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#787 - Eddie Huang

2016-04-19 | 🔗
Eddie Huang is a restaurateur, food personality, sandwich hack, and former lawyer. Check out his new show "Huang's World" on VICELAND, and his new book "Double Cup Love" releasing on May 31, 2016.
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other than that use the code word rogan and you can save ten percent off any and all supplements boom my guest is anyone you might know eddie from his by show fresh off the boat the two a vision show that was on abc was an abc things abc for while fresh off the boat he's an author he's a chef he's an all around coup mother fucker and are always love talking this did always love it so please welcome anyone experience yes that's it we're alive we life that's life with a baby how do i do see a brother as a very colorful got a lot going out that shirt for heating fishermen's outfit yeah zone it is it's it's old nordic assured i found out
it's a shirt that has pictures of rain gear hang up on hooks year binoculars routes in nets in very very powerful shirt nautical theme yards like a nautical shed theme year where you put your nautical gear ice fishing at de fish i did in orlando used official lot yeah yeah i wasn't my i couldn't do it couldn't party for copyright and get tested scientist one fishing after school instead of parting and supporting while you didn't ask for just did you know like your probation officer shore your career beer whatever was do what would you do to get your probation officer i had like i think we talked about this before had like an assault like my second your college what in the sole charge but i was i tell myself science and assault self defense defence were planned out but i'm not me
somebody just a former maker i couldn't go party but he would come pick me up and we just go fishing on the lakes and shit so orlando's got really good bass fishing yeah now really does allow lovers i'm way in a best fishing like really like larger mouth airlock mouth i do the rubber worms are like the frog lily pad spinner bates although jazz crank bade year little repellor little man gee mine was the watermelon seed worms about off the author what did you do that did you ever gale i want those boats does or bass boats of flat bottoms move around the little trolling motor yet so what we did was i had a canoe had a canoe into crib but then on the other late we saw this on on board border that the duty just left on his dogs for one night we were we were younger with my high school were restored is due to mona polemic anew we were cruising with the fucking the on board
motor on my canoe how did you installed on a canoe because a canoe as appointing an as opposed to a flat and i don't want my boy just figured out i have no idea how you fucking did it doesn't make any sense he rigged it up to put her on the back of the shit because a canoe has two points as appoint an affront to point them out yet how the hell did you get a motorbike their people no idea he called it with her was a day a trolling more illegal real quiet one or was it a big heavy it was the quietly one you can run right little trolling little thing here yeah yeah yeah yeah the idea those as you wanna like almost gonna go against the lack of hide is porn you one way or the other duve along the bank in fresh water you use them actually there probably only use freshwater only cause you could come
pinta lilypads yeah so we'd creeping in those like a drop off on this lake on the butler chain and like around sundown deficiencies be right day we get the drop off karen i love vision so get on it some southern primal about at the sultan primal bow like when you catch something you see it like when you really think i wanna go hunting alan here and as its coming up his seat in the water hole there it is the only goodness its i think it goes back to like ancient dna or somethin yeast is us yes you can feel that life on a line you know you can feel it but ours a catch are released i used to eat em but then i started feeling backs was goin out every day so just let him go if you really feel bad don't touch her release because we dared to release a lot of them die that's the dirty secret about catch release fishing firstly the kind of creepy because like i went salmon fishing in this routine brought home to me when i went salmon fishing me in the irish fear couple years ago one of two ask up and does one we're like right more get up there
they had turned into catch released because they have a good salmon weird you know we're is site gum they have these sort of package pathways that the salmon have to go through and they set them up so they can attic they can accurate count how many salmon go through at any given time so they can two main how strong the school are that are coming upstream and downstream so we can estimate pre pretty accurate how many salmon are in the river what the populations are how healthy there so the salmon we're there goes where thinks it they got like right before we're going up there poor numbers and i was kind of ironic because the day we got there the numbers were off the folk in charge we got there at like one of the best days for salmon fishing ever but we had a letter margo it was really weird but we were catching a good day we now know it can keep any of em we caught
but try to get to keep that was pretty rare we'll get to any rainbows up there but the salmon were giant but we're catching him all day and released but you release him love oregon margaret i see some sometimes we get worked like deeper than the lemon stuff like that but i felt i thought all right up i'll get him get him out of the live but you right sometimes if they swallowed the beer is they swallow the bed i take it you know rifles in a little while ago while some fishes don't taste goody there's something about large my not delicious fish fucking cat food brow michael cashman salmon's a delicious fish year but a large mild passes like yeah i guess i can do this you saw what a fisherman i'll keep em if if they're the right size or keep or make a freeze on whatever the delicious but freshwater fish menu seven shrouded trout israel good yet that's is brackish water
no most trout a fresh water but there are some brackish water like steel heads i think you're going to the ocean you know is that correct thinks de let's make it into the ocean more the least closer deftly get into brackish water salmon course go back and for he still efficient here gammon of vision different places there's four freshwater lake stake which is nice to have a lot of actual this strike bass which a great it's all fresh water it's it's kind of an artificial lake but right now they're hurtin because this drought that we ve had appear for the last four years like you used to waste to feel fear factor up there and there's a place called to hone ranch is the most shocking there's a place called to hone rancid had this beautiful lake for large rout bass and wasted drop people on fear factor at helicopters in this lake now the lake is lately dry there is nothing in the leg is dead told lee dry completely flat
you see the bottom of it and it was a mass fish die off and they said there was some beautiful huge ten plus pound bass they just died in that lake of no air no water no nothing that's crazy so he tried out see it in the lake it is dead fish everywhere is not well now you can cause all the birds pick them are all gone has been like that for over a year but it is complete dried up lives they no water when a lake dries up is thanksgiving for birds yeah i'm off for a little while can bring man must have diarrhoea they probably do anything now birds can get date a lot of shit i'm indeed allow to shut off my patio drops i threw it out there man seagulls eat anything so why are you like and west coast live in baby a light like it i'm into you know what like fucking sale i'm here i'm i'm way in living out here i'm not into the people as much here i'm still i like new york people doing already alike ally haters
new york i asked you katy i love haters way while our tell an affront new york's got people you do well people in europe want you you do well and allay people's want to work for you and me get up go away go away quite a rather you hate me criticized mean that i know what the work on you know interesting can we not waiting i like criticism management through my mother that's fine so what would like it also like how we would like when you say that a new york has more haters like when you do when you become a success when new york will you felt like i could just much more criticism much more much more scrutiny yet it's never like you'll you did a great job is it your tat was all right man that was all right but let me tell you what you really need to be doing so people actually put you wanna things and would have liked criticism alike feedback i like it when its valentines come from people that art retarded
great that's a problem you to hate not so too must have demonstrated take may well here's the thing you ever left you to comment yeah i thought to them all the time do you funny it's me i would if i live to you to comment on something other than your own videos really hear your rare most vehicles for they watch youtube videos and they enjoy it or they don joy it that's it the walk away they move on with their life you're a rare dude in that case i think for the most part eighty percent of the feedback terrible but every once in a while a lot of our lower thirds on the show like nicknames we use in shit it's like fans in the u two comments level and this is all the vice stuff on a vice stuff on lungs rodya rise so they give me taking me good suggestions and will keep in touch with some of the people i talked to on youtube instagram commoners pre fuckin good now to wild except when they have their accounts blocked
it seems to me that like if you look at ninety percent accounts on instagram when you go their accounts that block yet that is the land of the cowards instagram is the land of the cowards because you can't do that shit like you can't come and on someone else's stuff in most forms as they can go to your stuff and look at you get an answer they they allow you that option and i think that if we take away this taken away should be used to own up to the things you say well here's my feeling if you if you're gonna be private you shouldn't be allowed a comment i give you gonna be i have it on uninstall graham you shouldn't be allowed to just go on other people's pages and shit all over them gags ever red saying we just me nasty fuckin shit that people right on these girls pages about with the girls look i am like always mother fucker look like the hand i go khazar get sea of your faces is like one eighth of a centimeter face and said
gonna their page in its blocked c c on hunger rose like pages of these duties i want to come under treaties and she's like eating with a grandmother did i mean i'm always rude common on the dumplings is something that's what i'm saying my grandmother had a nice dublin especially if the way the worried that the grandma might actually look at the picture with a granddaughter billet veer out there but come on my granddaughter steadily luckily my parents are only on facebook my parents are fucking kill and facebook yeah see facebook is the most transparent you go right to someone's page and you see exactly who they are and it's a different animal now that the answer grams weird in that way some people don't even have a photo you go there instagram pages no photo owns butts all blocked up then they just use it a commoner people's pages and shit on them you tube in israel like i said eighty percent of his terrible but it's always entertaining it's fucked really provocative
sometimes it's not entertain me because i feel it is so much spinning your wheels i like these these people they're like super mega negative on and these things like this you're not getting it knows getting anywhere with this you suggest that people with three guys are bad but joe there's some good fortune this comedians in the comments been dalia deaf take us fucking joel's not all negative deadly not all negative but it's far is like comments i would say like a woman's my other colleagues to get to a good job i like it had to go through miles of shit i would say into i'm comments are probably the best out of all what twitters pretty goddamn good to mean real fortunate in that i would say that more than ninety nine percent of all the inner actions i have with people online through social media are positive more than nine absent is prologue ninety nine point nine it's really good will cause people of mine is probably i think like seventy thirty people love you am i do that put your u upon instagram today people crazier super have you to have you back thank you technologies
they found out your fishermen shirt was rotten to ice worsening gods you wouldn't have shit did the young dive is goin on toast gotta get to the controls are you you're gonna get a guitar rubber i am i gonna do you never had a smoothly this morning what was it i'm a writer there's no sugar is this album butter and spirit lena or were you coffins it about a coffee makarovitch outweigh the ice purely routine powder alman butter fucking day no it's all good one arm and milk was it a member from a store where the gang sugar i don't know i didn't ask see i'm new to this could tell us this game right i was just getting into animal rookie would adding yeah most amr moussa you buy from stores unless you look real careful catabolic vanilla almond milk it's bullshit you might as well be destroying a chocolate shake yeah does their their low like a dog
call me up dude i love arm and milk it's the best man so delicious it's really good for you delicious huh how many grams sugars i don't know old on nineteen i go yeah do you drink it sugar water drinking a glass of fuck it the way that the eight hour glass you now taken eight what are those idiots man aware it is fit i'll tell myself i'm going again she write and eat if we all day and then last night i got it i got drunk and i ended up eating like a bag of chips and smurf dummies so that's not your closest asthmatic mitosis alcohol to alcohol translates directly in sugar in your body i transformed by just like to tell myself did i'm trying body trying to do you just trying to el theory turned loose way i would like to go down a capsize a corner yeah we're gonna utilities be come like a thirty four b yeah no standard capsize i'd like to be in a and a new if i could get like thirty two
i think it help my basketball game because i got the dream oilers now bro you will want to go out on envy deal with the empty deal that that did nba development lee try out you see what you like anybody can anybody could you could try out lessen our work more on our dream of electoral roll i think you got little run our test of use and beneficiaries reams of us we'll go that comes out of travel and video do this do you play about small applauded basketball and watching the next issue i just feel like i could do some things for them dixon so fuckin terrible doubt that year what gives me terribly nicholas marrying me if there are new york they have money that's a giant ass team i mean a lot of bad things you buy with money like carmelo anthony terrible actually he had a good year this year but it just like he eat it's he's not terribly he's a bad fit for this team because he needs to be honoured
winner and unlike he we sign with the next knowing was rebuilding team and he should be should have gone to chicago honest sugar and sugar or we should a traded carmel affably griffin that would help the clippers and would help the next zloty google tyner marilla that not only have to i will move on new so you just trying to be healthier is we are trying to do here and he tried to do i go hoop dreams show do you ever will be for real believe i still play ball i gotta you see allay play you see it but you see and i gotta mosquito high heights on a monday ones they fridays run mosquito heights where's that it's like pasadena i'll drive our monday ones the friday morning scope liberal really a loving wow could i say thirty like last year history i just turn thirty four they last month and last the first years ago i actually got a lot worse it basketball i'll get him exclaimed incrementally better right and as a yacht
i'm getting all this was the first year fell all a guarantee uses cause you're busy thirty force not old enough where your body starts to good do you do if waits yeah do waits i do apply metrics metrics this gonna dac can fuck with euro basketball game back in about we are used to fuck of my poor the big problem that i like to live waits but i also liked play pool and when you left a lot awaits you get sore and when your sword stiff fucks into fine motor skills really fucked with my pool game yet not my jumpers trash right now yeah i think a lot of that has to do with lifting waits could well now for a lot of you when you're sore nike all that that you know like i guess i don't play basketball terrible at it but i would imagine that similar to pool in that you gotta know exactly how much effort to put on the ball exactly you know i know i went to crop up a bird and a throne and of trash can it's weird thing right cause you gotta estimating the drop the arc of that it's you have to have this
fine sense i must send as video to everyone on my squad and you guys you gotta giving a boar more shoot at i'm just missus shadd cause i'm too strong now lived in germany what is what it is the small hours that went to swore to pull him wait you swore food scare him it does five means is this like sort of a point of diminishing returns when it comes to lifting weights and then doing fine motor skill activity here he's a fuck with me drawing to if i lived a lot awaits my hands would get tired like gripping and squeezing things and then when i would draw like my flight motor skills of my hands be off its shoe it does it does affect effects it a lot a team we had this team are called the molly boys so that was my
the molly boys i draw the boy raw molly he here are met hanging out doing molly what about let it created a lot of very positive squad causing us about his argument goody gimme your browser we lose by third is cool there was doing a year now we look like working clouds jerseys halleck molly rewards face on a minute said marilla various please show me i wanna put that show like you gotta for can join the squad joe a man we boys dude i'm in love i think i think i might even have won in the fucking backs even my car darling boys as you which anymore i need to have that you know after the show you gotta give me that photo and i'm gonna put it on instagram status goddamn hilarious yes my boy bernard
and the shit molly boys yes here look at those jerseys oh my god ever happen to her man i do she's been in a couple films i saw her in something in the news recently nah i don't know what happened man that's a weird world she pete that peat broke the eighties movie world is a weird world i'm surprised people sellen press pills haven't put her face on like oppress pillar doubts i like wild anybody out there may compressed posing a battle those face on i know right you would think they'll be the one i think people forgot about her people mama forgot about hove you can sell those who for getting out of here you know what this is for the love of who had given him the friends like you get a my whereas in the trunk easy one left arm i realized what size
new wars swore you might be to tear up on the wall man do aware of the urgent out that will make it its making things that make us only where the gym alike in and so so doing that three times a week you play basketball that's dedication who i think too that alone are that activity that would be a great way to lose weight here my fifth it says i'm doing work rate the film and the scale disagree the food yet their food food whenever you like my job you but you make delicious shit how hard as it when you make delicious shit too non delicious shit that's approach because it's almost like as imagine for a guy like me as a comic what if i was a conflict but the only way to be healthy was shitty jokes cuts kind of like what's going
yeah because you do you describe yourself as sandwich artist yet was ultimately what you are is an ill a subway employee of all time it's well designed jerry jokes now we'll keep moving but you you you make delicious art you know the and then eating styrofoam you know yes my problem also is a make fire i eat it then later on at night even if if i'm not making i will eat anything you ve you put anything from them we eat it so you're a late night too late night is why really do the damage and then the boost to the booze as a problem but i must have been drinking less drink and less just smoking weed you know i think i'm gonna get there what next time you come in here the mule shredded bombshell o wars
each so if you if you just cut out carbs you can still delicious shit that's the beautiful thing about you like trying to get into a cute agenda diet is delicious stakes you can eat you can eat some sweet potato as you can eat like psyche sweet potatoes next time much fibre but just only too much that the whole idea is taken as the sugar is possible and have your body start operating off of fats and what else is good fibre to eat besides sweet potato like what do you do for your cravings that's what's kill me discipline so i do fuck this stuff is the stuff is called not channing's yeah this is these are x x exhaustion is key tones these are all minerals and a minute amino acids and i add these to water and what they do is they put your body to state a key toasters pre rapidly they ve taken
this can put you in qatar myself that that should see that's what i was so somebody was telling me this right dealing if you'd only carbs burn your body creates keaton design and then it starts to eat your fat examples i can i just fucking do a line of fucking key toes though like why can't you just put these fuckers in your body and a start attacking your fat that's what this does yes well what that does is keep those exogenous key tones and key tones is what your body burns often not burning off carbohydrates there's a couple of benefits to it and i am out of scientists and i'm not that smart someone a butcher this but essentially one of them biggest benefits is that when you when you bodies in carbs all time new body feeds off carbs for me at least i would do not have these big peaks and then these crashes like i would eat and then after i ate i was like a bear the got shot tranquilizer diver seals bears a collar and obey me i just would cry
ash hard man hard and then also after i ate about five hours later i'd be fucking starving where my body of processed all the food and then had hit this place like fuck i gotta eat i dont get there anymore i don't get it there to that i gotta eat thing i got can go ten twelve fourteen hours without eating and i'm fine i might be a little hungry but i feel good like i've worked after sixteen hours not eating and be fine i gotta do is go to bed like earlier and early at nine and i work out at noon with nothing nothing in between their time and work out a new and be fine but we sound like the girls and you in high school though i could go sixty hours without eighty love your there is this parliament our bundy's favour flavour natural orange
mamma when you made your orange if you eat an orange it is anything like this dogs throw the fuckin thing in a garbage me said this he had to feed the purpose of congenital if i did the bundy and i made like tang sandwich with the commission expects yeah you don't want to do that but but i do love this stuff i put the stuff in in water and i mix it up and i drink it all the time it's a little sloppy this envelope so sloppy i need to come up with a good sort of a like a funnel to get in there but what i do is i just kind of shake it in slow yeah you're smart man you're doing a little one but i do to make a little hole and i just put that little hole over the water bottle he probably should use an actual glass of water is this is this is it enough water now it's fine it's good i'm just gonna be real strong but i'm just saying if you a glass and it makes a bit of our life
still rogan glass here because i like the idea you drinking in my face here drinking a mug of my face so one how long i've been trying to do this be healthy in before yes it has really worked he's gonna write down that you don't allow yourself to drink at night allow yourself to each chiefly at night if you could just do that you started keeping the crib and then the good thing is it you know what how allay really helps fat people is theirs noble davis see in new york it's like you can just walked down stairs and be fat write anything you want a true and i miss bodega there was a big thing but in a lay there they ve taken the building is away yet new york city yet new york city as a lot of words botz reaches show up oh newark city as restaurants or open twenty four hours a day that are really good guess that's crazy incredible ellie has
few but their super ethnic i can go to tie town get some fuckin entitled a lot safer might just some fucking bad ass type that's open up and allay gear if you wanna take hollywood sensor hollywood if you take hollywood down keep going east there's no that is not orange its arms someone needs to go to jail for lion of cod for how we wouldn't sunset you go out there well take hollywood east of of highland dawn and on the right hand side may do it for five miles is like a whole tie area that you go through like these these these areas words maybe like twenty or thirty ty restaurants in a row down there and that there is one place it's open i'll take it down there man if you wanna go i'm down one place it's open late at night i to go with my body rob rob came in world take box and champion
and he took me down i place after training one night's fantastic in its open like two three o clock in the morning was an aim namely places like some function yeah i've been going to tighten the despots sob coffee shop is good but they're not only for hours there good the thai coffees hilarious could mean just watches shoot sugar in my veins were needle yeah you know like ties t entirely coffee that stuff it's insane they put sugar cane condensed milk yeah like one wasn't enough he adds double sugared up so yummy right when when does the organic tie spot or whatever it's gonna be sugar condensed milk and a government that gonna do a governess both be super batboy yo yo yo why everybody thinks it gathers like it's all that oh man it's got a job is really a gaza is apparently convergent your body just like sugar cane sugar died out if you dont know didn't i
the thought of it could be too great for you too though could it's like the looks like it's made from the same thing they make tequila from sunlight right you're baffling good could be depends on who you were long term bad short term incredible the trade off again depends on the company keep vienna so the stuff exotic whisky towns is the way to go it's good little pick me up in between meals i feel hot hot like sexy yeah real look like any like real here look at her boy over the skinny look yeah coming back
ring about my mind's mainly for basketball man but also have been a human panda fro i'd like to be human red panda their little more athletic and dread vandals see them and trees and shit they climb colored jealous of the fat fuck unpainted stuck to the floor give a trainer ya do really do have been training with this this is to just any good ok yeah he started this jim called lit method pretty good luck i should deal will as i saw metrics ply mattress and then sometimes due weight and then i play ball so that's kind of like the four things they do you're fucked with kettlebells year kettlebells i do the kettlebells wings and showing that and then step also kettlebells right yeah i kettlebells i feel it you gotta get to a level of bluffness for cattle but i do i know you could start with light once yeah yeah the right this is interesting podcast that i've been listened to with skype well tat celine he's like so there
brought kettlebells to america and he's on tim ferris pod gas i want to say number fifty five or one fifty five yeah just found the last line of she told him yes back in this catalogue but throughout the fifteen fifty fifty so i ran his two two podcast in a row and he talks about like the correct way to do kettlebells and create a strength train and one of things that he saying is you should know do more than five repetitions he should like say if you can lift something if you have a hundred pounds you lived a hundred pounds nine times you shouldn't do at nine times you do five do five than put it down don't don't go to failure and the idea is the bodies not designed go to failure the idea that going to failure all the time you think we have this idea nor had not guilty of it more than anybody is that more is better you know furthermore garden and nobody else and that's gonna do it well that's really the right way to do it when it comes to the human body because the
no you're mine can push your body to extreme limits oftentimes get better results by not pushing your by two extreme limits by push your body elegantly allowing you by your body sufficient time to recover and then doing it again and then doing it more often but with less repetitions so this is the thing i i joking around i'll lose with is that it's true i want to do for bass will put the thing i love about working out a basketball it teaches you shit like this right could i think every in the universe has the same principles dear i mean like if your cooking more is not always better right if you're making music more is not always better rather than putting more things into meat you need negative space right things need space time to breathe and then so does the human body and so i agree i don't do like exercises to fail i do them and my train is pretty good like we're going we'll do it eighteen different exercises and we switch each time like sets of three in going increasing
wait you see nudge i'm sure you seen this euro dreams associate maize one things i love about that is the simplicity of this guy's methods mean that the if you haven't in a document now so sceptical my gun now watch your fuckin document about due to make sushi a cupful can hardly to make sushi cut the fish shut the fuck up how hard is horace fuck it up but the the methods of this guy and poison you would think why how hard is it to do what's not necessary it's hard but it deserves a way to do it words but he's figured out i could do you do add this amount of this or that amount as deal you know let it sit for six hours you let it sit for twelve hours and he nailed it and got it down or science but if you did anything more than what he's doing it would actually be less yeah like a nice piece of seared i e for example how art is at the heart of all the fresh pisa he u syrian but god damn when it's done riotous good yet every culture
is its similar you go eat like the original food the traditional food authentic like i want to sicily it just had tuna sicilian red tuna on a griddle the past russian i went to in sicily whose doing tuna on the griddle low he with olive oil and it was just sold and it was the best pieces here too and i ever had while yeah we'll see its we want to people and the pooling of this is the absolute their big on sea right ceaseless usually is incredible and seafood and their various markets do not add much to they just user olive oil the low he seer real nice take your time is incredible why think they'd minimalism in a lot of ways like even in music like sometimes you listen to an acoustic song just a dude in a guitar woman in a guitar and it's the best never heard of that moment i mean if there is one more piece of fishing equipment on the shirt fuckin suck it would be terrible there's just
net syllables just enough fishing equipment on the sure you love assured i do i do it all comes back as our constructive assured tell me about your new vice chairmen when he got going on it's been you know what this has been since i've met you it's been in the works is almost a feel like it's a five your journey and we started this idea we and then we went through it did on the internet you know eight minute clips ten minute clips and we did not for two years in the last few years i haven't had any episodes out because we ve just been grinding and we ve been in the lab aid episodes and it took us eight years and i have to give respect you lotta people look it say other travel shows or twenty bourdain you sure a lot of people pitch things around town in new york all yet this is like the new tony blair data destiny turn wouldn't you know what we got in there
and we made our long travel show it's a similar format and you know thing that tony is doing because he created this format and i have to pay respect its hardest for well we're tony did was he was the first gathered ever had a cooking show that i want to hang out with yes and tunisia when they put a narrative to a cooking show he gave it a narrative in a story in character and so he created this format that a lot of people have like followed in his footsteps but i've always felt like you know when i started we will all noakes tony or whatever and tony was really helpful to me in my career any really supported me but ass i can my purpose in life wasn't to be another version of my dad my dad wanted me to work in a stake house when i was a kid just be like you own this restaurant after me and we're gonna sell stake that's what the to ignore the dead i think that can be the point to my life it can't be just to emulate you and be like you
and when it came to me doing this fight stuff i've been for five years figure now how to get my voice in my story and the things i care about the translator tape and look it may be looked a lot easier than i thought i did but once you get to it and you start to see what really makes these shows great you want to honour it you want a respected he went to work hard so we took two years to make these episodes wow that's a long time now i think do you know when you are trying to create a television show it takes a while for show to find its legs right to figure out what it is worth anything even with a sitcom a talk show you know i mean i was there for the early days the colonel brian show when my bodies while the writers and i got to see them do it and it was i was remember being they're gone why was he to be interesting to see how this works out cause is obviously that on bambi legs are now at all it's like that like a fawn
my thing was i always had the vision and i knew what i wanted to do so that was part one the last few years have been actually doing it and then once you do it the hardest part in this town is convincing other people that they should put it out you know cause other people look at it and there are well it's not like it's not turning now to show what is this anomaly just it's different and that's the point because i didn't want to go make sure that's like anybody else's it may be the same time format and you say forty four minute travel show structure we unstructured reality whatever but our this is a new thing but it took me a long time to get the vision created and then get people to believe in it you know gave you would believe in your shouldest i think the heart that third step is the hardest part but would you need to get them because you do advice right get jane already believes in insane shame is the one that gives me the freedom shane anymore either the ones you let me do it you open if they're not their everyday
studies show runner and as a producer and not only do we focus she must shootin radioactive wolves and her mother fucker he's mass on last night scenes the man and he he always gives me the freedom but it's it's even the people in your crew getting everybody to buy in and believe and why we came back with the footage and these things it gets in a post and then everybody who gets to watch and imposed has an opinion about what this shows should be and i just i fought and fought and fought only so it's finally we're gonna put him out and all aid of a more exactly how i feel about the places i visited in the people we met and my biggest struggle was travel shows they ve silver lot there's a lot of voice over and it's always like these shows a written before people go to these towns in cities and what the peoples they sometimes doesnt matter because the producer i was going has already decided the storing monster tell i go out there and we put the scene
and the thing that made everybody nervous and pre production was as i dont know if these blogging to say i'm going to live with the footage and they know you have to have an idea you have to like them the conversation we need a right voice over and we need to set it up and housing let's just go to these towns meet these people and let them tell us about their lives their cities their identities and accept the footage and i think being honest excepting footage not manipulating the footage with a tone of voice over is the real innovation of our show its verity you see us making the show so it's never like you're not aware were making a show you something is that what the premise of the show i'm exploring and deconstructing identities through what people do you basically like going through their shit but what's intergroup i mean right can read to olive oil you know but i'm going
through these countries and exploring their history identity just do what they eat because what you eat tell you so much about who you are you're quarter your values your politics in history and what has happened to your answer the gorge guph cecily rusty and bore his temple who nan chow no son don't china taiwan or lando whereas mexicali damn you at the war you want to warn us whose grew possibly regrettable if not scary you dial i never would oversell it until you're spoken scurry out there i mean everyone there had a story of somebody in their family being killed or kidnapped or robbed is bad you know it's bad when we went out there i cannot claim that it was hard a rough for us we rode bikes through the city there's a lot of these kids out there doing things china take backwater us so you may look like a bite
ride through your town here is like some hipster weird yuppie thing but in war rather like we even we would just love the right to be yuppies do not have the freedom to be yuppies is how we can even write our bikes without a problem here so we rode bikes with like fifty sixty kids russia's kind of civil disobedience wanna take back the streets by riding through them so is it you want he say they would like to be override bikes like egypt because that drug violence they gotta lotta violence there's a lot of violence people are afraid to go outside and this is one of the symbolic things that the youth out there do is they try to take back to the city and the town by riding through with bikes the butter coffees dot at the end the cheap copies kill me but you are right i mean so what kind of food are obviously mexican food the liquid
food we again wars get the best food i had was outside the night clubs there was this one little taco stand in whereas on the main strip that you know the rolling stones whoever used to go perform at the main venue in war as after the show there was this small taco spot all they do is like l pastor you go over there and that was the best talk whether at what is at stake for el paso was a mean it's the pastor now i don't know i just know you get pineapples in its cruel pork and on a spit men it's incredible my thing is usually tongue i like language ollinger briefed on tacos but that our past or talk with them that while and the rolling stones used together after the shows and stuff like that how i go where they go into war as mexico seventy societies you get an hour s past
they would do the shows in el paso when they cross over and shit like that reeling yeah they do shows in el paso then go to mexico for viewed they also did them i believe i have to go i have to catch myself have to check the tape i can't remember if its they did the chosen or pass on went to war as the party after all did the show and wars and went to the taco stand because they did have a venue next door to this day so i think it some bans did el paso came over some bans did the venue next the tigris bought and went over but it was a combination it's crazy almost as i can remember if they were el paso or wars but there are tons of bans in that triangle going back and forth between the border and people would come across the board at a party and war as it was a thing was no big do you back then that's crazy is that when i was a kid never heard above violence in mexico you should go to mexico to party when you go to acapulco yet you know we're gonna do you wanna pity wanna was is fun i mean it was crazy you know they would
about donkey shows and all the crazy shit you go there and see what it was never like don't go to tee wanna because of drug violence near than all happened during the bush administration if i i went to cancun in like two thousand and two or something like tat for mtv an empty we did a spring thing down there and man it was it was fun it was great and then within seven or eight years nobody would go there i mean within seven or eight years everybody's terrified going to mexico all you heard the news and i'm sure a lot of it was exaggerated and numbered mean if it bleeds italy he's right if the news is going to show you some shit about mexico's not gonna show you albert store mercosur how great it is on the street now the murders of real but then the thing is that we have to remember in all these towns you see these more as you see the gang was theirs real people living through that shit this real people trying to live normal lives and that's why we did this episode on the border town to mexico we want to tee water
mexicali and war as an we tried show the lives of these people are trying to live next to a superpower because joe by the sheer nature and geography of them living on the border next to a superpower of course crime is gonna leak into towns the dirt gonna be done on their side the products can be sent our side and so we tried the capture their lives that's an example one episode of the show while the other problems they're like sort of kent their economies completely connected to united states in a lot of ways whereas like there's plenty of violence in america that we don't even consider light nobody's care to go to chicago which cargo is fucked man there's more gun violence in chicago than almost anywhere in north america chicago's terrible right now it's it's the deafening america it's the most murders in any cities
it gets right up there things chicago in detroit but no one's like oh my god we can go to chicago york is allowing social hug you know let's go to chicago it's no we don't even consider it gets arms outside but in that sort of the same way people have to look at but mexico although i do have titles one story i want this resort recently in may go near porter my order and i was like while this places so pretty like how said that mexico has all this drug violence and honest prows but this is beautiful resort and all these wealthy people people go vacation this resort and they have these little golf cart that they give you the resorted to move around the resort and we took the golf cart like you can go into the city if you like you know you could take the golf cart anyone who wants a girl it's going to city so we go into the city and we went a block from that resort one block and we found a fuckin small military based with armoured vehicle with dude sitting on their on machine guns with steel plates in front of them ready
rock yet a moment's also that's how they keep these wealthy people like protected else like wild as a wake up call right here and that's the thing that like our leaders never do a good job of that violence and the south side of chicago tat should affect all americans but it doesn't and until it affects somebody who doesn't live in this outside and that murder accidently bleeds in the wrong neighbourhood on the north side nobody the cares nobody pays attention and that's why you want to mexico to because there's this border it is a false border like mother nature didn't put a border that we put a fuck up now no god change that borders on the fact that i met the united states in mexico god made it that way god has a player exactly the chosen people exactly and so i just wanted to show like hey man on the other out of this artificial line this is go on and just because they are different color than yours a different country it doesn't mean should care about this is a human problem or people so terrified of open up the boers mexico online people go back
fourth there there's so terrified of the idea but how many mexicans are already over here illegally and doesn't seem to be that much of a problem i mean plenty of natural born americans at a fucking things up just as bad as anybody else and most them can i know are hard working people that are very friendly give you go to sk i wanted things you fine like right away it's how friendly people are ex post nice place incredible place some i never felt threatened or anything and the thing is that the world needs more transparency and mobility write that down that i notice for two years travelling around the globe goin all these places mediterranean sicily where there's a immigration issues is the symbol you know mexico on the borders we need transparency because the pot the leaders of this water drawing lines all around creating divisions that are not there between me and you were jamie or or people in them and mexico that i met
you know and we need to have mobility because it cannot be my dumb locked that i was born in america and then i'm gonna have a better life because my mom pop disquiet here right you know it's like a go around the world and like man if that person is born here they're probably be doing job to me what i'm doing what holding its eroding slowly but not not quick enough now know what what used to be a necessity work we have to keep our tribe away from invading tribes cause we couldn't communicate with them we didn't know their language people came from some there will land to try to take our resources we had a protected they would come over and boats and rape and pillage thus already this anymore so this the necessity of having these borders and an especially in two thousand sixteen having it where it you can't go back and forth again him cross into lands as you have the right papers and he deftly can't work here because you'd be taken our jobs
taken our job still plenty in the world men like naval and in the what the one percent gotta get better sharing to you noticed did these people in the world just sit on piles of shit and is not in the economy while also save why people are the one i gave me this blog that allows as middle east or the chinese to the allotted time people sent on polish shit that's not moving yeah well that's yeah wool stockpiling wealth is weird thing right when people get to this point with it just constantly while if you have a billions and billions of dollars we still involved in constantly trying to accumulate wealth weird i wanted to run this idea by you pleaded i listen ashore i loved ideas you brad i'm convinced and i wish there was a politician that was there was promoting this i think there should be a salary cap on the world sour salary camp because you put it in sports in it works right but think about it do you would you ever need more than five hundred million dollars me yeah
dogs lands do come on a real need islands shit rocket ships and one of the moon you like you can go to the moon for under five hundred men act i guarantee you gantt isn't there that one of the battery boys the land vast low we're gonna go the moon on a big dick come on you're ok you you would mean more than five hundred million i don't know no no not realize now not from the serious but here is how much money will get put back into the market and like would be distributed if you just set at sailor cabot five animal well that would break up so much money interesting but someone who makes more than five undermined ours could take that money and start gigantic business and higher hundreds of millions of people in just because you have fun hundreds you just promote reaganomics broke down economic losses really allow just like god had osborne here in amerika god
so made it so you don't have a sour cap it it's interesting but if you play monopoly and which is that's where what is don't ever is that this money money what's a game is it the gate capitalism in a lot of ways a lot like a game you're trying to accumulate and some people are more dedicated to that game and they try accumulate constantly i mean if i was more dedicated did just doing the things that i do far more dedicated in a capitalist hence i would accumulate more money but my personal belief is that would fuck with me creative because it would take away resources that are used for other things it would fuck with the way i do the podcast if you if you only think about money you can make to certain things you and say the certain ways you wouldn't speak and the ira irony in my business is that would ultimately cost me money because my product would suffer so
i think a lot of ways the game of capitalism itself just to calling it a game you it's very problematic if you have a cap on how much money can me in that name because he's always gonna be these outliers is michael jordan of sport that take things who the fuck end the level and go deep and to make as much money as they possibly can and i don't necessarily think that that's bad i think should have the freedom to be fuckin crazy you should have the freedom if you want to make you and be the gotta makes a hundred billion dollars you should have the freedom to do that but as a human being who makes how much money you also should have an understanding of what kind of an impact you can have on other people with that money from your own personal perspective you can take that money and invested in different communities you can start programs you could you have people scholarships he could do was amazing stuff with that money that you wouldn't be able to do so many put a cap and said go and make five of them
but here is the way i see money right money is something we ve created money is as a man made creation this idea of money is to attach value to things that's what money is so the game is making money money is like an award so it's like if a move director was i guess i make movies to win oscars that's not what the game is should be to make a great film rice be deliver good life and we were warned you along the way because if you do things that are of value to a society we pay you right you know but the game isn't the game is basketball game as football game is movies the game is podcasting or true telling it's not making any and that's where i think human beings in societies lost her way because now it's just about winning the award is not about doing the work where's that money go though here's a problem here is a promise if you say anyone can only make five undermine dossier but all sudden your ball and you hit that sir i can't take ten years slam
yes i see you in every year and you like you know a man i wouldn't made three billion dollars is here but i only me five hundred million because as a fucking cap on this bitch i could have taken their money i could invested in communities i could have started all these these enters fur for young kids and that's how the amount the people i know in you if it s a had finally tamil you couldn't make anyone a bet she'd stood in his pocket a bet you'd still be worked out you'd still be telling jokes eleven on a mountain rant and about the government where's the rest my fuckin money and you'd be taken it but why you do there s the money has a work selling save you made three billion dollars one year but the cap was at five hundred million so they just you off and all the rest that money goes where yeah get your idea son come under way or youth i have looked audiences to warrant we wouldn't be routers appropriate for wealth that i think that you have to
and find a way to distribute it through nonprofits and things like that right land area like red cross we're like eighty percent the money goes to bullshit yells even go to the actual we would have to build a better infrastructure we'll have to build a better infrastructure for social services and public inches and things ain't cause yes the nonprofit sector a lot of the time did super ineffective at remedying the issues that everybody is giving them money for while the problem as it is so much money involved in red tape and bull shed and employees and overhead and all the different operating costs when you look at the actual operating costs involved and charities and you compare to how much money actually goes the charity that you're sending money to is disturbing that makes people feel sad but tat this like i just think that we have to reconfigure are our values and how value things were stuck on this money thing they did human species were stuck on money why think we're stuck a money because while we will not have it
the ultimate thing like somebody like too much of it some people like when you don't have like when i was young and i didn't have any money man i remember the first check that i got i got a big check from disney i got development deal when i was like twenty four and also i didn't have to worry about my built the first home my life i don't have to worry about my bills like my rent taking care of this month i can go out to eat and i'm ever it was like a physical feeling of like a physical feeling a relaxation like now the sudden d the overhead cloud of debt and and worry about my bills had lifted and the sun was shining and i was like and i will never forget that so that feeling was a revelation as far as like how much stress i was under and most people are under on a daily basis so because of that stress what people think bowed his man i gotta make money because that is the way to get away from this fucking stress
how can it becomes this carrot is re ever get to eat yeah money angling carry money gives you freedom and my brother emory idea with the seller cathy's he's a bit of a futurists years ago i read a lot of these things wrong what can i do a lot of our agriculture in the future we can have a lot of our processes that require human beings the clock in clock on punch buttons to like go to robots in the future edward your trial do you trying to get rid of the american film armor ok essays this he says this right and cuba some people want to play the game eddie he's a u you wake up every that you want to write you wanna go do something you wanna be productive he's like some people they just want to live and so after the salary cap after five hundred million what of that money those billionaires and one percent as goes into nineteen a basin
an amount of wealth maybe thirty thousand dollars in a goes to american people who are not making that much money as i hears thirty thousand here's your bill taking care of here's an apartment now you have no excuse you have no excuse go do something you care about go do something you love contribute back to society cause this while the disguise making is going guarantee you baseline amount of living if you really do now the liar if you really do like reading youtube comments really comments and how retarded that ideas because people are fucking lazy in eight people guaranteed money then i'm gonna do shit they gonna jack off into the street they take shits on cars as they pass by they're going to do it they do it anyway penal or no easy to do it in any way but you remove the incentive to work like if you give people do going to create a welfare world but if you have robots right if you have robots doing this stuff right this is my precious thing in our fight for his idea if you have if you have robots it can do agriculture and this is true
there's machines everywhere there doing things the humans used to do in the future we will have machines they can do a lot of the process the hans do entitled sake why continue to penalize people who just aren't they don't have the drive they don't want to do some tantalizing they have to pull their own weight the whole reason why there's an incentive to work is because if you work you think they'll just survive you earn some thing and you get to understand that effort chemical reward now people don't have effort equals reward government is give your war then it becomes hokum only dirty terms and i could barely two thousand will do carry church this morning i should their previous does with they weren't gonna camaro but then do you looking at the worst of the worst you there's a lot of people i owe that once a human nature man if you take people from scratch and give and make them entitled from scratch and just have them programme to think that money comes free and it's coming off did you have a nation of spoiled kids here she displayed
company really here and i think it everything waves are you spoil things do let me ask you going on there wasn't anything motivational do you think you could change people generally could change we ve given thirty thousand dollars you can make em lazy you can people lazy and they didn't earn that money the you can't just give people money for no reason that doesn't help people contributes they don't make a better society i just wanted to make our lays lie people shelter clothing food health service i just want to send a herd our wolves in the streets i want to make it harder i want into that i want people to get into the hands of live in the woods for a month after the year i've just work some people were man there's these people who work super hard and we can't pam enough it's not in the budget does not the opportunity and unlike man i wish i could do more for this got then there's one when you mean like what people this is a very you tears guys that work on the show would make disguise and girls that work on the show a piece things like that how like man you know what i wish we could pay
more could i think you're doing great work but the economics of this object in this show this is what it is then people who ve i've i've worked with on other shows what they just don't shoot what little short they don't work hard there just clock in clock enough and they don't care but then that whenever change that and i will never i will never change nothing i they might but they would have to have some sort of a life affirming experience something would have to happen and near death experience are losing a loved one a psychedelic drug experience but somehow my youngest fights my biggest my biggest failures in life too is me trying to inspire or give motivation is someone who just does not care yeah you can't do that that's if you give people because now here that we can get a majority to go away go your problem but the people need into jerk off somewhere bad they need an incentive they need they need something to get them to work in and in doing that you create people it understood value hard work and discipline and it's not just about making money
it's all about understanding yourself and knowing that you can accomplish things and not just accomplish things from a financial standpoint but accomplish things as far as like going on a die and taken care of your health pursuing and athletic goal pursue creative goal affect finishing a book or writing manuscript her what there's there's a lot of things that people won't do if you just give the money i agree i've i've met a lot of crappy entitled people who did they don't given effort because you don't have to there are a lot of those people but then i meet a lot of people who they just don't have the baseline needs and as a part of you that's like man i wish i could guarantee baseline needs for these people could even if they wanted to work that is enough you need a web unit baseline needs in this country if what you look like the amount of people in this country where have baseline need issues and how much money they earn as opposed to the world you know so this crazy statistic that have quoted before if you make more thirty four
thousand hours a year you are in the one percent of the world the world yet the planet earth but living in america you make thirty thousand hours there some people men like they can't even pay parking tickets and they end up in jail and they have jobs and they work and its focus parking tickets kill you in jail you really get is there's a few cases not not if you there's tons of cases were you don't pay a parking tickets they pull you over again late parking tickets still end put putting you in jail like there the case i think it was in i think there was a couple case in ferguson missouri the people talk about last year with with a woman a couple people who did not have the money to pay their parking tickets are trafficked violations and that over time you can pay you end up in jail well cycle that's kind of crazy then under this deadly not look at all jamie useless not but they can definitely i mean dare devil do better than but people in jail for not parking hundreds of fuckin ridiculous crazy while i mean if if there's a guy
elation as far as like some parking in front of a fire hydrant or shut my that that makes sense to me or pardon the garbage i've way like that can shed but the idea that charging painful but the idea that charging people park in the streets fucking gross anyway the of a meter and have to put money in meter cycle part my car apple fuck you know these are people streets were paying for their taxes by the way this this is a public street idea that you're gonna just steel money from people because they have to park somewhere yeah its gross and none without you have this fuckin asshole on a bus or there's little scooter thing they go round and gives tickets then march your tyre would chalk to make sure that you know you ve not been partner northern ninety minutes give a ticket for that to this all grossman allocates gross either next summer come on india have more fully fleshed out sailor cap idea what i'm telling you like i've been thinking about this thing about like over that's not going to do it i mean there's
gotta be ways that are better than that in the big way is my feeling if we discuss this before but my feeling that this country has a lot of places where you like baltimore had michael would on on the pod cast before he's a former police officer from baltimore who talked about how crazy it is there and how they would find when he was a cop they found this manifest from like the nineteen seventies it was a directive of like how to engage in different areas and where the crime is in with a drug violence is and where the break your he's like this was the same shit we were dealing with in the two thousands is the same areas the same problems the same exact like this is the drugs are this is where the crime is it was a scene things like no one fixed it and when you're stuck that kind of a cycle us that is where the guy we should be sending money order which setting one of these countries sending money
i've ghana stan and i ran and trying to rebuild nations have a rebuild this fuckin nation have all these problems that we have if we want this country to be stronger the best way to make a strong country is to have less losers now when you get a shitty hand if you have to ones but you have four aces what the fuck man gun one it what we had to figure out a way we have to figure a way to make the hands of people are dealt with in life far you're to move with and there's a lot of you no doubt a fuckin terrible shitty hand and we just turn a blind eye towards these terrible impoverished communicator fuckin filled with crime and these children grow up there by the time they had to be seventeen eighteen they ve seen so much shit and the programme programming in their mine is so so disturbing because everything that they ve been valve with everything they ve seen as they seem love ones incarcerated they seem people get shot they ve seen crime they ve seen a lack of hope they ve seen these brutality they seen all these terrible things that is what we need
up in the gas you not ski people from making tons of money but the thing is if i take the seller capting where my idea is this is i want to guarantee a baseline of living for people in america so it's like dirt but i have to work that see indeed moment of someone who doesn't let us someone just once said their food move i know a lot of people that want to work and i can't get jobs will thus indifferent stored also if you're born in some of those communities the key word you said a whole lot of kids don't have hope i remember kid that are used to hustle with the good guy hustle yet we wish we sold shit outside hate shop whatever right we'd also we whatever it's not a big deal whatever weeds annex so right and then he also like a night manager at target right using my energy targets kind of wasting away he was lignite in twenty years old incredible basketball player one of the best a u basketball players i've seen and
he got offers to play some do cause and things like that and i remember one day we went up the harlem to get to work come back down the changes i fear you should sign up you should go to that you call you shouldn't rule at right now it's july there's still time you unroll now you could be in there for the forced master you could play ball you nineteen years old do this man and i remember we just pass to stop any site naw man it'll never happen i'm like why and he's like you don't get it eddie like the way you are your parents like they ve taught you have a chance to have a chance he's like i've been told my another chance you know i live on my grandmother and other he's right or not i disagree with him he does have a chance but he had psychologically been broken had no hope and did not believe he could do anything and when i saw them it fundamentally change me go like ma i'm privileged i'm privilege because my parents maybe they beat
about me maybe they were horn on me but i never i never didn't feel like i had a chance if i walked around there's a lot of people in this room for twenty years they ve lived in america there even if i worked hard even i see my parents were heart we never got opportune weapon there are those appears i fired for theirs thousands and thousands of thousands of stories are of people grip and similar environments didn't have that mindset that even though they were hold it in have any hope they said i'll show you and now and they went out and made made this should happen and they became rich and successful that i could have been that he chose to feel sorry for himself were telling him some good things you're giving him some good advice he didn't want to listen who do you want to listen and he was telling use consciously aware that he had been programme to think there was no hope if that's what he was too when you that's on him man and there's always gonna be then that is an example for you because the people there on this weird fuckin ray that we're all in or this weird expiring we're on when they when they fail if you can help them release you can learn from them
go and we can look along the way a different people have done terrible things and we could they will what they did was awful and they should be punished and that is almost definitely true but also we can learn that this could open to anybody who is in the wrong sir stances at the wrong mindset and chooses the wrong actions these these things are important these are these important not just for the person that's involved in that situation but for everyone else observing because we learn from each other we don't just learned by experience we learn from other people's experiences and it's very very important that way because we can experience other people's lives destroyed through sheer communication as one of those beautiful things about social media we can all share much more information than has ever been possible before and through that you can learn hey you know who else was told that he would never amount to be shit j z you know you know where i grew up in a shitty neighborhood you know this fuckin basketball player or that mme fighter or this stand up comedian or that artist
a million examples of people will turn will told the neck maybe shit yeah but you and i sure do in some of the guys you mentioned their exceptional dude my eye i agree with everyone you set your saying everything my parents ever said to me and i listen and a fuckin did the worm ipad told me i'll get a job that that's my parents did they told me i wasn't funny they told me things dangerously told me all the wrong thing in my life so that by the way a few months ago that i should still open a law firm she's a year which are doing is funny it's cool it's ok but you should do something solid that you can count on that's how larry s my mom still do not have the voyagers they die of being tired and just unhappy
misery exhausted and they don't get coke and hookers and shoot themselves can i go to the bath jeff i cannot go the bathroom time just something is hit the internet that i only need to show you i guess it may or may not be legit decider tar young thanks the cheese catches later car macgregor strawn you think so fuck you know a lot of people have been hitting me up to me to show you in tat no one knows what he's tight decide to retire young which means leg thirty four eventually reach today listen man alas he got fuckin head kick today and knocked into bolivia and the idea that he's gonna go out on a loss like that next year's look he's got plenty cash if he wanted retire young and step away i mean i guarantee you he probably made somewhere in the neighbourhood of five million bucks for the josie elder fight he probably made more than that for the name ideas fight
i would imagine after he spent a fuck load of various problems so that a few million bucks land around he's a hero in ireland he get over make money can always run a jam and be fine but if i had a gas doesn't make any sense the only reason why would make sense the only reason why would make sense is connor had actually thought about retiring from mme before he got the call for the usa there was a time where he had some friends were experiencing some serious health issues from fighting and then most recently that young man and from the portuguese guide died in an mme contests which i think took place in the uk was an hour now were involved related in some way to one of those guys just died too didn't you know i'm retrain with them i think he trained with the portuguese gathered just died
it is entirely possible in that sense but if i had to guess there's no way he do it like this that it also was talking with someone as scorn on this might not doesn't even seem like how usually talks on twitter sort of like a mighty could have gotten hacked maybe but we don't know and really knows what's going on if that's it that's if we get hacked and that's it that's all you gotta do as a middle aged and yet no one else is really commented i will call bullshit but you never know i just highly doubt it stay tuned folks i think is trolling if i had to guess i'd say trolling fucking around people if he decided i rama retire young and then like i said like one day or two days later which means around thirty four like twenty eight now we smarty will retire young just there's some due to stay
in that way too long and winding with rattled domes gotta get out i feel i feel slim from this could genetics already do feel better felt good checked out check out the cabin the bathrooms color ass like a party colleague now would you tried the other target wait you try and get to a body fat number job and i want to get too like fifteen sixteen percent body fat guy twenty two right now twenty two twenty three twenty five lofty goals of reasonable goes reasonable cause i'm not gonna be like shredded shit when there are no i kind of like been dancing beer do you like it it or is it like nineteen old friend those like you don't understand is no hope for me now it shredded i didn't the urgent need to be a little bit better basketball that's it that's it i wanna be readily so i gave you a pill say eddie i have a pill right now with no health consequences whatsoever i give
this pill and you will be fucking lebron james shredded now i think part of identities being slightly chubby part of right and i'm just become more chubby like i'm beyond i'm pre diabetic so i need a just war some sometimes some years or some goddamn pray diabetic pre diabetic though still eaten candy at nine eighteen months ago i went to the doktor and they were like you're in the pre diabetics and then i got out of it which was good but it's like i have to watch some caught on the line still you candy late at night the fuck is wrong with your kind no self control man then you you're thinking there but if you get thirty grand do understand this plan is an important part of life danish tendencies to vary for no mass young jet i am young jed i gotta get to like full jet i status man and i work on just get it do you write things down did you write things down the afterglow yeah do you write things down the you just don't do anymore like this
what do this anymore this is not i'm not this is not on the menu anymore you though and then sometimes still fuck until we can do that he had a right things down the debts against the point of writing down but yeah he's got give yourself a certain like here here is a good example give yourself sixty days say for sixty days i'm going to go on a diet where i don't need any bread i don't taken any pasta i don't have any rice i led healthy foods everything is healthy or i don't need it it's it rises to killer man what rice is a lot of carbs you know it's two translates directly in your body to sugar and it'll also it's like it's inflammatory like yeah because the whole thirty think somebody told me about the whole psych no processed foods no dairy no alcohol or thirty four hot but why whole thirty four thirty days yeats thirty days and you eat my whole foods and shit why just eat whole foods always now but i've been doing it for i too i got on his primal blueprint diet about
three months ago and i settled here to give myself two months but after that once rover unlike the zalm eat now this i feel so good do drink i draw to a close i don't get crazy occasionally i do i everything in moderation including moderation so if you're if you're out get you free god and someone says you want do shots like fuck yeah let's do this get in there but don't do it all the time every now and then but understand the consequences you will get rack yeah you know but you tell me in on a curb like three weeks ago i wasn't there was an awesome slides do it drinking drinkin here while boozes bad but the feeling is great i think there's some amazing things that are accomplished when you're under the influence but things get accomplish may not occurred but as far as like social things you have really great fun with your friends at you'll never forget is theirs moments of like is this this moments during our call intoxication
where are you kind of see things from what they are because the the well that's in front of your mind the veil in addition and struggle bullshit and insecurity is removed by that alcohol for the most part i'll makes people allotted makes a lot of people assholes because because they lose their innovations because they get cocky because they don't have fear anymore aegis it distorts reality do you get more social anti social when you do more social emitted a hegemonic so you're nice guy nice those become more nice but when someone's an asshole and drop i usually find its incredibly revealing of hitherto trying not to be when their sober what you're hiding from you in there usually is like revealing of the demons inside of them i just get goofy yeah i get silly i don't want to hurt people share laugh vassili goofy move aggressors does we have life i've had friends the holocaust out it's it's weird thing when you look and you see those shark eyes like oh
these are there any more clank you know where you are not new meaning username but yeah mike's not there anymore you know you look right in there i like where they go then angry drunks to manually therefore hiding that shit all day he added i wanted this girl went on one day and was awesome great had a good time lot of foreigners while she's pretty cool next day i meet her at the bar she's already tanked up she's breakin glasses yelena balls i why it what the fuck just just a few drinks that's all it took a few drinks and she went low did you smash i know i ran mass sounds like should have been a credible brothel is breaker records the bedroom i knew some people little birds are able and look i learned from other people's experiences now never been a fan drunks especially girls i just feel like when you if you of your a date with someone
if you'd data drug actor you did an alcoholic some like that man the burden of just getting to know someone enjoying their company and and being either with each other in and enjoy each other's company is it's hard enough to figure out if you compare but with someone socially without this monkey on their back someone's gonna heroin problem and you to grow a heroin problem i have my buddy brian cowen he's the best but he was used to try clean these girls up he's tried to command hasn't save a how he's the worst he was a worse i tell my like get out now the only one do it then two years later we swedes mash analyse newgate shall ask me again again for fucking a decade tell this guy ever i should dating a heroine attics or not eating how an attic and we'll go with no yeah yeah move now guys like ass she just alone and she needs a friend and once it clean up means well made mistakes there into it they're into it well that is also here's the reality of
captain save a house when you find someone's problems are greater than your own it lets you concentrate on things other than europe bombs which you are the yacht fixing avoid or a lazy fuck it also you procrastinate and people fine we're strange ways to procrastinate and one of the ways they find a book to procrastinate create other problems their life that take precedence over the problem of their avoiding i agree i agree i have given the same speech europe this is a funny thing i grew to you and all the personal things on a why my personal views don't translates my worldviews kind of funny i'm sorry two thousand by analyzed softer with my world views and i am with a paper in my brothers and people at work i am to just i believe in a living wage you know i come down with his bernie sanders thing and i love the fact that governor cuomo new york just past is fifteen dollars an hour thing minimum wage can be fifteen bucks an hour so funny i'm a set of my facebook you know you think this is good like this destroy a lot of businesses am i guess you know what they said that about sleep
every year the same shit they set about slavery abolish slavery these plantations yolanda well guess what you can't you can't just half people work day for you and not give them any fucking moaning wage they have been able to make a living and if your business does not make enough money give someone a living wage to work all week for you than guess what you don't cannot afford you can afford to have an employee yes we have to figure waiting to make more money and figure out a way to get a better business or opera with less employs set the only thing that they have do as they have the help subsidize a small mid sized businesses to compete with the warm arts and the best buys natasha subsidize how tax incentives and things like that too small mid sized businesses because to absorb this new salaries right now immediately the big companies have allowed we have a cushion in a margin due to absorb this shit right you have said yes moments it you have to start adjusting you the way you do business the price is things like that you gotta
some pieces around someone i can fix all dish how awkward lies we'd yeah because we were awhile who do so we'd knowing people who may have an ajar now would make a lot of money just sellen we'd they would yeah go out right now you no real in colorado's up like nineteen percent but you know what's gonna have largely i'll win he's not gonna be like your neighbor to guide downstairs solely is community companies and then it's gonna be these kids know i'm off fourthly why would someone i realize they already where are these people are buying up the rights in certain states to be the distributors dog that's that's all those are state laws you can have no stay laws those here buying up the rights laws that they were trying to pass in ohio right jamie and everybody right we said no to it because it was be a monopoly situation may be its legal go go crazy yes or sell it sell it like a half baked without what's going on in colorado is its change in the economy colorado first of all
they made more money from taxes is here for the first time ever than they did from alcohol with me more money from we'd than without law which is just fuckin bananas and they charge thirty nine percent the third percent taxes on weed and everybody's i who cares who care sell it it still for the now call the end will pay it it's better exactly so like something like that to chain and also look man you can't infant ally's this entire country like you can't tell people what they can and cannot do you just can't do it and it's a joke granting would argue it anyway i mean all these these restrictions on behaviour and what you can can't do or gigantic part of the problem with the fibre of our economy and the five our culture gonna these weird restrictions that are in place at archaic it don't make any sense and when you accept one thing doesn't make any sense will then leave room for a lot of other weird shenanigans like ted crews when the lock people have for dildos
about all that shit all this is done motherfuckers really close to being president ted crew was trying to pass a law that would put you in jail for having dildos pulls up jamie because this is one of the most hilarious things about this dumb ass that people are trying to force down the american public space because the republic candidates are all a joke other than donald trump no one could get paid that guy he's a joke no no past i got so the republicans are panicking they don't want to do so they put this fuckin ted crews me and not knowing is a million different things that are wrong with them the time ted crews defended a bit and on dildos his legal team argue that there was no right stimulating while jars scroll up please in one chapter of his campaign book a time for true senator ted crews proudly chronicles his days is test texas general oppose any health in two thousand three to two thousand and eight bolstering his conservative cried the republican present candidate notes that during his
stint is estates chief lawyer in from the supreme court and federal state a pellet courts defended the inclusion of under god in the pledge of allegiance babo bubble blah scroll up to the delight of case better concerning privacy of free speech or two thousand for companies own austin store some texts sex toys in a retail shooter's edge products challenge texas law outlawing the sale and promotion of supposedly obscene devices and we'll work put put the same way i wanted to have how much it you should go to jail for it cuz it's like two years here it is under the law a person who violate the statue could go to jail for up to two years for selling dildos and this dummy supported that this is it this is out of the women's rights are you show me where women's rights issue for dildos gear for due to the other people say no percent i hoped this is one thing that women and men can all come together they told us so important it's
hilarious thing because dicks are available for anyone who need them does raise your hand step outside your house and i'm looking for some dick have assigned and the sky the road looking for dick and with some would you someone's gonna pull idea here those people to stop and like readily it's name signs for change even that works people give you what you need but you have a scientist doesn't look ever dick and reasonably plain someone's gonna fuck someone in some all pull up yes anytime anywhere any corner but people have the right right the rural rewrite they have the right to want to dick without a body touched her guest dick without a relationship or or opinions or even a pulse anything to say one of the same you know that our human tissue one irrelevant does it was his fill the larboard body get done escapes us get it done but i don't know how i got to that but the our leadership is a joke
it's a joke because you can expect a person to want anybody that wants a run this entire countries gotta be crazy person if they're not really really should have one present anyway the ideas ridiculous of one person it's going to be involved in the the decisions for the entire country this preposterous funny thing to his people only pay attention like the presidential race when all these other things are going on the national senate things it's hard to fucking keep track of though there are fucking clowns it's impossible ass it's impossible our trust any of em what's really fucked up as this is like the best bottom up like all the other spots the other the different guph balls all over the world like you see what's going on brazil like brazil patient a fuckin prisoner i know the panama papers shit is crazy crazy of crazy love in total some people about if you don't know what it is will the panama papers is because again as discussed in the news hardly at all it's some not enough but basically people
leaders of of countries like the british prime minister's dad and brazil the guy brazil's involved but there is a people leaders president's prime ministers have been keeping their money in offshore accounts not paying the taxes that the o in their country and keeping this money off the dogs and then somebody gave this information from a law firm that does most of these transactions and its now being published so in also highlight the money is being hidden behind influence and highlights how people getting influence to make certain decisions and what how much bribery taken place and now it s a lie to certain people they don't apply to the people making the loss of its shit so the best way to fix this is what give people thirty thousand yes that's just gonna keep people bore me the best way to keep you from competing with you i tell you that give him given thirty grand than i
jack shit with generous around geographic spoken drink ali the people drink only anymore old english those no kiehtan no key tells it only several gay you fucked up man i'm not the first time i drank of forty i couldn't believe drunk you get here you are in town this thursday yes we gotta permitting welcome where's that when the s s hotel downtown theatre what time some eight with tom was eight o clock is it with you it's like seven thirty eight o clock dinner apart from the boy he's gonna be here it's ours is a dance crib last night he says he's coming to the police tell you weigh where we know how are you guys doing the shows that this mother fucker supposed to be the primary focus now be way don't don't text why you're on the show them that our good friend had running at its last i'm in africa will talk afterward and i am not
a platform universal made reply castor oil you won my fair aghast thank you it takes a long time to get from here to downtown yeah we're within hills it'll take you probably an hour and a half at six while he's coming in its six you have to leave it to your shit at seven you'd have to leave at six so when he's here he would have to leave damn so you took their from my i dare not for a long time the process now he's a rock and roll star dude pyres known to fuck is doing tommy answer he thought he was supposed to be here yesterday that is what matters can be here today as a prime here today how you here today is to draw up to now now no good has a possible he smokes we'd ok i don't want to die the public right dry switch dries merge with well over a year without trace anyway it's really that the angel russell life here i mean like say
the general russell at ease the guy that focus on the recorded nicky talking about oh my gosh he lives the driest he is the trash next year and today the seamen ostracised where the rest the basque or community yeah world i think the world he said he didn't mean to let it get out right now were his words he needs a beyond the jerry you need the granite justice not interested us now would love to see you sit on this too can i be sure whether or not an investigative report about me i don't care i'm this like you hang out with that guy please opponents scarlet x on a mental reached scares idle if he should be an mba rising ass well i m glad people were he doesn't get thirty thousand in my plan tangier so nice glad people looking at it that way though that they have ostracised him instead of like concept
the only on the guy who is bang and other girls you know yes yes yes yes that yeah you're right priorities are totally definitely now it is a priority and that teachers because the eu regardless of whether or not the guy who did the deed shouldn of donors i've done whatever your opinions are about janni decker is violating a friendship decadent tell em because we want the world now told not because our friends i have friends tell me dark shit all the time they do we laughed like pigs ever tell a soul or go to my grave though that knowledge that's what a friends post be yes guy would do that's peace shit so i am glad that the rules and principles of friendship have over in the rules and principles of monogamy loyalty yes tommy's over to the people you over billy sleep with near but now it was interesting though is that same week it was this this girl coloni had supposedly people here
assume she had she drew her boyfriend who was in the nba cairo irving right so then the actual thing happened but when i was a girl everyone beater up over cheating or whatever she didn't she didn't even cheat with the angelo nick young thing everyone was just mad at the angel which digital deserve he's the worst person about weak but there also like well if you're gonna be mad a calamity than you gotta be mad indicates or just don't be mad either one of workers who fuckin cares that's the best there my friends also the girl i'm assuming is hot ran she's great left are you sure you're ok here's a problem there guys who can't fuck hot girls are always mounted them yet exact we can welcome the madame girls who see hot girls wish they could be those high girls and their mad at him too how girls take more hate than anybody on the planet because the guy's a camera we are always gonna be upset this bitch think she'd better the main bubu bubu and then the girl
machine in an excuse girls are stating a constant negativity that's one of the problems of social media hot girls get too much eat too much too much nicky nicky needs more heat the guy's terrible but there was no cobby suited to guide nigger ass copied assign his shoes after corbies last game goes up to call me a pair of ideas did kobe takes issues enthusiasm in the trash doesn't simum well as well i hated toby his whole career and i love you now didn't you room the trash or find a decent through the trash low incredible why some real g shit just let you know you didn't call me do that shit which he threw shacks using the trash know did you guys do not require bulgaria commies oberlin joyousness too
recognize gary about gave recognise gave situation dry snatches maneuver were yeah yeah call people that tries to another good one is a dusty do you call him a chilly pimp with chile pension provision broke pimping us shit chile's willingly giuliano you just get cold outside chile ah i am alarmed ferko nothing actually pay about try snatched chile in future the bottom chivalry pat ourselves cooler because i think that we are going to be a chilly peer know though your report puts you don't wanna get soon appeared job but it sounds cool out there with negative at all nestlike your happen on one foot need you girls happen on the other one is now well that's mccoy outside yeah i get that but it means chili palmer sounds like isis chile pimp i could guess isla chile here who is shivering because he only has one hole is stable
lahti and none in the mall claimed he was pimp in his pimp was big time but he ain't nothing but a chilly pantheon that's how you yeah childishly urban dictionary so this is gonna work world we live in here this is an actual dictionary that gives you you could i the mug you buy a mug leaping vile click on which your gun here doesn't have awaiting my old allow must have the definition on that is so ridiculous yo hamlet this is gonna be a gift from you i could take this mark i'll get you to chile pick on a warm you dont know ye do not jamie a feeling really bring him drink it added at some bulletproof coffee out of the chilly pip mark spell in chile wrong dryly lets you get your drugs they settled this bell in chile like the food
you did i like that you like that like fire while job growth a definition looks bad as well this is one person's definition of chile what what's a scipio sexual a say oh sexual fuck anything is not a monkey that's homosexuals was odors scipio sexual one finds intel since the most sexually attractive feature why oh this is the urban dictionary eyewash and incisive inquisitive insightful irreverent mine i want someone for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay someone who sometimes makes me go out due to their wit and evil sense of humor i want someone that reach out and touch randomly i want someone i can cut a with i decided students all that means i am scipio sexual you know that sounds like that sounds like a really lonely person who need to get the shit together
like when you whenever you read like someone's instagram audits filled with i'm looking for this someone who loves you deeply does not bob lives that's a lonely for to stream alone a shoe what does michael s age the attic single asiatic male six rider die chick is that that's perfect like that's funny courtly where it's funny it's cool but this whenever you this is just for all them boys out there listening ok and girls to if you're lesbians if you go to girls page and it's all this stuff about love what true love is in you when you find the one you'll know can run run that person run now because that person's probably never happy and they just sit around posting means about what true love is and they're gonna make you gotta brunch those people like crunch like moses most drinking counts vanity can suck my dick about that
not that i wanted while she lay out of a monk that's what brunch like girl that never wakes up early enough for branchlets shit i must call again yet you are also an asshole you gotta pay someone and make eggs like just fuckin have eight if you want eggs on the weakest fuckin make eggs he can't help but sometimes you know filler uneasy before going somewhere yeah you do some awake up i'd like to going damsels your racist ass he was going on but i don't wanna fuck enrolled dumplings or pay somebody to do there let me ask if this is an important or even you know like fuckin all eat or eat mexico are paid a mexican food on the more more remorse racism more racism is what i wanted to talk to you about because this is a visible subjects we go on now this this term that exist until recently chile for cultural appropriation yes cultural programmes
the rick bayliss guy who's a very famous mexican share that guy is taken shit from all these social justice warrior dipshit because he'd he makes mexican food and he's not next him he's a white guy from cocoa and there is this whole article about whether or not this guy who is one of the best mexican could you think is one of the best his food is not flame so maybe i don't think he's widely recognised as a highly risky what's your decision will know what to say and this is what major says you're a guy like you like you want guys that's deep deep deep in the world where i give you came to me and said oh my god this autumn's and was near but this guy's hilarious above our guide dog shit he's got writers in enemy yet so he's a guy that like look his foods not bad but if not great its deadly not the best max crude america but he wins tons of awards physically white i i don't think it's because it's complicated right because his white
braun but it's it's the kuan yew member lagging jerry maguire the decline with a lot of these ships that when these wars the food i bet new chef michelin working james beard it's a lot of the times because can speak english they can communicate with the writers and the writers can write a story about them winning because it's the best food their winning because there's a story to write and a story to tell and rick bayliss being wiped out from oklahoma cooking may be slightly above average mexican has a story slightly above average water girl it's not fucking good women border grilled out you have a bunch of people coconut like what about when he's cocoanut wait let me check his restaurant in brick bayliss i remember eating his i just don't wanna be wrong for he's alive the terror grill frontera grass for inter alia where's at that and i'm still and he's in there airports now you got all the airport restaurants clean oh it's weird man like see if your standard comedian okay and open up a comedy
and some whack ask meaning frontera oil yet if sanum comedian and open up a comic them whack ask meaning comes performs comic club no one says hey no ideas commie club when did the other day and this guy went up and performs gas stocks of judea must be a bad comedian i give you were gonna judge rick bayliss you would have to judge him by his own cookie have you ever eaten his own cooking yeah you have whereat frontera grow but you were you there when yet he called you know i didn't meet him but he does he wasn't there not but here's the thing chauvelin why are today on the work like it it does out of user night it's your restaurant at your name on somebody comes in about ass a bad me less on me i think were split narrow because this is a rest trot we are saying is restaurants no good that i understand but have you ever eaten his cooking i mean i feel i give you in the russian that is cooking i do not know if is he cooks of you eaten he could have not sat in front of him and even when he's cooking to know what the fuck
this makes it if it was evident makes a chef right away i caught about review i was i was known for catching this bad review show you i had a restaurant seem sifting came in i was sitting in the dining room was not cooking and he did not have great meal and you know what i took on the face and i opened it and things rippling does make bad food it is it's not for all the accolades he has is not the best but also there is a bit of a thing with food that the literati the intelligentsia the blogs did the magnets there always electing people that they can tell a story about speak english have this she she dining room there not it's not about the food they always make there was talk about food but it's not and i think that people of ethnic origin be you know the background of mexican food things that people get upset when there's somebody else that didn't live the life didn't grow up with it isn't the best at representing it you know
if it's gonna be somebody from us i d better be the fuckin best otherwise get somebody who lived this life and knows all the history and identity and culture attach this food and let them speak for their own food ok i think a prize for the promised conversations you want talk about the restaurant the sky runs i want to talk about him as a chef and i'm saying you haven't had his food as a chef and what i've read is that he makes excellent mexican food any really is a student of the culture and is enamored at eyes mexican cultures additions unease essentially scholar of mexican dude i don't think he's done anything wrong i want to put that women are never had as anything wrong ray i went to his restaurant but you do have the restaurant had the food but you ve never had it alone no but that does not mean something you're saying things on a big deal it's not because in the restaurant in issue things if you walk in once you walk in the door that that means food fuck means food i agree with the minutes is recipes putting his whole right you created on the line and bright going he's not cooking
i just feel like you know you're leaving into someone else to do it mean what you might have had the bad i take up you're an architect you know you're you're you're a builder of a house in someone comes line does a shitty job building your create are you responsible will if you we're supposed to oversee every single aspect of the construction ali me i ve on him cause i don't think he's done anything wrong and this is this is the one thing this discussion that i feel is unfair to some of these chefs especially the white chefs is it's not their fault the journal some people want to give them more somebody was given more i don't expect in the throat in the fuckin ground you know the problem though is the media and the people giving these awards in the ones selecting sink is the best chef this is the best mexican food it's really noxious to the people of that culture that are like dude that's not representing who we are but now this guy's representing our food in america and he's the one go to for information can we use often the cords let me just be honest with you no one who goes to restaurants knows about it
words no one at least a little so rare that anyone ever discusses awards but it is a platform they given the platform the speak from ex can food in america you not he's a guy people good on top they always bring a man you know that you ve given the platform in you even megaphone did i'd be very closely affair but authorities our heart of ike awards not you know anybody than windsor yonah with the fuckin awards are for food i just know when someone supposed to be a famous chef did that's that's the things harassment it is the famous chef also have the aztec she restaurant highland parked it's fucking fire where's that any c4 learning whittled said again aztec it's the astor karachi restaurant a highly important work good as they sell hurrah cheese their awesome what's a hiroshi there are later it's like of man ass the poor before it's hard to explain its like a corn it's almost like an open faced i would explain it as an open
faced a raper what the fuck's and rape it's a corn massa this it is not my specialty and do child got somalia no it's its corn meal you cannot see it to reboot liberace h you are a siege but yeah see her and that dat's were second highland perhaps funding that thing is like flapper hatboro treelike flapper at you pick it up here so it's hard you cut you cut it took sardinia corn meal on the bottom its income double you gotta have one of these things i believe you and then also conny seafood and inglewood is one of the best maximum restaurants you so the some excellent mexican restaurants where point by point being as a disease guy so you'd think it's deserve it he's getting shit because not because he's the best max
because he is getting all these actions not because he's the best but because it's easy to write a story about him yes he's a white guy from alcohol yes and these very articulate when it comes to this end the principle that select the gatekeepers in the the people who speak for culture there picking guide they can communicate with easily makes their job easy and can tell a story that's i easily disseminate it usually disseminated amongst the masses and i dont think its root basis for i don't think rebellious has done anything wrong like in this context ever it's the meat selecting him as you are now the spokesperson for mexican food american using this mother fucker they give your mexican you'd be tight right you'd be mad yeah also who actually on the show right so when we went to china i i was craving american food housing china for seventeen days and also you know what i misfortune hamburgers and salad inachus we went to a place called delhi burger it was the most popular among
or can restaurant for experts in hunan china and we went this place had like put fiction posters big basque use interesting they had like a phillips fucking french dip logo thing in there they collected all these american artifacts he bought an amazon we ate their hamburger and it tasted like china food whose hilarious delicious hamburger but it wasn't a hamburger it tasted like they had a feeling you stake in my body was like he's here from their nice he ate any was like listen i have so many friends that are mixed can or asian grow up in a way that get mad when white people or people not of the quarter make their food and like this isn't representing us this isn't what they said does not match motto darfur this is not a soup dumpling deceased chefs creation and he goes never understood why they got mad until i ate discreetly cheesacre see this is not a fairly cheese take this is like stir fried beef in bread
and they should call to hunan hoagie cause a taste good but it is not a fairly cheating and i love for logistics and i love hamburgers and its when you see something that you love being cut something else and being represented a different way it's upsetting cause that's right there i bought with bayliss in his defence does follow traditional mexican cooking methods and makes food the tastes like mexican food yes yes yes yes the thing is is that he's a fan and he's a degree removed and it's like if you're gonna go to a source why not just go to the source its effort for many cultures intellect annie wreckers a really good friend of mine people talk about high food in america they go to him and he's a white guy from portland to andy's credit and he is one of my best friends and i love him for this he puts the names of the thai people are taught him things on as many as much as he can he pushes the credit any pushes people towards the thai people who
learn from so they can get it from the source but these journalists are fucking lazy didn't care didn't go talk to those people harder is easier to call a guy that speaks english and communicate with you project was vacant right one shitty restaurant review and just take you down they have that power get that power is really intoxicating isn't it you have you have dealt with like do she journalist that you if i cut out to get you yeah there's a few people there i've done interviews with in the first five minutes i could tell their out to get me but then once they can tell him pretty genuine and honest and straightforward there like i love this guy i'll talk him so no i don't i would i say that there were people our out there's a couple but i can't remember home care i once again and put in a harder and harder to do that these days too because the internet then someone rights shitty review it so easy to out that person and describe what exactly was going on behind the scenes
hu the purse really i respond on i g twitter you two people have a probably one aspect of our answer it so i'm kind of its hard to do the hit peace the army could like my information out there right people now they can talk to me at radiance right right right now the mix and what do you think is the future when it comes to why did i think like yelp reviews come taken away allow the steam from my journey reviewing restaurants has a lot of people want to find out about a restaurant they go to a yelp review to all you that foreign have tarzan jaap let me read a couple reviews and you re our views and you go see what their other views are another restaurants you find out with another accurate or that's that's disturbingly funds owners she'll we definitely can tell the sun was like hired by that restaurant right some bullshit peace nearly have one review and that restaurant at super obvious
that's just annoying man but i feel people are figuring it all out like at the end of the day the cream rises the top you fucker figure it out you know that's why lot of the stuff you were saying is true like hard work pays off in all fuckin the people who deserve to get it you know that's right for can do it factor thirty grand here can give you the money yet why go so i love a language what is i loved the hate cause it helps me get better like hearing the critic i like to work on my game i like to work on myself but at the the data on hold onto it anymore because your destiny is in your hands whatever you want you may have to work harder than somebody else but if you work hard you can do it get there i genuinely believe that what do you like doing better do like working as a chef in cooking
only restaurant or do you like duties tv shows on craziness either my favorite things writing i love writing because i think writing it forces me to be the most honest myself i get to work on myself and get closer to like figuring out what life is about what the meaning of life shit and not to be corny but i wake up i think about it and when i write every morning i get closer and when back layers and i love that but cooking basketball when i'm what i'm plan or i'm cooking it teaches me things but the place i go to figure it out his writing i love writing how lovely run every morning up every morning i do it may not be that much by a right something and myself are right it downright ideas have tons of google docs always open really work already screenplays books
ideas just i just always writing always have as i always have a couple project some writing like a fiction book i'm writing right now rule yeah about what i do one the it'll needs the last book i wrote as a romance and was a nonfiction about my life but the one amounts year this roma come out made thirty first got double cup love and it's about i think you might have met my my fear the first time i came on the shore think she came with me first time anyway maybe but if you don't know i wrote about it was bout my journey back to china my brothers so i wrote that book but i think you know nonfiction it's hard to keep putting yourself out there in the most honest so i started writing fiction because i want to write about my life but i wanna like kind of grounded in other characters and things like that and explored and work through the
this is so spin interests have been doing them china like write fiction wow that's interesting dear even notice for how long last six once i've been to efficient but i've been writing my whole life ever since like ninth grade i was in writing real here while so you pray diverse guy men get this one things like about you ve got a bunch of irons in the fire thanks man yet our roads in play about about a suicidal basketball player like a kid teenage he had gone to a lot of shit so i wrote about some of the things i remember me my friends gaunt do teenagers put it into a basketball player from queens so wrote that screen plan i'm always writing like picking up pieces in my life and creating characters were used to write what would our programme dues final draft but
farming eighty two returned into my homey that works at em gm i sent him a screenplay microsoft word is like this it is fire but you have to put this fucker final draft your clown so can is it not it's not that easy to convert now you have actually write the whole fuckin thing out i gotta do it again willingness we wrote the whole thing's funny league in hot have two windows open at the same time just commonplace back and forth some months brutal not to erode some stuff while drafting draft tricky wants get used to the short cuts and how these commands but am have yet for writing ideas of you ever used right room to note that an hour with spray dope it's a programme were you it blocks at everything your screen except for the writing he came and go into browsers you can't getting notifications to shit it just shows you only the writing and gives you look look look at a value that does
good so you scream looks like it just a black screen with green ink and that's all you get see that what degree mink would drive me crazy i will do what i do man welcoming the terminator i get in the zone i'm really good about getting in the zone i play one saw a play one saw in a loop it and i'll listen to the same software like twelve hours over whatsoever anything like it'll just be assumed that day like i've had like a random jazz song or will be like smith and wesson orlando re or can't blow in august play that song looped for hours and hours and hours and it gets an attack cause you stop listening to the song it's just noise right romances turned on do you have done that before yeah yeah i've done a lot aeroplanes in particular are you wanna ride on airport for some very good you get focus also you positive it's like the altitude thing attitude helps makes positive there
like studies you do it that's like you get euphoria in the air when you that high up no arab her brains fall asleep something something some shit about altitude refugee ford is another great program called scrivener ever tried that you know that is the programme that allows you to have a gay of virtual chalkboard cork board all these little index cards you move around the cork bored so i'll show you haven't got it open appear and when you were you could take some your ideas and you could write them on these little cork board things and then as you were show loads up other james got it yeah so that so it gives you the this option to do is law so i gotta like here and you put these little little notes like look little tiny little fake index cards and movie suckers around on the so called courts called scrivener
so you write a lotta screenplays i know now are you alright i used to write a bunch of difference but now primarily what i do i write essays and out of those essays take stand up ideas i used to write a lot of blog entries but i found out that a lot of this blog entries eventually become stand up and was also goes giving people a preview of the stand up my better to write em for myself and then just steel also anway into i used to do blog to love blogging but i'm not appoint an hour i feel people are such exhibitionists you do something is immediately put it i want to see what people think riera shit my gear man unless i made a samurai sword i want you to see it someone wasted time i want you to see the most fires should i made and i worked hard on its worth your time that's good attitude sometimes i like reading blogs something someone already brought a blog and will change your day just the changes the frequency the way think it yes for whatever reason there thought too
makes it into your mind and bounces around their changes something here i don't think it's bad the right blocks eyes thinks everybody's doing it and for me personally i like you know what i'd like to be in the lab interest only put something out i've put allowed a lot of shit about my life in the last four years so i'm kind of making sure i really want to share these things now right yeah that's a thing about sharing can unfair you cannot share it's it's got it's it's interesting psychological thing this constantly giving yourself up to the internet was this a people that live inside their phone they live inside their laptop and their phone they live in it their interaction with the world comes directly through that that's their filter that's the condom for that for you know intimacy with the world yet very strange yeah we're gonna learn a lot about ourselves can constantly in coming railways
about us but i think this internet thing it's people are starting to see wow i put a lot of my shit out there near i'm kind of naked out there and then is really for i am as is some fuckin old eager so i'm interested to see how this starts to affect psychology and identity boards definitely affecting young kids young kids today are so much more exposed than we were we were kids it's not even close if you're going to high school today and everything is on instagram everything is on facebook anything that happens even remotely interested in school out there i mean this this is the world we live in today is very different when i was going to school no shit you heard a rumour about some girl crosstown a jerk subdued avi light while low high about that amigo jerk off and then i thought that that button buddy you know nobody like put it out there in that way where the rest of the world could look at it and the rest the world can virtually anything that you put online today this is a strange thing because when you're young yells
i don't understand the consequences now we're talkin shedder saying something or pay seeing something you really have no idea what what that's gonna do to people we look at these things sight o you that ten thousand followers twenty thousand hundred thousand million right i don't think it read matters like ten thousand people is a lot of fucking people while you mean knowledge camp volume is one and that one to get someone was ten thousand and that ten thousand one of them ten thousand someone in their group has twenty thousand and that person no someone has got a million and in three or four steps the sudden a million people have seen that the end then if it's funny or it's crazy or it's interesting ike here's another cultural procreation story there's this kid who was taken shit from this girl because a white guy would deadlocks and of sawdust but there's this black girl and is this college in non northern california does she was given this little tiny white due to hard time she's just bullion a man it was gross
she was telling them you don't cut your hair you have nice it to say to a friend and he says there's something to cut your hair is like why can i wear that she goes cuz you steam for my culture which is bigger does anyone know any better because the greeks had dread locks the vikings had dread logs deadlocks what happens when you have already hair when your dirty hair in knots up in these loops went away that video most filming her bullying this is a little tiny dude and this video this black girl bullying this tiny little white guy got fuckin millions and millions of hits within a day because people recognise and there were disgusted and then people are also tired of all these self appointed gatekeepers self appointed the people they can tell people what the beautiful things about culture a culture can be shared that people can like like me i grew up learning type gwendolen and in teaching class in korean because i grew up that's what i spent my life doing and so that culture became
my culture sanyo steel in inner cultural approach i was doing an honour and trying to get justice but people of this sided it's another new way for someone to stand above them and take the moral high ground and try to control people's behaviour in our citys this is a social construct when you're on basis for argument is your race for us as somebody else's race you gonna fuckin shitty argument did i mean when it becomes something about intention and we're talking about intention drive and we're talking about are you trying to take a culture are you trying to support it arrived this culture or giving back to this culture those are productive converse patients like the one we had about bayliss look dude
out here to try slammed its food like i know a lot of people love his food so i'm not saying i notice should on no mexican flung fuckin chinese guy dear i may like my opinion about next and food doesnt matter shouldn't matter you know but by my opinion about some of this appropriation coaptation stuff is i wish people didn't have to have a gatekeeper or we're guide or somebody culturally similar for them it try this food or go to this neighborhood where i would love if people didn't have to have a she she dining room with like americans i'll service or a white face or great article to try this mexican food like i wish they would go to the neighbourhood and go to the source and then there's no problem with businesses food if we're all informed about it right it just tough when he is the point of entry woke cultural problem
and to me is really when you're pretending you're part of a culture of a dude pretences native americans starts weren't feathers and his hair and shit like that night that's a ninety percent that's real that's obvious yeah what's also really sure appropriation if you were in substance was to be sacred to certain articles of clay in some cultures are considered sacred i do not suppose we just walking around on them like in a warm place things calls it been de where they were the indian people hindu people were in their forehead you know now is like girls were wherein those things and but i think those are supposed to mean something uncertain cultures in a car the catholic school you want to work in school i get that but things get sketchy when you pretending to be from culture or you're lying about where you're from or your line that's my eyes more cultural proprio you'd or taking to give yourself an identity that yeah you're sick
see all that is those just dishonesty it's like not white dude weren't red locks you know he's not pretending to not be white or like that rachel dollars l person was the end the blame and doubly cp garrison spoken now shut in who turned out to actually be white yeah that was developed since it was on the funny thing is she she actually like restrictions were like what she really does love black culture and black people and she was doing a great job apparently iranian doubly cp up there she was was insane ratio totally insane foreshadows it but when i listen to intention them like i don't think you're a bad person just really confused like i don't know how you got to this place i think some black do victor into delirium that's not factors chooses morale of treaty birds fly around her head she had no idea what you do what she was doing it this is mighty she was a tough one while this crazy people out there this is a broad spectrum
of crazy activity in our some of it is logical and some of it is not some over this little tiny white lies and some of it it's just pretending to be a different race in oh yeah man that's strange pension in that strange shit is like we're we're talking about before we can all learn again that tells a little white lies maybe they'll lose watch rachel don't our someone else who got busted in some gigantic cataclysmic lie and go that's why should lie that's why honesty and integrity or are very important people because we communicate through noises that we make with our face that's supposed to level out the intent of your mind what people also realises at other times they think that we're friends with them for
peripheral shit but i think most people good people that you actually want to be a friends did not your friend because you have deadlocks tonight you friend because your aping are you doing this differently they fuckin like you and you have to pretend you got a pretty you're gonna fuckin figures billy work unless we your socks and then scribe casual work on no then you got it not just pretend to be like love is orange spray tan and dread locks and no well honesty it was better and then if if people like you will figure out why they don't like you and improve upon whatever aspect of your life the that needs improving don't pretend it site like he's proof perfect example of something that just never works dropping named droppings always gross and never works but yet dummy still try name dropping there's a lot of people still think you know we're overhanging out with tom i taught us he's dan last tom cruise dan first
oh then our gamut that's different we're home i brought him up first saying that he is going to be here when i couldn't go do shit we ve got up chain psmith too but we're friends to whirl france nobody's that's different so you can't you can't ain't name drop someone were both friends with that shit that's different as true but other people listening nutrients moved from a man so cool the worst people named drop in the usually one name again was no it is moreover eddies house whose eddie eddie murphy what just say eddie and i'm supposed to know the fourth somebody famous and they want to drop the name in they'll say the real name and shut the fuck up to show you my name is said about a little bit like it'll be a wrapper dj though you are really i was with you know like i'm friends wage people our lives and like a track feminists whatever lake we eyes
those real name but everyone do may drop one of them jumbo the bone yeah what his name dropping how does it what is that while people are still try to that are now facing a magic trick tits everybody knows it to prove its terrible terrible those who work it's like you play in three card money nearly i want some bitch is the same fucking card you can't do it can't play that game superfluity ship will this weird behaviors man it's like we're talking about before we learn from each other we learn from really great stuff and we learn from shit too from gumption i learned yet it's fuckin wise men learn more from false thing yes i'm a student a fool swam into you two comments man learn from the gate their dude didn't
with anonymous sixty nine to a fire up your ass yet over the name is dumb ass university while this disease is definitely i mean joking around a lot about you two comments is actually some people to get involved in a mean i go to science pages and you look at the there's some interesting you two comments were people debate at the actual ramifications of shortly i m fascinated by this planet nine things there they're trying to observe now cause there's something i've been study and for a long time that they ve been thinking there was very little evidence of it unto recently but that there was another planet outside the keeper belt somewhere outside of pluto it's one of the reasons why they declassified pluto is a planet but now one there were almost positive and there's a plan out there they said i think that the originally said within ninety nine percent certainty that there's a gigantic planet some around four to five times the size of the earth that is out why
way way past jupiter and so i was going to a lot of these youtube videos that were describing it and then reading the comments the comments were fascinating so that's till a different sort of world genoa people debating like ramifications and then every now and then one of the zacharias who champion jump in there and you know zacharias richness now zacharias action was a guy who actually ironically enough predicted this in the seventies they called it the twelve planet because and they thought pluto still planet and then they the moon was a planet like this is all based on the sumerian text zog in rio convoluted now bezukhova citizen he is a biblical scholar he's dead now but he wrote all these books about this culture from another planet call the auto knocking and this is transcribing the ancient sumerian tax the sumerians where the oldest various
let's see that thing that is hold them up in front of them that is a piece of siberian art that depicts these it looks like some fuckin transformer shit why does right wing interesting as you see that star greatest are the sun with other planets that is our solar systems not just our solar system that is all the planets in all the right sizes which is kind of fuckin crazy wow and this was six thousand years ago when a lot of people did even think that the world they thought the world was flat right but it also depicted this orbit is what would they leave is one of things at the sumerian text ascribe is this elliptical orbit of this planet called new bureau this planet is the outside edge of our solar system it comes between mars and jupiter in there in the this zacharias hitch in translation i think was over three thousand six hundred something years and that this is where the anarchy came from them what they did is they came down here
they studied some lower hominids they introduce their dna into these lower hominids and made human beings and so he had predicted this planet outside of our solar system for a long time it's a different as their yet is there the votes on this planet while the orbit is different than does the size of the orbit is different compared what he described no we don't even have a picture of it so we don't do deftly dont know what it looks like but the the otter naughty as described buys my suggestion is the same as in the bin the biblical term of the ilo heem like there's also a different descriptions of these giants that came from somewhere else like those who think that description uninoculated means is those from heaven to earth came and the ideas it is advanced beans came down here and genetically engineered human beings its widely
credited by other scholars of ancient whose but babylonian and summarily culture but fauna shit to pretend and were in red and wonderful what if he's right man but seem do look at some of the staff though you ok well how did they know about the solar system how did they know what are those planets not only that they had to produce as you know the producers the symbol for medicine it's also the double here six of dna and that's what he believes that it represented he believes that that could do see a symbol that they had represents dna and that that's what the what the ancient summarily people are trying to describe when they carved these things into clay tablets they were trying to as best they could make some sort of our of national logical depiction of what they are being told by these these ancient people down
so we might have already figured it out once and then were figuring out again or not or that just a giant or they have decorations and look like you there's there's the double helix so using the double helix dna and then you look at the conduces where this intertwined you see the dollar one if i was gonna as if i was six thousand years old man and i was gonna designs this need for six thousand years ago here i mean we're gonna look like that while that but it does look very double helix of dna mean arrears very similar also looks like a guy was asleep china decorate with two snakes totally tango but wiser represent medicine and wisest still represent medicine today that produces that symbol still represents medicine to nashville it out i'm having trouble if there's some weird shit there is also some weird shit in terms of some of the imagery that they had of
solar system one is one of the most telling cause it's really bizarre that without a telescope they were able to draw detailed image of the solar system ike how the fuck do they do that had they know that there is that many planets out there how are they able to differentiate stars and planets how do they know the right number of planet not only there they also had a detailed depiction of the creation of the moon they have too you know scientists in astronomers they have earth one in earth to meaning that there was a certain size and certain shape in the beginning and then it was hit by another planet that's also in the ancient sumerian depiction of how the universe was created to how the solar system was created they this planet called mar duke in tee a mom and dad t mot collided with more duke or someplace outer forget it exactly
the but essentially its earth one in earth to its the same model that actual astrologers astronomers used today when their describing the earth by he thinks these people from the other planet came here and created humans he does he thinks what he's dead he did he believed that's what the ancients ameritech's was trying to describe what is a whole website called citizen is wrong dot com and citizen is wrong die comes from other scholars who were tired of listening to all this what they felt was nonsense and they know they they sort of laid out what they think is incorrect about his translations but the other day put the translations aside you lookin at six thousand year old depiction of the solar system so what the fuck is that not only theirs is also depictions of these enormous people with these little monkey people in their lap and this was why
he believed was describing the ata nazis genetic alterations of monkeys of taking these lower hominids introducing their superior advanced dna into these monkeys and creating something that's very deep dude who do i know we would do it i tell you that for fuck shore right if we found another planet there's a bunch dumb monkeys on detail like audit of the planet and found no higher animals nothing that had a computer we would drop on seeds i mean we're probably already looking for those places would yeah for short periods at the very least somewhat fuck one of those things like avatar right doesn't want the most realistic things about avatar that dude wanna fuck when those blue people who would be scared to put my dick in a blue person you never know what i am now man that's fucking that shit protuberance condoms fresh with a league blue people deserve much bigger than us here and like you especially when you look at the meeting habits of things that we need
on earth what is this skeleton thirty six final scowled indiana why would you go not others have cereal crops foot tall blue person would you do you need some help in order to do it alone thirty six foot tall touches so not real well it's it's fun most of it fun but if you look at that that image that you had pulled up before jamie there's an image of one of those otto knock you haven't a person having a little monkey like person sitting in their lap sign this page is before when you had it lose some of those other images there's these one where these guys these enormous looking characters have these little tiny monkey people with thumbs in their feet and they're sitting on the skies lap their thumbs on the feed
in the drawing up their smaller and their funds and their lap and according to the text this guy describe this text is very confusing to because it something called cuneo form and qr form it's like a view an old building that has like those old school nails do you know what those old school nails with like like an eternal century there were like a flat top but was almost a wedge that's what nails like that's how you that was their writing masonic on it jamie but that's that one of them that similar though there but this is a genuine you're looking at something that's a gypsy but the ata knocking one you'd had it from just you go back to that window that you had before go back that window that year before they had a depiction of the source is turning to
i wanna yeah because when you add wet whatever search that use for that there was one of them that had one of those homeboys had one of em sitting on his lap buy up there went up there at the top the seed right there bam see that they look at that a thumb foot its there's a few of these that have little weird that people figure depictions of things with tails it's very strange stuff man it's very strange at the very least they had an advance and guy looks like a teller toby the one who hold an elegant tell us what does like a monkey in their picture but some of em they they actually levey they had tales and got the fat boy not hair cut too there's also does also too weird stuff involved the net that their knowledge of the solar system is one of the most disturbing things because you talkin about six thousand years ago like how they know about all those planets how do they know
that they were they did they knew the right orbit you know they knew the jupiter was like a far larger than mark they had mars smaller than earth they had like all the orbits correct it was really strange stuff it's it it's too good be a coincidence put that unlike our nor i believe the whole should bang you know almost always the horse your bank but it would be ass with somebody just shut up on this planet like optimists prime one day was hey i cried did you guys i ve been over here wondering what are you guys were would you think they'll before no it was he also is in a better to be at the top of the food chain them to be waiting for galactic overlords tell us how much we suck it would just be it would
it would be disorders somewhere show that this is what life's about this which is both do eddie you're fucking ideas are terrible pleased for can do this it would be devastating to self esteem of people living on earth i say that because it would realise we relax very lord the flies asked like we were budget kids left alone to our own devices memorandum adult showed up like what the fuck are you doing here you ve realized everybody just act like a cycle ah they had no one to look over them do be cool though if if i've been doing it all wrong i'm gonna want to know what the hell was positive move only doing it all wrong but i think we're supposed to figure it out and look if we ve got ted crews done tromp hillary clinton bernie sanders there only hopes to be the commanders for the great his army the world's ever known for fuck shorter we do no wrong wrong we're gonna percent do in iraq as these are not the great zero dollars in the great in intellectual was that we need you to help on this world
there's no one amongst them that has like a brilliant philosophy even when you look at it you looking at ernie hilary and bernie as much as i love em and much thy love some of his ideas you see that guy in and hilary in their bickering back and forth the during these debates that so unbecoming of someone who is supposed to be the president the leader the yes vote the duties and sixtys in some lady you you know she covers ever except the bought the very top of her neck i mean it's bizarre bizarre your support to be further along this crazy journey than us if you want to be president you should be so far ahead there some lessons you can import upon the rest of us you have some ideas about how we can improve our policies you have some ideas on what law does that we can establish that would probably better to protect us from greed and from evil corporations
from people that are reaping the world's natural resources all those ideas with the things that really smart people do that they have other ways to control and fuckin ruled planet you know like i don't think the president is actually the most powerful person you gonna lemon audio mirror i think so do believe in england i not illuminati but i just think that even if for first these people would i like michael but like bloomberg why would broke one blue broken already fucking cautious and worries that has more money than fuckin anybody well maybe he feels like this system is broken and he's in a potential he's in a situation to give his life meaning and may be enhanced the lives of other people by helping i don't know i don't know him am i am familiar with him but i'm just plain devils advocate jim i have as advocate would say that that many of you have all that money and you have all that freedom while we try to make them a little bit of a better place did i agree but i think that they can do it in a different way i mean look coke brothers i mean they're using their means to mould
world the way they see it i think the people who run we have power than looking at the presence of this guy's a puppet you no more exactly been shown to be a puppet more than one the more than one different menstruation has been shown to be completely at the influence of the people the government of office and the yeah that's all disappoint in the end there would all be wiped out the outer knock you showed up at a gigantic gold disk came out levitating the illness or stupid we are that we need an unoccupied comfort he thinks we're gonna be that some day that's my dark captains abraham say these debts will yeah they were told me captain sabre how the rest other airlines by pitch what are you doing here were fuck off you gonna these had this planet of heroin attics have you no watch tv having gone on earth and look at the youtube comments they fuckin savage get out of there man you're only going to eat you and thank you and not necessarily in that order you gonna come on you're too
its brow food raw data coming you grandma's tat get out get out our planet if someone through the first person to fuck and on an archy nothing though they become ass of your radio contact sheila he morning zoos between humans and our lackeys is not a human fatima knock it would be the iraqi fucking the human you say that but what if he's a real industrial walmart clever gravity person and unoccupied begin thirty thousand dollars a year and really does nobody motivation and their weak given the hideous out i'm not gonna fuck if you are you say that a brick wall you say that but take wanna damas people today and put in a room with one the smartest people from ancient rome and who would be running shit smart to information rome right yeah what do you think they'll be the case as far as i could advance intelligence if you get a really dump me unless they figured out a way to eliminate stupidity which it seems like euro is going to have conflict and resolution
that seems like what the universe is universes be all about the universe i'll be up as is about problems and solutions for those problems and that's how things advance that's what do the universe of of thought is in this world so its constant conflict in the resolution of the conflict and in and figure out how to never have this conflict again and what's the best way to get even natural disasters noticing their opportunities to innovate their opportunities to figure out who ok we what happened in fukushima how we get power and not have this problem and what do we do then mine's converge they try to figure out solutions i think that's is always going to be the case i think that those that's that's what causes things to improve this constant battle if everything was groovy imperfect nothing we get done get seems that europe has a higher struggle is a delay that always has to be addressed which is still it gives you a dope three and on a year
it's nothing good dope is good tell her what about show where can i get it went and they get an entire but about your book april twenty eight vice lan ones rule comes out you gonna get the jamaica episodes can be incredible the book double couple of may thirty first i went back to china where my brother brought a white woman with me share annabelle eddie you're fired on twitter it's mr eddy warm and uninspiring same i think mr eddy while thanks for having me my brother anytime this pilot and world oh my first even on another planet i'm sure it's better than any other unoccupied i think they might have us beat missy guys on friday and i'll see you guys to morrow night for twenty in seattle to shows that the more theatre hall thank you my friends opportunities cats and thank you thank you thank you to our sponsors thank
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