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#758 - Tom Papa

2016-02-09 | 🔗
Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. Tom has a great story on Ari Shaffir's show "This Is Not Happening" watch it here - http://youtu.be/487y7zJzkFM http://www.tompapa.com/
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character very intelligent and i always enjoy talking to him please welcome tom papa logan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day we live just discussing very critical sound engineering issues we will take care of on the next version of this studio i'm gonna build something either in downtown or near here when we decided really i was are you you had it here because you live here yeah i do but but i like downtown i like the idea of being on the top of the building my other option and i've been looking at land my other apps is in paying a canyon to build a an actual compound my my problem is i'm afraid to i know me i don't necessarily trust me i'm afraid i'll go whole hog colonel kurtz and start a real compound once i have the actual land and start putting things in and
i'm not really that restricted financially from building shit i might just start getting crazy and then but all your followers could work that's the problem and that becomes a problem that unstable ones shows up the suicide vasti downtowns of a pain in the then getting there's socks and i did that someone had a show down there and i had to park like in this weird thing cut through a macy's to get to the where the thing was tax a little tricky unless you get a cool so how kind of space that's what i'm thinking what i was thinking is getting a high rise like a top floor on a high rise right get crazy and get something with the most dope ridiculous view and have that view be the background when we do shows as the shows that be pretty sweet and good vantage point when the earthquake comes
you ever been in a high rise during the quake well i'm gonna have a parachute for you and i is for jamie and for all of us and we're just going to shoot through one of the windows have a shot gun well last through one of the windows and then we're just jump i was in if you go to so is ago not last summer the one before during that earthquake they had a little we have been napa yeah apple one and i had a show there that night i'm going high rise get up to go to the bathroom it around two in the morning on my way back the whole a building like a rubber band just back i was like what there on rollers yeah and that thing just scary i just laid on the bed and it was like alright maybe this is going down but he's laid on the bed lay down the bed i just yeah just kind of collapse don't they say you're supposed to get in like in a door frame there was nothing but just terror attack yeah it's complete
really weird and i was like and it was for like two i just go to the airport i just get the hell out right to run into a deflected middle of the country brassica that was about it i look at the no i didn't see people like running in droves so i just said all this will see how freaked out i am if i can just go back to sleep and i did this for did you ever read the article was it in new yorker i don't remember what magazine it was in there was an article that was essentially saying the pacific northwest like seattle is a ticking time bomb just as a matter of time before it gets hit by a massive tsunami in an earthquake a hundred percent gonna happen red might happen in a hundred years might happen in two who knows yeah i'm gonna i'm going there this weekend are you where you're at live love that place good club that combines my two favorite things in life
playing pool in a comedy club it's almost like they designed it for me it is pretty perfect i'll be there in a so what happ like when they say like at that level that they say it'll hit what happens to like does that mean like seattle goes into the ocean yeah that's the article it was the new yorker the really big one woman by the way receives so much hate and i think fucking threats and all kinds of crazy that she had to i think she had to make an amendment to this not so big one to say hey fuckers relax i didn't mean to scare you i'm just you notice like mexico seems fine look goes all the way down to california all the way to the see the peel that they're showing in the illustration mexico
remove come on tom papa let's do it let's go san diego might not be a bad spot either doesn't seem to be it's like pulling off that's not too quicky no it's filled with military people don't know what to do yeah pendleton yeah there right there i don't know what to do that's a good spot to be if the shit hits the fan yeah bunch of mother fuckers who prepared for this shit hitting the fan to have a kit a kit yeah have an emergency kit i have food in the food right freeze dry food and water save it in the garage fridge yeah well i have garage freezers freezes in the garage okay and of giant coolers that'll keep i have these yeti coolers here is you a yeti cooler coors are really high end hunting coolers like outdoorsman cool they will keep
nice i use it when i brine things like if i brian a ham like i smoke hams ever smoke a you know so delicious man is nothing like it it takes a long time to do it takes like six days to brian it six days six days yeah but then once you smoke it and then cook it like right out of the okay and then serve it all my god it's amazing really my kids scream when they eat it like this is amazing 'cause it just melts in your mouth it's just so tender and moist and delicious is so was the cooler come in what do you mean you i leave it in the cooler for six days by itself in a bucket so i brian the ham i take to him i put a bucket of water with salt garlic some brown sugar and for a few other the spices of forget what is up some himalayan pink salt and then it sits in this cooler i surround the cooler with ice or surround the bucket with ice right and i love
knock down and i just leave it outside for days she six days later i opened up and it still got ice in it really yeah see that that's the one that i cook now man that looks good yeah five hours at two hundred fifty degrees how many pounds is that that was i want to say like a three pound one summer she was so good i'm a guy like you cut like you sell the juices of the bottom of it's it's like cut into inches squirting your face is so good so good jesus now that is that's a wild wild ham so that's during the apocalypse is you're going live on well my point yeti coolers can keep things cold for a really long time right so like you could have like if you have frozen me it'll stay frozen those things for a week right or at least will cold enough for you don't have to worry about it going bad seeing
keep all your stuff in there so i have meat that will last for a week i have like a week of meat and then generator i have a generator now i'm going solar them turn my whole house or i think i am as well it's crazy to not in california i know it's you have to drop pretty good cash at the beginning yes will take about five years to get it back you might not ever get it back right however you can have it set up where you're always going to have power in your completely off the grid right that's the big thing which bryan callen has been trying to get them to turn over to his solar and he says there really resistant really yeah he paid for panels he had the whole thing set up and he's like it's really interesting he's like they make it super difficult for you to do this because they are fighting the solar companies they don't want them to be autonomous they don't want people to be taught
they also want you to be connected to the grid yeah if you choose to remove yourself from the grid and be just a hundred percent solar it's a huge issue right yep very hard to get done so can it has a cut off complete he's not nice okay like a couple cents a month just to stay on i don't know i don't know you'd have to talk to brian but right for the for the long time and i don't know if he's got it turned over but for the longest time they weren't turn over like i'm talking about six months so it's a sizeable investment spends tens of thousands of dollars yes all this equipment installed his yard and they wouldn't turn it on he's like i couldn't get them to turn it on i have a tesla an i want to go solar so it's the car so completely but the battery like the charger you can get a rebate off of this thing the am none of paperwork you have to show the city of la for them to give you seven hundred dollars back is in you have to take pictures of your house pictures of the cha
your receipts from the company certificates of work things from the panel i mean it's a list of like twelve things it's like you know and if i if i have to go to the to the mailbox once with the right stamp it's like it's going to take weeks for me to pull that off your comic i'm not i'm not doing it right i guess they make you do seven hundred for the work yeah your seven hundred dollars with exactly you would think they would be the opposite you think they'd be now you think that they would encourage because with ease the grid yeah i know i rented a test so for a day not because we have a sponsors called skirt as high a u r t and the real new but what they're doing is they're essentially like uber for rental cars so let's say if you were outside the comedy store like i need a rental car i want to drive to san francisco right they'll fucking show up in twenty minutes with a rental car and you take that bitch and drive it up the coast she's it's crazy
yeah you you have an application or on your phone right you is the app you order up a car and you can get a tesla so i said ok i wanna try the service out before we do it let's give me a tesla in may so i got a test flight was get the services excellent to show up the give you the thing they give you the key do you know how to do it i said yeah i watched a couple videos i'm good right there you go ok it's real strange because the tesla doesn't start and that's uh mirrors up that's a weird one for people you get in and you go ok why isn't it starting there's no revenue gas now there's no gas no brum brum there's no at all and it just sort of you put it in drive and okay we're going ok yeah but what got me was how quick the battery drained i was like oh i don't like this yeah quick did it rain where i live out here you were about half hour to the improv
right i drove all the way the improv back i drove here home back to the improv and back home and then back here and it was more than one slash two tank more than half more and a half gone i'm like that's like two hundred and forty miles like that but that's half that's one hundred and twenty but it's not even it's not even it's maybe sixty miles where they're driving maybe where you punch in it knew must because it's a fast i don't think i drive any other way that's what i do there is a big difference when you're slamming it here is like a thing it shows you like the sweet spot and that's around probably around sixty five it's ground granny level a man when you class that thing for that yeah it's crazy but it heats up the it is of the jews but it's weird how it accelerates without gears which is very hard for people who drive in a regular car apprehend but it just it's instant on so like a golf cart like among go golf cart
super golf cart it's fun even going from zero to three thousand five hundred and forty just to get that punch it's a wonderful car it's amazing what they've done is amazing i came here from down wilshire like beverly hills area get on the four hundred and five hit autopilot anne i didn't steer until i got off of shut the fuck up one hundred and one shut the fuck up i didn't touch the break i didn't touch the accelerator i didn't steer we texting i looked at a text i looked at the text that freaks me out man it drives better than i do what is it doing is it's the camera and it's scanning the environment cameras and sensors so it's on the on the dashboard it will show the two lines that have picked up visually it will pick up the speed based on a sign
and then it has cars shadow cars around you it's reading all the cars around you he's and it just it's just goes you set it at that at the speed in the ground for all and it just breaks and if you want to change lanes just hit the directional an if it thinks it safe it will change lanes for you well my i have a one of those lexus suv's anne it'll accelerate and decelerate depending upon the traffic so it has a laser sensor and it gives you options like you could ride someone's yes and then it will do it that way or you could spread it out where it's like four cars in front of it starts to break right which is the way i have it set up 'cause i don't think it doesn't break that good it's a giant ass truck in traffic it's pretty great when i take my key the school i'll hop on the one hundred and one and i'll to not have to deal with the break bing stopping going that part is just so yeah it's awesome it's really great i mean they say cara
lawrence companies are getting ready for the collapse of their business good they say once everything is automated they think this is the insurance companies talking that it's going to be an eighty five percent decrease in accidents wow that's how much better the car and i know the car is a better driver and i am no more cautious sees more was long as you have the option to be autonomous on a country road now as long like you get on a country rd and you could just fucking zoom around and drive and see things you mean do it on your own yeah yeah because when you get on those roads like i put it on autopilot going to the comedy store and i go from sherman oaks sherman oaks hope over laurel you know laurel canyon wavy gravy and weird turns and people and it's it's a little now braking so when you doing that so you're doing all those turns it's doing it completely by itself on laurel to a zero no
i don't like that to a point that's that's the that's the scary part so was it doesn't really because you know laurel it's old road that you can't read the line yeah there's a lot of weirdness going of you file you can't i've tried it especially when you come back down towards ventura and there's like that really whipping terror half that you don't want to just let the part of it maybe it's going to be one of those things where they're going to be forced to have to redo the roads to deal with these electric cars that have to read the sensors maybe the other thing is i think the technology is going to be the gps driven also so that'll help if it syncs up that way the government can just fucking shut you down and pull you over they could exterminate you if you do anything wrong but you know that that's the grand conspiracy theory about michael hastings to know michael hastings is my play sting is a journalist who wrote an article for rolling stone about a general who was involved in the war and he was embedded and while he was embedded ova there just coincidentally it was when they had that big icelandic volcano
that icelandic volcano yeah well it globally crippled flights for long time remember that all through europe yeah so he was stuck over there for i wanna say like an extra month and when he was stucco there they got a little too coffee with this guy and they started cracking a bunch of jokes about vice president biden who's that the soldiers and the general and i don't remember mcallister was a mcallister would write it which whichever general yeah believes mcallister he had to step down after the article came out because the article was just absolutely brutal and it was devastating and so this this michael hastings character started receiving xm sirius tangible death threats the like your
dead mother fucker like we're going to find you like you just you just cost american lives because you just got rid of one of the best generals ever because you don't think it's politically correct this guy jokes around about a guy like joe biden who is obviously a fucking goof right joe biden said group he's a goof and if you don't think he's a goof why is any running for president why is he running late in german who a bunch of reasons one of 'em joe biden was a plagiarist like job and when i was in boston it's stitches comedy club in one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight which is back when he was running for president but had abandoned his campaign because they found his speeches were just in gigantic chunks of president kennedy speech no yes he still from kennedy kennedy nobody knew back before the internet they knew that you couldn't get away with shit like that's crazy but he got away with it because of actual political scott whores who were like hey fuckhead i know that fucking speech
so we add stitches had joe biden night we would do joe biden night what do you mean well we would say each of the shit like if you went up you would do my act and i would try to remember you're at we would try to remember each other it was very great that's gotta be fun yeah it was kevin fitzgerald i forget who forget the comic who but he's area so it's a great idea that's how much of a plagiarist you want wow i never heard that yeah you so what's the key the democratic party keeps under wraps now and it was a big story in eighty eight so what happened with this so he started in death threats he's talking so i'm sorry shit about have started getting some serious death threats 'cause this guy was a love general very respected by these people who work for him including soldiers including spec ops guys and all these people who looked at this michael hastings i like you piece of fuck
shit anyway and he's just a guy just to replace report just report but a snarky little fuck do an adderall and a bunch of other shit he's a little cocky anyway this guy drove one hundred and twenty miles an hour without hitting the breaks into a tree on sunset and died under very suspicious circumstances not only that he was telling people that if he dies like you should understand that they kill really not going to kill myself if i die just know this they killed me and when military experts who understand what's possible today who comes to automating vehicles yeah they say it's absolutely possible absolutely people are hacking into computer car these cars like your grave that can drive itself yeah this is a mercedes in a mercedes have that same ability especially the new ones do i don't know if his dead button
what they're essentially saying is they could just pin that fuckin accelerator down just lift off that get lift off the break so that break doesn't work at all right and then just disable disable the bags and steer that mother fucker right into a tree oh that's how they kill them that's how people think right his family and a lot of other people who are close to them they don't want to say anything they're probably terrified yeah and they say no we we believe it was suicide you know and but but the people who you knew him outside of santa like that is nonsense it's it's it's a credible can you see because you're talking about a guy who threw his article like the rolling stone article was devastating to the military right it's really devastating to wasn't mcalester to the point where generalise to step down stanley mcchrystal hastings and then crystal profile the cia director john brennan yes yes
and yeah he was working on a pro another fucking expose a of the cia director jesus fucking christ so it was really interesting it was really interesting and you know i i just have to be worried about someone being in the audience at the comedy store me like he's a hack and they take out their cell phone and make me go into a trio more like the cia is not going to care but in angry audience member well that's that's scared he fucked with what was the generals name stanley mccrystal mccrystal and the cia yes yeah i mean it was a double whammy of fuckups and it's almost like they wanted to see what they get away with like let's see we even use this shit let's try to use this shit stateside man drive this mother fucker nutri because gotta be able to because with someone riding a snarky article like that i mean i don't know what actually was said or i didn't read the article but apparent
it was very disturbing to the people that were involved there and what he decided to do with this article right from their point of view was take a very inflammatory position the he tried to you know manipulated make it very negative and you know they they can do things like that if they writing an article about if they write an article about you well it's amazing i mean when you think about just technology and i'm so excited about this car i'm so excited what it can do it's amazing what we're all this stuff is going you just talk about that service will just bring a rental car too i mean all and it's moving so quickly and so great but i tend to only think of all these positive cool fun things that you can do with it you know people got the evil doers can use that same stuff and in some i mean in their mind they might not even be the evil doers he might be a real problem right
you know i mean he might be in their eyes and enemy of america right i don't know who's right but if he really did interrupt some military relations it cost soldiers their lives because the general wasn't there anymore 'cause he had to step down and fucked up the entire chain of leadership and he was talking about in that same article that jamie put up that he was around he was whenever he was around people who kill people for a living they would invariably tell him we're going to kill you like it wasn't it wasn't a couple people that were saying this to him like there was several people there saying hey mother fucker you're dead to say no we're all we're all going to kill you so this guy what did he do he doubled down one after the cia afterwards balls balls on this young man he tested positive when he died for crystal meth
yeah it had verify that just be sure that he had had a an issue with drugs in the past apparently from all the stuff that i've read right and they thought it kicked it but you know death threats of get right back on the wagon yeah has worked on the one on off one or do they plant that on him well to make that easy for him it's his body may or may not have been real who knows right and it also that stuff crystal meth an adderall or so closely related there are almost the same thing really yeah adderall is very very similar to chris really she's just a nice healthy dose really don't have to worry about dying right or running down sunset with no pants on
right you know you get productive you'll just read a destructive productive and destructive or next door neighbors when you're on adderall apparently was the scary thing when they were talking during the republican debate about how how much heroin is in new hampshire how just nobody not one person brought up prescription drugs now because the lead into that well they cannot one they can't it leads to this is too much money yeah it's the pharmaceutical companies have been bought and sold yeah it's a criminal it's a criminal business the whole business is it entirely criminal as far as politics the business of politics the way they get money and what they can and can't say otherwise they would be talking about cigarettes right cigarettes kill a half a million people in america alone every year still yeah still yeah does is not changing right
we dropped off a little bit you know with education but yeah people are fucking dumb man they want those things in their mouth it's amazing isn't it so it's did you ever try it smoking once as a kid we were walking down the street and we saw a lit cigarette someone just put it out there car and we just my two buddies i picked out well put the cigarette and imagine if that's how you got herpes from random cigarette i cough so much was like that is off and it was like probably eleven and that was it i was like now i'm not gonna smoke it was good for you it was the disabled lucky break you know i spoke to my sister when i was fifteen and she was fourteen i tried it and she tried it and she kept smoke until she was in her forties i think really think thirty as of late late thirties maybe i and i never smoked
and i just now this is ridiculous it just seems i like the idea of it i like holding something i like a lot of times when i'm out with friends of have like a roll up a napkin or something and just it's like the death already of it looks cool as far it looks look it's the coolest just come out of a show and just light up by yourself in the hallway so funny when cigarette smokers look down on cigar smokers like fuck off love cigars cigars are great but it's funny when you know someone lights up a cigar around someone who smokes cigarettes look like blue disgusting like oh my god you know what those fucking cigarettes you smoke smell like yeah the worst the best is pipes pipes smell great i know pipes really i know pipe smell good because that doesn't offend my family which is all girl that's in yeah they're like oh that's not so bad but a cigar forget it i could be in the backyard
shut all the windows blowdye myself with a cigar and this someone's going pop their head out of a window you're disgusting daddy disgusting yeah i love the cigars grew i kind of cigar over here from mike these are from the public dried out now i gotta get a human remind me again about a humidor i got a humidor bring here i got this is from did you ever see that the document of the seven five now next apollo told me about it yeah hi holy shit the seven thousand five hundred and seventy five is about the seven five precinct in new york city and it was in the 70s the 80s rather during the crack epidemic oh yeah holy shit oh really what a fucking crazy documentary and michael dowd was one of the corrupt cops that was in it and i went to jail for a long time the whole deal but then got out and then they did this documentary and he did my podcast
and yeah and he brought in some cigars these have been made that's his business now well he's doing a bunch of different things just kinda hassel and rates hard disk just got a i mean he's in jail for a long time yeah try to put his life back in order she's just got caught up in all the money and well it was twenty something years old who is young and all the cops are corrupt he's like the first day on the job they were explaining to him about a guy who quote on quote jumped off of a roof and it was because this guy had ratted on cops that's what happens when you rent a cops that got it good first single received one of the elite the first week or something that he was working but he was like it was really really clear real early on that there's a giant percentage of guys around to take well and that's just how you made money so we get the tobacco
i don't know i don't i you know i think they're made in the dominican republic his girlfriend that he used to do quote unquote business with spectrum the cocaine daisies pals with right visits if it ever is getting out of the house yeah i got just got a bunch of cuban cigars cinco he was nice it really is a difference yeah did you get the real the real deal yeah you gotta make sure you get real ones yeah there's a lot of fucking counterfeit you there's a lot of fake ease going to open up now though yeah soon but they don't from enough quantity like the i forget the name of the area where they grow there's this area specific area viejo trabaja or sometimes i forget what it's called but it's a the small area where they grow the best cigars but the soil is like incredibly rich and they've been tilling the soil and taking care of it in a very specific way for decades and decades and they just know what they're doing and now america's coming in and wants to devour it
alright i'm because they do sell 'em around the rest of the world i used to get him from england oh yeah i used to get him sent to me from england allegedly presently does not legal know they would send them to me and then like a couple weeks later they would send me the bands so it's i know to mean with like dominican bands and then you take him off and then they send you the actual real yeah my friend gaddell malay that french comedian know like the biggest comedian in france and i told them that i've gotten soak up awhile ago that i'd had a cuban cigars like no you don't a stick yeah i got them in and we did you get them i said my buddy got home from vegas and he knows a guy who knows a guy's like tom i'm telling you americans do not get the cuban cigars i will bring you some that we have in france and then he brought some stuff from france and i couldn't really tell if it was different but his point was
cuban will deal with us what you're getting is just rehashed horseshit you definitely can get yeah you can i think the ones i have now or are legit maybe i think so only way to really knows that get him from cuba yeah and even then you don't know right they could be whippingham from dominican republic to cuba boxing of in cuba with their own wrappers and sending him right to you to save money yeah you're right i mean once people realize that yeah so much money in america now yeah i still don't think you can just go hog wild on by like fifty boxes of them i think there's like a limitation on how much you're allowed to import yeah i went to in canada i went to uh to a warehouse guy that dealt with cuba and then he would sell them to the stores in canada so it was all through the government and legit and stuff and
i was pretty trippy now just walking through a warehouse of yeah all have in humidity control yeah perfect it's interesting how they have to do that right the hopefully keep the cigars at a certain level of humidity but once they do that they last forever yeah and you can bring them back to like if you get if this is dry and you have you just you know looking back apparently a couple times is that it yeah after a while these turn to you'll be full of mold to they can get mold where do you smoke cigars where the i want him in your house i'm a man to do whatever the i want you to lie now i'm i could do my office but open up the window yeah and of the of of some some sophisticated methods of ventilation yeah yeah let that smell that smell do they hate it oh my god or if you just come home and it's just still on your clothes yeah fight signs up like come on here that is going to show you what to do
now i'm gonna show you what they do it's not it really repels every female for miles well girls who don't get repelled by it do not trust about that fucking invite scandalous bitches it's got the w smoke 'em yeah those girls are fucking dangerous dirty girls or shoot you just kind of gun in her pussy don't trust them at all one of those is one of the guys yeah i'm coming over for the super bowl and one of the guys right she loves sports to come on i don't even have any female friend whoa when you meet a girl it doesn't have any female friends yikes yeah like a guy who doesn't have any guy friends yeah ladies if you have
and it's a guy and he doesn't have any guy friends like guys gay that's the only ask explanation it's right so explanation or he's a fucking psycho psycho yeah what kind of a man doesn't know she had friends i like hanging out with women it's just like being with the girls women are real the more real plus they talk about shit i'm interested in issues and what they're really saying is i can fool them guys know i'm felicia yes definitely that yeah yeah male feminists he'd wear and assholes fucking namas day you say that say that again say it again i'm on your side i'm different ladies you know there's a lot of men or just just rude it's the guy in college with the acoustic guitar like an animal house scene right exactly that was one of the great scenes in unmasking like that's fucking fake pseudo sensitive artistic behavior which by the way
it is just for pussy if we were all camping together that guy did not break out the guitar it would you wouldn't happen right happens 'cause girls around and he wants to appear to be shopping and sensitive and it's the same as a male yoga teacher maybe yeah maybe i know many from guy with his little diaper of that guy with a bic rum bacardi having sex with everybody even better than that he had a fucking warehouse filled with like ferraris and shit and they busted him and he said that this was for he was going to start an education program for children automotive engineering it was the b automotive engineering so i'm not bullshit just got caught with this adds a layer and they just he had a he had to pay or he just got a judgment against him for millions of hours for sexual harassment and fucking with people yeah he was banging all of 'em well it's not just banging 'cause of you
banging all of 'em they can't get money from you if you're banging him you have to be rude but he was he gonna be rude about it if they like you and you having sex you know like i want some money well did you like having sex them yeah but i feel like i should be getting paid yeah yoga mogul b crumb mogul hum chadni should shottery must pay almost six point five million in punitive damage is there's a photo of him on the yoga place that i go two yeah he's sitting there like in the lotus position on a tiger body yes that's a skinny me tiger with the head like a raw you can find it yeah there's a tiger rug it's so retirees always in that diaper but what it what kind of mixed signal you sent a mother murdering animals you know even the tigers you know this isn't like you know say it's not only
you know you ate an elk and you have the horns there now you eat fucking tigers like what are you doing man why'd you have a skin tiger you at tiger like there's the photo is not just one of 'em because that's that's a different one than the one that's in my yoga stuff that her there's more offensive than the title he was going bald so what he did it just grow it long on the outside he did the ben franklin i'll admit i've thought of it here's the thing about those classes men there's something about yoga classes that are almost in her the sexual yes there it is central that it's hot things in their underwear it's definitely that one yeah that shot all those girls look at him any brings a man and he's like i you can be a teacher and he wins it's a cult that's the danger of it it's he really gets devout followers and then has sex with amount of time well it seems like no matter what if there's one person that
sort of charismatic leader like that and they're doing something spiritual like yoga it's someone's going to run a cult yeah absolutely not all a powerful not all of 'em like i go to a good place i go this an agora in the lady who runs it is fantastic the group is phantom is a great place but it's a big one place and i was i was asking around so i can rachel monica this guy's beacon go there's a little fucking shady like what's the deal yeah they say these are very good teacher but he's an asshole that's how everybody looks at it like i totally get it i mean
you're surrounded by all these beautiful women s where these scenarios are yeah you know at a certain point yeah they're really him exactly there had tartar husband he's boring discuss spiritual i go this great i'm i say i go to fisk he plays in the sherman oaks called black dog yoga okay and the place it's really good and i've fallen in love the couple teachers there joke and of course you have there is a couple classes letter names there's a couple classes they know there's a couple classes that are like right after you drop your kids off at school like a nine o'clock start where it's it's not like the six hundred o'clock seven o'clock at night young hard body going yes times i've got a couple of kids or either even older it's not like you're saying ok do a photo shoot in here for whatever magazine you know i mean just regular looking people
you go to that class for a couple months and you start seeing the same people over and over again everybody it's looking really attractive so it is a sensual practice it is a there's nothing to it hot wet it's hot and wet there was naked i keep my shirt on do you dare you scared i'm not scared i feel like as a guy it's ninety percent women you should kind of just trying to be invisible in a yoga class get the outside row keep your clothes on this is really their thing and you're kind of visiting is there a thing yeah but the guy invented it i don't really invented now he he just took yoga and made it sweaty well he just know he just added he just put a bunch of poses in a sequence and he tried to copyright that sequence but he was turned down so there's people that he was he's he's a very sue happy person so like if someone say allegedly allegedly zasu happy
right so if somebody i we get it if you were one of his dick i bowls right are your own school you had his own program and then you said you know what this guy is kind of a douche i don't want pay him money anymore i'm just going go off and just call it tom yoga right you get sued really yeah but even though he didn't invent any of those poses so he gets a piece of every bic roam around the world yes that's where he's making all that that's why he's got all that loop and he trying to say that the the sequences in order the way that he's putting them together have some sort of a right extra powerful property to him and that that was his patent right i i believe check on that because i believe that was turned down yeah please tell me at all that so yes hello he made a lot of money yeah we still makes a lot of money but the six point five is not gonna make a
clinch i'm sure he's got that in cars just laying around i mean you know you go once in awhile it's ten bucks a class how how do you make of that what's bank well if you have thousands of schools all right the country in each all over the world really in each one of them pays you know whatever five hundred bucks and yeah how yeah that's where it comes from so here goes the court affirmed that although be chrome had copyright protection in his published book on the sequence he could not there by invoke copyright to stop others from using the sequence is described in his book yeah see that's like that's like someone teaching ju jitsu and saying you can't teach those moves right judas is around for so long you can ever you could never do that yeah this guy was born in the sixties yeah it but i mean exactly were you to take over yoga
10s of years old the balls the balls in this guy literally all tucked away in that little grape smuggler anywheres there's a guy in my class that used to go there for awhile used to wear the grape smuggler and was very sat nam it very very namas day no and fun too muggers in a man bond on a p you up in the parking lot fully totally and i think the other women look at you over there in your nike workout stuff in there like all right he's he's fine they think so yeah they like the thank you for not doing that i hope so i hope so i don't know the place i go to is very nice very nice people yeah but it get again was great it's not like the hot young hard but i'm probably best looking girl in the class a road of the joke and help but that's not true either
this week you ins but the point being is that that's not what it is it's you know but there is a sex sexual vibe they're dead i mean hard you're just there to do yoga but yeah that kind of thing and that which is why i'm not too big a fan of the classes that team you up where they want you to partner up for this thing yeah you ever have that now oh like you stretch you out here like i get a partner given happy baby with your legs behind him now or your partner push down on you and you fart you know fart on this lady don't want happens that be actually the smart board as a married man that would be the how much porn takes place in the oldest yoga studio where the yoga teacher says with you after class or some tips if you are
but this possible if you were a single and the person actually was into you in this all went down according to this this that would be the greatest like fantasy ever like you're in that hot yoga class all hot and sweaty and afterwards the teacher wants to no god damn she's like tom i just really feel like your practice could aid with just a little private one on one instruction yes and maybe like sure sure first going to start with a foot massage ok lying you back alright ok and she's rubbing your feet and lifting your legs i'm just going to stretch your legs out and she's rubbing it inside your thighs and you she moans back and next you know and on namaste papa i had a massage at the bacar resort in santa barbara and the lady got up on the table likes
rattled me on the table like at one point and it just you know i'm always thinking is going to go someplace else but when i came to the room and tell my wife what happened she was horrified she anger issues like that that does not happen ever she was obviously doing something i might she wasn't well i mean at thai massage they do it all the time they jump up on top you know yeah they climb on you this lady i go to this bitch fucks me out when i say bitch is a very nice lady i shouldn't say bitch she's probably in her at least late 50s maybe early sixties and she's from thailand very nice lady right she climbs on my back she pulls my arms up right she stomping on me like she stomps his shit out of me she fucking she gets her knee in my back lines in elbows feet this wasn't that was she's
she's always ask my york this ok i might just go crazy i'm fine just do it hurt me get nutty do everything you feel like you need to deal with fat i've anytime this and then she just fucking climbs on top of that table and just jacks me like there's a lot of comedians in new york who get the massage lady to come over to their house to jacqueline j yeah you talk about jim norton how to say a lot of comedian so you could just say jim norton jim norton in the outer electrons that spawn from jimmy and the other guys to go you could do that and the other one to get the number from that doesn't seem smart to me i talk to jim about in these yeah but i had more my house they have a security building they can't sign over the know where you live now like what if they develop some bizarre fixation on you from the radio show and then meet you after you john lennon outside your door i don't think there's any
that's an area that he doesn't like should we put i think also you know you're you're dipping into the world of people who get paid for sex and not necessarily a bad world the i don't think there's anything wrong with it i don't think the necessary world for some people what's is nothing wrong with can someone off it's like why is it okay to rub someone's back but it's not okay to rub their deck you tell me doesn't make any sense it's foolishness right you know the only the i mean i guess the possible threat of diseases but as long as you know proper gun control you know the aim that thing away from you know always make sure you put it in a safe distance and keep the safety on you find and stand at least an inch and a half away don't put it near your eyes don't jaja but i don't know if it's plugged in the mister know what ever been to one of those places where you know it's going to happen i've never in a place where it is is it's never
happy need to talk to brian redband hello okay would you kind of hope i know you never want to go to the point of like are you actually going there with it you go to like the straight plays a like a mix of his art and stuff and it's always in the back your mind like maybe but now yeah i've never had a place do it but i do yeah i have gone to a place where one of the guys that works there are got busted because he was blown all the dude that would come in there like they figured out that these gay guys like flamboyantly gay guys were coming to this one guy and they would be like super excited to see him like a little too excited right and he had this little thing going on he would have these guys show up and he would give them like one slash two decent massage suck their dick and then get out there fucking gideon get a big tip put problem those flamboyant gay guys is their very vocal they like to talk about shit right annals of aspen the best massage i'm sure they had to
i'm forum in for the place well you know i guess the disk the word got out yeah but you know to think that i was getting a legitimate massage just a few doors over wasn't there a movie wasn't there a movie star that got in trouble for trying to john travolta's sexual advance right john travolta is is a bunch of rascals results yeah get massages then we like michael juice i like their hands yes back your ass up into their it's going on over there oh yeah oh that's a good to arm so sore there great tanks in that area it's opening up i will get i was like he's look for my father did you see him in oj i've met him you know in the oj show
all the new show oj out on affects just started last week well come on it's so good is it in the worst way now it's like it's good it's good a good show it's going to be it's a ten part series i think it's actually good o j verses the people versus oj legit good how i thought you were saying it's good like it's retarded in like should watch exits it's now and travolta plays kardashian no shapiro shapiro did they shave his head creepy cool that's shapiro wasn't shapiro pool it's kind of flamboyant of i'm think i'm confusing robert shapiro with f lee bailey but i don't use hell you joe this this this thing is you think you're you're tapped out o like why would i
napa sewed and you're like oh man this is going to be trying travolta how's it good wonderful wig he does that is just getting close on that hairline jamie that is impeccable that is really nice this poor bastard owes in the store the other day and this poor browser in front of me had one of the worst wigs i've ever seen in my life i really say to him yeah full on big it was ridiculous it's just ridiculous two thousand and sixteen wig oh my god have you seen mickey roarke now oh god that's perfect and helen its on again tonight okay you'll like it okay he plays you could definitely see him trying to put his rampant massage therapists hands could see it yeah he seems fairly gay was doing yeah really yeah he's yes he's playing this very day it's yeah hi mom good good really really could okay dude i'm i'm so i'm on episode
eight of narcos this only tell yeah i finished up so last night depressed that this two left really that's so good it's so good pablo escobar was all mother really he built his own fucking jail he turned himself into his own jail he built his own he made a deal with the government with the colombian government where he would it meant to this is all historic use spoiler alert this is the c historical fact box taken from wikipedia i actually knew about this in advance but i just didn't know how they're gonna play it out on the show but not a fantastic job on the show but he turned himself in mean he was a major league drug dealers the greatest drug dealer of all time next to l chop out well troubles apparently even a bigger deal than him really but he made it so that he would only get charged with one count of smuggling drugs and
even then he wanted a bargain that down to a lesser charge right his own super powerful luxury prison had his own guards guard him in this super powerful luxury prison and that's that's where is at in columbia in colombia so the government they have him how he killed everybody and but they had him nailed yeah and he's like the demon have nailed to turn himself in he was just killing everybody she really killed everybody blow up planes just killed everybody cheese is killed thousands of people my god i mean he had all these the esee cardio is apparently though to the call hit man ranch he's had all these hit man it's killing cops killing everybody killing judges he they they even had all this evidence about him dealing drugs so he hired this like
communist sort of revolutionary group to overtake the government building where his data was being held and blew it up lit it on fire yeah lit up all his fucking evidence we took over a fucking government building a holy cow house was insane it's saying story still alive now he's dense fog he's dead you have get him i want to show no i'm watching oj believe was a shootout if i don't know yeah rectally from rival gang where the government i think the government shot him wow who shot him jamie pablo
this was caring caring so much i was earning so much each year the right off ten percent of the money because the rats would eat it in storage or be damaged by water and loss mike that would be about two point one billion so two point one billion per month per month was what the rats now it says here says each year this picture right above it said it was to really back to denote two point one billion loss in profits each month old scroll that damn loss the loss was to assess it was it was earned so much each year right off ten percent that would be two for one and laying here right ten percent per year she's there's no one told million i'm weak this is face still let him happy you happy to yes happy to so much money so much money i always wonder what these guys eat for dinner whatever the fuck they want babies
what's he saying chinese baby around six o'clock at night who is he talking to was this week shows that that picture did a man is that was one of the earliest pictures of him getting arrested arrested in their any he was smiling at them like you dumb eating going to rest me and then just wrecked havoc on the people that arrested him he just to it was amazing that may eighth so the show's great one start a fire with two million dollars because his daughter was cold yeah a real man well it was gang what years was this it looks like eighties ladies this is the final in cocaine years man right what his is this scar face wow his son who's thirties thirty eight years old since changed his name describe life is like on the run with sebastian coca
that makes sense jesus always dokken yeah walking it's full story and it's so well done show narcos netflix is killing it there so good right now so good this sort of house of cards that mean making a murderer i seen that that was pretty good and see if we keep your life will give it getting mad at me because i haven't seen it you know that one around eighty nine you like alright let's wrap this up oh really yeah yeah like you're kind of like pushing through like one more set did you say
we can assume a night i want to agree to a late show on sunday if you click it had a funny face in the middle there yeah see soaked in bleach no that is the documentary that was created with the help of the private investigator the courtney love hired who actually believes that she had kurt cobain killed she hired a private investigator hired a private investigator to find him during the time that he was missing blah blah blah blah blah during his interactions with her he believed her to be so deceptive and such a liar and such a manipulator and then the evidence that he presents he
leaves is enough to reopen the case he said they did a terrible job of examining the body the day the cremated and within six days right the police called it a suicide not an autopsy specialist which is just not the way you do it and he said there's enough evidence to point to date he and his words thanks according love had kurt cobain killed for the money because he was leaving her had him killed yeah or help them help them kill himself right they said that in the amount of cocaine or heroin or other that was in his body was up three times a lethal dose but of course that means for like me yeah it's never done heroin right though was it for him guided here when all the time another documentary with all the doodles moving around you see that one what's that one with all the doodles
took like all of his notebooks montage of heck yeah i haven't seen that one is a couple scenes where they show him in a blitz down on heroin and really it's a bad drug span so bad i mean just wasted in with this kid like is located is right there like a birthday something like so that's so sad he's just you know in another planet in bad bad ugh i used to know a guy on a serious heroin problem but it was like a world class pool player and he would get heroin doubt and then we play pool and he wouldn't miss he had no nerves and he would be playing my friend george the greek not like the famous george the greek the racist guy although this guy was probably right jimmy the greek jimmy the greek right my friend george degree would talk like this this fucking cock sucker
george greek would be so mad 'cause he would gamble with this guy and the guys name is water dog they would call me the buffalo bill or water dog those are his two nicknames both cool names this guy i used to go to the bathroom he would lock the door in the men's room an executive billiards in white plains ny he would go in there locked the bathroom door and then come out ten years ten years ten years later to him but ten minutes later would come out to whacked out money we set the bar stool like this he was down and he would have his arms like on the rest yes researchers hang there like his hands would so gently to rest on his gut yeah hands just sit there and he would just zone out for like another twenty minutes and then he would get up and be good he would get up and he had like a shark eyes size willing blacklick his pupils were totally dilate h and he would get up in
screw together as cute there's a photo of him you can find it online buffalo bill or water dog pool player um god i forget his real name anyway he screwed together his q and he wouldn't fucking miss really and they were playing on this table of these really tiny tight pockets it was a gamblers tables table wanted executive billiards and they're playing for thousands of dollars and you know that's a fucking lie pressure is then didn't feel a thing do you just dead on the inside just gone for how long they last he was good for hours greeley hours like that how many years he's dead he's dead now yeah yeah he died a few years back what we do in shooting pool and white means twice to live i used to live in shell really yeah i bought in apartment in new rochelle 'cause it was close to executive billiards in white plains really yeah that's great is there but so often my manager thought that i had a problem it's like you do you if you
taking pool more seriously than your career my god i might be just so much fun the people that are hung out with were so fun really mount vernon tommy international sal i'll hang out the guy who is an international credit card smuggler he was the first really his name is international sal and international s was he was a gambler but i use that word loosely 'cause he was an incredible loser but he made so much money from all this credit card when shit he would go into the pool hall this before my time before i met i met him once he got out of jail but he was still loser he just couldn't win psychologically had like these blocks we would have a ball like sitting in front of the whole is for one thousand dollars and he just bumped his bobble it he could never win he never won we're he never was just psychology it's a weird thing is it was crazy so
during the time where he was a swindler what we do is this is the early days of credit cards this is like the nineteen eighties right american express they would take these receipts that they would get them from stores like say they run your credit card on such change yeah they get that church the the carbons right they'll get those carbons in in there to make copies of the credit card to make another copy of the credit card right and just fucking run up these crazy bills by all this shit and then sell the shit and so he get money and they would come to the pool hall was just brown paper bags filled with one hundred dollars people from all over the world would come to find him to play with him really yeah because he was a lose because he was a loser with tons and tons of cash so he would just lose all it means that he and i see the loser i don't mean like as a person who is a very nice guy but i mean like as a pool player he was a loser she wasn't a bad player either but like enough play but yeah this is
game seasonal air he's psychologically was a be a beaten man would not do it did you drink no no i don't believe he did not he died of cancer and it was ugly one to my friend's mom was a one of the nurses that was taking care of them and it was just it ended bad early but they're all dead all those people that are really like then yeah the guy owned it guy azzari d it was fucking hilarious piano players musician who wanted this money and he bought a pool hall and it just became this incredible hang out 'cause she's this guy guy as a reedy who owned it was the nicest guy on the planet and everybody loved him so they would come in in his pool hall like partially just to say hi and hang out with him and then he created this incredible in fireman was like all fun and laughs and did you know other comics are there or just one
there's one this guy john tobin whose body mind right at the time he was he worked there you just like part time gig they're like the counter man right for a little bit but not home is mostly just pool players now me and a bunch of pool players it's pretty cool degenerates and weirdos it's pretty cool that you have the balls to just go hang out there with all these crack well i became addicted to pool right i became addicted to pull it was like that was my spot i was there every right and i knew a lot of the people that work there and ran it and guy the owner was a good friend of mine so we would be there often times till the morning and then we'd get up would go the diner and this was i was twenty four for twenty somewhere around then right so i had no job my job was to do jokes so do jokes at night i would i would literally i would get out but go to the gym head over the
paul i'd hang out see what what's going on then i would go do my gig and then i come back to the pool hall and i'd stay there till the morning where would you go gig wherever yeah it was either in the city or a lot of the gigs that i did when i first moved to new york i used to do that dangerfield who did the comic strip i did all this i did catch it when catch was still there cancer rising star were still there but it didn't like the fact that i only did ten minutes and then it wasn't any money so i was doing a lot of connecticut gigs for this guy on schuller right do you ever do this can indicate i don't think so jon shuler he kept me paid that aims familiar it was great yeah yeah he had a bunch of good gigs there were solid connecticut right you know a hotel lounge banks they have a bar and we had a nice little stage but there was jersey gigs i did a lot of those for this guy bob nonso guns area know him yeah i have a i think it did a couple like out in like some in new jersey or something like that yeah the shore
with him and i did with auto and george we did a bunch of those there and then i did i desided connecticut jersey long island did a lot of long island gigs the brokerage governors but although that is the thing that made you set up shop there yeah that wasn't even going to the city i couldn't afford the city right i couldn't afford parking because i i knew that i in your car i need a car i had a car and i was gonna get rid of it so it's like okay i can't afford an apartment like apartments for if people were out of the country dot org the city new york city apartment rates are so insane that it doesn't make since that anybody could afford to live there other than rich people and it's got so much work work from back then way worse than it was you couldn't achieve it now forget it well i was poor as fuck mean back then when i first
there i lived with my grand father in n ninth st in newark nj which was the ghetto yeah my grandfathered bought it in the nineteen please and when it was all town neighborhood and then it became an all black neighborhood then became porter rican that it became demented can and also production left in yeah just dried up mmhm also they did block busting where the real estate people would come door to door they would say hey black people are moving in you know you got well now otherwise your property value is going to go through the floor and they would literally clean out whole blocks like that in salomon people would sell their houses in a panic now yeah really yeah they did to my grand father anything i like black people get the fuck outta here now he just wouldn't move
yes the name that was goes crazy yeah they there was a common tactic that they used to use find a picture that guy so there are no people and then i kind of started get distracted but was of mike siegel no no no no mike siegel a famous world champion this guy's name was buffalo bill there is what these two call pool player ambler or water dog he was a so did you find we're looking good you know of the pool hall and then say let me try and find a place near here to ask the other way around no i was living in new jersey my grandfather i want to try to save up enough money to get an apartment right and when i saved up and money to get an apartment i was taking the track down to white plains all the time rise my friend john and my friend johnny b who was johnny b was actually a professional pool it was like one of my best friends became one of my best friends around that same time atomic boobs a special place man like i thought about almost writing a book about the adventures of being a part of that place 'cause it was so fun
i was just going to say i think i've been in la too long is the whole time you're like this is a great movie or show it was it was like moving yeah it's like every night there was something going on there and we would run to get to that place i couldn't wait to get in there getting the door and no one had a phone back then 'cause there so there was a cell phone or a pay phone the payphone people would be on the phone all the time like getting calls it would ring and people would call and no one had no one had cell phones but people would come in from all over the country because that was a place that we had gambling action so guys would come in from guys coming shower for india a guy came in from if they can come in from all over the place and you playing but not at that level oh no i wasn't good you're just playing with you know like i was more of a spectator playing i was playing in tournaments and stuff like that and i got i got better over the couple of you is that i live there but i was never at a level that these guys were out these are like real professional level players would go there an
is it like any sport like those guys just had something special or they just put more time in time yeah i think i think there's certain special things like athleticism mike like karl malone or like what was the street number michael jordan yeah you know what it is fill in the blanks with like some of the elite athletes yeah now lebron lebron james and you you regular guy yoga yeah you're tiger guy he's not is a giant huge is a giant so he has that thing and then on top of that i think when you get a guy like lebron james what you get is a guy who has this massive
physical advantage and then dedication and then intelligence and then discipline and right and then you get a great one right you know that's once in a lifetime athlete to comes along that has the whole package yeah but will pull its not like that because you know physical strength aspect of it long arms nope doesn't help at all some of the best players the world really tiny guys are there is a precursor using the bridge yeah although they switch hands as what they play left handed right if you like jose paree because like one of the greatest players of all time is like five one
really tiny little filipino guy yeah so it's just more than just dedication and time and dedication limply understanding of geometry angles understanding like how the ball's going to reflect off other balls it's going to bounce off the rail things on those lines so you got good though i got pretty good yeah i never got a real good i got a good computer regular people like regular people see me play like holy you right away right like a pool player would never be impressed now no i'm i'm okay you know it's like game with like i don't think there are pockets three cushion billiards so yes the three different balls and there yeah yeah we hit one ball and it has to go three cushions and then hit the other wall right yeah it's a weird game yeah that's a game that's really popular in south america really popular in korea in korea town go to korea town they have three cushion billiards places really yeah yeah saint lucia or someplace like that and they have a table there no new it what they were doing that
yeah there's all we used to have one that they set up an executive and people from like all these are the kinds like a lot of mexican players would come in guys who worked in the area who were you know and latino from some latin american countries that come to be so happy to find a table like that really isn't it weird how some games just can last centuries now like chess mmhm pool now bocci you know i mean like the that there's something to they just got it right yeah that could last that long chess is a weird thing an amazing one in that regard this has never been a game that's really come along that's become the any sort of contender for the intellectual game right that is the intellectuals it yeah yeah and it'll ship made a run at it now it didn't you sank my battleship be nine
now chess is sick it's also one game it's one of the few games we could tell people you play and they don't look at you like you're wasting your time you're right that's exactly right ok like even pool i gotta tell people at the lake pool like well right exactly get home to your family you tell people you're in true involved in a chess tournament why he's a dedicated intellectually pp thinks it really is true i wish i knew more people who played chess i wish i try to get my daughters into it but it's a cool thing to be able to do just that it is so engrossing very good for your mind yeah there was a guy i was on a movie once and the guy was a renting this house out for me you know have you ever see how they do that like people rent their house out for movies i actually know a guy that's how i paid his whole mortgage had a cool house in the hollywood hills and we just rent it out to movie studios and any studios and that's how you paid
girls and they would only use it like a couple days a month and that paid for everything but anyway this i was a chess player and all he did was play chess so we're hanging around with this guy in his house and and i'm like so this you just play chess yeah yeah i played chess and i you know i'm divorced i don't know need the whole house i rent the house out for movies and it's kind of fun i like watching movies get filmed in my house like wow it's crazy because you're kind of a cool house and so i went with the motion we show me what you do this okay well i'm about to i'll get a game right now so all go to this form and i'll say who would like to you know have a game and then they meet up in this room and then they play chess online online yeah i was watching him play chess online and that's apparently where the majority of games get played right norton and i were starting to do that you could play against each other on line oh really yeah and it's cool but there's i just the physical part it's like anything with online newspapers
i missed the physical moving the pieces yeah yeah but jerry was into it for a bit howard stern was into it to the point where he taken lessons and talk about it on the air all the time oh really yeah i think he probably decided it was just a map i mean he's a time set it's a time suck and once i started being able to read in the paper the move and understand it i was like i'm spending too much time i would say that's what i'm fucking bawling king to rook said of course the obvious mean in the belgian variation why is it in the paper because it's a fucking smart boy hood they show it's like it's like reading the box score to a baseball game well it's always been in the paper that particular game that someone's playing that you're following yeah no there is there showing you know these two guys just played last night in this big tournament or whatever well maybe
is there ever been a newspaper that will show a move then ask you for the counter to that move and then you like you play the game out day after day uhm no no they wanted to do it but then the seduco people blocked it the word find people were outraged what was the the the v conspiracy that we were talking about before the podcast started that we both thought was bullshit the u be brought up to the oh yeah those chipotle what's a chipotle because i was eating chipotle i was i'm on this wacky die man i can be doing any greens i'm on this it's called the primal blueprint diet and the idea behind it is no grains no like very low carbohydrates no sugar you know nope
the sugar right you have like a piece of fruit every now and then but you you want to bring your body into ketosis how your body burns off fat and everybody so don't vote to do everybody's telling me now to do it though doesn't for this long have you done it no shut the fuck up shut the fuck up where did you hear about it well have this guy his name is mark sisson he's a pretty famous guy in the pay leo community your term paleolithic diet yeah yeah well that's actually kind of bullshit i just read that well it's bullshit is paleolithic people didn't really eat like that they brands so what he's saying is like the name is wrong but the dye the principles that diet are really good for fighting information for right out of people like he had your double bowel syndrome a lot of people if they find that it helps them with arthritis a lot right it it it sure is a lot of inflammatory issues not that i have 'em but i'm like ok
let's see what it's like and then i had this guy kyle kingsbury on who is a former ufc fight a great athlete great guy very very smart and just talk to me about it and one of the things that he said was he was citing the mental clarity aspects of it he said it in his mind functions better he has more energie he feels more even throughout the day and then i talked to my brother danny proco you know danny danny publicos who's world champion jujitsu player who is a good friend of mine found out that i was doing and he said he's been on it since november and he also cited cited mental clarity thing really and danny's a real like physical culture wizard he's always on top of like the latest and greatest yeah of all the techniques and you know modalities as far as training and stuff like that so just know grains is the domino grains mostly fats like fats like i eat a lot of avocados i eat right eat five fucking avocados at day really yeah i have a car i had who are these steak bowls from chipotle today with just beans no
no rice just extra heaps of guacamole and then i two giant things of guacamole on top of that so i'm just eating guacamole me dance take bowl would have noticed yeah if you didn't mention the stated i said steak bowl is take over the new list i thought but we just taking it but you also took the rest out yeah no just no rights taken avocado and beans set eating boring shit when i go to the meat is great yeah when i go to a restaurant good fucking lord it's hard to find things to eat restaurant skill every diet no matter what no matter what you're trying to do restaurants are just bad police log to this one place and i wanted to get a nice salad and then i said wait a minute why in the salad dressing do do do toss it in the side yeah it comes already tossed you might as well be eating candy right the sound on like this crazy i can't even eat this i guess this is all sugar and people there is some sugar and what some
the fucking desert your salads goddamned dessert it's right it was like glistening with like a syrup i'm not kidding i know i know that steps haikal yeah you know would rancherita wood ranch barbeque place now they have this thing called the natalie salads fucking delicious i love it but it might as well be ice cream sundae this is it's a salad it's covered in syrup geez there salad dressing is syrup so how long you been doing this today is what is it jamie day ninety nine i think i did today so i feel great if any different no i've lost a little weight you know my body is always pretty much the same way gain or lose but i did something in the past that made me lose weight one of them i cut all sugar out of my diet i lost five pounds in a week like nothing doing nothing else but doing that was crazy and then i went gluten free for awhile and that that helped me a lot
that made me feel like there's something going on to that like energy levels felt good my skin look good like really healthy i think what that is though is a sugar thing as i think with gluten gluten is red and pasta in wheaton that stuff it's not like i had an issue with gluten itself yeah i do have an issue processing gluten right did did talk converts to sugar right like that's just a low no sugar for your body and your body just doesn't want that much sugar to process right it's essentially toxic and the more people are learning about sugar the more people are coming to an agreement like almost all these scientists nutritional experts to come to an agreement like process sugar is just fucking awful yeah it's brutal it's really bad and it's in everything everything everything i've been baking read lately holy shit sourdough bread sourdough bread is very good for you it is has gluten though natural process
but sourdough bread apparently has way less gluten than regular bread right yeah 'cause my wife can eat that mechanic the other bread really it's a cool thing it takes the you just take flour and water you need a starter which is culture yeah you just start with flour and water and then the natural yeast that comes from around us in the environment goes in and starts eating that watt it becomes a living thing and people starters that have like a hundred years old wax you take a take a couple ounces and you always maintain a little and feed it like a living thing it's like a boy full of flour and water but it you'll see it start to bubble when you feed it more flour and water the e is seating yeah it's the coolest that's crazy so it's in your refrigerator like what's in my fridge and we get a little little a mason jar wow
and then you scoop it out you take a little chunk of it and they feed it and it expands and then you take some of that and make bread out of it that is fucking nuts its prey he yeah so never would have been into this if i didn't hear that concept and now i can't stop baking bread like little red riding hood who gave you the idea to do this writer friend of mine he's been doing it for long time and he said it's just you just have sourdough reading the kids love it and i just started doing it an i just got hooked on it what do you buy your starter you don't buy you can just start it you make a starter make a starter how do you do that you just take some flour and water and put it out on the on the counter that's it yeah i mean there's measurements and stuff but that's it and then the natural yeast there's e around us just floating around that explains a lot of things yeah
goes into it goes into the into the concoction and you'll see it starts to bubble and get lighter and you feed it some more and it gets bigger why say feed it like for you feed it 'cause its leading it it's like a yeast like a little like a little community feeding it equal parts flour and water wow and it that's it and now it's like this living thing in the house who has a started it's one hundred years old i went to buy a dutch oven which is like a pot that you can bake we put the bread in and this old guy was like what are you doing over the guy with him so now with like six foot lanky what do you need it for i like i'm going to make some bread oh i've been making bread for a long time really i'm going to be making sourdough bread oh
i got my started we getting your starter so a friend of mine has the brea strider and my daughter will the what la brea what's the la brea starter that one is that all the bray of la brea bakery bread you get the yeast off of the skin of grapes so it is a process retake grapes and you put it in like cheese cloth and you just let the the yeast come off of all all grapes have used in the skin eating on the skin of the grapes and it drips off and then you put it into the basic starting with flour and water so you see live real sweeter base you like graves a chain that would be a likely brett yeah there's you'll see them okay their actual bakery and now they're like in ralph's and everything's all over and they say and like the places san francisco that big sourdough big that it all maintains the same starter that they've always had
this guy said so i told him where i was getting my stuff my daughter made one as a gift and then this other guy gave me a piece he said his starter came from jackson hole wyoming and he got it from a friend of his and it's over one hundred years old people have been passing it on to cowboy starter cowboy started that's what it was it was a lot of minors in san francisco and all that during the gold rush they were creating bread that way that's where it started now huh yeah i wonder how old the yeast organisms get before they die and do they die they probably reproduce and yeah it's a good question i don't know because
basically like i have it on my counter now been feeding it for the last day so now so now it's kind of bubbly wow looks like glue and it's kind of bubbly so i'll scoop out four ounces of that make bread out of it and then take one ounce of that put it back in the jar feed it a little and put it in the fridge so what's the process so if you took four ounces out and made bread with it what do you do with that with starter uh you basically take a lot of flower you take like twenty eight this is to make two of 'em too low you take a twenty eight ounces of all purpose flour or wheat flour whatever you want to use you put that in with a little salt then you take your starter you take the four ounces and a eighteen ounce is water a bunch of water and you make it into a cloudy mixture and then you dump that into the flour and salt that's in your mixer and it just makes it into dough and
just rises naturally fold it a couple of times put it into a ball into the dutch oven after a couple hours and then you've got bread is that so it's that simple how long before you start growing your own wheaton smashing up with a rock probably i'm headed that way that is what the guy who told away but the dutch oven promise like i really exceed breads one of these fucking guys and then i looked it up that's like crazy like twelve different seeds from different this is in your mash him up i mean then then you're getting a job at williams sonoma i went to the museum of natural history if they have a an egyptian mummy display really cool yeah but one of the interesting things is by the time egyptian people were older you know they didn't leave that live that long but yes they did they didn't have any teeth left ahead because the way they made bread they grounded up
the ground up their own flower and it left sand in the bread who rose so their bread was all you're eating sand so where away your teeth that's i thought you're going to say sugar now sand so you would wear your teeth down find them down herbs and they had all these methods that they were trying to concoct to save teeth wouldn't apps that they would put on juju on that instead of chewing with whatever nerve endings were left in your face just so you could eat more sam brett and sandy bread it's fucked up it is a kind of a trippy thing that you just put some flour and water and this yeast comes from the environment and now you've got this amazing tasting bread that the family can't stop eating the kids are cutting it it special place has been around forever right out of the oven when it's hot
a law were eating bread like crazy like we were talking about like eating sugar and all that flat we just can't stop wow we're all going to be fine i'm going the other way i'm not eating any of it at least for sixty days i'm going to i don't feel today i don't feel mentale that clear you making some life choices and regret i told you i woke up at seven hundred this morning like i gotta do is show tonight and that's the bread it is the prince mando bread it's making me lazy you down so weird yeah so weird that you could just put out there and the natural yeast grows no idea i felt like you know what i wish someone had asked me where does yeast come from 'cause i never considered it before i would have been like a fucking what is it a plant
what is hour i don't know and then there's like you know 'cause you can buy yeast that just make regular bread and you throw it in there and it eats wow flowers woman maintains one hundred and twenty two year old sourdough starter yeah look at that there was a woman online who is this radical feminist who made sourdough bread out of her pussy e yeah go find that one gene's couldn't keep their hands off at all it was fucking flying off the shelves i tweeted about it quite a while ago probably never find it but i was like good for her there is i can tell you it's really a weird thing i mean who would never be baking bread i don't know i'm like hooked on it yeah there is woman who made sourdough bread using yeast from her vagina just ate the bread why wouldn't she i would eat a common donut with my own income
rose why is it so gross when i eat it but when my wife swallows it it's all gravy that's a good relationship healthy to commit let's have life is built it's a compromise psalm bacon bread and getting fat what else you doing you grow anything in your jordan you want now buy bamboo i had a had a bone arrow bamboo just cost me five grand watts why well once we had the reins nothing was draining off the property properly so we started looking at the drainage pipes and stuff and the guys who built it didn't fasten them together at one point can bamboo has grown into it's like a log i never saw this they click sign in just happened it's math so i had a root growing in my pipe see if you can find that that was online like a toilet
route it looked like a fucking look like the guy was pulling a gopher out of my toilet there was actually this is what when we moved to colorado for a bit i didn't use that bathroom obviously because we're there for like four months right and so the the thing had apparently been in the toilet there it is that's from my own bathroom aw that's the bathroom in my office oh my god that thing this guys holding it up right now send me was that solid or was that is that fibrous what is that flickr send me that photo so i can put it up on instagram because i always forget about this i need to put it up somewhere show people but that fucking thing it look like if you see how thick it is it looks like he's pulling a muskrat out it looks like some kind of a weasel
how long was it fucking huge like four feet long at least you start to get scared of it you're like this stuff is really invasive like it could really do some damage oh yeah it's not good look at this beautiful bread wow that's your bread that's pretty good that's amazing that looks excellent it's good makes you and i was like one of my first wins and this is the starter have you gotten better at it yeah what's the origin it like he the difference i gotta get back on the road up my bread this is a law a starter okay just center for i knew it i was doing i was growing a lot of it now you just need like a little and was is just like do you have a burning desire to do this like i my friend told me about it that he was doing it and i came home and had dinner told my wife and kids about it and then for christmas my daughter started the starter she went off and youtube then figured out how to do it and then for her present she gave me some starter that's so cute
week so we started making bread off of it and then my other friend who turned me on to originally he brought me a little of the brea starter it was two creatures yeah have you thought about experimenting with different starters like the great starter that pussy starter is like the pussy ones intriguing i have to admit i didn't know about it until just now but this shows good for now i know maybe grow my own weed that would be good now it's pretty safe to really in trouble for that now formula right texas you can go to jail forever you can so stupid for ever they can lucky few they found you with a giant plant did not only that like say if you have a plant in the plants and dirt in the dirt in a pot yeah the whole thing together so if you have a big heavy clay pots yeah the dirt that it goes and you might have fifty pounds of weed while
you really don't even have a pound of weed oh my god there's probably a male clamps quick once i grew it in college we had a house and we had like a walk in closet is the happy days yeah just seeing it come alive and just knowing you know in school you had no money to even buy it then we all of a sudden we were growing it great that is not to say just for your s ourselves good it was beautiful this bit of that would be a nice thing to grow that's a good idea and two kids find it yeah many explain i am now dow daddy's funny and silly hints to it was natural for awhile but now he's got to keep it going i knew a guy who had a a dispensary and in the back room of the dispensers of very large room where they were grown wheat and i went into the rock the room and it was like we there's like five feet high five foot high plants and all these lights and everything yeah and i swear to god it felt like you
going into a room filled with people like there was like an intelligence in that room really very strange really answered i was high a muscle in real when i walked in there but i do i do i really think there's something to it it was something to that room i was like wow this room feels like there's things in here it doesn't seem like a room full of plant yeah like you can go into a room full of plants you like oh this is beautiful vegetation yeah but this is like you know room full of hello that is very weird that is ag totally get that you really start to care for them too it's not it really seems insane that you don't own a dispensary it's like me anybody with any with a brain living in california it's like you see you know denver print money the change that city in people or make so much money we're talking about going into denver yeah oh yeah if you've considered starting something in denver perhaps some sort of an edible factory really
i want to hire mercenaries i one what i got you got to hire mercenaries and i'm not joking you want to do that it's not it's all cash all cash from the year you deal with a lot of people that know that this is like essentially like a bank they can rob but it has my plus security and for the longest time people were being forced to take these cash drops and take him to banks spray and banks weren't even taken him so then they would have to take him to banks and convert him to like a travelers check or something along those lines like there's a bunch of different work around so they had to spank sorry i do start taking it now though i don't know what the they're doing now i don't think the real issue is if some fucking wack a like ted cruz actually becomes a president right which
is not outside the realm of possibility for now this is one of the scariest elections in recent memory for me i think is the most gary because i don't think that people are willing to vote for hillary clinton not only do i not think the people want to vote for her i think that i'm going to take i think the people that will of for her are only willing to vote for because she's a woman they go let's let's see if checks can do it you know or i want a woman in office yes a i get that kind of thing she's not compelling as a leader she's just not now no bernie sanders is interesting he's very interesting he's interesting socially he's very interesting in that he's he's just way more a man of the people of the people than anybody else the e have but in this eyes he's so different than any other career politician that's running for office really is he's the most entry interesting and intriguing to me along with trump and trump all those a lot of really stupid things and these is ridiculous and these
was out of control in the should the says about mexicans is deplorable he is so wealthy that he can do whatever the he wants and using all of his own money to fund this campaign yeah and he won't be up stop it the same way that ted cruz arm marco rubio or any of these other guys on the right will those guys scared the fuck outta me that ted cruz guys scares the fuck outta me is really frightening he's so dumb but he's not dumb that's what's scary he's a he's very smart now education but the but he says and oh my god i think of the hillary thing though there's also a majority of people who from that party who will vote to keep things going on the odometer iraq yeah i think that there's enough of that that will kind of grin and bear the voting for hillary hillary clinton versus putting i mean who who knows what the happens if putin decides to ramp up because
hillary becomes president she that's pretty tough though she had that job you know she had that job fat wasn't a pushover right she was choosing their station allow real quinn i don't know man of that little province she says so non compelling to me there's nothing she says it's interesting isn't great photo that i put up on instagram that somebody made of the difference between bernie sanders and hillary clinton and it's regard to their response like what is the olive garden i got it how do you feel about the olive garden it's funny here i'll show you gently pull it up 'cause it's so hilarious but it is how i feel about hillary clinton like i feel like she's sign in into right yeah i know but but you know what it's politics which is also boring i think that is something you kind of a pre
kate when they were in office really yes obama's kind of boring and one kish any but it just kinda no drama no big i mean this is kind of a toy against her at the same time but with a there was no scandal there was no do shuri there was no things taking us off track d just cutting way to work methodically it wasn't flashy wasn't exciting but things improved here it is olive garden and authentic italian restaurant for the whole family says hillary bernie only when i'm high how many sense at all of the yeah there's a whole see a it's great i just think that this is just there's no one that grabs me like al no no al gore he's running opposite of bush was compelling i'm like here's a guy who cares about the environment you know people as those bulls the movie an inconvenient truth is filled with
facts bullshit and and propaganda not one question about climate change in the republican debates yeah want to keep the that on the dl not one pill addictions like or sand pharmaceutical downs cigarettes i mean if there was a drug that just got released that's killing as many people cigarettes that would be the number one hot topic for debate right right if there was a a disease like visit right iris it was getting half million people it would be the number one hot huge topic of debate half a million people a year in this country alone but cigarettes skirt right under the radar yeah that's because the amount of money they contribute yeah same thing with pharmaceutical drugs absolutely the heroin problem in new hampshire graphics yeah why do you think the german up such fear about all the terrorism is a because these guys want to come it's the same thing with the industrial complex they want to those guys spend a lot of money on those politicians we
so no the whole reality of the new hampshire heroin problem was entirely spawned entirely spawned by oxycontin right those people that got oxycontin so they got an easy and and cheaply and then they cramp down on it when they found that all these people are addicted so what are they due to the effects it then the cure their addiction now they made these poor people try to figure out some other way to get their fix right and the way to do that was heroin she your way to get it she only way to get it the only way to get it 'cause i couldn't get the pills anymore so they started shooting up that's where it came exactly it was all spawned out of the prescription drug problem that we have in this country apparently that movie that those guys came in here this prescription thugs apparently it's very good and there's some insane fucking stats to statistics about it and i'll try to get those guys to come back in not talk about it after they're doing their their press psych right now after i watch it but the same guys who
bigger stronger faster which was rainbows and steroids to s expose on prescription drugs yeah chris problem mark his brother but it's a big loss and terrifying star fine terrified what's so scary as a parent is that you can basically raise this beautiful person for their whole life and get to the whatever age let's put him as you know seventeen to twenty five when they're out on their own doing the thing one add summer one horrible week one intense weekend and you can lose them well how about this someone could fuck and give them something and they can die from it yeah someone can lie to them somebody could bill cosby them right give them some shit they think is going to walk him out so they can have sex with your daughter crazy could die of an overdose that happens it's insane you can't even
your kids like go to a party you can eat drink you can have a sour patch kid you can't any i know women have to be very careful about what they drink you know i i know i know people who've been drugged yeah i met people who've been drug this is very common yeah guys drop those women's drinks completely terrifying should marry fine this is bill cosby thing is you know i think it's it's awful it's horrific but it at least it's open set up this discussion that i think we need to have in this country about men who are willing to drug women and have sex them weather out that is a creepy socio pathic psycho pathic type of person so creepy it's scary it's really m powerful people kim was in the other one from that singing show he was he was given a allegedly wasn't cee lo green busted for given girls ecstasy just without them knowing
alleged allegedly who the guy looks like a peanut eminem was trying to get get some buzzing with some parts he couldn't do it any other way i met him once they do it on a plane i was like oh jesus christ for sure stop eating dude settle down gluten grain everything every eastick bubbles stomach he had that one song that fuck you song yeah great song it a good song and now launch the whole thing since those allegations i think he's kind of disappeared right yeah i don't know what the deal is i mean he might be in the middle of a trial or something i mean just to knock them out well access he doesn't knock him out but i think it makes a much more willing to have sex yeah but back to the cosby think what you're saying like that issue of guys that are just willing to knock women out oh why do you feel good about yourself the next as soon
it's all over it's not about that its about getting back at women i think is a yeah i think there is women out there that hate men and this man out there that hate women i think at this point it's ridiculous to pretend anything different and i think there's a direct correlation between people that been rejected and people that have associated women with someone who's going to turn them down or treat them like shit because they're not physically attractive right this fucking guys built like a peanut eminem right you know lucky enough where i know had those interactions with girls coming up with a funny is funny and pretty good looking but meeting friends as an adult who women just screw them in their in their in their fable they come out with a whole different view of womanhood
i mean mine was really pleasant and i always see women as the victim or i we see women and the guys who had you should time they got some time in whatever there is a rage that these guys carry around that it's really just kind of like a stroke of luck that when i was young i met the nice ones you know what i mean yeah these guys are really like you know you you guys again be counted say jokes about like not gonna girl out and doing all this code but it's not really not really really kidding a way yeah you know what i mean right right the darkness anytime you talk about women with these guys well there always going to be people got over by somebody and if you were involved in a horrific divorce and i have a friend who is involved in that whole rific divorce yeah that took years and i've talked about on this podcast ad nauseum unfortunately he's gotta pay for the rest of his life right because they were for twelve years so he she's a grown woman like right if you have a kid when the kids a team they're on their own yeah but not not a woman
i give you have a one year marriage over twelve years by the way they were divorced more than twelve years ago so he to pay her forever oh my god forever forever here till she died so she fucking die so if she gets in some life extension shit some new science comes out he and he lives for five hundred years and she leaves for five years he's going to have to pay her for some shit that he doesn't even remember anymore oh my and i'm not talking about a small amount of money either he's wealthy so he's paying her hundreds of thousands of dollars a year more than a half a million i think so it's his rage like oh it's crazy if you get him started up you just need he literally needs a drink really it was just start bubbling in his mind because the whole thing was a fuck california yeah there's bad divorce laws in there's really bad horrible ones you know if you get the wrong lawyer she gets the right one who that's a black sun god it's just insane that you don't have to move with your life like as a woman
woman's married to a guy and we're not talking about some of the children shouldn't even have any children right this is indefensible no say no children i've heard people say yeah but you know she's going to raise the kids what kids no kids tell nothing oh what exactly she doesn't even have any kids and he has to pay her for ever for forever millions of it'll millions and millions of dollars by the time she's dead she for nothing for nothing for they had a relationship a relationship what time together and he didn't want to be with her anymore so he has to pay our forever it's the most horrific form prostitution known to oh my god it's crazy it's crazy we're not talking about child support that's insane what i see here about a woman who like put the guy through school well he was working on his engineering degree or something that and then he went on to become sick
best full and tried to abandoned her and she's like hey i put you through school i'm responsible for part of your success that makes a lot of sense nope never worked never never never worked while she was with them never worked don't worry baby i'll take care of you don't have to work how does the law support that 'cause their cunts just uh can't festival up there whoever creates it whoever enforces whoever looks at that on paper and says that's good that's how it's written you should meteor should come from god's hand and fuck blow your brains out it's insane that is crazy town it's so gross that is very name it's scary it's really scary what if he just got a job as a busboy we this response and went to like a studio apartment and didn't make that much money anymore well i've got another one dave cooley a no
dammit from monitors radio jesus christ a phone following through on a drum going on there if if if because this one hurts my brain so much i i draw thanks well now dave foley got divorced and his wife wanted money that is like in the way they establish how much money who's gonna pair was pending upon how much money he was making at the time so he was on news radio when they got divorced so that was the highlight of his entire life as far as how much money he's ever gonna make in a month right so they base it on a percentage of that like fifty percent of that which he will never i mean right now he's never i mean i don't know if he will maybe he will he's a very talented guy he might you have a hit yeah yeah but as far as right now never made that kind of money ever get his life so he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars can't go to canada if he goes to canada though arrest him and the the judge literally said to him your ability to pay
it has no relation to your obligation to pay so yeah you have an obligation to buy i do not care if you're able to able to you have an obligation to make more money hi mike when the m m that's the judges were words to his face and that's likely and it's not like to make you know even one hundred thousand i working at straight gig that's like winning the lottery they based it on his winning ticket he won the every base five years who are now on our show yeah he won he got v kushina spot ever which is a network sitcom in the nineties right back when they were real it's not it you can but they don't even exist him replicate that how many sitcoms are there now there are ten oh my it is a million actors in hollywood trying to get on ten sitcom right right oh annie's fifty something so it's not going to happen holy mean
you don't want to fifty something guy they want the guy that he was in the 90s they want the thirty year old guy oh my god what a nightmare fucking christ he's another one you around him when he talks about it and you just i need a drink really fucking drink you start let's so sad ice cubes good guidance classes and whiskey starts porn you like fuck and he is the nicest guy yeah he is one of the handful of nicest people i've ever met my life from those talks about his ex wife just because she's a contest is a fight and she'd will not negotiate she will not lessen his money she will not she doesn't give a she wants to torture him she's a crane is that's crazy person so gross but that's these crazy laws and what people say well why do you think why like even my own wife like i say the icing marriages retarded it's ridiculous i'm happy i'm happily married right i love her she's great i love having a family but it is fucking dumb well you shouldn't say that that's fucking it's dumb i shouldn't
say it if you are making all the money you'd say it too it's it's it's a legal contract with the state that involves two people getting along that's insane it's one of the most transient things that we can do is try to establish sexual relationships with each other how often those fucking things last i know none of 'em last forever well it's really it's really a business you're really creating a business and it becomes a big business as you go further on and bring on in other employees and children in that kind of thing and this is why you're not allowed to have sex with your coworkers because that makes it's very complicated right yeah if you if you have a job and you have a secretary start banging your secretary and she's a part of this business you've created with your wife record your real issues you're experiencing pleasure from someone else and that's like you know like if you are working on a set you can't
plug something in because the union like trish and writes his job right you need that you know like trish in otherwise like i wouldn't really be able to justify its position yeah well your your wife is your dick technician and if your second terry not only does she handle your paper work but also handles your dick well we got a problem here yeah 'cause we have one too many employees it's very complicated well this try and keep that on the rails yeah this secretary is really good at plugging things in an i just feel like i don't need someone else so it's all the bitch the kids right fuck off this can be a big lawsuit yeah madeline albright on speed dial and you know this account where you alright or is it where you got divorced i think where you got married is big it's the bigger part is a big one if you get married in california that's like one of the worst places one of my yeah it's one of the worst places where my favourites stories was this new york really wealthy
fucking millionaire multi millionaire business guy young lady he's in his sixties she's in her thirties she's hot as fuck he married and then when he marries her pee immediately files for divorce in the dominican public believe is dominican republic the story up 'cause it was real recent she had no idea they were married the entire time she thought they were married but he had filed for divorce and had attorneys represent her and him in absentia he paid for both layers and won the case and got divorced so in another country another country so he's saying we're not married bitch we got divorced weeks at
where is his my paperwork it's it's binding in the dominican republic this is a legal got document really where they get married i don't know in the station yeah i think so in the states she's yeah mick jagger try to do the same thing with jerry hall really there's like between even get married america we got married on like a coconut island yeah so he was saying that that didn't count either oh my finally guy yeah here's the guy husband secretly divorce wife after wedding to protect his assets and look at him and look at her before she's hot and young of course they were married for twenty years raising a son an living the good life in between homes in new york and france oh my god it was all perfect except one thing he had secretly divorced her just months after their wedding and a pair attempt to shield his assets he's ninety yeah and now she's fifty nine she is suing her nine year old husband i see you know a fi the divorce that
she never knew about and keep him from selling an apartment that they shared four areas so they met in nineteen ninety so they met when he was seventy that's crazy you know what was going on yeah he was so monday and probably should know to the screen up and she was more than thirty years his senior huh so she was like somewhere thirty something he was old as fuck marrying a seventy year old guy she says it's a fraud she tells the post well well the front now but we write once the what what what did you do to get that apart where's your money coming from lady has at work but it's not good enough see that we've established that when someone marry someone they won the lottery when you marry some old rich dude like that guy you've won the lottery and then you deserve to get paid from winning that lottery but the real quality what what what it was going on in that relationship they were together and
he made all the money and she want some of that money that he made while she was living in the same place is him that's really what it is yeah if you're an athlete you know like professional athletes possibly meet someone and think this is going to go against you well sometimes it works sometime you can meet the right people man it just it's really who are you who are they it's so hard to generalize in some relationships work great and some marriages were yes some marriages where both people aren't make a similar amount of money and then the no one is really in it for the money and they're just they're they they have a modest living and enjoy themselves yeah and i just love being together and they like the fact they wear ring in a that's my wife that's my husband yeah we're happy we love it this is great that's something wrong with that the real problem is when you break up that's right my buddy who went through this horrific horrific divorce yeah a new woman after that and she didn't want to sign
prenup and he was going crazy you know and i and i and everyone was screaming at him all his friends so yeah do not do this you have to find it so far she's like you are saying that it's not going to work he's like no because if it doesn't work then the prenup doesn't mean anything yeah he has a history always saying if it doesn't work the prenup is valuable it comes in handy but if it does what i'm saying is if this marriage works into your why do my part we work it out we make it beautiful we stay together forever the prenup doesn't mean shit we can never be together forever right so if it is going to work out it only it only means something if it doesn't work out if you're looking at it as an investor so what she is hoping for or what she's saying essentially is if it doesn't workout i want you to get fucked over again and you're protecting yourself you're protecting yourself from the eagle system that set up the fuck you if you and i don't want to be together anymore you have to get punished you must
punished financially and he has a whole story that he can hold up in front of her like you know i am suffering any works like what he do hours he's got a prenup he didn't see now you got through it yeah he wouldn't do it he is now have could you the beating that he took yeah so but he lost a house to us i mean is the whole story is comical the what the ex wife lives in with a guy now but she's not allowed to so when they go to inspect the house the guy literally puts all stuff in a u haul drives around the corner which inspector leave drives back it's a game can you get a private instigators doesn't matter you have to prove it with the private investigator what evidence they discover is like you can't there's only so much privacy you highlight in someone's home inside his home she's his own home where he could put off right
in his own home and catches wife banging some fucking personal trainer this is not that this is her house now by the way multi million dollar house in the palisades really overlooking the ocean now all hers god oh it hurts when you find out what happened happened happen to you in a divorce it's horrific but what happens if he seriously gets a job working at a diner like he knows no no hire me he would have to go back to court and you would have to figure out a way to get a judge to agree to lower the terms but the problem is he's responsible for maintaining her lifestyle so if he takes that job he could actually be put in prison yes 'cause he's not make came out for exactly holly well he would have to get a judge that agrees to maintain to lower the lifestyle that he has been that he's obligated to maintain he he's obligated to maintain a certain lifestyle for her oh my god
insane because we're not talking about sub stand like we're not talking about subsistence were not no but you have to give her fifty thousand dollars a year and that's enough for her to survive on and round that way she doesn't have to get a job or maybe you have to give her a hug one thousand dollars for two years in she can figure out how to get a job like that she's a human being she's a person she's intelligent she's articulate she has an education like she's not a handicap person she's not diseased like she's not broken like where she can't work feet she's like a regular right is a regular person it's fucking madness wow i mean it is truly madness it's really the worst case scenario you know the thing is in less you're with these people you don't all these stories right unless you know someone that's gone through this you don't know these stories yeah and then when you hear these men's rights groups and then you hear feminists mock mens rights groups like this is the reason why a lot of people won't take feminism seriously and this is because
lot of them mock these men's rights groups and this is also the reason why a lot of these men's rights groups have a valid point because a lot of men's rights points are stupid as far what do you care if these feminists don't like you would if you care they about the way you act to dress unless you work with them what do you care right you know if you're if you trapped in some office with some man hating woman and she has a position above you and just make your life hell right well that's no different than being trapped in an office with some sexist pig man yeah if you're a woman it's it's terrible if someone is gender specifically bias in any way shape or form right but in and less you see the devastation that it can it over well from someone's life like dave foley's life from time that i met him to the time that he got divorced when he was on news radio his life has been overwhelmingly influenced by this woman that he used to be married to that he doesn't even know anymore
yeah i mean he doesn't see her anymore he hasn't had sex there in decades but they're still inexorably connected financially and it is ruined his life these are two two people i know yeah this is random tests for men right who have to pay the women that they used to sleep with more than twenty years ago he has to they have to pay them forever how my god and that's just one story in the the problem is the court system and this is one of the things that i was going over with phil hartman before his wife murdered him yeah i was telling him you know i grew up in a really fucked up house like i was little my my parents split up when i was young there was violence and there's just like and my mom when my dad hit my mom my mom got her shit and got the fuck out i saw it i saw
heather i write and then we moved to my grandpa's my my grandfather's house like immediately afterwards we were out yeah apparently he had done it before and you know he terrorized and she's like just like that's going i'm we're going right so my in my mind when shit goes bad you gotta fuckin pull strings yeah get you just get out just get out so i was telling phil i go dude get out of there man just get out and he was like he was like it's not that simple he's like you don't give half i will lick your half is like it's not half because it's two slash three 'cause the fucking lawyers get a third he eats up businesses like you have to understand their business involved in law is a business involved in divorce first of all he had to pay for her lawyer is like to pay for her lawyer i have to pay for my lawyer and there's two lawyers going to battle it out and they're going to drag it out as long as possible to make the most money case just ruin your life well they get a percentage and they get legal to get paid by the hour so the whole thing is just brutal
keep it going in reality and if you have somebody who is a little off you can just keep fueling the fire should just keep it going well you know carla bell yeah how about this one karlovo who used to be in the outlaws of comedy with sam kinison sam kennison fuck carla bo's wife and got her pregnant call lobo was raising sam kinison's child thinking it was his own right not a dna test after sam kinison died found out it using his child tried to get out of paying child support and they said no you have to pay child support forever so carla booes hundreds of thousands of dollars for sam's band he for sam's baby he's fucked he his crew
is ruined he doesn't have a car make he's he's devastated is a buy out of the system working comic just a comic yeah i mean not not i mean a road coming road chi who does you know it as well he's you know does it headlines but he can't say it's not like a that was so he tried to fight it and lost and so now we will because he lost his to pay but he's responsible for another man's child and his wife had an affair and it doesn't matter why is that not matter because we are living in a system that look now but would they have fucked over in this country let's just make this a caveat women get fucked over in this country although i mean there is absolutely besides we're talking about with men that are willing to drop pills and girls drink right there's women that work in offices with pieces of shit for bosses and they it's actually harass them and fuck with them and make their life horrible and create this boys club environment
makes it terrible for them to work in there is absolutely that is absolutely but when it comes to divorce and when it comes to a man who makes money and the the praying upon that man that happens it's fucking it's horrific officer ific that should be a documentary it's so much of follow those stories around really would be in really because people don't know those stories and inconvenient truth yet another murder inconvenient convenient truth so it's it's bad there's a lot of what state was lobo in california is california california has that law and in some ways i kinda understand because like luck i have a stepdaughter and she's as far as i feel she's my daughter i mean i treat elections my daughter and if i found out that one of my actual daughters was actually not my biological daughter i wouldn't love them any less now i wouldn't want my wife to get giant chunks of money
because of it but if it was about supporting the kid kid i would never change that would never change that because that's his k is more than that it's to support her also well that's a fucked up situation man it's got damn sam kennison like why doesn't it sam kinison to state i mean how much money are they making right how come there not why don't they pay it right that's his kid is you talking about a wealthy man who died is one of the greatest comics whoever lived i can only assume like red something the other day that said that liverpool just liverpool gets one hundred million dollars a year from the beatles well i don't know how the fuck that works but just the taxes involved you know the amount of money they generate from their portfolio yeah the taxes from all the sales or not right right you're not my shop kenison anymore though yeah but kenison had generated a few million yeah but that's gone right i mean there's a whole generation doesn't even know sam anymore unfortunately god how's that pot is that crazy was a kid that does a great impression of
then they went up crap yeah yeah i think so no one we skeptical bacteria no idea who's talking about well that's the thing we were talking about this oj case yeah like you and i we were around when the oj trial was going on but a lot today they don't even fucking have any yeah with no idea we're all dude how old are you now how old are you thirty nine i'm forty eight awesome i how old are you for real before he even yeah it's funny yeah yeah yeah it get it's all of a sudden you're like holy shit we've moved up we've we've been browned we've seen some shit but then you see people older i always gravitate sorts those people like he still rockin it he still go and some people bar but in less less they die jamie and i were just talking about this me and bryan callen we're we're doing this podcast the other
yeah we had to do was it we do this fadi podcast vilify companion and it's we watch the ufc fights and we talk about fighting we could try can get retarded and in one of the little exchanges we have we're primus throwing kicks and i was teaching about throw kicks right and one of the things that people were saying like these guys are fifty how are they even doing that right jesus christ like they think were dead but then i'm like well how many people do i know that are fifty that are taking care of themselves yeah it's a number i know you know i'm forty for sure king years old when i ninety i'm proud not gonna be able to do any of these things that's just a fact you halfway to not being mobile did you do any of that yeah man at what level what age do you get where your body just doesn't work right anymore well that's the thing if you're active you get to stay at you gotta stay i mean no joking when going to that yoga class words you know after drop off and there's some older p
cool to see like a seventy year old woman in there like standing on her head and doing a backward backbend because she kept doing that that's why she's able to do that now that's one of the things the place that i go to a some really good instructors and one of the things that this lady was talking about was cheese in her i want to say she's in her 60s and she was saying that if you just maintain your practice and keep doing that you can be healthy and mobile deep in your 90s and a lot of it is just people neglecting their bonnie atrophy lately where just yeah you see people that can't even touch their toes anymore it's weird you gotta go to the gym and as you get older one really important thing is lifting weights it's very important for older people because you need to maintain muscle mass just to avoid being injured and bone density don't they say like you have to really max out as much as you can up until up to fifty like because that's when you really start to fall off
muscle wise i don't know i haven't heard that mean you're slowly falling off from the time you like thirty call key is just maintaining a level of activity you have to maintain a level of activity but also maintain level of maintenance and that's where i really love yoga because yoga is taken care of a lot of like heard back pains that i used to have stains and weird shit it's weird obviously all this goes away all that tensions yeah god it's amazing it is amazing there's a reason why those skinny mother fuckers in india been doing it for one thousand years you're right it's really good for you i know it's do you do it i never do it now now now really yeah that's the way to do it if you get high off and you get hard not that often anymore was that mean month month month year once every couple of months you should do
i want to do it all the time if you don't have anything to do during the in this that happen we can just take a day take a day where tell your agent or whoever the fuck it is it bothers you say tom pipers off the fucking grid today then i'm also tell my wife i'm not picking the kids up i'm not doing no dinner time do you have to pick your kids up for for your good taken nm class you'll be fine right yeah just get barbecue drop the kids off drop the kids off take four strong hits and go to yoga class really we'll feel your body in a way where you've never felt it before you'll feel like your vertebrae stretching in tissue in your neck loosen thing and it's like i'm doing that tomorrow well that's one of the secrets of the sadhus in the yogis of india is they would they would smoke all these chillums they would smoke hash they're all hash head and they would go and do their practice really big part of it i'm going to try it i wanted so bad i can
completely yeah for the first time in my life i've always been active always for the first time but if i have this issue where i've got muscle under here under the first rib it's tight and it's affecting back here down to my arm like and it's affecting how it's cut whatever nerves are running down here it's like it's i think it's raising this rib it's actually it's just all tight the muscles tightened the ribs pulled up and it's pinching on the stuff that's coming down do you feel any numbness sometimes so going to this great guy colonello is great it works with the clippers and stuff and he knows exactly where it is and it's helping but he's like do not sleep on your stomach
just goes in and loosen set up and it's basically just kind of releasing the tension on that issue and it's working out and feel it you know it's only a couple times and was two parts of this one is i can't sleep i sleep on my stomach with my head to the side i use you that i fucked my neck up doing that that's exactly what happened and it's really that's the cause the cause of it but my sleep i'm just doing that my whole life now i'm laying on my back it's so to sleep my side you do yeah i lay on my side i put a pillow in between my legs i lay on my side this is i literally when i was driving here is like joel now now i have the same exact issue by the way i did yeah before i hurt my neck of her my neck from ju jitsu but before i did i started developing problems in my neck from laying down that's it no idea was just from laying down on you especially if you lay down flat within turn your head the same way right
turn your head to the right away so you're away yeah you you're if you ever heard of those cab drivers develop swollen discs or bulging discs because they sit with the wall in their pocket great because just that listing of your but she that an inch on one side fucks your back up repeatedly maybe that's what you're doing when you're sleeping yeah it's really bad for you tissue is really pliable now it is and then it like everything is out of whack so we have to kind of like reset it he'll reset me and then it's like alright just don't lift your arm and trying to be cool and just kind of let it learn that it's back in its place you see that little ball that little blue ball right here hoes yeah a little blue in behind the creepy guy oh this heavy what's this that is that's called a mobility wod supernova that's a smaller one i actually prefer there's a larger one that we have around here somewhere i give him to people because i want people to use these things people have sore backs
what you do is you put it on the ground or on a wall and you back up against it and like put your weight on it and you rub it up and down like you roll hold the ball and it breaks up all the scar tissue and loosens up all the indians and all the fatia it's painful but if you if you can bite your teeth and get through it it will make a significant difference in loosening up it's such a strange idea like we never had any issue i've worked out i was an athlete my whole never literally have ever been like oh that hurt for the first time and i had no idea the concept that all the tissue intendants are just tightening an i'm just ending up like i think like a hunchback well that's all one of the things that part will help because we feel
things you feel tense like marijuana it's almost like it whatever sensitivity you have about your body awareness ramps it up to ten minutes why sex feel so good when you're when you smoke right because ramps up all the feeling right just it changes the way you interface with the nerve endings i'm scared now to lift for the first time i'm not lifting railing for like since like i tober that's not good 'cause that will fuck it up even more 'cause you said yeah you lose strength in your back right you need to go to a purse trainer that understands our strength in that area to keep this whole thing from happening right i mean worse with the clippers he's and he's right two times and it's like all right we're on to it like i yeah so we have a good massage therapist guy right that's what he does he's massage is a there's like a chiropractor now i think brent is mostly bullshit i don't know his physical therapist
your chiropractor i don't know what i think chiropractors are mostly bullshit i've been to some bullshit king and nonsense yeah yeah i think they're mostly bullshit but one of the things that they do do is all the other stuff outside of back cracking like cold lasers work and massage works and there's a lot of their different affective methods of alleviating pressure intention network but all that back cracking stuff if you talk to like most people that study it and then try to figure out what exactly they're doing like this they're not doing anything right there popping things in place and if you have something real fucked up yeah maybe you know maybe something like really out of whack and they get straightened out most of the time that's not what's going on most of the time you're just getting this sort of placebo effect weather pushing on your back and making a noise pop pop all we got it we got a greater good tommy like i'm good yeah good i'm good i feel great now this guy i mean i was really
a mass yeah i mean i literally couldn't go like this without this just going numb and he got i mean he was just like no it's right here but to to and then i like cool for you know a week and then i'm sleeping i'm literally meant to do it every week yeah i had to loosen and i mean it sounds or if they have a real seer if you're gone your ad rolfing done ralph thing is like a very painful method of deep tissue massage with their their stretching your fascia and racing up all these by finding connective scar tissue all that stuff and that that can be super effective but all the scar tissue just from just whatever views you didn't live yeah muscle pulls that had the sunny really healed tents is supposed to be a bad poll right i've got a bunch of them scar tissue all over my back but i think yoga fix
a lot of it like really a lot i don't have any back issues now but i do feel like as much as i love yoga i do feel like you have to keep lifting yes and i haven't literally because this started getting becoming a problem like around tober november and i literally feel like softap yeah these people that don't think that you know i don't i just don't think they're right if you talk to like people that are experts in physical culture you know people really really understand like what what do do what do you need to do to keep your body it's most effective op ng level yeah and they say it's a bunch of different stuff yeah like you have to do cardio you have to lift weights yeah stretch yoga is part of that yeah it's part of it i was just in the whole wide doing a gig and i with the pool and just like you know they have the the no kid cool like this running will kind of thing some there and so it's all guys that are like you know late thirties to mid sixties every guy walking around there was like guys that were athletic you
no like you could tell and then there's guys that are a complete mess and then there's a whole bunch of the middle the dad bod the dad bot a little edgy and no shoulders they all their shoulders of disappeared you can just see it just the bone bone we into i don't want to be ready to tear off it's really what it trying to pick up a suitcase and just like yeah just some your basic life it's like that you can end up like that now you can't well some people they don't have a job like we have i know it's hard that's what i was talking about my friend who got divorced and fucked over the guy works twelve hours a day yeah once he go to the gym he probably would be better off though he gets a trainer and sometimes it goes on his lunch break and stuff like that but the reality is he's working yeah i know i know it's going to pay for his fucking divorce but if you can workout then it's kind of like you're inside depressing should move to argentina just stock
dialogues cash get a fake fucking passport and just you're on your own hooker and just go they can't come get you right if they i know where he is they can't come get you mean it's not like he's they do i couldn't live with the paranoia that's true especially thinking right here on the beach having a great time it's just a life invest it catch me and then it's not the life you have a car in prison do a card yeah everybody does you don't have one i don't get you want i've been so out of it come on from hard i know just bring you to a place this is tom papa hi tom what's going on i need pot ok i'm so out of it after i was everyday for like a decade and just stopped stopped it's hard when you have responsibilities too and i wasn't as funny it was hurting my funny wasn't really it was making me laugh
check is making me ice yeah it was making me not as funny well there's different kinds of pot too and there's different reactions right people have the pot like some people pot pot makes me more actively but or not yeah yes the divas specially right now makes me like really i wrapped up like i want to let go watch documentaries on space ghost and wretched down right now sometimes a small pop for again the sensory deprivation tank and i don't get i don't even get in the tank because i have an idea and i have to write rises from a suffer from my computer for our that is right stephen does that yeah no and what's the other kind indica indica indigo select the coach we that's the physical it's like boy all physical yeah they're both but it's not it's more of a sedative right right right more of us it's great
for people in pain right there in a lot of pain love indica like back pain like aha relaxes them is there anything to with neil young was talking about of chewing coffee beans makes you less paranoid you've heard that one will caffeine definitely alleviates a lot of the issues with thc you know if you're really too high the bell rang to do is drink something with caffeine in that area yeah it's it's good it severely mitigates the effects of thc like if you if you go to styling of your way too i just go to starbucks get eventi rafi set down in the x it'll the the caffeine will have a pretty big impact really but coffee beans especially with raw coffee coffee beans are very healthy for you yeah now like the actual bean itself like specially outside of the coffee like the green right part of the coffee being very high in anti are then a figure million would be new you know it's funny it's kind of like it's going when you come back to a sport like i was inside
looking for a while and then like didn't do it and then came back like eight years later it's like the whole sported changed it just evolves so quickly and everybody knew different carbon fiber and all these different it's the same thing with weed it's like i've been out of it so you come back now this whole bunch of new things now who's vape pen is in sour gummies and dab the kids try to get you to do dabs dab wacky fucking kids you ever heard of the dam now oh my god that it's really like you have all this equipment and you're taking thc wax and your fucking you gotta stick and fuck off towards its stupid i wanna go old school i want to be what the olympic fluffy tree that i could see and feel and how bout joints to sin yes will join yeah one like separateness like a symbol now we're here my test sold yet to carry around in a case like a drama
then you gotta showed an are you doing a show tonight reply be out of my head some of those were before going stage do you really hell yeah you're like a superman home like a normal person no you're not the one the issues yeah yeah i got that that's normal if issues had normal someone that's mastering their issues this stuff is good for you i know it's good for you i'm going to crash my car if i start smoking the contact i over here you want to little tiny hat now what about see your kids seeing you smoking then online or whether to keep off line how old today willis although the youngest one seven and five their online and they see me smoking that we've got a real problem two more years two more years i'll be this twenty four months to come up with an excuse they're going to go once they hit you too is just going to go through the files yeah i'll go
and that's what dad does nice house we live in yeah daddy made this when he was high on marijuana marijuana is not bad for you i don't think it's bad for you it isn't bad it's bad for a kid though yes it you know your kids doing so is wine i drink wine in my children true i go to a restaurant and i'll have a couple glasses of wine in front of my children and i don't have any problem with it i've let them taste it you know i mean they put it in their mouth like it is good thinking right wine is alcohol and you could drink yourself to death you drink yourself to death off of wine people have done it before smell so good it smells great over there but there's something wrong with that man it's bullshit now i know i was just in hawaii and it was just so like hannah hall specially when you're in a why just made for it yeah good lord it's
so perfect why has a math problem now in a lot of poverty yeah well i know there's parts of it that it's just a regular place that drives me crazy 'cause i'm like oh my live in arguably the greatest spot on and somehow or another people get hooked on meth there i now entering the horrible strip mall and hmmm sad it is paradise there though you if you do it right and stay in the right places yeah the people are great to have a very relaxed attitude about life it's magical yeah literally i mean just sitting there in the middle of the ocean the middle of the ocean this little island and all these other in beings some whatever their reason have i do on this island and there's this giant whale with its baby whale just dance right next you going to the water you hear them singing stars it's just
we were there with while male friends and we were on this tour where you you put on like snorkel gear and then they find the pods and you see you they pulled the boat with then maybe fifty yards the pod and then you dive in the water and swim over to the pods of dolphins now is amazing share but why is that a lot of fucking shark attacks man they do i literally was like why are there more architects and when i got home i looked it up there's a lot of shar well while we were there somebody kick now and while we were there a woman from germany got marked by a shark to swim in seattle in what we've been there three times and people got jack by sharks yup the woman got build and then another dude got his leg essentially ripped off he was a local hawaiian kid was surfing and i was on the big island he got jacked there was another time where there i was watching the news and you know we're out there in the water but then can be a snorkel and having a good old time it's
it's nerve wracking that's scary i'm glad i didn't know that when i was out there trying to look for sea turtles yeah two thousand fifteen was apparently the biggest year ever recorded for shark attacks what's the change climate change really water is getting warmer and they're just hanging there less food or add there may at the amount of people fucking up the water they know the people are to blame i don't know what the reason is but i saw that recently like was a headline of one of the news stories so the last couple of days the other thing that happens a lot in hawaii helicopter crashes they're not that infrequent those tourist helicopters flipping around oh really this is good list really yeah dude i've been on those things twice you too how dare you shouldn't tell you fuck with me after i smoke pot will you ruin my tesla experience now i think someone's going to send me into a tree may look at that record number of shark attacks in twenty fifteen
only six dow only say imagine if the wolfman only killed six people last year people like oh it's fine to go outside with full moon skit on the woods but what about the wolfman wolfman mostly eat deer yeah the wolf what was the number of attacks so if there's six deaths how many attacks were there so nine thousand eight hundred and ninety eight in one year nine thousand eight hundred and twenty is this a twenty eight more twenty six more twenty six more oh my god jesus christ in the previous year number of shark attacks worldwide with ninety eight incidents a whopping twenty more than the previous year wait and that's way more the way that's not right i could prior that's not who i that's international is an international this worldwide yeah i was gonna have bad if you think about it worldwide yeah so the wolf man there's only like a few wolf man out their world why do you like it's a full moon but it's a nice full moon go out will hear the twigs
apple will the werewolf is not stealthy they howl there this whole or they're scared of silver fine i don't have to go in the ocean by the way i can go to hawaii and sit on a beach may be happy i don't have to go i'm not big on the other stuff now i used to as a kid man fishing in hawaii is amazing yeah yeah catching a fish and then bring it back to the restaurant and they'll cook it for you most hotels like they have like a shit there you yeah ask them if you go on a fishing trip you organize it last item through the hotel you organize it out on the boat you know that you they have like the little brochure yeah hey this guy i'll take you out for this kind of fish so last someone out we call a notes call on yeah law who yeah so delicious man and the chef prepared it three different ways he grilled it he baked did and he served as a in the no ford of ways because he made a
ceviche too she oh my god two hours old cheese ceviche like that costa rica we came back and a guy just like they're like with all that just like yeah line jurors hose and he's just like chopping up avocado or haven't so bad that he if so i don't so much fish is one things were taste so so much better when it's fresh completely now the opposite with me like me actually taste better when it sits for awhile that's
we buy dry aged me yeah like sit in the now it's steak house i'm just on a shelf for six months thirty five degrees yeah that so develops the sort of crossed of bacteria on the outside thirty five degrees if you've ever been to like a butcher shop and see dry age me it will clear you often meet for awhile billing or high since green home all alone by the way queer you is not homophobic at all is a perfect perfectly reasonable my word to use in the dictionary it's perfectly reasonable anything besides a loophole but it looks rotten and black it looks like mold really looks yeah because the the mold grows on the outside the me and that's what's happening it's like back tears just
drawing the outside of the meeting you cut that away and what's underneath is is tender and relaxed and delicious sounds like my neck after maybe needs have you mold on yet have you ever gone to africa no i'm going in july why pop bob boom by a i know a guy who knows a guy working now oh it's a guy i worked for though who's very wealthy and i did a show for them and they are sending my i just had to fly myself there with my family and they're putting it there's these luxury resorts in these national reserves in 10s and whoa for ten days so you're going to be surrounded by like lions and shadow tom papa please don't die yes
no there's a lot of guys with guns that will stand around you do you know about the woman who is the editor film editor video editor from game of thrones now she got pulled out of her car by a line and killed she did was she doing she was taking photographs and she rolled down the window take a better picture and the lion grabbed her and pulled her out of the car and killed her in front of everybody well nothing they could do about it that's not going to happen to us because we're not going to have windows may not have that they're open no cameras and movie arm to the tests i'll be honest with you i don't have i never had like a burning desire you know some places you want to get to like i wanted to be in italy or you know i have no nothing in my soul was like africa we must do africa but separate unity came up and it seems pretty amazing and i feel like the closer i get the more amps i'm getting about it but he was like i'm telling you is will change your life you'll just see this planet differently noon once
you go to africa africa you would like africa i would think i wouldn't like malaria so i'll watch dvd's fuck you and fuck the zika virus i could see you in africa hey your yes i would but i would i would definitely be worried about malaria about a lot of things for sure but i am fat i'm i'm a big fan of wildlife i'm fascinated by the wildlife there although the reality of these parks is almost artificial in a lot of ways yeah they maintain everything and they they're doing it for for tourist money there's almost mom what yeah there's almost an artificial quality to it because you know a lot of these places are fenced in and so they even have those thousands and thousands of acres right this it's it's it's some it's not quite up it's not quite as do
no no no no feeding not at all and they're still migrating and they're still all stuff but not feeding him no no no so it's still live and wild but it's like going to yosemite you know it's like it used to people man i hope so they do it used to people in your in these a lot of times you're in these open air jeeps right we were talking about on the podcast so saying like how how come these animals don't jump in there right and almost as if on q after we said that a leopard jumped in a jeep an open air jeep like a week later and i was like yeah why is my fucking happening every day i wonder what if animals like lions to start figuring that out the same week do you know there's been there was an article recently they were talking about champs that they believe champs have just started to enter the stone age for the development of chimpanzee intelligence they literally might be evolving before our eyes right and they started to use tools on a regular basis the observed champion yeah there coming
wow this might take a few million years but yeah if you beings of only been in this form they think for the last like two hundred one thousand years yeah essentially unrecognizable from uri like what the fuck what's the chimp going to be like in a million years also might be right they might be like some crazy sasquatch type thing almost half human half monkey being run through the woods and will just be like jellyfish with cars that drive itself prime for the taking so this remark eyeballs in i'm much our cars never so we may come out of paper that was a lot everyone a paper car no one's going to get hurt so knowing that amount of shark attacks i posted this the other day on instagram it's a champs testicle in relationship to the size of its brain it's tested is literally about seventy to eighty percent of the size of its brain oh my god
fairmount shelley's think seven is accurate something like that's made wrong yeah yeah what is balls one ball is seventy percent the size of the brain two balls two balls are almost a whole brain is weird right poor guys it's so big you know what the balls in front of us this little perspective trick yeah true because that guy's hands this not one above the other it's one behind the other the other hand looks bigger and blacker it's a different guys different guy yeah maybe if they got it right up next to it yeah forty percent either way it's a giant ball i would be very proud of that testicle finds testing bad show everybody so knowing that there's that many shark attacks will you not go snorkel next time you go i'll tell you what i was thinking about going to paris
this year i'm going to paris you not know good my parents made that call to yeah i think that's the recall from maine for now you have some giant ass fucking crazy terrorist attack like that haven't heard any issues with immigrants and all the the craziness is going on there like they you know they might let some bad people in the country they have let some great people they were trying to escape a terrible place but they also my let's about people into and there's a lot of anti jewish sentiment although i'm not jewish i know some video of these people are walking through these arab neighborhoods in paris and the rampant brutal alike out right antisemitism yelling at three balls really for that's america now where i think you know we're we're do you deal with like it's what rank tricky place right now i know it's a shame it's really a beautiful i am now stunning so important
store ically any update on the war they declared war on isis isis is how is it go not even that man i mean what happened over there i don't even understand what happened it's when when you have a group of people and the people that want to performing that terrorist act wind up dying like yeah boy by getting the truth out of all that trying to figure out what their motives were what like the san bernardino people like try figuring that out after the fact right figure that out i'm not going to san bernardino either dropping your kids off and it's not sure that's how it happened i am i'm going to paris i go to san bernardino i bet you go to paris if someone gave you a sweet gig there no no no no no i don't think so that's a brutal flight to man for kids
avis i i would way rather go there and just vegetate and not have any responsibility then you go there for it that's one thing that i've really enjoyed about traveling is that i've gotten a chance to see some really cool places like indian ireland but one of the things that's an issue is every time i've gone i've been working yeah not just just don't have a chance to see that much and now i went to italy for the first time in uh no gig at all and i don't try like that either you know normally and what a difference oh yeah what a diff yeah man we you know i don't know how you are but see if i flash chicago and i got a gig tomorrow night in chicago i'm going to get something to eat and we go to the gym and i'm gonna go over my notes right i'm not going anywhere no no i can't no no i have like you don't sightseeing they don't realize everything you do during that day takes away from the show there's just an energy mental and physical energy that does not end
in the show unless it's you know something that's going to enhance the show like going over notes like that sitting there but not running around town getting cabs do talking to waiters times a little bit of activity in sight seeing can amp you up you know little you have to have the time to do it it can't be taking away from like for me exercise is man tori yeah like if i go on the road like one of the most important things for me is almost immediately i have to exercise really yeah because if i don't then i'm going to be tired right i'll get there and i'm like fucking flying bullshit but what you gotta do is say shut up pussy just put your fucking shorts on and let's do this what floors gym on thank you here we go get on the fucking machine mean and just go or a routine whatever i'm doing whatever weight lifting routine i just fuck and make sure i do it i don't want do it but i actually have a boss i should do that more if you do that man i'm telling you just write it down
so that's not an option to deny like in less you're sick or something like that and then you definitely didn't workout but if you can do that it's just it's just it's forty minutes that you would just be jerking off and reading email it's true right totally so that forty minutes will go by and like you fuck i missed the window right i've done that before too i've definitely done that before and you're tired yes but when i when i say no i'm going to go down here i'm going to do you know whatever forty five minutes on the elliptical machine so just do it let's do a podcast i put a podcast on just forced myself yeah i do a couple of yoga stretches that's good that hope that is available now there's a couple later but for me strenuous exercise is really good for just resetting everything your whole nervous system do you ever do a yoga class when you go on the road yeah i have yeah i have for
when i was have more heavily into it i would it was kind of cool you come into town and find where it was in mmhm you know it was a cool little like okay that's the project i'm going to do that right you know that's a good move yes a good move something that like you just have a an outlet yeah little thing that sort of connects you to what tom papa does right exactly and then and then it's just the work it's just taking your notebook and taking your notes and going over last night going over the you know what i did for the first time this week i listened to myself i haven't i haven't recorded myself in awhile really yeah it was probably i always board but don't really listen to it unless i know i have to there was something i want to nick out and i listened to myself on us uh day after the weekend and it was rough you forget you like
well yeah i should be doing this all the time it's so valuable is very well so incredibly valuable visually is even better i know you can watch a video of yourself then you go oh my god i look so gross so what i gotta i gotta dress better i have made my posture socks why do i ever move my right arm why he got my like a real this thing i'm doing my hand in my pocket get out of your pocket yeah the at the irvine improv that guy he did every set and just hand them to emulate icehouse does that too i was like oh thanks yeah have you performed at the recent irvine improv the new one yeah nice nice really nice big ass please like a theater yeah calla did his comedy special there special there was like that's a good call it is a good places that place is hot yeah it looks great the backstage would even create that was good spot that town like irvine is a town where there's so many fucking
and people jammed into that area it's shocking isn't it it is one of the most populated areas in southern california where did you guys come from like me and my wife are talking about the other day that there's such a big difference between driving up like we're like thousand oaks is and driving down orange county yeah like thousand oaks things lighten up considerable that's right you know it's like fucking horses and shit up there but if you get down to like laguna yeah good luck good luck getting there in time it's intense do you ever do gigs in san diego yeah that drive you might as well just driving in the fucking ocean see if your car can make it safer car gauges drive on the edge of the water i take the train a lot you ever do that no i've never done that but i was thinking now wonder if you could drive in the ocean
arrest you what do they do if you're actually in the ocean and you're driving your car they let you go what kind of car well if you have one of those cards to snorkel and said i'm thinking if you got like one hundred am toyota land cruisers they put a snorkel autumn they drive through the river and the fucking amazon like you would think they would let you go that parks might get you do they let you do that like how does that work like that postcard came fuck face you can't just drive in the ocean problem yeah i thought about the same thing in a similar vein can you just go on horseback down ventura could get a horse and go to the bank that way that's very very good point could you just tie your horse up to the by cracking walk inside into cash a check well it's always weird if you go to burbank and you see people riding their horses around burbank yeah burbank isn't a question neighborhood yeah my daughter was taken lessons over there for a little bit with okay here this guy perth australia well that guy just drove right in
i'm just driving in that's just stupid you can't do that is this guy tried watchmen watch men drive car to the ocean of the ocean from the cops i think trying to get out ok well that's different and so now he's driving off and the cops try to get him so they drove right into the ocean this guys an idiot see the car doesn't it doesn't function once the hood is underwater the dip shit for him that's what the snorkels for for it but the thing with the cops behind him like he's going to help out of the car and just swim yeah he's out now but the thing is if you have a car with a snorkel and he doesn't have a car with a snorkel you can drive pretty far and they can't get you like you could stay out but he could just have next to you on the beach and go eventually got to come to the land look at this crazy clusterfuck of cops and the car is this in australia or something course how do
did you say it i think it said purse at the beginning yeah ok that's it because otherwise i'm like there's no way i just guessed but why not just get a horse run your errands that will have an ego i love to see the flyer around i just sorry just developed an eight like look grab onto his talents have you ever seen a pit bull that's like a hundred ninety pounds yeah they're not supposed to be that big alright so we made that right a bread those pit bulls until it became this ridiculous thing like the average size for pitbull like those fighting dogs they like thirty five pounds like a big ones like fifty really yeah they're not big so these monsters are like chickens with giant breasts sort of which also comes from selective breeding apparently i thought the chickens with giant breasts were steroids but this chicken farmer explained to me is no because you know how much how expensive would be is it pumped with such we have this idea oh they're putting all the hormones and not really now
no no they i mean they they will they would if they had a fix on saying pricey but most of it is yeah most of it is they genetically engineer of the selectively breed them so they get they selectively breed them to the point where they can barely even walk port things that can't can't stay on their legs so how this guys explained it to me it's mostly just selective breeding interesting why can they do that with an eagle get a big ass eagle bay gas fucking eagle if you can teach an eagle to hunt for wolves for you have you ever seen them do that and now the mongolians oh really they let eagle loose in the eagle will fucking fly down and jackal wolf wolf a wolf those are big they're not big enough gangster eagles are i'm reading that book the hawk what's that girl just loved it's autobiography basically just a writer out of oxford and she
is learning how to train ago shock and falcons and all that kind of stuff in the hoods and very intricate about that whole practice it's pretty intense that's very in time yeah getting it to trust you and there in its hood you have to be with it all the time all the time like in the beginning like for days just sitting with on your own you can't go on vacations new yeah you can't just take among going to hang out with yeah little hood why could and someone engineer an eagle that was your body that flies around i get how does he fly around the back do this wolf jacking is a wolf jacking in eagle and then the eagle comes down jacks the wolf oh shit so they're both jackets to this insane so the wolf was kicking the eagles ass at his home he came
in the back to see you shouldn't worry about the monkees because these guys are doing this now see i thing is man but these eagles are so god damn tough and their claws are so terrifying date essentially have knives yeah they're grown other feet they're fucking dinosaurs man this is a dinosaur that made it right and it makes we wonder what dinosaurs actually looked like like we always assume yeah that all dinosaurs were covered with scales like a crocodile and sure a lot of a more look at this see they're duking it out the eagle lands on i'm starts jacking on few and he's got he's got him by the neck oh my god insane he's kill email is just he just got full mount on the wolf and he's clawing him to death he just limited a distance yeah and the eagles fucked he's got his neck this is insane it's insane that they can do this that is nuts that's a big ass eagle that's a golden eagle and that's a small wolf by the way
those are not as big as it looks like a mad dog this is crazy a man who now it's the feeding them is giving a row a reward is given to me now yeah i was holding the glove with me of the carcass get some back on his arm yeah in the hood goes on yeah while she's what a wonderful but terrify animal it's a cool hobby you know it's not like bread making bread but what is a starter the they showed these they have these ancient hominid bones they found and they were trying to figure out why the had these claw marks on and they were trying to figure out what animal had done it and then they recognize very similar patterns of scrapes to what they find on small primates that are near harpy eagles and they realize that early humans were most likely eaten by eagles really a bigger like a pterodactyl size eagle gang of different kinds of birds
large predatory birds in fact north america like i believe before like i don't wanna say how long ago but i don't think it was too long ago like not even a million year they had a thing called a terror bird tera bird was like a giant seven foot tall predatory bird that didn't fly it was like a standing burger giant beak like a huge predatory karl malone sized bird that's crazy how about that let's make that movie about magic johnson sized bird with a giant fucking hatchet for a face and not even flying i don't have to yeah you should see that they do a superimposed image the size of a normal human like of a six foot tall human next to a terror bird like what they looked like love tb that's agenda
name that is a terrible idea and this is north america this is right here she's yeah so there's a mean the entire fossil record even just of mammals yeah he's come is not complete there's they're always finding new things because in order to create a fossel writes very difficultly keys something has to happen if you caught the mud slide right see the damage to to find a terror picture and let's do this thing look at that fucking thing as a soldier that gets eat the one on the left that looks like where the wild things are yeah it doesn't it yeah that's not even look like it's a real thing look at the size of that fucking thing it's eggs must be huge oh my god like ahead yeah big bigger look at the size of that fucker it wasn't there a movie or people riding those maybe but it's interesting that one of 'em has fairly large wings the one on the right but the one on the left has like these nubs yeah
these are all different terror birds oh fucking crying oh my god that thing the one in the forefront the one with the evil red looking beak and the one in the background like that one is like almost flamingo ostridge monster could you imagine if you were just walk came along and you saw someone popple trees looking at you're funny it's that size and you go oh my god it's over it's over my cats been on a bird killing spree good for her or him brings in a couple of week really it's really out of hand well you get better be care if you let your cat out because you can't get jack by coyotes now it's his it's his life well that's brutal clause or no cost so i was yeah it's got claws can't just just he's a you is he always been an outdoor cat yeah is come inside at all yeah comes in
is this in your apples now they do if you don't get him fixed quick enough have an indoor cat yeah indoor and outdoor my mind of both indoor raise i live in a place for a lot of coyotes are i guess my one of my chickens get jack by coyote really can't watch it happen really sick i would hop the fence my chickens mouth who yeah with a separate chickens get broody yeah i mean is they they they get confused since they're not getting by roosters right sometimes they think that they have an egg that they have to hatch that they have to you know uhhuh what's it called what's it called then there trinidad to sit on it yeah who is something a gate what's the word yesterday now that's on the lay on top of it's a
i would like when you take an egg and you put it in one of those warming things you like that light light lamp people who will listen to this screaming you fucking put your member thank you babe eubank you bae i knew it was a bait yeah avoid the band incubus is like simile but anyway it was it was thinking it was it was thing down at it so we have to take them out and she had to get outside of regular chicken coop it's just large coupe and you have to turn one where she has to sit on a beam it's very on for the amount of time that broody that's how much time to put him in there otherwise they could be broody for like a month they'll pull there feathers out cause some health issues they pluck all the feathers on their chest to feather their
just for an egg that's not going to hatch they get a little wacky yeah well the brains are fucking thumbnail right so this coyote just figured out a way to get into that little cage in this check jack the chicken over the fence with it yeah i mean it's definitely a risk in a couple neighbors one neighbor lost the cat you know like ten years ago too it's not it's like the beginning of coyote this is not a lot going on but enough where if the cats not smart but it could happen that is so happy and that's just the way lives and it's like you know yeah you know where everyone would be sad but his life yeah it's probably the worst way to go either yeah quick rather than giving diabetes and cancer diabetes yeah i had a diabetic cat what do you have to give insulin yeah whoa everyday twice as probably pissed
you didn't we had no idea why you shoot me this fucking needle bitch i want pets pulling a pill on like a sticking it up fire in its throat that's how you do it that's one of the things that an the insulin answer me all the time now he pretty is probably extended his life for another for years and then it just all ended up failing but you know it was like i you know my wife's cat i would dividends it probably would not have for the wrong shots for that long hatchet which was the method open the door and make coyote now it was it was an ice cap but yeah i never knew there was this thing is a diabetic cat and yeah
his life for awhile and then uh you know other things start to fail you try feed him a vegan diet now supposed to cure diabetes oh yeah no making things up but people do have their cats and they feed him vegan food really cats die young sad so irony in their attempt to not be cruel to animals that cruel to their animals are very defeated fucking plums i just saw this thirty year old dog yesterday on the internet have you ever heard of oh that's crazy what kind of dirty so it's an australian they can't prove how old it really is but there's some video of it i mean it looks like it's fucking thirty and uh thirty in it so it was six years old wow that's crazy thirty
the owners must be like alright dude see here there's no proof as long as there's no proof and we're reading about this we have no fucking idea how old that dog is a bullshit story that's the problem god damn stories is all you have to do is you get paid per ad clicks yeah exactly just put a picture up and that's it so see like that the men who admit to raping a girl seventeen won't be jailed that's that's a lie too must read and this guys got his abs out there taking a photo what you trying to do anybody associated with it and then someone will get paid tom papa read time here please pick up so quick and hours three hours of fun my friend it's crazy was great though every please coverage i talk thank you i you know what i been here once before and i've been itching to get back at such a good hang things is better than the first one yeah i really do i do we let this time starters i learned about but ye stand and muscle tissue now you give me a get me
a car and do that will do that when we get off there i'll show you how to do it ladies and gentlemen that's it for the week you heard me you fucks the week next week i've got four of am so rattle up go lot of love and start with cameron hanes on monday my friend doug during is coming next week nosferatu oh boss rutin moral ranallo are going to be here and robin black it's to be a hell of a week you fall i know you thought i was going to say without further ado but i didn't i just said please welcome tom papa like how it did that pitches i hope you enjoyed talking to me talking to champa's listening that's as much as i enjoyed talking to him 'cause he's just really great guy fun just fun to be around just friendly and nice and
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