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2016-02-25 | 🔗
Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing & Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption and author of "The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption" and "The Consuming Instinct"
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on you tube he is a professor and author he actually give me a book here today the consuming instinct he signed just i love this guy always cool when he's here so god said let us know the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day fighting the nonsense of the world ladies and gents the godfathers back hi hey buddy i'll see i am to see what's going on what's going on i'm in southern california gaped i escape minus thirty with windshield chill last week then leave the house from friday to monday with the chill factors minus thirty it's actually minus thirty i mean with the wind chill so i'd say it's minus fifteen would windshield minus thirty you guys
come to soften southern california hundred percent we'd become have been too softap yeah this is a ridiculous place to live well i don't know but it is is like lottery winner place to live like that the weather lottery in these people they don't the weather is there's run around it think i swear to god if it gets fifty here people start complaining i've seen weather advisories when i used to live here where they would be a ten minutes spell of rain and they'd be endless warnings be careful on there be careful be careful we go through blue there is one reason for that though they yeah yeah yeah when it doesn't rain for a long time all the oil from people's cars the residue on the road as soon as just a little bit of water gets on that it gets really slippery not that is reality but still before we start before was the last time when i was here it was on your birthday
and some guy wrote in a very non anti semitic way here goes god being a jew not giving joe rogan a gift on his birthday size i thought that i would correct that by giving you a signed copy of one of books there you go there you go the consuming instinct now you can grow what you see burgers ferraris and gift giving reveal about human nature there you go by ensign lighting up thank you so very exciting yeah well you can read those those things people say those mean things yeah i try to avoid them but once in awhile i get sucked in and they know they can piss me off well i always equated to snake venom it's like if you get a little bit a snake venom you get it you get a view into a custom to it where is if you get a big burst
they can poison you so if you just get a little bit of it every now and then when a big bird comes you know it he just realizes a lot of people out there that a lot of the reason why they're saying these mean things because they're trying to find something that they can say they'll get you to respond exactly right that's a big part of it so what serena recently the latest one is to somebody trolls you endlessly in a very and polite manner right okay usually i sometimes i try to engage them i find them of really i know it's it's ridiculous visually man you're you're in actual professor i am an illegitimate university i'm in isn't it crazy that i would even obtain their yeah saturday so once in awhile i get sucked into the trap there in polite so after a while i block them so these guys then because i've blocked them start going around saying
well you know he he's a supposedly a proponent of freedom of speech yet he blocks me as though i'm the purveyor of freedom of speech right i mean i'm not allowed to come to your house break into your house and start calling you names and if you stop me i accuse you of not supporting free speech right but in their minds if i block them simply because i no longer want to engage them i am going i am being a hypocrite because i'm not supporting their freedom to insult me see again i have to go back to what i said earlier wow why you're so smart like how
even getting in your mind can i tell you what it is often times yes i find that galling that somebody could be so insulting we are calling yeah that would mean like a right yes the the right i mean we interact you and i with a million people a day with most of the people they're lovely they're sweet they're polite vast vast majority right so so when you get this individual who simply can't modulate his behavior to even sort of adhere to the most basic social norms once in awhile i just get pissed off but usually i'm able to avoid we shouldn't even once in awhile look first of all you got to realize that in anonymity is a really confusing thing for people it's the ability to communicate with people anonymous is never existed before of then some serial killer making some note by cutting out
the pieces of paper the newspaper and you know using the words from that in that there's no anonymity man it doesn't it doesn't exist right so so when you have anonymity in the form of like you have a twitter account it's just an egg and you call yourself fuck mcgee and you just start rolling the godfather makes sense and it's well it's you know that's not a normal interaction there shouldn't be a method or some just could just contact you like that because our bye he's in our minds and our the all our systems are social systems they just not set up for that so it's it's saying rude things without consequence your basically you're offering by the way in evolution argument yes that's exactly right yeah beautiful completely new thing that we really just don't have the mechanisms for we're not we're not custom to it we don't really have a long history of i mean we have a history of just doing this the realistic history the the extra level is twenty years now
four ish ninety six ish somewhere around then right when it started but the real history is probably less than ten of it really being lee pervasive the way it is today like with twitter and facebook and all this instead comments and things along those lines i was just saying it's it's a new thing that we have to work out because it is a massive massive part of our culture dick recently about the amount of data that people produce in a day worldwide in the most the data's lol you you know pull but it is ones and zeros binary code it's all all that day there's more produced in a day then it's it's staggering statistics and the rest of human history play out right yeah it's like it's something crazy here it goes every day two point five quintillion bytes of data created daily what in the fuck
fuck is that ninety percent of the world's data today has been crazy did in the last two years alone one oh by the way a lot of business schools now have programs and data analytics or big data where they try to teach students how to navigate through the complexity of this type of big data sets so it's a really hot feeling business schools well it's impossible right i mean the real navigate i mean what what it is is there is a pattern of very clear pattern emerging that pattern is anyone being able to access any information at any time and it's getting closer and closer to that all the time and some of that means communication it just mean being able to access you know googling some facts or some some knowledge it also be able to communicate with people and what it's got it's
it's really crazy place speaking of information my doctoral dissertation more than twenty years ago was about how do people decide when to stop acquiring additional information and commit to a choice so i suppose i'm choosing between cars or between mates or between applicants or between jobs to take whatever the the decision is usually between mates mates yeah let's see i like i can hang a bit late for that you should see i i did i did look at some of the comments right after i appear right that that i lose interest and i don't but there was one guy something like this guy is swimming in pussy and then everybody starts ganging up on that comment you know what is man that beer commercial interesting man in the world that that like i was that's what it is like that look like it's become a thing now you know i got to the beautiful white beard and a man of wisdom in years
thank you so anyway so and that and my doctoral dissertation i looked at whoa i think i'm better looking this this guy not sure you knew that canadian to even really spanish and he's much older than me you think do you yeah i think so he's like seven thousand one hundred and fifty one i don't know how old the guy is so anyway so so the whole psychology of decision making i've addressed in my research very interesting stuff yeah well what is the this is a different sort of decision making thing because i think you definitely can get lost where you can just go online and you know one of the things you tube does now that makes it really difficult is watch a video safety are i was watching some video today on rhino slamming into a car is it was removed though some copyright infringement it's crazy rhino charges car and lambs and the problem is one
to watch a video immediately after that it offers up another video and it starts playing it will give you like ten seconds and then it's we're playing again and then you look on the side and there's all these suggestions it's not as simple as one video it's an endless web that's by the way internet pornography for men is such an alluring trap right because our visual system and our need for variety seeking is there and now you mean i can satiate this by going online having endless different nubile ready to make it's women so it's easy for our computational system to be parasitized by by the internet well it's also it's probably really not we're not really set up watch people you know just it seems like the the brain just doesn't know what to do with you know especially if you're by yourself you close the door who is going on here yeah i mean this people that just will watch
and twelve hours a day and it's not just a few now i bet if you could highlight i bet if you were in a plane and you're flying over the united states and there was a light bulb that one off over everyone's head the jerks off everything for twelve hours a day he could be done he'd be stuck he would be able to read by it you'd be able to hold a magazine up to the window and read i'm not joking i think i think there's lot of people out there that get they get overwhelmed by the possibilities of doing that like the the choice yeah they don't have the discipline to handle that and i was actually a conversation i was having with my friend duncan the other day about discipline and how important discipline is to living a good and healthy life and that getting the things that you need to get done will allow you to actually enjoy your free time whereas if you don't get those things done the free time in those these pursuits these things they almost become sessions and you kind of dive into
am to avoid the pressure of getting those things around and it becomes sort of counterintuitive now i counterproductive yeah going back to the i had on my youtube channel as general mercedes carreira shore yeah i've met her have you yeah she came to one of my shows with i can't answer husband or boyfriend or some like that very nice guy very smart girl but i'd seen her on gavin mcguinness's podcasts podcast and she's very smart well of course i mean otherwise i mean what would we have to talk about is an engineer right engineer she's very very heavily invested into the whole social justice war yeah bullshit and the other way finance against leading yeah exactly so i'd seen her on a few you know popular podcasts yeah and i thought i mean she's just normally she of course beautiful but so well spoke
and so i had her on the show and which communicates and several time and so that's been really fun i mean when it i mean sort of truth to mimic what you do with your podcast of bringing in so many interesting people and my youtube channel i've had people from you know guys who fight as slow come to porn stars who used to be former engineers so it's been really fun to meet all these people yeah there's a cool move going on now where there's a lot of very intelligent people that are resisting nonsense right where they're just gonna come on and you easting time you wasting effort you will and also there's a lot of people that are attaching themselves these ridiculous movements just because they have an identity in that movement right and then they they fill their voice read whatever social void they have in their life with this new thing is new being s sjw i'm a social justice warrior who was in ical recently about yale about students at yale having a hard time balancing out there so
responsibilities with activism what activism this is an active you just holding up signs a complainant right in this does not activism do not do you not changing a god damn thing other people's opinions about you have you seen the one with the site i did a invited lecture you receive auto on the thought police and political correctness and i'm not sure if it's on if not you know joe yeah it's really it's it's kind of covers the the safe spaces in the micrograph as on the the trigger warnings and one of the examples that i picked i really tried to pick some really outlandish examples that should only belong in the anya one of the examples was some i think some students at university of oregon wanted to take down the classic quotes by martin luther king you know the i have a dream stuff yes because it was insufficiently inclusive by him you know for
saying his ire on racism and not looking at whatever it is transgenderism and so on he was not he was being divisive so when martin luther king can draw i of these guys none of us are safe no one is safe yeah well they're not safe either i mean they're eating themselves they're attacking themselves had this podcast where we went over the story about this woman who joined well the college which is an all girls college i've spoken there do you know the store violent the woman joined wellesley college and then once you join that wellesley college she decided that she's going to identify is a man please help us to sit masculine of center gender queer as what her distinct online your stick on that i was cracking up in my house i was crying anyway i was screaming laughing because then she voted maybe she wanted to be the head person of diversity chairman of denver whatever the fuck does the title was but it had something to do with diversity and they were boycott
her because now she was a white man this is glorious this is glorious there they're literally eating themselves there are so ridiculous they've spun around in circles near biting their own it's what's going run but i truly feel though that they've sort of reach the zenith and it's going to start the from let's go get some crazy things are getting worse ray easier and crazier and then it's going to be there's a culture war right yeah i don't think they've stopped i don't even think they started i think they're just they're so right now scrambling i think they don't they don't hold weight amongst rational people anymore but that's not going to stop their movement right their movement will continue to be irrational at a frenzied pace and they were lit really going to cannibalize each other so what do you think is the n trajectory i mean at some point it has to crash right well it's going to it's like it's almost like a civil war right it's almost like a preposterous civil war like i think in a since our politics in this country have always been a civil war just by
nature of having only two choices just by the dual party system and this ridiculous idea that there's independent party so they're not but not independent and less trump decided to go into pen yeah he's going to win you think is going to win the president win yeah he's going to win hillary can't beat him i don't think she could beat him i would like to see bernie sanders win not not 'cause it was financial policies which i think is ridiculous but i think is social policies are interesting and what i should clarify these weird those about financial policies don't make more taxes is more taxes just means more government and more government is not we fucking need right now if you want to organize charitable institutions that will legitimately help people and have people donate money and have people work towards you know these donations will actually take away from your taxes let's let's figure out some way where we make it beneficial for people to be charitable when we set up community programs
take some of the money that we're spending on shit that we really don't need to spend money on saints subsidies that we probably don't need that are benefiting gigantic operations and instead use those to help educate systems in poor communities use those to try to provide job jobs in industry in poor communities that's the a really good idea so i'm i'm in favor of that kind of socialism i'm absolutely in favor of free universities right i don't think that people should get out of school and be a quarter million dollars in debt i think that's madness i think if you're gonna make fifty thousand dollars a year okay if you've got a really good job you make fifty thousand dollars a year right you get out of school if you if you could ask when you make fifty grand you you're kickin ass right everything is going great for you you're not really making fifty grand you make it about thirty four right and then you get taxes you get sales taxes if you live in a place like california you get state taxes so you living off of somewhere in the late 20s thirties something like that and you've got two hun
in fifty thousand dollars of debt you've got to deal with an you've studied women's studies which is a very the actionable set of skills how many people study that well so you been up at wellesley there's a couple i mean there's i just think that it's insane burden to put on young people to have them enter to the free market enter into the world and be all already saddled down by insane amounts of debt i think there's gotta be a way around that and i don't think that it's a terrible idea to have publicly funded universities i just don't think it's a terrible idea i don't think it's it insurmountable idea so i like bernie sanders in a lot of ways i think he's a compassionate guy i think he's an open find a guy i think he says a lot of really radical things i love the fact he goes out on a limb with this black lives matter stuff i'd like that he's making a big deal about these cops shooting these young black kids and that it's gotta fucking stop it's gotta
it's it's madness how many videos have to come out before you after awhile you like there's obviously some clear problem how is trump not handling this how is hillary not handling this like this is a real problem in our culture in our society there's divisiveness there's this is separation between these people that live in communities that are terrified of the police and there are really worried about being shot all the time and then everybody else is on the outside that's looking and saying well if you just followed the law you wouldn't have those problems like try being born there try being raised there this is this is not we're not on an a even playing field you know and i think he's one of the few guys that's addressing this imbalance this social imbalance is cultural imbalance this is namik imbalance that we have in this country in a really radical way so i like him for that i think that would be a good thing for this country for a guy like that you would to be
just it would it really happen i don't know i mean i take him over the others i take him over the other way i think trump is just he is too much crazy shit this shit said about mexico like they're going to pay for that wall and they called me up and they say what do you think about this and how could you say that you know what the wall just got ten feet higher it's not what we need i mean he's not very presidential in his no man's mannerisms you know i think he's a real successful guy and i think what he's doing is he's tapping in into this real frustration that a lot of people have and that's there's a lot of people that don't like the bullshit that's involved in politics or people aren't seeing what they really think so this guy comes along he doesn't need anybody's money he's insanely wealthy yeah he's a multibillionaire and he could say whatever the fuck he wants and he's used to say whatever the fuck he wants and every time he doesn't people cheer so that's good too it's good too because finally
we've got it's almost like we've gotten insane ross perot you know it's like remember ross perot i do ross perot fucked up the election for joining two with the big ears yeah he fucked it up for george bush is dad the old bush you know they slated him for a second term a lot of people thought he was going to win ross perot came along unexplained on television he bought a half an hour of primetime tv pre internet ladies and gentlemen he bought a half an hour prime time tv and explained to the federal reserve to people explain how you're getting fucked and i remember you know there was no internet back then so i'm for me and some friends we got together afterwards and we were going did you fucking see that like is that right is what he's saying true i kind of make any sense and then he was talking about how was his children were being threatened he was worried they were going to get kidnapped was all this crazy shit and it got me down a lot of rabbit holes you see theory rabbit holes watching that guy do that but i think that with donald trump
this is like a more rabid informed version of that mode more informed meaning our culture's more informed morning meaning you know what we here in the the age of the internet words it's easy he will give you go out on television say something at the federal reserve people understand that you're talking about an insane institution now whereas back then people like what what is he saying the federal reserve is not a part of the government you know like nobody knew that federal bank was what's called a federal bank it's not federal you know you it's so confusing you know i i think the main thing about trump that people are tapping into is rightly or wrongly that he comes across as authentic so yeah if you look on the on some metric of authenticity yeah between hello i mean hillary clinton could not be anymore in a you know center right i mean she she she says she freaks you out right she's she's he in her inability to convey even if she tried to fake yes jan
emotions whereas on the other hand whether you like him or don't trump seems to speak from the heart yeah and so to the extent that a lot of people are disillusioned with politicians than this that comes along and i can at least tap into that and and on that element of his personality so i think that's that's what explains success yeah and also white men meaning yeah there's a lot of white men out there the excited to this this really bold white man as a contrast the fact given to obama yeah as a contrast to obama definitely the contrast to hillary you know because she's attorney sanders chumming up with the black folks have you see if you follow our politics in canada yeah you're trudeau guy like that guy you do i do i like that guy because is young and he seemed smart and has nice hair he's got beautiful hair but he boxed do that what's bad about him to the extent that i think we both
the spies social justice warriors the ostrich brigade the the regressive left to explain the ostridge burgers free is the term that i popularized which basically refers to folks who have their head deep in the sand so that they can't really accept some of the most basic regularity's in the world right there is no link between islam and any terrorist act anywhere in the one to suggest otherwise would be islamophobic exactly so somebody who who exhibits this type of behavior is a is exhibiting ostrich logic so justin trudeau is the king pin of the ostrich brigade dammit yeah so he he he basically his dad his dad instead that's part of our our canadian ethos multi culturalism and multi culturalism means to different things multi culturalism on its use in every day language means that many cultures right la is multi cultural meanings pluralistic multicultural
is a political philosophy is actually a very dangerous idea right it basically says that when congrats come into your land they don't have to assimilate within your cultural values rather you allow every to get ghettoize because who are we to judge the values of another ghettoized yeah like like a dominican community okay so here are the most muslims are here's an archery as on here you know i said so you're but ghettos like a poor no no no get allies in the sense that everybody who is of the same background lives in that space it doesn't that's not a ghetto i mean the term is used in different ways it's not get a lindy in the sense of hip hop get on zero term ghetto yeah we got a legitimate guidelines yeah what does that mean because i've always i don't mean i'm just saying that i've ghetto in this country is always referred to as a poor community no
he has a broader meaning at least as i understand it so for example if you say you get a lising people into different areas the city i've never even heard as a verb that's why i'm here ghettoize there you go yeah here we go new immigrants still tended to get a wise in the cities so is that exactly what i just defined yeah what's the origin of ghetto on i don't know the it's as if the mileage is it actually based on the word ghetto i'm guessing or is it a total is it like now i don't like he right right by brace yourselves folks i'm going to say a word that's confusing niggardly and it has nothing to do with the n word it has to with like find the origins of that word 'cause i think it has to it's about being miserly or cheap yes but it has nothing to do with black so whatsoever reluctant to give or spend stingy and
miserly in the origin what is the origin of it where is this at does it say now doesn't have an origin by let me if i could finish my point about justin about please do so so just intru so at one point when he was a member of parliament someone had said that things like female genital mutilation's and child briesen honor killings was the type of barbarism that we need in canada and justin trudeau's position at the time was how dare you use the word barbarism and describing other peoples cultures right so so he wasn't offended by having mens clitorises cut he was offended by people who describe that behavior as barbaric so he is the king of the ostriches so he's not a fan of the godfathers or i'm not a fan of his rather can
i would have you followed some of our debates regarding allowing the sort of open not open door by allowing massive number of syrian immigrants no i haven't followed debate let us see what's going on in other countries also and of course in europe they look at our issue and they they sort of say come on are you serious we have you know a hundred thousand migrants coming through to germany you're complaining about twenty five well look what happened with cologne like mayor of cologne after these attacks on new year's eve was telling women to dress difference right and stay away from an ostridge brigade that's fucking insane i mean that is a very culturally diverse area that has existed in a very peaceful way for a long time until all the sudden they let in all these immigrants and there having a massive problem with women being sexually assaulted so instead of protecting these with
and trying to do their best to ramp up the police force or something to stop it or make sure that people are safe for really put it put out there that look you're in a new fucking place you want to simulate in our culture you gotta leave this fucking women alone or we're going to get rid of you anyone who does anything to women in our country we're going to get rid of you you can't be here and make people feel unsafe instead of doing that let's see that's so one of the reasons why i'm very concerned about the twenty five thousand are coming in people say well come on how any of them are likely to be isis members but the danger is not only people only think of isis members is the danger right but when you've got twenty five thousand people of whom a very large majority will adhere to certain values that are perfectly antithetical to ours right what are your views on homosexuals what are your views on religious minorities on jews if we lived in twenty my thousand syrians statistically speaking will they are
is it more likely or less likely that they'd be anti semitism i mean that's an empirical statement that we could test right so it's not only about the fact that how many of these twenty five thousand are isis members is how many of these twenty five thousand people will hold values that are perfectly groomed with ours and so we have every right without have the threat of being called racist and eslam of overhead to engage in a discussion on how do we vet these people i mean how do you find out what percentage of those are going to hold views that are gore test to us and then should we be letting them in but what are the what are the options mean how could you possibly find out what their views are you would have to sit down with each one individually and quiz them and then you would have to verify their their claims or their answers well at the very i would argue that you should never
be allowed under the guise of your religious practice to a spouse you spouse hateful things right i mean if you go to a house of worship and that house of worship is praying certain things that you and i would consider genocidal hatred then my right to be free of the genocidal hatred that's coming my way supersedes your right to practice your village of genocide hating me right so that's it has to be the rule and if we don't wake up to that reality we're going to have problems yeah i uh say that that's a very reasonable statement and i think that there's a lot of in this country that like to say things like what you're claiming trudeau said about culture like how dare you criticize their culture there cultures of bullshit word it's human behavior
look at human behavior some human behaviors acceptable some is not an if it's acceptable in other countries to eat people guess what it's not acceptable here you can't cook people you can't eat and we don't allow it right let me let me after that the part of multiculturalism is this idea that you know all cultures are unique distinct and equal in their own right and actually that is a truly profoundly incorrect statement cultures are not equal right different cultures are differentially able to gender happiness to more or less people right yeah so so if you are part of whatever it means taliban culture you could on average predict that women in that culture will be less self actualized than in western countries that is an empirically demonstrable fact and so the idea that who are we to judge other cultures this idea of cultural relativism which is part which is endemic of multiculturalism is
profoundly incorrect and it has to go well it's a book it's a blind statement it's not a real it's not a real statement you can't really say that it's not i mean you could look at it economic you can look at it socially you look at in terms of you know there's a real good he meant that in this country there's less freedom there is another country because more people are in jail right you could look at it that way you could look at that proportionate amount of people that are in jail for nonviolent drug offenses in this country and say well this country is obviously a fucked up place right and that's that's a legit claim as well but the idea of numerical value equal making it equal were all cultures the equal let's foolish that's not true not only that there is a very real thing going on in the world where as the age age of information washes up on us and i think this is the new age of information that the age of pure information as this ashes upon us we're seeing mass
changes in our own country and we're seeing massive changes in our political system we're seeing massive changes socially and i think that is social justice warrior thing is sort of a side effect of that where these disenfranchise people then some of them may be mentally ill they have a voice you know some of 'em let's not say ill in balanced maybe their rat cool because they're young an idealist and they haven't looked at all at all the right way days and then one day they'll balance out like many people have as many young radicals it become very rational people in their 50s and 60s and whatever but this thing is taking place here and it's also taking place all over the world well where information is being resisted that's where we have problems in the world where fundamental religious values are superseding the age of information there squashing people's ability to express themselves people's ability to
try new things explore new things sexual values their their identities all those things as soon as you have like an ancient fucking scripture some shit that was written on animal skins a thousand years ago like as soon as that is is that the head and that precedent over everything else because it was supposedly the word of god or who else talk to god whatever the fuck it is that you got a problem in a real problem there because religion religion in of itself is an idea an it's an idea that is the one of the very few ideas that we accept literally has no basis in reality is no but it has no basis in fact it is no faces and anything provable and that's why we have this concept of faith well soon as you have religion
it's dominating information you have you have a problem you got a you got to gotta a wall that's put up for progress now when people develop in that environment you have stifled people just like i have a friend and him and his wife they were mormons until they were like forty and then they decided to slowly lily lived overseas for bit and they kind of experience the world and it opened their eyes to a lot of different things and they decided to move away from the church there fucking lostman there las like almost like grown up children i think you might have told me but i think i did there wonderful people great people but the wife is really in i think she's very self aware and she even talks about it she says i growing up and this really fundamentalist religion i think i developed a really bad way of lou things were i'm easily confused easily can
isn't easily lead right like with like a charlatan could could take her over or a cult member could chapter eight of the book that i just gave you is called marketing hope by living lies and basically what i argue there is that there are different peddlers of hope that are successful precisely because they could sell you hope and the areas that are most important in sort of darwinian insecurities right now to be a better lover how to live forever how to be a better parent right so all of the key darwinian pursuits that keep us keep us up at night there is a peddler out there who can give you that's the recipe whether he be a self help guru whether he be a medical quack whether he be village inn and so that's why those products are so successful because they peddle us hope yes but growing up is religion especially fundamentalist religion that cannot be questioned it becomes a real problem because there's these rigid areas where you're only allowed to think one way right now you develop these
patterns in your mind then when you move to a new place it doesn't support those ideas and you want to use general mutilation you want to rap and up and fucking mummy cloth and make sure they can't drive like you want to do that same shit in canada that you're doing in saudi arabia you got a real fucking problem that's a real problem and justin trudeau would say who are we to judge their practices wear what you're saying is you're against multiculturalism because you are taking a position against it so you don't like justin trudeau well i'm definitely not against multiculturalism i'm against i'm dance religious fundamentalism on a global scale because i'm not against god and this is what people have to understand like i would be the last
person to tell you i have any idea about something that i could have never experienced what i've never experienced is the after life right i've never i am open to the idea that this life is one stage and an infinite fractal blake a gigantic infinite number of experiences that are our energy can can go through lancer jack yeah at could that simply be the fact that you are finding an alternate way not through religion but through some alternate means to live on forever well exactly right now so i could i could take this bill called religion that will grant immortality or i could do your fractal mumble jumble stuff and it's not no disrespect and and and that could still get me to and what
the reality the intellectually honest position is that we really have absolutely no evidence this is a very small party that will last if you're lucky eighty five years and it's profoundly fear inducing because i want to be coming back on this podcast for six four thousand years but it really worries me that i won't but it's honest it's honest to know that you've got eighty five years in a sense it's liberating because it forces me and you if you're an atheist to really carpet dm it right you really have to seize the day because there are no do overs there is no attorney see there is no afterlife it's all right here what we do and so in a sense there is a a glory to the finiteness that is a ordered by atheism you can certainly look at it that way my perspective though is that we really just don't know and that energy continue used to move forward in a lot of different ways we see this throughout all of nature whereas things die they get
absorbed into the ground the very energy in the essence that they had when they were alive fuels all these different microbes and bacteria in the ground that but it makes the soil richer grows more plants animals eat those plants that nourishes them they all look the really the cells and the carbon from every fucking human being on this planet came from star that exploded death becomes life in some sort of strange way and i don't think that it's impossible that that could be the same thing with consciousness with energi with whatever the fuck it is inside of us that makes us alive and aware and makes our minds tune in to all of the possibilities in the wonders of the world i don't know if this is the end but you don't either i don't well no one does that's the point and then as soon as someone comes along and tells you they do know and this is the only way to the afterlife and this is the only way to heaven you got a real problem you get a real problem because human beings are malleable and you can guide them and you can direct them and you can mold them and you
turn them into religious slaves you could turn them into ideological slaves and we should recognize that from a cycle magical perspective from an educated perspective from respective of recognizing hope behavioral i was watching this thing on this guy steve has on the guy who is on a podcast before it's a cult expert he said an email today i watched this this piece on cults and cult behavior and cults on the internet it's so fucking it's terrifying how malleable people's minds are and how someone who's in scrupulous person or unscrupulous so for someone who has nefarious ideas can convince people to blow themselves up to get virgins in the afterlife i mean that's to very earthly darwinian things in the afterlife right well people don't know and that's my
and when someone comes along and says i do know and this is the truth it becomes a real problem because you can't fucking prove it you can't prove it you don't have any facts you don't have any data there's nothing you can measure the snuff lincoln way and you're not saying you think you're saying you know and if you think one thing if you think i think this is it car paid m live for the day this is our only shot here you might be right or this guy who's done a fucking pound of mushrooms might have come back from the other side and say listen i have this idea and i think that love is eternal and it goes on for and then what we really are here where this being and it's trying to figure itself out in this very brief amount of time and the best we can do who is leave behind information we have this wonderful thing called communication and language we store this information the next generation comes along and tries to pick up where the last generation left off gather up's much data as they can and then move it forward a little bit before they expire and we keep doing it and do getting doing it and doing it until hopefully we move
tord some level of enlightenment as a species i can i can re package that and slightly more earthly and less esoteric terms i think that we can achieve immortality in quotes in two ways through genetic propagation that's why you and i have children i mean literally we are extending our jeans and also through mimetic propagation and memetic propagation as you know you read this book and it's now in fact your brains i'm not right now you're not affected me man by the way next time i come there's a one hundred percent final exam on this but i was a bit high but am professor sam's rarely get the cheater somatic propagation is basically anything that can be part if you like of your legacy right so the collection of stuff that people can go and watch about you as part of joe rogan's mimetic propagation and long after you may be gone people will be able consume joe rogan's ideas and all of the wonderful thing
but he's done for many many to come and so in that sense i think either through genetic propagation or medic propagation we we can be and that's why it is really important to do all the wonderful things that people do because that is your ticket to immortality i don't again you might say well how do you know i don't know but until i have any evidence of otherwise i'm going to take the intellectually honest position and say the party's gonna ends weld it really let's let's get further than that because immortality is nonsense or do we have this fucking son doesn't have an immortal life you've got it for four billion years right if we're lucky and with that that's assuming that we don't get hit by one of these gigantic fucking rocks it keeps flying around here about that and it went off over the atlantic ocean the other day no oh my god fucking meteor exploded over the atlantic ocean nobody knew about it nobody heard about it nobody knew was coming pull this up jamica
the amount of energies so everybody's heads in sort of hit let's say new york what would have happened everyone's ipad like hiroshima bigger than hiroshima here it is a me your exploder over the atlantic like pull up the amount of power that it had i uh it on my i had it on my twitter where it talked about in relationship to hiroshima like how big of it was due to do it five hundred thousand tons of tnt jesus fucking christ it's insane it that was the one over russia so this is the one of which is one thirteen thousand tons of tnt okay all the russian one i remember from a few years ago yes but what's the what's the atlantic ocean on what pull up the one that compared it to pull up the article that i had on my on my twitter 'cause it compared it to a nuclear bomb wow yeah well these are really com
you know and i had this guy randall carlson on the podcast a few times and he dedicated his life to pay intention to the signs of asteroidal impacts all throughout history and all throughout the world in astronomer yeah and he believes that what's happened is all throughout human history there's been these resets where people well accumulated a lot of data they learned alot society move forward and then boom we got hit and then a lot of people died and then they had to regroup start all over again and there's a want evidence in the physical form this stuff called try i think it's called try tonight it's called its nuclear glass they call and it's the same substance that they find when they do nuclear tests in the desert and stuff and they found it all throat europe and asia and they find it when they do core samples between like ten and twelve thousand years so it's exactly the same the end of the ice age coincides the end of the ice age and with these these like
puzzling moments in civilization where you have they'll find things like go beckley tempe these beautiful structures that are really complex that are fourteen thousand years old twelve thousand years old knowing who the fuck was building this stuff back then when we thought people hunter gatherers and then right after that boom we get hit by rocks most people die a lot of people die and then they have to regroup again then i think that at if that's most likely going to be the end of humanity just like the end of the dinosaurs sixty five million years ago it's much more common then we really would like to think about so definitely don't sweat don't sweat the small stuff yeah there's no mortality as far as this dimension it's just it's not going to happen so do you want me to tell you a bit about the evolutionary roots of religion how you would study religion as an evolution
okay ready so one argument is based on it's an adaptive argument right so the idea is if religion exists does it confer an adoptive advice which to people and so there is some work done by a good friend of mine did a song wilson an evolution biologist where he are use using a group selections argument that that groups that are religious out survive groups that are not by virtue of them being more communal more cohesive more banded so that argument is and that
argument for why religion exists there's another argument by other evolutionists that is based on an examination argument have you ever heard that term exactly exactly no was i mean so that's a by product of evolution in other words it's something that evolved not because itself it confers an adaptive advantage but rather it's piggy backing so for example the fact that your skeletal system is it the color that it is that itself is not adaptive it is a by product of other evolutionary processes so from that perspective religion piggy backs computational systems in our brains that the vault for other things if hollering for for example of thinking the idea of viewing the world as us versus them blue team versus red team that is an innate eight part of our psychology now now religion piggybacks on that right it takes that computational system that already exists and us and it's it puts on
steroid right so you think about the abrahamic religions right everyone of them has us versus them they are the jews the gentiles the believers the call five right and so at agency that action detecting agency and things is something that is an eight to us religion plays on that the agent becomes god and so so that's an argument that was posed my passcode ya where he's basically saying that religion did not specifically involved because itself it is about the but if piggy backs on other things and above all and then a third way a study of religion is to just do a content analysis of the the the narratives within religions there's a great study them by their winning historian when she looked at in the old testament how many women are ascribed to a different mail in the old in the old testament as a funk
the status so the higher the status of the mail the more sexual partners he had which is exactly what you would predict from an evolutionary perspective high status to men confers reproductive success there are different ways that evolution there are several other ways that can study religion from an evolutionary perspective that's pretty fascinating uh well i also think that we always as cultures have sort of tried to stay alive right i have tried to maintain order we always tried to establish sets of rules and boundaries and things in it makes sense that you would say hey you know there's a real reason why you can't kill people and it's not because it makes everybody upset it's because you're going to go to hell right sold listen
go to hell so don't kill people with all these all these things that people have done throughout history i mean if you look at religion on a global scale there's some key components to all religions and those seem to they seem to benefit order they seem to benefit culture and like you were saying that the idea of people living longer and being more successful as a as a culture yeah we'll senses of community if you have a sense of community if you if you abbas community establish a bond between people and a you're good for a higher reason to exist well i'll give you another example kosher laws i should discuss this in this book right so i try to offer a biological explanation that is not ruled
religious narratives right for why kosher laws would have involved right so think about the kosher edict that you shouldn't eat shellfish well so i did a lot of research i was writing the book on this it issue it turns out that when you have a shellfish that is infected with a particular pathogen red tide that could that could kill you right yes at the one that is infected versus one that is not an infected you can't sensorially tell the difference either through smell through site the number one number two it's not as though the one that's coming from an infected lives in murky our water so there is there is nothing that you could use in observational learning that can offer you some set ical regularity of if i do a b will happen once while somebody eats a shellfish they drop dead don't have a means i'm thinking as a bronze age guy
around the middle east to ever learn from this malah diction therefore the only thing that i can do is then say it is eight edict from god boom don't do it of course so they are very very easy earthly biological reasons to take food taboos religious type and demonstrate that they have nothing but of course when i say this in a classroom where there are people who might otherwise be religious they see it yet they can't complete you follow you because of course yeah well because they have this doctrine in their mind that is just the word of god will also pigs eating pigs mean we all know that pigs contained trichinosis and bears as well you're not supposed to eat bears is a lot of reasons why kosher living in you know a thousand five thousand years ago whatever was really smart smart go have you have you ever read i'm giving him here a a thumbs up maybe it'll help his book after the paleo manifesto by john deere
no i haven't but john and i have been talking back and forth on twitter and where he's moving here so when moves here is that to me you just said moving here i want to be in some in california he's dead to me i now this is much is my air you were here like three months right weren't you here for a bunch of money all the time but once you move here 'cause i need professorship you're a smart guy selling books you doing well right but it is and and i think in his book he talks about i don't remember the exact number but he looked at the six hundred thirteen commandments and and which in jewish law and some outlandish number six on back twenty percent of them deal with purity rituals and those purity rituals are ultimately means very earthly me to try to remove the possibility that you've been exposed to dangerous pathogens right so again you see how something that is cloaked in the in the robe of religion
is ultimately solving a very basic earthly biological problem well also if you talk about sexual promiscuity controlling that control sexually transmitted diseases which like syphilis and a lot of the really terminal ones before they had medication for those things the kill a lot of people a lot of people died from having sex right which is a a ruthless cruel thank and you got to assume that that's probably nature trying to strike some sort of a balance right we don't want to think about it that way but that's exists all throughout nature when animals become over populated all the sudden they start to being diseases and they fall off i mean that's the rabbit cycle if you're not aware people aren't aware rabbits go in a seven year cycle so if you're around and use a lot of rabbits who see rabbits all over the place and then like three
years later there's no rabbits what happens is rabbits get to a high population level and then they'll develop a disease and they die off and then there's only rabbits and then it takes seven years until they reach his peak and then they die off again this is an a natural and natural constant seven year cycle to regulate the population of rabbits because we all know that rabbits fuck like rabbits and they make a lot of baby and they don't have that unfortunately with pigs deserve so hearty and so ruthless that they will have litters three four times a year i think of female pig can have a litter as soon as like look this up i want to say it's like within six months within six months being born she can give birth which is crazy right and they can just have piglets three times a year and each time they do it they'll have a bunch of them and they'll just over
take places they got a problem in san jose there was a new story on the other day where these people were in their house and the pigs were knocking over there our beach can and eating up their lawn in a normal residential neighborhood like i mean a pretty crowded neighborhood in these wild pigs ages roaming through the streets now they're everywhere have you have you ever heard the term our case selected that ring a bell yes but i don't know what it means so basically it's the idea that some species produce many offspring with the hope that very few will survive until sexual maturity alligator right frog rent many fish eggs right versus a little and that's yeah they would be less sell verses at elephant humans and where it's you know the the just station period the the the length of parental investment that is required in the
are you reach sexual maturity as much so it's either a lot of quantity hoping that if you survive or much less quantity but heavily parental investment and and just that's right whether you are a species that is our our case like that the the the reason for the arcade time doesn't matter has a profound effect on the evolutionary trajectory of that species right some things for example like humans are a by parental species right so even though you males invest currently less than females in the human context we are really champion that i mean in the greater context of of mammals human dads are just outlander yeah there's no one likes us nothing like us except for example penguins this but of course not mammals so in the u in context then because we are by parental species you would expect the evolution of a few things one of which and i actually recently i i discuss this in one of my lectures because somebody asked that exact question so the
ocean of romantic love is you like a solution to this very important problem which is you and i male female have to pair bond for certain period of time we have to be able to stand one another for a sufficiently large enough period of time to get our child to sexual maturity and hence they are selection pressures for us to evolve the affect of system that we call romantic love so so this shows you how depending on the particular three of the species you get completely different interesting trajectories is fast name and it completely make sense right if you think about it in their certain animals like rats or mice they're constantly being preyed upon they have to develop large litters right here's another one open the frogs a nice five and six pigs per litter sows of approximately one point five litters per year yeah but when when can they get pregnant they give the first letter when they're thirteen months of age
like any sexually mature at six months what's their life while mrs good question say forty eight years of age that's if they don't get killed by cougar another one you're ready yes all check this out so if you what sexual dimorphism is yes so right so humans are sexually dimorphic but take for example once you explain to people who don't know sorry yes so where there is an innate sex difference typically we talk about for exam sexist your sexism sex i realize you know sexual dimorphism is as a cultural construct it's a cultural construct it's not real and i like how you say with the affectation i was the first i watch a woman in a video explained that women are are not inherently weaker than men guesting cage and less strength based activity only i've heard is that something that's well actually and even been linked to the fact that little boys are encourage
to play rough house and tumble whereas little girls are dissuaded from doing so and that's what sets them on their trajectory so that bubba who plays center for university nebraska nebraska can bench press five hundred pounds completely social construction has nothing to do with muscle mass and look at the start strong but anyway so going back to differences across species so sexual dimorphism species are very sexually dimorphic seal elephant seals you have a male whose massive forty four times the size of a female or mountain gorillas right so if you look at extent to which there is or isn't sexual dimorphism with the species that itself perfectly predicts the mating system within that species if there is a huge sexual dimorphism typically the males are bigger than the female sometimes you have as a sex reversal species then you have polygynous mating meaning what one male monopolize is sexual access to many female
and the reason why they develop that size because that's the combat that they engage in where the winner then gets the genetic lottery the hand when you have species where the two sexes are equal sized then you have typically quickly monogamous made like in the case of some bird species but even there by the way even though they're supposed to be monogamous once in a while they go behind the bush genetic that will birds are really only malik penguins or big one the people bring exactly two i for a year right but even even within what you can or to be a monogamous window there are some tests that show that once in awhile we do go behind the bushes that it's that bush is not there i tried to once in awhile use my evolutionary stuff on my wife to explain why it might be ok to do this she hasn't really bought into the whole thing read more get her head out of bush is exactly sand wherever by the way
this whole idea of taking an evolutionary explanation and then people thinking that that the end justifies or condone the behavior is a classic reason why people hate evolution psychology so if you explain a no here's here's an evolution explanation for rape here's a list explanation for what child abuse happens if there's a stepparent in the family right here's is why people might have difficulty staying truth there monogamous unions then people get very upset at you because they somehow conflate the fact that you are the phenomenon using science as meaning that you are saying it's clears your moral judgment and of course it doesn't but that's one of the places where people get really upset at you and we'll do you hate male in that moral judgment is also cultural which gets really strange when you certain religions like the mormons right the reason why the mormons set up this compound in mexico or they moved to mexico was when
polygamy was made illegal in the united states so they like well we're just going to go to mexico and that's where mitt romney's family came around which is really bizarre isn't it amazing how whenever there are these polygynous rulings from god it's always that it's one man with the women it's never been a polyandrous thing it's never been the other way around no one and don't want to gang bang they want a bunch of dudes like at all there is one place in the world where there there is only a hundred you know it is someone that sucks at it's called tibetan polyandry told you it's it's safe it's fraternal tibetan polyandry fraternal yeah which means means brother sisters no meaning frat together meaning that the woman who is being shared the many men men are brothers that's crazy but here's the evolution for right imagine where you have a system for whatever reason we're not every man could be mated right that's not a good thing
you have a lot of men who are going to be sexually frustrated right like china right exactly you know so they're there for by creating a system where okay not everybody could be guaranteed that their reproductive fitness is going to be assured but at least there can selection will be short meaning what i write i share half of my jeans on average for my brother so either i will impregnate the way in which case great or my brother will impregnate her and which case i'm still in directly not through direct reproductive fitness but through kin selection i'm still extending my jeans so even in cases where men share a woman it has to be in the context of all in the family whoa i'm blowing your mind that's it that's an intense thing and that's that must be just a reaction to the fact that there's much more men than there are women and why would that be
why are there more men in there so i think so sometimes it could be that's called by the way an operational sex ratio if they are and balances between males and females within a particular niche sometimes it could be because of certain inheritance structures where it's only the l this who can have enough money through inheritance so the other guys can't really afford a so there are all sorts of institutional reasons beyond sex ratio reasons where some men may otherwise be out of meeting market and we know that societies where a lot of men are sitting around sexually frustrated is are not going to be societies that are conducive to quiet and so there's no more so therefore even in the context where you have something like polyandry which is something that typically evolutionary speaking you would expect when it's a
rises it arises as a response to a real evolutionary problem so so every i mean most things that you could think of ultimately have some evolution expansion them and that's why i fell in love with evolution because the explanatory power that is afforded once you have that the key to understand things via evolutionary thinking it becomes incredibly powerful and once the parameters in the variables change the behavior change just to establish those parameters variables exactly exactly right perfect example that its fighter pilots fighter pilots are classically wife swappers is that true yeah there's a lot of that goes on in those communities because people are swingers you yeah well sort of yeah it's you know what it is they know that they're probably going to die and if they love their wife they want someone else to love their wife as much as they do and the idea is that if
they all just like life is it's different it's much more fleeting it's much more fragile it is in the world of the accountant you know so i think it makes sense that that's it's very prevalent in those communities so that the the if you like sexual risk taking is a form of insurance policy still like if you you were married and jamie was married and you're both fighter pilots right and you both would do missions together this is like an intense bond between you guys you know you would just swap wives who just say look you know the is like if you die if you get shot down you you die you want your wife to be taken care of by someone who loves her as long as get a smaller penis me jamies got a hog tell you it's kind of hard going good luck with that going back
at by the way i'll send you the link to the global sizes around the world and i'll just point you to wear lebanon scores on that and where is it has to go pretty good is it is it like where people are like this there's more danger dicks are bigger i've never heard that this is the first time as in like so it is like one of the most dangerous places right the danger and and and then turn around island sit and cry and like look if you classically let's list all put away all pretenses of racism right black i suppose we have the biggest dicks right why that they have athleticism too that's a lot of things that people connect to it so i just asked her own as data systems scientifically is that been absolutely proven you know it and i know i try to let it go i know that anecdotally we hear that you like no no lebanese if you just check
the lebanese people no means it's always i know it's a stereotype branch i actually don't know whether signed there's a certain area types that are just there's a reason there and that's that's the one that is acceptable when you talk about black people yeah because it's got the venture it's common rich right right i'll tell you great story about racial differences so in nineteen ninety five i think it was one thousand nine hundred and ninety five six i'm giving a talk so this is shortly after my phd i just started as a young assistant professor i'm giving a talk at this big international psychology conference and is maybe a thousand five hundred people in this room and that's quite a big size for academic conference and there is a real buzz in the room as if there's tension and i'm not exactly sure why there's certainly not ten set about me at that point i was just a young guy nobody knew who the hell i was immediately before i get up to present so the guy who was immediately before me is a gentleman by the name of philippe rushton have do you know him now
phillip is a was it he recently passed away he was a canadian based psychologist who is probably the pre eminent psychologist who studied racial differences and offered evolutionary explanations for why these racial differences might exist and most notably he had looked at supposed racial different racial differences in intelligence using postmortem crane size right so the fact is that if the if the carrying capacity cavities bigger or smaller than you assume that that means the person from this races is more intelligent of that race it's controversial research very very i research so anyway
so this guy gets up to present his stuff and he starts putting up slides of you know black male black female white male white female and you see that i mean the crowd is like you know sharpening their knives to lynch the sky and i have to get up and presents right after him and i'm thinking that just by proxy just be cut by by being close to him i'm going to get killed now the good news is that and immediately i so he finishes presentation out of the one thousand five hundred people who were there about one thousand four hundred and twenty five left the room to find him really so there was like nearly no one left to this my talk and that was one of the few times where i was actually very pleased to have very few people listening to me so they left the room and what do they do that but i think i think they wanted to sort of you know challenge him and confront him
so on this it when a guy does a speech like that does he allow a question answer period is very very good question so usually you would leave the pending on the size of it i mean let's say you have twenty five minutes so you you might do twenty minutes leaving five minutes for q na he went to the last second so that there was no opportunity for questions and he sort of you know was whisked out of and so i was really really please that almost nobody stayed for my talk what's interesting about that is are certain truths that you're not allowed to explore and you're not allowed to explore the possibility that some human beings may be not as intelligent as other human beings on an individual level or as in group level was going to sorry as on individual level we accept that but on a group level we're not willing to and and visual level and don't explode individual level even while they're retarded well that's that's why it's proof
but it's interesting that like there's certain genetic variables that will accept that are a product of the environment in which these people develop like for instance inuits or much more adapt the cold their hands don't get numb they don't get frostbite nearly as easy they can operate they have much much better circulation in cold weather and their hands in their feet and that's because they've been living up there for generation after generation there's certain things that we don't accept though and one of the big ones is intelligence we don't accept that some people could live in a softer world where things are easy and they develop like a slow lazy mind whereas some people develop in a very tricky world with his constant innovation going on and they develop a sharper mind we we we resist because we don't want anyone thinking that they're dumber than other people right well the though is that i'm not sure that anybody has offered compelling
right now for why they would be selection pressures in environment a versus environment be for there to be greater intelligence site there is some evidence that especially european jews who have more nobel prize awards than anyone else why do you have to diss me by saying european jews why don't you answer arabs jews well it's true though is just because i will use you are very intelligent man obviously but i'm not either you're well i'm sort of european on that talent right the you know there's something fascinating about that to me and i wonder if that's cultural one of its education i mean what what is that so so i can certainly definitively point to the cultural elements right the the genetic element is is debatable and so it's neither yes or no it's unclear but the cultural element i'll share with you a personal and i don't i don't i don't think i've ever shared on the show before if i have it's still worth repeating up after i finish my mba
i mean i knew i was going to go on and do my page and become a professor but at one point i had i have a brother who lives in seven california was a very successful businessman and i was come out here to see whether i wanted to go and do my phd at uc irvine versus other schools where i had been accepted and he said you know what why don't you put on the proverbial suit and maybe work with me for a few years before you go on to get your phd it might be a nice thing for you to get some work experience outside of academia i i wasn't really entertaining it by my mother heard of this possibility and so when i went back to montreal she she took me aside to one of the rooms and very very concerned she said to me you remember if you if you don't go want to get your phd i mean do you want people to remember you as somebody who was dropped out of school so from her perspective from the standards that were expected somebody who got in an undergrad and
mathematics and computer science i've got an mba if i stopped at that point i would drop out i'm a crock pot from school i have an mba from the top school right now of course i didn't do a phd for my parent approval but it just gives you the sense of the type of expectations then the imparting of love learning for knowledge for wisdom and achievement and achievement that is in bread in you from the minute you come out the warm so whether there is a genetic component or not i don't know but i can certainly say that the environmental component is very alluring the cult well components exist very strong in the korean community exactly right good buddy of mine when i was a kid who is korean who was on the us national taekwondo team while he was in his residency as a doctor that i mean he was fucking animal this kid i mean he i've never met anybody who worked harder he slept like three or four hours a night he was always exhaust
so every time you look at me a giant bags under his eyes and he couldn't possibly have physically worked harder than he did he did he did everything he possibly one the us national title went on to compete in international competitions all while he was going to medical school and sort of madness and the way he discusses scribe it to me you know it was it was more of a prison the way he described it he was just burdened he was always tired and he it was just expected of him he was really upset about it yeah it's not quite as i wouldn't i don't know what the right term is that autocratic or dictatorial i think it's it's more debating right i mean think about for example tablet tradition right yeah right so you said during the debate to this debate so this this there's this endless inculcation of the
pursuit of knowledge just for the sake of knowledge that is endemic to you know all jewish homes and to the extent that some of my family members did not have that particular orientation frank i didn't get along with them as well because i have some family members who are quite mercantile in their approach they just care about money and i was always maybe to a fault somebody who cares more about ideas that i did about money what could be a fault how could there be a falter in not pursuing well in the sense for example that i'm not a careerist in other words i do things out of purity i don't stay a jive i don't sound awesome do well thank you i've well i'll give you i'll give you a very concrete example right asking earlier you know what why don't you get a job here will listen by me taking very open positions on topics that are quote politically incorrect i'm not being a careerist if i would check come out about all these issues may
some university that my other way be very impressed with my scientific daucher might say hey this is guys good but if he's a shit stirrer if you present gioro than and makes fun of trigger warnings and talks about islam well he's a bit of a of a loose cannon this is why i disagree the amount of input that you can have on on a culture based out of teaching a classroom with a hundred people have more whatever it is in comparison to what you're doing already on your youtube videos thank you it's phenomenal the reach that you have right now i'm gonna send this to the some of the universities that are supposed to hire me well they they don't look they're all in the past you know these people that understand what's going on right now right now there is there's a bar cast that you're doing right now that will be heard and watched by more than a million people for sure without a doubt not only that it will exist in perpetuity as long as we have digital content it'll exist so these people
listening to this right now fifty years from now one hundred years now there's still alive if there's still a world to live in one hundred years now people are going to be living at listening to this you know you are literally music to my ears what you're saying because i just had this conversation recently where i was talking to the university about the importance actually to to a dean was talking about the importance of how do we judge academics i mean i could that makes our meme creators right we create memes through our science but we're also name propagators now to me one of the highlights of coming to southern california and that's saying a lot given how much i love seven california is to appear on your show because i know that the platform that you have it will take sixteen thousand years to be able to even come close to achieving that type of and it's not because of a narcissist thing i want to be famous because ultimately i'm about spreading ideas and it's what you said i mean a million people are going to listen to so if i can get one per
of that million to be interested in evolutionary theory after what we've discussed how does that compare to having twenty five students in my classroom at most universities you're exactly right haven't caught up with the times no one well the university itself ok this is not the only way you can learn these ideas that the only way to get an education is to get a degree to go to sit in class to do all the work the teacher describes all the stuff that you have to turn in and all the papers that you have to do that's not the own way to get an education that's nonsense is a human construct and we're living in a world where that doesn't make much sense anymore you're going to have in the future but primary education is going to be on line it's without a doubt why travel somewhere white go somewhere especially when you're dealing with all these fucking assholes and these campuses that error sitting all these ridiculous rules on social behavior and all these social misfits that want to level the playing field and all this nonsense
it's going on that's really it stifles a lot of open discussion it stifles a lot of exchange of information because of these ideas these people have that these are these rigid ideas that cannot be breached i think we're living in a world now where you have instant access to information to go to a physical place to learn seems to me to be kind of archaic is kind of retro this and i was just recently asked then maybe i shouldn't be commenting publicly but i go ahead and do it there's a company called gray courses have you heard of it yeah they were a sponsor the podcast in the beginning ok yeah yeah i have one of them at home on psychology so i was honored to be asked to it hasn't yet we haven't signed a contract there still looking into it but the mere fact that they contacted me as one of the perspective people to put together a course for them a great
courses course on you know evolution psychology and that's awesome thank you so i mean imagine the number of people that i can potentially reach by putting together that quests look there's this guy i you should by the way check about robert sapolsky or you know very well no kidding yeah from stanford i'm not loving you more and more by the second work on toxoplasmosis i've been studying him for years and his stuff on baboons isn't it my boy oh my god so many spends like money every year in africa he does not have bluetooth clips big fan of that so anyway so i wrote to him by red maybe i shouldn't be advertising a failure but it's ok i wrote to him because i really wanted him on my show right
i was very gracious he responded right away said look i'd love to you know so on i'm just i'm working i think on two books i'm shutting down everything i'm saying no to everybody maybe some point in the future which of course i completely understand right but you know look at this guy i mean you go to his youtube check up you know whatever nine hundred thousand views one point one million of you know of a lecture that typically would have been viewed by eighty people hi i that i sent a couple hundred thousand people to those things are just now getting big fat guy on sending people deserve his videos in his lectures for years so let's talk about one of the findings from his eyes were drawn to the shore so he's got research because you mentioned baboons showing that in about an hour hi in a sort of a hierarchical society of baboons the lower ranked baboons will have higher cortisol levels will have more stress hormones while intuitively right think the opposite you might think that they hire
the the rank of the bible and the more stress he is because he has to defend against all the other dangers and maintain his has positions on so people took this exact study and applied it in an organizational context where they looked at an organizational hierarchy and took cortisol levels of people in a big organization i think was a the public health system in britain the higher the rank of the employee the lower his or her court as a level
and the argument for some of you might say well why would that be would and the person who is higher rank be more stressed i mean the ceo has to have more stress than you know the janitor and one of the arguments at least they propose was the idea of freedom the guy was at the lowest rung of the hierarchy has to be told when he could go and relieve himself with his bodily functions right i mean his and the amount of free destiny that he has in his daily life is very limited ways at least to see even though he working very hard he's more master of his of his daily life so for example i work all the time i can work ten twelve fifteen eighteen hour days but yet i still am i feel like i'm always free because there's nobody was telling me what to do it one at any time and apparently just that has a profound effect on your cortisol levels and the origins of that whole study were originally due to suppose he's worked with bob
if i believe if i'm from correct well you know that finding is mirrored in special ops guys versus view this is in listed man versus your average soldier like the one of the big issues that people have today is ptsd in one of the factors in ptsd is people who are waiting for things to happen versus people who are making things happen where a seals rangers but they send in to go and kick ass and take names those guys have less stress which kind of crazy at way less instances of ptsd and you know obviously still tremenda be stressful and still a lot of instances of ptsd but less the more guys that i talked to that have served will tell you that the reason is that they're active that they're pro if they're the ones who are moving in and doing these things and they're they're going after these bad guys and hunting them down essentially
whereas the other people are sitting around the base warring they're going to get attacked or you know saying on their post or driving a car wearing they're gonna bring id very interesting yeah so let's let's propose another hypothesis maybe somebody was a graduate student my test coaches versus players so based on your logic of the fine you just said the coach should probably have much higher cortisol levels because no one right that's out of control that's why you see them on the sidelines for ground freaking out going crazy because you really can't affect much influence on the game right i mean you can at the margins of in terms of the strategy is on but the guys that are in the bottle i mean i you know i was a competitive soccer player and of course you're not free i mean a few minutes before your you've got butterflies once you're in the thick of things you're not stressed i mean you know your focus i mean you're in the floor but the coaches
the other ones were about to have a heart attack so i think you can test that that is probably also a big factor why it's so difficult to beat a champion in combat sports because the champion is the one who's in control and the champion is one has been dominating has fear and intimidation on his side therefore he is less stress right he's been i mean it's going to have stress no matter what if you're entering into a fight but the per news trying to overcome the psychological barrier that is the champion in front of them like this is big you know this there's a persona a grand hatched like a good examples like mike tyson when you in his prime nobody wanted to believe that he could be beaten and a man would lose but well they ever got into the ring and bust douglas game using this study and i i don't know if we've mentioned here before i think it was published in the journal called emotion where they looked at i think it was mma fighters
whether they smiled or not before the contest have you seen this before no okay you she just sent me a private message i'll look for it i can't remember the exact details but there was some non verbal cues that were studied prior to a fight that if if if i remember the study correctly were highly predictive of the eventual outcome wow that's fast is not cool what better the predictive of the amount of focus at the fighters enter into the octagon with here goes smiles are for laws are you so i love how you study show that mma fighters who smile before fights don't do well with this is that a way in which i doubt you could really tell that was publish that what they're saying the pre fight ok down okay so the pre staredown that well that may sense because if you're smiling it most likely means that you're not really in the game right expected smile intensity predicted both the outcomes of fights as well as the more detailed measures of infight hostility interesting
this miles predicted both reduced hostility from the smiler as well as increased hostility from his opponent in other words it seemed that both fighters we are attuned to the information being communicated in the pre fight smile these results held even when controlling for existing differences in skill ie the betting odds of the fight and strength height and weight though don't don't go draw basically altering your gambling strategy just yet the betting line still did a better job overall in predicting fights compared to just smile intensity yeah have you have we talked here about the digit ratio yes no but i i've i know what you're talking about the like the size of fingers at one another said that that live out of lana is as always i i'm actually i think i've thought about at some point either asking you or my nephew to get access to mma fighters to take some measures that capture the how and
july as they are how how much exposure to testosterone yeah at whether it be for example through certain facial features mmhm or through well there to the forty ratio which is a measure of how much that's awesome and you've been exposed to in the womb in utero and so i you have a study right now with one of my graduate students without the irimia where we're looking at the links between testosterone and extreme sport using the exact same idea and so i'm of course an obvious hypothesis might be that on average mma fighters compared to a control normal population non non fighters at will be more androgynous you would think that that has to be true right i don't know okay because i would wonder what are the very i i would say maybe probably successful ones i see you know we moderated by whether their trajectory in their career was i think there are a lot of people who enter in
two mixed martial arts or martial arts in general because they recognize there's a lot of benefit in trying to overcome extreme challenges and that they're attracted to these things because they get addicted to the rush the adrenaline rush of a challenge an is very new challenges that are intense is one on one competition with another person and i think there's a lot of people who gravitate towards those not necessarily even it seems counter intuitive but you would think that they would the most violent people or the most angry people and they're doing that because they want to dominate well mixed martial this is different in a lot of ways first of all because in boxing a lot of times seeing people that are searching for a way out there searching for a way out poverty for a way out of bad neighborhoods and crime and they do so through fighting it's a classic meme right it's a classic trope but i think there's something going on with mma fighters it's very different in that much
martial arts seem to be something cost money and so to join these classes and get proficient you have to be able to afford them and so you're getting people that enter two martial arts from two different venues right you get wrestlers who are classically get it from school that you from rico roman wrestlers you mean freestyle greco roman you know depending on it doesn't matter there's there's successful examples of both and rest thing is probably one of the most important skills to have if not the most important ma because the fighter can dictate where the fight takes place if a released wrestler takes you down he can control you where as if you're really good kick boxer you kick boxing can't really be effective some to take you down it will so there's there's that there's the wrestling which they get in college in the getting high school in which is you know off lease fairly free college if they have a scholarship to get it for free but martial arts like
jujitsu and kickboxing and things along those lines taekwondo karate traditional martial arts cost money to take those things so you sing along very educated people that are getting into mma there's a lot of mma fighters that are extremely articulate there isn't there a guy there's a biology teacher something math teacher rich frank the math teacher who is a former champion yeah he was ufc champion very smart guy very and there's a lot of other very very intelligent guys speak multiple languages you know really brilliant people so you get a it's a different style of fighter you know i think this people out there that are fighting because they were abused as a child they were bullied they and then they they have this anger inside of them they want express it to get a lot of that but you also get people that just that you know they just tough it's just tough and they want to overcome challenges and they get some sort of benefit out of these extreme challenges so
i would i would wonder you know i wonder what the results of that would be what about this this i think this is probably obvious hypothesis but do you think that if we if one were to take salivary assays to measure testosterone levels pre fight post fight an impulse fight you're looking at the winner and the loser clearly that the stars from scores would a sort along whether i won or lost sure exam will also dependent upon how much brain damage they acquired during the fight that has a pretty significant effect on your pituitary gland apparently i had by the way since your stand
professionals on the comedian one of my former students a postdoc who had i think i'm gonna mention he east the study the evolutionary roots of humor and so one of the things that we want to study when he was doing his post op with me but then he ended up leaving after year let's take a position and it was was to use the montreal just for laughs festivals to study the testosterone responses of comedians as you know prior to getting on stage and then after finishing high and to see whether their testosterone response would be moderated by whether objectively speaking it was a successful set or not right i mean sometimes you get up and you just kill the house other times it's it's death silent so will my endocrinological system response track that reality and so that's something that i still hopefully will test with something student what do you think you think that's a viable yeah it's definitely i think with bombing especially
it comes a software without yeah yeah definitely it's a horrible feeling so imagine there would be any benefit to bombing right now other than maybe your testosterone would spike 'cause you need the energy to run away from the crowd not do you let's say when you when you're you are doing a show and you feel as though it's not going well are you ever able to redirect the ship or or is there a point where there's no return i'm going to suck today it's just not working i'm not there's both there's there's definitely times where you're not getting out of the whole you know you could dig yourself into a hole that you can't get out what determines that is it that you're deliver that day is not working or is it there's something endemic to the crowd for whatever reason they're just not digging your style it's all the above theirs so it could be your delivery it could be your subject matter it could be an event something that went on with the audience it could be
the way you're reacting to them that you chose a path that was in affective it could be there in front of them but that got them to gang up more on it could certainly be that a kid did a lot of variables involved and whether or not you go down with the ship but also it could be the but you didn't address it you know some some things are going bad in a guy will address that it's going bad and they pull themselves out of it and then it becomes great again i've seen i've done that i've had like bad moma since we address that bad moment and think snapback or you so you know you just re assess your approach it there's a lot of variables involved in stand up comedy but ultimately what's going on i've tried to explain this and i've gone over this with many many comedian friends of mine and we all seem to agree on that so there a moment when things are going really well with the audience is laughing and you're in the zone and you're delivering your jokes that you prepared for a long time everything's done right is a lot of great timing and it's it's
it's a mass hypnosis it's like when i watch a really funny comedian if i watch bill burr for say when he's on stage and he's killed and i'm watching it i'm laughing my ass off what i am doing is allowing him to think for me so i'm allowing him to you you know if he's talking about having a female president or something like that he's going through his thought process of what it would be like bob above a bar and as he's going through it i am not really doing any calculations i'm allowing him to do all those calculations i'm allowing him to take up all of i thought process with his sentences in the the images that he's depicting and that's what makes it really funny and whole audience we're all in it together so this is community effect of this group hypnosis so we're all laughing 'cause are all on the same page we're all these thoughts that he sang are so funny
going along with it but when someone is bad or when the joke doesn't work then every is like oh christ oh no this isn't working oh no when you look around and see everybody is uncomfortable and then you see he's uncomfortably like all jesus he's bombing right now and when someone's bombing then you are forced completely out of the spell and now you have to do all these calculations you have to think you have to do all this was considerate considerations going on is a lot happening that wouldn't be happening if the guy was just killing read someone's killing it's effortless to watch you know just laughing off and then you leave you feel great so it's when it goes bad it's uncomfortable for everybody it's uncomfortable for the audience it's uncomfortable for the comedian it's just because you're forced to consider
he is the process his failures or her failures her bad jokes her at all those things do you think there are certain elements of humor i mean clearly the our culture specific manifestations of you were maybe physical comedy is more appreciate in culture a culture be are there specific you were mechanisms that are are not mechanism but you know whatever puma content that would be universally successful now also so you think it's always culture dependent culture dependent culture dependent taste dependent there certain styles of humor that some people really enjoy and other people hate it out some people like all humor which is like a release keep the mike in the stand don't move deadpanned delivery
put very little effort forth some people like that that's what they prefer the balding guy with the curly hair from like twenty years ago he speaks with a very low steven right yeah well he's an absurdist what is that absurd yeah he's like you used to work at a fire hydrant factory couldn't park anywhere near the place you know it's like that's that's the right right you know is that current car he's like it's all like really bizarre answered one liners so that's not all this is really funny and original okay and alt is a lot of times really bad you know unfortunately and they really super supportive crowd that gathered together it's almost like they got kicked out of the cool playgrounds
made their own playground right and there's a comedy festival that's going on right now are supposed to be going on some somewhere in new york with somebody sent me this thing i i looked at it for a couple seconds i have thrown away i i just like i can't i can get in this where they're charging different amounts for different access to people who are white males they want to have is few white males as possible so they want to make it as diverse as possible so they are opening it up to people caller l b g t z you why see and and this is like this is their solution their solution is to not just have the funniest people that they think are there regardless of race color creed ethnicity exclude the white man and token white bearded men is one of the things that they discussed and by the way the people that run the
super all women solarius i mean if you want to run a festival you should be able to do whatever the fuck you want but the idea that you want to run an art festival but you want to exclude certain people pick the best ones how 'bout pick the best ones are the best ones turned out to be white men with beards go with that information and try to figure out why that's the case so from that perspective are we to assume that i now know what your position is an affirmative action well my pay addition on affirmative action is i think it has good intentions i think the idea is to try to stop racism however if you're getting someone and they are they become a firefighter but they're less physically fit and less intelligent than someone who could have gotten a job but unfortunately the the other guy was from of croatian descent right you know and you know he looks like white man whose privileged you know but meanwhile this guy came from a family of very poor immigrants we struggled and scratched and scraped an you know p
i could look at him as the oppressor which is fucking preposterous there's uh out of that going on and i think that's ridic so i think that i agree with that i think this idea of p people who are all have a certain amount of melanin in their skin they should get a job versus people who don't have melanin in their skin that's stupid i think we should address the core problem which is why why is it harder for people who grow up in african american communities or mexican american communities why it's harder for them to get a better education why is it harder for them to succeed why is it hard for them to this crime why they involved in these impoverished areas and how do we fix that so you know what'll area we bounced i know it you know larry elder is the sage of la never had a months now but i will he's he and i have been going back and forth through twitter of course
but his answer would be at least an african american he's also let's say what is the reason for all the things that you said why this why that father absence he now i don't know whether he is over you saying that that causal factor but he certainly seems to be quoting a lot of data that suggests that many of these sort of deleterious downstream effects are due to nothing more than father absence solve that problem and many of issues will go away so well that i think that's a little simplistic this is your dad's a fucking piece of shit and he lives in your house you got a real problem i don't think that's necessarily the only way to do it and i think you can't just blame i think one of the things that we were talking about earlier that i think is really important is that cultures become patterns and patterns repeat and that these patterns that these people who are born into it's not their choice and we're uh denies it as someone who wasn't born in that pattern you look at a bad pattern of
one being born say like in baltimore and extremely impoverished community was filled with crime and gang violence and you go god how do we how does this corrected how do we get in i'd michael would on whose interesting guy was a former cop in baltimore and really really interesting to it and i think he's trying to run for like he's trying to be a police commissioner chicago right plied for yeah and you know i think he he would be a great person for that job he's got a lot of information and a lot of really is very smart rate lock common sense and comes this but one of things that michael would was talking about one is on the podcast was that they had found i guess a directive from the nineteen seventies when they're going to the archives all the shit that they have in baltimore the police directive from the 1970s was exactly the same as what he was dealing with in the 2000s as far as the neighborhoods that had drugs in neighborhoods where crime is like it's the same path
repeating the same patterns over and over and over again and no one's done anything to try to socially engineer some beneficial change in these communities instead they just continue to lock up the same people and i agree with him that that is essentially at that point it becomes institutionalized racism right and that's a real issue and i think that that's the issue that needs to be addressed and i don't think that affirmative action is the best way to do it because i think that also it it starts to produce this feeling of resentment from people that are more qualified that don't get the jobs well and i would think let's say for the for the black applicate who let's say goes to law school they will never know whether they went through the whole process simply on their merit or whether they were helped in some way
and i think that itself was in jail you know though but if they do gradually i don't know what i mean is when you got it right did you did you get in strictly on the merits of your does he let let's suppose i actually don't want i'm a i'm a person of color and i don't want anything to be affecting this vision other than purely the merits of my those here okay when i go through the process at the end of that process i won't absolutely know for sure whether it was strictly based on what i wanted which is the murder like those here whether there was some something that helped me along the way because of institutionalized affirmative action so there's not a big problem at i guess it could be but i would assume that by the time you've gone through university your we're talking about a much higher level of education and it should be pretty these turn black and white but it should be right there i mean you should see their grades and you see so
our professors are hired as a function of these things i once applied for will say this here publicly i once applied so this is i was coming out on the market finishing my phd out on the market look at tower the academic market ann the way the way i can mark market works is you you you interview round one and then ramp in one place all the schools come there and around two they invite you for a campus visit and so i've been i was interviewing at one of most prestigious places that you could ever hope to imagine it's actually from your neck of the woods in boston ok harvard right maybe i should have said that nothing you said that i did alright so kidding's on that admitting whether that's true or not but apparently i was one of the finalists and at least i had heard from some p
who are maybe on the inside of that they were really looking for a woman and that to the extent that i might not be able to ovulate might be a problem so i don't know if that and that being the main reason why i think that the job but i've often heard dots you know you're not of the right race we need more diversity we need more gender diversity we need more racial get diversity and make it fair even though i mean how is that ever achieved well frankly it's i think it's grotesque look there was uh i don't you saw i had a sad truth clip where i titled it the all time greatest social justice warriors it was based on a group of dartmouth students that had occupied i think the president's office with a set of have you have you seen this not the freedom project maybe you could put it up and so the dartmouth freedom project where they they had sort of like a manifesto here are the things that we absolutely expect
dartmouth to implement okay if you saw that list and like i go through some of that on my youtube channel it's simply baffling you know we have to have a s professor of color speaker series me think about that right i mean so if if if i'm if i'm in number theory some of my for my shin does the amount of melanin that i have determined how i study the distribution of prime numbers the idea that you would have students demanding that there be a person of color speaker series i mean it's grotesque grammy week nobody is denying the fact that racism has existed and to some extent continues to exist but to have these types of the man's to me seems so problematic well i i definitely don't think it's the most intellectual approach to the issue
hand which is combating racism right i don't think it's making instead of having an even playing field for all and considering all with equal merit to change the level of the playing field and boost people up that aren't qualified but i think that's what you're talking also about the end result you're talking about like the finished product of an education mean literally at the highest level of professor so i think that if you're looking at that it really it all comes down to what is it that's making certain people have less opportunity and
that needs to be engineered from a societal level at from a culture level we win him it's i've said this many many times at the the biggest issue with any culture is the weakest link right what's the best way to have a more successful country with the best way to have a more successful union while less losers wow do you have less losers you you'll be you you give more people education more people chances and more people who are dissing franchise in we're stuck in these bad situations give them an opportunity to get out some way or another what is through it continued education whether it's through community centers weather's to combat i mean what will larry elders talking about about not having fathers boy we can't just say on they should have a data dat you get involved in that you're not going to fix people like that the children are the ones that there are still malleable and still have potential
i have to figure out a way to provide them with some sort of resources some sort of some sort of some sort of mentorship you know some some hope for me i don't know how to do that let me let me spread through this carefully because okay it's a it's a thorny topic earlier we spoke about the d culture of achievement that we find that is endemic within jewish homes yes by the same token jew thing that other cultures might be creating environments that are exactly the opposite of that in other words yes there might be some endemic institutional reasons why people don't succeed but there are also individual responsibility or collective responsibility within the family or the culture i think just alluding to that will let will will cause people to to level an accusation of racism against your enemy think about bill because
bill cosby i know he's not popular now but at one point he was walking around and and saying exactly that right that that that blacks have to take responsibility for some of their failures and he was he thought that message was not very well received well he you know he's saying it from an easy place the saying for someone is very successful right i think i think people imitate their atmosphere i think culture there's exists because it's easy to pattern yourself around what's around you and that's that exists in a religious sense an existing a behavioral sense we we you you will become a lot like the people that you surround yourself with that's why it's so port and surround yourself with positive people it's one of the most important lessons could ever learn as a human being the more positive people surround yourself with the more you'll aspire to be like them the more you you have a high standard that
exists all around you well if you're fucked and you grow up in a place out with no hope and a lot of despair mean i remember when i first new york when i was in my really early twenties and i didn't really have that many friends of for us and it was and i i had a few friends that i just i was really to point with them and one of our ma because he just would say so much races it would drive me crazy and i just i wasn't i was i was like god damn it like i can't find friends like i had a boss you know i was i was i had a bunch of knuckleheads that i would that i knew and i needed to stat you know takes a while when it's first when you're young and by the way no internet back then so you're trying to find good friends right and friends it will like in my profession as stand up comics so i had to lay
you know get closer to a few people that are in these these communities and it took a long time but i remember feeling really depressed when i first moved there and it was it was a cause for me me to reconsider moving back to boston was is one point time even though i just signed with this new manager that's still my manager to this day and there's all this hope and promise that like wow i'm actually going to have a career now i was so bummed out by the people that i was around with that i would go back to boston do gigs and i'm like fuck i want to move back here man 'cause i was like boston for all its faults in the you is is a very smart place and as is new york but i just i had infiltrated into a really great community in boston and i hadn't done that yet new york so there's a very small you know obviously a couple you
later i was fine but it was when you're not around positive people it doesn't feel good i was living in newark new jersey when i first moved there because that's where my grandfather who lived and i didn't have any money so i stayed with him for awhile and he was in a terrible neighborhood and he had bought a house there a long time ago and the community changed several times and gotten worse and worse and the kid next door before i moved in thing somewhere around the time that i was living there his door got broken down by the cops in the selling crack and it was it was it was real right now so i felt depressed living there and the environment that i found myself in my my grandmother had a stroke so she like moan and i said the grandmother who is a mafia numbers yeah yeah that was earlier in our life and whose mobile but
she had a stroke and she she will take a real seventy like seventy two hours to live she live twelve years and just like they were like she's probably like she she had a really bad but somehow she hung on by a thread for a long time my grand father you have to change your sheets and she had bed sores she would just lay in one place couldn't really move it was awful it awful so that environment of being in it's really poor neighborhood being poor myself i have no fucking money being around bad like didn't have good friends it's depressing suppressing now obviously i had virginity i had a career and there's a there's a way to get out of that but i got a taste i think even though the tiniest anne's tiniest taste of despair rival it's like to be stuck in a shit situation now imagine born in that situation because i move there when i was in my twenties i was like twenty three or something like that a
and if i was there my whole life and i just been around fucked up people or been sexually abused or physically abused or you know my mother was selling crack or you know my brother was in jail or who knows he does a lot of variables that can lead to a terrible state of mind and it's insanely hard to overcome the patterns of the past and the patterns of environment and until we address that this idea of pulling stop by your bootstraps is fucking ridiculous the idea of all the that would be shooting these young black kids that they just didn't commit crimes that's crazy that's why easy because it's not even it's not any in plainfield yeah it's not and for me comparing myself of twenty three to myself for forty eight it's not that i have way more opportunity now it's way easier life it's way easier way wait we better friends way but i've s abbas a nice community with my friends do you still form a lot of new friendships or do you have yeah yeah i have new friendships yeah definitely so you want to
q i'm i'm honored to be amongst our group will be because of doing this podcast it's allowed me to communicate with some really fast and reliable and that that's definitely allow me to formulate some new friendships and it's allowed me to to of all of my perspective to examine my own ideas and to you know i i think all of us there aren't that i'm friends with we've got we've sort of all experience that sort same similar growth pattern because you know as you take in more information you communicate with each other about things you kind of evolve ideas and so there was a study done i think a logical study and i believe i mentioned it in the book at harvard i think the lead investigator i think his name is george in french i would say i guess it by young or variant or i think that's his name and out of seventy five years of research in terms of what is sort of the number one predictor that makes people happy or content i can remember the exact dependent measure
the number one thing was establishing meaningful connections with others so seventy five years of research out of a million possible causal factors were distilled that one fact i would agree with that yeah i would agree with that amount the status people i know are lonely exactly status people you you know i know i know a few comedians don't have comedian friends too which is really weird that sort of ostracized by the community and some weird way and those people are really sad really sad a really lonely and really weird well i mean i don't know if we've ever mention this in this on this broadcast but if you take prisoners many of them will prefer to be in general population where they might be jumped and stabbed and raped than to be put in solitary yeah and precisely because solitary confinement is the ultimate of punishments to a social species right yeah we need each other and these these biological
all requirements that we don't consider because we meet on a daily basis you know that's one of them is getting outside and you know i've i've i feel that often because of course in my career there are two parts of me there is the i could croon and my study i'm working on a book and for the next you know sixteen minds i'm pretty much focused on that and i become sort of a cave dweller and of course is the public side of me which is very extroverted and social and so on once in awhile when i've spent several days very much cocooned and then i go out even to me to graduate soon to discuss ideas or a friend i literally come back refreshed in a way that is akin to satiating a thirst our our hunger or sexual need right i mean you genuinely feel that i went out with joe and we have coffee and i really
we did that yeah right yeah exactly this week so that yeah i think i feel like that all the time when i see my friends you know i work with my good friend joey diaz last night at the comedy store and when i saw you know i had seen him a couple days so i may see him all the time but i hadn't seen him and he gave me a big hug and i'm hugging him and like so good to see you by the way you know what is a hormone a marker of the hugging looks release of oxytocin makes sense makes sense you know i mean a friend that i genuinely love and he jenny really loves me we see each other big smiles big hug is warm it's awesome you know and when you don't have that in life you suffer when just move to la i had gone he to to do some acting and i was here for a couple weeks and i didn't have any friends again so sort of situation and i had gone you know like maybe like two weeks being here really not really known anybody and this
girl that i was working with on the set gave me a hug and army by that hug felt so good and didn't good like i wanted to fuck her right it felt good like i like warm like love like an actual person being kind me you know what else like i was so weirded out by being this strange place and living in la and like i just gotten accustomed to established like a community in new york and i establish some friends and i was just to start to be happy in new york and also i'm out in la well an insult and are we in psychiatry which is the field of psychiatry that applies evolutionary principles there's this idea of survival we've evolved in bands of about two hundred fifty people right you might have heard rock robin dunbar's number yes yeah so the idea is one hundred and fifty people you can keep in like your social memory exactly right because computationally you want to be able to mark
who's trustworthy who's not this guy reciprocate this guy doesn't once you get past one hundred and fifty becomes very difficult to maintain all these in your head yeah well so in the context of the environments in which we've evolved small group repeat interactions our need for social interaction is certainly met on the other hand you could live in new york you're surrounded by eight million people you think how could somebody be lonely when use outside and you bump into seventeen thousand people get the rates of depression in this very lonely place but yet very filled place is much greater than one hundred and fifty precisely because there is a mismatch between the environment in which we've evolved and the contemporary environment and so that's in the field of evolutionary psychiatry use buddy these types of things that's fasting the mismatch is true and also there is an intimacy wall that people put up because there's too many folks right there's too many people
when there's too many people you can't make friends with everybody whereas if you're in a small town you wave to people as you're driving by right you don't believe to people in the arcade be go you go crazy sure and imagine if you had a waived every cab that passed you in new york if you're driving it's it's not possible so in york somebody who obviously is well known and so on a lot of people are trying to befriend you does that result in you having a bit more of a precautionary approach with people because you always think that there might be some what that does have to be sinister angle which i just want to be you know friends with this famous person does that ever come into play with and your answer actions yeah you definitely going to have that but you don't you just fine other like minded people the rest is find people that are like you or error or similar and some yeah you got to be picky you and also there's there's a lot of weight to it you know if you like for you for example perfect exam
like you you start doing this podcast podcasts taken off your youtube series is taken off and then people want to become friends with you because they think they can get on your show or this evening and pick it back on your success and they they calculate may look at you and they say if i could just get in with the godfather i will be i'll be in and then i'll i'll get you to following that i'll get a little twitter following that i can get a career i just people that do you calculate the yeah like that and i've met people like that in the world stand up or people have said hey you know take me under your wing like what are you fucking crazy there's no wing go get your own way yeah it was time i barely have time to do what i'm doing right now and and continue my own stuff like you you see for like but there's certain comics will see them and i know they're really good and their their work the hard and then i'll take them on the road me like tony hinchcliffe is a perfect example i think he was opening for you in montreal when you yes yes yes very funny dismissal area so with me everywhere
and then this other ones like that you know where i meet them and there working hard they're they're hustlin and and i can help him but but some people don't they don't want the card they just want to sort of like cling on deal like a lamprey and then they think somehow another will take them to and you got to know who those people are and some people don't and i have friends that don't they don't know so i'll be hanging around with a like who the fuck is this guy and like good guys good comic there what what are you doing man what are you doing bring these guys on the road with them and they're they're terrible comedians but what they do is they know how to stroke their ego and kiss their and they've you know become a part of their system and the they are a lot of my friends who had this they have had real problems these people where there's a deep resentment that this ticket gets established when they're that person's creek doesn't take off right you know it doesn't happen cuz they really don't have that much talent is really good at kissing ass and they get upset this person not helping them like what the fuck have you done you've let this
uncle had in your life because they figured out a way how to woo you getting so you have to be careful but you also have to be careful with yourself you have to be careful with your own behavior you have to you have to objectively monitor your own thinking and you have to spend time let alone just thinking and that's something that people don't like to do and that's something i i think is absolutely critical it's one of the most critical things for a grown person to do is to spend some time and just think alone thinking and monitor your thoughts and monitor your life and then go forth from that with some directives with some idea with some guidelines what you want to do what you want to accomplish if you don't do that he sort of live life untethered untethered your dreams are your ideas are i mean even dreams as far as like community family like those aren't like lofty aspirations in the sense of like unachievable thing
like climbing everest in your underwear we're talking about things that can be done but often times aren't because you don't pursue him with that directive like my directive to establish a happy family to be a good friend to be a good neighbor to do all these things are people don't do you oftentimes don't consider how much of a factor those things play in your overall happiness and the happiness of the people around you and you can do that but now is to think about it i'll eat earlier for of course your viewers don't know we i interest is one of my friends was an fbi special agent and we were chatting i've been here for today so we've gone out together and i was telling him that often times i get in h for like a man's man companionship you know it yes because i mean not not to stereotype but sometimes the intellectual types with whom i can go out who are part of my world who are my colleagues will will sign
it's five particular h but of course i used to be a soccer player and i'm i'm a as guy and i need you right i mean right we need to be able to talk about certain things that are not necessarily within the i'm fine you need fellow sexist say it not full sexes sexist but fellow eyes who can sort of let let let their hair down right now but you're allowed to be yourself yeah and and i mean not not that i'm not myself another cry but they are different sort of rules of conduct some different settings right the way you act yeah and the and i find that recently maybe because of course i think we both have young children were you somewhat cocoon i've lost a bit of the male bonding and camaraderie comes with playing in a soccer team or an many many professional athletes as you know when they retire they
always say you know they don't miss playing in front of a hundred thousand people or the adulation but they miss the camaraderie the s the brotherhood with their food and and that that element of male male bonding is something that some as i miss because of how busy mike life is yes i completely agree and i have found that the most potent form of that is hunting camps okay that in camps when you go hunting and camping out and you you have of your phone online yeah you focus on one thing and all you surrounded by these men and everyone is allowed to be themselves and you you're also you're in engaging in this intensely you know quote unquote manly activity right that is the almost the polar opposite of raising children coddling little girls it
comments this manly rugged pursuit and it's a very satisfying right deep genetic level soccer because i think there's these reward systems that are established thousands of years ago in our dna it's like why you like being around a campfire why is that because it's super beneficial to have a fire words are predators keep keeps you warm a cookie shop for you does he something is key to so many benefits to having this fire that you when you have one it's like naturally satisfied well you know we all huddle around it and you know it's odd to leave it yeah i think that being around other men is it's oftentimes thought that these men are going to get together and i think men things going to come back and be sexist patriarchal and i can come back and
growing all this progress that we've had right and there is that that idea that somehow or another that manly is anti progressive an anti you know anti equal anti equal rights anti equal values that's funny by the way that when you ask a lot of women what types of bend they want they will typically point to the male archetype that is most view with the stained by the current wave of the third wave feminism right it's not talk to those women when they're being honest alone yeah if they they don't called out by yeah i mean so i i was once communicating with the i think she was in the swedish or or or danish which was saying that the specially i think you're swedish where you know once we then they've they've had the sort of long standing experiments where they try to
move gender pronouns right once explained that because it's very bizarre way nice people well the idea is that they're they're trying to as much as they can remove any gender markers in any setting and so the idea is that we should be gender neutral in every possible way incidently there was a study on toy preferences done in sweden right then that the mecca of gender neutrality and guess what little boy and little girls gravitate to exactly the same sex specific toys everywhere else on earth core despite forty years of soul engineering it hasn't done anything but anyways and so so the men there have been so ravaged by a third wave feminism that i mean literally they're the they're they're they're they have not out what metaphor not literally and so we were chatting and whatever and she and she was saying that she missed
is the the pursuit i mean the a man courting her not sexually harassing her but but there is a sense that happens well it's a sexually harassing when you're not attracted to that man exactly that's where it gets confusing right right because right man you know if it's a johnny depp or something is is pursuing you it's it's hot if if some fat slob dirty breath is pursuing you there's a exactly yeah i'm in that's and send some men have become so tentative it apparently in sweet yes that often times these women the reason why they like guys you know sort of the stereotypical italian guy when they go is not only of course a tying guys on average for a stylish and good looking but it's because that that that that political that's that has stifled natural dynamics between men and women hasn't fully you know per permeated say
italian culture so that when women pass by yes you don't want them to be cat calling them but guys will approach you guys will it hit on you guys will tell you you're beautiful in the deep recesses of even the most ardent feminist you like that i mean that's part the natural dynamics of men and women right yeah but it's so confusing now for anyone because you don't know i mean if i tell you you look good today at work is that sexual or not should i only tell my male colleagues that he really looks good in this time but i shouldn't right well the problem is if you are unattracted to this man and he tells you you look good and you say why thank you and he's like i would love to stick my dick in your mouth like ok you fucked it up part of people take it if it's a gender or a sexual neutral thing uh hey deborah you look wonderful today i love your dress look fantastic thank you mike and then just to work and you go to work and everybody's happy and you are friends there's a new tree
quality of sexual neutrality there but that's the plutonic values that i would like to see in the workplace rarely exist there's always like coveted sexual desires yeah the people there unrequited love and anne as fair as it take place because people working together knees and for eight hours a day staring at each other normal thoughts and ideas abnormal environment right it for men and women to be in these in these work places and not have those facts that's abnormal right the thoughts i mean matt and managing those thoughts becomes incredibly tricky which is why you need to establish kerr very strict behavior you know laws and rules and regulations in the workforce because you don't want women have to deal with bullshit or men mad men that were in here i had a leg are the amazing atheist was talking about this woman that and it was like she was his boss and he was getting sexually harassed i got a daily basis and it was torture
it was brutal she would grab his ass who tried to get him to fuck her and he didn't want to he wasn't a track her but she was amazing atheist was the recipient of that yes he's youtube guy i'm gonna show the drunken peasants yeah yeah good dude and so he was talking about it from his perspective where people don't look at a at like that he was in any sort of a bad situation at all they laughed it off because he's a man right you know as what the fuck so he's like psychologically devastated he's gotta go to work all the time this ladies grab his ass and she's gross and she's above him so he's expn sing what a lot of women experience only no one cares because he's a man you know it's like us speaking of not sexual harassment by continuing on that train of thought i had a public exchange with a woman who is starting is trying to pass a bill i think in new jersey
maybe new york i can remember s call the rape by fraud we have seen that yeah have you seen it yet me or no i've seen that law that they're trying to pass that whole area so i basically in the law yeah because it's just so the base idea is that she's arguing that when you in in the same way that you enter a contract with somebody and if you do so under false pretense then you are engaging in a fraudulent action well when you get somebody to go to bed with you on the false pretense you lied about your background your education you live out whatever and you get that person to acquiesce to your advances and you have sex with them well then that is a a an and sensation of rape by fraud right you you you were able to have sex with me on the
los pretenses and so i saw this thing i thought it was breathtaking how how is the i think it was i said well okay let me put together a a sob truth youtube clip and in the clip i didn't mention her i didn't attack the woman who's trying to move the for the the this idea but of course i'd linked back to her of sites because i wanna be judicious and link i mean right show that it's a real fast so it's a real thing shows events as as as a scientist so she she starts hammering at me she puts up this website i'm sure she could probably find a maybe i should have given that this this platform for her maybe you shouldn't put it because it should just get more attention my name is apt she's saying that i am a rape by fraud enable or so and then she goes on to say that you better stop critiquing my ideas because you go
to have a lawsuit from my lawyer for being libelous and defamatory to me so the mindset of this version those words roughly those words yeah now critiquing diesel maybe on purpose by me the fact that i'm coming after her right so this woman thought that her putting up an idea in the in the market place ideas and having somebody scrutinize that idea and asman as harassment was a form of defamation on it being libelous and i thought i was just breathtaking and i had two other cases with two four but both happen to be for journalists female journalists where we went back and forth it's very very quickly this integrated on twitter they started doing this year cyber bully
me when i have done no such thing i was very very tepid and so on and i used against both of them some people might have already heard the story i use against both of them the fact that i score higher on oppression olympics or victimology poker brown man from the middle east due aribe overweight and so nice not happen on from seven tell your story eggs story you told us podcast exactly but it's a press is a good soccer and so i turned it against them guess what they disappeared so imagine how grotesque their mindset as as long as they thought they could say you know you're a pay your cyber bulling me maybe talk about the the sarkeesian twitter things yeah okay as they felt safe the second i started i actually was such rising why are you attacking a brown man why attacking me just because i'm overweight i have dave this beard faster than you could say god father because they knew that they would be the use of anti and i i you literally use those things like you know you that you're an artist
mike you're one of the following year and and it works it's magical it flows do but it's so stupid writers do but why don't you just engage me an idea now yeah that's the profits well i think there's value and some merit in the idea you shouldn't be able to lie to people and fuck them right i think like if you say you're a prince from another country and you want to take this person to your land and they will live forever in a garden of eden and this woman think oh my god i met the perfect guy that's not rape by fraud what is it no i actually in my in my clip i made it clear that i find it morally and ethically reprehensible i believe that people should be maximally on in their daily affairs so i might do exactly so don't call it rape fraud alert on what you want okay it's not rape but what is it doing this city it's it's it's kind of got a sorry it's right buyer beware but there's
something that we value very intensely about intimacy and and someone who achieves intimacy through false pretenses it's it's different than someone that like you know says that pay for lunch ninety tomorrow they're going to give you one million dollars and they don't but not you know i'm saying yeah i do ninety five percent of online dating would be then rape yeah that's why i'm saying it should be should be alright right i mean men lie about their education about their income about their height women lie about their age about their weight they wear push up bras part of the may ritual as as the testable as it might be is that people engage in deceptive sick you know animals evolve deceptive signals so let call everybody a rape i mean everybody is a rapist well and under that what you're getting real extreme 'cause we're talking about like
what kind of lies are we talking about where it would be rape by fraud like is it a how much do they have like certain parameters that would so i don't know that the g that this i don't know the boundaries i think in her case i know that so she has experience as a truck that a very bad reception where the guy whom she had if she married him or not you know i said that he was abc but turned out to not be true and he had maybe it's dreadful it's horrible but that's that's called life yeah you learn from that i mean that happened to cindy crop not cindy crawford christie brinkley shemer some guys she was in a helicopter crash with and it turned out to be kind of a con man and as time launch you realized it and you know crossed a lot of money ok a woman who fakes an orgasm with you is raping you because
next time the next time that you have sex with her under the false pretense that you receive positive feedback that you're a great lover because you gave her an orgasm but she was faking her orgasm she's raping me so that's ridiculous because the rising when i get so far off the beaten path because the woman is saying like you gave her pleasure like this will be lost to you like that is that it doesn't hurt you in any way i give that woman said like you made me cum so because you made me come i'm going to give you one million dollars and then you can at your job so you quit your job like i'm the best pussy eater ever i'm going to get paid for this and you quit your now because of that and then it turns out that she doesn't really have one million dollars and you make her have an orgasm well then you not the only reason i wanted to have sex with her again is because of the feedback i received for the
right that's uh from reason lover promise your own pleasures of secondary nature come out of a very giving guy i'm completely all just such a stretch you should abandoned it immediately is a terrible argument but i think there is there's a certain amount of validity to what this woman saying like as far as like someone who is like very deceptive who use is that deception to have sex with you and you find out there a liar that's feels terrible yes so like what should it be like what if yeah i mean what what what could it be mean if a guy says he's one eighteen indian hello ma'am a my mom's back she on my grandfather's on them in but it's all bullshit right near tractors that some sort of strange way because really like dream catchers right you know i've always want to be with the native american and then you find out guys really like german irish and you know is a liar like is that is that right of course not okay so what is that that's just a liar
wildlife but when is it a problem it's a it's a problem when someone is it in somehow or another harms harms the person who's been deceived becomes a crime right i think if there is i don't know i have to think about what the parameters are but i mean if you were engaging in a repeat interaction where you defrauded the person through a misrepresentation but i mean the idea that to get somebody to date you or have sex with you and through the pursuit of that objective you lie as reprehensible let me be clear again it's reprehensible and ice definitely don't live my life that way although i'm married now but i never have live my life that way you can't crim analyze a central feature of human nature it is incumbent of on each individual to do their homework i mean you do your due diligence and find out if the guy that you're speaking to is a nigerian prince right but doesn't this woman have like kind of fairly fairly cut
dry parameters that she's establishing i don't i found you don't know well i don't know either if she did maybe that would give it more validity of something that should have been thinking about for a long time but i can never imagine that it would ever be able to meet the standards of it being called rape you know what's interesting about this conversation is that we're talking about is a person who's been fun dover and that person has gone out of their way to make sure this never happens again 'cause they've been hurt and they've been tortured i think you see a lot of that with like really radical feminism in general what you see is a lot of women who their interactions with men have not been positive and unfortunately the stereo type is that these are very unattractive women well if you're a very unattractive woman and you go through life just being rejected by man or being treated by like shit by man there's like natural tendency to think that men are terrible because they've rejected like maybe you're attracted to a man and he laughs at you and mocks you
that i've seen that on the male side too and with a close friend i had a friend that i watched him evolve into a woman hater he had aspirations and hopes find a good girl and he had this one girl he was dating and she fucked him over and then another girl fucked him over and just women weren't attracted to him and you know it just got darker and darker as he got older and older to the point yeah be genuinely would say like just generalize terrible things about women right like when they're all fucking horseman they'll just want your money they're all fucking pigs fuck them gives a shit i hope they'll get raped you would say crazy shit like that and you could like whoa like where did this come from what came from a lifetime of reject and an associating women with a negative feeling right i'm attracted to them i come up to them they shit on me i'm attracted them comp them this shit on me over and over and over again to the point where he broke you know he just it was easier for him
form these generalizations in the act on these or to have these in his mind set and i think that this is the unfortunate reality about sexual attraction as it pertains to the dynamic of men and women interacting with each other there's a a lot going on there when you look at unattractive femra versus uh over over and over again you see one after the other after the other by the way there's a study that was done i think published in frontiers in human neuroscience where they measured the digit ratio an administered as scale of gender you know how much is corn masculinity femininity if i remember correctly or dominance or something at a feminist conference and the women were more masculinized at that conference so they there is empirical evidence for sort of your anecdotal intuition makes sense and also women that are forced to work you know there i found that women in the workplace generally develop more testosterone is that right yes yes women
forced to fend for themselves generally develop more testosterone it it it it literally enters the way their horn so it's not that depending on the field that they go into they start off with more or less the stars from you that's a response they are saying that they believe it is a response to women being independent and being forced to provide for themselves that they develop more testosterone i don't know how the fuck they prove that i don't know how we like to see that's the problem is you would have to have the exact same person with the exact same genetics take two completely different path so you would have to do with identical twins with very similar input right 'cause like your jeans a lot what's going on the way they express themselves dependent upon your environment your experience is is uh going on there's not a simple i i think my last saw truth clip was on exactly that where i was arguing that the whole idea of biological determinism as applied to evolution psychology is complete
non sense and one of the examples that i gives exactly the words that you use which is that genes are turned on or off as a function of environmental inputs yeah right so so the idea when people levy is you an evolution psychologist or we believe everything is biologically determined somebody who says that is effectively saying i understand nothing about biology right yeah it's very very complex an only being recently understood within the law last couple decades so we're talking about a fairly new science that is or fairly new data i should say that a lot of people just haven't accepted yet and it's very convenient to generalize instead to not take into account all these incredibly complex variables that determine whether a human thing is this way or that way whether they're more mad kill anymore it's like what have you to do what how you had to fend for yourself how you
want to get through life what what what have you had to do as far as like have you had to nurture and take care of you know what this a lot of variables that lead to a person being a person and there's a on a different styles of people and some men like really strong dominant mother figure wives they love it that's what they want they want someone to take care of everything and tell him what to do i have friends like that they want that woman to yell at them and tell him what to do it deviates a lot of questions and choices and that's what they look forward to and then i have other friends that want the wife to be like some 1950s housewife from from a movie where she shows just needs to be you home dinners on the table she gives you a kiss and you know it's like real traditional values but there's feminist that will look at that woman an like she's an enemy right that her life although it makes her speed to exist in this way they have a really uh operative relationship she doesn't have a right to that choice exactly
and is never the right to be masculine men don't have a right to go on these hunting camps first of all you should only eat vegetables you should be a vegan and then in doing so you definitely shouldn't be a hunter and you definitely shouldn't be involved in masculine sports or activities you definitely shouldn't enjoy weight lifting or anything that's going to make you more men 'cause it make you toxic you're a toxic constant selena that's hilarious do we want to talk about anything in our cases quickly or do i you know i'm not that famille do with her other than i've seen a couple of her videos about video games and i'm like and i've also seen thunderfoot stuff on her which is really interesting which explains that she had this back found in marketing and mass marketing and is obviously whether or not she's entirely invested in these ideas she's uh usually aware that she's marketing her ideas towards a very specific group and she's got these beta
nails that cling to her an are attached are which are hilarious human beings have you heard my theory about the it's actually a realtor sticker fucker strategy excuse me sneaker fucker sneaker yeah no i can't wait there you go i think it's sure if it was a term that was introduced by richard dawkins i can't remember who it was but he called it speak doctor call this my i hope i miss speaking okay maybe jamie can pull it up okay but anyways it basically refers to use some species where males come in different phenotypes in other words different physical manifestations so there might be so say for example the type of fish species where the typical male is big big phenotype whatever that is then there are other males that mimic the phenotype of fear
nails so when the male standing around looking to protect his area that that male who looks like a female will sneak in and then get some quick calculations with some of the feet is it otherwise should be inaccessible to him and that became known as a sneaker fucker strategy in in zoology and i are you i haven't tested it but i think it it it it with the with the it'll be interesting to do so that some of these sort of social justice warrior beta males are engaging in a form of sneaker fucker strategies what do you think one hundred percent all i look at the one hundred without a doubt i mean you have to do what you gotta do yeah there's desperation involve like if you can't be you know this beautiful stud mail that all these women found out that means i'm too short if you're too short i'm nonexistent then give me a chance you're short of the main dude your fault i know i'm finished done but you know what there is research that should listen to study
you're very defensive no not at all you're ready you're ready what so you bring in a guy to a room and the only thing that you manipulate is describe status academic status that you have that a guy okay comes into a room and one in one version experiment he's a assistant professor and the second version he's of associate professor in the third version is a famous world famous professor then when he steps out the only thing that you test as people's perception of his height his heights magically becomes taller as his ascribes academic size goes up and so i always joke that i may be only for but also in i'm seven foot for baby how tall are you that that's hurtful notes and i feel i've i've you know this answer i don't know very on nine of the i mean on a really good day where they harassed by
five six and a bit five actually somebody really good day where there was like i was in the photo i get measured that man was in a photo yesterday with dave rubin and i did his show and so on and somebody else goes oh i learned something new i thought the godfather was much taller you gotta wear some still i gotta wear something i gotta wear the rubio heels maybe what's a rubio hill rubio the presidential candidate has wasn't wasn't there rumor that he was patting his heels to make himself taller that's what i've heard i don't know i wouldn't be shocked when you think about political circles kind of manipulations yeah there's so much manipulation going on there on image and image so many different consultants i mean they have that on television shows i can only imagine what it would be like well when george bush was debating i don't know if it was kerry i can't remember which one his his camp had come up with
all sorts of rules of what kind of camera shots you can do and so on so that he look at his heels isn't it beautiful how everything i say is validated by jamie jesus christ disguise believable fuck four inch heels on i love jamie i should have him around everywhere like when i'm in class i say some and he just pops the stuff up first of all those would be seriously uncomfortable ok will hold a hold on though how much taller though things in like cowboy boots cowboy boots are like that that's at least three inches those are bigger than three inches those are giant well maybe you're right those are giant so the short guy how tall is rubio supposed to i have yes giant heels cooking italian shoes that's not normal for those ones on the left that's not normal that's by design yeah there you go you got to just suck it up and deal with the height no it's messy is five foot six he could get any woman he wants in the world off for the love of god
lyonel messy you don't know who that is now who's that what are you looking at me funny last time was demetrius mighty mouse johnson i don't know stand shame out greatest power confidence ever lived lyonel messy greatest soccer player ufo soccer right the girly sport here it's not girly it's just not something interesting yeah you know this at least five foot six is you know what i saw that guy on television they were doing and special on his his his movement and what he can do to balls not like my balls but like soccer balls and how we can manipulate them and it was fucking spectacular he's incredible incredible athlete but i didn't know what his name was then i met you know okay there you go all right okay you should you should you should show his wife at some point i'm sure she's always work okay not show it i get it yeah but
yeah but this guy running for president as nothing to do she's is christ the guys boring he gives a fuck it's not a liter it's like jeb bush jeb bush not a leader yeah that's why i had to back out of it you know ted cruz not a leader but they are hanging their hat on this guy that most people see right through because there's certain there's there's a there's a thing that happens when you talk to that guy where his intellect like ted cruz maybe he's intelligent maybe i don't know you know that supposedly went to harvard suppose these very wise the way he talks the way he establishes himself the way he communicates is not enough just not i have to run the world we all recognize it he he's not he's not powerful enough in his ideas bernie sanders might be uh crazy old socialist he might be but when that guy speaks with passion like i buy it you buy it doesn't exude when know doesn't exude a wimpy enable posture get terrible posture
yeah you look from the very unhealthy but he's stand up for his beliefs and beliefs he speaks with clarity and he speaks with a certain amount of force and i don't think i don't think he's the king but i think we live in a time where only assholes want to be president right you know this press something is not going to last it's not it's not less no i think it's like can it's like morse code it's like we need some better like this is stupid it's like we have morse code and we also have cell phones were not going to use fucking more road it's goofy and this internet thing that i've created this way of establishing information or expr sing information it is so far are superior to anything that existed back when they invented the electoral college or representative government that the voting and and having a leader one single higher price
great leader one singer single top eight that runs all the other apes it's dumb it's dumb you can't one person being president is a fucking really stupid idea it just doesn't make any sense who makes the decisions that would be a lot of people should be a gigantic council of really intelligent governance yes one hundred percent i think it is already it is a he is a figurehead more than it is anything if that doesn't explain why obama shifted almost all of his policies that he said that he was going to do once he got into office once he actually got into office change so many of the things he did including his id in stance on whistleblowers there was a big part of his hope and change website that they had to redact so who who believes the the president really is responsible for the entire country really is the one guy that runs the entire show i think almost no one now almost no one so it's a ridiculous figurehead position that i think we need to stop we need to stop pretending that we have a king we need to stop we need to figure out
way to have an effective form of government with a giant group of really intelligent people that vote on it people that have proven to be intelligent and objective an well educated and have a reasonable reasoned response to all these do very well i guess the parliamentary system of the of canada or britain would probably be more into what you're talking about maybe you still have tree down and you still have a figure head you so long as you want yeah i mean the with the figure has a bad idea and i think it's a bad idea because i think that this hope in this this idea that we need to king we need a number one primate mean that's really what it is these are like chimpanzee hierarchy systems that have existed for thousands and millions of years that you don't think that youmans succumb to the same dominance hierarchies i just don't think we needed anymore this the i think we're moving towards this idea of a global community moving toward this idea of a of a world with
the boundaries that we have had in the past often times have been because we try to stay safe we try to establish borders we want to stay safe want to keep people together the outsiders out right king guard borders war i just think that's less and the less relevant today and it's more more relevant to have a large group of very informed people that can help a large group of people that are collectively calling themselves a country plato talks about philosopher cakes right he talked about that those who should lead should be the wise philosophers and shoes moderation of those guys be the godfather maybe they can have a newborn another country or fog but you change the constitution for right now we we tried for arnold one expects warts in major tell you got popped right but what what's annie is it made but what's the deal with him now doing those video game commercials i mean doesn't not seems guinness
trash bags out to get that paper i'm going to pay for that divorce alot of money involved i mean he's do movies doing a lot of different things so it probably came to him with a big deal and it's a funny commercial neural attacking him trying to get as i phone yeah i was in shock it doesn't bother me it's about you know but i mean it seems like for for governor yeah i mean maybe it's november anymore yeah okay fair enough i don't spend too much time thinking about it i mean to be weird if push started doing one of those right but you know what yeah and got you in the know the the former press president george w start doing a commercial for a video game where he's running away from a bunch of assassin her trance deal with phone it get really weird right you know or if obama left office and started doing commercials for shit is there a law against that about what come up then doing commercials like a former president was representing the coal or something like that and i suspect not
would be the law and it would fund the what rubric i don't know i just you know seen it no i wonder why a violation if you like and quotes of the presidential office on the line i think one thing you would hinder them is the financial reward of being a president is really about those gigantic speeches that they get right you know hillary clinton here's a here's a up corey c one hillary clinton and bill clinton have made honduras of million of dollars in speeches they gave their daughter a three million dollar wedding party yeah three million dollars if we allow the masses are just out you and me well this is i could show you how insanely fucked up right little system is in this country and that's why present it would actually be negative to them if they had any mark on their record like doing a pepsi commercial i can whatever pepsi would pay them it wouldn't be enough because like a guy like bill clinton he makes
one believable and he was at least a partially disgraced president but it doesn't matter it still didn't harm is financial the the the financial possibilities do you think it'll ever be the case where a sitting us president can claim to be an atheist i think an agnostic is more likely an actual atheist an atheist is someone who says i don't believe in god no god yeah i think likely someone they someone that i say i don't know or someone who is is there anybody that like choose is to engage in a bunch of different tradition practices of worship but doesn't necessarily believe and that god has as a politician i like someone who tries to going to a jewish synagogue aug and then one day they want me to do all these trees when x campaigning season i put to the where the the garb and do this sir the survey all i could send you photo you for please pull them up there is a bunch of photos of justin trudeau
being able to dumb dumb dumb with access to to show he's isn't every extremist mosque in canada process getting himself as a as a as a sort of moslem do that to get in office what else we have done it thrice in office then how he behave i'm sure it's only been a hundred days so we'll have to i reserve judgment but i'm not sure that i like that very much yeah well problematic when you support the ideologies that really just don't make sense and that's we're not talking about like meditation or anything else you talking about like really strict guidelines for living and they don't make sense and their their ancient and you know in a lot of ways those play this is where those guidelines were established where it was the crate
civilizations were civilization first emanated first took off and i have this sort of joke that i never i never really figured out how to on stage but essentially the middle east is like the townies of the world the town yeah yeah i actually lost on i i don't i don't that term was that we talked about it last time this is like think that patterns are intensely hard to break it's one of the reasons why the united states is the most as far as artistically one of the most diverse places in the world and as far as our ability to express ourselves in film and music in the stand up comedy and things on the and even in podcasting it's the most diverse and the most potent and it's because we're the people that escaped exactly other spots you know mike my grandparents came from italy and i and they all came over on a boat when they were young and they establish themselves in the east coast and that's where my parents were warren and that's where i was born and it's these are just like cops second
generation immigrants that we're trying to get the fuck away from hours of europe and they tried to find a new place a new opportunity and the escape the tradition the past and the tradition of new place was different it was different it was more open it more more more hope there was there wasn't a caste system you know like there is in england i mean there's like a very your class system that goes on in a lot of countries throughout the world that has existed back from the days when they had kings but in canada the canadian government i can't remember exactly when specifically to avoid that caste system them the the royal caste system made it a law that canadians can't be knighted any country that's under the commonwealth show you a jury in a year in the and you could be knighted by the queen you become sir dame someone run agents count while chris i see because the the argument was that the canadian ethos is contrary to having these hierarchical
royal titles so i could never be sir godfather good i like that you don't to be a certain line i think there's real problems in established cast systems like that real problems that are intensely hard to break and i think that the beauty america is that you can come here with nothing and come somebody and the real lesson in that is not that america is different is that really everybody is somebody being held back by tradition and you're being held back by these parameters enters in these these guidelines are set in place by people a very limited amount of information work with they did understand the consequences of these rules they didn't understand the consequences of these these patterns of behavior that you're forcing people to follow and right and that's why america
in a lot of ways represents still like the beacon of freedom to people i mean there's a lot of problems of america huge amount of problems with america but that alone that it represents the most recent of the big contracts the most recent of the nation and i don't know if coincidentally the big one right as the super power i mean i don't know if that's a coincidence earlier we were talking about some friendships let me link that to some of the stuff that you're talking about america so one of the arguments as to why americans seem to form more sort of after merrill transient friendships you know not as the i mean it it might be a stereotype but i know i can tell you that when i was a graduate student in the us all the non american students with complained that americans are very quick to be friendly with you but they don't form the same type bonds that's interesting i've never heard that sucks but listen to the story so i thought about it i thought with that can i mean you can't be inherently that
americans are more shallow so what might be some reasons and so i actually talk about this not in this book but in an earlier book of mine two thousand and seven book that the fact that americans face greater geographic mobility today i could be in boston tomorrow i could be in la and social economic mobility the this the stratton that i was born into is not necessarily the one that i might die in so because of these various forms of mobility it creates a more transient definition of friendship not that americans can't form strong bonds by there is a a bit of a shallowness two of the original encounters because the more i might be somewhere else where as the guy who comes from lebanon where where he's born is way he's going to die where his word is is is is contract is going to have a different definition of friendship if only because life is not as anonymous it's not as open to mobility as it would be the
in say california that seems reasonable it makes sense that makes sense i think i i probably saw you i saw you i saw you trying to poke a hole into it but you won't make sense sense i mean that we we are in a lot of ways captive right by the initial impulses of the people who created us and write the land that they establish you know in this place is established by people that we're were so transient they they got a boat and they they sailed away before they had pictures but you know there wasn't even pictures when people came here in the seventeen hundreds had a draw things you know look at this drawing this is what's waiting for you on the other side of the ocean it's only going to take three months don't be a pussy and you're likely to die yeah i mean people don't want to get in a fucking plane for ten hours and go to england that's too far but people that's a fucking not even a day you could wait
up in the end in los angeles get on a plane you could have dinner in london that's incredible lesson st is a louis louis c k is a high concept is he the one who does the bit where he's he says about how you know he's flying in it too in the sky hi yeah wifi joe again not his yeah yeah well it we it's all relative right right ridiculously easy to us in comparison to our grandparents is going to be a joke to our grandchildren who could beat beam each other on the moon anytime they want let's just go to the base on mars he's going to go to mars today i'm just going to fucking beam each other up all over the galaxy that's what we're dealing with a very strange and ever changing world so very nice this a fucking badass pot
best brother man you are what you do this is your thing man i live a truly blessed life to know guys like i do to know guys like you that's what makes this podcast so cool to be able to have conversations with guys like that so much this is your future man this is what it is he's fucking stuffy classrooms with twenty fucking kids barely pay attention who are judging you fuck those people i don't listen to universities don't listen to him don't hire him let liza you make so much more money doing this anyway your you to page is soul youtube slash see slash got side it's the sad truth truth saad truth s a but it's not sad it's not side it's happy i'm always smiling and was always my dad got sad dziady
it's a a d is my twitter feed and then my public facebook page whatever the of it side doctor period gad period so always a pleasure my brother thank you sir but invitation anytime you want combat unless it is are you doing this every day thank you so i got rather cheers tonight everybody thank you friends thanks to the party thanks to our sponsors thanks to on it and and hi use the code word rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements thanks to bowl and branch go to bo l l branch dot com and use promo code rogue get twenty percent off your offer your tire order of awesome sheets duvet covers blankets towels i need to shit you order from there it's going to be excellent and a fraction of the charge that you would get if you bought it from some sort of department store thanks
so two ziprecruiter co two ziprecruiter dot com forward slash rogan and try out ziprecruiter for free at super critter dot com forward slash rogan my friends thanks for everything that's it for the week this is a long one right fuck man have god damn guess this week next week we got a lot of guests to leave the return to the machine bert crush will be here emma call be here michael baker formerly of the cia he'll be here we're gonna have some fun folks so until then we'll see you next week enjoy your life because each other and i love the fuck out of people all right bye bye yes here comes
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