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#752 - Mark Sisson

2016-01-26 | 🔗
Mark Sisson is a fitness author and blogger, and a former distance runner, triathlete and Ironman competitor. His latest book Primal Endurance is available now via Amazon.
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is marxism and marxists and is the author of the primal blueprint he has a blog and his blog is called marks daily apple he has it up with i think he said there's thousands did he say thousands of different posts i believe he did say thousands deadening did he i think you did but mark is very very inspirational very interesting guy very informational just filled with all sorts of great knowledge about d i it an exercise in health and getting your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates which whether some patently some
eight benefits to really really enjoy talking to him he's a great guy and very fast ending he's got a bunch of products these cells at his company to like these gimme some as mayonnaise can we try that is based on it's got a cottage oil and its post be super fuckin healthy so he gave me that i'm in a check it out and i take that home with me and his book is new book called primal endurance which he gave me a copy of that as well as cannot wait to get into it really really enjoy talkative great guy so please welcome you'd have to welcome enjoy marxism will gain experience my good already damn arguments your account now jane you're so fast thanks are due as mark appreciated meant solely by placing i've enjoyed your tweets i've checked out your your website and marks daily apple and all
you're the different rules for the primal blueprint and financial fast because it seems really straightforward it seems like a while this makes like lots of animals insects implants move around a lot at a slow pace lift heavy things run really fast but what you ve done essentially is created a guideline for optimizing your health and your body yeah i've always wanted to be healthy really early eight twelve or thirteen and read a lot of books wanted to do the right thing try to figure out the the hacks before recalled hacks and got to the point where i was not a running because aerobics was supposedly going to make you live longer i was eating complex carbohydrates and a ton of them in order to fuel the aerobics i became a pretty good endurance athlete but i've
apart as a result of the training and their zeal that turned out of the diet so the day was very pro inflammatory as we say so i started doing research into the ways in which i could react ass this health that i was sick from the early age and not fall apart and not be decrepit and beat up and this became my montrose how can i be strong leaned fit and healthy with the least amount of pain suffering sacrifice discipline calorie counting portion control and everything else in where it led me was out down this path of looking it human evolution and how we got to where we are today how we derived this genetic rest hey that we all have that wants to be strong and fed combining the research only last ten or fifteen years with the motto genome in and send sequencing the genome and figuring out the actual mechanism of how lifestyle behaviors and foods and
exposure and sleep turn genes on or off they can turn on genes it make us strong and build muscle they can turn on genes that burn fat more efficiently than say glucose a good turn off gene to cause us to be moving depressed turn off cheese it might predisposes sick to em to get cancer and arrived at with this sort of a simple set of guidelines these ten primal blueprint laws that night ironically emulate human nature and human behaviour for the first two and a half million years of our existence so the genome was was for urged in this crucible of plants and animals of white boys stings move around a lot at a low level activity sprint once in a while lift heavy things every when that ever lived up until ten thousand years ago it at every single day and that's how those genes got passed along to the next generation to become us where
screwed up is in the last certainly last couple for years but starting ten thousand years ago with the agriculture we went being hunter gathers and moving around a lot to being sedentary and sitting in one place and eating processed foods not tearing up not disposing of our waste lots of lots of little things it that sort of conspired to make us smaller and weaker the more susceptible to disease so you were involved in track leads endurance activities which kind of breakdown your body that's one of the big issues at a lot of people have with with that that country is his constant and brutal and that's catabolic it it it's you know it's it's a great pursued i wouldn't take at my years as an insurance athlete i was a marathon or in the seventies and there was a tragedy the early days of traffic on any all throughout the eighties but the training was its devastating it it really does terry down and you
the assumption was at the time that yet put more miles in than any one else to be one of the best he had to die written down yet work already had to suffer more it is furthermore to achieve greatness or to or to win races what we ve discovered in the last five years is that it doesn't have to be that way how crazy it's only the last five we're talkin two thousand ten thousand eleven yeah so you're a lot of this this new paradigms based on science it's been brewing for forty years but it wasn't that the findings weren't palatable tim so the athlete who were training they certainly weren't palatable to coaches would hadn't been invested in training way putting it a lot of miles lots of carbohydrates energy like throughout an event which meant not only carbohydrate loading the night before raised by our seeing how many gel pack
you could slam down in an hour to keep the sugar burn throughput going in that's certainly one my generation of athletes wound depending on in and we all train that way and in it was sort of it it was counter tutor to think that you could learn how to burn fats much more efficiently that you could possibly oh faster by going slower under certain circumstances that you spend time in the gym doing heavy weights and have that manifests itself in in in better endurance so these these later sort of developments it come out of the the laboratory and come out of it clinical studies you know they are short of interesting to the people who are reading them who knew how to read the studies but it didn't make into the mainstream training mechanism what was the science based on where the with where people are used about loading and car bloated and using all those gel packs and eating
pass dozens de witt where that come from like what was the the idea behind that it was that came from studies that they go back into the thirties and fortys but was basically this notion that that body need to burn glucose to go fast that it it was assumed that you couldn't burn fat at a high rate of throughput and if you couldn't burn fat than the only thing he could do is manager gleich agendas muscles can store for five hundred grams of lichen max which is only enough to run twenty miles would say and if you couldn't it is so you you had to learn how to manage that like a genocide in depleted in in a marathon for instance so you hit the wallet twenty miles so how'd get through the wall well you'd start to learn how to a gateway because out of the cites the gator aid was the great first real proof enhancing substance that athletes used you can drink
sugary drank that had salt in it in a race and and stave off that wall a couple more miles so for you years for decades science revolved around continuing trout continue to try to figure out how to manage like it so tim noakes professor tim noakes out of south africa was the go to guy in this he wrote a book called the lure of running at nine page tom he he was the young the source everyone cited for decades when it came to carbohydrate in egg and glided in management and all other things had to do with fuel partitioning during an assurance of it five years ago he looked the research partly because he was he been a runner himself he been employing the same strategy of carbohydrate and taken carbohydrate management but he was a tight to diabetic had become a
become despite his training a type two diabetic i think is go on his father had died as type do diabetics so he can now he got the fear god put it in any started we evaluate the research any literally had an epiphany oh my god i've been i'm the guy that's been pro in this way of training for decades and now i have to completely change my might my opinion on it and say what i told you was wrong and the body is dead opt in and was designed to be a great fat burning machine and not rely so much on carbohydrate and not rely so much luggage in her or glucose and the guy is taking so much shit for in south africa data the thick run him out of the country the tree going on right now i'll yap here's up ascertain dioxin in my mind that's the epitome heroic science man of science he he's gone
down a path he's dedicated his life to being the guy and then he he looks at the research into goes holy shit i stop this is terrible i you know i've been telling you the wrong thing and i'm willing to debate we follow my sword and tell you that because it's this new revelation is the truth well that's how it most to be right i mean that's what science is supposed to be its not supposed to leave lying on this bad information just because you ve taught it to people so us we find the new eight of the new data doesn't correspond with the old data you have to let nobody no i don't let it get out that's like unify corn farts i mean it's it's really sighing is is kind of dirty and and and messy and their no black and white it's in size and no absolute there no is right or wrong answers theories and opinions going forward and if your scientists who had an investment in your life's work being one way you're gonna you're gonna do
then that position even sometimes in the face of new no information that really becomes a huge issue when they deny information just because it's bad for their eager just because it's bad for their career and they could just mean he can i'm sure of just kept his mouth shut and just coasted and everything would have been fine it well it would have been fined for a while but did they the decree nor had been rounded i mean enough other scientists had had done started to look at this and i you know here he said it me as one of his influences and in helping to turn that corner but here's a guy he was reading my blog posts and sort of having a new procedure give cast upon his information and was willing look at some of the research that i rob wolf in a number of other bloggers new in the emerging paleo sphere we're talking about that that we are were born to to excel at burning fat and we shouldn't have to depend on sugar and
that the less sugar we burn in a lifetime probably the better off we are so for the longest time when people were doing all this carbo loading and when they were just following the old methods they were creating extra information because of this food mean this leave when you're drew talk about simple carbohydrates past isn't bread and such they they cause inflammation get so so sugar is pro inflammatory if you have higher blood sugar levels that causes inflammation and when you say that to people like explain to me what did he mean by inflammation me like joint information so good question so inflammation is a process in the body it's designed to deal with an insult so you twist
ankle an inflammatory process begins the vehicle swells up because a water accumulates there the cells are being partly protected by the the water white blood cells rush to it to train assess the damage and and fix it repair some of the damage there's a long pause yes where the temperature of the localize temperature of the air is raised all this is kind of waited to deal with a short term insult that hopefully over time it repairs magnetic cases are repairs even stronger than it was before you know you break a bone and sometimes at where it broke is stronger or callus is an example of you know stronger skin from having been irritated butt
same and weaken the same sort of process happens if you get a bacterial insult if you get a microbial insult you may get infected with somebody in something and i may be by somebody and you and there's a there's a reaction to that infection in it happen in the bloodstream if they see if the bacteria goes into the bloodstream then there's the response that which which is in inflammation inflammatory spots now if you invite me a lot of this happens as a result of of genes within cells being turned honorof based on signals they get from their immediate environment so jeez don't work in a vacuum something to turn the gene honorof so as to give the reason the gene reason to build a protein or have whatever action is going to have so when you ve got so now let's go back the food analogy you ve got certain foods that you can eat that cause the body to two in
she ate an inflammatory us what we call systemic inflammatory response just it just maybe late something what would have happened in an infection but now it's caused by an overabundance it of make us it's a mega six fatty acids so literally turning on genes are causing a systemic inflammation now over time and in the short term not a big deal one meal here some some temper insult not a big deal but overtime if you're diet is such that your continuously presenting these sorts of foods that would prompt inflammatory genes to turn on you get what we what is known as it an inflammatory response now sugar has at response refine grains can have that respond sometimes even whole grains because of the others portions of the grain we say or natural but there actually there is slightly toxic to the body
the industrial seed oil that are pervasive and our diet that would be me your corn oil soybean oil can olive oil all these could have the effect of using a systemic inflammation or this systemic inflammatory response in the body when an analog titles like you'll see you look at the biggest loser in your god that do lost twenty five pounds the first week that's unbelievers how do you do that he burned off that much fat they dont burned off that much fat they lose that much water because by read by eliminating the pro inflammatory foods inflammation the systemic inflammation it was causing them to carry literally thirty or forty or fifty pounds of excess water that causes she goes away in the water goes away the swelling goes down so you could look at the cause of heart disease heart disease isn't oz by cholesterol or saturated fat it's the proxy because our disease
we know it today is is systemic inflammation its and in full at our response in the in the in the blood vessels so what like when you say someone looks puffy yeah we will drink a lot alcohol they start looking puffy that's lit that's actually literally their claimed their their inflamed with water their dear retaining water as a result of an inflammatory spots bodies having so where we went to that from training i don't know how you know how we get down that road but the idea of eliminating these pro inflammatory foods so i'll tell you where went i had arthritis in my feet at the age of twenty seven twenty eight i too small is hard running in planting and from the diet because i had this systemic inflammation i had this diet that was for holding an inflammatory response throughout my body not just in the ankle that i might have just twisted or whatever i had done
i had our thrice my hands without even into my even after clean most my diet up into forties i had arthritis in my hands or my fingers that i thought was just a normal artifact getting old and the last thing that i eliminated from my diet was grains which i found were causing were huge gods of issue for me when i got rid of brains the arthritis right my fingers went away our brains sprouted greens gay z bread yet i mean you know yes yes let's purposes this conversation let's say all grains and then we'll talk about what that means over time but dumb rid of all grains i got rid of i had bout syndrome most of my life and i thought was because i was a type a stress laden individual it couldn't handle it well and that literally that
i bs run my life that went away the the upper spurt upper respiratory tract infections i would get several times a year went away i had lingering sinus infections after i'd have an upper respiratory tract of that those one way and all these things i assume were just a normal artifact of the human and getting older and part of life doesn't everybody suffer these things they went away and it was a real epiphany for me too to realise it if i had made em up we research and if i had done all the research and still defended by right to eat reigns in the in the ace of the research i was doing how many tens of millions of people you know might be affected by this so i don't want this to be an anti grain crusade today but i'm i'm i'm sort of suggesting that a lot of what happens to us in in life
certainly a lot of the root cause of illness or the beginning eat ology of disease has deep roots in what we eat or sometimes more importantly what we don't one of the things you said i think this really fascinating is but turning and on and off and for most people like me you don't have background medical science don't necessarily understand genes idea of genes being turned on or off by lifestyle by died our choices things on those lines just doesn't make any sense to people in gabon learn how you got your genes you don't got your genes nokia he gave the got red hair or you get big feet and that's genetic and that's it now exactly right so so there is a huge assumption that the ginger finished when were born right let me just grow when we have our eyes and work were were doomed to be fifty pounds over it is our parents are or were doomed to get breast cancer does our mother did or yes g
means are at work every second of every day rebuild renewing regenerating recreating us back on the signals that they get so genes are these lists switch is it that cause the production of proteins that actually runner bodies with the proteins they make that run body whether its muscle protein being built or with its enzymes to cause reactions take place and i m in the genes are basically not do anything until they get a signal from the environment of the minister of the environment it might start from what perceive as the outside environment but eventually it's a biochemical signal or some sensation some transmission of information that gets through the cell to the genes themselves and causes a jane to turn on the switch to turn on the protein to be built and that manifests itself in whatever that gene is assigned to do so the
beauty of the primal blueprint and the lifestyle that i've been promoting for ten or fifteen years is this notion that we can discover these genetic switches that we all have and we choices in our lives that direct us in in a direction of health versus down the slippery slope of illness and disease and and falling apart there they're not right or wrong they're not good or bad or not black or white the just choices and i'm not criticise you for making whatever choices you make my job as a blogger and certainly running marks daily apple in writing the books it i write to offer you some some educated choices that you might elect to undertake done what you tell me your goals are so if you say well i want to lose weight and i'm wanna get stronger and i wanna know maybe participate to five gay
we can look at a number of different strategies whether their dietary and meaning that the more the the better because all of these strategy will have some impact but a certain fruit can eat that will cause you to become better at burning fat and will cause you to burn to to build muscle more effectively there's an amount asleep that you'll get that will reduce wanna cortisol that you secrete icarus also adrenal hormone that we secreted response distress this all tends to make us carry a little bit of extra weight so so if i can reduce if i can greece my sleep and approve my sleep patterns and reduce cortisol it all has effect in effect back at the union level too to to get me closer to where i want to get be how most easily probably nine eight now to nine hours a night while yeah they say
because that's a lotta that's a lot yet it i've friends who who brag about getting ten in and make no apologies for it and at almost more more importantly the consistency of sleep so i dont like to stay up late because wake up early awake at the same time every day so if i say we go six theory you one of those get up house and go run around now no no i'm i must now i sort of mosey on down to the coffee pot make a cup of coffee and read the paper and yet i the day and i a look the gym around nine thirty or go paddle or whatever it is i'm going to do for the day i don't do it first thing in the morning i want to be kind of refresh for it and ready for it we can talk about son exposure and we can say well you're so many people are vitamin d deficient and they ve been that way because conventional wisdom has suggested that they stay out of the sun that the sun is bad for you there
any amount of sun exposure is i was gonna cause you to get are predisposed to getting cancer well what we say in the paleo communities you're probably more people who have gotten cancer from having avoided the sun they never got cancer from too much sun and the reason i say that is because some exposure uv be light is what that's the stimulus that causes cholesterol in the skin to convert divide the environment is one of the most important vitamins it's actually should be a hormone it's a at but one of that one of the implications as environmentalists is strongly involved in cancer prevention so the more vitamin d you have the more that the less risk or risk you have for most cancers isn't the issue with people son damage though the aghast doesn't know exactly so if you go get sunburn and i'm i've never advocated that but but there's a difference between spending a little a little bit of time in the sun unprotected
and going in and putting on a shorter or even if you want stay out putting on some sunscreen at that point verses just rubbing baby oil in us and i wasn't iodine raised important back in new england there was very little sons had yet a cramp sunday and i had dinah i do know that now i did baby oil baby or with iodine was even it was like turbocharging realizing it was like the it was like the buttered coffee of sunday at los that's what's the matter there's a behind i and i know how does that i don't know i don't even know i don't even know but if that was the again that was your wife still convinced i went i was worse burn i ever got it was a winner breaker spring break i went away college and western ass we drove from williamstown to fort lauderdale straight through o straight through in a bmw two thousand to pose great car great car four of us smell
the goat farm by tat we get down there and fell asleep the beach at nine o clock in the morning and unjust burned so from zero set exposure you know all winter down the floor weight and right and obedient barbecue agar while that doesn't sound like its recommended what now just just to clarify inflammatory response so when you're eating grains like save you reading aloud past doesn't think along those lines what exactly is happening that's causing an inflammatory your bodies processing began shells and yes up so pastor bread while cereals specially process cereals sugars vague whelp so so those great turn into sugar and they turn a glucose like really thirdly as soon as a hit europe your gut and the he doesn't really know which glucose it does another difference when it does not
and suitable skittles producing the glucose and a loaf of bread it's just glucose body so if you raise that level high enough we have some issues now if you in if you introduce high fruit of course europe which is a which as you know a frank and food created in the seventies too to provide sweetness at a lower cost typically coming from corn now you get your introducing yet another variable and other agent is a fruit toes in and of itself as is somewhat inflammatory so this is us that's the that's the deal coasts portion of what we're talking about here but then some of the greens have what we call these anti nutrients in them that may cause issues with some people in their got may open the got lawn and cause it to literally leak fecal matter into the bloodstream whoa to have you heard of leaky got syndrome that's power
will be a reason why a lot of people have auto immune diseases or at the very least a systemic inflammation that's fascinating and that's cause by your body processing too much glucose mouse not caused by a body processing too much glucose as it is it's a side effect of yeah there's a because it's not the glucose it causing that in that case is now it and we moved on from sugar and glucose being a cause of inflammation too certain elements in heartless a whole grains that turn on certain genes caused responses one of which may be in some people to open the junction but in the cells lining the got and allow undigested food particles shall we say to to enter them dream now the body caesar's undigested food particles which the goddess we supposed to really allow in free fatty acids
simple sugars and an dab amino acids single peptides type maybe but if you get a large undigested food particle in the bloodstream sometimes the body goes hey that's a lexicon bacteria we'd better go get that thing and set up an immune response to it so you get an initial form of inflammation with by saying look there some foreign matter in the bloodstream we don't recognize it we're gonna kill it sort of bad enough in it in and of itself but if you if you from africa continues long enough for some people sometimes that inflamed our response that that immune response now it goes to lie first similar molecules and it might see a beta cell in the pancreas and go
it looks just like that other thing i just set up a response for let's go kill this or it might do it with this dm in cells in the joint conor site in the joint and you may get rheumatoid arthritis as result of it that's an auto immune response to buy set up setting up an immune response to itself so when you hear people too about gluten sensitivity and people trying to go gluten free do you think that a lot of alive but that is is the body risk turning to an excess of this glucose in the body no so goes into two different things so the glucose is one thing that grant a sugar is is what it is they break number as impostors or or can europe your eggs or pies work you know snickers whatever it is our soft drinks which is a huge issue could soft drinks are a large newhart problem but gluten is a different an entirely different mechanism now we're talking about
approaching a protein it's a bryant protein its folded so densely that there the theory is that humans haven't had enough most you haven't had enough time to adapt to the digestion of that type of a molecule and as a result europe it causes problems within the lining of the got right but but i was get not was the people we talk about having gluten sensitivity really what you're saying is that a lot of what people are having issues with is the simple carbohydrates is like breads and pasok against sorry now started was yeah sorry sorry to be this is their sight to to this equation right and either part is kind of bad together they are kind of like why would you do that so so i'm on co side and it just unfortunate gluten and glucose have a first jail you but you're not related so so on the glucose
that's the sugar that's the that's the thing you want to avoid partly because the one of the other things that happens is even if you don't have an inflammatory response it raises insolent insulin whose aim is a storage hormone attends this take every calorie you ate at the last meal in excessive what you needed and store it is that they have europe skinny east african marathon her then you're gonna burned off but if your typical american eating couple hundred extra calories day in the form of this sugar you tend to stored his body fat and if you haven't built a mechanism to burn the body fat that causes problems or time that increases your risk for cancel that that increases arrest for heart disease that increases the risk for did i did it i dont think i have gluten sensitivity but i do know that when i went when i decided to go gluten free iconic quit it after a while but i did it for about six months my face got thinner loss by in fact i had more energy i felt better
i tried it it was trying to figure out what it was but i don't think i've a glutton sensitive the edges tribute to the fact that eating all that pasta and breadth and all those things was just given me all this extra sugar eliminating that for my diet made a difference in it so that this sort of the first line of defence for a lot of people who want to lose weight is just just by getting rid of those those foods and i won't say limiting yourself but you know including meat fish foul eggs nuts seeds all the vegetables little bear fruit healthy fats from oils and end not you a pretty nice plate of food that you can offer yourself up as long as you rid of the the the carbohydrates a simple card i'd which your well anyway to written reducing the the excess body weight which includes excess retain water in the fullness interface and all the things that we talk about now if you give those up and you find that you that your joy
work better or that you have you know that that your immune system works better you'll get sick is often which is what a lot of people notice now we probably are looking at the fact that you might have some some level of sensitivity the gluten and gluten sensitivity exists on a spectrum of no problem at all to i'll die if i ate it and could be anywhere in the middle anywhere on spectrum i mean this can sort of the operative the motto no no right or wrong no black or white no no good or bad just choices but if your personal really wants to dig deep and can make those those changes that are gonna get you closer to your goal quicker might be a choice you might look into so there's no right or wrong but there is a spectrum and in terms of tolerance like you your talent might be better than mine and some people just really shouldn't have the died at all whether some people can have a failure
it really none have too many issues yet we say what you know we're gonna get away with running and that's that sort of an interesting concept in and of itself because peep humans you know we ten to see what we can get away with you know it you might say is this is this is really good for me and i'm a door this is really bad for me i'm never gonna do it again but if i don't die from it and it there's no consequences that i'm gonna take it right up to the edge and sometimes a little bit passage so their lot people who can get away with eating a lot more carbohydrate than others even though they dont train hard and maybe not gain that much weight a lot of people who can get away with with consuming or make a six oils and not get into that pro inflammatory state as readily or is or is quickly just what unites us is ronald reagan set you no man's got a nose limitations or was at dirty harry was both with nothing was dirty hair he asked
i think i think reagan restated it later on but perhaps so i was reading this article yesterday and i talked about the gesture in the pod cast about this woman who was she wrote this article about she's in our seventies and her whole life people been shaming her for being fat and she was sort of like trying to promote fabrics dance and in one night when i see articles like that there's two reactions one reaction as as a human being i look at her and i say ass poor lady what a fucking shitty role the dice she's got in life and she's been over made her whole life feelin fat and gross and need she's trying to get people to lay offer leave me alone and she sort of it's a very bad as to count and not science or exercise physiology based where she sorted describing all the various times in her life for people have said she's unhealthy but meanwhile she's been very active and she like lists all the different things did tree climbing and hiking owes to start right wing
obviously to a guy like you or someone like me who knows a lot about competitive athletics and liked it the amount of calories she's actually burning out versus putting in his probably skewed it's probably fucked up and i don't she didn't really discuss the actual would it which would act and she was talking about very poland foods and a thousand hours a day that doctors are trying to put around which is the wrong approach right absolutely and is really when i see things like that i don't see a woman whose like seventy years old who is coming to accept the fact that she overweight and it's no big deal and who you know everybody's got these ideas body image that are based on skinny supermodel that are actually anorexic and the
usually me alone on plump and unhealthy and everything's fine i don't buy it i look at the nice it is poor lady has been given a bad set of directives she's been git him given bad information as far as our diet and you don't have to be fat you can you can eat healthy food it's an end we know and live a healthy life and your body would lose a lot of weight just eating healthy foods that's absolutely true and so that that brings us back to this you know this idea of good or bad and and judgment yes because young people self judge people judge other people i have to be very careful when i ll people not to make that judgment i mean my tendency is too is to say to myself how we should i think i could i could fix that person i can help efforts and you know i mean
and people resist that well it i dont do it i say to myself because it is pretty clear that you know you have to want to change and and we we talk about what you know what can i get away with will if i can get away with being fat and people still recently like me then we have to do the work and therefore not motivated to do what is going to take to get that point but it's uh it's a bit a slippery slope with with talking people about you'll like what's the ideal body composition right it some the audio body competent is where your body says back to you joe man i love what you ve done with a place this is phenomenal you know you ve lost fifty pounds not you but you don't you don't get sick is often you got all the energy you want you maintain it without a lot of dieting ringing like daddy premature oh how you know you spoke to you but you're never hungry at your
your body composition man and if it doesn't look like the cover muslim fitness are shaped magazine so be it by i can get you to that point for a lot of but where you are on the cover of shape magaziner muslims is but it's gonna cost and it's gonna cost not money but he's gonna cost and sacrifice indeed when in pain and and hating life so you're the science can get us there but is it worth the life them the main thing we do at the primal blueprint is we try to live an awesome life so so in fact my tagline spinal blueprint live awesome living awesome means enjoying as much of every moment every day you can extract in the greatest amount of pleasure whether its movement whether its with friends whether its food a with the least amount of pain but in a that sustainable so it is it not only benefits you now and today but over them
long haul you're gonna live longer you could be happier you won't get sick he won't tapping your foreign k to pay for it to her thousand dollar whatever operation it's about it's about how can i enjoy life right now today now back to the over wait person who's trying to trying to get at that point and i i see a lot of you know over what people are quite happy i guess but i see a lot of others who or may be hiding it and go on you know i'm i'm i'm i'm the jolly you know fat person but inside him on the sad whatever the sad clown you got a deal with that deals a lot of it is a lot of bad so some of this stuff comes from the the changes you making your diet so there's a lot of easy things that we can do i can i can write anybody a program that they'll love that debt says you know we're gonna have buttered coffee for breakfast we're gonna have to
eggs and aluminium bacon we'll have a sound with some salmon on it for lunch will have wider and they'll never be hungry and start to burn fat and life will be wonderful and and sometimes we get to a plateau and go what happened market did everything right well you know you went from you're a woman you went from two twenty five to one seventy five you know you still have some work to do but for right now you're your ideal body composition because in terms of your body the body its survival mechanism in our if we get to this you know this sort of secular or do discussion bout life and what what what were what we're after the hue body is a vessel designed who carry two strands of our nay dna into that into the future and its a bizarre permutation of several honey years of evolution but the bottom line is the body is is designed to survive long enough to procreate and that's that's the
allie of humans and evolution in the fact we live longer we enjoy life this is all therefore when i sing on the cake but from the bodies perspective your idea body composition is that composition at which again you don't get sick you move around great you u europe can be mate you have all the energy want you're not hungry so that's it if its if your woman that's one seventy five for now you get you gotta go this is fabulous i embrace this i feel good at whatever now if you wanna get drop the next twenty five pounds ok now you gotta look ray figuring that deny it out and adding some sprints in there and doing some some little tweaks in there and what we will get down there but it it requires number one identifying an appreciation for you ve done so far to get to where your number two it require acknowledging any past insults in europe in your life and
there's a lot of stuff going on in the mind and the brain that wants to keep people are protected with armor whether its sexual abuse whether it sir verbal abuse some you know scenario that happened in childhood there a lot of people carrying a lot of emotional baggage around with them that in some cases if you dealt with it in an appropriate manner that might free you up the loose luther our weight and i've seen this happen so when you saying armor do mean in terms of like emotional armor or is it the body fat that they keep half of them is an almost like a distraction or is it the food distracts them there over consuming of food to sort of nullify the effects of the abuse or whenever it alma it could and if any of those and all those but its ice i see it fairly frequently where
people will do anything right and then hit a plateau and wonder what i need to get to the next level and yet it sometimes you need to really do the deep work what we are trying to explain someone when they try to gain weight when peter ok i want i want to put some muslin i try to explain to people that they done that is not an easy thing to do an american fact your body doesn't wanted that your body has a limited amount of resources and it does not want to spend resources com on this extra muscle in order to do that you have to be uncomfortable the only way and people say a dual is lifted him again anyway but you probably lifting not enough weight you not in enough intensity you're not you not eating enough when you in order you have to get your body to say are this asshole wants to do deadline for days a week now order watts or you know he he's doing all this heavy stuff we have to adjust accordingly because the environment in which were existing in obviously
changed and now we're gonna need a lot more muscle yet as i read it that's the guy the nature of the human body is to preserve itself to pass the genetic material along to the next generation part of preservation is i'd want to waste ashes resources building something that i won't need so in in a lot of heat how'd it manifests itself is if you dont lift wait you don't have any muscle see you have this lack of muscle is lack of of of em of muscle mass and also what but wrong let skinny well you know you could be skinny but you could be what we call skinny fat no muscle yellow but excess fat you marry more prone to getting tattoo that diabetes but almost more important if you train and as you get older it becomes more and more important to maintain muscle mass people don't die of old age they die of organ failure because they just you know something wasn't keeping up with the body but the concept of dying of quote old age is kind of reading
when you think about it so the typical old age scenario is you got us seventy five eighty five year old man or woman hasn't anything active for years so there's no muscle mass and because it is ass they have it done ending active the bones does nobody density so the bones go hate i don't i don't want to i don't need to build a structure because this clown is going to the german doing anything to require it so i'm going to save resources not build bone density the muscles are not building bone mass now two hearts going this is easy i can pump blood all day it at five none of my volume or maybe fifteen percent of on line the law go away you know there's no no requirement for excess oxygen this clown just sitting around in a all day or watching tv or doing minimal activity so the lungs they they cease to function at full capacity say with a liver same with the kidneys and as you know on this path then one
you get up to take a leak and trip over the cat and you fall you break your hip cause a bone density sucks and now you wind up in the hospital and you get pneumonia and you die because lungs can expelled sputum for them the end and the heart can keep up soon maybe you die congestive heart failed i mean this is a very typical syn real for a lot of people and it all goes back to creating a need for the body to want to change that great vince von and jennifer an movie where how dare you say that there you say that great vince bondage enterprise movie no such things are now i'm sorry that was a great line as a mediator in spite of that but the one i'm talkin about see their it there when a fight and and she says honey come do the dishes he goes now that's all right i want to watch the game and she goes no help the dishes he goes now two stature animated peoria watch the game outwatched game she has come
we know the dishes he goes alright alright alright alright i'll come help me to the dishes she goes never i don't want you shoot cases wise i don't want you to help do the dishes i want to want to help me do the dishes cross right so get a new czech dub so the body body sorry about thousand arcane movie reference but the bar you gotta give the by the body needs to want to change right and you do that i'm using here your brain to elect go to the generally waits or to embark on it on a morse us rigorous and strenuous jim and then you had previously encountered we'll changing patterns is very difficult for people that's why new year's resolutions or such joke because everybody i mean the amount of people that stick to those things they prescribe on january first like this i'm gonna write it down i'm that in january from here on out it's all salads and salmon and run up hills and then come
february thirteenth lugging slackened over over you're right back to the same thing so so inability is a huge part of this up any program like that annex one gene patent and that's what we like about the primal blueprint is that the foods are sustainable so mean literally and figuratively the diet the eating strategy is still sustainable did rule number one is you never let yourself go hungry you just instead meeting bagel in the middle of the afternoon you know you eat a spoonful of coke but something that get fat in it that satisfy eyes and also you scoop cocoa butter for a snack cocoanut butter just taken at button you like the peanut butter oh hell yeah you didn't take us but i have not yet but not cocoanut people just checked out villages fuckin guys well what are we talking about the same thing cocoanut butter gaelic peanut butter yet that's the made of a coconut is like people like in an arm until i mean i want a fuckin could like candy bar unwanted goddamn money man ok see and suspend disbelief a little bit here and
humor me go by the jar of cocoanut buttered try it instead of a cookie or whatever do you participate in any sort of intermittent fasting not really an up i'll tell you why this is again about seeing what we can get away with and i'm pretty lucky that i can i can get away eating what i eat now i have on the other hand a compressed eating window so you could argue that i intermittently fast every day so i i e from twelve thirty one o clock to seven o clock p and then i don't eat again so you don't eat it all in the morning to snow has no concept of the word breakfast for me i have a cup of coffee and that's it so i'll go to the gym fasted i'll do whatever i'm doing whether it's a heavyweight we're gout or whether it i mean it could be a leg day could be you know a intervals and a bike could be eight to our paddle fast you find when you do that you have less energy than if you have like some fruit the difference here is i'm really good at bearing fat so i derive my energy from stored body
better than a lot of people not because i am genetically gifted in that way but because i've lived my life that i've orchestrated by eating strategy over the past fifteen or twenty years so i become i wake up i have all the energy i need i don't need a tap into the stored glucose in a foreign language and rang in my liver or in my muscles see essentially have you follow acute agenda diet yeah but it's not kid agenda so it's it's a high fat mom protein moderate carved diet but i have enough carbs i have maybe a hundred two hundred and thirty grams of carved today which had been in in in no one's estimation would that be cute agenda right but i'm good at burning fat because i spent enough time in that total low carb area i've built the metabolic machinery to burn fats really effective i probably i'm just gonna suggested i have a lot more might occur ray in my muscle cells then than other people do because of the restricting the carbs and mister
the shutters and forcing my body to become good a burning fat how does it work so protein or aid might please tell me so that promote more mitochondria well when it's called might occur real bio genesis so when you are when you're or your born again with this recipe that wants you to become really good at bearing fat and very quickly you change the script so you the parents fiji
yeah gruel and oatmeal and why back and toast and whatever agenda and period vegetables and you become very dependent on on carbohydrate and the body says i don't need to burn fat because i'm gettin fed carbohydrate all the time and a couple of responses are i gotta get rid of this excess glucose because if i dont it'll its toxic body shouldn't have more than your ninety two hundred your your blood sugar account should stay between say a five and seventy and a hundred max what is the number of millilitres protest deciliter i forget what they
fact number is they're all over the place with cholesterol and and and blood sugar but the point is that there is as the entire amount of sugar in your bloodstream right now is probably the tablespoon you know five grams of sugar to excite copious amounts in and if it rises above that you start to get into problems that sugar can interact with with protein molecules and cause reactions at led to a clogging up arteries destructive destruction of of nerve tissue that's where the the diabetic damage comes from this excessive amounts of sugar that are in the bloodstream so you so the body wants to kind of keep that level low and if you continuously feed it carbohydrate all day long if you're not burning it off if you not running twenty miles a week there is a tendency for the body distort store the excess as as body fat and overtime for
people that's a real problem for others who can get away with it not not so much a problem so we were many of us who grow up depending on this carbohydrate as a main source of fuel and you know you carbohydrate meal a high carbohydrate meal causes a surge of insulin because the insulin as they are to take that the glucose out o the bloodstream and stored because again it's dangerous that too much but the sometimes useless surge is so great that it drops blood sugar and then you get hungry again a couple of hours later that's why does the others these swings throughout the day if you wish what we call sugar bar if you if you to triumph look it away a different way to configure your energy sources if you restrict sugar and restrict carbohydrate a little bit you don't have to be no be draconian about it but you start to create the need for the body to start to burn salvage stored body fat
you say well the body goes well if i i got to save some of my glucose for my brain cuz that the brain runs on glucose and ketones and i'm going to another learn how to burn fat more efficiently and what to do that i get a bit more might occur because that's where the fat inside the mitochondria waned people what mitochondria a country that power houses of the cell so every cell has most cells have might occur andrea in their muscle cells have lots of mitochondria that are creating eighteen which is the energy currency the body uses to moved to live to exist what is eighty percent for denison try phosphate it's a very we're not gonna get a biochemists lesson right now that's ok but atp as this is this currency of the body and and and it can be recycled using certain different pathways like linux pathway which which doesn't require oxygen and and and why the pathways is using oxygen in the mitochondria so that's a very important
place too not only build more mitochondria but improve the efficiency of the mighty country and how that happens and this is the against this again is it certain signals that you give the body by by cutting back on the amount of exaggerated carbohydrate in those signals go directly to the cells that say they gotta make more mitochondria and then unique to every other organised in the body might a country had their own dna no other organ l within a cell has but might a country had their own dna and in the dna of the mighty country got what we will be more efficient at what we do so you up regularly the mitochondrial bio genesis recreational more mitochondria and you up regulate the efficiency that might occur we all done at the level of gene all done through a sieve that you gave by in this case restricting carbine and it could be increasing the amount of of low level aerobic activity you do there's in and it can be both and that we talk about at him in my new book
pregnant or it will i want to read your new book and i want you to mark down the moment what what he just said that the time on the pod cast what time is it here an hour and ten minutes anderson like that three minutes fifty three that's it ok that's very important i ever heard that before i did not know that your body can change the amount of mitochondria absolutely that's that credible well it s stats just from restricting ride rates well it's it's from a cop there are a lot of things you can do certain forms of of weightlifting you can like work you know you you could dude sustained maximum power output stuff so you know you ve got a deadly what are you a deadly max five hundred which are dealt mexico tomorrow in the uk salary little heavy attack i'm color you so you damn you do
work out a generally do eighty percent a year of your max ah see two four hundred pounds and you might do it for five times and rest a few minutes and then do it again for five times and rest of humanism do it again and do it instead of doing three sets of ten of whatever it is you're gonna do you you load this are you load deeper and deeper into the fibres to the extent that does the work over when you when you can only do one and you know you can always the one you don't even try to get the next one the workouts over and maybe it's maybe that's why he's up being zero dollars and fifteen cents by the time you're done but you've maxim overloaded so much at a high not a hundred percent max gazettes now talk about danger danger issue break but you know you can do eighty percent max and run it through three four so that one example of of how we can ensure that will prompt those muscle tissue to to want to be
for my country because if you probably heard you know of a truly effective wait session caused you to burn fat throughout the day right yeah it's one of the best ways to get lean and it's one thing that people are sometimes are aware of a most we wonder why get mean they think about cardio mr duhamel righteous hardier weightlifting gateway may show india now i mean weightlifting its brett not eyes as i say nothing cut you up bright hills yeah yeah hills really do it when you are talking about increasing mitochondria like how much of an increase are we talking about double double i made up up to double and what are the other effects of having double the amount of mitochondria what are the other the benefits more energy throughout the day be as now you're so good a burning fatty you have all this machinery to burn the fat that day
you're hungry less often and interesting when we look back at how hunger runs our lives and again if you look at that carbohydrate sugar burning paradigm you get up in the morning have the most important meal a day it might be a bagel sometimes she turned away our special care the area special k a glass juice don't forget it you don't have that instant sugar one hundred and fifty grams of sugar before you you know before he had out the door it was to have a hundred fifty grams assuring a dead that's what i'm saying is most people will have to undertake in articles have more than like one fifty is a max amount of total carbohydrates it i haven't a day so sugars there's a minor minors so to that and then but then you know you get to work in and thirty roles around and it's time for a break down our ache room down at somebody brought down on today and then you know where we go from it s got a bit i'll get a pizza or whatever and again
the break in the afternoon they get home and you have done and maybe you have some ice cream or somethin watching tv and the next thing you know you ve you know you ve taken in six seven hundred grams of carbs in that day well if you're good at burning fat the first thing that happens you wake up in the morning up only deed really i don't feel like i need eat it's i'm not hungry and one of the things we talk about the proud blueprint if if you're not hungry than donate that's these are signals your body is giving you and if you can get away with not eating and when i say don't eat it's it's clear its report that we have to say because i'm not hungry right if your great but if you're not hungry then move on i did a thought experiment awhile back i got you know did you think is when i was when i was in college everyone my college buddies know me
arnold they don't even know me as mark they call me arnold because when we were in college there was a tv show called green acres yeah and it was a pig on the show called arnold zephyr and i eat more than anybody in in the in the college i went to including the football team and so people commie arnold civil as i've became aren't arnie arnold for most of my life just because the amount of food music by matter food i can eat content sir this now but i did every body like you gonna dessert you can eat those you gonna get state you you know that but i was running a hundred miles a week i was it skinny shit awaits thirty pounds lesson away now but it just the throughput was was where it was and because i had leaky got probably a lot of it just what are your but went right out of the but the bible and so on the thought experiment was that my whole life i sort of was guilty of this like how much food can i eat and not go
wait and not be uncomfortable you know that's an ethical people looked at ways like our it we're going we launch how much food can i eat and and and not in weight or how much of that cater that pike whatever people i think tended this is this is the what can i get away with part of it what have you shifted that around and you said was the least amount of food i can eat maintain muscle mass maintain energy in and not get sick and most importantly not be hungry and you find if you do experiments pretty interesting if you become good at burning fat your your appetite so self regulate and so mitigates that you find yourself pushing a plate of food away after a couple it or not being hungry or eating just the right amount of food to to to get you through the day why do you keep your body fat you know so i'm sixty two now and do a great will thank you i mean my people look at me go you must be six seven percent now probably nine may nine have maybe ten percent
a lot of people lie about their body fat you'll hear these or is it a wide receiver that scene of two and a half three percent body fat it does not impose it's impossible it even with the body builders the ones at that get down that that lean are so close to death you know that's it that's dieting down that the day before the contest to get there and they better they packet right afterwards so so yes the body fat as i have stated this same vit vivid visible i should say a body fat level since i was in my twenties so this is a result of extra lotta strenuous exercise on of long distance running a that the different things that you participate in as well as this body burning fat primarily because you talking about if you been in this same body fat percentage most of your life
will you haven't adjusted you what what usually happens now so now worthies when you're adjusted urea doesn't my voice so what happens now is i'd i dont run at all i was a career runner for the first part of my life and i i have not run a mile in like thirteen years what do you do now for exercise so i lift twice a week i do an upper body sort of full full routine i don't separate you know justin tries and back advise also if i just do a full routine that's a smart way to do it that's separating stuff is kind malarkey well its debt separating stuff is if you don't have a job edge what's good for a body you're gonna go to the gym every day due to ours and whatever but i i try to get some long either paddler hike in once a week i do a pretty focused interval ride on a bike but
half an hour once a week and then my big thing innovative stationary by gas station by and then i go to the gym not to ride the bite but to catch up on our reading how can you not i read well i'm on the bike and whatever but then the big work out for me as my sunday ultimate frisbie game itself you laugh like you get some images on pastoral hipsters barefoot no exact but also for his beard to greatest came around like it you can always gotta get you out of your whole demeanor changed gotta go soon i like your eyes lit up what is up what are you doing element is just dumb itself a very fast pace game it sir played on a feel like a football field or a soccer field two teams trying to advance the frisbie down the field by making completed passes to their teammates when your passer you can't you can't run but everybody else on your team is trying to get opened their running training at awaken
defenders you complete a pass and eventually if you complete a pass over the the end zone or go line at a point and but if at any point in time of jamie just put some on the board here are you guys guys yeah checked it out so so watch here yeah yeah so you know any at any point in time will they need some black people on this point as far as i know yourself like i was really a slowdown in the gallery anyway it's it's a pretty f and again these are who this is this is a well is not black yeah there's a good lay there ok as a good catch out now in a week but we have us you know every week did we played a bunch it so it's a very fast pace game it and if you if you who's the young prince be its eternal by your team at uther drop aid or some it becomes the other teams freely we in the opposite direction and now you gotta get back on defence and defend the same guy there was defending you ok so i see you throw them
b and the other guy doesn't catch it than the other team gets a correct and i try to the same thing interested can now so you're sprinting alot of a lot of being we have soccer players come out basketball players come out and go do this i couldn't walk on monday for that game that's death just ridiculous till you know running except example bringing examining o eight to ten second burst and how that how that plays out for me as some of the recent researches you go instead of doing intervals like the old days readeth sixty seconds or a minute half interval as a marathon i should go to track and do sixteen times one half mile you know at race pace so now we're doing all outspread ten seconds fifteen seconds maybe twenty seconds but your max max max away and then a sufficient enough rest and come back in and do it again into six seven eight and five six seventy and you're done that work out is over and you have a crude the benefits
probably at a greater rate than you would have had you done the old method of training which was to do you know again repeat quarters do wonders wherever so do you think that a lot of what the old methods were doing was just as people getting through with mental i've never seen you're getting some benefit but you're also kind of breaking yourself down too much you know it's yeah so most of endurance athletics is is pain management and over training at yeah it's like half the races that i was i thought i was most prepared for i sucked in because of lower train a left everything on the training field that's a big problem ass yet as yet with you have see fighters to gigantic issue trying figure out what is the right amount of work he should do and especially with the fighters because in mixed martial arts are dealing with different d
plenty of your grappling every striking give putting them altogether of submissions if take downs you have a bunch of different things you have to train as well as rigorous strengthened can it programmes and there's a lot of debate is far as what should you put most time and effort into and some of the more successful people it's really interesting i've been going away from skill training during camps when they prepare for a fight and going almost exclusively to strengthen conditioning programmes with very minimal scale training with a strength regulation programme takes precedence over everything else which i find very fascinating the idea behind that being you already know how to fight so what you're gonna do is get your body to a place where can function of the highest work rate and big factor in that is maintaining a healthy heart rate and make sure making sure that you don't over train making sure that you have enough recovery time hunter percentage rate that we say that in a number of training traffic eaten runners you you know it
about time you spend on the bike after you ve been doing it for couple you know how to ride so so let's train the component was brought the race down into its component parts you know how can you how could you sustain your power over the next three hills to where you are but on the third hill is essentially the same as it was in the first year verses in old days where you are a hundred percent going to the first hill in a ninety percent over the second yon semi seven percent going over the thirtieth because you didn't you hadn't trained that part of your of your inner in your regiment that one of the things we say to indirect athletes is how many races have you finish where you were out of breath and maybe you had a sprint you know too cause you were neck and neck with some guy but most insurance athletes dont finish a marathon out of breath because long ago their form fell apart there their muscle tissue break down because they hadn't trained for society power and so that the de aerobic part of it was like
we could do this all day long you just go and slow because i want you to train appropriately so there's some strength training components like than to something like marathon running absolutely gap so now we were saying that the next you know the next make through in in marathon running will come from somebody who is who has trained cato generally and and we didn't talk about that yet but you know has restricted carbs to the extent they sickly they know how to access key tones which are a byproduct of fat metabolism and they can use the key tones in place of glucose or they can use the key tones to fuel the brain to to all them to continue the pace they done the work in the gym where they can maintain in power output over twenty six miles and not have it fall apart not have form breakdown twenty two miles into the race and and
you put all of these these different component parts together now you and do it with a with an elite a world class aptly now you look it at the next level of wrecked being broken the problem is it's so antithetical to the way we train for the last forty years that you take an elite professional runner whose are had some amount of success he go do we want to achieve everything around it's gonna cost you the next eighteen months to adapt but this good chance it will be better the guy's gonna go off to harvard still yeah and if so how well it so hard to to give up something to give up something working right now to get it i want to go back to something you said while you were just explaining that that you you'd get someone to train katy jack and what do you mean by that so now you their periods of time when you restricting carbs so much that your your
creating more key tones which had this by product of fat metabolism so you ve already become good at what we got you become fat adapted as we say you become gotta bring fat and now you're building further metabolic machinery that access is key tones better so now with key tones which week we refer to as the fourth fuel so you'd have proteins fats carbineers key tone to the fourth feel the body we evolved to use keystones very efficiently there is there were times throughout millions of years of human evolution where wasn't like you skip lunch psyche skipped last week eating right and you had to maintain must mass and maintain thought capability and detained speed and health despite not being anything and the only way to do that was to access was to access the stored body fat that you'd stored from overeating nor eating slightly more than you needed picked at the last time there was actually food present which is why we're all wired to overheat
and disability to to use the by product of a fabulous em to fuel the brain so key tones actually the brain loves to run on kiehtan one of the things it happens in particular during a contest and i suspect that happens in mme fights towards the end of the fight is you know you you feel gasped and you run out darting too to run low and like a giant and you're starting to to really feel like the wheels are coming off more often than not the brain just is a lack of lucca the brain in isn't being powered enough in the brain goes not we got it we got a we got a store beside the road and take a nap tat make you mentally exhausted because your bodies one gleich agenda glucose rather than exactly exactly so so when you run out of luggage and glucose old theory was well the reason that you hit the wall in any of these events are you bank as they say is because you have to pleaded like it so much the muscles can't function anymore
research now shows it you never really deplete the gleich agenda muscles if you go from five hundred or six anagrams total in the body you never get law more than one fifty so there's always some glycogen laughed so what's going on well it's the brain and its lack of access to glucose that bring it down and tim noakes the guy we talk about vegetal noakes at the beginning of of the show here he kind of free is that the central governor theory of the brain and he said the reason alot of people hit the wall isn't because her out of luggage and but because the brain ass override mechanism says in order to prevent further damage we have to stop an end it manifests itself is assessed as a sensation of tiredness in whatever now if you could find a way to bypass that and keep the brain going because remember it's it's abroad running a glucose that once it runs out of fuel says i'm sense
there's no fuel so we're gonna polar so that's what kiehtan stew when you become good accessing stored body fat in producing keystones you built the metabolic machinery particularly the brain to use those key tones and we know from history from genetics and from modern science it that the brain really well on key tones now you founded a substitute fuel for glucose she can run out of glucose and yet the keaton keep the brain you know revving and and and guiding you at the same pace a guy provided you ve done the work into jim to maintain the the form and the power and its a bit so this is all i'm gonna say kind of theoretical now because a real world records haven't been broken yet some are being broken in the ultra events the hundred mile run there are a number of guy doing killer genetic and low carb training who are breaking records like crazy zack bitter
is a guy who in the in the lab has shown that he could derive ninety six percent of his total energy running seven minute miles from that sort of average at seven minute miles which is like race pace for i mean it's one of us airspace sprint pace for most people it's not that fast for a marathon her or in an elite italy runner but it's a substantial patient for it for a guy running a hundred miles it's a pretty good clip at derive ninety five ninety six percent of all energy from your stored body fat or from exertions fat your eating and just a tiny bit required from gleich adjure glucose i mean i think thirty forty years ago we would have said not only was at impossible i was like twice as it twice times impossible for the benefit of that for athletes gotta being credible in terms of motivation in terms of enthusiasm towards the end the race or an end of a fight or something along those lines where your body
would run out of the gleich agenda glucose and instead you have fat to burn oh you're you're mine doesn't drop off as much mine doesn't hit that wall bread tat should be she mean that alone should motivation for people at least attempt to pursue the yap now wit when it comes two highly like lick experiences like mme you don't you can't you can't derive us substantial part of the energy from fat that still has to come from from like it wiser well because there's a point at which your your throughput of oxygen you'll when i'm gonna talk that insurance athletes their measuring their output over too three seven hour you know now you talking five five five minute now you ve got up you know you you gotta that same output is concentrated now and you going at a fairly rate although you like you see him another job
dancing around still moving back and forth so this recovery periods in there but you still have to have that hunter per cent club intense the likely output so when you're in a wholly trying to escape or when you try to defend or try to come in for a barrage you have to be it a hundred percent of of output but it's been a brief period of time so seemingly you could train in the jim to access that part of of your body that burns fats had burnt key tones in august the most important part would be making wait a few if you're looked actually data may it's about power to wait ratios to twist extending these loves obviously skill but but a power ratio if i'm if i'm you know a hundred forty two powder what awaited with the divisions arbiter from if i didn't carrying around emmett when sixty five and i have to cut down to one forty two to get to my division
i'm gonna lose power but if i maintain that power and i never i never you even get up to one sixty five anymore because i'm not gaining fat because i've learned how to burn fat and i could stay effective and functional at at at the weight and that that has benefit you know in its power to weight ratio concept so you have to have some sort of a hybrid diet than in something like mme oh so so once you ve built the metabolic machinery to burn fat and burn key tones doesn't go away when you start eating carbohydrate so you can you can do what we call the cyclical approach where you spend in the early phase of your training to become really good at burning fat and and you do stuff that's that's contemplated to to make you the best possible fat burner you can pay might introduce some carbohydrates the day before a really hard legalistic work out it doesn't that doesn't turn off your fat burning it doesn't even really negatively impact your ability to handle key tones
even if you do it for six weeks you do nothing cars for six weeks then it all shifts back again up regulation and down regulation of of enzymes based on gene input agin expression but if you the ultimate about machinery and you keep coming back to it then you can crafted prodigy where you say will tomorrow we're just gonna do out of sync likely stop it you got a deal beer be prepared to puke all afternoon or whatever you have you no one hundred fifty grams of car in a sweet potato that for dinner that night you top off your luggage and stores you still got a burning fat you have all the blockage in that you even could possibly have loaded if you'd just been a carbohydrate based athlete ever since you just picked up the times when you're gonna up the end with with ex extra carb intake annie make sure it's not sugar but it's no good in austria starchy carbon his case like a sweet potato or amazon like that
so how'd you regulate the amount of sugars that are in your body do you limit the amount of fruit the elite do how do i usually can you eat as much for his you like or is it not a good idea it's not a good idea just doesn't most fruit is some kind of food is good but i think what what what ex me up his number people who say i'm on a very healthy diet thank you no twelve servings of fruit a day and i go to jama juice i get a big fruits movie dude your taken a more sugar then you know those guys drinking to six backs a coke even sugar that comes from fruit is not necessarily healthy correct now thou very again all these things exist on a spectrum ran i might have blueberries every day a blue berries grew up and main picketing wild so i love blueberries but their low and sugar their tart they got any oxidants in them
and i dont overdue them but my limit yourself like copper some point they don't even limit ice at look at for ninety nine of the pack for ghana blueberries i limit myself based on budget not right on any other metric my services are fruit will you allow yourself in a day just because i don't feel the need to eat food it doesn't it doesn't i don't have a craving for maybe maybe maybe two servings is the most elegant day some days none but i dont you know bananas so citrus fruit seventy six can be way overdone pretty quickly and i'm not
necessarily saying don't eat fruit at the saying don't consider fruit the healthiest possible alternative to in a bread and pasta and then replace all of the calories you got from bread and pasta and cereal and whatever don't replace that with fruit but figure out a way like vegetables for the most part are the ideal source of carbohydrate in our diet they're locked in this fibers tricks it's you know what their basically localize seem again deck so they kind of drip into the bloodstream arab at a reasonable pace don't cause huge sir in glucose so salary with cocoanut butter would be a much healthier alternative then a banana that's not it again not that health healthier is the wrong terminally we're making choices here based on what we're trying to accomplish right no good or bad no right or wrong but but in a in in a you know like in a perfect world celebrated coconut butter is a great choice and a banana at the right time is a maybe a better choice like post work on bananas good choice
amid depends on who you are if i i i fast after the work out too because that's kind of interesting is so much of of these little suit nuanced science bits that you pick up and i've been in the supplement business for thirty years designing supplements further companies in one of the supplements i made by two years ago for a very large company today was a post work out and everybody loved it and everybody thought it was the greatest thing that ever tasted and it was in it had had carbohydrates and had some protein and had some creating and it was great drink but the purpose of the drink as to recover from the hard work out you did today so you could do the bitch again to morrow and that's how i train anymore so i dont do too hard day's neuro so for that particular point
if you're gonna train hard every day and you want to replace gleich region then that's a strategy and that's a choice if you say what we're gonna do some hard like little were today we're gonna for whatever reason gonna do some hard like a little work tomorrow then then let's have a post work out high carb relatively high car supplement because there's this window in which the body manufacturers gleich aegean refills like it in stores at a higher rate just post work out that was the whole reason for the post work up meal that people like to drink chocolate now actually his but if you are you know of you gonna go from day to day than that's probably a good thing now strategy would be to go really really hard today do a deep leg day and in fact what happens when you fast is u dont punish the dragon but you
preserve the pulse of growth hormone and testosterone that happens as a result of alleged day which we you would otherwise blunt by taking in a sugary drink woe poker so i get these are it's it's complex and yet is pretty cool the science pretty cool so insulin has an effect on growth hormone an testosterone actually lowered so if you are eating a were opposed work out meal the tiny carbs because you two refilled like it in stores so that you can do it again to morrow then the post work out meal will cause arise and insulin which will blunt the blockage in asking me that growth hormone testosterone pulse that you got from that work out but you'll have like wars slightly more ready for the hard work out again to morrow now what are you trying to accomplish here beak wit what i'm saying is i'd rather just do the
out really hard get all of the benefits to growth benefits and looking for i have to do it again tomorrow i want to work as little as i want if i want to do a leg day and pure guenaud for because of it today i want to do it again to morrow i've only work it out to get the benefits i'm not working for the sake of workin out i'm not working out every single day because i just love to the german some people do by the way and i am not going to judge them but if i'm workin out to get the most amount of benefits i can from the work that i have chosen to do and in this case that includes my strategy post work out that makes sense it does but its fastened and could never heard that before that there's a catch twenty two so reviewing the blockages levels actually diplomacy is though it bluntly it a plot wants is the best
yup diplomacy us anymore i like you'd make it up let us look at the total trade trade market right now to put supplies is at it like it was real too but i've never heard that before so there's theirs to be catch twenty two in their then it seems like so they're a negative effect of having those hard work out more than one day in a row and would you be better off in which gain more if you went the way you're doing it by not replenishing i'm saying you do what now it's even for an elite athletes competing in a sport like say martial arts or something along those lines yeah it depends on what the game plan is for the weak and what the game plan is to get you into the ring or to get you to the starting line and if
case if if we say you know you're doing lets you select again you really don't hard legs you each you dont want to do it again tomorrow so there's no need to to take the posts work out drink because here's what else the everything that happens is if you have you wait a couple of hours maybe you have in an hour or two you have a meal but it's not even a high car meal is just a regular meals not i carbon sought contemplated to two in crease glided and stores but within that
neil and within the next meal and within the next meal your body will reef it'll replenish liken eventually it'll did it wants to do that it's not you not preventing it from replacing like it and who has no immediate urgency to do it with a with a post workout drink if the meals plan for the rest of the day or the next morning have some out of carbohydrate some of which will go to replenishing like it so you you might wind up instead of having restored you no two hundred and seventy five grams of luggage and restore two hundred thirty big deal what about the benefits of forcing your body to do more work to up your conditioning level and what's that mitigated or would would some like what you will your strategy being too not replenished the stores after the work out and to not have those hard work out two days in a row if you if you instead what had he
work out when through your idea of allowing your body to have its natural uptake of testosterone growth hormone because that hard work up then giving yourself adequate time to recover before engaging in the next hard work i would do in fact have more progress then keeping slamming your head up against the wall which is at least with like grub wrestlers and for mixed martial arts a lot of the time that's the standard operational approach is to beat your body down to be absolutely exhausted and you think that's in in fact may be counter to it i don t think i tell it and that is why i mean well the the notion that against this is different sports and and mix martial arts are very similar in its about pain managements about its about managing literally pain and perceive pain and egg exertion over time so you know to the extent that you can that you can
in the jim in selected areas that all come together in fight that's a legitimate choice but another tool in the one for the last thirty years is sort of the rocky balboa choice which is go hard every single day and build up that because me we went in terms of no net maybe it's the you know the fifth round and mental toughness really comes to play there in europe to dig deeper because you know how to be yourself up so it's not to say that one's better than the other dear just alternative strategies one of the greatest runners a country reproduced pre fontaine was fairly talented he was not the most talented runner in the world and and he would go to the starting line and look at some guy who was who was clearly more talented but hadn't did run the simple similar times and preventing but look at the face and go dude and you may be more fit mortality to me but i'm willing to die for this i'm willing to hurt more and any was and that he could dig dig deep
then maybe it was a result of his hundred and twenty mile weeks of training and and beating himself up every day suppose there's value and that in a sport where enough in the title on goes off till the time you cross the finnish line you never sank yourself in a marathon factors is fun let's do this again you know you never if you the elite level you never say that right so it's about pain management and there's there's a legitimate strategy in maybe having some days where you do what i doubt line and some days or some weeks where you do what you outlined is are they mutually exclusive though but here's the question like to be do you have to beat yourself up in order to be mentally tough mentally tough just meditation alike i agree and i don't think you have to be yourself ought to be mentally tough and danger there is you literally be yourself up with a dangerous you over train and may be that may be doing in trying to force yourself into these mentally tough exercises actually form of we
yes because you're not able to look at your body objectively you not able to assess it more of a scientific fashion i'm gonna tell you back in the back in the when i was doing training for marathons grasslands i'd find myself worse as based on the previous work on it done you know any it you skip a day and you feel like slacker however in a loser and and yet i was chronically over in all the times i wish i had those days back because i would have i would career would have been extended and on the other hand if back up i would never right where i am today through the pain and suffering in this era of ice in trying to figure out how to fix that yeah yeah my friend steve
swell whose strength conditioning coach says you should monitor your heart rate every morning and dumb if your heart rate is over a certain beats per minute it's o over what its naturally normal five plus beat four minute you take a day off that's one that's one modality that's one protocol there's now heart rate variability which which looks beyond what the heart rate is looked at them at the time between the beats and suggest that if there is greater variability if there's more time or theirs there's no point eight seconds here and one point one second here in point seven in one point one that that's better than having point nine point nine point nine point nine sort o connor towards you think the heart you'd want the hard to be met romantically near but if it be beating met romantically to sign of our training annual yeah with regard to sign of even if it's a low heartbeat psychoactive you wake up nearly forty beats for
yeah but they're all the same equal beats the armenian s not gonna happen is typically gonna be higher with if you ve overture as well as having a matter nordic interval to it now bitter programs you can guess you can wear your heart monitor and get these hiv heart rate variability programmes and ill in literally tell you if a score you for the day tissues us i don't primarily because i have premature in particular contractions so i'm i'm now it sixty two i've been doing this for forty years actually fifty ashore run on us twelve years to and from school just like that not brown african lad with my converse you know sneakers on in you know it's a long time and i spent so much of my career stew thirdly foolishly maxie my heart read it
read out every day so i've up i've i've written about this for the last two decades about how training for insurance competition is somewhat antithetical to health and certainly train the way we use to which accumulated miles and miles and miles in in it in at a heart rate that we call the black hole which is it's too high to benefit pillar basis but too low to arm to create sort interval training deal it's up again explain it in the book but we we spent years and years and years decades training a lot of athletes say anywhere from seventy five to eighty five percent air max heart rate for an hour to our three hours a time will over time the heart response that gets it gets thicker though the heart muscle gets thicker and thicker part it's like the heart kit doesn't have a say in it so your brain tells your legs to run right in articles shit i gotta get to keep up
this cat so the hearts pumping away and publicly in public away and if you do this enough day in day out day out over years the heart starts to get damaged a little bit and in some cases they get sticker the ventricle get sticker and youth thicker because its growing moscow yeah but it's it's it's not necessarily a good kind of thicker so it's it may be stretched too much it may just not have may not recover when you the german you said you were to do are you know two hundred preacher curls of seventy five pounds you now you get if you can stay with my bike but maybe your biceps can handle that jail but my can't so yoke is enough fried of shred but they feel you feel the pain is there while the heart doesn't feel that kind of pain so if you forced the heart to care to keep up in its demand organ adjust it just feeds whatever the demand is from the body and if that's held it to
heart rate for too long over decades it can manifests itself in problems if there's an epidemic of a fifth atrium fibrillation in my generation of runners from that very problem so anyway having said that so i have the occasional private ventricular contraction which is just couple of cells in the heart maybe a thickness in the ventricle that misfire of well it's not it's not like threatening it's not it's just annoying but it it it makes my hiv look really good cause because i have it big interval between beat sometimes you know but it's it's a false positive while that's fast so you don't necessarily monitor your heart rate because of that now see kind of go on the we feel yet again as you know i'm at my my just wanna have fun i just wanna play i don't i'm not seeking when any age group competitions anymore those days or long behind it it hurts too much it it's it's too much you know i'm trying to extract grace
a pleasure out of my life so i want to go to the gym it's pretty much contemplated too to do as little as possible that keeps me looking good naked but also it keeps me somewhat immune from injury so what i ask of you buy whatever you know what'll i don't even care about that anymore area now i suddenly to care about that today i die but but but but for the most part it's about is about avoiding injury when i marlanx off i'm playing frisbie you know i'm i'm sprinting i'm i'm keeping up with twentysomethings money on long bomb run to the amazon and then have to come turn around and come back in and get them on defence that that debt some cost attached to it some some metabolic costs for an old like me so the stuff i do in the german try is try to keep me from getting injured knock would end up and
i spent time of the paddle for two hours is best upper body work out you'll ever get piling yeah brilliant stana paddling yeah and you know it's fun and i dont think oh god ones you gonna be over i'd think oh shit i gotta get back is gonna meeting about paying out with dolphins and whales and looking down at fish caution away once in a while i'm trying to try to have twenty fun when i when i move and i work out i did some ma paddling a few years back i did a canoe trip down the missouri river end it was i was shocked at how tired my arms gotta might this is like a legit worker i thought i was in pretty good shape and might mean nothin yet handling sink shit not at all it's hard that's takes good shots when you know after paddling an aside i tried treated it has worked out to have decided like ok we're doing this for a couple hours a day i'm gonna go hard yemen adjust gemini leave all out there ain't river in blue with some other guys we're another boat out trying to kick their ass
so i was just trying to stay ahead of the entire way column pussies near them its greatest lab work out circuitous you know it's deltoid determining what big issues with jujitsu competitors and people just practice even as a hobby is is a joint injuries inflammation the joints and and also spine injuries lot bulging discs lotta things along those lines do think that some of that could be mitigated by do sing the amount of inflammatory foods you know you got such a trauma based sport maybe a little you know if you're ten percent less prone to getting the disk issue or or the joint the joint pain is result but a lot of that is just a brute just a brute force of the impact and and that's just that's it
is that you make to be in the sports well not even impact like with grappling or out of it just it's just twisting twist and yet constant pressure just the the data to grind i think you is war sportswear the lot of recreational practitioners to get really addicted to cuz it's really fond you know you're essentially you're having a life or death struggle with someone can tap out and then go right back at it and it's it's very different lot of utter my other martial arts in that way that you can you can kind of do it full blast right whereas sparring like kickboxing and things only really can't do a full blast very long the bodies can take it the head can't take it especially what you did to a lot of guys are injured then they die they just wrapped themselves often cannot go back in where they say i'm gonna going light and my next bother may just to sleigh off my neck and
i always wonder like is there maybe at the dietary choice that could perhaps limit the amount of information that you are experiencing after these brutal workshops depends on enough if the if the diet is currently horrendous than is probably saw em out of some amount of of up management of that the good that could be increased and pay management could be a little bit better less inflammation for sure but if the diet already good then now you're still you still up the by through some unnatural torsion i'm just amazed that we were talking about your hands and our thrive has deepened your forties that you were able to mitigate that just by changing your die it was so powerful it was it was really the exit most powerful thing for me was the abs could it literally ruined my life ruled my life but but the authorizing was like a mac i play golf with friends
as like i can't even gripped the free and club we will need to be and now you have no but i figured i'd meet you and negotiate is joe gonna try to a brochure me you know it take row take me to the ground with a dinner with a with a firm grip have only give a tipsy argues that i was in euros over those states that a figure it's over i hate those foxier so that's that's very warm very careful shaking hands too because i know a lot of people broken hands fighters especially after fights if the real careful like i give them like the most gentle handshake possible what other what other ways do you think there are what dietary ways to reduce infinite other than reduction of greens or wood or elimination of grain ghetto i say if you if you get rid of the industrial see doyle's so you replaced the soybean oil that can olive oil the corn oil and and
the labels of the ingredients cause they're all over the place what is of the different but what's the differ mechanism of the bodies far as like the way you body process this us soil corn oil verses broken obviously profile of fatty acids and these are polyantha you're too fatty acids and sometimes or partially hydrogenated sometimes they ve got they ve been processed with some sort of nasty processing agents like nikkolon and they ve been they have undergone enough alteration that maybe they contain some trans fats trans fats are known to be pro inflammatory the yeoman six bodily omega six in another themselves are not you're not bad there there
make a three doesn't make a sixty nine seventy twelve is all these but the other three to six ratio is the one it's got the most press of the last decade omega three fatty acids are found in fish krill oil or fish oil things like that and supplement with fish oil little bit not lot but another couple of capsules every other day really i other the absurd and i'm gonna manufacture them two minutes it's part of my my em my line of products but because my diet is pretty much based on an otherwise healthy intake of omega three and more importantly reduction of omega six so it's it's not the omega three thereby themselves anti inflammatory they are and will make a six april inflammatory but is this ratio there's some requirement from exit the body but when the ratio gets way thrown off it tends to be a pro inflammatory
and widows mega six come from that those are the industrial cereals that we talked about so there's a slight benefit to having some industrial see the well known there's a slight benefit haven't will make a six from other sources sort of the other sources you know any any most fish will also have oh six in other they're everywhere there in any kind of fatty food nuts will have them that's pride of source it most people on the pale movement get the magazine from but yeah there is its about sort of the totality of the diet not an end its largely result again of what you're not eating what you eliminate from the diet that has the greatest effect not what you're reading so when people say will pay diet i mean i've had such great results on the vague and diet or i've had great results on some vegetarian daddy oh well
you know you're you're not eating the same shit we're not eating so the fact you get your protein from plant sources may be going to suggest you could have more protein but it's not that big a deal it's really about what you ve eliminated right that that has the greatest impact on your health yeah i have conversations or that often with people at a vague and when they start talking about all the different things they eat how much further feel and i tell them listen i eat all the same things you eat my diet is pretty vague in other than meat mean most of what i like this morning what i had i did drink kale shake so i blend kale with cucumbers and then i was grossed but it makes you feel amazing i blend kale with cucumber garlic salary ginger and pair i throw pair and and i believe that up in a half a beat a blend that all up and i ate elk steak so
the two things together that's that's what i that's my lunch you know that's what i had done in neat breakfast lunch today how does it out of the gale shake tastes like shit yeah so what am i rules and i dont want to my rules is i don't put anything in my mouth it doesn't taste ass it feels good granville tony i eat that i get this burst of nutrients i'm gonna keep doing all right well not going through terrible with a full pair and because the full pair of big bartlett pair blunt a little bit of the goods jarley very very sweet but is that too much sugar that one pair depends on how much what you're sugar load is over the course of the day that's it that's the only sugar you pairs of pretty high and you know that the pretty high sugar but the whole pair i don't think it's i eat a pair before your class to those that that gets me through a yogi class
because i got similar is pairs your favorite floaters unlike pairs wows at a fair you it's totally good i just use the first person i have not its favourite fruit is a pair really i mean like a pair but i should like mangoes mangles while also values are awesome i'd take sliced mangoes i'll do that what it would be better pears and monotonous nuts i guess you know different deference what fruit is what i usually choose before i workout but now i'm thinking that maybe fruit is a little too high in sugar listening to you or i should limit the amount of it i have in the day if if you like where you and everything's good in life is wonderful you enjoy it then i'm going to tell you to stop doing well i'm all about optimize i mean i'd dumb if i can check down those caille shake some obviously want to eat some horrible shit to feel better this i thought that horrible i come exaggerate a little bit of my tolerance for gross food is pretty high i can i can i can eat it jerry
eat any that shit on fear factor guy bunch sugar good eyeballs she sigh balls a super worms are those worms these on cadavers clean up bones i ate tomato horn worm s pre gross madagascar hissing grow that was a whenever that that's the when are they going to draw the line at tat one was the easiest it rarely here it's all psychological that's chewy but its very mild like it has almost no flavour it was all just in your head that was no big deal at all the really hard things he is really interesting the smells were probably limp the hardest part and a big factor in the smell was the dude had this really expensive cheese they would go to this
beverly hills what is up for my u what is one of those fuckin places call what a seller cheese for marjorie anyway it was a very expensive type of french cheese dead just smells like fuckin death because cheese a big part of what makes a cheese fragrant or interesting is the call which is actually bacteria so we would by this bacteria laden cheese at smelled so fuckin bad they would take it and would open the little but cup the little plastic tub further means taken from about like do that shit is expensive really expensive and we will throw that into like a blender full of maggots and that's what would make it the sky putting the maggots on though on their own that's really didn't have that much of a smell or takes its more
ideological that is anything but a lot of stuff on fear factor and then there was a lot of it was just the sheer volume i do have to drink you know a gigantic blender fill with horrible shit and yes the amount of mass the pudding in your body you have three minutes to do it or whatever and keep it down and keep it down needed it i think we gave them like they have to keep it down like thirty seconds are so high that so that at the end that thirty seconds sprinkle with everybody hurl oh yeah i saw more people i probably seen more people throw up then like a very small percentage of the population then most yard he allowed maybe eyes would have me like nike bouncers might have me if you if you put in twenty years is a nightclub bouncy policy more people peut three because you seen at every night my views i one day a week but one day week out watch at least two people just fine
in her off the projectile varmint but again more psychological than anything the the actual taste of those things especially the roach was nothing like really the deal like if i was one of those starving somewhere and i found like a big batch of hissing cockroaches as madagascar ones i would definitely scoop does up any whom we know there's a bar company called exo that makes year bars at green protein and i'm investor in their company there in the ets emphatically by decree if that that you know billina have two billion people around the world eat insects owen diamond think nothing of it yeah well that's what a lobster yeah one thing that we found out what we did fear factor was if you have an allergy to shellfish you also of analogy to roaches we found out the hard way because a guy
who listed shellfish as an hour g ada roche and got really set glad to take to the argument that rental and shot the whole deal so the enzymes apparently are very similar but you can eat those bugs and there's the very high protein good for you and they could also be an excellent source of protein for a church inexpensive source of protein for a lot of people not of its body at the cricket thing is very sustainable so yeah twenty times less resources fewer resources into two in amount of that state and also a considerable amount of meanwhile acids secular though very good profile yeah that's really fascinating to me that you could get like really high quality protein from bugs we're we're prejudice against bugs i guess i mean i'm trying not to be anymore do you eat your bars oh yeah area alla time alla time didn't they all the time just because i don't i don't use those snakes i make my own bar but because they the guys
started exo are really onto something in there trying to they're trying to change the way i'll think about the source of protein so that's the first hurdle we have to overcome is making a bar tastes great and not turn people off because because it's crickets and union does not like heads and antenna sticking out these bars its powders been ground down to a fine powder and it basically looks and practyse aim is way protein isolate does once its ground down down down do lose any of it when you're dehydrating inner grinding it down or turn our thirty outer it's it's it retains its properties pretty nicely so there's no benefit whatsoever to eating it fresh not necessarily know i mean if you can compaq more into a i mean that's the beauty of of i think insect protein powder is to be able to fortify foods that that otherwise a few other rather having forty its crickets gonna stick you noted to have the powder equivalent in bars gamma neatly
don't have eaten crickets like that to roasted crickets and i say bad about it not that it's all in the head get really is all in your mind like you each whom their crunchy and their browser we're fire there actually not bad at all their soldiers delicacy and in the streets of shore dank aachen knell of asia special you put some spices on them are some point that there is actually quite tasty like maybe some butter some oil in some spices on we have these ideas about different things at a good deed not goody since morton based on custom than anything done a lot of ways i wonder how many people that are vague and would be willing to eat bugs you now vision at this part i know it goes against their their religion
we certainly want to use honey no lights get crazy though that so that's funny say that because we gotta a bar that we just enter into dust with grass fed way protein iceland and it's got college in its great bar and we try to make one for the vague in community and because it has honey and it is as a sweetener the vacancy we we can't we carry it has honey bees that's does become slaves yeah why ever it's ok whatever they want you know now go that way honeys awesome fox is there any like nutritional benefit to being a vague and ordered the deficits also i think that's i'll be some foods it you're not getting that would provide the micro nutrients that micro nutrition that would be beneficial to you in the long run and and yet
the human body is so friggin adaptable to to any sort of dietary strategy i mean you know you see eight foot tall effort since you know they go play in the nba it grew up on you know five hours a day and cow patties during the irish potato famine people for six weeks on chat roulette and sea weed i mean the human body is pretty adaptable so you on the one hand you can't describe the perfect diet so if your choosing to be vague in that's what what do in and mind full about it and you're not militant about it and not try to convince everyone else it that's what they do then they go for without doesn't exist so if you please that's that's tells the requirement that the unicorn far a requirement of membership yeah what like what would the theirs is a few plants that do have a full
complete amino acid profile rightly keen law is one of em yeah meanness plants i download i wouldn't city of a full amino acid profile it what's lacking well there's probably if there's nothing lacking it's the its relative amounts than that makes a difference so it's a protein efficiency ratio right the the the protein amino acid score that data really determined whether a protein is is exception that's where the meat and eggs and end that dairy enthusiasm always trying to describe it to me the amount of broccoli you would need to get the same amount of protein and amino acids as an eight hour stake something insane psycho two pounds broccoli i said i don't think it's insane i just think it's a casino those same people argue that there's you know the dead it's on a on i think it's on a per pound base it's almost like it has the same amount of the middle east forget worry where i heard that some some vague and cited that to me
i know that broccoli does have some amino acid in it you just have to eat a big ball of it if your vision what to do anyway so i'm not gonna criticise that choice i just think that if you're missing certain amino acid you better balance it with something coming from legumes or some other source you have to figure out what amino acids are lacking bay somewhat plant protein the human diet was always based on a wide variety of things you are taking in just not not just one kind of thing but so offer this shrub offer this bush out of this ground in it a tumor here and some colleagues here and yet i was always a two hundred different choices within a five mile radius of whatever you to give way whatever you get your hands on it and that's where the insects gay man that's where the you know we don't talk about amphibians but imagine living on frogs and snakes and and eggs and in on we grass it's it's pretty amazing the variety of foods it we can eat so
typically you start your morning offered butter coffee with em city oil is down i state regular coffee as rightly artist i don't i don't i'll have buttered coffee every once in a while but i don't i don't feel like need the calories to get my day going i just want the cup of coffee is one to catherine just what caffeine and i actually don't want to i don't want interfere with burning off my own body fat solar nodded it interferes with it but that's five calories that that or two hundred and fifty calories coming out of the coffee that otherwise is coming off my oh my god trusting so when you wake up in the morning it's all dependent upon how hungry or so if your hungry maybe then you'll have some butter crossing and if you not hungry use hurry we're crofter black dots bluebird agreement and cursed enough the colored and like your first meal a day is probably lunch and what it what does that usually salad
big ass salad i call it and at some doubts greens and some food a protein might be salmon might be chicken from last night's dinner might be tuna and how well it would sizing unannounced not all its updates and i mean all world he knob not much protein i'm that's the other thing that i've realise over the years that is if we don't need that much protein and even if you're doing work in the gym you know you don't need two hundred grams approaching a day that bullshit you just can't process or what is it from that's from the body as a power lifting may i know that's that's from the muslim fitness days rash from dave draper in his thicken the uno blender full of stuff is dead oh my god you dont so stay drapers before your time man so he was on the original southern california blonde bodybuilder she was in every advert for shaken in mask minors and things like that mass gay yeah sugar right yeah life all that those that's nasty stuff that's dislike cheap
vast protein and high fruit those oil yeah there it s day this wall yeah on page eleven ladies so that guy would advocate mm ass if a man but i mean that guy you know when you when you can process when you taken in sir for a human levels of steroids you can process all kinds of protein modem today today jerry maurice still looking pretty girls by about seventy there sixty one sixty three sixty three right there he's your age yoked as fuck em does all steroids too we thank you think convey her but died so people using needing protein its yeah maybe women probably need fifty does semi
i may be granted day even guys you know train and fairly hard don't no more than a hundred three hundred forty gramps day now what is what's the muscle and fitness mentality or the power lifting mentality it's like there certainly grams propounded body weight the ascribe well you know that's all over the place so it might have been one gram propounded body we have one point five grams per pound a body weight let's away two hundred grams day for me or yeah diagram one pound of eight hundred grams of protein others a shitload of broken much is at stake i got twelve out stake fifty sixty jesus christ side of the fence fuckin stables and get me by tiny cook that down might be less right what about eggs which is an an seven or eight pereda yeah that's why guys would do a whole dozen eggs in their shake seventy or eighty your ninety or whatever grams of protein plus some powder in there and but the other
what we learned a long time ago nobody really can't handle morn thirty thirty five grants a protein at a sitting so the rest of it turns into a button farts yes so have you if you're eating that's one thing if you ve ever been around people who drink a lot of protein checks and eat protein bars their forests are brutal like bodybuilder type dude and that's just stay just there if too much protein has among other things a law that is you know they haven't who knows what's going on with their with their got bacteria tat yeah that's a lot of protein put in it probably if they're eating that much protein they're not eating much in the way of vegetables and those muscle milk type supplements although they are delicious there is a lot of sugar in those damn thing actually all those bars lot of bars have a lot of sugar in them this is a giant issue
you think that these guys these bodybuilder guys or power left guys that are operating on that inefficient method of one group m per one pound if they'd reduced it they would still the same amount of gains and maybe their body would operate more efficiently and we tackle on juice ravages ok that's a good point it out yes i'll bet you're on steroids yap add your process that your point about you know i'm a hard gainer and putting on muscles is difficult most people are overweight don't want to hear this but putting on muscle is much more difficult than losing body fat if you take one hundred and sixty five lb guy and you say i want he says i want to put on twenty pounds of muscle going to happen you know my put on ten pounds of muscle might put on over a very focused period of time i have to work hard to keep it on the cause that's a body also goin if you dont create on a daily basis my requirement to continue to maintain this muscle mass i'm goin back down to earth
what right does it seems to me that there is like a number of days years or whatever it is that you tina body mass where it starts to become normal then you bodies as well this is what we re now and then you you maintain it but there's this touch and go period save you weigh one sixty five and he put on that ten pounds like but you gotta keep pushing for long time for your body say listen this where we way yet we need all his power we need all his horse power we need we're gonna be will carry lotta heavy shit alla time yet exactly the army during your own honey so what's going on now about algeria what is now that's your honey i'm having some slack tv i hear serious brings zone honey not but honey is good for you is not raw hunting now how dare you who are you it's it's good for you it's not going to tell you and i'll do anything like that one of those moderation foods if you want to use it to like in this case are put a couple drops in the in the tea but i was here it's really good
raw honey india here who do you hear from not the know that people make honey i don't it is something that i have always heard it's not it's not bad it's just i'll sugar it's it's former sugar and if you overdo it then it's probably not his wise decision is to cut back so to your launch your lunch which a big ass thou with small matter proteins maybe like four out of the protein or something animals linda with peace a chicken or be sufficient out like that and then what about dinner dinner i like to have a steak i get this wegg you short ribbed that i get you like that stuff it is so good but it's all fatty yeah that's the point you like that's the point ma am yeah and could you get off my diet is probably fifty five
cinema cows come from fat but why you is a lot of corn fed animal i'd so i've suits i make a little bit of an exception near i could get grass fed when i you know when i when i look forward to pc greens where i shall mountain but or it you know whole foods or whatever but this is where you is just such deliverances so i ask you a nice tender juicy gangster yup is there any benefit like what are the health benefits of eating grass fed me and using grass fed cows butter gets really interesting because what it one of the things i i just kind of have to
raise my eyebrows as i hear about grass fed way protein isolate reality of grass fed way protein its whatever they put in a drink while the reason you eat grass fed cows is because the fatty acid profile is more it's it's more desirable fatty acid profile the protein compliment is the exact same in a corn fed stake aura grasp at stake you just can't television the protein it's a fact
said profile this different the other difference might be the residual hormones and antibiotics only raise a corn fed beef and they start from an early age that's not the cows native diet so they did cow tends to get sick get infected and surprise antibiotics and they have to use in such as he is growth hormone distant get em off the lot quicker so but but the the the reason i have grass fed beef is the fatty acid profile is is much more desirable and yet it still it still fat so it's just a couple of different versions of steel acid and indifferent versions of the saturated fat that you're talking about so it's not even like this life or death decision that you may like if i have wonderful cut of corn fed stake i'm gonna die if i have grasped that a live forever these are just choices and if if you if you can find a great tasting grass fed stake by all means have it if you can have a great deal to find it
relatively inexpensive you'll lined line caught wild salmon that's probably a better choice for your stated goals then some farm raised salmon so we're yeah the farmer summits with problematic because their die right up but so back to but just back into their grasp if they so wish the grass fed way protein isolate way protein isolate is ninety two ninety five percent protein theirs they all the fat out of it so it doesn't matter they paid all the good fatty acid profile that was in it because it was grass fed is now gone so it's like a marketing strategy were harlot grass fed way protein nicely so it's not bad but it's not any better no it's it's definitely bad it's it's not demonstrably better to have grass fed way protein isolate versus this regular what about grass fed butter grasping are out and yeah yeah yeah that's all fat so that the rest there's an example of that's the exact opposite political approach
he'd out of it in error describing fats grass fed butter is a great choice and what is the difference in the profile the at the fatty profile of grass fed but a verse same as it is with the meat so meets one is that different i can't i can't cite the the research i can't say the breakdown of the other fatty acids is just at their more appropriate for a cow that was raised on native diet gloomy rather poor poor was the difference between the facts i've heard it but i can't cited i really want to bring it about i i prefer the taste of grass fed media could it's a leaner like more dense meet it's more like a wild game right then like a rabbi from now that i fed corn but saying that like health what grass dead rabbis pretty good pretty good yeah it's more of a fatty cut
so but you're saying there's not that much of a difference in terms of the health benefits if if you can get again a humanely raised cow that was not given antibiotics or hormones you're pretty close where you want to be and so i am suggesting that the fatty acid profile isn't going to be hugely different and the issue with cows that when you give a cow grains their bodies and designed processes so they develop alot of infection and drank did that's that's why they're using antibiotics yet so is not mean just automatically problematic if you have a grain fed cow not necessarily so loud times you'll have account it was raised on grass and in finnish with great right and there's different types of grain so some it's not automatically problematic it it could be but if you look for the cows were pastured up into a certain point and again he might have grass finished somersault del segue grass fed and they were not there
tell you it was grain finished and when they say green finished how much time do they spend feeding green couple weeks that's it so they just fat enough for the task of ways for the end and so they don't have enough time to develop a lot of them some issues of mine have if they were in one theory whole life in theory so warm uli elite a little bit a stake yonder steam vegetables that's where i have my big plate of brok layer brok alenia partial spout sir you know and what about like ranks or do you drank mostly so error i used to drink wine heels i dont wriggle out of water am i mad soothing throat today but with this but normally wooden drink much much water during the course of day let my thirst mechanism in oak just tell me what to do and i don't get thirty often i mean i should go and fifty mile bike right to not get thirsty sort of get really i was just weird tissue
must i know other people like that a lotta be born of the belief that you should drink water all the days you have to pay all the time cause you're flushing your by i don't buy that at all now it's unnecessary it's probably yeah it's the deafening don't agree with that concept but we might we might want to do it once in a while just to do your own little clan whatever button i don't think as a rule of thumb that there's any particular health benefits that the toxins what about the tongues of flesh auctions didn t clear i need a drink more yeah that's that's bullshit i think so yeah a lot of people who still do it i know a lot of people the gem bring their gallant jonah distilled water enter whenever there is still no i'll write our o s our with warrior yet because when you drink gotta still water there's no management and it actually robs your body of minerals catholic takes the minerals outran so
don't drink unless you durst not i mean that's by rule of thumb and eyed and i dont so what do i drink with males until recently i was drinking wine with meals how can we stopped so oh i've written a lot about wind over the years and in how the research shows that wine drinkers live longer teetotaller resveratrol all that stuff and there's a lot of good compelling evidence to drink wine and yet at at at the root of the matter mine is still a source of ethanol ethanol is toxic to the body so you're putting a toxin in your body every time you drink wine start to look at that in my own case and realized i wasn't sleeping as well as i wanted to and sweeps think for me so but i was a two glass a night windbreaker for thirty years it wasn't dinner if i didn't have wine and so i went on a thirty day which i do often i do a three day experiment of one see would happen cut out the wine felt great slept
better and it was never really never woke up hung over i mean i've never my kids have never see me my kids are twenty two and twenty five and never see me drunk my wife has ever seen me drunk it's not like i was abusing anything but i had this regular pattern why so i went off it realised that i was benefiting from it oh for last year and a half i really cut back in the west we ll have a glass or to what was the benefit you watched out i didn't wake but three o clock in the morning and then not be able get back to sleep for an hour that was the big thing that i notice for myself as the fall asleep really easily and then i would wake up two or three in the morning and have a tough time getting back to sleep and that sort of subsided when i went off the wine so the that's that's the result of the effect of alcohol your body process
they are called the alcohols at present naturally out your body processes and then once is done processing and then you sleep cycles disturb see wake up zone happening chinese medicine says that when your liver is working at three three o clock in the morning so maybe that's when the real processing sorry to take things or when the if i don't know what i'm not a huge adherent of chinese medicine not suggesting that is not an important thing to look at but in my case the sleep benefited tremendously so feel any better other than asleep gamete i think saw me i didn't really noticed legacy never woke up hung over an hour felt refreshed waking up but i didn't like not getting that sleep and and having it and then in my case because i'm i'm i'm not it managing stress and i have a fair amount of stress just business stuff in my life that's you know when you can't sleep at three o clock in the morning all the business shit can it starts to serve
late moraine you know and houses gonna happen that how we gonna do that so so i didn't like that part of it so you're half went without drinking wine and why replaced it with i used to be a prodigious beer drinker before i gave up the great and and i started i found a couple of non alcoholic beers that i like and so again i it was for me was about the habit that the ritual of dinner so i needed i couldn't just drink water hate i ate drinking water with dinner so i wanted to find something to replace the ritual part the wine and i found these non alcoholic beers entering tribe one with dinner at night maybe one if these non grain made now they're there mate with range but it's not they dont affect me to an extent agenda and so that's that's what i've been doing
the last year and a half and then recently i came across a guy who is looking at paleo whites and and i said i am going due to be kind to new phrases as a marketing ploy now there's you wines or three hunted wineries in the world among the tens of thousands that don't use additives or sulfides or your coloreds or formaldehyde or any the shit that we put in wine in this country so if you look at what how wines are made in the u s some of the more desirable wines from up knows perspective have all kinds of crap in them and there's like eighty seven approved additives at the government allows you ask why makers to put their white and that's the shit that causes you to get the hang over and feel bad from drinking wine politically red ones
and wake up in the middle of the night and not be asleep so skype approaches me one day actually met him it at a conference and he said started tell me storing ice on that and that by an you know you got these wines don't have that won't cause you to fall asleep or not will cause you to wake up in the middle of the night he goes was like you mark i gave up drinking wine and i'm a by love wines but it gave up i didn't like what it is doing to me and i found this new these new wine so he source why around the world that are aid in wineries that don't use any these additives and eyed and i he gave me a case of the tri different brands and different things and none of them from the u s or off from europe or south amiss whatever and these are wineries have been around for three hundred years they just never bought into the concept of adding shit the white bread and you know it realized ike somebody's wind i can drink and enjoy and feel a little bit of
taking the edge off and then go to bed and have no ill effects it all sounds opening my mind to the fact that there are some some paleo i pointed out there that don't have the additives in it in them that consumed in moderation are probably enjoyable and potentially helpful term paleo seems to be a loaded term because people connected with the idea ellie illicit error when people eight at that time but it's not we're not talking about that later about paleo y yeah you know i mean i get seeds a weird it's weird term yeah and he doesn't it doesn't really is a term he is his natural yeah but but it the market to which he was catering at the time read it healthy paleo it's in the universe the paleo community yeah yeah it's almost like they need a better word then paleo because its
not necessarily even what people ain't during a pale yellow think error you just reducing grains are eliminating them and yet and concentrating on fats that's sarah with people aid during periodic not even any nets or the great missing where's the general public has about the paleo diet is it if a k banded needed than we good needed one round of this stuff existed and came ass time right nothing that we'd even even the stuff we get out of the ground or off the trees didn't exist and it's all been manipulated by farming and and you know whether was inserting jane it wasn't inserting change but we still did genetic manipulation of of foods to get them sweeter and more protein whenever maybe it's a loaded term and we need a new term lobbying in something like primal maybe bright well planned proud whoop oh hey that's a good one maybe should run with the sale try it runnels probably better than paleo i thoughtfully getting iced i started my project writing the blog in two thousand section i knew
early on i wanted a brand that was sort of unique and separate from paleo i thought paleo had too much baggage from cave man on it in primal sort it has a primary you know first importance gonna thing as well as as well as going back to primal times and primal urge whatever so hence the term primal blueprint and my primal fuel and my food products primal and they're all gonna based around them so these additives at their putting in wine is from an economic standpoint allows the process than none at all its eggs from a consumer demand point of view so you know when you get somebody's i do want to name names but some of my favorite really expensive our fournier wines that i used to love because of the way they taste him a thick and then rich looking and you know oki and honest that's just additives all crap they're putting in their because that's what the consumer thinks is is gonna make for us
stockaded wine why and all them is chemical additives that fuck with your body yet not all needs it enough that they all do that's bizarre and never would have thought that when i think of wine i thought wines is fermented grapes and they go through a process in the store it and get my friend maynard makes one i need contact him in do you know the ban to yeah maynard the lead singer daily he has an awesome wine company to do yes why did they make their online or they summit out designing long grows on greece fuckin crazy i mean i no longer have the girl grapes in malibu but none of them make their own why they state that truck it out the sum distillery than when they truck it out this guy takes it throws much shit well whatever that did did the growers rapes who's got his own label will say i wanted to have this these properties it's gotta be you know this
color and the stick and and sometimes if the grapes don't you can't print of themselves provide that i mean a lot of stuff comes from the lot of talents in wine come from the great skin and to get the deep deep deep deep rich color you have that yet bash the grapes up and the skin up even more and more and more so more that talent to get the red the deep red colours in the wine they gave to provide more the skin and that's what's causing a lot of the town and so some people have issues with that you to hear about the historians and widen again that's that's that's a market place demanding a deep red wine and those that cholera shoe particles could be collar could be again some other yo adding sugar to the white alot of u s wine have a lotta sugar at him look like a fairly high sugar content the guy i'm talking about here who who led me down this this rotten and sore open my eyes to this he's been in tito says for two years
and he couldn't drink wine because the sugar would take him out a tells us the sugar and why so that sort of one of the reasons you get started out use a lifetime windbreaker grew up in wine country up and in sonoma and an adult delta businesses or have left it because he got disenchanted and then came back when he discovered that there are these wise and have no sugar that have no self or minimal self i too mean all all natural fruits and vegetables have some of us off but not added no added sulphates and in none of these eighty or so approved added ingredients that can affect the collar and the smell of in the in a thickness that is really interesting that something i never even consider and i never really thought those additives are mine i thought it was just grapes out is presenting what deserve american coming
to do this has anything local i don't know i mean he's that the things that he's given me are all from from other countries that sounds so counter intelligent intuitive there we grow so much wine in california but to get me without any shit and you'd have to get it from europe because we're so concept right now at least this part of the country is on in our natural foods and you know grass fed beef and organic vegetables the fact have wines that almost primarily yeah that's not how it is and it may be that you know that i'm that he hasn't sent me any that are from the u s boom of these are from from other
where would you order something that i want to try that now because i dont like wine a love red wine dry wind farms is again it is the name of the company draw dry wind farms dry i was thinking tries like that's the way the kind of white wine the people at a dry white why i'm here just never believed that it was the additives that are causing all those issues well so now we're back to that that initial discussion we had about let's what you don't eat right that really affects more than what you doing india at so if you're getting you know you're eating appropriately grown cuts of meat and organic vegetables and
cutting out the the organic i was gonna cutting out the industrial seed oil cutting out the sugar cutting out the processed grains in some of the other grains and in their place your or ensure cutting out in this case crappy wine and in and substituting fruits vegetables meat fish foul eggs not seeds and it now we have you no again up of if we want a joy life in that's one of the things that we might consider an enjoyable part of life is is partaking of a glass of red or white wine with newer now it's kind of back on the menu for some people that's interesting that's really interesting so but it's not necessarily on the menu for you know so having said that i am not finding myself back in that situation were drinking wine with dinner again because i i've i still recognised for myself that it's the ethanol that i'm not just intuitively i dont like putting that amount of ethanol in my body
on a regular basis so once in a while as a hermetic you know insult if you well that's fine the body will adapt to it and use it as to its benefit but on a regular basis problem so just a sheer alcohol content of wine was put causing an issue wasn't just the the additives now so so the the additives were probably causing issue because with with these wines i wasn't waking up in the middle of the night and i was so i felt as if i had had the wine so what's the ethanol ethanol is is that's the alcohol that's the reform of alcohol in the wind right but it's not the additives no do not yet know that's what you're trying to get address is ethanol is the is the alcohol unwanted that's what gives you the right that's not what being at a rapid so but you decided that it was
the ever now it wasn't yet an ongoing but i still didn't like the idea it's not about the issues as much as it's just it's like i can i can consume a fair amount of sugar over the course of a day and not have not gained weighed and not have an effect my blood sugar i just choose not to because it no it's bad for me right so using the even like a glass ass of wine once announced fine yet once it was fine but hasn't even shut it hasn't shown that there's some longevity right better that's yes i do think that there very strong it is an anti i doubt and i think i think i could be wrong but my interpretation of some studies is that you take to cohorts of people who have each of whom have a shitty diet and are gonna die of heart disease in large numbers and you give one was the cohorts two glasses of wine a night and you give the other glass or the other cohort none and over time you look at the two groups and you realize the group that had two glass of wine a night
didn't have as many cardiac events probably cause our blood was thin furthest from the wine or something you know it's like it's not that it's bestowing longevity on these people it's that they're not dying at the same rate from their shitty diet because some my guess is probably some artificial blood thinning that's happening or something like that ah but wise it sort of conventional wisdom that it was trawl where it is nevertheless one of the components of why but but you you would have to drink you no seven hundred and fifty glasses of wine to get the amount of as reservoir trawl that you can get in a reservoir trawl capsule rice at its there's not a lot of respiratory wine there is some in its data is well studied in a component of of wine in fact thereby companies founded on just providing resveratrol as anti aging nutrient but it's not there's not a lotteries virtual and wine and i'm nuts and
think any these studies have ever pointed to the fact that its the raspberry trawl in the wine you're drinking that's conferring longevity on this route forces that group do you think there's any benefit and consuming exogenous key tones oh not on balance i think if you are ass leading you're looking too to maximize performance there might be places in which you could consume exactness key tones first of all if you haven't if you're not kido adapted its it's a joke is no reason to take exertions kiehtan if if you're fat adapted and cato adapted there may be a reason to take exertions key tones in in an event instead of sugar but like say if you're gonna run doing some vital to indeed i can make that argument and yet to it to my knowledge there aren't many great tasting kiehtan salts so now you ve got a palatability issue as well with a lot of things right maybe try them no i haven't
fast into by cuba jack diets over the last couple months have been really considering try again i mean there's there's sympathetic the good science there but i can't give you a practical application right now where it would wear it would other than in some elite event work where somebody was racing all out for hours in endless completely kido adapted prior to the event and you know was was so good at at using he tones in the brain that they could they could hold barking for another hour to so they would take some time repeated genetic supplement in their water or some belongs yeah yeah or not enough not to sell their water but some yes some drink would probably the easiest way to do so if you were going to recommend someone to try to make your body more fat adaptive what would be the first step just just radically cut back i'm sure it should do it slowly she taper off she just just give him up
either way it's easier i think if you'd if you just give it up obvious go all in if europe somebody's been pending on sugar your whole life in here you know you're doing for five hundred six hundred grams a day of carbohydrate then you're going down two hundred two hundred and twenty is going to be painful for the first couple weeks and i say painful we have the same call the low carb flu so you go from your body your brain expecting to have you refuel every meal for every couple of hours every day with carbohydrate to then reducing it down to one hundred and twenty fifty grams a day the brain star
go what what's going on here i mean the muscles haven't yet built the metabolic machinery to burn fat their working on it in their up regulating the that the genes are turning on to create the un's eyes but they're not there yet takes about twenty one days to do this so in the process the bodies expecting sugar and if you're trying to work out at the same time you gonna be screwed because now you have you sugar depleted and you haven't learn how to burn fat yet and the brain is depleted and so the brain goes fires i'm foggy i can't think i've got a headache i'm dizzy this sucks i want you to bagel and i let it happen to me when i did the atkins diet for you i'll die many many years ago a lot of you derail the first or second week yeah yeah so you have not train during that time or not train cut cut it way back we don't do any good look like little training so just write a bike easy go for a hike or didn't do some stuff like that but you can't really train train hard when you do that can how long does it take to adapt so what
two weeks people get through that fog and then now they'll be good why have a book called twenty one day total body transformation in the twenty one days is about how long it takes to get eighty percent of the benefits of becoming a fat burning beast is what we call a fat burning bees like that so you got of commit to it and you gotta assume is gonna be an adjustment period yeah yeah and added here it is not going to be me for some people its men of all is that they just feel little bit low energy or whatever other people get headaches and woozy because at the brain again recognising that there's no glucose and it hasn't yet built amid about machinery to burn key tones even though the body may be producing key tones and end when the body produces key tones you can either burn them as fuel or you could spill them out in the urine and the breath and so a lot of people who have not yet become kido adapted like
sugar burner carbohydrate dependent person will still produce kiehtan if you skip to meals in a wake up in the morning your basically fasted if your sugar burner and you wake up and if you don't eat breakfast you might smelt kiehtan on that person's breath or they might be on a strip it shows cinematic vetoes and the blood in in the in the urine because as the biased get really keep those whose camper num does not a burning yet so to consuming exaggerates key tones dozen accentuate kid agenda die yeah so i don't think i read it i dont know i dont know enough about the clinical trials were going on right now but my assumption would be that if you take exertion is key tones and you're not fat adapted to key to adapt it it's not gonna necessary prompt you to to become that unless you ve down the dietary manipulation is well ok so there's no short cuts to that transitional period between glucose based
i am of fat basically diet is just going to have to be a transitional period i think so because i can say i think i think if you skip amelia producing kiehtan so just at an end you're pissing about adding more keystones is gonna piss out more cato so you should be to be superstar when you piss on a strip cause you got your key tones plus the exactions this all started with great yeah but this also but i feel like shit i'm but the strips i'm doing great right ok so not nearly as important as the actual physical performed yet we feel so no matter what you're gonna have to go through a trip so if you like they say look just me dollar me if you if i had a shitty dieting eaten spaghetti all day you would read man that for a couple of weeks i just take real light and make this adjustment ning commitment to make me adjustment the diet doing fat based diet with very low sugar v
look our hydras cut out the grains entirely yet all europe carbohydrates from salary in letters and vegetables and some fruits and just make a commitment to and in part at commitment is i'm not gonna train like banshee for the first two weeks i'm just gonna i'll train but i'll do easy stuff and that's what the first chapter in our book which should be about diet is about training and about low level training and which book which the primal indifference book that just came out a few weeks ago the first chapter should be about dyke assets clearly when a most important but we talk about training first because we think it enough insurance athletes would read the book that if they read the diet part first they would continue training at the high level in hand and embrace the diet and fall apart so we gotta get the training doubt in first for those people and say you gotta gears why you have to cut back his why you can't
seed a heart rate of one eighty minus your age for the first couple weeks training when you're doing long distance stuff and at that rate you'll be burning mostly fats you'll be accentuating what's going on of dietary side we should restrict carbohydrates and providing more fat more healthy fats for your body and creating more might o connell bio genesis and appreciating those mighty contrary to become efficient at burning fat how long does it take for your body reaches the optimum level model conjuror i mean i'm we see athletes who are still who get eighty percent of their benefit the first three weeks and thence and then another ten percent than over the next six months and the final the final benefits kick in the last six months because it sometimes you lose your put your your top in power diminishes as you become fat adapted you gotta get that top in power back but that we build in the gym so
it's it's a longer process but once it has so it's like eighty percent and then six weeks later another ten percent in this extremely six could be six months later another ten percent so in for the course of a full year you're still slowly adapt yeah i think i think within a year maybe a little bit more than a year you can if you do everything right you can be this completely rebuilt engine that's amazing so and then there's gotta be some benefits in terms of long devotee in terms of your ability to do work over long periods of time like well one of the things that that's most compelling is i gotta coming from an insurance community where marriages fall apart because the guy would rather go for a hundred mile ride on sunday morning then stand ben cuddle with a wife you know or would would rather america's firepower ass one of the reasons but i thought i was money
well it is one of the eight thousand our bike to go on that on the ride so where we go without launch empty marriages fall korea so so the longevity part one of the things happened to see you train this less total training time to get the results that you wanted because you're doing it methodically and you're not just putting it all out there every day and the crushing your fingers and say well on training as much as the sky so i must i better be is faster faster than he right you're doing up and approached its very scripted a detail in methodical at one out on one end of the spectrum on the other in its also sporadic and fractal it's like a wake up today and i don't feel like doing what i had my plan take the day off cause if you go if today's it ain't gonna go hard and you
like shit do not go hard there's no magic there's no benefit there's no there's no points that you gain from doing it in fact it'll it'll take you down the toilet so you you learn to become intuitive about your training and period the city is one of the words we talk about where you paradise you there's moments where your times when you're going very make your longer work out longer and slower and your hard work out shorter and harder and at an end
in the b in the middle of these you'll be intuitive about about how you feel how much they did you get add are you fuelled appropriately for today's event are you do you have a is there a purpose to today's work out other than just go accumulate miles cause i feel like shit i feel like a slob if i don't and if you could get around all that you can you can start to see some amazing benefits with less pain and suffering sacrifice less being beat up less burn out less time and and presumably if you do it right better result anyway than the old than the old paradigm so that's gonna cause real dilemma with people that are obsessed with the work rate obsessed with just doing more than anybody else obsessed with proving too
solves gap push themselves they put it all those hours and acumen and looking at it they look at their you know that a lot of you love absent or following that measure humming i dont oh shit up its nine o clock at night we just finished dinner honey i'll have sixteen thousand steps i get it walked back to the hotel her rank and i gotta get the twenty it's bullshit it's that stuff is so ridiculous and yet you know i was there i was one of those people who lived my life base on the amount of miles i accumulated and in measure myself worth on whether or not he could hang with em buddy i ever raised or race with in a work out and never let anybody half we'll me on a bike ride in any work out and it was it was fine i guess it was part of my lifestyle but it's not you gotta go back to the to the essence of wire you're doing this if you doing justice to hang out please to say hey marcie so discipline man you're you're out there in your writing sixty a hundred miles some days you run and ten you are no discipline and might the joke is up
get myself if i can carry me i'm a disciplined discipline is going to work and in putting it in full productive eight hours and in fighting little bit of time to work out or maybe hang out with a family is it was so easy for me to get on a bike and go put miles in gopher run an shrug every other duty off you know and that's that one of the dangers of being an insurance athletes addictive it's uh it's it's a very addictive pursue you are creating special beating yourself everyday your creating endorphins eggs endogenous morphine like sub says that sit on those same receptor sites the p killing site in pleasure giving site that you would inject heroin to achieve now you just doing it naturally and you doing at every single day and craven every day and if you take five days off you feel like shit you go with through withdrawn so there's that part of it as well that we have to look at why do people do this the obsessive aspect at it the obsessive aspect of it end the addictive aspect of that
trusting man while listen man this is ben probably one of the most informative and interesting podcast have ever done a really really appreciate you taking time coming here and share analysis patient i don't have to listen this fuckin thing three or four times to work to get all of it end and your book so please tell us the book again the name and how we get is at amazon yet zardanians on its primal endure it's it's on amazon my website is marks daily apple dot com so a lot of stuff we talk about here has been broken down into blogs was four thousand posts over the last ten years and encourage anybody to to give it a go bomb given into go man you ve really convince me i'm sold on burma radically reduce sugar not all my grains and now keep our body posted a wholly to it now please do are is really really appreciated thank very much mark i folks we back tomorrow with hannibal birth see then by again you're fucked
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