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#785 - Dom Irrera

2016-04-13 | 🔗
Dom Irrera is a stand up comedian, and also hosts his own podcast called "Dom Irrera Live from The Laugh Factory." http://www.domirrera.com/
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the job will gain many georgia joseph rogue broke exit good man i don't grid see as always my mind pool game was an up the snow man we both sucked act that i spoke to cigar before the despite cast during the last one and i'm all jittery now well i don't want you everything fire nicotine drew him helen now but just you just have to get out of my mouth and smoking and sat down together you gotta nicotine i like with that of a certain club those guys think it's really cool relaxes cigars mobile makes me nervous its it does me relax it's fun i like to do it but it's a high ever did that line in themselves that's a hides nicotine high
course letterman in those guys were in the habit of doing drugs drugs that's crazy legal isn't so goddamn drug dan you know it's aware he kept up on certain jelly tell you but it's one of those things it's like so common and it's so apart the culture that we look at that as being less dickie alice and more like reserved and intelligent than if someone got together and will shack there the gas smoke charbonneau smoking pot together those people i guess like an hour i get more boats from club we do from annex you do of argos annexes we feel like what i think a normal person available without it terrifying anxiety why do you always had that we talk to us before but when did you when did you start getting anxiety second grade really while second grade but i'm not doing better right darknesses in ten years fish be out of a single word
the round of definite anxiety yeah but a better is everything the worst thing is just anxiety that even orders from the core of your being so it's in it some sort of our fire an error something in your brain yeah it's definitely chemicals and does anything else help it exercise how better alcohol algal upload but do that about alcoholic rebound is worse than the high why if you have a view of three hours of a buzz rather hole you have a twelve hour hang over yet i was eventually get older hangovers get rough rougher for me pretty much every year later drag on those young fellow this is all new to me the last four years for too many years eight and i know you are you stop for a while we talked about now for wild so good a complete good it feels that that behind a hangover this is it but you like it
why like the whole you know how they use nobody on beyond the scar oven laughing and through a reasonably be made a big point i like that without hope in a social thing i like to have a drink with you too it's like we're announcing festivities yeah i got that moment in time fund festivities has she is my friend and we know we both sort of read that were off on a alcohol filled fun ramp she chat and laughter but nobody was there otherwise that's that's where overcame change game joe i can't take it with them there were any more tat everybody started events become in some all me you gotta take over i gonna wanna take over in a cloud of strange guy i don't want to get his own car i want i don't either of course service or take a cab it is an old school guy i just don't want
i mean it's like that and the thing is funny by robert to me as the idea like ice drink maybe one to drinks and i've been now your goal day because of their goober embrasure alcoholic now what's funny about ovaries they its the application connected like connecting people to people that want something and those people get all the money i think than they pay the drivers right is not how it works you pay i don't understand that when i moved down new york they had medallions they spent thousands of dollars to get them today and we will drive commercial we're gonna hear anybody can driving over hasn't that's why it's really crazy because they are independent contractors like new york east be illegal east heavy things called gypsy calves murmured i still do you remember that one year there was i want to say more than forty gypsy cab drivers were murdered man but find this out gypsy cap
driver murders in new york i think to take them to like bad neighbourhoods and shoot them and robbed them so these cabdriver were fuck you and they were making much might have every fair they could and they would take these guys or one guy we know who knows how many people actually want to be in the people killing them is this a nineteen ninety that sounds about right that's what i was living there gypsy cab drivers found shot dead in the bronx that's only one there is up ok killings are related to the three six finding the six one and i want to say with some insane number man i really think it was more than twice i want to say it's forty for some reason cabbies didn't get a fair shake the always you ve got a lotta press they got press in new york but this pressing ninety ninety or ninety one or whenever was where it got real bad before the internet
exactly there was a time before the internet now exactly mean will we became friends for the internet about that we can get a hold of each other we call each other on the phone i catch you when you're at home like normally is right up early make phone calls for you leave the house remember the first cell phones they they looked like it could use it as a billy club here it is right here having a gipsy cares when those changes jobs new york city since one thousand nine hundred and ninety a hundred eighty drivers an average of over two months have been killed while on duty holyshit so wasn't foreign interest one hundred and eighty maybe it was or not not off one hundred and forty but maybe that was one hundred and eighty one they stop counting during the time this article is written is this is there talk about one thousand nine hundred and ninety i was living in new york when this is happening and i a kind of move their round then so it could have gone even worse you ever miss it do
me neither you know what i'd do you get the guy from new york act like the can understand how you can like it here its awesome don't get me wrong i think i can adapt thing about decided to live in new york tomorrow i love it i don't think it's bad maybe i don't mess you kids in a whole thing's hard but you know what man mean kids from grope anywhere they really can i just don't know its ideal i when you when you're out of them be working in order then where we live than why hungary honestly i think really it's better probably in the non showbiz related city i thank god just being in this city is probably not healthy for together the gear is better off in places like seattle which has even if its showbiz related is not television film related i feel like the television and film world is filled with somebody he bought here and done we are on this i must say it's a bad business i was in it for a long time not only anything against it but i think that the kind of people that it attracts not all of them but a good amount
are really crazy and their real needy and they they value they value a certain type of fame with you now as gets its really crazy gets really crazy we're talking about last night but the girls can restore and sophie sylvia sophia together she said to me shooting wanna tell me was an actress who was embarrassed decision in a funny because well you know i was doing the thing on stage the other night about we need more it was an act case if you know anybody back ace that wants to be enacted dome the come out here but it's so in your embarrassed to say what you wanna be smothered wrong doing ass the problem like do acting itself does nothing wrong with it as i was saying something wrong with the profession it's just there's a i am number of people who come out here they're just absolutely bat shit crazy i know and they want they want to everybody
does your thing to the cycles lack of its very difficult when people judging you i got this problem with the entire design of the audition process because creating people that are gonna be eggs actually what you want them to be as those the people that you gonna higher so it becomes credibly left wing environment it becomes a witch great in a lot of ways of balances things out but our cultures driven primarily from things from the left good things a compassionate stuff like you know rights and gay marriage and a lot of their like left wing type ideas that i agree with and i think a great but it's a hundred percent driven by that so these people if they have differing opinions is very difficult for them to express it in and still work like to you you get a lot of people that are terrified of stable unembarrassed toes so they say a bunch of nonsense like ever talk to be don't say nice to meet you cause they're worry they might have already met yet who brought it in i mean so that you know they said it's a nice to see you
we know what i never know what i never did people i never ask him what's up or what's going on i know that here could people feel guilty looked after recite area gone on their lives this whole resume and i'd rather than design it is good to see you and at the end of the things they gonna wanna put how i got a lotta orange and if we know that in a sound from the impact of jokers yeah he was here one eggers is before they we had negotiated an unknown i had never say that unhallowed i'm going to hear you say i go out eyes and a fire onawandah jinx it i'll take it plans in the works check my instagram page for future notifications when you said you really that part of that part of the business anymore it's funny that you're so busy you don't have time to do moving beyond wild cool don't moves have ever done the tavern james movies nafta audition yeah slow down parts we should have additional yea should want some good but the process itself is
the problem with it not necessarily from me whose financially independent but the process for a lot of people aren't who were dead partly needing something to employ them so they comply there aft saturniidae may employ me so that i could do stand on new now we just do it and we don t anybody employ us to do this by gas we just do it you just do yours i do my we all do our own shit and because of that you don't you could be you you can actually be other suits of was so much power in the last ten years there were also starting to see like what this we know what is world really about generating income that's it it's not about art has why reality shows took off like crazy we generation is much better than mine as far as business people you guys your group is smart also well you know you learn how to use the social media our advantage in all his arm a lot of it was locked love it was some other was copying dane cook tat there was some of it was deftly that i was
ready doing stuff online but i wasn't doing stuff i was writing blogs and i was doing certain things to just as like will exercise to just to come up with ideas and just to get my right flowing to write a right alot of blogs back then anti cook got into myspace and start using it to promote shows and adjust it was crazy how much blew him up he was an earlier date metzinger it was a perfect guy for now too energy girls love them and it was like my user while the first comics ahead like a bunch of girl fan by it was like a rock yoga very very interesting times but it will i think woke up everybody to the power social media and then twitter came along of course but the pond guessing was totally lucky man if it wasn't for just dumb he had to be good at a german the seller too much time good i'm the beginning you go back and listen assembles early ones are fuckin terrible its member
talk about the improv college girl and i said to you i mean what you think i was hidden it on me that hidden going to get on the show i said to you you do want to your shows its i've been doing all the late my chosen one week our forests these mouser asked me i'm going to austria tomorrow and those people are gonna be through that i'm gone that among the part guest because i was in new zealand and people listening there in a credible nobody noble watch the tonight show in austria that's crazy the shirt could show your part so not man that's u can get em easy that's the thing about if you have the wash it tonight show to catch you the odds of you actually funny television when that happened yet are small the odds of you dvr indecisive or also small you know it's usually one of those things were a lot of people look forward to it in a watch it before they go to bed it's a normal ritual i will use that as an example we cannot but it's a good one to their example because that's what we
needed right there may carson was the thing back when you were coming up you got on carson holy shit you fuckin made it i know you would see a garlic richard january by eighteen carson's or something and you really are a brilliant and in just such a great comic and you you'd see those those credits and go jesus christ are guided carson eighteen times and you go see em and of course like you at the time when i first saw jennings like in the eighties he was a master nearly just a master we're just being an awe and there's a bunch of other comedians that were at the isa comedy club member side in early to resubmit a vein reaching ovine me and kevin james were sit around after the show were shaking her head were like goddamn he's good god damn it he apparently did two different hours now it friday night it did to shows in eight or ten two's completely different hours completely top to bottom and they were like is but furthermore slaughtering his sister stronger running right
reveal unlike what he knew he could take premises that you didn't think there's anything there and he determined to like one of your favorite bids you did a premise about buying corvette and the guy trying to talk him and all sorts of stuff in the corvette and i remember thinking while he was doing this while i was just going to make this funny they are talking about buying an expensive sports car he's gotta figure out how to make this funny number the rift thing you did i ain't a punch we don't wait we problems gemini and it really was because of him i'm not saying i am sorry that you because you did not but what happened was we were like you gettin different thing at the same time delegate competitive with each other while he was compared with me and i think it's because people pitted against it purely because we're short attains why what italians well be where you ve never been in paying but support the nice tat that i mean not only jake
when someone seldom exert some is totally so what are we going down the road together will philip theatres and goes by what i want to do that i said i don't know make money that's fine i understand the concept yeah he said them one time it goes montreal company possible integration donor i said with the idea that you gotta meet beautiful girls gotta great restaurants and if you happen to get a deal you do but have fun and english fire he looked to me like we're running inform mrs and finest he was tortured he never enjoyed it that part of it he was seen ever newer goody wiser you never enjoyed how good he was i first met him in montreal first met him like it isn't that we're in a year or be up the out a met him and ninety four just so we're both passing children in the front doors to set high hame in nice me above a bubble which shows you dune content you know and a seem to me like
just what does a brilliant opprobrium mind that railways which is always you know on had maybe almost too much i saw him plain mousqueton i was flying back mermaid three cabins and american and those in first class he was in coach would lenny lenny clark now a clerk winnie africanist shots crazy lenny crazy no not that crazily to a more pigs were shipped layer its lending will the lenny you dave hawthorne's friend you we would know them by he's bag i walk back to say hi and it goes you not usually flight first myself play there myself today i sit in a night well it it's all right abc flew me like that either thing i do at the rub it in and then sudden rich would you want to do you want my cookie i'm just a first class that a big fucking deal you're so italian at such a time
my fortune could forget either areas using another good salami over tat fact salamis get to nitrates it's it's a tough it's a tough less for those guys there are super competitive and loners so tough lessening again older that none of this should is fond of you have friends yeah you know what we're talking about last night were all hang out you mean pressure and josh martin and all the enjoy jesse may peluso bra hang out that grass she's great she so great the world laughing and have a great time and you know we're we're all comics you know it's all that must be the gods was use each other we hug each other i decided i remember i went to see the premier of bad man the very first one jack nicholson was in it and he was at the bar and just fucking getting cheers everybody imprints was there is little or no kind of agony
prince cowardly areas if agony vexatious shit mobility where he said certain their joey's got two bodyguard sinner firmly sitting there and he's not i'm thinkin what funds it why don't you talk to somebody royalty though mean a guy named so prince how shocking is the new ones trailing royalty with giant men guarding his flesh tat these people have away give him our call have an idea we heard some ideals to suggesting the music or that brainwave just struck me about his nicholson easily this famous if not more than him and he was miserable thousands or haven't fine well some people know about me but it's also part of like but we're talking about earlier you that we were talking about club brian and you're saying that coolby as he's got older has become more humble and how convenient than one is not doing good in that look legs and get your personality that could be the case but it also
would be the case could now that he's maturing as and and learning realising its mistakes in the car cases of his actions and may be reflected as behaviour and changed too he is yes finally alone would all your money what it can do put your money in your bed and lay on it but extreme winners extreme winners are so fuckin hyper crazy competitive like well when i was talking to lance our strong is really sinking in because of a no guys like him no guys i came here it's you know fighters for the most part like ie you like i know guys from the usa that their extreme winners they know how to win and one know how to win you gotta say fuck everybody else and those guys did say fuck everybody else like that in the world of art comedy things along those lines is like it's not necessary its it it fucks up if it's not bad but we have to intimidate your opponents like it's better for everybody if you're you're nice to each other
we felt that somebody else's a success diminished me uruguay first start out eddie murphy was at the same time i was getting these movies some fuckin greater cause there's not enough don't bother you re movies guineas movies year europe bananas i know what the fuck does it have to do it do you think a painting of forty eight hours i would have gotten their mentality the loser mentality all it is a pattern you let your brain go down that path there's a pattern of behaviour like you recognize we else has something you want that something in any be upset that person as it and then you don't and it becomes animal instinct thing is like a jealousy you mean the chimpanzees have horrible jealousy dopp reliable jealousy that gotta get his face bidder and his didn't ripped off remember that guy the brig remember woman interfaced there's a woman who did but before the woman who did see the woman who did it was because her friend had the champ ran away
men who lived with the champ had some weird relationship with a chapel she slept with it she gave him san x and she gave red wine so he's fucking chimp was drunk and on pills any rippling face off that's one chance or had been drunk and on pill that's one champ but then there was another champ with his guy had a pet chimp and he went to visit his pet chimp and the ship to be a certain age they how to get rid of exists biting people parliament was terrifying right i feel a bit someone's finger off so they could actually do the grab you hand me by your finger off they tear your finger from your hand and they do it like almost instantly that's their move if you're lucky they took off your face let's other left me down with a squirrel monkey once i was before i was in first great ozone can a garden kid just it is grown looking muggy started fuckin hasten at jesus fucking terrify my grandmother had a monkey my grandma
a monkey they lived in a debate on his way out of it a squirrel it was called chee chee gum does it would show gun like open up gum wrappers enshiu gum foot gets a monkey is that fuckin out of mine so any where these people they went who visit their pet champ at this sanctuary because they still loved them they had a relationship with its champ you milky way be with you anymore but we're going to visit individual they dropped off cake they gave him a cake a birthday cake and the other chimps got furious that this chimp got cake in that they didn't and someone fucked up and left something open and they got out and when i doubt they tore this guy part just because he gave cake to this one and he didn't give it to him they tore his dick olive tourist fingers off but its face off there's tear your part they bought i fingers off the key factor monsters i wasn't gonna know shows pet star one member that we will judge different mammal tricks
as hold than a baby guerrilla i mean really young but i mean i thought this thing is going to be so fuckin powerpoint it was just like a baby put his hand on my shoulder and started making our aims life or grimm's or more peaceful i thank chimps graham sir way more violent me they're all violent they're all viamede guerrillas are vegetarians pretty much exclusively so we see a gorilla those giant fangs that they have that just for fighting now so they ve deafening fight each other especially the males who was a video of a zoo recently these two males beat the shit out of each other some while i preserve crazy seal strong there it's it's weird that they're like our size with stronger tens i'm stronger their way heavier fulcrum
ro like five hundred pounds or something crazy i think they make sense yeah think they get even bigger what how big is the biggest silver back guerrilla vienna guess would u s seven underpants wow etc gets probably wrong by four hundred that's big go five five hundred pounds i'll take the take the under you might be right don't like like eight hundred or somethin excited to find the result oddly will heed our jamie i found a gorilla named titus china find out if the documentary named titus the gorilla king and trying to find the size does not helping me the was how just google guerrillas mountain miller guerrilla just schoolgirl
you go to wikipedia and it tells exactly how much guerrillas way there really girl it cook and i'm saying five pounds from saint a full grown guerrillas five pounds its ongoing what i think i went over to four seven hundred you might my eye from going six the number eight for some reason is in my head eight hundred pounds is in my head at eight hundred pound guerrilla somethin store underpin girl right was now said the five pound guerrilla room o wasn't it has elephant five programme was the one who could do anything you want about five hundred and ten pounds and why an obese job yellow getting sundry bees why did i do and guerrilla knowledge i or my people i was here like meetings like you're smart some of em i was with dogmas can grow but comedians live argued night first war they they go let them go
australia tomorrow told you sidney festival per hour for denmark in australia nowhere ebay anyway how far is it goes i said from sidney their way sidney seventh asthma zero go here would you take use those hundred thousand miles was a thousand miles i sit up for gorgeous accomplish the earth about a thousand its focus its twenty one thousand miles of the then they didn't know anything there was i was like so for a molecular took as you know is goes one guy said i saw how far you think the earth is from signing up for those of us who sit on the ledge subtle ninety three million miles we still got a somber oil sands wizard you carl sagan allison it's hilarious every four hundred and two one hundred thousand couple without whom i was doesn't work that's funny
a couple of late years somebody would only we consider the fact the run a giant twenty fourth and mild ball then we get cocky as if a kiss just drugs but drop two feet we'd all violet we when we get here was something that's the thing gets did you see that recent impact they spotted on jupiter they watched a comic collide with jupiter who a comic now yea was up there tat they hired him for corporate gave this they gourd e g do corporate gains dumb now there were to rude forcing i've had people cry and the president of a couple his wife was crying which her lacked good is that it's not for me grow up bitch you don't you cooperate please do your own i do it's not worth it some ages off when a body of mine who works that company and it would be a cool gig
we know what i know it's always a keywords me but it's gonna keep a clean and it's not much money a when you go fuck yourself jefferson may stand of brian cowen did one recently if he could by now we got a guy told him right before he was doing this thing and he was this is a different story but he used it was us it was a benefit as well as he did a better and right before it was like you know it's a non stand up environment that's us connected doing dan upcoming show in something its other than a stand up comedy show in also lived some sort of an auction some benefit or something like that he was a part of it was for some duty knows its famous say goes and right before he's about to go on they tell him to keep it p e they tom keep it pg there's a lot of religious people here keep repeating and miss like white like wait what do you mean you sent you to eat you you want me to come out here and you stand up but you want me to keep it for you
some he's right foregone stage i can have an alternative set i gonna brian our did he does everywhere on the road is guarded toned down to size and that's why he's right you do and right before him to do that they come to him and tell me keep here that's ridiculous i hate you a little blue you can be a little blue what the fuck does that mean dont higher sums relative don't don't ask him to go if you don't know what someone like if you want a hard gary clark junior but you want to play the fiddle isn't play the fuckin feel stupid he's a guitar me pride does wants to we wanted to but i met with general yeah you hurt your hiring gary cartooning do gary court junior sweetheart yes we wanted to do right you don't ask him to fuckin singling adele stupid to try to get up are rated comic like callin and tell him to be
p g right before he goes on stages route is are you in that area but he's devlin piggy back like a lot of as he work alligator he does it answer by love the fuck would have i know but he's whose place along with it also the actually gets insulted still hurt her feelings i along with the talk about himself that until four dance and build a more like a woman in your young illegal like we'll womanly like a book like now hips would have to have a serious action you see a heads like while doesn't feel good in writing i told and joe that nice was you know it's interesting away where you stand up his agreement particularly go for the laugh you know you know pander to the groundwater like entertain a mental he's going back on me literally than it was a guy in a bright i'm kidding but i got him a little broach ideas
they're gonna stage once downturns mangoes she's been right again were that was working fine that's what i mean is another example like of friendship joe ideas joey loves that everybody was around joey loves joey and enjoy circle joey's in a circle of love i give you joy any like with its lee siad or any the people that he knows and people that he's around with all tom hurts me your dark and are everybody love so he's around love for all tat i love is phone calls you get them to because we do you didn't even says my journey in on your damn ira dumb already ok yeah joy the good guy baby i'll talk to you later calls people up to tell you loves you just checking on yeah he's a gem fucking were actually never know he was murdered in santa bar to work here
plants is when they're fucking kills god dairies is hot right now down you know he's on fire put out a raw material to joe is always work on some new stuff you know it's always work on some really around this he found his voice oh yeah and he's also leg really popular i now luxurious sellen out theatres i sell em up wilbur in boston he's he's equally sell out a lot a pretty big places right now cells our common clubs like crazy so people know what get into their lookin for seen em and when joe we feel comfortable like he's the most funniest when he's around like us lawyer cause he's the most comfortable cause he just surrounded by love and then also talking shit and then you'll be crying you know you crying and now but now that he gets that everywhere it goes now cause for years had to get these few would like him before he could be uncle joe you know he added
in the light of that was like part the struggle was getting these people to understand what is in front of them brought elegant this three hundred brown cuban talk about eaten asshole you gotta eat i am i right late i've got a muslim and they like what the fuck are they i know what to expect and they didn't plan on seeing that it takes it but now that you plan on seen it but you know you gonna see him then joe ideas go to a jody i show you go see him perform its all joey ds fans and it's beautiful i was data for a split in the bullet the isis yeah last year a few times is somewhat his fans are so much for a year and any friends of his we fans of you friends view defence of his it's a great combination but i mean he's exactly what i'm talking about the he made it because he's he's good but he got exposure on the internet it was
it wasn't through the regular the old channels or the tonight show or each be especially that shit now they were they were all upset that it wasn't happen that way army was real upset about that argues real disgusted at one point time by the old regime at comedy central and he was right the cap using the same fuckin people never get in there and we will now he's gonna show in season oncology central and everything about already like all the stuff that kicked off kicked off because of the internet the amazing racist stuff that he did and then abilities do ask used to yes what the recent amazon i guess jonah goes what is it about made it look so jewish i sat on all you know you should be lowered jewish enormous you by looking at ways of billy's what is that with the penitent features that good i don't know your eyes you knows i get really want to break it they're your hair the jews are weird one because it's a religion but it's also a race likely
a guy looks jewish you know i'm sorry like you don't care guy looks catholic where you could be jewish le maire violent situation he had red hair blue eyes the mayor of ireland was juliette mare of dublin rather really have the marrow we'd be merely what's my size of a state they should get stopping all high mighty scum when the united states folks again i ireland being can carry in june fine people michel you would love to have you ever tell you about member over there and cry and live in europe the bar of done dublin a couple times and i did northern ireland did belfast love it up their fun fun p man there while at a conversation with his fucking guy in a bar in belfast we're both hammered but he was he was talking in a different language i mean i'm i am not exaggerating i barely understood but he was tall because they don't open their mouth like the north nor the virus
in scotland are very similar that without it open your mouth when they talks you can't even lip breed and all he kept saying was hide any man that's all i get here how to find any man knew we're here for the usa the five hundred tangled alone i took meadow her height any man just kept repeating them my god i do go fight any man good luck with all that i don't know what to tell him i am hammered eyes wrong around his head just prided himself on the beating that he can take and glass goes the two shown as women i could understand and stage manager simpson feeling virtues appear firstly we have a language bobby i said apparently with and she started laughing and then got a translator for translators begin what you have your see train spotting yet movie that they have subtitles even other off
beginning with certain others markers towards understand for us yeah they do not allow unlike reality shows itself to put it sometimes people whispered about shit yeah but the fact that the the slang or the way they talk in northern ireland are dialect is so much different than american english but they can understand us give i'm talking like this nobody can understand me right they grew up on our media but that it took a lot of action is a thing there's a difference between the way the doctors are aware of the world together at a very much together pretty good their smashed where were we're lazier with our words but do you understood they grew up watching the sopranos and seinfeld weeding grub watchin father ted or any those english writer shows now bald top gear top gear with german clarkson rich a hammer was his name richard hammond and something james may
the yellow grandma i beg remember that but jimmy carson when the funniest guys on tv in england whose hilarious hilarious just a car reviewer just me writer and a guy reviewed cars love cars buddy punched is producer they cancel issue valley to know what happened human the guy made up but they were fired him so i am now going to do it on amazon now than do the same show but they ve come up with a new name for it can germany carson's when talking about anymore come out it'll be more than a year from the time they fired him before the new one comes out primary contractual stuff but the in depth they hired a whole new crew of top here and i wonder how the new crews doing the new crew of top kerosene themselves with errs on who is icarus evans is on it i don't have google it you were my family lad chris evans matter who risk that block and friends in england note the tea
show friends right in india you not do a top here anyone you stoned what's oil about a little out of it and i'll tell you criticise another major did twice did felicia how dare you that's not a european strategy to car guy he's one of the house on the show too in england he was on the park and now a blank he's an actor from friends is their seven the letter on seven people on the new english out loud and block in england was matlock live in england no well areas than with three how weird well that's interesting though aside to go completely crazy and put six hosts instead of three yes i'm sure that his team up to do different challenges like they did before
who are you who is everybody further ass the people now looks like lebron james the airline item ronnie james with the airline is no list of the names i hear the somewhat bbc yet waiting for combining teller and find out what to do what the cast his because who is that one guy in the background is not chris harris no no you mean chris crosshairs together on the past the interests of their own name was as chris evans unlike keeps ankara seven's everywhere where does it was closer is it you show the same guy maybe it's chris evans not chris harris show they probably know his name is obviously it's different guy
who is the sir what just go to just google chris evans for skier get to the bottom of this goddamn it jesus christ our i hardly remember that show we'll get a photo this gentleman so we see what it looks like now their secretaries the crosshairs yes is he on this new show maybe they're both on it that's why i'm confused it looks like it that's corsairs yes this must be confirmed so he's one the new top your house aha are that makes sense that's chris evans who's the red headed gentleman is chris harris who's gonna show oh well that my work that funding guys larry's harris's hilarious he's really funny man he was really fuckin smart to really smart which is at the background says she's it she's a sum berman i think she's it could be him w driver
girls are being schmidt's the middle guy looks familiar driver even though europe have died for like two something about either when maybe i'm just gonna i am well aware that i got my only on w sebaste memories car driver turns he's that chris harris guy awesome now his series chris harris on cars on youtube i want the best reviews of automobiles he's one of the most thorough one of the most humorous and so educated and knowledgeable about the inner workings of a car and why certain aspects of a car affect other aspects of it like what's good what's bad he's just a wizard man he's really good he's a perfect guy to replace jeremy i think as his humour is also very british it's not as insulting as german clarkson tend to be and probably not as like go for the punchline his german clarks clarkson has some hilarious punch he's a really funny guy man his reviews of
hours were awesome so go watch it and just fast or through the other shit until he would get to a car cause he just fund what was wrong here was on bbc america hooker the top here then there's a top year from here with rutledge who is here and our body out ferrars on it montana faust this issue yeah he's on the american version the american version of top gear ok we love you adam there we go chris harris youtube star there conner chris harris f one pundit at jordan motoring journalist rory reed and chris evans and matlock and the stig shall returns and may interesting so its return next month
look man of heresy they let him do a thing it'll be awesome malabar club grab my town really groping newton i heard about him when i moved here i think we dated the same girl and one point time were young like warlike teenage years sunlight that with this image think so i'm forty eight i think he's forty two or some close to it but guys from newton for new masterpieces is forty eight ere i never met that do doubts were junkets lives that the cap has you do as you do ok silence a mom nerve problems whereas nerves amiss this money as a mother always was he was the host of the first open might night i ever did really he's not the kind of guy that should be hosting it was great was whose great me a pro newsdealer his pro but as a stitches calmly club in boston nineteen eighty eight august twenty seventh retorted
garry shandling you know august 20th one thousand nine hundred and ninety one august 27th one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight man so sad which i was told me about a line he sat on it on dogs cats he said is important you make an older woman that you end at the same time in garrison us actually is more important to begin centre that you begin making love at the same time yes let's typical john doktor cats gonna joke it's just not hidden me reveries i can set that's why said it was a joke noted texts because maybe it's out of your mouth and expect is funny is what you come up with top nike jurymen saying member appreciate my pleasure trying to write you know that you all you're always writing you're you're one of those guys it's you're always enjoyed the process and i think the funniest people that i know or all the ones like your dsl
bernie any those geysers constantly turning out new stuff constant work in output nonstop s name a few weeks ago and you are in a great hurry hurry eleven i heard were able her mark marin left he was laughing i was crying now you're telling me you went up guns blazon it was funny took your phone christina possess key and she had his bed i won't give way the bit but you you went on after her mocking premise of the bit deeper and deeper and deeper into a deal so preposterous i was fond fuckin places so much fun i like to fuck around the other acts when they're my friends you know that's one thing i like that in the old laboratory brian was still come in there and crystal ii was new and we get up any in the back and ages harass each other now now it's fun i haven't been back to laugh factory except for your shows and law time but i did a show there the other night right you did obtained a rare sunlight on what they were
tuesday tuesday but damn it was good food crowd was on fire i did one other set there too for another guy i did the john hansen show and then i did i gum wednesday night there was was packed with great they have a good room a vegas whisper i heard but brad garrets they say is better the bridegroom them jammed what's it like the appearance for political reasons that i want to make a choice like what you doing there but i not your head to the left have using brad gas better or to look to look at him the folks good yeah but the bride care one and we have yet to be what we want side either one of them's beautiful we're gonna will organise a time where we're both in vegas at the same time i love that how often do their room in july i am doing brad's in june were times your show when you do it there brad is only one show i think it's at nine at nine was ass the case
the usa and still make it too you have seen just leave it like a i had so much fun and especially one of the most com going sounds i've ever heard of emotion was that when monsieur when you better tell me and i therefore that was made in jeopardy forget the guy's name very french name your saint pierre yeah yeah man was of yeah i got there just in time for i was so glad anyone would but such a bummer with that crowd like that in a year in montreal in numb in toronto toronto was the biggest crowd we had ever had before australia for you have see event which is elisha well in sydney but the most recent one was in melbourne and it was his giant arena was huge it was more than sixty thousand so is more than the rogers place in rod labour rod labour the tennis was he has his own
the stadium now could be could be our lives as was apparent touching the naval place but why was awesome allow melbourne malware amazing what a goddamn city to the restaurants so good people are really smart too it's like someone described at bath is it it's like a san francisco of australia yes account feels is you yeah i loved their man that's one place outside of america then like vancouver too our material we go i could live here materials calls foxholes toronto in the winter by the people are so nice it seems like it's almost worth the trade off you know less j they're happy i think part of it is there so far away from all in all the trouble made even if you invaded them you'd have to stop to refuel ass a ridiculously for its good points not amazing it took an island and they filled up with criminals and became an awesome
then i guess i'm really the lawyers because the german the aborigines cut a really bad the office for the aborigines your door the oldest should spots in the middle of nothing barrenly we'll take the beaches in the cliffs yeah will take all the beautiful area just now when spiders live exactly yeah i was deafening shit deal it is a strange society there's twenty million people in the entire and in the ilo word noise missile people in california merges many and when i go you wanna things it's cool about that is like your own when that door opens you're in a different world the trees are different everything's them going into four yeah you know it's it's it's kind of cool have you ever gonna africa now i've been thinking about going on one of those wildlife safaris and tanzania we as long as i know that it's like some sort of protected device seattle got any closer i get needles to go to you have to go to get needles before
engineer you don't have to get needles for south africa and lay down the nome was positive either so they have some places in africa we have nato's there you have to get malaria shots and all learning tanzania's one of them i would bet that what about zimbabwe or chicago where's the spot i've won it i think you would be who to be somewhere i just like i don't like those open jeeps man trust those funds are seen i've seen people use those things they say the cats don't jump inside it safe and totally do as little shit man you never did before yeah exam and i guess they do it every day and they know you know i guess it's probably saved ninety percent of time or ninety nine percent of time but if i could be in somethin where i knew that it was completely like closed off to the outside world you can move around amongst them i returned i went to austria and the head i thought i was gonna kangaroos and all this you know my while lobbies as the guy
you want some food ago yet they know you throw the food the animals that are happy go in there with them you write that are just like there you feed him for kangaroos when they get up a pretty big you know if they want kick you fuck you up i break your back and i had the punch and emu in the neck oh but it was bother and sophie kip nip banana than i had that mother fucker was very funny cosy here there's a man when i hit him i really clark them in a new way way way way way way way as you ran away but i didn't with that you just walked in with the animals does it dinosaurs man are you know they think that a good percentage of dinosaurs at there is now this tiree revamp their opinion apparently there is a natural history museum now that actually has thing it's in new york but actually has the model of a tyrannosaurus with feathers all over it well because they think it might be what it looked like
see if you find that jamie which kind of make sense if you think about it may look we see turkey's we see these ostriches in emails and all these fucking weird giant birds eagles they're all dinosaurs and their covered with feathers now there's a maiden of natural history museum in new york city model something new york city model t rex feathers because they are we have like a life size t rex or a model of tierra large model of terminology life size let's get feathers oliver where the counterfeit start to think that now started that may be a lot of them at feathers so i did what we would descendant of the ocean with descends land us whilst all comes from the original source is most likely the ocean i think that all that life came from moisture right and some some
weird interaction with proteins and amino acids radiation there is look at the picture dumb how crazy as that insane photograph but that just insane so there's they think this might be with t rex looks like if you find it it's it looks like the craziest bird ever like just a demonic bird and looks fucking terrifying hair do not want just like feathers but knew well do you know there was a non flight feathers no asher like some birds of different kinds of feathers do they know that there is he sings called terror birds that lived in north america there were enormous relic nine feet tall birds that didn't live that long ago i want to say they lived like a million years ago that's another one another different example of that's like a more conservative estimate
fathers looks like but there's visa comparisons of terror birds and they put him up alongside human beings and they they lived right here they lived in north america within already fossils of them they do they do it some of them and then there were these enormous like nine foot tall birds if i didn't fly and they just jack things tilled things but they had beaks like a bird he also because their beaks like a bird we look at that particular type of of living that thing that's what these things look like
many were real animals they they the image that we're lookin out as a drawing an artist rendition of a man like six foot tall man standing next to a volkswagen with these things towering above him and need to see a big these values there so big this one's three metres tall so that's nine feet tall fuck you for on a key laws thousand yeah what's with which fifty cm centimetres what this is all summer different country where they speak some heathen language the econometric system family that doesn't seem right fifty centimetres
not every they try the poor or must we want those two point three metres foreigner kilograms he's fifty centimetres the man now that can't be right it s the man though there that this now what does that mean you that can be fifty samuel centimetres like an inch lesson just let me reassure guy he be a tiny i guess he s low that look outside has prepared a beetle that's beetles very tall ashore guy maybe but put his fifty sentiment is as far as because fifty centimetres is above his head minutes possible these short guides
to make a point but well yeah you don't want it looks short because look of its nine feet tall it's only double its size four and a half feet tall that child they play with our motion to the fuck is going on point being that fuckin thing was alive fiftieth centimetres is less than two fields i tony and will do that's all right he's though the yom vfw bugs deftly taller than those member states white picture but what year did these things exist these terror birds does it say what year what a fucking weird world we have as far as the biological diversity there is still no to me that we had the these i thought that we were set on what the dinosaurs looked like whether bone structure this is a dinosaur this is one point eight million years ago from sixty two to one point eight million years ago
so if it's from sixty two to one point eight what is that new fine things dating them to form of fifty thousand seventeen thousand years ago would imply some while i say that word for us that for us right sid's forest sports force acids forester acids survive until recently i e the late pleistocene but this this claim is debated so it's possible that it was seventeen thousand years ago it's likely that it's somewhere between that and one point eight million years ago which is like way later than dinosaurs the dinosaurs sixty five million years ago so the earl all this date they have sixty two million years three million years newer than the dinosaurs died these monster ass birds survive that impact as with the other fuckin beasts or if they get it where they think it hit the eu
tom the one the chill the dinosaurs they pretty much nowhere at head they have this whole procedure that of the euro but a little well they think it did something to the atmosphere for sure they think it rained lava like literally rain lava they think the impact from it clouded the sky in the cause nuclear winter mean the impact had the the actual sphere the globe the earth itself was ringing like a bell for like years look at that that's the area that's the area where it hit a critical area is what's the juice imagine how big that that mean that sixty five million years ago that thing hit and everything started from scratch the whole world got a whole new order everything's different and that can happen
time not only can inhabited anytime its most likely gonna happen that's why we should ever get to cocky never yet to copy the articulate was it when you show me offered up relax dominic era with secret information that he wrote down and a read his hand i tell you a story about how long before people alright things anymore is that something here but we write that wrote those its people still right little notes the air will we would still text there is like we like going to a place where we see a chalkboard and the menus written in chocolate they rode at them how little teach cursive anymore now will shed did you learn yeah and catherine took it to school now i went to catholic go into first grade gather school then published
but i was in new york the known i went new jersey catholic school and then san francisco public school after that then florida in boston learn gains veil every time i met you i started something new that was when when i was a kid alligators were endangered and we would go to this place called lake alice in gainesville it would feed the alligators marshmallows i was weird man i just didn't worry about alligators around there are always around and they really didn't bother people know that but there's this this agreement with people in algeria for whenever fuckin strangely it didn't make any ass it was almost like evolution airily it was a bad idea from them the fucker peoples just don't bother me on a bother you but they would occasionally jack someone's dog and when i lived there this lady poodles snap right offer chain shoes walking by while the lady and this thing just came out
this video i posted on my twitter today someday its main retweeted it it some this guy's cat fishing and he's he's got these lines set out and you you yellow aubert's float in the middle like a big heavy barber and when you catch catfish he does the barber moving around see no you got one so goes over barber check this out don look at it he pulls it up give us invite mere jamie guy as you know has been thought it was a guard why says this guy is lay like a little kid crying again corsican
crime mars getting that i saw is calling for a moment i entails rosa that's insane fuck all that look at when it comes up watch this it's like a horror movie see nothing that mouth come out i was in costa rica and i saw some crocodiles in a while who won the store to get in the boat woohoo jesus you get in a boat and you he's he's crocodiles like lounging themselves on the water on the banks water and then when you pass by they just run and slither into the water and go under the brown water and you can't find him you don't know where the fuck they are it is so eerie what's the difference in a crowd about crocodiles away more aggressive way more aggressive yeah those are smaller crocodiles cause or south american crocodiles though not like nile two thousand there were nine crocodiles you wouldn't want to be in a boat knotty deftly when one being one of those boats like over another fuck you up there was a young i forget what now
sure magazine like national geographic or one of those times magazine that have story about these key actors that were going down a river in the congo i forget river was but there are going down this river and this one guy was behind this other gonna kayak any watched the at the crock come up snow a whole of its jaws snap its jaws down the kayak and then pull it under like a barber and flipped it over and he watched it yeah there it is kayak her crackers recount deadly congo crocodiles so he flipped over the kayak and then the kayaks bouncing up and down because the crop is pulling this guy's body out and harness pulling him into the water underneath it and he's this guy behind him is watching missing the blood in the water and other bubbles in this big mess this
hundred million year old behemoth its clams clamp tragically goes down on those guys flashes tearing it apart right in front of you procedure that's what makes you so much more of a man me legs like the idea you would even entertain the thought of going there again see it i want to see before i want to see it just like from here i used to think that too i used to think there too but lately i've wanted to see it man you know what all this talk of later killin rhinos and kill and elephants and there's this thing today without there having a gun down these lions in zimbabwe because they're not for not having hunters come there anymore i didn't have but the manager population these lions are devastating their undulates antelopes and all that shit so there these these hunters you're there hiring these with the in africa to calm professional hunters though it guides is because
people that are hired by the government and they go and then they had to kill some lions they'll kill wiser encroaching on people's property and killing livestock and threatening people as us so we're murmur that discussion how again that night in the bar the al killin dear in hell you have to kill some whether all be well we talked about it here in the park as yesterday my john dudley was here and we found a statistic that's unbelievably insane statistic is there is one point five million car accidents a year where people hit dear in america just in america we knew that fifty thousand michigan we're like how crazy is that but then we found out about the whole country like whole lee shit let's amazed and when my friend john lives like him and his wife when they have conversations in the phone it's always as a talking about their drive home from work it's always yeah we almost hidden dear i saw dear we saw five dear zuyder dr slow and with the who
can they also have these little whistles that you put on the front of your car the less oh dear no your common and dear generally get out the way it's a high pissed pitched whistle that only like the deer to hear that also a lot of guys who stay warm is going to get a battering ram in the front of my truck so what they do is they get these deer guard when they put him on semis in particular because it places were truckers holland goods in the mill than i mean in the day as have been mill the night but they'll run into rock and that truck will get crippled by dear when the dear will go into the peering into them the engine bay unjust destroy everything tear out the radiator so they had to develop these gigantic like mad mac style bumper that they put on the front of these semis just to protect the truck itself from fuckin killing things like year slamming into a lot of people get killed two two hundred a year like this like this we this fuckin picture will
this picture of this guy's got this gigantic metal barrier in the front of his truck in his dear went into it cried crushed it and its speed painted the side of the truck read all the way to the windshield and the dear psych hanging from the front bumper fuck look at those things that they make me that when that your hover our click on it the size that thing is that your driving around a non aerodynamic battering ram just to protect your car from slamming the animals that crazy while they duke unbelievable damage you're hitting a hundred fifty pounds em all you're going seventy miles an hour earlier that with cars get the dear hang another front like it's inside the engine yeah they just that's if you're lucky if you're on did they go inside your front windshield my friend camp
lives up in oregon and a guy in front of them not in front of him but this is a guide died because the man in front of him hidden dear dear one fly and over that person's hood through his windshield and kill them more shit like that just fuckin ballade and gore origin bahman me out man dear friends like that if that there's a i am she's you know pete she's a loving person you know that's why she has this distorted perception of it she's gonna loving written shares one these animals to die i get it nobody wants him to die that's the thing about this world that we live in its very ambiguous olano ways is a lot of its does not a clear right and wrong there's a lot are things that seem like they're wrong but if you don't do them everything's gonna be way worse and one of those things is killing beautiful animals seems like it's wrong to chill dear if you don't kill dear it's way
we're getting older their fox and then we're fucked there's gonna be diseases and it's gonna be a lot of problems is also gonna be allowed predators if you have a certain of deer nature finds a balance if you have a surplus of has any predators in the area you gonna get a surplus those predators because predators have we more food they're gonna thrive going to breed so then i'm gonna have to figure out how to manage not just the dear but you also have to manage a predator populations is going to have to and if you don't you don't do it you got real problems yet that's an eighteen foot long algeria the shot what killed cattle yeah what this isn't larder yeah why he was killing cows jesus christ rice legged that thing citys is predator control and we don't have that much of a problem with this kind of predator control because it's a fucking heartless called blooded monster you by the way we were trot we shall retarded which i figure with the difference between
can a commodo dragon be the biggest lizard crocodiles not because bigger crocodiles a reptile that's stupid we're was illicit is different to different lizards does reptiles google it support tweet me man that's the extent i researched it reptiles brow get together bitch imagine that are widespread group of watts lobby reptiles right but a crocodiles not a lizard is reptile our two different kind yes that unless it is ryan and sort of like we're apes but we're not monkeys or were apes all monkeys or aids but not all all apes are monkeys here yeah all monkeys are aged four not all apes are monkeys now all apes monkeys but not all monkeys or apes i think some are more simians like an ape is different right apes
champs and guerrillas and rang pans and us right baboons miss browning like world mammals but we're not all the same kind of ammo exactly fish some are like you see and marsupials which hold different world the european people with approaches how do you like it there is an article recently that this guy wrote that the same that word monkey isn't bull criticise the word monkey this is not the correct were to use and they said that's not true nano is it not true all all apes are monkeys but not all monkeys are apes that was i think the title of the skies paper it was really interesting cuz i was out to the bored monkey was like almost like a slang apparently it's not know the different can actually use that word the different species of monkeys and you're you're monkey about that i thought you'd young people
i made this way first class abc paid for with a i'll get you a cookie rich talking about pal sheaf steve schreiber for pakistan who would sopranos he's gonna we he's awesome he's gonna be in the park ass dumb within like tat weeks listen up primarily to kill her funny when he's trying to be funny failure when serious yazzi was bobby unapprized bigeye bobby right those his character and problems i think so he was married to lead sister yes twice prato yeah scott intervening yeah gave the fini comes at the males with steve at a high rock colored i declare the wrong guy he goes he kissed me like me on the cheek this minute cheese and may i say on broadway fuckin loved you thinking for private eye over you on broadway ever his hanging out well i mean
crews and from where you look ties that all closed unless i was a coward i like the cut of your jib was killed as on broadway but i'm by where are you people don't usually call up broadway and the non comic group did not linear they all know the verbiage then i'll know of inaccurate dominic you going to new york at all you deteriorate yeah next time i don't wanna go club though i think i am the beacon theater i had a great time elapsed time i love governors governance gray others in the brokerage but do while gotham overdone document forever the identity we show real issue at the sound of their re club are the stands great do now i don't know lower there is great but my problem is always go in there for you have c and comedy don't have enough time to hang around that's the brown due to bad problem but i have enough time to hang around you know its debts
an interesting seen in new york in those bunch different factions of the scene is even a weird all seen in brooklyn you know they had the branch out weirdness but interesting it is a lot of bubbling creativity in people trying to find their niche right now is always different people kind of scrambling define their niche in the world of comedy and when you look at the different committees that develop in different parts of the country it's interesting to see the different styles the people s income exactly like hell you made it now here i will give it so open yeah railways get asked had he get certain things like the thing i got i've lost my patience with some some people like for an easy way out you know you get it because people ask for you go you like that
they always think like this club owner hates them with a show that i say forget you try to pay his bills not even think a bay with some do some legitimate questions that young how does one go about get a manager yet to get an agent of that kind of stuff that's good and it's good for us to give advice tat young comic saying do not get a manager because as the first manage it asks you because there's a lot people are going to be the first matter that asks you to manage them and they might not be right for you look at a lot of guys like chapelle or you know a lot of these guys that have left their management are they start with one guy and that you want to be with him anymore and laughed and they left like maybe again maybe again you know i know quite a few guys chapels old manager we saw last week the emperor yes yes funny yeah there's the suffering of those delirious moment attach it does not hate you how should i were still there
he just said how to me dipped in windows when alike i'm not i hate him this only so much hollywood a man to take the heat before eases scream out in agony that what you have imposed upon us stop does of course those guys who is a funny fuck and for a moment frozen time i'll never forget the look lebanon was on but those guys man that really shouldn't be involved management and i had a ok kevin james kevin james a good friend and one of his earlier managers was giving a fucking terrible advice including wanting to stay fat kevin must try to be healthy charlie some way in the guy literally said domed cavern if you lose weight you're gonna lose rules you're not gonna get cast your of lovable fat guy spanning off stood women
why did but that was his real statement if you lose weight you lose rules and chemically max talk to me about any was just really be not by it was like what the fuck he's as now it kevin wanted to hear kevin is a guy that works hard and very smart but he'd like if you tell him that the skies following her black is it the usual discuss born thought this guy's falling like encouragement he's he's really funny when he's arouse friends like we're talking about jellybean surrounded by people kevin operates kind in the same way agree when what we owe a great dinner when no member came to see you a written the poem yeah yeah it's fun to see him relaxed while he knows i love em you mean that's why was fun doing those movies with them but kevin you support numb and when it when he's around me with its support m i t can be himself being cut loose when you got someone telling you hey man don't get healthy
you get healthy you won't be successful you have to choose one of the other and i got you that's crazy thing about how many people there funny that aren't fat telling me that it's impossible for you to be your hilarious this whole his whole act was in product not at all but he in some weird way that people loved him because he was a big jolly guy you know down he's fucking down to do so and so it will angered me angered me that someone would try to limit him in that way someone we try to put him in but that's the problem with having a bad manage earlier a young guy when everything is just starting out and you know you're in your twenty asian you're all vulnerable you only started out just a few years ago and you still get your feet wet it trying to figure do this thing i don't like this she got and young cabin would do thing what he going full shimmy
unfortunately was any fuckin freaked out about something as shimmy was his nickname was calm shaming auditing yap and a full shimmy would be when he would just go ballistic and like he would be like one time i what we were word hang it out together and i went with him he had a gig eyes went with him to watch to laugh to sit down and because i was there he was like having a great time can you hear me show and offer you wouldn t said he got into it because i got here i swear to god people don't know how good captain james wasn't one at one point his career madame i'm assuming just as good now but i haven't seen him to stand up and along tat when he would he was going off and any he ate like was less faces ready with spitten and it was just goin off but something that was what we would call going while shimmy unlike here be you know that you are going to do that if you're worried about people not liking you view you gotta be free to go off you know it's like we're garlic
we each get you gotta be free three older just cut loose and those bad managers are fuckin terrible for that because they ve never done stand out they don't know what it takes they don't didn't they haven't grass the concept of each individual has to find their own path all their thinking about it has had a mould someone in some bullshit persona for marketing precise but for a marketing point of view for marketing versus that's what they're here how can i saw this guy i think that the pair thing is really what what i'd like to say just we take your own pair something we'll make it in two years some people megan ten fifteen like what they were told but joe it is i got one the story the today about you know you don't you know my name in your manager on the area my bow april ok so it was hands you define it was him we always have shrub restores choices i tell trip they were going to lake mean on saturday wanna go and the girl now i can't better i can computer
yeah i remember that any illegal youtube manages to me who does what else can copy a boat sure abuse are connected to vegas syrup is the best such a character as is my manager yeah he's johnny just cut character till he always brilliant to know he goes striper fishing really serve casting loves the longest standing the water yeah stand the wild waiters you to stand on the on the beach itself and cast into the water the ocean the catches these giant ass fuckin striped basket there's a wild world just outside new york a lot of people don't know about it why don't you go to in parts of long island your throat ass data for my god it but it's incredible he took me once we weren't successful but i got it just be in there with them i got what he likes about it like this whole process to you what take some air out your tyres places where you're allowed to drive onto the sand and you pull up on us
these are fairly remote areas in long island these guys go to specifically just for serve casting striped bass that's what everybody wants to catch the wanna get strippers now casting out these giant ass fuckin poles as united yet a thirty pounds fetch a big ass tripe ass out there and they don't you don't catch him that often but sometimes you run into a whole school over everybody catch them like these magical times it's an interesting it's a lot of ways fishings like an interesting discipline in ireland and jeff i don't have the patience for now it to a lady will you play pool though i look for but patience for that yeah i guess it by a pages with things i love fishing to me i can't imagine if you ever caught efficient and cooked and ate it know how dare you who are you how'd you get in here ask material these people say there there really made only but that only made but the fish like as if that's you
you know you don't have feelings well don t care their children were fish it out some eggs in the mail comes over comes i'm like a freak show that's what happens room that's how they do i've who we talk about this later i saw a guy on instagram bragging about how is ninety percent vegetarian but it was fuck shit about people who eat meat and hunters in particular target should run doing any say look i get it i'm ninety percent vegetarian but you know what you people are doing all voice fuck early bacon cause it's delicious would how funny is that where someone can what sectors that fuckin bacon ham sandwich she's burgers where every now and then he goes off so he's trying to say that he's got some moral right to complain bout someone who hans because he's ninety percent vegetarian nasa view by the way which means milk animal products eggs that's a tough daedalus fuck ridiculous dummy but that that
like would set taking the moral high ground from saying i kill less animals per year than most most time not you and anything paper so goofy ninety percent vegetarian the fact he would write that down oh yeah send it sit posted on will i let s mother fucker now i've never heard the most ridiculous whenever the latter rationalizations but that's some dummies out there if you i think that like if you did go catch fish once and then cook it made it you get it you never get a little bit it's fun it's fun to catch them and then they taste so good if you can catch of fish and then have it cooked or you cook it within a few hours of poland in the ocean holy shit take a different thing then something happened to fish one sits around for too long even worse frozen and thought out it has done
retain the same quality that it has when he put right out the water is pretty cool honolulu they had a place where you cook your own fish i don't want to cook little fish the way the watchman dishes to a kind of references weed i go to those those grill places where you lay them mete out there like a japanese place near me than has like these ills grill and finally the marshy sunlight that lay the mere you cook it right in front do not show reembarked i've seen cream barbecue that i've seen a japanese one that you know the cry ripped off in the cranes speech just like that the ads controversy over the cook you cook it yourselves kind of weird cookin now what do you do you provide me a plate of meat as a couple actual like grilled i don't know exactly where they are basing them on tv provocateurs only one or two but you go pick up your meat like a butcher like the friends nor the butcher type place in the back is a bunch of girls in you hang out with your friends and grow your own
takes why at the restaurant and you sit like a thing do you know you do know it's fun and then you have to clean up here are you there who is the right way like if they have good grills they use like mesquite lumped i call on the guy you know they said the calls up nice our pretty cool i use white cook and the army but why cook we avoid cook why cook is like a thing but in my own and it's like cayenne restaurants that deliver a friend of mine he is he's triumphantly ernie's like people i make the olympics he was stand over my house and i said wanna go sharpen somewhere handsomely yummy things remain a go anywhere you just call for food you don't gotta restaurants oh i get a restaurant but you'd rather just have delivered now from watching a game or some said you cook ever know re
so have i got a those great it's there the the time that my stove is used as to heed of water for tee who s interest you were never like sat down and cooked a steak and no match for data was rising aid to cook were cold chicken ira which was too to lump sum margarine and black pepper on chicken three hundred only five for an hour so they ever good about it so it s pretty good this is what i was really broke to my little joy you don't attack you so you never got in the like cooking yourself a meal that centres now i'm a big fan of cookin i love it is good that keeps you your head great whilst also bomb it's a satisfying may make a nice mealy sit down and eat it
get posada controlling what what goes on my body hundred percent i come on this wacky very low carb low sugar intake diet no process show no added sugar candy or so no ice cream no bullshit and on his diet i kind of have to make sure that i control even salad dressings like you would think what a nice restaurant you order a salad and they are eaten it you ok this this is fill the sugar i could taste is dressings phyllis sugar or they don't care what to be delicious losers in health while they also don't have to put like the ingredients in the menu like when you see the menu and it says like balsamic great doesn't say what's in that balsamic winograd it might be just chock full of fuckin sugar somebody mistakes with ruth chris or one of those that are gonna nail any particular take us but they they broil them in butter yeah like it ain't fuckin fat enough to eat a stake in
it's good for you the most delicious where to go for it like to reappear forget how hard problem egg problem already saw the stakes ball erases you cover me it's not with decent dietary cholesterol barely moves than the needle on blood lipids is all sorts of problems that lead to people having high cholesterol sedentary lifestyle his lodge genetic problems but they're fine and now that like saturated fats and all these things are blaming on issues of people does not necessarily what the problem the problem is a host of problems exercise is a big problem too big problem huge problem of people the over consumption of certain types of foods sedentary lifestyles ages even sitting in a chair all day comparable lag inspired today because of the lack i a better was playing poor now want to get back on the table to say tat we are tabling apartment there the fact on i always have to be not to work in a minute
treadmill i got a bike i did the terminal today for twenty minutes like it's a big deal but it's better than nothing sidney like a big fuckin bloke big tits the treadmills great twenty minutes that's good if you can do twenty minutes every day just forces do only twenty minutes everyday put itself and show on do these things is great we see an earlier spin screen she still steve harvey does his morning show see hurry a fuckin morning show sometimes elliptical machine real stricken phone calls a goddamn elliptical machine this is really she's early in the morning solaris grand and hustle and in her so as we said he works for larger hair down grand and hustle were so that does pay but they have got worse art and say anything that when you you talk about the guy's worth at work ethic
development tasks that doing so many people your energy i'm doing a bunch of on enjoy enjoying things enjoyable things annoyed that's all i got worrying slip but is not their own joyful you know podcast enjoyable of seas enjoyable this is enjoy what wonder what should understand that now because you you really have fun now you know that like the difference between you when i first met you with all of us hopefully bob and hopefully for the better but i see you you that's that's smirk on your face that is and i know that you are enjoying it fun you know you know it's fun i've been i've been enjoying being store that's a big part of it and been enjoying that and if what are you afraid can inspire was jim carry was in one night fatalities and get like a little partners pilot plan where's comedian
insisting on one is i think i'm sure there's hope i don't think it's gonna show up for a while i think the recast and it's still think the researched statute until july o them sort shooting but in this by heavily little kid no kid the new always comes out like when you go i saw you and man in the back i really one that i have a good set for the fun of showing up from my friends jim was there and seen him since actually rodney died and i know from the communist or and i won't i showed offer him like i wondered did i mean i am not above admitting that i was for can shown lots inspiring mean call it shone off but you you know you want to put our show for southern malta that's why the cool things about that places a very high level you know man go there any night yes he sebastian sea birds you see in know tom cigars and there now you is his wife is goddamn hilarious too
jesus crises good whisky now that we have seen that is why i was there were watching her then that i went on this are you went on run after making further bit how funny she he very was a monster man they're fucking piece gas larry steal your further propaganda called your mom's house to really funny man they're they're really silly they really fun together i think it's great show and they do in a real smart too was talked about it in our talk in malaga how many they do a week he's like we'd like to do one a week because that way we do like a lotta livin in between chose you know and its pay off they do live shows they do live podcast on the road that didn't work with you sometimes oh yeah yeah i met tom when we were doing the maxim real men of calmly tore me charlie murphy and john have run and what we did was we went across the country
the use of local actors born to show up thou built the first guy so the first guy would do like no ten or fifteen or something like that and that would be the local guy and in some places they didn't use local guys they disused guys that somebody liked or somebody thought was good they just cast somebody you know i don't member who the booking agent was that put the tour together but they did this and they were in also good guys funny guys and then it was secure we were in phoenix that theatre in the round hollywood theater and cigar went out there just killed and i was crying laughing and he's just ridiculous and and and his jokes are absurd is his so good he was so good then and then you know it became friends and i start taking their own is there anybody the air anytime you cruelly you didn't want to follow our yeah yeah when i was young
for sure because i didn't understand i would think that them doing well meant that i wouldn't do well but other means as a you need to get better work on your act you noticed this ones wants to protect the state that therein right now like any time you're if your estate of the audience doesn't think is funny you gotta figure out a way out of that either going to we are that with more material or yet it there's gotta be away and you ma not find that way tonight but that's a lesson and you will take that lesson and you got to figure out how what went wrong while one goes wrong a lot of times you see someone killing you get nervous that shit i follow that you dont instead think this is awesome laughing on how fun audits havin fun to isn't comedy great no that's why take joey and the road with me like i'm doing like the arlington tito estonians griff crushed for like twenty five then joey crush for twenty one twenty five minutes whatever he did
many minutes what that ngos they use and roger s store and senegal where you can do you know you would you ve always been great damn you know when we first met i was young and we were in montreal together and then we met and amsterdam updates pull rather you always from the time i was like you know basically it's kind of start now you ve always been like incur jane and cool and fund the hang out with and you ve always like a real comics comic and this a lot of guys unfortunately that maintain that sort of come rivalry and friendship with the other people involved in their profession in a while i appreciate that i get it back though you know it's like i told leo said one night goes you it's interesting about you goes i know they give you is older another thing could be one of us that's all i want the actual be judged on my performance nothin older will you
ever stopped growing either you never stop working ersatz growing and you never stop constantly in the vote in your act and you just a shopping is you ve always been if not sharper and because of that like you're always gonna be one of us for all of us i think even for you and i in the early days there was guys came around that the puzzle was too difficult for them to solve for whatever reason and they never got there never got there and then they were stuck and they would do this the store and they would do the same material and you knew the joke she knew the punchline because they ve been doing them for fifteen years and we all knew those guys had all those guys while its unfortunate but those of the old guys it's not being all a chronological its moral they won't just their stagnant theirs agnes wears a guy like carlin too very end was writing material this guy did die in a hotel he was
the very end was right in creating and putting out a new our every year is kept don't mean it doesn't happen and respected to the end absolutely revered to the ant people go see him love in it to the end who was amazing in that regard was rightly dangerfield because he did joke jokes that were would really consider corny yeah his fucking characters overwhelmingly hilarious brilliant that we all love them we are less than a week back to me and he never stop right now no ronnie also was another supporter of comedians like ronnie danger old specials the young comedians that you are on a guy was on it was on kennison was on gmo shimmer lenny clark leclerc curly for a very so the up the he he let the world know about some of the best talent of your era that ever table when that addition for him now
the comedy store was posted ten minutes each right so very sober goes on this twenty five minutes then it goes on this twenty five minutes and i'm fuckin furious right so i go up and i do is i say what the damon expire and i love them bluntly should i get this is a long time ago with damon expected like get funny the twenty third me you like it was they always sonny's bomb and i said it wasn't happen of free than i am and let it go for ceramics make us feel ok you're funny way was lay in the people what the fuck you got an act a what and then he saw me the improvement and i got it but it was that was my introduction to dangerfield website did you get upset a day men and not upset a berries or knows upset about damon happened to be the one right on before me when i was well former something he was those who were there really taken and both of them are very effective comedians and i was just pissed up good my thing is in its time in addition just do it do the best you can get off
right don't keep going could you not doing well or don't keep going good you're doing well yeah there's some people that like a few adi audition for the car store and they give you one those five minutes spots are three minutes bought or whatever the hell it in twenty minutes is it i think it's three when it comes you though of solomon owl we re special showcase answers like ten minutes each but i think you bring somebody and of some an audition the talent coordinator was how many minutes they do i don't like approach comes in and they do said they determinants i'm not sure but whatever if you go over that they just want ass though his i mean like they will need this year in our we don't need some person who can't find the racial friend yeah yeah for all should not leave just respect other people's time unless i get told fuckin thing about going on it when any griffin in those guys and narrow promote any but that now that he will go on for hours it would close a place we got nine and stay onto one o clock
warning and he was it was built on the line up you to show up but that was when he was a huge star you know that place is always been weird with when people are huge stars they can just come in like damn he's supposed to come in anytime you wanted me to go on stage and do forty five minutes or whatever you wanted you know it's you you'll allowed them he now you allowed them that moment with some people may my thing is gonna things about right anything to any but a younger than me that was my friend was too tosh and it was not to abuse you power or be a jerk off about it somebody if you're gonna somebody gloved elements and say hi i wanna do ten minutes you cool with that if they say i can't please on then way in a lot of us have a real problem whether we don't like it and we don't do it and we haven't done it you know i'm not a big believer in it i think it's not that hard to call you never bump people no i don't think it's hard to call it's not hard to call it
and get on schedule and ijustine i'll try to try figured out and if you do show up and they asked to put you on i don't think that's bumping like other you show up in the club asks you to go on to say yeah shores ok now don't say hey i wanna go on after our era put me up cause that's the thing that like who use light to do now i do not really mexican easter shall i haven't you heard a minute what's his name i can't imagine but that that people like to do it a power to exactly and they like to do it in front of you say they didn't like you they'll go up a funny you i'm going after i rest if you work someone's going to have to you and he didn't like them he going right after you say i'm goin on next and then just go in there just crush for forty minutes and do half your shit but that was a different scenario you know it's a vampire and an artist colony
about my band said that he saw somebody do one of my jokes who are now and they eat said than the guy there it was gonna tv the guy however that storm arose job joke i don't know because he told me he was gonna text you with it i guess you forgot tat is unlikely but i saw a thing kill him prime forgets everything does a party and table a great time it squeezing life like an orange you get the juices out he smoked soon we dumb he does does does anything all things moderation joseph so your xanax thing it puts it you say that began the pact as it puts you like in like a level state is rain downside to the drowsiness drowsiness but the drowsiness prob comes you down makes you like maybe more hilarious i don't we we'll get numbers for the stage i get for i get nervous for just being in the end existential
of being or like we worry about mortality or about death an uneven hip on it in a man i was sure it is stupid joke about we have to have a finite number of bologna left right and have that we will have enough to that shoot alone and i was thinking the sky sab interesting i won't i wonder how many loads outlived well it's matter of how much your body needs i would imagine if you spit in a bucket your body would be forced to produce more spic is constantly spitting you know like of use i did ok today is april whatever the fuck it has seen two thousand sixteen ex thirty years i'm trying to see how much spit i can do and my spare time somebody get a vat went to dig a hole in the back yard and have some go ass makers make this gigantic vat
lift up let us spit in every everyday i'll try to fill that glass out before i die i imagine you like it and a good answer ready you if you did that if you are doing a thing like that like the lid of a fuckin hot tub you lifted up theirs i got seven foot deep vat made out a glass and you just chuck and movies in their clothes out every day how much spit would actually it was created in preventive aberrations you would probably create life probably some new fuck an organism grow out i think kill your fuckin neighbours gel who cleans up a bit would spit that's appreciate that hitherto classier love yes but i would say come you could do with come too but you wouldn't be a measure is hopefully a common in somebody or in the back of her head a sordid scraped off and weighed exactly but if you spit into a vat you'd have like a patrol of the vat you have nice
seal airtight see also it's not gonna vibrate i'm saying do close down i'm getting hungry yeah yeah how come would be lost in their hair alone would never get an accurate measurement you would have to like a just for hair i gotta how much come to join up scrape off why tat about half an hour supplies into another quarter and that hair ok he left it would put an asterisk next year how much come to become today so deeply have that thing how many times left in life even when i was a kid i remember be enforced his own look in the mirror and god i can't believe i'm gonna die some damn so fucking cute i never conversational how my stepped out windows seven and was right when
i lost my religion i lost my religion or seven wow i went to see age reason catholic school catholic school did man i just realized was bullshit and my parents were cut my stepped out was a hippie my parents are becoming hippies and my mom was becoming hippy hanging out must have dead but when i asked him a simple if in others no heavens no god what happens you when you die is probably nothin prizes you shall hear anymore i start cry i start crying number and other so scared of the sea is a natural instinct dont want and we all have it and it's some part of the the management of life is trying to decide which way you allow your brain to go not just today but forever for as long as your conscious
there's got be certain roads you don't go down and if you if you do you have to be able to look at those subjects would have those roads are rationally because of you just want a freak out sit here and freak out about death you knock it in this moment which you have you are alive me right now we are all everyone listening to this is alive and that this is all you ve got the azores you ve got right now so what we wanted to go to be over it does it literally does not matter for this moment right now smaller moment right now is hard to do began enjoy this end gonna go away one day but you do to dwell on that just leave it ology hat and enjoy this is what a shame it would be if this whole thing was temporary and the all time you could enjoy cause you were worried when was gonna end and there are so many cool
specks of it and so many fun things a dude weird things to see and cool people to me and fun food to try and books to read movies to work places the visit i didn't do it you didn't do it cause your paralysed by the fear of this thing that you're not even experiencing to the fullest ending and also by the seeking in the reward at the end like as if this time is rewarded itself in this time as mean that so that it takes a long can timed cement that in my stupid ed and that's why you know when you say like you see me haven't fund i am having fun more fun now don't stand up we have in my life i haven't seen it was fine man it's fun thing you know it's and when i approach it like that it's been more rewarding i think my my act is better it's all it's system and so many of us
so many of us when you do that one bit the glow yet you are so into itself funny but spooky but so many levels it gets me that's why ass you less libya done a perceptual yet you know that's gonna be the next one reality only a closer though i cannot have our right now but i might be doing it in june trying to figure out what i'm gonna do my special more it all out right now dom herrera its herrera i'm gonna do i netflix measure one within the next three or four months should do open them sake dominated you're funny sit on the sidelines as a spectator they should do my man when was the last time you had some one cannot see like that at all
when he doing a headliner send down entail or anywhere near hulk colony magical oh and then in june on the netflix she become woodsia fog forget do no one in june on the positive i should know that you should know your fuckin dates dama luckily you're on the internet the first week amid the kilkenny the second week i'm at work second we certainly will bragger attempt in the eleventh so you'll be in vegas that will make us than the next week is pretty sure that's it the other issue that of the weak and before the july fourth i think i might be home or that might be a you see why fight that's it you're ok there's your schedule lad here yeah yeah the july six through twelve las vegas brad garrets common club
june rather six through twelve and then right after that must be kind of magical your company firstly whether the magic clubs let in there the funding to see perth australia and andorra beach floored too big chunk of the earth yeah that's a big swath you cutting a path through this great land of our yes yard which looks giving ah mainly care so when i was a fool around this out as i said it so much fun last night with the girls the store oh yeah they were the greatest staff the girls the boys to us not be gender specific dialogue was particularly with the girls jason may well yeah she's great and others wait staff is great everybody's great management stout create emily's great but people worth urges great so great place it's got a great vibe doubts are almost completely different universe it is completely different it's like it was
this happiness there now it was i use and someone came along and gave it medicine and now thought sick anymore now to urging exists totally different it was on the ropes for three years is not as they go is gonna stay open but when i came back when i watch our do especial which i if you watch the podcast with arms in you notice that almost cried like a bitch you correct leveller now i almost cried because talking about me come back to the store and in our goes again our has been my friend since he was a doormat you know your buddies when he was an amateur move just start now and so for me to work be on a high etas restore i was i wouldn't didn't before after seven years the one on the mountain the main motivating factor was two things one that on adam eeg it it came came to see me at the improv and talked me and told me
it now and i knew out i'm from my vienna kleenex that was big there was big but the biggest one was there are he was doing a special there at the snow hey no whales miss out will you let me tell you to come back yeah because i said do you remember exactly the conversation i said joe that past is over were you would get a bunch of punch your friends are over there and we lobby to come back it was like they're gonna because they better on the wrong horse and that hope with their animals to so many crazy things go on about that place like a guy wasn't it before i was out of his mind this has nothing to do with the past why i was so great that you came back the out now everybody loves you there everybody we have so it's fine could you u dont separate yourself from them in a like a guilty we're talking about people's attitudes and it just such an it so
on the heavy back there like i know they're gonna see once or twice a week there you know before europe places that are employed driver to right out ice house i hear you brother i feel the same women a mapping amount be better why do i say to my alarm not weaken their soon i like to a fireplace autumn this is greatest time ever for comedy this the greatest spot to if i didn't live now i want to be here but i really would like this summer good comedy i hear a lot of good writing goin on its head at vienna its competitive in its also but health in order to support it we more than was twenty years ago we first came here i owe you were here before me but when i first came here and ninety four it was fuckin real shitty wasn't supportive now everybody was out for themselves it was like tainted also by this is this i have this theory and i'm a freak sure this there's some validity to it i think that this
and up comedy of the 80s and the 90s that we knew of this light was also tainted by the television business because everybody was trying to get a tv deal yeah so the guys who came out here everybody was trying to do showcase sets for executives and for writers and they were trying to get like us a set together so they get cash in like roseanne get their cells that fat seinfeld money or then brett butler money get that long that would be the start of a sitcom that was the goal curse and so we we had this like sort of actors thing going on in comedy and it was weird was weird for long time but when the sitcom are dry not because of the reality shows a lotta comics got resentful because like even mary resentful with me because my show in his mind was taking up a slot that could have been filled by comics there were working as writers
but my point was i put you up at the cottage millionaires writers no sphere factor of river but my point was economics is writers are still not even doing stand up it's not take anything away from the art of stand up is this a slot on television ultimately though shows all the brutal and weird in the way that they just sort of decimated the sitcom landscape a lot of unlikeness night near this may said comes there used to be in our own damn sitcoms aware when nobody well below a lot of fuckin reality shows a lot of weirdness in these but would that forced everyone do was to go online and then stand up right now is just about stand up again like the goal was now not to get sitcom which is still awesome if you like some alike delier the goal is instead get netflix specials like segura cigarettes
has no tv to speak of any selling out began theatres he's killin it and it just from netflix specials so the whole thing change from his podcast other people's podcast we get to know him and then from netflix specials the whole thing changed so that's the goal now so i think the level of comedies really high now because everybody's like in the comedy again there's a lot of guys it or in doing it for the sake of doing it just the fun of going out there and put not alive show somebody s bay the glorious to do some months ago because i love it and i'm trying to improve it approves george herbert chagrin improve basically eurasian i don't know what i'm gonna try like a fucking give up and
well you know i now do this bit that i did twenty years ago it'll be due to them yeah yeah well that's why you rightly said in our older guy you're disturbed at your comment and i think that i think that applies to everything life he now i've got a guy who is an old car designers resting on our laurels or a guy's an old author was running shitty books in resting on the book did he wrote twenty thirty years ago exactly as interesting now you there's no reason to not produce and be creative there's no reason to he could still do it and you'll feel better if you do there was a guy you know i'm feeling but really what is known numbskull don't leave zones is crucial that guy a mobile i saw a guy a monopoly over here shame retouched doing
just as your personal blown by yourself up cecil areas work on me arena placing them in may as yours et cetera data to be up there socialism listened beggars your comments on your boat does your calendar there guy mature jumbo jets fuckin shit together what else is there the vaguest things than governors and that's all down the road brokerage lisa let people know tell what's a guy's name come out they get you shit together you fuck it's me too not getting to hamper things i got an email and let you know the twitter thing helps a lot more are not amazed facebook great it's ramsgate and i never been on facebook never never i haven't i hired to girls to help me with this dick picks everybody here we're whose there was a first idea with me smile is you're sure the deck brick
now our dick picture product polaroid my cave walls probably trace the outline of their and threw rocks at women go look look i bet tactics have been around his lungs cameras where or how long losing a camera existed before the first due to the picture was deck with it how long a week i learned the first it i bet the first dick pick was really again when they answer the eye on asleep believed that if cameras or in if they don't have to be operated by more than one person at the time the created i wouldn't give it more than a month fourg i took a picture of his dick from the making of the very first camera to taking a photo of his dick i would say one month because other how are you gonna get you dig you have to use a mere those meares back down like looking into a pond you barely see wheelers like you'll get you reflection in the car me like a car window it's a nice thoughts getting hungry now two thousand five year old a rod
two thousand five hundred year old erotic graffiti found an unlikely setting on the age aegean island well what's erotic about it that's a dick the gaza where decked out and scarlet agent thrones balls irony is good it is to take a little squares in his dick looks at his balls of a grenade who says today all over what's archaeology it all i know shit keenness art they don't know shit that in a dick if that's a dick or dick's evolved imagine we found out the dicks used to look different if changed then change shape i could find like a petrol frozen deck from like a million years ago my oh my god what was exit it looked like a million years ago will look foreheads changed right neanderthals how those giant ass fuckin foreheads duluth like like a forum was grown off the top your browser
right is bigger than the earth on their faces were different their build were different wars addicts we're different though you could actually eat with it put your heads yeah exactly push food in the amount of work that was china an elephant eat bamboo once an elephant its conduct interesting to see like you know i don't think i realize entire sign off and edith zoo how much dexterity they have in that trunk but he's step in on this bamboo and just tearing the leaves off like really like unbelievably powerful just rips them off with no effort at all bundles it up and then it was stuff in it in his mouth and eyes why the whole thing play out oh wow what an interesting body part that trunks yeah one other animal can feed itself with his nose rap knows around leaves hold branches doubt its feet and pull the gist
trip the leaves are role it up in a ball with its nose arctic and do it now i can't do it anymore to think of an answer to his question were me about look jewish where workman what is it about me that makes you makes me look jewish i love that three of your talk to him about his religious past when he was young boy he lived in israel and he spat alot young man i should say he spent like twelve hours a day reading like ancient you wish religious relax yeah he was he was like a hurry religious programme here seriously like a dedicated jus like to learning judy jude is a glaring hebrew ike seriously dedicated somewhere along lines as well complement what the fuck am i doing funny shit that's interesting is it likely that they so politics make strange bedfellows will sort of comedy like when what in a world with you in here
enjoy joey be friends there we have to work together yea and afterward its wooden collide in another cases go unless we will all have the same hobby you know me out see i got no people from different worlds to like the world of pool professional pool and pool guys pool players i've known for twenty thirty years but those people world i know those people but other other worlds like you gonna like do something they do i mean i notice really light like a lot in the guise of your generation that night you know it very manly though when i got my first there was a lot of like never she guys who talked about their mother you know like it's actually changes pics come much much more masculine like bur burs very manly yeah yeah but there was goes gothic lenny clark he was real manly always guy manly well let it clark who couldn t like a bouncer and a commission big
and the savage yeah there's a you know i think this is like the doors open the fuckin everybody now there's all sorts of different shape i always tell him i hadn't pod kiss the kid was muslim and i said you know when i started out there were no muslim comedians i can remember one when i started out nineteen eighty though there was nobody i could think of i mean we merwin your kashmir now familiar crazy thing to say yeah that's from one country they you know who killed him perestroika once they approach russia there is the same as here you know what he's been doing sets of the store and he's fucking funny good he's good man he's a good joke rider he writes good jokes he's a likeable guy he's a nice guy and i've i've seen him many times now over the past few months he's a real nice guy you know when he went to brand sensory have occurred area while he hasn't
they're right they do it in a chosen shit and eagles understand up they do like three in the afternoon shows didn't get the bed by six still looks great two guys fuckin healthy looks good they did did you three p m shows up kid you i'll be right by might be right meant bright and might be feed them fundamentally boiled carrots and shed gum all their meals that brandt that places weird as you mean there now now i've been gone second elephant graveyard what some weird like real religious place right lot another isn't branson missouri felicia in all super religious something that is going to serve in the midwest you don't really get too much conservative without religion true it's real but you don't get too much like watch your language watch your behavior dress nice don't say anything and appropriate dont send it in without
agent but you really only get that that that sort of strict gave europe standards when they apply to religion i was telling you about my friend who did the benefit his people or all religious i'll tell you he is after this is over i still want to blow the guy up his famous guy and people are all right really religious he's an athlete and so you know his idea of what is acceptable and not acceptable involves what language use what words used subjects talk about tat almost always comes with religion there you know to be like real but and down and super our judgment not let allowing anything risque or controversial welcome to brand
then let's have some fun jim stafford show was show me a photo but does it say about the actual place though it i've never seen even pictures of it you can fighting about branson bianca just yet oh charter i love vegas i did you find out where we have to do some now comes you only afraid of something let me know what are you when you doing gigs from their in august with earlier factory in june i told you at the bread cared ok what do you ever frightened you now we'll figure it out with a good one and then we'll do it together the great refund right to get together and fighting and come to the vital necessity dominic yeah there's some fun times behind their great restaurants do my best what they did they want the best
smart you get derive the where the airports he's fucking biggest gordon ramsay posters these are the chefs i the emerald and was famous guys i've seen on anthea bourdain challenge shit toss a man you can't get a bad stake there major seen also stakes are off the charter when i used when i started their six or with the common stir it was dollar ninety nine stakes ninety nine cent breakfasts it was all like shit food for people who just gambled then it's completely change steep win had a lot to do with it i think he's a visionary there's a bunch of those guys that have done a great job that on the whole area group like that cosmic power to re write the end and then the m gm has a fantastic state place
ravished days i had i had a really expensive one just to see how much better it with a two hundred sixty will be beef where they why you need massaged the coward steer however given that they are in dire given bear beer crazy stood tissue though what does a gem placed on the site sound show they have always religious shows there will be the biggest places bringing the bible to life is one of the big shows branson bunch shitty actors where's your modish now share noah's ark ceremony i think i need to go that i need to go down on acid toby awesome to take upon brownie they get just
crippling scared high and then go to see this pretty amazing we need it fill never vice oh oh my god chain psmith i just found something we can do yeah go to branson and we'll have a guy charter converters i thought about going into one of those how hollywood boulevard let them to see what they did the dynamic knowledge at the edges did my eye all the time and i walked down there to take your take a fires walk in one time into suited to my gabriel you think that kashmir fatima on onest year the price risk and then they fuck you if they find the mike they do dude which is in my view that we might lose you two scientology then you might become a more and you come in here when we talk about tom cruise you send a text to these people and they get man attackers sorry that and they move tom cruise some secret hideaway did you hear about this
this is a recent thing he moved into el run hubbard mansion in england he's like fixing it up i'll run we had an estate from which he prepared for the citizens to come here from far away galaxies to reclaim their frozen souls that melted in the volcano or whatever the part of the story is a shitty ass writer you this pull up the others the title of this so a sprawling english estate fit for a king of hollywood time crews set to pull up stakes and move to saint hill manner former home a founder l run hubbard at of scientology uk headquarters who out of anybody who has kept it together in the face of being a part of a fucking wacko do call like tom cruise the fuckin guy never answers the question about it doesn't he talked about it
usually over the years in every time it's been a mistake but if you just keeps its fuckin mouth shut and acts he axes little golf and he looks amazing is a good act he looks amazing isn't fifties look these thirty years old he looks amazing and he's a great actor that fuckin what is it tomorrow movie either making an edge of tomorrow that was always called that is a very good science fiction movie in his excellent in it he's fine good bad it's amazing if if he wasn't in a wacky called if you just regular guy would even bigger i mean was he bigger before how what's bigger why no he there was a drop off after that whole glib thing member when accusing brook shields of being like of making a big mistake by taking cited the psycho tropic drugs for depression member them to make that come come back number thunder gather wait there what had been so yeah
the comeback well it was because he really fucked up he got anti he would matt lauer and he did this really weird interview man where he talked about like the importance of not taking drugs to treat depression and it was falcons range man it was really strange is like mad mad you're being glib why did i was lake but he was it was it was oh awkward and goofy because you realize like oh you don't even know how crazy you are like your car instantly surrounded by agents other actors managers and people you love and people love you so when you sit in their talkin to a guy like matt lauer in europe explaining why brook shield shouldn't take medicine dick to treat her depression because you believe that a frozen was dropped into a volcano by a fuckin god of thunder from some universe their share
black assemble or something i mean what our ratify them when he caught him live he want to take tom cruise in a wrestling match when actor call them glib commodity gets arm wrestling is really i think i saw roughly a wrestling match those is he wanted to wrestle it told that any colony said i gazed up these engaged of them while you are wrestler guy i should talk you dominate the call me glib would you my group dick the moment he thought can i take him in a wrestling match could i tackle him on the set what do you imagine a dumb you have to be a guy cause you got and your reactions you want attack him that you i was thinking i take him can i take him male posturing dom very dangerous i can imagine doing it
matt lauer old love matt largest tack on some challenges grounded loved see that matt large passes guard moved for mount starts drop in elbows on people i don't think it is guy stuffing i worked with him a lot of times means we're going fillies rina newsgirl billy or maybe a tough guy but i mean i just don't think of me as a gateway assault someone for calling on glib comic dumb fuck a glistening dumb fuck you don't know shit about medicine i'm a scientologist okay dude i know fuck these signs cycle suggests scientists say intelligence all you need god damn it broke shields pork crews but it's amazing that he is stayed relevant mean there was that drop off after that but then his talent pull them through again he did a bunch of good movies maybe it's because it s is on stunts say just a crazy mother fucker people like i'm deftly does me does motorcycle stunts doesn't dangerous shift their land thing
mission impossible movie start a lot of stuff he does a lot of stuff is a bad mother fucker man crazy shit but he's a bad mother fucker you can be both when he was he started and taps ethical was to remove the out what he's been bunch of movies man he was in that movie with thumb ralph macho was that fuckin movie with her all aggressors and shit outsiders the outsiders whose great and that he was always great fucking great actor is greater but damn telling you that age of tomorrow movie is bad ass as well the best science fiction moves us in a long time and i think a lot of siphoning geeks might have ignore it a little bit because a tom cruise movie could i think if it was just like some really respected guy that like maybe we didn't know about maybe we would be appreciated more i really believe that i think that like sometimes
i like that almost hurts a movie that's that good you expect him in like a blockbuster like a mission impossible when as action movies totally makes sense but he's oh god damn good in this movie i think people given the credit that he deserves its good movie into those kind of movies like i love a good siphoned movie that's that's a great one toilet siphoned movies of the last few decades we say so jimmy yet there that there get ready to start to make another ones the working iron maybe they need in this early and move for a bit of humor joseph for folks so when you go in the city australia and what's the tour again third the dunes leah i think of those in the opera house one night he's doin sidney in perth and i know i have a gig at newcastle in the daytime i'm bar gig which should be for another solaris yeah honours ninety ever show somewhere else that night i don't know so can't do it in the data they have made
as you will have seen yet so many days you over there for three weeks service so silly joe take firm at any time i've always loved you illimitable our folks that's it safe for the week we'll be back next week with ben hoffman do whose now the country music singer in nashville santa carla forgive you hear me here on my late his actors areas was wheeler walkers at his characters name have any i didn't even know about you didn't know about that you were going to find out from its fucking hilarious tea ready i can either babe i beseech you hate fuckers thank you so much tunisia podcast how because enjoyed it appreciate you all very very much has always cool runnings people to say to podcast fans on i'm very happy you guys enjoy it i enjoy too and i feel just as lucky as anybody who enjoys it cuz i mean
now just as lackeys anybody who enjoys a very fortunate to be able to do this it really do and i always like to say that i would like to express gratitude thank you all i really appreciate to an end i m glad you like it it's one thing to do and it's fun to be able to do things with guys like dahmer air great friends we hang out she the shit in that you guys enjoy it and thanks their sponsors thankfully hoops must it faces zip recruiter but zip recruited dot com slash rogan and you can try zip recruited for free that zip recruiter dot com ford slash rogan thanks also to drive with goober gonna drive with goober dot com and sign up he fucks that's drive with over calm go there extra money in your spirit set your on schedule and ill at a drive with mover dot com were also brought to buy teen go to rogan dot ting dot com save
twenty five bucks off of any service or device and thank you also always to honour dot com au and and i t use the code broken and save ten percent off any and all supplements now next we been hoffman gonna be here dan our back from the black keys can be here oh shit and and more and for twenty show next week in seattle on foot before twenty shows times my friends so see you guys soon thanks so much for everything i wouldn't say that can save by by big kiss much love seeming seemingly robotic although i mean it you want to give you why but i love you i love you
finally ways do that's where our i see soon
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