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#774 - Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen

2016-03-15 | 🔗
Brendan Schaub is a mixed martial artist and also a former college & pro football player. Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian. Together they host "The Fighter & The Kid" podcast available on iTunes.
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yes, plural today or my great friends, Brian Cowen and Brennan job is always a fuckin who, in a half having these fellows inside studio, we always have a great time, and now today is particularly ridiculous and it goes by so quick. So please enjoy it. Brennan job and Brian Cowen, the job will gain experience- boy you first, that is a beautiful, tell tee sure you were in their skype. Newest version of the master came not out. Yes, sir exaggerates has taken us a fuckin dope tie your man, it's like sort of a half dragging a tiger thing going. I very asian with an agent t, fat k, yeah man whose do in Europe our work. I have a couple.
As this one, I cloud with a guy whose names on Israel and painted demons, and so that Does a user both from tap out back in the tap tap out days just an endless guy painted demons, jettison we get together with the Son of Tee shirts. I love it. The tap out things so strange. It's like they do. It's like! There's a few companies like that. Right, like VON Dutch member Diana and then VON Dutch became at heart. Media Aurelia now, but not the people that would have worn Vandalia if they had been five years younger. We now wearing Ed hardy, they claret retarding. Why what religion tat to artists super lodge I mean he has he's like a famous tat, I think, is dead. Is he dead
kind of guys that, where, like they're, usually easier to wear scimitar well, but there s a supermarket stones guy, shade their forms. They got the skin like a hot dog. When did to use your destiny, we taught users issue here, here's the deal I mean we can demonize those guys all day long. We do and it's funny, but there's a strike. No reason why we don't we wouldn't where those things, if we're all going to have got to know we're rhinestones digital gonna fuck your, but do they done studies that, when a matters jewelry Don Ed Hardy born in nineteen, forty five still I've? That's your sweet sees, allow it looks like younger there I'm kidding, I'm kidding thats a different guy with a shitty sure is known for those sailor. Tattoos yea actual sailor, tattoos yeah. He was like one of the Great America on a tattoo artists, he would make those really cool. Like like his his was not realistic. Looking at all like cartoonish, there is now an power from either
He looks awesome. He may a bank. He looks like a closet. Perhaps what are which is weird that attached to artists like I knew him from the tattoo magazines, because before I ever got us how to I was like really into tattoos. I'd buy them designs and check out. Although the really cool are wars like Paul Booth ever see that guy, yeah I'm down in New Jersey up God. Damn I got that guy. He won't let you tell him what to draw really up early. These have trust in Europe when I get a style styles like demonic, white, eyeballs, black and gray, really cool super detailed, amazing tattoos. Here's look at this,
guy. What he looks like Paul booth is lay, doesn't look like his take no for an answer, I'm using your body iraqi murmurs, damn legged outposts in the basque country, terrorism. Since fourteen ninety- that's the american Indian, Indian. There that's native american dietician, really really upwards Oak, Philip followed. What am I? What is this message from doing? What we wanted? What should I might sleeve out? Just because I want to be forty, nine sleeved, I'm forty eight is leave you have it somehow it fits. You was like TAT is. If you like tattoos, fits you. I love the art where I live in the Arctic into I love it and ass. I, like curls, tat, due to didn't used to like I'm always love. I used to be like for you. You crazy, damaged bitch, now lay down like wait a minute, I'm crazy damage, bitch, two guys. It's crazy, guaranteed! Only website I ever bought, like you know like subscribe to where I used a credit card to get access, is suicide girls,
they turned me out, but that's just pictures right, yeah, don't even now users extradited pictures, I didn't I didn't jack off. I just would look at em back those men, you Jackdaw for sure what otherwise, why would you want a chronic masturbated, but I'd that I have you to marry me fuckin read too, and I said when I know there is an attraction to a girl that covers are back in our arms with tattoos for some reason, because this girl's knew a fuck you she's about will she knows that this is permanent and she's like yeah, whatever drawn me, yeah pups picture that Paul booth stuff. Could some of this stuff is insane? He did that dude, who were fuckin, elegant, exact. Shame in Europe are now my body that we need to see the word for it, but I'm really now, but he so good. Do people wait for you to hold back up to that one within international silicone saying that has got tat, please fuck! That's now ain t I would get that
account very likewise, Brian doing that we'll. Why is need see? That's your problem until will you promise Is it your problem? You worry about what people think. Well, that's it good for you- and I don't know that lets you sure yeah- you do definitely its way know how nice car and that's why you would you wear weird shoes, Zipper Messiah, getting Tesla tat it s a he ordered, I ordered favoured fucking drive them. So I have no doubt that I now know crazy. I've got the auto pataque to Tom pop about it. He I'm getting one here, up. In March thirty, first, my buddy madman Lichtenberg got one. Any city gets on the highway repressive button twice. I guess it drives itself registers texting or not, but not for me, man is not for me. I said of the guy he explained to me at the ten years of- and I said I wouldn't use that, and he said
Oh yes, you will use your softly. I swear to you and how much traffic Yoda makes this man. When you have a nice car, it makes driving a fun experience right where's, if you have a really there's nothing wrong with its having utilitarian car, you know Brok listener here drive around in, like it was like a chevy citation or something like TAT was like some. We little red, fuckin compact car tech ice. Getting that thing and he's what all three hundred pounds for every fuckin he's a norm thicker than he makes heeded makes me like when our stand. Next to him like we're, not the same species, yeah told different types of human, your area, I've ever seen a mother gab easier than for me. I shipments of people's hands approach. Akershem shacks hands check as he's, but these two guys shame Corwin. Unless they are those guys, you shake the handicap. Ok, we're not!
same try again hit within those Ghana manually shovels. Each shall identify link with cars. For me, because I didn't grew up with any cars like my my parents whenever an cars. So if you don't know the difference like something times you gotta know the difference. I can only grow up with me yeah. I didn't gravel I just didn't grub was I, I don't think I've ever driven a fast skydrive. I a porch once in traffic. I couldn't opened up side, and I just don't I didn't go up to. I didn't go up appreciating what the car wasn't. He asked in a dry MIKE early far, Now take his car up like little to hunger. I do drastic. I do yeah I can. The star learn on a stick. Is an outrage that duty change. Life really be like crazy eyes orange light in MR deeds. Sure I must change your life. He would ruin your car, not my own. I wouldn't you he drives going. I can use a good driver but You would, if you'd understand, maybe the test at the beginning of my other tests was really fast.
Not if I want a fast cars in the world, it was you download that add up its due to factors. What he told me that taken like. If I, if I wanted faster Bacon, upgraded seriously crazy, I'm insane mode. I don't think you need that the ludicrous ludicrous grow out of that he made out the two point. Sixty two points. Second brazier: horizontal aid for Dorsett. Damn that's insane refer you to see tat. They had sixty sundry seconds end with no sound right. There's no Bold is no explosions. There are two things I wish I want to start wearing, but has to wait for me
tonight, I want that out to get you go ahead and do it he might, but he might do some better. Nice gotta go to. While someone aware I can't do that. I can't just trust there. I'd like snake, sorry roads. Would you get that? Where were you, maybe you could say, look my mom's kill both. Could you earth snakes and images? Do like bats, or is this guy? You get what you gonna get name snake way I mean he's a fucking artist essentially mean not essentially hung two percent and he looks his art, and he says you know what man people commission me to do pieces, and this is what I want to do. Yes, I'm just gonna say I'm going to take that work. I get it maybe I'm wrong. Now I mean, I believe, might does it mean, whereas our free, I don't think, there's no bigger artists than in southern town for tat to artists. It's the same man for oh yeah, the great spot, they, if not the best in the world, it is
the thing on killers here, the ass, our shamrock yet cartoon, yet in oh see them killers here. Is that, while the count on DE all over the country right now is a resurgence in tattooing like tattooing over the last few decades has become like a really respected art form. Instead of just like that furthermore, like weirdo fringe type artists who just were really into it, but there's a stigma attached doing here. There's always a stigma attached to be in TAT it up. You know, and now it's not like, if you have tattoos like Arundel of Adobe, did this- and this is like fifty hours of work he he planned it all out as one sleeve he did this one too. It is both. My man really, I think, I'm an idiot but he's a friend to Psych I go down there. We hang he's cause flock, he's an amazing artists. Get up, close bow with your tat. You already said minds, Freddy in regretting his has done all this from shamrock socialism. Hollywood there you know, he's the eager up rough men. He said
tat tuning imprison series of rough do, but the first hour with unless I got this is the worst whose I wasn't Hark enemy was kind of to a long time, but then he opened up in his mind boy now man, as the figures mean far just the Hanks great, maybe use where that you were a dumb jock type. Two hundred percent you're very deceiving in that way, like a lot of people, have the wrong idea view, unlike the also get mad at you from podcast. Ladies and gentlemen, I know it's fun. Its funding and I've done it before, but you gotta understand we're whip We play up shit. Why couldn't you ramp things up? You say ridiculous shit. He knows These delays doing it because it's ridiculous to say what it is: a natural showman, it's fun so much comedies about exaggeration, sometimes a lot of it. Yes, a lot of it is that some of the funniest shit you know in TAT is for me is, and I think one I didn't. I dont know that I
Express tattooing. Now that this anything I I can, I can ever make up a mind first by what I've lost my modesty, harmony, making it too, because they may you, like, I don't give up its worm- are when it would look so good about your own by self. Well, the must look at this did, as is trying to focus efforts. Have a nice arm. If you have a nice arm, if you have a big muscle, you with your arms fit me your fit your fit got, but its skin can go to a great artist, and you have on your body, but what I get permanent our, whereas if you have you whenever you want well, you know I want you guys both get fighter and the kid tattoos ohms alive. You know of any you know once we get the ten million downloads he has given to. That was the deal we made that bets right well. Looking at Tesla, what is really getting get blocked? Fucking now
go all out identical pause out just get medusa on my back medusa yeah. You know medusa, one of course he's a goddamn America's. Our talk is brought. You have already king Kong. Are you familiar big for you? Do you know about guerrillas brown sire by ever see? Lassie knows, flip was not a fish right, we ve got lassie. Do you know it's a thing, Smiley lad, who surely lousy lousy on my back with doesn't ceremonial last year. This body should not only as a people is people and is a kid, my bad ignited, probably so man there's some cited. It says it's a good day, two of his dog, that's his is dug from when I was a kid you pass through I'd like to get something silly, maybe a cow army should fear got your truck. Thirteen dollars, but it's really a guy's hip, did I love truth is I love
it has again did do. There's some right tattoos, enthusiasm arable, gradually be nice Chris earlier we now that parliament now knows that I am sure tat these myself Jirsa, consequently aggregate slow down a little bit the one on the stomach tool to real. For me, one of the stomach and then the Macgregor above it and to give up his ads, So that's what you want to hear your people have killed themselves with ebbs help, given Europe's with I could have done without the crown being that up. Thanks to the other points, I would like the neck tat like the straight blast. Gm guerrilla materials and then the crowds of it- I think that's brought me to life. My favorite tat. I like that of the writing up his back. I like that, while the twin
I like symmetry like it like. Well, who is our girls? I get her like a like values. Do I crouched ensure for like a website? That is probably your wife everything tat now now, I'm gonna get our status as mine anybody can use that one year, history but cow Mayans. Now mine, my mine women don't like that. They want to be owned at my or do the at my way and I spent a lot of water with that Tuesday. At my wedding I I've made a speech in thank my parents and everybody, and I stopped and I went in a man. You are and always waiting there bracing Lycos, MRS with Switzerland manner. You are my property now and that's what this is about is networks and everybody laughing. Do you get a dowry? I did not get a direct. I used to be my married daughter afterwards, so useless to give give stuff hey, you know, cries weddings, this guy sweet.
I thought I could not. I cried my orders by winnings divorce the common cause. You know it's not my sister's wedding. I was in the wedding and I was not your sister, but that's what they eat. The reason why they used to give away a dowry was because the woman was thought of being less valuable than the man right, because the times are tough and people are dying in war and famine and fuckin sword, fights and shit. So I give you my daughter's like the way you would marry them off to a good personal gift. Give him some give the duty Mario Dark, and it is also a way as to when I was annulled way so you'd give like I'll hit. Here's my diary. Here's a bag full of gold catana cash, but that was the way there was like. Super com, let's bring this shit back, but it didn't go the other way. That's what's that is fast we were modern culture is the divorce is horrific format. Marriage and divorce can often be horrific for men. I naturally, and just when the limited amount of exchanges I've had with friends that have been divorced, it's fuckin horrific them.
The amount of money they lose special California and the amount of money they have to give off. As you know, we know a few people have done well and made good money. Then you know it doesn't go well when it comes to the divorce and you you ve the sums of money they have to pay out. We have to maintain their life's down when we, I guess, we're together, exactly and if you're a fighter habit of fighter friend who, through divorce in at the time when he was with her, you know, he's up bad ass. Making bank right will that their careers over in here staff man is tough. This is crazy proudly, especially, but it's weird house, which around like it used to be that the man would get along out of getting married to the woman so Billig worth something you'd be a big thing, they had to give up a dowry and now becomes the woman. If she decides in all there's a lot of power and that a few, especially you marry like a rich guy, you know you marry some Donald Trump Character, even if he's gonna lock down
fuckin printer prenuptial set son. You get connected ass, a kid give me a few mill just to get the fuck away from S Donald Trump Rights, you a check for two million bucks. Except in a month around how will we not even a month, makes it a week when you got a billion dollar four thousand million dollars, that's insane kind, Apparently it is not so much money, but without sometimes you work too narrowly. He says he's worth ten, but they say probably worth for. I read estimates He if you actually look at you, ve, taken up the debt and everything and how much he put into his business. We actually looked at what he has money. Wise is closer to undermine broke. Yes, it's Fuckin Schuyler now that you are not going to be right now is that, according to John Oliver and some other No, I saw something really really tough thing to figure out, but you can apparently look at his assets. He's not released and you can look at how much it costs. You can estimate what it would cost a run knows
Stan employees and insurance and all that, and then they have to lot of times. I think a lot of companies a minute certain after public borrowing private, but there are statements near tat. There are public tax import, Trump man struggles, real and people guess they only do honour mill flock, but I don't know the, and I just think we don't know reproach overthrown. Numbers ran along the richest, his riches FARC guerrillas, hilarious man. I was a little bit of democratic democratic debate are usually not like debates there, but Bernie Sanders sent it home, send it home. Hillary Clinton do like this, some shit that she gives can say nothing about, and they were talking about the pharmaceutical industries in the banking industry of banking industry in particular. He was talking about what was he was talking about the speeches that she gives for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
In and then you know you're talking about how many speed you like that. Why why can't we get the transcripts from these speeches? What an amazing speech it must have been to be worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars or what was an Hilary, was nervous. His Falk. She threw a cow drop in her mouth, she sweating like half fake smile and she can't saving he's like you can read the trends. Groups of all the times I've performed and did beaches in front of the banking industry, because there are none. This guy who took his getting is because some of his wife in the Soviet Union he's an interesting he's, a very during those asylum throughout last night's called I sighed with that combating restructured in I'm not too in politics. We go this. They have like major issues and graphic multiple choice. What you know what you want you think's major goes to all of them. That then it says who you most likely should vote for it gives you a percentage pretty dumb but see my my.
Feel about Hilary is. She seems like business as usual yeah, whether she be good or not sees a hundred percent business is now- and I think that is the last shit this country needs right. Now is the same system, so each other in Trump, I would bring in Bernier Trump for bringing Hilary. Although Bernie I bring it Bernie, because I think that well shit shit up, but that lacks culturally but as a battering RAM Seabury he's, as there is a thing he can't do that he can't really pass all there. You need Congress in the idea of what he's trying to tax. Is socialism? Doesn't its car crazy? It's needs it. Five human nature could shoot human nature. When you give people away to not have to work for things, they do in some there's there's some people upon our ties with some people, their leather. They get a bad break. A bum steer in life, there's a bunch of people doing poorly. That is not their fault
but there is also a bunch of people that are just fucking lays bare the majority which say: no, I don't know what the numbers I've never examined. I you know, I don't you know like people that produce yes exam, you don't attacks people of producers who are create wealth, but you don't attacks and seventy four. Percent away. France underlined is trying to do has done. It just doesn't work doubt because people are produced will stop producing via the work seventy five percent of our day for someone else for the greater good hell. We not seen how that works in just pick up a history book. It doesn't work that well, how is Bernie is all. Is ass. Ain't gonna make me I lost my little finger. Question should always be rather than Bernier. Just yourself to what percentage. What percentage are you willing to give Europe you know power and your money, like is at fifty percent. That's it I'm on recycling for site. For me, no fuckin invest the same EU citing Lily breaks down it's a lot of stuff. I don't know about breakdown. Very simple. Multiple choice
and it shows bone. This issue believes you know, the way you do in this region Oh, please! I know you do fuck man, the one. I would never think Hillary Clinton seat, but here's a The central. You can't tell what she really believes that What do you do? You know what she said about Nancy, rigging and and and Ronald Reagan- don't give a fuck liberals are abandoning or now go. She was trying to say that Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan opened up the conversation about AIDS during the eightys. There is total bullshit. Not always it. Bullshit silences death is like a campaign because they weren't talking about they wouldn't about AIDS for Fucking year chilling two year. I remember very well and that wasn't a good administration just cause Nancy died a yeah. She died, and I bet she was a nice lady. Now she was really an astrology she's married, your president. That's it we're done here. You don't know about them. Opening up some sort of a fuckin dial
with this country, but a that's just went out with a dealer is biggest liability is that people are western. She just not on her based on our history. I was another thing in that debate. They said thirty, seven percent. Does that is insane below three percent trust, her only Some seven trusted women in your country has not trust her less than so crazy yeah neither styling so here's the inheritance, blacker, here's the biggest thing album do if she is more like Obama. If you look at the past six years, country right now is not doing terribly, and this is a guy who believes? Probably I'm a little bit more to the right specifically than someone like Obama, but I have to say that you know I was. Preaching about how you know under Obama, if you look at its policies, the government's gonna grow the government because of a lot of factors and Saint just Obama, but if you
get a lot of measures for how government is grown, it's kind of state, exactly flat line in the past six years. It has grown love, that's because we now have as big a tax base and things like that. But there are a lot of factors that going into it. But No, what in six years? It's not the economist disaster in by a lot of measures the economy's doing really well. So that's all four conservatives to argue with LEO. Let me just but the word blind allegiance now everyday apples abrogated blind deleted. Pardon my adamite wise network. I asked some word though I want, but if you look at it from a republican point One thing that can be easily argued is: is a common cycle of recession and and financial gain it happened. And this is exactly what happens after a downfall right, so the downfall of our economy in two thousand and eight- I don't know shit about finance, but I've read a bunch of stuff. People do know shit about, and these our goals are reoccurring cycles.
There is always is almost the republic stays up and it is still up and running It goes down and crashes people readjust some people find their way Some people lose their ways and jump off buildings, and then it builds back again and that What's going on right, ass, a bit? Well, that's one of the things that they argued about Clinton's era, they're saying, while you could say that Bill Clinton was responsible for all that, but the all the signs seem to indicate that the cycle is moving in that direction. Anyone right, you're, sure, yeah, sure, no matter who is the president. I will talk about him ass for sure, and I dont know what exactly is getting lines. If Trump wines is, is there going to be chaos? Chaos, people are sloppy. Black people are already freakin fuck. That others protests in red lights at his work anymore rushing the stage. You know- and I must point out four tromp- he doesn't have women. He doesn't have manner I think you're right, you say, I've loved
look, you can't see, can come down to him, so I don't really know. No, I can't I'm say troubled. Get the nomination. Ok, but all I'm saying is you don't really know and the problem is its real possible, its real power and just the idea that we this far. This is insane. Alot of Republicans would tell you that the Republicans once again, because in a unified, committed political suicide, the pundits that live, listen to will basically look at these hard numbers and say you know the people you see supporting tromp yeah tromp is one you know, but but for the most part, the outlook, popular vote. Isn't there for him. At the end of the day, it's gonna go to Hilary I'll, see son, and I don't think so I will say here: will we will see, I think, here's a problem he hasn't. Started to attack her yet
going to understand tat, roared in Gaza and she could be indicted. That's the other thing on two different case. What how she's indicted it's a big issue when we draw up a new knows, do you know about the guy who was the computer, analyse that put together her emails ever FUCK and he's got immunity. He decided Just got immunity against prosecution apparent souci, so he can as we know so. Little about this I shouldn't say so then he's Guinness squeal like a pig if he squeals like a little piggy, you got real problems, but the idea of giving him immunity with the real. I know I read that somewhere make sure that I do. She just give him like three hundred milligrams away. His money makes good money, but I'm sure spends lack a motherfucker luxuriant up the pay out per year on every lane. They get insane amounts, not really just her in Trump, but islands are well her speaking monies off hearts. What does it say? This girl, Templars Justice Department grants
unity staff who set up Clinton emails early. Yes, let us it's true. So what that means is if they did dad. That means that the thinking about a case and the probable planning yes, and if this guy gave up immunity, that means he's got some serious fuckin information to get a bigger fish whose the bigger fish Hillary Clinton I should like to highlight this crazy because the choices are so poor. Terrible will concern the smart people, America and FUCK. That's mine, Bernie Sanders, I'm telling you! I would almost be willing to give up more money too here's the problem here is a problem that I have given up more money, though so you get more money to the government and I don't trust the government. If give up MILAN and if, if you could here's the thing, if you could have like mandated chair, parity for really wealthy people, where you could give to sense, like I like to give two somethin like
IRAN's organ fight for the forgotten. That's no brainer! I give to that one because no exact where the money is going, it's a beautiful was accurate, but if you could get like a bunch of good ones, you know like a good yeah. You know that the problem is how much of that money goes to run, the machine that spoke to dole out the mileage accrued shooting bread cross by the way. As you know, the guy look on line there's a few websites that detail what percentage. Of your dollar, actually goes the charity, crater of really this at one point. At one point, the United Way at one point where member states, especially on one cent of every dollar, was actually going to that. Parity will, the ninety nine cents going to running the actual company, not only that's like high salaried see egos hold, Delia comes at, come cookery wounded, warrior project. You see that no, what just Rockefeller have the other. There is a huge controversially because they colonel the the two guys running it we're making them
in dollars a year on lavishly wage, still lavish conferences and says that true furnace, they will make it a million dollars a year now, both of them another. What you want to talk about the wrong people to fuck overlay apologists rain killers, but to be fair, come back from this from serving their country and find out about this, but hitherto errands yeah. But there are those guys but to be fair to the people running, wouldn't want a warrior project. When beings. If your word working for a very big company- and you you make, I think they made over three hundred million dollars and donations in one year they had of huge endowment it's when Europe working all day, and I'm sure these guys are good people who are working, probably twelve hours a day. You're gonna put a first class, him. It might be a red. I got to sleep, you know I'm doing those work. You know I M has been five hundred. I was supposed to three hundred dollars and it just to add and what happens is if you're doing a lot?
you're really good at they might say: hey you're worth it. We're gonna give you a million dollars aboard votes at in so I'm saying that when you have a when you let me money with Russians with proper before you get a free pass which probably know how they got tonight. Hungary, I used to say how about saying is any time you have a lot of money. It's gonna be spent people and it is not enough accountability. Human beings are gonna behave. Re. Well, they just its anonymous you're getting more money world doing a good job here, we deserve selling dna biggest illusion. Is that people with money or happier than might be rigorous illusion that exist in the world today s because everybody really wants to be happy, but we really want to figure out how to get happy and the one thing that we can't figure out how to do is pay the bills. So well, like Falk, just pay my bills, happy like that is like one of the prevailing illusions. Well, there's a certain point.
Will you make enough money where the bills are taken care of, and that which you can we happy not stressed out about European Union? Allow yes, it'll help exactly answered every year on the answer not at all I was. It certainly makes you happy here: do not have to pay your bills, but how many What do we know that are like super successful multimillionaires out of their fuckin mine misery? boy. The rich people I know is most miserable. When I think I did a little immature and like the times that I think about what that brings me to my face the times I remember being this case it I've almost always when I'm in a behind a dumpster with a strong guy, very dark or the capillary guys, attache, no black black is black and very tall Harry guys, you pose, is even better healthy. I've ever seen a black here. What you mean the I've seen like it's the their chests tears like more work, curly taco me where a man racist.
I got a mexican food, it's gonna, blacken herring concept, chicken meat, trouble, not problem agency check and even though chickens delicious super what do you say, Thai Chicken, its thai chicken black people might like Thai Chicken or you we get in trouble I would very soon larger dry, astonishing, suitors watermelon, their rural, didn't, hey man, I'm not gonna. Let us change watermelon! That's a delicious fruit! You shouldn't bring it up to really do. Europe is delicious: rising bag man, black eyes, I've never seen a happy. I've never seen airborne master or yeah, but it's less common not like Russian. Do it's like that? Do that centre in Abu Dhabi? You know that guy that ASEAN Eddie Bravoes, the Eddie Bravo Open is out in the new Ebby are the one it's an ape Rosa who that a crazy giant fucker
Russian dude is those russian Ngos her who are lost his ship faded, his shoulders it? It was a nice blend, imo asylum, otherwise, like shit like that, the shady own shoulders, like a wonder, guard on his shoulders real, is like a phase out he's running. Media are the USA, fuck, he was really hardwood machine to before he didn't before to care, as you know, is the Harris mother, Fucker and all of them are may go on Dave. Herman, see Dave. Herman will really grew that shit out. All his beard was no I'm talking about his whole body. No dude do Dave Herman is a fuckin SAS watch, bring about way, he's in trouble right now, I can safely say that you do not he's not disappear, the other day released of him getting fucked up by cops man and yet it was like one of those things with a cop told them they get back in the car. Is I want to get back in the car? The I told you get back is one of those things where he lay there
unnecessary altercation between a person and Argos come in exactly the exit, Anita giant emails, Tal Herman's your eyes and look out back with him in a corner lily, maybe hit mits for two minutes, then he's playing a game. Boylike old, we'll touches game like two years ago. I go Dave Europe, because now that your yeah puts doves roles out, their fights argues that we desire, I think so maybe ok owed one round share. That's what it looks like a good bye, good. Looking shredded set a tits on cats. He's got some tete whose accounted for two men just for whatever reason, who's. Never discipline yeah, I didn't totally put it together in the same trainers same striking coach and you say like with he'd, be I did you gotta, come on in training Harry that mother Fucker is such a beast man so yeah, As my dad Mesa Guy look like a girl, we're dead, I live
that guy with slap your death. I guess that's why it after I talk about my dad, whose postmaster down to know you no most likely, you don't know her in someone's talent summit. We must never forget. The USA use like twenty in one just smash usage is, in July some good names to really get Naser. Who debate Man Dave Herman days. I once you dig it to the US. He had that crazy bout with the We don't you remember, really big guy Miller, huge dude for not far beyond Shermer. Now, oh, who was it? really big directly answering one another wins Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Bach, limit our societies, only five ever I remember that guy you know what the hell's is needed, that guy you didn't. I beef, Aubrietia overdue, yes legitimate issue, very shy! Huge pull apart, Dave Herman's human
David, you might have a Nigeria's five ongoing serious job, Oliver Animal remembered it. I've already bam. Oliver Dynamo is US areas, fuckin jujitsu phenotype, but for whatever and generally pan out. Never Mavis fuckin huge news also will lot older by the time he got the cook on John Olive Dynamos yeah, and it was like right about time. There were right testing for real. Look at the loss of my Grosso, lost, Dave, Herman a million jobs in the eyes, When I saw him, though he was thirty cuz when I saw him was in two thousand and three in Brazil, so I guess he was in his twenties at the time. Beast. I was jets iraqi people, boys also confusing for but it came out of nowhere because this guy was in knows a european or all sudden he's is beaten, Brazilians, beaten, alot of top top guys here. Like right around the time of Gunnar Nelson was reckoned people to a very firm about Gunnar. Does that this
If I were to Nemo Yossi Greer ever is after our last Nogueira. I want another big fight and, like months went by and they offered me him up, there I knew from Jitsu by an idea about him from anime I'll get the fuck out of here, Joseph, like I'm cool, he's been Raphael. I must do that while advisor yeah they're worth managers I came in. I do that Kennedy Artois his call. Carbon Milner, hey Man, Roswell. Finally, let me take you, hey Brok, thanks man. Gimme some time to adjust. I know it's, not the game, I mean so we're gonna do talking about when you hit ten million schooling, get that Panther done in it. Get out, get someone your neck, maybe like yeah. Why look lips like a lip case will be sick? Really they're gonna get away! I like that. I like that. I like that tat, that ten,
now you're talking nonsense, you don't get there. That's Gimme aired hours at that. Forty fifty that's many days, that's five or six days and we have to take time that. That's ok! You admire you, get your wife to kiss you on one on arms and noted that now how about, if you get one right, above your being by my pain right above I hold my dick opposite. I wanted I write about my baby. I'm Roma Dick up in just tattoo another. Some people do it there did they do get their dicks tat? Is they do everything your mother no fly? I want to make it sparkly. Does it doesn't sparkle and if you were gonna, get you diktat What would you do? I love elephant has barnacles goes our words elephant around when you make it black. Of course I mean I'd sleeve it out and dark ink. If you could pass Ruby.
Has any guy every like done them because I know guys get their entire forms black of yours. He now you guys to really weird written which they gave one color. It's one color tattoo always wondered if, like there's a cover up like they may we had some shitty tattoos Ireland is viewed as a cover up like a real bad tat too, like maybe a girl or some sudanese blackened allow can kick covered up. There is a famous due to have that in a band. What band was the terms regional machines, yeah, that's right attitude is whole arms was like all black a lot of time. Don't like recovery attics, get like the black ban. They do how many years and their store. I black all the way up to your ankle. I want something on my back like right at the title, no back right blush of your shoppers yeah showers the earlier this do, and I want something over my route show that looks bad ass. That's very odd! You take for shape to kids with eyes from
age. You that looks pretty sweet, thus named Jamie Tipsy TIM Sea is now the name at a bad ass, TAT, yeah. I like those. What are those things? That's from like some japanese symptom, the tadpoles tadpoles animal is that come. Come rival Cyclops, it's called com. I would get common a tornado added to share my chest in my arms. That's what happens when you commoner garbage disposal only hit about willing it's like a symbol of it. Hey man. Do you, like my weight, that might be the vessel I've seen them they all. Don't look like that. You didn't go to deep. He went like of half sleeve like down to like the bottom of his buys it's pretty cool, clear language in armour maybe I'll get to six shooters on my hips. You don't do we want to get one talked in your lower back, pointing towards your asshole sandwiches. An arrow fund starts here. Who are these people the gig guns liked?
a fighter. You do near their point stars Porn DAS, pointing down towards their dirty latte. My day was the best tat. Two's in the game is large. Girt. Well! Well, excuse me, sir, your cheeks or tat. This man needs it. Jim occasion yeah, like is Bob again at the dead body. If you're gonna lose you gonna work on a tattoo, if you can get your body can be sleep now I dont even a dead body. Luck getting a woman of work. You see to become a dead body too vague and body, but to how dare you do started mammogram bunch pictures of vague into our shredded. You gotta be very angry. You do You know the girl who has the sexiest asked me Christie. Mac she's got some good one. Casey have arches so bad, she was in here with war machine when she was sorry about what I try to kill him, I listen. I'm here came here with em up till now on accountable, dead, gorgeous impressive, very Brody, very precious tiny. May I she's a tiny girl, which is what, like you know you here, all this shit that he did or its horrific
if it was just check, he's rivers enter them for life right he's gone, he's gone when you see in real life she's, so tiny you can imagine pretty, Personally, I was beautiful. I can imagine that a guy like you were there. No hair outpost material, unless nowadays a reason why I, like you that picture blower, the fuck out of gas whereas others are reacting, Pell Mell she's on time I'll get higher fi, though people are less about cyber. That's all that's! The yellow. What I'm trying to see my heart ache? she majority behind she got away, he was gonna, get a knife. She escaped such is the hottest shaken the game for sure well, she's. Definitely one of em. Porno games is very pretty, but my point is like a kind of map she's like a little kid shoes power relations that small she's, tiny man, she's, fuckin, tiny, I mean she might way one ten damps issues supervisor warmer,
Jeanne, I mean really fucked up. I mean I'm not very good at numbers, but she in a big girl she's like five one, maybe she's, tiny Jesus. You know the idea that he beat out of her like that, it's just so career this summit Ipod guess he sounded like there's something about gas, professor, that United together tells me I got you realize what you nervous I'm sure you know is a hard cash. You knows million people gonna hear right. I never think of that. I never think of that, but for some people it's a big. These also go did a lot of stuff. Yeah disaster is for sure cloud is still a lot of stuff. Had a lot ahead. Travelling asshole trailing will you know, by some serious deem I've noticed with fighters some voters that is that, after all, like energy guys been fined for a long time, that's from headroom.
Yeah. That feels a guy erratic behaviour. Wreathing is a little bit erratic. Sometimes so they don't have. They can't keep it together very law, but they can keep it together, someone's boring they can keep together assumptions and like if something is annoying to them. They don't have a good like way of like staying com. A to open up a laudable mom, one up a whole lot of him date on our part, gasser mean on cut personal conversations, the jump all over the board like there never finish historic, come back around the jump all over well, when, in a war machine see, watches
dad die right was not well with super dark demons with some crowded market how he got arrested when it was really falcon. Young Cobb's beat the fuck out of oil is a teenager for nothing. It tells a story and I tend to believe him. I tat. I think that he's deftly made some fuckin horrible choices in life, no doubt, but I also think he got knocked life fucked. Him began a rough life fucked him earlier of cards, yup fucked him, and he was around a bunch of other people that also got fox and its. Real hard to discern how to what direction to go through in your life I mean, there's been a gang of people like that have gone in and out through the sea. The just I don't know they they ve been, surrounded with shit, ads and cycles and fuckin criminals their whole life. They don't know he's a normal? That's all they I'll. I still can't Dracula bitch. Is that pretty now what he did was horrific course horrific.
That's that's also a breakdown of an ability to cope at all. It sounds like he had bouts of madness, When he came home we drove her house, he wasn't supposed to be there. They were separated yeah, he wasn't will be there. He came up to her house. She's with a guy she's, a horde star there well she's hot You guys want to fuck her if he's not falkiner someone's gonna wanna fuck, you like it s, light in them. Do you come over me? Real sets in front of the girl do yeah. I don't think you. I don't think you have been running out of an impact situation. Now he had a knife public glittered, brightly private. A knife to his will. He apparently was its total surprise acute and expect the guy to be. You just saw red and freer well he's fucking nuts he's also need only little fucking, crazy he's, not he's always been nuts, but he's always been like super cool, and so friendly to me in I mean I was. I knew he had gone into crazy fight with a bunch of porn stars and meet the fuck out of eminent, a bunch of people like three or four people at some porn party. Some do
but to its mouth off. They say the wan shit. They fuck up others, no repercussions, aunt em across guy, like that he's gonna fuck your rolled up anyway, we can be my friend now known Cameron, itinerant any because demand knowledgeable, but I think you happy anybody, diverse terrible story about prevention. We can't be anybody's friend he's in jail forever, but is it make friends and then the point being like is there certain guys that will just always fuck up its aim? what a, but they also itself sabotage right, like big this shitty hand of cards in life and its they play this victim. Like I don't deserve any success, so they looked. There's always this day, when I will talk about this, I call Joe I wanted to lend somebody money and I just want to sometimes right. I think I have got a gilt because, like if you think about how some people grow,
They just never even had a chance. It was just the math fell in my favor didn't fallen there I'd parents at love me as stability. Somebody had the exact opposite and in talking to those like this guy, I want to help and it's just a disaster I want to give the money. I want to help him, but get a sense that this guy's dogma, he's always gonna. Be that why wasn't it was a hundred grand allies gonna be broke, always gonna, be Falk. I've learned people money. You know many people pay me back on the two zero to the thing is it did you tell me, did you turn is getting been letting people money, violence on money, given unexpected, just give it to you. I don't guess I have to say that I have given it to be. Boldly out advice. I got good friends that have been in a financial crunch and I gave a money if ITALY, friend- and I know it's- it's all a family member. I know it's gonna help amount fucking, I was too hard for a reason. I'm just take. It takes time to figure that out, though, like when I didn't have any money, most my life and then also
we started, haven't money and so a needed money. I looked at them as like how I used to be unlike most helpless guy out hill he'll, get back on their feet and then I'll take care of a right, but they none of them did, namely that they start avoiding you youngsters, we're God he might gum you're supposed to pay me after three months. Is now six, my every cent? Maybe it's the old saying you are the best way to lose a friend his want of money. I've gotta goes owed me money for so long that I just don't bring it up anymore. No call me up and help like all good. Every time we talk will give me the sing song and dance about is about to pay me back and duty showed me money. Currently, we still you years was not really ways to gas acquaintances now, but that debt sealed it it also its amid a mindset year. You know a lot of times my experience with that is it yes, some people said there are still play stores of people who needed money badly and they made good and they paid about yes, but, but mostly for the most part, they did the people on top.
MT. Thank you just know. Well, they, like man, you're always from one crisis to another. What are you doing? It doesn't matter the money give like I my last fight I signed this deal with his campaign. I can come out close friend who did that? and never saw the money and he's I've known this guy for ever super close friend man enough finance. I'm fine, I'm to abandon I've ever done. Thank God and I we were set. Rift he wasn't takes me call me back call them one day from a random number, as its aim it's me fuck the money, your French, it means more than one outcome. If I ever get that money, but let us move on men were good, but as always that problem, knowing that he ripped you off. That's fine, I'm cool with that. You but he's probably is probably cheese and I had made him feel ass. At least I know, work were good and we we have open relationship. Will that's. Nice is very nice of you. You know me, I'm I told us dude, I mean like six months and I was annoyed in other then get paid back, but then I stopped
yeah, I'm, MRS, was one guy I mean I could go back over the chimes and I've been here and it's. The problem is everybody's. Got this scam her boys get the scheme. They want to come to you and if you just give me this money, I'm gonna start this business, not business. Can it make so much money and then My buddy gets in he's, gonna bring cousin, who has a connection and we're gonna start this whole. But this now that, because how many people, let you money to get too will not happen, ass. I never asked in me neither your one donor, Dublin I'll, tell you who they who it was after we're off the air but shit fuck. I know, but I bought a Ghana comedian, a car we we love this. Guy is young comedian and both was able to lend oh, no, we love the terrible and we love them without. It was amazing about them and we them so much, and I was other than how he had no money. And he was so smart in such a good guy, and I was just like this, bugging me and has taken the bus. Damn Sandia going signal, bus around alien he's got. No, you can't live and allay you get
hey, can be living on the bus. It's going to kill you at the end of the day. So I said I go, you know when I got the money and I said: they'll go: let's buy this guy car, I got a friend who deals and good cars they're not expensive. Let's get him a couple, fucking Honda or something how much you have done four grand you learn for we both spent two or something was not a big deal. Meanwhile, long story Short just bought a call me thank negative list of always brings it up he sold it. When I see him now, he made it, he made it in the business life's crushed. It yeah real tat. What had happened? He never paid back he never. I said to him: this is not alone. This is what we want to give you and where I will never take money back. This is I am here, didn't want. Take it easy. What do you do I go? This is my If to you because you're worth it and does it say his name rhyme with I want
TAT story: why wouldn't you tell the alarm that rail him tell you? Ok, you don't want him to write it down them tat. It was a broke ass, birch at one point: well, we all our I'm, so we gotta with ever heard of them fuck you heard of you re Chris rocket yeah I'd support that choice, the choice you just meant, of course, once you see what I mean you right away, I knew right away. I was I do not understand. Why didn't see the name. Yeah no need poor, Dr Wonderful, I don't mind helping anyone out of all a lot of fighters to me. Listen, I get the struggle, the game so any time any help with tee shirts yet whether their trail podcasting? What have I got? One guy jack, maize aid to say his name, but my boy he's triangular silent it may have been do it for ever my Mandarin Super close friend likely than owns tighten moon, he fight for it living man. This guy's a basis, kids, some costly, hidden up, Pinocchio,
as is fuckin manager. I get this guy, a fight man. Do they keep dragomon. Then, if someone falls out and he's text my dude, I don't know what to do so. It is it. It's tough man, because you want to help him, but I'm helping helping differ. Given money. Thusly he's worth the effort. Some people are worthy ever like even some people like. If somebody asked me for money and I feel like they're, really needed and there you know it's almost worth The money to see them not be pain right like I'll, buy that from four miles east of Mozilla hard fast rule. You know now like that, like most things like in most situations when people need money, to come to you to borrow money. They're, not gonna, fuckin make it it's it's not gonna happen now, if the regions, even the most those guys do they look, for a shortcut. Yes, most this this a part of the personality of someone who keep coming to people asking for money- maybe it's like it's
common that it's the same kind of guy. It's like this guy that, as this elaborate story that he tells you that involve some new going to happen. That's going that new thing, one that new thing happens a lot I yellowish accurately call them we saw the rules therefore met with a guy the other day, whose a buddy who ass a muslim business with we're meeting on the idea of this merchandise thing and he pitches is whole marijuana idea to me like what the fuck is wrong with you, man a business whole business had that'll get out of here. Man so focused on this cornered me at the fuckin store one nine about some marijuana business he's doing once more involved now. Give me equity in I do what's your name Call me all time about. You pity me ideas for you, they're. Just like I got this grand idea: gotta speed european in person- I know my friend, but this is not good
but I could see it all gone bad. I could see it mean or immediately you talk. This got the gut. First of all, the guys super aggressive coming up to wants to go in a business with you, don't even know you want to go visit your first sign of gas and then in a once once it all goes bout dude, I Falcon made this business bear if worse, broken, no moon have this bit I only want to be a part of this. Why am I here are getting an area and the next thing you know you get this crazy duty, hates you nothing worse than I mean the people that I need your help. Or need your money in that got bout of away where they go out of their way to get your face about it, they're looking for like a way to short cut the system like the system of making it as a comedian system, you guys will come up to you and go hey man. You don't be fucking, really cool to take me on the road and like what
here. Like dude, you dont get spots anywhere, he'll kill you. I can take you on the road you you're not putting in the proper. How did you ever do the job for ever? Do that run now? Yes, there's a reason why his ass is asking because I lose no short cuts, the Manders Ways to do it. I non friends with all the door, guys the commie store and these motherfuckers. They put Instagram pages. There constantly hit unopened MIKE mess, com and you'll, be relentlessly gotta, be writing and always performing speaking of performing we're gonna be in Denver. March eighteenth and nineteenth. What do you mean it's my birthday to what what's happening? Glad you asked, show Rogan, we're gonna be doing live, show british rank on fire and a kid march. Eight, two shows at comedy: works. Sars nineteenth two shows they worked satirist. I'm endeavour perform a loving, there's one, my favorite May as ever and you're right. I did my birthday by
tickets. Now, where do I go for take a defect? Data can sell this bitch I'll damper, desert alarm airbases on the planet. Earth allowing my fireplaces dude that's where my wife is from and I was moved back there. So if you want to move their together, will fuck and move the value that I really do is limited to twenty minutes. From the city and be in the mountains and never fuckin insane house with a view, here's the promised drive down the Denver calmly works absolutely is rosy. I problem. If you to leave on beef, now do my wife, I grew up in snow, shall never Mubarak. I didn't. Do I fuck. That's no is like this now I like it, I like it either to have direct animals, one soon. We will talk after please yeah we're the thing I moved to August important for media, Frank steel he's one of the guys works at the store and this fuckin kid is funny. Shit. Annie's, huh slant heap it's up is his instagram post of you look at Frank, Hosty things, just Frank, Castillo on Instagram,
his his instagram posts so constantly post. All the different open makes it. You have to be like this too much competition Cameron. Doing he's the one open magnetic dealt dual but might nicer outside on someone's roof. They do everywhere it doesn't matter what you do it's I have to do it doesn't matter it's an audience. It doesn't matter. I have this friend whose breaking into harmony but this person as a large online social media following already and then like break it to stand up and we had a congress. Is about it and they don't do the open? I guess I think two hundred for a girl by not seen here shake their thinking. The two good we'll just they don't want stay, didn't want to do that hard, that hard work, that they should know it around, and shouts and all. This will not only that, but the fact that you are, I will do that grind hardware. You are a bright and I will go to open. Might nights which it is I will show up my night what we ve put fuckin planet out.
I will I'll do spot. I do the fuckin, when Red Ban has an ice asp spot at ten o clock at night and is like thirty people now I'll fuckin show all pray, tell text, What's up immediately Pierre Mariners, you right sometimes come up with ideas. Also your passionless that hey, we need to start doing. I'm gonna start doing a lot more, that local staff I, like the hum, haven't now that can lay the new fuck. It makes great, sometimes what I'm doing the ices, like the main room, Jan, will have a show, the Booker Level little show in the little room and again thirty forty four. Without that ruminant holds eighty you know. So if you got like and sometimes like ready, I guess like eighty stuffed in their sometimes, and it is a Schiller, fuckin crowd sound just there on top EU man, like eighty people smoke on everyone with you, that's that's all major little room right. I'd have. How was how, where it is that we are doing our life shows that no grounds I do. I think, we're in monsieur eight hundred rebate, neither people lousy Lardner
like our brains like dude. You don't realize like this is crazy. Theatre idea is that keeps its just jump in an interview. You listen, it does no one way. To do it and what you're doing is different because you're doing that show like you, you guys are essentially doing like a dramatic peace. Yes, a lot of ad living in fucking around actually, but you have a show in like Tom, secure and his wife Christina possess ski. They have your mom sounds they take down the road and caught the same sort of thing. We have an online like podcast, but then they have a real lives. Reckon extended brand guy. I and it becomes. You know, there's like fun shit. They do Does that mean us is the greatest my life man pivotal? I wanna do stand upon your own, like just two hundred percent, like you, don't know what you're doing it right. Yet we kicked the shell off. I do like the first ten fifteen minutes. So, as I write absolutely love, it If you start like expanding and like putting together an act, maybe even touring yeah, I think so too diktat.
You told me that I think I do an artist who showed the three of us about TAT left in our on my view, and I would be in their own right and I'm gonna get ran out pirated thirty. Five hundred people could have focused huts. Do that's what it means about that category? Five thousand fire, My dear, I am more. Happy now more. Can I get more says faction when there's that those live crowd, sly, permanent scram thought I'm so happy like has it explain to me you're safe. If you have a fight right now, the main made about been combing. Events have been big fights, but the crowds not there. Just to see you thither to see all fighters. I write but I'll fire kid. What eight hundred Anna Billy sought shows there really there see Brian and Brenda, so the love I get from that do I've I've been seeking it look.
For my entire life, but my entire life for this approval. For this one rouble, my entire life is all about him. It's hard for me not to cry meant well done with them from society. It would be too that's it fine right, you're doing Irvine, thereby undermining our own take its left. Does a fat room. I can't wait man, I get it's like that. It's like Superbowl Sunday for me, man, it's gone right in Saint. Now you get it out They now have to think out. Brain traumas and kicked in right can still look into the alpha brain. The fuck yourself on a daily. Eventually, they gonna have stem cells who shoot it in there and you to be a super brainy act. Hopefully man you don't wanna get too smart, though we get to smart. You, you consider the repercussions of saying what your butt, I know right now it s like that. Don't fuckin die just go insane stuff. I keep a certain amount of stupid on an just really do after the ceremony like if I wanted a really good
fuckin sought, NOM, Namaste, fuckin meditate all day. The problem is I, gonna go there to those guys are funny that are there no? Well it's well, it's not the kind of funny. I I mean it. I will not allow get bruised up fresh accommodate people get bruised, but the thing is it if people, if they ever opinion on what you're doing one way or the other you're not doing shit sun. While you want people that you want more be like even hate you, we need both. That's what I like weirdly Spock, as I had all these hateful thing than good thing like perfect. Now we're doing good. I know what I like. I know the Conakry, I like, and that's the kind of companies that I like to do like. I don't like I don't like com comedy chaos alike, while I've watching people have fun. You know, that's it's. Only a couple ways do that, and there is always the subject. Matters always gonna be controversial like it was a joke ideas. My favorite autumn comic because he's
percent controversial his take on everything is always gonna, be controverting, always gonna. Be that way you that's why you gotta show, because you don't want to hear what their which you know you wanted to say outrageous. Shit man well he's a raw control Comic. Yes, you know you. In some fuckin rock and roll you watch, some chaos that's what I got my best yeah that's. Why would soon as opinion like? That's why I don't watch these shows with its Anna fellow you see where I know We pay their bills, so they don't give a real opinion like now. Bitch tell it like it. That's why they wouldn't let you on you have see tonight. That's why presenting our written and what, by the guy room, but also my I'm so sorry- I'm doing so. Well, my own shit with fine the kid in these live tours when they they want me, Dr Gruber. To film the show and do us off my gear pay me this man this one I'm worth now yeah right! Well, we can get this dude for this. My will do that
Ghana. That's what you understand your value. You know. I think that is one thing where, if I could give the USA advice but the one thing that I would say is turned guys loose to turn who's gonna, be them. So that's what makes the? U S special, because you'll get baseball it's on a downward trenches They have all these rules and guys can be themselves with somebody personality to become a fucking cage. Firing yonder yet be pretty fucking crazy, school, cultural personalities. We want that mere. Let that fucking guy you're, my remember when Map Brown gotten trouble for talking about like On the one hand, the usher, I'm watching the women make it to some right back, Mack buckets as he had. He did a video there. They on Instagram of him with his kid on his lap and his kids like or deal I being cute
His little tiny baby is like it's hard being hard. Look at our duties as the strategy sectors is average household. I do a baby and between dead leaves a bunch of people in a dick dizzy eyes. It is already paying abuse dude. Does it you have a fight coming up really does he was supposed to be scheduled, but one I think he pulled out a southerner. The fighter cancelled wasn't supposed to be frightened. What do I do his face. Was voting Damien. My cause he's the last guy to be wonder boy gas for five years What is a map grounds of civic? I find that I feel it. There was a great fight that was coming up. There was super excited for it got cancelled. Germany Windsor scope on whether Macgregor than to find other next To be frank, I think you fight Romania Eggers Ways, Yoursel the Aldo fight, if Aldo come,
back in wines in winds and spectacular fashion. Like say, if all don't cubs wants and have a rematch could come wants, and although in the same way that Frankie Macgregor went, although Jobs Adam hit, some of the flying need two seconds, I M cracks, em! You can't so Aldo Macgregor to itself Frankie. Just like you! Why? Not, because all gas storage is gonna win again if he wins and see the differences you could sell it for you, sell it for as much as. If all, though one damn you my eye was right. You see one ninety eight miles, I leave that's in Brazil. That's prohibition we're doing ass. Deep steep check will be doing a fight companion because Joseph will be here fuck yeah aside, that is the weekend of my daughter's birthday. So I can't go. Go back to go back to what you're saying about Macgregor, although So all dough would have do you would have to. I mean redeem
so they would have to be some something you could sell. That's like when many patio got knocked dead. That may well, if I was off, but then he beats Chris Algeria looks like a fuckin demon again starts looking fantastic. Ok, we can see if we can see it again and then they sold the fight, but if they I d go right from the one Manuel mark as knock out right into for me with a fight fucked. It loses shit that fighters to win Joe, that That's why I like four, meta. I want me, shall Holly too I want me sure Rhonda really reality. A third time job. I doubt I dining riding measures. Measures better now be interesting to see. I live in. Why do that? What she's the champ measures? The fuckin shit? now, I think that's the loss. Deronda twice already come. There really come close to binder she's all she could lose two men and Nunez Manoeuvre
Nobody line that I can't hardly that's. Why can't toss them in and it is in the right now he's gonna do there's only three bitches who can fight right now that we're gonna pay to see really so you have measure Holly Rhonda right round is outright prior to November. What they're saying so basic eight months, just as a movies who knows, I bet she hurried your ass back up, no emissions jump right. I don't know man cause who knows man, let's aviation chooses to fight differently and not engage her and fight the way you ve got Ali. She fight Hollingford, Smart Immeasured bro. She was getting her ass, whooped against hauling tush pulled out. She was dead. Losing shall learn getting what, though I wouldn't face, was well taken care of at the last hour face like she was on every five pound. The person she never got rocked Trevor needs never buckled. She never like. Look like she was going down, was down three two one till she was deafening
in points bless, nothing Holly was doing with care right, she was highly was frightened, real smart and she was moving and can completely control the fund pollutant control of the stand up It will just like me when this talk in a brain during the violent. Exclamation man she's, always second best guess, she's champ she's a great chance. She looks good. She talks good. You represents good for for women, the sea, I would say, although things great yes, she's. A chill should represent us champ. We ve had a really nice Persia, amazed that she's great and she's a so it's how subtler smack show yeah she's that much it on special ass that our November has respect Branco. Why don't? I diving? I think that better, that's our sovereign of others on the bog, as I think that nobody talks about
that's a real love story. That's an american love story, brine caraway, so in her corner, and I think it's very romantic. I think that a very mean I do. I met a cry of relaxing aids romantic. I know what you're sure that nobody gives nobody. How do I do? I almost crying again almost cried again was when I was interviewed metion than usual. Does she finally did in winter when she said, when I said, has it sounds she goes? I've been waiting to hear you say those words for so has amazed. You cannot use can retire habit. She should like do not do much about why the fuck I was thinking about an interesting and what you're doing with their life has on eighteen June, if, if, let's say run it further. We can't fight to November such were eight months right here. Not do Holly me should too we certainly could I mean that the only other light you can do, but the problem with that fight is well you're, really a problem with that fight. What
where's that happens Holly Wednesday of Holly, rather that we ran a sea area that is the biggest block was a fine history, but I typed did you lost that you indefinitely? But I would like to see the problem is the timeframe, but I would like to see Rhonda Verses but we ve metion want to sit out, would have me she wants away for Rwanda and she is trains like a fuckin dean for each is what Holly should have done and they should have just been on Vr Fucking Tour to build her celebrity up so high. So by the time her and Ronda Fight is the biggest fight in UFC history. I'm going to get Dana on the phone and have him hire you you know what they are agreed with, that very sensitive wanted ass. We do was saying, and what reason was that in an iron ass, thou people think I don't like didn't I'd like Dana Man, we just described certain things who gives off. But what I say is data goes yeah she's, in a weighted. We had a meeting with her manager. She was him in on the meeting and they want to hurry up and fight, which I think was a mistake. He's one hundred percent correct. Well, one hundred percent correct financially, but you got respect her as a
or you asked what she wanted to do Joe and get it I'm gonna. Throw down. People argue that that I don't owe shod that you have been a better find if you weren't you're an armchair quarterback when talking about Monday morning you the day of the fight she could have one, and if she did one she would look like even pros and cons. I mean I'm talking about when people say, but such a warrior, listen being a warrior, doesn't pay the fuckin bills twenty years from now? That's true, but you gotta understand she met a fuckin money for that You awaits she would made so much more for back in mine, I would say we are going to have you. Gotta have a shot at Rhonda. It's gonna have only. I think, Holly but, but who knows how many, but most of all is that we really can eliminate the risk anemonies look when com, if car loses two Frankie EDGAR, which is a possibility. It's a scary. Five aircars very year is set to rise, and so it's so in a way He loses tonight now he loses two frankie that lustre
that will shine its goes gone, and I did so in that's one thing: he's I'll: have it all right now so that China has lost a fuckin savage at once, be ranked Belgium Biggie EDGAR is ok, I'm already eight hour store, but you better have everything strung out an end as the fog is our aid, our ongoing entire, never is not entirely relevant. Sunken wrestler, glass and he's gonna come out. You crazy angles is footwork has insisted upon. This is amongst the problem, though, if Conor connects, which frankly does get hit yeah. Single knock on arriving Frankie
gonna Bosnia very weak. I think article ninety five alone at one, forty five colourable ninety starch any, but anybody anybody to exile, so heavy, headed by the way soul, cups wants and cups wants. It couldn't connect on Merton murky around just wolverine them does by road over her coffee, Harry Potter, devil them. First thought that you know cause got suckle on, awaits very hard software and the two five round fight and man. If anybody can grind you into the ground It's it's that guy ended in Europe at the Chad, Mendous fight. Obviously, Conor had any injury going into the fibre Chad took em down it. Will you know nobody went Frankie gets tired. And he's gonna get in trouble. Understanding countermove overwoodie did two cups wants cups wants run was incredible. I mean he does. War had ever seen on ass, open like really it's getting cub cub I've seen everyone. The gym covers the most talented.
I've ever seen in the job? What is going to refer in saying I'll tell her that kid is wiser. When I saw rightly just dismantling of coal, we Frankie EDGAR is, like you said is for workers is, is boxing's great hard to hit. You know whether or not pregnant, and I don't know the numbers. Why would assume? I don't think he's a draw you, but if maybe not, but we should give any car you're good because he's a fucking draw. So what I'm asking is that if your Connor's manager and if your Connor doesn't makes sense to somehow duck Frankie in the interim fight though, for the big run, easy fight of Aldo you see unless all the winds I'm telling how you sell, although we start judgment steam, because you were good cheer for ten years and also that starting with happens so quickly, people go I'm sure, because I want to know if that was a fluke. That's why I'm in well run out o Brien. You could sell, you could write out, but you're not going to sell for nearly as much as you would sell it of all the wind somethin.
Five idle fights MAX Holloway hub right now? What are you sure it's max always just like the other funds are sunlight, so it looks of all morning, just ass. Well, I guess it's ass worked, but one of those eyes emerges and then you ve got the possibility of MAX Holloway haven't rematch economy. We gotta took counter to this end. We need some young blood and MAX already fucking soccer. All he's my mother. We need some young blood in something like twenty four twenty four gas deepen despite I've highway was five fifty five Well, I've already for forty five fucking free he's gonna fight coming up, though, doesn't max. How will we have a five year? Because now that, although you see two hundred make it happen, why we feel it is get a good fight scheduled like that? I'm interested and easy Fightin lamas Zeb Fightin Ricardo Lamas, because lamas just five day go Diego's only appearance at forty five years way to suck up, but
MAX is on a total winning streak. Isn T, what was he hobbled? Do essential, beaten. Jamila he's got season. One season I want you all to fight him and were shudder. Link has left Rubagub. Diego is like he still hot mix that fuckin kid more. You knows what they know more fighting. Do you Sancho, watches firewood, Jig Eleanor he's power. More encampment, that's the best one, because here too round his fuckin face is hanging off he's nuts and he's just any wins. The third round of and third tired against a guy can't men who fought. Eighty five, you know is a small eighty, five as Diego one that sees amazing, stroll I'm too, but very good, striking Diego one they got. A third rightly puts his aren't. Gonna go come on an eastern hiding there like animal he's. One is now now you got him angry when the third round, but against Gilbert will it is this right now is lacking
scribe doing I was doing Alice work for ESPN and all they won't talk about things GPS and whoever Verdure was on that. I forget which, when it was I what fuck that just hear me I'll fuck, that fight as a guy who knows fire, you have you have to talk about. Do you in Gilbert Melendez, always please. Finally, they kind of showed its family. I'm Tellin, you guys are fucking drop in about this is the fact that this is one where I shall make it like you once you find about answer Gilbert Diego here, My three has been together answer fuck. I think it was a J D S bar Connor's unalloyed forget get the fuck out of my face. Death like like some guys like they want to fight like tat, but they can't find a willing opponent. But if you can get Diego and Gilbert together kill a Gilbert if he fought smart to probably out move
Diego Shout strike, but he added he desires and pass by dies with those guys reciting. Just as we caught every two months. Those do fight every two months, not to step back. He's gonna stand found both with you and just banged such a good guy, wouldn't Gilbert. He got in the pot for work, their idea, dammit I now I gotta get older. You get all their little. How can I hope limits? I know I'm torn on this. I swear to God, I'm torn because our you know she shorter careers, Seymour injuries, dad boggy tour. Bums me to fuck me to tell you tat lot. Vittorio I've got married and I see that you say it bring an opportunity. Our tv tour is may be my all time favour firewall. Now I like to use these excitedly. I like yours, you overly dirty old, now, you're right, you're hurting bit turkey heads up in jail. Lectured Brok listener that's hard to top that maybe lowering iris the size factor here. Just so big amber
the OECD with world class striking cabin fuckin veto, we'll kicked rock old, never throw we'll kick it hold eyebrow, throw yield to kick Michael business. Ah nosing around glittering gets a desire to see his girlish. Well, that's hard to tell me that could be the shirt? Stick it out, like that, he doesn't when he fought Chris y ever insane his fat in that. But that might just be the shirt. Inaccurately tell certain pictures. I agree I like the fact that online doesn't give a fuck. What am I got? It has a show just knocked out, Jan Andersson, one round, but first of all not done Harrison. Looking my girl on Roma shoulders eat Dixon, EDA yeah. I got it got a fucking Jim Brazilian, throughout our support. Our Brazil might raise like Tom Cruise over the haste he got hit hardest by the Reebok Deal did. I saw a swan song. I watched document around Rinaldo, the soccer player yeah. That's who you want to be in your name
God, I'm really will side be deserves small. I don't care if he doesn't care that we're all these points. I would make our them or whether it be to obey, for other guys killing it, how about t our tv tore man TAT S easy to our back in the rock old days and then when he fought Bisbee, wouldn't you like seen what would happen if that guy fought Whiteman I would have to finding wild opium made his rest. Move it off now will always lawyers because he tore verse, Luke Rocco. What we saw that once the aid could you say, saw kicked his face on time out the champion Rocco. Now those are back in the day, I'm talking now dude Tiara tv towards barely human ok, that it's easy, this guy on an alien is this? Do you know why? Because here's the thing about your tv talk, you got this freak body with of, above in so fast, which muscle fibres ridiculous work ethic, so in good shape those him thrown upon. Sir he's, don't oyster on one punching dropidas hands,
that is very easily serves bitter Balfour. Yeah one punch not be blocked, but it's weird like: why would you should does? This is a weird thing show because Did he gives a fuck you I mean? I guess he like that's the witnessing through. I guess I'm workin on some moves or someplace move around light than do the work and compare that to go to the rock all fight veto, verses, Luke, Rocco by the way we might have brought up to your tv torrent. And we get together about every time, harms our obsessed with him- he was a psycho man. Do you hear me for a loop, and this just should my fuckin world kin? on cancer, not boasted forty times all right, I don't even coming. I dont believe it doesn't make any sort of my Lord lay them. There is a demon with Iraq, old, Ruggles, all natural their surf and ensure that a race against America Racoven schoolboy there is like work. His fucking face kicked off in Brazil,
Roger, got all my life fourteen hours and get your face kicked the hook it that Morocco Tommy. He saw him at the wagons news like what the fuck is this guy on his edges. You could touches, look and then veto whispered in his ear, afraid but then again these also its training. I mean It is not just the fact that he was Anti Archie, which we most certainly was, but also the fact that he is training like a fuckin monster, let aiming like twenty another. That's him I'll, sucked up the that's at the wagons. When he's point to his Jesus Ways Bella, There are four showing ceiling above the Ip Jesus like a throw that wheelchair, like that's him when you we'll kicked Racoven ahead. Look look! How big is, I mean Jesus Christ. So what the reason why I think he's the scariest is because he's, got a massive amount of experience. You talk about a guy who's been fighting since ninety seven he's been training. Since years before that right, so he's been around for ever almost twice. The years in the game
insane years and the commission has set ups and ass at the highest high level at the highest level, and only like thirty eight. Now I think you just turn thirty eight. If I get it correctly, which is crazy, such a nice guy to areas like the nice gateway. Very nice retorted, smart guy, too, you know any speaks very few in English as well, as is as a mean as well as a brazilian portuguese. Rather, but if you look at his body like what you have, is this freak body it. Also has all this knowledge, and usually by the time a guy requires all that nods. His body starts to Falcon down a conversation with Eve Edwards about it. You know we're talking about Eve. Is a super knowledgeable guy, so many fights he's had so many fights and It's almost like his, he know so much now, but his body just doesn't cooperate like it did when he was young and wild Amr back. An errand Riley Daisy receives fights of Erin Wily Hook and shoot you and then you see a lot of guys, whoever surgeons we were talking about, there's like heavy weight and self who you know like
ass well in Gaza, dead, who Victor I mean Four Beecher, like you, you'll you'll, see them when they get to be like in their liberties that yeah I'll ask it the authorities in their fighting differently. That's heavyweights thou yeah! Well, it's a generally have a longer career India later when she has pacing tobacco. I think that genuinely don't know how to move body as well, when the younger workers are so much mass right, I think of you. Look like little tiny people like one of these. But haven't kids as you want hidden gymnastics class and the fish shit they can with their body. It's not just like flexibility, there's no wait, no mass! So there no even their body around the role and around doing flips, and they they develop like understanding of its also gets also being able to measure like Chris Vineyard was explained to me how it is you get better and better boxing. You have to move less because your I can measure shots so, instead of like really- Moving to the side, like a guy like that
just literally stepped back, like I'm an inch get you to Mason and Bow will expire. Experience is priceless men on it before I fought right now, so marinate tell me, as I do on why flooding, yeah, but man he has so much experience. I'm telling you it's priceless out the factors, namely colonel building, our courts, approve example to who the fuck knock out, see be dollar way be darlin. I was saying that final, like C b can open up and chase him. That's like you can't just open up, because the last thing to go and a guy like me mark or is patchy and name marking, corral and he's racked a lotta guy he's got a lot of memory. Damien Ryan is in name in my muscles. Never result! No, he went through the air. Was you that Austria, like cakes? Why trotted neon amateur led Unita, Lou Titus COD monsieur rascal, nay, my car use about ass. He was a guy that was
Super talented but might have had a little bit too much damage by time. You got two stars like many: seventy seventy please don't do it it and when is fuckin highlight real knock out of turn would lean strike force. You don't know that mortal combat gambling on whether those Alsace always monster so talented, such a diverse, like and a lot of traditional, martial arts techniques, mixed with Ex really good boxing. It is an extensive martial arts background. They start fight was very young whose, like the first like lesson, in Colorado mandate was the shit is one I went. I look made up. Is the bad ass much it was. You said you never seen him loose around in practice, not for a very, very, very long time, yeah. He was like our team gesture. She was his out or one training partner was MA, am employer I agree that whole connection you're getting a better of Europe if your training partner is one of the greatest ever will use. Although there's that, but that the word was always a neat was better that's what I've heard me name was
bigger guidance funding. Fighting twenty five ass, no one country, one seven. I said how do you do against European? He said well, I said he some months ago. What are you wearing and most urgent humanitarian? Why would he say anything? in other words, to say like we are under way, is nothing we're Estonia, sick. I suddenly fuckin do I've. I've fucked, whoever Vito Balfour up in round one practice, Tottenham racked as well as LA guys, and have that right. That's the worst pragmatism good fight, comin up man. This letter was frank, murmur cause. That's interesting, watch Magna Hector Lombardy scares me ferryboat, o Neil my buddy and Hector. I'm a hectare lumbar fanny it's a haughty. You go for a ride, he's also God it's been. He tested positive
and he's been around, allow another mind alone, one. I know who you are surprised like land without ass. That's not artificially created a letter ass. He I feel like in the same boat as other Coom Cuban Compact, compatriot Yo Romero in that they got to the sea a little late and their poorer people forget Hector. Lumbar, was mark and everybody over belcour everybody. He came over from Bela. Finally, people forgot, they forgot in the villages. Forgot yams ribbon due to fade in these, I think he's only five nine times the fight divide, that you might even be finalized viable way, but the fight was, is him fightings elegantly, do an interest? That's five. Nine light socket Claudio marked right. I've never seen, alas, no home I've ever seen in my life than Hooker is the best ass. A Beverly can explode on you, man,
explore anyway. The way he knocked out Nate, perfect example: they're, not gonna, nay, Margaret was fuckin ferocious. Angles in the fearlessness in which he chase Nate down in the knock out power When he's on his fuckin tariff good, like Benin, when he's on, I want to see him firearm allow that's a fine. I want to say how old Hector now, not young, but he's never taken a beating still roles Agnes Papa Wendy, about winning when in fact destroyed, porous. That's when you ve dirty that's what he said. Ah thirty, how fuckin scary he is to get all horses like couldn't! Do I get to him? their Lombard before this drug doesn't know how these can be now both scariest got one. Seventy who the fuck, not if you draw that card you like ah facts on state aids, It's not funny marry one way like I can I go in a different way. Classy disseminate might be the picture, but or maybe it's not a big
No doubt Magnus long and tall, though very totally different guy, to help very did they compete powerful Alan Jovian Flat on his guard, but how about women? did, though, what an aim Remy necktie, rather Andrews, Ollinger Ass, far ass, it might be to date, you know, yeah you build slangy she's thick thing to stop sniffling, weird fetish, the stuff, damn it when I exactly sure what it is. It's one of you by the way, few times. I read the captains and we are glad to speak javelin virtually here. Tuna market and Sakharov at a very acute face You can try coverlids, though Smith. She irregular ear. Sewed back on.
If Thou british guy blasted her ear and shot up like a volcano and she wanted to keep doing her, fucking ear was hanging off her head. She had a whole that you could look deep into her skull. What ya like hidden man, I'd, never see now ass, you want you gonna snoring, you dont use of set she's at tat. Hard is sleep in the good. Like pick a knock on the night before tonight. There's can be so many not get on the card. I wanted the match. Ups yeah, I think there's a bit picture Jamie, we can see their that's it. You just add it right. There could allow and he could see how deep the whole was. It was a joy, and holding the skin, get so thin from the high flown that bitch opened up. What's not that it gets didn't actually would it is the actual cauliflower itself it. It helps rip apart the skin, because it's like having a rock on your skin. Yes, he said I want you see now and drew out. That's what it looked like now, you see into her fucking fear brain see, you think. While she had it
load back on you get the collar far trimmed off. I would the air I went to trim that shit. Yeah, it's gonna grow If you keep train and isn't she Caesar Gracie, I think I think she's one of sees Gracie nor cowgirls. I cordially believed around a lot. If I do for a living man, you gotta love, fighting she's top is really try picture man, god dammit girl. Do you It's like an animal like doll. She has paid to do that. You think about how fuckin tough Josh Bergmann as we're talking about her to Longbourn Josh Bergmann, who just fought as last fight one fifty five veterans fought law barred and try any locked. It sat in a court sat there and among is sick. She went fires, democratic, locked, that's fight that Hector dares positive. Let us avoid accidents that have occurred and Bergmann just sat there and just kind of parried and stayed but pretty much market
students outbreaks and let you get back to stay dangerous. Yes, why Lombard, especially when lumber start to get a little tired? He didn't want to come. Because Bernstein. By their first wing and bombs. As you reckon you can hit him with a bat them. Other evils is shot. Will ye and take it to his? Is tough Bergman's been a round and he's fought? Is here These, like two o five really you're here Jeremy Horn wants and what the fuck they had some crazy dispute. There were some arguments they hate each other. He can fight for. Jeremy, worn is one of the nicest cars in the world and German choked him out and spit on whose outcome I can't I don't know what happened journeys, the nice guy ever while his eyes were fighter, but I know I'm telling you you're, like the idea that Jeremy he gets upset someone there's your metallurgy alien to understand who does Nate DS fight? Next, he should fight Romola Jesse, two hundred, if no I would say dos Santos is the fight, because I think that Robbie lowers too big for him
yeah. If he's going to really fight at one hundred and seventy, he should I mean if he could fight at one hundred and seventy make no mistake about it. But if you look like the Roy Mcdonald Fight and you look at the young, the stun gun camphire. He could also you could easily make argument? I think inside even in arguments of fact he's a lot better than he was when he fought roar Donald is a lot better than he was. We fought done. Young kids. I think his fight his last fight in particular, not just economic, Gregor fight, but the fight with Michael Jonathan you ever look he's on fire name is comfortable, is confident in need. Is one of the slickest dude. When it comes to row, one wouldn't hunches when knitting got hit when naked hit naked. Here any goes with shit, almost shit like.
And he's got dislike long slinky, Iraq in Jab and comes out of nowhere. You have to give him a superfly after being Comic Gregor, and he has such fuckin momentum to the other. Whether he agrees with. What do you see does? What are you have to give that guy? I think a title shot, what you see, I think they have to recognise that he's a soup start right now, name my name de, as is a fuckin Superman fight of fifty five nothing's anti viruses way. Yet, if I were soon, but if you give em, seventy just give him more than two weeks notice. I have you if I think he has a better chance beating Robbie Lawlor than he does defenders diabetes, channel a vague and strong mad outside Georgia. Well dose. Just was his loss before he fought Michael Johnson Dawson just leg: kick the shit out of an animal. And mangled monograph. What's his leg was all fucked up fantasies coastline, Joseph O God damned jogger? Does he feel even light Connor? That's what I think
oh come on kanaka- do that can do that because that's toddlers we're we're supposed to see. No warehouse does not anymore. I don't know it works out. Welfare Conner, come on. I was you have liked. What have you sleep? Some ok whack you wanna pledges and, like you did all is a better environment alike tat. This is correct, it is possible to see here they go to one forty, five fight, Frankie and then let's talk about the deeply, I think you're gonna have to defend its title. You can you can you can lose at seventy than fight the champ, a fifty five and then go back? Ok, here's my word right. Here's a big thing! Aren't here's a question. I'm not saying I'm asking a question. Algeria is it please several years ago. Shit. Look. Is it possible that Conor Macgregor, because an excellent box or he's got that left hand. Is it possible we're going to see people game plan to say, hey just stay away from left hand, and if you do, you can just grab them and go.
The ground liking. It shit for the agenda just taken members, in other words, what he has taught us that the new and I was fairly question and use came up with a question. You said my my class in my phone. It was right to me. No one knows how did you know as well as in other words, do you think that if he gets I guess what I'm really asking Isley spitted asking is: please, is you just go with that left hand nephew negate that he becomes, there is, but I guess I d reason. Excellent fighting is made them fight these people in the loss of one. Seventy nine just knock out, although with one punch destroy mark, is brimming. Destroy Diego Brenda he's destroy Dennis Labour, he looks like a murderer. Smash Chad, Mendez Grape Honour Macgregor is a gangster is no doubt that he just got a little crazy Do I need to tell anybody? He went up all the
up to one. Seventy two granted he fought in ideas is not a real one, seven anyway, but he's a legit one. Fifty five can't make one forty five year, Nate can't make one forty five you see, Nate cut down a fifty five. He is fuckin shore rutted did it does? Is it at a shadow, another ten pounds out exactly that's not gonna happen Peconic and make that way. So you gotta think the natives a bare guy, not until I Connor's still the the biggest drawn the sea, because in everyone should take notes the way he's handled this loss. He does gonna high he's, not not doing interviews he's not talking shit now. What's up to the chance, I think in last may well, not have your eyes can apologize, took a fuckin risk whose fuckin next, while he loaded by night. He tried to take them out with one shot at a time, and you can't do that. Assist is not that easy. How it keeps us Andrews besides, knocking about keeps him away from an. I feel, requests and describes them into big. Big
protyle different emphases. Any answer to that area of an animal physically Sancho has these thick ass, ankles and thick ass wrestle fit again he's a thick mother, fucker Makin, whom I have fun getting kicked like by eminent grabbed around. That was also his paces in societies. Breakin do such at fifty five when I watch this fight with pedestals like houses, guy keeping this up see that that's not the movie. If I'm collars manager, I first take some time off you, don't you see hundred young raises fighting Yossi two hundred. Why would he not one is that got that fuckin Merkt now break, namely that he has done in twenty seven a couple of times shot for it. Take down upon us on ground young concoct out yet can come to think that a convention yeah got fuck in a one too, from fucking idea, was on Wobble street, but is that I can get my fucking shot a double leg. I know I did, but what is technically concussion your brain
In fact, up and you see in double many revert back trial schools, but on cold ways, a concussion your brains, bruised right, right, romantically like medically, I think when you bruce your brain. When will we know he got his bell rang? We know you're rocked. We saw his legs buckle. We saw Nay beat the piss Adam on the ground before choked him right to all those count. Riah, that's all angel yeah, so I wonder how much damage and I wonder how much time we really should take off because its the same is obviously levels have like Rhonda getting head kick by. Holly is like the highest level. The highest level is getting guns, when Gonzalvo knocked out croak up does too high we are talking here, is even better using better Terry, Adam versus Barboza Barboza Wheelchairs, Marietta! That's the high
level of k, gonna take some tat time off at the highest level of like the religion, but either way see, we say he's got his bell wrong. That's concur that rank, bring tromp, but there's levels right but ill, but what is being called an avalanche? How you see two hundred for one for what, planet do another white paper for no matter what also also furlongs your career like. The injuries and stuff man we need. We need and as to look at TAT, man is chairman, is going to stop by Connor and then a media gets knocked out with one punch by Frankie in showed, like that, like that's, not normal, for him Usually you can take a really good shy, and so he goes from that. To now was the wind was the Ricardo Lamas Fight was before the counterfeit rang before so he fights Ricardo Lamas. Does him with one punch, hurts and released with? One percent puts Malloy fights ca, our loses that fight get stopped and it's really rocked candidates? What's big Knox, Aberdeen Cottages
so tired Reagan, he got together and then Frankie just takes my with one left hook. Well fuck in New Jersey. Seventy five on the house out, I'm counters caravan, lose any sleep over that guy Frank, EDGAR, Mikey he's a thing, but when there is no matter if he loses two Frankie what it is Connor what happens to corner at that point. That's a real good question. If he loses two Frankie he's got a really figure out how to regroup. It depends on how Frankie beats him. If Frankie takes him down, it beats a fuck out of here the ground, then then he's got a real price. What I'm saying is a lot of that's whisky as how you, oh that's, a blueprint. Brian there's that everyone knows that Toby tolerable tries do then get fuckin knocked out. What everyone knows, everyone in this entire world knows Connor's weak point is crap
it's nothing new, but I would valid arguments if he hasn't seen a real crap. Like he's Chamonix efforts, Chad look a little over one round two years ago. Beat him beetle Joe Duffy aren't triangle, that's why me So what I'm saying I'm telling you you say nothing new! No, I I know I had I'm just saying that When you see what I can do you see, which Andrei man or data fingers reprinted Bali branded up and brought it back. They love you can now that's now. This is not bright. Does just hear me out: I'm going takes me from this: no one's ever were this: what if he runs like Conor? Let him go now, when I started me out, I know what I said. You see what I'm saying what if I said it, what is it is, if you could just get away is all
to stay away from his left hand, the game, not true, because he kicks good Connor'S- gives our eyes right. Hands amazing to the USA. Kicks all rise, kicking to do a thing than a name ideas. Ok, yes, it did. He geeky fluttered like kicks. He just eat Throw it takes like this. Andrews is. What I'm saying do not like you can think of takes all in lying amounts is a different kind of kicking it. I get. Entities comes a language of chances, his kids all right into maritime. You a lot of guys, I feel like when you fight Cotta you're more what you're worried about his left hand. You not you're got now, we're not getting knocked out like Holly, you say be careful around house and you're gonna, get knocked out with a design just watch over those like without a whatever the lakes with Connor Yours and stay away from her left hand, right? Yes, but let me tell you some advocating the face Ignacio prior to and he can kick in the fact that he hasn't done, but it doesn't mean anything he's got he's, got a lethal left hand for sure, but when I watch him throw kicks, we are closer so chosen Lahti,
six man. He throws a lotta kicks in a lot of times. What he's doing he's, throwing almost disdainful kick setting you up while he is relaxed with me. Just throwing them in their use throws them in their he's, not like fuckin guy ridding down in writing in Barboza grids down. Dig out exactly what I'm saying is that the kicks themselves might be there as distraction, but you're, not gonna after its You're coaches, listen those case. You're gonna knock, you outwards was most heroic. Aiding the Chad Mendous, like you, fuck charitable, kicks the body, he had shown with a hard spinning backing to the body drove front, kicked in the body a gang at times I think he's got a lotta tools, It is: does he have real world class tools like here's them first world class, striker right now, Mme wander boy. That is a most yes. The most dynamic and exciting striker in Emma may have. What he's doing is he said Karate, but my tie. Skills and wrestling take down the offence and that company
is fuckin ridiculous. Has an answer just hear me out: nine, all crazy, he's avant lightly and fight his hands down the about can't can't find a you can't find us important match him. Well he's he was fifty seven was know if it wasn't. What Finally- and this will greatly help cases, Mme, where Conor loses Randall Holly loses like everyone, except for that bad mother, your path, brown number one, John Jones out. Say Demetrius. Might emails Johnson he's lost out on time? But how are we gonNA hasn't? He hasn't law since he fought dominant crews. You lost a decision, a dominant crew. Still last I'm the same guy, who has a John generals naming closely as true John John hasn't been well Gustafson
I tell one I wouldn't let her get trained for two weeks. I want to see him and rumble a really do me to wrestle. I think, if you fight with rumble, I think you'll see John John take rumble down a man. We want to take a second round. Take him down. First, here's your getting about John is, like John could be the nail he's, not just the hammer you be the and so on things, it's scary about him, Z, so fuckin talented, but he still can take a beating, and he does not give up He got his arm basically snapped backwards by veto Belpher. This submitted retort later in the fight mean he biology Peter entire body on people chosen and beat the fuck out of a minute in being the fuck out of em. He broke his toes sideways twisted around backwards and even realize it until we were talking
he didn't realize we had his belt on your life and he looks down in the bottom of his big toe is facing and that's an that's while John Jones Valleys, lifting and pray like beating here, lifting and jacket evocative thing and praying he's trick in Fiji, water doing squats. I love this instrument has shown. Lift rooms are keys, change. This is brilliant luck and change. It sounds The cynical furniture branded shot because we believe in movement coach has ass. It is the judgment is tat. It does not present. I'm saying good, like beaten. I do like reading and good luck, beaten, dude and, if he's, if he is super dedicated, even more good luck beaten. Hopefully, sometimes you need that wild card it for witness you know, like me, a little crazy. I die believe he's a while, but I will I want my champion. A cup alliance in their outlines in Cotonou Bailey do prostitute, something you did that interview with him and Daniel Corner in the middle. I I that the look
John Jones, I used to dude. What so did what happened? when the camera wasn't rolling relay didn't they wouldn't talk to each other before and and afterwards John was there were Talkin match it on the pot but I didn't witness that so I can't really speak on that, but before it a conversation with Daniel before it separately a quick conversation with John before it separately to same whatsapp. Has everything else: chit chat and dumb it'll, seeing as how he's doing stuff and he's fucking terrify man he's he's focused what the shit some shit, that Hussein Daniels like yeah, he's like she's like Daniel problem is the alpha and he wants to be the alphabet he knows is always gonna be my pussy, Yo Yo member pointed out enough. They put it on the television it they did
but I say do not alpha. They took off the policy they, so it's not only. You can see that they were. They should leave currencies that might be our guide. I agree that a mistake to believe that website I want John Joel, go full fucking bad man jokers be the heel, but I dont Mass Daniel was pretty intends to man who daniels looking at him. Sometimes fighters will say, things in a well isn't really believe that be Santa Danny was telling them. I am going to do everything in my power. I'm willing to die to be you the downward junks egos you better be willing to hear tat. Tom was. Shaken by all the day, was super emotional, isn't tense man It was really really really. Unless I went on ways, I fear that when I say that, as you perhaps know how I'm, except for that fight everything changes bomb excite were I asked you cause you want to come when is it because we map yet or we are mid, was torn, but I got onto, are watching us both come. We could We have twenty third and twenty fourth show that right now we have a show in Oklahoma
Well, what a great move being Oklahoma! Why do I don't go to you see events? Can I take you attacked you in the back What are they gonna marry? You hey, I might you might give interview there who is just like Robert Dinner you're back there where that flag, yeah shop, who killed, we have no idea. You just see me sorry that data white on travellers, your child, at the end of the day, what you do for the? U have see by talking about fights it hypes up, fights yes late, you gotta, let you gonna, let it be a little bit looser because you deal with five hundred different fighters. This hundreds of potential match ups and maybe thousands of Callum all operate. You know? There's a lot of disagreement is allowed a debate, but what you guys do with fighter in the kid I only get park asked for an empty seat. A large city vacation time anyway,
majority guys do. Is you you create interest? You get people excited, you discuss things. Violence in attaining this is the thing no jobs like who pays our bills, not do you see can say whatever was a realist way fox pay my bill psych, I'm uh, there's no fuckin regular. And your fair and it's rare sub not really sometimes well. I think that what you guys do is valuable, though so try say it's worth a lot like ie Can't you can't always control the message that comes out comes to something is exciting and dynamic and multi faceted as ever may fight, too much shit go on and then, when it comes to things like controversial things, the Reebok Deal or you know any any other kind of sponsored situation. Racing along those lines. With his allotted disagreement, you gotta kind of like let all their play out like if you don't let all their play. I like you
you and with a super dynamic sport in their so many different areas to explore in all those areas create interest, and I think, by limiting the conversation, what you do is you limit the amount of interest, because this guy disagreements gonna, be people that are pro this and pro that pro her at pro him and if you, if you got a guy like you controversial and says a bunch of crazy shit, all that as is like blossom end at the end of the day, you not a bad guy. You like Emma, may you love the USA, you your ear, it genuinely intrigue about these matches. You just have a controversial point of view, but that shouldn't be silence ivory and it's all so that with the Reebok dealer in these matters jobs it when you turn on your, let's see what you see like who's paying their bills, these guys can be real, wrote the fighters with the Reebok you they can't come out, Your backlash anomaly, Charles the first and I were young there censored so the first guy were not sensor. Grass, I can say, is like go you're here. Am I hate her on one?
this guy's, that they can't do, Amy Wing to me right now you do it's, so they bear me from YO, see tonight and you'll see bypass. I don't give a fuck double the money. That's why I got ban. They did it, it does just for the first I'm a guy with a voice, and I am in no one: reeboks pay the bills, zoof US Bilbil Dana's, not my a good natured promote this idea. In fact, it would be a shame if they were because it would be a shame if you stop doing it the way you're doing it, because that was fun about what's funny about your show, as you know that if you get Brennan wound up here talk? It's crazy shit. I do Adieu and Emma main journeys. They probably wrote three stories already during the time I ve been doing this paragraph three two one about Joe Rogan disrespects measures, ass caraway, that's by one- and you guys tell me something about fried chicken
Are we bullied you bullied and I'm sure there's our trying MAC Brian Cowen is a wrestling expert, pushing came right now and breaking news how you become Macgregor Wrestling Day, I'm down not impress I've gotTa Macgregor taken its human shows a highlight real Conor Macgregor, doing spinning wheel, K, I thine eye. I wasn't cakes and dropping Chad very glad. The internet is I'll, get fifty guys called You were the only one who knew about the case I can tell you and then can you get like six people like you should never talk about your pc. While you can abble ashore and I dont Rita me words and stock in you, you, you don't read that you sites, not you have to choose, who you communicate with his life and one or two things. It's good criticism and on criticism, is you can learn? How are the people view you? Any ok yeah see that's right can a valid, maybe came off. Do she, or maybe I should prefer that better may mesh, explain myself better, but then you
Is it some of the people are just trying to hurt? You feel yes, and then you have to realise: will what kind of a person just tries to our feelings losers? yes, that's it I never saw anybody was like Ogata, they're trying to hurt your feelings reach. Now too big Brown try to make you feel bad. Why they do in that area? Why why waste all that time, like what is their humor involved, what you doing or other people enjoying it exerts a method to wage China so idea of a mess? age, are you just trying to hurt big Brown feel it? It's also. You know you doing some right cause an all this pause of energy on people. Maybe, if you would uneducated, I'm actually has done what you asked to Travis Brown wrong. People keep an eye on anybody, Likud, Conway, worst American. U S friend, Amir celebrated Gentile caught it analyzed. Music is excellent. Just bottle Skywest us after this, but this, I think, is closer ridiculous, but in other issues, but
of the fat little tweet, some really stupid and stir all these dummies I've made. It is feeding frenzy that he tweets bill caused these innocent represent a job I may come on. Data is lacking one, that's a master manipulated. I added a market. I giant ionized always go back on Kenya, and I and I went out and wisest guy like every like someone. I know people are very intelligent, speak highly, so I Tena looked at this body. Work vacuum is rational heap well, but without having a hard time take kind kind. But I what we got to me this guy's produced a shitload of music and it's all different. So I went and bought every song I bought every song he's ever done. And I spent three days listening every song like three times I got the lyrics rights housing. I look you cannot deny. This guy is put now crazy amount of work it's really good, I'd whereat out zones, but then listening the interviews that he was giving like long once long form an abuse?
and I have to say I came full circle. Musical can he's got, but he's also got shit to say that I agree with like I'm a line with him. I think he has trips overs on deck and not era outbursts and you can relate yet for Chicago Blackie. Did you grow rich? And now I can relate to an artist who says: I'm not gonna limit myself and America Centre myself, and I must speak my mind because we live because I feel like people are crazy. Is it just about your may bog and just about your status or is it about something else you know and he was eloquent about how he spoke. I lovely Jimmy Kimmel that Randy about being in articles you to watch the fucking great, so What kind of France I try to convert Rhine and I finally did let alone a pair of visas. I just got from their so hard to get our Jamie's. Just just got some two hundred pairs of shoes. He takes pictures that that's cool shoes and I really want to know. I love man he's my favorite. These new Fuckin Solomon there like
hiking shoe, that's a running should really run up hills with these virginity. Some sugar, the tread knows my dad shoe. There's a transatlantic dad. She writes our athletes of Fuckin mountain hunter. Show you now. The hunter dad run hills with these mothers pronounced these things. Fucking kill dealings in those that you had like hiking boots right, but you and the men who are running initiating and rare yeah, maybe for my ex tat are super right, real thin saw and you could fucking, you feel the ground when we know how can we go hunting among you could, but you wouldn't, because you'd get you in Europe, one unless you were in place, it didn't have like the rotation as well. Ask if you want to hire you want to hire ankle. You want something that protects you a little bit more, but if you're right running hills, what are useless,
fuck. It also seems to me I mean you, Mr Odin, you like shoes for their effectiveness in what they actually do. I guess I just like the way there s one like you and I find your feet like like I like an illegal chinese women. Look I'll, show you these aren't you shit and I were thirteen, how the twelve it pretty tight. I work here to learn lessons I wore these either they had already I and the lagoon. I solomons against those guys are past deeply functional shoe the guys who had by like one of them water, bladders that through the council backpack Campbell Scottish Terrier Water bottle yeah. I, like I likewise Asma. I like myself meant to be opinionated like I like. If I want to buy booted that our eye for
trip and I'm going to Alaska, and I love a guy who's like oh well, and we think about this now. Is it going to be in the winter and yeah I'm looking to precipitation right now me put my graph, my guy. What are they all the story of a fourth imminent? I must say you want that, and I want. I want a guy who speaks grass in numbers when I buy car, I want to hear the dude gimme. Well, we got more yeah room in this, I'm all about that guy, the detail and talk to a girl. The Bmw dealership once were discussing sums about em three and he didn't know Jack shit like ourselves or not. I just wanted to get away from outside and wait yeah does this does is one have you know the act is suspect out, another vision of then, If you don't know you, cities
one of the produce cars you guys I've ever met. Also, you know it share your Seward Opium Day Fisher. Tell you darling these things, not now. I know more than you I'm a comedian. When I went to my car rental of private experiment, I was looking at our duties as a cadet tornadoes Lexus, and I did a little thing. It's a chauvinist thing, but I found that women salesman don't do not upon details like eyes, our guys, love numbers, stats, all that and an eye now that women wouldn't usually go, you know I they knew the carpet. They built, I dont know about the that. That's something that
have to ask and they ll always you know that you guys you should definitely I go in with all my research. I want this new YAP admire off. I know a good dialogue like when I bought my press, which the leases up next month old, baby Jesus, I'm I bought just for chemicals driving all over California right the leases up, but when I bought that thing, so you test driver, Mcnugget, suppress of la figure it out. I don't take it around the block and oppressing destroy our gas. My I got an online. I need a fearsome now, yet it will go through the book price, Bobby. You drive your poorest like I beat him everywhere. You drive your purse very carefully, open up when a new girl speedily dickhead. If you had one of those cars, you would appreciate what one of those cars can do: a ride to piece of art yeah when you're driving us
you're driving a finally engineered machine, that's perfectly balanced, take personage production and it has stopped fuckin sound of that flat. Six in the bad. That's why don't mind driving a car like man I'll take corners in autumn? In guys, I'm traffic allow legs, what does it matter and occasionally get out of traffic, and when you do it's way more fun to be in his garden, Fuckin grander nano. Now you don't granddad mobile, unlike other ports on the radio fuckin a saudi nature and its club away to this guy, and given the thumbs up, he had a court that zero six that new, CEO six, the top comes off it, so it a target out your face. My girlfriends fast, it sounds resolve. Nothing sounds better than a fuckin american visa, eight something about your game, I'm serious, do it.
You're doing when I think when I think about it, I don't know anyone wanting to laugh when I think about when you that noise I go. I wouldn't hear my books on tape, Islam, the difference between us, that's literally, when I wear my headway, really listen to a book and novel, that's my wife gets microbial day shows what the fuck are you list need to listen to the knock on podcast knock is the archery base podcast by your account? My guess is all about right. Here is talks about like, like fuckin super technical shit about archery who love it far care listen to it. Everyday could still have incited cited my boat. I know I know no, we gotta get your boat to arrange and we gotta get Europe Draw linked, measured and stuff. Like that, obviously, the super port- I know my drawings azured- we're going to go on August is what really glad so we're gonna have is, a good, solid, two to three months of like serious preparation
what our training can when I'm. Why is you to be able to shoot accurately to twenty yards and then, when I want you to do is not shoot ailing outside twenty yards a comedy get in that amount of time? I think we can get that done. I think grew jail fuck. I want to save your time too busy man needle brands, my hunter right and not trying to hide out iranian brokenly data. Now listen! I want to call me, I watched him shoot several dear and he is steady on the fuckin trigger he squeezes. He doesn't jerk it he's gotta eight shot you're. A great aim now he's he doesn't like he has a panic, bring a dear me. Mantua, makes good shot, calling Guess Gopher Prairie I don't know where they go. You know what will be we're. Gonna, be back he'll, be back with meat and just know that? U way by the campfire we'll be back with fucking, you'll enjoy your do ass. You like what you're cappuccino we'll come back. What the fuck and meat covered a mosquito bite, but it's worth it would go and hard and disregarding Nevada we're going into the mounds Nevada we're gonna Archie Hunt for mule, dear
and so why we're gonna backpack in there and we will be, will be campaign and we're gonna be glass and in ITALY, war Sixty hormonal care, but you got this- is that that you gotta five? That kind of thing is going to do it. You gotta got up. We gotta figure out the both thing. That's a big one. Does that the biggest one and we gotta like get you hooked up with a bunch of different kinds of equipment, goes with archery wanna things, it's really pork, as you gettin really close to them. You gotta know what where the winds blow, and so we gotta get it's like a little talcum powder bottle a squeeze it into the air it blows up and then it Goes one hears us archery, podcast matter, facts too deep, for you know our guy shots start your own parkers monarch. If you like the one percent of one percent that give a fuck about art. Remember about the kind of shit I'm into about mental egg cells. Levelling your second and third axis I mean do me: depends sites on a dovetail. Housing are meant to do, use a kiss, her bonnet and no kisser button grain arrows. What's the spirals dominant passed a larger you just
two hundred arrows Yoda Crawley. I got problem. What is it about? Of course you do when you log in and see what is it about with me? What about attacked have experience of archery that you love like what is I'm? I told you to some wrong with me and when I get into something it's like that thing is, I got my fuckin house could be on fire of I'm shooting bosom. What it is slow. I dont know also like up there's out switch that goes off and then I'm no longer drive, and anyway I showed you, don't don't you think if, if you picked up golf you'd be is not as a that's, why they never played guys, I'm only after luxury. I don't think I think you know archer your passion, I think, when I got into your balls it that's true, that's true, but it has to be cool and archery is fucking or else like opera. You will lose your life look. I lost my life with poor. Do let me tell you something: I have dreams some day
I like sometimes I sit around here and I do about Podcast Cinema huggin. One thing I want to do is gonna quit everything and just go play. Pool tour carrots, and I understand that run. A few rag sounds like a fat joint can't play like Mean Fitzsimons is coming over the others, not tomorrow Wednesday, Thursday ones. They mark my words. Simmons Komori, no one, I'm really happy about we're gonna play pool at some excitement to see em we're gonna play summer Poor girl gave ass pool, feel this led by its the sounds we're, but I watched my watch videos. I want videos on boxing footwork tennis strokes kicks out I'm a practice that Tennyson, by loan and what's wrong with my room, I want with you. I love it today. Release that I put, I put my archer release, either a training tool where it's like a rope that I pull back and I hold it and I'm while watching tv on fire enough shots
Can this- and I want to develop by myself and to give a clear signal- is Sunday about something sent about right. That's intense man once you kill and Elk with a bow and arrow do the world becomes totally different. Place becomes a totally different place because you we realise how, Well, how fuckin primal and crazy that is also getting your food. That way you like, ok, I'm out of the factory, farming system for like, if I may, this every year, I'm out for life like now, I'm completely response. Possible for all the meat I get a should one animal that animal for a year now what You know you either have to like. I shouted dedicated to enter and I give up. You know what I get almost as much satisfaction giving in France I love it. I love I loved and Elk. I ate they shit that elk sausage. You made I gotta gang of it you once more, that we sounds like dry is dry right. We're counted only some its breakfasts us no summer sausage, Somerset,
some sorts till now I keep like keep roles of it in the fridge written backfire. It's fuckin delicious thing, it's rather no! No! No! No! No! It's corked! No! It's Kirk compare notes, cooked Skinner Elsinore sausage, but you can cook it. You good slice it in like. Quit some anxiety hog as automatic guy outer. Why have venison sausage had made to all? God, it's gonna had something of a day with breakfast gauge. I can live with that man. Yes, keep. You should not take from the south to look I'd like thing away almost as much as I like you it didn't! Elles awesome like Duncan sent me a picture him his girlfriend. And Timothy Leary Son were eaten Elk meatballs from an l girls, nice round ass, good ass, you are too, I can't get enough of this computers and Argent three day knows are primarily tease. Now allow people think we're doing it at every turn something uninspiring people, every nook, normalized Fuckin, love computer, but not the bullshit. Clear can help me the black women over you out,
live on. The will explain now, because we want to know what you mean well, the clear can they basic produce, though so they could soon grocery stores. They have no alcohol content in a very little very little, yet so the black cancer they have more alcohol content, how they should be how the tea is. Naturally, ferment lot, the black Kansas. Twenty one: no, it's not a black hand, it's a bottle and the differences. The laser all eyes are just the the plan, the plastic rim around the bottle top when you open it is blocked but really even the bottles are different on the twin darker and it yes, it was something about the fermentation dwell, a knife. Get up here. Don't you understand? Your camera soared over there from the fifteen hundred Oh, yes, I said thing at Samara, regional level as a real samurai sore ilium, the fifteen hundreds. Yes it is. That is a real, so Samara soaring spent. Is it obligated to me? Is it open that bitch up, but I feel like this is data, so that's why
you're, Bawler friends, that's cause. Should they give you this? Isn't this isn't benefiting hunters? Oh yes, it s shut your fuck endowment like we're on a plan. Stars right now shattering dream and I think it is presented as a hundred percent real blades only last year was worried- I mean eyebrow yeah. They refurbishing handle and make it all perfect, but that blade is when the fifteen hundred the biggest critic I can real, that's real is fun, loving cut, that's fucking, sausages, stub Jack, and I wonder how many people have died by those by that sword, good chance of its that old. I wonder I mean, if you think about all the fence, Samara, sorts and fifteen hundred Tellingham wasn't is continuous civil war for about three hundred year, so rang a chance, but what I'm thinking is like? Is it like pistols, like most people, epistles, never killed anybody? True enemy agrees that what it was like back
they were Samara swords over they. Just like Libya or gangsters shit. There probably take a little bit of that Elk son slicing that bitch all the plastic get new therapies. Hey back to the computer that people try Tommy. The benefits are fake. On that just one. So to say it's not! I get free. It's all its problematic probiotics fermented Two balls and fermented fermented mushrooms and things on those lines which is essentially what combustion is? It's like a fungus is very good for you. It's very celestial can shorten the agony that fuckin, it's very good for you. Probiotics, like super important, got health. That health is, you know it's a great way get net. I love came. She may begin in a camp CHE found. You know down near the calabash s. You ever go that calabash as farmers advocate airline, while the farmers market is amazing, nobody have like low while taking out
Yeah calabash as farmers market has these local come butchers and local came she's good from people that look run farms near by and the need to have their own like some spicy terrorist, pretty good. It's really gonna love and I love it. Hundreds, I dont, sought Ivan drink Saddam forever, but these replace out from your way healthier. What can t is actually fermented cabbage. That's like a spicy fermented cabbage, but my point is: is a really good source of probiotics I've been seeing every morning. I don't know if it's because of that I feel amazing camps. You spend a hardware brain, it's really go for what got health changes everything man foolishness among my pockets of Dublin Rhonda Patrick. She goes deep into good health and how important it is.
For all sorts of aspects. Your personality, the we think about things. It's amazing. They do that with the rats where they gave they change the gut in health in the rat, like that that the bacteria and some rats with healthy bacteria and their got kept fighting. I guess I just get out of the water and others when they change the bacteria in their got. It actually change the certain levels in their brain because apparently serotonin is even the cut as well and they just became listless and gave up round yeah and had a directive which ass his work. As Rapporteur was stomach ache If those running my share got Ulysses guts could see in this, is all this all came from an animal that you mean I was there. You shouted the faith in the body, yours
human faces have shown that there is a good idea, the heaviest, were you dont? Do it because you really it's hard to be that accurate and issued a body like especially and Elk. You have a job target as much as you want to remain as much as your packs in the circle for some head shots on this next door. What is known as taboo right erupting now guys do not. I would pigs, oh yeah, yeah, there's a shock pig man? The pig man is its. Kind of hilarious that I wash that show, and I go cod evasions ever fuck and found whoops Let it out there's a show called pigment. Ok and this mother fucker is, is called pigman because just kills pigs, he's, got out a ranch, Toby HANS all over the world
They just shot a moose, pink pigs known on a wild innovation like acute big pigs. Might love that I can count on my instagram here that it was carrying off a fawn? Did you know their heart area fond here until a medium now, there's? No, that was never worked hard. No, wasn't really MAO's pay, there was a american but domestic cog. That's pig man he's got a patch on his eye because using a fuckin car accident, they got all fucked up and I'll, get it shoot is bow with his left eye steak and anger from losing his iron on the pigs. Now he's always been a pig murder mean he looked in if you live in access. You gotta, kill pigs that hard to kill pigs. Yes, you gotta, find em. First volley mean they're there massively invasive, there's millions of them really Finally, Lily had just taken judging Ghana alone excess alone. There are millions of wild hogs it so bad. That Texas, been of a road they had built a new road and the night they opened up there
Like forty car accidents, where people are slamming in a pig's like TIM carried on, as he said in Texas, pigs are real. He gets on horseback and handsome with spear. How about the fact that in autumn with fucking helicopters, yeah you want see some crazy was just pull up. Pig man and TED Nugent hunt pigs with a helicopter. They have epoch, odds. They call a pork now and they fly a fake. It is hard to accept that mercury, though its massacre, it allows etc, should be illegal. Knotted, yes, yeah it's a massacre, but that's what they have to do like look Are things that you have to do if you wanna? If Everybody. Has this idea that nature bounces itself out, but the problem with that ideas and ninety percent of everything that's ever existed ever is extinct. Ninety percent, so all those fuckin animals that warrant helped along. Like you know, I mean, there's, there's a real,
proper problem with bears and dear and moose populations because bear wolves, especially to now when the place where wolves have been reintroduced because wolves give birth to a litter right. So if a wolf pop Ella, Wolf mom has like six babies, A moose only has one baby, or the moose has one b and then there's this fuckin Wolfram when I was six pops, while the just do the math, they know they're, gonna, they're, gonna? Slowly, but surely people start taken out all of the the game. Animals and that's what's happening in, alas, it's where their stress during worlds. Now their wives, dammit, reintroduced, Wolf, hunting, too not a state and bears or bears have always been hunted You have to like a nice Korea a lot about my. U have to hunt things that dont have a predator, because if they don't have,
predator than nothing controls their public. Great white sharks are what my grandma charts. China does not exist today. They clean shit up to look at him, hang, but that's what excessive, and, there's actual episodes week this noise, just you Ellen down these little pigs doubts that was Apocalypse was a night on sport. China over the girl. I went to kill everything pork lips now, but they- They just living here tonight, point being this guy's dad pigments dad shoots pigs in there all the time not only issued an execution. So beware crazier what he does he'll line corn up on the road like a row of corn, like maybe leg several yards light with and then they get down there because it's a line they get down there to eat in the line, and then it gets their heads lined up. So I guess the headlines, I feel shoot through three of them with one bullet and he's always trying to kill August many pigs. With one bullet. Dad. It's
That's crazy, why it's fucked up, but they do have to kill these. Yes, so like look, if you can, when and by shooting in the head, it is the best way to do something. No, you shouldn't do admonition kit, while okay well, then they're gonna eat everything that could eat the ground, National Birds Trotter first, while downloading Google, how many pigs weak slaughter a day in this cause, the number of little rather sorry, you talked about here domestic about those sightings here, oh yeah, that love those like a little boy, that's avoidable, because you don't have to farming rang! You don't have to have factory farming. You not feed that many people you to run a break. My point is that when we talk about completely definitions, my point is: if you let these wild hogs go nuts and just keep breeding there having three letters a year, some guys really and each one of them is like six to eight fuckin babies, five hundred hogs vague anyway. They run fast, father, fast shit and they know it's going on and are smart. They hear these pop pop. No one
Friends explode, they're, not stupid, but I want my own dogs there very smart here, they're, very smart. Depends on whose they are run. Thou I'm impressed with fast. They run well elbow the other, not knowing that's terrified for his life. But the question is: if you don't do this? Okay, if you don't shoot them, what do you do? Do you just let them like what is it? vague in response, whereas the animal rails realise build a wall form you can't you, but you can't have a white one, you son of a bitch while theirs These are domestic pigs that get loose, I'm so impressive. How fast they run they bound yeah. There facets fuck I was a need. Hitler feel I love how they're gonna learn in six. I have forgotten smart now, good shot the desert. I fear not a man of great well need you deaf. We have to be good
you still mean guys miss on the show later on, halos a killer growth has not fulfilled. I feel like it be all right, Paul duty and share a dirty word today. Have kids now we're sixteen years old. Examine planting is never three! You give them a couple. Minister shooting as well as new swat guy? better. Get used to Poland to address those person should have more real as a mother funding these facts when they go to the theatre, shooting the fuckin practice through our expert marksman thinking. These two leading to the get used to do in all kinds of different thing on this one could with sixteen me was hidden. He was a cat, Headshot, Bang, bang and they at it was kind of missing a little may give a couple of adjustments because was real gun afternoon he was shooting, as well as the expert the expert marksman gives relating to it. Video games! Heating plants illustrate. You will see that, so it's so insane. If you think about how what with what they can do now in comparison like
about what they used to be able to do twenty years ago, what they can do now and then what they're gonna be able do? Twenty outta, my video games, I'm talkin about control, writers and wonder fighters are gonna, have like an ability to fight like a virtual reality, can move in their head and single shots. Come here's. One thing for sure is gonna happen, we're gonna. Have some, I robot type assassins. Auditors, we're gonna release, those on Afghanistan, you're, never gonna have another casualty rise, They are also released without problem suicide bombers, not a fucking. I robots swine out under the Miami Dolphin Stadium, HANS the worry I would refer. Free were avatar ahead, technologically bodes well for a little bit China. Beg to differ now: arms, Korea. Well, I think everyone now acting thing lily next generation this thing as a battery power on its back that stole from Tesla,
running around. We go in Brun behind a theme, the cords out, I'm not afraid, and it's gonna know you're running behind it as cameras everywhere to just like a Tesla look just like it turns out. Tesla drop. This is insane now. This is where the watch, I know a distinct, looking around, which really you just run up and fuck and brutally kick it had fall over. While I can see you come, and I would assume has cameras everywhere, why wouldn't put cameras through an incisive degrees, always fuckin things, picking up a box with bends? Over correctly nice pottage had left the guys. Lab some treasure knock em all day on that balances. Judges. Let me spinning bacchic that let me fuckin dig him from the back I just I just censure trip. I M just get him in the car, I just don't let me get my legs now. This is the future. This is the future hope will be two or more aerodynamic. Diskette keeps welcome the robot, Toby foxes Steve jobs in around outside of the chase. After the packet Sousa, wasn't
mad if they go to stir. I know any slapped ago. The stairs is a kind of looking for hundreds of years paid attention to this go thing. Now will, for the first time google's ay, I has been able to beat the best go players. What we are talking about Europe by two fuckin pushes sorry us. Over till it see you get back okey robot gets mad lobbying cords out once you guessed, it looks almost fake did the way it's getting up. I don't like it looks like it looks like Robocop nineteen. Eighty eight skin is that doesn't bother defending itself. This is the proper I'm right we're we're looking at something. That's gonna one day be like a Brennan shower Brian Cowen and running and we'll tell so anyway. The google artificial intelligence. The a I for the first time has been able to beat the best player in the world a human being at go and go. Exponentially more difficult than chess. It's a super complicated game, and why not? Only these these a
systems as aid the school I system able to beat the best player in the world, but it's doing some really creative ways that are freaking people out because it figure out how these these fuckin games, how these artificial Colleges programmes are learning these games so well. They thought it was gonna, be as before one could beat a player. A real world clasped top of foods, I've got my arm. Ass were not known. Was game now knowingly said all you could make up the rules now billiard about play us Sorry with my kids you today there are totally make him, You tell me, since you definitely go to reach for the fuckin instructions. Crabs man now daddy, that's not like it. It's beginning create creative man, kids are gonna grovelling. I saw that New Tesla Suv acres, well, Psmith son, had it at our one he's got that dropper yeah yeah,
that airline okay, we get your job as our guys I may now. Let's go spend that karate kid money somewhere, rattlesnake word We need to start a call someday, yes or no. Oh well, Smithy anyone Hemison when they only want to disappear in the also. Does it see a different women, immense clothing read: well, there is no gender, it's not real. Doesn't who's out. You know that tenderness, as this has no more he or she will smooth law bathrooms she just due to kiss you look like a look I'll. Take that money is all you want equal rights, good cheer. The bathroom share. The bans are growing, thousands look, I can get them. I dont see man closing woman clause. Well, you need to get classes because a very different we're screwed willingly silly voyage, combat boots and shit got my heels, on working. Listen! If I was in this Fuckin kids
position be same way, more storage battery way, weird and doing way more creative anybody. Anybody in that life are growing up. We Europeans, you grab like a little prince, just not occurrence, but even weirder, because your dad is a professional make believer your dad is like just a guy who is really good at pretending and he's world around everywhere. You go years flying on private onto these famous. But did you see Chris Rocks bit about the class? Jacob? Would it what did he say he site that he's like Jane, a pink it protest
ask is like is I mean testing outside of beyond Sais Pussy Lady Josie? I was not invited Attack Korea Choke Ervic too. Who is the other side of the others you back after twenty four, almost fucked up, though, what are you behind in the Middle EAST? I was too good for the timing. Who is the other, go the other black actor who huge? Who tweeted periodic act? I mean I hate Jeddah ACT, better cycle, Gees man How did they really good wanting to favour with economies with a girl where'd, you think about that hold Oscar, so white? Well, you want my answer. Yes please more wrestling or when it yeah. Whatever something bothers me. I usually kind of right about it in a way like where I go I know the message is important and I obviously not prejudice, and I want everybody to be equal, the they dvd. I think I resent
people cram it down my throat and try to shame me or scold me, which I felt like the outskirts we're doing a little, but they did they did a good job. I think gonna taking the piss out of it making it come on we're off Vagabond Chris Rock did a good job with what he had, but I always feel like when, when when Joe Biden talked about consent, and when Lady Gaga got up and saying that song about victims of sexual abuse, like I get it, I'm with you, I'm not rape, but I just needed a rape, someone because of a lady, Gaga Mozart, I've! U and resolve matters that were re. Better fact made me more. I do want to re that I feel like that's. What I mean are you feel like you're being manipulated and an demons Do you not only that it's it's it's a manipulation where I already agree with you,
All I'm saying or racism is bad for your town he's, like I, don't know sexual assault debates. Bad, thank God, takes lie. Gaga told me that cause I was about to go right. It's thank God. You stand, you know lad, but it's not real its social virtue. In its virtues Michael Shermer calls, but that this shelving generally, let me devils advocate for De Devils advocate pretty. Neither do you can advocate level. There is there. I do understand the idea that if you are SAM Smith and you say hey: this is for all the l b t people out there or if you are lady,
Healthy Belgium beat out everywhere forgot the gate, Angela's how's train. How dare you it's all I see guys. It's only say that I do not see gay now to exclude that you see women's cooling immense cold. I do it, I'm just a colleague long enough, you guys are girls are boys. Do you have a front holler cup from all image there? It is. But what was I saying something when the profound, but this my thing job cages, although we want you to go well, you think: that's what what would we live? Think we're getting do you were saying that on all yours Maybe that I'll be someone says something, albeit so so there I do think that there is a place to say, hey if you are a victim out there, if you transgender kid and you have a killing yourself, there is valued, there's value to seeing really cool people actors, got to say, hey dude, it's ok, you're, not a freak or it's ok. To be here
You are cuz, that's the truth of who you are and feel empowered, but I guess I can't wait until it's no longer an issue. So then we can start figuring out which one of these transgender people are just dummies than happy to be transgender, which one of these gay people are just dummies and having to be. Like there's a lot of that where people get free rides just because from a marginalized groups, not just their annoying, but they are a part of this whole thing like a hundred. A lot of the real does: is this coming dummies that support a great car and they get. They have enabled a big problem with the whole social justice warrior movement. Is it a lot of? It is really fucked up socially social. Retarded people. And I always people those people have found an area in which, if you, if you support this area, you can be the biggest caught in the world supply during that area you could be fuckin horrendous. Two people right Do people try to destroy people's lives as long as you're doing within the canary islands, in the parameters that cause and
by it was, I think those are just terrible people how those Peter will people that found a good cause to be some decision. I've been in like I do now, there's about you can contact with people. I think people like that weigh less interested in the actual cause, their way more and student power yet hunt a nuisance that, like you, see people who, though you know whether Greenpeace whenever they just are not satisfy, would winning a victory. They are more and there never demonizing on controlling another group. I also think that would go back the Oscars. Yes, there is no people you know nominated, could just be that all the while We had great movies that year, maybe the black in the They never got the major roles which is at issue, but it just so happens this year. Although eight movies? All the great actors have me whites these chalk up that China's race? It's a clever move, though, because we're to Hollywood there such pussies at once, do have protest like this and say Oscar. So why they're gonna fuck and pay
now we all black natural that, but there are also what their what they're gonna like the type movies that are gonna, get made they're gonna to try to make movies for highly parasite, that's fine work, but that you're gonna try make really diversity oriented movie already on a big idea, of course yeah it's, but it's it's all artificial, so this is like an adolescent stage. So we'll get through Asia and then it will just be quality like there's, no denying Denzil Wash and where the greatest actors of all time you don't give a fuck. If he's black or fees white he's fucking spam, tat you ll grower, doubtless junior when you were black, they still great new integration can do their job under. If you try to do that today, you can you can do it Do we want to save you a rat's right? I forgot he threw it out and he was really amazing news about the same. You can't do that to have a go for retard. So the greatest lines in every man any move. Every was brilliant, that's funny, Fuckin movie man
Graham Eddie, bravo- and I were just We are only talking about on the companion, that's right, so I can't talked about that movie like times. Will I too, as a spectacular moving that you couldn't make all I'm saying? Is it doesn't matter slaughter Junior plays black guy like his brilliant loom, still play a chinese guy. Could you still do like member when these that was the jolly Chan child? She was a white paper now you could not say something else. He dressed up like a native American slammed picture over this sketch we're doing all these also judge you on that, and I answer some of them. I was like listen man, it's worth it misappropriation. I hope you know how ridiculous you look like bet you gotTA, Tesla Woody, in about you, not a real indian. When you talking about you, I saw there was one of the carnation had a photo of her like in some native american outfit, like a poker hottest about following ILO Tot probably has fuck but desist just didn't fuck it although there are the hay,
we're people standing on noise. They do you standing just kidding. I want any reason to establish if Europeans do not understand we, cultural misappropriation. Is you don't because you have white privilege? Ok, first of all, you should just shut the fuck up and listen. This is a big thing. A big thing I d like to do is someone of color speaking shut the fuck up and listen I am a noble and I am progressive and I want you to shut the fuck up and listen. That's a big thing. So if a woman is talking about women's issues, how about we shut the fuck up guys you guys you men to shut them with a thing it's so I put on the indian video, you don't know the content and has operated Gabon. Their registers offensive bitch why is the traditional garbutt? Actually was? Very nice don't give up its fake is fucked. You ever listened to the character. Differ, watch Youtube videos from the mere the amazing atheist. Now amazing atheists is great. He's been on the Pike S for two he's. Fucking
rate. His videos are amazing and costs Maisie, but he had won the other day about how feminists hey when you use the phrase, not all men, because they you two somehow another be guilty for the actions of all men. So if guy say, although not all men, rape, I got out raped, stop saying oily stop categorizing element, which is fair, which is totally failure, but them disease. Does this whole thing on this article at some woman who's, a crazy by the way I went to a page. I am blocked. I love you, don't even know why I'm blocked in there you your ass, my trigly other things now that you use these block programmes that anybody who I'd, have any remotely controversial of you really guess. She's inside you're probably block two insulating herself, but his fuckin video. Wanna is sensational. He does such a good job of covering all the points he self deprecate. Angie chinese guys is. It is really good fuckin points
he's, got a boy I bid on binge watch. Some of his videos lately is actually want to, but this one like just scheme Where is this the feminine ideology that you're supposed to just feel guilty for the actions of men, I've done horrible things. A goddamn thing, but it's like that what it is they have this this ability to demonizing? They don't want to lose you now, Cobb endows spinal use, fake statistics like one in four women, its ally, Nazism, Christine Somerset Podcast, but Ex exactly that gender that gender study guy from Arizona, I think or woman. Mister Merrick Zone over someone said that and she did have any was shoddy. Experiment was bullshit, it's also. They read. What sexual assault and rape is to include regret. That's right,
I would also ask a hall if you ve had sex with neighbouring, so if you have acknowledged banned in that kind of banned and by the way the feminist were riding that hard to the point with our amendment is wrote a blog about it like if you have had sex while drunk you ve, rapes and money. I remember wide, like we did Women don't have sex with your man of your man's drunk as he can't consent like this. Can I just sign a paper we could suck my dick when I'm drunk yak, reserving what I could just tax, you cattle you can't inside right now. Just me we're gonna, be Ok, let's be. I am ready to go. I will say what everyone I would like to find, the guy that has ever sued or taken a woman to court or try to call the cops because he was drunk had occurred fight them. I want to fight how they want to fund a year. You shall be my friend there is storing. I wrote an article eimer about ten years ago. In the New York Times, knee was talking about being a battered mail.
I have his girl. Biogas does happen afterwards, Jerry which he went to the cops three times in the cottage where, like this, there were like a man, They're like Iraq, they would all snickers it's in New York City. I go to New York bullied by an angle with IRAN. Is that was one of the subjects of them? The amazing atheists isn t J would want to things that he brought up was it he used to work with us, woman who's, the sexually assaulted, they can t a big sort of like outside of doing is you
your videos is in our kind of an introverted guy little bit and he worked at this place and this woman, who was an older woman and she was his boss. She was always grab and his ass and fuckin with em she's a funny what it now either Swanny. What happens to a guy happens, a girl suitable for a guy. To me, it's hilarious. Lots is all wrong pay sugar tits! Once you get over here to meet its whole Erin. I wasn't, I know, there's nothing. She could do to him that I would presto outside yeah I'm confused. I would lead whatever I'm confused up this so much confusion with. So these subjects. When I was fourteen of an older woman, took advantage of me, I would have been ok yeah, but to show is developers and she was gross issues. Boss and so is grows, and I think he was wanting. I think I was a young guy gets caught up the Euro different guy, too
if you like, and emotionally less in learning, more introverted, a little less didn't even women man guy stronger the guy now inside your body at two thousand, I got no JANET, not gonna hold it. No doubt, but it's like sand murder is, is really bad. I so dont go mean if someone punches someone it's no big deal but is getting knocked out, is not as bad as getting stabbed and murdered. Right could still not good for you right so like his position of being sexually assaulted by the woman's, not as bad as an ally. That's, why was a reverse that fucked up? We must honour its that their her letters to me with him at night drew including the work. We locked in fact ensure your dick. You noticed, harassed or non starter. It would seem more funding. Is you being cows about this when the mouth for she would it down the marking? This guy how much aid it's fucking funny like my pc is weird The other thing is weird is like I don't have any sympathy for these funds.
Sixteen year old, kids with a teacher blows them gonna get Gangbanger with long of national law. Is this using fire thanks, Aurora Hills? Where was my dick saw, the real problem is, one pussy. The falls in love with her planning. No, that's that's. What have you been up for? Everyone ruins the gangway sorts, talented, baby flock and out of microbes? is like a version of you now. I like, I, like the courts to justice. Hot ass teacher. I just poor kid. You ve terrorized one day, while she was a hurry right words or that there is a whole list, only one is really serious about inside dedicated to hot teaches that affect their kid really here, my charged, whereas war locks- and I can't remember a single hot- teaches us through my other kindergarten first grade misspent mural smoke show there was a dude that was a handsome guide. That was a spanish teacher and I think he is like, oh my god, what oh she's
free that woman right now hope should I will pay her bill. Was she doing was a say where gone. Seventeen till we get rid our. He was seventeen between fourteen and seventeen o for whatever went free on bail, but was tried for oil or should be twenty rainbow in a new guy. Rembrandt bow to get free on bail was blown and more people copy to freak just some girls, oh well little thick, really do I, like that of yours. Go take a look at these fucking liar Gordon kids. School is the dirty bitch school, their God, dammit economically not are endemic. All our ah there's a lot of law once free them worry them. You know also a lot of these guys Della really good. At seducing, older women are needed for our young hands. She Twenty five year old had sex they to announce your problem. If you see
in which eighty and how does it in your house and illegal she's, a spanish catering and seventy eight days, and it says Atbara Bidding cheat teachers from having sexual relationships with students, regardless of their age, whatever quit. Grandpa here if we refuse to flatter killed Kyoto targets for sure strategic, spearheaded still some seven years older than him he's probably get that's good. Eighteen year old, Dick just cardio for diving anymore believers are trying his spanish alone. Do you imagine, remember things that you would do and you are like a young teenage. We couldn't believe you were doing them. What you are doing is this real idea. Like the first time I had an actual sexual relationship with a girlfriend. I remember we will be having sex workers this when I like yeah to really get to have sat down my colleague finally get around this isn't about what else
stay in, I had ever had settled down and all the girl. I was like this and I would come and stay hard. Yet it's crazy let's go get used to it. You get used to again we're gonna have sex. Just like anything becomes normal comes normal. You know, one time in my entire life or my ears rang when I came, and that was why, in high school. My girlfriend, blew me on a porch were poor. She blew me of ice change. The shape of her head put Clayton I became like one of those political reliability and finally, they rather fuckin head I have two: are those skull? Shaving leads to a guide dog. Neither can, I believe, our aim in my ears with ultimate orgasm. I remember thinking well was this can happen every time we can really. Are you? Ok to this day, I'm forty eight years old. This happened programme. Sixteen to this day, I think, maybe I just don't jerk off for a couple weeks me back
back you trying to get back in the super soaker ever have the willpower. Do you want to be, I wanna be young forever Luton, ok, you're hoping I even have primal Diagnose Toledo, I'm not gonna, stop shootin loads. Nowhere. I guess I'm just not now you know the problem. Is it becomes to confuse It's like the same way I feel about exercise like if someone said I'll give you ten million bucks will exercise for you. I can t I go you value. Key brutality invokes I'm not gonna have a year of suffering just for some money that has been Israel. I can't do it. I feel the same way about jerking off a lot of ways. Jerking off is like a type of exercise, because exercises you reproductive system. So it's not constantly wrapped up in. I have always felt that there is a lot of confusion. In that comes before these guys on the culture programme. Falcon telematics exercise. Do it bothers fucking job, honest? You can search results so good, for you are gonna, told you mom, you gotta, come you gotta, get it out of your body, because, if you do
it pulls up, and then you buy source getting desperate and low you testosterone now is your mind starts getting desperate and you start getting like Like I remember our dry spell when I was just at a high school, I was a fucking complete, total loser from sir. Seventeen to like eighteen, like form graduating dude I was up, fuckin loser, I didn't have not couldn't get no money couldn't get low. I had no money and ourselves no growth and give a fuck about I want you will kick in. Georgia was doing, and I was so sad. I couldn't get my friend I get so or ever and when I did get laid, I finally to get me after six months, I didn't even sticking in like barely guy and I dislike can loser. I am but our room. I remember that desperate feeling like the desperate nature of it, and then I started a regularly be, love. That's when I started regularly beating on whose I was just like. I had a good
friend when I was like sixty, I swear to God. I got laid before I beat off and people think that's a lie. It is not a lot weird though I didn't start raised, starting off NOS five and I'm not kidding. I wish I knew well. Nobody talk to me. Roguish. I've figured out, like all you, Vaseline EU food ass. They re not me as a kid I used to rub it in I. Have you want that waterproof Dick elegant looks freshly waxed, we looked at my iron man, being mainly that is their six great interest, have a boner. My sweater, just me like. How do I get rid of is really no idea? I was hiking in interest and made a dance aiding just like in Turkey, but happen to me now. When I find Dunbar hiking in I'm thinking about some dirty and also my guy. If somebody walks time honoured to be alone. Guy trail with a hardly say they say guys. Think of sex up like every three saying- and I was like Girls- do too there's a lot of free girls out their meat. You bitch, but my point me in the like one of them.
Problems was, I wasn't jerk, not so as desperate and so crazy. I was dying, who were aggressor to smell of desperation and assure us that girls could smell at Mount Arabs loser. I was a loser. I was living with my parents, I didn't have a future stone. We had nothing going on type. I wondered state memberships like one why not achieving standing? There was a first one it when I was eighteen, so I had no real accomplishments. In our Emma those days as your lost, so who so, who is the girl was like us agitator? Well, she Yom she's had sex mounting, should blooming she jerking off couple times, for we actually its excess. Jeez grid, you meet her local look
Girl she's is rarely errand was Donna, might just cause now kid king, on its grand facebook right, so much easier, sober teaser, yet Jake Guy, it's out of the way our dangerous yet way more dangerous. Put back in the day, especially when you were a kid. It's just you know he met the girl, it's whatever the girl at Herpes boy. They put a red flag honour and made her walk around with flag New new people had things ten now tenders. I see no guys hinder answer where it's like a hot hot golden Eagle eye like the guy Dm God. Damn son tat, if you want to get laid today in Europe, are all you have to do, is have a phone and you have to be like not totally disgusting or have really low standards or be in our took his own life. Well, I have to ask, is well below the road like you can learn about Russians. Yeah yeah, but then, then, all Russia, now you go to Russia, was go on vacation, nuclear or Costa Rica.
And maybe gonna closer you tried again. You takes our colonial wanna. Try not to get a just luck in those to be adjusted one. That is what they do what they each cultural, you can't be rude. Misappropriating, blowjob culture from other countries are international third world, wherever they drunk indigenous people in assail key buzzwords. I don't know what you're talking about I believe you one day one day will be single and free, oldest fucking. We shall get it. I'm sure. Do the big relay us, the jailer say: thou Wrinkles girls come on old, briar. Well, there's gonna be he's gonna, be some massive break through using set within the name. I know so I know, there's a massive break through the same guy came up, regenerate means working on right now. That's gonna, regenerate in your body. In a crazy way, we're going to eliminate wrinkles there. There will never age modern age fuckin die. You look good when you're dead, that's us, but if you can keep your mouth,
all structure and then they shoot that fuckin shit in your by that regenerates college and how long we think it while you don't know because there's all sorts of different things are constantly work. So what we're talking about is what they haven't: two thousand sixteen, what they haven't. Two thousand system will be unrecognizable and two thousand twenty six, because it'll be on such a higher level. It's all all exponential occurs: every single invention in every single technological break through and every single medical breakthrough. They all converge together and they are built on each other. In new technological breakthroughs, make new medical breakthroughs possible. New understanding of the body, makes new new designs and new things and induce gonna be all sorts of different like they just came up with some fuckin lens their installing and people that is allowing people that were unable to see before another can see new stem cell operations while Alma gather dune. Doing now is like that, just the tip of the iceberg. We need to stay alive if you
whence I mean, as as as a race can stay life for the next thousand years. Well, why be allowed you? Well? I will I'll date, this machinery, this this this biological machinery that we have now is a little help. Connectivity merely come up with some shit or non gets done about fifty and ignore me, I do not really want to be on a planet where everyone can breed and no one dies monopoly that follow this. What if you can download all the infrared circular right like pigs? So what does it say about accomplishment of you can download like how to be everything you want? If you could, You see that recently no haven't seen that now. Oh my god, to pull out of Jamie less. Interests have figured out a way. They are very confident that they will go there going to be able to download skills into your brain of Eliza saw. I got a fucking matrix foxes. There are to be found so that information and skills in Durban, no especial anymore, would not not always know what special knows. Gonna look any different there
we're gonna look like Fuckin John scene. I dont want order that didn't work. I don't care. What is that wrong in our language size for risk, but I have to believe that there is a reason why they are not in that direction. Scientists discover how do upload knowledge to your brain is porter. As the guinea strap in folks strap and mean. Did we just we're just the beginning of this this is. This is nuts man. Everything is matrix is all gonna be true. Official reality, whether or not it's going to take over the world like the matrix welcoming locked into some fuckin machine. It feeds off your spine, that's probably not going to but what is definite gonna happen is virtual. Reality is gonna, be indistinguishable from regular. Rio always leave scared. When we do these packages. Well wait. It's not scary, but it's its first year outlining its fascinating, but here's the thing here is why shouldn't be scared.
Can anybody who's ever lived ever at any time you can go back to you now go go back to Rome and grab in Julius Caesar and take him to two thousand. Sixteen you you got be falcon shit made free at any rate guy who live the best alive in the world? Hundreds of years ago or a thousand years ago, would be nothing in comparison to you if you had to go back? Ok, if you had to go back and you have to live like in Leonardo Da Vinci's town you'd, one flock and climb up on top of a windmill and jumped the fuck, I'm a bit like what eat this shitty bread and we're all going Well, we're all gonna die of polio, you're ready for they get ready for the smallpox habit or anything else. Eternal rats in town or but is to run I've already having flag in fleas mean you gotta figure out awaiting. You need to know that it was that didn't know anything those which is curses and she didn't know what the fuck was going on, or you can do about awesome. He could
If you knew what you know now, gesture I start drawn by human beings will evolve where the highest. Like, oh shit, you heard a sharp. No, you would do you go back and certainly one day when I think all the microwave ovens need say he's a witch let em on fire here. They may kill me so far with swords to, and you have to be about us that that you not enough it favours a big man, favours the fastest guy swords and no joke swords deadly, no fear a bigger, They favour. Someone is strong enough to swing the sort as fast as possible public a week. They you, like any Zaga, pointed dimension, turns riot sword fighting it's pretty final sort, fighting it Finally, I walk away from a bloody throw know. You're with interesting is Lusatia was a big man mammal taboos ass? It was not a small man. Hobbes thick, for its hard, it's hell, because you know what they measured, I mean nothing. They probably didn't use inches me now what the fuck that you he's described as being, I think, like
thou like big, big Mohammed about how have easily slower. Though do you know we had a President Africa, which president, but he was five foot for anyway, two hundred pounds was it tat the thing it might have been tat? No to note was big and tat was a big shot out to make fact. I guess what I may already saying: there's no fat presents people, so we picture tat, okay, so sweetness book with my kid, the other guy is all about president's and we facts about presence, but one of the guys was hundred past? Yes, so he's half my size, tiny! That's like a habit run on a fuckin. That's like crystal! they're. Well, what she's crawled out he hasn't I'd want any definite, smallest. U S presence he's five for one hundred pounds, smallest you as president, who was it this matter. I should add that our lives we are, even though he was President Torres, read my daughter's book, ass. In writing. One of the authors of the. How many parliaments can you name? I mean? Maybe five
five, maybe five to ten who is our third? Who is our third presidents of douche bag? Jefferson, ok about Lincoln, was sixteen George wash. There was never one whose number two nobody gives a fuck. Nobody cares about number to handle, suffice losers, Alexander Hamilton, auto. It doesn't work that we lose our hands and he was a winner was an approach James Madison way it was the Alexander Hamilton endeavours Washington, Hamleys major neurosurgeon. Will you don't? We dismiss for one term president's MIA, Hamilton, the guy that was terrible whose get knowledge fuckin friends, jobs, and it was Israel really corrupt, and literally wound up, saying not fit for this job. Nice living, as I haven't, sounds, were less now you're right, it wasn't Hamilton, it was someone else find who whose whose quote was that I was not fit for this job, is one of the President's Harding Harding was considered, I think, was hard since the worst president. Catalonia, very handsome is very good. Looking thing was worn, Harding
I think it was warning and he was very handsome, but he was a bad president. He just was not a very smart guy. I think he looked really pay, How about I was J. J J K was just a kid Lee these men? Three thousand weird you really her that! Oh, yes, like this breaking runs along with great regret. Your down JFK gets a bit. You see his medical records and health. What a physical bracky was gonna reiterated. The booze Andrew Jackson, one was Jackson of Jackson, was a guy who good actually was considered first, while he'd seen a lot of battle, he killed a lot of native Americans known under this is the wrong quote. Is the wrong quote? That's Andrew Jackson was talking about being a great general and not be not being a great praise He had been shot on tool and he had a whole and it is in his long that it would like perforate real number. Seven J J J of Kate had done a region, all sorts of whole yeah additive, terrible back problems,
here. What was his views on so many drugs? Look it up. It is the New York Times when the whole thing. I couldn't believe his medical, back issue from partying. He had a. I think it was a congenital fuck, this pact fucking, you can't go back up and fucked. You now know he we celebrate this. He wore a brace nor a body race under his sovereign. What he had been pulled it was, he had some kind of degenerative disease. I think back when you throughout Dotterine Herbie, Annie God and he was treated forgot area are treated with, and if you look at his medical records, it's pretty unbelievers when they treaty for Gonorrhea today, even get it back. Then I mean depends on contagious, though tat a running. I was barely a tight but something Emmy what kind of vague and what kind of like lab tests they do back. Then it's pretty easy to cure.
That artists who knows what animal diseases are weird man, because occasionally diseases come along with it and not exactly sure what you have and they have to ask where you been where'd you go and then they have to China to certain. What down and test for a bunch of different thing while they say this is an urban myth, but the guide the mail, this story to me were the girl comes goes the doktor. She did a rash on her face. That's like what is going on here, confirmed, sample cousin goes crash. Requests to go hunting. Is you in a crisis on you're on your face. You have a bacteria that you give him dead bodies. We ve been around dead bodies because nobody said where'd you go, she could. I was in Ireland did you hook up with my city, a guy in a bar, you d have a number of LA turns out the guy work a morgue and he was fucking bodies. She said their zombie dig activities is, and she stopped his dick and got and that's it that I was
who is well on urban method, but this is where the guy you momentum in stores, Jesus Christ if it's well, why don't? Let's go further than she started time travelling and went back to the time before she did it, and then she became two of her. To have applauded, take over the world is make it showed up at this point very possible, It was we don't know that it's nor that's good stores, we're gonna, Google, these they get a phone. It makes sense to waste, or they hold it far away from you, so we can use our my eyes are so now there's so good at like this distance, the perfect, but your phone right, here's your always like lucky. I have to remind fingerprints, There is just a pink blood stories. Colonel agenda makes sense sorra, certainly there and I don't see it happening and make sense that dead bodies would have backed area on them. That would be getting the dead body and it has any sort of an infection or cut a result?
a yard or you didn't wash and got into your system, sure, make censoring clocks dead body or a lot of people yeah so is a rude, been a real problem, many domain real times in funerals. Yes, I told you my acting teacher right and when he came out his mother died, they tell the story. Is mother dies. Fuckin goes to see her body, the more in the guys come out. Put his pants on sweating. Looked at the guy in the guise of determining us, you fuck my mother, he didn't say they knew it. They never setting I just ran. I beat the fucking like. I just went back. Why don't we go check his mom box? He? Ah he did not offer checked her box, Jack bogs check that at that time I was a kid. I have to kill someone, the way, I don't think you do. I dont think you do jail time for that you will get a fine for other Euro Jails Nora. I know how you you're going to jail. It's a bite. You there's a lot about.
Miss handling a dead body, but its nuclear really gives a legend alleging yet untold over and over again long ago. For many, if not all of us are all down and see, if there is any possibility, see grits girl there global, but are these are the same emails over no rang out like a girl got Herpes from whatever reason start Fuckin Megan stuff there are certain things that are like supposed to be urgent message. You find out that true, Charles Mass and endorsing tromp is not is not. Who cares Charles rats and doors? As you know, it's weird the trunk you're, putting Fuckin ss style bands. Around their arms will have you seen my show that can I do these areas are taken bumper sticker Trump Bob procedures in the wrapping them around their arms, like Hitler, armed chances, some bad luck, white people just gets so wacky, fuckin white people. Many is that why people a lot like the economy, the economy, sick, wiping allotted upswing right now there are
when a where everything was all good. Yeah look at these guys are clearly demonstrates. Not get. These guys have fuckin bumper sticker around their arm. Like Trump is the new Hitler, Gonna motto is no: oh, my god it's on a bumper sticker, on our wages. Mostly far, I've actually found some snub without even knowing it was ok. Just to guy two young women for wearing Nazi star. Ok, you know what they're probably wanted us to talk to him. Ok, what's false hold on scroll, the two men were legitimate transporters and the use of nazi armbands expressed a genuine political beliefs. So they really did it. Let me now deal with a German around a nazi. What were they doing? just where our box NEWS, tweet supporters, republican Presidential, Donald Tom Spot in Florida rally Bub above not dissimilar, ok, but what is it? What bits? But what s really going on scroll down to
They say the ban was one of many invoked of Nazi imagery Blue Blue blue Photoshop. To what does it say and what does it say? How is it not true, however, it appeared that the initial tweet was sent without much verification, whether Trump armbands were legitimate campaign. Memorabilia sported IRA, you you, you know, critically on, ironically, on ironically, by dutiful supporters of the GNP. Presidents are hopeful not long after the image it twitter hard users began pointing out that the Trump supporters looked awfully familiar so who are there other jokes, their comedians. Other comics, Jonah political pranks, they're trying to forget they will go down in the goddess, the guys, Well now we know elsewhere before sending lay today, and I wish you and soon grew a fuckin dinosaur leg on chicken
while real dinosaur like no again Jurassic Park is gonna fuckin come and I will be the first one that will be the first one there to see tee and see all sympathetic, american consumer you'll, be there with fresh need. A new here do instead of DNA and you're gonna have create your own animal. With from your own imagination, scientists have grown dinosaur legs on chicken for the first time? What in the flesh, tough file you guys your cancer yeah, but you figure out a way. The salt of the ocean, you ass, all stop making dinosaurs tat part of it. You help me ozone funds, our planet dinosaur. Our partners are part of a right. We shouldn't expect these guys to make better cell phones. They have a difference, field about that life down its guy about their brow I about
I brought the Chin magazine, black interior, our eggs on some page, so regrets job do, I'll tell you when you watch chickens ie, you realize their just dinosaurs. There is little that little dinosaurs, they can't kill you, so it is due when they can make dick cells. How many, how big do think guys are going to how much bigger there? No one is going to have a little duck anymore. That's for sure! That's for sure ones! Just gonna say your programme and how are you gonna get? How big is your dick and again how many guys guys get get we're without having surgery they just inject my day, I have you, can jean dope or whenever it on saying for itself, crisper unease, crisper, yeah Christmas, bad, dicks, gonna, be it the least foot long and girls pushes you gonna, grow Idaho Bit about this, but the, but if they did come up with big dick pills like those shows that run Germany's to sell three Logan warning of the was real. If pill, those pills really did make your dick bigger. It would be about thirty seconds before the first guide died of an overdose
because no one's taken one pale. He how do I always over? How many gives me a stroke? He has a problem is dick should be so big. The vaginas would grow to its people would still have to breed named evolve and have them to have told so they would turn the giant flying squirrel, pussy people below the Jews with big dick it ever misshapen carts and be chases girls atomic cliffs than when we leave to save flatness twirl over their eyes were imagine what kind of weird shapes people going to come into line now. What we're doing would now is people that are starting to explore the possibility of modifying their body with tattoos with piercings are weird shit once you can change the shape you not theirs.
Lose the funny you're loose in our pursuit? Rioting people, let's not get any of you- will have variety, the largest cause. Nobody has a different idea was beautiful opening an idea what they want. Some are going to want to be the whole. U my worldly rise Gimme like Taiwan, I'm not gonna, be five foot one and I like you, did. I won't keep these ultra its small, like Madison, you have less people who are longing for something right. You have ability and the money if its vague docility people left out, because my it's going to cost money, you can ask me like reading. You know, like you used to a long time ago. That reading was a luxury that very few people could read and they now have can afford bauxite. Now pretty much, everybody can read automatic it get books and only that you can get so much of the internet, its free. You can get access to information today is better that has ever been fuckin. Let everyone access to changing your body will follow a similarly peasant meanwhile happier, and it doesn't mean that will be more fulfilled. I would imagine I think they are possibility creating your own fulfilment will still remain and they can make artificial happiness
got damage problematic. When I went on drugs right yeah, what the problem is, what is happiness really based on its axis? You know what I'm talking about ecstasy all day, if you are just Roland day, but no negative repercussions can't you see our art wouldn't be created right. Why are the exact way on ecstasy and allows the art son? How about you, fly like an eagle. You guys are fucking way. As you know, this art- oh my god, it's crisper Zanu God, because we're controlling our own evolution enderman. I wonder what it's going to look like. I mean it's going to change its not going to just no one's a really good, hey everybody. Let's just go camping. Let's stop all this when I got there. Those do that has grown dinosaur, legs and chickens. It's not the satisfaction of running a strong action you get from overcome impossible, almost as good as learning confirming the matrix with us without its own can take the short, don't you think them since the second take this
do not, then I can put the work and I dont I alone. What I'm saying is that there may be cuts in certain ass in certain areas, but we still have challenges I'll be right, but he S. So, if you're really good at something, if you're really good at what are you gonna? Be? I wonder if you know you know, for example, like what I like about tennis, what you like about archery, what you like about boxing whenever it is, is the rapporteur John and the state of puts you in and the slow attrition of a skill set. Is Actually satisfying right. I wonder if you can. Do it right away? I wonder if all the fun goes away does no more history, but on Mr Learning, because when you're hitting a both know really well or your boxing really well one day- and you know you got. You lack yeah GO today I hit it and if you don't have some Compare that too, I think would happen. Did you end up being general copper, static, properly,
and I wonder what it says about Download skateboard aghast skateboarding, like thirty on, I think who you are right now is based on what our ideas are right now about what people want more people need and what makes us happy wanna things as makes his happiness. Coming adversity, trying to figure out puzzles, try to set goals Bush in leading the setting goals and accomplished in them is one of the biggest source of happiness, one of the things that people saying. If you really want to be happy, you should have projects, issues, set goals and should try to combat those and for whatever reason it's probably just some deep seated evolutionary reason, the something it's in our dna. We we have this desire to achieve things and when we do it to use them, it gives his feeling of happiness. And if you don't do that, like the most regretful awful depressed people, rarely set goals and rarely achieved, though, set for whatever reason, whether another
we hate, on other sure, try achieved so wooden is what we're doing kind of is like some sort of weird balancing act with our ancient primate mines, rights or ancient primate, which wanted to survive? They wanted to gather food, to. You know they figure out things like. How do I kept this fish by the way. How do I start a fire in all these different desire? that we had to both breed protect our territory overcome innate, they manifest themselves as like reward towards these human rewards are in our system and we we intrinsically linked those rules boards and in this system to life and is the only way to live, and this is the way we live, because we ve always live like us, but have weakened completely remove ourselves from the biological process completely move ourselves from the the lost in the greed and what what do we become and is? that actually a better way to live. Like maybe too
question, but it but I, but I think that you have to add- and you have to add another dimension to what you said, which is yes there. There is that evolutionary notion of reward that creates a feeling of, for example, say de and whatever it might be right, but I wonder also, if the other reason that we seem to have this need to get better at something like to sit a violin whatever it might be. I think that there is another thing happens to you when you get really good at something we developed a deep skill. I think you get a better on Standing of you, like you, got you come closer to who you truly are to you in your essence, the notion that when do something for the sake of its own, doing, which would be considered play there. That's how you would define probably play that's when where are the most authentic and truly yourselves yeah, I feel like human beings.
Now we have a nostalgia like a built in nostalgia to try to find who they were originally, but I think also it just my general idea that I wonder because the internet is bringing us all together and we're getting a deeper understanding of what it is to be each other in one way or another, and we're gonna Edward and pretty if you can download Natalie information, but what it's like to be Joe Rogan into my brain? Well, if that's bringing us all together, then then I wonder if, the judge the end goal is something in the area of deep south knowledge and deep knowledge. Deep human knowledge sort of this creating this dis neural net, so we are all sorry for the four. Word one. You know that that seems honey. That's a good that debt, spiritual dimension, that thing but hard to measure has always listed in human beings. We waste
How always want- and I think it's where religion comes from- where inspiration comes from, we seem to always want to reach beyond our selves, what did you know that I was gonna? Be that no matter what I don't I don't wanna be there. Are things can be done? If we operate inside the biological parameters that we currently have an operator, you say if we can get out of the way you think it s really taken away. What if it would have taken a limited greed would have fully agree that the instinct of greed be located in our genome and can be eliminated My mother really must be exactly mighty might be valuable, creates great one attitude jealousy might be valuable to greet. Also, maybe greed also, maybe that that primordial need to a man. As much food and as much what safety and as much stuff power so that you stay alive ass. The one thing we know is a human beings across the board. What love one
above all- and that is a more tat law when anyone living rose. What I'm thinking has a lot of our ideas, a lot of our ideas of what was it was valuable and what we want and what we need and what is just part of life, a lot of us Ideas are only based on the current model of human desire that exists when they start monopoly, shit and downloading new thoughts in your mind and do you wanna go like a fuckin meditate in an ashram for ten years and sweep up and and just all all day in a corner or how they just press a button and shoot some shit straightened out. Brain you could read: mines, you're gonna, take that you're you're gonna, take like instant enlightenment. You gonna take the ability to transcend all of our biological impulses, including the dumb ones like self doubt and hay, and jealousy like there's somebody was. I know you don't exactly exactly that's the
So, even if you can even like Ray Kurzweil, do created this sort of movement of curvature. Chris Wireless, the notion that We all say we're gonna die. We all know beings have one gods to stay alive forever it why we do great work and we wanted to live on. We have children, that's why we were so attached to our children, not necessarily true, because we do because we enjoy it while we're doing while that two hundred percent, I think you have kids thinking going to live on, offer you make it was a! U dont make a painting notice will go on forever. Yeah. This idea in your head, you express yourself yeah, yeah, I agree with you on that, but I just think that, overall, if you looked at the general over over arching sort of desire, a need and a human being is probably we all want to live forever. We want to die I think it's just don't fear of death, more desire for guns on how little, but let me I had no right to follow this. So if, if we can download our essence Download anything it's in your brain, your memories and Europe. Paradigm you're thought paradigm, whatever the words are,
and then I could put that into a computer or a robot, then you can keep living forever unaware right when you change, like whatever you are. If they download you and put you in a computer, they gonna have all your flaws as are going to be filled with all your insecurity account. Yes again, it says it's gonna be a liar measure. The computer becomes a liar measure. The computer develops its own insecurities and starts its coming. It changes who you are and starts going down its own weird emotional passed. Those are programmed in no most likely you gotta programme, something where, when you you gotta be, they will probably have to differentiate between what you are and what you love and what your memories are and all the negative will you, your department makes you great and your essence. In my opinion, all three of us- and I item know Jamie well enough. I'm sure and is is our the action. It is part of what a big part of personalities in my opinion, is a the action to our shortcomings is the
compensation the measures we have taken to compensate for our limitations when notches that your experiences they d the trials and tribulations this failures and successes, the struggle, the struggle defines your personality, you show me a guy doesn't do anything and I'll show you go cant. Do anything just continue. Only a guy was accomplished all or a woman whose accomplished all sorts of things. She can continue. To accomplish things too. She knows how to get shit done of abortions. Are she's, also learn how to fail and B. I ask she's commentary and anyone who successful has failed saw by NATO well, that's where wisdom comes from wisdom is the acknowledgment not only of your limitations, but wisdom is also knowing what to do with those limited entailed. They fuckin strap you too, that machine and shove those genius thoughts, went in your dome. These are not the same as being high, though all the time is not the same as keeping the damn t trip going forever. Well, the DM teacher removes reality as we know where it gets.
Weird itself with another. The net dimension right well We don't know that, but it certainly feels like that. It could just be hallucinations. It could all be goin on your address, a battle what you'd threats, whereas they have ever you get from tattooed on my nerves, Would you would you get from it? Is something that is exactly the same. Like someone say, maybe although in your head, when you trip, maybe it's not really happening. Ok may be, however, the experience is exactly the same If you really are going into another dimension, you really are experiencing love in its purest form and forgiveness, and just one hundred percent wisdom like all the bullshit and all the flaws of your thinking. In all of these. Dickie those aspects of the world around. You revealed in some wonderful dance by gestures, who are giving the finger and never ending complex geometric pattern, even if it's not real, it still the same experience
I give you really do go to that dimension and you really do experiences in incredibly enlightened being and they really do and still upon you, wisdom and you really do hold onto a few grains of that. That's and its slips through you for you hold onto a little bit of it while you're there good handful, but you just hold onto a little bit it still the same experience yeah it's a little bit like you know what changed the way. I argue, is that somebody said. Look. You may think that that person's point you a shitty or you don't have respect for it or their there. Maybe they're acting crazy to them. Those feelings and emotions are very real. So if you start the argument by Well, that's why, if you look at like political discussion, countries hilarious, you get gun rights advocates and you have gun control over the first thing they do. Is they know your gun and the other ones go you're bleeding our liberal pussy. You start the argument there and guess what you'd there's theirs, no nobody's having a conversation work, as you just said, I don't like you, atheists and religiously,
religious people, seminars ease Male ice MRI S, you'll, never have a marriage between religious due note the, but the people who are very religious and people who are strictly scientific because happens, is instead of saying that religious person is religion, gains inspiration and a feeling that very important to that person and they're gonna guard that feeling it makes them feel good about the world, if you come in as an atheist, our scientists and say everything about you is bullshit. That's a big fairytale! You just shut. The debate you just broke that bridge you never gonna, you're, never gonna, see anything. You like, I see that person, for they have a good understanding raised, even if, what's that, what they are experiencing or what they believe in what they have faith and is not real, they still can get a tangible Ben. Exactly and again his hunger there lie, and so it is real unawares and it is something that they believe in to the point where it benefits and it can create beautiful things. Great places of work,
art, whatever it might be. That's my argument about Ben Carson like been Carson, might be wacky due to doesn't believe in evolution is yet some crazy ideas, but I live Kim as much as any other people that are run for four Sizemore dude. It's not just smart. Do when the best neurosurgeons ever. Ok, not only that he's really like measured lacking in calm, always cause. You never gets too high to emotional slaughter is yelling at someone the other day go home and get a job. This practice is gonna, be our president girl, all men get a job and all the fuckin. Why do golf shirts on ass he has ever is worth his idea is where his ideas I looking reside movement and wants to becomes president because given become president, then he lets go because what Ben Carson set about trumpet I thought was really get ass. He says he remarkably reasonable when he's on Canada, and so what I'm in for us home to his bends endorsing them. Now I don't
he's a dumb guy and I think, a lot of this highly and act on my list them. It's warrior there. I think you may see if he becomes present. Two things one is a priori comes he's not an idealized simulate the world over four he's, not an ideological is going to do this. I think he will approach everything as a problem to be solved, which is not a bad thing. Secondly, Dantes let's be surrounds himself with very competent smart people for show no more than he does that, though so the to survive silver linings. I can see Trump coming to them. And with a whole. I dont worry guy. He breaks the system because the system of special interest groups in the need for new this, this the campaign financing. When you get a guy like him who doesn't, You really can't buy him. He doesn't benefit here. The problem with campaign fires reform is that it with citizens, United, that Supreme Court decision giving money to a political?
campaign is in the exercise of free speech and it was considered constitutional. So it's very difficult to get big money out but what I do think will happen and you're seeing an already with people, Bernie Sanders and even Donald Trump. That we as citizens will go man. You have big deep pockets, deep political pockets and so you must be such a little corrupt. At least I vote for what is transparency authority with those things like crowd pack, we go and find exactly whose financing people crowd hack, which my friends, deep, healthy and good you go and check out me. They ve got their website as all of the various campaign funds, although other people that are influencing commercial interest groups are tight, move, we get the fuck out here. Thirty five forty one can see his endeavour through through flew through three.
Really did good one company it or tonight comedy structures. I point out that both bitches peed twice and never got up Y know. You're, strong straw histories train, I trained it from doing the show I drink for cups of coffee senior and a bottle of combustion, your gas lamp brag, and probably, Local autonomy works March, eighteenth March nineteen. Come I be day. I say I'm bragging about my ability to hold in piss, etc. These are things like a baby. I can't rogan here what we gotta start tonight tonight idea VON Brent earns units for a good cause right. We have four out of court spinal cord injury, Monaker court injuries caused by how much of the money goes towards it. Well recall it only all: ok, uniform body, but mine, I get mine, you get all your money, but to all your money, I love you. Do it charity? That's the ninety two copyright and Theo Van virtually zero US guy rubric, earns hilarious guy, bright councillors and do my
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