do they gotta talk about this bill
you guys got a new focus single comin out he's about to blow the fuck up based on the fact he thinks the world's flat no he's doing that to get people to talk about him and then find us get this crazy fuckers got this museum good down this is popup listen do you see day or have cities anymore why do they call them on my gets done album but they call an almond yeah we need a new name or mix tape inability to take no one's listen and tape last week show your tweets you can read what should the name be i give you could be the president or king of music what would you call a compilation like when you release i give us stand object a stand up releases a thing we called especial we are called special yet scholar project project as a good name for it martin aim for excess really what they all are right every item as a project every
these are projects hastily that's a fuckin project now go on for longer than just one i wanted to be a one album more one twelve complex it has to be a compilation of twelve songs together can he you could do a three year project yeah glowworms there's some right leg work why not the only difference it be in how you would sell it give you sell an album when you know and i wounds or whatever like i just i got into arrowsmith big time this week man god damn i heard mama can i remember where i heard i think it was at a gym on the road in a hotel jim and i went cad damn i forgot how good this fuckin song is and then listen to her again to do this i go on these like long stretches why get on this kick up like one particular ban and lately has been aerosmith like the early years the nineteen seventy four aerosmith god damn they were fun you can almost like feel that
hey ass the craziness of the times and the music just maybe be just made the question pop into my head i've heard this theory that stephen they said stephen teller didn't sing sweet emotion like it doesn't sound like emerson than i ve ever heard that no second music conspiracy that's ridiculous thing i think so too broadest member here why on earth i've never take the time to read into we should rather that's our flat earth of music it probably is is there the latter the music of a demon tyler the very distinctive sound if someone is so good at imitating him they don't do this one time here that's retarded had so stupid it's like the poem these five years he aegis come on sweet emotions i think that was like a first when they did with them correct you don't owe me and i wasn't really young anime there
i don't know you know what i'd never really got into the history the music as much as is enjoying it amazon wasn't on homeboys over there how aware was that you this ain't i would show perry i ran into another about eight years old and them all american plus a strange his hand with us are now doing podcast would show very hanging out with little or no big deal swelling greatest guitars its ever walked the face of the earth they just cause fuck just hanging member of aerosmith whatever no big deal found member right jesus that can restore responsible from some insane guitar rifts i would pick up on a mental than eleven am i owe a lot of my music sensibilities to my friend jimmy our friend jimmy lawless from four newton
when i was a kid i liked was kiss i met jimmy in high school he turned me on a bad company in the arm and brothers led zepplin all these different bands wow i got just moved around too much as kid i didn't stay in one place long enough to get a good grasp of what was good contemporary music or at least a semi contemporary at the time yet and have an older brother to tell me like this has to go out on the planet problem man if you like the shit i'm rousing school bus on never fucking forget school bus we're headed home and me in my fuckin dork friend we're both torques and i like cheap trick i used to like cheap trick and i was we're talking with like a fucking fourteen or something and i go to a man
check has come to tell this guide turned his head over the seat in front of us egos cheap tricks socks i'll never forget it sounds like fucking whatever owes a young teenager goin high school was fully duties shattered my appreciation for that music so anytime i would listen to achieve tricks on that i enjoyed previous to this moment i think about their due jeez leaning his fuckin big square had to see in front of us the fuck out of me with his music choices i feel the same thing with limp biscuit i feel
i later when friends made fun of me and i still have this weird thought my head like i still i do i like it i like some of it they had some good jams dad some fun songs they just did they had fun songs you know as a weird time for music to whose words that limit the biggest limp biscuits on it started get broke out that nicky song and yes there was a big fuckin song dude breaks it was those were both big and saw they were big virgin songs i wasn t before that owes hipster lent biscuit even you know that is so weird problem of admission when it comes to nickel back are you can't say you enjoy from nickel back songs when their first song came out that photograph simon ever was everyone i love that something happened the world turned what was it we learned what did we learn information what information
i will send take another some well taken they figure liking i have dog whistles annoyed dogskin here is a sound that strippers respond to a fucking that sounds whether pursue ball pain hammer thing like when those doctors should check your reflexes and they whack you in me they had some good songs though man is now a poison and stuff wasn't the eighties though but points bore respected right without it's weird listen ban you can't tell me like rockstar song is better than allow those old poison songs get away with you know you know that rockstar saw has again i don't know but i just remembered their their newest their video just popped in my head and aunt em i don't know what the name of the song that i just remembered it's really bad i've never met but i was joking about it did someone drive a sixty nine mustang cliche though they have
kind of boots on mended i figured out like of a good formula and inside that good they made some enjoyable music but it's people get mad at it because they think that it lacks a certain authenticity and this this is a good arguments given that unlike some of the scratchy nineteen sixteen rolling stone stuff like you know this is a giant difference between like the kind of expressions coming through right you know youse thinking this too era of four from when i remembered they were on their way label as occurred a traditionally heavy metal label really and so there i feel it people their time passed office heavier than they were so they all say enough density ha
i didn't know about all that i'm just not there was some of this stuff like a rock stars i kind of like it wasn't bad mean i just i got it it was kind of like but it wasn't that agreed just to me you know what sort of like late night televangelist and not make me mad you know it's very low hum very low home it is but just me mad but some of its some of its ok but if i had to choose between that unlike some real have you ever heard dwight yoko do acoustic ah man dwight yoke him ass an acoustic album someone turn me to back in the day and i listened to it every now and then when i wanna hear a dude in or not much more than just mostly just haven't a guitar and he's just got this
despite certain way of doing dwight yo come in on a certain way of expressing himself through music is really uniquely him he's it's really interesting it's really cool music music listen to survive to choose between like that unlike nickel back or you know i'm walls you gonna go the dwight yoga but the little man so when i walk into fuckin walmart its plan or get man place reverie any song every site chile's and against the bay vat graves in the fucking nickel backsides coming i why you mad but if you have see fighter walked out to nickel backs on any living there can be a problem that can be a problem because like when mark like anything like the best examples like is a few guys like fitch john fits you come out he said my favorite size because he would come out to rusty cage it was a cash song man that was a fuckin that was a great jammed come out to but matthew
i think had the all time greatest because he would come out to cut you off can survive and he's a real farm you do know grew up on a farm a five millions of a farmed this day and he would just come up falk due to come out to the country boy can survive song it was it was just an authentic a certain size like gum jim miller whose and soon he always comes out while usually comes options they always to creep clear water revival and the he's from our jersey he's like from i think new jersey near philip the rural new jersey that's where he's he's from who walks up to mother all the time damages danzig some wider shit when we think is it he had got no fucking i was confused here no silver but i don't think oak gabriel than zaga gave her than zaga always comes out to mother that's who it is and tim kennedy coming up
rooster i'll always yeah he's that's a killer one man he always he times it right too here comes a rooster so that's more pyro and there are not they used to have that man back in the day but the usa to successful and they wanted to fill those seats up the ramp this giant ramp does come down the fuck implosion are and then those astute name your oil the oliveira you i'll do it oliver i was a brazilian fighter in the old school valley to two days and he fought in the early days of pride and he got torched i think it was pride i might i might have misspoke it might have been another organisation do me a favor and google that when you can joe joe el day oliveras fire pride that he was
i who was in the mix and early days of value to like real tough guy had good skills enough for the time like you i want to finance is allowed to leave re fighter i believe he was so he had the girl i dunno geese emissions good kickboxing for the time you now real tough guy and he was coming out to do a fight in pride in japan i think it was i just say an organisation in japan until you are they'll down the actual name of the organization to a shower probably apologize i got it wrong but he got cooked by the the flame throwers there was the cage so he's walk and through this opening and they just over modulated and blasted him with fire and fuck
and burn the shit outta this dude and he couldn't fight and so then they gave him a fight like i think he had like recover for a long time i want to say it was at least six months or so taken could have been would zip k one says he talks about coping with near blindness history of buddha common and of course returning to fires putty spells name i want brazil joe held j yeah giant de oliveira did you type in burn you typed in egg incident cup work was coming up at the top a burn incident
so is called bhutto com that was namely the event maybe i'll give it a second we're we're gonna get through this way suggests that this might be the longest podcast we ve ever done and it could percentage of just man jamie talkin pioneer of the art pride is to have these ridiculously big opening scene is tried against matt sir it was pride against matt sarah really so he never fought mats her then he didn't like he was on his way out and got cooked right ten achieving ten fight street without losing an uncanny japan riyadh incident caused by burning pyrotechnics explosion in the back stage of scheduled bout against mats area okay so while that's interesting
that's very interesting yeah he was well those pioneer guys i believe wants a fog jean louis we fight jean louis this doesn't attitudes are really does wikipedia is very intensive couple of those early guys the early pioneers of an aim and without those guys those does the real while people are the finest record what does the name you just said john those powerful ridiculous amount of information i have about share that doesn't affect me on a daily basis klute mme history john those bad motherfucker back in the day
one of the really early american jujitsu experts or fighting and may have pre high level jujitsu is getting better all the time and he's fine and emma may like early early in the day had some real good fights man he fought extreme fighting that's where they were they had was inviting three john losses about mother fucker was a really good jujitsu instructed to john louis here's of his a fact he was the original jujitsu short term i'm almost one hundred percent sure this of dana white and lorenzo for tita and tie i think frank to taught those guys jujitsu almost positive those john those i apologise if i am wrong but i know that john tat a lot of guys back in the day he was one of the pioneers of la jujitsu in vegas too he had like
in school in vegas which is where of course you have ceiling eventually had its hub the whole sport evolving so quickly so bizarre if you stop and think about the amount of time that has been really popular suddenly been around since i wish you go back to nineteen eighty three the very first you have say today that so short such a short amount of time i remember it and i was a very old when i remember watching royal rumble on than the next year my friend you're like we're not watch we watched anymore it's this new keith hackney bitch slab in june black imported member that that sumo did manual yarborough keith hackney hidden with like what he called a tiger club was essentially like
turbo sonic bitch slap pull this figure is back so he didn't hit home with like an open hand per se he kind of like pulled the fingers unlike palm strike them in the head you fucked mob man he made the tire claudette tiger pa whatever whenever he calls it caught he was he's a nice guy meant that guy to keith acme's wiles guys you meet him and woe dude i've seen you ve i've seen you like when i was just starting to pay attention to this thing and here you are in the flesh a manual yarborough was the guy fund and a manual was sumo champion he was an enormous enormous man like that size difference the size differences so insane it doesn't appear to be real but as keith hackney eminence is slightly exaggerating the picture we're lookin out because keith is kind of bet low and hitting them up high which is sort of how he made himself a
of his very skilled striker for the time he's really skilled karate striker you she's gotta things as i could say campo on his pants katy and p o on his left leg i think that's what it says they use a candle to his shoulders even there are certain barely manner guys giant that a manual yarborough guy was fuckin giant but he was insanely obese he passed away unfortunately let me just can't maintain a body like that for that long stay healthy the poor guy now i read some today man that maybe we will said it was about this lady who was saw some blog forget what website it was brought some lady was talking about her whole life feeble collar fat you know how depressing was ass yet gastric bypass surgery and she lost gangway
did it because he was getting diabetes and in out of sight the whole it's weird when you read in the someone struggle i can the middle the struggle do you not see the beginning of a young sailor pain for the results of this lifetime of someone feeling like disenfranchised and fucked with and then you see them expressing themselves and you just like read this blog about and doesn't making ptolemais once you see got a kind of empathize put yourself in her position try to figure out like what it must have been like to be like i think she's like seventy years old now when she's writing this about her lifetime of dealing with with weight like weight issues in people's perceptions of people that are overweight as real as really fast name and it makes you really were what the fuck is it that makes some people just so much heavier like is it just a matter whether something is it a reaction to certain types of food is it a genetic saying like what it what a wish
ro the dice as some people have where they want to put on a lot of weight and the problem with what they want to do the real problem is what those people that gain weight gain fat really easily that is a massively advantageous trade to have you live in in like the fucking ice age if you live in a time where the risk food is scarce you know what you run through these famine periods like the people that could pack fat on really quickly that was an advantageous so i wonder if that's like a genetic trait that people like struggle with today like in that helped them just a few hundred thousand or two thousand years ago now those genetics hamper the way they feel about themselves because they look at me like super models and these
magazine covers that are ridiculously under fed and their their thinking about that is being like a normal shredded thank god when i was younger teachers our real obese but won't you younger you not think right think about it like why are they so you never like you know even like maybe see him get that big but that is a really cool thought of maybe beings from whatever northern european areas and that's why we're for sure it's probably diet too but here's the thing we all know people that can eat dog shit and there still skinny we all do we know people that can eat fuckin snickers bars and cheeseburgers and they still way a hundred pounds we all know why don't you believe him but ojo single shadow to think that wide receiver is still its mcdonald's all the time michael jordan did michael jordan apparently would need a big mac before every fuckin important game because part of his ritual he like big macs he was just
the elite of the elite when it came to super athletes you know driven focused in helen genetically gifted all the above all he had the full back it's right a guy like that can get away with cheeseburger like what the fuck is he gonna beat you cause you ate cale cannot hear bitch you know or you gonna beat him rather zulueta unanimous i just think that there's a just a giant does it does a broad range of talent and ability like like genetic like what people can do not do it just is and if there is broad arranged with a guy like michael jordan in comparison to fill in the blank you know however who who'd you project does not like the most athletic would give tolerance not ok you ve hauser it ever jean michael jordan jute dougie hauser may get the fuck out of here that's it
you're talking about a totally different class of human being right well yeah i mean if it's not genetics and yeah right an argument of nature nurture comes in its like if you took to michael jordan they both grew up in the same environment they both end up as michael jordan her want a chef in one's basque poplar well i think not qualified to discuss this but if i was i would follow up with sam harris said when he talked about determinism and he was trying to explain that even though you want to pretend that you have free will who you are at this very moment has been largely a part of a series of circumstances and events and genetics and life experiences in this and that an up and down where it shaped the way behave to the point where when you do behaviour not necessarily acting on freewill as much as you're acting on sort of the combination of all these different events in your life i think we ve talked about dial a kind of lunch at different times on a podcast try to figure
like what makes sure you what why who whore you right now and sam this is a fuckin brilliant guy he hits that subject and that dilemma in a very unique in powerful way because you so smart saw articulates the way he explains it puts it in of no nonsense place where when you when you look at the concept of having free will and being able to decide your own destiny and do i key singly bob what would you have of series of earth is have a bunch of life experiences you have so many factors that led you to make whatever decision that you make that it could be argued that is not free will at all and then its result of all these other factors and they there so overwhelmingly influential they cause decisions that almost you can't change unless you have some sort of overwhelming
desire to stop whatever destructive pattern exists in life and you want to sort of re pattern things does he only time makes right jamie i still awake is fuckin park ass over cod this is the end of the pod castaways german that's was so bizarre jamie and i were supposed to be doing adds right now does with this wise him yet we can't wait to sign the booze wade everytime so strong and california right i've ever tried you haven't done adaption i've hunters deficits stop it everybody softens you gave me up to the second thing i want i could take a nap before we did this year you fucking lost in that shit there's just too many different things man too many different ways to just hit it be careful mixing them together too if you i bet if you do like dabs and edibles together
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he is really who is i anxious to finance awesome guy he's one of the best and of comedians on a planet he is always involved a bunch of different shatner justa when my favorite people and a good friend my pal as two dogs channel the job will gain experience he always tell people you just keep document of the might just jail is getting sound checks and then you go back to regular conversation that's a good where there were one the one thing that i had to stop doing there was a big one was how to stop doing adds like right in the beginning of a part ass justice is to brutal to brutal though like duties ads and then hey so well
you know i looked forward to the kettle bells and then i tuned out for the gas when you were here last was like one of the last time you did it you are mockingly commercials and as your mark in the commercial sector can do it he's right horrible ruining i sure am i can't do it but ready i have a few random sponsors were they i try i won't take em unless i can actually sell it but i want to sell it more than once which doesn't happen which you have square space now i think we're live right where life i like that one because it's real like there's no disputing it's a really good product tab and but charlie my website and uses squares so he can actually tell the shit that it does will read bans made like no bullshit like a dozen or more websites during the time in which it took to do a square space commercial
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twond play their stimulating games but i guess it out now making smarter or fix your why they ride my problem is i would promote shit that's not my sponsor just cause i liked it run as i had to go to break so just make up of volcanic stuff you like or stuff i didn't even lay i would just pick random things out of the asean bangalore mean awaiting attire and this google some sharp and then do a whole like really dumb you're getting married on tuesday while where is your wife going to get a wedding dress on short notice this and do the act company without their knowledge or consent and just do a really add commercial just for fun that's a good move that's a real good move but things that i actually likely i bet on a bed online dot agee that's why do my sports betting we but i i
from all the time i am going to get a deal of promote i know are you anyway i keep telling what'll happen is that brian how to get my filthy uncut scotsmen manager sitting in who tells me don't say anything for free brian that's good that's always good move don't say nothin for free dude you're you're awful often honest podcast very enjoyable was negress gather i gasped bad i enjoy it it's so loose so in my favorite like it has no beginning his sister conversations in mid stride when is it on its focus on those things move home ok it's my mike i don't have comedy there so i do a pod cast as open might just two in their mode of rocking in an entertainment yeah arena and you cross training yes basically
it is right i mean in kind of in a way which de facto open mike where otherwise i just be watching fuckin netflix alla time so i have to at least do something we're artistically creatively fuck were you put out a podcast we need you to a weekly trotted it honey people as we have just over five thousand do you gotta do you think that it's possible that you could sustain a small comedy club a small local comedy club like we're kind target to steer the night the colony store i think if you put together like us small comedy club like a hundred fifty seats or so like you could fill that even it's weird places in the middle of nowhere you can like a destination thing like guys like me would do it i would do it for sure problem is the jokes about it but the main source of income and bisbee is permanent disability or handyman roy
doing so that no one charges when i just i filmed is my last special there and the fact that our charging money at all was rep ray simple to a lot of the town really fortunately it sold out with added towners within under an hour polio better move that way there are a lot of people in a small town they lay i'm rich guy there really again as a destination at the weekend meaning is the same as every comedy club on them it may only makes money at the weekend sick good and it could do you could do that because you're only like how far from tucson an hour and a half see that's not much too large for actual tucson but that's a note i was driving that's funny track adobe a fund track you know you fly to fork out we're gonna go fuck it stand off colony club you drive you rent a car you over if your bawler stay i too urge eighty del dot com place we know that
that's a lie that vintage trailer park its i look for since to stay there hey let's fumigate the house that we have a reason stayed the shady del nineteen fifties airstream trailer or like a silver donald him leave everything inside old records with old record players silverware and cups zero while ninety you ve got to keep us while you can just go back and ticket rope le he had got married their honour there were thirty eight foot yacht stay on just landlord lucky drying dry diameter of welfare wellnigh luca well that marriage when a citizen i wanna insinuated any crime took place and this without encapsulates changes subject rapidly it's fucking how ridiculous is that that all you have to do to become a citizen is you gotta get person in that country to signs and paper saying you guys together regularly
will it in you gotta be gotta be in love knows real likes the fact that their fuckin investigate our gay marry someone to get him in the country just for the ten minutes material will we were gonna gay mary each other on the man show i step a soda just to save each other's money right rags euphoria was officially cancelled i remember as in the atlanta punchline parking lot drunk and i called zoe friedman i go i know this shows gonna get cancelled but please it was just one massachusetts legalised gay marriage was new hampshire was it early was evidently way was the big news and i go and we met at our last episode be me in jail getting gay married and then how per a marriage i would be we don't fight over the remote control you want to bowling i want to go fishing there's no problem yeah we we explain how awesome the guy lifestyle really would be other than the a part of the other but fortunately
dixon like your great i've waited other got or you get married buddhists get in the way fuckin sitcom or the married hetero couple is you're gonna work work with fast to me is the reinvigoration of manhood that i wouldn't and men that are in their forties a get divorced like like a battalion alive again you know don't you notice the saddest part is its men or women but i noticed the women who just they have kids when they were eighteen and a half some fuckin dentist and now there are pushing forty in those kids in college and they get divorced and they're gonna go out on the town and we're gonna have found a night and they just stand alex they are trying to do
ass when no one else is dancing on the dance floor and yet it's sad tweed doing all right back to real when they graduated college there are forty one but isn't it fascinating because like as a human being right you're supposed to be like living in the moment is must be enjoying the moment you are alive is it the inevitable doom the clock taking in the background that makes it so sam is that what it is every morning for me i do not wake up a morning without thinking about how much time do i have left when will i die stinks rate demise should have been doing that since my early may thirty's snow mile while if you think about it it becomes inevitable may not because we also have one bashing your lifestyle because there was a an era this kennison era probably bad exam
where he died drunk driving action he wasn't even drop yeah he was sober but yeah yeah where's that was acceptable and then it became unacceptable you so i'm deal i can name me and run wide as the two comics of any ten year that's actually drink heavily and smokes of cigarettes most cigars whatever dahmer rare drinks protein pretty heavily does yeah is pretty open about it drinks pretty much every night yeah we heard he's not zone forward they give he doesn't bring it up a lot it hasn't gotta stay not three drinks under his arm like neil hamburg right but for real now he'll go up there with a drink or so but tamarisk he's such a great guy less weaker areas the salt of the earth our guy that expression true the neck eyes is so sweet he's such a love
we'll guy anyway i see him i just can't wait to hug munich verona cruise ship i was just a passenger it was the impractical greece which it i've fucking love their shows so much they put on a fan crews and i've founded and i got bingo whose intractable jerk jokers does to audio who are they on true tv one of the worst networks out there oh that sign that it for guys are all anxious their old friends and they do praying selling you would do with your buddies it's not like fuckin ashton closure on punked they just dairy the dew shots fired when you explain it daddy i am the first to say i didn't think i haven't heard above a douche but when you are we know that explaining the true tv breton practical jokers is kind of it
sign that funny but when you see it is fantastic genuine another for regular met after culture is very nice what now shows us act and i love your glamour of use a very nice guy world order that easy bs hidden camera thing i mean only go talk to hamas but he was very friendly this totally noise valet driver is if he's is asia fake what eighty it would just hand their keys to anybody while anyone who goes to a valet wounds uses smarmy tone do she's a dish he ain't mad almost got enough fists fight with travis barker appears amira men they were doing this prank on punked or a meadow med was tom stores it gotta get like in travis barkers face sparked a guy from blink one day to the drummer current attitude is from blake one eighty right really nice guy really cool guy amazing drama
just interesting cat all around but i guess it doesn't take any shit from people and men are mad like is a big guy like meds to honour plus pounds posts for water supply tat is a pretty big guy set for it intimidating part these on terminating now you didn't you get us out of i met a man if you didn't know how to do it never suicide vast maybe say how dare you how dare you i stole out from you but you learn nomenclature is how dare you it's so joe rogan it's not even mine that's just its outer hello nice lady high nice lady i know i stole that from my brendan walsh ohio i say nice lady i use it all the time a nice lady
good one that's like so fuckin pejorative button it's ok it's ok you don't remember name but instead of saying hey baby hey nice lady nice lady actually ask them why they did i steal that from you you don't know that good what other diversity that is a brilliant work always said it but let us meet a funny guy that like for works in the kitchen and he has great lines forget where you got him from it and also need like yours go on hain our you know hey there in a whatever we must use all the time and i stole that from captain rubies wife miss gimme is a comic gold comic captain round had she'd answer the phone before rowdy and should go please hold fuck him use that ever since that's hilarious please hold eddie bravo had these prescription pharmaceutical companies call him up
apparently he had used his money or uses number rather to work on a credit card order and bought some pharmaceutical drugs so they would just randomly call em like they gave out its number so you just before could sit around and they would call him and ask him if he wants to buy various drugs these they somebody from canada this is back when they could do that eddie bob i would put i own down its annex way who would walk away for five minutes about baggages category five month is this are you is i know you don't want to hear someone carlos yea deadly buying stuff the industry that's called us stroker from the old tell marketing days someone who had just purposely keep you on the phone and fuck with you for as long as i could which is actually a good move probably were fuckin defrauding p i daresay you can't hold it against them now it's fun if you go that's a smart when you got a smart one yet one that didn't fall into the hive i hate
bounty hunters just cause they're cox my daddy i mean you have a point a stroke or has a point yeah stroker point for sure random phone calls like especially unsolicited phone calls fuck them so you know i just get fuckin robots what i get now i don't know of any one else gets this they mimic your own phone number so it will have my same air code and prefix and then just screw up the last war numbers little so you i assume the psychology is you recognize phone number and then answer it and they got up fuck that's my phone number and now you're listen into a bought call do you want to stand your warren do you a limited time how many people actually buy into those means has to be worthwhile otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it's another its of headway it's a robot heads of hand computer some self you could just hit it
programme and then go off to every do sellen shoes won't some people were just really fuckin lonely to that some wanting to take into consideration my grandfather before he died a grandmother died and the maghreb is what those classic stores or my grandmother does that my grandfather does a year later just just did want to live in that year that you didn't visit he get lonely would take around here my number in that year he got addicted to buying things from catalogues argued by liquid was it was getting cancer was seen as forties took no i mean just like who's buying things they would call him up and they would like offer him my catalogs and stuff like that and you would do you know who get the cattle auction order things in the catalog and it came like a problem like you just he just would get it just like his wife his wife was there is whole life so it's like you don't have any
i talk to i think part of you just goes insane like part of you blows of i d the normal input just not there i use did you and the wife you and the husband you and then and then it's gone and then like where is that thing that's part of my life like a part of you dies and i want that they really do just die and that's how they go it's funny how do you correlate that two shopping this is my beef with fuckin hoarders is hoarders do a montage like intervention does well then her husband left for another woman and then she started stopping the basement full of dollar store shit right don't know that that that the cause and effect there's no scientific you sick intervene hey tell me one bad thing that ever happened to you i will do a montage about that and that's why you're a fucking crack attic is though no scientific
proved that's why you're a crack asked no they try to in it on something plenty people who had great joy the goods that are fucking crack attics but they need it have some reason sink chicks would fuckin self help books all over their shelf and wiping his either or thing i think that's part of it like theirs people that have drug addiction because of abuse we i think we all know there is a lot of people to get involved and drug addiction because abuse as a child in whatever fuse blue they'll constantly trying to put out the fire right there's that but then there's also people that they just fuck you can't do it i just can't drink or can't they can't do drugs they just can't they do it and then they get guys and they're fucking god dirged off to the racism we vote we ve met people s
i know sean rouses what you're saying but rather bravoes figure out a bullet in my point is that you tell me you didn't you grandpa just like the by shit out a catalogues guess he's bore i'm gonna die soon let me just by some shit and jack up a credit card i'm not gonna be around to pay this bill was a family investigated that wasn't case but i can understand why you think that yet despite our grandpa specifically but he was correlate there he was so old country though he was born in italy who is as old countries get grew up on a farm tom breaker rabbits neck a killer rabbit once loss
a place there were no catalogues given our aided i had better take advantage of all these new fangled way is like magic tat was it was always the big thing that my grandfather worked in a factory that made a part for the atomic bomb it was like one of those things that you the whole family we talk about grandpa worked in a factory that made a part for the a bomb what it was like a sort of age of pride and some sort of weird fuckin way right now that's why he drank because he knew he killed all those people in nega sandy you didn't even drink i'm the guy no conscience is and who is a great guy my grandfather was a nice guys of all time he was like even for back then a hard time you know he was not a hard man at all he was
the nicest guy what does someone old eyes people say and it was such a sweet man in a nice man and my dad even to this day when i rightness book above my mother oh yard father was the sweetest person ever really was an ear i couldn't even say that about my mother she was a real country yeah she was a fuckin bitters spiteful d that is just someone who had a kid do young i met only three quarters entered she was great although we did she was on the show you i wish they went complain that book is my memory shit and i watched the episode my mom and your mom it's somewhere out thereon neo or some sugar ray i forgot about the guy and i there's a lot of things in the book it sound like bull shit and i d just sound a guy gently
for the first time when i was nine years old before you could come and that sounds like that's all that episode where so i was mean you and we had cards ok which one of us we had embarrassing things from our childhood and our mothers were on like general the style and hey which one of us did this and mine was who lost his virginity and third grade in a church and a ban on slaps the button that's my boy i was the name of the game that's my boy and she am i europe verify everything in this book that sounds like a bull shit on a thank you got a lot of stuff have stories that you you will tell if there's some one in the room to verify it is awash with sound like a liar yeah some crazy she verified five stories that are in the book or you men what we had your mom review porn yeah sure
fucking great out it she's great shewed watch dvds your view those really funny it was yours i get was it was really funny she was good jews goes i saw at or best that's i knew your mats when she started drunken again was right after the man show oh no really she had been like twenty two years sober she was sneaky she be drinking syrup because she's she's a lifelong menthol smokers so she always had a cough so any time you went to that filthy apartment she had a little shot glass of coffee syrup so she was gonna like weaning our way back in drinking but using the voting as for dollar storing robot tests and i remember talking about it i've oecd earlier thousand and probably won t i think back then you could get the real shed
i had you wouldn't get real shit she was a dollar store for you're gonna be like michael like nightfall would fuck you up back there's a comic that you to get one of the guys who worked at rascals in west orange there was a comic used again one of the guys work dare to go by him bottles of nyc will he would just drink bottles like a nightclub i want my brother was in the marine corps in okinawa there is a whole bunch of they called themselves the robo raiders because they would drink robot testing until they hallucinating fuck you listen to this the regular nigh cool i think had coding and it didn't jamie you could get some fucked i can amazing way i yeah i got you do it why
i've had to morphine experiences i was in the hospital after i need surgery thinking this thing naked press the press it you press you get more morphine ah warlords faint anyone hang high score i might i am in agony they just there old some shit in my knee and replaced a ligament caught want to grow bone and screwed it together it's fuckin agony saunders like pam pam band and it just took me to some amazing place of bliss and might well no wonder why that shit's hard again i wonder why it's illegal and then exxon i never would take medicine but i got a bad cold and i just need to sleep and i couldn't sleep i took some night while it was him it was the same fuel than i had when i had surgery that's like denial just took me to this beautiful like us fell back into the most amazing down pillau just of love this
i know people better before on the viking what sense purchaser it's an albeit yet where i've taken vike it in nothing even when i add one surgery in my adult life was an umbrella well hernia and they gave it to me as a painkiller and i didn't feel any pain i didn't feel any high now might maybe this just doesn't hurt why they got into vike it in for writing he would right on it he would take viking right music tat was his thing he loved to crush on violence and then he would take and i know how you do snorted or where they would just swallow them but he would he would say that is music could become very creative and it would do that i can't write on anything but fear seriously i write sober and afraid i'll write some shit down when i'm drunk ideas and then so
for me will have to go back and clean a mob ogier guy at best i can remember premise and now i have to make this good but these drugs that are good for stage cocaine which i'm not a regular use thereof but i vat goes where is tired of seeing the shit and do a bump before stage its great for stage but from writing nothing she fear and coffee joe ideas says that coke was terrible for him for the stage joey said that who could make em lock up it would make him feel evil and made him feel greedy would it wouldn't it would take out the love of a whole joey ds was doing is definitely not a smile big cats
do you like energy drank do do you remember that time we did mushrooms the day of the war we took this is i've never had cocaine but i did have this fuckin ok leaves tee from john urban he had this mandate to cocoa tee i was t there was me a coca leaves and you would you drink it and i just couldn't shut the fuck up member arguably i'd ask you and i were having this conversation about it i was like this is what coke is like oh my god is off we have always said your terrified of trying to get my like git i'll go fuck it a wire and would i think i'm terrified of it because when i grew up i sought to people that was pretty close to completely ruined our lives one it was a really good friend and another one was a really good friends cousin
their life just scottish i've seen the same thing i solve couple of fat girls get thin do you remember when they had fen fan do member i remembered existing what does i knew a girl of diet pill is backing the ashraf stop speed bay ugly but sold under a different marketing umbrella yeah well it was really fucking bad for you i knew a girl who were got on it and she went from being unfortunately like plop she was lying is surely an elegant burst in rarely if ever a dream now knows a different girl she was a little plots people out there get their reference good but that was a good movie the requiem for a dream was shit tat i almost forgot about that movie these events and last dunaway looked amazing but then start feeling really really bad like you know you get like four
hard issues man me you're on essentially you're on speed godspeed filling fuckin year and after a while your hearts like a box we need some oil and this angie i will run into by eight thousand flock rpf do amazing though man i mean she went from being a girl who had this really pretty face it just couldn't get her body in order for whatever reason her diet drinking the largest story this weekend on news here is where i go for me we need less no more some dumb shit so girl in wisconsin froze to death leaving a party in a tank top and shorts six below zero security cameras caught her walk and like a thousand feet and unjust curled up in fuckin died and that's the vanity where'd you go just under dress to be sexy that's why
always wants your coat when she go i will address all sexy and right twenty five degrees out can i wear your coat now i brought it cause i know it's fuckin called outside or how dare you first for this girl was drunk saunas added button do you gotta think this scheme has friends right fucker reference like listen if we're all hanging out ok and it's fuckin six below zero and i got worse doug where the fuck is dug where's doug of using doug i'm think you blacked out when wander off into the fuckin artic i'm gonna go outside looking for you i would it mean if we're all hammered if i know we're fucked up so she's a bar and she's fucked up and her friends prevention just curls the round eyes well there's more to her personal story but i'm using that as an extreme example of when you children are waiting in line at a bar
charlie's in alaska and there's a line around the block at midnight in the winter and it's freezing but they're all dressed up cordially and fish nets in whatever because they don't say rather be agony than look bad well it's there's so much power if you're a girl with a hot body and you have fished gnats on and you walk into a bar and you have like black letter shorts and fish nets and high heels and you have a nice ass in great legs you are clean mike god and you know what if europe fat girl they can at last her you gonna get the same action this dog it is now the labour rights the same the girl with the fuckin guess i engine she might get on instagram give fuckin millions of friends and squares based given our millions of honest france they saw how close to me not enough as it fills the void
now realise that void carnations made it i have also been set on fire and then fuck and vanished before the bomb went off she got out vanished out she had turned out of the game was ok i just like old comics nay didn't get out of the game they got replaced largely got the game she didn't the money was she develops a bunch of business ventures that really is an extremely success yet she makes a fuckin ungodly amount of money and design did you like lay back while she realized tat the go has a horrible byproduct yes that fame comes at a price and the price became too much derision she didn't need be seen whether beaver hang out sprawly britney spears but their allies and they all do that though there was a time of girls to show in their pussy was amazing tat as i went right when social media first started pop and those girls were
i can't answer about it they just said listen i'm going to put a photographer in a place where no fucking photographer would ever be and i'm going to pretend that that guy just accidentally took pictures of my pussy because the fact lets a guy get on his knees looking up your dress as you get out of that late that shit doesn't happen now it happened they have people they have security teams that rival the secret service to make sure that doesn't happen it happened to you in the most flattering way on the day you weren't have in your period and you share your bush how amazing the luck that photographer we shape their bush that's where porn one more one amy shimmer shaved opposing had some kind of my comrades he shot aperture guess this is my amy humor thing i know you don't want to get into the stealing joke sting cause i don't know i'm not in the business the good
to be out but when she started dealing here they do i'm gonna oppose naked when what my three roles of fat because that's what one really is in hollywood won't touch a person like that i have a fucking grotesquely hanging ball sack how bad and i wouldn't this it's it's worse than most do member joys from mom what are you the clock i hear that makes your dick s balzac if you have a huge dick to compensate for the ball sagged then it kind of looks all proportionate i have a small dick with hanging balls are one haze way lower than the other and i would never like doing some annie liebowitz fuckin photos spread go and you know what porn industry does except people like me but
is the reality of cock and balls and i'm just going to show you know what no wants to fuck and see it bothers me that people who you just it's not a hollywood that tells you what's attractive i i think she's funny i think amy humours funny i actually watched her comedy special and laughed out loud alone my lonely couch but as laughing out loud she's very far she's funny on podcast she's real funny i'm radio show she's very quick eye her alive but it's as we go at all you have to accept my body style i didn't not accepted i just didn't buy a magazine to see it yeah well i don't do i get where they're coming from a way but they got it we think there's like love there's like places that it goes where i don't agree anymore and that's what
thanks okay if she wants to be like a legal my fad who gives a fuck i've i've why not a guy can do a jelly can do it joey doesn't autonomy in one of the pictures that i had four vegas that j but she has january this big here's what you joey from like the joey karate days when it was like at his heavy ass the others giant gut a sure please i don't karate moves it speak it's funny i mean if i support joey being fighter we know little league milosevic are there for giving better early with its in for the m gm grants were there on on march forth lies in doing it to be funny goes to a woman that's hollywood overweight trying to say well you know what this can be sexy to joey's not doing that to go this is he killed as
fellow comic i always have to look at it from the perspective of like bright whoop what does she trying to do he trying to be funny or is she tried to say i don't give a fuck she's one of those things right and either one of those things is out advise my opinion of what she's doing is what i hope you fell into that i fell into when we were at that same age where we both started getting compared to bill hicks again too much fuckin picks pressure and you kind of try to live up to it and i mean she's so big that she feel like she is the voice for all females cause they're telling her she is and she's probably over compensating on some level both she's probably overwhelmed by the g force of fame mean the gene
vanishes experience and experience it really quickly amy was on the show i get a lot worse of fame and not even two years ago right so a less than a year and a half ago she was nowhere near as famous ash that's gonna go to africa like chapelle just to give away through the shit she's gonna become trans black does she have she's thinks she's like thirty issue surrey thirty two i think she's thirty two she's really young man look what i was thirty suit i was fuckin retarded i'm retorted now forty but that is what i was directly one year ago here can you fucking knew i was built experts friend knew what to do a video whittier ngos should live up to that yeah well there was always that like you'd get compared to like the zulu kicks like oh my god i can't be myself there was like you didn't want you have your own sense of humor you want to live up to this void there was left behind there's there's a fucking great pico jamie from
the atlantic punchline now to guarantee a great guy what kind of story today and tomorrow i do know but i know that i guarantee you work at lana shiver do the punchline all arab our agenda shows fuckin one we all best comic gloves was a great club they just went under then really a real parking issue so they're moving to a new location but they took up the old play and save pieces stage and saved pieces of the green group and the green room had like the fake would paneling and honour actually actually be would it might be real would power but i went on it it says so it s a get sued nor because i'm kidding i have it here gas is a there's one piece i said can i please have the peace it says quit trying to be hicks it sure of it and i put it up on the line back when they re so eminently lost and greener i don't think they do not think this is as it was an old fuckin club that that
cover been around for ever but everybody was saying that at the time there was a million half assed hicks you that's what you would call however two wars yeah we'll like right now there's like a hundred tells recital many guys you talk like dave is so many there's so many fuck and it tells you know there's a bunch of betrayal when patrice was alive is a few patrice of quite a few hedberg oh yeah man but the kind of branch down into their own which is what happens man it's like in the beginning what what's awkward as it were watching it but we all kind of wednesday like i had a bad richer jenny period man whereas on stage and i realized i was minos like open might level one year end and i was station myself i was like oh my god i'm definitely stealing the way richard jenny talks like i was talking just like on the same care thence i wasn't indian myself but i realized exists because i admire them and i was scared i was trying to figure do it on my own so it becomes a
are these guys i think that's what happens just guys had been compared to hedberg than you can really say that anymore you watch now found is a little weird thing but hannibal paris when i first hannibal fuckin brilliant i value sounds i hedberg and then i go i think hedberg stole sounding black a little bit man alive bit he had one our time favorite jokes about bananas somerset do want to frozen banana said no but i want to make the banana later so yes we god through the litany of our favorite hedberg in its elles and i don't have a girlfriend but i do have a girl that would be very upset if she heard me say that i had i knew that girl like dead so yang his jokes a lot were reality even though that's
probably why he hated this stephen right paris in around where he was seen real shit he really did give free bread to adopt it a boy like dad these things actually happened any role in a way that was hilarious yeah you with him sorry when he wrote the joke about the tennis gave to weep ten is down there first letterman special he did the joke any drop my name and i was all excited i play tennis with my friend and i realized no matter how good i get it and as our never be as good as a wall he had a gang of a man he was just while those guys man just very very unique like you it's very hard to to lick compare him to someone else he just his own little weird category
can shark robbed has so much unreleased footage and she's such a scheme to put it out i know and when you put it on workers as always you wants his legacy to be righted she's a fuck up like all the rest of my comic friends should get around as she is always stuff it he was workin film everything while i have i have this thirty minute the age s he made me from my nineteen ninety three that he shot while we are on the road doing like montana run triple gigs and vancouver and he just shot and edited back envy age s days it wasn't computer era net actually sit and fuckin edit this entitled it for me in the grabbed the two ministers he's a dancing in the winter on some baron road piece of cardboard in montana
making out in a kitchen in some fuckin com club and sorry b c and in fact what we kiss and the cooks just to disturb them any pauses on it and plays i wanna know what love is who is doing that shit on ninety three new co ahead lining a be room so we were called middling basically right for no money remember the night we got paid work afraid we were gonna get pages is club was definitely going under good tell we're had we had to stay in the owners house and there's the the i didn't even live there in his stacks of dirty dishes than the sank images bear me this is where sleep alone in the basement and where they were going to get
god of our money and this one if you don't get paid you don't get home sets your gas does everything and we only got paid and then their taken us out into downtown vancouver series of a suburb and the door guys were cool gonna take us out to party as they were tell me her heart the hookers weren't street so you were no they weren't eyes also our where where were you in past ali's hookers i go these really street walker hookers you're fucking for me a game for you ve not so much like the minimum whatever it was they say they fifty bucks an hour ago i hears i think a painting six hundred bucks or seven years to my money i'm just taken fifty bucks so i can't get ripped off we have known to her and pick me up half an hour so they drop me off i
during the minimum is a hundred bucks minimum yeah why we have fifty keziah told me it was fifty nope so i d sit on a bus bench next to a worker war the sidewalk twenty nine more minutes waiting for my friend utah dumpling why would you go to a hooker with fifth nineteen eighty four passivity bucks that's what this is the guy you drop me off told me a virus in whatever hobby ninety poor subjects twenty sixty saturday something someone was laughing you i'm a dick dig made where's choices in my life vancouver is one of the strangest for composers because it's canada but it's it's almost like america canada you know it's so seattle to write their portland
seattle it's almost it's more san francisco in them though there he see in near this peace this latter while people there to vancouver gotta lotta wildly was it cisco but the ones that are cancer very it's almost like if anchorage fuck san francisco they were made of actual over a bright eyes china thinking good heroin city as is a lotta heroin up there but in creature and no in vancouver s huge heroin that with the place we play brains ever been there that's why he keeps booking me back the rickshaw and it's in the heroin district which they have a hare might as well be wherever the all the fuckin syrian refugees go now this if you have ever seen an awful street flea market that's a homeless
blake every single inch of the entire street across the street from that gig is homeless tense you think ours is an open air market no that's fucking homeless junkies all the entire sidewalk for four blocks is just wandering vagabond junkies street people i don't wanna when just look at this picture now fuck here that's can i just say is a very good deal so you get what you pay for world right now that the door to door deal giorgio sauce danny jesus christ that's an actual restaurant don't so do you tell him hey man whose place blows generally ideal but sometimes i don't remember i explain the financial alternatives you can't we cannot
get involved new business tell at the financial alternatives can involve new business danny out now back alley smoking in those your ear literally can i get some duct tape from apparently excuses rats are running so rapidly that you just thinking of could run up my leg is that many of their raw sewage sludge thick raw sewage i'm just thinking about the poor hooker worker for fifty bucks fixated on now she's a hundred bucks i don't like that was not what you know about forty years there has to be a girl there that was workin for fifty years drive through you tie you go through a drive through in saint george and there's this perfect plan blonde nineteen year old working the drive through a neo the fucking doing well cassiar look that good get to utah entails in my forties
and lived you don't i do love those salt lake city might do in stanhope unsolved city it's like every he's got like a little extra kick to it is as they don't get it whenever there yet it i dont get it there damp of entertainment as are the ones that are into yeah play in the antarctic which i really want to do the economic while that spain space station eva remark in our destination whatever his watch documentary on that place mc murderous macmurdo isn't macmurdo i say i think everybody gets it now there's like pockets of people everywhere they get it like so exe like cities not it's not just a giant norman stronghold it's also a bunch people that just live there it's beautiful ends far civil stigma people would my issue the place gazelle progress all lay exactly
or better now well it's a good spot like because of all those things because it's under raided because everyone so scared that it's a cult city and it is a fucking called city by the way i see i arrived the airport like a few months back it has we're going down the escalator you see these fuckin people welcome back elder michael i'll come back to the calm elders their fuckin twenty and their column elders and they're coming back from and seeing some people that don't even have like clean water they need embrace the georgian warm yeah yeah the mormons doctrine that's why you're waters dirty smith hasn't been air so bizarre man it's so bizarre they make them do it they make them go to these countries like part of their gig is that they have to proselytize they have to go to these weird places emissions yeah that's fucking nuts man comic friend of mine went on the tabernacle tour what's that
during the mormon tabernacle and now i too urge is like the vatican would i need tour the tabernacle they just kept asking the mormon meadows massacre and i think i was eighteen fifty seven i know as nine eleven murder didn't mormons murdered all these people in the ass fuckin a story but google it at home more meadows massacre say yeah but what it that mormons better and they finally someone pull them aside sir i'd like to show you something this way and they showed him right out the fuckin told her he will understand what the mormons met with this massacre you know all about mitt romney did you know the whole mexico thing today some so beautiful mitt romney family like mitt romney dad won't be president but it couldn't be president because he was born in mecca because mitt romney is family fleet
mexico when they made polygamy illegal when they the illegal to marry a bunch of checks which is a poor their church they want falk you we're going to mexico is back in eighteen didn't mean anything to live at the ice age are mixed coax airports on a fuckin oars inside the horse overhears way more awesome than being on a worse over here it's bullshit you go back and forth anywhere near a running stream on better than you can sell it mattered especially in the eighteen hundreds of border was nothing was non existent so they admired here to the new united states laws against their religious freedom to marry fifteen twelve year olds it decided to move to mexico so this whole fuckin thing he's from mexico may run his family his dad's from ex couch moms romance go there all apply of the mormons caught from down there or religion as it were but they have fuckin guns they fight after cartel because they get kidnapped there's a bunch of can crazy shit that goes on down there is a couple of different families and vice when
down there and did a dark on it don't notice i say back on working in the industry repudiate assured unexamined twitter trains you do abbreviate announced terrible no is good they did when their hours i won the videos online say that and it was all about these mormons that live in may the co still may have a fucking compound i can armed waco style compound and that's where he came so essentially it's like that guy from david fresh imagined david crashes son ok moves to mexico and run for president that is what it's like it's like that similar obviously like deal crusher yes like shots and federal agents chilling dance it gets a little trick here but whether this is this branches out into a whole bunch but he's fucking p thou how they have their guns and they have to fight off the bad guys in mexico like you're stuck down there this is they have decided to like like white people look lecter from
in utah delivered in mexico it's weird it's fuck man it's really weird it's real we but if we started a compound because our opinions are not popular fuck this i'm gonna go to some other country or a place where no one fucks with us and we're gonna have this that's value already for life why not deaf why not now you don't get me wrong mitt romney for i have no doubt parents you he's not down their fuckin too we're old scores not warrant jeff's you boy you can't even believe brain david crash if david crash two situation we had a bunch of people and he made them all have their wives sleep with them like that's fucking his cause stop calling it a cold and start calling it a fan base all of a sudden you live in the free market american dream the problem as you label it it's all about the nomenclature you got an label correctly
that's what the whole scientology thing was about the nomenklatura of whether the church or whether it so yeah that correct guy was like charismatic and he had a lot of fans but really is one of their having a good time who's to say his comedy stinks yeah like these eyes if they want to stay a deal's a deal you gotta let the taught leader fuck your wife is how it goes and it's not like we can do the same thing in comedy hey sorry buddy she came with me after the show jesus it's ok brenda did you really move comedian how terrible leaving those called it's funny that even in two thousand sixteen is ones that by undue and one's rely talons fuckin stupid you know there's like as a culture as a society it is i who get the main ones it's almost like political parties because it's just as ridiculous tat as democrats
or the libertarian of the green party or is it it's ridiculous having leaders is ridiculous ridiculous all that's ridiculous it's all some aims hominid bullshit that we have stuck in our genetics we think we have to have one leader that out hands over all of us and fuckin where's especial suit and put his hand we all applauded retarded its retarded its ancient it's so archaic it's his fuckin stupid we got us here but if you're the first guided not there and then you're dead well it's just something i have to figure out how to break it didn't have to like it skill tat you know what it's gonna take no one running for president charismatic leader unfortunate and there you re or is not actually the charismatic leader the deafening and want to fuck this
absolutely everyone fire not following me yes that's the move people don't want to fend for themselves i think we're gonna have to come up with in in our lifetime people gonna realized if his lot things that are just in place that where we were born with and the people that set em up just did not have access to the information that they needed to form those decisions the reason they started off the electoral college bullshit that we have to contend with today is because it made sense seventeen seventy six it made sense they were just trying to piece together this link and stick with that to stick every time someone says you know in the cause the tunisian it says well you know if you can make a better constitution make it if you can make that progress i think a bunch of things we have to agree on if we want to call ourselves america because otherwise we become some like you know
become like a fuckin can like the man show with you and ivory dementia with adam and jimmy you can have a definite as they name it's late is this fuckin thing this is not what i signed up for everybody for america and the idea of america must be freedom of speech that's like a big one right but people today are in trouble for talking about shit i mean how people tat era and you're in trouble for revealing information are talking out about things that they deal jason ellsberg versus snowden or chelsea ironing shore ellsberg fuckin here i tell you what we'll chelsea like i did the correct gender dead us at a lot right along i too full of steam once invite aggravating the fuckin chick i thought was a sure thing turn out to be it in no no doubt the bailed out so research size online yawned era
guide attitude i can't tell if that's a dude from the picture i'm just gonna not call sometimes arrows better than you poor and looking up hookers you could actually get then jerk i've known you know four eight hundred bucks get her but i'd have to weigh up thirty five minutes to really think the girl in the photos actually gonna come to your door they should take your credit card and sell it to india and i really do your credit card you you call and leave their visa card for the deposit the leg you and i love the people actually by credit card protection without knowing that you know what if you didn't sign for it it's the credit card that's eaten it not you where i would do the bahamas once and came back and there is a charge for seven thousand plus dollars for ports and i'll yeah that's what i do when i'm on vacation i binding poor little kitchen i'll seven thousand dollars
whether we should have a credit card company eads it was what they have to do so all those interested they won't steal your identity steal your credit card will protect you against that now the fuckin vessel eat it fuck you yeah leave that shit laid out in the noisy sign for it i have this idea about information that money essentially it doesn't really mean anything anymore rights are backed by gold it just or stored up on a computer somewhere we agree that a hundred dollars a hundred dollar writing but that's snow theory is right but its data so ones and zeros he's no physical thing well the thing what's happened with technology years technologies bringing people an idea like closer together quicker like ideally tweeted fuck and a hundred thousand people might get a hold of ideas in a couple of seconds right videos you put up a bit it's crazy it's viral million p
i see that data that the more tax algae approves a quicker and easier it is to get people to do priorities it has to communicate more money information and communications about information we mike the time with a bottle is money like we can't possessions in order to be this one in order to everyone connect together in some sort of a weird artificial evolution induced like connect the technology that were inevitably going to have its comment is going to happen the bottleneck might be money i think we're going to get to a point where the money's not real cuz i have no idea what you said but i nodded a lot i think they're going to get to a point where there's no more money i think that's what's going to happen we're gonna get to some weird point where get to a lot of weird points that we're not going to be here for and the differences are you
kids so you worry about it a little bit more than i do probably he allowed everything from hundred years ago that you could not possibly imagine that are happening yeah is happening now yes so a lot of weird shit we can't even imagine will happen and i won't be here but isn't it really cool at the same time yeah it's not it's not like it's not negative given even the loss of money like this idea like everyone's the negative people that the problem of global warming and yes shits gonna go under water and there's not going to be the maldives anymore but ruskin warmer in wisconsin and do you know what you shouldn't fuckin in heaven that many kids next to a coastline katrina that's going to rebuild new orleans of the war is rising and you live under the sea level to fuck you you know what drown your kids who fuckin asshole
this is outrageous you're not gonna get to host our event now after that we have very sad ended our offer a misunderstanding we we cannot endorse your ears like wranglers out there if you're gonna bring your own booze poured into canada dry club soda bottle and your mixing it with clubs soda make sure you realize the club sodas vodka i just put a whole fuckin vodka in this thinking it was a mistake it get real god i want to say is a wrong thing there's a lot of vodka oh no no there's a lot of its eye so sorry you're fucking problem for as long as they don't try to smoke your we'd when things go south could be worse he could be drink himself sober along with what will we were just how little you talking about you just and something that was really interesting what the fuck did you just say just before that now
oh oh oh about worrying about it the future more because our have children s poetry you know what it's not just that signed even certainly worrying it's about like if i see a pattern and i see things happening i see a bunch of things at a move in a certain direction because just like u i dont have a conventional job a model whelmed with having to do shit that other people want me to do so most of my day spent thinking about shit that i want to think about so when i look at this whole weird pattern mike what we do and what is this society doing where some weird fuckin builder creature that's making better and better technology every year because that's ultimately what we're doing but forget about all the shit about the card dash genes and all the shit about the democrats in the rules and transgender rights and we're making better and better technology all other stuff just allow to have fun while we're doing just creates com food and resolution and fifty two
workers in all night she rose up together but the at the today day what we're doing is making better and better technology that's all we're doing as the one concept if we stay alive we innovate we stay alive we go on but it is in vision if you have to keep making more she had just didn't make people buy more shit and the shit we have enough exactly true theirs since we live on a comfortable lifestyle there was some story today where if the sixty two richest americans gave way most of their wealth everyone would above the poverty any go but then there would be a new poverty line so then those people at what point do do you go on i'm rich enough we have enough shit but i live above the poverty line zuckerberg me a bunch of shit
and now i live in one bedroom instead of a tender of cardboard box while the now you live in a one bedroom and you see the guy in the two bedroom and you go fuck and dick exactly that's gonna happen you know you to be happy line again in argument joy studio apartment fuck that guy with his fuckin to bed room you asshole in poverty line as detested just like football is what is a problem with getting shit for free is always a problem getting shit for free that's not a problem now learn what youporn i salaries gonna give me a cease and desist this this is like free samples that the safe way i knew just grab the whole fuckin trade and aid and while i want you fuckin asshole stop with your cocaine and your viagra who don't they get don't i'm out of this a true but you you could tell me don't day like is now a good counsel in the porn industry with a poor people are and paid for those moves
they put him up for free and so people wouldn't be supporting like those it's like this i got there's a dispute in a debate almost the napster days when roy eighties metallica would get really mad lars all rich fucking country we're still hate that guy from i do i always swore if i ever saw him in a show i would have escorted out and the one you're with me in mill valley the other guy that's right and had fee their whatever his name he was their male values there and i said i always swore that fuckin lars guy was here and you're close but i'm not gonna throw you out and i just started giving them shit about i was like the first comic napster like what they had a home page where they feature an artist right before they shut him down
it's right and i was the first comic fijian as when people first started in finding my shit underground and then they shouted down cause that fuckin lars kind and they made their bones off of people bootlegging cosette tapes of them cause they couldn't get radio play your you're shitting on what made you you fucking we usually i don't know lazy norwegian what is he gonna danish however this is no need disparaging entire race of people just because of why well one man's actions douglas one male he fucked up he deftly didn't have good friend he definitely didn't have somebody who given some good litter too and i'd kill the whole indian race just for that one crying fucking guy on that commercial sorry search that one well i'm sorry i know anyone everyone here is yokes decides through these gentlemen like we're if we fail it's not because we can try don't get mad
they still my only there's only a foreign didn't forty four thousand hours of joe rogan podcast with as i do that other how do you do this so hard but i've seen you put ally for forty eight pod casts a week and the new the rest guys you and then and then you do eighty five hours of stand up and then i have my own kind of crazy ankara uselessly do you wanna see these two hours i slipped girls i liked sleep souled six seven hours and night that's my hearty sleep at night would you mean my like do i have a problem sleep and now i'm sage would do have laid off hours i died i wanted this is go on life and of aceh finally achieved it do what i want to do when i want to do it within reason within moral and ethical obligations the law and all that kind of stuff but i don't want it if i side i want to go to bed at five o clock in the morning i want your shit from anybody
i don't wanna know anybody tell me you can go to bed at five o clock in the morning you can't sleep till two in the afternoon why not tell me why not why can't i wake up at noon why who the fuck are you it's a stupid so all my life i've wanted to get to a place where i could go to paypal and i wanted to go to bed within reason and up whenever want to wake up so then invite asylum to get up early exactly like see my kids school i decide so because i have a boss i want to i want to get up ever an arbiter maybe with the kids and i enjoy and i want to hang out with them son and i think that if if you gotta go life to go shouldn't be basics as far as you can be i think the guy like it's not a money thing the goal is too get as much like watching you would normally do given that we were driven guy what my point is the opposite you're always driven to do something here
is the same shit every time i talked to tell you why are you just take a vacation in just go fuck ends sit on a beach somewhere guess he's always not your your positive tells always native lies day guileless it oh i said by cities no good music stags he makes me sad like taxi so brilliant but has also nice i don't know i can't imagine either of you going to remote beach and relax our relax are not to do that now a learner do that give me an example ago invocations where its alas costa rica went like six months ago that with the family had a great time did zip lining fuck now feds monkeys ice there is this thing called we call it a peek at you i forget what its colic thing it's called up something see toes thanks itobad looks a little raccoon but their funds retain dessert hang around this resort as you still vacation errors so they come
to whom we feed them grapes and shit they got so comfortable does he took a nap in front of us forget things line airline dallas fuckin legs up in the air was awesome monkey screaming scream inachus criminal your training of food from you check him some fuckin org they open the oil up any they eat the white purchasing a little kid would how many areas the monkey now so i go on vacation good i got a lot of them actually now not every time you talk about coming to bisbee i go you'd be so bored higher we do some planchet we do go get some archery tags for some hobbling doesn't go fuck up some hobbling is ike while i am against hunting not against it i personally couldn't do it but i have a letter i could kill that mother you could do it there rotten beasts while when you die killed i wasn't there your neighbors doggie i killed the fuckin then they hang around a pack zella coyotes they're fucking amo dog demons the dear little demons
they didn't exist if they weren't real he built while these are cat eating dog eating little demons they just doesn't did have the courage to after a person they would if your child will aligned if somebody like baby on the side of a toyota tundra and just drove a few hundred miles down the road i just left that baby there for an hour and the the bills peccary as though they are their peck resign pigs heavily writhings that pay size pays a difference different species the different animal that's that's fucking creepy fucker peggy we lived some rather a pig but it's not important neighbourhood is three streets and then hills to them again border and i can tell what pack i have alina are coming by the dogs bark i owe you dogs embarking on that block now they're barking on this blog another
galileo is travelling thou way that so cool you live in a place and has he thinks is so interesting there like rats and fuck in vancouver the rickshaws theatre he always hours do branding they like little demons man like if they didn't last if they didn't there was this harry thing in a movie that would chase after people's dogs and tear them apart yet that's why i'm the opposite of ted nugent i wouldn't kill that and use none of it but the good you can eat em like a similar pig and a lot of ways the better pay little juliana each should they find on the road to can you can eat a lot of these everywhere in shackleton party you can eat your shoe until you can seal blubber you can eat anything i think that is good i think abilene supposed to taste a lot very pig like a wild pig like wild boar taste good they have to make it like sausages and shit but the people like it i'm still eyebrow burger king
you know you hit burger king i hate burger gay and i told the goober driver i go listen i too did i am afraid to be early because this is a weird empty industrial lot i wanna be sit out in front of cold and waiting for you to show up and gonna be late because you don't wanna be late so but i are they eat so i told them we're driver we're gonna be early so just will find some fast food i'll tippy extra disant fucking now we are on the way up here while on the exit there's nothing but this fuckin industrial area prior a mile away this is my burger king fuck burger king burger king only exists where nothing else is available so get off that exit theirs in dust he'll park or burger king because a burger
next to anything else you wouldn t eat any ok workings next and dolls you'd go with mcdonald absolutely you know why i broke it was next to pay less shoes i'd go with shoe lambs said that i am surprised that every time i watch naked and afraid they dont stumble into a burger king no other option fuckin worst but i had ducas is nothing else around mcdonald's brought the fuckin breakfast new to all day but they didn't bring the mic griddle did the greatest creation that pancake thing was so sergeant cheese sick real integration they ve ever made them what you can have it all that they have a limited breakfast menu but today and news or mcdonalds soaring because they brought back all day and if you know a body of work one of my biggest beefs ever is no breakfast after eleven
because as comics usually up before eleven and i like breakfast and it makes no sense i'm not gonna do the bid the point is that mcdonald's brought breakfast all nay i love them fuckin sausage burrito love her that's a good one and their fuckin numbers are going through the roof i can't take a risk because if i'm hungry i look for the ecb buff india so bad is that i don't want to just a regular aiming and that's what i want the little circular ham circular for no apparent reason perfectly circular hand as if as if that even was aid to no less pigs and cylinder sire breathable seward tunnels pack of my their sly some thin i think you're actually curious
but i am addicted funding things i love egmont nothin i love em come on i'm hungry i don't feel guilty about eating egg an english muffin it's pretty simple and straightforward put process he's a whatever some because you are so work out like a mother fucker i have friends in alaska would party so hard they you how are you in such while the party that hard and then go to the gym for three hours and blue really ardent i don't do the second part yeah that's gonna be a problem well with this way lifestyle everyone's would say fuck in twenty years always eventually u yours have this conversation with me we like fuckin surgeries you have now and i have just been talking today about the fucking thing they they did your knee important plates and screws and drilling she never dream of morphine write code you you had to go
that to get more vigour and i will go straight to morphine though it gives more bad need those early one well it's about a gang of em sense things break ma am they do i mean to areas like three hernia is working and i dont lift anything if you get a fix it so easy eddie bravo got two of effects at the same time they just these they have its webbing they put her uneasy i know you umbilical one fit you get affects yeah but the do i get of ventral where your abdominal what would be your six pack i had one dollar splits apart do you not a problem the ventral is that certain regular the inguinal that's the growing of hernia that's the one one word is why don't fix those catheter are there which i would have done if i coped up after being dumped
calling hookers gettin a dominatrix yes but what about a more drip wiles ones and i got a button with some click click click click click add rather dominated stood back and solid ngo easier in a just take this fuckin catheter achieve see ourselves from the new but i would like to see during a bottleneck willingness to some david bowe we get there round control to major tom i'm do there thought their stuff doesn't even involve me i'm appearance base i'm appearance space of time of time to think about that catheter cancer is not a part of me how many surgeries if you add not that many honestly my nose by me lay your nose yeah i had a deviated symptom i also had a bunch of blood that had pulled
inside the walls of my nose and become calcified like our ear cigar wrestlers area i had that there too they had to carve out some holes now do something called trim your terminates your terminates like i guess it's like these bumps inside the nest your nose and mainly clean knows and flat them down i broke my nose when i was five i felt a flight there is even before martial arts smash my nose i remember crying and blood and snarled and my nose always been crooked even since then and then from that time on nobody ever says roads gorgeous except for the nose but it's been broke burglary eyes but nothing compared to some people i know i know duty that dozens of nose breaks where i wait at least probably six or seven when i when you hear peopled bitching about athletes making too much money a professional athletes will have
several surgeries in a season could be where most of your dad's gonna hernia surgery or fly back from college because you never know run as these well and these just have surgery that's the big argument for steroids does the this argument for steroids stairways rapidly improve your ability to recover rapidly approves of these guys get a surgery i guess you know kelly's tenant or some shit like that the difference between recovery do steroids and recovery on the nash fuckin a giant difference means absolutely gigantic difference there not taken this stuff just for performance there are also taken the stuff for recovery it's in my power i mean done correctly like you should allow all athletes to do that with its marshall artists with genuine the promise i give you talking about you need surgery the real price as you can get gains from that that you will be permanent theirs
in percentage of those gains gains meaning you gained speed expansiveness just from gimme steroids while you are going to rehabilitation cause of surgery so it is tricky it is tricky because that that cheating whether its playing football what have you that cheating will be permanent you'll be a different person literally be more explosive maybe even like only fractionally so maybe half of one percent or something but its measure they can measure the the tissues they can measure the amount of gains you keep this studies so its track how much explosive nest do you need me near fifty years old adds a hobby of mine and joy the problem i enjoy training i get it helps me for me personally like we talked bellegarde due to many things i do a lot of different things one thing it seems like i have to do in order to stay even if i have to do a lot of physical activity
if i don't do a lot of physical activity whether it's like like anything go go hiking out i could do something but if i don't push body and drain some energy out then i don't feel my best i see you alone you know i'm even i don't feel relaxed enough like i have to drain the battery so for me like to keep my sanity and perspective and clarity have to drain the battery that's why i do it swayed do that either cochlear worries now everybody's got their own way promise my ways prejudiced against people prejudice against my where i ways away of the media you can always find someone who is of key brow whisky a lot i should judge bring with shit no object in pitch i have been drinkin jack and coke but what i don't like is the coke
family coke or red bowl or anything like that feels worse than link if you i'd rather do methamphetamine which is the worst rug ever i talk myself and put in a coconut xenophilia deviant just drinkers trade jack daniels seems like something someone is reckless do not you drink it on the rocks and a proper rocks lass nectar of the gods and may be tinkle the glass in the new sippet is now alas in africa that is not like private jack daniels commercial the nectar of the gods and maybe that was your things combining one of the last guy knows you now there was a commercial for jack daniels their yeah it was a commercial jack daniels that featured we are talking about jack daniels calling it the nectar the gods wives during one of his shows in vegas
the signs are something we are you know they had that rat pack just like like one of the most amazing times less here will listen to put europe we have a request and a mandatory country this afternoon system only does it carried it to foreign lands came just so fucking promotion in the end you gotta be gonna fuck and try these in advance on how either way the point is no one was tweeting sinatra gone don't die honest man right i just know any better back them didn't think you're gonna die while the thought cigarettes are made you healthy right that's beckoned like did you see the abc leonardo caprio movie on industry now the why the one where he played fbi guy janitor whose j j edgar hoover the gene
over one j edgar hoover mom was like talking about him being sickly and how them the doktor prescribed in cigarettes and should be smoking cigarettes to become more robust well zactly always wrong down back then they were fighting for j edgar hoover sadly died when he was with thirty five now he lived a full fuckin life transmit more generally but still yet so when you keep tweet me no die on his back i know a lot unhealthy lifestyle as far as we know but joining it so until you're a fucking doktor whose prescient better than the doctors who said j edgar hoover's mother should be more robust smoking cigarettes well you're a study away if i was a scientist or a doctor whose turn study people that are healthy and happy and why i would study you because
a delightful here's the sky that's doing whatever the fuck you wanted smoking is drinking but he appears rail of a healthy in comparison to a lot of other people are not doing those things but are working full time soulless thankless jobs and they're the same age i give my files happiness major risks we're card and it was like a fucking college basque bog like a look at the happiness meter view you'd be dominating victory everyone is ninety five offered under the ever nor my knights doesn't have its downfall i wake up in sheer terror and i wake up even when i'm home i go i gotta get the fuck out of here and i go right to delta dot com and see what the next flight chill out and then i ease back in their sisters downtown today we are not saying i'm happy all the time i ve rocket chain smoker but
but we all love freakin i mean this is this is like a core tenant of being a human being if you paid attention you're freaking out about your expiration date you're freaking out about the fact that this is a finite expense it's gonna end and we all know when we don't know why and work closer we're getting closer every day but you know what it could have happened when you were to havasu lot of people at two could i have been in a car accident when your five cuz i'm so a lot of people in car when therefore but his guys like you that made me feel like shit about just sitting urging netflix for four straight days not getting up other than to piss get a snack but you enjoy that i do i wish i could just go hey i'm just me why can't i enjoy why do i have to always thing i see someone who can dance and i go i'll never be able to as wide a why i don't excel at any rather than folks
sing on what i do well i too much focus on what other people do that i can't well that's where obsessive struggle comes into play turkestan hope cause obsessive struggle with a million to one is that what groping men now that's my obsessive struggle again fallen everything everything our gallery groping men i showed a hundred hours a day archery like i just shoot it gets a lot practicing it's fun ok that's a great example if i shot a hundred arrows a day i would be thinking why am i not doing more of my life like no matter what you do i think i should be doing something other people that i respect our doing why are you doing you do and i just can't get comfortable just doing what i do no matter what it is i see someone else who does something i can't do and will work
it may be so bold as to how to some insight here's one thing that's true if i have things you and i dont doom and i go shooters arrows then i feel like a fuckin loser that's one weird thing like unless you gotta have a conscience fucking balls idols mile stuff like a loser it's like that took until i was again my forties to realise that i can't have anything like the price you pay for fucking orphans the price you pay and mental mortgage is never worth it is not worth it that i have to get done i have to get it done because if i don't get it done it's gonna fuckin hotmail but what is get it done and what is within reason and that's what i had to like it my forties far realise there is a boys of diminishing returns what what's it's it's like have to get done yeah you had to take care of your motion but number but other shit like exercise because of its own exercise i do fuckin freak out so i bought a just so used to has been doing it for so many years i don't do some form
rigorous exercise my bodies i come up bitch it's just that i understand that but we all have different standards or or perceptions of what we have to do right wherever you go out what do i really have to do i would consistently obsessively megan make lists of should i have to do and then i would find one from yeah a year six months ago lost and made a new list and i didn't have to do that shit i may league i have to do share that's definitely true you does we don't have to do anything you just have to survive right definitely but it want to try to achieve something like if you want to try if you have a netflix specially you gonna found six months and you decide but i am going to piece together perspective and i'm going to try to get this material i'm out try to take on the road but i'm need to have some life experience so i'm gonna need to go
to the museum of creationism that's in kentucky i'm gonna go second sit down and talk to the bureau get us information if you if you have some shit that you want to do then you have some shit that you need to in order to accomplish something that you want to do that's real but it's only on your choice but once it that's what it's it's best that's the beautiful thing about you're doing what i been able to do anyway it's a matter of that are listening to this that are self employed or their artists or that trying to do that that's the ultimate goal is to do what you're doing its deciphering between what you have to do for you versus what you think you have to do for other people are to live up to the fans or do whatever what what do you actually have to do versus what i think i'm supposed to do right and that's what i can't read of so i always think i'm supposed to do so i have you were here is a key here's one key that i've found does exist
a person perspective kettlebells be no that's what yet always about now don't get an assistant when you get an assistant it is putting a band aid our problem ms you'll i've got too complicated for one person i have now i that's who gives him a partnership physical gives you get on its baggy we had honest no i don't have an assistant i don't have it did you know i never do it that's one i won't have anybody who takes phone mix phone calls were a phone call from someone hoped for please i haven't but would do that i would fuckin i'd call goddamn cell phone and the woman would go but self all my by you not that much a big shot you fuck that's you ve got to himself honour that are guaranteed tom cruise s zone fuck itself a few people innocent didn't they have someone it does everything for them in the essentially they become like mommy and that allows you to focus entirely on your task in hand which defeat this machine you ve created of him poise and foot
hairdressers in all these different follow you that you have to carry around what do you like you become like an ecosystem don't do that knows students as soon as you get another person to figure out fuckin where you go and what you do and show you what your calendar is you ve fucked up you got two crazy you stay stay low key could you can absorb that assistance problems to europe's that assistance fucking pill locking yeah fuck in all sorts of issues taxes they never pay their taxes you get it's gonna take those fuckers in man they're gonna be like stray dogs you'd have real problems or a great friendship and wonderful relationships is getting be lucky so as you said that was the first thing i don't have any effect assistance man that's better one don't you sure you don't wanna do we not have to do it anymore it's another one latitudes people get i must get they get success only at wealthy and they start thinkin i was gonna forget this go on we need to do movies mobile phones do
your own soundtrack you don't do that go back to where you and i were twenty one where would you start when you are twenty four yeah i was twenty one twenty what did we of what it might essentially were in early twenties why did we want to do one of two fuckin make living telling jokes reimposing ever think carry oldcastle possessing karaoke mailing loading scenario geese but quality was a thing i could go up sign on a list and then try to get publicity that's the embryonic stage but wants it became a full multi cell organism when he became an actual like guys trying to put together an act was the ultimate goal i just wanted to do it i wanted to be able to do it well i wanted to be in one hour day job well yeah when we approach comic right that was a long time i spent three years of just gone i can't believe i'm dr in montana eighteen hours to get free cheese cute
happy hour and a hundred and twenty five bucks exactly i do it it i did a gig with this kid in skype epicurean a postcard block island we stated fuckin storage house where they they scored canned goods they can start as an island get to go to the people were so drunk they were barely alive the audiences there was no comedy to be had i never even got on stage they cancel the show when he got on stage stage it till ten minutes to joseph pretty cut the mike off who was of that the disastrous horrific fuckin set have in order to fund since probably not a good time guitar houston the gate automatic wasted in was in mariposa massachusetts it was his fuckin this the guy hotel and then down stairs there was like this lobby that inexplicably had one of the best kommeni rooms in all of massachusetts whose amazing eyes like teddy bourgeois lenny clark they would headline down there don gavin
headline down there and i worked there gang at times the same dude so like i assumed that this gig was gonna be like his gig which was amazing but it was a new gig so we got a boat we we took office fuckin stupid island in the middle of nowhere with these people just shrinking themselves to death has there were monsters they will just draw loaded monsters who is this woman shows i dont barrel with a dress and of the giant red winston churchill like jim i almost got her of arrows guy last night but go ahead she's worth it scream and that this guy who's onstage and never forget her i i glorified the early days when i was in them yeah i too i looked back at some shit and go out as probably worse but most of the time i got i can't believe i'm doing this in the moment as ever so much fun fucking ugly
strippers world and just happy but there's reform people had expectations and as soon as i got what what the level of popular i am here there's people who expect something and i got back god damn it i have to work judges go up on stage and eat a player jesus i wanna go fuck themselves they pay good money now the transition is come full circle that is are you oceanic as edges drank straight i know i know
i heard a fund is only on my dear cousin oversee d is what does that have not yet phobic frozen over evelyn blend dude swell my mouth eight days sweated at my eyes i guess he heritage of our guy sweat my ears can be hand sanity ties are guy an wrestled deeds and of luck and sixty nine position would not only that but i do a three thousand see show outside take pictures everybody shake i'll take hush users i remember the time he brought me to you have seen vague the only time i've seen it alive and you walk through the crowd as there are lined up to get in this monster agro fuckin and never was just gloomy drug you picture you can't get a picture with three thousand fuckin people that are in line yeah i can't do that but you just walk through
you're fuckin moses pardons sees they can't get getting i gotta i've people when i'm trying to rush out now my guide funds such a fucking dick a guy i try to run up back door like hedberg used to do hedberg was legendary on a one night her with a hundred people not game for autographs because he's not famous but he couldn't deal with people tell giving him feedback you he just run out the back door it's definitely an issue enough you really are worried about that if you think about feedback or if you just we are worried about interacting with these people worthy is it a weighted conversation in like that do you not know them certain wayne it and the proper wade conversations the big one his that those can be intoxicating and you could we want to have awaited conversation the only want to have come
they are people who adore you you can't those are those are terrible choices that's it that's a reality that only exist for very few people and it's not an art code we don't understand how to handle that especially when it to you for no reasons like you're a child on a television show you ve never known anything out now that's in an impossible mathematical equation to ask some little kid to grow up in we're gonna grow up and you're gonna have required what's on you that no human being is gonna be able commiserate with no one can understand your essentially a prince hell you're born a euro five years all your tv show and the world screams and i will see you on television doesn't make any sense i didn't see the movie but i get cut out but i saw trailer chris rock movie i take five take five and here i believe in the day at the time color he says there's a problem with being a celebrity is can only complained to others celebrities will they
using that level like that's his line in that movie i didn't watch it cause i got cut out of it he so famous we can't be friends with them do not a man like we're not famous enough to be friends of threats rock i say hideaway i hate was subdued knows what the fuck away from home he's do famous you know like every time data fellow i hang out i can you believe we're talkin where he was my thirty is surprised birthday party really which was where was i grave chapelle where was it far followers something he's the best as well as day as before i met you probably as dating christine ha now we were third year forty eight euphoria younger among a forty army ok are older than the euro we are old clearly man i'm you of your elder i'm a mirage europe that i'd be wary so if i come to the airport i expect you to be there for the sign says eldred elder road
that will make our own friars club and you're gonna have to get me in we were we're both thirty and lay at the same time that you have to be an ella because that was ninety seven will you and allay ninety seven follow you crazy and hygiene measures italy now i was a then you are in the book when i met you because i met you when my mother was on stage at the union gas as someone said joe rogan wants to meet you guys here or do they have the same kind of comedy and my mother was on stage and you came in and i i had a drag you say you were now to see that's your why am i joe ideas might have been instigator i think joe ideas is a dna gonna fuck me turkestan hope is one of us like a soldier when that was when d as was trying to figure out how to be diaz like ideas between ninety six and ninety eight was in his eye catching phase burst out of his egg and became joey
as a ninety nine and i'll never never forget it take them on the road with me and all the sun i could follow them on ninety eight i couldn't follow must follow oh my god we weren't westerns new jersey the same place with a guy bought for the can and he bought a bunch fuckin nike bottles that i was talking about the same place brought enjoying this is all the same place where joe you notoriously would just he was a wild man you just did here she would go wrong he all right you know he'd have a fuckin a big bang coke at some crazy girl behold awfully never make it to show so i didn't want to not use joey anymore so i started bring an already on the road with me other guys are there me as well so
joey didn't show up at least had like one opening i get book did uncle funny ease and davy florida with ato and george because he had such a reputation of not showing up yes for shows because he was a crack adding the tape builded as a triple x show so they would co eddie it's in case he went on a crack bench i could cover the time because we're both of and elk of triple x you before viewed fit right in there but back then i could do us just all dick jokes triple acts i'm not on youporn i do a bunch of jersey shore gave this autumn with george was awesome he's who is such a like like a reared soft spoke in almost a guy who he looked like all school like vaudevillian times he had like this like affection for those days do these prom shows and danger
and one of the things that shows what i did i did and the severe listeners no ato and george you have two of york fan a comedy he's a glutton say this he's a great public act of all time right what he's the only puppet acted a comic would appreciate mothers he started get ventriloquism jokes so awfully any never change them and you never air my dad is my favorite but daddy's sergio or pussy has a draw string like a laundry bag i submit larder ivy showed how good he had some fucking he would go them into doing it even though those partial audience that was black dodgy hey blank who had tattoos you're doing good
impression but i don't know it sounds just language or a better my dad to look up my dad do i can't see tat to you should have done it new white out you filthy circus ape walked out of the room on the black people in the army filthy circus ape he had some fuckin relentless the brutal shows that was the puppet tagging for the record the party got stabbed yard a danger fields in new york yeah tat thou asea urban again i can for an hour he told me about it he told me his mouth to my ears he told me his fuckin prodigy abt eight they told me that one of the most fucked up i've ever been and i only member because there was coke involved and then you remember may i remember oh yeah i miss you alert and gone i shouldn't be able a drink this much
but it was to have a brain me ato and george was two thousand five in montreal and was me and ato and georgian dylan moran here enough fuckin hotel room montreal comedy festival and i thought i'm gonna die i'm gonna die is and the other people are gonna died before jesus fuckin dylan maria falling asleep we lit cigarettes waiting for more cocktail to be brought up to the room i was at the fuckin gas station hollywood right next to laugh factory the night home i and i never try i try to neighbouring countries and gentlemen if you're ever near the lad factory and new need gas we're going to stop and do a commercial break go to the sorry it's fucking guy walks up to me and he's cracked out of his head do somethin wrong some
he's asking too much a weird fuckin questions he's real speedy and fucked a smoking when i went to gas someone had done some fuckin sneaky trick where you know you press like what aged you aren't you press the button you pull the thing out they had left it already pulled back in lock in place so i sold spraying inside sprang ass we saw what the fuck is this an i you know i undo the little thing that keeps it on and it but this gas all before and then as our pump gas my clients guy walks over the cigarette no got to say just a few fuckin feet from this gas on the ground and if the guy i decided just throw cigarette on the ground we we are literally depending upon the choices of a fucking moron too not have my car blow me die i'm literally thinking right now i might have to spread out of this position have you ever see what happens to people when they get those those
they say that you should even have a cell phone out its there's theirs central for a cell phone to have a spark and that spark nice defuse the fumes ignites the gas and of died like that it's very rare but it's one of those the writer humidity in the air the right amount of static electricity weird shit can happen this fuckin guy stand there with a cigarette negroes is nice got man which get it a car store and at the end of the fuckin louse because going sir we away from the pumps ear you cannot dismounting a cigarette by your way or stay the pumps so this guy is angry now because their suggesting that he shouldn't be near the palm so then he holds hand handed over where the gases no real touch and go man it's real go and mike i'm not gonna fuckin burned to death for some moron figure out what i'm gonna do i go to my dear do it
do i jump out the way or just charge of this guy like this one of two things going to happen up out of the way and he's gonna like this whole fuckin place on fire and i might get to the road i might get to laurel any before the fuckin gigantic explosion and others fuckin houses go up in flames and that's on happens one asshole once stupid fuck it asshole looking at me i didn't finger you when you were six any idea what happened to go into this position but here you are fucked up on something lookin at me and you're holding a cigarette over where the gasoline spilled in the ground because the guy in the fuckin the split speaker booth is chose into to pick on you you got real weird man at once we're on you said finger you when you were six because you are obviously doing a black guy not when was like i well i thought it was black latterly no said finger you when you were six i thought you meant point you
a lineup that's how racist i am there was someone just stood there was about it is partly a bunch of things wrong with them i think there's probably right pro some out it was stupid and drugs together but there was deafening some drugs because when you know when he was talking to me is still dislike does a weird was like a fuckin scary dog scary dog like a dog though just wasn't like i was his fucking dog it added air a rational fears of things blowing up including balloons i left perkins once because there was a girl balloon animals on a sunday morning for kids and just stuff being in blowing up creeps me out you pass on well it's just a warehouse camps selling his wake you up to a fuckin bunch a balloon blowing up the fuckin gas maybe i'm china p cigarettes is a fucking sponsor i didn't
white turned down yet but i told chile do research because i've read the fibers stories about people having he cigarettes blow up and was shattered their entire fucking ethan jaw out there's one that's i got paralyzed blues fucking spine sideways wow you only have to read couple of those stories where ya know no i'll die of cancer is one area where the craziest ones i got fernand they wanted over four babysitters am i bet you are fuckin mind you don t think you just have i got you a whole deal someone watch my loved one so much a child who can't even tell me what happened to him come on a strange person why some were driver not a real ziegler like an hour before it s a baseless really clearly those has nothing to do with over this is like other the concept
that over uses i ate a driver take me somewhere right now right i need a baby so to wash my kid right now get the fuck out of here you gonna be out of your mind man they started describing tobacco oh no i'm not only a part of your shade decision making like even if it works a thousand times how old ones where doesn't seventy five the youngest tracy weird i would ask grass eba shortages in that bag you're driving home from a gig i'm to me the comedy store you pull into that stay here like the doors in backroom locators on the stone and buttoned ryan i find this like this they the majesty of life until about moment you did not think your life was gonna be in peril that night true you were just only in that moment is trying to get some gas yeah that's the rain beat of life man is i think that's what
do all the time i'm dr it's our forty five minutes from is be to the airport and every car that comes ask me the other way i i'll wait encase there drunk arguments swerve into me douglas that's called benin i'm not afraid of death i just one avoided or are you just don't want to die because an assholes doing fuckin trucker math yea sized are beaten off all over his fuckin steering wheel and he can't hold out of the thing when he hits possum and its things all slippery like lube and he's fucking goes flying into your layin hits you two thousand thirteen suburban international media time until i'm drinking and then i don't give a fuck exactly that's why drinking beautiful because what you are he does is it limits inhibitions blows them away it takes them away easy to a place where you don't care anymore you like i can in or this moment there's this some fucked magic shit in that that the whole
two other its drinking or smoke and we are doing mushrooms are doing nothing to exercising is harmonious balance there's a path yes you we did this task is from your book give fuck exercised denies shit that's trappers posterity rampage alcohol tonight this is from brien's book alcohol cannot cure every problem in life but we remove the problems that it can cure than the path is clear ask your email it all thank you pass that jack i don't know how to grow up in a telephone venture my novel that's all go on amazon is clear that's true it's true i have a distress for people who can't drink yeah it's just that i'm not saying that drinking is the end all be all but it is also an option and as soon as this option for people is to these two reasons why such an option is either genetic which completely understand as i know people are just fuckin have that wacky gene
have they turn into a shark i'd fuckin i've seen i i didn't girl once at the fucking union by the way at the union she was so nice i manner she was so sweet shoes from out of town she was in issues she didn't have anything do it show business use completely normal we went out one we have a nice dinner together mike wow i think this girl's gonna be my girlfriend i was like convinced i was like she's really cool like she's friendly and she's nice to waiters solid things that i like kind with the next day i go cause there's a kind they show me maybe the next day next air sea or what it whenever i see her again and she's fine murdered before i get there and shark i'd she's gone and she makes a glass like this just like and she just starts talking shit about something like o o o
well one among unwontedly we fuck really quick and i'm gonna drop me off you might as well have been a small harry sweaty dude with shit smeared over him both like one of them fucking things that those old plants guys do whether the wall papering she might have covenant shit she she might as well have been peccary the whole thing was there's no way i was gone like my my survival instincts were like slamming on the brakes holes like what the dude you came back this being your girlfriend she's break glasses and looking out you'll go fuck and zambia my cheese christ i went from one to the other one won t like why what do i got friendly nice person and i'll make me like feel good when i'm around our will have some fun together next time
shatter fuckin a particular stab and valleys in the neck with a beer by falling face birth shipping or on the curb the years in one of those i know as worth of this growth is not there for the better she was joe use two phrases she was beautiful through so awesome personal that's that's that's that's the most magical saying about people is like the idyllic this is why i hate when people start to shame p bore attack people on twitter and go after people could not you cannot be defined by moments you're defined by the culmination of your life's experiences in your interactions and as soon as you find someone who's trying two like i just label some warner lock someone into one particular moment you're finding someone who's just trying
to avoid all the flaws they have in their south when there were no one's perfect none of us are the idea that you can lock a quote down and put a dub stand bob said that he thinks that can you know whatever this guy should get aids because this joke suck you know like if you may i say i was trying to describe chad shanks referendum stay with warm in town in everything item sounds chad shank were to do this in the bad things and he can't leave the house because he's afraid he might hurt someone bad or murdered yeah you tell me the other day days them beautiful human being in the world but to try to explain him based on his own a biography exactly is fuckin fantastic theirs people like that there's a lot of people like tat so it's gonna be the caddy understands his own insanity and learns how work around it and this is
flashes of awesomeness they come out of people like that flashes of awesomeness that come out of unconventional thinkers unconvincing people or people that for whatever reason in other pressure came from a different direction created some fuckin weird kind of like personality diamond you know de as medea s epitome of some weird personality diamond and i'm not even just talking joey nicosia ideas that ever may fighters for the validity as does out of doors as people have the elder brother heard star scarface fuck you fuck frank yes you have just read jelly d as is fuckin rap she yo that's not a girl atrophies wrapped she is not that extensive he got away
the lot more really then he got in trouble for the point is if you if you explained all the things that joe ideas it running wrong but you'd never appreciate joey de exactly like if people in my community ok i live in a nice community of why people berries people my community i said said well whose work people you associate with well one of my best friends went to jail for armed kidnapping who was the guy that had coke and he wanted to get the coke from the guy so he tied him up and he with a machine gun but he's pretty awesome now as we would fucking chris christa wazir last name but kristen again like i'm stated this guy's hauser luxuriate she just get up prison sir girl to prison for two years because she had fuckin a lotta we'd in your car and get busted in like a weird our duty in illinois now those document they thrive on busting people or
haiti might have i bring my ex phelan for yeah is it ok and understand that your house will people get scare would you do your friends come over there are still my checkbook douglas actually you can you vouch for this this girl this joy diaz character zachary with a thing is like a lease joe ideas has while they both i'm sure have towns with joy ideas has a very marketable talent i could go on staging kills and you forgive him for everything enjoy dears goes on stage and crushes you care what he did kennedy did come on over eight hours tomorrow it's party does that mean is the reason why like in the late nine these i brought an extra opener it was only because a joey because i just from all desert that's what started conversation yes joey d as one time the lake shore theater i book them the headline and he just
the last minute hours before it cause of the booker as says again laying united subject got on his eye malaria you're goin on a few hours ago she had happened my favorite joy dear store is ensured i'm working rascals this is this is before i decided to start bringing the second opening act and is the reason why first i hear doesn't show up he says no i didn't nod and now the guide and talk to me i wasn't sure if it was real and then the next night so that we get some local guy look guy shows up like literally the show starts forty minutes laid the whole thing is a disaster guy does well you know we salvage the shout ripe second night an hour before the show i finally gets joe had a page back then feel as that pager
that was a few years ago the second night because i get him on the phone because i'm not an allotted dog i never let vegas fuck you too our before the show and needs it wasn't even the new jersey last earlier and i had to make a decision like well i'm deftly knock it and not work with them i need to get another opening act and need to give us more money problem with so many comics and say ninety percent of my friends is their great comics when their there and there on yeah but their fuck up we try to include a tour the and buckles and here a dollar suddenly yeah that's a pretty but the point is there are funny but their fuck ups i'm forty one years old and how do you rent a car
my dad i'll be it is so far but you can't you can't completely holder hand taped to dance but once there at the dance you can turn with a good music is unless after the dance state our biting people see this is all sorts of levels of fucked up and you're gonna find out you you and i both have a functional level fucked up one things you and i think we will very early on i think both rulers we're fucked up in very different ways but we're both now we're functional and we're both nice guys like there's one of them like when we worked on the mantua we're nice guy lotta people forget that's the most important point is one of the most important things you see fuckin guys they use that jus retire when i started comedy while they're still working there because they're nice guys in their friends with the owner even though they suck yeah
sky actually gets you further than it should get you but it's also the does that but this also is the right thing to do because i need you and i both remember one we were scared and we first started like i know that you are really good with young up and coming acts you're the reason i found out about brainwash worthiness hilarious because i saw you with him in allay that's our non out about that's like to me this this certain people are of joey says skies funny he's funny enough arias's someone's funny their funny if you say someone's argue you're taken brennan was on the road with you brennan was obviously must be he's in he's in the group i mean he sees in the network he's alive a guys think because their funny you taking under their wing is all they ever have to do and you go i ever
written a joke in four years that's a problem yet again i've out of you those guys attica moose but then these guys like ari that i'd hurry is at all the guys ever took the road of me he listened more than any of them he would like you you would like he would say something to him and said to him get upset and saying like girl but i could have done this he would go oh yeah he's the like one of the only guys like dock in china to budge i had a very different relationship joel my relationship with joey's always been praise and love and friendship and both ways like workers unease is always been so funny like ever since he figured it out i can't tell him what to do in i just love mc givney hugs he's kind of saying what may we just but are like when i met our he was the fuckin he was a door guy the store i start on the road me given a money do gigs like the first time i took him as i think that first kinky
did with me was the comedy works in denver and mike youngish used to go on the road with me i called my guns back like the early days flit phone and i called my god you're my gun i go because my young had to cancel for a wedding or something and i called oh my god you fucked up i go listen irish fear killing phone out audience you ve stocked up son and i share and i told a story about a news fuckin crying but my gun was always there he was the only reason why he was there was because joey come to denver cause yet of undermining order oh yeah joey and is marking the headed restraining order with the club literally could not go in the club
there we wasn't a legally allowed go in the club he also state no doubt seattle i couldn't take em the seattle to bring new gas sierra kids he heads of vulgar domestic violence charge or what was what happened in yes but it was in domestic violence in seattle was like something no i wasn't domestic violence it was some some form of violence in seattle there was unrelated to his machine gun kidnapping a drug that out of pocket dig totally different crew at seattle crew which consisted of donkey an area of duncan got in the minutes seattle doc is the best as he's great he drives a mercedes now oh he's got some crazy am g s and algeria alaska off the air about another thing
five years ago i have you ever had to like red the riot act to any support act like of you ever had to self discipline someone in what way i know like a fuckin do that again in front of me i know me like ordinary seemingly aid mercury you ve been leaked three nights in a row now there's brien's my mind the worst thing one word a green room at an improv and a waitress comes back to bring us drinks pre show who the worst comic you ve ever had the same vows ask yeah they always africa us drive to the radio drive in the morning i was it was the biggest dick richard janni came up a lot lately and even though i said i was here you want to share the same time who comes up the first who eddie grip oh yeah he's crazy but again eddie griffin you go back to any griffin
on what was the fuckin the hbo deaf comedy jam eddie griffin deaf comedy jam he shorts on rushed he crushed the point where i remember watching him he was hbo and i was like barely an opening act maybe some sort of a half assed gazing middle act right and i was i'm on hbo and he fucking destroyed i remember being so sad that you i will never be as good as this guy i don't have it in me is nothing he was bound round onstage and headline power and expression was skinny and wire early like some kind of fuckin germany cricket character hop on state there was a yet so much fuckin performance like talent in him we're thinking man i will never be as funny seti griffin i'll never forget that one to talk ok yeah i did
oh nay when they were owen ay and dice came in ass it were scheduled at the same time and dice came in and immediately lit up a cigarette and opie goes shed dyson smoke in the studio like like i tell you know arose no person these like that any more in comedy tennysons the days there's no i'm overwhelming on the rock and roll star he was impossible to talk to you was a complete character which i love i love but i tell you this the reason why you're not like tat is because you better than him
no but the same sensitivity to the moment that may better than come aware i'm not gonna hurt you say your bags i set it on roads podcast you let her mother fucker you and ari i'm gonna put you in a space ship and shoot you write to the fuckin son i need some more hate mail but the point is tell me one thing you guys hasn't said anything the whole jamie tell me one thing you know from hicks body of work tells you anything personal about him there is opinions he he didn't look i'm a you here is a date anyone where they live according to his fuckin body of work what was day like what did he fuckin do that medium a human being he had opinions he could reach the book and then make a dig joke in in the middle it and then the points but my router i'm
fuck him better than here but i'm not as good as most comics working today but a better than eggs why didn't but i had thirty two we had a problem with cigarettes you apparently our problem with them away better and cigarette was a different he was different age and i doubt braced or my pancreas will if you go back you have our rude and you're killing my heroes but if you go back two lenny bruce's day might give you go to my house i have lenny bruce posters i have where i have a pool table my house and above my pool table have lenny boost the filmore and then in my as you are right i have this lenny bruce performance film posters movie poster bill here i've adolescent arrogantly little bill hicks winked at me
giant are getting in your house after i came out of the only time i ever did dmt i swear to god i came out of this thing going oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness and then i saw there's a bill hex i've been experiencing lighting and figure out what the american flag it's in the pool room in the pool rooms whatever room i was when i went to a girl day i worried about you that night a thought of last year because without you i got my own reality in a but boom we win fuckin i think i gave em away too big a dose because he it was a first guy i've ever met that foamed at the mouth like legitimately he had bubbles that's the poster have in the poorer as tomorrow winked at you but you had bubbles coming out of the corner of your mouth a euro moaning and you
i knew my first cognisant thought was memory is saying oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness yeah well that's what it will do to you that wasn't the braer improv night was no no no doubt of it as we are now and i would stress that i deserve anyone smart stake the damn tea was a smart move we were doing mantua we came over to my place to try to write and trotted storm ideas but some new sketches unjust and then do the hand that we had been dealt because stay open i would both we had this i want to name names but there's a bunch people that sir thus an idea that we could go and do something chaotic executive yeah you don't have the new united states out of time is their fuckin awful wandering members get us attached we were attached they knew they some names and they could take that
they can resell it as soon as they did but then once we worse working once who acts on the set they had very different ideas as to what it would be for us what we in our ideas were bay on the conversations that we had that made us agree to do in the first place whereas there i do are based on the old shows so there was a manipulation but that's just part of what the fuck happened so we would go back to my we went back to my places one night and i remember whether we decided it was the end where this is not the end of this show or we had a right these monologues whatever well we were already gone through like such stupid shit like we have this game show called it was called make me hard that's what post because that's what doug's original name for it was it was your i'd make me laugh was a game show that was where you get a contested and as three comedians if you can laffer home ever many minutes tell him this island after piss
tell us as well reader wrap up because i have the piss gonna make me make me laugh was a game show where contestant had not laugh while three comedians fucked with them ok so we were doing a spoof called made me hard worrisome tried to not get a boner during three acts and that we had a midget fell lighting a banana and then we had desert dancer very hard that pulsar take out at the hall i say so and then the guy's sitting there in what we call the weeny box measured whether or not he was getting erect there was troll of cars were bare bribe this argument is this the concept or what happened that the concept happened but at the last minute the sensor said he cares make me hard go with me
stiff why wait let a transvestite pull her car code on staff yes but you have to just make sure your employable enough by i had to make some change hard that's too adult oriented staff will go you can do stiff and at the last and all the fucking props people had to go make a new sign this fuckin ridiculous what do i knew shine they were crying there are crying like no names no names no genders crying joey diaz was going to introduce us ok joe ideas was gonna come out tell a story why is he has timberlands on and baseball had he's got a new york metz baseball and fuck timberlands here i like it gentlemen let's get this party started
to the man shall motherfuckers and they gonna beat this this is what they tell dugan i they say we're going you swear will be paid out will show nudity will blow it out if you guys get sued it'll be great for the show you no doubt i got together we got drunk and go well but you want you want to do this they want to do this we do this because that's fucking do this let's fuckin do they let you we're gonna do we're gonna make the crayfish once we got in it was a totally different story the paper work had been signed we are committed to this project then there was second is executives sort of have control over the executive producer who had control over the writer of what is keeping their job there's a bunch of things that dugan i'd just didn't anticipate so we got to this position where we were do something that wasn't what we set out to do and we didn't didn't feel good about it and then there was like a bunch of arguments and one of them was how the show start
i wanted every show to start with ideas naked running out of the audience and this woman was crying i stammered set a gender less this exact if they don't zoe friedman badge jam stan hope i love zoe shoes cry is this really what use is made of a cry and i said about this i will do it both ways the regular way first and the second take will do with joey which was afoot set up i can't believe she agreed that as so dumb because the second take is always bore because everybody seen the first take a set up but she didn't see come and she was play hackers the whole fucking thing was a set up i was there when a better yes so jelly comes out of course roars everyone stands up let's get this party start where is the german mark about what a man show dogs tat hope job progress everybody standing
the grace opening for shall show ever so i look at when a girl told you i know it's fun yeah right i'll be funded to you but you don't have a dick right you're not a man this whole idea this is supposed to be a major issue already surety earlier a big fat fucking cabin crew giant balls like rail area in an old ladys pantyhose there are ridiculous his balls are comical in their own it happened he does not look real you'd have to sell me enjoys areas that's joe ideas here the greatest human beings our walk the fate of the higher in the background s fuck that's houston texas that's back that places exist anymore that place you'd pounded on my door ask me for someone named ed what values the crowd it was like a crack yeah wait a minute no i'm gonna take that back that's actually austin texas does not use them that's austin texas i knows texas
regrouping that's it that's the place is down the street from captivity comical he's the past from a blog that are roll call happy pills you write a applause not much anymore i keep myself i write em but they become material was that i was writing blogs and then i was taking some of the ideas are those blogs and there i was turning them into bits but the problem was people we have set it up well then this a second saw that it was in your blog ok we'll have to make a decision here either i keep doing the blogs and the bitter and blogs and people dont and or people get annoying and they start complaining that the genesis the bits occurs a black eyes it was guys that said that gets in your fuckin head they don't know about this but you better if you think it through but here initially two guys i
due to shows in a night because i'm afraid seminal stick around for the second show and go as a magic gagged well shit yeah well that's why i don't do too shows a night well you know i mean you could look at it that way you know i've heard it said go take a postage i'm not scared enough i've heard it said that may be it's not bad i have some goes a virtue and the second show us you people in the audience actually makes you think because people there you're aware of them you have to do it fresh to figure out a way to put a new spin on you have to figure out a way to present it in a way that may be waiting for you in that way the exciting for them as well so in a way where instead of just pressing play you say even though this is something i've said multiple times over the course of the last you know x amount of months that i've been working on it i'm going to say it in new and in spain
way because i know these two people from the floor shoguns we hear the second child he won't tell me if there's people that have style over time cause he gets all grown apart no no i yet he is health fund minded i'll try to do completely different mature that's not even material cure for damages because it too fucking people i gore me i've i've got shows people money back gone i saw you mad gesture and when it comes in leeds tomorrow i'll give you your money back right now don't do that to me i told this dude manchester if you come he's a lad i'm coming to two shows i go you gotta get really fucked up the first the second shows novel you can't come too thing about my audience is most of em are drunks and they don't remember i get males all the time i hope that thing that special is commoner because our move i was there but i remember thing from it why think that potheads an outcome
auctioning share that the lack of memory does this like this one before about our goal as well beautiful about part is desire to somehow another embrace this moment and in with pot it's always fear of getting carried away by the new found ideas of what we he really is whereas with i call it the ignorance of those ideas the point like who fuckin cares who cares what we do and shy who is going to massacre that's where it comes in with our car whereas we do know you like i know how to get to the roof manages like it so weird to think that this is a few hundred miles this like fucking gas unlike what does magnates or somethin like what's the needles fear no man let me get my phone you fucking to figure out why the earth it does
just absorb radiation from the sun somehow another has been designed to those like the seal dislike circular shit that you don't understand them nato's fear in the eye on us fear it's all fuckin filtering gamma radiation that becomes you're freak out and none of the the alcoholic free gap which is just a i presume you jack and then i gotta get the fuck out you know where we're going where i forgive you goober yeah drunk ober lincoln i was yet a number of you know what i can help our is that's what i'm gonna do you know what that means you gonna do some hollywood type share with sound what what what about this they have been eighty are multiples what does it mean what is doing to fear fact days it was the worst part about the job here's a fuckin cold hard ugly fact about fearful
if you watch it on tv especially children network we're still place like twelve hours a day if you don't know how is on all day long now that it's bad thing to good thing but if you watch it a lot of times when i'm talking i'm not really there i'm talk in a sound booth somewhere where i had to watch the replay and like maybe some shit they didn't come across rhyme sounds all fucked up or so cut out or something like that if you ever wadding lar rescue or any dumb shit reality show your into if there showing john tavern saying well the hell out of my bar there showing the back of his head he never said that he said after the fact is that what eighty hours exact i dont know what i want to know what a status for like so if you're especially on a reality national dialogue recording jamie's that actually at audio engineer ottomans
dial diego they garbage right i guess closed i was wrong why is this guy always interrupting why do you like my advance interrupt where the fuck this guy get a mellow yellow teacher how dare you bottle online i dont know what it was when i bought it really i just thought as nice phrase well there's a song and it was a drink will remember that don't i remember the dawn of the song behind and no i didn't know is a drink you i was a drink i got really shitty mountain do like a mountain due for people couldn't find mount but your tat thus taking s seeing a law shitty mountain shit we're hammered out definitely you're right i'll get one of those call one come on man yeah yeah why that was the song that's at bob be endowed with bob don't some
there is an film of him like parodying donovan onstage in london is inevitable and soon designers and has even amongst amazing musicians that's a good sign molly i own how dare you bob dylan variety bugged please pass going where he rode all along the watch tower he did god damn that was good it has one of the few songs why appreciated equally whether its dillinger hendricks either one of em give the other own weird little little bend on you don't give a fuck about me do you you knock down a tight you like you talk about football in the same way i feel i don't give a shit about football worse for both what ever you have said some outrageous things during this pod cats dogs tat was middle aged fuckin denver against caroline stinks why
why does it think no one cares about those teams everyone present were hidden manning arms and no hair is mounting his error i like paid me he does funny commercial ever that you ve got the two most bonnie almost one town man i can actually do money and that's what i love about well him and tom brady seemed to be designed to make the perfect person if they just together had already found in their there's two sperm lasso together like one of those high school ropes we have to climb and jim the two sperm intersect the egg the exact same time super per any time an athlete can actually pull off even a little bit of funny where you didn't expect it hilarious george firemen larry ass one who is making his come back out easy i won't find a man analyses and bed on iraq greater i am sure there are their rest periods for at least eight days before our fight of nasa cloven george format
hilarious during his come back it was so one comedy is unexpected it's the best george warmer than at a bar where you sayings and funny shit and they go what are you ever live in after everyone at a unknown bar you and then you go i must go comedian and they go oh their judging everything you say you you have ever for yeah drinking a lotta unknown bars and you start like while here riff agent in my area stories on welfare doug story as with the fuckin boxing match in vegas and you are tackling and hope them down in fog is phrase destroys confidence reprieve ass problems organs box listening already is you have to understand when you go do whatever is boxing or you have see the under car
no one's there there are getting drinks away for the thing that they don't understand gap and that at the end so it's dead silent bingo hall church silence so you can tackle the back row but joe rogan get a second so it's absolutely quiet hour in their heckling mrs schreyer buckingham and has no no loathing of drivers i wasn't actually at all is this doesn't do marijuana joseph as marijuana douglas does i'll go joseph does marrow joseph freaking out because glasses heckling and you're gonna take it didn't work you're the one who brought me in tat kind of your responsibility try making cars that always knocked me out like a light wait till two seconds to go say you just got parked
i remember that i was married five fighting in a row was no one in the arena the passers getting here you no no no i mean he's being to do humble here he got surging laughs and that became crop the problem is rather lose this is what i think is holding down and fuck his face that was one that programme waterfall the whole says they break use confident data about dogs damn hope will haeckel box when these he starts the right way it is just right into the holding down fuck his face his he starts some like like jack and that he builds up more and more bizarre the whole doubted fungus face but when he said holding down and fuck his face i remain
bridges here we will go said don quixote showed that some don t you remember the dawn king haggle but don king showed up while you give still a year of my uncle and what was the name of his movie when you re in america only in america came now can you i yelled something only in america can you fuck overs allowed you had so many once but he was there i could hear every word i said well used again laughs that's what happened you saw again like big laughs and then it became i kind of weird stand up shut ridiculous so much fun he's one the version i owe you a fight that night and pepper of freddy roach was is trainer really
yeah discourage already already roger was in the telemarketing business with me before you ever get into parkinson's or boxing whatever it started out with boxing and showed its true form parkinson's him and his brother pepper both their both punches fuck but i did telemarketing by in the eightys and ninetys he's a nice guy man i did interview with him a long time ago for the eu of sea legs product for five years ago and he's such a nice guy freddy broached sosius you know he might be hidden by this parkinson's disease which is pretty pretty ass bother trauma related but he's pretty sharp underneath there may not stew the appurtenances is one of those things why i used to use that as an example of being drunk my motorcycles gills are slow and am slurring stuttering my brains working and that's what
yo see peer fuckin whatever me now this crazy legs funds seiko denver comic he's got whatever is several balls geigy eight years is also a wicked alcohol that lies in how by years jogging like me i'm really started and that's what a drunk is like my mind functioning well but the more i drink your jack daniels the more my mouth goal is yeah man though we also make bad joyce's is choices cerebral palsy doesn't call hookers in the middle of the night on happening here in the morning expected not call hookers in the middle of the night if you have cerebral palsy ike at that point all bets are off right nonsense cerebral palsy doesn't regret having cerebral policy in the morning right oh i get it i saw it
this drug what i painted hundred dollars to not fuck me this long story i notice that i can't tell please hold those last i was bad night but will savings on the star turning to the new flame fight robbie krieger there on the stone i dont knows there you know one of the things that i enjoy about you doug stand hope as at you you still seems to be at least to me when i was new progress especially still trying to have fun still no matter what weirdness comes your way he tried like like break up fuck chaos road travel is still trying to have fun key word i shouldn't have to try to have fun the same as a relationship you shouldn't have to try
i in a relationship peoples patient ship is a it's really already have to really try what then no do we try it our relationship we ve been friends from fucking dean twenty years twenty as possible since as the tri deal you know i'm gonna have to lead yoda counselling do be funds no you don't really if it's a good relationships you don't have to try when i hear people doing accounts i say i'm like fast powerful well you know why not have keep doing it like one of the problems of counselling is people that nearly done outside no again no but i have to be like going into isolation tanks my counselling pot cookies or any sort of pot double in isolation tag
is so much more intensely introspective than any any any other person i don't really know like you know you you know you know you so if you if you do like some real heavy of edible marijuana and an isolation tank you get to look at yourself in like a really weirdly introspective way you know and i think that's one of the things that's so fun about alcohol is it frees you from a lot of nonsense that's in of an interest effective thought with a finite life's idea you know cause like you like you didn't hear our age how much you can figure out you gotta dynamiter what like that's the the freedom of that alcohol sort of throws your way is the freedom of realization
sometimes moments are critically important they arm sometimes more important in the future the same way you must enjoy the theatre of smoking pot the way chop up lines you dont can coke the ceremony yes chopping up lines and then finding a straw and doing that i love that with alcohol i i i carry my own cocktail straws gazelle a short glass with us small cocktails draw the ceremony yeoman there's something to that end i get drugging i'll fuckin i'm just gonna drink off we know thoughts or on round his bottle drake ceremony i have thought on the unit do you ever go to the place where i grew up in a visit
i knew you have like this weird feeling a guy i haven't been to the place where i live and i was in high school so i was like four thousand four hundred and forty five or something like that i went back and when back for the first time in all those years it was really bazaar was like there's like an attachment ideas that i have to this place you know i think kind of carries on two absolutely unitarian they have a right that book memories i have shut out i just don't matter but i had to go back to write that book and i just remembering these things that happened on my oh that's that feeling just when i had now when i was doing that dumb run for president i had to go back to a fuckin high school to talk to people about it the judge
lived funny idea that wasn't funny at all but walking in what highschool all that fear was absolutely relevant in two thousand and seven like i was eighteen seventy nine right i'm tariff of being in a high school someone's gonna beat me up someone's gonna pick on me was just right there at the surface so yeah definitely a correlation i remember when you are doing that run president thing realize like early on there's no way you could do stand up dangerous any money i made from stand up would be donations to and then you after i cant do taxes when i who by taxes i'll just over pay on their behalf because i suck at mass so bad that if you ever audited me you told me money design
sense though i mean why wouldn't i think but what why would it why would they be so terrified of people speaking publicly well if that's what it is like there what is about your shows i give you if you were a dentist and you're running for peace i would assume they use he'll be able to work on people's teeth yes right but as a public performer you are going to be some sort of a political figure you gonna have a voice on the soap box in front of all these people the microphone he can't you anything else on a microphone because kind of the same thing and their eyes there's something that's really similar between someone do a polish politician act and somebody stand back there also more tangible their assent lee admitting that it show there's no now to drink minimum at a fucking donald trump event shipping show baby fuck off
you man i love this way how they are so someone screams nigger lived dregs just waiting for someone to fucking pop the inward views can have get off a roomful of trump supporters drunk enough people people say that oh as comic wouldn't it be great if trump gonna like to guess you'd have so much material but no i'd have so much entertainment there's ag material you know comic shoe just find it news of the weird article i just repeated on stage would know the joke was already written in the news of the weird article you need punch lines tromp would we hilarious to me i wouldn't use it is material cause it's inherently funny like a news of the weird article it thinks and yes it is kind of fright but how much
where is he then mitt romney if i have to choose between a guy who's this is a part of some weird fuck ideology we're weird ideology or a guy who is just a super ambitious react star who is also a billion air real estate developer i'm gone with that guy even if it has inherited can yea is detained for entertainment himself yes ones aiming nine just but maybe not just doesn't give a fuck about you or the country but maybe it's entertain maybe a little maybe a little room one barrack first get elected a new thought oh maybe was over things will really changing within it's u go now now do those yes black people and why people are the same it's just thea money they have why
it was a moment where i think i kind of like for the first time my life understood that to be someone that gets into a position like being the president or something like that the idea that that one person makes all the calls for all the decisions that you made about all the functions of our government and education stem and an analysis of you know first responders and cops and firefighters is no way there's no way has no way depend on one guy he can't do no it's not it's an american similar one president has affected your life that europe i wouldn't have gone that way regardless ronald reagan hemingway and what happened to you reagan fucked up everything for your life specifically are saying now the people they had just saying kim jong il listen fan and narcos it's on netflix i watched it yet get on it
mean at least you know i've watched you yet cause i think that i have things i have to do and i doubt so i am putting off narcos until i have some time off from the life i have that sedentary anyway but i have a what is craig drunk to be on this party a merger maker have begun area oh you have not watch the staircase watch and then watch making a murderer is making a murder of will make you very upset for about one in four hours and then you in hindsight go yea pry did it watch staircase which is fifteen years old where they give access to the prom accused as well making murderer is completely biased there are trying to make you think that guy's innocent you find out behind the scenes oh that
girl from the auto trader he had called several times answered the doorn bathrobe wants i use trying to get she asked to not have to go there the guy he reinhard rack actually he did murder sue me the stab is by the way is available on netflix but only on disk you have to honour enthusiasm physique air casual spoiler alert this whitney coming soon to watch that was her workmen staircase you know what i would but whither after that we need as i would fuck whitney cummings if i could just change her act herded here first her sister as my yoga culture which is very nicely let's not get
five degrees haven't bacon up another page issues this rice wait i always just a call back to an earlier joke and it's not your expense riders on the stone doom gimme audio out invoking dry i gotta go home i put two ticket i get a little time what's happening now kay i came here i didn't say which nine but i have to leave at nine p dot m that's a long time from now i have no sympathy of us p dot m i'm drunk he had ivan ok we're good we were again you are in charge of this four hundred bright eyed a question of kyoto but you have a fucking the question for you now two phrases are of a year phrases are from somewhere alison obsessive struggle and mental mortgage i've i don't i don't think so claim either one of em but obsessive struggle i think i and the
tom i said and i think was just then i don't believe so that before but the idea is ebay mesh sizes someone out we wish someone at a swing it achieves careful about how we express our opinion about this sure thing without being completely serious ok yeah i did said another pied gas damp interactive to defend my i don't want to jeopardize dump syria the only look it's all you live here live around comedy you have more knowledge i would defend amy humour but with blanks i don't know i don't know either what i do know would though the what what's been proven as at the real egregious ones people believer in issue were written by other people written by writers that sad
that's why i was gonna use consumer who i know nothing about other than i laughed at her special janet's but there were times where bill mar did shit yeah that's fucking mind yeah don't think you do not have this industrial fuckin comic and i would blur the writers care gazillion right other shit will do the time where they kicked writers of the back of the colony store because they were riding for a sketch show they were going on stage these costs goin on age and coming over these funny premises there wind up on these television sketch shows that want to be acted on the sketch and the p if that were the writers of this sketch i would go to the communist or sit back room and they got kicked out while and they got doubt because they were now this is like in the these if you could get away with doing that gonna shit you know it's not it's like
to put it all on her shoulders is working so cool knows who is right sketches you know who knows was right in saying that the point is if she's already said it then it should be done if she said it publicly you're in the back of the comedy store would someone's working out some shit how does several people do shit that i already put out on dvd right one of em became famous because of one of kevin booths yeah word of mouth bed he's admitted to me that a stolen bed and that's all made up but i i stop doing that because i put it a dvd and he's a nice guy you'll get some problems geller fuck i have real problems nor its it should become its
it's not like saying like there's someone comes out with somebody else's idea they can never come over their own cause you still can but your way better off just trying to come with all your own ideas if you came out with a story about use a nice in your own mother attending that youth organisation like your bet i already put it out i'll give a fuck well the only way someone would ever be able to get away with it is if it was there experience and they acknowledge that day had heard of your expert as well i guess there's someone kind of someone who is lame famous back because of that but is it you're gone
i would have some open my girl try to do it who view your item be fucking called out eventually fuck you i don't care i wrote my life moves on i have real problems in my life but let me ask you this is as an intensely personal thing if but michael say really did have an experience where his mother wanted him to help her commit suicide any went through with it and she died and he decided to you do a bit about it by acknowledging that key he had seen your bid as well not going down the lane through with it i always knew well it has like knowledge me at all why think he should is somewhat see stole that blindly from me that's a different story but little eliminate dialogue cause every problem but to eliminate down like guy only has on stage and our right i guess you don't want anybody in a state of confusion guy duck stand up just a joke about
now putting his mother deaf you have to address that it's a big joke that you have i guess goods it's really like well respect and enjoy job so if someone was stand hope fan came to see this new dude and this new dude really did have to help as mom kill herself right in and he said i have to say before i talk this talk about this like one of my favorite comedians ducks and hope or a guy i think is fairly mediocre but extremely like whatever description here for you he should have to admit i dug stand a fan of listen do as comedy i think he's great and i i i couldn't believe what's happening to me as well again talking about his own life yes you can eliminate a person's life experience from the resolute right i think the elect to to make easier for everybody listening they should prob acknowledge like give suicide
did have to help their mom commit suicide they should have to say in sort of away if they shouldn't have to but it would be smart i've done that worry goes like so and so said yeah but this happened to me yeah those good i could and with a question will be like but going back something joe said earlier which was one of them paris and is chris rock whose like so much bigger but he knows who the fuck you are then you as joe rogan to step in and go i'm sorry carlos but our reality did and then you crush there's not a whole lot of guys carlos spot where career and i dont know if it's because you deflated his ego so much or his confidence or the people spoke out but after that incident he did peered he went down to my level wherefore
wednesday at the club and improper one show only he's doing a thursday or vice versa but honestly that not a bad thing but his life is really good if he's liar and he's really nice clubs all over the country he's not like a bad place you know what happened there was all judgment aside what there was like a blip in the major there was a problem with the the operating so there is a real issue without things were going and guys like all of us anybody that was watching and was going will people being two b int fuckin victimized here a real problem here like someone's taken wasn't even taken from me he was taken from you some weird parasitic situation that had been accepted into the community because of sort of and i determined first racism but there's some some weird
about choosing till i pretended some guys mexican this because you think there's a market for me skins and this guy goes in there and start steel and peoples and everybody accepts everything and then the artist sit back sitting back on what the fuck are you doing are you going found some weird vain some weird river of virtue and this attention and in this river of revenue and attention you have to have a specific sore stereotypical ethnicity changing doubt it but does exactly where you should not give a fuck because those are not the people you want to talk to the whole idea that wow you only likes them that's why always hate the audience instead of the artist if you can fuckin if you if you be a televangelist and make a lot of people clap yeah i'm gonna hate you but
i can aid too much cause you got just like we have we have a cult you ever called i have a call our thoughts go mingle about what fucking leaders of occult so how dare you don't stand hump reveal the guy can t hurt your how well this cruelty shirts there came a confidence to fetch a shirt point is people want to be lead you were upset when their lead poorly by sound he's not even mexican while they don't give up well that's not the it's the only issue we problem now people didn't feel like they could go on stage in front of him that if they weren't they ask as you would do their stuff on comedy central random stuff would no longer be their stuff because if a guy's loop
fiasco and he's gonna fuckin thursday night of calm restore tat tat bear the entire i've for a while but there's a million channel is between the internet and tv in everything so could actually steel people's material and they would never know because it's such a broad spectrum knots it is not for channel is like when we were kids oh he said that on johnny carson last night you could steal material fuckin its women's rights fitzsimons had a bit on one of his cds there was one of my it's i know we didn't steal it and then i had won a bit and i call them up and i go you know what you are applying to my bed and i'm going to annoy pits
oh yeah fuck well fitzsimons like he's a guy like if somehow or another you guys tread on the same territory i guess not our purpose is denied access cephallenia case it paralleled thinking you can always know that if you know fitzsimons like everybody i felt very comfortable in doing that bit even after i heard fits do it on a cd because i know he knows i run silent saw course i thought of this i owe you comedy is used to a very small community yogi its your when you live in a late why it is that a guy with a guy like fitzsimons you know with fitzsimons is a real small commune because he's here can you how two percent real with you arctic evocative its instance is now this is like he doesn't like he's not is a possible found to be a thief it really breathing underwater like he's never going to be a thief
bert i was reset saint the things we feel for the bbc i might i have this as just a ripping topical thing and i called him up i go did you do the ice i swear i heard this on your podcast does remember saying that i am sure cause i'm about to do this thing the bbc ripping on can cause and i still swear he did it but he doesn't know because not all remember saying that go i do it but thanks good audacity thank you heard from him really think you also thought of it no i think i heard it from him and i checked with the earliest swears he never said it so high uses or remember no one talks more than him if you think of
because he's the only when talking on most of his part gas i know you don't i dont remember going i can neither brings his wife in and they have a little chit chat or similar himself i illegal ruin it with my bilbil impression i thought i did a great bill burn semele go stop doing that one person tweeted stop thinking you sound like belburg one pentagon my head the whole paradoxical awesome burst this target got suckers version amazing podcast me because it's just bar it's him and he will give you a viewed done donna podcast with him before one time and this is why the marble morning which winding up burs work well guys who like change subject like in the middle of talk annual turn another corner and take it down
another rat had turned the corner take another that you just gotta like he's right around like with such kid gloves i was so fucked up where no leisure soon you insisted on me driving with the top just done for hours a blow with the virgin musical ernest name marilyn how dare you how dare you turning fuckin just oil and it was a good would moment burs one of the guys that most look forward watching right now devours stand up comedy fan might never done stand before was like what do i like our i would go see bur every chance i could fur and joey ideas we just give me bur enjoy ideas the same common club every we get you can live there's the arizona she's have bur enjoy ideas every weekend i would take jelly overborne
only because i like to see there chance of a flame out the difference between the driving and go in a tone of paul speedway wherever one as a fuckin vague with cessna engine jacked up into it and i hope it will work did you ever see that video of that guy was is tony stuart the guy that killed they're gonna racetrack yeah some guy got out of his car tony stuart hit him with his car it's so crazy to watch but i remember thinking like that guy nascar that's nascar that toys to argue tat guy drives on the dirt to a good driver dirt unlike dune buggy people drives with they get me have a good other fucking car on you run them over like what what they get out of their fucking car could you imagine some of the nascar got out of their fucking car how how fast undisguised guy i have no idea injured
two hundred miles an hour same thing right tell the same thing do they you'd care and stand in the way of a car that was bizarre that guy got out and stood there i think because the tony stew guys car hideous ends he got out oh jesus jamie lloyd you make us why do get tumbled under that car so darling there for the andean so awful what you get oh yeah he's dead guy's dead and his whole family is upset and they blame rio his family reserves set because he was killed daydreamed blamed on the driver i don't know enough about driving you know i don't know enough about driving too
determine whether or not he can drive them fine by lawyers right but how does one make the distinction whether or not he is at fault that's all that's a tricky distinction right a guy standing out there in the middle the track that's insane as an objective i dont know football yesterday we're watching in diameter helmet contact us off that's us battery like intend to fuck that's attempted murder sickly you may mean people away or you smashing people if i had my head but some noted a bar could could i get a fifteen yard penalty that's it but here's the question a new totally one hundred percent be responsible for head on head collisions if you didn't intend them to be ahead i had collision and you're running ff clip toward some guy who's trying to not have you tackle him
crazy shit happens right you have everybody intentional what would it not completely the criminal element where you ice was against the law it goes against the rules and has not and it wasn't a hockey about bashir a thing where you get fucking are you with a stick and here the ideal time horrific that was horrific see hockey's problem and here's one browser hockey its awesome that's one problem and one other was ass mozilla fight awesome because of hd now sixty in ojo high definition in how you can watch this fuckin sport and yeah love it why love hockey too the reason i love music is i have zero fuck and tell i can't even skate if i got scared off flatter my ass and retarded wee we wee did play basketball at a whorehouse once yeah right outline the stolen my backyard yeah
my rogan nice getting worse joe again this is talented as me shoot and horse i am i know ways you can i dropped dennis half's name because he doesn't get enough publicity on his own before we get out here don't stand i want to just tell you i'm leaving now you just you finish up i'm going i just want to tell you i love what you doing i love listen new podcast of hearing about your takes down their bisbee and i wish you would just on four mayor of bisbee and take and then we buy a comedy club we were just fucking you now we get the bar and free cases people campaign money to get angry i want a comedy club in my house right here can work it's gonna work is already working
i would just for reform especially your house right yes and except for the lighting a shovel the money was too bright yellow sleigh ride you never guess the walls are pensioners planets and right now i just know dollars i took i had an hour's worth a shit that either i hadn't done on tape or guide cut out of other specials began to make it an hour we're filmy here anyway we have a crew that's from one in the house that the funhouse going over thirty five people tightly packed and a fucking killed accept it when you see the footage it was too brightly lit yet we already explained that you could do the reverse what initiatives on the internet do you use a negative filter so filter
makes it look like more gloomy maybe i am weary it should try to make it gloomy before you can do it is the audience was great and the audience are my friends and they all laugh all the time and i can film comics i like rather than hey hey gul bananas will you book rye frere less film it right here am i my friend i am pack my own house every fuckin weakened and film dvds i think should do a shows all candle light this small and light those fake little animals but someone over lit the mother bono your house was badly wire homes was badly hired yes and engaged in that job listen i can understand that you now dealing with her
unexpected work with our you're segouin electricity and weird badly wired houses there's a great part should the now you got an interesting group of emily are two of you together seem to work well well me out why i have not a fucking thing warblers two things a ball we're goin gun three things one i can't find a pack of cigarettes are we gave you find four hundred cigarettes did jesus christ carton in there he's my forget someone in mexico i won't talk about so you keep sergeant keeps coming back from mexico every two weeks listen with due free as is a family friendly podcast or something not anymore but now i cant remember the god in eggs overcast swap cast swap cast do it here because you do this live what we do
odd cas alive people are drinking and they say shit they go of fog i mention his name so we added everything but if there's two comedians that both have pod casts doing a podcast together it should be a swap cast we both put doubt two birds with one stone yeah that's a good move and i have been pitching this since i've been doing well you could take this one if you want while this prize some cartel gonna stand nobody did it no i'm saying you should steal that idea well i think that can't do it with you what were we definitely do with me you could definitely will give you a copy of it i think tat i think regardless of how many people are listening whether its ten or a million are ten million who gives a shit everybody was just sort of like distributed in our whole the beautiful thing about podcast as ever
you can get them yes and it doesn't it doesn't hurt me to give you the cup of our show an shouldn't hurt you thought you don't want he will listen you sugar as i listen to it like this list we have dedicated me i asked whether i listened that you had the times snyder aid podcast today you shit out man i got time i'd start wasted i get should we are that i realized if i didn't drank i'd have eight more hours and every day we have sat in the funhouse in bisbee and look at got unlike looked jewelry activity are spread she and tried to work out when it is you're sleeping you know we're like high on a minute is doing this this is really happened but well even if you did retaliates seems way more impressive than it is now an oppressive because like most days like jamie and i do a park has worked for three hours
maximum he works more than may he work four and a half and we're done and we do though it three days a week and that's it so there's a podcast right in and then there the the fake research the girls any podcast guess what just really to shit i'm interested and i never think like while i've gotta find some good guests like seminal semi some cool rat rapidly bulk go on yet he's good now who is he he's this character you gonna come in and a wig love in a fucking were irregular fees raggedy andy car use worker television now is having to pose always he's the guy that gets he's in investigative jury