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#790 - Steve Maxwell

2016-04-25 | 🔗
Steve Maxwell is an American fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. He was named one of the top 100 trainers in the USA by Men’s Journal. http://www.maxwellsc.com
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regions around the block ass my wife mister maxwell how reserve mr rocard always your brother any bright bag of all you belonging all by goodies man everything i own in this world show too was curious about this this comes up with my wife whenever i say steve maxwell's gonna bonaparte guess tat kind it leaves out of the bag look it i'm pretty crazy this is everything in this world that's insane it's right am i back he has a i mean does really large backpacks like if you brought that elk hunting pm and then a little man persia
so a man purse hours i hear my cords my ipad stuff i that while in a play and i travel over the world while pack really carefully as you can imagine yeah three teachers three pair pants prepare shorts arrange jackets to lightweight hoodies along safety sure i could pretty much recite i never felt more liberators it went to get rid of all my stuff while in i'm in a different country ever couple weeks of our people say hey why not the roller bags day if you travel in any kind of third we'll cut down cobblestones i actually had a roller bag but i did i did my first trip to london i change trains like four times gone up and down there's damn spheres where the conclusion woman bag i said you know what this really socks i'm gonna carry it on my body so that some getting money from these guys but as a tom been b i agent fantastic travel back
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what right does a great company called first light first mit that of a body minds part of my friend ryan callaghan out of montana and actually catch motto met him in montana but they make let wool our gear inner gear like gum long john stuff along those lines was fantail lot of lotta hunting gear and where that stuff for day days days and it doesn't now what has all this stuff is this stretch pollio mine like a little dashed in nylon type material which real stretching its silver impregnated silver help stop the the bacteria from our higher so you can get like three or four days of this nature really and doesn't staked maybe you could well i'm stinky per he's my jeff check this out i can train
rubber band photo an asymmetric second do good morning what is the amount attention on the roma is a heavy dirty but remember the further you stretch the martyr it gets guess this old man plenty of stretch maybe not you i have a bowling ball bag that i bought just i could take on the road with me saga throw fifty counterbalance thou art there i try not to check but our user once this is my party lobbies will jump right i'm drowning how many times have we can't run out i just saw diller run at best after events over right speed yeah i'll away you have you could run further than the person trying to kill you you i don't wanna be i dont like one he's all guys i can't run riot comes in handy guy straight and this is a little homemade suspension device i can set this any length suspension divines yeah i use of rice metrics body weight rose chin ups basically
you know you're not not really i used to be a boy scout back in the day i know a couple fishing zone line right now on pvc and then this is called a oppressive not so can slide this moment down the handle but if you grab a handle and put weight on it say it as a move so as internally adjustable ha that's interesting prussic not its climbers you how to spell that procedure p r u s i care if you go to end and made a nazi it's like a little applicant thrown your iphone it shows you how to do what the outcome would you made it now made it known that the eu can you chose you are becoming not so i can just throw this over a tree do chin ops body weight rose awhile but if i why i can stand on it
i can do i symmetric some really indicted mattresses yeah you showed me a lot of those the last time we worked out together and that was really interesting what you're trying to do now i solution tape movement second do dead lifts just absolutely incredible what the kind of work i can get like fifteen twenty minutes great for you you're on the road do new comedy act or the time going to u have season and tat it can about its is good but it is a pain in the ass to log around and you can just in your hotel room literally in twenty minutes you your tongue will be hanging out shockingly metabolic amazing cardio at the same time you get of you every muscle from your head your feet whom good stuff i knew about i symmetric back in the sixties when as a young wrestler opportunities a lot of stuff so what s the work achieved while no bruce lee was really an ice metrics he was he was under what they were called dynamic tension is essentially the same thing the great shout
atlas charles bronson were charles out was those comic book ads are these in the back like becoming you you were ninety eight pound weakling becoming legal big stud that was like what he was every time a lot of different it may dynamic tension and the father of modern ice metrics was a guy buzzing emma alexander's ass who was a russian circus performer and he was travelling around a wrestling and bending steel breaking changeovers chess he's just a little guy about my son and he was captured by the germans during world war one and imprisoned and zip ass in order to get a little to focus his word about losing his physique he offered to train the comedy installed for extra food so meanwhile he's practicing his eye symmetric on the cell bars every day any eventually bent the bars and escaped
went back to the circus got recaptured there's time they put him in in chains he bent the boy he broke the chains and invent the bars and escaped not just twice for taught you gave him the germans lads is all written his biography i think it thereby does anyone have a wikipedia this gentleman back then they couldn't can verify oh my heart all their eyes vacancy storage or but tat is no doubt that this gap astronomers actually and all old all black and white youtube of him breaking change and stop cheese alexander's ass another proponent of ice metrics was the fame henry wittenberg poole s picture that guy how z as is his biography is how big was see as a proud about sixty paths and sixty five have effectively been panes well he started as a kid in the where's he he actually went to accelerate the erika
when he was when he was a young boy he was rarely really chase up that lifted beams like that that that beam is really having he's got a beam wrapped around his neck latvia with his teeth oh my god that's because they see as its teeth left he has a special mouthpiece where he's gripping over this job oh my using his neck imagine how hard to beat a joke that guy with a kind of that that's insane he would bend saplings in the forest because he couldn't afford steel obviously and ben trees to get his strength why is guys where the real deal back in the day man they were pretty amazing and his furniture supple man she now no designer way protein not policy is now this like dirt i'm gonna anabolic catabolic it's been fifteen minutes after my work i know they just eight good food and training
to meet their also closer to monkeys cause is like a long time ago and will have time to get involved but these these people back then they also didn't really understand like the modern principles of of strengthened conditioning like when we set actually shore not me i'm not saying in a bad way at all but i don't i don't think they necessarily had like and understand while the mechanisms involved they just new retrain hard cause you guess stronger choreographer train her get stronger this guy knows what he's doing go visit em you get actually by his book and amazon readjusting biography and i found a fat is was translated from russian to english it translates kind of funny that one of the confusing things is in russia they use different name for the same person so they came we ve yeah i know it's weird man and how so
this is called by four different names like other nicknames or yellow nicknames like christie say you from the ukrainian right don't just they use different names unfortunately raft cameras in another military there now they they they use different names like little pet pet name ha and saw as reading i'm thinking who are we talking about rights and then i'm reading about all their talkative alexander but they referred and both for different names in the text it was just a kind of a weird translation but actually fascinate about his life that's so weird you know it's it's really interesting we see those old school strongman type characters in because there is this some people that we're doing things back in the day like you want to one always bring up the catch wrestling pioneer farmer burns farmer birds who used to do these he's to hang himself by his neck lies they put pull this up jamie because there's this actually
those of this guy he's guy had a neck like my waist and he only wait about a hundred sixty five pounds and he used to drop like a hangman's drop and catch himself by now look at him here and he was he was actually beating heavyweights by the day this is this the day where i wasn't just for the pin reduce emissions in order to force a guy on their shoulders and people can also tap rough tough american martial law yeah this is what what's now known as catch rustling or catches catch can and when you get someone in this mission hold it would call it a catch and there are a lot of submission holds that they had back in those days that still super effective today and if you go back over the old rule of older depictions an old images of submission moves from farmer burns there's stuff it's completely out of his awesome and i actually has his original mail order course back in the day when as a household reflect and so i asked
had its original hum training course amazing how to keep it in plastic and stuff like that yellow look at this neck crank he's got going on here he had a lot then allow nelson there's a lot of moves that they had that they used to use back then that are absolutely effective today but just ass george barnett yes i'm just gonna bring him i really surprised the days a hell of a backbone in really well trained black bout i think even he was surprised with that had lucky i mean economists garfield too which is like about his old schools it gets laws against so some of these things are so old there no one under guys brian i mean when i was coming up great ingratiate jujitsu there were so many different defences against a headlong wheat is basically this kind of gave up and using it but if you don't that's right you get some wrestler catch ressler judo guy some rough guy everyone wonders headlongs unexpectedly wow you get really hurt
lastly a really strong guy like early stronger things it's come into play allows that bulldog choke you we rarely see see like every couple years someone again one last one being were killed anyone got it on actually evan smith and actually have a smith was caught a known as being like the grab learn that match up morocco pennington was more of a strike her but she caught her in a bull dog so please do not let the old orchard someone's like got it's like schoolyard headlong ok they're on their knees or wherever right right in front of him but the thing is when someone head is here and you get that form the choked and clamp down man there's not a lot that guy can do there's not a lot when the head is here and if you are strong person you're fully locked in your sitting out there there is not a there go right there is here they're usually referred to that is the rodeo chuck as is lagging cowboy taken down astir almost too good way to put it actually you got you upon their really really early was bruce choked outcry
my blog as we do in the say those games the game of death one of my favorite movie he also the first emma may gloves in that movers and i make that was why enter the dry or those in dragging that's right mary he did or was it not or or was it the it was a net crack what do they call that there's a crucifix crucifix they ask us right i was pretty erratic he was you know i mean as far as like being open and he was so far ahead of his time with combining martial arts mean he truly was the regional mixed marshall artist because in the time when i was starting out in the eightys the early eighties you really works was the train anywhere else like i'll give us think i if i go to a boxing jim and try to learn some boxing you know they would say at my type one no school you basically could learn everything you want here you don't need to go anywhere else we definitely want to learn
ty or those of the techniques you just wouldst it's taken time away from your practice here in this which really need to do well that's martial arts teachers trying to protect their turf they other worried about losing income in the students are goin from this too that the other than will you see it from even jujitsu instructors unfortunately were jujitsu instructors only train with glee start saint terrible things about people train no gay and the reason being is because they have too many techniques that rely upon handles on handle scare and as soon as they roll with a grammar and they're they're they're gonna no key and they role with a really good solid tk wrestler they're gonna get smoked it's pretty chaff edge they can't deal with someone who's just really good at manipulating bodies that are sweaty and with gable grow
and overlooks and under hooks and their use those collars and i used to like grabbing sleeves or different aim being to former and see the boy division one wrestler i hated they gave her my first three years later and then finally as i started getting over water again closer my fifty's overnight because it does so that game down the completely source it down so if you're smaller and weaker you can you can dig the gauge heavily gives you a chance to even they are there while it allows you to control people and i think one of the things it's really good about the key is people live in cold climates if you ever going to self defence issues which are more in a jacket i gotta commerce with a friend of mine and i said if you got a view as some sort of a street fight with jujitsu blackout and you have a leather jacket on you might as well be a dead person because of that just grab your collar i still get inside your collar grab a hold of the back of their car and you you're gone he's gonna just cause all the other side is choking to death
weapon shocking how you bought it actually is beyond the person people always think like like in a straight fight you now you can be used in all this fancy stuff that you'll be the most basic stuff you learn is a white bowed in a blue fall back on that stuff most likely and you know you have to think like claim that you know like apart you're fighting probably is not a trade marshall hardest notice most likely about him i got in a street fight with a train martial arts once he told me that these two guy here in this other guy work yon each others are something on the highway and they decided to pull over so they pulled over this the road they got out and they started do get it out and he threw a leg kick in the guide checked it the guy shot for a double and he stuffed it near both look age a like shit and they said they went added for like tat minutes and then high five each other afterwards you got back in the car
a good outcome will they realize dealing with our can we find another chance they thought they were each guy thought they're gonna get out beat shed some guy did notice doing and they both got the moon ran like all this motherfucker and then after a while they they thought it was funny is well have i have used jujitsu jobs i know st via straight back when i had my school while and thought of it i went people come in and while we have emphasized by apple jobs even on the street real just crazy staff man cabdriver shouted rummy over one time and i was furious of thy eyes to commute by bicycle the bed and when i went by so mad i hit the sound of his cab india just game a couple were my express my opinion and then the guide pulls over and jumps out a gap
there's gonna be and i i just use the inside control and laid him over the top of the gap and it was over before starting he gave up into got back in but thank god for basic stand up self defense my also thank god for him the you're a nice guy there outside of smash his face and nowadays mad you smashed someone's face and you're gonna have all sorts of lawyers knocking on the door if this video of it everywhere this lies as amended eyes a value of it now we're disguises brow girl the house would like a mask on that's them how do you do it you must be tested and where moustaches and shit austria is a self defences like la obviously last alternative like you would most likely lee never use any the techniques that you learn if you're lucky you give your whole life and never you any martial arts if only it i got lucky i asked
i always i personally like to run not because i think running is such a good work out i'd like to run for the skill of running because it we don't run you are good at running most people don't like it i do it more as a marshall war because i want a runaway right but when you run do even all people can't run you see the way most people move i don't want to be one of those in our midst sixty seven euro guys it can't run so i practice spreads at least want sometimes twice a week just for the skill of being run fast we'll sprints a really good for your system to write
making these urgent systemic was you know is a really interesting study done in running they found the people the run in the zones like do ten case five k competitive running marathons trials on such as shorter life expectancy than people don't run at all surprised they claim is the occidental stress my theory is that people dont used along apparatus probably a brief probably they found that people that lived all of them are the people who run real swerved is nice measure like then running they ve lived longest thereof longest what is if ever the theory that is only a certain amount of heart beats a again your life i have heard that mean an almost makes sense when you look at the end of professional athletes like how they die young they burn they flavour dire prettier no not something that you have been really a pioneer in avoiding like keeping your body healthy like deep into your sixty
and seventys i know you have a whole programme about that about with presenting jujitsu yes i do we call judges for a lifetime are actually going to do i training cap this next spring and april maui place for training camps how would you like to come i would love to have already railways my guest our vital but i'm busy assorted magic retard tarred for me just just all those guys i'm just taken like a week often gone amount is hard we'd have to you know it's like my time off is most time if i actually have actual time offers with my family laboratories library in your life and you're young diving maybe they would love it they can take part on board vessels while you i'm up another bow your lessons i do now he's nice but man tell em there's somebody its grip on shark fuck is going on about area have that morbid ever since i saw that movie jaws its leg forget it
yeah we're there were watching tv in those a news cast about this kid got his leg mauled and my my kids were just in the pool or just in the yard the ocean rather that day we're just us now and now we came back and we're watches thing about the surfer just got mangled and you know they had em all stitched up and he was fucked up just such a primal fear i don't know what it is i know its irrational goes my chance of being eat by shark is way lesson being an accident in a car i read cars and dropped people always say that but that doesn't make me feel any better because the also the odds of meaning by shark when you're on the shore radically decree that's true here again the ocean is zero it's like the the ads increase is when you get in the water so if you don't go in the water you won't get bit by shark that fact when i got other moment would i just go to this last baby now sunset beach i believe is let's call reduces the south of ella oh christ
what are you gonna show any reaches the lot i see i have only now go back and write off behind in beach my god this is insane ensured that is one big asher that's gotta be very them eight feet same abandoning pinocchio they just randomly codec they were doing some other stuff so he was fill me something else and things breach the water i got shut again could you imagine look at that fucking size of that thing do that's a big shark that's not a seven votes naturally about some kid on surfboard comes up under nathan these standards seals if you ve ever watch sharks hunt yeah the where they hit knockit qana unconscious almost and then did you ever see the film that they put that they got off of right off of the fisherman's wharf in san francisco some taurus were out there and they were just filming the water taken pictures of each other and seeing
people hang around by the water s edge and a great white fish seal up in front of everybody who like right in front of everybody and we think it was probably two different seals that killed because it killed one and there was a leg is big bloody puddle and then it seems like you got a hold of a second it's hard to tell because you know you just look at the surface of the water but massive read and i mean these people thirty forty feet away from this thing as its tearing the seal apart it's really pretty crazy he's crazy there is an awesome picture of a orca hunter with its calf a great white so yeah he's hurt like the great weight yeah they stand it and use judges who men it basically grabbed and turned it over and of sharks donkey movingly basely drowned yeah how'd it till a basely drowned and then at eight its lever and there the the people that analyzed video felt that their mother orca was teaching the baby how to how to hunt
the killer shark yeah sure is there not news agile as an orca in nowhere near smart there really dumb there were tiny brain that is key in swim around but the or because when you see that video heat when you flip it up upside down something about flipping a shark upside down also conflict knox it out they just go passive i've seen people i should do it you don't like it shows no more notice taken flippant and rubbish powers are has to keep his arm is little weird like flaws in the gods early designs it's almost like lead designs like that like the design of a shark like what it has keep swimming issues as a here's here's that footage of san francisco is though this is a different one is it wise it so close this is a little bit later into got closer it starts off a little farther away no one wants to go further with them because the further away did to see a back it up from the beginning you see the actual error the services in the one no jamie
near the other one is from a distance and yet we see the shark the argument but which one is this is this a shark attack and others the sharks shark eaten celia this is right off of fishermen's wharf we're all the restaurants are people walking around yes he that ok more than one great white to but there's more than one footage of this apparently obviously is a big deal and everybody has fallen to me to be watching us i mean if you look at that that's what is at thirty feet ass burning enchantment yeah that there's a better footage though a different angle which is a little bit further off you actually see the shark breach the water with a seal and its mouth and psyche at the stage we are nicky as he swam from alcatraz five different times five different times guy swam from alcatraz to shore well you know what i wanted my heroes jacqueline used to swim that while pulling a boat full of people while shackled
yeah it's like as an annual bertha event what a man there's an animal like the guy was george do in all sorts of christ the exercise is right up until the nineties yeah he was a crazy man who really a real pioneer of health and fitness how well nelson inducing guidance using you know i was tell these kids don't be listen these trainers and their twenty used as thirty's or even their forties because they haven't been over to the other side they don't know what sustainable they don't know without that they just don't have the long term experience all my measures were guys in their eightys there the guys i want to learn from guys it went to the other side there are super fit really healthy there there the guys i've been working at to put my own programme together i dont want to listen to these young as they have no fucking idea than i did it i was a lot of shit i did when i was even in my fortys and even early fifties i
there are people who would tone not just a big toe lashes seven boats or something crazy mean nights seventy people he i think toad like a person for every year of his life so he's towing like a high a stream of boats at how many boats were peck here the guy is amazing swimmer that water was cold and it hasn't looked to me like he has a wetsuit item looks like images evelyn via a single type it's hard so it's ok there's a wetsuit retorted though but either way going lavish thereby was amazing fitness guy their ears and he's handcuffed amazing yeah but here's a guide has stood the test of time he got to his eightys and ninetys another guy i was a master l integration i may there i actually had a judges it with us and with the guy you know when he was in his late
these why and adopt ok he's got beat anybody right doing arrives agenda but you wouldn't want to go up a mesh with at all guy evil mess you up had some thick ass hand big hands big forms and eat you know he would just slap it on you i used to hate to be the guy that he demonstrates up on gaza which is really put her on it i felt damn near georgiana medea what he was a pioneer of no holds barred fights like way back in the i mean he was doing then the nineteen forty through the air and even before him his teacher you didn't or a directive for this guy's brothers did was they got a sum i had little japanese got yeah i heard you won over eight hundred no holds barred fire no other that's true or not while it's like the hickson four hundred
number exactly but my inner he did he did a modern no holds barred type type deals in he was one of the guys it rarely really developed that guard because he was finding that big american wrestlers football players were put them on his back he became deadly from day from from fighting from his back he found a specialised in that particular position that so fascinating because that was a big part of helios game too with glaring he so yeah yeah i mean he was like a hundred forty plus pounds when he was competing and fighting is much larger man much larger than i had ever them for a month downers ranch and tears obvious and i used to get daily lessons in his favorite thing was to have you put himself into just a really bad position like mounted whatever they just basely defy you do any data and its if it's a great gain to you can play well advanced age outta you just let the kids work on a little bit and just play too
and there is nothing i can do why i may he just you know he'd basically do everything i was gonna do before i did it i give his back in our through your mouth and he he basically his defence research superb you would have either had to use an unusual amount of strength to do it or there is no forum was but let me just point out we'll hickson you select guy start on his back with a forward naked choke fully locked in that's how you'd start it's pretty amazing i mean but if you could develop a kind of deal and then use if you're safe from mary safe member where one of the big parts of jujitsu i'm sure we all agree is the ability to be safe in the position and the ability to understand what it takes to be safe and those positions and the best way to do it like any bravo did when these training for oil or one of the big things that he did was he had people start off in bad positions he would have people start off mounting up have even started inside he never start out just facing guy
words are equal neutral position every position every rule started with him on his back every walston with him in a compromise position is such a great way to work if your work with people they don't have the same scale sets as yourself for example yeah action was in amerika for years and years and years and he only had white bow blew about level guys to work with but this is the way he kept his sword sharp yeah he would put himself in these positions partially closed triangles maybe a partially closed mazzolata on the back with maybe a partially closed choke or whatever and ages was just geniuses get there those positions yeah and if you can show your training partners what to do you can actually make it more difficult for herself tell them what they're doing wrong and i mean hickson didn't just develop his own jujitsu skills obviously he had a lot of great students as well integrated and
blackmail donor hicks into these days while one of the most prestigious black fives aware i would say probably closest thing you can get to action is luis heredia normality guys unbelievable yeah and whether we are talking about the old man luis gave me my very first private lesson add hickson old place peter does before i didn't know like that there was a difference in the graces you no one else start now goes like this is great jujitsu ok there's just like the u have say who's hickson gracie that's a rather arises mean anyone know that he was the man and so karlsson greatly school was closer it was awful hawthorne migrate offer sunset those close to where i lived by like twenty minutes and you know especially during traffic was a nightmare to get down a pizza
so i was allowed to go to his place instead so i fucked up and stop training like the best place in the world i got anyone know but as i was when i first started it i didn't have a clue how well i mean i just didn't appreciate how how good these as well but i am not veto any given day i can have a lesson with anything others there were one big happy family you and they were always there to always i got lucky though that when i came to crawl and mario sparrow was their carlos by head tat was there i got to watch those guys role i got to watch this guy's compete veto belpher it was there was one veto was called the recurrent victor gracie remember that a jiffy whether they would fellow with a k i don't know what happened they changes nay really understand what happened well i know it i know it brazil a lot of times the women are able to keep their their original name so they don't always take the name of their their husbands while he was taken carl
man i mean he doesn't he didn't belford his real name keaton have like a gracie background whose till eighteen right mother than might have been a gracious no but there's something but to do that like dozen doesn't numb who has gone on angela gracie no i'm a somewhat someone has that going on one of the men has gone on roger gracie his father roger harder is what his father's gomes yes that's wonderful yeah so i think caesar caesar have essential sit sit similar situations that is that i don't know but i do know is not uncommon for the married woman to keep her maiden there that's interesting but anyway so like ice cover every called vittoria victor back then and like if you like look
the early you have sees a pretty sure i even call i remember someone pull me aside and said you can't call in victor gratia you have see twelve you can't gracie because horseman was suing karlsson remember that like horseman was suing all the other graces they couldn't even used her last name names karlsson gracie is a legend average like a real legend brazilian due to anime and here the guy who came in and beat the guys that illegal could beak is crossing was a bigger tougher stronger guy meaning was like moral bull dog approach which is why was perfect that he added my name is already might arise the gap between areas young signs i was getting a little up there it out and was starting to fail physically a bet
and his own centre a little bit too young still so cars causing grassy was like the one to defend the family honour up until the point where hickson and halls gracie got into their young here and he had a fantastic group of students evils unbelievable teacher low boost demand day my mario spare you mean he had some really amazing amazing students is what they said his ability to go out and recruit talent was just incredible it i just knew how to do it he added i for guys that regrettably really good yet he also had like a great family environment like that cross ungracious in my view a very tight net assets fascinating time in the world of martial arts if you go back and look at that the early ninetys and what happened to this too
you should do in america and how to sort of exploded and changed the face of martial arts airily debt i had my first experience and eighty nine and i just made up my mind i wanted to learn i went in as a and c double way division one rest or at a really good record i you know i like most wrestlers can hard headed what are these skinny brazilian guys gonna show me and then i'm i'm tackling a typewriter by hitler and black hole my god what is that he's doing it i gotta learn this and i ask for it how can i learned this majority should come out to torrents zella game in town at that time that was true and ass he went from philly although it a torrent train and i would stay for a week in i have so much money i was a former school teacher and i haven't i we'll retirement account set up you know some money set aside after i quit teaching in money i've set so i use that to run by jujitsu eddie
in the meantime i would open up matters as was a personal drainage puts a mass in the back up and abbot usually go and take like a thousand bucks and when i run the money i go back to fully since it was my bed i can just take off whenever i wanted i had met and there was a first gem of eastern seaboard i would just get on my old ressler friends philadelphia euro club in our kido guys they just go in there and just work with these guys and practice my jujitsu and then another cup months later i go back and spend time again then i got smart i started brain the graces to my place and then they would stay with me at my house and stay with me sometime for couple weeks voice actually led with me for a month one time i think hoisting toiler they don't even have schools anymore they just traveling seminars and they find that that's more lucrative and they get away from the hassle of like having a pay rand please and all the other nonsense it comes at schools and the others are welcome
with open arms and these weakened seminars and made of a guy like you so whoever or hickson want to do a seminar like who's gonna say knows but has at last got what i do myself and i just go round shown the graces out abandon the other things umbrella into these days is just basis how can you keep your party still in the game guess i mean it is fine to roll a romanian it something that you can do into a vast age but you gotta be careful and you have to be very careful preparation of your body and one of the one of the keys to a person's like you know get entering into their older age what are the keys to maintaining that the bodies elastic city your ear we're your strength and vitality well one of the main cases joint mobility every single day you gotta do some type of mobility people get confused between flexibility and mobility mobility as a codification of strength you want to be able to volunteer
they go in and out of the moment given example being being a gradual anna striker in your devastating calculates spinning ran out thing it is a one way that like a big difference between mobility like special body would be you may be doing to split or put your foot up an elevated surface into holiest stretching ratify that flexibility but lifting your leg up slowly under control and extending it out and holding it the abruzzi movie and then that is mobility right so of practising moving through the full range movement regularly is extremely good for the joints ache ye keep your ability to move the other advice i have these young these guys other tap early and tap often don't be a fool and this whole concept that you can't tap to allow about that get so many guys her i can't tell you how many purple bouts or brown bouts get really peered because some really big strong
technical blue by gets him in a bad situation they feel they can tap and though literally risk injury that's insane the artisans why and hair unfortunate it's at an that ever started that you can't actual or what the problem is if you feel bad about tapping that's one thing but if you get injured you don't feel so much worse hisself actual and it's gonna take you so much longer to recover you like if you get too if you so wish she's gonna get genially all by this time you know unlimited tap fuck i'm an idiot how do i get caught not that far when you get is actually good for you it's good for you because that way you realize you know you can't just let your neck hang out there you can't not defend you can't think about those potential steps and i see in a lot of jujitsu situation i see when when a higher belt will go with a very susie ass dick and a very ambitious lower belt they oftentimes disregard the possibility getting tapped and that's how they get tat
whereas some higher belts i've seen did they'll rule with purple bell or bluebell or wipe out in a row with everybody liked that persons a ninja role with em every single person that person is the greatest grab were that they ve ever face in their life and if they do that not talking about going hard and being like real physical and hurting the alligator but being aware of all the possible is it being are your toes and being at ten at all times if you do that you're gonna be fine or purposely just put self endangered positions and get caught yes just just to practice but what i say i think it was horns boys the hunter here on one of those guys think they that they mentioned a guy that work in their school a black buttons fifties who is really doubted the dumps over been having been wrapped up bible about and they were say well howard was the pull about here
gave his leg in his twenties any outweighed by about thirty paths i think they were the ones who came up with the idea that like four ten years of age and for every ten pounds of wait that's like the guy have an extra bout on you so if you know that a user everywhere i made just a bit less to say a big strong athletic wipeout twenty years old maybe outweighs me by forty pounds that's gonna be like me fighting a guy like a much higher skill yeah what he what he lacks in scale and technique he's making up for with hustle and youth and he's not gonna get tired and strength why i also think it is very dangerous to roll with people large than you may i think these there's lessons to be learned and i certainly did my share of it but man there's a lot i was wrong with much larger guys we come off in your neck is flocked opera you back is crap making weird noises so jesus is this really worth it ourselves where someone really really tragic yeah well
was really really technical thence completely different but are you like i could roll with you and we can have a greater you won't try to kill me when trying to crush maybe it sweet being how our top but yeah the smart big guy if he's and with a smaller guy or an order guy he's gonna put himself in the bar again i got you wait mere whatever and just practices offence in the bottom would re way rather role with a laugh larger than me black bout then i would a larger than the purple about wealth that point mean system also like if you roll with a larger than you black bow like a hydra gracious and limiting the press in the vessel been doing it for their whole life it's like they know how to do it career play a u can get away with so much with physical strength and explosive nelson and in just wait and power but that doesn't make you anybody it's one of the reasons why i always tell people if you want to learn jujitsu properly learn from a little guy from a little learn from a barrett yoshida or toiler gracie earn any bravo view learn jujitsu from a small
a person you gonna learn like really technical jujitsu when i met her master s self defense still stands the test of time i'm sure that's that's another thing that makes me really pleased to see that is cunegonde full circle judge it was kind of going the way of a lot of other martial arts i juno became like just a form of jacketed wrestling really and ty condo tank pseudo it out that they were at one point deadly martial arts but now there you know a lot of marchioness has been lost yeah in allows these different firstly if they go olympic but that was happening to judges who are people just basely shaken hands and jump another ass my ears like what and there's a fun gay i'm not i'm not deriding it i'm not saying that the guys are not formidable athletes are amazing but
of an average guy there never going to be really great there just gonna be so so they're gonna for fun i think is important it back yourself up of the self defence and and i see now big trend to go back to the origins of gesture the these self defence has been really big guys want to know the basic stand up street depends in it was extremely well developed in the old brazilian jujitsu it was very what about gun knife stick club in all consequences defend yourself it against the guy on the ground and pound it was all there but it was lost it was lost both these unfortunate people just try and chase metals and win by points and in doing so they they become like extremely unrealistic in the outer railings actual application against a fight or fighter rather who knows what they're doing but one of things it's really exciting right now is no good competition that is article
and what eddie bravoes don t you see the eddie bravo invitation which was number six was yesterday now that i heard about i heard some of the results in it sounds like a very good way to contest skill versus skill yet it's amazing what is done is he's figured out a way to they have it's a mission only so they go after it right but it went it is a time limit if it reaches a time limit and there's no submission than what they do is start off in compromise position sort of like wrestling unknown wrestling wendy i would start down when they raise busy gas so in you have the option of two positions either you take the back with over under just over under not a joke locked in practice the back with the oxen and over under or spiderweb control meaning arm bar the other guys defending
the iron bar on its lying on his back you're inside control and you have the arm hooked in your legs are cross and you start from there and so either the person gets a tap or the person on the bottom escapes the position and then you cannot the amount of time see do it intellect i think these three rounds of this and dumb if someone taps then the other personnel opportunity to tat of the person and whoever taps the quickest like if one person tat the person within minutes i have here the person does in the thirty seconds that person with the third second person we went and if there's no taps in the i think it three rounds three rounds of of the submission attempts then they count up the amount of time it took the person to escape solve one person scapes like thirty seconds quicker you know then the other person to person would win that's how you every tone in want of losing yesterday why what a fair way to two yards a smart way to do it took as it ensures that you can have exciting situations because if you guys are just locked up
front of each other and no one ever gets too about spot see any action but if a guy's ana goes back can he has over under and start from there that's a dangerous spot and so you're gonna cease exciting stuff so it treaty it changes grappling from being this thing that can really one leg hilarious you know they had those matches what gary tone and versus who smallpox horrors great match up but it went to draw a j there's no audience judge linares they want a clear cut winner plus a guess lives chanced to showcase their skills yes right that's what people say they want to see the scale sets showcased and you don't get to see there are sometimes these guys are so damn good that they neutralize each other yeah doesn't always make for a great fight to really good fighters and may we give seen as you have said many times you think all my guy this could be so good as like man is a really boring cause the guys just basely neutralised
they're just so good they're so good they cancel each other out i can't it's that is that there is a problem and i think it is come up with a perfect solution with this format of pudding guys in bad positions the last stage of the match like a fun thing to compete and it's our fight passed out on you have seen bypass so now you know a lot of people getting chances here they put the videos on youtube knowledge ass it is this if the pearl ever pretty much yeah twenty five thousand dollars for the light be kind of fine if they just did like a grass roots a grassroots thing infer like amateurs go ahead of the programme about problem about baby i i don't know how angry and of what the logistics of retorted while i got my baby it may tat be funding components yeah eddies done six of them and they ve gone better and better in yesterday's was the biggest one and firstly because on five has now but he's really figured it out and i figured out how to make this exciting thing to watch where people who were on the outside lookin n y yes bacon
cash wrestling alot of people realise that pre civil war and just possible war wrestling was the most popular sport in america freely people used to sit outside the telegraph office is to listen to the results of these old school wrestling match it it was way more popular well first of all baseball was in its infancy it was like a civil war era sport there was intended basketball was still only like to schools think were planet as they actually used real like peach baskets right here there was a physical education guy came up with a way just you know like games just air conditioning its origins boswell do you know if i'm always acres and cars like this watermelon look on board but wrestling was the most popular sport in amerika and it was real wrestling now all i'll catch you guys like
georgia's hacking schmidt and frank gotcha and yeah farmer burns and now even up to the arab strangled louis you know they were still doing real wrestling and then of course they started getting into that more of the entertainment how did it go bad because it's really fascinating to mean that wrestling itself is such an unbelievably difficult sport i give you watch amateur wrestling india backs olympic level its unbelievably difficult in this exciting and find a watch but there's no professional venue for it never vat well until the you have taken right but that's fighting their sites like people who just want a rustle they can't it as a great basis for a lot different sang it certainly has no doubt about it but it's just tunnel sucks that there's not a perfect i should not have a geo for actual wrestler actual arresting me think about all the things that are on television call for whatever with theirs is massive professional venue for
it sounds like eddie bravo that was given one for jiu jitsu but you just is obviously very different than wrestling i mean just wrestling itself getting the pin and scoring points are takedowns and all those different things mean there's something to be said for that as a spa maybe not its magnificent the best as a martial arts for completing a fight for finishing a fight wrestling with the rules that are involved in amateur wrestling but to me the guys a really great at wrestling like i would like to see them have a proof national avenue like awaited go from college and then compete as a professional ressler and so now there's any wrong doubly debbie eve you're into that shit but i would love it if it was an actual competition show real honest to god not corps grandpa nothing front they are what wasn't attempt for a while to actually come up with a professional russian very hobbled terms air but kind of fell by the wayside image of those a case with basketball if you play basketball college
ask both like really like people watched on espn as is big deals in the olympics basket but then when you went to everybody had addressed like a vampire you through glitter onto the thing you know i mean like you have music when you introduce you have matches in a cage public what the fuck happened a basketball there are some countries where they actually do have real pro wrestling based on basic not not essentially olympic roles but like role in it each country has around what all native more short folkestone wrestling some of the applicant countries do this its huge and in countries like somalia and what was the other country i met this guy they travels the world for the international other big wrestling federation and he was just
doing like just looking at all the different aspects arising all over the world i met him when i was in turkey i went to the turkish national championships of oil wrestling these guys are all pretty much like professional level duty man and this is the one where they wear these buffalo hide trousers that are tied offered the knee and then they they basically poor a bucket of olive oil themselves and then they go out in a grass arena and they just wrestle and it starts out was like fifty dude then i'll half of those guys lose and then they just keep goin to reside two guys standard why oil what happened there go wrong during the ottoman empire they had a standard army the basic ottomans pretty much conquer the world
they had all these young soldiers with nothing to do and these guys we're getting us problems you gotta keep young men occupied so they came up with this but a better at the same time these are ferocious warriors the want you guys hurtin each other so they came up with this idea of code themselves with oil himself separate shaking go after each other it like a rabbit dog but no one really gets hurt while and also had helped build to heat charge because these guys were wherein armor and the friggin desert in hundreds of degrees i mean like a hundred degrees and really build up a tremendous heat tolerance you know when you get used to train and i then so training covered with oil yeah i build your seat how're you get scammed bereavement spreading brutal while cassie that way so like the eu dislike the european ports really can't sweat that good and hope and those guys and they were able to keep themselves in tremendous shape a guideline we're gonna stagnate what what
the things they do whose rachel inside the pants and grow get a gradual and it looks a little game you think but i'll tell you something i actually put on the kiss bit and the oil wrestled with the former junior national jap did he was almost my ribs with that with the lever nobody come inside the waistband of your trousers and put his elbow on your spine and see the ideas to flip the guy over and exposed belly button to the sky if you turn the guy over you went here with a gun but this is a terrible look look so chap pace he's leg literally way let us put it this way aeroflot never fly in america why why is why is there a gap between the way and you know the bar doesn't it doesn't start that way is this type with the oil over time but these guys are unbelievably strong and you can see the physician these guys are like coal mining
god and they are national heroes their rock stars in their country but the gravity of this package no none and others no sexuality allegedly ass it does no way you can get your hand deepen their like that and not have some shenanigans he's looking as for outgoing mail or hand as is easy how is holding the leg the panther there's uses leverage the fort the guy over sir it's almost like jujitsu always ensured the guy can't get away was got his hand airlines cannot but this part of it but try on man this you can have this i develop kid respect for them you i i it gives or speculative betty not everybody i went to fly to western culture now ripe but you ve done this before but that these are strict islam stir you now and any kind of homosexuality is punishable by
in these countries but you also know that doesn't stop it like people that have gone over to afghanistan have talked about man love monday's would like they have over there whether there is a lot of the man yeah man boy love now super common they have common gay relationships i got there is an article that was written about one of those gay websites like an app like our grinder sent my fat and this guy i went over to some forbidden country word in awesome islamic country and fired up the abbot adjusts gettin pinged left and right by these gay due to try to hook up kid i forbid fruit my friend my god how it is argued on a buffalo haydn and rational there s about his gaze it get for me if they were gay it besides i guess i worse but you know like it is were gay in somebody like put it this way are being heterosexual man if
a girl wanted to get our loomed up a rustle and you could stick your hand our pants they would i be their exactly so matter of fact after the show up at the haiti got that's what it what's up with a tarp nothing towards weighed down grab roll out the vat vat of oil at your little lemon tight on those goes pants look like their sturdy at least which like its varela hide talk me fifteen minutes to get him on really does they're so stiff they stand by themselves is almost like armor and literally had oil on my balls my ass my thighs just slide and again the sometimes see come on and this is not that there's gonna waste drug use actually grabbing the front like grabbing the jujitsu about that who call he's gonna pull him down into a into data its caller caused her in my world right they'll get that one that is
it is outrageous that he didn't break his neck you have for sure i'm sure when you deal you ve been real slippery that that's part of the problem with actually grappling this may bring these movement that's like the core that's the version of like in prison they hold on your pocket guys look at each other down no girls will do others to do the same in my country there's no girls oil throw down but eighteen out is a very difficult way to grapple all jokes silence really hard and in doing so like you you have to develop you learn that about nokias well and especially if you tried do nobody would know shirts on what is a big difference underlying with around your abu dhabi crazy that's the thing also about that was it it was very safe for the soldiers to give full out and they what do you do with standing army with no war to fight the authority good bye
the same time you know you can't have em hurting each other that was the that that was the so called origins at home sport yeah there was an mp are podcast on radio lab about the origins of football in how football was created and that was one of the reasons why i was so appealing it was like a way to compete in war without actually having war minuet objectives you have goals and instead of a bullets and bodies yet a football is like team wrestling almost sort of yonder and a lot of ways and in a way like if you think of the let's say the rugby scrub it's kind of the old shield wall isn't it when they were they formed the shield walkin so i mean it's is basically were learning to work work together in an in there is grappling menu basely throwing guys down bree harder yeah it's i think whenever you have young man and you have carpet mission is there's always going to be this desire to dominate like young
men always want to dominate other men that's just always gonna be the weight as they ve figured away to have these workarounds that are acceptable by society and then in fact it became the biggest portable and the country maintain warfare met your team warfare like the nfl as that's the biggest sport in the country but you know it's interesting is the early for four days you know you just see the injuries like you do now i may there would be elbows new shoulders like always like all tough boy sports where you thrown people do the ground you gonna get hurt but you didn't get the can oceans right and one of the things i had were any don't sit and rugby or rugby union or gaelic forebore in that the seat as much jesus man but you do don't you see generally sit by not epidemic like and then about i think they're hammered became a weapon and they start using the head as a weapon definitely and i ought to say what's nfl does now was there and all these lawsuits in all these are these
did you happen to see well smith and that movie caution caution i didn't but i keep hearing great things got us expect that movie alkali i heard a hell of a job i dont know what they can do to mitigate but they do have a new kind of helmut now i heard that just came out it's really reduces the slashing of the brain in the browser do that i think it's some kind of joke or something in the helmet that like kind of like a soft kind of thing the absorption of the houses are our yeah so when you get hit your brain still sloshes issues like you know when you get hit with headgear odd it doesn't really stop the brain and now you just take more heads causes no surface and will not only that a lot of people think you'd actually accentuates the movement of the brain because the fulcrum fact like a vulcan have someone with a larger object in the head twists i believe theyve take there's a new home now they're supposedly is just like that it takes the blow but
it saves them there were seen in here jim pulled up does video it's a zero one believes it can reduce the chances of players sustaining concussion and interesting because the the helm in itself sort of gives and expands i would love to see that happen because of provo bob and i would be thrilled to see it that they come out away that these guys can still play the game without suffering theirs our blundered i agree but honestly i feel like the real option is probably no pads no helmet west in plain where i may or like the original football in the u s why think with them a may one of things at sea these fighters verses boxing is that you really can't he off on someone the way you can with box and gloves with boxing loves you almost can have no concern would whether now you're gonna hit a forehead or gonna hit an elbow unless you have all hands or weekends like very it's it's
much more rare that boxers break their hands and emma may fighters but even mme fighters i think they have an unrealistic amount of protection on their hands and it's just a protector hands like i still to this day get interviews like i've i got interviewed after that the the guy died overseas really recently and their santee thanked the nation maybe they have bigger glue or maybe you should make people were headgear the eye the real answer is no gloves not only no gloves no risk taping because i think that one of the more difficult aspects about punching someone is at your wrist joint move when you hit things and it makes a way harder me after really concentrated keep your fists completely tight make sure that your wrist doesn't move we make impact and you have to make impact with the first two knuckles primarily otherwise you could break it
and all those original europe say i was one of the original ventures i told you this actually through my little bit of money in their end up was voices conditioning coach for this first three what did you have him do back then as i she trying to build his strange as much as it could because you did too provided all of the conditions that he needed he was doing a lot of work with just bring in fresh partners and on he went to stay a jujitsu purist although in our he used some kicks in so support system cannot close the distant just close the distant faith the guy i make make the guy wonder like what's he doing so that he can give decline since you it's smack guys to give us an agonising don't run the risk of breaking your i had but in others original europe sees the strikers all bus to their hands alot amounted oversight i think three broken hands that first the first one
well that's realistic though and as realistic and grand and pan would cease to exist here you can't just sit there aren t off we can elbow people for sure you'll get out able but imagine had summoned the elbow stores atop an ahead yeah so that that whole round the pound thing we're pretty much go i will just reckless punching would go away you would have to have precision punches you'd see a lot more open hand strikes you would see grabbers able to secure holds if they can haul yes i might be a boring for the public because thank you would see grabbers when a fight you my but i think you would also see a lot better my tie you would see people would then have to develop their more time because no you didn't see any change in the weapons the knees the kicks the elbows all
be exactly the same though indifference would be the punch it so i think i was really high level my tie practising a programme yet it probably have a really good advantage if indeed to fight on the feet of the flight went to the ground you definitely a big adventure grab was especially in securing chokes cause you ve tried sure to grapple with ever made love cyanide is just like where governments or something especially like rear naked if you try to get a real naked choke driving like regularity and some gases one get underneath the chin in syria and in their special if you like pretzel groups or something like that it's just that it is only possible patting the so much you create a good solid two to three extra inches of space that you don't want with all the patting the glue and it just gets in the way and also it's easy for your point grab them and pull them off all along i would love to see a return to the glove was emma yeah i wish you would be very interested to see a leg somewhere
where maybe on indian reservation or someplace where they didn't have all day boxing is the reason why they put the gloves on the first by shore the box and commissions one you know they were actually it was ten gabbett you know take out the first gotta where those gloves go at war the chuck norris emanate gloves which was before anybody had them missus tank bore them like i want to sailor man it was like early early you have seen because tank was a power puncher and smart enough to realize you know what i just my hands up put these these more padded gloves are going to protect my knuckles and just molly want these dudes was or was that before they went to the club tank abbot was before they went to close the first you have see that i worked at no gloves i was at usc well and they started have gloves did not have gloves was not mandatory and was optional veto or war gloves but he didn't
after i believe we also wore shoes no he didn't worm in those areas on the guys are still very eyes he was barefoot he warm when five mandalay that's him verses all hectare jesse so all leg has no gloves but tank has gloves on interest yeah tank was i'm pretty your task was a pioneer of weren't those kind of gloves and i think that they would call those don't think they call them emma may gloves back to him because i don't think did the term anime but dear guys we're century gloves in central confer a hidden a heavy burden speed by some like that and that's what the design came from the design of ever made gloves didn't come from someone sitting down saying we need the perfect glove from ex martial arts now they had it they already had a model that was not really necessarily designed for ever may and they just sort of applied at the end of may and it became standard his lot of like really sloppy shit that's in him still to this day that shouldn't be there that's only
because i was in the beginning the twelve to six elbow which i harp upon all the time because i think it's so stupid that if you go down from twelve on the clock to six on the clock with an elbow it's illegal even if you hit someone in the thigh which is so stupid it's illegal reason watch illegals because the commission's the athletic commission saw people breaking bricks on those karate demonstrations that you can't do that you would kill people so that's why debts legal that understanding that they weaken those rags well and also the reason why gloves are mandatory is because somehow another they erroneously believe those gloves protective the fighters they don't answer but not but knowing that knowing that you may i think we got a roomful of athletes and fighters and marshall artists and we all have the discussion said let's just so i have a show of hands how many guys here think that the gloves protect the opponent there
everyone has a right to everyone who knows every one hundred percent i think across the board mean might be contrary and are too that would step in and say you know i personally i'd rather get punch by a guy with a glove the no glove but most people would say fuck that whilst we would say bear knuckles probably safer for everybody involved safer am i am i correct did they not take the head gear off limping bought they didn't get it it s and i think that's a good move centre you dont get hit is much when you not have headgear on ice to hate headgear sparring because your peripheral would get screwed up especially kickboxing it was really dangerous b as you will know you'd get hit with a job you and even recognize the kick was coming because of their coming over your shoulder until wop its catching sight how do you peripheral would get all fucked up you would it would closure peripheral quite a bit and i just
ways fellow you get hit way more when i had had gear on you know it's interesting though the little bit boxing in that i did do i always noticed i always kind i had a doll headache after boxing with heavier and when i didn't have the heavier i didn't have that same headache is where even back then i could never understand why my head always hurt war after boxing with it with the hague euro cause you squishing around or well now may everytime i didn't put the cause and effect together you know i all i knew was intuitively i hated wearing headgear when i wouldn't want to try oh it's interesting when i've brought up this to people in in high places they said the same thing the public would never go for the public good things to brutal people things to britain now that would have we created would have created because we created something you know i'm not on me i've seen innovating do the but what
what emma may is is we have a completely new spore over the last few decades and this completely new sport is redefine the way people think about combat sports and fighting right ok but what are we to be honest about what fuck what's happening and what are we be honest about how come you can shin kick a guy in the face i can show you in the face full blast but i can't punch you with bare knuckle do no stupid that is because a guy like you know take you know someone whose power kick like a veto belford asylum and i got the amount power they could generate from a kicked in that bra shindy or face it so much more than anyone can ever punch mean like multitudes bore like when you face while basically a baseball bat but we'd have to wear chimpanzee how kind of coercion pats because public's not used to actions being covered that's all it is
really honestly think that the smartest move would be to ban tape dont know you can't take your rests and bear now calls i think such a well if you go back in the early era of boxing where it was all bear knuckle you really start knockout there's this fight you should go so thirty rounds of other unite jack johnson those guys do you think that's why they suffer this too like smack each other with the knuckles or disengaged enone better i think they know better i i'll think the mighty men of all is that too much we could probably show those guys imagine if we went to time capsule back to sparta the first professional army is a year in europe you think we could actually show those guys anything about guiding your warfare i'll fuck all those deeds of eta met i know honestly marginalizing i bet they get fucked up i really do
because when i look at the marshal artists from ninety ninety three there were competing you have seen and i look at the martial arts of today two thousand sixteen look at john jones you know what the fuck john and what do you see one hour it gives it be sent john jones knew of sea one it will i get that guy is not fair i could hear in a totally different thing i think the martial arts of today nature is johnson who i think is the best ever published on chocolate modern modern modern let's go two thousand years ago john jones in a gladiator or rien do you not think you would fuck those guys up i think you'd be a hell of a gladiator angered fighters would have a chance i dont think do it i don't think they would know what they were doing i think they knew what they're doing really i want to do and they didn't know and nineteen only three this information had been lot right but even jujitsu juno less as a surgeon of like oh i may i so you're saying like the dark ages even where they in alike in medieval times but didn't have the ability to share information like they have to do that
others no internet there that's one of the reasons why jujitsu set such a high level today like there's all these like viral be j j which is one of the ones i follow one instagram bunch we're gonna following instagram where they will have most of the day in a show these moves and you just i've been doing you too for a long time and i was something i'll just go the home alone guy like all my look at this work and move like every day these kids are coming up with new moves everywhere i saw certainly figured out how to go some some dude went from being a heel hook to catching a guy in a camorra and instead out of the he'll look into a calmer and also why there's worded used and what did you just do like you what you want you like how did it you just gotta play it over and over and over again to so many of those now let's go back we were just talking about in ancient times you're your ability to fight was alive
yes you are actually fighting to the death rate we don't have it true unless you mean about using the measures with shooting and guns a supply that you'd see guys fighting mean could be had ample for the most part these guys were worth train warriors that would fight hand to hand that's why i say when you're fighting to the two half your dear good at what you do if you live if you like but if you don't live you don't get the really learn anything ever heard of it but there's one you guys did lit yeah my point is that they were well train they really knew what was going on i think there's some good on both sides i thank god there are certainly some incredibly tough people back then for shorter my guy yeah i'm sure the pain threshold resembling i think these are this longing for nostalgia that a lot of people like to apply to like the ancient marshall artists and ancient fighter
and they liked like all those guys by boy if they could fight you know today like if you could get this guy i lip jack dempsey whose a hell of a fire and an amazing boxer interested unbelievably tough man when last one round mike tyson might take his private around through jack dempsey he would our ran through all of em he would a ranch through jean tunny he would have run through all those guys quasi ran through everybody iron age does but i mean is that because he was mike or is it because those guys that bad was also gives you highlight admiring guys look pretty shit he certainly did but he had the benefit of having all those guys on film whatever their version of internet but he had his his version of the internet which was custom model and customize mine
i got him on red eder showed him all the funny means on instagram but what he did do is he played him these films these black and white films of sugar ray robinson of georgia walcott of rocky marciano he got to watch old school jack dempsey tapes and he got to emulate their techniques and understand and custom model would over meticulously different positions and different way is to encounter a different styles and different ways to move to get better angle for counter shots and he learned from all those techniques in a way those guys really didn't have the opportunity do they had to train they had learned from trainers there to watch or the people do it but they didn't have the benefit of having a lie bavaria fill you has abandoned make a very strong point did you happen to catch him in it man three what is it man threat now what is that by the usa wing chunky those core the consumer is about mike tyson had that's right
saw the pretty early scarier shared savings air even to this day i hope like you could still you now if we just ain't virgo six months or so he looked like he'd still step in their take somebody with a definite looks he still somewhat actively was a video of him hitting the bag recently for some shoot for something i regret and you know he starts starts off slavs let's get loosened up and they start tina from the bag like oh jesus oh my god he's still for people of itself people show yourself what people try mr webster i still haunted by the spinning bacchic disney arrived i refrain banana bag ben and have man my ribs just hurt is watching them well kicks are always gonna be more powerful than punches in out then i think that the kicking technique is one of the few things
is a little bit behind in emma may in comparison to some of the traditional martial arts especially like these spinning kicks and straight kicks like the round kicks oppress impulse prostrate for reviewing the round cakes of like the best my tie fighters and the round cakes of like the best jujitsu gaza can edson barboza i think barbosa right up there with pretty much anybody and as far as far as like kicking technique in the world but spinning technic straight techniques like turning psychics there's a little bit of lost knowledge in those not so many guys know there et cetera used to have that awesome spinning backface man yes loud i caught by surprise am i correct you are the one the tajik peter spinning back again he knew how to do it by i helped refine it he actually came may john donna her whose like while the best fujitsu coaches in the world whose he's a guy who's in charge of physical donner death squad he's of all these guys at the hands of grace
like gary tone and eighty come ass a shocked and the young man at one yesterday things james ryan gordon ryan i think his name is one maybe i can find out what his name is young kid is twenty years old one epa tournament yesterday but donna her and i were having dinner in gnp wanted he asked me if i anyone who because he knew that i came from attack window background is i do know anybody was a really good ticonderoga they can show gs p the fundamentals of of the spinning bacchic turning psychic yeah gordon ryan young kid twenty years old one the sixteen man turned whatsoever api grammar invitation invitation organs in so doing her ass i am and i said well i could charms gently announced can sound ridiculous being a comedian knowledge is commentator just come there's this year disguise their wallets its sounds even to me
ridiculous to me to say to john donna her on the best jujitsu teachers in the world in our heads i there's a guy that i know is named me here that the analysis those values of georgia i am not going to your house and trained you a few times europe beast had had then another raw time thank you probably would have been a hell of a member may find yours up maybe people ask me that all the time i say joe probably i made you you're a superior as there is no doubt about it you got the fast which muscle fibre you got the power i think her head you had a chance but say maybe ten years prior to when it starts well that's very nice of you i don't know i might not be a nice i'm being eyes you you know you're really athletic stronger why certainly would have competed in emma may like i didn't take boxing and type window but i totally
honestly though i've always been terrified of brain damage i knew many people when i was young there are new or punchy it scared the shit out of me it still to this day scare shit out of me that's one one of the reasons why tell anybody if there are even thinking even they even have one foot out the back door to thinking about getting out get out just because it's gonna be some animal india that's not thinking about get now he's going to be some some creeds on psychopath whose only think it about put in his shindy your face and he's probably going to do it sooner or later is going to happen here either in philadelphia for many many years and smoking joe phrase used to be done in my neighborhood sometimes the poor guy barely put to work together and i would say hello to how many didn't even know what he said you have just really sad he was gone when i open to allow those guys i've seen
i've seen in my time in the sea and i saw it in my my kickboxing days i saw it with guys when you know what when i went from thailand oda kickboxing i spent a lot of time on boxing gems and dumb i got to watch of a lot of guys get beat up and training and in over the course of just a few years i throw for years i could see deterioration as he's here that's why jujitsu and submission wrestling is so much fun now because you can pretty much go full tilt really spend yourself get nice work out no one never necessarily needs to get hurt right if it hurts even if its highly uncomfortable you just do now that's it you know i mean it provided you gotta go yours have to have trust with your partners but job that is one thing you can do well into advanced stage and it is a great aunt i aging tool
if you go at it in the right way yeah and i think one thing that you brought up earlier when it comes to joint manipulate or joint mobility and just flexibility mobility it's it's i think it's very important the people realise that if you want your body to be healthy you have to use it all the time he had an you can have any excuses old men have actually have to work out more than young guys i gotta work out every day even a couple hours every just remained to seven days a week there no it's not hard right i'm not doing high intensity everyday in a high intensity twice a week so i dont burn out
even younger guy special be involved as any kind of sport you gotta be really careful that you don't over train over training is epidemic among scrap words judge it's a guy's even mme geysers is chronically burn it burn it out but out too hard work out the weakest enough and every day you guys do plenty of mobility and i like to do putty of breathing exercise walking cardio and i do some static stretching but its enable me to stow mean august although my honour the man i surprised guy sometimes when we get it on the mat raw arap first a shower baby in me and then they say outs davy stove gotta go in there and then they start up a natural a bit course yeah m m users want happened how is your shoulder you haven't some shoulder issues still got some issues whether by irregular looked
by a doctor i dared here's the big ol bowen spurn they're just from doing silly stupid shit not tap and quick enough had a couple injuries to it started back in college i say so i don't do any overhead pressing running anymore i can still do hindu push up thanks i then i could still do dips we still do those shield cas with with kelp without clubs so much cause i can't traveller that stuff so much went to body weight in ice metrics and so forth in a lot lot lot mobility so but i would hear here's a good resource for your list any of you guys out there listening that have shorter issues go by the book shoulder pain its solution and its prevention by doktor john am curse it was a former orthopedic surgeon who used to do surgery for living as ugh doktor can either cut you or give you medication to mask the symptoms but cant do anything to really help you well cursed found it brought a hanging with a break your hang
cured almost every type of shoulder ailment would get people i will explain a regular hang out with upon facing away ok shorter with and i use they dont use my summer finger i made my might some just u dont grab it like you grab it well now just like among dry up we call which is what you would do for grass or anyway you never like us like american whole right and you just hang and stretches out the coral coy and then that the euro has a little amazon it's like a little born in the shoulder that that what happens is as you get older it starts impinge backed bring it up that book shoulder painted saluting omega tee shirts has bring that up jamie erica this is oh they're paying this ass a shoulder impinge meant rotating cough tears gabriel urgent born i was stars on amazon a hundred thirty five customer views that is strong and
dear john it man well of course part of my problem is its hard to find a horizontal bar sometimes when you travelling they take all the pull a barge playwrights why i don't know maybe a poor journeys to a beast forms of up we god forbid you feel bad about himself does it have to be this way i gotta be a break your hat so it has to be punished racing for you and you let the shower this let the shorter commander socket and you just passively and show your grip starts guitar you can do it multiple times you would be absolutely amazing how good you shoulders with from know that so full arm strength are locked out completely is you just like this like you were doing now completely relax ok so just hang just hang and just like that or to let the humorous come out of the socket and hang so is it we are doing is just relax hinges pills neurons opens up the joint it gives the humorous more ability to move even
the bones bar i haven't the shoulder when i hang regularly i have zero pan wow that's crazy and this guy stop doing surgery this guy the majors living doing surgery now he doesn't advocates shot he says this works why is this an orthopedic board certified or the bidding guy and he shows the quarry study where did a study with the old folks i'm china it feels really really nice really really really good bipolar saw i this for all my clients i do online personal training fat large programmes as such and all my guys that have shoulder issues i get them hangin and the other is necessary a job if you having any shoulders i've gone all right now just start hang it every day even more shoulders for good that is our counter intuitive like it's too simple to be those wonders things it is true why
tears on my shoulder and i got was handsome pains are finally when got an mri apparently had been disclosed hated and i never even knew it had been dislocated enough from judges and want to see the damned pictures anna had had a lake voltaire i had a torn bicep tend in and i had a but is it labour law and wrote erika rotating of terror to you have any spurs in their any you're gonna shit gone by well and anyone this play hard boy sports like we have all our lives you're gonna get that shit but i'm china what curse found it matter what the source of the injury was the relief is profound when you do that daily hanging it it's just that amazed wide done what i have done is get stem cells shot i got stem cell shots in the shoulder and it is incredible line what did the healing first i had always clicking and weird shit was gonna although she went away
these are the hangman man a man hanging restrictive heinrich everywhere i'd like to do it right now would you on the progress of that i need to find some kind of portable devices what about one the ones that goes in front of a door like those those ones how do i do be gray but i'd have to buy one of these citizens dump it gets annoying you are committed to this are you are you are saying before they might be thinking about maui as a base well i am so down just i've been doing this about two thousand and five i think i will i met you you had a truck is living in a van camper any like i can't be bothered with its work a jerk and i really liked it but then i started traveller was to help you george you your aren t you guess park it somewhere rust you're gonna find somebody like an engineer you got chart you gotta turn the engine over you gotta
maintaining a mice get inside a lot of these our vision either the electrical wiring up and totally destroyed you electrical sisterly abandoned vehicles in if you just sit it critters get in there he has not uncommon raw so what they how do you do it so i find a sordid time talking of the power of internet sold my camper van to a guy and never seen i was in germany he was in santiago attic the van was up in seattle i saw him site unseen too aunt em pictures as very honest i had a bunch of shit wrong where that i told every single thing goes wrong with it and how we agreed on price he wired me the money i e mail the title in the cake as i travel with i kept like a key and has a title with me i mailed it to him he went up and got it drove back down to santiago from sierra
while the power that it at my friend as a main reported on craigslist and bomb i gotta eat i had a little few people bid on it and i feel when it's all me oh even twenty years ago that out making a living on the internet you know why essentially you make a living doing not just seminars but you do have a lot of online stuff alot all i saw what what say you understood the the power of the internet for doing online personal training we have a lot of you found out about you and me included because the internet i mean i found out about you from research and kettlebells exercises and that's all got some your early stuff ass i knew about because i knew that you were one of the first american resign jujitsu blackfellows one of our house and grace at first to be sure but that they there was a bunch there's a couple guys them shadows given but i was like that first cheer of actual gracie jujitsu gauze and then horrid and
master elio have the gracie instructor training programmes they were concerned that of the teaching quality they reside guys other teaching their probation bandage yeah so they wanted they they had a specific educational sound like how to teach the move and i was the first person to graduate from that instructor training programmes it was really good will you i'm sure you're where now the controversy of this great university the thing they're doing online and are doing tat signs gotta talk carried away with that blew about i'm not really road with them or there's one guy is given right brown boats on kid outer gimme a greater now about i want to say is named ladys perspective guy when i read on the underground it has given way up to brown bout online how could you possibly respect that i mean like the only way i would say again it says this vision tested modems that's why you're so i
have seen guys that have train pretty much from the internet i wanted to haiti i was hired by a group of grabbers to prepare them for this aside society island championship it very piper grappling is a traditional sport amongst the polynesian peoples and i went to tahiti i stay there three months i trained these guys for the society island chip championships and the guy that was run it was stole wipe out and i was present guard therein tahiti big guy and i'm the label rapport he outweigh me probably by about fifty pounds yet he was very soft relax technical he had never actually had a teacher we learned all watching online on internet speaking about a long and i love the way train with bay he was very respectful even those in our thirty years older than men and much smaller we eggs are good training i just gave the guy the about run the spot why i mean there's no way that the guy was wiped out
i've done that different places where people don't have a good instructor where they are under promoted and i'll get in the man with whom i see what they can do and i see well ok this guys under promoting just as an chance to have a legitimate guy give more promotion rolling with deny a group of students and he was the teacher bazookas whitehall teacher will now wipeout teacher and his guys were good there were really really good while if you just really pay attention to the fund animals and you really understand the principles behind each individual technique you can learn a lot online you learn a lot but not brown bout i just feel like the laser
no i need someone there right there with you below about almost any one can guess i agree and i heard a really funny analogy one time from i think one of current crises barboza maybe healthcare that is a basic wipe out as a sperm seed right by the time we work for degree wipe out you're like like a little baby there which is born and then the blue bodies like a little toddler like just a little little kid don't even know what does know yet the time you're like a four degree blew about you're like a child and then the purple bout is like a teenager dangerous teenager yeah yeah you got to take me but you just let us start and i know that i can do it to purple votes i feel like it's like some of the most dangerous that's a dangerous guy gets a lot charities using a lot of power but he got the technique to and then of course by the i'm your bramble you're like a young man and it out you basically brown bowed his blackout in disguise is just one
you may bring about you gonna make black bout unless you does outright quit yeah and now and then a black box like a grown man but for me i don't know about you but once i got the black box i felt like a whole new layer of learning was taking place at that point well you'd never ends stop learning and jiu jitsu as long as your body still works like we're talking about these new moves are consoling and coming out but then you know jack machado has is really interesting take on things he said the more you know the less you use that i see he goes i might know ten thousand techniques but to win a mantra might use to wilson said i wonder how does this work thirty ways to pass the guard values too i have but a backup move a and then back a plan b is it doesn't work
i think this is the way it is man was really got ilo game that that pressure solid top visas body weight to well you know when i used to train vassallo he could tell me out on the cross side without even putting a submission old just crusty me with his weight and he's as i mean he's heavy but not that right he just would rob your brother is the most horrible feeling is like being water borders or somethin man ever like oh my god pressure he learned to do that but i think for rum far moves and so forth pry one the most outstanding clinics of ever witness was when john shot my shadow was in the second adami i actually went over to the arab emirates and i want to support sallow and whoever at that time and i couldn't believe the clinic he put on
all closed gorgeous that another lost or you don't see too many guys use it cronies could close guard but john jock put on a clinic on believable man he had this super fight with micro sparing i never saw such here must put spiraea young john jocks no joke man he's always been a beast is is really brilliant person to like like a human being is a great guy on top of being this amazing jujitsu practitioners just up a beautiful human being and from their clothes gaudy argues for basic tranquil i'm lock plata getting course some sweeps to back it up in heaven yeah and he's the way he put them together was like a machine gun effect but but but but but papa is like the guy in the guy i was working so hard just not to get caught never saw them it was i
i'll just goes to show you that the basics done well that's all you really need yeah well hickson and chrome chrome to this day still decease is the basic sambo evil in iran but that's it sounds derogatory almost like someone like minnetaki once get upset that many margolis many magazine we are talking about is is jujitsu and he said is very basic but that's not bad now it is not bad at all so i said that about may i take it as a couple be partially basic is is batches home to a razor sharp edged all the basic techniques that i think is on a hot grace is another example of another example when the best fujitsu artists in the world but very basic what year was i worry he one is the vision and then he tapped everybody in the open division with an extract from the mouth use that one take down that one throw he does
he mounted every single and these were all professional level best black box in the world he tapped every single guy with the basic extra for the mass crazy dust the first thing you learn right as as a your first first couple months and you jesse you learn basic extra the guy tat the best in the world just doing basic stuff with such an advantage and you used to being tall long what a nightmare it's a giant advantage tal long guys have so much leverage so much and also the ability to get techniques and locked the mob were a short stubby armed person like me just doesn't admire arms don't connect in spots like good darst chokes things along those lines where you see you king they have more space ass secular arm goes deeper than that you say people with every type of physique tiptoe orange agenda because i m speaking like fire plug kind of built a main now and a shorter stubborn and solemn right yeah he's like one
the most winning is jujitsu guys ever in the world through wow you now he just maximized he adapted legitimacy is physique offers more powers their properties his eyes reserve tank that's the cool thing about the game it doesn't matter how your big big tall short you know whether you cared little extra weight or you're really skinny you can adapt as suggested here your own body so we're talking about you moving maui yeah we gotta get off track a little bit but yeah via by maui in what would makes you were well you're going to laugh at ask us is that scientific but that it is using astrologer this guy's amaze used to be a stand for professor can as he has now sure ok name is robert catch his is website is star centre decamp i've been using this guy for a few years when i first heard about it i thought this is such bullshit i'm never going to do this in out the person that turn me onto my my girlfriend and she says
listen man just do a reading with this guy just do a reading and absender you mean you take advice from a guy you ve never met and you're gonna listen there's got so i gave up my birthday the time of birth whereas born that's it put my name he read my life to me as how are you doing this well maybe gum wikipedia may but this is an impromptu hall i don't up all i know is that its base of mathematics he believe you'd like the pythagoreans rather believe everything can be explained in numbers and in mathematics he was a former stamford professor he came from academia and he gave it all up to basic do this basic astrological but even more important he's like an old philosophies read all the ancient greek philosophers and he's also have yours this metal science mental sign mental science basely you're you're your realities based on your thoughts and your
current realities basin the sum total boy your positive negative thought not thoughts or vibrational pattern and the vibe you point out is the vibe you attract so if you're like a row negative person always do not think say negative statements in and found a lot of negative emotional things your private have a pretty shitty life and if you think you're like a higher thought heart are of course the highs would be all of that will be the highest vibration you're gonna have good things happen to be the basic match up much more complicated they like the secret essential like this right which is a great group when robert developed his his astrological based on on on mental sides as well as basic physics it so anyway he read my life he liked it
all the places in the world as you put off a vibration like like an energy vibration they can actually be measured you're yours would be as identifiable as your fingerprints are you know like an eye reading erode ology would end up there's places on the earth to put off the vibration also and placed it vibes best with me is anywhere in the south east a big but in particular maui anti really he really hunted down to the town behind do you trust your house there no the spot sixty seven clover lane we go let's go online look at the other houses forsake their robber your mission now but so anyway mao's supposedly the best vibration for from it for you from it so why explain to me how this guy goes about so to find out what your address or what you're yard data birth is will pardon world you're born what time you're born and then
we're gonna computer program was always charts in numbers and he plugs other stuff in and then i ask em like well what is it you're actually looking as a computer it says it s just basically he says i can't make exact predictions said if i could make exact prodigious play the stock market in but you know i can come up with high probability for certain things happening and also he's looking at you ever hear the collective consciousness and now you have your meyer carcinus you have your subconscious within there's a collective mindset slick ones emotions and moods and thoughts right right now it's one of fear in everyone's so afraid i've got enough traveling all of the world's each and every literally feel that fear right now europe has are up in arms because their terrorist attacks and sanction people really scared with
this is not as there's like a real fear mentality the problem as if you given that fear mentality you actually create the very thing you're afraid because your basely constance it is like a form of visualization right if you're always like it was like the shark think we're talking about probably would create a situation where i meet a shark if i went swimming ocean does put too much energy that yeah me too let us take the snorkel the goggles underneath unlike where is he s eyes aggregates anchor for you and i we we would probably possibly actually attract a negative situation like that i just say ok but any there is a collective minds at you you can even feel like different countries have different moods where i get off the plane i can actually feel lamprey sensitive to this like in russia is real somber kind of almost depressed you know a place like maui as they are god i just feel so happily have so lucky their imperatives there in paradise the up the mood is much higher than low ha spirit as they say
you told me that was the single best place other places were a place in alaska so placed near rob where was the little town i cannot recall and then another place was were part of alaska zaragoza on the coast because it's not bad your anchorage was near anchorage use a little too jesse amazed at how the like moderate the climate is everyone says is quite nice to see you by so alaska turkey maui alaska to ethical i wasn't hard choice either what the very relaxed environment and molly to like the places relax to relax place to live in as far as light people who live there there really cool and chilled out and charlie chaplin my webmaster lives there chris crook awesome guy so in i was a business to do with him he's been doing a great job for me what is the guy oh gee need to live near like oil minds and south dakota
reluctant or more way that would be over oil meissner south occurred unum say only someone it sucks you live right outside of like some tracking fuckin compound here that's age is a point i think someone with a really negative mindset might charges applies either so i try to keep the vibe heavy and i mean light at a higher higher level and you now you can attract goodness in abundance in your life just like the sacred that's that's a good book for people start well it's that u s anderson was was quite interesting the power of positive thinking for shores real i mean for sure there's a lot of good that can be done in your life if you look at things in the positive approach can you could look at things in a good way and have those things we have positive attributes have benefit in those things
or you could look at the exact same thing reacts a moment life and decide that this is the end live terrible your loser and people have these deeply groove patterns they ve carved out in their consciousness over years and years of approaching different situation and with very similar reactions and some will say automatically like something happens you everything always goes wrong for me gonna live sucks i'm such a loser but if you compare you live to someone is born and bang a dash for ethiopia are some someplace where people are really really genuinely unfortunate they would be laughing a bit like you live in america your white and you don't have cancer we just shut the fuck up you know like what's very example that would be george stanzas character right on on soil right right the guy that no matter how good he had it always manage screwed up somehow and things would always always turn back we ve all has experienced right of being in a room
and someone would come into the room kind of a dark vibe and the whole room vibe gertrude but then we have also had the spanish where a garbage command who was a row bright positive thinking person and everyone's mood we're just let that's that collective cautiously go be so where does not every thought that a person has is the wrong i can come from the outside we dont manufacture or thoughts you can be influenced by negative thinking from other people or positive thinking from other people you gotta start to be very conscious of the kind of thoughts passing through your brain and reject is theirs negative thoughts and it's not easy if it's late and discipline like working out it really is in its also one of the more important aspects about surrounding yourself a positive people we surround itself apposite people finally be inspirational yet cited you all think along similar lines you support each other and help each other in a benefits everybody and you you yo you developing a real keen sense of like love and community whereas if you're wrong
people letter counselling negative like your gear in conflict all time all the time you were wearing out you're costly getting exhausted to buy the stress of it i have a theory in their turn his answers my theory amend as part of the mental signs we're talking about i believe that those people are the ones that attract all sorts of degenerative diseases and we now the bad things happen was certainly can play a factor especially stress in stress has been shown to be devastating term immune system people who have really stressful lies and don't get enough sleep and are constantly negative effects of things sleep is more important than diet people that are over wait man are you could be in the best in the world and still having hot struggle with the weight if you're missing your sleep i've seen that many many times even my own clients because i do a lot of fat loss programmes and
guys will be eating pretty decent and not losing weight and then i'm workin there only get like five and a half six hours at night and there really stressed you have a tendency really hold under water and your body will hold onto that body fat its origin that is an interesting aspect of a lack of sleep is that your body holds onto fat it really whole john and also fluids you know what they call force that it is not even fat is just like all nolan fluid just gets trapped in the tissues it might well be factors suggests is unattractive and just is unclear after both so did you bother investigating what this guy is doing about this astrology staff did you bother looking a new regis like listen to him while his his website is quite interesting right raining list is like fantastic
for people what is the astrology itself based science based on the position the stars time you're born yet hell is it's a healthy essentially the old astrology with was earth based because i believe the earth was the center of the universe he created his own health geocentric here with the sun is the least and then it just beijing i created his own astrology he did how does one do that create their own astrology what would i couldn't almost and i say almost almost understand how someone could imagine that if you looked at in a thousand of years of data you could figure out that people develop certain personality traits if their born during certain times and you get sorted tradable align those times with the constitution since in the sky that are moving in the right now just the way there wobbles and whether this hours are at any given moment that kind of almost makes sense but this guy
and on his own because he doing that you now i dont even pretend to really understand it what's know what sold me i didn't hazard maui valley he did i didn't have to understand it because he he basically read my life to me like a book is as is no frickin way that he could have known this information work on stuff that could involve known just the way my life why man you know like my relationship with my parents in the relationship with my ex wife in the way my marriage when away my marriage dissolved and like it out all sorts of stuff i like sort of legged taro card reader yeah but a terror card reader is bullshit exact and this is not bullshit i don't let's put it this way he's told me not to do stuff and i've done it and it never has worked out for me right but is an impossible
while that is one reason why didn't work out cause he told you not do and that you thought about it if i had a negative thank you like we talked about like all i know is every time i go against him just usually doesn't work out and when i listen to the guy right in almost all georgia right but this is the sort of contrary this goes along with what you just said like you're almost not giving yourself advise you not following your own advice you you literally were just talking about thinking about things that they know if anyone thinking like like things are predestined so this guy is sort of created these scenarios that you shouldn't you shouldn't way using thing like he's told me something my chart right and then calm dare to later and is completely changed you charge change tat like some change is we'll wait a second today you go you said i shall do this now you're san it's ok he clans if i quantum physics right if you change your thought
or your vibration level he actually sees a change on his chart on his computer what s this makes zero sense well i'll give another example of how this might work i hope this guy there was a a by professor of user actually phd in biochemistry and bore certified nutrition is name is doktor gregory out and he used to take here samples and he would test these things out for various deficiencies that another thing right and he had he was injured some electric basically i am attached that here forever and as my body would change the hare sample or change even though i was no connected to it here change how it would no longer show the deficiency when he would retested why
by really crazy shit now by he was a hard core scientists manpower at age set of tour de and make any sense i just i don't buy that doesn't make sense git you your physical hair he's not going to change what actually i don't believe it well i have trouble believing that myself did you see it did you know for a fact adding to it of you looked at data i see tasted i didn't really actually understand the process right but but i knew him not to be a while he was sure is now but he might just be delusional see we're looking at something like that you're talking about something that defies physics defy science but now i salaries of ngos exact completely through physics on its ear right but we know that electron can occupy more than one space which now opens up the whole door for pair
our universe is all sorts of stuff stephen hawking just recently claimed that the black holes are like a door for one unit first to another sars all this crazy stuff they just put everything on and what we know about physics and medicine and everything i believe there is an actual vibrational medicine that they actually talk about this check out that port right boots here's a problem or you're not testing subatomic particles we testing hair when you test someone's hair a testing hair for various mineral deficiencies and vitamins those things aren't flying through the air back and forth so if your hair is as you know he was actually testing it the the vibration level there were legs i mean like you don't like everything put off like a like an hour you can photographed with curling photography you can actually photograph the energy in everything has nor even this cup this table
your body an aura that you can actually prove a real aura or this only who they raise nay rattles i've actually taking pictures of it you ve heard the curling photography now had its bella how do you spell karelian guitar brilliant for tar brilliant for data they actually have taking pictures in this and he can actually measure the energy coming off this and it matched me but jamie's a photographer gems no above karelian photography ever that said jim i can't say i've ever heard of you ever try to bang some chick is really in the crystals of us to talk to you about a jacket i write it it's pretty somehow super bear lesson work for them as well i understand that it probably has it's out of power the mine right the power the mind so it but is it a big giant placebo effect i dont know i do know there's in a recent study they found that policy by drugs work about forty percent better the real drugs what test is
as a result there is a saying that are gathered with mushrooms i read a whole day they they were given people like regular medication you have farmer sucrose done they found the persicos work way better while one eclipse will forgive me for what application now you know i'm saying like when you say that the policy of hours worked way better for with a blind relief and in tat several pain relief makes sense because a lot of pain relief you can actually do with your own mind i don't take pain pills i got need surgery and i dead and take a damn thing i just a dime read so many negative side effects of the hybrid profane and this i understand why be programme to cover the safest evolve and still not good for you but my fear was always i just knew too many people to get addicted to pain pills and am bullets what's the worst part about paying it just doesn't feel good luck it is not just okay changes deal with not feeling good while you he'll like
now i know i'm in pain because i'm healing a lot of pain is cut out of a mindset like approach the signoria like that that back pain guy just now our near by and also to store miguel de they were looking at x rays of people's backs and people with chronic back pain of our times would not have any physical reasons be in back back pay right and then they were looking at you know pictures of guys it racked of like us and their backs are amass all sorts of substances and the guys are not in any pain at all i must be afraid look an x ray of my bed rightly right tell year by a right of everybody would have amassed a bag i gotta be may although falls and throws up taken over forty five years of wrestling users will attend micro and i got constantly that yet i'm not an they pay me wrong near or pain is interesting thing in that i think the mind can regular
pain so it might as well as by the raw materials but it doesn't make sense with other applications where we ve known filing anti epileptic medications or things on those lines were you you just know for a fact is a physical effect on the body that these drugs have in that but you didn't understand possible effect that's one thing for sure they they know that pussy perfect is real and it does work and certain survives and there's the power them i was especially depends on who is receiving that effect and you know how much the listen believes in that this thing's guy heal them and if people you know what i find it a lot of people really ended the body but are not really working with their mind their thoughts or horizon in its attacks on discipline it does but it also you really have to click we establish what wu wu watson nutty crazy crystal bullshit and what is inapplicable modality like
it is what what can you really do as far as meditation as far as things that have repeatable things that people of shit and have a beneficial effect on you consciousness beneficial effect the way you approach life and dumb and it is pretty much individual it is are you really have to like you said yourself experimentation like the one i just talked about my sound pretty damn weird alot of people but so far has been working for me while his last words and i feel good about it yeah and i don't feel it diminishes my life in any way no one's taken advantage of me i feel like confident and really good about this is tat before mason i'm getting
i thought it worth it like you say power of them i will if you if you just approach it on that level if say ok this guy's gonna gimme advice and i want to find this advice to be beneficial and i'm gonna fall through the enemy to use that as a guideline in germany have good confidence and that these choices are gonna be correct because of this guy and his knowledge and my problem is i've just i've seen too much bullshit and so on whatever beliefs i might have had like even six years ago before i started this podcast of one of them of eroded just under scrutiny just ended area i always advise people give they call the first sessions free if you think he's a crackpot never call him yeah but i mean what i would want to do in my problem with somebody does i would want to go down rabbit hall i would want to find out how are you making these distinctions like what what how to jude devise this method what going on behind the scenes what are you basis on how do you know what are you saying what are you so when you tell someone hey don't take that fight to germany
bad gonna happen the coup fucker you you know that you dont know that that's three at the reality is you tell someone don't do something if you tell someone steve i really don t go to florida ah fuck guys has a sugar florida yours during a cascade of negative thoughts and that tomorrow is a very good point that i have thought about that you know yet what does not fuckin person the world that can tell you that if you pick up your car keys and drive your car to minnesota sums gonna go wrong so this guy's tell you that i call bullshit not do i call bullshit but i think that the cost of this kind of dangerous because you are aware that whatever is organised is likely you were running influenced by the collective alot my people's general moods of lonely he gives me i got little heads up is able to see that how should i have to go i want to do a seminar on a certain date and he'll look at the charts
and here to say energies pretty off that ok but what is i mean the energy pretty often looking at the charts what does that mean would by the english are tested i might be tired i don't know i haven't seen these charge but i hear clicking and background and the computer because on facebook whose is looking to pictures he's gone last checking out girls out there's chemical no fuckin way ray the i don't care the time is not time is valuable i just don't think there's a guy in the world that can look at a chart and tell you where the energy of the world is i think there s man really i've expense this guy look sharp no no you that's why questioning wacky guy out of a suitcase maybe that's never raised right i think europe a beautiful brilliant man but if i was you friend and i was i am you fran but files there while this was going down i would be
in the sky of fog loader questions i do find is a really good guys talk to about stuff too is almost like god i guess ecologists psychiatry in a way is like an ancient times the scientists were philosophers and all the great even alexander the great and amino or other great roman emperor zena they would heather own private philosophers to advise them are not things mark israelis and they would listen to these philosophers i kind of get this guy almost as a philosophy as an adviser and adviser and by that i have always taken i have gone against the guy like in what way just listen to what he said what is unique and advised onto the some others wakened why would he tell you not to do so is this bullshit it would be a better day to do at this day i'll fuck why
udo could actually some chicken bone in the ground and we want to stick to this point i have done it and be men that's a given maybe it's because he told you that it was gonna be a bad one you have in your head than you when did it maybe has he ever told you not to do so we did and worked out autumn the that's what made me think of it because you're thinking about it we talked about negative thoughts maybe maybe likely than a fuckin short i can tell you the energy of the universe doesn't want you to fly to miami that's crazy there's some pretty brilliant guys out there that the notion that we do man yes there's deafening some brilliant and there's no staff to me now there's one guide and you got a computer that can tap into the collective energy the universe and tell you where that where the energy is and what you should do
when i go to ohio i've looked at your charts fuck you say that guy fuck you haven't you crazy man haven't you ever gone and done a set in your show just kind of bombed distant work out they were air if anything ever went wrong there are a bunch of reason why am i wrong and accurately but all of them i could say may i was tired maybe i was overworked maybe i didn't prepare well enough maybe i've new material that's not worked out but that's not because i shouldn't gone to ohio you know it is not because some guy shows me a chart and a collective energy the universe is on budgets maybe there are people this guy in particular that could potentially right have seen that for what the sack on that wouldn't you wanna have of a mile i hold on a second as long as this is very important well what do you want to have a method that you would
clearly understand how this guy's making these arbitrary decisions and choices because you're you're talking about bullshit you're talking about like voodoo right if your target mobutu if it's not bullshit than science so scientists repeatable and you should bring people that are experts and they should analyse it and study it but gotta just sit there and click on some things and tell you good ohio that's bullshit where i can says is worked for me so for the programmes in the portuguese version it's ok if you your mind decides that something will work out well and you have full confidence and your plane doesn't get hit by a meteor and everybody gets out alive and at the end of the day the seminar the end of the trip that you took you say hey that guy's advice really turned out well it really did what you do you ve done it give yourself a little mental shield to go into battle with what arrogance with that's what it is but it's not real i'm saying puss i'd habitat manuel shield isn't it while idiot as real it is
in the sense that it was effective because you had confidence in it and because you approached all these events like you had confidence in it but is real in that there's a guy who actually can look a computer and tell you whether or not you should go somewhere base on the energy the universe no now that's our real it's deftly not real i will tell you with one hundred percent confidence is not real deny it's not real because they are millions of brilliant people out there are millions of scientists call any juggler quantum physicists and theorists in all these different be they would have heard of this if you're talking about a goes me computer program they would analyze this it would be something that we would be talking about if this guy really believes it he would use holding onto it now you would be telling the world listen there is a way where you can accurately predict events there is a way i knew it would be up to peer review people would be studying it they would be putting our papers on it it would be something we would understand we have figured out a code weather is like that
sequence or something like that a code to the universe and if you follow this code you have predictable repeatable and how do we know that there are a lot of people doing it is a problem this problem this phrasing that using how do we know it could be it would be its that's not enough to base your life and any decisions and this week we'll bullshit that comes along with terror card reading with palm reading with all that stuff it's all the same and it's all one person telling you first of all is telling you stuff you already knew about your life ok this is strategy of charlatans i mean this is what the baton card readers do and palm readers do and fortune tellers do they tell you shit they are that you already know and they tell you through leading questions tell you it through bunch of signs that they can tell from being really good at reading people then they go on tell you what's going to happen
you shouldn't shouldn't do and in doing that you can plant some thoughts and seeds of doubt people's head this is the reason why people used to think that someone could put a hex on you because if i put a hex on you and you believe i put a on you and you leave this room and you like i'm fucked joe just put tax on me one around like that will be overwhelming your thoughts and if you will for that to happen it will be true you can manifest bad things by having bad energy and bad ideas this is exactly what you were talking about earlier but this is done like a strategy and a repeatable pattern well all i can say is maybe x it maybe rise you my man racy talk not it's crazy it's definitely crazy ok i'm certify craze bull its if if there's a mess
to like this guy says oh here's the reason why the reason why is you know there's a but be like the golden see whence of the universe and he can tap that golden sequence into a computer and its based upon all these different factors of that guy information like that and this is just holding onto it maui or where the fuck you and travels i got it now is a kind of by the way someone went to stand for news of professor it doesn't exclude them from being out of the fuckin mine doktor oz is on tv and is telling people wait os medication it's a miracle that fuckin guy had to go to congress about guess what he still on tv the guys on tv about miracle weight loss fuckin very lazy bullshit is charlatan right tons and tons and tons of guys out their cell on this does this kind of stuff as you know i'm pretty much an anti supplement guy and i just
for you used to take a lot of leisure sort of eight hundred and twenty dollars worth supplements a month and i did notice a damn thing when i stopped taken all that shit now i went there in fact i felt better felt by that's interesting and once again lot of this is placebo you know there is some that's pussy islanders also some that's been proven by science to have beneficial effects on a lotta different factors but you know you're a guy who's a healthy the active guy who's constantly eating correctly and i allow yourselves strand ways strict with a diet how do you do that on the road like when you when you're in any different places and like say if you travel in the countries and you might not even speak the language how do you make sure that you get the right food well i tried it always gives equality as best i can buy as you know been a frequent travel yourself you now you can always get the best quality stuff talk about pussy both that i won't let it get me bomb down
i want start thinking negative thoughts let's say for example i have to eat oh i don't know a bag of brussels is something i believe i can supple made any ill effect of that food in i just just being grateful to buy visualizing my body being able to respond well to defer it just cow as you know i see myself digesting it in assimilating it and i won't let it naturally negatively affect it is look at as rock our right to sell some starch is not the best stuff in the well it's not like i'm going to eating that as a habit and i'll be fine because you can work yourself up into a while ago our around negative thank i'm going to give an example when i was younger i had a friend that was taught me a lot about higher mind signs and we're in a restaurant one two hundred
this is i guess maybe in daylight seventies and there's a guy smoking does one people could still smoke and at this guy's born to smoke on me and i'm get matter by the men it is really pissed me off saw i ask the governments you know if you would place not bore smoke over to me and then i started doing it even more and i wondered upon the guy right in the face and you're my friend chin and he's totally relax you know about the whole thing as it does that bother you doesn't really aggravate you is this david get yourself all worked up i can supplement the debate affected the smoke by not letting it get to me says all those negative emotions in their anger and upset you're feeling are ten times worse than any amount of cigarette smuggling he says you're actually doing harm by the way you're thinking about it as both the actual harm the smokescreen and while i put me away soon
himself relaxed and i started thinking well there's probably everything in life so i started looking at food the same way if you if you eat something maybe you know isn't the best quality because there's just no other thing available well so what you'll be fine you just go back to eating a really really good quality stuff after that is what you do most the time as is the case what happens upon occasion but i will say there's is is aforetime driver i wore pack my own food is much again i always carry like a little where's your bag he answered all your instagram and your girlfriend got there first food confiscated what did they confiscate lifetimes you can't take anything that looks a little liquidity through the security sometimes grab fruit in like going for back in the mail and all the fruit install any fresh produce
they want they'll take for gibraltar salad right the letters is fine but they were the two methods the cucumbers off that what impasse y hear the department of agriculture guy speaking a voodoo right it's just the craziest that in the us they just why i did that it had no real firmer they never have an explanation register it just banner when i was certain flies i i guess it's ours it whether attracted to liquidity attracted to the stuff but here you don't have too much trouble gets up through and it's funny some countries are so amazed lee lacks like whereby as a strike you can take liquids through the security you can are you dig warden all forces to where you can take a dog does try a little what happened with johnny depp vagina johnny depp trouble by that did i see this video that he made i haven't seen it
hilarious must be really useful hilarious because he mock serious talked he threw his video like you know he's an actor says ready made it look like he was being serious but so in a way where it's pretty obvious to anyone watching that wasn't serious goes so subtle that one of the politicians want the people in australia actually had a comment on it in our how it's pretty obvious it wasn't taking it seriously and made video it's really weird what will go through security and what was for example in china they were absolute scrupulous i couldn't boy how good girl wasn't that's grant she got all my little secret shit like you know because do all carry on now i dont check bags anymore i had a little key that's actually knife it open
up and a little now because you did it a blade in order you always produce a boy no matter where you ordered cut staffer whatever is always have a need for it she found i could only be how the hell she knew that there was a knife they i care like little survival tools with may have like a little flint still far starter sometimes when what you start funding of fuckin zombie apocalypse had ever come up does your astrologer tell you that you need to carry that never watched the walking dead and that fear the walking speaking of creating a metal but also like one we'll drinking straws by you know i'm a filter you can i should drink don't worry while you know when i saw that remember this anomaly about that resort in our men places adapt and just figure better safe than sorry i do believe that in others might astrologer will keep me say from this thing
there are those who say we would have a situation where the water would be really shitty mike like places like god novosibirsk russia do that's like in the middle of absolute nowhere now if there would be any kind of natural disasters and that at least i know i can drank right right and i have like a little thing i can make far i mean europe play playing go down and i'm surviving in the andes or something have you ever made a fire with one of those yeah have actually real has lacked what to see if i could do bring kindling with you why are you here you get in areas like a whole little archer doing fire from its fun to try to those that they come earth skills or ancient ancient skills without people bring like steel or something like that still no with batteries where you go and i also have a little magnifying glass thing i travel it is have a compass grand copper wire you now as old school i learn how to use a map accomplishment as a kid is a boy scout you do
or injure right so i knew how to delete the nazi now my little so when you're going to these places like say if so you get an offer to go to some strange place in siberia are you reluctant to take these are they just like anybody wants to a seminar open for the german very much open for the journey had i to go to different places you up but in china this last time i got there take a mighty frickin nail clippers they won't neo clippers they found that little key they took my little fire started how she even knew where that shit was i have no clue they must be well trained cause she now may for every man why i need you in trouble and amelia for them they just take because none of it could be considered a weapon however i was arrested in switzerland one time i had been travelling by train i had one those garber who was a cold still
like a nicely with spring assisted rock farmers use it as you know a few raw climbing and your harnessed get tangled you may have to we have to hold on to cut yourself free from your heart is right so unita knifing can easily open up with one hand right so i just liked is a great little knife and i have been travelling by train and in my little care my little manpower scary thing and forgot about the damn thing so it went through and they pull me aside and they they they pull that knife either and i was i oh shit and they said in switzerland a assisted opening night is considered a weapon and place struck me back i sat there i'm has missed my plant they they they obviously were going on inner porn doing all this
sure to find out who i was and what i'm doing with his knife while tat insult to injury i also head like a little credit cord thing and also her like a little tiny blade in it it was wonders march i tools in the shape of a credit card so they have to blades of my freaking carry on i gotta go away with a credit card because they want to be in order that but once they found one thing they tore my shit apart man they wanted everything but that's where you know like australia china to take off his shoes a most places you not to grow measures u s you still do what you re yeah yeah i figure now clippers all that stuff goes through even now even small knives they don't even bear not last march i tore we can take through ts but they're looking for stuff like liquid and in any case shoes that tron exhorted times i saw them this pastime
making them making people prove that their computers could turn on a saw a number that because in other one do try to supper bomb through in a laptop and regional have you travel lately did you find the security lies were like crazy internationally newborn largest even within the eu s whose normal toys so so now is ridiculous ellie act was absolutely awful that that lady got through security and actually boarded a plane with no credentials are boarding pass one hands there's just it was just i read like being news i usually read to read actual newscasts has always talk about negative mindset i just look at the headlines just to see like just give me a clue like what's goin on which i was scared of what new virus well behind every that ship it i do like you re travel stuff just to see likewise the latest in greatest airs and anyway there is new it hit international news
one area she was got the whole way through and the word came down cs i was already under fire basically just for being in common so there s it is one we got through and now all of a sudden now isn't begone offer the next month or two there just my god it's the travel so delay you think simon travel seems totally normal though it sucks well i usually go pray that this last time i took the budget spared airlines they don't have any contract with tears everybody gets through like the long ass security eyes but when the best things ever did i d global entry and i can just walk through like a frigate rockstar when i meant the jagged glow ventures nine oh my god it's so nice by along with that you get the prey and i usually fly business a first class these days specially for the really long white man a priest so nice
no shoes i don't have to take off your ear your jacket yeah it's interesting arise i changed the loading or how that's chain over the course of our lives and i used to be you even have to have an idea to get a plane can i reminded you stood just hand on the ticket you could give it take it to a friend that frank gone the planes that of u s right that those the old days or days man you can just drive through canada no problem you come back a man of his not today kind of stuff so this astrologer toads moved maui follows advice again i'm gonna setting up a little home base to work out of our western travel so much do summer seminars but i'm gonna set up shop and yet i was thinking for a guy like you
you a lot of you will come to you like it might not be a bad idea to just malleable damn nice place to the tractor yeah and not only that but you could set up seminars on a weekly basis and do them literally from the comfort of your own home you just have a program or you on people malibu and make a great living or maui rather and and go back and forth if you so choose you could gonna go anywhere if did do that and you could establish your own gymnasium willing to have a real jim there would you start changing your own training cause i know a lot of what you do now is near by backed back to like some of the things i really really enjoy like what i like the clubs and i clap swing like swinging light clubs in just as a mobility nothing makes my
i was and shoulders and rest feel good about the little why upon any cops i used the word once areas to be quite the expert ass we learn that physical education major in college real as a freshman as all p majors head learn the basic old school fiscal culture systems and one of them was the old wooden club system back in the day i m never sir nineteen seventy when i through the schools health and physical education westchester that's interesting the now forty plus years later those sort of training modalities a common valley yet well so old is near that so kettlebells is a perfect example of agencies ample they that was all school training tool and they came from germany by way not not russia really had the germans were the ones that i say stab waste call ring weights in those days no kidding was your german strong men use them and it looks same like cannonball with a handle kind so there was a lot of really weird design some of
really like circle just on cannonball you know ma and they used to use real heavy ones interact eliza were hollow annual unscrew it and they would put wait inside and skirt back on that guy interesting hosting and adjusted luggage double weights and support if you had your own jem and you you could let do whatever you want and lift weights and what would you like how would you said would you do like standard like olympic style weightlifting tibet has never been a real fan of olympic weightlifting i dont believe that is the most efficient way to train athletes and is an awful lot of and suitable way strained coaches and in a very strange coaches shine more more away from being left their finder ass they just get to busted up unhurt if we want a front squat why risk a million dollar athlete in how to teach him the olympic lifting as hell about sport manitoba lot of coordination
my big leaped yes and as you well know one sport does it make it better at another sport eroded it just causes motor learning confusion there is no doubt that a month it wait letters are incredible specimens their strong their fast the explosive but it doesn't follow the journal bumping lifting will make use stronger and more explosive it's like self selective the guys that already heather's attributes to wound olympic weightlifting so if i take us which wandering given olympic lifting i can't selectively recruiters fast which muzzle favours and make him up a fact which guy our pride is gonna get hurt if i was a wrestling perjurer mme coach or a football coach i wanna be spending most my athletes time our privacy the skills of the sport does the most important thing the skill of the sport and most of your sports specific conditioning come from the pact
sport set aside for that i want to general strange learning programme to make his skeletal muscle as strong as humanly possible so i'm gonna use modalities to that end the idea is to keep it is is as safe as possible and i see olympic lifting his pretty doggone dangers i've seen a lot of guys bus themselves up hurtin themselves you know due to its i'm not a big fat so are we using motor learning confusion as our though that the term yet i sometimes people think that a power clean as like the snap finish off a double i pick up thrones other basic completely different sites said one is gonna make you better during the other do you think though that strengthening your muscles and having more explosion more that the ability to close the distance quicker from box johnson sprints and things along those lines can directly
translate to things like martial arts like things and its various if it yeah don't a box jump as a whole are given the ship double egg throw rate over the best where'd you get guys really explosive a genetic just do those things are over and over and over again and get really good at it that's very controversial isn't it oh yeah there's theres many guys it talk like me there's just as many guys that would argue to the death the other way round but i've done both you know as a young boy i learned olympic weightlifting from the last olympic world champion robert anarchy my dad used to take me down to your pennsylvania when the united states was still the mecca for olympic lifting and i shall learn olympic lifting down there the old yorkshire while and i used to live to my basement but when i found even when i was just in high school is a wrestler that
was it really help and that much and even then i just sensed like a real danger to my body and wrestling is a tough sport as it is right what you're you're training should prevent injuries if a person needs to phone role do massage is and is hurting themselves in their sights parliamentary training there's somethin wrong if it's real a good training modality it should prove prevent injury is not cause saw i i a firm believer in getting rid of all of the of the dangerous stuff out of your training because what we do marshall largest dangerous enough as it is that's really controversy i mean there's a lot of real like high level strengthened addition coaches that think that frank training and power training and things on those lines actually improve all of your skills their skin as a marshall ernest i've been strange yearning for fifty three years i didn't find that myself
right but based on your own body in your own right yeah but also its clients remember i'm train right literally hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of people over the years i did find a good correlation this is interesting because in was immense journal there was just an article by a guy who is like one of the leading experts in speed training and eight he found that the things it correlates most to your ability to run fast like in a sprint was the trap bar dead lived he tried lay presses cleans front squats overstep the things that have the greatest transfer and to improving you're you're your ability to spread was the trap bar deadwood wiser just the way it positions the hips and the way that the weight is centered in a like instead of out in front of you where there's a lot of spinal sharing that your hands are at your side so it's like almost inside the weight yes
are you hang out and that trap are desert i'm a big fair that the only way i do now they always thought just intrusive way like such a damn good actors well anyway it was just in this month's issue you think was men's journal my with filth feeling trap our deadline is always fella getting deep enough because a forty five pound plates were so large i never said that is not necessarily get that much range of motion for four sprinting because your legs aren't rely on that much anyway but there's a lot of strength and speed
coaches like really wanna guys there now going against power cleans front squads nor that georgia franco's really famous strange girl you won't risk their entry to his athlete anymore this up he's fine and geyser messing up the elbows their risk their fingers i mean if if you have a guide it's like a top level ensued deb away you know why receiver something you do not want to use risky modalities and risk curtness guy because what they do as an athlete is risky enough in our out there in the weather iran and spent and cut and so forth it they kind of collisions that they have you want to make that training as safe as possible you
to make it a general as possible so that they get is as much strange transfer it does have to be fancy exercise basely squat hinge push pull horizontal and vertical some type of rotation ranch i rotation and then work the ancillary muscles of the neck the fingers their hands the form the grip and obviously the feet chasm ankles are really neglected in a law to people's training weak feet weak the ankles and we can lotta isley there and of course the neck man i you know many guys i know just turn train their neck is crazy man even your jaw i can remember why king mohammed ali those videos you know they do these little snippets of restraining he used to do a lot of george mania there's really cool thing where he would take like a sling and pocket onto a you're not like a poor damp and then he would open his jaw against the resistance then that is free and brilliant is to strengthen the most of the joggers
well known fact that if your jaw stronger there's a lot less chance of knockout yeah lama guys used to beef jerky so as to strengthen their jaw please to chew bubblegum all the time because you know you draw gets tired when you have bubblegum it gets the bubblegum gets old just keep chewing on it they would do that to keep their draw strong funny they shut you remember we brought up the alexander's ass the teeth lifting without being i used to actually have a mouthpiece into teeth lifting when as a kid real air it was all it was very popular back in the 60s now that he's lifting for your neck and your jaw i left my little sister up she used to lay down and i put the rest a little swinging what what are you feeling on those like neck harnesses with the change tat you like those controversial too because my trainer hates you have to be careful and some of our really crappy design man they hurt your ears and in our
have qualifiers i don't need right to make it any worse but they can be good i think one too best things ever invented work as the old nautilus for my neck mission there was a damn good piece of equipment and later they i'm restraints for we see those things that's like kelly start i talk to him about those things this neck machines is like those are terrible for you now is bullshit man really air notably well you gonna trackers i tell people is burma but you know what we're i really well that i think would be to call first for anyone neck i submit see you showed me those with amounts they are valve antagonistic you know hickson used to do a mechanism which is used to use that rubber band and run evils while he would walk back in his mode it young it out i don't mess i someone tried to pull you down into a front head locker and front getting and then you go from the with it on your forehead and your side and you took developed tremendous stability i don't think the other stuff i can see where it could be content
crucial because it all comes back to your technique your form of you're an idiot you use a lot of momentum and in your ear you're you're using poor take me i could see where you really measure neck up but i shall metrics the pretty say ok but it exists nice metrics those neck machines like moving your neck when those next mission neck machines where do you think the problems lie think the problems lie in people using them aunt em tomorrow too much weight to much momentum and not using good form ok we know that you can get really strong and really fit using shitty technique in form you see it all over the jim you see you guys really must go do just throw that crap out wait that doesnt know said i mean it's the best way to go right may those guys don't stand a chance guitar remember other i was sent in any one under sixty if they ever passed over because as pretty convenient for me right side as well but now
certainly if you haven't been to the other side is a lot of stuff that i did in my early days no way that i would advocate that stuff now my right but i was always a firm believer in work in the neck and i used neck harnesses successfully using really good strict warmth not necessarily heavy weight if you put yourself in by mechanically in efficient position you can really work as muscles really hard with very very say no when you talk about neck those neck harnesses in you lift your neck up and you can rely on a bench and put a play in your head and lived what about side aside movements i also join deciding and your your core those here another one remember to and in violent context sports someone's gonna put your neck in some pretty weird positions where he wants them to or not so you got a kind of injurious after you know does this basic positions in what kind repetitions you talking about when you doin neck exercise pretty high wraps
i was like where depends on the speed of movement to i mean like i guess so high tension speed a moment really fatigue the muscles so it just depends ass your additives real slang here two years ago by time and your words are somewhat between a minute to ninety seconds tom underlined is good for the entire sat there for the set plan you ninety seconds so wanna things have gone into over the last year or so is long negatives like long exploding the initial movement the power the out movement like say if i do a chin up exploding up and that a very slow maybe like four times as long may be more more than that on the way down negative emphasise drawing near it could be very very good it has been used for a while one of the big proponents of that type of training was the famous mike mansour the only guy might be honest schwarzenegger
we're talking about body body and as really interesting as mike used to use these very intense brief exercises the year he beat arnwood in the end the mr universe show mike was only train about ninety minutes a week and arnold was training about twenty six hours week hauser possible because of the high intensity training ninety minutes or not i was very much into high intensity training by thirty minute workers his cyprus dorian gave us three thirty minute work i'll get weak as right go check him out as a whole website called heavy duty he was ro pioneer in the high tension a hard and negatives for the poor during a vice premier taste with symmetric story that's that's crazy though that it could do does ninety minutes a week and course they're all used to stare yes that's with that's helps them without forgetting that people can say of justice
airlines goes auto producers zero instead we are talking about possible before the podcast puzzled tattoos means isaac settling in here is a proponent of low wraps of doing things like under five wraps fi reps or under while remember his sport his strength that's what he does not a fighter he's not a marshall artist is not an athlete his sport is weightlifting if your goal is to lift as much weight is you can his system works extremely well because that is the sport bright if you're an athlete and you want to use strange training to better you and your support the majority of your time should be spent doing your sport so you are the amount await is the most important thing this issue because an athlete is not a strength specialist so once you can dare laughter
ass a certain amount await its is pretty much you gonna get diminishing returns we have our strong you need a big room in a way class sport and many of you if you are able to do a double body weight how much stronger you need a bit in order to get stronger you can have the specialised but that's gonna take me away from the skills my sport and also a large as a low repetition stuff that's they come from the field of of of weightlifting there's no doubt it is a strong do but it's not necessary for me to do that love repetition when i'm just training for general strength will philosophy or his claims are very interesting because what his claims are was that people doing these low wrap in exercises like five reps are under they experience benefits and all their sports and then did it translated to all alternative that lead that power and strength
and lighted gymnastics all sacrificed rain training is going to translate into a sports to an extent olympic lifting work power lifting words did although wraps work high wrapped look i know many guys they did nothing but a super high repetitions you not been plenty guys i do it all works one where another what you want those two get as efficient as possible and you don't want to be beat up four days after work are obviously that was one of the reasons why he liked them a rough stuff you know because it it doesn't seem to beat you beat you up quite as much but i found that do in short brief intense work out usually even single sets translated just as well as is is anything i'll give an example of a you ve heard of the nineteen seventy three miami dolphins know they were the only to their underdog sure there's only team every go undefeated and win the superbowl no other teams done it before sense
in the history of than about their use cocaine well but how they drank the trader nautilus machines with single set trend why they're they're riga so it all works at all works you can get in great shape no matter what you do is what works what works best i personally believe for a lifetime and blame the lifetime of vendors if you're getting her in your strange training you're doing something wrong strange training should prevent injury is not cause so there's something wrong with your technique in your one may being a ressler and judge it's a guy i can't afford to hurt myself in course at my age now you get hurt oh my god take for ever to get back we know that fast explore of training works but we also knows is a much higher chance of andry so for me
i like slow high tension wraps really controlled and like you just go that slow negative slow negative seem to be having a really positive benefit my training lately and i found that that doing my exercises fasting sparsely did not make me faster on the map hedges selectively pick the the movements i wondered be fashioned explosive on and do that and all those and draw the crap out of him until i'd like a friggin machine what things out into also over the last few months is gripped strength this happens of crush yes i have a hundred sixty seven pound one that i do my client is smashed the fucker i do it for three wraps and throw it down
eggs for i take it easy my hand when we shall can why started with a hundred and twenty pound one and then i got a hundred sixty seven com one that i use now but i have a two hundred something pound one that i'm saving for one i get tired of the hundred sixty seven point one but it's like there's a rabbit hold with that because i guess i might amended squeezing things now that it's really weird let's just make sure it's not people's handling obliges have gotten excited about the idea of strengthening my hands because my strength canning has all been accidental for my hands it's all been boobs attached to dead lives and kettlebells and chin ups in all the difference of nets alma hands got drunk but never just actively trained my grip so in doing this of in doing it like a silk for five months now she's been just smashing these things all the time why other there are different types of grip strength in others the crushing straw
is it worth the captain's across we give you but there is also like enduring strength which is really more bars for grappling well just hanging off khyber either one hundred took whereas one things we found on fear factor those interesting we did this thing where we had people hang on water on a barges hanging by body way and the women albeit demand we are sufficiently strong men really like big yoked up guys but they were too heavy and they are right the weight ratio and they probably just curls like bunch bitches while other groups is really a lot of its people does not pay enough attention to square one reason why row climbing has stood the test of time is grappling modality is it's a very specific vertical type grip like grab a hand or a neck or arrest her former in an echo really good for travellers and man it takes tremendous gripped clodagh wrote a lot of stress and join where there can be here you have to know how to clap
as it has been an exercise of been around forever you have got big fat rope in my garage in using the agenda have set up my graduate this rope that like i came to my hand all the way around it like wonders rubbed edward tether offer a notion that would therefore mean that's where they get them but our tire just hang in the matter of squeezing it you're just not even climate is hanging down to your pangaea there is a tremendous group exercised over shore but yeah for you wrestling i found across to translate as well as joint things i touched up to now obviously com being a rope black eyes froggy over china barnhill personals i'm attached jake scored specific grip strange yeah also just hanging time like we retard for shoulder how awesome group exercise
a very interesting correlation between biological wage and chronological age old people have really weekends you so with long like twenty smashup thirty i have a friend who one does these capua exercises he's an archer and he hangs that the way you're talking about in and then when he gets to the hang position he just left himself this has to exercise and holds it is like pinching his shoulder blades together just pulling his body up slightly but his arms complete we locked out there's underlining muscles of sir neglected and it's good for posture yeah i like to super set that would set a regular pull up sometimes would do you feel that approach because you know usually when you do pull up your arms get tied first right
please i pray exhausting the latin they're wrong poison in your terry's others back muscles when you do your pops will met you really feel your back you do pull up saying i do all your sat side were not all the time i would just this capua attractions first down she got my group a little bit and then jump up and do the poems wow what a great little back worker also either the scaffold exercise his first job justice there's mosses because there stronger than your little chinese grip form so you say what gives out first and pauses the hands the form sometimes your biceps so by pre fatiguing those upper back muscles first they get much better work out when you add the arms that makes you temporarily fatigue those so when you do these sets of when if you like a scam popular contractions what would you call those
so i was gonna gabbler retraction retraction their region how long would you hold their position for ages two seconds arbiters seconds down oh shit a short little movement he's here we do not have a thousand to you could have actually done static contractual just pull myself up and how did so i couldn't hold like thirty forty seconds in just two parents those nothing that pavel was talking about planks he was talking about doing a plank but contracting every muscle in lahti and hurling their position it's a asymmetric corday overcoming isomeric there are two types of ours emerges one is outside yawning asymmetric one is where you have a measurable way it could be your body may i say you hold it chin up at the top of the agenda of the balkan classic exercise called firearm ok you have a measurable wait there right
the other versions that would be you just grab something and poor nor is he can't no way to measure both ways will get strong as is as can be songs beast so that plan that you're talking about it's like a yielding i imagine that you a measurable weight which is your body weight and rather than just hang out to see how long you can survive what happens is you start to let the bad claps little bit you start to relax certain areas of your body and now it's just not nearly as effective but you're really trying to shorten the abdominal really squeezing greatness tension you create a tremendous amount of muscle fatigue that should be the true purpose of exercise to create that that overload muscle fatigue and allow you must recover from that that country is based strength
friend and a lot of you did cigars getting into this now whether doing super slow sets i love super sources i was one of the original super slow trainers back in the day i still do and as a man ages and you have all the dancing year shoulders and elbows and stop you'll find it you'll be drawn more mortar nice slow high tension sets real very safe way to try how many seconds up and down to suggest like save for something to china while might mansour for body buddy moreover he felt like forty four where you would like four seconds up pause the contract opposition force against at the contract positions push up the hard part would be the bottom up so you and more just off the four chin up would be the top part so for a push say you would you would slowly go up for foreleg one two three four and turn around now you and then turn out i just have a go
back down a hold of the bottom one two three four and then how are we to hold is already one thousand one one thousand too and there are two seconds and then back our boy and that surprisingly difficult to do for send someone thinks of a push up as being a pre mild exercise dirt you can just sandblast yourself with just but five or six wraps if you do it right yeah i've even dunham slower i've gone like in out ten ten fifteen fifteen try doing try this if you like negative sensuality sometime you're in a hotel room you want to get a quick pump for your harmony i do started on top pump for comedy stretch out here you got the rap butscha private fit is come comic gather don't you find it comics in general are pretty battle lot our colleagues edge smoking now smoke the nature
its night club life very unhealthy also there's this false correlation that you have to be an abuse everybody to be funny well yeah i know what that vanity and dumb acting care of your body are connected and that vanity is ego and then having a big ego and being vain like it's anti comedy but i just think i don't think it's vanity to take care of your body i just think it's intelligence i think it's foolishness to not take care of you and i just know too many people's bodies are literally falling apart and her my age or younger have like massive issues since i myself man it's really scary yeah they realise with time the error of their way and usually too late if you start of a rigorous physical fitness programme about when you're forty five like boy you got a couple of an appeal battled got an appeal by although not in
will you know anthony bourdain you know you're going out with him there is a judges are gonna go he started at fifty eight a lifetime of drinking in smoking and even a prom with heroin is youth get himself cleaned up heard out i heard and crowded into a two hour she's waving his actual already good she's very good and she's obsessed and that's one of the reasons why he got into in the first place because his wife is maniac and he didn't want to get shutdown well known each i talked him anywhere because she she loves to march and then once she actually bribed him with narcotics well that's how she got a man ass don't give violence so she could she caught him into it and then it's got into it he's he's a very and i say this in a good way is very obsessive guy he is obsessed with things in us why such great chef in a great writer and great on television show and he got a plan so jujitsu he travels everywhere it brings a ski he trains
ready he trains twice a day he'll do a private and then you'll do a class era area a train with chris crocodile guys turned about and i my my web yeah he train within cities as it was really fun that's how some back that pushups up try starting at the top right you very slowly use your iphone like a little time or something i use one with a measure now the second the tattered and i go on down and thirty seconds it might that's just barely grazes diagram i do slow what we got turn around where you change direction very slow come back up in thirty seconds i don't work the top regional resting at the top is the top is to ease right you can hold it for ever were so i keep elbows just a little on bent and a thirty seconds back down dude you of the pomp of your life any second seconds tom underwood it's like why what an amazing worker one
frickin rep sadly one and a half wrapped negative positive negative just now deposit data from ninety seconds nicety selling a timer free yeah well nigh not for ninety sorry justest running stop waddington i use like loathing of my phone because tik tok chick so what is it what is it i don't know just one is many apps but i wanted one that had audible checks or if i can to see the iphone at least i can listen to the the seconds some is really for yourself undergone too fast nod you do the same sort of technique for squats or friend i have this one body weight squat we faced the wall where you you can't unload by meaning forward you know that you're torso lean for who met what a killer you face the wall i face the war greatly i lost your man your toes
against the water what are you doing like your face in the wall and how close on the wall my toes knows everything's touching the knees and my answer my hands rather the scientists lower down and you keep face on the walls my u knows is barely scam in and a scraper posture cause you're back is really arched zoom mash working i symmetrically and do the top third the movement with a body weight squak as it is today amazing recover okay so mechanically efficient at the top right that is no work so get to the top and then you go back down down down centres are used that thirty thirty thirty four thou absolute killer when you're done is basically your legs are just crippled for one second i've been doing slow hindu pushups i'm just amazed at how tired you can get i guess set of twenty slow hindu pushups in your heart is re explode is amazing having a fast to get a good cardio metabolic work i am a big fan of that hinder
job to just for the range of motion such a wide range of motion in that really does spinal mobility yeah i would say arguably that might be the only push up a personal nature for fitness now i may really is a hell of ashes isis basely upward and downward dog of yoga bind was the moment yeah i do with a forty pathway vest sometimes dead you're a beast bots to such a great work out tat i started down the more tried to intensify its up so you don't have to keep adding more weight your best yeah also remember tom modular is really important i'll give you an example i went to the germantown i saw this guy just jack off pull up like crazy he was the use momentum is barely one second up one second death the do did twenty five which is impressive but it was pretty much yanking up his joints right so i am glad because do set of six but he was doing for two for each one so the guy they did a twenty
five his time under load was only fifty seconds my guy just six his tat marilla was a minute my guy i should did war mechanical work emma's physically in some way stronger better strength away ratio so when you think about those crossroads thou putsch and obsolete insane i mean but what we talked about this last time that guy committing the gregg classmen gaia amid the guy's an obese crippled while he's got health issues was another he comes and as i do what the fuck i got it i got ahead health issues the injuries that i've had of anyone as excuse for not drain i don't mean to my own horn but right now i never mr training dude in injury always and if you hurt your shoulder you got you
other children your legs they can work in your core right out there i busted out my foot one time so you know i was able to work you always work around there's something to do always something's not training just because your injure i blew r l for my spine one time just doing this but abdominal roll out from the fate and i dont really i saw this jackie gm movie house will have you use those ab wheels there's little wheels and from your toes you roll the whole way out hallway back as pretty girls went up from your toes you roll the hallway out however which amount to exact reassure me can you admiral are
jackie jump this is pretty inspiring so you mean like you make ambassadors and i would like in antwerp ok and you blew your back out where i left my back it is guy says do i regret their ago i could do that i probably still you do about just too afraid it is hard to do foxier example it will then tried it were now don't trackers i don't want her your back but you a really really bracer abdominal and keep includes tight because the shearing forest on the lawn bar is really high as i found out i don't do but i do a lot of abigail stuff well i just never do like that you can do it on your knees university movement is hanging leg raises very saved some people got chose to bore tried unit with no momentum slow up touch your tippy chairs the bar pause for sex slowly are indeed you three or four while you're pretty strong corps
solve languages rat with legs straight here with an extra i tried almost like you're touching your toes chose toolbar thank assertions that means that persons to tighten her thereof hamstring but but yeah blew my bag and l for civilisation and spend your thesis and i was told i might need surgery bulging disk oh my god i have sciatica so bad you can't even walk when you were agony did i have the reverse hyper machine in the back when you hear yes you did what you think but those of uses it ah i had with the strange curve i think i told you is off because right where europe ear glued singular back on the weakest part of the curve the resistance is at its highest right as he would shania it must be better output knack awaits weights on and just doing reverse leg raises managers law but though for decompression spine strengthening the lower back area i mean them
i hold back areas is so thick and strong from doing that exercise it gives me a lot of relief ma i'm a big fan of machine i mean i'm not against per se i think there's this is good if not better exercises dagon use it because i'm in my case i i can't travel to reverse joe you have a hard time checking that i tell you what i'll do enjoy is the forty five degree back extension bench where you do back extension testing actually look as i call roman chairs it was quite a roman share but is kind of along those lines i'm not talking about the glued ham raises right i should talk about forty five degree back extension i was at arthur jones ranch when he was doing his experiments with medics which was a year a machine for back rehabilitation
and is emetic studies is doing it with this doctor wayne pollock from the university of florida medical school and they found the people's back a pretty undeveloped and pretty weak and can cause a lot of problem so they were trying to invent a machine to work that area the frigate machines were like fifty thousand dollars numerous region it was you know you get all these electrical feed out and all the stuff so i authors is surely there must be a very simple access as they do that would give you really really good results as he was basically pupil in most back exercise is not really working the back most have worked galoots
the ham strength i cared about swings deadliest rather more gluten hampshire so he said the back extent he says that will come as close and i started religiously practicing back extension a man attire there's one area my back there was always strong right up until that point where did this abdominal rule out there was a first back and drew him how'd you get over that well i went to a role for i had this woman that was actually professor at the roth institute the they they do circuits really good hands on raw for she was the one that i heard the word surgery commander bath because she was pretty much anti surgery as a first time i heard someone say if you really do this time i don't know what i can help you really you really messed your back up other try but i can't guarantee so she would put me on their table like in a tent position where the table
goes like this with my that's what's been tangier servers literally take your fingers and trying to rotate that vertebrae back into position and then i was going to this guy for pain i don't wanna take painkillers this doktor frank go in philadelphia nord stream he was shoot me with the needles acupuncture acupuncture for payment even i would walk in their absolute agony and i would walk out price sixty seven percent reduction the paint and it would last for a day or two and then come back of course but i was just jonah just to get out of patent rights and over the course of say how many seconds was it is like eight sessions by the eightth session of sudden i woke up
one day and the pain was complete so slowly relaxing the disk was going back in the valley scored it back in the stretching anything like i was sitting in a back chair i used to be the trainer for the owners of the philadelphia eagles the jefferson or their divorce now but jeff stones thee thought vehicle chance he used to have all these really cool nifty devices jesse sovereign a lot from back it was its chair that you sent on a swing like like this playground swings with these two clamps grabbing underneath your armpit in clan so you're clamped you can adjust it and then he slowly release the slang so you're just basely sitting with your your back completed is hanging there from your armpit ha and out sit there watch tv for an hour or so with my back in this traction that really gimme a lotta relief yad despite decompression that again the air the bacteria zero expensive they added board barred is for like a couple months manta thing really
what do you think about those like we those hang ups where you inversion like those i do i didn't have the table the room for it at the time although i do like it i didn't have inversion boots there are used to hang off my pull up on my problem as with the sciatic i couldn't get into the position was too painful heading until we were so far gone so far gone everything was kill me but why it went away was like it never happened never happen but despite that i did it stop training start doing super slow machine poor downs in chess presses interestingly enough without injury riding shhh winner it on you know those air bikes within that don't hurt it actually fell good i would feel good for like thirty forty minutes after that work out zero pan and then it was slow i come back on those
you're dying machine seem to be like a really popular exercise for strengthened conditioning for fighters lotta wrestlers ears and began a time as a faster you go the harder it is the air displacement the faintest so called out again both upper and lower body dear so as not just laura body aerobics your whole bodies involved in like a strengthened to those bother you with your shoulder they shoulda been any kind of vertical movement i mean horizontal move enterprise to overhaul the arrests that death by innocent enough i can still do hindu push that is interesting at the angle i can angle it and also of course growing hands gripping activating the last another costa can really keep you out of here still wish to three hours
i wish it flew by wound is over i know you have as video though tell people about this video your eyes symmetric video i just came out with my second isomeric has ever so thrilled with the first when i started looking deeper indicted metrics and i found these old school techniques that i've made an advanced i symmetric video so as it were a full work out leein through what i did was in the first when i had he's a yielding or overcoming asthmatics here forever you guys are really strong like yourself i combine yielding in voting in overcoming semantics in the same exercise a boy even an olympic ghastly could get a full work out in a hotel room with virtually no equipment just ujiji about is are you really need dude you would know you had a workout very safe no chance of i mean
course somebody could shoring up and get himself heard but the chance of hurting yourself with eyes metrics is virtually none good way to also work around an injury if you have a foot ankle knee alba you can still do icy metrics you get even potentially joyce magics if you're in bed in alaska you had an injuries car accident where you could actually keep your muscles in shape lying in bed oh it's pretty costa work we will get it how do we get the website is maxwell s c dot com asses and strength see as in conditioning maxwell s c dot com and i think oh yeah there's a link to the page maxwell s e training does outside maxwell fc decamp yes monsieur siege outcome ok really get very i
but a lot i did i shouted maui jujitsu and really really one of the best ones have ever done our beautiful and people want to get all the on twitter its twitters the sea serpent i'm a trap as ram feed the media machine baby media machine regarding rather appreciate being our man thanks romania pritchett our friend we back to morrow she soon babo thank you very much to the park cast thanks for thanks to an end to all that love astrology so sorry just pursuing a prairie i might be wrong the fuck do i know i like explain to me measurement astrologer on today now james i entered changes vetoed it thanks a blue apron go to blue apron dot com for its last rogan get you for to meals for free less than ten bucks a meal blue apron delivers
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appreciate fuck eighty people and thanks to needs to show much love by big is yeah
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