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#776 - Adam Cropp

2016-03-18 | 🔗
Adam Cropp is an Expedition Leader on the National Geographic Orion, from the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea to the frosty frontiers of Antarctica and everywhere in between.
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I bought a water drop on those babies in their drank it pain, free. And you get a nice brain zap. That's it me yesterday is Adam Crop C r, o p p Adam is an expedition leader for the National Geographic and its. A pleasure to have a guy on been all around the world and seen them a million million cool places and just a very interesting God have on so without almost it also without further ado, but I didn't, but I did. Could I set it whatever Adam crop. Ladies gentlemen, will gain experience the opinions you about here do not represent National Geographic or anybody further than us.
And even us, we're not sure of it. When committed to these statements. Adam welcome thanks Jack having this fucker right in front of me, things have me jack pleasure, appreciated man. Do you live a life of adventure? This is, I was so excited when you contacted me, and I want to hear and see rampage solid photos and and saw the places you Ben and looked you man, crazy life. I do a bit of travelling, that's for sure few frequent flyer MILES Massey, I mean so much adventure, so many different places and so much cool shit. You ve seen like what did you get into this? I come grew up doing it It had a family who made the nature documentary so as a family unit. That's what we did for and so I was travelling from well the moment. I could walk basically All tat is cool. What did you do that is like a filmmaker somethin yeah, your mom
I should say mom. Are you dad I'm so cells is family units or think? What have I guess? How do you explain that in a nutshell, it kind of these Jack Christa Maiming Azalea Earl, these train version of that maybe he's it offers a shock hunter back in the sixties, those ex learning shocks and putting that too, coming at putting it on TV with Leonard Nimois was narrating. Spock was actually now writing them back and while you'll never be anything but spark Tyner love that Since that you give fact many of our role is to good, and then he turned conservationists. After probably did sixty so he was Hunter or so it was going on killing sharks and then even what went made him sort of shifting to conservation, I think it was just a realisation of this year, water, what a waste
eventually shocks and also, I think, after spent enough time to shocks and what are you realize they not dangerous at all. Like these things, a magnificent? It is bright, but not under no circumstances I mean the answer they do kill play, get hungry, occasionally having to do with the promise. We we look like seals on surfboard, right and unnecessary problems, mistaken identity, nine times out and mistaken idea and the only way they can figure out. What you are is by coming up and taking Barton that's surfboard whites, but that one little by can sometimes be fate of clear but very rare, very rare to get by Jacques yeah, fairly rare not rare enough well, once again first met. If I may, I should this clarify, I am not in favour of killing sharks, I'm not interested in eradicating them from the ocean, but days
the shit out of me man. I was in California and counselling now, but it was like a couple years ago, some guy. What this is my biggest fear. Some guy was swimming with a bunch people. There were training for a triathlon in those off the coast of San Diego NEWS Bit and half in front of everybody. So you know I mean, does go down but perspective A hundred two hundred million shocks What are you- and I so approach- the third way, while some lazily humanity, yes, humanity killed. Two hundred million and I hear suit bright shop desert, we kill, they kill, maybe eight to ten of other things. Less thanks. Five year depends way where you get to statistics from what counting, because numbing most fitter fatalities and comes to shock tax. Actually, those NBC the bull shark in Africa ride on have great records, but I would say: to ten per year the crazy thing about Bolsheviks as they can live in fresh water. Like deep, deep deep in for
water wither away of rivers, the economy line that can only see about six inches. From their fight, so they like rivers and dirty kind of war. I spent two years swimming every day with her ass by three mutable shock in captivity, and since you stood up the water, she would come right in she loved it when it was murky cassettes when she had the advantage over other other animals. Interesting when you know the basis for the movie jaws was actually of freshwater shark attack. Who is baffling two people? They had no idea that sharks at the time would even exist in fresh water, but it was in New Jersey and on these people were in a river, and I think two people were killed in sight of a short period of time by bull sharks that its Suam swum swam swamp. Why swamp sound right, swam up
ever and in fresh water. So these people were utter, a fresh water beach by the river and they get killed. Everyone's gave the the great white, neither the big shot, but if you talk about the amount of tax bill shock is far far more. That's interesting, you think it's because they did not see well. So it's a mistake. Definitely thing? What's once again a base, they see using the electrical receptors some, so they can take a sea heart beating basically, but it doesn't know what you and it's got really bad vision. So the only way you can figure out what you are and whether you read about ways to come and take a little by an that little box sometimes can be fatal gee. I saw something last night I think it's gotta be bullshit. I wish I could remember the name of it. There was a camouflage suit, the you could wear while hunting that does not give out the electrical signals. So like a fairly large suit, was
It was thus closest somehow or other than these clothes keep an electrical signals from like animals from seeing this electoral signal, it sound like horseshit them. Well, mean There- is some signs that if you have a fair deal, cage suits what isn't even affair to catch hold of middle, basically woven that stops electrical here. This is the stuff Jamie Tsar Ray make significant human significantly less detectable by animals. Nor would it would make sense for short with animals that have the electrical impulse receptors luck shocks to her. We'll sharks have that the line on their body right, that's what it is well or fish have along going electoral law, yes going down, and that takes a knowledge, impulses by machines have on their knows it's a really cool hardware to pronounce on the contract, but that this political receptor on the front of the nose, and so when a shock sees you can actually
your heart, beating and so say, you're swimming with shocks, and someone else. Next to you and you ve, been you ve never been out. You ve been through this. Just for you pretty comes your hearts. Going public problem put people first. Next she had never been from mistrustful, freaking out their hearts kind of over one million miles an hour, a task in this room up and lunch person with her fast a happy because their stressed out there can be easier to catch nature. Does now I bitches, That's what it is. You panic like a batch natures like it's true. If you panic, when you're in the shops they'll come right up there animals right mirror seen people that just freak out around dogs and dogs are bark and aunt em than another person come up that dog, hey Buddy, what's going on your own, you know so Dad was a shark hunter and when he was hunting, these sharks was doing it for food without eating the sharks. This was, I mean you remember the backing this back in the day, this is kind of deities, Z, sixties, early sixties.
And back then it was. He was filming people killing. You know twenty thirty sharks at a time when it was just was the first underwater documents he's out there, I'm sort of showing that world and they were using explosive heads like has begun with them bullet three or three on and- and I were shooting in that way, but you know I look at those videos down some of the species that are killing. It is completely harmless and it's just- and I guess it eventually to get that boy with a tender. Anyone or hang on this is bad. And so use that famous that desire for this underwater footage and then and then so, to take a conservation angle to it. So there what were they initially doing it to eradicate dangerous animals? that what they are doing it. I guess what I say: to that to our territories. I think he was just good tv, so just let's go shoots, shirt and pull on television your sharks in her once we're on a social state of skin. I am rights, it was yet quite a natural thing back then to go. You scared of something
who killed, and so your dad, while you were young, became a conservationist and then start taking you all around the world yet so we made these count. One island, nature, documentaries, There was shown in astray on Channel seven over here. Disney channel picked him up. Around the world and mainly underwater Konrad venture? I looked back now and actually think is car reality tv to return to the to its adoption, River family, going on a venture on learning some stuff and seeing some cool stuff on the way while so this has been your life all along yeah, that's that's cool man and so how'd you get involved. Naturally, you you're a national geographic expert asian leader, I work for a company called Lampblack Expeditions National geographic crisis, partnership between Lindblad expeditions, National Geographic and we ve got a fleet of ten vessels and we take people to the remotest places on earth. Basically and sir
they graciously give me a hundred million dollars ship and a hundred people on it and a kind of her youth here- and you end here two weeks later on yeah go for intervention file Taos. Fucking bad ass, good thought. It's it's a lot of work. I don't mean others like anything. Get paid for this is work too, but yet perks, artists phenomenon, the picture, my hundred million dollar vessel yeah. Why it's a nice ship? It's beautiful shit, National Geographic, IRAN itself, one of the basics. Ships floating at this point in time and so like when you go on these ships like what are the ultimate goal, sir, to collect samples to view things take photographs to try to view rather species bit of everything. Really, So we have you, no scientists on board doing some research and stuff like that, but we are also taking terse we're taking people who are paying. You know.
A considerable amount of money. I can go to those language learning official income. Genuine taught me with my who asked to call your son and TAT is he's got back from Costa Rica, where you invite me that that's bad ass. I have to point out, as I do it. My friend down their comrades had make sure you invite Joe down here, is that your boat now, that's the National Geographic around you're on a cruise ship. It's not a crucial. We have to be very specific whether these countries say it's not a cruise ship. That's a fuckin cribbage says: there's a difference for an expedition, increasing, ok, cruise ship goes to those deport report. You know you you stopping at some town, you go off, he explored in town. For the day you come back, you jump ownership, it goes the next destination. We don't go to towns bright. We go to places in between we gotta remote places. We got thirteen zodiac. Bored so little small vessels Ellen. We live in like a gangster on this thing with this, but you gotta, Tom you come on opulent,
we're a russian oligarchy. This is what I would expect look at these wouldn't disease rock piles, whitey of rocks, yet they removed about last week. They are removed Please heroic, why do we have rocks? little desire continues on ok, I say so much. That's two thousand sex That's it we're target for the twenties beg of you know any better, so yeah these that these rocks or they're just for looks like it's isn't going to kill me. I don't have the rocks too long, but when they arise, I saw them removing them, so they arrive in the rock. Neither it seems like a lot of weight to be carrying around just still pretty ask their fiberglass rocks other fake rocks. You wouldn't Iraq's on that ship. Singular these photos, you guys party. I know it's like a daisy video area. We have put our party's Burma while that a bad ass boat to be torn around with I spent new year's dancing in putting on the ice in it
Well, we have some good parties on the router. Did you see- polar bears, polar Bears, Antarctica now than Erika, that's penguins, penguins spangles on the sound Wenzel myself horrors north read what what kind of mammals do they have in an article though, ah I mean you grow you different, whilst bases so blue. Owls, meanwhile say worlds: humpback, whales, mineral oils, August and water, different dolphins, and then, of course, you seals. You penetrates Sir Elephant seals limits, leopards, eels it seems a pretty cool. Those are the wildest man. I remember when I saw that March of the penguins movie and as a first I'm really found out about leopards. Eels or had seen them in microbe high definition, video form of routine of photographs before. But I didn't realize, like wedding, majestic beasts, they are strange, almost like a fake
animal doesn't real. I think of him like a swimming jewel, just huge big jaw with massive tat there. Yet the size of the teeth on emanate that you penguins and occasionally they chew on the back of Zodiac, says well Zodiac others boat DNS my eyes. We have here probably about once a year that Europe chewing on the back of Zodiac, so it to their inflatable boat. They sire. Why do that? Fuck with people protest people for their really weird, because, like there was had one account that this photographer did. It was several days where he spent filming a female leopard seal and she captain bring him penguins to eat and he here. It is now really fascinating, because he was terrified, enhanced monstrous enormous predatory, am respect for values their huge and she kept bringing him like dead penguins. Unlike brain at my command eat at bitch, and he knows I guess it fell bad for more
he's just trying to make friends with them or some strange thing like she's, not in peace, from where she was famished or she didn't have fourgette plenty of food. Such wasn't looking Edam, so she decided to help him and try to feed him very very strange. I mean the golden rule with the sort of violence Estonia anthropomorphized, don't put women emotions unto animals, but the closer look at animals more time to spend with animals. You see these emotions, you see elements of culture also of going on here. We don't give him enough respect give him a pauper that up this. Is it right here? How elaborate seal fed me penguins is really crazy, their video footage of it to think if you press the village you'll see the sir. It's really crazy the this giant, they got up very well for the videos. Ok, no oars, we're not short, but folks can find it online. Howard leprosy offend me, said the new and higher level.
Fed me penguins, amazing, a maiden that's national geographic as well that sure your folks yet eyes. I recognise I can't I had a similar sperience quite a few years ago. There you don't get out of a job. I have heard the word, but what is entering the ceremony in family closest relatives? Manatee outer do dogs. It's kind of uniformity is yes, yes, so think of amenity and then, instead of like a b, the tale put a dolphin tail. Aren't it is small differences, but by the same thing- and there was this one in Vanuatu and its- it lost its partner and so every day. What I do is catch turtles and bring it up to the beach and push him upon the beach for the locals to each and every day would catch all the food the low would need woe, and then they befriended it and was one of the alleged your guns in the world that you could actually swim and play with them. We did a documentary on a cold. The elusive mermaids. I spent quite a few weeks on this issue
crazy credit. So strange, like the personality diversity in these animals, the glue that there does wow. That thing is crazy, lookin, the huge about nine hundred kilograms, its d, you G, o Angie for anybody's interested dugong, dugong Dugong. What a crazy look at animal they are there the sometimes called the seek out attitude about forty kilograms of sea grass. It s a lie: some out of food- that's insane, sometimes called the elusive mermaid as well, because sailors back in the days to mistake them for four minutes, as they were yeah, you gotta be drinking a lot around to think fit. That's that some people just get so desperado after long periods of time alone, that's a wild! Why. Animal though it strange that it would try to feed people and they have no idea what the motivation is right once again like if you answer from as ever. It just wanted interaction and one of their very close knit social structure. So we now have
We have a group of them together. You know they're, all together, very tact, all wrapping up against each other, so. It was in the middle of nowhere. It there's no more jergens around it decided to her friend the locals and kind of go that way. There's lots of evidence with lots of animals during that it has a range of friendships going on and get a good story. If you give me a second for the Google we got killed, budget accidentally or try to try to kill me. So I would strongly this documentary lucid, murmured and so doing lots and lots of video, and so I went to this one, an inventor water and we're filmy here, in the water playing with him and stuff. Like that he really likes females didn't like my humans, humans love. So he would have some new tab issues who chastened harass miles by say back in those days, I had a long, long, hair, sovereign James Journalism
so I had long hair. So I kind of food folded, basically then he thought I was. He was all real casual with me and then he would them. He would grab your leg basically and he would on you, wetsuit clean his mouth on it and stuff like that, is very technical, different grabbing your clung, his mouth on your or the bristles in front of us knows who discard clean there on your. What certain stuffy was just on a very technical, and so one Tommy was too and that any kind of went a little bit too far up my leg and he felt something new and saw him. He looked at me. Will you not female your mail, and so he attacked me and so what we did is he grabbed me and then is nine hundred kilogram animal? You got no hope, so he grabbed me hold him. Arms against Marchesa thing took me down to that five meters. On this any bottom and is held me against the sandy bottom. Trying to kill you kicking on thrashing on punch under and everything I can to get out of this bear hug from this to go and ours down. There. Four million have two minutes.
We sought to give their black coming and vision and our member states, his day, just thinking, death, Portugal didn't see that one coming and then soon as I gave up, you know just gonna stop firing you just let me go. It was just a game, it's a game! For me, just one to prove dominant space. Whoo hoo and obviously he doesn't have any data. As far as how many minutes a person can hold their breath for they die. I soon is stop fighting and I just gave in to the fact of death by Google. He let me girls wearing awaits so that's what's gonna brought me back to the surface, but yeah that was needed if experience for me I'll, while Jesus Christ, how terrifying and weird but usually followed you tricked him, Well, yes, adversely filled him. I mean he was. I was there and others honeymoon couple there as well, is low resort, boycott resort markings shacks in the forest,
and I remember sitting there dinner one time in their new wife is going I'll, come on honey, jump in the world. Did you go to Mars? Please no way I'm hopping, hoping you just get attacked every time. So you really didn't like miles. That's so strange, I wonder what it is about. You just long hair or talk. Is it? How could they know the cultural differences between the way humans were their hair? It's interesting point I mean you could speculate and just go well he's just recognizing you know. All they belong here. People were not long, hair people- I don't fuck with me now animals we need data. Do you think that's what it is already thing? Is you with your long experience, lifelong experience being run animals Maybe you were more relaxed, so he was cool with you yet stiffly and ass. I may I Mandalay Bogor, and they give up that energy like berghoff, you gone yeah, I mean that definite could be you're back off, ditch any tax them and the girls
Don't hurt me like I'm good, maybe just like people to be submissive. Collectively that right yet, as you know, the whole alpha thing, be right going on everyone drain strange like an animal man, that would be a weird animal Achillea. I deeply didn't expect didn't expect to have any death experience with it. You know, because you can barely get near these creatures, normally a fleeting glimpse in live in far distance is all you ever see them. So is it when their round resorts or someplace down with it become accustomed to humans or around? Where is large populations like I'm trotted living of another time? You got this one, he died all left, something went wrong is back and I got caught recall any other time to go around the world, except in captivity. I spent a bit of time with two in captivity at term Seaworld on the Gulf Coast and straight and
yet our bit messed up actually like most animals in captivity. Words like that lion, whisper cat, which are due to name the handsome fellow, that's always on television news. The Jimmy Kimmel show all the time he's always hydraulic lions and he sees the line is a coup. Would you do that? Lie comes out and it gives him a hog. Might ok how the fuck did you ever work that out? How do you work out? Our relationship is that other guy knots of my things is probably more than one of these dudes. Obviously it s legs, ninety nine times out of a hundred that's the well! Apparently. This is what from what I understand like lions and big cats, like TIGERS in Lyons, when you have them as pets and raises pets and you get used to them accustomed to they're, so not intimidated by you, as citizens are well fed, you're, pretty safe, most likely, not gonna fuck you up, but they might fucker
Other people around you and panic and dont know how to die like what where'd you bring his asshole here I liking. With you and then they just Wakeham aren't they would give enough. Respectful animals are made to see if your dog, you know some, you don't like some people in doesn't like other people. You should always listen to you. Dumb yeah knows best Will you dog deftly knows and people shady you know when you have somewhat over the dark sides ground a fuck. You know tat dogs, no unpeopled comfortable. That's for sure You know I. I knew this lady shit he's crazy, german shepherds man, I've been around dogs, my whole life and I was cool with them and she was surprised and choose like you know. Normally these dogs around people, the ground they wanna bite them like mountain fuck and do so about your daughter
Then, like everybody like a dog things, everybody's inessa hope. That's, that's probably on you. That's that's battering or not, using more positive reinforcement. If you use that technique, you you can get it up to do anything like any animal and will anyone. I think she liked having aggressive dogs you she liked having people intimidated around her and or dogs. But anyway, that's other. You been bitten by box. Jellyfish, yes, do do I've been stung. Tightening of the Tibetan have a fake. You been looked, I read you ve been read the riot act. Now then I'll have my mouth did you get how'd, you get stung, do? Did you not know it was there? I would like to know is here obviously, as that twelve years in tourist straight, which is a bunch of islands and between astray in Papua New Guinea,
and I was playing with a wholly Plutarch round- is a local boys playing in the ocean you noticed and swimming around, and then I had one wraparound, my my leg: Condorcet yeah, a lot of pain from I've heard women who have children have said that and Bienstock have said. It's it's far superior paint, a job that superior like to enjoy better far worse. Basically, in orders of magnitude. Worse than childbirth is how they relate the pain. You probably have to talk to someone, has been stung by a bullet must be one of the most painful I wouldn't wonder who's got the and I ll give you get someone else- and I know even stoneware bulletin I'd like to encourage you to try the box jellyfish and tell me it some yet a lot of time. It's a kind of finally have to screen explosives. You can't just sit there and take it. You have to be scrapped,
and something because lights, tat, painful and super deadly to the very old in the very young and events which may well yeah. That's that's actually pretty we talking very own farm. Seeks we're talking about the man of talks into body mass base serve your if your little tiny kid, then it's a lot of toxin for small body mass. If you're very old, then its heart attacks aneurysm, said sort of stuff aneurysm for our budgets. It misses you up the pain and causes. You know how to tax wrangles freak out too much pain
so just a physical sensation of pain is that the catalyst for these heart attacks on these two things are just your body. For example, I mean you're getting sunburn, you're toxin, taking me round this little in the tentacles of approximately fishes new mattresses. Little tiny poisons dots, basically when it touches supping biological. So that's why you can wear Tyler Thin, lack research or pantyhose, whatever his lungs are suddenly between your skin in the box, really fish you'll never seen, but if tat touches on biological, then these little poisons dots fire and they fire into his skin and they inject neurotoxic, and it makes for incredible amount, pain, incredible and the first aid back then was vinegar. We had a bottle of vinegar clear. Is that dad came over and he got the butler vinegar too little of any guarantee just put one little splash on there and then put the lid back up and I'm sort of human hand. If I put foul bottle on their buddy, you wanted to save some cases- local Scott stung as well
Oh my god, save it for some foxy, as you know I got ones Yeah I was I was screaming. Some explained is Adam without one alone is a pain lass? It was about six hours before I just passed out in July. It was six hours of pain, sittin there screaming explosives, and then I guess I'm just tired myself out then I passed out. Still painful for probably that six months, five months, six months. It last for a long time, not a severe. Is that first six hours, but it still yeah it's Six months recommended now. Oh my god that's insane worse thing to happen like with from an animal than death, but as far as the pain, the Mai, being. I've never heard anything that last six months, shore getting more by line, would probably gathering down, but you know that would be deaf but you're. Talking about like damage like that's, ripping your tissue apart and breaking
things on this idea. You're. What you're having is. This is little tiny needles and it affects you for six months and that's not the worst jellyfish chauvelin those box, Jellyfish Karnak, flickering like that's the worst one will exodus is always one was worse. One called Eric Angie, it's actually a whole heap them, but a locomotive further into this iraqi Angie sort of group and they honey that the size of Europe in keeping an absolute time and the pain from them is more severe than a box. Jellyfish and you don't even feel the sting. What do we find kill them all. My not what's what's wrong. Was anybody not enough research none of research on them, yet we still don't know a lot about them. The Russians to use them for toxic drop. My Manhattan big balloon, blame the Russians, mainly its name, some evil people that you don't know. I just love, however, no explains Russia's. Whilst convenient value,
you ve been accustomed to it in tv and movies for the last few decades, I well when we were kids. The real thing was when I was a kid I was in high school, it was always were worried about the Russians, making us more worried about we'd heard about the cuban missile crisis, stand off and companies which terrified that one day it was the stories that you know there was one time where we almost went to war with Russia. There was almost a mistake. And they thought missiles were in the air and they all set. Was their own. Mutual assure desire actually happened a few times, so that was a gigantic fear in America, but our cities in the bad guy was always rash. Ashore, western european, some description, Iraq really because I mean it It went away for a while now announced back, not really ironic, but interesting that in our own, back with with Putin, is the most potent example of like these russian Guy ever KGB judo black belt, complete,
the dominating this country in some sort of a strange way, time, there's some sort of political adversary. They magically one of getting shot and public. Nobody the chair for permits there's a lot of corruption all around the world, and I find the funding that we always pick that I guess I'm more line with Bobby Abbe. Might none on this one, a love you and if you have in mind, but that yet they do some bad ship, but they also do some good stuff, as well as its area It's got a bad sign or he's openly gangster, though, in a weird way again in good ways and also in bad ways is pretty openly gangster have yet a watch
He does these sort of public question answer sessions for that two hours once a year, tourism, or does he have a watch? It's really interesting to to watch him actually he's a very smart it very, very smart man and an even I've, even seeing humour in it as well. Very, very briefly, as human he likes Trump nor yeah really thinks Trump good. President, you shit, nope or careless. That's his guide. All the respect ahead from Putin is now too am I may that jacket. I shall check that everything would trust me when I look at put an icy. He wants stability, that's what you want. You want stability, stability and trumpet not end a cash. You don't think that the bureau mainstream. Trumpet Putin is over it's over what happened, ah, but he said he liked for a while just came out yesterday, thousands yesterday, I was right for while their been poisoned Teresa,
you know what it is, because Donald Trump put out this route You as video about our toughest, upheld and he showed Putin Psych doing Judo, throw and then he showed it to see that it's a video player because it's so stupid, Hilary barking like a dog is really like. I mean you can say it's defamation like he's doing his Judah, throw it shows ices and then he throws. The Democrats have the perfect cancer but you don't see that, but she's there making bark noises part birthmark, Mark, Mark Marbre Mart weren't mark made America Grady see here, you'll hear the Music Sea ISIS and then to Democrats have the perfect. It rude. Can you just do keys, put fuck bark noises in her too actually mandrive, noisy policymaking. Why?
the scandal remix element when you run for President everything's fair game. But I saw a video that I read tweeted today. It's there it's it's called thirteen minutes of Hillary Clinton lying at someone posted it's all her saying one thing and then saying a complete everything that she's always stood for a completely different thing: so she gets while they just want, make it. So it's! U can absorb it. I'm sure you'll get deep, as an australian american politics, is hilarious and also really sad. That's how so easily I mean you guys, think you're coming election run now there s the world will reviewing this isn't iq test and I M not to answer were near well. I think it's an asshole job and I think only assholes wanta job at this point, I think on one point: I lose that where the real you're right you're right, but it became that with special interest groups with
corporate donations being completely unrestricted now in a word, corporations can kind of act as an individual and they have the freedom to its essence and so it's become a money grab we're a real strange one. So what interests me is this? guys like Bernie Sanders and down tromp for two different reasons: Bernie Sanders cause he's a socialist in here. I want a new bonds money and he wants to take down. Corporations wants our way to pay more money for workers and once free healthcare, free education and he's an extreme left. You know. Well, I am I gonna stop you're out the risks. The world Bernie Sanders would be slightly left Hilary clean, would be probably right here and Donald Trump would be out of the building on their unanswered. Yes, because when you look at Europe, astray is not a great example the moment what kind of following you guys, but when you look at Europe like yet nearly all your candidates right of centre, even though their Democratic
Bernie Sanders. I've heard a little bit about and some of the stuff. I grew from me to the I do as well. I agree with a lot of social stuff. A lot. I agree with the minimum wage thing it s the one thing that I need a real talk to a lack of real economist whose Augusta centrist someone who as a real objective perspective, honour, because a lot of people just trying to protect money and they don't want a deadly dont- want to be more to workers and don't want a minimum wage. We fifteen bucks an hour or wood. The call living minimum wage, but what I breathe a lot of his stuff as far as like people like that, just system social issues His issues when it comes to the legalization of recreational drugs is issues when it comes to a lot of things like education being far too expensive students being settled down with ridiculous amount of debt before they get out Why can't we engineer system where reasonable health care is taken care of four people or normal
your style is no reason why you know the rest of the world is tying. It is true, but I have friends. I live in Canada and their healthcare atrocious, like the way they describe. It is for me personally them and there's more than one person to have had issues with me surgery and have to wait a year like hip replacement, need surgeries and things on the zones where they're just limping around for over a year waiting to get in Abkhazia, Secretive Canada, but I can speak of a strike as we have obviously very similar australis fucking fantastic by you, don't have to wait at all like are going to see a doctor in the morning and I can have a cat skin afternoon. All what have you you need two. If it's like knee reconstruction aid,
Unless you are three months. Three months is not about. Does you wait three months in America yet like it's? It's not that bad, but if it's something more minor or differing, more urgent you're in surgery that afternoon ass great and then also that's public system, we must have a private system as well, so our high six hundred dollars a year which most Americans fun. Amazing, but six dollars a year, and that means I have a choice where I can go to the public or private hospital, and If I get told you gotta wait three months, I can go well or use the private health insurance in IRAN on Tuesday. That's incredible of a better system in an apparently what's been described me by Canada and England as well, but just Australia's is just so great as far as like the cities and the people in Melbourne I was in Melbourne Nose like now. I think I wanna leave like I guess they live there. Let Melbourne is fantastic, but have for download a stray, though it's not about the city's. It's about the outback, it's about the great bear if it's about their removal,
places that's the strata, that's for you, you're you're, about the place where you die, get killed by Tasmanian, shit, tigers and shit tat. Will it not it's like a doll right? Does it has many times if she that movie, where was his face, Willem default cousin haunts the last one finds a tasmanian tyrant, hunted miss that stupid movie, It seemed like a good idea, but then you watch unlike what it will move in and the Tasmanian Tiger. Obviously there are staying so it's it's a very like see. I'd Tasmanian Tiger, like the member, the lions in, I am Legend Juliette Arabella, that's how the Tasmanian Tiger Alex this. Rather, it is the hunter ever some reason he's hired. I don't remember the permanent like William deferred, so I'm proud of you, I just sit, and yet, at the same time yes interesting may will be our backing.
So what did they do? Think about Austria? This fascinating to me is how few people there are, but yet how enormous the actual country, its earliest huge it's a sign that Europe is the size of the continental user, now and there's only twentysomething million people, an entire country, twenty ripped up to twenty four. Now someone that's LOS Angeles, we got it. We got some big deserts and stuff that we get a lot as big space. That's not really that great, not habitable yet, but We got some, we don't have used to make people and we ve solved immigration, not completely, so we don't have any refugee problem right in life are really we sold it when we solved it so solved high to solve. It are very, very simple, audio trump like war, what we ve got an ocean. So we use that. So when people come across on boats, refugee boats jam packed full of people come across, we meet them with
short. I got an we turn around and then, if they don't turn around, then we get all the people on Customs Coastguard military boats and then we take them to another country to detention camp. And then we put them in their well, then, if Europe, Porto, maybe you with red, cross, something and visit these didn't detention camps. You can keep it put in jail for an opt out ten years, something for reporting on, anything that's going on there. So I totally will solve the problem because you can't report on it and yet- That seems like factor we You know how you had George W Bush. We had our own Little George W Bush a few years ago. The air, his name was tony habit and he young he was messed up his fair weakness. Tat lives is all his policies yet disabilities policy because it came into power guy, I'm gonna stop the boats, and so that's how he did it. He does ship them off tuna through Papua New Guinea.
In other countries and then made punishable by years in jail to report anything about it. Wow, it's crazy! That's insane! solved the problem, why? I guess you could say that, but that sounds like a trumpet: do it yeah it's Like you say, a trump is right. You know way off the the charts right. It sounds like you're old president yeah. It's what I hate that it now, though, is just terrible for the people involved is that we ve lost our moral standing. We can't turn around and go. Oh China, you you're doing this that the other four four I've lost the word. But you know we don't have that authority have that high standing or because we do have missed ups
to people as well, yeah and still going on Thursday. No way you will not make us trail your home. What does that was our restaurant Pang Holy Shit man, but I bet you, let's nice, why people and I know my I've, some friends at a comedians at a move there, that they loved their my friend large barker he's gigantic. Over there getting became huge, huge star and Australia. Yes, I mean I've watched quite a few of the chosen extra bit funny man you're very funny, but I mean what's interesting as he come just he's a regular comic here you know he's. Tony and therefore, for you know a guy who does well headlines and clubs over there us superstar like when I was they're like the for someone to Sydney and dynamic people, and they would he do arms than a comedian. Do you know large barker? Everybody said about access, do you know a large barca? Next, you gonna be throwing shrimps and
obviously I wouldn't go that far man, I'm not! I'm not like that. Anyway Australia's awesome. So it seems like a really good place, though, to why have a base if you want to explore, gives your from that part of the world. I have a friend my for an atom, green Treves, Australia and he's a bow hunter and he's is constantly taking these incredibly great photographers. Well, yes, he's incredible photographs on his website. Knots blog it possible those up, as you can see him, but he Adam Green Tree and he's just constantly asiatic. This toil ready on specific he set up for expeditions Yankee like live out of it for like weeks you now most historians have that's what most of trains have some camping set up for it
month out of their truck, I saw a lot of those like snore calls and stuff like that were super clear here I mean you got some stretches out back there were. You can literally go for five hundred comments without feel station, so you ve, gotta, take extra, feel you ve gotta be gotta, be prepared yeah, they have those Jerry cans. They strap up to the roof of the car. These gigantic jugs of Celine and AEGIS, but that's the real astray enough. Like everyone goes, I mean those trade I've been to Sydney enlightened. Now you into an eye city. The real astray is we're on from cans up the northeast corner, where you ve got rainforest and you ve got great barrier reef and you got the out back in that sort of stuff. They think there's the oldest evidence of life ever that is on earth. In Australia there was an ancient ancient reef. There's Adam some items. Photos is one of em. We ve got some amazing photos,
taken. These goes he's got a website, a really cool. Whilst I cannot, but our oldest a utopian human habitation. Nonhuman, like biological life, there's some sort of an enormous reef that they found in Australia. That was just fuckin billions of years, I mean I've made these territories where Affright added with Lindblad National Geographic was in the Kimberley region of Austria, which is the kind of North West Corner incredibly remote hundred kilometres to the nearest road. Where do you get? You can only access it via these kind of ships insinuating get there, and you know you'll be cruising through hundred metre high three hundred foot, sandstone canyons and the rocks there. One point: eight billion is all they Frida fossils and that's the canyons that you cruising through the whole. It blows your mind to see that kind of stuff and then up there as well as the oldest.
Human habitation and though that's looking at about this still the dotted still covenant, but about fifty thousand years also play oils human habitation on earth that stiffly in Austria in the later on earth also in Africa, will aboriginal peoples the native people they came into. Austria once again lets people very the numbers on this, but about sixty seventy thousand years ago, when they entered into Austria, so that mean there for a long time for a very long time. Outwards, they're just blow you away rabbit. Obviously people were they existed and after earlier than the rearming homo sapiens sapiens. You torment two hundred thousand years ago today that the species are species kind of evolved out of Africa, probably around Kenya, somewhere around
and then we started migration, and so we followed the coast, which makes sense most of our food was in the intertidal zone. You know that's where our food was so we followed the coast and say you got around. Basically middle EAST. You know all the way down into Indonesia and then across short canoe ride over the first, the first Ocean crossing into a stray that's there. Yet I think seventy thousand sixty thousand years ago it, sir, that culture has been there for a long time and there's a lot. We can learn from aberration people a lot less interesting stuff. Another harbour human rights violation that you guys did earlier store. Aboriginal kids, these irish empire strikes against I d rate. We did some legitimate. Did you hormones anyway? You're ideology uniting Tilney Short is due in steel in the original babies, you can't keep saying we well I'm part of humanity, yes, a little bit to blame for it. I get
about blame, but we're where a part of the race that is done, fucked up ship, but has also created cell phones. Well I mean that when I pull that's all forgiven, then re aeroplanes, not forgiven, but it's sort of. Like your respect, thing when you talkin about sharks, gotta, put in perspective, how many people have actually stole aboriginal babies and when you look at the billions of people, an entire planet. Very few have actually done that native cultures have had a really hard truck. They have and if aliens landed, we'd have a hard time it so How it always is the most technologically advanced society thinks when it fine some sort of a native society. Living in a way that they used to live a long time ago. Like you fuckers, you don't even know you done yet, like you, gotta figure out this all we'll gun thing. So this whole, You know that were living sustainably and environment, seventy thousand years not not doing anything, basically wrong or harming the environment at any stage, and then we know
yeah. That's how we think I guess buddy I mean we definitely shouldn't do that, but I don't wanna live on horseback and Chase Buffalo with stared. I have to Sets I mean you hit. Is everyone thinks it doing something about like climate change or environment? Something is gonna, make a reduction in your your living. Oh, that's a totally different argument. I'm talking about invading into pilot places where people are living in this and indigenous lifestyle like this issue. They haven't right now in the Amazon, these tribes that are essentially completely they their view most non influenced by western civilization. But me many come to a changing lifestyle things to make up for what we're don't the environment. Yeah no arguments here, as is our system, should go down a warm out lately, little one outlet length last month, those it northern hemisphere, two degrees above industrial times, Jerry Celsius
is it's interesting? You know better than cooling now, calling as much more terrifying global cooling is horrifying. That's when populations drop off. That's when innovation drops off that's when it gets really scared. I would say that Mrs Kennedy, justice, bad. Have you ever read any the work or listened any the work by Randal Karlsson, the fascinating thousands and bell, but I can recall, is down the Pike S several times. Maybe you ve heard him there it with Graham Hancock as well, but is an expert in impacts and astral impacts. Yes or TAT, he was doing the stuff out of you, tar or whatever you young, glacial thing, new media and he's basically just taken entire life study being both climate change, that you know about prehistoric, climate change, climate change within the last ice age until now, and connecting some of the climate change, some of it with impacts with astral impacts of the
the ice age which is seen of ten plus now makes perfect sense. Yeah. I would not like wealth, it is evidence, like actual evidence of impacts and in what they call nuclear nuclear glass. I think it's called trite night in its from the you get it when they do nuclear test sites they find it may also get it from media impact sites, and it's like really cool, looking green glass worthy the ground He handed the sands tender ass, but it's all over Europe and Asia and around twelve thousand years and the appointing too. That is evidence of these massive impacts like we won't get hit by everyone. I mean the layman always goes all the last in a big impact. Sixty five nine years ago. You know the Katy boundary with dinosaurs and stuff, like that. There has been impacts, Constans then Neander and as we just need more evidence, basically to fill in the gaps, but this
a lot of impacts? We a wooden surprise me in our lifetime that we see an impact yeah. We will well. We certainly have on other planets. We saw a giant one on Jupiter. That was, I was crazy. Oh my god Schumacher leaving! Yes, I believe it was as large as the entire planet earth. That's how big the impact towards Europe will not the rock itself. The impact of these blowgun was as large as the planet. Earth her earlier regular place too easy budget in our work on a bit of space defences ear? I hope there figure that will think about it. We probably the first species on this planet to ever, get to the point where we could. We have the technology to defend the planet from these cataclysmic events near were the first people to have that ability, but we're not using it well, where the first people to come close to having that ability. I think they have some inkling.
As to how to do that right now, like coding them with some sort of silicone or something like that which, under the change from ice, you judge them, you get nudge. Them is easiest. Why you just go land, something on them with a rocket on it and then start burning that rocket, and if you do it early enough, you will change the trajectory enough to get it out of us lucky this, so many of them as part of the problem is a nine hundred thousand near earth objects, but its within our power. We can do it and it's crazy that we're not because really that's that's something that can really miss up society that we currently have that's a nice way of putting it mess, last. I maybe I'll show you this, but will you guys been hit two as one of the things that Randal concentrated on he showed deserve slides? Last time use here, maybe the daytime before that
where he showed these massive soon. Ami erosion marks all over this one area of Australia which indicate that was something that landed in the ocean off the coast and just caused massive. Massive tidal waves. I think you said, if I remember correctly somewhere on six thousand plus years, but get those tidal waves just from earthquakes. You don't even have to act together and army coming in and the tsunami of feed on the one sort of Indonesia and stuff like that and Sri Lanka locked. It can do a lot of damage Sheena. I was looking at your notes. Did you say you are foe? I I think, sir. Well, it's unidentified flying object. Yes, I did. Was it little in the green man, I'm not too sure that one might have been need more evidence. Where was it so I spent a lot of time on boats from growing. So
that's been months or months out at sea and sighed regulating I'm in the middle of nowhere thousand kilometers from the nearest town light source, and so you go out middlemen, actor, the toilet, which a total on a boat is basically cover to the side of the railing and and see you look at these starts and there you see this thesis satellites you see the most most people think even have ever seen the amount of stars you can get when you get to a very remote location to the point where you see individual satellites gone over and suffer, and so that's what I grew up doing most nights. You know I would be sitting there. Look at this and once or twice I did see some stuff that you go hang on and being a bit of a number of innovation. Buffalo space innovation go hang on, that's not quite right that doesn't make sense of how that object went that way and in turn, around went the other way hole where we were talking between ten to fifteen
Some are in my memory between that age is dog shit, but it was more than one on one occasion, but we're in the middle of nowhere like we would literally if there was ever, if you doing a secret military plane flogged something that would be the place to do it when the milliner. What did you say? What did you do seen some some big lights going to slow, fair distance? Why nothing
when openly. I think that you are going off into the distance and then I remember seeing one time where I went out there and so do my thing and then I saw a light that looked like you know, Venus. You know like a bright star, that's interesting! It light for Venus to be up to now we venuses right at the start, sunset sunrise soothing bit strange and then and then he looked back in its moved and they will hang on. And then you try work that with the boat moving and stuff like that, and then it just started to move and then turn around and move the other way- and this is my from my knowledge of aviation- there's nothing really the can do that, so what it was who knows, but I just I find the whole thing fascinating, interesting yeah. I think I want first of all I want to believe so. Bad always have from the term was a child. I think many p.
Will share that romantic notion of how amazing it would be if we were visited by some intelligent life or another is not islands and pig waste space? Well, the most likely is something alive out there. The question is whether knots visiting us yet and if it did visit us, it would have to be so far. Removed from what we think is possible as far as I technology, but we we also I think parliament like what's going on with our own minds. We consider the future. So we know that technology keeps improving, we keep it, We keep coming up with new methods for all sorts of different things, and one day were most likely going too. What are regularly journey to other parts of the universe, most likely if we raise NASA's budget slightly, while nothing animal. Well, I think private sectors for the best
I mean when, when people start finding profit in visiting mean if they can figure out how to mine, for diamonds has now like one of Jupiters moons or something that's minute, a fuckin diamonds or not you personally, it actually another planet they found out in the like one of the newly discovered planks s plan was either you find that there's a fuckin planet, Meda diamonds out there. Well, we we think, based on looking at wavelengths, of locking coming from hundreds of Latvia's. Well, not really. We sign good good, I inherited language. English is astronomy, discover a planet made of diamonds, cheese, ass, cow, rice. Racing around a tiny star and our galactic backyard, so if they can figure her visit that they blow fuck principle diamond would be worth like our well. Why we now have a whole gravity. Waves thing is, is a great step forward.
Suddenly, we are saying that there you can adjust gravity gravity is adjustable to a certain degree. That's probably where the interstellar technology will come from right, more research into better and the fact that we just come. But we They just proved it set that concept that they sort of bastardize in the event horizon the issue that moving agree. I, where they talk about folding space time and punching a hole through, two points so you had surmount. You would Rather, I am. U r d traverse. Insurmountable distances in a very short,
time? My understanding is that wormhole right elegy, where, with the gravity waves it, I think probably STAR Trek, does it well enterprise will most likely you just adjusting this the fabric of space time in front and behind the ship, and so you not moving fast and speed like you just kind of making a bubble in the space time that you then travelling its fascinate when you read write into it and I think that probably where it will come from but a lot more studying on our jerry. You think about that. But we will I mean if we, if human survive a hundred thousand years, I mean imagine and that's the concept, the concept is it there is some life form out there. We ve been alive or this planet rather has been around for four point something billion years. So, if something just had a different combination of elements and may be perhaps lives in a protected area where they dont have a gigantic asteroid field. Just outside of this issue Mars and Jupiter
we do or means exist, comments not mean they may live in some protected area where they have more freedom to to grow and innovate and we're in a golden locks zone. If you really look into it like for us, we are totally integrated, looks on the moon right, but you know the dinosaurs zone. Sixty five million years ago got completely fuckin smashed by Iraq. That could happen. Yeah and in other big crater outside Nevada like these are there so many ever make. It means that it is possible, though, that there is a sore system out there that doesn't have this issue, that, for whatever reason, doesn't have nearly as many asteroids, and so some life form has been innovating for millions of years than us, but that is where we can do that right now. That's what I'm saying we have the technology right now to stop these cataclysmic impacts I think you're being a little I didn't say address. I think they met a lot of them, a good percentage from because of the good,
poverty in the way the sun is in this so Fuckin mass of a million times larger than earth that I think when things are coming behind the sun. Often, we cannot say don't even see them until it's too late and until we can figure that these Fuckin Manhattan size, chunks, a rock foreign, our. I think, one day. Maybe we will do but my point being that this is possible there, some sort of civilization out there that doesn't have to deal with impacts that me be. Maybe they ve developed in a way that they don't have predators away. We do they. They haven't that they did not have this need for four warfare. The way that we do Maybe they have some unique method of communication and allows for more understanding their mouths noises well, I mean, I wouldn't say it's a need, but it is. It is prevalent throughout history, so it seems to be a part of humans, its arguable that we can move past it for sure, and I certainly hope we can. Obviously we can. We can do it in small groups, we renewed in cities. We do, but we
or has existed as long as humans have existed. So he would say if you were studying human beings objectively, not idealistically, not not looking at things through rose coloured glass, as you would say. Well, this is what humans do it's one of the things they do in our view are studying us as an animal feed. Some species from another planet, you say well, they do shoot each other a lot as a collective group. Yes go to the individual level and I think I think people is totally different Georgian. They don't want to kill the Paypal it's in human nature. We don't wanna, kill people right, but I mean it just about To avoid mean a sort of like the way you look at sharks. You know you could charge you say. Well, you know the only kill five years. Really there harmless well, they are caught arm, listen to one. I'm fuckin bite you, you know that sort of the same way about people. Yes, most time, humans are wonderful, most townspeople. Like you and I have a drink with clink classes we enjoy company. We have a great chat, most of the interactions you're ever gonna have a people or great most most times like
the vast majority of interactions you have, especially in America. What has plenty of food has plenty of space and people well taken care of most time. Everything's gonna be great, but when you we up the numbers for seven billion people and then the battle for resources and then religious ideologies come into play and is a fuckin killin goin on constantly You know I mean so it's it's an unavoidable. You can certainly make the argument that we can do better, but if you wanted to look at us right now. Just no ideology, tat, just look at what a human being is human beings kill we're killin all were killing each other. All over the place is happening right now. We're talking to people shootin people's bombs gone off in its people killed themselves. Is it's going on, so it is a part of human beings that we have. We have come to accept, but doesn't necessarily mean that other life forms have this. In our mean there, it is potentially passageways to resources.
Any evolved alien that we never encountered. I would say very unlikely that they would do if it is it's just such a waste of resources, and yet how do you the interstellar travel with you spending all your money working out new ways to kill each other. Just does work also like, what's the benefit of it, what is the benefit of the benefit of us all personal? It's all like whatever group gets to dominate the resources, whatever group two he know. May maybe they're dare genetics. Pass on gang is constable where's that the people there were dominated. They don't get too made. It's all very primitive and a lot of ways and serene animal listing. The big dick syndrome in some way or it's it's a genetic thing right. But if we get past that, like one of bleared or things- and you are false folk lore- is the idea genetic manipulation, the idea that human beings have been created by which those fasted now did not. I haven't seen the new x files isn't good. Some
Vox, is a fox again, these greater the dual approach, watches That's the old one. The reason I'm bringing up his cause that's pretty much what the last two episodes is all about. What's going on and on about that. Well, that's a big theme in your phone folk, lore and also in Zacharias citizens work. It was you know about that. Guy once again heard of him: don't even already he's a guy who was a biblical scholar and linguist and he knew a lot about ancient languages and he had a very controversial decision he said he'd what he did ass. He went over this who Marian text a uniform. Now those clay tablets with the weird lines and in what he came up with an
really is like the only one that of all the other sumerian scholars. He believes that the autumn knocking which your descriptive did depicted in these ancient summarily text. He believed it was an ancient. He believed it was an ancient civilization of aliens that came down here and there planet Is it the lipstick orbit? It travels between Mars and yeah, exactly which they now think. As they now think there is a plan and out, then they don't know young PLUTO. Yes, he added on necessarily think its new bureau, which is what he called, they called it in the text, but his his deciphering of the swearing Texas, hugely controversial in the zone. Site actually called citizen is wrong and if you go to stitches, refused our com, I be dot. Org, of your decision is wrong. They sort of highlight all the errors they believe he made, but It's so convoluted, like you, have to be some sort of a scholar to even
stand. The argument and you have to understand Cuneo form that weird, writing with a little lines, and but some of the ancient clay tablets forget about understand. The language. The ancient clay tablets are fascinating. I mean they had an exact description of the solar system, a drawing of all the planets in the proper order with the proper sizes- and this is six thousand years ago, including PLUTO, ancient cultures, amazement- and I think this baby, when I first I've listened to. You is interview with Graham Hancock, there's. Just such a big fan. Riddle was books, love him to death and- and I remember reading books peanut back in the day- I would have it is early nineties something and reading yet and it s made sense to me that there is lots of ancient civilizations going way back in the evidence is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes. Look to it and you know I love that back then. In an honest, it would suit our science. Today. It's like me, of course,
MRS lots of ancient civilizations, and we just need to find more and more- and I think one of the best ones is, did you ever hear about in Egypt because they uncover so little in each of the sum much more? They see the new stuff there. Oh, I saw that two days ago, nine at the latest. They believe they found never tedious to they found they found to hidden tombs in in each then they believe they might have located where she was buried. Cedar. Jamie I'd retreated like today. Maybe us nothing, but I find it. King Tut Tomb ninety percent chance of hidden chambers. I think it's never tedious resting place. Fuck and cried I was getting at- is that this research ass. She took the data from SAM
its ground penetrating right. Yeah. Do you see that document fascinating and they just shows that the whole of Asia is covered in these terms, underground everywhere and there's so much more information, the more research we do we're going to find out as ancient civilizations going way way back I mean I I don't know Egypt very well, no pain but industry or in the Kimberley. There's this two types of our there. There's this one's wonder, which is from the aboriginal people that live there. That's been going on for a couple thousand years than theirs is other outward called the Bradshaw the glaring going on- and we know it's over thirty thousand years old, but really could be a lot lot further. So it's from a group of people who were in Austria, before the average, and you look at somebody's pitches and their maisie amazingly intricate, and you can't even see the the ochre anymore there's no paint anymore.
It is the shadow of where the print was that's what you actually viewing it so all so they can actually carbon data. They just look at say: a wasp ness grows on top of it and then the carbonate, that's the Erika. What's older than the wash nest, and so it we're talking now about thirty thousand, probably a bit more, but some of this work is crazy enough. I've never seen it personally, but there is one at the drawing which basically has pictures of these are the people who have to go in going Bradshaw people, these long, really skinny long sort of people as one with, but you have fallen
well and intricate drawings of wild animals that were there and its fascinating stuff from once again, one guy did a lot of research and he always richer still hasn't been released of where it all is. What's going on, there is literally every way you woke up that, as is ancient ancient, our it's crazy and its from a culture that is very, very old, probably thirty to fifty thousand. In my opinion, this data suggest over over twenty five thousand years ago. So fascinated me like just when you were talking about going to those canyons and its one point: eight billion years old. I just said that the that amount of time this sort of impossible to grasp distance in time. It's it's! We in our mind. If we just can't it is we just can't and so that when you about that, like this insurmountable mom time and then think about like just thirty cents:
years ago, which is still insurmountable, mean we think of our thirty thousand in comparison to one point: eight billion, not that long ago, it's impossible. You keep your mind. Is not going to get it? It's a number. It's like. I have thirty thousand dollars like that You understand you make thirty thousand dollars, you understand. Thirty thousand out, you don't understand thirty thousand years it just it's not going to get in. There it was my my pleasure. Yonder apprehension familiar can comprehend it, but the The grim Hancock stuff, combined with the Randal Karlsson stuff, is to me, where it all sort of comes together because ran across and offers an explanation for these. These civilizations being so advanced, but yet essentially wiped out just rising sea levels. By that I mean that so many people dont know that the sea level was about a hundred, and fifty meters lower than it is today, yeah and solely civilization, civilizations always put on the coast of IRAN on the coast, massive matter, people suddenly a hundred and fifty music
What is that there is so much that we still discover on our coasts in a hundred and fifty meters of water? There will be lots and lots of evidence down there, but it gets covered insult within a thousand years and its hard to find Some day they gonna find Miami. They found my meaning what happened here: cheeses, crisis bags of coke and fake tits. I like stiletto those lorries under water. I like that, is a court experiment of go for with ten thousand years and be a geologist looking bandit, I little timeframe here the anthropocentric. What if you want to call out where humans have been impacting the planet? Like that layer of rock what're, you gonna find in it and see what he thinks. Gonna be the tuna finals kettlebells behind you werewolf one. Fourth of
fuck. What is really going to find what you gonna, find only stone, really essentially movie ever seen that there is a document that they did where they showed like what would happen within a thousand years if we just of abandoned cities like what would happen I'll put like you have to take on a documentary sittings that was yeah right, Sir Amazing Raina. Well, there's some photos of Detroit. It's really interesting how nature is taking over building in Detroit, like trees, are growing through this centre of houses and is only within a few decades the man, source of luck, erosion in the Kimberly's and stuff like that is planned, and so in their wits in the dry season they grow into the cracks and self their roots and then
the wet season. They resemble this water and their root swell and exerts pressure about adding that three thousand p s. I it just literary just cracks it and that happens to concrete. If you're not constantly pulling out all those grasses and making sure stuff is growing, ran concrete. All our infrastructure will be crumbled in and very little left just by plants. Amazing, I pulled that wanted poet. I had a problem, my toilet, and I put this on Instagram finance that toilet monster. So I had the guy come over the plumber guy and I suggest just doesn't flash on what's going on, so he d, you know, he's like a snake. That has a camera and they find it. There was a crack in the pipe in that roots had gone through this small crack in the I've gotten inside the toilet, pipe and filled the entire pipe with the root system. I mean it looked like an animal. I mean we're talking about something that was like four plus feet, long enormous look at it with out of there.
They pulled out of my toilet and then insane abbot, the surprise middle, doesn't surprise me there now, but back then I was what the FUCK there will be a mean that life after people, you are starting to get to a hundred years and barely recognizes city a hundred years later gather some lands. This cool photos of in Detroit lawyer that photo of this. These houses that are just being taken over by trees at the centre of a house. You just trees grow in the middle of it. They burst through the foundation they break through the bottom floors. They go through the ceiling they fill up like in that house with it. Something they were talking about before we start the show you were talking about being coast,
again, these people see like what you would call a phantom pyramids. I facing people always wanted they it's very beneficial to find ancient structure. So there's a there's. A few ancient structures throughout the world that are extremely controversial. Has people look at them and they go with another: a yard dang, that's like as essentially it's a structure that is it just a natural structure that you're trying to tribute to civilization. Well, there's enough ancient structures out there to be a nice list is, but that forth, like you, don't need define hundreds of them the twenty or thirty that we have is amazing gradually like finding amend our yard yeah. That's where I was sure power. If you heard of that, that's where I went, Costa Rica is visiting my cousin down there, and. Making vibe August carpet that, like when you up in and they had a little Cadena on the top of a rich looking over this massive valley and five and the like. It's just phenomenal cause indigenous people. There are still relatively in touch with the natural invite
and his large areas there were means. Gringo concur in our can't go anywhere near only the and the indigenous people there and people look at satellite maps in that area. This is one massive pyramid. The largest pyramid in the world could also the amount in this well like I'm. All of that evidence show me the evidence and I'm gonna open mind on how I did they think this large pyramid normal just by. If you look at the satellite data and then draw out, it would be the largest pyramid, the world right, but what makes some think that its appear, red, Shapen, stuff yeah, I that's over there. That's for members yeah Firpo grander? Yet out of your son? That's ridiculous! Well, this action, just emphasise, enhance where I live. There's a place called washes pyramids and there is actually this little hill mountain whatever you want, that's in the shape of a pyramid perfectly and where this it's in Cannes,
washes pyramid people run up and down and all the time is a big witnessing for its. You know- and that's pretty much apparent, but it's just that it's just natural form, I'm ok. Not apparent, but that mountain is a mountain they like seeing the earth is the biggest soccer ball in the world economy is big enough to kick it again exactly you know about It's the earth. We found a huge Paul twice. Four thousand miles in a circle understanding on it. As I said before, shows Costa Rica. This is crazy people down look. I've got an open mind and willing to listen to people, but yeah show me the extremity. There's a way that you can get when you party too much or you, Grasp on reality is like holding onto a dolphin with olive oil in your hands. Trusting and athletic. Just what you just can't quite grass.
Bit and I've met a lot of people like that. All lots of people like that because of my reputation within in our court on court psychedelic community in my connections to marijuana psychedelic drugs in all that stuff, I've met so many I've Smet for before you go negative amazing people, met some really fascinating, open minded people that have Dennis, Ten oh Haggerty. I met some amazing people, but of all met some like some people that they ve law their ability to discern what I'd be possible verses. What your adding to all this stuff to make it more phantom SK than it really is in, and by doing so, you invented into this sort of fantasy, Lamb and, if sort of negate all potential realistic interpretation of Rio, and I meet people at that and I do too
I I was pushed in tourism. Saying, ok, see read these books now, never read of physics, textbook just get all your information and make your own opinions you're an opinion. Will you deal with more high level people you do in book readers I'm deal with Youtube Rogers man, I am really lucky to new into Youtube video about Reptilian, don't be so quickly Smith them brother there amongst some very lucky that in my job- and I guess the brain, National Geographic as well, it brings in people who are progressive nature lovers, Germany rather intelligent. I have dinner with these people on that, but we want a big is personally. Is you meet people who are just fascinating? Rigour will always attack you with questions, so you spend half. The meals is answering questions like we do now
think and then then eventually turn around again. What do you do and generally the graduates of Harvard MIT is what are you doing on the international space station that Little box it's been solar panels? I invented that even some I met the older George Bush's George hastily bushes lawyer had some very pertinent questions for him. You just meet some really interesting people that kind of yet unknown, I suppose, to some degree and just hearing their opinions and life story. It's faster old people, a fascinating, well, it seems, like being in view, The national geographic would make kind of like a magnet for curiosity in Crete. Curious people just come to younger like. That's a synergy message males who this fuckin guy seen some shit yeah. There's a lot of I've worked on other ships.
The National Geographic brain, and yet you get you still get. Fifty percent really cool, interesting people, but when you get a grip people who also that interested in one going on and that's kind of selling point is that we have all these experts on there. I mean I would go so far as to call myself and expert but like we went to Easter Island couple months ago, and we had the world expert on Easter Island on board the ship that was, that was the guy those living next autumn. It does the guy from your example yeah, yeah, polio, yes, lasting pronounce it Jimmy Rodeos Cristiano, add on his out crop ram his the photos of Easter Island. To me I am absolutely blown away by Easter Island and perplexed and fascinated and I always try to understand the MIKE. Why would someone spend so much time to make these statues and where they getting these stones from unlike and they go deep deep deep into the
like when you go deeper into the ground. You see that that is not just a head. There's a whole body and a full figure down would mean that fake. All those pictures. Were they dug into the ground you see like? Is it as this shoulders and stuff like that? Are not well, I suppose. Could say that some of them do have bodies, yes, but motorway ones. You he's initiate the most and the like that just Russia most of em, but that's all you see but under the ground is in their more I mean this is obviously victim of erosion right. These things have been eroded by time and wind insanities ones. Actually they couldn't be bothered moving these rather quarry. This is where they ve cut them out of the sky, the mountainous, this group, and so and then they haven't been bothered. Whatever happened have been bullet more acute doggie, whose doggie I'm just random dont came up and said photos everyone grilling lessons. I go wild on this one
there are so many dogs on that island and they also friendly lovely in our sins. I see that I know that's a good community. It's one of the things for me straight away, so Jamie civil. You find those photos of Easter Island where they they dig. There's some expeditions. They ve done what they ve done. Out around the statues and dug deep down, and you can see arms is more than just ahead. Will the one the Father had on these grandeur with Claudia Shit, he's sitting next to no to this thing, was all the way down his hands his arm. That's a big one! That's a big one but that's real right. I personally didn't see that wants from New Sheila, but there is at once, but I was describing where the one picture have Claudio he's got a whole heap that got knocked over Bison Army and he's put them back up and therefore ones with their basely standing up with their hands over their best
yeah like that, and so you have the one with the top hat on what is. I won the upper left Jamie with their heads about yard there. What the hell's outlets photographic, young, fella, you don't like it wrong. First question: when I got there first question. As I said, the bodies under Nathan remarry first question, but soil, because anyone to dig crazy granddaughter politics, always always with anything. That is a crazy politics. Is it hard when you go to these these communities, because you want to respect their cultures in their way, but you also want to try to get to the bottom of these things. Is Canada Brief, my time as far as our attack that one, I suppose when you get the expert on board and then you you get here about all these sort of stuff, but I guess most people going through. He wouldn't hear half the stuff that that we learn about, because I don't have that world expert sitting.
You ve got units to some random Togo, sunlight area. So there's a lot to know with Claudio. He had epic battles with the government because he just wanted to restores is big. Pile of them piled up and he wanted to come in here with a crane put em all back to how they were, and yet a man of flaxen and backlash and and trouble that he went through over things more than five years to do so unfortunately, but that that happens in some of these places, where they want to sort of preserve the narrative have a narrative and they ve been out giving these speeches and they have this idea of a timeline how everything was done and when new,
comes along the very very reluctant to accept it. You find that allotted on Egypt. Well, having he's gotta wrote twenty papers about that particular narrative, and you ve just come over and said. Actually that's all wrong, o o Brien different aspects. Of course, they're gonna write up and sought to push back as closely at what I found very she's. Very strong was the bird man culture then that yes, but yeah knew it, though please so. You ve got this this culture with the statues and stuff and then that contracts a kind of not died out, but it differently when out a favor. And then you had birdmen culture come into, and that was the last one to beat it and when western civilization kind of turned up- and that was crazy- was competition every year where they would all run swim out to another Ireland, down a steep cliff polychrome, would die in the process and try and get the first egg. Basically the first egg from the turns and then have to bring it all the way back in the first one back with his egg was then the
I guess some sort of analogy would be Jesus basically, but you herself, in a somewhat he's the God basic. Men and so, but he's manner. His energy was then far too powerful, for anyone have any contact with them so he's as winning his prize was, he would go, live in a little hut by himself for the rest. The year wasn't led covers fingernails hair anything for a year, and then then you can come back, but his group, his tribe, would then be the leaders the island, ok, so basically, all the different groups would every year the change over whose in control and that we keep everyone happy. There wasn't one particular group that was in charge of everything it with very based on who won the bird man, competition that you how they came up with that I do it so bizarre that so many weird styles of culture, like the way people decide the run their stuff
so strangely, how the hell does that ever come about? Everyone agrees to do to get the egg. Your Jesus you can only buy yourself. So it's like I do want to live by myself, probably does want to live by himself either. So it's like is bitter, sweet victory again geez but now I can cut my finger. Nails live in a fucking But my site like what, but I'm full of so much manner, well there's! So many really goober bizarre cultural traditions around the world, I'm sure You are aware of the seamen warriors and New guinea see war is now have travelled extensibility through Papua New Guinea. You'll have to endure since its really awful its essentially culture of child molestation, where they take children from the time they are very young and they moved them away from their mother and they move into these bachelor groups, and they have these older men and these younger boys, and they essentially tell these
hunger boys at the only way for them to grow up and be struck. We're talking about a culture. This has thousands and thousands of members the only way, them to grub and be strong, is to ingest seamen, so they have to ingested or We in ITALY and is an turn tradition of these seamen warriors and guinea, and they have they ve grown up being, alas, did and then molesting new children as they come up and instead, My sexual molestation step yet mean it this document? It is not something to make some crazy stuff, Papua New Guinea and I spent a long time and asthma region which exercise in Copenhagen in Indonesia you see anything about that. Jamie yeah found something on Wikipedia called the Torah tribe. It's really dark man. This is if they think it extends their life. Homosexuals, sex, prolongs life heterosexual relations are focused towards reproduction yeah need also. It makes the young men
strong. They think the only way for them to grow and become strong as by ingesting seamen or dumping only twenty years ago, in the end, the asthma region, they were, it. Hunters are cannibals. I mean end to save others. No cannibalism, anymore is kind of a bit of lies, while they still cannibalism in Copenhagen. This silly detail not out front row center, but they can but offline It came out of autonomy, cheap, but yeah, there's some crazy stuff gown on their especially asthma region. I spent quite a bit of time there and what I found it sees this culture as old as the originals industry. We talk in sixty thousand years or more very old culture living in perfect harmony with nature in the mangroves there and then not even then even stone people that is, would people that anymore, anything. And then now you have it's it's an indonesian province and you have a lot of MOSS being built in a lot of stuff, that's kind of creeping in western civilization creepy in and the most
Casting thing I saw is that they have always gone down to the market and they bought some food and an abrupt end, but I'm leaf. They eat the food, and I throw the banana leaf off the boardwalk into the water. Now the mercantile empires now in there you know, there's lots of Other people, chinese Javanese coming into being merchants, and I sell everything in plastic, single use, packets and so the same things no garbage means is nothing around the open it. They eat the food they throw the plastic over. There is a meet her in a half to two meters of does piles of plastic everyone. Absolutely everyone, because I don't have any ability. They got. No education on there's no garbage collection and its
discussing like it's crazy that you go to beach, saying astray and you see one or two bits of plastic and all this is terrible. You pick it up. You go there, you I need, like fifty dump trucks, to even start on this. The plastic problem in the ocean is huge and is not until you gonna get go through Indonesia. Even the Maldives, Seychelles son. Plastic everywhere- and it's like me too high in places her. The Maltese is one of the primary groups over islands that are at risk of global warming of being radically. The highest point on the capital in the Maldives is two meters. Well, when the tsunami, in two thousand for came, we went over, the entire island was only a little time passed that didn't have seawater go over. It's crazy. I've got a picture on the Instagram is when the post pictures ever put up there of the capital and you'll see some two hundred fifty thousand people in a time of Ireland and its
shocking, like they have. Their search is pumped straight out, there's another island. Next to it, that's the garbage Ireland, where they just take the garbage and burn it says this is constant massive fire on the Nearest Ireland Witherspoon garbage its parliamentary catastrophe that, when what that's while these? Oh my god, but this is Indonesia public You like, oh, my god, that sure so disturbing that first picture Jamie go back there. First, one that you posted. Oh my god, TAT, is God. Damned insane or go there on these tools, and we would actually spend the first hour before the guest come over just cleaning up plastic and then the first guest to come. I will generally help explain plastics about. We would take back ten twenty bags of of garbage just so you could walk along a little bit of the beach and have plastic everyone. Ah, my god, it's horrible.
When you, when you see the sheer numbers, a game J, what was your Google search? So people could check out these images there listening receives plastic island so horrific? Its tire islands is covered with shit, plastic, wow papers and the discerning it that's. The only way they can do anything about is burnt, and that's only two and fifty thousand people The capital do that, for my drawing Jamie really had a grandma things. One of the first images have together photo the Temple yeah. I was cruising pass and I took a pitcher within the drone at sunset, where Craig,
I quite like it, but you just see the amount of people patent, tiny little space and lived just got yet they got no means to recycle directly about it. It's and it's probably a couple of decades and then it'll be Always people have to go somewhere else. You know I so I just want to fly over Honolulu icon Ilulissat So strange is the Hawaii. You know why? Who I guess it is? half a million people on it, and it's not that big man, it's not that big at all that our theory flew over and took the top photo. I think Jamie's trial so trying to find it, I think, have actually got, does not ask language something. Some reason is incident pages alone. Missy pass this classic ten pictures. They go. It's up on the screen now model a brunette up bigger, oh my god. It's insane design isn't
what? How do people think this is sustainable? Like was just build a massive city on the time allowed, with no food with no food everything's imported. They had a water crisis. It was last year than to import all if all the water- this is on your instagram. The people get forget, as it is a shut on these events. One, let us put up, that's that's chaotic, it seems like, one of the worst engineered civilizations. So there's no and what we're looking for. The people are just listen. This is most people were looking, I got a small island, not very big, because you can see the entire thing and its filled with buildings. There's no nothing but buildings. It doesn't look. There was any parks in their designs. Sancho field are somehow issues of green like very small but most of it.
Is just stacked buildings. I read it brings whenever I look at this auditing of suburbia same thing like we all live in these little patches of land, that if we wanted to grow their own food, we could support us. We could support anything this as an argument for the all that used to run Australia right. The guy had a right to let nobody come and ruin your beautiful party because of you for party, give a continental United States with as many people as LOS Angeles, but yes but we can't really live right. That's what I mean the whole interior is is death point look at levels all people have massive ranches. Other China owns massive ranches out the China. Does that's a good one to bring up Jemmy worker there's a map of Australia and chinese ownership. It's crazy,
It's crazy. We won't have sold. We saw a huge farms. These massive massive farms and centre a stranger to China over the last five years, well informed growin cattle. Whatever mainly mainly it's kind of livestock in, are these chinese folks taking these cat on importing the beef in China I get most of it will will go straight to China basely, while so they just decided by some land to grow some cows and a new spot where we were already growing council, but yet it is bought them and then export them to China, but the just the sheer area is: what's crazy, can look for pictures of the thing, but this is blocked. So I'll sized ranch, the alcohol that I got into the land locked, the silver massive private cattle ranch to foreign bar, saying you contrary to the national interest- Well, I mean like it:
and you say what hey that's: that's Zena fell back in its awful one. Why would you do that? But. Have you won't keep it the way? It is Surely no other way right. I just think that at the moment We as a strain people. We don't get any real benefit from that we don't the prophets go overseas. Apart approaches knows embassies window menacing any benefit for an that's. You know if we If we didn't sell it, if we least it completely agree, at least that stuff wherever you know, but we should. The austrian people should retain ownership, because I mean, if ever do find. The map is, of course the television read to make it scary a lot of Australia. A billionaire buys forty seven million dollars worth of Australia. Cattle ranch is to feed China's hunger for beef. Why China's nuts, what a crazy place? It's it's interesting, chiefly Yang Place words it's for its
mean again the different styles of culture that we find different styles of the way human beings exist and coexist planet as one of the weirder aspects of travelling. The you see, what's normalcy, these people of different every country everywhere, and they accept it. It's like this is our normal. What I like about China is that when it makes a decision on supping, it's looking forty years the future cuz, it's by committee, you know when we in Australia or the state's you know we make a decision. It's it's based on the election. Saco me it's based in what can we get for used? Time
that's where I think China will actually leap Frog, a lot of western society, because what they are doing now is thinking about four in forty years time. So the building big infrastructure, before its even required, where we in the western world into this, have crumbling infrastructure. Yeah yeah. We seem to be looking like four years. We look good election cycles, your actions. Crazy luck in your election goes on for two years in Australia there go, we can have an election in thirty days time they go back and forth. For thirty days we have an election. Thirty days from salt, we had a stare at the people for while chip away at their armour, try to find out what the fuck campaigning for like two is my sister, its messed up. It is messed up, while its also nobody really that you would want to be. President wants to be president. Ideally you would want. Why is tat well because they dig in your personal too much man. They they start fuckin with your families, are fucked with your finances in fucking with they start interview and people want
high school with internal chip away at any one possible moral issue you may or may not have had they can blow up and sticking your face. You down to these like yet like egomaniac like up or massively religious people at TED crews. Air Ben Carson system is an Understand marker Rubio he's he's is an odd one, and then you get here, Clinton, who is essentially a lifelong politician who has been so deeply embedded into the system that she's an massively low trust rate? Like the traveler s? It's like thirty, seven percent of people. After this crazy Craig sixty three percent, like no fuckin way, the vast majority of the obvious majority, at least there, like contrast or at all, and then they you know they have to so will we receive data Rugen present no fuckin way. I wouldn't
a job. It's not it's a terrible job like it's a faint first of all. What I honestly believe that the idea is massively archaic and I think the idea of having this one off a primate that runs the tribe was five. A hundred people, but the idea of three hundred million people being run by this one figurehead is nuts doesnt work anymore, it's stupid! What we should have is the poor and should be like the queen of England, some goofball gets out a fuckin bulletproof well beyond, drives runaways no and gives a shit she's really dictate policy, and I think that the real president should be the internet. I really believe firmly that with education, and with access to information that we're all enjoying right now that maybe not now, because we're in this sordid tumultuous turmoil filled adolescent period, but I think that as we get more and more deeply embedded in the idea of exchanging information,
we're gonna be able to reach others minds, we're going to be able to happen too: instantaneous information directly to our mind and work to realize that The only way the Zog and work out is if we don't allow anyone to abuse environment for the sake of profit that we do not allow anyone to take life for the sake of profit Did we not allow anyone to lie to us about their motives? four invading countries or for I've. Dictating certain policy and an especially for influencing other countries in the forum for the reason of profit. We would got up. We ve got to stop that. We go figure out a way to stop that, and the only way to stop that is full disclosure. Amongst our Peter his parents, massive transparency, and I think that's to happen in a natural way, because I think it's going to unavoidable. I think in the future, we are seeing now. I think one of the reasons why seen this poor group of people running for president is because the really
rich and influential people that may be would have run for present twenty or thirty years ago I like fire, job because its two invasive anomaly that once you become president, you have to have secret service, live with you for rest, your wife, may your constant on guard. Ever we go people hate. You mean it's a raising money gets a knotty job. It's almost like you wanted just because it's like this thing to achieve in an but you if you look at it on paper like what? What is it s, not like your independently wealthy once you get in you really make you make very good money for the average person you make like. I think it's like four and fifty five thousand dollars a year. You know you certainly a good living, but that's that's out like with it's not worth it. Didn't they make money in the speeches that so the really thus also the really weird thing you find out how much Bill Clinton makes giving speeches now so much like this
ride you like for for what your policies were in office is certainly is sort of unwritten rule like do the right thing when you're in and then when you're out we'll have you by your time of this campaign to this than the other, Have you seen the democratic debates wishing Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were. He asks for these transcripts good for you, you probably even better- and he too was this. The Hunter fifty three million dollars and Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking MRS Clinton was, paid dearly by Wall Street suggesting a conflict of interests. Despite recent distancing, no matter how much MRS Clinton hopes to lure Bernie Sanders voters. It must be hard at two hundred and twenty thousand dollars to twenty five thousand hours of pop. That's how much she gets paid. First speech. And he was like. This must have been an amazing speech. I'd like to see the transcript of the speech. She ain't budget
she's not release in those I've got a bit of trouble of scientists about a year. Put some, I honestly think. Whole trump candidacy is a conspiracy theory to make Hilary went. Because you have someone so crazy on that side that people go awry, we ve had our fund but time to get serious and they go for Hilary cause. It's a better option of the two men were. I dont fully agree with that, but I don't think there is no wonder by now. I wonder, but I've gotta go start Frija Ogre on a trip to east violence. We went from Tahiti east round about to exercise, and we had had a gentleman on who is kind of my political hero. S name was Bob Brown Strain Senator leader of the green paper, and so when I was growing up, you have you talking heads some topic coming on and you have based the republic and the democratic. We call him liberals and labour whatever and
it would be stupid. Comment stupid comment and then you'd have this third one the greens got. He would come on and then to say something that actually made sense and so the whole growing up, he was a bit of a political hero of mine. Nothing wish or anything like that, but I went out of all the politicians. Disguisedly skirts head screwed on an end is environmentally and progressive and stuff like that environmentally conscious, so he was on board, is one of our guests lecturers, something and he did lots of talks fascinating, fascinating guy- and I remember I did my climate change talk came up to me afterwards and I hadn't had long homosexual. That's our went till you know, stop doing. Oh big Fani. I turned around when you Adam you, you need to be in politics. You need to be a senator for the greens in Australia and he pushed it. Bigtime bishop, you ve gotta, do this do this. We need younger people like you, and I must admit I thought, that alone will not change the well, but I want to do something to make this earth slightly better than when I arrived
and that's the way to do it for sure the thing that keeps me back from doing it is, I would have to put up with politicians older who would want to put up with politicians miserable bunch of people- and I don't know- but I don't watch much c span of Congress and stuff over here, but parliament they d sit there pitching continues with its weight it. It's like the english parliament, never seen where they just be using each other. Basing yelling call each other names overtime. When they have a vote and they don't that they know the votes, not gonna go the way you have to have like sixty percent of the people there to make the vote camp, they all run for the doors and trying it out before they locked the door. So that is not enough people that makes actually actually make it. Ass. They secular little schoolchildren gonna run they run. Our prime minister is here two years ago. The doors are gonna, be locked in two minutes and he's Brinton out of a state to get out that door. It gets out that door that doesn't vote and there's not enough votes and then go through it. It's just
these people are represented and they just acting like little children, goofy law. Why would you want? Why would you want to surround yourself mentioned wake up every day and surrounding itself with that? I think we'd be way better off if individual human beings across the board likened the giant mass of us? If we all everyone adult had a say, instead of an elected gum, meant a representative government if we all had to say- and we thought we'd have to democracy today- one zero, a real, exactly that's a great. We appoint an ethic, The representative government was a great idea back in the day when it was impossible to communicate, we get it. We don't need an animal on the we'll medium for these two points where there was a german party, they they tried to do it and they were quite successful. It didn't get elected in the palace, a conduit, but their idea was magazine. Point zero. We just make a website and you ve got whatever issue of voting on. Everyone can vote and
where I think they went wrong, as some have thought about quite considerably is went wrong as they try to change the whole system so that aren't we coming, we change the whole system and people free gap and, of course, because air, so thought hang on. Is there a way to achieve the same goal, but through the nonprofit angle, instead of trying to change and so is something I started on us. That of working on and it's been put to the sidelines. Cause trouble will not busy, but earth vote dot network. We had a place where you can go and vote like a petition, but it's that one question that you answer stays on forever and so then, because industrial time you pick up a mood of newspaper and Ilsa. Ninety four percent of a strange think this and then he returned the bottom out of a survey of five hundred people ringing landlines. In one suburb insidious, that's not a representation of a clause on
imagine if Egerton Arango, he is half a million people and he is the percentage what they think they are getting a more accurate representation of. What's going on, I think there's room for a website like that and obviously of Krajina, given up on doing it myself and swam mention it right now, Someone else takes it up, but there is huge potential in taking collectivism which we currently see on Facebook and, over the everyone's happy to click on a link and spread the good word about some environmental percent, but actually do something that not so willing to do. If you collate all that collectivism into one spot, and then you have data coming out of it, it actually, comes useful. We actually can be used. We ve gotta politicians, say hey. Eighty percent of your electorate think they're, so your represent them go. Do it and you got some way and then the other aspect. It is then actually do a kind of vote. Not voting am keep a system of the
politicians so say. Eighty percent of Australia thinks this thinks I and then the politician, the votes for a bill that against that, then you give them a minus one point. They vote for emu, plus One point so eventually you'd work out basely, which politicians are accurately representing their constituents and which ones and that's what we don't have. How do you know that this guy, that your voting for has been representing the constituency, now you gotta, go back and look through ten years of newspaper articles and trying to juice magic. If you can formulate that into a website, you'd be a pretty powerful thing would be very powerful thing. I think that's the future building the future in OZ were soon as we get more accessed The way people are influenced, we understand where the money is actually coming from, which is way more today than has ever been in the past in thirty forty years ago. It was really difficult find out what was motivating certain presidents or people that were candidates and yelling at sea what they were project,
in front of the television. What they were, that's why debates were important. You had to see that the way they spoke in debates try to decipher and and peel through it, but we never had the kind of transparency that we have today, this is even a low, is really going on with a politician get him on the jargon, Porthos politician for three hours. They couple ship that long. That would be at some point. You would get under them and you would find out what you actually have to do. Research, the that I can just how a man like you and this girl. Let's talk man have to go deep, but yeah. If you could get someone to talk for long periods of time, uncensored like that, without commercial breaks without moderators, then you gonna get to see him these debates they have or so ridiculous. One person says something ridiculous see. Bernie Sanders raising his hamley disagrees, waiting to have his turn and she's talking over and then he talks over and they are running out of time. Let me finish my point. He goes into that the method of attributing information is archaic. It's not necessarily more, you know they should they should
have some sort of a free form free form, conversation it's available online, where people can why? and you know you have someone who's entertaining- that understands- politics run them through it, and just give some sort of a real detailed view to the american people who these people are and what what they're about? I think they're there. The people that are today even Bernie Sanders whose really revolutionary and a lot of ways and very progressive and a lot of ways. There's still a politician. Still wearing a tie in a suit and all that nonsense in a t still part of this weird system, and he always has been even though he's rebel in a lot of ways, but I think those are going to be like those people they're wearing powdered, wigs. Those ancient pictures like it's so old. It's so crazy like this method of doing it like you, have to do it way. I always industries to wear this week's. Do they really it's crazy? What
When you do it's majesty now. So, if you go to court, you have to wear away the lawyer in certain certain courts. So what would I have? You got in trouble for someone like you, and I know that the defendant tunnel we do not know what I'm saying your lawyer that left I'll fuck? Am I looking at Jamie at a barrister so What do you guys know if I can, but here is a crazy, so sorry to it jack, but I did so you get in trouble if you did something if you go and accused of something you hired a lawyer. Your lawyer would have to wear wacky wig like that, is why, in Essen, in certain courts, what corps?
oh, no, you stretching my memory on a lot of it. I think it's, it's not a magistrate, a barrister, yes good Lord deftly New South Wales and some actually, I went to court for the first time last year faster for what charge being a terrorist. You did you first something environmental, imagine not. I would you do I went through airport security with a pocket knife by accident. Oh my god, that we in Austria, where a bit of a nanny state. At the moment we brought in a lot of laws that is ridiculous.
And so it used to be you guys, Europe with security with the swiss army knife. They take it off. You go right away, you go, you know, that's it. They change the law two weeks before I went through and it was just. It was a random mistake. Ida pocketknife him with the camera gear, had rearrangement back those overweight and I put it in my carry on by mistake. I didn't realize it, but not that simple, We do it all the time people do it all the time and yet so they got it in those aircraft could not from a well get whatever I'm late from lot, and then I went to walk away. They went all hang on her hand. The strain federal police need to speak to oh, my darling, so the police came over and they were they were trying to give me often. Abortion are ringing their superior and trying to get me. I could see clear as day that is just stupid. Miss
and their supplies had none. That's the lowest change. They have to go to court now, and so I was charged with the position of a deadly weapon by sooth intent to hijack and aircraft Mama Annick across me. Thousands those whose is it wasn't the airport I got dumb done it was about to face Columbus, Ohio from where I live, so I had to travel back there and then I had to get a lawyer which was just hilarious. One thousand dollars even show up. He sent someone else, give me a call half an hour beforehand. Just like her, and so I was anymore rather low than he did. But anyway and but then the substitute lawyer yeah I've got a new more about the actual legislation. I was getting charge and basically I got the legend nation has no difference between a bazooka and up and popular they're, the same thing: ok, forty seven and that its
I'm thing, in my view, the loyal somebody with it. If so, it's the same thing takes a sounding. If I try to get rid of security with a bazooka are beyond the same legislation and under the same thing, and so I got off lightly. Instead, it get you in jail because obviously first offence, no no prior record of that sort of stuff. I got there's a fancy. Wafered, I want to say, indent, should sit that's, not it it's like a good behaviour on, so I got for for the next year as long as you don't break anymore laws than that conviction will disappear. Basically, why? But yeah I went to court charged with being a terrorist for bloody pocket knife and that's when estimated that something really will live in Australia will? Because it's just gotten a bit too crazy. Do you that's the same sort of mom. Item, that's behind by getting rid of the emigrants and shipping him off to new places and putting people in jail for reporting on at least have some plaything Patriot ACT where they bring in a law that does all this sort of stuff and they don't buy. It just goes instantly
No one even reads the law of what's going through and we had this whole. It was so staged. If so easily, you could see was stage where they had. We ve arrested twenty terrorists and Sydney now actually had let em all car, because they and have anything on anyone, but they filmed it and it was on national news of them rating all these places and then immediately brought in a week later new laws but no one debated no one even written brought him and one of those laws were yet you take a pocket not through airport security. You have to go to court to defend yourself that such a stupid law, Meanwhile, the United States laws which restrict or nothing like that I'd I went through security accident with a pocket knife. He took it. Everyone does its, but I like to spend three thousand forecasts. That was my money in and drawn with this out that way, and now to this day, whenever I travel my bags, if I have a short short transit
my bags or make it cause. They get searched every single political analysts. I D spent three weeks in Antarctica with no luggage. Never arrived crisis physically, went through extra security in and then didn't arrived for a couple of days, and I was already down Antarctica just because of a pocket knife of a pocket knife in America. I went through it in Denver. I had a backpack and backpack in one of the smallpox at a very small knife in it and they sent me through secondary screening us your pocket knife in Europe. Backpacker, sorry, the guy took it knows it. Take it easy! Ok, bye done! That's what it's always been like that they changed little. That's so crazy that doesn't make any sense at all. Just oh, it's a waste of my money is wasted the court's money to do what you think they're doing it to try to make more money by making more court cases. Well, I'd pay. The court costs here, obviously, but I
I just think its law, upon laws and in Israel we are shocking laws upon laws and was no one speeds industry I drove down from San Francisco sustain. It was loose how fast people drive, but others limit, because the speed that they were driving like forty Kosovo, the speed limit, something that strangers. You lose your license instantly. You don't have a license for next year. Surreal, yes or no one space like that for a year- oh god so yeah but desk has reached, have suddenly laws. We have so many different wars in that respect. That's it does disturbing produced I want. I want to talk about. My family me out: Estralla out about moving Australia, like maybe this spot. I've heard that a lot from America there's trouble you quoted earnest thing. It's argues that I just think I like it meter.
I wouldn't really move there, but like the shit hit, the fan so blew up Manhattan or sunlight, thereby goop time a job or bolt whenever wherever there's absolutely one, where I was four nine eleven or where I was in up in them very northern reaches of the straight in the middle of no so far away that you couldn't get a signal for anything but TAT, one of the people on board had done shortwave ready, unlike him, a ham radio, and so I learned of nine eleven via radio and it was like war, the world's man it satellite, the whole world was what's going to shine and but we're on about the milliner. When we did Kennedy solidly children go well, we got two or three months with supply food. Here we can start
that out with fishing and we're in the middle of nowhere. We can go sit up their creek over there, and yet we will country bug out. It wasn't till it. Two months later, the actually got back and saw the images of what happened, but it Sandler WAR, the world's winner, when you listen to that sort of event over a regular scare. That's a weird way to get information to so so, like retro out to get information about some server gigantic catastrophe error calamity
horrendous events like nine eleven to get it over radio like just it sounded like Bilbil? Three: that's what a satellite from the radio at least will look like World WAR three on tv that they too, though, in all fairness watching on tv and went with a bunch, my friends, because there was no flights, I had some gigs planned. I couldn't girls who actually supposed to be in Manhattan that weak, lucky air outpost of Flood Manhattan the week after September, eleven that all flights were can and I remember- are hanging out with some friends and allies everybody's bugging Alec. Why is going to happen? And then we were aware because the news there was no flights and it was also clear skies who strange strange, hey, look up like there's? No, no airplanes does nothing. You don't hear him, he looked up. You don't see. Any thing was
the clear skies ever recorded over the USA that yeah will not only that the temperature lowered changed the temperate. Of the earth or may be raised. At one less water vapor? It would have lowered lobby core is evident because one of the things happened, what either right- used or lowered depending upon the. There is also the water vapor could protect. The atmosphere. Analogues is a cloud cover. You know when you can contrails which one it was. But it was like a noticeable amount will change fantasy or to an airplanes. Pumping out is nothing to seriously speckly actually is one of the most efficient forms of transport you can have per person, but where its injecting that co2 in their water vapor up in that you know in a high atmosphere it's doing. Some damage is not as much as I think we give it critical well. The other thing is people that live near airports suffer some set. What does that Jim? Who just put up It got hotter, actually two degrees hotter for years.
So I was thinking because I think is the lack of because Countries that are created the artificial clouds are created by jet engines, naturally stirring up the humidity Erasmus marry their reflecting back solar radiation, but that's where other countries will craziness comes from did the GEO Engineering people. They believe that that is actually done on purpose and then what we're doing us we're we're? Making art bishop. Clouds try to control the environment whilst not true means its. We know why those remained there may is a natural formation that happens when you have a jet engine passes through condensation, creates contrails, not Kim Trail YO, a strong point that when it's a There's a guy named MIC West, who runs this website called met a bunk and this sort of debunk a lot of like really commonly held ideas that conspiracy theories tender to grab onto, but he calls it the training wheels of conspiracy theories cossack in the sky above your head, like what is
We gotta get to the bottom of this sort of where, instead of like researching what action, happens with jet engines and condensation people say welcome one day, they'll be no conch else at another day to be a lot more. How can one day it rains no data retention. What's condensation, the amount of moisture in the atmosphere its whatever this a different subject, wanted to talk to you about some other shit. You have on your arm, you had neurological decompression illness from the EU, try to go happy here, but this is actually getting sat the scary yeah. It's it's yes, there are stereos hoping you're gonna do another one for a really turning weakened it with to now, I want to tell you: is this: it's a depressing suppressing lab suck
scuba diving stupid Ivan since I was like Tapioca thirteen thousand dollars a lot of time on order well and so one white sites and never will better. So I was Darwin nothing to serious. You know the shallow dive a bit of a current Austrian. Do a bit of a current, maybe slightly dehydrated, who knows but yeah. I got messed up now been diary for nine days prior to that for dives. Today, sir I've had some residual action bubbles in my blood, basically and then doing this one. I guess a little bit of exertion, underwater and stuff like that yeah I got messed up. So when I came out of the water, you have bad headache and stuff like that. And then eventually calm down my hands and my hands had gone into fists and I couldn't opened my hands anymore and that to me was that the big thing straightaway out what I've never had that before I didn't have control of my body,
and so my hands world class. So I ran upstairs to my bank told the first night you get the oxygen stuff or that of I've got some scoundrel here and then, when I laid down amount bunkers, severe paint going over the whole entire body, arms and hands both totally paralyze, couldn't move them enormous, enormous amount of paint box, jellyfish pain or not our birthing. No, no! Nothing here that I think more, just scary, Pang has just done. What's going on you just don't know, your whole body is suddenly doing stuff that has never done before, and so when an oxygen and passing out actually after a few, maybe half an hour or so in passing up, and then I woke up in our seas. Really dopey in Delhi and staffing, long story short for various reasons I didn't actually get treatment for six days is very remote area. In this, I will stop there and
spent nine days in chamber decompression chamber facing time. Try repair or gone wrong because I had Nerve damage in the hands and feet spine and brain, so I had quite us some significant brain damage. The spine, nemesis buying causes a lot of fatigue and enhancing features. Pain, basically did not happen in two thousand and twelve. I got MR, Mr. So brain damage like we're gonna brain damage, literally brain damage. So what's going on in my body to is lots a little tiny bubbles, basically are all in my nerves, bloodstream everywhere and they cause inflammation and they they kill stuff idle
muscle atrophy idler muscles just die on May cause said that blood supply had been blocked by the little bubbles growing. You seem like a difference in your body. Does turn black and blue, or does it just shrink like what you lose? Yoyo muscle, ass, a shrivelled yeah, illusory muscle, mass change, the appearance of the skin, like does not see like yellowing words rotting, underneath nothin like that I had to learn how to work again. Could barely war- and I had to learn vocabulary- was how do I set a really good vocabulary and are not so much anymore I killed a lot of brain cells. Brain cells. Are, you feel, stupid her like you, I was not able to choose where to them. I had you want a chess Marcie beforehand, and I was about a hundred and fifty when sixty mark lie on the loyal and now about a hundred and twenty and so you don't fuck ingenious would get out, but
growth and jobs, the Marquis points, while you were used to be a genius for sure we are highlighting cartographic member one thirty one. Sixty is definite genius. I thought too much by its better for you to feel stupid Well, I enjoy bad movies. Now they go Adam Sandler movies, like where I agree with those who is any movie. This predictable way before- but I know what's going on here and longed to us, overgrown name any less. It byplay shea bad movements. As always, it is always a positive side. So do we if it so it actually made you significantly less intelligent and you can consume pop culture now, yet bicycle you enjoy. Reality shows now now asked my live happily housewife, my tv at home, as it is actually connected to an area. Are you one of those This guy, I don't like advertising advertising- is evil, so use like Netflix from now on that smart ass, the future anywhere near held at all, Anything goods, Itunes. Already you now most
good shows walking Dagger game thrones, rather vague can always find them. I want to choose schedule is what I want. I want to be on Wednesday, nine after staying there, one works that one show my kids don't know. Commercials are really they dont understand it like an most time. We watch shows with them. We watched on Dvr and he could fast for through commercials, but occasionally will wash like one of them favorite, shows and you'll come on and watch while its on and then the show beyond and then it'll go to commercial may reach for the remote and it's like Tum Tum, Tum Tum, it's not no fast forward, unlike what is going on here. Why do we have to watch this? Michael, that's a commercial that That's how normally look into what we had to deal with, but the look on their little faces. We seal it, look like a five or six year olds. Faced with what the fuck you after to watch this stupid thing and they're watching these come shows like like puzzled like who, like even a choice.
Child realises that dumb way to ever advertise things. It's it's. Actually. I think it makes you not want to purchase those things. They ve interrupted your programme. Hob, that's cause your intelligent. I would say it does work for a vast majority of people who don't you know
just subliminal than not even thinking about it that it is goes in higher, went to cook, don't you think it worth less and less, though, possibly as we get disassociated with it with Netflix and stuff like that, as we move away from it, but I think I think of it ass an evil. It is seen as soft heartless half box. I go onto it quite well: advertising yeah! I see whites there, but it really bugs me and it bugs me probably also because industry we have such terrible as we had Chris Bell and Mark Bell from the documentary bigger, stronger, faster in the new one prescription thugs. Were they go over the effect of the prescription, drugs and stream. Like war what massive efforts it has on people and amount of people that are hooked on pain pills in one of those adds abandons trade, but they should be, and they were talking in the documentary about during the Reagan administration, when they became legal, advertising for all these drugs and how how much different the landscape
When all of a sudden, there is an ad then showed all these things that may be. You have an issue, and maybe you should talk to your doktor about the staff and then sales go through the roof. They get addicted when it comes to know sales, it's really disturbing aspect of our society that you can advertise for drug. Likely for describing how many pharmaceutical Emily different drugs and american an average American is on any one point when I was in the dive industries at occipital our get lists of everyone on board and medical conditions and what drugs that are currently taking hen. The strain. Is this like our yet nothing but nothing, but American that have five or six things listed there and then I would have to actually go to the research on each drug and see if they. Conflicted with diving and software, that it was a lot of work and you can like all this is an upper, and this is a down or- and this is a kind of Leveller, what people have anti
presence and they have an extra vilify, that the add to an antidepressants, then antidepressants, isn't doing the job but it could cause a sigh society to collapse in your asshole explosion bleed out in some side effects make suicidal thoughts like it's. It's apparently like there's a what attached to it. I e the fine print the end by law when they grow through. It may cause Mama. It's like this huge list of possibilities horribly wrong, But some people they just always think that a pill is the answer and I think that's also part of the programming. That's sort of the indictment, I'm in a really tough spot. This point the last four years. Bicycles, I've always believe, don't take a pill. The wrestler take you gotta headache, you take a headache pill. Robbie, don't take a pill every single day of your life. There is no point for that. You have something like diabetes or somewhere, yet it if she is always something
she said, but long haul. Most people can actually with diabetes, even change their diet and sort of go that way. There always do without taking a pill every day but now I'm under this thing where, since that accident with decompression sickness, I have paint constantly right have seven its current pain consular. Well, you know very well. Well what do you do with your life? He's right, government, behind the curtain. Thirty, I do like a pain, is in your hands and feet basically hands and feet. Just throbbing were a more stabbing painters. Someone's gonna need right now and push us down. Paying your has officially just become accustomed to, while its older, the nerve damage As a new looked into high, barbaric, fame, hyperbolic chambers are wider. Nine days straight after had happened, bear chambers yeah. I did nine days and hopped about this. Have you worked into continual therapy
it's not some middle. Let me have you, don't have to go pay for it. Myself. Yes, have goes out of to pay thousands of dollars to go, get oxygen therapy for, but we're footballist footballers go to it so that he'll, quick If you actually had taught her doctor, that would say probably wouldn't do much did you do it after the event and that, but now we talking four years later, we will do much, but is not a lot of the problems. Decompression sicknesses is now A lot of evidence is not a research. There is a wholly for research, but its classified by the: U S: Marines Sir Knight Use Navy most of the evidence and most of the stuff out. There is very there's not a lot of data, So I remember going these doctors and we don't really know how to,
No there's no set plan. Oh you that decompression sickness. Where do we go from here to fix it? There isn't that kind of like I will try to strap, will try. This drug will try. The strap will try. This truck is keep trying different drugs and and see what happens. Basically, woe I've tried a lot of drugs. The last four years. One has offered you the most relief organisations of science, but Acupuncture was ex lie with a show of Anti ACT upon. Well, it's not basically, I had to fight some guy who you kind of did it he was a doctor and then he did acupuncture as we caught bulk billing as part of the government sort of thing saw he get it. So I did that and that reduce my pain by about half right after its yeah she's amazing, the other drugs are tried. Cod amending the names will what kind of mixed over here. So I think the first thing they did as a that Chuckie on any presents to Malta
that sort of stuff, because, like well he's just having trouble adjusting to the fact that he's in panel at times has given interpreting so is happy which it does take the edge off, but it's a kind of half against it, but be it just you just can't keep up in the dose. You know yourself from ten milligrams and then a month's time. It wouldn't do it anyway. At a twenty in use, keep up in the does, and I just become accustomed to the dosage. It is not taken. The penalties is taken, the edge off fino, making not think about it. So much whether isn't my friend of mine got offer them. He said you just get you. He realized, like you're. Gonna get adapted to whatever those they give you in and you're getting come up with some well. This isn't working anymore because you bought his custom till you built up a tolerance, organ try and new access. Our eye on you yeah. I ventured got off the simpleton because else's cows get into basically the
depressive dosage, asking them to sixty milligrams assembly cells. I why don't wanna keep on with this and, quite frankly, not doing much Sakharov that they put me in one court lyric up, which is at the lipstick, drunk Jesus travel on drugs and that dismissed with me mess with my head. I had to quit it because I lose my job. Curtis didn't turn up to work anymore. I would sleep through my alarms and wake up for five hours later and dislike. It is miss with me and I was captain of a ship at the time somewhere. I can't be driving a ship, a copy in charge of all these people and being messed up on some political drunk. So I stopped doing that. One, then what I travel in depth, which is its antidepressant from the sixties. I believe, is not used at all any more thought. Listening, there's no evidence. There's like we have like ten drugs who that terrorism experimental experimenting on it, and so I ve been
One for while the same thing I just kept getting but the first time I took it actually slipped from at twenty. I was trying to dismiss me up, so I've been kind of. Very low doses of it, and once again it just stopped not really doing much for the pain and then I said I just spent three weeks and I talked with no bags, which means no medication, either actually to spend three weeks without it, and I noticed straight away. I had more energy during the day. It actually caused me to be fatigued for the morning. I don't have that a more and then the level of pain, tolerance that it was giving me what's this, insignificant. So now, I'm just back to popping up appeal when it gets too much, not we're copper. At the moment coding we call it parenting photo witches, paracetamol and small dose according to his trial. Some sleep geared to Sir Leon. Somebody get insomnia from all the pines, that's what our tron do yeah Day, the next one they wanted me to try was methadone
one yet Jesus Christ, so they do to get people have a heroine yeah. That's I am just a guinea pig. Let us keep experimenting with FUCK man, that's, that seems so crazy will. Hopefully people listen to this I have some information, though I am delighted, as I hope they do reach out to you had pirates in here is a subject brand to Germany. Endurance of pirate No, I said Tom Hanks move. I used to do a talker away. We did through you know, sort of not pass Somalia, but Tanzania motives. Shells around hilarious. A lot of people want to talk about piracy side, to have a little presentation that I commented on piracy in there. But what I quite like to show people is actually I liked bring new technology into the equation. So there's a website called live Parsee Map and you can actually see a map of the world and all the current pirate attacks around the world? Its critical was as something to be concerned,
what we drive around that big hundred million dollar beautiful boat, not normal, as of security with you, no matter how we fucked up, saying that should say armed to the teeth, Superhero. If I told you I have to kill, you know what pirates attack cargo ships up with very little Croton crews. On my that day, they attacks it and it's a big prize with very little people protecting they don't occasionally they'll go for yachts, little time, yachts that cruise ships- the last of the crucial big ship that they tried to attack as they came up alongside at home. Guess some board grabbed all the outdoor furniture, although some lounge suffer and true it at the people coming up in a little boats and killed some of them with furniture, yet the furniture their hearts were killed by falling furniture from the roof. So they just don't. Do this? How you jump on board a ship like that
and you have a hundred guests and you have eighty Kreutz hundred ninety people, you gonna, try and manage you're, not gonna, get away with it. There's a pirate map or the yet test the pariah Tarsi maps? You can click on each one of those little lamb, little tags, and it will tell you a little story, this is done by the insurance agencies. Obviously, but it's just fascinating to see. What's going on, and what I was tryin always showed. A people is that people is go somali pirates and there is an action which piracy there anymore. Very very most of its actually the straits of Malacca Singapore around their real most of the policies where the latter. Shipping channels are basic while the somali store we ve, talked about in the Pike S main times. Unfortunately, and I want to reiterate it, but those people were forced into it because of people dumping the toxic waste, our fishermen, nor dumping toxic waste off their shores and they kidnapped them too.
Try to stop this dumping, and then they got a massive ransom and realize like wow, hey fuck fishing, star, kidnapping, people oh no one turns into a pirate or a terrorist is to function of where the grown up and experiences they had that push them. To that limit. You push some unto the edge is always a risk. For, while the battle for resources in the inequality of the of the resources and what you can get in the world to sleep people to desperation and that's what in our got, going back to the alien thing, that's what we would hope. One day We get past we had passus mean, would understand that like if we just look at the world. Somehow or other. We realise that there is some sort of is a way to be completely altruistic. Right is a way to be completely Van and fair, and we would look at the glow and say well, look, there's plenty of resources. We have both ships in the Sis II
We distribute all the stuff and figure out a way we can all live in harmony, nobody contribute, but it's it's difficult with the way things are right. Now, it's very good. Got to move into that place. We'd have to have some say, or massive, transcendence I'd like to go more into the whole planet chasing nor before I bring this up, but at the same time I started off very optimistic. I cited and climate change talks two thousand seven as very optimistic as I we can do this. We can do this. We can do this now fast forward, almost ten years later and am Apocalypse domestic it's, I think really. If we want to change, was going on now, like any problem with with when adult come too with a problem, have you tried doing it on and off right? I really I think we kind of we get to the point now where we really got a tunnel often then started back up again in a carbon neutral Conaway with that's what we're getting too right now
What we are seeing now. This is something that alludes most people, the effects we see now, which is two degrees celsius above degrees Celsius. Both industrial rights, the Arctic at the moment, is twelve to sixteen degrees celsius. Above the rich pre industrial time. All this sort of stuff going on it's is forty lag between what we pump out in pollution seo too, to what the actual temperatures so what we are seeing now is from the MID seventys. We haven't even got up to the eighties. It does bananas Can you imagine what the next ten years the ideas, what what what we did to the world during the 80s when you're in Antarctica? Do you look for places to move to Sri Lanka, this house here thirty years and we the shit, it's it's not too far off now. It's actually really quite warm and the Antarctic Peninsula. It's it's a bit of a hot spot, it's well. It's warm. I've got pitcher pitcher there of me in t shirts and chores
so. You're talking this thirty degrees celsius warmer there, which is what is that an America American Feminine, ok, so we re told by the Arctic. The arctic at the moment is in some areas about twelve degrees celsius above the pre industrial levels, so got a negative Fahrenheit, but I would say yes: twenty for almost thirty is very annoying that we have different ways of telling the temperature data so me so goofy killer I'm too like when we go to what were England's the most ridiculous, to have stone who d wagons for the USA, and one with thirteen stone like what are you even talking about why you measure stones like what thirteen pounds or something crazy, Lincoln
some random ancient fuckin king shit, so when he had a rock and no one and everybody we measured by that sort of put us at the metric system is a wonderful thing. So we go, we should have adopted it should not. We tried when I was in high school before I go, I believe, a believe junior high school they were. There was an attempt to indoctrinate the american people on soccer and the metric system both fail. We're like now Now we dug our heels in now soccer I can understand, but metric system I just, I wonder like when you in school or China learn math and science, not using the metric system must be hard work that sort of stuff it's kind of silly, because you can do you can do the math metric system is better? It's a better system. A system of ten and when you get into inches in yards and systems of twelve twelve inches and who, like ok, how many yards is where
a meter, computer yard, is how much difference hooker de. My readers is almost the same, but it is this variables in that the the kilos thing that the grams and measuring Fahrenheit Celsius? It's it's done like one system would be great, they could have done it. They could stuck in the Sixtys and Seventys. We could have been right now, man, the rest of the world, will, wherever with metrics. Come come join us when I, even though they have stones, but their miles pressure to these kilometer Saving on uses miles then these miles. Then these inches feet miles per hour. If they use inches in feed these kilometers their retarded now lacking? I thought it was you guys in the USA in Baton were the only people in impolite being What's he did longed? Who was in the UK
miles or used almost exclusively on road signs. Think that issues and rights an interesting interesting. Why thinking in there, not just roadsides, I think they are seated on their spare amateurs. I give you thirty five miles an hour because you have ever speedometer them in that I can use it just on the road signs of their fuckin. Car doesn't say what it is shirts and their automobile ass. We have you mix like that. I wasn't it is weird. I wasn't aware that languages on a MAC stayed these that we have there are their system mean the reason why we use inches and for a fee knowledge ass it because their miles? That's that's England, but waited too, of course, in a strange,
We were just smart. You guys wised up. Another is whilst try is awesome. As I said, where we have a moments when we were the second nation, let women vote. We got a lot of good things behind us at being very progressive in a kind of ahead of the loop on a few things, but who was the first Us New Zealand, New Zealand first, Google appeal were women were caught him beautiful, attribute body miles over there right now to focus and pictures. Also, it's it's a pretty place. And yet they have written. What is your favorite place to visit or is? Do you have a fireplace of exporting? I believe, then, that to emphasise and because three every expedition. I don't gimme affair with telling about something awesome. Yet every expedition do. Has something amazing that we do right? You know and so every single one there's one place that I really really like. Sir there's lots, and yet it's hot, but if you does despised, expedition actor highlights of it. So far in one of my favorite place in the world at large,
is South Georgia, which is the Falkland. Islands, are several a bit further into the into the ocean. The east. And say that this little tire up in the middle of a big ocean and all the animals have to go somewhere we'll go to the little time it wrong. So you go on this beach. Saint Andrews bathed up four hundred thousand king penguins on this one little bitch is just thick with animals em and it had a lot of ceiling, but now the first he's coming back, and so you let you get to these beaches any kind of gonna try and make your way through the penguins and seals to actually get ashore. It's that crazy and one of my favorite things there is, I just lay down on the beach and all the little tiny baby. First, your pups little tiny things with probably heads they all come up in Nepal, on top of it, oh yeah, it's just Maisie amazing spanked me in
so many animals that just as inquisitive about you as they are yet to some crazy, crazy shots. While it's so beautiful, it's it's a stunning spot. I've got term some images, delete the respective that you gain from visiting all these amazing places and then, when you come and talk to people that sort of living city never leave. You feel bad for those people. Everyone's gonna run they're in passing installed. If you are then it was truly. I don't I mean I guess a little bit a pity, maybe a little bit You? Don't have a passport? That's unfortunate, live in his wild life of adventure. Me, sir. It's an insane path and I think there's something cool about talking to people that travel all over the world like they have a perspective? It's almost like. Ok, but you go to a bunch of different places. You see a bunch of different ways, the p
Bolivia, Nigger, oh alright, there's not really one way to do this. There is no better way or bad why this is different wasted here, which is, as we see everywhere, Pierre you, I've got some friends who lived high school and they married the local mechanical. Don't even have a passport to do is merited mechanic, lantern, F, female for Eurostat, whatever same difference, but basically never left the town that they grab him and that's it what they did, maybe autonomous mushrooms the traveller different way, calculating anew doo doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo, but I think about when I, when I think of travelling to different cultures and experiencing these really incredibly varied ways of living that people have. I was think Eminem look at all the different views. It is of of life, like I posted this Instagram video last night of this jellyfish that I saw an aquarium them and I'm thinking when I was looking at the jellyfish like what, if that thing was,
on another planet. We think it would be the most fascinating discovery that man is totally get me started this jellyfish that are immortal immortal, like literally deliberately freedom. That thing I think, ghettos great, locating pleasing if the pots. I think, if you tell them that islands and the water cephalopods is where it's out and similar puts the nautilus, not a show. Octopus, squid and cuttlefish and cattle fish my favorite Seleucia, actually Jamie, there's a video on Youtube Channel called Adam verse, cuttlefish, you'll, yielding meat is freedom, the cuttlefish, but there, the most amazing Mason, and the alien and so many respects and a lot of research on Sunday like five years older. So we still work and stuff out clause that the fastest color and texture chain Well, they look at me on sign pulsating color at you. I think it's about three hundred and ninety dp is the resolution they can predict on this scale.
Issues of a nominal. They have three hearts. Hemoglobin that have red blooded green blood. It's kind of a copper base, blood limit, less inefficient hints at three hearts have like him. Jet engine, the porter round the head and push that alone. Nozzle. What the front that I say, it's like an activist, but tiny legs, yeah old houses in the cephalopod families. So this one's got up a cuttlefish bone. So it's neutrally buoyant it's kind of just floating off the surface, but it looks like what is behind. It is very, very good at camouflage was it communicates far color as well, but what we didn't work out for many his host. You put him in a dark box and they will still mimic so you put in a box with no light was over. They will still mimic whatever's behind them even further, I like there to actually use, and then they would also mimic color. And yet there are you. What do you mean they were mimic? What's behind them? No thing: either we oughta cuttlefish in a box where pitch black put a triangle triangle shaped behind them.
Will mimic on the other side, a triangle shape in their skin and we still, we still trying to work out how they do this causes no light, and we knew that they did it with color, but the eyes dancing color icy black one heavy. In contrast, we actually that only by two years ago they worked out in their skin. They see color via their skin, eyes I can go off. Hot shot is crazy. This sexual reproduction is mine is really cold day that I have a lack of our visit that and have too many orifices to use lasted. Forty two is the male cuttlefish gets an arm and sticks it up. His nostrils will call it a nostril, it's an office, what and pulls out a sack of sperm and then goes up to the female and then sticks that with the second spend more per nostril, left nostril and that's how they reproduce. Why that's why? It's sack fasting, you take a sack of em,
fitted up your nose up and in his nostrils the same orifice they use for smelling. We call it a nostril, but it's it's not just the whole system. Close as one to their sexual as it were watching here. Oh god, I'm not prepared for this chamber, current throbbing earn. He dies right after that, actually to a meal. They live about eighteen months so strange on cuttlefish, indifferent, cuttlefish, different things, but eighteen months ago, do that they reproduce they die my friend, Remy Warren has a show called apex predator, where he he travels. These different environments and tries to figure out how these various apex predators hunt. Therefore, food and how they do it, and he said without a doubt that the most fascinating one that he did he studied was the octopus like they are Some kind of an alien creatures end
I didn't know until he came on the show how quickly they can change into the background, though, would completely camouflage not just color, but also in texture. They mimic the texture behind them. It I mean it's hard to find them. When you scuba, diving is actually hard to find them because they look exactly like what is behind them. They have so many like the more research adorn the this amazing. They have the intelligence of a six year old child, and so they ve been actually class. Recently, as like, I forget, the word like sitting beings. Is that so there in the same classes, dogs and monkeys in dolphins, were you can't do tests on them that harm them basically big go, get em for sushi. Oh yeah, you can kill them. Those are the biggest still give grilled octopus grossly grilled. Six year old, I mean you probably It's a strange thing that we do. We decide like what we will eat. You know what we and various hugely culture
Well, then, we don't belong here but organised like all three dove. I mean I, I made a mistake of watching a piece I think was a vice peace and that you'll in dog festivals. Why man? Lord it, but again its entire the cultural, because, if you're, an indian person whose Hindu and you see what we do to cows, thou be equal. If not more deserving cause their cows are wholly what I love of I haven't done much India, but I've done. Nepal is No, we don't need this cow. This cow sacred, this buffalo its tasty. This like what they should get together with the bird egg. People try to figure this out. It's just when you see it certain traditions that existed in these cultures and try to decipher like how how they got darted there's, always a reason for you go back. You can always discern a reason why they started. This was tony pork here. Will you get someone? I learned that kills. You rise, of course, always arrival.
Firms kosher food and things are not running aboriginal people have is usually complex system of food, loud to talk to your lead to marry the things called skins and takes a long time in coming to a head around. But when you look at the science behind it, it's the most efficient way ever conceived by humanity to ancient cultures to prevent injury, so you're not allowed to talk to your sister can talk turned her daughter because we might have sex with her. So I won't have the resources grouse, but I mean anyway, they can't talk to their sister yeah enjoyment mother is one that makes it. You want to fuck you sister more time be good, attracted me, whoever twist I'm not saying me, man, I'm just high, pathetic, this. Person had lived a long long time ago, and it came up the weird rules. Is it possible for restroom?
yeah yeah, I was be two seconds then, when I come back, maybe some climate change or sure yeah observation reproduction wouldn't want your watchmen as a cool watch that it's it's actually quite that's cool, look and does not too expensive Capades you like going to like Evelyn now Dunkard. Don't worry about me that error it again. I win the bladder war to find someone who could sit here and drink. Often whisky. As long as we can hold the folks wrong. Do you think my bladder has changed? It must have changed at others, not southern. I was born with our things is for doing We are pike ass like like right now, if I had a p it'll be a struggle of senior drinking coffee, He had a glass whisky with him. A jack and coke Diet, Coke, of course, his mother, a truck driver, yeah developed. I wonder I like to have competition, would truck drivers, see who could hold a pessimist, they can pull over their church aggregate pull over two hours and spill over mad left podcast. Before I have had time to poorly you don't is
If I dont p right before the show you get cause, then I might have gone hours without pan. It's weird. It isn't broke the seal like when you pay when you're drinking numbers peat and you gotta go every twenty thirty minutes. Sometimes I really mean that you happens to me that you have saved at one time. I shouldn't have gone at I should just held it. Will you nowhere breaks me? Monster energy drinks drink those fuckers anymore, the? U have see they have those, and sometimes you know that you're doing but six hours of commentary, you want, will caffeine, but I would those monsters and man that I would have to pierce like within an hour. It's crazy like there's some stuff in them.
There are there some form of direct someone beacon of. Maybe you would know this. I looked up something yesterday when I was eating Brito on hot sauce. There's something called sent them gum and yeah, and it was like a thickening agent is what I read write. But when I look on the Wikipedia about his anthem gum, it says its its use as a heavy laxative. Really my head, I was just like- maybe that's: what's making people should themselves when they live? Sorry, it's that perhaps us could being maybe that could be. I think I think come. There's a reaction that your body has your stomach cast a hot sauce to your bike. Why enough flock, and that may show? herself to not really necessary shit yourselves as much as have to show how the hell did you get there the latter control drink tea in hot sauce. Maybe now thirty seconds, while I've actually was told, I just remembered pirates. Yes, you know what I have them.
Hearings, the golden, because her gay there, okay, well, actually you every right that they did We're gonna sexuality is a big part of it. While I was why they would do it, I mean they were. There were dead, sweaty dress, offline, buoyantly, yes, but that's not one awake snow. It was actually payment for burial. So when you got washed over the global Baudouin afloat in up on a beach, someone. We go, bury you and take the girl and the girl. That's a good deal interesting! I thought was just to look cool. Your bad ass with sky was, there was women, it was near the oldest gain it was. There was women parts is willing, but it be a woman part, though you had to be able to be able to get away with, the EU had to look like a mile. Basically get away with giving thereby softball plan type. I get chick really likes crossfire I'm sick, neck ones, still very womanly, but large stout after travel
well for a for a while the last few years, I'm really big, Fanny yoga pants on airplanes. Oh yes, yeah. They ought to get it out. They figure. That's amazing that it took so long, but now girls, it just rock, I'm constantly bitch you ain't gonna yoga each. Why receive imperfect ass? How dare you walk around but can't do that if you walk around with yoga balancing the shaft is just like bulging the front your pants people think you're rude like it's quite, line and dandy service there ass to be plump and right there and I'll juice unit. Fighting, but you can have your your man bits compressed in front centre be rude right. At least painful, a people. This is acceptable. A man can walk round yoga pants on very few, do GAD on the other. They are competitive. It's an argument for a large family, back yoga, pants and a large family pact. Romantic. What his thin
Would you like to know miser appear? Fucker benefits kept me when he said what, because you, as the vagina, fannys vagina, in England and Australia as well, but also we wouldn't be caught dead wearing an actual fanny pact. On back what anyone, autism there's just no fashionable I wear one you all the time I could see it's been useful is amazing. If you're not trying delayed went rocket to Alan, I haven't I'm trying to get laid So, should we talk about climate change and to ensure that we do something they want to bring up? I'm just amazed at Hamley tangents you ve been able to go on in the last few hours to its impressive or you're. In this with me. I know it's both ass to. I don't know how much to talk about here like you, ve got such an intelligent audience to some, don't get too crazy monkeys after listening to
So I guess Versing is don't shoot the messages. Normally, when someone is also about climate change and look for reasons, do you shoot them by yeah and you need to differ in its got such political aspect to write and let you gotta disassociate and just look at the science you not right and also take the whole. I hate the wood belief I believe in climate change from two plus two equals for, if you believe it's five doesn't really change the fact brought anyway. Don't you gotta, hold lecture on this item did you TED talks us? I had a two tier charter on board the ship we had mission blue to which was alternative ocean consumers, So we all heads of TED, talk, fascinating, fascinating, but yeah. I just listen to them basically, but some suddenly have climate, which is what member big mistake make it go. Oh it's whether it's cold outside will that's climate! No climate! Is
whether over very large timescales and it's a big wanna people get wrong straightaway. But when you look at say, fourteen thousand peer reviewed articles about climate change, there's only twenty four that reject global warming. So to how this whole thing is a debate going on. There is no debate. Does a debate. Twenty four people debate now I know said just joking: you ve seen them the document. I assume merchants of doubt don't think that our money mismanaged its brief standing, I had Michael Shermer in here who's. The head of sceptic magazine, rising Michael showers, pre famous sceptic. And he was over the skip toward one. You gripped him a new one. That was, I guess, I'm herself for monsieur murmurs, much more reasonable, intelligent man, but he was talking about this documentary. We will I by actually brought it up, but I forgot: and it was a document it where it showed that the same people that were spreading misinformation, there were actually paid to spread
misinformation about cigarettes, but cigarettes being addictive the very same people that were spreading misinformation about climate change. People sell outflow yet exactly, and it is good at their good at bullshit those twenty four people. You look into the role played by the yes side by the oil petroleum up. It's all there s. I mean you and me, we know, and the whole world can come around to the last two years. The world is warming. We know this. Matter, which weighs Avenant Suttons going on and people normally go. Oh that's! You know solar and stuff like that going on, but if you remove the the solar you know from the equation is still going up. Grass is so going up because we understand the solar cycles quite well done a lot of research on them. So we know what's going on and in the other thing people Besides, oh it's happened over and over again throughout history, and so this one's eight hundred thousand years- and yet you see it's psychically going up and down, but I was like look at the averages in the averages is kind of sea.
Two with an average and maybe to twenty five parts per million. You know what you're up to no one four hundred and three at the moment the average being two fifty never got hot and three hundred and win our four hundred or something so we're we're off the charts when it comes to that and temperature. The scientist always been law colder than it actually is today, and that is because the earth rotating around the sun, the litter progression here limit of until tat. We stand is quite well, otherwise we would be to make observations of the skies as close as we do so. People who go yes, it sola, but if you look at solar since nineteen sixty seventy it's been going down, but the amount of solar radiation, the men of energy, the sun's putting out that hits planet earth has been going down a yet temperature has been gone up. Big time
oh right there you conduct can get away from the whole. It's just natural cycles, something really gone on. That's not meant to be there, and so, as of last year, we crossed four hundred parts per million with co2 in the atmosphere and actually between Libya that spike crazy from the nineteen ten. Two two thousand fifteen thousand I this is from four hundred thousand years ago. I know what I mean the last bike: oh yeah yeah chose nineteen ten to two thousand fifteen, that's when it goes completely vertical straight up straight up and so I mean, even in the last twelve months, we ve had the sharp rise in sea or to swell of about just under three parts per million, so it still increasing it's not slowing down at all. It's actually increasing bigtime spike is crazy. That's it's weird! Look at yet it's a chip taken off straight up. Now Tom! You see this any scientist, Jesus! That's not that's not normal! That's not what things cyclic they don't just go.
Hockey. What hockey Stick EU member one, an inconvenient truth came out and some people were attacking Al Gore immediately afterwards boy, thus conservatives they fuckin piled on it's almost like they were just shut, avoid the information getting out just trying to keep business as usual for as long as possible. I wonder what the world would currently living if our call became president shut up. You knocked over. That was one of the weirdest elections that will IKEA. We know you won, but whatever George Bush second term come out can we eat ever get rid of a president in war? Do you always have? they will get to turn his walk out of John Curry was the second term right was AL. Gore was the first one right,
wasn't it I'll girl do now go running from the first time than John carried the second time. Was it worth it and even John carry those thuggery through some fuckers when it came to those it ever told them and subject, but there was a fantastic HBO documentary on old hacking, democracy, and it was all about how these Diebold machines that were created, these action. Counting machines where there are huge contributors to the Republican Party did the Diebold Corporation, which change your name afterwards. But,
also they engineered some sort of a back door into the system. I clearly that can be handled and they showed it like without doubt, on the show on the in the documentary that you can hack these machines and alter the result, and these are the machines they used. One. Switching the impressive ever see now that he's a man member that dang did dangling Chad's terror was its amidst outbursts, missed islets, so I mean temperatures their rising. We notice as a set of worldwide think we're about one point: five at the moment: degrees above pre, industrial, northern hemisphere too, at the money so. Why are they going well that the going towards about six degrees by the end of the century, six yap? So you'll talk people look at four point: five, any climate scientists he get this autumn. So you tell me, what's gonna happen by two that the Indus entering the four point? Five degrees celsius temperature
and then you have a drink with them afterwards and they like will. I can prove four point. Five, to ninety nine point. Ninety nine percent probability, but I can prove six at ninety two percent. Really, I mean and set it on every printed because they copy a hundred percent sentenced as a few more apples and more data that more research anymore calculate ass, the real number, but that's actually where its heading. So that's why you get these great grouse way. You see, I mean this graph here too few is all this. Has all my only get to one point, five degrees? We were already there, so the lowest end of this is already happened. The high renders is is that six decrease, depending on the different research that you do, but I think this is good. The people realise that scientists won't publish supping. Lesser hundred percent, said Anne there's a lot of things that they're pretty certain non they'll tell you ever drink later on, but they went publish it and the generally that's why every year it seems to get worse and worse and predictions positive proven.
Global warming is unaware, visual visual check than anything. I don't think I think that people found out people a better those little tiny, underwear visage by the way, the vast majority of the people that in this show listen, I'm trauma more than talk about it more than ninety percent, so that that picture they live with the fact that they see there's just now, old school bluebird from the nineteen hundreds early nineteen hundred to that little tiny, bikini, underwear that the young Ladys like to wear today, which Our global warming is bringing us he had broken fire dear. Higher up the carbon capture less quickly, as I can what's goin on wise, is all happening- will accompany nine billion tons of carbon dioxide per year and the vast. What I like about this graph is that you can see that about three and a half billion tonnes is actually coming from coal
when veteran, how from petroleum, so actually just removing call from the equation is like a third more. That China is a big one. In all these areas, trays go heaps. Coal fired power, plants, travel America, some as well right, but China is there a huge problem with the eet need em, it's ancient technology. Hundreds of years. Are we much better stuff these days, ok incinerate just goin over these graphs and showing how, in fact, what can be done is there something that can be done to you. Do you have a solution yet Adam Crop for prisoner the world I couldn't put up with politicians, you couldn't I care. I have is lacking to skip straightforward, the slaughter, feeler whipped right horses or not I just want to point out that you know different things going on, cyclones hurricanes are getting worse and worse than more powerful. This more of thumb, jets, streams, messed up, Sea level rise- oh
you know they say maybe two meters, but once he factor in positive feedback, loops and stuff like that, it can be, can be significantly higher. You come back to the old mouldy thing. You know that their they're gone interesting, man never even heard of the sky. No, it was the president of the Maldives. He was the first dumb democratically elected of a hundred percent muslim country. Do you, like carrots, rabbit his teeth Gaza. Is a marine biologist whistling biting his lower lip, like he's, he's just a weird faced, make it, but he spent time is spent eighty six years in jail and eighteen months in solitary confinement. Well for what for going for talking that climate and why it's crazy. You wanted to put him in jail. Is he's currently in jail up thing at the moment for talking about climate change, wow, who put him in jail. The next presently came in any way,
But so what you have as its huge potential sea level, we go to meet the most people go higher to meet us, build a wall. Whatever people in Shanghai would disagree, but anyway, you have the sea level rise potential with positive feedback loops, so water vapor cover the most well understood more, more hot hot. Are you have more water vapor? You have and cycles back on itself and it gets Hata another one is like the permafrost in Siberia and stuff on this. As this area thought really solid methane within cycles, and he gets more more more. So Take this all into account, then you get a huge sea level rise of about. Sixty meters is the potential of what can go all six ten metre, loner six zero, sixty the motto converter defeat at your leisure, about two hundred feet: oh my god, but shower graph. One thing show an image of theirs. Austria with sixty me, the sea level rise with the states their Florida.
Where is good but go to Florida. Terrifyingly, say: there's plenty water now. Problems of Look at all that stuff in the middle, we're playing poised to have you, has suffered, the middle was no one there. Anyway, right now most of Europe's gone good, good riddance, then you're savvy Ocean acidification too much whether one, yes, I have read about that. That's that's one of the more disturbing aspects the just ocean acidification, but less oxygen and more dead zones or the last time this happened, which is its happening and sunny couple decades away. Ninety six percent. Ninety six percent of the marine species on this earth perished was ass, two hundred and fifty two million years ago, where we bounced back
it's called the great die at the current trends. What's going on two thousand and fifty we looking at this ocean acidification of happening. So that means that all coral reefs went the elder grow Carl anymore. No shellfish can grow shells anymore, basically, the combined calcium, But the water anymore, the basically than the chemistry, doesn't work anymore and that at the moment is looking about two thousand fifty Jesus and that's pretty much. That's all you fish species every- that's that's a lot of stuff, I saw something online about. There is a solution that there were proposed where they would put scrap iron. Throughout the ocean and then that would somehow another attract algae. In that way, basically is seeding a whole heap alive to bloom phytoplankton the basis that the start of the food chain- you you gonna, hate his colleague the stuff you that makes you grow faster and bigger, and stronger
so it seeds that and so yeah it will absorb a large monsieur too for sure none of its stop the directions, doing a damn good job at the moment of resolving a lot of co2 and that's why we have this kind of forty year lack than going on, because the ocean absorbs a lot of hate and it's a heat sink but I mean this one here. This is from MRS this month and you got twelve degrees warmer in the top. It's crazy India about Twelve degrees warmer than standard the gnawing dick the Arctic basely didn't have a winter. This here is some stayed summer or how warm twelve degrees celsius. Woman, unusual, woe so that whole Arctic ICE free sort of thing that soap,
too far away is actually not to throw a closer than you think in Greenland is storing very very fast. I mean if you look at the melts over fifty percent of Greenland melted last year, most reproach, thank God, but its melting over fifty percent yeah graph in front of you, two thousand fifty no percentage was over percent of melted, normally just over twenty percent melts per year, a large portion of was Greenland at one point time green, that with the right what they call the green line. He dismissed the naming to real Iceland. I know Iceland, Greenland should be the other way round, but but I'm going for the first time actually Jim Iceland on National Geographic, explore I'm doing smell bad Iceland, Greenland super exact. So again, I
love these charts and grass, but we're almost out of time here. Where three minutes look, we do well the eye. What can we do? You need to save the children, but I prefer said the animals. So that's why you like the animals when the people? Why I'm scared of tablets? It can more people than terrorism. I'm scared toddlers. Do tablets in states can more people into how do they kill people Shootin Jim? Now those than guns are killing people, not toddlers right, we'll just keep them, fuck and guns away from the tolerance and I'll kill anybody do how many people got get killed by toddlers. It's a lot. It's crazy, really controllers with guns. Yes, we will have, as we knew Ban Jamie thing about ban them. Target with God, s eye tablet, yes, death by taller light. There is a million different things you can do with climate change. There is and the thing that much.
But those are all his great idea. We need to do that when I didn't know, we need to do all of them only to whom all now and we need to do more twenty years ago. Basically, rats holder, why keep saying really have you tried to hang on and off again like we're? Gonna do need to color to more reset we need to start. We have the technology to get her. What to do all these things and keep living standards out. We have technology, we listening to start acting on Weatherby Harper perhaps a great idea. Why are we doing that? And the most big it always comes to me. We put solar panels on your roof. Efficiency is a huge one change Ellie Lady Bulbs, all that sort of stuff. There's a million different things. We're gonna this a million times as well, but always comes down back to money, and I, say: there's lots of money out there to be done. There's lots of money to be used and we can raise taxes. Carbon taxes, Braithwaite very efficient, been proven over. It's a great way to actually curb climate change. You could just print the money like the banks, to analyse what you could. I'm gonna get a lot of trouble for this petition,
take a little bit of the war budget, the military budget and targeting and travel for that you be amazed. Do Kardashian's talks a moment. I talk about reducing military budgets and putting towards good climate changes my very freedom I write, posing. I loved him. So I'm actually did. I started, though I think nonprofit, it's more of an idea at the moment call world without war, and that was all about hey. Let's take fifty percent of the military budgets and put it towards large infrastructure projects up planting trees, build a high pollute, and once you do, the figures like once you have I've got to train dollars. What can I do for two trillion dollars? You'd, be a major give free education to everyone you can convert all those coal fired power plants into
Renewables. You can completely reduce deforestation. You can do a lot of what is a world without order as it is this an idea to start, but that's the last one I like to end on cause. I know we're running out of time is Buckminster fuller and I think he put it best, which is it now has highly feasible to take care of everyone on earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known it no longer to be you and me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete, matter of converting the high technology from weaponry to living. That's a beautiful quote, but how did you do with ISIS? How did it with ISIS once again I'll get in trouble? Don't don't built ISIS in the first place, tat give them of weapons rise once you were once you to have them with all the weapons. What is this people getting shot by toddlers on a weekly basis? Cedar is its real. Oh, my fucking
more american through your cutlass to your shooting people and one of the FARC in October point fifteen. It said forty three instances but oh, my god. This is insane in two thousand fifteen, it least thirteen toddlers have been have inadvertently, killed themselves of firearms, eighteen, more injured themselves, ten injured, other people. Two killed other people. So I'm sorry, children where we just it's, not the kids, its people that leave the fuckin guns around kids. That's. Why doesn't answer that? We have no guns near everyone. We are the largest. The corona thirty six people someone got killed, we descend run. When are you not? We don't against now worked rather well. We did for you guys, but again, the of the population, in LOS Angeles and in China, Hocker Land. The others there's something like a certain. I think, there's
millions of guns in America. I think there's as many guns as there are people and yard trillions of rounds of ammunition and the gun people say there, is really a gun problem. You know it well, our guns and all our ammo. There was really on Brum, I fucking just reasonably suggested reasonably suggested that people that are mentally balanced. May we shouldn't have guns, are people and the fucking hate, my god the far right like the people there. Really believe in the second amendment says, though, right its right to keep and bear not, but no buts, I believe the second limit, but no, no, no, but no buts, gun
Isn't it like a well armed militia? Stop government presuppose debates, that's what they think like us, the organ people who we never figured out, who'd first, dubbed them yeah Al Qaeda, whoever that guy is kudos to you or her mammy. Sir great great name but yeah those people there's a lot of people like that. Thank will their common for our common, its education. When it comes down to the best thing money for dollar fidelity you can do education. If you educate women in the world, the hapless children and that that solves a large problems right there to turn the only other thing dollar for dollar education service were especially educated women and in third world countries, especially, but that was the way twenty years ago.
I feel now we ve got to the point where we really, I said forty year lack so what's happening now, we're not gonna see for forty years. We need to do some measure. We need something right now and that's why quite like the world without warning, for every dollar. You spend lobbying to get people to reduce their military budget. You it's multiply to get a lot more money diverted to something that is better for society, basically, something that's whether its infrastructure or high, pollute for plant trees or get a letter tat, whatever throw the money and were very few, be would argue with you that? The world be better off without war. I d real argue, may everyone argues is me The real argument will be whether the rest, the world would cooperate. We all would agree, let's just like ramp down our gun. Production are missile production, let's ramp it down and nobody relax and let's ride. Ok does resources. Most people would say that a great idea, but who's gonna, do it as well. You know, is ISIS
entire allies example of India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan keep raising the military budgets every year to copy with each other, because they don't whether what am I shoulda spent in the same manner ass, the other guy could escape the other guy. You go to these two countries and you go hey he's a treaty just like all the trade agreements whatever, that you sign and your juicy military budget by fifty percent and the other guy promises to vote as well sudden, you reducing war which are more for, and you also helping relieving the money available for climate change abatement. So I think it is a win win. Situation, but o my lord again trouble. When I talk about While you saw you hippy sorry, ideal is to keep me that's what the problem is the people right now, our yeah fuck, this hippy Natasha and arrive on off right now, the flanking hippy. Logan as hippies on, but but will who wants war? Man wants war, so maybe Jacko Taco my wanted that most people don't want it
they date? They reluctantly accept the fact that we have disputes, and then we have armies to handle that and keep a safe. But but but if you ask them, would it be better if we I just took that money and instead of like having all this military spending on climate change abbot than this those people that are in the military they dont have jobs anymore. We army soldiers like with, like I'm sure we can get jobs for them that involve killing people in many different ways. To do this, you can dissolve very reasonable. I just don't know, Yet nights? I said I am amazed at how much kickback argue from that, thing you know me to mention a number of climate change are not want a convoluted with someone like that, but it's such a perfect idea, a perfect ideas and that can solve a lot of problems and at the time frame that we need to solve them because everything else, if you look at the climate, Paris talk, trap
top twenty one, so the twenty first time ago, together to about climate change, they eventually when ok hundred ninety four countries, we agree, sums gone wrong and we need to prevent the earth from warming to two degrees celsius. Well, six months later we are already there. You know, sir, and any they not agreeing to do anything for five years as well. So I started waiting foggy is like if we wait for politicians do something about this. We it so screwed. We really are. Well that's one of the problems with having politicians. Is there not experts there, not experts in anything there, experts and figuring out how to give people a vote form. That's it most politicians there not the best at any there are certainly not like exemplary human beings, road beyond guttural shooting the good it now the good debates like, Bernie Sanders mean Bernie Sanders seems to be a pre, exemplary guy believe or
not believe and socialism argue, as whom he seems a great guy, with some pretty good ideas about the world, but we're at a time well time out of a lazy how quickly they get this three hours and fifteen minutes man right about that so Martha. Moreover, we went over we'll, give Falco Thank you very much. There was disagreement. Please NL, I Nor did I hate I'll. Come back next year, all over the place, man, Romania's going come, come around come visit us, but thank you very much really appreciated lightness. It's been a great pleasure and keep up the good work. You, like, you, are really doing some amazing stuff here. I don't think people tell you that enough that we listing all the way back in Austria and we love and what you do. Thank you. Brother will appreciate that. I think friends, therefore this week you fuckers are see soon, but my biggest dagger buddy opportunity supply gas hope you enjoyed it thanks to us answers thanks to on it and- and I t use
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sing. I'm glad you guys enjoy this thing and I enjoy it too, and I appreciate if ugly people take care of by a kid.
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