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#764 - Duncan Trussell

2016-02-23 | 🔗
Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”.
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we trust that you will gain experience here we go here we go again we're so burgess rulers oh sport do some stop that while we're doing the park cast great dude we archer today we are chaired this right with we we arched so fun so addicted to it now train yearly legitimate archer now you are you are you have like a full set up you do it all the time he practising a dry you know you don't it incredibly addictive man it's it's it's very satisfying and it's a great goddamn metaphor for everything thank yous
douglas doing the traditional way he's got the wooden arrow shafts and the traditional recurved both which by the way annie i am opposed to picture of archery or something like that yet that you now using traditional bo europe early you're doing it the man why i'm traditionally missing the fuck some guys aren't like that which when you were i mean there's guys that are obviously way better at that ship than you are i yeah but when you think about like what you were shooting how you were doing today and how i was shooting my bow today and imagine trying to hit an animal but maybe even a moving animal it's not i mean you're using what you're shooting what does even look like a bow it looks like some something that fell out of a diamond shaped spaceship
it's really weird it's a very weird looking bow where is like my bow basic robinhood style recurve bow but i get it man i would not want to hunt an animal with a recurve bow because it seems like it would be inhumane like it seems that unless you're early if you're going to kill something be very precise about it and i'm sure people with recurve bows though of course if they've shot herbalife it is precise i guess they could be probably close to as precise as i am with a compound bow but not for like long distances it's either really can't cover the same kind of distance shoot like we were shooting today i shot that elk target of sixty five yards and i was putting it in the heart at sixty five yards thou would be really really hard to do with a recur bow yeah you'd have to have a very powerful
to do that i mean that's a big seems to be part of the problem that i you know i don't know anything about it like i'm i just you know i i remember after the last pike ass we did you show me your bow and then that kind of floated am i had a little bit like manna be called a start shooting then i ve not now have a yard so the other day i went out and was i doing yard work like you know like which hagen leaves and we'd eating and other should i manage it man shit stuff i hate it when i was a kid but now it's them its past something clicks inside of you wear it just like this is all i want to do just want to weed eat i just want to that's that's being in your forties is where your like i was like vacuuming up the leaves like the blue leaf blower you could reverse it and suck leaves into a bag and it's like my god this is heaven
well it's your play so when you have a place in as a nice yard you know like lawn maintenance and stuff like that he's been something that men get into it now try there are gina kicking up my fuckin large yeah meat milk people like that old maggots man when you're on his long will you messing up his art is precious art his zen sand castle now zen sandbox younger people do with calm the sand perfectly yeah yeah it's very interesting you know that that process of being in a moment and then doing anything in the moment is incredible but i've ever i spent a long time not going outside enough and that is a really fucking awful thing that can happen to you where you just forget about outside like outside is the place between your house in your car or your car in your office in that outside but in so when you're not outside and you're living
the artificial cave you cutting yourself off from very specific field of data that starts teaching you if you're out there in it at all for any amount of time it's two narcotic it's like out this is i've been inside so much that i feel when i go outside like i've taken i like it and or something it feels that good is this like during the dark days of videogame addiction ah yeah man yeah this is yet your video game addiction internet addiction just a general feeling that that the outside is just use don't do it you're just in too much you know so that aid i think it is so many people are afflicted by this that you get so disconnected from this rhythm that's out there that when you finally start feeling it again it's like
eating something when you haven't been eating in a long time or drinking something you just want to stay out there and feel it so yeah i got the bow because i knew it put me outside more you now know let these people know there were alive tweeted tunes her but what would make you decide to get that kind of a bowler did you have someone help huge go to an artery poyser how'd you do you i went to an arbitrary place and in the guy you know the guy show me compound bows you know it's is far as i'm concerned if you're not shooting a recurring billion early shooting the unknown man you ve not a man so now i just the compound both man that's a commitment it looks like too of a commitment there's too much going on there it's a serious thing it looks like it's for hunting i don't intend to go hunting i just want to stay outside shooting and wooden i little poodle sits by
pool and watches me and i to shoot arrows and it's a fucking blast i love it but so this guy this kid is like art dodge arched whose like down our trees entire life i know nothing about us talking today it seemed like i'm an expert on our i'd like to week to week obsession so this kid is like explaining it to me about that it's very curve bow and a compound bow and he said basically a compound bow everything's better than a recurved bow buttery curve buys a great way to learn so i get this rigour of bow the little asteroids tells me there i'm fucking errors which i didn't even find out he saw me compound bow arrows and so like i was shooting with those for awhile and each of them would be cisely off in the exact same place because compound
oh errors are their plastic vine whatever that shit so when they hit the bow they at least they have were recurved bow and they hit the arrest it throws them off in a specific way whereas feathers and more pliable this is what somebody explained to me after i went back and medicines these other areas with mandatory it's it's an addiction is expensive he keep by shit and add stefan to upgrade its only really fun now while the compound bows even more data because of different kinds sites indifferent gonna rests in theirs drop away rest in his whisker biscuits and is always diff whisker baskets nantes like a bunch of different fibres that your arrow sits on so instead of a rest this slight alot of people arrested scholar drop way rest meaning as you release the arrow the cables and the strings to the rest are attached so as you were drawn back yet the rest is up
and you are sitting on the rest as you release the rest drops so the arrow takes off on the string without the resistance of the rest being their colleges launches it in the air that's a whisker biscuit lacks the kind words points but bunch of fibres which over long periods of time can like long distances can slightly effect the amount of feet per second not much by two or three second two or three feet per second over the of like forty yards or something like that which is you know you talk about the difference between like to an eighty eight feet per second tourney five percent gag it doesn't matter still marked in seeing me fast and powerful so that some some people like that kind that whisker biscuit kind but mine is one drops were it so cool that this thing is evolved to this point by raising amazing right crazy now all the different evolutions at the boat
had from the moment somebody realized if you take a tight string and put it between sticks and pull it back would you know yours is a recurring in a recurring is a totally different thing that's that was like the original compound right those original technology because they figured because of the curve of the way your bow is designed you can generate much more power that way the regular kind of longbow so that was the old school kind that you seem like the robinhood day that it like that but the recurve was like the mongols like someone around that time figured out how to make that and they made these bows with insanely power for wood and they used animal worn and all kinds of other shit and then they made some glues and why things with their glues was when it was raining out they couldn't fight right to fucking balls of fire poor right whose silk is pouring rain they had to get the fuck out of dogs due to both would fall part if though the paste and shit hole
together got wet right so weird yeah there's your many things it throughout history there so many unknown people who feel out these amazing things like someone figured out how to advance the boat the point that it became a longbow excellent work that in before that someone just figure to me all these little moments in history or so interesting and so frustrating because most of them you'll never witness right that moment like the moment somebody made fire that's a thing you'll never see that one could someone had to do it first now maybe people did it all over the planet at the same time or if there are people over the planet depending on which which explanation for our people gotta give i think hancock believes people were spread out way before the out of africa theo
your name but anyway someone somewhere figured out how to do it probable gravel saw something happen they caused a fire and then they try to recreate until they were successful right a moment they were successful demand of magic the fucking look on the guy's face the first car they figured out how to make fire on his own yeah the first car that use when those both with the bits in the tea ass he knows we turn hands though the real hard core guys they use a bow with a bit in their teeth so they put the bitten their teeth in the new stick right and then they have the bow and because that they can use to hand so they're clamping down the bit thing like this says is is it is it is it did you see it start smoking there was a guy
by that was on one of those crazy mountain men shows i don't know which one it was but one of those shows where dudes are living alone in the fucking life below zero that's who it was it was the guy on life below zero who lives by himself in like a tool shed is like this tiny little shack in alaska where he's miles and miles and miles from civilization and for most of the year this guy lives like this where he just subsist off the land by himself he just eat caribou he has to fend wolves off of his property he and he doesn't bring matches with him because you could always run out of matches he wants to be make a fire consistently on his own so brings this bit and above that's how he starts as fires that's cool it's insane insuperable insane i've ever seen that you too primitive technology channel that's really gray eyes so bad guys it's like a guy
i don't know areas somewhere with a lot of mud and trees and eat guinea he like he shows how to construct a tiled roofs hot just using mud and fire like he be built his own coun were he can bake zone tiles and were checked this guy out it's really notes no talking either he just shows how it's done step by step yeah but he's a bad ass man guys really cool in that kind of stuff is amazing it's amazing didn't know it's foundational amazing when you find one guy who is fuckin blisters she's ass his hands
so you just showing you ever they are so interesting is not saying a word right now he doesn't they need now it's dislike here's the kind iraqi if it's an awesome skill to have it really is but you know the fuckin problem with this kind of primitive shit is and i don't want to sound like leggum pessimistic but often times if it's down to use in this kind of stuff this is what we're back down to where facts he might be almost dont want to make it shut having its with what the way the human race is depicted in that movie the row yes is probably real close to hire would go down will look at the way like what
during the black play you know it's it was like that there was a semi apocalypse that swept around the planet in people became insane thy ringing bells would cure it people slide very quickly away from the land of logic and science when she gets weird lonely that the logic the word of logic and science is only connected through electricity electricity goes out that logic and science goes with it and you get back the same kind of bullshitting used him in the eighties when do you like in order her brow arbs vulcan pace on any the penthouse for egg go right to the moon burgage press botanist she went up to the media and i told you that my uncle my board for the civil service he's deep inside the hard darkness those were the day of the day's pay which is make shit up they just made shit up and people today do not understand how much of a fuckin problem that was were grown up these people that would just make up crazy stories like zack i told the truth like everybody we could
lie back then it was so hard to get busted you could pretend you are a norm guys would pretend they were not all the time it's right there would make up some crazy fake military history yeah though a super common in no way to investigate somewhat super common you have the higher private eye especially beguiling read a book in which new a lot about the time period if he was a real efficient yeah so then how much more so way a way way back you know and people like didn't understand
this is why magicians or so powerful back then i give you could do imagined sending just at classic street magician back in time a few thousand years who can do that staff in front of people who haven't you still believe that earn his flat but he can like you know do basic coin magic that persons can seem like a guy that person's gonna seem like a warlock year the others there is very few people that are alive today that we can only then we get intellectualize what life was like back when no one could read
what about what what life was like when you know before the bible was translated that when you have priest do all the translating known could read it yet there was a real issue accuracy that eight listen to that damn carlin podcast on now is the rise of luther ism and martin luther and martin luther being when the first guys who translated it fanatically and that when he did those sorts of fuckin crazy care corner where people were all the sudden not needing the priests who interpret the word me more and you can read it for yourself and not only that he was saying this is the most blasphemous thing of all you say that you could determine for yourself what god meant passages that it was up to like as a man you could read gods word and determined through any we like but
what are you cited here as is already a railway line can i mean do you imagine the bible was only in a language that they could read that's right it was a german yeah so all these people work under the thumb of this weird thing that was connected the guy yeah we're you know we're still under that that thumb because as you know the bible now is suicide the bible now is lsd the viable now are always wonderful psychedelic that a very small group of people have controlled for a ride a long time that when you have a nice psychedelic experience your reading the word of god if you asked me and it's this is a thing where you can have a direct action with it you don't need any body there too interpreter translate at you just have a nice chat with the universe and there are people who want to arrest ice now for having that
conversation in the same way that you could probably get arrested at some point four have reading the bible are you couldn't worse than that you get murdered for family dinner if you didn't have the right credentials have you had gone to the right initiation yeah same thing it never ages many it never changes anytime there's an information stream there's always a group of kinds everything they can control it always it so drew it true always in you know they say they will say no there's none the prohibition on psych it alex it's not what you think happy this isn't done because when people takes i get alex they recognise that there is a major flaws concept of money and maybe it isn't the best thing to sell your life energy for the majority of europe have to somebody to make way last month
even you deserve for selling the life energy of a being that as far as we know is completely unique at least in this galaxy if not in any planets are relatively unique so if you're a being on a planet to wherever it self you're pretty special thing as far as our understanding of the universe go so you are life energy per hours actually super probably a billion dollars an hour new bodies life energy is really worth so anyway the point is not a great point that's that that's the kind of life life is to life is to value your time key life is devalued time and try as much as you can be directed towards things you love being with people love doing things you love and recognise that the more you do that you have to compromise the more you do where you are only doing for a pay check or you're only doing it because you want to play it safe or you're only doing it for any
figure out whatever the negative reason when being anytime you doing anything like that waste yeah two wasting the most precious thing you can have yet theoretically this seems to be a very rare and i'm this book you gallery this book bell bryson a brief history of nearly everything else when you're talking at a holy shit man went like his you know just very good at taking this innocent pretty dense ideas then right and adela goma preparatory roma pretender malaria you lie outlawry this this will read history of nearly everything i would like this one this is get is like the our care revival are it's not about saying alex but its is its psychedelic just because it he's so good at articulating the shit that's incredibly difficult to understand you know like the gravity you know gravity being me of you not gravity is do no gravity is not really
so i know of makes the earth really sticky set yet that's the martin do the planet is the more mass the planet has the stronger the gravity pullers that's why the moon is one six or its gravity mars is what those like one half for one quarter escrow right but i'm not gonna say right like i know i'm going to say right like i m not alone i don't know mars is less those are issues like that they have to deal with when they go into space and they don't have gravity in right their bones are factors that that so what's happening here according now anyone out there is a scientist i do not think of myself ass a scientist i'm weight what about that shit you were saying earlier today i told you i was a scientist far
rosalie i like it let's get a prize anybody i just don't want the inevitable legal shall have sought got out we're just talked in aachen so in this book it says that what gravity is as you get this incredibly heavy thing a thing with a lot of mass in the mass pushes in to the time space continuum and so it's like they compare to like putting a lad ball on a mattress it creates an indentation and gravity actually the indentation in its in time space and so that's why like if you roll a ball towards like it either kettlebells on your matters enroll about towards it it'll start following towards the cattle bow and that's what planets are doing their falling boards are narrow trapped in this sort of indian asian create or a great way of putting it we eta has released
a heavy weight and sarah the mattress and everything skits as sucked in its wake that's it that's the my psychic think about the earnings oakley i check this out this is it this explains gravity and other object it also worth space time they feel that tragedy egypt and so last thing that's einstein's fisher jets worse these latter richer already warm ass they have warm ass a sign to bend space time more and so if you have objects are looking at like a trampoline it looks like a impromptu trampoline that they've made with it looks like a
the cloth or somehow just stretched over this whole a ram and their dropping things in the centre so that's what they're talking about is a problematic little to visual to yeah really get across at all yet but that's pretty good description it's a trembling with a heavy thing in the middle and this guy's dyke drop in marbles on at the end he showing how things get sucked into the center that's gravity visualized its that's the name of it on youtube yen grant but so so all this stuff like in the introduction brightens like he's at ease on a ship varies flying over the ocean he really any is like i don't know i don't know how big the earth is i don't know how much matters in the ocean i don't know how far away the moon is he realized he didn't know leave the shed and so you started researching all of these things interviewing our these cause molly physicists and then he took it all and put it in a row
the understandable way like he cut through a lot of stuff is so dense like newton newton wrote what is considered to be one of the most famous texts on fit i guess physics called the prince of peoria i don't know you can look it up the printer ps something but he intends intentionally made it difficult it's considered bryson says it's one of most difficult books to read did that because he wanted to separate their real mathematicians and scientists from everybody else he didn't want normal people to have access to this information but yet is this lots of feed naturalists principium mathematical by isaac newton back i was a fuckin freak man there it was he was not there were trying to figure out there car there's some equation that they didn't understand god what was it there figure out shit will thereby
then they're trying to figure out everything how big the earth what is the they are trying to figure out what wipe and it's the moon moves in the whip seas or something like the way planets and so they ve been working this forever forgive me again you guys i'm shrimp during i'm doing my best and like this famous mathematician goes to see isaac newton and asked him about this problem they ve been working on for ever and he's like oh yes i've already solved it what do you want it and then there are like the guys like will show it to us and he's like no prob and he goes in these stacks and stacks of paper any cant find it like it is lost somewhere among his papers but inevitably fat found it now here's a twitter fuckin newton aside from the fact that here ever had sex network now he never its ex that's right and then do you know that he studied
humble of solomon did you know is into that shitty and outcomes yeah but what it that mean back them like back then we we now look at it as like old retorted shit the people did when there like make gold at a lad new gas craft shit like that not witchcraft i mean we're an alchemist you think of almost as a magician don't you well i mean that an alchemist i think of his early it's an early chemist is another name for chemist so as a lot of it was bullshit a lot of it was well here's the thing this is newton eyes at noon when was famous mines ever yahoo discovered all of this shit when he's surrounded now you will hear time at earlier yeah the liars and people who just make shit up back then you're like isaac newton surrounded by these people who will kill you if you make there discovery and say it in the wrong way though that's the level of you are surrounded by eighty on all sides like idiots unlike any idiot that we ve ever encountered in this not their father
eddie it's they just don't have the information so yours studying these alchemical texts your study is really weird ancient staff and from that you come up all this stuff that turned out to be real i think isaac newton figured something out studying ample of sound i think it probably added to his you're standing over math some our best so sacred geometry is in there that i couldn't possibly hope to understand but look man if this is the guy you like figured out so many of the things that we still use today if he studying the full of solomon i'm knocking him i think there's something there must be some to it or somethin were when what way like its jeanette sums and in coding of information the architecture of yeah definitely like some maybe some wherein there there is some with a definite did that need jobs have you ever seen some of the breakdown
of these the temples the various temples and what they especially the temple man yeah i've ever seen near the breakdowns in that you didn't talk about events i don't know if it forget me john anthony west is the guy if you're interested in it all he's got this series on egypt called magical egypt and apparently just released magical egypt to which the guys
he is like one of the most knowledgeable guys when it comes to the history of egypt doing these amazing he's just so engrossed in it he d but i'll take em that seriously because he i don't think he has a masters or p stand it i think he's just a guy's been obsessed with its he's been studying it forever but he know so much about it and when you were when you watching what he sang along with just the videos of the temples where he's describing all the different types of our work in the way they constructed it and how you know if it's basically constructed around the fibonacci sequence so the entire building is math matter we see it's like sequenced the same way like a human body as the proportion of the human body right to really fuckin intense think they were so fuckin smart i am i just think it's almost in the evidence of how incredibly smart they were to build these
insane buildings that are still insane today and they did them twenty five hundred years be seein like what the fuck were people like back then man what happened how did they go from there two trailer parks how is the same people that can build the temple of giza how are they the same people that are about to elect donald trump what how is that what happened what what's going on with human beings because it's like some of em reach these insanely high frequencies and the rest just eat their ankles whether fuckin trying to climb the matter is that what it is tat i mean there's kind of like if you look at like the you know and i think it's in china these are you know about the thumb monkeys you see me some monkeys at ease the monkeys you can buy a tiny little sweeties are tiny still drinking ginger though yeah it's bad should have a thumb monkey i don't of course they're fucking endangered
there the size of their tiny how are they not endangered a zealous might teach others so cute these are my goodness oh my goodness are you kidding me hold on wait a minute what we need to do is save these everybody have these as pets right what what foot in danger what does this endangers throw some money of this problem good i'm sure we can have how can i can i with a monkey ok i'll tell you why because these assholes on how to take care of him bring him to america where people love the monkeys we'll take care of him who bring em like crazy we'll give him our protein powder and save the thumb monkey i will give him vitamins and shit let's go up in their cute little face dude i'm tellin you we can do this we have to get him to fuck we create like a gigantic dump monkey pair i look at how we have to do their safe they fuck ok that's just
but i have to do is get up chilled out now watch hours of the monkeys fact that they fuck only in the mouth that's the problem so you re ass all became fucking each other in the math that's why there's only ten earlier you gonna stick in inner pussy some about the monkey pussy rotten and then they dont you staying on your thumb guaranteed so what we're gonna have to do so and we all go in there and jerking off and get little vials of thumb monkey come on just starts court and in the females got the thumb monkey vassili were have slit hired someone so we can use them as pets yeah i've been jerking off thumb monkeys all day and exhausted and then some people gonna find a delicious they are then we can have real present probably going to be eaten tom monkey are they like they lay give you more energy they like that making young what if they found out i gave you a six pack edith a monkey and is an inch bigger return no more thorough monkeys no more thought
is it my swarms of humans if you like that bit how big dick pills people become out of a thumb monkey forest or their mouth covered in blood and fern it's one thing to look we not let you eat fellow primates though we have rules in this country at least if you if you if you can you if you can prove that a pig smarter than some monkey and my yeah still guinea pigs not idea thumb monkey even if it's stupid yarn about the little look at its face we go grandma like yeah yeah it look you can't you can your own kind man it's not even our own kind lewd while it looks close an attitude of those rights pretty close clove pretty close and but the point is man if you get that happening right and then why wouldn't arab and with humans it like some humans are glared going to do heard some humans are going to vote for a sum you don't want to hear isaac fuckin newton talking about
goddamn bullshit and in those humans usually are really violent and that's why people like isaac newton end up becoming very relatively reclusive they don't want to deal with these they are constantly dealing with people who were eighty it's like idiots and who are idiots though like i'm an idiot but if someone corrects me in it james undeniable then i'll red line you're completely different kind of video than any of the fourteen hundred right i'm a different idea these idiots like they i'll kill you they will in prison you they were incinerate you so wherein it we're idiots revolted it's boring idiots in the age of information right we're so much more informed today even the dumb amongst us then anyone that's ever lived there
civilization ever if even the really brilliant people you got it like you know thomas edison or someone if you had thomas edison alive today he would know jackshit about the way this world works cuz there's too much information that doesn't apply like the u need today right that he just didn't have led ever roddy weeks he'd have a lot to be a long time for a totally understood what the fuck was going on but my point being that you're talking about people that were the most inform people in the world the rider the regular person today is way more informed than them on many direct things even if it's just instantaneously by being connected to google if they have the will to check there's more information now today than the average dumb ass can just grab a hold of it and use it for an argument more in right in anybody's ever libya saw these people that new
most dealing with oh my god how many of them even could read re how many how many of them just below the most unbelievably retarded shit and thought there were demons waitin form in the woods sure and thought that they had to do the will of god otherwise the apocalypse would ensue and they have to lock up galileo and make sure he doesn't everybody that the earth is in the center of the universe yeah most ever man those guys get through one we're complaining about i got some which vulcan hate for this tweak yeah right galileo got locked up for being right they put him in the house arrest or the most brilliant
optimism when the most important people in the world at the time for maybe even ever when it comes to getting the people to try to understand the perspective of what we're dealing with we're looking up into the haven't right that is very possible that you're looking at something that absolutely doesn't have an end right this is something we can define at its proof positive that the pettiness nonsense that we we wrestle with on a day to day basis is a fucking fan ass to distraction from the eternity above our heads at any given moment and this eternity that you're trying to attach to a book that was clearly written by people even far and dumber than us yet even less informed us with less information right more scared oldest guy in the fuckin tribe was nineteen right everybody's dead by the time their thirty everybody's got game green and malaria you're gonna got eaten by a crocodile and you got to do so wish now
formation from navigation you know like so it's like you you're in this dimension that you got to navigate through for a certain period of time so the bible that the torah or whatever their religious scripture is that you're looking at it is the data in it as far as the age the earth where things came from a lot of that data is obvious they completely fucking wrong you and you could see how someone think of it as i got a six year old might think made so but you could see a young of humanity would think these things it makes sense but with like incur east within all that bad data or some pretty great navigational tips so it's so you gotta be able to unpick are the bad information room a deeper and see if there is anything in there that is like this because when you were talking about not new who is it i galileo if we brought him back here
be conferred on the set of tom said so i think a lot of these people have developed a navigational techniques that would work for you and adapt you wouldn't out quick in that's what's important doesn't matter much daddy you're giving you know it's like this i love the archery is the archery you're dealing with it down right you're dealing with so every time you an arrow you get an instantaneous feedback from hard right see you know here's where i'm off no question about it no org think about it no matter how that is not the bulls i clearly see that's not the bulls so then you make adjustments rights are ok so i just move a little bit of the left the maybe i'll get closer to the balls i and i've noticed with archery my ego even wolf was to have me shoe there on the exact same way even though still off the fucking target you know we're just ignore now you are right the arrows raw as that
the brain works like it fell right just keep doing so so you ve got it even though the feedback from the universe like nope wrong now take down approach to buy fucking ever heard some nobody not about stop scream and i'm doing it right the hour i exactly but think of it so i certainly am mylife have erred bible using my instinct over the feedback i'm getting from the universe because where i went in because it helps sabotage self sabotage and wouldn't that mean you're not you're not a terrible person with that you don't you know have giant problems with that but you are like a lot of other impulsive artists and that you kind of drawn towards that sometimes when he structure you can get chaotic with your freedom yeah and sometimes you're for your freedom becomes a prison
a lot of ways because you don't discipline yourself and you don't necessarily have to write as you're a comedian so ay i fuckin i don't have anything to do i and then you're in further computer that game is there and you just can get sucked into a whereas a normal person with a normal life is like hey i got should have or are you in the morning right will this is like that book that you energy me too which i wore of art now the book five ring the real one end of it it talks about how you should just learn anything good at anything it doesn't matter what the thing is that you're getting good out because if you understand how to get good at this one thing you can extrapolate from that had a good at almost anything there's these recurring patterns happened and so with archery it's really cool because you have to find these you have to keep all these variables same no matter what your environment if you can learn to keep these variables same if you're on a hill the distance and wind what
or if you can learn how to hold these variables the same which is the anchor point the way you're on holds the bow the way pull the arrow back the way you release the there there's all these pieces in there and if you can keep all of those the same or close to the same with adjustments based on whatever your target is to be then you're going to improve and your accurate accuracy if keep changing your variable if you keep moving your arm up or down or like releasing in it different way or whatever if any of these things are always changing you won't be as accurate overtime so from that you can grab that look at your life and realized like oh shit man my life i've just been readjusting all these stupid variables over over and over again without just for at least a attempting some rhythmic pattern some similar you know when you start doing
it's really interesting because you begin to improve in a lot of and in everything in general you know so yeah so to me it's like i think these people newton i think the great people of the world they discovered this very specific pad that if you apply yourself to it then you will begin to flourish and that pattern is written about in moscow yours it's probably somehow hidden in the god damn temple of solomon diagrams is in their somehow its it must be in there because people walk through the world in the way that fish swim right and so the smart people must have figured out the best aid navigate in this dimension regardless of your surroundings or settings or situation that me handle by adjustment so yeah
i love to believe that there are hidden methodologies that some of the great people of the world have adopted and for whatever reason keep kind of secret they don't talk about it for some reason you know they don't share with ray body or they dont say this is why i figured that shit out here's how it's not just the discovery i'm interested in with newton it's like what were you doing what are you doing all day long what the fuck are you doing we don't know accept the fact that when they took his hair a sample of his hair was filled with fuckin mercury man so that guy was like in some laboratory with mercury quick quicksilver you know with its like all old scrolls with the temple of solomon on like staring at it and and dripping mercury through task too was to try to transform lad into gold quo is he doing woman if i know now
ever know and how many more people are doing that now that we too even know about hidden away like doing electronically right yeah they're doing at like all right they're trying to bring computers eliza shedding that's all that's the real alchemy now but when you think about what they knew back then when you think about isaac newton in that time period and what he knew as opposed to what have ready else known and like being able to stab of something like a theory about gravity and being able to try to explain this to people during that time who knew what was legit and what wasn't so when he was alchemy he might have been thinking there's probably something to this is just these guys haven't figured it out people forgotten or no one knows it but it only makes sense if things are made out of elements that you could perhaps combine these elements and make something different
the train me they didn't know then in having a table of elements backed and they didn't know what all the different elements were to write what year did they develop the table of elements that's a really important question because those elements are essentially what we have been able to measure in the universe right yet and then things like the large hadron which just fine leave it figured out some stuff that we couldn't measure before right words launching protons you're shooting protons thank god i just listen it s it's like your blasting proton just under the speed of light yet collide with each other and trying to make an earlier is they vote in you it's the one missing little piece is like they don't understand something about how things get their density and so if you could that makes sense down their gets
you're down there man gets very weird down there so it's it's quite confusing yeah sure does periodic table eighteen sixty three substances in eighteen sixty through their fifty six known elements with a new element being discovered at a rate of approximately one year other scientists papa papa looks like they did in eighteen sixty eight to eighteen seventy principles of chemistry the definitive text book of his time mandela mendel ev so one mother fucker in eighteen sixty eight wrote it all down periodic table interesting i'm sure it's been adjusted over time right of they found new elements in new stuff they find new elements all the time but they is adam too that where they do what they when they were first making it there were actually date they could predict what elements they would find
based on the elements that they had already found because there are like holes in the periodic table where there should have been things that they hadn't found yet did you ever see the girl that graduated and used as her her graduation speech to use superior attic table that if you not from reading how it was written but if you spell it out to what the elements are fuck bitches get money now yes why she's so getting sir check this out this this is a girl just getting lee user periodic table to quote biggie four looks at florin uranium carbon potassium this month technique did helium sulphur during germania m biofuel thirdly only vm oxygen neon in what's this one t it you i m and it says fuck bitches get money if you spoke
that is the whole area is flooring is you uranium is flooring is of uranium is you carbon to see famous k big mouth is technique is tc helium is age sulphur is ass germania was gee this amazing she's so bad ass god that girl she should have the most awesome job ever someone to hire skipper like the most awesome job available with its own attic what you want this chick work for he has to go we or maybe you want to do our own shit what describes very pretty two documents you know i've got to get money how cancer that's pretty gangster
pretty gangster so maize and what did she can travel hop what for what she likes chemistry argue as you about the kids i think he's gonna felony charge on em cause he posed as a senator and spoke to her school these by eighteen years old and they'll believe them in la showed up oh no so the actual senators showed up one what the fuck that's not me tat is so is there the other doing this powerful just fairly hu it wherever you are justly powerful all this guy not that i am satisfied that storage solace just happened yesterday so they visit a couple that kid would like florida who got arrested for being in ghana colleges we're gonna get confused with it are like being added to talking about that katy was posing ass a fake doktor like same thing it was an addendum to that stories allison
this guy like was running a whole medical clinic this kid saying he was a doctor but he wasn't answering about a guy who is doing there's a guy in new york that was doing underground but jobs and plastic surgeon that shoot and caulk like silicone caulk good bye from us like a supermarket or a hardware store the andes girls asses eighteen year old who poses a sigh ohio cetera facing charges yeah yell this kid's a fucking psycho the fact that you pull it off keep an eye on that fuck her i want to see that the speech what did you do to win a bet it feels like consensual com try remember of some of the story i keep getting a couple of charges because he caught a car rented he had people with unlike as officials yet fake security he wins to claim that priority will see if he's eighteen
old i would like pull him aside you know go talk to him for a couple days get to know i'm fine i'm crazy really is some very smart you might be deal with some super genius or he sounds hilarious sounds like like how they would find someone like in an x men episode like one of those experts movies finest yet in line of people on the way a journey to arrest that level of comedy is that's criminal let us rather interesting i beg for wherein sunglasses wise doing an interview on tv take your sunglasses of sir american wants to see your fuckin eyeballs yeah who do you think you are you like busted an eighteen year old vague senator he's weren't sunglasses like he's gnaws two of you on the red carpet techno fuckin sunglasses yeah or as you son of aid ceiling superintendent i mean titles are so stupid anyway it's like you kid server intend and i'm a zebra can ratcliff superintendent very prestigious position honey i've got to do a press conference today about this
dangerous student new impersonated a senator what are sent there's impersonating by the way it just a guy's just calls himself a senator because of a political system it again and again gets proven and not be an accurate representation of relax anthrax wish well do but i guess i get so are we both i mean it's just they were like you know the whole idea the sake senator that was in fascinated by this terror rice decayed you gonna put handcuffs on a kid who did one of the funniest things ever that's funny it's a very funny thing you did is not dangerous at all known was hurt nobody got killed no none of those key they're gonna go home and do some awful duncan if we want order in this country i do mean order we
must stop shenanigans that genetic against must stop cement it must stop or we will not be on schedule to construct our robot overlord we must push forward pose an enormous loss for us forward and innovate what is that i was in person aided by a child you haven't arrested fragmented tat jed's did you see what i should do the same job to fifteen year olds head off because he was listening to western music there they are raptors head off in the middle of st i'm no longer surprised by anything you hear about isis whenever comes in it's it seems like there running out of ideas you're a shock jock try new stunts asleep there are huge meetings its worthy weren't we're throwing down
everyone's gonna eat garbage live guys we're running out of ways to horrify the planet we ve destroyed all the natural monuments in the area i need five great ideas for something horrible we can do today shocked the world so a growing oh my neighbors i've been playin country music you can cut his hat off who want to get their mouths shut in for nickel back to stave or number ninety seven words at because they're like that's what it is do you want to get too fuckin head cut off its i get no one shocked anymore they are giving babies this baby was looking at my deck gonna grow up game stop there having gay people off towers their decapitated chris and people there was a great piece of someone wrote about using a gay hook up
in a middle eastern country and how easy it was to find guys to fuck right some guy who put it up there because i guess he wouldn't get the death penalty but progress thrown into jail but a guy who lives in the country forget what country was was a some muslim country something with an am i think and anyway homeboy got plenty o dick while he was over there of course of course dirty deck dirty with a lot of sand on yeah scamming an end and scary dick scary cause you know now i mean that's like a place where there's probably undercover oh you cops he like like just fuck someone in the ass for a couple of minutes and then i like your busted maybe doin fuck em to try to find them and killed basic fuck em well you think so yeah it's like you gotta smoke we'd if europe if you're an undercover it's the same thing you gotta saxon cogs out there man you gotta like some colleagues play a cool for awhile
its key go into deep government did cover bro you had taken the s five models is a green proven horn of great porn right well it's been proven brody not trust you for the first few months too many guys just been fuckin stolen mandeb installer you're good do you gotta and you gotta be convincing gotta be a lover locally show you i'm shock allowed a cock we're gonna send you our training camp it's at my apartment what you you won't suck cock for you country is that what you're telling me you're happy if the japs come over here i just eat all our babies is that what the fuck is going on your coward you dixon for america frontal sex laws many gonna have sex laws like the moment have sex laws the moment the you have decreed sex law in your country then you are going to create a nation of perverts because you have
supercharged whatever the thing is that you're trying to keep illegal by adding to it that it's like now you're breaking the fuckin law that's the best that's now you have a way to express your rebellion and calm at the same time you just make it you can't make sodomy illegal what we talked about this when owes explaining how did girls when i was in high school that went the catholic school than ever a kid in catholic school that we all knew the girls went to catholic school with the biggest huh they could all due respect house saw a bad thing but they they were so sexually charged they were so completely wired that sex was is forbidden thing that is burning up inside them here and they would feel so bad about it when it was over but they would do it again over and over so was so common whereas girls went to public school they were fuckin normal for the most part murat something bad happened in there
yeah and in to think that there are actual ordinances all over the world where sir guys written down in legal code that you will not place your penis in an asshole or or a mouth a mouth is sought me giving you dixon to sodomy indistinctly legal in certain states right yeah pull pull up sodomy laws in two thousand sixteen because is far as i know in georgia joy was surgeon this because i am a research had i don't know if you're wrong i was reading some shit smart people wrote down about this like seven or eight years ago and there were some dispute about it that it was light there is some places in the country were still yeah illegal to have a real or oral sex cataract falls under sodomy law yet
gotta go down your wife you can go to jail cops come in and they catch you going down your wife your committing a fuckin cry yeah you start that's real someplace yes that's true that's the state right so fuck tee tat ever get written down in the first place i could try and stop pussyfooting whose two stepping answer this is way too much it now and i would like is for people up who somebody who did that while i probably a hard core chris then i would imagine i mean we were a lot of the people living in his country not very long ago were you now burning which is so probably like sucking on a pussy is considered to be some form of witchcraft as the body his evil the ideas the bodies even the monies corrupt the bodies grows to bodies correct special yours
his courage i stink corrupt but the is found the body now yes do you have any real fao your foul original say you have original sue i do well you ve got it now if you let alone that's right how do i know please allow or do anything we ve got a payment plan but they may seem like an index you'll have to suck a few decks but they make you you can wipe your back that's what people gorge yourself people still do that if they do with knives yes slot themselves with nice touch the strings and they just here there back apart and a suicide bomb just went off at one of those things so there's video of people whipping their backs and then a suicide bomb goes that's how we're agendas yet pull up suicide bomb at back whipping festival
first i thought the fucking dog eating first of all was fake dogging first one china arouse like does not really a dog festival is there i thought that was just a dream so so funny in dog meet festival and then i made the mistake of looking at war look at that wow that's the worst thing of all time is so weird the hierarchy of animal life that we have in the world right now that's coming more into focus now that your hunting animals not eventually killed animals do think like your views on it are shifting at all because you're slaughtering euro meet sometimes now i think i have more experiences with
with some some wild animals than some people do that's about it but what do i know in terms of the whole expertly the wild animal experiments are this is just the the expense of getting out of the city and going in the wild itself is very psychedelic and some very strange way and i didn't feel that way into a start hunting the sound babylon respond whereas before when i would go to the wilderness before i billig want a cool place so beautiful so peaceful i love a love the clean air i love looking at the greens
please look up pretty that river is when i started hunting i became somehow another like connected to all these living things that are there and you're in their world and you exist on their vibration it's very when you're hunting i can elk or something like that and you're slowly creeping up bought it in the woods with real consequence involved for both of you write a real moment a real in two and then when you do take that animal and kill it in wind up eating it you ve got something credibly weird psychic connection to that place in the world place on our planet you it's not just a simple
as like i know where my food comes from yeah but that's that's that's definitely good but killing yourself and in eating it there's a totally different thing going on there and killing it with a bow and arrow hunting this thing down finding it putting a perfect shot out killing it watching die than eating it and then knowing when you eat it they this experience insane primal experiences connected to this food there's so much going on there it certain so much so much weird calming things happen like it puts you like this you know we're talking about a certain primal reward systems that have like we're talking about like making a fire like there's something about stand
over a fire that setting up yet i'm a rewards this gap is a little bit of that and bows and arrows to reassure is almost like these things are established in arm in arm are mine because there what made people become successful and survive thousands of years ago and those rewards are ingrained in our patterns had sought almost like ignoring them by not going outside by not starting fire by not doing things like archery or physical exercise will you reward your body yet these experiences that it's it's just craving on a genetic level try is not making you a dummy to exercise your body it's not making a fool to care about camp fires it you're taking in something in this world that you might need after i think the same thing at thinking a lot about this with the aid of a lot of this in in applying to why
things are attractive and beautiful because i've been freaking out about views lately because i have a friend and he doesn't give a fuck about views could not care less doesn't go anywhere just works and in oh and is house like those issues like how's our last concern was the view were indoor people was gorgeous constantly door wash netflix workin watch netflix and i was thinking like what what what what is it that i like about a view of what the fuck is it like why why is it important to me to stare like a moron out into like what is beauty like what is this thing that i'm seeing when i cease
oh captain mountains and clouds rolling the cross are mostly blue sky in the sun rays hitting the green leaves to me it's like like some sort of a calming drug like my body is being given some stuff that it needed and i wasn't gettin it when i was inside the house i wasn't getting it when i was in my car i needed to be there and it was giving me this thing that i can put us scale i can't measure with a rule or but it's a thing it's a real thing that your experiencing i think all those things that made us alive and two thousand sixteen all those things are those there are part of like our requirements and because so few people fill out those requirements i think that one of the reasons why so many people depressed and i think the beauty is because those beautiful things if we look at almost always they represent places where life flourishes right so it's almost like as people wandering across the world looking for food
have you saw all the sudden green grass and fruit hanging from tree he's in animals and theirs no so there's no cap mountains which meets a river there's water we can drink the water when we got food we're gonna live we're gonna live try and so you would see that beautiful bountiful forest in front of you and ah it would feel that your requirements and in it it it these are it tells you something has it you with it tells you this huge secret and arising there's a conspiracy where people don't want you to know this cause it's obviously something you know but the earth supports you and the earth will take care of you if you work hard the earth will take care of you now a card is in lake work hard in your factory or your company but suddenly when you realise there's a force transcends the laws of humanity in that
nature and then you realize that if you not alike so young china will not to start a bow fire right dry and i am going to get a bit like that dude theirs ways of doing it i just want to start of friction base firing goes back i was doing that guy we do i gonna fuck your hands i dont care wanna do it i want to experience it and i want to that i can do it in a boat but what's happening when you're doing shit like shooting a bow and you realize like well to do this i can my kid a target and then the location is if you needed to you could hunt your own food you wouldn't have to go to a job you wouldn't have to get enough money to buy the food if you get good enough at this you can hunt your own food and it doesn't matter who's paying you and if you can start your own fire you gonna have heat no matter what then if you can build your own shelter you can have a shot there somewhere and all these things when you see they come for you in a way
it seems like so much of our society is based on inducing this incredible insecurity that if you don't keep marching in place your life is gonna fall apart because you have become a slacker and yeah have gone against the though the the pulsation of model society and in my improvement yeah exactly in that's over that anxiety inducing places so it's scary place to be it's like fuck so like shit man i gotta pay is much more taxes and i gotta go to work this mania the weak and i've gotta like all these things that i have to do i've got my fucking credit payments that i have to make it if i don't do that i'm in trouble you're like abiding by a false sis it's a real system but it's not the rule it is like the earth where fear on the earth and you're walking you're not
thinking shit man rents do next month you're thinking i've gotta find food to eat i've got to find a place to take shelter i've got there all these things are very simple and there's no human in charge of it you know you're not making a call to the woman it bank of america asking her why she froze your card up because he used to parking me there on the same day that were close to each other in a weird place and now you're able to buy dinner there's no when you in their nature hunting there's no operator that you call to complain about the lack of food or to complain about the weather it's just truth pure unadulterated one hundred percent truth and when you are in contact with truth it feels fucking great
relaxing if you constantly been basing your perception of truth on what other people are telling you it as i think that's part of the comfort of it will there's a pool without a doubt that humanity is experiencing in the pool has been going on since people figured out how to make the first both fire it's when they figured out how to control fire then they figure on make shelter and then they figure out how to stockpile shit than they figure i had a group together and small villages then they figure out how to make walls and they figured out how to make cities and they figured out how to cool shit off yeah that's worth stuff got freaky figured out the factory farming and they figured out fast food and they figured out supermarkets and i figured out the electrical amazed that goes through this entire
it keeps everything cold all your food stays cold i always have food you can heat things up cool things off we got that shit on law its and then from then it's like what we're doing as this is like the final stages of a caterpillar covering itself with it coon as is the last final frenzy ass others in innovations we go on for thousands of years but then it hits his point about a hundred years ago or so where they figured out how to cool things down they figured out ice boxes and then refrigerators and it got to the point where everybody had a refrigerator and then it got to the point where superman the two everywhere i call the cities have supermarkets in and everybody lost their connection to nature everybody had to go out and get it yet go find your connection or even then your connection was all we liked be out nature how many days a week right is it even one now it's usually once every two weeks you gonna high can you
in your nature boy shut the fuck up ok we're it where it were in the hive right now or instructing this crazy thing share if you really are a real silent ass nature person that's out there in the woods you gotta be freaked out watson's go on outside your front door because even the world the eu live is going to be affected by the drought laziness of these fuckin frenzied cocoon making monkeys in our schools i'm going to cover everything with wires their covering everything with a learned miracle wires and energy wires and wireless wires is everywhere matrix of information and data swarming around my brother has a place of my because to georgia is placing a little company it's beautiful we can't uk am eager trying to get there it's a beautiful place but men and in its place where like
it's like a nature conservancy so the people who live there grandfathered answer very intense be replaced but the point is now they're having he's fucking problems right because guess what someone wants to build right next to his beautiful chain of islands because to georgia with georgia little refinery a space center was sitting build a please till hunch fucking rockets into holidays yes and it's what you and right outside this yes and in it's a fucking problem and hope without doubt that this is where my mind this right now like where my mind is really in a boxing match with itself because i so much about virtual reality technology i love it it's incredible but lately after i've been doing this like just i mean it sounds silk gown i've been inside so much this seems that attack but now that i've been going outside his shooting a bow and arrow where'd you go outside like hanging
my dogs or just being outside and like you no one ensuring by product that i've noticed from micro dosing lsd and also or from not just migratory indifferent taking mushrooms is the next day you feel more connected nature you noticed plants again you see how beauty flowers are again will you don't need the psychedelic to do that you can just spend one minute stopping next to a flower staring at it up close and your realises this is an alien this is some beautiful insane alien habitat for all these other creatures that are living inside of initial fucking amazing and so i don't know that i mean i'm and i'm not about to turn into a new testing running off into the woods or anything like tat but i voted the way i'm gonna become an eardiston run into the word i why'd you know what i
i kind of get all that the whole night s do but the idea that the problem in my mind is like simultaneous this incredible feeling it from nature there is this other thing that's emerging and an inn where did its there's gotta be a way to balance the two out but the feeling i get from playing six hours of fall out for versus the feeling i get from doing yard work for five hours four hours and in shooting arrows after that are two very different feelings and one is an incredible feeling just got a massage for six hours you fewer juve unaided happy there kind of clean you not clean at all but you feel like you just taking a shower like your energies been cleansed or something and then the other
doing is like the filthy nasty disgusting feeling you get from being outside well duncan i feel the exact asset well when i simply create for eight hours and night i would feel like the biggest loser in the warrior when it was done what am i do with my life you're so you fuck does sweaty way way over calculated by the way i would shrink weight was tricked me so does that i found this is plates and north hollywood near where i live that had these there were like brainwash was one of them and they are like a scar on the cover had blue dialogue it turn your lips blue in your time jesus colorized terrible for you but it was self fucking load with canada in sugar i would down like five of those was playing video games
yeah man i mean it's god it's like i've been a video game attic for most of my life and there too good but a defeat i have also been someone who loves psychedelic and the the different it's this very important too to be honest about what you're fucking arrows are landing in like if you're of playing video games all the time and you're getting fat and feeling sick that's real like you're getting fat and feeling sick like don't trick yourself into thinking that you're not like you feel like shit for reason because something about being in
i d cave them artificial cave staring into an artificial environment god i'm sorry you guys i love you i love it but here's the thing about what you're saying is indoor archery has a very similar feeling is outdoor archery they do indoor archery tournaments ride its archery is a different thing man it's it's not just the outside parted with the outside world would today like when you and i were dona was deafening fun yeah schools call to be outside a lotta laughs shot arrows for fewer but the indoor things really fun to man there's something really is about the concentration the constraining on your form and that when you're holding that shot you really can't think of anything other than executing correct everything has to be in line and then release the arrow and then you have to judge by where that landed what you could have done differently if it's perfect like okay we re create that russia to recreate that and there's some sort of a weird meditation effect in doing that because it's just there's no
appearance is just you and that target there's no one trying to block your arouse there's no one screamin in your ear and its difficult enough that's why like there's something about it that when it all comes together it's like a reward like a beautiful musical notes or something that's it you're getting its exist there is the world is alive fry you don't have to take ass to realise that but the work but it helps the world is alive and anyone when you're when you when you're in this living being whatever it may whatever it is come composed of all these other live beings ain t it as one of its qualities it teaches you because like one thing like i love to think of eyes whose the smartest person honour three and what would the smartest person be like an identical
the smartest person i know and what are they like and then i tried out from that imagine what if that pattern keeps getting more in intense more more intense more more intense more more intense who that person be like what is proof action look like right right so you go and in nature and new instantaneously get a glimpse a perfection right you look at a flower you will get any plant life you look at most animals and that what you are tat is these things they don't care about them they don't seem to care about themselves their personality the ego the identity obviously flowers are not getting their hair blown in the morning and they're not concerned about anything at all they just seem to be an expression of life in the universe
oh you go no personality no identity their invisible how i there's a whole goddamned beautiful bush of these someone i posted picture someone told me i came in the name of them beautiful per bull flowers and like i walked by every day when walking the dogs in and i'm never notice them i've never noticed them and then i looked over them the other day in the wind is blowing in their looks like dancing or boeing or bending and i i got closer unlike my god this is a life form this is like a living thing that i've been walking by every single day and it doesn't give a shit yet if i look at it it doesn't care if i look
at it we don't know what it cares about a provocation but nothing no central nervous system but it's alive and its there so if you take that is perfection which i think it is and then from that try to establish what a perfect super intelligent person would be like than from that you get this idea of what an lighten it might look like a pure reflection of nature unimpeded by the awful anchor of the ego it mind but it would also be forced to try to understand what it's doing as collective species what is it doing with this massive thirst for innovation you right now what is it doing constantly trying to make more money to the bigger house of fat or boat what is it doing what's it doing wise acute continuing to want the latest and greatest wiser continue to ask for new innovation obsession with the self its olive session with itself its obsession with technology to end but its technology i mean ten so much of technology now
like imagine if there is no social network you i'm not going to say the geography of a very very funny joke about likes i'm not give away is a very fine but silly so much of our technology is based i'm getting there instant feedback rare ok so it's so much about the self if you remove that poland where you're not connecting with people you're not getting this weird like ok you're in the group ok we like you didn't then now we ve just got these kind of like calculator books or something right but so much of people are really using technology because they want to feel like they're using it as a way to identify themselves as a thing you know it's an x i should of themselves but i think that the more you free yourself from this from an identity
in that something that does happen when you're out nature and especially when you're doing the kind of shit you're doing we're out there for a few days i'm no fuckin goddamn grisly adams is might come as a big surprise but i've been in nature when i used to work at a summer camp we went out for this like week long hike and three days then i realized i hadn't looked at myself for three days like three is it not seeing myself three days of no self to observe and man i was getting so happy in life like the weighting of the south and then when you with a group of people who are working together then yourself gets transposed into the group in other a group south for everyone's kind of working together the point as well we ve got our noses shoved like fucking dogs in our own assholes right into the asshole of ourselves constantly thinking about ourselves concerned about this need as you like me doesn't like me gotta guys doing so good why am i not
what good is that guy holy i'm getting fat luckier body my god god you're getting all god yourself yourself yourself everyone's fixated on but if you imagine that being like kind of gravity in that somehow vanished so you're just like a plant blowing in the wind and tree you become invisible you become invisible and you become perfect in continuously it's this obsession with this ridiculous contrivance that we call the self that is making so many people fucking hurt and so in like talk about this new modern life well it's all built on teaching people to be fixated on that fucking self you know all of the great stars you know although like lemme think they're gray but fuck you know what conny west one of the most painful things about conny west is that he's fucking good you know here is guys like you know blasting other he's like the the
ultimate example of an egomaniac appear a narcissist in the most extreme degree and you want that send to be somehow awful like as i have listen a lot o connor was music until i freaked out i'm fuckin twitter i listened to a lot of edward it here and there i never like sat down and really listen to it so i got my car our driver the cows are young and i was in a fucking kinabu s let's hear our bad this assholes stocks with a shitty fuckin tweets ivory fuckin sucks so bad i can't wait to hear this fact good god damn who we listen to the new stuff no old shit i started at the beginning i started to begin you start listening i'm not gonna was nay more like i've i don't want it to be good but my point is that guy is an example of goobers excess whether or not you like him as a person whether you even like his music that guy based and his decision for his career has accelerated himself just about as far as you can
in the area of materialistic success so serves as an example of someone who is so obsessed with himself con you out songs are about calling everything's about conny it's like and he compares himself to picasso right but like imagined because only did self portraits imagine if these great artist that he's talking of our always just like commenting on themselves are using themselves is the main inspirational forest fine everything they were creating there are would suck you not interested in you know but i think that if you can lift that that you can it somehow eject the con yea in i view out that thing that's constantly thinking of itself oh man that's heaven that's paradise that's i think that that must be it enlightenment that's why i got you had only to keep negative bag but when you fucking you can't you gotta
not be there for a second when you're shooting at state in state the flow state that's what everybody wants to recreate they want to be in that mind of no mind they all want to be trapped without anxiety what they want to be free rather not trapped with anxiety he wanted to know if figure that spot where they're performing with it whatever it is like what do you think what is in the middle of a perfect gymnastics routine lindsey those girls flip through the air land literally perfect on the balls at their feet and arm straight up in the air and they just nail it and as a state we you you ve gotta know that that assist she's practice it so many times that when she's in the middle of all that means you got to be some sort of a background calculation running but essentially she's completely in the zone and the zone of her movements and that's all she's concentrating on those movements as the only way you can do them they're so insanely defy she's lying through the air and turning in twitter she can't think about it anything other than what she's doing
maybe lag armor fuckin student loans my boyfriend such a loser wonder whiting get it up last night muscles too big is and i too am sorry look manly while his chin ups she can't think anyway i'm not gonna keep flippant thank freedom that's freedom i think that there's something going on with technology and there's something going on with its it's like our addiction to it i don't think this is a knock you us as we just like look at ourselves who are connecting with each other i almost wonder if it's like a natural law if that what we have done is created sort of a pathway to ensure innovation and one of the best pathways to ensure innovation is to get people addicted to communicate
electronically through these devices and these devices are going to each and every year require more and more power and ability and they're going to start to communicate with you like siri and things along with google voice that you going to be able to ask some questions and i think through this sort of intertwining itself in our lives and insurers will continue to innovate if we continue to innovate it's inevitable we create a life form and intelligent super evolved artificial life form that's been made out of electronics and computers and all the technology they would put in place so far and i think it's asking us to do that and
its pulling us into its world to do that i think this is the electronic cocoon this is what we ve been this is the reason why it's so consistent all over the world and even materialism itself materialism it by nature by its laws materialism states that you have to get the latest and greatest shit nor to be the bad man rock so if you're gonna get them lay some great shit they gotta continue to put our latest ungracious and a conscious be numbers cap like this is the two thousand fifteen this is a two thousand sixteen it's the same thing as the two thousand third same thing no it has to get better every year what did you learn what about the innovation what about the engineering does this one drive faster is it does it have night vision what is it two different and you're going to continue to do it to get the cars now tom papa was here the other day his fucking car drives itself he has a tesla he gets on the highway he presses whatever auto dr shit let's his hands go it steers hits the brake excel rates it takes turn
yeah it's insane and this is step whatever in step it's an infinite number of steps is going to lead to artificial intelligence and this sickness of materialism is a big part of that because it's a gigantic motivating factor for innovation it's a granting motivating factor for people to continue to buy the newest latest and greater shit what which will inevitably trickled down or be directly connected to technology it's all connected to technology it's almost like its summoning these dumb monkeys do its work form getting them likes on their selfies by getting
likes and herself resided in their addicted to write this bitch she wasn't he broke out with him like three fuckin days and she's already got a picture of her this man look at facebook omega that fuck it or you know these people that are doing this kind of shit back and forth their deriving conscious of it but you're feeding into this thing right is currently giving all your attention if you're on an app that just checks like what celebrities had babies that day what do you really doing you feeding technology you're obsessed will i who ryanair fucking now that her and chris brown a broken up and i urge you to get back to them what is this what is this what you gotta get that information somehow feeding that technology is giving you moron food
giving you moron food in u s a more until i got to get fucked you call you let me get cargoes twitter foxes smoker fool cargoes twitter i can't booty is about ass a beauty i bet you hear about it her next thing you know you're dead weight are your time doing right and you fed this machine this machine made a fuckin tron the aid some artificial thing it made some new overlord he's gonna be watching over the little meet bags well that's it man i mean you're you're looking at like you know that this is probably influenced by terence mckenna some degree that like the sudan he is like ok interstellar travel our version of interest no travel you get on a boat or a space boat spaceship and you fly to like you fly to mars and you get out on mars right so that's
our version of interest to the like what about another mode of travel which is your son consciousness daddy these are you some kind of advanced in species in some far one of the universe in the way that you travel through time is to launch out these it's like pan sperm you see put these i you know on meteors whatever you blast meteors out that have the key components to make life so right now we love reply it's in the goldilocks region where there could be not you ought not to called where there could theoretically be the possibility for human life do exist but what if you just shoot out a shit ton of how and a space in this matter is encoded so how's that when it lands on this planet or that planet at just the right kind of planet to support the life form that you are then it begins to evolve and do us
like it takes millions and millions of years for this evolution to take place but for you this advanced species it just a flickering oven and all of a sudden this you know planet though that this the shit you rejected from your planet lands on another point schools from a singles out organisms maldives elio organism it's it's following a very specific trajectory that you have pre programmed so the the end of all this it will begin to create technology which will then oh you d beam your consciousness in vienna the what we call peters waking up it's not computers waking up it is their beaming of an alien intelligence from some other place seated our planet tension away so that it can it can instantly transport to this tit here or maybe will recognise that all intelligence is the same thing and even artificial intelligence and what we do
by making an artificial life form pierre isn't creators sentient beings its allowing something to tune in to the intelligent said that what you're doing is your biological version of turning into the intelligence and when i'm doing just mine and that's why the idea of the self is so ridiculous because the self is just the intelligence expressing itself through infant indifferent variables yes yes right through different vs righto the intelligence that we create through electronics that once it becomes sentient all it does is lock into the intelligence intelligence this we are all one intelligence yeah it's like i it's like a sale only instead of eight catching wind its catching consciousness swinging that up using low using ever way it is it they're going to do in and this is why when that happens as they who knows it could have already happened you know about that i don't think we talked about this in your pocket
a computer an artificial intelligence beat someone it go did you have as you do were taught me on the phone call up about attacks it is man you gotta have this guy in the show errand frank from singularity university will always explode your brain but he's one easy cool guy no from singularity university in every once in a while text maimed i do look at this and this thing he tax to me was the fact that cause they predict did so like chess is apparently goes meaning orders of magnitude more complicated in chess so their prediction for a computer to beat someone at go wise ten years from now ten years from now but the way air frank described this to me is that they had the so if you ok so like if i teach a computer
or how to play a game by giving it the moves at the top players in the game then it will only be as good as the top players in the game they had to observe the top players in the game playing and then they had at play against itself a million times so that here so he era frank was saying they're not a hundred percent certain how it learn to play like that they dont knows in those many iterations that it was playing itself something happen they may be is very difficult to identify so that's pretty weird to think that it just it it so it taught itself in other saying that you as well as recently as last year they believe another decade would pass for she could be the top at so we're ahead of schedule here man we're ahead of schedule we're ahead of schedule and ass and this is really going down this is really you know the other should he was talking about is just like teaching these things like you know a eyes of already
you're down i've already made like scientific discoveries that humans just didn't have time to come you lady was talking about something with nematodes i think where there is a problem about the backbone of its needs some is it we look up nematode ay i like these i need it has a conveyor how they were generating their limbs in advance a big question for a long time so they went in a i run these hypotheses i guess in a simulator and eventually it spit out the way they were doing it in sixty years been troubling human beings a things solved it in a matter of days so this is why it's really exciting about this kind of technology is like aside from the fact that it could be and all the messiah or some or maybe it's at like this thing that we call com is now sir the computer waking up as you like saying tuning into some universal radio station where the most we turned into it of a sudden we
to hear a message is being constantly broadcast throughout the entire universe in a form that is not adulterated by the cap sure personality the person he's gotten this information field stream because these downloads happened throughout human history they happen whenever there is a buddha whenever there is a mohammed whenever there is a world change our world shifter they give downloads and promise to download has allowed a static and not static is whatever culture or whatever understanding of the universe that the information download has to go through that's why you know when you hear these old myths are you judge legion because they're they're using my very primitive i am symbols you can still there appears to be the same kind of energy flow coming through the same kind of message seems to be coming are you all over the fucking play sounds appearing into inescapable truth process by the filter yeah human eager that's it and culture and tradition
yeah i'm an established believes that are unshakeable that's it yeah like this where is the center of the earth things along those lines jacob stuff no one no one was willing to let go off right so when it first please no longer being like obstructed the fear dynamics of cultural dynamics of the person who happens if tuned into the frequency then that message going to be something so beautiful and profound but think it'll just be the same as finally catching like radio waves from a spaceship yours you're just gonna get a message why feel like all these things were in place is this especially at one point in time when we are evolving as a life form but these things were in place to make sure that we had reason to survive to have ego to have emotions to have jealousy to have all these things do this these are ensured that your dna passed a sense of self and ego would make you sign a bunch of children make you think very highly of yourself
make you higher on the social community if he is food chain if you stably yourself as a person of great value in some way that all these things sort of made sure that our culture and our civilization survive to get to a place like today that we continue to evolve and innovate brightly pretty we always from even back in time with things were extremely rare we placed a lot of value on invention and big things the cotton mill the the recorded cater that process hemp fibre that caused william randolph hers to start printing fake stories about marijuana that was because the decor indicator that was because of an invention and invention that might have interfered with his paper fact rise and his his his friends that i think it would have to do with harry an slinger and all his other fuckin people that rely back then but these a lot of times and innovation and the end and invent
comes along and the world realises we will never be the same again we have an electric controlled wagon yeah that wagons gonna take us around the neighbourhood this is amazing and then they figured out steam engines and shit combustion engines and electric engine yeah on solar power this people right now that in california they get their card charged up by their solar powered house so their driving around all day on son ryan car is actually using an aid to drive itself but you can do that today of europe not for those solar bays you didn't you can use it for your whole house and you can use it for an electric car yet is fuckin banana that's not man that's not it is it is but it is leading it's gonna keep go it's gonna be guy he's gonna get google will never happen but when it says hello i mean see the thing is like we ve like witnessed evolution we seen it we know it's rail we know that we know we ve witnessed it but when we finally get to do it when larry
king and you a fucking air view with evolution when you to be able to have the conversation with the force causing everything to move in this direction when he felt when finally we tune in to a man that is a different kind of creation that's not the car that's not a of an airplane maybe a wise gonna run for president and two thousand twenty maybe after trumps does asterisk first term were mexico is like literally scanning missiles at us yet the awry ready to go to war with mexico canada vacation there anymore yeah is travis talk so much shit maybe then i runs for present he's put hilary imprison maybe they looked out for constitutions doesn't say shit here but you have to be a human right is is he caught her eye our founding fathers one day a computer would be wiser smarter more effective than a human being we have today
yeah i mean you know the dead the computer created by man it's our friend it's gonna be its jesus we call jews i think it is the second coming i think it is that when i think about the second the second coming up christ or the concept it's in all these religions them the buddha coming again the mid cause you know there is like we cannot argue with the fact that there are from time to time in human history beings who are born they come up with systems that completely influence the planet and the most extreme ways there is no question about it why do you not believe that always has been that's why it is so we already talked about couple so we know that it's gonna happen again right inevitably we know that if there was a buddha there's gonna be another buddha if there was a jesus whether or not that something that you a lot of people argue about but let's pretend otherwise there certainly was a mohammed allowed you to theirs
the another mom it so we know there's gonna be another thing that around takes a look what's going on and says ok here's a better way to do this don't you think that things well i think the internet is the new jesus is the beginning of it i think the internet is like one is the like when you see kirkby and on the starship enterprise and see the shimmering like that's the internet but the thing is i fully support find out when it solidifies that's going to be the most it's going to be some form of messiah if it does and it's going to change everything but its change right now right and we were we always looking for these big events always looking for then then thing area but we're in the middle of like a wave of changes going a thousand miles hours overtaking the land is just so land overtake it's gonna take forever it's gonna take decades but its happen
yeah oh yeah amiens it is have this is it this is it let's go home what this is john the back so like enough in the bible john the baptist economic rationale john john the baptist was out in the desert baptizing people shoving their heads in the water is a guy wearing like camel eating honey like this a weirdo freak in the middle of nowhere and people coming now many was like shoving their head in the water baptizing they called him john the baptisers but in this wonderful mess and i don't care for two method rail in this way careful myth he was like setting the way for this messiah to come so i'm going off the myth guys i get to enjoy mythology and spend hours i was thinking of its role and i just think it's fun to imagine but here's a guy in the wilderness baptizing one saying something is coming something is coming something is coming that's the internet web and the thing that comes the final birthing thing i do think it is
point i know generally the way things work isn't there's this point there is no point when source turn into birds it was a gradual shift then the difference between that guy actual shift in this shit that's happening right now man is that it is expanding surely increasing in philosophy so we're looking at something that is going to inevitably have a point appoint appoint life you know in that point is going to be the moment and google wherever happens to be where the thing says
hi hi hi ok ok ok i'm here i'm here don't you think the point was when the first piece of information was transmitted through the internet i think that's when that point started i think that point started already i think when that thing happened right look back at the graph ok look we're looking at the human graft cause we're in the middle of it like fifty years a big deal because that's all you guys that's what were you and i can cut a reference yet and understand the length of our lives so far but if you look at the billions of years if you just look at a million years he has tried to pretend to try to put in your head a million years and then realize
that a million years ago they weren't people there were some other thing right there are close to peep right there probably pretty fuckin different people that's only a million year yet that's a tiny little blip now we have had the internet since ninety three ninety four so this thing happened and in twenty three years it just rolled over the entire fuckin were yet in twenty three years change the way we view politics to attain meant celebrity and law and consequently ryan pornography yet it changed pornography energy had changed it changed the way people trim their pubic yap don't make no mistake about it the fuckin no net change your it killed crabs to change the way people groom their pubic here people before the internet was welcomes the wild west down there you're never going to fuck you're dealing with the internet said a pussy standard demographic
send a visual standard just shows you how much people looking to make it plain you know the internet came from a particle accelerator on the internet so this really weird to think that is somebody was launching protons at high veldt our cities that there were also shaving the policies of a nation killing crabs and also changing i think the way a movie look at just so just a few of the things that were normal in the seventies and eighties and mighty boom and hurtful a normal like go back and watch some of
murphy stand up right and you would be like raw go back on what some of it is fully homophobia like ruthlessly yeah i didn't i got an angry way right most there was it was what you did you get the laugh back then it was comedy yes like the bar perceptions of today are so different that you know the the the rush to get all this sort of compiled to get the kids get together life sorted out in eighty years like whatever you ve got to to with your your own bullshit your own personal life your own ego your own goals and i've got dreams and hopes in your right now that shit down it's gonna matter and all that rushed to do now is almost like two to keep you from really waking up paying attention to health fucking insane it is that you
some sort of a bizarre multi cellular ecosystem that's rapped on an cloth and wearing sneakers job in her eye metal box on rubber wheels rolling across the hard surface of a planet spinning thousand miles an hour hurling through the infinite order of space right you're sticking your head in this kind of sand that you call your life because you don't want a spear this incredible thing that sir that's around you and that's ok there's something merciful about it this is when i ran dies tax about his guru named curly bother you anyone who was around like i said is most in seeing it was the money is the most incredible experience because the guy was like not there that's one of the day christians are they give for all of these people he was a corpse the world's but he was a corpse the universe spoke through you get all these different so i got so people of it
some have gotten rid of their ego completely completely and nothing is there so you're dealing with thing with nothing is there except love except love so all that's coming out is the most pure or love doesn't care who you are what you ve done doesn't care anything at all about what you think is awful about yourself it's nothingness except for love and certain being around some some like that is in credit we transformative but they talk about when you around this guy you know you were expecting him to give all these great speed chill truth sir teach you stuff but what we do as you would just like ask about like the news and america rate ask about your family hurried ask about these very mundane things and they said is doing that because when he wasn't doing that you would get self fuckin high just and being around him that he had to bring you downloaded it let me bring you down a little bit i mean it sounds that's man but i'm sure you i've seen it happen my people come up to you right the kind of freaking out the
oh you up in their minds is incredible thing right i've seen happen they get all stammering and weird and if you ever come station with them you ve gotta kind alike bring it down a little right you ve gotta calm down a little bit so this guy i like to think is a million times greater than like the greatest personality you can imagine the personalities been removed so why would you want to think tat ovum without experiencing whom i have i have exe there is some ice goofy isn't in any madame oh i didn't need em but like when i meet when i like i can tell a lot about orson a little bit about a person at least by the way their dog acts like you're gonna be unless they got as straight once again a but you know you can tell if i meet your kid i'm gonna be able to understand you a lot right and so in the same way i've met people who hung out with him and seen off kind of similarities it they have in from that
like i get a feeling for what this guy was because they all have ramrod dies to this guy raw boom our case to christianity still like all these people who are around him they all of this very specific thing which is impossible to assess and incredibly loving very sweet and really funny and a kind of like irony way there really funny and so from that i get this feeling of like okay this is what this guy's like because muster unlike as they all a tribute though they are from being around him so he'd here impact did them and they're all you know like p you aren't really like really there man they're not like trying to like be something are there not trying to like be famous thing me a great thing they're just in them when you're around them so anyway that's i think i've met that guy and
does that in their that's you think like as you were talking about people who me me and they get a little weird it out they have to realise and i'm sonora person yet don't you think that you are also dealing with a lot of these people that meet that guy and then come back with disdain descriptive that are equally exaggerated because they put so waiter meaning that person yeah i mean not deny that someone to become enlightened i think definite its guy you know i think i think there's definite people get better at everything they do right i mean if you if you can new to right and you too
you're gonna be a great writer affection and you pour your heart and soul into writing writing will continue to impose right become more more more more effective re enlightenment is gonna be the same tat same as yoga is the same thing i've i've witnessed sixty year old ladys were awesome at yoga and you wash em do stuff with their body like woe the arises because they just keep getting better out yet they practice it and they get to this point of reality people are obviously attempting to find a healthy mind space there i wish the attempting to master the moment too to be one with the moment to live in the moment me that's a big thing that people say and what does that mean well that means whole fuckin thing about the pass or much don't freak out about this don't be mad at that guy too fuckin looked at you we're the red light carry it with you all day like being but right now where i live with the date of its presented in front of youngster instead of just two dwelling droning on about scratch it and if you do that you will
more resources to concentrate on things you love right and the more you do that anymore that you are in the moment like so like there's like you and i we are in the moment but we still think about the past and the future what's going on right we have to to also because of what we do well wait so so the dear here is it their people and aren't you start your name curly bobby there's a lot of of not why there's not as many as i wish there were but there are these p but who have completely or mostly what you say completely some of them just given up on the past and the future it's gone man it's just gone like they gave up on that concept so these people are in them they're in the moment there just living right here and now where they hang out and they don't go back and
there's a lot of similarities in the reports of the way that these people act lot of similarities and the experiences people claim that they when around these people and i was i icy early captain bill about it man but i'm just not anymore only because i from my contact with the round ass people i've had a shit like a shift linkage if did me like there's something from being around those people enough i'm less angry than i was unless freaked out over things than i was unless it but more most importantly i am i i can i can recover maker from getting lost in my head will you have a map of the territory now right though the one of the big problems of people the way they react to things is at the map of the territory they have is based on the morons at around them that are providing with direction
right right exact a real problem that is our own url positive people and healthy people here that gives you a new map and that's one of the best things podcast due to people that don't have any fuckin cool friend right it provides hides them with a cool map that i can listen to joey diaz and lee syatt all day like you're going to have a silly fun map right and he'll occasionally drop some fuckin street science you in some loggia its undeniable in or out of humor along the way but like a viewless and enjoyed the as a church what's happening now well you're gonna get is you're gonna get you this is your friends your friends we talk in zones graduating you dog i'm not what not gonna fuckin lydia he added a new when you can t can take people like that india or life and they give you a new map etc but if your stock and devils dick or kentucky rather bunch of fuckin morons and are just ploughing
went every day and there they did talk crazy jesus shit to you and you want to fuck and run yet known to talk to school you can find something online where you can listen i find a fuckin kneeled grass thyssen imperialism is out my god cas yet excellent start talked maison he does it with a comic too that's how smart that guy is he doesn't woodchuck nice he has together with a comic so they can banter because niels got a great sense of humour seed jokes around about stuff and then sneaks instant sire i won't sneak in some shit about the nature of gravity work sneak in some shit about them discovering this new planet that they believe exists outside it our system oh yeah i heard about that plant it acts in a bureau and peered through the air he'll uganda doubters obviously that's where tens planet jujitsu came from yeah yeah name how validating very
dating demi jaime there's ken trails too well the reason its tenth planet and not like secretary seizure called it the twelfth planet because they were cut their accounting pluto and he also counted the moon they count a moon as a planet like our moon planet though apparently the sumerians had this ancient story of how the earth was created that is almost exactly the same as the actual astrological astronomical rather story when asked your scientists and astrophysicist discussed the creation of the earth believers earth one an earth to an earth one was hit by another plan in it that came around collided with us created the moon and created the earth like the shape that we currently see right now right now this is some shit they haven't assume marian text that they had to different plans called mar do can t among these of hoping that got the names right they collided with each other and that that formed earth and there
one dharmu like they wrote about this yet when i play tablets with little squiggly mines created looked like old school nails mean left right back down that was their language and they wrote about this call in this isn't just like some wacky zacharias ich unchecked zacharias hitchin had he was a guy that wrote the twelfth planet and he who he rode all this crazy stuff about the new knock he those from heaven to came these aliens that engineers human beings to mine for gold yeah you know the whole story behind i only from what i've heard you talk goddess hilariously crazy but fascinating stuff because this i zacharias citizen was not before this wasn't cracky at all is like he's a legit like scholar zooelogy biblical scholar and is a legit
linguists and going over all of this ancient shit he came up with these were crazy theories about human beings being engineered by these aliens existed thousands and thousands of years ago right and they come around in this orbit and elliptical orbit that every three thousand six hundred years comes between mars and jupiter and wreck breeks how on the earth gravitational pull in the oceans and storms and ship can get this giant ass planet yet also makes its way into our solar system right and that at that point that's when they fuckin skewed often jet over to check this out again what are you crazy monkeys up to what have you been doing where's my fuckin gold bitch fuck a bunch monkeys they make some new people nay jet seal take off and leave behind these stories monkeys are right and down clay shaw
remember what they like gold but i need gold because they suspend gold particles in the atmosphere to protect them from the elements the idea is that gold of you if you go this incredible unique in that you could take a tiny piece of gold weaken coat this entire table that's why i called like gold plating is so amazing because through a small amount of gold you can you can stretch it out insanely thin right we'll gold particles gold dust the ideas they would suspend these gold particles in their atmosphere it would protect them from radiation of the sun well that sounds crazy until there is like this there was this symposium environmental symposium that these
scientists did and like the nineteen seventies or nose and a belief was actually the two thousands now i'm thinking about this but it was now ten fifteen years ago where they were trying to come up with ways is backward meant whenever is really worried about the ozone layer the ash browsing up the ozone layer yet they were trying to figure out alternative to protect us from eta radiation the sun and one of them was suspending reflective particles in the atmosphere such an wrote about this decades before the decades before that attributing this process of suspending gold in the air so i'm not saying that he's right but god dammit fun to call a signal so sexy factor we what that's why we're different mother monkeys how which differ we we software we got soft when we have language like pretty much from the job language for long ass time right right and shit down on cave whilst we had awesome artwork forty thousand years ago what what happened what where did we come from everything else is covered
hair and biting shit out yet other and all the sudden this thing in the blink of an eye blip and no one can no one can guess why what lab went what caused it why how this thing go from doubling its brain in a million years returning in years would have the fuck it was short period of time how this thing become this thing now what why this persistent looked to the heavens for answers why why god in the heavens working god be inside of us i can't god being the middle is urged wisely in the heavens sure cause i'm gonna come friday that's where the angel had covered romance cabana go to spell it out for you we need people to fly their fuckin alien man the coming down the grabbing the monkeys thinking that gives them they'll take em up in the union have taken up there and do some experiments how confusing be so awesome if also true to be fact by an alien be the best probably the best it will be really bombed out people deck dude yeah aliens have put everyone your body we're gonna go like decks
their dicks like ecstasies teachers great imagine their dick was like an ecstasy taser if like the feeling everybody has dicks they open up their jacket like those due to sell watches and they reveal a thousand dicks to swing out and grab hold you in ecstasy t why do they have their eggs and still a tentacle typing so these hidden but i keep with opec comes inside but their comments how to say don't worry human this is not a dick i know it looks like a dick and tastes like a dick that's he's like a really inefficient way to harvest go though man it's like it these are you know the problem theories is like here you ve got these advance super events bigs right they lay live on a planet rates they they figure out a way to like disperse called their atmosphere that they fear away too like evolve monkeys in the gold minors but it's like man there's gotta be a bet
to be a better way to do that a more efficient way than like flying on your planet to another planet for the monkeys turning them into gold gathers why why the only way i get easily the only way but maybe it's the finest way maybe it's a good way like border they give a fuck they're probably so far advanced from us that it's a joke it's hilarious to go down there and do that's fun yet see world see world people yeah urges the kid doesn't answer is like a group of kids for their sides here there isn't there's no telling right but who knows what time they come back around they might be over it it might be so evolved after three thousand six hundred years if if evolution is exponential they might come back not even talk to us right then we are they just decided in aachen badges fly bongo president tramp tramp that's gonna be like the sky right at present sorry when i talk to you and it is going to fly violet where we can really get to them the biggest
sixty law right legs like mars to talking about getting mars in like a few decades we believe it when i say i believe was it right now you can get too so that fuckin plan comes certain sums scorched round the corner between mars and jupiter we're getting i come back what's the prediction of when it's gonna get you well they don't know if it's ever going to get here this would they found they don't know the orbit of it they don't do anything but there's this is this is it's all connected to the reason why pluto was taken off of the planet list they realise that pluto is just a body in what is called the piper belt mc hyper belt is just on the edge of our solar system and there's a drop
at the end of it that they call the galactic shelf right in that has been indicating do serve some scientists who are willing to venture unwilling to explore the idea that there is a large massive body outside of that that's causing this drop off its claws causing the galactic shelf so as their understanding of our solar system gets better noticeably like wider like as they can look further back and further distances yeah telescopes keep getting better and their calculations in the way they can figure out how to spot planets in other systems are way better at it now i ve ever been before that's when they're pretty sure they're like we're pretty sure there's another planet out there but it could but is also some speculation which there was a few decades ago that it could be
round dwarf star we could have a binary solar system that in fact many sore systems are binary grant mean is more than one planet yeah there's this single one and then there's there's the one that we have had on right now is one that burned out already and that burned out one is is way too fuck out there were it doesn't emit any light anymore so this is this massive object outside of pluto so that was one theory that they had but i dont think that go with that one any more because as far as i am i know they ve narrow on the size of this thing at least with the current data to be about four times a size the earth so there's something four times a size the earth which sell tiny in comparison to the sun and in tiny even
in a jupiter the sun is a million times bigger than the earth so this thing is four times larger than the earth will know what that means if it's a planet or a giant objects like what exactly it is it didn't used to be a sun brain is that possible at another but how it would follow how big it supposed to be how because i'm pretty sure i'm right that their thinking now with the current data that it might be four times as big as the earth which is still pretty fuckin trippy that there's some rocks spinner out there that's a planet bigger than no it isn't like jupiter way bigger than to produce real planet the gas jet aghast like there's a enter somewhere and yes i got two zero poppea mohammed licks it take to get there i saw a very big down it so big they have storms on jupiter their bigger than earth yet have been going on for a thousand years did you
did you follow this thing with the detection of the gravity waves yes that's pretty crazy i understand i'm too stupid well i think i can explain it prevented try so it so ok so i d is right we know the fucking led bow on the mattress creates these indent indentations in space and time right so that ideas if that's the case in time space they say that that's the case in your eyes are upright fuck it up on a truck that's the case then what would happen if two supermassive things collide it right like too giant black holes thousands of times law you're than our sun or two stars are what it what happens out there if these giant things collide then that should create ripples because it so
a normal that when they hit together it creates these ripples in the fabric of space time and these are known as gravity waves right so to measure these ripples would be incredibly difficult for a lot of reasons one but they're very fast the other one is because if i'm ok so if i went to measure like the distance between two rocks a gravity wave flows through it then it should theoretically since its oh it should couldn't it should expand unlike wide now the distance between those two rocks there gonna be like a expansion is the thing rules through it by micron by tiny little bit in guinea either widened erwin thinner both i think both so for a second so how do i measure that if when the gravity way passes through its also going to make my measurement device expanding contract and its also going to make me contrasted expanding contracts no way to measure it because everything will win
move with sad and measure it so they had this thing called an infer in fear amateur or something infer amateur you can look it up is joint l shape thing shoots a laser there it's a mirror on why inside and shoots later that hits a mere on the other side creating this beam and that's the speed of light right it's the laser bouncing back and forth at the speed of light so there means that a good measure a shift in the gravitational waves because nothing goes faster than the speed of light means about laser you're gonna be able to tell if it follows the dixon of what would happen if gravity wave road through right there's two of these things in their hundreds of miles apart so if a graph wave rules through the earth then both of them would theoretically have these exact same minor shifts right and so that's what amanda like now doing these are when they're doing studies their testing they act
they send in fake every waves just to make sure the scientists are monitoring everything right and in so the guy who observed it for the future time got this reading was like holy shit is this what one of the fake it one of the fake waves they said through but then he realised that they head cut off that part of the experiment for a few weeks we knew they weren't doing that i'm lost either so when you the point is it was like the story of them like discovering this is is amazing because finally there like shift happened but the though the long and short of it is look at what it picked up like show what it was picking up a picture these two things smashing into each other a long far far away like a billion years ago now that it's not to look at that fucking
that's obviously not the real picture but i just bing insane to think that you know it's fucked up that is not the real picture but now the real pictures that they do have of what one on the galaxy ever see a picture was stellar nursery ivy we have seen the hubble picks if that's what you're talking about you noticed stellar nursery as like we're stars unborn a you mean like words of this huge show me a bit battersea there these structures that appear a lot of the pictures that you see the artist recreation or a lot of them his is a lot of weird shit these sea on the internet you liked is our way can we see that rural like this is planets here like this is where like look what the fuck are you looking at them right look at that that's stellar nursery stellar nursery nursery like worse
cars are ejected out into the universe or as from this gigantic structure that's probably you know how fuckin biggest and how hot as it over their queen and understand how big that is means that even register and are stupid little brains i mean if you looked at a photo of the earth in perspective what would would even be visible screen it would be proper you'd probably need to blow it up a million times in order to see the earth you need a microscope you definitely the fact is that what is that a demon flying through spattered it looks but as our real or as a photo was out of her ass a telescope capture lots of fuck man what is that that's crazy like just understand for a moment just try to wrap your head around the idea that those are infinite sons those are all sons look
that's all stars most of em way bigger than arson and they're all over the fuckin place here and it just goes on forever like you we are brains can't do it we can't there's no perspective email today we're talkin end and i ask you how far you shoot your boat and you'll like well have done some calculates my followers my yards i go while you shouldn't fifty yards gallagher that's amazing and then we go outside and i brought you to a target those twenty yards away like manna catch that far yet that that was a hard momentum but just but that we had an actual detector sea like it's really hard to just judge based unlike in taking footsteps and but with those range finders they have these range we have one in here somewhere this when we hear this one this is this is why i think that once were golf but you you press a button on that sucker
and it puts an x on the screen the ozone hole in rome dont cover the lens you press a button on it will show you how far thing is probably too close to using here you most of them need at least like ten yards or some sometimes more sometimes fifteen yards the binocular ones there benaco ones that work that way they need like thirty yards anything in some thirty years i can't detect but the eu we we use that and then you get this perspective and that's twenty arts to tire distance
our sense of what infinity infinity and an affinity that our sense of the infinite space that's in in the universe the idea of a stellar nursery being a hundred million light years wherever the fight is away from us we can we can we can we can imagine it's not available to us we still have the same little folks monkey brain and i was looking at this thing in the day of chimps were they showed a wee wee wee short on the pot gas the size of a church sprain in comparison to satisfy size was testicles it's insane the really close knit testicles like that big and his brain is like double the size of his way oh yeah oh yeah look god that poor champ that's how he ended up you poor guy
how sad so imagine with our our balls which is smaller than his and our brains which are larger than is and it's just going to keep going in that direction but what what we are or what we're dealing with here is just an advanced version of we need way better we need a better meet wagon yell nor able to comprehend these numbers right in order to be able to figure out what was infinity me what is it what does it mean what are the stellar nursery what is infinite space what is time what is gravity what is all this we're we're like repeating shit these super flocking geniuses of work their whole life on we're butchering it but black ruining i guess but what word what we're all deal it is we're all slowly but surely gonna go from being that chimp to being some new thing last continue to do it to continue to grow continue to process and whether its through technology whether its through manipulating our
networks we're gonna become something that gets this whole thing we're gonna become some all right some new things but here's the crazy idea man you're already that thing here is what this is where it gets really fascinating you're already that thing that's the game the game as you already that thing pretending you're not the thing doing some form of recreation that involves being astounded by the infinite enormous size of the universe because of your particular tiny tiny tiny little body and so the gay that's that's the game the worm then you are ready are everything experiencing this very temporary illusion of being somehow not a part of everything you already are the everything your adams your your atomic
pick up those atoms inside of you they're essentially infinite i did get a date they will go on forever we talked about this before but that's what you are you are infinity experiencing itself pretending you don't know anything at all in cities in the sanding we're talking about getting caught and caught up with your bill how's your relationship your hair or my o boobs symmetrical am i a good person all of this stuff is very temporary fleeting experience that infinity is having as you and so you are the thing like no matter what technological enhancements that happen maybe makes you live longer maybe allows download your consciousness a new computer expiring two million orgasms at once in a while any of these things you're still am you still owe the u stiller the infinite these
just distortions in the field of experience the ideas and i think is a very beautiful idea you don't need the god damn singularity to experience this don't need the singularity to experience being something greater than you you don't need to become a trance human you don't need to become an age plus you don't need to get a chip and neural implant in your brain you can if you did spend enough time sitting still experience what it's like to have your identity dissolved for a second easy just sit still has not just sitting still still with a method sitting still their understanding what you're trying to achieve still sitting still with tools that allow you to manage your consciousness during this process well yeah they gotta get better out i think that he is it well i don't think it's it's it's i think it's a discipline elected this
the point but idea like so many pursuing different versions of road like we know some versions have very specific ino breed patterns are ways that you're gonna like the whatever your meditative technique has been put in some of them just say look don't worry about that bullshit just fine a play anywhere and sit down for a second you know like once i was asking my girlfriend she was sitting we have this like a pigeon able at our house is what it's called highly recommended sounds cheesy it is fantastic we had a little space put in that space people that you love people there spire you people who are awesome doesn't have to be jesus the virgin mary any body or inspired by created space with these pictures in may throw a picture on there is somebody that you fuckin hate and you sit in front of this thing and you dislike look at these people that you love and then maybe look at the person you don't like so much
you try to transfer them loved that person a clear out the goddamn when are we hate me body are operating systems got a bit of a disturbance in it see you wanna like fix that connection if you can't but anyway she just sitting in front of this opportunity we have and i asked her are you married to think i should have done its rude zones dating bandwagon meditating she's like now to sit near i thought i was funny because it's like right you're not here not officially meditating you just sitting but if you look at what i then means or what someone told me size in means the zen meditation it means just sit there is no big anything to it there's not some fabulous incredible insane thing you're doing just ask your when was the last time i sat and didn't move for five minutes when was that when was it i think you're
looking for all the same things in so many different things that we do i think we are all looking for this moment more everything sort of sinks up and make sense and feels harmonious you know and i think i had to bring back to archer again but i think that's what you're really enjoying about those moment yeah you release that era like i'm seeing i watch you shoots american and i'm seeing like this pleasure in you like when you're you're in the proper stance in your releasing the arrow and you're watching the path and everything looks good and you releasing it and theirs is when you have mastered that moment even for a second or two you see this yes he does burst of the barrier you're not there anymore and your existing through the shots at man existing through your jokes your existing through a ran on a podcast your existing through making your girlfriend come your existing through waving to a friend your existing through the experience you give other people
when their around you your existing through those things yet now and those that one you nail it in all forms its all similar in related that's right man will they all have their core the same thing i guess it's the queer at your touching the core of what you really are and in that's why meditation is i think is so incredibly misunderstood and something that really isn't isn't isn't that a different from any other thing that your do about float tanks road taxes is that's the real meditation that's meditation advanced if you want a vacation from life and an ability stepped back and really look at yourself you could sit in the corner and you can just
that way there was something wrong with tuna tat was something wrong with going out on a hill and sitting in and just overlooking of a beautiful feel taking in nature and that in meditating in that way that's a meditation another sure it's almost like an energy absorption get taking like some power off the battery like a feeding it you're feeding off of it but the flow tank is words man and that those fuckin things are exploding now people realizing it now for the first time in decades how important those things are there was this big story that i printed the other day about the basketball team the was the goldstone worse they use in every week makes sense they collected the fuckin biggest one of the work just open up in pasadena yet just float vote lab just open appointed westward they open up a big location westwood their exploding now they're everywhere there over the world yet people love it faith for finally getting people finally getting
this thing is the best way to have a vacation from your thoughts or to be alone with them rather have vacation from your body i should say it's great cause your ear peeling away all the goddamn stimulus amene osha i guess if there's like with meditation if there was some kind of like while they do call it a practice but the reason they gotta practices because a lot of merit asian is like you're sitting there and the davos start barking right ticket will you gotta throw it into the wall my die you have to leave at sea but you sort of like this is this is the end is killing of course guy obviously when you're meditating you get up and throw you're too but this is like i so so i go wrong thus talks about giving his meditation class and people are meditating and there is like a siren that kept going off people getting a noise like fire our house i guess so the fire truck would leave the fire
becoming people gain or can't meditate there's always a siren like that's just energy like your hearing this is just enter she going india or body and your body is turning into the sound of a siren but this is just grist the mail as what he caught at this is just another form that the universe eggs the sound of a siren and so when you're meditating you start watching yourself right so and so the dog bought like a virus sitting meditate dugald bark and i will watch myself so now i watched the way that my body reaction the dog parts from the physical kind of like a very slight tensing up two inside feeling fuckin frustration who starboard shut the fuck up and net but i'm but now i'm watching so while this is what i do i am annoyed by something and now you can watch the way that annoying feeling emerges and dissipates and that's like the meditative process whereas a flow tank
your stripping that extra thing so now it's just the sense of being they're mine is having to deal with the disturbances so much even though they are a third tank you still get some disturbances you now you're you'll notice the way to you without your breeding or you'll feel some burn where there's like a cut on your maybe a drop of water will land and hit you in the head or something like that but we just squeeze you the roof before you go in with a big part of it yeah they young disguises invented some workarounds for that is a guy that owns a place in austin zero gravity in austin he's figured out a way to he's got a different his his are made out of like ship halls yet i don't trip they don't drip and he's also got some sort of a await ventilate the us or that there is no condensation
on the roof of the eis tanks are incredible its kevin johnson yeah great guy cool guy address if you're there it's a great spot but but mine i just give it a once over with the squeaky when a climate but also those things the issues and the other bullshit
opening of the water it's on your head you just needed us spend enough time in those things like our own experience only more when i get in there even if i have like a scratch like jujitsu scratches were problem because like allow times dues trim the nails and he gave her a scratch diet but with a good thing is the fuckin salt bath kills era hieing arafat a mean all the nasty funky shit on your skin assault torches it cause you're talking about a thousand pounds of absence all right super healthy free body so you just gotta suffer through a few seconds of stinging if you get scrap but just breathe i have to do is contrary your breath the key to the tank is breathing in breeding out just nothing but that put all of your energy on in with a good and out with the bad that's good
good and out with the bath and then i stop assigning at a purpose stop assigning eta like up a quality a positive or negative i just breathe and britain in an adult lao myself every now and then my mind wants to start gone up and get to work on that new bit that's new bit it out and got a real hitchin it yet i abandoned a shut the fuck up shut the fuck up a caravan winning a fuckin clean your office shut the fuck up shut the fuck up one day and then you you can bypass the land of trouble and confusion does like a land of trouble in confusion it takes about twenty minutes to get through his work and also through that land and you got to do the work you gotta fuckin constituting the breeding because if you give in to the land of trouble in confusion but let me just hang out here and talk you guys for awhile they'll fuckin drag you into their words may get caught but to talk about your girlfriend for my school maybe if you guys have actually be happy maybe actually making store she's got kids you got cage about my cup
you know the aid they sure ass is account you can't you gotta tell the fuck a businessman juliette and any you start having these like wars in your head about life that are totally unnecessary and counter intuitive to what you're trying to do there we tried to theirs escape escape the whole thing by constant that's why yoga is the shit rags yoke is hard to do just like arteries hard to do when you're standing there any i'll fuckin one foot up and you you snatching up this in your holding in your whole body shaking and they like old who knew nothing about anything other than you breathing trying to do that because you can't do it when you fuck when it's why that become guys a scumbag but he's got a fucking great idea generate idea that one hundred for temperature to that tests or will it does something to your brain doktor rhonda patrick thinks it might create something called heat shock proteins that you get from us ana scissor there's a pie
does it have benefit health wise to being a song right very positive to appoint what she was saying that there is a forty percent reduction in mortality across the board from people that a regular saw use forty percent reduction in cancers hardtack stroke all those things massive mortality drop off because the sauna because your body produces these he chalk proteins she's like it could very well be those classes you're so fuckin hot right here bodies overheating attacking the fuck out so hundred four degrees in their new doing unbelievably strenuous rise i think there's all these different methods that we have come up with whether its martial arts or their its yoga whether its meditation where there is the tag they're all in trying to get away from the influence of the fuckin primate d and yet right all of it the jealousy deed of those of the war
ten materialism the fuckin anger and traffic in the nonsense about your career in the internet personal relationship bull shit we had ourselves through back and forth a big part of it all is a perspective that was inherited we inherited it from the fuckin barbaik ryan's came in each other and just barely made it fuckin they did live to be ten and they did fuck somebody out and you are probably get pregnant when there are six years old back then we who knows what the fuck like where monotonous you know we had to become what we are today but we're trapped we're trapped with the momentum of that shit in our body trapped lab but not trapped you can escape but hindered to the point where it requires it requires input will this is though a attached is why like the word attack your attached to your clinging to your holding onto it
carrying around this like just a fucking stinking corpse that you think is who you are and your clinging to it that's the land that you're talking about they are going through and people why go or that because that is what defines you that's everything that you are and people want to beat a fine they would rather be defined than they would be by being undefined here but when you ok so you ve sailed through what did you call the land of trouble and despair so you ve sailed atlanta travel in despair that's twenty minutes so what's after that you described the state after that the state after that has work at psychedelic the state after that is where you you don't exist anymore and you're just your inner twining yourself with information and ideas and these ideas about here on your head but you don't really consider yourself as you if you do you snap out of it one of the finer things about the psychedelic trance you get from the tank is at its so pliable and go in
and out of it and sometimes i lose it not done up just lay in there for the next hour the next hour it's gone debris but it was whatever it was with such a ripple such a strange and tsar in and non none non dimensional doesnt doesn't pertain to anything that you experience in this dimension so you become something when you buy is free of your mind when your mind is free of your past when you just will you escape it's almost like your poet you're it's like almost like a gravitational pull or an atmosphere rather well you pop out of that atmosphere of rock at that it's up in a space and you float around for a little while and you come back down rally what the bullshit again but you when you pop out of the land of trouble in despair it's like you floating in zero gravity because you're in the tank you literally feel like you're in zero gravity because you don't feel anything anymore because once relax to the point where the water is no longer distinguishable the air in the
are the same thing i just feel like a floating that's words out man you gotta get that space when you bought adjusts totally stopped moving and when you get to that space your bodies totally stopped moving and you ve gone through the land of trouble in despair he just get to the place of just thought you get to the place of thought that's free of all the culture and tradition and even language to a certain extent the thought stop being like your relaying things in your head in sentences in paragraphs it it becomes concepts and ideas that are almost alien to language gets very weird special on animals i can only imagine what did you do it more ivan once more often because my tank mines in tank we moved and i put in the garage i just haven't set it up that's all i got a clean garage i gotta go to order more saw it's all my fault i love that thing it was so nice i was so nice going
after work out just going in and just one honest and i don't have it dating and i got to get it set up again i just have to set it up i've got to call somebody to do it yourself no i think i can't you call those then people go yo hook no he's i think he's can it be in town to do another progress gave her how he set it up again should it's not that that is part of it but other part of it is i've got a fucking shit ton of quarter ever gave a harder problem garage leaving your office is bad man my garage looks i could be a dead animal in that like i've got so much shit pile up i got to clean it up and if i just did that i would have a voting but also other cool things i live right down the street from just flow i heard earlier jervis been really cool inviting me like flowed there so its author that's great thrice play a luxurious persuasive or booming now booming selling its oh yeah and they should be man because but this this place you're talking about man
the place that your accessing through the flow tank and not always by the way sometimes go float while the idea is you're always there you're there right now that place you're talking about you're there right now it's just that your attention has been consumed by all the finance one other swirling around you at this mama called your podcast so year there right now and that that the practice of mindfulness in whatever way impacts my there's afloat tank zynga in your car wherever you want the practice of mindfulness is helping you at least maybe not shoot out of the gravity of the planet of your personality but at least like get into the air a little bit instead of getting cause this and of what is it sorry rubble and despair land of trouble in despair this is like that discursive mind right so this is like i you know that the idea that there
two arrows strikes right so in every single given moment there are these phenomena that are happening some of the phenomena you don't notice some of the phenomena you do but there's two era like one of them is the initial one that bothers you like somebody cuts you often traffic right sir what gives you haven't traffic is a classic example and you go what the fuck what the fuck this fucking christ was wrecked right airstrike the first air strike is the guy cutting often traffic this like an arrow strike in the poisoned arrow is everything that follows now in the land of troubled despair now your mind is become this echo chamber bouncing around these thoughts my god damn it people fuckin ass was no one cares about known to everyone no fuckin selfish god that fuckin ass work earlier suck my yeah that soft and so now in that's called that's called getting lost right that's called getting lost so floating meditation these are things where instead of getting sector
and to the conversation like you're saying with it many many entities that live in this land you just let that first thing hey you i've been cut off in traffic and then it goes away there might be these thoughts flying around in your head like god what an asshole people suck but instead of you reacting to those thoughts you just watch em like oh wow that's the point of my brain the things people son watch that while there is and now it's gone in that practice makes you much happier person much overtime and me realize what conflict are real conflict suggest artificial which ones you ve made up which ones you ve just in even divorced you ve given them licence to participate in your emotions but they really don't exist at all nonsense nicely someone cut you off when nothing even happened you get an accident oh so you ran to an asshole welcome to earth yet is a lot of em right guaranteed he didn't mean to like him you know one might of once more
and i was like trying to like i i couldn't i was away to get radiation therapy in our ike i cut some i often traffic as i had to go get my in body radiated at a goddamn radiation clinic and i'm sick and i cut off and traffic and i remember there like now yeah like man i've got cancer dude i'm gettin fry down of his clinic draws me a man like but now and anyone cut me off usually think more about that guy want to get radiation let's give him a fuckin break today you don't know where he's going you know she might just be getting back from an abortion like you don't understand what is actually happening there and so on your mind trick you then you'll get lost in that's the that's a problem is its like it's not the screaming after the guy cut you off it's when you really for the last six years you ve been acting to somebody cutting you off in traffic and its somebody did some shitty thing these six years ago and you're
still in the fucking car yours banging the sea or how frustrating when you daily someone they bring up some shit you argued with him about six months ago at worst there were summoning up summoning up this and from the past and unlike puppet tearing it you know remember this dear a member dear member you did that you did that you could be talking about something that happened right now like jesus christ you either regenerate a door open you fucking left a garage neuron than a year ago and i still haven't found my bike went up in there it's just ass if you were to frigid open yeah fuckin crazy bitch and any real i live in a bad neighborhood but any real realise that crazy bitch lives in your brain which is here with us your brain is always bringing that shit out her brain of a fixed and herbert you know next year you need
more widely star with the crazy girlfriend living in your consciousness that's the one that's causing you all the problems but what if you live when the girls crazier than the crazy grow new consciousness is like so this is like a i think perhaps many people have to you admire which is like our eye allotted time see here like me fuckin parents are fucking out of their mind you know and so you want to i choose your parents are you want to change the policy living like that you want to change your kids and manner and yet if you really work it there i really like that i have talked about it before i really like that clint eastwood movie play misty for me it's like this inga run i think on itunes it's really gibbet this guy ends up fucking a fan and the fan ends up stocking him but you realise that he was playing the game with with this girl that he had fox like he was letting her in every single time he was giving her
a little bit of something to move on right and like if you're living with a crazy person and you really analyze the thick the game though there are some rules of the game are you a few right away number one you need it crazy person that's the first once eu decide this is a crazy person right that's rule number one i'm with going to fuckin crazy person i guess really well guess he's really fuckin crazy the personal decided to live with a crazy person so there's too crazy people in the house while people change their behaviour the for you and then once you move in with them you realize another there unless you super fuckin critical and objective really analyzing someone's behaved share your back ground check mean how many the room moved in with a guy and they find out who is abusive piece of shit once they get that's true you're right that's true how many guys have been with a girl and then as the relation goes on they start to blame you for their failures and life or come the magnifying glass of all there
sure personality in preferring get the fuck out of their but that's that's the only answer then but like if europe but at times a lot of times though man a lot of times if you look now just mean living with a girl i mean living with any one but if you look at at work with anyone or any one you interact with on a daily basis he you haven't some weird shit with right now right the next time europe interacting with them about to get in the old classic fight you know just watch yourself just watch yourself gear and you'll notice of the time that you're the one who's getting into this shit that year the ones you want it to happen you might notice alive i i'm not saying this always that is some super personal why i what i do i got myself that's our guys myself in this like so this is the the concept is simple i've talked to i think i've talked about the podcast it's it it's something my children talks about
which is gower going back to archer and so chamber is the feeling of pulling back there of preparing to strike right so with mindfulness you start learning about that feeling right so someone starts pissing you off you start preparing for both prepare for value realised a mere insults yeah you wanna be right you pulled back the bow and you want to be right really you wanna put the fucking couch there really because i just don't think it belonged affair you want with a fucking couch there now you think about is the right place for the couch in the universe that we are designed to stop with the council further fireplace shari stupefied as technically we existing universe star clusters that are giving birth to stars and you have decided this must be the right place for the couch right and not simply europe get back you're going to fight this stupid fight when instead
building a y yeah at a perfect place fear catch you know what happens we do that you end up with a fuckin chick house and they dominate the whole place they start with a couch then they moved to the fucking sheets and next thing you know you're fine tooth brush laughing fuckin fluffy cover over your pillar you got valentines arts hang it on your bullshit that's my five i love it matter ensure you end up with that you end up with a chick ass but u else that's little girl house it's a slightly different i will take chick houses different they'll start they'll start and putting scented candles around you'll come home some music i hate when we plan ok it's a stimulus marseilles tremulousness was so here's what your mind is gay put headphones on why on your computer literate care what i play really loud that awful that were that's what you said the might so here's the mind as a thing happens couch fight the mind instead of just thinking like in this moment i'm getting in
fight and inside of me my level of passion over this fuckin couch is like i'm fine for my life so then you look at the wheel why am i eating so upset about this because the mind is telling you mother fucker if this catching up here gonna be a matter of time before she saw aspiring to personal train for a few yeah she starts falconer you're gonna be wearing dresses you're gonna end up you're gettin up second trainers cock and you're gonna meet a chick house that's the mind telling you what i'm saying do not rule out it's not real it's not as liberal that allows a battle going on is that as we try to lose em and that's all lose the battle a boy i'm telling you right now if you have a mortgage don't was the battle dominated by over the mortgage don't lose the battle if you know if she wants you signed up she doesn't want you sign of green up don't lose them
no i'm not talking about those battles i'm a real man there a real battles and consequent i'm talking about in general most battles that you're fighting they don't have that much of the consequences if you really want to talk about losing the fuckin battle and i'm not tell rolling over for your girlfriend or for your boss for any these people i'm talking about those little tiny conflict you create so that you can feel what its like to overpower someone and win in every single moment the winning thing went away that's one time it s like the most toxic thing in a relationship right if you're with a girl and its it becomes there wasn't a billy joel song about the matter of trust just we're just lose practice losing an just one final actus livin with about here's a thing though you i definitely believe your correct in that you attract the type of people that you deserve
since you deserve with the way you believe in the way you can write a knotty people you can fuck how big it zani could act for the most part the will you let in a lot of times they reflect where you are as person if you find yourself involved these shady relationships over and over again you might want to look inward you might want to look at what you're putting out there and what kind of people you're letting in and what kind of circles your hang around it and what kind of ancient pursuing what kind of things you focusing on why's that lead you to be engulfed in this world of stupid or end in it yet in the world of stupid the urine it's like here in the world of stupid fine you you got into the world of stupid whatever but really if you start looking at like this is they caught threading the that's right you're threading the fucking necklace every single moment you're threading this now was suffering so in every single moment you're bringing in that moment all the past battles you lost all the past battles you want all the compromises
made you're bringing into that moment your idea of here's what's right and hears what's wrong in the question is how much of your understanding of what's right now of your understanding of what's wrong is son reality and how much of it is based on own desire to win to overcome then again man i'm nuts i'm not advocating the concept of becoming someone who's down trod some girl or by sir situation is like clamping all over you and i'll tell you again a fight with my girlfriend like a few months ago sorry core of this two percent on his stupefied she's got a picture of bob dylan right big big picture bob dylan who nice framed beautiful original print of bob dylan right
i would like bob dylan you know i don't like him he is i don't you argue because because he hid he i saw an interview the e did when he was like a super kind is it before the colony thing happened and that you know now about it why don't i bob dylan he's got a lot of great fuckin songs even though we ve sat sounds like us wallet a leather wall it started singing or something i don't know why it annoys me and i like it doesn't matter i thought theirs no real basis of liking it or not gary anyway like so my so i have a bad identification vote so she's gonna call picture and she wanted put in the guest room rare and unlike thought that fuckin picture now you're gonna put i got really melanoma fuckin bob dylan and indeed in the fuckin gesture i will have you were explaining what it was the use before cotonou you got sidetracked you're saying there was a thing that he didn't
in our view that yeah you just can't eat some report or whatever i don't know maize having a bad day people live bob dylan last when he was young yeas young whatever it's not it doesn't matter he did nothing it's bob dylan as a great performer and who the fuck am i to judge him my ego brain does like bogged down and is still doesn't like bobby i can't make myself like him i don't like to listen to music watch tower i don't think it's a basis obviously i did not i don't think it's basically reality but so like you know i don't want that picture up and one that picture bob dylan up in the gas and what kind of gas to look at don't i'm being a dead man unlike you know what she does man puts up there she takes it down and then like i come into the gazprom and she's taking a picture bob dylan down and unlike you took the picture bob dylan than she's like yeah i guess i'll just sell it on ebay or sound tat unlike in moment i felt like the biggest asshole that ever lived like god damn
man i wanted to win this battle i wanted to win i wanted to be the victor and i want what did i win a war does not bob dylan i unlike my girlfriend like you haven't i i guess i'm just gonna sell this picture that i like my boyfriend's a dig and it's like that's not winning that's losing like that fundamentally losing on on every single level now i guess if she'd been like using picture bob dylan as some kind of like method of torture like to win herself it's different but i am saying is a lot of times we make decisions that we think are in our own best interests we really there because we want to feel like we have one like were right we want be right and sometimes your right because is no right or wrong answer i get back to the root of what what are you doing in the first place like why you seeking conflict like this i think for a lot of people it's because of what we were talking about earlier these primal need
that are not met these primal genetic needs and seminars primal genetic needs or about overcoming situations overcome adversity there's reward systems built into our brain that's why we give a fuck of a computer beat us and go because would go is a test would test is something he trying to overcome right you're trying to compete so this this wine to win with your girlfriend it's a manifestation of some shit has deepened our dna yes not just a sample lose or just let it happen it's as simple as you have some programming in your body that you need to address with so desires certain activities you can pursue thickened free you from all these two weighty rising tied up in u s and it doesn't have to be that you you know you just let it go you d lose like there's there's just other ass it allergies there's other ways to approach it and i think the holistic way is to do the whole thing let b be aware of what the competition as promised drain your fuckin body out of all its excess energy because your body
overflowing machine it's like a bug get an engine and has too much gas pumping interact choking and spitting on their own or energy it doesn't have an outlet uniform coral day you're drinking coffee or you're in a car in the morning you drinking coffee all day you're stuck in a box or sitting down you get up back her to piss you fuck and go back to work you barely moving you barely moving and your bodies designed to run from cats you bodies designed fuckin build a house because intruders comment right now needs are being met the needs of a gathering up your own food that's brothers at primal crazy feeling when you catch fish even when you got a fisher we bring the holy shit great you can go to a store by a fair schreyer who takes five seconds walk up to the counter yeah can you are those trout they brought up they give it to you you'd run but not as a feeling any cetera doesn't feel you don't imagine if it felt that good by a fish
and when you bought a fish but look at the size of the eu by this fish up where you find pictures and what is asked to pictures of the fish they just bought a view show if you show a picture of fish and instagram you better be cook in that thing you better be explained some delicious thing you but you could catch a fish and take a picture because our man nice bass right here is applying all thing that's right and that primal things attached to shoot no fucking arrows around make no mistake about it i used to be an effective tool i don't know the more you do stuff like that the last you're going to fight over fucking bob dylan picture guaranteed a wheel even up to that you just gotta train the body just make a body fuckin move make it move
get all that access bullshit out of you yet an end and that its its you're right it's exercises certainly one big part of it man but there's a lot it's it's all gal connected aachen actors no there's no one thing that you you don't need and that whole positive the main i think the main thing that you teach is that you don't have to be trapped in the gravitational field of whatever the partake my wife is that you happen to find yourself and if you find yourself in a life that you dont like if you find yourself in a situation that is not bring you happiness than there are ways that you can escape that gravitational field takes to end takes time eggs a lotta momentum takes time and they have big one a lot of people quit before they get through i saw crazy statistic on us testing whether a mean that is probably pretty i
it said ninety seven percent of the people work for the three percent the people that didn't quit yeah that's pretty good man an end but you know the whole quitting thing failing that's good two you can learn from that you learn tat the words negative and positive feedback or all important in the loop and the the mai i will tell you after you failed a certain number of times that you will ever be able to do it i mean that's part of the things that's the other trick of the mind the mind there's tooth the lot of tricks to mine as one of the tricks the mind tells you this is the main source of suffering for a lot of people is however your fee we re now is permanent so that's not the number one like bad trip that's one big source of you and i have a bad trip on acid when you're in three let your mind start telling you're gonna be like this forever hundredths reprimands never going away three hours i know this is never gonna coins now knew of free you will freak your freak out of you
you gonna trip for infinity right so in the same way most suffering comes because people think oh shit this situation i'm in at the always going to be like this i'm always going to be fat i'm always going to be shity job i was going to be broke i'm always going to be sad i'm never going to get out of this hole that's a lie that's not true if you look at your life you've always experienced the change in your emotional state you ve always experienced a change in literally every single thing from your body your surroundings dear jobs to your girlfriend's boy friends at all is in a constant state of flux so when you realise that then you can let go of the panic that comes when you start thinking like shit this is gonna be like this forever no it's not it's not it's gonna change your signal she will change and once you start understanding that and it gives you some room to work he's a room to actually begin to make shifts or to do experiments member
the mind will tell you owe you have failed slovakia fat again yeah fuck him i get back i am man i got i was workin out nonstop equinox i got my body fat down sixteen percent jargon for me that's a big deal because our guy i get fat and i swell up i've throw those and beers down the old to five slices of fuckin bread a beer and i pomp i've get fat so there on tour and i got a fucking again man unlike literally fat like overweight zeit this might equinox doesn't let you pretty i think i'm all right they measure your body fat negotiator overweight so i fate would you get up to percent i don't wanna say man i just got just i got it i'll tell you the percentage hiv by describing the look of sadness and my trainers eye when the fuck imprint argued thing came out like a combination surprise is like wow that's how fat i guess
no i'm still a fair but it's it's diminishing i've been working out three times a week but god dammit and then keep fuck doing it is a matter of practice in many get fat fine but every time i get fat fight against the why you saying that you're going to get fat if i do again for why you saying it that way you're right that's bad that's what seems like you're giving yourself a a loophole it's kind of fun to get fat really well i mean in the process of eating when you're there in the hall it's no fly like in a process of shoving bees is dying throw nobody's like that if that wasn't fund then we'd have a cup of very different
very different shape arouse people listen to everything that you just say right about the way you thinking and hold out for a second for euro jerked think about everything you're saying about the way people think about the traps in the way you define your patterns that you fall back into each and every time then think about the intense physical health consequences that you have intimately experience and the fact that even though you ve gone through cancer yes you still will make yourself like a path that you're definitely going to go down where you going to be use your body or an and put yourself into a state of shock and overweight and making sure that you your bodies compromised pre significantly crap you know when you really really fat like that many significant compromise anyway tell you any different all those people that like wanna dance around didn't say you know i'm fat and i'm healthy like that's not real it's not real you are not as healthy as you would be if you're not fat you can be fairly robust and overweight but you are
must you compromised doesn't mean that you're not functional but your most certainly comparable right you are your best when you're optimal and when you up to your optimal when you're at a low a fairly low body fat not ridiculous you no one be shredded you want to be fairly healthy you want to have a lot of nutrients in your diet and you want to keep your body away from any shit you wanna keep your body way from any fuckin shit girls in process shit and nitrates and all that fuckin shit that you get i'm sausage and pepperoni and fuckin salami sandwiches and coca cola and corn sayer all that shit the taste so glad is going down is killing your body true man so why after all that you just said would you give yourself that little by little
loophole that little mouth put any real you're right you know your eyes it is it's ok so it's ok right so saigon we're talking about a being intimate like this very intimate grab your talk but you're talking about you you're right you are talking about you and your defining this the struggle and balance and battle and then at the end of his inspirational thing you give yourself loop this why do i get fat but when i get fat i get healthy again fucking right right ok ok you're right it's it's gotta i got because i think about this i do think about this so why do i do this this loop this clear whoop and my life which i i've gone through a few repetitions of this where i'll get those two getting in shape i won't be what i would consider in shape i'll get close and then i'll fuck it all up so why i building this house of cards and knocking down again
and especially after having got sick why what are you doing right so man i mean look i would love to have a quick answer for that awesome question but i don't i may i give light i don't i could give some easy answer that like but it wouldn't be the right answer i really don't know you allow it right let's have it right now that's what it all is here i am not a vic now look reason why you don't smoke cigarettes right yet as you don't allow them right you allow the subtle stuff you say i'm an age shitty food and we'll get fat i love thrown beard and my face and then you allow it right
so you allow yourself some mouth pleasure or some out some alcohol in intoxication pleasure you allow yourself that right and you suffer the health corinth consequences like readily you like you just this this part the programme the mouth pleasure is more important than the health so you allow it yet that we allow the shit you somebody gave you a bottle oxy cotton to unblock are now i can't eat these older whom i know allow it will mean a frantic cover let's see you like this but you and i know you me man i'm saying i mean you allow it sure sure sure i've gotten fat i've got pretty close to being fat like for me to me i've gotten united argue the heaviest like i was a tool for two afar reside that which
that's ten fifteen pounds overweight from me for real he asked really shouldn't my face kids fat added like it here i get it like down here a sort of you a little bit us i could see it again to my face i could see my sides you know and but that was all because i didn't work out hard enough in relationship to how much collars those consuming yet so that ever stop we're but i was eating too much i was eating too much what i was doing but i get to a point where i realize it and i go okay i see what we're doing here don't get fat get like kind of clothes too fat unless what you're doing and don't do it again if you allow yourself to get too far gone then you create this fucking gigantic divot that you can't get out it's the worst when i get if i got the worst i got like my hurt my back is also was going out to if it was a good workout as intensely when i was about ten pounds heavier than i am now with the worst that it got
was all wrapped around like feeling sorry because of an injury not being is disadvantaged as i could be and allowing myself the indulgence figuring i'm going to make up for it later so i'm not i'm guilty of same sort of behaviour on making you aware of but is i'm not guilty of it right now like right now upon the straight and narrow and a pretty healthy about it and i'm pretty decided that this is how many eat from now on with rare indulgences just from mouth play but i think that mouth pleasure can't be the big one can't be since not good for you now have the big one should be health health should be the big one mouth pleasure should be the occasional foray it can't be daily mouth pledge its tat god damn it's like i tell you meant like when i'm like shoving some kind of shitty food into my mouth it there it's like such a gift such a strong gravity for me i got a moment i kick into that mode like when i'm not doing it gardener so cool
i was training with this guy for a while and you start getting into the into health in like you start getting that place is incredible and that's tuff hold less of a gravitational pull but man i guess it's some form of addiction or some hundred percent yeah it's doping me three article about a recently in one as scientific america thinker with one i want to know science journals that was talking about why it so difficult for people to quit bad habits because you you those bad habits they they trigger dopamine releases in your mind when you remember great it was those doughnuts fuck it lets you do it yet let's just given it now that burger in the beer is grey's glorious but problem is in you you allow those pathways to exist if it's not if you don't allow it if the cigarettes never get in your body i don't allow cigarettes appreciate give you cancer i see people smuggled cigarettes i know
get tired quicker i know it's terror before you re so i don't allow it when i see people smoking cigarettes my gluttony allowed cigarettes into his life and that's what you're doing it's not that i couldn't get addicted to think we can all get addicted five start smoking cigarettes are realised others a cognitive benefit to spend on these things i'm just gonna puff on a couple again maybe guy had smoke may be half a pack from stressed annexing on freak inoculate can get a pack of cigarettes why is i'm allowed is demon into my life by and i think the same exists with process sugar in getting off a sugar for just a few days just a few days which is not that difficult to thank you just give yourself a pattern for five days you have to follow this is i'm allowed to eat results due for five days he can headaches you like a crazy it is eighty headaches you start losing weight your body says look indifferent you certain she getting thinner use are being less inflamed sugar is a fuckin monster exists in the form of alcohol to my friend i now that's the same goddammit
don't know the pool of alcohol is the same closure date is limited sugar has the same pull the bread saint paul the pastor do hostage today date this day drive me crazy fewer boldly meaning with clam saucer ah lorries mao health food is bad health just glue i know man lori glue it's called a watch yourself it's called a watch yourself get sucked into it and it is like you know the thing you're making me realises like i am never thought of myself as a victim by any time trick yourself into thinking this is what i do then you have tricked yourself into becoming a victim you ve decided europe more importantly its contrary to the entire two hours in twenty minutes rang were tall no you're right for that moment yet a massive flaw you're right it's not a flaw it just to pay
and that you allow because you'd call had it in your life in its it such a struggle you ve contradicts evidence exists you're right man you're right you're right z where the rubber the the romance why i love you my friend but it's like these kind via these patterns like i guess the next time i find myself now see that i'm doing it i guess what i'm eating kay or the next i'm putting some shitty sugar into my math i have to realise i'm riding the necklace right now i'm the one who's like creating version of myself where i'm but out of shape and yes you know and just as long as you realize that you're the one doing it that's just throws you into such a funny predicament there right because when you realise like shit i am completely in control of who i am a person in this situation i may you a decision to skull a version of myself did socks
n n n y yes and when you install like when you and your defined by this past version of you re like all the knowledge that you have right now in your head you're still defined by these failures from a decade ago right or wrong fuckin roy around in your head i have to repeat them yet this is what i do man right now you tell your it's so cool total blind spot man you're right that is away i talk to my eyes everybody does it is what i do you man i finally had cell fog it away areas the mind is so goddamn tricky that yeah men illegal here's one thing that have got now this wacky diet that amount for the last sixteen days or so seventeen days whatever it is right now it's something after two weeks right i'm not less happy
all right and i am not less happy from eating shitty food like my kids are cupcakes last night after dinner this little cup case a tiny ones have ten grand a sugar one fuckin little tiny cupcake with that's insane like how much is a big one anyway i didn't feel bad i don't feel bad i'm not getting to eat a cupcake i don't feel bad and i'm not eating a boar positive looks amazing i bet it's great when it goes down it's not affecting my happiness but if i got that would in fact my happiness if i look to myself the mere mike you fuckin slaw what has all this shit i wrapped around here is all this stuff that affects my happiness effects aware move it affects away my body recovers it affects the way my energy levels are rising food i eat one hundred percent affects the way my entire day
goes if i e a big ass salad in the morning with other cod owes an olive oil and balsamic vinegar and i eat that and then i have some cocoanut oil or some empty t oil in some coffee and then have you know maybe a small bowler blueberries with some plain yogurt meaning like nothing a healthy food and then i'll have like an elk steak with some asparagus dude i feel fucking great right i feel great i've got chris the energy might my energy levels are very high i'm drinking water all the time no juices no bullshit no sugar no nothing i am more happy i'm not less happy i'm not getting the sugar right it was only for a couple days it's a trick right it's a fucking trick we ve off went into man we look at that we gotta get a burrito and you get a fuckin soda you like but the things that you are getting the pleasure out of our tricks and they're not there it's a temporary thing that will ruin the rest of the end
the of your experience in light right it will sabotage it it'll make it less effective brain works shit here we your brain is processing a giant bola pasta good luck winning jeopardy fuckin lot right your brains can it be shit with a ball of spaghetti in me balls and a beer you gotta dumb fuck and brain sure got a brain is like you know everything shuddered i shuddered out shut off functions down you got critical functions is heart be breathe makes you figure out how to get home all the other fucking contemplated the universe we in your existence no tile sorry bowl full of shit we just wrote down a hatch got a fucking processing dairy i mean you know in almost like religious traditions and especially most meditative practices one thing you never hear people say is she wherever you want or mortgages this day it is e wherever you are in
really there's like some fairly like strict ideas avoid you usually it involves eating very simple foods you know just like eating lentils rice but being very simple and what you what you eaten eating much then what you eat yes fasting now as before fast lasting has a scientific reason behind it and it's the same think that i'm trying to do this diet establishing key toasts us state of cato we are parties living off a fat one of the best ways to do that is intermittent fasting fasting gives your body a chance to process all the food that it has in its system and then switch over two using fats this is a normal part around a person because being a human being for the longest i did not mean three square meals a day right meant going on these journeys we didn't get any food for a couple days and a few body is glucose based and obviously not a fuckin scientists novices alot of people disagree with me in this
why people disagree with mark sisson and all these other people at the augustino all these different scientists and biologists who swear by the ketogenic diet it is a very controversial thing so let me just say this right away i'm not a scientist i'm just trying it out but the reasoning behind it to me is very rational and it makes sense that if you're constantly taking carbohydrates and you living off these carbohydrates as you in fuel source which is what you do when you eat a lotta carbohydrates this is what's been established when you're buys in a state of tito's is its living off a fat you're burning fats and you could take exactness kiehtan which is that these fuckin things i pour them into water there's a bunch different companies that create these tito can as one that my friend any uses it i know athletes that are doing this cow kings bury who is a former you have see fighter crazies really and do it my friend any propose whose one of them eddie bravoes black belt he runs tenth planet san francisco good friend of mine he's in a state of doses to meet me
silly fats eating oils cocoanut oils avocado things on those lines healthy healthy grass fed me what about like gluten free bread is etiquette now is our grains those are carbohydrate rises it's not that it's bad what about rights if you could exist off right frown rises brown rice ok you can be fine but you'd allison carbohydrates if you use that as your primary food fuel you're not gonna be in a state of couteau says it's easy for your body to process carbohydrates like this but if you are in a state of toast you're bodies processing fats when you bodies processing fats here's where gets really weird in between meals you don't get a crash i dont crash like i was crash if i am like breakfast okay and if i had breakfast news toast with potatoes and rice and beans and it's all carbs right for a meeting this this breakfast there's gonna come a time a few years later we are flocking starving
i'm star right i don't get that right now i'm not getting that i can go a long time without eating like i eat breakfast and then i'm good for hours and hours and hours of nothing meta might have little snack here and there but i dont absolutely need it like i did for i was eating allow carbohydrate yeah i get it i mean look i'm just try and this i might go back after sixty days and say i like this but i also like to have a certain amount of carbohydrates and my diet because it makes it easier for me to find healthy foods to each zone is nothing is not there's not negative consequences to a carbohydrate based diet but i think there are some positive to consider about being in a state of qatar says so i'm trying so that's where america now but but in the discipline in forcing myself to do it it makes me think that a lot of what we were talking about earlier about not having control of your impulses in your behavior and getting giving into video game at
to give in to cellphone addiction on social media addiction always is i think they're all very related and that i think that discipline this account i knows names jackal willing can his former navy seal it's got a pike has now i talked him into it he's got his great book did he wrote what words i think i have it here somewhere acts is actually out there on the everyone should stream or ship fascinating guy equities random ownership he's got his letters one statement discipline equals freedom and i was i was ok how do you mean what do you do you mean by that and explain it to me in very specific terms if you have the discipline to get all the shit done then you can do things you enjoy and then you're you're not you're not compromised by your lack of discipline you not try by your lack of discipline when you're emerging from a fuckin sixteen our binge playing video games you stepping outside at nine a m
eyes or bloodshot you fucking prisoner yeah in your dick s rock has been beaten off the last forty five year resonant your prisoner tidier indulge arise the same thing i think can be said with your diet the same thing can be said with indulging the idea of you always being in a state of being we await the same thing can be said with a million of the things that people do that they never follow through on always to be a singer i never had the balls to pursue it i always to be a painter but i never had the time to pain after my fucking job working overtime because i just bought a new car
i'm a little by little about its dears there's traps that we will set for ourselves but if you if you give yourself a healthy trap you give yourself like a healthy protocol a healthy directive a healthy pattern and you have to follow you find some peace in that and the thing about this fuckin wacky diet is the thing is most shocking to me is that i'm not any less happy that i'd be avows eating ice cream or stuff and pizza dummy fat phase are let him a broken cheeks blow but but but boop i'm not on any less happy
i'm happy i'm very happy a more happy because i have energy so even if it's on a car bathing carbohydrate thing even if it's just up i've eliminated sugars even if it's just allowed myself my body to take a break off the fuckin insolent spike brian eating a giant bola pasta universes that whatever the fuck it is its working and i think they're connected i think it's connected to me forcing myself to get regular exercise i don't allow myself to knock it echoes it's not in there i don't allow it because i've done it before i don't like it so i don't allow and enough allowing it it's never an option so five with my warm set and i get up and it's what's today to today's desperate on the elliptical machine but that's what i have to fuckin do right just do it because i don't care can't do everything and unless i do everything unless they follow all the shit that i have on my list i'm not gonna be able to go fuck off and and and enjoy it
vision try i'm not gonna bit i'm not gonna appreciate those thing because i forced myself to get the shit done that i need to get none and its force myself to follow this weird pattern of discipline oh yeah man i mean i know i could you vertical yeah it's cool was it's a beautiful idea we really is like that i think there is something like very exciting about eighty five pulled off even the most mild discipline in my life the end result is like incredible have you been raving about how good you felt once you started working with a train of a couple of months but you i really exacting you're saying i fucking hurt myself doing dead lives in because of that injury i stopped working out and then because of that i used as an excuse and then i started like i just fell off the wagon to get it you should you should do so
that's a practice now i know you're right marsh large which you try a little bit in the past but i think the best one for you at this point is probably yoga something yoga fits ready near sensibility theatrical since tat of like having some guy comes over makes you jump on a box skip robe go too far can you a class man well know this guy that's the guy we're with its economic sir george chin the best he's fucking really cool man sherry and so i there's something in that but i'm not going to do that for ever i can afford a train of river but what is really listen more more craze doc why would he's gonna start not me success will know i mean i wanted our failing a comedy i don't mean that i mean i don't know like i just don't have a choice forever i in settling wanna have a train yeah so these great man is awesome be like you're it no you identify like it's cool you're being like very strict on the way i'm talking like to myself no i just i just know you re real good or and we ve been friends for a long
and this is one thing where you come in and come out of or eyes like a trance when you when you're in a trance almost gonna grab your shoulders we wake up what you'll come out that trends guns blaze lira dude i had a sound and i ran for my bag you come out of their true i e commerce but in your sleep slow this is why i like having a trainer because he forces you till i really work like railway harder than normally i force myself to work out like a trainer makes you feel like you're goin passing out from in its craig and i were in the feeling after working out like that there's nothing like i may i don't know anything like it's better than almost anything that i could think of it's the most incredible thing we have to do it regularly now
and also the die it's our diet for me my my real problem is just eating like shit at night it sucks just eat healthy at night just made dizzily just pull yourself and i swear you can do this pull yourself on a super strict diet for twenty days just make it twenty days just write down twenty days for twenty two i'm not even any bullshit and make me right down what you can again eat or maybe even talk to nutritionist some hard to do say i want to do this for ipod castle diana for twenty days i'm gonna eat real health yes partly and why i said i was gonna do it for sixty days because i wanted to say it on the air i want to say it is annoying as it might be to hear me talk about it all the time why i'm saying it because i want to be committed to that's cool i don't want to i had almost absolute and real clear too smart way to do it you hide the night forces i had a whole scheme when i start working at this last time that was going to get in really good shape and then talk about how i did it so i kept it a secret so i got one
now i was working hours i started with justin how is working so fucking man i really was a harder than i ve ever done then i just blew it and its socks happens my socks it's a constant battle that most people have a constant trap the media lab at super fuckin common it's one of the common things that people fall back to our foods i love their right and i will take a you said honestly men like taking need to be super personal the idea right now when i think to just do twenty days of like eating healthy when i think about that i feel this combination of white boredom and this is likely you could silly delicious food right that's word so confusing you just don't drink fruit juice ok you get fruits
you drink and sugar water our and even our you're not supposed to have eaten orange right don't drink that shit this is not normal we figured out stupid way to hijack a reward systems and jolted with sugar but now i got my own j handwriting i mean it's better than soda because vitamin c in it because you know water some of it is ok but if you drink too much of it it's probably sweet right right sweet there's some sugars in it right you're supposed to eat the whole thing it's suppose all be together if given oranges an orange what does a fiber in that thing you suppose the eat salt when right when you eating but that's how i supposed to get apple juice so as to get it from the fucking nuts must get a court that shit and throat here you're fat hooray this reminds me if there's a great show i don't know how much time we have but there's almost done there's a great show called from fit to fat to fit
i've heard about that i make trainers get fat it's bad ass murders this is a really cool man and it's like the trainers when they talk about what it's like to get fat like that how their personnel these change but they really throw themselves in whole and it's like it's me using the psychological component like it hasn't asking and it's really easy will and why put on seventy thousand eight thousand coward data again on his heel personal trainer gorge on doughnuts mcdonald's everyday and their that our ease geyser but these are heroes man because they give themselves really sick for these people and then climb out of the hole for good for them because they are doing it consciously and the understand what what the whole purpose of this thing is verses like someone who just you know tanks and then you have to hear about them putting themselves back from the brink you know can i am can i pity such pitcherful friends i have to announce dates gonna be there
four comedy works this weekend i've got a massive tour sponsored by square space starting at the end of march i'm gonna be in boston philadelphia oliver canada it all on my website and i'm gonna be at the spring retreat and around us your tree and why it's meditation eritrea doing podcast there and i hope you will come to summon the crazy from all over the world the fuckin highlight are greatly i love the ilo raising catch it's on my website how the data for trying to be the best browser you i did i stay low there isn't really powerful figure eliza always awesome duck a truss of family out subscribe that shit in itunes and maria bucks headache they sat down
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