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#757 - Gary Clark, Jr.

2016-02-08 | 🔗
Gary Clark, Jr. is a Grammy award winning musician and guitar player. He can been seen on his new tour in 2016 all over the world, and his latest album "The Story of Sonny Boy Slim" is out now. http://www.garyclarkjr.com
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He he goes check this out. He played Numb for me. I go, who is this mother, Fucker yeah and then from there on been a Gary Clark, Johnson respect how I appreciate it. Yeah man what's going on man, oh man, trying to figure out LA? I came out here in July and just kind of figuring it out. Man is not Austin, not at all now, not at all, but I'm starting to get a little bit. You know familiar and Boston's a couple hours away on an airplane, so I can figure it out, but you man, I'm glad you hit me up the honey, honey crew, yeah someone who pop that off so yeah yeah Suzanne connected us, yeah they're, great they're kind, people, man, love those guys yeah! I ran into them at bridge school benefit, Neil Young thing, so it's good to reconnect. First time I came out here we did it get with them. Oh really
yeah yeah. So what made you move from Austin, which is like one of the best spots in the world? If you could pull it off to California, which is still one of the best spot the world, if you can pull it off, but so much more complex, so much more bullshit, so much more ego, so much more traffic, so much more actors, right! That's true man, that's very true, but uhm spend some time in New York City I spent my whole life in Austin always wanted to come out w and figure out what it's like. You know an so I got the opportunity to do it, so I'm just which I get out being a few months old. So there's no like specific, like pulling reason, you said, let me just try Ella now me and my girl just so. How do we spend some time out here? I, like it, yeah! I like movies, like that man. I think about doing those all the time, but my wife is so not into that 'cause. I move that bitch, that top
mountain at one time, got killed by a mountain lion. Was a bunch of shit happened yeah I mean when I was in Heaven loved it damn yeah. Well, yeah, the speaking of mountain lions, I heard there like creep, around over here, there's quite a few of 'em yeah there. You can't hunt them in California, so they have no natural predators other than cars and there's people that think that's a good idea. Because they keep the deer population in check. There's a good argument for that: 'cause. We don't have Lyme disease. It's very little Lyme Disease in California and more the reasons for that is. Is that not that many deer specially around here? Where is it on the east coast? The EAST coast right now has a real Lyme disease epidemic, because these deer overpopulated and over pop
did dear means they don't get enough food and their more susceptible to disease and fucking Lyme Disease is the big one ticks these ticks with Lyme disease. I know a bunch of people from the east coast that have got Lyme disease. It's fucking bad, it's big down in Texas to his deer everywhere, yeah, so I guess that's a good thing, but I'll be freaked out. If I walked out. You know most the time not to worry most also time they going after cats and dogs and shit like that. They kill lot of rabbits and small animals and deer they've decimate the deer population. They kill most of the deer with either coyotes get him or mountain lions. Get him like when I see deer in my neighborhood is pretty unusual, whereas if I go back, Geist, like you know, like I, have a buddy lives on a farm in Lyons, a farm in Wisconsin. This fucking tear everywhere there. So that's the type of place where you gotta worry bout, ticks FUCK that you worried about Mount lines. I mean anything that
take a chunk academy, I'm a little bit worried about. Where do you live specifically yeah, not only live somewhere, hilly know, even in a flat lands with the people, although they did kill one in someone's backyard in Santa Monica two years ago. How can Santa Monica? I remember that it was a big one, too there's like one hundred and fifty pound cat and some dude yard, just chilling sleeping in his yard. I can't do I talk about some well give freaked out that I just don't. I just oh fuck with nature learning mean I'm not you know, that. I I respect it. You know yeah me too so and I'm not really into getting eaten by some. But just that phrase I don't fuck with nature.
Let's do this real picture you with a guitar, pointing at the cabbage and says I don't fuck with nature yeah right, our man. I didn't you know what I mean. I know exactly you mean yeah, it's dangerous man get out there in the wilderness and you know. There's a big cities are great. You know. People think that somehow another, if you love nature, that you don't love cities, I love everything. Cities, this beauty and everything came to Tempe close minded yeah. I agree I mean I'm coming from where I'm from the US in this in a city in in this, I slander on a solid to jump back and forth in and be involved, and but I will not fuck with mountain lion. I don't mess with shark yeah I'm down with that. My kids are going to start taking surfing lessons
little five and seven I want take surfing lesson like that's like a bite like one bite like you, don't even survive. If you get bitten by shark, if you're five do you serve? No, I don't fuck with sharks either. There is. I would I would serve if they would figure out some sort of bite, proof suit for sure now hold me back yeah, that's definitely was holding me back. I would have a bite proof suit, and then I would want a big ass knife strapped to my thigh self, a shark it bite me and it didn't get through just fucking fight in his mother fucker. Take that take it bitch yeah here. Well, there's a lot of him over, two there's more sharks for sure. Then there are mountain lines. I think what I say for sure if
right, but when you fly over California like there's a lot of like helicopters that fly over like the Malibu Coast, that they take video footage of pig, ass, great white sharks, all the time that are just a couple, one hundred yards away from people surfing yeah. No thanks! That's a lot of helicopters out here in LA in general, yeah wow. Well, because it's a big flat area and there's a lot of criminals, it's a good way to catch people put spot. It's weird. When you watch it, you know they called ghetto birds. It's weird when you watch from the helicopter flying over and they have a spotlight on somebody, you start feeling Lt, you haven't done shit yeah. I know you know. I know I'm particularly sensitive that hallway. I would imagine yeah it wasn't. It wasn't me today damn how long
been doing. Music man, man, I've been playing guitar since ninety six, I always kind of wanted one and my folks were. I had a habit of of quitting what I started. You know like I play baseball for a little bit. I try. Do, martial arts for a little bit. I try to do basketball football and none of it kind of stuck. I would always kind of go back to music. So, finally, ninety six- I just got in And quit caring about anything. You know I got a guitar. Discovered urban I was like knows about it. Did you take lessons or did you self taught? I didn't take lessons family like I didn't pay anybody for lessons. My probably should
I'm a friend of mine, Evemon say she had a guitar and she had abandoned. She hurt her band practice all the time. So I would hear him so I would go over there and and check it out and I'll take my guitar and she would show me you know like a twelve bar blues kinda like a Jimmy Reed, shuffle type thing or like a you- know, power, cord, rock and roll thing whatever and um so I was kind of how I first started and I'm bringing books. I want to school library in my middle school librarian, just rented like how to play guitar wow watch this t, the show Austin City limits that came on. I know there Saturday, so I used to just sit there and figure it out. You know record the tapes and go back and figure it out so so it was essentially like the first, thing that you really connected to that you stuck with yeah. Was it about playing guitar? Ah, I thought
the thing for me was.
I mean I love music and I mean the guitar for me was the instrument that could it could paint so many different colors. It was very versatile, you know it could be loud, aggressive or it could be sweet beautiful, and I just thought if I could get my hands on one of those. I would try and push it to the limit, and you know and really figure out you just play with like the full spectrum, is different than you know, playing an electric guitar for me seem more. There are more options than like playing drums or playing trumpet or something I mean with toys and yeah things like that. So that was it. I don't know, I'm still trying to figure out,
as interested in it. You know twenty years later, though it was you know, then that means you got the right thing. Yeah. I definitely found is fortunate that way, that's one of the hardest things for kids right when you're young kid You don't really know what you want to do with your life and you do your your whole future just looks like this confusing. Sometimes the hardest thing is finding something that really rings your bell, finding something so for you did. It seems like there was a bunch of different other options. It didn't groups, didn't really click and then the guitar just that was it yeah. Well, I mean, baseball was a terrible hitter. I was pretty fast browse Talbot. I was thin, so you don't put me in the post and I would get pushed out by these huge guys. I got
to my coach, going God Dammit Junior when he would quit being a bitch. So you know it's just just put music. It would just just kind of clicked. It was something for me. What martial arts did? You do tried Thai kwando your perfect bill for that yeah? I just didn't, have the patience at the time I really didn't. I wish I stuck with it but yeah I I don't have the patience of the discipline. I didn't wanna, you know be focusing right for I wanted to know there some out the window. I want to go run and yeah jump out the window and go ride bikes or whatever it was. You know they call that a dd but I call that just being a fucking person
curious like there's a lot of that doesn't occupy our attention. You're supposed to make it occupy your attention right. You know we keep this up pretty busy they're billing accounts at the look at like guitar, obviously occupied your attention. You know I'm saying it's like I don't believe in a d d for in a lot of sense and a lot of ways, I think there's obviously people that have like a mental issue, but I think for most people with the call in at t is beyond board this board yeah like school, how boring school schools terribly boring, yeah house terrible and it was terrible too. I spent a lot of my time you should stay in school. Kids, but I spent a lot of time showing up to that building and then immediately turn back around and going and doing what interested me yeah, and look at you now, mother, fucker,
I'm doing alright, but it's finding the thing and then go in after it. That's what it is and what school does is teaches you that the future is bleak, in a lot of ways. Obviously it educates you and obviously for people that that go on, do some sort of an academic career, it's imperative right, but for a lot of people so that pushing you to pay attention is shit. You don't want to pay attention to. It, stifles creativity. It is not the best way for p
to learn to give you like this horrible feeling about the future. If you feel like outsiders e S, I didn't feel comfortable at all. I mean I was constantly trying to figure out what what what why am I spending so much time every day doing you know, and I just had other interests- I mean I. I believe that if it does work for some people in yeah and people need it, but just for for me the type person that I that I am I was just like already know what I want to be doing on wish. I could spend my I'm doing other things- alternative schooling wasn't really an option for me or anything that points are. Is this in Austin you were going to a group at us, the school system. There is pretty bad ass yeah, it was but I felt like I could you know I would much rather have four hours in music class and right right
doing something now, so I'm I'm not really in knocking the system is right, my interest, you know, and I think it's almost and people define a style of teaching or a course of study. That's going to be really interesting and fasting to every kid, but it's the problem is shoving, kids in classes and trying to educate them like there are like a product like a factory. You know I just I just don't think I don't think the way we do. It is the best way to do it I and have a better solution. So I have to shut the fuck up yeah, I don't either. I don't either yeah that we had to read that book brave new world school. That would kind of tripped me out. I don't know if I'm ready for that yeah do they have a solution either, but there's a cadillac that you have in one of your videos is that your car old see
I hate when that shit happens when those stylists they hook, you up with the car that I'm like damp Gary Clark Junior drives adult bass, old, gay black. No, I drove it. I drive a ninety four cadillac that I think is pretty dumb direction of the video is like now it's a piece of shit. He got this, so you got this girl to bring her ride and what year was that one? I think it was like a sixty six who is so slick. It was like if Gary Clark Junior really drives out Cadillac there. It is look at that mother FUCK yeah dude, you look like you just stepped off the set a super fly. I know I know, and you know, and then I got back to my house and then I got in my car to go to do whatever I had to do, and I was like man. This is not the same shit but fucking car is sick. Yeah I was amazing. Did you get to drive it? Um
not not like, I drove it up and down there street, like I like seven times. It's so depressing what they do men, but they nailed it. They found the perfect car for your music yeah. I know that's a soulful car right like that car has sold to it. It's got like it's a piece of history. It's a it's a piece of art. You know yeah, I know you're making me feel really terrible about the situation, but you're a successful musician man. Everybody knows who you are, you can go out and get a sweet, sixty six yeah 'cause. I don't drive that much anymore. I spend so much time on the road man. Yeah someday have a nice little collection, yeah someday someday in the in the mind you have so you drive, you drive a cadillac, though yeah
calculator, something not I know uh. I got alone yeah. I got this this. Ninety four Cadillac Deville, when I was nineteen, still got it really yeah man, that's actually even cooler, because that one's kind of a poser car in a lot of ways like this, car in the photo, like you know, the beautiful sixty six can't really take that thing anywhere. Look at that we're going to take you to park it there. Some that's almost Volvo is going to open up the car door on you know yeah. I would struggle to parallel park. That thing you're going to get looks from those shitheads in Prius. Is the self righteous moral high and people are going to look at you? Do you have any idea? Is it worth it? Is it really worth your killing? Seals is going to look at your shitty yeah, so looking up fucking hubcaps over the rims on that it must be rims. Those aren't hubcaps that some aftermarket shit, those beautiful whitewall tires, but a lot of ways like your car is actually cooler, because your car is like car that no one,
no one. Yet no one wants to try. You know they don't get it to try to like look cool like that. Car is such a I'm, getting it to look cool car. That is not even yours in the used it for you and I'm in me, video to make you look bad ass right. You car is actually more badass because, your first car from the time of year in nineteen- you still have it then I drive it, but that's pretty cool keep fucking at school one day, thanks for making me feel better than well you're, more you're, more authentic, see like if you were like going way out of your way to own that car, but it was breaking down all the time and it's fucking up and that would be kind of silly. That was your only car right, yeah yeah. But I think about my car breaking down all the time and it does yeah. I did But again with the new ones, those new cadillacs at fucking spaceships, I saw.
Some new thing that working on yeah they have a bunch of new ones. Now cadillacs got some incredible cars. Now there Finally, they like something happen in like the late nineties early two, thousands it's our turn around, and now they have pretty amazing cars. What more can I know? You know like a cts v channels. We have been in that I've been in a, bubble musical bubble than musical bubble and then a baby double double bubble, yeah, so Do babies like being I'm getting outta here. I am so yeah. It's like a two baby bubble right, 'cause music is kind of like you giving birth to an album. That makes sense yeah. Definitely that's how I feel about it. The new one that you came out with in September. It sounds different than the other ones, but cool.
But you know like it's almost like you're, you know like you're, taking different chances or you're experimenting with like different sounds well. Yeah Sanjay Ming came in here was like before I, you know, record, My first album on the major black and blue. I was living in Texas and I had a live room where I had drums, keys bass rig are all set up and then another room. I had my turntables drum machine keyboards. All like put it like go into this pro tools session, so I was just making demos and sampling records and just kind of doing whatever I wanted to wanted to do, and so for this year, for this latest record I just kind of wanted to get back into that.
In an experiment in Bible challenge: myself musically, you know just playing out on the road every every add whatever for a few years kind of playing the same songs, and you know trying to bring new life of those in a certain way was different than I felt like. I was kind of stagnant. Like I wasn't playing drums like, I was every day it wasn't playing bass like I was. I want to be a musician. I want to be all around musician and push it to the limit. So for this latest record I just what able to do that spin, the time so yeah, It does sound different. It's all me playing most of the instruments, as opposed to the last one was a band. So oh wow how many? How many different instruments you play? I guess
I wouldn't say I play them. I'm saying like I mess around and some of it works, but I played drums. I played bass, keys, harmonica, percussion, yeah, just kind of the foundation and did you take lessons for any of these but formal lessons like once? you started rolling and you started becoming a musician. I was, I was acquirable in in middle school in a hard time for the these are the basketball team, just man at least give me a hard time. So that was a form of training that I had. I learn yeah scales and notes like that, but so you can read music, Not really you put you can put it. You can put a chart in front of me and I'll. Ok no idea, no idea, I'm crazy, you're, a musician
like you're you're, a real musician you have like wreck. Z with a record label. I see your shit and I saw you shared at the airport once a music video that was playing on a television there like you're a profession, roll musician error, but I don't read music now this, like me, being a comedian that doesn't right now, it's worse, it's like maybe in an author who doesn't read books who can't rebook. Semicolons, know, know Jamie says no. This is Kevin honeys. He didn't play him and agreed as a kind of take that picture down, put a real one out of forty. That's not his real mug shot photo it's a real photo, obviously, but that's not the actual for they fucked me man. I bought this shit. That's Rosa Parks, real mug shots, So the then the Elvis one is real, but it's not really a mug shot. It was when he went to visit Nixon in the White House, all right photo of him for grief, but that's just a a classic picture of Hendry.
And then they put his actual mug shot photo underneath his real photo was him with like shorter hair. It looked more like a classic afro. That's like you know, Jimi, Hendrix experience when they had those white dudes behind him with big afros as well. That is real photo yeah. Seen that one. So you see, the image is correct for the mug shot like for his name, but that's the wrong photo. They fucked me. Somebody had to tell me. Thank you ever told me, some do it online. Let me know he do that at the real one, fuck fuck right assholes, they just got a good one mean that looks like the perfect. Arrest photo of Jimi Hendrix and he also has is looking to raise like can't believe these mother fuckers arrested me. Whereas the other one he's got to look like oh shit. I just got fucking arrested for heroin Good luck, that's that's the
we are Fucker camera guy target, TA take the picture, man shit shit, I'm a obviously a huge Hendrix fan and I can't bring myself to read. He had a former bodyguard that wrote some book that claims that his ex manager had him killed that Hendrix manager not only had him killed but even had him kidnapped at one point in time: JE so he could rescue him. 'cause Hendricks is going to leave his manager. They also this guy also alleges that Hendrix manager killed Hendrix girlfriend. Who was with him at the time that he died like she jumped off a building in so HO. I believe, and they think that they threw her off, that building 'cause. She knew that this guy had killed Hendrix I I don't know, I don't know either you see did read that no, I can't bring myself to it. I can either because I don't want to get down some rabbit hole that I can't
but this guy, who was a he was a musician himself who is with the animals? I believe you know was that the one hit song they had um. I forgot the song, but he was a who's actually musician himself and it didn't work out for him and he started working as a bodyguard for for Hendricks and working with this manager. Doctor who is apparently a universally known as like a really bad guy, like real shady, like back in the day of music, you were dealing with a lot of mob characters right, a lot of organized crime, carriages lot of creepy like a lot of dangerous people like Phil, Spector, that crazy Yeah yeah I mean it doesn't get crazier than that guy, and if you don't know who Phil Spector is you google him Then you go well how come his hair looks like this in one picture, and then it's here like that he wore a bunch of crap
we're? He get arrested for shooting a woman in the mouth just a few years ago, Ann Kellan? Are he picked up some woman, At a bar on sunset took it back to his mansion, shot in the mouth, yeah he's crazy, but that guy was famous for like put in guns in peoples mouth. He was famous for pulling guns on people and apparently was just a big part of the music business back then those organized crime and just dangerous p. With ties to organized crime, and this guy, who managed Hendricks Hendricks, apparently wanted to leave him and, as he was on his way out, that's when this guy had Hendricks kidnapped. This is what they're alleging in the book, and I believe it's been confirmed that Hendrix was kidnapped and this guy did get him rescued the ideas he had him kidnapped, so he could rescue him. So I'd say, look dude! You need me. I just fucking saved your life
That's crazy, fucked up shit. I don't crazy fucked up shit yeah, I don't know if I could dig deep and read yeah exactly they don't want to go there. I would like to know the truth, but I don't. I almost don't want to go down the rabbit hole name is MIKE Jeffrey and apparently is also a demolition expert in assassin for the British MI six before he was a manager. Jesus sounds fascinating. I got some to read this weekend. Definitely I don't know I haven't come across anything music. You get kinda compared to him, though, in a lot of ways by is that is it just because you're, a handsome young black man is very good at the guitar thanks 'cause, I'm handsome!
Have you what is it? What yeah? I think that's what it is. You have that's what it is, but you do have like, like in noms up a perfect example of that you have That's a that's an unusual sound! You know those git. Are rifts that you have in that and it's I can't like there's certain sounds ego. Why does he Kerry Kark sound like that? Sounds like it like Hendrix, there's a bunch of Hendrix songs. We can hear like voodoo child. The new okay. Well, that's Hendrix now like people can take, catch that sort of unique sound in a world of people riffing in a world of peace, will making these amazing sounds with guitars. Occasionally someone can isolate. Like particular sounds like of course, ACDC right. You listen to
easy! It's like almost immediately. You know it's an ACDC song, but you've got your own thing going on yeah. I think so, but I can understand that Henry's comparisons are mean: fuzzy guitars over heavy riffs black guy doing it. You know. Yeah get it used to bother me, but I'm not mad at it. I mean it's like he's great yeah. I want to be great, you know, and if people have drawn your name in the same sentence is grates in a positive way. I'll take it just keep practicing perfect attitude, man, you know what I mean yeah, that's perfect yeah. What kind of you into what am I into at the moment, I'm into like.
Shit southern hip hop really yeah, like speaking at cadillacs and stuff. I used to drive around and I don't know if you've got like the chopped and screwed stuff, but like I used to listen to dj screw what's the chopped and screwed stuff house, it's like it's like the site. The music like it's just slow down and kind of you know it will take a lyric and like on a turntable and chop it up and like repeat something or whatever, and it's really kind of heady trippy stuff. So I used to you know I listen to that all the time and so I've just recently kind of got back into listening to you know things like that. Like I got Paul Wall's records,
the listen to big k, DOT, RI, DOT t so just like Texas, seven stuff, I don't know, there's a mean. Why do with braces right? We've got grip, racing drill. Sorry, I confuse she is different, but yet so I've been up. Listen, I I don't know if it's like Texas, yeah they're always is braces, yeah, races and so How does he eat corn on the cop? That's my question. I don't know I think to come out of your mouth. Please. I think you take him out yeah yeah. Some shit. He wears like a dental dam or no that's. When you eat some dangerous. That's a dental dance! Four right is for dangerous pussy, which, by the way, if you use that kill yourself, if you even
about going down on a girl- and you have to throw fucking tarp over at first, you really have made some terrible choices and you probably never going to recover this. Stop Oh man right. That's where it's at what you kiss, but you won't eat her pussy stop yeah! This is chaos gone too far. Yeah. You did you living your life completely wrong. You need an intervention psychedelics or something. They got. Psychedelics uhm yeah, it's been a long time for me on that. Really we could. We could help you. Jamie can Pinos people Right now, passing on him. Keep the case the cops are listening. I heard you're listening yeah right. Well, it's getting I'm closer to being legal man. I mean they just
they just released some new new financial stats on the amount of money that they're making up medical marijuana once that, if they can, if they can really establish that this is like a nationwide way that people can make a ton of money. Enough taxes and turn economies around it. They haven't Denver, Mean Day turn economy in Denver around. Do you perform there a lot? I'm not a lot, I'm trying to get there more yeah, but yeah done belly up a couple of times and done some did red rocks out there. Oh man, yeah a couple times. A lot of beautiful venue that is uh is great, but I mean the vibe is: is kill it's a great experience as far as every all that yeah, You know with the Denver vibe is like is like some new American Amsterdam type shit or something it's crazy, It's this amazing city! Now I mean it. Different being this cowboy city that was filled with a really cool people to somewhere. I think in the early 2000s I don't remember what the year it was, they do
criminalize marijuana in the city of Denver. They just went fucking we're just not arrest anybody for it's a stupid. They like you, can have all your state laws. You know you know and allows we're just not going to arrest people for it. Ok, we're done, and so they would tell us that when we work in there like what like yeah, they don't care, you could smoke pot and I'm like really like yeah. They won't arrest you. They publicly said they want to rest you, so that was that was the first stepping and then, when it became legal and now they make more money from it, then they do from alcohol, which is incredible. They make more money taxes the taxes are very high, like it's thirty nine percent taxes for recreational marijuana, but nobody gives a fuck because it's still way cheaper than alcohol. Like you could get ten dollars with the weed and be fucked up for the entire day. That's true! You know I mean you take one five dollar pot candy. So what it's? Thirty, nine percent taxes. What does that? So that makes it what eight bucks
So then you, then you take that one pot candy and your barbequed right. That's one jamison yeah! Exactly it's one draw it's like not even close! So economically, it's a great thing for the city and once that's sets in that we've been lied to about that. And then all these new studies are coming out about the benefits of different psychedelics for PTSD a John Hopkins in a long term, study on Psilocybin, they're, doing new studies and Psilocybin with people that are terminally ill and people that are they're getting towards the end of life? You know older folks and it's so alleviated tension, the worry and fear of death and in a beautiful way, and then they'll realize, like hey, you know we can profit off this shit like this is more money that can be generated to help the school systems to fix the roads, to hire new cops to change the way you know we we address an interface with these things and stop stop criminalizing them
right yeah. I totally agree I'm not as educated on all that, as I would like to be, but I feel like uh, you know once that door gets opened up yeah it be a lot more beneficial than it is. He said to be you hurting yeah. Well, we're just stuck in the momentum of an ignorant past. That's what it is, but what kind of psychedelics have you experimented with Gary Clark: Junior, Sebastian, yeah. I was like. Oh man thing now
nt hold on a minute. I spend a little time. I love psychedelic mushrooms, it's been a long time, but I definitely have experiment. I feel like I've getting some things from those experiences. That's about it. There's a there's, a good one, though mushrooms and we'd death, both excellent combination. I love it. We'll keep Texas a great place for it too, because Texas, there's a lot of mushrooms, grow wild out there yeah we have a v. I least kind can I have parties. We would run around and go pick him, and did you really ask growth, picking off couch areas disgusting. But how did you know they were the right ones, though, is the group of people. Surrounding myself,
people that my mom said you should stay away from them. Those mycologist yeah is so it just kind of like the has the hanging with the the right crowd right crowd, the right crowd, yeah, definitely, It turns out to be the right crowd, the right crowd. You know the ones your mom probably told you should hang out with their on fucking antidepressants right now, freaking out hit in mid life, wondering with they're doing themselves having children being being trapped in some job? Where there are, you know most likely with the people that go with the way that everybody wanted us to go in with his lawyer or successful business and they're stressed the fuck out working long, crazy hours right, yeah yeah. I totally agree, I mean I feel like the Garella Suv or despite the
The tension that I had, I mean a group cut like very strict, very calm yeah. I was raised a Baptist. You know a stray very strict family military. So any of that was, you know completely taboo, but I would that would be my ass if they found out anything about it. But for some reason I felt like I wanted to break. And discover on my own. You know what I mean are not kind of not be locked into. What was just laid out for me you know, yeah an so yeah you're right, it turned out being the right crowd, doing great. This seems to be a common theme. Suppression leads to you know trying to alleviate that suppression by this, not listening well by it. You just going crazy by exploring taking chances oftentimes like the most strict upbringings, but
deliver a child that is like more prone to rebellion, and I just kids don't like to be told what the fuck to do. Yeah. Are you there don't tell me what to do I'm, especially what exact opposite yeah and sure you're probably going to impart that into your own children too, because you kind of remember on my. I certainly do with my children. I remember being told what to do and just ran me fucking crazy. Here people don't like it. They they don't mind rules if the rules make sense like a don't, stick a fork in
electric socket: could you could fucking die right? Ok, it's a big one at my house right now how old you kids just turn one. Oh yeah figured out how to open the door and walk like within two days for a girl boy. There, mobile man, yeah Jesus yeah, you start checking, plus they wake up, they don't say shit and you might be sleeping and then, like I'm just fucking check out. What's going on this house was that cord pucks in the wall pop some holes in there you know some other shit would fit in there like coins, and then they start sticking things in their blowing my mind right,
yeah did there the fascinating the little people you know yeah, I'm trying to you know definitely be conscious of of of that the eyes as he grows in an and I wouldn't mind questioning why yeah. That was the whole, because right because I said yeah can't can't do that yeah. I can't do that to this. Is it the drive me nuts? Of course, what I I have a theory on all that stuff. I think that every generation gathers up the information of how the previous generation fucked up and as long as no cataclysmic disasters and we're not living in mad MAX times where it's like desk
Rado days in everyone's fending for themselves and just about survival, then things just keep getting better right. Well now you can pull out your mobile out of ice and you know figure out, what's really happening, you know yeah and and that's kind of a trip yeah I mean to to grow up in and just not really know not have access like we have access. Now I mean it still blows my mind like that. I forget. Sometimes, if I want to know something I can just google yeah. Instead I mean
it's it's amazing yeah. Yes, I saw something you're talking about these Google glasses and, like you know this whole being, is I don't know what it is? It's my buddy Chris was trying to tell me about it as well. Well, there's a bunch of different kinds: does the regular Google glasses, which a lot of people have seen, which is a very small lens? That's it Time like mock frames, it looks like a glass frame without any glasses in it and then there's one small window, but that didn't really catch on. So what they're working on now is contact lenses that do the same thing and but the Google, the glass thing you had like a little swipe thing and you could like left and right and move it around like. So you could go like I could say. I could Google Gary Clark Images and I would see in that little tiny window images of, and I can just swipe through them. You could
navigate to the Hollywood bowl and it would take. It would show you, Google MAPS, how to get to the Hollywood bowl and it would talk to you in your ear, but people did MIKE, because it look goofy and and when people were wearing a mother, people got pissed off like. Are you filming me like? What are you doing? 'cause? You could film with them too so now, they're they've moved to contact lenses which they haven't really released yet but they're working on him and then there's another one. That's way crazy, which is like goggles. These are like ski goggles and when you put these mother on you're going to be able to play video games and three d space, you can. I have like three dimensional holograms around you. That's the thing, that's that I was one about so called magically porno, magically one magic leap in the hollow lens by Microsoft. That's the one with the goggles right, the Hololens yeah. What do you think about that? It's crazy! This is just step. One. I've actually been talking about this on stage recently, because Imax
kind of freaked out about it that we're going to enter a world within the next one hundred years where artificial reality is indistinguishable from regular reality. It's the matrix, it's uh huh, percent going to happen. If we don't blow ourselves up and we don't die from disease, if we don't get hit by an asteroid, we're going to be able to figure out a way to trick the mind into thinking it's experiencing thing, but it's not experiencing whether how long it takes is just subjective, but it whatever the amount of time it is in the history of the universe or the history of this planet. It's a blink and in one blank you're not going to hotel with the reality, is real or not you're going to be able to plug into something and you're going to be able to have artificial experiences. So like we could do this yeah, hey yeah. We might be doing it right now. That's what's fucked up about it when scientists, study official reality and they study with
Computer simulation theory, the real mindfuck, is it's hard to tell whether or not this is a simulation and that it's very likely that it could be that our entire universe could be some sort, a massive simulation that we're experiencing and not even be like a computer simulation. It might be sort of a simulation. That's going on like at a cellular level like some sort of a mass hallucination. Yeah is not. I think about that. Not you know. My ideas I don't even know what to say. Well. Just think about what you said right about Google right about being able to go to your phone and have it all the answers when you were a kid that was magic, and that was me
right. The idea behind that was insane. Just twenty years ago, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, the idea of being able to do that was insane everybody like what in the fuck are you talking about. You can reach in your phone going to touch a piece of glass. You cannot even have to touch it. You press a button, you talk to it and it will tell you anything. You need to know like Watt, how the fuck is impossible. You need to watch videos on it, shut the fuck up, you're, going to watch movies on it, going to be able to play hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, hours of music on it. It will sound beautiful and it all be a thing. Is so slim and sleek. It fits right in your pocket like we're already living in some, crazy movie that they didn't even predict in STAR Trek STAR Trek. They had walkie talkies number, that's crazy! It is crazy. I
I'm just getting old. What is this Jamie, Microsoft added? A new updates about hololens is going to look like this is what they think watching sports will be like in the future kind of this like what watching football or football. Might. Are you be able to watch it in front of you, yeah, all sorts of players? You can have players and stats pop up and you're like living room and get extra so everyone is just going to sit down and put these goggles on. Instead of having a television or with the television so who look at this, I could only imagine what like the UFC event and watching that would be like you know, I mean you get extra stats on them. Well. I really also probably will put a big camera on the referee actually be inside of it. I watched watch him from their view. You know I mean watching for many players view if you choose to if they can pull it off well, they probably could do that with players. They would
be able to do it with fighters, but with pride, used to have a camera that they would put on the referees. It was just crazy. Dorky thing it was like real big and clunky was like a camera that sat next to their head. And they would. They would wear that thing and it was kind of cool to see it from their their perspective, but that was fairly rudimentary. Considering was like early 2000s like what this is going to be. Is going to be bananas, but then you're going to hang out goggles on you know you need friends, have goggles! Oh man yeah! I don't know, I guess it's kind of like the silent disco thing. What's the silent disco thing, a silent disco is like where people
a whole bunch of people hang out in the room or club, and they have headphones on and there's like this dj's and you can decide if you want to go with DJ with Djb, and so it's a bunch of people just like dancing in a silent room with headphones on really like having a great time- and it's like do you want to what is this it right here? You show me this Jamie, so this is p Well, the dancing around and they'd. To have different wireless headsets on oh, ok, oh, this is crazy. Everyone is this, listen to the same thing. There's just no out like no one outside can hear you, but well that's good to your neighbors. It's awesome in that way great for your neighbors yeah. You don't have to be rude.
'cause. It's like that. One asshole in your block, who has a party but his music taste sucks. There was this or they had near my neighborhood about ten years ago, and it was the most fuck ' and depressing like trapped in the was like I'm trying to remember what kind of music there, because like captain into Neil or some shit, was so bad. It was just like how are they cranking this like what the fuck are? They doing you want to show but house would like some that's a bad example. I can't remember what it was that blocked it out childhood molest but it was so bad they were. Their plan is fucking terrible, but it was like this asshole is it loud biking, it wasn't, you couldn't even enjoy? It was so loud, there's no way he was enjoying it. He was in showing showing off that he was having a party, but this shady music that him and his dying friends were playing. What do you list? Two. I listen a lot of classic rock a lot like,
they get older. It seems like I'm becoming that old dude that listens to classic rock. Like I listen to a lot of Leonard Skynyrd, a lot of Hendricks I've been listening to a lot of boy. Just almost anything, sixties and early seventies is what a lot of a lot of what I listen to was a lot of credence lately credence Nana, a skid, I own focus voice is the kind of messed me up, but I've come to accept, appreciate, yeah. The tone in in, like the comes from a heartfelt place,
miles younger, couldn't, let me say it yeah, you gotta, there's certain music that you got to revisit as you hit different stages in life. I think there's certain music that I wasn't into and then I go back now now I can get into it. Credence is one of those. My friends in high school in the Creedence animals yeah in high school people, were listening to the Houston, like Swisha House, Paul Wall, that's what cough syrup music right, yeah, a thank you for those, the that? U G, K, outcast lot of Dave, Matthews. A lot of Dave, Matthews yeah. I want to say I want to like this. I went to the hospital or dangers shot, this podcast, alright, that's it run here, but it
is different. Cory! Morrow Robert Earl, keen like a lot is different. I mean like, and some of it I've come to appreciate and some of it I've just kinda left behind. I like Outcast Outkast. They do a lot of experimental shit, yeah they're great. They do a lot of interest, didn't Didn't wanna do from Outkast wasn't supposed to play Jimi Hendrix. He did yeah, he did that movie. I never see it now and never never heard a thing about it. They just came what did you see it yeah? I saw it out here. How was it it was good. As far as the story I mean it was felt like that Andre played Hendrix great uh, there's a lot of the stuff that I didn't know, well that where they had to do different music because they couldn't use the Hendrix Means, yes, so that that, for me, was kind of me up a little bit a little bit because it it was
It was just the Congolese recreated and then being a good player Iplayer, be quiet, so it really kinda like it really kinda messed me up with uh. I mean the story was great, nothing Andre did a great job in the cast of great job, considering what they. Working, but there was no Hendrix music. You know how conditions scrap the project or paid up paid the family you gotta pay to family. If you want to make a fucking documentary or a biopic about, arguably the greatest guitarists ever lived, you gotta use this fucking music. Gotta give his parents the money or whoever whoever is alive. Given the money and I gotta pay him the only way. We do it right, otherwise, you're going to get a movie like that. We don't talk about it It goes in and out yeah. The guitar thing must drive. You crazy, though no he's not really playing that. I couldn't handle it, but I couldn't ' 'cause me out a much lesser scale: I'm not a professional pool player, but when
watch someone in a movie and I know they can't really play pool. It's very obvious. You see the way guys holding the stick, the way the stick move in their arm. It's like have you ever seen, someone hold a cigarette that doesn't really smoke and you could tell like a smoker can tell almost immediately when someone doesn't actually smoke, or at least someone who is not aware of how people who smoke smoke. I'm sure an actor can figure out how to smoke like a small, a lot easier than someone could figure out how to play guitar and mimic it or ' 'cause. When I see someone who can play pool in a movie near, like you know, call junkies or something like that shit. That's fucking thing off to tell drives me crazy, like that guy can't play he. Play? There's no he's doing it all wrong. I know he's a good is bridge, look at the ways holding it. This is bullshit and that's something real similar. I mean real. Simple. Rather it's just up movement of an arm and I could tell but for fingers and key,
and the way it guys sounding I mean there must be bananas to you yeah. I are yeah drove me nuts I don't know what to say. I was like fuck somebody fix it yeah. What the fuck man, how do they not have like a coordinator? I don't know- I don't know- I don't know, but you know, unless your bullshit and unless it's like a crazy kung fu movie like Obviously I have a connection to martial arts where, if I know someone is doing something, that's not really going to work in a drive me crazy. But if he's Like pulling peoples hearts out and flying through the air and throwing sidekicks through buildings, I'm with This is spend this belief, you know, but you can't do that for Jimi Hendrix in a fucking, biopic yeah. That's true. I gotta question for you. One of my favorite shows growing up was Kung Fu David Carey yeah. How did you feel about bullshit yeah yeah? I loved it when I was a kid, though right,
watch it now, I'm like what, but it was basically fighting. People did not fight if there was no, when he fought like some dude came out with a lid Moy tie fighter started: kicking his legs right, carotene price. Right and kill them was awesome guy with the beer mug exactly I don't think you really learn Kung FU, for that show. I don't know, but it didn't seem like he did. It seemed like he had very little. It seemed like a real martial arts move yeah. I don't I I recently went back a couple of years ago. I bought the series and watch the whole. Because as a kid I loved it was yeah, my dad will put it on here to go so and learn something. You know lessons about how not to be an asshole yeah,
so yeah, but I watched it recently and I was when I was like one of these guys, so you know guys like really no. What's up, how do you feel about this 'cause? I don't know you know what I mean right right, so yeah, no one respects it but it was a good show in terms of was interesting. I give you take out the starts element of it. It's an interesting show. You got this guy who's, raised in a like. A muh Sterian and then he's wandering to the old West? It's kind of a cool premise. You know the prime behind is really interesting. You know, and he was like this real calm, peaceful guy who was an asshole at all. It could not have been nicer, and that was a unique character because they really never been anybody on television. It was like that, just like this enlightened, peaceful guy, you know had long, hair and shit and it's just kind of a hippie in his wander through life and people keep fucking with them keep fucking with them.
You know. It was interesting in that way like it made. A lot of people want to pretend there that guy, I'm sure I was wanted I was definitely want yeah like how so how so, how are you one of them adjust just the attitude. Just the you know, I would I was waiting for moment yeah. I wish somebody would so I could quite Chang Kane, that's the opposite, though he wished somebody would be peaceful right. I know there's some I love what I do is I mean I was a kid, so I could all right course. I love that, speaking of being it's
man, you know one of my favorite things that I love to do, which I haven't done in awhile. This was, you know, catch up and on Watch UFC, you know and get into that, an aunt of sit around and starting to kind of feel like a piece of drinking too much whatever, and so you know look at these guys, yeah training and and doing what they do. This Akon inspired me to get on my bike and get the heavy bag and get on the weights, and- and do my thing Anna is really into I haven't been thank, been out for awhile and trying to get the guts to show it in a war going on. I need to get back on. My game is what I'm saying. Do you want to train when you're in LA so we send our love to a file you need to? I need to do so, we'll talk and off the air and I'll I'll get you know like. Are you interested in taking Ju Jitsu or what are you interested in doing? What whatever was was kind of right for for me, my build and and well
I have a whole lot of time, but I'm definitely interested in getting back into it and get my mind fuck the real reality is there's different styles of jujutsu that are great for every build and when I say different styles, I mean different approaches. To to do so. Broad there's so many different techniques and there's so many different strategies in so many different moves and countermoves that your build is perfect. Jitsu your long and tall. You have long arms and long legs and you can catch people in chokes that a stubby little dude like me, can't because I have short arms and short legs now has a different but different builds like minor dip better for certain positions. Right now like this is guy who some are Paul. Harriss he's like me, but more exaggerated, his way, thicker more muscular, and he just tears
those legs apart, he's a leg, lock, specialist and there's a lot of other guys that are smaller. That is like really fast and they're. Good at taking peoples backs like Marcelo Garcia, but there's a lot of tall guys in Jiu Jitsu there's, definitely an advantage there's an advantage of leverage like just mechanical leverage from having long limbs. It's good for striking The man it's good for learning the striking arts like if I, if I had to say like if there's one bill that it's like the most definitive advantages. I would say tall in long because it's hard to hit you 'cause you're, further away from me. You could hit me in a place where I can hit you like how tall you six thousand four hundred and sixty four I'm fifty eight, so you're dealing with all that you're dealing with eight extra inches, so there's eight extra inches between your head in my head, which may or
I translate as far as like how long your arms are how long your legs are, but definitely deserved. It is at least a few inches of advantage, which means like if we're both throw punches at the same time, you would hit me before I would hate you and I probably never hit you because of that, because he would hit me like. I was throwing a punch and I get up like that's. That's a big advantage like Jon Jones UFC, former light heavyweight champion he's like the best to you, he's he's a big tall, Dood and he's the best at like using that vantage. It's one of the best advantages being long and tall right, yeah, I'm ready the reading on the feasibility of checking movie. I don't either. I know that there is some I know, but on the way you talking about yeah, I do that. It's a great way to blow off energy and stress yeah. I need that as well. Yeah, definitely people get addicted to it. Like was talking a part, I mean he didn't even start doing it until he was fifty eight and fifth,
seven hundred and fifty eight. Now he does it every day he does Jujitsu everyday loves it he's obsessed with it. Yeah lot of musicians get into it. I know a lot of musicians that are in a GEO too, because it becomes like a martial arts really are an art form. It doesn't seem an art form to the outsider. 'cause people. Do they say? Oh it's just fighting, it's just brutality, but the reality is there's way way way more people who are into martial arts who never get into a fight ever then. Then people who use it either in petition or use it for self defense. It's it's it's a form of it's an expression. Anyone you watch someone pull off a move, it's beautiful! It's just! those things it seems to be only beautiful for people who understand it, but for people understand it, it's amazing not mean I can respect it. I kind of understand going on. I can appreciate it like you know, someone playing a nice solo or something and
executed. Well yeah. I can kind of get that you know the the art the what it takes to pay attention and be in that moment and- and you know, execute it's bunch, is that it's a bunch of other factors to its setting up on an attack that either the person couldn't anticipate or couldn't figure out what to do in time and then it locks in and then once it locks in. Like oh, it's beautiful. It's like it's like a painting or a work of art or a masterful, guitar solo or any of those things. Art is your dedication, your focus and then expression and the results of that dedication and focus in a way where, like, if I watched can pull off a move that I don't know how to do. It's particularly beautiful to Maine because I'm like oh shit, look at. He did that like this- certain moves that I'll have to replay like over and over and over again, like I watch certain setups
like over and over and over again to get it into my head and- and I didn't so many different ways to move the body that there's a lot of like I've, been doing jujitsu since one thousand nine hundred and ninety six and there still a bunch of moves that I don't know, I don't understand and I have to go. Oh, how did he do that? How did you do that? But today, like we're talking about like with Google, were so lucky that we could just go to Youtube videos and one of the beautiful things about Jujitsu? Is it used to be that martial arts were like a secret? This is the secret deathtouch and nobody tell you that secret deathtouch didn't exist, it didn't exist. The reality of Jujitsu is all every move. People are dying to explain to people cuz people, love, learning, new, shed people that are Jiu, Jitsu artist, love, learning new stuff, so people that are Jiu Jitsu artists that have a new move, love to put that move online. It's a big with the community huge part of the community is sharing an open. This so like
the body does seminars and everybody teaches everybody everything, but in the early days it wasn't like that even the early days of Jujitsu, when it happened, was in nineteen. Ninety three, when the UFC was created, people first Artusi, jujitsu and they're like what the fuck. But there was a lot of moves like triangles things like along those lines where I had friends that would take classes at certain schools and they would say, hey. You know, hoist Gracie tapped out Dan seven with a triangle. How do I do that and the teacher like you're not ready for that? Yet like you, I can teach you that yet that's that's a black belt technique or that's a purple belt technique or whatever they just people like turned off to it, and then they found other more unconventional open minded schools that immediately taught everybody everything and those are the schools that became prosperous. Those schools were really successful and the schools that held people back they never produced champions. They never produced any like real notable jujitsu players and the open minded like experimental
those the ones that blew up. It's really interesting in that way, like the free exchange of information overwhelmingly won out in the world, yet so makes sense to me it does right yeah. So how does it like arm? I have a the same kind of appreciation for more like the art, martial arts comedy music. You know anything like that, like I can appreciate the hard work and everything that goes back in to see you feel the same way about martial arts is like comedy, or do you purchase the same way here? Well, I I'm in I'm in some ways: yeah it some ways. It's it's about practice, dedication, application and reality like if something's not funny, it's just not funny. If people don't laugh, it's don't laugh, have a technique doesn't work, it just doesn't
work. You know if you can't pull it off so many chokes you they just choked you right. You know and that's it. You could be a twenty year, black belt right and some do. Catches you in a guillotine he's only been doing jujitsu for six months, but someone teaches him how to do this grab your arm like that. Bernie someone's neck wrap your legs around squeeze and you can get out well, he tapped you even if he's only been doing jujitsu for six months and you've been to judges who, for thirty years it's the east, it's still real for guy taps, you, the tap you which is there's no so it's like it's one of the things I love about pool the ball either goes in the hole or it doesn't go in the hole it does now. If you either not in the whole or you don't, there's no almost made that shot. That doesn't mean Jack Shit I mean anything of that. Asshole says. Well, we all say it, but you know the reality of the actual winning of the game right right. It's a personality thing like sometimes people can get really far on a bullshit personality and a lot bravado and a lot of
dragging and a lot of false stories and then the actual app occasion. Life is they've sort of skirted through with all the dance moves and all the personality, but they don't have any real substance to it. That doesn't work in Jewett too, just like it doesn't really work in comedy comedy like purse Valley accounts for certain amount of the audience accepting you. But ultimately, if your concepts aren't there and if you don't have like a good set up, if you don't know how to deliver it in a way that people are going to like it's going to easily enter into their mind and they're going to like carry a lot. Then it either works or doesn't and there's some parallel truths in that in martial arts and in comedy in that way, yeah yeah, I'm I'm very intrigued by all of it. So yeah. That's why I'm asking some very curious I want to get in there
Well, all complex systems, whether it's music, our writing and creating a moving anything complex. Things are fascinating to me too, because I just I you know, like, I've, never made a movie, but I want to see like cgi animators, I will watch this. This documentary on guys making animated scenes for films like special effects scenes and I think, to myself, wow that is fascinating to creating an artificial world and inside that artificial world. They have these creatures moving and they have these people. They have to put on these motion capture suits and go through the motions, pretending they're interacting with these things that aren't even there and then someone has to pee. So it's amazing to me it's amazing to me, but I'm not going to do it. I don't have any time well, but I look at that. The same way, I kind of look at music or the same way I look at writing or comedy or anything, it's fascinating to me
watching someone go after something and and and put it together and make something that is almost unfathomable take place, whether it's a creation of an album, whether it's you know comedy special, whether it's a someone writes an amazing book. I love when people get done. Guy yeah a two, beautiful thing right, Does that inspire you when you see like if you go to see a great movie or read a great book or something like that? Is that inspire you to want to create yeah? It doesn't inspire me to create a write, a book right right, right, but I think I kind of know what my lane is at this point. I I'd stay it yeah
yeah, I mean I'll, definitely go see it a movie here or read our you know and and it'll get my creative juices flow and then- and you know, inspired me to to be just be better and trying contribute. You know I mean contribute something go to be positive and make make myself feel something to make. Somebody else feel something I don't know it does. Something to me definitely is hard to describe of still can't on. You know, describe what it is that makes this creative thing clicker or explain how I do what I do, but yeah definitely see in movies. Are here- and you know here and you know a great musicians, great guitar players. Some to you know to freak me out
yeah. Oh shit, you go get some involved a little bit. You know what I mean. I'm like this one, the hunger but yeah, it's like ok! I respect that. Let me go get hit on my game and do my thing. There was this. Ah man there's this. This guitar player um down in Austin TX, who I haven't seen in awhile and names, Derek O'Brien is one of the greatest blues, guitar players in the world play backed up muddy waters. Albert Collins, Albert King, everybody is like in the house band at Antonis. This club, I hadn't seen him in awhile, and so I go back home and you know I got my little reputation and you know before, like you know this better, that that,
You know I'm like alright, I know my strengths and weaknesses, and but I was feeling good about myself and then I got up on stage and let you know this guy was just ripping it, and I just in that moment I was like boy like I got shit all this guy. You don't know yeah, that's like, nice reality check so immediately went back in. We have started to shed and I've been kind of doing it since yeah, that beautiful thing about being around inspiring artist since one of the cool things about being in a place like in LA or Nashville, if you're a musician, that's your style of music or author anywhere, where there's a good group of people that are also doing the same thing. Is
you use those people and they use you and everybody is like fuel for each other yeah yeah? Definitely, that's I'm starting to kind of figure out the scenes here in in la a little bit more as well. You know I went out the other night and had like this synonym jazz musicians, and you know really like the the best of the best. You know that people are on top of their game. Folks who can read charts, you know what I mean when you who do you practice like? Do you go to like Certain clubs that a musician like you can go and just fuck around with new stuff like for stand ups, will go to the comedy, store and will practice or will go to the improv and we'll practice like if I have some
bits and I'm working on. I will go there and I'll air them out right. Uhm yeah in in Austin from there's a spot. Every Sunday they'll have a blues jam. You know and. So yeah yeah. You would either go sit in with people that you don't know how to play with before whatever, and you know try out some. New cord. Maybe you learned something fancy that could you know transition cord to you? Go for the one to the file when I turn around in the slow blues, whatever the key see whatever so you go work that out an or you bring your squad, I mean me and my buddy Zapada would he plays in my band like we will go up sometimes and Noah. Draw or that kind of knew how we float in the bass player. Who could pick up on something like if you got this new track without the fuck people? Up with this
either would work or it wouldn't but yeah those those places in yeah. That's the kind of the fuel you know to be in those spots and be around other players and get up and do that thing yeah! That's there's nothing. Yeah. So for you, when you create music, is I do you just get an idea like how it what is the creation process from? Is it? Does it very or is there a sp, civic creation process from the moment you get an idea to put in it to paper or to remembering it and making a song and put in the beat to it and put in the sounds to it,
it's kind of unorganized mess? I haven't figured out a process Ann. I don't think it's a mess. I think it just comes. Naturally like I'll have a guitar- and I might you know, have a chord progression and it will just kind of stick and then I'll put a melody over it I'll be seeing something around the house and you know, grab the guitar and put that together or you know, with technology I love being able to travel, and I travel a lot so on airplane. On the bus, I'll, pull out an npc or something and kind of put in drum tracks and build from there or whatever. So it it all. Just kind of depends on where I am and what I have access to
but now having a little and be in a homeless, I got a like. Take advantage of. My time is, like all you have an hour here, to try to make something happen right right, so it severed ever changing it, but it just whatever feels right. You know don't think if, if, if the becomes too much of a formula that I think it'll lose it's it's raw, organic Canada, when I got into a four right is kind of and not knowing and not not having any rules. You know some. Yeah it, it just depends: that's a real common thing that you said that a lot of people say that once they had a kid, they realize that their free time is actually precious so because kids demand so much time. Babies demand so much time and you really don't have much. You start going. Ok,
kids, asleep. Let's get to work now and you actually get more done because you have children than you did when you were free man. I would sit around and you know I was seeing a livable myself people working on a song for eight hours. I have Luke playing, you know and just let me go get some food I'll come back to that. Maybe some awesome would maybe I'll get like genius idea or whatever and yeah it's been two months working on one song. You know I don't you don't have that much time anymore. So it's blessing like did you shit together to do it, you're not yeah. Louis CK was the first person to tell me that I didn't it was so counter intuitive. I was like really he's like yeah, I actually I get. Got more done now that have children than I did when I was.
We need to do whatever I want. It is like now, I'm just under the gun all the time. So that's how I get things done, yeah well creatively, I guess for me I mean we spend so much time out on the road. I would gone a lot so it's kind of need, my quiet time and there's not really a lot of quiet time with a bunch of dudes hanging around smelling, like yes yeah yeah so. It's a lot and I can't really function that way. So I kind of have to be home in order to be creative and
So when you go on the road, you do like long stretches like you on the road for like two months at a time and have a bunch of dates laid out for you yeah. We I mean we take off you next week and we're pretty much gone until maybe August is WO. I mean we will have a few days here. He will come back home and you know it will be so. Do you bring your family with you, yeah yeah they'll come with me sometimes and yeah like we just they just came with this. We were in Australia, and just did the whole trip dad's on the planes why everything ooh that flight that flight rex you it's not my favourites, not my favorite either. How to hate it yeah somebody just offered me a trip to New Zealand Vacation trip to New Zealand. I was like bitch, that's, not a vacation, not as work sixty
showers in a fucking plane or whatever the hell it is like, come on. Doesn't there's nothing vacate, can you about that beautiful over there you know, but by the time you get over you, I just wanna go back home. I would think that it would be a vacation someone who didn't travel all the time, but for someone like you or something like me, who's always travel, and it's like what yeah yeah, I kind of like to be at home, yeah kind of boring. That way, I could be at my house for, like three days yeah, but that's also because you travel so much it's in direct contrast that so it's a welcome change right, but I got guys
crew who get right off tour and just go hit. It yeah, yeah single guys, though really yeah like get off the plane. You know from tour and then just like Boston. My boy went to Cuba going on tour for, for it seems like forever and then he's like chilling in Cuba like while it seems exhausting. You know, Cuba is one of those places, though I think I need to two and then I need to go. Do it before it. Changes is yeah so soon yeah 'cause right now, there's no internet. They don't have any internet. You can't keep track of. Your emails is like a couple spots. We could get like 3g a boy Chris Krishna Foundem yeah. He found them. He found him he's like. I love it. What's up Chris, he goes. He goes. I'm going down Q, I'm not going to be able to
I'm not going to be able to get in touch with you um another right. Then you know I get it cool have fun, and then I get this call from this weird numbers. You have found the one spot I think, than what you just enjoy boy, you know chill out just be off the grid for a minute. You know yeah it's one of the things I like most about hunting trips like a lot of 'em places where you don't have a choice: you're in the middle of a mountain. There was nothing up here, do nothing you might be able to get to the top of a mountain. Send someone a text message. They might not be able to reply and they might not even get it. You might just get lossed in the air somewhere yeah, that's kind of why I need to go to go ride. My songs get out so hunting trips. This thing view is like this big ass all. Is it like a moose moose leg, yeah like walking through the airport,
log into somewhere, like what the fuck I felt like this small of a like a man. I was like: do this guys beast mode right now, Well that was a intentionally they wanted to make something that was like, as in your face it's about the realities of meat as possible right. You know I got into it with some people on Twitter the other day, and I like I like to troll vegans, I see because someone was making there was making some stupid shit saying that saturated fats are terrible for you like that. Another, not there not there scientific studies that show saturated fats are actually healthy for you and important for you. But people think that if you hunt or if you're involved somehow in animals that you sometime in eating animals that you're a cruel person that you you want to hurt Anima, so you want to cause pain and suffering. No, I don't! I don't want to have anything to do with factory farming, because I don't want to be involved in that, but
like, if I don't get them a wolf, get them Coyote get a mountain lions getting on like they're, not living forever. They have a very short window of time where they're alive there, if there, if they make it if a deer make is six years old. That is a really old deer and most of 'em they die long before that, when I'm doing is I'm stumped dipping my feet into that wild world and pulling something out of it? And that's where I get all my protein from or all my animal protein? I don't. I love animals. I think they're amazing. I have cats at home. I have dogs, it's not a cruelty to animals thing, and this is something that I used to. Think of when I thought of hunters, like I saw uh, some talent show is Hunter. Had a dog and his pet, his dog. Somehow this motherfucker differentiate between this dog and some deer he's going to like shoot at the lungs out like how that's kind of fucked up it's kind of weird, but
I got it like. The dog is a killer tomb and everything life eats life and it's not a matter of being cruel, it's matter of sustainability in being alive, then there's the reality of hunting that not everybody can hunt. Not everybody has that I'm not everybody wants to specially in the world that we've grown up in with cities, and something that took me several years to sort of get into it and really uh stand what it's all about and educate myself and then one I did educate myself. One of the most compelling things is how ignorant most people are about the facts of hunting, about the facts of wildlife, about wildlife management and about just where their food comes from and even about how many animals die. Making grain, how and when people say you know, I only you know I only keen Wah and fucking Alfalfa guess what that shits getting chopped up in a kambin and it's chewing up, bunnies and fawns and ray
rats and mice and sparrows and ground nesting, birds and Ann you're, removing the habitat when you growing food, like that for a lot of different wild lives of wildlife, gets displaced and displaced wildlife wind up getting preyed on. This is like there's a lot of factors involved in gathering food and we're living in cities were living in this bizarre natural invite, and when I say, cities are a natural environment they are and at environment. Is there there everywhere? There are now environment for people like anybody says the cities are natural man or how come there's so many of 'em like what is nature, What is a beehive? Is it a beehive nature of beehives right. Well, that's a fucking, be city! Ok, they've created a city. I know how to do it. They do it everywhere. That's the same God! Damn thing people do we create these super com? kid beehives or column cities and we create him all over the world. It's not like this one city and were like what the fuck is that the cities are everywhere? There are people,
will figure shit out and they have electricity and they have agriculture. Then they have sir plus, and then they put up the fucking walls and make buildings and then boom we got a city in there everywhere. You look. I think I see there's just some strange detachment from where our food comes from when it is shipped in and trucks all the time. So my education into the world of hunting, a big part of it, was like to try to figure out, like I try to figure out bizarre things like things that don't make sense to me. I try to figure out. I try to figure out all sorts of weird misconceptions and misunderstandings uh what fascinates me about people that are involved in cults, so it fascinates me by people that have bad conceptions bad thoughts about psychedelics that are untrue. Like people think that you know certain things are making make it go crazy and lose your mind what well. Why is that? What makes people? Oh, that will this propaganda films from the 1930s or what started
well, this guy named William Randolph Hearst, actually profited from. I want to being illegal, like oh, ok and you get fascinated by shit like that, so the food thing was always fascinating to me like. How is how can we just go to a store and you get a piece of meat and we have no idea where the fuck this meat came from literally just we don't even care, we throw it in the supermarket. You know throw it in the cart. Go through supermarket, give that guy a piece of plastic. He runs it through the machine and you're out door. It's strange, it's very odd when that's a piece of life yeah, I think about that too, but I don't hunt but you eat me. I do I'm guilty completely, but it's not guilty. It's normal to eat me everybody like ninety percent. This is the fact of the world eats me nine thousand and ninety five, depending on who you ask, but it's at least ninety of the world eats me even vegetarians, most vegeta, some asshole said to me. Today hilarious. He was ninety percent vegetarian. I think I'll shut the up.
Can't say that yeah. How do you do? How that's not ninety and vegetarian? That's not real! There's! No such thing is ninety percent vegetarian. You are one hundred percent, not vegetarian. If you eat meat, There's, not ninety percent vegetarian! You keep! Is it asshole? There's a convenient moral, high ground asshole? Who is just trying to let everybody know he's better than you, because, most the time he doesn't eat meat, just fuck you yeah. I would just go ahead and shut well, he was just trying to be make an argument against hunting and uh about about people who do it. You know, he's a fool, but it's convenient for people because they're completely detached on a daily basis. If you go to your off every day you wake up in the morning. You have your breakfast, you drive to work, you go to work at the end,
you go to the gym, you go home and you watch little television. You crash you get up in the morning to do that again and you do it five days a week. You're left with two fucking days, two days, Saturday and Sunday, if you're lucky, and if you have family those days are spoken for. If you have friends, those days are spoken for. If you have hobbies so where's your gathering food come from, so you have to make a concerted for it. If you really want to be a part of this, if you really want to deeply understand where your food comes from, you have to make concerted effort either grow it or acquire it like somehow or another. You have to go to a farm and talked to the people that are growing the food and buy it from them. Go to a farmers market. You can meet them like I go to farmers markets kind of cool. I like meeting the people that work on a farm, ask them and talk to them about it, but the meat thing is the big detachment. Everybody kind of understands you plant, a seed, you, water out of tomato, comes out. They kind of get that, but the animal.
Start. The vast majority of people who eat meat just do not understand the whole process. They don't they don't want to know they just buy a burger yeah, I'm start You know a little bit more on it. Freaks me out of it's a freak out, but you know it's a freak out I haven't quite switched over to gone, are going out and hunting yeah yeah. Well, my thought I can do one of one or two things I was going to become a vegan. I was going to become a hunter and I became a hunter and one of the reasons why I became a hunter's. First of all, the foods Delicious, it's good for you and those animals are not they're, not living forever, not becoming fairies and curing cancer. If you don't shoot him
they're getting eaten by all kinds of shit around them, you're just eating them as well. It's it's a weird disconnect that we have about where food comes from and life itself like life is not permanent. It's it's temporary! It's it's here and it's gone, it's fleeting should be respected. You know it should be, and I think one of the best ways to respect these animals in the sounds like total, totally counterintuitive, but is to cut them and eat them. They become a part of your life. This sustain you they. You know you have a deep appreciation for them because they literally sustain you. There are part of what makes you live, yeah that It's real yeah, but we live in Texas, a lot of hunting and in Austin, and you were living there yeah a lot of my friends. You know they hunt, so you know that big on it did you ever want to go with them.
I I did, but I had a. I had a couple of experiences with guns when I was younger. That kind of freaked me out from From that one of them was me being a kid, and I was had like a plague on and I kind of color the red. Like kids safety thing, you know because me and my buddy, so he had this like Daisy Rifle had this little leg, I don't remember what it was, but so we just like we just messing around you know actually like kids and then this guy comes driving and we point the gun at it, and the guy swerves off the road hit some mailbox like crashes, his car gets out is like what the fuck are. You guys doing, nine means like what the fuck are you doing. You could have killed somebody what the fuck. While I was just like boys, you know what I mean and and his mom comes out,
freaking out and they didn't know that we did it. My pops was like you know, you gotta understand this life down here. This is serious. You gotta understand this but now that you plant web, so it kind of freaked me out and then. I went on one hunting trip at twenty two and it kicked me in the shoulder pretty good twenty two three two. They are not a twenty twelve get twelve AJ. Okay, so yeah kick me. I was like what yeah and I don't see this is like saying man I shot the sling shot. One time did broke my hand. Another not is not the twelve gauge on it and it kicked me pretty hard, and so I just kind of lost interest button either of those the long Suzanne from honey honey want to go pig, hunting, yeah so down keeps bringing it up just like when we go in jail broken when we go in PIG Hunt,
she's totally down to do it at definitely. You know in my boy my tweet as he does all the time was outside outside Dawson he's always gone. Send me follow. Send me videos well, in Austin, outside of Texas, have a giant problem with pigs. Yes, they have to hunt them. You. Can you can go to town on their everywhere? They have no limits, you can do it, they do it from helicopters mean they have They have a whole business called hella hunting where they they take people up and in helicopters and they're shooting pigs, because it's the only way to eradicate him from farms there. So many of them- and they do billions of dollars- were the damage just in Texas and crop destruction every year there. It is there why build. I mean: there's not there's not enough mountain lions and there's no wolves to kill them and realize it was so dangerous to or they're very dangerous, the big ones, especially to fuck you up. That's also why I don't go out there the fuck you up, they killed the dad in game of thrones right. The first king, the original king.
The one who her husband, the chick who was fucking her brother and gay, thrones the hot blonde lady, her huh and died because he got killed by a pig. Wait is in the show, I don't know, show game of thrones, not in real life, eating I mean in the movie he died from a wild boar, but they get fucking. Big too, I mean. A four hundred pound. Wild hog is not uncommon. That's real! I never seen them in real life. There crazy look there all black and they long snouts in their tusks come out. They have these white tusks like you see when in real life you like hoe, you hear me in real life. First time ever went pig hunting. I was with my friend, Steve Rinella and we're on this farm, or this
ranch is not far away from here. It's huge biggest ranch in California, two hundred and seventy thousand acres called to hone ranch, and we were walking down this road and we heard some snaps and some noises in the Bush is like is really thick brush, and then we heard these pigs fighting with each other. They were like demons and they're like no. One hundred and thirty yards twenty yards away from us. They like right there and they're duking it out like these are monsters. Map You sound like monsters. They freaked me out more than hunting bears more than hunting Elk, not more than Elk Elk's, probably the biggest freak out 'cause. They scream they bugle and they're, like one thousand pounds and they're like majestic, like they have trees grow
other. Had these giant antlers yeah and it does you see the antlers are in the front of by the front door. Yeah, that's elk! Those deals. That's like a thousand pound animal with these gigantic. At me, there I'm a men's and men's majestic animals, those the biggest freak out just because you feel like you're hunting. Some mystical creature wordy finals those rental home ranch to one of them was one of those is from to hone ranch, one of them's from Colorado, yeah rising. But the big thing is, it's actually look at that fucking thank the size of that thing. Eleven year old Hunter bags or one thousand and fifty pound wild boar. What what the fuck just what the fuck! First of all, with a pistol, this is a perspective shot which is actually kind of important because, like that boy is way behind that thing he's not like right next to it. So if he's behind it by just six or seven
feet in the cameras on the ground there shooting it at eye level. It makes it look a lot bigger than it really is. That's how they do it so, but one thousand pounds is a fucking thousand pounds? That's a giant ass pig! If you ever see, Hogzilla. Have I seen it if you in the images of hogs will have you heard of this now. This is like one of the biggest wild pigs that was that was ever killed. It was, I believe it was in Georgia. Yeah is out, do they have a photo of Hogzilla, there's one where it's hanging there that one right there Jamie look at the. The one that's hanging next to this guy, look at the fucking size that thing! So that's not a perspective shot, I stand right next to that thing, what yeah? What first of all of those his balls up? Atop, because that's his balls wrist at the crazy sack.
That's a couple of watermelons in old ladies pantyhose yeah. That's what giant fucking giant? How big was it over one thousand pounds yeah. Not wildly considered widely? Originally, it was widely considered a hoax. Well, they. What happens? Is they take domestic pig This is one of the few animals that morph autumn quickly when they get out to the wild like. If you have a pig and he's your buddy, Did you let him loose out in the forest? They change physically there no it gets longer, their hair gets Jaguar and their teeth grow longer, their tusks grow and their behavior changes. They go feral and they go feral really quickly. I think within, like a couple of months. They start physical transformation
you know that yeah there, a weird animal like wild boars and wild pigs. Like do you see a wild boy like dark, hair, thick scruffy, and then you see a pig like at a farm, same species, same animal which is fucking nuts there. It's all one genus. It's called Sue Scrofa, that's the type of animal it is, and they can interbreed with each other they're the same thing and that's why when you go see wild pigs like domestic pigs, they get loose and they become feral, and then they start breeding in the wild they're black they're black. They have thick coat on the around where their neck area is 'cause, they fight and they tear each other. Apart so all around like from their face down to like where their heart is on their chest is super thick thick hide like the thickest fuck
like a shoe like the bottom of a shoe. It's incredible how thick it is so people that hunt them. You have to be careful like with bows and arrows that you don't hit them in that area. 'cause like if you have a weak bo, now pulling back a lot of weight with a really sharp arrow. It won't even go through them, do use above sometimes yeah Ann. I had no idea there's this girl. She works at this hat shop and I walked in and she's got this pet fucking pig. So I can just imagine that thing like getting loose for a couple of months like have you seen my potbelly, take one of those little ones uh, yeah. Is that the same deal? No, I don't think so. I think Potbelly pigs are like like a Chihuahua you know a chihuahua. The reality of domestic dogs is that domestic dogs all share genetics with a wolf.
I mean somehow or another. We don't exactly know how they did it, but through selective breeding, a wolf became a chihuahua yeah. You know I was having this conversation with buddy, my in Australia, about how a chihuahua became a chihuahua. What he say, We didn't, we didn't know we just like that's how fucking crazy is that? Well, there's no clear map. It's not like you know like a liger Tiger is like a line mates with a tiger. It makes a liger which is badass yeah, pretty bad ass. They also they're so big 'cause. They want either. I think it's a male lion and a female tiger, and or maybe a male tiger in a female line, but it has to be that specific combination and what happens is when that combination takes place. They don't receive,
leave the gene that regulates size, so they keep growing disorder in Norma, stairway, bigger than a lion and way bigger than a tiger like ligers are enormous. They they don't even seem real, that's why they were in Napoleon Dynamite's favorite animal. A classic by the way, but see that makes sense right aligned meets the tiger. You could see that they do have similarities in the features section but to wow was in all domestic dogs. We don't really know there's a lot of speculation and they believe that wolves became friendly with people because we're feeding them and then they become more docile like Radiolab podcast that talked about breeding foxes and Fox is an within a decade they had killed breeding were they would kill any fox that showed any sort of aggression or any and that there was trying to be dominant the growl at people. That
any unfavorable characteristics, they killed them and within ten years the jeans change to the point where all the fox is had droopy ears. Their jaws became the less masculine that became smaller, their behavior completely changed. They all became like a domestic pet. Within ten years, they've literally became a different thing, and so the thought is that this is what happened with wolves and that wolves being around campfires with people like primitive printer people, 10S in twenty thousand forty thousand years ago, that we slowly but surely started having relationships with these animals where they would protect us from the other wolves would feed them and they would become more docile and more more depend upon us, so they would, they would be they would give in. You know they would they would be submissive to us, and so their ears started to flop like a dog's ear, and you know they became less aggressive, they would respond to people. You could train them and t
some to hunt with you 'cause. They got a reward out of being a part of the community of people, and then you would raise them from the time their puppies and maybe even more inclined to go like that. So someone find wolf puppies and raise them, so they would imprint on people and be even more likely to exhibit those behaviors you have a kind of people you're hanging out with to become a Chihuahua gay folk, mostly some Mexicans. I think I think chihuahuas are just it's just like thous means of years of that shit? You know only selecting the smaller ones, only selecting the most docile the most diminutive features. It's a good question now you know when you get freaky with it. The real argument is that it's very similar, in fact to human beings. Human beings, are the only animals that very
much in their appearance as dogs like yet Shaquille O'Neal, and he got Bridget the midget. Those are both humans right. How is Bridget the midget or any orb Williams House anybody with who's got dwarfism? How are they different than an english bulldog right, yeah in a way ok, I mean it's some sort of a strange chain in the body- and I don't mean this in any disrespectful way- I'm just trying to be completely objective about the physical form of these people. You know I'm not saying that people purposely make dwarfs, but I'm saying that the physical characteristics that differences in an english bulldog and a wolf- and that's very like the difference between Karl Malone and Brad Williams mean those are both humans and they both could pregnant impregnate. The same woman
like if a woman had a baby with Karl Malone and then a woman had a baby with a dwarf like right afterwards. She still mean she get pregnant from both of them and have a baby from both of them and potentially the same genetic characteristics could be passed down, little less likely with the dwarf, but mean this incredible when you about the variation of human beings. We can get a little tiny like ninety pound asian lady and then you have Serena Williams, this super athlete with giant muscles and just ridiculous explosive ability or they're both female humans. You know it's sort of like a like a golden lab and a rottweiler there's a both dogs, but they were massively different characteristics and that's why, like really nutty conspiracy, people believe that human beings are created by aliens and that
much in the same way that human beings, engineer dogs and change the shape and selectively bred them to the point where they became these little to ours that that's what aliens did with human beings they came to. I only found some chimpanzees and some lower hominids and started injecting their dna into him and slowly but surely created a series of different styles of human being. I've heard this before, but with the vote, the with the dog comparison. I don't know man, I don't know either and I'm not. I don't. I don't buy the alien thing. I think it's much more likely. It was just different. Climates in different parts of the world are isolated from each other, and so I think I think, he's like you know, built bread, adapt to you situation yeah your. Yeah, no doubt you know, I mean there's this characteristics that animals exhibit
similar animals and other other climates. Don't like african elephants, for example. They have enormous ears because it displaces heat large surface areas, place heat better. That's also why a lot of african men are very tall, very tall, all along because it's it's easier, displace heat over a large surface area, right yeah, so like asian elephants, have different ears than african elephants. Do Willie mammoths of much smaller ears because they were dealing with cold, cold climates. Where, as elephants, you know in Africa when they're in the hot Savannah's they have these giant. Here's that makes sense a man on the speaking from myself my personal experience, I'm definitely much better off in warmer climates than I am in cold mountains? Are you yeah? I feel it can't do it man can't do it can't do it? Don't you get used to it, though I mean now now. No, no just feel it in your bones. Yeah! I don't lie.
Yeah, like I don't like this. I need to get away from this. Yeah, your retirement, okay, it's cool again but not cold- is like at yeah get a Ok well. Also growing up in Austin Work, it's hard as fuck yeah. Definitely so yeah I did. The New York thing couldn't deal with the winners. No dude Oh they look at your face. Well, 'cause! I'm thinking about I'm thinking about all the times where I busted ass and you know, sort of like walking across history and I stepped in a way. Think is snow and it's like undo. Keith is like a foot of water and just walking around, and I've got one wet foot and I'm supposed to be going to fucking event or something we go to dinner or do whatever I just. I can't I can't do it
I mean I can you know I don't wanna sound like a pussy or anything, but I can't do it well, you can, but you don't want to there. It is I don't want to yeah. I fucking don't want to. Why should you have to? I don't that's? Why there's options exactly like. If the whole world was New York City, you could do it, you could do it definitely better than not living. That's true, that's very true. I could do it, but you know that, there's a better spot. I could adapt. If I didn't know any better, I get it down, but here you are in the best spot exactly when it comes to weather. Nobody could fuck with LA that's true, that's very true! That's why so many of us, so I jamies algorithm, is like he's from Columbus. Oh really yeah Columbus, oh, gives New York city they ate out in the brakes as far as the the word spot. It's a spot
your plane, ten ball. You give some of that out in the brakes. That means, if they spot, if they win, they can win if they make the eight ball, the nine ball or the ten ball, and they could break every touching. That's eight in the brakes. That's a considerable consid, for handicap got you. I would play pull little bit, but I don't calum. I've been to Columbus before you get this cool little venue I played at Columbus is great. It's nice! It's a great town, the cool people. There, man, it's fun, it's a fun town. I like Columbus alive. And spend a lot of time there, but you definitely had a good time. I haven't been there since I shot my special there in two thousand and nine. So Dick I am, Where was that using one southern theater once the oh that's right palace. I think that's right. That's right! Jamie knows my schedule better than me. I started work
that's ridiculous Jamie. How do I how you know this, and I don't know this- that was like two thousand and eleven or twelve right, two thousand and twelve yeah Columbus is a cool town. That's like my favorite town in Ohio. Where else is did Cleveland, not bad Cleavon, Spot Cincinnati's, fun but Cincinnati. They bullshit you you have the Cincinnati Airport in Kentucky? I don't like that. Wow wow, because it's insecure, the Kentucky people are insecure. They should call the Fucking Kentucky Airport 'cause, that's what it is. Damn it. Don't those Cincinnati assholes claim your city way, but how does that even exactly The Cincinnati Airport is actually in Kentucky, but to get people to fly into Kentucky is problematic. 'cause people have ha ha They have massive prejudice against Kentucky man. It just sounds like hillbillies, where Cincinnati is like Wkrp, you know
it's like Loni Anderson and fucking everybody's. Having a good time right. You know: Cincinnati sounds like a nice city right, let's fucking, right next door to Kentucky so close that you land in Kentucky and then you drive to Cincinnati. So they name the fuck. In Cincinnati Airport this Kentucky Airport? That's pretty good, that's a pretty good one sneaky sneaky mother fuckers. They did it for people like uh never going to go to Kentucky. Godly smart never come in his place, but meanwhile there's like Louisville where everybody goes like it didn't make any sense. The Kentucky Derby in Louisville right yeah, see that's like everybody goes there, but it's one of those qua
southern destinations. You know I like the word quite me too. Yeah uh spend a little bit of time running around there. I found like that. So, while this crowds and kind of like in that area in summer for me. I think that's interesting form and I wonder why that is booze. I think yeah I mean boots happens everywhere, but I feel like yeah people really have a the time when I started going on the road a lot in the 90s. When I really understood NASCAR, I got now forgot NASCAR. My cool fuck is watching. This is not that I did My car racing, it's like with the fuck, is watching these people go around in a circle and then I would see how big it was. I would read statistics I was like bullshit he's. Fucking statistics are all made up, no ones watching this, and then I did a radio station. I want to say it was in Atlanta I don't remember where it was, but I'm a
it was in the south and the guy was like. Did you see the races we may and Dale junior israeli folk and put it to them, but we work as a what you talking about and like many NASCAR car Tony Stewart those legs name it all these people and like I don't know who the fuck you talking about, and he was flabbergasted that I didn't know who these NASCAR people were and then I didn't know who won looking tallow Costco, Lusa, five thousand five hundred and fifty six e or whatever the fuck name of the race it was. He was flabbergasted and I was like many people know. So then we help people call in like that new about NASCAR? Why was on the air? And so you guys know a lot about NASCAR how many people ll yeah we watch it every weekend like going crazy about NASCAR was like ok. So this is a geographical cultural thing that I'm just not privy to. I just don't understand it. Yeah we got a little bit of taste that in Texas
kind of blood over a little bit but Austin as a formula one race, that's very new, but I'll isn't yet how old is on? Well, I guess I don't know new enough yeah a few years of of pass. I guess what is the yeah the F1, that's the shit man, that's a different kind of way. And that's my style of racing. I love watching formula, one 'cause. It's turns and craziness and strategy- and you know that's that seems like some crazy shit yeah. I can get more into that. But yeah I didn't know shit about NASCAR either yeah, but you know different, ok, that's definitely! Cultural day I was driving through Alabama, you know the south and everything and that's there's you know tracks and everything you know for amateurs, and this is like a big culture. I guess yeah, it's a big
deal for those folks and they say that all came out of souping up their cars for moonshine runs. I can believe it makes sense get get in get out of there. Get this money get this exchange which all came from the same thing that we're dealing with psychedelics suppression. Right, I mean suppression, creates diamonds. I mean that's. What created that kind of racing? Is people trying to figure out a way to get the fuck away from cops, so they made cars that drove faster, handled better and then just get away from cops? That was the whole Duquesa Hazzard. That's why they had the generally they weren't involved in braces. They were running away from cops they had some crazy soup fucking. That's why they couldn't have guns. They had bows and arrows 'cause. The cops had taken there. Their your ability to have a firearm away when you're a felon in this country? You can own a gun anymore right, understand a little bit. Podcast turned weird right. Yeah as weird
one little bit. It's a good one though man, so are you performing next in now? How can how can people see it work and uh they find out um were performing doing something for the Grammys cool this week, the 15th. February doing a tribute to legendary b dot B king Beautiful Chris Stapleton and Bonnie Raitt. I wouldn't be doing what I was doing, if it weren't for guys like b dot b king, you know so it'll be cold. I will show him some love there, and then we just hit the road man we're going everywhere. You website yeah Gary Clark, Junior. Ann you're active on Twitter. I see you're on twitter all time, there's a little bit of it, I'm not as active as people say. I should when are you could be in this area. Where I could come see you man, I'm going to be um. Is there anything
There is anything there about California they'll be doing Coachella, that's a that's about it! I at last time we did three nights of the fund in December, so we kinda at the what at the Fonda and where is that Hollywood? Okay, so yeah? We did that one and I think, when we're not going to be around here for a little while with this command. Anything you've got going on anything. If you ever want it promoted. You need any help, tweeting it and come on here anytime. You want it going to open invite thanks mam, I'm happy here in our town here and I hope you enjoy it and extend use, much hospitality as possible. Recien, I'm a big fan man. I love your music, I listen to it. I was listening to it on the way over here. Man I'll show you check. Likewise, man, I'm filing you for, Damn look at that des
my playlist on the way over here, Sir appreciate it so much loves and respects Gary Clark. Junior, ladies and gentlemen, will be back tomorrow with Tom Papa see you soon much love bye, bye, oh sweet bitches. We got through, and I didn't say that shit that I used to say before I introduce you know what I'm saying Jamie. You know those words saying that order anymore, because they became an issue. But thank you answers thanks to square space, go to squarespace, dot com, Ford's text Joe and start your free trial today. Thank you to Legalzoom, go to Legalzoom dot com use the code word Rogan at checkouts yourself, some money. Thank two vmt watches go to MV Mtwatchis, watches, dot com, Slash Rogan, Rogan, give give you fifteen percent off your entire purchase. Yeah thanks.
Course. Each and every episode two on it dot com, onnit, use the word: Rogan, save ten percent off any and all supplements, and I'm drinking me some Caveman coffee notice, much less flam. Today, young Jamie. You know why I went with the nitro. I got a researcher in the message. As for podcast for life I like the but across, but for podcast. I think a little less Fleming is better Caveman Coffee, co, dot, com, hot com, dates. I got coming up March. Fourth, Vegas Joey D, This looks like Tony Hinchcliffe is going to join us too, so Diaz, an hinchcliffe and me at the fucking car theater in Vegas the night before Conor Mcgregor Press. Ha fired LOS Angelus? That is going to be insane fight? I can't wait for that, but that's going to be the night before so to San Jose verses Hall.
Conor Mcgregor and we're at the Cobb Theater on the fourth that Friday night right before that that First, the great and hilarious Tom Papa will be joining me tomorrow. Love that dude very funny very nice guy, and uh all right. You guys are amazing thanks. Everybody came to the comic store this weekend. Holy shit was that fun appreciate the fuck all of you out there and or audio visual and much love Bob. I see you soon, big kiss
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