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#763 - Action Bronson

2016-02-23 | 🔗
Action Bronson is a rapper and former chef. His show "F*ck, That's Delicious" can soon be seen on Vice's new cable network, Viceland.
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very funny, guy he's a former cook. Upper and rob smoke. The most part of anybody ever there has been a park asked, did not stop smoke. Part. The entire time is here like cigarettes, We kept asking me for one of my army in orbit right now so elopement Joseph Super Heinz episode, Bur High it's cool guy. These joint action brought some will gain experience, ladies and gentlemen in ha. That's what I have to say to everyone in America, but do need to call myself a name like action like how dare you first one day be so bold.
That's your name action. That's my name! That's why I'm so I was born. How did you get this name? I'm just known to be doing things just known for things it's just too cool to call for a white person do I've been watching you stuff on vice and Furthermore, what a great idea, what a great idea to come up with that. Hashtag fuck, that's delicious! Thank you because you're you're Instagram picture is. It is one big tat. Delicious nosey remains and paid rather its awesome. You wouldn't active Roma from a wrapper slash food travelling human being such as myself, I would exert, backed exactly that that's exactly what I expect from the good. I think I figured out. The thermometer is a good thing, the affair. I wish you well
do you think that people try to define use out what it is like people look at you and they try to dismiss you or what is it? I don't outdated, dismiss me, but I feel that people try to define you of course put you in a box of yours, but I'm not one has ever to be put in a backstreets there. Has Any person like me ever knew. Probably you know they will be someone like me coming along, but are you there Kenya Given the slightly ten Adriano slowly a gay action browsing, so you're. You travel around how many of these restaurants revisiting? How may these shows you doing for vice? I already did eight episodes at first season. We got picked up for a second we're, gonna, be doing twelve episodes for the second shit Child sat a long term deal that seven years hundred thirty eight million around me a couple of incentives, it's a great idea, man in the future. As that things like,
Which getting on advice, tat com, or these you two pages of people it is, can you can do your own show like an aching? Gigging get gigantic and they can get almost bigger than I could ever get on. Tv download and watch anytime. You want you, that's the issue, Mather right now, because we become such a like a global show debt We are now on vices television network that is about to start on more stirred a mean on February. Twenty ninth call vice land, and I have some quarters about to say the truth, because zoning only going to be in North Amerika and I mean People are going to get what they want so have you see they gonna downloading torrents, whatever they gonna do, but its necessary for it to be on Youtube. I stressed I would every video that overdo it totally necessary to the unusual, because Everyone has access to it. You be right here. You wanna show me something bull typewriter you could show to me. We will have to go.
The tv see what time comes on You know, I know they have on demand, but still felt comprises easier it's it's so universal years. Where everyone goes it's like you! Wake up in the morning, you go to Youtube for some show. You list some music, you put a mixer you watch some highlights for some shit. Why are you haven't you tv now, you know if you have apple tv apps exist so easy to use pretty much. Making tv actually well between in Netflix and Hulu, and all these different online providers will you could act? super easy now on television, and especially if you have one of those apple tvs so easy to get, and this is what's gonna be like a decade from now. I mean you gotta, be able talks your tv and say action, Bronson and they'll. Just pull a brief. Would you like to know? You know I would like to listen
his best shit. That's writing override his his best shit in it's gonna, be it's gonna be able to eat. Lee decipher what you're saying, because right now they're pretty fuckin good of you? I fucked with Syria at all and ass. You request any up. They I mean it's a guess. Pretty next level, this guy, he is like detect guy so leave it to him is seven thousand absent this shit net. It's fucking games all day long. Do you have the floor, for I did Did you really not my words bones the star tech motor? Well, the star attack for an hour. Fear, went back to the football yeah Jupp he's like fuck, all you but you're, losing your mind. His right. He's right! He's right is I'm a fucking. Slaves is no doubt about that. I got a much wider noted when I wake, budgets. Put it on to see what the Hell's going on is upsetting everybody's, a slave to that thing, things monsters but awesome right
credible by the amount of data that you can just get on anything else. Tell me about kettlebells. Tell me about airplane, who invented the first drone. Just And he just start going through with chinese guy. Probably we were talking about this yesterday. How like a youtube? Video now recommends and starts playing the next year to video. You just sit there. It's sort of like Netflix We like a series of just play in the next ones. Like said Albert, we go and you had a leech robbed. You play an automatic we like playing for you. You two does at all time now. Things related, the things that are slightly related. You discuss, I mean just make to make music using Youtube, has become a pleasure in all its it's a new age of digging in the crates you have to. Pages for rare shit.
See make sure. No one enough, no one else is used it in his leg. Never ending catalogue of musical town in from all over the globe for long blue from the early opera, singers shift from the? U S and any for many very they have from the early nineteen hundreds, the first recording, somehow that's insane yeah, it's insane to think that they figured out how to put sound, black plastic disk committed so awesome and they think to do that when we were apes in L, a p force like in comparison to to Like the amount of technology they have then is like the early eighteen hundred. They figured out how do that right, What year was it? They invented the phonograph record player remedies to have that big, hoop, yet hope. The big like too, bad you had Luxembourg's earned it
sit on it in the sound would come off the record through that to the thing they had. Some before that, I was looking up right now, a tin. Seventy seven Edison had this thing that the record on tinfoil shoe low So when we realise deserve cylinders, there's a video from my tech tv, where some guy drops one it's like an old viral video from early one thousand Jesus Christ. He dropped him broke it yeah, fuck, head falconers or, It's only securing its like scene, Whilst I was done today, I want my fuckin might have illegal shitty engineer you, for what did you keep your phone in your pocket from there, but listen into that it sounds you when you consider the time it's amazing. So what was the first phonograph? What years that invented by failures
Eighteen hundreds am I wrong. Mozilla way earlier than that, because at the end of eighteen hundred the end of it, I used to use, look so wild with a big tube thing that came out and out but they haven't really figured out how to make it sound better than a record. Does no one has a difference, because some people say it's bullshit. People say it's just fetishism and and some people The real audio files type they d, all kind of agreed is like a different kind of sound What everyone explained to me- and now I understand, is a warmth. Yeah, there's a Want to everything, oh it's easier on the ear then say Electronic music in the digital of today. So what are the more harsh, the oldest? was toned better in our analysis of the plastic the final decision, some. Then he was a real like audio freaks all seem to agree on that ran for sure, but there's something about tape. Recording derive,
lead to two inch tape. Using This thing is big machine. Nowadays, We just go right into the computer through, whatever animal deferred like em back, so what what Jamie you're you're one of the people that doesn't think it makes somewhat to a difference right now, just up to work at this point, it's what your hearing so like people today are trained to hear things off I've off. I funds and items were less mp3s that compression were used to hearing it so being told that something else sounds better Like you trying to tell them they don't, I know you can shoulder about their compression The compression makes everything sound. Below is smaller than is possible, is more familiar sound. Is that why it's sort of yellow fever mixing things? Now you see it's mastered for Itunes, its master to be heard through does little to ear, but not through a giants. Sound system at home of giant speakers with sub offers and absolutely correct. Writing interests to everything is more personal. Now, no one
A drive down the street anymore bless my music for cabin to that. I used to go? We ve had the guy used to have to go and buy the humongous speakers to put in the bitch. I think people are gonna deaf whatever. Whatever, if you drive around with earplugs on in your blasted music, its terminal dues move, ray of it. So bad heard your ears, you have to put your plugs and is this guy, my neighborhood? They just drive around every Sunday in a piece of shit Cadillac with a bow, an affront play. All types of Frank, evaluate the loudest the loudest volume that capacity being just sing. It allows incredible his ritual every Sunday. You really are right because it used to be like every stoplight. You idiot. Yeah. You feel like you're, your car vibrate, those people to go crazy with the subway offers to the point.
Were you feel it in the air around new. Second marriage. Readily love it do you now, don't tell Have you ever been in a vehicle with the ship turned them away ass? If you sit in the back, see with a sub with her is it feels like is coming through your chest. Like you, you fucking heart is about to explore with their base yeah specially. If you play like deep set of something like some sort of assumption, of atm. We inhalation, Crazy house music, you little. Legal do a trance? Well, you know what It's what I do with the crazy Crazy wagon rims wagon, we'll room tat. Everybody was like how many potholes we're gonna hit in other rooms can have a twenty eight inch rim tat. Is these ridiculous roses tyres like peace, a bubble guy in the long run flats, the nose until then I guess I'm Schmidt's. Oh my god. What a shame
there's some german remedy, you fuckin and could roll over them sheets and I'll be all right. You can literally drive the car without rubber wheels are just on the rims words. What kind of The wheels ease their Schmidt's. You could look I'm up. Why has the Schmidt that's great, is absurd and drive them on the road. Those over down left up those that are required a Bmw wagon five series. Ninety five, that's a nice! Those those those years are the nicest years. Bmw M fives I've series has lovers: doesnt Tonia one those guph has ones. They say that like gum, though five series Bmw from my gun, there's like two era. Like this, the one they have now than when they had before, and then they wanna had before that, and that's where you're out
metals, add the ninety five one is. The issue is the one right before they change the body. There are those who, like classic cars There's a tony has a five series from there and I have another fires. A three serious from their like those cars were something special. I just figured out a way to make em they handle so good. They break so good and assert the right amount of weight than not to heavy, exactly like good movement with them and then marry recite area that fuckin metal exactly does the empire from that air ass. The car was a piece of genius attribute it. There's a fucking, crazy video that someone put out that I could barely watchman it's some asshole in some other countries in our countries and but he's in an M five one of those that serious and his driver to traffic.
Like a fucking maniac like you watch, you just go cheese you hold in Ankara Cherokee Burns and is the oncoming laying cuts in front of people. I mean he is doing some fuckin crazy shit really fast, but DR, unlike a wizard, Around corners. Sideways must be erased. Criteria does know ways not race. Car drivers is this. Is it Jesus Christ Jamie? How dare you this this mother fucker is nuts, looking to watch this. Look at this. Oh shit is drifting yeah he's drift in that's a beauty just gone around people look. I was driving, whereas this fucking guy speeding, while people are walking across the road and using about five years oncoming, doesn't give a fuck this guy, fucking crazy, Louisa, shit, eyes, kill it. Look at this. Where's is Austria. I don't know where it is some day have those crazy long, european lamplight style, but look at doing s, mother, Fucker, drives what is
Jamie, so people, if they want to watch it. The Bmw M five need to need for dr dot com. Last illegal street racing and drift driver Georgie TAT czar saw ages, dad looking this theory ages there. Thank you just this crazy shit where he died in. This call actually come on check it out o my thing: it's our ip georgie. How do you mean Amy and Giorgio Tabs Z, TAT, Z, Georgia, has have z, think he's dead right right areas that is emerging is being raised, he died in the Jaya infamous Bmw street drifter dies, crash. Whole no sign of Boggley Uno hole. Shit. He was twice six years old, what I'm, not man.
He was leaving a restaurant in Georgia with a sober driver at the wheel, the emphasis skidded, what appears to be a high speed into a tree on the right hand, side of the car tat. Zack Z died those driver, drowsy shit. I pay is ironic. Tat was not a single item, More set ironic ironic that doesn't but it it's kind of fact. She know like Kennison, was killed by a drunk driver. Kennison needs to have those it's about drinking and drive them. We drag we're. Gonna drive we're gonna, pull it off. We doing everything, the crowd go crazy people get so mad. They were like this guy is encouraging drunk driving like what the fuck poem kill. My Georgia
calm down and of car, was real, but God damn his lot of evidence You know it's just to say you know what things like I swear to God S will. Is what those things like! An american slang word: Karma is a mother fucker though it is, and that that That statement. Commas is motherfuckers like one of the best statements as far as like when she those down like the man, but you know nobody wishes that somebody specially. If your driver and you like me, I swear I like bitch. This will never happen. A thousandth we'll never fucking Georgie with I drive thousand saying. It means horrific to watch, deftly shouldn't be allowed to do it. What about the videos of the fucking
russian dues climbing the buildings. I was just going to say some some new dude, I put one up on my answer. Grandparents, I too have been around. They were fuckin freaking me out, and this dude contacted me through twitter and said hi his his his stunts are he's insane and he's got Youtube videos. They say to you just their insane and he's on me. The Eiffel Tower some shit right. I saw that one is that what is at Paris that he's on the top of the tower he's naked, welcome palm sweat mistake. It adds to the makes every fuckin sail on your body just starts by really care wipe away savvy. I don't get that man If I was in that shape, and probably would try to, would you really but their crazy shave? You see I'm doing this a luxury who look at us. Oh my god.
Oh my god. Oh this is in New York areas this near to buy Oh my god. This is not good James Kingston He's crazy miracles, my gun. You know what a guy like this I would just like to for him to retire right now. Look he did congratulations! Psyche donors, MRS Nike donors, look air fuck, my god. Look at these two areas are, my god, he's doing chin ups on this thing, handing it please stop. I can't do this fucking Christ. Oh, my God, doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo, to food for people, and this is now the James Kingston Instagram, that's his page and I,
The way was holding on the boy was on the gas bar he's one of his hair out with one armies, a mile in the sky, dude savage him. First Oh my flat footed, oh my god, what Flemmer job he just that jumped from one building to another look. It is not even a running start. This is insane that is insane. How does he do that? I would splatter, I would never make it therefore, has you make an endeavour? some good thrust, the more than the thrust and that seems like an insane among the distance travelled. Doesn't it had in fact, as you judge, that has huge jump in land like that,
you got a crazy one. Legged Jamie's face who look at this look at this. There's no way he just jobs across a building. How is that possible man How is it possible- and this is one of his favorite jumps in the city- apparently come on son, you know like this doesn't make any difference gimme sets again, today, men. How is that possible. If I could, I would like them skateboard, like one does the nine hundred ass she had done every one else can to start doing it but I just look, I am shocked by the distances covering. I guess I guess what's going on is like the distance of one building. It's it's. It's far
way, but it's also higher so in his leave. If he gets a good sprang, his arm will carry him over, but he's got a judge that perfectly gifted It is no room for error whatsoever. This is what it looks like sideways shit. You look. How far is jumping that's enough that's an insane amount of space is covering when he left. On the edge of the kid. He must be like America, how much he way but he must be insanely strong for his weight and you just throw his body through the air like that. He must have just ridiculous explosion, out of his legs, DNS land so lightly at freakish. I guess it's those things like infusion concentrate on only doing that you can do it in a way that doesn't make sense to someone like you or me, or, and now I can't escape
are you serious, can ask either all well fuck I get eyes gave credibly men unflagging again, I ask is awaiting five, but then I presume campfires chew. When I know I have my own eyes, kids, so I have to read It is for the same similes. Why could no longer years around those fuckin, shitty lazzarini, just that might feel too wide. So if I had a regular size eleven my feet, I have someone in my background. Fucked key when it was big, fuckin big for a long time ago like when you see, we shouldn't be able to fund monkeys anymore, someone just went back and for one more, she half are guaranteed the last like last car evolution last car for one of my ancestors snub back. You got one we're not but my feelings to one. So I get in those things, I'm just in agony and it has never learn how and market I'm so interesting enough
they go up by ice gates. Feels like this is. It is something I have to conquer. Then I would have to learn how to It was much more setting as a youth, yeah fuckin roller like an admirably forget ice skating to green day she'll, be there. I mean that's right. They play loud, music and spin around the eyes see, I guess hockey would be the reason to do it if you want to learn how to play heart or say you pretend you doing harm you, motion like you're on the ice snowing when you step in use throw the snow of people That's right, that's cool movie Secondly, you whether argues case you deadly know whether figure skating ones, notion, now you what's the difference, will they had this invasion of France? We could do the triple tell lets you know anybody what you your way by senior Pikestaff awoke
you gonna? When you go straight, you have to live a little bit. You gonna phone you face, the hack is little curvature. Running shoe just allows you to maneuver today's. So it allows you to maneuver better, but doesn't like do tricks can't you can't do a step and then triple told. That's all I go got Hamilton slip, so they dont flip. And when they do those spends on the ice they do along with special skates is over. The US assure Brian boy, Channel the Roma South Park would buy a bright boy tunnel do love it. There was a weather first. Episodes right was the first one is funny that was going around as VHF tape back in the day, though, one of those things where a body and mind said you have to see this check this out. These guys This video there was Jesus. And Brian Boy tunnel right,
who else was in Santa Santa that's right. Whatever was it was fucking hilarious and it was way before its time. You know but what was the year? The first herself party was made. When you find out how long this guy's been around, this is made ninety ninety two dude? They ve been killed since ninety two ninety, Southport came out and ninety two or another, the Spirit of Chris. But I think that I was looking out like ninety seven. Ok, how much later really was so funny I must have got it after they do ninety two. I move here until ninety four, and I know that I got it when I was living in and seen oaks member popular name when a friend came over. It was amazing, yet a body of language. Somebody gave it to me. I remember how I got the tape, but I remember somebody gave it to me said you gotta, watch this and
and I remember Poplin in a vcr of my friend. It was so dick analyse. It was super funny. It was a crude. I almost wish you would go back to doing it this way. You know is. It was so obvious that it was, you know, just really shitty, animation tat. I think that the mouth movements it's more, it's he'll shitty, but it's more sophisticated now right is investigated shitty. This is about the amount of time it took to do this problem ridiculous though you like that, seem America. I think he said he would never do one of those movies again because it was his way too time consuming. I mean it was afraid incredible. Furthermore, one of my favorites ever he has won my autumn. Favorites we're talking about like movies that are funnier than Tropic Thunder
and this is probably none are funny or I can in moments like it's as funny as a movie gets, but there's other really fine movies. Tv master, funniest of water, one of its one funny us it's stupid, any movie, but do you ever team America to Zealanders really funny there? There's like this, wanna fuck tell Dagon Knights and lost all credibility right there, Jamie. Whenever, so fucking boy ran up pretty much shape. My prayers yeah bore even Bruno see Bruno still haven't seen it my baby and father My forget, Albania, Father Emma hard head like only knows one way, neanderthal Thinks there's where the fucking funny movies over realises weird across overhead, what's a weapon underrated funny movie.
Adam Sandler. Don't mess with his own hand, now rejected once, and I write raided Funny movie man like because a lot of people they Adam Sandler movies intellect category. Sometimes you can get a little. They can Get a little dismissive of an atom sailor movie that don't mess with his own hand, is classified as a goal so tell me how you shall works Mandy, you just decide whether you want to get somebody else suggest where to go well, a lot of the time I go on for my music and then, while with their we end of shooting to show its task the case. I just tell him listen. I want to go to work in Sicily. And then we're in Sicily, stead civil. And we just bring my boys with me- and we just go in- They put the camera and wages act that we act Sub, be us while when just get to pay
where your way eating unjust, while allowing shafts. Yet you are a chef on point. I was ass, our really started. I was a man when I was Eighteen? I went to college nursery school. In fact, if, after their for about a year and a half or two and had a child in, went back into the EU in a star workin, that was just set out the rose is gonna, be a focus short order cooker share for whatever for the rest of my life, I don't know where I broke my leg just slipped on the floor broke my leg. I was working a little bit with music before that were not in the capacity were thought it would be wiser now and shit. Here we are, you know, that's me the kitchen professionally put me recording studio. The jam. That's crazy.
Fall changed your destiny straight up broke my right leg, my right angle from a slip, a very like snipped, much worse, They have done much worse than myself in this one. This great crowd collected that so interesting. How some like that can happen or something looks like a bad thing that happened to you turned into like this amazing door that open up up, then, all sudden, you can do what you really want to do. It's. This is what I wanted to do. My whole life, nothing. You know just what I want to do. You know So what is this? Where watch engine the M jam reserves are yet this is. This. Is me in in Jamaica went down here to do, but I go I went down here to do some sort of exhibition with Mary, oh Vitaly, but he was in no condition to do anything with me. That day. So I
I've just hanging out pretty much at the beach, though term. Oh so you supposed to hang out with Marianna you're fucked up pretty much. She what I was hanging out with him, but we will just sitting at the bar hang in use, you know was doing well, just didn't feel like doing things is one that I can get the weather was too good. Oh I get it. The wishes to beautiful. So he just did not participate in a show Not this one, just in the entire EU Hence of the thing filigreed dancing around the story. He was, but, as you are aware, the bottom line, I was Fuckin ADA Macaroon, like one it is edibles and I was just demolished walkin around. Did Mario get them all to now, merrier doesn't get demolishing, is just drinks, one that's near his mission. He is, I think that is at issue. You think so
I would think he's done what to say. I gotta get back to the fucking kitchen cooked the shutters and food. I can't have to have time, his deep soul, searching we trips now is just hang in our men used to live in his life is like a fuckin superstar. There is a rock star. I go to the world the way of shafts is a very different world and when I was younger, I didn't really appreciate it, like, as an art form, I think I just thought of a much more like you know. Just a cool thing. That someone knows how to make really good food No that restaurant you get it there didn't think of like who is the creator of that food and what is that is an art form now, because it, I think, really definitely is and guys like you and, like you, look like a chef. You're all tattooed up like you a lot at shabby Asia yeah, that's the Danish, like they could be artist year for sure. That's two days Yesterday, chefs young crazy,
had to Mother Ferguson really close the sheriff, you know, but a classic. Shove is usually the french guy, with a handkerchief around his neck and a big head like any more the shouts and now rock stars They definitely have become because I think a lot of its because Bourdain show their deadly become highlighted in that regard. I can. He show he's always like interview these weird funky people in Portland that gap raising their own chickens and shit and in our farm to table type transport who hang out with a lot of weight. Weird expire mental chef people and one of em. Look like you No, that's that's a good thing. He definitely opened the door for a lot of people, but I feel like the liberty, chef started with Emma Legacy, and people like dialogue like earlier with. I'm excuse me what about your child exactly they use me
You know you can't go Amro. Yes, it started with emerald, but I'm solar, like in this error, you know, were really flung himself. Julia cloud was really the only one we'll send that other guy grim chrism share whatever the fucking guy's name was so? Is there like a calm before the storm for emerald arrived man? I don't know child and there was nothing in the world searching for a tv. Cook. I was fairly driving around in fuckin kid, jettisoned shit, smoking, weed and queens had no idea watches. Save by the bell at seven, a M emeralds, possibly a super nice guy, the emerald bagasse every black by all accounts like while the nice guys in the World Bank, is banned all time PAM. He had type by all, the council, while the nice guys he just keeps galleons in his pocket. Every Fuckin Simon says, bear just throw skeletons in your face. It's all
interesting in the world of food and likes in cooks, chefs that there's like different schools of food and cooks and chefs disliked the really exe Mental artistic people make maybe even alternative in their musical choices and as like guy fury is like in our big boisterous american jobs. Yellow corvette, he's, got frosted tips, It's like he's got his own isa Working Class, a character, white snake version is elected. Equally entertaining dinner me like I'm, a white snake fat lover, these agencies, incredible it's funny. Others guys like dont, like each other, like Bourdain in him go back and for his of beef it's hilarious. Larry ordain is fucking hilarious. He's a Larry's he's like a comic Obviously, all Russia is a percent only works in New York. Itches entire life is too easily jujitsu at fifty.
I know I see fifty seven. Fifty eight is doing a good job is wrong around over you, gotta Bobo, really, carriers Buber, that's a legit bluebell from hens or graces economy. That is about as legitimate bluebell as there is in the world. You have to earn that you don't get. He's a guy? That's legs very impressive! That's very impressive! To do that at his age apparently suits do that every day man becomes a dick Yeah I've looked at Europe's Crampade Year, you workin out, you have someone trains, you sometimes you know like at added an athlete my entire life or play football and spoken. I school baseball, no, As time goes on to get lazy, when I was young, those fucking juicy was taken, steroids, shadows, broken buff, serious oblivion. I was squad and like six hours for convention, Mise was one five hundred pounds straight up no shoes.
Well no wraps just in the bucket. You know what you can wear shoes, no shoes. You know you got to keep the flat because flat Shuo six hundred lb with no shoes, that's Cray, so anyway, whose liner was a twenty two years? All twenty result, but it was this path, because it establishes doing to show like this. We travel around the world you eating all that food out. Imagine men, We start easy to just get lazy. Raw just literally lost fifty pounds, and I just gained another twenty. So on my own, I've is fluctuation. I just To get to the point where I need to get past fluctuating point in just go down and start seeing all these working absent. I have under the same I have like thirty to ebb muscles that who could possibly see there needs to be done is shredded. Do you really want to lose out much way? Of course, of
anybody that's overweight! Why to have a focused six back before they die. The fact is it right here, I have one vein. I believe you know when you gauge working Gal, if you could see the vain and that yes have, that good one ran over here, the squiggly upper shoulders to exactly laws going really one good one like- who is the bodybuilder Fuckin french guy, forget his name french guy told delay other guys that Your reference, I dive, obscure, strong men serves a body blow the references that are ridiculous. One look up: port lades I'll, be there. He doesn't have their fuckin his fate. As for the squiggles, so have you about like hired interest, I know which do you know. What do I do now
to do, which is not easy going it alone. I need someone to mean literally no you. Can't do that. Can have that one in the morning you can eat fuckin in and out right now you can have fries right now, just due to stick to it is hard to stick to it. So is it just the self controlled? Yes I have self control and spurred which is weird. There is populated areas after college boy. You look real, oh my god. What would you do? suspenders as two pictures and erode him weren't suspend they always have suspected facade and they always wears a while like where did you get? That is genes with the best? So that's definitely call can I do here War is so sore, that's ridiculous! That guy sober I use the look in magazines and want to be like that she's crazy. It's an
Ronnie Comin in fucking insane science project; really, that's that's a science project so amazing. How many of those signs projects exist, though I mean that's what Those magazines are it's the weirdest conspiracy and it is a conspiracy for all those like. If you look at those bodies, magazines and shit that none of them, like it Maybe they do now back in the day. None of us we're talking about how they did steroids you're right there. I've got all dancing around it, but we are also talking about. Like you know, I take creating creating issue muscle Deckard. Operation and less shred team is guaranteed got thirty pounds. A mass- and they were all pretending that they got all that muscle from some stuff that entails barely works like creating works. A little bit suggested Paul Delay levels no way you can't look like that is like a human being, can't look like that.
I don't think people understand that an idle Think I understand why the fuck did you do not about it. Why was it so taboo cause was illegal, they have now at Eu Level, and everyone knows what you're doing this like more out an open. Now, what are the baseball shit in this? I don't think that is wrong every is what really looks like now? That's crazy tat looks like a meme that that looks like something on your. What the fuck is insane. What does it say? other Jamie. He already experienced some atrophies arms. Back, but why wouldn't happen to him just as is clearly off in a box and stuff, I say while Jesus Christ? Well, you know that guy when he was ass, big ass, he wasn't the top. He added.
On just staggering amount of that stuff. That's good people understand as you. Even if you no one do not have to be ass. No one knew that I know who never took anything. I know it. Because he and he wouldn't even eat vitamins skate. All vessels is a very smart guy and he got really big like ridiculous you're. My friend Brian Frazier is a writer. Is a comic opera, Boston and one point He was fucking enormous and I know all he did was worked out. That's all he did. He was just a like dedicated bodybuilder dedicated to lifting ways was thought gigantic emails, gleaner those genetics, but he was No, it was new genetics, huge, Derek it is just to dedicate hardware. And he got was he shot readied like red? It was entering competitions. He was ridiculously small, so much so that one time you anyone upon stage He had a like.
I should like an alligator shirt and he came off days. I Polo says: Adieu, listen, we eat, you can't go onstage shortly shirts. He was why I got you, way to go to a good distracting me. I'm your friend and their distracting me. Europe. You're so intimidating. I see great advantages. We was so swore outside you can't you can go on days like that. No, we don't see fit. God that's how I feel like this one, the abbot lobbyists maybe the height thing, we're gonna be wide that way and because you know you a little bit, shorter than the normal man. Dear. You wanna, be you, however West Zack, we can't go north south, but I think that You really want to do it, though you would be like Brian you'd, be dedicated to a nude, really want to do it. You did get in it, but it's Those things where you want to do, but you are also like a guy who really enjoying life
and this too many things that I have to be dedicated to manage its working hard enough to be dedicates. Music today stood at work and everybody families, commandment yeah. How many more things I do, but I think of you, do decide to do something like that. I think what you're saying is: what's really the true thing that a lot of people that were trying to avoid when it comes like losing weight or changing your life, so you have to be dedicated to that. Can't be something you do like hey, I'm dedicated to my music cam dedicated to you know what my golf game bottom, summer lose weight to like know yet The delegation that has to be your maiden goal in life is to be doing that, if the focus on that, because we one of Em you are going to try to change your chemistry and when people do it, it's so fuck an impressive. I mean how many people you method of loss like a hundred pounds. You just want to just shake their Hannah. Go dude, you fucking did it probably lost
a hundred pounds, I lost eighty and I gained a fuck him back years. When talking about my fluctuation, it's crazy. Ever thought about. I mean, I know you love food, but have you ever thought about like changing the kind of foods yeah, of course, as you know, I don't think it's the its define foods that are you two things to refund. Isn't this disgusting shit. I decide to eat while age, like a ship which had I had last night, which have a chip which were to chip which its offer in two to allows cookies with between both sides- It was gonna and was melted in isolated. Just fucking disk things. Piglet she's right, click shit. We actually, he actually had it in his pocket for about a half an hour before required it. Oh my god, it's so by boat. It was good various lies out his Sharif Hoof, my friend Obregon,
the best way of looking at it. We were talking about a new cycle, so crazy that just this A few moments of mouth pleasure is worth fucking up. Your entire body, body the thing that carries you around in this light, the thing that you need more than anything it just for a few moments of mouth pleasures long long and then you feel in your whole bodyguard. What did you throw in here and have us deal with you asshole crazy, it's fucking, asshole, fucking nuts, would a cruel, sick factor, joke. Nature has played on us to make the things that, the most delicious going down the worse for your body out. There evoking conspiracy, what I'm gonna Nature is major: thirty countries bitch humanity. Man like If you re eating fry chicken with waffles. Ok, fried chicken with why
levels is one of the most fuck and bang up Meals America's ever created. I could Sally inimical butter on the wealth of course agree suppose, Roscoe's chicken waffles the sheer amount of sugar you are taken in with the wandering you gonNA has wets Coca COLA Automatic observe, have a diet, Coke gotta get the fucking. Did the fuckin, it's like oh yeah channels as we call it what a sensor it's like its orange drink, red, drink and yellow drink makes this Altogether, that's a sunset spoken still, then, if you want to get Nazi, throw butter on the fried chicken maple syrup deftly, but then you have to have. The grids is well that has made butter in it and our evil slight. When does it end that I think the issue? the sheer grams of sugar you take in from the waffle.
The maple syrup alone you must be taking an add on oddly amount of sugar, a shred of that stuff yeah, because I drenched those things too If the way I do it is like a farm haven't, maple syrup, I'm going to go in can be covered in the negative, resolute and go wish. I would have had a little bit more maple syrup, but I'm pink sensible, not fuck deadlock, that you're eating Roscoe's, no probably already made some critical arrows. He doing crazy dire. I know I know So it s your saying they give you. If you did, can't even have it. You dig in you you're not supposed to appear I sincerely wish must have beer but have see, go out. If you have it, She days just like you I haven't gone. Allow I've just decided to try it for sixty days, and now What I wanted to see what its, but I think you really evaluate, I think I've been eaten pretty healthy
but one way my whole life and took some time off of gluten for a while, and I like that, but what I like about it was that I felt like really was gone. I was also taken in Wales, sugar by not having passes and breads, which are really love I'll. Just take in Wales, sugar and a loss way. My face got thinner and others like this is interesting site. How much What I'm taking in is sugar, so I went back two, occasionally eating bread and just trying to avoid it and then from the last fifteen nurse, maybe sixteen fifteen days suddenly I've been doing I swear I'm doing nothing, no grains, no pasta, no bread, no sugar, nothing! That's just nothing other than plants, vegetables, fast. Cocoanut oil shit like that in me. That's it some kind of like tat so like the Atkins, from back in the day. Why were you just sort of but more fats and oils
yeah more fats, even then proteins, it's the actually. What the diet is saying is that we use to much protein and that, like, if you wanna do like some extra power lifting and you want to get to be the size of Paul deal it delay. Delay knows, was an angry about that yeah yeah I've seen a lot more than the average person, but for the average person the average person like reasonably athletic products, One a process, all an extra protein and what it really needs to burn is fats, and so your body will convert anything and energy that you. But if you live off of a carbohydrate based diet, their argument, as you know, your subject to more fluctuations you are, you levels rise and fall. That's like when you crash after you eat it, and why? You know you have any in a while you're starving. A lot of that, I think, is also related to get back to you
I'm starting to learn more about that, but not enough really, where I can talk. Probiotics Probiotics get back to your interest, the amount of different things that you eat like what their certain types of got, bacteria that thrive off of healthy food and, if you're eating a lotta, sugars, apparently. They're saying is that there are different types of gut bacteria that crave that sugar, and so when having had an awhile that go back to unify, for you might had like roast and mashed potatoes and vegetables and those like nothing, nothing fucked up at all. I e that in your body, asshole where's the sugar come on, come on Ravens craven like you. Those rumbles that you would get so I don't know what I don't know that the case of mace, I'm just given it sixty whole days, the stewardess like now, and if I, if I like how I'm feelin after sixty-
is a right now loads couple weeks and its awesome, I feel great, feel great feel I don't feel very hungry and between meals, which is interesting, so I'll eat and then I guess, once you get fat adapted, you dont, you don't have as many crashes stone It's like what I wanna do sustainably, because it's hard when you go to a restaurant or something like that, it's hot the seller, may even have rice like those loved the wishes, deep dishes that come with rice like human rights, with a meal like that seems so extreme, some believable but self, so good every jammer attempted to lose weight. It was at night The directive is now back in the day would have felt like I'm eating eggs, sausage and all this nasty shit and still losing weight. I understand that, but I thought Native piece of bread- and it would be all thy put five towns zone, not crazy. It is now worth it and then you feel shit here than you did.
You gain or their weight new eight or that discussing there's gotta be sticking to some way right, watches for your body to process become sugar and not a ill makes you should really badly really about risk Like you, you can't leave the house, you have to run to the bed, but the Atkins is a little bit different than the sty that I'm doing in that this dialogue has more fat, but you still go. Whence it at same thing where the key tools here, where are you now? they want you to do yeah. That's the point of these dates. Ass. He a body starts burning fat and this is a fascinating rhythm. Fascinating about it is seeing people argue it from both sides, seeing people argue that this is bad for your health than you, you're, you're fucking up and don't do this. People get upset like thing of satellite. You trying to say
as you know, it's like other sites like I was thinking. Maybe Satan's many safeguard appoint, go meet these guys and I'm not going to see him because he was gonna like that's how they Their behaving when you talking about just going on this key degenerate, die diet. They pretend, like you, do in something evil. Do you wanna fuck yourself that man caught it like anyone really fucking those, and then they start posting all these pro car, like you, no more car herbs, hashtag car above carbon, a few old man, but he just relax, relax some tribes. Today's listen unlike our lives, not the easiest thing to have to give up those sheep milk on you load day in the Falcon yogi. I know NEO Nazis, very good stuff, Esther Linguine with clamps us there's a place that has opened up directly across the street from mouse credible, It has one of my favorites issues: Eversleigh Cartoon baby, just cheese and but would pastor, but she doesn't
peppercorns. So like us you're eating a bowl of flowers so one of the most incredible things in life. I crave it dammit. This diet, boss, Exactly my bad, I'm sorry about this is definitely a law passed. Italy's keep Talkin putting my pants off were passed. It's as if you are it's. This is something about pastor. That's it's like its is the real comfort food I mean for you for me for sure, like Rather we always gesture he's rabby, always with a good sign. Like a french, fried fried ravioli. I've never had a just fucking do it as if you were doing a chicken color put his egg really breadcrumb you'll. Thank me trust me, while because chicken colors unbelievable, Fried ravioli
unbelievable James shaking his head. You ve been all over this country. Surprise, you have never eaten fried ravioli to submit landed thing to some standards. Have that I have to stick with like you know I gotta Philly, I'm having a cheese, two hundred standard. What does that tell me book? Yes, I would the poor sandwich. That's that's. I feel like that. Stake is a bit overrated over there. I feel like MIKE. I listen to me the guy at my belly. In queens makes it well give fetishistic. What's then, who then all soda that no no less, let's not get crimson That's an aggregate at what you say and better because then that they usually now flavoured you know I mean they just do the stake. The cheese does know so There needs to be so a little bit of these little bill saw with me, you know, now, the flavor the direction and outsourcing ketchup mats analogy. Tell anybody voice broken up. You need salt, get it together, bitch
that simple, just sell some salt and that simple and they have yet to well that's forward a child, further to have it wanted things about, tat. When you get a nice piece of Pegana from them, it's always gets halt. So is like a nice salty. They have like a based that they base the media when they put him over the fire place, Videt incredible serving when they bring out a whole set of beef ribbon ovals. What's it ridiculous, took as you get right after you sit down to one of those places, the above red and green. On your little car, like a poet flip over whenever you re departing. Let's do this. He put it on green. These do just start swooping in on you. It secures straight out of mere sword. Slew have you ever slipped to read: flipped a dorette known
have you ever flitted, Sir Red? Have you have slipped the thing to read? Oh yeah definite fuck that, whilst stays on green wow in and so we literally get a wide allow you were- and this explains my Asia near we're all different. We all have different needs, I can't I am, I feel like. I know that and now I feel that the down don't feel down are issued. Is our undisputed will champion of continuing to eat a forward. Chow nosegay will touch him. Aria beats he out its Joey. He rallied he'd alleys me. He just keeps gallon. Asha fear could put away food like probably almost no one had ever seen. One those forward a child is ridiculous. Just keeps common, unlike where are you putting this? Is it just keeps come on. Let's go get the rice and everything it just goes for meets. I mean our couple for peace is worthless.
It is their he's our party, you know that Toujours he keeps up fucker green eyed. We tat about Jesus. Sorry, The guy's icon by would like some lamb, chops, Yorkshire, Britain, over the real, the jelly, lime. Joey sets out what it was. The jelly, the mint meant how it is. You spoke about a lot unusually hidden oil, you all day, long neck, pure oil tankers. Good luck and mushrooms, guess: I'm nice, mushrooms and yesterday milk food mushrooms are magic, magical ones. How I'm for those illegal come along before Afterpart becomes legal. We all just get together. Hey cut the shit, all the people that made it illegal they're all dead now. We know there were liars. I don't! I don't even think it's illegal, I dont know. Itchy largest thing is Lou all it is
It's something that growers from your honor. May I speak my client and just get it I didn't know. I wasn't ready when they say you're. What you're registered voter? Ok, you already have a driver's license. You have to know what is and is not legal, is that what you're being arrested for their citizens can't say? That's her. You try this again of urban. Hidden ahead, once called sir, we have reason to believe my client has sustained head injury earlier in his life and virtually never recover. What he needs is our care. What he doesn't need is our judgment, like Vincent Gigantic, the element of yours going around like I'm local, feels normal when he gets mushrooms. That's what
Therapeutic use of mushrooms is on its way. Folks is no doubt of that to happen. It should have happened a long time ago be better for all of us. Girls studying that's who is, she says, she's into legalistic medicine and healing through psychedelic. This law people are involved and that now including maps, the order is multi. Disciplinary association, something psychedelic studies, these are acknowledging Iraq. Are they ve made massive strides in getting trying to get therapeutic use of embryos, for soldiers, huskies me and other people suffering from PTSD and the showing all these applied uses of light, really excellent compounds that have been demonized in and because they ve been demon Emma demonize people. They could really use them, aren't getting em. I can you abuse and put I think we were established.
That's a dumb argument: you can abuse anything, you can go to storm by hammer and you can build houses it or you could hate yourself in the dick stupid. You could do that. We were right, you can't you. It's not a good argument that someone could abuse. It's that shouldn't be legal, this massive amounts of shit abuse all over us all the time so stop cars. You get him! Anything bikes views everything I think the use of them. They had them. Jack, there's a reasonable call, magic, mushroom, absent the fuckin magic. You can whenever incredible experiences on them and the that we are not allowed to know. We have to worry about some unlocking us in a cage for doing shit, it's not hurting anybody, Simon hurting you like mushrooms, won't hurt. You you have to take some insane amount of import to be like the elder. Fifty rate is like to take pounds of it right. What's l de fifty from my girl from my psychedelic mushrooms resource Ivan
it's really high! So it's something stupid like you the almost can't even eat it coming pounds you have to eat. Is Jesus grams, had me or my fuckin S, those from mice, you killed lies with mushrooms. All my first of all, as I go of, is here's something fucked up scroll scroll down again scroll up again. Rather so you could see this study and with it. The name of the study was the name, the study, the top, how many ride, mushrooms, what I have to eat to die from overdoses, cell asylum would decide what website is this shrew Marie shrubbery hisself fucking crazy that the dude asks he asked how many mushrooms to have to eat before overdose using the data
rats and accepting a medium of media, one per cent potency. It would require the consumption of one thousand six hundred and eighty grams of mushrooms to reach the elder. Fifty for a sixty kilogram rat. You have data, lad, woe, that's a lot of ground, sober rats or tougher than us rats and eat rats. Little rush out, I examined the each other Mckinney Gulf that I've told the story a hundred times. I killed a rat once my driveway, my garage went out the morn to clean the travelling times gone. They had eaten the others, the others had eaten them. Look dude, I'm in town, nuthin tumbling detail as insane yeah savages move just This is vital. If so, the abbot was so creepy to think
that I am sharing my house with cannibals like these. Are road in animal cannibals that when one of em dies, the other ones just burns room and there's a bunch of around me there, through my ceiling, a heel crawling around in there in the house they just small. The other two small for them to kill me ashes. Recently? The fuck out men at a squirrel miles one time in the war. And you hear them three and one sitting at three in the morning naked with my fuckin just, why Sportscenter! and they start fighting scream and humbly wholly who the fuck is. That In the ceiling in the I would start hitting the ceiling with the broom stuff I started hitting the closets like trying to Scare them there eventually. The mother Fucker aid to the wall? One day I was lying on the couch and judges suddenly opened my eyes and look up
Just fuckin look at me. We may Cards Agnes is a fuckin is stand up, that to be no like a man so can shoot out This is crazy, There is, then my greek landlord decided to put traps out, and I think that he, it only slaughtered above sixty of them from the neighborhood. Oh, my god It's not his fault dishonest, for it was in the trap the traveller? Listen, bad things to the neighbourhood two lines pulled squirrel. Nobody is valuable. Rats. We killed sixty rats who about good, kill, sixty thousand, and I now feel that about that. Also because now, why is it? Why is it of you kill? Squirrels people get Bunda Levy, kill rats he like area,
shouldn't slogan, kill anything. Would agenda today should happens yeah, but if you, if you kill and something with a tragedy, we're trying to kill gear, why dad no involvement. But I'm just wondering why we so readily accept Killin rats, but not squirrels like how to read is it It is vermin I feel like squirrels are viewed as firm into a lot of people. I feel like that's the case like an issue, like a big feral hug, The same should now in certain parts of the world that consider just as much of a nuisance as a rat, while that's crazy, where certain islands were I to Jamaica was rats what they think I'm like rats. Like squirrels in just in New York, lot of people fuck you scare, the squirrels. It will do. You know the difference between lay tree squirrels.
Cute ones that are realising those ground. Squirrels do ground, squirrels or fuckin crazy, ground squirrels. I was on this ranch in Our Fournier and they have a ground squirrel problem and were driving down this road. And they were driving on this road. You watching these we'll tiny creatures pop their head on the ground run across jump into another whole there's holes all over the place and what are they gonna grab over there? They would try to none of these lunch of different shit, the growing there they have Other grazing, a bunch of different things going on in the city, can't do anything about these things are so many of them there. Are there so many ground squirrels that the Bio. Mass of these things is like a bio mass like a giant heard of cattle, or something like that is so many of them. It's like a hundred cows like that's how many of these little fucking on squirrels running around this area. So what do they do us so that they do these like give them a shock. They have these
things. Were they put food in kills them humanely shocks whom I don't know how many there are other north. They know I give you driving down the road and use gypsies or heads pop up and run across there's another one. Bang there's another one paying pop up right across. Tiny thing or Tyrone Boom jumped in all he jumped in our and your wife. Scramble across really like woe. If these rats I would be reading the fuck out right now I've been going Jesus localities. If you would New York City and that's the kind of that's what you saw with rats. Just pop up and running cross pocketed the whole everybody we like, let's get tough out of here. If workers girls, love IRAN would get out of the city. Eubulus that seen in aliens were the Deuce talk about new. Can it from orbit it here we're. Gonna get out said who get a poison everything we do take five
Years after sitting, then we can return just poison everything for five years heavy, but these good ground squirrels their little cuter slightly cuter silly. They more accepted all like little animals acute rob. That's not that you not really there's something about him to just two untrustworthy. The two rat, like people that have rats for pets, though they love. On the same thing, I mean, if you have a domesticated animals and it grows up with you in its care for its entire life than you become like family in own, just like a dog or a cat. If you ever been around Pharaoh cat, never been around feral dog like who taking that can be really scary. I had a cat now my mother rescued at a cat when I was younger and the fucking cat attacked me
this affair? Tat it was. It was a lie. Can. It was it was abused. Jesus Christ I wasn't leg you know I was for a little bit like now, let's grab in its neck and should like another backwards skin any fucking snapped and beat the shit out of me and scratched me too. Chrome? When not you will stop. Man was over Randal, fall to them and observed it. Is they can be terrifying? Now it's it's amazing. How powerful look cat is the ferocious dead there. It's not step the two quick. You don't know what to do. You panic, because they, what the fuck is this fucking thing, he's attacking me. What is this
a human and they are they gonna go full bore, whereas you're gonna cut pulled back they're gonna diseases such as better design. As far as I killing things, thereby is it so well designed when you watch that guy there was a jumping across those buildings? Caterpillar pits. Do this these may do have so gently around my house in EL ditches leap. Also, both there on the couch Lee there on the table. I walk across Leap Book there on the ground there gone railings, balancing act on railings. What about those on I love watching those shows on National Geographic like when they make to kill the age. Rag, it all the way up into the three hours leopards liking. Oleg leverage, dragging it into moose up into the fuck. Are you kidding me they're, so scared
that's very ass. It is, I grab him with their teeth like this is how to reach it. Oh, my god, this is in India right it got loose, which is Jack, and people look at that. My colleague just jumped up a bit that guy, my god, you jump in the water. That say For now I can swim. I don't think they swim. I think Let me let him jump in the womb. Oh, my god. Look at this thing biting am amazed, TAT, someone from a stick, You saw someone through mistake: cheeses, crisis, terrifying man that is fucking terrifying, that animal so powerful to that's a big cat. I think, like yours, a hundred
town Aziz lose some man in a one hundred fifty pounds, house cat, fuck, yeah fuck, all that dude pool. We're so poorly designed when it comes to like being able to defend ourselves against something like that were so poorly designed to amazing other items of such a way better, shot, athletic lit even chips. Chimps are so much stronger than they were way. Better shouted surviving, jack and african swinging from trees go not. There was one thing: the phantom of those big giant chimps in the Congo, that their nest on the ground, the guerrillas guerrillas nest in the ground, because nobody wants a fuck with a gorilla cats. Dont want to follow the guerrillas like too
work you can easily get your job broke. You may know your leg broke yeah. They can't fucking guerrillas to heart than my catch. A baby slipping in other mobility, maybe IKEA of something if you get separated from his mom at the right now, that's possible, but like a regular size. Guerrilla. Good luck, no four, the way they have to be stalking, so they sleep in the groundwork. Chimps sleep in the trees, chimps till now be careful, but they found his big giant chimps in the Congo, the column on the Billy, a poor, the bondo ape and dumb. There are just a legend for the longest time here in that the boy Michael Creighton spoke: there was the Congo that who wrote that who has seen the movie was quite in the road that and she that Movie Congo yeah Council, because that those tab was terrible. But the idea with eyes- and you know the one is always know those movies weirdo guys like you. We again.
He was like this where he was the guide so who is like I'm building you'll see his face Yugoslavia. I just love not a very good movie that gas Madame listening, but those dived hunger where's the doktor her. This is another one to one. It was looking for those areas. Why? Who worry? Is that guy You ve seen a bullock has great that's the guy from Russia. Our picture exactly ass? Could you tell me, Thank you. Yeah like him, while the Damn movie dealt with see that muggy up there, though, do that one picture. That's supposedly what these giant chimps look like. So in in the movie they were. These fish No animals that work super smart in a really big, but it it's bad
On this thing. This is a real one This is a real one that somebody killed like at the turn of the century. That's one that they shot at an airport. In Africa. Look at the size of that thing. In comparison, those men, you Talkin about a chip that could get to be like four hundred pounds. There are enormous. It is ridiculous, and so they they sleep on the ground. Just like guerrillas, and there's a small population of them. Recently found it. Well, there's a Swiss, thinks the swiss Wildlife photographer named call or mine, and he took some photos of them with a camera trap, put up a photo camera trap. Bondo ape, I think I'm say his name right, Carl on, but he uh yeah the upper left that that's it, that those photos that it's the same thing see ya
One of what does it say, Carl once also and with despair. Everybody's a hearing croquet, R, L, a M M, a n n n die. He got these camera photos of them walking upright, and that's that was the most fucked up, about all this shit. I realise what I was looking at you. That's a set foot! That's a six foot tall Chimp, its walking upright. I mean they're really big their way, bigger than a regular chap and its they have crest in their head, like a real is. Do you now guerrillas have guerrillas are one of the few primates it has it. If you would it skull, they have a crest and the skull where these massive chewing muscles lighting muscles all sort of congregate on their head. They have these huge jaw muscles and these huge, like clamp down muscles and leave this cleft in the top of their head. I pull up
Bondo Ape Skull and though they had lived, they found the skulls in these things and that first they were like a case. Is a hybrid like what is this. See it. It is he who, as I crest and on top of the head, now. They know that it's a real animal do as well as the first ship they ve ever found. That has a crust light. This look at it and It's also its. There were thinking. There was some sort of a hybrid. There are thinking like. Maybe it was they who is part guerrilla part champ isn't possible within the genetics they ve gotten, for, I think, from stool samples and some other some other methods of acquiring they. They think that its own kind of champ tested a breed that only exists and is one area prate fuckin crazy, you think about it like they ve certainly had photos of the thing. Since the
guy call on in the I think, the nineties he did, the right was a safer as when he met zone believers got the photos, has apparently been like legend, but the count, Oh is giant man. It's like the United States, its huge like the Congo Roof rain Forest. If you look at it on a map in numb exotic, I got the actual size of the: U s and put it like in the Congo, and you go in the Congo. You almost can is pretty close is ready. It's basically the size United States give or take would mean even heroes. Half the size, fuckin crazy, who the hell knows. What's in there exactly like, never find anything
but this is one area where this thing lives is, of course, they're, probably like Megan Cell phones out of ersatz. My fat and poetry, minerals are the ground, but they need for the I watch or something so who knows me is how big it is: two thirds the size of Western Europe, two thirds of the size of Western Europe Jesus Christ. What does it look like a rat in comparison to United States, Extrovert hovered about you ask. I think it was the man the arm, the Congo's, I'm not sure. That's a fork in pretty heavy duty peace right down, my god. Your home address. I definitely Andrews, but it's still unbelievably huge just
look at. It goes from the bottom of the United States, although if Canada, but only, I would say like make a third of the size finally bigger than alaska- maybe deftly the last ask how? But how much is it is not really have doesn't have to me, looks more like a third scroll down a little, so you could see the better. That doesn't really will have to me does it looks like slightly ed yeah, slightly less than half, maybe forty percent, or something and almost eighty percent of people. As AIDS really says, Eighty percent of people in the Congo have AIDS more likely are like, you have HIV Aids, while has duty if you got the collar cargo work on them,
you gotta with a full body, count on my fucking naked gun this insane. How tub diverse than part of the world is the amount of different animals that exists in that one, crazy rain forest area? They have all sorts of wild shit. Now we were looking at videos that thing last night that, shoe bill bird, the giant, prehistoric, looking dinosaur bird that lives in the Congo to one with the long, a crazy long hatchet face. It's got like a like a long battle axe for face. It's like a five foot tall bird scary, fucking things valiant chase down by one of those areas. Two days in a row, the shoe bills, Meda fuckin size of that thing. That thing most create just looks like he's demented, don't doesn't willy nilly is top five feet. Is five feet is biggest
Look at the fucking eyes in that thing, MASH is given an hour had without stupid, still arise immediate, it's so dumb, just dumb old dinosaur, that's a dinosaur man, for real. What are we looking at? Is this a real animal? Are you fucking shit me? This looks like avatar this actually some avatar shit. It really does. Fact that that is a real animal. This lady, his feet in this. Animal rats put it, up and down mice and fishing shit. Look at this. The face on that thing. Look in his eyes so forget haggard, face from crybaby kid. It's fucking eyes. It's like. I do not believe that you really can tell how intelligent someone is if you look into their eyes, but I do believe
you can see when Somethin's dumbest fuck, you know you they aren't like you, can't looking at somebody how smart there, but you can definitely look at it. That thing, there's not a whole lot going on is like some simple, wiring fuck! That thing Jesus Christ, that's crazy, limited photo changes polar before Bird S, pretty fuckin, amazing, Logan dude. Someone needs to make a harm movie where these things, just you know someone. Let's move lab in Florida, Flora University LAB and they they start breeding and they start talking to each other. TAT, looks like one of those angry birds from the tanks game right. Use one of those the eyes. Those dead eyes was dead, dinosaur eyes. Those eyes, the reason, one thousand Friedrich Yoda, who the fuck out.
Eyes, are the reason why we have houses and weapons has houses are the reason why we figured out fire in communication its we had to figure out how to knock eighty eaten by shit like that. Look at that thank Jesus, Fucking Christ, Now. Imagine that this is in the same sort of vein. Suarez animals go as that terror bird accepts considerably smaller. With a terror bird was like seven feet tall and lived What America lived in North America People were alive. These things were gee. I and they were running around like limited the photo a, but with the soldier, their Jamie. Look at this, the cub big, these fucking things were what yeah, what the fuck this Things lived while people were alive right, we're going to these. Birds exist. Fuck that thing just fuck that
shit is crazy. Look to see whether it is nine be doll in four dog giant fuckin bird man. When did the thing live. One point five million years ago that what it says I sat Della Z What's it say Jimmy fifteen or one point to point? in your two point: five million years. You are also that Leslie, not people signed. Someone? Was there some silly monkeys? Something was there, but little what year, do you think monkey started figuring out how to start using weapons and shit like what year was it that they figured out? How, like very first sub human hominid. That was smartest fuck. Those. Figuring out how to like make a weapon. I would have to win them, picking up some sort of bread just some serves yeah rock and throwing it
it s the first of using a weapon, no rank. Maybe I would wonder if it would be dangerous stick to beat something with a stick or to throw rock, which would be the first one. They figured out but what would you do you think? I mean I wonder how long it was a that our ancestors first started developing a weapon at something kill something: the ie or something defend themselves, on looking a little farther there's some reports and from Uruguay, saying that these might be dated two four hundred fifty thousand or seventeen thousand years. Seventeen thousand years have seen more being debated, That's what I know in the realm. That's what I had heard it was a boy. I think I heard it was like thirty five thousand years ago. They thanked it. Some of our more living in North America was written in spanish or something he can't get through. That.
It was all pre ice age, either way because the ice age was ten years ago, this whole mother fucker was just frozen. Salad, that's hard to that's hard to imagine this question everything I don't know what the fuck is going on, who knows what's happening like watching ancient aliens? Eighty two, I wish I was real. I wish it was our I wish was to have the right of the red abolish it. It would be so much more fun if alien, had been here and Contadora, contacted us and left information. So much more fun regrettable, then. And to actually be alive to find that out there I think it is. Hopefully possible that something good way smarter than us and can travel from some other place is also
totally possible that it's never happened. Yet it's totally possible that people just full of shit. Is also totally possible that our experience on earth has been broken up a bunch of times by the huge disasters I think that this is one of the things that this guy Gram Hancock is trying to prove and is doing a fantastic job, so documenting what the way he described that were a civilization with amnesia really interesting stuff man, because he is, he saying, essentially would probably happened. Was human beings invented a bunch really cool shit developed a bunch of great technology in our made sophisticated societies and cultures and then fuckin rock from this guy comes down start over flattens everything kills a Jew, in short, the people flocks up all the infrastructure, chaos, disorder and then things are fined for and then the few hundred,
here's a new one heads and all throughout Europe. If proven now that this nuclear glass, it all throughout Europe and in Asia is wide suffocation and it's all around ten thousand years ago raises does unexplainable saying they think did that's what happened. Ten to twelve thousand years ago. They this all of Europe, was like pelted with rocks fucking Knots in that people how to start over after that and that all our stories about cataclysms and in order to know when the, arc and all that shit about keeping keeping societies lie whether it's like the epoch of Gilgamesh. All these, install that a real, similar real similar. If someone like trying to keep humanity alive face of this chaotic disaster. All those represent. The same stories almost represents a things that ended the Fuckin ice age. Rocks from this guy ten thousand years ago, Jamie Heavy Shit,
too heavy. For me, you got me to hide the fact that those who work in three joys lover she is war. We can, we can go What for your? We talked about work repeat ourselves: we are society with amnesia, defiling wooden, smugness, China, we hands of amnesia societal, no doubt about it. So when you go on these, these trips do bases trips on like places you want to eat the two basic ships on your already torrent air, and you you say well fuck. It lets combine the two together. Pretty much like I get to go places for music. I get to go to a lot of may in countries have been to Africa have been premature, lovin not yet not Asia. Yet all over Europe, all of America and in pretty much.
People want to take me out these restaurants because they know I appreciate it. They know what I'm about through my liberation through seeing me in to know me and on that I believe away. You almost feel, like you know me, people feel like they need to show me the right way in their city have to be taken care of you know, and it is only right. I like to be care of any I have an incredible gmo: revising munchies invites land. You know they get the job done. They work Well, once you start doing, shall I guess than people start here about it? Then you know you get all the people that are contact you with great suggestions, it sort of makes itself. I give you figure it out, just based on always people trying to get you go there spots. Well, you know a lot of his organic though people are genuinely fans, the music and genuinely fanned the show
a lot of times. They don't want to ask to be on it in those put I feel that few people know throw in the little hints you combine bring. Thus this is some you planned out, or is it just like something that sort of came on to seem like a natural thing, the edge came along and I was I was filming. I was getting filmed indication cooking and was I was kind of cool, always a groan of watching these shows being fuckin these doors being rock stars now? Why can I do that illegal logging, aviary fury yet augur. Well, my bath I swear I set of ideas, as a theory is that it was so right, says, lose accent. Look at him look at them, look at him looking to make ever look at a leg of various Gatt, we'll see what else is eager to do. Besides Nicolaus, he could be a nickel back. He could be it
go back easily and what was the one minister rack their lives? small. Now he lives, they leasing, Smash yater yeah he's goes figure. Zones, but can you just squirrel up for second go to the one with curve flames on his shirt to write? Is he actually they were like get crazy while he was taken. These pictures need did that nets forever, It's just in time that he's gets its crafted thing going on is a rock star Rock STAR, cook guy. Let me, as you show me, no do think settling a nice guy, I know I'd doesn't say: do you think that this is a stick like he's, smart, he decided Billig, make himself look
You will get a guy like Donald Trump, Everybody knows that he has this crazy hair. You don't think the jar com to get a bit here, kindly plays into official he's ridiculous. It's part of his flare as it he's pulling off with his goofy haircut here, Billy of dollars and he's his hair helmet say what Don King legendary here, don't king, manned Obama guys did that they they looked. They had liked sort of wacky, look on purpose right. I thought of yesterday's Enchant Donald Trump trolling in some sort of performance, peaceful, like a I think its diverse worries, I think Donald Trump is guy, who has full belief in his ability to run this country. Whether or not it can actually run the country. I don't. I don't think it's it and act. I think he has full believe that he can do it. It's is bizarre sea because it's it's Freaking p,
about them. I think one of the more fascinating things about this election is how people so freaked out that he's he's pretty. Much in command right. This thoughts dislike panic that could that That is a possibility of meeting president. Oh, it's very likely that Europe is very likely. I think if, if things keep going the way their going right now, it looks to me like he's gonna, be the President are the others putting their fucking foot in their mouth. What is the issue? Signing I don't understand, is it the internet age is at the social media. Age is making this guy into this. Almost like. The Jordan face the Jordan. They mean. Like an iconic thing. You know that politicians down. Europe is becoming the first joint effacement crying Jordan work.
The thing: when people looked for someone to be president, whether its rational or not, they look towards someone who they think is going to be a leader. Are the crying Jordan face here site and they put it on everyone. People Fuck up you get the crying Jordan face. People look Lord someone that they want to be a leader in the problem. Would Donald Trump isn't. He said a bunch of ridiculous stuff, a valid Mexicans and some stuff some stuff. It does not measured stuff about Muslims come to his country, not measured, rational and any knows, is Way, to show busy You know I'm in his youth, the guy with the Mexican they will shut the country down. Restaurants will be close, it'll be over yeah. That things will be done, yeah very likely apposite than
ICE, like a great deal that we now have an like. A lot of problems with Mexicans like this idea that the Mexicans causing all these problems if they really cause, namely problems we would have allowed. More problems, because this a lot of Mexicans or they do they just want to come over to the country, so they can make money to send home to their family. I worked with as that literally slept in shithole rooms? Just they just send their salary at three hundred four hundred dollars from washing dishes, all fuckin weak, yeah back home. For their family delay the people you want to keep out of the country like the the Is the working man writing his buy back in full. Work every day in the falcon snow, the rain. Whatever you know, sub setting, I will close with these guys doing kitchens right and kid Maxine Guys, one oppian chefs
incredible, wants to know they can't you good duties than any closing its system. It is unfortunate that he would say things like that, and the people respond the way they have responded. People got car excited someone's filing. I closed the close the borders and spoken several people come out one. You know please come out at night whose use is bad people in every group in every group and the idea that these people, because their more poor and because there that they got stuck in this one spot, they should be just they should be trapped there forever. You announced acted to us by dirt. We there's like a clear path between us in Mexico right there and we have to stop people from walking across to get jobs. Could you imagine if Americans, if she made them, walk,
across the desert to get jobs here right. How few of us be employed if the walk across Did you get it in the river? He had a fuckin. It across the river. It gets you this island, holding your baby over the rapids should and once it is idea to climb a wall, and then he had a walk across the desert, and then you go to find a job here. What you know, job forming what together, no, no, no you better somebody to see how you can speak the language Y yeah Wanna live somewhere where they are, they don't speak, my lad. You want money or not. Ok, I'll, do it! Now, it's gonna, do it no Meriden. Do it. You know,
can kids community college today, there's no jobs, younger generations, foot the wall just get ten feet higher. This is new statement a couple days ago after we want some. Oh my god he's lerius. It's a Larry's saw the President and Mexico yesterday or the Ex president. Whatever whoever who cares, he said we will not even consider paying for the world. You have to understand because ok you're ready who's, gonna pay for the law, Omar Migrant reset hundred percent. So I got a call from one of the reporters yesterday. They said the president a basic or said they will not under any circumstances
pay for the wall. They said to me. What is your comments? I said the wall just got ten feet higher stroke screw. You fucked it up with the it's true. It's true. It should have laid back on that had a strong delivery. On delivery. Just panics wives get two cheers I daresay you ve got airlines and he's not. Prison are planned for this, but the forgets your brain when I hear the clubs is crazy. That guy can say something like that is so measured. Did you see that please clap moment with job Bush now and it's pretty much- is right ruined them and is now there s? No, what happened showed tat. He has given a speech somewhere in and he gets his real roused up moment he's waiting for applause break and it doesn't come. So we literally says to the crowd. Please clap my poor boy, bastard, goodness, gracious
these price so happy to be out of the back of the military. I won't trash talk, I won't be a provider and cheaper and agitator achieve. I won't be out there blowhard talking to mix the game without backing. I think the next present needs to be a lot. Quieter would send a signal that were prepared to act in the national security interests of this country. To get back in business of creating a more peaceful world. We scrap those humorous without those human that wasn't tab that was humorous. When the way did that I thought it was like it was I saw you know the guy and a young girl saw a bunch of really old people. There, maybe they just didn't catch it at the time I thought he was being funny. I mean. I think that that would be a good way to end. Is please club.
But maybe I'm just optimistic is definitely not the guy here. Just you can't talk like and be the guy, you know focuses fuck. It seemed like I think he probably solid avenues: brother, sovereign avenues, dad names like fuck this charter. We differ trying to put not think to try to push him into a job. It is really what you really want. President doesn't seem like it to me. There has to be a carpenter. Bernie Sanders seems to want to be present. I believe it I'm converge Hillary Clinton wants me President. I'm convinced tromp wants we present for sure about that we're guy you, Madam president, Chris Christie, didn't want me, president. No way no fuckin way he's a fucking scumbag as he. How dare you. I'm not really sure is what I hear are really no politics, isn't what I hear yeah. That's all I need to know the judge spoken.
Yeah. I just don't know. I don't This can happen this country of that guy wins it's getting very weird. If that I winds like someone who can say shit like that wins. While who knows man. What would happen if you got an office than immediately gave like com, sober presentation explained and he did what he had to do to win, but he's absolutely serious about being the president when it would have if thus possible. America's pretty liberal I feel like going to shut. The wards, got ten foot higher like white. What is this an episode of a movie s ass? A sort of a movie is a sick fuck. Yeah that's what he is he's a sick fuck. You see anything you suck Gaza. One hundred percent he has one of the little is Dixon World. I can't believe what I am hearing you can tell how we re talking for as well say. Allegedly
allegedly he has of the tiniest treaty. Is a micro penis? Nobody does the case both giant hard thing so about its shocking. That's why so confident? I bet he pulled it out and the window he avoided turned a fucking showing me. Then he bought it. There's no doubt realistic. Nude painting of down trample making gal dries up what you're, putting up there I just came up another three knowledge is just by his actions which, by the way, you you know a deadly as micro, penis syndrome, verbose. No John Hog he's Duke argue as the big. If he has one you fuckin bought it. As one of those we have the Fucking Pompey. Not you know you too, to true true, true true so Turkey based the you'd like in public dick. I can
All the mexican actors gather from the soap bubbles, That's what I heard I was looking into this, for when I get over, there was a Roger, had the mechanical gag mechanical pump fished? strike the Reebok pump. It was in the movie. Gives you the movie the HBO moving away. Who was he? It was like the job it was now. It was Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. It was called putting the candle arbour behind beyond the candelabra seven it was. It was fuckin amaze, really Liberace was off freak. It was amazing, it so givers vile, Michael Douglas can act. Is sorry man he's a good falling down. Yeah, oh yeah my favorite city, but this one, for whatever reason I think they made it for HBO or maybe
I just saw the danish people: have they made it? They might have financed themselves. I know what happened, but it was incredible behalf in the candle at all. Well, it's so good man I most incredible so fuckin good Matt Damon was his boyfriend and his dislike hole. Shit, I'm gonna have the wash, it is for sure dude. He was a freak, its work and great. He made his boyfriend surgery to look more like him about lap, while his boyfriend was, I use handsome guy and he made his boyfriend fuck his chin up to be like Morlock Liberace, chow Get it Madame get his chin done. Good I've spoken sick, that's love it more slow! Now, good! It is cheap coffin.
You're in a constant state of marijuana. I enjoy it. Pretty much all die. Yeah sure do take days off. Yeah, but how many you're not many five year now I care I care about no less yes one year, maybe not really sure. I think this this she had took off. I think maybe two two days because I had surgery, but then I was right back at it, but I would think it would probably be good Formation Calumet Coffee is no good. When you was stomach, you know I, the curving is when you had hernia yeah. Now that that's that's a super I'm an injury man. This should happen in Alaska too, who knows crazy thousand Lascaux a performance unknown was plain MBA Jim again,
my boy, and he was the supersonic any just spoken, don't tell me and I got upset and I felt something to my stomach and from Vietnam. The video game here torn administration, hernia, Plain NBA, jammed the video games either have fucking crazy watching about Iraq. Where I was the next. He was the subjects that I wasn't happy that, while Yeah, maybe I might be the only one to ever get hernia from playing video you. I doubt it now now about people die I bet they land, but the contorted themselves, slipped broken their head open on coffee, pollyanna people die play millions ways of dire. Getting hernia, because you're freaking out that's a slight injury Paris had no I'm sure some shit, the people like to avoid things they fall and fight. Window and
false sixteen stores, the death. I write guarantee should happen. You right I've heard about these things, people ridiculous, a mistake from slogan windows. You don't go near Windows way play video games, don't don't blow your hernia now please if you haven't, had a hernia surgery in your God, man fuck, and why it. Operated on mascara will take me out how much as it take your checks. You have a couple of months. Does it near mean you'll, never feel? I guess I like you, go back and stop power lifting right now: Can I come on events in surgery. Had in November. So few months, I feel good night now. I feel good. Now you're at point. We're fills normal yeah, that's good I feel normal, so you'd recommended someone that also has had a hernia. Their earlier yeah just chill out.
That's surgery absolutely view they. If you have this book, the umbilical one in the stomach, you hear that I stand up case of stitched up. Bitch you know you always welcome. Walkin around pushy has done again and its work. It is not you does she have you? Have the other one slogan intestines gordian knot? Samuel looks like elephants, Titus you're, my friend Eddie, had it in haste, have to push down his abdomen? When you talk like he's talking loudly about, there is one of the worst and wherever you have let go of Europe in a loud place. Jackhammers, goin off. He would literally have to push his hand into his admin too, like keep it resting, go mad. Procure, let's get the fuck out of here, performed for three to agree, as already with that wiping out. Oh, my god, we gotta get back I'll, see you waited a long time ago. I got a section I broke once again. Again they put a slogan so
your right to say that the cut is about. I mean that the whole in your stomach is about an inch or whatever they put an end. Of mesh over it. It Obviously, gonna fuckin burst again. You have to cover with a little bigger peace so there, the alaskan doktor did otiose the doktor Attache Dagda Queens, a lotta tell the soil job. I'm in fucking waiting room first as shit myself, because I don't know they gave me second of war. They made them clean me. Third of all, I'm on the operating room about to give put under fucking guy goes to die, yo. You know that is my Dick, is so shrivelled, because I'm scared, I'm scared that I'm holding the blanket above my stomach obvious. I want to get knocked out. So am I gonna fuck? I thought to do it, pictures of my shrivelled dick that was it I thought I had before going on to surgery. Think about that
rude blew my mind: Heru Debbie AIR, while eager Nero who could definitely do them say: Edward terrible people, whatever is, if they did, that would, I have grounds to sue yeah for defamation of character that, because I wasn't Emma finest now poor representation and pours exactly of was terrible Y know, the people of this deadly when people have got in trouble for due and terrible shit dentists do in terrible shit to their patients, I heard about that from the Jerky boys years ago If you re out pulled my bow, wake up would buy back down. What about I love this shit, the Jerky boys people forget my love for gotta. Funny. Some of those fucking majorities were frank result else, says old chest.
Those were funding. Yet these young kids, if you ve, never the jerky boys go and listen, they would call people up and pretend that things are going on grateful was. Did some of those It is on his own. Did one of em, where you call this rental. Car company would like this heavy Boston accent we tell them. The card directive was on fire It is the cars on fire, his fucking Sally, we to the fucking gas station is asshole due to bring the gas day, so we had pots and pans fill with gasoline report or what, Pots and pans filled with gas in the car that listen the cars on fire. You gotta get over here Frank, closer, always good chinese restaurants, whether you could call would you remember Jimmy Kimmel, had a television to crank Yankees oh yeah, member- that yet- and it was all
calls done with like sat up. Its remembered was funny as a cow is funny that you can do you used to be able to do stuff like that in in Vegas, like Nevada Head, like a different rule, you could use people's calls for something like that. Is he can't in California, you'd have to tell them hey. I'm gonna use this record. This call, and then everything after that you can use anything before you said that you couldn't news, would be admissible inadmissible in it. Excuse me inadmissible inadmissible means Larry. I know there's a lot. You I've been caught out there like. Baby mother tongue. Start drama me over. The phone have me on three way and I said some crazy shit and then like six. Ever forgive family members here you don't know that should be it admissible in life
see you accessories. Add up. You want freedom, so crazy shit. I mean then that a day like, if you provoke me, it's fun, Is this too easily right? So, if you want the freeze freed say, crazy shit. She wants everybody, not fucking, crazy, really, that's true! So she wants to have people? Listen you you're, not crazy. Mother fucker is obviously a sickly where it is widely held, your streaming yellin and she I see, I told you, you a minute, So while pretty much look it s all. Do what do you want to change? Do you wanna come to Jesus moment now you happy with your pants Daddy. You don't seem like an asshole right now is very friendly document appreciate why that hopes, but where I was I came here, we so painful, very nice guy. I was right in nice, guy, decent MRI,
Once you get to know me, you, like me anymore now, really now, I'm a good guy. Now I figured How are you right now? I'm not that way. Now. You know I'm high, but you know like a normal family level. I feel we we're getting trapped with the first few set in few words of the sentences were saying and committed to these sentences and were not known that's what we're gonna say will start talking so like making it up as we go along tat high. That's why we are in she's all this about good guy, bad guy said you know, you're talking about new. I have no clue, I have no idea was gonna, say two minutes to areas quotes. Ladies gentlemen, that's my point leave. Alone he's not that guy, I'm a great guy did Pablo two men replaceable am I gonna get a grip on the coup d, I'd say: you did either a guitar. I could tell you. Definitely
have a more than casual understanding of how to play for sure I was too. I was too, I spent some time in pools and queen you know stood on the wall does places are important for sure dead. Tying our stock billiard Fucking millennium Billiards Unfriendly Lou Boulevard with Asia, with the fucking Polo shirt, collar parts of Asia, the girlish rate I blue light blue, is having a drag raises on the ribbon in the civics argues in Chelsea. Billiards New York, there was always alive like really strong asian players that gambled, go in there talking mad shit. There was a bunch of these. Do they really colorful guys in the pool community? There were these asian cats Koreans
one guy was like one goes. Chinese is one korean. Do, though, Campo like crazy and come and talk and Madge Shit, and he was just like that, polo shirt on looking preppy go right to the heart of the jungle and up the poor culture, which was Chelsea Billiard d up. It's crazy money, the final measure, its issues in general, desolator good. It like. Precision games, definitely go to pool so the best players in the world or Asia than that girl, the black widow, yup, she's, incredible here. There's a bunch of guys copy men think he's from Taiwan Buncher guys from Taiwan that are really good lot of a lot of Asia, especially Filipinos Filipinos. It's pretty much the number one country of the United States of like the greatest poplars ever really for one spot.
It's tough to fuck with the Philippines. Like someone of all time greatest, just from one else. It's a bunch islands. I think it's like a thousand islands, then the crazy, but a gang of whom come from the beings, the? U S, G eyes, apparently dropped pool off over there when they were like world word. What was a two were too: there were in the Philippines, they brought pull tables over to entertain the g eyes and that's apparently how Filipinos got involved in poor. That's allegedly the the story than the poor community says well in Vietnam, seems, like the g eyes, brought funk music to flag in Vietnam in Thailand and nor those like wherever they were, because there's some funky mother, fucking, music- there comes from the Seventys and. In the Vietnamese like this Vienna me so music. That sounds like. Mother sluggish from Harlem playing. You know,
credible stuff, while and its in their language, which is even crazy, because it sounds amazing. What is your name just look up vietnamese? What type of vietnamese funk there's this on specific gum, album I think it's called Sagen Rock. Pretty next level a picture of a woman on it on the cover, I find that I was there. It is banned Jerry Honourable Hall, Saigon Wrong man is still hip, is out of the regrettably was over this Oh, my God, Nineteen sixty eight and ninety seven. Holy shit.
Why Well, then, why does she sounds crazy while. I was listening to this island. Speak Spanish and our citizens be written good. Easy there. So I'm listening that it gives me this. It gives you a little extra kind of cool charged you know the fact they say and you try that you try to mitigate theirs
just make a noise is a sound like it. What is Joe Ideas is banned? Jamie each ideas is nephews ban, as his cousins ban is it. Acts of I've got them on my arm, my music here somewhere. I'm trying to find that though they are they had there I am a band out a Cuba age, always families our Cuba, Ex Alfonso Emmy Alfonso thing: it's acts when a Vista social club, now that's one of em, but there's the the band of therein is Ex Alfonso from Twitter. I got that his cousin yeah, the ban that this I haven't seen, but there's a ban I was listening to its called acts: Alfonso they're. They are fucking bad ass dude, God, the bat- and I know what they're San it's it's. It's really. Cool because then you listening to these are, I saw
Joe is, is cut his cousins Emmi loose and about the bottom Harry comments. I said our nose ex alfonse. Thank you. Ok! When asking what the name of his cousins rock band, I know as Ex off answer as a couple years ago. Ok, so I guess that's his cousin, but two. Ever man they're fucking bad ass, their cool too, because I like listening to stuff like this when I write because I'm not fuck their sand, is just cool and I don't have to like follow their narrative I get just enjoy. It is a joy, the sound of it. You know absolutely, I agree.
This is a traditional song like they have some crazy wild rock and roll shit, see if you can find like. I don't want to give people the wrong impression like what kind of music they have cuz I thought you speak Spanish understand what they say not here see if you can find, revert, reverse This is a really cool video to the videos, really amazingly, shot like bright graphics. So what the deuce their plane, the song forward and backward.
Did you fast forward it to deepen to this interesting shirt, so this is Joe. Ideas is cousins, so I guess his heart and I want them genes. Have you been a Cuba? Yet? No are you gonna go I would like to. I want to go there before, because a tourist trap, yeah seems forty LP guess that's all eyes over. I don't want to be able to use muscle war. Induce row. Now in some spots, apparently the apparently some spot. Sweden go where you could use your phone. It's fuckin wag, it's weird, but I want them to have phones on torn now I mean, of course our phones and the elderly- are false, won't work as if their phones don't work, the additional forms
another now that should only to my attention that manner they should definitely forms, but this seemed to be they did they put together a pretty amazing culture without it shit, no legendary, its classical the architecture, all those colors in old, cars tat old cars, just a musical. If Why should I have windows, Vista Social club stuff in that vacuum, energy is really mine blow in its possession, a beautiful. The music that they make. Is unreal slang around the wage shatters like magical yeah, they definitely have a sound style of their own, and I think that at all I was taken place over the last fifty or so years. Just ninety miles away from us. We had no idea, and on top like we weren't, even allowed to visit for for fifty years, we were kept from Goin to aspire
and with no reason that makes any sense we kept from government. Will you get trouble man, Nineteen eighties, if you travel a Cuba, you could get and fuckin troubled region. Government told you where you could visit think about that Good Africa you go to the Congo, they wouldn't you your time? But if you go to Cuba, the Likud, like you up just from for visiting, I want to see what it's like over, that want to see. Some people now you can't it's the most ridiculous thing ever sick, there's no reason like you not for your own safety causes some super dangerous spots. You go vizir right now, No, it's just stop you from flying Iraq. Nicaragua nausea, stop you from flying to! places in the world that are in terrible plight, terrible state.
Of civil unrest. You gotta go. He go a cuban know their king, and here we can now was Russia's for Falcon Russia, I like Russia. There was last year there were hard at us given shot really gray. To tell you the truth: yeah. It was a fucking very gravely spot gray like weatherman like to color the weather. Like the way I looked out. Yeah, like you, ve, not nice, but no, no sunshine. You and I it was it was Sunday out of there was definitely not sunshine. It was a hard place who was could sell their was hard terms. The debate some hard working people. So fucking jaws managers, fuckin defined summer sky. Is eminently fires ever fatal, the up and
out of Dagestan Data sends another place were developed in his killers. Siskiyou guy kid eyes, fighting Yossi kid man man, gentlemen. Habib number met off he's an ancestor monster, animals ridiculously good grappling, just just destroyer, so fuckin oh good, think about Elsa can old men over there just London wrestling all day, long in the barn. Black and white in the cold. All told with this show do have it a deal to do it for a certain amount of time. I just doing it for as long as you enjoy it. Right now, feels like it feels like you could begin alongside the heads. I feel like it's good. People get to enjoy this entertainment knows and change it. We suggest review if it's nearly ass, good ass, your instagram page with the photos of it is pretty good.
Well that's light. Instagram pages lay work. What was at stake? The EU aid, the EU, is like aids for seven months, now, I M a memorial battalion, steakhouses Vegas. I will use my girl kazoo there. Let seven seven months right in the Venetian. That's insane colonies, GINO Do they have you a something for seven months? You just leave it there You just leave that shit there and it becomes blue that now a good teacher, is Grosso my producer took them Nature- men, oh shit, so that's that's rib! I there was. Seventy day aged in, like what's the temperature when they do not add myself at seven months, sees me seven months, not seventy days. It's a premature child. I won't believe it, our blue. Seven months! What's the temperature, they put it up, they fucking grilling, very, very hot. No, I mean to keep to age all the aging. Oh, I think that it was there
and tell you exactly what I would imagine in between. In the forties, really thirty to forty hasn't turning to just rot, because there's so much fat cabinet debt, the fat protects and the meat just rights inside and all fatty tissue breakdown becomes not in unbelievably fucking Delicious known, deepen credible depth of flame Vernon developing all this birthday. Nervousness this mommy flavour. You can't really explain, but when you It is just melt and say what work, is going on well, here, seven months of wrought set me it's like that. If that real and we found out through the Romans used to do that other ladylike, of course, but now with refrigeration. If we just found out days, do we block what in the flock these assholes Dillon?
Let the meat rot away for seven months so that they Slicer Sliver off the inside and resent and present that I mean how much meat goes to waste one. That is a lot of waste and what percentage you think, maybe thirty, two forty per cent of the product decision bone is huge and the meat is just a meat is like this. That's all much is about I venture is long and paws. Three inches wide holy cow You also asked the rabbi rivers, the fuckin re, has the big bone and, as that the gas FED they have to cut off so must lose a substantial When we rush it is like a fuckin two hundred thousand inch wow. So that's like the worst eco friendly me. Ever, but his sublime My sublime tasting is like
It's bizarre how far people will go out of their way to try to like rigged the perfect stake. Suddenly That's where he has led some meat said for seven months. That means they have to take it up like a year in an elegant paragraph which Annie this now. This This is twelve months now that there is twelve month man. Now, how big is this servitude? It's about the same disappears about the same thing. So little it's it's a little bit smaller than that, but the last remaining cells have turned a tall shit. Exact area and of New AIDS runs rapid through your cooler, and that is the most delicious bite of food on the planet. Apparently according to these mother, for matches had at the seven mothers who like you who flew like you. I believe that is a big difference in their fight, the seven more than five months later hundred per se for care. How much better
is the one that's a year. You need to try it out and try that one year, but I feel that is going to be very can have too much cities eyes of a flip phone at source, and is society, so that smells guarantees a smaller one, our smaller Iphone, but, like us, they're gonna give you like: a quarter inch half inch peace because its two o d, so eating a whole thing of blue cheese. Why one bite I would like a huge amount of bacteria. None, I'm saying like details. I do love blue, almost tastes like you eating silver yeah, that's cause it's fuckin phone Exactly that's love that shit. I love I love funky shit. Shit. She's. We were in Paris eating two year old three year old. Oh Jesus She's has been buried in shit. Hey. Craziness, the Paris folk.
Figured out a way make that stuff stink. It lady love. They loved that stuff that was one of the main ingredients, ways to use on fear factor to make things smell, worse, cheese, expensive cheese, rarely yeah they would go to warm, they would go to like a place in Beverly Hills, where they have like out just a giant selection of the. Grossest rank ist fuck. It fuck guess, cheeses. We opened the cart you like she's, what thou fuck and its super expensive. That stuff on a mere. What call called throw that stuff in the blunders to make like bug smell. Worse. No wonder they fucking through a bullet tat. Look in India start throwing up there, the bugs itself. Was not nearly as bad as bugs blended with cheese, funky, ass, cheesy smell, We just especially you didn't know what you're doing I give smell certain cheeses. If you didn't
What you're eating you'd like what the fuck did this out here, because you know it out a pleasant taste to you know it's cheese here. Ngos yeah, this smells funky, kill smell some, some really weird cheeses, while yet woof. When, then, you really were you feel that the engine Think flavors in your mouth, you associate with a good thing, even though it smells funky. Does The latter cheese that literally smell like sixty old knapsack. You know in but like not exactly when you're overweight, like mine, and is a pleasant and is, but once you down to it, The text is very sweet yeah The task is my not second: how dare you Listen, I know you ve forgotten their security some. I can't have player gonna tell votes, I have tell us, is family stuff to do no way by their own into going into the other? One was. The don't want to know is how you don't want to know what the other one is.
When you don't want to go into whatever the one. The carbon one psychosis, Xbox and thank you very much, Sir Ammunition is yet a man who hang with you graduating. I the terms, and you show of people watching how can the catch it fuck does delicious. It's all over the internet right now go to you to type. In fact s delicious had been my name action browsing Google me mother photo browser February twenty knives vice land launches with You know the history to channel so we're gonna, be all over the place. Marched third Thursdays. Ten o clock, fuck destiny, just by cable. Every were work possible? You understand me, I understand you! Thank you, sir! thank you. It big brother, tomorrow. Sunk trestle tomorrow see let it takes much tune into the pot gas for weeks or he gets
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love. Everybody has to go by.
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