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#759 - Cameron Hanes

2016-02-15 | 🔗
Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, “training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator.”
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regional and a very powerful person he's my friend cameron hanes you might have heard him podcast before you might know him from his youtube channel his bow hunting adventures he's just fantastic human being and without further ado if i can set it i was doing so good i went like five or six podcast without saying that shyt well he got me that's it i was just gushing over my friend cam so much that it slipped out alright right probably won't happen again probably cameron hanes ladies ainslie's german the job will get x trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day mother and we're live with so skills by the way people wondering the skills as this whole area story because i just saw you wear and i ran into you in salt lake i didn't know i was i was going to be there by the way kaman hands my friend both
turn off my camera here wildlife conservationists ultramarathon runner ultimate bad as i was indiana leg skiing with my family same time was it called the great western western hunting exposition conservation exposition something like that which i really want to drag some of the the biggest die vegans are the most the angry ones let lose their go wander around they'd go they go bonkers they'd run into walls and scream and probably you know he themselves it's it's all just skulls and share and mount and a cool stuff and places you can go to shoot your own food but you're wearing this filthy skill shirts i'm like what is filthy skills and i had seen it on your instagram what is filthy skills this is hilarious so some guy sent you this it will put it up on on the screen so you can see it on the youtube some guy sent this which
is a a full youtube com comment with this guy would be added jamie where some guy said to you here fuck you for destroying our world with your filthy hunting skill yeah your filthy hunting skill don't you kill yourself instead to reduce the population dumb first of all the spelling on this is atrocious it's he got his dog to write that forum yeah fk space letter u space for district destroying right yes that's it that's a tough word yeah he's like he's weird he's like populations good filthy is good but your he does you are people that do you are what you do with all that extra time that you spend save tween why oh you what do you do with a you know you have to spend that time now working those fingers very efficient now your fill the
hunting skills so you saw that and like hey there's a couple things that i thought i did no i had the power to destroy the world i am more powerful i than i ever knew that's impressive isn't it said hey i have filthy honey i thought that was sort of like a compliment yeah so it's hence the sure there's a there's such a disconnect going on in the world right now we're talking about this today while we're practicing that it's like there's some sort of a culture war there's a movement of people right now there's this whole eat what you kill movement an a lot of people rejecting the idea of factory farming and acting the idea of buying process food bring cows that are locked up in pens and treated like like a commodity and then like a living animal write an going out into the woods and hunting and getting their own food and and connecting to this
order primal existence is self sufficient self sufficient swear i like about i don't i don't rely on anybody yeah to feed my family an how do people love that but then there's this group of people that are completely disconnected from the way the wild works that are very angry about all this and some bizarre converse is i've been having with some very well meaning very intelligent people they're very nice people and this is this is where there's a big misconception here like i got into it with a gang of people recently like an hour i should say i got into it because i've kind of given up on insulting people online i don't get anything out of it i get it if you don't like it you don't like me i get it i like me i like me i'm a nice guy i mean if you meet me if you meet me and you communicate with me nice even if we i agree i guarantee we're going to have a pleasant convo i'm a nice person right so when someone like in
helps me or says nasty shoot or make some nasty video about me i don't watch it i'm not going to people once you respond i'm not going to why would i i don't have of time i don't have time to spend with the people i love i don't have hang out with you yeah what am i have fifteen extra minutes to watch a video and then make my own video and i don't have time for this world this life is short ok so i get that people are upset but the core core message that everybody's getting out there one of two messages one messages you should animals at all and then we should live this ideal existence where everyone lives off nuts and twigs and shitton vegetables and that's all you eat pine cones you can that's fine you can do that but then there's the other that you support and i support that
best way to live in this modern world is to go out and get your own meat problem with that of course this is a real problem everybody can't do that there's not enough wildlife is not enough time an i don't think that we we think everybody should that now that will our point is and i think people like us is you don't have to do it but don't condemn it yeah don't condemn it because we are i mean as you said in my intro conservationist hunters are conservation is where the one that's paying the money for habitat for all these biologists to tell exactly how many animals are out there they got boots on the ground and they're out there with the animals doing the number surveys figuring out harvest service numbers to try to achieve carrying capacity is online who think that grizzly bears are almost extinct and like how kill a bear you know they want to kill me because i killed a bear in alaska that they probably you have no clue how
bear running around alaska but now they know that i shouldn't have killed it they don't know how many are there they don't know what the bear with the bear population where i killed two bear witcher grizzly bear and a back they don't know that those bears need we controlled otherwise they decimate the moose population it sounds moose everything an part of that bad is humans so people always say well animals take care of themselves you know they've always they've always you know it's worked out predators kill about a blah we're just interfere well yeah we're interfering also because of your house you know we're taking habitat we can't let the animals sorted out because we're encroaching on habitat so we are in that process we are at the top of the food chain we require how at two they require habitat so there's a balance it's all part of the equation it is and this balance is
there's some parts of it that are set in place before you and i were born and before a lot of these people that are arguing everybody before everybody talking about this is been born it is already in place long time ago the food chain has already been in place the the market chain has been in place as far as like getting food to see markets most of the supermarkets that are existence where there for you and i start shopping at them and that's that's a part of this vision of human beings the another part of the equation of human beings is what you're talking about with predators and this is one of the things that i had a discussion about with the guys who i really like there's some misconception i didn't like these guys the guys that made that movie cowspiracy very good i still very smart guys they're they're viewed their vegans they became vegans wall as backer farming well it's a about faq forming and a lot of it is about the amount of waste methane that gets into the atmosphere because of factory farming the the actual waste as far as their their
the cows shannon what was the mount of devon and that does to our environment and how much actual land these animals need to graze in order to to feed them it's it's it is a really complicated numbers and disputed they went with the extreme on one end and there's some other people i'm having tomorrow doug during my friend from minnesota minnesota was conson my buddy from uh he's from the steve rinella show mediator he is that a large ranch out in the name of this one hundred out there yeah i'm trying to figure the name of the town this is a very weird small town he's in wisconsin in this really cool area where it's the you know they have
it's called the driftless area where the glaciers missed so it's all hilly and gorgeous and plentiful and that's where he lives in graces cows out there and he's gonna come in and give his perspective on a lot of the stuff is right arm but they did they have this really strange idea about wolves and the strength that i had to correct them and this idea about you know that we've hunt the walls to near extinction and now the read to do some people want hunt them again and you know we really have to stop that mike manton you got all this is wolves are cool this is one of the things that i said these guys know when he wants to eliminate walls but throughout human history long before we were around people is that a problem with wolves and there's a reason for that all the big bad wolf stories the little red riding hood all that shit it's because wolves are fucking terrifying they're very very dangerous and i brought up the whole world war one incident the germans and the russians had a
talking ceasefire because so many of them were getting killed by wolves they made an agreement they like look obviously got a real problem that's bigger than us like team people let's stop killing each other for a little while and kill these fucking wolves and they killed wolves and then went back to killing each other it's a crazy story that is and then there's the other story from the fourteen hundreds in paris were wolves killed more than forty people in paris in the city paris was overrun with wolves insane wolves are killing machines and you have to keep their populations down and if you don't you run into problems and people bring up there's this the people bring up all the time how wolves change rivers in in in video we played it on here before the problem with that video is the guy who made that video is fucking nuts okay and he is romantic to the extreme and the idea of introducing keystone predators into these
yes when they haven't been before his idea was that wolves are making things better for all these other animals by getting rid of the but they're not there now decimating the elk population and yeah there was a row of a thing written by scientists disputing all his claims that were in that video so then i wanna look what's this guys deal about so i listen to this npr podcast on him this mother fucker wants lions back to europe he what he's like there's parts of the uk that are empty it but reintroduced lions and hyenas like picture you reorganize good idea i'm going to bring the uk is not that big to bring lions like actual african lions and his ideas that they found these fossils of these lions that existed there thousands years ago so they may be back to re introduce that what people of by the way this guy was suicidal and depressed like to an extreme ready to kill himself and then decided to what he calls rewilding
he re introduced himself to the wild started experiencing while and fell in love with wildlife and nature and that's what pulled him up out of this now it's his mission hey i'm in love with wildlife and nature to list ikli but realistically right yeah well it's i do want to say one thing 'cause we've talked about factory farming and you know the downside of it we're not lumping ranchers regular ranchers that that race county my family is a cattle ranching family in eastern oregon so i'm not talking about you know cows are out with enough pasture out there and then and then being killed mark and kill we're talking about that animals that don't leave the cage understanding in you know brown feces and just never move and never have a life and then have a bull shoved to their head and their you know we're talking that extreme that's not everybody i have a lot of respect for farmers and ranchers and i mean we we don't want to lump everybody into the ranches are all factory
you know there's certainly not in one of the things that i notice when i was in montana when i first hunting with ranelagh we went through the missouri breaks and there was all these cows wandering around and i was like what is the deal with this well those cows literally wander be on public land grant have and this is what the race in ninety is about and with the vata ninety was about with all these crazy ranchers that want to take over the government liked the yeah that's not good but the what they call ya qaeda my favorite my we don't even know we never found out who came up with that description someone was claiming that someone on the podcast came up with that description but when we were in montana we were we that's when i first got introduced this that they these and literally roam free and while they sleep outside the eat outside they under through and then they're corralled and when they're what the slaughter then they're corralled and so for the majority of their life they live off the land
almost like an elk yeah like a wild animal essentially except there someone's someone's property people having a hard time with that they have a hard time with the idea of property of an animal being pretty and i get that too man another thing i watched recently was this penn and teller from that you ever see that show bulshit now it's a great show that they used do on showtime but one of them they did was on pizza and the animal liberation organ schindler one of the folks at the call have heard of that foundation freaks at holy yeah violent arsonists burning down buildings and spray painting vegan power in these but i mean just like the nadia shed but they don't think that people should have pets they don't think and here's one of the best parts about it one of the women that was in this program who works for peta is also a diabetic is where you got a bug loose alvin
this is only one way you get that diabetes madison it's from animals so it's an animal product is she was saying that she didn't think that she was a hypocrite because that prada saves her life so she could save more animals well guess what book face that's when hunting is exactly hunting is exactly mean if you if you go out you hunt a wolf and i'm not i'm not in a hunting rules but they have to control i'm not doing anything i don't eat somebody's got to kill on somebody's got to do it and they're doing by the way and also here's another thing about california california mountain lions are a giant issue there's an article that i posted up recently pull it up jamie that someone someone sent me yesterday they did this like you cannot hunt mountain lions in california there's a reason for it is not it's not logical it's all based on people who are animal lovers who got a new new power or voted this in well there's this
either finding because they kill these mountain lines on the start moving into neighborhoods and killing pets and it's super common they've killed what's the number mountain lions have killed this year because it's it's crazy one hundred and seventy seven mount lines were killed last year legally by the government so that's one hundred and seven mount lines that people didn't get tags for which means that's money that didn't go into the state coffers then it didn't go to conservation it's just money it's the works the opposite state is paying exactly yeah stages of things are going in the whole they're going in the whole instead of going into the profit margin which would normally did i mean in the black and red yeah i'm color blind man so they analyze these mountain lions and they found it mostly what they're eating is pets yeah they're eating fuckin' only five and had eaten deer right well they're going to go with the easiest target yeah but that's insane only five granted
a lot of these animals did there with their killing their already problem animals well in what friends with lions is or so territorial so the younger lions come up and the more dominant lions have their area so the younger ones are forced to go somewhere else they can't really cross so they go somewhere else what's left of cities and neighborhoods in residential and that's where the it's are so i mean those are probably juvenile lions mostly an down in there it's just a matter of time before a little kid gets snatched or whatever and people don't want to talk about that or think about that but that's the reality of it they're just predators their killers they're going for the easiest target right now that's dogs and cats but they don't care they don't they're not hugging each other and crying like we've seen billboards of that is where we get into that in a moment but i think this is what i'm trying to get at this is where i think there's a dispute and a misconception
in the misconception is that hunters are all these evil people that want to hunt these animals to kill them so they can put them on their wall almost all of the money that goes to fish and game fish and wildlife management organizations that protect wetlands that protect public lands for it for camping and more for people to use and people to enjoy in go hike that the money to support those comes from hunting yeah people hate that they hate it but by far by far the amount of money that comes from conservation comes from hunting by far for the money could caused goes for conservation for the animals yeah the animals for habitat restoration you know that show we were just out in utah they had will deer tag that was auctioned off they give for an analog by on tag they give two tags one is in the drawing so you have a very small chance of getting it because there's huge box and where is antelope island i don't know utah
i'm not sure exactly where it is there is an actual island i don't know i don't know if it's just place they call anna lope island or if it's an actual io jamie will find out he is a state park yeah it's i knew is park but i didn't know if it's an actual island or not but anyway so one is a drawing there it is so it's that the great salt lake there yeah so it's a you see that is set it's out into the great salt lake and it's not it's not in ash island it doesn't look like this is a long yeah so it's they call anna lope island and that's there's huge box and i think their sheep there also but the bucks or what draws the draw money so the auction one off and it went for one hundred and ten thousand dollars for one deer tag and that most that money ninety percent ten percent goes to to funding the auction and doing all the things that's required there ninety percent four hundred and ten thousand dollars goes right habitat restoration on the island building
water water sources enhancing knows regal skating animals off that peninsula there because it's genetics genetics are so good and the bucks are big and the sheep are big so they relocate those superior genetics throughout utah so then you might not that tag you might not have four hundred and ten thousand dollars but those genetics are spread throughout also they're spread in areas where general hunters have the access to it's just it's all positive it's all positive for the state park in you know anti hunters will say well if you really cared about the animals you just you know do the four ten thousand dollars and not go hunting well it's is true what is an anti hunter do that well here's here's a part of the problem there's a bunch of problems with with all these discussions and a big part of it is that the people that are arguing against the hunting they don't
greg we go into the wild into these habitats in these environments and see how brutally are they are for these animals to survive anyway it's not like if you kill a buck in that buck lived five years old you might be taking a year off its life that's right now there's no there's no one hundred year old deer out there i live a long long great life the idea of one of the parts of hunting that actually aids in conservation is you get a mature buck and you harvest that mature buck you are allowing the younger deer to breed where they might not have gotten the opportunity and you're also in a lot of cases saving their lives because they get killed in fights with older deer like a lot of deer die from fights people find them all the time they litter stab each other to death they don't have those
it was to look cool now they don't help us see slam into each other that's what they do same without yes same with alchemy when we you and i were in colorado was one of the coolest things we saw was one member when we went down in your that little creek area and there's there was like a huge herd of like twenty elk together and those l quick to get it out amazing here's another thing that i don't think anti hunters as you know you go out for an extended period and the killing the actual killing it's such a small part of the hon you know i it's those experiences like when we saw those bulls fighting and we saw i think there's bowls and there's one nice bowl of three hundred and fifty class bowl he was a herd bull their satellite bowls spread throughout he kept in pushed out and they were jostling around and we were there we didn't kill anything but the experience of that night was one i'll never forget we had a bull sneaking behind us to fifteen yards and a nice
or bowl that would have been a great bowl for you to kill and it didn't happen but it's just like that adrenaline of that experience i mean he was right there behind the bush i mean right there is so close reaming but nothing died now but we were predators wheeler predators they were pray and that's that's life that's life in the mountains right that's how it works even if we didn't have a bow even if we weren't there only thing if we just had calls were just calling them in it would have been an amazing experience because when you there with essentially as wild and animal as you're ever going to get i mean a north american elk is a one thousand gigantic wild animal with a tree grown out of its head and it's living the way it's lived for thousands of years and you
you as a person who lives in oregon to me as a person is in california we travel into their land we we hike in to where they're at and we experience yeah why old the existence that they live in and we don't want to stop we're not trying to kill them off we want more of them and this is the idea of killing a mature one you want to take out an animal that does not have much time left right an you help the rest the animal survived because of that you make it so that the younger bulls have a chance to thrive and breed otherwise push out the pushed out and they're not doing anything and but i will say one thing so you said and if we woulda had weapons it was still been been amazing but to me it would have been different yes it would be different because if i'm just an observer terminally i feel a lot different i only i feel like i'm a predator when i have a weapon so i don't know if
if i were to work as hard if i would would've cared as much if we were just observing you know what i mean 'cause if you remember we snuck down we were sneaking or i mean we're on our butts kind of scooting down in the tube those were jostling around right there kind of sparring a little bit and we had a small window through the brush and i was like you are right right here i was looking like i said you see that window to see that window we can get that arrow through and it just that in the intensity that moment so your predator that's your prey how can you ethically kill it that's where all the comes down to i mean that's why we're there to me that's everything you know it's just that crunch time moment well this is one of the most ridiculous things that you see when i look at your instagram or even my instagram if i ride rarely post picture of a dead animal just because of that i'll post all day long and nobody gives a shit nobody gives a fuck about fish it's whole area it's hilarious layer is the hierarchy will fish they're not
why are they here they are i believe they are but if you post a picture of an elk or god forbid a bear people lose their fucking minds and one of the things that people love to say is if it's an original thought it's things that are not they usually say you're such a big man how about you do that without a weapon i love without what hunter has ever anything in the history of we're still married right that's why hunters are tell me even a caveman that ever without a weapon of some sort what are they talking about they not talking about anything they just talk i think they're just trying to demean you and i go to their fucking page an one of 'em uh this guy was feeding his animals meet i don't like that come from a meat tree is this guy he was shooting all over you and a good was page he's got dogs yeah he's got dogs misreading the me i'm
com man there's some convenient thinking going on here it's it's so strange how many people have these convenient patterns of thought with their self righteous to take the moral high ground not look i keep do you the person that has any say the only person that has like to stand on is a person who is a vegan who doesn't eat any any animal products any animal products a small percentage of the population but if they want to criticize it there and then argument they have a a small leg to stand on hold out when you have a conversation with them that's when that argument kind of falls apart right it does because okay v if they're hardcore vegan fine but are they growing their own vegetables very few because if they're not still responsible for animals dying if you've ever driven by riverbend been into farmland in say where where feels been harvested
and once the field harvested you'll notice buzzards flying around that field you know why 'cause there's a bunch of dead animals out there rabbits that were killed during the harvest there's mice also fonz what with whatever i mean those now the com bynes or whatever they're using out there is just tearing everything up and think animals are dying so you can sure growing your own vegetables unless your do it yourself vegan your response animals dying if your house isn't made of wood because if it's made of wood timber harvested and that timber was harvested animals die so i mean also their habitats displays right so i mean people well i think with their id they want to do the least harm possible okay but a lot of them already from a background where they eat meat like this one guy was fucking arguing with me wanting to argue with give me all his grief and then
he admits that he was a mediator just seven months ago it's been a vegan for seven months he's fuckin' forty so so for thirty nine years and three months this motherfucker five months whatever it was my mouth so sky for all these is you even very quick though your maps very quick but my point is seven come on man you can't say that seven months ago you're a v getting your no are you were you were a mediator your all over these people say but it's it's a it's a moral high ground they say the l of it themselves or a bunch of the red there above us 'cause we're redneck hunters right thing i had this kid he looked like he was maybe younger twenties but he's i mean he's very passion about his stance on what's right and what's wrong and so i went to his page same as you i see a bunch of hot dogs on the grill and i was like dude for those hot dogs but before you judge me or condemn main why don't you live a little you
twenty years old what the hell know about anything and also you know what's right and wrong and he's like he says i'm going to have to an answer or this or karma or some crazy thing i'm like what do you know you haven't even lived yet not only that hot dogs are probably the worst is one of i mean that is great and assholes in cow dicks only one of the worst things you can eat to house filled with nitrites and nitrates and all my whatever is bad for you the i understand that they're trying to work it out for themselves yeah and working it out for themselves a lot of times people want to condemn people that are living a lifestyle it's outside of their skin they decide hey i i'm going to leave this small carbon footprint lifestyle where i'm going to be humane and ethical and i'm going to be cruelty free hashtag cruelty free and i'm going like cruelty free it's like they want to tell you yeah half of them have v in their names which is hilarious vegan this vegan that healthy happy vegan sucking big
flower child everyone's it's but it's a part of their name like it's a big part of their identity and it becomes it becomes like a cult and i don't mean it like you know you have to fucking initiation pay dues but i mean it's like you part of a gang and its people have a tendency to do that good or bad they have a tendency i have to do it people fucking who's windows have a tendency to do it but i don't like apple i look book in windows use apple your piece of shit well but hunters don't have the hate that these anti hunting vegans have they don't they don't i mean hunter go to their pages and for now it's just through who cares live your life yeah well i get where their thought process they think they're doing the right thing for doing the right thing yes and there's a lot of this is another thing i want to point out and i went on this twitter page discussion the other day when i don't hate vegans vegans friend it's not and i know i'm not lumping everybody in
there's a small percentage of people that are assholes that are arrogant and outspoken and really aggressive and mean and shedding an where's the cruelty free there like why you being cruel to other people that are living around the tolerance go outside and drive for twenty minutes and i guarantee you you're going to pass three thousand and forty place is that of dead animals in am every fucking super mark you pass by every fast food place every restaurant every gas station is slim jims at the fucking counter all of that is animal so you for you to find a hunter the one person that you point to that probably kills animals in the most ethical and humane way possible and and and he's running to be to play a part of the conservation right yeah you know i people will leave his podcast hooking goes do is justify what you do if you have to justify it maybe there's something wrong no it's the
tiresome there's a guy that's coming on next week his name is out how he sees named tove are how do you the ruling of ours to really think that's that sounds really he's an author ugh i used to be a vegan who is not a hunter right and panties will be bunched they will get sandy and tweets will beat we did good it's going to get crazy but i just think that podcast like this in conversations like this with a guy like you like i think what you do is the best way to do it i mean i've said this time and time again what you do is the best way to do it because what you're doing first of all it's the most difficult way to do it and you prepare your body for it in a very fucking grueling fast we worked out before we got here you workout everyday and one of the reasons why you workout everyday fuckin' going through mountains is hard as shit it is it is hard man i never knew until i went with vanilla and the first time we went up to the missouri breaks were climbing the mountains for seven hours a day i like
ok this is working this is not going to the gym and getting on the elliptical machine this is fucking constant it's all day and if you're packing shit you have to be strong you have to be physically you do i mean you remember in colorado and we're helping it up that ridge bottom of the canyon is the bull you yeah this takes off like a mountain goat i'm pretty damn good shape and he's like it's not even breathing is fuch he gets to the top of the mountain that's how he saw the bull is at the top of the mountain you spotted it but the sun was going down and we had a lot of elements going i could tell the bull wasn't good bull just by his bugle and we've been huff and it down there done trying to get on the bold i was blue and we never could get eyes on him but then i heard what sounded mature bull and then sun going down and that's why you train right exactly that's zach situation you're coming out of a whole you're climbing the you know feet are stand there and it's a
yes time essentially but i mean we made it work yeah you don't you but you were able to close the distance in a much more for which way because of all your training and that was a good example of another good example of it was the pack out i mean were packed a lot of fucking wait man this has two l quarters in his backpack so it's like one hundred and eighty pounds i mean how much is the heavy i don't know heavy shin you basically have me on your back then you're walking a mile with this and there's one there's uh photo why am i i'm i'm sure have some photos of us from that from this very trip that we yeah talking about we're packing these things out but the point is what you're doing require when you have an elk steak and you sit down with this and i had this conversation with remi warren about it where he's like it's almost like a religious experience he's like this is a precious piece of meat yeah i've got to the world rested i've harvested this animal and i have a precious piece of me and i treated almost like a baby like i sees in this and i cook it perfectly
this is he has this intensely the connection an i do with the animal that we killed that animal that you and i killed when i eat that thing i think of our time together i think of how difficult the hunt is i think of how crazy the environment is how beautiful the experience is so much more to it than going to a store and buying a squash right you know and this is what people need to understand the state even by mistake shore but yeah buying even of vegan or vegetarian but your your vegetables you're disconnected from these vegetables for the most part most people are yeah there is an intense connection with the food that you eat even if you grow yourself like my wife barnes and i do as well and now she does it more than i do but we'll have salad from something ruin our garden it's awesome right it's awesome like we're chopping tomatoes that we planted as
season we fertilize the ground we watered and it came up we picked up the tomato now we're slicing into it and right it's a manual process the whole process and that's that's where the hon that's where the hunt where the training and the preparation and reference for the animal and the in the animal in the care of the meat and we get to your house and you put it in your freezer and then you thought and he put that whole process is right i agree with me there is reference to yeah and it means so much and for a hunter for i think you know as just being a provider and just like i always say self self sufficient and doing it is hard it's a lot easier to go to the store and say hey here's some of my money could i have that me thank you yeah hey somebody else did all that all the stuff we just talked about somebody else did that with no reference right and i'm eating it with no reference yes you know so
to do it on your own is i mean it's it's why it's what i train it's what i prepare for every day and it's a just means so well it's enriching in a very strange way that i never experienced in my life until i started hunting never had this kind of connection with my food except for maybe going fishing you know this last summer i took my kids to hawaii in my kids love fishing in my little girls love it's fun you know they can put a line in the water when they catch something and then we're cooking it and eating it later they're like we caught this drive saying like mommy we caught this fish that you're eating like there's like a primal connection to this thing it but other than that i had never experienced this sort of primal connection to your food and all you know
nonsense aside like there's a difference between a fish in a mammal the gist is totally and there's a there's a big difference she the reference that you have for in my opinion the most majestic of animals that you hot which is elk i think it's the most majestic on their their their mythical creatures man yeah crazy sheep sheep are up there you know where they live in the regal nahs but elk is god because they're so iconic throughout the west a big bull elk is just what you know when you vision the westin vision mounds you think of a big bull elk and then we say i'm going to hunt this with my bow it's intense it's fucking hard to do too and god dam you forget me addicted to this yeah it's a real problem i'll text him every now and then like i'm in the middle of doing something like i wish i was bow hunting i swear to god this is boring i'd rather even just shooting we shot at a rubber target today it was awesome i have a rubber it's up on my hill and we did a little
time video were out there doing it but just shooting at that robert l is cool now that's what i was saying you can take anybody you can take the this person you know just like to sit here and think who who coolest person i know or who is the coolest girl i know you take that person you put a bow in there and and you get him shooting a bow their cooler
say it's you know that's not yeah i mean shooting a bow makes you more of a bad as i prefer girls that don't like to hunt that way they don't want to come with me i don't know how they don't complain weather up there and they wanted him to hunt i just wanted to shoot a bow don't screw up my heart no i'm kidding i like sexism in hunting does it exist next on oprah no on doctor drew he would love that it would give me on there and just cruise he would he would get a bunch of girls who don't know anything about hunting to yell at you but i have a lot of did a lot of big opinions when we got back from brazil it was right when this whole cecil the lion ship was going down and these people wanted to have a hunter on to essentially and i was telling you don't do it and well the first time you didn't do it i got leave i was in the green room i was i was in the green room and getting ready for hair and makeup and it's just like wasn't feeling good yeah i'm glad you talk
right i'm glad we association so i left the tonight i would i did go on yes you did on later but it was after the smoke and settled a little bit and you went on with a conversation about ethical acquisition of meat and you know doctor true to me yeah yeah analysts people not show eat meat eat meat yeah it's just bizarre yeah bizarre conversation now sorry i mean that show whatever they they the show is around because controversy so well one of the fun and hilarious things that show was the woman who is saying that the reason why there's not so many grizzly sits because we've killed off all their predators right that means dinosaurs by the way saber tooth tigers pizza grizzly jesus christ if you ever seen a grizzly lady yeah there's nothing eating them except other grizzlies are pretty much the top of two chainz and well we are but
they're not really on the same page that we think we are they think they are so they're a little bit of a conflict there is a huge conflict i mean essentially it's like two different kingdoms yeah they're on the top for the food chain in the wild kingdom we can get i am in their world we can get the out as quick as we can yeah we can only exist in the world for a couple weeks at the most yeah and i'm like okay we got it back to a a an actual bad yeah i i need to take some vitamins right now it's a i don't know it's according to the woman from cocktail in my brain is foggy today after what's your name from life below zero sue aikens macon said that she saw a bunch of wolves run down a young grizzly kill it ok she said the young grizzly was coming out of its den and when they other than that kind of weak and these wolves knew it so they chased after and they were biting its legs and they're chasing down and it happened like a fuckin' one hundred yards from her house
one hundred dollars for my house sounds like she lives in la here right now this lady is so bad yeah she's intense the most gangster woman on the planet she really is she's right massive respect for her yeah she just so cool she came in and she's it's not like she's like some weird loner who hates people she loves people but she prefers to live in one of the harshest climate on the planet two hundred miles above the arctic circle that's awesome just bad idea how much tougher she is and probably ninety nine percent of the men that live here in lh tougher than maine i tell you that this is what this lady did she got attacked by a bear bear tore her apart ok broke her leg broke her hip cracked her skull she said she had a crawl back to her house the bear was just fucking her because she was in its territory this bear mauled her right she lives she managed to live she got back to her house she was stuck for days where she couldn't walk her leg was broken she was stuck she couldn't get to the phone ok
she couldn't lift yourself up she had to wait for someone to find her so these people found her so i think with seven days later she got healed up went back shot that bear an eight it there we go that bitch is so gangster yeah as it with all due respect is amazing she's so gangster well be let me expand on something before i get people hate me for a women bow hunters i love you i actually open around folks we are a little bit i love that women hunt i loved it i do too i mean i wanted i'm taking dana lash bow hunting bear this year so i mean i i don't want it you know many of we've been talking about getting together for hunt so just all joking around i do like i do just like people shooting bows even us if you can envision this f obama shot a i probably think he was cooler and that the
is amazing that is amazing usually shock you should say who is too by the way she's the daughter of jim shockey who's on the show who is an amazing fascinating guy who has a show even if you don't like hunting there's an amazing show called uncharted and it's barely about hunting is really about different cultures and this guy goes to all these disk guide jim shockey is as cool an interesting as it gets he is just a fascinating fasten guy and he travels to these remote places in the middle of russia and he went to africa dan and he went to africa to this remote village that has a massive problem with crocodiles and it was credible show it's an hour long show i mean it could be on the discovery channel it could be on on h b o to be it just so happens it's on is it on the outdoor outdoor channel outdoor channel and this guy
to this place and you're saying these people like half the people in the village at the mall i mean people miss arms they're missing legs their faces have been cut open because they're getting killed by as well the right and while he was there filming a woman got taken by a they've set up these sort of rudimentary fences that they put in place to keep the crocodiles for this area with these people water and when he's there with these uh hunters where they're trying to take out once a crocodile apparently starts eating people right we gotta kill it because it got a taste for it but they got a taste for and they realize how easy it is like a wildebeest can fuc up a crocodile a little bit you know will kick at it and break his jaw i mean the crocodile is incredibly and durable animal but a wildebeest is a tough scrap the big animal on like a water buffalo that's a screw
right it's a big animal to work for that it might not work out a person comment were made out of jello we're cello on popsicle sticks at the well and i had a crocodile are you really they are they're tough witch hunt cracking now in that whoa yeah in tanzania i want to kill one and so to get within bow range of you build a blind and they come up you know their eyes are just above the water and for a blow you they have like to they got a bump above there i then one back here you have to be like right below that are right in between your shooting at about a fifty cent piece size you have to brain am 'cause if you hit him in the lungs they are in the water and then they sink you don't get him so if you're going to one hundred crocodile with a bow it has to be brain shot drop bombs so to do that you have to get him up off the shore right and could never happen built a blind had the bait up it was just like so hard to do that
but one of the guys with killed one with the rifle and we ate it and the meat is amazing well it's supposed to be the highest protein meat you can like alligator and crocodile supposed to be like oz per oz when the highest in protein content amazing yeah i mean it was it was so good too but yeah they they are they're smart they're tough i don't think this mark i think the stupid as well try to kill i just think they know how to not get killed like they have like a couple calculations they make in their brain is that a person yeah funk this dude i'm going ok the brain is very small give you that because it's a small target but if you're trying to hunt him you're going to think they're smart yeah if you're going to do a crossword puzzle with them probably not that smart fascinating no man i want to give a shout out not only jim shockey because he is the ultimate savage love jim but then love eva but their son
and yeah bradley is the mastermind right shooting of that's right he as far as filming in the auction value and what you see on tv that's brand shockey amazing he is i think he could film like the best hollywood movie you've ever seen he could do that he has that talent and right now he's doing it on the outdoor channel so that's if nothing else go and watch his work yeah on the on that show and the notion on charted on charter which is amazing the new show carter's wars war carter's war is all about this guy who is calm batting against poaching in africa it's all about stopping poachers from kill rhinos and elephants and all these different animals that they're in africa and so that it's like not really a hunting show as much as it's just a pure conservation show about a guy who's trying to stop poaching in africa and it's
it's amazing and gritty an incredibly well documented in shot and just man in the world of africa if you watch a documentary i've mentioned this before to people so i'm sorry if you heard it before but our friend louis theroux who's been on the show before who is an amazing documentary documentary guide documentarian from the uk did a show on these hunting ranches in africa which is very different from what you did in africa will you do in africa you went to actual wilder africa not a high fence operation but these hunting ranches that they have set up in africa it's such a catch twenty two oh such a there's so much contradiction going on because on one hand these animals are trapped in this it's usual normous like several thousand acre area it can be with their trapped in these areas and their hunted and people call it a can't and a lot of people have a lot of hate for it but on the other hand the animals that their hunting have never been
healthier in higher numbers and a lot of them are on the verge of extinction until they started implementing these high fence operations and it goes back to the i think we're talking about the money conservation the real money that these people are getting in africa is coming from hunting right that's paying for these animals to survive because so many we're going over there to hunt yeah and people say well animals have value exactly key and that's a fucking weird concept for people if an animal doesn't have value is probably going to be extinct yeah i mean that's how that's that's why that's why hunters care that's why conservation is care because the animal was valuable that's right wrong or indifferent when there's value people care people have an understanding today that they didn't have this several one hundred years ago like when people look at the gigantic mounds of buffalo skulls that's a perfect example why you need conservation you can't just have people run out
kill these animals that have value with no consequence or with no monitoring of the the herd population health that's when you get these horrific mass extinction events like like what happened with the buffalo news buffalo we're basically brought to the verge of extinction now they're in healthy populations to the point where you can actually in some places you can hunt wild ones the same thing could be said of elk the rocky mountain elk found has done an amazing job of re populating areas with elk where they were at one point in time completely eradicated did you know that when you talk elk deer turkey when you talk about there of those species now than there's ever been is that true with elk because i know it is with white tailed deer there's more white tailed deer today than when columbus landed but if that's the case with elk because there's more places where they don't exist i think like most of the area where like steve are now i did a whole show on this recently where most
of the area where elk used to be they're not but areas where they are there in healthy populations i'm jamie can you look this up yeah look this up about populations 'cause i'm positive there's more now than cl car and probably another would now so maybe you know if he's been on the show but elk are their animals originally push into the mountains because the planes that's where we live we live there's water in the valleys that's where human set up their cities and that's you know to get user rivers and we need water so they have been pushed in now they're mountain animals but now there's l where there hasn't been out before pennsylvania kentucky places like that so maybe there maybe be there more places than they've ever been i'm almost certain there's even more elk but whatever the case
i don't even think there more places than they've ever been i think it's the ones that are there are in healthier populations in the used to be i think but i think elk or a lot like buffalo in that there's a one point time like hundred years ago they were just shooting the out of them they're they're all around canada all right and now now that now they're they're bounced back in there healthy everywhere and where that money come from cameron haynes i wanna say hunters yes rocky mountain elk foundation that they've done a fantastic job and then they they've done they've been on the forefront of protecting habitat so that's i know they've been over six million acres protected i think maybe close to seven million now or maybe even over i haven't kept track recently but that's seven million acres that can never be used for anything else other than habitat for animals and that's not just elk that's dear to elk numbers across six date so how do we look in there yeah see this is across states but i think
maybe we can keep a look and see that american now populations dwindle to less than a hundred thousand by the early nineteen nineties why now and that's insane and now in two thousand nine crew to one million thirty one thousand that's in credible so the 1990s that's insane it was down to a hundred thousand in the 1990s wow that's terrifying but that's that's the age of extinction in our lifetime not just in our lifetime but in when we were both men yeah so during that time now that can be right is it now the early nineteen now that's gotta be 1890s where is it says in it see that the lessons of the first password first paragraph by one thousand nine hundred and eighty four there was an estimated seven hundred and fifteen thousand elkin north america now right above there the last word of the first paragraph fortunately my own to to to to to american out tunnels in at less than a hundred thousand dollars and a hundred thousand the early nineteen nineties so that can't be nineteen nineties is it is incorrect i have a family that might be might be a mess i think that
1890s but yeah 'cause 'cause 'cause it says one thousand nine hundred and eighty four eighty four there are seven hundred and fifty so it went all the way back down yeah that must be a typo but anyway so that's not dumb typo who's who's fucking go to say go say talk on c don't necessarily trust a lot of these hunting sites for things like that like that i trust him when they support the point i'm trying to prove that some pluck up that's a giant phuc upside email that site somebody who's listening please email that site and let's get that fixed i think it's supposed to be 1890s and i would say and i would say less than one hundred thousand and now it's over a million so that's that's where i get that the point that i was making but i think before bowl common eyes the wi think they were everywhere i think that's what yeah that's what renella was saying maybe so i think he was saying was that there
in ninety percent of the places that used to be in but the places there and it's like driving either thriving yeah and this is a really important point when it comes to like we were talking about grizzly bears like people say like that the bears are almost extinct in santa i guess you're right they are almost extinct in california they don't live in california but not a ton in california to alaska their fucking everywhere and there's a lot of 'em folks lasko which is twice the size of texas is in god damn enormous state and they are they are big and there's a lot of them right and they decimate herds of caribou l they estimate that something around like and jen live in alberta more than eighty percent of the moose are killed like at birth right by bears that that's where the bears they follow
so a cow moose is pregnant going to drop drop the calf right and so bears will know that moose is pregnant no she's going to be dropping a calf they follow her soon as she drops half right there you would need it that's how that's how they get it they just follow the moose around and sometimes not even then the lot of them they're pulling it out of the cows body right and that's how it their brutal and life in the wild it's not a fairy tale out there the real deal it's it's life and death and so they're doing they're just going to kill they're going to kill really care about going to kill eat that's how they survive so there's nothing wrong with that no i'm not they do i'm not going to judge him but yeah so where i was i was in in sixty in in alaska and you can get a non resident can kill two brown bear which are set basically salmon fed grizzly grizzly bear and three black bear so you can go up there and kill five bear which i wanted to do
but don't think that i'm bloodthirsty thirsty thank that i want to help the moose and i like the bear me so i didn't do it but i mean that's three i killed three but that gives you an example of how many how many bears are are in this is by allergist who are paid in have went to school and of who have studied the caring pass to the landon and how many animals they determine this this isn't this isn't hunters determining this this is alaska fishing game so that's where i have a problem with the people who are who think they know better than people who is their passions with the care about they have boots on the ground they're doing it they're setting the bag limits so you don't know if you don't live there and study this and this has been your life mission you don't know more than them so their wildlife biologist and by the way if those populations aren't kept at a healthy level they send in people that they pay to kill these animals and this is an important factor in this is what we're talking about california because california doesn't have
season for mountain line so they have to pay people to go and kill these mountains there now just letting the mountain lions live not if they become a problem they're taking him out and they just don't want to deal with clash exactly as it so they're just avoiding the backlash and it's not doing it quietly is not for the betterment of the animal or or you know ecosystem or anything like that it's just because they don't want to deal with the drama and then you get these people well they were here first where were they are they know they weren't well that mount lines five okay how's your way before that and they as in they come on stop this is a whole this was covered in ice ten thousand go so shut up talking about who's they what is this this is the world
living in right now in twenty sixteen and a mountain lion ate this fucking dudes cat so what are we going to do we're going to just let them out in line his kid now because it would if you leave that kid on the swing and you go in and get fuckin' answer your email real quick and you come back your kids not gonna see that fucking tail hop over the fence that's how works goes toward health barbecue to turn over your veggie burger you know that kids gone cecil all right so this is the this is the billboard that my grandpa my grandpa's name was joseph look at this fucking photo there there's a lion that is hugging a bear and the lion has a tear rolling down his face and the bear has a tear rolling down his face and says really damn band the bear hunt all cecil save new jersey bears dot com oh my god first makes me want to punch somebody in the face will kind of fucking crazy person living living some weird bubble made this bill gordon spent actual human money on it yeah i don't know
this fantasy land if they haven't seen okay they have a giant problem with bears in new jersey and this is this is not in this fax behind this first of all a student from rockers was killed by a bear right outside a rocker see that photograph student took this photo of a they're just before it killed them uhm i was talking to a guy who is who is rangers out there and they're telling people not to hike they have so many god damn bear in writers he and why they have so many bear because they didn't have a hunt for them so these god damn things they got over populated and they have now they are entering into residential neighborhoods and they're hungry look at this fucking video bear fight far rockaway nj august 14th two thousand and fourteen these bears duking it out these are big black bears like seven foot bears for plus pounds bears and they're going to war in this guy's front lawn these are huge
if you were in alberta and you saw one of these bears coming in he like wood boiler feed better trophy bear that's a giant bear that's one the pounds of meat for the grill yeah and these bears are these guys lawn i mean this isn't this isn't some crazy rural you know in matthew akins living in the middle of nowhere notes in new jersey this thing just knocked over a lamp post and now colliding with these garbage pails watch this they come there over territory by the way that's created by garbage that's what the territory is they attack people's garbage and these two bears they bite each there and then they do get it look at the size of these bears now these are huge right well that's that's why ok so maybe it was before there's houses that was perfect bear habitat but guess what there's houses now so that means we have to control the bear numbers that's hunting well here's another part of the problem these bears weren't here thirty years ago
these bears are overpopulating and moving into these neighborhoods and they're doing it because they know the people live there and it's a steady supply of food garbage yeah when you live in colorado in colorado is they had a big issue with it in this area where i was where the bears would find out that people put their garbage in a certain area and once they eat there once that's it they have to after those bears and they either relocate am too zoos or or figure something out but what it when i was there we went to this wildlife rescue place and they had these gigantic grizzly bear that they had gotten because the giant chunks of further tearing off of each other look at that it's insane yeah these are huge bear their peace and now i love this video because a car pulls up in the cars they start taking selfies with bears but they they had to relocate this grizzly because it's just start tearing apart people's cars they found it found food
someone's car once was a grizzly or black it was a brown bear is one that they had had i don't know where they had gotten it but but black bear it yeah there's yeah now it's just it's just you know the numbers need to be doesn't have a large brown bear population right have a be brown bear population yes brown bear with her near the coast and greenland brown bear they eat fish so they ran why do they calm different names different species i guess is what they've determined you know their big because i fish or they get all that protein so they you know they can be up one thousand four hundred pounds where is a mountain grizzly an average man chrisley might be seven foot five hundred pounds you know i mean life stuff up in the mountains thirty
blueberries when the blueberries are on you know even what they can but what the the bears and eat the fish they're gorging on fish they get big it's just a high protein diet come like what you're on right now mon a high protein diet from here like a blind that too yeah this this dies kind of for the birds but birds eat grain i'm enjoy i mean it's not bad but they are for two weeks and i would really like a bowl of pasta right now but it's going well i bet it's interesting yeah well that whole cecil sold the bear hugging thing that is insane yeah guarantee a woman made that how about that folks i i'm done with the wax i'm done with that part i don't know that maybe it could be a gay guy could be a week do to seal all all by sex j under all that nonsense aside were joking around here folks that is is just someone who doesn't understand it's it's it's crazy ignorance and
the idea that you want to let these things keep fucking and breeding over overpopulated to the point where the killing college students just outside of gears and there having these two four hundred plus pound bears duke it out on your front lawn that's not good folks it's not good you know i'd like to see these people that think that the bears hug and cry each other go break come on guys let's settle down break it up go break those bears up apparently they cry and have emotions cecil has a brother you know who's protecting his family jericho k go break up that bear fight let me know how that goes what is this samantha says from their website savenjbears nj bears dot com so this is another name you don't part i think only facilitating this issue right here his name in the bears at humanizing him because if you watch the superbowl it every other commercial was some an animal singing porn talking is like i mean i saw sheep singing
lights in the acapella group what is going on well and so that's for hunters are fighting for our place right now because kids are seeing that it an weak people are seeing that and people that don't get hey i want to be part of the food chain are seeing that and they're like humanizing these animals the sheep don't care about anything but eating eating and yeah they do they stay alive they're not talking they're not talking oh here comes a guy who's bringing us our food let's see you know they're not they're not it's not realistic but that's the that's the person that's the programming the program getting out there and just messing with you the hardwire of these young people coming up for the well a lot of others attribute bambi as being attorney point in the way americans viewed hunting yeah because then all the sudden you sing these beautiful animal getting chased down and killed by a hunter yeah and well we we need to fight we need to fight to change
i think we are i mean we are because you know every time you see a hunter on a show or on who i'd even know what's been been on think south park stephen even had something but it's obviously it's some redneck billy drinking beer you know no respect for anything that's all even in all the holy movies that's what that's what they that's the image they portray we need to change that trying to we're trying to and i think with podcast and with conversations on the internet at least information is getting people that they weren't getting before i've had many many people both on twitter on my my website forum on facebook on all these informed the social media say i had a different perception of hunters yeah guys like cameron hanes on jim shockey steve rinella stephen
remi warren he's really intelligent people that can talk about tim burnett who can talk about these things in a way with any explained to you their perspective there grew up with this this is how they've lived their life and if you lived your life the city it doesn't make sense to you it seems alien you watch bambi you see these the yogi talks to boo boo they have conversations why would you want to shoot one of them intel you're you you very which into that world you don't understand it and we we're insulated from it because of supermarkets because of this bizarre world we live in but we've created these artificial structures that we think are normal yes and these this method of acquiring food we just run it's a plastic through a machine and you away with all this food it's not healthy now it's not it's not it's like if you could have sex with uh
useless person where you don't even get to see their face like all you saw was like their body from the shoulder down and that's what you had sex with and you you had a kid with that person you know that can you walk away but i got my needs met i mean almost it's almost without going on it is it's almost what's going on when you're acquiring food without ever growing it without planning that seed not saying you should fuckin' plant all your food not saying you should only hunt if you're going to eat me what i'm saying is if you could do it it would are you a little closer to understanding where that food comes from and it will give you a just a broader view of this world we live in and what you doing by consuming food you are consuming whether you consuming salad and here's another thing vegans i put this up the other day i was talking with a bunch of people where i troll you were sending me all this vegan stuff so i just started trolling them by sending them all these scientific studies about plants and plant intelligence
which is a new form of study or it's a it's it's a new field of study where they're finding out more and more each day that plants can do calculations that they respond to being eaten that they have they have different mechanisms to discourage predation that's where poison plants come from they are communicating with each other in some sort of strange way that when one tree is getting chopped down it's sending signals to other trees it's in its own way in some sort of a weird way your reading life if you a plant you reading life if you say that it's okay to eat vegetable life but it's not okay to eat fish if you it's ok to eat fish but it's not ok to eat animals you these are making these bizarre moral judgments and they're based on convenience there are a lot of them are based on ignorance and a lot of and they don't hold up when you start looking at things objectively and people say to you won't you eat your dog mom at home
ain't my dog ok jesus christ but my dog as a pet yeah my dog was raised from the time was a baby i've had it since it was young i'm not going to eat it right but if someone does hunt a wild dog and eat it and it's between wild dog eating them and then eating that wild dog you know i said on shin situation but yeah he defied can fucking dog yeah many pacquiao his parents they either don't when they were when he was starving when they were a kid it was like a very traumatic moment for was a family was so they were starving were so poor that either their pet dog yeah well then the people would say well you're not starving why are you killing animals right for us on one star that's a good point the bet hello active what i like the most that we talked about changing the stereotype is i like you know working as we know work out all the time i like when people ask why are you working out so hard for bow hunting and this is like that
is a good crazy is look yeah you know but it's been the same answer for me for years is because i want to the best in the mountains i think that the best you can be the best i can be i understood that way more after i went with you after i went running with you in colorado i get it i get it more 'cause you're in better cardiovascular shape than me and i'm in good shape you take the average person i'm in better shape than the average person i'm not in better shape than you write your fucking running ahead of me i'm like this one if i can't catch up you know it's like there's a certain pace that you can keep because you run out all the time that i'm just not capable of keeping right now it made me my cardio in a big time big time when i came back from that hunt the first thing i started doing is really up in my cardio well you know so we had a real you know real life example of that what i like as much as that i mean not not as much as because i love being with somebody who's successful and who experiences a han and i'm able to share in that
in this in a whole nother thing is like i didn't i didn't kill anything but i was part of your hunt and that meant as much to me is as me getting my animal we have the whole camaraderie in you know not every man for himself it's were out there will together we we want to be successful in harvest made in take me home to our families but what i like is people who are inspired they're not with me but they see the training and they are inspired to up their game like maybe maybe they won't two hundred mile razor run ten miles a day or do any this but maybe they'll run one mile you know and maybe it's make my whole thing is if you're not making if you're not making a positive impact what's your point what are you doing i want to make a positive impact people and that's why i love social media and sharing what i do and hopefully it can inspire others to do more and that's my motivation daily well there's a great
this is a great time for that and it's a great venue great the vehicle through social media that didn't exist before inspire people and i am constantly inspired by it you know in some get upset lagoon full can post some pictures so you working out like flipping showing off like i like when read the rocks instagram ok too i do i think forty million other people do also that fucking guy is up every morning if he's gotta work at seven he's up at four hundred and he's in the gym and it will show a photo of his alarm clock going off and then it'll show a photo of him in the gym making crazy faces where his fuckery pulled the sweat and it makes me guys i'm a lazy bitch and it makes me want to get up and workout sackley you know i mean that's just there's people will be inspired i think they definitely do oh i do and i know that you've created a community your instagram age in a lot of ways and i want to say it's your community but you have spawned through your inst
rampage a lot of inspirational communities as well i look at these other peoples pages that follow you and i'll see like the hashtag keep hammering and they're out doing things and i see people responding there post you know i saw this and it made me go to the gym and i wasn't going to so thank you for that it branches off right it feeds into everybody and it's positive it's positive for all of us and at the end of the day look you could make all your fucking angry videos you can make all your angry posts and shit on this and shoot on that and and get angry about people you don't even need but what is the as a message that your putting out this angry shitty message that you're putting out this angry negative thing i am who who's getting a you pumping yourself up are you you're standing on a moral high ground and spouse zing your superiority to the world what are you doing what are you doing are you broadcasting that and you know who's in hard by that nobody but some people might be to also be can't like this guy a good car
i want to be a cut i don't know i never i guess i don't hang around those people because i never hear that well you don't see him i'll tell you what when you know like if you meet one of those people in real life i guarantee to the conversation wouldn't be like it is in these one sided debates or these one sided broadcasts if someone makes a blog is angry shity blog like you have a conversation a person it's ok tweets and blogs like especially if they're negative it's a very ineffective form of communication and negative videos they're very ineffective because this is not a real conversation like the way people were supposed to communicate is like you and i talking to each other you know even fucking podcast in a lot of ways it's one of the things people get angry 'cause is someone listening to this right now like you mother fucker i got something to say yeah i get it i understand but don't get mad at me if you were here we would talk but you're not here she would take a few ok we don't do collins thank god it's too hard you know
the thing about the internet is everybody has a voice you get acting about the internet is about election you got my number text me so that'll that'll let me a lot of people you know you can you can choose what message you put out there yeah you can choose how you experience life you can choose like how you how you interact with people and some people i think you know there's a new world we're living in this world of social media this world where anybody can start a blog or anybody can start putting things up twitter or facebook or whatever it's a new world and gotta learn how to navigate it better well you know people like you said people can choose i can choose to i put up positive yeah you don't think i have negative things happen in my life course yeah i could put a negative probably as much as positive i'm overcoming all sorts of hurdles all the time but what's the point like i said i want to be positive i want to inspire people and at the show in in utah this weekend
i was amazed at the number of people that waited a long time to come up and show their story share their story about losing weight or the successive had or the or the impact as a hunter a bow hunter who how would a bow hunter make that much of an impact i have no idea but it happened and that mean if you ever wonder what you're calling in life 'cause i've wondered what am i what am i doing you know what young what's what where going what's going what's going to happen well this weekend where i saw those those people talk to those people and had that interaction that really drives home i'm doing what i meant to do you know and that's making a positive impact and i mean that's through bow hunting i mean that's it that's what i do that's how i met you yeah yeah i mean i met you through bow hunting and social media i mean you're positive message reached me and we talk
about it on the gritty bowman podcast which we just did we dropped in and did a podcast an impromptu podcast these guys are they called themselves the the gritty bowman and that's good but good bow hunting and we sat in and we talked about it like was interested in hunting for a long time before i met steve rinella and then when i was going on different websites and looking at different youtube videos i saw stuff and i'm like well okay well here's this guy that's really into fitness he's in the this and preparing himself to be what you call the ultimate predator he to be your best at what you like to do which is behind my well this is kind of crazy sinister watch your videos and like what a positive dude this guy's working out he's given people great advice he's telling people like how do you spell our technique with archery and how to have a good attitude about this and how it's all good and you're like it's a beautiful day out here enjoying the you know the
for whether we're out here practicing this is what we do every day and i was like this is inspirational and this is positive and through you you meet me i use my the the created this vehicle of social media and podcasting to broadcast it more and then this new positive branches spread out from that is it's awesome it's amazing it's it's so much better than sharing on people it is so much the negativity and like i said when i had these guys from cowspiracy and these guys are vegans their vegans who made a documentary veganism in the powerful men they had about the the anti factory farming message i had a great conversation with them and i leave i truly believe that most of these people that are making angry posts on twitter angry videos if i sat down with them conversations with them the positive conversation yeah whether we agree or disagree have a very well thought out point i would engine they have a very well thought out point to where they're coming from
not a bad thing it's just this something lost in this did the the broadcasting of this message and i think that's a real problem that we're all sort of navigating in this world is that somehow or another the messages to get the most reaction or a lot of times the negatives yeah yeah i know well on in regard to hunting why do you like art do you like archery better than rifle hunting definitely hello why challenging it's more in its there's there's at all the book called sand in the art of archery yeah was of a book that i need to read every tells me i need to read this book but there's something about archery itself like today war practicing shooting at that rubber elk yeah there's something about the there is a there's a moment when you're at full draw an your
now to release that arrow where everything is still everything is calm and you're not thinking about anything else you can other than releasing the perfect arrow because it higher so much concentration and so much focus and it was completely unexpected to me when i first started practicing archery i thought it was going to be like like shooting a rifle requires a lot of focus and requires discipline you have to like steady the arrest you have to like you know really stay still and squeeze the trigger an this so that you know you get the shakes you get nerve and even at a target range you know the guns going to make that kick and say their place yeah it's nothing like archery archery is that times one hundred it requires there's no resting is no rifle rest right you know you have to hold your arms steady right and the amount of movement that you make because of the error was only going at the most three hundred feet a second three fifty
we got some super bohnalite arrow the difference between that and a rifle screen doesn't feet a second season rifle yeah so any movement translates to a giant amount of movement at the end where the arrow hits yeah and it's just as a discipline it's it's cleansing like for me i love after a long day i do a lot of shitman i got a lot of things going on in my mind you know have between comedy and podcasts in the ufc and family and business call sheraton it's like so much bulshit going on so many different things in my mind that for me whoa archery is is like is is like ultimate meditationes ultimate focus point where draw back see that target and then delete that arrow and then when that when that so it goes right into that bullseye like we were shooting at rubber elk today and we nail when it gets right in that small circle it's a beautiful
satisfying feeling it is is that that moment that in the impact and seeing where it hit i mean and then so that's just uh of it but then when that happens 'cause why why are we doing that we're doing that to prepare for the hunt yeah so when all that work pays off on the hunt it's just uh you know i don't i don't know how to you know i see some videos and i see people running around and tackling weather in doing all that i never feel like that i always feel like uhm i feel i guess blast or thankful for the moment an mostly thankful that i made something that's very diffi cult happen you know i achieved that goal and it's a i don't know it's powerful and i just that's what thought you know i like people to shoot a bow because as you said shooting a bow is is train ann's in law
i guess if i even know it in means i don't even know if i do but it is relaxing it is requires amazing focus so that's a good start but when you can block everything out because you say you have to block everything out to make a good shot on that target on the phone rubber right rinehart elk today well on an animal when the animals moving there's different factors that at you know in line he's bugling heart's going a million miles an hour and then you can do it there and then where you set up another level is hunt in the mountains like if your sheep hunting and then you have a such a physical and then it could be dangerous also so you have so many things and when that happens on something like a sheep in the sheet mounds that is to me life changing i mean experiences like that have made me who i am when people say you know bow hunt has made you who yeah i mean because coming through
crunch time like that is more pressure and more accomplishment an anything i'll ever do in normal life because it's just that difficult well through difficult things are character gets chow engine our will and our focus get tested and through those tests and through this very difficult task learn more about yourself right you learn more about your ability you learn more about your faults you learn about the weaknesses you learn about your strengths and you learn how to shore up those weaknesses and get stronger and that's why people who have never experienced it don't understand your dedication to fitness don't understand dedication to making sure you're in the best possible shape you can be also that your your archery practice is at the best it can be so that when that moment of truth arises you steady your nerves you can keep it all together and you can execute and that execution
that is an insanely difficult task that very few people have to ever anything in life that's remotely as difficult as shoot an arrow at an elk it's fifty yards away and watch that arrow sink right into the vitals and realize that you've done it and real is that now you have enough meat for a year for your family is one animal was one animal and are we quantifying life i mean are we saying that you know this all animals are worth something that will if that's the case every pasta bowl that you eat you eat a bowl of pasta that pass comes from grain that grain most likely was chopped from a field from a combine that one hundred yards long that it's indiscriminate and it's running over everything as we were talking about running over mice and rabbits and fonson ground nesting birds and anything else that might be in its path and there's a lot of death involved in that every bowl of pasta that you eat even though feel like you're completely immune or
only free of any responsibility of death it's not true but one elk with one arrow feed you for a year or year just have two fucking commercial free in the back there filled with me i gave gary clark the musician the other day i came in two pounds of elk make this home and cook it bill burr the other day said he sent me this text message that he made elk chili i gave him some out people meet i love it loud people fighting my friend chris ryan sent me this photo orange duncan actually sent with chris ryan did too but duncan sent me this photograph of his girlfriend made meatballs elk meatballs and they were sitting there eating with their friends they had a friend over for dinner with some meat from an animal that was that right so narrow i give it to him it's fantastic it's a beautiful warm feeling and it connects you and some weird amway that june two we're not getting it anymore we're not getting it and for me people ask why
because i've always been drawn to to wild places big wild places and people ask how did that start for me how that started was i didn't come from anything i didn't i didn't have anything i was just a guy who couldn't even afford an elk license for a few you know is twenty five dollars i couldn't afford it but so i felt like i don't know i didn't feel special and anyway i didn't feel like i had any advantage over anybody i felt lower class essentially but in the wilderness when i went there could be richest guy in the world that could be the most powerful businessman if you is there an i was there also in the plainfield was equal and if i better shape than him i'm above him in the mountains i can be somebody i can be i can be special and that's how i prepare and that's why i like to back there is i didn't have to conform to society's well
this guy is an a lister you are nothing right now but i mean that's what was always drawn me to that because it was a level playing field for me and if i came in more of a e than somebody else all sudden i was the guy back there what i did and it was just like i didn't have anything and i thought this is the only way i'm going to be at achieve my dreams you know is get to get to wear it can be in control well it gives you an understanding of that environment that this it really doesn't care that you make six figures can you drive a bmw doesn't care do you have a nice how it doesn't care it doesn't this is there's a lot of days like i gravitate towards absolutes that's one of the reasons why i like martial arts is one of the reasons i like pool like the ball drops the whole it's 'cause he made it drop in the whole if it if you miss you miss an there's no if ands or butts about it an absolute thing i think in a lot of ways hunting is is similar in that way i get doesn't care like if you're
poulan you're a millionaire and you playing against the guy was two dollars in his bank it doesn't walls don't know this they don't care and it's the same in the woods out there in your in that environment that is an absolute environment and food also in the fact that if you zig when you should have zagged and you run across a sow grizzly and her cubs and she decides today's your day it didn't it doesn't they don't give a if you you will you host the you have say now that bear doesn't give a if you know you you know you're the ceo of your company and your out there doesn't care now did that the wilderness is its own it has its own forgiving its unforgiving and it's absolute yeah and like that arrow hitting the artery or hitting the the vitals of an elk i give you if it doesn't hit it doesn't hit it means got to go where it's supposed to go or or you fuckedup you know and there's
you know that is real i mean that's not talk that's not talk or you think we should have zagged and roy roy story is a perfect example of that friend explained who roy is roy is he's we started in bow hunting and he is toughest man i've ever met i've shared more mrs with roy in the mountains is life defining type experiences at that we've talked about and you know the the bond we've created together has been over a handful of experiences you know and you you realize when you're out of your comfort zone like that and when you're both so committed to a pursuit those bonds form quickly you know and so we've formed a strong bond over handful of experiences over a couple years will roy and i went high school together we started bow hunting as i think one thousand eight hundred and nineteen years old and had
words of experiences life changing life defining variances together over the years so our bond naturally was like brothers ann you know he he was when everybody doubted me when i was growing up and doubted my dream of ever becoming anything he never did who is always he was who is the guy that believed in me well this year of sheep hunting he was up sheep hunting where we had sheep hunted before together and i killed a ram and it was you know it it's a tough difficult dangerous hunt and he but he's more prepared or he more prepared for hunts like that than anybody in the world he's done it he's done it is matches is anyone that i know and i've been successful i think he's killed had killed nine rams and one missed step he fell and died um primal
i've essentially forty nine years old just you know i'd father husband three kids somebody who even the toughest alaska hunters looked up to one step gone and that's you know that's it so it's not just talk when you say that you should zagg there's risk but that's i mean if you're gonna it it it just puts everything in perspective that's the low to it because i can speak for roy and i 'cause i know we always have known about the risk that was part of the draw is we wanted to go where nobody else wanted to go or do things that nobody else i'm going to do that was the only thing that made us difference and it goes back that made us different then it goes back to you know the level the playing field well we felt like well if we would go and do the hardest hunts in the toughest conditions nobody else
we want to do that but we would all sudden we were calling the shots we don't call the shots the mountain calls the shots and on that that hunt the mountain one and roy fell and he died and it's uh if all seven hundred feet yeah yeah it's a you know that where he fell just unforgiving sheep country and you know once you start going there you're not going to stop anne it's one of the most dangerous hunts sheep yeah yeah it's uh you know i'm at one hundred specifically they give a hundred tags and a lot of times this one she killed it's that difficult and i think forty the people never even go because of the weather because of the conditions because it's so hard so they draw the tag and don't even get up the hill
there was a case with you when you went up there grizzly hunting you were supposed to go sheep hunting as well right yeah now it's moved most we're going to do a moose sheep combo but there's so much snow we couldn't even get to sheep country an that was a plan we're going to go sheep hunting and i was with roy that was with roy right so we you know an amazing moose hunt together and i killed a nice big bowl we just had just i just another epic adventure something you know a hunt that maybe handful people would want to do because we are so far back you know miles back and had to call a moose out over a mountain in the snow very very very difficult but the ones it was perfect 'cause is our last hunt together he died two weeks later and that hunt encapsulated everything about us
it was just hard it was miserable and it was rewarding and and you know we achieve success were now if only people would have an we did it together and uh yeah i mean and then two weeks later's was his sheep hutton there's an iconic photo that i think it was free remind to find you from that hunts with you with a big cut in your face and blood streaming down your you sent it to me while you're out there you were saying we haven't we haven't got one yet we're out here house yeah and this photo of you looking grizzled as fuck with cumming on your face snow in the background yeah yeah that's that's is because in roy it always would would always say we can make an easy hunt hard as we wanted to be hard when you went to an area where very few people are having success and even with rifles right you're going deep
area it was a rifle area so that means you about hunter had a dick size of animal that was legal or if you're running with uh running this area is a rifle area had to be a little bigger so had be fifty inches wide to head out for brow tines which so you're you're making it harder so we were there in there in the rifle area and we adan and it was it was the haunt that it was a hot that what we love we love hard we just love the test now when you go out there does a bow hunter have different standards in a rifle one hundred like if you were there with a rifle would you have to have shot a bigger bowl know that i went to the bigger area i went to the big area so in boaria area it only has to have three brow tines the moose in the rifle or had to have so i had to find one with four well mine had five on one side for another so was good and it was over fifty inches wide so it was legal all the way around but if i would have just focused on the bow area it could have been a lesser bowl in regard to brow tine but they do
to make sure again that the mature animals are harvested right so the younger animals can breed and so this is all calculated by wildlife biologists to make sure they have healthy populations of these animals yeah just the the you know mature bull has served his purpose so to speak bread the animals over the years he's probably on the decline so it's a perfect time to take him out so that's not what the people associate it almost instantly with your full control over your own and you know and you just want a bigger rack but they do that specifically because it's for the health of the population of these animals yeah i mean we you no we care about the animals we care about and do kill a big animal but there's it's dual purpose we want to kill a big animal because it's awesome it's hard it's hard to smarter wiser and older mature animals specially with a bow so that's hard
and then also on the dual purpose side is it helps the help that the health of the herd so we're you know we're doing the best we can but well you know when you go back to to bow hunting in general is just for me it's just the test the ultimate test is something that's very hard and that's the draw yeah and that's that hunt also really exemplifies why your hard work is so important first we shot the moose at ninety yards which is in the court when we were shooting today forty five yards and as far as i never said how far shut the most i just told people sorry well i mean you know tim gillingham we're talking about on the gritty bowman podcast who is a world champion archer who was talking bout routinely shooting animals over one hundred yards and then he does this because he's a world champion archer and he can do that when you're shooting a moose the distance that you computer moves versus a guy like me who buy away
still shoot every day but i just i can't do that i'm not as not an ethical distance for me but the rest for you and the hall that animal out sorry to blow up your spot but ninety yards i thought you already told people but with a perfect shot right i mean it but so this a funny area with with shooting something like a rifle shot at 91st mule deer be right there to your left those two hundred yards this is the first time pull the trigger on anything anything right and those two are your of the rifle that's normal you get it you get a rest with the rifle yes you know you don't lecture kronos line in my stomach the whole thing was perfect yeah the i mean the rifle as a tool you just let her perform it's going to work yeah you know the bo hot it with about which is a lot of lot of very so all of your preparation is shooting every day for years in decades really and then also your physical fitness to be able to pack out
i mean a moose is well how much pounds is that thing way we had about six hundred pounds of meat damn just the meat just i mean how much did the animal way oh i don't know over one thousand two hundred pounds probably i don't know some enormous enormous animal until you see one like in your there physically next to it you don't realize now it took us out to break you know i killed it it was in the evening and roll a night we had cameramen there but they ended up just for they found a little bit of the the the process of breaking it down and they headed back to the spike camp anna roy i stayed there which we like doing it by ourselves back there together sing in discussing it he would always say i don't really know what kind of
sign now country girl shaker from a little luke bryan may be little little lady gaga i thank god yeah he he he was well versed thank terrible singer but it was just what we did right it was also just part of the part of the deal you were happy oh successful hunt it was you know god you know i'm just going i'm going to miss though times with him because it's just hard knowing that the journey we'd been together that's why it's so appreciated and you know who else you know there's another example we one hundred this year and one hundred the brown bear together an he killed his air this one over and was attacking the court of the bear bait the bear died
she didn't know what was going on she smelled blood just went crazy the these brown bear are there big predators something goes in their head is going to have an issue so she heard when i shot the boar it made a noise sorta of ran towards her she stood up didn't know what's going on knew he'd made this noise so she ran towards where he was well as soon as she his path to smell the blood from where my pass through him so she tracked him by the just basically running smelling blood blood blood sugar tomb and he had died already she started attacking him now this is just what do these are you know these aren't crying hugging bear an so she and i'm with roy and i'm like i said just turn my bear and i'm like god my bear i'm yeah to her i'm like you know i tell roy i said get i said shoot out there so he shoots boom and she's like not didn't even
yeah he didn't shoot at her he just was making a noise there just to scare nothing not like i get off that bear and she it up and then she likes us also here she comes sprinting and is like what is going on an she's like a blood frenzy yeah just it was so much going on at one time and then it got being triggered in her head and she was just crazy so she comes and i killed my bear's in a creek she got to the creek and roy says he says if she is stopping enough shooter and i said yeah so she comes up to our side of the now have an arrow knocked in in on of know what i'm gonna do is an error but it's i don't have i never attacked again so i said about when he had he had the gun she and at twenty yards away and were standing there and serve it's a standoff and so we think well she stood up she see what's going on there
give us standing there and she's going to say okay drop down and leave sure i get out here and now she drops down align right towards us i want the are charging and so roy whom and he he drops sir you know one shot made a good shot hit like mr head but hill like right here in this folder right there and it was it what what the what stands out for me is that you know we were out we were never worried about our lives stay we're never worried about anything you know like maybe a typical i should be like oh my god could have died or something like that i i was just like i cussed because i'm like i was mad she did that and required roy to act you know it's so i was just i cussed and he's like he's like dude i had to anna so
we were worried about ourselves we were just so we didn't want to kill another bear and we weren't nervous about the situation and uh like i said i know it was like we're also going to have somebody that's on that same page with me that's common that situation and not see their life flashed rise just do what you have to do is to stop the risk that's never going to happen i'm never going to have somebody like that in my life again an i think about we were you know we knew the risks were involved in everything that we did and we embraced it and we're fine with it and it and it didn't do mice or anything and that that's where i'm going to miss is having somebody so on my same page that i can trust like that you know so it's about you would have to have someone who's experienced as many times as roy has had where was he knew exactly what he had to do that moment yeah he did and he and his people know what they have to do it's it's executing
that is what's hard you know an so knowing what it takes not panicking being in control and getting the job done with one shot very rare and he is so roy in those situations was i don't know everybody i haven't been with everybody but i would say he's as good is anybody that i know of you know and that's why you know when you oh and i got the news that he fell and died i mean i could i could believe it i guess but i was mad and i'm still mad and i know everything happens for a reason and i know he has a lot faith and i know you know we want to think everything's going to be ok in will each other again i know all that but it's still makes me mad because you know
missed we missed out on a lot of experiences we'd still love to have and we talked about and we were just like we had these big big goals and big dreams anne i'm mad that it's gone so it's completely it's not it's not just understandable it's something that very few people could probably relate to the kind of at friendship that you have have with someone who's experienced those kind of in the in the wilderness that's done like that moose hunt that you were talking about when you guys were deep in the in the in the wilderness i found it's it's something very few people will ever very few people ever x turns out that kind of danger that kind of intimate moment in the wilderness does that connection to the wild that you guys had together right and so
the whole point i guess with all that is its people say well you just murderous or you want to kill such a small part of what me and roy experience together the kills were i mean they were we achieved our goal that was it it was the ernie it was the brotherhood it was you know growing up and that's what that's what hunting it's not just your out killing it's your experiencing nature its most brutal or its most rewarding or the entire damn it and when when that makes you who you are as powerful and that's you know that's what hunting was to us he has a lot of people that are listen to this i'm sure they're like well you know
why is that why should you feel any worse for your friend then we should for the animals that you killed you know there's a lot of people that they sort of connect animals almost with people in a way or maybe even better than people in a way maybe this is and i think that's a good part of this disconnect that we're talking about these people that they don't experience these these moments they don't they don't know anybody like that they don't have a friendship with someone like roy then they haven't had these experiences like you did with him yeah it's uh
i mean we see some of the text it's already interrupted but you send me a text when he died and i know you know i know that i had to be just devastating too his still is uhm yeah i i mean i don't think there's a very few men like roy he was he was capable he was just somebody you could count on anybody could count on and it's just you know tough to replace well it's very easy to get by world today it's very easy to get by without being that kind of a person and it's very difficult to become that kind of a person to always make the right decisions to always push ahead to always show character to always be someone that you can count on is hard
yeah it's a society today is too easy i believe and so that's why i think that's kind of the draw for me to pushing my the way i do physically mentale i don't i don't like if something is easy i don't i'm not attracted to it i want to i want to be hard i want it to be hard i wanted to be called and because society makes us weak and makes us untitled and i don't like it i don't every day i feel it less i'm beat tired or whatever i don't feel like i achieve i needed to achieve that day and it's just you know i can't expect anybody else to feel like that that's just me everybody else is motivated motivated by different things have different priorities i'm just for me an as you know and so finding somebody who are the same
instead as me can be tough i was very rare it's it's hard for people to gravitate towards challenge but through challenge you get the greatest reward because they're staying in bed like this there's that the call of the bed a strong the warm bad and just let hit fuckin' this alarm clock and get nine more minutes or we just shut it off and call in sick to work let me just not do what i'm supposed to do let me just sleep and there was an article that i posted recently where they were about the power that dopamine has mean and memories and this one of the why people have such a hard time kicking bad habits is because we gravitate towards these like rule experiences that that we we have in our had the reward of eating shitty food or of drinking too much or of the is it sure your mind sort of carve these paths towards these
robo rewarding like almost self destructive behaviors because those they give you dopamine whether it's eating shitty food or whatever but it's the rare person whose mind gravitates towards the reward of a comp the reward of pushing yourself through a very very difficult circumstance very difficult challenge to get to that feeling of accomplishment like you get i'm sure when you run a marathon or like you get when you get to the top of the mountain when you're pushing when you don't want to get to it and you did it and you know that you overcome this weakness inside of you that wants you to quit right that everybody variances at some point in their life and it's a matter of how you react to that experience an how you react to that that pull the pull towards the bed is strong yeah pull tord's weakness is strong 'cause it's so easy to do it so easy to quit
easy to quit it is see it all the time that's one reason why i mean it seems minor but you know when i get up at four hundred or five hundred in the morning i have to be at work at seven but when i get up play to do my fasted cardio runs and i'm out so i have no fuel i'm out there there's nobody out four or five in the morning and i'm running into the neighborhoods by my house all day lights are off i just envision people in their comfortable sleeping and i feel like you know it's it's i feel i feel the best then you know it's like when i run the mountain when it's sunny i don't feel as good as when i run it when it's pouring rain because easy to go out and do on a sunny if i run you know the weekend in the middle of the day lots of people out there i don't feel that accomplished when i do it at four hundred or five hundred in the morning with nobody's out there and it's just like that in my head and my head might not be normal but i just love
and people always say you know all that running you're going to be in a wheelchair by the time you're sixty and i'm like who's guaranteed to live to sixty i might die tomorrow so what am i supposed to do say save myself for what you now know that i gave all i have every day tomorrow is not guaranteed so i mean i just don't get it i have a hard time that that mindset of the the the moderation mindset those people are saying that their peering through the curtains why you run it by their house that he's going to he's going to wind up in a wheelchair not i don't know i mean it's a you know so some people some people criticize and maybe maybe i will be wheelchair but i'll know that i lived as hard as i could live in and pushes
i could when i could do it i'm not going to regret it yeah the people that try to knock someone down for working hard and overcoming extreme obstacles what they're doing is the responding to their own in security i mean there's a logical things this people that say you know this there's people that look at certain types of extreme sports were you know those are the bmx guy what's his name dave mirra just committed suicide horrible horrible tragedy and no husband father the whole deal i got to think it's connected to head trauma and i think you're talking about a completely different thing we talked about head trauma as you know these poor guys that do these extreme sports and they wind up getting really banged up and that causes some pretty severe depression so i think in circumstances like that i think you're talking about a kind of a different animal but people will criticize people who take chances in life
people will criticize people who work hard you know like why do you have to lift weights why do like there was an article that we had talked about that some asshole in some bow magazine about you know things online yeah whatever was yeah was talking about you like why it is you know he has to you know you don't have to lift weights like this guy enough to one of his ridiculous well guess what yeah you do if anyone do what you can do you have to yeah it mean and what he's doing by writing that is looking at someone who works harder than him accomplishes more than him and he's trying to choppy downton and that's crabs in a bucket man's death do you have a in a bucket if you don't know what i'm talking about folks we see crabs but they never get out of the fucking bucket because if they work together one crab could another grabbing here the crab grass on the top and then they could figure out a way to push that bucket over the get all get out but nope what happens is one crap tries to get the top in the other crabs poem down and that's what a lot of people are a lot of people are crabs in a bucket an it's just
weakness and insecurity and a lot of times it's because they don't know anybody like you they don't know anybody like roy they don't know anybody that can push them they don't know anybody that they can they can look at their friend and they could say you know this mother can do it i can do it too this guy if i know what he would do right now he's got it like here's a funny i was in texas with aubrey and we're pig hunting and we were in this parking miserable environment there were so many mosquitoes it was brutal i mean we're getting mauled by the end of the day i mean it looked like it had some kind of crazy disease like my whole body was covered in mosquito bites and i thought to myself wow is out there if cam out here he would fucking keep going who just deal with the fact he doesn't bite them and you keep going and aubrey said how the fuck did you get through all those mosquitoes and i said i thought that if
rangers out here he would keep going because that's all there is i thought if joe rogan but i can do it there you go without even be there pushed maine an maine because i kept going it puts him but we were it was fucking miserable this cloud of mosquitoes we just swarmed on well you know i mean it's you know is a funny story but i do in some way feel responsibility to the people that follow me or look up to me to not give up i know people to me for inspiration and you know it and it helps it's like when i don't feel like doing something i think about all people who expect me to i mean i have a huge drive to do it myself but it's just like sometimes does little things and thinking about you know the story with you or people who have lost a hundred pounds thinking about you know the work i put it's like all those things have
who i am so it's not like i might think about specifics or is but i think about all the people who have been such a positive i emptied message a positive impact on me because i guess i haven't on them you know so in return return it and it makes me you know it's like the like the two hundred that i'm doing if on my own and nobody knows who i am i'm much less much less a much are not as tough but less resilient as the guy i'm going who will line up to run the bigfoot two hundred in august because off like i'll have an army of people helping me push me and i just think that that you know as a society that's a type of things we need to focus on i believe inspirations high yeah when us fire people those like i do these meet and greets after shows that time
i can't tell you how many people have come up to after show that say i lost a hundred pounds once i started listening to your podcast i started eating healthy i started looking at my body in a different way i started realizing realize what i'll be happier if i took care of myself and then here when i do force myself to exercise and now i do it every day and i'm drinking cal shakes and i'm eating healthy foods and i stopped drinking and all this and it makes me feel better i mean i i about it when i work out i yeah i i seriously do that's where inspiration is a two and then it's also what we were talking about like you created a community through your social media and through the positive post that you make and through but there all your actions and all the different things you've done you've created this sort of sense of community where all these other people they feed off of and you feed off of them and we all feed off of each other yeah now through this
two man this has been in use an inspirational podcasts i'm going to listen to this podcast when i workout tomorrow when i when i do my morning workout tomorrow going to put this on my headphones and i'm going to listen to this i'm going to listen to specifically this story so you and roy and that you know people want to be that kind of person you know people don't want to be a lazy who criticizes people for no reason they don't want to be that guy that's weak and that talks about someone when they're not there because they feel bad that that person is out there working out like you don't have to do with campaigns doing it shut the fuck up you know what you're doing pitch you know what you're doing when you doing that while you do but you know what you're doing why you making those you know there's a little sneaky voice in the back of your head unless you're completely obtuse and less you're completely yeah the the way you interact in interface with the world you know what you're doing when you say those things you're trying to shop coming down 'cause they make you feel weak and instead of saying this guy he's out there doing something awesome instead of just what's what's negative about someone working out and being healthy what's negative
about someone who values physical fitness in accomplishing difficult goals like that is the essence of character that's the s of what's inspiration about a person i'm not inspire by someone who sleeps till two i'm not inspired by someone who did not eat shitty food and loves to smoke inspired by discipline discipline i love discipline and you talked about the rock guys like the rock and that's yeah and rock to forty million you get out how many will listen to this podcast i mean i don't know be more than a million for sure million so over the course of how many years is out there in the world bright so i'm inspired by you the rock and so in my own little bow hunting world try to live up to that and then you know i guess what i wanted i want to thank you for giving me this platform you giving me act
as to all you've created here because you know as we've talked about that's what feels good to reach people inspire people yeah maybe they'll be inspired maybe a little by the heartbreak of losing a good buddy you know maybe to be a better friend or maybe to be somebody who i don't know that trickle part of somebody else's life maybe that'll inspire and maybe the workout part who knows maybe to be a better i don't know more understanding to the vegans and be able to explain it better there's so much you can take from this podcast and with you giving me this microphone it would never happen so i want to thank you and i'm so grateful just i'm so yeah i've i've met you and now we've created this friendship i and i couldn't be more happy myself and again that inspiration is a two way street this podcast doesn't exist if it's not for other people i mean what all i am is like uh an antenna or something broadcasting my thoughts and other people
that's two in it without a guy like you to introduce me to something like bow hunting i would have no idea i would have gone to my very without having any idea how rewarding it is to go and get my own neat through archery in the woods how difficult it is to pursue such an incredibly incredibly demanding discipline write an what that's about for you being inspirational on for you creating those videos you reached me and in you touched me with your positive iti and with your inspiration and with your dedication and focus and i've lived for that man i live for inspiration that's my fuel i love it i love inspiring people love people that are inspiring me and i love inspiring other people i love inspiration i think it's one of the most one of the most powerful aspect about our newfound ability to communicate with each other right social media so you can
you can be a negative anchor or you can inspire so maybe that's the message of the yeah podcast today let's get out there like i say make a positive difference yes it it doesn't have we can all do it doesn't have to be big does not to be to forty million or ten million or one million i can be to one guy yes make it positive difference we can do it and we can all do it in our own way and it's better way to live it's the better way to live this this world that we're living in right now is essentially a global community that's coming to awaken it's aware itself now in a way that's never been before we can communicate with each other like this strange new time more you can you could seek out but this is you off you can see you could just fucking spend all day on connie w instagram page and get angry you know you could just scour through all the worst aspects of all sorts of different people or you can choose to be in spite
you can choose to live your life in a powerful and dedicated way but there's only way to do that is through action yeah yes sir it's a choice yeah it is a choice ma'am but it's a good choice to two great choice to make well it's a it's through that choice you enrich yourself and you enrich the other people that you come in contact with and then we're strong sound grows society initially no we're not perfect people folks now know we're all fuckt up we all get mad we get mad we all falter and through those lessons of of failure sometimes disappointment you have in yourself when you come up short is the fuel you need to make sure you never come up short that way again and maybe you'll come up short in another way next week you know well that fucking thing is never going to happen again either and you can find away says yeah it is a process and
things that i really try to drill into people's heads you know they go how can you how have you done so many things i've done some things 'cause i've sucked at all of them yeah everything i've ever tried i sucked at in the beginning everything you fail and then you learn how to not fail right and you you know how do you do how do you do that we take god damn chances that so that's how you start both honey at forty five you got a take chances if you don't take chances risk within your comfort zone man that's not a fun life now it's not it's a it's cushiony life yeah probably a little safer it's insulated and that's what i respected about you is you when you started bowhunting in and you know it's because i know first hand how difficult it is you've been successful in so many different arenas right and ben you joe rogan also send joe rogan is bow hunter who doesn't know shit about anything and it's
for you to say i'm okay with that that's a big deal most people who have been so successful don't want to starting out on ground zero again so i mean for you to that and then and then becomes so just disciplined and enamored with the the the point of bow hunting has been awesome ann i love it i love doing things i suck at most people down that's why i like yoga and i mean it's why we're working out today of the same sort of approach to like we're showing you all these crazy new exercise yeah and you are advocating towards the ones you were good at all yeah yeah i mean it was that's yeah i mean i i love pushing myself it's like right when i work out with new people i love exposing them two i said okay this workout doesn't start until you're miserable and then once you're miserable then accounts because everybody can do it yeah when it's easy right ok now you can't do it
now we start and it's just like i i you know i had a good i just like exposing people and i thought i would say you know and people other people said it i had invent this but being comfortable from being uncomfortable just getting that moment work ok okay now i'm here now i want to start gaining now and that's that's just the it's a journey that anything that has a big reward is going to require that the essence of jiu jitsu due to is being comfortable while you're uncomfortable because everybody gets there's no way to get good at jiu jitsu unless you get mauled by another person is the only way and you know for me i started jujitsu as you know a former taekwondo champion who had spent my whole life i was successful at striking my whole life i had done you know different forms of strike competitions and also i'm doing you do too and crushed by people
my size or smaller and they're just beating the piss out of me like rag doll like i'm grappling dummy and for me i had realized i first of all i had to address the fact i was nowhere near as competent in self defense i thought i was like i said this guys got a hold me there was strangling me i was like like my perception of what i could do versus the reality of what i could do it was i had to i had to just address it i had to figure it out and so ok now i gotta get fucking crazy and attached to this shit and then i came like completely obsessed with that about the training and then getting but that's one of the beautiful things did you to one of the things about you sue that i admire most in the truly good practitioners is they are very healthy egos because their their their egos get tested there and check all the tire is constantly timing yeah you could tap all the time yeah i mean i don't thing ever gone more than a few months my whole life without tapping well and that same with bow hunting
hunting unless you can do with failure yeah humbling just like just like you know the discipline you're talking about both is a discipline just like that where it will humble you no matter how good you think you are yeah yeah i think all very difficult things are good are you my as long as it doesn't kill you it's good for you i mean like the damn ultra marathons are running this crazy fuck you one hundred miles is not enough like well he done that a couple times now i got to do a two hundred so here's the big foot to under his quick facts jamie just pulled up just under fifty thousand feet of of the sent fifteen thousand two hundred and forty meters of a cent more than ninety six thousand feet of elevation change two hundred and three point eight miles nonstop point to point sleep stations with full aid hot food medical and crew access sixteen full aid stations
the race starts at mount saint helens in the cascade mountain range of washington state and finishes in randle washington traversing point to point the cascade mountains that's insane that's so my goal with it and i've never done a two hundred obviously that's the furthest i've run is one hundred and six and one slash two miles in twenty four hours so this will be a new test in my goal for this i don't even know if it's possible i don't want to sleep i don't take advantage of those sleep stations i want to be able to push through and finish sixty hours in last year four hours one it and i'm trying to that's what i'm training you want to beat that i want to beat that i want i want to beat sixty four i just i want to grind it out i want to be better than i've ever been and so that's right i'm training training this hard this early in the year so i'm taking it i'm doing a lot of miles but not hammered hard and built trying to build up that base so come august i hope to line
there for the bigfoot two hundred and i hope to run it faster than it's ever been run jesus christ you going to lose body mass before you do that you're always lifting weights like what you going do differently i need to get lighter weight about what one hundred and seventy seven yeah right now i am you know i was up one hundred and eighty two or eighty three and so i'm trying to i want to get down i'd like to get six nine maybe you know and i think i just really feel like i'd be efficient at that and i just you know it's it's it's physical but it's a lot mental also so i mean i'll get my i'll prepare my body for it but it's just whether i can hydrate and fuel well enough smart enough and just do everything keep my feet healthy that's was going to be and whether i can finish the sixty hours so i think i i believe i have what it takes but a lot of people probably have what it takes but to implement it is going to be difficult but i'm
i can't wait i wish it was tomorrow what's the percentage of people who start that thing versus completed i don't know i think pretty high percentage because if you line up for two hundred you didn't just decide to do that right you know what i mean these people are crazy they've put in a lot of training and so if if they're crazy i mean it's one thousand dollars to run it so if they're crazy enough to pay the entry fee line up there they just i wasn't on a whim it was they've geared their life tour crazy too 'cause not one thousand miles i mean it's not two hundred miles on a flat track now it's mountains mountains i mean you know that two thousand feet of ascent you know that's what does that to mount everest jesus christ what is mount evers thirty thousand feet i think it's twenty six something like that so i mean it's two of those and i mean but it has the same
so it's ninety six thousand feet are changed so what that means is you're grinding up as much as your hammering down in that down breaks your quads down as you know is harlow yeah this is hard this it this is a video of it yeah so that's that's a country that it's in what is this guy doing he's walking run he done while you're walking well there's like all my god this is the country yeah this is it you can't run this wait a minute hold on a second yeah it's like this yes wells fargo soldier in the usa how you know which way so how do you go left or right it'll be ribbons it's probably ribbons out of mark but this isn't now you're not bike trail this is the hardest ultra in the usa we need to document this we need there's two hundred miles of this and if you here's what i ultras if you try to run were super steep all you're doing is going to blow your legs out right i mean so you have to get good hiking to use you like the super steep stuff for this isn't even runnable really but you don't even want to try so it's all about being if
and managing managing your resource but it's it's a test that's a to put it mildly yeah so i mean that i don't know this what i live for to do this a problem and that is that is in august and you need to be healthy in september 'cause we got to go back bow hunting in september mental it's not all mental madison is definitely some physical involved in that yeah how many people have completed it i don't know what what is that one ninety run that you told me about that very few people know about the barclays yeah it was one of the yeah that's intense what is that that's like we know if there's really a course you know they have no of course it's really loose they don't it's not marked you can get lost you have to have your own map so great it's in it's something like sixty four miles maybe but it's like i mean are in swamps it's nasty i mean i think god it seems like four people finish
or something they only allow in it's a small twelve i don't know that much but i've heard about it just two people finish at each time some people don't finish it ok five you do it like i fire member correctly it's like one way up during the day and you come back down at during night and then you switch and go the opposite way the next day up and down and then if you can make it to that fifth turn it and it's also the same kind of way it's nonstop if you want to sleep you sleep you only have i think a window of a thirty six hours total to finish the whole thing if you can make it yeah maybe call maybe forty eight hours but yeah it's yeah you're right on that thing i don't know i i mean that to me the now navigation is a whole different animal i want to be able to i want to be prepared i want to know course is roughly you know what i mean i don't really want to waste time having to read a map and figure compass that's a whole different challenge which maybe i'll get that some point right now i just want to run two hundred miles i want to run it
asus fass is been run been run i don't i don't know what i'm going to do i don't know what my body is going to do but i want to find out and i'm looking forward to it wow that's intense man i'll be ready by september we should document it i should be like range rover next to you now that our except lemonade yeah controlled drone drone yeah now i'm pretty yeah is this someone document that you would have to of gopro's on or something like that because someone have to go with you the people of talked about film and maybe under armour well i'm not sure how to do that i don't know you have some fucking willing to run it with you my brother i know brothers going to run some of it with me and he's a beast yeah so yeah so he runs he's done a hundred before yeah it's in your family yeah so he's stuff
i was like what what was your dad would track and field athletes as well yeah he was you know my my dad was i'm not athletic my dad was a freak and he had you know full scholarships at or again oregon state for track and field an gymnastics two different sports he's pretty tall for a gymnast he was around six foot tall but just crazy ability he's an amazing athlete so i didn't get that but maybe i got i got enough of it to be tough yeah i see when people say that like would have you attempted to do that's athletic wear you fail that like people to say i'm not a really good athlete like what does it really good athlete is someone who practices the techniques of whatever they're trying to do and gets really good at it yeah i mean you're really good at running and you're really good at bow hunting bow hunting is absolutely athletic right but it's like if golf is a fuckin' sport what's bowling i mean is a problem
calling hunting a sport a lot of people out 'cause i think it's best described as a discipline because i don't i don't like to think of it as something that you score points yeah me neither i don't it's too trivial now it's too too much of life but i do think there is athleticism then bow hunt one hundred percent now especially out w in especially in the mountains in alaska so yeah i mean i i when what i think when people think athlete they think the generals the sports track and field football you know things like that so i mean i get that elite athleticism in those sports as my dad did i mean i think he had the ability to make the olympics but you know life happened i was born this or that so he was he was a freak in what what you might call normal athletic events maybe
the hunting him qualifies and it's a hundred percent qualifies i mean look at this fighting qualifies athletics i think it does but it's way more intense and regular athletics yapping way more personal and dangerous or about the goal of knocking someone unconscious while they're trying to knock you unconscious and if fighting if that counts that's athletics bow hunting is most certainly athletics but i think we both agree that it's a little bit more intense than a sport yeah definitely it's more it's almost disrespectful in a way not i mean if you consider it a sport you call it a sport that's fine but in my view it's so much about the life in the reference for this animal that you hunt and it takes it's not it's not scooby that we won the superbowl scored the goal with the ball in the hole is the journey this year is the journey is not the punch tag to the punch tag you'd say well i won i won so
in a sport there's a winner and a loser you kill the animal you punch your tag you want it's not it it's the whole journey at least it and then also we talk about getting the meat home and providing for your family how do you score that you can so i mean yeah it's not a sport in that regard for sure there's it's a discipline and even that word is like it's bowling is funny man that's what it is yeah it's on the sound it's on its own it's got its own thing and on that note you gotta catch a flight my brother i do thank you again so much fun to hang out even just for a few hours it was great to hang out with you in salt lake and wander around all those freaks and dead animals all right back tomorrow with my brother doug durin wednesday boss rutin and moral ranallo oh that's going find the original team from one of the original teams from pride broadcasting two great guys morals is an awesome dude and boss is the best and of course on friday robin
black who now works for the ufc we got him a job yes so i will see you soon thank you everybody much love by letter thank you so much my friends thanks for tuning to podcast and thank you to our sponsors thank you to square space go to squarespace dot com forward joe and start your free trial today at space dot com slash joe thanks also to me undies e undies dot com slash rogan for twenty percent off your first order that's me undies dot com ford slash rogan for the most awesome underwear you'll ever put your junk inside thanks also to stamps com
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and until then be nice to each other an i love the fuck out of you even if you don't love me i love you unconditionally not unconditionally but look we don't really have a relationship rather than me talking at you but my intentions are much love
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