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2016-03-25 | 🔗
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also, check out his newest podcast called "What Brian Redban Do" at http://deathsquad.tv & on iTunes
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so something cool in austin texas go to on a dot com for details and and i t use the code word rogan and you'll save ten percent off any and all supplements bob damn my guest today is the one and only brian redband brian has an obsession with the number seven so it was only appropriate that we have brian and for episode seven hundred and seventy seven it's probably only going to happen once i really doubt they'll be seven thousand seven hundred and seventy seven just fuck dude that's just how many years would that be a lot too many too many years not not really likely so with all respect i must had i must have him
seven hundred and seventy seven he probably know him from this podcast or from kill tony you might know him from his new podcasts called what red band do give it up from my homie mister brian redban i said homie a white guy i'm almost fifty and i might give it up for my homie i can't say that anymore i need a new thing give it up from my friend my brother brother is always good it's legit hey brother give it up for my brother brian redban the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast my name all day we like jesus christ came here so quick on the draw you fucking maniac give jamie a couple days off and he started chomping at the bit to hit that go button two hundred and twenty two to did you
say that microsoft made a fucking ai and they had to delete it after a day be because it became a hitler loving sex robot what it's but we found a way to make it do that though yeah and if if that if they found out a flaw in the a i that will make it repeat stuff and so a team of people on twitter like purposely try to make it races then all this crap it's pretty funny well it highlights the problems with an artificial intelligence though like the idea that you've created something that some sort of a computer that someone can manipulate i mean if it's this easy to do something that fucking microsoft created you would have thought that microsoft being a computer manufacturer manufacture of operating systems would understand the goddamn internet it's
weird that it's so realistic that that's what kids actually have to deal with every day on twitter like a seven year old goes on twitter it's going to the races shit going to see a porn it's going to see all this crazy stuff so it's actually pretty realistic but it isn't a way right that mean there's a real problem with that is a real problem with like what kid being exposed to like right away they go online like a knife you go online as soon as they get a phone right soon as kids get a phone they start talking to each other and they understand the phone gets online there online right so they're exposed to fucking everything you get on facebook and if you're doing that man if you're getting on twitter like on a daily basis be exposed to some really nice these fucking kids like they're not being prepared this there's been thrown into this it
it's so weird just hearing what my mom's i stand she's been on the internet recently exceeded got the internet like a year ago just heard her language how she talks is different like she's talking about retweeting and hash tags is like my mom never use that language before somebody made a post on the road and for the other day though so perfect or like before the internet i never had any conversations about feminism i never are be with anybody about transgenders like all these things that all a sudden became an issue because of the internet is like for transgender rights we're kids it wasn't there was nothing we are allowed to like like run him over cars i thought you couldn't do that but that renee richards who was a high profile case cas renee richards is at the name renee renee the tennis player is that the right name might not be the right name the last name might be off but there was a tennis player who was a man who was not a
good tennis player i should say not very good as a professional that's it that's the right name lot better than me 'cause i don't play tennis right so he became a woman and just started fuck a dominating like became like a top flight tennis player a lot of people like holy shit like what how is how does that work is that is that really a woman like this was like the precure to the the bullshit about the chick who used to be a dude for thirty years became a check checked two years and then start fighting female mma would do is away the female mma one is a way worse case because you talk about someone beating the shit out of somebody with male bones mail minden mail tendons and all that jazz but renee richards was beating a lot of fucking like really good tennis players that were born women and there was a real controversy behind it or people like men i don't fucking know like how what is
how did they should have a trans gender league is what they should have they should have trans gender and trans genders are like well we want to be accepted as a regular person well you are but not in fucking sports reason why i can't play like in the olympics is like there experiencing social pressure with this this is a big part of it and i think for some sports that don't they that don't have anything to do with explosiveness and sheer power and then you could say like well serena williams is always going to be stronger and faster than uh of men true but one of 'em is serena or their sister the drug testing people came to their house they locked themselves in a fuckin safe room what do you think do you think they just got done smoking a joint or like no no i do not brian i think steroids i think it's perfect
formants enhancing drugs i have friends that are girls that take testosterone there jujitsu girls and they compete and they travel all over the place and compete and they take fucking testosterone g testosterone in the jiu jitsu world this is coming from obviously a person takes testosterone me serena williams locked herself in a panic room and drug test mix up but there was no mix up she knew what the fuck was going just like there's a stalker so i was trying to tell me that should get a tennis racket she could beat the fuck out of anyone in the world you think she's you worried about some fucking dork for the pocket protector comes to our house with a piss cup why can you just like not answer the door you can't they have rules the usada they need to so where you are at all times is out crazy their rules are donald cerrone who uh basically fights for the ufc is one of the top pros in the world donald fucking cerrone the call from the usada while he's doing something
or the ufc he flew to vague as for the ufc and there were at your house we're trying to test you like while i'm at the ufc like we have to tell us exact way you are he's like well fucking you he knows where i am and i'm here for the ufc like what are you talking about like they literally wasn't there competing is there to watch but it will tell you you have to tell them where you are in any given day all the time you always have to be able to be reached so she fucking knew yeah but you think instead of an agreement she could just be like i'm not going to answer the door i'm just gonna be asleep like why does the does that confirm that she was scared she locked herself in a panic room and she confirm material was scared it's a great escape is a great excuse look it might be the case the guy at the door outlook i might be full shit to guide the door had been some serial killer looking fuck who also works for the usada he might have been swole you might have been scary looking who fuck now so i don't know but if try to guess that chick
is so fucking explosive she's so fast and it is a ridiculous the competitive sport i mean and believe aebli competitive and the ma he is astronomical your talking about millions of dollars to be someone like a serena williams of course she would take steroids if she get away with it if she get away with and she doesn't have a problem with it ethically if she's one of those people that grew up in the world of competitive sports like she is you know the the realized minutes how fucking doggy dogg world you know i had lance armstrong into the union wanna take steroids he didn't want to do all that stuff but he did it because everybody else is doing it and they realize like we got to do this we want to win if you want to win you you got we gotta fucking do this they all do it man it works and that's why sports suck they don't suck yeah 'cause you don't know who's on white and who's doing why it's not fair you just watching bullshit yeah but that's part of the fun
part of the fun is wondering whether or not a guys on the juice juicy rosie o'donnell's brother caught way he said about the us yeah well he's gay rosie o'donald weather is gay and this is what he said he said it's like gay porn with a different ending that's hilarious that's what gave i would say he looks so funny though like when he's saying it it's just it looks like it's fake that's one of those things like this is not real this is part of the simulation shit that it's bullshit that video is one of the funniest videos is quite hilarious looks like a saturday night live skit he can get away with it because he's gay gay people have so much more leeway to say gay stuff you know all everything right 'cause it's gay to him to him it's gay to him it is like gay porn but do you think do you think there's a each percentage of people that aren't into the ufc that though i agree man bunch of guys rolling around so what who cares i wouldn't be upset if that guy
i mean i think that i helped the ufc check here little player puts place so we can let's do it 'cause it's so fucking his name is daniel o'donnell rolling around on top of one another trying to dominate each other and just in case you don't know that's gay porn with a different ending ok anywhere else says keep going i won't describe the ending for you but as i've gotten older the endings are less important ok so say good delivery the good timing the aggression and the violence of what that was did not make me necessarily comfortable but again
kinda agnostic then we had a colleague here was brought before the committee and i've enjoyed this week discussion about our rules can he couldn't be gay i know you don't like john waters i enjoyed our conversation sometimes these processes work so what happened we had a colleague here who was deeply offended by what this was deeply offended i thought it was like the christians in the lines in roman times well established part it pauses you don't see people why do people think that because they get deeply offend buy something they should be able to change what other people enjoy or they should be able to take freedoms away from people especially when you talk about something that's been already licensed and regulated by forty nine out of fifty states that this guy could say i'm offended and i feel like this is like the christians and lions guess what dummy first of all there's two problems with that
christians didn't have a choice and the fucking lines didn't have a choice and it was to the death and they and train for it and it wasn't like a huge dream of there's an it couldn't be a huge any profitable karere but you can make rhonda rowsey connor your type money and nate diaz money now to our friend nate diaz rolling in cash now rolling ball it outta control he might not he might not fight again he might beat connors ass again if they fight and then like take two years off please and millions adult or not be connors ass who knows right mean continent just slap him the way i just i just had feeling going into that fight was like this is a big difference there's a big difference to a nate diaz strikes and anybody else that connors fought like native real slick with his hands he's real but shoulder roll and he's got a nasty jab he drop his hands and sneak stuff in on you he knows
but like throw punches too with like minimal minimal wind up he knows how to pop pop you and those ding you man they fucking he dings guys on the chin and like what he did with michael johnson oh this is a tough fight and he's not tough out the only guys stopped him is josh thompson head kicked him and when josh thompson head kicked in like still didn't go out he got rock but he's fucking tough half man i was like woo and if it goes to the ground oh that's the wrong guy nate diaz this is the wrong guy to go to the ground with he's a legit black belt really high level black belt and i knew connor had gotten submitted by joe duffy but anyway get some it if you get caught but he got submitted by that joe duffy guy just a few years ago and joe duffy is very talented fighter no doubt about it but nate would have got committed by that same guy i highly highly highly doubt it i mean hard to san jose like that level like there's like a few guys were like oh if you submit that guy
like he's only been submitted in the usc docynia swanson's had a broken jaw and is clay guidos admitted him 'cause clay was on problem squeezing his neck and his jaw was smashed and he realized he was really fucked and so he tapped but like a guy like connor if you've been tapped before by joe duffy just a couple years ago with an arm triangle got like that like you got a lot a lot to learn and i don't know if you've learned it all in time like you gotta be assess what you did so you gotta be in there every day training and i didn't think he did i didn't think was that i thought it was a more of you know like movement in striking and all that stuff and i know is doing some jujitsu but it's not like primary focus so i felt like woof that's a big depend fucking joke he might not come out i mean connor could knockout anybody but he didn't you know so now that he didn't and now that nate knows he didn't and now we're going to go into the second fight and nate's going to have a full training camp oh good luck what's the benefit of this second fight for conor just
that's why i thought through the roof cash money out that is there any well he could always go down and one hundred and forty five again he still the champion at one hundred and forty five but the amount of money in nate diaz conor mcgregor makes conor mcgregor rematch makes is going to be off the fucking charts nate ds is a superstar and people didn't realize it until like the michael johnson fight we realized he's calling out conor in the in the octagon and everybody was cheering and also like ratings like bonati as he's a fuck you know there was a big thing where why did say that he's not a needle mover you know is when they were in the middle of contract negotiations that couldn't be further from the truth he's a bitch i love dana but that's just contract negotiation talk like ideas maybe he didn't know mister so he didn't know but i know because the ds bro as far as like my friends are like casual mma fans the diaz brothers are fucking huge
there are huge those guys are giant stars and after nick pretend to sleep with anderson silva i like their talk mad shit they actually can fight they fight very good i mean they're excellent world class fighters and talk mad shit and they smoke a lot of weed i and they mostly eat vegan like i think nick might be all vegan i think dick still it's like fish but i know nate eats fish and i think they eggs to the like tortillas and stuff it's made with eggs no but there trysting guys man there fucking legit fascinating people so like this money my point is that guy is out of his mind this isn't a christian versus the lions is a huge sport that these guys are find stars they make it fucking boatloads of cash rhonda rowsey is on the god damn cover sports illustrated with one of those paint things on painted because that ok how is that ok
my cock if i cock and i go out there is that alright or is it make it look like an elephant or chicken or this is it fucking there's a line there right it's like a woman's nipples you cannot show womans nipples on the cover of the magazine but well how come you can fill them painted on like how do we decide the painting on his ok like what you're looking right there is a naked rhonda rowsey with a fake swimsuit on so cool so like her vagina i'm assuming like most girls you could see some of it from the front right can we zoom in on the vision not do that right let's be respectful here for first taken for travis brown say 'cause if he finds you will fucking kill you so there are it's a cool thing though that's like a catch they had like a cat design i didn't notice that that's good because at the bottom could be a hairy chin c they thought about that in advance she had to put a kitten lip i'm guessing maybe
not now maybe she's one of those tidy girls i don't know set route is it rude to say but my point is rhonda knows i love her my point is i can do that with my cock oh my god it's so cool you know i'm saying like i could wear like i could get a full on hard on and put lycra on put alexa and put it online and people would say i was offensive right but it would be ok like that was that what the game did remember that jamie a rap fan i remember they had instagram yeah you put instagram but he's he's got a hard like fucking police flash life took a picture of him standing there with a fucking boner they won't even show it in this some of 'em there's one that shows it jesus said doing it well holding on to it in one he's warming it up and then two he's just showing it there
i mean to be honest even as a guy that's scary he's a large person to large human so it's like but he can't fight there's a video of him beating some guy up and i'm like oh dude we need to work on some stuff with you we need to work on your technique i mean he could fight but he can't he doesn't know like how to he has no actual techniques i can't names fight he's not as good as katt williams cat defended the choke if you notice and when they went to the ground cat never got strangled he held on he had two on ones what you're supposed to do in the he threw that left hand i gotta say there was zero power behind it it probably wouldn't knockout my seven year old but there was no fat in his technique like he didn't wind up he just uncorked it he ran it was a straight punch he uncorked a very short straight left hand with a ring onto which is like a deadly weapon
so the extended version of the video it definitely seems like he was threatened it seemed like that kid was up in his face he followed him for whatever reason that's unfortunate in the kid apparently said katt williams is funnier you know whatever whoa right why you know why do people want to do that like why do people do this world star that's what is god doing worldstarhiphop we're going to play the full version see here we go the group kid gets in his face yeah see this version it looks like he's just fighting with a kid see but how come we miss all the other stuff up until this a very good control actually terrible defense i take it back he was already choked out he didn't go to the hands that's not his hands he's got one ok doesn't have two on one he's not holding it's called little boy little boy they were playing soccer on the field or something like that with
looks like twenty people or something like that there's no desk white shirt on doesn't look like a task imagine that would be good photo shop one in all of the photos with him put it online why was he playing soccer with some kids about why not if he wants to be friendly i mean katt williams is a gigantic star and he's just saying he was hanging out with people in the hood and this is why most people most celebrities don't come and hang out in the hood so just hanging out with this that's unfortunate it looked like there was definitely some confrontation going on but who knows how the fuck had built up to that and you got to expect that especially is involved in sports playing sports or people put people play sports they talk shit you know that choke on the subway here in culver city was way better you see that was better but even then why i gotta grab his farm like that like dude don't grab you form right i mean someone like that's like some wrestling type shit i go wrestling sleeper hold
did it right i mean he squeezed that guy out and he wasn't it you just a normal guy he wasn't like a jujitsu guy or a fight or anything like that he was just a normal dude saw you saw dexter no way it does seem weird that that jiu jitsu moves like choking and stuff like that seemed so common now since the ufc like you don't see this shit twenty years ago people doing strokes well in high school we had a sleeper hold like 'cause it was on for wrestling but we didn't think it's real you know you weather sleeper he's got that sleep are you know like guys with guys in a sleeper hold in a pro wrestling match and then fight it off and fight it off and they eventually would go to sleep and the referee would pick their arm up to make sure they're awake remember that yeah that was between i think it was real no one knew that you could really choke someone out until the usc came around you can't do that anymore and high school can you there's no more sleep now what you can do that was not in wrestling reso it was only in pro wrestling but in wrestling wrestling you couldn't even
a full nelson because it puts too much pressure on the neck you could do like one slash two nelson so if you're trying to pin and what that means is if you're behind them you get an under can you go around the back of their head and you got a full nelson's of both arms and your it's a bad place to be it's it hurts can you push down your neck and they made that they made that illegal when i was in high school at least and so like if you wanted to pin someone you had to use a half nelson so you could never do a fucking sleeper hold there's like some shit they didn't know about that you can do like matthews choked out ricardo almeida with just a headlock what he did was he held on to the front unlock he had a matthews is fucking country strong like there's some dudes that grow up one working from the time they're young like lifting bales of hay and learning how to use their body and also had excellent genetic stukas brothers built like that too but
there's like some strength that those type of guys have like farm strength that shits no joke man like there's a law kettlebell guys like pavol tatulli he's got that kind of build to where it's like you know that if you try to rest with him he even though he it looks like a fairly normal size athletes probably just stupid fucking strong and so matt hughes gets his front head cock head lock on ricardo almeida that is a legal wrestling move that's fucking legal as far as i know change shit because all he's doing is grabbing his neck and he's let's use in his head and his neck too squeeze the shoulder and arm of ricardo almeida against his neck on one side then he's using his arm and his shoulder to squeeze the neck on the other side so it's essentially the same thing as a head and arm choke he's just in a different position so like he's in the ns position from a stand up which means they grabbed his
and he pulls him down in mats mats got the upper hand his arms wrapped around ricardo's neck now they were reverse on the ground more ricardo is being choked is essentially the same as a head and arm choke which is a super common choke and finish it the same way with the hand grip in the same way you could easily finish it that way some guys grab the bicep but the way matt's doing it lot of guys shit that way so he would be different like remounting mounting where his body would be on top of his body instead of like in a north south position but it's this is the same the same way you're applying pressure to choke someone images we we've never seen that in ufc before nor since no one's been able good sense my point being like there's some wrestling shit that they still out there that you could still do but i like matthews could choke you out with mark schultz got he got kicked out of the olympics because he ripped it this fucking shoulder apart with our move that was legal at the time it was like a kimora he they call
but double wristlock and catch wrestling but if you pull up mark schultz forget the gentleman's name i think the guy i want to see was from iran iran strong wrestling program but mark schultz was a fucking gore will law when he competing as he's the guy that foxcatcher movies based on but meanwhile not really based on him i mean it is and it isn't they played fast loose with a lot of facts made it look like he was gay and he's doing coke and he had frosted tips and all kinds of weird shit in there but that move as far as i knew he just took it too far or something i think but i think it was illegal move period watch this actually does this food he drops you guessed it more he yanks it a pulls and down just destroys his arm just destroy them
and the guy is just screaming in agony on the ground back in the day abc wide world sports i think wasn't it don't have that shit anymore remember you get exposed to weird sports yeah that would take you into like a javelin contest abc wide world of sports they would show you all kinds of different shit that you've never seen before like they had minnesota plat fats play willie moscone in a pool match on ab the wide world of sports like well let me show you some cool shit today i saw a vr pool demo the other day from this like that five thing i showed you a couple weeks ago someone made a full pool game where you're walking around a pool hall and you can set up you can set up a bunch of trick shots with looks it looks a little gaming but you can have like beer bottles and whatnot on the table and shoot your pool balls right through the bottles and i saw it best buy there's this new camera out that's only like four hundred dollars but it's a three hundred and sixty camera which so you could just put it right here and it records everything
around it have you seen this jamie i don't know if if it's good or not but interesting is interesting we mean system in time whoa this is bizarre also it's showing you the angles and stuff sing just walk around if you want the angles you can but everything in the whole room is available to touch apparently oregon to certain extent that's cool is it a brand what will be really interesting is if you get some higher set this up with other people and have a virtual balls but the problem is you wouldn't feel the ball like the whole idea pool like see what they're doing is just showing the shots like landing the shots but tools really all about is controlling the rotation of the ball and cue ball control there's a little feedback a little bit of touchy get but i don't know if to make it feel to say you could never you would need wait like what
pool is is like there's a big thing about it is the weight of the queue like guys will change their wait just a little bit and they feel it in a big way like go from a nineteen dot one ounce q two hundred and nineteen dot three and then like man i'm over stroke in this ball i gotta back off like we're talking about two slash ten of an ounce and it's a big difference in the way it feels or if you go from like one ounce one ounce is giant you go from a nineteen to a twenty holy shit that's a big difference for p you would think one ounce like how would you even notice you hold it in your after awhile you won't even notice right now he notice notice in a big way so that's i don't know if that would work but some shit would work on i think if we're going to do like some sort of a neural logical input thing then you're going to be able to play on a computer going to be able to feel that keys are going to be able to like if you pull voluble feel the pole could be able to feel the breeze as you go launching through the air all that stuff is going to happen
video game version of you on ufc two is so creepy awesome that i love it and it just the idea of magic taking that version of you by mixing the pod gas with it you probably could do something like that it would be so real i know i did that i got out of doing more commentary to do that commentary is the commentary video game is painstaking and it's one of the easiest things see that's me from my new ketogenic diet i'm all shredded now the so there's a guy that beat every single player using you that's only two hours sitting while talking like doing like a podcast while he's playing you that selects so cool and it's real like you hit that from all less to none of us knew about that no i didn't tell anybody i was supposed to be quiet about it so i had to take off my clothes and put shorts on
and then they they spin it like you stand totally still you have to go through a series of poses and so like like you hold your arms out like that you hold your arms out like that you do certain movements i don't think i had a kick i don't think it had to throw any kicks were trying to remember now kick in the game looks like you're kicked out look so good yeah it looks pretty real yeah it looks all the techniques they've all will analyze the techniques for like jujitsu techniques they're all super good the wrestling techniques boxing and kicking it's all like really good fun channels like everybody even guys have like wonky fundamentals in this game the fundamentals are really good they do such a good job also have really making the experience this time around like just like the ring girls walking in the background and everything it's like creepy how good they did a creepy the life experience it's getting better and better they're getting so good at this you know they're they're getting close to what they call the uncanny valley the crossing that uncanny valley that's that expression
someone came up with the difference between artificial videos and videos of like this in 3d video games and then real people like when i did that sci fi show the questions everything show we went to nvidia and we saw the latest in their ability to recreate a person's face he still had problems with with tongues like tongues were a big one and her and some hair just it just and i like eyeballs where your eyeball connects your eyelashes in your eyelid that looked a little mickey but everything else man they did with the bald guy and fuck dude it's fucking crazy when you yeah like that's not a real guy like it's so mouse there so close to like knocking on this door where they're going to be able to recreate things and you're not going to be able to know whether or not you're watching something that's completely computer generated or something that's real and they did something recently that
but we did a couple days ago or maybe yesterday where this guy by superimposed his facial expressions on george bush and so like he got he said things to put words into george bush's mouth george bush never said so they show the video yeah it's so awesome it's creepy i'm not going to know we're so close that's probably already happened one hundred percent right like blurry shit you just not going to know you just not going to know what's real and what's fake you just won't know yet going to be like seals of approval's or something like that that's like we're saying that this is real like there's going to be have videos are going to stories not going to know whether if you tell me some crazy story i'm not going to know whether it is real among us you say so that video is going to be like watching this video of george bush is going to be like someone telling a story about being abducted by ufo where's your proof well i'll show you the video right everyone's going to get outta here with your fucking video
that video could be fake as hell you could have made that on your phone with the face swap this app and shit that's on the phone even that shits crazy and that's just a little stupid program how would the ones when they put young people like how it's doing this that is so crazy and then he's obviously exaggerating he's making like big smiles and weird side to side motions with his face just to show that they could do that but i guess how it works is they take yeah all the showing it right here they take a three dementia knol moving video of this guys face and as he's moving around they take a three dimensional image of the other person's face and they map out where his mouth is and what the shape of his mouth is and they just have that guy's mouth do the moments of the other guy it's just crazy sexual that's miles are off though if you see like putin smile like donald trump's looks fake as fuck because he
it's such a weird mouth like his change of motion in his mouth is like an old lady trying to do the splits in our meeting his mouth doesn't move very much he a small mouth donald trump what crazy technology it's not well they did this with reagan way back in the day with audio there was a thing where someone had taken a series of ronald reagan speeches remember that and they had edited the audio to show the for ronald reagan make some ridiculous statement i forgot all about that old school it was uh huh played it on tv and were like whoa i'm watching it going well nancy mix ronald reagan speech went viral years before internet memes that was a long ass time ago what else went viral richard gere in the gerbil story that's the real viral ramen taco bell i don't know what that one is people like that there's common somebody
wait come from a taco bell burrito or so probably did i guarantee that happen but the richard gere terrible thing was a much better example because it's a story that eddie bravo heard he grew up in california i grew up i heard it in boston we heard on the other side of the country this fucking store everybody knew it you nerd it yeah i almost think it was a howard stern thing was a scientology thing supposedly that's the yeah the rumor was richard gere left scientology and scientist we decided to fucking drag him through the mud wow yeah well i think scientology does not i like it when you leave and that's why people stay like the people that have left they fucking go after you man they go after you hard and the people that that do leave most of time they just shut the fuck up but the people that have left that have talked shit about them whoa that wait outside your house the fucking make noise they'll to follow you around like those videos of these is getting harassed that were former scientology
just now the scientology crew showed up at their house and they and these people they don't understand like how creepy that is to us watching that what you when you can't leave but you can't quit and if you do quit you you can't talk about what happened what are you guys doing like what do you guys doing that we can talk about this like what what kind of nuttiness do you really have kids work fucking three dollars an hour and you make him sixteen hours a day and you have a like like that guys was nice or something david guy like one of one of his is released book and you know she's talking about how fucking crazy is growing up in this environment like that you can talk well that will soon as you can talk about something you know you got real problem because you could talk about being a baptist you could you could talk all day about growing up in a baptist church no but nobody's going to fucking come after you because they're not doing anything crazy you know i mean i mean you know it's a religion too you as soon as you can't about what you guys are doing you can't someone
i complain about what you're doing i mean think about that apply to the catholic church you know it's uh it seems like that day is coming though when that she gets like as to being like the some cars be like like we're gonna find way more about scientology or tom cruise are any of these all these people maybe i mean think i think we're it's we're going to be harder for them to get people to listen it used to be easy you just before the internet you just had to have like a bunch of successful people they were part of a group that were really friendly and you wanted to be part of it you wanted to get in there with them and next thing you know you have one thousand and thousands of members it wasn't it wasn't hard to do back then but now but you don't have to wait until you're ten years in to find out about the feet and's and the fucking planet where the the bodies are they fucking drop them in volcano in are frozen or whatever like if you read the
it will story that l ron hubbard wrote as detailed in that going clear movie where the guy first read it and he was like what in the fuck is this you get that now so it's harder to get people to join now with something like totally wacky but there's some other shit like what is lee and mark people keep telling me this landmark you the landmark theater no jesus price jamie you hanging out with him no this like some there's fucking some sort of a car is it my name i seen the name wrong mark this like there's another type of like so group that a bunch of people are tweeting me say never seen the robin quivers is in the landmark forum yes that's it and people are saying that this is some sort of a cult zap bullshit like what is it some
help thing is that what it is it's just a message board no form is a large group awareness train program in which one hundred up to one hundred and fifty people take a seminar together aimed at helping them realize their true potential that sounds like something yeah sounds like one of those self help guru things which may be ok okay mean or any of those legit i mean anthony robbins is pretty fucking legit right i mean people have used his principles and they gotten ahead and there have been around forever so if he was like a total bullshit act creeper you know i'm so yeah you would have heard about it by now maybe we i mean look at bill cosby like maybe there's like a way less level creeper just like just just give massages to be inappropriately it doesn't take it any further than that foot guy he's just a foot that it just gives like
an unannounced back rubs just shows up sides rubbing her back and there was like um does he go any further that nope nope you just give you the weird back rub and that's it you know it's weird when i i got this what it cut the apple watch and when you're setting it up it says male female or other and i like that welcome to the new world it could be another i'm a fox skin is it on there 'cause it's not on fucking complain i'm going to sue apple i'm fox skin was buckskin your spirit animal is my spirit animal is a fox there was a guy who fucking got his license at the dmv in port and they let him wear a fox hat like a fake like fox like a like like a furry would where we had like no like he had like a fox balls in years like look at there's a photo see if you can find it the photo of him at the dmv getting his fucking photograph and everybody's like well that's ridiculous is it
is it any more ridiculous than what's that thing that muslim women wear it good job jeep yeah look at this guy this guy wow this is name edgar his name down there yep that's the guy who wrote the story house how is the gentleman's name we need to give him props what's his name just as a portland man it doesn't say is name uh come on man says bishop bishop what's his name his bishop bishop oh really goes bye bye oh ok well that's good even better it's got one name he's like oprah his name is bishop pull it so you can see the photo now do you think that's just like his girlfriend worked at the dmv i bet that's more about it well it took
come to grow that beard look at beardies god that's a weird who manchu style long one like goat beard you know he's got one of those like a have you ever seen a turkey beard turkeys this weird thing that grow out of the middle of their chest is like this long beard it looks like the longer it is the older the turkey is so becomes like a like i guess the way they strut they were that big turkey things and so that's like the but the other turkey no bitch i've been around look at all these fucking medals i got leno like as a grow that's what that guys got growing off his chin so is highly possible he's out of his fucking mind that that dude looks like the organ like what organ people look like like the oregon state bird almost wife can i be able able able to wear that fox hat because there was a girl south by sw who was a fencer she a competitive fencer
she wanted to wear full head garb in the photos and they were like no you have to take that off and so s southwest had to apologize because they asked her to take her religious clothing off well this guy should go to south by sw where is fucking fox hat we should all do that because it's all ridiculous it's all to listen to any clothing that you have to wear and you have to take your photos with that clothing in order for you to be free like the east we religions made up okay so any clothing that you wear any like fanatical garb that you wear when you go somewhere that's made up shit so that's made up shit you should be able to say your fox skin you should be able to say you still wear a octopus on your head everywhere you go there are reasons you're not supposed to have anything on your head because you have to see what you look like with no what you look like normal like base so if we're looking for you we know exactly i mean that security there's a reason why you have an id in the first place because there's a lot of people like if you put on um like a face
ask like a skier where's where it's like it shows you like from the eyebrows up is covered and from like the mouth down is covered fuck man you could be a million different people it's so hard to tell who you are without seeing your whole face the shape of your head the color of her the whole deal there's a lot of people what fucking similar as hell so to have an id in the now someone to wear some really elaborate costume where you're most your heads covered and you say you do it because your religion like no no like there apologizing to her because the wacky rules that she follows don't allow you to show your hand like get the fuck outta here it's two thousand and sixteen folks i mean come on what point in time like release these tolerance it's so important religious tolerance we to be tolerant and less there christian
christian you could shit right in their mouth and you can make the side of cross with your shit on their forehead and no one cares like that's the in religion where it's totally ok to mock openly and make fun of no because like i think you're a goofball but if you wanted to walk into s by s best with the pope at on 'cause you let's party religion i'm i'm pope in training i'm really low level right now but i'm just going to stick you know like you or what you believe you are so i'm just going to wear this everywhere want to wear a giant with a fish head one the big one it looks like a open mouth a fish mouth no we need tolerance when you tell appeal though he got to keep his head thirty he totally shazi he should get to keep it and that's why i'm going to wear a bandana like pirate i'm going to say i'm a i'm pirate lightweight empire does fuck unaware
i pirate is fuck a caveman coffee tibor t shirt did you see the huh logan is the only guy to win a court case with a do rag on in court excellent does he made him look classy the the black bandana to go with his black suit i thought was a classy look and i'm a big end of his now they wanna one hundred and fifty million dollars plus you want another twenty five million see that yeah on top of it was a was a cocker yeah it's a going out of business now gee how you're a cheese and what i thought they have unlimited money just being dicks to making video as to pay ten million or something out of his own money yeah but he's like super rich yeah apparently it's going across some ten million dollars but he's got like one hundred million the whole thing is hilarious his haircut is so awesome look for him like this is a win win i mean this guys he's theater the hulk hogan is theater every
did you hear the parton's when the questioning about his ten inch penis that he said his hogs not as big as the games name the game doesn't even have to go to court look bitch know how big my dick is less a fake dick the only thing they do is like they have to have some sort of deposition we pulled shows you out he might be a shower and not a and not a grower not a shower so like you might have to get worked up to prove it completely right or it's just fake he just grab some girls dildo put in his shorts took a photo just to make everyone will go look up big of a ticket i'm active seems connect well that's you though i understand your unusual and it's not it's connected like is the dick is connected to him like if you look at it it's obviously like it doesn't look like if it was a dildo that be like a drop off point at the base you know like wait a minute how this thing attached you know i'm saying but they the ones that you stick on to the side of the wall of the shower maybe just went live on his should be could be looking tucked he talked and had that one
but even if you stuck it in it would be going forward it wouldn't be off to the side like that when you have spandex he probably just put it to the side one of those long double ended ones you know like the long snake one it's not connected though i stared at his dick very carefully from what i'm seeing it's a real dick and it goes with his body you know i'm saying i like tony has cliff as a a oatmeal box in his pants since quaker oats box so many have that expression for it so we have the description of those the funniest escorted out quaker oats box for a dick who's there like he's holding it even though it looks like this is another example in baker now that looks like he's fully hard to that guys giant is going to giant dick months on you know that it's real you want it to be no i want i'm scared
the guys got marijuana leaf tattooed right above his dick like what's that supposed to mean smoke it smoke if you got it hashtags he has on there at his body tickle my dick is dick will change your life drops mic hashtag restructure your day this dick and keep edges slicked down this dick file your nails this dick this tongue will make you late for work wait this dick can be your best friend this dick can so in bundles i'm not sure what that means if you can i eat your pussy you can take the whole thing can you not if you can only hashtag if you can elite your pussy
til scandal comes back on next week but that's one act back he's funny hashtag dick game strong i love that i love this world somebody figured out a way to distribute information through pipes and numbers it's decoded back into there's ones and zeros and this is what it came too hashtag dick gay strong being used for it's being used for yeah what a beautiful world i'll communication is turned like into animated gifs and hashtags and somebody isn't so funny we live in funny times man it's funny like the amount of money that we get in a daily basis is like way higher than when we were kids like just all these hilarious animated gifs anytime anything goes wrong by anything happens in the world these
and things are hilarious and most of them would be made by regular folks have a funny idea the number you made by professionals which kind of shows you what we have said all along is just a lot of funny people out there that don't ever do anything about it you know they don't ever become like any bravo is one of the funniest fucking people i've ever met in my life he's helaire but until he started doing our podcasts most people just knew him as a jujitsu instructor i'm like any problem is fucking funny like stand up comedian funny but he was built z with a bunch of other shit and never he actually did a couple times i remember he any yet i thought i heard he was pretty good he did well a few times he did like he had nine sets he did a nine times and i was nine times a few you have 'em were like the hindenburg a few of them were like he just wanted to quit life they're bad a few more
bad it just didn't work but a few of them were funny man there was a few of them that were really funny and there was other ones there like a little a mix a mix of like really funny and some stuff that didn't work but man it's like every thing else in this world it seems way easier than it is it's just does like you look at bowling just grab that stupid ball and roll it how hard could that be obviously it's hard because you know they have pros like they have tournaments they play on tv be they roll the ball better than the other people roll the ball it just like subtle nuances that they have special shoes they slide when they release the ball they have gloves and they spin the ball as they release it and they wanted to hit the front pin that that's perfect way and it seems fucking easy if you're outside looking on the outside in at bowling in black ship i can fucking do that if you've never bowled in your life and you go out and try it holy shit the bad right same thing with everything man everything you name it
things that look easy like that fucking gay guy talking about gay porn with a different ending do you think his speeches are that's not easy like what that guys do and the way he's doing it even though it's silly and gay and he's got jokes thrown in there like this fucking delivery the god damn smooth it's pretty funny that's honey i can he knows what he's doing like he knows how he's being perceived he's adjust thing is pausing in the right ways saying it the right way you take the average person you make him stand up and give a speech about mma in front of a bunch of other people in suits in some room like that and it's going to suck he's got a built in joke though everybody knows is gay like all you have to do is talk about lesbian hot like they'll do that to disarm the situation like gay guys have that built in thing they can always talk about guys being hot well it's very hard for me to concentrate up here with all these hot guys the room like he'd say things like that and then boom they break the ice
people start laughing so there's there's that but it ain't easy man it's already tried it and it just was too much time he was busy with his music he's busy teaching is busy competing at the time he still competing so you i didn't wanna do anymore 'cause it was right around the time when he fought eulerian fought in abu dhabi was just that's right around he's trying it out but he could do it specially now 'cause he's been teaching for so long is getting really comfortable with talking in front of people and in his classes he's really funny sometimes in his classes so say hilarious shit just not planned out not jokes you wrote he'll just something will i'm up and he'll say something or you know sometimes it's like his classes are hilarious like one time he came in he was talking about some ufo documentary that he saw ha david chevy said oh jesus he hasn't stopped with the chem trails we talk about kim trails the other day old still now we still doing some new doc
battery brockmans new evidence that they are proving over la they were put in spring over the last couple months told you not to mention admitted that they've never not admitted to doing it well hold on a second there's a difference what they have admitted to and what they do we talked about this before would they do in abuja be on a regular basis is they do cloud seeding in cloud seeding is absolutely real and what they do is they figure out how to make it rain and spray some sort of silver iodine is that what is find out what the fuck they spray set foot to read i liked it no no no that's the auto naki shit the silver stuff somehow or another when you spray it in the air it coalesces ness wrong word somehow another attracts these clouds to form and that you can make it rain in abu dhabi they've made it rain once a week for a year they make it rain there like once a week they just fucking spray the sky this is abu dhabi that desert silver iodide potassium
that's it which by the way is absolutely a different substance than what these people are claiming is in these chem that was the problem when that show like that joe rogan questions everything show like the people have i'm shit in their head and they don't they just this is why they believe it's locked in there an they don't want to the other information if there's one guy that made this documentary on chem trails i mean he had made two documentaries on camp and he said he had evidence he had evidence we have tested the water and the water shows high levels of aluminum like wow is there aluminum in the well it turns out first of all that dirt all across the world has aluminum in it it's really common it's one of the most common things that you'll find like as far as like metals like it's super com for aluminum to be in the ground that's how they get aluminum it's in the ground so all over the place
and when this guy showed me his paperwork is like i'll show you the tests he hands me this paper and it says sludge so i said well why is it say sludge and he was i don't know but i gave them water i go but this one it says at the lab they tested it they said it's sludge so what is sludge and he goes well i don't know what is well let's google it was sludge i think is water mixed with shit and its water and dirt that's what sledges so i go ok so you would get that dirt has aluminum in it right yes i know that ok but this i did not have dirty but it says sludge which may is water and dirt so you're what or in dirt tested positive for water and dirt like that's what happened your sludge tested positive for being dirt that's it you didn't move that there spraying shit in the air like this is crazy not only down if they fraid shit in here it would look different than fucking clouds like what o'clock
how is is moisture moisture when you have a certain amount of condensation in the air and you send those fucking jet engines through it it's spirals and it's got all this massive power and heat and it changes the temperature is the air in those funnels those tubes it creates artificial clouds like i'm not making this opt is all science like the scientists have figured this out fucking decades decades ago this is like this is a beat into the ground subject the absolutely know that you can do that this is twenty percent proven the jet engine through certain levels of condensation and people like well how come you see it turns on it turns off look up in the sky do you ever is that clouds aren't uniform across the entire sky you know why 'cause moisture is not uniform across the entire sky just like you'll be fucking driving
it will be raining in one area and the drive to another area and you could pass through an area where it's not raining and into a new area it's raining again you're laughing oh my god we drove from the rainy part into the fucking dryer part you can do that everybody knows you could do that so why would you not assume that the air in the sky would be very similar sometimes sometimes it's not sometimes it is like this is this is a die theory like there's a lot of fucking conspiracy theories that everybody should look into a lot of 'em that are legit as fuck there's a lot of false flags there's a lot of lying to the american people the fucking gulf of tonkin that got us into vietnam's based on bullshit and lies operation northwoods one hundred percent bullshit and lies all the shit that fuck and william randolph hearst did to marijuana illegal the reefer madness is a lot of real life conspiracies but as soon as you start below even something and you're unwilling to accept evidence that you might be wrong it becomes a fucking problem and people get mad
let me on twitter like bro look at this youtube documentary look at it it it doesn't mean people haven't sprayed shit in the sky before folks but when you're looking at the god damn trails that happen behind jets that is normal that is what happens when you fly a jet through the atmosphere and that's not people should be worried about the fucking jet fuel that's what they should worried about everybody that lives around airports they all get high rates of respiratory illness this like a real scandal there that's the scandal if you live is near an airport you breathe in that fucking burning jet fuel if you work at a near or if you want those baggage handlers one of those dudes is on the strip everyday fachman what do you breathe and in every day but that's a real like there's real health concerns there do you know what how what a big deal it would be if we really found out the government with spray bing stuff in the sky above us and for what reason what are they doing is it
control 'cause it's not working is it make everybody ill that's not working either this topic so much as the door i'll make for the door apple subject it's adorable you know we're gonna find out the planes that crashed to the world trade center work crop dusting at the timer doing chemtrails or something at that would be funny if we combine conspiracy through this people would only be there real planes yeah i know these people think that those are holograms and they'll show you on video look you can see there's a pixelation on the left wing people their brains are broken man it's because they're not getting any pussy that's kind of a good point you guys are talking about just a little bit ago like video at some point won't be enough evidence for proof well i think it's right now i think it's real close well right now we're looking at some normal shit that they're showing us in youtube ads but in the darkest halls of justice who knows what government government
the justice league of america in a fucking superhero compounds president exavior or professor exavior i think the test levels of all this stuff like you know that magic leap shit like we we're looking at what they release and will watch these little videos they're putting out and it looks cool and everything like that we're just we're get the consumer version of the report like the people that are working on it at the highest level where you have to go to their office and sign non disclosures and shit like that like i went to the nvidia offices and when you go in there and they show you all your stuff you are not but you can't like take wait those of it other than the stuff they allow you to they'll show you some but they released their stuff very carefully you can't give out the specification that's how they make their things and because it is so there's a big technology races constantly on you get a sign non disclosure for any of these things
when you do a motion capture for a video game or any of those those things that people do they make you sign all this paperwork and shit it ain't that easy so the people that are at the highest level of creating the cgi effects we have no my deal like how good they are right now they get better every year so like we go like one of those cgi lab that does shit for movies and see how good that stuff looks better to blow you away yeah i'm sure it's been happening for awhile so i'm sure there's shit that we don't know about will think about movies that come out right those fucking movies like jurassic park the new giraffe park which is insane now it wasn't a good movie was a kind of goofy but it was an insane showcase for like full state of the art cgi shit that's available right now like the dinosaurs looked incredible like that took like how long it take to make over a year i'm sure
that's the technology that was available when they first started doing that project so whatever it is two years ago it's a two years ago what can they do now what can they do in five years i go to this we shot his chambers popped off this is called climb it's a mountain climbing the your generality thing oh my god you're so no hand your arm circle yeah you just have hands it shows you but the way that they have the scale on what you see when you get up to like climb the top of the mountains and the man of detail they put in here so you can like put your face all the way up to your hand and see the stitches in the gloves well they look and it looks i saw a little bit more explanation on it but it seems like why would i want to do that for fun well i will those videos videos crazy russian do that do cartwheels on rooftops there's so many those guys you have that one guy is kingston i think yeah he's so scary he's terrified went to abu dhabi and top of the tallest building in which is climbing on a crane
doing hand stands for fun well he also does leaps he'll eat from the top of one building two of the other like he showed one he still in the corner of this building and leaped across the street and landed on another building but these guys are serious fucking athletes because even the ways landing like he's like stiff legged like planted himself he does not he shit man but hey we're talking about how long for that guy becomes jello one day right so he's looking across here is going to jump all the way to he climbed that sing oh dude why oh my god i can't do it oh my god this guys i have in mind so james kingston what's the name of the video people want to watch us fuck insane gap to hang off huh
fifty meter high so is jumping where is he jumping jumping from here come on no no no he's not going to oh my god he's going to jump what do you what is going to do here i can't watch this my feet are sweating now there's some new drones that just came out recently that he's gonna be able to make some way cooler videos and he's making now even take this fucking shirt off while he's up there folks just leave it up there and he talked it so everybody knows it's up there forever nobody knows he was really there if you want to go out there retrieved shirt go get it no he's not going to pull it out of the thing all jesus christ he's hanging look up sweat my hands are oh my god he's hanging with one arm fucker jesus christ dude oh my god these guys out of his fucking mind this is so hard to watch so hard so how is it how to watch when you're not there facebook here is this facebook
james l kingston he's out of his mind man that goes out of his fucking mind but that's how we're talking about again i was just like alex on old what when so it's different please getting paid for it was different i casts i don't know i think he is both the really crazy first of all what he's doing is illegal but alex honnold does is a sport young jamie i know what alex does no you too but you know the climbing dudes like the hardcore climbing guys they fall into one or two camps when it comes to alex either they revere him or they think he's a real problem and they think he's going to die like there's just one do they did about him or one of those pieces that they did about him where they talked this one old school climber who uses ropes in the whole deal and he's like it's not a matter of if he's going to die it's a matter when and the guy was just like being a real negative about it
which i don't understand is because when i watch a guy like alex honnold i say obviously he knows the fuck he's doing he's doing it all the time and he can we used to do it all the time so why do you assume that one day he's going to have a mental lapse and not be able to do it well he can do it is you doing it he's doing it right he's doing it ok he's doing it you can continue to do it leaking less his hand brakes unless he gets old and less stops working out i mean why is he not going to be able to do it well one day he's going to fall like that what do you hack cineman put in the fucking the kabosh on him you doing you know you don't know if he's going to fall like what he's doing is very dangerous but he might do it forever he might be able to do it until he's eighty and then quit he might know what he's doing no i mean he goes over those courses with a rope first he know he's got a path like he doesn't just climb something and hope he could figure out how to get up he goes through these things with
oops first and then once he goes through the things with ropes he sees his path he marks it and it goes even even still i guess like what why do they think it's bad that he might die doing it because it shows other people that all bad path to take i'm not exactly sure why they think it's a bad well then we should stop having nascar yeah i know for sure if you can do to kill you yeah that aren't even that day and yeah i was watching a girl yesterday on the fucking highway at night where in sunglasses scrolling through her facebook in in the left lane the far left lane people were honking is there a passenger shouldn't give a fuck she's fat she's prob eating while she was driving to big fat face and our phone scrolling through pictures just careless care this american just everything that would people if they wanted to mock america this should probably look kim kardashians instagram she had son this is an she's driving with a big overfed face and she
rolling through pulling everyone around her in danger she's barely paying attention and she's doing the scroll lean here's something that people don't realize when they're scrolling they have their hand on the steering wheel and they have their phone they do this with a lean over towards their phone so like if you look at uh from behind the first thing i i'm like why is this bitch going sixty miles an hour i look it over and because everyone else is flying by left and right and she's in the left lane she's see the glow from her phone which is a big one and then her head is all the way over to the right side so this pitch like barely paying attention what the fuck she's doing i mean she was barely paying attention and she had fucking sunglasses on and it's dark out the whole thing was larious lee american and probably at a trump bumper sticker on i i have amounts i just put my ipad pro right in the middle of a good move to is probably on my way to ted cruz's house just going to go fuck him
have you seen the documentaries that hold on do you believe that believe it do you know what we're talking about now five women have come out or they've said five women ted cruz is having an affair with five different women first of all kudos because you know if you gonna have an affair go deep yeah you know have a gang of them and you know they said that one one of them even works for try now perfect that's how you do it you get so you get in the deep into the enemy lines you know you gotta you gotta get us by there's some other thing i tried it i was trying to read up on it there there's been a lot of tweets over the last six months referring to this thing the thing it's in capital letters the thing like hash tag the thing at this mate might be it what they've all been referring to the last
there might be something else secret hidden how 'bout of ted cruz comes out hashtag dick game strong i'm voting for him i'm voting for him he's in if he just owns up to it he's in can you imagine hashtag that game strong bam are fucking vote for him how to i'll be a registered public i'll go to church how about that just to vote for him why when you want are great now because i think the whole thing is a joke i watched him were clinton yesterday on jimmy kimmel you see that video now it's hilarious jimmy kimmel did a really fucking smart thing very funny he set up this thing where he had hillary come on and he told her about mansplaining and he faster her if she knew what mansplaining was and then she started her explanation any corrected her of so then he had her go up and give her speech is any told her how she probably should actually dress and how she should talk and he
he basically mansplained his way through the whole thing can we play this or with this can offer you to definitely probably is kicked off yeah you should just watch it on your knees yeah well yeah just watch it on his channel but if you could in the video i i took today is of the twenty what is today the twenty fourth what is today yeah items twenty fifth i i tweeted today so if you get to the twenty fifth and you find it on it's whole area so they have to play it i i want him to get the all the hits for it anyway he's he's great he's great he's i love the guy into it the way he did it is a soft rock and brilliant nobody else would have the balls to do that like he he did it all like face dick headed the but since you know he's in i got nice guy he can get away with being the fake dick head it was great but it almost mayor likable not quite yet feeling the burn
i feel the burn more than i feel anything else i like bernie and i've said this before 'cause the social stuff and i think what he represents socially will be a good like uniting of our country i think it will help us i think what trump what he represents socially is the thing that disturbs me the most like when he says things about mexicans and that kind of shit that's that to me is that's the dumbest part about what it does people that react to it like they go rah rah it all fucking rah rah but that kind of shit that's the worst aspects of our culture we got lucky as fuck we got lucky as fuck to be by in america you can say what you want about where you live in you my love my love i slander focus we know where we are right now you listen to this and that's i bet you're right but you're right about your what you where you live has a great great qualities i'm not saying there's anything wrong with where you live
but what i'm saying is the difference between and being born america and being born in mexico is fucking staggering it's a giant fucking differences fall whereas the opportunities you have as far as like the chances of you being able to get a great job and be able to support your family like people aren't sneaking into america because it sucks their sneak into america because they got a shitty roll the dice and they got born into a poor family in mexico which is can connected to the richest nation in the world today it's that simple you and i got lucky as fuck we all did and so for god donald trump he doesn't recognize that shit like you should that should be the number one thing that he says if you want to keep america great and you want to make america great again and everything that we all were all down with that but you can't talk shit about mexicans you can't talk shit about the mall being rapists murderers
the sheer numbers of people that come over from mexico that are great that don't do anything that they're just trying to work trying to feed their families well they're doing it illegally yeah a lot of other people have done illegally two and you know and they send back money and they said they realize there's job opportunities here and donald trump's fucking own companies employ illegal aliens his wife came from another country i mean the whole that was mitt tell me hilarious joke here he said he said it's some jobs that americans won't take what trump out of white from the get it that's all that's that disturbs me but the rest of the stuff i like some of the stuff he does things lair yes i'm pretty sure he's going to win just because i know for sure in two thousand and twenty it's going to be trump versus connie the way our
world is going right now it's going to happen that's not gonna happen he's not really going to run for president oh yes yes that's a hustle that's fake how you solved and what have you but don't you think that's where we're going specially if trump wins four years later we bounce back i think we bounce back hard the other way i think if trump wins what happens is you get someone like a gary johnson gary johnson who is without a doubt the best candidate but nobody takes him seriously because he's an independent he's i mean he's a legit former governor of new mexico did a fantastic job there he's very open minded very liberal very progressive but also very smart physically aware like he's got a lot of super positive qualities he just doesn't want to be a part of that bullshit two party system because of that no one's going to take him seriously but a guy like gary johnson could be a real leader in a real president but to be a president is a fucking stupid job
hub it's to be one person that's in charge of so many different parts of this country that it's insane mean you have to be in charge of how much taxes we charge people mean that's part of your platform what's your foreign policy what's the military but what's all these things that are like what's going to do about health care to do about education we all of those things require fucking years and years and years of extreme study like you have to like really be immersed in each individual aspect of our civilization to even have a thought of how to fix it and correct it and chain this system whether it's taxes whether it's the economy whether it will all these different things require incredible levels of expertise and they expect that and uh all these different areas from one person and then expect them to have you the progressive ideas about society and culture and you know and how we move
solver silly differences about race and gender and sexual orientation this person is one person would have to be a master they would have to be some guru from another play i mean they would literally have to be some nonhuman 'cause a human being can't have that many levels of expertise because to be an expert anything that's like super complicated like finance i got yeah those guys are studying it all the time i mean you might be to be like a really good finance guy and also have a mean racquetball game or something like that say your watch what does it do my home security just went off so it vibrates is broken your house now it's this ups guy all the bank that ship i don't know how to turn it off throw in the water probably best move while you want a computer on your wrist you really like that it's cool i mean they just drop the price one hundred dollars so it's really cheap wonder why yeah well it wants a fucking computer on the rest
what school it's like when you're driving and somebody text you just look over me like ok or you could just push a button and just reply about just drive you fuck how much is going to far exactly that's why i listen to books on tape now listen to podcast for podcasts are you even listening yeah i know i don't listen to podcast at all that is insane why your problem i eat i the only time i ever listen to podcasts is when i'm going on a road trip but not like locally every day i listen to podcasts at all the all day long i listen to history i was a history on fire i listen to hardcore history daniel danielli bolelli's an dan patrick's run at dan patrick do you listen to guys we fucked no how is it i hung out with this grows in south by sw are christian hudson it's pretty funny i don't know i don't dan carlin why am i spent dan patrick jesus christ 'cause i was listening to dan patrick today
yeah but so i listen to those guys dan carlin's best at hardcore history is insane i listen to some archery podcast i listen to some comedy podcasts depend on what i'm into you know listen to joey's i listen to bill burr's on a regional sorry so sorry is a lot do duncan's which on periscope i mean do you watch periscopes i do i watch joey that's it and sometimes i watch brody yeah but in my car man i don't fuck with the phone now nope i don't fuck with it i put it down because it's dangerous is shit it's just dangerous and it's addictive i know phones are addicts so i see people texting i think we should all just make an agreement all of us just leave your fucking phone alone when you're in your car don't kill anybody 'cause if you do you'll never forgive yourself if you i'm texting you plow into someone and someone dies some fucking
it dies some old lady dies or something you'll never forgive yourself to stop fucking with your phone stop looking down at it put it down and just drive like the one time we could just chill and just be involved in what you're doing be present be mindful of what you're doing i take this fucking thing and i throw it in the ask your seat i don't even i don't want to i don't want in my lap i don't want it in the center console i don't want it i don't want to look at it as put it over there i i think we should all do that it's fucking sick that dummy yesterday driving with sunglasses on the right handed lean scrolling through instagram and like looking down looking down looking up looking down looking down looking up the amount of distance that you travel when you're looking at you phone you going sixty miles an hour and if you look at your phone for like two seconds how many fucking feet are you going think about that if you going sixty miles an hour you think about that one two that's a lot of fun
making space you're covering and you're not even looking at the road yeah i mostly about this over health fitness the sensors on each eat vegetables the fitbit i had the fitbit for awhile but certain looking up all the time said the i heard this is a lot better soon i thought those footprints in the that's right here well they're not waterproof but their water resistant and i wait wait we'd win win win win win really yeah so how could you have something exercises i got some of those beats headphones that are supposed to really good that you're supposed to have a sweat in these businesses like those but there yeah just like that those exact ones yeah wireless and they break after you sweated him too much shit fucking actually the fitbit did awesome on the little button thing that came up parts at a super glue it back together and the button stopped working after a while and then they started working again a couple of months later i had to buy another pair just because i needed some
yeah i just give these a try i've been going wired a good driver i really like him except it just you can't sweat too much in them that's ridiculous i like the wire once but when you lift weights and stuff like specially kettlebell movements and things along those lines you will one the possibility of them getting tangled up for them to get it bunched up does it have a microphone on it so you can use it for fun it's yeah it's great for the phone i love it i love it for everything man it's great it's really easy i like it i'm a fan people told me that it's not loud enough but you know i don't want to blow my fucking years i i listen to music in the gym the other day and was fine it was good a pretty decent had funds but the stab of from what they cost they shouldn't break should blast five to ten two hundred dollar standard rs two hundred dollars i think select onyx man mean you can't get him wet just they can only protect so much which
clearly they've done insane job with these iphones you can dunk these in a toilet for half an hour how do i know this is not someone else did it but you can dunk it in the phone because in the reason why this should piss everybody off a little bit they made these water because now you can turn the man and you can change them when you want to get a new one so they would to make it so they didn't break so we do that already you assholes then why you do that along time ago 'cause samsungs had waterproof your new samsung s7 is waterproof there you got the note five those are dope man the diff it's between an android phone and apple phone is almost indistinguishable now as far as like the ability the phones ability yeah if they could just work on the third party apps like scopes on it well instagram was real bad on the old version of it i only
instagram on on iphone now but on the old version of it but i still use galaxy phone for the the studio line the studio phone for for gas and stuff that's that's a two in phone and that's a that's an android phone i like it man it works great it's smooth it's easy to use you know it doesn't doesn't piss me off go online with it or anything when i look at youtube videos or anything but there's some stuff it just doesn't have it the sense 'cause arthur as many android phones now as there are apple phones i think there's more apple there should be it's pretty even if it's not one to just say over the other but i would think by now they would have caught up like everything would be caught out still as far as android goes it's still like is a company will make a phone for like samsung or sony or just ten different companies that can make an android phone then they have to have the most updated version of the operating system and that any update that has to go through the carriere to get through each of those so you could have four dot one brian could have four dot three
i could have the new four dot five or something and nothing real yeah and then there's another problem the other problem is a lot of companies like t mobile or any they'll add their own bullshit and then samsung will add your own bullshit on top of the original android so if you bye bye just android like straight android you do it through google and you get that nexus phone the nexus phone is really interesting because the nexus phone you pay google you don't pay carrier like you don't pay verizon or t mobile you just pay google and so your phone works on it moves around and they just rent time on everybody's network i find that to be fascinating so it uses both networks uses everything uses everything so wherever you are apparently make sure that's true apparently that's how it works though like you just pay good instead of paying verizon or instead of paying t mobile an theoretically uses the
best signal around all the time seems like somebody like t mobile we like now we don't want you to do that why would they do that because we make more money maybe they wouldn't i mean i don't i think even i mean people even think of google themselves as being a cell phone provider most people don't think of it you think of android but most people don't think about buying their phone from cool and using google as their their service provider do they mean i never thought that chris ryan told me about it dr kris front for sex at dawn and tangentially speaking he that's what he's got he got it that way and he got it because he wants it to work everywhere and when he's roman there's no roaming his phone works in indonesia works everywhere just just works it's not t mobile is pretty much you can go pretty much anywhere and it just works like canada there's no extra cost it's no extra cost in mexico or nothing now that's how it should be but then they get
trouble for streaming for throttling streaming or nothing so they have this plan that's they don't charge you for netflix for videos or any music things like spotify so all that band with this free it's all you can eat so now it's been exposed or whatever they don't really hide it but they said that the videos are down graded to four eighty p which is like for you phone a hundred percent fine like the difference between 720p in 480p on a whatever with four inch screen or five inch screen you're not going to notice the difference so verizon and att made a huge deal about it blah blah blah what's funny though is yesterday on their own periscope the ceo of t mobile it was shown that this full time verizon and att had been down grading there's 2320p so they just got caught for like even having worse signal then timo everybody does everybody
and then the beams acceptable it seems are going telligent moved to make sure that your stream doesn't get interrupted because it's not too much download and no reason netflix is actually the ones behind it who is down grading it for mobile because if everyone in the road had ten eight p for no reason there's a right knee and there's no reason for it well it seems like a massive waste if you would have a phone it is i mean if you can't you're looking at it but i have to tell you one thing i fucking love about apple is apple tv because i have apple tv home and a buddy of mine yeah i got the new one but even the home was great but a buddy of mine texted me a youtube video of his show so he text so i click on the link it starts playing i press down on the button and it starts showing on my tv i'm talking about in seconds so i got this text bang he shows in an episode of his tv show i put it on the tv and i sit back on the couch and i'm watching it in real time stream on television like this is fucking crazy like this guy just
set me a show and it's playing right now from my phone to the tv and it's perfect it's hd and i'm watching it and my mouth is why i was like yeah i was uh my jaw was open i was like i can't believe you have the new one yet and i love it just using the microphone and being like broad city and it shows you where is on hulu or netflix and just click on it will have new little scroll thing too he scroll that top thing it's like a touch pad do i am always having it upside down or it's in bad and i'd sit on it and it turns at all it was a lot of problems with that room yeah my cat paws the walking dead all over he's my cat is such a when when you sit on the couch like it's like oh yeah that's right it's like a if you were a sleazy guy and like a girl said you can stay over my house but don't try anything you like
yeah i will try nothing don't worry about it and he climbed in bed with her and he took your pants off and you started like rubbing your dick up against her ass that's on my cats like like look dude i'm going to sit down here and i'm just watch tv ok yeah yeah cool cool and he plops the next un forces his head in near armpits and walk all over you and climbs on for you and he's like constantly what jim i mean what is this this is the google of dot network so you're not work that you're talking about okay this is ed them yeah okay google fi okay and so this is what works with the the nexus phone yes their phone and then you pay them for one plan and you pay for their data and their minutes not ten dollars per gig for data five basics twenty dollars per month fuck off see you know how many kids i used monthly subway seven or eight hold on it's always ten dollars per gb ten dollars it's just ten dollars per gig
per month twenty dollars for two gigs so if you're only using third three gigs that's ridiculous how much is a lot how many gigs do you use a month i think i use about seven hundred or eight gigs a month i'm around three three and a half i did a lot of periscope and video stuff though that counts all of that streaming you do listening to music and you're downloading it from the servers and whatnot interesting so do you have unlimited downloads prime like how does i am a man live i have a family plan which is unlimited data unlimited yeah that's a mobile to mobile yeah unlimited unlimited friend use data though i'm kind of cool they don't pay for unused data everybody's doing that that's like what team does yeah that's it seems pretty expensive though does it yeah it says thirty two bucks a month for two gigs and jamie just says he only uses three so let's make it forty two offer more than life without the twenty dollars you can change your life without it
and plus the twister data yeah so that would be twenty dollars plus the thirty well he's how come he that doesn't make any sense because he's got twenty dollars two gigs so you get two gigs it's twenty dollars and then and it's only one thousand and twelve dollars more than that and you got eight dollars back 'cause he didn't use all this data if i used three dot five they'll go to brian brian this is seven which cracking up to eight let's go to let's say seven seven fun let's go to eight kiss your cam girling one hundred bucks a month which is fine it's fine that's normal what do you pay a month brian about bucks but you fuck are you talking to phones and i can use an iphone but this puts you on technically the best network possible at any open moment and i'll tell you what though that nexus phone is fuckin so wheat that is a sweet phone have you seen those no iphone it's not
so do the top of the line can't beat this iphone man really this that the new camera the hammer on these phones is just as good see but we'll see if it was a comparison like suspecting good comparisons too so it's hard to argue it i'm pretty sure the people like unbox therapy or what is a dude named marcus yeah and k b h d i think he's really good at that because marquez he's really good at his brain down so he really knows a shit when it comes to cellular technology and all the different components of cell phones see what he thinks about him i'm interested to try it the moon i mean just to see it see if it really is because that's one thing that i just drove right out to san jose and you know when you got through the grapevine i zero service for like a good hour or so maybe everybody though no
i was on the phone with somebody from verizon wanted somebody from att verizon was dead eighteen t though i was okay so it would be cool to see if i went through that with service if it just automatically went to at and t right or if it really just uses like sprint smartphone camera shoot out galaxy s seven edge takes on the iphone six plus this is the comparison they just do some side by side for this just photos ok look at that let's see which one is that i think the samsung is the one on the left on the one on top i guess and when i scroll over here it shows you the iphone verge ok iphones better way better right away it's over conversa instead front facing camera let's see the difference in the front facing camera which one is which again i think it's the samsung's on the left it's over iphones better conversations over
i mean i use both everyday they both have low light into this we're doing these kind of comparisons so it's really hard to make these latent who's that who's that low light this one should be i on this should be samsung samsung is way better but yeah the photographer yeah but that's the same the same photo we're supposed to assume yeah we're supposed to get one but wait a minute samsungs bigger aperture really comes into play when you taking photos in low light these images were shot in the dark back of a coffee shop in both phones some struggled but the iphone fared worse that's a big difference man scroll back again so you can see the that is way better samsung is fucking way better like that is such a v fast contrast i don't buy this one though because i use the note five is one of the best cameras they know i was one of the best cameras on a samsung and i use both of these every night and while the this one
they have good low light it also it's very blurry when you move it around it's hard to get a really good shot right but that doesn't have as good a camera z s7 edge yes i images is the newer camera newer bye four months or so but it's newer yeah but is it better yeah they get better mom and you're doing chem trails are not new iphone sc has networks cameras doing chem trails a little bit but i was trying to add like there's certain things you can do when you're taking a phone in a dark situation to make it look a little bit better and we don't know if they're doing all that they can to make let the pressure let happen again she looks so here let's see this one here speed which is so what's the difference shutter speed well they're both a good yeah it's it's very which ones that samsung samsung on top that looks better iphone below samsung one looks better but here's the problem the angle slightly different do it again see that
you going down more than when you're up more is that so i mean the light changes everything she could do it more time scroll back yeah pretty fucking close and it's really just they should go way out of their way to make sure you have the exact same angle 'cause when you don't have the same angle it's hard to tell like one of 'em like this one is way closer like why would they do that it's really is that this is the samsung laptop god damn good but that looks better boy genius report which is a pretty legit website they did a whole thing and with the s7 versus the iphone six plus and they found that the iphone still the best it's says srt6 six plus camera outperform the s7 more often than not yeah it seems like it
it seems like only low light is where it really has it nailed but god damn the differences like here these are the differences but the iphone seems to get things a little lighter and clear it's like here's another low light this is s7 and in this is the iphone in this is way better than this and this is a low light picture so again it's just this but ography you can't really do this shit you just have to have the camera go yeah most of the time that this wave well you know what they should do they should have like a double selfie stick that faces forward and they press both of exact same time in the exact same level to do that yeah they usually cannot do that yeah that's how they should do it think should have everything on a mounted platform that takes a photo but the exact same time so that you know but even then one of them would be a few inches over to the side so you get a little slightly different angle yeah but either way there
that's really good both great it's just it's just what kind of environment you have like i use all apple shit so it's easier for me but if i didn't have apple shit i probably would use just a samsung five well that's like i said my friends sending me that video i watch it on my tv and seconds there's nothing like that that exists in android yet is there yeah you could have a google chrome cast oh yeah i have a bow setup or amazon fire stick at two oh ok so what that means is i like i stick it into the usb is that works or the hdm i actually maybe and then there's just that you download the chromecast app to your phone so that anytime you have a video playing it 'cause it just is good no it's not expect i don't have an apple tv so i can't i've never used that dv is this i have chromecast it works not as good for me
really stutters a lot when you're playing stuff back and you have to play it through chrome only so it's like you have to go through the browser and a lot of times like apple is just way better when it comes to that in my opinion the thing about the apple setup was that it was instantaneous yeah that was what blew me ok my friend was like hey check this episode out i click it and then it's plan wow this is nuts i mean i'm telling you from the moment i received a text to the moment i was kick back on the couch watching it was more than no one in ten seconds and you get this is insane and you could stream your your whole entire phone into your tv so you can sit there and just text while looking at the tv one clicking is so big like amazon one click if you need something i'm out of printer ink let me just go here one click bam and then one clicking on apple store that's so big like to be able to just click it and get do you want this yeah send me a battery bitch boom yeah i get mad
now that it's not same day like what is not same day set fucking drive santa god damn drone get over here do you have anything that you like i have the subscription on certain items that i know i need every month i don't do that i did but wipes gummy bear vitamins used to flush your butt wipes do you flush your back here at my house those things don't work yeah now can't flush they should a special on it on some shows are stupid may come to the comp flushable those fucking people should all go to jail that shit is not flushable you're clogging pipes all over the world there causing millions of dollars with the plumbing problems all over the world this clogging shit up paint that stuff like it's like a synthetic paper you can't just it's not going to it's not going to dissolve like toilet paper either way all those things are gross toilets that we had in japan amber that's what i have now you're so lucky i'm a dick
did you can you miles you heroes died in the other she locks they have the shitty ones at amazon that just attach the top is that the kind you have forgiven amazon you can get it online i'll tell you the company that i get that see again i'll my place on the kind of put a nice toilet you get removed when you leave you hire someone to do it they come over they start the knee high for someone to take it out when you gone seems like you just don't want to do that right you get a nice warm jet of water up your asshole anytime you want i have a bit about it now let him do it because it's true like if you read some wacky tweets by me most likely i gotta jet of hot are shooting at my house when i'm right ferocious tweeting on the toilet when's i see going back to japan we don't have any plans new york coming up first
yes we were we are approved in new york that was part of rosie o'donnell's brothers gave fancy they don't think they have a card set the set up yet the next big one is the john jones fight which is in that's in vegas that's a huge card jon jones daniel cormier rematch dumb dumb dumb it's a big deal that's going to be insane there's a could documentary recommend called spy in the pod it's a i think it's a three part bbc series when it is they made these robot fish an like turtles the dolphins and they had cameras over them like in their eyes and stuff like that and they swam with the dolphins so that dolphins thought these fake robe that's where like a part like like friends like another dolphin it's really cool they got to go like really into like things that no one's ever seen before because you know they it's just a robot and it's also they called to see how other fish attacked
the turtle and stuff like that and see that's a camera that this is a fake turtle that's going around and that's a fake fish it it's really silly also but it really cool is dolphins catch flying fish in the air in their mouth yeah dolphin life is a ball there just having a great old time out there in the ocean is he seaworld world to say they're not going to breed orcas anymore yeah but that's so still that's like we're not going to breed are slaves ass slaves and no longer going to make anything find another way to buy 'em don't worry all well that's what got exposed by phil phil demers when on the podcast exposed that he's like seaworld there liars they're getting there dolphins in their orcas from another company which gets them from the wild like that's how they got them for them to say we haven't gotten a captive siebel on orca from the thirty years he's like that's a lie that's just not true yeah they have
got him from the while you're right they haven't done it they got somebody else to do it somebody else did it sold it to one organization and they got their dolphins from that organization's all fucked up man those are there like people they like a water person and they're just they have a different way of existing than we do but they're are smart is shit like in crazy way that we don't understand the noise do they make we still can't decide for them we don't even know what the hell they're saying we have no idea what they're saying but they know what they're saying i coul crazy that is that like they have a language that we have been study john lilly was studying that shit in the 1960s and when lily was studying it what they were true to do is they were trying to talk dolphins into making people noises there's a radio lab podcast about it i think it's called hello and they were trying figure out a way to get dolphins
make human language noise so that we could understand them they even have that voice box to do that no no that was part of the problem but they wanted to imitate it but also part of the problem was they had this late the researcher like lily was crazy for people who don't know i mean brilliant crazy but crazy lily he invented the the sensory deprivation tank lily also was this pioneer of inter species communication i mean he was really like working on this dolphin thing long before anybody thought it was viable he was trying to figure out how to communicate with dolphins and then one of the methods that he came up with you set up a sensory deprivation tank next to a dolphin tank and he would take acid and climb in the sensory depot fish tank jacked up on acid and try to like sense thought through the water and listen to them talking and see if he could decipher them and apparently he he had some anecdote
success or he kind of understood with their w hoon and he's up on acid who knows he's actually seen but the woman and it was with this is the interesting about a cheat the woman that was part of this experiment she lived in this place that they created for dolphins and the place that they created for dolphins was they had this like living room set up and they had water in the living room and these doll then swam around or this dolphin swam around in this water with her and it lived with her like bed was in the water so she would like get outta bed step down it should be in waist high water and walk around like that well the dolphins in this area the dolphin gets horny and it's a big distraction so what she decides to do is start jerking the dolphin off just like that guy that got caught last week that you hear about this no yeah this happened last week and of course
every time there's any kind of news with dolphin sex everyone tweets me so they often sex abuse whistleblower calls out aquarium for jerking off sea mammals why is that a bad thing thing wrong with that so this lady with her descript if it was was like it was a physical need that had to be taken care before they could go back to doing the work like this dolphin was so distracting what you doing over there looking at that story still looking it up after you put it screen he just put it up so she you know she was like this is just a reality of being a living thing with the sex drive like we have to take care of this otherwise it's going to distract them but that shut down all of the research and they found out about lily doing acid and he's also big into ketamin would shoot cada mean into my screen intramuscularly and get into the sensory deprivation tank i was out of his mind to some of those guys especially back then when people didn't really know what the fuck
cada mean was you know they didn't understand what this guy was dylan and this is the acid days like acid wasn't even illegal back then this guy was doing all these wacky expn parents and he was so far off the deep end like so far removed from what most people new about psychedelic drugs that he was just just out there on the furthest fringes and now just to this day people are still trying to figure out what the fuck he was doing so trying to figure out how far we got and you know he was he was a real crazy man like lily he was the motivation behind that movie altered states that was all about lily because lily was a scientist and you know then he was taking all this crazy shit and people like well well well what the fuck are you doing man like you're taking some crazy psychedelic drugs and we don't even really understand he's like whatever dude leave me alone will go hang out with dolphins and we just take this stuff bye
the radio lab podcast is really interesting because it's weird how hung up people get where as soon as it becomes about sex like if the dog and at any other needs that had to be met like maybe dolphins have a certain amount of hugging that they have to have on a daily basis like maybe they are unique requirements are that they need to be caressed on a daily basis otherwise they get sick if people just climb in the tank with them and caress them no one ever problem but it's caressing his dick there were like no way that's where you rather like we draw the line there because we're ashamed of sex for shame to our sexuality so a scientist who addresses sexuality the same way we would address food shelter warmth like as a physical need she addressed it as a scientist not confined the constraints of our culture and our ridiculous civilization she just thought
ok we got a problem here let's take care of this problem and then we could try to get this thing to say hello and everybody's like shutting it down you're jerking off dolphins the desert is there really like john lilly assistance that are alive or working and that woman is alive the woman in the radio lab podcast he still alive yeah there's a few of them in our lab todd mccormick has john lilies sensory deprivation tank he's got one of he was a part of the early somebody company my first sensory deprivation tank was a somebody that's the one i want up giving away online member we made that video and we gave it away is when i found out about the float lab float labs their pods their sensory dep tanks are just so much better these two companies that really fucking kill it right now there's a flow lab which just kills it they make the best shit everything is stated yard
state of the art decontamination of the water ozone all that stuff by the way have zero like connection with them any other sensory deprivation tank i don't have any business i'm not i'm not i'm not selling them although we have talked to there's another company in in austin what is it zero gravity as it was called in austin make sure is that they have a dope tank as well and we thought about we've we've talked about it the on a company of releasing an on tank or being involved in some sort of high end tank 'cause what this guys in austin is kevin his name zero gravity kevin is doing it with he's using like boat halls like the the same companies that make there's kevin right there with long hair like that fuck hey god damn happy can fill it with me but he's a great guy by the way soon
nice guy but his his tanks are there right up there with the lab tanks and what they're doing is instead of having a lining like the float lab is this super thick lining that's what is look like similar to what the float labs look like in a lot of ways like they're just real heavy duty um float lab uses aligning that they use when they make koi ponds the real thick rubber lining so there was a big with somebody tanks was that the lining would burn because a only get like a hole in it and then some water would get through and it would get on the heating element that would short circuit burn through through and it would flood that happened to me in my basement got flooded yeah so this guys figured out a way around that noel running at all and instead they you use a like the same sort of manufacturing principles that you would make a boat out of why is it so tall so you stand in it why do you want to stand in it 'cause you can lie
and it and then you have to duck when you get out or you can just stand up and walk out so they just made him also you get more air in there yeah bob ones have buttons that you can press that circulate the air like mine has three different speeds i can have a little bit of air a lot of air or just bought blows like full blast or get shut it off so you could circulate some air inside the chamber while you're in it most the time i have that off but you could turn it on it also helps to cool your bow body off a little bit 'cause sometimes you can get a little sweaty like it's hard to get the shot that fucking phone watch nonsense off take off man it can't dang every hour that's just retarded have you yours is every hour clock is my alarm system in yeah exactly you haven't done the music or visuals in it yet have you known i don't know maybe are you interested
we tried that it isn't too much no it's interesting i just haven't gotten down to their place i only use the tank that i have but if i would definitely try it what he's done with the music figure out a way to have these floating waterproof speakers that are right next to your ears and they literally make the water vibrate so you feel music in your feet and your skin you open your balls like you fee kill the music in the water it's supposed to be incredible it's supposed to be like some real next level shit if you're whore bic you don't even really need that those with binaural beats i would imagine you can get some interesting oh yeah stuff she does get frozen the other day jamie now to the crypto thing right it how was it it was crazy is cool isn't is a bit like what i would expect the torture does it feel like torture tortured now i was just playing a mind game with so far only went for two minutes and they played music which help to do it man i i wouldn't mind yes right it's all right let's do it do it right after this is just
like a little mind their play leads up on the side like you know there's music now and it's it is all in two minutes so you know it's not a full song so you just like all right it sucks for the there's thirty seconds don't even know what you're expecting and then it's like alright i mean i'm here this is cool like ron your body gets used to it so like when you're doing it you did those two minutes fell again turning after a while three minutes feels pretty easy he does is sit stand there no more than three right that's like them i've done three hundred and twenty simone have ever done three minutes twenty seconds it gets hairy the last twenty seconds get a little error is there any part of your body that does something that you've noticed like like your butt hole free shut or it is your dinner like kind of legs shake legs your legs start shaking it wasn't as cold as i thought it would be honest i thought it would be unbearably cold i've been in cold situations before and it's just as cold as any time we've been really cold you get sick balls like do they get the type or you you know i mean when you're like when your balls are talking about your testicles were in underwear
you're what happens is your body at first is like holy shit it doesn't feel that cold but it feels oh my god but you can stand it but after a couple of minutes it reveals itself and he hit three minutes then it reveals itself you're like oh my god like it reaches a level of cold like what your body can't keep itself warm anymore and your body we also your blood is retreated your buds are treating to you cord try to protect dance dancing longtime likes aside aside sidestep and have a sensor on oregon anyway they're detecting your heart rate to make sure you're not you're right there they could see you through the glass and you could always leave anytime you want you walked out the door the doors right next to hard to open just push it you stand out the problem with it is if you touch the walls you could definitely get some frostbite
make sure you don't touch the walls you gotta stand in the center don't don't touch anything with your with your skin 'cause you know it's not a lot of room to move and it's two hundred and seventy degrees below zero shits no joke it wasn't that it could be scary you're probably building yourself up more in life cycle haunted house like it's not bad once again it's not that scary dude it's freaky i just don't like being in situations where what if this door accidentally breaks and they i opened it in ten minutes or i die you get open it's not hard man just pushes doesn't have an ob just pushes shut encloses coil handle on it if not even like being in a cool at a restaurant that's not the way less than a year okay super easy to open it opens when you're using it opens easy but it's really weird but afterwards man you feel amazing did you feel great yeah i've i five i'd i don't i'm not sure if it was a drink coffee later that night but it kept me up like i had way more energy than i usually do on a given day yeah well ruth dr patrick said it's epinephrine
and then your brain produces it and also cold shock proteins it produce all this anti inflammatory response and the way it makes your brain feels very interesting the way it makes your whole body feel like you feel great like you have to get addie like wow got damn we feel good and you know the physical benefits of it i think i think for anybody who like works out and lift weights and does anything where you know we have soreness and inflammation apparently for people that have arthritis it offers a lot of a lot of help a lot of assistance for people that have that i just fucking love it i've never taken an ice bath though so i don't have to be just as good or better shop says it's better i don't think i spasso are really easy for a lot of people just to do because you will just have it at the gym less they have a whole dinner spot like they're starting to have for cryotherapy for me and have a nice bath but it's fifteen minutes to that we supposed to do sometimes people do twenty shop says it's better he does the ice bath gives him like more relief than the
and also wim hof said the ice bath has some bene it's a tank wouldn't have because you how to breed in those fifteen minutes it's a long time as opposed to like the three minutes like that the list the cooling tanks the the first project chambers when you get minimum bright as they start to sockets over but when you get that ice bath i think that sucks from the jump and i i think learning how to calm yourself in the suck is what it's all about like there's you get the same epinephrine i bet maybe you get more because you're in that tank for a long time of that icy water in there for twenty minutes so who knows you might get a bigger burst of that happen out front and from the people that have done it they say that it's more relief from like soreness like brendan's where is that's more relief and make sense to maine i've done it so i can't comment i should probably do it just so i know the difference i'll try to do i should probably have a good workout like lift some weights or something and then
would do it and see if it periscope it yeah maybe i should yeah i probably should 'cause i do that think so often i should probably know but i know that the first time i started hearing people talk about how good you feel when you get out though was when people are doing the sensory deprivation tank i never heard about people saying they felt good when they got out of the ice bath they will look happy it was over but i don't remember people saying they felt good i wonder requires like a certain temperature you experience she probably already talked about this and we forgot it right i would imagine she had temperature in there yeah yeah she has too much fucking information i can't keep up she does it with no notes either by the way folks should have like a note that she never looks at
she's rattling off of that information with no notes so when a few people that i've ever met that makes me feel really stupid now i think i asked her three times separately after that podcast okay please explain to me like a knife this sauna thing yeah i'm doing it right right right in minutes is good yeah that's the case okay but there's a few people that i've talked to why feel like really fucking stupid while i'm talking to them where i'm just trying to like like what is it like on your planet how do you time travel what do you about us and did you create us your questions are val i will answer them now um who else makes me feel that stupid neil degrasse tyson he makes you feel it's too but a peter chef he made me feel pretty stupid you know maybe for pre stupid i still don't understand what the fuck he said was that physicists dude goswami yes yeah doctor goswami man to this day i will
i'll put on that podcast just try to grab it try to figure out what he was saying he was talking about like he was all is easy a quantum physicist is that how you would describe him thank airstream quantum theory green string theory in wo man that stuff is like hold the fuck on what are you even saying like that stuff is so far out the deep end as far as like how to grasp it hear that guy describing things you like why it ha yeah he's little too smart this cool and he doesn't give a fuck who wear a hat with a tie is when it's kangaroo hats right it's like run d mc shit angle over this guys like giving a speech at a college and he's gotta fucking black hat on i mean what a weird hat to have as a professor but i think those dudes they don't give a fuck
their version of reality is so it's so it's there looking at the universe on the almost impossible to measure level and there's only a few of them that uh send the mathematics involved when they art drawing all that mathematical stuff for quant here when they start drawing on those yellow legal pads they sit in the park and do it if you left that there and you gave the next four hundred people one million dollars to tell you what it is no ones could not the fuck that is you could wait in japanese and you could say if someone can read this you get a million dollars someone's going to show up almost immediately and read that there's a lot of people that speak japanese this very few people understand what the fuck those guys are writing when they're writing all those crazy numbers and letters and squiggle lines and i watched brian cox and i forget who the other scientists was but when i did brian cox's paw
'cause he's another one who makes me feel stupid as fuck maybe this these guys were talking they were talking about like those equations and they're talking about gravity and i was like what wow are you even doing up there is that real no idea there make any squiggles and all these lines and to them it's like of course of course don't forget the little with ea like that kind of shit i didn't know you had a pool it's hilarious 'cause they enjoy doing it too 'cause it's like a cool little language that they know so few people now like the langu so that complex those equations it's like almost like some crazy foreign alien language like that only a few people know how to speak like they're doing all these equations and trying to prove that adds smallest level the universe is made out of something that's like strings and they vibrate at different frequencies and that
who creates matter and what what what why do you guys talking about and then they start talking about subatomic particles and how they react when being viewed or not viewed and what the fuck are you saying you know i mean that's why that guy doesn't give a fuck you wear a sock at like who there's this is all just strings like you guys don't even know this you don't even oh wait you're involved in you guys are playing this this game you know you're sitting here wondering if it's going to be donald trump or ted who is the republican nomination and every the balance of what country is this guys study and strings that we can't see maybe there biggest bullshit artists and we're just so confused that we don't question like they all decided to
keep their mouth shut like it's been going on forever like einstein what created this like hey i figured out a way we don't really have to have real jobs we just talk crazy shit about strings is anything is possible but feeling not what happened i have a feeling because their teaching it still not like not no more or just going to between you and i and that's it we're going to die with us now they teach it you know those highlevel equations and that kind of physics and stuff that's available at universities at the highest level so it's got to be a real thing what if they just the arguments take what if they found one of those things to be wrong they have to stop teaching it teach the right thing it would just happen since we've been in school you know they tell us things that if i don't work true ok yeah but that's because they get new data and part of the reason why they get new data is 'cause they were going over these equations it's part of the whole idea that so supposedly so beautiful is that knowledge
which is like self correcting and when more knowledge comes up out when we learn new thing things and we have new discoveries and we have information that we add two and sort of changes the view of how we're looking at things like it self correcting it becomes a problem of someones resisting it because they don't want to appear that they were incorrect all these years that that's a giant problem and that's the ego problem that humans have humans they just have that problem even if they were teaching to the master their ability you know they're doing an amazing job with what information that they had if something comes out that contradicts with someone's been teaching boy they fucking resistors shit out of that it becomes a problem like archaeology a little bit it with some of those egypt guys like as they try to introduce the possibilities of civilizations that were very complex and building giant stone structures like deep deep into our past like fourteen thousand plus years
when they started with more this evidence starts coming out there still resisting the idea that egypt is older than than what it is and this is hi john anthony wi know we've had him on that guy if you haven't heard this subject before and you're not interested or you're not educated about egypt and its history get this insane documentary series it's it's mean obviously it's it's a d cd and it's only an hour or couple hours long and there's six of 'em though and it's a it's a whole series of 'em i mean the way this guy did it is so good he's so good at explaining it he so passionate about egypt and he no passion about the architecture and showing like how much complexity there is and it's six fucking hours for more than six hours six dvd's right is that what is each one hour magical egypt yes that's it i think he's got unmagical egypt two that he just came out with two but this guys
just obsessed with egypt and he knows so much about it but some his evidence that they try try to show to these archaeologists to open up the possibility that we're not just looking when they're looking at egypt and not just looking at one civilization that was advance that was making these incredible structures you might be looking at like several generations that are separated by thousands of years like this might have been an area where this been like in style that went on for thousands of years and they had another one after that might have been new people like took over like there's a lot like a lot of like crazy shit happen in egypt like the face of the pharaoh is apparently an african face and that's after the nubians conquered that part of egypt so what happens when the nubians came up and conquered egypt they decided to take that sphinx and carvin african head into it
so they made the pharo whoever the pharaoh's that i'm some bad mother fucker dude he's the ultimate pimp he turned alliance eighth it's like yeah that line it's been here for about ten thousand years dog man i think my face look weather update in that line he had had had carved his face into play giant existing statue and the eggs sting statue might have been there as long as like ten thousand bc like they think they statue might be old as fuck and that this guy carve his head into it like way after it had been made there's also to cool evidence about that too many people are reluctant to consider some of it is these fissure markson canyon walls it's only been created by only could have been created by thousands of years of rainfall and there's this guy from boston university doctor robert schoch who
started proposing all these ideas if you have any movies never interested in this kind of stuff magical egypt is the shit i'm telling this amazing i watched nothing but that for months straight i watched it several times so good do they were so advanced fuck i mean they were making some crazy shit even if they are right even if the egyptologists are one hundred percent correct that's we're still talking about fuck five thousand years ago four thousand five hundred plus years ago were talking about like two thousand five hundred bc they were making some insane shit so even if john anthony w is wrong and it all comes from the same error it still in fuck insane how much information is available right now we could see like how mathematically complex structures were and these people are doing
and they're making these immensely complicated structures at the very earliest or the very most recent two thousand five hundred bc fucking crazy i mean that it's crazy and they think the african faces even more recent than that stupid came along just jack that town and put his fucking face on the line i hope that happens to the statue of liberty statue of liberty gets blacked out it could if connie because president he'll demand to be the new face on mount rushmore for sure totaly one hundred one hundred percent hundred percent kyma so she if you want to be on that as well and that's will know that the human race is a giant failure it just didn't workout we got two capable before we got smart because the really capable people the people that have figured out how to allow us to manipulate matter and exchange information the people that earned
they were super super intelligent but then they took that and they gave that power to us they gave it to the masses hashtag dick game strong say what they did what they did was they made something that we don't deserve we don't deserve this it's too good it's too crazy i mean like we're not ready for this level of power and that's what's happening hashtag is going to find a way onto our currency at one point pretty soon there's going to be like hashtag dick game strong connie or something like that passed i feel the burn that's out there right hashtag make america great again so trump is what it is yes a lot of letters to give up on one hundred and forty one four do you want to keep america great again or make america great again so many hashtags for too many letters right
to the characters cleveland for brian burning man like early although i i i i just think he represents common sense and that yes that's the one thing that i like about he just seems like a normal person talking like you're talking to ari or something i exit i agree i agree and i also think like the fact that he's not taking money from banks i you know when he was asking hillary to give a transcript of speech is that she gave when she was getting paid one slash four million bucks and talk to these bankers i mean that's a reasonable request if you're going to be the president that's a reasonable request and he goes you know i will tell you exactly give you all the transcripts from what i spoke in front of those bankers because there are none yeah it's good at it do you see larry david play him bernie no i haven't seen it oh my god it's some of the best their identical twins it's crazy it's funny larry david's genius i love did you
did gary shandling died yeah you see fucked up man sixty six years old that's how we talk about it before the podcast what were you saying that there was a limo that was at his driveway in a report on tmz that said that he had missed he had was feeling stick the night before call doctor friend of his total he should probably go to hospital tomorrow is like ok i'll go to the hospital tomorrow so apparently he had booked a car service to take into the hospital but before that card picked him up he had already had to call nine hundred and eleven 'cause he was distressed and then collapse before he quit went out to the car i guess or whatever man yeah that came out of nowhere you know that was not having thought about him being sick or i didn't know him only matter once is very nice and i met him i met him at the comedy magic club i didn't know him but damn he was funny he was falling
and at last henderson was a hilarious show and that's the show that got paul sims started who is the executive producer of news radio on the creator of news radio he got his start in the larry sanders show yeah man want to i mean i feel like i feel like it's awful and everything they die and especially you know sixty six is not even that old or sixty two how old is e six thousand six hundred and sixty six you know but i think i would at least rather that i think then the robin williams thing robin williams one was such a bummer to me it's we're we're living in a weird time where everyone we know is dying because all of the people that works tv stars and people that like movie stars like of our generation is that you know are dying robin williams dead are you kidding me nick nancy reagan's dead what the fuck i can't believe nancy reagan was alive thank you rachel alive when she died i was like what just died uhm yeah
there's been some weird ones the weirdest one is one we have died it's burt reynolds to maine 'cause when i was a kid burt reynolds with smoke in the bandit like he was so cool i remember he would with that trans am and he had that mustache and every he wanted to be bert reynolds who's always laughing and smiling elect god damn burt reynolds is the shit dude those look in the bandit days he was like the ultimate having a great time guy 'cause he was always smiling his movies was getting mad at anybody heroes are there silly mustache you smiling and driver his car and hanging out with sally field back with i thought that was him all the time just great sense of humor and always smiling he's a badass they were great movies mann middle ignites dude burt reynolds this shit especially back then he he was the shit but there was an episode of that garage gas monkeys that what is gas
monkey garage what's that fucking fast and loose fast and fast and loud fastenal out that's it the car show fast and loud they built one of those trans am's like they had one of those smoking the bandit trans am and they were refurbishing it and they met to me they want to meet reynolds and many would was struggle and even to walk here actually find it take me pull it up you know this these guys they showed up at birds place and when it comes out man you see him walking like look at this damn yeah see he's got a cane and he he's all hunched over like he's physic pretty fucked up was he also in cannibal run yeah so is smoking the bandit was well i thought for some reason i always thought those were the same movies dude and he these are awesome in his first movie or his first big movie which is deliverance do
deliverance was amazing we see him here and look at him he's he's hurting man he's hurt and you seem walken like to me that's crazy i'm looking at this from like how could this be yeah looks like he's got it back injury activities such as he's starting to hug you so hunched over he say he looks so like just woon did an injured you know i mean his whole body is just i i was think of him as being that fuckin lively happy guy time you motherfucker time you evil bitch it's weird to think about like the people that kind of fell off in like you completely forget about him not like like tim conway is he alive brendan fraser yeah the guy from the mummy movies yeah there's some certain guys that are giant movie stars and then they just say i'm just going to stop doing this
or the word society says it's going to stop buying your movies one of those happens something written janice how he just kind of like quit yeah he just quit i'm could you see david letterman the other day that picture of david letterman had oh my god i go wild mares hubba mountain is going to hi will find that sasquatch and i will bring back his head i could totally walked by him and not think that's david letterman at all smart but now somebody outed him yeah fuckers should now to man i guess if he throws his glasses on it will even look more so yeah yeah if you do he's got you just kind of have to have a new luck change it to read make it already no one would know and look at that and if he died it already z he looks like somebody that would be in a fisherman or boat well he had are some serious heart problem to write and you have to have surgery some along those lines yeah get some serious heart problems that
scary man so i can't wait to our body can warn s like we'll have like like status like your phone the outlook on my phone like i get this notification like you might be having a blood clot in your left leg are you still doing a diet thing yeah i i i i had that sickness that everyone has that thing jamie has now where it was like a upper rest very bronchitis kind of flu thing that but mine last like three weeks so i had it for a whole week yeah i had for a whole it might have been more than a week it might have been two weeks 'cause i had it for i had it for awhile and then i worked out too hard and then i got it again i was like whoa this super strong so this is a deceptive cold they just taking a long time to kick yeah my voice is still kind of fucked up i mean i just got done hacking up goobers for like a week and not a good one so so for almost a month i haven't been to the gym since then 'cause i still don't like maybe today i feel one hundred percent but
i still haven't been like one hundred percent for awhile that's the thing when you start feeling shitty it's really important to give your body a break and let your body rehabilitate people they have this idea of sweating it out maybe a little bit like little exercise will get your blood pumping and they'll be as long as you're not putting it under stress and strain but when you start like thinking going to work your way out of a cold you're just going to make your body sicker yeah i just been what is underestimated it but it was just a minor cold i'm like i'm just going to little weights here but the next day i was like woo and i had a little bit of all every symptom like it came back where i threw up like the flu you've got the zika virus so don't get pregnant my little head baby dude like this poor little head babies are like oh the babies that get affected by it oh how dare you call them that i thought you were saying you wear
they only know the hustle born to this email virus but are they likely to be higher simpering functional like it or not i don't know it's really dangerous apparently but you know i i don't know enough to really comment on it i don't know how much of it is medically proven fact but i think women get pregnant and they have it it's very dangerous i think that's what people are scared of people say they won't travel now 'cause the zika virus has some friends it wouldn't go to florida she's they're pregnant they didn't who too close hey man i mean if it's true i would feel the same way i guess i mean imagine how fucking guilty would feel feel like now fuck that i'm getting my party but you know i'm going to miami bitch and you know like just showing a little bit you like i don't give a fuck i'm here to post my last night girl i'd feel so awful what a up virus virus it ruins the baby
now if she fucks a hawaiian guy the head will be fine right if she has zika virus steroids some with a larger heavier i think even the polynesia like someone is what you mean someone would have been a good example i know what the fuck you're talking about mike hawaiians are normal sized people i guess you're right there being some big alliance like the rock you yeah but like samoans are giant so if it's a mo and fox some a woman with is like a virus well they have a normal size yeah would be enormous i don't think it works that way i'd like to see i think the whole simone's have better
brain structure i mean jaw structure and like head structure they have more sound frame to hold the brain in but i think the fucking brain shrinks dude think it's some real issues just said the rocking to think of it you know he's making the bay watch movie right now yeah zac efron's in it with them have you seen the pictures of zac efron going around right now i'm really talking about all that happened then but what about this is that steroids do you think yes percent can you get that from you can definitely get that big without steroids gives a young guy but hold on second he's a young guy he's been lifting rates for years he had a six pack just a couple of years ago he was shredded and if you do steady straight lifted weights for a long time without doing anything yes like you know you've seen that video of me from that nbc from that va one fashion awards thing but one that was the at where i was naked and
when i was in that thing i barely lifted weights i mean and i did like chinups and i did some weight lifting mostly was just doing kickboxing and i had never taken anything no testosterone no steroids know nothing and i have quite a bit of muscle like there's certain p people that are more prone to being muscular specially if you been doing like jim astex or something like that like really young in life or wrestling a lot of wrestlers get it but for me it was kick box sing in a lot of calisthenics and some weight lifting but not even that much really not like like a serious bodybuilder would be doing it if i if i lifted once a week it there it was very rare for me to stay steady i would lift like for a few months then i would stop and i go back to some point was i was dedicated way more to kick boxing that i was to anything else and i still put on a lot of muscle i take that back you know
i've seen zach's always at the comedy store and it when he's wearing normal clothes he just doesn't look that muscular but i just looked back to in ten and he's been ripped since then so swimmer swimmer body yeah but he's got a trainer i'm sure if you've got a trainer in the trainer makes you work hard you're going to get more muscle it's like you get to a certain level like like if you see a guy like me who's forty eight and you see that he's he still has a good amount of muscle and looks thick most of the time that guys taking testosterone especially today days day like the benefits of it or just so obvious mean you could not take it and just be like regular sixty year old guy and just feel free
or you see these guys who are taken it there are sixty years old that are fucking shredded like you go to the beach go to like fucking maui or something like that go to four seasons you'll see some businessman was like in his 60s with six pack and giant traps some sixty year old guy with a personal trainer is taking testosterone like uhm i think that the way better than to be like a like that reynolds characters look terrible there is sixty three that he's using placement of that floating device hasselhoff was a very nice guy and he was on fear factor so i will cease comma however there is a gigantic difference between the man on the left and the man on the right the man on the left screen is the fuckin rock and holy shit what god that guy is like look at the fucking size of him and he's a huge guy on top of that so you know the rock
is like six three something like that right z6 three that sounds about right seventy two i i mean just shredded and dedicate it gets up every morning at but again if i had to guess like the rock is not that much younger than me i'm forty eight what is that guy is forty four how old is he how gas bryant guess who the rock yeah i would say if your age four no i think it's my age forty three there we go but point being mean it's technically possible be that big without steroids and he does have an insane work ethic but i would imagine is taking testosterone fastest but there's no shame in it every people weird about like hiding that this is their chemical components of our body that we can manipulate not talking about taking mass
of amounts of it 'cause that's dangerous it's not smart it's not good for you it's going to fuck you up when guys go too deep with it is going to fuck you up but that doesn't mean like low levels of it aren't possibly helpful i've taken the alternative is your body just stops working good i mean that's the alternative i mean everybody want it's like it is a pride thing involved in it people don't want to admit they need it it's really weird when do you think is the or not the best but what do you think is a good way to decide when you should take it go to a doctor for sure one hundred percent yeah you should go to a doctor who really understands what's going on where you know he's on top of the latest as far as placing hormones and what are the benefits of doing it naturally where the benefits of augmenting it with some sort of a synthetic hormone and having it's got a long history of it who does bloodwork extensive blood work and to find out how healthy war in the first thing they're going to do if he's good first thing to do is
manipulate your diet that's the first thing they all do they all look at your blood work and go look you're really low and d three e this you that i need to start taking niacin what kind of food you eating because you just just doing that just lowering your sugar intake and all your bowl share the union alcohol just that alone if you can minimize alcohol and lower your sugar intake like really lower it you'll have a big impact on your hormones just that it will have a big impact on all aspects of your body bio just work better your insulin won't be so fucking spiked it just gets real we when you start chugging mountain dew all day and you get like insane levels of sugar that a lot of people get and i know people are we going to get all this focus sugar chalk talk about sugar too much i know i did i know you're right but that's the part is they'll work on your diet first what they would do is they would check your blood they'd find out where your levels are of everything including you for thyroid hormones lot of people have thyroid
which is another we know about it i bet my shits all fucked up i bet all abc and d probably you should get it checked out and you should totally do you know but if you have to be like willing to listen to if they ok you have to drink water you have to take nice and you have to do this you have to do that you to limit your amount of you know fried foods a trans fats how would you find a good doctor that does this besides like maybe just question ask your back page you know it's funny because you don't want to quack you don't want some fucking nutty duty just wants to shoot you up with steroids you you want to have a doctor that is intelligent about it how they approach it and hopefully a doctor that's older than you that's on it it's like best case scenario if your doctors not taking hormone july but your what but your ad dude what are you doing try stay alive what are you doing you know be talked some eighty year old doctor and he's fucking yoked
that's the guy you wanna listen to i'll go what's he doing we doing over there dude white so strong there's some old dudes that are involved in powerlifting competitions it's banana i mean i don't know if they're pretending to be natural i don't know how that works do whatever they want but i was watching these these guys are in their 60s there powerlifting talking like massive amounts of weight five six hundred pounds watch these guys power lift and i'm like why how how old are these guys and they're dead lifting five hundred pounds six hundred pounds might that's crazy like those people didn't exist there is no sixty year old deadlifters twenty years ago don't even think about doing it yeah there's a lot of those guys at my gym lot of the old guys that were like how is this guy still going to look at him and his body is crazy looking
when you have whenever old body mixed with muscles it's really weird well there's a big difference between a so it's not doing this mother father how old is that guy the arnold classic europe two thousand and twelve over sixty pose down over sixty everyone of these guys is over sixty that is god that looks like cgi doesn't look fake it's insane yes with that guy's old man face yeah yeah that looks like looks like jay leno or something especially not go well look at him too he's dancing terribly his skin is kind klay and he's got a a cop mustache they're all going on it's going to be in a got top with these guys he got the john stossel over sixty shredded see this is the difference between being a man and being a woman to because i don't think that a woman could take some shit that will give her like a more
feminine body as she gets older you know i mean where is a guy like these guys are obviously taking some shit and they're in their 60s and they all this muscle and they look like like fucking super athletes i mean that's these guys look like it's ridiculous guy it definitely it definitely is crazy not right that guy right there with the red shorts in the far left like that guy looks like maybe thirty years old that's insane the fact that guys sixty something that's insane across but my point being like it there's not anything like this available for a woman a woman can't take something that like makes her as she gets older look more like a younger woman this haircut why do they all have to be that color is that make it look better so
yeah the the use had fake tanning shit because the darker they are the more it highlights their muscular iti that old guys gotta flabby ass he shouldn't turn his ass to the camera he shaved it down to this little cute mohawk hipster oh yeah i didn't even notice that it's going to sixty year old do it a mohawk maybe you had it first it could be the original maybe never let it go scott giant this game getting another guys face is tripping out let's wrap this up to bring it home get anything else you wanted to talk about shut this bitch off shit bitch shut this bitch off and move on with our lives using gentlemen it's been beautiful this episode seven hundred and seventy seven right now so i thought it had to be you 'cause of all the your seven references that you through and all throughout the years that number haunts me so bad why i don't know it just comes up so much now ok
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advance what brian redban do his own podcast now yes telling it hurts doing really well yeah and this this next episode about to release has to the seinfeld shit what's the seinfeld shit stupid question i asked enfield okay maybe should be aware that i did anything else that's it alright you fucks that's it for this week only one we doing one but we back next week strong full force see you soon bye alright folks thanks for tuning into the cast thanks to caveman coffee for caffeinating us through this bitch is to me undies go to meundies dot com slash rogan for twenty percent off your first order thanks square space go to squarespace dot com this last joes started free trial check out how you can make your own website squarespace dot com slash joe
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