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#771 - Eddie Bravo

2016-03-07 | 🔗
Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author. http://www.eddiebravoinvitational.com/
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talk about gay shit doesn't it doesn't matter we could do anything you talk about second debt we could talk totally get away with it and that people started getting sick of it thus alicia purple back now give a more do you know they give him i don't give a fuck before getting past listen to some people are getting past people you can worry about but the coolest think one applicable assemble makes an extra cause it's the best possible podcast situation period here and there you have seen going on at the same fucking time and we're all her lull over it's like you can't take it it's like you were doing a podcast punish shit ever while the greatest showed its ever been invented at the same time combination of those things and as the figures boring avoid for whatever reason is stagnant we start talking about fucking owls you see i was already but if people can have set of us talking about dicks look
this is where the conversation go sometimes don't worry about that we're trying the best we can be entertaining albatross it is this going to be some slip up tv feel like we're here too much dick in there you're allowed to express yourself i might add that we might have a pretty strong gay following now how about you i hope we do probably do do we make it i feel comfortable i hope they do feel comfortable i'm just in a real i see a guy like alan jabbar just keep a real his beautiful man but even more porno who gives a fuck you know this is that the thing like it that its even remotely controversial that we would have a gay following proteome falling of irish people to me now remain who cares who gives a fuck weak of the irish speaking of government here man ellis a man this guy has balls this is why i respect the fuck out of common macgregor not just cause he's an awesome fighter and yea lost in ideas whose also an awesome fighter but who the fuck bullfight anybody who will just jump up eliza procedure that beach i tried it
and you know what even though a beach i didn't he had success once at least one seventy be mad he's but at the end of the day there's a really good reason why all elite boxers wrestlers fighters wake during its sole massively important virtually everybody there are some crazy people out there like anthony johnson that's the exception but generally theirs the good reason most people are torturing themselves to get as light as possible both at the elite level five pounds makes a big fuckin deference it makes a big difference five thousand ten pounds ten pound different elite level men even the best his aren't going up might look at half amendments no probably palm propounded best guy in jujitsu problem we haven't marcello jacques they're all up deck pampered for power is so many good guys now cheesy credible now you know domain you know even marcello noah's tyrannical up in anyway
trying to limit this year i'm gonna try the weight category above me no everybody's under raise your died they need three months to get serious about it there on instagram personal fuckin broccoli every day and progress of their other absentia you now the killing themselves because now because it feels good shit they all not eating it made it so important everybody knows you just can't go up and goddamn way both j will be j was the one that so far he went to heavy weight should finally item aegina bees is five put a i wasn't even light everywhere broke it was heavy weight because machine it was like to await that ok i think i think that fight was technically a heavy weight fight find that out but would you know over china mercilessly jason cheetah in autumn is bad for you that's out of shape which you ever see when you used to fight
take my european agenda that is first you have to fight that's that's not as real weight has real wages to a five one i don't want to do so but beat i did it and i always admired and hide me animal to me i looked i'll always could be jazz living legend yeah the guidance that undefeated into got his ass be a few times who gives a fuck look would be j did the balls to step up and really he was a forty five are justly be justly continent is no the whole tiny was of work at an jujitsu he was a forty five he was always a forty for fighting at fifty five one seventy nobody else is doing it and you know conor harry comes conor this guy he has so much power and his hands he had the courage to think he could finish what be j started you know let me go up there and do that do would be j did but you know he felt like a fuckin knock anybody he really really believe hiccup fuckin
be land you're going down and you know what he was doing great against may be as i met this this is my this how i found her i'm want out of this party slam his house and work i didn't realize we were behind by a minute in like we were alive i thought rely but we were behind by america everyone's going nuts i'm one you gonna shoot lizzie board mrs next through my childhood i owe you one of my greatest favorite led singers of all time we sit next to the more watch and everyone go and not it look i corners to me i was like there's gonna win this thing man he was like made up cut them all up he was connected look really cough and i call upon the whole for i was gone its is it was over in the first or second second it was a second so in that round get a call from charlie
i got all you know how much i want you know how much i told you i told you you never about against years ago what are you talking about i found was watching you gentlemen amicia fight because now mother fucker you got choke who got children a call home got you out and watch the date me as by the vulgar what body you watch arena i'm watching the counterparts as it's going on because each other bugger now i'm like dude far and it goes why would we realize you fucked up atomic i knew the deer was gonna win a managing to peer somethin at a party and which is behind were wound shit lines you didn't bass forward it so we thought it was live we show we called me hysterical only gave her away and they would
you realize you gave it away he hung up our shit and i said oh shit pie you just fucked up the greatest fight over but the fight was so crazy and so fuckin insane even though i know better even though i knew i go ok somehow it is going to take him down and choke amount but it doesn't look good right here like how is he going to do conor down that's gonna be easy flock he's gonna pull how's it going to do it i had no idea that may i'd innate hurts o connor takes him down you know that i went down the place i was i was going folk and not everybody was screaming at the top of the falcon logs they want and they when he choked him out dude i'd know
we're been in a party wherever was gone so crazy but everybody was losing park in mine i was still there too you have seen how relies shit blind everybody was gone crazy jumped up and scream and without a i'd never screen so loud and my mother fucking life than any fight ever that was login shocking it was ass it looked like a continent which has had his hands down good i got this mother bugger he was land and he was tagamet look like you heard of a couple times you don't know me you know that made it look at least he was i thought it was it was over for i really did and when he turned it around and the way it finish them and when he put that fuckin rear naked show again he put down mother fucker and like super don't wait first of all the way he mounted if you don't do it judge you would never know the way here walking mounted and his back you could see the balance you could see beauty and that now and away he
in writing him like a professional fuckin a chance rodeo falcon writer eyes balances all beautiful and then when he took his back the way he put that fuckin hook in there was it will show a fish and there wasn't a hiccup where have you know this job and then set up and in our view it just what it was in santiago blackmail shall perfect and so falcon like that technique was about a flawless and as beautiful as you can get those did through big points was there we ve never seen connor face adversity never seen him on the ground with a real brazilian jujitsu black but like nay nay it's got a nasty grounded and his grano you know what it is but people are talking a lot of shit on carter's jujitsu i know corners jujitsu good here come to my school that guy's good just cause you got mount challenge
he was already here but even if it wasn't her i get mounted by my purple sometimes i get my back there's some shit goin on an ad punches in falcon all this high just cause you got mounted and got his back taken does not me connor's jujitsu socks don't get a twisted he was a little her may deal is really adds that may data really really good you know what i mean maybe i could probably do that to me doesn't mean i suck you nonaligned he could probably my bag doesn't mean i am i you know so well he got hurt and its real simple when yet it tagged where he got tag and what you're trying to take new ideas down he got hurt he probably no idea what the fuck you still haven't had an emma fibre shop was telling me about when travis brown hit him and that is dude i know how to get out of the mouth but when travis hit me he's like i don't know what i was doing it was i was out of it i think that we meanwhile and yet punching a phase judges jujitsu we do
it's like judging is walking head kicked contrary to his good name ds digital just way better you don't say that's all it is sunday punches in the face and then you walk violent men into work on you walk in you pointed out means of conor like it i kinda the kids to class hopelessly that's what has gone wrong i think that at her you know he's heard he is good trust me harry connor's digital very vague and harassed me now drug especially at first round was nasty santa but very good he's just look first of all these nearly as nato is not a real one seventy although it did fight one seventy twice he fought stun gun camp andy far rory roy mcdonald member that for those guys it one seventy so we did have to fight it seventy bodies of one hundred and fifty five over these are big one hundred and fifty five or he's big and long i don't know if you could ever make one hundred and forty five i just don't think he could do it connor barely can do it
cotter barely can do it when you see conor the way and i mean those photos from the winds are pretty legendary i think it's insane we do this that we let these guys dehydrate themselves like that i think whatever nay walks around that that's what he should fight our of conor really walks around at one sixty eight which woody weight in a neat raid one sixty nine there only one pound different and nate nato some by fat item cause he wasn't it wasn't prepared for them at all i think i think conor could egg some noise at one fifty five shrink delegation so the tools together we did it look as though the difference between how we wait in before and how he weight in this time i mean my god he looks like he has some fuckin crazy disease that like won't let food absorbents by on the top one you know like he's got some crazy illness and now the bottom he looks great full faced but you know if you can make one forty five is going to take
do you think it's an personnel dorincourt girls are like set right there is an accident is perfect for the picture that's why they still ultimate man it's to balance out the dude in underwear projects getting real that's that's funny it's funny but i think he did politely dominate continue to dominate the one forty five division and i think he could make a lot of epic fights at one fifty five five went bates and big names but then lose to some other big names like he'll be one of the top guys at fifty five i don't know if you're just clean house like you did at forty five but i believe it you stated that divide do some serious damage is a bad motherfucker the eyes about shitty saying after the final product perfection perfection he's gonna work love how handling he handled it his laws better than anybody ever ever
these then are the right and victory and on be humble interfere no matter what happened in that fight his next fight whoever he's fine he's gonna get fucked up you know what a man made we would have sufficed los angeles doesnt tough guy he's gonna cut him up a better tax them a few times a bay riah betty tags and by your eyes contact everybody i had some people i just gotta go not does a lot of heat everyone path people get knocked out and fights of yeah he got out you got bigger crowd into your choked but i'm interested see how he handles the physicality of dawson jos whose alot more physical the name doesn't just as a beast and one i want to know if he could do to corner what he was able due to night but it was ill due to a lot of guys like pettus what he did to paris now as strong a shit telescope bummed out when he broke his foot cod is a crazy fight and so is gonna be there by fuckin made all of a sudden name isn't it is a decision that little stoner is good of you he's piously duties
he soon per famous now body known as dude he has the greatest all time post fight like i'm not surprised mother fucker you know it's funny you know its due in the beginning corner one the verbal that battles the first couple press cameras he kind of dead conor came full blown and the name make one towards the end dude i felt that name was in corners head i think it reverse debate i think he was peasant caught her off that he keeps him while q is one gastronomy lack crew of book up your crew like that if you want to make this buck and serious weak we're gonna past you guys somewhere in the smart bargain hotel will jump you will do that i want to do it will actually jump you guys it'll be all over fuckin boots
oh that idea logic give day and you're gonna young j check gotten a full blown street fight on the set of tough head kicks everything in others too ass checks claudia good data is so bad ass bitch you seen her fire she's nasty you know what she's one they died i have zero images and machines nasty her and john jay check had a young they had a really close first fights put decision win for young judge so they coached opposite side each other cheese a number contend with that russia's she's ferocious like the ultimate fighter bones of guideline to john jay check is ferocious and clergy good data that is why the hell i would also highlight the amazon she's novo now girl she's dead should you that's a fuck yeah real good you do too strong a shit strong shit when they fought them
first time where she was winning was on the ground and she was doing well in the feet to but you're on a car with a big uppercut i think in the first round of rocker but lo tan figured out i'd have to go back and watch again i remember pacific's that you want a cracked her with a big upper cut and heard her but that clodagh had overwhelmed or in some of the ground exchanges and a lot of people are thinking that you engage i was going to have more problems with grappling like carlos bars or like gum yell at karlsruhe wrestler or like gum met julian epinay but to know now what the jessica pledge escapade i d second tuttle de france it she had these girls try to wrestle whether though she can't you care us we're there anymore she's she got better she's nasty she's really fuckin slick standing up and apparently these went to war they just on the set plan shit out of each year dana white what do you do with the measure do
food below our options huge than i ve ever ages i dont know member to give her a world tour first she one one of the greatest victories in the history of anime down down down on score cards in the fourth round with two minutes to go she hit a take down takes her back almost kids look over the top hangs on hangs and i was so dramatic do those avant so small to fight so smart you did everything that all the experts were saying she was going to need to do she did everything avoided and exchanging russian and she had to pull it often like that was our minute left i will mention just like somewhere around two minutes to go when she went for the take down when she which got a hold of her so you're down to laugh rang glassware edge wasn't winning around nothing really happen that was like big insignificant significant had taken you and product we lose it on the cards probably i didn't look at cards but you know
one that one round for sure would speed up or down and that what made everybody go oh shit is at the second was the second round he took it ass was dominating her yeah i think was a second her measures residence eyes wrestling is a lot better than before before his harshly she has she keeps getting better holly home and easy to take down to take down the fence that's like her main shit to try works on or take down defence more than are jujitsu scissahs the cards so what does it say briskly what we hear me should it is hard to do these are confusing white blue pink there's a pink card i guess they are the different people just as the referees names ok so around nine so ten nine whose reddened whose blue meshes blue nemesis blue on the left
so how are you so must have been the whom that's interesting wait wait a minute austria ten nine for the first right all three had ten eight for the second right that makes sense and all three at ten nine for the third and for the fourth so as to make it a draw no means holly was ahead well how do they just a fourth and then the fifth issues ahead in the fourth saw how he was ahead by one point grant even though she one three rounds sms visited henny if cuba one around it would have been a dry guess while but she was i sure it wasn't really wound around reggae i'm surprised at the all game tonight that's good very good job yet another names marco's silence good job that was now there was a real tenant that's how tenet should look semantics takes shit out of you the richest what an what a finnish that was what was amazing about it you know holly thoughts march use that sidekick a lot she so good weather movement she
measure with a lot of punches to man but she wasn't and go and after her should catchword punches standing outside shoes finding a smart fight and she was taken down get dominated on the ground by metion that's what i was like while meshes fuck and top game is solid is a wrong i get control is excellent and she's fuckin strong man she struck as holly strong holly home strong i was really impressed with the ground and pound really impressive their top game but then you know one man the next round holly home got right back on a fuck advice go and and and probably in everyone's eyes one that round right at all those judges are ours to me it's our when a decision i would have given a dolly near just based on depending upon how that no real damage she never knocked me down she never hurt me sure i was
should i have never heard she tagged or a couple times reno she snapped head back a little bit but it wasn't anything like wish you all islamic legs giving no so it was it was about to be some are boring decision overall i would want to watch the fighting in the sector i was kind of cool it was gonna be one of those rights but just like that should turn to them no one of the greatest fights ever amazing i come back that's last let's go slam in the bottom of the night in the scramble to get to the back her scream by the way she held on as hollywood kept moving to change in a just and she kept hold on that finally the hail mary holly tries to flip over the top and she hang on his anxiety at a joke and sinks it gets the hooks in it and when only goes to sleep punching in the air universal moiled none of those old nfl films like when you watch as other superbowl
nineteen seventy eight or something of that voice together they do the slow mall and is all these old you know mobile plays an epic plays twenty years when they looked back a bad and they have some old like orson welles type a narrator talking about about going through all that transition was allotted rama going on there mansion just take her back and choker there was a lot of shit there was a lot of shit to handle thirty months was gone and the yellow much has happened on gas is incredible we are naked chokes the scramble though the scramble which is so epoch the drama building up here down on the cards most likely we can watch where watch no we can never want to shoot down in the car most likely she's about her she's about the decision probably oh my god he's got a hold of her oh my god she's on her back
i'm not your job it's going back anyone holly went to sleep was that she didn't even tap she's went out she went out punching she was thrown punches when she went out job bad ass you have to be to go out throwing punches how bad ass a girl is she went out she went out like throwing punches she didn't want to tap thought that was a good fight amazing back i was vessel the best fight of the night was that the biggest you have see ever i mean yes biggest yossi ever i mean i would say to night but does not define the night it's the same though both equally in saying it is now like one better financing or one better n the main thing i think the counterfeit was more excited because all the way through there was a lot of damage going on there was a lot of fire gone on with the holly fight there were not a dancing around and ensure that was a lotta deftly what it was
there was a lot less action over all the about a view compressed those of you take out a couple those rousing compressor i'll into one round then yeah i see thank you gotta be pleased by it through the whole thing i think what is most important is that after it ends you have some definitive conclusion if it takes a while to get set to finish inclusion may is going to urartu firefighters a tactical you're right but because of that their aid and so grand without that that i wouldn't have been so juicy at the exactly because she had gone through the full five or when they were in the fifth round and it was like we ve got to see she's things are not working she tries it works really good now how we try and there's that's work in meat just try and that does not working or cannot just start a kick wish you should do something definitely closed get close to her figure it out down a score shoots for the fuck and take down gravity hold of her catch chokes her unconscious
i got the ass when they are saying is yeah you wouldn't have been that low from adds to the place where saying saying it was so epic then tell me should take ban goddamn she was so happy she nice you know she such an like her and holly their bull so nice it's so nice to see like nice people like that do really well and such a brutal savage sport you know she's really nice like one of you ever use majorities never raised her voice at any by summer yellin did anybody she's a real friendly sheila real sweet to see her the u s he bent which samples wow this is crazy well i wouldn't performance i think holly is a little bit nice she's sooner nice to seem like going to sell some kind of sri lanka wife in autumn
she's the creatures in order she really our she really is ass really is and she's toughest do she went out punching how cold she's like through punches she just wants to get better poseidon issues one or to get back into it should then when you just she just wants to get back in i know what i love about the pre fight speech when she was talking about the fight itself she was like you know what run it's gonna be out for a while she was not fighting for money are not fighting for fame of i want the action plan to fight her wild with you that's how you get it think if you wanna be great is in washington the focus here if you want to be a holly home i guess you have to be like tat would be a nineteen am world's women boxing champion you got to be like a crazy motivated person i just got to she's got the phone number to jitsu though cuz she's not the biggest fan of jade sushi
we need that and you know this house before they not i know that's that's hard to swallow you know but you gotta tell you can't be one of those fighters did and there's a bunch of em out there die they didn't really want to get offensively gonna jujitsu they didn't really i ever they weren't attracted seeing the garden taken aback and choke impede the others a ladder rustlers out there i just wanted to keep it on a feat doolittle take down defence and if you have to take him down stay and half garden pound amount and just keep it simple and keep it like that you know if some there's a lot as with another she's russia there strikers their strikers like that too has been quite a few throughout the years champions that didn't really want to work on our judges to the right way the right way which is sparring with everybody and not picking her sparring opponents and just jumping and into the fine that's gonna connor's good cause konrad as that and he's gonna get way better he's actually good at you jesse just make is a lot better but i think calling needs to have somehow
somehow it needs to happen i don't know how by does she mean to fall in love a gentleman and because i think that were people know i mean that that's the spot we already we have a really serious back we were we haven't seen a reactor jujitsu and now we have an misha just exposed her and she needs to get tat that action is to take care that and fallen malagigi start getting on instagram taking pictures with there and she's got a blue bowed and be happy she's gonna be really happy about it because of chinese there's a there's a whole right there and that's where people can try to take her just ass an hour to take down after all you'd be harder to take down but you know me she took it down for me formation mixes up take don't she got uptown uptown and she goes down whereas rhonda like other body clinch he's really and provided clinch all holly you also rondon fight was so insanely aggressive her charging after made it somewhat easier for counters me she was per crafty she liked very urgent very patient
varied her movement varied or timing didn't do any like like she didn't continue any patterns with his hair stand up she moved around a lot she did a lot of you can a lotta she did it a different stuff state on the outside made holly come after her like if you if you were me if you're really good cause stryker like holly is for her the best thing is a rhonda like some was going to run out her the best thing someone running out of she's she's so fleet like her footwork is so excellent she saw light on her feet that she's so good at a sliding out away and cracking you my u comments like one thing she is best done so if you fight that wagons her that's the kind of fight that happened zulu shook their master but if you look at her fight in the very first you have safe i would recall penny and she once put seizure you know and there was a fight where retail fought more cautiously smarter new new holly's background come in and out if you don't like if you don't engage
sir it's like men went anderson was in his prime of guys came after him he just butchered em but if guys hung back sometimes if i was boring right like gum talus latest member tacitly dislike hung back any kind of waited for anderson saint patrick hotel patrick hotel hung back he just bought smart is aroma charged and run in anything come come get me come get me and coty like always had a big right hand so they are to be real careful used to be careful because a guy if you're coming at him he could always catch you and if a guy like hotel catches you he just said that stupid power in his hand he does not you knocked out tito at two o five remember that he knocked him out down knocked him down tito take a shot but he knocked him down at two o five any fight at once seventeen you know made petticoat taken crack so anderson never what member patch of blue neon that fight who went to throw a kick in his knee just gave out azra exploded yet he fought a very smart fight too
at that stage when you have you fight a killer counterstrike like that the big thing is like let them lead they don't want didn't wanna led make it a boring fight let it be boring move around be patient me she did ever right man amazing rhonda me should three would be nice it's probably one can happen spy what's gonna happen next according to what i've lead on the internet though of here i wonder what random why would you want some highly away matt with her after a loss or i'll attire title shot if i was her rather i was her falsehood poor boy tough i say boy can be her i've
was her honestly i would probably i would imagine if i was her i'd want to avenge the loss because holly was her first loss and she doesn't feel it she did her best not fight and that fight was just yet too much going on if you hear talk about it like that she's overwhelmed with obligations shed and just fought wrong student didn't fight correctly said real problems going into that and then you have like her approach like getting in all his face the way and try to make it real emotional you know you fake ass bitch and all that stuff and then all that emotions when she fought the ranch running after ali and holly just fall like a master there was one of the best performances you ever see a striker negate
in a person's aggression but she just did it so brilliantly kashmir with elbows common and catch no it straight laughs and then that fucking set up for the head kick when rawness all stumbling and she just catches are with that had kick him interest a spectacular mix martial arts performance overall like one of the best like title winning efforts in any way class as far as it goes a sheer domination it's right up there with teach ideal shaw had embarrass one but moors private more scared that's one of the most spectacular highlight clips ever were how she's gettin clipped up while amazing amazing she's about us you know so what i think about holly is you know how to get back on track and i really hope that she takes that advice you just gave i think i'll be real smart somehow phone in that fight it no more we're on all she finds you don't know what the deal is
yoshi just so good at kickboxing i think she just wants to stay sharp in that and that's what you want to do the girls cuz she feels like she has his big advantage in them against them in that but obviously she needs a little work on it and i think she'll get better man you know and i think maybe it is also the overwhelming pressure that must come from being a chap like that experience probably takes a while they learn how to navigate i hope i am wrong and she's already in love with a doubt be awesome authority in embruting for holly i like holly i think how we could hardly with of course how could i not like i'm just been real i'm sorry anybody see no no not at all what you say is important i hope and i hope that i am wrong like you idea she totally entered she's been all she just haven't worked on it that long or whatever when i'm but that's it i'd love to see how we all with aggressive offer back and think this offer back there's no reason why she can be so bad that it shares a crazy work ethic
what's your bar design and dumb branded that there was a fire in the under card that is a super talented guy man super town to karate guy but barred as i was able to take him down he didn't have any answers off his back its lead one of those examples of a guy who's are really talented striker what you're not getting to see the full extent of his talent because he has a difficult time fighting off his back and is difficult time keeping guys from taken him down cities italy's guys a figure that out with him in a cup guys have dominated him on the ground as this unfortunate as you so talented with a striking when you see a guy like that you just want to go man if you could figure out a way to find a balance in your skill set how good would he be in a hurry so good standing up but bar desire a man my god back i hit hard he's got one of those weird
jeanne power bodies like you like danny megan familiar with him from afghanistan is born afghanistan grew up in holland i think but he is i want to say did anthony hooty train with a great jackson he was a great jackson's care for the space alpha like eight hundred days he had like some serious injuries malik boldly rooms rewarding almost researchers tune it yeah what about one two years he had bolted lay brooms had to be operated broke hand fucked up as well as the labour and so you shoulder here bunches shit operated on so he was out for a long time so to see him come back and but see thatch like in the beginning see him on his back and tried to flee almost catches a triangle whose throws up his legs and you know if someone who had a really good trying like nate if nate was in that same position he would god you got thrown off shore may was all their or at least he would have secured it and bar design
how defend it but he couldn't curate else like man that's it was right there i gather leg over here it was over like this there was not much resistance i grab your fuckin ankle lock that in like we need any didn't and then you see him for the rest the fight was having a real hard time fight novice back we see a guide its tat good so talented standing out man you watch and throw knees and ponchas like jesus this could be a this kid could be a fuckin force she's got a really push up that ground game and specially off of his back home this is a crazy sport man you can't just have one way to go anymore you gotta have the whole thing he can't take there's this very few people that are going to exist in the sport of the upper echelons with just one way to go in one of the things it so scary about a guy like nate is its needs boxing is just as good as its jujitsu his in sometimes you don't see though jitsu that much because he so confident as bar
seeing any any throws down with guys but guys go to the ground with enemies choked out some good deeds good you gotta have some serious phoenician power on the ground whether donor backer your top you have at least will be with you want i'll be back in a simple maybe you just use your bottom game for sweeps there's nothing wrong with that you don't have to finish the guy off your back but it's always good does better if you could find it entirely unknown to finish people off your back that's any time i roll with anybody it's even a purple bell who specialities finishing people off his back and if there's always those do that's what happened ro jeremiah almost rather have the mounting me in germany has got him a fact that mountain easier to get out of the mountain it is rubber guard serves graze in theirs few guys like that like a boogie anytime bug you put me in his guard i go
right to the mountain check out this week you're bad mother that's crazy that's goes against conventional earlier but up my i don't have the great the greatest posture in the world and my lower backs all fucked up don't try to pass your shit i just i go with everything man if you want to go that way let's go unlimited i can hold onto your little clinch and then go back this way ban in around two all do our force my way through anything it s probably the smart way to do it the right that it is not a viable way of doing it to that might egypt is becoming very survival now my guys or flock and we are now there's a phase where i'm getting i've got all the goddamn time ma am if i'm the only a cab ass my search certain purple belts is if i have gas i'm tired and i take around with warm operable above all be falcon on survival mode whole time man my guys you're coming with iron
tone leg locks you leave your feet out down its pretty crazy gaining any leg injuries no no no not just my back finally getting i did what i mean the people in class getting any injuries right now it's a myth real it's that's it you're hurt your arm on your shoulder at the same rate you'll hurt journey we do leg blocks all the goddamn time that's so it and because i was always the word planet has always been that way whenever band reaping whenever i never frowned upon he'll hooks i personally never got really heavy on he'll hooks i was always heavy on lead compressions a different style i'd like i was always do no not really he'll took so much better we ve always at your masters now what i probably wouldn't have asked that if that wasn't something that comes up all the time people talk about legacy you know i can't let you know the answer consumer if it was what i heard about it i think it's a myth that leg locks on one we're brought up
you get to the whole president you get to community band he'll hugson and round upon women and men that time you were at a tournament and they start booing screaming when you went for guys leg as when i first during my work a belt gears and into my bluebell ears saw can shamrock instructional is wearing jeans and shit got notion much as i can see the smaller germany's got the japanese guys doing this told from the top from top half and i was always plain have garnet ran away as wipeout that's like the worst guard every quarter garden it doesn't get any worse than that anything worse is you got your guard pass so i was i was plain the worse shit because i was small and weak but die you go after toehold yet i learned from can shamrock started going after told and pretty good at a mouse tat love others with them and i i did this
and it was the first pan ams and it was an ally and elsa gundolph ninety ninety six ninety seven the first pan am i went for a told and there was about five hundred brazilians that they shipped indicative the first pen hams and those like this big retreat may took me they had him on this hotel right down the street from the gin and it was me i am sure other forget that and this we're and elsa gun to allay and there was five under brazil is the got shipped in for the panama and of course they dominate the kill everybody in future too but i did russell brazilian and i put him in a told and assumes i put him in the told the whole crowd went nuts is a riot almost happened was just a right to know what what stopped him but there were thrown shoes at the matter were thrown bottles at the water bottles at me and i was in the hold a told and everyone screaming and on africa johnny machado comes running like slow motion he slept
you got a lotta gaol let it go and i like farc and i let it go and then the guy beat me up points but so johnny machado slid and until you gotta go because every has gone gray everyone was gone crazy i don't got attacked the legs where you are today it was dirty crazy it was dirty back there and then in the parking lot like that that means green commercial remember that old me jogging green commercial always drinking a coke and there's a little kid what i felt like a little kid i ran into air paulson in the parking lot and was getting the same reaction when he was gone for like locks and he was like a bluebells at the time any he india i think with they made me for some reason i felt always her like a little kid and he added knowledge is a bluebell jujitsu but he had trained in japan and fought and shoot at which he was arrested professional fire and was an expert at leg lacks just got into jujitsu so you can we are competing bluebell fuckin everybody up illegal shrouded airports and young ass our passengers for and we're in the parking lot and showed me this leg lock and listen checked his son don't forget this
cause he he he saw a little love him and me because i was gone for it all right because i'll fuck look at that dude he's gotta lotta heat to go because he's gonna relied block so right away but it was totally legal doubts it's crazy you could a tap the guy i'll and it would have been legal remember what the brutal sent i dont remember but so minor belong i thought they were legal and may was illegal but even but was illegal too crowded rubbed the pursuance would not withdrawn shoes and scream and today and our children goal shit for some some belt ranks right i can sum tournaments yeah you can't do he'll hooks gracie nationals and gracie worlds you can do he'll hooks at purple belt and above why belt bluebell no hawks
you could do straight ankle oxen me bars blue enough no legs at all at white zero legs at white strangle ox me bars lay compression at blue and then they allow he'll hooks full reaping everything purple about another the best roles i levels will you don't need real hope for bluebells but like naga may let everybody here so and its there's not this like a bit epidemic goin over people just getting tunisia ripped out not at any time plants will every now and then someone does get me injury just like they do get an arm and drew shoulder entry sometimes people get put an he'll hook and a fox journey up sometimes but sometimes happens with the arm at the same rate we do here the time no one's gettin every now and then someone gets hurt but it's myrna gang lives every now and then someone deterred from everything tat it's not a united people work trust me as a business man if it's a pie
saw that i'm walking around every night number looking out what's going on i know exactly how my i know whose plan what what everyone's different style you know especially at like the purple that level i pretty much know where they come from no one's gonna everyone's do any hawks and you just you'd do man it's a dear mother fucking world when you're goin against leg luck experts the no jujitsu my guys like eddie comings and gary tone oh my black belted jujitsu the arts in hyper super ultra led lucky holy shit you better watch your shit if you are not training leg logs legs everything that when its submission only when there is not only stupid rules when data's when it's just like that jujitsu that you fell in love with everybody falls in love with you get to that they walk into their dollar joe and then they train for the first time a fuckin law that data
and they thought they fell in love what with what happened and what goes on night in that class there's no point we're just rolling in there trying to get the submission bats you fall in love with what you see here parliament has somewhat you form of known those do what you did to turn what for the first working times amateur fuck i love that someone to do this they fuckin run the con that's the like that so you turn people of digits is you most experience is a points parliament withers twelve matches gone on same time will see how long that last people delight jujitsu can't even hang spell out the gate exactly dome deblock falk there's the plant toggle ones for john shock thinks it's boring exactly john john so blue yeah so so many guys are just trying to get advantages and try and alliances we're a point and hold on i think the right that you set up for api are the best rules that the best rules because you go
certain amount of time what is it ten minutes time amendment about sixteen men tournament ten minute matches with overtime if there's no point store advantages also misnomer you have to get the submission and what it what's really interesting is you ve got this idea that i know until i saw it i was not sure what to think of it all started our house can do us dollar times on paper it sounds crazy undraperied sounds crazy but in practice it's the best thing so if you want did you do to match wanna things it happens if you're a casual observer watch like marcello garcia some guy just tax and strangle somebody like well it was amazing that guy's awesome like i've showed some people that don't ever do judges of show the muck marcella garcia match and you watch and choke somebody in its so spectacular to watch cause his movements are so impressively so fast and lethal you know but a lot of judea to matches will end in nothing some guy gets on top and any reverses the guy guys will goes for leg lock it doesn't get
the guy goes would choke isn't get at the other guy ones up on top diverse positions anyone our time so when you run at a time like that for a lot of people feels inconclusive you decide you gonna have how many different grounds of it they do for round with the most amount around so alone they would first have to limit let me say that if there's nothing wrong with the point game if you like the point game there's nothing you get really good at it you know why you're gonna get good at passing to get good it sweeping and arrest that's gonna be good there's nothing wrong with you it's like it's like a little subculture saree brought type thing positional thing fuck enough now that you can use that as a training tool like getting good at point parliament's just because you gonna work on your passing in your sweeping and united what do points you know that
a lack of your lisa with punches in you you like to do that is our best strategy and there's nothing wrong with that i'm not trying to stop that i want to make it clear i'm not trying to compete against that at all all they let me use bullying what you'd just you just might goal has always been to put two created jujitsu shovel and i thought it would have been done by now and a lot of people have tried to put a jujitsu show together on did so exciting that it can compete with it on the overall entertainment are you with animation like your average emanation i'll teach you to source so beautiful we are obsessed with it why can't we see what's goin on what's goin on there's been a professional submission league hicks even now to show that many more ass theirs polaris i mean none of these shows including mine including mine none of these shows or making any money adamant in goddamn money with my we all know that in the jujitsu community there
there's no money there these shows fail constantly but what is it about works of passion examined whether still rather like when we go to an fbi and you in the audience that audience o jujitsu enthusiasts like everybody is pumped barracks there is a feeling of calm rotary in that kind of a crowd it's very different than a crowded just comes out the seal ok you have seen because a lot of people in the audience eddie you have c r gigantic fans lot of a more fuckin fanatic allow me like you and me a lot of em but there's a lot of other people that adjust their because it's an event his lot other people because there could be seen as a lot of people that are on a throne half the time than i do you pay attention to the fights does that to add an fbi there's none of that jitsu freaks everybody everybody's carbon for everything everybody knows when a heel looks close everybody when a joke as close everybody knows every knows what's going on i've been knows when a guy cinches up a triangle everybody knows so there's a beauty
do that but let me explain what you do is we didn't finish it you have overtime so when a fight goes to a draw like at the end of it the time runs out do as you take these guys and force them into dangerous positions that so you for a guy on a guys back over under and you start from there they ready go and when you do that then the guy the bottom tries to get out the guy in the top in a good position tries to finish if the guy wishes you move on to another round on the other guy tries to do it if you can't finish i'm the guy finished one but he gets his chance bad position as well but if you have a state stalemate over the rounds of that you just count out the time who got out the quickest which guy escaped from the other guys bad positions the quickest you calculate the time well traditionally it overtime you would jujitsu matches usually went came down the rustling who had the better ass anchors if there the overtime there's no points or whatever they go and overtime mistreatment and overtime famine overtime it or so
death over against the first points when it's really gonna come down to who has the best rosson cause it all that over time periods they both started on their feet so what's the matter most important thing on your feet as the rustling here that's gonna that's going to deter overall the superior wrestlers you can write has been the case really an old overtime said always comes down to the wrestling generally sought i never really was a failure that cause i seen plenty of wrestlers and submission term it's not know anything about submitting but they they'll run away with the gold medal just based on the wrestling and that's a beer but then i wish i had that roughly but wanted to say submission urge you to turn him and we should the search for the best jujitsu should were not the best wrestling arrests and the best rejected the best of the best it's the meeting should when i got garlic marcella garcia should win the overtime should make it so the best winds were generally so
instead of starting on a feed my overtime round we start in terrible positions like it's like extra any you get out of like we were gonna added and we wanted to overcome you'd get a shot at my back and then i'll get a shot at your back if you finished me it's not over yet shouted your back by been issue we tie we go an extra aiming it's an extra around three max three max but it could end that first round it get em in the second round if it goes all three round we're still tie whether its to submission a submission each or an escape each and another escaped us through total or all escapes we add all the combined escape and submission times together whoever had the quickest or shortest time went so it encourages it when you my back that i'm not gonna just sit there and hold the chill got you should try to get the fuck out because if this goes you know too pull over time this gonna matter could show what it does is opens up the mission for the back is gas escape
if exhibits confusing to single see it live on x it on youtube right use you fc bypass you could see ye be ifor that's where were the ones you have now ajar some matches online so we want to go and look at it right now ran yes and then the new one the next one the absolute ones bit crazy one is gonna be in april in l a sunday april twenty for the fourth april twenty fourth that's an absolute one right where you have all sorts different classes representative the yes side would you do i want to make sure that the daylight yes sunday brought was on the april twenty fourth in turn away at the orpheum it's going to be dreamed live on you have sea fight pass orpheum is an awesome theatre to never been it's one of those old classic downtown ellie theatres it's probably from the thirties or something really wanted to build that i dont its awesome its awesome sausage to watch you or show their dude it's so cool it's cool see it blowing up i
this time we were there were set in the audience like wow this is amazing crazy it's me that's correct and i dont know without my partner victor daddy he's this guy he's the i never wanted to be a promoter man that's something i've ever thought i'd ever be like a promoter for show that's not what i was trying to do i was trying to come up with an idea that like give it another promoter to do it i do this i but nobody everyone thought it was the dumbest idea without losing my mind they put they thought i smoke we shall then thought you know what i'm going to try to do it and victor vic but that the problem was it was too much work i looked into it like i can't do this to us you know but victor came and bitter dhabi law he's there the spanish commentator for the u s he came up to me and he said i listen let me do other work yes it will be your idea you you run the show as an executive producer let me producing i'll make it all happened and unlike far and he makes it really easy for me does
like when you walked in and saw the stage i don't have any do i gotta background in production in working on television he knows shit in such a good deal victors awesome his wallet ran his friends every man is best so he's we ve known him for ever to men whether we meet victor working at the us but when what year was it who must have been two thousand and eight two thousand nine wish something like that even earlier than that body was little things like six thousand six or seven hours
thought he was four years old sad ass little kid brok listener hannah was at her back in the bright plasma that's it i remember for sure the other is definitely some kids awesome man he's train olano to it yes yes he broke his arm so down and out allowance of butter he helps he's an ebay i am associate producer do you draw examined training crash now our wkrisha scary scary one so that's what i shaved bone outright my favorite throughout europe we see a number may know rarely unusual you know most last i saw a bicep crush
i think george saunter uplifted it funny i think so back mengele there always work together i think he did it on george group i don't know i get the names all mixed up butter crazy sport ban there's nothing crazier than emma was the combination of punching kicking and single out using a lot more guys go further leg locks now see they know that for you unless you have see there was a guy in important thing off though but forget we was because well overdue legs and the book and he was couldn't get hidden alot of angles you know
back do you talking to me was it a daring atkins fight maybe maybe it was some cosy fighting maybe god damn it was a great fight for healthcare wine making irma rebellious wedding to many people and that last card is weakened yes kelly i think that's right chaz gelli chest carries a tough guy words i think chaz was like foreign one you have seen elkins dominated m altgens move one to worm sacramental train with our male blue this family so fuckin i gotta figure was ass the fight that i'm talking about you think so he and alcohol is grounded pounded em there's a couple times where he's going for outcomes legs consists ground of crime which i think is going to see a lot more like looks like a good run all and there is no matter what watch your legs yearly you could punch again in this than his face or not you gotta watch legs ryan i'll take you get laid off earthquake and then
everybody's aware too of the trend in order to and get it on installing back i mean he's gonna do i remain within a sailor man it's it's strange seen ryan on their side because he's always been widgets a guy you know and i never really he would do a man he's in there now is thrown down in these he's making some where's your gary toinon there's gonna be really interesting because he's he's been striking for quite a while it really trying to tighten up where can i get now in order and he's a smart guy he's not gonna jump in anything like kind of half assed he'll have a striking in order for as its first vital gets a leg locks oh yeah sure we'll get a lot of chokes get all everything he's a bad motherfucker when it comes to jujitsu and only getting better i think to emma fighters are always aware of trends in the two big trend jujitsu it's now it's not gonna pay attention to this there is obviously a leg locked biased going on right now introduce it were people training that really heavily the real as i think there's a bunch of people caught and new leg locks and work
but like locks but it seems like once donna her in that crew got involved in it they became like a whole new level of intensity when access to leg lock diners crew gary tone in any come into now gordon right and he just got his black belt from tony and that all started funding elon musk right that all started from do you must do you do mr went down answers for couple weeks hung out with danner show tomorrow let my leg bloodshed i'm sure probably wedlock allow other upper level guys in and made an impression and then data her being like astrophysicist see he pride took that shit they deem lister told them and just just blew it up he sits with this added so much stuff in than eddie come into super smart to those taken other should danner showed him and he's adding allotted on his own and then he passed at all on the garret tone
gary told an already had we're naked chokes you ready at great defence has jujitsu sawdust fuck he added led locks over the last few years and now this affair can you hear something crazy i gotta down her go how did he come in short is like a ghost valleys was building with some of the other students that we have in the jim that might be a little bit more advanced than him with leg locks they just don't use them yet is there a little compete house like what you guys you jim dont competed are better than any cummings led law no scary oh shit scary that is john donna her says it very definitive perhaps we have guys maybe a little more justice they dont complete there's two qana games now ma am airs data because you you and shut down a leg law game but you gotta have solid clinching pop heavy gay you got to have them
slow smashing destroying game to stop those like was the best that stop and leg locks right now it's our game well with i'd have to say i don't over the best is say in abu dhabi lucas the pre lucas le pre he would again scary tone in and he just hidden with a straight me cause me cut pass without under her consists didn't finish him but he stayed out of leg lock danger and anyone on points one was last year's last year at the hotel i mean state out alone we are technically he be gary tone and technically he avoided bullshit smashing down i think he passes guard may have even took his back even further to that i dont remember i should say that but i am nonetheless though here
it is that's one gonna game right there has for sure was gonna play like locks with fuck now he knew the game was like we're gonna stay away from that shit and you got to be you got to know how to stay away and you got to be able to put some heat on someone's like locks you got to know how to get out of like locks if you're not working like locks on the goddamn time you're going to be so far you really really are it's a whole new world got grown out there and in the sub only world submission own community you don't like lacks you'll never survive and uninteresting will never survive so go back system when you are competing in the term as wipeout and people screaming imbuing when you're goin foreleg law could you imagine what it's like today two thousand sixteen nobody saw this come in but there still tons of resistance unblock still that's amazing stiller stiller digital instructors out their posting and
like luck stuff you know what the problem is its the legs of the strongest muscles in the body right the legs are attached to the longest limbs and you can move them in ways you can never move your arms you realize how limited your arms are when you not using your your legs to go after legs and to hold positions you realize i cow it's kind of silly almost to use your arm his opposed to little most of the community looks at it like in a negative way its positive thing you have you have a whole another gained learn that there is a whole other get ass the problem they don't want to learn the home again they you know people get really good at one thing to get really good at one thing than they want to stick with dutch that's really we gotta get through the net amazing noted the very thing that major jitsu so popular in the first place was that it had
figured out a way to make something the most technically effective were small guy like voice can be a big dance sovereign and it was the using the techniques that work but then these new techniques it worked like no follows you got to stick to the old shakes only told one that's bullshit we just got to figure it out and try to guess he's like one of the boys let's work this through is my tie kickboxing shit you're never gonna catch on the lot of trends like this there is a point in time with people weren't throne and he had de investors gonna do this next the idea sixty listed venom eyeglass is one of those one of those rare resilience is really in the sambo too he's been preaching neglect and is very good at less than a month and many other things so it has good at every vanni we gotta yuri some hours he's awesome he's when one abu dhabi rife he was
i don't remember i mean that's a shitty answer for someone is putting him the show that all in all i know is really good report and i would have to be alive rain i find that out jamie years why you are what out why you are i asked i m o p s yuri suppose how much i love like now it marked martinez dinghies he's from us look i fear he's in it are bruno by spouses in it these are at high level dude yes if you listen if you thinking about man ever was just determined before with where these guys talk about make about descartes this week there you go on you have to fight back if you don't have yossi pipe bypass if you like fights man this is that what this him yeah does it have any of those guys in the world with one what we're stagnant us we're stack now man
gap in one day i would die right does it say yeah do you when i would we champion first thing two thousand fifteen whenever it is about mother fucker anyway multiple time world champion as purple belt absolute he's just a bad motherfucker all around but low what i'm saying if you if you ve never watched a submission tournaments you ve never seen gastro to some hiv like the sound can interesting get yossi bypass on telling onawandah bs sl i guess shill i wish you see would offer up like a three month of you see five ass would get addicted to but if you're at home and you're bored and you like and want to watch what's on tv is filling veggie down from the television you have sea fight pass will occupy a fuckin time you can the greatest fight of all time all of em and we're due order and five shows a year with them they won't find
at least so we got a problem out every two months or so on top of that you got the other people that are usc fans we're gonna leak into it you know that's what they want and they have a ton of different organisations as well even have glory now gary tone in an eddie come into both in his absolute dj jackson rich martinez a mere alarm rustam cheesy of he was an apple dhabi he i think he was second or third disguise is forgotten huge wrestler ross don't jesse of he's got here on his back he just focus both as they do the aim is also a lawyer are you ask tee a m c h ass at sea age ass i
the day was this like animal he's like work everyone is afraid of when you think about russian wrestlers everybody's afraid of a guy looks like he looks like a real live wolverine juicy they hours back he's got on his back how big is he he's dude he is one of the he was afraid of this dude i hard to do anything to this guy any keeps getting better and better he wasn't i think you are gunnar third enabled armies of his hair was back like a werewolf look at his fucking bad nobody wants to know one that no one wants repaired up at that guy i can well imagine he's really good tools is passing skinned speck a killer i wonder how long ago a dark and compete with that style we are like oh god now useless like tat kind of smashing crushing power style boy that's so taxing he used he didn't used to pass as much he's just throw people around to get on top
warm up and now is really good at passing in finishing now we got that lucas rocher whose from gracie by one of the top does this this this is the most tat we ve never been man this is super superman that's all i wanna go anywhere take it off yeah that's very we're takin off on viper it's gonna be focused so phone is an amazing they just became something you know just another never land on man has now that's our works that shit that's the thing was bagua no romanticists either again more shit like ten planet was an implant i'm thirty two years none about no ten planets how crazy man thirty two how crazy is we were like in love that zacharias it guys but now they think they might have actually found this planet is ever room oh yeah
patterns live no photographs of it but they are pretty sure to the point we are stepping out and sand there's a large planet probably about four times the size of earth that's outside of our endeavours conspiracy theories no not anymore it's real now its main stream scientists are saying this i think people only surrounding thyssen is addressed to people who keep sending we shepherd mike it's another one of those things are going to be a general pull it up around gamble eddie eddie turned me onto this ease i do give orders that's right zacharias hitchin we we ve had so deep residue bonnets and talk about the monarchy watch documentaries some crazy stripper told me do you know that we use did mine world for gold and oh my g no one hears what do you think we like gold so much we used to be slaves my oh my god i just thought you was a crazy person ever and then i thought about it five minutes i used to make musical and unlike wait a minute
this kind of weird that the one fucking thing we all agree on is a gold is money as the one thing we all agree on nothing else that i asked regina who's this guy told taught told about this what is this guy's lamb and so she gave his name i called him up with an empty friend you she said you were talking about some crazy mother fucker who who wrote books about us be enslaved oh yeah some guy mainly to the us the general zacharias hitchin again i wrote down there i looked in german that's this is all pre internet re it was it she tat night nine two thousand thousand is only tells you how the internet by was harder to find shit back then the ninth planet does it exists the ten thousand year orbit in outer reaches of our solar system so there too i figure it out right now but what they believe is missing
they ve been believe in this for a while as it apparently theirs but with a reason why they declassify pluto this the polluters on a plan anymore because pluto is a large body in the caper belt and hyper belt is a belt of just large asteroids and brow things and shit floating around out there which is really we're because the photos of pluto that they ve released recently the really up close photos they just released it's a fucking planet where nit picking here that's a goddamn planet but they don't think it's big enough to be a planet whatever it looks like i can plant were pulled the photos of pluto values through meda exactly have you seen him no i haven't seen him but to me ears like it's their right there you call it a planet you collar dwarf you call they call you gonna call dwarf you know ten thousand years ago who cares what you call it the bullets at something it isn't like odo and ever existed it was a black hole glowed summit a body of mass they would
think is that there are so many of these out there they found another want you remember this you and i were at a bar haven't a drink one day here cause is the photos yet find this is some of them i think those are color corrected showing different things but there's some the the actual surface i think the far right one that you are now known and others is the moon jamie there are some some from the far right why this pluto without losing them but the ones and from that of images right there that's pluto the one down below above planet ex that's planners moon now look it's so all these different plans on this that's earth moon its that's google search right i'm just go to go to the web search the web search and then despite recent photos of pluto
what is it new cassini is that what it is it took the photographs what was the cassini so there's a bunch of polluters with their say yeah there's a bunch of your work so they found another one you and i were at a boar wants i remember this cause i saw it on my phone so it has to be an iphone someone had sent this too may duty i'll check this out i click on a link and went to a website that show that there was a new planet knows i do they found it but it turned out it was right before they declassified pooh they went wait a minute there's a bunch of these fuckin things out there these aren't really plants and so they think threeg allows your short there's a bunch of these things out there and then behind that is a thing called the galactic shelf we're just drops off in would indicate that there's a large hive like large massive object out there another planet would if they like there's nothing major there's nothing
this blacklist would have like who knows like really what's out there lay scientists stronger than they have some pretty insane fuckin telescopes now they could see some wild wild shit they ve dinner find hundreds planets now which is really weird because just a decade or so ago find any alzheimer's or system it's only hundreds seeds and i think it's probably hundreds get that who look at the surface of that thing man it's crazy you could take a picture of pluto gap that is a circular round thing that looks like a planet so but whatever knit picky that that's not a planet it's because there's a gang of those out their dude there's a gang of em they don't know how many there are they gonna find new ones this caper bell bunch of tiny objects out there that are like pluto size smaller than pluto and there i think they soon it they're gonna find more because his object whatever it is it's outside outside like it in that
thousand year orbit around earth is big way bigger than us for time outside of that aside all the little ones that's this fairly this a drop off is like the belt i might be put you in this and if i am i apologize but what i have read and try to remember was that there's something called the galactic shelf and that would indicate something that has a lot of mass something that has a lot of gravity something is big and so they think it's bigger than i mean they're they're saying it's four times the size of worth so some really big just fucking nuts man this is nuts you think is another planet out there and was even more knots what if there's falcon life forms on it would have this thing in his ten thousand year orbit around earth is heeded by its core would have it gets its he instead of from the sun what if it gets its heat internally and its life forces are all from an internally baby that's where they are
measures that was a real story magic is otto knocking thing we were with everyone laughter everything's it's funny but like when the ten thousand years roles around that motherfucker gets they really are bunch aliens live on that thing who made us could you fucking imagine nothing would ever mean anything again your credit cards worry we'll what how much gas is nobody would give a fuck it would all be so so back of your mind everything would be in the bag your mind except oh my god is a planet out there is a bunch of fuckin people who made us monkeys they came down they did genetic engineering experiments on monkeys just like we would do just like we would do a wee wee wee fuckin found some planet in outer space especially if we were like scientists
that we're like thousands of years removed from us today like way way way way way in the future may be millions a million years more evolved they look at these monkeys like what scale manner sure help my we know where this is going anyway just grandam shooting looming her happy that the greatest thing to experience ever a good you imagine how earth shattering it would be if there was a real life form from another planet we could absolutely identify a real civilization and they were super advanced never come about a visit jesus christ son at essen questions whether you would you let me know and i we were set aside we have no idea what we're inside of reaches its end you getting at its aliens in space is number how
so indoor like him in the lake mainly or the early two thousands alien right falcon always on my my i've met any more than i think it's because they three channel killed that aliens maybe that was the planned all along as you know what gets killed this whole fuckin alien movement by putting it on history china over and over again but what we call the man did you call me up words was hilarious conversation dude i'm starting to fuckin aliens his return he remembered how cool was at first season of age and alien blossom for he was going to mainstream zacharias which would mainstreaming is awesome than they do another see while this is rather we should talk about but unfortunately there is
special restore offers especial maybe maybe then it turned into a series of fog those first ones are often more secure sees awesome was less than we talk to have a talk to my mama i wonder why the overall industries gonna down like where he upset when i was honest what i think about some of the stuff a distinct but some of it is just too bullshitting it's just too it's like could be it was aliens like our come on man they went child were selling than theirs certain amount of that stuff that is absolutely fascinating when you look at some of the depictions of like aircraft cite the egyptians you these two make like these little model aircrafts what do you like the rather compelling evidence for you the theatrical ufos sceptic right here and yet i five minutes would you go to almost nothing nothing
nobody was nothing wanting you boys closure project other witnesses and staff there that's it but i guess i ll upgraded the other mine you just never know you just never know there's all sorts of experiences that people can have to that very very unusual way their condition things like a ball lightning ball light is one that's really crazy apparently there's a swamp gas while this ball lightning apparently moves like some alien spacecraft powerfully if you saw ball lightning and they ve identified it it's like this really rare form of lightning that instead of coming down like really fast like a line it can move around it's the same sort of ideas like an electrical charge it breaks free you know i don't amount of doing a good job of some but i've seen videos on another i've seen it explain and i think
you are flying around man and you saw that you'd posing those ufo and if you saw a lot of the experimental aircraft they did i talked about it with shermer before you got here i think there's a lot of that stuff people say for sure most of the problem but the more the more on them are you get into how i'm fucked up my corporations are and i fucked up like we then for so long the more you look at aliens are they artist is distracting us they want us to think about it you know demand it seems like a big distract distraction i think people love it i think that's why it's on i think it sells anonymously trying to distract us i think it appeals to that archetype in this one of things that shimmer talked about before you got here in the earlier podcast we were talking about how it's like for a lot of people are atheist that becomes their god and it
makes sense like why don't believe in fairy tales but i believe may be we are created by aliens who ran experiments on monkeys now written how can we won't believe the bible bubbles believe the sumerian taxed while adds nothing nobody that it has an easy question on what is that we know we're not into the bible but we're into some without those people dummies but these people two thousand years before them do they had it nailed what it is it's not gods its aliens man they came away all depends on the story yoke is an alien story actually gonna make sense because we're we're just and that were in space there's are without a doubt but it's the i always think of it is would we do it would we do it do it what we ve run experiments on some life form that we saw in some other put far court what we do to monkeys were do an emotional testing aids medicine on monkeys and shit we would do somewhere chair with a monkey from another planet to what president some weird action on this
planet will know about out for sure there's gotta be a colonial and everyone especially not america where these have any rules i didn't go to some countries i'll do anything like china start doing experiments and human embryos like genetic experiments on human embryos raise hit men you know images genetically modifies superman yes i'm in this matter time for they do something like that if they can do this genetic engineering and give her a few generations of two fact they get the kings are about start making a series of supra is heavily corallines with a einstein brain can imagine if they can have a brain beyond einstein if you could create a human or a clone but you could do something in a brain develops like ten times stronger and you're just like you can read my trump going to happen it's going to happen and then when that does happen and we see some poor monkey on some other planet we fucking flying around out there in space that dude skim a little large is to squirt in there and see if they can figure it out from here
take that monkey reengineer it would give the language we would have figured out language would give enough time you know they think that ships are starting to enter into the stone age it looks like i was just watching a documentary the monk in everyone signals does those videos of monkeys would stags and using it to eat some shit like that i was what rang again watch a video of a monkey who broke off a stick and sort of bang the bark to get some honey there was under the bark but the stick wasn't been enough so he throws it and then having grabs another one carved at all how and then start benjamin he should probably be used as a weapon at this point of he's doing that in what happens then when when they learn how to use it as a weapon on each other well it's amazing is would if what we are seeing is them learning it if it were seen as like that you know when that when they are just starting to observe this now would have in our lifetime they start using tools i guess
like that's what's going on because they don't either it's one of two things either they just didn't have enough video of them back then and i didn't have enough people serving them to really realise a private using these tools for a hundred years or so or they just started doing it in our lifetime now that's that could be possible have you ever seen snobs this oil snobs etc this is true there's an rang a tang that's fishing with a spear he's hanging off of a fuckin branch over this river in he's gonna spirit is a photo of it i just don't know if it's true it looks so good and it's gonna thank its i've always wanted to google and i've just i'll get to that i got other in my life to worry about my eyes but
nowadays there here people out these days but i remember i just remember too i have to get you see jamming this i'll sit on answered on snubs but it says its true although they didn't sufficiently didn't developed the scale enough to catch fish whatever show the picture this little it's crazy like this come on son i fucking kidding me this is true ok it is true that a goddamn weapon that a ragged tan is sticking a long stick into the water china it's true although ape did not develop sufficient skill the catch any fish yet he's jazz this is insane you would think he borneo would speed up that evolution right if exactly the we learned from watching fishermen and shit yeah i have to learn that water refraction thing and that might be he was doing right yeah
try water refraction is it's a big factor in both fishing these people a fish with bows and arrows when you look at what like if you look at a fish say if you look down on the water a sea like the fish will be where this laptop as it's not really there it's like six inches lower than that but there's this weird refraction thing going on cause you're looking through water so it's like looking through aga funhouse mere kind of all you have to learn how to shoot under and they re attainment ability that up very smart jamie did you see that on your own you fuckin wizard powerful jamie yet so that's that makes a lot of sense but how crazy i've seen him try that right and by himself for the poor we need not at issue is not like the circus nobody taught him that those things are smarts fund can be a crazy fuck him roddy due to goes out to the jungle starts cheated monk and her candle get em
and swords and shook imagine thing that's my gas supply that girl isn't sword samurai swords bump bump bump minutes plan of the apes not that far how are we to be to teach him like a jane goodall got all evil and sheds light can cut in good ol believes and big foot does you there's a girl combat forbid put right there she's not not now i just should be eve she certain she search is talking about a couple of jane jane goodall believes in bigfoot it's insane when you listen to it like she's way smarter than main she knows way more about primates than i do so i talk shit i sat with a big foot real he might
but i think it's real but when i hear someone as smart as her who basically lives in the jungle i mean she's in the jungle so goddamn much mars will live in the jungle and is what she says let us not be heard not appreciate is now i know you do wonderful chimp cause i'm going to do the greeting it's the kind of fine you'd have he went to combine you climbed up under the ring how long's this video and if you're lucky environment pansies thing here i am it's wonderful day where are you and google
and each one has his own individualizing exactly calling for his big ferber undiscovered u turn by the yeti or big photos ask is that what he s pretty much out of the loop will now you'll be amazed when i tell you and i'm sure that they exist i've talked to so many native americans who described the same sounds too who ve seen them there was little tiny snippet in the newspaper just last week which has the british scientists have found what they believe to be a yeti half the scientists in the natural history museum in london couldn't identified as any known animal could you always have this boy for pigs was well i'm a romantic story
wanted them to insist animals while my money from even before i could speak for the gaza or a couple a couple people told her that they sound as you wish but he's been in the jungle for seventy five years that they are supposed to be in the jungle words whereas what did she say the university of work see saving to figure out what she said like what universities that this testing a yeti here because i think that all set out heard about and it did not a note like when i was on syphon shall we tested some stuff we tested hair we dealt with this guy todd desoto from some one big universe in new york city for debts which one and you ask me i guess he's in and why you got and dumb hope i'm not wrong tat but he's agenda
and so we ran tests on feces and hair and the hair was bear her bare shit too and maybe some dog hairs to send women even thinking which not him he didn't think it was at all now he's he's dedicated to disprove but there was another scientist gave assess that's that's what i'm trying to my leg what made him think this is it was big which because they don t know where she had brought smell it smell it how would they got maybe the bare fucking bad finish your son they ain't even agree on what it eats there were so sure footed shit category can agree our bigfoot eads who the fuck does
our debates which we gotta find that did i met and admit that the guy who found the conversation with him to the nice guy he's a teacher ok we're in a school where did you find your teacher in oregon followed would there's gotta be big question i'm gonna take it with me i would think big with lay logs like these figures my just giant you ever see a elephant take shit you see is an old and opening go good lord plumb all about just flopping out there the giant asshole that's rare magic forbid i do believe that there are some people believe in bedford but they also believe in a different kind of big voted second different kind of like a christian church the lutheran they believe yes we believe in big for but we believe it's an inter dimensional being of her that what would you think the chances of that penal probably probably on how to proceed
just big what is a blow families not undervalue i believe is re ok subway abroad on one eight native american grumbled sign and those are our people our people have long known of the existence of what we call the alma willard bunch of names you know what one i got a new name every time i go up to organise i still do seminar i ask the guy's by show of hands who believe bid for most of undue civil do chemo lots of them i've heard stories you now i believed in it for the longest time and i dont disbelieving it today i dont disbelieving it but that's one you can make lana but i think that they found it but i would be i thought oh shit that's real doubly don't display imminent and you know what i am about to say i think maybe you he is under dimensional hang it on a man that's how best my gut feeling
sticks and you know you have to use science day saw about faith broom so about knowing your heart and maybe that's why you can't find them mother packages disappear i know my heart not defended with my life that's the only look in answer i know brow it's in dimensional president lincoln brats when they can't find you can't put bigfoot on camera bro he knows about canada happen they appear wears a camera or disbelief just cause he doesn't want to close doesn't mean is primitive firmer he super intelligent they know you don't believe brown is at one with nature is something to be near you unless your pure super intelligent you can't find have you ve gotta live it with a task watch for them take but dont she's u n there's a bunch of duty of claim to have had like
friendships was ask watches like to move into the woods and stay there for months at a time and then they are they tell people how these stories in this very there's audio recordings of what they call samurai talking when here audio according to people think it s ask watch you laugh oh you re laugh hard i could do so she didn't say was that university it's the natural history museum in london any kids in that deadlines christ split up you can't make a noise those but they have us it's the dumbest recording ever samurai chatter listeners get ready for the ship boy gasket we're analyze this on the show
when i knew my show is retarded areas and it was there one time with a friend and every evening these to hear some absolutely bizarre noises and calls and i couldn't find out what the hell it was and so they took a red tape recorder one time and this is what the recorded ok it is very bizarre indeed who decided to support the sounds city and cosette available to people will get moodily these creatures your time so as we speak
for having their linguistic sir people look into it they are very encouraged what they're saying so far at him had settled the range supersedes what a human convey the rain supersede early humans by previous cite the energy while men to be spontaneous and no signs of been recorded or prerecorded altered speeds being so they never hopes is very worrying proportions are concerned this time will you they may this video get uploaded to doesn't thirteen give you that is anything look more like a man and a monkey suit their picture but his thing imagine if they really did tell me tat i mean what is chimps sounds stupid too
if you heard that but like more complicated with actual language like dolphin noises sounds stupid of dolphins and make those noises and you heard the dolphin eyesight ebay like that's all language what is that how weird mentioned that israel generation as i twenty of them live in deep deep deep in the woods what's while believable bit further largeness i think loch ness is probably a really big fish like some kind of a really big fish like a sturgeon or some shit something something really big that there's another many of them you see that video that guy putting a great white shark did a great righteous here it's alliance around a really yeah maybe i sought an incident and mine of yards that is to say it was crazy we're just fuckin videos aversion to my life why why plan
out of the water and he's touching his nose no wonder pirates a fuckin scared we probably do adoption of the daily imagine you imagine a pirate vulcan ends up on on the most of south africa oh my god the stories there the grey was out there they're just there is a shared out of them the current saying this is this is so insane it just keeps opening its mouth and nose comes the gums and on these fuckin destructor teeth their scary than any monster an end
movie ever and there are a hundred percent real look at a fucking teeth on that thing man i mean what the hell and they fly out of the water oh my god oh my god oh things are so insane just imagine that clamping down on you mean it's cartoonish sharks teeth are cartoonish their giants swords surveyed edge swords and theirs rose of them in their mouths of one snaps off the one moves forward what i just spent killer animal just that one of the craziest creations of nature or thor did he make sure
odin who makes the sharks who makes sure ass it was a god which god would make sharks oh i don't know that's a good question fuckin thing again washes jamie i'm freaking out fired if i had a hundred trillion dollars build this fuckin instead of an octagon giant falcon ocean and put great widened killer whale and there to fight killer whales when every time you think so every time every time a great way to not smart and they're not nearly as mobile they're not smart swimmer how do i do it how do you talk of an attack how what would happen you have seen videos of just how long do you think it would take before the killer will attack the great want you just do it big took quite would you paid a watch on real watch on youtube like this no but you can there is never any good video i would never know good video of a killer whales jack and it's like the spot
i would say yes but you can never put a killer tank i think put a killer well tat is just beyond for ten minutes not yet to them yet force it to fight i think it's like four a person of fight that's like picking up the money you could do anything ok we're gonna do go and a helicopter pickup some guy from the middle of the fuckin born in jungle and make him fight in a cage fight would you do that would drop them and they were the guy's gonna take ass our job guy without oil being that exiled dog i would agree that that would be that excited at the most exciting possible match i know but what i'm saying is dolphins and whale and killer whales are too smart it's fucked to do that to me alive to smart i see that's why we do a great way would never have a shot never maybe they gotta rabbit one from south they gotta find a good one we found a guy on a gamer till wealth i think i think the deafening get the babies maybe you know they're gonna kill a whale or appear be killer whale and a flock of food
grown ferocious greatly as a probably the great white would bite right through it right for the baby the boat when their grown fully a groan adults i think killer whales are bigger than their way smarter there's ways smarter and these go right after the sharks they go afterwards fuck em up the video is apparently they were watching a mother and her daughter or sun mother and baby killer whale the killer where was swimming around its baby in the shark showed up and the killer whales like hold i'll be right back his when in fact that thing they get on video ghana video and then i think the killer way but you can't see shark up they bring the charging globally it try look it up now they'll i gotta recreated thing willing like as it wasn't that occurred there well out of fatalities i'm really look how much bigger it is seeking to show that this is the dead shock at the end
so this is a killer well beaten a fuckin shit out at shark they just don't have real good footage of well that's footing from some discovery to pakistan has probably right it's like at all now do now no one i'm watching them second discovery channel it's like you strike did theirs you got that shot where i got that hold thing happening you see it it seemed to make now seems like you see it now but killer whales versus sharks i think unless the shark is really bergen the killer whales really young and the king was its way to smart dug up like a person almost does they don't move like us so we don't consider i'm like us they have crazy language great light versus dolphin to kill dolphins edam great whites kill dolphins edam flock
shit magellan at that time that they flock sharks up they do in fact often ships member would what shall we really must make shrugged correct about them eating am i know they kill him catch a dolphin udo edam killer dude i'm tell where do i was killed off a big killer whales to know not great whites known orchestras had great why yes oh ok no healer well yeah give away all softens yes pressure great whites do you can think of no longer to my great light mcgowan tired you said that so stupid i thought you secure wales but for sure a great white ain't gonna kill my often right a great white again yeah they buy them they can get em they fuck up of sony fox up but i think that the size difference between killer whales and great whites is too big but it's a very disappointing we find out the great white
the killer whales rather not great white keeps hungry light a killer whales are killing off and they kill other whales to like you now the arctic the north pole melting were these there is i got these whales and about their that killer whales can get too because ice they can hang on the ice is another dorsal fin or something to make its way through the ice but not at all he's gone kilowatt come on up to eat him crazy so there eating other where so much that its fuck it up the eskimo economy as they rely on those all those wales but now the killer whales are killing the whales they kill that they rely on whales they kill the guy so they need help i need to do something about the killer whale problem how many people are up there do they like it up there if people that live in off whales
enjoying themselves what is it what keeps about there's never been era that's right than either it's what you come to feel it a hundred below zero that we're just gonna tuckered out it's not good to not good looks forest like the way there there their health is would the doesn't depopulation doesn't grow at their those kids end up grab waiting in fact that like curtis hammurabi top how austin had instructed from alaska they i'll get the fuck out battled static or last as one thing like anchorages bad ass but this is like the where the people are eaten whales and share their ignore that they would weigh up their religion a frozen parts this though anchorages actually close the coasts it's not a bad place i've never been acres fuck a great man this is like
vancouver like a colder vancouver where it it's only dark out for like an hour in the summer it's weird you go outside like four o clock in the morning is bright out bright outline five o clock at night brain out and it's like four in the morning and i quote what you're going i got a little of that in sweden because we were sweden's cairo nursing it's like the sun still out and it's eleven o clock at night right on the side of still on your face but i didn't down i've never been that north neverbend alaska it's crazy comedy uptown to coming anchorage ari is for as you get any barbarity in summer bow and arrow
now we were fishing we went salmon fishing our up their beautiful man she's beautiful does first time i saw an actual alive in the flesh eagle eye caught sight of the zoo like watching a big ass eagle fly right over your head trip we had an eagle fly you know shit hundred yards overhead they'll take a baby won't they probably avoid people if you leave your kid out milan yeah yeah if you just stand back and light if their hungry stressing that some wrong with them like they're too tired to go get a salmon again old me eagles get all too that's when they illegal on animals could dangerous they get older or tat big cats the dangerous they get all they can't catch dogs anymore they fuckin hungry men they gotta figure something out fuckin eel taking a baby humanity feel if you look in evil fly off of your kid there's that video
right that's vague has ended up in vague at this elderly everytime i believe i believe it i just legibly the rain tat efficient video man away without siberia noted israelites didn't i didn't pull it off but really was trying to do it right i was yeah man this is so when the videos like that so many it's hard to know what is right and what's not with the bush skills like photoshop still more might have a guy's obsess things like that right like you look at those pictures like ok effectively there could be real or not real
so good some don't mean shit yes i do i really really there well i'll when is it going to be how long is gonna be before we are just probability happened right with a proven that photographs reuse and propaganda or faked spot must have happened didn't happen they turn their act more was now like some faked faked photos of missiles or something like that goddamn it when they do they should all the time but the green screen and they pretend there and in lebanon shit when they're really in virginia live in boston pretending there in iraq or logical and they got helmets on and yet they have a bus to do that they are youtube inside they let the camera drawn for the tapers i can our even gone you'd amen during the ninety one operation freedom war
fake in the movies so ridiculous it you know what is good for them are supposed to be doing that what are you doing that shit you one that empire you know i don't think that's what they're doing there were there put together this david money we can obtain meant about operation what about operation mocking bird you take that that was real and has a real which was that the cia infiltrating broadcasting and journalism and they take for propaganda purposes this was a real operation well there's been some real operations that are undeniable that are pretty fuckin crazy and then i am crazy is it the who cnn you know that this is rumoured that based on how they present stuff like that prompt based on our gone down what they show what are pushing and based on the agenda
you know any you know of any retard will say now you carefully fox news even retard say that even retard so you can't believe fox news everybody knows that while cnn just like that to steer the site that's easy to bleed and then anderson cooper was initiated an idea for a long time and he came out and i would just there for a summer will in turn right though he said language only once you in your own you know diane he doesn't have demanded at first and then his family comes from super wealthy background vanderbilt and in all that shit it's ok it's like i don't know i was going to say the other one is really crazy is operation midnight climax you're here but that one nope the government ran brothels in san francisco in new york and got guys came in to get laid and they don't come with lsd so they could study them because firstly there are no that's real its hopes are real freedom of information act
operation midnight climax how the c i a dough san francisco citizens with lsd how come is he does that simply how crazy if we said that happened today like what's goin on today it would be you'd be thought is a crazy man what has happened before unless that's not true no no this is true will then it happened before yeah i'm alone has got a beggar psycho read it here goes you're crazy thing smile do it again never lifted up so you consider nuts that's great here than any conspiracy i believe and less the craziest one was another says it's been over fifty years but wayne richie says you can still remember how it felt to be dosed with acid he was drinking bourbon and soda with other federal officers on a holiday party in nineteen fifty seven at the u s post office building on seventh admission streets they were cracking jokes and swapping stories suddenly the room began to spin the red and green light on the christmas tree in the corner spiraled wildly riches body temperature rose
his gaze fixed on a dizzying colors around a guy jagged somebody dose them but that's not this is this this guy is not the guy i think this is he's talking about being posted a party is not talking about operation midnight climax as he because midnight climax about brothels that's where they were called operation midnight climax and buys got ages guys gettin feeling he carefully while he's a when he was high they were participating against their will and these studies is what it was essentially whatever could get google and to look into it folks google into it i think that's real term but it's really interesting because
what had happened was it we're doing these studies and soldiers and they can get people do it anymore people i get the fuck out of here i didn't want to do any more so than they just start the figure has tried on some other people s fate if they did in a whorehouse nobody would say anything guys don't want admit they were there in the first place to stow small but ass they walked out there all crazy well i'm not stupid smart god damn it they do a lot of smart fuckin shit god dammit its set up so brilliant brilliantly i mean just the fact everybody knows that the there's corruption at the at at the top levels and the cia not everybody but there's a lot of corrupt everybody knows that and it's ok it's like that the people that are really runnin shit like the corporations and international banks like they were the sea eyes right there with nobody to sue no one to throw in jail no ones annabelle just right though that there are
than all this shit just like what you just post their involving lesson nor the council will you know what i think is going to happen what i think what i see as possible to happen the same thing is happening with performance enhancing drugs in the usa there was someone like jaffna whisky when they have these usanga guys it or just showing up your house for clock in the morning take random tests they have all these crazy things they get test for that no one even knew about so slowly but surely there but is forced to be natural and compete naturally that's we're seeing our now you have seen just just to its too risky there too good for two sophisticated right so as far as we know everybody's fighting natural but we also know that they definitely didn't they cheated like a mother fucker everybody did and other organizations we know what we know guys who did it we know guys that would just be juice how the fuck and mine nobody else is just another mine too and that's how the game was being done everybody was competing on that level so we know that
so in a lot of ways i think that's because of something like you know the new understanding of how to test people and such like the sea hiring of its key to go after this right but that's data rights information or then information as it does come out their forced to do it straight and narrow i think that's gonna be the case with government or certain point time i think the people that are making a fuck lots of money and corporations economic factor
anyway but they're not going to be able to manipulate environmental laws where they're doing now get away with it a bit more transparent do not be able to influence politicians to influence laws to two to make it favour their business it is what we will do it so easily i think there's always can be money to be made is always gonna be people buying cars and buildings and it's all there was always gonna be commerce but i think they'll be less factory in the future husband thick corporate thuggery there stood a ton i don't think i don't think you can hide things forever when it comes to like some of the practices that some corporations that are unscrupulous will engage in there aren't necessarily ethical like about the bp oil spill right i care about how the other the way they cleaned it up and the young they made people there's people that town that mean what is what how much more loss was that to them how could you possibly compensate them i don't want to know
about the bp oil spill bp oil spills pretty fuckin crazy no killed the gulf and all that but i don't know the details i don't know there was some kind of the report i don't know anything about having looked into it it was one of those things that they pull the oil i almost unanimously well knows a bloated carolina animals in zoos and a lot of st shoe young fire oil in the ocean it's crazy it's it's amazing how many gallons were being pumped into the ocean and even more amazing the ocean to sort of absorbs it what do you think a trump that's long i think it's it's this is a strange time it's a strange to see a president that is ok whatever you do what you like him or don't like him what do you support his beliefs or you think is the worst thing ever i'm just looking at it as objectively like as a performance peace
there's never been a guy that understands how to manipulate the media the way he does never no one even close he may everything he does a big story he says outrageous things and because it says outrageous things they tune in to make sure it has more outrage thanks to more outrageous things he he says the more people go he say an outrageous things that's tune in he's the biggest show in town i get some even close simon close who generates more attention who's got people more riled up about people are born as fuck there lord their board they hired obama thought everything was going to change and it digress did a little and some france and it was good socially and the world's evolving in that way in that direction anyway that's all good but guantanamo bay still open and people are still in afghanistan seems like the still still
chaos everywhere antonov anybody could have ever fixed it we're we're just bored were board what is this what are we doing what is it worth why we them is what is going on about after way about war one have to worry about gas one of two way about global warming was can have what the polar bears god damn it and then also in this guy comes along tonia biggest egg is he says build up a fuck wall million miles harsh and that is why we do as the first while they built it and finish its only put up a wall it's crazy in everybody cheers you know india there the mexican president calls me says who's gonna pay for that while you're gonna pay for that wall and a while just got ten feet higher up the fallen employees to pull them districts of everything yes i told the guide wards got ten feet higher you know what i told them the wall just got ten are inevitably goes i would love to see that glued fiberglass like he's like
movie from the eighties yesterday the top mercer resident in mexico said we will never ever pay for that wall and the press called me up and they shed called around the head man coppers he showed you i'll bet you i'll pay for it you know what i said i said the wall just got ten feet higher you fucked it up i keep saying it's true it's true it's true he so strange is so bizarre i feel like i feel like almost like i'm watching like one i'm late night television shows sorry once once you money like you hear my money look at you money could get my mary it's feels like its fake it feels like this is the final piece of the simulation theory
the final piece of the show words can reveal the zob in a comedy all along in a strange comedy i mean what do you think guy he's really it's better than the other ones except for bernie he's better than all the other people on the republican side i mean marco rubio seems like a array in a bull guy and a lot of ways the way talks on a know exactly what is his beliefs are but human trunk they get it these insult competitions and it looks so foolish psych just because trump does it does just don't do it better than him don't do it better talk about how ridiculous it is and don't allow that guy like either is talking about obey his hands they're gone back and forth with each other and insulting his hair and insulting spray tan like they're like it's like the roasting again
show that this is not presidential you understand you guys have a limited amount of time and this we're gonna stand the breakdown in the men trumpets baggage on rubio wherein make up the whole thing's ridiculous like this is a terrible way to have these people together to have these people all competing then what you're gonna get us whose the best at like given you a sound bite under pressure you're not gonna get who's the best leader even get the who's the best it doing that debate thing that's we're gonna get it it's a weird thing you're standing up there on the podium right now so guys talk and shit about you what he says i even true and you can respond you got away like fuck you bet it's a stupid way to talk and the fact that time they given like ready go now this is what you do you let him talk for long periods of time a long winded and boring people don't like him any more that's what happens
put him in a long form have them talk for hours and hours let him talk podcast every fuckin presidential candidate should have a long form podcast they have to do every day and we see whether or not people want to listen to you not like have someone barking at you on the left and bore tell me what the you can do and then have someone talk to them that understands what can it can't be done have someone is a real political expert sitting down and asking them some hard questions and do it all the time and that an based on that and their qualifications but based on like back and forth bullshit bickering with each other insulting each other and ours returns and you had so crazy this is do you guys you get a one the greatest army the world has ever known in your act like assholes this is so stupid i this isn't just like a bunch of guys you know trying to win a game show this is if you win you
the world like in your ear insulting each other and make up and tat you should be saying do not fucking stupid it is that we're talking about we have a five minute time period that you get to talk in or whatever the fuck it is going to spend your time insulting each other unhand size and you gotta babies you know you can't be the king now you guys you're not the bet there's no way you could be the best so like he is involved in that and ted cruises like super religious rejoice makes me your mouth ben carson is super reasonable but super religious this he's the trumpets again stands out as at least he's a rich guy doesn't give a fuck are there anything thing any good things that trunk says that you agree with you know what man i honestly have been so blown away by the bad things that he said the bear pay attention to get things like but the shit that he said about mexico like while someone's do all raping like in our brain over murderers and rapists and mills oh my god like you just that's a whole country
you're talking about millions of people you talkin about someone's do an arabian he says crazy shit and it works man it works as far as i give its all pr campaigns and he just get in there and says ladies and gentlemen look i said what i said and i did what i did to prove a point that our media system is corrupt the solar system is broken it needs to be fixed it's like it's a bad computer needs be rebuilt this is not good but you can have a gauges juke the system like i just did that would be the mill amazing thing if he gets an office is that this is a very important position so no more insults number bullshit and now that i'm here i'm on a hot just higher the best people who try to figure out what fucks wrong with this country how amazing would that be look at how to insult these dummies in order to get in there i couldn't let hilary talks i have to go in their guns blazon how to take our ban
sanderson fuckin ted crews in rubio banana doll that's done we can all work together what do you think hilary but as you are i don't know i don't know how you can be entrenched in the system for as long as she's been entrenched in the system and not be not be that the past that's the system right the system is these special interest groups and lobbyists and making deals and having sitting down with all these people these two in one hand she knows more about government than any of them she knows more about government then for sure tromp right i mean he knows about influence that influence politicians who donate money into politicians who understand all that as far as being in the book rooms when the shit goes down hilary like she's been like right in their so as far as like qualifications
no one's got more qualifications for president than hilary does the problem as do you his here we all agree i think we all agree and is not a knocking until this is we all agree that this system is fucked it's ridiculous representative government kind of crazy the idea that you can have real above people they vote they vote for one person that person represents that state and in the state they are they try to pick the present electoral college always whacking if we all greeted that's kind of crazy right we all agree that doesn't make much sense has a lot of things we don't get devote on his lot of decisions the country goes one way or another way that we really unhappy with and it would be nice if we had like a giant public debate so the only person that's gonna change that they'll a person is gonna knocked off its ass
rob cause he's really guys got his own money like that for the republic inside his young guy and though in the democratic side hilary got a shitload of money but she's kind of a part of the system and bernie sanders nets and good ideas socially wants make marijuana legal you know he wants to wants to help people once two plus two like will unite us one paper student education which i think is a great idea was to raise up the minimum wage i think those granted to i don't know shit about economics so it's like there's not a lot of great choices i guess like hell really be the best boys on paper they now right on paper or another on paper she's a crook reaches a crook ah you know we're on the link with i was that bad life isn't this debate talking i area because he's too crooks garcia allegedly
thirdly allegedly what what makes you say allegedly she's a crown man what's that a documentary clinton chronicles and other stuff that's what the white water scandal and all that stuff i mean did she's she's in the build up her group comanche dishing she's deeper and pillar deep beat beat that's that consumers threats reasonable burglar build a bridge group is on a conspiracy turning more than that the rock child or that the rock fellers referred to it as the builder group they started its they planted now and she's in a bill there very powerful deep deep deep in the top there way there they needed build a run everything through arkansas they had to bring him in they ran everything through arkansas that's not a conspiracy theory they ran all their stuff to organs are they needed the governor to cooperate and that was bill clinton and
to show their appreciation it became the next president he went from arkansas obscure then he went at nice as part of the pill the brook just like that some arkansas governor just like that dude that narcos honour networks i find faster did car do i didn't i wouldn't have i would have gone into it it was a few are really wasn't interested in it like all yet more drug stuff you tell me it will be more on trust you not more than why do i tell land is larry cartel and as next year hole are the only ones sounds sounds like a generic to double the run of the mill documentary it's not it's special day is a special documentary unemployment and again that how big oil conquer the world the history of the rockefellers bach the crazy netflix that's what all capture that's what are its uniting conspiracy there where we want to combat they claim
aw connected nine eleven jfk like at the same people in there all connected the same families the same tickets assigned goes back words most of it most start over john d rockefeller and standard oil when you learn that shit holy fuck the history and you know the craziest thing about the whole thing is he was so india monopolizing oil and everything once it was it wasn't just oil banking he got into everything big farm she control everything he was so john rock oh so dominant he was playing the first billion he was ruined the world man and are the one thing that all hemp or marijuana conspiracy theories they all are aware of the reaper man is proper and we all know that as well as we do enthusiasts we know about the the propaganda and that the government you know and then finally they it work after ten years of all this propaganda that made we'd look like a killed you and stop immediately crazy shit
made it illegal and we all know that that's from big industry upon and the rockefeller is an odd i we all know that there were trying to shut down the industry that were blaming it on us mexican smoking weed but we all know that as weed and whose yes but you know it you dont know as you know alcohol prohibition was also a because of john rockefeller he was he support and tie alcohol groups and blew up and dominated millions to blow up to get to outlaw a hawk if he thought side as a threat to gasoline oh yeah this is not a conspiracy theory alcohol prohibition was are backed by john d well why won't lose a threat to gasolene yes alcohol because these are people gonna make like ethanol data he just wanted a ban at that he didn't you to crush the ethanol business right right itself shall but the way he did it is to create hysteria with joint we have another drink in prominent each other so he repeated the same thing he did both of you did this
you're gonna find out about this is not a conspiracy theory so he so they made they wore their work jamie yes quickly how big the world but he he funded anti saloon league it was by one of his good friends and i wish to and you know what happened in the same thing they outlawed you can drink alcohol but they say what about the algarve for cars and and they rode in the law that you could still may alcohol for cars but you gotta put petroleum in it so that people don't drink it so he'll do business so now they gotta put oil in it if you want to sell it kill kill about he'd do he killed everything and it got busted for everything de rockefellers dad was name they call them devil bill his daddy all about is that it is not a conspiracy theory damn by storms will tell you about his father he created him he was rapist snow oil salesmen running
from the law changes name bill have all build i was his name so he had a bunch of southern johnny rockefeller was one and he was known he wanted was quoted as saying i cheat my son's every day i want him she a sharp is can be he just beat the living entrust started woman just drowned all their trust said johnny rockefeller grew up not trusting anybody who do this rockefeller ford and the secret history of alcohol wow but history regarding alcohol that you won't hear the six clock news cars and everything else running on internal combustion engines can run on alcohol at least as well as they can run a gasoline indeed engines were built back in eighteen seventy that could run using alcohol or gasoline and new york times article from nineteen o eight enthusiastically states autoists
gus alcohol as fuel great future ahead for use in commercial wagons has professor lock lack lock was president look look look tests with motor truck e r hewett tells engineers of his results with gasoline and alcohol in the same engine henry ford so that alcohol was a cleaner nicer better all four automobiles than gasoline wow holy shit while this is nuts man yet the same thing it's a fucking banana gas propaganda alcohol propaganda that is so crazy because you can alcohol without fossil fuels so if you made out today you could fuel me people can make out all right people finally may i join apparently anything anything mr mulder ferments you couldn't uses feel really summer do you know neil young has that what he has dees although he doesn't make alcohol fuel but it makes diesel he makes bio diesel is a giant ran
i think its northern countries one and the same thing at it ferments it's maybe you call a diesel but it's fermented vegetable matter out on just guessing i don't know that's what henry ford said henry ford said anything you could ferment apples anything either went into biofuel that's correct john d rockefeller that's what he was all about is the richest man in the world was raised by a psychopath and he might do to got busted monopolizing order they finally indicted and we had a break out a break apart standard oil and made him a billionaire that's what made him riches when you got busted when he had a sell everything off he just be took over budget asian do when you learn how can a documentary what is it how big oil conquer the world on garb scared you u s although it all comes from its represent a hundred percent it's it's psycho yeah
one did want it's always sons values but only in his glance at a kind of makes sense right i mean if you think about it that means the really super ambitious people in business or a lot of times the most cut throat the most you mean how competitive you gotta be to be like away and first or one of these gonna fuck now i took over diversity is did he wanted to take for the word it wasn't just try to sell gas affronted over the world are educate since system is all based on rockefeller foundation shit he stood he jerkily wanted school so that we got but just smart enough just doesn't consumers just smart enough to work they don't want anybody to smart that's all horses were desirous say this due to watch a documentary the combination of jamie now you just but you know this is how we did it this is how we did it he would just donate here
go to university the universe if chicago unjust i'm gonna give you millions of dollars there's an oh shit yes but i gotta have a couple of my people on your board dementia spent right reiner okay so he gets his people and am i just take over and they designed be designed history john do you reckon rockefeller got twenty twenty storing and some designed the history they designed that's all people make fun of history and in ninth grade books you make fun of that israel joke right it's put was put together by the bye rockefeller to look at their number has peak wealth was three hundred and eighteen point three billion dollars based on the two thousand seven u s dollar oh my god he lit the ninety eight he was a mother fucker brow it is down to be ninety years old oh my god his dad big bill rock they found the devil bill they caught him a lot of things
does she have a little man who spent most of his time thinking up schemes to avoid actual work nevertheless thanks to the guidelines of islam eliza homemaker and devout baptists john d grew up to be quite a hard working man okra interesting man interesting shit the agenda once called big oil what what is it how big oil conquer the world that's if you're conspiracy theories in a most people do oh beyond j f k there's so much unjust j f k and then all this you know if you want to the watergate and i ran contra and all nine eleven so much information that it so to get into a month a multiple things but once you want you got that covered go back and find out how it all started and yet learn when you go when you find out that data george in your dad prescott bush started the cia and then you go back in his day samuel bush was was frank one
felt right hand man and how the bushes rockefellers have always ran shit when you go back i'm your bush joy senior think about our odious his ground far do ran with long othello you have to do a park ass you and michael shermer who's the guy just left and if you don't want to talk i had no eighty ground from nova normally walked and you think tower seven went down on its own
no but you know what we're gonna do a collar some people say no to do but there s a do have to get the fuck out of here i'm so sorry loved sought by its whaley can get out here but we sort of broke down the gypsy we did for why we totally did connor and they are both fuckin legends right now both of them hollyhock me should take both legends right now we're gonna look back at this twenty years smell and have an old man narrate the highlights and can be fuckin same sitting a wheelchair thinking about this shit was classic classic should i think was the greatest to fights ever in europe history i think i was our ladies you see however that was the greatest you have you ever known you know people do you say to observe square deserve because they ve been better this that was those two highlights to me and made me minos bananas even in corners defeat he looked like a fuckin just like a girl beer
mobile barbarian he handled the lost luggage champ right after the loss right after lawsy handling the champ fox back tomorrow tomorrow's chris bell right from prescription thugs we shall see that that much here tonight that's a lot of relative at all thank you but my biggest thank you everybody for tuna to podcast pretty prithee precede the fuck out of people thanks a dollar shaved gotta die shave club dot com ford slash rogan try to shit out today i highly recommend it thanks also to me indeed my all time ferret underwear gotta me undies dot com for its last rogan for twenty percent of your first order and thanks also to on a dark com good oh anne and i t use the code word rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements we drank caveman coffee through this and every podcast caveman coffee ceo dot com
we did it folks fuckin did it and tomorrow we'll be back with chris bell you might remember i'm from my big or small spear smaller faster biggest stronger faster the document that you put together with his brother mark was also in and they did a park ass before and he said during that pod chastity wanted to come back on when his new documentary prescription thugs came out it's out now and so what s commitment so why was either
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