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#791 - Steve Schirripa

2016-04-26 | 🔗
Steve Schirripa is an actor, producer, author, and voice artist, best known for portraying Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos. http://unclestevesny.com/
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the will gain experience relied should allow by many that you got a flip phone i need a second lap when no electronic sid i now look forward simple guy you know me a long time already i take a good text to make a call you do like ill these give you a full keyboard for text or you do now i dont undresses that's so that way if he attacked me i'll give you an answer but it's gonna take a while and just give you a quick aids i can have a conversation like people though some people get reject what are you up to what will happen when by up to exactly as russia you wanna talk like a twelve year old girls common amity where they would what do we do i mean i'm not a teenage call me you wanna talk there sometimes i am not get to see about it s got a lotta it's been a long time for a long falcon timed it it's it's interesting to see
a friend who was in mean euros in show business can you ran the riviera but to go from that to be on a sopranos number hearing about it and then see in it and the sopranos is about favorite show at the higher vanity i think a little italy guy back when i was eleven than they so i'd be early two thousand like that ninety nine a thousand i just couldn't believe it it was this so weird watching a guy like you all the sun was just a friend while the sudden your on my favorite shows its astray staying to watch someone who you like who's on a show plan somebody else the thing is i can't even say like you know george i couldn't even said what we and it was a dream and i always wanted to do it because i never will you know i was like screwing around you know i think pollack put me in one of his things improve bouwman
i was run in the club we and our guys toward the collaborative extreme commenting upon downer they're tearing down the riviera yeah i'm out of people out of me i really sad i wish i could want back or was it was at one time it was good was really good was gone now as it go there not further down i think they start to some start soon malcolm thing now saw dies in the upstairs room like a year and a half ago or so down there i would do and they started doing shows up there the amy sure they did dyson gilbert and a bunch of people in that they used to be their female impersonators yeah that guy still arise marine bog cheapside thirty minutes ago pictures of em they should be arrested for rob fuckin picture they use the guy's gonna be in a seven and i now he's it is for these eighty five years old fifty is at least a hundred he's gonna how she's got a house i had a film some in this house wants and psycho
many liberace like that i think you do what you think you know yeah that's what it is i'm sure he also would be crazy like he s housekeeper any would like leave things around on purpose to see if they were clean and that count those guys worth a still gonna dig keys at the imperial what's one of them one of those strange casino is one of those but they still gone and it is the guy supplant the guided this in turn is older than team were i remember watching that show once that show i watch once and crazy girl was there was comics you sir come in it s day of the year i remember you ago they needed a fill and i put sinbad in their real in crazy
because it was upstairs in other shows around for years in it they all ran simultaneous use three yeah hey we had there the comedy club at the college crazy girls so was all now i remember it was it was the first place ever worked in vegas we i did it the extreme comedy x x x ray you came for the week which is great put you in a sweet do the thing i took off photo of my name on the marquis gazelles like look at tat it's my name lose gray had one of those cameras eu by low voice a lot of stuff i started through nineteen eighty six wow you now back when it was still like you know of one tat you know good hotel mob run that's retry said that that kind of was gambling add reckless who is kind of dissidents kind of mobs though you know he was an israeli started the junk bonds he was
who is in a mature and work was he was married to pay is a door he owned it when i was there so they found a different way to skim the money you know through construction or whatever they weren't bag man it was a different river and the like the condition he bought for the new building they were firm is israel like they did airports in the united states so that all the economic unit was there they found different ways but he was literally in good time we represent here the hotel when i first got there in eighty six sinatra was therein eighty eight eighty nine ninety one was there you still had lies him in ellie play in there you had milton burrow caesar they a minimal still guys plan you know wow there was a lot of stuff came to see you get to see all those who by social voucher night after night after night and i just
if that is done work i'll go sit in the back of the room you know sometimes my wife would come why and there was always like no big deal if the one that's crazy i gotta take what am i gonna tape of him on new year's eve i think it's new year's eve eighty nine ninety the guys just sound men took it was closed circuit member goals serbia and the room in the just in the room and they put of age vhf s indian obeyed a match what was anna he's drunk his to praise can occur and joey ville of emma joey villa was a comic like a real you know that we are happy thievery guy he was in splash stature so yeah joey villa open for peace a door and then grecian open for tom grecian open fora sinatra and he did show upstairs now says he was drunk on his s nature
and i have tabled some way i m a place as our care play upstairs i buy dashes if they pay me i sing a phone boats he didn't kill you know at that point while all busy back then i just turned i was the night it was like making andy so there's probably the beginning in the end right before started losing a little yellow teleprompter onstage you know he was reading though you know i was completely out of it but i do he died and ninety nine from not mistaken sore he would forget his lyrics yeah yeah yeah a lonely but because it was so hammer do just now i just think you is getting older and i think to be honest my opinion they kept him out there too long enough i think whoever the powers may be out another that was he stayed a little too long about eight to see him i saw him in eighty two when i first got to town and eighty i saw him nineteen eighty
one eighty two eighty three in those days it's visas from amazon i saw sammy davis shimmer why i saw all those johnny met all those guys that were there i saw a lot of stuff that people are gonna u i caught the bridge the last link absolutely i moved industry hundred fifty thousand people well that i was friendly with the casino the job has she character tony's natural that russia's character was friendly with that guy was about her he would come in kosovo time you do i go on the club riyos gimme a twenty and i'll give you give me twenty four years where if i was a vote then they gave send up a twenty he was always a good guide me now i don't know he did what he didn't know he was good to me i didn't know the added did the neo account him no he was around but i didn't but the petty character tommy splotch only at a guy fat herbie
was there his sugar mary i was about her at the wedding to make sure f b i didn't get into the into the wood when i got there as you know our wedding gown suggested veto the wedding make sure nobody that's not on that list doesn't come with a word about the fbi the wedding there where it was at the time there is a lot of it was a small town in his easy they were doing whatever they were doing i mean i don't know i mean i was never privy to any of that but they were how close was heed to the character the joe patient played in we see the nastiness age impair she caught the voice and the action he asked at the chicago they are now anna i only should be in like a gentleman you know to be honest he had kids i mean that's all i saw you miserable you know you have some drank she's in the collaborate in do anything crazy but there was exaggerate things for shows and movies of course i may i would assume i don't know where they gotta from but yeah
he was around he was kind of abortion town in the movie i beat death while that is unhappy i think they did happen they get a cornfield him in his brother back in chicago yeah but you know there was a small town it was you everybody knew everybody was too clubs no clubs no clubs at all in the casinos tat was there was no night clubs grill no microbes that started in the nineties i think it real y know night clubs to clubs and tom poor land around one and then there was another one i would go to work at one in the morning to nine in the morning and i would leave the dance floor was packed at nine o clock mania while and then people would go out from there was just a completely different thing you know and in all the entertainers would come out you know like i mean i sure o j cosby was out all the time in which little and it was ever was bob hope bob hope came in
so club he left a year that is banned from attended thirty cents thirty thirty sweating turned and walked off larry's that you remember that the other certain things i remember his name copperfield gave me two hours he said he if there's any girls the more from two blocks i swear dissuaded my hands a guy to dallas he he wanted you know he was headline and but not that famous shepherd rock amy like two bucks three books you should a united girls girls freedom sway and amitabha hi guys given me hundreds of rational dealers back then it was all crazy did cost me the reputation back then he didn't have a reputation of dawn due to the girls but always station girls always what you always always but you have the reputation of drug unknown i didn't know think about any of that i also knew that there was a time he didn't tipp you know there's a lot
these guys don't wanna scottie pippins famous no tip and pippin that was his neck mania heard that huh in michael jordan and the worst of all those tiger woods please the absolute but worse tipper and you could ask anyone that's today another there was a girl that i knew she managed a restaurant she was friendly work and they would go out you know that just turn him you know like a group whatever she said i couldn't afford to go out with him anymore cause i was leaving ships could she would do no opposition costing me three foreign journalists does from cleaning up his mess like in my god look i do that unnerstanin guy because i don't want is now rich because i think sometimes joe i didn't guys think it's a privilege for you to have me in your place i think it gets to that point should have rain
other someone i shot to make more money i started taken better care of people may i was of course a table but come on man you know you're lucky enough to you know you ve done well and not from what i've done well i mean but to help pay for low but you don't feel it that's the thing of course not if i leave some one hundred bucks a dinner you made their night they go home and they joe rogan he came he took care of me you may disguise night disguise father got two kids do you not to me you know i like you i too doing get the fuck out there for they realise that call like leaving love bomb let's get out of the room i agree with you you know i mean you know some people i did think happens a lot you here at all time allotted athlete especially you know here well does
ego this involves being an athlete sometimes like that you know that i'm the man i can't be stopped them in a fuck everybody else i agree we agree with a sort of breeds but this frame and i'll give you go like dealers in vegas especially close everybody comes through their there's like i think it was a flock when he was day in jail oh my party was a crap deal and he left them five grand and she picked up forty five you know chips in he picked it all up of five hundred and left five hundred he left the five thousand she picked it up like one can't absolutely wash my current she stole she's your fuckin thea get out now you knew she data but she well you don't believe in azerbaijan fuck but you know you see it all the time all the jailer i remember guys that tipp me years ago on my way back when tony dance
who on friends that i gave you twenty i get may teach eighty one and they gave me a torrent but that's like a big part of like the whole culture a vague is tipp anwar lowly always has been and the thing is if you want to get treated right you need to tipp yeah that's it could you does it is even take that much guys you'll understand away in line for three hours i get the rifle i mean i want you to give them i pointed out ten thousand men get an online right now stand as a garlic tiger woods like he's not gonna feel a hundred dollars you know what i did martin in your hundred bucks that that won't that's a character floor man it's a carriage of law that said you just want to share in that's it you don't they don't deserve it yeah that's that's what it's so crazy them don't stand plus if i want to get traded goods it doesn't matter who you are you could be a plumber for and see no and throw a few bucks around and you re a tree like a king in the recent what's it to ache with that's what the whole towns about earlier
that's what it was built on they can it took that away because a lot of people and started would steve win a lot of people he was a big one eighty eight thought they would make it too much money the deal is the waitresses the captains in the show em i gotta ninety your friend was captain and show under an elvis at the hilton he was making aid under the night cash in the seventies well a lot of money that they are now that's probably like eight thousand and vague is at the time it still doesn't cost much alive in vegas but then of course nothing so these guys eyes were by and land than they were invested in an end went out at night and it was trickle down way or what stopped all batteries he's too first guided do the numbered seeding what are you similarly the show me got rid all those captains major these waitresses you know there's while he got there they no longer
when you have a show in vegas you have a number ticket to get in there for now where they go and it didn't you to be that way used to buy you know you gotta go in and then he took the maitre d twenty dollars to arouse forty dollars and you get a good see that's what vegas is built on for years and years and years he stops all the same thing would deal he didn't want them to make as much so they put it on the czech now they they all pool whether you were caught and that's when you got a hunch again when you go to a black jack game and you got a deal at its a brick and you so this bitch i'm not gonna give or anything you don't tip and this is a nice guy and you say you know what is a lot of fun i'm going to give one hundred dollars while at the end of the night that all goes into a big pool before hours a day every deal a split them up that sounds ridiculous ridiculous you guys are flag is and they go a man i gotta there's gonna be a mechanic not just gonna be a robot do
don't know personality and whose all flare it's exactly that's so crazy so they're hawaiian steve when decide to do that because i think he thought a people tip in big make it too much money money that could have been instead of tipping he'll make some money you know instead of me given the maitre d a hundred miles for good see the charge them a hundred dollars for she now i'm gonna get the money that's how it is now you know expensive tickets are big that's awful comedy club vegas course like sixty two hours of science has really like the braggart yet i think it's like sixty that's a nice little club it's it's done well it's him in the left factory now are the big once the river went away the improper dissuade is gone away in may is they ve been a long time the actually dice is doing a residency always nice to me
a temporary residency he's gonna like blocked off some dates bloc in the world that was doing well yeah well we get that new showtime show now he had called me he wanted me to refer for world there would love to crises i think he's funny in these european great and good after each i always thought it was a really good active from way back from crime story i do remember that do degeneracy that woody allen moody jasmine absolutely was excellent now move that we really good he's a great stone other stuff too you know before that you know it is finally after all the other stuff they they recognized it but yeah and i think it shows funny it is funny that woman and sows natasha his wife on the show she's vocational kevin cog in the night and i have in the past i'd kicked here i saw him then and i ran into
they took a lot of shit for a long time and now it's finally coming around cool too like dies again i guess why did went to bed in the first place i don't sound it was empty being political correctness and what is it in time you know back then like they were trying to get away with that they're turning move away from that kind of humour that he was doing but whose thing issue which you know your comedian who's to show you could say one onstage and what for exactly funny and we could go round and round india you i can't make a joke about this well that's what donald things were you know a guy like body hack it in those old comic so you should do polish jokes and chinese jokes and japanese jokes they couldn't even work now it's out of that state
have the picture in you know those guys you should do the accents and all that nonsense and you can still make fun of why people have to look at your black i mean why paths that totally cept and you can't you can't make fun of likely not new newton known even light skin black people have a hard time make a funnel by very careful in the country it can't be fix well you know what it is i think is more people have opinions now more people can express their opinions now it i'm not i'm not a political guy i think did so broken in the country it can't be fix what know what it is i think is more people have opinions now more people can express their opinions now a different world where's is so so much common acca from many different angles and then people realize they can express our opinions how many people realise that they say something on facebook and get a bunch of likes if they say something on twitter easy does do that stuff anonymous a lot of people who are not just didn't want to the lotta people don't want to do an anonymous but
they do it and others that too is a people that could just in our mother fuck you from now until four and you don't even know the guy that's true but when they see it they still no they did it so that's what they're doing there to get attention even if the attention doesn't directly come to them in there you know ass steve sure ripper that their name it doesn't come at their name it still they know that fuck face sixty nine the twitter profile they know they make that and so since our nasty value they know that they're the ones that road it and that yeah you remain until their friend that's just people people just it's it's a new thing the new thing to be able to reach out to people needs a new thing to be able to protest people the common people to be able to organise things like very easily like a comedian i come at any cost they say something that someone thinks is crosses a lawyer they can organise a boycott they want to get em
got a television show that media happens over and over the keeping these guys from working yeah keeping these guys from work in four why well because discover that the current chilling there they the amounts we expand just get fired because he doesn't believe the trains james a bathroom thing was that what you have i think our fight for that and he kept by looking about who you know what he had a picture that he put on twitter that show a guy in a dress with her tits hanging out that said this new law this guy could share bathroom with your narnia so you boys she gave five for the well here's that the lips here's the deal that is possible and in someone not admitting that that doesn't help anybody i mean it just doesn't it doesn't help it doesn't help a goddamn thing that's that is possible like you could get a fuckin nut bag who wears address and what's a whip cock out from women and says is a woman it is a real thing like you not saying that it should i mean it i'm not say
that's the majority but we got a fine what's woman and what's not a woman here i give you gonna loud transgender people to transition and become the other gender whether its woman a male male or female you ve got it gotta make some sort of a standard where we know that that six what's going on in this not just someone who is a crazy fuck once a week dress but how do you do that its exact incredulity you do that well that's why the idea of making people go to the bathroom that is their gender winterbourne with like their sex what what's the chromosome it's not preposterous and everybody's make it seem that gets bigoted to force people to use a bathroom that matches their chromosomes and that's kind of as you know and it's not saying that you should discriminate against transgender he bore people who feel they were born in the wrong sex now not at all maybe
we need to have three fuckin bathrooms may we need everyone is probably the easy maybe it should be male female and go for do you do remember a crazy girls on a few of the girl that was the m c scares me john of steel she was a she's gonna be a budget chapter whatever i do remember because we matter she has and i met her and she showed it to joey enjoy that with its mouth that's that's hilarious friendly when she was great the mind of a guy and i mean she with a lot of different eyes and she very funny yes yes he was very fond of very fine and she looked a lot like a woman absolutely if i don't know if i wouldn't known if i want to know and you know them in this nineteen was ninety seven or sometimes even before the soul but
the bottom line about that kind of stuff is its you you're now about even talk about it if you talk about it you're a big it like we have leave open the possibility there's some crazy fucks out there this there's some guys they would just side that all they have to do to hang on a woman's room is dressed like a woman that doesn't mean it there's aren't they are real transgendered like named jonah was john john there's doesn't like her going into a woman's bad absolutely ana percent but what about joe ideas with joy ideas point rest i'm not joking around i mean that that is entirely possible there is a guy that said that he was that he eat identifies had been a six year old girl he's a fifty two year old man he dresses bugger girls get these got parents is got a daughter he's got a family any idea fires had been a six year old girl meaning what when these stop that is everybody just allowed to play make believe the fact is i think i'm a wolf i agenda
with the wolf i'm unaware wolfskin everywhere and i want to lift my leg to piss on fire hydrants just like a dog i'm saying i think you'd sober everything so broken jones crazy it's can't be fix i didn't call on george this guy meet at fifty two your father who identifies a six year old girl this is not a joke i mean people out of their fuckin minds and the thing is so i can't deny i was married i can't deny have children he says well then you're fucking other what whatever happened to loving yourself whatever happened that what was something that was preached for the longest time love you for who you are don't you it changes so don't look to get you i can chin shaved browsing raised when they know that every dog of the stall hygienic surgery world right true placing sedgemoor at some point up later these girls are gonna look exactly the same you see some of them now just regular girl
functionally listen this is a little old ladys in my neighborhood that fuckin monster faces what i call em they get that right actual over you know and they shoot the filters and there in the whole face swells up and it looks like a monster system they look alike mobile kabuki mask the thing is is gonna how do you looking you you know like yourself in the mirror its disorderly pretty good how many actresses of ruin their ruin their careers because they change effects for quite a few quite a few well that i think the problem as they think that they different than they look you know and they do things out it's gonna work they think it's gonna work and then everybody else's and then they see where real seasoning barometer what have i done to renounce its this more it's the same thing anorexic savage same thing body builders have what they think that they look normal in their fuckin gigantic they think they're too small you know its body does morphia that's what it is
we're great you don't have to worry about that you are right that i raised my fine it is what it is i gotta do is we got that attitude of it is what it is is really what we should all have more that status when i was younger i was in better shape i play boys and actually in college i gained the way you know to calculate as much as i wanted when i was young and in vegas and all that again why i try to watch but when it is a matter which do i look like i gotta be a leading man it is what it is it's a girl says you won't make up what they want to show it doesn't really matter the idea being better learn gives you less shiny always been azhar it is what it is not an acre man they their lotta make up you know you ever do a talk show you look about the guy can't believe how much make up this guy i'm gonna take it on his lot low shows where they they literally change what they look like i give you
get them in real life eulogy ere they tend to vienna woke hdtv factor absolutely people i mean even myself i can't i don't like the watch myself i'm doing blue now what can i myself go my heads i gotta do a big screen sixty five which at my heads fuckin giant it's a feeling of gaul sixty five inches would it blew blood's billboards is cbs it's a one hour trammeled tom salad tunnel dialogue or are you working with tom seller is not told us to really guccio doubt next is and his two shows left friday night i got a big one i joined in october to to really get show when i play the investigator so i'm on the other side of the law in nice and now it's really good writings really good you'll be surprised to network show and it's really will go it's been now they just got picked up for seven she's what's tom declared i met him twice i didn't work with him cause i'm working on it with brigitte morn i am mostly
very nice carries rachel she's great great she he came into the trail he said you doing great work thanks for me i am a man of your time i am ashamed of seed ivy biting together now because it cannot be the way its work so far is i work with dining hall by once it was a great guy and then i work with all the time i have more than anyone else you know the other guests stars but it's been it's been good you know it's you shoot new york all the city so it's like the cities like another character you know it's shoe and every bar so you live in new york now i live in new york of doctor i've been there i saw my house vegas a few years ago but i've been in there what my family since but two thousand to do you like it not too crazy though i was crazy he's got the plaza goes a piece of garbage he's a bad guy just anything yet he put his city in the toilet and is allowed a homeless but they got version
yeah but you know that if the government through the other joe that's to the other extreme now this guy's jackass i mean this guy wanted a separate to city between the cops and and he did it is bad guy this guy you know just he's under investigation for work campaign fraud in all kinds of shit the f b i came in short i like it it's crazy but it's good it is always shop gone on edge vibrant i'd like southern california and i'm looking you know went to placed here to also but i like it i like nato can i get my friends it from there should that it's insane this general you been spent find it is crazy plan the island to replace therefore while a while ago like maybe two three years ago i thought about said a while here closer soon make you my kids were born there now both of my daughter screw up there i mean he's a boy in vegas per day they grew up there in new york in them my wife was born in vegas and she loves day its mean if you ve got
money it's not the worst place in the world live interesting money could judge ridiculously let's change to its become like bankers like a buddy my wish mother used to be largely judah you do too freelance bulgaria judo sanity used to build a lot artists but now carry this is the problem in twenty years one like the rent control shit expires in people's you're gonna have to be wealthy to live in man and have to be literally wealthy so all the kids want to become comics in addis and actors and dancers and they get out of high school in college can afford to live there are as they have rich parents or parents that could help them they can afford for their living in bed sigh and other neighborhoods which is good for them a book costed changing but eleven four and five to two bedroom upon the body mind replacing beds die because he was workin for production company in europe you can't do it any other way he said they they started cleaning the house had been found all the paint in the house was led
kid he's like we'll get the fuck out of here like this places toxic paying so you know you gotta go further out to queen further out to brooklyn you know we're still affordable but you know it's an hour into the city fuck you know by train but if you could look i love him and i bought a candle years ago three bedroom you don't get a nice place if you could afford it it's great out some point if it doesn't stop places the business stores those guys you had a business for thirty years didn't think another leases up he's gone yeah in us everyone's of greedy pig just a whole landscape of the city is changing and when i talk to comics they say the audiences are changing to it's like you deal like wall street p like you i have a better common common quite awhile it i mean i don't know that economic you get work caroline
gotham will carolinas really artillerist trap and he got gotham made great club i mean it still is great acts but it's not like they don't do like it's like a big local seen you know you ve got like the stand is big local scene the seller in earlier yeah you got a lot of clubs where comics work out at but care this is more of like yahoo you know like someone's at a town they they go in there and they do all we can re in times square yeah zactly it i haven't you know i'm not privy to that you now but it it's you you can't those kids i want you wanna be enacted you bet average mother father in algeria the new or shall i couldn't afford depart my car and i needed a car for road gigs but it was not a meaningless was ridiculous then it was expensive weathers relevant i think i move there
in ninety one or ninety two somewhere on there and i live there eleven new show a captain apartment there for three years so ninety took about ninety some are on ninety five probably there parliament's work does double now known i was a small little should place and weird neighborhood in albania just got and we're out of control and these landlords and and i tell you that the blaze years really split the city i mean i'm not just say i'm not i don't get into politics and i don't know that i think that was his intention you know he's big friends what i'll shopped in our shops and sometimes i wonder if this guy run the city what what do you think a guy like that does why do they do that they do it is a political calculation they think like is the way to get the black boat load let him go along absolutely and let me tell you another thing a guy like al shopton email his money by shaken people down there i mean
a friend of mine who build a there i could tell you flat out over the years he's given them envelopes cause you know what they do come they'll say you know we got the coalition here we're gonna shut down in all gonna shut your job unless your high attend guys and i'm not even say in black white spanish i'm not even say what it is this is what these guys do and the high the ten guys or they get an envelope because this is what goes on we'll jesse james since been measured out forever jesse jackson and this the fact that you in it is in the eightys to frontier was on strike for like six or seven years from the food and beverage or the wages in the pot as they pay twenty five grand to march with them down the strip they closed the strip that twenty five grand why people are coming up to jesse jackson hey you know that's great thank you man thank you thank you
each time we got pay the anvil that was his so the rainbow coalition that come in internal thing diversity lessons to everybody that work there you know that they would have these clinics or their teach people how to be more diverse dish what's a sharp denials taxi owes the elles where it couldn't be a bigger has i think he could kill somebody employed light he'll get away some he walked in front commodore one night he was walking down the street walkin rang front economy store and me in a bunch of comedians just started hack allenham as he was walking by saying that in our shops and get that money go get that money out like that is a hustler we mad at you gotta get down my amazement and why are so many times already dilute occurs in a way not only that if you go back to his history is no like i would ve gotten away with that he would he did was he got into the the public's i
because of false right back to water tight we made up story wanna bet he's never admitted to the now while it was proof i mean it was absolutely and there you weren't there that guy's life of their obligations yeah well ok so age in the white house he's so i know now we go on and on and on and that happen in how someone not step away from that's why i'm telling you saw broke you can't be fix you gotta drop out of sight joe what we're gonna do i don't know alaska days i don't think that's alas it think it act at java lang it up their hawaii open ways we danger is that the sharks the waves fuck you i don't know maybe you'd go anymore i don't know where they would be in the middle of the ocean she's too dangerous although it has been there for them in the years and i won't be here for thousands of years so it is tempting in that regard since we don't do i don't know i like where people are so i'm thinking montana that might be a good work
if i find out is not many people who don't give up every trawlers day does montana absolutely harris p urge all that's right harris piece it take airbus place re limb of their heritage and i saw em up that not only to catherine hours per year homes like haven't retarget along with heresy and then this i was up there too strange voice two areas that not a bad place does not love for me i'm not one of them that an outdoor guy again you know i can't do anything i can change a life that we had all i got a call the guy that states could you change the ball i gonna live in a doormat building doorman building and creative works this that's environment united houses yet i get a tip some your natural habitats the door by building that flag and who were somebody did those
so are you making spaghetti sauce now i ate it last night and i had a today i won't tell you is very good it's very good source no bullshit how does it for you love making spaghetti sauce my buddy buddy joe bank my they had passed away a few years ago he said let's do something for your mother come on let's do some indonesia entrepreneurs can a guy you know and so we got the recipe my wife runs marathon she's healthy sheets organic burma we made an organic it took away we have to throw out a lot of source and give it to shelters and stuff like that because it was too loose and it was not that bad wasn't what i'm right it we got it gotta go free non gmo uncle steve she got uncle steve's and why that come we sell it it's just we just got here in albert sins fons pavilion wherein whole foods fair way all over the country women three thousand souls there
radio uncle steve that you should do this morning if you didn't know what came out of a job and i'm not why don't you just so you know that's a whole attired thing of and i never did just because i never did my wife woodcock and alone when i was a kid my mother my grandmother and the source is that good very good at my wife has made us in a long time yet last time i guess i made this morning items i'll send you more we are three kind that six cases we sent me six commodities ata tomato raised to try to our beata novel i tried the mariner they the hour be out his various vice very like it it's that's the biggest cellar but it's hot keep away from the kids yell yet none of its that's an icy it said spice i mean it's good by people like my kids they were my kids torn twenty four they likening in hand but not for me to offer me like spicy saw now really must by the owner no sir i also don't go away
that's amazing that that we don't have to go and i have to sit in the waiting room in addition for bullshit yeah that is a good idea to have alternate sort i think you know you don't remember to show your decision for something that was a movie and that the same world what was a movie they ve sheridan tao yea i and we were there and i said to you fuckin guy in you and it was the star the more money i've talked about idea got i'm only i didn't outage i talked about that story because that not you auditioning but that home movies tour because jacket was talented funny shed he was doing ok i don't know what that movie was dog shit and when the reasons why the dog shit because all these executives because it was funny and they they made in this are the movie but he was a nobody forcing people to know he was they all we're tell them what to do like i watched a guy with a fuckin rolex on
pensive owing to moving suspenders frank mccluskey see i'd die because i did a movie with the producer i did his movie before that did a movie while trying to put a hit on the dog ceasefire revulsive vena areas anna don't i met you you'd just happened to be then i was there and he was across the way from us saying those whose it's like a baby as i saw he was the star and i didn't know who he was i didn't get it i where i work for an attorney i think well when i was on the set the kid was really funny he's really count of very funny real slap sticky big jim carry style comic actor and this guy with a rolex and the cuff links in the tailored suit like suspenders super rich guy right he's given on line reading there that's all i know he's telling this kid like literally when you come in when you come and i want you to know what is
acting it out and he's like tell an amount to do it and then he sits in from the camera make sure the guy doesn't exactly what you want to do it and you see dave sure what the fuck do this because the kid was naturally funny and when you got some of them any one that's the last thing you want to do is tell them how to be funny just leave me of course they can feel comfortable make him feel comfort i told you about somebody with common sense anybody but these have so much money they have much money and they have so much influence and they want em they wanna make the monkey dance away he eyes i haven't seen antonov he's work a nominal marshall i don't know but it's just but when that was nice gather was you google realized tat i worked with him i had a great time you realize you know it's a site comics years ago to god manages of of the club used to tell them what to try to do there
in fact i'd never told a guy ever you know never told a guy you know that for those nor do they showed things i get the river you couldn't do like to stop mocked the hotel right you know i don't i don't i don't say it all to shit hole in this and have a good guy guys he went on the radio use what a shithole up i tag and you know my boss call me and he said this who's this guy and radio and i went he said he's gone baxter i call the guy's why did you do that i gave you a job now why the fuck did you do that you think two billion q and i don't get it so you can't you can't come back but i never would tell someone a show that joke you did in our funding can i don't do that the guys are given they were working as a fucking
three weeks ago another one a comedy carbonate telling what to do while pat always maple like that they like telling people what to do they always have i understand but you know you you because you got the job at the club or whatever now suddenly you in show business will you again you speaking like logic i mean you don't even have a semi how suddenly economic sense there's no in this town is thus a sense town does not sense business this is a business of navigating egos and trying fine your own dear boys indict one you have again in your own ego it's nice when you don't have to you know when you don't have to enact struggling you know and that's ok and you can tell gonna fuck off i'm not getting that and you know what fuck you man come in now or can for that money in that thing in exotic around you know four point seventy nine everybody i don't fuck you might have fuck money by
the fuck you honey is nice you know why you don't have to put its hard it's hard to get to the point made are you fuck you money and most we want to get fucking money there was terrified gonna lose the fucking money so they never say fuck you fuck you money is wasted and the people that are free to say fuck very well said who else is just so for me no one knew for so long and then seeing you you know doing so well now as an actor and it is a beautiful thing it's also a beautiful for me because i know that you weren't not you not classically train actor and have always told people it's not that fucking hard it's is not like a guy was never done it before but in doing brain surgery now of course of course but you know listen i got the job on this project everything like opposite because i had been dabble inherent eric so then i got a job and then i worked would occur can i still we're gonna culture now when i got a big episode and blue blood comes over the house it's in the italian dams friend joint objection i should work more logical
ass she could comes over the house i go over the lines we talk about a blood and when you do that do you do like red whither she read along with what i do is you know what i do is i started learning the lines then we'll talk about it what do you think i have my ideas are ready now show gimme some notes that's a good idea it's good to go again the fini have through the fact and culture she worked with this girl susan for years that help you get a different perspective oh you know what i didn't think it right i don't think that where your right deadline proposed so that cash it now look ultimately you get on the set you gonna do do the directors gonna stephen all you should be so angry there what whatever you know he thinks in the guy that road it on me but i work very hot add and i worked for years now now don't forget i'm making a living for sixteen years as an actor i left the review in two thousand is not correct sixteen years so
i've done a lot of shit this is your saying that too and was sixteen years ago measurement y yeah it's all right live nay i start on a supernova ninety nine i went back and forth four year uniting quit dejected six episodes that were still at the river what is it like how it must have been for constructing i was the river then i bought it for ten years i get i booked derivative two thousand ten critter oxygen still can you tell i said why you ve got the how hard it is it's a fucking butchery comics only i could do it in three days bugger up six months at the larry's in prague book eyes did you know that don't work much you know i think your point is the really important part of what you say is like the getting a different perspective or a gal again ovine would you to imagine he was so good he would imagine that he probably looked at it from all sorts of different angle j as she didn't you show a lot of different colors one you know he would work sixteen out ok sixty nowadays
john sopranos fusion is there so i mean a guy gets up whatever time he got up then he's gotta go home and learn tomorrow stuff so sometimes you told me be sitting in the chair you fall asleep for two hours a week subs still live just waiting for him to wake up and they gonna work on all the stuff for tomorrow yeah and in and nine months that don't forget you know sopranos they were when i got on the show was like eight days i came on the second caesar was like eight days for an episode that nine than tat at the last season it was with that shut my shows in nine months holy shit yeah as i shoot a movie there's no commercial source of full hour but that's what a wise man it was laws like she'll in a movie why am i a month an episode the first episode was seventeen eighteen working days lonely brought with them
a word more in this area so that i will the whole season cause she only worked one day an episode in she had the greatest job business why shot that one day that's beautiful was a great part to give us great you know but i think the culture why should i think a lot of it is your fault issue straight no you stuff no you lied to me you're inactive you know no you shit don't come in and be like a swan s maybe i paraphrase know you stuff respect what's on the page you know that i'm a big believer the honest sopranos you didn't ad lib the word fur and i'm not joke you there was there was a time that i have to say i gotta go and why was i have to go and they kept correcting me incorrectly correct cocytus i gotta go i dont know why why when i didn't question round i mean you know but
that's crazy amount of work we talk about gender fini that's really had still fuckin with my hat now listen jewels one of my closest friends couldn't find the bad guy he was it hardly shores kids you know his kid in our his daughter was born you know our while he besought sopranos but it is like no life you can completely gave up your life not the rest of us because there were so many characters you know i didn't why had a couple of brussels where work the real output you know i just can't be good for your health there is a lot of something i'm averting jimmy smith's already as you go in my previous he said he couldn't take visiting a teen our days yeah and yet is making a fortune you so i couldn't do it any yeah i've got friends at a billion dramas reform is the same thing you tell me that i just did i couldn't do it this and they would just there'd be when the season would rather go there's gotta be molasses
in its point with the money now in other thing at what i love about blue blood is there's a lot of countess it is different story so it's not like that it's it's nice to beautiful show and in august said the writings good you know that sure but in a wood jim but he work would lotta that's that dirty secret working one enacting an acting coach isn't there is also a good people wanted some people the one admit i think if you are bigger i'd think patina workshops on money laundering be a dirty secret i would think that would be just practice be denied dig like like guys don't want to admit that i am asking for home right now geyser fuck it acts you know well comedians everything about therewith writers working with writers comedian working with a writer like other comedians will shake the head and looked down on you will i don't i don't understand you read all your own stuff i wish the as yet stuff is very personally yeah but they'll guys that it's impossible for them to keep riding
well there's guys at a very personal but they have some kevin heart has guys at work with them like he has i d is in any bounces em off these idea these he's got these guys these ideas of these guys and then they work on together like guilt we hope brainstorm with guys on his act these are the wrong chris rocky stu i dont think that change about that but then these guys like say leno rodney who i was a big rodney dangerfield sure everybody is comics fact and stuff into him all over the plague yeah yeah leno i mean he is doing the show is busy right in his monologue ryan stuff but notwithstanding like woodland does a stand up his standard was pretty much all leno at all but like but rodney for sure enough there was a lotta guiding bra pry how bob whole pen five six seven eight staff of writers i you know of whom would pay fifty dollars a joke
thirty cents those s body we might affect fifty jamal these one of the richest guys ever find above all was but he was able to ask for you know i need whatever whenever the event was you know i need jokes about travel more mother in law is that it is you and i guess college someone admit to their accomplish that by now there's no the deafening are and there's nothing wrong with it like what first while rigid i was the greatest of all time paul mooney road form forever and other guys road form and their guests had chris rock was also one of the greatest of all time fritz braun had a bunch of writers and it's smart he knows how to make the best comedy and is not necessarily always just with your own mind like somebody i think it is also hard it's not easy for someone else to find your voice right so you have to find those guys and it's not easy because she had to say a man you know right me you know sometimes i want to have the wholesome like i hosted this thing on tv i'm not gonna make believe on the stand
understand com ignore what are even attempt but it's more like a monologue ryan even if i have to host a charity event i'd have a guy works me jokes but as i get my voice shit that i would say round a meaning you know immediately in vienna well sometimes is not a bad idea to have a writer just because you have a couple other guys that you can talk about your set with if you just look at yourself like lieutenant having different perspective maybe even they don't write the jokes but they talk about the josie you ve written and give their speculative and that alone will probably help improve i agree and i think if you doing alive show if your hosting something weatherby an award show whatever to have a couple guys there especially in a moment thing give you saw a child is ugly i end up back in november the moment has its very well especially alive show like talk show or something like that very important have writers to you do you like don't talk shows you don't like nonaligned just like do unless there's warlike causes no format
what does it went when you do a talk show it's all set off using a breeze review and they get it i'm gonna say this you're gonna say that and then a lot of time wonder a talk show house has the joke quite jargon autonomy a joke i he's already got the retorted exact i just don't agency fake and force while they write back there neither but now you have to sing and dance i don't but when you have time be a variety show like the guy that's that's nothing she had a guy like jimmy found who does it well i think he's great at it i really appreciate it i told him i don't wanna be guessed at my watch i don't wanna sit there of that friends duma go visit on while they do it corner near the dead body mine it was singing disarm icon and i want to watch the forgot here is i think it's a dying format i think it's a i'm at the second dinosaur but i think it is which is why you see this guy
cbs james whatever his name is he's seen karaoke in the car hope this guy james core accordingly james cordon they sing carry oki eyes mixing up is doing different area and he's got to defend the added dahlia this when they try to different stuff and i think it's become more like that and just to sit down all fashion right we must first of all you know and i know most actors whatever celebrity they don't have a lot to say right some people like deniro if it ain't on the page disguise stuck at hello you sail out of step for if i could answer how is it because she's gonna have it on the page then he's a wonderful actor and he could give you all but if he you did you
in a company would talk to you like this shit now no have you never spoke to know that it is my friend joe joe ideas you know joe joe movie with a mere joyed lighted nibble it was just an honour in your working with arguably recycling all time not only by the top five but i don't think he said he ever see him to try to do a talk show never boring look at some clips why thank you interesting guy you know deniro a very unusual guy i know things done a lotta crappy stuff i i don't understand how much money do you need in this i know you won't work and this is what you do for a living and i get a foot in the asian subsidiary for i really shitty movie here but i think that is probably while that most recent waited the temp eyewash the add and i just my whole soul start shaking like like i was freezing the death
i don't know he owns the restaurants each got the hotel in vegas nobody's gonna may in restaurants he's got that what was worth these otiose tobacco film festival we looked at what point time you know what you can do that money we die maybe decision he's doing shitty movies joe sharing with joy stolen movie about to say that it a whole lot of great roles right cosette you said he seventy saw me right patino seems now gave them better yeah well sworder some shitty fuckin movies to but i think these guys get up an agent of the roles they don't get offered the best roles and something comes along and it's not that good but it's a lot of money and fuck it who cares and they just do it and then a guy like bettino yes so much leeway because you can kind of do whatever the fuck he wants now same as is deniro like also one we d nero did recently there was fuckin shit name that movie more we would bring
they cooper jennifer lawrence was a big movie and deniro played hustle guess he was good to see you still got it he's still got higgins they'll do it in and seem like like a really do jurists fuck it still possible yes he does those those rules don't exist that often now just like you said and as i think as you the two physically you know you change psych just like a guy that was his wonderful leading man in his thirty's you now and now he's a fucking bloated guy in is fifty sonata many can't be the same guy yeah bloated val kilmer rang the cacophony i worked it how easy it was it i went out there he's out there a movie in detroit went on his way
that amalfi remember he likes the mushrooms maybe was on that day because we shot a movie and he was way out that he was heavy then yeah i did something africa with some money and they say got whacked out a mushroom toys their run around a campfire for common in the background i didn't see it but he was in detroit nice enough but while you in the movie the ghostly darkness remember that no more douglas in him the fuckin there were a lion hunting in they were working on of railroad as a fucking great movie in these two lions teamed up and started killing the railroad workers in older yeah it's like philip ninety irish or their early nineties prime thou yeah i when it was perhaps him yeah it's a great fuckin movie the ghosts in the darkness him and michael douglas michael douglas forgot cans of meat imposing welcome in those days
no either from pussy only guy in the world that i know of its illegal everybody's gotta be a first as the goes on the dark side of the valley well that's when you play that target year moorish until oh yeah yeah yeah upstream era same time i think that guy got too much pussy losses fucking mind decided try to use of the death of it didn't work out in any state alive and had a loose and have him on the loved joy i love i would imagine anyone why wouldn't i would have whose everywhere i would just say let's do this come out without you know what i think he did when it goes ahead of you did when i was on a graph shows autographs in other organs shows i have like a chill a theatre in the hollywood show whether you show your autographs everything and i think he did one and he made like change in front of my telling me like a hundred grand like he had the line was
and i say just sat down and size anomalies i that's it you you know you ve heard of you here who show you ve been offered their that never gets to me in the family gets deflected but there they they just had one they had won in jersey you know what i like erica the other guy from ships the other eye in all good time here they have the cashed in disguise for my show of down i don't want to do it i've never that i personally feel too hello pc a soul and one day by ingo on a by eddie months it is evolving back i'll go it and i think that takes you fuckin soldier god if it's gotta take charge of cuba which is also think that making people pay for signatures fuckin crazy i'm with you i do i admit it's a little annoying when you run to disguise the airport and stack shit unwanted assigned ten of among those elder that's that's not a fan
they don't go and they are selling him or this their wholesaling to another guy you know they this up the ladder like maybe issues rogues be there i'll give you ten dollars for more time i'll just sign one and this one guy give me a hard time ago due to my work and for you just don't work of ease i took a train you would go did i don't give a fuck i didn't ask you the only thing is for me a sometimes it's he had just sign the flag things always oscillation might give us with two things move on all you know me you could do a rogue work but the whole idea behind it is weird he's didn't you do somethin he's gonna sound and put it on ebay aware they were there of the same standard stuff they have a microphone i want you to sell some of them have an ever made love they will want to sign and the maid glove unwanted assign pictures is actually just use actually pictures and i go which it that i don't even have a flare they get body
the government in they know you're gonna be a glove what your signature that would we were taught my guess high five bucks maybe precaution or gas he ever get the picture i really so fuckin guy once it had fake shit guy emailed me any said hey is this your signature and now news radio script with all the cask i go not always i'm not my script although scripts although signatures are and because i knew andy signature at a very distinct signature and fill harmon had a very clean distinct signature marquise raw fake the i saw one we did this poster from cigar fish it out or magazine that was foreign around we all sign them we societal out of stuff at the end that a wreath rose from his family they would have a stack of stuff row of charity in whatever bright aside and i sang it in a restaurant in new york on fifty sixty five new it's not my signature wow
it's it's you know like seven of us but it's time i think how cruises someone's gonna faked the signature of bananas bobby buckle i would have said fake stomach of it from the days when i wore the fast on how they may be put prostheses that i get fat enough you get fat enough jazeera have to wear that what they chaser i do not want first got the role i would see in all these jokes i guess cows onward legs india fat fuck anything i'm gone i'm not that much then get the free me stop and think that maybe they cast the wrong guy i'm not joking i'm saying could that be in these talks will make sense and then they call you gotta come in for a fat soto finding a thing then the second year they made it like a really nice one
like a costume sharp it had like tits accustomed shop in like a broadway custom thing anna and then more nea was gone back and to add a fitting for the the fourth year you know what's in the next year he looked a monument the way that anymore i said i i'm sorry it was pretty embarrassed at first i was praised around they had an answer me to like a big as fake again he was gone too big and i was gonna walk about reform and re these really land this very whether gotta he said to me today actually have permission to do and i said mouse davies i wanna fuck it there that i want i want to get the job vienna that was a weird time when the surprise came out because all the sudden it was like a lot of fake mob guys a lot of fake connected goddess
ass they could tell you not to me and my dell around i call again guinea act is guilt but you know i mean it's like that thing that way became in fashion they started they used to hang around the world wherever we were around they were extremely serious they still around but there was no we did a appearance in nicosia we wish to do a lot of that stuff you know they were everywhere everywhere they were hoping to get on the shy cry you did the shotgun done due to show a member michael imperially one time we were up in reno and if one of them this time blackjack annoying except grab put me on the show i could will you do i mean just went off on a white bed jive twenty years ago above and i can you deny me got hee hee michael and michael was right he got really pissed off is
one of those fuckin gamboge in our door you dog worse exactly this like this this wannabes but there's something about guinea wannabes this arouses a handful of all the things they congregate together when they try to the clang of rachel you die what what's a lousy rogan humming awoken what about a kind of try to navigate away from only an even in new york i can't it's not my thing well sopranos was so good that it almost killed the mob genre united shall i think you're right about that cause you know unless and i get a lot of scripture in all that crap you know they make these call them back yard movies you know we're never gonna shit i'm gonna get paid i'm not interested
tat same thing i'll fuck you a break you for all you know i am you know my uncle is a goddamn iris gas but it's true but they write this and i say how people give them money how do you get the money to make these movies why for a while people are making them discusses process apprentice was so parliament now unless you gonna beat sopranos good fellows you know what's the great mob movies surprise rattles good vows casino now ray raging bullhead modular enshrine great movie i wanted my mission did it was only a few in some great great great mom movies now they have their sopranos i mean don't you know the godfather godfather right now that there was some but you don't have to be did they try they tried to do some lobby stuff i re donovan's work and that's a good show designation
whenever from an irish perspective i think what happened with those movies was or other than that that show rather is it it was those you had a movie every week exactly so like every subject was covered betrayal gambling it was funny murderers funny vonny vonny elements it was very smart that was something and i would go i would be and people i don't like that show you and i'm a time have you ever seen a heavy overseeing the show no i haven't i guess i ask somebody i do i don't watch porn i hate point have you ever seen at no other how do you know you don't like it or did you see it or do you want you don't owe me was it really they're holding signs are by were though poland or that was a big thing right the italian american society matteo testing glanced about this story i wrote a kid book nicky deuce ok it took place in brooklyn
and we turned it into a movie for nickelodeon in which i we didn't wanted to gain the realisation movies and i had michael periodically in so we go in there and nickelodeon made the movie but when i was when i went to bed covers don't book signings and about a kid fish out of water goes back to brooklyn i grew up in the suburbs any wind up with the kid entire enable pensioners in brooklyn gets into some mischief i dont even called trouble but so is guy can't write in letter and shit and kill me on the internet and writing letters to the bookstores hedda me getting there in all like saying that he is at the root of tory against ties in asia now is bringing kids into it blah blah blah blah so finally i get the guy's number and i call them
i swear to you i say to him listen at these aim is the idea was aunt any us in this area than above about this is the world i know like rap is rap about what they know this is what i know you know and he said to me i should you know what can i do tell me what i can do to fix this caution i gotta get bub here where you can make a donation to my organization was the italian american bullshit i said you gotta be kidding me up to start you're driving me down as all module on the movie came out we got so he for the nicky douche movie really it's not really about mob because one tension i mean exactly you know if i hadn't they did that with the spread my people would say all the time and i'll joel yeah i don't want you to think i'm going to try and you guys talk bad about a time
they they they showed what really was i thought it was very authentic you know i've worked with this process author nikita gets if you know anybody like that you know those people exist absolutely and ten they don't exist as if france exactly i think it was a story that need to be told tat we put the times down this is what it is but with such a fastening show because candle fini was a bad guy i guess lieutenant so down there you rooted a bad back a murder for a murderer cheated on his wife s stall rob shook people down a lily but he was your guy he was i think the first i think i could be wrong the first like aunt i he oral that people would afford
i think you're right i can imagine that it was you know you your room for the guy you know he was a real anti eu model murderer a con man i mean all the above all they data this tool to people in the mob they did it to people you know like on the show there wasn't just within each other they went sigh they were roaring people again and busting up a business is the one all the stuff that they do yeah there was great shows good nor very much more i was a very small show and if it would if they put it back on now they would get higher waged in some of the issues i bet well it's so good i think allowed you forgot how good it was and also changed a lot if you go to the first episode the first so is essentially like a slapstick comedy remember nine are available the rain brought not loreen bronco who was the woman that played his wife eighty five eighty falco e falco hand
a machine gun and i gather that aren't seated in she's outside with a machine gun point matter it was way more slapstick it was weird was like a comet while they shot the to show aired in ninety nine i think they shot that like in ninety eight from not mistake it were and if a man stake in ninety eight i believe a ninety seven even they go back and then it took six months and then they started shooting them you know how how david changed it he didn't do it like a regular show aware you shoot it and then in three weeks time the air in our he put them on the can they were finished
locked in you know you're gonna be like you you know you finished yo yo whatever it took nine months and then he added them and bob i and then they are too you know was done a completely different way while also they would they would you know if they don't like what you did he replace here and you never even knew it really replace you gonna like that i had to see what a guy in they call back in a month or so later and so you gonna shoot seem able to different acted for whatever reason whether in other guy didn't do a good job or he looked too young to older to state and fit he had the he had the capacity to just shoot it again i feel if seen didn't work he right to seeing you should
steve again three months later what's interesting about those kind of shows tools at their so big and so popular that you become that character whoever that characterise you become that guy near that guy forever so of course i mean i found a deal that's ok had no career before that no no i'm not saying with you what i'm saying like there's some people that are built give worked yeah you can ignore but this people want to show they were really famous when it shows on the air and they vanished here while you in that you know you got people all over the world watch and i mean i've been stop what people literally or from all over the world that it wants to show was i could called hit like nothing that of a hit before like big was his big pussy for the rest of his father yeah yeah venues also he embraces that to you no enemy regulators that for him works in right kay he worked she does his things like i was gonna work is very good our music he's a musician and stuff but i
actually the main big pussy that was a big thing why would like to say that yeah they do but also his the oldest in the movie when they kill him to hold the whole way it plays out it was very intensive like well i can't be they killed big puss that was the big things boiler there was the first time to regular caysuma gets killed the abbe then are killing in our the guy from friends well exact david tremor gettin killed yell o one the one friday night oh my god they kill david tremendous five friends so that was a big that it gets killed and then be carried this kept getting killed which is why casual worried i mean it was a real concerned yearning i killed off to show that our material they gave you yeah the more shot you getting killed yeah yeah i mean let's not kid ourselves it's not just go out to work they just put out of work and the big issue eglin when general feeling
held imperially as i can only share tensions like what but you know what i want you made it into the last season it was like a listen i'll write you would new paid well over the story ends prevent her if i were to get killed early on i would affair will issue a t all the stuff that happened casino right the anonymous arise in a way they may we sought make a money towards the middle and the end in another guy should the beginning won't make an army while those shows are hardly they like hbo is a worry get hbo pace and they pay now embedded into shows off the nine years kind of deal ended there was his other money come in ankara she had the opportunity to other shit will that show was also groundbreaking and it was one of the first shows like that and now hbo specializes in those kind of shit
and shouted agency and sold is showtime meaning that all current anyone this approach is the first time that the hiring of fat bald guy in a dry was in a leading man right let me they they wanted you know you figure the good look a mob guy unanimously he was intense incur again what a brown the girls love them we used a joke you know they say tv puts ten pounds i knew i say it takes fifty off he will use it was such an interesting character he was so intense and like one guns that murderous rage like you fuckin bought it one simple the union acted with him you didn't have enough that scared like it was a scene i gotta be scared you get a yellow me fuckin he gave you the whole thing we had that fight in o me in emma they're fine the first episode that way sees me whether we shut every day
well i was starfleet choke me he said listen will you know that lead that china take this as far as we can and we found turn i was poor and his hair was choking me that i was getting cut from the wound up in annapolis you know i was getting cut from that i mean we ve bang up wang up for real and that's why i look real it was i too fat out of shape guys fine i'm fuckin having made all you guys it's not stephen cigar way right i mean we look you you know what the hell this was like a fight so when you something like that i like how hard he hit each other you know how did you know you could what are really her in and he had said that let's go as far as regard and we will win but as i have put my hair papa a stroke and make no further are you sure will you know my good friend jean you know
if you do what a stranger could get along funky unknown to me like a way you know you know i had a fight seniority everyone's outside punching artifice momentum as his face but i say through a drink my face and i was forced to punch ambrose postal punch by am i the joy did go down but your deeds but i didn't i didn't hit him hard but i hit em you now you see look on his face a europe was hit me like keep just keep going here at apologize and news bossy gave is ok but you could seize you know when someone special he's getting hit jaw and see that that led the shock and sparks but fighting like that like you're fighting with slovenia or unit with some movies you watch people punch each other and kick each other like that guy just hit that i doubt it at all times and look i think it's no there was listen guys on the show smack me willie smack me
you know they want their you now hit me i've seen that a lot of stuff that i've done so there's something i don't want no part of it no way no habit gad smack me you know get to make a girl covered in smuggling again if you want that real reaction not our guiding eating out i'm a big believe and in the end i know you get cigarette in but that's the alley tat how can you knows you name in a show of movie and risky bringing stakes out every year this keeping in mind that because i would like to say that your lives real yes i mean another guy you know if you if you notice tat little cookie so i noticed shit like that they didn't really then well that's the worst is when you see someone who's eaten a happy taken next sky like a quarter eaten stake though you know with record is eaten it always did you puts take back the worst thing i don't smoke and i've never smoke cigarettes you know you see people smoking on tv and they can't
will they don't know what they know i know i want no i know have meant what what the do i mean how do you use euro sourcing right now but what would be the difference is a thing you smoke i think it's a casual thing you know it's like ie like how comfortable are you with it i know but you he people that ireland in alike financed i sat smoking a cigar which i don't even do that but i i place a cigar seems like so unusual that anybody can do it say what you see people get scared smoker now no cigarette smuggling to get crazy about that but a certain things like here is the one that drives where the most knots that's a musician we see someone fake playing a guitar like someone we german out you know they're not really hit many than those like what does it do we would show his fingers you fuck stop at our guys trying to cook or something in other things you gotta do your homework i would imagine the guitar one would probably like the worse because if somebody
located movements and of europe like a person who actually knows how to play and you watch you would know that is fake fighting is that way to you watch fight means in movies and known like boxing seen you know like mark walter are these very good actor but that movie the fighter we played mickey ward i'm watching environment this is this guy this now getting hit i keys box like no one sitting back think about like the rocky will these terrible the five items are terrible terrible there the worst their atrocious there's one movie one guy but their great movies is far like look when i was a little kid i saw rocky and i draw fuckin raw egg and ran around the block i never run in my life i mean a less those plant based polish undermine ever bring that movie maybe go running i wanna go running guided one so that it wasn't it wasn't it
bad movies but when you watch the boxing seems like get the fuck out of the raging bull that was get i was i was i was was korea choreographed counters it was well he recreated essentially what happened with sugary robinson jake lamont but the but we're deniro was a meticulous mother fucker and those to examine whether it could cause shape he got in for that movie absolutely looked like la mancha may he looked like although it'll kill those days are over thank you i don't understand they make a very low showed its rethink way unity the best boxy movie though danger they louis he didn't movie the boxer
he apparently lived like a boxer for a whole year for that move other he does that kind of stuff in you watch him box though like he's boxing like a boxer is not box i didn't say that i won't ever to call the box or the boxer he irae guy gets released from prison it goes back to boxing oil asparagus vaguer here my body and mind was in the lincoln movie he stayed at lincoln has links all that i am in character and he was willing to day i saw he somebody says that he caught his slices thumb and the somebody let there be blood he had an get annoyed that i'm sure does he stays in character the whole time i guess unless he had a exe what were these it he is above and beyond as it loses him him christian
they lose themselves in the characters a lot of people play at myself included yet i'm not gonna play in english professor can only mean joe playbook carlo guy you know whatever that is but sir guys and those are two of them they just completely disappear gary old in the gallery omens bessie i carried spacey you still also true true roma as regards haldeman played the the white guy with a dread largely scar in his face they completely but those for that i really in open let me get the four guys like you say it's a craft mean that level whole level is a different love and then you see successful act is play little the same person over and all care is what you say but he's good did i tell you you just aka supposes they are there and then man that's ok she successful we will there's a lot of actors
when you go to see the movie lay even though really good you want to see them play that character you know like christopher walken i'm looking for him at once guys i want him to be their eggs one want to be that god it's got sometimes it's almost it is in i did i work at him twice he's a good guy while the average we know every movie has ever read this a base on why every movie he's got some crazy ran we're gonna go on this red meat its unity ripped there was an old letterman clip that i saw i just saw i guess they before kevin spacey do uncongenial to patina it's really fun it he does the thing that really funding or kevin's basis a bad mother fucker on that level hello messina netflix now i dont is very good these are big fan yeah yeah
some it's interesting the netflix is doing stuff like that are put their put now their own original different different business model there all different deal ghana maintenance or an anomaly people watch it on much but that's a huge what the fuck the commune fucks the cabins beijing's card thank you he doesn't trade talks love sometimes does he have a jump in her jump at once and finally to go he doesn't give a just like that can do that now they can produce their own content you know they can do anything soon it sets the way it's gone if he's nedda bill brcko efforts were family did bill ever work for you know but i you know i hosted a thing the god unless you're gonna dreams
five hundred people kids cherished a good one and it was billboard john oliver loose black they ain't cook and billy got though and i met bill find his gregor funny guy he's a real good guys a good guy i asked him what you see is what you get here really funny guy i mean you know i've seen them on another charity the comedy central that thing and that's the first time at sea but he's been here asia is five makes me laugh there's not their many complex and make me laugh live he's want the best ever he's bossing guy here it is not too many guys highway he makes a hell of a pie the pie baker makes perfect tides fuck andalusia really good gets it nobody makes his arrest us so and so on so i am i'm already gained in
workers emblem labour i bet i ran it's how i was greatly pleased any tat webinar towns guy a younger often now i've of bankers i've been working on renewing the public was last time you hear about a close to you any time let me list of pleasure from new york maybe i need to go to new york and just set up shop earlier go into town cast down there that would be good it would be a bunch of guy so how do we get you saw us one more time uncle steve's and wide that com you can get it also aubergines fair way hopeful funds bearing the aliens go to our shut up will seize and why that communism it really is good saw and i know that why i sent the biggest i knew conceive you hated it and that would be fine i would think of you didn't like it he could tell me you don't like it and we want to talk about is related that's not one person at tommy's beautiful
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