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2016-04-13 | 🔗
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Check out his newest podcast called "What Brian Redban Do" at http://deathsquad.tv & on iTunes
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work given up for my friend, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Brian ran will gain experience by my father s voice you shot stewed Aaron, whereas it where's the not that, but you gave us, the apathy of whites I told a story a long time ago by car accident I got into when I had I had an older girlfriends tomorrow to do pretty hot, though Stephanie. How are you? and she she made me throw away this white snake Cosette after the car accident. I had a little box accepts in my car and she said, throw them out and that's fucking. Listen to our saviour.
In that state. If you're, not situation, I now will your inner relationship in a person you're worth tells you to do your flock man on that bitch. While that bitch wants to and has bombed out man that I fuckin throughout this white snake Cd Wells, Cosette Cosette rather than at any other house player them that one of the wounded cities come out officially. Ninety eighty, I thought were daddy or Trade Union sub forward. Stop she's, not worthy enough. Someone, the aid he's right. Yet early relate eighties sex. I got my first one in I remember for my birthday when I was like sixteen Sunlike seventeen So this had to be eighty eight as I know that after I broke up with her, I start fighting. I took like a break we broke up and then I had three more fights after a day of her, so like kickboxing fights, so I remember that year at how to be eighty, eight, which eighty eighty nine, but
fuckin. I love this guy said so that was there was like a real moment of for me. You know you there's moments in you have a relationships. We go fuck. I can't be this guy. I can't I can't Just let someone tell me what to do and someone try to change me like she's, a very smart girl and she was older than me, but she was twenty five and I was twenty one, and I remember you know she just smarter than me. It was certainly at the time more worldly than me and I'm fucking listen to her good man? Don't even see your friends in those situations easier, France that that always fight every week and always breaking up in there it's awful in her defence. I was a fuckin idiot in her defence. So I was trying to shape me up a you know. It was interesting
like you know what I knew I couldn't hang out there are more was there was an incident at a comedy club, but I've told before someone repeated again, because the person that I talked about turn talked about in the Jamie kills Dean Podcast the personal talk about completely delusion on their perception of these events, onawandah rehash, who the original purse wasn't. I got in this dispute with, but I want to walk, king of the stage gazelles, disgusted by how this professional comedian was censoring people at an open might night, and dumb Stephanie, whose oh, by the way, awesome narrating but awesome. She's very copper So I've never hated her answer, but she in ouch Parmesan and she, like kind of like lectured me, she's like looking you want to do this. If you want to do this, then you have to really do it. You can't walk off stage like that. That's completely unprofessional and more professional, like I'm an amateur
adds unprofessional, internal learn how do and then I realized like this. I talk to people that Erin, your life, that, if you dont like what they're doing like you, have this there's gotta be a better way of approaching it than that her way of approaching It was from like a mother perspective like an authoritative perspective in I was weird, was a weird relationship in that respect. When you see those relationships, a problem as such, and not on generalised but often times in relationships, the dynamic that the relationship and with is the dynamic the relationships sticks with and if you get stuck in a rut, one person tenuous do it very rarely goes back the other way and then you tell them what to do and then they listened and never does psyche you develop like a chief and the rest. The Indians these are captain and sailors, and this is the way it s man, I don't know why, but with, her like early on she
assume the role of the one who is like, dictating what was okay and not okay? What kind of music I should like? How should dress, sweat, weird man, but against wasn't bad person. She was a twenty five you're old girl, Dana twenty one year old guy, who is crazy, and you know when girls are twenty five lived here. What am I doing might marry this guy we're gonna have kids this fuckin idiot. I gotta a lot we gotta get him stop listen await snake. I mean, I think I do that in almost every relationship, the yeah she he now and Coincidentally, you often dig always great girls younger than you yeah yeah. Definitely, boys and never fixable like as hard as I try, not that fixes twenty one, The twenty five is doesnt seem that old, like for a guy to a girl, again the generalised, but I definitely think that girls mature quicker than guys a hundred percent. Oh yeah, I think its common knowledge will I've been trying to do,
you're out. Why a baton figure out what it is. Parents, man now think it's ego, they its ego. I think men, have spent so much time cod bring. The male ego worried about this for a girl for kick disguised in all fucked up guy up, like posturing and presenting themselves like, especially when the really young as something better than they actually are. It's like a big part of being a young man and she really I somewhere around your authorities. I guess that no body buys that, like nobody buys that, like when your PA, stirring, and you pretend to be someone that by then you are, you think, you're giving yourself some sort of weird comfort or trying to, but it's like second Comes not really effective zone really doing anything Women don't have that they don't have the I'll kick your ass. They dont have. This guy what a sky thing he's gonna fuck my wife- and I was this guy things.
Take my job. Was this guy things got Vulcan move in next me, improper, falcon fence form. I forgot my fuckin men get this weird thing: man they get this weird male thing and women don't get that thing, indifferent ticket bitch things they get there, yet they have their own thing. You know at the beach at each other. That's not does not nearly as like physical for the most part. Much more Equally, the two men are gonna, throw bones. Then two girls like went to girls fight is like Ho Lee shit date. They went for their like physically trying to college of his eyes out, usually at least one of them is out of there. And mines have you got to go as I was not talk about martial arts competition, but if you want to- girls involving street fight, at least one of them's other fucking, mind I would like to say in duty under the
I conditions with alcohol involved, could beat the shit out of each other very possible very possible, especially with alcohol involved, but two girls, Poland, hair and come out venture, the vast majority of women out there have never been fistfight does a vast majority. Eighty percent- we, I think, that's a good number of an eighty percent, get number, probably not right. So I think there are there in all. They have different. Different things going on. I think, even if they want to be respected, we appreciated it's not the same as like the male thing, the mail wanting to be respected, especially the young man. It's very difficult to get over just a natural monkey instincts that boys have Just- natural monkey instinct there so goddamn distracting that, I think, is maybe there's just a theory
not even biologically why women be sure in general, faster than men. It might just be this: the lack of the struggle with that mail ego. Yeah Brian thought is Jeffrey. I have met the instincts too late by a girl's neck when you're for having sex with her like that that kind of aid that seems like you'd be something that would be like a neck biter, you be really India. I do not want. You beat not thinking about how I will stop this conversation right here. It's you know what it's it's different with different girls right, but different rose. You dated some some girls like get choked they just do all that when a girl tells me to slap and my children, it's the worst, I can't do it, I'm not going to beat you up and you have to get that somebody else The car- I do think that daddy thing
something there when girls are like me, harder daddy. When is the whole day long, you think, there's too, it is a dirty varying yet dirty didn't mean their dad. They mean you. They want you to be their daddy in that moment, not devalue father but like like the dad. It is given the dick you now, then I don't think it's like a different word. It's a different use of the word daddy. You know, it doesn't mean, the same things like when you call someone Captain Sub Captain, you don't really think that guy has a boat, but what, if your father yeah. I totally, but then I say this one girl says it as a kid, though she doesn't talk like a kid. In any other times, except when she's having sex and she's a good, she regresses until like that, how tolerable yeah She dating you, some dark. She had happened its product
you see. I go as like. Daddy's Y Y, you fuck yeah, I didn't know you lay for I mean, like I'm, going to try to go down that path. If she brings it up I'll see if she plays along empty place along its like funds like trying to learn more about, This person, then I'm fucking, it's even more disturbing saying. Are you lay for school exam is morning sacks? How do you like the dad, doesn't even have the exclusively and drunk gauges ways out? Has this coffee and foxes daughter, TAT is just last year. Homework you need to find better people, but you know We're going yourself right now, get your own shed. Northern yield attract people, I don't make noise, I don't Bree slobber in their hair, and these will take those bills
You know, I stop that when I started seriously. Boner pillar upheld the gas station boner Pill assassination Bonaparte, specifically behind as like some gas stations picture. In the valley there he travels to set, have chinese drugs in them that make your dick totem Paul yeah they. They're, very sketchy, locomotive, FDA, DOT, Gov and see all the ingredients in all the ones they ve tested and but the one that I stopped doing it when I tripping like I actually solve visual, as I think I've talked about it on this, but recently they ve new packaging where there are like holograms, unlike their their awesome packaging me like it's a horse running or but like black stallions, get one hears a question: how you think you would cost us to randomly test the gas station pills that you take and they re the results on the air They have some right now that you ve saved it just package
My car I'll get about thirty different ones, my car with, but you have the package's, ok set aside one package of each one that you really enjoy. Blackstone India writer I want to set these aside and I want to see how much it costs I'll go through the EU You have see labs whatever they use. I think these the Nevada, Athletic Commission, I think, uses quest diagnostics, but they test blood. They test. Loud and urine. We candied Abu we'll find out place where we can send it to a lab. Did the contents of the USDA has done or on its done its origins or use whatever guys on it's done, but FDA has done it for the once a year tat, yeah yeah. I think that consistent like they're, not the same everywhere. They change. Do you tell they change their ingredients, sometimes have one burst open my mouth the other day and it tastes like tea, but I've had or where I burst open my mouth and it tasted like like pills, you know like in sight of a pill What oh, yes or no, nor, although there are powder and on some of them, were powdered that
the one they had. The idea of a t like music we'd inside or any of my gels like now, they're all seem to be like a powder inside and but these new ones, like the latest one black stallion where it has a hologram of horse, running that one legit for days a boner satellites and, like I was like really studying the other day cause it's it's it's just like every single pocket of shit on your dick. Just for its wall like it. It's hard, though, is like a feels uncomfortable like it doesn't feel like you're, normal dick we're trying to get a little super high dose of Agro it's, my aggravating some of them. I think it used to be. I don't think this is why I think this is like some kind of reaction. Is it's like my dick swollen up like it's got, God, bit by snake its powerful thou. May I like- and girls, can tell me like like holy shit. That's that you're killing me here and so
but when you're taken this stuff, does it go down or do you have to like a deal with a hard dick for hours on out eight, it's just on car by what right or wrong tat, but when you were cars, but when you up in the morning. It's like it's a lie times. It's like p, plus that it's like, if you fuck a girl in the morning. P boner mixed with that at the same time, she's dead, oh poor, girl, the poor lady. Am I talking Larry? I see you know why it so weird that I do it, though, in its only like, if I give, if I'm with a new girl I'd like you know, I'm going to really impressive tonight. With this thing, snake venom, deck and as is evident that they don't set too high standard. What's embarrassing knows I collect them and, and its
looks like a crazy person. I began my car right now and if I pulled out all the ones I had my car at least everybody that crazy people will say. If you didn't know me, you think I'm crazy isn't funny. That's a funny thing! People do. You would think I was crazy if you pay attention to everything. I do and everything I said, but if we could, them within a reasonable financial range. We should totally for costs couple grand or efta really has gone through a live at most of it, though it's been steroids like a lot of them have had, is small amounts of steroids in, and I was wondering when you are sending hallucinated was basalt. Do I have Did you say I was in the end, Helen tone of man. I don't know if I can go and states like I'm seeing trails right now. I d go on and I was with Tony hence cliff and I was town tones I don't know if I can go and states like I'm seeing trails right now. I D go once AIDS like tripping- and I talked about on states like I'm sorry, I'm crazy right now
you guys are all liked like swirls and seven, but that's how bad it I wanna see shit. That's when I scanned stopped my fun hearty down dude that so dangerous. He just role in that die said these people in this gas station laboratory are not going to kill you and it's crazy a couple of them. I, like I tried to find more information about the company's elegant, lush uneasiness, shadow governments in the Philippines. What this is A question like they did, haven't ingredients like you to say, will you look at the package says what's in there now? Well guys guys, but you get. That is not what it is it. What does it say? Other packing? I each referendum in Cairo couldn't get a colleague here we go get one week. Should evaluate gun
ridiculous. You know anybody else. It takes a lot of things. I don't think I've taken sums that not a boner pale but remember taken Bumble bee or black, some like that, but I could say a caffeine pill of wrangling stage me my friend. He would take em like jack ourselves up before concert in flagrant, have a heart attack yeah like gums probability, rip fuel yeah, that kind of stuff federal sunlight that it was bad for us to those raw before you, but those things at least other people were taken up who the fuck? Do you know Oh that's! A gas station donor pills. I gonna do telltale Davy Crockett he's setting standards. He is it's. Such a rich a curious thing to want to put in your body when the alternative exists, like you can go to enact, doctor and say I have a hard time getting an erection who prescribing viagra. We all
that doesn't kill you. Maybe this is the weed, a boner pills, it's easy to get anywhere. That's true definitions that you dont have to go to a doktor s. Well used not have to go to doctors for stuff used to be able to get things through canadian pharmacies, canadian pharmacies would descend new drugs. There was like the big loophole out of people, get Inga that new vaginal stuffing get free samples online or some I've seen and on how you go. I don't know new vigils, a little democratic, private or maybe one version of it pro. Jordan! Vigil, I know for sure I've read guys Saint posting, a message board saying that they bought that stuff somewhere online, I think, was the underground yeah you can buy from there's like Weird India, so It is a new one. Rhino too, is the one with a hologram United Miller, PRY picked up Irena Levin, because its must be eleven days at last alleged reality, a hack. No, it's comes in as we look at this capsule comes, and this is just for the pill. It's like this weird major capsule do about it is that
meanwhile look at this? It says this is hilarious, its platinum six thousand, like as if there's some like measure, I'm going zero platinum. Four thousand come to that mine? pretending you have any idea- is people making. These is thrown some shit, a ball and mixing up other drunk or not. Flax in their platinum, six thousand for these are two companies too, but that both use rhinos. Why? When he's writing on its doktor rhino and when is Rhino eleven but rhinos? What asian people believe rhino warns? Give you erections that's what, if so many rhinos. The reason why rhino warrants were so much I've ever seen a rhino worn. It doesn't make any sense to just gross it's like hair, it's a giant hard like peace, a fingernail or hair,
whereas like if you would get elephant tusks, go. Why can't I get it? That's beautiful! Those are. Those are amazing, ran on one's, don't look cool their gross look at hill now, look at that and so they take those things and they make some chinese medicine that doesnt work. It doesn't even work, I mean it doesn't make you declared its. We have I agro and are still killing rhinos. Citys actually has ingredients on it. Like chinese daughter, seed asparagus, there's asparagus in here asparagus? Why? Tippit asparagus doesn't want you Peter small difference or that you really feel like something's happening. That's you or they just put asparagus. Make it go. Oh it's healthy is got asparagus. Canada has none of that. Maybe both arguments were brought up, whether cook it fuck it best bathtub math for rhino, twelve Add some kill problem. Man- I don't- want any fuckin gangsters- comin out us in trying to kill us because we out what their products are these.
Products are not being made by above board now folks, most likely. Now an aid they constantly changing their names like if you go through my collection of these these these on. Why keep these but they're all different name, there is not one that's about they have to outbreak was telling us what happened. Yes, this week Aubrey says our Prague butcher in it, but He said that these people make this stuff they put in Viagra, which they buy from some chinese manufacture. They take that what does? What is more daffodil Zat, what it's called? Okay, so they by that of in bulk and then they sell it for much more than it would be if they saw that, unlike a few cell prescription, five hundred pills be eczema doors, but if you can stuff it into two gaston bullshit pills and sell each one for
and box like how much has a right to cost or these new ones with the Haug rooms are like fourteen dollars, look like they they last they do not get. Unless eleven nature they never unless a week, but if that was desire, only two pills, if that was a bottle of agro, mean fourteen dollar. It wouldn't be too pills, reporting dollars per day primate, like a hundred percent more an viagra bitch compared this like this will beat. The shit out of agriculture has like something that makes it like vagaries cool, but at last couple hours doesn't really do just make sure you have a. What kind of but this I know you got hit by a snake boner for it for awhile yeah I would like to try, but it's not worth I'm gonna get she's one of the best one. I can't do it. I found a review of someone dangerous that took rhinos seven, this one and he has a breakdown of all the different ingredients and what not of it as they put them shut up. The main ingredients is called sly, sill that still math filled in Nashville, which is the active ingredient of Niagara
ok, so the natural. That's. How look at his salary I want anything was more daffodil. Modem is more half an hour of individual. Yes, that's it! If you go up allowances, serious side effects like headache, Niger, unblurred vision, I had that blurred vision, part! That's what made me stop these side effects generally appear when using Prescription Edi medication spy too, because yet the label specifically makes the claim no headache. That's why the primary complaints about the supplement that wasn't it Lagrange's would make a lot of sense. I guess that's what it says was in it. What about what he found was in it let me just read what it says: Golgi extract. Tanks and extract cinnamon bark blah blah blah licorice bunch of bullshit ginseng again was actually in it. That's really I'm in here. I don't know he didn't tested himself up and into research on all those things and then told you how work for him? Oh so did he said it worked.
Is rhino. Sat on work is that it's fast acting Some have acted items. Well, there are thing that's. Ok! One thing I can say is: I was rock hard says it. All cats, like three days on this stuff, which is almost kind of annoying, depends imagine having a hard on when you have to do day day. Tasks tucking your boner into your pants and hoping it doesn't just pop out unexpectedly, while so these things really are, but I see thought you were gonna, send me something where the guy actually tested it. Finally, ingredients are that's what I'm interested in. If you don't have to give you gotta pride, look up like a couple of these different ones. I don't trust the government had their line of aunt em trails. The fuckin line was about Dick, It definitely makes yola heartier like like. I make you horny, I seek out a massage, is I think, our like. I, like, I literally like a hundred percent more horny when I'm on these, like almost bad. Almost back now after you take em like the next day, you feel it
now for worn out now. There's no none of that kind of facts. I can look at a suitable person for Bonaparte. Now I mistaken these. Can I had an addiction to spend at a control? Why don't they fuckin sponsor podcast? I don't want anything What for meeting the needs of answers, then this should be your first bonds, I think on. It needs to figure out what's in these things and make their own, I think probably not a good idea We don't want to be involved in a shady shit, doktor doctor Ryan's boner pill side on company, you could say I'm not really Doktor Van play. One of the internet has stuck in stethoscope on this is doctor rhino by just hold onto a dead rhinos horn and actual, would you know we can get that special effects guy the guy who did the american
I wish to make a rhino horn with blood at the bottom of it, like you just chopped it. I like that, like that and on the other side make it like. A helmet leg looks like a dick on their horn. Thou be softened, Seppy would cry What are you done? They value I know just where there's rhinos are beautiful man. It is kind of fucked up they get killed. For that. One specific reason for this: Barnes. So, and we said so, it's just weird, but you know what that right. No, even though its looked sad that you guys horns chopped off his prey, like did my faces a lot lighter now. This is way better. You know, he's media programme was stupid, stupid eyelashes, his no shit. Did. They job is worn off to save him, as that would they do here, because I know they're doing some weird stuff to save. What does it say? Citys are made for them I'll farmed game are armed gang. Oh armed gang, reportedly broke his game. Preserve Owen and cut the fuckin horns off.
All seven rhino horns from a safe, oh so the photo does represent that Photoshop. Maybe looks real either way there doing this two elephants, their painting, their tusks, pink their dying, the most hazardous, yes, for awareness for awareness talk for certain rights of them down. I've been forgetting. Just remember that, oh my god hello one. Second, the rhinos on these donor pills all have their horns, though. So that's good, there's we're dead ants in rhinoceros both supposedly can make bonus. What yeah ants likely grind up these four can answer. They can also main donors, but right now his horn? Doesn't work, maybe does maybe it does
Why was this act of so many rhinos hollow over these, but this that chinese medicine stuff that doesn't do anything some of its gonna work, though I mean There were hit and miss back then, when they couldn't do testing over you, and I hope that you found a guy that was completely legit a guy, really knew how to make match potions precisely what it was when they have any data: no internet, no encyclopedias, no fuckin medical books. Carbine, though those back and people there there's a lot of guessing on aerial, snow, real, sick of online, then the kind of went viral, oh, but it's there still some sort of conservation effort going on, but
think TUSK, painting isn't real thing. Ok, so was in a Photoshop, there isn't a hoax. Both reports online regarding elephant tests being pan pink in an effort to devalue diary. Poachers most Mammy would still take it to do is a pink one is when they try to save site it's. It is kind of fucked up and cyst. It's such a weird. It's weird thing that people would do to chop off a part of an animal's face to try to get their Deckard be one thing: if there was an alternative, don't you think that was really awesome you heard about it, though I don't know man, I think I've. I think it might be said that might be some to it Aren't you. Google can rhino horns really give you an erection August, but rhino boner. He won't do because it's his luck
I'm not getting list do is doing that. Can rhino horn other soon but that's ten vinyl horn. Here cancer grow back regrow or what can it be useful? Well? How about measures ruction, why you were doing erected dysfunction? That's what I'm looking for a ban. Helped with erected dysfunction, an cancer. Why? I grew in species protection? Oh my god, whose essay speculative is too small. What does all speculation so far, but the entire impotence drug? by Agora, blah blah blah blah blah this diagram. Penises too, I guess her tiger penises good the address yes or powdered rival rhino Horn, which one is the most effective click on that one above Topsecret, definitely going to be legitimate on above Topsecret, especially if it's in a forum black out that it is possible in this day and age.
Four century. There still men out there that honestly believe that powder horn of an animal that has been butchered sometimes blah blah. Has had its horns removed by a chainsaw can still be effective, cure for reptile dysfunction are we really still this backward Shouldn, the medical company? are the marketing methods that are marketing methods which are supposed to be temporary cures, his problem be targeting the men. Mainly oriental asian racist, while I am sure whore directly response well for the death of so many rhino right now, isn't it sailor rhino liners. But it sounds better like your sophisticated idea, so many rhino octopi, I'm a fan octopi. I thought that, Far eastern countries were actually quite progressive, but they themselves are poor. Given that they are not exclamation point first, while fuck face there's a billion people in China?
Alone up one big alien: there's, not that many people chop off rhino horns if you compare them the idiots that we have here in Amerika, just by capita He now the number of people at a scarf enough. Rhino Horn in Asia, verses among number people here, they're chewing on basalt are we weigh more bass all people here than Rhino horn people. Their debts are totally racist thing to say, sir, for some, so concerned with the health and welfare of these Rhine. Us I, this guy's, an idiot yeah! Well, he's a guy in a forum ceasing to be in it it on a foreign jeez banana park ass to its easy to be an idiot you know, but I just I don't understand why, like theirs, seems like an easy cure for that, but can we just them some of that gas station boner pills they will want to have anything to do with IRAN and worn Ronald once were thousands of fuckin now, unless there,
is a little bit of rhino horn in all these I was even made a hologram on this. One, no shit! Imagine, if that's what it is tat we can find out man. I bet we would be a pioneer a b. I'd be the first person to actually do a scientific test on these pills, including the people that made them. I bet they never tested shit, don't know what the fuck scene, they're, probably You know when we had some of the earlier versions of alpha brain, we would doubt run these random tests on only would find out that, like there would be like be twelve in air. Some point that or creating wasn't creating it was be twelve out ass, rob and talk about my ass, but the bottom line was the mixers. That they used for our stuff when the woods when they combine all of our stuff. In cleaning out so they Whatever was in there before even about those just trace, trace amounts they'll give up. These dont shake that bag,
talk fart get on the radio, maybe spit in their people assholes. Yes, president, in a tent also, you know like a pride in our lab at play. A tent somewhere, where do you think they make border pills of Pomona? Yet, despite this way, when I realized matter, I think that some do they have a trailer right outside the freeway like under an underpass, the cocoanut right in plain sight, I just want to know the guys that sell these that come under the gas station like what those guide like the salesman, the boner pills, it lay number eleven doubtingly sunglasses on all the time you could see their eyes sketchy, while looking after looking right, apparently there's a big mp. Are peace on
that may be. Our people are in the getting hard on nice. Does it I'm just looking down the hall article right now, but it says, contrary to the popular miss in the west. Rhino horn was never traditionally viewed as an aphrodisiac. I'm fine in some stuff they use it for all sorts of things like as a gift it. Some people think it's hang over. Cure cry is valued more than gold sunlike. Fourteen hundred dollars, announce Paris in gold. Is that we're done more than gold. Actually, there norms appetite for rhino horn drives poaching in Africa, two thousand there,
killed six hundred sixty eight rhinos in two thousand twelve about what they're using a kill him and what not and then it says how much it's worth the smuggler. The gag use name sits behind Rhino Horn C, o their seas of the airport. While it is sixty pounds, sixty pounds got caught being smuggled into which you may say, TAT was worth over one point: five million dollar holy shit The others for a lot of things apparently, then, is a crazy number. I had no idea that six pounds with a million bucks survey- thirty different ailments, including hangovers, like a fad, became popular but poplars- think do give to its great gift. You, boss or government official, a guy. It's a crate
yet for your boss or a government official. That's how boy fat boy I said and Fan T age a an age, a retired Tom Thought, retired official who used to approve construction projects in the vietnamese government got his. Ash of Rhino Horn, but we began taking rhino horn to recover from drinking binges with contractors. Every time drink alcohol. I go home and grind the horn and drink. It says boy a sixty five year old grandfather of two
an hour later I throw up in feel sober again at chick, like city his breakfast table. You unwrapped Pisa newspaper real, reveal small green block of rhino horn. He received as a gift. Woe bully port poured water into his, especially made bowl with a rough bottom and grind the block of horn into a milky white liquid. The grinding creates an odour that smells like burned.
Air scores, Rhino Horn contains character in the main component, fingernails and hair. He says that the value of rhino horn grew as the value of run. A horn grew. It became a kind of currency. Oh it's fucked. It's a parlor culture, that's fucked, that's fucked at daylight trading in giving it to officials and bosses and for you very illegal lawyers like liquor. That way. Sometimes people use about cuban cigars other area. Will cuban cigars were the thing because cuban cigars, up until it really recently Worley
We want one right now, my one with our three of them, exactly yeah, who brought these in real Cubans for three of its God dammit who brought to us our member was it Auburn was someone was in the last month feeling was a Chris Ryan. Chris Ryan's on the New Nicky Glaser show not powerful pre financing that that's Chris Maguire is the appeal that show such Asia powerful. Chris Maguire we're here smokin cuban cigars. You're out of smoke. Now you know what they say about Cuba, man, they say you gotta get to Cuban now died. Get there now is gonna get because it's gonna turn into Fuckin Applebee's. It's gonna be like outshines six months from now to be a mountain Maria, I write the enough. I read something about how like
Already he's tried out looking down, be shooting. I heard that we're like taken other beverage is like the Americans are already like taking other waters. The Brok report yet broke bark. It's DR! We didn't put him in a human door. I thought there in these these different kinds of these tubes and some of these tubes are sealed. These ones are discussed. Groups now believe that sounds. That sounds me. Being a man smoking a cigar cuban by why prolific just chewing on it? Don't you want, it can be said. I to tobacco, announced kid a Red Tom, soaring, huckleberry them.
Which is now censored? Jitchu likened the Saudi Arabia real chew, like you buy a brick wall beyond man. Here, men One turn Adam AIR conditioning thing on by new and we'll get some some hot flow up in this bitch still bore talk. Oh, yes, all it was a brick that looked like, maybe like a pack of God or something like that, and you put a part in the bite into the brick and pull off chunks of tobacco and chew on it, and I almost threw up once maybe I did throw up I regard this stupid, but I got into it because a Tom Sore and Huckleberry fan yeah. I never got into smoking cigars because I want The hell it so much you haven't, you get highs fuck off these things. Tobacco has
some sort of psychoactive properties to for sure, and I think that they use in the latter, I was co rituals, where they they light tobacco smoke in their below it, in your face, while you're tripping and both Aubrey and Amber Lion when they did it, we're talking about them safely got so I've smoke cigars before and got some really good ideas, whereas my brains, flyin you'd, probably really like cigarettes. I just can't wait until for several the whole being held european works You know any Bravo smoke cigarettes arena whenever that thing it's. I found that thing a couple weeks ago that I want to bring up that would ensure for Israel, but it said that cigarettes are like proven. There was some study that was proven to give some sort of benefit for creativity. Yeah we are reducing the negative of the inhaling, almost didn't even outweigh
benefit. You got from creativity, Wolf, health, while the other risk, though they were saying that it's like a new tropic, that it actually stimulants brain function. But if that is the case that you just talking about the new, fifteen so arm. I've done before shows of sucked annulled Lou cigarettes. First of all, because I wanna be Stephen Door had secretly and second of all, because they do give you like a little pep like a cup of coffee type. You know who that is as strong as its cigarette right now. That's bullshit cigarette like I've tried. That's why I've tried doing negative ape life and all that bullshit by its history is not the same. Something too. I should like a cigarette before Goin stage, see with what do just one times
You should also avoid your morning, coffee after you ve after sacks should have it with drink. You should have you ever had why you're driving the problem is people get addicted? You know, I'm not gonna. Do it like I'm, not gonna get addicted to cigarette out of her letter habit of doing it. Every time you had a show, and yet I can be a problem, even if only smoked to cigarettes a weekend over the course of your life. That's good! la cigarettes ever your old enough to do it now, we'll Eddie. Yes, that's the only reason why we think there would be a way to do. This is Eddie eligible smug cigarette every now and again, like you might smoke once a month or every two months, or something like that and I'm like. While what is I exaggerate looking over now than ever known, how one interesting DE as used to do that for while tube doesn't do anymore he's, I think, he's dead as the blue cigarette that we talk about Joey not make our near by one but
DE as you do, even after quit, he would go outside and take singer from you smoke, one like ripe for show: there's definitely some benefit in nicotine. Definitely just wouldn't, I would wonder, gosh you smoke a cigar before glanced age. You. What gives you more rush say cigarettes, probably better, because inhaling respected in hell it in its faster you not sticking up the place. That's promises, thinking up the place for regional. How dare I know I know I am one of the guys that that that, when they smell this they get immediately angry then I called out who's the guy that fuckin running everybody's day. This will weaken we're gonna, go all timey men, not not like men from the sixties, seventies, we'll go old time. You, like thirty in twenty one, start smoking pipes, madman now,
the only reason modern one wash our show is that Red headed grow. The buzz me read had a girl, so hot Wanna watch out pilot who grows is not afraid. To put some pounds is that tobacco euro cigarettes with does have a lot of nicotine and oh yeah, split like it, Meda, have joint half those fuck you up. Man, I'd, never really do splits and thus Blyth guy. But when I was hanging out with Charlie Murphy, I did actually Murphy would roll all them so you'd be taken in the weed with the nicotine. Together I got higher than the probability any other time before in my life doing shows with Charlie Charlie Murphy's one of the cool is fuckin guys in the world. He really is. I love that guy he's us such a good dude such a solid guy, and he smokes the shit blunt, I always do it's gotta girls like the the blunts, usually It's a wide. It's it's to me! It's like!
like I smoking, Menthol Jago you're, one of his blood girls greatly. You didn't girls at liked, fuck Buckeyes, totally normal super com. I guess what, so they say all a lot and you're mad or other hands reallocating signs. Make this into something something I could never be a cigar smoker. My house cuz. I need to tell this one. Just fucking get on every smells. Awesome you like to know. I love it. Don't know what you're talking about, but I don't love it as much as pipes and that's what I was thinking of. Was it Bertrand So I think who was a of a famous inveterate pipe smoker tobacco attic, brilliant man and back in the day he wouldn't fly unless he could smoke on the plane he wouldn't fly. He said there. There is some him he's got a story about on tobacco. Once you find fund the Youtube clip Bertrand Russell on tobacco, fascinating guy because, like I lived in the dark ages of information
As far as the modern world, the world of photography and ability to document thing, so they get a guy like this honour, a Youtube video in those showed US ices like drinking tobacco, which is here with US tobacco. I haven't that shortens your life. We re used to see, looked Renee fish to do it because I took to seventy years ago. She didn't you do very greatly picture. I think you know I'm one occasion it saved my life in an airplane and did manage to seek for me, and I should get me she concerning that strike out smoke. I should die and sure enough. There was an accident to bed accident at all people in an undertone
back pain were drowned, smoking that jumped into the norwegian Georgia we landed and wish to day of my life to smoke. Did you? How did he drown? All the people in Gaza plane crash, prime racing, sacrificing category of the weapons is a plane crash Brown, that's crazy, so all the people, but Israel Ashtray somewhere this. Like one of those stories that everyone is that true, but there was no internet back then. So we all just believe this guy bigger problem there the plane accident, you know any prime made they sit up and just get All these gotta british acts, unaware of liars, got together and do not have a liar conventions. Like the year Is that the internet came out the Billy boys we got some problems, wasn't profit horizon. We have to figure out a way a lie better. This is get a cover your tracks, like liars, they use
the super common to be completely full of shit, particularly about your martial arts background there, a lot of really crazy people. When I was a kid that will I claim and martial arts master, then they would walk around with like chinese kung fu It's on and shared and slippers. They walk round those ninja shoes. Without the tow there was split Yoshino shoes I seen due to walk around with kung, FU outfits and net did represent two completely different countries. The can, Through our fears from Japan, the ninja slippers are from Japan there, the council abbot, from China rather than Ninja outfitters from Japan, is by the fuckers mix and match their different styles of train killer That guy is a great example that, like how back then Eubulus. So everything Person died in the non smoking like every single one. Every like there was a line. Where said no smoking, all those people die well. The front of the plane will also have to think of
you're watching a guy like Bertrand, Russell. How? What wonder when was that film did say. If he was talked about had saved his life that had to be before they made that shitty ass old grainy movie, which was in black and white so's price. Will be a long fuckin time ago on planes were made out, fucking gum, wrappers. Fifty nine, I think, is when he died. Nuts. When that interview. Ok, salvage and fifty nine and the plane was probably from the authorities or fifties who knows when that happened, but yeah thanks that's just mag denial and winning an excuse for smoke and yeah. They save my life airborne. Smoke. I typed pipe is definitely different. Animal. Like my grandpa
he's the smoke and used to have those being back. In a day. These had there's big lighters that would sit on your desk and was just like low, yet each other gone cloth map or on the outcome of a number of those. This is the incident he was in our real book and burst disaster so rash for flying boat of what, a what a flying boat have Y y. You mention that Bertrand Flying Bus rivers were on the smoking compartment at the back of the cabins. True, damn amongst, drivers rule the philosopher Bertrand Russell Wikipedia citation. He took a feat Wikipedia is asking Does them five, nine and Brian Cowen, my brother? Maybe he added a brain I think, as in my one of the thing shiny. It now much any happier. I'm gonna be dead, someday the sketch the Brian Cowen- and I did in my parents basin lower were banging each other workin out again pumped. I think way how that whole things,
It is cause you to stay. He's your brother from another mother, and some idiot was like followed the brothers. Well, maybe it's just for fun. People dead, looks like my brother. You totally lost. I could be my brother like we just grew in different directions. He went north and south and I went east and West what can we stretched its base out and you stretches shouldered its very similar waterways, but is my swallowed, my brother, but yeah Wikipedia Rama, lush. It says I have Crohn's disease to use, to which I don't wear, that even for a match. Funding only be funny Sunbeam silly caught. I did want change any of it. I think it's funny like what the internet does for the most part. I think a little bit of disinformation, makes a little people what weight officers. I'd like that. I give him one stupid stories come out. I killed him outlined with a belt mounds MR called me up my own fucking sister
Like was a true. What are you talking about? You can't kill mountain. I will bear a you. You think I'd call you. If I did I'd like to, ask yourself in sister: is your brother's, a fuckin, kill them outline with a bow what a joke of argument mine will about without go to a new story. Call you back drive around my underwear scars all of my body. I have all the guys, like with the blood. Seeing through other stitches, which I would be fuckin covered with, gives even a few survive amount line attack you enter via than SK, if you gotTA guys code on Instagram guys code on Graham, is an excellent, will Instagram pay. It has a lot of pictures of girls, but oh, but the great butts like you look at their asses. You go good Lord. Why is it so appealing Look at you know, even if someone knows is never gonna get near, that girl much less be able to squeeze it from behind. Did you want to, and so it's worth looking at,
I could give you that little, oh, so that providing you with little pleasure when they show you their asses in those pictures of those wonderful girls of the Instagram, but guys could have this picture of this guy. Who was like an eighteen hundreds killed her? peppered with his bare hands. He got attacked by a leopard in Africa and was a giant one, but is big enough to fuck you up man, and he was all wrapped up in stitches, but the thing was dead next to him in his arms and flying on his fucked up and when you have fucked up back, then you get fucked up for keeps. I then fix it. There's no stem cells. They didn't have Asia surgery, I mean I would litter be crippled both of my knees, completely shot because I had then there's the guy was named Carl, a glee acres. De l E, why and they have em down. There is bad ass of the weak and he's alive. For that shit. How much think that ways? I don't know, but its latest sixty pounds big enough to seem like a could be alone. A dangerous, but it also looks like you can kind of Cuba
would suck like. I have to break his poor cats neck where dude, that thing would kill you yeah fuck here. Are you kidding me just three of the thing parochial me? I mean. I think that guy probably got real lucky the cat was probably sick, which is whilst attack and kill person. The first place mean that that does happen. They get sick, they get old. They are sometimes teeth, get worn out and they can't kill something big anymore. So that's one of the proper comes with certain animals when they reach their predators. They start picking on people because they can't get animals anymore and people so goddamn slow checks of clothes. What he sank. This quote got here: I felt no pain, but I certainly never thought for a moment that I would come out alive. I was rather com, as matter fact, except for tremendous and wildly pleasant thrill. I felt knowing I was battling for my life. What ah fuck man, what a man
That's why survive what year was. This was his say, doesn't what a fuckin sag eighteen sedated more six oil in eight years I'll he fought an elephant too. We got penned by an elephant, my beard, yeah right out of my way, slant invited the daylight, the Fuckin Crocodile drovers data. Does animals or he might you know of in Africa for a long time you probably get jacked, so he was born in eighteen, sixty five. How old you think it wasn't a picture by thirty scroll up genuine, get a look at him all the way up, Failure to recycle can aim at heart, drinkin. Thirty, five that's depends that laboured della Fuck you up with fuck me up. If we had in the studio now, terrified would have been a bee terrified within once in rabbit. You sick,
dislikes following its hand, out of your mind, you're out of your mind of you ever beheld, to a cat, the once you get what you have. You have cats giver, wash your cat yeah How to kick in second twisting the get mad at you, pure muscle. You know have to the sweetest cats and world. Until you charge him a bath, those little fuckers want to go to war with you like, settle now we're just getting wet settle down my watch yourself. Bed? She got a dirty asked soon there fluffy fluffy, come out of the letter box, where the eco disaster hanging off their asshole can't clean it. So supposed to exist in nature? You never supposed to have an asshole with all these feathers all around it catch shit. What you got there Jamie Forest see his the actually arises. Last named hall of African mammals and the American Museum of Natural, his
We had manhattans Upper West side. So what was he was young hunter? Oh, he was like some sort of conservationists Hunter back in a time of like Roosevelt. Look innumerable there's another guy, it seems like he was head to head with sore like Tesla Edison thing, there's Ganem Ward, so they were going around searching a hunting for animals and find new species of things indifferent. The Congo Y sorts of different places. I was watching this programme on Buffalo last night, and They were talking about how the Buffalo were decimated and how they were shipping. These truck loads or a trains in a train carriage is filled with Buffalo meat back to the east coast. Buffalo meat came high in demand and then Buffalo hides, were high demand and they were showing in this. This thing I was watching stacks of skins. Just now, acts of skins and of skulls, and you just look at me like stuff. How did you do this?
How did you guys not think that this was a terrible idea? Look that with a star of skulls this stacks that go all the way the top of the railroad. Cart mean that Fuckin bananas said acts of skins, legally skins, I mean there were just wiping out huh It's a thousands of em like how many did wipe out a year because you get assume like that stuff. It's probably recently come off the animal that says its forty thousand Buffalo hydrate there. Oh my god, it's so crazy what they did. You're gonna get this guy in the podcast names Dan Flores and I found out about it for Steve Ramallah and he has a very interesting hypothesis or well he's a scientist. So he has an any story and believes well, so he has maybe now scientist, either way his take on what happened with the Buffalo is essentially am I put you this, but that when the first year,
peons came to North America. They didn't find evidence of Buffalo. They talked about everything else he talked about bear it talked about dear. They talked about Elk? They talked about all these different animals that we know exist here, but they didn't really talk about Buffalo and the people he's with a sheer numbers of Buffalo that that existed a hundred years later, it seems highly improbable that they wouldn't talk about him and his take. Is that what happened? What when european start showing up in America, they brought with them a lot of diseases, and those diseases that they gave these people these PETE, like first of all like there's a. There's a common myth, apparently that they gave them syphilis in the form of scabs in blankets, and they put scabs and blankets and game to native Americans. As far as I know, that's not true, not only that they, didn't know about bacteria. Then they didn't
Oh what that you know that you would that that's how was spread. They didn't know that you give him a scab and that the actual tissue from scab would cause the disease. The knowledge of cow disease were spread, was not that sophisticated back then. As far as what I read But what he is saying is that women Europeans came here and introduces new diseases that they had the natives didn't, have any immune systems for it. Fuckin devastate the population, and he said that his response. Both for as many DAS as anything else to the native Americans lived here. They just got fucking completely, wiped out by european diseases. When happen? The native Americans were responsible for keeping the buffalo populations in check and had been doing so. Pretty efficiently. Ever since that the horse was brought to North America, because before the Europeans came here native Americans. Now horses, they weren't on horses, so the horses that we deplore
the wild West, the native Americans right around the oars towards other boys, been no, no, They were always like. You know like real Lee nomadic people that live in Brazil or such like than the rain Forest or Ecuador somethin like that they they work on horses, so they got the horses from the North Americans, but they also get the diseases. And while they had the horses they were on the way to, in his words, extra painting, the buffalo from there dumb Main, which means a local extinction, so they? already doing, such an efficient job of killing the buffalo from horses, they up on horses and just fuckin air. The shit out these buffalo and they were ruthlessly effective because they were on a horse, so they could get that horse white up at the Buffalo he's a buffaloes full clip is about forty miles an hour, but a horse can run about fifty sixty. You know and especially like a really strong wars, so these guys would
run up on these fuckin herds of Buffalo Blast and with arrows and kill them, and then they got guns and once they got guns good googly moodily between horse. And rifles and when they were fuck in these buffalo up, so what happened. Was they got almost wiped out in the buffalo? Came back strong so when they saw these millions of Buffalo out on these, prairies. That was an overabundance That was a rare cycle in time that corresponded with the death of the native Americans, and this is his his paper that he rode Buffalo ecology. I think something something: Buffalo: Ecology, names, Dan Flores, saving fight. I think it's one of those university papers, though they probably have ever serve a membership, and it's like one of those things that kid got trouble, for releasing for freight that kid at Wanna kill himself a pdf wakened, it others a pdf. What does it say? to make bison ecology and bison diplomacy. That's it. The sun,
in planes from eighteen hundred to eighteen. Fifty really really interesting stuff because we're finding out more and more about the history this country? Obviously, because we still have Columbus day? I mean the factories hell of a day named after guy didn't even get here, He landed in the West Indies. Right is nowhere. You landed the Bahamas or some shit. What our things finger on the way out and plumbers days. Definitely on the way it should have not along dominating arranged a murderer. What else Colombia as a mass murderer. If you go to color to the the There was a missionary or someone that was there at the time of Columbus, that detailed the horrors of what they did to the native american people that they found which try to get these people to give them gold. I mean the fuckin hearts. They would cut off body parts and send these people out. There would cut their arms off if they didn't bring back a certain amount of weight in gold to smash babies on the rocks to take action.
From them and smash among the rocks we were talking about. Boat boats filled with serial killers, and we have we have a holiday or Get off school for a guy who ran a boat of serial killers, they came across the ocean and just laid waste to everybody none of them and from a city that's named after Columbus? We even have his boat like recreation of his boat in Clemenceau, higher fucking, crazy man. He was at a lighter brother. He's got it in a spark that backups heights fuck off. We the wheat helps, but how we gonna this bisons. I was watching Buffalo blah blah blah we're talking about Dixon,
went from rhinos to other, oh yeah, that dude that I posted yes or was it see J W Underscore Photography that guy's inst rampage you gotta hold me in he's making that Wulf, the wolf with the snow is gonna put on US steel plate and senator someone put it up here: most nettle, prince yeah and as one of the most Dope Nature photographs ever of using a brow put up its on my minds, rampages, the one of specific. It's got this wolf and his face is covered in snow, and these look not you not! The one that we show John Dudley, my friend John, was on her. Yes, we did. He fought a pack of wolves off that was tried. Take his elk well yeah, Barefoot like when you know too, to guide to bear for use, always ass, all its authority fight on. How does this fake He was in Alberta he shot and Elk in these wolves. Circling and ran in and they were trying to scare him off the Elk and he shot one
and then the other walls showed up the short howlin encircled that fucking picture. How job is that picture god damn I want. He's gonna come to. This shows what it the shows that the Filmore in San Francisco and I want to talk to him and find out how he took this. Where was he gotta be created, got take lots hours of sitting in waiting in the ending and being really cold yeah to get this perfect shot God what a cool animal I bet he's got some crazy stories of getting them and just being surrounded by wolves and whatnot. He's got a lotta cool pictures. You gotta, be put yourself in a way gotta be a bold mother fucker to get that photo and because you can only be so far aware ain't airlines. Can I take you so like how close would you it will it like that, so could be cried. Dounia could be a little bit off, but it's such a really close picture. I bet he had a really good. I foreigners six hundred lens so alma, maybe fifty two hundred yards,
or is it a hundred yards? I found, I doubt it by fifty yards Yankee. It's hard, I would imagine you be close. Guidelines is unstable, crazy cameras if you go to seed, is go to resume. His instagram is a picture of that wolf with another wolf there. That's yeah he's got a patch outcome, Dope Shipyards Bobcat a thing or links. One of those sweet little mouth mines is good to hear that one licking his lips, the genes heavens about mine. We think that gene Simmons in that whole controversy about more controversial in calling now in W H sing, they shouldn't be allowed in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame, because he seldom rock and Roll or kiss wasn't in the rock raw fame forever. So if I was him fuck, the rocker morphing all seems more like a pop pop music, popular Music Hall of Fame all that shit down mosquito warfare, the beast
Boys are kind of rock, though. If you listen to pause, boutique senator, that's, it will grow up. Then paused booty. Dude is as a rock n roll album aren't. I mean I dunno what how's it it? another page, now man, that's it. The issue here he's got three hundred fifty three posts. That's not Jamie version. Now, it's just not refreshing to refresh it. Other goes out. Look not reckoned. Iraqis are not as he's got. Great photos are amazing. Man, Solid Jamie. There's, there's one scroll down exactly imposed that bodies with another wolf. Why are there goes it's weird out it loads right. God damn Instagram, you know what it is. They went up to. Sixty second videos make sure it's getting hammered yeah hammer time There is another thing I posted there. It is right there there's another thing that I posted that, the exact same wolf, but with another wolf decks,
that might even be more bad ass. Jesus fucking Christ. That's way better. Oh my god. The wolf's tellingly let's go kill that photography. I do it if you're of your listening scratch that made me why these made me a devil, Wolf, fuck. That's amazing god. Damn that's crazy. Holy shit. What a picture guy deserves like an award for that picture like that might be. I want to say it is that's the cool Wildlife photograph. I've ever seen because yeah it was undeniably cool. The photo looks so rare, with the mean how you gonna Wolf without snow all over his face, like that. What are the odds? I'm sure that and then another one, the same size right next to maybe his wife, the wife will lay the Wilson. I left his wife, whose wife- wife on their rights. It looks like he's: she's, bitches bitch. You motherfucker
I killed five elk yourself, fuckin lazy. When you are young, you first met me. You did so much to impress me because it goes on animal out. There are no junior closer for an animal, but just to I mean as a timber with Yemen, I think that's Yellowstone she's! Is that those who are not a lot of Armenia, crazy, there's this cool video that I posted or a photo. I posted today from my National Geographic, the National Geographic Instagram Pace, another one I'm fuckin completely addicted to. Every other day. They have some just woe photo. We look an eagle fuck can damage. And today was these two bears- there were Duke it out and Yellowstone look at size of these fuckin beasts look at a clause on him closet or on that one's back as their fighting who giant ass. Fuckin grizzlies are going out and one of them has one
varying style razor blades commoner. His front arm fuck man, another John Dudley Story, John, was here yesterday. He saw a bare kill, a moose. He was there when it. Grisly, swap did a moose in the back and broke its back. He said the bear, chasing the moose. It got there. They got into conflict. The bare got on top of em and swatted is back and broke it. He said he broke his back with one swipe. He also talked about his cabin that they had in the woods with his bare broke into the cabin pulled the wall apart pulled the door frame and the door off the wall with ease. Nine in spike nails all around it. Then there was a. Stove inside it smelled like food. He crushed the stove to the ground, like you, stop on a soda, can just
ooze out whatever like fat and Greece, was inside the stove fuck bears man fuck. That so crazy that we want more those roylake. We need save those. We need them everyone, the wolves- do- will only do so awesome, keeping that things are killing machine. Looking right. Do your eyes school there exist, though you know mean it would be kind of cool dinosaurs were still rare. Here too there was. Like a real giraffe. The island suck come on man Eliza go there. It was like an island like New Zealand, yeah yeah, a monumental pathway. Yet what New Zealand, a huge pry, not museum. Do that those two miles there get too big? Well, you don't have a new Zealand like Crazy wildly. Situation because of New Zealand is a fairly recent continent island. As far as I know, as for like the volcano volcanic act,
many of the earth and it was a lot of land masses connecting it to other places, so they have some indigenous wild life in a bunch weird animals shit, but they also have a lot of stuff that is non native. Those brought in like all these are hunting animals. These these, really rich due to a long time ago, basically turn New Zealand into a hunting preserve, and they just let these stags loose these european dear. These red deer and stag stags is like a european form of Elk. And they let all these things loose all through New Zealand. But they don't have any mountain Do not worry Bob cats and I've wolves enough coyotes. They have anything that kills. He thinks so there to send people out there to kill him. I people just kill him constantly in that when some the populations of some other animals get too high. They have to fly over him and fucking got him down from the sky
they're having this problem right now with cat island, which is that island of cats off of Japan and more are there in breeding like crazy and it's scary. All these cats, like thousands and thousands of cats, just live on this island, but smell like Shitt. By the way, I suppose Did you see what's going on with Fukushima focused Emma has a problem with radioactive wild boars nice does like Hundreds of radioactive wild boars that have taken over. That era because young people are really there anymore and they are running rampant and they have a problem with them. They don't what do that radioactive while pigs? Look at this fuckin thing
Thousands of us had hundreds thousands of radioactive bores or over running farmland in Fukushima, but look at the photos of em. They have some photos of these fuckin bores, maybe doesn't article. There is a good one that might be stopped for these wild boar stock sink Fuckin internet wizard, dude prioritizes price die, but there was one video, this guy who had Lego radioactive suit on like use some sort of scientists, and these boys were chasing them Alec stock, but whatever with a fox can go there. Take those pictures. What is this other radioactive deeds, those the the boar themselves? They have a real problem for those things start turn into like some comic book, superhero type care
Your powers mean think of these things, a radio active equipped. They start morphing once they become super smart, because we really know the border smart, like pigs response, be smarter than dogs ripe other there. This is the real ones, run down the street lots of em slime and into the fuckin fence. Trying to get out of this age. They condiment good luck, good luck, Japan, there, by the way that that thing is still leaking thousands of gallons of radioactive shit into the water every day. In California. We still have that gas leak up in Semi Valley or wherever that is sealed. It did. They show that alone domino what that was bad. They said it was like every car in the United States emissions from every car in the United States in one day. I am adamant that number powerful dust
cup. A likeness were man that I'm during an out of the elbow right now, a death squad. Don T me brine Red Ben creations, yeah, that's funny stuff, you why you you memory? We used to talk about that radioactive up there. In the thing it's because I know some had. He met these triplets the other day that that grew up there. What do you think the odds are that their triplets, because they grew up near that radioactive. What makes triplets it's a written question, I think hoarse voice. You just have to love Dixon Monthly taken. So much come that this does this come just rushes and no one egg wins maybe a dude you just gotta lotta, come with us who makes me with super aggressive comedy to people that have triplets my age. But I think now a days is crime more for, like that, I'd be using fertility thing. Protecting like an accident, they had three now I want to have one that definite happens. That happens with older Ladys. That's like John K.
Plus eight member that chicken, like seven fuckin babies inside of her and when they had no eight inside IRAN and to additionally there to first then are they wanted more, and so they filled themselves up babies. And remember that shown boy that was an interesting show that was a showed that kind of showed how much pressure the average person gets under when you're under the microscope by people that behave like totally normal. They think they're behaviors, totally normal. Then also there under the microscope and the whole world sees that and then they they get criticise and freaked. And then next thing you know they can't handle it anymore. They break up and then job You know I was forced to get like regular jobs and catch him dating women and those in? Oh, don't let her
on the guy member, that was really ugly as real ugly, and you know the poor fuckin kinsman is too weird, so I guess that's six and then they they had to previous than they had six babies insider, that's all those fertility, drugs for sure. That's weird man! It's weird! You know, because it's also where, because there s a pressure, there are strictly religious or thank Gaelic. That's when it happened. Yeah well, not really because sea like oh god, has borne fruit, and multiply, but he doesn't say anything about taken fertility drugs. In order to make that happen, you now and if its gods plan is at all gods plan when a scientist steps in the gods plan, because a scientist is here that God make the scientist Nobody draw the line as far as like what God wants is the. If that's true someone invented abortion,
This plant lake abortions gods plan for everything and multiple families from from because of the catholic family, raised over ten kids and, not least through families that have ten twelve kids can horse horse was it fertility pills are now than at just lay. There must had one every year they dislike to flock constant topic. Time for our cue ones, all girl, Jake Kid ten of em, like the ruins of all girl, yet great, while my fuckin go on tat gives you know when you die, how you like shit yourself in person. Everything comes out if you have an angel right. Well, I'm sure this sum It's like you, haven't anal sexual, the girlish do math any Bravo said the story girl because they don't Bryce Labour went off. They don't eat and their apartments squeaky clean. All the deuce cleaner apartments
I just think how realistic way to be energies across if it was realistic, diverges shit and pass everywhere on the bottom of the cries and it could you not the others. Deftly be some. I would imagine fathom before eight strung up there turning to because they always show the crucifixion marched through the hands. But apparently that's not cable, while supporting your body. They go through the rest Fatah AL. That makes sense his that's how you hang a dear. He goes through the ligament behind the knee and pulling a stick through some that suffocation away what on his body or to suffocate in a couple hours. Instead, it is because of the way the Ani yet away or body would have hung the weight on your diaphragm or something I was too much catholic Religion class to have all the stuff explained and that now I've learned extra stuff Knowing what I do know there was a story that Daniel lily of history. Fires got an awesome, podcast history on fire in the opening podcast. Here's a pilot like
as a zero zero ninnies has upset one in an era one. He tells a story that he told on this pod cast about this up. I believe it was. The Romans had hung. Some insanely a hundred miles of bodies, something crazy like that, like what was the actual number. I remember you tell saying that right now, as the hymns Yahoo marching the whole pathway, the horror road to wherever was a hundred miles when in fact it was was just like every x amount of meters. They had a body that was crucified. Tis all along the road the like that was how people used to roll back. Then These too scared the shit out of people. There was no like high the photos of the caskets now that they hung people and sticks,
duff them in the ground, Spartacus Road, six thousand Spartacus, six thousand Amy, and it is the same thing: they crucified six thousand people Jesus Christ, people were being rude or back there I mean I guess, they're brutal. Today there was an article that I tweeted earlier today are retweeted. That was her in Jen Briney. How do you spell your last name. She's the one who has that our political podcast, possibly good. What is your name but anyway, that the articles about a guy. She retreated something from a thing. It was from the guardian where a guy wrote what it feels like to be on the drone kill list.
And that he made his way into Europe specifically cause. He was worried that they're gonna kill him with a drone, and then he used to hide and sleep under trees so that as family air Jen Briny Husband be our eye anyway, that this guy would would sleep under trees was in the independent sleep under trees to protect his family, because no one wanted to be near him because he was on the fuckin kill list for drones. You see that during a chainsaw that scary, they made it drone has a chainsaw attached to it and it's like doom. Did you see the Duma very? I actually haven't seen by other billboard sunset the Movie Arizona videogame this video, but did they filled the video looks insane, but that the doom billboard makes you wanna play doom? What is this flying chain that allying chain saw drone. They attach a chainsaw to the bottom of a drone turn it on, and
Straw, I think this is a very worthy destroy snowman with the house carries out its maritime, for we have to go to war with drones. Re yeah, oh, my God, is louise- is flying over and Jack and still met in the head enough. Icicles bore, no German just released its really populated stern, some cool things, a sick, I D, J, Ai Phantom, some ransom, for it can follow you just like tat but tat the screen and it follow me around you. You know you have to register drones, yeah yeah threatened with death. Now you do all them as of this year. It really wow, that's good those programmes, they have things built in some. They won't that they will never let you fly into like non flies on these things, cotton
comes off trees, an egg there of another drone flying around taken, video of it, which Solaris when weird world we live in today, man, I thought about getting one just try it do. Television of one assumes wrap your I'll pull up the drone, I'm not the drowned. The doom footage shall branded do go full screen. Please don't don't play a shit to us. Ready multiply, yeah did wages, it is the multiplayer look, so yeah. It's like quake three on cry. I should say that on the roads and from hell in both hacks hangs from crap on crack from how much is this really the girl Fritz Braun This looks at her daughter. Wait. What did software the same guys like some wine?
Should we Brian too a land party here fucker solutions gently. Why? Ok? What is that company, that, oh, my God, was that but that we shared by our pcs from couple that, Gunnar Alien, where we should get alien where gazillion ways sponsoring just out of loyalty, respect get alien where we should contact alien where a little we're going to set up a Fuckin land party up you're, going deeper. Second to our will have some fun, but I want to do Brian. Is you and me do this? I will go on twitch, oh yeah, yeah. We just be really pc. Sockets shooting, happen, and we are talking about. You know you cave and take off your sure as a guy on twitch here, you'll get banned, everybody that's onto which keep the fuckin shit, about except Demetrius, mighty miles Johnson and I think John Godsons right, which too
giant James? How those guys to take the shirt off? Nobody else keep your fucking disgusting man boobs away from restrain enemies. I am proud of lying to me so ailing, wherever you listen and hook us up or Falcon Northwest. You want to bring us over, I like alien where man I have you of that old laptop, that they gave us back in the day and they turned and on the other, to appreciate both sponsored fighters. Pretty sure did they, yes, town down ah but loyalty to alien where for two reasons, one because we use to use I surrender podcast my my version of it and you know when I used to good research, stuff that- was all from the alien. Where back then those cool I liked it big ass workin screen could argue that two members I married you Tommy gave to somebody somewhere play games. Think Dunkard trainer indian suggestion was adjusted problems. Justin
I think he sold it, they make bad ass laptops. I like I like how the ones that we had you could change all the colors of the consolidated like half of its pearl half of its bluefin tuna fatuous. With the Lenovo think pads. I read this. You have a Lenovo, Think pad has fifteen hours of battery life and its policy of them. The most textile feeling keyboard is goes, did did a review of it and he said that the keyboard itself, I saved that also. He said the keyboard itself was so good. Actually up his words per minute faster than his has average watch, which I like. Why? How is it possible that, since like bullshit who dealt with, I always say that hit Lenovo Thing Pad T fifty review and its on laptop man? I would do it except for the having to do with windows into laptop Magda CUP.
But I mean have you tried the newest windows like what is like windows? What we are now when I was ten shrill whistle areas, but its posted keyboards post be amazing and the battery life's was be crazy, I'm just bored at twenty percent miles. I know that apple and also you take the battery out? You have a separate battery member when you could do that. Yes, I like that, like the fact you keep a fucking full battery with self and came out that there that's the kind of picketing its algae here and it's gotta side inside our battered comes an extra one, well, my galaxy until the recent one, my Samsung Galaxy and whose waterproof and you could take the battery out still waterproof God, dammit you keys, build carrying extra battery, throaty, elapsed, bag and your beer laptop has run out about closer part that bitch I'll pop the new year back in action fully loaded when I had there's like portable
larger battery chargers yeah on things like that, it's kind of unnecessary, which really interesting was ass. Good, oh yeah, I have one they can charge up your Iphone ethics, two or three times right. What about your laptop laptop that mean they have big battery packs? You ve had one before the wizard had when I went hunting. I brought one with me, but I do want abusing so so tired at the end I was like I am A document this, like William Shakespeare, I'm going to be like Hemingway out there in the fields like that, then Dave walked fourteen miles up mountains, exhaust ulundi shit, you take a shit in the woods, dig a hole, go back to your ten pass out, but I carried it around was pilot least ten pounds was huge, but it worked work. We need it like that Ipad, I'm sure now, fuck Ipad, I like a button. Madame a bummer tactile person like to feel buttons are given. It took me a long time to get used to the Iphone
but the iphones benefits of touching the screen. You know having the full screen real estate for videos and photographs and email it so worth it it's so worth it does. I know that blackberry came with a new one, with a giant ass, green and enough, the things I doubt the bottom and then you have a keyboard. Now enough is enough. You just get the Ipad Pro with it keyboard. Like a real keyword, my mind, you can't save files again, making Catlett put like Microsoft word files in a folder on your desktop, yet they have Microsoft. Word now not on your desktop or you can put in a cloud of equivalent thing, became closer to be closed it is a close to you. What I mean no close to that similar. Does it go cloud, or is it a it's probably a saved on your Ipad app for a google or something like that have pages for it? That's on that you can save it on something. So awful
since cashed in the new forest speaker system on the Ipad Pro is bad ass, theirs for different speakers in a detective holding it so like you, if you're holding on the left side, will make the bottom left how do you know you know? It knows your hands the only terminator use. That, though, is in a hotel room. Hotel Roma have one of those little blue two speakers, those tubes is so good ban, it sounds gotta bring a fucking with me green rooms. Now, because I sometimes our green Romania, listen to some Cnc music factory in shit, dad dad dad dad dad come on average adding. That was not what I want to hear. When are you ready for a show on here? My shit put on some cool music. It's great man's great have one is all things, but is it so small? Why do they have as anyone ever ass? You have you ever thought of like having your own playlists before you
go on, I guess and another for the theatre. Yet I, for my part, I want infringe on the creative rights of the guy who's, the sound guy, but in that situation just sit right now, yet somewhere picking Cnc music factory to warm up your crowd, like that, I'm totally Megan that part up, but it could Levin, but neither been some bad fuckin music, Ben some bad music. Wait! Why? Where the fuck did you get cnc music factors that are so randomly elegantly something really shitty a long time ago. That's all there is let me go I mean you can have like a nice little like this, even like, if you just put in a warm up, are your workout playlist and just have those like rock songs with a couple of hip hop song, I got to be good to play for thirty minutes, while someone's warming up instead of they ran a bluff, shack or be fitted to this yeah. They do that a lot, but sometimes Get good. Songs like there was a place where the other day,
In Santa Barbara we did the Arlington Theatre, which was fuckin, awesome, hinge, cliff ideas, and I did this theatre in Santa Barbara flock and idle loves. That's my spot dude, that is the spot, and when we talk about anymore and we're talking more money, but I know about it, so it's such a nice and how much land you could get out there also glances when a little deals Ma Am grows from cattle, but anyway the point being they had their plan. Some music, I saved my Asha Lamb and it was. It was some sort of farm spanish music, like some spanish Rock, that had never heard it before their singing in Spanish. As I got dams awesome like whatever it is, I love it.
Was one direction, no knows that later high secular Spargo might cute in which such eminent, thus given other she'd been it's called middle It says dj snake featuring bipolar, Sunshine, was I mean- I don't know man I don't know but see if you can find that put listeners s or focus at nice, I am a little clock is upon you to not fifty million views on Youtube and I get a smoker. Bipolar sunshine, I'd really like allowing snippet of it. I get for audio ok for us for the body of this. Ok, so you two people on here this part? Ok, you two people should a single. I say this is definitely the one. This is not how it
how do you know what you ve seen now that image aiming to just like metal? is it I'm sorry, I'm sorry try. This is a l, e g, r e two zero z a three year, Alegre IA and then as a global space. Two zero, zero three true be trio. This is what it was, with that one was that I just dumb said was one that was a showed up at the front. Issues am mistaken. We thought it was the last one than I am shes aunt said of her she's asses impetus has helped says it is now a fuckin loves them such a great application. You know you know you have to use it anywhere. You guess you're serious sheet. She doesn't know I'm downloadable yet, but yeah. This is it this deadline; this have any hits a line. So did you two people here this or no and hear anything you like?
what is happening over there to it. It sounds like jumps, you're, not gonna, get Goin What I like about spanish music is, I don't know what the fuck are saying. So it's cool. I got to get the emotions and I get the vibe, but it's listen. No rights did read, rested route that sounds like you're dead now, after, check on the period of color, somebody that, with our guide no survey, I d seen in an eighteen intrude, keep this gonna pay you to people on earth. Do you think it over here has pulled out items that won't happen, but Joe ideas, his cousin, has banned from Cuba, its studies there I can amazing- and there, on my playlist here, really Alfonso X, X, Alfonso its
a l, p h, bow and asked of their fuckin bat. What does that? That's? The thing that is the route that was poured out did ass come on Serbia. He used it for sexual play, come on a sovereign, from that committee line here. Oh, my god, what it takes about thirty five years of ass flocking to take so much taken you're asking? Why does it have to take that route get a route that is about the size of Jamie's whole leg. Right. If you had a guess your arm now go back to the hotel de looks more like a leg. Do a baby, you know that's like that's, like tape, Fletchers for a big giant man's. For our ethical dig on the motor period. There is the same or to read explode. Like an actual my winner, better use, suntan lotion on my dick,
actually made my dick the lack of brown ten or so at Tanner could I did have any lotion and I was accused. Andrews was it an ex girlfriend, unlike what this is lotion and see, turn you Dick Taylor turned it too Orange juice brownish, and, if so, where does it? It actually change the color my while so between that and a boner pills working at birth defects, children of adopting an amazing girl, we gotta go with the island style. Yeah don't raise. To be awesome, girlfriend coercion and today, Russia Licences, Woody Allen thing the other day to Woody Allen on common, really interesting, because its Woody Allen had? There is two things that I bought: one of them as well. The hour doing, stand up and like the nineteen sixty is good he's good. Who is a very good stand up man? He was a good comic. Why shaking her? I just
he's a wine or to me- and I was now wine- you back- there was no money back. Then it was. It was a different Sty Amene whose it was different use, a different guise. Young guy- and he was known more of as a comic and then there is also an interview words just Woody Allen. Talking about the process. Rating comedy and what he did in this kind of after he had seen yeah. That's it right there. Those are the two of em Woody Allen on comedy and then Woody Allen stand up. Comic, the two that I also say to back to back. Just you know, I try, certainly not sympathetic to like what he's done me. He said fuckin we're down what is done just this, the fact that girl was his daughter- and I guess it's so creepy- to me right to everybody but looking pass that and just trying to were examined him as a human being what they are complex and weird human being? He is he's, he's pretty fascinating and I don't think he's victimizing anybody else least
far as I know, there are many judgment, but it does not do oh so, no one's no one's going after him. So what however, some under watching his life comes or looking at his life and such a fascinating character. Man, you know he is a jazz ocean and for a while he did. He did a documentary before everything got real ugly right where he was going around. Was it before everything real ugly was in the middle of it. All but he went around playing jazz concerts like TAT, was always like sort of like a dream that he had so went around doing too much jazz concerts and dumb a rights all this scripts. Rather it is wild man blues. Nineteen, any said, one who named it mainly ironic, he's it ironic calling on the wild, while men blues or the billion while men
I wonder when was if so ass. Ninety seven, when did all this controversy, take place, think before this right, modeled think so because, as twenty years ago so twenty years ago, that that girl was like ten. You don't say it just wait out. We still celebrate Woody Allen, but yet fuckin Cosby forget about it. We celebrate beyond the cause. We forget about what Woody Allen seems to have fallen in love with a girl that he adopted, which is crazy. Nineteen eighty two started as just a flag: twenty two She responded to someone paternal Woody Allen reveals secret to his twenty three year, relationship with me, a thousand dot the daughter which at first he thought was just a fling Woody Allen went to rail rare details, but its relationship with soon ye they got together while he was dating her adopted mother me a Pharaoh. Now, married soon ye forty four and Alan seventy nine have been together for twenty three years. Whoa. I see what she looks like,
so she was twenty one. When I started getting on our set, while he's eighty their dude, she is she's too half his age and she's. Forty four daddy take what the fuck man, yes, she's, forty four and he seventy nine. That is crazy. She almost half his age while they ve been together for twenty three years. Only when we go back put out, no goddamn now know where it was their backs. Alan says it work because he was paternal which helped her flourish and these are quotes paternal and flourish earn quotes. He also reveals that he thought it would be just a fling when they started Lange. I mean just laid
after something just got away with fuckin his daughters when it was weird so where he looked so odd and that photo to and that's ninety two, how we have always she when they adopted like seventeen, then I can get into that was as article four two June published two thousand fifteen hours in any to another fling started a ninety. Ninety two afforded, I don't make sense, is how the fuck wishing unretarded, because in nineteen any too that makes sense, while that so weird, though dude, so he talks about it now and they ve been married for ever see. That's what's fucked up about it. What's fucked up about it is it worked together for twenty three years. They have children, look at a photo of them. The scroll down leaders Their smile and their arm in arm delay their happy together. It's fucked up, but it works at a certain point. Time mean it's not
they're, not genetically related, which is always the big concern right. The big concern was that your genes would be if you had exit someone who's, your actual daughter, Eugene's, be all fucked up and you'd she's kissed them on the cheek. She seems eleven being I'm saying anything like what we have. This idea is a what's what's? Ok, it's not ok, it's certainly seems fucked up, but if she was twenty won't happen, shoes grown woman and she decided you know what I want to fuck my dad, my sort of dead, the guy lives across their lives across the city living like opposites, that hardliners. So in this picture I maniac see what he was doing. He was probably fucking her though at this age that's what the problem is as rent all you know he should not be. He might have like. Raised her to want that dick I mean if you, if you can adopt girl at seventeen may be fine, like that's not bad rate, because it's like, if you were like apparent to a kid
The next six months, yeah a mom, should have been done with like TED Nugent knows there wasn't a jokingly hinted at for a long time. For they actually came out and said like I actually I don't know, but TED Nugent did that technology adopted a girl so like, but Google that there was some crazy controversy. I mean that may not be a bad deal, checking up some of these like orphanage websites and just finding the seventeen year old ones. We have sought to it to see if a but good, just Google, that he will, he wrote songs about like having sex with young young ladys. There were very young under age, TED Nugent pick. He became early or guardian us, whereas you didn't adopter through seventeen. This exactly is headed this time, but back then, ok. What year was this when this happened guarantees photos brought me out,
What year was I to seventy eight? Seventy eight, how much different things back then Deject M consideration after a lot of almost all the time, it's hard to consider the cock. That's like the context. We are honouring where the contacts in the culture of the time- because we are talking about that with the Socrates socrates- was in other all terrorists. They are like the bang young boys as real common back then, and but yet no one, no one like has little Astrid next to everything. Socrates you don't say, but remember he's tobacco boys? You know those today you would so far like what Woody Allen did its creepy, but is a bad. It just depends when it's
did it start when she was too well over time like that than he could have like Tully fuckin yeah brainwashed her to the point we now she just thinks she has to be with him and there was a mere frowsed. Other daughter was saying that he did something to her too, but we are saying that what we ask magazine, had I started writing your talking about it. There Jamie's Scooby, broods new sneakers, muttered lasting shut your mouth. How do you know that twenty thousand bucks to go that game? If you want to know why you pay that much money for a baseball game, basketball, yeah, who would man some crazy, Events are some kids from their american, but they flew. They like left ITALY, to follow me around failure year in this kind of russian. They haven't sent on much in debt there, but they ve gone like thirty,
games all over the country. Thus I'm crazy fans. Yes, a lot of love admiration. Now he did a really good job marketing himself in Asia. Ditty. How do you do that? Nike? They took him over there, everyone off season and go play and do like exhibitions and what not and they were doing it to get the asian market into the NBA and it worked the dervish. They make a lot of money off the asian market, where more than I would say that making United States obviously there's more people there, but ok love ass. While their study on Marbury left, the United States went made a lot of money. There's can retire as like one of the most famous Aleph hammers and chinese basketball. What happened? I ll see I'm on the outside our here, but that didn't more, he would ease and Charlotte right now, but what's happening is doing well he's. Ok, it's an average, really good point guard the fuck happened during that one time wages York and what was he doing? Just Capitan three?
one really good streak of like ten games where he played extremely well and they needed some hyped away and even playing into the higher worked out? And now it's over? It's not that it's over sisters things are talk about you about how come like me on the outside show I find out about athletes when they are in trouble or they do something crazy. They have to do something. I really good. Does the item, and I remember thinking like this guy. I remember thinking. Well, look there. Finally, You know the asian people have some super fucking bad asked basketball player other than the giant guy. This is what he was doing was like doing a crazy hairstyle by dragon policy out his hair this year, crazy spiky air, but like I guess it is playing and Charlotte, which is a smaller markets. That is less people talking about it when he was playing and allay which he did a couple years ago after the whole thing happen, which is part of getting the asian market into play in the NBA like the Lakers and as long as people, in a way that they can get money off, of whom so using New York event, Delay, played use and follow up, and I stuck and Charlotte which fail here bottom occur, while also has been
and the world on Friday and are not a fair, not one of the top team, but they play against the top teens right yeah. So if he was like super awesome, you'd here, both right and you still differ, if you'd tune in sport centre and see the top ten percent like that, you would hear about his name here and there he is kind of like ok folk who was, I mean, he's ok knows that that was a hint cliff. Ok, why foe soon so that soup, at its Vietnamese, he's not the neighbors races? Now that I don't think it's foe, I think it's really. You say far far. What's hey? Listen spell it differently, well? Why do you think you can get away with using our words different You re using our language. Would you get your fuckin way to say and are so wait if it's it's far So then, why do so? Many of the foe,
strides always use it as its like fo. Like another more stupid, we don't bother researching actual worm like how many people called hoist. Creasy Royce Gracie there, because they were unaware that you have to pronounce the are like an eighth Reese speaking Portuguese there I like how each ideas always honeybees senses gyros, and I have to know gyro banalities, fuckin, gyros, lately, dog Joe ideas do whatever we want our going screws up, people the names of the fund after fun when Folkestone error has been touched. Me ask you yesterday jail about this Facebook camera what you thought about it will set a date at seventeen cameras put together in one to make its call to Facebook camera. They announced that they are not selling it. Anything like that costs, thirty thousand bucks, to put it all together,
but suppose it's gonna make seamless three sixty video holy shit, so people can watch it. They got it now. How long for that flies around? Yes, if you could put on a drone nubbly pretty cool too, that looks like a you have all This thing that you show me right now looks exactly like a classic UFO doesn't athlete. Like a vague figure out a way to make that I put some sort of inside fan. Makes anything hover and move around, though, though looks like a you ever they sell one, that's like at one that they so kind. If I get best by Re Amazon, no, it like it's the same idea where it just records in it like right records like three six the thing that you can't really do anything with a video other than they ve are yet a lot of trouble right not go in and out when we brought this up. Did a lot of people are asking us say you should do to be totally awesome, which it would be cool for us, but there's a lot. Of hurdles to get to where you had a real good point too, we said: Merriwig people gone how everything is on three d tv. What about three?
TV. Why you do ensure, through the tv now try to find a three deviant. Nobody has killed a treaty broadcasting that probably landed twice this already. Such ready, but I think it's gonna be like oculist rift. You wasn't right, until it's ready for the longest time where kids virtual reality was a thing like, there was even a movie where a law more man's Lama. Here I mean it was based on like we're. The homo got any day now we're gonna be in to reality and it never took place is the computing power in the graphics. Hermitages was already but now that it is ready like that in view demonstration that they did with other the crazy shit They can do is over virtual reality and those oculist riff goggles. What is that do not demand that is lawnmower? Men really was that she's, you yeah
yes dad same animators from beyond the minds. I if you ever watched that guy, that was in law, more man, the guy on the right that dude was in a bunch of movies. Who was that those movie stars- and I remember his name, Oh, yes, but that cows in some big ass movies his eyes, like the creepy guy, he's what else do like that? dude where's, my car guy, like after, is not doing those movies anymore. It becomes like hey or American Pie the American Paca. Yet, with a generally, he, while he's actually pre famous- I remember his name is me. I forgot his need that has been in everything, though somewhat Stifler. Yes, differ. What happens if a video on him? Yes, why hasn't been market, and it has had a couple court? Unquote bad rules if you over the movies, failed where he was like a leading man he's been in all the ice age movies. You still don't pretty well from self. I'm sure who is only so nice feel good moment, dreamy beautiful fight domino
It's gonna, be here. Next, we're gonna pauses bid for a moment and then bring in the great dome IRA these death squad dot tv mugs that Brian brought in how long they for sulphur there they ve just got news shipment answer there on the big ones, are on sale in this shirt, which is that the original death squad, sherpas, re mixed and hat sent to you, ve stamps, dotcom. That's right! Gotta, death squad dot TV for more info Brian is tonight at the Irvine Improvin tomorrow at the low Jolla Comedy Store with George, whereas now tonight is deemed Aurelio heartbreak and tomorrow, Sean Helpin, excellent, exe Why comedians excellent show go check that shit out death squad that tv brine is red ban on Twitter, young, J me, for some reason has not taken the young Jamie Twitter name to have it. It's just. I decided not to use it not ends sincerely. It is your name. You are young Jamie Sunday, Bag Bertrand, Russell? They called me young, Jamie and the first thing
two years I resisted the mountaineer stuck with the young. For my life no big deal, you are Jamie. That's why our brown, I gotta think it's a good name. Your handsome fellow are fuckers we back in a little bit with the great DOM Ira thanks everyone between its podcast appreciate the fact that people and thank you, too, sponsors thanks to legal zoom goes in dotcom use the code word Rogan at check out for a discount thanks to movement, watches, go to em. The M t watches Doc Ford, Slash Rogan. They will give you fifteen percent off your entire purchase in amity, watches, dot com forts, broken thanks also to go to an end. I t used to code word: Rogan Save ten percent off any ass. I did it. You fox it's over
Ok I'll thanks, caveman coffee, every episodes fuelled by them, Caveman, If you see oh dotcom, awesome singles estate family, single origin, coffee table friends you soon.
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