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#756 - Kyle Kingsbury

2016-02-04 | 🔗
Kyle Kingsbury is a retired professional mixed martial artist. He competed in King of the Cage & the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and was also on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs Team Mir.
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his name he's a very good guy a really interesting guy and a cool dude and are a smart man a former you have see fighter his name is count he's berry and adjust of always enjoyed talking sky whenever i catch us talk to him and we were going back and forth the other day on twitter we're talking about key to genetic diets and some stuff and i said man did we gotta do a fuckin bob cast and boom we just did it and was awesome i really enjoyed it so please welcome my friend kyle things very the term will gain experience by my right child things very annoying brother i'm doing great rather present for you this is a legitimate fanny look at that fanny pack enthusiasts he's one of the few manly men that i can count upon almost always be weren't fanny that baby that's a higher primate doc
special is phenomenal i wanted to go into these back in the day and you were out of stock yeah right quite sometimes fuckin sell out of these things believer none i believe that these are made i routes and they have like the pocket is higher primate com like thing stamped into it but it's fuckin level baby i found out about that one from dice clay man he had another fanny back enthusiasm of days and he had swept bets on and die he was wearing this beautiful leather fanny pack animals like where did you get that also roots one stop best they took it off it showed its may we like
girls like look at each other person says we're doing oh yeah you're inspected the package you want to see this is where my wallet myself and this is where my chaps nickel go so i bought one its legitimate fuck and then after i bought it i was i was so in love with a nose like they make these for me and put my stamp on it and they said yes so the zipper pocket you look at it has a higher primate stamp the champ the light bulb abovesaid pretty sweet s amazing he'll kill with the one you want eyebrows like it screams hiker schemes hitchhiker it is i got this affected packs if i get this before go in a central and south america because you can lock the zippers people can get into it and pickpocket you have cables on the on the ban their legs your cable so they can't come rarely do like a lot of slashing grab stuff over there i guess jesus christ let me see this thing you ve got mama need change brands survival pact back this my travel wait self all you can do
this they travel weight and this has courts in a week feel too of course you can cut it heavy duty credible oh my goodness and when you when you click that and others a three buttons to open it up not your normal to button action one two and three this is your chance they get the hour or i r i empty decay yo frequent young serve your pass and buying some little hackers on his laptop he can't steel earlier apple pay information from your iphone and should like that someone can do that fuck you walking by you haven't seen resignation china to china try to stay as far loop with all these fuckin hacker whipper snapper what is this bad boy is so that's weak all those three together harmful to lock on it i see dude this is impressive stuff they made it at a kelvin have even
cover your dick you know they may close now at a cavalier either they look like regular clothes we could take a bullet with em like how it cattle hollywood penetrate you slightly and then we may feel awesome but it's keep the bullet from going through into your body it hurt me anything doubt you like depends on the round but it wouldn't feel good its i've talked to people that have been shot boy professed essay sites like it punched but are these plates liken pants and shit like that or you like some type of material that's movable its both they have of em they even have some that prevent you from knife attacks they have like a thick mesh kevlar that seems more real country the chain mail the magpie whereas in commando there's a there was a vice documentary or vice peace on this guy who is known for making bulletproof close his is a tailor i want to say colombia thinking
ogata but he's he's known for making a really nice clothes that just happened to be bulletproof like the whole deal underwear everything that's pretty bad ass is pretty bad it's like the kings men guy as is it yeah area is rarely reporter testing a knife prove s ends up getting stabbed well while that's not good will he actually stabbed all the way through urged a little bit of jesus christ the commander knife and he just gonna fuckin stab another thing guy doing sign language in the lower left i actually others all areas where is the winner you wouldn't pick up the stab here penetrating through i missed you said fuckin do bleeding that did die
plated pretty well for getting stead yeah he took it he took it quite easily jesus christ forward because it works you look a little bit means deftly better than not having done on you'd be dead work sometimes worse a little bit like stab me like this little who live in color you stay here too do you like that as well you ve seen those martial arts demonstrations of those guys do that come up with a knife who the other that's the technical staffing technique always yeah they say that the best way to night fight is actually to put your arm forward you wrap your clothes or on your arm and put a knife in your back and meanwhile why the fuck do i know what the best way to night fight what are the odds europe really get a knife i argue in another guy on the beach circle image there was a knife and your jacket wrapped around your forearm and be it starts playing the town oh no no no no no no yes right they were switchblade right data will my fight
they were tied together do no fights the movies and were those posing a big thing in movies back in the old musicals who is that website story there there's this and fever haven't i find a dead right tat and i fight to what the fuck is wrong with people back then all the cocaine that what it was i don't know what are the cooking kick in whose name is right i think it was around in the seventies and it just got giant and eightys have you watch narcos no but i hear its awesome dead actually eddie bravo to always talks about how it just yeah he's hooked he gummy here and now i'm hooked on transport spread the world spread to the world we're looking for new shows its african awesome sharma it's incredible it's really really not so documentary style or no it some there's some real footage of the actual marrying cartel and other some real footage of like the different busts in some murder footage
bodies that there really real real alarm like some of that horrible atrocities they committed they still show you real footage of that but for the most part it just is this or of pablo escobar is rise to power that's right is fuckin stood it so don't they just such a good job netflix just as on an average there they have so much fuckin money mandate they can put together these things make em like like ten movies it's like ten one hour movies that's the best i can't really we have watching regular tv now like each other how can a spoiled us you ought to show even though the billion netflix did you get it all at once he s or the whole season but even still like we're watching dexter can the day care and there's really you could seasons there but whatever show that's on that that you can watch straight through with no commercials no fast forwarding nine day better than haven't used dvr or situ commercial is this just that's cave manchets it's terrible it's all day
it's terrible those in the old days were done with commercial they need a cobbler new way to sell you shit like interrupting tv shows just makes me i want to buy their stuff there were some new comedy on tv s honor why were watching it but they kept showing ford ads during the show and they are trying they would like a little chime like bomb and they would have this giant for dot com on the bottom like they were to do it so blatant that it was humorous but a saint it was like fucking working like the why was this ridiculous some new comedy on tv s some cheese dick cop show so while the show was on the commercials playing over the dialogue in all astonished to see what is going on and then you see this thing like superimpose over the bottom of the screen and was repeated though like like i mean to the commercials use this just pop up on like that the future of tv then we were here
we're killings and as the like that would that's what they're doing to try to counter dvr just stick it even more in your face fuckin gross man over the top with it too so stupid it's such a dumb waiter advertise they just have to figure out a better way to let people know about their shit down to some some cool way that's not the way to do it thus neither here there now however i never get to know they are excellent dude i'm on a diet among the key to genetic diet now or trying to get into it and you know you talking about it with me sort of inspired me a little bit because one of the big things people say you can't be and you can't do explosive activities bullshit it contains various pocket you fuckin nerds ah you nutrition nerves tat weapon you get into any sort of a diet online or tell people you try something the falcon exe birds color i would ever so many people i'd even one that's why i delete my facebook account i just couldn't stand like
the years in the you see i just would say oh sure yeah i'd allow you to be friends light be friends a kind of thing and then over time you ve got five thousand people that think that your pals like at least on twitter i follow who i want to follow rats that i'm not subscribed any other shit you're right i'm sure about one point seven million people following you online twitter alone near you post you gonna do this and as people come up the woodwork yeah about it i would write about like i just read this gets phenomenal check it out you now and then everybody's got to come up with a sword here's a article phone online ascended a link in this guy's a total whacked job he's an idiot like this like this on paragraph somebody rose going to tell it is slow throw out the window what this guy spent years researching in putting together in his back it's always like vague news dot com go go just sits on a real source of dare you but
decide this diet i saw i've been on it now only for four days just like today i think it's the fourth third or fourth day was called the third day third day one hundred percent and headaches unlike the select somewhere around the second dashed or to get a little bit ahead i read that on nearest but fixed for with the facts a lot of people in their transition low carb they have there's a window before start producing kittens on your own right you can join start out window with fasting which is a total pain in the ass especially fear carbohydrate dependent or you can cheated by using empty tool so you up your empty tease the first three days can a borderline or you might shoot yourself and you have a majority in the gate any that really feeling like groggy energy or fuck man i can't move like you you can eliminate that completely with empty why does empty tea or make you show yourself because it does it does and i'm not gonna lie i've shit my
at least five times in the past two years as i think that some european drug built another only donald drink anymore but what was it then cds i gotta go lucky you know like i know measure everything out religiously i mean but and this too everything's fine tuning it's all personal process right i'd start with a teaspoon now i'm up to four tablespoons per month of coffee i make a whole pot blended up with to the one we shall carry gold butter to them city oil than i am stevie drops second thing from on the road i got other stuff but i dont use two thousand the road and having coffee i would just take a gulp of energy mix in crete you bring your own whipping cream here what is the heavy cream here you gotta get on it broke where it unless you don't have a dot have that says that you have made a heavy cream gotta get out of that
i lydia drops here like jim carry does what's the just like jim carried him carry a steaming drops check out the coffee what does the coffee in cars comedians he brings diva dropsy aid does it will when he's our seinfeld its awesome other said so tell me why i do have heavy whipping cream well this is dwellers marxists on detailed earlier this is grass fed free range are good stuff i dont have a lactose intolerant ordering tolerance so that's what's iron well go on a recommenced anybody who does but this is an easy way to get more fat and that's really you're trying to do we as natural p from a primal standpoint when in paris if the tosses no matter where we were on planet earth so you're talking about the other day like what is the sense central diet stuff that conniston raoul that's based on where you live so if you add ancestors from the poles than you likely had big game and fruits and
tools and things that grew in color climates you know like and shit like that you buy the equator smaller stuff smaller live animals chicken fish those kind of things and then much more carbohydrate but both no matter where you are from you had periods reed and neat so that's when you'd producer on key to remain in a cottage an estate he really you have to have a much higher level of fat and people think like waymore too where you'd its counter intuitive especially with cholesterol and things like that but the researchers i mean these guys are putting together things dr david perlmutter wrote grain brain in twenty thirteen he had research from twenty thirteen and two thousand and twelve and two thousand and eleven all in the book in twenty fifteen you followed up with brain maker brand new studies are being put in so this is like the very latest and what their across the board is for all the until disorders like alzheimer's dimension a parkinson's they all have to do with really high blood sugar levels over time so one person
manifestos type two diabetes another person like it alzheimer's is gesture genetic coding that's a genetic difference eating like it's gonna get you to have that disease you know manifest itself sugar itself seems to be just really really bad it's a bad deal now self but as you'll find it's really easy to eat too much protein on a diet that can knock you out of qatar says so going to watch protein nazi out of ghettos there's a there's a process the body does call glucose neo genesis and this is kind of were atkins failed lotta people whom i doubt or due to atkins almost wait nora foot like shit this pain across my chest and they call like atkins fever writing re like flew symptoms right right that comes from what is it what's your energy source so people do a low carb diet and they think why don't wanna have too much factors that's an unhealthy and then you stand good fats and bad fat so they say ok while just up my protein to fill up in a little bit of fat and low carb
well now your body has to shake protein and turn it back into glucose let's go neo genesis does and it's a fair use your body will do it but it's not easy thing to do fat and cover hydrates are much much easier as energy sources so if you keep protein moderate that's why now modified atkins or catatonic diets they'll tell you it's high fat moderate protein local so when you say like moderately coming green grams of protein d get a day that's all individual for anybody the working out how your work you when i intensity about two twenty in some way to twenty five right now probably have under a hundred and forty three grams approaching really that's interesting because the bodybuilder method was one gram per pound at least and they are doing six seven meals a day looked up reporting on size i'm not gonna tell during yeats how to put on size like heat day they die
specifically for gains that is scientifically proven help with gains you're eating like a child basically have a newborn date every two hours then there eating everything carbohydrates protein and fat right so when you want to gain sized that's the way to do it but for this you don't necessarily need that and you can employ different methods like intermittent fasting where they talk about skip breakfast and justice between twelve and seven you're not that protein window of all my my nystrom balances lowering under loose muscle mass total crap their rebellion skip amelia gonna u can it weak brow total crap all the horse once that give us recovery anything like that idea foreign growth hormone they all goes through the roof when we donate so the law are we fast the hierarchy don't production is the higher anti catabolic hormones are so there so preserving now you could do a fast incorrect and you know you run a wrong long razor or if you did
intensity stuff fasted then yeah you'd be run into problems but that is because it that's our talus right your body says to break down muscle tissue is i would call a toss us cause you're working like letting this is all right in there in the prince primal endurance bookmarks us on i've got the picked it up right through on the show yea neo kindle i really enjoy talking to that guy tat was all yeah that was really cool conversation and a very eye opening you know what i want really open my i really had me thinking was they ve shown on studies recently on children and have epilepsy that putting them in a kid ethnic state seems to stop epileptic seizures or significantly reduce them that's how the diet was developed in the nineteen twenty i think it's johns hopkins university or hospitals may universe he johns hopkins whatever put together they add a team is there that figured it out and dumb theirs surely a guy who was on the tim ferris podcast
doktor dominic the augustine oh who is some year check him out i thought i heard that one south florida he's fast it for seven days left to divide hounds rift in rats did five eighty five a single then gave a lecture to three hundred plus people on fasting and catatonic diet that guy's a trip he's he's really fascinating super fuckin intelligent even argue listening to him talk about how he travels with his own exogenous key tones that he throws into food and we try those yet now how nasty there your idea the rocket stuff first came out with a liquid it is it is general i mean it'll it'll make you quiver and i think that stuff tastes worsen then i'll oscar now a new stuff they make it with steve yards on natural flavouring like orange kido cannot awesome stuff you what's the what's the thought process between but behind eating exactness key tones has at work well here's what
noticed if i'm in a carriage and estate kido adapt did not produce monkey tones i feel a huge bump from a product like like that sergeant in addition right if i may carbohydrate necessary energy system and i have been told us for a while and then i have like ok well i'm gonna get loosely tonight's all key tones i might feel like a slight difference but it's not gonna be nearly as dramatic as if a marty in ghettos really which is odd to me i don't know the mechanism of how it works or if my body just more in tune to use them when there's no carbohydrates there but it's night and day i think the product is its their expensive like seventy five eighty five bucks for fifteen servings pry room so i wouldn't use it every day but i'd use it for the big race nationality fifty keynesian coming up in april i'll be using them for that
your answer you would do it the morning of the reins like how to run admiring the re onerous that on fifteen may beforehand and then every couple hours in pressure now how long have you been doing a kid agenda diet at least a year and a half i've been in and out of obviously i'm not gonna there is no point we'll never carbs again there's this illegal because their phenomenal hot there's periods at times rather like a twelve weak block restricted sixteen weeks in around straight stricter than what you find when he knew that what's the difference the biggest thing that i feel is a cognitive boost indy the sharpness i have mentally is i mean that's that's that's they what keeps me come back to it is the man clarity and focus and then that's really into you lose a little but a waterway cause like a giant holds water in the muscles so you don't lose any strength but you lose some of that waterway
and i just feel more flexible so when i do yoga and things like that like if i can get in new postures i can never get into when a carbs but i can't get a lotus when i'm when a meaning carbs even if it's only five pounds difference in my overall by wait i believe in the last now and she tells us what the fuck so where's it binding in your knees in your hips like what's withholding you back well you're holding water in for every gram of blockage in you hold for grams of water in the muscle so so it makes sense you're loading on carbohydrates thing even if you not carbon loading but if you're carved dependent so you're gonna hold more water then if they weren't is there any benefits as far as like utilization of energy or key tones amid this is coming out of steam finian joyful look they rota during science local living in the art science low carbohydrate performance marks a sign of references them they really broke down studies on athletes and academics diet and things like that and saw exactly what
what kind of enhances were being done in the kind of broke through the mould of what was done before when they ran tests you know gaiters running tests and it was a day if you do this he simply gonna be allow perform somebody who has carbohydrates right they weren't looking at some of those kido adapted so it does takes six to eight weeks to make your body prefer fat ok so would it we're doing was just try and get on people they put him in a static tells us what a couple weeks in the two weeks exactly six to eight weeks sixty weeks and other people will tell you the longer the better so if you are like these eyes that are winning the western states one hundred two hundred mile race their therein it for years you do strict for a year and a half and then you see some some significant jobson fat oxidation rates so how many how much can break in an hour while i'm under stress that changes dramatically the longer standing now
when you do that is it beneficial to put on some body fat like for a long race like that is if you're in it to degenerate state your body can burn off them fat you would have that they have cry i can't i can't read off now i thought my head but i mean when they talk about how much how much calories you can hold from like aegean restoring the liver and all the card loading you can do for us is how much that you have in your body you could run for days we can fast its literally why that's another thing like to dispel a body builders myth on muscle if we lost muscle dramatically from fasting then would we chase down the heard three four or five days into not having food like right we for sure evolve to be able to do this so we could go a long periods of time and still have our exclusiveness when we needed it never jumper criminals are doing stupid shit like we have to do now right at the same time like it was important for human beings to be able to have energy still fast estate for that long
and what you're talking about four people or unaware it's called persistence hunting in it's one of the first methods of hunting that ancient people do and still do in parts of africa where they were run he's down if an animal like an antelope they run very fast for short periods of time but they overheat they get they get hot they get tired and they can't run like we can we can run at a slower pace for way longer we could run all day because we sweat they don't sweat so they overheat and so what ancient hunters would do just chase them literally until they dropped in their stab them is for some pretty fucking trippy videos of guys doing that today in africa that sounds badass it's pretty crazy it just chase these animals down till eventually the and then they stab em i can imagine the runners high of chasing pray that long and end like you're that your food like hell you was spent five grand safari like that your food here like that must be a thrill alive their hair but bring us back for my family
this is not something you did while you're fighting no you know in fighting the way i like toward this is i used to play video games and lead to do shit none not knocking video games m m inevitably coming up here it's gonna be some say in a video you yes whatever the mafia three two kilograms awesome the guy you plague hitman or some shit i'm the dude it's dude the dude it's a one player game that like grand theft auto ah but you don't beat up hookers after being an m you do like more mother revenge game trying to come out to these guys for killing my family and i get today i made it the whole motion capture so if you guys farts it's me in a suit duenna real anything he does it's me do it well so how long you have to do that for we're still working on it this summer it's been i've been doing that for since a retired last year and a half it's it's crazy how intensive video games are
you really are people work will you gotta they might have behind it now grants are not of five grand theft auto five had this is this is the trailer mafia three let's see here don't don't don't ireland you people speak like you know there were me or you were born in yours
we demand go someplace please falcandus graphics videos let alone but how do i get it back so is this you hear with backpacks dismay that away do all that at the end here i kick this guy in the creek the faces differ is it an acronym alex from new york is awesome so the facial scan and a voice cod fuckin a video is incredible this bill you know what a breeze
cecile bizarre haven't some due to face on your body now cause i've met many awesome she was a notion i would look at it totally different now that i love the guy has it that would suck the fuckin video games fix or in saying this is really downplayed to just because a youtube like when you see when i go in the studio and see what they ve done with it and they get to play the game the end game is just it's it's they have whole team do the environment call teams that do buildings everything you can go into there's not a door and again that you can't walk into and have some type of environment to play with it's like the hair and the grass when they were not there fly with the helicopters so they say you gonna fuckin grass the shadows in the grass is incredible the facial recognition is the same stuff that robertson mecca was using in his movies when they were scandal we
we flew to allay to do it it's pretty let's go soundtrack well it's late sixties early seventy services good news to choose from this is awesome no we get fuckin with some nice gory kills fur people there into that sort of thing yeah it's amazing how i give you wanna talk about people that work hard nobody works like models and nobody but they work some insane fuckin long hours man put together a video game some really time intensive stuff it's and its round the clock see these guys gonna go when i go there absolute rule laid back this same place they do occur the debate to be game in the basketball game that kind of thing you go and see the the guys that right the kohen and actually make the game
did you get you can take care of their own deadlines for europe now and a fixed bugs into all kinds of things just grind like they are definitely put in extreme hours yeah it's it's horrific what i was getting too before i jumped off in the side there was in in fighting i always had i had an idea of what i could do with my time and if i had a fight come up and i'm playing video games there's nothing like a deadline this guy's gonna try to knock me out in six weeks right five weeks for weeks three weeks every day start to look at that day at the end of the day and say what did i do today to make myself better how did i spend my time and if my pie chart had through hours of entertaining myself when it could have been learning about something else to help me like nutrition or indifferent training modalities that kind of thing i mean the choices made just overnight it was like ok i'm done plan video games
station three is collecting dust now have a new jet next generation apply get one just play this game but on the other really instilled in me a love and thirst for knowledge and that's when i started reading about read more books then my fighter than in college that's interesting ever a minute these camps were that's really hard spend my time is just trying to figure out how to better myself for the fight when you were a strange position too because you were a guy came to martial arts or too late in life so you came into a late life as a great athlete whose learning all the different aspects of emma may all the different martial arts techniques and then competing in the highest level of sport like pretty much right away yeah that was pretty dumb there it gotta gotta smarter that they're gonna lot more intelligently of planning a career and things like that but really just all happened by storm i
i agree that that's not the way to do it but some people can on jones you know it's a few guys they can i look at at a talk about john jones organic dana cornea you look at the background it's not like they were doing something totally different therein martial arts the whole time whether you call it that are not therein martial arts their whole lives no man courtyard and now they can focus on and look at corneas has striking could he didn't have to focus on you didn't spend time dividing up that pie chart into wrestling practice and other things right right just a little bit of keeping a sharp there i can really learn these other things and dive into them what's so when you were a master at one of those things like sorted damien my is what you get to such a man stir at it that all those other things you know he hears has to be proficient nazi opposition wicked uses mastery even look at verde
ms striking is nearly improved over the years because he always had you determines back exactly exact and had a down such a high level than anybody he gets to the ground with his pretty fucked your real bad spot but your your path was the path of the ultimate fighter lead like that tv show and i do not even need not just people that are on the tv show but people that do well in the smaller circuit smaller shows and then you know they get a couple fights the belt may start looking good then they get the car hey we need to fight summoned to fight this guy on now weeks now unless you want to do this at lahti guys in view of sake fall out you know sir from another organisation looks attractive they ve got something going on like skies got potential but to engineer a career correctly you would do it
that sort of the same way they did with floyd may whether in boxing or something along those lines you would take them slowly through the amateur ranks develop their skills and then test them a little bit more every five little bit more give him some fights where they can constant things given the guy was brower given guy has a box somebody's feather fisted my guy who knows he hits really hard but fades after two or three rounds and there's all these different sort of tat so you can give a boxer and no when they're ready for those tests whereas whole time they're getting their cage to ring time in getting all that butterflies out there's more time in the pocket and the old telephone poor booth telling your pay my home with you they just fuck him put your ass in a catapult one such as deep as part of the ocean it isn't working
it was down there was never a plan that rome is like something this order came along now i did well football today as you and i was pretty depressed at and know what i wanted to do i knew i didn't want to have it fuckin dust job and lennox will really my outlet in life in i had discovered academics or meditation or any of that stuff sir you inappropriate noise i turned it up just like it here so warm but what lay due to why i started training in mixed martial arts just because i was tired of being a rat on the wheel treadmills and lifting waste wasn't doing it for me me too six while no more i did all before that i mean muscle in high school so high school wrestling backtrack bar for years three years in two years and junior high council some as decent not but but yeah so i got into it and then as learning there was in our local guy down in arizona and here
i got a little sleazy organization down their knees i ain't your bag and he look good and and wait for body issue why don't you get in their fight for me as a guy i don't know man i thought a lot grown up but it's different in different when you are in don't you want to destroy someone verses some guy was trained for you ve never met before so do it get your feet wet if you like it do it and if you don't like it never do it again but at least try at one time right survey so first fight it was a twenty nine victory signified nineteen second victory both visa stomach awful exe we want some white i training and then from their ozark that you knock a guy out you know that it's fuckin there's no drug like that you're dislike lit up on fire and then or to train and really trying to get more serious about it but i fought a lot of fights quickly so there was development and between i got two five uno inside five months
six and i saw the king in a cage after that get a hundred dollars a fight my first five fight and then i got a thousand dollars a fine king in a cage and so my first loss i was still training out gonna do amount thing in arizona forbade her nose guys had their own jim and so kane was that a k and i'm from the bay area i was born and raised there so it just made since a guy new came from college but i didn't we weren't powers or anything i just knew him when i was planned for bonnie was rustling of the eyes they have you a restaurant years bed dude and then when i heard he was at a k already and you already had cost checks wick fitch thompson the uk was already a gay frank shamrock had already been there bob cook at an inn did you see that kind of thing so it just made sense to move home and start training full time and that's what i did and within a six month they got me on the ultimate fighter seas and ate the restless history while
do you ever think of it like man for how to do it all again differently happened i would do it slower i would would take me others a million changes i could have made to it but in the end i am really happy with what fighting gave me hot fighting brought me it just i mean i can't say i give this all all the credit here but that doorway open up other toys doorways open up other doorways to me and that really that that was a catalyst for me having just deep peace inside iran and all these things came from that one little bead and in fighting like one to do better for myself because i was gonna punch me meant learning about meditation learning about breastwork learning about getting more to life you know and then ok hated psychedelic can be it sure as well you know those these kind of things all kind of came to me in in that same timeline
so i was sort of like the not necessarily anxiety but the urgency of knowing you had to prepare for combat the year you i'm still trying to better yourself because the consequences of not doing that are so grave that it sort of like ignited this fuel for improvement and you d like what the fuck did i do today you look back at the end of the day what did i do today that i do anything to make me better than i do it's one thing to be a lot of guys like and i went to the gym twice a train hard i gotta massage that was my recovery i'm good was watching tv intervention out doing whatever and that's fine if you're you mean when you're beat sometimes you just needed ten yourself and relax now find too but you know that their just fuelled reading them really and became like where i'm in a red and in meditation but meditation i was like a lot of people i didn't get it for very long i'm just gonna forced myself to do it britannia a little easier but it wasn't until i was
that i really understood meditation and now with whim half i mean he's just at a whole motherly here too meditation for me that i didn't have before they would my wife amid the whim of breathing techniques are just therefore nominal you that i'm these incredible i can't say enough good stuff about egg he's a fascinating character to know just what he's been will do like the swim underwater and blocks of ice the frozen ocean a hundred yards response to swim fifteen missed the holy doubled is distancing and frozen retinas fuckin g couldn't see because his eyeballs froze like what dammit these incredible is very unusual human but a lot of people use that method now that method of breathing i use it before gwan stage i take these big crazy whim half breaths before i go on state there's something to norway and letting go away and let her go yes
is quite a character man is quite a good cried an inspirational guy to this a lot of people that you know gravitate towards his story was amazing s but i've heard him on ferris i heard a mile up and green fields podcast when you ve got him on and you cracked beers he you opened up and like you could tell heaved a comfortable i could get more from him then the vice talking i love vice but the vice documentary was shit forty minutes this guy's fixing his fuckin hair and i can't tell if people are falling these so charismatic or not link know dude the visa fee is believing right the second you feel that charge in your hands three four five rounds deep you know like he's not full of shit like you're feeling chee you're feeling energy you're feeling what you can live but whatever you want but i mean you do you feel good that's undeniable well inspiration is is a type of fuel right i mean when you get inspired you fire
you literally can feel yourself getting getting pumped right and what is that a view here rate song when you workin out like and you just get fuckin pump that's a real thing whatever that is like whatever that whatever the feeling that you get that comes in with inspiration like whether it's good movie or a great song or something that just really gets you that energy is real in israel where the us coming from well that's thousands of years people have discussed it inside i'll leave some people that we will shatter what tell me what my fuckin aura looks like cancer you like an hour but i do believe we had this energy field and factors there books in their science tobacconists now valerie hunt rota infinite mind shoes professor you see allay and actually have a place in you see allay where they can conducts studies on the human energy field and they ve map by changing things the electronic system they can make people paths
tional breakdowns lose complete loss of motor control like they have just opposite they had to sit that can even stand beginning keep themselves up how are they doing like with like there germany's rely on you and on another took a metal together giant metal rooms to have a special room that they haven't go in and just changes thing on a dial and the field influences your human energy shield woe fuckin verified it do this a while ago to that's as crazy as it's like they ve known about this seventies eightys for sure but it is an incredible radio out podcast where they they put electrodes on this woman they the centre through this sniper training videogame thing they do where you have like a rifle and is vital in front of you and presented with all these different scenarios like a hostage take over this terrorist show up they start shoot not you he tried to shoot the
iris under duress nice stressed out and so they take her through this thing she does terrible just her everything's off just panicky and then they do it when they attached he's electrodes tour and stimulate with electricity parts of her head just on the outside france germany i think it's where they doing lexical stimulation certain frequencies when they try to paypal they frequency areas does not work like on frontal lobe or things like that i don't know i don't know the exact science behind ok but she then did it and went like ten for tat like killed everybody it was insane like her accuracy went through the roof navigating kids do in the shit where they try to make their own eta like battery pass it's ok this is all new science has been doing this for decades we don't know what the ramifications are there the radio that progress will focus on this report like why went deaf or a couple days like a doing mad because it just take
like nine votes batteries and like taping wires to their skull and juice in them no fucking clue what they're doing but is something going on and they the researchers that are working on it think that they can accentuate learning they can accentuate flow states we get into some sort of asean member guaranteed yes are you familiar with binary beats right yes so finally thanks early enough for people came out one nineteen fifty they wanted to see what sound sound waves therapy could do and things that and basically so you would wear headphones or your buds and the basic concept the premise would be i can play something at eight hurts through your left and twelve hurt sphere right in your brain will match them in the middle at ten hurts whole tenors is the frequency of alpha ways so our brain produces a wide variety of different waves from sir
point five delta when you're in deep sleep all the way to build a state which were in right now drinking coffee and thinking it we now have an office state which is closer to the earth residence the earth magnetic field where like a meditative state so you can have a state therein remark has spoken about this that is the flow state range twain like seven point eight eleven somewhere in their then below that meditation state a state pre sleep and then delta and and there's other those things in there but basically through by normal you put on these headphones you can listen do whatever the ocean or rain ernie these things and you would have these different frequencies playing two years and in in that you basically trick your brain in producing these brainwaves and within minutes you feel like i just took a really nice nap like i feel good i feel refresh that kind of thing while though probably great if you were in like a pool tournament or someplace
like something where you want to get an allowance and get in the zone like yahoo i would think like archery or dark sir something way just like our three pointers you know shootin three pointers wages get into that feel ash whatever that whatever that flow state is all your thoughtless basically when you're in the beta state that you were thinking your minds racing that i was in the beta state two nights oh and i when i had three hours sleep thinking of all these possible possible rat holes we'd go down conversation wise yeah that's that that state of the lack of sleep state is my shittiest thinking state i come up with worse thoughts when i'm exhausted can't turn of mind i know a lot of people have that issue while the there's also like some silly creative ideas though that come up when you're exhausted like something when i'm exhausted i say the most ridiculous shit and turn out to be funny guy have to write it down like where mike
you know that the writers on news radio the sick amazon on back in the day they used to stay up late purpose they will start writing until two or three in the morning and they would like get themselves to occur and exhausted stupor and a new start writing because it the other would be like really hilariously silly because they would just fuckin fall asleep dardis they're just out of it i guess a state that you get that a lot of writers who try to trick themselves into just by like getting exhausted makes sense so when you heard when you're fighting like what was the first sort of improvement that you started upon die nutrition right off the bat that was the wanderers like this is something i can control it'll help me just recovery you know how to recover faster how do i flush metabolic waste yeah there really was a mean i've always been in the supplements a rhythm muscle mag since as little kid that kind of thing and certainly
works a lot of stuff doesn't but really what you put in your body has a huge impact i mean anybody was ever cleaned up their diet and help differently from it a listener red van talk about the way asked how he or she has energy now i guess feels happy at an like right well in brain maker also talks about percent of our serotonin is made in our goods but actuarial eighty percent of our feel good hormone is made up that's perfectly all right what you're sleeping sandia how do you think food does an impact that as we know every cell of our body is made from what we put in so a lot of people who die this don't continental just my body of changing into what it needs to be changed into bullshit now and on top of it you influence the micro biome by what you put in your body could stop it's easy to see like yeah course you feel better now we like to think of ourselves as independent from our food bore actually made out of our food debts
whaley here i was i add salmon the other night at a restaurant and dumb i said my friend said to tony twenty hinge gophers like mounted his wild salmon and he said why said cause it's too light it's too light colored annulled the another says wild line caught salmon might now really by and i said you know we you see wild salmon it's like more of a dark orange any civil as i said with cash because what they eat swim bugs like certain bugs the or shrimp what the fuck is it tramper bugs firewall firm salmon are red asked ass ask askest has sustained thin i known for completing this ass a stand such failure in tee age i am asked food supplements sancho salmon salmon flesh due to their diet salmon gain ninety nine percent or more their body mass the ocean the food they eat up up up
the food they eat the ocean is high and character noise the same pigment that gives carrots color these pigments are stored in their flesh salmon approaches their spawning grounds they absorb the scales ha ha they begin to absorb their scales a weird the young mushy have you ever caught i caught a salmon when its dying man sport we wait outside a bachelor party my buddy goes up every year to alaska so we went fishing off the keener river but we were he just like fitted in before his wedding so we about a month or too late to the party it was a beast for seagulls they would like all these old timers respond and there like swimming along like just fuck just full layers of skin and scales was floating off them ready to die they become mushy their flesh is like difficult to eat too was disgusting adds nasty or the idea that if you have to have johnson
alive but their literally breaking down had a little shemeah that was that was a mistake for hitler he should never eat salmon shaming really yeah ever it's not a smart move because they have parasites ocean fish are much better in regards to so if you can't salmon in the ocean you're cool to do then even then because they got there they go back and forth i think something about freshwater fish are much more susceptible to learn as shit we put in their probably honeymoon its nasty shit we put in there i think that's just nature i think
should the ocean naturally are it's you have a higher less likely hood of odd contracting any sort of parasites or you have a higher likelihood of getting it from mom freshwater fashion occasion every like large mild bass like says she me you should need that think really i'm i'm dying i don't think i'm talking mass here i'm pretty sure of red that you're not supposed to eat salmon sushi but people do the people do and it doesnt by point being this fish was like really kind of pale and then we were talking about like how weirded is that your food actually changes the color of your skin and we are talking about black bears that he blackberries and blueberries i give you eat they d like certain hunters will go after bears that are in the fall because the fall bears the guy
george on blueberries and their flesh is just supposed to be unbelievably delicious like some of the best tasting meet you can get it and their their flesh and then there were of fat itself is illegal purple color from all the blue please say it changes their actual physical flesh and it makes it up you are by inches makes you think i want to put all these people they're eating mcdonald's of twinkies and shit like what is there why should it just high photos corn sirop and trans fads dog shit is pumping through your tell she we in college just any color they get a hold of this brutal well you know ultimately that stuff breaks down the protein in water and all of the various aspects of it but if that's all you eat
no wonder why so many people depressed fuelling the modern american diet you look at the modern american die the sedentary lifestyle and then you look at the fact that people feel it shit and what is depression well there's all sorts of different kinds of depression is some depression is absolutely caused by chemical imbalance your brains sick you now just like your liver can get sick and your lungs can get sick you're bringing it set but a whole lot of depression that i guarantee has to do with it with secondary lifestyle shitty diet and no no real pushing of the body will your body ever gets to flush it out never gets to blow those hormones never gotta get that blood pumping out argue the brain get sick because you let it get that way you stop moving in stopping the things in your body and then you have this downward spiral that just snowballs into deep depression that not everybody moreover is going to cheer you up yeah whatever it is
you're not gonna snap yourself out of that just overnight and dublin definitely not get it from pop in a pill gotta get off your ass and me ass start getting back out nature yeah do the pill things weird one because i know for some people have been very beneficial a guy i know people that we're like severely depressed they got an antidepressants and they actually we themselves off but they got happy first so it's like what did they need the pills no but the those did help them and i wonder i don't i'm not gonna indicate that at all but i wonder what lifestyle choices that they make during that process as they started feeling better i feel it better sure of lisco for hike whenever it is rather like what did they do in addition to that right that help them so they don't have the pills now right cause they're off the pills not honouring the oh how do you get to that point regan like i don't need this anymore you're two issues that i know one of em he got married found love stars on business is business we came very success
i'll start doing really well in life's i feel better about himself and then it all sort of fell together and they said no i am i get off his fuckin pills and slowly wean himself off and still happy and the other one got successful and got more com and then realize that the pills were probably like dulling his senses in some sort of way and then slowly we himself but he hasn't really got into exercise your thing he did was done off propitious that programme should the deeds due to keep them here that's it college who killed my dick legacy hd blocker rail now it had the hd makes you a man yacu bald mickey of body hair guided our testosterone inherited that well it can depressed people can cause severe depression some people in it didn't mean but a definite killed my deck gun make me depress just right then that's deprived main doesn't totally kill a bunch of women beats fuck out of
come on we're doing and why are you doing this to me yet well they say that there's a there's a balance that your hormones achieve and each time you fuck with that balance with something like propitious that you know the blocks diehard your testosterone hereby like i will what the hell's goin on here wisest block like what what what would it with what is our issue here and it can cause a cascade of issues at any time you fit like to try though the body as anything other than a holistic approach listing approach you look at a disguise depressed ok let's look at his die not oh no no no we need to get him on a pill while that doesn't make any sense you need to look at the whole thing like what's his diet how often does you sleep what is it as you drink a lot of water does yes get over there is something else second his wife die i'm clean the shit i know what's going on
sometimes you just have to overcome certain overcome periods of life the just suck that's that's real too to an mean people want a fix for that again bill i gotta pass a the stage of life open you can sleep through it that's everything though with the with the western medicine unbroken fix me let me go professional and fix money western medicine is the shit if you break your arm they they my shoulder when i was a dumb ass it had a torn labor at thy love it for that but what would happen you surely would you do i was over training and decided to try to x out on barbell snatch and missed it with i didn't feel using there then i waited a minute and re attempted the same way and then i felt like it just like fell like no strength at all so was a false lapped hair came to the same thing it takes for are you you're right should be talk people have shoulders hurry they i thought i had this
mass idea in my hearing all we can all be over run stone i know you can't doing that i couldn't walk like i had to be very careful with my arm in a sling for at least the first six weeks then you know six months a good story have it took me a whole year why really dead end give a tonic credit to kick start getting full range motion back the becoming a supple leopard i wish i had four long period of time thought like this is as far as my arms gonna go linked not quite the not quite hale hitler but you know that i had no full range motioning mice at me i couldn't remember to my ear and i knew it was short and certain positions i give you get in grappling digital wrestling things like that guy sprawls we're gonna sing like that's nine that three inches makes all the difference in the world the glaring feeling like hey guys the pressure on me i should change positions or my arms gonna snap right that's the difference would out of your defending looked ahead norm choke on the right side and some interest rate your arm out what is that like went presses up against you
everything's fine now but initially it was a nightmare just i couldn't get biceps to ear won't talk to you so for sure if someone's trying to do that to me that's gonna feel like some going to tear six months before you start doing rehab and that was a process there was enough just nasty some i know now listen my baby don't push the envelope nothin and slapped here what does that mean it's an acronym it's the place of the place of all the labour is like the it huh this ball in place right so slap is the position of some affront side if i remember correctly was a few years ago but am yeah it's on placing our arthur scar pangaea there's a war zone there and so it back up zero they i am very very minimal scarring their budgets basically what it is just go and they do everything through the through the vision of the
little cameras and it's easy fixed for them they had a great guy he's worked tons of unifil guys again and i am grateful that have for recovery but really it it's it's a nasty deal that closer yet taint fletcher just went through something like this weekend he went through something he just texted me about a hollow second it's something called this is really interesting shit it's ok it's called highland necks high linux injections or site injections whether impediments to movement and dumb anything they have a sliding tissue others highland acts and he was saying that it's an enzyme and that their their testing on people that have joint issues and somehow or another it supposed to mitigate the issues of mobility in joint problems i think i need it
get my dad in on that he can't you can't open his arms as far as his arms go i'll come pick an armbar and like that he's got like calcium deposits and elbows he's had surgery on both of them damn from what i'll let you know he's he's eating cleaner now but for years he ate whatever the hell he wanted you still did i mean he got his black belt a year ago so we judge judy's on the mad all the time and just what you did to how old is sixty four that's amazing this black velvet sixty three what a stud he started at fifty six what dad he was a fat loose with a super super stress job you know say lily area as an amazing when i started fighting he got into jujitsu iii he did for contact group boxing wrestling so he understood stragglers addressing but the second matter is allowed to fight these guys are doing the guide to learn and once he started immediately became addicted like it anyway
does jujitsu in arriving you get when you forget our new lost fifty pounds without even changing his diet in the first six months so it rivers its ban elect changer form for short that's fucking great i love you anthony bourdain keep saying i'll never get his black belt bullshit dog i'll get us while he started when it was i think fifty seven and he's got his blue belt now fifty eight you get it you'll get it he's a maniac he takes one private and one full class one when regular class day every day every day every day benjamin jeez why varieties the cheese and he's also got the obsession and in spain i talked to be japan about this page eight pounds larry's about this he was talking to the sky in the guy was like you know he told you dont because be j famously got his black brown three years and wonder monday our three years and and guy had gotten his black belt somewhere i think around for years and be j was like well he goes
man because you you must really talented and no man he goes i'm obsessed because i'm addicted like you i'm addicted and vision they're laughing goes i realized tat i was addicted addicted as you too you can get addicted to good things to oh yeah that no question that that is runners high that's why people would sign up for a race debts we it's not healthy the under run that far but it feels good training and preparing getting your body ready for that and that keeps you come back for more one hundred mile runs those are fuckin terror destroy you ve gotta be bad area they ve done blood work on people even just after a marrow on which is ridiculous in its own right but they would see like borderline kidney failure like you're kidding him barely keep up with removing metabolic waste yeah you and the house after those things in essex like coca cola well i'm out i'm out now
now never wanted its appointment p looks like coke that's fucking terrible man but people like they also get addicted to pushing themselves that's a big one you know my friend now cameron haines he's a bow hunter but is also does ultra marathons le monde did he get started giving in shape just so he did you now get up the mountains easier like because in bowling there's two things are coming to play one you have to be fit in order to get up the mountains because all that hiking its exhausting specially at high altitude and too you have to be strong to the pact like you carrying animal you kill it you have to get it down the mountains a lot of work so those two things led him down this road of started do marathons lifting a lot awaits doing all these different things but now he's doing like ultra marathons he's doing something called the big foot challenge its two hundred miles hundred miles a day and the next day another hundred miles like them i wonder what the cut off his for that can sometimes a ride around like twenty two hours just forty
do you take an hour now than they go right back i run ass i don't even know if you sleep mean you probably in so much falcon agony after twenty four hours are running two hundred miles so stupid a hundred wasn't enough guys it's weed out the pussies here and i got you a hundred some lady didn't my neighborhood did it she did two hundred fuckin miles she did a mile one hundred miles one day one hundred miles and next day speeches crazy i say bitch with all due respect and admiration he lived down here i don't i don't mean leslie anything wrong with her she's is tough shit but they get addicted to like pushing themselves like there's a thing that comes to some people when they get involved those heavy endurance races were part of the addiction is one more our five more miles ten more miles put just because you get into it you do get into a flow stay and it does not belong you go the better it feel
i mean obviously you you can deal with tik tok injuries and things like that or whatever you got a deal within the race but at a certain point in time the mental chatter quiets down and you just find your rhythm and you find your breathing and that's that can be meditative completely and the longer it goes the better if you like that when you're in that state will i mean i've i've felt that in half marathons on the last six miles an hour stronger and the end and i didn't in the first half i'm sure runners yeah of course we ran more you'd know that dummy their dad that so that's why we sign up for this fifty gay come not just for the fact like art can i started a fifty care too thirty pounds it can be done right you know sanum make regular habit of this and i think it's healthy by any means but i do want to do it a fifty cases like a milestone a marathon is what it's a little bit longer i think i think a marathon is twenty
six point two miles and a fifty cases run around thirty three augur that makes sense to me would now the powers of of google the powers of google anyone my thirty already will jamie's run into so that some so is that would like fuels your competitive design is now who indifferent things you know like god i broken out with jesse bird he's the guy who does power waddies a beast you know so training once a week open trade with him in dublin at sea essay and we do some heavy heavy lower body could be anything so squat heavy one day will do heavy would there lived heavy conventional to whatever you know like there's justa it's good train with guys that are way better than you at whatever their respective thing is i know and i feel like i have to go in there learn from him and the guy's got workin out there that does me a lot of good and i love lift him who doesn't want
stronger like if you once you get a taste for that that is an addictive thing and i ll lifting heavyweight because i feel better throughout the week i just feel better as a person doing that when i'm in shape i feel better peonage so gone for longer distance runs and haven't something in which there is light at the end of the tunnel like remind them run in the fifty gay that makes it easy for me to come home when i'm tired and say i am getting at least three miles in today that kind of thing you know like i know this events coming up some opponents and roadwork today and it doesnt fuck with his shoulder at all this heavy lifting the elders a hundred percent now why and i give full i can't i mean saigon blown the guy kelly start really i have everything to thank from that guy what did you do that he profile of his bow did mobility and you can look on mobility one dot com you posted five hundred videos on youtube he's got a shoulder one that's five minutes long long but
shows a different structures for the shoulder using one of those rope bans right and you spend two minutes and a stretch minimum so twenty thirty second hold shit is out the window he talks about fashion in to release it really has to be have some time under tension and near you distract thing so i couldn't get the same experience if i put my hand on a wall and try to stretch my chest re but by can poland is banned it tracks the infringement on my shoulder and now the fashion from the point of my hand my thumb we'll go all the way my ear lobe and open up so i'll feel everything the same way a form roller can can ex my tea ban right right right now i can get that from my shoulder and all these different positions and that's what gives him a mobility back so that the basic ideas it hey i can only be given this position cold that's what i wordy name is that supple leopard will robards you not see them get up and haven't do find
warm up geyser hatchet within seconds yeah you know they're not near i do downward dug up or dog and inform their going right so i have billy my shoulder now because of putting it work overtime but that's a lot of fighters are realizing now the importance of softness and flexibility in and just to be pliable you have to be mobile yeah you have we mobile and to be rigid and stiff it impedes movement like i see it a lot from people when they try to kick when i see guy kicking sea like stiffness and like a sort of a general lack of fluidity in the way they move tell immediately like this guy just not flexible enough that throwing these care and there's always resistance from their supporting lay there is resistance from it and then this resistance from their torso you could see it all as a start throwing kicks and then the will come up instead of go across the hip won't be high enough there won't be as much ford movement with a hip definitely could be mental too though in i always looking
honestly on my career i fought stiff of sensitive as fuck right like really stiff and never sparred i never thought the worst part rather look at luke rock old and i'm like that i fights the way he spars where he doesn't give a fuck what common adam he kicks beautiful and with everything is shown as with power right yeah so he mentally got to the point where he was like i know i'm gonna destroy you and i'm not worried about where you how much difference there with you with how you performed the jam versus how much you how you performance on the octagon i think it was a paper fairly thick deference like thirty percent everyone's twenty percent over and now have put a number i just feel like you know i'm a nurse i mean it's hard to gauge with a guy like keynes kane destroyed everyone you know it's like you build a guy in others this time sport cain and i got em like now became what mass every time we start but there was a top point time where i did well within a core me
where i did well was the grotto times right did well with might kyle and in portela and you know even in best fights in view of sea like with ricardo romero does the only time i gotta interviewed by you afterwards it took me like that the reason the fight turn out that way and i was able to get in the zone was because i was so sick the night before i fought like to await add funds the bad i was wrong around my sweater soaked to bear this worst feed i've ever had and in the fire i'm walking out and i was gassed after two minutes a warm up i stop warm up in the locker room completely guess i thought like i'm fucked if this those longer than men and i'm done and then i realized retained or broken they should the caged or have to fight nothing i can do here but fight
right when i made the realisation that put me in the zone because there was no thought that's why the fight is twenty three second whatever it was it felt like it was in slow motion and i could never go back to that point because it and have the technical skills mentally to do it or there's the know how of how i got there new i can look back in hindsight say that this was the catalyst guy back against the wall and i just completely let go i know from the alaska ceremonies and things like that like there's a big lesson in letting go and surrendering yes to the process they don't fight it just can go with yeah but those then transfer the way i hope can i talked about that before my last fight i hoped that the lessons from my alaska surrender would transfer and i would have this like i don't give a fuck mentality we're going to do this and looking back in that fight and i was still nervously
they even look at photos online in our pets patagonia punch me i wasn't afraid again punched no advance to pet commons where i was afraid of getting punch by him not after clover and in managua and i'm still like like i'm squeezing loaf out you know reticence about to hit me like i'm stiff rigid tents oh there wasn't a transfer their of skills from the beauty of it was gazing ghettos because it wasn't even know enough time to deprive i said are you needed more of those experiences or there was really there's a number you know there's a large large does everything goes together with that i think i'm really you know voting time developing yourself longer rain haven't it negative no a week camp where i'm gonna be as good a wrestlers that guy right period does matter who i'm working with
said obviously you can build a game plan and work on take donnie fats and look at over saint prove did great against them those an excellent fight so i like the high sounding maybe i could have done it like that maybe i could i had better for work and on these things more and worked on whatever guy don't really put too much sign into how i could have done that better now because i have really accepted the fact that i'm done doing that like the more i would put thought into how i could have done it better the more it makes me want to do it right so make sense what was the big deciding factor to make you wanted are they really really was a number of things but you know i had a second job the whole time i was in the ufc even with the fight at the fight of the nights at two for the nights i got the train full time for maybe six months and then the first loss i had to go right back to work some bouncing that the titty bar you know bar tending managing that kind of stuff
and you need sleep for recovery and i had that just felt that window of i can sleep and train full time and no it's like that for recovery now it's yanked back away from me why was a yank breakaway because you you when you lost him less monies odors yeah and then well with the fracture too like even take for example when i had one those fights i got fired the night with maldonado those mollified tat year so i got an extra forty grand that's and i was getting ten and ten that sixty grand ten percent coaches ten percent a management pity iris that's not a loss but over the year send a teacher so i needed to work and then that that's kind of how it goes if you have you if you if you get hurt in a fight newly fight that once that year that could be the difference yeah that's it's ridiculous when you think about how much risk verses
board there isn't a sport of fighting the very high levels like when you call macgregor rhonda rouser yang gotta make millions of dollars but on the way up to that fuck can you breakthrough that's really what it comes down to and at the same time i was in open coming familiar with eyewash guy was having ceremonies were a lot of shit was getting uncovered and i don't know like i work throughout this baggage and all non there was there was very bad men many great visions and each ceremony has its own interests thing it's completely unique from another of the same thing with the anti that is its own fuckin thing and it helped me grow as a person i can't say which ceremony made me not have that spark but over time that spark went away the spark to wander destroy another person slowly left me and it doesn't matter a fighter tells you on five because it is a fact that they are inside
want to destroy another person the down inside and they want to destroy something that's what victory yeah meaning that the law to the victory as you cement someone or uk on them this ultimate victory stop them and that's really difficult to do so the challenge is extremely high and then the reward the endorphins the rush the feeling of accomplishment all those things but the other day i think probably what i oscar and what the empty would show you is that you know causing damage its this destructive thing there's no way around it if you sign up for it even if the guy talk shit before the fight
yeah doesn't matter what he does it's an honor i bet it would be really hard to handle if it was a mismatch like say if if you took i was going you had his vision then use was to fight somebody who you know like in your heart as was really fucked like maybe that bad stand up or something like that and you knew that work and we'll take it down this guy's gonna get lit up like sorry dude here you're under a false illusion europe has no doubt that would make it very difficult for this i would imagine yeah well i mean you still see guys know like they kind of snap out of it when they have the opportunity to crush someone who's listen the referee stores and stop them any i pull back so there's moment staring there's also moments where you're just you know you got the blinders on and it's like this guy you know i don't give a shit when the rift comes in here so it was i was gonna think that started new off this on this trip of retiring
you no thirty three thirty three so you still f athletic leaves you still in your prime i feel better than ever felt my life physically mental emotionally does it everywhere fuk with you every now and then dessert there's a referee like a little thing inside light come on if i watch that's why i stop striking like you sharpen the blade you want to you know i shall do other due to the rest of my life but i can't strike if i strike i know that it really do know i'll have the edge to spar and from sparring i'll have a couple of days and your who whom i testing at against right wing champions certified fuckin hang right surely we should be able to apply this to go i don't have a belt rapture their way here but the more i've learned on a lively listen like doktor on patrick and people like that i've had my face broken twice to act like that doesn't have permanent effects
it's ridiculous to think like all you know it's just an orbital fractured now go fuck and smash my face like theirs for short or long term damage there that i am not maybe not feeling it right now that's an issue i have to address and using the guy's a couple older you i'm thirty three gets thirty five thirty six and they slow down a little bit more serious get not even just wanting you know did a pop off sometimes i think disconnects little bit see where they connection is area we ask any gay see if i can notice it and other people who just a couple years older than i know that's that's what's gonna happen is this not let me you what you gotta grinning tour fight like colleagues in everyone's face grind and on dude we always been knocked out and things like that he didn't standard bang with a lot of people right there's not i can't think of any fights when when bonner crush me for it
ten minutes and laid on me and in the tent much i just took a beating in that fight you know when i fly fought glover had no broken bones but that's the only fight where i was lost leaving the octagon bob bob left i didn't know how to get back to the locker room and i didn't wanna ask anyone could they didn't want a longer suspension a medical suspension were am he fuckin buried to hooks after slip in my left right combo one left took then i threw it and he slips berries same exact spot in the temple and i mean that's the only were i literally did not know where the locker and was an eye wandered around talking to people make small talk on high has gone gathers to fight yeah but i don't know i don't know anything was and then finally rid of as a whole flock dude that's bad that's really
so you don't wanna ask anybody because you didn't want a longer medical suspension woe sought dive i felt the effects there on the brain i didn't feel the effects from the orbital fractures but i could see the effects right and then you know you see up guy just couple years older on down a little bit and you learn about health and being holistic and nutrition and what i doing for myself to be a better person how can i live get more out of life where's my quality life right wealth on doing that and then is it that's why could drinking the fallen alter my consciousness is a better way to do it than with that shit right and there it should be a double edged sword where'd you quit dragon generously last time i drank of this year last year in peru alaska
i was i did a ceremony in colombia and the guy was talking about addiction to things and i never felt addicted raw drinking but i definitely drink like an asshole many many times you know but he he had mentioned next time you drink ask what were feeding everything we put our bodies feeding something ask what your feeding and it just it didn't he we then but later on in the ceremony really stuck and like i could see all the deceased active behaviour of i allus pardons go boss the lion s ivan five and as a college breaker issue type jock me in a more more more more and then just the destruction the taller was taking on me these you get older you can drink like that when you're young but you two thirty seven thus workin you hang over last a little longer you know everything it's hard to keep up with doing things so you are aware i think when you're young like i remember being hung over one hour
but i was so unaware of how that like what i put in how it affected my body i just thought myself as like i was in such a fog of confusion when i was young just trying to get through life i don't think i was aware of my body like i am aware now now if i do think just changing my diet like really tuned into what kind of effect is happening if any i'm trying to figure it out a much more aware when i was in my twenties man no for necessary recovered from hangovers better but i didn't notice it as much cause i was just dumb yeah well yeah there's that what we do and now let's get a good teacher you know crack and other irish will get rid his act whatever that yeah i'm with you on that i do feel like there are as you age organ just don't keep up the same you know and i feel like that was a big we but really just them
reflection for me of seeing how i behaved with that verses and if i went up if i want to feel different thanks to the wonderful people in california that allow medical cannabis i can feel different right i could sleep like a baby and i can wake up was zero hangover yeah and i'm not gonna get fat from i'm not gonna feel like shit i'm not gonna underperform the next day right mentally or physically you also get benefits from it like mary but the anti inflammatory benefits the mental benefits of a deed sensitivity benefits days to come camaraderie that it sort of stimulates is a lot of of community that comes with smoking cannabis it makes you like a more generous in nice person and a lot of ways but alcohol men it has its place may i think it's fun in a lot of ways but boy it's so abused by in the in this culture and our culture it so it's so commonly abused by so many people and they d
even consider it they just just pound em just fuckin you gonna use part too there's no doubt about that when i was in college it abuse pot actually here and graham hancock talk about his relationship undermine gas with cannabis now i alaska showed him that any quit for a while until coming back on the particles have spoken with the budget that was great may i ask it cannot do the same thing be they didn't show me my relationship with we'd that way it actually first it but it showed me militia without all that way now i don't need it but it also show me the cape cannabis is a plant canada than hearty said in one of his visions and he asked i ll ask about cannabis canada is my sister was the answer this is another one of these points is another teacher this another tool this is here for you use it right and i think that if you treated with respect and you have an intention or reason why you're doing it and it's not know there's a time it up for a man i just want to get bombed and feel out of this work
the roma to push the envelope and maybe do a mega doesnt and will flow tank which are still he d try but you know for the most part you can have road the small amounts of things like that and completely improved quality of life zero repercussion yeah because you put in the time and you have the right attention of this what i want to use it for right yeah repercussions that that is something i have to weigh action versus repercussion and with alcohol the repercussions fuckin devastating over time it says a fuckin unfortunate want they think they figured out a way to create alcohol without any hangover there's been some new research on something that gives you like an alcohol like a fact but it doesn't give you hang over but alex synthetic weeders riot weirdo knockout shit i always wonder what effects on internal organs fighting has not just on the kidneys which we know get really fucked up overweight cutting really bad
are you kidney stones are one side effect that some people seem to suffer from dehydration from way cutting no all those had some kidney stones wildfires vacant keystones there there really common for guys cut a lot of weight but also just wander just body kicks knees the body and punches i mean how many times he kicked in the liver before it does damage to your liver move if alcohol is bad for your liver what does a shin due to it in what does a fuckin vicious left hook to deliver by last is now i wonder i don't offers any may mean we constantly consider the stress on the brain and the damage to the brain from had impacts and brain trauma bogota body trauma i will always wonder about that because i've seen guys did fuckin
lasted three good we know that this has nothing to do with such a guy you deliver shot and fights over body king and his knife and wrote some dirt on his fine now just ended the fight now so when you look back at your career and you look back at all these wars and those crazy fights it you got an do you what do you think about that how much do is it something you just like put aside and new i know that they're probably was some done and just just move forward and stay positive and be healthy from here on out and i don't i don't the ears one thing that i disagree people when they say like when we grew up they said oh hey you have a a set number of brain cells and ever you lose you're not gonna get back and sewed sold we now know that's bullshit like our brain can create new cells neuro genesis happens and them
you do the more new stuff you do whether its learning an instrument or a new language or taking indifferent trail tyke whatever that help strengthen these new pathways right may be smarter and just keep your brain young i don't think for once can that anything that are done in my career can't be overcome or that i can't really feel like from diets like is an supplementing with empty tease indifferent things like that i feel quicker now sharper now than ever haven't my life mentally so that that's good but that said i don't i don't look back and sail did this domestic back and say i don't want to do more than right that's good we're lookin out of targets in the park s hard you heard bill romanesque created that neuro one supplement specifically because of his football career because all the head impacts seven memory issues bunch of issues with his brain i wonder what's in it the you note the product i don't have it here but he sent me a couple tubs because i talked about it a bunch of times and
suddenly we sell it on it which is something i love just good and this the first neutral bogucki try before we created alpha brain and dumb do you stack them now now just rarely try neuro one but i like to do different things to do like two occasionally try prasad yes that's underway and neutral books you try to interact tamar oxytocin m yes how do you like the difference it's hard to tell you know that's one of the things about a conversation with a do last night the comic store was futile fabric it was hilarious the duke was hammered right is i mean look at china off rainbow shit out of work i gotta kate define worked like what are you doing again in i'm saying and hanging you member of individually difference i ok it's site cyanide gonna make a smarter with the idea
i find it is if you if you involved in a task like for me is our brain in neutral pics really critical for me because i rely on my memory a lot like what i'm doing you have seeds big factor i'm constantly bring a pass fights and i'm constantly talking about different situations and transitions and you know this what happens when you without that is always like connections will have to make my brain so verbal memory recalling fights things like that need new topics are critical for that kind of thing but if you don't have anything they requires your memory how do you know of its working if you don't have any it requires you to form sentences on the fly how do you know if it's working i saw it thank you just haven't a silly idea i think he thought that he's gonna take this stuff and also in his eye man i know what i'm doing with my life fuck your lies all goes got uploaded from the matrix with some again naw man if you but it was hilarious could see was fuckin hammered
was hammered out of a felt like ok to first of all shit faced are you right now is a harpoon jump at something with it conversations gotta be weird anyway you broken i remember one of sand but if you had to do something that was important and i explained all the different things has been shown clinically in double blind placebo controlled studies to improve on design statistics you can you could show when you could show with sixty people any good show them the people take it have these effects versus the people who don't take it this is this is why i will help you preside second just make a smarter but for someone who relies on their mind a lot whether it's for creativity or from i like to tell you now you before work out i started doing it before work out now i'm noticing less fatigue my mind stays fresh longer again gruelling long term work out like like a long series of pad work out i can i can maintain my concentration like deepened
seven eighth and ninth round of hitting pads donald fade office much like where can't remember the combination and i get so tired you like will hear what is it again double right hand love to a great kick stepney got it and then you know you're into the left talking like what the fuck is next year so tired your brain doesn't work that good so i think mental fatigue can contribute to physical fatigue one hundred percent that's in that sense the sounds book also views about how key tones herb are pretty much the steady fuel so your brain and bank because there's an unlimited stream of energy coming in at all times hit the window where you run like agenda in your brain as the master regulator raw says wait a minute now we have a very low supply here its finite nothing else is coming in so we're goin
two down regulate everything and make you performed like shit right now in an effort to hold on to what we have you know you don't ever hit that wall with the keystones present in the blood i've never been in a key to genetic state i don't think i've done ever faster furred anything yeah no maybe like twelve hours never not alone were several days now moving like fastings just deciding on a flag right now i've never like consciously decided to fast this illegal yeah is an interesting experiment because i just said well you know there's nothing to lose here a something's gonna fuck me i'm just gonna give this a shot see what happens i was a little flat yesterday i trying to push through elliptical work out as little flat but nothing huge just little required a little more great you know just required
it'd dig down but i would rather just get off that fuckin thing here on the thirty five minute mark the last ten minutes were pretty rough but other my brain doesn't seem to foggy that was one of the things i was concerned with that i go on stage let's be stupid like my brain when work that good at forget what i was talking about do you do you black men do you do bulletproof style were you and butter and jailing offices ok this is sometimes i have at least some help i want to check you out actually ryan watching richard you out i do but i told you about this briefly here ass you did what is the reason why if you're not checking your guessing also one of them things about these kedging diet is yet act like a diabetic get a blood kiehtan monitor whom you
he's strips her finger some yeah i'll give you a fresh one here in my car get aids from you maybe from jenny's drip jenny high five right so what he's got here is some little thing that you little pricker so what like a meal or some tangible my little prick its does it matter what its lands that i think is what they call it doesn't matter now so what have yours it's legit tone strip nascent hot well what you want data be warmth and you're here where other wise it's a mother fucker though that make botany and feel that so weird philbrick so tough i'm broke the blood fulfil up while you're gonna feel another one year god dammit i want to feel this one now talk and shit
so what does this little punch thing almost all stay poorly move now when i didn't feel at all like the other one i felt it touch my finger that one didn't work that's why the brand new and here was the right kind borsier my skins to debt brow i got double skin thick not all those years hard train and in a mockery of our aboard do alone for a lot of mac you are work you know mackey whereas folks if you dont know karate guys they take up a board and it's like sort of now to the ground or dog into the ground and loans or locked in place and the or to give a little bit and they ran the board up or the rope so it's really hard and other than a punch it developed these policies thick houses on their knuckles and done than they would go from that brickwork my friend john lee back in boston easter
have his his right his index finger and his fucking finger the knuckles to those fingers were fused it would be it was one big fat rhino not and it was all just from one page invasion knuckle yeah it was off from him punching shit and that is the last guy you wanted punching you he's pungent through bricks and shit your pussy little kneeled things are not working on my fuckin savage skin the work and ass tat god damn it well yes i'm pitch ass needles in eating at his own barrier certainly signal broil i have to figure this out sir so the work different different peoples what's goin on for fulfil like not bullshit does do people thicker scan by we can go deeper but i'm trying to be a dick and put it on the highest setting and polluted as setting reflects what you do it's on the stress of you
there's hold onto my hand and shoving that thing over and over again with no pain like a vengefully i'm gonna feel pain so it's like if i just felt pain the first time be very minimal got now your razor blade there and put in a new test trip to double check here and would explain to me what this thing is testing for there's little blot on my fingers we want more did you feel that barely go deep son don't be scared i don't like rhinos gave our aim and she added oh hey how like that the treaty does not work in her god i am an allow you to just fuckin tapped the thing ok what do you do when i want you to just tap it
what is it it's a fucking little needle chauvelin their chauvelin their poured out now make yourself bleed a bit you may drop on this bad boy took it could be man a shoved that all the way here i want you to it in there we go that's don't worry looks ok now are we had some sweet blood now get account down here ten seconds your blood key tones so basically you wanna be between zero point five was a low love was i mean no matter how good
low battery or local down his tones me yeah really doesn't make sense was do another judge bleeding and we got some good boy here another strip keep to keep the bloodline open squeezes bitch fuckin junk science is imprecise brow broadsides poorer presides one more test here ok three to wander to zero point one was a pathetic that's terrible you wanna be between zero point five about three went on you can go higher than that fear like in a really extended fast ok or if you take exists this key tones right and then you go above three point out but basically zero point five your neck
chinook doses give it one more tests just to be sure that this country is bullshit amounts are not believe your fuckin stupid machine if it varies that's a problem if you do it again and you get it all the adding that would be a problem and i know that i want to get it was i was about i'm glad to stab workers gotta come in a little dry just area what's the negative of being where he sat at point one most algeria well he's in no man's land so it doesn't have carbohydrates come in right to fuels body and he's not listen kiehtan so did you work out beforehand yeah that's why that just spoken saw should ask beforehand so what
key tones you have from the empty tease your bodies using that's why lucky tones our high i worked out right before god that's exactly it's gonna confirm here but that's exactly why so i've i've tested it does this for a while and tested and seen like zero point three like what the fuck and then i listened directly augustine or talk about that your body will use with the kittens attitude so why are producing its an energy source right so you work out that's gonna go to failure the way the plug glucose would have prior to that was before this is called image in earnest annulled the zoning sheen and honour its to call i guess it's to call the machine the michelin machine is called so what he did impeded put in the microwave i stick it on my arm pit one i'm gettin ready the machine there's re here bone ok and so on but it's i just prick myself for nothing the camp you
turn yourself for nothing what are all these things that you stick in there where all those things these are all the the this is your trash actually that's your lip i don't know where you been basket that's what are those things those the lance it's that both you and then this test trips but any as you would do this at night before usually for dinner of you now the height key tones then if you have a night work out with all these two comes out right now so get to where you get out you're out illegal put the last one the last trip to your sorrow at the renounce augured more to house but so you carry these around you just do it once a day or how many times a day do there are few bucks a piece so i usually just do them at night when the ketones are high is to make sure that i'm nutritionally there empty to oil is usually worn off by that point so i can tell it emma producing mound keystones is opposed to just getting it artificially raised from the entities i say ok
it doesn't need to be three point out if its zero point five m good but i will feel that france when i reached the one point out between one point i want to point out one point no in tube what was i zero point one zero point one that's dog shit but it doesn't mean anything as you just worked out depressed ok so when i'm shooting for though is zero point five or higher above that five are high but you ve got into one or two i've been above three point from fasting or from eggs in a ski tones but if i'm on a daily basis between one point i want to point out that i'm doing good indonesia i'm putting in my body i haven't you know seated by protein limits and claws google new genesis any these things like i'm dub dialed in my nutrition overtime and that's what it that's just fine tuning right like women can process
more carbohydrates and we can honour catatonic diet really more yeah way more i don't know if it's because of the hormones in the menstrual cycle or to their evil i have no idea but taking away with way more could be evil something some voodoo that's interesting wonder what that has meant wonder of its because they have to maintain a high body fat potu to make lactose make milk into its possibly the baby and grow tidies you talk to your touch was in qatar system time during pregnancy she still had could plenty carbohydrates that's interesting and so there was a conscious decision to to reach that state during pregnancy nodded none of she was sure she asked me like oh hey excuse you are i'm outnumber coming at a waste three dollars on you to help it you're you're at zero point zero i just told you what you're at drastic no seriously i wanna see like i feel good ok so and she was higher than i was well and what the fuck would it make
perfect sense i mean if you're sending resources to build a human right or send you want that steady flow it makes sense the body would produce that in a situation like that just in case you ran out carbohydrates and is just because women often times when their pregnancy crave really fatty foods the grave ice cream and things on those lines but that's like you to denigrate because it has a lot of sugar in it mother sugar in that year cravings are cravings but you want to if there's a calling to have more fat you want more fat that doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna put you in ghettos us right right now if you say if you're in this key degenerate state and a you eat some carbohydrates he beat like a big ball pasta how much is it why are you out of their key to genetic state before three to four days is typically what it would take to get back and then put it this way i mean it
because i've been in and out of it for as long as i have and because i work out the way you work out you know high intensity stuff kettlebells or go for a distance front whatever and then still train on the mat that's high intensity when you grappling i had saturday we went off the deep and had a took two gluten free pieces with tosh and we had a bunch of gluten free cookies and frickin lee or a virus awesome grass fed milk loaded with carbs bride five anagrams carbohydrates grass fed milk is loaded with carbs milk for sure milk is our period does not have his grasp it matters of his grasp at a green fed but not from a carbohydrate standpoint nobody would think that milk would be a source of carbohydrates were nine well grams per cup so if you have a leader have four cups which is easy to do and written cookies down just at fifty grams carbs just from the milk well how many grams carmes you must have a day in our inner catatonic diet between thirty and fifty during the kiddo
adaptation phase which is sixty eight weeks and then after that you can play but that's all the reason you check because if you're doing fine he grams a day think it hammer within my limit and you're still at point three point four fuck what some else tells you that's when it's time to dilute down a bit or maybe my my my carbohydrates are fine but i'm still not getting this damaging too much protein or maybe add more fat to my meal so the ratio is there and they talked about it john consider taking off for the for the kids with epilepsy forty one ratio of fat to protein and carbohydrates combined now that's pretty pretty hearted do you think how how many to stake this fifty grams of protein and there's equal amount of fat let's say now have multiplied by four and if there's any carbohydrates tattoo that then add that to the total for the forty ratio you're gonna have just ridiculous months the fat to accomplish what is that device called that you just
it's a blood kiehtan meter i use the nova max one is the cheapest there's a couple other ones that are five or six dollars a strip in get iran amazon the meter self is only like twenty bucks and then the strips her a little bit more ends the strips you have to use blood is there another way to do it there is a piss test which doesn't work at all the problems that is what your body becomes kido adapted it learn a better use these things so they're not excreted in the urine so when it as for acetone i think is the pseudo attitude like that it's one of the less prominent key tones to begin with so when we convert fat and a key tones we have three major kiehtan bodies drugs you peter eight is the one that you test over the bloodstream that's the most eighty percent most abundant in the blood if you do the buren strip bodies become a key to adapted while you're not gonna piss anymore out so you could be completed
nutritional catharsis news and use a strip name anna non kantos us what's going on and it's not that at all is that your bodies not wasting any out of the urine anymore than they have breast strips breaths me s you can blow into and i can't stand the thing i used it for awhile i try to get into it causes obviously you can reasonable hundred thousand times and still gonna be the same cost but it shows like on a gliding scale can ellie delight green is not a good doses red is in ghettos whatever and then in between you have like green yellow and yellow orange and it it's all its oh fuck and hard to read and in your china feet while i feel is not now not enough just to do the blood get get tell me too tent exactly where i met and then you to all the guesswork up and what exactly is it measuring like when you say blood kiehtan subserve what is that but represent like that is the miller mueller is measurement of the beta
siberia kiehtan miller mauler miller mauler wow and so you ve been doing this for a while the tunnel books on it and the thing is they almost diet should people i trust tunnel different diets this you feel good as he is much you want the dave ass we talked about eating forty five hundred dollars a day in working out put every said fifteen minutes of fuckin month or whatever nonsense you here are gonna lose weight a better example in the four our body tim first talks about the study they did on colors in calories out i love this study three three groups of people to them carries a day what grew bay ninety percent carbs ruby ninety percent protein group see ninety percent fat you not shake out carbine group gained one and a half pounds a day protein grew lost a quarter pounded day fat group lost a pounded ninety percent fat in their diet and lost upon there are only two thousand calories keepin thing about
that too in cars know lots of your two thousand calories of carbohydrates and you're gonna get wait from that you can gain weight from two thousand calories a day yeah that's incredible so there's factors and things like that but these duchess dispels this concept of all kinds no count calories they're all the same there not the same though not the same at all how they impact hormones is not the same for me function insulin response how we when our bodies what does this and do what stores shuttles things right so if we are costly inundating ourselves a carbohydrates and in store mode any excess is getting put on ran it how do you tell your body to burn fat it takes a little longer harder process when you have this easy super rapid it can break down and then use like politically doesn't make sense but why do you talk to the instagram wizards these these these dietician in training
they'll tell you blow you need fucking carbohydrates to operate your brain bro there all the science i love this do you talk about science and in that he bravo like this to mr conspiracy theory guy i love em who pays that fucking carbohydrate research right hatred risk or science institute gator sport sciences dude is done a majority that is the case leslie dogs gates gatorade italy is doing a lot of the studies on carbohydrate performance stare the guys it also prove this is the the tipping point four bad oxidation in an hour even though they use people that have been in ghettos us for two weeks instead of two years so what talk about guys jeff any indian stephen cuban doing this search now since the eighties and using awfully they ve been killed out for a while that's when you really begin to see like oh shit ok this can work not just from a physical standpoint like i said the thing that i get mostly from it is the mental it states the sharpness and
dominic augustine i was talking about how you can go on weigh less sleep but there's some type of thing the key tones due at the brain where you actually are more rested even if you had if your sleep deprived so if you had four six hours a sleeping still wake up feeling refreshed and have you recent morning rather and being a heavy carbohydrate intensive die exactly they're not sure the mechanism for that yeah that's one that's where they get these these genes studying these things but i think that there's no more porn then when you try something new actually feel a difference and that's not me santiago you if your vision whatever if your vision and you feel awesome fuckin awesome do done i gotta tell you to change minutes i should at this you know dude you ve do dialed in everyone's different but for me as worked wonders what is also awesome and then there's better than awesome although some for some people say ok i've been on this kind of diet and i feel fantastic so i'm just
keep it the way it is but meanwhile if you added a certain thing to your diet or added a little bit more vitamin d or out of them but what you might feel actually better your idea of what awesome is having a lot i'm just like it water in your ear and you think everything's ok i got is how i hear and then you know it pop it pops and i could hear like this you weren't you considering that you you are hearing like shit that's cracks we up about when people tightened no means of my some type of psychedelic pusher or anything like that but you know when i first did i alaska consumed my mind holy shit i want to stand on a mountain top and tell people about this on every one of my friend know about my family i want them to try this i want them to see what i've seen like i want and experiences over time you realize that you'd listen to people die like me i really you dont want like at lives just so good right now i don't really need to change anything like are you a fucking finished product
you can improve your life for you mr perfect mr manhattan document like there's no mothers hurrah for getting better there's no room for fur enjoying life more improving early whatever in that was his funny to me that day as you know there are a lot of people that you say to themselves like i'm comfortable why change yeah well people dont like feeling like shit and they don't like feel i like their houses in disarray and so if they get to stay where they guys i'm i'm happy right now everything's good i'm happy right now like i'm happy being chubby like i've heard that before another moment be in trouble happy happy right now with the way i am some people will convince themselves all they mean i often times red things have people right i go goddammit i wonder if this person is expressing himself honestly or if they're trying to get other people to be convinced that their ok
now how early and towards the idea how happy out of this argo up more than once but i read this article written by this woman who seventy years old struggled with waiter whole life and she was promoting fat acceptance and that people are prejudice towards people who are over way but in fact she's incredibly healthy and she so active and she does all these things she just always always been heavy and am i see scientifically that doesn't make any sense it just doesn't give your if you're eating healthy foods in your bodies healthy you shouldn't be storing that much extra fat doesn't any sense but she's promoting in this article i give you didn't know any better and took this article is like well this as one woman's account of her life and by her accounts she's incredibly healthy she's hiking and she so active and she's eating healthy but she just fat none
not really make sense doesn't know something missing there here what is it well i mean actually had this is one of my first first breakthroughs the very first ceremony i was i was hearing people violently puke around me and i thought i was like in a war zone and this is just starting to kick in and say may have taken that my second cup iowa and i can sound like people are dying and i realized our their puking and then i thought oh that's cause these fuckers didn't do the debtor they didn't eat clean that you have to eat a certain way prior to run i eat clean i take care of myself these people don't take care themselves and like all the kind of snowballed into this feeling that i had about fat people in general but didn't you not to carriers of what're you doing why would you do that yourself are you do to your body inelegant i've always been sin and athletic and
it was easy for me to do these things so when i'm when i'm feeling this and i just started a notice like holy shit what am i feel this wave of tat this is getting worse and worse and then i jumped up grabbed the bucket my brains out like i'd never puke before and it came out of me this feeling this animosity towards people and i understood right then like they don't know any better i dont know how they got there but i do know that they don't know you better right don't know how to get out of that deadline they do no into actually they have internalized they put it hasn't been digestive right there's plenty of things that you can take it face value here and resonates with you and you're like ah here that makes perfect sense right you dont assimilated put it in action and i think for that i don't know if maybe every time their mom and dad fought they took him to get ice cream cones at mcdonald's it's okay we'll go for a car ride is it he'll be fine here
in car and then down any time under stress for candidates cream and they don't think about it or maybe they do know and they still say i don't care i know this ice cream is going to make me feel better however it is i don't know that's not my place to be like a fat fuck you you know like that help me grow from that that was a huge that was our how could puking be good that puking is amazing when you're getting rid of something like that right like your letting go of a thought that you had like this attachment that you had yeah there there's a certain hole you're than thou attitude that certain people with great metabolisms and of lifestyles will have towards people that maybe they just as when they grew up they weren't lead towards africa they may be they were bullied may be they in their poor diet in the home they didn't know any better and now here they ve themselves x amount of
years later a product to a whole series of things i think of the impact it would have always get picked last year kick ball or some handball iranian that stupid those dumb playground games euro is pick last wanna play them anymore you're not interested in that a general associating with bad feelings i was having a common and about this with a friend of mine she was talking about like how there's like women that are like angry feminists that get that that like truly dont like man they hate man and they don't like masculinity she's trying to figure out what that's all about and i was like well the parallels gotta be their certain men that i know that don't like women they hate women one of the reasons why because they ve been rejected by women their whole lives they associate women with a negative the associate women with rejection they sauce
women with lit the women like it's cold hearted leaves them goes with another guy negotiations do that to me that bitch will its chosen oh you she's not attracted you like you got for whatever reason the universe dealt you and extremely shitty deca carts and death just the way it is but so forever this person that i know that that as this issue his radiation with women is of women they they use him they want things from him his money they dont want him and they treat him badly and he felt like shit and hateful whereas i have friends that are good looking guys that for no there's no reason there just born good looking they got great bone structure and they now they happened to look good and women are true did them and their ideas of women are totally different there ideas of willard chicks are far gray dont get tied down lowbrow we'll keep capital than you dont like them
ideas of women are much more light and like women are there there a gift there are great thing in line who do not this evil this like this association can often be correlated by what kind of a relationship do you have with the opposite sex like if your wife and in your overweight and you're here you ve always been fat your whole life has been like a series of bridge duncan moments with men who felt sick after there with you in your rejected and any man that you are trying to do at one and have nothing to do with you so you're feeling about men are justice the angry assholes these browsers douche bag not take in consideration like what what what this relationship we have with them and what's the root cause of it some of it outside of your me if it just genetics really outside of your control there's nothing you can do about the way your face looks
or how tall you are how short you are how how big your feet are there's nothing you knew about that but the relationship between how what you look and how physically tract of your actually like people's desire to reproduce with you it really comes down to that in a lot of ways like what is the relationship you have with the opposite sex because boy when you when you go out and really pay attention like hard core dennis what do we find is a lot of older successful women and women that are overweight and not attractive and you find no all sorts of different people between their but there's an old well mean number of people that have not had good success with the opposite sex both for women hating men and from men hating women and it's like this extremely unfortunate if you look at it that way it's extremely unfortunate taking out gender
inequality financial issues allsorts issues that also come with being a males men's rights advocate aura of women's rights advocate a feminist there's a there's an an overall attitude the people have an issue with when comes to someone who identifies with one gender or another gender and despises the other gender oftentimes is because their associations and relationships that gender have been negative do the fact that they are not desired though it's really it comes down to them it's worth working what are you calling for yourself what is your relations with that part with the opposite sex certainly ass to do that but what does your relationship in life do you have this assumption that all deeds are dicks behave the same way and in that its it's kind of your and set can keep you stuck in that whole just the same if you're always like this is exactly how they are the zactly it's going to reciprocate itself over and over and over again
so you're always correct yet there is there but then there is also the reality like my friend who doesn't like was not my friend anymore but who doesn't like women is an ugly dude so it can be not we did he'd sea like porn does he like any does he like see nothing will know it certainly does is get angry he eats angry it never has like a girlfriend he's never been married he jesus like always that sounds to me like a giant work on himself only deftly does but it's also like the girls that he likes they'd never really were a dozen does not attractive it's gotta ro the dice near his role that i sucks unarmed orders oh but i what i'm trying to say is not transcending but if i i'm trying to say anything i would try to say that this is a lot of complex issues that are going on with how people feel both about themselves and how they feel but other people
and often times what they blame other people for is really some shit that's going on with them i they find enemies out their external enemies to distract themselves from their internal problems and failures in short cuts big time like you find that a lot with haters i'm sure we found that when you ve read like horrible shit oh right about your online like after fights dude i mean look the kind of hate that is available to fighters is some of the most fuckin vis is an personal and emotional hate the people to go after them like calling quote fans every one of them is a loser every one of them every one of them every fuckin evil nasty douche bag that seeks you out the same mean shit to you after a laws and tweets at you you know and so i mean i've seen some horrific shit that guy's right fighters directly after laws both on facebook and on in
de gram twitter everything those people are all unsuccessful they're all failures all of them that's the only reason why they would do that it's one thing to say man you're gonna fuckin guy he got killed or man you know that guy got tap quick or how good is this guy man i can't believe he ran through that guy this those are like almost analytical discussions that you have a people were things happened you didn't see common like ok ryan beta versus rumble johnson like that fight without saying anything horrible rhine beta you'd go flock ban rumbled johnson jesus crises random over man fuck who can take back i shot and you that's a guy non asshole wish way of approaching it but good lord i read some shit online but people too did to him to better and like you fuckin you should in a jail somewhere you're a monster i get your life
king at this guy like here's a downed wounded thing and i'm going to just piss on i'm going to find a spot soft spot in my javelin sticks to see if i could fuck with his head anyone who does that those people that are doing this haters they're all losers too this thing about it so there there looking at this one person this one thing this this object had taken tack and their externalize it all you use they have with themselves of the imbalances they have in his new ability that we have to reach people and communicate with people that really don't have anything to do with you in the real world ryan bidders even fuck about this guy's a penalty is no one in the real world and already saying shit to his face sings got it that's ran baker and they run up term and the lower make their self lawyers so forget also seriously exact guy same executor boys from hateful people out there man
i'm no so many fighters just dont go on social media now because of it now you think further to talk this focus toughen up like maybe you're just a cut maybe it's not fighters are tough in they should just toughen up maybe it's like what you're doing here you're being shitty to someone you even know again where my gun with us i don't know i completely agree i've even when i buoyed forget who was green flower media did a thing on me talkin about cannabis and cd and when you guys in sport use and just not naming names and jose concealing it by talking about the right yeah lot of smoke potluck it helps to sleep at night helps turn off our brain almost over thinking shit you got something big come up more than obviously now if you sought and things like that there's a lot less but back in the day for there is a lot of islam which sought out of competition you you can smoke pot and
then competition like you can smoke pop up and so like the week of the fight and this also goes for me to turn to tell people yeah but how we did that video and then sure enough i get it i didn't know it was gonna get decent not don't want big but pga penda comrade it and made it bigger there was and of course and at the bottom of the video these comments i got like tours regard as i do know is that of a site you didn't help him with jimmy mattawa pace his face in dignity was smoked in areas like our god like how this has everything to do with with lower talkin about here has nothing to do with anything but it's funny it's like lily allow me to allow me to knock down here a couple a couple pegs well while we're talkin i was also people who don't recognize what they're doing and they just they just talking in their decision making noises and not even the name evil is don't realize what they're saying is hurtful or stupid
it or idiotic because they ve been given this access to people that's an unprecedented there's no training for that i know what no one had anything like social media and our parents days it just didn't exist so they never let us about it than mere dying thinking about haven't kids bear now and unlike fog dude we we grew up when you had telephones and there we saw giant sec more cellphones come into play we had to say the car phone and things like that then just this evolution over time like the at their born there not knowing a world without internet you have no access our grandparents same thing they're alive by remember when you how to take a boat to get here from the up and then you know we grew up in a much more technically technologically advanced era but our kids going to grow up in an error that's mine blowing to us but their kids i'm gonna grow up in an era of virtual reality that makes this a click a joke and makes our video games like stupid
yeah my dad's always prior by also mafia three was listen you know i have to sit in front of a box in the fuckin star trek room road surrounded by killers right now yeah we're probably gonna go to places just like those old swartz a nigger movies or any those moves you probably go to a place you gonna do down there you know clamp some shit down in the side of your head and you are you ready mr kings very good the sums up it's ready to launch the youth up and you're in qatar world and you ride in a fucking dragon no mean debts gonna happen inside of the next hundred years it's a hundred percent gonna happen it just a matter of time if they keep gone we blow ourselves we don't get hit by an asteroid they're going to come up with artificial realities indistinguishable from this reality and all entertainment is gonna be a joke like why would you actually jump out of a planet skydiving when you can get this guy experience with this thing on your head it's gonna make you feel like you did
that was that movie tolerate strange days oh yeah that's right you could finance and they had like snuff videos or a guy would actually kill somebody and you felt what he felt when he killed him personally you felt the neuro transmitters everything was going through your brain heart racing feeling of really ending someone's life and that was the illegal portions and they had a legal portion would be like sex with you loved one or whatever things but you can actually tap into the consciousness of someone's memory as long as that was recorded i think that can happen happen and happen its systematic time they keep going it's a matter of one invention and one discovery eggs way for another invention and another discovery the compound on each other they build on each other and next thing you know reality is unrecognizable like the real
the we experienced today no we're talking about these primitive diet primal existence and our bodies the idea behind all this is obviously that our bodies it takes thousands fears they say about ten thousand years for your genes to totally change and adapt to new diet new environment new lifestyle and so we're dealing with bodies that are primarily adjusted to hunter gatherer lifestyle and all the others though we ve added into it over the last ten twenty thousand years whatever agriculture grains growing different foods you could keep him in storage bins and things like that grain silos that's all fairly recent and you know yes you can live like that for sure yeah grains here you can eat it but what does your body like optimized for what is it what does your body exist without the least amount of hiccups that's probably the stuff that's like super like clean and normal like fish vest
rules chicken meat things on those lines dividing them after we haven't fire with farm raised this and that not only farmers fish leading genetically modified soya beans and whatever they just what's the most realist food we can put in our body while you you you probably know camping and she had to write delia air you know that feeling that you get when you were out in the woods when you don't you know how many cellphone signal with any ailer mushrooms that do that's that's extreme but just and being alone i can hear the nothing you nothing you hear the real nothing the real nothing of the woods it's almost like scary because you you realize like this forest doesn't give a fuck about me a tree falls in your head and you die right there the forest doesn't skip a beat the squirrels and chipmunk
keep running around the birds keep fly in the dear keep running it's all the same it literally doesn't matter does it it's been like this before you it will be like this unless we fuck it up nobility after you this is just the way if we fuck it up it'll go back to that at some point or something different it'll become something different some some new form of nature but you go from that to like cities and cities is bizarre strange different kind of life i was in manhattan last weekend like an awesome it's us the visit go there you like you ve gone from one place to another and this restaurant that building and look at this view and holy shit and get it subway and your fuckin cruising along under the buildings and its awesome but its awesome and completely different way its awesome in this new way this new bizarre way that were sort of adapting to you now and
this new way is available to us and wasn't available to people ten thousand years ago this is like a mine blower few took someone from ten thousand years ago and brought in manhattan just put em and like the seventy second floor of one of those apartment buildings with a crazy viewed look out look out of the city billing in the fuck am i saying you know a cuban guess you ve been like the top of the mandalay bay that bar that's up there that has a crazy view in the glass oh yeah he's look out at the top of the building of europe this is insane this like some blade runner shit there were experiencing something that no no cultures ever experienced were experiencing something that no generations ever experienced this the technological heights that we're living in and this ain't shit compared to what our kids going experience dwelt the hopefully there are
intelligent people like marks a son and other guys that continue to push the envelope to reconnect there's a reason that we feel amazing at the beach not everyone has access to the beach where there is a reason we feel amazing at the beach and so typically their showing now violence and energy energy the earth like it did hasn't pact on how we feel the beach does the ocean does for or the wind coming off the ocean does so even if you are on a boat out over the water you're gonna feel better just from doing that what does it do like what specifically it is a duty from what i read and i understand there are abundance of nigger violence so from an electrical standpoint you're talkin again about the human energy shielding and origin who shock shocker hasbro accra you're just gonna feel more alive on every every part of you i can describe like from a feeling
point number one has experienced at the ocean but from an electrical standpoint you would say you're you're clearing out blockages from your tea from a chinese medicine standpoint from couldn't alenia yoga standpoint you're gonna clearer blockages the same way and what are those blockages it is really a blockage or you just six you're insane energy from the ocean and it feels good maybe both maybe there is no blockage but i'm willing to bet somebody who sits too long or has stressed endeavour things like that like they're very much can be a physical attachment to emotion and if you ve ever had like he worked on and somebody if you have it his work to a not your sense are thinking of this thing that's bothering you in your head relationship whatever there is physical attachments to mental and emotional things that go on in gardener in your head so so when you get a massage and the other guy not and they work through it you think
there's like emotions tied up in that not not always but sometimes feeling has at work that alone i don't know why i was not allowed manifest there no why do we have an electrical field we do i believe this is emotions tied up in knots in your body i think when you get where those relax as you and that helps you deal with emotions better ok maybe what the wrong path there is emphasis that yes i agree with that from a feel good standpoint feeling better the ocean might just be the view but from an electoral standpoint there are invested goes back to the studies you see i lay there are very much is intellectual standpoint that that changes from the on ec energy coming from the waves coming from the water coming in the wind that's above the water rat because i yoga talked they should you like this hip openers gonna make you feel feel better about your childhood can open up emotional blockages pretty
sure we're just stretching yeah well that's not just talking about rule shock grown exactly how the different sugars work what they correlate too and things like that i don't know you has essentially in a visionary state i can see energy let us colors are not see like all here's my heart shocker ran like that but i have seen trees communicate torn another railing like vibrations coming from the top treetops as they were talking to one another what do you like what does it look like like ripples in water but it's the air does rippling and you could see like perfect circles come in from the top the tree tops there's something i tweeted the other day they they found that venus fly traps do calculations they count like four percent from sometimes daddy they figured out some some method of measuring the fact that they actually count things third they're doing calculations
like the regulated there not smart there there's an intelligence yeah plants that's just that's why i laugh at the argument from beacons bond from from a consciousness standpoint whatever spark we call it soul hollow whatever plants have it whatever it is never animates us and gives us us it's in them too yeah for sure it ever sure as this is an instant they don't they can't communicate in a way that we can clearly understand the bark at us did not look at us a sad puppy dog eyes there's something alive in some strange way they communicate they absorb energy in life and that you get that from them lemon life each life but that said i know many people that have had visionary experiences and became the and afterwards yeah that's actually it that's actually really com and especially in people that birds do more
but i was ceremonies and i had a vision my only vision other had a bears out a vision of siena panda bear eat bamboo and then i saw blackberries berries and ah fuck i'm gonna be vision and then i saw a grisly snatching salmon out oh it was just the eat the natural whatever there's no right or wrong but each take from take from me mrs mother earth talking to me take from me yeah so that's what it was it wasn't this is right that's wrong area wade's different things you know that there is always a class vote of iron simpson for other key posada giant guerrilla like loaded of protein oh my diet bro enormously is a hundred pound guerrilla it's like day no there's no right or wrong here you're not going to go to the to the lion and civic are you doing this all wrong lion here eat some grass instead come on now it's fine as long as it's from nature while the outsides taken girls are totally different animal sound person
like you know they have always been a chemical standpoint they're gonna break down things we can't break down without digestive ends and added to order so people love that argument look how strong rules or brow roots shit you go push shit out of a swamp and eat the stem the chew on stems what else they do they also one inch dicks about that a lot of bad things about being a gorilla i don't know i just think dead factory farming is something that people recognise a lot when they have psychedelic experiences the connection between the suffering of their food and that's real i've had multiple visions that they are sure that's israel's again man and that's not fun it's not you watch near like a molecule watching a movie it's like watching the cove and washing the cove is hard enough but a new experience you feel what it's like you embody that consciousness yeah and you know they know their own fuckin aware
disease dom things my will go round and eat some whatever they provide forming now you know like we're a bodies on the job and block i'm stuck here shoulder to shoulder like you feel you can feel that and tap and to that end i don't know how that's gonna stop that that seems to be ingrained in our idea of feeding cities it seems like the only way they can produce as enough me to feed all these fuckin people in these cities the way their doing it now is to continue this factory farming method its just horrific in the movie link awesome document area and the end is hate like it's fucked what do we do what do we do now you do vote which your dollar so every time you say i can't even tasted it between free range eggs in these caves day examined to save a few bucks you vote with your daughter now give you spend a little extra you're gonna feel better from it but also you're gonna help change the culture
and they shall walmart shall have anna organic yogurt some on the shelves just because there is demand there is going to cost go here in california they ever all kinds organic shit in cassio mass produced wide scale for cheap others a demand for you go there in arizona nevada maybe not the same in all the coal foods gonna have whole foods but from from giant companies like that there listening and it's just a matter of money that people are one spend it and this is what they want they gonna supply it period yeah but there's also those ag a gag laws that keep people from filming factory farms or they packed chickens in these horrible living conditions and you can't filament fulfilment inga in deep trouble they did a drone video the pig farming and pig farming carolina thousand mind fucker
stay in the shadows for their shit here so they had they they interview the people that are living by there and they just smell it constantly funk death just death and methane mean that the that river of in shit that comes out of the bottom in that place and settles and that little lake that they had another not normal peasant shit that is the worst most diseased did al pissing ship that's a magic living there like a working there rather like some works and air like those of the south miss you feel every day in the smells you taken through your nose everyday peter wish a video pry when the worst that actually the balls to watch of how full grass maiden france you're seeing this year have seen just brutal lavish threat people are working there and their toss in in the chicks it's their job told me greener humans that actually have to be a part of that process so the ones that they don't the toronto
was it males are so low that it relates to gear the female is some one of the other is the fog why we know is winch thing about fog wise they actually gravitate towards that feeder throw strange haddock afar explain it to me for actually bwana be fed i think that feeder grab him and stick it in their mouth and we it looks awful when they force feed them up they force feeding with grain is pour it down their throats but parents not that bad for them it just its per se option is of as far as like we're fattening them up for slaughter and would have that was you and they put your mouth around this metal pipe and quality of life but seeing these guys goes for the meat grander in some of them don't die the grinding up a chair ground up and some come out the other side still alive shaken half fog while they do then the latter roosters that's just a fact which is grind them up to fuck deal
so fuck deal you know i was on the highway wants i passed his truck and was stuffed with chickens it was just madness i was looking at this time it was like you know there are some openings where the chickens can breathe like some small holes in the side the truck news realising this is like a thing this pact with life as being treated like a commodity like stacked rocks you know it's bizarre it's bizarre to see a truck just driving on the roads is just stacked bottom to top with living things that it is gonna get either ground up or chopped up herbs know doesn't matter god after death well it's what happened when we made the city things this is all so something that didn't exist ten twenty thousand years ago when they had any kind agriculture back there the gruesome livestock killed those was he knew where they lived he knew what they or you knew the guy who raise them it was real
a boy and then somewhere along the line someone said we need like moscow of farming we need to get a big place and stuff everything in there and closer to the general public's nobody could see and jab these fuckers what needles and fill them up with antibiotics so they don't get sick role as crazy food were given omen boy the change from the people much more where now they're asking for free range food and antibiotic free food and in a grass fed meets and things along those lines but most people can't afford it a lotta people can afford it is the difference between the cap i spent a shit tunnel money on that i really do a lot of money goes there i think knowing where to get your food from victors and things you got a girl like ok hey i can't afford to this day and by grass fed filet mignon twenty five dollars a pound but i can afford grass fed berger and free
and chicken they self rearing chicken at free range organic chicken that gas gonna sewing get it for three ninety nine a pound what does that mean though when they say free range dammit they are done a field heard radiometer allowed to go around now there's varying levels of that obviously and certainly on a massive scale your pride is poland are gonna be the same as farmer john down the street whose doing it all natural organic is still gonna be organic feed you know they can't do any antibiotics and the tank feed gmo food from my understanding is it's interesting to me is it we're having these conversations now very frequently theirs out of these documentaries where its food anchor king corner cow spear see there's a bunch these documentaries your people are examining how food is made and prepared and where its coming from and how their growing in and more aware of it now than ever before so some people at least some people there's a movement to make more conscious choices and this wasn't around when our parents were around but i dont think factory farming
around when they were around either is also difference in the amount of people mean over something about nineteen seventies there is i got three million plus less people in america in the nineties seventies mean that side my life hundred million plus more people just here in the united states go research that jamie pull that up wizard with this shit nineteen seventeen nineteen seventy was around two hundred and three million get so it's a hundred million difference that's crazy boy to reflect a fuck we just love making babies are rumours are the baby members kids haven't kids your partner problem now to pass me well good news is that the good news is we were ass three four who knows right than in the eu for six months and like he might be knowledge
the fact that we do but we get our cells it tat we are talking about this for the public as once you start talking man it's a totally different world it gets it at all gets way better is way more easy but when they start talking they become like your little friends you know like its it becomes like can we see my kids i gather podcast maguire with em becomes amazing it is a hug you and they talk to you about school when my daughter had it today at school share this little lamb like what do they call them i want to say a recital emily assembly we must show that a little assembly and all the kids do their own thing she had this big thing that choose i'd really proud of shared announced something in and say part of this whole thing therein deplore the song they do in a song about different languages and speaking french diff speaking spanish and and so she she has to go up and do this
things such as low proud moment and afterwards like she's like beaming and she so happy she's five hours she runs loved me jumps in my arms and giving his big hug the love that you get from that the feeling you get of of warmth of love in connection with this little tiny beautiful human boys like nothing else like it and then you off recognize this is one of the big ones for me as i as my children got older and i started putting all sorts of trying at least to put the pieces of it altogether i started looking at people like their babies like others fucked up dude whose are angry at the world and just devastated and just emotionally a wreck that was a baby there was a baby that's just didn't get the love that he needed or a baby that was abused or a baby that was neglected or a baby that was rejected like whatever
was his fucked up person now in my mind became a baby like crazy people like it see a girl and on top of a ball are we fuck and top of fat guy that's baby that's a baby that became that any an asshole guy you knows fuckin screaming people traffic and pointing out your folk euro or fool you feel good rules that's a baby it's a baby they became this asshole it's it's just this developmental process that goes off the rails and into the forest and fucked up and to get it back on track is insanely difficult insanely to end the work that's required mostly we're not willing to do the empty most or not willing to you now to change their debts and ended take yoga every morning and fuck and get up early and meditate for twenty minutes every day to try to be mindful most people just act and on momentum to scramble and ends
how can i distract myself working to put in front of my face it'll make me think of something else than what i have to deal with that's why we're talking to people like you because i know the year this on this constant search for improvement in this constant search for growth and i think that talking to people like you talking to people that are fill in themselves with knowledge and constantly trying to evaluate their perspective and maybe enhance their perspective that's inspiring made in ended it also it gives fuel other people in one do the same in our like people here this podcast and they'll go fuck man i want to try some of that shit that karl kings very tried maybe i do i ll ask and maybe i want to read some of the books he read they now want to try some of them meditation techniques these try maybe i want to do this mobility that and i think in doing that like in one person like you whose seeking these things you can start like this cascade start this this
fact you started the cascade i mean athens five listen to so many podcast rose like block that guy or right let me do that you may even just whim off just in that eight weeks i heard him maybe a couple weeks after he was on i was doing breastwork at the beach my bodies at man he looked we also had a little le laser death i will say we watched the laser disk watch the laziness how do i put this in have you read between the lines here i'm trials syllables lady allow sir i ask everyone just reality ok you're talkin about mushrooms and i also designed a shit we're gonna keep under wraps that's true laser disk i get it i didn't understand that there's something i have never yeah yeah well could you tell me some one was yelling at me show the other night
day molly or are they gonna do day i was a new and red ban talk about this and mescaline and things like that parity in areas like me i can't believe we haven't tried all the things that you didn't try that yeah there's a bunch should i haven't tried i heard jim adam and who wrote secular explores got hurt him on ferris podcast got his book read it and then i saw that maps was doing the multidisciplinary association psychedelic studies was doing presentation of power out along the street from me and rick problem the head of mass was gonna be there presenting with jim famine this is amazing i gotta go and the one had a breakthrough psychedelic experience it's it's amazing it can be like changing or can fuck you mind up whatever you can take that for what it is a large ocean of his book was on micro dosing ned micro dosing they were talking about taking a sub sub perceptual
breakthrough level so meaning like i dont see shit i just feel and think differently right and he said that's really the future of psychedelic research and that's exactly what hoffman was doing till he died at hundred to use all the guy who developed lsd so we went now ellison these guys speak and since then i have tried micro dosing with alice and it is phenomenal like it's almost like a smart drug in itself but you feel good you have entered you can see why people might do it at a festival concert everything sounds a little more clearly music sounds better if you like it i could see myself running on it like a you really can you could still interacting it took two cops on it like you're fine to communicate and to be but you do think differently you are connected in a different way rage and silicon valley yeah yeah yeah exactly and i was tired i thought a euro rosier does our van fell down the masculine
doubt the lsd her now that i'm not down the problem with ass it is the other people that one you acid with you you don't wanna do ass it with them i gag ago do saw these weird people that are ocean it they wanna duncans younger than i know that gets real acid and we ve heard of made a loose commitment to mean him get together one day i want to hear about their assure us about deafening talk about it but the that i've been really into that i get these big break through objective moments introspective moments is edible pot and suck anum flotation floating generous there's something about sensory deprivation with the edible pot it creates this bizarre sword hallucinogenic state visionary state that's very unusual for only one from a visionary standpoint do you
when you see the obviously you're in pitch black so anything you see in your mind's eyes what you're saying would you say you see you like more the sacred geometry or the kaleidoscope of shapes and things that you do from dmt or do you just see like a memory or you relive something or maybe you see something from its ban on your mind and you live that moment for us and then pull back out of it well that's one of them fascinate things about it is the experiences incredibly flexible whereas like the experience of dm t although it varies it's also very dm t like when you do the empty your ma react dissolves in your there like this one that i was very strangely disease gestures that were given me the finger they kept give me the finger unlike what is this about and then i was trying to figure out like what are they trying to tell me and one of the things that are trying to tell me is it was almost like a rat
action to not worrying what other people think of you or not worrying about people fucking with you or not it was almost like what do you care what you can do in this to you too would you care what do you care like y y you trip and about this and then kind of got it in the tribune and then the like shaken their head yes and is this weird fractal thing that's constantly going on but every time i do it it seems like these lessons that are wrapped up in these visions with communicating entities whatever the fuck there whether figments of your a nation with a real there's always lessons and then and these lessons are always pertaining to either a personal hick that i got going on or something that are more open struggling with or trying to overcome or something that i am constantly focusing on trying to understand better so it's like let me up yes i do fuck you and yet regulate these gesture
we're all going fuck eels are finally going to fuck you trying to figure out what it is like it's almost and inoculation to hostility ike letting you like what why even taking this in like what y y you and concentrating on that this is pointless much more and then when you get past that level the experience in blossoms and some new level the experience hoped they d empty state is very de empty like but that cannabis the edible cannabis eleven hydroxyl metabolites state that you get from edible cannabis wishes dose per dose five times more psychoactive in th see that's why people when they eat it they trip around the globe nothing i'm up is somebody laced with something now it's very much like intense psychedelic when you eat it that's why you gotta be careful and not eat too much like people that fuckin freak out a panic attacks it's because strong is shit when you eat it the tank
sometimes i go on these journeys that i like i'm in the forest and i can hear other languages and i understand them and i dont know what the fuck they are and sometimes i'm a part of up like a boy all of yarn that the universe is made out of and each indy visual fibre that's in this gigantic strand that's a part of this wrapped up ball of yarn is all the inn individual items that make up being a person or a tree or a book or a rock and all these different things are intertwined and it shows you the fractal nay or of reality from the lowest sabotage a particle to the biggest planted in the solar system to the biggest galaxy in the universe just goes out there in this very strange and humbling and bizarre like of vote honourable vulnerability inducing state and then it will go from that to cartoons fucking
me on a card timelines bang at each other in producing a bunch of other neon car you had me cartoons fucking do needs is not just cartoons fucking but they like neon they like me out of like neon light active better than their banging each other in their there coming other ones that having goddamn thing in my basement is a blessing curse at the same time because it's a blessing and that its great that i can go in there anytime i want but sometimes one crazy triple just leave me like baffled four days but the relax nation aspect of a two sometimes sometimes go in there on the natural and just chill out and just float and i get out there man i feel garlic i'll be in the and while i'm in their floating alec pushed down my hips my backup pop pop everything's like loosening up because of all the all the epsom salts and it has magnesium and magnesium is great for your body it's when the best ways to absorb magnesium is through the skin
that's why i'm epsom saw bath is so good for your muscles and business but no epsom saw bath can fuck with attack not even close thousand pounds of salt no massage can fuck with the tick ed amazing massages bony carter the tank you do feel like you're floating four hours after feel high so you ve been in the tank you have been a tank on and if i haven't done anything in the tank not yet and that they were smoke a little does well i'd rather candidates but rather have a good now there's places avail on the barrier tibet the day there was a lady unless gotta wasn't far from me and she sponsor me for fight camps so i would go in once a week or twice a week leading up to a fight interesting and it was amazing it was a great that really got me into flotation and then she added down at santa cruz which is a little hike for me so i have been oakland different places they have set up now and dumb there's a couple places that allow the bin
run seeking going at midnight and stay overnight see do overnight load all my until six a m radium yeah someone's in there with you now they have some work in there but you're not you're you can go and learned and sleep and basically so crazy happy i think they know what's up i think they know what time it is just a matter of what you know what do i do that's why i was curious i want to ask you about the like what do you what would you say visionary state what do you get it for that world when you say like out sometimes i'm in the woods as this that's the answer that i need that's for sure i've done mushrooms venom that's pretty intends to how many grams now that many like three ok see i found like me that's a lot going on like yeah i feel like we are one gram for ram dose a lot of feeling from it but not necessarily get to a visionary state of five grams
the door in silent darkness wordy where you doing it yeah i guess it would be there would be different there too generic state to me occurs with the eyes closed they are the real visions come and ass atomic people are doing their own nature and the like the first time ever did mushrooms we did it like in the woods and is beautiful manage fell a fella them the vibrations of the earth if it was like a loving you and breathing in like like goes up you you felt like next to it in a way that i never felt before but there was no not much visions because you're out there i mean it seemed like alive and everything seems strange kind of pixelate is everything sort of had like like a a metric pattern to it and weird way that you never experience caution i did have had him at the beach and we had a monster dose one time after by oscars really kind of improved other psychedelic experiences
for both of us so let go yeah like some of those lessons of not trying to control it you know just going with the flow and yan and then also from a stomach standpoint like a lot of people are even mushrooms fucked her stomach up and use the fuck my stomach up but after perch from alaska like it's not for me to have a bunch of mushrooms and my stomach never did that to me to my stomach etc this is really is setting its very personal deal but at seven grams each on the beach and that's them we were taken and i went i was face up oh she's a hundred ten pounds to so she's the real trooper but when i face up where you could things that i would normally see like like seagulls in a v formation i could see like laser beams connecting their wings and then it was like fractal like you would from a damn t trip but every cow are the light spectrum was connecting their wings as they flowed through air and then the sound of the ocean is different
but then when i went face down and bears buried my face in the sand then i had complete visionary state just like the anti or or i ll ask even imagine improbable ass long ass time too long time along the beach it's probably a couple solid hours of visions than right with that kind of those on and off there were some there i kept see an initially i kept sienna like this group why can i bought us and ass i was thinking i think it is take our shit like are they gonna try to steal remain of the fights moonlit students weird there's a place now people go to and i kept seeing that and then i had to take a deep breath and task like feel me feel like my energies you're gonna be ok like us somebody can come now what you re talking about she's like planes fuckin
eternal bugs shortly in elections and haven't you know it's like an orwellian mile cage seriously you're fine don't you know where you're fine segovia undiplomatic down and it keeps you and then like this young kid can it comes to the cry but he's gonna challenged me and he walks down like her i forget i defend us fight and i know i fucked up i am i a heavily weighted defend myself and unlike place playing out my mind all the ways that i'm gonna have to fight this guy and i realized delicate stanhope obermeyer fuck it's just a vision and other hearts ratio like why would i think that and then i realized every fuckin day of my life since i was a little kid i play that out any time someone gives me a dairy look or says like it's a word from what i've been picked on as a kid boy can a shit like i always play that alec how am i gonna have to fight this guy we're gonna have to fucking defend myself how you gonna pick play out he's he's got a long forgotten
coming to take his back and choke a man without europe's labour but it just show me how silly this dumb ass mine game right that i would play and i would go down the rabbit hold on a second daily basis sometimes like thing just playing into this thought of negativity that had no space for me and i we know play that alec bilateral that's fine now do this not none of that shit i'm wasting time and becoming emotionally attached to those that yeah it's not just oh i'm thinking about this i'm feeling like i'm in a fight right now that fuck you up turns you into not your best virginal yourself so that vision from mushrooms was just a fucking game changer doesn't stop from having those thoughts but it allows me to i myself am aware of it you know the pants exists you just on your team i don't understand it i could see it and let it go like when they total immunity oh you have a thought just recognise a thought let it go that's easier said than done now i've had time to digest some assimilate that industry
she bowed cinnabar tenant guys been a deck or whatever our easy much easier for me to be an i ll have to entertain the grass that may then it happens that right where i brought you not gonna not know when it's getting but does not sometimes things i we say at about cops like sometimes i bet certain people whether its appeal deal with the cops or that certain people that our cops things happen that don't need to happen because people have these ideas are have these patterns that a plan on in their head and for a about imagined it's gotta be incredibly difficult because your deal with all these people that are constantly breaking laws and violating things in your supposed to enforce them and you're constantly worried about getting shot and getting home to your family your constant worry about pulling some guy over he's got fucking twenty lb of coke in the back of machine guns front seat you don't know is windows or tinted like sir rolled on new window in your hand on your guy like what the fuck am i getting into here and then these pattern people have whether its
a police officer as a person being pulled out by cops they can change the way you interact with people and change the circumstances of the day and chain in turn a tragedy into a nothing or nothing no a tragedy that's the lens that's the filter you see through now all your interact and come out of that pattern span and sometimes the beautiful thing about psychedelic says that allow as you to get outside of you and look at the ridiculous none of you that's one of the biggest yeah you talk about change and transformation and things like that that's been my biggest alison seeing the where behave in the doesn't mean i'm mr perfect i don't get angrier mother yet no sir for six months or the child we we touch it i've had it that anybody was at a kid knows that fuckin a real struggle knows no perfect people man does that doesn't exist that's this idea that there's a pervert person is enlightened being there are people
they choose to go down certain pass that will lead to them making better decisions lead to them a more harmonious life but you're just a monkey you just said fuckin talking ape that's on this planet filled with contracts since in chaos and try to get through like all of us are and he's gonna be the relationship drama in work drama and when fuckin community drama neighbourhood drama and you get in sometimes you beaches dad or too tired to distracted or two to overcome work do whatever the fuck it is going to have a bad reaction of things it doesnt define you that's a real problem the people have though is one bad reaction like you yell at your neighbor neighbour fucked you in the cops com you piece of shit i'm massage retires and fuck you and these things and how we gonna buddy my last my explained to me something that he got into is with his neighbour and
it uses neighbour slashings tire in he they fuckin isla guilders neighbour and then he got his car picked up by aaa they changed tie the goat you hit it herb i saw a light hearted per hour in deflated is tired and blaming neighbour pull the stare out of your mouth right now created this whole for any was light and i was like the easy comic comes only gonna talk about design stages i can't i'm so too embarrassed now i'm not ready to like isn't funny to me is a telling me we're friends we're both laugh and unlike falk manageable does democratic not condemn what to do i guess his neighbor get pesky park in front of us is house and the guy a trash cans and he's like you park to close to my trash cans taking my trash cans eyes i what so he goes out eats finds us note on his car and his tyres flat and i assume that the guy
wrote the north higher yeah he's a good guy we're fucked up you know like fuck ups but if you took those fuck ups and you like it's i concentrate on your whole life all times you fucked up you are gonna got him a fuck up like no you just a person now that she will repeat itself like animals we fuck and fall into the path of that instead of having the humility or at least you're getting a little help from outside source that allows you to take a step back pull the blinders off and see what's gonna let you know what man i fucked up that's also why objectivity so important in the interests both of thought is so important because sometimes people just make excuses for everything they do every time they do they have a fuckin excuse for so you never get the lessons he never get the growth you never learn he diseases constantly report constantly repeat and then one day europe a bitter old man yell at these kids to stop with their fuckin
rock n roll music and your goddamn car driver down my street we allowed muffler that's same shit is patent state they followed these patterns and then they die and these never never corrected enough never never just never got it ever got it right no introspection if there's no quiet time now we're item at dover counting very bad mother fucker there's a fine man fuck yeah we did this i loved so get one of those bad boys and get my miller moors miller moors miller mothers jamal is checked and let the blood kiehtan meter so let's do this again man i think we could probably do this for a fuckin hours and hours and hours i wish to call again time king boo on twitter if you want to get a hold of cow i put that on my twitter
that's it thanks brother appreciate amounts and very much better i my friends that's it for the week i will be back with a fight companion saturday night branded sharp brian cowen eddie bravo end me so that's saturday night will be here for the u have sufficed are my friends but by our friends thank you so much thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you everybody thinks we're tuna podcast thank you to everybody and told her friends thanks to mother hatching you are proposing thanks your dad can you warm thanks for people that are fed you thanks for you for feed yourself boy i can go on forever
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you fuckin savages goddamn you people beautiful thank you so much had a wonderful time we'll be back on saturday with a fight companion pod task which allow times like the best part ass we do i think we but anybody me but he's on it they just finance out as for guys hanging out having a good time to grow shit we're gonna blow out that'll be saturday night it if you ve never heard when those before it's really depends i should produce an intro and recorded for the your version say ok this fight companion was actually about the fight or this my companion had fuck and nothing to do with the flag it's because you
for now we ve gone through entire cards where we didn't talk about shit that was going on we just we're having fun and is with three of my favorite people in the world is the most beautiful awesome people to hang with eddie bravo cry of course just one we all time favorite humans brian cowen also our time favorite humans and brendan job is fuckin classic just awesome friends having a good time just yak ended up crack and jokes talking shit making each other laughed therapy saturday night and then the next week gary cooper juniors and the mother for their believe it and and more so that's it for this week officially cease atam or not become not only
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