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#761 - Bas Rutten

2016-02-17 | 🔗
Bas Rutten is a retired MMA fighter and former UFC Heavyweight Champion.  He currently is the co-host of Inside MMA, and hosts a podcast with Mauro Ranallo called "Rutten & Ranallo" available on iTunes. http://www.ruttenandranallo.com/
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sorry for showtime boxing in also now the doubly debbie ie and he was supposed to be on here as well but unfortunately he caught the flu so he'll be back what will figure at a time when boss moral can come together and tell some amazing pride stories because they were there during the glory days in my opinion what some of the best fight ever in emma may history call by these two gentlemen but boss is a great friend and always love having him on issues an awesome character and personality and he is an absolute genius when it comes to martial arts knowledge into great got so without almost it i didn't do it i pulled back please welcome the great boss route we will experience and world live unfortunately more rinaldo is this deadly ill and he cannot make it here but
boss rudin boom bus ito elsewhere pow years easier former of sea heavyweight champion and friend kevin random and unfortunately the guy you want the title from passed away recently yes thou sad the conspiracy theory was all already on i saw in my because you didn't mauro didn't do toby toby yesterday evening so they said i was at the funeral of governmental man i don't know that's not really sir is who is released get home but yeah that was the that was the craziest news we found out after we just did our podcast here and there and a line on them we got sick signal ammonia and then as they couldn't gonna revival where he had staff infection
worse in anybody have ever seen in my life did you ever see some pictures you know what i said to paypal if you if you use smokeless tobacco in that little box you could literally put in that whole that he had in his just remember that yeah yeah was insane or will show the picture jamie see if you can find a picture kevin random and staff and affection i am i not i knew that i could get this bad but if he had holes in his anyway you could look in on you see all the tissue and a tendency to just incredible did you see her jimmy i mean i'm talkin like a fish size hold it was crazy either this that this guy survive everything as well look at it that oh that's just incredible i just don't and he fought after this tube the way the i said he got there sit up and he fought afterwards but when you body is that compromise from something like that
i'm assuming that was mercer where the medication resistance f infection that stuff is real dangerous in people die from it all the time look at it leg to forego swollen his ankle and his foot is oh my god very scary god and kevin regiment in his prime meanwhile a stud what a specimen that guy was to see him that compromised made on and off he just ignored it and it just kept worse and worse i dont know what happened i dont know either you know but i have the feeling that it's like all with all the fight us we're pretty much the same you'll probably is the same as well you know you have something you feel bad you know your lungs are everything is hurting whatever men in i'll take it that moral once it gets worse not realising because for pushing older limits all the time that is at the moment you're feeling it's probably really bad already you should check it out but you know pushing away let's get rid of white let's do my work first
we'll take care of that later there was too late that's that's the feeling i have that that is a problem with mental toughness and some fighters is they just keep pushing through injuries and i've always suspected that that might be the case with kane why came it's getting injured over and over again and now that they know certain get some serious injuries worries had back surgery bull shoulder surgery niece three i mean there's a guy in his prime i think kane is only thirty three or something like that right he should be regenerating like that this like now as a heavy weight that's your prime the early thirties four heavyweights are generally when they really come into their own and to see him constantly injured i've always suspected anxious his mental toughness is almost like a burden because he pushes through everything who now chris wide men i think the same with his knees he had some serious new problems is because they you know they have problem they just go fuck it was a steep darwin and they can block our pain in a way that most people think it
seriously injured of bargaining or the doktor gotta get this checked out not when you're in the middle camp and defending your title you fucking keep pushing through it i am telling all my students now because i used to be exactly like all the other guys i say hippy an injury and adopted tells you take two months of take for myself that's my advice now nearly double the amount of everybody does the opposite too much becomes one month or three weeks yeah don't do that because later in life like with what happened with me it will backfire for you at such a good piece of work it's right there because so many guys especially acl surgeries how many times have we seen guys get theirs in their knee reconstructed and then they try to get back on the mat too quickly pop bombs again the new need blows out again and you're lookin another six to nine months
it's so so dominant group elgin bed you read ikea like also like from a core from an illegal course she had something in his knee and illegal corey they had the fbi was illegally obtained it was he got a letter from the f b i almost lost his leg and then he had this he we went to with him one time he had a machine on in that field of his blood everywhere he went he got there crazy infection and then years later he gets a letter from the fbi and it was a guy who illegally handled in endorsing in whatever need for lisa fora for everything like organs and a fine that guy yeah and it was from cadaver there was effected and that's why yet another problem early shit way was really grazing did he get a discount or something maybe later just my rage check for the utterly happens benjy erratic using a lot of people forgot about his fuckin talented guy
i was sounded i at the time and was a brick call me crazy when anderson silver was to speak of his career i said if i have six months with benjy and would listen to me because sometimes she gets that ego then all i can strike with him now you know you don't you to take him down then strike him you know because she would not people are we won punch this guy hit so heart you would my hands on the focus meant i miss decrease just power has and i tell i'm telling you his resting was so good he would just take him down and just beat him up i guarantee you that that that's how powerfully while you know there's a lot of guys that don't realise their potential and benjy erratic was one of those guys people always talk about an jim this boy if he could figure out how to put it all together we did a few times in the eye of l when it was twenty four deanna condorcet was there now and then he started listening and people go like benes you transfer quantum into a gig functionaries just listening at this moment but
a new phase and not a guy like for instance he fought scotch smith you know and i told him dont role with the guy here but of people going to think i don't wanna i shall wear black let me tell i said so otherwise i'm looking to train you anymore and of course to fight starts smith comes any start rolling with a guy that's what the guide thus don't do it like the family silver don't brought with the guy you know you ve gotta pick em apart from the outside and should take him down he got in trouble at the end the first round then he took him down hidden ones but it was the end of the round but almost half scotchman cigarette exactly the same thing we have lost my voice i just stop yelling myself would you take him down it's really not easy for you do it you didn't he goes a funny thing when i want a big eyes at their own game or they want show that are not afraid to stand with is hard
is how do you know that that fuckin thing that makes great in the first place and make sure fighter in the first place a lot of times can bite you in the ass just don't don't do what the other person is best at if one thing he's weaker than yours go to whatever it is whether was ground whether a strike without one thing that gnp was also good who is always so good at imposing his strength like whatever the guy what if a guy was good at wrestling he would try to keep the fight standing if a guy was good standing he would take him down elm and judea he was so good at that and being unpredictable too as to what is approach was gonna be thought of going to strike and then he's gonna take you down you think he's gonna take it down there's gonna kick you he was like della holier than away every time when he thought he had new making use new combinations and and and the same thing happened to it sb every time you some scotia guy i remember to fight it was the jap and was a spinning back into the body here you know any mailed it over and over again you knew that forty six
eight which would every was training they worked on that in order for the rescue adler political edward you normally do like you know just bedroom josh caustic fight man that was that was an ugly one that that one is i swore up like that joshua's and seriously bad shape after that you couldn't fly after that fight where i was you know that was one where they hear that they had to drive from i think they have that fight into what was it toronto montreal i think those toronto right now you know that was a believers montreal because i think toronto was jake shields that was the big one of the roger centre right now glue thanks i'll eat away was in canada and he had a drive down to boston leave you stay there for a couple weeks before you could even fly back home in san jose well she's double blow up in the air as well account yeah it was so bad it was an orbital fracture there is there is a picture of it right there and that's after the fight it but it was so bad that they have operate on it and dumb those below out
fractures of the eis apparently are extremely painful and very dangerous to because it's the bone behalf in the eye that gets broken so they have to go in behind the i and repair that bone and sometimes when they do that i ball is never the same again it looks different i remember bob sap after croak up at him in pride i believe hold up and calls for the amber crow cop cracked him with the left hand was either as a came one knowest those go pride wait a minute man who carry washing nothing was nato it was because i was actually training bob table a vehicle of training i train in one and a half time breast he was doing interviews really go do guy right now in croatia is kicking back he wants to kill you because you're the worldwide are you just beat host
and ass a rule is crazy that he beat him so yet any came to train with me because i told him before the fight with whose is it if you would fight me where would you go for i go i go for body shots because you stamina and i kick your knees instead of your legs like economies because you have to care wait old it rather time whose dropped in two or three days for delivery to ask that he gave me said they don't i really wonder train with you i shall go then i'm gonna be in japan anyway so let's network card but so busy doing media i said don't do that such a superstar in japan how to capitalize on the amount of money he was able to make national think people in america realise how big for those few years bob sap got in japan have no clue he went out to dinner with him and that they have to close the restaurant and if the let him out of the bag you see one person the front due for warm and there was a whole group can get out anymore you couldn't through the lobby of the hotel
it's not like you can blend in now i've got a three hundred and seventy five year old man when these are huge he was this is the tokyo posts they had a picture of him at the undercover coming out of like a massage he saw little girls make them and use them i dunno immense stands there and all these little girls at that little black thing in front of their eyes you know that they do so you don't know who that person iraq and he upset he said why did they put one in front of my i believed in blogger will mean we we're gonna go they ll areas when he was fighting and pride i mean he was like a character from a movie use like the boss in a video game member cod
there are still areas he did all these dances the bob said then go every shape of every show and yet i just love him he's a freak and you know what the first time when he fought against nogueira i loaded we're gonna hear from this this guy he was doing really well again asking isn't guy like nogueira eventually ok laws but he just started yeah i think you ve read would would have kept folk sing on the same training that he did at the time would it be in a much much tougher guy because he had allowed a talented physically at least while he was so fuckin big too was so big maurice was training with that yet more smith was working with a major human marianne their work into this kickboxing and there really trying to put some technique tall that muscle but you know you're talking about a guy who luigi may lose three hundred seventy five pounds with arabs
like is the real science project in the history of performance enhancing drugs perhaps have it is there but a project as the number it is these like this is as far as you could push you can explode skin just explodes like water below evidently that egg bet you see that with these guys you use a lot you know they always around defined as they start to become purple and then suddenly here they died of art that you have a gazelle i wonder what happened there he made it through survive and then started this quick tapping he started doing all these fights where he would get here why he would go in hard and if it didn't god you just have fought a bunch of guys like that where he would start off fight really well and then one of tapping out just enable fight again like three weeks do the same thing is kept deal in it living off of the name that he had created while he was in pride that's a very sad thing for me that that's almost
the same goal industry than back from money really is to me i think that is any such a good guy if you meet him also very very story how people gray guy but the other eye like that has the same occur you know i saw that special on another thing that they did on empty shells cars now you know it's it's hard to look at that because especially he knew where he was in the past and that all is gone now it's it's you can be really high but you give full really low yeah energy fight are saying that they said it so great to fight this is but when your high your high you know when you win but when the llosa there it's really lois well the differences too much yeah actually look legit came out with a elinor rhonda now i mean she broke down just thinking about and i know it is a moment that are there so am i body would have that for a few seconds but dear old alligator then
i like that i know that after the fight like that night she was just devastated but of course i mean that was a brutal brutal knock out and it was a fight where nothing worked now just nothing works when after holly and she tried to bully and holly just great footwork countered her and that kickboxing in her movement holly's moving is the best in all of women's mme footwork and movement she so good i'm getting out of the way at countering when you're coming in and though the style bulldogs i'll of rounders especially the wish thought that fight that night display right in the holly's and she knew it italy where she was gonna be all the time you just once before and that head kick wolf you now knows why other things i said after that find em like this is she should take a long time off after that fire because that's the kind of head kick that's a kind of kayo that it takes a long time to recover
from you might look fine yet you know you might be able as early but me italy and also the brow in itself that kind of impact like high kick like that can really take a long time for everything he'll creating two to normalize guinea rice that this is now a bit because i took my words back because it we're talking about flight may well first rhonda survivor goes to the ground you know i truly believe but again he said footwork all make sure i'm gonna go to the god i go no five for five minutes twenty five minutes long time you know don't will be inclined one time but that's exactly what happened yeah there's a difference first of all in fighting in enacting on which is a huge surface like what if you look at a boxing ring most bitter
good luck about much much smaller space and also i just don't think rwanda which had a box of floyd may whether i think she thought that she could stand with holly home yet and i think a lot of his based on how his previous performances in the usa especially the retail pennington fight yokel pennington was very very very durable and of your car i give her i gave her the nickname the ear exploded because she's had so many moments in the fight we like scream so loud they elect you blow people's eardrums out like what you thought asked evan smith and bull dog choked her gay i blood everywhere totalling one second ago we're screaming at the end of that fight like she's out there's out and there's no and but pennington so tough and fought conservatively against holly home and one like that was split decision so you look at that fight a little boy man maybe randy could stand with oranges go after the wish when after brcko hair duration
after alexis davis but man holly was just on point next game planning also you know after the fighters rockwell there was too much perfect for her because it means ok stay away from the big bombs meal and they know that rhonda you she's naturally she can hit she hit you when i saw that thumb what is it opel work out in brazil one of these guys i have always things to say or does no good you should be doing improved issue gay you i'm all very critical and always i think to myself i might too much is that what am i doing but at the moment i saw her training there and this is this is fighting and are an odious doesn't translate to fighting by hitting before smith and hitting to or all that stuff it look nearly perfect to me the roads over upper body the movement afterwards them a very thyssen like also i really thought men here ok i've to say no news looks really good i felt the same way we i felt like our hand techniques were on point and then when she points
i'd better go here in the first round of sort of spoke to that lay ok will look obviously she can he hit hard her technique is improving and she an early athlete yeah you're talkin about an olympian you talk about a person has that mine said to push forward and figure out a way to get better at everything she does but so does holly sodas holly you mean and holly's got way better kickboxing there's an way better she's got way more diversity in her striking game whereas run is just punching needs the body when she gets close with clinch needs the body but on the outside of his punching where's holly collagen head kick you and not through the fuck out and she sets those kicks out but kicks the body she'll throw kicks the leg the jackson camp they all like that'll bleak kicked the of eyes too dangerous kick there's gonna be outlawed and when somebody's going to snap their needs gonna be over do you think so because need bars on outlawed he looks on outlawed i know but
different thing you know you did this is once your leg is a little stretched and you get hit there that's it a new bar or you have to be belarus nobody anybody else we just put an antibiotic gave you time to tap we want to have evident obligate yeah hi green i mean but it's so effective right now when its legal i understand whether using is john jones is so good at and that the euro winkle john is one of the best striking coaches in the war he really is so good and so under appreciated because such a humble guy he doesn't is not talking allies not bragging he's a very down to earth nor more humble guy get but the results that that guy's been able to mean holly's probably one of his best student but of course john jones now not a freak you know did he can change the world he he could be if as everything if you can on the straight and narrow unease just fighting see this guy nobody's gonna beat this guy it's gonna be is gonna be that's for sure but in other words
by john is a johns gonna fuck himself up because like recently he just got caught driving with no license unknown no insurance and no registration and now he lost his life see get gazing on millions of dollars gonna fuckin driver man ever yet but look at tiger woods what happened to him because when all the crap happened with him he mentally didn't come back from that around a status is gulf you nobody seems fighting it's it's a mind game it's really a mind game so kenny overs that i think he can because jones is young knows how good he is but if i were him i would say fight for five more years stop you're going down the sri lankan thousand year from that it will still talk about you if you do it correctly are you know he sidetracked and something bad gonna happen to him let's not help you i hope he pulls together he's a great guy i really like john as a person coming here as its flaws like most people and his young and the amount of pressure that he's on to be the youngest ever you have seen champion to have this spectacular
you're so early in life the only loss he had was a disqualification those a bullshit does the application of this this stupid rule of twelve to six elbows they gotta get rid of that year makes us at home we don't know what i'm talking about folks in the eu have see there's a rule in this crazy rule that you can't strike someone with an elbow from twelve twelve p m to six o clock dial going straight down and the only reason why you can't do it has been when they were setting up the athletic commissions the athletic commission had seen those karate demonstrations on tv work i would break a brick with his elbow is that what you can't do that that's gotta be illegal because someone could die and these were big john mccarthy told me that he had to talk to these people is like ok now ones illegal so that's the only reason one that still illegal but a great thing is if your own you back your life do that is as it is obvious thing ever aids so stupid the dumbest rules are still in place of that
we had a guy in a hole in a heap walid people eat a wheat or land with these two guys when they fought each other they would sell out all the time die i saw three fights of them live because these guys were crazy full time rules and orlando we then he but both of them they would index in like jump all the way up and then come down where most of the collar bone had amended they would go full blast orlando we do find you have seen the early like i think you'll see too was it to be fought and yeah against a ram co parliament bardell yeah i'm cool got him in a scarf all around it and with all those with illegal elbows now it is it legal had so true right might have been legal costs it was kind of coming from twelve aside maybe was like twelve the seven or some levin never live or want to seven that's what you want
so damn it so dumb i you know i have a problem with a few rules that you see but that's the number one does the number one i am also a problem with the putting the hand on the ground to stop news the head i always go if you have somebody was lifted him out there in the head why i feel like turn down the pole maybe that's the problem we are up against a cage because you can get your head out the way i get in pride one of the crazy things about pride which i think to this day and one of the reasons why i was so excited to have moral here to you guys called the glory day means while this fight in the history of the sport we have stops soccer kicks everything but no but nowhere else the ground yet no i remember finds that they literally of vanilla sylvan the coroner over or or sugar you know it would hold the ropes and as just somebody our goal pretty myself it's scary i think that shouldn't that shouldn't
illegal it's i though what happened in the past with the hard you aware tat you know anyone if she now one championship yeah when you look at deaf why'd you go now the referee really messed up and down yeah you literally dropped on all fours because he was exhausted and any get penalty kicked into face downward doubt that could have been really bad martha was really bad i mean i don't know how much you recover from that that was a devastating knock out and was also roger finding at once avonlea which is not really his way clearly has really should be a one fifty five any fought a big who's the brazilian guy that he fought i don't remember his name but guys a big guy a he he have you're hurt and then that soccer they have like a rule at one fc amount they still have it where they you they'll say like open like what you're allowed to do downpour kicked the down opponent well this was a close as you know there's a guy's name azora babble maria manhood above it
was a devastating devastating soccer he said i did not want to throw the kick while well then don't would you do do a body which which will be very dangerous at that moment as well because your breathe you can crack some rich so very dangerous as well but you can recover from the crack ribs allow both india over from step wait there's no need for that i never had that you know it means being aware indicates and know what you're doing you know if i you guys guys gonna hit him an extra while you learn its aid there's a lot of debate about the old rules of pride versus the rules that you have sea and those one of the things that happen when crocus started fighting in the eu have sea and then fought in a cage for the first time against gonzalo what father any sanchez first one that fight but that does not always not on his level and then he fought guns argon gonzalvo took him down held them up against a cage elbows
shit out of me and then stood up in high kick them but he was saying like the elbows confused him he wasn't used to that and he also was used the cage been trapped whereas the pride ray yeah good move around me up like the ropes where they get under the ropes who did you know you never my plan it also but you can look somebody up also in a corner which he cannot do in a cage ass its when i step for the first time in a gauge i will do this is doesn't it can never let me up the biggest i've ever seen here yes oh yeah i think gone zaga that fight and i will come back to this i thought it was so smart what he was doing he was constantly thrown the right hand and it didn't even come close to his face like this for an animal constantly thinking why is he doing that and then it ray you know i oh he shutting his gig down because quote up he might think it if i just right straight like every twenty seconds in front of your face he's gonna think if i throw my left at the mall
these toys advised straight he's gonna knock me out so i shot is whole game down and then moving to the left and that was that was a blueprint to cuoco because after that everybody so doing yeah it's interesting how crop croak up got his revenge and the rematch in a big way with elbows on the grass aims kind of ironic you know that one of the things i broke up with saying before the fight is that he didn't particularly grappling and he didn't particularly like elbows on the ground we while that's what one him the floor the second fight he won by being on top and but the elbow there are real talented striker can throw from the guard the dish and in those elbows is just unbelievably devastating we saw that in the croquet fight the up now he did a really good that i had a one time also somebody onboard me i got out and when afforded the second time i i didn't want to knock em out i want to our bore him first and i remember that our bargain but it was with the robe escape there i had him and anyway
captain i told my senses pancreas is this bankers in i got a bag and then later on i you'll hooked it actually wanted ankara's how crazy rules you in europe first guy to figure those rules out and i loved watching you fight back them because it was open hand striking with the hands but kicks so like you were with a first guy than ever saw fight and that first of all that so fuckin hard to see when you with slam these guys these kicks tubular all this is a completely different experience but also you weren't slapping you at how the fuck do you will your hand back sophia i got very limber hands here the bone here you are pulling your hand way back and throwing straight punches and hooks and upper cuts like when you five who knocking owing opera guys area like a punch the same motion nobody does this still look if i'm in the guard and adjust if my hand like this yeah just light over his chest
and eventually why nobody doing why is nobody just leave it here dr hit him a little bit to look away because most ivan look away they think the book just the latest flat hand on the centre the chest and just shove it up at albany chest there is no sense that does make sense but wouldn't work with a punch as well with the yeah but you have more space with a palm right like on this distance this is much shorter than this this is like an extra fifteen percent which will make a lot of different thousand that distance that's a very good point let us another five or six inches at least that's why i know or understood nobody strong palm strikes now then left or right great combination right in boxing right it's a dumb combination if you really think about it if it's a short left took away too closely ray punch it has no power i get stretch my arm but if i do strike and demonstrate
now i get space for my straight punch it's much harder shore wise nobody doing that now i do closed lines diet i posted a thing or face would like a year ago when i hit a ban with a close line did i dont think people can imitate me my weight with a kick like that they can kick i spoke in i show closed i know she's back folding around my whole arm is the craziest thing you can block quitting it to block whatever you want if i closed you have you stand still go straight through everything i guarantee you knock you are wiser wires clothes on solar power it is so powerful because you get really look it up don't stretch your arm nine because if you mean time and you hit your you gonna hyper extent but you can read your whole body weight in their luck it on your legs are planted on the ground getting all that hip torture it is such a powerful strike and also with the clinch when even when they stand like this if i do this it loops around today
france of ending the mega had still the legal part right because its outside the mohawk well even back of the head standing never seems to get again boxing they get penalized for punch in the back of a headline people say no rapid punches but when you think about a head kick allow a head takes its irrational wanted all over the shoulder their there the back of the head and its and its legal that's why they are effective and that's why it was so effective with me with the wood with pancras i behind the ear and if you look at like thyssen's fights you know how we did it but he did it he was always too short a guy but you if you see hooking somebody he had almost becket ahead very short hooks not a body it's ready for impact the front from the side because you used to it well if you could see the punch coming the behind i always tell people just do with a palm just do this to rebecca had ass she what happens like just me doing this is already go you you're not ready for that
so we can overcome with urgent if you go ahead as hard as again behind here it's a sweet its weak points i can understand what he's doing is raising the lack of the head that much more dangerous o due to do this but i mean is it that much more danger of an ocean are just behind here just to that yeah right you you get me remember when hands or fund world combat against that judo guy i forget all the dutch guy yeah yeah got his back and speakers best biogas ends by driving them also got his back and just back if they if you can although the back of the head runic chokes around the window but it just gonna bang bang into the back of the head and it's almost more effective than a runic a joke because keyser just gonna there's gonna try to cover
yeah and eventually mortal slip through that's it's interesting to me that there are some really effective martial arts techniques that are outlawed and that's one of em i mean you you can't hit that spot it's it's it's kind of strange because the self defense situation or an actual martial arts if you think about what is the most effective technique to use needs on the ground are very effective to head down opponent elbows the baghdad are very effective but are they that much more dangerous we should they be outlawed here's the video hens i got it all figured bohme i mean no need to choke baby each domain you i think and i was gonna step on his head right mash them you smashed i do what that guy here's the deal hence i was a very nice guy by the way this fuckin guy calling hens are all throughout the night and fucking with them he's got his eye on diver eyes out cold hence so was in his hotel room this guy kept calling i'm fucking with em ages who did
haven't asleep so just kept ringing phone it handles out ok as wait motherfucker here it's funny when you see guidelines it is always smiling what's more where people a piece willie dies you smiled all the time you have neither does the same thing when he did you in the ball watch out you ever see that twitter sequence that hens oakwood online beat the shit out of these muggers in new york city these guys in new york city tried to mug hens or gracie not knowing who was so hens are not only beat the fuck out of me followed them and kept beating the fuck out of them and was making all these thank you may a bloomberg from making so say if you do not have to worry about guns to me as a pleasure already started there's two guys
following the problem of iraq me yourself and that it makes it this is really happening again so excited what of huge fuck up on their part yeah well i have we were kenny i know we were somewhere he's not dead long ago and he was also he was working on the street and two guys same thing he came the story and he dropped the biggest guy he's just picked up his kind export and while he kept work the police came they stopped trouble and looks at the guy's got your honor what is it you just picked up wrong guy they told him they forget the noble he looked so friendly in nice mean when when he's got game face on he looks like a killer but mostly time hence our smiling is i wanted a smiley as happy as guys you're going to run into and they look at em they're big
while others is and i fell reason i fell ring but it's this is the paper weight this another really address affect one is a paper whether they gave to us hands i couldn't be a nice guy could be a nice guy and it's so nice to see how well he's done with his school to me as one of the biggest jujitsu schools in the world manhattan words so hard to be successful because it so expensive real estate think i have thing develop a big pardon there because they did a thing on twenty twenty four him and fifteen minutes one of the two and after that adjust exploded what once you get into the world of enzo you know about kind of person is everyone likes him even the guys like i'm sort of people at home they saw their guy and a day so that their naked you no talent put a hand in it get a boom ordain trains are also his wife trains everybody trains yeah well he's done an amazing job of putting together a fantastic jim in new
city with gary tone and eddy coming so he's got these guys that are too and john dinosaurs a big part that is well he's got guys at a train their that are so successful in these jujitsu competition so it's not just the legacy of being the graces and being one the most famous jujitsu practitioners ever but it's also on top of that it's the product the results they ve gotten competition yeah he's very aren't you know he's got a really good staff as well teaching there which is a very important because most of the time guys they go are really good they want to control it too much and it goes down i did a great job just getting to write as for the job what's also you see extreme loyalty from the people a train there because they love hands oh so much like there there's like a real bond with hands oh gracie of course no matt sarah who came from that lenny age and that a lot of his guys as well just a campaign of good things about it's funny met a sailor
then there are the window it s the first time looking for a five year nationalities shall you keep your model its at council level sitting is now funding if you haven't seen it does show called looking for a fight in its dana white mats era and nick the tooth and what they do is they go to small email shows all over the world and they see fights and fine talent and that's where they found that kid may not go sage northcote as well and then the guy was who they were setting up to fight bunk cm punk but i don't know what's going to happen with that i understand this whole thing she allowed entry why i also think it's ridiculous for him to fight and you have seen many think he should fight in a small organization take a fight in a small organization build yourself up i have always said it that's what should have happened with brok listener who i mean you look it brok lester as an athlete i we said if you took rock less
and got him to a guy like mad hume or for us a hobby and said ok make this guy a check you deal with a freak athlete unreal just train amply erect building a bill em up slow get into the right but he wanted to fight right away and you have seen one fighting k one right you have c4 k one elisha and then right to the usa yeah it's a shame over and above what is his name and then you know day without of course they understand that once he fights were a baby viewed as gotta lotta people he's gonna have got to be really but that that is the issue what is always short like the money later new career you regret all these things are happier where did that yeah i feel they make mistakes i feel a key a deafening had massive potential i mean he beat me he be randy couture yet this is the third area unbelievable i mean he beat the shit out of frank mere i mean
he be chain carbon and if i were really out his show his resilience got the fuck beat out of the first round karabakh submitted in the second round will who so we had some legit wins against legit guys but just wasn't re for guys like kane or especially our survival i add it was about five if he could have taken it to the ground it would have been different it's good to or that was the first time that i thought all hopefully now more people start doing it i was crazy punch and with him it was because she was not super technically at an inn striking but he hid overhead and it hit with this part of the hand with a fist the beggar had negative and down then what you knew the centres knocked out cave alaska like that i go ok we got it people finding out i start getting it to it and then for last as did the same thing to junior coming back so i feel they looked at it so we're gonna see this more often but that was pretty what did you see it here and there one time but it's not a real overhand or did they throw real over and not with the site then hidden
a head again what we just talked about the almost like a ridge hands for its almost jody williams when chocolate daily to throw that creating a chuckle adele sweatshirt on this new routes to fight ones right yet about these guidelines but chuckling delhi's throw it like over the top of his who who like he would he would throw this crazy wanted that's how he had ouster when they fought in private yet he threw it like like not or not circular at all but like like a twelve six punch you know it's a complete different punch that's what i tell people i said how do i should i always really liked the technique from chuck he's he's also wide open bitch i'm almost power equal left their rights are just like tat i should just like to fight like that as well and he can it really really hard and he's not afraid but about opening up sometimes though with him you know he gets too excited instead of stepping back he goes in forty
he'll and that god i'm in trouble later in his career because it would simply stepped back and come back but that's why every person every i every everybody likes juggle adele that you don't look at your holidays oil or a couple times by knock out nobody will said he did not lose one fund because he's was there to fight that do i really like chuck yet here one of the most exciting attitudes ever who in fighting he was always do or die an early career he had an incredible chin i mean his chin was just iron you ever see the palais fight when they fought valley to dawn brazil i heard a lot of data was gray eyes do crazy fight and then that was fight where they had my net under the bottom rope they fought in a ring it was modified valley tudor where the bottom rope from the bottom to the to the floor of the ring was
net so get ass light other trapped bear knuckle and chucks got trapped in marriage is beaten up fuck out of em like smashed up there and this is back when you know chuck was known for his striking but he was a very good rest yeah before that you know i stopped everyday them you know that was one of the things that what the fuck was his name the guy who i was matchmaker for the u have siege already john parading john already told chuck right before he fought its first frightened you have see he said if you take this guy down you'll never fight for us again well there's a good sony senator chuck right before he thought they didn't want to try to wrestle phocas way so chives iheart jesus latin america who does the debut of chocolate who knew i got great had power while it ackerman his trainers also a legend ray guyana a real wild man to those they were perfect combination hackle men and chuck chucks early date
you know what you watch those fighting the baku fight me he was just a fuckin destroyer as the cake right that was the there was the second time they fought right wasn't it removes usually that's different every mauro here hill elbowed h everything what am i a memorial gets better will definitely have a background i would love to talk to i love mile he's such a great guy he really is we are some crazy stores in japan also because we everything when as is fun we will come home look come all we will get breakfast in japan you know you wake up early does the jet lag where there are five thirty a window breakfast place opus we sit and our table we start with do it would be at the end twenty five guys are there everybody jumpsuit there because its comedy central all the finer you know everyone is laughing everybody is having a good time because great a lotta comedy sketches to those like a lot of fun with pride in those early days in the early days
this was just a that was with the quarters steer glottal she have day allowed us to do this and it all happened because i fully my suit i didn't know that as a commentator you needed to wear a suit faith massive either and i really didn't bring us nobody toby's rings it so was in my short flip clubs that i had to hawaii insured on and i wasn't it dad i'm getting a bag and there's a bunch of these allegations their fanning madonna feeding me grapes and i'm doing i'm talking to steve with india event you know we're going back afore and they say men week really like that maybe we should keep doing this and then we start coming up at this crazy opening where a lot of what you were doing it was i don't even know if i was working for the u have see back then but guys from jitsu we would all get together widower either go my friend johns housework over my house we get together with a bunch of guys mood watch price
and all those were the days there is as were the days because that way was the early days of emma may and you know we had in the indeed at the u have sea which was kind of struggle and at the time because they were kicked off a cable and yelling we could get it was on directive ie is presumed who who is before you for bottom era which but that's like right around the time we're pride started take off with the first hickson fight it looks in a lot of people don't know hicks and started off pride dixon was in pride one be dakota first five sakharov put him on a map by beating the gracious yeah yeah that's when it became big that's why i always say four risen foot at long illness arise and that they need they need sakharov i like i don't need a japanese guy they they could do a few shows like this would have failed or a meaningful in our family silver coming back and they could do a few shows but eventually people want a route for their own you know they need a japanese guy accept
ok you're remembering k one you're getting very i think he won the first one but that was before all the forerunners gaming ones do they know go she kadijah when all the deal that was an animal like i also bronco without whose man zack i could flock india we shall fight jaap aid a hole in holland that's thou defamed most famous place every fight was there always i was one night we had forgot from thailand to a there and they were fighting all guys jim jim like rob cayman mueller well globally and we all older rate guys all the great strike us for manhole eta all title fights and they were broadcast life to thailand why they are knocked out why they never happen again after that why droid and may cause us of what was it that was the hollandaise of the top holland guys when writer the time where ramon decker started dominating and rob came insert dominating so much
talent came out of holland we inhabit it is a small country if you look at the size of how do you look at the amount of high level kick boxes of command there it's pretty incredible its regret that you know you did the k one for instance they at the end from the final eight they fight all year from that they make a final tournament for people who don't understand it they fight ten times a year distend shows year and in december does that i'd like to you she started eight fighters the best for the whole year compete against each other whoever wins gets like forty fifty thousand dollars whatever the price money is but i realise that the final aid were six were dutch wouldn't show now if you'll for instance in a guy who was born in morocco by lives in holland or even we're boarded hold with moroccan parents you know surely you come up with the moroccan flak because this is how we can have the leg the language are looking at a high profile zambia roman deckers the first guy s first time i saw him fight i wasn't a safeguard our fight
swell so this is this is a long time ago i was just see class you know a knowledge of new seek less beak less a class and an eye started to probably was new and he fought seek as i believe and a friend of mine cos he says you gonna watch has had no i gotta fight i get a warm obviously do you wanna watch this kid was just that i see him with a little mullet aeneas skinny any fight this guy was much older he's like sixteen seventeen years of an older guy to do so automatically you you're gonna get killed my biogas just wait till he starts here and the first i do i still remember he kicked guy loki and a guy went horizontal fell in a good mood my body good is the key his power of ever seen a show explosive and he was so skinny at the time but his thick negroes perfect is technique was perfect anyway all ferocious here i mean he didn't like went towards the end his ankles were so fucked up that he wanted to fight southpaw because he's
you didn't want to throw the right kick but he would he would kick a few times and would go fuck it nearly go right back to it in bad leg new tell em like we were close to amputating your leg you ve broken your foot so many times you broken your shin your whole leg just this year as anyone wrap it up tightened just still wants to fight started you didn't give a fuck you throw it right into elbows he kicked everything our motto saw get you a nice place it back in the corridor whose call him his trainer he told me i never hurt him like you would say know i hurt my ankle or my hand he said i never heard him say anything when it comes to it just goes like what do you do i'm putting my shoulder but it give it it was almost it wasn't his body argues using a borrowed body the guy men superfluity you know that's kevin governmental minorca freakin nature i mean he could have done any sport
you know guys like that and its were roaming data stew and happy they found fighting though while ramon deckers really set the standard he really set the standard for ferocity any sort of embody dad holland style the dutch style of my tie where they just i mean he was just a crusher crusher he was like rob came in all these guys they start what what they did what they the reason was they started winning fights and silent was because they had better hands did they tied to ends and kicks together and they didn't do that in thailand genuine predominantly odor kicking taking inadequate king and then you had like a robber get rob game and what are the greatest but keep watch us ever you know and then you show me that's the technical version ned more smooth one probably he had done the slow fibres you know because you don't get me wrong about may not yard when every punch then you had roman daggers was the explosive guy d had that technic any he added the x
most of this too with restlessness to just crazy power in a weighty fight the first time you know any hit with twenty six punchy you see the shots that's go body was never to quantify it's never been knocked out in his life he was the first to do that and then you see after the fire when he's down the whole place it's quiet nobody moves and rob cameron jumps in the ring with the dutch version pull that fight up man rob kid not robbed him ramon deckers versus cobain co bond luck i'm toy tongue writers i hate her just about all this these names you know it's ok i got my first them tie names are pretty crazy the amount of adverbs adjectives there are forty whatever's drayage worthy the amount consonants all lumped together
and now he's crazy names there it is this is an ongoing but but just to think a little too to see what kind of barriers look at that hook the gig my colleague that left her man would rob came in the for she rattle heymann yesterday's rob came was just more technical you didn't take his made transiting get hit is model who was very small and very technical when he fought and he's a great train or two in oh rob cayman was really one of the guys who was responsible for bread in their early in his career he owen where was knocking everybody dead in the eu have see earliness career he was train with rob came and we stop treatment rob came it is one thing sorry like not going so well for europe this is cool this is a slow motion is today show cobalt now knocking people out i think so they know who co bonus they call them to buffalo it was a nickname because you never went down while you're a giant head let us see if they can
young i overheard aware and i want to hear a slow relation maybe that's the way you have an islam honesty them out area and other there's gotta be so crazy the way given the extra punch rights in a very ill said so ramon like most of the time fought south pause i would it was no foot paradox don't for both show most of the time when he fights different because he has an injury like you said this is lawrence can skin tension whose an amazing like analysed he does a fantastic job of breaking down fight his is fight breakdowns or a man using but he does a lot of it in slow motion to show technique so see if you could find just to actual fight and so that video lot we need definite view a fan of striking and you want
standing a little bit about a little bit better watch lawrence stuff what is the eu has you to channel lawrence as you to channel khazars give him some props his name lawrence tension he's amazing lawrence is amazing he does such a great job of breaking down five his videos are incredible and dumb he really deserves a lot of credit for that i love watching his breakdowns especially tie loves it a lot of my time now my tie breakdown so here's the actual fight itself man is thesis these are like in a lot of ways like unprecedented times because the ties back and in those days we we were used to karate and we were used to pee k a kick boxing day then makes w gay fertile didn't know and then when westerner started going over to thailand and competing as the ties we ceilings with high level my tie they had in their kicking technique and especially the low kicks which is devastating that was the first
the american championship when they came when they lost it was local amber were members already rufus went and got out and his kind of funny because duke rufus talks about a kind of laughs about it now that they were saying when when his brother got fucked up i forget it was brother father got lit up leg kicks and stopped and duke was likewise not allow techniques to that and i don't think there's much does take much time what do you think a lot of others they didn't know you know what it s hand he sets bonbon look at it this ramon deckers is prime no de luca on doing a finishing point she's gonna give which want to god however in our hands how it is half was called bonn plutonium these outermost regions waterford they give it a mistake the last right hand towards the end and there's gonna be so bad us it's amazing how must combine could take to talk
oh that's it look at the audience disability of dutch guys everybody's quiet and then is seer came on coming in this game of he's gonna get the flag and how fuckin tough was called pontio to take those shots a lot of people a lot of money there i mean does not a whole lot of people on the planet that his way there would have taken those punches as many as he took clean to the face and there we saw together and and roma deckers resists t at all for power mean wing in those shots in on to man in this core hammer such a scary guy yeah man near glory while these up there now given having a blast john documents he died young as well yard heart
tat while he was writing is biased like those that do they know what happened and nobody first or maybe it fell but it was it was his heart and he's also because we all have been crazy every we all like going pushed pushing limits you know we were drinking with everything in it but he was totally like a year nothing was started cycling and i knew you know once you that's only any you loved cycling you wanna go de miles an hour i know i'm going to because that's how you yes he can't stop being the best at everything he does i wasn't just riding is by now we go crazy is go yeah that's it no ocean which animal so that an animal he probably pushed himself to his heart broke and also when you see him all the elder punishment he got into die with all the cuts on his forehead really bad as long as you want well i remember when you five dwayne ludwig towards the end of his career miata deepened in his face was flattened out his masses
our tissue all over his eyes his nose was flattened out yeah i mean he took a lot upon attic anybody's face changed more than vandalized though and yet at his face got flattened i owned you look at van delay during the old valley to today's than vandals towards the end and pride meaning it changes if it didn't they do should you but it was like an idea that you know to make a flutter of solidarity that is only gonna say they not did not only did that they took cartilage out of his ribbon reconstruct his nose and vanity had his nose made big al so that he can get more erin he mean looked crazy because he is knows looks very different used to look i remember the first time i saw him was on the way he was good for the way and he wasn't eating he was with someone else and he came the stage and i didn't over the fucking there i didn't know who while it at a school in someone say that's vandal anna what what what because if we had just gotten a surgery so its face was pulled type
because eyebrows were pulled tie in his nose was big it was he had his nose made much larger with a big piece of carthage so they could take punches oh yeah you see i have to say where the stupid ears you know cauliflowers i sucked him out three have today you gotta nap through it i need a picture ancient large neil because i do that want to have those airs nagorno their considerate trophies gaga good for you i m not for me i always wear your guards i have a little tiny pieces of it here and they are always warrior guard there is this it's not smart its if it affects your hearing i get looks cool but it affects the way the reason that you design that way so the sound echoes off the outside the ear and you can hear better i give you take your ear like books you dont have cauliflower you're taking ear go over the top ear and bend down that's what guys are hearing like all the time but you randy randy can even use i on your pods those your ear ear
gotta get outta my lungs we also need a book or rather the blue to russia how can you listen they're thing it's not even a lawyer who randy told me to his you know what happens with what it is cow suffocation so when your beer breaks in bleeds if you dont drain it it actually turns the calcium what turns out so it's like a bone so what randy would do is get topic eyes and grind his ear into their eyeball he would get is the vote is taken guys down who shall vizier right is like he had a rock assizes very wrong with this guy well just a few people know at home every tiny surgery can fix this right always the i mean they can fix this in in ten minutes share one of eddie bravoes black belts brent he had done he had his his ear caught and then they pull to attack and they pulled the stuff out you can get very dangerous to get some infections in their like you member dave tyrrell dave too ral had his ear
fuckin removed because he had such he had his ear room of the eta cauterize the inside of his ear cause is in fact things were so bad that it legumes faculties equilibrium balance was off like the whole in zero just pass and infections to the king against thompson james stultified wendy they called it like a set alight with its it at sea the us he went in there with the immediate and not only did he not drain it it was like a recent blood there's like it we had a mouse livin in his ear i was big i was now and then he hits it now nastier splatter well probably no one's worse than jessica i verses laura loss smith was it laura psmith username the gunshot lastly it leslie smithy i thank you and just i hit her ear and you see the below issued right up in the air from her ear was insane it would be crazy if she hit she's a blood flying and i go right now
as a result of this great to see it right there and half of her ear was hanging off her head and by the way how tough is leslie smith because leslie swift was mad that they stop the fight sheriff fuckin a whole that you could see her brain i'm always been a big fertilisation with vision name right a gunslingers something this is what is a nickname something like a western yeah i don't know and majestic fitter begins it diet of and jessica to start targeting that that one spy over and over yonder disgusting that was there was a nasty ear i'd ever get their people that you see i will be to nice at that moment i won't it there they are anywhere people go like again i gotta use magazine that's a clear these to it i thought likely rigour each area
where woman's emma may israeli heat not by now right with you wanta yonder check lover who moonlight unesco whose think she's fine man that chick is wild she breaks her hands a lot too unfortunately she's programmes and to you of sea fights of in the first the first rise by the last five years why she could finish she said don't level yes she's tough have also the way she gets in in their heads the way and then a story with a low and looks at it from below us he's dangerous she's dangerous but closure good day you fuckin being to europe a great fight and they're gonna coach alongside each other they gonna coach on the ultimate finer and then going to fight and they're gonna fight the day before the big july you have seen two hundred card or well yeah so they're gonna have the finals on friday or the ultimate fighter finals and then they're going to fight for the title you wanna on j check and clergy good day and then they can have the big two hundred card which then
even know exactly who fight in a two hundred card and mean its july so that a lot depends on conor macgregor vote those anja she now this just for joy i would want to see to the ultimate finer now you know because that that's going to be interesting because your personality i think you oh yeah gonna make it well do you know adele also me ass an animal while they fought in it was a split association very close way that god ella luke's write her body yes i can also machine very good my tie to but really good ground so the question is it's gonna be to give it to the ground because joanna heard her in the first round knocked down and one that round but a lot of people say the clergy and might have one the second and third whoso was a very close fight very close fight very controversial and very tightly disputed fight so then the rematch can be very exciting and look for that pollution
literature go work with its work for wrestling you that's a good question question i don't know who her arm wrestling coaches way i think she does a lot of work in poland in a little in poland i mean there's so many good european wrestling cautious you know europe and wrestling there's a lot of great like especially if they did they bring a lot eastern bloc wrestlers level russian wrestlers like that's what how george saint pierre got so good yet leave the russian nash nor were training up in montreal go to so technical too you know those guys the russian style of wrestling is so technical so drill oriented you know as so many are really high level may look at what is happening now in the eu have see with all these sambo guys these high level grapple errors like well first of all you ve got be normal combat off was one of the best in a light with a vision but he's another one has a hard time stay and healthy
but you do you think it's a training or you think it's just the person who knows you know it could be both in o me he's such a fuckin animal you you see the way he fights you gotta think trains that what europe can do the way you fight you so grinding you so fuckin attacking you relentlessly badger you know so who knows i always i will stress and i was guilty of that as well i trained really her light but when i hear lorries ear fighter saying or we go on friday we spar like seventy percent and i go and and no that's it i should that's that's it for sparring yeah i oh wow and they always shows how many times you do it every work out because that's what we're gonna do you know i'm going to try to i'll try to hurt you lex while if you have to fight i won't but in your body go extender i expect them also to go out with me in the head in oh yeah of course we watch but it had we don't know each other how do much to my soo much
because you're happens is well worth its unimaginable but that's why but i didn't fight for seven years when i did that to those six foot i feel great did she ring restless and no because we're doing it the doomsday retraining between your heart you know and if you used to it is the same as a fight i mean if they go heart that's a fight yards it bodes very similar if we train like that some people feel i mean that's one of the ideas behind hard training is that when you ve train hard you fight hard and it becomes normal but than other people think well you really should just train technical like a lot of the ties do they train more technical and more light with their sparring the hard work is our path work and bag work so these people who think like that's the way to save you psych wonder boy says that he says he spars very light because once preserve his chin once preservers handy psyche saves the hard
for the bag and for sites i used to love of my body of mere mere pirates didn't a navy she'll guy from israel and them here he's one guy who could hang with me and i mean stamina life because i will not go my we but we will go people will see us they think which out of control it's not at all sure it's also about who you train with dr what one day your steady sparring partners sick and somebody else pops up are you don't know that guy that guy tries to make a name for himself yo dance when you get the injuries but i truly believe in going out how many times do you see if it's really me if i see guys and clinched needing other people and a name like guinea and training they just
if their legs nobody gives real need roca joanna when she makes any answer different story or hours to explode in their yeah out over the last two have still needs to devise there's not going to do anything if you do it like that if we do want hard won it's worse than alone gig here because they don't expected the merciless will actually go straight through but nobody does it doesn't yards a few we will talk about one percent of the fight of but is though like all techniques like someone has just aren't that good at certain techniques they just don't have the kind of pop like you'll see guys throw kicks and this is nothing who them and it's not that they're not trying as they didn't have the looseness of the hips and i'll have that that sort of snap into the care no day emotions damage is just ethnic if you if you train your legs and you were put like them bout ankle wages just throw me from zero don't don't make it in a bouncing like come sit ups i can do is out thousand sit up as long as i use moment
to get back up that's the problem a lot of guys due date i do denise momentum standstill exploit standstill experts the trick also witnesses to move your hips away from your partner service with a stray punch the law good unease on its way the more power we're gonna have rights and these guys they don t they actually they teach troy hip syn with a view to the body is the dumbest thing to do rise like me giving you a straight pungent closing the distance i'm german myself where you don't want to do that free it up let the hip flexor do the work and at the mall you connect yeah that's when you push awaiting rise but a lot of don't do it like that they just need they do in training inspiring do you get frustrated when emily obviously there's some very high level training going on and emma some very high level training but there is also some training we see these guys like they're just not really prepared correctly wealth kicking into balls in order the inside logic night ninety
and when it happens is just because a guy does know how to gig cause is kicking it kicking up his right foot if it gives with the left is right for this toes i guarantee appointing straight to the opponent what they need to do is open that food let her toes point to decide and then the google is much easier to kick you will never have the problem rather just guys you don't know how to take in this way to kick you nepal's well it's interesting is that kicked the balls is so much more common and emma may than it is in my tie in glory like us they know exactly that lowering the kick you know we were talking about glory getting before the this package started we talking my glory getting picked by fight pass my idea is glory right now is so good there's so much high level kickboxing town in the world and now that you know glory picked up its showtime kay ones not really around any would mean glories the game beginning that's it get the best guys on nepal damn you know go goshawk even you got injure no but what happened i don't know i don't know
i just found out you know mauro told me because he was gonna maybe actually i think maybe now it's one quick falling in for him but them saki that's that's a guy mike tyson and this what i teach allow double rights double left punches you know everybody has a pattern divided really upset me is back yo may whether waiver is hanging against the ropes backyards just unloading but everything is left right left right left right now if you dig mike tyson sunday throws the left up a god liver shut or spleen right up a double right double left you makes that into a pattern because if throw a boxer in the corner and you start on loading on em with right left right left right left punching a narrow and they just barge here but if you go left right left left but bob and you change the second point is well made three shots to the left took and then you go to the body while keep look in his eyes or left uppercut change the angle of the punch but
the same arm that's when you get really effective eu citizen boxing in time ok everybody does it is really effective at it yet didn't do it make up eighty million dollars in a hundred eighty million dollars you would expect hu there ghana shoulder issue that doesn't prevent him from during a double left our double right mike tyson spleen might up a got i think you know six guys out like idea back by over unusual patterns that's it did you ever see them well john wayne pars gonna fuck anomalies and highlight real but animal put one of our mind my instagram page the other day we hits the sky would like seven apricots and in a row with the right side of bang bang bang bang can prepare you don't know the guy's gonna do that i do this yesterday michael s double right up a got left people don't know double if i had to hector apamia here three left up the kurds and the second the third one guy fell already dounia item under way down this three left i've got kids john wayne par highlight i love this highlight here
yeah he's an animal gave what is good do it better john wayne power a while mother you know really a great guy toil edible he also came up that's striking organization where he lives the ever make love it's his lonely type i now hear that anybody who doesn't do why they don't do that here while they should and maybe he can bring it to the united states but you know what he wanted to do was have like we cage like he likes the cage likes fact that you trapped in there and he likes a small gloves so as legal issues to listen fuck the grand aimlessness straggled like this i love a guy he's a while guy he's fond of your seen the pictures of his face like how many times has been stitched i can only imagine there's a picture john wayne parts face after one of his fight where his entire face is like a road map of stitches fucking crazy for sea we could find a picture because it's one of those
it's just you just look at you start shaking your head and blanket like what the fuck his whole face is like past to get look at look at this photograph look at this this creates real yes that is the courageous thing it's one fight as one fight his in higher fully it was a tiger were go tell those a shit elbowed out allows its is such an insane photo hillel race yeah he's over three hundred stitches in his face three hundred well yeah well that is where the real good at least have actually colleague laughed one is really there is from shots not really from grappling here for one emma may find but you nicest never really train grappling it's not really is thing but fuckin as my tie goes i trained with i get a chance to work out whether in learn some techniques from everything he's roses with power
the way through a leg had he pulls the right hand back ass he throws the job he doesn't just jab like a boxer would throw a job the way he jabs he's like pull back the right and stepping boys i everything he's rose designed to kill you use it but this will be my my thing also get like that everything you throw make em when you said the beginning i kick somebody you see their faces and i don't care if they block it gig as hard as i cannot choose to get inside their heads they noted you better blog this yeah because next time if you're not liking it you gonna have it's gonna be problem and then you start by can your opponent down mentally hit him all day old and so by just hit is how did she get onto hence the love you guys don't do that they truly believe that this is enough defence for like a right hook it's not me putting on a helmet it is an m m salmon at seminars to ok imagine i would tape
is made to my face and you can give me replied you're a hook you i get hoedown goes you have gone you gonna go down it s so ways of avoiding this you may self one with your head i'm just gonna hit your hands as home again still go down here you know but what happens in the mind of a wider as soon as i hate you and i see your hand going up automatically i let my power of because it's like oh it's it's and what if you just don't care or close line him like a beginning go straight through were you started thrown kicks in the pancreas days i remember you know cause i came from a kicking background there is not that many good kicker may before morey smith fought conan we i didn't see that many head kick cayos in emma may and especially against a blackberry when maurice fought colenso vieira does a first time i was in solitude now is in that other one it was john pretty organization wasn't a battle
extreme fighting the extreme fires yeah and that was a sounds like ok now we're finally seeing a guy can throw some kicks an element of the first i'm really was you and pancreas because you were in and they make you where those crazy boots wrestling shoes armed with a big boot chin chicken establish thing but you still its land that kick their arms and you see see like nobody wants a whole pads for guidelines no forget about getting it on your raw arm but that you know it two great way to go and into a fight because you know you can't yo capable of doing that yes you only have to connect you know and if you know with a journey if they can adjust wait i connect and i oh sure i'm not a guy who likes to get hit you know i don't mind am i right or not so i just use movement right and then an unjust explode at moments that you need to exploit how many fine you training right now do train any active gas know you i train a few guys at my jim but a big trouble
a lot now show word god you that i have at my jim or training them but we got only three reproach and in a bunch of amateur i should also years that you still do an inside it may were with can get it yeah and you do world series of fighting still which is a financially this weekend coming up or was it saturday the ceta unambitious in really nice more ice is finding again he's yeah like this would work to that's a guy the people sleep on it all really realise how town that guy's in its unfortunate that world series of fighting is not getting as much attention as it deserves who yet well there's a lot i'm a mayor there now very hard to pool eyeballs to adjust it buddy the same with glory glory doesn't have the eyeballs which most me away because if this something exciting is gone it's a glory event in there just engage you kid to what an animal a fuckin saga he's poos fun fun
want to watch i eat over you shoot a little down i always say but your maybe it's a fight style and he just wants to go because sometimes she gets hit hard and i think events surely we have ever clay gaeta tells you know like fighters eventually it's gonna break somebody's gonna give yeah you can only get hit hard and his walk through thing so much until eventually bodies and crop anymore and then most of the time ones that happens is gonna happen allied soldiers crazy should go on i want no one ever may the big want to me the one that i am exciting about his march fifth conor macgregor verses those who that is a fuckin crazy fight free of all who the hell is ever been like conner i mean the best shit talker of all time larry s eye i'm in love with a guy i love him i love everything we had about to show he's funny is you know everything he does every reach he does its different like he's repeating everything i do like in only one interview before and it should
that's a movie you know you you say the same thing over and over again but he doesn't now ghetto and he doesn't really use profanity as well so it keeps it clean but very every year knows and until now show great you know at the world chop oh sure how crazy who does that make you see bodies make getting everybody said that's why we the aldo you could tell you could simply tell everybody gets they are now i'm used to dead i grow but a street over or rough elders injustice that also actually it's gonna come through you know you a start doing something back is a few fun things that europe can do sancho zoo is not engaging him i like the way docile this is how you he's is letting him talk and these are women fight this one on matters i think he's is like a salad stoic i think he's off learning the lessons of how although sorted out rattled learn and he's not gonna get rather dull scientist
the different got those are just a guess even do in the chapel pose publicity campaigns which are paid and that thinks you're fucking crazy i love you gotta guys and ass a seal areas any kin flock in five five great reflexes meanest timing is really good he using his reach really well and the way for us that is a hobby described is left dance for us a hobby by the way did an amazing breakdown if you listening to this go to youtube or ass a hobby who in my mind is one of the true great masters of enemies uranium it is an amazing breakdown of this fight but the way he describes cut connor he's he's got the touch of death in that left hand and its true he just light skies up at the left hand but plus its laser guided in oh it's it's on target not just he just doesn't hit the
your jaw yeah he's so timing so accurately and so and so beautiful with its footwork the we slit in the way of all those advance and just drop that left hand in does not deal already a man this guy in the beginning i go is always the director assemblies boobies their journeys just beating everybody having only ever expect that is a monster here really is well a lot of what's goin on to his conditioning is off the charges is working with nick curse on whose work the disciples of marbre innovate and they have i'm doing these crazy explosive pile metric drills and all these footwork drill and if you are seen as training routine you realize they got up fuckin oxygen mass guatemala in these thrown body shots on the bag it's all this incredible brutal break down for first strengthen conditioning so that he can really go five round
like that there's no such thing as having enough stamina that's what i always tell everybody no such thing here you gotta go all the way that's why a trained so hard because i don't want to have it i had experienced i boxing one time when i read it i guess snuff on an especially in a you no longer rounds and with an opponent seeing you know i know you getting tired now yet wings you know they turn it on and the best part there the worst thing in the world to see an opponent notice that you're tired and he's not coming after me starts drop and low kicks on you in punch you in the face and you can't do anything you're bodies are cooperating it gets worse because then your breeding starts going wrong leading parents not relaxed anymore you have to start flexing because devices are coming i'll take you stay an even more away up and stamina is a weapon really i mean look at new ideas who is a guy who fought so
hey guys and out worked on whom the frank shamrock five is a perfect example that fight he he just kept popping up with punches like fifty percent punches buddies hitting on and he can't breathe because when i want a punch it purses punching you even if their punching you and it's not full blast you still tightening the other you know get a chance to breathe and nicky i just doesn't get tired does ultra marathons a fucking i swam from alcatraz twice he's an incredible shape he's done triathlon anomalies and ultra marathons pro take that back but swimming from alcatraz is a fucking creed endeavoured to current airway on it twice well paris for instance i thought it was never going to lose and and only time she was really was against guys with great stamina ugly gaeta and an already a who just keep pushing to fight yeah you know anything grappling grappling vida yeah i think physically paris is not strong enough for those guys guys those are just that just put it to more eddie alvarez just put it to the physical like that
turn it into one of those gruelling wrestling match s may i think is takedown defence is pretty good and i think is grappling is not bad we want the title with an arm argument but i just think physically when it comes to these gruelling exchanges i don't love is physically strong enough to fight that kind of fight with like a doll sancho europe or even at your browsing then that in that fight yet well footwork again waited they gonna he needs is going to need a lot of forward like a morass he stopped staked out by wildly deservest problem just moved out away mozart away he writes guys up to and in his power to that's a big thing competitors power to gloomy i'm not count pedestal pettus could easily come back in and when the title again he's a monster but i never expected louis i thought because this complete baggage and it would be a great striker great submissions take down offence i go ok the gap pinamonte weedy box
put away ceremony even better and more impressive than dose angeles ned i was the craziest dos santos he hurt geronium bad and come up against a cage but i thought that the stoppage was so weird because they looked at the referee and tell them ever to stop the fighting dos santos has ceremonies orange turtle dopy still covering up i'll know when a fight should be stopped in that situation when a guy's a guy gets hurt the body is obviously hurt but those angels is hidden them cowboys covering like wendy stop a fight i give a guy's covering up and you're hitting his arms we start trying to get back out his feet like when does a fake it start when is it ok because some referees wouldn't have stopped the fight i know you're right is a perfect example right chris widen verses luke rocco when luke rock old gun on top of chris whiteman at the end of the round was beaten the fuck out of him i was saying they should stop that like he's not defending europe but i like that
not the same as like that the cowboy ceremony though soldiers fighting like meant that was a little bit of a more controversial started because it still is the diva yeah yeah i know they shouldn't nation stopped only once without coming getting do if he doesn't doesn't cover up he's gonna get hit with a punch you know he's got a cover up when you covering and the guy's bauble bobo vote is not about you can do if you just gotta put your hand down to get up and if you put your hand to get up we gonna get tat so's it's kind of its it's almost like a guy can have a fight stopped without you being in real trouble although cowboy was certainly in trouble here but it's it's a weird little kind of a it's is so subjective who now it is up to the referee to decide its own decision this right i want to be a reference to vary the worst how do i ever really s is never good gray but you there for the safety of the finest if they don't you know
ground they dont defend am i stop right away if they really because they don't that's why they're doing its crime in you you know how our like a big johnny tells me that arise i've seen in doing it again to fighters in the dressing room he'll down do now come to me after the fight that if you lay the guy hit you you're just bugging up i will stop the fight and he says it two or three times do not come to me out and find a complain about it goes you right now improve your position and sometimes you you don't see that also with for instance a guillotine attempts or are you see i should defend the guillotine like a standing still and i go don't defend the guillotine you know gopher position may shortly you kept close you hold it has to make sure he doesn't jump guard because if you defend while look at that dickens has regression then i availed goose defended utopia he jumped garth
now he's got em around arousing against cartouche you know she got a crazy crank onto under hat and instead of defending what people are doing the defendant nano she didn't she sent a petition to which you have to foot feet i locked to fit in ouch diligence that she took a chair and that's what people should do underground also they said to me yeah but if they did you should escape buck up move to this if you book up they're gonna have to look for balancing make sure they never sit on your chest push him always your belly if again pushing bluebell you hold a niece you push yourself upwards say moors he's sitting on your belly but you gotta go yet a move easy it is is it for you if if somebody mount you to go to put him in at least to have got while you got it really is right i think a lot of guys don't train after backed the craziest thing it drives me now let's get him into garment why amount position shouldn't even be happening go to decide mom position when they could stop use only when they put their stretched a hook their feet
but then there's not a lot if they can do because you just stop there slots interesting we see the different levels of of their game off their back like brian ortega who have you been was not guideline jesus fucking christ his triangles are good here guard game is so good he's one of those guys he's like a gold standard for how to fight off your back when they get him on his back he is is that packing attacking you you're not gonna get him stagnant we're just lying there waiting for the referee to stand back up that's when you ve got that kind of a ground game off your back it's a totally new dimension for your opponents they use to taking a guy down and maybe thrones embody punches with him you're fuckin defending the whole tags or up on your neck europe's try to stir up and get out of there that's the gold standard that's what everybody should aspire to have that kind of a dangerous ground game yup that's why i thought prince sensor journey to explore this wonder
no no of our god how can i forget mr collins tied it i'm just gonna the natural can i was going to say i mean i thought accorded one that because his conscience attacking underground and if somebody otobu need you once every what time that count if destroy under feet if it if it goes to a decision and nobody get really hurt but the guy who constantly king is gonna win defied right again why doesn't count on a grunt yeah i regions because it goes on top doesn't mean is winning know how about the fact that that's how you want the title four kevin rolodex regiment of what's your dear i get even with submission at exactly but like and it was poor but no one took you down and you just cap attacking from your back yeah that's what mccartney's later i didn't put him pegana food because boss was working from his bag that was the reason they didn't put his back on the right but you know if you
guy guys a college called it or what you saw a lot of pride also great groundwork and constantly attacking and then they get rewarded for that after the fight they actually went to fight and it should be because people go yet but the there is also no no it's not about the defence and drank it's not that it's about guy who extra chances because we all know if you have somebody in the god you go for number as i possibility is going to be assigned mono worse position for you so you're taking risks and if you're willing to take those chris they should be rewarded what i also like pride like that ten minute first round there was good answer makes it makes it more strategical yeah really can burn out in the beginning there was a thing with bankers in the beginning but thirty minutes that's why two osh came on my hands because that means hosting which is relax because i was such a hot it in entire boxing like somebody hit me might this is not about you know and i go meant this japanese guys are notable being tough if this happens the first remit as i get to
deserve a more minutes ago ever empty he s not a good thing so stay take out you stop be more strategical so pancreas was any rounds or was it just nobody's thirty minutes at a dead end were a few and unlike the undercoat for ten minutes fight but most of them was everything was fifteen minutes and the title fight in the end was thirty beginning the forenoon have hardly anyone round wow that's that's a real strategic right i'm a fan of that though i like that i like the two but but you know and again if you look at some you see five villages leyla then you know in all days however to stand up here then it becomes kind of boring but that was one the things when i moved to pancras always there story but when i saw my opponent with forty five part of you and i but went away in washes its there's no way in these we everybody fights everybody a god is great nice my i was just bluffing of course
ok so how many most we get one round world also how many minutes thirty awesome sermon my manager degrees men of forty five pounds of me as opposed to a three minute kickboxing for that's that's what i was thinking around you know box i gave her kickboxing so yet at open my eyes a little bit there and look almost a digital that's good thing what's also good for grapples when they work like save you a five minute fight or five and it round and you work for four minutes and thirty seconds to get the fight to the ground you have thirty seconds try to secure the omission whereas if you take gotta grana ten and if by any form in thirty seconds now you have five minutes and thirty kids to try to finish him which is a lot of time yeah but you know into this is always the other side of the male in a you you can say while they should have taken them doubt sooner or these guys it's a year but i just need more work on the ground well just go faster
this is the gave you after that and not the other way around while you could definitely look at it that way what do you think about silver doom returning against came i think it's it's gonna be grateful i think again for the work and we know that the seminar played a big factor huge butts four do men these only been honest narrowed as going straight up since since pride there i mean always that finally launched against the alister really lose i think if you would count de punched indicates it also get it because i was afraid at the time because i was it else does a friend of mine a diamond i go because for doom hidden more connected more only you know doom blue is now to enough fight he i say so and for that we strike in now with cadet always there they're dead much breaking really well to get away with our dna and everybody there they're doing our darrow's is what a great striking coastal guy he's done amazing job gap because you
asian you can talk to the guy data barbecue to get a day you know he's there in your best interests that yes dwayne frederick same geike inhalation tomkins all these guys there are all wait i remember stores was shown we will come home partying five six in the morning he which go straight to as it ever was a day of the way and straight to the now with the guys putting him help conform mitch if they want to lose weight he never ever mr bid you know like a dwayne as adults wanna trainers eta bizarre the twins you know is headed who don't have that will you gotta be a completely absurd to be a great trimming that's what makes ludwig so good he's completely obsessed s and that those the mean is the same with a fighter it's a scene with anything if you're not completely obsessed you just not going to reach a potential that's it you need to like it also i was talking about that yesterday it some you can have all the time if you don't like it you if you hear fighters with
blows my might always when i hear quint infringes i hate training and i go while i training i wanted tired i want to try new stuff i've always loved it till the end when but what then denies inhibiting start hurting really really bad you know and you can even think trade anymore that's when i stopped but before that always loved it and if you love something say school when you work at math lad only math but you were good at the things that you liked road biology i love biology boom ace you know it's all things that you like you automatically do your best for simple yeah if you a passionate person if your passion about what you're pursuing you're gonna do better than a person is just do it as a job and quaintness so much talent little and
unbelievable power he's got a fantastic chin here right away i rode up so bright always am i always when you talk about quintus deferred any arched even backwards he didn't go straight up he actually went a little further and then thou wasteland and most spectacular slam kayo in the history of emma corona had him locked up in a triangle and quinton slammed him into oblivion and head bottom to run away damning inadvertent head but let slip them and then babo that his head slammed in or to my god there was a horrific fight recount ricardo never never recovered from whatever ricardo i radical story about governmental when he was talking render ensured that he said he just fought care anyone nieces for i wasn't a dressing room by myself in japan was noble then you know i was taken in asia because i which is one of the most important fight of my career and
suddenly he sees a shadow any thinks it was rennell mezzo automatically said at that time everybody was fighting it was before after dinner really matter was this fighting thing around when i came in i thought there was going to be fight a random gave walked up to him he subdued great job congratulations you know your awesome and asia blooming away he said it is vital i saw the monster as it differ person that so hard now also with random when are you you know when everybody knows him he's such a good guy yeah he was great guy he was a really friendly happy go lucky guy it's so unfortunate i don't know i don't know what happened with him and what happened was shown tom intelligent one you know this was the saddest thing ever because when i went to the funeral his some his he was in a and a coffin i didn't want to see that i did i want i want a friend of mine and i did like that so sad do it in this matter
it was so sad manage as she came to me a crying and and she said out he was in it was home and that we can she was going to tell him that he had to go to the doktor because in the family in the family that have enlarge hearts and he needs to check that out and i was what was going down there there was no drugs no note because people are of course the conspiracy theories did didn't find anything for anything frazier thing was i talk today before we sean it was show we have because then you guys announce it on you see it of us whoa challenge i start i saw googling but it was so weird he's texted me something and i thought for some reason i thought oh he wants to talk to me because nobody would text as i picked up the phone and i call him any going out with a muscle peach one of our friends it's called a muscle bitch and he was he eat muscle it was drunk and he says by can leave a man behind i'm going to stay with him you now want to make sure it's gonna be ok but many kept going plasma
the problem that i was reading about didn't even come up we start talking about everything it was great great time but i love you you know that i really love you and and finally when we hang up you start texting you know that love use tom the whole team tomkins loves you i was really we never did that and the next day passed away shows almost like he felt that it was going to happen while it's crazy that's crazy who is another guy that was really loved by the guys that trained does relationships between trainers and in students trainers and fires a sample you know and it so hard for a fighter to find the right trainer the right train that fits their personality somewhat of technical as someone who has also that emotional bond that's thing done one hundred percent commitment that's the thing and it being a fighter whole sounds cool and that's why a lot of guys don't make it because they only want to look cool
you don't really fight for to fight like once they fight to start fighting for money here no don't do that then dennis going downhill yeah but i need a paycheck then they'll find find another job in either mention everyone on upset at us the same of the train us you know you can be or for a little bit because this guy's gonna go in the ring or in a cage have to make sure this is gonna stay safe yeah when you see a fighter that's only fighting for the pay check its very rare really works which is very rare we're not gonna championship level you know i mean in my it might be ok journeymen level you my pull it off if your tough in your ear skilled but to beat the best guys who have to be obsessed like the best geyser obsessed yeah you want to be the best there is another baby i show that will come if you are the best of the bay they will be better but focus on getting good f for yourselves i wish you know don't put your family
once but i understand you want to do that but you know once you start that means that you care care care you it's a very say it it's selfish it issued be selfish you should be i fight for me i don't care way i explain to my my my students when they for instance day their nervous i say ok let's that's take a step back imagine your opponent now and you we'll go in a room they loved the room you guys gonna compete against each other whatever it doesn't matter who wish but the door open to you both of you are not going to say who won or lost nobody's gonna say do you really care if you lose at that moment ago site now here because no dear because that is just about a fighter i say so why do you go and then realising its because the people more you might think this and he might think this sea and that's why i always say five for yourself if you lose you give a jewel you
are always a winner it doesn't matter you know about this not going all the way not using all your potential and then lose because you didn't do that that something that after a fight you gonna say manner got harder so why didn't you just leave it all out there and if we leave it although that is no excuses and every other fighter will really enjoy you winning or losing how many if you have who would never became a chair but our here all the otter fight us talking about them show you fight but we think that guy's crazier you better prepare now because to be a nightmare to fight that guy you see that's what i think is the most important if you're pierce like it the way you fight he'll good you can't really loose yeah like a girl a chuckle adele were heavy that incredible fan base because he always fought with everything he had any whether he lost by knocking or one by knock out people still loved that's it didn't lose offend i always use
as an example and its and that's why every five though my students look at chocolate l i want you to be like that leave it out there i just want you to listen to a little bit more because if i would chuck had you know as shoe chuck hit somebody that's assume a bench erratic they have one vision and that's the knock out they forget about the rest defence defense i say ass soon ass she had somebody stepped back you gonna sometimes no worry but you just hit the head what does she gonna protect now the head go for the body do across your cross to the body nobody does it but no one is hardish again closer cross and left it to the head bob bob suddenly left to do that if you do the crucial what is a hot issue can you will force them to block it which will open up for the left to that same as with the body body ahead buddy booty they go papa boom but the book i won't work like that you should arise
over and over who does his first mish mash last fight body body boom agenda had been the first to body shot if this guy doesn't look him he's gonna get knocked out the body show now we respect your power that's what my tightened it baleen might up got each is so hard to explain that to say the time when he low chopper you he thinks he thinks it's gonna be same punch but then he changed the angle to an opera growth in its diversity further slingshot if you do a powerful and heart able work but if you do a buddy buddy hair but about it either work make everything count other guys intranet can serve their energy here by what i did i did the real work i will put back underground and it would thirty minutes just go punching unabashed underground rolling in the guard giving him you don't get tired from their come on guys you don't we get that does nothing there you can just go what are you gonna do if he's not bag he's gonna
beg isn't going to hit you beg you to watch out for submissions but that's not gonna get you in any trouble which stamina just go just go do you think now like looking back when you have these ten denied us and also the issues we too tough for your body is that what it is no i what i think is that because i was so sick as a kid that day day over oh me with court zones so many courtisolles there were moments i was i believe it was like forty six bills idiotic ya i at really bad skin disease a yes i was i had a lot of stuff that i took footed and ended the test they did on me i mean every week i had to go to get twenty shots shots uneath each arm or what they would do they would inject a little tiny bit of what you are looking for and then the whole really it's like the flu vaccine they hopefully the body finds a way to counter attack that but every
when you do that i'll be sick as issue i needed to recoup from that the whole time and i think eventually the courtiers owns because a really bad for the bones in attendance i think the court i was really got my tender knighted that's no nonsense you say i never heard that before i never heard of anybody having him i never heard of anybody having that many shots as a kid and then going to be a world championship fighter in my memory we need to end the craziest thing is that them when i was young trigger field and i did it a pretty high level already because i wanted to be denied bruce jenner at the time he was my hero that's how although he was the guy they d get long that's what i want to sleep and irene amber yet every time with javelin i had i already had attained a night and i start
recognize that i dont know why it stayed away my entire career came back only at the end it's gotta be the gods were good of god tell me ok usually you come fighter you know but for some reason at the end it came back but i remember the pain from when i was for in your old do you have a desire to train like championship little firing z you're talking about what guys don't do correctly in which like to see them do do have this desire to get involved with someone who's is really true to make a run on a title will you do i enjoy things like francis recover overcame me last week mother no yeah because he's an athlete it just launching alleyway chanted ethic glory everywhere champion amazing take box so when he said he was going to emma may i sentiment email right away i say listen rico come to me give me two hours of my time elsewhere you think stage gotta be very very helpful for you i'm not looking to be a coach because i don't have the time for that and wait to rising for that but i can get
when two hours i can get you a lot of information or like friction john shows a while back i was interviewing him in any said right away i was in albuquerque would you gonna do this is set to my hotel commander you in tray me you see you guys are really one alone they want just i've learning and these guys listen and then they they stopped being more explosive with catching appointed they gonna get this is this is crazy you know like sound effects i do a lot pop pop up at high pitched sounded if you see somebody for instance if you do the focus myths or you hit a bag you go bump bump on palm one two three four like that polish and shut if use just stop you go in your mind you go i'm just do that and then just by doing that your the automatically will adapt and will get more explosive and he realised that it goes well and the next week two weeks later we had the great section on the show and gregg tells me he's a man what what are you
but what have you been teaching asia what it means is everybody makes these crazy son i say do they hit then how do you guys know so it really works to get it people's heads and then if you haven't happily like a suburban athlete like george who would listen to you that's that's cool but if a guy like that came to you of a guy like that came through in said listen boss i want you to train me we have that then you would be interested in doing yeah it's gonna be hard it depends what do you know that division out a new bob gas the elder the degenerate into so much stuff does wheelchairs fighting that i certainly cannot do because then we gotta have two hundred percent commitment right you know i like a lot because i'm a very basic guy everything is basic bade the basics with me because everybody gets the basics so motions diamond when somebody comes like the tin sylvia while ago he came to my jim and he threw them
to growing an item i submit this can be way hotter and start learning to throw the hook without loading open you want is fighting fifteen with the left or because there is a greater europe that enjoy do give em in our time and shit them what they do wrong and then if they really listen to it they realize i wait a minute i got more power in i don't try to in this style just showed him how you get maximum power and if you mix up between your stars that's up to you but i see you have this in passion about oh yeah i love a guys and about working on technique that's why i'm i'm curious like have you ever thought about like just going into training nea nets sam is too busy to bid but also now anymore but you know a lot of guys that you do over two years you put a lot you invest a lot of time and doesn't work and doesn't work out o day had get a better deal so morals and i just leave you and they use it has been a lot of us
and trainers finally to train or something or manager and as it just kick him to decide because i'm going to save ten percent here again do you know them but but then again those guys most of the time you see and losing now you know because you broke down winning combination if you have simply my stretching routine everybody alicia please post because we always talk about this my striking it is the same as it was when when i started ninety three lowell probably even before it might go out and issue ever changes as ever chaser why wouldn't you do lord echoed because with that switching routine and never had a problem why would ask change it and never give me up lemon train right is he showed i if i start adding things are subjected to estonia getting just my fault i had it in combination never always held me let's not break that let's keep it to sing and that's what everything you it is i know that you have you jim and thousand oaks what would you call d regulatory above students elite mme and you
mostly recreational people's awareness that certainly on tuesdays thursday someday at six o clock working class you teach tuesdays most strike of oil only striking a thursdays i start with ground but only of life twenty minutes because people went to work out right now to fight it if i to fight classes with the finest here we do a lot of graduate escapes reversals i always thought like that that's how i try and i never started on my knees but grappling i always lay on my back and i tell my partner dig any position you what the song ardent supporters them importantly for extra god spot yellow yourself about spot and figure out how to be comfortable those bad spots and work out of all the time that's it you know every day six i had an student want i'm coming over to me and after class he said but you know what's funny ass a dummy is as i've been working for three years and you teaching the same stuff
i say yet it is financially ionia so timor funny efficacy i say you still not doing it the reason i'm doing this is because of people like you because you guys listen that's why you're out they don't they don't do it everybody forget the basics they all want to do this bidding becky stood at breakfast and the crazy elbows and doing their forget about basic stuff simple want do how many times and boxing you see a knockout the level of the planet want do related trick timing and when you throw it the timing the efficiency the technique and having it down where you own it yet that's it so you enjoying teaching enjoy teaching couple times a week enjoy that's what i'm doing it and others are striking glasser guy sparring and there they nervously just working on technique and it's all technique my classes you go like you see girls it at my class when i saw the double habitable right i can tell him any combination of people who watching i woke what is this but i've been with me for a while a very technical
no indeed they do really well the striking i guess again they were laughing about it to build always work together florida do they really good republican listen to this also but i say listen everybody throws a loki inferences in combination with the local but once you do that in a class dil they have their hands always down so i do it to me the combination and just before they make local stretch miranda funded referred and i shall i want everybody to do this because i just walked around i said and as for only three people from the legs of twenty to twenty four people there were doing it in oh just keep me here i'm just makes europe they hit him just can be aware that i could be a punch comprehensive and i walked over and asia where we one of the three i say you know you're one of the things i guess you guys are always doing it it's just an a habit to make a good habitat lose the habit but unfortunately lotta guys lose it now what
this pod can you do with moral and i was one of the reasons why you guys want to come in here together and like you said unfortunately moral got sick but you'll have to do in a pot gas we're doing a broadcast a route and end were narrow its gold written there were now and it's an eye to sound out it's everywhere we it's it's a really fun people have no clue who mauro really is she d start now because that pig bees are showed up you know he's bipolar he know any she goes up and down but the guy is is a genius light does no problem there is no nothing he just should like any rice in france's same simply no have a brain you can ask about a horse and ninety infrequent eighty nine and you will know and a name and it is that's what moral and and i told you the story before the year with the pro wrestling the gig that he now has and people are raving about him everywhere all even the pro restless say did did a bad guy i ever had and i told stevie when once they higher moral and george burnett to do the progressive new
japan pro resting on access tv i told him i say you watch moral is gonna work for the w w after they hear him doing this he's gonna get a job mark my words why everything now not just two and now he's doing showtime boxing he did a bunch of glory fight this is your landing page for their root and when our written accounting episodes you guys done so for seven tomorrow towards the seventh and tomorrow is dedicated to kevin governmental man we got have his wife one more comment on and to talk about his life and all the funny things i mean i got such a crazy stories with given i mean went to his wedding but my own family and it was so my family did destroyed i mean they want to go with us to the funeral everything was sir it was so sad the next day after the wedding we we were all at the poor people laying down a little hung over you know and then suddenly there was a wonderful volleyball net as somebody start to play volume and you know all this
competitive guys there has only this big themes with the kids we're going to tell everyone would have only it was such a good time in situ time and again you know things like a thing like this happens it's the upsetting it is it is he was a which truly was a great guy i'm all my interactions with however is always laughin smile and hugging people and member i ran into kevin once we were at the fights who is a smaller organization was fight there was some fights going on in vegas and care i ran to each other the concession stand and giving his big what's a man do me and then other people coming over in ages fans fans commoner habits of cabin it's ok you kill a man hugging everybody and smiled like but i'm fuckin jovial guy you know the first i fought him right we fought and only met one time defied before when you beat moorish miss would make the picture indicated they begin to postal later there was the only with time i met him
so now i'm in the hotel and i think it's before it away and since i am waiting for the elevator by myself the elevator opens and various he is and he doesn't know he needs to begin so i get in elevated close now over the two of us in the elevator and i'm lookin i can see his face you though in the mirror reflection and he already has a smaller got as far as those mega look at ever go you no good tomorrow thank you is as you too and i beg you look any says if you keep your freedom on the floor i promise you i won't take you down ok ok who gets noticed crazy guy side of you keep your feet of nokia kicks you crazy it gives a great deal right strange deal and so
in defied the fight starts and you'll see the fight was this tat the first thing he does so his thigh like kick me right so norman curfew so i got away he's gonna think i gave him a local so i'm going to act like it maloney by gave him a front kicked it face so if it will wants to time it to take me down you wanna kitten square and the footage so i move i make a frantic and a ghost just in front of it and these backing up i just miss him with the front to diverge and i see something in his eyes and i feel this day i couldn't of till this data while after i couldn't figure what it was but in its mighty of course i thought we said who know gonna kick you know but he did that slapping thing honest i saw it threw me off i thought i now he wants me to kick him ok sorry as the whole thing was not real let's not kicking but he got me because i kicked you too
only the front gig misty backed up a guy before was always gamesmanship you know there is definitely a lot of that oh i was talking to him the whole time that big john burdens book because i was literally while a boom because laying on a guy to say this a minute things it took breath as you would like it much better if we try to negotiate as you go back counterfeit theatre they so there s a good guy yea was a great guy now is a great pity you know as we are part of the early days of emma maiming your one the original pioneers of the sport without a doubt mean your fight it with the ocean posada for the law this time i had that poster there's a poster though your announcing our fight matilda targets at the world's greatest marshall artist boss ruin that's how they announced you i mean they were they were building
because you are like one of the first really elite strikers to fight and emma do we really said is it they must stop right there on the poster they forgot to world looking looking marshall out as i told him that but i forgot the elbe whereby it is a good time but when you look back on enemies gotta be pretty amazing the time that you came along mean from becoming pancreas from entering into you have seen being you see heavyweight champion like what what number was that you have seen eighteen and twenty twenty i became the champ most are two hundred no that's incredible it's crazy you know the boy it was such a great honor the dark hall of fame when they sit there also did the pioneer section the pioneer section is a section to their will only grow so far it will not meet children in two thousand year from love this keeps going additives comes at whatever because a new olympics but it doesn't matter
we were always the ones that started here you know and that's a cool thing it is a good thing it's it's crazy also that this is the oldest sport in the world really fighting and it is the oldest form of competition but it's all the newest sport because there's no sport from ninety ninety three which is when the usa first started is no sport from then there's exploded a new sport that came along and ninety ninety three that's exploded and now in two thousand sixteen mean you have run around he's on the ellen show that when we talk about today the collar macgregor john doe sound just fight is probably gonna get close to two million paper we realized we that's gonna be fuckin crazy you're dealing with they give sport that's exploding yardstick bloating now so it's it's so strange that this is this combination of things the oldest sport is all the newest sport and you from the time you started competing you caught it like right at the beginning of the way yet it's it's it's really cool and some major feeling met me many times fence ask you won't you wanna be born
two years later i say now perfectly happy right now i mean all should aware wrapped it up i didn't lose in the last twenty two five is a great way to stop while i'm ahead to every guy could go shiva given what when one more you'll lose you in one more you lose you know there s not a great way to wrap up a career in of course injuries with me played a factor in oh maybe i got injuries because its aim is bingo really well may we could get no start now because you're getting older and you don't want to admit that you get older because she said exposure for you still want to do it then you still framed with guys when i came back i train with the guy's a vague as i go did everybody the debate is it than you ever second career this is the craziest thing as they had a disgrace you out feeling show good you know i couldn't the warmer i could do twenty minutes warm up when i started because it in trade between areas six weeks later i'm not taking breaks anymore i just went to the next opponents i was even myself my amazing amended is great and then all the
you started coming back now again ok now i got it my niece my ten a night is torn hamstring ago pulled a rip put a rip out at the plays a term than henderson's place no they took me down in mid air i reverse to take down but with that you so much up a body sprang strengthen partnership so now there was twelve days before the fight i can punch anymore can point to back the only thing i did was the we're going to have the audio work out in the air was moaning i could do while so would you gotta spore would you faculties a hundred percent tax that is the ultimate goal fighter to retire and especially you because you know you're now commentator here also and analysed mean what you do a fantastic job a breakdown it's a really enjoy on inside emma may because you such a knowledgeable perspective but also your very honest you don't play politics if you're very honest about how you feel about a fight coming up about wearing i fucked up where where a person chances lie
and i think he'd seeds it's amazing what you ve done really is amazing thank you new to your sharp as ever i you know i always try not to get it no i didn't really working my terrified he has given because you see the grab item even the first five minutes but you know but after that it was ok for the rest don't think i ever got it you know i always try to slip a move fighting intelligent is the most important aspect of fighting to use your mind to use your mind and proper tactics and techniques i love mighty mouse gap mighty mouse as best i agree near me i think there's any competition think john jones is of a phenomenal tat in these an amazing fighter but i think it's it's almost disrespectful to put him as powerful pound the best when you look at some of the wars that he's had with gust of sentiment the war that
what did you call me it was a great me daniel obviously a great fighter who is a really good fight in john one the fight of course clearly but you do it most of the constitution does he may get hit dots in is a fuckin freak mean dozens of freakin dies and just couldn't touch him dots and always said it beginning is like he's glued to the ground became move back you'd never slips you never great footwork but an dj who met did it really good job that's really that's we have to hold me level what he's got so much going on here is mind is very smart he's very dedicated he's got a great control of his ego he doesn't fight like a fool fights very very technical his foot work is fantastic his is choices that he makes it a fight his unpredictable in his movements it's just i think he's the best ever
really do he needs a guy to fight the like a kind of a great deal because we as a big payday wonder because rough elbows urges is going to make a lot of money despite all yeah you know if the two million if that's really gonna hit it you watch noble probably get up also if he if for some reason macgregor wins is gonna be verified for him because think it does arduous he s going to be very tough i because we saw a man ass you will wield we'll know the same thing you know you watch it goes to the ground you still don't know little known in india that fight he so aware a wary is when he fought mendous not talking about macgregor he was lying on the ground now jimmy had tried to escape who was almost like you said i was gonna wanna guess mendez took their fight over two weeks that's what i mean to different as we could have done that but he knew that that's what i'm saying he knew i'm just gonna guarantees a cigarette i'm gonna get him try i think once against ruffled los angeles he's gonna need this guy in the guard that's one thing for sure
there is a different animal he'll be there every minute of every round he be there for twenty five minutes trying to kill you get dos santos is a fuckin animal health and animal is a different animal totally different kind of a so on the sole curious as to how that's gonna play out when you look at how obsess connor is with footwork and movement and being smooth and fast and laying point like one of things he said when i was interviewed him out of the fire fight he's like no power when they see that no power just precision precision like all those come on he just drops out punch and i mean he's not he's not guaranteeing he's not just drops it in and takes one did the thing is i see him everywhere so i hope is not going to make the rules you mistake because and i said it two weeks before i think well she's doing is not good every talk show every maybe i go to the supermarket three exit governor it's the same stop do that you know fight first fight for that makes you big
once you lose that although modest did you do i know it's gonna goes well yes because they want that champion yes it also macgregor i hope that he keeps stay focused and only in a fix them instead he needs to do contractually and that sets the i think he's gonna be you a lot smarter about i think rhonda just got overwhelmed with the amount of superstar them that came her way on your precedent it am i mean did never been an athlete like that before this female ass kicker whose on top of the world yet mean to you is a new thing and because of that there were so many temptations then and there i for her it's also was also so hard when she lost she was such a high you know and then boomed area such yellow that while this de otto it is how your opponents could have felt i think that kind of stuff you don't want but it's really good for because now she understands it gonna go oh ok now i tasted the out of sight you're gonna make you better person they use now reminiscing about all the things today was i
in that interview i wasn't really that wasn't really cool you know those things backfiring when she said losing his women regular the same thing although with it is always it's a funny thing yeah you know whip with run it's real like like real we'll get macgregor is it real here too the reason is shambley only good is he in his mind he truly wishes norway a loose yes nato and a guide to meet a guy mendous hit em heart i mean heart and he did uneven flinch there was no zero no movement crazy is decreasing we saw men took out ricardo lopez mean ricardo lamas rather luggage yeah mean move mendous it's fucking hearty asia hoddan cottages eat each on the tipp of his georgia does not legislate and how crazy his shot his jaws incredible his mind is incredible i'm so fascinated by their fight
fascinated says one for one of us goes the war we all go to all the way back when he said that member in boston was that was that's where he got me that's when i'd way ass a guide this guy that's when we gotta worry about inside him away once and then the next time you wasn't inside ever maize has manic imo monograms look in my suit how cool is that he was a nice guy this name and did you ever see the video oh it's my homework on end because we were gonna interview in my son video that isn't hotel in in in dublin i believe and this coconuts you see there are no ok so he stood into the camera this shooting this whatever you though to following up on the sunday hears wife going no we any goethe his tongue gary lifted says what he said no way once i get so he walks over she has comes with a coconut there's a whole in there they put a little cork thing in their so he goes norway
it's like they ve never so called global they put destroyed ago no what do you think this form because i have to fight a brazilian guy that's why they put their start reminiscing and that is a knock on the door so he opened dorothy has a coconut this disease trainer and traders secondly does the three to go no it is so funny i beg you seem at the attic he lives at the attic from this moment with his wife why are the attic and he putting a suit on any strikes figure out a thing in the pocket do you know any goes i don't do it but you know in a few years from now i will this become second nature and you see him now cool is that using random really there all the way up their good guy he's making so much money now it's unprecedented
no no i was talking to date on the phone today and data we say he's gonna be the first gotta make a hundred million dollars although made five million dollars from that last five although did million five million and all those going back to brazil with that money wordsworth probably like who knows if these twenty we something like that and in and for a guy like although who loves brazil must be in brazil damn it goes a long way in brazil yet only help a lot of people in brazil with that money to whereas like if you bring that money to america mean five billion dollars in los angeles how'd you get a constant how's that it's gone in but in brazil he can eaten hold onto that money for a long time well who knows how much carter's gonna make a new start doing just fine and even if you lose you still defences featherwit title just crazy idea what if you fuckin wins if i can we many goes up and fight robbie lawlor it well to wait rice wonder boy it's gonna be insane this
what oh boy has the same kind of timing that he s undervoice different i always always talk about distance as yesterday my classes how to get the most important thing at fighting is keep your nose pointed to your opponent because if you they eyes that they think look in a way this is easier ways not give you full vision and distance you know if you if you manage to stay just outside his reach and then you can counter its golden that's what what about it all under boy has that no one has is karate kicks he's got that front legs sidekick to the body the frontline round house take the face when he was fuckin johnny hendricks up with that he front legs i kicked in the body than frontline round ass taking the face you can see hendricks as i was what is this he kicks in a way that no one does know when you we'll take helen burger ellen burger was saying before that fight those kicks or wasted time he's a rare thing it's a waste of energy let spinning why do i take some wily last ned
hope solo is a big friend do we see now hope solo made a video message for one boy loves her girlish not amazing his fight with hendricks was his coming out moment like where you really got to see him with all his work that is done with wide bitterness take down events in his wrestling and the euro seeing that kickboxing that we always knew we had with the fifty seven uno kickboxing rather too as you think you're seeing it come together inside the octagon where these are all this emma may skills have caught up with his kickboxing fuck man that guy's good gay something i was so impressed with that fight with hendricks i was so impressed me in his father said before if i was talking about a distance in lemme see and then when i saw two footwork vice like a snake here is again and out russell did he has to be done it is not those who knows he's copper first with a lot of work with wide meant him and wipe untrained together a lot
it also he's carlos machado son in law o yea i rise oh you mean he's learning jujitsu shore from i mean what belt he has under that but jesus christ that's high level is a beautiful thing to be connected to the how did i hear something that he was going to be like family of white minnows almost connection it is easy going to live there now while he trains with him a lot nowadays a big white men of course lead wrestling and see doubleday all american and one of the best wrestlers right now if i may so to have a guy like widening training they need to do a lot of training sessions at half time they go down there do a lot of work with a wrestling owners but that's what he needed he needed to be able to confidently stay on his feet and not worry about executing the care because you see him earlier in his career he just didn't it doesnt wasn't loose wasn't loosed away years an kickboxing five did you ever see him in the world combat lecture viruses or notation my god you see him and pure kickboxing see what a talent this kid
this incredible environment a legit but unusual because his hands down and loose and in an out like a snake trying to fight the guy who emulates those i mean leo too much is of obviously got great karate skill but wonder boys on another level is like several levels past the combinations that guy throws like when he hendricks he's tag and then ass he slide now d rouse kicks summoned the body and any slides back getting hit some with another combination many slides out and slides back in again and hendricks is just over whelmd never saw anybody do that two hundred year i think what was interesting to try with guys like that i always said this with them which is also an even worse color macgregor and when you ford aldo and in this case now as well because their stance so karate white right but security without locate their use to here in amerika you know so i'm i said to my bodies
imagine that can't former although shed format to go listen you gonna face magritte eventually is gonna happen let switch to south bore so we can usually locates because the way they stand it's gonna be very for them to get it a form located on the outside right rivalry inside easy because what i gotta see lowers himself and once his knee go in the same line as is bought so to say you don't you don't have any space to land that inside loki ryan is really weird if you angle it up the angle is gone but low kicks in stay outside local outside loques from this outpost dance
south boston powerful loki should like because if you stop the legs you gonna stop everywhere nicky holds kellerman daniels for remedying poses a very similar style daniels of course was a karate champion as unbelievable kicking talent but nicky hoskins stays glued to him and throws leg kicks adjust chops and down chops them down challenge them down and they beat him up and that's a say thing with joseph outlining saint did the same thing with with raymond daniels chopping down low kicks chopping down what locusts and then he had kicked him and knocked him out of line is also something a little yeah but let us he's another guy he he had a relinquishes title because of concur since and he's going to the park i assume we're talking about him him calling on the pod cas because he wants to talk about some of the situations he's gone through dealing with concussion syndrome while unease young gap hard training hard fights can fight was hard you know is highly sent some fuckin wars
you see and training we never like never got knocked out thankfully but i get hit a few tiresome but never not every work out for sure like ones in so many time now because have good sparring thus it always happens when you go somewhere and then one of these the boxing club passionately about shows up i want to go for your own and then it goes hardihood a harder harder and because a fight well that's one of those small things are kroner does conor keeps all of his is training part is very close you know he's got all these guys gonna nelson he's got a bunch of different kinds of trains with on a regular basis and it keeps those guys very close to him in everybody's got a common goal everybody's trying to help everybody else everybody's tryin to get themselves healthy so that they can other you they gonna be stepping into a cage at a hundred percent that's it when it combination see doesn't break it linen combination it takes ever eddie former island bub just come with me very smart very smart
the forgotten your boss rules already my best i appreciate the fog area your awesome anytime you get about invitation our with moral we're gonna talk a little creating so crazy bright stories piazza don't let em he a lap org you know get get over his illness and we'll rescheduled sued by love love love to do that please check out rooted in rinaldo it's available and sow cloud is itunes yellow lights on everything and of course inside him a maids on access tv boss route and l gladwell the great one got paid party on thank you sir thank you thank you friends thanks to tune into the pot gas and thanks to our sponsors thanks to honour dotcom could and an eye use the code word rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements thank you to club w club w
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some awesome breakdowns a fight very knowledgeable and very entertaining yeah just a cool guy with a great perspective on life so that will be friday and then sunday we'll be back for the fight companion we so thank you so much with loved of you and i hope you enjoy your time on this planet yeah
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